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, ff- W .4 1.-. X., H, if - -I -.1 . in 1, . .W-. .HPI f-Q..-- V -4- 15,-.-1 A1.. 5 , .f M , v---.ff . ..., ne... '1 N1 ' 1 '- k K H- ,Y - --'..,,-. Q.-M A, 1 1 l: I j h 4 1 ' Q P r l Y . Y 1 1 1 1 .V 4 1 My 'i..- ,-f1 LJ'2..' W L -'ha any Q. , E f lk ll f -1' Q , 1 1 1 , , 1 i . 1 , - N . I QA P. 1 3 !'q 1 i I , 1 K ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO his cenfennial year we hear The saga of +he pioneer Of days of yore and 'l'ales of lore As fo I950, his+ory opens i+s door. Wi+h +he frickling moves of sand Thai' Fafher Time holds in His Hand, Down a corridor of glass The many, many years pass. Ofher annuals have shown 'I'he change Thai, since 'lhe gold rush age, range From wal'I'zes and high buH'on shoes To iilrierbugging and +he blues. Once sweef six+een wore a pompaudor And hobble skir'I's +ha'I' fouched 'I'he floor While Grampa fhoughl' handle-bar mousiach When he dressed up in a high collared suif. Holrods have replaced fhe one horse shay. "Fill 'er up" is fhe word loday. This age, of machines and induslry rings, And flows fhrough +he years on eagles' wings. Yes, old Faiher Time, we hear Trodding our campus fhis lasi' year. As '49 slips away day by day, He sadly beckons ii +o s+ay. -Joyce Bay es cu+e ne l'1r saw f,Cr1oQgq5,5 Vlflfflf THE BLUE AND GRAY 496 Pubhshed by the Mountain View Union High School Students 1949 llj Mr. Crooks District Superintendent. KD Miss Law' ton Dean of Girls' Social Living- Sophoniore Counselor. IU Mr. Carter' junior Counselor Vice Principalw-'Dean of Boys. PRlNCIPAL'S MESSAGE Recenfly I heard an expression over fhe radio fhaf impressed me a greaf deal, and I should like fo repeaf if in fhe foreword of your Blue and Gray fhis year. If was, "Always remember when you are poinfing a finger al' anofher, you are poinfing fhree af yourself." Occasionally when we poinf a finger af ofhers, we do if in a playful way, buf usually if is in a crifical manner. I believe, foo, fhaf many 'limes when we are crificizing ofhers we are in frufh crificizing ourselves, unknowingly, fhreefold. Many 'limes I have heard someone crificize anofher for cer- fain fraifs or characferisfics fhaf I fhoughf were a parf of his own make up. We can cause much damage and hearfache in poinfing af ofhers. Somefimes we do if openly, and ofher fimes, which is even worse, we Iiferally "s'lab fhem in fhe back". I doubf very much if we ever accomplish anyfhing consfrucfive in doing fhis, even if we fry fo "salve our own conscience" wifh fhe fhoughf fhaf if is for fheir own good. Abouf fhe only fhing we have done is fo give venf fo our own feelings. Ruskin once said "In fhe world's affairs fhere is no design so greaf or good buf if will fake fwenfy wise men fo help if forward a few inches: and a single fool can sfop if". Lef us sfrive fo be one of fhe fwenfy wise ones rafher fhan fhe single fool. The fangs of a bear and fhe fusks of a wild boar do nof bife worse and make deeper gashes fhan fhe scornful and cuffing finger of crificism. Why wound ofhers unnecessarily? How much finer fo ex- fend fhe enfire open hand of friendship, rafher fhan fhe one finger of scorn? How much more pleasanf for us, ourselves, fo experience fhe warm handclasp of friendship rafher fhan fhe rancor and ill will fhaf will surely come our way if we adopf such a crifical affifude foward ofhers? Lef us be more undersfanding of our associafes. DON'T POINT. If isn'f polife fo poinf anyway. -Charles R. Crooke DEDICATION The class of I949 proudly dedicafes fhe Blue and Gray +o Miss Louise G. Schmid+ who fhroughouf fhe years has helped 'I'he sfudenis of Mouniain View Union High School 'lo undersfand life fhrough lifera- fure. Her unfiring efforfs, sincerify, and unders+and- ing helped many +0 an appreciafion of 'I'he subieci' which +hey would noi' ofherwise have a'H'ained. Her deep learning and broad human ini'eres+ in many fields besides li+era+ure, proved fo make her classroom discussions and acfivifies +he beginning of a quesi' 'for 'furiher knowledge. For fhis we are forever grafeful. - Berna rdine Galli BOARD GF TRUSTEES 3.9 M J SPANGLER D. J. NORDBERG MRS. M.j CHEESEMAN H F SIMONDS B F CAMPBELL gd 'X FACULTY I x ,fi i , t., - -i '21-fi?" -.L ffl , ' fl Y X Ng" . .s - akkv . T . ti. ix -A rffxiiz ss. xi vliflf A E 'fi .tai 'bf .QP MR. CRITTENDEN MISS LAWRENCYE Art IfIIflIlfIVfVfVlfVII Typing l'II Caincra Cluh Business English Shorthand MRS. DOWNEY Hoincinaking Clothing IfIIfIII MR. CAMPBELL Instrumental Urchcstra Band MISS RUTHERFORD Foods IIII Cafeteria MISS FROEHLICH Elcincntary Piano Vocal Advanced Piano MR. OLSEN Auto Mechanic. General Shop MR. WILDER j unior Business Training Bookkeeping Typing IfII MR. CALLAI-IAN Boxing Instructor Spanish IfIlfIII Study MR. ANDERSON Boys' Physical Edt Boys' Block M MR. TAMONY -Iunior Senior Prt Civics U, S. History 6 lcation HH MR. BLALOCK English IIBfIIlB Frcshnian Adviser MRS. DUNN English lBfIlIB Activity Point Advisci MISS SANFILIPPO MRS. BARRON Spanish Ifll Lihrarian Latin IfII Latin Club MR. CALVELLI MR, FIURINI Boys' Physical Education Boys' Physical Educa MR. WALSH Boxing Instructor Wrmrld History Social Living MR. VJILKINS Audio-Visual Aids Senior Prohlcms Studcnt Council Ad FACULTY 9' V8 fi ,4- ,'G""" I.. f .WN - s s ,WI F. I Q 1 I A 1 it un... Q . y yAQ A I l. EDNVARDS Dlilllllil Puhlic Speaking English IllAflII3 1. BUCK LES History M.itheni.itifs KS. MOCKBEE Girls' Physical Edu 3. A. A. Aelviser' KS. THOMPSON iegistrgir caution MRS. REYNOLDS English IIIAfIVA MR. DLINC.-KN Isl! I'ootha1ll Cioaich Stud Y r. C:ii'nix'xil Ad wiser INIRS. SAGER Girls' Physical Ed Girls' Block M G. A, A. Adwisei MISS SEAL Secretary uczition E . MISS MQGILVREY English IB ,lournalisni Annual Adviser MR. DOANE junior Adviser Algebra I Geometry MR. AITKEN Consumer Seienet Senior Adviser Chemistry MRS. SIKES Secretary 7 MRS. SAUNDERS English IA Study MR, HARRINGTUN General Maitlieiiiaities Study U. S. History MR, TEN DICK Physics Biology Physiology MISS MARTIN Nurse MISS WILBUR Sophomore Adviser French I-II English IIA MR. NUDELMAN Algehrzi Theory I General Miithenizitit Algehrii I MR. GRUBB Vdoodworlc IfII Ivleehunieail Draiwin SENIOR CLASS HISTORY his cenfennial year's graduafing class joins fhe ever-growing ranks of MVUHS alumni, buf leaves, recorded in fhis yearbook, a hisfory of ifs progress. The class of '49 fraversed from fheir exalfed posifion as members of fhe highesf grade af Los Alfos, Whisman, and Highway Elemenfary fo fhal' of lowly frosh in one day. Those firsl' impressions in fhe audiforium: Mr. Crooke's clever menfion of, "Our friends of fhe upper level," in reference fo fhe balcony seafs assigned all freshmen.. .fhe casual, self-confidenl' guides who supervised a four of fhe school. . .The cheerleaders explaining fhe basic school yells and leading fhe frosh, for fhe firsf fime in "Blue and Gray"-The falks by upperclassmen on school acfiv- ifies and good sporfsmanship-The confusing class schedules for fhe coming year-Yes, Sepfember, I7, I945 was a crowded day, fhe firsf of many. During fhe firsf year many of fhe girls are in G. A. A. and several of fhe boys are ouf for lower- division sporfs. The highlighfs of fhe ear are: Their firsf high school dance, given in fheir honor by fhe sopho- mores-fhe Freshman Recepfiong fhe Freshman Class Parfyg and fhe Junior Carnival. This class, like mosl' freshman classes, is fhe mosf enfhusiasfic roofer af all school rallies and games. The sophomore year sees fhe class parficipafing in sfudenf governmenf, school and class acfivifies, and bofh lower and upper-division sporfs. This year marks fhe firsf real inferesf in dances and couples begin fo appear. Exhibifion sporfs fake on a new meaning when sfudenfs nof only cheer wildly for fhe feam buf learn fo recognize sfandard rules, poin'l' sysfems, and play- ing fechniques. I947 looms expecfanfly as fheir firsf upperclass- man yearl This is fhe year fhe class compefes wifh fhe seniors for leadership of school acfivifies. The "new-look" arrives and wifh if biffer confro- versies as fo 'l'he lengfh of fhe feminine skirf. The juniors are admiffed fo fhe "upper" classes- dramafics, public speaking, 'ournalism. ln fhis fhird year many of fhe class acquire whaf is called fhaf casual self-assured air 'lhey have so long admired. Exfra spending money and ouf-dafed cars resulf from summer parf-'lime iobs. Warm spring noon hours are spenf for fhe firsf fime on fhe cenfer lawn - couples are a frequenl' sighf. This is fhe year fhey supervise fhe Junior Carnival and, frue fo fradifion, give fhe prom for fhe graduafing class. The class of '49 has arrived - fheir Senior Yearl The ol' school doesn'f look nearly as big fo fhem now as if did in fheir freshman year even fhough if has fhe largesf enrollmenf in ifs hisfory. Class confrol of sfudenf governmenf and mosf exfra-curricular acfivifies helps