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QDi5c0Uer.. , Opening .................... 2 lflctivitias. ...,....... Zczlzfemzcs ......,...... 60 .Sports ..................... 76 C5165 ....... .........,..... Teopliz ...............,,.... Incferg ,...........,...... Cbsinrg ........,... ..... 3 O2 Cofophyn .,.......... 310 xxfx 'NCD Www High S wad xmtam 00 'East fBfofw11 ' om 852 3 Qvfesa M12 R692 898-4900 S5 5 'Mag IVOLUUV' 121 Lea dl l'6Cts if the Tom Siudeni spirit shines through all As the cheerleaders shouted, "We,ve got spirit, yes, we do, we've got spirit, how 'bout you?" the crowd went wild. With more than 3,000 students, it wasn't difficult to find Toro spirit on or off campus. Whether students were at a football game, basketball game, or just at a normal day at school, there never seemed to be a dull moment. The school year began with a rowdy and pepped up Hello Assembly. English teacher Margot McDonnell said, "I've never seen so much school spirit, not even in my own high school. I was almost deafened by the enthusiasm of the crowd." For sophomores, the new year brought a change in attitude about school overall. Sophomore Kaci Conway said, "People in high school are more enthused, more proud of their school and show it by their school spirit and support." Although some teachers and students felt that the spirit at assemblies and on campus got a little out of hand, Assistant Principal Dale Charles said, "I think the spirit is excellent. Other schools have no school spirit and itis great to see kids involved in inside and outside activities. Students here take pride in the total school. I feel that the spirit is controlled and not out of hand." Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Eileen Miller Photography by Ken Henderson and Bud Ford Proud Toro-- Senior Mike Kundrat shows that he's not afraid to let people know he's a Toro. Go team--An excited Toro fan cheers the football team members as they run onto the field at the Dobson game. W 1 ,,,. 5 5 f Wi... A3255-as ,Y ,..,..:-"'- Q Look of love--Seniors Maurizio Ciriello and Sharon Hossler enjoy each other's company between classes. Something to do--During a home football game, junior Eric Swapp takes time out to share a Booster Club program with his friends. 'T"bQ5fe.f.. ff Together fhrough thick and thin Being alone was not a normal state for most students at Mountain View. With such a large population of 3,200, it wasnit difficult to find someone to talk to. Friendships brought a bond of unity to the school's atmosphere and made it easier to attain goals because of the support from one another. Senior Toni Zizzo said, "My friends have influ- enced me by helping me lead my life in the right direction. We all stick together and help each other outf' During the school year, students depended upon each other for different reasons. From simple daily drudgeries like whose mom was taking who to school, to emotional support during crisis times. Junior Sonja Harris remembers all the times she counted on her friends to help her through her problems. "They Cfriendsj always seemed to be there just when I needed them the most in my life. I don't know where I'd be without them." Even though friends played a big part in everybody's life, there were those times when students needed to be by themselves or with one special person instead of a whole group of friends. These were times such as a major loss in someone's life, personal problems or just a need to be alone. Senior Jeff Sutherland said, "The best times of high school Cfor mel are when I spend time with a good friend. I like to either drive around and talk or go back to one of our houses and watch a movie or something." "I will always remember the times when I would ditch class and sit outside on the benches by myself, or the times when I got home from school and no one else was home and I would sit and think over the things that happened that day," said Junior Bill Gilchrist. Friends played a very important part in the lives of most high school students. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Eileen Miller Photography by Ken Henderson and Bud Ford . ....... ..,,. . .. Special momenis highlight year Remembering those special moments during high school is not difficult for most. There were dances with that special someone, moments of victory, self- achievement and times of happiness. Students experienced great feelings that they will never forget. High school was a time for growing up, experiencing life and finding out what was ahead for everyone. There was a renewed feeling of pride as students began the new year. Everyone knew this would be a year like no other. Mountain View had never seen such a large number of faculty and student body, and probably never would again. That in itself made the year a special moment. 'SA special moment for me was being on track. We won a couple of gold medals and it made me feel real good. I set my goals and I worked hard to achieve them,', said junior Flyin' high--Junior running back Lance Smith takes a running leap over the goal line to avoid being tackled by Dobson players. His leap gave Mountain View the points needed to win against the Mustangs. S0 happy together--Seniors Lacy Nelson and Jim Cwiaki say their final goodbyes before departing for class. Celebration time--The Marine Corps joins the Toro Band in cele- brating the 200th Anniversary ofthe Constitution at the second football game. V Eg' I 33 'Qpening JenniferAgren. A special display of dedication to the school and friends was when senior tight end Matt Weidl continued to play in the football game against Chandler after he broke his collarbone. Matt was tackled in the third quarter when his collarbone broke, yet he picked up the football and went on to score the winning touchdown. Although every students, courage was not as publicized, every students, triumph affected the school in one way or another. Each person was a stronger individual because of the special moments they encountered in high school. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Eileen Miller, ,Ierlyn Simonton and Michelle Griest PhotographybyRobertShertfj2KenHendersonandBudFord DISGITIGIS on PGH? l'O fedllfy Dreams usually begin in the minds of the young and stay with them throughout their lives. Although most people never quite reach all of their dreams, they become better people by trying to achieve them. Senior Jason Brown, who was 10 when he first be,- came interested in gymnastics, said, "My goal now is to get a scholarship to college then go on to compete in the Olympics." Brown is already on his way to achieving his dream. So far, he has made it on the state and national teams. Each individual person is entitled to dream his or her own dream. Some hope to become doctors and lawyers while others' dreams may be to have a family and comfort- I want to play--Afutureprospectthrows the ball in hopes of catching the eye of Coach Jesse Parker for a future quarterback osition able home someday. Junior Shondelle Pikette said,"My dream is to be- come a judge. I like law, but I realize I'll have to work hard in school, not give up, and just go for it." High school is a time for students to make their dreams come true. It is a time in which they are able to choose what direction they will take with their lives and try many different paths before tuming down the chosen one toward their definitions of success. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Eileen Miller and Jerlyn Simonton Photography by Charles Ballard and Bud Ford P on the Toro football team. Posing pretty--Pommie mascots Jennifer Mecham and Hilary Owens get special atten- tion from the Toro mascot. l l 1 w l l .. , if S " ' ' f . 'QA x ' Aff-QS: . 4 5 f f , less? S, -., A ' ..i,YsgSA , ax bb .K I . .X K K V. fu - 1 cob creat bf Dances, work, games, parties, home- work, the list goes on . Finding something to do was an easy task to accomplish at Moun- tain View. There were on-campus activities for which live bands were brought in. Teachers had pies thrown in their faces and jeered students as students bid during auctions to be the bearer of the pies during Fall Fest. Money was collected for the Ronald McDonald House. Coach Jesse Parker sat in an ice cold dunking booth during Toro Family Festival. Club members sold food on the basketball courts. This was just the begin- ning. The choruses and orchestra gave a number of concerts throughout the year. The drama department also put on two full productions of plays and several one-acts. There were invitational dances and several open ones. Homecoming, Christ- mas Formal and Sadie Hawkins highlighted the on-campus dating scene. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Michelle Griest Photography by Robert Sheriff Moments oreoer The warning bell rang and reminded everyone that first period would begin in seven minutes. Stu- dents who had been mulling around the locker cages slowly parted and headed their own ways. Teachers took care of last minute prepara- tions. Classmates took their seats and started asking how everyoneis summer vacation had been. Some people were anx- ious, others weren't comfort- Cherished able about being in a classroom again. The second bell rang. Another school year had started. The nine months of school that followed changed and touched every person in a slightly different way. In that short period of time dreams were realized and others were shattered. No one would ever be the same again. These new experiences forced both students and faculty to grow and expand. The school had the highest enrollment in the state, more than 3,200 students. To accommodate for the excessive amount of people, four new portable buildings were in- stalled. The total number of portable rooms were 18. Also, 26 new teach- ers were hired for various specialized and general classes. The parking situation was the worst it had ever been. Since the front and back parking lots were al- ready full, students had to park on the outside basketball courts on the first day of school. The crowds at football games were worse that at school. At the home game against Mesa High School, there were more than 9,000 people in attendance. It was standing bis r room only. Also, students had to sit in the opposing team's bleachers at the Gilbert game because there wasn 't enough rooom on the visitors ' side. Despite the injuries of four retuming varsity players, including senior quarterback Trevor Cava- naugh, the Toros were victorious. Not every occasion was a joy- ous one. Deanna Presti, who would have been a sophomore this year, died in the tragic plane crash of Northwest's Flight 255. A memorial service was held for Deanna at Christ the King and was attended by family and dozens of friends. It was best put by Mario Mercado, the editor-in- chief of the Viewpoint newspaper, who wrote, "Deanna Presti made a difference in the lives she touched. Not all was lost on Flight 255 that solitary night." Page design by Michelle Griest Story by Michelle. Griest Photography by Robert Sheriff and Bud Ford Look of love -- Intensely watching his girlfriend, Rick Bryce wishes Penny Foos would teach him to blow a bubble. One last problem -- During lunch, junior Brian Banks hurriedly tries to finish up the homework he forgot to do last night. T, 23: Q I' P 4' Q-,, , 3 ?5 Q 'N e 01 -s If -M-sf V, few e m "QL v "2 ..-4-3 J A T gigs, 'am r e ififzs i J' - - '15, fi. 3, , is r P ' F W r H ' i f g :'3.j:IIQj.,1Ijf" 'A'. 1i1,LggLLii1,2Qg1.4,Ar213fi-iiiiif?i?f'11iziiizgl1-jgif: 'ili fe24352iZ1ii22fvi2f'if'i?','lle'1?s4igai5?1i:i4f2ii22ief e ... We s r ss s i r i Taking a break -- Seniors Jennifer Tosline and Dawn Hobley stop in front of the senior lockers to catch up of the latest gossip before going on to their next class. in s The squeak of new shoes and the rustle of new clothes could be heard throughout the halls during the first week of school at Mountain View. The halls were still crowded after the tardy ,Something special bells rang every hour, full of stu- dents from sopho- mores to seniors searching for their classes. Each grade had its own way of hiding the fact that each begins couldn't find classes. The sophomores tried to appear as if they knew where they were going, sneaking glances at their schedules, and the juniors and sen- "On Toros, on!" -- The band play s a rousing rendition of the fight song which is perfomied by the new faculty with Jean Evenson leading the chorus. 8 iors wandered around trying to look as if they were only being fashiona- bly late. By the end of the week, every- one was settled ing the office wasn't as crowded with students wanting schedule changes, and the halls were nearly empty at the sound ofthe tardy bell. And how did the students feel about being back in school? Senior Regina Payne said, "I feel more grown up. There are a lot more re- sponsibilities when you become a senior." Mike Gisbran, junior, said, "It feels great because I can boss around the sophomoreslu The first week of school ended with a bang, with the Hello Assembly on Friday moming. The gymnasium was packed with spirited Toros. The cheerleaders and pommies each made a great performance. The class competition was another high- light. Of course, the sophomores were picked on during the assembly. The juniors and seniors continued the tradition of holding up newspapers in front of their faces during the J .V. Cheer introductions. The first week of school wasn't good for everyone. "It was horrible, because I got in a car accident the second day!" said senior Sharlene Edwards. I Overall, students enjoyed the Hello Assembly. Junior Olinda Fer- reira said, "It was great teasing the sophomores!" Page desin by Cindy Helmick Story by Cindy Helmick Photography by Charles Ballard, Robert Shenfji Robert Wood and Bud Ford Showing the Toro spirit -- Junior vice- president Darin Damme tries to the sell the crowd on the popular Toro towels that drama ordered at the Hello Assembly in September. vi sag i'!',,-.5 Q , fits. l lg. ,A , 5 l - W i L5 "Go home sophomores!" -- At the Hello Assembly these spirited seniors cany on the newspaper tradition and show everyone how "shiek" they can be. Waiting in line -- After a long day of school , many students anxiously pile into a bus to get home quickly and relax after the hectic first week of school. ge, vi. ,. wi, if-Sf A E ,E M. f A f uiii t u i .,i, il-' r'r1 The student body of Mountain View began to fill the bleachers of the gym. Elbow room was not a thing to be expected. Everyone's spirit ran high, including the sophomores, who finally felt like they were part of the school. In the Hello Assembly thejun- iors and seniors helped the student council humiliate the sophomores. This was done by putting down their clothes, food, transportation, music, and last but not least, their atti- tudes. Sophomore Sara CDeBaca said it didn't really bother her that much, "because it was something that they do every year and when the sophomores are juniors and become seniors they will probably do the samef' Not all assemblies were alike, That's a TEN -- These spirited seniors show their scores for the new Junior Varsity Cheerleaders perfomance of a routine at the first assembly. The Rabbit Drag -- A the Mesa High School pep assembly. seniors Duke Rottweiler and Darron Gillespie show how psyched-up they are. but the effect on the crowds always seemed to be the same. The cheers, chants and shouts from the crowd let everyone know the true school spirit that was found at Mountain View. Several skits and games took place during each assembly. During the first assembly the student council put on a skit called Family Feud. This was done by having the members of student council split up into three teams, each team representing a class. Each class was asked several questions, and it was to answer to the best of its ability. The seniors took first, juniors second, and last but not least the sophomores. Another event was the Shoe Hunt. The student council chose several students from each class and made them take their shoes off. Then the shoes were placed at the other end of the gym. A mad scramble ensued with each person running to find and put on his or her shoes, but of course the results were the same. The only thing senior Lynde Austin could think was, 'gWhere are my shoes? I have to find my shoes." In the second assembly, rabbit season opened. While the crowd cheered for our football team, little stuffed "jackrabbits" tied on ropes were being battered all around, but the highlight was a tiny "jackrabbit" being dragged behind a little pink re- mote control car owned by Duke Rottweiler. At the third assembly two spir- ited Torols, Ken Henderson and Darron Gillespie, donned their cheerleading outfits with their daz- zling, long underwear, and assisted the varsity cheerleaders in a spirit- boosting cheer and pyramid. Ken and Darron also impressed the crowd with their handstands and cart- wheels. Along with the skits and dances Homecoming invitations were being brought about through serenades and signs. Page design by Jill Greenlee Story by Jill Greenlee Photographs by Charles Ballard and Bud Ford l ig F Where is my seat? -- Trying to find a seat at an assembly was almost impossibl emonstrated by the prevailing chaos in junior class section in the gym. I Disco ver the... As Junior Joe Domakitis climbed out of the sophomore section to represent the sopho- mores in the Family Feud, The crowd went wild. He was dressed in his finest, which included his sparkling, tight stretch pants, a white T-shirt adorned with a purple psyche- delic head-band and carrying his Close En- counters lunch pail. When asked how he felt about playing the role as a sophomore in the assembly, he simply said, "lt was a great excuse to wear clothes that were wildt 1'-'rW'?4+ as r- Q! 5f2?2?5i16""" 1' .-Zdafdl b l 1 0 S it Showing off the sporting look -- During a break junior Kent Kolhase takes extra time walking to class to make sure everyone on campus notices him. Spikes, chains, and leather -- The punk look is popular every year, sopho- more Shaylynn Reynolds andjunior Kevin Kolstea show the newest fashion. pr' The variety of clothes and hairstyles worn by the students on campus was as great as their imagi- nation. It was as senior Shauna Newby said, "Everyone basically wore whatever they wanted to wear." E v e n Students Sffllf 116730 though there wasnit any par- ticular fad that swept over the school, there were a few predomi- nant styles. In accessso- ries, hair bows were the thing. styles They could be fancy or simple, plain or printed, and lace or cotton. Reebok, Converse and Keds dominated as tennis shoes. For more formal shoes penny loafers and tex- tured flats were seen on campus. -tt... J Again boots were in, but they were usually cut lower than regular cow- boy boots. The biggest comeback was made by miniskirts and cropped tops. They were made out of fabrics ranging anywhere from fleece to lightweight cotton. For guys' clothes, Andy Peter- son thought they were good this year. He said, "Most jeans were rolled up and any type of shirt wentf' Surfer shorts and t-shirts were still popular and worn by both guys and girls. The most commonly seen hairstyle on campus -for guys was short and neat. It was usually parted on the side. For girls long hair came back in again. It was either a long bob with bangs or feathered back on the sides. Perms were also very popular to add body. The fall fashion show dis- played both common and unusual styles. The clothes were supplied by lintiwi 2 The Gap, Units, and "The" Bridal Shop. The styles the models wore were picked out byTacy Shepherdis Inside Fashion and Fabrics Class. The ten guys and ten girls picked , had only three practices be- fore the final show. Senior Laurie Brouwer said, "I was nervous be- cause we had to improvise on what we did, but that was what made it so much fun." The girls modeled three differ- ent outfitsg one each from Units,The Gap and "The" Bridal Shop. The guys wore two outfits, one from The Gap and a tuxedo. Laurie Brouwer also said, "I thought the lighting and music was really good. It fit together just right. Charles Ballard especially did a wonderful job with the sound sys- tem." Page design by Michelle Griest Story by Michelle Griest Photography by Robert Wood ilk? I Discover the... Glamour? The "SOME LIKE IT HOT" fashion show was on October 15. There were 70 guys and 10 girls picked for the show out of approximate0f45 people who fried oui. They onlyhad three practices of two hours each before the final show. Here seniors Lauri Brouwer and Vance Merrill study the complicated stage directions which had as many as eighf people ata time onthe mullti-le val platforms. Vance commented, " it was pandamo- nium most ofthe time, " but also said, "1 liked doing it, and i would do it again. " - Dressed for success -- Seniors Lane Ander- m2m.un funior ou ,, ,.'S 1 9A 5323353 FaoS!Fash1ons In shock -- Junior Michelle Morales is speechless as she gets asked to Home- coming by Andy Peterson who had her serenaded at an assembly. Too Cute -- A long time couple, seniors Trevor Cavanaugh and Katy Taylor walk to class. Katy is glad that her boyfriend is so "down to earth." With love and friendship comes dating. Like peanut butter with jelly, the two go hand in hand. What con- stitutes a most memorable date? Chums, buds and faves Kwsxwgsxxgixq , .Y .,.. .. Xa, ., tg t. .. of Nqass.. S-,E Q V . .M w p . les According to senior Ted Logan, itis during a Phoenix Firebird game. While get- ting hot dogs, a homerun ball came flying through the air and landed in the middle of the on- ions Ted was about to use. This startled both Ted and his date Mys- tee Leno, but being a gentleman, Ted gave Mystee the home run ball. Chris Luebke and his friend Duke Rottweiler made it quite clear that all dates are memorable, al- though not all dates are printable. They said their most memorable date was one evening when they doubled, not together of course, they did have dates, and Duke got pulled over by an officer of the law who was all set to give Duke his sixteenth ticket, when the officer recognized Chris. Chris, in tum, charmed the officer out of writing the traffic ticket for Duke. Julie Goodman's most re- membered date was when she and two other girls were given some money, dropped off at Fryis Foods, and told to pick up some ingredients to make dinner. They were picked up about a half an hour later by fellows dressed up in ties,who escorted them back to finish the dinner and eat by candlelight. Dating is fun and exciting, but sometimes very boring. Senior Coyanne Miller said, "Once I fell asleep on a date." So some stay just as friends or "pals" and choose not to date during their high school years. Junior Amy Bozzuto said a- bout friends, "Once you have friends, you should have them for- ever." Friends serve many purposes. They help each other with geometry, they give one another support and friends don't mind when money is borrowed. Duane Riggs summed it up best when he said about friends, "they're cool." , Page design by Sassy Rettig Story by Sassy Rettig Photography by Rob Wood and Bud Ford ii -"A ':11 Zf- e e .SAV 1 Qi ' .I st Socializing -- What fun is had by just hanging around the bleachers. T tally hip -- Are seniors Mike Phair and Tiffni Mccagno showing Forr t Hamberlin the newest moves in break dancing in front of the lockers? ce Whens the smell of barbecue beef fills the air, one knows almost instantly there is either a barbecue nearby or the Toro Family Festival Y a1niQ, Has begun. What fun a whole fam- ily of Toros can have at this event. Senior Steve riencfs, Beeghley said when SSIM Club painted his face, it experience." l'LllLCglQfZT at 'ife'igi0'1S If face paint- ing wasn't enough then maybe winning a fish from NHS was, as it was plenty for senior That is cold! -- Coach ,lim Brady tests the freezing water of the dunking tank at the Toro Family Festival because he is going to be the next victim. Then what happened? -- At Fall Fest, senior Randy Pennington talks with junior Valerie Hale near the cheerleaders booth during fourth lunch. Azetifvities Rob Connelly. Rob decided to weigh down his balloons, so they wouldn't float away, so he used the goldfish he won. Unfortunately for the fish, it wasnit quite heavy enough and it drifted off into the sky. Rob waved goodbye with a heavy heart, as he wasn't pleased with the'idea of being a fish murderer. So a good time was had by all at the festival, except of course, for the goldfish that flew over Mesa. Another exciting event at Mountain View was the Fall Fest, with loud music, and a wami sun this event had it all, including Lizard Shakes. The lizard shakes, were made by the students from Neil's Place, and word had it they were delicious. Junior Chad Andrews 1? said he was really surprised, "It looks disgusting, but it tastes great." The SIMM Club sponsored a pie throw with Mountain View fac- ulty as targets. Thad Decker, who had a pie thrown in his face, said, "It was an exhilarating experience. I love hav- ing whipped cream in my hair and shirt, and in fact feeling like a walk- ing can of Cool Whip." Stacy Beinholt said, HI marked it on my calendar the day I found out about it, in fact this is the most fun I have had all year!" Page design by Sassy Retlig Story by Sassy Rettig Photography by Ken Henderson and Robert S herzff .. 