Mountain View High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mountain View, OK)

 - Class of 1955

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Mountain View High School - Tiger Yearbook (Mountain View, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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by ,,q,x,:, ,VI , , . .-..,',---1 ,f 1---....-N.,N-. w.....1 ' ,..1- -ffggfgfk3,1,9,..W.a5gg.3fgg,. .-Bax.,-1.' . ff:.,:,,:1:Y.,-f-f,5,e:Z glad 47 Prepared For Publication By Members Of THE SENIOR CLASS Mountain View High School, 1955 N I Y Y pg 17' no- ffouzaal Staff If If JC' Carolyn Laird Busmess Manager and Assistant Gerald Reimer check ad sales Betty Kmg Secretary at typevs nter and joy Roles Assrstant prepare copy maternal Vrctor Dorrell and Bo Worley Salesmen lxst advertrsers Truman Cyuynn Assocxate Edrtor selects pnctures In order to tvplfy the curricular and ewtra curricular actnvxtxes carrled on by the student body of M V H S we have not followed a defmxte rllustrated theme In vs il 5 C Qflxl 'rg 'mr 'S NNN W Q VF! 3121 Q i als Q Sul I U w- 5 15 stead we have med to make our prctures tell the story of 1954 and 955 It has been our purpose to capture the unconventxonal as vsell as the conventional slde of dxvxdual actrvrty and school functron We hope that each and every student vull feel that thxs rs solely his annual Que? CHARLIE PI-IIPPS 4. 'ff , L A sr-3,55 ll I-"':.5:L X -. xbvr 5-I I Ip, .ffv :lv 1'1- 'in A sf' w , 'I ' 41 .M Qt Annual Edxtor I .f LQ' 9 msn" 183 Q ji 4 eil Y. - ' ,Q-..1?'Ib' 15:18-u i ' V, . I , X , 4. .J .fi A 'L . . . . ,K -. . , V, . ' , - gg' - I ' fl v y 7 . 1' X 'Th 'I I' - , , . , fl- -jg IK vp ' ' ' , C ,-, ' 4. y I .-Ga.,-.-,.-r.-- I .' '."" 1 ' ' ' g Q , - .JS X' ' ' ' l . 1 ' X "'x T H - g - ' x N"' 1-'- -0.9 , ' N Q A 5' 'r "gh, Q75 x 1 m' N 5-', r- . .- . - . .. 7 - -l. f ".-',r.'?? . "' - 1 : . ., . ,ji . ,. .' h -3. 'L w ,, , - b.t,.w y, - ,I .- . ' ' -,ig .: 1 A 1 3ls',j - ws .' i j -'wQl. - ...Q . ' 'Q 'f - 'fi 3" - -I t .-U' - . , - 4 -.. f 9 1'c"F'- s .- '. .233 ' ':,Q .V ' '11 . I 51' I s x T ' h-' ' . -T S- iq' 4- - ' L4 X,- vn. - , 'F l li .. . . . - -:Z .., , . if ' .- "' ' 1 .... , A 5,- ,." ' ' ' ' I - . srl V , , .. 'lr I ' Y l - A C 'E 9. A' -5 . Y l D A 5 A fm y ' - 1, . I . L school lrfe. It has been our rntent to mclude every ln- n n - 5 ' 'o v , ' ' -' ' ' - Q, , 5-'f - - ,. . I, ' .. . A A ' 2 . .-, I I ' ' - L 3 5 ' 0 '. 1 . 5 . , 5 U - :V- ' . ' 5 3 - s .., . . 1 , H: - A "fbi V 1 if 5 .4 ' iso' ' , A Af 7 1 X . ' 1 ' . '-31 I , vi' ' 'UL . ' ' if ' s' I I ,ff w .fl ef It .wx by A K , ljh --1 . . Ly- .K . - 11. 'F' 2, U 1 - xl . ' i , ' Aj., 5 . 5 ,',' , 1018 - fi. . . :aunt l Nl' I' . - . 1 4 ' If u"' Q7 fy .:-1 'I' , ' Wy' 1 ' ' ' ' ' 5 1 " K. af' ' .. a ', ' wr -1 . 4 .n,,':-',,. .v , ,eqy llkx-A ww It Aff A' lr" 'I ' " -I In-...I 'f' 1 ' 'l - '--3' - . N. l' ' ' L ' in R . . . ' 1 ' - .a . I , ' ' , ' hott! ' ' l"'l'J Wt, '-'-:' if C' ' I " ' f - 1' . , ' ' - "".' "' .'.'.1' ' ' ' HI,-4 TN ,V A' '-nf 1 ' - ' -fb.. I I O T. V. SMART Superintendent of Schools M.Ed., Oklahoma University KENNETH ADAMS, B. S. Industrial Arts Senior Co Sponsor e' 1 ARNOLD SHOCKLEY, B. S. High School Principal OLEN JOYNER, M. Ed. Vocational Agriculture Freshman Co-Sponsor MRS. AVERAIL KOBS, B. S. Band and Science Freshman Co-Sponsor MRS. WANDA KUYKENDALL, B. S. Vocational Home Economics fSecond Semesterj MRS. GERTRUDE McBRIDE Math and Art junior Co-Sponsor MRS. BERNEICE GUNN B. S. Vocational Home Economics Seventh Grade Sponsor .fit and CHESTER ROWLAND, B. S. Social Science and Coach junior Co-Sponsor MRS. RUTH SHOCKLEY, B. S. junior High English Eighth Grade Co-Sponsor MRS. VIVIENNE SMART, M. Ed. Business Education Senior Co-Sponsor MARVIN THRELKELD, B. S. Social Science and