fo curb fhe resfless- ness and individual independence 'lhaf are preva- lenf in fhis fourfh year. I+ is inferesfing fo nofe fhai' many of fhe girls wear engagemenf rings and fhaf an unusual number of fhe seniors are married. This is 'lhe class 'l'ha'l': founded fhe Acfivify Poinf Sysfem, helped reorganize fhe Pep Club fo increase school spirif, worked wifh fhe Cify of Mounfain View managing fhe local youfh cenfer, saw a new wing added fo fhe school, and observed plans for a new girls' gym. Though several members of fhis class are in armed services if is fhe firsf class since '40 fhal' has nof been fouched by fhe war. The firsl' four years of peace since World War ll - fhese uncerfain 'limes of reconversion and complicafed world polifics - are fheir high school years. Graduafion nears: senior cap and gown picfures, graduafion announcemenfs and personalized cards, Senior play pracfice, Senior Day, Memory Book, boning up for English A exams, submiffing college applicafions, Senior Ball, frying on caps and gowns for size, fhaf lasf week of parfies, pracficing fhe graduafion march. The big nighf arrives and fhe sfory of 'l-he class of '49 ends - ends? No, if doesn'f end wifh fhe presenfafion of fhose covefed diplomas! These four years are nof merely a course of sfudy fo be com- plefedg fhey are a preparafion for fhe fufure. The class enfered Mounfain View Union High School as a group of self-conscious children: in fhe four years fhey have learned sporfsmanship and ease in social acfivifies. Of greafesf imporfance are fhe courses of sfudy offered fo 'lhe class - pracfical knowledge: general mafh, homemaking, personal adiusfmenf: vocafional preparafions: wood work, aufo mechanics, book- keeping: foundafion for fufure educafion: English A, frigonomefry, and physics. These have been four busy years crowded wifh recreafional acfivifies, sfudy, and individual adiusf- menf fo adulfhood. Wifh graduafion fhe sfory of fhe class as a unif ends buf nol' fhe whole sfory of fhe class of '49. When fhe frades learned in high school are applied fo provide securify for fhe alumni - when a few of fhose who wenf on fo higher educafion refurn fo fhe alma mafer fo feach - when 'lhe class couples enroll fheir children al' MVUHS - fhen fhe sfory of fhe class of '49 will have ended, buf fhe hisfoig' of a fufure graduafing class will have been s'l'ar'l'e . - Dolores Reed SE IGRS .54-1' I Innnn' I'rnln r vm KI I'IAH IEAYNIZ ZIIU ABICY RUTH BLAIR' PERRY AMIMOTO LILLIAN BURELLU ,IUHN AMORIZA Imnxfcr 3 AAXIIHIIQII SLAIII 4 xluninr' cIIiI'lIIY-II C. S. If 4 Clam UIIILUI' I Iulnnn ff.nn1v4II Un'IC I.v11g11c 4 U. A. A. Z. 3. 4 'I'r'.IcIc SCIIIKII' I'I:Iy BIUI-k IVI 3. 4 ,luniur fI:n'nix'.lI ff S It 3 .Iuninr fIIlI'I1lX'.lI Boxing II XNA ISUIQCZUNUYU -IIM ISAILEY SHIRLEY BRUVVN UUIJFREY I'1.'XlIIVIC:XR'I'NIiR EIDNA IIUDESA ll :X :K I. 1. 3, 4 Smgv limit ,lunnmr C4n'nix'InI .lunmr CIAIYIIIXLII UNI? Ixgugnlc 3. 4 I5InI'I4 IVI I'lI-4 4 Allllnnr fI.1rn1x.1I U. fX.A. Txnnck 3. 4 U. A. FX. I. 2. 3. lIIn'r1 l.I'.nIII 4 U1yIxwl1.I ,Innmr IlI'UlII SIIILIUIII CIUIIHCII I Svnnn' I'I.1y gmamw Q U fa- CI.Isf UIIII-I-r 2 ALJ , 4 J T 'I ig.. NAIDENE BURNS I'r.nn4Iv1 4 UIVIU I.L'ilI,flIk' I'rc41LIL-nl 4 BUXIIIQ, VIIVIIIII RI-II Crow I Svnnn I'I.Iy .Innnu CIAIIIIYIII ffInnl .'XIlIIlI.lI St.1II 4 IMII,Y IIJXIQIJIIZA CIH.'XRI.IfS ISUUS IIIVNIIIIIIIII Ilcuvplluxm IIIIUIILIII 1, 3. -I Iunwr I'mn1 I3.uIu'tImII 1. 3. 4 lllllllll' II.u'n1x'Q1I Iiuyf ISIUI-If IVI IIIIICUI' 4 ljlwuf 3 lunnn' f:.lI'IIIN'.lI lgii, 'TTT'- xxx IIRANK BERDAN SHEILA ffADVw'fXLLfXI7IfR THOMAS BI..'XI.UC .Inninr Calrnixnll I:rcfInnun Rccvptimm Claus OHiucr 3. 4 Boxing 4 Student cIlllIIlx'II I. 3 I:outImII 3 Annual SIQIII 4 Sunmr Play I31'41111.1l1w Shiga' ffruxv I PEGGY COLLINS PIERINU BURIll.I,O GENE CALVU -lnnnn' fI41rn1x'nI Class UIIIQQI' 71. 4 Student fInnnciI 3 U, A. A. 1 3, 4 Truck 3. 4 JUHIUIA KIIIYIIIYRII Scnnn' PI.Iy Tr.1fk 1, 3, 4 CI. S. If. I. 2, 3. 4 C. S. If. I, Z. 3, 4 III VHIRLEY CARCILL ARTHUR COPPEL HELEN DIESSNER 4 Fo 1 'V 3 Translci' ntl:-all 2. 3, 4 G, A. A. 4 Track 1. Z, 3, 4 Block M Student Body Oflicci' 3. 4 junior Carnival Boys' League Pres. 4 Band I, 2 IICK D'AMATU .IEANNE DUNLAP CHARLES EARNEST Football G. A. A. 4 junior Carnival Basketball Transfcr 4 Freshman Reception junior Carnival 'K ' :"' 1 . 3 3 ROBERT COSTA junior Carnival Footlwall 3. 4 Block M Boys' League Omccr GLENNA FRANKLIN C. S. F. 3, 4 G, A. A. 3, 4 junior Carnival Drainatics ANN DUNHAM Clam Olliccr l Annual Staff 4 Eagle Staff 4 4 Drainatics RONALD ELLER Tranrllcr 3 junior Carnival 4 3.0 . 'Z i,i ' 31,25 r fr EVERLY FREELS G. A. A. Z. 3. 4 Block M Olliccr 4 junior Prom junior Carnival .LLAN GLEASON Transfer 4 Band. Orchestra Latin Clulw f"unci"i Clulw .. 4 i is-I -Q BURT FOLAND DELCRIS FREEMAN VIOSEPH GENOVESE UERNARDINE GAL Track 2, 3. 4 Transfer Z Football 3. 4 Studvnl Body Ullicc Footlwall 4 G. A. A, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Girls' League Ullicv Scnior Play junior Carnival junior Carnival Scnior Play Class Ollicci' 3 Animal Editor ANTHONY DAMILANO LUCILLE GARCIA GEORGE Dr-YOUNG .IOHN DAVIS Track Dramatics junior Carnival Choir 1, Z. 3, 4 Football junior Carnival Senior Play junior Carnival Basketball G. A. A. 1, Z, 3 Scnior Play l l YNN UR IZII' f'9I'4 Amm.1I Stull I., A A, 4 IIQIIINIVI 4 Rl llllilll I MAI Ifmmllmll -, , -I ll.lNlix'llM1ll 3, -l Ivlmm 9 E31 Y if JUKRIS IIUI 'I 'U li A A I blrruxm fI..lmx.II Iflmll I XYIIIYS III'l,III.5 Inmxlrr I HILCYIUR IISARRA Ilmmtlmll ct, S, II y Illuuk M Olllcux' Svnlm' Play MAKIAN HEI5IiI,, BIIIIIIUI' f..u'mv:1l U. A, A. 3. 4 Immun' I,l'UlI1 Immllx .1 . w VIOLET HANSON vllllllibl' Cmnivgxl kIlIIIlUI' Prom Psp Cllulw Annual Stull' IUAVID ,IUHNSTUN Iimrtlinll 2, 4 Tcnnif Z, 3, -I Class Olllccl' I Truck I LUIS IBARRA Student Body UIIICQI' 1 4 , . . - C, S. I1 3, Ullucx -I Tcnms 1, 3 Scniur Play DUNA HILEMAN CJ. A. A. I,I'CSIi.lCIll 4 Activity Pmnt Scfy. Eklllill' uf Engle fzlflb, Imzngllc Ullicvr MARY .IU EISERHARIQ Edglc Stull' Class OIIIQUI' l, -I bllmim' C4u'11ix'.nl Iirqlmatics XYILLIAIVI VIURDAN Class Ulllcrx' 2. 3 I51'.1n1.1tics ,Iunwr C.11'x1lx'alI Cflwux' Ixgulcr' 3 Sv E' YV' ,IACK IiA'I'SA.NIfS CIIjURCIIA HUSHII7.-X INA KELLY I'1w!l1.1ll Lllllllill fl.lI'IlIX'1ll Uxrlf I.L'.lQlIx Ikdwlmll lnlzm-lvl' I Rall flru-A - ISI-ull Nl plumm' ff,1rmx.1I IINI.lxlx AIIIIIIUI' Prom UIIIANNII HOXYIIIII VERNON HAITI!-Ili C1IjRISIf HUDSON llI.IIIIQlIIx'N 'Iqnmfllcr 3 Scum: lll.1y I'm.lsclmll 3, 4 IIAIJIINIVI 4 Slilgx' flruw -I AIIIIIIUI c,AlI'I1lY.ll I Z Mli-RRIII HI 'GU Ilkllli 1. n. -I fl S. l'..3 Ikxp clIlIlW -Izxmm fun mxxxl Al,l3IfR'I'A KINII5l,AlN ,lumm Iymlll SUIIIUI I'l.1y C, S. If, 3. 4 Ammlml Shall ZNNETH KUNZ Vlunim' Carnival 'NE McMLIRRY .Iuninr Carnival G. A. A, 3, 4 C. S, lf, 4 E-' gli' I I K ,1 J f IN MARIE LcBAUDOUR Annual Stall luniui' Proni Scnior Play Class Ofliccr 3 .IOHN MALONE Band Orclic:-tra Fismwtlnilll .Iuniur Carnival JOSEPH LAMICA B 4 ii luninr Carnival Ercsliinan Rcccptinn ARBARA MACHADO G. A. A. bl, Z. 3, 4 Eaglc Stall Drainatics Scnini' Play NORA LENG Band 1, 3 G, A, A. 2. 3. 4 Senior Play Pep Clula LEON MELTON Translcr 4 TONY LOPEZ Basclvall Managci' luniur Carnival ,Iuninr l'rnni liuntlaall VIRGINIA MANGINI Class Ofliccr l G. A. A, l. 2. 3, 4 Erlrmcli M 3. 4 -luniur Carnival ,MQ K' ITSURU MIHARA VIRGINIA MAYER MITSUGE MIHARA ELEANOR MYERS Translcr 3 .Iuniur Prmn Transfcr 3 Annual Staff l. 2, 4 luniur Carnival G. A, A, 1. 3. 4 luniur Carnival Activity Point Scc'y 4 Irnntlwall 4 Scninr Play Ifnotlwall 4 G. A. A, l, 2. 3, 4 Annual 3. 4 Student Council Z, 4 ARBARA MINER HUGH MONTGOMERY ROBERT MURPHY DOROTHY MOORE C, S. F. I, 2, 3 Class Officer l Track l. 2, 3, 4 Translcr 4 G, A. A. 4 .Iunior Carnival Football 2. 3. 4 Alunior Carnival Tcnnis l, 2. 3, 4 Block M Prcsidcnt Cliuir 4 Clioii' Class Oflicci' 4 I3 DONALD MILLS lllllllbl f unix il Aluniur Prnin IRMA MEYER C. S. F. 3, 4 G, A. A. 3. 4 -luninr Carnival UNNIf Nlilflf RUSIiI,YN NELSON SIIIIIUIII I5ImIyUIIlu'1 4 IIIIHII' C A .X 1, I IIIIIIUI IIQIIIIIXAI Scrum: I'IIy XIIIIIIII ' I IUUU NISHIURA ITUULINLIII 2. 3. 4 Truck IEIIICIQ IVI C. 5. In II I'IiR I Xf'I'IIIf'I"I'I CHARI.lYII'I'I3 NUl UIIES LOLIIE PUNCINI IIIIIIUI f..un1x.II IIITNIIIII-III Rwcplnmvu Studcnt Budy IIIACSILIUIII. Im.nIw.III 1. 1. 4 slumwr CIIIIIIIYIII IIUUIIMII 3. 4 I'l.I11NII-I ' -Iulmul I'rum BUXIIIII I'r.uI4 Ihwhzlll S3 1-1 DORA NEVAREZ ITIXIIISICI' I PJAIIKI 2 -Iumur Cgnrmx'.1I G, A. A. 4 PATRICIA PITTS blllllltll' KILIVIIIYIII Anmml SLIII Drzulmtius Scrum' may CIURIA OIJXKI 1 I 7 MARCTIA PALMER I1.u14IL'x I IlIIIIlII f..u111x.1I C, A A. .y 4 IDIYIIIIRIIICN Svnnn IjI.1y CIIUH' 3, 4 I XRRY RICIf I3OI,lTRIfS REED SIIILIVIII limly IIIUNIKIVIII AML Ifdllm. E,IgI.- I'lrulI III I ' ' 4 I:Is'NIIIIIllII IiL'CL'PIllIIl SVIIILII I'In wlumux' IIAIIIIXIII C S I' 4 Anm1.II St.1II' 0 OSCAR OLIVU TI'ilk'Ii I IIUUXIWRIII Buxing -Iumm' fI.lI'IIIV2lI MARDIURIE PURSE lumm' Curnixnl ,Iumnr Prawn G. A. A. I. 1.3.