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 - Class of 1954

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W? 3 -. .59 ' 9 Y E i F 1,-1 af + i--: V ig- . 31, 1 ' 5 , , F, ui nf, -. 4 - -,': I iw, ,gn :mn , 515. , ,Q '.,, rw QI .ly 1 X, U I rl, my 5, - N, ,f' My-'fy 'IN , K.. "A f'! ' .hffh 4'wiH'yQ"!lj' 'fygil-wk? 'f15"rH:g:- '14,-fl 'Q' ' '-'Q W2 ' 'f1f3','?, If -51' m -' A 'wif' ' 4'?mh1 'T'-Jfdigvfqb ,3u'Mg1ai'- 'I' 'Q' rm, UM," W Q "W F if .r s A .. .-if 1. :14 .gf ,i 3. 1. I . 1: lf -ji I. HQ x 3 Q19 .WI .zr 'e . . i I' , . if-,'4 5 , V -P gf' 9. ii ii' Q.: 213' E551 iii . .3 JMX' . .Wt -If bi , 2' L+ h . 9. , 'QL 4' it' , al . Q- 5 55- . y, . 'bf 'Q -, s 1 2 'Sal' fs sf. In 4 ,A Ln ' f' . l x1,b.w3g.f1.:21'5 ' Q, A 4-Q. 4,151 , 8-gp, x,,. ,avr al,-4... A 1-.A 441 'tow if Wx V l 154 lk! 4 W.-r TSR-I .' v' ISWM. v 'J- f.5g'h' -R! Oi. .AL .,- ' oxa:-5' n'j , ,N s m. -A-gs il ' x : .Xia u,ok F : ,lf 504 N Eid O -Rig f- W 'iff if 7' 11 rr r I' I' 2' 'V R I 'Lf ag!!! W-1' Jri' ff, 4525" sv Q gf G35 ,, 1' 1- 64 I F 'N Prepared For Pubhcauon By Members Of H x Q K Y '.xQ.l' ' THE SENIOR CLASS os. , X" ,.lgyn.'fx. ,.,U '4 A Q. I 'fyrk ul ' K is 5 ' . hu in m u gl L 's Ns: Qsixx'-sgshklxefy -1'..! glQnm,:'QqJ '4r'vv-J"!.v rf'...-f ,- . -- "- , 'f Q! i'7 ' ,Jig '--iff? 52" f"",, 7 7 TSS, ' gg,-,.1". '11-. V' - ,, . --- ',-A . "J Q.,-fr' f " ti 9: 'Y 14' 'Y " .:'::4j.?" . 3 9: -4.-fb? 'L 2, 'V '?hfyLfl ,,rQf1f,?'wvAgftg wffygff-,x,3f, QQ? 1fsw?C2 -x ,fxw A 'ml' gp. 'fn X RA .11 T-I . QYLQ' X .'.4f v-7 ki x J FAAZQ1 5 5 ' "'F:1'.',.' K" , Lfff- . . -1 ,-ff' r ' , 115.5 ' . 5 I. A ,n fi? 1, , ,sfggfff - ' , 70 ', --' f. -1.,,-11, , -'5 -, 41 '- 1' ,-fi'1'p' - fig, , -f .5 f X -.u , .-.a,,,:, -y , WW 1" f KQ f .- p 5 " lfmmr N ' A lk I .ff 5.4-l 'Y '-1 -1" f '4 ' 64-v' . F' ' .r QEFWFN sp F-.,.c --,,- P' ' . ' ,' -1' es Ex ' A.',---iw. ,4,, ,2E' .4 ' -X-. ,,, x .0 I I. I Cx .0 V f J. 5- F 4 9 . 'A n -nimj, ' if -f' ta' Ig.- I N ' , to r X - . ls,is.Qf?' . .I 'O x ," .- o a'1A Q ?':: h .5 - 9' 0 1. -9- ' 4' " og: "w . ., I .:og?L 'fx ,, .1355 Jay? " ' .rf "ry ," , . . -'QQ' n',,bi uf .LQ ' U 5-if' . ,J nw N X cm' 2177! I commend the seniors on their efforts and accomplishments in producing this annual. It will be treasured by many. This message is directed to you, the seniors, who are now leaving this phase of your school life. I would like for you to recall that during your' period of school life you have studied academic subjects, you have participated in school activities, you have learned some principles of good citizenship. Your success, your happiness, your accomplishments in the many years that lie ahead depends upon how well you use the materials you have gathered and upon what you do within the next few years in the way of educational preparation. You must keep in mind that the world judges you and pays you, not for what you decide to do, but what you actually do. Dreams, wishes, and hopes are not profitable unless, by study and industry, they become a reality. Knowledge is power only when it is set to work. With all your physical and mental equipment, you should formulate good habits of work, study, health, and recreation, and always exercise the principles of good citizenship. T. V. SMART, Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD - "Tuck" Terry, Earl Huddleston, George Martin, Bob Underwood and Clyde Jackson. HEISTERS - -Chickasha , Oklahoma - -Athletic Supplies ' 1 45 ,,--- f-Q IVN 45:1 MRS. RUBY SHAW Second Grade A, A. SHOCKLEY High School Principal MRS. RUTH SHOCKLEY Junior High English MRS. VIVIENNE SMART Commerce T. V. SMART Superintendent MARVIN THRELKELD Junior High Coach CARL TWIDWELL Senior High Coach MRS. ALBERTA