1 ..s-an, FX if 5 Q -- n ea e h Thad Decker get a whiped cream p his face to help SSIM Club raise money. af Dlswverfhe it . kg A Q fi 'iv Q yr" N ,gi A - .Q . -Q, Q39 ' wp ag fi Q , -x ' W- A.A Wm ,- ffl Q w-nj A iilvuv: Fun nf festivals A Face Abaintihg afithe Toro F'Q911?i!5? Fest? val was: apopufarhboofh. SIMM Qlubqvijo did fhevpginting, painted the hfacee :jf :poke ,thane6QikidsAundef thaage Qi 12, A The desgyns that were offered byevthe ciub were considered b y fha clubs, painterfs as worksAofAr!, q , A, , Sophomore Marie Jones said of iihe wark ofaft fwhich was an "MVT"2 that was paintedon herface was, "A schooi spifited and very fulmfling experience. 1 -A Lori Purse!! who painted some 'of-the faces said it was neat to 'earn money fora good- cause and make a kid feel special ate A Candle light, caviar, and videos? -- Seniors Dave Brown and Sean Rowe try to find a video cassette that will suit their needs. David and Goliath -- A future Toro informs coach Jesse Parker that some- times baseball has more advantages than football does. R .l,. ' - ga.: .ggs-41:4 o : -: 2'-' 917- 0'Sf9f:Z5W:c l'1'4,ce1:2f-1. S'-.v:-.442 :- A':?a:?345f53f1fi1Zb15iii?'fllsfllfii'f':':-:I'5Ev3:I7":"' 4093 When the last bell rang on a Friday aftemoon, the weekend be- gan. Many teenagers started their weekends at home on the phone planning or confirming their evening's adven- ture. F r i d a y nights during football season found cars full of students and par- ents heading for t h e f o o t b a 1 l stadium.They waited in lines andfilledthe bleachers to watch th e M o u n t a i n View Toros strive for victory. After the game, either a celebration or a time for consolation was found at Mc Donalds. After a late night, students were given a chance for some long awaited sleep. Senior Chad McAllister said "My weekends are nocturnal - I party all night and sleep all day." This was true for a lot of high school students. Even those who worked kept their school spirit alive by participat- ing in as many school activities as possible, such as, Toro Family Fest, Fall Fest, school dances and club activities. Saturdays were spent shop- ping, washing cars or getting ready for a date. The night may have con- sisted of just about anything and usu- ally did. Sophomore Brad Henderson said he and his friends did "anything as long as they had funlv Junior Shelley Franzmeier said she and her friends enjoyed "Cn1isin' by Dick's Drive-In or sneaking into after hours at Devil Housef' Senior Amy Franco said her favorite thing to do "was go to the 1 sexi, .s- movies." Sundays were a time for rest in many cases. It was a time to catch up on sleep or catch up on homework. Also, there were times for family get togethers. There were days when a student could see their parents, brothers, and sisters who they hadn't really talked to all week . They were times to catch up on all of the happenings that one might have missed in the past week, and a day to find out if he was grounded for the next week because of missing his curfews over the weekend. In many cases a weekend was filled with family, friends, laughter and good times. They were memories of part of a student's high school years that should be cherished and never for- gotten, for they cannot be replaced. Page design by Jill Greenlee Story by Jill Greenlee Photography by Robert Sherw' and Robert Wood '55 E Te A. 'J A p.-31-vw . vu., ,H W .1 3 ,xg MCD ,jd in it OI13 Q ,Q A , 5,1 2 ...- an ai' .ag ? 3 ' Y .iw :MEG a fi' 4 lk: S r 8 ,an N 'J' H Q ames Cheering, shouting, and laugh- ing could be heard throughout the stands at Mountain View during the home sporting events. S t u d e n t s came out to sup- port many events such as basketball, football, badmin- ton, baseball, ten- nis, track, swim- ming and diving. Players, students Buifcf spirit and faculty got rowdy and psy- ched up for the games. When competing, team mem- bers felt more at ease in their own .1- Sharp dressed men -- Varsity football players David Schlagel and Wilford Cardon show their team pride while dressed in their best. Am I hot hot or what? -- Asks junior Brandt Lewis at a home swim meet. 5, home territory and excited about competing. Sophomore Trent Smith said, 'fl enjoy home games because you play on your own field and the crowds respond better and give you support in order to play your best." Before games, the players all wore the same shirts to school. Foot- ball and basketball team members all wore ties with dress shirts and slacks while the volleyball players wore the same printed shirts. The students also showed their spirit and excitement for the games by wearing red. Others showed spirit by painting their faces red and blue. Signs of every sort were abun- dant throughout the school, stands, and fields for the games. The signs pepped up the events with fun say- ings such as, g'Silly rabbits, football's for Toros," and 'gMutilate the Mus- tangsf' Some events at school weren't as widely supported by the student body. Team members played hard, but only a few parents and friends were there to cheer them on to a victorious win. Still these players worked to be able to compete with the other teams. No matter what event was at- tended, there was a feeling of great unity, school spirit and team pride. Page design by ,lerlyn Simonton Story by ,lerlyn Simonton Photography by Charles Ballard and Robert Sheriff sv ,gems , 1 dir ' ' , sms W WMV A ' Groivds were Q biggsaft sf svsryfgsirzs. Thsy Svspvffed, Cf768f6?0', Hf?d 566060 sive theffeamsressonito,wifz.Z H 1 V A There were a for Qfpsspie whq cams to the games, mth standing room ,OI?lY,V the sheer number ofpeople forced some psopis to stand alongside the grsndstanci - -Q . Junior Ruthmzn Cfark said "The best part of hams games is the spirit that svsry- one shows. " Q V r - A Spizitwasa bigpartofths game. Psopis cheered in its triumphs and encouraged :he team in its hard times. A ' 1 k g th gh th b JV f tb ll player, Trevor Hanse k th ghth p t g tth h g g nstGilbert. Games "It's a perfect fit! -- Junior Star Smalley tries on a Porsche for size. A dreams come true -- A beautiful home with a white fence around it, like this one, would fulfill many students' wishes forthe perfect house. . ...relic fu' . A cherry-red '56 Corvette, a mansion on a hill, a private jet- every person has his or her own fantasies. A hot car and a big house are at the top of some people's "Wish Listf' but other people have dreams that are a little more unusual. J u n i o r Tamera Stone said , "I would wish for one mil- lion more wishes!" C i n d y Vincent, a jun- ior, said she would wish for "my own personal genie in a hot-pink magic lamp." Many students are sure of what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Most have made a career choice that they plan to stay with. Doing what you enjoy, helping oth- ers, and, of course, money are main factors in choosing a career. When asked what careers they were inter- ested in, the most popular response students gave was psychology. The next most common answer was to be one of the various types of medical doctors. Also falling in the category of dreams and fantasies are goals con- cerning what the students want to accomplish in their lives. Many stu- dents have some ideas of their fu- tures such as their careers, marriage or their dream car and vacation. Concerning her future career, senior Belinda Hardy said, "I want to be a psychologist because I like to help people get the most out of their livesf' When asked about the car of his dreams, senior Matt Schonthaler said, "If I could have any car that I wanted, I would have a Vector because it's the fastest car in the world." Many people labeled Australia as the spot for their dream vacations, but Shanna Standifird said, "I would go to Brazil, to look for gold and chase lizards!" But how many people actually feel their dreams in life are attain- able? Over 80 percent of the students said they could fulfill their dreams.Are your dreams and wishes only fantasies, or will you nake them come true. Page design by Cindy Helmick Story by Cindy Helmick Photography by Ken Henderson Want to catch some rays? -- M1 The beautiful Waikiki Beach in Hawaii would be the per- fect vacation spot for almost , every student. If if 2 5: F 5 .,.4 i M 3 vm-naw-ww-.W lylnnmlv Ji and e, il fvixu if 'Ii V ' -1. , f , V ' ...mi,:.?fFffiur:.wf4ilm.r Wi :m:.::-:,.., .,... . .,,. V. .. ,...,,.., .. ,.., . .,.,,,,..,,..,, ,..,,,.,. ,,A,A.,,,,, , , ,-,, , ,, , Q Q ., EEiiiiiwmg wumuwu eihif awe B WM .QSXSZZYH : ' ,, Ag'.'r v 131. 4 ,v .lazy M. 1.5 6 .12 . - .- ' .. ? -1 . 2 Qgumgeiugiw, S Let's chat -- Sabrina Dumas and Tyran Frihart share the latest news as they stop and take a break at the sophomore lockers. Got a minute -- Sophomore Jami Anderson and junior Mike Gisbran take time out of their busy schedule to keep up their friendship. Camp ,i,, People walking, talking, laugh- ing was what many students saw this year on campus. On the other hand they also saw frustration, sadness, and seniors' reaching the top: graduation. While many students experi- enced these things, they car- ried on a social life too. tears of finally U5 Lifeoncam- pus varied from lunch, to football tif survivaf t r games to clubs after school. Lunch was loud, fespecially when firecrackers went off in the senior lockersl and a break from school. Sophomore Mike Roberts said, "Open campus was way better than junior high." Some of the places that stu- dents went for lunch were Barro's, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, W.-ag Circle K, the cafeteria or home. Leaving campus and coming back took a lot of treasured time away from students, however, because of the packed parking lot. Senior Janine Silvey said, "I don't think the sophomores should be allowed to drive.The parking lot is too full." Also, senior Wendy Guin said, "It's too d- -n crowded !! H To let go of this frustration, students screamed, cheered, and encouraged the Toros on at the foot- ball games. Those who didn't feel like shouting were able to kick back and enjoy watching their favorite football players or pommies. Stu- dents who attended football games seemed to join a unity and pride this year. Remember the first home game against Dobson? It looked like we weren't going to win but the team pulled it off by slowly moving the ball 10 yards at a time. Finally, they scored the needed touchdown that gave us the win by a single point. Some students felt football games were the most sociable thing about life on campus. If students didn't end up in a huddle on the football field, they huddled together around the locker cages as they watched victims get drenched with the sprinklers as they came up the ramps. For many seniors, social talk was about what to do after graduation or what college to go to. Some talked of marriage after graduation. A lot of this happened on Senior Hill. That small patch of land will carry many memories for seniors because they finally could legally sit on it and enjoy the view. If students weren't interested in sports, lunch or Senior Hill, there were numerous clubs on campus to join. Some of them were Click Club, Gennan Club, Spanish Club or SSIM Club. Any club was a place to hang out, help out others, and to show what students especially liked or believed in, such as SADD. Page design by Arpil Uhlmeyer Story by April Uhlmeyer Photography by Ken Henderson Best friends -- Seniors Troy Wallin, Scott Driggs, .Iason Whiting, and Jeff Trendler share their friendships by playing basketball after school and by tak ng their girlfriends out on dates together. qt QQV tsl I I 1 ,tif g t ,:'A .-,, ,r.,:' v:,'Av V:'-r tt't 'fffi ' it t t"i t'li Sbhfeovfvditfke most i t y ytt e We as fag we X we A., 9 Toro Halloween was the time for students and faculty and people all around the world to dress up as their favorite ghoul, ghost or hero. Some have outgrown dressing up and enjoy watching other people trick or treat. S e n i o r Tawni Owsley said, "Staying home and passing out candy was re- ally cool because you see what all the little kids are fright night dressed up asf' Halloween was the key this year that opened many doors to that little boy or girl who has wanted to pop out and finally could and have fun doing it. Valerie Warnecke, an English teacher, said that the reason why she likes Halloween so much is that 'flt gives adults the excuse to act like children." Sophomore Jenni Davis said, ""!.4 Ag, 'I V-4. A B00 to you -- Various decorations were seen inside and outside of many classrooms in the school to bring out the spirit of Halloween. Pumpkin Patch Kids -- Halloween was exciting for all ages, but the agriculture department made it more fun by inviting students from a Mesa elementary schools to pick pumpkins. ' ' f 522 v 31.1 U ..2a Q1.1gytag,.M3 - I F' iw' " 1 ,tv t . I ICS "The funnest thing about Halloween is getting the candyf' But even though most students didn't get the chance to go trick or treating Qunless their parents were too busy to take the little ones outl, there were parties where witches and goblins could be rowdy, show them- selves off and still be cool. Junior Joe Perri said, "I usu- ally will goto a party and get dressed up for it." On the Friday before Hallow- een, some students showed their costumes off on campus. The display included babies, witches, Grim Reapers, little devils and, of course, the famous Eugene Wently III look. Senior Joe Carpenter checkered his face red and blue with grease paints. Some teachers got into the spirit and showed students that even though theyire older, they haven't forgotten real fun. Warnecke, dressed up as a witch this year. When teachers showed enthusiasm about Halloween it helped the students have more fun. The bookstore manager, Chuck Johnson, came to school in his marine camouflage uniform from the Vietnam War. Grace Levine, the registrar clerk, came to school as a pumpkin. Sophomore Chris leBlanc said, "When everyone joined in, it made Halloween fun for the whole crowd." Out of the 15 students who were polled, one person said she loved Halloween because of all the candy she could take from the little kids. Five students said they enjoyed staying home andpassing out candy to the trick-or-treaters so they could se e all the different costumes. Four people said that they usually went to a witches brew party. The last five people said they still enjoyed going trick-or-treating and singing the songs when people don't answer their door. C Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat! J Page design by April Uhlmeyer Story by April Uhlmeyer Photography by Robert Sheriff and Robert Wood -my it A . we f , . , ,. i Z Wx ...,, Q V .Q . Q 5, . 5 Y it .S ' , W. is K fs is D vid Feria shows his version of Hulloxx een h blue and red checkers. Discover the... Sweet Treats Halloween brought ou! many students and their sense of humor: Students snowed Hafioween spiritin men y shapes, colors, and dress. Students actually sho wed everything from what you eatefbreekfssfsuch as e fried egg, to bang -bang shoot em' up movies, to the common guys dressed as girls. As Hailowesners pereded across oem- pus, other students who didn 'tget in the spirit looked in awe or some iaughed in amaze- ment to what their eyes focused on. Halloween proved that no matter how old, how unique eperson, theres thetcertein something that comes from within and lets the kid burst through. 33, Wg Q ijigalwloween Fire and Brimstone--Senior Eric Pfoutz gives an astonishing vicw of the gospel as Amity Essley and Jeff Brines look on in thc play Help. Hey Sonny--Bent over and crooked. junior Jay Talbot plays Old Man Warner in the play. Thr' Lotlvrgv. The advanced acting class per- formed two-one act plays which took place during the Fall. "Help" written by David Grote was performed at school in front of 1 10 plus students on October 27. 5'Help" was a play about a man wanting to commit suicide wanted him to. processes Even though the audience never saw this man, his voice was heard from off stage. Lori Fedorick performed the pleading man. Out of the portrayed 25 3 rarp sp ss ats if tresses who per- formed "Help," a particular actress showed the audi- ence what a true pushy person could be. Melissa Weatherly played the pushy woman and she said the way she portrayed the scene so realisti- cally was by acting conceited, " ljust had to stick my nose in the air and i ctivities ii-fe pretend no one else was thereli' "Help,' pushed a message to- wards the audience and the message was don't be so caught up in yourself. There could be someone out there needing help. "The Lottery," the other one- act play,was by Brainerd Duf- field. This was also performed on October 27. "The Lottery" was a play about a community who annually drew pieces of paper and the victim who drew the dotted paper was stoned to death by the rest of the community. This dramatic play had a character, Belva Summers,played by Jennifer Winslow who disagreed with the stoning. Jennifer Winslow said,"The worst thing about the play was having to watch the other actors! actresses stone one of my friends." This play was a very serious and a different play, but Carrie Car- penter had the audience laughing as she screamed at an old man played by .lay Talbot. Carrie Carpenter saidthe worstthing aboutplaying the old lady was,"l had to wear this ugly wig!" Both plays had night perform- cis I I F? ances for students who missed the plays or for the family members to get a look at their talented students. Both of these plays were a success to the audience and to the actorsfac- tresses themselves. For students who didn't take acting, there was "Flowers for Alger- non," a full-length play by David Rogers. Auditions took place Sep- tember 28, 29 and 30. Out of 45 people who auditioned for the play, there were only 20 parts. To perform this play, it took a lot of work and time from the students. Everyday after school there was rehearsal from 3 to 6 for about six weeks. Neil Mather played the lead- ing role Charlie Gordon. Neil said. "Without the stage crew and actors! actresses working together, the play could never have taken place." "Flowers For Algernon" took place on November 19,20 and 21 with each showing at 7:30 p.m. Story by April Uhlmeyer Page design by April Uhlmeyer Photography by Robert Sheriff and Robert Wood lull x v in if km .fy Mk 9' 'iff ,ng w . fi i 1 V ge, 4 n wee .iw -M. . q Disoover the... Headache Mountain View students who per- formed "FIowers For Algernon" made each scene very realistic. it was as if they pulled the audience slowly into feeling Charlieis hopes and expectations. "Flowers For Algernon" led viewers. to feel very excited and then it took them to the heartache of knowing Charlie's fate. These students found a special pas- sage way that unlocked the hearts of the fem-'WT it 75 ,A i audience end took them by surprise. "Fiow- , M ers For Algernon" took it's audience beyond i just another story, to e place of stnving with Charlie and e place next to the heart. " Z if f :?.v,, ,nA ,, 'I 5 sf ' ,,i,4i '4 ' :iff V 1 . in i ' ff f f,ff": ,W J M. it i I ,,,' , , i...................- 35 CQYER Q35 nlialx Plays I M0-we L Ji ffy 'L o -f ,, , ,. I. , . 5171165 Shop talk Junior Jason White takes a ride on the wild side on an engine. Pow Donna O Haver history teacher,gets smacked in the facewith a whipped cream pie during Fall Fest much to the delight of some eager block students. J f 3 I ,, f ft ' 5 Ei' ff, ,g , , .. 'f rr l ll vf 5, ,V f , X' Q 2. , 51-4 ,QN- ' . ff-'-gifs 5. Q Q Q , 4. , ro , ,. . ,,.,,, ' if ".4.gfv1 Embarrassment as defined by the Webster Dictionary is the state in which one is made to feel self-con- scious or uncom- fortable. But, it seems reasonable to assume that a person's embar- rassing moments can become cher- ished memories for the rest of onels life. These mo- ments seemed to come at the most i n o p p o r t u n e times, but they were tension break- ers. Junior Michelle Owens used Tfto e trying l Activities .ff 4 to wear braces with rubber bands on them. Owens was talking to her friend, Junior Lance Smith, when one of the rubber bands flew out of her mouth through the air and almost hit Smith. But, he luckily wasn't injured by the brief flight of the mbber band. Junior Fort Guerin, who swam for Mesa Aquatics and the Mountain View swim team, said it wasn't as embarrassing as it was annoying when he thought his suit was on and he dropped his drawers only to find he was in his skivvies. Junior Mike Shultz, who swam with Guerin, agreed that 'yesi it was very annoy- ing when Guerin did that. Junior Shelby Lavender said while at a party, she jumped into a 0 '..:.- 6 .ig n "1 C . off.. 011 4 ...Q 5.83 pool, which in itself isn't embarrass- ing, except that there wasn't any water in the pool. Senior Jason Phillips ran track in his junior year. During one race Jason ran through the finish line only to trip over it, lose his balance and topple over. Jason said, "I felt just like a sophomore." Embarrassing moments appear to happen all the time. Whether it's walking into a wall or riding a bike into a parked car, there is always someone somewhere doing some- thing alittle silly. Story by Sassy Rettig Page design by Sassy Rettig Photography by Robert Sheryf and Ken Henderson i .,g ., 'QF xg. N it Q, 'K x N AZZ1 A A: f WE. 7ff??.2Wfj?fn?5? f?i1f?FZ??Y53f?f??? 5z1,g ' VAZA .: -AQ1' La ,1,i 1 A1,A'A Vizi l ,.VA ':A1f 1 r as s e d Tradition at its irtest When one usually hears the word Thanksgiving, thoughts of Indians and of pilgrims sharing food and be- coming friends come to mind and thoughts of lots of food. For some people, Thanks- giving brought out the feeling of giv- ing to the ones who are less fortu- nate. Around campus, clubs and h o m e r o o m s joined together and had a food drive to brighten someone's holi- day by filling someone elses stoma- ches. The homeroom that gathered the most food received a pizza party and a surprise, but that's not why people brought in canned foods. It was the good feeling they got just by knowing they had done something to help someone else. To stay home and kick back with the relatives or without them was what many students did. They also watched the parades on television and watched that big football game which brought relief, a time to relax and to share with the ones you love. Sophomore Leah Hane didnlt spend this Thanksgiving with her family because,"My parents are abandoning me but I'm taking this opportunity to have lots of fun." Growing up many of us heard the term grateful and were asked what we were grateful for. Many re- sponses were being a senior, having my own car, my girlfriendlboy- friend, and even others said being alive with all the snowbirds on the road. They all meant something worth value to the individual and that is what Thanksgiving is about. For some Toros, sitting home with the relatives wasn't the thing they were going to be grateful for because of getting their cheeks pinched by their aunts, but who ever said they couldn't suddenly come down with a horrible disease. Carrie Hardenburg caught a disease needing the sun. Carrie said, "l'm going to Palm Springs to check out the georgous guys." Page design April Uhlmeyer Story by April Uhlmeyer Photography by Charles Ballard and Robert Sheryff F5151 i' at e'wuaaa Cheers--Seniors Robert Sheriff and Travis Weeks propose a toast to Robert's Uncle, David Sheriff, for Thanksgiving and for the four-day weekend. "Can" we do it?--Juniors Stacie Shannon, Marlee Watkins and Tony Reppen help to make the November canned food drive a success. activities V Theueencle of eerie and peelregee ef , -V i food were oeliected for the Fa1iFo0d Dfive , which took place November 1,6 to No vembef V 24. Exectbl 4,705 A items were collected A which made a new Mountain View record, Thad Deckefe homeroom class came in first place with 716 cans. V Chris Sanders was one of the merry student volunteers who carried food items which helped outlteechers and also made the process e little bit faster. V V All this food was donetedlto the East A Valley -Fczod Drive which then distributed it through chefitylorgenizatiens. - V V A The scene was familiar. End- less lines of cars desperately trying to tum into the parking lots. The tedi- ousness of driving up and down the Tosh , pal tug or tow rows of filled spaces looking for an empty slot. The frustration of waiting to move into the exit lanes. The daily wear and tear ofmanag- ing to arrive at school on time took its toll on many students. With the school's enroll- ment at 3,200 stu- dents, the largest in the state, students had to park on the outside basketball courts on the first day of school. The courts also were more than half full during the day only nine weeks into the year. Even though searching for a parking space was difficult, the task of getting into the parking lot itself was harder. The thing that vexed senior Travis Prestwich the most was that S'There was only one en- trance and three stupid exit lanes in the back lot!" To turn into the back parking lot, students often had to wait five or more minutes because the line backed up to the crosswalk light. Speaking of the Crosswalk lights, Brett Burkinshaw thought they were the worst things he en- countered on his way to and from school. The crosswalks were put in after numerous accidents. Some of the accidents almost ended in death. To help prevent accidents speed bumps had been put in the pre- vious year. Though the speed bumps might have detered a few accidents, they also were detremental to low cars. One could hear the sound of metal scraping the asphalt and see the pained look on students' faces many times in a single day. Also, several more parking spaces in the front parking lot had to be reserved for the faculty since it had grown to over l 20 members. The enlarged reserved area reduced the number ofstudent spaces in the front by more than 30 spaces. Actually, many students did not drive to school. Many people received rides from their friends, carpooled with their parents driving, took the bus, rode their bikes, or walked to school, Since buying and insuring a car was expensive, scoot- ers and motorcycles were seen more often on campus than ever before. Story by Michelle Griest Page design by Michelle Griest Photography by Charles Ballard Its a tight lit--During school hours and sporting events, finding an empty parking space close to where a person was going is a rarity. The drop off- Many students are dropped of at school by parents. friends, or brothers and sisters like this student who is being letting out by his mom. ,Qf W 1 sg 'Ni' L ' .. 