Coach Sophomore Co-Sponsor MRS. NELLA FAYE WATSON, B. S Senior High English Sophomore Co-Sponsor Third Grade MRS, CLEO COKER, B. S. MRS. BETHENA CRIDER, B. S. Music, High School and Grade Eighth Co-Sponsor MRS. MABEL EATON, B. S. Third and Fourth Grades MRS. FREDA FOSTER, B. S. Fifth and Sixth Grades MRS. ALMA GRIPE, B. S. First and Second Grades '1Vt:. MRS. EDITH HALBROOKS, M. Ed Fourth Grade MRS. LEAH REIMER, B. S. First Grade MRS. RUBY SHAW, B. S. Second Grade Grade School Principal Sixth Grade DELBERT WATSON, B. S. I. MRS. ALBURTA VAN KIRK, B. S. Fifth Grade eniors A-W nlf-ff" S BETTY KING XJ iii' 31 4 :WJ . in Q Q V 1 1. 'CIW-2-. 1' ' v 'o ' 'E 1,1 . 1 ...nv 'ff . A A 4 if . ' ,ff " .if:f- ,, -' -Q v'i"'Ja . 1.. A l PAUL CALDWELL cj., FFA 1, Z, 3, 4, Glee Club lg Baseball 1, 2. Wills his ability to drive a school bus to jerry Noland. DONALD CALVERT Football 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 43 Class Officer 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA Officer 3, 4. XVills his sbyness to james Mason. 9. 'W an '17 MARY BALDXVIN Office -lg Honor Society 25 junior Play, FHA 1, 2, 3, Al, Pep Club 2, 3, -lg Cilee Club 2, 3, A13 Newspaper Staff 4. XVills her slowness to Laquita Banks. ANDY BILBREY Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Office 1, Glee Club 1, 2. Wfills his ability to go steady to Shorty Sbeperd. Q? if SHIRLEY DAVIS Office 2, 3, 4, Band 1gGlee Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball lg FHA 3, 43 junior Playg Newspaper Staff 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Wills her grey hair to Ann Wilcox. ORVILLE DODD Football 1, 2, 3, 41 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4. Wills his good looks to Buddy jones. KNIGHT 81 WElDEMAIER'S The place to go for brands you know. Western Oklahoma's Finest Dept. Store. 2-2' VICTOR DORRlfLI. Iwmflvilll l, 2, J, -ll Crlfff C.lL1l3 2, 3Q l, 2. XVills his ability to politic Coach Tlirelkelcl to Eugene Carton. GLORIA lililflifli Cilee Club 1, 2, -lg Pep Club 1, 2, 3, -ig jun- ior Playg FHA 1, 15,-lgFHA Officer 43 Office l, 2, 3, -lg Annual Queen Al. XVills ber ability to play basketball to Rlietla Pendleton, NEAL HIXON Basketball 31 Glee Club 3g Pep Club 2g Newspaper Staff 44 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4g Base- ball 1. Wills his mathematical mind to Gus Young, ALLISON HOLMAN FFA 1, 2. Wills his ability to drive a school bus to Doyle Roark. FARMERS UNION CO-OP GIN Owned by those we serve Q1 'nu-ur T! x 634' A-,S LITTIE GOOMBI Newspaper Staff -ig Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Sextet 45 Trio 34 Pep Club 1, -ig FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Office 3, -1. Wills lier ability to write 20 letters a week to Patty Bilbrey, TRUMAN GUYNN Newspaper Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Li- brary -lg Glee Club 4. Wills bis curly hair to Bobby Flinn. X if JACKIE JONES Football lg Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff, Yearbook Kingg Glee Club 1, 23 Junior Play. Wills his ability to get along with coaches to Monroe Tonachot. CALVIN KAULEY Newspaper Staff 4. Wills his ability to stay in school all day to Loran Jones. Sponsored by PAYMASTER GIN C. P. Smith, Manager 'T l I K ,X E' 711' gl W len " N x 'Sy 3 ELIZABETH HUDGINS Cilee Club 1, 2, 3,413 Junior Playg Library 3, 43 Girls' Quartet 4, Girls' Trio 3, Wills her singing ability to "Last Note," Lenita Jones. CLYDE JACKSON Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, -lg Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club l. Wfills his ability to play basketbzrll to Gerald Pewthers. LEON KIMBRELL FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 3,43 Baseball l. Wills his height to Johnnie Higgins. BETTY KING Basketball 2, 3, 43 Softball 