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Mountain View High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Mountain View, AR) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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-Q-V ,xffae-1 - ' .,-rv-mnur,,A V5 m r . W su... X .F A KX s QW N X n N. N it .. ' :X X k Q 4' '-...M I , i,,fhn'-..,.--,-f:F54:Y 79,-fg,,,, . Md' 7 f-vw-,'w7q,,,,,, -M, 2 ' M X H M ,Q X 2 if 40 ,N Q? X. vj WX , if X uf 99" "' - ' W ' '-:V ' ' .- :fu-,Q-Q-1a.,.....,,.-.:,,.,, ,,,,,,m -3- ,., .Y Y Y E54 .1,,,,,,-,wL.- -Ar 4-11, 4.0.4, A-,-, Ls,-. , , .-...Q.,,.-,.'--,,..-- ,.l .- 1. an L, . -V.: ,..,,. :f- 2 . 9' ' We ' 3 w -mi? .M Q x x Q S5 IYIPIETEEPI HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SEVEN ' may- , A --'r ,, . 514' f.,,VW 'M 5 -9 4 'H .5 L77-rgjf' in , , . 5 lLf,,' , "m' 2 W ,, Vjfy' , "Q Q, iff? F ' ' f L f 1 1 , 'M J +3 f aV .L D 'if Q- f , 'O Q f !" YELLOWJACKET YELLOWJACKET Produced by Annual Staff for a Generation New in Mountain Wew Co Editors: Ch rlotte Wade S Jones Ph t g phers: K th G yler David Blair I I TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS ..... .... 5 JUNIORS ........ .... 2 1 SOPHOMORES . . .... 25 FRESHMEN ..... .... 2 9 JUNIOR HIGH .... ,... 5 5 SPECIAL EVENTS . , .... 59 ELEMENTARY . . . . . . . 57 STAFF ............ ' .... 85 CLUBS 81' GROUPS ....... 95 SPORTS ........... . . . 117 ADVERTISING . . . . . 155 OR -fl K if , fl- CLASS OFFICERS Susan Jones, Vice President Melissa Balentine, President Melissa LePore, S.C. Repr. Lisa Gill, Secretary Jason I-lunter, S. C. Repr. Krista Leubner, Reporter Charlotte Wade, Treasurer M gif E , ,if A-2' I he wr 4 LQ! f MM fffgfaqg' .Y'MJX,x , 43- A 3 ,il-'Lf-Q , X. Y W pllfgyi' WQWW1 . 1 J11?529i3i' K , H -A s ,- . A wwf :Q E - A ' .' .Wgmaa, "V,giQ3K 1 ,Xl 3 V x g if Marty Kirk Archer Anthony Jay Avey '1 A ,1514 . fiififiifzi. f 31 V gif V, 4 fwnfy 'FET' Stephen Eugene Baltz Eric Burtgn Barnes Shawn E. Anderson wt' Melissa Fay Balentine A Zi 1 I , T si Y Paula Marie Battaglear i ,fra '. . N' ' , fp?" V N I 24.129 :ini x A, ,L U .I fy- ,fy wr. lux f 'T L-'fy fi, as fy L, rzznkff, .155 5 f 5 il , 735:51'J:Rf f 2 1 , ee ,Begg i A77 13 ,sf in 1 if T123 , '- pffelfzf 'gvffa ' -. Qt .mu::,..,,Q.gj' H3911 gi qznjxr 2 : 255535319 135 2? . f 53613 ff Lf: if X' 5' ffifb William Jerry Randolph Berry G. David Blair Lance Edward Bonds vc' K9 iv' , wlVwf 9 ? 2 L ,Wm 0' R 1 J . Ei. Lf Howard Shane Briel 4 fl L-an n- -'41-'Lb-v mv' N, xxx kf' ax 'f ix gl. . ' 'K x , 4 Diana Lynn Canady 6fROHd3 SHEFICFIC Brown K6fII76fh G. BFOWFI f 'div W " ,ua-w-WW James William Cochran Donal Lee Condrey 'iff' Anthony James Cruse Matthew David Cwik var Neile Devonne Futrell Olivia Jean Hanna 'V' y an 2' M... H. 'xxx Tim Boyce Ford 22 3 ,V ,H 'iv' -'-Mi -'ft LiS-2 Renee Gill Michael Lee Glenn ay' ameri' Kelly Lynn Harrell David Dryden Hopper ,115 411:57 WPNW Mauna.. JMR H5 .Jmw 'Q Cheqyl Lynette Katherine Hudspeth Jason Michael Hunter Arinda L, Jackson 09.0 'tp-FIV Lisa Gayle Jackson Susan Leah Jones Michele JoAnn Lemon new-I 5 Melissa Linda LeFore Krista Leigh Leubner Michael A, Martinez '5- r, ,A Www- 4 'WTTTY' Ron G. McGranahan T onya Gwynn Nesbitt Debbie R, Pipkin 'ix 5:0147 4""T'y Thomas Andrew Purdom f Q kq Bigfx-af 4 vw' ,xc v'w"'5-' , 'iT"'117 Q A Y Y :gp 5 'xv 'N 3,3134 ' mjggg 1, ,K gjggx -3. ae' M Q, N.. ' me , 555' 2 x 1-2 V dw , Nnvfw. 'Qf""ff,. ',"'1"-, v ' ff'f?94' mow ww A f QW-f,15wf'LLp+9ym5.w Qqjma X www' Shelia Mae Rackley Cecil F. Rhoades -iffy? N I 8 Wray Ann Rudd Sharon Raylene Sarlls Rhonda Rene Sartain VWQPM gf ,H K-22S?i'?f?1f?: V . " .. T F st, .z 5 'KAI . ...- ,gg ws- f Mg" 1 w M ga-. 'll ' 4: .X fu A W' 'W55'??WL' J Q, i gm :A pa iii-V ' 'N ,N YiL , Jag, , Mm, r , A W A wav M M ' Nr ,. f MM IH ' N, 1 We f K .-kj A 1"2"Y WW? "Qi if X ww. "mv" ww 'Pk M ' eeg ff gfl-' A , JL VW 5' M W V W-' ,ww J, , ,W P Wim -: X W - fwfmlfw 6'-0 sneila Janet Watters Stephen Howard Webb av' -an-:"' x.,f' Donna mecia White Donald Dean Williams ,owl 5 ndnqsy X K' at 2 XX Q . . if is ' "EEK ' lt Madel yn Mae Werb IYOT PICTURED Lee Myles Chandler Jeffery Scott Fossler Hank L. Harris Melissa Dawn Harrison Jeannie Lee Martin Tina Jean Lancaster Christina Deenese Reardon Lori Kathyrn Puderbaugh Blue and Silver Class Flowen White Rose Class Colors: a . W iki.. - - ,I N Ailes" ' ig-333-331 i Motto: d itJf':,Anx llffvg'-gel '17 OUT Han S aixjfglff we hold today' 'fffkgg 5215 In our dreams 3755 '13 we hold tomorrow' if J- In our faith 555325 ,I we hold foreven tjffgliffit fig 'ps " -61.-:T Class Song: "Greatest Love of All" l 'i I L 7 7 gvv .J- Y i ,Ni sl! L E A R H I P1 G I-I. I if S E N , ': Q S PIAPS ,nmfmx A., xX5Qfff'..' Y' We 're pictured here! Left: Maria Pena, exchange student Right: Hank Harris Jeff Fossler Below L-R: Lee Chandler Christina Reardon f Melissa Harrison Tina Lancaster Jeannie Martin M if .4 AS WE WERE 310 4 'I gi' ifitt, Aug h Shawn Anderson: "But who Marty Archer: "Cheese!!' Anthony Avey: "Hey, I can 't Melissa Balentine: "Surge1y? I would l sleep with?" hold this smile much jUSf need front teeth." longer! " 2 4 an x ,aw ' f ,,,,.fvc '91 ffwaai' 41 - :,,:,., . l : .,.r lfs I 5.4 lx wx Steve Baltz: "Where's Tonto?" Eric Barnes: "Plot me! Plot Paula Battaglear: "Are you Randy Berry: "Boy, me! It was Lance." sure? On the left?" whata rough night!" ,I 4 .Q ,- 1-' Lance Bonds: "Me? It couldn't ., . 4" ,S ' .941 1'-LZ. I 1 -.ln ,Q ' 1 A13 E' ,, ' fu 5 . . " David Blair: "l already know the secret to S, .Q N 3 ii 1 have beefl IHC!" K .i oc.-wg: Shane Briel: "That's right-l'm elRonda Brown: "Wanna go? l'm headed to Walmart." beautiful hair, " ,- . . -,. X , X Vw SEX ik X ik s N Q A dey af 'X- K .X is +25 ,V ,ft. f. M, ,W X sifif- f. af . 1 HQ, 3 , , Wwgiwtm 2 kk xg : g Attyt X. -- . ' ,if . ,gf ' - 213 , "Eff : ,-..k. t :..., tX ,,,, ..,: ::,:f itsc ..,. E QR 9 a Yankee trader. " ienny Brown: "Shy? Diana Canady: "Why James Cochran: "l'm Tony Cruse: "Whata Tim Ford: "Just "ll'lOCCl'lf?" can 't I?" ready: Iet's graduate! " Christmas present for wait 'til you see some lucky gal!" my farm!" 'PY Heile Futrell: "MOM! Tony Lisa Gill: "HurlyI I can't wait!" Michael Glenn: "A rest alter a long Olivia Hanna: "Hey, Cecil, hit mc!" run is so-0 reheshing. " I'm all ready in white. " ' ' , I I . sift ? ri , : fr "':. - X as 2 'i 1 :W . ts. ttty L , -'Xi L, nur ' , L s 4 , f r , f Q H L 1 fr I 1 , ,Q I. yy fm H, I M, K J ., -1 Melissa Harrison: i'Me- David Hopper: "A great Chew' qudspemf Hwaif JBSOIT Hunter: smoke?" body starts young." for mc: "How'm I sposed to know?" Kelly Harrell: "lf youve got charm, you've got it!" A A . , Q A Q Q s irinda Jackson: "I Liga Jgqkggng "LC-55 Susan Jones: Tina Lancaster: "She Shelly Lemon: "Where's night and I might not." 1715146 weighs!" "Rebound!" stole my rebound!" Chris?" ti vw -' - .. L as H5 it V , +A P 1 Melissa LeP0rc: 57 ROI? MCGl'3f12h21flf "GU Tonya Nesbitt: "Look out, I can Bare elegance! yowf, down and get dirty! Hollie Hobble, here l come! get anythmglj, 1 f iw 13: 'NRM snclia Smith Raclcley: 1. 1777 "CSfff1Q!" 'whats mat?" W Andy Purdom: "Derril " M Cecil Rhoades: "Well l'm not ready 5 f was Rhonda Sartain: Felicia SCh'Oll.' "Wait, L0L1i5 Smith: "A Wray Ann Rudd: Raylcng 53,-115, --I donfl "A Star is born!" gxgglflm '7'7'5h9d fQWCf! A foltffff My "Wf7C"C'5 my do windows!" x ' ""1Qff9m fo' 5 fool?" X towel x v ' - ' s M Shanna Staggs: I H p "Were best Tam' ?ff?K?HSf MC' Monica Stewart: "Yes, Charlotte Wade: "So What! Freddy Ward: "Let's par- hiends, too. " tamanve' l'm watching you!" l have nothing to hide." r-rty!'f , , a :,:t at 4. z ii' . X Cs, MMXW-wmv L in-J x ,.,,,,,,, ....... . ,,:, M.-.. --1---------in V Sheila Watters: "Scrambled Steve Webb: "Which eggs, anyone?" way to Big Flat?" 1 W Z' fu Y E ,- . ., I f an "katie ft W .f ap, eee W -fy 8, if Wa. 4 2 .W Madge Werb: "Back otlf Elecia White: "Meet my Donny Williams: I Jack!" cu-u-usin, Lori!" can 't? Why not? and ETC HOW 1 y Q V gkqfgtfzyk YE H it X' A ef-.wake - -f -A f--- ww, N- use .t.. .K t il! . - 4' "., ' ' W vfffg- 2 2- Skii- f ' i +igfif:.Q-isfiri. fi 5, kim..- M t-W, X . ., is V. 5-1 . ms, " Qg, If .... . - 5 154 k X l Mr. Kelly Hanell 81" M I S S M V I1 S M Mf f O S T L I ,, K E L Y T O S U Melissa Balentine Andy Purdom Miss Susan Jones ,S IN Melissa Balentine Andy Purdom MOUNTAIN VIEW CLASS FA VORITES Marty Archer 8r Lisa Gill ,v' W 22? 'P 1 A L W A Y S I H T R O , U B L in C L A S S at. , C Steve Webb L elLRonda Brown 0 W , N A I S if fr " in l 9 if U D , 4 gui '3 Q Q U, 0 A 0 A A Kelly Harrell 5 L Tami Stevens W A ,S M O S T T A L K A T I V E pf I .1 Donnie Williams Tami Stevens Matt Cwik Tami Stevens BIGGEST FLIRT Kelly Harrell Melissa LePore Y.,-T "5 4--f-' iii TEST 1 Andy Purdom Melissa Balentine 1 r i F R I E N D L I E S T i flvlvbnk' ? 27.4 gf 'wr' PI E A T E S T M O S T C O U K T E O U S ,X - . S T Patrick Stair Krista Leubner T- ,. -9-t.,--9 fgglv AYASA i Elecla White Patnck Stair C U T E S T L A Z I E S T K P C I Lance Bonds Neile Futrell ilfiiiliai fi elRonda Brown Marty Arch er Lisa Gill David Blair David Hopper Lisa Gill B E S P T 'Q F 'MW I T T l E S T G U R E 8? H A I R P 11 Y S I Q U E B E S T A I T H L E T E -1 Michael Glenn Susan Jones YELLOW JACKET KING 61' QUEEN Queen Susan Jones King David Hopper Melissa Balentine Andy Purdom Freddy Ward Melissa LePore JU IOR CLASS OFFICERS John Anderson, Pres. Elizabeth McCarthy, Sec. Rhonda Rudd, Vice-Pres. Gwen Cyestvang, S.C. Rep. Mike Luster, S.C. Rep. Tina Cates, Reporter . l-l by , Lynn Akins John Anderson Melinda Atchison Rosalea Ausbom Tonya Bailey John Ball Belinda Bangs Beverly Barham Jamie Bames Patricia Bamett Cherie Brannon Earlene Brock Tina Cates Jason Cartwright Mike Chitwood W.L. Clark Sara Cox John Ciisman Brenda Crosser John Cmse Charles Deitrick Melissa Dollar Judy Engle Kirk Fossler William Frazier Keith Gayler Jeff Gillihan Gwen Cyestvang Loretta Hanna Glenn Harris galil Terry House Jeff Jason Michael Jordan Mary Kirby John Kronk William Kronk Mike, Liz, Tina, 6' Tammy wonied? Jar rod's solution: Let Mr. Muscle Charles, plus Jeff 6' Rick-3 1 'S, do all the work. 47.27 1222 Randy Long Mike Luster Darrell Massey Elizabeth McCarthy Carrie McCasland Russ Moody Traci Monis f Stacy Nesbitt Lyn Ploricks Pat O'l'leill James Patterson Daryl Pitts K CLA SS - F VORI TES Jeff Gillihan Gwen Cyestvang if . 