-I Cn'Is' Bluck M I4 w. DEANE NEVv'IfARIVIE CI.Isf UIIICCI' I, I Pep KIIIIIW UIIIIYI' 3, A Eglglv SmtI' IXILIIIILIIICN XX':Xl,'I'ER REINHARI I5rcfIm1.m IRCCCIWIIUII Iuxmur Cgujnix'.nI ILIIQIL' SLAII XXIIIILILII SLIII . , V X.. , df? I I Q-lc 5 My I ffl 'P C,-XRULYN PURCELI, AIUSEPHINE PIAZZA Clglfs UIIIL-cr 4 UIIIQ LURIQIIL' C A, A, M.lII.lgA'I' 4 Aumull St.1II' xXN'I'HUNY RONCHI IIVIVIIKU SAKAIVIUTK -IIIIIIUI' Cg1rnix'.II U. A, A, 2. 3, 4 C. S. If I. I. 3. 4 lumur Cau'mx'uI Annual SLIII AN SAYRE umm' flarmwal I-I'.lI1Nlk'I' I FLORENCE SEYILLA Bluck M Rally ffummittuc C' 'X A ' 'R 4 l...A.-... CHARLES SCHELLER Stage Crcw junior fT2lI'l1lX'ill MARLENE SHERMAN EUGENE SHARP K' 9 If I W ' P: Annual Stall .. .. . , -. 1, 'rs ,Iumur Prom Band l. I. 3, 4 Girls' Lcaguc Olclwstla l, Z, 3, 4 ID,-gmlgml-N Senior Play Mulmly Mums F, 4 .THERINE SHOSTAR GORDON STEPHENS MARILYN SLEDEVCITZ THOMAS SUMMERS DELLA SPICER Draxuaimcs Band Pup fllulw XXYIHQ Ding 3, 4 ,Iumur flarmval 'IIN-gy LUMIU- 4 Orulwstra G. A. A. l. 1. 3, 4 C. S. lf, 3, 4 Cl. A. A. 4 ical Clfuss Cmunutluc xlunim' flarmxal Girls' Blmk M Bcmysl Stain' 3 Rally Clummmw -lumor Pmm Latm fllulw Z, 3, 4 '-Ear Transfer 3 Dramatmcs ,lunmr f.ill'HlX'ill fjlltblf 4 ELEN STAGI C. A, A. 4 .Iumur Carnival l:lk'NlHIlI2lH Rcccpt . ,f - KRILYN SNYDER ROBERT TAYLOR VIUNE SILLS ' Flunim' Carnival ,Iuuiur Carmval klunimu' PIXIIII BETTE SUEKI STANLEY WEBSTER Transfcr Z Band G. A. A. 2, 4 Class Oliccr 3 inn -Iunim' Carnival Fuuthall junior Carnival I 'i' PATRICIA TERRIL UIEALIDO TUNELLA Pep Clulw Olliccr 1. 3 Baud I. 1, 3, 4 junior Carmval Orchestra l, Z, 3, 4 Annual Stall' Class Olllfcr 4 junior Primm Bluuk M DOROTHY THOMAS ELLEN '-TURNER Clwir C. A. A. junior Carmval -Iumm' Prom junior Prom vlumur Carnival l:l'L'YlHII12lI1 Rvfvptirmxm IAILRN WRIGHT .-XLFREIJ LAURICE CHRISTOPHER LANDELS ANN YANASE TAKAO NISI-IIURA Pup Cluls Qi, 3, Otlln-1' 2 C, S, If. I, I Ifuotlwall 4 Transfer 3 .Iuuiur Carnival Aluulux Caxulval Vfuug Drug 3 Claw OIIIQN' I -Iumur cIllI'I1lY.ll Track I, Z, 3, 4 ,Iuuwr IJIUIII ,Iuunu Carnival IJITNIIIIIQIII Rcccptiu11 Scrum Play C.uuvra Clulw 3 Senior Play M,'XRIilvI,'XRll SHII'mlfY:X SUSAN VVILKINS SAMUEL YONEII HERBERT WILSON SXXNIIVIY SUGIIVIOTK' C, S, I" 2, 3 vlllllllll' I'rmu ,luumr Carnival Class Olliccr I I:ul11'u.u'y Cradllatv: Txavlx lx 4 Pup Club I Transfer I Alumm' Prmu Ifuutlwall Ifuutlmll 3 .Xuuual Stall Iluutlwall 2, 3, 4 Baslwtlwall .IIIIIIUI cI.III1IX'.lI -Iuuuu' IIZIIIIIYIII Baskctlaall 3 Ilasclaall X., I ! in as Ts 2 "K W"'1rx 5 ,IUHN IIRIJNK.-XI,:X RICHARD EAIJE ROBERT ENRIGHT IVIARLENE CADVCELL ALICE PAVLINA I" Clragluatv I:L'lWIlIllly llraglllatu Ifclwruary Uraduatu ,lumur Carnival Annual Stall -I -Iuuuu C.u'mx'al Ifuutlwall WIIIHIUI' Carnival Ilu1mr'SrnIur I'rum Illucli IVI KIuu1urC.uruxaI Auuual Stall' 4 Stunlcut Body UIIICUI LI SX, A, I. 2, 3. -l IJICK KIIMJOIVI VIiI.fvIA LZLHSSBIVI' IVIEXRVIN ISRIGHTUP blERRY HESS TEOIFORICO YB.-XY LOUISE CAM IIIIAIINIUI 4 ,T-IXIIINIIVI 4 Trauxfcr' 4 Class Ulliucr -I Tr.u14I'c1' 4 OIIIQI' IIVLICYIC Sruuu I'lay Clu-u' Clmu' Tranwlpur 4 Trgmffgr -4 Basclwall Track II.1wIwtImlI Iiaskullwall Ifx FALL 1 'T x? L ' .. 11' if SENIOR CLASS GFFICERS , f l. .I if L .- -' 'sri L A i , . if P 1. ,- gi , X . if L' L 1 " .L ivy Thou mmzx s Blalock .... Uhuldo Toncllzl MANY .IU Ehcrl mznr dt ..,... joscphinc Piazza S to , .y f, .. ..k, HA K, Boh Murphy ..... ......... C ouncil Representative Arthur Coppel ,,,.. ,,...,...... S ergeantfatfArrns jerry Hess ......,.,,.. ,.,.,,,, ,....,.. S c rgeantfatfArnis Thomas Summers .....,.,,.., Council Representative ......,,.,.President Louie Poncini ..,...VicefPrcsident ........Secrctary ..,i....Treasurer Anthony Damilano Cathy Shostar .,..,,. Pierino Borello SPRING - fy r jf nyy 2 Eg I 5, li ...,.....,,,.Prcsidcnt .,,...,ViccfPrcSidcnt ..........Sccrctary .,,,,,TTCZlSllfCF 4 ' W I 2 1.5 :sf .5 ig N..--vw w .F K.. I' A ph, S ". 1 1 ,R -ie e I I-P . F .I YC' X' I . .,. MN., V, ,- ..,. .' SENIORS AS BABIES 1. DELLA SPICER 2. VIRGINIA MAYER 3. JUNE MQMURRY 4. INA KELLY 5. DONA HILEMAN 6. DEANE NEWFARMER 7. DOLORES REED 8. MARLENE SHERMAN 9. NAIDENE BURNS ltr. KAZUO ABEY ll. VIOLET HANSEN IZ. DORIS HOLT 13. PAT PITTS 14. ANN DUNHAM IS SENIORS AS BABIES l. ELLIE MYERS Z, MARIE LeBOUDOUR 3. BERNARDINE GALLI 4. VJALTER REINHARDT 5. LILLIAN BORELLO 6. RUTH BLAIR 7. MARY JO EBERHARDT S. FERN WRIGHT 9. ELLEN TURNER ln, VIRGINIA MANGINI ll. MARILYN SLEDEWITZ 12, SI-IEILA CADVVALLADER 13. ALBERTA KINGSLAND 1+ HELEN STAGI us, JUNE SILLS 16. EDNA BUDESA 17. EIANA BORGONOVO lsi MARIORY PURSE 19 Q0 ' W Bvigzaxx lg M AXQXXS 114 NA 1 M " 11 YJ kg I 'P XI X' 1 :fl fly Iflw IIIIHHUW rnurc Bvvcrlv Frculs. 123 That wukcfup shower -Iczm Howcll. 131 Brcalkialfl ut rlmnmpwm xx n 1611 rufx Mmxlyn Sls-down: 143 UH' uv xqlurmml Sur xxvrllkllir. HJ Cguft Tw lzltc for my first clans 'Im' Grim'-Q: .v fm mx' AX Xrlfjllllld. Mvyvr, Q73 Alvlu-lx, lunclw limu Put Tcrrll, HH The more wrlmlf studunl Burt lfulaml. SENIORS AROUND THE CLOCK 1 5- X.-f -as 2 3 x . vw, 'sv 1 1 Ne 91 Pfrf-" 6 lllagg is l!'lf Qfppm si Q 1 'li K. .1 " 'isa ill So tired Gurdon Stevens. QU Could it lw spring? Toni Blalock, Mzirlciic Slicrmiin. QM Nuidcnc Burns. 4-lj Ellicl watching lwr calories again f-Ellie Myers, Q71 Only listen to lizilf and believe tcn per cent of tlint' Ruth Bl.11i'. 161 Sunni' joke! Merril Hugo. VH Plcglding for an 'iff' Deane Ncwfiirincr, U51 Did solncnnv sz1ylilc7 7 lllkglil Pailnicr. f9j Vv'liflmfppw:ncd tn ynnf SENIOR HABITS r ,sl " i Hs! 7 . 43' Cs ' fx E, LQ X, 5, ? , -Q L 79 JUNIORS For fhe March of Dimes in January 'rhe Junior Class sponsored a boxing mafch in ihe gym. Exhibilions befween high school boys were puf on. This proiecl broughf +he Junior Class S36 lo con+ribu+e fo fhe fofal sum which was made by lhe sfudenf body. In May ihe Junior Carnival was a greaf success. Every firsl' period class had a boo+h, and each class did Hs own work. The Juniors managed fhe carnival which was held oui on +he foo+ball field. FALL CLASS OFFICERS v Y1rvfl'1i's1Llv11L 5cfl'rtqli'y fimingil RCPI'k'Nk'l1lllllYC lin ul nl rm'nli'lti -Iulm .Mtlwiw lg.Il'lWLlI'il Collins Xxzllnlu Crillin i if fur 'se' ' ' ,A Svfgnll I Ivan Ii m ,. l'II4Nl Rim! llqim-LL, flux, liurinnuli, Burwiuk, fxllrlillill, ligillin-Ll, Curr, Aitken, Ciurrgil, Appiu, Apple, Allvn. Suv 'VNU Rim llvllvximlctll, l'1c11vxx-iitii, ff.m.1lv, Dgxlilwrt, Pmlwlwitt, Boyle, Cliristcnsvu, Bnswi-ll, f1lu'isti.1l1scn. llmxu fZl.nk, ilillllili Rim' Axlxvs, flux, Cismilws, ffimiiglo, Collins, Dulllplur, Bridgcs, Pmyiir, limwiclx, .'Xm.n.1l, ffwx l'.lRNl Row: Kulric, Hu ilimxx Hi i H ll Ili-y, Mi-Kmn-in, lncurpi. liimmrim, lunvs, Grlllm, Kunz, llI'll.'LlUl', Hill, Huw Ciilnwiv Sli" UN 1 I ' 'mmm Lu ry. lxlmu. Krllglm, Gun, Hulwzly, l:l'LlZCI', Ellhlllhlll, HiSCI'l!l.llI, Hill, KI1.llW 'LIHRIH ROW: lil' mill, lulxixt, crllllmllks, f-mul, ljlllllglllli, glrnmngs, Giiivprcm, glllflllll, Czircizi, ficrimwuwv, H.zl'g1'v1ix'vs. l541l RHI Ram Killlirn, .Ii-nluns, l'il.lI1li, glurnlzm, lfllulw, lirccls, Gfmgulvs, Emlurs. 24 JUNICDRS Las+ of all came flie Junior-Senior Prom. The dance was organized by commi++ees made up of juniors and seniors: all llie worlx was done by Hue sludenls of lliese classes. Only iuniors and seniors and 'rheir gues+s were eligible 'ro a++end, and if was unani- mously considered +l1e most enjoyable evenl of the year. - Deane Newfarmer SPRING CLASS OFFICERS President Y1eefPresideiit Seeretzlry Treiisuier Cuuncil Represent ulin Aitken Vfzildiw Grillin Betty Bridges ,lininiy Bernzirdi Betty Sue HlNL'YI!llIi e A S S 4 l 1 3. FIRST Row: Melseun. Trzieey. Mullen. Pringle. Polk. Miller. Nzikzuiiurzi. Newlzu'n1ei', Laine. Mgitliieis. Miller, Lion, Payne. Silctobllv Row: Lillibridge, Peterson. Peters. lvlnure. Montzllvo, Olivo, Lziuriee. Norinzm. Leutlierwoml. Owens, Lindliolni. Price. THIRD RUW: Mereplitli. Lzindieliu. Mzirquel. Melton. Lewis. Ogzitu. Nzngziyzinizi. Nqikiimui-1. fvluritqi. lvlgiscui, l:lR4'I' RHW: Xxillflllfli. Seijzis, Sinitli. Rivzis. Sniitli. W'uudwgu'd. Seliuber. Shaw. Snutli. Van Auken. Spziiigler. Young. Sicimmxlm Rove: Sniitli. Vw'esenuin, Yates. Tlwinpsun. Reieliley. Vxfaillaiee. Sziylor, Silveriai. Turner. Vv'i-gner. Vx'lutgikei'. THIRD ROW: Snutli. Stokes. Sugiiiium. Suzuki, Sllfillliilfkl. Yuneji. Spiers. Zi SOPHGMCRES This year's Sophomore Class has been one of fh e mos? acfive in years. Several sopho- mores have ialxen a very ac+ive parl in sfudenf body acl'ivi+ies. Saral Teilhel' was head of fhe drive for The March of Dimes in school las+ fall. Marfy Spangler was elecfed sfudenf body adver+ising manager. He did a very fine job of adverfising all 'rhe school aHairs During +he fall ferm a Variei Show i y was presenfed by +he Sophomore Class wifh all FALL CLASS OFFICERS llIx'alkli'lIl X'1u'fl'iv-ulciit Sccrct.u'yf'lii'r.isllrcr flklllllfll Rcpicsclitaitlvc Scr'gc.iulf.1t 'Kim llmulil llnriiri Unk Hmwllcx' iuvrgc Trllikllll Sunil Tcllliut Tuinniy Puvu -- lillkal limxs 1' we S-pf M! .inli1.111, lh-gh-yy liwwilinn fimwicll Vinyl' f'i'l1' lbll , , , y, . -, ncgilu. ljk'l.,.lllg,fl1lL'I', XKHSLIII, Plllllkla, l'n'1u', Cum' wills, llvyur Slwwxll Kim. lgl'I!IIl.ll1N, ffuwnu., Ljllllfklll lwlm-L I1 Di 'is 'xllfwibllll N1 xlmlnl XII IM-.Ii liuililuiiilt fillllllllllllll 'lil 1 , h im, .x , . , , . .1d'i' . 