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Band l, 23 Annual Staff 43 Class Officer 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA Officer 2, 3, 43 Junior Playg Pep Club Cheerleader 43 Library 33 Office 2, 33 State Honor Society 2, 3. Wills her ability to get along with everyone to Rosemarie Martin. CAROLYNN LAIRD Basketball 2, 3, -Ig Softball 2, 3, -11 Glee Club 3, 4g Band 1, 2g Annual Staff 43 Class Officer 3, Ai, FHA l, 2 ,3, -43 FHA Officer 43 junior Playg Office 3, -1, Pep Club Cheerleader 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 4, Football Queen Aftenclilnt 2. Wills her ability to get engaged to Annie Bell Taylor. DONALD McMANUS Football 2, 3, -lg Glee Club 2, 3. Wills his ability to play football to Doyle Roark. Tir' 1 J ., :" KENNETH REEVES FFA 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 25 Glee Club 3. Wills his side burns to Donald George. GERALD REIMER FFA 1, 2, 3, 4g FFA Officer 45 Football 1, 3, 4, junior Play, Class Officer 23 Band 1, 2g Glee Club 1, 23 Annual Staff 43 State Honor Society 23 Livestock judging Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Wills his football playing ability to johnny Patton. WEIDENMAlER'S IGA STORES Everyday Low Prices fv JOHNNY PEWTHERS Football 2, 3, -ig Football Captain 3, 41 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 2, 3, -43 Class Officer 1,41 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4g FFA Officer 3, -lg junior Playg Stu- dent Council 2g Glee Club lg State Honor Society 2, 3. Wills his ability to go steady to Eddie Prentice. CHARLIE PHIPPS Football 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Library 4 Annual Staff -lg State Honor Society 2, 3. Wills his typing ability to Clifton Horse. lf 'haf' DORA RODDY Cilce Cllub l, 2, 5g Library el. Wfills her tlriving ability to xxlillllil Simmons. JOY ROLES Basketball 2, 5, -ig Softball Z, 3, -lg Band 1, Z, 5, -lg Drum Major -lg Annual Staff -ig Class Officer 53 FHA 1, 2, S, A15 FHA Officer 5, Afg junior Playg Office 1, 2, 5, -lg Football Queen -I. Wfills her long feet to jininiie Lee Stanford ,ii A., , .f f""f l ' fa ,- A '41 iz., as DAVID SMITH Newspaper Staff 4. Wills his ability to spell to Eugene Garton. NEIL SMITH FFA 1, 2, 3, -ig junior Playg Football 1. Wills his ability to get book reports to Doyal Holland. MTN. VIEW GRAIN COMPANY A good place to remember BILI. STITBBS lvlanapgcr Fcicithall 2, 'ig hlgtiiiigt-r l'utScl1all 2, Manager Basketball 2. XVills his managing ahility to XY'cslcy Cmiinihi. BOB TIQRRY , l'l'A l,l,5,-lgl'l'fXUll1ccr 1, lg ,liiniur Playg Livestock judging 'licani Z, 5, -ig State Hiinur Society 2, SQ'llt?1lSiIll1lSlCI'-lL1I'llHl'- Scnior Banquet Wfills his ahility tu get along with "Post XVatsim" tu Lcunzirtl Anqiiiic. ""' 1 -x MR. AUBREY LAIRD Class Pa. MRS. AUBREY LAIRD Class Ma. Compliments of FARMERS ELEVATOR Glen Singleterry, Manager CQALVIN XVILLIS 1-5 f Q FFA 1,2,7:,A1gNewspapcr Staff 4. XVills his charming figure to jimmy Xlifilliams. CQLAI lDE XWORLEY Glcc Cluh 2, 3, rig Newspaper Staff -ig juniur Play. XVills his ability to play shufflchoard to Lavun Thompson. S. lasses DEELDA AINSWORTH LEONARD ANQUOE LAQUITA BANKS PATTY LOU BILBREY BOBBY FLINN EUGENE GARTON DONALD GEORGE XWESLEY GOOMBI JOHNNIE HIGGINS CLIFTON HORSE LOYc3E HUDSON BUDDY JONES LORN JONES ROSEMARIE MARTIN JAMES MASON I I .ix if Sponsored by HICK'S CASH STORE Phone Z EDITH MCFARLAND WALKER JERRY NOLAND .IOHNNIE PATTON RHEDA PENDLETON EDDIE PRENTICE BARTON RACKLEY DOYLE ROARK MARION SI-IEPERD WILMA SIMMONS JIMMIE LEE STANFORD ANNIE BELL TAYLOR LAVON THOMPSON MONROE TONAHCOT ANN WILCOX JIMMIE WILLIAMS GUSS YOUNG Compliments of CONOCO STATION Phone 82 Darvin Barnes Joyce Brown Carroll Dodd Barbara Freeze Wilbur Goombi Charles Greenhaw Ronald Hayes Betty Lou Helm Robert Higgins Rozelle Hoffman Sponsored by MTN VIEW RECREATION ,IQ ,1....... 