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, jd' J . I f? b ,ffl - Wd-if 1 251' 'x 0 YP ga a If ga.,-.5 glib cf: uf' M I 99 X 17 11, , 'XX K' Kip.. -1r- N 'F' 'A , f , x ,. , X . . V. TE.,-'-' , QQ ' .V. 'S-IN V Q-X. , f - ' Q K ' -"Y .,'ffffZZ-"" , ' V-img.. -, .- w - - .5 f T?-V V V '1---.. .SS 'Ti . .L.'.1? .55 X ITL, gs ' I .V , . - .4 ' .f ' , 4- - X--'.., - ,. ,- '4' V V V. V. -A-' , I - .TQ-QV. E Y , " if, V- V ui,,1fPZ -if--. QT"9f-' - 'pq ,H-'W VS QQ.: ,V V . ,A :Vv:?..- i -5 ,, rf, .IL . ,.-11. -- ff-M 1 - I if V '51 ' - . - 3 -1 -' A . ' N .4 ' ' 1 n' '- L Y f A Vw -V - V . V. -X W.. 6' - -f wg.-1 ' - 'vc '1 . - , ef . . V ' . ' -:' ff. . i. . g ' - .. 59- -.1--fa ' V fx -Q. VM- -: x Q .,., I J. 1. , ,J ' ' .,x.x--x.,V,,., . uf, ., ,..V - -k V ,, V V :Q f , X, - N N - . . . .. IPX If " Q" 5,1 A-.QB N . 1-, - 1 ' H5 1Sf.sT'r- ' .-,V IL Q 'i 1 Ai. Jr ' if 3. 3 . ' A 1.' 5 ' . "S," 'f"Ni:,' -. V ' fm - 'sf' 2' ,N "--Q,, ,-f ', ' ,. ,.V , f , . ,, " V -,,V'1k, ,Q V. ,r--. ic, '-.g V ' .V ., ' ' ..-n, in f 'W 5' ' ' ' ff- - 1 - . '- R 3-f. , 7 L 'Nm 1 - ,- F? C' 6 . ,JK 77 , '-.. '-, . ' . ' ' " f - ff .'r"- .ff , ' - 'f 41 urn., "- ' .f"'- ,X .np A' VV: -V V 1 2'1" -.-f,,,,, . X' F" M5111 .g' 5: ',-Pfi .- 7-yt' -' ,. ' , - ., 7 if? ,' . ' mp' - . ',.-sf - yi- - ? jf :uf A V . ,, , vt VV - V 19 VV ,V-or air 615, V .' J- 1' ,- 1 -- .J-jr 1- . Vxa.. A .V VV,-VE V V- V , . Q 1 . , -' 2" Air' ' - - ' ,-'V ..jq--'x-'V'ffV 1 3 -' ',1 7 ,,f-V, ' ,f-' n, if .11-' f- ,gh -f' 1 , -' , f' -f g.. '-:FV 3--2 Q - ,. ' V'-' . :sf-' rl. . f' A-". ' -. 3' -' ' ,' I 2.-r--J-sf':,. .. V -- ,ff ' .- f L-ffyfif ,Vg . V ' 1. . -,rl rVbAV,x-P...,1 ,:,,-V, V " - r, -' --1. -." . ---" , V ' ' -' Q ' . 4'-9'-5' ' ' ' rl , '. ' I V . 1 Q , . , -- ':'- gf.. V V VV , A .:. ,V -km, M V TVA- Lk.. .V 'fi' A-J., 9'9" ,:f . :.L-- M " K .l,.:a,"' V, V Vu M.--gg? I VV . f ,f f "i1S'gJ4 1 . ,- ,- , V . 4: X . --fm . ,,. if L1 '25 . ,eff . ..,., -- . :,- .gg- f , ,,f,', .... - . ',.,4 f2?'f'Ef' , - "??7?xh .- --1 " Z" Q bf - -xr: '+ W- V ,- - , I .1 V - -V V f ' .THR . V - V, -.V-,. V ,V .AH X if 1-V 'gf 45 Q. 1 - ig., .. , - . V ,. '12-P -- L I "'suh.... I-- , . ,f5' .' f, - 5'T-'X-v----g ' - : ..-U . , .fn W. 'V . 'nf :gg-egg-. A - -- " -5.:"".,.1V'.-L?-.W'- - -- ' . -..,. . -K. w w-Y' 1939 BLUE AND GRAY MOUNTAIN VIEW UNION HIGH SCHOOL MOUNTAIN VIEW ----- CALIFORNIA Edi+or Lee Keene Business Managers Rober+ McGavren ,, Sieve Radich AII ECIIIOIS' ' ',,,,,, Mifsuye Yamamofo Ar'I' Adviser , ,,,Miss Mercedes Pearce Adviser , , , ,. ,.Mrs. Helen Rachford CopyrIgI1I' I939 ?ol-ewvl-4 BECAUSE our school with its twenty-four nationalities represents a lair cross section ol the world, the stall has chosen to malce nationalities the theme ol the 1939 Blue and Gray. The four division pages suggest Nordic, Central European, Southern European and Qriental peoples en route to the United States. The end sheets indicate the paths traveled by these peoples converging in the Santa Clara Valley. Framework of the new wing. Con ten M THlS yearboolc presents an informal account ol tlwe activi- ties ol Mountain View l'ligl1 Scliool pupils lor tlwe sclwool year 1938-1939 grouped according to: PERSCDNNEL ORGANIZATICDNS SPQRTS SPCDNSQRS O 0 edzcatzvn To +he adminislralors of our high school in apprecialion of lheir work in providing a modern and well equipped school planl, in conducling an erlicienily run school, and in giving us four profiiable and enjoyable years, +he l939 Blue and Gray slali dedi- caies +his boolc. The adminislralion consisis of The board of irusiees, Thomas J. Slraub, president Claude Redwine, clerk: Chesler Awalr, Mrs. Margarel Cheeseman, and D. J. Nordbergg Charles R. Croolce, principal and disrricl superinlendenlg Floyd E. Wilder, vice-prin- cipalg Miss Caroline Wood, dean of girls: Miss Wilhelmina Barnhisel, regisirarg and Miss Bernice lelli, secrelary. Faculfy lreadinq downl Principal Charles R. Croolre speaking, vice principal Floyd E. Wilderq dean ' ' ' d f of girls, Miss Caroline Woo lice siaii: Miss Wilhelmina B ise, :iss ernice e ig member, Mrs. Margarel Chees man. 2 rincqzal lf euage Principal Charles Crooke speaking: "l-lello, Oh! Yes, SENlORS, l am delighled +ha'r you called me. ll is always a pleasure To hear from you and especially now lhal you are gradualing .... May l, speaking for your Board of Truslees, lhe facully members, and lhe whole school ad- minislralion, exlend a word of congralulalion 'ro you al lhis lime? .... Because we have been closely associaled wilh you, because all of us have worked fogelher, and because we have come lo know you, we are very much inleresled in you and your welfare. You have our very besl wishes for a rich and lull journey from lhis school, regardless of whal righl' direc- lion you may lake. Yes, we are sorry +o see you go, bul we realize you muslr move on .... No, noi 'Good-by' noi 'Farewell' iusl a sincere 'Thank You' for calling, and may we hear again and ollen from you?" Claude Redwine Mr. T. J. Sfraub Mr. Chesler Awalf Mr, D.J. Nord Six hundred and nineieen people malce up +he personnel of our school. Five hundred and sevenfy-eighi' of fhese are s+uden1's. Our largesi' class, fhe freshman, has one hundred and eighfy-one members: nexl' larges+, sophomore, one hun- dred and forfy-six: fhird largesf, iunior, one hundred and +hir+y-eight and smallesf, senior, one hundred and +welve, fourreen of whom finished fheir work in February. Five board members, one superinfendeni' and principal, +wen+y-six facul+y members, one regisfrar, a librarian, one secrefary, fhree cusfodians of grounds and buildings plus four assisfanfs comple+e our group. Mouniain View High School draws i+s pupils from Los Blios, Mounfain View, and Whisman, a dis+ric+ wi+h a popula+ion of approxima+ely nine fhousand. The orienfal woman loolcing from her wesfern home fo- ward +he easf, seemed an appropria+e division page 'For fhis sec+ion. er anne! I. ,. 1 rl z" F ' . ff -1 I . , '1' 1--f - 1, . + ,V xf: 4. .Ha f.: x ,I O.. " M11 1- , -ll. jirx " M. fx r-' . - 151' -. . X51 lFT'?f5.'-'4"' . sw f' ..2,a:.K. 1 ,-,I :- s Icfhl-Yr, - 1'5" f - -'Q-Q4 Q." I-4 , Gr, i- -r 1 , ,. N ' . ' -' AP'-:5 4 --3,3-'fiw"r. -. -'fb I -A I N Q., I I - ww we --. - 'Jet fy M ' 7' ' -haf: 5-yY5'L: ' . 1 'W 1-fi ' -wg 4.,-. " f , L . s I I .. ,y,I,, .I II , -I I ww I. my , my II ,I:I x Q -- fix. " I A' --ffl' .' -:Q K 1 qs.:- ' 1- W-x" Xgi ' -' Q . - X ,, 1- . f . jf! ' -' W 'ff , 'xfwi . - 1 M 1 '- JP'--1' .-. .-ygf.:gI If . , In .V II Q-, , .-if-,-,MII ' QI -. ry , lf." ' - '--Q1'fAT.i5'ff-:--- 5 .y 'v '.," .,. ' -FW. ,I .1 -III X -- Nab- .- . L , ,T-Y f 'wiv fi IL ', 5 X -- - fm: -' , ..-Q .. f:7L5?xf.?fi Y ' I' -' ' , f' 4. ' ' .fY'H" r .- ' ,F V Q .I .I II' .VI IMVII I . x i ,, I 1 x 1 III I w .. .+" ' . "v 5 ,' 1 'lf lx IQ- 6 ix' 2 ' - "' 1 -. - fx 4 A ' ,Z V ' ' K -III- up .5 3' J . e'Q..:--f'?I.,- -' ' tgp I . K IIA I ' I I :IZ I, ,R ,AJ :Q , 1411:--., " Q 4 . g.'2-'f.:,..- -4 . 5- .Q"':f ' " V: 4 R "-6 ' " I-1-ia 'KE A ' - . .- - .5. Ay I -.CI N 1 J.-'1:1': ,, .- Ya 5, 'a r' , - ' , 'I 'fr' , Mr- , J 7 "- ,,, . .-!v- . -' A-'1 V15 1 -' fi ' 1' - . . 'Y A 4- .I Q- -, f 3 ' ,VAX ' A I , -'M . J! xx K ,s- " rr. , ' 1 , .'-- '-','-f S : Q ,I .. I -,,,,-v J' I - . ' '. N1 A n ' if . 'Ag ' ,jff x ' f .VI - ,fx - ' - -' .v- e ' -I'f.v-I M- 'QN'Mx'.7. ,Kr f , ' L' - .wr . -12' v. A .sg 1 ---:ww b - -ln' 's- . .S - 'mf Sf Im' l .' ,Nyl- ,. - "" I I!"3.,7' 1 cf..-I 1 - Q Q I II ,-f I I, ,-nX.1','I. -,f4'. - , If 5 f ?4.l1.':,': -,X 1, X I .- ' 4 -, '- " . pl -: f' . "fx -"-2-'Q ' ' - J ' . ' . r " 'iff' -U. 4- V . 's ' 1 A ' .--I'- . ga, .ff 'Z ' iii , Qs- I zf 'ev , . . 44, 1 " if , 4. I, . II II III SI I rl ,gf . It A-3.-9 , A 5 . ..1 . '+,,",, 1 -' - 2' 1 1' -. .- - . 2 , F q. gs- . 'I' 11 ' X ' I A- 155.-f II . xl ' 1 V' ' f ' 'x A '-4' ' I - .' -. , in : fl' ,wr A '., Z?"--?"' 'l ' ' o H1 -n.- .-'-- , x- ' , '4,.,1:-- ' I ' get I . 57-LI,-,'-,L w ', 54 4. ' KLQ' 'x 12 Y, I 1 f ' 4 , 'Ig :'if'4if?IHf.'. l' I IM: . 'Q - "mf'Lq"X'1 I-in fv,,.J,Ls',,:, ,' '.f-,'- -,L,.-, -, -1. , -..., , 3' .I-U gqgv-ffgf ' ,iq--g',.5,-, IH I I I ,.,,.K,3J.,TM. W4 A azhff - ,..:-1-9' f ' - - - 1 - 1 1"w"IIg i'."3w-1.a3gijj'-. -4x5- I ' " , 5 'ff rf 'Fm . -mi. -- F w . na - I-, I -V ,. ,V .1,I - , x 4:41-I' ...T 1' , I 1 -' - f . . Q -Wx ' ' I I ., -1 1 . " 'r' ' ' ' ' k"-- - Q J , . E-41 lun -CTA! 5.-fr If z with Une Jim Piclures of some six hundred of fhose who make up our school are included in +he nex+ +wen+y pages. Alfhough we represenl' +wen+y- 'four nalionalilies, we are all Americans wi+h one aim, educafion. lnsfead of appearing on a separafe faculfy page, advisers 'ro +he seniors have individual pic- +ures on 'lhe senior panels, and ofher 'facully ad- visers have been placed wifh 'lheir home room groups. Picfures of +he five micl-year classes fol- low 'rhe senior panels. Home room groups of iuniors, sophomores, and freshmen compleie The seclion. Ketween IZ30 and L00 O Abe, George Ambra, Sarah Baslmefball ,Track 3, 4 Transfer Balboa High Chorus I, Typinq Confesf 3, Tap Dance-Soph. Prom. Blasquez, Augusfina February qraduale. Bordi, S+ella Chorus I, 21 "The Empty Room" Burr, Gerfrude Class Treas. 21 Advis. Sec.-Treas. 2: Chorus 5 I, 2: A Cappella 2, 3. 4: Madriqal 3. Facciolla, Fred Foolball 2. 3, 4: Dec- o r a r io n comrniffee chairman, Carnival. 1 1 1 ' ,Q ' -,XXA x U, 'ou' ,P Q,77io-'rj if ' ol fx! J if ,' L I ell, I' A XX ' fx, X rx f -. ,N Freeman, Jack Transfer, Olin High: rl A Chorus l,2,3gACap- 1 pella l, 2, 35 Band if f::I 2, 3: Orchesrra 4. X Ashfon, Doro+hy Shorfhand Confesl 3. fi '91 if' ,J .1 4 x ,ff IAM f I Arlcinson, Diclc Block M. Vice-pres. Annual Adv, Mqr, 3, 41 Class Pres. I, Football I, 3, 4, r g XL Barbera, Joe Barkley Jack Barkley Vlrgmua Bernal An+l1ony February gradual-3 oo ball I C uncnl 3 4 Ann I Transfer lo San Jose Campbell, Virginia Draga, Alberl' Fvbruavy qraduale Traclc 4 Chorus I Briffon, Jack Cu++er Allen Duggan Bull Baslcelball 2, 3, 42 Ad' Traclc I Orclweslra l Qs? Feb Graduale Class vis. THBGS. 2? BGSCIJGII 2 3 4 N Pres 4 Aclvus Pres 4 f f, ' yf CffL'r.,f STAN ANDERSON, coacln, says "Your I-liqh School life has laugh? you Tha? lolerance Tow a r d s oflners, cooperalion, lwon- esly, and underslandinq will lead Io liI'e's qrealesl suc- cess-a lwappy relalionslvip wiflw your fellow associafes which is lar more irnporlanl Ilwan malerlal qain." Senio Frelier, Roger Tiansler San Jose. High: Annual 4: Traclc, 4: Wafer Sports I.-2, 3, 43 Band 4. Friclre, Geraldine Advis. Vice-Pres. I Decoraliriq Commit- Tee: Carnival I, 2, 3 f Funabilci, WaI+er Sludenl' Body Vice- Pres. and Treas. 4 CSF I, 2, 3. 