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 - Class of 1935

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Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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1 fglrpgga 'ia- 'v 4: 5! 'ff V. 1 1. v v ls e r' J F I K I7 -L ff I I 1 r 'I GA I W V ,Q I ni . . J: -A f - Q I 11 r Li f I 1 I w I 1 di . I l I . NV -4 4 Q 4 4 41 ,. 1 f y I 16 4 l L - ,Q .f , W 'n 'E .. G'- a a 1 I I is i VX ll S y I " ' -' w .'1 9fa, r LM ,-..,, -1 1 f-g,. ,,' , Hi ' 1' -- .f-1, w t f- 1' c 1 - - Ayb' w,,.f.q,.,.,, , ,9,.,..u ,V . f-- , QH ,- , -4 rf lr "MV" , -. , -da .,,-, A 4.1. , ' .Ayr ,J K 1 .": - -, W Y . . . , V . K J v r. . AZ ,,.-.f ,. ,4?12HQ ' , , M- 'T- iLY"1i ':"'-, ".,"'-- 'r'f ""'ffv+-1.1 .vm,, -,, -" - A --,- -- 'V -ff 7 A .. 41 1 ' n? 2 Q I 4411.1 K r '1 ' Iv 4,551 1' .IIIKW 1 "1 -4 ,fr 1 1 '1 J , , '11 :HI an . av ' . 11 5 ,g"xI1 , X I. IL 1 'TL . ff W 11 -1 19 -3' R ' 'Y - 1 L .ri . ' 6 I I xp' , 4' I 1. 'T' I Wg' ' 5" l,, r 1 11-. I V Inf, 1 ,II I,II,.HfII-1aLAT,II,i, Q 1 I ra-.1 In A..I ,II 9 '. I f . , . . 1 1 I - ,- ,I I - I - 3. 1 n 3 fl . U m -. 5 11.3 : "",I Vie? ' V-' - .L'l",Ig4. P., -gig' f F '. , .1 . . I .,. 11 AMI II: 1 , 1 . ,,1 , 1. 1, . X , I I 5 J1 I . ' ' ' IIJV-f. .fv ' QI I+. . - u --1. , ' ,I . r ' L Ili, ' 3 .. - . I I .3 I:p,1,II . ,I I II 6 , . ,I J' P , ., I Lqj if ,I I I .I 1, , Qui. 4: . ' f! .' " mf? I 1 . .1 1- 1 ' - 1. y:'1f'.1'm1-11,,,.1ff11- 1 . 4 ' - ,Im .11 ' ,fu 'X AI ' " J-,'I I+ fn ,.1+. Iefif, N I . -, . P' 'gi ,I 1 'L'-, ., ' 1 - .. 11' ' 3. , 1 -I ' QI 1 ' 'I ' 'II 11 - :Q .1 ' . . 1 I ' I .5 I , - v 1 K G ' - 1 N' I - ' 1 . L 1 ' ,1 11 '74 ' W ' .gr '57-1 ,C 1 J.-I1 rm'-3" 'HL 1 I , N' I ',.-11 I 11" .1 -' -11 " A -. II 1 If 1' . . ., M , ."-' .. ' ,,-. , 1L'vI,.1I 1. I 1-2 1 1 n1.1 aI' ' I' . 1' " I ,z ' gf -, ' " 1 " ,rf , . '- '-an-.1 1' .-1 1 " -- I' '1f " 1 ' -.u3,1,- 'FQ ly Q WI ,gif , I 1- :If 1,-II 5- ' .. an-I Q- I II, . 1 L , .1 "'- ' q k l l ,I i ' I 3.1 ,QL , , ' " 1" 1 1 .. K sf ' , ,1' . 1 1 ., Q ..I1 1 IIIs-"1,I4II II, ' v " v 11' I 1' 1 ' '11 .g -9 I- H111 A 1 ,QI .I I ,.,II II 1 1 2 , 1., ' I ,111 1, 1 ' V1 5 I 1- 4 . 1 II J If 11 I 1 I - LI I ' i ' , P- a t - - '.l D ' ' I 1 I . . - I yy- III II I I II,W,1IIb1'I.I,I',.I , 1 'K . " .- - I 1I I I . .V I '4 I I . 1111. . 1 I - . I I ' ' .X .F A f 'I F 9 1 .. 3 " ' L W . 1 ' .- 111-f 1 1 -ll ' ' " v I ,' ,AJ I r I I Q I 'I I ' V-1 ' '41 - V' 5 -117.1 H-1 . . 41 . , 0 u 'V 'I . I I . 'I I-W' I, ,. . , .- ' . ' , . V' ' .- . X , 5. , ' II II IIA LII .- 3, W- II I , I, .LI-.I I - 111, - . 1, - , -I1, u . I 4,1 I1 1 . I IIIIi1,II I I ,,I. Ii I I, .III I . I f, II ,I I ,, - s W 1 I ' I -1" 1 g T715 If I 4 ' - 1. ' V 6 1 - . .- I n ' ji . 1 ' ' - I . . - ,I I I1!.I,I -III.,,!I I1 ' ' ll '11 ' L . ' a . .1 1 , 1' 1.. , r V 'L : . III ,. I., I .III I,1.1II.I, . 1 A A 1, 51 . - 1 I I I I. II, .. , II., , -gf, IE ,1 II..I,.41l III, gI 1,11 III. III .f".I3'II,1-1I'-:1.- ' 1 f 'F -V' -'FI 1 NM- 7 J' '1 - 7 'ff' ' 1:-': '11 I . - - S, f ' af v 1.1, fl ,A I I -r I1 5 I. 1. 1 4 ., ".1 11,1 -'. 'pts 1 .1 I , 1 lam, 1' 1 If Ik, ' 1g .'1-M, - J MM- 1.5.11 , ,-I I I .I1. . I rI' 11, I-.Im-'IIIII 1. :I 1.I,,II1M .Id .L1.III,l: .IAIIIIIIIIII I H: ' 'map J 'I,'.'.I If? II NII-fp .I-'E 'x I LI?-I, - 'K ' Ig' "Q, 'f Ft'-',fQ,e'1,"'f'1"'r55'7'-'uf' ?,f1+1I,1 I,f3'X.rI 1593, ' 3 I N- 1A11,IIgI.J.' 5 I. I-. - -. -.. .. 2.2 t -hu,-Z i K .pl "' 1 ,. 1 Y s 11,9--11' ,. Y ' 1,,I ev Q, ' " 1 ' 1M 12 '1 U y p J' Q .4 1 J . ,, H 1 ..NgI,k H1 1' 1 1 -fe' J fyw ,. Wa , v, he fm , . .1. W, , ww, 1 W ' .1 ' N MN X . ,wifi 'inf , x A F ww' m V NM , J y 4 + 1 Jw , , W, . , W A 4 , W H W I V 1 4? f X W' NIA , , X M 1 e- 15 I 1 fm, 'J 'R L ..-1 ', w f M", vu-1 NYJ 1. F' 1 1 U M4 Wx Blue8cGray Annual Publication of Members of the Senior Class N MOUNTAIN VIEW H l G H S C H O O L Mountain View, California I I P: N I LT 'I .rl III JI I I. I II. . I Iv I , ' , "',"f- I I. ' -" H I e -I. I- P- . I' " I. J ' . 'I-II' '-- I , f, S+. ll - .IIf I'. ' II JI , - I I..-I .I III-5II,,II .III I. - T I I I 'inf-III -I .IWTIIIIII II IIIHQIJ II'II . II I .I LMI. 6... - I 'VMI 'rv LJ: II' I I I I ...II I I -I IIIMQI --I .II ., 5 II, I- I I I -I :J I,I,,IIn,L . I. - - . ' I ."':l ' ' 'lu J: A' - III 1 ,- M E .'T1..-mai, f' I - ,. . ,I - I, I . I ,I .' 'III I F F-' I I I II III 1 Ivv' 1- II-IQIIII WI IIIIJIIII ' If I I -- I' . .IIIII-I,'. - .J I - .I I...I:I..I..ti. I I I "H I I ,I , . -. I -I . I . '-.' ,' I , , Iv ld II I III I1 -'I I I IH - II-III I F:-II-:HIL - . IIIIFIIIIIE I n ' ' I II' Q: H ' .I LII I I 3' -I ' III'Y' LH gf! A. n IW..-' -"I-mm Y I ' I I, I IIIII III I I I I II , , I ,J I I ,. I III ,III . I . III' I . I P I I ,If I. I I II II I IIII, I . Irkjn ' I. I '1'i'f-l r '., .If FI, I. I 'IIT I ' I. - I 'lf'f1.- - Q1....I.,-I.iIT.'...J-'I ,I . ' I I. I I U I II .II.II I ILM. I NI r!IIf:I:III I II Y. III III Img II, III . I ., f ',', III . II I IIIIQWIIIJIIIIHII ' Huw'-:,.I I ' f I . -...' I 'I I ." .'- 'I ' 1'-1 I. JWWIII I 'I 'I ""f' " ' -I. , - I I 'PI I. .. :J III-A,-I- - , ---. ,I 5+ '- I' I - n- - I " - 1 II ...I.Ia1I.'-'IQ an ' ' 'II"IU- I I I I 'H II II.II .II IIUjI.L I II' WI IIIII ILL I ,' I . 1Il,vlI'I I ' 2 . .-I 15- I . f .. . I' 'I - . ' ' I ' .I--arf I I if . . I -- " :I jc- I. I . -I I I . ' 4 I 1- I I 1 'I - I: IH' ' ,I ' -I " II ,.II.I'II.IIIII , I " " 5' ,,1' - ' - I ,II "- ' ' I' ' IIIII' I, I . , I ,. - H11 I, I1 ' l 'V " F LI I.'N I -- - I I. I .I "f ll JI I Y' .Ir 'II""5I-2' If-fl! H . I I I I. III I IIIIII I. IIII1 n, III I W ' I : . ' I 5 ' ' ' ' I 5- uw.. .. , iI I , N gl I -' I ' H I I II ' I I - III4I,I.'f....... . I II I I I " , JIU' .v"' 4-I' I . I . . I I miI1f"lIIf""EQIrII'i,i. '. I .1 III I- . ...I-5 I I.:r-'I,.I1.'f.j1 .-'I " ' , 'fx '-.lI.II WI ,IIIIIIQIII I-II "W 'U' I' .III II ' I 'II.-kj.. 4.3.-I 1, - I III III. 'IIII.f". ' - I I . I m AHL-lj ' .- ,I I ,IIIIIIII-Il. QI- ,I 'I I. I If-I."Il' "' I ' ""V'. H "' " 1. -1's5, . Ia 1 4: .."gI. .l' - .-I . L I .I.II- II I I I- fr, .. I I I ' , I I ,IH JIRA! ' ' III' f'vI,1iI '.:III" ' I - I 'I I If-I 5.1 1 -I l' ' Is, . I , NI , If I , In I 41. .. ' " III' ' ' I I' I I ' II .Ir I-' - I If .- I- r- I I I - . I I. I -I I - . .I ', 'V iw - 1! fp. .. 'J --If ' J ' 'III' ' F III III III "' ' III ', ibm I - , . , .I . . .III ' I I.uT1hI' --. J' I," I .I III-II I, H.. . I , L .. . I I" Ij: -"I I. I , L' IA. ' I A' I.. . . 1I..... I-Wf I.. v ' I- I II . ' I y V Y w, ,X M, 1 W ,fl im? ef W W , X 1 1 , , X 1 H ' w ' u , 3 , M w ' N , w , W , 1 X f w X X w liz- . w ',: f A . 1, ..x .M v 4' , :s, -PM wwf dw'-3 ,C qw it wx. LET NY: :X ,- me. -K.: ff 'gn ur , iw fx -f ,,,,. . A Y Lx AZQL gmf'w1e!f.a,.Q:Q , x ,,,,,-V 14-at ,,,, is ., vp as ryan- . NZ., U 1 v w N ,w'r'?k'1'Q' .Q 1 jv- ,1, , v w H "W ' 1 ,f w f Y v X, w L f s ls V 4 i 3 A IE 1 E ri A H 1 '1 W r ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOR CLASS MOUNTAIN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL Mountain View, California CHESTER SUTTER sonon ARNO RAGGHIANTI ausmsss MANAGER MARION BIRKLAND mcuuv srouson Dellgned and Printed Under the Sunervlilon ol Alvln H- Amberg by The Trade Pressroom Q Sun FruncIsco,CalIIernlo Photography-Bushnell San Jose n Dan C. Baker Sun Franclno ORE WORD A YEAR OF PROGRESS HAS LEFT WITH IT A WEALTH OF MEMORIES, MANY OF WHICH ARE ENCOMPASSED WITHIN THE COVERS OF THIS VOLUME, EACH, IN ITS WAY, A TALISMAN OF HAPPY MOMENTS SPENT AT OUR SCHOOL. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO RECORD THEM ALL-BUT WE HAVE TRIED TO CAPTURE THE MORE SALIENT EVENTS, THAT THEY IN TURN MAY RECALL OUR PERSONAL PLEASURES AND JOYS DURING THE YEAR. 1 If 'J A MAN IS MADE UP OF A NUMBER OF OUALITIES, GREATEST OF WHICH, PERHAPS. IS A HUMAN UNDERSTANDING OF YOUTH, TOGETHER WITH A KINDLY SYMPATHY FOR THEIR PROBLEMS. FLOYD E. WILDER IS SUCH A MAN. IN HIS CAPACITY AS COUN- SELOR AND TEACHER, HE HAS CONSTANTLY KEPT THE WELFARE OF STUDENTS AT HEART. IN APPRECIATION OF HIS CO-OPERATION, THIS BLUE AND GOLD IS DEDICATED TO HIM. vg 4 H 1 .. " ,ff , Vw L, MALCOLM MTKEN LYLE CAMPBELL I X DORIS AWALT V IRVAL CARTER E XX x 1 WILHELMINA BARNHISEL HELEN COLEMAN , ,. 1.v,f.,Lo?,'f.fJf FQAXV ISAUELLE BECKER SYLVIA DOAK I mmou amxuno oeene L. oowmsv CAPT. DELBERT IRUNTON HARRY EDWARDS KIA . itll" RUTH FREEMAN LOUISE SCHMIDT w. NORMAN elasoN EDW TH K-, M Af WEN DELL GRU BB AMY STALFORD Aff ANN MYLNE CLA NC S PHER MW MERCEDES PEARCE EDNA WILIUR LM, JU J M THELMA POMEROY FLOYD E. WILDER FACULTY 'Q CQNTENTS BOOKI ...CLASSES BOOKII . .AFFAIRS BOOKIII .. ATHELTICS BOOKIVMFEATURES IN MEMORIAM JOSEPH MENA I WILLIAM FORBES Classes nun 'HL 1' 'E . I I V. - -E' Av-IV. 'I 'I-T.. uf' F fu " T 3: I rn n Mn I Jw.: l!.Hf:I-IwI! I " IPL- WIFJ11' A' V ' f-in -. 5,, fm, - , 'H ,' H-f-i' ., Wil. ap '- L,-.wr mmf. -II. I, . In ,.A .- . N -3.,-M, :W5 -. I. gf-' -' i -,'!..' E' in W1 wr"Q!.!k- - VJ. '.v,1'JF - I ' gk j,-+...A q... L 'iwzw - J' -'Q A. .'I,l!jI " y'uJ'l:-' 7 fa 3- .il Ruin ,alu m ,L-gy' H 3 51- Y ' 12:1-' - 1 L I, ' Fam ' 170211, rg - 'E' IJ" Z", " W ' q"f,"i.j':q,Q. QP .' wwf.-If -vi mg. mr + V H 7, NL ,,,..J - ' l?f'zi3-525151 W?iJ1f g54 . Q :Q-'L.-iw + - 'l:i-z'f-1,-iF". ' -. . . ' "'-' 'Q1?.1'L..'u 1 Lf- I A T n' W I 1 .1 I . ' . Wu w "!n h 5.35, 1 wg 11: -:ff-I' "1 1.-vsbfi' l'.y.lrI 1' -fi! r Q , . d':'-fl'-jf3:f..:.j2 ,.. ,, .- Ohhnl-Iq I A1 W'- ++ -.. ifnivy -1'-. l ' hi' al 'lain I fl 11. -F r -. ' ' 1. --5-- i - -w M 11 Aw HW V 1 rl 'fi 1 T 4' wi' V V' , W. Mn' I. V-aa Dv -.f--E'E52:k fl-..f-1..,..,- -TM-5,-' fx- " , iil..J.f '- ' ' ' f-f,Q....M1lg W I :I A.Ik-lglgiiuikgf, .' 133:--fa!-4 - ,. J Hr-,, I F' . Au , V I . L .gwf L- 1, ' -'fif-"5-1'f2, ,:'5f. ,. ' -l, " -' .LL . Z 1 1. 1 1 11,1,. X 1,111 '1 'N 1 1 X 11 1 1 1 1 1 11X 1 W A 1 1 . 1. X 1 X1 1 ' 1 - s X il QIXJ X W " 'f fx' 11 H 1 W' :"1L' 'r g . 1 5 XX X 1 1 1 ' " I , 'E 4553 QC' '111'-1951L11'f'3 T1111:,f"W""' ' 5,1 fg1171"11 " 'i 1111 V1 1 1,1 1 11'11,UA'L111I"' ' .X,, -1 1 ,X X . A 1 1 1 1 ' A 1 . 1 'Q' 1- 1 9 1 4 ' H fa' XX11 X ,. 11 1 ' ,121 1 ' vw ' -wr 1' ff. ' 1,4 1 . t T X . . X ' V, . -Q' ' 4 1 - 1 2-A ,, ':11"?'5' G15 1154? 'wr' 1,lf'Vf-"1 N155 1'l1'f1 11WX1"f1 11-1 1 1111 1 X 11 , X, X 1 11.1 1 . 114 1 X X 31 .- 1 4 . l b 5 L .1 L 1 X 113,-1 . I .J mp 111111j111W1f1111111ir :M X ,11111211131231W111,,1,.,1,-11111, 3,1116 '1 1 1111121 .1 5 11' Nr' '1 . 11 - 1'I1'- -.11 , 15 his' - .' H- 1 -'W 12' 1, ,11 at L A .s- .Ag, 11 . 1! 1.-4' -.1 . 3313 , 'i 'r1'4s31-.4 5,-1 1 N411 , 1:11 Q 1 X X .5 'NE , 11-1. .. - .151-.r 11 sv. f-' 17,113 W WE! 1.- 1-11 11112 11 1111 frm M" 14 1 X15 ,1 XX XXL ,,1X1X1111XX1X!,-EX11X1r11,1 1 L11 1 ' 11 I 1 XXQXX. 1 .111 - 1 1-11, A 1 1115 145117 Y' f ' Q53 ' 13 fs- E 1 1 11-gi -11 1 X L ' QQ? 1 , 1 1, ' 'f 1' . . ' ' 1 1' 111E?lYf Q151WI119i1E1l1111 CF 113- milf 'Y -T ' - l N V "'f7I"'7E?'N . " ' Gif 2.1 QQ .1 X 5 1X X- 1 ,- XP: X .1 ,. V 1 2' 1,1 J' 2.125 .11'1,f. 1.11, ,,,'11,111?111111 11 111 1 1 X - A: -is . L . ' +11 1 1 11 " 1 I ' ' L 1 if . X111XXX1X,: 1 1 XXXXXX1,XXX,XXX1XX,1 'ff 41 . ' 11 ' 1 X n v X 1 1 1 ,' shi., Nw I I I' 1 ' 1 1 1 '1 S 1 K"11,,1 X X1 ,,'1XXXi11:11,111,X1X1 X 'J X1-11 X JXa1ig', '4 1'1" 1 , 11,1 1111111-11 ?"1 ' . '1'X,1v.111P'i1'1'11f1" 1"'11.,f 4 11 1 H1111 11 1 11211f'1f ,, X ,.,, . e, X- ,r .1 X 1 1 1 uw , , YX11 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' 11 '1 1 1151 1 ' .1 1 1 1,1X1X,'11E111'fXy, 1 11111 1- '-711 1 51' 11 ,I -X1111v I '1,ffiu1, '1 1 '1 111' 1 2 ', -' 111 , X X1 -'1i111i?X'1' 1 71 1 X 1X-1 X X 1 1111 1,1 1 1-1 mx'- n 5 I y K L p. I J 1 I I I 1 v ! 3 5 5 f yu .- A 5 ,S .... . .. , , . ,. .-,..-.i.-.-...-..-. l.1T-.1 .. .... -,.,--.,.--.....,......-- .... . .,,,,. ..-....,..,.,...,....,,..'4 MASAYO AMIMOYO JOHN AXELL HORACE IEALES JACK IRINKERHOFF MARIO GEMELLO SENIORS HAROLD JARVIS HENRY KIRKISH L X Q xx A f, ,fl , -1 DON f'McDONALD TONY MENA ALLAN NEWNAN MARY RADISICH ARNO RAGGHIANTI FELIX RINGOR JOHN ROKOVICH RALPH SYLVESTER C' CHESTER SUTTER MARY TODA PETE VOLARVICH SENIORS JOSEPHINE ABATE TERESA BARBERA BEATRICE BORDI THOMAS BRUNTON REYNOLDS CAMP SENIORS LAWRENCE CARSON WILLIAM CH MBERLIN V14 MARTHA DOWNEY A-"4frsZfE4, -'V' 'AA SHERRELL DOWNEY MARIE FAU LKNER DONNA FORBES NINA FORD KENNETH FRICK HELEN FURUICHI THEODORE HALSEY eearnuos Henneno f6ERNICE mu V , , . , ,f uh! TATSUHIKO IKEBE HENRY ISAKSEN ROBERT JOHNSTON SENIORS r X J I Jessie KIMURA DOUGLAS new l RALPH xoos f X, 4,1 ELMER LESLIE JOHN MACK SENIORS DAMASO MARZO MARGUERITE MCINTYRE GEORGE MlLOVlNA KAZUO MIYASHITA JUNIOR MOORE BARBARA MOSHER JOHN OGATA EMILY OKADA EVERETT PARSONS FREDERICK PFLEGER LAWRENCE REYNOLDS DONALD ROEERTSON CF ALFRED ROSINGANA 5. V MARY ROTH is EMALINE SPENCER xfs ik K 3 SENIORS -1 FRANK TRI PANO STEVE VISCOVICH ,E xx f -- g.,.E-1-- ASHLEY WALTON KAORU INATANABE M" RUTH WHITTINGTON I 1 1 v TOM WILLIAMS SENIORS fitxilgifhf ,f 6' HAIL AND FAREWELL Thal leacher is mosf useful lo his pupils who makes himself useless lo lhem n Thal has been lhe aim of lhe leachers of lhe Mounlain View Union High School in leach- ing lhe Class of I935, and every olher class my We leachers may be bul a mere four-year incidenl in your lives, bul you cannol gel rid of us so easily as lhal. There is nol one of us buf will become parl of every one of you. We hope lhal lhe parls of us you elecl lo adopl will be lhe besl parls of us. We have soughl lo guide your lhinking lhrough lhese four years and lo guide il inlo lhe besl channels. You will never be able lo eliminale from your minds whal has been placed lhere in your lormalive high school years rx You may, al limes, lhink lhal you have forgollen all you learned in high school. You cannol forgel. Down deep in your subconscious minds lhe lessons of life learned in school are resling ready lo be called inlo service al lhe