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' 1 , :-. A .. Ig: . Z. P... -f W- J - Q.. Q rf - X ., ,y,,.', ,r '., ,, ,,-. ' ..f.v W-,f -'vs . .,j, .fy ' 'Q-ir," -- 9...-,VJ ,nw 1 N45-,. ., .., ,, ..,v..,, 1 Tk 'fl' "", ,-" If 'A' 'ti-zz r-1, , nt. -3 : -,,.-f- '. A '- Yf?-.jx-jf 2' 1' 'rf vi? V' ., -51" ,'.,.-rf: "f- Q. : , 1- rg: , 'f:g't31?!'i .TG "". 11 5.31 19125 Q11 1 1,2 b. -J K, fr,-3gvr,, .,. 2, 1 iz' .-JW.-.N .- .fart-w:v.' K.- A , Agiviyui-4 ,r xv., .M 1 . ,-r' an nr:-1, ff'-'-14' if-' ',2'f'fe2?fi.v 41, f,, ,fEf5'f'G37'55' -.,.3X'rv I f ' 1-:!s?l..Q'fi'f', ff-2 Sf-f'ai.s. ,E+ ' :J f'1g2"'-':f'mY , -:M.:,4 ,Y w.. ' '17, ,, w-V. w . J if iv, f' 4-1 V-1-.a.-,Qi U 5214.1 - 'r WJ wrt. JK Y uma-3 . :Y Nun U A .My ' 'Wfi L H! L .. ..,..' 4, 0 f.. gf 'f-f . W, , fb 41! .., -2. . .ff Y. .Q-.,,1 ,..,,, RV, . 1. ,, .,,. , , ,., , .H 10 - w wif., ,J rw... U wx ,r .N fry . 1 ., ,.,- ,. ,,,, .u-'..,.n, .. ggfu.-. , -11.1-zkm.-ia.. ...Elma-.,. -Ln. . BLUE AND GRAY PUBLISHED BY TI-IE STUDENTS OF MOUNTAIN VIEW UNION I-IIGI-I SCHOOL MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA JUNE, I940 STAFF Editor ...........,..........,,. ..,,,.A B etty Keene Assistant Editor ..t..t,wtt ,.tt.,,t C harles Sikes Snap Shot Editor ,,..,,o, .,.,,.., R ichard Morton Boys' Sports Editor .,,.V,t., Y,,.,., C harles lelavich Girls' Sports Editor .,,....,..,s .ss,Y.s,. E Ida lean Poland Advertising Manager ..Y.,............... sYv,s..Y.. B ichard Stanwood Assistant Advertising Manager ...,...,.,,,ss Betty Erichsen Business Manager ,v,.,Y.....,.,....,s.isVrs .,Yssss,... V irginia Hardin Art Editor .rV..,,,............ .r,i,.r M itsuye Yamamoto Assistant Art Editor ...., ....s,,ssss,.,s.........,.. .i...iii,,ss , Y is,i,,......,..,,.,..r....,... M att Moore Staff ,...,.,.................,.,...,................,...,...,...........,........,....,,..,.. Ellen Davis, Lillian Eichlen Devera Brenner, Pauline Gibson, Ruth Magius, lack Corkran, Bernice Grainger, Anne Takano, Kenneth Wilkins Typists .is...... .........,iV,,..E,i,,i,..........,,,..,.,,B.,,......,i....,......... P ete Talia, Geraldine Fricke IN MEMORY OF HM KAPELLAS I F rom II F rom IH From IV From TABLE OF CONTENTS 8:00 to Day to 3:00 to 9:00 to 3:00 - - - - Classes Day - - - - Organizations 5:00' - - - - Sports 5:00 - - - - - Sponsors Eight i DEDICATICDN Under this flag that signifies the utmost in liberty and freedom, it is possible for all of us to adopt some goal which we Wish to achieve. It is this opportunity that has given research men a chance to set the standard for other nations to follow. Here we have unlimited possibilities to use our initiative in any Way beneficial to everyone. Without Research we would be at a standstill: but, because We live in a country that realizes the advantages of personal freedom, We lead all other nations. This book is dedicated to all research Workers of our generation. Many will have their names Written in the Hall of Fame: others may not be so famous but will have added something for the benefit of humanity, for it is work that has put us where We are today, and it is the work of our generation that will keep us at the top. lt should be our duty to see that the sun never sets on this flag of freedom never to rise again. . -Betty Keene, Editor. PRINCIPAIQS MESSAGE RESEARCH: Continued and careful investigation, the systematic and open- minded examination, or any fact by experiment. I have been asked to write a few words to you seniors for your yearbook, the BLUE G GRAY. I might well cite the above simple definition of the theme for your book, RESEARCH, and stop with that, but there are one or two things l should like to emphasize and call to your attention. While engines of destruction and other means of annihilation of human beings have resulted from RESEARCH, yet, let us remember the great progress that has been made by RESEARCH in the fields of eradication of disease, of pain, of human misery: the improvements in com- munication and transportation, the inventions for the lessening of human clrudg- ery: the broadening of our educational programs. Let us also remember that most of these things have existed first in the minds and hearts of men and women as dreams and ideals before they became actualities. Let us have our dreams, our ideals, our careful investigations, our open-minded- ness, our search for new knowledge, our experiments, in a word our RESEARCH for those things that make for progress and human betterment. Mr. Crooke is ot special interest to the graduating class of 1940 because he became principal at the time the class entered. Students have been able to watch the school improve and expand under his guidance during these four years. E7 Top: Reading across: Miss Lowell, Commercial Department: Mrs. Byrd, Miss Hill, Library: Miss Hogan, Mr. Edwards, Miss Schmidt, English Department, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Wilkins, History Department. Bottom: Miss Barnhisel, Registrar, Miss Freeman, Miss lelli, School Nurse, Secretaryp Miss Froehlich, Mr. Campbell, Music Department, Mr. Aitken, Miss Gibson, Science Department. Mr. Crooke, Miss Wood, and Mr. Wilder are going over plans tor the new bleach- ers, which when completed will seat over 2,000 people on the baseball diamond and football field. These bleachers are a much needed improvement ot the ath- letic field. Miss Farmer is the new physical education instructor for the girls. In the history department, Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Wilkins are new. I Lgffwqi VX. , , FA CU LTY ..,s,,f f-rfb '40 V 1f3iI FACULTY Miss Schmidt, who had been out tor over a year, is back again to teach English and also to advise the Senior Class. Mrs. Rachtord, a teacher at Mountain View High tor two years, substituted tor Miss Schmidt during the Fall semester. Miss Hogan replaced her this year. Miss Hill is the new librarian. Top: Mr. Wilder, Vice-Principal and Dean of Boys, Mr. Crooke, Principal, Miss Wood, Dean of Girls: Les Carpenter, Stan Anderson, Miss Farmer, Physical Education Department, Mrs. Downey, Home Eco- nomics Department. Bottom: Mr. Blalock, Miss Coleman, Mr. Carter, Mathematics Department, Mr. Smith, Miss Wilbur, Mr. Maneely, Language Department, Miss Pearce, Art, Mr. Grubb, Shop. ,gm wg ,xii , n 1- c v 'wg I ' X f A i'- J1 ',."w .vu I 'V 5 .' H, -ah . Y-'c' ' A114 wa X ff.-1 ' fgfu v , pr ,Q zu. Q X ' 1, .A E, v V' I A 4 i uP"a"'N P ff- :Q 94 Y P? , .,,, I 1 YJ t .iv - In in 1 .,, , 'K 4'fYi1Ff !I53i - Q Qmw FROM '36 TO '40 MILTON A, ADAMS Eagle Edifor 4 Chrisfmas Play 4 Annual 3 Secrefary of Boys' League 4 Business Manager of Eaqle 4 Foolball 4 BETTY JO BAILY Girls' Chorus I, 2 Adv. Sec. 2 Adv. Pres. 4 Eagle Sfafl 4 EDITH BAZZANO C.S,F, I Girls' League Rep, Adv. Sec. 4 Eagle Slaff 4 JOHN J. BLACH, JR. Adv. Sql.-a+-Arms Adv, Sec, 2 Jr.-Sr. Prom. Com Jr.Carn.Corr1. 3 FRED ARTHUR BRANDT Foolball l, 2, 3, 4 Class Sql.-al-Arms 2,3 Commlssloner of Boys' Alhlelics 2,3 Block M 3, 4 C.S.F, 4 Jr. Carn. Cllair,3 Fresh. Rec. Corn, 2 . 3 KENNETH LEE ANDERSON TONY BAUTISTA Baslrelball 4 HENRY BELLOMI Foolball Z, 3, 4 Track 3 Block M 3, 4 ISABEL BLASOUEZ Chorus 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 3 DEVERA ELAINE BRENNER Transferred 4 Sr, Play 4 Adv. Vlce-Pres. 4 Annual Slaff 4 FROM '36 WALDO ALVIN CADY Band 2, 3, 4 TOM STEPHEN CASTLE Chorus I Opereffa I MARION A. CARTER Tranfer from ModesIo 2 GERALDINE C, CONTI G-,A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Class Reporfer 2 Adv. Pres. 2 6,A.A. Vice-Pres. 4 Adv. Treas. I Girls' League Pagean ELENA COSTA Transferred I Adv, Pres. 2 I3 TO '40 MANUEL CALVO CIass Sec. I Class Treas. I,2 Jr. Carn. Com. 3 3If2 yr. GraduaIe DAN CARRERA ALICE LOUISE CHURIN Transferred 4 OLIVE EDDY CORY Transfer 3 C.S.F. 3, 4 SYLVIA DAVIS G.A,A. I, 2, 3, 4 Adv. Vice-Pres. I Adv, Pres. 2 G-IrIs' League Pageant GIrIs League Rep. 3 Adv. Sec, 4 C.S.F. Treas. 4 FROM '36 JOE C. DlAZ Band I, 2, 3 Swing Band 3,4 CAROL LENA EASON Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 Slrinq Ensemble I, 2 Choir 4 C.S.F. 4 G.A.A. 4 DOROTHY ANN ERICHSEN G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 G,A.A. Vice-Pres. 3 Girls' League Pres. 4 Yell Leader 3 Adv. Vice-Pres. 4 Adv. Sec. 2 Orchesira I Council 3 AKIKO EZAKI DAN R. F-REITAS Transfer 3 Eagle Slaff 3,4 TO '40 SAMUEL P. DURAN Baslreiball 2 Sr. Play 4 LA VERNE L. EBERHARDT G.A.A. 4 Choir 4 Sr. Niqhl 4 BETTY L. ERICHSEN Orchesha I, 2, 3, 4 Eagle Siaff I C.S.F. 4 Choir 4 Sr. Play 4 Jr. Cam. Corn. 4 Annual Sfalf 4 GWENDOLYN FERRIS G.A,A. 3, 4 JOHN ANTHONY GARCIA Chorus I Baske1baII I, Z, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Foolball l,2 Bloclc M 3, 4 Sr. Play Com. 4 Adv. Vice-Pres. 4 Sfudenf Body Vlce-Pres. 4 ..