4: B. L Pres. 4: Baslcefball I 2, 3, 4. LYLE F. CAMPBELL- "Don'I let your life be bare," advises Lyle F. Campbell, senior sponsor and Ieaclwer of insirumenlal music, "live musically." Gallang, Danny Garibaldi, Angelo l.l h ! U I f iw. Holden, George Hori, George Huber, Eugene Hughes, Dema Imai, David Advis. Pres. 4: Caini- Japanese Club Vice- Annual 2: Baslcelball Tra sfer Co ado 4: Japanese Club Treas. val Clean up Commil- Pres. 43 Baskelball I. I, 2, 3, 43 Track 3: A ' . ACap- 4: Baslcefball I, 2, 3: lee 3. 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3.- - Baseball 3: Block M 4. a 4: driqal 4: Traci: 2, 3: Chorus I. L ' e er Khan", 'I E X ' T A Crowd." 'X lx A J . . . ,' X N. , .f xi N: -1 . ,I .I I u ." f 1, ' , -- 1 f 1 ' LL ' fx. 'N lnouye, Toshiko Ishida, Minoru lshimaru, Jyunichi Prfbrunly klvadunlv. W ' X! -L Ff?bfUdI'v f1V5ClU5lG- S - y 1.4! i . Hobbs, Marie Class Pres. Ig Chorus 13A Cappella 2, 3, 41 Madriqal 7, 3, 41 "Br- qlnnorls Luck." Higashiuchi, Al+o Class ViceAPre5. 47 CSF Vice-Pres. 31 Bds- lcelball 2, 3, 4: Tvaclc I, 2. 3, 4. Garrly, Percy P4 Sludeni Body Vice p f,- , Pres, 4: B. L, Vice! Lf , jd Pres. 4: Foofball 3, 42 - .' lx M , .f 1 I Traclc 3, 43 Bloc I " Pres. 4. X Hansen, Joan l Advis. Pres. 43 Clmo- rus I, 21 Band 13,47 Orclreslra 3, 4: Op- erella I. Hernandez, Peier Poolball2gTraclc 3,41 Whislcerino Conlesl Winner' 4. . ,AA ' A enio I, ,C . -rg lwa+a, Mak: Kagawa, Fumilro Chorus I, 2. Kagawa, Yonelco Chorus I, 2. Kapellas, Ca+herine Kodama, Belly Turmls 27 Chorus I, 2' A Cappnlln 3, 4. IIWV Koos, Harry Chorus 2, I My Class Sec. 37 Class Treas. 2: Japanese Club Sec. 4: Chorus I,2,4. I f. ',l,. n f I .1 -- U , f U J lzu, George Class Sql,-al-alms CSF 43 B. L. Sql arms 43 Foolball 2 47 Baslzelball 3, 4. VJ" I, 1 ,I ' 'IJ JJ Jelavich, Charles Feb. Graduale l940 Advis. Pres. 2: Fool ball 3, 4: Baslcelball I 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4 x 'S wif 41 -M55 'T lla Job, Ruth ensen, Warren Fooll:-all 3, 4: Tracln 23 Sludcnl Body Sm. 3, 4, Class Vice' Pu-s. l: GL Pres, 47 GL Treas. 3, "Beqinnor's Luck," Annual 4: Adyis. Vico- Pros. 4. Kenyon, Jacqueline Transfer Texas, Slu- deni Body Scrap Boolc Edilor 41 Advis. Pres. 47 Operelfa I. Keene, Lee T ra n sfe r Hollisreri Class Pres. 3, 4, An' nual Edilor 4: CSF 2. 3. 4: B. L. Program Chairman 4. MRS, DEENE L. DOW- NEY, senior adviser and home economics Teacher, says, "lf has been a pleas- ure lo walch you seniors qain menfal breadrh and fr deplh during These four Y years. May This develop- mcnf Confinue and wilh if will come ioy and under- slandinqf' Johnson, Warren Transfer S c q u u I u, Counril 2 There: Ad- yis. Pres. 2, Tennis I, 2: Band lg Orch. 2, 3. MLM Kirby, Annabelle Advis. Vice-Pres. 2, 43 Chorus I, 2: "Christ mas Play", "French Play", Eagle Sfall 4. Joseph, Vincenf Forwlball 23 Tlanlr 2: Baseball 2. 1 s -f' 1 1 Jurian, Ray Kafkash, eddie 'K' Sludcnl Body Trnas. 43 February qradualc. Senio If T 2-. 1 1 Knox, Johanna Class Treas. lg A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Madriqal 3: "Begin- nerls Luck", Operefla I, 2. Senio A Lane. Doro+hy Advis. Sec, 42 Chorus I: Band 2, 3: Orch. 2, 3, 4: "The Mad Bread-' last" X ly MRS. PHYLLIS S. WIN- DELER, girls' physical edu- cafion insfruclor, says, "Once more I am faking pari in a Mouniain View High School graduafion, again a wiser and happier person for having shared this high school wifh you." Lawson, Mildred Lucchefii, Alber+ Sfuclenl Body Sec. 3: February graduafe. Class and Advis. Pres. 2: GL Vice-Pres. 4: GAA Pres. . A Y' f , Li++le, Evelyn McCanlies, Audrey lxf f Transfer Sioclcfon Chorus 1, 2, 3: A 5' I, High: Orch. 2, 3. Cappella 3, 4: Mad, x Q 0 rigal 3. 4: "Beginners Luclr": Operelfa. Mack, Frank Siudenl Body Sql.-at Arms 4: Class Treas, 4: Advis. Pres. 3: BL Sec. 4: "Beginner's Luck ' . S 3 3, ig 1 ,l' ' T Marfinez, Isabel Marifz, Lucille May, Vinceni' Mena, I xand r February qraduale. Blue and Gray edi- February Graduafe: ase for. 3. Foorball 4: Baslrefball X 5 I, 2, 3, 43 Track 4: O Baseball 3. 4: Chris?- O LV mas Play. KY? xi- McPhee+ers, Joel Class Sec. 2, 3, 4: Ad- vis. Sec. Ig GL Rep- res. 4g A Cappella 2, 3. 4: "Beginners I.ucIr." McGIynn, Evelyn Band I, 2, 3, 43 Orch. I, 2, 3, 4. CD44 Evsx Mcigllure, Diclc I-"IJ 4 'fhfffi Nfvisludenl Body Pres. 47 Adv. Mgr. 45 CSF I, 2, 3, 45 Foofball 43 "Beginner's Luck." McGavren, Rober+ Annual Bs. Mgr. 4: "Beginners Luck," Slorelceeper 3, 43 CSF 4. McGIynn, Eleanor Advis. Vice-Pres. 2' Band I, 2, 3. 4, Orclwl I,2,34. v1iIovina, Claren , Miy Ha, Tsulcane Moya, Joe 0 Sfudenl Body I.-a - Clas Vice-Pres. Ig February graduale. Arms 45 Foofbal I, Trac I: Tennis 3. 47 3, 47 Chorus I, Chor s I, 2: A Cap- "Beqinner's I. u c , p 4. Block M 4. 'X. Sail Senio Oga+a, Ben Chorus I , 27 pclla 4. Okada, Advis. ball Ig ,f f70'Qf,,f KV s,4.-f-4. A Ca ff Jane Sec. 31 Baslrol Chorus I, 2. OIcamo+o, Alice Ru+an, Irene Chorus 'I, 2. SI1uHe, Anna Class Troas. 2, 3: Ad- vis, Pres. 3: CSF Sec. 4: GL Ser. 4. Trees. 43 GAA Nalramofo, Frances GAA Scvelrc-fag. 3' .ldpanvarz Club Soc, 4: Baseball I, 2. 3: Clnorus I, 2gOpureIIo 2. T .. In "" Nalxamolo, George NaIcamo+o, Kura+o F-mllmll 3, 4gT1af.l 3, 47 Baseball I, Y. 37 A CdmwIIfn 4. K . 'f , ! x If Ig Nakamofo, T. Nakano, Masao Eaqle Co-editor 45 Orch. 4. 4: Tennis 43 A Cap pella 7, I 45 "Begin nefs Luck." Japanese Club Pres. f- i Niki, Tafsuo Nozawa, Sa+olro Oe+ien, Alic Trails l. 2, 3, 42 CSF Chorus I, 25 "Begin- l, 2, 3, 4. f Q ner's Luclr,": Carnival I Booth Chairman 2: , Confelf' Boofh 4. X ' ' ,7 1. - V XJ "V '-of 'Q Popovich, Madalin Absenl on leave. Poncini, Armand Baseball 2, 3. ni! , lf l l I lf' R. G. RUHL. "Remem- ber, seniors, yours is the laslc of livinq socially, noi seIfishly", says Roberf G. Ruhl. senior adviser and member of +he Social Sci- f once Deparlmenl. NLM. liplfv' ff" ,li Ramsey, Jim Baslrefball 4, Tennis 41 Band I, 2, 3: Orch. l, 2, 3: "Merchanl of Venice." Rhein, Dorofhy Aclvis. Pres. I, 3: Chorus I, 2, Operolla 2, "French Play,", Eagle Siafl 4. Seniv Rose. Annie February Graduafe I fowl' 'hlllll 3 5l3C,v'J WW Senio Seniors whose piclures d Aposlle, Richard February Graduale. Harrie, Carl February Gradualfr. Marlini, Eugene 0 Class Sql.-al-Arms 2' Foolball I, 2, 3. Thoza, Clolhilda Frslnruary qradualo. True, Virginia Council 2:CIas1, 'Irv-af.. I: A Capella 2, 3, 41 Madrigal 3, 4. noi appear in this seclion: Piper, Floyd Transfer Cedar Falls, Iowa, A Cappella 3. 4: Madriqal 3, 4: "I3eqinner's I.ucIc". Smi+h, Bill f Baseball I. Thompson, Gerald A Cappella. ok I '75 T . 1 Xl. xx f4,r ,A- Shearer, Helen Advis. Vice-Pres 4: Advis. Sec. 2, 33 GAA Chorus I, 2. Small, John Advis. Sec. 4: Chorus I, 2. HQ STahI, Eugene Transfer Polyleclnnic I-Iigh School, San Francisco, Traclr 3, A Cappella 4. Teramura, Kengo Febfuary qraduale. K, - rd 'i Q., Thoza, May Advis, Sec, 2: GL Rep. 45 Band I, 2, 3. 47 Orflr, I, 2, 3, 43 IIBCflII'7V1CII5 I.uL,I1.'l Volarvich, Ka'I'hryn Clrorus I, 2. Toi, Kiyomi Transfer Irorn Fre- monl: Baslrolball 3, 47 Traclc 3. Volarvich, Mille Traverso, Emma February qradualc, fl Yamaji, lwao Baslcelball 2, 3: Traclr 2, 3: A Cappella 4, Tripiano, David L. Sludenl Body Pros. 4: Foolball I, 2. 3. 43 Baslcolloall 2, 3, 41 Blmlr M: I-Ii Y. Yoshida, Miyelco Chorus I, 22 A Cop- pella 3, 4. Mr. Edwards. adviser: SeaTed-RalTon, Wilkins, Burr, MarTino, Mills, Gore, Adams, STanding-Mala' Tesla, Edwards, Poncini, Miyahara, PeTersen, MarTini. low Senior-A "Among Those PresenT"-OT The ThirTy-eighT freshmen who enrolled aT The high school in February, l936, only eleven remain in Their original group, making The low seniors The smallesT home-room uniT. Six compleTecl Their high school educaTion in Three and a halT years. "Block Thaf Kick"-For Their assembly program, This group sponsored Ernie SmiTh, popular AssociaTed sporTscasTer, who enTerTained The sTudenT body by describing The Technique of sporTscasTing as well as relaTing some oT The numerous incidenTs which occurred in The broadcasTer's booTh. "Musicl Maesfro, Please"-Organized lasT December, Ken Wilkens and his Tour- Teen piece "smooTh swing" orchesTra has proved successful playing Tor many oT The school TuncTions. J. McKeviTT, A. Wilkens, and P. Gibson supply The vocal rendifions: Ray Murray whisTles. ApproximaTely TiTTy pieces make up Their reperToire. The personnel includes A. SchuTTe, B. "Menace" Moore, V. MarTin, E. Freels, M. Thoza, J. Foland, P. Teresi, S. MaTTingly, B. Grainger, W. STalTorcl, E. Pounds, J. Diaz, R. Murray, W. Frigerio, and K. Wilkens. "Excelers"-OuTsTanding in aThleTics, C. Jelavich, l-l. MalaTesTa, and Bill RalsTon, rank TirsT. AcTive in Track, TooTball, and baseball, Jelavich Tops The lisT: MalaTesTa played baskeTball and TooTball while RalsTon specialized in baske-Tball. Wilkens was TooTball manager. As decoraTion chairman of The Girls' League, Marylee Mills planned arTisTic dec- oraTions Tor The Mofhers' Tea, Girls' and Boys' League Dance, and The Tin Can Dance. f Ajx, rr M 1 'Ky mid- term CIMA 64 Once in a Blue Moon-For lhe Iirsl lime in lhe hislory ol lhe school, 'rhe l939 rnideyear freshmen class was so large Thar il had 'ro be divided inlo Iwo advisories. Miss Caroline Wood, Dean ol Girls, sponsored lhe girls group and Mr. Roberl Ruhl, who had previously been a senior sponsor, look lhe boys. Their In+eres+s-Displays ol hobbies and discussions aboul 'rhem as well as parlia- menlary law praclice enlivened lhe girls' advisory meelings. A slcaling parly in San Jose, May 5, was 'rhe high poinl in lhe social aclivilies ol Miss Wood's girls. Unique-Five cenls a monlh in dues from each boy of Mr. Ruhls advisory finances 'rhe aclivilies ol 'rhe group. Enioying a swimming parly in lhe school plunge, May 3, provided relaxalion lor lhese overworked lrosh boys. LOW 9 CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl Roberl Rosenbach Secrelary .. Vice-Presidenl . Florence Funabilci Tony Vidovich Sergeanl-al-Arms Counci Represenlalive George Graham Ernesl Popovich Girls' Advisory Officers Lila Rulh Ohmerl Florence Funabilci Rose Teresi Alice Shikamura Genevivo Villasenor LOW 9 ADVISORY . . , Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary Treasurer . Girls' League Rep. Boys' Advisory Officers . .Roberl Puppo Charles Viscovich Roberl Rosenbach Roberl' Rosenbach Low Fmslinwon, Miss Wocwd, adviser. Row l--Garcia, Kraljevifh, Slrilramura, Teresi, Qhrncrl, Piazza, Maicolli, Espinosa. Row 2 King, Urkich, Fralci, Baulisla, Talia, Wilder, Lepsich,Wood1 Row 3-Arccco, Nagad, 1 Funabilci, I-Ioward, Moya, Villasenor, I-Ierrero, Rose, Esleban. 