proper lime xv We have laughl you loyally-loyally lo your ideals, lol your homes, your school and your counlry and lo each olher. A man or woman wilh no sense of loyally is of lillle worlh in sociely. None can depend on such a person. Jusl as in sporls each player musl be loyal lo his leam-males, so in life each cilizen musl be loyal lo lhose he works wilh and for mx We have laughl you open-mindedness. Nol all ol knowledge is held by any one mind. We would be remiss in our dulies if we should send you forlh from school wilh minds closed as you close a book. We crave for you lhe open mind, lhe inquiring mind, lhe loleranl mind xx You are slep- ping forlh inlo a world seelhing wilh new ideas, inlo a world lhal has abandoned many of lhe ideals of manhood and womanhood and cilizenship. Bul lel me remind you lhal a clean life and uprighl conducl, and an humble and a conlrile hearl, are ancienl virlues lhal are slill virlues, and will always be so. Cullivale lhem rv Each year when lhe new pupils arrive, we are all inleresled in lhe kind of boys and girls before us. No lwo groups are quile alike. Now lhal you are each lo go forlh lo live a life as an individual, we shall be inleresled in lhe men and women and cilizens you become. You are always lo have an exlra warm place in our hearls, lhal will glow and expand wilh pride when you have done well and will conlracl wilh pain when you have done ill, so long as we bolh shall live. "God bless us one and all." DELBERT BRUNTON. Principal. I4 ll? SENIOR CLASS HISTORY If was a shy group of cool Freshmen 'Ihaf enfered 'Ihe building dedicafed 'Io "Trufh, Liberfy, and Tolerafion," in I93I. Whaf a fremendous changehas faken place in us since fhaf fime! To fhe pafienf and kindly help of our advisors, Miss Doak, Mr. Gibson and Mr. Sypher, and fo 'Ihe whole faculfy, we owe much. Friendships have been formed, fasfes developed, ideas engenderedg dormanf possibilifies awakened. If is fhese fhings, aparf from book learning, fhaf have comprised our acfual educafion, in which fhere has been an unconscious developmenf, a preparafion for fhe mafure walks of life xx Our firsf sfep info school acfivifies was, of course, fhe Freshman Recepfion. Bill Vorrafh, fhen presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Body, welcomed us in his own hearfy way. The high and low Freshman presidenfs falfered fheir prepared "fhank you's" in spife of fhe dangerous feeling lurking af each boy's pafellar region xx "The Capifoline Vase," a play adopfed from Mark Twain, was fhe firsf assembly program, given by "Les Hommes de Trenfe Cinq," Mr. Gibson's advisory. "Doke's Ducklings," Miss Doak's advisory, supplied a heroine for fhe play. The flowery names were soon dropped when 'rhe Sophomore complex came fo fhe fore. As Sophomores, we gof our firsf chance fo show our leadership, and how well we could puf an enferfainmenf over. If was now our furn fo welcome 'rhe new Freshmen by means of fhe Freshmen Recepfion. The Junior Fair given in February, I934, was decorafed in fhe "Cen'I'ury of Progress" manner. Greaf expanses of solid color lined fhe boofhs, as did fhe simple and sfriking colors of fhe greaf exposifion which our carnival commemorafed. We feel iusfified in remembering if as a carnival "of progress," as if neffed one hundred and sevenfy-five dollars fo fhe Sfudenf Body, passing all previous records xr Mr. Sypher's upper class advisory lfhe "highs" fhroughouf our four long yearsl mef in fhe boys' gymnasium. Perhaps ifs influence, along wifh Coach Sypher's, produced fhe inferesf in afhlefics fhaf fhe class possessed-however, nearly every member was on a feam represenfing our school in sporfs each year xx Our assembly program in fhe Senior year was again presenfed by Sfanford Universify, and we were pleased fo receive Mr. Kahn as presidenf of fhe Sfanford Sfudenf Body. He spoke of 'lhe im- porfance of high school sfudenfs building for fhemselves a definife aim, and fhaf fhey should work foward fhaf aim wifh all fhe deferminafion possible. He concluded fhaf fhis is parficularly imporfanf in fhese days, as shown by fhe keen compefifion nofice- able in every walk of life ww Perhaps some ofher class will carry on our habif of dec- orafing fhe halls during fhe Chrisfmas season. This year, wreafhs and a Chrisfmas free gave fo fhe building a fesfive air. A dramafizafion of "The Chrisfmas Carol" was given by Miss Doak's advisory fhe lasf day of school, l934 xv The mid-year gradu- afing class presenfed a differenf fype of program on Senior Nighf fhan is cusfomary. Being such a small class, if was nof able fo give a program using iusf maferial from ifs class, so ofher falenf was used. Besides 'rwo shorf comic skifs, which were done very burlesquely, Michel Angelo, a former sfudenf of fhis high school, gave a char- acfer chalk falk. The program was kepf lively by snappy musical numbers and dances. I5 CLASS WILL We, fhe members of ihe Senior Class of I935, do believe if is our dufy fo leave our cherished possessions in frus+ of our classmafes. We fherefore declare and publish our lasf will and fesfameni. I, Masayo Amimofo, besfow upon Armand Holfhouse, my colossal lengfh. I, John Axell, will Io Edward Henderson, my famous orchesfra. I, Jack Brinlrerhoff, besfow upon Edward Carney, my aIer'I' mannerism. I, Horace Beales, besfow upon Roberl' Clifford my voluble voice. I, Mario Gemello, do will my abilify in aufo mechanics fo "Siooge" Sfanley. I, Harold Jarvis, will fhe care of my liffle frosh fo Dean Newnan. I, Henry Kirlcish, bequeafh io Leo Silva, my scholarship sianding. I, Elmer Leslie, will my quief way fo Franlc Beales. I, Donald McDonald, will my abilify +o do Ihe wrong fhing in shop Io John Ogaia. I, Tony Mena, will 'Ihe care of my sisfer fo Clarence Mendoza. I, Allan Newman, will my L. C. Smiih fypewriier fo Elva de Curfoni. I, Mary Radisich, will my youfhful appearance fo Camile Hoffman. I, Arno Ragghianfi, besfow upon Mary Lanz, my fremendous muscles. I, Felix Ringor, do will my violin fo anybody who wanfs if. I, John Rokovich, will all ihe air in Sanfa Clara Valley, fo 'Ihe fires of Pefer GIumac's Dodge. I, Chesfer Suffer, will my faniasfic dancing fo all bench-warmers af school dances. I, Ralph Sylvesfer, will Io Malcolm Aiflcen, my shovel. IYou need if more fhan I do., I, Mary Toda, will my bruneffe hair fo Irene Axell. I, Pele Volarich, will fo Andrew Janovich my abilify fo Iceep oul of frouble. I, Kafherine Zec, will my services Io somebody who needs a good nurse. CLASS OF JUNE, I935 We, fhe high and mighfy Seniors, being of unsound mind, buf sfill above fhai' of fhe average daily affendance, do will 'rhe expense of our infernmeni 'fo fhe siudenf body, realizing, of course, 'Iha+ fhey need anofher debfl And now, having disposed of our general Iargesse, we, fhe undersigned, do individually bequeafh fha following: I, Josepl-ine Abafe, do bequealh my winsome ways fo Kafherine Bewley. I, Teresa Barbera, do bequeaih my "boopie Doup" fo Henry Marshall. I, Beafrice Bordi, do bequeafh my abili+y as housewife io Jerry Heinfz. I, Thomas Brunfon, do bequeafh my booming bass fo Jaclcie Cardoza. I, Reynolds Camp, do bequeafh my abilify fo sir wifh my frosh girl friend during assembly 'ro Louie Vidovich. INo+ fha? you need if, Louiell I, Lawrence Carson, do bequeafh my ruddy Ioclxs io Inez Cabano. I, Bill Chamberlin, do bequeafh my soofhing voice io Nellie Sweeny. I, Marfha Downey, do bequeafh my shorf sfafure fo Josephine Marfin. I, Sherrell Downey, do bequea+h my fechnique in evading classes fo Nan Pefers. I, Marie Faulkner, do bequeafh my demure manners fo Mary Halliburfon. I, Donna Forbes, do bequeafh my Greia Garbo coiffure Io Bob Siraub. I6 CLASS WILL We, Nina Ford and Evereff Parsons, do bequeafh our Soufhern acenfs fo Bobbie and Beffy McPhee'rers. I, Kennefh Frick, do bequeafh my pious manner fo Henry Eschen. I, Helen Furuichi, bequeafh my willingness fo help ofhers lo Ord Manning. I, Jack Geiger, bequeafh my ford and babe fo Dick Whiffingfon. I Theodore Halsey, do bequeafh my haircuf, rypical of genius, fo Max Bellew. I, Gerfrude Herrero, do bequeafh fhe U. S. Navy fo Firsf Sergf. Gibson, U.S.M.C.R. I, Bernice Ielli, bequeafh my "A" in music hisfory fo fhe enfire class. I, Tafs Ikebe, bequeafh my sfudenf body card 'Io Jim Sfraub. I, Henry lsaksen, bequeafh my San Jose girl friend fo Mr. Carfer. IExif Kafherine and Porferville.l I, Bob Johnsfon, do bequeafh my dramafic abilify fo Henry Milo. I, Jessie Kimura, do bequeafh my abilify fo speak Japanese fo Richard Maffeson I, Douglas King, bequeafh my infracfabilify fo William Sfeech. I, Elmer Leslie, bequeafh my meekness fo Jeanneffe Thompson. I, John Mack, bequeafh fhe Freshmen girls fo fhe Low Senior boys. I, Damaso Marzo, bequeafh my quief ways fo Virginia Thompson. I, Marguerife Mclnfyre, do bequeafh my posifion on fhe Scholarship Sociefy fo Jack Randall. I, George Milovina, bequeafh my dark glasses fo Eloise Harrison. I, Kazuo Miyashifa, do bequeafh my menfal agilify fo Barbara de Curfoni. I, Andrew Moore Jr., bequeafh my sfanding room in fhe creamery 'Io Elsie Sorenson. I, Barbara Mosher, do bequeafh fo Marjorie Baron, my abilify fo handle my man. I, John Ogafa, do bequeafh my abilify fo ask unnecessary quesfions fo Tom Wifher- spoon. I, Michiye Okada, bequeafh fo Doris Hoffman, my afhlefic abilify. ll+'s beffer fhan diefing, Dorisll I, Shigeo Oku, bequeafh my conducf in dramafics +o Celesfine Gemello. I, Fred Pfleger, do bequeafh Marion Thompson fo fhe Davis Bros. IThink you can manage 'em, Marion7l I, Lawrence Reynolds, do bequeafh fo Dan Van de Sande, my bragadoccio. I, Donald Roberlson, do bequeafh Doris Pricheff fo Bob Masfin. I, Alfred Rosingana, do bequeafh my baking abilify fo 'Ihe incoming Frosh girls. I, Mary Rofh, do bequeafh my abilify fo chew gum fo Eleanor Harfie. I, Emaline Spencer, bequeafh my sewing genius 'Io Charles Hamasaki. I, Miyuki Takano, do bequeafh my silence fo Joseph Jurasich. I, Yayeno Takeshima, do bequeafh fo John Puppo, my facf. I, Eva Tepsich, do bequeafh my expressive brown eyes Io anyone who may need fhem. I, Sfanley Thompson, bequeafh my abilify fo dress as a good framp on dress-up day fo Harry McCandless. I, Frank Tripiano, do bequeafh 'Io Lewis Yapp, my place in De Cur'Ioni's kifchen. I, Sfeve Viscovich, do bequeafh my posifion fo anyone who can fill if as well as I have. I, Ashley Walfon, do bequeafh my drag wifh Miss Barnhisel fo Kirby Von Leuwen. IAnd how you need if, Kirbyll I, Kaoru Wafanabe, do bequeafh fo any ford owner-my frusfy chevrolef. I, Rufh Whiffingfon, do bequeafh my sophisficafed manner fo Jean Ellsworfh. l, Thomas Williams, do will my bed on fhe sfage by fhe radio fo Glenn Wilson. I7 HOROSCOPE " NAME Amlmoto, Masayo Axell, John leales, Horace Brlnkerhoff, Jack Gemellog Marlo Jarvis, ,Harold J Klrklsh, Henry Mena, Tony, - Newnan,' Allan Radlslch, Mary ' Rlngor, Felix Rokovlch. John Sutter, Chester Sylvester, Ralph Toda, Mary Volarvich, Pete Zac, Katherine Abate, Josephine Barbara, Teresa Bordi, Beatrice Brunton, Thomas Camp, Reynolds Carson, Lawrence Chamberlin, Wm. Downey, Martha Downey, Sherrell Faulkner, Marie Forbes, Donna Ford, Nlna Frlck, Kenneth Furulchl, Helen Galger, Jack Halsey, Theodore Herrero, Gertrude lelll, Bernice Ilzebe, Tatsulko Isaksen, Henry Johnston, Robert Klmura, Jessle Klng, Douglas Koos, Ralph Leslie, Elmer Mack, John Marzo, Damaso Mclntyre, Marguerite Mllovina, George Mlyashlta, Kazuo Moore, Andrew, Jr. Mosher, Barbara Ogata, John Okada, Mlchlye Oku, Shlgeo Parsons, Everett Ptleger, Fred Reynolds, Lawrence Robertson, Donald Rosingane, Alfred Roth, Mary Spencer, Emallne Takano, Mlyukl Takeshlma, Yayeno Tepslch, Eva Thompson, Stanley Trlplano, Frank Vlscovlch, Steve Walton, Ashley Watanabe, Kaoru Wllllams, Thomas Whittington, Ruth DESCRIPTION Cherry Blossoms Brute pianist Blonde Torpid Durante Charublc Words fall us Handsome Arthur Plump Stravinsky Rosebud Midsummer nite's dream Sllck article Petite Polite Friendly Ask herl Just a little flower Buxom, blythe and debo Harmless Cradle snatcher Politeness lErasedl Trying to grow Reforming Serene Greta Garbo Arkansas Bashtul Willing to help nn.. The great stone face The sallors' toast Pompous Helpful Lady killer O- so mildl Demure Jaxx King Flne forehead Meek appearance Blue beard Quiet Scholarship Blue eyes Thoughtful Harmless Bumpy Strong Coy Muddllng his R's Texas A poetlc Soul!! Tubby Particular Short--fat- Repressed Prim Silence is golden Contented Mona Lisa Lazy bones History hath no equal Intelligent Little boy blew Striking Maker of dreams Ballet dancer nair CHATTER "Oh Dear" "Play, boys" "Oh for-" "Hlya Babel" hugh.. . "I don't know" "Now, I think-" Where's my ring?" "How's it comln'?" rl Where's my folder' Fog in the morning" Hi" "Aw Birkle" HMB.