-1 F 1 FROM '36 LESTER DE GENNARO Transferred from Mission High 4 BOB GONZALVES ROBERT S. GRAHAM Chorus I Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4 Sr. Nlghl 2 Class Pres. I Track 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Corn, Council Rep. 3, 4 C.S.F. 4 ZANE GRAY Band I, 2,3 LESLIE R. GROSHONG Traclc Mgr. I Track I, 4 3 TO 'AIO PETER GONZALES, JR. Baskefball I, 2,3 Baseball Z, 3, 4 WANDA GORE Eagle Sraff 3,4 Annual Sfaff 4 BERNEICE M. GRAINGER G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Adv. Treas. 2 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchesfra I, 2, 4 Annual Slaff 4 Sr. Play Com. 4 Sr, Nighl 4 3VZ yr. Graduale CLAIRE A. GRENNAN Adv. Pres. l,3 Council Rep. 3 Adv. Sec. 2 G,A,A. 2, 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 3, 4 Girls' League Pageanl 3 French Club Sec. 3 NANCY JANE HALL Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4 FROM '36 ROY HAMASAKI Japanese Club 2, 3, 4 Foofball 3 ANN HEIDINGER LOWELLA HEONES Transfer from S. F. 4 Girls' League Rep. 4 Jr. Carn. Play 4 WARREN GEORGE HOLT Foolball 2, 3,4 Track 3, 4 Class Sq?-al-Ar'-ns Z FRANCES HORI Chrislrnas Play 4 TO '40 VIRGINIA M. HARDIN Band I Adv. Pres. 2 Girls' Chorus Pres. 2 Girls' League Sec. 3 Sludenf Body Sec. 3, 4 Annual Sfaff 3,4 Choir Pres. 3 G.A.A. 3, 4 Dramafics 4 Co-op Slore 4 Sr. Play 4 BILL HENDERSON Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4 Foolball 3 C,S.F, I, 2, 3, 4 C.-S.F. Vice-Pres. 4 HI Y 3,4 Hi-Y Pres. 4 DOROTHY HOFFMAN Sr. Play 4 Council Rep. 4 FUMIYE HONGO Chorus I Japanese Club Sec, 3 Drarnalics 4 Choir 3, 4 Operella I TOSHIKO IKEBE Eagle Slaff 3 C.S.F. 3 J.S.C. Reporler 3 FROM '36 WILLIAM J. ISADORE SI-IIZUYE KADOGUICI-II Chorus I C.S,F. I BETTY MAY KEENE C.S,F. I,2 CIass Reporfer 2 Adv. Pres. 3 CouncII Rep. 3 Annual EdiIor 4 E. E. KERRICK, JR. Band I Orchesira I, 2 C.S.F. I, 2, 3, 4 Sfudenf Body Treasr 4 Jr, Carn. Com. 3 Sr. Play Com. 4 JUNE G. KOGELSCI-IATZ EagIe Sfaff 3, 4 TO '40 VIRGINIA F. JELAVICI-I Chorus I G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Adv. Pres, 3 Adv. Sec. 2 G-irIs' League Rep. 3 S!-IIRLEE M, KANZAKI Dramafics 4 Choir 3 G-IrIs' Chorus I Opererra I GEORGE C. KENYON Transfer from Texas 2 C.S.F, 2,14 CIass Vice-Pres, 4 Annual Sfaff 3. BEVERLY J. KOGELSCI-IATZ G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Drum Maioreffe I, 2, 3, 4 Eagle Sfaff 2, 3, 4 Sfaqe Crew 3 Choir 4 YeII Leader 4 Sr, Play 4 G-IrIs' League Rep. 4 DOROTHY MARIE KORICH Transfer from GaIiIeo High 4 FRGM '36 HAROLD SHIGERU KOZAKI ADOLPH KNOFLOCH, JR. Chorus I Adv. Treas. I Operefla 2 Fresh, Rec. Corn. 2 Jr. Carn. Corn. 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com, 3 Cnrisrmas Play 4 NICK LEPESH, JR. Transfer from Fremont High-1 H EN RY JACK MALATESTA Baslrelball I, 2, 3 Tennis 2 Foofball 3, 4 Class Pres. 4 Track 2, 3 Block M 4 Hi-Y 4 Council Rep. 4 MARIE MANDARICH TO '40 FRED A. KNIGHT Chrlslmas Play 3 Carn. Play 4 SUMIKO KUBOTA Girls' Chorus l,Z Sludenl Body Hislorlan 4 MARY LUIS Adv. Vice-Pres. 2 Adv. Sec. 3 Adv. Pres. 4 Eagle Staff 4 ERNEST J. MANCINI ELAINE M. MARCETTI Eagle Slaff l,2 Council Rep. 2 Yell Leader 2 Dramafics 4 A Cappella Choir 3, Girls' League Pagea lnulull' FROM '36 TO '40 VIRGINIA MARTIN Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Chrlslmas Play 4 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT LEE MQMURRAY Accompanislz Boys' Chorus I, 2 Sludenl Body I, 2,3 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 French Play 2 Choir Soc. Chairman 3 Pres. French Club 4 Sr, Play 4 Shakespeare Club Pres. 2 MILDRED MENDOZA MARY LEE MILLS Chrislrnas Play 3, 4 Carn. Play 4 RAYMOND E. MURRAY Orgheslra I, 2 Band I, 2 Baslrelball 3 Baseball 3 Swing Band 3,4 JOYCE MASTIN Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 6.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Chorus I Adv. Sec, 2 Adv. Treas. 3 G-lrls' League Rep, JOSEPH MENA Baskelball 3 Baseball 2,3 ROBERT MOORE Chorus I Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchcslra 2, 3, 4 Tennls 3, 4 Drarnafics 4 Jr. Carn. Play 4 Sr. Nlghl 2 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com, 3 TOMIO MIYAI-IARA February Graduafe GLADYS S. NAGAO C.S.F. I, 2, 3 Adv. Treas. 3 Eagle Edilor 3 Annual Slaff 3 Council Rep. 3,4 Consrifullon Com. 4 FROM '36 GRACE YUKIKO NAKANO C.S.F. I, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 3, 4 OpereIIa I Japanese Club Sec. 4 GEORGETTE NOUGES Girls' Chorus I, 2,3 FLOYD PAULLUS Boys' Chorus I C.S.F. 2 Class Pres. 3 HI-Y 4 Tennis I, 2, 3, 4 Baslcefball Z, 3, 4 Block M 3, 4 CLARENCE PETERSON Adv. Pres. 2, 4. Adv. Vice-Pres. 3 STEVE J. L. RADICH Track l Chorus I, 2 Annual Slaff 3 Choir 3 Sr. Play 4 TO 'AIO GRACE M, NISI-IIMURA Girls' Chorus I, 4 Sludenf Body I-Iisloria Eagle Slelf 4 MIYAKO OSA KADA Eagle Slaff 3, 4 Eagle Edllor 4 BARBARA J. PERRINE Transf. from M.V. Academy 3 Choir 3, 4 Girls' League Rep. 3,4 PAUL LE ROY PIPER Band 3, 4. Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Chrisfmas Play 4 WILLIAM T. RALSTON Yell Leader I BaskeIbalI I, 2, 3, 4 Tennis I, 2 Class Pres. 2 Sludenl Body Vice-Pres. Boys' League Pres. 2 Bonfire Com. 4 Block M 4 I-Ii-Y Pres. 4 Eagle Slaff 4 n 4 FROM '36 BERNICE JOYCE ROBART Class Sec. I, 2, 3, 4 G,A.A. 3, 4 G.A.A. Rep. 3 BEN SANCHEZ Baskelball l,1?, 3,4 Jr. Carn. Com. 2 WILLIAM M, SEELY C.S.F. 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Block M 3, 4 Baske-Iball 4 Adv. Vice'Pres. I Fresh. Rec. Com. 2 Class Vice-Pres. 3 C.S.F. Vice-Pres. 3 Class Pres. 4 RALPH SIMIN Foolball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Eeskelball 3, 4 EDWARD H SMITH Foolball 3, 4 TO '40 ELSIE SAKAI Eagle Slaff 3, 4 JIM SCHRAUB Class Pres. 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Foolball 4 I-ii-Y 3, 4 SHIRLEY SHARON Transfer from Marysville 4 Sr. Play 4 Eagle Slaff 4 CLARK LEE SMITH Transfer from Sacramenfo 3 Band 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Swing Band 3, 4 Senior Play 4 SHIRLEY STALFORD G.A.A. Recording Sec. 4 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Adv. Treas. 4 C.S.F. 4 Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4 FROM '36 TO '40 MYRNA LAVONNE SUTTER G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4 C.S,F. I, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 2, 3 Class Reporier 2, 3, 4 Pres. C, S. E. 4 Class Sec. 4 Senior Play 4 Commissioner Girls' Alnleiics 4 ANNE TAKANO C,S.l:, 2, 4 Annual Sfaff 4 Eagle Editor 4 Eagle Slalf 3, 4 J.S.C. Reporler 4 3lf1 Yr. Graduafe ROBERT TAYLOR Baslnelball 3, 4 Track 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 SUSUMI TODA Basketball 3, 4 Track 3, 4 CHARLES UHRHAMMER C.S.F, l, 2, 3, 4 Foolball l, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4 Baskeflaall 3, 4 Block M 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Advisory Pres. 2 Advisory Sec. 3 Sludenl Body Sql.-al-Arrns 4 Counsel Rep. 3 MARGARET SWANSON Transfer from Frernonl 4 PETER TALIA Jr, Carnival Com. Operella l Cnoir 2, 3, 4 CLAIRE THOMPSON S?age Crew 2,3 Choir 2,4 Stage Mgr. 3 Girls' Lcaquu 3 Annual Slalf 3 Senior Play 4 Assl. Yell Leader 4 Advisory Pres. 4 BARBARA RUTH TUTTLE Transfer from San Jose 4 DOROTHY VORRATH C.S.F. l, 2, 3 Advisory Sec. l Advisory Pres. 4 FROM '36 TO '40 Oass Pres. I Orchesfra I, 2 Swing Band 3 Stage Mgr. 2, 3 Council Rep. Z, 3 Foofball Mgr. 2 Adveriising Mgr. 4 Lagle Siaff 4 Block M 3,4 Jr, Carnivai Com. Sr. Play Com, 4 MITSUYE YAMAMOTO RODRIGO GARCIA Adv Sec 2 Sfore Mgr. 4 Annual Sfaff 3 4 CNOU' l.2. 