4 ..,t . t ,H ..,. ig I 3 1 E559 . M, ,K wwf ifvgfwg,-at . . is l. 5 . Q-ff-1 -ss-M15 qv- sa- 'S ii 2- Q.-Ms-f..,:y gt . tn .thy ff . .. , V 5-, X: : I .m.f.v,.wt. I- t,.. . tt , X if M2 ,M 'TL fi SS ffi iii Lynn Fogue Terri Potter Tammy Prince Renia Richardson John Roper Carl Rorie Raymond Selvidge Terry Sartin Melanie Selion Jeff Shannon Cara Sims Tammy Sisk Audra Stevens Cindy Stigall Tonya Storey Shawn Stmtton Deanna Suttelfield Jarrod Thomas Ken'i Trammell Lori Trammell Darrell Tumer Mark Tumer John Webb Mark Whitfield Deanna Whiteaker Edward Williford Jason Williams Rick Willis Brian Younger Heather Zini W W OPHO ORE 5 1 f CLASS OFFICERS Andy Tinkle, Pres. Bobby Storey, S.C. Rep. Dale Hodges, Hist. Lori O 'Brien, Sec. Shelia Cousins, Rept. Dawnette Long, S.C. Rep. Angie Boyd, Vice-Pres. 6 635 o SCM. Ls A, SQ 4 31 ',f' www? Horvm 6' Mike late for Steve Herring s Lori Scroggins -.-f Karen Baltz David Barham Anita Battaglear Tish Blair Tilly Boudin Angie Boyd Donna Bums Walt Butterworth Angie Canard Shannon Caraway Tracy Clements Sheila Cousins Jimmy Davis Robert Davis Sara Davis X W' class again! UMHLDHQE R I C h 7 S Anita TALKING? Jim needs to practice latest steps, buf Brad's reluctant to try. S 4-Wax! Jim Potts Greg Ramsey Renae Sartin Glen Schneider Lori Scroggins Vincent Stair Tosha Stone Bobby Storey Randall Storey Leslie Sutterfield Rob Sutton April Thatcher Kim Thomas Andy T inkle Shane Wade Scott Ward Larry Werb Myra Whidden Kenny Whitfield Angel Williams Brian Williams Shane York F "l didn 't know that! azz, ' " ,,,' 2' wry' Q. ' FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Brad Shipman, Sec. 1 Treas. David Shipman, S.C. Rep. Darryl Sullivan, Farliamentarian Carla Cyestvang, Pres. Kim Morris, S.C. Rep. Rachel Shipman, Vice- Pres. Stacy Huskey, Reporter Cf: ef 9569 EN' Deloris Abbott Christy Allen Charlene Aumiller Tilfany A vant W Dennis Bangs Andy Baxter Tish Blair Phillip Brewer Jenny Brown Shane Brown Stephanie Bryan Latricia Bullard I 1' XVN ' n W CLASS A Rachel Shipman Darryl Sullr van 4 f'? gf 4. " L V ,,l 1 he RI TES 'WAWVW WMM X? 5 ff 5 FLAT T ERI G FRESHMEPI Donna Bums Teala Bums Tommy Butler Kathy Canady v Rusty Clark Rick Crisman Jenny Davis Leo Davis Melissa Deskins Gary Dayben'y Scott Dodson Dale Earls Bo Gammon Carla Gjestvang Josh Green Susan Green Sammy Grimes Fatty Halfacre 3 Z Jelf Haney Aaron Hardin Eddie Harris Scott Henderson Lea Ann Hinkle W Richard Holland t'-- f . Billy Hopper Stacy Huskey Robert Jessen Vance Keaton Bryan King Virginia Lambrecht Plaithain Lawrence Brian Long Lesley Lowe Lillie Meeker Kimberly Mon'is Cindy Nesbitt Q. ,--. . ,,Zt M 31 'ggi' Qnow - TOGO Carrie Plorman James O'lYeill Michael Pitts Dawn Poh' Danielle Posada Kim Prescott Don Rackley Kurt Richardson Ricky Sanchez Brad Shipman David Shipman Rachel Shipman Laddie Sims Amy Smith Roger Smith Jennifer Steed Darryl Sullivan Randy Suttedield Jeannie Thomas Matt Thomas Tim Tidwell Trey Tinkle Cherri Treece Donavon Tumer Dallas Waldner Melissa Whidden Mark Williams David Williford Jamie Woody Danny Younger Dawn Zartman Brett Zini A wx a Q J A an k...A V7 'Sew lv--so sv E. 4. ed ga. if S NV 6 8 fu? mr as .-1 Let s PARTY' shouts Rusty to Lisa. JU IOR HIGH Nw, I f Class OH'icers Eighth Grade Sara Purdom-Pres. Ernie Gillihan-Vice-Pres. Anne Ramsey-Sec. -Treas. Shannon Shelton-Rept. 1 Chris Deitrick-S. C, Rep. Isbell-S. C. Rep. S6V6I7l'h Grade , Timmy Decker-Sec.-Treas. Top: Jimmy Summers-S. C. Rep.,- Bobby Sisk-Pres.: Laura Huskey-Rept. Lower: Jenny Hale-S.C, Rep.,' Melissa T urner-Vice-Pres.: cfo Q60 Alicia Sullivan Emie Gillihan Teresa Adams Wesley Adams Nancy Anderson Donald Ausbom Lynette Bagby Brad Bangs Rachel Baker Veronica Baker Aaron Bess Lanya Bolin Lisa Branscum Spring Branscum Cheryl Brown Lora Brown Bart Broyles Tina Butler David Callahan Tracy Canard Debbie Chitwood Robbie Cochran Kim Conway Shane Cousins Ben Davis Vickie Davis Chris Daybeny Chris Deitrick Lonnie Depew Guy Dodge Bobby Engle Lisa Engle Richard Finnie Alton Fletcher Melissa Fletcher Kirsten Fossler Loretta Foster Tommy Franks Melody Freeze Ramey Futrell Emie Gillihan Angie Ginn Missy Glenn 34 Regina Glenn Eric Goodman Delila Greenhaw Randon Greenway Mark Haney Lynn Hardy Shannon Hessel Tina Hopper Linda Hutfines Janet Huffman Stotts Isbell Misty Jeffery Tracy Kendrick Zac Knight Lora Kronk Stephen Kronk Natalie Lambreht Jamie Lewis Candice Long Jeff Long Mary Martin Jeanetta Martinez Jimmy McMahan Lisa Milligan Bo Mingues Kathy Mingues David Mitchell James Newman Monica Plonnan Sara Purdom Anne Ramsey Josh Robinson Jennifer Rodgers Joyce Rose Shannon Shelton Aubrey Sloan Donna Smith Melissa Smith Jimmy Steele Alicia Sullivan Tina Sullivan Russell Suttedield Stephanie Sweat Joelle Sweeney Jerry Tharp Danny Tumer Judy T umer Jennie Turpin Mike Vickers Sandy Walker Jeff Wallace Carl Werb James White Earl Williams Jason Williams Beverly Woody 9669? O off-J Sonya Anderson Mitch Archer Theresa Archer Todd Avey James Beach Melanie Beach Dena Bonds Steve Brewer Susie Carter Jerad Cartwright Jim Ed Cash Paige Cates Scott Coleman Ginny Culver Julie Davis Timmy Decker Paul Dodd Heidi Earls Hubert Engle Joe Everett Roberta Fedd Talbert Ford Brian Fortich Kyle Fossler Paige Futrell Tasha QQEEQH Kevin Green Jenny Hale Joe Halfacre Hannah Hartley Melissa Hinton Jenny Hopper Laura Huskey Steve Jackson Shirley Jones Y 2: J it uf E f 'TIP 'Y i .lf 'QE un' I 1 Q l 1 ifr- 0 it , lg fx f Q ,i H -5 ,, V "WD 4' 5241, W , .., , ,E ' 5 w q"'fJ"fq,S V , 22-12 , , fl if 1 f Q ,s The Word The 4 l!'l'Y ZON! '1' move up to Junior High in NEOTERIC designs Johnny Kingrey Charlene Lawrence Joshua Lockard Jennifer Logan Adrian Lowenstein Carl Odum Sue Ann Odum Chris Patrick Angela Raney John Rhoades Johnny Rose -- A Leann Scroggins Bobby Sisk Cindy Smullin Travis Stanley Christy St, Clair Eugene Stephens Scott Stewart Monica Stilw Kristy Storey Shane Storey Jimmy Summers Tabitha Tidwell Becky Tumer Crystal Tumer Melissa Tumer Secret Tumer Greg Vannatter A45 ily.. Kimberly Vickers Jamie Vickers April white Malissa Wilson Michael Wilson Angela Whitaker Melissa Turner Jimmy Summers Bobby's "walking tall ttf' Q-f 9 2 , ' e , , ywfiffglg' 7 ' ,, ,.......-v Melissa Hinton and Christy St. Clair demon- strate "Excellence in Action". Eighth Graders out-party 10th and 11th grad- ers at homecoming dance. n skew 7TI-I AND 8TI'I GRADES SIYAPS WHA T! First period head check again? Shannon says, "No, Anne, I don't see any nits." We 're e with GD CD 6 .if in This is the eighth grade class president? Melody Freeze Sr Ernie Gillihan, amused: Misty Jeffery, shocked: Bobby Engle, amazed. 5' .T :Aff Men .... what men? ..,. I don 't see any men." the better way ,QR f .2A'1 1,,,. N S3 SPECIAL EVENTS I A HOMECOMIIYGS FAIRS :Sf FESTIVALS PARTIES 6? PROMS ASSEMBLIES :Sf BAIYQUETS TOO X OLD f TRADITIONS WITH FRESH TWIS TS Jw X Sassy Sophomores look to the jolly Juniors. 2156: L A I ' H T cg- U G U S T 2 5 F I R S T P ' A 1 W-.-.w,.,,,, 'I If Y4 f ,,f f , t A '4 I1 QA :vt f'sg..5, V, .. , .f'z2:'.f!q5g' Coach Ollbert explains this new generation A' his upswlng cutolk to Supt. Shelton 8 Prin, Thomas 1' f 2 f , -'ff S T nmmw VXA IHV M ,, , ,,..,,+Q 1 'j' 5 LQQL3 T OAB BCY EH RET R11 TSE GP IT FVA OE Seniors Davld, Shane, Steve, Cecil, A' Michele glve Instructions to Junlon N Keith Oayler. I ff he Az W Mrs, Parsons 6' Mrs. Beal lit right in with the neoteric generation at the tea for new teachers. O S. Frisby, M. Younger, 8' P. Reeves prepare P.T.A. table. T C E "va P1 .WSW ,N Q Q ai' ts g . .I t ' ' -w t X ' - be N : .r W : 1 -:, :'.-A, 'g. - .. - -a t 2 R ': 15."- ,,5-"E-r- ,ca Q N51- JR. BETA Special Assembly October 7 1 986 S S if , QI Dr. Isbell, guest speaker Alicia Sullivan, president, challenges new members. New members raise right hands to repeat oath alter Mr. Powell. Mn Thomas addressed stu dent body, with encourage- ment toward NEW goals ana achievements, Mr. R. Powell inducts. gr QT .. Y: M Nix W ka A . . xt X HWS L Bobby Sisk accepts challenge for new members. A' Pres Alicia present Laura Huskey with membership Jr: Betas, old dk' new, share a laugh with student bod s af' I pix ful l 'S i1"'Wf"x9r , ,., e M, A , mf, i f Escorts Michael 8: Jason crown foot- -"f,fZf'? ball Homecoming Queen Lisa Gill. V A4 V, .11 Elecia W. holds Queen 's bouquet. ' 3 October 17, 1986 Escorts 1 V XM .ff ,W x Aft 4 x x is gm AJ l lffiflyf IS Queen Lisa :Sr Her Court ' N -. v James Patterson Tammy, Leslie, 86 Carrie ready to celebrate. Senior Maid: Tina Lancaster Maid of Honor: Susan Jones Esfvfff 5h-awn Anderson Escorts: Eric Bames 8' Kelly Harrell Queen: Lisa Gill Escorts: Michael Glenn 84' Jason Hunter , - ll i ? 2 1 Junior Maid: Gwen Gjestvang Sophomore Maid: Dawnette Long Freshman Maid: Rachel Shipman Escort: Anthony Avery Escort: Lance Bonds Escort: David Hopper MQW Frank White campaigns with Iiiture voters: Beth M., Carla O., Chris S. Kelly H. 8' Lance K. take first place for MVHS FFA in outhouse race. SZ HJR! KW - Come on, Pat, quit showing of your muscles to Beth, Tonya, A' Carla. B E SF gc os Chris 's madl ,qfyp Ad? nf? We 1 1 .. v -if . Q N S Community Pddel William li A' Heatherl clean up. WM OM RU KN 1 Hey, Bobby, what're Llz M. A' Mike C. looklng for as Stacy l'l. dreams 6' Rhonda R. works? Billy Kronk cooks that "Pot-oFBeans" for FHA contribution, Susan G., Mrs. Bangs, Tammy R d'John K. watch. 