5 llilllllll, , . A .. we . IIRI KHXX fi.:-1ilwx'.1,Curly, flustu, l71vssm'1', lions, Amlcrsuii, lllill. SX-lilwlliy, fhillmgi-, .'Xi1wi'13,i. limivrlfii fliliipiis, Aslnrni. l'l7l Rlll Rrrw: lhynv, cllllli.lNlIyL', l'1.iim's, Almu. .'Xx1l.i, Kflmlxs lhiiy .Xppli-g.ili', .'Xx1l.1. l'II4XI liwxx, Spnnglvi, llilllklilll, Slim-lmy, limislms RJ, lliinllnglluz, rlxlllklilll, llynlux, Sutton, iliilvlvs. liivlwlmis, Sills 5I1HNIv lilwxx 'limi-li, XX'li1I.ilw1. Nxlwml, Russ, XYill1clmy, SllYt'I'l.l, Slnslcr, Vflillr. Rwlilnsmi, Rwlmismi, RClIIl1.ll'kll, S1-mv vlilllklx Kim Silgiim-tu. l', 'li.il4.igi, T.111m'r,'liv:. SlllLlCl', llrlmiygimn, lim KVI! Rim! SllX.l, RJIIIIIUI, 5-lmw. ll,iilwx.il1. llivlisli I6 SCJPHOMORES proceeds going +o ihe March of Dimes. This show made S87. This enabled fhe sopho- mores fo lead all ofher classes in The amounf of money furned in. This spring Harry Kobayashi, class president direcfed a Sophomore Day. Everybody par'ricipa+ed in such games as sof+ball, volleyball, e+c. A delicious supper was served in fhe cafe+eria. lmmedialely af+er 1'his a dance was held in fhe gym. - Bob Murphy SPRING CLASS OFFICERS Pre-sidcnt XllIC'pl'Cr4ldCl1f SccrctaryfTrcasurcr Council Rcprcscntatixc Harry Kobayashi Marty Spangler Evelyn Hughes Carol Hansen Scrgcaiitmt ii Dick Hr my js- A- C-7 'lf FIRYT ROW: NOrtOn. Mcll. iwlullcr. Pctcrsun. Mackey, Matlock, LcBauclOui'. Nuncs. Pisauu, Marquvs. Nichols Mills. Miller. Naslw. Mattingly, Pctcrson. Mustain. THIRD ROW: ivlcltzci' Sic:ONiv ROW: Muck. Manlcy. Lewis. Moore. Maticnzrw. Mclscan. McLean. Uchoa. Mack. Manlcy. Plocg. Loomis. Paync. Petty, FOVRTII ROW: Pippcngcr. Orcizcu Ulncy. Lupcz. Mcntlimza. Ugata. Luna. Neff. Lcra. Muranaka. l:IRS'l' ROW: Tnlfdo. Hulcumh. Enriqucz, Kranicr. Culwcll. Kanccla. Cucliian. Maulding. lfurncr. Ccncsc. Hullcy Criliall. Hall. SI-:COND ROW: Knah, Moniglictti. Macicl. Garcia. Griflin. Dl1X'iS.-liTlHI1Slfll1, Frantz. Fulton. Costa. Casa nuva. Dicssncr. Twstc. Frvland. THIRD ROW: Kobayashi. Alcnnings. Hultlwusc. Freeman. Smith, Hughes. Glascr. Han scn. Giwlclsmitli, Hoslwida. Hugo. Butlcr. Kato. Burnham, FOVRTH ROW: Luis. Clark. Furiuclii. Ervinc. Enclcrs. Ni-l sun. Lcra, Luna. Campus. Cutrcll. 27 C7 4-, FRESHMEN When school opened in Sepfember I948 fhe halls seemed +o be filled wi+h wide- eyed frosh. Af lasf fhey were in high school even 'though fhey were only lowly frosh. Yes, +hey were wide-eyed, and wondering wha+ horrible lhings +he upperclassmen would do fo fhem when fhey were inifialed. Afler lhe freshmen were inilialed and accepled in fhe school fhe sophomores gave fhe recepfion in +heir honor. The receplion officially welcomed fhem lo M.V.U.H.S. FALL CLASS OFFICERS XlIaL"lllk'SILlL'Ill Svclutall' 'fl l'cllslll'ul Sci 'V2lIll'ill'.'h1'IlIN cillllllfll lic 111 1 Illl l- l ii liolwlwllv fllllllml plflilllllk' Llmlllollll Boll SlrllL'I ffl.lllLll.l Paul 'S lflllwl Rmx: HlllIS1'l1, ci4llk'LlI'lllt', l'il.lIIlk'l'. Hlllll, lflulds, Knight. Fglrwcll, LiI'LlllL'I', lllll1.lll, HllL'SllL'S, l'mmwl1, Cflllllcy, 5lr'llNI1 lilrw: l,lllLlllllllll, Hvhvl. cillfx. Hllllscll. Qifllll. BTllI1L'l', Lllpw. Kopp. Gllllllllts. Kclly. Tllllilw RHXY: Hill" gllnlvvs, llllilllll, iillcll'l'l'4l. lmpcs, Lirfll, flrllnlnlr, Alullllsml, Halycs, llillikllll, Kcralll, l:.1lllz1l'll, lsllllll.ll'll, l5lll'lil'll lirnw: Lillllllj, KL-ll.llll, l.1'llIlIli'Ql, l"l'.lllkllll, l.L'VVlH, Hlll'II, LilILlk'l'I'L'Z, Alllllllatlll, HllLlSllll. Ulllslo, lful'l'.lllLlo l'll4Nl lifvw: tlilxilllil, xXllLlcl'sllll, lilxullcy, cilllllllr, liCLll'LlSlk'C, Blvylltull, l3lzl:lll, Ewfilllll, Cargill, ffglllllll, lisullllll' l'lklQjL'IIlUlIkl. Slvllxll Kim" l7llx'lr-. finaly, l3.llL'lu. Bllolcll, fxilllklll, cilII'LilU,Li0llll1S, lzwylltllll, lilmrgcs, clllVVQlIl, llwlgcs lillllzll lirlwz lilllly, Lih'lllIlMk'Ii, l'mlltyllcl'. Chlwnll-ll,l71l.ll'tc, Apcalr, Ellcll, fhlilllltl, l'XillLN, clllssllltl, Alx'.ll4ldo. lilll lllll lim: fulllvlllm. l.llll4VI'Ll, l,JL'lIl.lIkll, fM'l'wl'll.ll4lt, KAUIILUIILU. l'wl'cllll, lLsLull.lll. 'ZS FRESHMEN This year only 'rhe freshmen and sophomores and lheir gues+s were allowed lo go lo the dance. ll was funny lo see 'lhe upperclassmen around lrying 'lo gel' an invilalion. The freshmen look a lol' of ribbing aboul' being "+hose lowly fresh," buf 'rhey were all good sporls. As lhe years go by +hey will look back on +heir firs+ year in "Hi" as one of lhe bes'l'. - June Mclvlurry SPRING CLASS OFFICERS Presideiit Yicufllresideiit Se-:retury-TrezIsLIrel' SCI'gCllHl'2lluAl'll1N ffrnimil Rfpreselitaitix lI'X'lI1 lrlllfllll llmlwlwutte Cllllornl -lcvyee Lj2lX'lS .lim Hayes iVllll'llyI1 Sulilaigvl www FIRST ROW: Sullzal, Vv"I1I'e, Tudin, Perma, Lira, lurizm, Wz1rb1IrtcIII, Stiver, Slater, Tubzm, Sprunger, Taiinmiy, limes, Sinipsun, Suyemeszi. SHEONII ROW: Flamen, Vcmderwall, Sclilcntz, WlIHSlKBW, Sutton, vVY2itlill1S, Light, Sgirtln, Tily'l11l', Hutch, XXIVQIQHCIA, Townzen, XX'lUl7LlilI'Ll, Fl-HIRIJ ROW: Simieicli, Tutmam, Torres, Szmeliez, Tillenger, X'lL'l'fL'l'.llI, Hlld, Vv'zIller, Schlzigel, hlulmson. Hursh, Sabastu, Dullcck, Suzuki. FOVRTII ROW: Samford, Angeles, Estelmm, Kgilcic, LllIlIHIClO, Tlimnzis, LIgszIy, Slcdewitz, Tulmrimtu. Yumiji, Ikehc, Lyles, T2ll2iIIlilIIlCS, Wgllls, Sllls, FIRST RIN! Pz1ddlel'4mI'd, Meek, Rosario, lxlllliilllltlfll, Mulinilri, McCIIrdy, Malone, Meyer, Postell. Prupst, MQIIIQIIII, Rooney, Ruiz, SLIZIJNII Row: Muntalvo, McLean, Morales, Rocklets, Pnpovicli, Maielmzidrm, Mzmseau, Prosper, Mmuiiw, Rrwbledu, Pearson, Mncluldo, Rzlmiulph. THIRD Row: Olivo, Rettig, NlSl1llll'2l, Margolis. Murrziy, Rotrklmld, Quigg, 29 0 1 ITIES .k , ' ' S Y X J STUDEN LUUIE PUNCINI Student Body Puwdcnt X X 's Y K FALL VIANIKIVIII ,IAIIIIV l's1nri1n f:ll'lh' Allmlvtlc Cmlnlmifsiulwr Umm Hdcnmn X1 .-'Pu-N1Llv11l , ,Lmnc HW.l!'I'.l Ycll Lcudur' ., ,. ,, ,,,,,, ,lfutlmy Slmustgu' Sn wmxy Vunnn- NL-tl Audxting Cunnnittcc Mclnbcr ,,,,, Edna Budl-S41 yd E I: .mm-1 ,Aliqc l'41x'hrm l'II"l5l1IIlill1 Rcprcfcntzxtivc, .,.. czlkllldlil Burclln 'n gk Nugv.1nlf.4lf.'X1'111N Lum Umlnun SUPIIUIIIUIX' Rcplvsclwtzltiw .,S1u'ul Tclllwt if A 1 , nlml EKIIUYI BA'IAI1Jll'dlHQ 0.4111 jllllllll' RL-prcacntaxtivu, ,, ,Vv'z1ldu Griffin X tlxuy I'wunl SL'k'Ik'l.lly lflcznnm' Myvr- Scninr RuprrscntuLivc,, Bah Murphy wxtmxxg Mnnmgvx' lhlllllx' Iiurrinx Chrlf Lczlguc Prwidcntn ,,,,, ,Nznidcnc Burma X A L IS vi xklwlrln- citllllllllxxlllllld' I..m'y Run' Buy! Langue Prcsidcnt, ,, ,,,Art ffuppcl M S ' L- -5 no ,-. lflkvl RUW: Huh Murphy, Art Cnppul, Vs'.dduGriHil1, N111 Xyilkins, Larry Riff. Sl-,ULJNU Row: Dunno Fiurlnm. Nmdvm' BIIIIIN, Edna liudcm, Damn Hflk'lllllI1, Sllflll Tvdlwt, Bcrngnrdinc Gulli, czlillldhl Burcllu, Elliu Mcyurs. THIRD RUNX: flutlmy', Alla' P.lX'llll.l, Luuu' HWZIITLI, Louie Poncini, Vunnn' NNT. Lw Urxdwann. lil IHXVZ l.I'II1 lfrvQlnn.m Initiation. Rl1:lL'l': Kungcrou Court. ,w IOUNCIL L.-XRRY RICE Student Bundy President President X'iCC'PI'C5ll.lCHf ,, Secretary Treasurer ., ...,, ,. Sergeant-atfArms , 12" if ,V i Annual Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, .Aidvertising Manager SP ,,,,,,La1'ry Rice ,i.Leu Graliani ,Barlvara Collins ,,,,,,,Lui1ie llvarra Art Cuppel Bernardine Galli Activity Point Secretary ,,,,,,,,., Eleanor Myers Martin Spangler Buys' Adult-tie ffuniinnssinner,,-lime DeBenedetti RING Girls' Athletic Cnininissiuner, Dona Hilenian Yell Leader, ,.... ,, ,,,, ,,,,, C Iatliy Sliustar Auditing Coininittee Melnlwern .Edna Budesa Freslnnan Representative,,,.lVlar1lyn Selilagel Soplimnure Representativen, Carol Hansen Aluninr Representative, ,,,,,, Betty Sue Hisernian Senior Representative. . .. , .Tum Sunnners Girlsi League President, ,, .,Na1dene Burns Boys' League President ,,Art Coppel 1 l:lRSI' Row: Mr, X7v'illcins, Marty Spangler, Carol Hansen, Edna Budesa. Dona Hilenian, Ellie Myers, Naidene Burns, Betty Sue Hiserman. Mzlrilyri Sclilagel. Tum Summers. Bernardine Galli. Slifioxlw ROW: Catliy Slwstar, Luuie llwarra, Leu Graham. Larry Rice. Barbara Cullins. Art Cuppel. Bl-,': LI-VT: Reading minutes uver public address system, RIQJHT: New addition tu Council. Sueial Cliairnian .'Xll'WCI'f1l Kingsland. ww ww GIRLS' LEAGUE NAl DEN E BURNS Prcsinlciit lliwinluiit , , Nqinlunc Burn Ynu llrwiglvnl ,,,, Edna Bnglcsu SL's'I'L'lill'y ,, ,,Bk'I'llill'LllIlC fiallli Ti'r.mii'ci' . , ,,Dnnz1 Hilcinixn Sqiiiplwnk ,, , ,,,Rntli Blair Social ffliaurinun ,, ,Mzirlciic Slicrniun xXYk'llV2ll'L' flligninizni , .,-lnscpliinc Piazza .