1 . ff' fi? 401 ..., . ..,,. is xx lg ctivities R -fjffg A 5 , N a, A jl A ,A A A A Q A A 3 A A ef of f PW 'Q X R Xsqrgixvxaflltxaisxtx ni wil., 5 it AA - fi - AA: A Pr '-pigs if I iff - Q :EQ-t -f gash 'L-: -- S3 KKA. A - K Q 1 i1 Sm My ' .-1 F f 1 Y 'WM The mad rush--In the fight to get out ofthe back parking lot, there are many obstacles: walking students, other cars, buses, and students on bicycles or motorcycles. 'S W' A I, A, Vvity QA. A-, A A- V- . VV V -K V V :vV:A,-- V A Wm fb? 931' kfflgfofs 0A?'9f5f0'f"'?9f WBQY studehtsbhbse toride either mofbrcycies Qt' bikes"to'schoc2fg tif wastimbreii' of and -iecanctmicaf.?'he'bic51cIe rack? 'Were A3 alsoc:ontin'uaI!yff1l1.'- fr -'r- 4, i52v'if 1 V ,iv The varieiy of bikes ranged frpml:-thge ,nelwegt Afenwpeediltoiflther old A, Junior Jeff Bird, wasfjust ana . A3magnygstgdentsW1who zodgtqsshogl. ,.',-r A ,:V, A A Bgcygzlegvwere moreAvAg:ommoUiyVSe6i?AQ!?, A ,P'3f7?P?'5Afh3f' f'79ff?fQ?0f5'5- ,-A, Arflgf 'WW-V - ,AQ - --A-st... A. Flying high--Junior Brad Henderson takes time out to hit the slopes in Sunrise after the last day of finals. The steal--Seniors Forest Hamberlin and Sam Bollwinkle go one on one to relieve the tension after two days of strenuous finals. Half-days were created to benefit both the teachers and the stu- dents by giving them more time dur- ing the finals. Many teachers took their allotted time to grade finals and , go out to lunch. a On the other hand, students Csuppos- edly at home , studyingi went their own various H7116 - Out "On Thurs- day, I went out for Chinese food and almost got in a car UT' crash on the way home," saidjunior Jennifer Mar- kley. 'fl went home, like a good little boy, and studied for school with cookies and milk," teased junior taa a as .a , a X. . - at . 9 K I . f.... 'V 'r "'ea t Bryant Matty. "Thursday I studied for Friday tests, said junior Anne Willis, "but Friday I left to go skiing in Utah. It was so great." "Thursday, I went out to Taco Bell Cthe new one on Higley and Brownj and couldn't figure out how to get through the drive-thru," said junior Krista Cappucci. Many people used their time to catch up either on sleep or their soap operas. Other fun activities included skiing, watching movies, eating, shopping, babysitting, sports and visiting with friends. Senior Andrew Paige wanted to rent a movie to watch after school on Friday, but during school some- one broke into his home and stole his television set. "On Friday, I went to a friend's house and oinked out on pizza and watched a movie," said junior Mich- elle Pitts. f'Thursday, I went to an NHS meeting and to a friend's later. On Friday, I bought frozen yogurt and babysat for a neighborf, revealed junior Valerie Hale. "I was sick on Thursday and most of Friday. I did take time out from being sick for working on my team's physics Olympics project Friday,though,,' said senior LaRita Baker. Basically, the Mountain View student body members continued on with their fascinating lives during the half-days. It gave them a little more time to enjoy themselves be- fore the grades were sent out two weeks later. Page design by Becky Spiers Story by Becky Spiers Photography by Ken Henderson and Robert Wood i2ll3,.3',i .,,. ,fililg " 2fi'2l:i:iZ f.,-fi'il'L:z4:,Ll:-zz , , ,. -, , ..-,.-. - -,-'., - -'-, 1 : :--: ,va .,.,- -v,--.-.- 1 - V V ----. . nw- .-v.v. 1- - ,- 1--1-:::r:: ,,,,.,, , .,,,. : 1 ,I I ,,A,, , ,,..,, .,,,,,.. . ,, Q- .t .,A. , . ., Q. .:., , U H . .. v. L ' 1"- 1'1 '1 '1 " 1"-1 2 b d N ts senior Matt Gardner show g ff h t y days SUCCCZSS Coming right up Senior Dina PiLzo thinks happy thoughts of getting off work while at herjob at Barro's Pizza. Flipping burgers, pushing shopping carts, and bagging grocer- ies may not sound like glorious ways to spend free time, but many students held these and other kinds of jobs. E a r n i n g money, learning responsibility, and meeting new people were some of the better as- pects of holding a job, but on the down side was having much less time to study for tests, do homework, sleep in, or go out on weekends. Most students held their part- Worbng forfu ture l Activities time jobs so they could earn money. Saving for a car was important to many employed students, but some wanted money for college, orjust to spend on anything they wanted. Learning responsibility was another benefit of having a job. Learning to be dependable and hard- working was a good experience for most of the students who held ajob, and most parents were happy that their son or daughter was gaining such work experience. Meeting new people was an- other advantage for many of the students who worked. The students were able to meet many people from other schools and make new friends. "I like working because you meet lots of people from different schools, " said junior Brandi Johnson. One problem that students found arose from holding a part-time job was that their free time was more limited. This affected the grades of some students, and almost all had to work harder to keep up their grades. Also, the students weren't able to go out and have as much fun as other students who didnit have ajob. "The extra money is nice, but l have a hard time getting my home- work donej' said senior Mark Brown. While there were some nega- tive aspects to keeping a part-time job as well as attending school, most ofthe students found that the benefits outweighed them. Story by Cindy Helmick Page design by Cindy Helmick Photography by Rob Wood :Quia xpisz 5 , , -'If LD' I U-,Z N . .. . Q Q l 'ww A':1 QVA,'A if V and bpefuila dim: A.: Wah . 'ENUM ' 5 gi A,,: 'fhegmiis aggcjgfrregnabg-:sziigpf going 253' . iivgii. .afspbcfag butiltwiwliiiigl A'M' i ' Zigi?3-t05'fC0fl6gfsg?7-1gi fAV .IA1 fig? 'iiii A , , -A-V Z fi , Q:-' it AA1' 'Q M j fit? If . ,. A, . ,, x 2 iw Hifi 2 School spirit soared during Homecoming Week. Both students and teachers wore blue and red and "kill the Charg- ers" signs could be seen all over campus as the Mvafs 7118815 Mountain View Toros anticipated the long-awaited match with McClintock. During the assembly, it was hard to say which class had the most spirit, but when again asked why he thought the sen- iors were the loudest, senior .IeffLee said, HDave CBrownD, Rob CWoodj, Sean tRoweD and I are all a bunch of He's down--Senior Dan Rooney tackles a McClintock runningback. Senior creativity--The senior class dominates again with its first place float. ac tin Activities loud mouths. Thatis why the senior class dominatesf, Not only did students partici- pate in the class competition, but the teachers fomied their own team and joined in. To win, everyone in the competition had to stand a baseball bat on the floor, put their forehead on the end of the bat and spin around. Next, they had to blow up a balloon, sit on it until it popped, run across the gym and reach the finish line first. The teachers took first place, seniors second, juniors third and sopho- mores last. Mountain View also showed off its spirit at the game. The stands were so packed that there was stand- ing room only and the chanting was so loud that it was picked up on cable locally. Although it was a cold night, few people noticed the cold since the stands were so crowded. At half-time, the senior class won the float competition aand Mike Phair and Bizzy Darger were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. In the final seconds of the game, Mountain View hadjust made a touchdown and was one point behind McClintock. Instead of kick- ing for the extra point to tie the game, Mountain View went for the two- point conversion. They missed the conversion and lost the game by only one point. Even though McClintock won the football game, Toro spirit was still high. Page design by Jackie Hough Story by Jackie Hough Photography by Robert SherUf lZa ,EY fl. :JL l1xmwvmeu Gems ee ' Blake ' Browng Krystal 'Gerrettg Breit Miller and Ashley'YGung' vllefe all chosen to help eutfezf the Hemeeomibg' Royalty presentation. V 'V A i , The children, dressed in their best clothes, were all around age four. The boys carried flowers an pillows to present to the king and queen and the girls carried the crowns. l 'A A Karyn MacDonald and Monica Whitmore were there to show the children what to do during the presentation. l "They were extremely nervous, butlthey did e gfeatjobf' said Whitmore. e f' I ntdown--With 36 sec d the clock, Mountain V g f lht p I version. A, 4,17 ,IVA A. The Toros were trailing at halftime at the homecoming game, but they were ex- cited. After the float competition, the homecoming Wfemories to last cz hfe time nominees lined up. The final vot- ing made cheer- leader Bizzy Darger and line- backer Mike Phair the 1987 Mountain View H o m e c o m i n g Queen and King. Bizzy's first thought was that "I was totally shocked. I didn't think people knew who I was." Because Mike was such a vital member of the football team, his older brother Greg took his place on the field while he was in the locker room. Mike didn,t find out that he had won until after the game. The homecoming court consisted of four pairs of candidates: Rita Bracamonte and Scott Driggs, Heather Sullivan and Darrin DeGracie, Katy Taylor and Tre- vor Cavanaugh, and Kris Bach- man and Colin Redding. The next day was the homecom- ing dance. Even though the football game was lost 1 l-12 to McClintock, people were in good spirits. The dance lasted from eight to eleven. The theme was "I had the time of my life." Overall, everybody thought the music was good. Depending on when students ar- rived, they waited anywhere from IO minutes to an hour for pictures. Sophomore Jennifer Freeman said, HThe music was good, but we only danced three songs because it took so long to get pictures." After the last song, not all of the couples went straight home. Seniors Jeremy Cowing and Dana Evenson went to the Midnights. No matter where students went or what they did, the general consensus was that they had a good time. Page design by Michelle Griest Story by Michelle Griest Photography by Robert Sheriff and Bud Ford .T Homecoming royalty--Attendants:Trevor Cavanaugh. Scott Driggs. Colin Redding, Darrin DeGracie. Katy Taylor. Heather Sullivan, Kris Bachman, Rita Bracamonteg seated at center, King Mike Phair and Queen Bizzy Darger. The decision--During halftime, last year's king Brent Cox is preparing to crown Greg Phair who is standing in for his brother Mike Phair. 4,8 3 gif Activities ee, fe-are ' . 53" "" Discover the... Brotherhood lf was an unusual event. The home- r coming king had to have his brother stand in for him to receive the crown. In fact, senior linebacker Mike Phair didn T know he had been chosen homecom- ing king until 11 p,m. that night when his brother Greg Phair told him. It took e few days for it to sink in, but when Mike realized that he hed been voted homecoming king he felt very honored to receive such an award. 4 9' "::' ? 52? Qiijg ojiiilty Christmas had students in high spirits accompanied by looks of anxiety to leave school. Even if a student did not have a calendar to tell him or her what month it was, there lights, decorated trees, shiny tinsel, candy canes and the occasional Santa at the mall were Christmas Holiday Brighten winter to give him or her the feeling of Christmas. Some stu- dents carried on the tradition of having a picture taken with the plump, bearded man who always knew if they were naughty or nice. Sophomore Alicia Theis fol- lowed that tradition. She said, "I don't feel the need to cry on Santa's lap anymore." Whether following tradition or starting something new, many memories of childhood years came to -dfik Finding the time--Senior Ken Henderson did the some last-minute Christmas shopping but had the time to consider buying a "Christmas Rabbit" for himself. at vii Qifg eftiyities students. Thoughts of stuffed stock- ings or crumbs on the plate where there had been cookies, or dragging parents out of bed to open presents danced in their heads. Whatever it brought, many felt the special feeling that only Christmas can bring, the special feeling of giving. Many clubs on campus partici- pated in different charitable events to make this Christmas a little brighter for someone else. The Thespian Troup H3821 had a clothes drive for the needy and the Click Club sponsored a family of seven. Click bought the family a Christmas dinner and a gift for each member of the family. Members from both clubs agreed that giving was the part of Christmas they cher- ished the most. Christmas seems to pull fami- lies who live hundreds of miles away close for those few days of tradition and joy. Senior Cheeri Russell said, "I had a great Christmas! I went to Virginia to see my friends and fam- ily " Hanukkah is another religious holiday in December. It is celebrated by members of the Jewish faith. Hanukkah celebrates the rebuilding of the temple of Jerusalem after its defilement by Antiochus of Syria. During the ceremony, the Jewish people lit the etemal light. It was an oil lamp that only had enough oil to burn for one day yet the lamp bumed for eight days. This is why the men- orrah is called the eternal light. The Jewish families light a candle of the menorrah each night as a symbol of the eternal light. The children receive presents each night and play games with a top called a dreidal. Grace Levine, assistant regis- trar, said, ffHanukkah is a time for the family to unite and rededicate their lives." Page design by April Uhlmeyer and Alicia Krick Story by April Uhlmeyer and Alicia Krick Photography byKen Henderson and Robert Sheriff Angel on me--Bulbs, twinkling lights and pearls topped by a serene angel was a sight to see on many Christmas trees over the holidays. ,. ' l e r them e e e ' " Nb matter how old students' were, ' they wefe df?JQfOi:IS fb know what Ia y within their wrapped Gifmstman presentsg A ' A The ,excitement and mystery grew as Aeaqh fgiey peissedf Parents and Oider brothers and .sisters just smiled and said 'V waiteamtife the famibf does it together, M , Senior .Jackie Hough said, "We e Qpen presents Christmas Eve and we wait anti!myzffittle-Qbrother. gives us our gifts. M Thenf.'weg1go-ezfthem with ailforcef' f ' As the spring play, the Thes- pian Troupe performed the popular by Mary Chase. February 25 through 27, Mountain View witnessed the comedy Harvey Kahhit invades story of Harvey, the six-and-a half- foot invisible rab- bit. Harvey is the story of El- wood P. Dowd, a man who meets and befriends the rabbit and eventu- camp as ally they become good friends. When Elwood, played by Adam Montierth, tells his sister, Veta Louise Simmons fShari Rustj, and Hats off--Dr.Chumley CRob Rydmanj and Dr. Lyman Sanderson CScott Rustb make the decision that Elwood's sister is the real disturbed person. y 45 Two down, one to go--After the final decision, Mr, Wilson, played by Neil Q , Mather, brags about his skill of being able to capture Veta Louise Simmons who is the supposed insane person. 5 ,,.:1::v:f1:,:.:"':l:l i ctivities his niece, Myrtle Mae Simmons CShann0n Trompj, they fear that Elwood is going crazy and try to get him institutionalized. As a result, Veta is institutionalized and Elwood goes free. Tromp, alias Myrtle, said, "Harvey will definitely measure up to the other plays." Being a comedy, Harvey proved to be fun for the cast to per- form, yet also very challengin. The cast put many hours into practicing as afterschool practices went for three hours every day. Senior Scott Rust, who played Dr. Lyman Sanderson, said, 'fIt's fun because all the characters are very animated." Whether a leading role or a minor one, each actor played an important part in making Harvey a success. When a tough scene finally came together, the hours of practice were very rewarding. Tromp said, 'fWhen people say tyou made me laugh or cry,' itls a great feeling." As the house lights went out for the last time and the final curtain calls were made, a sad feeling fell upon the performers. Rust said, f'You're so into it and you've become close to the people that when it's all over, it's a bummerf' Harvey will be remembered as one ofthe most unique and humorous plays performed at Mountain View. Page design by Shannon Hawkins Story by Shannon Hawkins and Jill Greenlee Photography by Ken Henderson v I I f' 'ff .. a? .af va. il QW v. 'ffl , ,, .,-'f .J H ,.,, . ..,. . i-.. M' I ' ' fs! I W., ' ye 'hung 4, iz 'Iwfmmwv wmmmwmymww xi 'Q Q Is the doctor in?--Veta Simmons. portrayed by Shari RL1st.asks the reception ist Deana Sills about the competence of the doctor treating her brother. Discover the... Insanity The play Harvey was about e sister, Veta Louise Simmons iShari Rustj who believes her brother, Elwood iAdam Mon- tierthj is insane because Elwood's best friend is an in visible rabbit named Herve y. In this scene, the doctors of the insane asylum are dismissing him from the asylum. The doctors have decided that the truiy dis- turbed person is Vet, Veta is soon reieased because Dr. Lyman Sanderson fScott Rustj finds out that Eiwood is indeed the insane person. 1442 i ,1 , ,r Z ti't rivittc y be ir 5 E2gE:1,:,::i,,, 'i Harve y li ,iyy ' f Upon entering their senior year of high school, everybody was think- ing about their future. After they graduated, stu- dents continued 9 on to college, took tu 5 a year off or be- gan working. If a person took the college route, his mailbox Te was probably flooded with booklets and let- ters containing infonnation about 0 T U various colleges. D e c i d i n g which college to attend was not always easy. A person had to find a school that of- fered the courses he or she needed for Hard at work--Registrar Grace Levine stares at the computer waiting for the student's name to come up so she can print out a transcript. Does it fit?--After Jostens delivered caps and gowns to the graduating seniors Shannon Tromp holds up her gown to make sure that it fits. R his career choice. Many students were still undecided about what they were going to major in when they graduated. To help themselves get ready for college classes, many students took the college prepatory classes offered in high school. Rick Dupont, one such stu- dent, said, 'SI took a lot of aspirin to handle the prepatory classes that are supposed to help me when I get to college." Many students also partici- pated in the advance placement classes. The AP courses allowed student to eam three to four credit hours for college in a particular sub- ject if the students scored well enough on an examination at the end of the year. Even though college would be challenging, most students believed that furthering their education would be worth the effort. Senior Diana Higuera said, "I need to go to college because with- out the education I cannot accom- plish the goals that I have set for my- self." Not every student wanted to go to college. Some people chose to begin working directly after high school. Many students felt that if they started working very soon after graduation that they would quickly advance through the ranks of a com- pany. Page design by Sylvia Montero Story by Sylvia Montero and Michelle Griest Photography by Robert Sheriff and Ken Henderson V ,-all tdg vi 3 'Sn 1. E S eg V Af..f 1 uw 1 2' ' ' Z - Q 1 1 J ' fi' 9 I .1 ii, Q 5 -rf if A' ak "f-AM... gi it Reviewing the options--Counselor Marv Wright helps senior Scott Fuller look over his credits and examine the possibilities he will have after graduation. 56 om Q Q The polls were in. The results ranged from hilarious to ludicrous. To get a good balance of under- classmen and up- perclassmen, the poll was distrib- Mountain physics, free en- terprise, journal- ism, college prep Views 'I' '1' HDURERSEIUDR, RRIHT? WE-lI'RE'B THE RHIHHDDDJEF ,Activities classes. Out of the original 250 polls 4 handed out, ap- finished polls were returned. The subjects covered in the polls were both related and unrelated to school life. The award for being most proximately 200 Qc,-f.fTeffJ,,gX kj D l. Don't know how to be lazy 2. No-Caritis 3. If you can't pick a sophomore out of a crowd, you must be one 4. Baby faced 5. Dropping their pen and leaving it behind 6. 15 people climbing out of a compact car Qsecond semester onlyj 7. Always match perfectly 8. Always studying, took the hard- est schedule possible 9. Have color coordinated folders, pens and paperg carry around books for every class IO. Fanatically worried about a five point quiz creative went to senior Karyn Wong. Her reason for not doing homework was that S'Mutant peas, which migrate from Chicago, set fire to my homework as a symbolic sac- rifice to the tomato god of the Zam- buli tribe." Running a close second for homework excuses was junior Donna Wilson. Donna wrote, "I absolutely have to watch my toenails grow. They have to be straight, y'know?" The poll also asked about the bestfworst pick-up lines they used or heard. One of the best answers came from physics teacher Keith Can- ham. Canham wrote, NI didn't need pick-up linesg I drove a Porsche." Traditional lines were also received in the pick-up lines cate- gory. One student Canonymousj ERAEIUATIIJN 'T"-.. wrote "I just say 'HI' because if you say anything else she knows I'm trying to pick her up." In retum, many well-used lines were received for break-up lines. "I feel that our friendship means more to me than any relationship we might have," turned up often. Origional responses were also received. Senior Rob Wood wrote ""Do you have any breath mints? No? Well, find some fast!" The unusual answers kept on pouring in. Senior Jeni Johnson wrote, "I'm sorry, but your SAT scores just arenlt high enough." Page design by Michelle Griest Story and poll compiled by Mich- elle Garoutte and Michelle Griest Graphics by Robert Wood and Derek Seal I:4m:I :ml-:I TIDPHJBLEH . I- 1' 7'- -ir " ll A I JUNIORS: l. Lazy 2. Partyitis 3. Taller than sophomores 4. Peach fuzz 5. Laughing at the sophomore for dropping the pen 6. Five people screaming as the driver leaves 100 feet of burnt rubber across the parking lot 7. Trendy 8. Either have massive schedules or dropped two or three classes be- cause they were failing 9. Think it's cool not to carry around any books or folders l0. They don't study, they can take the class Mnext year" SENIORS: l. Real lazy 2. Senioritis 3. Taller that juniors 4. 5 o'clock shadow at 9a.m. 5. Picking up the pen the sopho- more dropped to use it for the class 6. Two to four good friends go out for lunch together 7. Wear whatever isn't on the floor of their bedroom Csweats and flip- flopsl 8.They have short schedules and get out of school after lunch 9. Carry one folder and possibly a book to class l0. Only worry about tests in classes they need to graduate First run-in with a police officer... s iiii ,.,. "I ran 1. 'CI was going 90 mph on behind us.', - Jeff Sutherlin and got taken to the siaiionin apaddy gvef a the freeway and got pulled over. 4. S'Speeding:-no license, no Wagon fuii of di-Unk kidsyf - Done. He felt so bad for me that he permitpiiot'ipasseiigers.'i't4-i?anony- vein Gilbert In 0 t 0 I' ' marked it down to mph." -5 erre errie 2 I 9. "I got in an accident and I ammymous ,,f5:..."I1g0EQ0stat thEfH121UWhei1 1 knew the cop that came? - Tim cy C I e 2. "On thei a cwas?14sand'Irivent up to a cope and I Swan r the state footgiaelt iygalli iit i p him that was from Russia . 19. 5fHe gave me 3 ticket, I gave C op S I did my Ch, fiffeff-'7 4 him theQfingert." -- anonymous stu- bikg- he 'eyu ' using I eseiee eeee lettersg but for t ' ia .ei mn eve, a corps motor- W a S n r lt used a body part! A cop grali g ge H5ox and they took me to the eyeie bike waSn,t too happyy, - me when I was pulling up and gave me a lie detector Jeff Brides ii'ii if to 0 shorts and arrested me for inde- test because I denied blowing it 12.sqgoipiiiiedovei-fo,-Speed. h H cent exposure."- Chad Mc Allis- up." - anonymous student ei ing and had 3 biiized friend in the appy- ter 7. "I got four ticketsf' carf, 3. "I was making out in a Scott Jensen public park and he pulled up 8. "I was out past cuffeiv PICK-UP LINES: you going to take me out?" - Mystee 3. "I have to go, I have a dentist l. "Please don't spit on me or Leno appointment." - Scott Jensen call the authorities - Ijust want to know your name." - Jeff Brines 2. "I'm extremely rich, single and desperate." - anonymous student 3. "Excuse me, I can't seem to find my car. Have you seen a con- vertible red Mercedes anyWhere'?,' - Teresa Turk 4. "What's your favorite flavor of jello'?,' - the most popular answer 5. "Hey gorgeous, when are 6. "Will you many me?" - Charise Parsons 7 . "Aren't you my uncles's sister's mom's granddaughteris step- sister'?" and 'iHey sex boat. wanna port?,' - Ken Henderson BREAK-UP LINES: l. "I think we need to step back and evaluate our relationship. We're finishedli' - Tim Wiese 2. "Hey baby, take a walk on the wild sidef' - anonymous student 4. "I don't have the time for a relationship right now." - Shan- non Tromp 5. The ever popular iiLet's just be friends." 6. 