4 Japanese CNub Vrce Pres 3 Baskeiball MQV- 4 RODELL HAMMES MAYFIELD HARMON FERRIS HEYING BOB MCCARTY RAYE PRITCHARD 3 Top Row: N. Sueici, T. Tsuchiya, S. Jacobson, R. Lawson, Y. Yamada, R. Morton, J. Nicholas, M. Calvo, Mr. Smith, advisor, E. Pounds, S. Greenhood. Front Row: Y. Cabano, K. Giaya, F, Sands, B. Collins, M. Noda, M. Yoshinaqa, F. Sugai, A. Martinez, M. Isadore, M. Saylor. Loft: F. Sands, Treasurer, M. Isadore, President, second term, K. Giaya, Secretary. Right: A, Martinez, Treasurer: S. Jacobson, President, first term, M. Saylor, Secretary. LOW SENIORS Although the Low Senior Class is the smallest in the school, its members have been active in their own way in many school activities, under the guidance of their advisor, "Professor" Smith. The class has been well represented in athleticsp for its members have been on the football, baseball, track, basketball, and tennis teams. The girls, too, have been well represented in qirls' athletics, and one member of the class is Secretary of the G.A.A. They also boast the secretary of the Girls' League. Many have been represented in all the scholastic studies in the school. Class Officers First Semester STANLEY IACOBSON ........ ...., ..... P r esiclent ,.........i Second Semester ...........MARY ISADORE IOHN NICHOLAS .......... ,......., V ice-President .......... ,......, K ATI-IERINE GIAYA MADELINE SAYLOR ....i.... ............. S ecretary ,...... ..,...., B ARBARA COLLINS MANUEL CALVO .......... . ............... Treasurer .............. ........ F RANCES SANDS RICHARD MOFITON ..,...... ......i. C ouncil Representative ,........ ....... M ADELINE SAYLOR Twenty-five l Top Row: H. Gruenebaurri, A. Farley, L. Phillips, E. Freels, C. Sikes, L, Freitas, T. Yarnaji, R. Voris, Mr. E. Blalock. Third Row: Miss E. Lowell, R. Kennedy, B. Allee, V. Taylor, S. Okamoto, J. Nakarnoto, K, lshikawa, B. deCurtoni, M. Davis, J. Clark, M. Peck, L. Weitzenbera, W. Toft. Second Row: H. Bubelinv, J. Navarro, T. Moya, E. Bautista, D. Salas, P. Diaz, L. Mendoza, V. Moreno, A. Giaya, C. Beltran, O. Popovich. First Row: J. Mandarich, N. Voivoda, C. Poncini, A. Rose, 6. Mudrich, R. Coppel, J. Ricketts, P. Karnerschen. Top Row' Mr Harry Edwards Third Row' L Steach H Maase, T. Diaz, J. Cruz, A. Carrion, J. Jentick, J. Pear, A. Base auez, L. Iiellv, B, Mason, G. Toshiriaqa. Sedond Row: Rose, R. Giaya, M. Poxon, K. Sevely, G. Simons, B. Britton, M. Navarro, M. Valentich, F. Navarro, T. Ravizza, R. Bess. First Row: G. Schultze, L. Carson, H. Tachibana, A. Axell, N. Foland, C. Frazer. Twenty-six MIDYEAR The Low Freshmen. under the leadership of Mr. Harry Edwards, is a class of twenty-nine students. At the beginning of the year, thirty-four were enrolled, but four students transferred, and the other dropped because of illness. The class officers are as follows: BILL MASON ..................,.........,.... ............ P resident ELAINE SKANDERUP ........ ....... V ice-President TI-IERESA DIAZ ...............,. ......................... S ecretary ICHIRO MORITA ................ ............................ T reasurer CHARLES FRAZER ................. ....... C ouncil Representative GEORGE YOSHINAGA .....................,..................................,................... Basketball Coach Low Sophomores: One of the most enjoyable activities of Mr. C'arpenter's advis- ory was the fall party which was a joint affair with the Low Sophomore girls. The girls, under Miss Marie Farrner's guidance, have had two swimming parties. The class officers are as follows: ALBERT DUART ....................... ....... ................ P r esldent ROSE TERESI ........... .........,...................... S ecretary BILL KEENE .......... ....... C ouncil Representative MIDYEAR Top Row: Miss Farmer, A. Ezaki, F. Naqao, F. Funabiki, A. Shikamura, C. Esteban, P. Vina, T. Arecco. Center Row A. Luis, R, Bautista, A. Kraleivich, R. Marcefti, L. Talia, N. Wilder, B, Tepsich, K, Vrlcich, I. Herrero,Bof1'om Row: B King, L. Ohmert, A. Piazza, R. Teresi, M. Moya I. Howard, G. Villasenor, A. Espinosa, F, Tuttle. Top Row: M. Tachibana, O. Silva, C. Viscovich, T. Franklin, Mr. Carpenter, A. Duarte, M. Sueki, G. Shiraki, T. Hoshida Center Row: D. Gray, E. Phillips, B. Rosenbach, G. Graham, G. Adams, B. Keene, J. Matsuba, L. Okawa, G. Osakada Bottom Row: C. Hughes, B. Meixner, R. Puppo, T. Vidovcich, E. Popovich. Low Iuniors: The low junior girls are advised by Miss Elinor Lowell and the boys are guided by Mr. Edward Blalock. The class meets once a month and discusses many subjects of common interest. The girls went to Alum Rock Park last year and went swimming and hiking. A Christmas party was held by the girls with each girl bringing a present costing under ten cents. The boys have a basketball team that usually wins its games. Baseball is another sport in which they are interested, and every year they go to Seals' Stadium on "O'Doul Day." Most of the boys are lettermen. Class Officers are as follows: NICK VOIVODA .....,........,,.... ,............ P resident OLGA POPOVICH ....... ....... V ice-President DOMINGA SALAS. . .Secretary ROBERT COPPEL.. .... . .. ....... .....,..,...,...... T reasurer CHARLES SIKES ....... ....,.,. C ouncil Representative Twenty-seven Top Row: A. Garcia, G. Kaliierna, R. Regli, E. Seely, R. Regli, J. McKeviii, B. J. Turner, K. Kelly, G. Terdin, A. Kado quichi, A. Pecorelli, Miss Froehlich. Middle Row: B. Burrows, L. George, P. Aikinson, P. Gibson, F. Rupper, R. Maqius M. Roberis, J. Davis, M. Amamoio, M. Harris. Boifom Row: Y. Casaucau, E. Mancini, S, Wesi, V. Taylor, M, M Schraub, D. Escano, J. Rielli. Top Row: M. Garliepp, J. Nichols, E. A. Ezaki, Miss Pearce, C. Okada, T. Muranaka, O. Schleiqh, M. Iza, E. Schonzen bacher, J. Marlin, J. Poland, G. Sohler. Middle Row: J. Grey, E. Zec, D. Hansou, B. Keefon, L. -Holmes, K. Brown, M Wilson, B. Burke, A. Wilkens, A. Tepsich. Boffom Row: H. Sevely, K. Talia, M. Korich, H. Gay, D. Simmonds, B. Mad sen, E. Yoshida, E. Cox. JUNIORS First Semesier HM HOLZHAUER ......,. AMBROSE MENA ........ RUTH MAGIUS ............ KATHLEEN KELLY ......... DOMINGO TOSTE ...,... WALTER FRIGERIO ......................,............ .,........President......... ......Vice-Presidenl.,...... .,.....Secretary......... ........,.Treasurer..,,........ Second Semesier ...USTANLEY SMITH .......lACK ISADORE .............RUTH MAGIUS FLORENCE TUPPER HAROLD FULLRIDE Sergeant-at-Arms ......... ........ .Class Representative.. Smarl Scholars: lean Poland, Pauline Gibson, I Mikio Miyashita, George Nozawa, Cisco Akado. Tweniy-eight im Holzhauer, STANLEY ISADORE Kathleen Kelly, JUNICRS Top Row: K. Fraser, M. Moore, J. Toi, J. Okumura, Mr. Maneely, G. Kapellas, T. Sakamoto, H. Wada, T. Guido. Middle Row: P. Bilbao, M. Miyashita, W. Friqerio, J. Isadore, M. Fottrell, D. Robinson, J. Holzhauer, C. Johnson, M. Geraci, C. Bell. Bottom Row: R. McCandless, L. Keyser, Allen Chamberlin, R. Guenther, W. Briones. Top Row: E. Levens, A. Mena, H. True, Mr. Aitken, R. Steacn, Y. Sliibuya, D. Johnson, E. Gillingham, S. Smith. Middle Row: G. Furuicl-ii, D. Toste, G. Nozawa, T. Miyauchi, H. Fullride, C. Garvich, J. Carlotto, J. Hernenis, R. Marsh, F. Hale. Bottom Row: Gi Kobayashi, P. Teresi, S. lsadore, A. Schultze, The Cxrcus Came to Town: Although the "Iunior Circus" only came to M.V.U.H.S. for a one-night stay, the affair proved a financial success. The main attractions were the champion trapeze artists, Floyd CGoliathl Paullus and Bernice CZorinal Robart, seniors. This Is Our Platform: Let's have more school spirit. With this aim the lunior Class loyally supported their candidate for Student Body President, Frank Haley for two semesters he has won this honor. This office is rarely filled by Iunior students and shows that the Class of "4l " is politically minded, stronq, and united. In the Sport Light: Iuniors ranked high in all fields of sports this year. They were winners of the inter-class track meet, top tennis players, and heroes of the fall football season. '- Twenty-nine SOPHCDMORES gosifg,ViVBrTY6rtT,J.IClaI'l1, Nalaano, K, Hlongcy Z I Top Row: V. Arnaral, B. Hunter, J. Hansen, M. Olcurnura, D, Poxon, L. Eiclilin, H. Kozalci, L. Cary, A. Hlncelot, D. Ga- foutalis. Center Row: Miss Wilbur, M. Lewis, C. Granado, E. Tubman, C. Smith, S. Takeshima, B. Sanchez, E. Cabeno, L. LeMaster, B. Chappell, V. Becker. Bottom Row: C. Yoshida, F. Kadoquiclwi, Y. Nakaqawa, M. Kubota. tit V 1 Thirty Bright Girls: The girls show great promise in C.S.F., and though their numbers are few now, they have been larger, and probably will soon increase. This year the girls' representation was: Alice Kozaki, Ellen Davis, Eva Steffani, Anita Hince- lot. Business-Women: This year the feminine part of the sophomore class cleared