VAN KIRK Fifth Grade MRS. NELLA FAYE WATSON Senior High English DELBERT WATSON Grade Principal MRS. CELIA WOODS First Grade HARDY STUDIO Camegie , Oklahoma "'9 xr ,,.ar acalg KENNETH ADAMS Shop JAMES BUTLER Junior High Principal MRS. CLEO COKER Second and Third Grades MRS. MABEL EATON Fourth Grade MRS. FREDA FOSTER Third and Fourth Grades MRS. BERNICE GUNN Home Economics MRS. EDITH HALBROOKS Fourth Grade OLEN IOYNER Vocational Agriculture MRS. AVERIAL KOBS Band MARVIN LINDSAY Veterans' Training MRS. GRUTRUDE MCBRIDE Math MRS. LEAH REIMER First Grade 63- fc 1+ AF ag..- w..,.f X if' . Q QQ, nr" IACK CRABTREE Editor SHIRLEY LEIPHARDT Asslstant Edltor in-. 1 YT' Q' ' LOIS SXTUN JAMES BUTLER Business Manager Spoma R., sux, .-R fgx -gn... T7 ,034 MARY MILLER O'DETTE EDWARDS JANE ALLEN HAROLD MEEK TEEL IMPLEMENT CO LAIRDS BARBER SHOP Your I H Dealer Ph 143 We Speclahze in Children A fs wb s v f rl ,. bf be . xr, A A 'R , r ?.x X I 6 ' K- D' Lf N vw" : 1 'ii ' m"5"r' . 4 . 'ii' Ik Q , my ...M .Jr ' u 4 I ---w.-,. up M, ,vi I I Tv" K., I X Tr A RA YMOND TOLA ND l gy "Qs CHARLENE BARBER 51-HRLEY LEIPHARDT Sponsored by VUE THEATER ARNITA ADKISSON FHA 1,2,3,4g Band 1,23 Softball - Basketball l,2, 3,4g Pep Club 2,33 Junior Club. Wills her ability in basketball to Lutie Goombi. A X 07 IANE ALLEN BQ 400 Basketball - Softball l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3g FHA 1,2,3,4g Football Queen 4g Annual Staff 4. Wills her ability in English to Johnny Pewthers. CHARLENE BARBER Basketball - Softball l,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g FHA 1,2,3,4g FFA Queen 4. Wills her ability to get engaged to Dora Roddy. DUARD BARNES FFA 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 4. Wills his fighting ability to David Smith. , A .g- Y. . 'fs- "LIL", 5 MELBA BOND FHA l,2,3,4gG1ee Club l,2,3g Band l,2,3,4g Annual Staff 3. 'BQ kuyfx "T, 7 Q Wills her ability to fight off boys to IQ, . 1, Liz Miner. -A l fxt' X --v WWII 7 JACK CRABTREE f.,,x 1--fr 2. ,I Band 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g All-State Chorusg Football 1,25 Basketball - Baseball 1g Junior Playg Annual Staff 3,43 Tiger Tribune 3. Wills his driving ability to Ralph 0 Shockley. GUY EDD DODD FFA l,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Wills his football ability to Bo Worley. O'DETTE EDWARDS FHA fParliamentarianJ 1,2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Glee Club 2g Softball - Basketball 1,2,3,4g FFA Queen lg Annual Staff 4g Band 1. Wills her shortness to Ioy Roles. H. ELLIS TIRE MILEAGE - 421 S. Main, Altus, Oklaho at I' ' AUS GS 5:f""" ' C7 1 ,X -, .1 ,Q ,, E Q14 5 IUXYMOND HOFFMAN Glee Club 2, FFA l,2,3,4. Wills his hamburger frying ability to Allison Holman. SHIRLEY LEI PHARDT FHA fSecretary 3, l,'Z,3,4: Band 1, 2,3,4g Iunior Play, Student Council fSecretary 35 35 Annual Staff 3,4g Glee Club 2, 3, Tiger Tribune 3. Wills her ability to catch Gotebo boys to Gloria Freeze. REBA MCKENZIE FRANCIS GOOMBI N PHA l,2,3,4g Glee club 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,2,3,4, 5 5 - Wills her blonde hair to Carolyn Hawkins, BYRON HANCOCK Basketball - Baseball 1, 2,3,4g Junior Play, Class President 3,45 junior Rotarian. Wills his long hair to Leon Kimbrell. Kawai ll I i L ll KT: T' Q.. . l QV nhl' 1 , X Wills her typing ability to Charlie Phipps. HAROLD MEEK FFA l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3g Annual Staff l, 2, 3,4, Wills his emcee ability to Arden Skinner. DAVON HAWKINS FFA l,2,3,4g Basketball - Baseball 1,2,3,4g Football l,2,4. Wills his mangy red hair to Billy Stubbs. CARMOLEDA HOLSTED FHA fSong Leader 41 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1,'2,3, Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4. Wills