-Mlxcrtisiiig Mznizngvii ,, .. .,.lnz1 Kvlly ing, in ui n cr um -1 .L L I 010, M Wcdnzsday Ori Thi rronf Lgvn K, lfnisi' Row: M2lTlCI1C Slicrniun, Lnuisc jordan, Nzxidcnc Burns, joscpliinc Piazza, Bernardino Gnlli, SPCUND Row: lim Kelly, Rutli Blair, Edna Budcsa, Dunn Hilcmgm, Elaine FFIIZCY, Bl',I,UXX'2 LI-If'I4Z Monthly cake sale. RIQLHT: Ibccnrutirig for Christmas dzmcc. 34 ARTHUR COPPEL Prcsidcm BOYS' LEAGUE Prcwxdcnt ,,,,., , Artlmr Cuppul Viccflgrcsidunt ,,,, ,, .,Hcctor Il'vnrm Sk'CFCfi1I'y'TfCilSLlI'vS!' , 'lun MilLllLilI1pl SEFgCllI1f'llf'.'xI'IH4 ,, ,Hliuh Costa Prog: mm Clmirmzm ., ,, ,,,Rnbcrt Murphy lIpnIq"vnr1'mws-mi. , ' A ns...-E ,, Murphy. Hcctur H721I'I'ii, Art Cuppcl. Bob Costa, Br luw: l,14r'1'g Buxmg KULIFNMIIICIXY, RNQHT: Tmmpulinc team frmn Scqlmiu. 35 .-an' U88 BLUE AND GRAY BERNARDINEC M Ll lfmlilnr l2M'I'I1.!I'LllIlL' Giilli fllnlw and Avtivity RCPl'A'SUl1lllIlX'Cr ,,,, Dunni- Nltumwml Fdltm Elmlwr Myws Ncwliunwr, Vixginiu Mayer. ivlznih-no Slicrniun , , ff ' R'zd'r.' ,,,,, ,li-' Vy'ri'l1t. V n ' Nwtl, RMI l1LllllYl'N M.n'n- lx lluilllmii. PM rlurril Upy ll k N, . Un li U ,ml L Murgairvt Cilll'lSU.'l1SCl1, Murlcnv fnidwcll S- ' I ' 2 4 ' 1 1 ' ' -- - V Y 1 ininx ldilnix ldni lludwl, Lilly Riu I-yphh 'Awww Kmgslumii llmmku SMU, flnl! Spmix Alnwplnnv l'm::.i, l3.n'lwzn'zi Klinr nnmtn, Slirilu fl41nlwnllziclc1', ,Inscpliinc Piazza lguvg glwrtx limlmu Lmm. lim!-,-K, Plwrngmplwrf, v5v2llICI' Rcinliairdt, Ed linrncr Qlumm lh.PH.WmKlUH, l,1llIlNC vliumlgin .Axdxcrtiscincnts ., ,. liizinai Bnrgunnvn, g I R D N linnnai Vv'cgncr, Lynn Gruil, Alloc l'gxx'liiia1, "l""1"""l ililulHt'lUM UH limi Nandcnc Burns, Ann Dunligini, Pnl Pitlf. lllwlllllilll Rl'PlL'NVI1l-IIIYVX V Wl.llWfHI1 l5ulm'cf Recd, lvlzlrlcnc Slicrinzin, Sm' Vxlllf XX'.ll'l3lIIlllIl, Blllfl' Ylnmw liins, Rlltli l'rla1ii'. Editnn l:lRN'l Ruw: BCl'!1ilI'l.lll1U Gulli, Brno: bluncs, Ed Forncr, Lawson Walrbilrtmxli, Hector IlW2lX'f1l, Lzlrry Rise, Dun Nunn, Alia' Pzivlinzi, Lynn Grcil. Snc Vv'ilkins, SECOND ROW: Mzl1'ga11'ct Clwristizinscn, Charles Rm-klmld, Lnuic llmrrai, Wgiltg-n' Rcinlmrdt, Virginia lvluycr. Donna Vxfcgncr, Liana Bnrgnnovn, Vonnic Ncif, Bznrlmral Kline, Ann linnliznn. Slwilu Chulwullaidm-, licrn Vw'riglit, THIRD ROW: Miss McGilvrcy, Betty Bridgcs, Louise jordan, Ellw lvlycrx, Edna Blllltxil, Nzndcm' Burns, Lucille Mmmilvn, lvinric LCBilllLlUllI', Pat Tcrril, Dcalnc Ncwlxlrmcr Pitta, Allwrtzi Kingsland. Bi lnw: LI l4T: Advxscr and niznmging cditur hard at work. RIGHT: Art editor and our '-Wcr. 36 . Put EAGLE DONA HILEMAN Editor Editor ...,.,.,,,,,.,,, ..,.... D ona Hileman Boys' Sports Editors .....,........,,.,,, Louie lbarra, Feature Editors ......,..........,.,.,....,. Joyce Bayne, Bob Murphy' Walter Reinhardt Barbara Boyle, Dolores Reed Girls' Sports Editor ,,,,,.,,,,,,.. Barbara Machado Associate Editors ..,,.,.,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,. A nn Dunham, Circulation Managers ,,,..,........,,.,.,..,,,,,,,, june Dolores Reed, Bob Murphy MeMurry, Barbara Seal Promotion Managers ..,........... Mary -lo Hayes. Librarian ....,..........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... Barbara Smiley Deane Ncwfarmer, Barbara Smiley f FIRST Row: Louie lbarra, Wzalter Reinhardt, Bob Murphy. SECOND ROW: Miss McGilvrey, Ann Dunham, Bar' bara Machado, Dona Hileman, Mary jo Hayes, Deane Newfarmer. THIRI7 Row: Barbara Seal, Joyce Bayne, june MeMurry, Barbara Boyle. BI-I.oXX': LIil"'1': Copy boy on the run. RIGHT: Statl at work. 37 GIRLS' BLOCK M Girls' Block M is growing larger each year wi+h more girls going oul' for sporrs and receiving +heir poin+s. This year +he Block M sold pop corn ai' one of 1'he games as an ac+ivi'I'y. They also had several very' fine candy sales as a way of making money for rhe freasury. Girls' Block M and G. A, A. held a dance in fhe gym in February called "Julie Box Jump." Girls in Block M were fhe chairman heads for planning and decora+ing. - -- Barbara Machado BOYS' BLOCK M This year rhe Block M was re-organized under a new sysfem +ha+ has never been used in fhis school before. Any upperclassman boy wifh a block was eligible for membership. ln The pas+ only boys wi+h varsi+y blocks were allowed fo ioin. This year's Block M was one of fhe larges'r ever formed in fhis school. Members ushered a+ every home baslcefball game fhis year. This was fhe 'Firs+ +ime +ha+ +he sfudeni body had reserved sears 'for +he roofing secfion. - Bob Murphy Q A' .XNIA 6 i some Q, ' x ir ' Q E . X lflkwl' Row: Barbara Machado, Helen Diessner, Marilyn Sledewitz, Margie Purse, Barbara Kline. Molly Turner. Cathy Bravo, Lillian liorello. SHLUNH Row: Donna WCjjI1CI', Betty Hiserinan, Beverly Freels. THIRD Row: Mrs. Sager, Ellie Myers, Florenu Sevilla. Alice l'avlina, Edna Budesa, Dona Hilenian, Liana Borgonovo, Pat Leatlierwood, Virginia Mangini. lll'l'l,Ii lili:H'I': Liana Borgonovo, president. llIKSI Row: Robert Allen, Bill Eckert. Bob Costa, TogoNisl1iura. Leo Grahain, Ken McLean, lvar jones, Vxlaldo Criflin, Paola Murphy, tiinthony Danulano, Louie Poneini, Sammy Nakamura. SIKZONIJ Row: Mr. Anderson, Charles Kaleie. Frank Rivals, Duane lfiorini, Niek D'AinaLo, Kenneth McKinnon, Larry Rice, Uhaldo Tonella, Ronald Cox. TITIRIT Row: Charles Buns, Hector lh.u'ra, llolwrt Iniai, joe DeBenedetti, Ronald Holley, jack Katsones, Art Coppel, Ray Gonzales, David blolinston, Louie llaarra. IAJWI R RIKQH1: Spring president, Leo Grahaing Fall president. Bob Murphy. PEP CLUB The Pep Club, sponsored by Bob Callahan, sI'ar+ed lhe beginning of +he year by holding fhe firsl school dance and from 'Ihen on Ihe year was packed wH'h aclivilies. Affer +he Pep Club Dance, lhere were +he foolball games. The members sold programs, ho+ dogs, colres, coffee and candy al every game. They also decoraled lhe 'Foo+baII field For each game. - Deane Newfarmer ACTIVITY POINT COM. During I'he firsl semesler of year, Ihere were sixleen sludenls awarded Aclivify Poinl' Pins for exI'ra- curricular ac+ivi'ries. Under Ihe chairmanship of Eleanor Myers, Aclivily Poinl' Secrelary, I'he commillee consisled of Lucille Monlalvo, Don Nunes, Josephine Piazza, Barbara Kline, and Mr. Blalock, facully adviser. The purpose of Aclivily Poin'I's is 'ro give recognilion Io s'I'uden+s who parlicipale in exlra-curricular aclivi- Iies and who lhereby help Ihe school. - Deane Newfarmer FIRST Row: Bernardi, Tracy, Gonzales, McLean, Smith, Edgemond, Fullmer, Kline, Korupp, Griflin, Prosper, Blalock, Le Baudour, Machado, Neff. SECOND Row: Newfarnier, Aitken, Davis, AuCourt, Wilhelniy, Dampier, jurian, Robinson, Mayfield, Nash, Golins, King, Reinhardt, Miller, THIRD ROW: Lopes, Nunes, Ervine, Zeiss, Stone, Montalvo, Turner, Kellam, Ploeg, Olney, Nell, Eherhardt, Newfarnier, Sevilla, Borrego, Callahan. FOFRTH ROW: Norman, Frank, Genovese, Pippenger, Muranaka, Chikasuye, Shaw, Leng, Enders, Stanley, Shostar, Terrie, jenkins, Garcia. UPPER LIQFT: Harold Garcia, Spring president: Don Newfarmer, Fall president. Don Nunes, Eleanor Myers, Barbara Kline, Josephine Piazza, Lucille Montalvo, Mr. Blalock. Lowiia Li11fT: Eleanor Myers, secretary. , 5 Z CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club, under lhe supervision of James Criffenden, has progressed +o a high slanding club in lhe lasl' lwo semeslers. During fhe fall semesler lhe Camera Club has gone on +wo field fripsz one +o Sanla Cruz and anolher +o Slanford. The spring semesfer lcepf fhe Camera Club busy faking piclures for fhe Spring Cenfennial, and selling up fheir by-laws for fheir consl'i+u'rion. - Barbara Smiley LATIN CLUB The Lafin Club, under fhe supervision of Miss S+ella Sanfilippo, has helped 'lo improve lhe aclivilies al school. The fall semes+er lcepl' fhe La+in Club busy mala- ing leis fo sell al 'lhe baslcefball games. Several field frips were faken by fhe La+in Club members during +he spring semesler. One +rip was +o San Jose 'lo see +he movie, "Las+ Days of Pompeii." They also wenl' fo lhe S+anford museum. - Barbara Smiley x fr 5' ff f - . , .Q 14' 5 V 3:1 " A M-',,, ge ..,,' ,vi . . gs, N s C? lfnisr Row: Allan Gleason, john Davis, Ed Forncr. Merril Hugo, Charles Ruekhnld, Don Mackay, Mr. Crirtendeii. Srrtnxiw Ruw: Henry Uruwitz, Alice Silveria, Lucille Mnntalvu, Betty Iviuore. lll'l'l'R RHQHT: Fall president, Ed Fornerg Spring president, Lucille Montalvn. Allan Gleason. Martin Muller, Victor Marquez.. Arthur Barreras, Al Corral. Srftiiwlv Row: Kit Hadley, Margaret n 4 , ie Shaw, Ruseniary Kellani, Shirley Wliite, -lline Cliiclcasllye. Barbara Sllylflllltllll, lfnwi' Row: Clhristiansen, Priscilla Curr, Gail Kurupp, Cathy Bravo, Alice Pavlina, Marty Spangler. THIRD Row: Miss Sanfilippu. Carol Ha vn Edd I ia Ri ,owl IllI'l'2 Rciseinaiy Kellani, Spring president: -lune Chikasuyc. Fall president. , i C.S.F. The California Scholarship Federalion broke all lime membership records. The firs'r semesler regis+ered 'lorry-eighl members, 'lhus es+ablishing a record. A+ one lime +his parricular semes+er +he members were gues+s al a conference held a+ Palo Al+o High School where Sianford s+uden+s were +he speakers. Lafer on in fhe year the group visifed +he Infer- na+ional Business Machines Company locafed in San Jose, and +his was one of +he mosi' enioyed field +rips +ha+ 'rhey had in 'fhe enfire school year. A+ lhe close s"! 