4. l',. lx . if '31 Q 3 Y' , R S 55W SEE Z, Q I w.wz.:'- gg' WA 'A ,L 3 fi x :Sew f .Q ELEMEIY TAR Y SCHOOL F LL EEST IV L NOVEMBER 15, 1986 F I R S i 1 Chasity Vallery 61" Mandi McClung, kindergarteners, pose on the Festival bale of hay. Exce in the kindergarten rooms, class members in each grade chose representatives from eac room. T GRADE Heather Marsoff Pamela Ferren Katie Ford Jennifer Mclntire Richard Ivy J. W. Dobbins Jason Gilbert Aaron Fannell W M2 1 ' ,ttt s V 'Hr r 'Y' 1 A Kimberly Wilson ' Jason Calaway Gabrielle Vallery Robbie Fletcher Meagef' Hesse' Dustin Long 4 f l fm s M,.54!f,-+1 .f. f 5 W , f 9' A , , Z ,J .. .A W State President Kristin challenges listeners. SPECIAL A SSEMBL Y H Guests listen attentively. ,,-, M' w BUSINESS WITH QM Elecia White, Vice-President Pf 9Sef1fS Cfedifi Cindy Stigall President opens assembly 1986 Christmas Assembly December 19 Above Elementary school greetings below Sn band melodies. Yet J u n i 0 r C I u b , Srs. Kenny Brown 8r Tony SKILS Cruse read "Keeping Christmas" Senior Cheerleaders J .gf NEXT 9 163 7 LL .IN ,N R yalty reigns regally. 'Q 4 O .275 as 5 Melinda 'gets down" with Kevin Henderson. OH 11 A f , . f Queen Susan Jones Week Senior Maid Wray Ann Rudd escorted by Mike Chitwood escorted by Chris Sutterfield 8r Freddy Ward ALL Maid of Honor Tina Lancaster escorted by John Anderson 6r Pa O'IYeUl Freshman Maid Kim Morris ' , Junior Maid Cara Sims escorted by Mike Luster 50Ph0m0Ve M3147 Angle 50.Vd escorted by Jeff Gillihan escorted by Randall Storey I I 4 - gsbfqffl Q6 3 'Zn a 'bag fun g- M w"r "Smilel You 're in focus, NOW " Camera on Karen B. 8 Sara D. with serious guest. is Donnie - being a gentleman?! Carrie H. 's not sure! A ' Dancing under streamers 6' balloons in the Home Ec. Room inste Rachel S, 8 Dawnelte L. seem undecided about the laugh shared by of Undef fhf Smfs 'H fhe Sky, Rob S., Lori, 8' guests, Dona von, you 're only supposed to ha ve one date! Which is it: Angie, Rhonda, Heather, or Lori S.? 4 Although snow 8' ice closed schools 6' postponed PTA "President's Day"program on Feb. 1 7th, these kindergarteners were all smiles in red, white, 8' blue the next week. V 7 H I 'ft' MW' W' n ' 4. Y i l, Elizabeth M. dk' Sara Cox gave a slide show on the F.I1,S, Japanese Exchange Program. Fol- lowing this presentation, the Campus Singers from ASU Beebe Campus concluded the as- sembly with songs 'throughout the ages". Tuesday, February 24 Kindergarteners Entertain PTA With Patriotic Songs, Directed By Pat Reeves. N 'is ff ,ig .A 1 w ' .s m w X March 12, Special 1987 MVHS 5 A p s r s i e n m g b I .V Wi B MW 6- we W vu Q 'Q of "ofa 125, A Ni IQ ga R 1-W - ., , is 2 ,A Y Hs P 'N A P ' K N if 1 Q ul? K X SPX mv. 3 ks Q if sf., 6 -- 1i , X B L A MHS first Place E K W M' "S" M QV- . .K Q , - M - -- A - X ff- A Q- f s -if . 5555-f?5'iwh4iri3f'k'SN -- -W A 'g'ggg M f , K 'N , e , A Lmm, , ++ -' ff- -gf , -A i ' X L if 'A 1 4 " g S' A 5 - ,.i- . W , SW gi ,H I s "wfw- 1? w', ' 51 A ?xvUfwwiQ- -Piiv QT Q , ..--H 1--'. , . E Q - 5 'xv' 4 ' b 'iff ' 'S' K' ' b N S -5 ' E ' f m MA- 5 fr P' x ' ' . X.. A if 5 . , ,A ' f K f-ff gf . x ' - Q - ,Q QQ, 3.4,-, I ' - , . A -- -. F.-.. AM- ,K --A--' -K, .1,1f . ww-Gb'-HSN' .fv ' , ,, . Q. , L W A.. I 19 --v'--f.Q.,MJf!f-"'HK- -1-T' fy 'W t 4 wk . "W, . Q S LI W :fix 'akin M mcnanm 'nizii-- -liifiiiii 6553? 1 B H O O I1 S -UD, UD, fSr' Above: Grades 4, 5, 7 6 are spellbound by drawing demonstrations presented by Foy Linsenby who was invited by their librarian Mrs. Anderson. -0 - . Q ' I -.... - K ,,,. , ...M ,MW ww. W-'-v-qu-w holds copy of the which he illustrated and co-authored, ADVENTURE TALES of ARKAPISA S. I I A , w a -tti. y VSV. E Below: Friday, May lst, exactly 1 P.M., MV students join others around the world releasing balloons to declare a commitment to end hunger Mrs. Purdom Starts . 'X . if 4- Youth Ending Hunger Launch S LASS TOUR ME Ts "Aren't you tired, Walt?" asked Matt. Get out army way Gwen, l'll just take a quick nap, Nh I can fly!! S W 'SN me i l i , A D THE A WINNERS ARE . . fi R They're winning?! You can 't be serious!! Junior girls amazed, amused, bored, indifferent or sad 8r grim It V , , W- tine. Back: Wray Ann Rudd, Susan Jones, Krista Leubner, Lori Puderbaugh, Lisa Don tjust stand fhefef Rebound! Jackson. Plot Pictured-Tami Stevens. J U IY I O R B O Y S xx L-R: James Patterson, Rick Willis, Charles Deitrick, Jamie Bames, Jarrod Thomas, "' Daryl Pitts, John Crisman, William Frazier, Sonny Motes, Mike Lusten ,gf H Sponsors worked hard and were appreciated! I D 4 Do I have to do ballet, too. 1 .....,,.............,,, mfs. W., 1 lt. mg NW is , A 7695 Y g n H-Hgul ' ', . .4!'-- , JK u 'N N it Qi xg . x, Q mu. is .0 3, 7? J PK . X ' 5' , .2?.J , FOREVER , ' Elecia W. sits with her date, who s on Anthony A. A' Cara S. - who else? Shawn Strutton straight dancing? K Mountain View Higlgi Juniqr-Senior Prom, May 3 W 9, t , 1 d :kkx i - 7 3 Q ,ai r e a Hey, John, everyone else only got one cup!!f I' aw S I 3 81' J D 3 V i ii it my ' d Melissa B df Dallas N a wild n crazy doodlf ' K 'hf ldS - "l' hear wedding bells! V A.,,V,,, lx em -0. tacy m t 3 'fi A' i h ' L , A , fe 2 6 ,gli ,L I' ,W J., - , -, f Q, , Everybody Dancea even Calaways , :f,, 51. .., l William 8' Cindy made a grand entrance! ' 32" Tina Cates 8' escort Shane wait to be announced. Ushers: Shannon Carraway, Brad Partee Leslie Sutterfield Heather Phillips, Lori Scroggins Q51 X QYA Q9 6' -99 0 xX vez 66 9 65990 n C E d t . 0 m u 'wwe-np... S i Above: Traci M. li' Mark W, had a few ' THE Dylln RED C Words fof me camera- Zlilffiidi, Kevin ,, E l i' 1' w t'-In ,,., Below: Daryl P. led a parade: Carrie Pl., B Stacy, 8' Keith, except Tina C. :Sr Charles K 0 D. - both refused. .. b 0 0 M Kg 300 Q72 C O n n e I I to HTHL6 TI! ZX ELLIMG Kelly Harrell 6? James Patterson were chosen as Honorable Mention for All Conference award. Come on John, Talk! Sheila received the free throw award g 5 , . .mmugg Il'liOll! as N I Ill!! 2 I IIIIIGQ , S -- i 15 Qu! 4 lf! rf 'lui' . IW . flfgfd - Ile' 51 I Q Q f I " lla 'n fb! I 1' Michael Glenn Br his wife hold the award given to hil as the Stingingest Yelloujacket of 1986-87. Q' ie ii Fi X35 HNQU87 FUGYBA Above: Beverly Barham received her Jacket Wgmrfgfeav ' Beloun Michael Glenn gets another award! Below: Seniors Said Good-bye. I e ea STUDENT OF MONTH: L-R: Seated-Freddy Ward, Melissa Balentine, Standing-Michael Glenn, Anthony Avey, Elecia White, Susan Jones, Andy Purdom. Llecla While Freddy Ward Olivia Hanna Da vid Blair Donal Condrey Felicia Scholl S 5 fl Coach?? Ms. Forbus? Sutterfield S P O R T S M A H S I'I I P LBIICBSICI' M V selec Tea cl mum D Who's Who Senior Day May 21, 1987 1:50 Q 0. Awards 5 'lf-as On Susan Jones tcok time to read an award as Mr. Susan JONES Bangs waited patiently. ml! L new E , A 8 ADUATE E R S I P 1 Melissa Balentine Andy Purdom Honor Graduates stood, waiting tum for Stole 2 ' wg? 5 X .43 X0 Nz X a Andy Purdon UF! NE ATU! GRADU H A. A, A3 Chris Sutterfield M e m o r i a I S , C h o I a r s h i D Above: Senior Ensemble sang "Greatest Love of All" Senior Day. They also sang their song at R Baccalaureate and Graduation. 6 lffl. u ll fl n 2 . p BAC CALAUREAT E MAY 25, 19897 O H Right: Baccalaureate speaker Jim Harrell stands with his son, Kelly, an '87 graduate. Seniors Say Good-B ye COMMEIYCEME T - MAY 28, 98 VALEDICTORIAIY SALUTA TORIAN Honor Graduate Guest Speaker Melissa Balentine Thomas fAndyl Purdom Fred Ward Mr. Dewey Hatton ELEMENTARY OPI THE MOVE READING 'RITIIYG 'KITHMETIC '87 STYLE Sk Natalie Altman Tracy Apple Tammy Ausbom Samantaa Bess Katie Brackin Julie Brown Kevin Brown Stacy Buchanan Tracy Buchanan Tara Bums Tony Bums Stephen Callahan Shane Canard Jimmy Carter Cory Cates Karyn Clements Johanna Cochran Willie Cox Bryan Craig Steve Criswell Christopher Cmse Christina Davis Ronnie Daybeny Bobby Decker Shelly Dodd Chris Douglas Michael Everett Jeremy Field Mary Beth Ford Ralph Franks Renee George Jason Goodman Charles Gosser Chasity Gosser Carrie Green Roger Greenway Emmett Hart Rian Heck Robert Hollis Valerie Holt Sondra Huckabee Stuart Isbell April Jessen Crystal King Danielle Lambrecht Timmy Lewis Michael Long Amber Macey Kevin Martin '--' Q . M 3 4' gf: A if M..:.l , -. ,f . X ws 51f,'F,'1f1 Qt-. ' 2 55 'I "lL1' K f ai-ESV! :ff viaiii' f A . ' sits: :v:s'z.wz kt! ' Ari. 1, -1' "' Mi! ' ... 1 54: - .21 , ' '-511.-QT-591 -- Shih .a ,,tfc,t tl .., . , t1,f , I we C ,.. , Q , i N YN X 5' 'X 5 K 'kv E .eta 52:55 '- - ' :fg A af- , we ...E AM Q N ,Asa 2 S " - f -ui . T ' .,, K 5, Che : .X nity i ax New iifmvgsi W at 355. 5455 I' 0 ':3iiw2fiw ,, Maxx ,. 2. kk scse A if . as. - we air, K X 1. lk : I O 0 , S O 1-c,..if Af Q .vi I l -,, cg cl wg - I ww W at I g..,t.,, .V., . .., ,.:, A - 'i M V J in 35112 ':a3?ff ',ae:..:, , .. ., 2 54 Mwst ' fa N -1 f 1 " , N7 sfxsgifwx' ' SQ :Z h 1 S ' li x A J Ki mx' J A ,x, 'Q ,V a t Ms 1 ,A Q 5 W- ' . .. Q if be , 1- 1 get I 7 vw "",X F X X 1 5 E ,t,, A is + A wr- . -.- liliii 'alt " - q wt S' xi J X e 15 Q X x if ' " Q Q , ,f I R, , f .. . s Asc 92255 , ,mm N z N -at -gg 'Q A - Qi: 5 at A ca SAW -r seo? ' N,- 5 with 2 s is . Z , Eh 5 s, if C X 1 S X E C f Q- ws if " QQ x K lzisgiiig : .- . -2 2:-1ii2ffE'i? H. ...fy L i -.- Q 'll' , A ' -' . Mall : - A' .t wg v stil .,, b ,, I Y 1 3 U 'S X . ,A i ::5sz5f:t:i kin 5- PE B' K ur Q X' N '42 X ,sq N B Nr Q Pt Q rm X. 3,421 if 2115512524 -1, .Wi 1,11 iE.ggf'-- -. . i W 3 W S1 his t K 4 'R S 2 S f .1 w K, .. 