1' . L-N ..- -- '12, jiri: ' G - --4 I , -N -.. '- S onsored b P Y CAMPBELL G Phone 266 Doyal Holland Barbara Holsted Glenna Janes Saletha Kays Ralph Leiphardt Billy Lewis Wayne Maddox Doris McBride Donnie Mitchell Donny Morgan Gerald Pewthers David Pritchard jimmy Dale Roark Betty Seelbach Martha Singleterry Don Thompson Shirley Vinson Burl Wagoner Joyce Walker Johnny Williams unior hi Q-1 jnnell Ainsworth LaVernc Banks if-T'-. 229 Elwnncla Cooper Shfrrlean Eskew Stacy Ferrell Crash Holden Cecil Hudcllcston XY"enclle Janes Lcnitn jones Kenneth Kays john Mason George McKenzie Hazel McKenzie Letha McManus HOCKADAY HARDWARE is its Sharon Bull junmcs licnr Monroe Bilhrey Eldon Bond Roger Chancellor Lincln Clark Trulnn Clark Truman Clark Sponsored hy XY!INTER'S HOMI 8. AL Phone 216 I Q.- E Janice Peck Barham Pewthers George Poulaw jerrill Posey Raymond Pritchard Freda Rackley Burl Ragland Lyndell Ragland Sponsored hy TEXACO STATION Phone 7' QV' Ti?- Q' K' Suzanne Smith G. XV, Stubbs john Henry Sumner Ann Tate Dale Teel Gale Teel jerry Terry Sherlyn Tracy Charles Tsoodle Jolene Vandeser jolanda Vlfeiss Terrance Wfood Sponsored bv MTN. VIEW LAL INDRY Phone 92 is vin 59'-3 4 in jimmy Fobes Bobby Franks james Gaskill sponsored by RUSSELL'S LAUNDRY Johnfw Gillffff Paul Goombi Brenda Greenthaler Sue Hewes Don Holland Neomi jones Clara Lynn Joyner Karolyn Kobs Bobby Lewis Sponsored by STAR CLEANERS Phone 100 Lloyd Goombi Vester Autaubo Stanley Baldwin jon J. Baugh Delois Beddo Darlene Chancellor Raymond Christian Deanne Cook Betty Davis 49414 vw l ' '21 Loyd Martin Elizabeth McKenzie Billy Morgan Sam Morgan Turner Nickelson Betty Patton jacquetta Peck james Pitt OTIS 8: FRANK Wholesale and Retail Champlain Gas and Oil Vu' 1 1 6 Leon Red Glen Rogers Nancy Sexton Helen Sipes 3 SHOOK'S CHEVROLET Phone 191 Best Car Money Can Buy jerry Skinner Charlie Stamp Donalee Thompson Ernestine Tonahcot john Underwood Vinita Vinson Steve Weisser Mary Ann Wood i' ' Phyllis Autaulwo Donna Sue Baldwin Elwin Beall 9 Q. X it f-iff if Irene Goombi William Goombi Coline Guynn Virginia Hayes janet Hicks james Hudson Gerald Janes Howard Wayne Joyner Winston Kobs Earline Lamirand Sarah Lewis Brenda Mincey 4? 3 y....'f Sponsored by INITN. VIEXX' LUIVIBER Phone Ai Donald Bear Orvel Butler Leon Clark Doyle Chambless Eleta Dodd james Fallon jerryl Max Garton Eddie Gisli Sponsored by GREENHAXVS SERVICE STATION Phone 66 ?v5.iF'ff-' ggi' - Lea. 4.1-,. ' as ea: , ' W' f-"uf ,Q 5- 1 'fz'4iE bi , is 5 - - 3 I V5 ,,., ' - g as.i .-'sw - .-x X A -hi l V E43-. 0 3 fi L B-J V Compliments ot' DAVENPORT 8: RUSSELL Phone 23 We appreciate Your patronage XVilliam Osburn Bobby Pnrlicr David Pennington Patsy Pointer Bruce Poolaw Pamala Ragland Bobbie Sue Red Dickie Ridenliour SponSorCd by T. H. ROGERS LUMBER CO. 'L is 54 C. . ,O U I 41-MW! Q 0 6 nu- 1 X . i 4- L" Isabell McKenzie Betty McLain liugcne Osburn Nbr A, Y in- 454 KZ? 'fi 4.- 'Q-wb 1 i . ID Q- ws' ,N- X I .nn , I H x.. .4 -' X XX 3211: 3 " xf'f'.::-.gigl 'mg in fi,---:i'i'2 sf' l' ,. .. . "M, l lf me :fe si-.ggg its R 4 4554 'kv Ta, S., Larry Roark Jluditli Rowland Marvin Russell Carolyn Stubbs Mary Ann Temple Martha jo Temple Libby Tonahcot Russell Tsoodle Deanna Wagoner Patricia XViley Tony Gene V-Vilcy Jimmy Young lementaru joyce Burk Shirley Butler Myra Beth Caruso jimmy Chancellor Margaret Chancellor jerry Chamhlcss Donna Christian jessie Christian Billy Colhaugh Donald Cooper Max Coon Kenny Wfayne Cook joan Kathleen Davis Clarence Ciuynn D'Bec Gish Maryetta Haag Wantla Haunpa Bob Hewes MTN VIEXV CLEANERS-P 56114 Qnde Carl Ahsher Karen Brown 1 hone 63 MTN. VIEW ICE 8a J. , N sg' - 'PQ C iv X -fx F 1 111-0--Q' in ne' PRODUCE CO.