her lunch punch to Elinore Tilley. -Q" Q' L .4194 MARY MILLER FHA fVice President 4, 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,33 FFA Queeng Football Queeng Basket- ball - Softball lp Annual Staff 4, Wills her ability to keep up Carnegie spirits to Betty King. BERTA MOAD Basketball 3g Softball l,3g FHA l,4, Wills her happy married life to Paul Caldwell, NORMA MORGAN FHA l,2,3,4g Pep Club lg Glee Club l, 2, 3. Wills her speech ability to Orville Dodd. ROBERT PATTON Track lg Football - Baseball 1,2,3g Student Council 2, 3: Cheerleader 4. Wills his beautiful hair to Donald Calvert. 77563 10 Q Eng -iss., Q 45. FRANCIS PAYNE FHA 3,43 Glee Club 3g Junior Play Q Softball - Basketball 1,2. ' Wills her ability to go steady to Carolyn Laird. VERNON PENDLETON Band l,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3g Basketball - Baseball 4g Annual Staff 3,4. Wills his car to Jackie Jones. LOIS SEXTON FHA 1,2,3,4g Basketball - Softball l,2,3,4g Glee Club 2g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Junior Playg FFA Queen 2g Annual Staff. Wills her shy personality to Mary Baldwin. JANE SINGLETERRY FHA fPresident 41 l,2,3,4g Band 3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3g Pep Club l,2. Wills her ability to have ability to Victor Dorrell. Q .rp F 2 Ng,- 'QL' r::-' If L: 1 JEAN WALKER Basketball - Softball l,2,3,4g Glee Club 2g Band '25 FHA fReporter 41 2-war 'Q qs. KENNETH TAYLOR Baseball 1, 2, 3,4. Wills his baseball ability to Andy Bilbrey. RAYMOND TOLAND Valedictorian. Wills his ability to be a night owl to Clyde Jackson. CAROL TSOODLE s hi FHA 1,2,3,4g Softball - Basketball 2, 3g Glee Club 2,3. G g X Wills her bookkeeping ability to i Sv-' J, Donald McManus. ,4 VERLE VANDEVER FFA l,2,3,4, Wills his sturdy legs to Bob Terry. 3.6 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 3,45 Junior -B" ff" Play. X., Wills her football ability to Gerald Reimer. Qi' as-iq, ,gg 5- 36 xg, ROY HANCOCK SYBIL HANCOCK NELLA FAYE WATSON IANIES O. BUTLER Class Pa Class Ma Class Sponsor Class SPOIISOY 1 flfqa H If gf' Wwl "-RQ ii ?' TTY' '1 S. X X. f 121' . . ,, . 1.2,-'C- :S ., n " W ,,,....-b Q' If AE- - 12- ,fr',,:,.G1f, ,L 1. g ll! QION 5 S 'N YT? E' fi? cmdaw MARY BALDWIN ANDY BILBREY PAUL CALDWELL DONALD CALVERT SHIRLEY DAVIS ORVILLE DODD VICTOR DORRELL GLORIA FREEZE LUTIE GOOMBI TRUMAN GUYNN CAROLYN HAWKINS NEAL HIXON ALLISON HOLMAN CLYDE JACKSON JACKIE IONES CALVIN KAULAY LEON KIMBRELL BETTY KING CAROLYN LAIRD MRS, T. V, SMART I '84 ELIZABETH MILLER DONALD MCMANUS JOHNNY PEWTHERS CHARLIE PHIPPS KENNETH REEVES GERALD REIMER DORA RODDY JOY ROLES RALPH SHOCKLEY ARDEN SKINNER NEIL SMITH DAVID SMITH BILLY S'I'UBBS BOBBY TERRY ELINOR TILLEY CALVIN WILLIS 9 1 fn. . 1 t, L., 1 X 5 L A Q 264 Leonard Anquoe Laquita Banks Gearld Barber Dennis Belindo Patty Lou Bilbrey Lawanna Brannon Bobby Flinn Eugene Garton Donald George 42' 5, as qv:-v fi' as tv g x X 1 T xl. IWW?" ' C' f 4' Nfsli!-P5-I Virginia George N X Q. f Earl Gilbreath N a Wesley Goombi Johnny Higgins Clifton Horse Olen Horse Lois Hudson Buddy Jones loron Jones This page sponsored by PAYMASTER GIN C,P, Smith, Manager Mrs, A. A, Shockley Rosemarie Martin Jimmy Mason Jerry Noland Johnny Patton Rheda Pendleton Eddie Prentice Barton Rackley Doyle Roark Lynn Russell 5 H-X C' 49 Q 31 Wilma Simmons Jimmie Lee Stanford Annie Bell Taylor Lovon Thompson David Tilley Monroe Tonahcot Jimmie Williams Harold Woolever Guss Young - A Mr, Kenneth Adams Q5 fd! Y s 4 M s , 311' U Ng., nfQ.: LW as I FARMERS ' ELEVATOR Glen Singletery, Mgr. Darwin Barnes Joyce Brown Carroll Dodd Barbara Freeze Jack George Wilbur Goombi Charles Greenshaw Ronnie Hays Betty Lou Helm