'iGet out of my facelw - Donna Wilson Students teff tfze Best, worst fines tHey use 7. and the one that makes us cringe... "I need space." Reasons for not doing homework... O 3 A 406 220!o 3970 5:5:f:5:5:25: Laziness "l'Il do it later" Sleep Work Party E "l don't understand" LHH Other Sv vit Gio!! Page Money is said to be the root of all evil, but it is also highly valued among most of Mountain Views stu- dents. What else could motivate stu- dents to spend eight hours at school and then spend another four or so at ajob? Money. Some stu- dents work for spending money to buy extra things, while oth- ers use it to pay off that pesky car in- surance or that new shirt at Ben- neton. It all be- comes a matter of priorities. One junior girl listed her priorities as uclothes, gas, going out and insur- ance." "I just spend my money on partying," said junior Jason Mech- Money P0111 Key factor Give that back--Juniors Brian Coopy, David Wabikan and Brian Doolan prepare to hand over their money for their pizza at Barrows. The money exchange--During luch, student store attendant Rita Schuster rings up the cost for a Snickers bar for another hungry student. elham. "I basically go to football games and to McDonalds or the moviesj, said Mechelham. f'Then there's money for dates and other necessities." "I'd put my money in a high yielding IRA," said junior Doug Bell. This does not sound like a common place to leave a student's hard eamed money, but it sounds good to the average junior achiever. Then there is also the much desired car. "I put away a little ofeach bit of all the money I get for the car I'm going to need when I get to Comell University," said senior Ted Logan. The question of how students earn money is also a point of concem with Mountian View students. Popu- lar places for jobs include every aspect of the working field. The spectrum ranges from fast food to lawyers assistants to construction work and every thing in between. It is evident that Mountain View students strive for new and different ways to make money. "I worked at a restaurant on Main Street, that I won't identify, but it was a real dive," said junior Kristy Gertz. "My dream is to work at a record Store. That would be heaven," com- mented Logan again. Many students have out of the ordinary jobs that do indeed include having fun along with their eaming money. "I worked the graveyard shift at Bashas, from l2 a.m. to six in the moming. After working I had an en- joyable day of school. It wasn't really fun, but it was money," said senior Dirk Harper. Story by Rob Connelly Page design by Rob Connelly Photography by Robert Wood One or two scoops?--Senior Katy Taylor counts out her money to pay sen Danlelle Tejada for her chocolate fudge lce cream cone. Discover the... Music Carter Lee, Fort Guerin and Hilary Smith count up their money to prepare to buy U2 concert tickets. "UZ is my favorite group? You know it!" said Lee, seen in the picture clutching his hair in apparent despair. y t f ' The two concerts were made inte e movie and two record sets in early Spring ,', "My favorite per! of the ' ooneeff was wf2e1iBono was singing ZMLK9 Ze sepgfebeuf? the Revg Martin Luther Jrgj he Seng isa let if rain, let it reinmcm mefahd it sfafledi to fain. 1tywes aepeCiefn3ori1e331. scene Wen? to, the concert, wfthvu sengory Req lqlqpqgn Davie' Hrewn, David Shfagelxaedyolseeq Rowe, 'Q v , . ,e., , sy Q e -fwmmnnnur-, v 1 3 6,4 13" . 1 mx.. x f -Q ix "XY -5 - X X W X W x XJ W ggi Ex -W N -X X yu A 5 W SQ ,, X W tx Nw SN W e- .V Q R ,W x 1 QQN E f F f X ifk 1, X Q . . 'jg ",. f ' ., ' ..' Hi S i elk I ,, - - 1 --LL . Q4 . 1 1 1 f "'k , "--L A , x l mhE M ' . I x 5:52 1 M 2 vis.: Q gg 3. .k,V': .ihwl .e A. . f M.: K g If, ,L,L fzhrff' 'V I fi! ,Mm wwe, . .gr QQ wg N '-, - S. .5 Si 5 f, X, k 6' Q-Ill llll , ,if Qty Q ,B M as, . K A L . Q Q .Y .V Q xt 'NNY- kv ,W r, , as - 1 X 94 S .V ,,-,:W ' . A .X "' K fg- MMM: 8 Q X1 aww A. Final minutes--Seniors Eileen Miller and Shannon Hawkins try to get a few minutes of studying done before their next class. I cob O . ZUI fthe Knowledge is something that each per- son must attain on her own. No one can give it and no one can take it away. Through the academic courses that were offered, stu- dents were given the opportunity to gain a great amount of information and under- standing. It was very easy for students to take advantage of the time that was given to them for classes and homework. Each student valued school in his own way. For some, it was a very highly held part of life, for others, it was just a daily routine that had to be done, whether they wanted to go or not. Each class made the students stretch beyond their self-made boundaries and lim- its through creative instruction and experi- mentation. In physics, students rolled bowl- ing balls down the ramps to test velocity. In creative writing, students submitted some of their compositions to be published. Academics are the most difficult part ofthe high school years, yet the most lasting, a foundation from which to build future dreams. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Jerlyn Simonton and Eileen Miller Photography by Robert Sheriff J? BJ' 001 00 Nfl requlre 61 lla:-0' .XXMMXW-X A Scot . zrcigk N N Q surofb ebour X I 2 The 21525 Ev cflrnbedo ers 125529 Nk'Q' edalap 01.94435 xX x' 3313535 T d uC'J.N.,..o DFOXI' on ti sxsxk W lzrou Omg W,.e 1011 WNVX 1216161 016 Wlgflfh 1111s 9' . As 0155 ,ESQLQQEZPS ,o,.e.!1fflfQf?Ei'?:lQ3e' , Ilzelr elzrlzusiasln W' oSQf119G.f!1?ff7F youger used! ' 59215011 to Ill see wbe 'ZZ' M uller O It I -xx , IIJGQ' I N10 .x.,.x 521' . zger iq htfyav V73 A I o be WQ,."W'Y WQ Yrs s dag XX euro 161: are IEVTX N .1195 f!zf25.Q-if! done earbf 121 I . . Qifhkzeilze.-Wi? , is too earQ " before the P096 be '77 gnoo sa ' fllfbl' sun 0171! 10' s IIS' u Ohigwe earll' '78 emor o,o,.,e121.i!?9sfZz.fQ,Pv H361 F531 12' ILS' ertlyqq fyoslfz ' aju p 012 I ' ord st MX el-.voir IPo6 W 1Pa6r'7IfooJ't'r'r .QR WW.. e .x.X. R .-X v nie X en IMQPNSEZEA1 .Qf1fiQCJf:fzf2clQ.fZQQ1 a Wortlzjf endea vor Io wake up QfifflfifffzefkirKQQQQQQQQQQQQSCQeaez bell' education. Some students ba lfe an A N Cfe5Q.sf959415.Qff9!2QQLQfzr!fScMuZQ S to graduate. l'?9:.f9.ff9f'?! ,5f'i91?Qf5Pf s more efforg cl Ufxrlyo . e.eN,ee Xikllicb school II when tl: 61'ixzissgggggyggxshxkxsxx .AW Gr-eefzlee boa X. QQlQ.55liq?f?ff? f?f'!Q6?ff?f1'1if?'S? Gad asses and summer 121 and bear ' 00 af and me f . Utes 0 . umm flfla few , hesa Glenn Cate . Sheng I' -Jumo uP' hing Cate home' Able to get at Un. , ,.,, that she was Sleep i f If p iv. I'm awake, I'm awake--Thad Decker convinces his A-hour students that he is wide awake and ready to boogy. But it's so early--is a common thought among Mountain View students going to their A-Hour classes at 7 a.m. Q' Q 1: - , . swam. 5 ,, Q! Www 'fi H- , s X vc X ., e Q t N x i " .ff Q2 t 3, , . Q Q N legs" 'MS iss:-E . o tr 'tt' N in Striving to be prompt--Sophomore Jennifer Malott commutes to her A-hour class, m ' WM dreading taking a class so early. ,t, Academic honors-- The flags in the middle of the campus represent Mountain View's dedication to academic excellence. Comprehending the information--Members of Academic Decathalon take notes on valuable infomation during class. Taking 0ver-- Senior Jim Scheffler instructs the members of Academic Decathalon on the basics of aviation. f 3 .1 un 5 G had 9 gi - ' at I ld? is ,rx Q. at V 524 J' ',,,- i ,.f"" 4' A 1 Z . lg. kll , s hllig reSearC , on Ce .dV' a and ivan Amer . the false e5 to fepar Watkins P d LIOY ard ny gu ,sffcur flag the - 'ng RNS' de, . 'S Pri . Vlew Mountain , lay dlSp to day evefy tives he 35 flags I' HOUO befs em n m . lhalo . Deed Academic - S glve ffl GOVC Mc Mary hef ,Teac class f the d 0 H93 1,1 Nl ,, -ei 5el Milfgxgf' ,ai ,wa ik Z N, N.x.x. of?" 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" ws lze deallng lfv t pare ts teenagers ba ve to be 1tt e ore orlglnal at1s vv tl1e and Q' to al Gve n11les toa as stat1on, vor "We bad a at ure and we O'ldl1OF ave ac NNW 'NQx- n exclude 00 along excuses. Even t a ers Inalce excuses at one 1Ine or anolfezwwehonf 1 Iere ce IS t e1r excuses re Inore sopl11st1cateQf l17ce, '7 u ot End t e t1 t fl Ile I 1t In NNAEN M oster c puter t ac er Sdldfl' e og ate y oppy fnslr xcuses ave een ar und a lv s Iv1ll be a paftofs Ifl IS Eg v for cboo of excuse J' feb 67 y 06 . this laln exp . g I0 , gflln hes rhow e Ou figur . S I0 tweilel' me RO' . Duke, I life' nlof .S ga te againliegxes hl L3 Whi e tardy c Q ..,-' ' Sm new-X onte any e and S ig-c xlflxcuse Please be kind--A teacher begins to calculate semester grades for report cards, Scared to death--Lisa Carpenter fearfully awaits the final outcome on her grade for the quarter from Thad Decker, biology teacher. sLqff!i:iiif"L2ss1e:dgQie-iff E ,mf .f .. ,,,f,, ookoowxogf-vi YFEZT9, ,,,, camps o 1 SPL! 5 me wo 'oeo 5 'KS23,,,,,, Qixo gi aoes . Ffg,:jJ,.ty,, 5 gek Qoexi ' 'Mio me woeox x ax x! sseogg pppa , o s "Cave 9 ,M wo X?S?,'?i3 'Ykwa 'Yu aiiecyjggf ' "Cam e Seat ooo 2 S ooho 019 eado 'ooxso OK GCS 'BX es. Sxxoxot 52s2esB3,we1,.,,,f,, goose Sgoxw Ytoxmk sm , ,,9S99QB9eQ2L,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,. ' New ei Qoe ieasoo , gooo gmoes me 'ioveqoosx xo A099l?!9fIl9T?i?9Q95?'?e,,,, ,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,, oeeqo Qoax gaoes ate oox oeoessaskw 6Q9L3zew2v35!13Q1 ieeX Qoxs way EAC? 'Nr Q9951 ,,,, ,W 0065 ' we 66 K K6 .,., , COCA e sow at xNKQO'0xs mess a swf, who me! 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Precious moment--Kelli McDonald takes advantage ofthe moments that can be spent alone. ,lust lying around--Senior Tim Hoffman figures out that there is a better way to spend his time than being in class. 70 vw Academics .,f,, Sow geoxw 'oe soo idx wow oo Sad S back 'as 'EiI6oESEiS35KY6ii6ifE56Ri6i"56S66iQ'ffC "" ' ""' ' """ ' ""' " "hoe, Smal' sfeixo NYC. Svoxio. "como goo owase ""'E5L5iX6i66EQxa-SomaSxiiexaocemweeamoiwgwwa 0 eiwoiw e todd!" 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Re act- On h 'On r ef Ch eP0r Cmis ts-,J :try Umor work thalM0niCa W Wag ' due 'fmo for fe s Mr pend - Du S h nnys er Spa Class- re Class t' lme Catch, lfl 3 u P Bur Lo St of c gan d Once ecides ntrati I0 fi 0H.,Wh- nally St 116 Sit, udy fwgfzg in thai 551 ibrar I y and blow. Ing bu bble s, Sem Or Ted r.. ,:L11,J-U ,EW I 1 M "dn 7 - 0i,9953?'r,f?EE??,fF3?:ff99?,, ' ckkoxs. Yoese sxgos WEPK W Bed N1 ofxxg 'goxxxes ' "V Q e ome sxgixiy we owzNfoxcSa'oXE, cmqoqoxog io: xesxs, soc 'QXQSQQSSQS 'iikliiis AQEEXKSEQQ K H fogmoxog, 'Soi fesxs 'Asc 'ons ogXei!-sxgos. Coe Xiloxg W km! 2iISS55Q"cokkwQSi5QikQiQlZgQ5Qf'sEx4LSoi"6i"XYis'4gbioeiey voosfeivjsesrfwvs? 992 if We QW MW mf wx 'oe qooqiixog xo Xseeo foe gooofoyg o9'i'i9oUssxyoyNicXXEs I ' Xmioooceoloy fcoqoedxaos wo0owg,wQiaevlmGlrfosffisoi'o:eQiofESfi255iia X Xoqxixsxixyo sxxxckeom. X I ""' y5ixkJc'SQNkxwlysfofovoqoyoxogfivk f ""' fXif6ifsoRQ2'SKi1xo: "USES s Miioo 'ooxgev ,fo Q Ax AQISQQQQQ 'os xesgsg I 4 ! 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M Q HL: ,A Sl: , xx 3 N5 fk JO -fy 5' --ns....1 X X S wx -X x, 5 ii- . X Q .XA .T ik.. ...JII .X Q s ev Af ' Q - ' Q' H-'QR jg SX Q Q ss S 5 :1, ifQ,f 'Y .. if 'ax . NH , 'E - N Y - : Q xl' Q Q we Wi' I xi x 'H . J X . , X. V me ag, 5 g - Q Moment of Ref'lecti0n-- Quarterback Trevor Cavanaugh takes a second to look back at the highlights ofthe game 1 'QQ C071 fifetic Teamwork, sportsmanship and pride. These three factors motivated Mountain View's sports teams to be victorious in every way. Everyone strived to do their best and make this past year a winning season. The year was filled with many special moments in sports. The girls, and boys, swimming teams went to the state competi- tions and the boys cross-country team took the state title. Along with these were personal high- lights and special moments that will always be treasured. 6'At the state meet at ASU, I did three seconds better than my best time. When I saw my time on the board, I was really happy about it," said senior Penny Foos. "When we went to divisionals, I beat Doug King from Dobson. He had beaten me at the city meet, but at divisionals I beat him by three whole seconds," said junior Fort Guerrin. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Erin Malloy Photography by Robert Sheryf oros take two state titles "Take State" was the motto for many of Mountain Viewis fall sports teams. A few of these teams had the chance to obtain their goal by becoming state champions. Boyis Varsity Cross- Country members participated in the state meet on November 14. They were up against some of the best high school runners in the state like Tony Hernandez from Trevor Browne and Chris Shurtz from Westwood. 'There were about 180 runners and I had never run against some of them. I just wondered if I could place," said senior Charlie Amador who came in seventh place. This was the first time that the Boy's Cross Country team took the state title. sg. . .2252 I Heading for the finish--Varsity cross-country runners Donald Guess, Glenn Thomas and Marlin Posvar used all their strength to complete the race. 'AV' Five members from the golf team competed in the state meet Nov. I3-14 with about 94 players were the main opposition. "There was no way they could beat us. We wanted to be State Champions," said senior Warren Pitman. The competition was tough and Mountain View came out on top. Pitman took second place, Eric Holtzinger took fifth and Mike Olsen took eighth. "All year we just thought of being state champs," said Pitman '4We wanted to keep the winning tradition. We wanted to win for the school," said Amador. Story by Erin Malloy Page design by Erin Malloy Photos by Robert Sherdf and Mindy Bunning K, Take a swing--Golf team member Mike Olsen makes practice shots to improve his swing before the big game. 5 P 4 4, V fu " I if 15,4 f 2 4 1 I KY N, 14 68 . A if Www, What a warm up-Sophomore Doug Bayless takes time to warm up before a meet at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills. 555 A little to the right--Senior Warren Pitman stoops while lining up a putt during an afternoon at the golf course. A ride for two--Cross-Country team member Mindy Bunning and a friend take a ride while in China for an exhibition meer. Diic stm Badminton--Front row: NatalieBur1on.JenniferGar- ner, Yuki Nishino, Jill Sessions, Amee Hoge, Vicki Phillips, Row 2: Faun Staton, Stacy Burton, Gaynel Clement, Kristin Wright. Shawna White, Liza Tatum, Krista Calhoun, Tawny Casto, Shauna Turley: Back row: Wendy Benton,JenniferMalott,BarbaraGonzalez, Kim Powell, Melanie Overholt, Linda D'Luzansky, Lynde Austin, Cathy Evans, Dawn VanBrunt. Golf--Front row: Jay Neal, Jay Pennypacker, Jason Ricks. Paul Pruit.Eric Hollzingerg Back row: Jim Jones, Mike Olsen, David Free, Randy Burger, Dan Bramley. Perfect hit--Sophomore Natalie Burton Smiles after hit- 3 if A-K Q , Q I G 7 fe it ...'f,? ,m if 4 4 2 as ting the birdie over the net during an aftemoon practice. so V58 SE-ports f""xxiA,-'S wx .ii 7255 75-, 3 e ,- .. - x V W . i --1 'fs .. , ,. .tg 4.5.3, , If-r' 2 .1 Q What a swing--Senior Mike Olson practices his swing before playing a round of golf at Golden Hills Golf Club. Hit that bird--Junior Gaynel Clement keeps a steady eye on the birdie she is about to hit over thc net. Golf. Some say it is the most civilized of sports. Apparently, a group of Mountain View students believe this also because these students make up the Toro Golf Team. The team, headed by Coach Norm Shill, led the golfers to a two- to- three hour a day practice session usually at Golden Hills Golf Course. Another place the team would practice was at Alta Mesa Golf Course. Jason Ricks, ajunior that has been on the team for going on three years, really enjoys golf. "Golf is a great way for me to let out my frustration and makes me feel better to be on that golf course," said Ricks. Warren Pitman, senior, also likes golf. "Golf is the funnest thing I can think of. Itis really great," olf, badxnmton swlng to Wm said Pitman. Badminton is also a fun sport at Mountain View. Lead by Coach .lean Shields, the Toros destroyed their opponents. Badminton as a team sport is best when played as a doubles match. To win a game as a team, they must win 5 out of9 matches that are being played, which are six singles and three doubles. "Most people think badminton is an easy sport, but it is competitive and difficult. Anyone can play badminton, but to play well one must be quick and aggressive," said Coach Shields. Page design by Erin Malloy Story by Rob Connelly Photography byRobertSherzff Roast the rabbits--Toros go for it on fourth down as center David Larson,junior, hikes the ball to quarterback Trevor Cavanaugh, senior. What a rush--Running back Lance Smith, junior, runs with the ball during the game against the Dobson Colts. eam rises above injuries The Mountain View varsity football team was on a course headed straight for the state championship beginning the 1987-88 foot- ball season. But circumstances came along to threaten it. The Toros were well aware of the tough road that lay ahead. Many injuries plagued the team in the beginning weeks of practice. Senior Corwin Harmon suffered a broken leg during the first practice and senior Trevor Cavanaugh suffered a back injury that did not allow him to play full games until later in the season. Seniors Colin Redding, Darren DeGracie and Matt Weidl were also injured during the season. 'fThe team rallied to win despite the injuries," said Coach Jesse Parker about the effect the injuries had on his team. Despite the injuries, the Toros opened the season with a victory over Tucson's Amphitheater High School. Senior .Iustin Lavender quarterbacked the game and threw two touchdowns to give the Toros the 14-7 win. Another victory for the Toros was the game against Moun- tain View's longtime rival Mesa High. The Toros came up with a 6-0 shut out against the Jackrabbits. The most promising players according to Coach Parker were Mike Phair, David Schlagel, Trevor Cavanaugh and Wilford Cardon, the leading receiver. "Mike Phair Cwasj very agressive, the leader on defense and the leading tackle on the teamf' said Parker. "Cardon is very intelligent and has a great attitude. He would catch in a crowd or where it was tough," said Parker. Mountain View lost to the Westwood Warriors by a score of 9-0. This was Mountain View's first time to be shut out in 13 games. The Toros were held to a minimal yardage, but they also kept the Warriors from scoring a touchdown. All of Westwoodis points were in field goals. The team seemed to bounce back and defeated the Chandler Wolves 14-12. "You simply have to put it in the past and profit from the lessons learned and never accept defeatf, said Parker on the loss to Westwood. In the game against Corona, the Toros defeated the Aztecs with a forceful score of 59-6. Page design by Erin Malloy Story by Erin Malloy Photography by Bud Ford and Bill Vascesseno Varsity Football--finalphabeticalorderj M. Bailey. T. Barney, B. Blakeman. B. Boyd, T. Brown. W. Cardon, T. Cava- naugh. M. Combs. P. Cluff, J. Davis. M. Davis. D. DeGracie, K. Dick. M. Eagle- burger. R. Earl. J. Fischbeck. I. Flores. C. Harmon, S. Hedges, K. Hiatt, J. Jennings, R. Judd. D. Larson, J. Lavender. C. Lee. J. Leeper. R. Lunt. R. Nawfel, C. O'D0nnell, M, Phair. K. Phelps, S. Phil- lips, D. Rash. C. Redding. D. Riggs. D. Rooney. L. Rowley, S. Ryan. K. Sanft. D. Schlagel. L. Smith.T. Smith. D. Soelberg. B. Teague. D. Thompson. D. Toon, L. Vasquez. M, Weidl, N. Wemer. T. Wicker, Coach J. Parker, Asst. Coaches W. Dudley, K. Haws. D. Kramer, Trainer G. Port, Equipment Manager H. Gee. Bustin' loose--Seniors Wilford Cardon and Trevor Cavanaugh crash through the Pep Club sign at the beginning ofa foot- ball game. " , f J ,g gg 'kv' -f JSXL ,, . V ' 4 .. faf ' vw'-fs., . R' 'li 1-. F"-'I-4... wwf N if .a-at We .. - ,,,f ' ' f J, ,"Lff "f, . Y I L ' ' ,111 K 'ffl ...1 - : W y 1? ' . 31... I . . A k ' J J . A f ' L , . . , . p . g , Q. LQ1" ,jf j f -f. A wwigi' his vifimf.. .-5 1 12. J 3 i . ... ' f we VBS' X' ' Q gi' f Q .. ' .g , 4 t y i .1 g . , gg ' 4 A 3?:LiQ...- a , .Ja ' - .. . L, " 'I We , ,,,4 " , ,VK7 I , ,xr , v, 1- , ,gf-.4 ggi.. :Z J , R N E . ,A an 'v .. ,.,, 5 . ff V . ,F,,. . N A 7 N T, , J 'f - 1 - A "'.VV,,V'. g if f., Vvlfgj f Qw fy V2 ,,v ' -g My H . X -, '."1m,.f' I H " A . -. ' tif.-2' A 1' Yi ' f f ft' . - A A M ' f ,f 4' H f 11' r r Q f, W .1 .- ' . . A f f .L N f A5" L. A-4 ' F. . , , J 1 h fff vfi. Y l 1 9 ',VV, V gr' '- 'R ' I ft ! 1 f ' . l s A V7 J . . . , f f.if4 ' . ,J.V. Football--fin alphabetical orderl S. Adair, D. Allen, T. Anderson, B. Bean, B. Beattie, D. Blackhurst, T. Borboa, M. Calleros, J. Carroll, R. Caudill, J. Chouinard, D. Clouse, S. Coates, B. Comeau, R. Cork, M. Cummard, D. Davis, J. Davis, D. Divjak, B. Dong, D. Eagan, B. Evans, S. Fox, D. Garrison, E. Gelder, J. Gerrard, T. Gifford, B. Hall, T. Hansen, G. Holladay, C. Hollander, D. Holzer, D. Home, K. Johnson, S. Johnson, R. Jones, M.Kaider, C. Kilpatrick, J. King, B. Kosar, T. Kugesha, J. Lecheminant, D. Lee, W. Loftman, D. Lydy, P. McLaughlin, H. McWhonter, L. Nelson, D. Osbom, R. Oswald, D. Papacek, M.Ray, B. Recker, L. Rhodes, E. Robinson, S. Rosati, R. Russell. T. Shipp. C. Siavrakas, T. Smith, J. Spiers, C. Stewart, S. Tafoya, B. Thomas, T. Trendler, J. Wedig, K. West, J. White, S. Wiest, D. Witt, Coach J. Brady, Asst. Coaches M. Northy, K. Sickmiller, S. Skills. , I is , . ...hq Q iw Y, We're going to win--Sophomore Luke Nelson leads his team members out onto the field before a game. Q U . 5. 7 1 'S -15 as 1 Q, ,S X U g 'Y 1 .S 'I 1 .1 'S if 1 si '1 -3 ' ' ' 5 1 1 'Q f fi W' "C 2 a W +5 .A .af 'Q " V f ' t V1 s - 3 , 1 tr f- if '. 9 if ,ei . l - et' ff C W., .ag 'K N X i K H kt N ,. --at i,. . . 'if' ' V Salt- if--in -..sw -W . . law. H - What a kick--Sophomore Shawn Coates attempts a Held goal in a home game Breaking the tackle--Sophomore Tato Borboa runs from the grip of an opposing player. efense pulls team to V1CtOI'y 0 The J.V. football team was a defen- Carrollb. sively tough team with a great season. 6'We don't talk with our mouths," said Coach Jim Brady. "We talk with our pads." The spirit and unity of the team was the key to the winning season. 'ilt was tough for our opponents to break our strong defense," said Dave Allen. "Theteam unity inspired us to be our best." With the City title, the coaches and team members felt they would be the upcoming 1990 state champions. "Our coaches are great," said several of the team members. t'They really care about us," said Joe Davis. Spirit ran high throught the season. Teammates were tagged with such nick-names as '6Captain Video" CSteve Tofoyaj, 'The Missing Link" CTato Barboaj, and "Mad Dogn CMatt During one of the games team members dumped the water jug on Coach Brady. They had to pay for their prank the next day with 5-yard bellyflops. One of their most exciting games was against Westwood. In the fourth quarter, they were down by three points when they fumbled the ball on the Westwood 20-yard line. On the next play, Westwood fumbled the ball, allowing the Mountain View team members to recover and score a touchdown on their next play. "We had a great year with a lot of fun times," said Jeff Spiers. Jason Shouinard said that, 'There was nothing like it.', Page design by Erin Malloy Story by Becky Spiers Photograpby by Charles Ballard unior team pulls together When commenting about the 1987-88 junior football team, Coach Rich Picosz said, "We're taking it one game at a time." Coach Picosz worked hard this season along with assistant coaaches Steve Delano and Scott Bosley. HWe're working around our injuries," commented Coach Delano. Key players Dylan Bowman, Dean Hayes and Jimmy McCagnal were on the injured list for the beginning of the season. "lt gave the others the opportunity to play and exposuref' said Coach Bosley. Some ofthe strong points ofthe team were the running backs and the strong defense. g'Overall the team's defense and running backs were physi- cally stronger this year," Coach Picosz said. The team consists of about 40 players, some of which are sophomores and late coming seniors. This year the team traveled to Yuma and up north to Flag- staff. They also has the chance to play a varsity team and won. Sophomore Bill Evans said, f'Working together mentally Page .lust a sip--Senior Jason Fischbeck takes a moment to catch his breath and take a drink of water before retuming to the game. Look out-- Junior Andre Watkins keeps his eyes on the endzone while dodging the opposition. R rt ff iif pws and hard work are the key to a successful season." The practices are relatively flexible. the team practiced an average of 15 hours a week. "The best benefit is the physical endurance we build,', D..I. Pratt commented. For lifting spirits the team depended on Kevin Ressler. Outstandingplayers included Dean Hayes, Alex Or- tiz, Tony Leak and Ben Fitch. "We're a physical team and we're not afraid to be hit," said tailback Dean Hayes. "My personal goals were to take the city championship andto make the varsity team next year ," said Evans. Next year's varsity team looks strong in both offense and defense because of the new players coming up through the junior team. Their running, passing and tackling skills have enabled them to hold their own on the football field against the state teams. Page design by Katy Ferrell Story by Katy Ferrell Photography by Charles Ballard and Robert Wood I kit" , ,, .,.. V .W-,V M, wi 5' 0 1.1 5.5- 11, . ix ' 5 4,4,,fV1..f JE , '-V-ilu- 2 1 f3g11f,3r41w'44esf-- 1 V, 4, 1 ,,V, YV, , g. ,1 viM'12'.11f,H1x 1x?+Jsi?'fQ'f1:V-sf-1111151195211 w111'a'H'11w-ji' UJQQW1"jfEf"E'--93P,1'2iP'i"L gf4""1"' 1 1 1 V W . 9:,J2.Gf',,Qa!:1'1.ldfz9w ,ES 21 X25 Y sl 2 A - ' 1 b 5 5 "1-'5'Q""' 4'1" -. w ' , -1' 'LV 1 "' 'f1 ' ' W wi iw , , ,""v'Hiii 1H i " 1 ' Q ,11, , ,' , .n,H ,, - ,, , , ,,:-1a,1VV, ,,1 1,1. 