4 f gg . Q, ' , I' PM I sfX ' I' KN IN fx, I I w .fr IX ' x Advisers +o 'Mid-year Classes HALF CIRCLE ABOVE EDWARD SMITH Spanish, Swimming STANLEY ANDERSON Physical Educalion, Coaching Low Freshmen, Mr. Rulwl, advisei. Row I--Vidovich, Giaham, Rosenbach. Gray, Puppog Row 2fOl:awa, I-Iughe-., Duarle, Visrnvirh, Poinf' Philips, Angeles, P., Ando les, L., Malsubat Row 3'- Popovich, Olsalada, Shualri, Muelni, Tochibana, Rebello, Silva, Schababa, Mosalla, Yoshida: Top, Ruhl. I lu Low Sophomores lupper qroupl Miss Lowell, adviser. Row l--Yarna'i Mudrich Da ' I - v Y- Philips, Voris, Leeper, Coppel: Row 2-Nalmamolo, lshilrawa, Malhews, Ravizza, Piper, Amare al, Baulisfa, Mendoza, Moreno, Row 3-Salas, Diaz, Navarro, Bubeliny, Lowell, Toff, Popo- vich, Rose, Olromofo, Peclc: Row 4--Poncini, Karnerschen Rose, Silces, Voivoda, Manda- rich, Giaya. deCurloni, Davis Clarlc. HALF CIRCLE BELOW ELINOR LOWELL Commercial Subiecfs HARRY EDWARDS Fnqlish, Dramalics, Journalism due" i Low Juniors llower groupl Row I-Suelci, lnouye, Yamada, Calvo, Row 2-Sands, Collins, Korich, Davis, Saylor, Escano, Foland, Kogelschalz, Yoshinaqa, Nodag Row 3--Suqai, Talcano. Giaya, Cabano, Roberls, Smifh, Marcefli, Marlinez, Campbell, Kapellas, Cosla: Row 4-Tsu- chiya, Jacobsen, Ramsey, Law- son, Holson, Nichols, Pounds. Alexander. ,W "-Mari. ' 11,1 LOW SOPHOMORES As is cusfomary wifh mid-year groups, fhe low sophomore class was one advisory unlil February, when Mr. Blaloclc look charge ol 'rhe boys, and Miss Lowell, The girls. Vicfors-Winning seven infer-advisory baslcelball games has made This class proud of Hs 'ream ol enlhusiasric boys. Equally proud is i'r of ifs one and only CSF member, Jean Clarlc. CLASS OFFICERS Presidenr .. . .. .. ,,., ,,,.,,,,,,,, . C. Sllces Secrelary. . .. . .. .. A. Rose Vice-Presidenl ,. . . . ,,,,, N. Voivoda Council Represenrarive A. Farley Sergeanf-ar-Arms . ...., . . R. Coppel LOW JUNIORS ln+erior Decora+ors-Complele charge of decoraling for 'rhe Junior Days of '49 was lalcen by Mr. Smi+h's advisory, wiih Bob Lawson as chairman. Transforming 'rhe gym info an early California mining fown wilh gambling houses, bars lsoll drinlcsl, a rail fence surrounding The dance floor, and even a hangman, was a diiliculr laslc cleverly done. Solifary-Low Juniors boasr of one CSF member, Ann Talcano. Tossers-Boys in rhe advisory have parficipared in alrer school in+er-advisory baslcerball games and have won several. CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl M. Saylor Secrelary M. Escano Vice-Presidenl Berkowirz Treasurer. M. Calvo Counci Represenlalive .B. Lawson 1 . W' A Iltid- term C1444 ern 8 ,fk PN F5122 2.3 TT: p Gimlpl Mis. l?arlilmd, adviser, sealed-Luis, Bazzano, Blasquez, CosTa, Anderson, Bordi, Men- dwa l-lfnig -,lanflinq Rrubail, llr-rrinr-, Cory, Nouguos, Mandarirh Rac'hTord, Ezalci, Nakano Kanralri, Jelavirh. lSecond Groupl Mr. Lehan, adviser, scaled-Duran, Carrera, Kenyon, Piper, Currie, Groenhood, Gros- hong, Heyinq, McGlynng row 2 ---- sJeweTT. lsadore, Lehan, Simin, FrieTas, Taylor, Tndag new 3---Mena, Diai, Smilh, CarTer, Cady, Radich, Mancini Bellorni, BauTisTa. Wild and Woolly-Under The leadership OT R. Graham, general commiTTee chair- man, "Junior Days oT l49'l proved To be a colorTul evenT wiTh iTs early CaliTornia mining Town selling and ils wild wesT CosTumed Crowd. Winners ol The Dandy and Belle conTesT were F. Maclc and M. Lawson, seniors. Sponsors-Miss l-lelen Coleman, Mr. J. B. Lehan, Mrs. l-lelen RachTord, and Miss Louise SchmidT are The advisers OT The iunior class. During a Tew weelcs OT The TirsT semesTer, Miss Coleman was absenT because OT illness. Mr. Edward Blalock sulJsTiTuTed Tor her. Miss SchmidT was away during parT oT The spring semesTer. Mr. E. ValenTine . - y xwff "" XXV' - ., . V' L and laTer Miss Pafricia Keenan Toolc her Cla ses. , if il il' XQJC Plaque Winners-WiTh TiTTeen iunio s,iCorey, l-lendersonl Keene, Kenyon, Kerriclc, McMurray, Nagao, Nalcano, Schraulo, SuTTer, Talcano, Teramura, Uhrhammer, and VorraTh, qualifying Tor The CSF, Third year sTudenTs won The honor plague Tor The spring semesTer. Hi In uniom HALF CIRCLE BELOW JAMES LEHAN Social Sgivnce HELEN RACT-lP RD English Q Q - pl ,' ,Ptjxs I A HALF CIRCLE ABOVE High unior Au Revoir, Seniors!-Enrerlaining rhe seniors in The las? school dance oi ihe year, The Junior-Senior Prom and decoraring for qradualion were ihe rwo major proiecis cornplered by 'rhe iuniors roward The close oi spring sernesier Fall Semesier CLASS OFFICERS Spring Semesfer J. Schraub Presidenr F. Paullus C. Uhrhammer Vice-Presidenr B. Seely V. Hardin Secrerary B. Robert E. Kerriclc Treasurer E. Kerriclc M. Surfer, , Reporrer B. Keene R. Graham Council Rep. C. Uhrharnrner F. Brandi Serqeaniear-Arms F. Brandi D. Erichsen Yell Leader D. Erichsen lUpper Groupl Miss Coleman, adviser, Mr. Blalock, subsriluie, row IfWilder, Eberhardf, Eason Frichsen, Conli, Hardin, Grennan, Yamarnolo, Salcai, llmebeg Row Zgliubola, Nishimura, Terarnura, Blalock, Vorrafh, Naqao, Kadoquchi, Honqo, Osalcadag row 3-Masfin, Marlin, Thompson, Koqelscharz, l-lall, Slaliord, Davis, Erichsen. B.: Surfer. lLower Groupl Miss Schrriidi, adviser, seaTec'liMurray, Yamarnoio, Sanchez, Garcia, R.: Anderson, McMurray, Paullus, Seely, Moore: row 2-Kerriclc, Harnasalci, Kosalxi, Henderson, Schrnidf, Uhrhamrner, Graham, Knoiloch, l-lolr: row 3fBlach, Baird, Kniqhl, l-larnrnes, Talia, Casllo, Gonzalves, Brandi, Garcia, J.: Schraub. 1' . ' LOUIS? SCl-lMlDT Enqlish ,- EDWARD BLALOCH , QI! Fnqlish, Mallmmaiiis ,K x J, X J N-- i xii W yiesl . l liigli Supl: omorm "Swing Your ParTners"-Hayseeds, cowboys, Tramps, hog callers, milk maids, hill- billy music, and old Tashioned and modern dances combined To make The barn dance given by The sophomores To welcome The I938 Treshmen an hilarious aTTair. School TradiTion insisTs ThaT The sophomore class sponsor This TirsT social evenT oT The Tall semesTer. Sages-Eleven sophomores compose The class membership in The CaliTornia Scholarship FederaTion. These are: DoTy, Garcia, Gibson, Holzhauer, Kelly, Magius, Mize, Nozawa, Okada, Shibuya, Wilson. Olympians--Tennis and Track have proved To be The soph's TavoriTe sporTs. Advisers To High Sophomores Sophomores won The inTerclass Track meeT easily. The M. V. Tennis Team is composed largely oT members oT This class. In The Movies-Miss Pearce, candid camera Tan, Took moving picTures oT a sophormore picnic held aT Alum Rock park early in The spring. Hidden charms oT The Soph Venuses, and Adonises showed up sTrikingly in These picTures. lllppfzr qroupl Mi. AiTken, adviser, Row I--DoTy, Brown, Levens, Hale, SchulTZe, Oremus, Sfeach, Johnson: Row 2-Holden, Shibuya, Nozawa, Miyauchi, AiTken, Furuichi, Marsh, Teresi: Row 3-TosTe, FreiTas, lsadore, S.: Mena, True, Gillingham, Garvich, Fullride. ll.ower qroupl High Sophomores, Miss Froehlich, adviser. Row I- Pororelli, Gibson, Maqius, Tupper, ATkinson, Taylor, Kelly, George, Kaliferna, Aripciiat Row 2--Shiaub, Rielli, Mason, Secly, Rioli, Froehlich, Rhode, Ter-din, Kadoguchis Row 3 -Burrows, McKeviTT, Amaral, Escano, Mancini, Casaucau, Garcia, Moya, Oqala, i 72' HALF CIRCLE ABOVE MERCEDES PEARCE Ari HELEN FROEHLICH Music' ' TT N xii X 3 1 , 1 1 HALF CIRCLE BELOW M. D. AITKEN Chomisliy, Physics ! lil-lFODORF MANEELY Spanish, Lalin I , 1 X.: lUpper Groupl Miyashila, Toi, Teresi, Biiones, Johnson, Mr. Maneely, adviser, Geraci, Frazer, Sondqrolhg Bilboa, Moore, Holzliauer, Maneely, Follrell, Row 3--Friqerio, lsadoro. Kapellas, McCandless, l-lullon, Conniclc, lLower Groupl Miss Pearce, adviser, sealed-Sevely, Holmes, Brown, Mize, Schleiqh, Cox, Simmonds, Willcens, Gay, Grey: Row 2+-Wilson, Muranalca, Ezalci, Madsen, Pearce, Forde, Kelly, Sohler, Powersg Row 3!Mariin, Garliepp, Nichols, Talia, Korich, Tepsich, lfza, Burke, Zec, McCand- less, Hara. Earnes+ Wagers-Advising lhe second year sludenls are Mr. M. D. Aillcen, Miss l-lelen Froehlich, Mr. Theodore Maneely, and Miss Mercedes Pearce. To lheir sponsors lhe sophomores owe much for +he cooperalive class spirif which predominafes, and The successful aciivifies oi This group. w , , fl, ldvmxflall Semesfer CLASS OFFICERS Spring Semes+er If GXQLLAJQVMX A. Chamberlain Presidenl F. Hale fo D. Escano Vice-Presideni R. Magius J. lsadore . Secrelary-Treasurer. S. Shibuya P. Gibson . Reporler P. Gibson P. Allcinson . Council Rep. P. Doiy W. Frigerio.. .. Serqeanl-ai-Arms S. lsadore Hi In Sepia more YM 4 HALF CIRCLE BELOW IRVAL CARTER Malhemalics EDNA WILBUR English, French illppcr Gvoupl Mr, Carter, adviser, row l-Sakai, Anloku, Nelson, Propin, lvliyauchi. Abe, Gore, Simpson, Bailey: row 2-Nishi, Kanzaki, Dailey, l-lolmes, King, lzu, Seilz, Blach, Ealong row 3-Moore, Head, Gamma, Van Dyne, Burls, Nouques, Bridges, Miller, Schley, Durcichp row 4fFrank, Orlega, Lopez, Perrine, Carler, Slella, Chicon, Thorn, Kendall, Gluich. lLower Groupl Miss Wilbur, adviser. row I-Nakagawa, Takeshima. Kacloguchi, Yoshida, l-lincelol, Cvarou- lalis, Srnilh, LeMas+er, Sanchez, row 2gCorreia, Kuboia, Nishi, Kozaki, Wilbur, Kafo, John- son, Calsano, Becker: row Xgfxmaral l-lunier, Hansen, Poxon, Eichlin, Okumura, Tubman, Carey, Chappell. Jusl' Frosh-Varying in size from Sonny Robarl lo Jim Blach, I50 lrighlened freshmen enlered school lasl fall, incidenfally 'rhis was lhe largesl freshman group ever lo come To fhis school. They soon grew oul' of lhe shy age and proved lo lheir upperclassmen 'rhal lhey loo could fake parl' in school aclivilies. A Good Beginning-Giving Their alfenlions 'ro school organizarions, several of rhe girls fook parl in G. A. A. and lhe boys represenfed +he class in inferclass baskelball, and +rack. Davis, l-lincelor, lzu, Klee, Kozaki, Kubola, Nishi, Sfanwood and Yoshida are fhe six per cenl of lhe class who qualified for lhe California Scholarship Fecleralion. During book week, lhe freshmen puf on lheir Jrhinking caps and wro're some very clever slogans. Virginia Bryan? and Jean Clark received awards for 'rheir elllorls. Iii In ?re lumen Advisers fo High Freshmen HV, - ll' ll Hi In ?l-e lumen Carrying The Burden-When The Treshmen arrived They needed so much advice ThaT The responsibiliTy oT guiding Them was given To Tour TaculTy members who had helped The l938 seniors graduaTe. Mr. lrval CarTer, Miss Rebecca Gibson, Mr. Wen- dell Grubb, and Miss Edna Wilbur, were The Teachers who received This honor. PoliTical Bosses-EvidenTally The Treshmen were so pleased wiTh The TirsT class adminisTraTion Thar They decided To lceep The same oTTicers Tor The second semesTer. CLASS OFFICERS PresidenT ,c,,,, R. STanwood ReporTer , V. Hill SecreTary ,c,,,., ccc.u. . D. Moore Council Rep. H, E. Davis Treasurer, ., ., , , C. Holden Yell Leader C. RobarT lUpper qroupl High Freshmen, Mr. Grub, adviser. Row I-AnTolcu, Thompson, Maase, HarTley, Radisich, McMilliam, Kinny, OeTien7 Row 2- lshmura, Collins, Navarro, Blasquez, Calvo, Hall, GriTall, Johnson, Kaqawa, RobarTg Row 3-Piper, Lawrence, Dallosso, Klee, Holden, Olcumura, MaTTingly, Sfanwood, Kelly, Yama- FTIOTOI Row 4fViscovich, Gillingham, Cochran, Hill, BrandT, Davidson, Grubb, McCurdy, STalTord, Jacobsen. lLower groupl High Freshmen, Miss Gibson, adviser. Row I-Kapellas, Duran, Delgado, Enriquez, Lubich, Duplain, Nalcano, Miyauchi, HulTen George: Row 2-Schreclcenghaust Y rnaski, Oshima, Honqo, Gerrells, Volvarich, Quilic, Van Epps, Magius, Olson, CasTle,LgBson7 Row '34Clarlc, STeTTani, Kmalci, KoqelschaTZ, BryanT, AmaTore, Shanderup, Eshb Daylt. , Jw D 'J K 5g3M'zQf'i- - 'W li X., ,: In :ri LQQQF X HALF CIRCLE ABOVE REBECCA GIBSON General Science, Biology WENDELL GRUBB Manuel Arls K N I 'x T' I. V X ri WS All of our s+uclen+s work io creaie a congenial afmos- phere for s+udy and play. Race or creed make no difference +o fhose faking pari' in school acfivifies and belonging fo school organizaiions. The woman in Slavonian fesfival cosfume on +he nexf page if +0 represen+ fhe people of cenfral and easfern Europe. Abou? one 'renfh of our sfudenfs have come 'From Slavonian ancesfry. ffdhf atiolw V ' 3" 1 1 3. G 1 "Lf Aw -X-f'f"i"" s "' ..r. -' 3'-tl A . .f . ,. "'Hlv' I-.N "LS--' ' ' ' . , 'FWZ 'gr' P1 V ,",, 5' ' ' ' M f ifzvr-' ' ' . . U, 'ew .4 ., " 'U:..'i',11 .. "'... 