a large profit at the lunior Carnival by running the pop-corn and candy booth, and the sensational fortune-telling concession. Pleasure-Seekers: Early this year Miss Wilbur's advisory gave a skating and later a Leap Year party. About the middle of the year, Miss Gibsons advisory gave a skating party. Studious: Several of the boys have devoted themselves to studying and have consequently become C.S.F.ers. They are Richard Stanwood, Victor Klee, lim Nelson, Richard Perrine, Yarnotolzu. ,NJ md, C, ,LP x ll J . ,tl illQ,w"l Tlx ill in 1 u Top Row: Mr. Grubb, F. Flack, J. McCurdy, J. Viscovlch, S. Blasquez, A. Jacobsen, D. VanWoert, V. Hill, B. Brandt, 6. Antoku, J. Lawrence, W. Stalford. Center Row: R. Hartley, J. Radlslch, D. Kelley, C. Johnson, E. Oetien, C. Robart, L. Seeger, M. Thompson, V. Maase, T. Okurnaru, S. lshlmuru, T. Truiillo, l. Kaqawa, V. Calvo. Bottom Row: B. Cochran, R. Stanwood, H. Piper, S. Mattingly, D. Hall, K. Gillingham, B. Collins, V. VanAucl1en, C. Holden, J. Corlrran, V. Klee. Top Row: Mr. Carter, F. Gamma, T. Miyauchi, S. Van Dyne, W. King, R. Thom, P. Gluhaich, Y. lzu, A. Nouques, C. An- toku, J. Frank, J. Kanzakl. Center Row: D. Moore, R. Bally, R. Perrine, D. il-lasson, W. Holmes, K. Abe, S. Juracich, R. Bridges, R. Allenby, J. Seitz, J. Blach, P. Simpson, T. Lopez. Bottom Row: J. Daily, T. Eaton, R. Head, L. Walker, B. Schley, L. Chlcon, T. Propin, H. Burts, J. Nelson, J. Ortega. SOPHOMORES Sportsmen: The Sophomore class contributes quite a number ot boys to the various field of sports. A sizeable number made quite a showing, and a great deal is expected ot them in the coming year. Revelers: Evidently the boys don't care for planning parties tor they haven't had one so far. At the beginning ot the year they helped make the "Frosh" Recep- tion a huge success. The theme was tootball and the decorations coincided. Class Officers Were: TIM SEITZ ........... .........,.. P resident ELLEN DAVIS .......................,. ...... V ice-President DOROTHY GAROUFALIS ........ ......... S ecretary YAMATO IZU ...................... ..........,.................. T reosurer BOB BRANDT ......... ......... C ouncil Representative Thirty-one Top Row: Miss Wood, R. Toste, R. Nelson, H. Maciel, R. McMurray, M. Kinch, M. Brown, H. Wright, F. Price, N. Holt. Middle Row: B. Marvin, B. Leitch, G. Regli, F. Greer, F. Rodrigo, E. Sharon, M. Scholz, K. Drake, L, Carrasco, J. Cork- ran, J. Nakarnoto, S. Miyauchi. Bottom Row: F. Abey, A. Matsuriaga, l. Cueba, H. Dalessio, M. Phillips, M. Sirmns, S. Wolff, N. Freels, M. Bellomo. Top Row: A. Haruasaki, S. Iwata, Y. Abe, K. Schuster, R. Dra a, M. Wallis, J. Bautista, V. Cooper, L. Lowe, H. Do- herty, B. Nichols, Mrs. Downey. Middle Row: B. Blach, E. Bartclle, B. Yancey, V. Dugauzlch, J. Dunbam, E. Keeton, A. Walker, G. Yaniaii, K. Nalraqawa, M. Marvin, E. Barni, M. Dawner. Front Row: T. Nakano, R. Takano, D. Ryan, N. Korich, R. Greco, M. Campbell, C. Yamada, M. Harris. FRESHMEN Activities: The High Freshman Class, sponsored by Mr. lohn Wilkins, has had a very busy year. Heading the list ot activities was the Freshman Reception an annual event honoring the Freshmen given by the Sophomores. Next on the So cial Calendar, was a Halloween party given for the boys' advisories by the girls advisories. The last two assemblies of the semester were presented by the Fresh man Class. As the yearbook goes to press, the girls' advisories are planning a spring picnic. Scholarship: The Book Week Contest was won by George Foresburg, a Fresh man, who later transferred to another school. The six freshmen who became C.S.F. members are: Peter Szego, Kose Matshushima, Charles Morton, Margaret Wallace, Rose Takano, and Mary Agnes Simin. Thirty-two Top Row: M. West, B. Clark, D. Hatch, S. Shusho, P. Pavlina, B. McClure, B. Barry, A. Lane, S. Janovich, W. Corry, 6. Forsberg, Mr. Wilkins. Middle Row: J. Martinez, B. Corkran, R. Keller, P. Church, J. Gallardo, G. Tadin, J. Gozrulak, R. Tibbetts, B. Ketchum, M. Mayekawa, A. Burts, B. Adams, E. Presnell. Bottom Row: L. Scarper, D. Winders, W. Nelli- gan, K. Matsushima, T. Noda, W. Koyano, E. Robarf, A. Trujillo, W. Folsom, 6. Ansley, R. Morales, F. Bilbao. Top Row: J. Doherty, A. Gore, R. Martin, E. Bazzano, J. Martinez, J. Alvarez, R. Olivier, J. Cloupek, A. Pearson. Middle Row: R. Corridan, M. Furiya, M. Toda, C. Nelligan, F. Griener, E. Trenkle, J. Hollister, R. Mack, A. Axell, O. Yarnashita, P. Kapellas, Mr. Reynolds. Bottom Row: C. Martin, B. Blair, J. Berry, W. Lehr, P. Szego, R. Takeshita, F. Garcia, B. Brunhofer, B. Mattingly, E. Stayton. FRESHMEN Sports Enthusiasts: The boys have played many football, basketball, and baseball qames, With other advisories and classes. The girls participated in G.A.A. swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and baseball. Officers: The following students served as class otticers: First Semester Second Semester BOB MCCLURE ......,. ........ P resident ......... ........, W ILKIE PERIE WILKIE PERIE ............ ,. ....... Vice-President .......... ...... I OI-IN MARTINEZ BILLIE' JEAN YANCY ...... ........ S ecretary-Treasurer ........ ........ R ENA TOSTE BOB BARRY ............... ........ C ouncil Representative ..... ,... ...... B O B BARRY Thirty-three RESEARCH With time and past experience added to their score, lndustry and Research have at last combined to form a part- nership. ln the past, Research dealt in tact rather than in prophecy and had imagination, curiosity, and pa- tience. lndustry had the ability to make things and sell them. Each had, in a sense, what the other lacked. Both knew the meaning ot hard work. Now with the combination of these two great activities, the goal that man had set out to achieve is becoming nearer and nearer to realization. But still any- one who knows the inner workings realizes that the surface has hardly been dented. Students are usually struck with awe by the fascination of the many in- tricate machines in research labora- tories. Let us not be confused, for machinery has never invented any- thing. lt is the man behind the ma- RESEARCH chinery that we are interested in. One of us may someday he that man. His work is never finished, and you won't hear a good research man say, "lt can't be done." Experience has taught him to say, "It hasn't been done yet." Could we not all take a lesson from this man? lt seems to us that research has ac- complished tremendous tasksg still it is hard for us to realize that it has done apparently little, for the past is so eas- ily visualized and the future some- times so easily forgotten. Let us not lose sight of the fact that all of our lives will he spent in the future and there is still a lot of work to be done to make that future easier to live in. lt is the duty of our generation to pass on and add to the high ideals handed down to us from another generation. "The day of discovery is not passed. There will always be new horizons." From day to day thxough Organizations. siudents learn how to work together and become acquainted with the poliiical side of research. hw .- X1 ,wgg,.HQ.Z yy? fawmw. ,W ..u4. ...L . 4 W fi'.xf2"7 - -1 53537503 4 M, ff- , ,SQ Q v"- , :MW 'gg' ,gm R K My xmxwyf u 'x wk., -W 2x2,'w!:,+-,.'p'-,' , ww V. i. mm: :Q 'Tiff nfs-Air V - 1 , ' ' A 'f-TF Hx?" gwfx-bg: Qfiflr , 4 s L? ',gb:'g1'f ' is e .Q i 524' -Q . ,f ix My -Hr -- ,.e : Q .M sae W, ' 'kfkxlnf A Ai' 'i :igwQ?f'Q,.4.,- J my x ' Vwffpnw VJS'?Zl 1 mmf , .., .-w g.:-:.-5... Q . , , , ' ,A QffiE'.'Im',gf'15-"Q, g...- N. ,,. 3, f Vw vw I. x 3,1-..,.,,.f? , Q 'M Y 45 Q GEM x 1 1- 'WA A -A V. 313.11 ax . S 'A 4 2 HY, A az , 5 P Q , ,SQ .A-5 lj X- Sm' , V ,mg-. . , ,1,,m,, v if M. 41 ,FG ir!-igQi,L', 1 f I 1 1 I 121.356 W, , .fn 2 lj, 'J "fn ,fffgemip - h 2405. , 2h , ,ws STUDENT BGDY QFFICERS Under the capable leadership of President Frank Hale, the Student Body has undertaken many things, the greatest accomplishment being the purchasing of the electric scoreboard for the gym. This year's membership included all student and faculty members. Officers of the Student Body are: Fall Semester FRANK I-IALE ,,,,..,. .,,,,,.Pres1dent,..,.,.,., Spring Semester ...,..,.......ERANK HALE BILL RALSTON ..,,,,,.,..... ..,.,,. V ice-President ,,,.,,,,, iii,,,,,, I OHNNY GARCIA VIRGINIA HARDIN ...r...,,, ,,,.,... S ecretary .,.,.,.,,, ,i,.,., V IRGINIA HARDIN EUGENE KERRICK ,...... ....,,,,,,. T reasurer ......,... ,,,...... E UGENE KERRICK KENNETH WILKENS ,,.,,.. ,,..,.., A dvertising Mgr ....,... .......,,............ A L IACOBSON RAY MURRAY ,...........,.,.. ......... S gtfat-Arms ,,,,.,.. .,,,,,,, C HARLES UHRHAMMER CLARENCE ROBART .,........ ,,,,...,, Y ell Leader .,,Y .,.,., C LARENCE ROBART BETTY KEENE ..,,.,,,........... ,,,,.,. A nnual Editor., ................ BETTY KEENE Thirty-elqn FIRST SEMESTER: Top Row Cleft to riqhtl: B. Barry, R, Morton, F. Hale, C. Robert, E. Kerrick, B. Graham, A. Duarte. Second Row Cleft to rlqhtl: B. Brandt, F. Brandt, W. Friqerio, B. Ralston, R. Murray, H. Matatesta, G, Nagao, Third Row tleft to rightt: B. Keene, V. Hardin, F. Tupper, M. Sutter. SECOND SEMESTER: Top Row tlett to riqhttz B. Berry, F. Brandt, C, Frazer, E, Kerrick, F. Hale, Bill Keene. Second Row Cleft to riqhti: B. Brandt, F. Pautlus, C. Uhrhammer, C. Robert, M. Saylor. Third Row tleft to riqhtlz S, lsadore, A. Jacobson, C. Snkes, B. Keene, V. Hardin, F. Tupper, 6. Nagao, M. Sutter. STUDENT CCUNCII. Managing the Student government has kept this year's Council extremely alert. It has also done much in keeping school activities lively. Members oi the Council other than elected officers are: Fall Semester Spring Semester WGLADYS NAGAO ......MYRNA SUTTER .........FRED BRANDT FLOYD PAULLUS MADELYN SAYLOR STANLEY ISADORE .......CHARLES SIKES ..........BOB BRANDT ..............BlLL KEENE BERRY GLADYS NAGAO .....,... ,,....,........,.... E agle Editor .............. ,..... MYRNA SUTTER .....,,, ........,. G irls' Athletic Commissioner ..,. .. FRED BRANDT ...........,... ...,.... . Boys' Athletic Commissioner ...,.. .. HENRY MALATESTA ....... .............. H -12 Representative ........,.. .......... BOB GRAHAM .............. ...,.... L -l2 Representative ........ ,.,.,... RICHARD MORTON ........ ,,,.... H -ll Representative ......, ......... WALTER FRIGERIO ...,..... .,.,.... L -ll Representative ....... .. BETTY DeCURTONl. H-lU Representative ....... BOB BRANDT ............. ........ L -10 Representative ........ ALBERT DUART .....,. H-9 Representative ...,,,, .. BOB BERRY .......... ......., L -9 Representative ......, ..... ...CHARLES FRAZER CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Fall semester activities sponsored by the C.S.F. were National Book Week and a dance. Proceeds from the dance were given to the Scholarship Fund established by the society. The annual spring banquet, having Pairyland tor its theme, was held April 4, in the school cafeteria. Some of the members attended the Annual Central Begion Conference held at Palo Alto, April 6. First Semester Directors: President, Myrna Sutter, Vice-President, Bill Henderson, Secretary, Kathryn Kelly: Treasurer, Sylvia Davis. New Second Semester Directors: Vice-President, Bill Seelyg Secretary, Pauline Gibson, Treasurer, lim Holzhauer. Miss Coleman and Mr. Carter were the ad- visors of this group. JUNIOR AND SENIOR MEMBERS: lop Rowzkidlalenderson, AJ, Schraub, E. Kerriclc, -R. Murray, G, Kenyon, B Seely, J 'I-Iolzhauer Bob Graham, C Uhr rn . a rner I Ie Row: Miss Coleman, M, Miyashtta, 6. Nakano, T. Ikebe,'M. Yamamoto, P. Gibson, B. Keene. Bottorn Row: O. Cory, A. Takano, D, Vorrath, C. Okada, M. Saylor, J. Foland, M. Sutter, B. Erlcksen, S. Davis, S. Stalford F-RESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE MEMBERS: V. Klee, R. Perrine, T. Izu, K. Matsushlma, C. Morton, P, Szego, C. Bell. Bottom Row: R. Takano, M. Wallis, M. Simin, E. Davis, A. I-Iincelot, E. Stefani. Top Row: R. Stanwood, C. Yoshida, A. Kozaki, Back Row, standing llett to rightl: E. J. Foland, R. Maqius, K. Kelly, P, Gibson, R. Morton, J. lsadore, Miss Pearce, Miss Hogan, B. Ralston, R. Stanwood. Middle Row, seated: E. Davis, V. Jelavich, D. Brenner, G. Naqao, B. Keene, M. Yamamoto, W. Gore, A. Tal-nano. Front Row, seated: J. Clark, B. Grainger, B. Ericnsen, V. Hardin, L. Eichlin. Top Snap: B. Keene. Bottom Snap: R. Morton, M. Yamamoto. BLUE AND GRAY This year's BLUE 6. GRAY is the result of the enthusiastic efforts of Editor Betty Keene, and the staff, assisted by advisers, Miss Pearce and Miss Hogan. The staff held weekly noon meetings throughout the year. Any student interested in yearbook activities is eligible for staff membership. The editor is elected by the student body at the mid-term elections. Special mention should be made this year of the outstanding Work done by Mit- suye Yamamoto, Art editor, and Richard Morton, Snapshot editor. Virginia Har- din and Richard Stanwood also merit credit for their efforts in the financial activi- ties of the book. The staff wishes to thank the Union Oil Company, the DuPont Company, and the Photography Laboratory Workers at Moffett Field, for their generous cooperation. li fi 1 Standing: M. Yoshlnaqa, A. Takano, Mr, Edwards, G. Fricke, J, Holson, K. Anderson, E. Schanzenbacher, C. Smith. Top Row, seated: S. Jacobson, M. Mandarich, E. Bazzano, A. Martinez, M. Mendoza, T. Miyahara, J. Kogelschatz, W, Gore, M. Adams. Second Row, seated: J. Mastin, M. Luis, Shirley Sharon, M. Osakada, G. Nichimura, S. Kubota. Bottom Row, seated: B. Koqelschatz, H. Malatesta, B. Ralston. Snaps-Top: Anne Takano. Bottom: S. Sharon, M. Adams, MOUNTAIN EAGLE Publishing a four-page Eagle has been the work and accomplishment of the lour- nalism class under the able supervision of Mr. Harry Edwards. Co-editors for the first semester were Miyako Osakada and Gerry Fricke, editor for the second semester was Anne Takano. Soliciting advertisements for the paper were Milton Adams, Shirley Sharon, and Bill Ralston. The money was used to help finance the paper. The exchange group also grew this past year so that it now includes about twenty schools, among which are in the geographically distant, Shreveport Hi-Life, Shreveport, La.: Skyline Flashes, Canon City, Colo.y The Lumberjack, Westwood: The Breeze, Santa Mariag lay Seer, Hollister. So that the staff might learn the steps through which a newspaper goes before ap- pearing on the street, the fall semester students were taken on a tour through the Chronicle Building in San Francisco during Newspaper Week. Forty-one GIRLS' LEAGUE In carrying out its aims and ideals, the Girls' League stresses good manners sponsors discussions of vocational interest and personal problems, and partici- pates in community Welfare projects. In these interests, the Girls' League activities are many and varied. For exper- ience in the do's and don'ts of social affairs, a number of teas were given through out the year, including the annual Mothers' Tea on May 10. Also under this head ing comes the special welcome given the incoming freshmen. The monthly programs included a highly appreciated program from Mills Col lege, and a vocational talk by Mrs. M. I. Cheeseman. The ever-popular Dr. Bertha Mason of San lose State gave an interesting talk on personal problems. The Girls' League Tin Can Dance, held December l5, was a great success. The proceeds, cans of food, along with toys and books contributed by the girls, were distributed to needy families in and around Mountain View. To Standing: B. Ch-iopetl, B. Koczelsctiatz. Seated: A. Wilkins, P, Atkinson, Miss Wood, F. Upper Snap: C. G e an Lower Snap ' A, Wllklns, P. Atk u pe , D. Erlchsen, E. Davis, M. Saylor, 1 4 Top Picture B Ralston. Lower Snap: H. Center tStandingl: Mr. Wilder. Seated: M. Adams, C. Uhrhammer, B, R ton H Put r C Uhrhammer. BUYS' LEAGUE The aims of the Boys' League are to emphasize the development of good character, clean athletics, clean living, a sense of sportsmanship: to bring about a closer fel- lowship between the boys: and to improve school spirit. The Boys' League is an organization composed of all the boys in the school, ap- proximately 33U. They met once a month with a variety of programs being given during the year by many outside speakers. The talks were usually on athletics: and the speakers' services were secured by the faculty advisor of the Boys' League, Mr. Wilderg or by boys who had been in charge cf the program. Other programs included demonstrations by members of the school faculty, boxing and wrestling matches by boys of the school, and motion pictures on athletics. Activities of the Boys' League during the year were the big bonfire rally before the Santa