1 11 114-0, 1 114 1 1 1 ,ni 111F'1,iaJ,11-f 1,-m1"".13,xv , WV 11113, 1, p:x1".1,gf? ' ,-,,Q,L:1., 11,1 ,1 1,11 , rv ,J ' A-Q5.,':.1V11 '1WmT'1I'T'W"??f1bfQ??" !3E5"1111fL'f'1:'9m Tffflff, , f 7,211 1 1, 1 ,iw -' - V- .V 1, V 1 f-tif V'M2'2?:52531-f7gQKV411:1Mg5Um4f!E:S92" 11' M2311-V r'54V5iV,1.V,a f,M1,,.1- 1L- 11413-Y--' V291 ' im" ' 'W' ' 'T ' ' , 1 V, - ,,,, , R K ,Eg ,., , Vgg ..-A V- F -3- 1 1 1: I 6 , , , -, ,, -V..,. Vwff ,f,,,,' 1- 1 Va, . -,V, ,-J,-Vg.1',5-, .V -ff ' ' 11 ,- ...qu 1 :,,- wwf, mf- ,. ,ywf . . ---5 f ,imp-1,q1y 6-3-1 VH 71, L5 Msg- 15: -- ,-11 , V if"f1l'35f-? 'WiL'12zNc311H9gffu111.2a11,L,re1,,-21' 1 - 1 :W A Y Kmwmgw V .,.VV.V,, V,...,.,x,,,,,,Nfi .mbgg ,'.,,A,?,..,,,f,,,.,, ,,.,...f,.- "P"1'f5M-If3iiaa9zmi',f' ' 1-fw1,,, " 5'W1'w-1-fm. , , ,EM M M " 11- .w.e,..,...,.,.. ,,, ,, " W' -B-, . , , . , .. , , K V- vi ,,, .- , - ,HV , x any ,-.f,i,- .-f 'gf 2 I, -. -5, . 3' "L, 2 1? v --VVa.,,,,..,1,., , 'f"'i"'fW-11+-f--1-11' .-n-am. ,- n1S2gigir'L . 'f'4l.LLz:::hM f5J'1'1" ' 1 W' ,' 1 Lwbffi , k ,, H W V -V-'-- .' ' f A -1, 'kg-. Q' ' " ' ' . - kg--, , Ju VH f- 5- 1' , , , v,.,. ,V---,H V41.,,.:aVg1-4 . aw fan-af '13 - L 1,1 V 4-1413 , A .-,--L--JV---V .- , :52Tf'ffwJ12ie5:a:?sf?:w:-gms1-4.57553 15' 'rip 35'-v E 212511 f"F'M171f51' 1 -' " ' 'V"'k ' ' " 1,.?1izi4'. W1 1 ,. dl" jg , ' ' ' 71,4 1 ga V 5 Q if ' , sw f-.Q sy " - .1 1" ' , .,,1 , 11 W , - ', , V V , 'Q' ' ' 1 ,VQ VV N N 'TV X , ..., 4 X - ' 'S sfwcau-sais-salrmfzeiha V.....,,.,, ,W . XR' " V+- """' . 1' 1 . -, 1 .q..,,.,, ' 31-11125 rx -I 1 , , . j -1 , 1 1-vm-.Q ......, g I, . ,ff M12 'M , ' -Q Vi ' L 1 V 9? ,iff 1 1 ,,., X W x up ' ir , .I . U , "' W 'K , .1 Et, 2 A- 4 I NRSV I re' K 'N ',m.:'f M211 Q as 24 c4nf-Emerg. - Hr A. feiiiw-df' zwnfw- - 'gf' , '-,fV1 ':' V' , ., .V -V , , au:-svvfw ,- iff , -1 ,mfg .A .1 Q, 1 1.434-5 A ,f 'arf Q . K I ' wr is 1 . ' a V .- 2 A G 3 Y ' s V 2 X' , I .E FW, V?,,vp,n,.W Je Y' . V .1 f' , - , Q f 11,15-1 -E 4,3 ' , A ,x , jg, N, A., gl-his, . , A .f-Y. ,V Af Y ,f - , . V' V , 1 1- - -, - - .,- , - , - 457, , 4- .. 5 5, -Q., ,gm - , -1 fu' ag, ua . fp sfxg?-i F--" ,1 11.1, iii, 5, - V- 1 , .Ms ,I-.1,f1 1 . ,Q V ' A- 1 ., 1 - fm .f V, f-fV,,-, -, - 1 'S 21,3 1, 11" 1 11 ff' 1 ' V A: 1 N , -I ,V I V V ' ,s - 1 ' . ,- - - f. . , . . 2 ' ' ' 5 "Q," V,,gV"'fV"g f- Y , -1 -. fs - X. -V f 1, .',,--, ,111 W i 11 2 v- 1 X'-52 -"V: gi .fi1m,,:?'W ,lljtl X -,QA 117 ' , 2 qw, .. 1 '1 1:-K . -9,2 1 ' 3,7 1 1' -"SV, V, ' 11' 1:-ff V." , 1 , V. 51 1::SMV ,?f1Limw4w'HNMw, ..- 1. ,,, iw- " V V,-'11, 1 -5 T- F-V . 2 - - ,V Y 5 , -V PQVJV 5 . V 1 'V V' 1 5 1- -Q1 'W , 'M "R" 3.1 ff ' W 4... 3 N , , 2 Nqr F 1 , Q V ,,V W, Z V, 2 . A V V 1 , ' 3" pr" V 5 1 11 eff' . -. V2 -, , 1 .A L W , , Y , 1 V 11 ff V ' ff ' , ' ni V H - ,1115-' Q-a , M1 ,.11..i.-apr '- aww 12 '-, V- '11 +, ' ., 1"1 , E 9 1, , -qvw :Wx .,f.,,wWW 6 ,,,,..fQ,,1,,Y W? W, rr wa C ,W 'l W Y. "" H .1 W G , Y, , ,- . ,.A. ,,.., , , V A u- 'Ham . ,. fa t t x , M , if ,.W,fzf" ff 'M 'A' 7' . w,,.,,,35, , M , f, ' ,w , ' .,i?'Y'u ,wp-f'1' U, 5 J ir LM , ' , . 3, , ' , ., ,, ft wr' ,, fs., ' ,.,'-,. , ,. A , 1 x f, f. ,. -, ay ,, , H 4 ,ff , - ,,.. f ,, I ,, . Jr , V ,,, 4 , f .,.M, . ,, .. , H , X V I W ,, ., M 5, .. ,davill I K W V lr. Vw K, , ,, t V ,J I pV.., ,. ,,. U-4V.,.f t '-mn-,M,,,,h, V ,qgggfag 1 V , W H t 1.5,wm ,Q .-M, ' 1 ' ., ' I 1 4. an 'H' " va, 1 f' e ff' 'y 'Q - 4 , X. H ,xy 1 , V W A I , 1 , 1-' .U ,Aw f ' f , W. FN' , ,, .,,a,,,.., M.-WMA '4 ,-V. '79-' W .A 'Vi fLM..,..Z,, w.,q,f,i,, , f ,.,,,,,.fm, if :gg M, ,, ,. , . f 4, 3' , M -wg V, M , . A www , . Q W Q , f' A " A J, V v 1 I 4' ' "' ', " 4. ,,' N V. 'T W ',L. , J ,, , .M t ' 1 ,f Q 3 " ff , 'W . if ram' I ' , ,. 1 L , f ,L irfn- :Vg ' .A I , - Z 'tm 9 H 1-1 ff' at-1. ' r ' , ta A ,, W.. M , ff 'ya Y ,.-4' ' Q Y .3 7 gb, 4' M "2 ,.. W' ' - A ,ff - an ff' my "' C 'nf' ff4"P,'t ft in , ""'f I 'Q qu., x V ' gQs"95' fy, ' V 7 I I N" ' t, 'A ' fm , l , - 1 . f V 1 4 ,M M, f 1 V y f'f'ii'. .' , - V, , ' 5 , in "L ' ft I B tj . , , 4 wi ,gwfwzg 5, ' K Y , , ' ' Wt- ' ,, V ., - , V ' -W "'ffT?av' A " , t -' .. --4'-"M"g:zn"-w ' """' 'C 4- at L 'dm A , if , we ., 1-f . a1qtfwa'3l5?lff"f?t"ECl?5tL Y 41311 - " ,gp 7. 4, , , .,v.,,' - L, , ,1 'ff my ,,..ef'i2 if 12,3 fl ay, 3- ,gg 1 My J., 'P'.'Qg7:i' 5 ' . wr' ' , , . , 4910? ' 'W , ' mf H192 1' ..,,:t,,i n,1:"" 14" r - aa .W M Rf I My N A I my ',,- 1.,W,,,Mv,.,l6 fy yy ,,,. ,i hw L 1 , we H .. W L g,w,f'fr. . A ,,- g,fu22wf+4?4.'f'A4v "'w"".,....."f' , xy, ' M L'?'ws'.325:' , wr iid'i'zsn.:..:1!k'YYaf94'-'df W' 1' "M One last stroke--Junior Traci McTeer pulls with her all to reach the wall before her opponent. Girls' Swimming--Front row: Coach Sandy McCormick, Dawn Larson. Heather Adams. Rachelle Jones, Penny Foos. Melanie Westfall. Staci Braun, Jen- nifer Aligg Second row: Christina Porche. Traci McTeer, Kristin James, Jill Searles. Kim Colleen. Lynn Balthasar. Brandy Gann: Back row: Melissa Brown. Bobbi Rihbins, Rebecca Rhoades, Christy Minor. Dionna Hazen. Cary Berta. Lacy Nelson, Joni Davis. vfl gwports wif' 12' , ,,,g'A. ,7 , , , , ,i , t 3 ---a.-.-...s..a..A,J. -5 irls' spirit makes big waves The lady Toro swimming team had an incredible year defeating McClintock, Chandler, Gilbert and others. Sandy McCormick led the Toros through two-hour practices at Kino Pool. Some of the team' s main adversaries were Dobson and Mesa High. "They,re both tough teams and we beat Mesa High," said Brandy Gann. At the city meet the girls came in second just behind Dobson. More than wins and losses are on the minds of many of the team members, however. "Swimming is a great sport. I love itf' said sophomore Gann. When boys swimming was asked about girls swimming, Fort Guerin commented, "Yeah, their great. We love watching themf' Diving is another popular sport among the Toros. This year's top diver was Valerie Hale, and second best was Jessica Mortenson. Valerie has been diving for four years and hopes to try out for the 1992 Olympics. Practices are at Kino Pool for roughly two hours also. Sopho- more diver Lisa Monzione said, "Diving combines lots of skills. lt's great." Many divers from Poston also dove with the Lady Toros diving team. Sara Mann, Michelle Nelson, Kim Rang, and Crystal Smith entered the ranks of Toro sponswomen while still in junior high. They're great participatorsf' said Monzione about the girls. The girls' diving coach was Barbara Minch. Page design by Erin Malloy Story by Rob Connelly Photography by Robert Sheriff , Q. .Qi ' K. -'Q l K 'L., f lxg. j U 4 in A . .... . . .awr ,,,. , .T ., I .-.W -- -s-W ..,...., . . -' ' .-.tes 1.-t:f'm,J Mizz. '- uit K f fn'S'12!m52212: 4. ,,,g -vn4,g,,,,M,, 5 .f W .Jn 1....c-ai, - P ff , rf - - N-sf . 4 ,ft 15 ...J ... , , W . .. t , .1 1 . muiswwsef-me-ziwtta 5 --31' 'r , -HH 1 -1 . M Q" 1-V " - -I-pu ,Wk qt., aw .p pm .- , . "Y, 2.1.5, ts-Jeb V 'PL - x ' t ' Q-ni-. N"---. Long way down--Junior Tina Roberts wears a look of concentration before per- forming her next dive. M-1""""'ww'W Splash-- Swimming team members take time out from practice to have a little fun. Wh0's first--The Toro divers discuss who will practice their next dive during practice a Kino Pool. oros show style in water The boy ' s swimming team found that its great- est asset was the ambition and team sup- port, according to junior Mark Balch. Led by captain Grant Baecker and co-captain Mike Schultz, each of the 22 members on the team tried to get himself to the state championships. "All the hard work is going to pay off," said Coach Thad Decker. Having confidence in his team helped Coach Decker set expectations for each member. '6He's a good coach, easy-going," said junior Mike Zaharis. One of the hardest things to train for on the team, in junior Brandt Lewis' opinion, was the Hendurance to swim." By having practice everyday after school for two hours, ranging from sprints, C'the hardest," said sophomore Steve Rudy,J to distance swims, the team showed strong unity. The practices also seemed to "prove real positive," said Coach Decker, as proven by the scores. The team spirit was described as 'Spretty strong" and "gen- erally goodf' Zaharis believes that the spirit "depends on who we're against." The swimmers in addition to having strength and stamina broke numerous records. Records were set in the 200-meter freestyle and the 100-meter freestyle. These new records seemed to add enthusiasm and spirit to the team and helped them work harder to achieve their goals. The Boy's Diving Team felt really close in spirit and team work, said junior Mike Sweador. With a team of only four boys and their coach, each member had to work hard at the practices. The new dives the team was learning such as the 2 112 flip were really tough. "They were some of the hardest dives I've seen in diving," commented senior Scott Thornell. The coach, Barbara Minch, was 'greally good. She cared about us," said Sweador. Page design by Shauna Wood Story by ShaunaWood Photography by Robert Sheriff Boys' and Girls' Diving--Front row: Scott Thomell, Mike Sweador, Coach Barbara Minch, Shane Davidson, Kyle, DeGroff, Back row: Sara Mann, Michelle Nelson, Kim Rang, Valerie Hale, Lisa Monzione, Tina Roberts, Jessica Mortensen Spirit in the air--Senior Kyle DeGroff shows his style while performing one of his dives. r Going for it all--A Toro freestyler heads for the wall to finish his race during a home meet. ,vu find? L ff' 'LPM 33,13 Boys' Swimming--Front row: Jeremy Felstad, John Calloway, Chris McLaughlin, Mike Zaharis, Dan Callahan, Grant Baeckerg Second row: Tynan Frihart, Kent Kolhase, Steve Rudy, Steve Hammons, Fort Guerin, Brandt Lewis, Mike Rudnick, Third row: Mike Shultz, Greg Moore, Mark Balch, Jeff Sutherlin,Jeff Shultz, Bud Schwartz, Cluis Brady, Rusty Pooler. H" ,L-A l x M df ,. ,L -v ...,. ,.. 4...-- ,. , '5',w,,. ,---4. 1, , 4, ,.., nfl' , -W , 3.4,- "i"ff' Fw 731.4-f WJ? ,J Kick, kick, kick--During an aftemoon practice, Coach Thad Decker pushes the guys while they do their kick- board exercises. Pure concentration--Senior Erikka Lambson sets up to bump the ball during a home game. Girls' Varsity Volleyball--Front row: Erikka Lambson, Cathy Whalen, Denise McDougle, Darcie Schlagel, Kourtney Nealg Back row: Megan Cleary, April Topham, Lauri Harmon, Christy Mann, Jennifer Meeker, Coach Jerry Rosenberg. '41 , 1.1 'Z ..,1" f eamwork sets up victories Teamwork is the key word to a great game and a great season, according to the girls' vol- leyball teams. Ulf you don't have teamwork, you don't have a team, said Jane Windschitdl. On the varsity team, most of the girls had played together for a couple of years. Those who had just joined this year felt they fit in really well. Teamwork seemed to come naturaly to the JV members. Joanne Schaefer, the JV coach, said, "the girls have a real good potential for varsity." One reason that the teams were so strong and worked well to- gether was not only becauset they enjoyed playing the sport, but because they got something out of playing. Erikka Lambson said, "The most important thing about volleyball is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment." .. .. Many people feel good sportsmanship is important when playing a sport. Volleyball players are trained to have the same attitude. "I would like the girls to play the best they can, even under pressure, whether they win or lose,', said Schaefer. "The most important thing about volleyball is realizing that it is only a game," said Kelli Goodman. Before the games, the teams wamied up with stretching, jogging and skillwork. This kept each member from suffering unnecessary injuries and prepared them for the games. The success of the team was a reflection upon the careful preparation and training given to each of the team members. Page design by Erin Malloy Story by Alicia Krick Photography by Robert Sheriff 'Qin-,., 5 I gm., 5 1 Focused attention--Sophomore Jennifer Guess is ready and waiting to hit the ball. . v f' f 1 f , , ,.. Q , , ,. I ,gf t I Girls' J.V. Volleyball--Front row: Michelle Mulder, Tiffany Parsons, Tara Richards, Karen Kottkeg Second row: Jane Windschidl, Jennifer Guess, Julie Steinjam, Mitzi Heiner, Coco Wamerg Back row: Amy Holden, Kelli Goodman, Heidi James, Debbie Palmer, Stacy Ennis, Nicole Nellin, Coach Joanne Schaefer. Reaching for the stars--Seniors Megan Cleary and Erikka Lambson show their teamwork by getting to- gether to block the ball. mi' v Wyfffyj' wi W ju -' I J 6' uvlnf ,T QITVIEWQ 4 ww xwm ,mwrw umm Keep in g the pa ce--Sophomore Nicole VanNonnan pushes with her all to finish the last leg of the race. And they're off--Mountain View leads the pack during the meet against Mesa High grhnnl as-nf-1..-3. P nit brings girls' team victory A goal for the girl's cross-country team this year was to "stay together as a team," said senior Mindy Bunning. This meant that each of the girls had to pace herself to run with the pack. The team "worked really good together because they were so competitivej' said sophomore Wendy Lowe. They felt that they were close together and everyone was "cheering you on," said sophomore Molly Westbrook. Some of the most difficult training for the girls on the team was the distance running and the "speedwork,', said senior Heidi Duggan. Many of the members on the team felt confident about themselves. Yet, they still concentrated on the quality of their running instead of the state championships. The members on the team felt they needed a good coach to get them through the stress of each of the meets, which seemed to be more difficult than the practices, and they said they found it in Coach Jack Snow. "He's cool,', said Westbrook. One ofthe funnier things that happened to the team members this year that helped lighten the mood was "the day we all used our blowdryers and blew out all the electricity in the annexf' said senior Bunning. After leaving high school, some of the girls planned to continue running. "To keep in shape," was the reason Westbrook wanted to keep running. Even though some girls were dissappointed with the audi- ences, they still had pride in their running. Each member tried to reach her peak for their hardest competition with Mesa High School. Meets seemed to really rate a lot harder than the practices according to sophomore Nicole VanNorman. The meets put stress and pressure on the girls to win against the opposing school competition. Page design by Shauna Wood Story by Shauna Wood Photography by Robert Sheriff f- '- fi. f 'fy if- . ' k5- n - -' , Y isis ., iali- .,,- 5fiQ5?1f'.flnQ.fi3i' H 'K is M W 2 4 E x 3 2 E i K s p Pushing with his all--Sophomore Ted Springer shows signs of strain as he heads for the finish line during a meet at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills. This year s boy s cross-country team to sophomore Mike Koniarz. I oys sta one stride ahead I really felt confident about its position in the state, said Coach Mike Jackson. Most of the members felt they ranked high because of their unity as a team and the coaching of Jackson. "There was a lot of team spirit," commented sophomore Vince Boragina on the team spirit. Members were Hpsyched up" about their teamls strength to get to the state championships. Two of the most difficult things to train for on the team was getting up at 5 a.m. and pacing themselves. "Getting in shape for the races," was junior Kevin Neus' hardest obstacle to train for on the team. Even though practices were hard for many of the members, the meets seemed to be more motivated. "There,s a mental state that goes with the meetsf, according as E . . L Y it if s 7 .. . :" . . , .. 1 - 5 my .-,s . ' :Le " X A little warm--Senior Donald Guess cools down after finishing his meet in Fountain Hills. Coach Jackson was as enthusiastic about his team as it was about him. f'We want to put another banner right over here," said Coach Jackson as he stood pointing at the wall on the west side ofthe gym during a pep assembly. The teamls unofficial motto according to Coach Jackson was, "We came here to win." With no captains on the team, f'Because we have five or six first place runners," according to Jackson, the team still performed to its fullest during each of the meets. Page design by Erin Malloy Story by Shauna Wood Photography by Robert Sheriff gil 21 'A ,gg Boysg .I.V. Cross Country--Front row: Doug Bayless, Gustavo Garcia, Vince Borgina, Ted Springer, Eric Strauss, Gary Marenog Back row: Shayne Wyman, David Packer, Kevin, Neus, Ban Vermilya, Rick Eaton, Brent, Thomas. Scott Connolley, Jason Schultz. Boys' Varsity Cross Country--Front row: Marlin Posvar, Charlie Amador, Nate Hammer, Glenn Thomas, David Jensen: Back row: Geoff McNabb, Donald Guess, Wayne Jensen, Craig Sperry, Greg Jepsen, Rene Acuna. n t r y TZRUS Hitting the ground--Senior Travis Weeks seems to have found a new interest: the snow DifC' Sports Spare time. Fridxy nights. The weekend. Boring? Not when I like to ao out ind Q0 ATCina commentedjunior Les Hills on his pastime. iti ities expand horizons H Mountain View students have something to say about it. Free time in a student's life is rare and often used wisely. Sport activities, movies, and fast-food restaurants are the basic hangouts. but other activities fill the students free time. "I like to skin board. It's like surfing without the waves." said senior .Iohn Crismon. Outside activities that students participate in range any- where from sports to hobbies. Many of the hobbies were differ- ent in their own special ways. HI go mud bogging because it's fun and gets you dirty." said sophomore Mike Kaider. hln my spare time I usually play pool because it's a quick way to meet guys,"said sophomore Shannon Jenkins. Some ofthe other outside sports that students were active in were difficult to work out in their daily schedule. "I enjoy bowling on the weekends because it's rad," said junior Tony Murray. Some of the other recreations that students did included babysitting. watching TV and listening to their own types of music and most of all. working. "I like to go to football games and sleep." said senior Ken Wilde. Senior Gloria Bailey enjoys her work as a dance in- structor after school because. "It's a pressure outlet and helps me with the stress of school." It was proven far and wide that there is life after school. How it was used and who with were two different questions that students answered in their own unique ways. Whatever their pastimes were, the students at Mountain View put all the free time they had into many recreational activities. Page design by Shauna Wood Story by Shauna Wood Photography by Ken Henderson and Robert Wood , EX if 6 5 2, . v. I Flyin' high--Senior Matt Gardner takes a break from school to hit the snow and go snowboarding, a new fad to hit the slopes this year. gil' Q Cgutside arsit dunks opponents Dribbling down the court, heading to- wards the basket, the crowd begins to yell, preparation for the shot... its up ...up...and its in! This is just a portion of the excitement that runs through the gymnasium during a basketball game. The game is the finale, the finished product, where the hours of practice are shown off, but just how many hours of practice does it take? Junior Chad Buffington commented. "Practices run any- where from two to three hours a dayf' L'l'm sure all of our practice will pay off. When we work together, we can perform to the best of our potentialf' said Buffington. Senior Scott Driggs agrees, "Practice most definitely will pay off, the experience of being on a team winning games takes a lot of effort in a lot categories...teamwork, confidence. self satis- faction, developing skills, and leaming good work habits are a few of the rewards that are gained from this experience." Junior .Ioel Speckman also commented that, "Practice not only builds you up physically, but also mentally." Practice hours may be alright in improving basketball skills, cz-:zz JR Boys' Varsity Basketball-- Front row: Warren Pitman, Kyle Hiatt, Scott Driggs, Chad Buffington. Kaleo Enos. Kip Demovichg Back row: Coach Gary Ernst,J.R.Jimenez,Eric Phillips.JoelSpeckmen.Jerry Ritchie.Duane Riggs.Anclrew Mangeris. Jumping high--Junior Chad Buffington scores two points against Trevor Brown in the last quarter. 100 Q53 558130115 Q . but the members social lives tend to suffer. "Practice puts a damper on the social scene, but in a way it helps,', said Buffington. L'Basketball helps your social life because people notice you . Basketball gives you an extra edge in meeting people," said senior Warren Pitman. Driggs agreed, "The time and effort put forth are very time consuming, but on the other hand people tend to notice you moref' At least one of the players hopes to pursue a basketball career in college. Speckman said, 'tl would like to go on playing in college, hopefully l'll get a scholarship." There are also many benefits from playing basketball. Driggs commented, "You gain more knowledge ofthe game, make great friends who hold a strong common interest, the thrill ofbeing in on the varsity basketball games, andjust doing what we love basketball!" Page design by Curie Schave Story by Carie Schave Photography by Ken Henderson and Robert Sheryf What a lay-up!--Senior Andrew Mungcrix keeps un eye on thc ball us il mukex its xx ay into thc basket in il game against thc Bruins. Into the air--Senior Kip Dcmovich leupes into the air to make il basket. .101 Q53 2552 Basketball , ,w-up Whiz? ,nga X f 7, 7 W J y, P B f f i T i f' B T ' .,l , "Y " , , 2 g ' , g ', , . gi M . ! A WWW! 1 .fi ' R 'fe ' ' 2' M , ,Q ff ,, M i s , , , I N l 1 Q, r , Z ' . 5: via ,,, ,xr fi' ' ' f 1 T W7 'AA' r , fi , 'hp f F ffl 5 5 iss gf , .Ml A P ,, i Q f fi EN Q K 4 4, wil Z , ,, 6 fn 2 , A , at , ' L , , ,if .1 fr I L' ', 1 z, f ,,, ' gg V ' ,: 1 , f -' f.'f'1'f: , '. ,, ,Z ,, Q Z. , , ,.,,, , , X , , , 1",,,.f , M ,, 5: , ' ' , f ' ' '? ' ' V , fffif G7 fs. .' , : f::?,j1. ,M M, AW V, " 4 ' U M ' ' X ' ff V ,, V 4 ' fy -f H " , M ., , ...qw , ' fwff, I . ,V V ,,,f Me, I 3 pry. , may fl, N: I W , 'J 1 i , af, , , A f , ww ' rf, Mayer i, sf f f :M f ' fn ' af, Joe Jenson,g Back row: Brian Doolen, Terry Doka, Jason Arment, Mike Brooks, Mike Price, Coach Greg Sessions, B0y's .I.V. Basketball, Front row: Doug Clouse, Brian Billingsley, Denis Smith, Tim Hunt, Jamey LeCheminant Mike peterson, Chad Rohner, Todd Trendler, Randy Burger, Glen Frye. I got it--Junior Brian Doolen agressively hurdles the ball towards the basket, from amidst the sea of worried opponents W , ,Q 4' , if ,,,,,,,,, g ,W .cz Is anyone open?--Junior Chad Rohner searches for his team mates in hope of successfully passing the ball wa edication results in victories Sincere dedication and teamwork time is concentrated on physical activity, running exercises and have beenjust a few ofthe basic ingredi- ents to this year's successful J.V basket- ball team. Playing basketball takes a lot of skill. Being able to dribble a 12-inch rubber sphere the length of the gymnasium and grace- fully toss it 10 feet through an I8-inch hoop necessitates a tremendous amount of practice, and they really do practice. Each session last about l-2 hours. "You work hard and come together as a team,', said junior Doug Clouse. The ability to have the right attitude is another important step for qualifying as an able-bodied team. '6Everybody had a good attitude, and that's how we win," said junior Chad Rohner. Whether they won or lost wasn't the issue. As that old-fashioned saying goes, "It's how you play the game." " If we win, we win as a team, if we lose, we lose as a team," said Clouse. All of the work began during pre-season. A large amount of 2 is ---- Ms, - - ,na- ' as :iff .....-nun: warm up drills. These are the basics in getting the body properly conditioned. "At first I wasn't so crazy about pre-season, but after I finished I was glad that I did go ahead with it," said Clouse. The attitude of the players was strong because of the cheering crowds who turn up to support the team. "The crowd really helps by cheering us on," said Clouse. Having a caring coach and one that does not stand for irresposibillty played an important role on the tearn's image. Coach Greg Sessions really motivated the team to perform to the best of their ability. The J.V. basketball team members recall some of his inspir- ing words: "We've got to function as a team. Reach down deep inside and pull out what you've got. Don't worry about itf' Page design by Erin Malloy Story by Michael Sleeseman Photography by Ken Henderson .1 Out of my way--Sophomore Mike Peterson escapes from the grasps of his opponest in an attempt to score. Rising to the 0ccasion-- Vigorously struggling to gain points for his team, Jim Hunt soars above his opponents to make a basket. r WM? l've got you covered--Filled with determination, junior David Larson struggles to finish the match with 21 pin. Take that--While senior Jared Jennings goes for another win his. opponent senses defeat. E Sports MLW it 2 W ,.., ,. Mind over matter-- Senior Scott Christensen remembers all he was taught while competing in the Mesa Eastside Toumament. Boys' Varsity Wrestling, Front row: Yuri Pham. Joe Cannon, Bernie Cyplik, Keric Kanistanaux, Steve Hogue, Derek Robinson, Scott Christenseng Second row: Trevor Whitmore, Len Andrews, Ernie Arrieta. Rick DuPont. Trevor Basom, Jared Jennings, Scott Jones, Donny Thomasg Back row: Coach Nick Karantinos, Steve Montierth, Tim Hoffman, Brandon Dong, Jason Campbell. Carlos Logacho, Robert Smith, Andrew Paige. Coach Kyle Pressler, Coach Randy Jarvis. I Y Y The tension rose as two high school students awaited their mo- ment in the spotlight. Not only did they bring their school spirit onto the mat, but they both had the desire to win. A look of determination was etched upon each of their faces. From any weight category, the attitude to succeed was always there. HYou have to have a positive mental attitude at all times. I have the attitude that I'm better than the other guy, and that I'm going to beat my opponent even ifit kills me," said Rick Dupont. To beat his opponent, a wrestler must lock both of his shoulders to the floor for three counts, thus pinning him. During a match, which consists of three two-minute periods, if neither wrestler is pinned, then the wrestler with the most points is acknowledged as being the winner. 