'Ji-'Q W? 1 g j , .:,s?'R:. --gv . IA A ,. ,A w J!---R.. N,-' . V4 " 'f fi f 'U . WJ I 41. lj F jk Fuji... M.. V iY:'A.f.n,..i... is . - - . A -ff 'f my -4. L- . - ' ' .J f' il., V. .,-,- ,w.s'2, , ' .-.1 4 'J .-", Annu. - 'Q :A Elk. ,, . ,,4: lxg'f'grZ, ,..1, 9' ' -. - J- ' -" Hel!!! 1'5" ' 'X' LZ- r" 'H' vvlftr 9 N I: xfuggf-"FQ-Tr N.. "f4.':- L,-4..-1 tr "1 --.'.,+', -'az -'X . Q.. 'Q' ' JWFH ' A "'Uvil4"' ..flN.Xx."':'A'A o. -'- - t V ,. X ,atifl 'PV' W"-' -1.1.1 fx.. . lA,Li f Q... 4 ..-? vxfgf " " Q. 4' A1'L.'.' Q-A ' ..ff'1'SL"'?. ' ' -- - If '4' x ,4 Y Y " 1 fi nu' -4 3.5 f 53.1 x-.SQ l - 12'-."... -V21 mf . ' gg'-1f.S!g'.' ' li. -..v,4X '- ' '17'-11' Y - Y' TQ-,A ', 'V . .I .V ..f J. '. w .9- Ji! H 1. W-4.5, .1 , - fin: I A , Q ini x . f -"3'v.W'. M' A " ry Y 7516? A AJ al .J , : 12? M' L Q1 . 'Rfk ' ' 'Y .,'FlQY,,5,5,1e,3,' X k,f ,. ,yawn it Q A I ri , w. - ' H rf' -' .. n A 3ffA,f. . PM VM, - .341-l m ,vvri .. , I T- P- '-.'.-.g-q1fa'g2.'eff2' 7 ,i,g.,:',..a4 A ' 6 ,5 .. ,- gi.. ' . 'A-fAff:'..a.f..1..--.L-A 'wh ' -' ' I :.l,4:..L.:. I A . . I .X 5' ,sf ' .,,, ew . , - , Q ' 'gl-"1-' 11' ,, -a.. .4 ' 1..,, . 4 . ,. 1 I . .WIN . h , ,CLI- S- ,x Y .. Y , .. 'i 1 f- . f gi' f ,.-,i,-.u-1-.L :l f- I ' ' gsf X , f mf..-fswn-Q-f. ' , . -. 4- . .4 . -.....fzwL L . .CWM 1- 1. "" . ,M : ag- - -- . . 1 - X.. il.. I-V ,.- 3- .gum r. r ...j 4. I sv .mr -was 1 ., V ' 4::+f'2f -3' -A . - ,y--,,.,f,.1N.-- I- Y. , gy... .. -, s A -7' q -' . -V . .,.-":.-. 4' F ,NJ5f,'L ,.,. - ,v ... wiv. -5-' -L' 1, 2 -.mgfsfe if,"f:'g . 52? . "f,-fx. ix 'fw' -1, X . .,G". . x . J., 'Y b, ig -.Lv ' ' ' fgu ' '. 'UQ' eg 1 1 ,fu f ,,. .. -1-,sv V E I I I 5 Q I 2 5 1 I I ! S 1 Q 1 1 I Student Kodq Ufficem To Which School Organizafions Do You Belong? Mos? of our sfuclenis are acfive in several of +he sixfeen school organiza+ions, A Cappella, Band, Blue and Gray sfaff, Block M, Boys' and Girls' Leagues, California Scholarship Fecleraiion, Dramafic Club, Eagle s+aFf, Gilrs' A+hle+ic Asso- cialion, Glee Club, Hi-Y, Japanese Club, Madri- gal Singers, Orchesfra, and Sfucleni' Bocly. Famil- iar scenes from school life complefe +his seclion. OFFICERS OF STUDENT COUNCIL Row I-Funabllu, K Milovina, McClure: R ' 2 -Tripiano, Brandi, Do'ry, ac ric sen- ow - CI Sfandin , Tri nano: Sealed Sfudenl' Council, fall and spring sen-ieslers. wifh The qavel, Mc g p behind fhe lable, Hardin, Saylor, Jelavich, Tofl, Graham, Davis, Uhrharnmer, McPheelers, B. Lawson B df Sf d g b h d lh + bl , Mil i J b, Ei h , K L M l fronl' of ihe fable, ran . an in 9 6 9 OVH6, O FC Sen 99718, Maclc, Barlcley, Funab lc, Keene, Doly. Student Council SUPREME-Regulaling school finances, providing school aclivilies, and running lhe sludenl government lhe sludenl body council forms 'rhe legislalive, execulive, and iu- dicial body ol our school. ll expresses lhe voice of Jrhe sludenls. Members are slu- denl body officers, council represenlalives elecled from The four classes, and Prin- cipal Charles R. Croolce. Fall Semesfer Diclc McClure Waller Funabilci Rulh Job Eddie Kirlrish Franlc Maclc Lee Keene Belle Keene Jaclc Barlcley Mildred Lawson Phil Dolyu Dorolhy Erichsen Joel McPheelers Virginia Barlcley Charles Jelavich Roberl Graham Madeline Saylor Peggy Allcinson Wilma Toll Ellen Davis COUNCIL MEMBERS LLPresiden'r Vice-Presidenf L Secrelary. Treasurer L Sergeanl-al'-Arms L Annual Edilor Edilor of Eagle L Com. of Boys' Alhlelics Com. of Girls' Alhlelics Adverlising Manager L LL Yell Leader Girls' League Rep. L LL LLLLl-ligh I2 Repres.. ,L LL Low I2 Repres, .Ll-ligh ll Repres .ccc L LL L Low ll Repres, L l-ligh lO Repres.LL L Low IO Repres. l-ligh 9 Repres. L Spring Semes+er David Tripiano Percy Garlly Virginia l-lardin L Waller Funabilci Clarence Milovina Lee Keene Gladys Nagao L Fred Brandl Mildred Lawson L L Diclc McClure Dorolhy Erichsen L Joel McPhee+ers LL Virginia Barkley Charles Jelavich Charles Uhrhammer LL L Roberl Lawson L LL Phil Doly Allen Farley Ellen Davis bob la ipsof Sala ala:-Alnqz ?edel-ation STudious Scholars-FiTTy sTudenTs comprised The CSF roll Tor I938-39, TiTTeen seniors, TourTeen iuniors, eleven sophomores, and Ten Treshmen. The seal oT The organizaTion casT in meTal and mounTed on a wooden shield is presenTed each semesTer To The class wiTh The larges+ percenTage oT membership Seniors won iT Tor The Tall semesTer, and juniors Tor The spring semesTer. Seven WorThy Winners-Sponsoring The annual Book Weelc ConTesT was The TirsT maior proiecT This year. Winners were: Treshmen, besT slogans, V. BryanT and J. Clark, sophomores, besT summary on Ten boolcs, P. Gibson and J Tzg iuniors, boolc reporTs, G. Nagao and M. Popovich, seniors, besT essay on a subiecT relaTed To books, D. McClure. In The lasT Tour years Diclc has enTered Three oT These conTesTs and has won Three. Annual ConvenTion-ThirTy-Tive sTudenTs enioy- ed The CSF convenTion held This year aT Treasure Island, March I8. Concluding The business meeTing was a Tallc by FaTher Feely, insTrucTor aT The Uni- versiTy oT Sanflzrancisco., y , , may .M 7, ,,..-.. Aloha Ce--To raise money Tor The Scholarship Fund, an l-lawaiian sporTs dance was given April 28. Leis, l-lawaiian dancing girls, and The "swingy" l-lawaiian rhyThm oT Kenny Willcen's orchesTra pro- vided aTmosphere rivaling The islands Themselves. ProTiTs Trom This dance plus an equal amounT given by The STudenT Body wenT To The Fund. STarTed lasT year, The Tund is To provide aid Tor any sTudenT desiring To go To college, buT who cannoT because oT Tinancial diTTiculTies. Xql Calilornla Scholarship Fedcralion. V 1' Seniors lfop qroupl SeaTed-Mr'Gavren, Keene, lzu, G., lwiTh plaquelp Funabilcl, l-liqashiuchi, Mnyashllag STand- inq, lwaTa, Qlcada, J., Niles, ShuTTe, Thom: Top rowe CuTTer, Job, McClure, Niki, CarTer, adviser. Juniors lsecond groupl SeaTed-Kenyon, Henderson, Uhrhammer, McMurray, Keriiclcq STandinq- VorraTh, Nalcano, Talcanog Row 3-Coleman, adviser, Shraub, SuTTer, Sophomores lThird qroupl SeaTed-eGcraci, DoTy, Holz- h hb N ST d M Ok d M auer, S i uya, mawa: an Inq- ize, a a, aqius, R., Kelly, Gibson, Clarlc, Wilson, lasT row-CarTer, adviser. F h lf Th plSTdP' I YN'l' STandinq, Davis, E., l"linceloT, Kozalci, A., Yoshida, C. KuboTa, M. VCE VUCU OUT QVOU GG D at Ql'l'IV'iC, IU, ., ISU' Blue and Gray Sfari: Sealed-Radlch, McGavren. Keene, Hardin, Top fo Boflom: Pearce, Rachford: Standing-Moore, Milovina, Kenyon, Schraub, Bob McGavren, Yamamolo, Thom, Thompson, Naqao, Business Manager 'V h Lee Keene Fdiror Dick Alkinson, Ad I' ' M e vel' ISIN GHG I' q Cl Ari Slali al work Frolier, Jensen, Siarf Typ Burr, Ari, Adams, Adverii ue Lawson, Typist To Our Readers-You are now examining lhe resull of ihe work of lhis year's Blue and Gray slail. We have aliempied lo presenr an accurale picrure of school life. Those who deserve special meniion for 'rheir work include: Mafrhew Moore, for lay- oufsg Milsuye Yamarnoio, Gerirude Burr, mouniing picruresq Mir- suye Yarnarnoro, end sheers and cover design: Sieve Radich, di- vision pagesg Principal Charles Crooke, Roberl McCvavren, snaps. The slari has done all of lhe work conneclecl vvilh Jrhe publicaiion of This book excepl The rnaior poriion of lhe phorography, lhe engraving, Jrhe priniing, and 'rhe binding. Ediror Lee Keene Business Manager Bob McCvavren Adveriising Manager Dick Alkinson Assislanfs Jirn Schraub, Milfon Adams Ari Work Sieve Radich, Milsuye Yamarnolo, Gerrrude Burr, Maiihew Moore. Wriiers May Thoza, C-ladys Nagao, Virginia l-lardin Boys' Sporfs Edifor Clarence Milovina Srenographic Work sWarren Jensen, Mildred Lawson, Roger Frelier Ari Adviser Miss Mercedes Pearce Adviser Mrs. l-lelen Rachlord Phorography Roy l-l. Flood, Oakdale Engraving California Ari and Engraving Co., Berkeley Prin+ing Rosensreel Prinling Co., Slockron moan tain fagle Newshawks-Publishing 'rhe four-page Moun- Jrain Eagle every lwo weeks during The fall semes- ler, every lhree weeks during The spring semesler, and conlribuling rwice a week lo lhe local paper in a special high school seclion, has been lhe work of The iournalism classes under Mr. l-larry Edwards, inslruclor. Co-edilors for The firsl semesler were Belly Keene and Toyoko Nakamofog for lhe second, Gladys Nagao and Dema l-lughes. Sialf, Spring Semesrer. Slandinqf-Harry Edwards' Sealed al desk- Huqlm- Nwaoi Edllom Leif ROW-Bmdl' Be" The Talk of The School-To promofe school kowili, Duggan, Wilkins' Middle Row-Rhein. . , , , Adams, Mack, Poland, Sakai, Ikebe, Mayshm. spiruf and creale friendship among our sludenls EZ:mEf,f,'lile' KPPY' BW' Osalada' 'Wm' and berween our school and orher schools wirh which we exchange, 'ro furnish an oullel for lhe work of lhe journalism classes and a medium for adverlising school evenls are lhe purposes serv- ed by our paper. ll is financed by lhe sludenl body wilh The help ol The Board of Truslees, and does nor carry commercial adver- risemenls. During The second semesler, The paper was enlarged and new fealures such as "They Say", "Tin Pan Alley", "Pic+ure Parodies", and "Pencil Porlrai+s" columns were added. Behind +he Scenes-In order lo undersrand 'rhe "scenes" behind newspaper pub- lishing, rhe firsr semesler group was Taken on a complele lour ol Jrhe Chronicle Build- ing. They were shown how news is carried lo The San Francisco papers by Uniled and Associared Presses as well as by wirepholos. Clilli Walk, former adverlising mana- ger ol 'rhe Redwood Cily Tribune, gave a lalk on newspaper adverlising. Toyoko Nakamolo, Assislanl Edilor of "Mounrain Eagle" Berry Keene, Ednlor of Eagle Slahf: Row I-Rose, Traverso, Nakarnolo, lwaia. Sakai, Edwards, Naqao, lk b Mountain Eagle Kogelscharz, Keene, Hughes: Row 2Al-larlz, Teramura, Barbera, Duggan, Fricke. 