- lCan't hear herl "Gotta work" "Aw nertx" "Sweetheart!l" "l don't know" "why 4' ia do mn" "O. K." "Hey 'Trip' " "No credit" "Sure" UNM.. "Oh Em" "So you won't talk" "How yo' all?" "l got it now" Come on Ya" "Shanghai" Oh-I see now" "The navy" "Oh Donaldl" "Still mad?" "Well-" "Sayl" "Where's Bobbie" nwhy.. "Well" "Come on Ren" None "Do you think so?" "Where's the babes" Oh Alfred "Hey Donna" "It's not finished" "Huh" "l'll do itl" Jeanette "Ah don cayah" Ye1Gods "AW-shucks Censored Going Tats Ready Peppy Good Gravyl Don't look now Oh, Helen Have you sean Red? Was that necessary? She said so Hi, Peanut Got a weed? Ugh-ugh Dishwasher blonde Wl-ll-ee Mama said not to." Yes, Miss CoIeman" FATE Milkmaid 1nd Ben Bernie Keeper ol the Bees Bedroom, parlor, slnk Federal agent Cop Orator Jeweler Veterinary Cot-cutter Chewing sugar cane Admiral U. S. N. Tarzan Prune-picker Companion Ditch digger Circus Rlder Grand opera Betty Boop Red Cross Big butter and egg man Banker Crooning Warbling lWe wouIdn't sayl The dog house Housewife Ask Junior The Arkansas Traveler Passing the hat Somebody's Stenog Henry Ford ll A grim relic Need l say more? Barmaid Farmer Sen Jose Ambassador to France Sewing teacher Jan Band Bessie's chauffeur Mountain Climber Harem Orator Missionary Dancing Instructor Mlnlster Oulntuplets English :orrector Wrestler Countess Palnless Parker Il Texas cow-puncher Poet-laureate toCourt of Slam Alvlso farmer Song and Dance man Dough tosser Flapper Embalmer Glldlng gold fish Stenographer Fan dancer Climbing lamp posts Organ grlnder's monkey Mayor of Mllpltas Pie-eating champ Fencer The perfect secretary Yeah? Mr. Edwards, Hoffman. Brunton, Jurnvich, McManus, Vidovich, Puppn. Hollhonsc. Oku. Sl1Hl'l1' l5Ulll4lilUrl: Honda, Jose-lvlx, Kunkel, ll9f'lll'tOlli, Hx-l'rex'u, Pear, Bnrluera, Mzimvirll. Momlnzu, King lslthruzl. LOW SENIORS Of +he various programs given during 'rhe year for fhe Sfudenf Body by fhe differeni class advisories, one of fhe mos+ inferesling was 'lhaf sponsored by fhe Low Seniors, and presen+ed by s+uden+s from Palo Alfo High School. A siirring "mellerdrammer," wifh a ravishing heroine, ghoulish villain, and divine hero, 'lap dancing, musical num- bers and a clever reading made up +he program. Such exchanges of enferfanmenf are broadening, whefher in choral, orchesrral or dramafic lines. Their significance is fully realized in sporls, and if is +o be hoped lhaf we shall have a number of such exchange programs in fhe fufure. In reciprociiy, ihe class sponsored a program for fhe Palo Al+o High School, 'lhe main fealure of which was a presenfafion of l'he melo- drama, "The Shoo+ing of Dan McGrew." The dar+ boofh sponsored by fhe class for 'rhe Mardi Gras was very successful financially, and proved +o be one of lhe major a++rac+ions a+ the carnival. The class has shown a marked abilify for sporis, five of fhe members having been on afhlefic reams. The capfain of nex+ year's foofball ieam, Louis Vidovich, is a Low Senior. The class Presidenl was Charles Kankelg Vice-Presi- deni, John Puppog Secrefary-Treasurer, Carolanne Nicholas: Class Represenfafive, Eddie Carnie. Under fhe guidance of Mr. Edwards, +he class sponsor, The class hopes lo show in i+s final semesfer a spirif worfhy of ihe graduaiing class of Mounlain View High School. I9 l7lil'l'm'il, Snlo, Cnrilozn, Yami, iliri:-winili, l,nnr', Giffin. Czinnnn. B4-llvw, N1-slor, Viilzmlri. Nelson Khalil: llu-In-, Mrs. llmvns-y, Watkins, Fujii, Koos, llnrruws, Hululis, l"nrnari, Sliirnki. lnouyv' lmnlmllvlt Jouqnln, ll:in'man, l'1w1mvii-li, Yzunaji. llzililersun. Lanz, Nix-liulus, Yzinizmu-tn, 'l'snm-liiyzi, Nmuiri il'l'1Illll. HIGH JUNIOR The unifed efforf made by fhe Sfudenf Body fhis year fo pay off fhe bonds was deall' wifh mosf successfully by fhe Junior Class. The nef profif for fhe fradifional dance and carnival sponsored by fhe Juniors, fhis year fhe "Mardi Gras," exceeded even fhaf of lasf year, which was fhe highesf fhen reached. The fofal enfered in fhe Sfudenf Body freasury from fhe Mardi Gras was one hundred and ninefy dollars and ninefy- fhree cenfs. lfs success was nof financial alone. The decorafions were unique and ably direcfed by Jack Cardoza. Pasfel coloring was fhe mofif fhroughouf-bofh in ceiling sfreamers and boofhs. A few people appeared in cosfurne, which also added color fo fhe occasion. A word of advice fo nexf year's Junior Class-have each boofh well sfoclced. Of fhe sevenfeen concessions af fhe Mardi Gras, only 'lhe dance and four ofher boofhs confinued selling affer fen o'cloclr. "The Magic Well," fhe con- feffi, ice cream, hof dogs, and several ofhers were sold ouf long before fhe people had finished buying. This should be avoided. lf defracfs nof only from financial gain, Wilsnn, Slmiii, lsliikunn. Marshall, Wliittinut-in. Ports, Manning, Esvlicn, Pm-cm'elli, lh-:ill-s llmc-kj: llurnn, liriksen. l'!l'llllZ, Miss Culemun. Miss Schmidt, C. l'i-ters. Jura-u-i1'li, Mustin, Humasaki, Jennings lniimlmlla-P: NIIIHIPH, lvvrivs, Marrvllu. lim-wley, Vnmplu-ll, Kmnzsliinizi, Kato, lhirrmvs, Vnn I-Imis, Wnils. N. Pelors 20 l bui if gives +he appearance +ha+ +he carnival is ended long before i+s Time. lf was noi' The faulf of fhe Juniors +his year: The o+her classes had noi properly supplied +heir boofhs. Lewis Yapp of ihe Junior class and Esfher Wilcsfrom of fhe Sophomore class were elecfed King and Queen of fhe Mardi Gras. Much credif is due +o Miss Schmidf, fhe class sponsor, and fo Bob Masiin, General Chairman, for fhe success of 'ihe occasion vw Colin Perers won fhe Scholarship Socieiy book weelc prize 'For his composifion on William James an More +han len members of fhe class were on alh- lefic feams. Six per cenl' of 'The class was represenied on ihe Scholarship Sociery xi The Junior year is considered by many 'ro be a difficul+ one, wi+h chemis+ry and American hisfory occupyng much of 'lhe s'ruden+'s lime. In +ha+ year +he leadership of a class musf and does sfep 'ro 'rhe fore, and has done so in +his year's class mx The officers for +he semes+er were: Presidenf, Louis Yapp, Secre+ary-Treasurer, Camille Korfesg Council Represenfaiive, Charles Hamasakig Yell Leader, Jack Cardoza is The class hopes +o carry forward 'ro +heir Senior ac+ivi+ies 'rhe same school spiri+ which has been noiiceable fhroughoul' This year. LOW JUNIORS "Small Down Payment" a one-ac+ play presenfed in April, was +he mosl oufsianding eveni for ihe Low Juniors. The casi consisied of David Nordberg, Roberf Krrlcish, Jack McCar+y, Charles Moore, Marion Radisich, Kafherine Radich and Max Bellew. The play was quife well done and fhe class deserves much credii for +he performance, having direc+ed and produced +he play wirhoui +he aid of +he advisor and sponsor, Mr. Smiih xx The class was well represenied in a+hle+ics, five members having been on feams. Scholarship raling was also good, eighf and eighf-+en+hs per cen'r of +he class having membership in fhe C.S.F. rm The class officers were: President Max Bellewg Vice-Presideni, Kafherine Radichg Secrefary-Treasurer, Marion Radisichg Coun- cil Represenfafive, Jack McCar+y. Sakai. Martin, Tinrrilv, Womls, Mulinuri, lilllllliilillliilll, NUl'IIl?l3l'll', Kirkish lfiresi rowi: I.:m1lu-rl, Kingsmill. lmn1lr0x'l, Nmnulvn, NlSllimlll'H. Sll1lill, Burke, Rsulivh. Ihulisivh. Mm-klwv. Hull Is:-vmnl mwj: Randall, Hollow, Kulmta. Nmla. Sw:-envy. Valmnn, Ikilhan, lizulisich, Mendoza Hhird rmvi: Spily, Mc'i'm'lhy, Nmln, Peak, Munro. Johnston. linvv.-lipruw lfourlh rmrl. WL A 2I Van Dc Snndv. VS'ithm'spoon. Nakannla. H. Martini-1. Silva. Miln. Jui':u'ivli. Mylrc-:A lluwkl: Tnkann, llhrhumnmvr. Spencer, Silva, Popovirh. Mvlosi. Miss l'z-arc-c. Pasqnal, Mr. Aiikon, THii0ShiITlR. Stanley. Black, Tlmmpsnn. Saunders. Om-Ita. VVilsnn lmiilrllelz Muranaku. Hoffman. 'l'hnmpsnn. l'riN'lu-ll, Vinln. 'l'suc'hiy:i. Yumaji, lcv, Sur-Iii, Rmlwim-. Ruann, Wikstrum. Muruyzumn lfrunil, HIGH SOPHOMORES The largesi evenl for lhe Sophomores is usually 'rha'r of 'lhe Freshman Recepiion. ll is 'rhe firsf 'rime in fhe lower classman's career 'ihai he mus+ show unified aciion and spiril in pu++ing over a school acfivify. Arrangemenfs for decorafion, music, refresh- menfs, efc., musl' all be 'lalcen care of, and in 'iheir proper fime. lf is an opporiunify for 'lhose who wish fo be leaders in lhe fulure +o s+ar+ building a repu+a+ion for lead- ership. The receplion was successfully given as usual, and "brough+ ou+" fhe Freshmen qui+e nicely, as ii is inlended +o do xx The Sophomores have shown a decided inleresf in fhe plays of Shakespeare, and many of lhe members mei each Monday evening for fhe purpose of reading 'rhe plays. Thus +he "Shakespeare Club" came info being again, as if did in lhe winler of i932-33, and again under 'ihe able direcfion of Miss Wilbur. Al+hough no plays were produced by ihe organizafion, fhe members became liiyomura, lkvlw, Kimura, Kmlamzi, Hvmlf-1'son, Vary. J:mm'ich, Curly. Davis, Januvic-li. lmui Hopi: Ami- mnlo, Eatmi, Lzirsnn. flruluun. Good. Corridan. Miss lim-kor, lfunuliiki, Hiprnslmiuvhi, Coupnr, Krmnshirnn, Kimball, lwuln, Erivkson lmiddlcjg Kimi, Alves. l'Inr'abn. Anluku. Burr, l"Ul'l'l'lNVily, .llurilin, Garvicli. Molinari. FOVIIO. Suiwlivz. Kilursmill. llnru flowcri. 22 familiar wifh "The Merchanf of Venice," "Romeo and Julief," "The Taming of fhe Shrew." and ofhers, and learned fo appreciafe fhem. Miss Wilbur has a falenf for making Sophomores really enjoy Shakespeare, and is unfiring in her efforfs fo aug- menf fhis inferesf in fhose sfudenls who respond fo her feaching of fhe plays in class xr A clever impersonafion of radio sfars was given by Miss Beclxer's advisory, wifh Jeaneffe Thompson as masfer of ceremonies. The program was prepared on shorf nofice, and fhose who fool: parf deserve credif for fhe unique performance xx Twelve members of fhe class were on afhlefic feams. Six per cenf of fhe class was represenfed on fhe Scholarship Sociefy xx The Scholarship bool: weel: prize wenf fo Harry Graham, for his review of fen boolrs mx The class officers were: Presidenf, Joseph Jurasichg Vice-Presidenf, Edward Mylreag Secrefary, June Redwineg Council Represenfafive, Richard Maffison. LOW SOPHOMORES The more or less painful Low Sophomore period of high school evolufionary growfh was successfully weafhered by fhe fwenfy-nine members fhis year. The nine boys of 'lhe class are said fo have grown up quife rapidly. They dared nof show any unmanly childishness before fheir advisor, Miss Birlcland, nor fhe fwenfy girls fhaf make up fhe resf of fhe class! ln fhe beginning of fhe year fhe class's acfivifies were in a sfafe of suspension. Wifh winfer, however, much energy was shown on fhe parf of fhe mem- bers, and many excellenf class programs were arranged and produced by fhe mem- bers xm The class chose fhe fumbling room of fhe gym for fheir ping-pong garden af fhe Mardi Gras. The room was cleverly decorafed fo represenf an old-fashioned garden in which ping-pong and card fables were offered v Four members of fhe class were on afhlefic reams. The represenfafion on fhe Scholarship Sociefy was eleven per cenf-second highesf in fhe school in The class Presidenf was Glen Mc- Manus, Vice-Presidenf, Masao Miyashifag Secrefary-Treasurer, Elaine Shiralnig fhe Council Represenfafive, Barbara de Curfonig and Sergeanf-af-Arms, Tony Spily. Miyzisliim. Querzuiles. llvlvfanllless, Mnhrman. Rmlriun, Spily, Sanfhez, McManus, Malsulm Hopi: Flcnl. Mziwvtti, Zanetii. Miss llirklanil. Piper. Lum-rke. I-'iff-r. Esvaim lniiddlvi: Kzinmiln. Aho. Vinrisiu, lmvim-k. Axell, i'1l"HZil"l', Mena. Hailey, Shiraki llnsli. f .. 23 Silva. More-im, f'ii'is0ioIi. Durst. Hmmm, Carlnltn, Oha, Broun. Mena. Kuwamotn. Eamon, l'ulum4v. I,4n-4-joy. l'cnk, t'hamlu-rlin. Vnlurvich Hom: Gray, Grifall. Okamut-u, VS'ilson. Thompson. Kunsziki. Jsilmvivli. llushiilu, Rose. Plcrnanilez, Stone-lxal'p0r, Biirui-s. Andres. llurlock. Rielli. l5""5l"0l11:. Allvll. fi0l'lvf'll1l. Nr-wlmli. Straub, Hopkins, lnrnuyv. Orr, Hansen. lfujii. Wrixrht lsr-1-nnelli Tmlzi. Kanznki. KNLINWNQ Mvllluskvy, Naivzwru, klilllll, C'lifl'or1l, Mr. Ilrululr, Miss Mylno, Mr. f':u'!v1', Hzirrison, Sli-flizm. l"l'Ilil1lllLfllIlIll, I'cal-oily, Manilnrivlx fl'runU. HIGH FRESHMEN li 'lhe members of lhis year's Freshman Class show an abilily proporlional fo 'lheir numbers, we are due for an excellenl slep forward in our school development Hav- ing an enrollmenl of one hundred and len, lhe largesl' Freshman Class in our hislory, cerfainly from lhaf number somelhing worlhy will shine forlh mm The class has already shown a marked +alen+ For alhlelics. Every leam has had one or more members from lhis class. Twenly-four boys were on leams-a sure sign lhal' Mounlain View will mainlain ils high slanding in fhe S.C.V.A.L., providing, of course, 'lhal' 'lhe Freshmen keep up lhe work as well as lhey have lhis year an Aboul fhe firsl conlesl lhe Fresh- man enlers in High School is lhal sponsored by lhe Scholarship Sociely during Book Week. ll' is cuslomary for lhe Freshmen lo wrile slogans boosling lhe reading of books. This year fhe prize wenl' +o William Garliepp for his slogan, "A Good Book ls -lf'lllllll1TS, Slvswli, l'nullus, l"rcnf'l1. Harlivpp. Hs-rrm-ru, Kailitvrna. lnxwsun, lmvis. l"nullun-r, Sli-wnrl ltolvlz li. VVilson, lbinlxlan. l'utler, i'arney, I-lnriulit. llzxrrili-, Hwrris. Ksulzinizi, Slim-:in-i', Wyliv. llnrkli-y, Mf'l'lwi-tors, Pinto, llvlly Mr'l''s. Gonzales Bnmly, Jolrv. Svliullzv, mlcilvlmzirn, ll. Wilson. llrownly, liuilvy lmiflillvl: llzivvlls, Lambert, Cory, Nishmilrzi, Abe, lkohc. Stern, Marlin. .l. lCllswm'll1. lluilil, M. Ellsworih. Mnllosmi, Siillm-ns llmltmnj. 