Clara football gamep helping in the annual Boys' and Girls' League dance: and, of course, the initiation of the freshman boys both semesters. Officers of Boys' League: President, Bill Ralston, Vice-President, Charles Uhrham- mer: Secretary, Milton Adams: Sergeant-at-Arms, Harold Fullride. s, Top Snap: Les Carpenter. Lower Snap: Top Row: C. Jelavich, R. Simin, C. Sikes, D. Robinson, J. Ricketts, Y. Shibuya, R. Marsh, C Furunchl J B.Taylor, J. Schraub, J. Seitz. Holzhauer, A. Levens. Lower Row: J. Schraub, H. Malatesta, F. Pautlus, Mr. Carpenter, B Ralston J 'Forty-fou r Seitz, B. Taylor, R. Murray, B. Henderson. HI-Y This two-year-old branch of the National Hi Y organization meets every second and fourth Tuesday night to discuss student problems and seek better ways ot facing them. There have been about twenty members all winter, but with the coming of spring, new members entered steadily. The organization ot an intermediate group ot Freshmen and Sophomores is well under way. An activity night was planned to which the whole school was invited. The enter- tainment consisted ot sports ot every variety. With the coming ot spring and summer, outdoor activities were numerous. Several hikes and outings were planned. The members looked forward to a week-end outing near Big Basin where the new members were expected to become ac- quainted with the great outdoors and be subjected to the whims ot Mother Nature. The Hi Y is proving to be a valuable adjunct in building the characters of young men in high school. DRAMATICS The Dramatics class had a busy and successful year. They produced several popular plays, among which were: "Bather Bough on Robert", a one-act comedy presented for assemblies here and at Sequoia High School and later for the local Kiwanis Club. The cast included C. Thompson, B. Moore, S. Badich, B. Kogel- schatz and S. Sharon. The Christmas play, "Where Love ls", had a matinee performance for students and an evening performance for the public. Members of its double cast were: F. Knight, W. Cady, B. Erichsen, L. Heones, A. Knofloch, M. Adams, P. Piper, M. Mills, V. Martin, S. Konzalci and F. l-lori. A one-act comedy, "Sightseeing De Luxe", was presented first for the lunior Car- nival and later for the Native Sons and Daughters. The cast included: B. Erichsen, F. Knight, B. Kogelschatz, S. Sharon, C. Thompson, L. Heones, S. Badich, M. Mills, M. Adams, W. Cady, D. Erichsen and l-l. Malatesta, Last, but not least, was the Senior play, an outstanding production ot the well' known Broadway hit, "The Whole Town's Talking". This play was so well re- ceived that it was presented again for the public through the courtesy of the Mountain View merchants. Members of the production were: C. Thompson, M. Sutter, H. Malatesta, B. Kogelschatz, S. Badich, B. McMurray, S. Sharon, D. Bren- ner, B. Erichsen, D. Hoffman and S. Duran. Top Snap: S. Rad' Sharon, R. Moore. Brenner, C. Thompson, S. Sharon, M, Sutter, C. Smith, S. Radicn, B, Ericnsen, R. McMurray, D. Lorllogjfgfdii goals Duran. Seated: B. Kogelschatz, H. Malatesta, gchafzx C, Thgmpgon , IC W S m B Koqel CI-ICIR The Choir and Girls' Chorus are two ot the most active organizations in the school. ln the tall, the Choir Went to the Bay Region Competitive Festival. Though they did not win, they received a very high ratingg Robert McMurray took third place in the solo contest. Their singing on the annual Christmas program was very greatly praised. ln May, the group Went to the Choir Festival in San lose, where they Were very well received. The Girls' Chorus sponsors the musicales which are so greatly enjoyed by every- one. These two classes are a tine example ot the cultural aspects ot our school. CHOIR Third Row llett to riqhtl: D, Hall, R. McMurray, P. Talia, R. Stanwood, P. Piper, E. Stahl, S, Smith, W. Stalford, F, Piper, T, Franklin, N. Lepesh. Second Row Ile-tt to riqhtl: D. Ryan, R. Pritche ard, F. Tupper, P. Gibson, B. Koqel- schatz, C. Thompson, B. Madsen, F. Sands, D. Poxorl. First Row Ileft to riqhtl: F. I-Iori, N. Quilici, M. Lewis, H. Froehlich Idirectorj, M. Olcamura, A. Pecorelli, D. Oqata. GIRLS' CHORUS Top Row: G. Ferris, J. Gray, S. Iwata R. Pritchard, B. Allee, H. Froehlich Idi- rectorl, Bottom Row: M. Moya, M. Simins, M. Okamura, G. Villasenor, G. Nishimura, S. Kubota. 4 CDRCHESTRA and BAND The school muslcal calendar was opened by the band at the football games Next carne the lunior Circus and basketball games followed by the music night and open-air concerts The band marched for the community Christmas parade and the Portuguese festival Two outside performances of the band were at the K1 wanis Club and at the Veterans HOSp1lGl The first performance of the orchestra was for the Christmas play In the spring this group played for the Senior play music night and the graduation exercises The orchestra also played at the San lose Civic Auditorium April 19 The string ensemble the clarinet quartet and the string quartet also made several outside appearances ORCH EST RA Standing: B. George, J. Mastin, R. Moore, L. F. Campbell, L. Kelly. Third Row: R. Magius, J. Rielli, M. Furiia, K. Brown, A, Kozaki, J. Foland, B. Gran! ger, S. Smith, L. Wilkes, K. Gilling- -iarn, B. Mason, A. Axel, L. Scarpa, W. Frigerio, A. Axell, R. Taylor, E. Pounds, P, Piper. Second Row: B. Erichsen, V. Taylor, G. lnghrarn, J. Pear, H. Piper, E. Gillingham, P. Teresi, J. Nichols, N. Wilder, B. Tepsich, R. Perrine, E, Da- vis. First Row: B. Marvin, S. Van Dyne, A. Hincelot, F. Rodrigo, D. Salas, B. Burrows, S, Staltord. Members not in the picture: B. Lawson, N. Hall, H. Burts, W. Toft, V. Martin, 3. Eason. BAND l'hird Row: J. Daley, B. Clark, A. Axel, N. Frigerlo, A. Axell, B. Burrows, L. Scarpa, C. Grifall, F. Griner, H. Mi- faushi, C. Antoku, S. Greenhood. Sec- znd Row: D. Salas, B. Grainger, S. Smith, L. Wilkes, J, Poland, J. Hansen, Nl. Wilder, J. Nichols, P. Pavlina, B. vtason, W. Briones, P. Teresi. First Row: xA, Thompson, S, Van Dyne, D. Hatch, 3. Piper, C. Smith, R. Moore, J. Martin, .. Carey, R. Bess, G. Vallislnor, L. Celly, M, Hall, B. Tepsich, E. Gilling- iarn, H. Piper. Seated: M. Garlipp, B. Cogelschatz, L. Campbell. Members not in picture: C. Kendall, N. ioster, J. Gozrulak, B. George, R. Adams, J. Nelson, R. Keller, R. Taylor, -l. Burts, N. Hall, W. Cady, E. Pounds, 5. Hunter, L. Foster. From 3:00 to 5:00 in Sports, students learn how to play together and find the way to better health so that they will be able to carry on research later on in life. if X ix fl V . if ' 4 X 3 a my-'L M-"""' A ww' ' ' UQ: X M. ff . , ,U , V M . ,aw W' 'IAN 1' . :ns , A al? YM 9-X. F sg ' A 'Uhux . '4 Q ,,,,.,M..' -, '11, Q f . 1 L, T --www. .. wi MMM: .L L, gy W 1, A 735 W W - 'wma M www. . GST . I ' H- , "' .R vw-Q - , f' Ykpgw, ' X 1 ' , . M ' ' 'Q' K 1B',..w-f V: z,. f , W ..,, M, K ,I 4 Y K , M, i - 5 .. sf ,Y S f ' V., 413 S' -Q 'ffivy ' mf" , f ' 75'3'??f:W I 1-. J, W , wifi ' Q' 'A N vsw.,,u, .X ,M . , ' iwng " " , ,A "Ag A ff H f M' Wi" NMPY':,4,, ' .. 'K"" H -' Wi? WW - A um - + , ff -W, kk , f W , ' A' 'q L- W., , , f- "" A ' FT k wp- . ,- Q w ig N, M n . Q51 My ' X X , . k A, g1gfsv,:'w'f' U - 5 MwfMm...L M f K 7 nik-1:ffkg:, J' f 1 'Vw --f- .W ' fsa.sM-wx :-X V "N ,, in I . ,,,..., A f- 'sr' ' AX, fm.. . , fm My G 5 M. .. Qi.. 