50941404 Q1-IA ' Zeaguea OFFICERS W. Funabilci up ., L .... Presidenl' P. Garfly ...Vice-Presidenl F. Mack L , Secreiary L. Keene Program Chairman G. lzu . Sergeanl-ar-Arms F. Wilder L -Adviser Enferiainmeni'-A 'rallc on crime by Allen P. Lind- say. assisranf dislrricr arforney of Sanra Clara Counfyg movies on arhlefics and on skiing, and a film, "Blossom Land" presenfed by 'rhe Pacific Gas and Eleclric Com- pany, plus several exciling boxing marches in which McClure. l-lolr, Mena, Ag Nalcamowlo, G: Davidson, Frelier, Maclc, Jacobson, and Joseph 'roolc par+ pro- vided enferfainmenr for Jrhe monfhly meefings of +he Boys' League. Truly in League-The Boys' League ioined +he Girls' League in sp-onsoring a dance on March IO fo raise money for rhe srudenr body. In Appreciafion-Thanks fa Jrhe generosiry of rhe Board of Truslees, a removable boxing ring was pur- chased for rhe Boys' League boxing marches. Carrying On-Helping welcome freshmen each year and improving rhe school in as many ways as pos- sible are a large parr of +he +radi+ion esrablished by 'rhe Boys' League in 'rhe p-asf. These very worfh while obiecfives have been lurlhered considerably Jrhis year. Mr. Vlfilder and officers conducling a meehng in fhe gy lCirclel Boys' League officers, Funabilri, Keene. Wilder viser, Garfley, lzu. lLowerl Bird's eye View of lhe audience af a regular lcaqur- meefinq. BBQ -f - a..,,gr-,, ki -V lil f Groupl lMiddle Groupl lRiqhf Groupl ls' League Council Represenfafives: Presidenf Rufh Job, presiding: Girls' League off' I-Escano, Wilson: Row 2-Maslin, Mills, Secrefary Virginia Hardin, seafed. Job, Schuffe, l-la d L arer: Row 3-Kaliferna, Bazzano, Giaya. Pheefers, Thozag Row 4-Thompson, Magius, fer, McGlynn, Clarlr. LEADERS Presidenf L Rufh Job Adviser . Caroline Wood Vice-Presidenf L Mildred Lawson Commiffee Chairmen Secrefary Virginia Hardin Social .L eeee eeeee L L l-lelen Shearer Treasurer, L . Anna Shuffe Welfare L LLLL LL ,LLLL L LL LL Mary Escano Council Rep. LLLL LL Joel McPheefers Decorafion L L L Mary Lee Mills Filling fhe Bill-Proving fo be more successful fhan fhe usual formal monfhly meefings, round fable discussions on such subiecfs as "l-low To Be Popular" and "Minding One's Manners," made up fhe I938-I939 chapfer of fhe Girls' League meefings. Dr. Berfha Mason from San Jose Sfafe College and Mr. l-larry Wilson Isaacs, vocafional adviser from San Francisco, gave worfhwhile fallcs. Ten Sfan- ford co-eds briefly infroduced us fo campus life by discussing "Whaf To Expecf from College and Whaf College Expecfs from You," as well as presenfing a sfyle show of campus fashions. Doing Our Besf-Irene Rufan headed a commiffee which filled ninefeen Chrisfmas baslcefs wifh food, candy, and foys for disfribufion fo needy families in our communify. The annual Tin Can Dance was fhe climax of collecfing dolls, marbles, and ofher playfhings along wifh fhe cans of food fhe girls broughf for fheir admission fo fhe dance. Social Highlighfs-An imprompfu performance by "Professor" Roberf Ruhl and a slcif by Claire Thompson and Beverly Kogelshafz fopped off a dance in Feb- ruary presenfed by fhe Boys' and Girls' Leagues. Kenny Willcens' orchesfra swung ouf: vocals were supplied by Elaine Marceffi, Peggy Aflcinson, Bill Duggan, and Clarence Milovina. For fhe Mofhers-Gayly decorafecl wifh spring flowers, fhe gym again sef a beaufiful sfage for fhe Mofhers' Tea, fo which fhe sfudenf's mofher received an invifafion. Gardenias were given fo fhe guesfs as fhey enfered fhe audiforium where fhe firsf parf of fhe program, a pageanf, "The Career of Mofherhoodf' was presenfed. As fhis fea is fhe mosf gala evenf of fhe school year, if merifed a fashion show given by girls from Mrs. Downey's home economics classes. Clofhes were made by fhe girls who modeled fhem. R w I-Carpenler, coach: Ralslon, Nakano, Funabilci, Taylor: On fha gpof R w 2-Jelavich, Keene, Seilz, Henderson, McGavren. McGavren and Coach Carpeni af- Yl OFFICERS Presidenlk . . , . .... ., . Ralslon Secrefary . C ., . Jelavich Treasurer ..,...A.. rrer.,...,.....r. rrrr B . Henderson Program Chairman .. . . .. .D. Tripiano "Come fo Order"-Coach Les Carpenler and filfeen boys mel early in March lo form a l-li-Y chapler for lhe boys in our school. The organizalion of This group was broughl abou? 'rhrough 'rhe cooperalion of Principal Charles Croolce and l-larold Bram- son, Y. M. C. A. secrelary for San Jose. During 'rhe lirsl few meefings a consfifufion was drawn up and oFFicers elecled. The charler members include: B. Brandy, P. Doly, W. Funabilci, B. l-lenderson, A. l-ligashiuchi, C. Jelavich, L. Keene, D. McClure, B. McGavren, M. Nakano. B. Ralslon, J. Schraub, J. Seilz, B. Taylor, D. Tripiano. The club meelings are held on 'rhe second and fourlh Monday nighls of each mon+h from 7:30 'ro 9:00. Q Soon afler lhe club was formed. lhe dislricl council of 'rhe l-ll-Y mel in our school. Duly lnifiaied-lnilialion of +he charfer members was held Monday night May 8, al our high school wilh 'rhe Senior Chapler of 'rhe San Jose l-ligh School officialing. bramatim In Three AcTs-Rivaling The success oT lasT year's senior play, The casT oT "Beginner's Luck" aTTained excepTional success. The acTion cenTer- ed abouT ambiTious girls Trying "To make good" in New York. CasT: Barkley, GarTley, l-lobbs, Job, Knox, lvlack, lv1cCanlies, McClure, lv1cGav- ren, McPheeTers, lvlilovina, Nakano, Piper, Thoza. Six One-AcTs-For Their parT in The ChrisTmas program, The dramaTics class presenTed "The EmpTy Room" aT school, and laTer The same play was given Tor The communiTy and Tor The EasTern STar. CasT: Barkley, Bordi, l-lobbs, l-lughes, Job, Mack, May, McClure, Piper. Re-pleTe wiTh high-Topped booTs, six-shooTers, a TisT-TighT, a scurly villain, and The handsome hero, The class, in keeping wiTh The '49'er Theme oT The Carnival presenTed "l-le Ain'T Done RighT By Nell." CasT: Barkley, Duggan, l-Tobbs, Job, lv1arTinez, May, Piper. "Three's A Crowd", a one-acT comedy involv- ing Two girls, Two boys, a TaTher, and a car, was presenTed during The Tall semesTer as parT oT a sTudenT body program. CasT: Duggan, l-lughes, Mack, Piper, Thoza. WhaT happens when a ciTy Tamily visiTs The counTry Tor The TirsT Time, was revealed in "A Day in The CounTry", given as an exchange pro- gram wiTh Sequoia l-ligh School. CasT: Ambra, AshTon, Bachmann, Draga, C5arTly, MalaTesTa, lvlcCanlies, lvlcGlynn, lvlilovina, lvliyahara, Na- kano, RalsTon, RuTan, Shearer, SmiTh. l.iTTle broTher Turns deaT and dumb iusT To break up his sisTer's weekend in a hilarious come edy, "The Pampered Darling", presenTed Senior NighT. CasT: Barkley, GarTly, Gore, l-lansen, Knox, McPheeTers, lvlilovina, lvliyahara, Nakano, RalsTon, Thoza. When a moTher is a leader oT chariTies and disposes oT any cloThes she can Tind around The house, even Though They are in use, Troubles be- come serious as seen in "SuiTable Tor ChariTy", which was presenTed ExhibiTion NighT. CasT: Bachmann, Draga, Lawson, lvlalaTesTa, OeTien SmiTh, Thoza. Reading Down Row I Row 2 Tony Nakano Boiislavsky expounds on spa- Birdie lv1cCanlies gheTTi "Tony Cooka da spagheTTee" "l-low did she QQT These Coach Edwards on locaTion ideas?" "We'll do iT This way" Boiislavsky The CasT They Tound her!" Dupre Tries To explain lllcwic Trophy-Teers-l'-laving won lhe Universiry of California choir conlesl, The A Cap- pella Choir was presenred wilh a silver lrophy. Orher appearances of The choir were a+ fhe Sanra Clara Counry Spring Conference, April I3, and on Treasure Island, April 2I, and May I l. Singing wirh represenlalives of Pacific Coasr choirs, M. Escano and P. Tupper, accompanied by Jrheir direclor, Miss l-lelen Proehlich, arrended 'rhe Music conference held al Long Beach during spring vacalion. Momenfs Musical-Sponsoring four afler-school recilals, was The mos? imporlanr worlc of +he Girls' Chorus. Members of Jrhe vocal and piano classes presenled The lirsr musical, Jan. I7. Vocal soloisls were Floyd and Paul Piper, piano duel, A. Schulle and V. Taylor, and R. McMurray. Mr. Campbell's Srring Ensemble played for The sec- ond musical, February 28, wifh E. Gillingham and P. Piper playing The solos. Serenaders-Chrislmas carols were sung by The Madrigal Singers in candlelighl for 'rhe Chrisrmas program. Their second appearance was al' Jrhe lourrh afler-school nusical. GIRLS' CHORUS lUpper Groupl Row I---Kadaguchi, Yoshida, Kozalci, A., Davis, Kozalri, M., Wrigley, Madsen, Row Y--Muranalca, Nouques, Eshbach, Zec, l-lonqo. A CAPPELLA lFirs+ Semesferl lLower Groupl -- a , . 'A ' --H . , q , , lfawa, True, Bordi, Davis, Nalcamolo, Knox, Perrine, B. Esrhbacl, Hughes, Hobbs: Row 3-Thompson, McMurray Perrine, P., Lawson, Piper, P., Piper F., Griflal, Powers Myliae, Gibson, Marcelfi, Conli, Tuppcr. lane. Il ll M 0 claw tra-Kane! Encore! Seven Times!-Five school appearances and fwo oufside performances lcepf fhe members of fhe orchesfra busy. Opening ifs season by playing Chrisfmas carols for fhe annual Chrisfmas play, fhe orchesfra was well received. lfs nexf perfor- mance was a demonsfrafion of musical insfrumenfs for fhe low freshmen. Ofher school appearances were af fhe Junior Days of '49, fhe Senior play, and fhe June Commence- menf. The fwo oufside performances of fhe orchesfra were af fhe San Jose Audifor- ium, April l5, and on Treasure lsland, May 24.