12-E17 Q.. -, 1 E rise Ck r A g 3 XXX N R X X Q ' X392 , Q ff f Q N, L x B X gg x-:N I R , mx N' 4 ex 55 F ,gs :, f su 'st X W R , X N Fu ' 5 Q2 nu 10- L X 0 t 1 it 1 '-' lfaleb McClain Holly McClung Marietta McClung Lesa Meeker Chuck Melton Jay Milligan Billy Morgan Matthew Neighbor Jelferjy Nesbitt Michael Newman Bobby Nichols Amanda Patterson Sarai Phillips Ashley Piediscalzi Jeff Pol? Scott Price Robenf Reidy Jamie Richardson Heidi Robinson Angela Sanchez Melissa Simons Michelle Sisk Melissa Smith Chris Sprayberry Joleena Stames Jamey Stewart Jamela Thatcher Durana Tumer Jason Vickers John Von Evera Shandal Ward Jeff Whitfield Becky Woody Angela Wroblewski Jackie Zartman 0 I xf"' .ra - '-9 -1 -1'-f' -Kaleb, you can 't hide from Jelif or the Avenging Frst' M . . ya, .- K X' I shwrs Chad Abemath y Mary Ann Anderson Jeny Annstrong Keith Bangs Tina Bamett Tawana Blanton Sharrell Bolin Crystal Brenton Dawn Brewer Brandon Brown Chasity Brown Sondra Browr1 Charles Culver Shea Davis Amanda Day Tina Day Jennifer Da yberry Tonya Daybeny Lynn Dodson Rachel Earles Denny Engle Charlie Foster Jesse Foster Jimmy Foster Angel Franks Jennifer Green Anthony Greenhaw Wesley Greenway Brad Grillith Ronnie Grimes Theresa Halfacre Heather Harrington Kirsten Hessel Daniel Ivy Willy Johnstone Charity Jones Danita Keaton Phillip Lawson Marcus Logan Sunny Long Clint Mackay Donald Mallet Jr. Stacy Martin Stephanie Martin Lesa McCam Amold McDaniel Brian Meadows Jeremiah Melton Jamie Owen is S v 6 X I is 5 , X ... .... as .. J Vgql X Q fi t 4 Y' al QE .A -W .. F Q S Eg ,. 1 i . ,, it ' as W lA i 3 ' L LA.: I 5 5 at Q is sf,-J .iilh!lfBlun..x , 3 Q, , t .H H X n K 9' -'L if Y . .Q- t,x,"': :I 1 it 4 we-19' E 1 Stagg , ,tit sw 8 X X Sw as . . .A ws bw M AQ t S .,.t txyg g ME ' ' ,iii wi ,, sr Q 5 six X I if C I- r 1 X Q x v t, H , at Wi we 5 X vase' if. 4 l 43 xx '5XX44,gp3'J, .'3s:". ,t,... ?v1,.- yvsfwrk if N .,., - ,. ., Q I .,:, J t -I f 41 , aw G 21 2 1+ ' V421 WJ., '- -,f . ft gf f 1 t 1 X Q K J 52 34 2 T f , X if 55 z f f f , fm 4 7 2 , -, EE 'VI O D E R H TH P O S T E R S "'1- W 'fu 41:45-'I"1'l..h Q tl a t I I ., C W Q 4 I Nu! I' A ' as A 1 - ,. e V1 K mefzii .5 ' , , ' f 4- f V. 'I an " FA 'A www . Q -iym g , 9, I if I I K -v , .L - A 7'5'7 W S , 1 if I J M 7 S, Q ,tt -- 25225 ,MQ-1, , '- 'Q ,... ft f M., I W 9- ,5 K M V. f Z, 71 i, f 2 f 5 , f ,,.,. , , f f X f 'WEP .. 1 ' izfflt if 2 A0 M , U Q . ,I :,,,,.A.g-5,- - ' -mr:- , X neil? 1 ff my Mg, af 23142 1 JI 6? --f Y vt: ,x fn, I .f,,- he f 'V' 041 4"""" , Q ,, ,ff ' D Q7 I in -.r 1 ef W ,, AN Q asa A5 I Q , 2 y 422 .. X f www f Q f f , W 5 ' nl 2 JI W W wi , zz 1, W " . Wig, O o v Q ,, lx NX K E I T H St' C O R Y W I T I1 I T Brandy Fipkin Jeffery Ramsey Scott Rector Tommy Rodgers David Rose Jackie Sartain Vanessa Sexton Cory Shelton April Slayton Daniel Smith Duane Smith Junior Smith Youlanda Smith Tracy Stanley Melody Steed Tony Stephens Kris Storey Edie Suttertield Jason Teague Tom Thomas Melanie Trammell Holly Tumer Carrie Turpin Sarah Ulery Christina Webb .da , gg., , f..--.. -k'q,f1", Lifwa Rufus Werb Christian Williams Mark Williams Mike Williams Lisa Winkle Michael Woodard Daniel Younger Mandy Younger K9 oqs Q l Q Q 315' Katie Appley Erica Atchison Melanie Bagby Shane Bailey Brandy Blake Paul Bolden Stephanie Bradford Scotty Branscum Felicia Brown Monica Brown Stephana Brown Brad Broyles Everett Bums ' Bradley Cates Thomas Chatman A Obia Clark ' V Jeremy Collins Christina Copeland - f-2: Donnie cnspeu 6 Donald Davis Chris Day 5' A gy . D. L' ' Abbie Decker Andrea Dodson Courtney Everidge Dewayne Everidge Daniel Faulkner Bobbie Fletcher Shawnia Fletcher Q Mickey Freeze Henry Goodman Travis Haney Curt Hines Mitchell Hollis Amy Jones Tara Lewis Candra Lockard Justin Luther Josh Macy Joey Don Martin Chris McClung N xx 'WM Plow, that's queer! ""' A A . A ' V N Q , ,,.... , . ,f if . ,Mm -J-"M" f-, ,sf " M , . .. ..,, . ,,,,. 1 in N 5 .Q Q !WN'7'0Qm2gQ-Sk if , H gg I 32 wa . 4 l x I u l I I U L , .W Bf 2 1 X f fi 5 4 fl v z Q f ' it f r f 5 ' 2? L, is J 0 Q Warm - - hands, 0920249 1 Q Q warm 0 O 0 heart. 0 A I 2 , tg, ag A5 .4 K J , ur ESQ7 E"iw53X , , 99 Mil L , 52 A?jg z A mia J Z Q J ,,A, 5 ,, i ,Z LA , t .fii , l ei ' ra. 9' elf .9 V Q to fum. 'es' Schoolwork makes me sleepy! 'AQMHWWW . X i T511 .i.g Mhstg Jf.g it mi' wtiii -etfw'-Qifi E w.J'wmoawrg,' Hw', S V 1 i t 0 I' S Our group work is as new as we are, Right, Ms. Sutterheld? Brad McSpadden Brittney Mitchell J.C. Morgan Kenberly Morgan Tracy Morgan Shane Morton Darrin Owens Daniel Partee Jon Partee Jason Pate Katharine Piediscalzi Chris Richardson Billy Richie Polly Rose Jessie Sears Tanya Segraves Bruce Shipman Deanna Shipman Misti Sims Rusty Skeens Donald Smith Nathan Smith Michael Steele Shanya Storey Terri Teague Renee Tolomeo Shasta Trammell Billy Traylor Holly Treat Jennifer Tumer Joseph Tumer Travis T umer Rebecca Van Evera Misty Vickers Shana Wade Frankie Weaver Kristina Wilkins Mindy Williams Scotty Wilson Michael Winkle 15? Teacher's little helper. ln.-, Rodney Archer Bobbie Brewer Christy Brondhaver Becky Brown Jessica Bums Bobby Canard Sara Caraway Tabatha Colby Stephanie Coleman Scotty Copeland Henry Chriswell Amy Cruse Steven Davis Diana Day E V Christy Decker Dwayne Engle Keith Everett Janet Fletcher Joe Galloway Joey Giberson Sandy Gillihan Fred Gently Jeremy Goins Michael Green Willow Handcock Shanna Hanna Paul Harrell Lauren Han'is Waller Hollis Rachel Holter Crystal Huliines Kimberly Jackson Elizabeth Jones Hear what? 9 xvv Tressa says- "School Kllls Mel" L A A -11 ' ' Tia if '-A in f t , ff Ag Q' af A ff 2 .K 25 if RW J 1 f K 5 Q 2 -7 J S f 3, 1 15 W X ..,, 4 .. ,..l N 2 f 401 1 f f Naziroddin Kazi 'K N 9 4 df 43 M I ' X Dunk.. K if Y ' 5 Y At work and play, third graders ha ve fun all day! Hey, Eddy, grin A' bear itl Look at Janet A' Shanna. You 're of the New Genera- tion. ,, A f, T E, , in gl 4 0 if W 4 In W Q ' 'tw J' ' X t iw A 5 'LK1' " W Mtwf ,, 1 J . V 1 .,,. . :H Eu: S , 5 N ,f A lf It v I fy, iff y 4 if M, was ws P' MN? J, fff',55' --Q Q On a roll with Paul, Travis, and Keith! L A 1, . 44' , J L- , , ,V .- s -:gg--M ,. ir. 2 1. W f K CL-' X f iv! 4 f , , ff ., . , Z tm 2 f H1 tw cfm- M -t I ,,, ...A , 3 f:'iifi'3,f1E-V. 'sp 2 , "M" ,Q Zh - , " A T 'IPM W 2 'J at 3 ld f i 5, ff! ! . Melissa Killian Penny King Nancy Lewis Matthew Long Jerrod Mabry Jamie Martin Kevin McCam Martie McClung Jeremy Mclntire Travis Meadows Delinda Mealer Brandy Mitchell Tressa Moody Fether Morrow Jay Newman Sheila Owens Alisha Patterson Ch!Posada Delores Pott Ronnie Price Carl Rector Jelfery Reynolds Steve Ribitzki Heather Robinson Leann Rodgers Randy Rorie Kelly Simmons Vickie Smith Matthew Stevens Joey Talburt Michael Tharp Mitchel Tharp Kelsey Thomas Douglas Tumer Tim Tumer Eddie Vallery Crystal Watkins Chris Weeks Donna White Chris Williams Patrick Williams Jeremy Woody fj7' X ,QQ Si Teresa Apple Aaron Bagby Melissa Becker Jeremy Boudwin Jessica Cabiric Jason Calloway Dustin Campbell Jeremy Canard Natalie Canard Anne Condrey Joseph Corter Helen Cowell Bryan Davis Kelly Decker Matt Dobbins Jerred Dodson Lee Earls Paul Van Evera Mary Everett Tavie Feheley Robbie Fletcher Danny Foster Russell Foster Stephanie Frad Kristy Gates Miranda Gillihan Kim Ginn Ashley Goodman 5751 MZ! Look out, Van Gogh: here we come! N iw ,Q massage' '- ' asf 1 f Q w e JZ 1 K N1 -.Q Q N if Q 'W is x ws. uw ' 1, , ' '4 1 ' ,A A ,. mi SX .fp aff wx A xg X xi S ' X N 'X - -- 55-51 Elizabeth Gosser 5 O U ls that you, Jessica, d s behind the book? G -1 H ....,. ,.,, "" ' A ii' is K ,-,', , 459771, DMZ ' vfwy., ' .ffm f . 9 " new "",y, Eff c '52 XM nz . ti Q ,l 7.,,' , A 1 A ' ' R 7 Jw of-ZW' A '-wif A - ,. , ,Q V ,rm ',yL ' to W ff. - lllll ., 1 A 4 H ii Lg W , 7343 --,, ' ' 45. -M ,,..,4, 9.4 Qrr' Misty and Aaron know they've been good! Razz: Ze::?I2': .. .... wi . , x 4' ' W K is 1 fi wk ' Y Nl H J- RQ G, is . 5 is . F 'Kew LY A DECADE AWAY xrrz L , -' QW' , 1 K mi f gr ,. ,- A mtg ...... N53 6 is ii J K . . t ' J 9' S -2 Yi is A NN, ' X X mms - 'i 4223.3 MJ' i Y M , 'IQ TZ, li J xi .-M 5 iii H5-1+ isxs-with is XX Fit' 4 x Qg5,Q1fb:1f, ,fi-1 f is my X fx ' wil XS Q- "' s' 'ST X If A Q. 'K ' . fi, 1 i 4 h. ,........ 'Q' 33 g X ,. , WV X mm f X X is 2 Z f -as , sl '. 1 awww W se. -fs ,Jtegwweeee . A " 2"' :J xv 1 2 . .'1kfk, "1' f a s 5 A i A4 :yi E1 5 ,ii -'-, - 'ga' 'QQOXYQQQ 0 6 P Nathan Guinn Matthew rlamrick Jared Haney Meagen Hessel Chris Hess George Jackson April Lancaster Charles Lewis Dustin Long Marley Mackay Lance May Angela Melton Eric Mitchell Shandle Mitchell Christina Morgan June Morgan Sarah Odegard Melissa Poll' Jason Reynolds Cozy Richie Charis Rock Jimmy Rodgers John Rodgers Jason Sears Toni Sheffield Colby Shepherd Don Shipman Tony Simon John Skeen Bobby Smith Jason Smith Craig Smith Melia Smith Dezarae Stames Misty st. Clair Charles Steinmiller Carl Swanson Christie Teny Regina Thomas Kasey Tinkle Michael Tinkle Larry Tumer Teny Tumer Valerie Tumer Gabrielle Vallery Chris Welch Julie Whidden Braiden White Ricky Williams Shannon Williams Angela Wilkins Kimberly Wilson Melissa Withem Michelle Wyatt Jeny Younger Regina Younger 4 We Gary Acklin Jessica Adams Jeffery Altman Jimmy Aumiller Chrystal Bames Camillia Becker Kristi Blackwell Zackery Brackin Christina Branscum Richard Brenton Delandra Brewer Mary Jane Brewer Joshua Brock Nicole Brock Jeffrey Brondhaver Lee Brown Zachely Bums J.R. Carr Ricky Copeland Jason Cowell Cindy Criswell Evelyn Davis Joshua Davis Hollie Day J, W, Dobbins William Eversoll Pamela Ferren Katie Ford Chris Giberson Jason Gilbert John Gillihan Jamie Goins Erin Goodman Amanda Gosser Keith Green Jamey GrilTith 78 .1r' C, c ' "". , H 55" 3' if .. J, .J H 9 s, .fab 'J 3 can 5 . , 1 vi ., if., ' 15511- -giiljiiigqg. 