-Pho john Huddleston Glenn Hudson Patsy jones joan Kern Robert King Sharon Ledford Larry Mandrell Louise McClain Ann Ellen McFarland Sandra Morgan Virgil Payne Kay Pennington Antoni Maria Poolaw Eddie Poole Betty Powell Linda Sue Roark Franklin Russell Clifford Seelbach Raymond Stelting Lana Vandever Beverly jean Weiss Kathy Weisser Rex Wilmore Carlton Winters DC v-1 148 Compliments of the ROYAL THEATER Carolyn Anderson Kathleen Ataddlety W New sm,-9 : 4 '-.. 'E I Z' Judy Mincey Janet Irene Morgan Marvin Lee Oshurn Evelyn Pendleton Kendall Ray Pewthers Anthony Pitt Kathryn Joyce Rackley Joyce Dean Ragland Sherwood Ragland Phillip Red Ralph Ridenhour Elvis Roark Harold Rogers Roy Rogers Dorthy Romans Adele Rowland Dennis Skinner Leroy Skinner Loyd Stuhhs Anna Vee Tracy Alva Dee Tsoodle Delhert Dean Watscmn Jerry Wear Elizabeth Weiss S--sz P 1 - 4.- 1 J A 8 A J RT' 'm A 41 All 0.9, ,,, ffla Lawrence Colhough Dewayne Colwell Henry Cook Marlena Cook Jacky Dodd Karen Jean Dorrell Kathy Dorrell Terry Dorrell Mardenia Dupoint Don Ferrell Jimmy Flinn Clarence Guoladdle Rosaleta Guynn Gary Hawkins Benny Holsted Rodney Hunsinger Dwayne Janes Anita Karty Celeta Ann Lamirand Danny Ledford Larry Lewis Tommie Mandrell Barbara McManus Lyndin Miller amid jimmy Buck Leroy Clark Sliearl Dirickson Sharon Kaye Eary Sandra Gigoux james Goonihi Di Ann Greenhaw Arthur Guoladdle janice Hall Lola Haworth Brenda Higgins jake Hill Larry Don Holman Barhara Huddleston Sharon jean jackson Alvin Kaulaity Max Kern joe Lyda june McClain Ann McKenzie ,nf l Bill McLain Patricia Mitchell janette Noland Tommy Patton Warren Phillips Myrna Lou Poolaw Newton Prentiss Kay Delia Pritchard Herbert Reeve jimmy Rogers Raymond Skinner Marian Dee Stamp Louis Stelting Linda Stelting Kay Teal Delores Tonahcot Thad Toyekoyah Barbara Ann Walker janice Weisser Virginia Ann Wilmore 'F wrt. joe Baugh Roger Brown Earl Caitl Vearl Caitl Nancy Campbell Stanley Clark Truman Cole Dennis Colwell Wfayne Drake Azalea Etlwartls Mary Emma Fallon Harvey Flinn Gloria Faye Garton Florence Goombi Sharon Guolarltlle Gaylon Hawkins Robert Hawkins Phillip Hawkins Donnie Haworth Edith Helm .av 3- x"-' 419 ll- ..a, if fs, firm. Donna Lynn Hill Trecil Koomsa Linda Lee Donald Long judvia Lyda Charlene Osburn Sue Parrish Derrell Ragland Billy Ratliff Roy Lee Red Wanda Riclenhour Gaylon Skinner Alfred Stubbs Gary Tolbert Stephen Truelove George Tsooclle Kent Watson Charlotte Winters Linda Wood Laquita Young Kenneth Don You ngstedt Aleta Chenmyworth Deloris Colwell Dale Coon Luanne Coon Dana Crider Susan Ann Dean Patricia Ann Dorrell Sandra Sue Dorrell Karen Gigoux Katie Goomhi Alan Hawkins Edward Haworth Patsy Hayes Kerry Hooley Charles Hunsinger Glenda jones Alpha.Kaulaity jimmy Dean Kern Sponsored by CRABTREE DRUG-Mtn. View, Phone 8 Cheryl Adkisson Linda Chambless C sg 1 In PM M li Compliments of ROBERTSON GROCERY Finis Robertson Phone 180 R Peggy Kobs Helen Koomsa Ronnie Long Randolph Mammedoty Rudolph Mammedoty Billie Mandrell Eddie Leon Mandrell Betty Marlette Reda Fern Martin Barbara Payne Ronnie Phillips Ronnie Pointer Richard Quetone Karl Dwain Reeve Richard Anthony Riley Carolyn Simmons Stella Marie Sink Herman Tashequah Philip Terry Vicky Elaine Threlkeld Clarence Wfalker jerry Ware Richard Doe Weidenmaier Edward Weiss Wdf Cliffortl Atarltllety Nancy Caruso Barbara Ann Chancellor S Carl Ray Christian Connie Clark David Cole Bohhy Cook jutly Flinn Dennis Frank XVillie Goomhi Darla jean Gunn Clifforcl Guolzlclclle Cynthia Guolaclclle Maxine Guoladclle joe Larry Hancock 49 '21 -0 ,J Eire -r' . L,,,z i -d J ll ,.4'4'NCv Linda Holland jackie Hood Alice Huclclleston Compliments of SLMNERS 5 8: l0 ancl j W CARTON 84 SON .H 1 i ft - 5, n . 