- On Parade-Clad in fheir new blue and grey uniforms, which fhey had dreamed of having for such a long fime, fhe forfy-nine band members played af mosf of fhe afhlefic evenfs, as well as marched for fhe Mounfain View Fesfival parade and fhe com- munify Chrisfmas parade, and again af Treasure Island, May 24. New uniforms added fo fhe success of fhe annual open air concerf on fhe fronf lawn, June I2. MADRIGAL siNeERs ruppef efoupi Girls: Powers, True, Hobbs, Wylrea, Gibson, McPheefehs,' Hughes, McCanlies, Boys: Hall, Draga, Piper, P., Perrine, Piper, F., Grifall, Radich, Thompson, Sfanwood. Row I-Magius, Rielli, Erichsen, McGlynn, McGlynn, An- derson, O., l-lincelof, Taylor, Eason, Davis, J., Salas, Amalore, Sfalford: Row 2-Moore, Van Dine, Thompson, Griffal, Gib son, Burrows, Brown, Davis, E., Carey, Nalramofo, T., Smifh, Mason? Row 3-Teresi, Thoza, Folland, Granger, Hansen, Gillingham, K., Slalford, W., Gillingham, E., Lawson, Cuffer, K ' . Row 4-Marfin, Murray, Marsh, Freeman, Taylor, Maison, Piper, Lane Campbell, George. ind-. onci-iEsTRA riswm- efoupi ky G. A. A. officers: Row I-Schraub, Gay, SchuTTe, Lawson: Row 2-Poland lUpperl-On The springb d ConTi, Erichsen. Davis. Kogelschafz and Erichsen. lLowerl- Crawling . Kegel h T C I U 0 Q gil-IA p4tlclet1c 14JAoc1at1on OFFICERS MANAGERS PresidenT ..., s s. s s M. Lawson Swimming ....iii . s . a . D. Erichsen Vice-Pres. a D. Erichsen Tennis iiiaia.. a Ll-I. Gay SecreTary , A. SchuH'e BaslceTball . G. ConTi Recording Sec. M. J. Schraub Volleyball S. Davis Baseball a a E. J. Foland Modern ATlanTas-Swimming and Tennis opened The Tall season oT aTTerschool sporTs Tor girls. CompeTing wifh girls Trom several peninsula schools, DoroThy Erichsen, swim- ming manager. won second place in The diving division oT a San MaTeo swimming meeT held early in The Tall. BaslceTball and volleyball games came nexT. During The season The M. V. girls aT- Tended playdays aT FremonT, Campbell, Los GaTos, and a CounTy SporTs Day aT San Jose. LaTer in The Tall These schools were inviTed here Tor a volleyball playday, and dur- ing The spring, M. V. enTerTained The Girls' Peninsula AThleTic League wiTh a banqueT and Two shorT movies on slciing and swimming. A Penny a Play-A Tour-courT volleyball TournamenTg races, sack, Sir WalTer Ra- leigh, and Three-legged, in The gym: Tennis maTches on The courTs: and swimming and div- ing in The pool oTTered borh boys and girls opporTuniTies To accumulaTe poinTs Tor prizes in The annual penny SporTs Day held in April Tor The beneTiT oT The Girls' League. Two cans oT Tennis balls were awarded The winners oT The day: Bobby Lawson Tor The boys. and DOT Erichsen Tor The Girls. J apanue C1116 OFFICERS Masao Nakano c c ,Presidenf George I-Iori c Vice-Presidenf Maki Iwafa Secrefary David Imai Treasurer Jane Okada .Assisfanf Treasurer Willing Workers-To promofe a beffer undersfanding befween American sfudenfs and sfudenfs of Japanese origin and fo render service fo fhe school and fhe commun- ify are fhe purposes of fhe Mounfain View Japanese Club. Under Masao Nakano, presidenf, and Mr. Roberf Ruhl, adviser, fhe newly organized club fook an acfive parf in school affairs by sponsoring a boofh af fhe Junior Days of '49 and by filling Chrisf- mas baskefs fo help fhe Girls' League. Social-Occasionally meefing af Mr. Ruhl's house for business, for card games and for "gef-acquainfed" parfies. added considerably fo fhe pleasures of fhe members. En Tour-Thirfeen members of fhe club affended fhe sevenfh annual conference of fhe Norfhern California I-Iigh School Federafion held af Sfockfon for fwo days, April 22 and 23. They were: A. I-Iigashiuchi, G. I-Iori, D. Imai, M. Iwafa, S. Kanzaki, I-I. Kozaki, T. Miyahara, K. Nakamofo, G. Nakano, M. Nakano, M. Osakada, K. Toi, and M. Yamamofo. OFFICERS Firsf Sfep-Nakamofo, Ruhl, adviser d S lk b N k I-I econ fe - e e, a ano, ori. S P Third Sfep-Okada, Iwafa, Imal. - I Q ' U Nu I, I as ia, ., mai, nou eg ow - a ano, ., s I a, unabiki, Kozaki, I-I., Miyashifa, M., Toda amur , M., Nakamofo, K. O GTTI5, Row I-Ishikawa, Kagawa, Y., Nakarnofo, T., Ruhl, adviser, Osakaclc R 2-Yamamofo, Okamofo, Kubofa, I-fori, Kanzaki, Kozaki, A.: Row 3-O a a 6 Nakamofo, F., Iwafa, Ikebe, Sakai, Nishlrnura, Nakamofo, J., Nakan G ' Suekig Row 4-I-famasaki, Toi, J., Okarnura, J., Tsuchiya, I-Iori, G, T K k M y hf T I I y R 5 N k M I h'k I-I q F Ok a K d Kaq I -Komki, Stahl welding, 2- Brown-grinding wheel: 3-SmiTh- mnclsaw, 4 -K. Nalfamolo-insTallinq a clulchig, l'iOV'l---Ql'lfTdlUf1 vaiviwq 5 Ynnvnlcolo, F. Kagavfa --Turning a hemp 6--F. Maclc-pug ' ' ' la wil in lvpunii r bep rtmen tA STudenTs al' Work- Pic- Tures oT The various Types of classworlc given in our school malce up These Two pages. Qur courses have been selecT- ed To TiT sTuclenTs oT diTTerenT abiliTies. There are Two main divisions, The TirsT, commer- cial, clomesTic science, and shop, The second academic or college preparaTory vvorlc. For Those who do noT plan To go on To college, There is a well equipped shop, a home economics deparTmenT wiTh many modern conveniences, sig' ...A-44 A is W-,,.,-f' L. Mariiz siudies flower arrangemenlt S. Ambia applying lasf minuiff Touches: Supervised sludy in Spanish I-I3 J. l-lansen, foreground' B, Marfinez, G, Ivlurr mix pofions: Mrs, Chaney, Alkinson, Barlaley, finding fha? lex? book: Facciolla, Mrs. Byrd, D. Hughes, checking books, lf, will bepartmen tA and a commercial deparrmenf Jrhal gives ihe minimum re- quiremenrs for jobs in busi- ness. For college prepara- Tory siudenis, Jrhere are sev- eral well planned courses. General imformafion abouf many of lhese fields can be secured from fhe books and magazines of our new library. New classrooms and well equipped biology, chemisiry, and physics laboralories help malce for an elrlicieni school planf. Scluwl i e 2+-Clwiel Croolce and bollle waslwer. 3-A Cappella lroplny won al U. C. 4-Cuslodian Gentry al work. A . 1 . 1 l Kenny! Hofslrosu A Cappella officers. Shop. Second sernesfer A Cappella ff ' l i . K' dv 5' gn all WAWW LV Mr, Campbell! are coming Kincaid af Hue wheel. Rufh Freeman, school nurse Preparinq for flne noon rush Days of '494Beware! I I--Broadw Descendanfs of Sou+l1ern European peoples, Greek, H'alian, Porfuguese, and Spanish malxe up abou+ one-fi'F+l1 of our enrollment The colorful foreaclor, a familiar figure in fhe s,por+s of Sou+l1ern Europe inclicafes +he opening of flue a+l1- lefic secfion of our book. Sperm .i..'.,"E?jL"E'?F 5-Me' ' 4 "ff 1 , 1 , X"-1-35" X "X.!M -. . .'..- 5' , . -1' -- N325-5f7if-151. fi:- 1- .rw we-. JY.-X .M ' 2 ., ,b , " I 1 In . .I . - w '5.L-ca'i,x.-x3-- x.u-'- K ?,- -, Qui' -,.",,.4',. H, 4.,:-3 N ,Ph n"' 8 urn-. lb 'ef X arg 4 .. -f+:vE?.f1g - J, '1. , .VV : -K- x.g,.1,eQ:" 4 Spa:-tA Under +he able direc+ion of Mrs. Phyllis S. Windeler, Sian Anderson, and Les Carpenfer, M. V. girls and boys had an ac+ive sporis season. Our school belongs +o +he Girls' Peninsula A+h- lefic League and ,pariicipafed in several playdays and conferences wifh member schools. Inferschool compe+i+ion for boys is carried ou'r 'rhrough +he San+a Clara Valley A+hle+ic League. Les Car- penfer, new +o +he school +his year, coached The +ens, fwenfies, and i'hir+ies baslcefball feams, while Sfan Anderson coached +he foolball, un- limi+ed baske+ball, and baseball feams. M. V. 'reams placed high in +he league ra+ings. 'I ? s 4+ SPORTS INSTRUCTORS 'iied Smith, swimming: Phyl- lis Windeler girls' sporfs' Les Carpenfer, lens and 'K hi... f We tba I I-Iandicapped by injuries which hampered our Team all season, The M. V. eleven concluded The I938 TooTbaII I schedule in a Tie wiTh Los GaTos Tor Third place in The SanTa -A Clara Valley League. The early season injury oT ATkinson crippled The IeTT side oT The line. LaTer in The season, in- juries which kepT Barkley ouT oT The SanTa Clara game and which kepT Facciolla, Milovina, and Tripiano Trom playing in The Los GaTos game, deprived us oT our power. Under The hoT sun The Eagles eked ouT a 7 To 6 vicTory over The Gilroy MusTangs in our TirsT league game. Our only score was made by Barkley plunging Through Trom The six yard line Tor a Touchdown: Facciolla kicked The goal Tor The exTra poinT which was The margin oT vicTory. The sms MusTangs were unable To make any yardage Through our - GFS. Upp I TT sTrong line led by Izu, BrandT, Facciolla, and Jelavich. Only 'E4OU'1fj'jjY'eW al LOS Gam' OWQI' O . MounTain View al Fremonf. once, when The Gilroy haIT wenT around end Tor a score, were The opponenTs able To break Through our deTense. In Their second game wiTh I-Iayward, a sTrong non-league Team, The Eagles losT 2I-O. Barkley, Facciolla, lzu, Milovina, GarTIy, and May were ouTsTanding players Tor The Eagles. Lack oT experience, however, counTed againsT our Team. Showing a vasT improvemenT over Their Tormer game, our Team swamped The Bells oT Campbell 38-O. Their TasT, high-powered play made The Eagles look like a rejuvenaTed Team. May, Barkley, Trip-iano, and GarTIy all scored Tor The Eagles. In a game which developed inTo a TronT line baTTIe, The Eagles and The SanTa Clara PanThers played To a O-O Tie. Feeling was high, and boTh Teams ToughT desperaTeIy Tor every yard. M. V. made The only concenTraTed drive in The second haIT when iT march- Squad: I GarTIey, 2 Alexander, 3 Milovina, 4 Miller, 5 Tripiano, 6 Srnifh, 8 I-Iammes, 9 BrandT, B: II Miyouchi, I2 Karnerschen. Row 2: Kirkish, I3 Mena, A: I4 Lopez, I5 Barkley, I8 Teramura, 2I Garcia, 22 Jacobsen, 23 True, 24 TosTe, 25 Facciolla, 26 Bilboa, Lawson. Row 3-An erson, 26 I-Iamasa i d k 27 May, 28 Uhrhamrner, 29 Mena, A: 30 Bellorni, 3I BrandT, F: 32 lzu, 33 MaIaTesTa, 34 McClure, 36 Henderson, 37 Sikes, Wilkens. ...ik as ..- b . 24 I - I "" T , L ff ?oot6all ed Trom midTieId To The SanTa Clara 20, wiTh May bIasTing inside The Taclcles Tor 5 and 6 yards aT a Time. The line ThaT held The PanThers was made up oT lzu, Facciolla, Jen- sen, Milovina. Mena. and BrandT. MeeTing a Team ThaT was ready Tor acTion, The Eagles bowed To WashingTon under an I8-O score. M. V. could noT geT under way aTTer The TirsT quarTer, and in The IasT Three periods was busy sTopping The WashingTon goal- bound Team. BrandT, Facciolla, and lzu in The line, and Barkley and May in The bacIcTieId played good ball. WiTh The season coming around The Turn Tor home, The Eagles meT Their ancienT rivals, The EremonT Indians. M. V. Uppo, ,ight uTiIized Two brealcs Tor Touchdowns To mow down Their Mwfwfaifi View f1+GiIfOv- rivals Tor a I4-O score. Barkley, halfbaclc, caughT a pass Lower righT: . . Thrown by May and ran The ball down To The EremonT 3. MounTaln View aT Los GaTos ' where he Tumbled: and Jelavich, end, recovered over The goal Tor The TirsT score. May scored The second goal on a 65 yard run. In The closing game oT The season, a riddled Eagle eleven was unable To cope wiTh a heavy Los GaTos Team and Tell under a 22-O score. This vicTory Tor The "CaTs" puT M. V. and Los GaTos in a Tie Tor Third place in The league. SCHEDULE M. V. O Los GaTos 22 lTherel M. V. .. O VVashingTon I8 Iherel M.V. 7 Gilroy.. 8 6lThereI M.V. . O I-Iayward 2I Iherel M. V. 38 Campbell .... .O lherel M. V. O SanTa Clara . O lherel M.V... , I8 EremonT.. . OlThereI Huddlo- H22 OL 'QMGIH an View aT Fre- FIRST STRING + Bee enrouTe To Line: end, Hendeneen. Taclcle, Facciollag euene, Mnevsnee cenTer, Brandh guard, Mena: Taclzle, iw: GI Y end. eereang beekfield. lnnlfbeek, Tripiano, fullback, May: queffenbeek, eenly, inelfbeek, Barkley. 