'lm ,- . SV M c,y,c W VM N A if If ff 5 . we 19' .4-0' -vw 1 A A PROGRESSIVE PATTERNS OUR STYLE -"' R X if it X' S R'X S Q 1 E Alisa Hams Jason Helms Brandi Hodges Richard Ivy Jeremy Jones Daniel Lawrence 3 Erika Lawrence Letisha Lawrence Sabrina Linville Rachel Lockard Ralyn Lockard Heather Marsolf Andrea Martin Daniel Martin Kyle McCam , ,. Michael McDaniel Corina Mclntare Jennifer Mclntire Melissa Mealer Dennis Mitchell Travis Moody Micheal Morgan Letisha Neal Jody Nelson Kimberly Nichols Allen Oden Jacob Overrnan Aaron Pannell Alicia Patrick Juanita Piva Marcy Prichard Jeremy Richardson Joshua Richardson Timothy Richie Noah Shelton Burkley Smith Miranda Stevens Terra Stewart Jeremy Tumer Rex Vannatter Jeremy Vickers Richard Weaver 79 V v E' Chris Adkerson Rebecca Amrstrong Ricky Astle Robert Ausbom Gordon Avey Jody Baldridge Luke Beny Minor Blanton Kevin Box Mark Box Malinda Brewer Jamalina Brown Jesse Bums Josh Bums Joni Calaway Jasmine Cary Eric Cavender Audrey Chandler Aaron Collins Chris Condrey Valerie Condrey Kimerly Copeland Lola Corter Jennifer Crymes Nicholas Cowell Jennifer Day Mathew Dearien Ray Dixon Jake Dobbins Josh Engle Nikki Espinosa Brandi Feheley Wendy Garvie Lindsay Gaylor Christopher George Telisha Glenn Duane Green Chad Griffith Matthew Guinn Chastity Hall Buford Hanna John Hamess Dusty Harris Sundie Hessel Katie Hinkle Jessica House Thomas lvy Amie Johnson Amanda Jones siazzfy I , f MWC, .t-f ,.. vw 5 -.R Q tw - K i w Z . -- E' 9115- -ff - . ' gg i' s A , f- , ' ' - w e' ' A ,tt 1. - ig fiat 1- m y le. bb . C ..,, , 1. f R . c A tgagu' r G . Q Q .-A, . mx Q - 5 A -Q: A515512 vv:z2?' , fs 5. ,1Z1?ifQ af- 7 . ,- 'T Y 'S' 'I sf A 1 it Q sqrtwikg 9-L 7. " ,Sl .. ,R Q R A sf 1 ,J , t .awp , ., ., liek--35':,Q:s ,.5.i.t., t ., ' ylmyiibt s t XL 3 ,- :" 3' is xx 1 , it A D iis il C ' I 'x'Nf,l,t m gc ,ps -: 2. -f f f t ' '- ' x ,. mf: X ,- Q 'X . K, K 'A X V 'W YE x Q33 . e viii!! -. x M Q. Iii- , , 1 Y 'vii-A sffiixif? xi . t o C . . fin if Nsifi A fe X X, s as as it is X 5' , ,QS 5 X ' ,gt Q '35 ' FQ E3 B if as 'mx i 35 R N A to X X t xg Q if F5-S3 ' .ii afr 'PH 1 ' Laata. Laci? gqifgqsg 'S ,E f ,J 13:83 " 1: .fi . w.,z:--11'1w 'Jing X 12 tw ' 3 f 'S Q C 1 K We ut f SSS, Q ng X i.zHv.s,5f5 ' xt .4 uv Q g- tx , X it . . 125. at ,RWM XX X.""" 'TJ x,.-- -' , . W . .,M:.. gi I K X1 J- ' I - - K.,,..- K . 0. V , Q 4.33 X 1 X 42 I Q X iff' I t i 3 'Z J nf. T' -, ft...Tw' K x s IQ 4 in it 5 5 M S ,,, r m -K gsm? X X, We t,,. stigsx xi -9 r En, . 'X 'Q Q , f i' 9 . 4, Q- 9 t I 'kia X .1 ' 5 . If 324 K QT i T 'Al' 9 M., 3' " 5 A 1 , t a Q- ,ir ' 'ul LT RX N s X bi K x X Q K QQ!! P 4' 5 V .5 .:f ' ' T s 1 ,L t A lx f X L41 S' SH iz , Z5 ,Msgs is 1, - -fe: sraa A J 5 r -X get . ' fs 5' X- W 1 W , . ' as Kms - . ' E 'H .. f E f , E ,iq 3 Li K AAAL LM- .L.,.x.,., 1 .H ,X My K lc if t , Q X 4 , ,, . R. 5-Q51 8 -Spf-1' V , Y 3 I . , H , it . . 3 Z ,S A is ,,, A gh ,f , , , f 5, .,,. SK It X' x ff' N x XSVQ V ..,, iff 'E X ,.... 33. if xi A Mg, fig, J . -.. 1- -if jfmf 6 E E if ,T . "" Q if , K s S sw xg we Q - y Q M g g L W 3 Q-' F R .. wt .. Rswf fm, ,. sf ' Z' '32 rf t . ,. , val" Xl R sf A ' 1 - . ' Q-XX Sir? W W I t s X if s X 1 xx X Q L S' A9 Vs X r K X .. , . -ating- Rx 2 4 53, , sf' txt X gg X , E Christine Kirby Krista Lancaster Kendle Lawrence Carla Lund Wesley Matheson Mandi McClung Robert Misenheimer Jim Mitchell Kevin Mitchell Steve Mitchell Amanda Morgan Rockey Morgan Dustin Nichols Robbie Oden Alison Parker Ches Passmore Allison Fierce Jarret Pinkston Seth Reeves Jennifer Reynolds Justin Rodgers Lori Rodgers Hart Sanders Russell Simmons Jarrett Sims Lucinda Smith Patricia Smith Robert Smith Tommy Staggs Sharona Stames Joey Sutton Christopher Sweat Amber Taylor Jennifer Thomson Dena Trammell Chasity Vallery Leslie Wallis Joseph Welch Scotty Williams Lile Winningham Isaac Woodard Rosie Younger Katie 11, whispers a secret to "shocked" Amie Johnson, A n . K t. H. M Joni Calawaydr Kevin Mitchell takea "milk e sive are rn e ,, P Kcookre break. I I lr . xxN Amber Taylor leads line of ' 'breakers ' '. 'if rw' Q3 5 59 VX W -. ff Q r S O I UP! , X Q9 90 M FEET E 1 T QM STAFF IM 'Q EEC f f Guiding Directing Working Caring Hands, Hearts And Heads - All Build With Goals For This NEW GENERATION Q6 OV Q O15 Q0 x0 Q eo Wi? QQ 6 we YQ , M p f Standing L-R: Mr. Darrell Shelton, Supt.,' Mn Jim Nesbitt: Mn Bob l3fn2ZZ'3Qg.M5.5f!2"!1Zfl2Z.Vi?f'ZZZg, 1232? M" C"a"eS Ram' I 1 ' SUPERIP1 T EIYDEIY T , , , S M Mali- M2 ee Q in answers questions from teachers, pictured 4 here with Mrs. Whitfield: 1 If Q 'SJ'-:J-2 -+- . so , ,I .. r il M t ttli if r i .I :V yy gr: gif- ri. ,-, gg ko 9 Mr. Darrell Shelton Mr. Danny Thomas 'X . L4 ll P R I N C 5 C I E M 0 P E 5: A H , A L T A A ttl r 5 S R QP 'YQ O .'f I works on various fonns for district standards dr finances,- chaperones student parties, pictured here with Mrs. Shelton dk' Mrs. Morris. 4 Mr. Joe Al Stewart ,. 15739 11 Q .mm Mrs. Betty Duncan Mrs Cloyce Risner District Treasurer Secretary Federal Programs G01 63960 FIRE DRILL! Mr. Whitfield, Mrs. Morrison Mrs. Risner. Eff if , 48' 4 f , AW QD. Mrs Freddie Luther Secretary - Elementary Lf' QQ tiling' VY ff , ,,r.,,,k f V, ,, - r-fin ,e,' QM, - 7 , ff A A, , EV W F 9 4' , ,W :L PLM Ty Aff W wa f 7 1 X W M, A ,, -all ,, -, fn, ,.,wff,,gQ,,.1f' L " " mzgf,gfz.z5' 4 '-4' , 1' ffsw x'iCmj?54,1,':f?glj? ,Mg , we ,, 5 M, r ' 1 ft W ::v,i'1. 4 , f-,Y .. '27 1 T f L , ig" H'ff'i'U1if:w 'IH , L an , an 'S' Q f , s, r ' -t' V "ig ' - .L ,, V - ng: fWYiY'rfn I " - , 'u gffif J' f +I . fivhwzf f g h? ,M QSM K it 1 H i, ' ' fi GW-fr ,. t 1 " xx s ,' S P S O E PI s C o O R N D A 5 R p Mr. Bangs, counselor who ls also one ofthe Beta sponsors is joined by Mrs Bangs for lunch at the recent Beta convention in Little Rock R' Bangs , X f Mr. Whitfield, master teacher, explains eighth grade math Q19 1 S. Gilbert oi' -'-VIL. :I i QS O N E L E 5 M E N , 1 v- i' 1 y V 7TH af X am X Mr. Misenheimer joins Mn Whitfield and Mn Bangs as hculty waits for assembly to begin. Whitfield M U S I -x Q8 i Q., A , IM R D. PZUEFSOH ,ff Q fr 7 V BandfChorLqS R' Purdom M'Parsons AIT If V 3 -62 Qa?fi3H2:,,, ff . N M.J. AfIdCfSOfl D A Y R gg Gy E V4 vo Z XJ M E N S le? .rf N !,j 'f "J R N D. Tirlkle O Q60 6 I .. we C. McMurray SPECIAL 5 Speech SERVICES P S. Duck E Q K F O R A L 'QV L ,Ali 1 if 1. ' ff-fi VTE 'SWL'-Nez' S. Mlsenhelmer :5 F Fourth Grade me WE CERTAINLY ARE , S. Bangs B. Rlsner Home EcfChiId Dev. R. MlSCHhEll71Cf X' F AIgebrafAdv. Math F. Hatley Ge0met'yfMath Fourth Grade N u K. Voyles EW SMNDARDS P. Teague M Breeding L. Huckabay Second Grade fmgagia English Deaf Education 1 n-.....A T ij ff' SJ. Calaway ciencefliiolo . L-R: F. Iffegef EC gy I1gllshfJoumallsm, Practlce Teacher: J. Canard, R T R, Powell Student: Tonya B. REG ATICNS Q i Hisrrzryffieography R. Reynolds Kindergarten Amber T., Jesse B., Joni C., Valerie C. PLANS D. Davis Spanishflinglish P. lvy Civicsffleography , l k i t 515- K. gi-If , le, ,.--. ff, . A. ' ff' S. Lance 'QQ' Y. Jolley Resource Englishfdeographyfhistory F. A L L S M I L I PI G L. Sullivan ' STUDIES lla rd SciencefMath Ph ysicsfChemistryfScience A 2 2 MV' 3,7 M. Alexander R. Lawrence T- Lawrence E Fiflh Grade f-'iffh Grade First Grade UN E. FOfbUS Resource if F' w u H. Sutton J- B221 J. Isbell R Chapter I ffifldefgaffefl 3 2 2 1: Fifth Grade Students: Charity J. 84' Rachel E. xg an 21 rm ' A - ' v I We M' r W 4 A O g B. Keaton ' D, Ames Chapterl N 1 ,M Hall Kindergarten 1 E First Grade .A i 1 N Y 3. s. L. Sutterfield D. Gilbert Arhlezicsfnealzhfslem. P student Deanna S. face Fourth Grade Athleticsfhealth paints for Spirit Week. 5' SCHOOL ' Oc, ' ' 'S 1 P S. James 3 W lf: -U J .df ' V? A F First Grade iz 1 I A t c U L T Y 5. Moody Kindergarten WITH TR U E S I I 1111111111111 , P I? Pl. Neighbor B, Allred , I SciencefCareer Orientation Business I R- mlgs t Ath etics Hea t f ovemmen I H J.McCarn 0 ' 11111--11111-I Athletiasfhealth H. Decker - , . V' Jeffery Agriflinimal Science Student: Bill W. dk' Practice l1istoryfDnvers Ed. Teacher S. Smith FN .I ',"' X' Q" . t X . ..,. We . If ' -X, wif 5- 2 M 4' I rg , E L.A. Jehfery R. Third Glade First Grade L- fgggfffs TEACHERS ,-a""" ,..w'4 E S. Falchi Resource Student: Danial P. A R E Sixth Grade Student: Emmett I1, M. Whitfield UNIQUE 'Wf- G. George . . Third Grade I PEOPLE E . Second Grade D. Luster ' t", ,E K' Brewer smn Grade E Sim' Gfade WW' vin N291 . , , N. Green -in-1 11 11 M-41 C I'I A fQ""x ,,,,.,P,.,e,W..,N , QW film" N L. Green way WE ARE C. Gf,,fha,, IZ we e' G. Davis B. Dearien Q l B, Sims 1 A LA 1 I I SDI EE' Rl VI 'll CII Ell Sll Il n I S. Willis S. .lessen 5 Ts msmvh... IROOM 93 Cooking Loy Reynolds Maintenance A' .facet y 5 9 "' ' ,,,L , L 4 . at - llgff 0 H sg Mg' Q L to R: Tresa Price, Sheila Ginn, Lily Franks, and 2nd row: Pearl Shreffler, Rentha Smith, Lou Condrey, Ruth Hill, Donna Cavender, Lorene Franks. A K A wg. ,V K. . . 2 5 M Q a S f E - 1 Q f. 4--1 +:,+:4:wsS L to R: Front Row- John Reeder, Larry Sutton, Kermit Taylor, Larry Sullivan Jay Jolly, Benny Risner, 2nd rom John Elliot, Charles Oliphant, Loy Reynolds, Hubert Engle, Glenn Davis, Frank Baggs, Caroll Hicklin, back row: Mike Severs, Frances Barham. O .O L to R: Jimmy Lawrence, Jimmy Joe Wallis, Howard Gosser, Betty Fairbum, Evelyn Williams, Sue Conway. OUR BO Clubs Sz Groups NIR e IS For Our - Tim es Unique Individuals On The Move In School Or Community - 1 L-R - Front Row: Andy Purdom, Krista Leubner, Mike Chitwood, Susan Jones, Charlotte Wade, Carla Gjestvang, Andy Tinkle, John Anderson. 2nd Row: Walt Butterworth, Jimmy Summers, Stotts Isbell, Sara Furdom, Elisha Sullivan, Brad Bangs, Bobby Sisk, Rachel J Shipman, Felicia Scholl. 5rd Row: David Blain David Shipman, Chris Deitrick, Darrell Sullivan, Mike Luster Deann Morris, Stacy Nesbitt, E Cindy Stigall, Jenny Hale, Kim Morris. 4th Rom William Frazien Bobby Storey, Keith Gaylen Dawnette Long, Lori O'Brien, Rob Sutton, and Sponsor-Ms. Kay Voyles. Plot pictured: Elecia White Gr Melissa Balentine. , .il 1-5 A .