1 ,fr 1-6 i Q43 PV K 0 i -0' ral Martha Kaulaity Patsy Lou Kern Lelhert Kopepassah Danny Ray Law Lonnie Lycla Monte Mammeclaty Eddie Lee Manrlrell Patsy Manclrell Gene Pierce P. j. Poolaw Wfacle Donald Ragland Quincy Roark john Romans Tony Self jimmy Dale Sipes Dewane Troxel Ann Tsooclle Dora Ware Barbara Williamson Carol Winters -6 ctiuities if , :s -L.---..-an T Compliments of JACKIE JONES Yearbook King VUE THEATER Phone 238 2 GLORIA FREEZE Yearbook Queen 'UV ES DEA N T BOY lloge'-fen N N023 Fm YOOWQ D- F ' Qu -'14 eff? K 1b WILMA SIMMONS ROZELLE HOFFHAN Football Queen Attendant Football Queen Attendant A alma 9 5- 'B Leon Kimhrell shows Grand Champ ion Lamb of Mountain View and Carnegie Fairs, Sponsored hy FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mountain View, Okla. Member F. D. I. C. lf' aa' IF- Front row: Eddie Prentice, Raymond Pritchard, Stacy Ferrell, Dean Noland, Jerry Terry, Cecil I-Iuddleston, Johnny Mason, Eldon Bond, Trulan Clark, Olen Joyner, Instructor, Second row: Calvin Willis, Orville Dodd, Marion Sheperd, Jimmie Dale Williams, Terrance Wood, Truman Clark, Dale Teel, Wendell Janes, Gale Teel, George Foolaw. Third row: Johnny Higgins, Lavon Thompson, David Pritchard, Donny Morgan, Gerald Pewthers, Ralph Leip- hardt, Jimmie Dale Roark, Donny Mitchell, Robert Higgins. Fourth row: Leon Kimbrell, Barton Rackley, Ronnie Hayes, Donny Thompson, Tuffy Goomhi, Carroll Dodd, Johnny Pewthers, Boh Terry, Gerald Reimer. Fifth row: Donald Calvert, James Neal Hixon, Leon Flinn, Orville Jones, John Patton, Kenneth Reeves, William Paul Caldwell, Otto George, Doyle Van Roark. 7.7.1-4. iwfwfe mm len JOYUCI son, and O 1- BuddY 101165, Lavon Thomp Q QAM: Bob F KDH1 DGING TE DAIRY JU Instructor- is l f'V9 ft' 'QW P9 1.1 LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM: john Omer Pewthers, Leon Kimbrell, Gerald Reimer, Bob Terry, Olen Joyner, Instructor. r Front row: Linda Clark, Barbara Pewthers, Annie Bell Taylor, Rosemarie Martin, Wilma Simmons, Sharlean Eskew, Lenita jones, Ann Wilcox. Second row: jalonda Weiss, Betty King, Rozelle Hoffman, Betty Helm, joy Roles, Carolyn Laird, joyce Walker, Shirley Davis, Gloria Freeze, Suzanne Smith. Third row: Mrs. Berneice Gunn, Advisor ffirst semesterjg Lutie Goombi, Doris McBride, Barbara Freeze, Janice Peck, Ann Tate, Glenna janes, Bar- bara Holstead, Betty Seelbach, Loyce Hudson, Freda Rackley, joyce Brown, Mary Baldwin Patricia Bilbrey, Laquita Banks, Mrs, Wanda Kuykendall, Advisor Csecond semesterj. Fourth row: Sharon Beall, Jolene Vandever, Sherlyn Tracy, Letha McManus, Saletha Kays. Q . "i .,'3'n' " ' Sail' X . A 'i ,324 1, . . ,- 9 in i f , vu, 'J jvfigizzmvvv, ' . - 1 . .Q Q .eip -f-- A . z . .y j fx-Q-a 'QL-fi H '- Ai 'nip .4 A 5 : .ji Front row: Annie Bell Taylor, Historian, Rosemarie Martin, Reporter, Wilma Simmons, Song Leader. Second row: Betty King, President, Rozelle Hoffman, Pianist, Mrs. Kuykcndall, Advisor, Betty Helm, Treasurer, joy Roles, Secretary, Carolyn Laird, Vice P1-egidgmg Joyce Walker, Parliamentariang Shirley Davis, Chaplain, Gloria Freeze, Photographer. 518 + :SME 3 -si L12 - - 1-Q K . . 4 vga . ,.., 4, 1 ,, -lv-1 f .. M . . ,w--':,::.4.-1. -.2 f, E .. .,.,,. mn. . :.:'- ' "1' ' :vii 4.2 1 gf2Z?'51,Q" 4... 15, ef 5 gm. 3 3 ..,,. I gr. . 9 ,JZ-P ,lr 1. -1 A :Q , MIXED CHORUS Front row: jerry Terry, Eugene Garton, johnny Williariis, jimmy Willianis, Clautl Wforley, Burl Xlilagner, Neal Hixon, Allison Holman, Ronnie Hayes, Billy Stubbs, Wfayne Maddox, Ralph Shockley, Mrs, Cricler. Second row: Mary Baldwin, Wilma Simmons, Gloria Freeze, jolontla XVeiss, Ann Wilcox, Rozelle Hoffman, Doris McBride, Elizabeth Hutlgins, Linda Clark, Rosemarie Martin, joyce Brown, Carolyn Laird, Annie Bell Taylor, Third row: Lenita jones, Barbara Pewthers, Lutie Goombi, Patty Bilbrey, Jolene Vanrlever, Loyce Hudson, Betty Seelbach, Glenna Janes, Barbara Freeze, Betty King, Barbara Holsted, Freda Rackley, Shirley Davis. Fourth row: Shirley Vinson, Gale Morgan, joyce Walker, Letha McManus, Sharon Beall, Saletha Kays, Hazel McKenzie, janell Ainsworth, Craah Holden. I GIRLS' TRIO Xvilma Simmons, alto, Ann Wfilcox, second soprano, and Elizabeth Hudgins, first soprano. Barbara Pewthers, accompanist. GIRLS' SEXTETTE Lutie Goombi, Letha McManus, Linda Clark, Rozelle Hoffman, Barbara Freeze, and Barbara Pewthers. 