24 i Man's Friend" mx Musical and vocal falenf is nof lacking eifher. The orchesfra of fhe school has gained many new members, and fhe opereffa casf drew from 'rhe Freshman Class rx "The Magic Well," a sorf of grab bag sponsored by fhe Freshmen af fhe Mardi Gras, was very colorful and inferesfingly handled. lfs only faulf was fhaf if only lasfed unfil fhe middle of fhe evening as Miss Wilbur is 'rhe class sponsor. Those who co-operafed wifh her as class officers were: Bobby McPhee+ers, Presidenfg Henry Schulfze, Vice-Presidenfg Barbara Harfman, Secrefaryg Josephine Marfin, Treasurer. LCW FRESHMEN The 39 liffle Freshmen who iusf came info High School in February malxe up fhe largesf mid-year class fhaf has enfered. They could be compared very nicely wifh kindergarfen children, fhey come info fhe new school "green," wide-eyed, wondering whaf fhis whole idea of an educafion and a career has fo do wifh fhem. As yef fhey sfill have fheir childish ways, laughing and fallring and carrying on in general, buf wifh a few more semesfers of High School, fhey will calm down and begin fo really worlc as This class has sfarfed off on The righf foof, fhough. Two sfudenfs are already being recognized for fheir fine arf work. Alfhough fhere doesn'+ seem fo be much afhlefic maferial, a fair percenfage is doing excellenfly in fhe sfudies, which means fhaf fhey mighf have a good scholasfic sfanding an The Scholarship Sociefy enferfained fhe class one afternoon by 'raking fhem on an excursion fo a packing planf in San Jose. To every incoming Freshman Class, fhe C.S.F. gives some sorf of enferfainmenf so as fo lef fhem lcnow fhaf such an organizafion exisfs and also sfimulafes a desire in some of fhe pupils fo become members of fhaf organizafion xx They will be "officially" recognized by fhe sfudenf body affer the Freshmen recepfion in fhe Fall my The Class officers are: Bernice Luce, Presidenfg Lucille Marifz, Vice-Presidenfg Carol Nordberg, Secrefaryg Lorena Mylr6a,'aTreasurerg Don Sfephenson, Council Represenfafive. , . l ,T Harilmlrli, BIl!'lN'I'H,Xil'i9ililT. Munro. lluluor. Sivlvliolxsrilll llurvia. Tshimnru lfrrml rnwll Murilz, lions-. Suvki, Innuyc, llcrndlluslllllvi-l', 'l'lwzu, linulislu, Kubota. N0l'1ilbl'l'l1, Avkr-my fur-r-nml 1-owl? Many, Marlilwz. l'arsnn. Mylro ure, Vzimlu Amr, 'I'rm'crsn. Atkinson, Yamzimmn, Mr. Syphr-r Him-k rim-j, 25 Affairs 1, NI11 1 11 141. 1111! 7f-9113? '1 1111 1 11,11 "1 "" '1z111i-11111111 1 1 1 1111 1 1111 . 1 1111 W 1 11W1111Y- ig? 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'r J ' 1 '- 1.17 ,. , Gif MX If ,Vg if"lf ' ' ' ' if 5: ' -A1"l,Iz' ff .4-1, u . M X ' 4 - . F 4 , M . ' ,., , Y. , Au QW" 'N Y V L W , . My -.1 .4 A w nfq w V + f A 'N i PW 3, w ' w w 1 , M . , -A Q V Q ' ' '-:fl , ., -N I w H' ,, ilu vi ,MM-L JK SUTTER RAGGHIANTI CAMP PFLEGER WM, QM IIRKLAND PEARCE IHESTER SUTTER . . ERNO RAGGHIANTI . . REDERICK PFLEGER . ARBARA MOSHER . LOBERT JOHNST AARTHA DOWNEY . OM SATO . . 1 N DOWNEY 1 IANDALI. KING M DOWNEY s A Ks :F MOSHER - JOHNSTON BLU E and GRAY STAFF . Edifor-in-Chief Miss MERCEDES PEARCE . . Ari Advisor Business Manage' MISS MARION BIRKLAND . . Faculfy Advisor ' S""P2'o' Edna' ooueLAs KING . . . . spam Edi+or . . + +'+" a 'S 'man REYNOLDS CAMP . . . Adver+ising Manager ON . . . Class Edifor JACK RANDALL . . Asst Adveriising Manager SHERRELL DOWNEY ..... Joke Edifor . Girls' Sporfs Edi+or . . Ari Edifor VVl1itlinu'tnn. Luce. H1-intz. Downey. Barkley, Martinez, Farmloza. Fzlplain Brunton lfrunt iwrwl: R1-llvw, Mvlfzwllly, Iinmlull, Vincovivli, Von Lvuwvn, Williams, llnllhuusc, Sutter. MRSUII. Hamusukl tlmvk rnwl. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ALLAN NEWNAN . . Presidenf . . . KIRBY VON LEUWEN BARBARA MOSHER . . Vice-Presidenf . STEVE VISCOVICH GERTRUDE HERRERO . . . Secre+ary . . . RUTH WHITTINGTON JOHN ROKOVICH . . Commissioner of Finance . . . BOB MASTIN JOSEPH MARTINEZ Commissioner of Boys' A'rhle+ics . . HARRY BELLEW NINA FORD . . . Commissioner of Girls' A+hle+ics . . JERRY HEINTZ JACK RANDALL . Adverlising Manager of S+uden+ Body . JACK RANDALL CHESTER SUTTER . Edi+or-in-Chief of "Blue and Gray" . CHESTER SUTTER The Execulive Council, which is fhe governing body of our school, mee+s every Mon- day +o discuss and ac+ upon fhe various problems +ha+ arise. The Presidenl' of fhe Sfudenf Body presides and fhe facul+y advisor is fhe Principal of ihe school, Capfain DeIber+ Brunlon. The Council consisfs of fhe officers of +he Sfudenl Body, as lisfed above, and a represen+a+ive from each class. Spily. Williallns. Rnkuvirli. Sullvr. S. llnwnoy, M. llnwnvy. Mal'lil10z, Hammmki Hop rnwjg lfarrluzn. llvllvw. Nownan. lrlvrrero. Capt. Iiruntnn. Mosh:-r. Rzmflull. lim-klvy. Rxuuhianii llast ra-wb, 28 If .ve -fr sf . . f-- in , Y 'k A " , , P W . sw 4 ' X 1 . :gi ji X - 5 . 'r f ' l s S .AR x. is' K S 3. . W 5 2 ut as-' A 3 ,dl g as S 5,-.,-W ' il as - F T ss vii xy . -Q .. v T ,b - A 1 .. s -Lift - Uliumlierliu, Mvlntyi-0, De Gennaro, MvPheelers, Halsey, Rmlisich, Radic-lm, Viscovich, Yamamoto, Silva. 'l'sui'lxiyai, Urlunnmer, McPlweters, Sutter, Miss Coleman, lshikawa lback row, left to riuglmllg Thompson, Nisliimnrzi. Nishiura. Okada. Johnston, lsaksen. Clifford. Thompson. Herrero imiddle rowlg Kortesi Kunoshima, Shiraki, Cory, Miynshitzi, Good. Kalilerna ifronl mu-J, SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY SOCIETY-Chapfer 52 "Scholarship for Service." These are nof iusf idle words puf on fhe shelf fo be faken down and dusfed off once a year. They are fhe guiding moiive of all scholarship members. They are sef as an ideal fo every Freshman and are engraved on fhe minds of every Senior. In serving fhe school, fhe Scholarship Sociefy sfrives fo do ifs parf n This year fhe Scholarship Sociefy gave fhe Sepfember Freshmen a parfy which was enjoyed by all. This parfy is given annually as a sorf of a welcome fo fhe Freshmen sv The annual Book Week confesf was again sponsored by fhe sociefy. The Freshman prize was awarded 'ro William Garliepp for his Book Week slogan. The Sophomore Class had fo review fen books, in such a way fo arouse inferesf in fhese books and make ofher sfudenfs wanf fo read fhem. This was won by Harry Graham. He gave clever skefches of each of his fen booksg iusf enough of fhe sfory fo leave fhe reader in suspense and make him wanf fo read fhe book fo complefe fhe dangling sfory. Colin Pefers, of fhe Junior Class, was awarded fhe prize for his composifion on William James. Bob Johnsfon won fhe Senior prize for his complefe review of a book. The books presenfed for prizes were especially fine xv An excursion was made fo fhe Sfanford Museum, where several hours were spenf viewing inferesfing relics. The February Freshmen were faken on a four of fhe California Prune and Apricof Process- ing Planf in San Jose. The members have affended convenfions in bofh Alameda and Hayward. The frips fhaf 'rhe sociefy has provided for and sponsored have been for educafional purposes as well as excursions of enioymenf. Bob Johnsfon was elecfed presidenf for fhe firsf semesfer and Henry lsaksen for fhe second, and Emily Okada was fhe very able secrefary. ln our Scholarship Sociefy fhere are an even number of boys and girls, which is unusual. ln mosf schools fhere is a majorify of girls my This year Mr. Carfer was appoinfed a co-sponsor wifh Miss Coleman. We feel fhaf fhis will sfrengfhen our sociefy and give us broader inferesfs, as nof many chapfers have men as sponsors. We look forward fo many successful years. 29 Mrs. Stulfm-ml, Newman, King, Mastin. Mr. Wild:-1' lbzwk rmvjg llownc-y. Peters. Ilerrerv. Ileinlz ll'l'0H1l- LEAGUES All of lhe many inleresling acfivilies of lhe Girls' League have been very successfully carried our fhis year. The worl: was direcfed by Mrs. Slalford, Dean of Girls, assisfed by Sherrell Downey, Presidenlg Jerry Heinh, Vice-Presidenlg Gerfrude Herrero, Sec- e'l'ary, and Nan Pelers, Treasurer. The firs-l dance given, iusf before Chrislmas, was a Tin Can Dance. Each person who allended gave lwo cans of non-perishable food as his admission. I+ was well a++ended and fhe food collec+ed was made info Chrisfmas baskefs, which were disfribuled around 'lo lhe needy families of +he communiry. The Variefy Program given in May was an enlirely new under+aking for 'lhe league and was qui+e successful in spife of fhis. The Semi-Formal Dance given +he lasl of May, in which fhe girls acled as hosfesses +o fhe boys, was a novel idea and enioyed by fhose who alfended. Marion Thompson had charge of all fhe social evenis of fhe year. BOYS' LEAGUE The Boys' League is an organiza+ion 'ro which every boy in fhe school belongs. The League meefs once a monih, a+ which fime business is +ransac+ed and special enfer- lainmeni is presen+ed. ln lhese monlhly meefings, Mr. Wilder, lhe League sponsor and Vice-Principal of fhe school, usually poinfs ou+ lilrlle fhings +ha+ +he boys could do fo make fhe school life happier for everyone concerned. He discusses faulfs fha? lhe boys have, and somelimes are no? conscious of having, and how lhey could and should be correcred. Mr. Wilder really helps fhe boys become more genilemanly, and be++er sfudenfs and cifizens. Allan Newnan presided over The firsf semesfer, and Peler Spily over +he second. They were assis+ed by Harry Bellew, Vice-Presidenfg Bob Maslin, Secrelary, and Douglas King, Program Chairman. 30 J. lmrxmvs, M, lam-Ui, 'l'. Knnnshimal lfix-st: mwb: XY, Ste:-ns, Ir. Cnrnplmll. E. 'l'l'l1Sl4'll- H. M0llHIU'l- C- Kurh-S. M. linrrnws, P. lloulnl, J. Ja-liliimfs isa-nmul fowl: M. Ellsxxm-sh. F, Smm-bamvr, E. Shultz. A. Nmlguvs, li, Cannon, J. liruwnliv. R. CliI'i'ui'd, J. Ellswurlli, K. lflric-li llliird mwl: J, Munro, E. Wylie, ll. Kina. ll, Wlii1linp,1on, ll. llull. M. Ilnwnuy. M. 'I'lmlmxsun, li. Mylrvu, lf. l'l'ln-u'u1', S. T"ri4'k ffuurlh ruwj: M. Kimz. li. mlel'urtuni, .l. Pnplm. J, Gril'aIl, A. Calzzuln, C, llurlouk, W. liz-ir-lusnn, H. M4-lusi, P. l'1ric'l1sen The addifion of several falenfed Freshmen made fhe orchesfra larger fhan if has been lfiftli rms J. ORCHESTRA in previous years. The orchesfra furnished music for all of fhe school plays, fhe oper- effa and fhe fashion show. They have played for several evening performances, and as a lasf showing, fhey will play for fhe commencemenf ceremonies in June. BAND The band, under fhe direcfion of Mr. Campbell, who was assisfed by Teresa Barbera, has proved ifself fo be an inferesfing parf of fhe school. lf furnished peppy music af fhe foofball and baskefball games and played for some of fhe assemblies. If foolr parf in communify affairs by playing for polifical campaigns, Public Schools Weelc and for fhe dedicafion of fhe Woman's Club flagpole. This spring, fhe band held ifs usual spring concerf on fhe lawn and an exchange program wifh Sanfa Clara High, which was greafly enjoyed. ll. K'lil't'-ml, H. ilrzilizinx, S, l-'ric'k. E. Mylrc-zu, l", T'l'l1-gn-V, J. lNIm'klner-, C. Kzmlsle. ll. Milo, D. Atkinson, J. liumlnll. C. Monro, J. l'uppo. 'l'. llanvis, 'l'. Williauns, H. lsalisvn llnu-li ruwl: K. l"l'ivk, J. Rmlwine, lvlr. l':impb1-ll, IP, Wluiliimrlon, li. l'I:itun, ll. Hulinuri, I", lliniinigu, M. Silvan, 141, 'l'e1xe-rim-li, ll. King' lmialdlv rmxl: E. l'zxnnuu, J, liruwnlio, 'l'. H:u'bel':i. M, 'lTllUI1l1PSUll, J. .Tm-llliillpgs, ll. Ilalll lfrmil ruwj, 3I The lack of exchange programs by our chorus and fhe choruses of ofher schools was GIRLS' CHORUS cerfainly noi due fhis year fo a lack of abilify in fhe chorisfers. This opporfunify for musical confaci wifh ofher schools was neglecfed because of fhe many ofher excellenl' programs offered during fl-ue year. However, ifs eighfy members have been acfive in enferfaining our own school af differenf fimes, such as Chrisfmas, and assembly programs, and Music Week. Various members of fhe Girls' Chorus were chosen for parficipafion in fhe opereffa. BOYS' CHORUS The forfy members of The Boys' Chorus were obliged fo meef al' noon fhis year in ihe "Li'f+le Thea+re." The group, nearly all lower classmen, was under fhe able direc- fion of Miss Becker. No exchange programs were arranged for, buf many members were in fhe chorus of fhe opereffa. They also enferfained during Music Week xv The following group of boys mef each Wednesday evening, forming fhe "Double Quar+ef": Tom Williams, Tom Brunfon, Doug King, Tom Wifherspoon, Bill Chamberlin, Jack Randall, Max Bellew, Ed Cannon, Lawrence Carson, and Jack Cordoza. From 'lheir conscienfious efforfs, "Hobo Harmony" was produced for Music Nighf. As fhere is no place on fhe school schedule for choral insfrucfion beyond mixed chorus, fhe group had +o meef oufside of school hours. They deserve much credif for fheir per- liormance of "Hobo Harmony." MIXED CHORUS An excellenf rendifion of Chrisfmas carols was given by fhe mixed chorus on fhe Chrisfmas program. The fwenfy members of fhis chorus were also direcfed by Miss Becker. lf was also fhrough fheir efforfs fhaf Music Nighf was a success. They sang for fhe Commencemenf Exercises in February xx One of fhe mosf enioyable acfivi- 'lies of fhe year, bo+h for 'rhe parficipanfs and fhe audience, was fhe biennial operefla, This year "The Marriage of Nanne++e." The casf and chorus was made up of a few of fhe boys and girls from each of 'rhe fhree choruses. The sfory, by Louis Woodson Curlis, concerns fhe much-married Duc D'An+in, played by Bill Chamberlin, who waifs impafienfly af fhe village of Champs Des Fleurs for his lafesf bride-fo-be, fhe Counfess Heloise lJean Ellsworfhl, repufedly fhe mosf beaufiful woman in France, alfhough she always goes veiled, so fha? no one has seen her face. As fhe Duc waifs, he learns fhaf his bride has been sfolen by highwaymen, buf he does nof know fhal' fhere is a plan on foof fo subsfifufe Nannefle lJosephine Abafel, fhe lnnkeeper's daughfer, for +I-ne missing bride, much fo fhe sorrow of Rene lMax- Bellewl, who is in love wifh Nanneffe, even fhough fhey have recenfly quarreled. As The quarrel is being pafched up, fhe Counfess appears before fhe lovers and is discovered fo be hideous-looking when she unveils. She agrees fo remain hidden unfil fhe wedding cermony, when she lakes her righfful place, and Nanneffe is leff free fo marry Rene. 32 X :'x,,.,,-, M Kzurznvu. Nurnllu-Vg, Thuzu, Kuknia. Slum-hargu-r. Ogzllu, l':4c1'hn-Ui, Mrl'lllalu-y, lhxrrcms. NYiks!rum. Multu- suu, Ilaxldm-rsun Urunt rowkg Soronsun, Zulu-tti, l7IifI'fn'd. llnrrir-mn. Antuku, Hudll. Burr, lflllswnrlh V Germ-llo. lIlll'tl'l'lIlU, Vinrisio, l1Illswnn'th. Axoll, lhu'lm'k. Gurvivh, l"m'nn, Dv l'lH'1l7Ili. Lum-Vko, limo, Knnxnki Q Yzimuji. Hrnhzuml, Nishiura. I'i1bt'l', 'I'u4Iu. Vzxmluru. Kunw 4:04-mul rnwb: Miss Bm-r-km-l', Carson, Kummlu lfifer. Hohlms. Huron. Kurivs. llxxvir-lc. Nishimurzl, l'i:ntrw, Hua-1.1-lt. Fr-ntlximllmm. Julmslun, Ste-rn. Uahnnn liiilmn, Mm-lm. Julmvivll. Akruyd, linllotti. fhxvvmmri. Pull-rs, Allon, Maru-Ili, Luce Hhird rowl: Stvffanl Mznulurich, Radisivlx lhunly. Watkins, Ruse. i'arney, l'oalmd3'- Naval-ru, Muritz. Manrlim-2. Esc-uxm