Robert Higgens Rozelle Hoffman Barbara Holstead Mrs. Kobs Mark Hooper Glenna I anes James Anquoe Dale Barnes '45 A-x 12"- Jkt' 15 T 09g vhs' :Q :Di ana: l H 'T rx:5x?JY' 1 I " f Q yu fax, ji Ls R6 Wff 51011111 Billy Lewis Dorris McBride Don Mitchell Don Morgan Gerald Pewthers David Pritchard Jimmie Roark Betty Seelbach Martha Singleterry Don Thompson Burl Wagoner Joyce Walker Mr. Threldkeld Kathryn Watson Johnnie Williams STAR CLEANERS EARL LAMIRAND CARUSO S HARDWARE--Fum-Hdw-Elec Saletha Kays Ralph Leiphardt Charles Anderson Laveme Banks Sharon Beall James Bear Eugene Bert Bilbrey Monroe Wayne Bond Roger Chancellor Linda Clark Trulau Clark Truman Clark Verle Coon Elwanda Cooper Sharlean Eskew Ferrell Stacy Burl Haag Craah Holden George Hooper Cecil Huddleston Wendell Janes Mrs. Gunn Lenita Jones Kenneth Kays John Mason Hazil McKenzie STARRS' GRILL ROYAL THEATER 4944? E csv' . 3. X . I I ddmufvhw ,mama nu pu..-Q VH x Ml- Zlz vig? wwf fjrdlj-dd!! X RTX! "van T .fX f"'N P 1 ff' 3 "Y" George McKenzie Letha McManus Larry Noland Janice Peck Barbara Pewthers George Poolaw Jerril Posey Freda Rackley Lyndell Ragland Burl Ragland Coleena Skipworth Susanne Smith Gerald Stubbs John Henry Sumner Ann Tate Dale Teel Gale Teel Jerry Terry Herbert Tilley Sherlyn Tracey --Q 0 Charles Tsoodle Jolene Vandever John Willis Terrance Wood A Vester Lee Austaubo Stanley Baldwin Ion T. Baugh Delois Beddo LaNe1l Brandon Frankey Lee Butler James Gaskill Darlene Chancellor Zella Christian Deanne Cook Betty Davis LaWana Downey 'TVN 1 ff' I Jimmy Fobes Bobby Frank Iohn Gillete Loyd George Goombi Paul Goomhi Brenda Greenthaler James Hall Jimmie Sue Hewes Nemonia Laruth Jones Clara Lynn Joyner This page sponsored by-FARMERS UNION CO-OP GIN Owned by those we serve Elmer Dawson, Mgr, Mountain View, Okla ew 9' Jerry Ray Skinner Helen Louise Sipes Charlie Edward Stamp Nancy Kay Sexton Emestine Tonohcot Donalee Ruth Thompson Letitia Ann Toyokoyah John Davie Underwood This page sponsored by: W.D. COOK INS. AGENCY Real Estate-Ins-Loans MOUNTAIN VIEW, CLEANERS Jack and Ruth X2 eaewtd Karolyn Kay Kobs Bobby Leroy Lewis Samuel Glen Morgan Charles Henry McFarland Glenda Mae Martin Turner Nickelson James Alton Pitt Betty Lou Patton Jarquetta Marline Peck Burl Don Roddy Howard Glen Rogers Glen Leon Red C' 4 Mary Ann Wood Mr. Joyner X- , my 9 U if Q 1. 4 1 6 4? Phyliss Autaubo Wendell Autaubo Donna Sue Baldwin Elvin Bealle Donnie Bear Orvel Butler Doyle Chambless Leon Clark Kenny Cook Eleta Dodd James Fallon Geryl Max Garton Eddie Gish Irene Goombi William Goombi Coline Guynn Lora Mae Haworth Virginia Hayes Janet Hicks Gerald Horse if C 4: AVAILABLE Y-ff WHL. ,li ' f fu' uv' 4 Q, V. J, . 3' ,-lfxgm. 1 V- Niiatii S f W K 0? James Hudson Geryl Janes Howard Wayne Joyner Jo Jo Kobs , , , Th.1s page IS sponsored by d Earlene Lamuan HARDY STUDIO Mrs. Foster Came gie, Oklahoma 6 Sarah lou Lewis Lance Lugan Brenda Mincey Bill Ozbum Gene Ozbum Bobby Parker Davin Pennington Patsy Ann Pointer Bruce Poolaw Pamela Rayland Sue Red Larry Roard Marvin Russell Clifford Seilback Carolyn Stubbs Carolyn Tarochione Mary Anne Temple Marth Io Temple Paul Tilley Libby Tonahcot 1 vii 42 !?s.