'lf of +he firs+ semesier +hey visiled +he San Jose Mer- cury Herald Press. The second semesler fopped fhe previous record considerably by seH'ing a new mark of sixfy-+wo mem- bers. This sudden growlh was a'Hribu+ed lo +he in- crease of fhe sfudenl body. On March 3 fhe old and new members aHended a banquel' given af school where +hey fea'rured +he San Jose S+a+e College Presiden+ as guesf speaker. - Louie lbarra sf I. Q Dsl F1RsT Row: Lion. Eckert, Summers, Sharp, Shihuya, Muller. Cody, Forncr. Bernardi. Calvo. Nishiura. Fiorini. Sifftomm Row: Borcllo, Hadley, Davis. Kingsland, Franklin, Gurr. Hiscrrnan. Mayfield. Christiansen. Chamberlain, Ross. Clark. BOTTOM ROW: Collins. Hansen, Olney. Lziuricc. Shaw. White. Borcllo, Silva, Hild. Achcrhardt. Arrnanini, Elwcll. UPPI-,R LLFT: Spring president. Eugene Sharp, Toi- ROW: Mr. Campbell. Grcil, Payne. Tillingcr. Rice. lhzirra. Peterson. Sutton, Kohayashi. Austin. Borcllo, Srnfiorsli Row Casanova. Iharra. Goldsmith. Hutch. Ivlontalvo. Hileman, Myers, Hcnnis. Piazza. Sakamoto, Sunahara, Crcif. BOTTOM ROW: Now Lzindicho, glcnkins. Sutton. Kcllam. R. Kellain. Turner, Tctsuko. Chickzisuyc, Mclviurry, Barry. Lowiak Li-,ifT: Fall prcsidcnt Barbara Collins. 'Q-Q t C 1. 4-gk . Man' . . ' '4 ' f 4 N , V L. . ,, 1 AIX 4 ARL' , , fx 1 A ,. H YT V .f. ' I ' fy Y 1 Y A uigf' K I D f 'A I A4 7 by , V' A , ' ' f K' . . 52.1. .Q . qi: fy Al fl, ' 7 , N I ,, I , V Wi1?:xf...,.,vff,1 ,i .f.,1 W,.W,, 1. y . , , 9 . WNY ,M , X, X M. - ,MW -:H 9. A1 ,.',, '- w. .A fy? ' ,J 2 . ,, xl nlyffk 1 ' X v K ' ,L -,TQ A ' .1 f, " g,ff.'H-L 0 ' - ' .' ' I A . ,I , r f, ' . ,I W 2974-Zf'5 3-Q" fm x V vw 4 , 5, : xx ,. ' f , ' f, - 'rv , ,f '..r WSYT- k A 'V KL gag. if . , ' . WG .- ' ,Q .A 1,4 I j W,?a'Jv 4 ' V. 1 f , 4, xxx' 61. K -U, ff V .,,.fgxk, k:,,,h+Vg Nev.: P x - , - , . W 4- A' -, V ., Q ,ff -H . I , . M -.Q L+ SE x Q wg ax. .mg x 1 xx ORCHESTRA Under fhe supervision of Lyle F. Campbell fhe Mounfain View Union High School orchesfra ended fhe I948-I949 school year wifh a full record of successful performances. Their services were firsf donafed fo fhe Dramafics Class in assisfing fhem fo carry on fhe Chrisfmas play, "Pampered Darling." On April 6 and 7, fhey performed for fhe senior play, "My Sisfer Eileen." The lasf imporfanf perfor- mance fhey gave was fhe Spring Concerf on May l9. BAND The Mounfain View Union High School band, direcf- ed by Lyle F. Campbell, had one more full season of acfivifies. The l948-I949 performances sfarfed wifh fhe Por- fola Fesfival parade in which fhe band marched. The band parficipafed in Navy Day and gave fheir servi- ces fo many local organizafions nd clubs. During fhe home foofball and baskefball confesfs, fhey furnished half-fime enferfainmenf. - Louie lbarra VOCAL The Beaufy and Talenf Show was an original idea sponsored by fhe MVUHS choir fhis year. The Cify Hall even joined fhe fasfivifies when Mayor Frank Mor- 'ron crowned Edna Budesa, "Miss Mounfain View of I949" and Joyce Buswell as "Talenf Queen." The pur- pose of fhe confesf was fo raise money for new choir robes. Throughouf fhe year fhe choir has parficipafed in numerous acfivifies such as The May Day Fesfival, Choir Nigh+ April 28, and fhe Chrisfmas Program. Since Sepfember fhe choir has had a busy year sing- ing for almosf all fhe clubs and organizafions in Moun- fain View. The A Capella choir rafed "excellenf" af fhe Norfh- ern California Band, Orchesfra and Vocal Associafion Music Fesfival af San Jose Sfafe in May. Graduafion nighf, fhe choir added fhe final fouch of farewell wifh fheir fwo numbers, "The House by fhe Side of fhe Road" and "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." - Barbara Boyle lll,,1-l,ill,l, v. FIRSTiROXX': Coligny, Cahral, Holt, Cox, Brightup, Roush, Davis, Forner, Holcomb, Boozell, Moore, Wrmcid, Peterson. SIALKIUND Row. Roush, Stone, Cowan, Manley, Montgomery, Burwick, Sills, Cowan, Balcro, Mattingly, Petty, Minor, Freels, Froehlich, THIRD Row: Alvarado. Silveria, Gonzales, Saltalamachia, Sills, Buswell, Lewis, Moore, Clifford, Nelson, Armzmini, Ogata. FOURTH Row: Alva, Luiz, Thomas, Blzisqucz, Sugimoto, Palmer, Manley, McGill, Schlagel, Payne, Applegate. 43 fur' lx 71 7' Ng ,nn 1 -of l -5 l ui 5 Jr VV'iii Y lDlIl'. Sciiiui lu' twist. DR.'iN1AI'ItZS CI..-X581 TOP ROW: Nlait', Sn tlcr, Nell, Ncwl'gii'iiici'. Sr-,MHNIH Row: l-. L i P v V Q Y Pitts, l'ziliiivi', llhcrliiirtlt, Svvillgi, Sliustuix lSUI'l'UNl Row: Crzilizuii, Pmiciiii. WING Wing Ding is an audience par+icipafion show held every o'I'her Friday in 'rhe audiforium a+ noon. The show consisfs of various fypes of quiz pro- grams. The confesfanfs are asked +o idenfify songs, answer quesfions for a +ru'I'h-or-consequence fype of program, and various o+her lypes of enferfainmenf. This year +he promofion managers were: Barbara Machado, Mary Jo Eberhard+ and Deane New- farmer. This program served as en+er+ainmen+ for the s+uden'I's and gave fhem somefhing fo do in 'rheir noon hour. - Mary Jo Eberhardf Mr, :Xppupuluiis ,,,,, , Ruth Slicrwuud ., jciiscn ,,,,,,,,,, A Struct Arzilw, lfirst Kid ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,...,,..,., A Night Cluh Pzitrun. ,,.. ,, Aiiutlicr Night Cllulw Paitr Cflliucr Luiiigain ,, ,,,,, .. ,. ., Striiwhcrry Vcnduii, ,, . The Wiscck .,., ,.,. Sccuiid Kid lVlr. Flctclici' ,,,,, ,. Hclcii Lmmiis ,, Frank Lippincott .,,,,,,, - . v Khin Clark., ,,,,,, Cussaiclc ., ,.,, is SENIO .lllwgiltlu Tuncllgi ..Duiiai Hilciiiuii , ,,,Chris Lgiiidcla .. ,,Ginsy Hixwcll A,,,,,,Rutli Blair ,. ,,Bui't lfulund Hugh Moiitguiiiciy , ,,,, , ..,l.Ull1S Poiiciiii Virginian lvlziyri' ,, ,, ,Roh Murphy Voiiiiic Nctl , ,lliwiiiiv llmrcllim .. lVlzii'ci.i Pailiiici ,, H , .Liirry Riu' , ,Keith Bgiyiic ,,,.'Xiitliuiiy lhiiiilaiiiu RPu 'Q 95 v 11, h . is "W "Pai-ted on Her Viledding Mornf' .lZlI1gLl.ll "The Trysting Place," "Boy Meets Family." Daixmixruzs Crass: Tm' ROW: Mr. Edwards, Miss Briclclcy. Budcsa, Franklyn, Howell. Galli. SECOND Row: Dunham, Garcia, Myers, liorgonovo, Hilcinan. BOTTOM ROW: lvlontgoincry, tlordon. Pitts Violet Shelton ..,, Mrs. Vi'ade ,, H , .,,,,, Barbara Machado Roherc Baker ',,, ,,.,. ,,,,,,., T 1 wmmy Blalock lfirsi Arlmiraln, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, H cctor llwarra Second Admiral ,,,,,,,, ....,,,,,,,,,, L co Graham Third Admiral ,,,.,,,,,, ....,............ D iek Grooin Fourth Admiral ,,,...,,, .,....,.... G corgc DcYonng lfillh Admiral ,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, G odfrcy BllllI1ll.f2ll'UTCl' Sixth Admiral ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,, P icrino Borcllo Vvlalter Sherwood ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ........ W klllel' RCinl12lrClt A Prospective Tenant ,,,,,,, ...... B crnarclinc Galli The Consul. ,.., ....,,,...,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .......... L 1 1 nic lharra Sand Hog ,,,,.i..,,ii.,,i.,.,...,.........,..,,,,.,,,,,...,,,,. Tom Summers Passersfhy ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dorothy Moore, Marlene Sherman. lna Kelly. Naidcnc Burns, Alberta Kingsland, Nora Lou Leng, Allin Bailey, Charles Schellcr. Oscar Olivo, johnny Amoriza. Fern Vs7right. DRAMATICS During +he mon+h of Oclober, lhe members of lhe dramalics class gave +wo public performances. Their lirsl was af lhe Freshman Receplion where differenl' s+uden'rs imilaled lhe "Fresh," Their sec- ond meeling wi+h lhe public 'look place al lhe school's baseball field when +he Porlola Trek visiled MVUHS. Five boys and 'Five girls from +he class were chosen +0 porlray Indians. One of 'rhe bigesi' proiecrs of +he year was lhe Chrisfmas play, "Pampered Darling," in which +he whole class parlicipaled. The dramalics class had a very good year under ihe excellenl' direclion of Harry Edwards, who also direcfed 'l'he Senior play. - Ann Dunham Iinlll 'I'1.xx1, filllxl Rwxxi r'llNL'lII1.lll, Nctl, Mullur, Rvil Xa 1 A 5 N I . 1 . mlmrdl, Hmwsun, XX,l1ll1lkL'I' Sl-MUNI1 ROW: ci.lPl.llI1 Maflx J ll , I,.lIINVIk'I, fhvlllm, Vlllylm, Uarmkvrl, MllNl.llI1, Mqyfivld, WYl1llLllik'l'. llucg, Kvllaml, Hadlvy, l.uu1111s Alix!-NI: I5.,h,,,,, Ifullmvr lil 'Xl lx' flrmxllw: M.1ym' Mmlnmg -luycc Bufwull, tzmlum quvvng Mum' l,cI341l1d11111. lxnhwml quccu md plant EQIILI Hlui-w.n, Tnzuxly QIIUUIH, UI I l1'l XYHRIQIRS: LHIIIM' fxlflllllxf Mcrcm PIIIHIUI. Vlunv 51115, :Mm Xl1aL3IUlfl .v .A . THNX: Mr lfnlwaunlx, lun lhllvy. lim Bcr111nx'd1. ffl1.11'lcs Sclwllur. Ycrxmmw Hutjv, lulm c:llfI'Ix'l't . w 1 f ul llllfxllx ftllllli IJ xllllwz lA1.m.1 liulgmmxwu. Umm NlII1x'N, f..ltl1y Slmxtal. 