'gawk SENIOR HIGH BAND. Front row: Joy Roles, Barbara Pewthers, Suzanne Smith, Jalonda Weiss. Second row: Nancy Sexton, Delois Beddo, James Gaskill, Charles Stamp, Jon Baugh, Howard Joyner, Lana Kay Vandever, Cecil Huddleston, Sherlyn Tracy. Third row: Earlene Lamirand, Sue Hewes, Deanne Cook, Donalee Thompson, Eleta Dodd, Betty Jo McLain, Martha Jo Temple, Judy Rowland. Fourth row: Hazel McKenzie, Johnny Gillette, John David Underwood, Gerald Janes, Betty Lou Patton, Winston Kobs, Eugene Osburn, Jerry Terry. Fifth row: Lynn Joyner, Karolyn Kobs, Jolene Vandever, Rozelle Hoffman, Ann Tate, Darlene Chancellor, Virginia Hayes, John Henry Sumner. Sixth row: Jimmy Roark, Linda Clark, Monroe Bilbrey, John Pewthers, Eugene Garton, David Pritchard, Ralph Leiphardt, Robert Higgins, Doyle Roark. Sponsored by BAND MOTHERS' CLUB GRADE SCHOOL BAND. Front row: Mrs. Kobs, Ann Lamirand, John Huddleston, Carlton Winters, Carolyn Stubbs, Elizabeth Weiss, Betty Powell, Karen Brown, Janet Hicks. Second row: Kendall Pewthers, Delbert Watson, Rex Wilmore, Marvin Osburn, Rodney Hunsinger, Adele Rowland, Eddie Poole, Virgil Payne. Third row: Max Coon, Donna Sue Baldwin, Max Garton, D'Bee Gish, Beverley XVeiss, Bob Hewes, David Pennington. X SW! Charlie Phipps, liditor of The Tiger Trigune, looks over the format of the last issue in view of possible changes in the current issue, Truman Guynn, Associate Editor, cliecks the mimeograpli to see that everything is in readiness for running copy. Bill Stubbs, at the mimeo scope, is printing headlines. Mrs, T. V. Smart, faculty advisor, suggests a Change in Il headline. Newspaper time is a very busy time for the Typing II Class. Each member of the class is typing dummy copies or cutting stencils for the current issue. l Sponsored by D AND F CAFE "Home-cooked Meals" Staff is making last minute changes before releasing the news. Seated: Neal Hixon, Editorial Writerg Bo Worley and Gloria Freeze, Sports Reportersg David Smith, Feature Writerg Carolynn, Societyg Calvin Willis, Editorials. Standing: Eugene Garton, junior Reporter, james Anquoe, Sophomore Reporter, Calvin Kauley, General Newsg Judy Rowland, Seventh Reporterg Mary Baldwin, Columnist, Bob Terry, Senior Reporterg Shirley Davis, Columnistg Sue Hewes, Eighth Reporter, Barton Rackley, F.F.A.g Lutie Goombi, General Newsg Rose- marie Martin, F.H.A. luiriciiroiuxi cooks :irc husy preparing noon mcgil. l,cTt luI'iAj.1ilIZ Mrs. listhcr Dorrcll, Mrs.Osc1irCigirtcr1, iiiiti Mrs Otis Fentcr, Supervisor, ,,.,. ' ,, - ?"'i, Sponsored by ZELLNER MOTOR CO, Phone 39 if-,s.+..-3 Selling and Servicing , Ford Products 37 years iq.-. ,..-f ww-S 3 The lunchroom at Christmas time. Compliments of ANADARKO COCA-COLA BOTTLINC5 CO. Arthur Fry, Manager Lunchroom scenes at the twelve o'clock hour. I ala' . Bon Hoyman, Paul C -39 ia crime, Calvinwlwsl All N WEW SEHUUL5 DISH And, rmwev, Pon MUUNTN VERS- . i. BUS Dai Leon Klmbtei ,f well, an Z f 9 Akllf-, ' ' ,. K., at. 1 Sponsored hy KILPATRICK BROTHERS 820 N. W. -ith Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Dealer for Delta Power Tools Louie Pendleton, high school janitor, relaxes hetween jobs. 3 'S 4 AQ., ,- I 1,1 .45 l ,fgiff . V f if: , 'D Q "8 sg .5 ' . ??' P Wesley Smith, grade school janitor, sweeps entrance to grade school. Compliments of THOMPSON BOOK AND SUPPLY COMPANY 926 East Main Street Ada, Oklahoma .gh v Q of pn .ju SHOP CLASS The Speech Class is working on two plays. 