- 45' Q-Q-4 ,.,, . N ,A Russell Tsoodle Deanna Kay Wagoner Patsy Wiley Tony W.i1ey ' I Jimmy Young Thrs page 15 sponsored by Mr. Watson T,s. ROGERS' ms, CAMPBELL GARAGE 3 at-'J 'P 41 'E 1-4'-9 V"f7 8' 4 wr '15 6' William Charles Colbough Michall Patrich George D'Bee Gish Theresa June Gudaddle Clarence Guoloddle Clarence Guynn Matyetta I-Iagg Charles Robert Hewes John Elbert Huddleston Glenn Hudson Patsy Ann Jones Phyllis Joann Kern WARREN and OMA GISH Funeral Directors -fd 'Q TOO BUSY . .g i J 3 V 4 , Qsrmfmmscf 51' X yy: 5, gy, . in 4 .4 1 . Q, 774 . -Q -fm ua, K ,L Valoofo 'V iavaafadfiz ,ao "7 aged '64 Carol Joyce Bert Karen Eileen Brown Joyce Burk Myra Beth Caruso Vema Margaret Chancellor James Daniel Chancellor Jerry Chambless Donna Jean Christian Jessie Christian Edgar Max Coon Donald Cooper Joan Kathleen Davis ull' Q J 5' Yvi Robert King Sharon Ann Ledford Philip Doren Lujan Larry Mandrell Ann Ellen McFarland Louise McClain Virgil Payne Janet Kay Pennington Charles Edward Pool Antoni Maria Poolaw Lynda Sue Roark Karen Kyle Roberts I-04 Saud 4 1 Harold Rogers Frankie Russell Raymond Stelling Iona Kay Vandever Delbert Dean Watson Beverly Jean Weiss Jackie Glenn William Kyle Willis ld' 'K' .l ?aufu'4 .4 N ,rd 5 v'f'P' 4 Carolyn Anderson Kathleen Ataddlety Dewayne Brandon Lawrence Colbough Dewayne Colwell 'sr' rx-4 of N of ' I k""' -er Henry Cook Marlena Cook Kathy Ann Darrell 'v J 3 Alton Fenter Don Ferrell Jimmy Flynn Buena Jean Guoloddle Rosaleta Guynn Gary Hawkins Benny Holstead Rodney Hunsinger Dewayne lanes Anita Mae Karty Alvin Kaulaity Ann Lamirand 71 Karen Jean Darrell Terry Darrell Jackie Dodd Mardenia Dupoint 1 4 at 4-'V ,.I 4? vu- -r'f""' 1 4 1 41 , fx lf' tl f 1 Y ' ' all "" f -av -3 ....., , -J, 1-gy :hmm Larry Lewis Wayne Martin Barbara Sue McManus Lyndin Miller Iudy Mincy Marvin Osburn Evelyn Pendelton Kendall Pewthers Anthony Pitt Kathryn Rackley Joyce Ragland Sherwood Ragland 1 g 1.403 i Phillip Red Elvis Roark Roy Rogers Dennis Skinner Frankie Smith Lloyd Stubbs Anna Vee Tracy Alva Dee Tsoodle '1 46 gmde Sharon Eary Sandra Gigoux James Goombi Di Ann Greenhaw Janice Hall Lola Faye Haworth Brenda Higgins Jake Hill Larry Don Holman Judy Hooser Barbara Huddleston Sharon Jean Jackson Max Kern June McLain Patricia Mitchell Janette Noland Thomas Lee Patton Warren Leroy Phillips Myrna Poolaw Newton Prentiss Kay Pritchard Herbert Reeve Darryle Roberts Jimmy Royers Jonnie Smith Linda Stelting Louis Stelting Janet Kay Teal Margaret Tilley Delores Tonahcot Thad Toyehoyeh Barbara Ann Walker Virginia Anne Wilmore Mrs. Coker Mrs. Eaton Jimmy Buck Leroy Clark She arl Dirickson Kenneth Downey 3 1 iii 33' 2 -3 1 fr' econduuiea Cecil Autaubo Azalea Edwards Joe Baugh Roger Brown Mary Emma Fallon Harvey Fhnn Earl Caid Vearl Caid Gloria Garton Florene Goombi cd Nancy Campbell Stanley Clark Gaylon Hawkms Pb.illip Hawkins Denms Colwell Bobby Cook Robert Hawkins Bonnie Haworth :SA -uf' lY"K A l Donnie Haworth Donna Hill Marion Stamp Alfred Stubbs Frecil Koornsa Donald Long May Lyda Gary Tilley Gary Tolbert W ob fi 547+- James Ray Manes -rib CD ei 10 Stephen True love . 'nfl George Tsoodle As. Fi.. B111 Martin Charlene Ozbum Kent Watson Gene Wilhs FHWA' Susie Parris Bill Ratliff Charlotte Wlnters Linda Woods 9. Roy Red Kay Roberts ai Laqueta Young Kenneth Youngsted Bob Ed Rudkins Gaylon Skmner Mrs. Shaw Mrs, Coker This page sponsored by CRABTREE DRUG, Mt. View .Q-.if Cherye Adkisson 70,45 Doris Agopetah John Andrews Marty Autaubo Linda Chambless Barbara Ann Chancellor Aleta Chenyworth Dale Coon Q 1 'R V , ' I ' 'x , , 4 ,. . 1. 112 17 5' Q z ' ,wr A H Lu Ann Coon Susan Ann Dean Roselyn Dennison Sandra Sue Dorrell Karen Gigoux Katie Goombi Clifford Guoladdle Robert Guoladdle Theda Ian Guynn Ioe Hancock Alan Hawkins Edward Haworth Patsy Hayes Jackie Holsted Jerry Hooley Charles Hunsinger Glenda Jones Alpha Kaulaity Jimmy Kern Peggy Kobs Mrs. Rhymier '--1 -f-if-In f -4 x i 9 qw gm v ,E Helen Koomsa Danny Law Ronald Long Lonnie Lyda Eddie Mandrell Eddie Mandrell Betty Marlett Barbara Payne Ronnie Phillips Ronnie Pointer w Nvifv wp' 1' f 1 T .A "' T 4' ' A 'Sf' -N L' ,Amd - dxf Had it X 6 I 4: J Lgfff f, . 