4'Wrestling is a very demanding sport, both mentally and physically. There is a great deal it does for a person. It teaches you restlers pin down season responsibility and gives you a great deal of pride for yourself and a lot of respect for your teammatesf' commented junior Donny Thomas. Described as "intense" by Coach Nick Karantinos, the wrestlers lived up to this description by placing fourth at the Mesa Eastside Tournament and first at the Doc Wright Invitational in Winslow. "They have risen to the occasion, definitely," said Coach Nick Karantinos. This year was a year of rebuilding for the Toro's due to the amount ofseniors that graduated last year. TheToro's were a fairly young team, but one could not tell from their finesse and agression on the mat. Though the team was young, the talent was present at all of their matches. Page design by Jill Greenlee Story by Jill Greenlee Photography by Robert S heryf Iffgovif ,.i' Wrestling Boys' .I.V. Wrestling--Front row: Vic- tor Gonzales, Dion Pilger, Chris Wash- ington. Carey Foushee. Jeremy Foster, Chad Andrewsg Back row: Coach Nick Karantinos, Gorden Hyrig, Dave Wil- liams, Lee Edwards, Vern Anderson. Joshua Bunkholder, Jason Chouinard, Darren Chote. Coach Randy Jarvis. Coach Kyle Pressler. I 0 for the pin--Junior Lee Edwards takes his opponent down in an away meet, ngenuity hines through If any two words described the junior varsity wrestling team, they were successful and hard- working. The key to their success was their hard work and dedicated coaches. The wrestlers put in many strenuous hours of lifting weights and many laps around the track. They also spent many hours of scrimages to increase their abilities. By the beginning of their season, all the wrestlers were well- conditioned and eager to start. The team also had a great amount of respect for their three coaches. As junior Chad Andrews stated, 'Tm very impressed with Coach Nick Karantinos and his great knowledge. He knows how to bring all ofour potential out so we can be the best we can possibly be. He's well respected by every member of this team and I think that's the most important thing for a team. Karantinos knows how to run a team and Mountain View is very fortunate to have him." Sophomore Donald Traves remarked, "Coach Jarvis is an .... .. FW. rx Y'-W: 1 an ... ft yi pri exceptional man and a great wrestler, l have a lot of respect for him? The wrestling team also set many goals that led them to a victorious season. "I would like to go beyond divsionals and on to statef' said junior Vernon Anderson. Hardworking and prosperous described the wrestling team. The sore muscles and injuries paid off, and their reward was glory. Friends and memories were also created in those aftemoon practices along with goals and dreams. Many of the wrestlers graduated and knew that there would be others to take their place. There were no regrets and as Anderson said, NI'll be back next year." Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Michelle Garoutte Photography by Ken Henderson B' M, mr- .V M- . ,. . . 4. 106 0553 Sports fi tt.. Q g trr if f i .l.. is Wm,-ss.. .ti-,,-Nb, smash- - is N.: X0 4 b X 4 kv 's f A -' eg N 4 X mv-5+ N f s 0' 1 'F C N Q ,Q xg WA 'K - ,sss-srsx. el, Is. M391 off , ' '44 t .i ' ft l M Just concentrate--Darren Chote prepares himself men- tally before the beginning ofthe match. Setting stratagies--Junior Vern Anderson circles his op- ponent hoping to pin him in his next move. Jw-f"' ti t 2fs5,3j4.-- i., Q. jat.,,.,f-g . N f A t gggl to gym ns, .. . x x 4 Q of t e ,K A ' Ag. 2:3 u .. 1- - A K -K - 1 at-gQri:s1sf.e:.Q 5 , A Q of t f . ..,, K , : fQ,i'vv N 'fbxmxfl E511 The count--Junior Carey Foushee holds his opponent for the count to be credited with a win. 107 gift Wrestling blrls Varsltv Softball , Front row Montea Whltmore Sherri Weltf Chnsty Hughes Nlkkl DeLaCruz, Brenda Moya Mrssy Eskew Mrchelle Mulder Back row Coaeh Hrguara Laurie Shrll Debbre Palmer Heather Collins, Wm , Blowout Varslty softball team member Heather Collins swmgs wrth all of her energy tn hopes ot a good play. Q, ,W 41, . 7 W' wahnnnvtu we A 1 W ,M ,W V 'ht 1 E Z gr all M3 'M .isin ee 'S K' ' Strike one!--Nikki DeLaCruz hopes for a homerun as she swings her bat. Here's some advice'-Nikki DeLaCruz gives all of her attention to Coach Norm Shill. N .k-k if I . ' 1 t. . - N . --zzt-.0 Z :E 'J am. ,j , K K ' i t ig.. . ' ,ti arsity strives for goals Varsity softball started off its season successfully with five straight wins in a row. When the team lost it's first game to McClintock High School, the members realized that they had to pull together if they wanted to keep on winning. "We take time out, work together and then unity will be there," said senior Diana Higuera. Before their games, the members on the team tried to concentrate on their goal: winning. HWe get better each game. I think weire the greatest," said junior Michelle Mulder. The coaching of Norm Shill had an effect on the attitude ofthe team. "He makes us feel good. After each game, he points out the good things we did first and then he tells us the bad points," said junior Tiffany Fishbeck. L'He tells us to be positive and also be happy with what you've done," said senior Christy Hughes. Prior to the Mesa High game, the team members spoke of their hopes. "It's going to be tough and exciting," said Fishbeck. Hlf our minds are into softball, then I think that we have a pretty good chance at winning the game because we're a tough team," said Higuera. The effort during the game depended on how much spirit the girls had before they started and the support that they receieved before the game. "We're all real close and have to be determined if we are going to beat them," said Hughes on the efforts her teammates made. The pitching of junior Sherrie Welts seemed to boost the positive feelings of the team. "We all just go out, try real hard and work with each other ," said Fishbeck. "I think that we have a great chance of winning and getting to statef' said Mulder. Win, lose or draw the softball team had a winning season as they united to beat the odds. Page design by Shauna Wood Story by Shauna Wood Photography by Ken Henderson 109 Q53 Qlfgqg Softball Homerun?--Stacy Ennis swings at the ball hoping for a homerun while her teammates watch attentively in the dugout. if , v-bd ' . W fff.wfY5"'a' ,W-ar'r f li" M ,f ,, ,,iV ,ual irls learn useful lesson The junior varsity softball team went beyond the call of duty during the 1987-1988 season. During hours of practices after school and disappointing games, the softball team leamed a valuable lesson. "Stay in it until the end. Donlt lose hope until it's over," said Kimberly Young. Her teammates agreed. Starting from the beginning, the softball team had their ups and downs. A few injuries caused the team to have to overcome obstacles, but that didn't stop them from stablizing shaky ground. "We,ve leamed to work together and depend on each other," said Cynthia Higuera. Mesa High School was the first rival for this Toro team and November 16 marked the day of their first win. The final game of the season was played on January 28 against McClintock. The team owes a great season to their coach, Reed Robin- son. V,,V.v ,,.,.., . Q 'tlfzt g "He cares more if we have fun than if we win," said Jennifer Davis. Even though it was important to win, it was just as important to have fun. However, when things got rough, the team pulled together and concentrated on winning. Young commented, "We need to keep our heads together and work as a team." And that's exactly what they did this season. Batting and fielding practices, drills and arm warm-ups were techniques used by the team to prepare for a big game. Even though some games were a big disappointment, others were an honorable accomplishment. Andrea Martinez best described the motto of the softball team: 'fDon't give upf' Page design by Laura Vernon Story by Laura Vernon Photography by Ken Henderson Your best shot!-Outfielder Kelli Goodman waits to catch a tly ball from the opposing team. Mau. xv. t ,wmv-' m Let her go-- Lorenza Vasquez drops the bat after she hits the ball and heads for first base. cl: E. :x no o : - E. YA .. FD T' ,ww . I" FD 31 ST' CD :I Q. YD ct. DP :I cn. "1 CD S2 S'-3 3 5 CD N 517 '3' o E m 3 0 "1 : E, .c C FT? E KZ o 'H or B E. no c. C :. : fm 5?-7 fr: S3 3 FD N fm E. '11 Us .. 0 Q 5, .. c C F ...-4... ........ ,A..-.,-Y.-.W-. y . 'i 7' . tw L1 fix ' Q' I lf?-',"'8 f'wif"t ilfl,,,,,..- .,-,,... 'V 4 ,r,,,,g ,.. .,,.,,.. Q rx -A., w-e'f1e'fk,f'- 11 . ,, ... J J. as M 1 Girls' J.V. Softball-- Front row: Christine Pereida tmanagerj, Tami Richeson, Andrea Martinez, Tiffany Parsons, Terri Tumer, Tara Richards, Lianne Deist, Jenny Glenng Back row: Coach Reed Robinson, Jennifer Skinner, Karen Kottke, Kelli Goodman, Kim Young, Cynthia Young, Stacy Ennis, Jennifer Davis, Lorenza Vasquez. 1,:- :", Softball ayers provide extra kick successful season for this year s varsity soccer This proved true when the Toros beat top ranked Saguaro Long hours of work provided the foundation for H unsurpassed skills and the heart to be the best,"said Ted Logan. ICEIIU. At least three hours a day were spent practicing, shooting drills, working on individual skills and running laps and sprints. 'tlt's hard work, but it's worth it when we win the game," commented Mike Driscoll. Most of the players this year were returning from last year. This improved the team unity since the players had worked with each other before. The Toros, however, also received new talent. Sophomore Mike Mahannah added to the strong Toro defense and Kelly Smith and Andre Watkins were welcome additons to the Toro offense. "This yearis team has a winning combination of team unity, during overtime and a shoot-out where goalie Chris Heck saved three out of five goal attempts. The Toros then went on to beat Marcos de Niza 3-l. This put Mountain View into the championship with Westwood. With the help of defensemen Tony Leek and Mahan- nah, the Toros were able to keep Westwood's top players scoreless. Coming from behind to beat Westwood 4-l, the Toros took first place in the Sunkist Fiesta Bowl Soccer Classic. Page design by Jackie Hough Story by Jackie Hough Photography by Robert Sheryf lb 3'An-s webs - we ,fi Taking a shot--Chad McAllister positions himself for a shot at the goal. gif iiiufiii ports 2 we ,ye-.nq0 r V V xt!! , A pair of 19's--John Rathke and an opponent try to head the ball toward their teammates. Boys' Varsity Soccer, Front row: Andrew Brown, John Rathke, Billy Pallas, Ryan Corcoran, Mike Mahannahg Row 2: Ted Logan. Kelly Smith, Tony Leek. Chris l-leck. Andrew Snow, Oliver l-leimer, Chad McAllister: Back row: Kelly Dutcher. Brandt Lewis. Phil Rottweiler, Duke Rottweiler, Mike Driscoll. -MM., X by Best foot forward--With style and form, Mike Driscoll advances the ball upfield and finishes off another Corona Cplayerj. perience shows in Win SOCCER - !sok'r X - "a competitive form of football where the ball is pro- pelled toward the opponent's goal by kicking or striking with the body or head." CWebster's Diction- HUD Mountain View's JV soccer team had a good season this year. "Every player pulled together as a team to win," said junior Steve Paap. Most of the JV soccer players have been playing since the ripe old age of 7 or 8. Many have big plans for the future too. The crowds at soccer games aren't quite as the crowds at football games, but as soccer becomes more and more popular, the crowds attending soccer games will grow. There were mixed feelings about the size of crowds at games. Junior Mark Balch said,"Football is overrated!" Junior Jason Tuckett said," Soccer does need more atten- tion and it is a lot more fun to play in front of big crowds, but it's no big deal." Soccer is a physical sport - it takes a lot of discipline which is sometimes drawn from the coach. "Soccer is fun! I would like to thank Coach Kip. He's a great coach!" said sophomore Jon Stowers. A good attitude from every player is a must to be a good team, and our JV soccer team had great attitudes because they came out on top this year. Page design by Sharon Hossler Story by Sharon Hossler Photography by Ken Henderson E y tppt s V - X x H PSN as 255 V Boys ' J.V. Soccer, Front row: Steve Scher, Gus Garcia, Jaren Tolman, Eric Olsen, Scott Hersho, Jason Tuckett, Chip Nelsong Second row: Sam Hannan, Brad Smith, Matt Wison, Daryl McKinsey, Mark Kendall, Scott Paskett, Erik Littlejohn, Joe Zagar, Brent Murphy, Back row: Sam Bollwinkel, Erik Selferth, Mark Balch, Jon Stowers, Matt Church, Tynan Frihart, John Lively. Where is it?--Junior Sam Hannan searches the aftemoon sky for the soccer ball that was just kicked by a teammate. an S sw A 1 . 5 if rg J -if s,.. , . , - . . r 9' ttsa J ,I J 1 K Q t ,f-' . .- eeif ' ss' "'e fe 1 1 .. '." f 1 .1 K -' ' . r 'S f ' --.. HV - fs' ---- .ff .2 , 'M K ,..--- J , ,,. ,sr X, vs .. ends, .. ,E ,. .,.. .A K . .. f,,- K -"' KK'r , ' ' "' ' ' -, .,,.. 4 at -... -, t..... I " 'ttt as - eees I , f , , Q ' , - r ,, t as , Q5 fi as J - I - . .4 if , Q vw - - W ' X 'as Liss. VI' a as I have it!--Junior Sam Bollwinkel runs after the ball while practicing for the next J .V. soccer game. 71 ,,,W, ,nm ys' pave road to victory Tennis is a sport that requires great lt was these goals that helped lead them to a successful season. as , v-1' as ca mental skills and is very challenging, expressed senior Peter Udall. The tennis team attempted its greatest effort to become more challenging than any other school. Led by Coach ,Iim Brady the members were a strong team. 'fCoach Brady helps you when you need itg he's always there to give you advice," commented senior Steve Beeghley. There were many reasons the team members had for playing tennis. "Tennis is a different sport from football and basketball. I wanted to try something different. Tennis takes just as much skill as the other sports, and just as much concentration. It is also a lot of fun to play," said senior Mike Bratrud. 'fIt's good exercise, a lot of fun, and a great way to get a tanj' said Beeghley. The tennis team members set both personal and team goals. A fyggft H fa ,j A Boys' Tennis--Front row: Steve Paap, Chris Frandsen, Chad Miller, Mike Canland, Eric Rominger, Jose Saez, Dave Schmidt, Mark Balchg Back row: Sean Murphy, Mike Bratrud, Peter Udall, Huy Nguyen,Mark Sanders, Coach Jim Brady, Matt Foote,Ted Logan, Steve Beeghley, J.D. Curtis. My personal goal is to move up in team positioning and my team goal would be to go beyond divisionals and on to state," said Bratrud. The practice time, the goals the team members set up, and their positive attitude led them to a winning season. The team had several varsity members who helped as well. 'fWe have five out of six retuming varsity members as well as several other strong players from an undefeated team, and a great coach to lead us on," said Beeghley. Although tennis is an individual sport, the tennis team had a special bond that held it together. "The team is united. We're all friends and team oriented," commented Udall. Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Michelle Garoutte Photography by Chris Schibi fr. xv iR' .ap I P39 ' .f1i.t6v'f: ' I V - 5 , i ...A i 3 I W A J , Q- QW ., lff l -. .t i Into the swing of things--Senior Sean Murphy starts off by serving the ball to his opponent. W l , Right down the middle--Mark Sanders uses his practice time wisely. Love in the afternoon--Senior Peter Udall swings at the ball during an intense tennis match. tt.. , ' V ' 35.1. ,X I . X . ,. A ,.,-W-.W V X- lntense concentration--Senior Sean Murphy prepares to hit the ball during an aftemoon practice, 910004 it Wu.. "'40l7r61f'hrW'- M ,W i ' """-wa ""r'-sa-..,.,,M',w lr "v www 'W aw . , Q i ' ' -wr ' ard work affects outcome Practicing three hours a day, playing games every Tuesday and Thursday and participating in challenge matches each Friday was a part of the weekly schedule that the girls' tennis team followed. However, this girls' team learned more than just volleys and forehand techniques. "Vive learned to keep a good attitude, be courteous, do my best, and play the game like l'm suppose to," said junior Julie Sims. The season began on February l6 against rival Mesa High School. The team won that game and many others that followed. Its toughest match was againstGilbert High School. Even though the team lost that game, they made a very good showing. The last game was played against Tempe High School on April 14. Many of the team members agreed that the success of the season was a result of Coach Linda Bejarano's dedication to teach new techniques and the efforts of a hard-working team. "We have a good coach, we practice hard, and we support each other," said junior Laura Broughton. 11s 3 .,.,,..g . H F :zizz ,,,..,..,:,.. . Spmts Coach Berjarano did notjust help the players out physically, she also encouraged them during a rough game and cheered them up when they were down. Sophomore Marzy Jones said, "She helps us get up when we're down during a match." Like many other athletic teams, the goal of a game was to win. The girls' tennis team goal was no exception. However, winning was not all that mattered. Accomplishing personal goals was important too. Sims said, "It's notjustto win, but to make sure you play well and reach goalsfi The tennis team members could not ask for a better season. They were consistent and played very well. Junior Krista Mathewson said, i'Everyone has gone out on the courts and played their bestf' Page design by Shauna Wood Story by Laura Vernon Photography by Chris Schibi 'W "fee ,..,,if,,,w J. f a' f - ffl. '41 f 4 -, One to one--Juniors Julie Sims and Krista Hinze compete against each other in a challenging aftemoon practice. Girls' Tennis--Front row: Wendy l-licks. Tonia Foster, Julie Sims, Dawn VanBrum, Krista Mathewson, Chrissy Blakeg Back row: Coach Linda Bejarano, Jennifer Markley, Laurie Johnson, Laura Broughton, Marzy Jones, Yuki Nishino, Nicole Nellen, Krista l-linze, Laura Hinze. Y.-Hg 4 M 5' W 'J' fi? . M "cf 1 A, Q V ,L llill ' . f. W ,.,,. ,,. . r k,L 7 0 ,,.i, 5 3 ' 'wvw f-v 'Q.- 4..:w ia-9 2 3 E 'a"""""""' icrr 1 Q VV 1 ' 5 8 v m .a " ".'w xg if ,I , iii . , f. A, ' I V VVAA I 1' " af,1-t-- i . 'tlri iitszaa E 5 fhvwhgpgrgff-.,,, A gg L..-AXE is - A . f it le ri 3 1 . 3 Look up--Number one player Wendy Hicks prepares I0 Reach for the sky--Tennis player Leslie Fox practices hitting the ball for her upcoming meet. serve the ball to a teammate during practice. V119 ,, J a a y via Tennis Athletic Trainers, Front row: Kerri Newell, Kelly Coury, Stacy Hamilton, Kim Lofgran. Leslie I-Iarryg Back row: Coach Greg Pott, Todd Garbison, Ben Pugmire. W What is this?--Senior Todd Garbison looks question- ingly at the tape before beginning his work. Having fun?--Junior Kim Lofgran prepares an athlete for his sport by taping his ankle. 12995158 r A . upport helps athletes to win Mountain View's athletic department not only had the athletes participating in sports, but also had trainers whose main purpose on the field was for "the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries," according to trainer Leslie Harry, ajunior. Trainers played an important part in various games that the school participated in. With responsibilities such as aiding injured players, doctoring wounds and other need the trainers and to work together to perfomw well. "We work good as a group. Kind oflike a family,', saidjunior Ben Pugmire. Some of the trainers found special moments to remember from their experiences as trainers. "Having people from my mom's work call to ask me for treatments and then call back and say they worked. lt's neat,', said Michelle Musselman, a junior, on her most rewarding experience. "Working with the football team when they took state. It was like we were part of the team," said Hairy. Coach Greg Pott was well-received by the members of his trainers group. He saw the group as a family, a unit. L'He's a character, but he's cool. Sometimes when we leave, we say bye Dad," said Pugmire. Trainers had various reasons as to why they became trainers. 'tl just heard it on the announcements and became inter- ested," said Harry. "I love working with people and I love sports. l also plan on going into the medical field and this helps me outf' said Musselman. The trainers proved themselves to be well needed on the field. Their helpfulness in injuries and support kept many team members from having serious injuries. Page Design by Erin Malloy Story by Shauna Wood Photography by Robert Sherbff ...,..,,..,.Mw f I Q I iff' p , .,', , I 'iz' all .. .. . ., ..... ,.,, ...,,,,,...,.. . ,M ffftffv f f es' M--"w PfYfftft"" ' E I ...... - t H 1 fem, . Taking a break--Juniors Kim Lofgram and Ben Pugmire watch patiently to receive instructions for the day from Coach Pott. ifk ftfws llll 4 ' Football Fo otbalfifl - 1 ' 5, :-532-H niiii ' 35-'24 Gerard Vfestiiood 0-9 Mesa Cllftandler Q wg 14-12 Dobson COTOHH def 595 Chandler MH90S5lFlQ5NiZal 4 Coconino in Tempe 2130 Mesa McC1ir1toqli 13-14 Dobson, htt, Y 21 - 14 Chandler ' Trevor 21-0 sr. 21-18 4 21tA ' 1 DobsonCStateJ ee 14-36 11 6 Wins, 3 Losses 9:12 12-6 0:26 13-7 40-0 32-0 0-28 18-6 30-0 Dobson Mesa 538-6 Westwood Gilbert Chandler l Corona del Sol Marcos de Niza Tempe 4 7 Wins, jll i Loss 2 3777 2 S ogg' 1 13765 14-02 'Chandler 4 I 2 132-34 Coronaydel S012 1617-55 Westwood M 106-66 Mesa 1, 130-42 McClintock 120-S2 Marcos de Niza 128-44, 'Tmpe 126-46 - - Mesa City Meet 2nd Regionals 22nd Cheering on the team--The Mountain View crowd looks oppressive as it cheers its team on during the state ga State 4 6th Varsity JU1'li0l' 8 Wins, O Losses Volleyball - Volleyball Shadow Mountain 2-1 4 I cooooi 2-0 Shadow Moomoio. , 2-0 Boys' Westwood 1-2 Central 4 2 2-0 Swilnming Maryvale 2-0 Woorwood 2-0 Chandler 4 2-0 Maryvale 2-0 -Mcglintocle 2-0 Cnoodiof 2-0 Gilbert 12545 de?-lfliza 2-0 McClintock 2-1 Chandler 1 17'53 llli F l'1C A 210 Marcos de Niza 2-0 Corona del S01 12248 2 2-0 Dobson 2-0 WeSfW00d 100:72 ll 1 1' s'1' 'ifvjfy 1 2-0 Tempe 2-0 Mesa 109-63 -Westwood' 2-0 Gilbert 1-2 McClintock 106-66 rlll or 2.9 Westwood 2.0 Marcos de Niza 129-43 -Chaiidler 2-0 Mooo 1-2 Tempe 12646 Corona del Sol 2-0 Chandler 2-0 Elks Relay 6 1 2115 McClintock 1-2 Corona del Sol 0-2 Mesa City Meet 2nd Marcos de Niza 2-1 McClintock 2-1 Divisionals 2116 Mesa Toumament lst Marcos de Niza 2-0 Slate 3rd Divisionals lst V 1 State Meet 3rd 2 2 20 Wins, 3 Losses 13 Wins, 3 Losses 8 Wins, 0 Losses XAWA Spike away--Varsity volleyball player Jennifer Meeker takes her best shot in hopes ' ' other victory ' of giving Mountain View an 5-4 4-5 5-4 ii 2-7 6-3 2-7 Westwoody 0-9 ' M g t 5. Qigua Fria 1 Trevor Browne fi I Clamelback '55 9 Chapwal f Chandler ' Gilbert L is Q .wit 'i sag? QA F. - X: f f +- Mesa Q 1-8 .,.y . Tempe 4-5 i N Corona del 0-9 M J Dobson ,413 0-9 if or Mcciimock 1-3 if 3 Wins,fQiLosses -Nia 5 W Girls' Cross-Country McClintock g .19-42 Chandler I I I5-50 15-50 Westwood, -g ZSQB3 4 '25-34 Mesa y -29.26 17-34 ,Marcos 'Qy, 5.1 ' Coror1ardelSol,j 4 Tempe f Dobson City Meet 4 2nd Prescott Invit. . , Sth PimalAztec lnvit. Doug Conley Invit. 12111 gg 7 Wins, 1 3 4 r r tnoys' .T 211196 i -1f26:251 , fehanaiar J . 189-224 Cross-Country g iwestwdodfill is 1439417 McClintock 18-41 A fi 186-282 Marcos de 15-50 Qiihfntf- .292'2?0, Chandler r l-r-r- Q 19-36 Chandler M KA1, if , i 179-196 Corona del Self. ,V,X if 15-42 Qi- Westwood ff l? .D9bs9ri?QQ, LQ, T m e Qs-'rl, 16-42 4182-202 Dibp 4' 15-50 -Mesa - ismis Messon --re 16-43 Coma 461 Sol' i95'195 Gilbilzrtlnviti lsr Pima Azteeilnvit. 2nd sers' ff, s 1911 ,lees Efsgizfley bmi' 221 4-,1 1- i 5 inns-.-qs State Meet ISI State Meet , g607tWm5 ili3fitWins, 1' ii'i 10 Wins, 1 Loss peetators add to team spirit For the members of the sports teams, one of the greatest forms of support comes from the spectators. Whether cheer- ing for avictory or sympathizin g in defeat, the spectators remained loyal to the teams of Mountain View. The fall sports, football, volleyball, golf, swimming, diving and cross-country, received much support from the fans throughout the season. Senior spectator Chad Christensen said, "I liked seeing the team win because it did alot for school spirit." Junior Amy Stiles commented, "There was a lot ofexcite- ment in seeing the teams do their best." The fall sports teams were very successful, much of their success owing to the fans who showed up at the sports events. Many students felt a sense of duty to support Mountain View's teams in their struggle for victory. When the final seconds came to a close, whether winning or losing, Mountain View fans cheered even louder to let the team know that they were behind them all the way. Page design by Ifrin Malloy Story by Shannon Hawkins Photography by Robert Sheriff inter teams show strength Winter sports teams, basketball, soccer, wrestling, softball and ten- nis, filled their seasons with many interesting surprises. Varsity basketball completed its season with a playoff game against McClintock. Unfortunately the team lost, but the players continued to pursue the battle. Varsity softball pitched its way into the playoffs. The team won its first game, but lost its second and third playoff games to Mesa High and Dobson High. . 