'A M , . W my M5 i Snap lleft to rightl: R. Murray, C. Jela- Top Row Hop rightl: F. Brandt, R. Murray. Middle Row: C. Jelavich, F. Paullus, B. Seely, H. Belloml J vich, Mr. Anderson. Ricketts, C. Uhrhammer, B. Ralston, H. Malatesta, F. Hale. Bottom Row: A. Mena, Y. Izu, A. Jacobson W Holt. BLOCK M The newly-organized Block M Society of this school is progressing very well with its thirty-six members. It was started for the purpose of giving athletic lettermen a chance to get together and do organized activities. Now, under an elected group of officers, which consist of President Charles Iela- vich, VicePPresident Dick Robinson, Secretary-Treasurer Elbert Levens, and Ser- geant-at-Arrns Ray Murray, many accomplishments have been made. The Block M dance was a great success with another being planned for next year. The concession at the Iunior Circus netted a substantial financial profit. Initiation was held for sixteen new members in the middle of February. The new boys were requested for a day to roll up their pants and to Wear signs which read that they were joining the Block M. The signs also advertised the Iunior Circus. The Block M holds its meetings every other Tuesday, at which time many interest- ing subjects are discussed. The old members are: H. Bellomi, F. Brandt, H. Fullride, C. Garvich, R. Hammes, I. Holzhauer, Y. Izu, A. Iacobson, C. Ielcrvich, E. Levens, H. Malatesta, R. Murray, T. Okurnura, F. Paullus, B. Ralston, C. Uhrhammer, K. Wilkins, D. Robinson, I. Ricketts, B. Henderson. New members are: F. Garcia, I. Garcia, F. Hale, C. Holden, W. Holt, C. Kendall, T. Lopez, B. Lawson, I. Martinez, A. Mena, C. Morton, N. Mosher, A. Nougues, C. Ro- bart, B. Seely, C. Sikes. Forty-nine Fifty Although the football team had only two veterans from last year's varsity, there were many reserves who turned in a very successful season by winning 4 league games, tying one, and losing one, which gave them second place in the league standings. In their first game of the season, which was with Palo Alto, a non-league member, the Eagles lost, 13-O. The team put up a great fight and lost in the last few minutes of play. Opening their league season against Gilroy, the Eagles turned on tremendous power in trouncing the Mustangs, 39-O. Ralph Simin caught a pass from Harold Fullride for the first touchdown. Henry Malatesta, star center, converted on all three of his attempts. -- f-.---.l... Continuing on, the Eagles defeated the eventual champions, Los Gatos, 13-7. The game was high-lighted by two brilliant touchdowns by Elbert Levens and Do- mingo Toste. Caught napping, the Eagles were defeated by Washington 9-7 in the last minute. After being held to seven points in the first half, the Eagles defeated Campbell High, an easy prey, 33-O. The Fremont Indians pulled the biggest surprise by tying the Eagles, O-O. In their first night game, but the last football game of the season, the Eagles beat the Santa Clara Panthers 12-0. The team showed tremendous power cmd were never in danger except for the first quarter, when the Panthers fumbled after a determined march. In gway fu we .6 5 5 9 M 1 if c S 53,2 W- wig g ' 2,151 in Tim . 92 Qero W--N - . ' if W gl M 7? 'E' I ' ' sw X Q. "Q R g I K, ,ik , if I Vkrk K A A -I I S w- f'-ff? 'Z'Ma4f5'i i-FH .if M M fl WEN 'vs by , . vw is 'N ' - -:Q ,, 5' F5 S JM' X W, , L Ms 5, FQ: get 4. v 5470 if QQY' :v Q 'ahh . 21 Inexperience was the reason for this year's poor season for the 10's and 2O's. The lO's were mainly Freshmen who had played basketball very little before this year. Next season, with many experienced players returning, we should have two good teams. The 1lU's Won three and lost three gamesp While the l2O's Won two and lost five games. In the first game of the season, the 10's defeated San lose Tech by a score of 19-13. It was an evenly matched game for the 20's until the second half, when the Tech team pulled away to win. Iacobson, with 8 points, was high point man for the losers. The fast Washington team maintained an early lead to defeat the 10's by a 17 to 12 score. ln a nip and tuck overtime game, Iacobson won the game for the Eagle 20's by a 21-19 score. In a game that was largely a defensive battle, the Santa Clara team, in an over- time pertod, defeated the lO's, 8 to 9. ln the same game, the 20's were downed, 30 to 19. B S ET Top Row fupper rightj: Coach L. Carpenter, L. Segar, F. Garcia, L. Okawa, C. Hughes, B. Mattingly, C. Morton C Robart. Bottom Row: S. lshamuru, K. Matsushima, Y. Matsuba, W. Koyano, M. Suekl, I. Robart, B Nell gen T. Yamaii. BASKETBALL I0'S """i I ' 5 5 - ' Y-W-5513225553262-.I3li4?NX??fIE5?S6? BASKETBALL 20'S To Row flower rightl: Coach L. Carpenter, B. Meixner, M. Tachibana, C. Johnson, A. Jacobson, J. Kan zen, M. Miyashita. Bottom Row: J. Martinez, F. Hoshida, W. Frigerio, Y. Izu, G. Shiraki. In the roughest game of the season, the 10's defeated Los Gatos, 16 to 4. The 20's lost by a 20 to IO score. The boys from Campbell proved too strong for the l0's, who lost 25 to 6. Campbell Was almost caught off guard when the Eagles made a desperate attempt to win in the closing seconds. Frigerio, high point man, tanked four points in the closing seconds, but the score ended 18 to 16 in favor of Campbell. The Fremont game, ending in a 30 to 25 defeat for the Mountain View 2U's, was a closely fought contest throughout. The lU's had no game with Fremont. In their last game of the season, the Eagle 10's won a decisive 18 to lO victory over Live Oak. The 20's Were just hitting their stride in this game. Led by Frigerio, they scored a 35 to 15 victory over Live Oak. Fifty-three With only two of last year's veterans returning, the varsity and thirty's hopes for championship teams looked very doubtful. As the season progressed, Coach Stan Anderson molded together a team which eventually tied tor the champion- ship With San Iose Tech loy Winning 7 and losing l. Coach Les Carpenter had a much harder task, as all his material was new, but he developed a team which Won 6 and lost 2, and came in third place in the S.C.V.A.L. standings. The varsity was composed of Captain Charlie Ielavich and Iohnnie Garcia at forwards: Tony Bautista, center, and Bill Henderson and Ralph Simin, guards. On the thirty's, Captain Bill Ralston paced with Nori Sueki at forwards: Santos Blasquez, center, and Charlie Sikes with Harry True at guards. In the first league game, both thirty's and varsity lost to Campbell. The varsity lost, 12-l l, in what later turned out to be their only defeat: while the thirty's lost, 19-14. 5 .'i-li-l 2 BASKETBALL 30'S MW V UL c PP w Top Row: Coach Carpenter, J. Toi, T. Tsuchiya, J. Mandarich, S. Blasquez, R. Morton, H. True, C. Nellngan. Bottom Row: S. Toda, N. Sueki, B. Ralston, B. Sanchez, C. Sikes, B. Seely. Snap: B. Sanchez, B. Seely, S. Blasquez. Q t 1 S J BASKETBALL 30'S Top Row F Paullus, T. Bautista, Henderson, C. Uhrhrarnrner, R. Taylor, B. Barry, S. Anderson fcoachl. Snaps ITopl: J. Garcia, C Jelavlch Boftom Row P. Gonzales, J. Garcia, T. Lopez, C. Jelavlch, R. Simins, J. Holzhauer, N. Vaioda, L L Determined to break into the Win column, the Eagles stopped Los Gatos in both games. The varsity beat the "Cats" easily by a score of 18-8. In what proved to be the most thrilling game of the season, the Eagles' varsity beat San Iose Tech 34-30. Captain Bill Ralston led the thirty's to an easy 24-17 victory. Charlie lelavich for the varsity and Bill Seely for the thirty's led the Eagles to easy victories over Live Oak by scores of 20-10, 22-9. Garcia and Ielavich starred as the varsity defeated Fremont and Washington. The thirty's scored easy victories over both these teams. ln their championship bid with Santa Clara, the thirty's lost a 17-10 overtime thriller. A 32-20 victory over Gilroy ended their season. The varsity's triumphant season closed with Wins over Santa Clara 36-ll and Gilroy 23-17, thereby tying for the championship. Fifty-tive The season started with the Eagles having a veteran team, which made them one of the favorites to capture the S.C.V.A.L. Championship. In their first six practice games, the Eagles split by Winning three and losing three, The most power at the plate this year was shown by Pete Gonzales, Bill Hender- son, and Iohnnie Garcia, all two-year veterans. As the season started, the first string found Stan Iacobson, catching, Charlie Ielavich, pitching, Bill Henderson, first base, Pete Gonzales, second base, Al Jacobson, third base, Iohnnie Garcia, shortstop, Freddy Silveria, left field, Domingo Toste, center field, and Ralph Simin, right field. The first league game was against Campbell, in which the Eagles were handed a 5-4 upset by a supposedly weak Campbell team. In Winning their second league game by a 6-5 score, the Eagles out-hit San Iose Tech, but came close to losing the game because of errors. Pulling the biggest surprise of the year, the Eagles, behind the 3-hit pitching of Charlie Ielavich, defeated the defending champions, the Fremont Indians, 7-U, in a thrilling shut-out. The hitting of Al Iacobson and Bill Henderson featured the Eagle attack. B'A'S'E BA LL Top lleft to rightlz Coach Stan Anderson, D. Toste, F. Silveria, H. Burts, S. Mattingly, C, Jelavlch J M derich, P. Gluhaich, J. Seitz, B. Henderson, A. Lane. Middle Row: R. Puppo, A. Gore, R. Coppel G Furue Top Snap R Srrn n Bottom Snap: B. chi, R. Martin, L. Mattias, S. Blasquez, A. Jacobson, H, Maase. Bottom Row: T. Lopez, P Gonzales J Henderson and H Burts Garcia, R. Sirnin, A. Burts, B. Collins, J. Martinez, F. Garcia. Top Row: B. Graham, B. Taylor, Schraub, H. Fullrlde, J. Ricketts, G. Holden, G. Garvich, B. Schley. Bot- Top Snap: B. Taylor. Bottom Snap B tom Row. S. Toda, J. Toi, M, Mlyashita, R. Macx, B. Seely, N. Mosher, H. True, L. Groshong. Seely. l I l 1 1 I 7 7 1 1 1 i 7 T R-A-Q-K-U Coach Les Carpenter was Very surprised this year when seventy-five boys signed up for track. The highest hopes were held in the "B" division and the lightweights. The number oi veterans returning gave the team the spark to keep the boys going. They also taught some of the fundamentals to the beginners. The thirty's started off the season by Winning in the first league meet held with Live Oak, Gilroy. Harry True unotficially broke the S.C.V.A.L. record, throwing the discus 106 feet. The unlimited class lost by a close score, with Elbert Levens unotficially breaking the S.C.V.A.L. record when he ran the 440-yard run in 52.2. The two lightweight divisions lost to two much stronger teams. Fifty-seven Left to Right: M. Gerosi, G. Teresi, F. Paullus, J. Holzhauer, D. Robinson, R. Moore, B. Lawson, C. Uhrharn- Snaps ftopl: C. Johnson, J Holzhauer mer, Coach Les Carpenter. Fiftyfelglwt E I Coach Les Carpenter had a championship tennis team this season with nearly all veterans returning. Last year the Eagle netmen ended on the top of the S.C.O.A.L. The netmen returning were: D. Robinson, I. Holzhauer, F. Paullus, C. Uhrharnmer, B. Lawson, B. Moore. New boys were: G. Teresi, M. Geraci, C. Robart, V. Klee, F. Flack, I. Kagawa. In the first league meet, Mountain View defeated Campbell with a decisive victory of 5-2. The second game of the season with Los Gatos gave M.V. another victory and highest honors in the Valley: for Los Gatos held the championship. The score was Mountain View 4, Los Gatos l. Another victory was Mountain View's, when they defeated Live Oak 5-0, in a match that showed the power of the Eagle team. At the time ot publication, no other matches had been held. Tennis and swimming opened the sports year for the members ot the Girls' Ath- letic Association. About sixty-seven girls signed up under swimming manager I Helen Gay. The girls competed among themselves and had no outside meets. Under the managership ot Dot Erichsen, a tennis ladder was made up of the girls who went out for this sport. Mountain View won three out ot four matches in a tournament at Palo Alto. Basketball proved to be the most popular sport ot the year with seventy girls sign- ing up tor after-school practice. Teams attended play-days at Palo Alto, Fremont, and Los Gatos. The Seniors won the inter-class championship. At the end of the season G.A.A. blocks were given to twenty-two girls. Other G.A.A. members re- ceived stars, M.V. blocks, chevrons, and G.P.A.L. blocks. Volleyball came next, managed by Margaret Garliepp. The seniors again won the inter-class games. Mountain View teams attended play-days at Burlingame and Palo Alto. Fremont was invited here. Baseball, the last sport ot the year, was managed by Ianet Nichols. Delegates from Mountain View also attended a Girls' Peninsular Athletic League conference at the University of California. Upper Snap M Sutter Lower Snap: H. Top Row fupper rightl: S. Stalford, M. Saylor, D. Erichsen, J. Foland, J. Nichols, M. Garlelp, Gay J Poland Bottom Row: H. Gay, G. Conti. Miss Farmer . 1 . . 4 . Y , 15, r.k',7. 5 jp, ' ,7' 1,1 ui I 1 J ,W-.,.g,b,,g1 iv-1-f 'df I 1-1 -,Q A A -Y P l. v. f 1 ' V 1 '-. . .p' ...,., ' A . . gn 'L 4 "' ' ' - ' ' - v -1- . W U :. M' . X rn-J '-1 x 4 'win H, I wg, 1 1 , I f-J' u V 1 A ' 1, ' .V , I K A an .I gg .I X ' n , " , , 5 x . . ff , 1 . all 11 A xl, g L , , , m. , . s 1 , , . . 1,,.1 svn .. W Q. li.. Whllfvfww .- ! i 3: K and 9 nf' Q! lb I" A. H.. ..., K M. W....wia L' ' Ha ..... slim ff4+ W a . Q l it .L L.,2 A , my IK I 4 A A. ,.X 1 111, .111 X. '1 ... ,X. 1. 1 111' 1 1111. . -.11X 1' 11X..11 f ..11X 1 Q. '111111..g 1. AZ AXXLT., 'X 3.111 '11' 11 -. QL... " ' .CX tl 1. .1 .,. . 1 1- , . ... . X. - 1. .1 ' .X-5.1.1. .. .1111 X X ' f' ..X ' X1 ,X XX1 , . . .. 1, X. 1. X rfX,",.X.1'-1u..X. X" . .. -' M: .. - -- . X ' 11:l'T..X3'11j.'. -sa '1'..1 J1. '. .X U- ,:. 1.1X X . ' "' .,111.."'.--X1a.1gg lQX.11X 1. .1 . . ,s.11XX XXX..L5X,X.XX X. An,f1....'1 f 1 f-1 1.-X:XXX. .. .111-1 1 .. X MDX... X74 'X. MQ.1'...- ....11.1.: 1.1" X.XX.,.,.X1 XXX 2 .. . an .XX ...1.X.. X XQ X 1, 441. .1 11-1.211 .11 X. F11 .ff - .11 . 1 1 .1' -1' -X .- ' .'1XXg 113.111 ' -'X' J ...X, "'.1'j" X1WEN."XXj". 5' " fu? m'1"... 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'iw 'O if at 'fy fiiffe - E, SPONSORS D. M. Burke 363 Castro Street 1 1 1 Mountain View Register Leader 514 329 Castro Street 1 1 1 The Girls' Shoppe 237 Castro Street 2110 1 1 1 Sprouse-Reitz Company 245 Castro Street 1 1 1 Arma:nini's Drug Store 635 299 Castro Street 1 1 1 Bank of America 201 Castro Street 505 1 1 1 Mountain View Hotel 148 Castro Street 821 1 1 1 BaY Hays 540 Franklin Street 2645 1 1 1 Sohler Plumbing 550 California Street 2511 1 1 1 'l'he ToggerY 142 Castro Street 500 1 1 1 Ice Musso' s Motor Service. Texaco 881 Products. Castro at Yosemite 1 1 1 Moore Furniture Company 625 321 Castro Street 1 1 1 Murray's Beauty Parlor 2251 305 Castro Street 1 1 1 Milani's Market 295 Castro Street 537 1 1 1 Valley Electric Company 2431 275 Castro Street 1 1 1 Lawson's Grocery 269 Castro Street 564 1 1 1 Iohnny's tBarber oi Sevillel Modern Barber Shop 180 Castro Street 1 1 1 Federated Stores V 285 Castro Street 2327 1 1 1 C. E. McConnick Sheet Metal Products "It made ot sheet metal, we make it" 2243 143 Castro Street Fanucci 6. Sons 2312 State Highway and Castro 1 1 1 Wagner's Drug Store 198 Castro Street 2423 1 1 1 Morton's Fumiture Company 2402 360 Castro Street 1 1 1 Ben Franklin Store 250 Castro Street 2328 1 1 1 Silver Seal Creamery 242 Castro Street 781 1 1 1 Grower's Hardware 242 Castro Street 714 1 1 1 Veglia'sf-Ready-to-Wear 4551 284 Castro Street 1 1 1 Knight's Pharmacy 292 Castro Street 2115 1 1 1 Pearson's Automobile Company 517 492 Castro Street 1 1 1 Western Union Telegraph and Railway 2124 Express Co. 138 Castro Street 1 1 1 I. V. Manfredi Real Estate Co. 711 "ls Always Ready" 268 Castro St. 1 1 1 Minton Lumber Company 224 599 Front Street 1 1 1 Charles' Beauty Shop 876 Vi11a Street 2733 1 1 1 Burnhams' Waiile Shop 808 238 Castro Street 1 1 1 Brown Equipment 6 Supply Company 577 399 Castro Street 1 1 1 Blue Star Shoe Repairing 176 Castro Street 1 1 1 Mark Tuban Ford Company 533 586 Castro Street 1 1 1 Dr. A. H. MacFarlane 741 505 Castro Street 1 1 1 Wayside Flower Shop State Highway Goodnlqhf my love. In good old Mounlain View mud Old foqies. On lhe beacli al' Mounlaln View. Culey Keene and lhe Gibson Girl Surrealism. ' Slubborn, eh? Diriy hands! Keep fha? old smile smilinqf W SPONSORS Erichsen's Grocery 297 Castro Street 561 1 1 1 B1anco's Theaters Mountain View Sunnyvale - Campbell 1 1 1 Air Base Creamery 765 Castro Street 824 1 1 1 Mello Men's Shop 221 Castro Street 2591 1 1 1 Fellows and Spencer 596 Castro Street 815 1 1 1 State Market 124 Castro Street 2531 1 1 1 Five and Ten Market and Berryessa's 633 6: 521 Meat Market 146 Castro St. 1 1 1 Gar1iepp's Fruits and Vegetables 101 Highway 1 1 1 Corner Pharmacy and I. 6 S. Food Store Main Street and First Street, Los Altos 188 and 81 University Creamery 222 Castro Street 2416 1 1 1 Los Altos Fountain Lunch 25 Main Street, Los Altos 1 1 1 Smith, Lynden and Company, Whole- GArtie1c1 5686 sale Grocers 231-239 Market St., San Francisco 1 1 1 H. S. Crocker Company Inc. 720 Mission St., San Francisco 1 1 1 A. K. Dankworth, Inc., Stationers, Engravers, Iewelers 407 East Pico St., Los Angeles 1 1 1 Dr. A. C. Thompson 578 Castro Street 1 1 1 "On Mange Bien A . . . I.'Ome1et'te" CThe Per1ir1sula's French Restaurant? Highway 101, Los Altos 1 1 1 Garden City Sales Service Company 447 South First Street, San lose 1 1 1 American Dairy Company 17th 61 Santa Clara Sts., San lose OPERATION AND TRANSPORTATION Left to Right: M. W. Rahe, L. M. Kincade, O. C. Gentry, G. Ebere, Jr. W ' " ' ' nlwdilil llr. Nlwi Au! M219 LEmHf1z?:M ' ' AUTCDGRAPHS Qywgatzwzb lv-113446

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