14. X QQ? Nils. ...f Vg 5 -I 'Q 'iv fd P, Ai K N. 4 - 'M' A, , Y HUTOIOTMMMI1 y rifnp-ln . ii ' R ,H -uk E! i Y I 7 4 r il -4' xl-1.1 'Q 11" Richard Quoetone Karl Reeve Richard Riley Dovie Rogers Carolyn Simmons Stella Marie Sink Jimmy Sipes Butch Tahsequah Philip Terry Vicky Threlkeld Frank Twohatchet Rosalie Twohatchet Spenser Twohatchet Clarence Walker Dora Ware Jerry Ware Richard Weidenmaier Edward Weiss Cynthia Williams I 1 '4.Q. Y 1 f - I4 0' ' 3 4, 9 . . 3' , 3 : ,A 4 ff , Y. if-1 . 'A Q v' ' x- 1 f -. Y-, hh L 1 - 3. , 2,-5' 1. ., . -,.,- :ji Q- . .jgsql JV L . ,,.., Q- - , - ': z - T '- ,A ' .uri ' . k ' . ' 4-,-1 4 . 1 4 . " if v ,-, H 1,5 ya., -gn-, . ,. a . . 1 "4 s--a-,,..4- A .,.-. v..L ,--Q-5 -sf y ef,- J Q ' lib 3 ' 1 'J ,ffl "', 0 f rx o"0 2 . 's rn .ggi A:-if' ,I ft 3, g I at "' F "vc, 'ff 13 ' QQ.-10 X Duard Barnes Donald Calvert President Vice President First row: Earl Gilbert, Ronnie Hayes, Jimmy Roark, Ralph Leiphardt, David Pritchard, Gerald Pewethers, Donny Morgan, Robert Higgins, Johnny Patton, Loran Jones, Johnny Higgins, Dale Barnes, Don Thompson, Don Mitchell. Second row: Wilbur Goombi, Verle Vandever, Raymond Hoffmond, Guy Edd Dodd, Orvel Dodd, Gerald Reimer, Bob Terry, Paul Caldwell, Kenneth Reeves, Darwin Barnes, Donald George. Third row: Carrol Dodd, Jimmy Williams, Eddie Prentice, Calvin Willis, Arden Skinner, Barton Rackley, Jerry Noland, Neil Smith, Lavon Thompson, Buddy Jones, Doyle Roard, Jimmy Mason. Fourth row: Harold Woolever, Johnny Pewthers, Davon Hawkins, Donald Calvert, Mary Miller, Neil Hixon, Leon Kimbrel, Duard Barnes, Dennis Belindo, Mr. Olen Joyner. Yff J ' J J-21911 Q all Q 'EA'-:vc rw Bob Terry Johnny Pewthers Leon Kimbrell Davon Hawkins Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinel This page sponsored by - MOUNTAIN VIEW GRAIN CO. - ' ' 1 , , f9'f" ' :if ,fn - fy. b., ,, - f M tg Q X 'Eff N ' . . X . O -ff' ,. " ' V ' ., . 0 Q In -ali' ni!! Ig! Q 9' ,- N ylll O I. Q a , In - , 'Hill - '1'-'C fl-A ff "..-,x1, ' -1 g.',:-' - . .,nunr...,' OO! Y-gijllullg 'lynn O 'I-svn' .4.' S1 5 qlll.. 2,v 1'. il .Inu 4 f ,.JllllLa' ., il 'ui 4i .Ylll.'.lllll' I I o .--9.0 O as 0 I WI' lla lllg llllll 5. :+P , f v I . Aw. Q., ex. ... Y mg! k , , if U ,Q ' G ' ff , K x 0 X l l . - J 5 . 'ff' . , ' ' 'fx wr' . " O x . 2 ' ' 1,3 4 ' 'Y , 5' f , 1 5?- '7 u 'The Big Wheels' a - , ws ' Q52 ' 1 if N An' ef- JT V w, . L Ht if - T. , "g,-- li,-bi' . ""'T "Young Future Homemakers" lvb ? ,i Q if 2 gi dw . ROBERTSON GROCERY Finis Robertson "4 VW C QMAKER 2. Fe NN S at fa - of . ' I 0101 x A51 X P' if K i s 'B M "if V Y ,, Sim ,i 4 4 V' 0 ?i ,p x NEW Hog Jane Singleterry Mary Miner Pfesidem Vice President First row: Berta Moad, Sylvene Christian, Norma Morgan, Frances Goombi, Carol Tsoodle, Lutie Goombi, Patty bon Bilbrey, Annie Bell Taylor, Laquita Banks, Carolyn Laird, Lawana Brandon, Virginia George. Second row: Frances Payne, Mary Christian, Shirley Leiphardt, Shirley Davis, Mary Baldwin, Charlene Barber, Arnita Adkisson, Lois Sexton, Gloria Freeze, Loyce Hudson, Wilma Simmons, Third row: Mrs, Berneice Gunn, Melba Bond, Ioy Roles, Jean Walker, O'Dette Edwards, Rose Marie Martin, Betty King, Mary Miller, Jane Singleterry, Carmoleda Holsted. ,W -f 3 ' I 'E' fir Betty King Joy Roles Melba Bond O'Dette Edwards Jean Walker Carmoleda Holsted Rose Marie Secretary Treasurer Historian Parliamentarian Reporter Song header Martin Chaplain MT. VIEW PAINT 8: BODY SHOP- - - - - -No job too large cn' too unall fin? and .Queen 'H GUY EDD DODD - CHARLENE BARBER MOUNTAIN VIEW RECREATION CLUB ZELLNER MOTOR CQ. P001--D0mil106S--Ping Pong Selling and Servicing Ford Products for 37 Years--Phone 39 L14cZ'2WZfzZ.L '76 Back row: Arden Skirmer, Carol Tsoodle, Francis Goombi, Carmoleda Holstead, Mary Baldwin, Loyce Hudson, Wilma