'L if fl Art students are making puppets for the spring show. l Z .Z A common scene at the library. Seventh graders perform science experiment 4-H CLUB. Front row: Karen Dorrell, Kathy Weisser, Kay Pennington, Ann Lamirand, Karen Brown, Elizabeth Weiss, Katheryn Rackley. Middle row: Mr. Watson, Counselor, Ray- mond Stelting, Toni Poolaw, Patsy Jones, Eddie Poole, Lynda Sue Roark, James Chancelor, Mrs. Van Kirk, Girls' Counselor. Back row: Beverly Weiss, Lana Kay Vandever, Rex Wilmore. One of the trophies in the picture belongs to the club because they won it three years straight. The other trophy was won last year and must be released if not won again this year. PEP CLUB. Yell Leaders: Betty King, Carolynn Laird Annie Bell Taylor. Front row: Mary Baldwin, Letha McManus, Hazel McKenzie, Lenita Jones, Joyce Walker, Glenna Janes, Doris Mc- Bride, Ann Wilcox. Second row: Laquita Banks, Rose- marie Martin, Sharlean Es- kew, Iverna Ainsworth, Janice Peck, Barbara Hol- sted, Betty Seelbach, Loyce Hudson. Third row: Freda Rackley, Saletha Kays, Patty Lou Bilbrey, Joyce Brown, Wilma Simmons, Linda Clark. Back row: Gloria Freeze, Shirley Davis, Lutie Goombi. n 4604 4-W Sponsored by KUl:l:lfli KUP CfAl:l Ufiootl Steaks' and LIBERTY STORE Bob Hodge Mtmtlntain View, Okla, MYRA BETH CARUSO 4-H Club President thletics 4 Royal party poses for photographer. At right in picture is junior attcndant,Wili11a Simmons. Donald Calvert, co-captain, is her escort. Full traveling squad in senior high football with Coach Marvin Thrclkcld, right, and Chester Rowland, assistant coach, left. I 7 9'f'-IBIS E S JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL. Front rovs Vester Autauho Turner Nicltelson jerry Skinner james Bear, Lloyd Goomhi, George Poolavs Charles Tsoodle Second rom Chester Roxxland Coach, George McKenzie, Dean Noland Raymond Pritchard Glen Rogers Third roxx Paul Goomhi, jerry Terry, jerryl Max Garton jo jo Kobs Donald Bear Truman C lark Marvin Russell, Doyle Cliamhless. Fourth row Brute Poolaxs lddie Gish Russell Fsoodle Bohhx Parker. Karolyn Kobs, eighth grade, reigned as junior High Queen at the homecoming game between the Tiger Cubs and the Ft. Sill Indian School, Her king was Dean Noland, team captain. Other members of the royal party, left to right, were: Bobby Parker, Betty jo McLain, Suzanne Smith, and Glen Rogers. Compliments of MTN. VIEW NEWS Best Paper in Town Phone 86 JOHNNY PEWTHERS BARTON RACKLEY ARDEN SKINNER Guard Forward Guard 6466075 1 1 3 I 1.1 DONALD CALVERT Guard "Tl7I7FY" GOOMBI Center CQLYIDE JACKSON Forward CHESTER ROXVLAND Coach Sponsored by T. H. ROGERS LUMBER CO. Phone 9 Sponsored by C. E. SIMMONS Service Station Phone 23 MARVIN THRELKELD Coach Compliments of jANZEN'S Clinton, Okla. Sporting Goods, Hardware JOY ROLES Forward BETTY SEELBACH Forward JIMMIE LEE STANFORD Guard ANNIE BELL TAYLOR Forward JOYCE XVALKER Guard ANN WILCOX Guard SHIRLEY DAVIS Guard BETTY LOU HELM Forward GLENNA JANES Guard BETTY KING Forward CAROLYN LAIRD Forward DORIS IVICBRIDE Guard Compliments of GEORGE I-I. ELLIS TIRE MILEAGE 421 South Main Altus, Oklahoma 'za Front row Charles Tsoodlc Raymond Prxtchard Ceorgse McKenz1e jcrrell Posey Dean Noland Laverne Banks Monroe Bxlbrex Bark mu Luach Rowland, Stanlex 1 1 -f, 1,3513 'S 1751" 'fzf"Sf -' 5 ....-. fwfr?-Sw 1 Z '71,-7' 'pg'1r'H1"+ fiifsssvf-Elffif I9 f ' ' A 'ffsfvif V v jf: iff Af ' '29, fx lg Q '-2 N YI 4 ,,,..-1:-1 HIST'- " J.i'..-L --3 " -gust? .v -- ' '- h ' me,-1-r--rag. :rr r:J+'?f1i:.v'-va-fie,ux4-few-v"1-.'1.vr,fp-'-H+-I-1-vffra'fr'.'ff--,wwf--wrfnv.-gv-w.7yv',--'rf gfgp-,Q 'H-.1--'A -."-z-ufgjffi-...f 1- -"-'.. 'TJ' -- -- .vi ,L-,,. ',., 2' N' lg: v L. -'. . ,.,,a.1 N 1

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