- 1 , V - X -W " ft , is 25 W f 'nf 1 6 A ' . x 5 E, 'mfgi wwf ,V kgs, .J if 4 A1 M 1 e ,Qi i-,T X' ' f-W' 2 ff zz ,,,tgg,1 4 v,,k Q E U1 181 Q' Mf,,, M Www WK, I IS FUN! M Qu OFFICERS: L-R - seated: Elecia whirekrregzrentfttsulzag BUILD . ,S d' :AdF dom,Reoen' 2F06 56' ' A ssjggtiviilce tCahitxgJ0d,nVie-gresident. p 1 7 ' I i 1 , , ,M ,, if V W ,7, W ,V , Wax, :N-s,.',f ..f ft f i z V, sw-. sw-:Sq . -, .qi , , X ,-,k. '--- - f - . B L-R Front Row: R. Bangs, R. Purdom, Andy Purdom, Andy Tinkle, Stacy Nesbitt, Elicia White, Russ Moody, Melissa LePore, Melissa Balentine, Lisa Gill. Row 2: Lynn Pogue, Brad Partee, Krista Leubnen Tammy Sisk, Carrie McCasland, Gwen Cyestvang, Lori O'Brien, Beth Macey, Charlea Fuller, Freddy Ward, Felicia Scholl, Ron Mcdranahan. Row 5: Bobby Storey, Tonya Storey, Cindy Stigall, Heather Zini, Chris Sutterlield, Carla Cjestvang, Jennifer Steed, Jeannie Thomas, Cindy Nesbitt, Tiffany Avant, Mike Lusten Randall Storey. Row 4: Robert Davis, John Cruse, Kim Morris, Angie Boyd, Rhonda Rudd, Elizabeth McCarthy, Kathy Canady, Jeannie Brown, Rob Sutton, Lisa Jelfery, Shannon Caraway. Row 5: Jim Potts, Gary Don Dayberry, Donovan Tumer, Dale Earls, David Shipman, Jim O'Neill, Laddie Sims, Lea Ann Hinkle, Stephanie Bryant, John Anderson, Sheila Cousins. Row 6: Jason Williams, Lyn Noricks, Brian Younger, Keith Gaylen Robert Jessen, Brian Long, Patricia Bamett, Sara Cox, Kerri Trammell, Mike Chitwood, William Frazien . , in in- Q OFFICERS Sf SPONSORS 6' sronsonsr eq Randy Bangs and Robbie Purdom fa , i ll I Andy Purdom, Pres.: Andy Tinkle, Vice Pres.,- Stacy Nesbitt, Sec.: PK' . R. Purdom Br R. Bangs, Spons., Elrcra White, Treas., Russ Moody, - Kept. T O D ,,, ,jr A Y S W 11 2 1 5 z E S T H a SE: X 5 2 , ,. .555 ...X F S 'ii rr 3-Kr SS xx xx M4 Wil .5 . - W' 'gig' X kk Xxx if T W it wif '3' If M" tiii 'I- N 1 im? - I MVHS Beta talent group move up Capitol steps for "command" performance at the invitation from Rep. Pat Ellis. 'Q it X' x at KM, X get 15 5 ti W, A-if W f-at R05 "SOUTHERN TRADITION" S I TEN? H EMBERS Us G BETA M S bound! Quiz Bowl Team: Seated L-R John Anderson, Keith Gayler, Krista Leubner, Andy Purdom. Standing: John Cruse. 100 35? Q 3 a . ,zz O Fc JET RSO TB IE TVR 2 0 Us S .EX 2 S E AA L King: Jimmy Summers Queen: Alicia Sullivan O Bobby and Sara Dance till dawn! Installation Rainbow glistensl , 0 " ' 0 9 -- A K-sresszw-.iiss , .. ,x-- ..., , -':: if R afi ef, X- ' it A ' eeii A .- . ,, , ,, . - 1-f f "'- 1 A ,, .V kixh V Chow time! But what's that? L-R Row 1: Mn R. Powell, spon.,- Spring Branscum, SC rep.,- Brad Bangs, SC rep,,' Nancy Anderson, rept.,' Stotts lsbell, tres.: Chris Deitrlck, sec.: Bobby Sisk, vice-pres., Alicia Sullivan, pres.: Mrs. V. Breeding. spon. Row 2: Melody Freeze, Misty Jeffery, Anne Ramsey, Sara Purdom. Lanya Bolln. Rachel Baken Lynnette Bagby, Lynn Hardy, Jennifer Rodgers, Joell Sweeny. Row 5: Chris Daybeny, Josh Robinson, David Mitchell, Bart Broyles, Shannon Hessell, Roberta Fedd, Melissa Fletcher, Kim Vickers, Adrian Lovenstein. Row 4: Jimmy Steele, Mari: Haney, Julie Davis, Leann Scroggins, Paige Futrell, Laura Husky. Paige Cates. Kristy Storey, Jenny Hale, Heidi Earls. Row 5: Jimmy Summers, Secret Tumen John Rhoads, Scott Stewart, Kristy St. Clair, Tad Tidwell. 1 N 1 R E A D 8? R E S E A R C H 4 3533 L-R: Front Rom Stacy Nesbitt-S, C. Reps David Blair-President: Krista Leubner-Vice-Pres.: Mells- sa LePore-SecfTreas.,- Melissa Balentine with BoBo-Mascot: Elecia White-Kept.: Tammy Sislv R. Purdom-Sponsor. Back Rom John Cruse: Keith Gayler-S.C. Rep.: Deanna Sutterfieldf Tammy Prince: Cheryl Hudspeth: Andy Furdom, S O K Lori Scroggins, seated, 8rLisa Jeffery, standing, browse at Book Fair. s ...f haf? .. ...M Above: our sponson Mrs. Purdom- poses- Left: our sponsor' Mrs. Pur- Xl dom-normally. f Below: Executive Officers' Meet- ' ing rpaffyll l .. ,,, xg- sf 0 00 pg J 9 Oo o 0 L-R: Front Rom Felicia Scholl, Sharlea Fullen Leslie Sutteriield, Lori O'Brien, Gwen Gjestvang, Cathy Long, Maria Penta, Beth Maceyc Sara Cox, Loretta Hanna, Kerri Trammell, Lynn Akins. Elecia White, Andrew Furdom, Rob Sutton, Melissa LePore, Mrs. Davis. Back: Sara Davis, Karen Baltz, Anita Batmglean Tammy Prince, Paula Battaglean Lynn Fogue, Jason Williams, Robert Da vis, Pat O'l'1eill, Angie Boyd, Jarrod Thomas, Mike Lusten Russ Moody, Keith Gaylen John Cruse, Raymond Selvidge. 'O or 6 O pox 699 t H K Ollicers L-R: Gwen Gjestvang, Pres.: Fat O'lYeill, Vice-Pres.: Beth Ma- cey, SecfTres,' Angie Boyd, Rept.,' Rob Sutton, S, C. Rep.: Lori O'Brien, X X s.c. Rep. X 'X ' . X .N ' ' . Q , ' xx . . I Singing "Cascabel" I "Silver Bells"l -Yxf: Ay X - Y 2-. v Maria Peha, a foreign ex- change student from Cali, Columbia, shows a poster of xher home country. A mouse pififata at a Spanish Fiesta? is 5 X is lt's story time! C 489531 '? . Spanish Christmas party with tree 8r presents. The Border Patrol Boys L-R: Lynn Rogue, Russ Moody, Mike Luster, Pat O'l'leill, Jarrod Thomas, Jason Williams, Robert Davis. L-R: front Row-Elgcia White, Heather Zini, Cindy Stigall, Mike Chitwood, Keith Gaylen Rob Sutton, Kerri Trammell. Row 2-Lisa Jackson, Sara Davis, DeAnn Morris, Maria Pena, Andy Purdom, Melissa Balentine, Melissa LePore, Dale Hodges, Theresa Steed, Sara Cox, Cherie Brannon, Judy Engles, Charlea Fuller. Row .5-Jel7 Shannon, John Ball, William Frazier, John Cmse, Jason Williams, Freddy Ward, Lynn Akins, Patricia Bamett, Cara Sims, Tammy Prince, s'a7.Qq', Igfauvioi nom. J sw, Qw.w-:Ass 'S K' mix 'ig W "N - - me C w The otficers, with sponsor Mrs. Allred 8 Mr. Allred, attended the l I Southem Region Leadership Conderence in November in Little cers L-R: Keith Gayler-Treasures Heather Zinl-Secretary, Elecra White-Vice-President, Rock' dy Stigall-President, DeAnn Morris-Reporter, Mike Chitwood-Parliamentarian, Rob Sut- -Historian. Cindy Stigall ran for district secretary - And WOIYI Can yOu identify these Spooks? Mrs. Allred can! Www , 539 'wmv' .r"Z . If' Mwmwm,lmwwwmmmf uf-El" STN Uk YW ., x I L ' rr F 2, . ff nary E ulhw, 2 5 A ,C ? L- 3 'f f X ? ' f w- 04- ii- 5 3 1 'fy QV' x V- vw ,, Y " ' A f . ..,, L' rf, .. L'R 1st Rom Cathy Long, Shawn Strutton, Jeff Gillihan, James Patterson, Michael Glenn, Anthony Avey, Rick Willis. Row 2: Danny Youngen Robert Davis, Jim Potts, Jamie Woody, Kurt Richardson, Ricky Sanchez, Billy Hoppen Dennis Bangs, Vance Keaton, Robert Jessen, Rusty Clark, David Shipman, Glenn Harris, Marty Archer, Daryl Pitts, Tina Cates, Darrell Massey, Jelf Haney. Row 5: Lewis Smith, Lance Bonds, Kelly Foley, Dale Hodges, Dan'ell Tumen Scott Ward, Walt Butterworth, Josh Green, Laddie Sims, James O'lYeill, Renea Sartin, Chris Stone, Tracy Clements, Brian Long, Scott Dodson, Steve Webb. Row 4: Glenn Schneider: Jeff Shannon, Raymond Selvidge, Vincent Stain Michael Jordon, Kirk Fossler, Terry House, Randy Sutterfield, Wendel Clark, Dale Earls, Jason Cartwright, Trey Tinkle, Paula Battaglean John Ball, Eddie Carter: Clinton Hefton, Donnie Condrey, Keith Powell, Hank Han1s, Earl Sutterfield, Shane Briel, Jeff Fosslen Phillip Brewer rx ' ik its-S , ., """:f5- , , W X X I - 1, Q mfolgeg C Qixizlxxx 115 cat? Xl' ' Wff RIC KY S V A Q-'J LQJ Working in the shopl Officers L-R: James Patterson, Pres.: Jed' Gillihan, Vice-Pres., Rick Willls, Shawn Stnrttor Tneas.: Cathy Long, Rept.: Michael Glenn, Jr. Advison Anthony Avey, Sentinel. s TY,f.xX.',nX e ,., , m FFA Outhouse wins the race with runner Kelly H. 6' driver 9 m Vance K. f at J' n e s a i I' S NNN r . k .1 Parllmentary Law Team: Cathy L., Robert D., Brian K, Steve VK, Kelley H., ft, 5' 2, - "' l James P., Shawn S. ' V .L 3. 'N 1 if Sk 6' A f V 1 r F , V A E , 3 6- , Y X A L f Xu-. A ,W ft I ". MW I . . 5 T F Q' If E 1 , ..,,. A 5 ' S A M 4- 2 -V ii R T gij ,Mu Y! ,. Y .t,, i .ul li? W .rr 'r ' J j 1 , V wi V . 7, mf . I V sl, , was A e ffavop . , if K 39 .Z .v,' i . , t lll- Z ta: f S A wge aa , . f faaanaaaafmil. ,. f Mei 1 H eezahggg 'J , 0 X E, 59 nf , fe , ,aaar anaa J ,-. .,. -a :l is 49 x :, ff 2, A, ' , 3 :-,,, -',, 5 .::, g , ' an , f ,,,.g L , , S H091 ll-if "'A A : : '79-U i -J LW 9 ga 3, it .,.,.., A j f srar Event Winners: Melissa Balenrine, Elizabeth Mccanny, 1 . Q Donovan Tumer, Lori Trammell, 8' Brad Shipman Inot picturedl. Lori Trammell-First Place Winner in State 4 ' ' -' ' Program ol' Work. Good luck in Washington D.C. ' Dr. Steve Oarst gave a talk on eating disorders at a regular Q 0, 7 ' In volved meeting. Olficers listen attentlvely. M' yvvvvvwvv Q ,,a"'g4 Gro 5 4.4'a.'4.'.AWsWn'.. 54' up 4 Left Jamre Bames presents Mrs Bangs wrth the Golden Frurt award. Below: Angie, Sara, Lynn, 8' Melissa sell Buckle Hugs. .Kuwait M . KJ' f , CMM E Q S P Q K " we "'fSv...T""C Spicy. Rachel Shipman, Kim Morris, 6' Dawn X L-R: Front Row: Rachel Shipman-S,C. Rep., Kerri Trammell-Rept, Sara Cox-Sec., Kelly Harrell-1st Vice-Pres., Felicia Scholl-Pres, Zartman help Support Arkansas MartyArcher-2nd Vice-Pres. Lori T rammell-5rd Vice-Pres., Dawnette Long-Treas., Kim Thomas-Historian, Dar1yISulllvan-S.C. Rep. Chfldren's Hospital with the theme Row 2: Teresa Steed, el Ronda Brown, Llsa Gill, Jamie Bames: Gwen Ojestvang, Lori O'Brien, Beth Macey, Charles Deitrick, Gary Don Daybeny, Donovan T umen Row J: Brad Shipman, Melissa Daybeny, Rusty Clark, Angie Canand, Latricla Bullard, Loretta "There's Ho Place Like Home." Hanna, Lynn Akins, Carla Gjestvang, Lea Ann Hlnkle, Carrie Nonnan. Row 4: Heather Phillips, Tllfany Avant, Melissa Fletchen .. ' - U ' X Jennifer Steed, Cindy Nesbitt, Jenni Brown, Cathy Canady, Klm Mon'is, Carrie McCasland. Raw 5: Tammy Prince, Dawn Zartman, ' , -Q WL! X Melissa Deskins, Virginia Lambracht, Donna Bums, Myra Whidden, Karen Baltz, Tammy Sisk, Renla Richardson. Row 6: Jell' , ip: ,,'- " b l Gillihan, Sharlea Fullen Melissa Han'ison, Cherie Brannon, Brett Zlni, Rhonda Rudd, Tina Cates. Row 7: DeAnn Morris, Llsa Jeffery, b . '. Y AUYN' "5 " Lori Scroggins, Shelia Cousins, Shelia Watters, Llsa Jackson, Sara Davis, Melissa Balentine, Elizabeth McCarthy. Row 8: Taml Xaeg- - , ' ' Q, ii. Q il f Stevens, Tina Lanczasten Angie Boyd, Krista Leubner, Melinda Atchison, Susan Jones, Beverly Barham. Row 9: Teala Bums, Renea ' 1 --"- 5 . P 4 H ' ,H i ' Sartin, Tisn Blain Sharron O'Connon Rhonda Manfn, John sau. Raw 10: Susan oreen, chnsty Allen. ' '33 A i I ,.,.. P .. of , L t. . f f so -N-- ft... ..: Q QTLSE ,E . g 1 Q R L Et.A f y wa 2 ii Folk Festival: another community project - the l'1H.5. quilt. .Pigs 2 .