Simmons, Virgina George, Elinor Tilley, Lavon Thompson, Donald McManus, Clyde Jackson, Jr. Third row: Jackie Jones, Billy Stubbs, Shirley Davis, Mrs. McBride, Laquita Banks, Annie Bell Taylor, Rose Marie Martin, Rheda Pendleton, Jimmie Stanford, Jane Allen, Allison Holman, Kenneth Reeves, Victor Dorrell. Second row: Neil Hickson, Charles Worley, Truman Guinn, Arnita Adkisson, O'Dette Edwards, Charlene Barber, Gloria Freeze, Jean Walker, Neal Smith, Duard Barnes, Bryon Hancock, First row: Cheerleader, Carolynn Lairdg Cheerleader, Lois Sexton. Sponsor, MRS. MCBRIDE WEIDENMAIER'S IGA Everyday Low Prices cmchiz c94?e,eS Back row: Mrs, Shockley, Saletha Kayes, Joyce Brown, Barbara Holstead, Brenda Greentahler. Second row: Zrella Christian, Rozelle Hoffman, Barbara Freeze, Betty Sealbach, Doris McBride, Betty Helm, Linda Clark, Elwanda Cooper, Lenita Jones, Jacquetta Peck. First row: Hazel McKenzie, Freda Rackley Glenna Jones, Kathryn Watson, Nancy Sexton, Deanne Cook, Sue Hewes, Letha McManus, Delois Beddo, Sherlyn Tracy, Jolene Vandever. Leaders: Barbara Pewthers, Susie Smith, Linda Clark, Joyce Walker, , ,, .s I sponsor, Mus. sr-rocKusY KNIGHT 8: WEIDENMAIER The place to go for brands you know Westem Oklahoma 's Finest Dept. Store -Nm AAA, Top row: Clara Lynn Joyner, Elinor Tilley, Jane Singleterry, Ann Tate, Doyle Roark, David Pritchard, Andy Bilbrey. Second row: Karolyn Kobs, John Pewthers, Jack George, Eugene Garton, Jack Crabtree, Harold Meek, Betty Helm, Sue Hewes, Jimmy Roark, Nancy Sexton. Third row: Jerry Terry, Ralph Leiphardt, Virginia George, Rozelle Hoffman, John Sumner, Cecil Huddleston, Gerald Pewthers, Shirley Leiphardt, Stacy Ferrel, Monroe Bilbrey, Verle Coon, John Underwood, Charles Stamp, John Baugh, Betty Patton, Kathryn Watson, Jolene Vandever, Donalee Thompson, Deanne Cook, Robert Higgins, Sherlyn Tracy, John Gillette. gy- , .,.. . . .il -sf V S ,-'N -r Barbara Pewthers Patty Bilbrey Suzanne Smith Joy Roles Vernon Pendleton This page sponsored by the BAND MOTHERS Mrs. Karl Kobs Drum Major n P h Director 1145663224 7oaZJ4lZ i 1 N 1 First row: Leonard Anquoe, Dennis Belindo, Donald Calvert, Guy Edd Dodd, Orville Dodd, Eugene Garton Sec ond row: Wesley Goombi, Davon Hawkins, Johnny Higgens, Clyde Jackson, Jimmy Mason, Donald McManus Third row: Jerry Noland, Johnny Pewthers, Charlie Phipps, Gerald Reimer, Arden Skinner, Ralph Shockley Fourth row: James Tarochione, Monroe Tonohcot, Eddie Prentice. Cordell - Fort Sill- - - - 20 Carnegie Erick - - Snyder - - - - 21 E,-. I 4 iiroxi I, YZ? Mt. View ----- 40 Lonewolf ----- 13 Mt . View - - - - 6 Grandiield - - - - 39 . View - - - 6 Tipton - - - - - 33 . View - - - - 13 Riverside ---- - 12 . View - - 1 - - 6 Roosevelt ---- -34 View View View View View CARL TWIDWELL DAVON HA WKINS GUY EDD DODD JOHNNY PEWTHERS Coach Co-Captain Captain Co-Captain This page sponsored by OTIS 8: FRANK Wholesale and Retail Cham lin Gas and Oil tl A u.. signup fl' ' X Q JS? 9 I if 5--no-'W qi if V , fi 1 ,4 E It f J I ig? . Q l , . i A , . 5- A , ' tl f.,, G i 'f l Q. V4 L ' Q Q Q " ' ' if -if iv I , - ' 'F' gtg NH- . , ff 13, 1-fd Mfg.- ' A - L . '11 5 ' '9- ,A A E R .., ' Johnny Hxggms John Pewthers Arden Slunner Donald Calvert Clyde Jackson Leon Krmbrell Byron Hancock Barton Rackley Davon Hawkms Jackle Jones Mr Carl Tw1dwe11 Hancock hxts another Goose Tatum Jackson stuns Alfalfa sq F I.. x MT VIEW LUMBER CO OU X 9, X 1'--v in-f tv Haddon Johnson Manager Byron Hancock Clyde I2CkS0Il Capgam Co-Captaln X 99' -' ff? Q ,- 1 1'2" A 'Q f . J J 9 as 'H N V, . 0 , , ' X , ' ' Y , , Q .X x ' QQ xi v7N'sl7' . 