45201424- 8 2- A ,a I KaAlzet6a I Tens-Twenfies-Under Hue supervision of Les Carpenfer, Hueir new coaclu, Hue fens and fwenfies feams enjoyed a fairly successful season. Tlueir only grief was Huaf Hue season was sluorf, four games in all, and Huey were jusf luiffing Hueir sfride abouf Hue fime Hue lasf game was played. l-lolzluauer, Tsucluiya, Sueki, Taylor, Yamamofo, and Toi for Hue fwenfies and Eri- gerio, Kanzaki, lvliyasluifa, Toi, lzu, and Jacobsen for Hue fens were oufsfanding players as Huey fougluf Hueir rivals bifferly and losf Hue maiorify of Hueir games because of unfor- funafe lasf minufe breaks. Of Hueir four games, Hue fwenfies losf Huree, and Hue fens losf fwo. ln Hueir firsf league game of Hue season, Hue Eagles mef Hue Wasfuingfon Corn Huskers and were defeafed by Hue scores of 32-2l in Hue fens game, and 25-I9 in Hue fwenfies game. Jim l-lolzluauer wiHu nine poinfs and Nori Sueki wiHu six, carried Hue brunf of Hue affack for Hue Eagles in Hue fwenfies games. Alberf Jacobsen led Hue af- fack of Hue fens. Our second league baffles were wiHu San Jose Teclu in San Jose. Tlue Eagles came fuome wiflu a splif double-lueader, Hue fens capfuring Hueir game by Hue score of I5-6, wluile Hue fwenfies affer a desperafe rally were defeafed, I5-I3. Erigerio was Hue spark of Hue fens affack, making 8 poinfs. Taylor and Yanuaruuofo won for Hue fwenfies. TENS Row I: Carperufer, Frugerio, Muyashufa, Okamura, Robarf, Yamauu. Acfuon sluofs-Tens and Tw f Row 2. lzu, Jamison, Toi, Toda, Kanzaki, Ralsfon. pracfucurug. TWENTIES Row I-YamamoTo, Y.: Blasquez, YamamoTo, K.: Sueki, Paullusg Row 2-Taylor, Holzhauer, Connick, Morfon. Graham. Okarnurag Row 3-I-luber. Carp-enTer, Tsuchiya, Gray, Toi, Teresi. Inspired rallies in The laTTer parT oT boTh games by The SanTa Clara PanThers re- sulTed in Two hearT-breaking losses To The Eagle Tens and TwenTies: scores: IO-22, Tens, and 22-24. TwenTies. I-ligh scorer Tor The Tens was Jacobsen wiTh nine poinTs, while Sueki Tor The TwenTies hiT The baskeT Tor six poinTs. During The IasT lap oT The season The IighT-weighTs puT on a sTiTT drive To whip The Live Oak boys in boTh games oT The double header by scores oT I6-I in The Tens game and 30-26 in The TwenTies. lzu, Frigerio, and RobarT were The bulwark oT The Tens Tinal game. Sueki, The TwenTies Torward, wenT wild scoring I6 poinTs, wiTh I-Iolzhauer Taking 8. Thus concluded The shorTesT season in The Tens and TwenTies hisTory, so shorT in TacT, ThaT iT hampered The boys Trom showing Their abiIiTy. OThers who Took parT in The games were Okamura, Yamaii, Farley, STanwood, and Toda Tor The Tens. GeTTing in some exciTing games Tor The TwenTies were Gray. Gra- ham, Paullus, Connick, Blasquez, MorTon, and Okamura. SCHEDULE Tens TwenTies M. V. . 2I WashingTon 32 lTherel M. V... I 9 WashingTon M25 lTherel M. V. L I5 San Jose Tech 7 lTherel M. V. ..,,..., I3 San Joselech I5lTherel M. V. L IO SanTa Clara M22 lherel M. V ....,.... .22 SanTa Clara ...24 Iherel M. V.. I6 Live Oak ...... . 8 Iherel M. V. -30 Live Oak ..,., -26 lherel Kulzetball THI RTIES Row I: Ralsfon, Huber. Brown. Mlyouchu. Row 2: Murray, Simin, Miyahara, True, Ishimura Row 3' Car- penTer, Volvoda, Jacobsen, BriTTon, Mena, Gonzales, D"" ThirTies and UnlimiTeds-Placing second in The valley league, M. V. ThirTies coached by Les CarpenTer, were nosed ouT oT TirsT place by Los GaTos. The unlimiTeds. under The direcTion oT STan Anderson, had a very hard season, Tying wiTh Los GaTos Tor Third place in The valley league. ATTer only a Tew days oT pracTice, The ThirTies were unable To Talce Their TirsT game Trom San Jose Tech.. score I8-20. The unlimiTeds Toolc Their season opener, San Jose Tech, wiTh an easy vicTory, 34-20. AT Campbell, Eagle ThirTies won I7-I2, and unlimiTeds losT I4-29. lvlurray, RalsTon, and lshimaru played brillianTly Tor The ThirTies. The ThirTies won The Third league game wiTh CenTerville, I9-I2, while The unlimiT- eds losT I9-24. l-luber and BriTTon, ThirTies, were Top scorers Tor Their Team. BoTh lvl. V. Teams deTeaTed Gilroy, scores: ThirTies, 26-241 and unlimiTeds, 36-23. AT FremonT The Eagle ThirTies won a hard TighT, 29-223 while The unlimiTeds were on The Top oT a 3l-I6 score. l-luber and Murray led The Eagle scoring. KaAlzet6a I GRO. Kawlzetball The Ihirlies delealed Live Oak 30-I7 because ol Ihe Iasl play of Brown, Simin and Ishimaru. Eagle unlimileds look Iheir game wilh Live Oak 46-26. Eunabiki, I-Iiga shiuchi, Tripiano, May and Jelavich developed info an unlimifed combinalion which mosl Ieams found hard Io beal. I-Iuber, Brillon, and Ralslon played good ball when Les Carpen+er's Ihirfies nexl de Iealed Sanla Clara, 28-263 and Ihe unlimileds rose Io a I9-40 viclory. Los Galros is Ihe only Ieam in Ihe valley league which defealed bolh Ihe 'rhirlies and Ihe unlimileds. The Ihirlies Iosl, 35-I8, and Ihe unlimileds 43-3 I. Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Tolals U55 riqhIZ nn Ji i. F Ik III' R O . SCHEDULE Thiriies I8 San Jose Tech 20 Iherel I7 Campbell I2 Ilherel I9 Washinglon ,LI2 Ilherel 26 Gilroy 24 Iherel 29 Eremonlr 22 Iherel 30 Live Oak I7 Iherel 28 Sanla Clara 26 Ilherel I8 Los Gales 35 Ilherel I85 and I68 respecfively C ,-. Unlimilecl Eagles L 34 San Jose Tech Eagles I9 Washinglon ., .L Eagles L I4 Campbell L as Eagles 36 Girloy Eagles , 3I Eremonl L Eagles 46 Live Oak Eagles 40 Sanla Clara Eagles 3 I Los Gales Tolals 25I and 200 respecfively -Q UNLIMITED BASKETBALL SQUAD ii May arcia aa es a ow : r an, r ammer, 20 24 29 23 I6 26 I9 43 Upp I-Iig h h Lowe qhl F I S+ 544426411 This year's baseball season loolced brighT wiTh a maioriTy oT veTeran players reTurn- ing. Under The guidance oT Their coach, STan Anderson, The M. V. nine should place near The Top. The players reTurning Tor acTion include, Jelavich, l-lemenis, Henderson, T-lammes, Simin, BriTTon, Garcia, and Mena. M. V. losT The TirsT game oT The season To FremonT, I l To 3. Charlie Jelavich, The Eagles' ace piTcher, was unable To play in This game because oT arm injuries. The Eagles' second game was wiTh Palo AlTo. VicTory was easy Tor M. V.'s nine. M. V.'s second league game, wiTh San Jose Tech., Tound The Eagles on The shorT end oT a 9 To 7 score.- 7enniA Under Their new coach, Les CarpenTer, The l939 Tennis Team hoped To ride To vic- Tory, as did lasT season's Team. Five veTerans OT lasT year are on The squad, Three sophomores, l-lolzhauer, DoTy, Robinson: and Two juniors, Paullus and Uhrhammer. The newcomers are Ramsey, senior: Lawson and Moore, juniors: and l-lale, sophomore. In The TirsT meeT oT The season, M. V. deTeaTed Gilroy 3-2. MaTch scores are: FirsT singles-Chappell T61 deT. FirsT doubles- Paullus, Lawson I-lolzhauer lMVl: 9-7,' 3-6, 6-4. lMVl deT. Carlyle, Lacruze lC5l Second singles-MalTman lGl deT. 6-I, 6-O. DoTy lMVl: 9-7, 7-5. Second doubles-Ramsey, Uhr- Third singles-Robinson lMVl deT. hammer lMVl deT. Boyd, Mc- Rodin lGl: 6-0,6-O. Henry T61 6-O, 6-O. BASEBALL SQUAD TENNIS SQUAD Row l: Jacobson, S.: l-lemenis, Morelo, Jacobson, A.: Lopez, Mandarich, CarpenTer, coach: MiyashiTa, Paullu Schalaba, Blasquez. Row 2: Collins, BriTTon, Garcia, BryanT, Mena, sey, Robinson, Holzhauer, DoTy, Gonzales, Simin, BurT. Row 3: Yamaii. Anderson, coach: Jelavich, Uhrhammer. ei a e- en erson s, Moore, Ra Lawson, Hal m. G. ST Hd CTh H NT DTy,Paull if -TZ . 'T' -1 X. 'D K 1 ll lliffiiis f A '- :fi ASX . - he V ...E . Nb o , i N 1-,y Row I: Kanzaki, lzu, Jacobson, Paullus, Huber, Doly, BLOCK M OFFICERS Robinson, l-lolzhauer, Levens, Brown. Row 2: Toi, paccyolial 59+-,atarmsz Bak Fullride, Alkinson, Garlly, Murray, Malalesla, Rals- 'ey' Sec.-peas.: Afkinso lon, Funabiki, l-ligashiuchi, Bellomi, Niki. Row 3: viCe,pyes.:Gar1lyI pres Anderson coac ' ri iano ar e accio a am- . h,Tp ,Bkly,F ll,H mes, McClure, Jensen, lzu, Garvich. Kloclz ll! Reiuvenalecl Block M-To reorganize lhe Block M, alhlelic lellermen's club, was one ol lhe planks in Dave Trip-iano's cam- paign speech lor sludenl body presidenl. Dave was elecled and lhe Block M is again an honorary sociely lor all boys who have earned Iellers in sporls. The lorly-lwo members ol lhe newly reorganized club and lhe sporls in which lhey were awarded major or minor lellers are: Baskelball--lmaiorl Barkley. Brillon, Brown, Funabiki, Garcia, l-lammes, l-ligashiuchi, l-luber, Jelavich, Murray, Ralslon, Tripiano, Uhrhammer: lminorl Blasguez, l-lolzhauer, lzu Y., Jacobson, Mala- lesla, Paullus, Teresi, Yamaii, Doly, Ralslon. Baseball-lmaiorl Barkley. Garcia, Smilh lmgnl Foolball-lmaiorl Alkinson, Barkley. Bellomi, Brandl, F., Fac- ciolla, Garlly, l-larmmes, lzu, G., Jelavich, Jensen, Malalesla, Mc- Clure, Milovina, Nakamolo, Tripiano, Uhrhammer, Wilkens lmgr.l, Lawson lmgr.l. Tennis-lminorl l-lolzhauer, Doly, Paullus, Robinson, Ralslon. Track-lmaiorl Barkley, Fullride, Garllyg lminorl Garvich, I-ligashuichi, Levens. Track M. V. lrackslers placed second, llhe lens and lhirlies divi- sions laking lirsl place,l in lhe only valley league meel held so lar lhis year. Three schools look parl, Live Oak, Washinglon and Mounlain View. In inlerclass lrack compelilion, sophomores look lirsl place wilh I6 poinls: seniors, second, wilh 9: iuniors, lhird wilh 6: and lrosh, lourlh, wilh 5. Fullride, Garvich, and Miyauchi piled up mosl ol lhe poinls lor lhe sophs. Garlly was high poinl man lor lhe seniors wilh Ralslon, l-ligashiuchi, Niki, and l-lernandez helping push lhe score lo second place. Taylor, Seely, and I-loll scored mosl ol lhe poinls lor lhe iuniors, while l-lolden and l-lill placed lor lhe lrosh. ea in wn i Jum : irasiuc i, , T i, Mayauc i J W lR d g do l MQ in , s Hgh p Hg ii -L, gahw Dash o h fx 'f l ii ' Low Hurdles: Fullride. N ff l-, i fl-5: ' 1 g fi' 440: Fullride, Garvich. gb-IA' Sperm In 'rhe early aulumn The girls' gym classes al'rerna're in hockey, 'rennis, and swimming. Win- 'rer finds 'rhem playing baslcelball and volleyball, and learning folk dancing. Our spring p-rogram is rafher full wifh fennis, archery, swimming, base- ball, and modern dancing. Seniors, iuniors, sophomores, and freshmen formed mixed leams +o play baskerball in class. These feams are designaled by colored iaclcefs, as +he red, blue, yellow, or green leams. The girls de- fend color 'reams insread of +heir classes. "Golds" in archery were 1'he goals for Those who wished 'ro lake parl in 'rhe Exhibilion Nigh+ program, June I. Girls wilh 'rhe highesl scores placed on lhe program. Lower lefl: Raclcefeers-M. Sulfers, Dol Erichsen. Lower righf: How lo miss +he b lr fb ll by S k Q1-IA' Spa:-t4 Girls lennis Teams Tied Los Galos, May 4, by winning one singles and 'rwo doubles malches anol losing 'rwo singles and one cloubles. Players: ' Singles-Dol Erichsen Myrna Suffer l-lelen Gay lwonl Doubles-Beverly Kogelschalz Jane Olcacla Jane Nalcamolo Sophia Okamolo lwonl Virginia Taylor Jerry Conli lwonl Top Foul Play. Second Baslcefball-long range. Third Guess Who? Boffom Eyes on 'the volleyball. Many of fhe firms +ha+ do business wi+h fhe s+uden+s or feachers of our school have very graciously consenfed +0 sponsor 1'he publishing of +he "l939 Blue and Gray." The man in Nordic cosfume on ihe opposi+e division page represenfs Norfhern Europe, Danish, Dufch, English, German, Irish, Norweigan, Scofch, and Swedish peoples. Approxi- mafely one half our sfudenf populafion is decended from Norfhern European s+ock. Spomvl-A " " ' Af Y Q". -"'A5lQ'i4 4 , 1771 . VV I' ff- 1 -I VJ- V I . . ISN 4.1-. ,',f'-I , 'g-' I . - 'f'?Ii!