4. Y, t " "Overall, l think Mountain View did pretty good. I would have liked to see basketball go to state," said Stormie Watson, junior. Whether or not the team made it to the playoffs, most players feltjust being a part ofthe sports teams at Mountain View was the most memorable. Page design by Erin Malloy Story by Shauna Wood Photography by Ken Henderson and Robert Sheryf , 1 .... . f. tl ff "iiIS:51"ZC? Qi-A P'- .V 1 'A - ew 2-an Ykifflillfg' '-1.-,-t..-- fa- uf-.. ng 3-5355.5 1 - be '1 - ig' . , f 5 ' V f I Coma desftfliiel de 1 1 Marcos de Wrza . 12 1 off in M llft gi 1 - Dobson i2gJNVe ,tw5itDod.a Westwood l "McClintoclZQ p 'Q DQbSon Q fjjij-'11Scores Not, Available, - aff-1. 1 . ' --gf - " . . McClintock Dobson li.,gi Scores Not Available Varsity .ts ,," ',...f f Sfffibell- g g .,,y p 5 4-gi., Kofa 1 ef"it T7-4 Mesa 1 5 2443- aic. 9-2 5 Marcos de Niza 5-6 Qf L Tempe 5-8 ' l Dobson 3-5 Mesa 1- 1 3 Gilbert 21-9 9-7 fn .W estwood t M Q t 'gi f Corona 214618014 8-9' cle2'Niza f5-5 1 ei - Q V 4 .4 to-0 lwfwk 1 12-11 ' 'J J ' V551 fg-'Q' A . C I . ' ?2'Q"5i72.i:jhi.L?3g' -", '-. i ' . ' i a f .- A ' tw' ., To-' " R?-x 'W ' ,. 1 1 e . a 1 .e ae 1 1. .- as . .. Chandler ,,.1 8 51 A'll6"Z F2 , 'l 1 2-5 1 , 3fOj Tempe 1 tttf 1 8-0 D0bS0U Gilbert Westwood 5 Chandler 1 .54-5h Corona lflf ll if 7-0 Marcos pf zff'lzt-1 , ff'fQ,t!+l0'O McClintock l Q0-I Tempe ' Mesa 'lf' ji 4-1 6-3 2-7 3-4 14 Wins, 9 Losses McClintock ChandlerCPlayofD MesaCPlayoffj DobsonCPlayoffH .lump shot--Senior Kaleo Enos attempts a basket at a home game. Y ' it 2.-xi, ggi?-51:31 f3?,22i5tQgl ' lf 35 1. . A Wi Show some spirit--The senior class shows their spirit in a winter assembly. L1 K , ,,f ' A Kg! W Jun1orVars1ty ssuss Wresfllng 51-16 Corona del Sol Gilbert Mesa Tempe Westyvovd fehaadieiff ' 5 ' 1. del Oro 1 Bmuiysidel 6 54-12 42-26 ,L 1 we ' " I'ilff1l'if"'52"-is 'lx' 23' 6-54,- -mv-15116 may , I Marcosgde Niza Cdiliiiiaidel Sol 1 M5531 v'ilr.l he Te 1 Westwood 1 Cllandler 58-15 54-12 259-31 25-41 A56-15 525211 18-42 33-30 Dobson 24-33 "'l 1 s 'prnarsaref-el - 36 27 7 ,QVV ms, 6 6 Wm- 3 Losses , V64 7 " ':73??239iV --5----1 -:QQQZS Bei R29 fi? EF-4:,,5ii36E2.d:':J' l'?MWY-u-5"-- Wm-11-,611-ivuiggrqf, if Juniorvarsity 7 7' 7 I -QC 1' 1- 1 1 rrir 1 13115611 1 3-1 3-2 1 lwestwood -' 4-0 Paradise Valley sagu-56 f 1-0 2-1 1 3-1 Marcos de Westwood Chandler l 1 Corona del Sol-5511, Marcos de Niza Tempe lliifgl' it 1' 155534 McClint f ell - 4-1 4-l 0-1 5-1 7-0 4-2 Westwood Chandler Corona de 1 vi x- fs , :6 reg,-1155. , '--W!4mW5m'Vlw '6e66:a,ya,3 ,r ogg- 'aji,h'V5 ,, ,, , , ifwv 3?-O T5-L0 4-0 ttte 33 r i. South Mountain Dobson ' Mesa ' it 1 Trevor Browrie Gilbert i ' 7 Westwood St. Mary's St. Anthony's Chandler Chandler Corona del Sol Marcos de Niza Tempe McClintock Dobson Mesa Gilbert Westwood Chandler Corona del Sol Marcos de Niza Tempe McClintock 59-50 57-52 66-67 70-48 88-63 59-52 ,-60-58 72-49 - 77-76 1 46-50 58-82 87-88 7 76-45 50-51 59-67 4 59-S4 ' '72-46 66-56 88-58 15 Wins, 8 Losses 5, , - M-6,,,.-.ittt.-start-,,l6.-,M. wimpy' Qpgwf,-J'11'?',, Junior Varsity A5 T SouthMoimtain 41-33 Mesa , Trevor it 67-43 Gilbert - 178-42 Chandler gk 754-44 Tem- T ail MCCYFTT E' . 8,861-35 Dobson tii. f -ume1wML.' 5f1'li?Qf' , 371125-- 6 6 65-64 Mesa . ,,-555-in' -5 4 -f,f 1 -,Q -, 5, ,-5 --,w,,fq-1--ew - M5-,aigwg-Ware--6.liwu,mmW , Gilbeff Westwood 3 -- 7 ---- so 1' del , 59-53 46342-40 - G., -af "," -," 2 5:7155 - , ia W. - df 7 a ioi, 1.ti 1 1i11,..,-1,11 it it 111,5, s6 661 1s1 6 2 Mi" McClintock . 'om Fiesta Bowl Tournament 11 Wins, 4 Losses 7 Wins, 0 Losses, 1 Tie 17 Wins, 3 Losses 2-3 1 ' ' 1st amy ,X -r . , .Llilir ' ' N 551 if J -. Q my -- - -:W fx gfigm . -,Im mvffgggfw ,.:.? 5 .. M. -X f we . X 'K .fs KLL' L'LL A, aw i l 1. mag I., if Q?,,,:,,,kffig, nf.-wx: ..,, . , -f x ,K . . - .xkk , .. sf. ,. .fu V 5:7 ,235 2 . -. iii: R. 1 5 K., X nas: 'QQ L-,A1 . . x X15 4 X . X S E ..v"' v i A Q x 95. 5 .wg Q K. is QW an E may A. YY A3-may faq? Z7 ., gf ' Www ,., E fy , , m -111 1 A . . :Y Q. , Mk A h ,, K. Q K Q K Q- s a if EX 3 Interact ac- do: special- leadership training. Sponsored by the Mesa Men's Rotary Club, Interact serve many non-profit organ- iziations along with neighboring school, Westwood, such as a car wash with funds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Inter- act also heard guest speakers who hold lead- ership positions locally. ing to assist seniors, want to join. Theresa Antone said, "It was the first time it has been offered since I've gone here, so I wanted to join." Indian Clubis activities ranged from selling Indian fry bread at Fall Fest to raffling off a Kachina doll, and other activities designed for the participation of all members. Senior Ron Carlos said, "I like Indian Club because I like getting together and talking to each other in order to try to understand each . other's culture." . A ,.,.. , .,, ....,.,...,, Q ,.., .....,. ..,,.... ....... ,....,.,..... N .,.......,,...,..,,... . .,,. Indian Club, another new group on campus, set forth to help people of Native American heritage. It was a place for the members to get together and talk. Liliann Pattea said, HI think it's a good idea to help Indians because some are very quiet and shy." The main purpose of Indian Club was to help build confidence and make communica- tion with others easier for the members. Also, the fact that it was the first time it was offered for some years made many people, especially different reservations. They stress to know on another so that they would not be separated at school. One of the most special activities the Indian Club held was that of the Indian dancers per- fonning ritual dances during lunchtime. This performance during October was another at- tempt at unifying the Indian community at Mountain View. Page design by Shannon Hawkins Story by Shannon Hawkins Photography by Robert Sheriff Indian Club-- Front row: Carmen Jones, Davna Stacey, Tessa Lewis, Nancy Paya, Janell Bush. Back row: Elliott Graig, Mike Doka, Ron Carlos, Rebecca Andrews. Enjoying the acti0n-- Although Tessa Lewis is spending her lunch working at Fall Fest, she still finds the time to enjoy the several activities gong on around her. . kgs ii'--an ,- CP ff! f C if M, ,A,L, H, 4-MM -Y MU, fra ..7.N J ,.,,f t f--J 1 5 IV gg-'J , Q D .J J he 1.0 "'. 9 JM' Ai A A N , W . X-'J' M- Natsleff 4Z",f' - ,I --,xii ,P MR N3-I Xi.: ,Qs ga , J X xi' - x NX S N.. vu-"Xxfw -N,s l l 5 -Tir.: w a 't fr - R- x, Rx , ii , in X XE X,Lk if '7 1-as it Q it ,ff .fe-' :fig-SQ? U ..,N f f fxil. If fl K --Q K :gi X Interact-- Front row: Andrew Mangeris, Tina Robens, Jeff Driggs, Althea VanNor- man, Jenel Perkinson, Mike Zaharis, David Pothier, Julie Goodman. Middle row: Julie Maready, Brian Banks, Monica Whitmore, Jill Dayley, Nicole Vannorman, Kelli Goodman, CeCe Gould, Rusty Marsh, Becky Osborn. Back row: Nota Kiene, Colin Redding, Wilford Cardon, Duane Riggs, Troy Wallin, Scott Driggs, Jayson Ellingson, Greg Gam, Kelli Kilpatrick. -33, ,, . 4 , My :gy Working hard and feeling great- A member of Indian Club is having fun while :susily raising money for the club. sew. a- N' '7' 'QQ' f"'z'531' 92' T' ' A f,.Zf'?f 1: f3:SW5'o'9-,,5- -X1"'93'!4f:.-..c2w?l3ff'J.4 . ' x""3'3i2QJf"'Q!5l-3, A 2?'v"2?Q"v.3S'25'f23x :2"f:5"I 'ZeA?25f?f5f,.S37 2354215533133-EU3Z'15l374lS5fJ'-,f'?ZZ2!f 4331533 3f5"3i5'3f5l if'o2"'2"'f5"'f5"?fw5Z 'tex-1x25',5::: " 'YM . .' 4 . 'f ff ?-. x F- ,vita '-Q Ywtii " :sw-:MZ We wa..'5f:'5a:e"fseff'-1221,se::f2:m,21221'1f zfwsita? wi. r' ' 5251? l i L council this working group. f'I've never worked with people who care so much about what they do. We were all very hard workers and we all did what we needed to get done," said Rita Bracamonte. Scott Driggs also said, "The best thing was to work with such great people and ad- ministrationf' One of the council's most difficult jobs was working on assemblies. year mikaitis said, "On an assembly Joe Do ts in action Traditions Karyn McDonald summed up the year saying, "The best thing was working on my assigned activities and watching them unfold with ease. I really enjoyed being a part of the student council." Interclub Council CICCJ was a group of representatives from each of the clubs that helped promote school spirit. "The purpose of ICC," said Joe Domikaitis, "was to help the clubs raise money, help the community and to get people involved on campusf' Interclub Council organized the lr' that this was one ofthe best student councils in which they had participated. Another project Student Council partici- pated in was the construction of the Home- coming floats which were displayed at half- time at the Homecoming football game. "Everyone was very enthusiastic and will- ing to work this year," noted Scott Driggs. f .te school socials. "We do a lot," said Deb Wong. 'tlt seems as though we filled out thousands and thou- sands of forms. During the meetings we went over good and bad ideas, thought up themes and argued a lot. But, it's something to do." Layout by Becky Spiers Copy by Becky Spiers Photos by Robert Wood "What is going on?"-- Charise Parsons is startled to attention by Mr. Adams as he explains what the agenda is for the day. On Toros On Student Councilmembers show theirspirit during theToroFightSong ICC" From r0W5 Ralph Robinson. Heidi Bailey, JOC D0mlklU1S- Middle F0W3 at the Hello Assembly during the first week of Schooll Juliette Blackhurst, Maureen Gaines, Sharlene Edwards, Ronelle Chaverst, Paul Koeneman. Back row: Cindy Vincent, Ron Carlos, Wendy Appel, Deb Wong. Taking in the acti0n-- Seniors get enthusiastic at the pep assembly for the Mesa High ,A j , ,f elf fi .W 'ki MF:-:::-:-m?fx5:a?"2'f:vw :we swf Af , fm. "Yuck!"-- Karyn McDonald playfully gives Kip Demovich a mouthful as they paint a Student Council sign. Student C0uncil-- Front row: Re- cording Secretary .Tenet Perkinson, Tradi- tions Karyn McDonald, Public Relations Monica Whitmore, Treasurer Charise Par- sons, Secretary Rita Bracamonte. Back row: Athletic Commissioner Greg Thomas, President Scott Driggs, Inter Club Council Joe Domikitus, Vice President Brad Amett, -,fa 'K 7 tep to the music weat, practice, rhythm, timing, and de- termination alone are when adding them to two girls can lead to success. Throughout the year, two groups of girls worked hard to reach perfection. One of these groups was Mt. View's Dance Theater. Dance Theater consisted of a group of dedicated girls raised throughout the year were distributed in the form of scholarships to students who wished to pursue dance in college. The Mountain View Flag Corp had 12 hardworking members. The corp felt that they were a part of the band because they accompa- nied the band at assemblies and football games throughout the year. In addition, they also went to Philadelphia with the band to :cele- C i"i "i i'i' shops, and performances throughout the state. Senior Susan Larson said, Ml like performing because you get recognized for all the work you put into dancing." Last year Dance Theater was ranked in the top four schools in Arizona, an honor to be proud of. Fundraisers were a must to this group. One of their most exciting fundraisers was Merry Messages,which were sent sent at Christmas time. Friends bought a card, and Dance Theater delivered the card along with a treat or mistletoe. This was a big success to the group in raising funds. The funds that were Deeply in concentration-- Senior Sonja Gemza performs with great concentration as she does the Flag if routine. state of Arizona," said junior Miofielle Monson. Days can be long for the members of this group. With practice in the mornings and games on Fridays, these girls had many hours of work ahead of them. Not only time had to be considered, but also skill. These girls not only had to have dance and crucial timing skills, but also energy. Page design by Carie Schave Story by Carie Schave Photography by Robert SherQ'f and Bud Smile for the camera- Junior Jennifer Hellner pauses before her performance during halftime at a football game. Flag Corps-- Front row: Cari Perlman, Michelle Monson, Chris Vaughn, Leah Hane, Merideth Calvin, Back row Jennifer Sherman, Jennifer Hellner, Kelly Keppler, Amy Calinsky, Sonja Gemza. Stretching 0ut-- Members of Dance Theater stretch out before beginning to dance, an important part of dancing. 2 y as x s s '4 Q 2 Y 8 2 2 9 be 'owe Y Q 2 2 3 a Q lv 2 at it s vt 3 tm is oz 'Q A 'Q 5 03 5 9 3 8 at 'Q 0' Dance Theater-- Front row: P.Franklin, S.Monter0. Middle row: M!Morales H.Bailey, S.Wei1and, H.Bond, L.Smith, S.Larson, K.Vaughn, A. Renteria, S.Meyers, J.Johnson. Back row: K.Cain, T.Rudd, M.Clower, J.Bentley, C.Schave, T.Robins0n, S.Soeber, M.Parker, A.Krick, D.Neill. Not shown: S.Franzeiier, S.Price. Q "E' L a- at ay ,t V4 04 6403 0. wo 'ZW fel -' va.- Q 3 aaa? 026229K M: 'W ., - lr Caught in Action-- Senior Kristen Cain is caught in mid air while displaying a split leap during an active day of practicing in Dance Theater. v i. 1, hard work, to be the best of for the success of and early the band members could be seen and heard playing and practicing for Friday nights, show, and in- state competitions, such as ASU Band Day and NAU's band day. Hard work, a major factor of their suc- cess, paid off in the end. Senior Daniel Anderson said, "The feeling you get after an absolutely great per- formance just canlt be beat. The hard work definitely pays off." Ifsom- ething lacked from this year's band, it was not its spirit. It cheered and yelled along with the cheerleaders and crowds. The band also had a much different kind of spirit. The previous summer, 69 ofthe band iligence pays off pucci. Another group who promoted spirit and gave a new meaning to the word were the Madrilenas. They not only cheered along with the other spirit leaders at the football games, but danced at all the pep assemblies. "We're 16 dedicated people who enjoy spiriting the crowds at football games and assemblies. We work really hard to be perfec- tionists not only in dance but in academics," said senior Gloria Bailey. The Madrilenas also enjoy what they do. Junior Michele Morales said, "I en- joy dancing no matter what style, I love doing it." She also added, "I really want to gain more confidence so it wonlt be so hard to show personality while I'm dancing." The pom line are also very close. Pom captain Kristin Rubach said, "Togethe,rness '-i- " p1Ckedas"'reiaesefrtthe'statef"6r'iX'f1'itzsaa' We The People 200th Celebration. "it was a special honor and a great privi- lege to represent the state of Arizona, and it was a lot of fun," said junior Krista Cap- Toro Band-tnames in alaphabetical orderj D.M. C. Alderete . D. Anderson , L. Anderson . F. Behring . S. Biesen , K. Bennett . M. Bessey . D. Booth . S. Bouchard C. Bouchout , J. Buck , E, Bums , S. Caldwell , M. Campbell . B. Candland . K. Cappucci ,J. Carpenter , M. Carroll . L. Cochran . J. Colleen , H. Cook , C. Cooley . J. Corrao , E. Craig , S. Crawford , J. Creek , L. D'Luzansky . J. Dancho , K. Dillon . A. Dixon . B. Dong M, Dougherty . O. Ekblad . P. Epstein . P. Fisher. M. Flinn J. Freeman , A. Fuller , M. Garoutte , S. Granthum , A. Grenier . T. Hallock . B. Hancock ,J. Hankins , S. Hannan B. Hannum , D. Hildebrand , A. Howard , B. Huey , D. Huffman , C. Ingram . K. James . D. Jellema , J. Johnson C. Jones , R. Kimbrough , K. King . G. Kramer, K. Kramer A. Lawton ,L. Lewis . S. Lewis . R. Lynn , J. Markley . M. Mathews , B. Matty . M. McDonald , P. McLaughlin , R. McManis , M. McMillan . S. Meldrum , B. Metzger . S. Milligan , D. Muhlenbruck , M. Overholt , M. Palisca , D. Pappas , V. Patel ,L. Perkovich . C. Pereida . S. Perez , D. M. A. Peterson , M. Pitts , R. Pooler , M. Pospisil , E. Proulx . T. Pulford, K. Rahill . R. Richeson , D. Ricks , A. Romito, D. Rosenhan, P. Ruzycki, L. Sailer, D. Scafaria M. Shultz , S. Scott , R. Sentell , P. Sheffer , S. Silaghi . B, Silver , E. Smith . J. Spear , R. Spear , E. Sterling . N. Stiffler , R. Stradling , P. Straub . E. Strickland , J. Taylor G. Teille , T. Utton , J. Westfall , S. Weyerman . J. Wilson M. Wilson , A. Wimp , D, Wofhnden , L. Wright , S. Zint. '.'.1i if newee' .. ,. .,.,. , .,..... ..,. , ., ...... ,, ., ..,.,. ,.,,...... , Layout design by Michelle Garoutte Copy by Michelle Garoutte Photography by Robert Sherzff and Bud Ford Lets go toros--Pom members cheer at an excellent play made by the football team against Dobson. 3 MVT 1 i l i i Drum roll please- Drum major Andy Peterson leads the marching band in the new version of the Star Spangled Banner during thecelebration ofthe Constitutions' 200th birthday during halftime at the Dobson foot ball game. m.1.'.5+m :aw g :SM-3 3 'Vf532E3i33l1Q:El'fQ :-:vaze3a' 2 w ,.,.v ,.x,. x l'Ixl'I:': 'BEER ,Iammin'-- Senior Gloria Bailey dances with zest to a song during a football game. Pom-- Front row: G.Bailey, C.l-lolyoak, N.Mecham, J.Hughes. Middle row: M.Owens, M.Leno, A.Hulls, K.Rubach, M.Morales, R.Bracamonte. Back row: D.Belnap, V.Abers, C.Sanchez, D.Church, C.Spain, K.Crockett,. ff' f ' fa M 1, ' ki I 13 I ,- rf li , f l ' 1 1 A i 1 1135 vit SIM fSet Something is a service club sponsors events to organizations and who need help. This year, SSIM painted faces at the Toro Family Festival and raised money for the Ronald McDonald House. "I like doing things to help the commu- nity and I like raising money and giving it away," said junior Carrie McKenna. "I'm interested in helping others and I have fun doing it," said junior Cindy Vin- ervice reveals care At Fall Fest, they had a car smashing booth to help kids realize what happens when someone drinks and drives. Other activities included making and selling tee shirts, hang- ing posters and sending out flyers. 'SI feel strongly against drunk drivers, I want to get them off the road," said senior John Miller. Sophomore Bill Evans said, "Drinking and driving is stupid." Junior April Korinek, when asked why she joined, said,"It seemed really impor- tant. People need to think before drinking and cent. driving. . it , , - ere' r e'1-'e'1' 'f-c" l L Senior Sean Rowe said, "It's a really good club that helps charity organizations. It is good for everyone involved." SADD CStudents Against Drunk Driv- ingj is a club organized to make the public and the students aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. Their goal is to let people know that it isn't cool to drive drunk. said senior Sharlene Edwards, SADD dent. In the future, SADD plans to keep teaching kids about the danger of drinking and driving. Page design by Sharon Hossler Story by Sharon Hossler Photography by Robert sherQ'f SSIM: fAlphabetical orderj J. Abele, A. Ackerberg, R. Ackerberg. S. Adams, M. Addington, S. Anthony, L. Arai, K Arbeene, G. Baecker, L. Baker, E. Baugun, S. Beeghley, D. Bell, A. Benocue, J. Blackhurst, J. Borgman, L. Bowman, M. Bratland, K. Browhurst, D. Brown, L. Coates, L. Cochran, R. Connelly, T. Corey, S. Crawford, C. Crockett, L. Deist, K. Dockery, S. Edwards, M. Funn, W. Flowers, N. Freeman, S. Fukumoto, K. Gaines, M. Geist, J. Gertz, K. Gertz, J. Gordon. F. Guem, C. Helmick,A. Hemmer, J. Hickey, C. Hughes, S. Jensen, M. Jones, K. Kemp,S. Kemp, L. Kiroff K. Kirkendall, A. Korenek, T. Logan, E. Matthews, V. Merrill, C. McAllister, M. McGeough, C. McKenna, M. Miller i , D0 wishes really come true?--An SSIM member tries to help with the wishing well at the Toro Family Festival. ,W ifi . A .,:Wg: s F 1..2..3..--Donna O'Haver, SSIM sponsor, desperately tries to get the attention of SSIM members who are thoroughly engaged in talking at a meeting. 'F' Y 'Y I! A V -- We 1 F- U In X 2 on au O9 H ,I 'nu l 'ln sv qty .c. MN HU! llfillm H FU WNFR JL 1 'hav 7 Serious m0ment-- At SADD's booth I during Full Fest. Jon Miller portrays a ' 1 V ' ' victimofudrinkinganddrivingaccidentas V 5 V 3' A 3 Shurlene Edwards traces his shape on the V V V V ,. f V, ,f ,, VV- W V VIL! X :laws Cemcntl 1, 3 Q 5 VLVV ,L ' V I 79 SADD-Front r0w:.l.Miller. M.Konar, VV E V , ,,,r VV . fn-N M.Hoener. B.Evans, M.Sammons, I AQ. W " V VV ' ' V V ,,,, V ? V I B.Wood. J.Miller. Second row: 'Www ,, 3 4' 4 Q ' 1 ,Q , Y , ,, 4 ,W f HQ I 'V V K V Kg' S.Crawford-Browne, S.Tromp. ' 2 V W , ' 1 uf 1 V lflgussigmg, NSIgLewiS. Ng.Fll0wers, nrr ' ' ' V 4 . cnoc c, , reemun. ac row: Lf .V , V ff ' V Xf ? V , N,SIupor. C.Leigh. A.Germack. V V',VV V 0 V V ,,,, Q .. J ' g X Vg S.Eclwaurds, A.Kooriinek, L.McPhie, H Y 'W gy V., VY 71 'V ' 5' 5 'V ANIME t if 3,4 Q 'I V V Mlones. K.PorIer. K.Farrel, F. Dru- t , ' ' .Q Z f 254 if, Q ff ,V ' ' 'V Q V' "" mellcr, J. Schaacffer fsponsorj. .., I y 3' 1,,1n,f,' N , 5? f' VV V 5' gh A VV,,, ,I3:,E,:: ..-,.,-,,- :.1s:: ,.'-, 3 ..'-' 1 :-.,::1,.::5,:- 2:-1.2: .VV , Q - JV, ,, fV,V g V H X Q 5 JJ , Q r r f W I if r r' r, , M r M ' V "A' lf! "f 1' ,. 'Z ,. , N Q .V ' A V, ,,.'Qi,? W " ' A" - T r,:,'r oro spirit kindled o cheer the school teams through another season was the goal of the 87-88 var- Sily and J-V- cheerleaders. better technique and had the opportunity to work with other cheer squads to gain new ideas. At the end of camp, the Mountain View cheerleaders and the pommies won a unity award for their team spirit and their willing- ness to help other teams. In addition to camp, the girls practiced every school morning at 6:30 A.M. throughout the year. Kristin Cain said, uit takes a lot of time and dedication to be a cheerleader." Much of a cheerleaderis time is taken up by practices. "You have to be organized to be able to balance cheer and school," said Juliette Blackhurst, cheer captain. Not only do they have to be organized, but cheerleaders have a high reputation to uphold at school. Brook Wright said, t'You have to be very aware of your standards, such as, attitude and grades." Most the girls agree it is harder than they expected, but it is a good leaming experience. Elece Foley said, "It is a lot of responsi- bility." Cheerleading is not all hard work. The girls had a lot of fun this year. Lisa Snow said, 'ilt was fun to get the crowd going." Keeping the crowd alive to cheer on their favorite team is the job of the cheerleaders. Colleen Taylor said, g'The most excit- ing thing about being a cheerleader is raising people's spirits." With a student body of more than 3,000 students and only 20 cheerleaders, it took a lot more energy to keep the spirits up. The people in the stands with the help of the cheerleaders really let the team know that they were behind them all the way. The cheerleaders worked the crowds up to a spirit-filled pitch that was heard by the players on the field. One of the goals of the squad members was to add to the strength of the Mountain View Toros by offering them crowd support as they played other teams in various sports. The plan worked. Spectators at the various games felt the enthusiasm the cheerleaders worked so hard to provoke. In the stands, the feeling of immense spirit was evident through the participation of the students in the chants, cheers, and the spirit contests with the oppos- ing teams. The cheerleaders could feel proud knowing that they helped their school to have fun at the events. Althea VanNorman said, "It's a great feeling and a lot of fun." Page design by Alicia Krick Story by Alicia Krick Photography by Charles Ballard, Robert Sheriff and Bud Ford Everybody yell- -These JV Cheerleaders are having fun. OUCH!!---After hurting her ankle, Lisa Snow has it looked at by a trainer to see what has h ippened and to see if she but working hard to get the crowd going crazy. iss gif Difccgllubs will be able to join her team members in the action again Mg so 4-55 mm 1,5 W. , x 1 ff? of gli 'Qu 425--- """" gi A ""'-. s, ,IV Cheerleaders-- Front row: Brook Wright. Second row: Althea VanNorman, Celeste Medley, Nicole VanNoi-man, Back row: Nicole Moore, Melissa Meyer, Joanna Stewart, Elece Foley. E ww .ati 5 9 V This is fun!-- JV cheerleader Celeste Med- ley turns to a fellow cheerleader to express 9- how much fun she is having. Go, Fight, Cheer!-- Katie Allen yells her message of spirit across to the crowd loudly at a home football game against Dobson. -- -- aWm.,.x,-.,-,.y,,,,,,-.M W'-av-4.-.zggzq sz-i cg 5 r asvtSidessie:5bf25fs3f'v:glEe5?2e?StKQg:s:Q52b?si?Qvi'3 55,,.W .,, a Q af? Mis' naive ages, JR- K4"f"E83":. .. ., ..,.,,,. ,. Qia-12351-13:-vga-t,:Qg2-Q ,?L.eSQ,.w,.a-,as .m.,.s,.a :mi"tt:s1w:2'WS22w'1f:v:P1s 8 t"'1sia3S.s9sS'-teflfiatiietiea :ig 3 4 Varsity Cheerleaders- Front row: Juliette Blackhurst, Allison Owen. Back row: Carol Valles, Colleen Taylor, Kara McKenna, Katie Allen, Tiffany Davis, CeCe Gould, Lisa Snow, Katy Taylor, Kristaiin Cain, Bizzy Darger. I, vrlgzi ,g',1,g.1W king on careers There are several inter- esting clubs provided for all typ VICA, which stands for Vocationa n us r1a Clubs of America, and HERO, Home Economics Related Occupa- tions, are just two to choose from. HERO is a vocational co-op program which can develop the skills and attitudes for career goals. Senior Charai Keeling said, "HERO gives me a great opportunity to improve my skills in the work field, plus I will receive credits while going to work." 