tfnurlhb liilly1'NITliH, lVIOm'u. Vifilson, wiltflll, AIV4-S. Cnmlwr, Js-nnimrs lI'ron1 1'ow5Z Pfxullus, Wiihvrapomx, Numlsx Mlll'3'3lll12l l'o1vovim'l1, Silva, livrra-l'n iso:-uncl rmvi: Rnmlull, Komlmrm, l'unni1mhnm, Julx, S4-itz, Spily Martinez, l'il'is4'iuli, llura lthird rowi: Kiyumurn. Fuji. lnuuyu. Vnlaraxvich, lwalzl, Curvy. Jnnovivh HWRUI' U'Ulll'lh l'0W12 Mulsulm, Miyushita, Stnnlvy. Hzu-horn. Kirkish, lmxvsmn, U1-llrw tfifth mwb. !fl'Ull-1011, fl'l'iDi1lfl0. f7ill'f10Il. Calrduzu, H4'L'kvr'. Cllllllllll, l7lmmIw1'li11, WiHwl's1mun1, Ruud:-xll Umrk rnwj l1'l'fH'h. lxmmshllmmn, Ilnblrs. l'lll'llllI'l, Watkins, liinpy HIIIVUXVS. Pnpnvic-h, llzmlnum. B!ll'll9I'il lfrunl row? 33 Julmstun, King, Barbara. Hrunlrm, Iluwney, Frivk. P1'l0s:'r-r, Mack fsemwii, Whittington, Furnp, Ilnwnvv. DRAMATICS Booih Tarkingion aufhored +his year's Senior play, 'rhe unforgeiiable comedy, "Seven- leon." ll porfrays a lovelorn you+h of sevenleen who ihinks he needs a dress suif. His faiher s+ernly refuses +o buy him one before he is 2l. The son's difficuliies are iemporarily solved when he overhears his moiher say +ha+ his fa+her's dress suii is in fhe closef on The landing. The play moves rapidly and difficuliies develop s+eadily un+il 'lhe las+ scene, in which everyfhing finally comes 'ro a happy ending. The per- sonnel of fhe play was: William Baxier Jr., Fred Pflegerg Lola PraH, Theresa Barberag Jane Baxfer, Rufh Whifiingiong Mrs. Baxier, Sherrell Downey: Mr. Baxier, Reynolds Camp: Genesis, Roberi Johnsiong Eihel Blake, Marfha Downey: George Crooper, Tom Brunfong May Parcher, Barbara Mosher: Johnnie Waison, John Mack: Mary Brooks, Josephine Abaieg Joe Bullii, Douglas King, Mr. Parcher, William Chamberlin, and Wallie Banks, Kennelh Frick. The play was given in +he High School audiiorium on May 23 ax Dickens' "Chrisfmas Carol" was ihe play chosen by fhe Senior girls as ihe annual Chrisfmas play. Each member of 'rhe advisory had a pari and only girls made up 'lhe casi xx Among fhe one-acl plays presenied was fhe deligh+'ful liHle play, "The Knave of Hear+s," given af 'rhe Mardi Gras. li held an audience roaring wi+h laugh+er while +he disrressed li++le queen, on +he siage, shed bi++er +ears nv To be caughf helpless in an elevaior +ha+ is siuck befween fhe I Hh and l2+h floors of a big sfore, is no laughing ma++er, as all who saw +he play, "LiHle Prison," well know. "Submerged," a one-aci iragedy +ha'r porfrays ihe harrowing experiences of a sub- marine crew during ihe las? hours before fhey are all desfroyed, was given on May I6 for +he "open house" program. On fhe same program was "A Nighf a+ an lnn," anofher iragedy in which a few ignoranr sailors iried +o s+eal +he ruby from +he eye of an idol my "Spreading 'lhe News," an lrish play in which an innocen+ man was accused of murder, clue +o ihe misundersianding of a deaf old lady, was presenfed af l'he Girls' League mee+ing on May 22. On May 28, during 'lhe regular assembly period, "The Trysling Place" was given. ll' was anolher mos? enjoyable comedy by Boolh Tarkingion and was greally appreciafed by +he eniire s+uden+ body. 34 K , N X k x X 1 f' x ng K' ,, ... ss . J- . , P5238 "Urs-ws IT11 Huy" Irruuprhl mn its umm! galaxy ni' vmtu'-vs ilu- txxu hnmunf. :nw "Spark I'luy," xu-rn rimlmh-n plonly. Ex:-n ilu- l':u'ully mlullod up :md thc- Marines wvro l'o1n'us4'nivti. inn. S4-our-s frmn "'l'h1' lixmvr- of llvurlsf' gin-n :H tho Mzxrmli Urns. v ASSEMBLIES This year assemblies were held bi-monfhly insfead of weekly as formerly. The firsf semesfer passed smoofhly and quickly, under fhe presidency of Allan Newnan xx Palo Alfo High School presenfed a very inferesfing program showing fhe real falenf among ifs sfudenfs. A group of our sfudenfs gave a refurn program which was also very well done. Among ofher programs presenfed in assembly was a group of piano solos by Roberfson Denny of Palo Alfo D Af Chrisfmas, fhe Senior girls presenfed Dickens' "Chrisfmas Carol," direcfed by Miss Doak, fheir advisor. Ofher programs were ably presenfed by fhe advisories. The vice-presidenf and program chairman for fhe semesfer was Barbara Mosher xx The second semesfer assemblies were called fo order by our able and aggressive Presidenf, Kirby Von Leuwen. There were quife a number of good, peppy business meefings, which showed fhaf we can show some school spirif when we wanf fo xx The crowning achievemenf of fhe adminisfrafion was fhe erasure of a deficif of five hundred and forfy-four dollars, and fhe building up of a subsfan- fial surplus. This was accomplished by a program of rigid economy. Several good pay assemblies were given in order fo lower fhe sfaggering freasury deficif. On one occasion, Mr. Brush, fhe magician, gave an amazing performance xx A moving picfure was arranged for on anofher day, buf perhaps fhe mosf oufsfanding of all fhese pro- grams was fhe one given by Lieufenanf Gilsfrap. Mr. Gilsfrap is summer direcfor of enferfainmenf af Yosemife Nafional Park. He gave imifafions of bird calls and some very good panfomimes. We hope fhaf anofher program can be arranged for wifh Mr. Gilsfrap in fhe fufure xv ln May fhe Sanfa Clara High School band gave a sorf of an informal concerf fo fhe Sfudenf Body. The College of Pacific and Sfanford Universify gave fheir annual programs as usual. Sfanford broughf quife a number of well-known young men. This year fhey presenfed Bobby Grayson, Wesf Coasf foof- ball sfarg Al Blackman, frack sfar, and Marvin Kahn, Presidenf of fhe Sfanford Sfudenf Body. Each of fhese fhree gave inferesfing falks on subiecfs quife appropriafe for fhe high school sfudenfs. Ernie Hechf, banio player, added fhe musical fouch fo fhe program. Mr. Peevy, gymnasfic insfrucfor of Sfanford, and his company gave some very good fumbling exhibifions. Sferling Coffrell acfed as masfer of ceremonies wx Sfeve Viscovich was fhe compefenf program chairman for fhe second semesfer. 36 lliarki Mckjnvich. Edwarzls. Hzilsvy. lelli. Julmvicli. llframll .IuIinston. 5, IIf'WII"y. Iluulsl. HHIIIIllll'i'lIl. Marlin. I"nr1I. Iizilun. MOUNTAIN EAGLE This year Ihe paper's slogan was "A bigger and be'I+er EagIe." How well Ihis was carried ouf depends on Ihe impression +ha+ exisis in Ihe readers' minds as Ihey recall Ihe I934-35 Mounfain Eagle mx Vincen'I Melciavich rose rapidly from reporier Io Ihe Ediior of Boys' Sporis, wiih Pefer Janovich, Arihur Grey and Tom Hardiman as his reporiers. Claire Janovich replaced Mary Halliburfon as Girls' Spor+s Edi+or, wi+h Bernice IeIIi as special repor+er on Ping-pong and Nina Ford as G.A.A. repor'Ier. Afier Chrisfmas a new column appeared called "Ex-Eagles," by Eugene Gear, Sporis Edifor of I933-34 Eagle and 'fhis year a'I'Iending San Jose SIaIe n A sfaff banque'I was held Iafer in March, al' which a full reporf was given Io 'Ihe members by I'he Ediior. Miss Phyllis Smiih was inviied as guesf speaker vw Funds Io send more siaff members Io Ihe Press convenfion nex+ year were laid aside by +he refurn of +he May dance. Many iolly Friday nigh+ meefings were held and a closing banquei in June broughf Ihe social ac+iviIies Io an end an Wifh Josephine Marfin as Ediror nexI year, Ihe Eagle should confinue Io prosper an The Edi+oriaI S+aFF consisis of: Edifor-in-Chief ..... .... Associaie Edi'I'or . Assis+an+ Ediior . Club Edi+or . . Feaiure and Fashion Edi+or . Ac+iviI'y Ediior . Drama+ic Edifor . Boys' Sporis Ediior . Girls' Sporfs Edifor . Advisor ......... . . REPORTERS--R. Eaion, S. Downey, P. Janovich, T. Johnsion, A. Grey, H. Isaksen. TYPISTS-E. Tepsich, B. Balfon, M. Sfring. . . . PEGGIE GOULD . VINCENT MEKJAVICH . . JOSEPH MARTIN . BERNICE IELLI . . . NINA FORD . JOSEPHINE MARTIN . . . MARY ROTH . VINCENT MEKJAVICH . . CLAIRE JANOVICH . . HARRY EDWARDS Halsey, M. Halliburion, B. 37 Athletics r WWW Wn .s W ,,,,,,,.,.,., w, . w. ui In w :F 1 Tl' V L ill' r. w vwflwnwl K'nSMyb1 A P few NWN 3 . W,-r HI w f FZ" n 1 mme. A 2 'W WW 'I f' yx 'G -- . -up XA! , ,Q L' ', A.: 1 LJ: X Ml, 1-- . ,, 5 .-' ,-- mm I .L '15 fl. I 1.4, lv rw- ,1- mm Lime , , ii- Mwl, 11 , ,. - ,.. X unumvu --nr mins HI, T . - - iii X 1 Q X-I, II I I I I ,RX X ' ,XXXXXX X It I .rl X I,I. X ,,,,,,,,I II I XXIXXI XXX. I I XX X X HX,XX , XXXIX,,XXIIIIIX'I ,X I I I X I,XXXX1XI IXXX fIIX,XgXXXX',X ' XXX X,3XX,X ,X I, I "- XX : ""' " X X' LX' X "W " 'X"'XX' , X X X' X ",XXX'X ' XXXXXXXXXXX 'XX X W" XXX, 'X'- "" , ' 'X XXX' , XXX','XX A ' X ,- IX,I5f XI! 'X ,,II, II' I X,1WIIIXX,1' I I,f XMIQEIX XXX'f,XX,,X'II XXI,IX II X, ,' ,' XXIIf,XIIX,I XXXX,:I,I,IIXI,III :XTX XIXXX, II X QI- I II I XvI.I.I,,X jI,II,m,I,IIII, IXX,I,,,I IXX, I ,,,,IXXI XX,IXIIX 51 I' 'X II,.X ', :X IIA X X XI 'XXXXXXXXI ,'IX' XX X'X'I ,, X 1 X 'XXXXX ,XX ', . X gf X :,XXXX'XX'X X X ' X' ' X ' i 'X XM '55 "Q ' X JWIX .. I, , . ' X' 1,3 .X X IIIIMX II .I,'-,XX :Ing--I:.I, X 1, X'-'FX XX 'X X " X ' f" 'f' if T" ' ., X,-,4,,HX- X, " ' , X L- 'wsu ' X X ' .5". 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IIII,,II , II X I , ' - JI, - ff X X X IXXIXQ, ' X X4 X X X X, X 'ir XMXXX K, S A' Y 'Y ,Q A ' X -.Xysi-.: I 2 . 5'-4 XX. 3 ,XXII -X , 1 - X. - X I ----rf-I-III . 15 my ,1Iy1iIIIIg ' :f,:ffXQ::F:'i15'W'k- EX llflir 1,154 E QL: xl" ' ,I X ,I ff?" 55,-pkwlfiuf ig-p.,-XX'.1 3 , 'X XXX , - '- X.: 5' . 5 X X X XX .X X , X, X, , X X af-XX X X " XX,XX X ' , XX',X,XXXXl,X,X 'X,X4"XTQ,.-JW" ,XXX-, Xi .' IPX , 'i,.?'9Qt.i' . "Xi I . 1 'X"'XXXX:X,7,'X'.5,,,X,"'XX X, ,'X X X X X X-2, X1 'Q 4-'Lf-5 X'XXXXXXXIX,XXI,,XII , ' XX:,XXXj'XXXXXXX,,X,,X'XXX ,X -,,,,,, ,I 1 5,3 554 X . IL, , I ,,-,, . . X"XW"iXif1XXX 'XlX"X X :XXX"X"XXXXWX9'3'X59X'X'WXXXxX':""1"'X'X! '5XW'Xf5TEXX:'f'XS4"" X"Xf -:X 'X " 'i - .ff 'i':Y"XXU""'XX ',X"aJ"7XX'X'XX7T""X'WI'if' "lXfX!"5"' 'XXWF' 'fMX""'XX'X?7,X' X':--2Xj"X: F X ,rf5EX,.XXXX!Xj, X IXII,IXIIIXI XX',,,,III, 1 XX XXXXX X, ,'XX,IXI' I XX' XX X,,IXf'XX1XXXXIX',X X, ,X Xg1Xp,II'XX,, " A X'-XX' ' -X-'X X -'X 'EXEXUQE 1 is v L 1? E f 2 - E 5 r 4. E Q 5 . E E - .I ' l r liimr, llNlllZl!I0l'I Mannimrs. Mylrcu, Cunnimrlmm. Clifford. Mr. Sypher, SlN'Hl'1'I'. Chamberlin. Losliv. ll. i'iris1'iuli. 'l'. Ciriscinli, Jonnimrs, Nmwllu-rg llmc-ki: Ramlzill, Sharp. Willivralioml, Hamasaki. fi. McManus. M:kSllll. A. Mc'M:4nus. Williams. llrmxnliv, Henderson. Barkley, Spily lmirllllel: Bel'0w, Brinknrfnff. lizmgliinliti. Brunton, Vixluvir-li, Rnlun-icli, Hnltlmusv, Glumav, Newman. Jarvis. Kirkish Umilomj. FOOTBALL The loo+ball season opened wilh for+y-five boys oul' for lhe inilial praclice-forfy-five boys who were willing +o pul every effor+ info fhe forfhcoming games. The boys, all-hough 'rhey played hard and pul' everylhng +hey had info 'lhe games, jusl seemed fo lack fhe punch and drive lo puf fhe ball over for fhe much-needed 'louchdowns fo win fhe games. Afler having a championship feam for 'lwo consecu'I'ive years, during which +ime 'lhe Eagles scored 2II poin+s againsl' 72 poinfs in lwelve games, 'the Mounlain View elevens were finally defeafed. I+ was difficull' fo realize +ha+ lhey had been defea+ed, buf lel' il' never be said +ha+ lhe Mounfain View boys are "bad losers." They will keep +heir chins up and come fhrough on lop nexf year rx Perhaps fhis was because of fhe la+e slarl in praclicing a+ lhe beginning of +he season, due +o Coach Sypher's delayed arrival from Europe. Affer praclice had begun, however, il did noi fake long for Coach Sypher 'ro gel a leam inlo shape. He had a wide variely from which fo choose. Only a few veferans were back fhis year, so 'rhe coach was obliged lo choose his feam from a "green" group, lhough hard working and willing boys. Allhough 'lhey fried hard, lhe 'ream could nof hi+ lhe usual s+ride of a Mounlain View loolball feam as sei' by lhe squads of lhe pasf 'lwo years. Neverlheless, noi once did ihey give up. Knowing +ha+ lhey were doomed +o defeal, lhe local players sfill showed fhal' fhey could lighf, win or lose. Even +hough +hese new boys did noi play speclacular foolball, fhey succeeded in learning fhe fundamenfal principals, hence greal +hings can be expecled of lhem in lhe fulure xv They were well supporfed from lhe sidelines lhroughoul fhe season and never once did fhe specfafors loose inferesl in +he game mx A+ lhe end ol each game, The score was found lo be "sligh+ly" one-sided, bul' fhe boys were defermined and lheir spiril' was never downed. 39 , W.. , , I ,mm .., . , I. .I ,YI . ,.-' ,I U., .f 114.1 .In .A14 , fir, 'I ,im ' fgf. Qggfqaygf :fx-W , I KIRKISH HOLTHOUSE LESLIE BRUNTON CARNIE WILLIAMS HAMASAKI GLUMAC .LAC 1 'fm'-' A g ' 11 BROWNLIE VIDOVICH BRINKERHOFF SPILY BELLEW NEWNAN JARVIS RAGGHIANTI RANDALL . xx xx Rf if " X :-Z. I . .5 5, L, X f 5 i ff i. x kk 1' . -aa ? FOOTBALL They pui up a good fighfnv Good Iuck 'Io you and your +eam nexi year, Capiain- elecf Vidovich xx We are sorry +ha+ Mouniain View came ouf on 'Ihe IiI+Ie end of fhe horn, bu+ we are no+ ashamed Io prinf 'Ihe scores because we know fhai Ihey did Iheir best ' NON-LEAGUE GAMES Mounfain View . 7 - Jefferson . . 33 Mounfain View . 7 - San Mafeo . 2I Mounfain View . I9 - Hayward . . I3 LEAGUE GAMES Moun+ain View . 6 - Sanfa Clara . I8 Mouniain View . I4 - Fremonf . . . I9 Mounfain View . 7 - Los Gafos . . 4I Mounfain View . 7 - Gilroy .... 38 S'POSE YOU MISS THE GOAL By Dick RaIs'ron S'pose you don'+ make fhe Iirsf Ieam, Wha+ are you going +o do? Reproach Ihe coach, +urn in your sui+ And vow your pIayin's +hru7 You bei you're noi, you're going 'Io play- A sub, you'II prac+ice and waif UnI'iI Ihe 'rime comes up some day When a regular Ioerfh you'II ra+e. S'pose you miss 'Ihe goal af firsf, Wha+ are you going 'ro do? Sulk, give up, and kick yourself, And growl and fre+ and s+ew? You I:-ef you're noi, you'II gri+ your I'ee+h And iight and figh+ again Un+iI you make 'Ihaf winning goal- For gri'I' is sure fo win. 42 . . - if A- I u I .J .