-'Qf'fisff2 n,-f fr :assesses sins Q Q ,L ,svn Vfi f: :,:,a SVC . ,.., f - Y I1 I S T - ex t O R Y Above: Mr. Lance checks A' re-checks mles. Below: Trey Tinkle works! Rachel-Sr. Ind. ' L-R - Front Row: Steve Kronk, Diana Canady, Stephanie Sweat, Amanda Myersick, David Blair, Stacy Nesbitt Rusty Clark. Row2: Mr. Lance, Ben Davis, Keith Gayler, Robert Jessen, Kathy Canady, John Cruse, Brett Zini, Mr St Powell. Row 5: Andy Purdom, David Shipman, Freddy Ward Sara Purdom. Place Right 5 d Place H V i r Sr. H individual E R S .2 uvuaannz - 2 ,State Entries May 9 S Above: Vance Keaton, Tim Tidwell, 8' Trey Tinkle with Above: Diane Canady with individual entry their lst place Sn Group project. in Sr. Division. Rachel Shipman prepares her project, Women s Rights Movement Below: Melissa Whidden 6' Kathy Canady with their project about the PODuIist Party in USA. 17 ", Nfl Below: 2nd Place Sr. Group N w , I L-R: Front Row: Felicia Scholl, Keith Gayler-President, Melissa LePore-SecfTres., Cindy Nesbitt, Susan Green, Heather Zlnl. 2nd Mr, Sullivan Row: Brett Zini, David Blain Krista Leubner-S, C. Rep,, Stacy Nesbitt, Melissa Balentine-Rept., Elecia White, Tonya Storey, Mike S . cnirwooa, Mr. Sullivan. 3rd Raw: Lyn nerieks, Mat! Cwik, vanee Keaton, Patrick Stair, Beverly Barham, sara cox, Loretta Hanna, fumes Lynn Akins, Mr. Calaway. Prg-jects! y First Place - Krista Leubner E B .1 ' r U 3 i k n A S C i d Y ! w I R 3 Second Place - Matt Cwik f fl e fy? f'-,ik Susan G, is 7 not sure! Below L-R: Winners at the science Day at UCA - Keith Gayler- honorable mention in Chemistry, Mike Chitwood-2nd in Biology, John Anderson-Jrd in Biology. Third Place - Keith Gayler All y Are 3 S i S , t IE' 'f , Re ai 'Q' 5 7 JM ,M n , i 2 Z ' 3 ',',"' V' Q "" ,.,w-M , e . Q , I rt, V733 ,nf A if5,fl:r,r,,, ,"7WzUw2,1, S ' ' ' f r"""' i.. f P " " ""' - ',-,,,,r., 1 , i , ,ci, af, f-" : f ' :I . . " 522: V , fr: M, .fr J!ffilsff':1 '.,, S r ,E 'ff' M: , Y 'r ff, " " 'H'-:H-fr. .V W-W 1 -',M"r'f?5ifTflf!ftif' -ffsW15ff!E V ..,,, f.,L:v-,rr-,wzara rx M m" 57ff5'Jl!57 efgycrfwrga W-war. "fri zz,'l?':ff','l'f . .tv is n'w T xg F A ,,.. I A . X x wx xxx e A' , 1 '-iv f' I , 1 .' K L, N2 gfiifwefzf .sw .- 1-W 2:5 :fx-i 34 Ae 'ii-120: ' " In :- an ' will Y.f,t,, an 3. wh ww if nz. 5? fp'-tv ,f, .i WU, 3 1 Q W 3 jg, , -. L 5 -,.Q, W? fi HT' A 3 wg 5 1 i '14 Q, 2, - 1 BWzV r 9 Q X fm 'uw p V' f ,M , ',h. gig , W ' ':" if W K H 'f', f W' .. I i'i, ,-i. . ff o, , ,V CCCCC 4 . 1? V X , Q -A-'vEf- 356.42 w f , A S 1,1 ta ww 1,2 ,i U , -ra-5 ,I ,W , . , V ,h ig Z W H if 5, , , f W , - f4.77.f52x ' ' ' 4 q - P, , ,L : U , ,gsm , L W rein,-. 3 ""'f. - V H -V 3 1 . ,, '- . 3,2 W 1, ,. ,A . iv 4 engi ne j f . ,if '- ' zz, 1 N' X' 1 ' I W H N f y : ,, , , f I e Y o X Q C v o 'N f . .. o V' 4 215:-,LL W I VKKN K Poised above Right: Christmas Our '50 's Concert!! Christmas Carols .........., SPRING COPICER T ., 'gs k . s Q 5 .Q vi: x ir uk J i v-1 ,X , , , w ,UP wavy Flag Corps: Vickie Davis, Melanie Sefton, Deanna Suttelfield, Elecia White- Captain, Melissa Harrison, Susan Green, Tracy Canard, Felicia Scholl, Melissa LePore and Andy Furdom were nominees for McDonald 's All-American Band, Officers: Rob Sutton-Dmm Major, Melissa LePore-President Tonya Storey-Vice'President, Bobby Storey-Captain, David Ship man-Quarter Master, The Band received the second division trophy at marching contest! 1 l J in gn Q R , M T 'Riff R? u ik Xa f 1 ' N, fj 'i f 2? as .it ' H rw,mQ2 - . 11 9 2' - Q ,Q favfwviff? ' ' ,, ' 523 al X , my I ,Q K ' if f ' Y Rf 'Q Mfggigg Q 4. ,554 ' . Mafia A g 'li -: k k 1,5 I ,X 'A 2? 49 MW 7, -v ,1 xiii fs:-. V- 'we5..g.Q- fy fs j 3- N i vi 1 1 f , P w an Y ! ,,,, N K .M I , ' Y' ,"' ,' , ,QW M L-R-Back Row: Teala Bums, Paula Battaglean Co-Captain Christy Allen, Sharon O'Connon Front Row: Tina Sullivan, . MH. S. "YOU GQVE LOVE S tmgerettes BAD'W'E"' Cindy Smullins, Melissa Smith, Captain Felicia Scholl. Christmas Assembly, Paula reads the story "The Year Mr. Powell Saved Christmas." Alll Stingerettes listen carefully. Basketball Homecoming mn time line - Christy leads above - below Christy, Cindy, Teala, Melissa, Sharon, 8' Felicia. ' X 3 n y -11:11 Y r in 1w -'Mainz ,M-mf wx fm-i m nun-nal uf J ' s U Evo' -5:5 N 'Po 1 F 0 O C H E SE R L E A D E Standing: Carla Cyestvangf Jenny Hale,- Stephanie Bly2fl,' Co-Capt: Lee Ann Hinkley Latricia Bullard: Misty Jelfery. -Ng? S Kneeling: Monica Norman: Mascot: Carrie Plonnanf Capt: Elicia Sullivan. ' Q LISTEN UP!! Y ft 5 E L L O 4 Il: ' W F' 5 A A O Ii .,,::,t,,t, . T T ia i IQ Q Lee Ann A' Stephanie in Shake lt perfor mance for Basketball Homecoming. OUR FOOTBALL I-I i' PYRAMID FOR ,ina V Updated practice for Elicia 6' Jenny Nw.. X KACT KGB vwcnce Y 'ml K? ftggzw: , uf, , A fa, 'D ' 0 U Bgii ,p ' 'PQ S ?'.1 E Q N ' 1 l C O I-I R E E R L E A Em R we, fl :Cf S Kult' Standing: Beth Macey,- Lori Trammell: Lori O'Brien: Co-Capt: Elizabeth McCarthy- Dawnette Long. Kneeling: Leslie r Sutterfieldf Co-Capt: Gwen Gjestvangp Tammy Siskg Carrie McCasland. ll CON T ROL I I Fresh look for Basketball Homecoming, Three Cheers from Lon Liz 8' ROUSING ROUTINES FOOTBALL HOMECOMIIYG PEERLESS PYRAMIDS F ello wsh lp Of Christian Athletes Fun 6? Games Above: L-R: Front Raw: Vance Keaton, Mrs. Mon'ison, Robert Jessen, Rachel Shipman, Freddy Ward, DeAnn Mo Brad Shmman, Mike Lusten Donovan Tumen Maria Per7a, Sheila Cousins, Shawn Anderson, Jerrod Thomas, Coa Jim McCam. Back Row: Jeannie Thomas, Jennifer Steed, Kim Monis, Angie Canard, Lori Scroggins, Theresa Ste Lisa Jeffery, Heather Phillips. ' 'Hello Mountain View Give Me Liner' Study, too, with the Morrisons dr Coach McCarn. Drill On 4 A 0 E A Cold 5 ' ' Damp Day Above: All leave building orderly?? F Fire Belom L-R: Front Row: Josh Robinson, Brad Bangs, Stephanie Bryan, Da vid Shipman, Carla Gjestvang, Cindy Stigall, Heather Zini, Tonya Storey, Stacy Nesbitt, Sara Cox, Tammy Prince, DeAnn Morris, Missy Da ybeny, Melissa LeFore-timen William Frazier-timen Mr. Risner-sponson Elecia White, Tina Happen Melissa Fletcher Row 2: Chris Stone, Stotts Isbell, Rob Sutton, Owen Gjestvang P ' Tammy Sisk, Renia Richardson, Vance Keaton, Scott Dodson, Jim O'lYeill, Daryl Sullivan, Brian Long, Bo Gammon. David Blair. W5 inf r fha H f f' PORT Q5 Q , " L'LQ - S ' 1 A s N, . - S It . .Y -t - Qgfqgggfw A 'A . I , ' ,ifma - . - , A Big! G ., 1. . , A ' 'N .,,, . v - : .,....x . ' A fp A 1 s-sm i 'Y il-ii - 2 'v--wg. sfx',..i1:fL51g -I A L V Li .fix - Y '--' . ., er ' ' 5 V N . 5.5: ,W Y W is Q ' iw . R '- .q....... X f v S Pi L1 2 - H. ' 4 ' . . :Elly 'AY W' ' FALL fits FOOTBALL WINTER brings BASKETBALL SPRING takes to the TRACK 118 s..: QW Rl xgsnl HIHTH GRADE! L-R - Front.- Michael Pitts, Daryl Sullivan, Tim Tidwell, Trey Tinkle, Scott Dodson, Jamie Woody, Bryan King, Matt Thomas. Back: Kurt Richardson, Vance Keaton, Eddie Harris, James Halk, Dale Earls, James O'l'leiIl, Laddie Sims, Rick Crlsman, Dennis Bangs, Shane Brown. ff' K I fr 'C' 'JW W 6 , t E I A ,H yt l"r-L,, fm , If Ffwx 1 , it f CC C 4- I L ' , Q, ,,', V F J,-, f f f EIGHTH GRADE: L-R - Front: James White, Eric Goodman, Robbie Cochran, Ramey Futrell, Aubrey Sloan, Aaron Bess, Emie Gillihan, Earl Williams, Richard Finnie, David Callahan, James Newman. Back: Lonnie Depew, Bart Broyles, Bobby Engle, Jerry Tharp, Zac Knight, Russell Sutterfield, Chris Deitrick, Jason Williams, Carl Werb. VIH. ' H wtffym SCHEDULE WE JUNIOR jyflaxr Their Score Our Score ARE 12 18 Heber Springs Yellville 8 20 W Marshall 8 18 1 Mountain Home "8" 0 14 N Salem 12 14 N Yellville 6 20 E Salem 14 22 R Marshall 14 50 S Q Heber Springs 8 24 J 2, 1 MS '-if l TEA , v ,. 4 , H AVE, t I- I TU lf, ', if AV" . ff 'f - 5 N fl ' 1 'Y N- kiwi Q5 SEVEHT H GRADE: L-R - Front: Bobby Sisk, Jerad Cartwright, John Rhoades, Timmy Decker, Johnny Kingrey, Mitch Archer, Todd L F L L F O O T B A Avey, Chris Patrick, Hank Steed, Back: Scott Stewart, Greg Vannatter, Jimmy Summers, Kevin Green, James Beach, Jim Ed Cash, Adrian Lovenstein, Hubert Engle, Travis Stanley. fx gs-f:2-issbfwfff-ffsfjffsg X, me-'its-'35-, t fYi:f'5Q.:sQv5 ff+viX 1 -L H Sf,-fgtsglsrwgt f f xkiszfsf , P 1 L - if 1 t -. M -E 5. , .,.. .Q,..t,,, .. tw sm- K t L A ,N 1-Mfvfvi . ,. New ., iff. 5. . M -s::J-s+f,- ' QQ Q'-sf L R K 45 ,, . -- W QCA .. 2 txt f', L Junior players discuss the game in a time Preparing for a long, tough game, Junior Team dress 84' 1 out. relax. Th WO ! The Junior Team come running down the field, ready to take on 5 anything that is in their way. ' N 1 X' 4 ag ' lid 1' H I X X I ff . ?f' I r fwf! iv' 9, 'y J '44 .ri 1 , z V 5 ' J , . X' TiwwiW , , f imwswifw I Ready for any opponent, Eric Bames, senion runs through Spirit Sign. L R: Front-Steve Herring Shaye Fountain Rick Willis Shawn Anderson John Webb Andy Tmkle Anthony Avey Middle Shannon Caraway, David Hopper Michael Glenn JeffG1ll:han James Patterson Enc Bames Charles Deitnck BackJam1e Barnes, Lance Bonds Jarrod Thomas Lee Chandler Kelly Harrell Earl Sutterfield Donnie Condrey Jason Hunter Michael Glenn, selected outstanding running back in 5 AA North Conference and nominated to play in All Star Nominated to All State Team game in Little Rock, carries the ball against Salem SEASON RECORD Highland Pocahontas Salem Marshall Heber Spzings Clinton Bald Knob Vilonia Yelleville Cireenbzier 120 S E A S O JY U N 1 'Q U E A In conference game with Bald Knob, Michael Glenn carries the ball: James Fat- terson 84' Kelly for Earl?l block. TEA -RECORDS '86 illihan Most interceptions Career-15 All-Conference: L-R-Jason Hunter, Anthony Avey, Michael Glenn, Da vid Hopper, PC Honorable mention All-Conference James Patterson ar Kelly Harrell. E T I ani: O H S E R C E P T I T O H JeffGillihan runs the ball after one of his successful interceptions. Jason Hunter 8rJames Patterson show that Yel- lougjackets are it 1 after a tough game. annum. A-swam was . imma. gpm Nw tw S i 6 . Q A2451 . V J' P ,X SK X:AH?YN3YT7fz?ClH FFFYVIETT fa - .X W. L-R-Kneeling: Chris Sutterfield, Brad Partee, Mike Luster, Shannon Caraway, Russ Moody, Jeff Gillihan, Freddy Ward. Standing: Bobby Storey, Mike Chitwood, Ron McGranahan, Randall Storey, Pat O'l'leill, John Anderson, Lynn Pogue, Coach D. Gilbert. f - . ., . H t . I Q - . is ' S ' it . 