46 ACTI ,C .419 if RALLY ClJMMlTTIil12 Toi' ROW: Louie Poncini, Ronald lnccrpi, Leo Graliam, Ronald Holley, Don Nunes. Si-,fioxls Row: Harold Garcia, ,lolin Vvlillcins, Qfaculty Sl'7Ol'lSUT,,B.7l'1 lxlurplwy, Liana Borgonovo, Edna Budcsa. Beverly Freels, Cathy Sliostar, 'loc DeBenedetti. GIRLS' LI-,AQQLYL DANCIZ: Mary Blasquez. Keitli Bayne, ,loycc Baync, Tommy Blalock. Football queen, Barbara Seal: attendants, Louise lordan and Mrilly Turner. lVlliI.Ul3Y MIXIRRS: Bill lfolancl. Ed Lion, Bill Costa, Lucille Garcia, Clifford Bugimoto, Ed Forner, Russell Holcomb. Ri-'Iv Cliossg Toi' Row: loc Dcllcriecletti, Marty Spangler, Don Nunes. Louie Poncini. SECOND Row: Donna Wegiier, Lucille Montalvo, Cathy Sliostar. THIRD Row: Pat Terril. Marie LeBaudour, Ginny lvlayer, Saral Tielilet, .loyce Davis. 47 l 4 ETICS . N L.123I.ig.if.:T.famJ.i mf , 1 6096 ff f' 9 . 'I , ' ww J 32 N VARSITY FOOTB Coach Sian Anderson's Eagles swallowed a bad grid season +his year, placing fiflh among fhe 'leams in +he Sanfa Clara Valley Afhlefic League. The ou+s+anding game of fhe season was fhe one played wifh fhe Los Gafos Wildcats. The Wildca+s were well in fhe lead before Moun+ain View sfar'led scoring. They held a I5-7 lead un+il 'lhe fourfh quar+er when 'lhe Eagles discovered the Ca+s were very feeble in +heir passing de- fense. Moun'l'ain View came ou'l on +op I9-l5. The hardes+ game fo swallow of fhe whole season was +he one wi+h Fremonl. Mounfain View really choked on 'lhaf game. The oFFensive and defensive plays failed fo ma+ch, and wo cl ' un up in a bad combinaiion. - Walfer Reinhard+ Coaches Czilvelli, Anderson ALL M T, Vu-xx' 7s,, 25 6 I9 7,, Zi, SCORES Santa Clam , Gilroy Fremont , Los Gatos . Czunphell , 1 .lose Tech CTPPUN liN'l 26 . ll ,32 li ,ZZ l TOP ROW: Couch Cnlvelli, Ra, Hill, Rivals Cox Rand ll flouch Anderson QIFONIJ R -0 sf , , , a , Smith, Ausland, Duncan, Cody, Norton, Genovese, , . -. OW: Manager Esczmo, Nishiura, Johnston, Mzlulding, Eckert. Foland, D'Am:ito, Mc' Kinnon, Graham, Lzinclels, jones, Kuleic, Rooney, Manager. BOTTOM ROW: Poncini, Kobayashi, Costa, Smith, Con- znles, Rice, Holley, Murphy, Crilhn, Damilano, Coppel, Roush. BI'.I.UNNI L.lflfTI Fremont. RIGHT: Wzishiimgtmmn. 50 7 130 FOOTBALL SCORES MT. Viinw QBPPONENT 19... ,,,,,, Santa Clara ,,,,A,.,.,...... 13 I9 ., U OYA,A Gilroy .v.. ...., . . 0 7. . . ,,,,, Fremont ..,.,,, .,... . .13 UH.. ,,,,, Los Gatos 6 ll.. .... Vw'asl1ington . O IO.. . ..,, Ca 1111 phell Y,.,,,, .... . 0 All feams have iheir Times when 'ihey show up eifher excepfionally good or very bad. Coach Larry Fiorini's Eaglefs accen+ua+ed +hese differences This year. The oufsfanding games during +he season were +hose played wi+h Sania Clara and Gilroy. The Sania Clara game showed good feam play and blocking. The no+able feaiure of +he game was fhe record breaking eigh+y yard kick-oFF runbaclr. Passing was +he mosl' recognized fea'I'ure of The Gilroy game. The close of +he season was very successful 'For fhe I30's who won fheir lasf +wo games. The Eaglefs placed second in SCVAL compe'I'i+ion. - Wal+er Reinhard+ Coaches Fiorini, Duncan FIRST Rim' Coach Fi ' l l . . iorini, Sugiinoto, linai, Fiorini, Barreras, Nakamura, Holley, lncerpi, Fiorini, Chavez, Buns, De Benedetti, Assistant Coach Duncan. SECOND ROW: Paehetti, Nakarnoto, lvlihara, Kramer, llwarra. Sugiinotu. Katzones, Payne, Eglinton, Mcltzcr, Unquera. Wcmcmdward, Corral. BOTTOM Row: Spangler, Sanchez, Cox, Bunds. Olivo, lviarquez. Buns, Maieiel, Corral, Ruiz, Takagi, Ochoa. BIZLONYI Lian-'Tz Gilroy. RIGHT' ' . Santa Clara, 51 VARSITY FOOTBALL CHRIS LANDELS IVAR JONES Tackle Fulllwuck LARRY RICE ROBERT COSTA Fullback Tackle ART COPPEL DAVID JOHNSTON End Halfbaek KEN MQKINNON WALDO GRIFFIN Tackle End NICK IIAMATO HURT FOLAND Guard Hulfhuck '52 VARSITY FOOTBALL RAY GONZALES Halfback RONALD HOLLEY Fullback BILL ECKERT Guard GLENN ROUSH Center CHARLES KALCIC Ccntcr ANTHONY DAMILANO Guard ROBERT MURPHY Tackle HARRY KOBAYASHI Guard HUGH SMITH Quarterback LEO GRAHAIVI Center 53 130 FOOTBALL RONALD INCERPI End MARVIN FIORINI Guard ROBERT PAYNE Tackle iIACK KATSANES G ll ax rd H ECZTOR IBARRA H411 fbuck CHARLES B005 Tzxcklv ARTHUR B.-XRRERAS End SAM SUGIMOTO Quarterback ,UM MELTZER Tackle GEURG E TAKAGI Qmlrtcrbzick .aid-Bk' N 'W' xsgzsr wr 15" w- is g Q 130 FOOTBALL CLIFFORD SUGIMOTO DUANE FIORINI Guard ROBERT IMAI Halfback DICK HOLLEY Halfback PETER PACCHETTI End AL CORRAL Tackle Fullback JOE DeBENEDETTI CEIIIZBI' TONY UNQUERA Halfback RICHARD NAKAMOTO Tackle ALANZO DAWDLE Left out '55 VARSITY BASKETBALL "Lack of heigh+ was 'lhe main losing 'feafure for 'rhe Eagles during baske+ball season," says Tony Cavelli, "bu+ we could have done be'Her." The specfacular games of fhe year were lhe Los Ga+os and fhe Live Oak conlesls. During +he Los Ga+os game, ihe Wildca+s were ahead +hroughou+ fhe maiorify of +he game bul' dropped ou+ in fhe end by a narrow margin of fwo baskefs. ln+ercep+ions were fhe ou'l's+anding qual- ify in fhe win over Live Oak. The unspeakable slumps of +he Eagles happened during fhe San Jose Tech and Fremonf games. The Eagles placed sixfh in SCVAL baskefball compe+i+ion. - Waller Reinhardf ffrmuli ffulvclli SCORES . Los Gatos . S1111 -lose TL-ch , Livc Unk ,, , llrclmmt , Vfusliingtun Sllllill Clam ., Gilroy . Cfuniphvll xl BACK Row:Cmncl1Ca1lvcll1, D'Anmto, imumgcr: Brightup. Graham, Hill, Poncini, inaxmagcrx TVTIIHDLI' Rox Mflxain, lylllllllillltl, Miller, Puwcrs, Tzialin. Roush. BOTTOM Row: Cox, Rice, Gunzzllcs, Hollcy, Hess. Kuluic. ll! Illw: Llalfr: Liu' Unk. RIfLki'I': Wlzlsliiligtnmri. 76 ima SCORES Mr. Yu xx' 26 . , Los Gatos , 33 , , ,. Sam .lose Tech 40 , , Livc Oak 31 ,, , Frcmont 37 , , ,, , Vsfashington 26, ,, Santa Claim 47 ,, Gilroy ,, 48 , , Claimpbcll Ovifoxiixr 130 BASKETBALL Coach Fiorini's Eagle+s possessed some fine baslrefball shoolers This year, buf inabilify of +he 'ream +o make rheir free +hrows was fhe losing facfor in many of +he games. The Eaglefs had 'Two games during The baslce+ball season where +he las+ few seconds of +he con+es+ de'l'ermined +he winner. The Washinglon and +he Fremonf encoun+ers were fhe close one-poin+ers. During +he Washing+on game fhe Puppies were +he leaders by one poin+, and in fhe lasf minu+es of +he game +he Eagleis dropped +he ball +hrough 'fhe hoop gaining a one-poin+ lead. The Fremonl' game was more exci+ing since fhe poin+ lead was made by a free +hrow in +he lasl 'ren seconds. -- Wal+er Reinhardf Couch lfiorini . ' 4. QP l7lRsT ROW: Moyer, Bzirrcrzis, Milmzlrzl, Fiorini, Na1kz1mL11'z1, Colwcll, Fiorini. SECOND ROW: Mackey. IIHIITEIKCFI Sllgl' moto, Boos, fiilfglll, Chavez, Fxorxm. DcBcncdctti, THIRD Row: lshimurzi, Hollcy, Kramcr, Mzirqucz, Sunchcz, lmau. BIIADXY: Ll-'I-'Tz Gilroy, RIKQHTZ Fremont. 57 VARSITY BASKETBALL LARRY RICE RONALD HOLLEY Guard Furwurd TOM PUVJERS RAY GONZALES Guard Forward MARVIN BRIGHTUP TONY TADIN Ccntcr FOI'NNElI'LI CHARLES KALCIC FRED MQLEAN Ccntcr Guard Q' 9 Q FFNQJ E . .:' I VK gr! 1 61.3 qi!! X Q' VARSITY BASKETBALL LEO GRAHAM Forward GLENN ROUSH Forward ITRANZE COX Forward GEORGE HILL Forward 130 BASKETBALL r r "", F A r -, - 7 Y ..,- ' NK CHARLES BOOS JOE DcBENEDETTI uu' U X A Guard Guard , 5 csixe DUANE FIURINI RUDY SANCHEZ ji ' . A X if: 1: qw, I Fnrwnrd Forward W 5 X T MITSURU MIHARA GEORGE ISHIMARU Forward Forward i i? i,A, Q ,. 5 x . Y -I A NABUR CHAVEZ ARTHUR BARRERAS 0 G 'B 5 Forward Center 1 Y' A M., N, ..4:,::. .3 Q 'll--J-if rrh E Q EDWARD CARGILL Q SM Gcnlcr 2 RE X j on fd..' N lx A BRUCE COLWELL Forward , 130 BA M AR 1 Q 5 I f " If DICK HOLLEY L7 ' f I 1 Guard R , .1 . A ffm . E. E E 33? 1 A 1 g . Q , E I 1 ri 5 R din av -NA . SAMMY SUGIMOTO SKETBALL VICTOR MARQUEZ Forward ROBERT IMAI Guard RICHARD NA KAM GTO Forward Guard X' W Q W A MARVIN FIORINI RONALD KRAMER -fi A . il ' - H C ter Center -.' 