-,... BASKETBALL UNLIMITED BASKETBALL The Vicforsll These are fhe words which should firsf come fo 'rhe minds of every Mounfain View sfudenf when fhey fhink or speak of fhe unlimifed baslcefball feam for I934-35 season: because fhe feam, composed of all veferans, came 'rhrough wifh a championship for fhe firsf 'lime in many years. No doubf, Mounfain View had fhe sfrongesf heavyweighf feam if has had for many years. They afforded fhrills, chills, and fasf acfion in every game of fhe season. Their consfancy and pracfice, and fheir willingness fo co-operafe wifh each ofher, fogefher wifh fhe careful fraining of fhe coach, are fhe many fhings fhaf led fhem fo vicfory. They showed such feamworlc and played clean ball so no ofher feam is begrudging fhem fheir vicfories. The morale of fhe feam was always so high fhaf a defeaf was nof defrimenfal fo fhem buf only served as a sfimulanf. Spirif such as fhis along wifh fhe careful fraining is one of fhe liffle fhings which makes if possible for Mounfain View fo have 'lhe many champion- ship feams. The line-up of fhe feam was as follows: Capfain Pefer Spily, Tony Spily, Andrew Janovich, Louis Vidovich, and Armand Holfhouse. NON-LEAGUE GAMES Mounfain View . 25 - San Mafeo . 22 Mounfain View . 24 - Burlingame . 23 Mounfain View . 2I - Palo Alfo . . 23 Mounfain View . 3I - San Mafeo . I8 Mounfain View . 24 - Palo Alfo . 47 Mounfain View . 23 - Salinas . . . 20 Mounfain View . I8 - Burlingame . 9 LEAGUE GAMES Mounfain View . 25 - Fremonf . . . 24 Mounfain View . 32 - Live Oalc . . I7 Mounfain View . 34 - Sanfa Clara . 25 Mounfain View . 24 - Campbell . . I9 Mounfain View . 33 - Los Gafos . . I2 Mounfain View . 30 - Fremonf . . . I6 43 ff' ,J C' Y is! ' Maislin. Mur0vir'h, Jannvivh, Oku, Kimura. Sanchez. Cirincioli, Honda Ilmcklz Mr, Grubb. Bs-ales, Barkley- Vnn llc Snndc, Gcmvlln, Menu. Nuclu, Witherspoon, Capt.. Brunton ffruntl. THIRTIES The l30-pound baskefball squad is anofher feam +ha'I Mounfain View can well be proud. Alfhough Ihey did noi win fhe Championship in Ihe Sanfa Clara Valley League, +hey Iied for second place, which is a splendid showing. A large number of boys iurned ou+ every nigh+ Io receive fheir insirucfions and careful +raining from Coach Grubb. All of fhe games were well foughf and aliforded plenfy of excifemenl for 'Ihe specfaiors. Wifh bo+h 'Ieams always oul fo win, Ihe games were 'Far from slow and uninferesfing. Alfhough many of Ihe games were very close, fhe opponenfs only won fwice during Ihe enfire season: Campbell and Fremonf were 'Ihe Iwo Ieams +l1a+ Ihe locals played, ai which fime, luck was againsl' Ihem. Under Mario Gemello, 'Iheir able capfain, and Coach Grubb, who is +o be congrafulaled on his abilify fo Iurn ou+ such fine Ieams, +he I30's ended a successful season. LEAGUE GAMES Mounlain View . I5 - Fremonl . . . 2l Mounfain View . 22 - Campbell . . 20 Mounfain View . 24 - San+a Clara . I5 Mouniain View . Il - Live Oak . . 20 Mounfain View . 22 - Los Ga+os . I4 Moun+ain View . 22 - Fremonl' . . . I9 TWENTIES "Champs" again. This makes Ihe fiffh conseculive year fhaf lhe 20's have been awarded Ihe "rifle" in fhe SCVAL. There was plenfy of Iighl and spiril' in Ihese boys. The locals sfarfed fhe league games off wifh a vic+ory and upheld Ihis sland- ing +hroughou+ Ihe season. The games were fas+, full of spills, and excifing from beginning 'Io end. The boys were always ou'I +o wing +hey had io hold up Ihe pace ser by fhe four preceding 20's ieamsg 'Ihey had fo win for 'Iheir Alma Maier so Ihey would noi have 'ro hold 'Iheir heads in shame for being fhe firsi' 20's Ieam Io breal: fhe Championship record of so many years. Each game found fhem seffled down 44 me Lv Mr. Grubb, Barrile. Honda. Sum, Ynpp. Mzxrovich lhackl: Imui, Joseph, Mau-tim-z, Kiyomurn, Nakumolo lo sleady work, slowly bul surely piling up lhe poinls. The school is cerfainly proud of lhe I20-pound leam and has every reason lo be. LEAGU E GAM ES Mounfain View . 20 - Campbell . . 6 Mounfain View . 33 - Los Gales . I0 Mounfain View . 24 - Sanla Clara . II Mounlain View . I7 - Fremonl' . . . 7 Mounlain View . 25 - Live Oak . . I5 Mounfain View . 27 - Campbell . . I2 TENS The Mounlain View Il0's 'ream seemed lo have slarfed oul on lhe wrong fool lhis season. However badly lhey were being defealed, 'lhe boys never once gave up unlil lhe Iasl' whislle had blown. Their posilion in The league was made even more discouraging because of lhe facl' 'rhal fhe 20's were heading slraighl for anofher championship. Mounlain View . 6 Mounlain View . I2 Mounlain View . I4 lHflK"1IlUC,.'C u z. we Germ.-llu. nmanzuu-'rg lmwson, M L I M I uy Sh lte Konosl LEAGU E SAM ES Campbell . . I5 Sanla Clara . 22 Live Oalx . . I5 c alullesa, lwnla. Mr. G iima. Kunzaki. Mutsulma. Mounlain Mounlain Mounlain r 1, nu ubl P II l':u'1Iuza.I1m's, ' View View View us. Fujii, Ilulan, I WI Ii I Los Galos . 2I Fremonf . . . 8 Campbell . . 34 Marovic-I1, manager mi, Ishikawn lfrmltj, -unq- 45 Moreno, Carlotta, Silvu. Muck, Vnlarvich, Capt. Brunton, Barkley. Faulkner. Moreno. Imai lrear tow. left, to riughti: Mr. Sypher, Davis, Van de Sande, Ramsey. McC:-mdlcss. Mena, Randall. Ciriscioli, King. Kiyo- muru. Yami, man:-nzer lmiddle rowjg Cary, Martinez, B1-ownlie, l'. Janovich, P. Spily, T, Spsily, A Janovich, Belle-w, Hernamlvz, Ike-he ffront ruwi. BASEBALL Cra-a-a-K!! wenl fhe old ba+ as The baseball season opened wirh a "bang" in fhe spring. A splendid showing of bolh veferans and new men was seen during +he en+ire season. Harry Bellow was elecfed capfain of +he "nine" and Mr. Sypher siarled im- mediafely +o ge+ +hem inlo shape. Before pracfice had hardly begun, a "pick up" 'leam was goHen +oge+her and defealed +he Sfanford Frosh. This iype of ball playing made if possible for fhe Moun+ain View Union High School +o have anofher cham- pionship +eam, fhe fhird conseculive year of championship for fhe baseball. None of +he players will be los+ due +o graduaiion +his year, so oiher schools in fhe league are going +o find if very hard +o avenge Mounlain View for af leasi one more year. For some unknown reason baseball seems +o be considered a minor sporl' in our school and uninleresiing io mosl of The sfudenls, buf il is merely because 'lhey have noi been "+hrown" fogeiher wifh baseball leams lo really make fhem become inreresecl and lo learn how +o appreciaie +ha+ sporf vb The season lasied only six weeks, bul' +hose were "chuck" full of fasf-moving baseball games rs Several changes were made in +he line-up lhis year. Andrew Janovich, Pe+er Spily and Frank Carey were lhe chuckers. Tony Spily was cafcherg Hernandez, 'iirsl base: Makado lkebe, fhird base: Jack Randall, second base: "Penny" Marfinez, shorl'-sfopg and Capfain Harry Bellew, Peler Janovich, Peier Spily, and Andrew Janovich were 'lhe oufsfanding fielders. NON-LEAGUE GAMES Mounlain View . I2 - S. J. Slale . I0 Mounlain View . 8 - S. J. S'l'a+e . I Mounlain View . 7 - Sequoia . . . 8 Mounfain View . 9 - Palo Al+o . . 5 Mounfain View . 4 - Alameda . . 3 LEAGUE GAMES Mouniain View . I0 - Campbell . . 6 Mounfain View . I2 - Fremonl . . . 5 Mounlain View . I3 - Sanfa Clara . 7 Mounlain View . I5 - Los Gafos . l 46 MINOR SPORTS TRACK H willingness was all +ha'r was needed +o win a lraclc mee+-you would see Mounlain View shine in lhe Valley Traclc meels. There are many boys who are willing +o worlz hard wifh +he pooresl of equipmenr nigh+ af+er nighl, wilh no praise in view, in order +o gel' in shape so fhal fhey mighl place in 'fhe annual meel. The leam is handi- capped fo a very greal exlenl. None of 'rhe meels will be held al' Mounfain View because of lhe bad condilion of The lraclcg +his is, by far, 'rhe grea+es+ handicap possible because all The mee+s will be on unfamiliar grounds. TENNIS Vile regrel' lhal' our book goes +o press before any of +he scheduled 'lennis mafches are lo be held. The lennis feam will be composed of 'lhree singles and 'lwo doubles. The personnel of lhe feams will be arrived af by a lournamenf, which is being con- ducfed ai 'rhe presenl lime, +hrough 'lhe process of eliminalion. Mr. Grubb, lhe iennis coach, has all "New lv1a+erial" wilh which +o work because lhe complefe las+ year's fennis 'leam gradualed. Alfhough +hey may noi come ou+ on lop, we lcnow 'llul lhe 'leam and ils coach do 'lhe besl' fhey can. I'l'i-avr. Kina. Yami. Mr. lirulb. Randall, Joh. Noda :back now. leli tn riirhtl: Gonzales, Cunmp, I-Jaton, Kiynmura, Siem lfront ram, left to riizhtl. is Q 'T . Qin: f f l I 95 A ,Q .Ai v fa.. .. sy, rs- h 5 gy if ' N w sans-muivwvhekwfhf N 47 Vmniilwfl, l'y0I'll, Hoinlz. Thompson, Downey, Tnnuyv, Telli, Okada, Miss Drunk, Tepsir-ii, Tlordi, Tivrrc-rn. GIRL'S SPORTS Under 'rhe leadership of Hs presidenis, Marfha Downey during 'rhe fall semesier and Jerry Heiniz during ihe spring semesfer, and wiih The helpful guidance of Miss Doalx, The Girls' Aihlefic Associaiion has compleiecl anofher successful year. Under ils management afler school spor+s for lhe girls have confinued ihroughoui fhe eniire year. The freshmen class has en'I'ered in+o each of +he year's sporis wilh a will and deierminaiion which has lrep+ iis class honors far above +he average. Alfhough none of ihe freshmen have been able fo earn fheir blocks, many of fhem are already 'ihe proud possessors of The G.A.A. emblem. Seven girls received bloclcs for af+er school aciiviiies. The firsf 'lwo chevrons awarded in fhis school go fo JeaneH'e Thompson and Lucille Campbell. lla-n'x'r-m, Juuqum, l'lll'llll'lll, Ukmla, lolli llmvk 1-mm: lalwslmim. Innuyn-, Ile-iutz, linrnll. lwml, Mix-ls Dunk lI'l-nm rmvl. 48 0 GlRL'S SPORTS BASKETBALL Girls' baslcelball, managed by Jeanelle Thompson, was lhe mos? popular girls' sporl. The freshmen class had +he largesl "+urnou'l," bul lhey could noi qualify for lhe championship game, which was linally won by lhe Junior girls. Members of lhe championship +eam were: Jerry Heinh, Gerlrude Herrero, Helen Joaquin, Rulh lnouye and Lucille Campbell. The baslcelball leams allended a sporls days a+ Sanla Clara early in 'lhe year. VOLLEYBALL Nina Ford, volleyball manager, should be commended for her efficienl managemenl of lhal sport The Mounlain View 'reams look an aclive parf in five volleyball play- days, one of which was held in our gymnasium wilh Fremonl and Sanla Clara. ln addilion lo +l1e playdays, lhe usual inlersquad lournamenl was held and lhe viclory wenl +o lhe squad from period lhree. MINOR SPORTS Due lo conflicling sporfs and lack of enlhusiasm, spring lennis praclice was can- celled. During lhe fall semesler, several girls came ou'l regularly for praclice. The lcnnis group sen? fwo represenlafives 'ro fhe annual sporfs day al San Jose. Michiye Okada, allhough unable 'lo a'Hend every praclice, was a successful lennis manager x, This cerlainly proved +o be an inleresling baseball season for lhe girls who have jusl enlered 'lhis school. Lucille Campbell, baseball manager, organized lhe leams and assisled +he girls while parlicipaling in sporls days. There were several Junior and Senior veferans, however, almosl half of The girls our for baseball were Fresh- man .xm Swimming, hockey and speedball were all very popular sporls during classes. Swimming was open 'lo girls afler school, bul +hey did nol' parficipale in any meels or sporls days. Life saving was +augh+ +o 'rhe advanced sludenls and elemenfary inslruciion was offered +o beginners. 'ask lei few AS .' if be ' f ' lvxr- l' 'A W K 49 Features 1 3 W tw Y J . i P' I N i 1 H f I f 9 Y h n ll I I I I El l' G A V I i u 1-ummm -uuumumm -un, m ww,muumnmwnwwmuulmmmummmmuuummnm umww,w,muw'wu1rvu3u 140.111 fu sz. u In u .guru 11 2 :rs 11.-ug.- vm nu : anumumu: r 'mlrnl - 4. 7 an v. an-an uuwuwv, wnumuw .wmmuwuw m-mmwmmnmrwu wuvnnmvwmwewX1wv-awur:-'umunzwvuunufmzxnuwuuuumamuuxun ,mm 1 1 1 1 XXX XX 1XX X X ,. 11 X 11. 1 1 1 ' -e--r 1 1 1 , . X 'F' 1 yr 1,111 1 YL. 1 ,1. 1 XXXX1XX1 ' 1':1.y ' -1 1 X 1 1 X 1 X XXXXXX ,X X 1 11' , 1111.11 .1f X .11,., K ' 1 .1'.1111" - 1 ."Lf"' '112 -1.11.1 . .1 ' , 11, , 1 X X1 XXXXX, ,.11..,X, .1 1 X f 551 ' 1 1- . 1 H 1 1 11 1. . T1' Nui-1 1, 211' 1 .N1111 - 1 A Xf:X 1'1" XX1 XXX X,11'X . ,. X, .X .1 1 X 'X n"r . X1XQ ' -'Ab fm I J ' 'I' ' , . - - 1 1 1 Aff -X r 0 , '1'-1. 1-P111 ' 55' .fi 3, .11 " 1 11 -11:1.11'X.1.,l1w1'1','1f'-"L-.I 1, 1 1 1 - 1 I X 1 5- '1,:' 1" ,1X " 1X' .' X: 1 . 4 . -1, ,X 1 , -. 