2.6 . ' 'Q yt 5ff'4f 'xVf2if,i-fag 5 T fe Nw Y" ' ' f ' Ag " 'WL i gf' 7 iff. ' 7 , W S R- .. if 49 . S' I - f X , V ' .,. -Q N Q V up f r"1'.W ' 'I K X ffhxz V 1 li , Y ' ' 25 s- 4' i ' f 'sk Q K , 1 A N v 'W-gi l ' La' First row: Cecil Hudleston, Wendell Janes, Marvin Threlkeld, Gerald Pewthers, David Pritchard, Donny Morgan, Donny Mitchell, Ralph Leiphardt, Burl Wagoner, Glen Rogers. Second row: Jerry Skinner, Butch Haag, Mark Hooper, Wilbur Goombi, James Anquoe, George McKenzie, Dean Noland. Third row: Don Thompson, Charles Greenhaw, Carroll Dodd, Verle Coon, Vester Autabo, Turner Nikleson, Eldon Bond, George Poolhaw. Fourth row: Charles Tsoodle, Jerry Terry, James Gaskill, Wesley Goombi, Paul Goombi John J. 1 Butch Haag George McKenzie Marvin Threlkeld Burl Wagoner C0"C3Pt3in Captain Coach Co-Captain SHOOK CHE' Don t Cuss - v . 4f a 8 o s'22, 499 Vester Autuabo, Dean Noland, Wilbur Goombi, Jerrill Posey, George McKenzie, Don Mitchell, James Anquoe, Ralph Leiphardt, Burl Wagoner, Charles Greenhaw, Don Morgan, Jerry Skinner, Gerald Pewthers, Don Thompson. In the center: Coach, Marvin Threlkeld. l 30 r 33l 'aa 'S X K wr X Q , r, X 7 L L 1 Mor an errill Pose Geor e McKenzie Burl Wagoner Don Mitchell Charles Green- Back row: Don g , I Y. 8 . . . haw, Wilbur Goombi, James Anquoe, Ralph Leiphardt, Coach, Marvin Threlkeld. Second row: Cecil Huddleston, Verl Coon, Dean Noland, Jerry Skinner, Gerald Pewthers, Don Thompson, Monroe Bilbrey Vester Autuabo, Wendell lanes. WILSON FOOD STORE Quality Foods R I Kathryn Watson, Glenna Jones, Lehita Toyekoyah, Ann Tate, Doris McBride, Betty Helm, Rozelle Hoffman, Linda Clark, Betty Sealbach, Barbara Freeze, Mr. Marvin Threlkeld. Second row: Clara Lynn Joyner, Nancy Sexton, Delois Beddo, Joyce Walker, Susie Smith, Barbara Pewthers, Deanne Cook, Sue Hewes, Jolanda Weiss. GREENHAW SERVICE STATION I. W. GARTON AND SON Phillips 55 products With Garton Kc Son, it can be done Phone 66-166 Mountain View P11006 46-178 even 74,94 74415415 Zaeen mg MARY MILLER Football Queen GUY EDD DODD Team Captam D R BUTANE AND PROPANE MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Call Us Fxrst C E S1mmons Mountain Vlew Oklahoma Phone 23 I I V , 'S M-Q l Ziw., anchfzgf' 7 Zaeen f 1,2 I' 1 Football Queen, JOYCE WALKER and GEORGE MCKENZIE, Football Captain 'Wd 1 Left to right: Suzanne Smith, Butch Hagg, Joyce Walker, George McKenzie, Betty Davis, Burl Wagoner. CONOCO STATION WINTERS' HOME 8: AUTO R. G. Underwood Mt. View, Oklahoma mrIn4'u G1 MRS OSCAR GARTON Lunchroom Cooks MRS OTIS FENTER an 4 mound ide Zampw THE ANNUAL STAFF HOPES YOU ENJOY YOUR ANNUAL . 1 4 R 4 - ---,Q GRANDAD STEPS OUT THE BOSS AT WORK RUSSEL'S LAUNDRY HOCKADAY HARDWARE Marvin Russell Clyde Jackson, Manager High School Janitor LOUIE PENDLETON E Grade School Janitor WES SMITH an I, "":". A- .1 . -.1-'- - . ,. 4 .-- ,- .Q . ,. , . ' "Cn ,-s is . t -- 5- el 9 - " Q, - , Top row: Donald Calvert, Leon Kimbrell, Calvin Willis, Allison Holman. Bottom row: Duard Barnes, Vernon Pendleton, Davon Hawkins. SUMMER'S 5 Kc 10 Mountain View, Oklahoma TEXACO STATION Frank Hoover Mountain View, Oklahoma F 'lm g4,,,! -,N J J YQ-fi M . ' pw,- ,ff 'QR N is v?Q . is A Q ff' '. KV x K ' 1 4- N'-A 'mv 'Q fin... ' -5 . L.. 1 :H A., c l. SJ' .4 lv-.r ' QQ -.. .: ,. 1 Fl" .uns -in 11.1 ---L+.dA1g au- , ,,: 4. - 1. ill' , ' .1 I . J. 'T 4 ' 1 , '-1 Q . 9 I 3 , , 1 1 f V1 . ,. . gf 'if '2 V , f V f, uf Q J., fi 51' f ,. p r ,- 3:5 I ? , ., -H? vii , 4 , ,3- la. .q, ,.V' 21 fr' if ir: A: -Ff 'jf r-7. J 'f if il ,T f, ine if 55:5 "fl ,T ' , , .f -1-.-'jg-:F1.g 4.2 .'Q:1,'-:ggi L21 ygff'-1' M1 :Q -'L' fi-. f' ff: ' ,-f 'g.2,f,j'f --?fs- -'ar----1:11. Juv 119'-?':.',4-" ' ff .vY,,e,,.'.u,, .-- f, ,-I, .A ' , H1331 3' Jill? 5111 "3 'f zfzi mf: 5 zz fm

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