153' A- En - - 1 , Mft, nfl E 5 RWTH ir EARL MEYER I Guard 61 z 'P A R ,R TRACK Fmwr Row: Cox, Borcllo, Nisliium, Hugo, Escnnu, Powers, Coppcl, DcLz1uglilci', jones, Gi'iHin, Murphy, Gruliaiiii, lJ.uniInno. SI-,HJNI1 Row: MQLQI Nisl' 1 F " ' ' "" A " " ' 1' i 1 1, iiuri, ioiini, Brglny, BQILIIIIHKIITIILI, Numa, Hua, Biuruii- Cfcnovcw l'iurin1 Rudriguvz, Blalock. THIRD ROW: Escobnr, Cox, LcBuudour, Allen, Frantz, Rooney, Pziync, Tzunony, Wcsciiiaiii, Luiz, Czilvo. FlDl'RTll ROW: Butcher, Vhilkcr, Suzuki, Garcia, Spangler, Ochou, Caiszirioval, Mclzczin, Poland Loopcr, Burnley, Rody, i'Il'IAlI Row: Nishiural, Boos, Alonzo, Hugo, Finland, Ochon, Ibzirrzi, Sauichcz, Costa, Corral, Laiiidlclio, Pierson, Ulivo, IIHIIIAHCII F EAGLES .Aix 0 "fb H"EIi'ES if R Bcyvr., Spzuiglur, Hmri'zi, jolinslon, Montgoincry, WllViWllI'tt?l1, Couch Ciilvclli, TENNIS 62 BASEBALL FIRST Row: DcBcnz:detti, Ra, Holley, Barrcras, Takagi, Rivas, Hill, Poncini, Brightup, Blazin. Slzcioxn Row: Holley, Shaw, Eckert, Duncan, Fiorini, Rice, Martins, Mullen. JITNIOR VARSITY: THIRD ROW: New, Fainaru, Col' lins, Cargill, Edgemond, Murray, Marquez, Bunds, Escano, Propes. FOVRTII Row: Takaki, Karan, Rcttig, Quigg Sugimoto, Kramer, Popovich, Randall, McLean, Genesc, Veteran. I FIRST ROW: Gonzales, Olivo, Poncini, Cummings, Berdan. SECOND ROW: Sanclics, Torres, Gonzales, Baync, Franz, Hargravcs. THIRD ROW: Takagi, Angeles. BOXING For more fhan fwenfy-nine years, MVUHS has had a Girls' Alhlelic Associalion, commonly called G. A. A. Organizafions similar 'lo G. A. A. have been in exis- lence since l9l2. The purpose of G. A. A. is lo provide opporfunifies for ifs members fo parlicipafe in afhlefic compelifion in accordance wifh fhe highesf sfandards of sporlsman- ship. Because of The fremendous growfh and a'f+en- dance of These organizafions on fhe peninsula if was necessary for fhe Girls' Peninsula A+hle+ic League fo make some uniform rulesg Therefore, all fhe schools which belong +o G. P. A. L. are able 'ro have a uniform syslem of awards. GIRLS' ATHL According 'fo +he award sysfem, a MVUHS girl can go ouf for as many sporls as she likes, bul can only receive poinfs for four of lhem. A girl earns 25 poinis for every sporf she parficipales in, buf being absen+ more lhan fhree limes will cause her +o lose lhese poinfs. Exfra poinfs given are: I5 for capfain and 25 for manager. The G.A.A. presiden+ receives 50 poinls. The award sysfem is as follows: 25 poinls, a G.A.A. emblemg l50 poinls, a bloclrg 250 poinls, firs+ sfarq 350 poinls, second slarg 450 poinls, Third slar, e+c. The firsl sporl in G. A. A. lhis year was Tennis, managed by Josephine Piazza. To receive poin+s in fhis sporf, a girl had fo complefe fwo oul of lhree sels, P' .. gps.. ...df N" - - x'-iw ' 'T 1 rss lllklsllltl. .Nliw l'.ixl1iw.n. suint.1ix'. l.i.iii.1 llwigi-im-wx yusuluwt. l7n1i1.i Hlliiimii. iii in lklllll, I,ln. llnl .1 1-wwiiliivg --w.ii'l.i1x', l5.iilN.u1.i Xl.ixli.iLlw. Txlis T'.x.i Xluylxl fs-l MT '47!'!!, lu-P" GIRLS' ATHL TENNIS TOP Row: Ginepro, Budesa, Hileman, Machado, Borello, Mangini, Reinhardt, Robinson, Miller, Hansen. SEC' oNn Row: Kline, Suzuki, Dankert, Hennes, Collins, Dampier, Kellam, Hughes, Ploeg, Beck, Olivo. TIIIRII Row Sevilla, Sugimoto, Leng, Stone, Ruiz, Olivo, Mayfield, AuCourt, johnson, Qlney, Sledewitz, Purse. FOURTH ROW Stagi, Turner, Ervine, Zeiss, Teihlet, asst, Ingr.: Piazza, mgr.: Shaw, Ghikasuye, White, Furuiehi, Neff, oo TOP Row: Sutton, Spicer, Gahral, McMurry, Borello, Mangini, Greii, Pavlina, Cowan, Hill, Turner, Diessner Freels, Thomas, Miller, Glaser, Rohinson, Reinhardt, SECOND ROW: Going, Ginepro, Nelson, Moore, Manley, Giles, Hehel, Bridges, Eastman, Ghristianson, Gonzales, Bravo, Owens, Borgonovo, Hiserrnan, Hansen, Mattingly, Berg man, Olivo, TIIIRII Row: King, Collins, Prosper, Gonzales, Balero, Stanley, Hughes, Boozell, Kellarn, Peterson c:l11llIll'5CTlfllIl, Hennes, Willielrny, Lindholm, Lewis, Gutierrez, Olney, Neff, Ploeg, Alvarado, Stagi. FUVRTH Rowi Esteban, Giusto, Gonzales, Sevilla, Stone, Furuichi, Mayneld, McGill, Takamoto, Payne, Collins, Davis, johnson D jordan, Leatherwood, Smiley, Olivo. FIFTH ROW: Pastorino, Mumhy, Kalcic, Luniello, Applegate, Shaw, Zeiss, AuGourt, Dampier, Wegrier, Ruiz. Lylcs, Alvo, Mendoza, Lara, Rohledo. SOFTBALL 66 C ASSOCIATION ARCHERY 'I TOP ROW: Christensen, Piazza, Holt, Gurr, Freeman, Sledewitz, Greif, Diessner, Freels, Nagayama, Yoneji. SEC- UND Row: Hileman, Neff, Blair, Suzuki, Elich, Purse, Dampier, Hiserman, Nakamoto, Sunahara, Sueki. FIRST ROW: Morita, Sugimoto, Leng, Mcxore, lvlontalvo, mgr.: Kellam, Mayer, Jordan, Turner. 2? r-r"' rf' 'Z T Q Q.. Or' rOr 2, . -'r" 6 O, e 3 A ,vm Tl' g ,.., I Q' ' Q i l i A . he hnxvlg, I ll A X Q .fi g :.. E , I v T -if -KAY N . . . ' "F . t I " Q .,,M,, ,LHd1,,. 1 W f L- F , , T 1 Q r 33 TOP ROW: Freeman, Christiensen, Machado, Neff, Diessner, Freele Y 5, Oneji, SECOND ROW: Purse, Gurr, Spangler, egnei, Kline, Hennes, Nakamoto, Sunahara. THIRD Row: Sledewitz, Leng, Sugimoto, Montalvcm, Turner, mgr.: Sueki, Nugayama, Mcrritzx. 67 BADMINTON BASKETBALL .Aan TOP Row: Spicer, Gonzales, Cowan, Machado, Hill. SECOND ROW: Muinby, Nagayania, Pickar, Vv'inslow, Bravo Eastman, Bridges, Owens, Borgonovo, Leatherwood, jordan, Christiansen, Wegner, Smiley, Morita, Yoneji, Rob ledo, TITIRIJ Row: Pasterino, Bernardi, Ruiz, Peterson, Giusto, Zeiss, Ervine, Bergman, Lewis, Mendoza, Gutierrez Thomas, Nakamoto, Sunahara, Borello, mgr, FOVRTH ROW: Kalcic, Lumello, Esteban, Gonzales, Sevilla, Shaw Takamoto, Stanley, Olivo, Norman, Luis, Lara, Ogata, Chikasuye, Sueki. TOP ROW: Collins, Prosper, Olivo, Piazza, Mangini, Pavlina, Kline, Willieliiiy, Spangler, Holway, Moore, Lind liolm, Dunlap. SICONII Row: Borello, nigrg Suzuki, Freeman, Hebel, Cahral, MeMurry, Dampier, Turner, Lind liolni, Mattingly, AuCourt, Ploeg, Robinson, Glasser, Miller. THIRD ROW: Boozell, Chamberlain, Manley, Collins Hisernian, Davis, Mayheld, Johnston, Borello, Hansen, Hileman, Myers, Reinhardt, FOVRTII ROW: Collins, Elieh Balero, Nelson, Payne, Kellani, R. Kellum, Hoshi, Neff, Olney, Furuichi. l ,Aj TOP Row: Silveria, Moore, Cabral, Borello, Piazza, MCMurry, Pavlina, Cowan, Hill, Machado, Neff, Wegtier Smiley, Turner, Diessner, Freels, Budesa, Hileman, Miller, Glaser, Reinhardt. SECOND ROW: Freeman, Sutton Going, Suzuki, Elieli, Manley, Nelson, Purse, Eastman, Bridges, Qwens, Borgonovo, Leatherwood, jordan, Christian- sen, Meek, Nell, Olney, Thomas, Ploeg. TIIIRID Row: Spicer, Ginepro, Chamberlain, McGill, Peterson, Sleclewitz Collins, Hisernian, Dankert, Bravo, Gonzales, Mayer, Hughes, Wilhelniy, Raclovan, Esteban, Robinson, Hansen Christensen, Olivo, Yoneji. FOLTRTI-I ROW: Winslow, Collins, Prosper, Greif, Furuiehi, Takamoto, Lewis, Bergman Mattingly, Mayheld, Dainpier, Kellam, Gonzales, Savilla, Applegate, Luis, Gonzales, Boozell, Guisto, Balero, Naga: yania, Sueki, Hoshi, Ogata, Morita, Hennes, Sunahara. FIFTH ROW: Pasterino, King, Mumby, Olivo, Payne, Leng Su fimoto, Manfini, In r.: ohnston, Shaw, Mendoza, Guitterez, Holwa , S an ler, Lindholm. SIXTH ROW: Kaleic ln la F5 Y P g Lumello, Wliite, Davis, Giles, Hebel, Stone, Kellam, Zeiss, AuCourt, Stanley, Ervine, Lara, Robledo, Silveria. Alva, Alvarado, Ruiz, Lyles, Chikasuye. VCLLEYBALL 68 Q in 'QQLWY' IQ- HJ GARIINI-.Rsz Mr. Mmclmusc, Mr. Bates. 121 CVSTOIDIANS: Mr. Neff. Mr, Thompson, Mr. Cilloni, Mr. Rim cr, 133 Cooks: Mn, XX'hitYc, Mrs. Exam. 1-U Bw DRIVLRQ: Mr, Sllllfh, Mrs. Madsen. Mr. Mudecn. Mr. More lmmny, Mx, Tl1m11psmw11, M1', Ulwn. 6 9 T? ill XX l11l K 1 1 l Ill!! ll, H1'1'1l Ill ilu' lmllx. 131 Cll1c1111sl1'y lllllfl lw 111l1'1'1wt111gl l4l H1'41t1'Ll 1l1f1'11v11111 lil 1 111 lllll l11111l L111ll Hal 511 1l11' l111'1l11'. l7l 'lnlml l7cps11Ll1'11t N1111l1', lSl H11lN'.1f1l11lNf1l11lx 1-111' gal lll .1 llllll UH " 1111'1J l'x111g .1110 Q111'1'11, 711 ,I 1 A x gg My. l"lNll ill Hot LZOSSIP, ill RULIQIUHQ xt. CH Vv'lw:1t zx weekend! Q-U T.N,T. 151 Snow babies. Q61 Guin' steady. 17 was nlllsclcwl 181 On il Sunday i1flCl'I1UUI1. 191 Ah! Success. H111 So tlrrdl fllj Nu hands. fllj Thru' L, Huh HU P11 . 5. . . s. 71 MOUNTAIN VIEW ADVERTISERS MOFFETT MOTEL AND HIWAY GROCERY Bayshore Highway DUARTE AND CORREIA Union Oil Dealers Tyrella and Bayshore JACK AND CONNlE'S STEAK HOUSE Alviso Road and Bayshore MOTEL MONTE VISTA Bayshore Highway HAPPY LANDING CAFE Bayshore and MoFFeI'I Boulevard PAN TREE CAFE 'Biggesi' Hamburgers" Bayshore Highway BON TON CAFE MoITe'H Boulevard and Bayshore STATE MARKET I24 Casfro SI'ree'I FIVE AND TEN MARKET I46 Casfro S+ree+ MOUNTAIN VIEW TAILORS AND CLEANERS I50 Casfro S+ree+ FOSTER'S FLOWER SHOP I70 Caslro Slreef HART'S CLEANERS "WeII Dressed Is Well Pressed" THE GIFT SHOP 292 Cas+ro S+reeI' VEGLIA'S Corner Casfro and Dana BENDER JEWELERS 234 Cas+ro Sfreef GARDNER'S TYPEWRITER SALES 81 SERVICE 2I2 Casfro Sfreef J. V. MANFREDI "Is Always Ready" CLARENCE M. LAWSON Real Eslafe 380 Casfro S'I'ree'I' KNIGHT'S PHARMACY 288 Casfro Sfreei SCHAFFNER MOTORS, INC. Dana and Bryanf HAYS 81 WYANT CHAPEL 340 Cas+ro S'I'ree+ ESPINOSA AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE 398 Cas+ro S'IreeI' MONSON'S DRUG STORE EI Camino Real BOB'S DRIVE-IN CLEANERS I902 EI Camino Real YO 7-3954 TAKAMUM FLORIST EI Camino Real JOHNNY MAC'S DRIVE-IN Mounlain View Redwood CiI'y FANUCCI AND SONS El Camino and Casfro L MOTEL - I90I EL CAMINO Deluxe Cabins wifh Kifchens MANCINI MOTORS Phone YO 7-5595 FOOD CITY SUPER MARKET EI Camino and Miramonfe YO 7-3I4l THE FLOWER GARDEN 440I EI Camino DA 2-I9I4 MOUNTAIN VIEW REGISTER P. O. 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Suggestions in the Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) collection:

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