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She will direcf you so you will be sure fo pass a few residences of her less forfunafe girl- friends. lf she happens fo see fhem, she will smile and wave condescendingly. She will have on her besf manners, so you need nof be afraid fhaf she will disgrace you. This is fhe fype fo fake her fo rifzy affairs in xv Nexf we have fhe long, low-slung, sporfy, brillianf-hued, sneaky-looking La Salle roadsfer or Auburn Speedsfer. This car calls for a sporfy, peppy, happy mood. There is much laughfer. The sporf model beside you feels alive and has a sense of well being despife fhe lurking inner feeling fhaf her appearance does nof live up fo fhe car. She is conscious of her hair and fries fo keep if from being mussed. Her mood furns fo one of romance, parked in fhe moonlighf by fhe beach on a perfecf summer nighf wifh fhe sleek, soff, leafher seafs embracing her, and fhe radio playing soffly xx Nexf is fhe happy-go-lucky, bumpify, fliver flivner, where, if anyone of fhe passengers moves his feef he gefs a liffle more grease on his shoes. Girls don'f have fo worry abouf clofhes for fhis car. Anyfhing fhey wear will go fine. They don'f have fo bofher wifh fheir hair, eifher, excepf fo puf a ribbon around if fo keep if ouf of fheir eyes. You iusf sfay where you land in fhis fypeg one foof hanging ouf fhe side, or any ofher sfrange posifion goes. Happiness and laughfer is fhe fheme here xx Then fhere's fhe family coupe of I933 days. A nice car, nof parficularly inspiring any mood fo fhe female. A be- herself car. You offer silenf prayers because fhe resf of fhe family didn'f offer obiecfions fo your faking if, and silenf curses for fhe errands fhey wished on you af fhe lasf minufe. Very likely if won'f sfarf, when you are finally ready fo go, and when if does if can'f go fasf enough fo suif you. You wonder franficly is she will care if you're a liffle lafe, and whefher she will like fhe car. This pufs you in a rafher ir- rifable, snappish mood. This car is a blessing and a curse in one xi The baffered, old Chrysler roadsfer of fhe ancienf days is nexf. Big, fop-heavy, blundering, old ancienfs fhaf have cerfainly seen, and kissed fheir hey-days good-bye. This fype rafher moves fhe girl friend fo shame. She sifs and silenfly hopes fhaf none of her friends will see her. She always prefers fhe lonely back roads where no one can see fhe car and her. H is much easier fo gef her fo go ouf wi+h you in fhis fype on 'rhe very darkesf of nighfs. She cannof be her usual friendly, cheerful self in +his car. xi Some boys mighf have nerve enough fo go over fo Her house in a large, ungainly, dirfy, old dump- fruck. This fype is swell for picnics wifh a "gang of kids," as you can pile in any old way, and if usually inspires fhe gang fo sing and yell and make noise in general. lf you iusf go over fo see Her, fhough, fhe sense of humor is shaffered. She is in a 5l conslanl slale of lerror for fear someone else mighl come over and see lhis lruck in her, yard: consequenlly, she isn'l very cordial lo you and is secrelly lrying lo gel rid of you all lhe lime. This usually leads lo disagreemenl and finally lhe break-up. Boys should lake a few hinls and bring cars lo inspire lhe righl mood in lhe girl friend xi The :nexl lype is lhe l935 model, Ford V-8, sedan. This car is a happy com- promise lo lll lhe female moods. She can gel inlo any mood in lhis car. ll inspires lhe romanlic mood very easily al nighl. There are usually lwo couples and each couple is complelely wrapped up in each olher. This is lhe car lo park in lonely spols lil you like lo park in lonely spolsl. Wilh lhe radio playing, il is ideal. Of all lhe lypes of cars, l lhink lhis is lhe wisesl and safesl choice. Fellows, if you wanl your girl friendly, happy, gay and peppy, romanlic, mushy, confidenl, or even if you wanl a good squabble, bring lhis lype mm Nexl and lasl is lhe lalesl slyle coupe lfiord, Dodge, Chevy, elc.l. This is lhe lype lo inspire confidence and friendliness. Frankness and even romance, under some condilions, are main faclors in lhis car. You bolh feel shul in from lhe resl of lhe world here and louch on subiecls and lell lhings you never would any olher place. Women wilh pasls or secrels lo hide, be- ware of lhis lype. And boys, don'l promise her loo much while under lhe influence of lhis car xx Well, fellows, I wish a lol of you could read lhis-maybe you would quil wondering why you "gel lhe air" or why you can'l gel lhe proper response from your presenl or "ex" hearl-lhrob. MARS By Kirby Von Luewen Oh, God of War! God of lusl, God of passions base and vile, Thou bringesl nalions lo lhe dusl And man musl suffer all lhe while. All of our greal, all of our grand, Molhers, wives, and children young Go down benealh lhy awful hand. And slill lhy cursed praise is sung. Thou bringesl lo man immorlal fame, The fame of suffering, lrial, and dealh: Fame lhal leaves him ill and lame, The marks of lhy accursed brealh. We hope, resolve, aspire, and pray To Jehovah God, of mercy greal, Thal on one grand and shining day Thou, Mars, shall die of morlal hale. 52 wg. wr f 7- ,, 'nfl NU r' . RQ , X..X Q N 4 f 1 ,X fill N, ll P .il A N ' gig 0 K ip ,Q QQQ 0 xg A . X ff . Q 8 , n -, u l. u -l Q ll -I 4 lil '- lr--ff' - ..,.- K ig fl The "Gym" at a dislum-Q and vlnse-up, too Thx' Main Buihlim: The Hand Paraxlcs Main Entrance clurinir lunch hour Main l-Inl1'am'v during :A mnment of calm The Tennis Courts :xml the Football Field. WHAT A LIFE! By Donna Forbes I am a very shorf, dirfy, clisrepufable-looking obiecf. l have suffered unfold agony in fhe few shorf weeks of my exisfence. Ah, no indeed, I haven'f always been as unaf- facfive as I am nowl The day of my advenf info fhis greaf world of ours is very clear in my fhoughfs. On fhaf memorable day, I was fall and very nice fo look upon. l would prove an assef fo my possessor providing he or she were a genfle person. Buf luck was nof wifh me on fhe day of my debuf. My new owner furned ouf fo be a very dirfy and careless young boy. He freafed me shamefully from fhe very begin- ning. Now l find myself old and useless. I am fearfully awaifing my fafe in a huge, dark recepfacle, surrounded by all sorfs of refuse n Such is fhe life of a pencill STANDARDS OF SUCCESS By Marie Falukner Morning, evening, noon and nighf, We work and foil wifh all our mighf. Hard we labor and rack our brain, Somefimes successful, somefimes in vain. Day by day and year by year, To learn fhe world should hold no fear. And when God sees how hard we fry He'll boosf our score a way up high. lf you should find your climb foo sfeep, Don'f give up and go fo sleep: Buf sfay awake and on fhe job, And your sfore of knowledge, you will nof rob. For fhe one who fries wifh all his mighf, Will always keep his goal in sighf, And pass all ofhers af a fasfer pace. Reaching af lasf fhe looked-for place: And will sfand among fhe honored few, Who sfick, and gain whaf fhey sef ouf fo do. 54 TWO LITTLE GIRLS BEING SILLY By Clarisse Haulman A lilfle girl fold me fhaf fhe mosf fun of all is being silly. You invife anofher liffle girl fo dinner and, af a liffle fable all by yourself wifh no grownups af all. You say silly 'lhings-You make each ofher laugh-You giggle--You giggle and she giggles and you see who can make fhe mosf lerrible face mr You sfick your fingers in fhe corners of your moufh. You +wis+ your eyes mosf horribly. You see if you can fouch your nose wifh fhe lip of your fongue. And you giggle xv You're silly as can be. You shriek wifh laughfer if fhe ofher liffle girl says fhe liniesf fhing. You acf digni- fied, you prefend fo be very haughfy. You puf on very la-de-dah airs. And you howl. And grownups come in, and fhis shushes you a lillle-and for fwo minufes you can hear 'rhe celery crunch. Buf i+'s no use, you're sure fo explode. You're iusf fwo Iiffle girls having a lovely lime being silly, making each ofher laugh-and you iusf can'+ help if xr Thaf's lrue, foo. The Iiffle girl is righf. The mosf fun is being silly. There's somefhing aboul' being silly lhaf liffs up fhe hearl, releases fhe poisons of care and worry and dignify, washes fhem ouf of fhe spirif complefely. The blood runs gaily, fhe eyes dance, fhe laugh ripples forfh, The years drop away. Suddenly, for no reason a+ all, you are fhe self you oughf fo be every insfanf of living. Brass facks, cold facfs, absolufe frufh-fhey vanish like fhe misf on fhe wafer. They lose Iheir power, lose fheir gloomy influence. Philosophy is a dull fellow. Solemn analysis is anofher bore. Suddenly a gay spirif brighfly fakes possession of you and his rule will nof be denied. You are gay. You laugh. You chuckle. The liffle fhings seem funny +o you. The law of gravify has been repealed, and in your own way you are as silly as fwo liflle girls, all by fhemselves, duly embroidering fhe plain fabric of life wifh 'lhe brighf gold fhreads of silliness. Effervescenf, irrepressible, ioyously infac- fious, fwo liffle girls being silly as The liffle girl holds a bi+ of fhe frufh in her fwo small hands. She knows. Hold fasf fo if, child, and don'+ lef if slip away from you.. THE MARDI GRAS By Marfha Downey The Mardi Gras was a grand affair. Mosf all fhe High School crowd was fhere. They blew fheir whisfles 'n' danced 'n' afe, And nof a one wenf home 'fil lafe. Af fwelve o'clock fhe fun was over, And all fhe guesfs had run lo cover. The clean-up squad fell righf fo work. The decoralions came down wifh a jerk. Before l leff fhe gym looked bare. Yes, fhe Mardi Gras was a grand affair. 55 'lsawll SPEAKING OF PICKLES- By Camille Hoffman Of all fhe fhings +ha+ I abhor, I fhink my pef abominafion is a "Good Cook." She is a woman who belongs in a class by herself and who is by herself if one is wary. When you are invifed fo fhe home of a good cook 'l'here is always a greaf deal of excifemenl' and busfle in fhe kifchen, for, like every ar'l'is'l', she demands color and afmosphere. When dinner is finally served, if is wonderful and beaufiful fo behold. Nofhing goes wrong, everyfhing is perfecf, buf fhrough fhe whole meal she makes remarks abouf how poor everyfhing is and wonders whaf became of her falenf for making mince pie or sfuffed duck or whafever fhe dish of fhe momenf happens fo be. When you complimenf her on her grand meal, she looks pifyingly upon you and says, "Oh, really, fhaf wasn'f good af all, I don'f know whaf's fhe maffer wifh my cooking lal'ely" xx This woman, when in public, responds fo fhe word "food" as a fire horse fo a bell. If anyone is so careless as 'lo menfion how nice 'Ihe warm weafher is, she pops ouf wifh, "Oh, fhaf reminds me. I saw 'Ihe besf 'receipf' lshe invariably pronounces if fhis wayl for wafermelon pickles fhe ofher day. If was in fhe 'Chronicle'g no, if musf have been fhe 'Examiner.' Well, if really doesn'f maffer which. You fake fhe rind from one good-sized wafermelong chop fine, add fwo cups of sugar . . ." And she launches wholehearfedly info fhe "receipt" Everyone looks on bored frying fo be properly appreciafive. If anyone menfions 'Phe cufe Iiffle Negro boy who cufs fhe lawn for 'lhe Pomeroys, she reciprocafes by felling you fhe "receip'l"' for fhe perfecfly marvelous chocolafe cake fhaf she saw in 'lhe "Woman's Home Companion" n This woman is, fo speak colloquially, fhe blof on fhe horizon, fhe flies in fhe soup, and fleas in fhe whiskers of any social gafhering. Everyone shuns her for fear she will corner fhem wifh a boring, fhough foofhsome, descripfion. Her only companions are women of her same class who can sfand, even enioy, her con- versafion. They can gef fogefher and bicker fo fheir hearfs' confenf aboul' fhe proper way fo make a cusfard, fhe besf fime fo pick chickens, and fhe really superb way her grandmofher made oysfer dressing. THAT SMILE OF YOURS By Clarisse Haulman Thaf smile of yours-don'f hoard if! Give if-you can afford if: Invesf if in fhe joy you shed, The cheer and comforf if will spread- Thaf smile of yours! Thaf smile of yours-don'f hide ifl Lef no one be denied if. And ohl Be sure 'lo Ief if sfarf Deep down wifhin your very hearf- Thaf smile of yours! f 'fi-.S 1 I . Nix xg an Q Nw l'nitv4l W0 Stand. liiviclccl VV1- Fall Syplwr lnclulges in Sulisl Comfort Just Plain "l!zxkm"' Thx-y Thouirht 'Fha-y XYQrv Alum' All Polivurnvn Have Big: Fool 'Susie' at the Bean-li" lihlilll pivtureb Captzxilx- Cmwhes Tho "Ilmvnm-yi' "Pansy", Star Hzxlfluu-k The "Pri-xy", Noun Iluur Diversion HnrseplayfS0me of ihe Gaim. NAGGING-PRO AND CON By John Hoffman Nagging seems fo be one of fhe bad habifs of all women and especially wives of ever-loving husbands. A husband curses fluenfly and frequenfly when, affer paying fwenfy-five cenfs more for a haf fhan he should have-alfhough if may be his firsf new haf in five years-his wife sfarfs nagging him abouf if. Also, affer a hard day's work af fhe offce, if is very annoying for an ever-loving husband fo affempf fo lisfen fo "Amos 'n' Andy" when his wife is nagging af him for missing his usual frain iusf by fracfions of seconds, and geffing a five-minufe-lafer one which caused his wife inconvenience in preparing fhe evening repasf rx Regardless, however, of how many curses loving husbands muffer befween clenched feefh, fhere is fhe wife's side, or, you mighf say, fhe opposife side of fhe nagging quesfion. Some wives have puf forward fheir side very neafly, if a liffle incoherenfly, in fhe following words: "Hus- bands need fo have somebody nagging af fhem, or fhey would never gel' anywhere." The nagger's argumenf, as opposed fo fhe nagee's argumenf, is fhaf a man would never know fhaf he needs a hair cuf or 'lhaf his salary needed raising unless fhere was presenf some person of fhe more infelligenf sex who could show him fhe error of his ways. The wife's argumenf is fhaf, alfhough fhe men call if nagging, if is really a consfanf repefifion of fhe same vowel and consonanf sounds in a regular order, and in consfanf progressively increasingly higher pifch lunfil a spasm, convulsion, Sf. Vifus' dance, hysferia, or weeping is reachedl fhaf produces fhe desired effecf in fhe fhick brain of fhe husband, wifh repenfance for pasf misdeeds or an avowal fo perform cerfain fufure achievemenfs. The wife's poinf is very well illusfrafed by fhe following liffle sfory: xx lf seems fhaf one of fhese so-called nagging women married info a family fhaf had whaf almosf amounfed fo an inherifed characferisfic-a fendency fo die af fhe age of forfy-five. By some sfrange coincidence, all fhe members of fhis family for several generafions back had died when fhey reached fhe age of forfy-five. When fhis nagging woman's husband approached 'rhe age of his ancesfors' and rela- fives' demise, he made a will and prepared fo expire. However, if being againsf his wife's nafure fo allow him fo do anyfhing of his own free will, she sfafed a consfanf vocal reiferafion fhaf he should noi' die. The husband was so formenfed by his wife's persisfenf nagging fhaf he acfually lived fwenfy years longer as l offer fhis advice husbands: Affer an arduous day af fhe office, sfop in af any pharmacy, purchase some coffon, and, affef running for fhe 6:48, sfuff if in your ears. Then prepare for an