-2341 v"T,i'fI If V II -,f -,' . I 4 ff' ' I-in '15, ISV" IQ -V-11 v ll Sf--S55 2752? ' ..V:'f4f, 7- -' f - . . . A' .1 "" ,VI 'XI - - ,I - .". "' , s I... , 1- - -' -,'. . ' V II If-,V JI IQIII . A 2I III In I. .. ,II .IIIf,II7A XII I V . ,I 'AVA 'J' I I: II f'f tif- "V- . ' " " nn- .E V 1 ' 4- 'Q'--r . I I I fIII,-I I ,II .1 I I I? ..V-.III .4 I ' N' I V A' f 9-fvgtgf '.IIQ?g-fH+r- . 1.I V-.," I VI 'W III. 1 :I Iy'e2'777,,.- xxx," .frqf . it I 1- I V. 5- - -hai-' ' iff? I V V - . -I -- V - 'V-I:,.,.'I'.m' -'1'Vq'.' I, . . I . ..,I 1 V" - " . . '-V. V . ' A '-' . .r I.+ -I-'A','T':i'z'f,Q' 6. . , ' V --,A V "-2. -V ' "'- ' . 11 :Q ,x V-. V V -. ..-. X VwI..'- 1 f Ig, . II glfpf I ' -XX III ,'VV7"f, ' A 3.7. .-I H '.,'rf'- :V .I I.,.Vv 9. Ag ,I I.-I. Vai, I,-,V x- C , rf. I-If-C v - ' - ' ' V- . V 1 'V' I - 4 'L ' ' . ' V vital ' P' Vg iz: EMI.. mV.-f 1 "- -1- -4 - 5V ' 3 . 4, ' - . -' fe- I- 4,4 H -:I " A - Qi ' -A" 1 X' .. -!V ' A - ff -'. il-5'-",'. I-gy II II I ,-I I ,,IIIIIIIIIIIIL1I . IIII, f.,III ,NV If. II "H . -V-Q-.-I 'rf--f, ,V-KII' , IC: '. Q, -V1 . .A V. 3,5 IIIQ,.III,,,I V 4 fqxn-I, I--.H-. I- f , 5, . V '1 -. -1 . fi, .V . I' 'f-'ZF " 'V 1' " 'N "I5 . iff. "axis ,I 3. l ..,.! gg. V. 3 -' V -V--,V 445- - 'V -' , - ' I-'P'Kl. - .-RN. 3 -'.-:V-4 V- V Ji V- .-AVA--I 1,3 - --1,ss4V-.Q A-I -VI rHI- I - I px gy. I V, Kg. V -.1 5 .-,I- H Ju- ' "V - -4111 . . my 3 5"v.-: L in I. ls ' -.fxitf-Ir 1'I fxhii . ?VV',-' 'I 'Y I I 1 I ,-.- 3. . V 1- VV -S - LI .-V . -H . ,I 2571-K ,Iy V .- -f.. . Q V 1, 1- 4 -'- ' V.. ' ' ' 'V ."," ff? ' .!' N542--V.: Img? - V . . V 'YQ -, f"'1 ,- xffif-."1,i-I 5 - . ' ,""zI' ' -- , V f 6' . Z 'QI--II :II.IIf . I js'I ' I'IV -1 I -41: II Iv' I . I I - 1 -- IIIIIIIKI CIIIII HIIIIVICE 4 V ---' .. ' I '. V- .HI -- ' Q pair' 'Q!'A-- ' --t."7P'e-Vff ' --1-14'V2.-aw '1-+9 i-in '12 V 'lg VXI- .1'.f','If .I -:I 'R'-71' ---IJ IL! '- in ' ' 0 - f Vx' ' 1-' V. ' 'nw-. '. :av +V- -' , lv ' V V. I ' I'-. M - ff- Ie' ' Z':1-I'q."b',S 'A If V' .Ig .fl-57 ' IV .I . I' V 're 'H' - V-. V 'Vqky .I V 'IV.-1'-'-11'-. ' x - . .y J ' - 4, V 9 w. V- v. I If, JI. V .I. I I..I. IX, . III I I 5,5 . WXIVXIIvIII1IIIII9I.I.R - . kg! 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Ik ' ur' ' '.g:1'Q'-'I' '-if ' 1- ' - SFDMJOI' In appreciafion of fhe cooperafion given us by fhe following business firms, fhe sfaff offers ifs mosf sincere fhanlcs. The supporf of fhese people has helped make fhe publicafion of fhis bool: possible. The firms which had a parf in fhe con- sfrucfion of fhe new wing of our building have been grouped fogefherg ofher sponsors have been lisfed under fhe fown in which fhey are locafed. 4- ... -,.,.-..,..-....-....-....-.....-.,,.-...I-...,.....I-,..,.....I -----. ,.. .. .- I- - aio MOUNTAIN VIEW FIRMS BEN. FRANKLIN srone LAWSON'S GROCERY STATE MARKET E. R. SCHAFFNER Garage LOUIE'S BARBER SHOP THE TOGGERY FEDERATED STORES MELLO'S MEN'S SHOP UNIVERSITY B. G. S+anwood J. J. Mello CREAMERY FELLOWS 3. SPENCER MCORE "Ge+ Flying A from Herb and Ray" FURNITURE CO. VALLEY ELECTRIC Co L'OMELETTE French Cuisine IOI Highway MORTON FURNITURE CO. 360 Cas+ro Sfreef MINTON LUMBER Co. gl. Im-nu 11-11 I 11m 111-1111111111111-11- - 111-- uni 1 1Im1 1 1 1 1 -,,,1 1I1I..I1.w 1:1141un1uu1nu..uu1nu1un1nn1un1uu1um1nn- 1am-uu1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1u1un MOUNTAIN VIEW FIRMS IConIinuecII CompIimen'I's SHELL OIL CO. P. Chris+iansen Local Mgr SILVER SEAL H T 2 Your Ford Dealer CREAMERY CompIimenI's of STORE SPROUS-REITZ CO..Inc. MORTUARY 895 CasI'ro S+. Phone 546 Complimenfs Io 'I'he Class of '39 BERRYESSA MARKET Phone 52 I-and FIVE and TEN MARKET Phone 633 GROWERS' MILANI'S HARDWARE CO. 295 Casfro Sfreei' MOUNTAIN VIEW MANCINI MOTOR SALES FUEL CQ. I Ugo Mancini, Prop. JACK S RESTAURANT De SoI'o and PIymou'Ih Phcne 25I9 EI Camino Real Phone 600 REGISTER-LEADER KNIGHT'S PHARMACY FANNUCCI AND SON 1.-1111111,11111,,,1,1f.--11111uun1 1,41 1 .. 1 -- 1 1,.1IIII-IIII1mI1,,,,1.,,,1IIII1II.,1R,.1Im..IIII-.I4II1IIII1,..,1Im ..m.1uII1.,,..- 1 ... 1 1 1 .- ...II-. MOUNTAIN VIEW FIRMS Icminueay We wegraph Flowers O I' + I MURRAY'S BEAUTY WAYSIDE FLOWER "mp""e" S O SHOP MOUNTAIN VIEW SALON . HIGH K- Tamada- P'0P"eI'0' Casfro Sfreef near Dana Phone M- V- 848 Cooperafive Sfore lol Highway Phone 225I REDWINE TI-IE GIRLS' SHOPPE BLANCO'S THEATRE MOTOR CO, , Edla Foland, Propriefor Yours for En'rer+aInmen+ AIIis-Chalmers Trac+ors 237 C S 890 Mercy S+ree+ ashio hed G. W. McMANUS Wholesale Disfribufor Candy - Tobacco - Gum KANKEL AND WOOD S+andard Oil Produc+s PEARSON AUTOMOBILE CO. Complimenfs of BANK OF AMERICA Mouniain View Banch ESCANO'S GROCERY Bakery and Qualify Meai' MarIce+ S1'ierIin Road ANDERSON GRAVEL COMPANY Sand, Gravel, Rock, and Cemen+ J. J. TAYLOR Insurance ESPINOSA AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE Church and Casfro S+s. Phone 2 I4I FREMONT LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS 954 Villa S+ree+ Phone M. V. 2333 I 4. - - -...- - -I..-R.. ----- I...-..-..........-....--...I-....-I....-....-...I- 'P IH- Ilwf - --II -- rlf: - -II1 - -llr - III1 - III1 - II11 - Ilfl - -III - 'll' - "'f -- "" - -1" -------- 'f" - ' " 4' MOUNTAIN VIEW FIRMS lConfinuedl C I, f GOOD LUCK T0 ARMANINI DRUG Omplmenfs 0 YOU, SENIORS! STORES Judge J. M. Afkinson - FIRST NATICNAI' Mr. Bay Hays, Cify Clerk Pharmaclsls BANK Dr. I. J. Hopkins, M. D. Mounhin View and Dr. H. W. Milo, M. D. Sunnyvale AIR BASE CREAMERY 765 Casfro Sfreef Mf. View 824 Com,pIimenfs LANE'S CREAMERY Main Sfreef, Los Alfos Dr. J. W. Slaffery, M. D. Dr. A. C. Thompson, M. D. ANWAY FUNERAL HOME 340 Casfro, Mf. View Dial 7I8 4l5 Murphy, Sunnyvale Phone 2 I 2 J. V. MANFREDI "ls always ready," and so is his assisfanf C. M. LAWSON WILLIAM L. GARLIEPP Fruifs-Vegefalales-Honey Nufs On fhe Highway WILLIAM P. WRIGHT Real Esfafe Broker HERRERO'S MARKET Qualify Cleanliness Service Specializing in Spanish Sausage Free Delivery Dial M. V. 2662 MISCELLANEOUS FIRMS SLONAKER'S PRINTING HOUSE The Home of Thoughfful Prinfing Palo Alfo, Calif. Our 74+h Year ROOS BROS, Inc. Palo Alfo, Calif. T. V. ALLEN- C. W. RITTER CO. 2922 Soufh Main Sfreef Phone, Richmond 92I I Los Angeles, Calif. MANUEL S WELTMAN California and Mexico Represenfafive Midland Chemical Laborafories, Inc. Dubuque, Iowa -nmi-nu-nn-uu1un-mi-uu1uu1mi1 1 SUNNYVALE FOOD PRODUCTS Sunnyvale, California HIRSCHBEK MUSIC HOUSE Everyfhing in Music Repairing on all musical insfrumenfs and all makes of radios I68 Casfro Mf. View, Calif. 1 1 1m1mi-lm1im-lm1ml1:m1ml.- 11 11 11 1,11-1' -11 1, -.141,111.111mi1mn1nn1n LOS ALTOS FIRMS SAN FRANCISCO FIRMS J. AND S. FOOD STORES Drugs, Groceries, MeaI's, Vege+abIes Phone: Drugs I88: Groceries, 8I: Meaf, 09 LOS ALTOS PHARMACY Larry Nelson, Prop. "In The middle of The block" H. S. CROCKER COMPANY, Inc. 720 Mission Sfreef LOS ALTOS GARAGE Dodge-PIymoun+h George Ramsey VAN WORMER 81 RODUIGUES, Inc. Manufacfuring Jewlers Q5mP'ime5+s ff Los AI.TOs CABINET 'OWY ep' SHOP A. CARLISLE SAN ANTONIO MARKET lol HIQIIWGY and WaI'rer N. Boysen's S+a+ioners San Anfonio IOI Highway 8: San Anfonio H. I. Barker BeH'er Pain+s, Hardware, Fishing Tackle Posf S+ree+ Complimenfs of SAN ANTONIO MEAT MARKET "Ask AI, he Knows" Phone 627 meiamwawe' LOS ALTOS TAILORS AND CLEANERS Alferafions - Remodeling ADOLPH BLAICH Fishing Tackle-Sporfing Phone ZI I Goods-Cuflery Suiis made To order 523.50 583 Markef Sfree+ Coiffures and Beaufy Work of Disfincfion a+ LOS ALTOS BEAUTY SALON Telephone 3 Im1.m1 1 1 -.. .... .-. .. .. .- .. .. .- 1II:nuiIIn1IIn-InI1IIII1 1 1 "We ca,p The Climax" JOHN PASTORINO Berkeley, Calif. -. 1 1 .- 1131- 1 1 .- 1.1-nu ....4.,..m.1 1 .- 1 -. ,1 1:1 1 11.1lm-.IIII1nn-.,.,,..im1.n.1m,.-,,,,1iiIl....,,1.m1.m.- 1 1 1 1 .- .. 1 .. 101 MISCELLANEOUS FIRMS FERGUSON MUSIC SMITH'S HOUSE J. JAY BAKER "On-Ilie-Circle" Sheel' MUSIC-New and Wafchmalcer-Jeweler Used Pianos--Band Everylhing for Every Inslrumenis 374 Universi+y Avenue Spod San Jose. Calif- Palo AI+o, Calif. Palo AHC Cam HUNTER'S OFFICE STORE EQUIPMENT Co. Typewri+ers-All Makes Oilers young people a Iraining CO. Hqal' assures Purveyors of Finesl Dairy Producis San Jose. Calif. ROBERTS TYPEWRITER CO. 72 E. San Fernando San Jose, Calif. Aufliorized Underwood Good Positions Allend Ilwe college ol business Ilwal Iwas been Ilwe leader for almosl 'rhree-quarlers of a cenlury. Since I863. I-Ieald College has been preparing young men and women for successful careers in business. REVISED HEALD COURSE PRACTICAL SECRETARIAL IN BUSINESS PRACTICE COURSES FOR YOUNG AND BANKING ...... PEOPLE WITH AMBITION Agency O PALO ALTO SECRETARIAL sci-iooL H EA L D CO LL E G E Sylvia W- I'la55CI'li A- B-I IO Norle Dame Avenue Dlrecior San Jose, California I80 Universi+y Ave. Tel. 770l I 4, ..............- -I..-I-.I-ii..-I-I. ----------- ---------- I - - ----- I 4. H101 1 1 1 1-. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1nn1mu1nu1un- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 and fhe parficular fype new wing of our school. BUILDING This is a lisf of fhe sub-confracfors who have consenfed fo sponsor our book of work performed by fhem in fhe consfrucfion of fhe Heafing, Venfilafion, S+eeI Parmions Roofing and Plumbing TRASK 8K SQUIER CO PENINSULA ROOF 81 HARRY LEE 39 Nafoma Sfreef Tll'E CO' 220 California Drive San Francisco I6I5 S. EI Camino Real Burlingame San Mafeo Elecfrical Excavafion Millwork GUILBERT BROTHERS ANDERSON MINTON LUMBER Co. . 286 W. Sanfa Clara GRAVEL CO. 500 Fronf Sfreef Mounfain View Avenue San Jose Cenfral Avenue Mounfain View Ornamenfs and Miscel- laneous Iron L. SCHAFFER 8: CO. 366 I0fh Sfreef San Francisco u1-.1m1un1un.- .1nn1un1.un1 1 Finish Hardware PALO ALTO HARDWARE, Inc. Universi+y af Bryanf Palo Alfo MOORE 8: ROBERTS Builders San Francisco AUTOGRAPHS . . . W W WQJQA f W gf Ca.ew1.L35,E?'Ww, QUUW If 4 11 .1 wif? 1,9 s 1 I V , 1 AUTOGRAPHS . . . X A K ya , X J? WWW if iffiw WKQW W Qi Mfffwgfffyf? EX Wffiff ! 5 wi! Wi? vs ' L 5+ 2- ' o .V 95 5,,.-,mg-,A H N . 1. " 'Z .EEL 5 1 at -1.1 X Umfagf -M 5. - H' . ffl' I., " VQQETIX. ,V : 1 , ..-N, f- 5 ,YEL V ij'-2 H I , I. - IIVN N JV . 'w Vw 1 .f"sfV+1Vi71 V, V. .. ' ' Lfvralg Y .:V-Q . A jg: ,L V--2-3. U.. 4, , ,,,.m,- -V .7',V,,5'V. V. pr' Q -i f . .,, P. -A--14:4 gg".-3 , A x ff., 1 1. wi .iffif " . -. "QQ 'L-Ti: v f . gif! Q -- V K . . ,Q -Qi TZ.. JSA- 'V.,IFj.:?: .,-iiwjw.-I T X JH! V V M ., V ' .3 "' fflrilrif " Q n,!'5-flifjff-.145'X ' 'Q 1' "fu 37'-'Lf ' Wlfifiw '55-SZUYW' - F ' ffgiiirg .. 1 L - 2"'1VV"' .. .L UA :I , -I .vJV,. .- :f,AF'Jt-I. 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Suggestions in the Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) collection:

Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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