1 Q. . L U . sl, ..., ...f-Wfxw. simm - . fi 7g iw! mae :-.f. 1' is J . .- ' F 1 1'b's1rfifv-ixrfffk--QNQAQSMf' I r 2 . be l - . .. . is Q, . f - -, N ,iiszzgwm F 5 .S -ii . 45 W, ,.., ... Practice Time! Senior boys bend and stretch in a hard exercise session. 74-A? 1-. ev f-f , ,'A v:' r nuff I R A I s.. ' 1 III? ,-3 iff ' fp gf: ,, .-'. fi-K 5' ' f 'z I-4,9 . K QM- - 4 6' av- ' ."' if.. I .1 1 . . -- K 3 at A ffm , N g r E Q + X X A W' . Russ Moody practices shoot- ing the basket. Freddy Ward jumps rope to shape-up muscles needed for game. SENIOR Q Nh ,x BOYS Fractice's oven' it 's game time for anx- ious Freddy W. 8' Chns S. nw , ifwfwf it -trai-wwfmwmlnfwigmmawmmmsimm-mms.sw E' 33 2 s 5 rt 2 Q 2 E ii 5 3 E outside R.-Pat O. opposite John A. 50fli0f DOJ'-9'A 3' 5 Te-3m5 - Sffambie f0f the rebound - OH U10 Mike Chitwood tries to block the ball aimed at the basket by 0PPosltron Ron McGranahan, ready to pass to the least guarded player, waits with ' the ball in this A v5 B team game! Players move to their places for the next play of this exhibition game Mike Chitwood listens to Coach Gilbert. Brian wait at the press table. Y. Sc' Ja son W. Senior Boys - A dr B Teams - prepare to open season with exhibition game 1" p .iff -fi 1 . .,": 5 r Lki., A . ,grin """ 'N L-R-Seated: Chris Dayberry, Randon Greenway, Jimmy Steele, Gary Dayberly, David Mitchell, Brad Bangs. Kneeling: Emie Gillihan, Bobby Engle, Chris Deitrick, Donovan Turner, Shane Cousins, Stotts Isbell. Standing: Darryl Sullivan, Robert Jessen, Josh Green, Aaron Hardin, Dale Earls, Scott Henderson, Brad Shipman, Coach Dwight Gilbert. X C 'f , f SN ff Aaron Hardin concentrates before making an important shoot from the free-throw line. Jr. Boys wait calmly to play an exciting basketball game. JUNIOR TEAMS X A -s ' if f. fs " 'I P533 " , . . h 7,- Q5 .- I A - K .,., of ii C A A 4 g . A l ' X Q 1 , ---. . V N5 ' x fm , . U' ff: vm H. -- fm ,. 1 Hill E,. W A '1Meet the Yelloujacketsn night, Jr. Boys A dr B teams play an exhibi fx lf I ! ..-. .gl- ." ' .,,.-T111 rv-"f -44 " ,.p-f L-R-Seated: Beverly Woody, Sandy Walker, Cindy Nesbitt, LeAnn Scroggins. Kneeling: Kim Morris, Sara Purdom, Melody Freeze, Stacy Huskey, Heidi Earls, Cheri Treece, Joell Sweeney. Standing: Coach Becky Taylor, Practice Teacher Deleana X Gamble, Jennfier Steed, Planc Anderson, S rin Branscum, Anne Ramsey, Rachel Shipman, Jeannie Thomas, Shannon Y P 9 Shelton. ' M wx ..t. .- it fe X Y me ip t 1 c,,, . N Q? at V 1 I D 5 sf - 4 55. -' - . ,. 5 nity ,, ..,: . Kg . 1-A V' gg ,t,. . . . 1 5 A 'L SE S . .S . f A qsst ,ififiiis g ,Q Q l gl .,.. . , , - . . "e' ft t,iiiil , Q.-f' f A W A 5 ? g . A ' Q 2 .- 5 - K - yt.. S N A t A 1 Jr. Girls practice intently before an important game. Anne R- 3' Safa P- 39Qfe55fVelJ' Quafd the 0PP0f7ef'f- ARE WINNERS During a time out, Coach Taylor talks to the team about the basket ball game. gr i K 'Z be - - jg f -55 . A X A A Q k X Nr.- X x N Sr X if n.. 1 ills, xvmxriaxu -- ff' ,-,. , YQE,-"' W' ,rx ,-A iQ ,"1 ,. s rlle f A A 'xzyitgpahffi ii A " ., V Wray Ann shoots while DeAnn and Lori prepare to rebound. Heather Melinda, Beverly, 6' Sheila are all smiles aher a big win over Green- Tina takes the ball to the hoop, AY- SE VEIY T H A GRADE ,BA SKETBALL S FRONT ROW: L-R: Laura Huskey, Dena Bonds, Christy Storey, Paige Cates, Paige Futrell, BACK ROM L-R: Coach Taylon Susie Canen Heidi Earls, Angie Raney, Julie Davis, Tabatha Tidwell, Leann .1 Scroggins, Coach Gammill. i aff 5. , ' fi: ' vi if "Q C, Q f A 'S' sree .. . , . V A i A 5 - Biting your fingemails won t help, Ronnie. S .X .A...,-. -X..f . , ysfgz'-mfi. ,- fi- K EVS5. K 13:22 ls . 5 1 FRONT ROW: L-R: Talbert Ford, Christopher Patrick, Josh Lockard, Joe Everett. BACK ROW: L-R: Jerad Cal iight, Travis Stanley, Jimmy Summers, Todd Avey, Timmy Decken GIRLS - BOYS SIXTH GRAD BASKETBALL Q .....e.......,, pf , 2 'f K t L- Ii - 5 f . A 'Q FRONT ROM L-R: Katie Brackin, Durana Tumer, Sarai Phillips, Shandal Ward, Tara Bums, Valerie Holt, sk -Q ,V Ashley Piediscalzi, Mary Beth Ford, BA CK ROW: L-R: Melinda Atchison and Susan Jones, assist. coaches, Becky Woody, Angela Wroblewski, Holly McClung, April Jessen, Canie Green, Chasity Gosser, Coach Taylor. elf? 001 Fight! wmz , GIRLS ' R A M , 'iii 1 M ' H f f jf' . .W , " . 3 J' Lf ' ,RMK i Zh. lr ,..,,,?,Wmx Y ,, f Q .: : ' ' ':' 7' :ft . 3. ylly yltayylsa , yfl sl . AND BOYS Stacy Buchanan goes in for a lay-up. 4 5 1 " if ww 1 X A Mail f if ' t I W , 'ikwwzv ONT ROW: L-R: Jamie Richardson, Stacy Buchanan, Bobby Decken Stuart Isbell, Jeffery Nesbitt. SECOND W: L-R: Kaleb McClain, Rian Heck, Ronnie Dayberry, Jason Goodman, Jay Milligan. BACK ROW: L-R: Jamey ewart, Chuck Melton, Jeff Bames, Kevin Martin, Jeremy rjield, Bryan Craig, Coach Gilbert. W m,mf, K J z W ' P li e r e i a 1 9 c n t 1 I i A l G C l C F E 0 T u i .. P ' m 5 e I S 5 L-R: Kneeling-Vance Keaton, Rick Crisman, James O'l'leiII, Scott Dodson, Darryl Sulllvan, Matt Thomas, Steve Hening. Row 2: AnthonyAvey, Rick Willis, Jamle Bames, Shaye Fountain, Walt Butterworth. Row 5: John Crisman, Andy Tlnkle, Janod Thomas, Charlm Deitrlck, Michael Glenn, James Patterson, Jamie Woody, Laddy Simms. ln Bus: Jell' Gllllhan, David HOPPCIZ Lee Chandler. 5 Y WeiQht H K Trac Teams Below L-R-SR. BOYS TRACK-Kelly Harrell, Michael Glenn, Jim Potts, Rick WillIS, Charles Deitrick, Shaye Founlaln, Jeff Ollllhan, Anthony Avey, John Crisman, Steve Henlng. S J i X T 0 D U a 9 v h i d 5 '1 P u . n I ncum .nm Ports, Rick wlms, Michael Glenn -- Wha 'S "Ziff" say? R E L A Y 5 s H e R a C f r 0 C r ,, k f d S ef J , pf ' I Q.. coffin .JKQA I me in 3 S k t 6 3 I T e e 3 C h ns... TRA C If TEAMS were Taking Break R. GIRLS TRACK - Below L-R: Dawnette Long, Sara Davis, Amanda Myelslck, karen Baltz, Cathy Long, Beverly Barham. Hot Pictured: Wray Rudd, Maria Pena, kather Phillips, ' RELA Y: Kelly Harrell hands OIT ta Jlm Potts. LUX , 2 , Q 5 Belouc Mlchael Glenn won medals in State M Conference track meet. x L R Fmnt Row: Johnny Klngrey, Todd Avey, John Rhoades, Hurbert Engle, Scott Stewart Chris Patrick. Row Back: Jamie Beach, Kevin Green, Jim Ed Cash, if-a 5 5 s ' mi, 4 'W .V ,C -- -... ,,, sf-1 T-513252 M' me C - sfifsxxr Ig ,VAVV W ' V LR Front Crndy Hesbrtt Paige Futrell Missy Glenn Lrsa Mllllgan Lanette Bagbly Back Jeannie Thomas Rachel Shqaman Regina Glenn Chen Treece J li G i r I s T r a c k L-R Front Shane Bmwn, Danyl Sullivan, Vance Keaton, Carl Werb, Richard Finney, Ban Broyles, Ear1 Williams Mike Vickers, James O'l'leill, Davld Callahan, Mlke Mitchell. Back: Trey Tlnkle, Jason Wrllrams Laddy Sims, Jamie Woody, James Halk, Jerry Tharp, Scott Dodson, Zack Knight, James Newman, Rick Crlsman. E 95 'ii ADVERTISING i 3fLf"f'f1f . f',' K, V, M- n 'i 2 , ,.,. ,aa . 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NORTH BAYOU DRIVE SAT. - BY APPOINTMENT MOUNTAIN VIEW. ARK. 72560 if 3 X TR Nw ....kLk ,. We, 5 W . , A 'SP 'KS ff g ,M , xg ,Lai t-:Q ww- ,ax-:: RIVERSIDE FEDERAL SAVINGS ASSGCIATIOIY P.O. Box 54 Mountain Wew, Arkansas 72560 Phone: 55012 269-5852 Ns 4 he 1m?i Q x f. I -fx - - 'i figva-3gaif?ff' QM . ,, I V125 f ra, . V :ii gfaligg Ki " F' . AV 'H 4: ?'I ' , 2"':?4Wf' fi? - I - 3 J i YLP5 I f T1 ezfmffqik -'17 Y' ' u g , , . 'Q ' Q "wk . 1- , 9. -If W, 4 Qu- My ,, 2 , 5 ,wk + fa ' 3. 599 - nm Est? ' Sv 1 i l n fx 'fs QOQOSUQ Q 996 mano Q ,.+'??9""b Q P.1.o. smxrrs voices a. A 0.9 We, os 5.9 ccsssonlfs 'Wh 5 'B Q .Nfv " - Q "' 13? Y I r . '5 - Q '-WR' f kv F- cm ' 5 Eco 269-4 .v -- ., Anfrm 4 Hours Q Thtlnk You rio For Calling Us First i I I F F i i r I M..-nl mm Phone cmun snws 259-4525 m UUWEII 5 J 81 J Saw Sales 81 Mower Service' v-Rm i ' HWY. 5-9-14 NORTH MOUNTAIN VIEW, AR 72560 mmrgm 'INK 'JEVS ODERN UILDERS Home Center P.O. BOX L ' HIGHWAY 14 EAST MOUNTAIN vlsw, ARKANSAS vzsso .- ..,. M' Phone KSOIJ 2693808 Buddy R, Bohn Branch: Pineville, Ark. Gcncral Manager 15011297-3716 fl. - 'XQTT 'xr tain V. Gun fe lu Q49 T369 Ralph 8: Alan Misenheimer Owner 81. Operators Hickory Smoking Beef Halves 'And Quarters Hwy 66 West cnvnrss Home HEALTH CARE Mountain VW- AR P.O. Box 740 Phone: 269-4316 Mountain Vlew, AR. 12560 To Order 269-3063 ' P r 5 W V 'elif ' 'F 1 :M -ff-.fx A599955 .5 Mews, rzwfr K k. F af s f . 1' I ,i Ax, 1 A S YP- if-Qsff . , I 1 6 ,, . X if uf 4 N,.Mw W iw R fygl Yi mg Qt fa? 0 Q 'YQ L-R: Front Row: Lisa Gill, Tammy Sisk, Carrie McCasland, Monica Stewart. 2nd Row: Krista Leubner, Felicia Scholl, Pleile Futrell, Melissa Balentine, Tina Cates, Charlotte Wade. Back Row: Melinda Atchison, David Blair, Susan Jones, Elecia White, Frances Kreger - Sponsor. Plot Pictured: James Cochran, Keith Gayler, Tonya Nesbitt. AEAY52 q L' M L' I EQ I ff-I .4 1' 14. . 1 1 X . 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Suggestions in the Mountain View High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Mountain View, AR) collection:

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