enioyable evening. If you muffer an occasional "unhuh" and few "ahuhs," you can peruse fhe evening pladder wifhouf fhe leasf disfurbance. ADVENTURES ON A STREET CAR By Frank Lancasfer lf was a nice day for San Francisco. The sun was ouf, buf, on fop of ,fhis hill, if was windy, and I appreciafed fhe facf +ha+ I had worn my overcoaf. I paced up and down befween fwo felephone poles and, affer counfing fhe number of large sfeps 58 if fook fo cover fhe disfance, I was in fhe midsl' of counfing fhe number of small sfeps, when fhe arrival of fhe sfreef care over fhe fop of fhe hill inferrupfed me. I sfepped ouf info fhe sfreef and fried fo decide exacfly where 'fhe moforman would bring his car fo a half. I had fo walk a good many paces because he happened fo sfop ouf in fhe middle of fhe infersecfion. ll really believe fhaf fhey fry fo always make you walk some, buf whal"s fhe use of arguing-lef is passll I puf my fool' on fhe sfep and, before I could gef a hold of fhe railing fhaf surrounds fhe conducfor, fhe car had sfarfed wifh a ierk, and I wenf againsf anofher man who happened fo be sfanding in fhe wrong place rv I losf any remaining dignify enfirely when I fumbled in my overcoaf pockef fo find my nickel and found, insfead, empfiness. I glanced af fhe conducfor who was eyeing me wifh a ''leff-your-money-in-your-ofher-suif-eh7" look. I smiled a sick smile as I wenl' fo my ofher overcoaf pockef, merely for curi- osify's sake, and explored fhaf. I finally had fo disconfinue fhe search for fhe nickel fhaf I had so carefully pu-I in my overcoaf pockef for iusf such a sifuafion as fhis. The conducfor changed fhe quarfer fhaf I fook from my panfs pockef, and, when I had dropped 'rhe nickel af fhe "pay here" sign, I once more gafhered my overcoaf and dignify around me and sfeppecl up fhe sfeps fhaf leads fo fhe seafs. I hap- pened +o furn around +o fhe conducfor. as fhe fhoughf sfruck me lhen, and asked him: "WeIl, will you nofify me when we gef fo Powell Sfreef7" "l'm sorry fo say, misfer, we go only as far as fhe car barn, only abouf fhree blocks from herel" JUST A THOUGHT By Jeaneffe Thompson There she goes wifh a smile on her lips- As she walks along, her haf she fips, She's always smiling, she's always gay, There's never a worry comes her way. We all envy her, buf whaf can we do? For she's always happy and never blue. Buf if you should look beneafh her exferior, Whaf would you find-does she feel inferior? Inside is she always happy and gay? Are ifhere no 'rroubles coming her way? Whaf if she hides fhem under a grin, And iusf does if so you can'f look in? Perhaps she jusf smiles fo hide a fear, And nofhing ahead looks happy or clear. If you were she, could you hold up your chin? When fhings go wrong, and you feel weary Could you iusf smile and acf brighf and cheery? Maybe i'r's iusf as well you're nof she, And I can'f be you, nor can you be me. 59 JCKES a ADS l-- El Congralulalions Class of l935 SMITHS CREDIT JEWELERS 260 Caslro Slreel' Aulhorized Dislribulors of VIRGIN DIAMONDS f BULOVA WATCHES "You cIon'l have 'ro wail' 'lil your ship comes in" El A ch city uncle havin! in mind the Dhyslcai Donit lake your wait. out and Dm, wII'h Ihem leanliness of his country nephew, Jim S., fvhne you are is mg' , nt him B bath mb Surprised was he to Dont wavizfyour ears when you talk-youll wear ' yourse ou . et the following letter: "Dear Uncle: Thanks Donvt drop your eyes Yvthey make wo much noise lot for the boat, but where are the oars? can-t you talk without opening your mouth? Mallory Hals Arrow Brand Shirls JACOBY HAS IT 7 0 MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS CLOTHES AND SHOES Exclusive Agenl' lor Florsheim ancl Nunn Bush Shoes Rough Rider Cords . I42 Caslro Slreel' Phone M. V. 500 Mounlain View FISHING ' TACKLE 'S i1 E' M513- v , v ,I 'li I? bmi X S-mf - v--' I' 12:21 it " CAMPING EQUIPMENT ' T . ..T IIN 5 GROWER'S HARDWARE I60 Caslro S'free+ Phone 7I4 J Thompson lto her rullerj: Would you I t y J. Jennings: WVhal am I going w play this ft sell' out- for me? HOOD! Yapp: 1 certainly would, Jane. Mr. Sypher: End and guard. You're goimz t I Thompson: Then do it. It's aft 11 l k on the end of the bench and gu d th w t and I'm tired. bucket- E E Complimenfs of SPANGLER MORTUARY O MACMASTER-PAINE COLLEGE Byrne Simplified Shorfhand in One-Third Less Time GENERAL COURSES PRIVATE SECRETARIAL IGregg or Byrne opiionali STENOGRAPI-IIC ...ff ifivregg or Byrne oplionall M l 0 z f- !4.?Q,,4 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 'H " M o. , SHORT coufzses 5 COM PTOM ETER ,f u 3 Monlhs' Finishing Sleno- -' 'I 1 155-wg ' graphic 7:g- FT?" ' 4 Monfhs' Finishing Secrelarial 423557 " A EMPLOYMENT Frm' individual placmm-nt O for each sfudcfnt Vim an' cordially ilI'Z'l'ft'd to 'visit 895 C S the college adm heel I3I I Suffer Slreel' al' Van Ness Phone 546 SAN FRANCISCO EJ El Telephone Gllayslone 46I2 El El El E1 Complimems Congra+ulal'ions Class of '35 AI R B A S E You will be greeled wilh a smile L A U N D R Y AT The Grocer ThaT's wor'rh while 954 VILLA sT. LAWSON'S GROCERY TAI VIEW . MOUN N Dial 564 or 565 Phone 559 296 CASTRO STREET El El El El Mr. Wilder: It's raining cats and dogs outside. V. McClusky: You're an hour late. What do y Bax-ny: Yes, I know: I just stepped in a poodle. Tl B'::f::0:fef'i2:nfE9h3:ngi2SQv 3301523 lggfn: Foreman on Job: Do you really think you are fit M I Gibson: HOW did Jonah feel when the wh I for hard llb0l"f was going to swallow him? Alfred McManus tapplicantjz Some of the best Colin Peters: Down in the mouth, as if he judges in the country have thought so. going to blubber. E E El El The 5c-I0-I5c WELL WE STILL SAY lTl QUALITY FCOD STORE C Groceries - Vegefables - and The policy leading The res? by Fresh FruiTs I46 CASTRO ST. BERRYESSA'S ' MEAT MARKET I46 Caslro Sl. Phon e 52I EIEI a mile. Gives mosf of The besf for The Ieasf wifh a smile. WOODWORTHS Los ALTOS aa td EIEJ C d B. d. FANuccl 8. soNs overs an in mg for we l935 Garage. Machine Shop and BLUE AND GRAY Service Sfafion 0 by A. A. A. OFFICIAL GARAGE o THE TRADE BINDERY First Aid 523 Clay Slreel S F G and an ranmco Tow Service' Telephone GA:-field 752 I -7622 Phone 23I2 El El E Mrs. Downey: HOW many blouses Y K 1 Allan Newnan: Say, wouldn't it be s joke Ov! of B Yard? everybody not to serve any liquor at the pa Bobby Mcvheezers: wen. I don't k ij r """if'h'i' cordinx on whose yard 1 get int Ai-nlfmgbz That's what I call a dry sense El El El ERlCHSEN'S GROCERY MOUNTAIN VIEW NEWS W. E. a E. B. ERICHSEN, Props. AGENCY . Circuiaiing Library .frrbscriptionr 'Iiaken for WMM5lIEg5!2TER Periodicals one Qualify of Meat Only llze Best o 0 Slafionery - Tobacco Phones 56l - 562 - 563 o 0 V. L. Gardner ZI6 Casfro Sl. . . Congralulafions, Class of 1935! Phone 2523 Mouniam View 279 Cas+ro S+., Mounlain View E El El B NAPPER'S VARIETY STORE . . . 5-I0-l5c STORE . . . NOTHING Mounlein View, Calif. OVER 23l Casfro S+. 49c El E El Telephone 5l94 R. W. Robinson UNIVERSITY PHARMACY I34 Universily Ave. Palo Allo, Calif. ki by V. L.: Oh. and-besides that. give me ten Mr. Sypher: Hey, did you take I hower? cent' Worth of dog meat' Denn.Newnan: No: is e missing? Butcher: Do you want tn eat it here. or take it home !0d8Y7 Reynolds Camp: I once loved a izirl who made Kirby V, L. lnfter yzlvinu' a hurried glance out f00I' out of men- the doorl: I'll take Hz home: here come some M, Halliburton: What lasting Impressions some of those common persons from school. gil-lg make! Are you keeping up on your reading? ALL THE LATEST BOOKS AT KnigI1+'s Circulafing Library KNIGHT'S PHARMACY Open 8:00 a. m. 109:00 p. m. IVC give S 8: H Green Stamps E ,, Reowme Moron co. ALL MAKES OF CARS REPAIRED AND PAINTED up ',P ITURC CO Dick Hook Del Logan Insurance - Renials Our fmlify ix gum! iuxlmnln' 257 Casfro Si. Phone 24l8 Mounlain View M Nmilh: This in the worst lesson l've heard to- Reynolds Camp: Miss Kirkland, x l l l y. l've reviled nine-tenths of it myself! with your lip? l there u student with a soul so dead thut Miss Birkland: Why, that is sunburn. l s not to his teacher said: "Why, I was mv sick in bed!"Z' Reynolds Camp: Whose sc was ill' BEN FRANKLIN VARIETY STORE 250-252 Casfro Sfreei' HOME OWNED f HOME MANAGED J. W. Sherwin T. J. Thompson . . A 6711 Ss' . lmInnnIa1nV1zw BQIBTBPEEIKTBL' Emu., 44 L12,if?'-- an 1.-,Cf For 47 Years YOUR HOME TOWN NEWSPAPER Bulk Wines Phone 537 Fancy Liquors MlLANI'S ' 295 cAsTno STREET lmporled and Domesfic Groceries Fruiis, Vegelables. Meals . MOUNTAIN VIEW - CALIFORNIA El E EJ Congrafulafions HIRSCHBEK MUSIC CO. CIGSS of '35 Violin Makrr GREGORY 8: SHOUP Repairing of all musical inslrumenis Drugs Grocery Also any make of radio Hardware I68 Casfro Sf., MOUNTAIN VIEW Phone Los Alfos 8I El Thomgxson- Say, mister, hold these books a Mr. Aitken: What is your worst sin? frrgggggfnog Qggg'esogj,jji,d0n" You 'mow fm NanmiIifr"F0fvii,'iifflni1 iifn'iiireii'nyfi,'L'li.iQ'.f my Thompson, Oh' thaw, all 1-ightwyou Iggk Mr. Aitken: That's not vanity-that's imlagin honest. tio E1 El "The Home ol Slandard Goods" LOS Al-TOS PHARMACY "The Reliable Store" J. H. MOCKBEE Prescripfions Plumbing - Heaiing Pholo Work Candies 542 Dana S+. Phone 2I75 Los AI1'os Ph. L. A. 22 Ll EI RICK ESPINOSA AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE Church 81 Casfro Sis. Phone 2l4l LI El De Solo Plymoulh A. C. BUDD Salcxr, Service, Illaintenamr' of Autonxobiles' only Depof Garage E EI LOS ALTOS SHOE REPAIR SHOP Frank Ielli, Prop. Complele Equipmenl Modern Machinery Firsl-Class Work Guaranleecl Los Allos, Calif. Phone L. A. I2 LOS ALTOS, CALIF. EI El E I3 ARMANINI DRUG STORES Drugs' Sundries' Sfanonery BRAUN'S DEPARTMENT STORE and Soda Founlain Mounlain View Cor. Caslro and Dana S'Is. California Phone 635 MOUNTAIN VIEW El Tots Ikebe: Why do they have knots on the ocea Miss Awalt: One-half of the world doesn't kn Instead of miles? the other half lives. Kazuo M.: Well. you see. they coudn't have the , ocean tide if there were no knots. M159 DOHK2 N0- men are S0 dumb! Miss Coleman: If you had 10 potatoes and had to dQJdgo',,hem among three persons' what would D. MacDonald: May I have the last dance? DonyStepheeon: Mash them. Mary Lanz: You've had your last dance. E El E ' WAGNER'S DRUG STORE LYLE'S PASTRY SHOPPE The Rexall Store Bread, Rolls 81 Paslries A SBIG Place +0 TFGCIG Cor. Castro and Villa SI's. Phone 623 I86 Caslro S+reeI' Phone 2423 EI ' E1 El E El El CgIn9'a+?'alIsQS MOUNTAIN view CREAMERY I ass O New Melhod. Heallh-Cooked F. M. JARVIS Lunches O Consfable, Fremonf Township pounfain Dairy produds Moun-fain View Ross and Ormand Newfarmer EI EJ EJ EJ MELLO'S MEN'S SHOP UNIVERSITY CREAMERY .llen'.r Clothing and Furnishings Candies Ice Cream Cleaning - Pressing - Alferations Founlain Lunch 259 Casfw S+- Phone 259' 222 Castro S+. Phone 24:6 El El El El E E-l El Wiring Molors VALLEY ELECTRIC CO. . Compliments Glenn W. Wilson Phone 24,3 AIR BASE CREAMERY Radios Appliances E1 E El J. Randall to Miss Coleman Oh li day that 110 Mrs. Aitken: Max. baby has swallowed the ln didn't have his lesson and was asked to put Whgt shall I do? a theorem on the board. Mr. Aitken: Write with the pencil. my dear, G ven: A poor lesson. a good lesson, and nothing. Flrst4A poor lesson is better than nothing. Fred Pfleger: The doctor said my illness is du Second---Nothing is better than s good lesson, to overwork, Third-'l'herefo1'e, a Door lesson is better than a Migg Schmidt: Yes, I hegrd him ggk bg gee you good lesson. tongue. El IE El LOS ALTOS' LOS ALTOS GARAGE SERVICE STATION JIMMIE GREGORY, Proprielor D d ci Pl lh . , O ge an ymou. .Standard Oil Produfts Ford Sales and Service Complete Servicing Exide Batteries El EJ El E El El I LOS ALTOS REALTY CO. Phone Los Altos I COMPER'S PHARMACY "In Business for Your Healllf' We Fill Prescriptions with lhe Care Your Doctor Expects Hoi Lunches Served al Our Fountain Dial 585 2I5 CASTRO ST. El E1 EI Success Io Class oi '35 I RAY FELLOWS 81 HERB SPENCER ASSOCIATED STATION 596 Casiro Sir. I lviouniain View E IE EI CALIFORNIA EI EI SECRETARIAL SCHOOL lligh51vl1ool.S'tuder1f.r Established 1920 W ff Wfwf I0 Founded and Co-nduded by Benjamin F. Priest . CUEPUCATIQNAI- . . REX BARBER si-lov Assistance ln Procurmg Position Call, Phone or Write 27I Casfro Sireei Benjamin F. Priest for Catalogue 9th Floor, Russ Building' Phone Sutter 2078 Lloyd S. Keck H. H. Carpen+er E II E Barbara Mosher: We have been waiting here I . long time for thai mother of mine, Mr. Wilder: Give me an example of nonsense. DOUIIIBS KIHZZ Hours. I Sh0UId SKY- Joe Jnrasich: An elephant hanging! over a cliff Burhaar Mosher: Oh, Doug, this is so sudden! -I THE MOUNTAIN VIEW FUEL COMPANY For Cool and Wood Phone 25I9 with his tail tied to a daisy. WATERS 8: ROSS 540 Suiier Sireef San Francisco Spcfiolisls in School Musiral Supplies Holton-King-Olds Wallace Band Instruments Band and Orchestra Music Violin Experts Expert Repairing Phone SUHer I233 Designed and Prinied Under Ihe Supervision oi Alvin H. Amlaerg The Trade Pressroom San Francisco ' 'Q . n - 4254, . f . I Q S , . , I 1 ' ' Q 'I I + Q 224 W5 x . ,4 - . ,Wu ii f-J 593 FLA in -' ,x 'ww-: . 5434 J, gif: K' .F 1 'iff ' Hia' nf L1-QU : A, 'L -x T 5.4 -'W 51? .W fm LP H' ' Sk ' M.. I F155 L gee: -P rf' 'I ii, 1 5 "4 . .N 15.4.54 ,Q "H, vf , W r U.. 1 ,., K . 5 f 'vw ff 4 , , L w f Q J ' p- 1 G IQ' -in '44 rr, CL In H w .N L f f, E E 4 Q 5 .- .. ,. 4 . ,,.,. !ii2?iaJiie24'iz',g,a:',,gg, ig Q- f S 1 '42 I I W I 2 14 Y W I ' 'f 'LW-"94YJi'4'49f' Wwffx---vissqxs-bee , ,f V' f ug,gfmy,,4.,n,..,.y,. Y A n ' - " lf- U -in v. -' , , .. -iulfa. 1 'E , .- x -,.. ,, . . . . .J .4--Y -'-4-1'-fM,fL-----H -'- A --"f!fw- -1-1 sK, . .,1,.'k:'4.q ug, 2 .2 2-,vghgmglgiiwu .MY A V V ,V Y, V .V V F-'f'.?""fQ. ,M A - .. . an

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