'tThis class is lots of fun and the people are great, besides it will help me in the long run with my career." Frank Hudson, the sponsor for VICA said, ul feel VICA is extremely important to the student because by taking advantage of all of the opportunities provided by the activities of VICA the student can get the recognition deserved, and develop the skills needed to be a well-rounded person, one who can function totally in our society today." VICA helps students gain references for future jobs, leam to accept supervision, to 15 s1e.xel.a , r- said that this year's group is the best she's had in seven years. "There are frustrations at times but ev- eryone gains from them," said Bradley. HERO had many fundraisers such as selling bagels with cream cheese and a booth at the Toro Family Fest where members sold helium balloons. VICA helps people who want to go into the medical field, trade, industrial and techni- cal fields. This allows them to become familiar with a job before entering the 'treal world." Connie Hardy feels that more people should take an interest in oraganization. Employers also benefit from this zation. They receive trained employees upon graduation from high school who know what type of work for careerb hefshe wants to do. Plus the employee knows the importance of good work ethics. VICA has a motto, "Preparing for the World of Workf, Page design by Kelly Harrell Story by Kelly Harrell Photography by Robert Sherzff and Rob Wood K V 7455 ij, NA Y l bn,- ,P , . . Q IRJ 1 I VICA-- Bottom row: Connie Hardy, Dirk Harper, Tim Okken, Travis Hyde. Top row: Tim Schutter, Todd Gardner, Mark Robedeau, Marc Beynon, Adviser Frank Hudson. , .,.,,. ,,,.. , . . 1335 6 .-"-, i",-: Working hard-- Seniors Dawn King and Dina Pizzo work hard on their work for HERO which keeps them busy. l . to 'X 'Q at fi. 1 l S Y .... ,,.. ' ' a Aiisss . T. . aw-:,.f..t.afr Q Q , 'aww fl' iliiii ff -14 " f"1 f ' f' ftifi :wagon 5 ,r "'- A . 1 A I 3? fires' 4. ' 5" ,,.4,,4- K. 'Au' in X - , . M 'ikii Qr. Q C Q'-A .... .,.. , g , i :ks 'ta HERO-- I-l.Adams, J.Atwell, A.Blumer, H.Boyer, D,Brennan, S.Coombs, B.Fram. B.Gonzalez, S.Grecco, C.Gurierrez, C.Keeling, T.Laasch, E.lVlaggard, D.McCulla, R.Morris, K.Monensen, J.Pember, E.Pionk, D.Pizzo, A.Selzer, T.Stillwell, T.Velasquez, J.Weatherly, T.Weeks, A.Wilson, ' fm' M. ' 1 P 6- Q W ' ifliii ' MSQQQL. ,,'. - -M V . is Q5 an I f A v ,,, W W Z, av W ' 2- . KK" ' -- " ., ri , 3 -. Nor' -, W , V """fW'w-'f"-M-W-fm.aW.s,.. , 'K' " U' , .W it X , :YV ' 'Www ,H ,, I gn . . , In X 0 5 5 g . 9 L 9 I 1 4 Q I I K1 v 1 Q -3 K 'fu Q 3, fi: eff' Q wi ,gunna Q, ,M l . xi' ' iq' ,. -sv' 'Q ' 9 K .. viva -...R Laughing it up--HERO members Jean Pember and Ed Pionk have a giggling fit before the bell rings for class to be let out. Up, up and away-- HERO members are busy selling helium balloons at the toro Family Fest. Sil via i s ERO rive for success informs stu- the different aspects of mar- historian of Distri- CDECAJ. The organization is for people interested in selling, retailing, management and fashion merchandising. In the fall, DECA traveled to Prescott for a conference. This retreat was for all the schools to compete for awards and titles in marketing. One of the main purposes of DECA is to teach to students the responsibilities that citi- zens have in the free enterprise system. In addition to attending a class, students have jobs sixth and seventh hour. "This,'l said Berg, "gives students job ex- perience and initiative? "DECA,s purposej, said Kelly McDonald, 'Lis to teach students how the work. This organization improves students office skills and teaches them the realities of the working world. "COE is not just for college bound stu- dents. lt opens doors for students by showing what types of careers are available," said Mary Morris, sponsor of COE. "COE's purpose," said Arlinda Gomez, treasurer, His to give us an opportunity to explorejobs during high school and to help us get good-paying careers in the future." COE sponsored the Christmas Dance and donated money to the Child Crisis Center. They also attended a picnic with other COE clubs from different schools to develop a comradery between them. When asked what she wanted to accom- plish in COE, Sandy Thomas said, "I want to gain better knowledge for my job and to pre- pare for high pating positions in the future." She. 4159 ,?15lflEQ..Fl2.?E..l1SH.f.E!X99FQ. T70 F3156 HTOUCY for fhelf Club DECA They all believe, however, that withouifthe members had numerous candy sales and par- ticipated in the annual Fall Fest with their booth. Another organization very similar to DECA is COE CCooperative Office Educa- tionj. COE is a study work program where students reinforce what they do in school at knowledge they have acquired in taking part of COE, they would not have been so successful in finding a interesting career. Page design by Charmayne Cooley Story by Charmayne Cooley Photography by Robert Sherzff Absorbing it all- Amy Boyles listens intently to the valuable information Ms. Morris is giving to the students pertaining to C.O.E. All Smiles--Taking a break from their normally busy schedules during C.O.E, senior Hudd Hassel and senior Krissy Holt have some fun despite the continuous stares from the teacher. . -,lt 'lf'i i izlilf 1-55 D.E.C.A.ftln alphabetical orderj C. Adams. J. Allen. C. Admundson. W Appcl. .l. Apsey. L. Austin. K. Axsom. K. Buchman. L. Balthasaar. A Bartclls. L. Berg. L. Bowman. L. Braidman. J. Brewer. L. Broughtton. C Brown. T. Brown. T. Bums. S. Burton, T. Carney. T. Casto. S. Chamberlain M. Chapman. P. Collins. H. Cook. .l. Cunningham. H. Dawn. R. Dikes. M. Dlugosz. B. Enright, M. Felslead. H. Fischer. C. Freeman. .l. Freeman. L. Fuller. T. Gabrielson. K. Gatrell, A. Germak. D. Gilbert. J. Gordon, C. Griffin, C. Groth. L. Guilerrez, S. Hennessy. M. Higgins. D. Higuera. T. Dixon,.I. Hollowcll. D. Home, D.Itule, C. Jones.C. Kerrimerling. A. Korinek. Engl vi . S. Koy. M. Lampc. J. Lee. C. Leigh. C. Luebke, K. McDonald. R. Mendoza, D. Milano. C. Miller. N. Miller, S. Morrison. N. Mulera. K. Nelson. M. Ochoa. R. Ortiz. K. Pcden. T. Randt. K. Rasmussen. J. Raooli, J. Reheis, T Reppen. .l. Ricks. T. Robinson. A. Rodovsky, H. Russell. S. Ryan. J. Ryver C. Sanders. K. Sunft. C. Scott. K. Shane. S. Shannon. A. Smith. S. Smith. J Spaulding. A. Slalcy. C. Stevens, H. Sullivan. B. Sumhler, R. Sweeney. M.Thomas, M. Thomas. D. Torbyn. K. Tracy. S. Turley. T. Vance. M. Vanslke. K. Vaughn. D. Wabakken. S. Weiland. T. WCHS. E- WCSIDVCF, B4 Wimmcr. K. Wright. T. Wright. .l. Yoms. C.0.E--Front row: Climmerman, M.Morris. Second row: S.Reed, Third row: S.Th0mas, T.Sackelford, C.Bellinghiere,K.Brackney,M.Campbe1l K.Bende1'feldahl, C.Snyder, A.Wende, K.Azson,K.AIlison,R.Payne,S.Clearly. A.Gomez,H.Hassell,M.Duschek, A.Boyl T,Malherbe, K.H0lt, J.Ranks. It's the Great Pumpkin-- Hank Scheer, DECA sponsor, donned his jocko-lantern costume for the Toro Family Fest. ., 2 S a 1j?t "E'z f C 0 E V Q. ek 4' 3, if Candy! Get your candy here!-- Click Club members enthusiastically sell their candy and sunglasses at Toro Family Fest. Click Club--CCl0ckwiseJ Jenny Davis, Ronelle Charverst, Stacey Bachali, Roberto Carpio, Rachel Davis, Michelle Walpole, Tina Gunn, Scott Dawson, Kerry Whitney, Deb Wong, Donna Wilson, Vanessa Rosenburg, laurie McPhie, Lauri Brouwer, Mary Jones, Jenny Cook, Felicity Petra, iMiddleD Eric Schultz. 144 Q53 Dlfcqflubs Mule Look out Picasso--Suzette Clegg concentrates on creating a great sign for NHS. P Ji if eedfor nuturing HS was a very in- club this year. Out participated in this to elderly people in nursing homes, and school services sponsor Carol Panaro-Smith. 'fWe had a lot of fun in Click Club,', said Jenny Davis, "We had some pizza parties and went on art walks." Though Click Club is sponsored by the -i.t.i, ..... group to help and serve others," said NHS President LaRita Baker. "We've helped with some great causes in the club and in the communityf' said Kerry Kent. "Our leaders were great. They sup- ported every activity l00 percent." Click Club was another group that was very involved in community activities. At least four community service projects were completed this year. For example, several Click members spent time at St. Joseph's Hospital photographing and visiting with the children there. They also sponsored a needy family for Christmas. "I think community support is important for kids because this may be the only opportu- nity they have to be in a postition to help others less fotunate than themselves," commented were stressed throughout the year. "To do things differently, perhaps more creatively, was an integral part of Click Club. We were innovative," said Panaro-Smith. Click Club participated in several activi- ties such as selling pizza at Fall Fest and WinterWonderland. Anotherthing they didto kindle the Christmas spirit inside of people was dress a member of Click Club up as Santa Claus. Santa asked what the student wanted for Christmas and whether hefshe was a good little boylgirl this year. Page design by Cindy Helmick Story by Becky Spiers Photography by Robert Sheriff NHS--Front row: S. Williams, H. Bailey, S. Markoski, L. Baker, S. Beeghley, T. Logan, S. Gulbranson, K. Ostrander. M. Overholt: Second row: D. Church, Lisa Davis, M. Johnson, V. Hale, J. Cwiakala, S. Zint, S. Quinn, K. Haq, L. Hoge, S. Burch. B, Cooley, Third row: L. Vemon, C, Williams. T. Whalin, T. Wiemelt. K. Irwin, C. Vincent, J.R. Ellingson, L. Pollak, C. Frazier, R. Dittbemer: Fourth row: Sponsor B. Jaeckel, J. Wall. J. Blackhurst, J. Hough, K. Kent, T. Utton, T. Wudel, K. Payson. C. Crockett, S. Clegg. E, Papacek. S. Johnson, A. Tanner, sponsor Leslie Harrisg Back row: J. Maready, Kaleo Enos. W. Cardon. T. Light, D, Frost, K. Weiss, J. Michaels. You said what?--NHS member Sonja Markoski is caught taking a break from sign painting. 145 G53 HfSfCl1ck .... zl, Q1EE121.1E EIAI: ... .E ,: it poses, filling tummies isn't really their main dents who come to visit for a month an purpose. outlet for those Mountain View students going Voila La Tour Eiffel--Senior Kirsten Kemp listens intently as Madame Hull points out the Eiffel Tower to the French Club. into language anka and Oui are about Germany and the language itself. As for their Ger- Robert Bordwell said of the club he spon- Andas much as sors, it is, "just a barrel of laughsfi These words might echo laughs do not, however, come from drinking throughout any German or French Club meet- imported German beer. Contrary to popular ing, they do not. This is because some students belief, the Gennan Club does not drink Ger- in these clubs do not speak either Gemaan or man beer. French. They are simply in the clubs to leam These clubs do play a very active part in the more about the foreign cultures. lives of many Mountain View students. The Gften it has been wondered if the sole French Club has been involved with many purpose ofthe French and German Clubs was expeditions to French movies, and even the F Amy Hull said that the French Club was, overtovisitGermany inJune. These clubs can "A way in which the students studying French even be said to give insight to the orgins of at Mountain View could become more famil- many Americans with different histories. iar with the culture and the traditions of the people whose language they are learningf' The Gennan Club is just a means for fun Story by Same Reftig and education for those wanting to leam more Photography by Chris Schibi Page design by Sassie Rettig French Club--Front row: W. Guin, S. TenagliaCTreas.b, J. SilveyCSec.J. K. KemptAsst. Gourmet Adviserb, S. l-lawkinstHistorian5, D. WongtICCJ, J. SaywelltPres.j, R. DittbernertAsst. Hist.j, S. JohnsontPRJ, P. NiemictPhotographerJ, A. LogantActivities Dir.j, J. JubinskiCGourmet Adviserb. D. FlandrotPrime Ministerb, N. NellentForeign Cor.j, J. AdamstScholarship Adm.J, C. KiehntForeign Cor.J, K. Whitney: Second row: J. Glenn, L. Baker, J. Hill, S. Meyers, C. Foster, M. Parker, J. Scanduira, J. Coleman, L. Woods. J. Wilson. B. Spiers, R. Brunner, J. Hoskinson, A. Greer, N. Aro, P. Udall, M. Roseburrough, P. Castleberryg Back row: A. HulltSponsorJ, M. Bratland, S. Markoski, N. Ovando, J. Cwiakala. L. Nelson, A. Bozzuto, S. Lavender, S. Kemp, S. Rettig, J. Anthony, J. Alig, C. Leigh, N. Stupar, l-l. Bond, J. Crabtree, M. Hemandez, D. Repan, S. Edwards, V. Merrill, C. Nicastro,T. Rudd, R. Knepp. L. Pollak. O. Ferriera, C. Baxter, J. Winward, C. Williams, J. Omerza, M. Omerza, J. Gordon. Roll 'em--Senior Steve Johnson tosses the "boule" in a game ofthe popular French game "pitanque" or "boule." . . vit Cxf ociubs German Club--Front row: J. Boten, M. Kill. S. Weiss, ViceAPres. M. Brown, C. Tholson-ICC. Tres. A. Hook. Sec. M. Bingold, Pres. J. Young. C. Burrell. J. D'Eliso. E. Pfoutz. E. Schultz. J. Olsong Second row: L. Gerdl. M. Tussing. L. Kolbuss. W. Wildish, K. Smith. S. Woffinder. S.Crawford-Browne. R. Reed, Y. Kuhruebei' , Patricia Gassow , Anja Matz. A. Uhlmeyer. N. Klause. D. Hildebrand. H. Klosez Third row: Spon- sor R. Bordwell, J. Warner, C.J. Peck. M. Wuehr. S. Koester. E. Wamke . J. Tuber- ville, K. Cornelius N. Fischer S. Sosntzki, F. Wiener. J. Shope. C. Jones. C. Mann. G. McNabb. V. Boragina. J. O'Brian, K. Badine, D. Murrell, K. Weiss, M. Heun, T. Smith. S. Roberts. A. Pohl. C. Trojan, K. Ringger, C. Frasier, K. Irwin, G. Storbeck. T. Hansen, G. Suftke. E. Grosser, J. Udall, K. Ringger. H. Cake, J. Fry. Excuse me sir--Senior Tracy Smith looks away as senior Lisa Roberts raises her hand to ask a question of Robert Bordwell. .syn .iiazx . . ...... ..,,..,,.,,..,, . . ,. .8?E?3ze. - F' x X' M ,xaattevx 'I-.o3Il-CK in J v53zw11121c11,-3... v.Q2v3.b.-.-33 .'-4 ' wi ,VWQ If-QU-iii!-,.R"S' .5fS:y3:.3Z-t-23.532 0 "GR,-1f:"f?5':1' v " iwx 2 Sv -f...-fl.v5fwE..3Lvf"Nf'.f?'h2fe:. I 5. fi " 5 'Z :.- , M86 ? , ,w 4,1 1 Study time Latm member Melrisa Gunyan works on her Latm homework dunng classtime. Latin Club--Front row: Mark Miller, Maureen Gaines, Carrie Gaines, Heidi Cook: Back row: Nathan Thompson, Robert Hennis, Pat Soto, sponsor, Chester S'groi, Tiffni MeCagno. -.Sw W wo very interesting clubs on campus were Spanish Club and Latin Club, sponsored by Carmen Riedel, had a fairly large group of students in the club, averaging from 40-50 people. This past year at Christmastime they sponsored two needy Hispanic families, giv- ing them dinner and a fully decorated Christ- mas tree. Candy sales were also a part of raising funds. The money that they raised went towards a field trip and a scholarship. The field trip ime for talking to learn and it gives me an opportunity to go to a Spanish speaking place," said Club President Karen Crockett. 5'The things that they do are fun, and I have a better understanding of Spanish," said Vice president Chad Christensen. Latin Club, sponsored by Pat Soto, is one of the smaller clubs on campus but a very active group. Because they are so small, most of the money that they eamed went to charity. Soto described what he would like to see in Latin Club, f'Trying to dedicate itself to academic pursuits." He also explained that, "Latin is one ofthe best ways to leam English." took placeinthe Spring. They went to Tijuana Although Latin has long been consid- language students who has improved and shown good work this year. Most of the students in Spanish Club have taken Spanish for a couple of years and this was a way for them to develop their speaking skills and have fun at the same time. "The main reason I joined Spanish Club was I'd been in Spanish and this is a fun way to break down the English language and inves- tigate its origins. "It's a good club to get to know people with the same interests," said Charmayne Cooley. Page design by Danielle Chinavare Story by Danielle Chinavare Photography by Rob Wood s ,X,.,,.. ew ltiet Spanish Club--Front row: J. Goodman, K. Crockett, C. Christensen, C. Cooley, Second row: J.R. Ellington, N. Stupar, J. Manuszak, S. McKinney, R. Davis, S. Hansen, D. Church, S. Tromp, K. Young, D. Belnapg Third row: K. Mulligan, S. Smith, A. Brown, S. Phillips, L. Davis, K. Payson, C. Vincent, T. Wiemelt, S. Anthony, Fourth row: S. Fukumoto, A. Ackburg, J. Davis, K. Griffin, H. Torres, B. Bowers, J. Harmon, S. Whetton, S. Rudd, S. March, B. Cooley. Fifth row: L. Vasquez, L. Seunig, J. Davis, B. Richards, L. Vasquez, J. Carroll, J. Alcala, J. Colleen, J. ShepherdgSixth row: C. Crockett, J. Allen, C. Moon, L. Anderson, H. Hassell, S. Beltran, S. Dawson, E. Malloy, S. Agostino, T. Davis, Back row: C. Budge, T. Wudel, K. Dockery, G. Thomas, S. Beeghley, C. McAllister, S. Johnson. Right here!--Spanish Club sponsor Carmen Riedel and Spanish Club member Jennie Manuszak try to organize the candy sales for funds to go to Mexico. 21:12 21s21vs35:r:1:1sQ1:2aXi t's no exageration that ev music. The same is true with jazz These groups are based on and are both directed by Joe Lloyd. Jazz band consists of 17 players playing jazz-oriented music. Many of the players per- form with saxaphones, trumpets, trombones n step to the music dents got the chance to to go to band camp at Northern Arizona University for two weeks in August. This group was again lead by Lloyd, Mountain View's band director. The group worked almost every day perfecting their in- struments, and then relaxing at night at the nearby movie theater, pizza place or the girls' dorm lobby. and some guitar and bass sounds to finish it up. The climax of the camp was the ::: f:1::. e 1::: ::: as senior Mike Dougherty. HThat's why l'm heref' Concert Band relies upon a more sym- phonic tone and larger group for their sound. Made up of around 60 members who play a variety of instruments such as the flute, the clarinet, saxaphones, trumpets, French horns and many more. They participate in Christmas concerts and several other concerts to show off their brass. The group also competes for awards with other high school bands in the state. A group of jazz and concert band stu- Group effort--These members of Jazz Band get down to the music in a dailyjam session. p,,.,:1:t:1 lilbs "First day at boot camp," and 'The twelve days of band campf' which exposed the dis- coveries, trials and tribulations of band camp students. The talent side showed campers redoing Billy Joel songs to near perfection and a jazzy rendition of the summer hit song f'La Bambaf' Page design by Rob Connelly Story by Rob Connelly Photography by Robert Sheryf Playin' the blues-- Senior Denyse Pappas pours her heart into the music during a Jazz Band practice. 5 .Iazz Band--Dan Anderson, LaRita Baker, Mark Bessey, Joe Carpenter, Jim Colleen, Mike Crago, Mike Dougherty, Paul Epstein, Steven Meldrum, Shannon Milligan, Denyse Pappas, Andy Peterson, Doug Pollock, Holly Porter, Mike Pospisil, Dan Sobczak, Nathan Stiftler, Karl Weiss, Scott Weyerman. Duo performance--Dan Anderson and Mike Dougheny play a duet together. sp ih. Concert Band--S, Adams, H. Arnold, D. Blackhurst, M. Brooks, E. Burns, S. Christiansen, L. Cochran, H. Collins. H. Cook. G. Crandall, J. Crismon, C. Daly. A. Dixon. M. Faulkenbury. M. Flinn. M. Garney, M. Geist, C. Gonzales, S. Grantham, M. Grybowski, B. Hancock, J. Hankins, B. Hannum, J. Heckman, K. Heinz, C. Jacobs, K. James, L. Jevnig, P. Jones, K. Kramer, S. Kriloff, S. Lewis, L. Lindop, M. McAle, P. McLaughlin, J. Meldrum, C. Navarate, H. Owen, V, Patel, L. Percovich, S. Perez, R. Pickles, R. Pooler, G. Poppell, E. Proulx, V. Rosenburg, L. Sailer, A. Selbig, K. Sentell, S. Shepherd, W. Simpson, C. Stanley, M. Stern, M. Thomas. B. Tielle, J. Tolman, S. Wesby, J. Westfall, M. Wilson, D. Witt. I2700 .,, ,gsar e 1 9 N5 Q3 ,yt -nu af Li 13.1 ist V53 25g,Ezz!C.Band Student takes over--Junior Molly Pont takes over for Dick Rader as she tries to help the orchestra tune up. Concert Orchestra--Front row: Lisa Biester, Angela Bullock, Angela Smith, Trista Zepeda, Jill Dayleyg Back row: Kelly Gregan, Angela Bullock, Gretchen Martin, Tony Weimelt, Kerri Newell, Joe Dayll. rumpeter Mike "I get exposure and expe- of music." members agree. "Orchestra gives me good experiencej, said Molly Pont, violinist. Paul Ruyzcki, bassoon player, said his fa- Iif alent shines on Throughout the year, Symphony Or- chestra held many concerts, including a Christmas concert performed for the entire student body. Symphony Orchestra wasn't the only organization making beautiful musicg Concert Orchestra did too. .vorite IhiI1g,.E!b,QL1I .Orchestra isjworking as ..,,.,,.,,,.,,,r,, 6613156 iF.YY,l?9I!.P?9P1iF?1l me I F1id?Es00d player, liked playing music that really chal- lenged her, Throughout the year, Symphony Or- chestra held various fundraisers such as a candy sale and a cheese and sausage sale. They hoped to raise enough money for a visit to California to perform and compete at a music festival with other California schools. At the ABODA Music Festival, Sym- phony Orchestra performed and received an excellent rating. The goal of many or its members was to make Regionals and All-State. 1535 453 The Concert Orchestra sionally with the Symphony Orchestra. The goal of many of its members was to make Regional Honor Orchestra. Although most Concert Orchestra stu- dents are just beginning to take up a string instrument, they find that there is much more to it than just playing the instrument. Page design by Charmayne Cooley Story by Charmayne Cooley Photography by Rob Wood 'Nl Keeping in time--Senior Lance Echols practices his French hom during a practice for a Symphony Orchestra performance. ,W..,.t V 41 f Symphony Orchestra--A. Andersen, D. Anderson, L. Anderson, H. Antwiler, L. Arai,S.Amett,S.Bair,L.Baker,A.Blake, J. Blount, L. Bowman, M. Brewington, A. Brown, A. Brown, J. Buck, R. Buck, P. Butler, M. Caldwell, K. Cappucci, K. Clarkson, D. Cluff,J. Coleman, C. Cooley, C. Cordoza, R. Davis, T. Davis, M. Dougherty. L. Echols, L. Fillmore, S. Franzmeier, P. Gould, G. Hahn, T. Hansen, K. Hawkins, J. Hill, L. Hinze, T. Hixon, B. Hooper, B. Jensen, D. Johnson, R. Jones, A. Keller, K. Kilpatrick, M. Knight, L. Kolbuss, C. Mann, J. Maready, J. Markley, T. McDonald, D. Muhlen- bruck, J. Olcott, H. Paulsen, M. Phair, M. Pitts, J. Plummer, M. Pont, A. Ray, I. Romot, P. Ruzycki, D. Scafaria, M. Schultz, L. Shahan, P. Sheffer, J. Shep- herd, J. Shill, D. Smith, S. Smith, J. Spiers, B. Spiers, N. StiffTer, N. Thompson, T. Utton, K. Weiss, S. Williams, A. Willis, L. Wright. Hitting a bad note--Seniors Mike Phair and Jared Jennings wince as they both hit the wrong note while practicing. -,-' .m,gef:m.., gm1:.m.-1-rv:-:eg as 9 at 3 azz if2:33:-15:-:fffaalftzbztxifzzif as 8 Q'2--esf:::1:.smff5:qgpqgr'--aft +wSw35:gm- at 2 se1:2ss:5aeaQm::f:::sa 'S 993932 35 hrough weeks of practice and Chorale singing group per- standards of excellence. year, it formed a bond of teamwork and respect in order to reach the right pitch. Senior Shannon Tromp said, f'You have to work together when singing. In Cho- rale, we really work hard to sound good." Among regular school perfomnances, l to perfection However, all members of Chorale agree that it is a great group of people. Encore Strings is another group which proves that the phrase "Practice makes per- fectv is true. By playing each day in class and extra time at home, Encore Strings tuned up to perfection for its performances at elementary schools, nursing homes and at Tri-City Mall in February. Also, every year, Encore Strings is invited to play at a banquet for the Minnesota Page design by Shannon Hawkins Chorale also participated in a festival at NAU, Club, 21 gf0UP of SCI1i0T CiIiZCf1S from IVQQQHC- ew ,. v. .. .af f , A .A , , ,M " f x.wxe::w:ee.o.-zwxwzwazw. . Q . .Q 7v:'+":x':'-:we .f:, ':1:-::-: .. S:b':1S221,..PSxt1'Sx.-51:21. PSREQISRISQEZ.'83s.35:2f22fS'28J'112:1r:z21:Ip1,H .4 51.232, 9 " ""' ,.: """" " 'sq " ," wg' ny- z., ' ' ' 'z 15 ' ' 1. y , ' ' Cfihlb at 'Christmas time. sarditafintofe Strings is 5' Moose a'ndt's6niaTgg?ass While some students plan to make sing- where you can get to know everyonefi ing only a hobby in their lives, others aspire to make singing a career. Junior Sherry Grieves said, "I want to xr become famous with my own style of creative operaf' Story by Shannon Hawkins Photography by Charles Ballard 21? .,, . mfg , H We -L,Y W V ,. C M , H ' If ..,, fn I eff ' .fy 1. ,L , 2, ri, V I y iff A WNWML ,,,, ' , ' Q1 of . , f , ,,,. rfv.. Q -I f 'G wi if 353 1 if 1-6 ,B I I 6 "pf if sri Encore Strings--Front row: Donna Cluff, Shannon-Marie Williams, Second row: Jenny Shill, Pam Gould, Back row: Ralph Thomas, Gwen Hahn, Allison Brown, Amy Ray, Lisa Kolbuss. Sitting pretty-- Senior Shannon-Marie Williams poises gracefully as she goes through the routine in Encore Strings Ell i,: ili iziiziill T' X K ha, ,. ,nf ss' -'N .9 3. .f , ,ff M 2 di. 1 ,X Xi .v"S- Q.. Q Dx 'AQ if S , . .QNX My T.. ja.. Y B s ,K .. .eg Q 5, '- : il : is . ,LLiiV V an . 3 4 iis 'Q it W . W.. ' 1142-il - i'.:.- f7"f'?E"'f55'fir?f'x"f'f-5-'2'I"1.ff2E"'3'5"fr: V. 'U-91" 3' 533Z70W5'1'9x'9?' , M, M . 'C "YW ': -Q3?Z,,,Q:,iw"'-Gel?-fggizw ' '.c'EgEit9k',f, , r"f"'11'-1-'-',.f,g PW", ?Z',?K'V,2"fx'f3"" B S? Better than Bach--Chorale members Christian Burleson and Mark Brown practice with the other members of Chorale on a piece by Bach. Creative moment--Cellist Lisa Kolbuss expresses her inner feelings while she plays the cello during Encore Strings. Chorale--Front row: C. Foulk, R. Stra- dling, M. Leno, D. Sharp, L. Davis, C. Gould, P. Hall, C, Holyoak, R. Reed, A. Murdock, A. Bozzuto, S. Tromp, S. Richardson, L. Norman, B. Wood, Sec- ond row: M. Omerza, M. Brown, S. Whetton, L. Wright, B. Wood, R. Jones, D. borland, N. Kiene, S. Picket, J. Wilson, K. Kemp, F. Boring, R. Bracamonte. J. Tor- rey, M. Jack, Third row: J. Michaels, M. Simonton, J. Domikitus, S. Phillips, C. Smith, D. Sampson, J. Rosenham, E. Pa- pacek, R. Pendington, B. Jones, K. Young, C. Biester, D. Muhlenbruck, K. Lee, C. Burleson, N. Bartleson, D. Burboeg Back row: S. Smith, T. Smith, D. Skablan, M. Roseburrough, G. Teille, T. Cox.J, Perkin- son, D. Pollock, T. Swan, B. Osbom, M. Turley, K. Frasier, K. Bonham, S. Amett, Q C... 3 if Las Palomitas- P. Beynon. L. Bodine. M. Brcwington. K. Conway. T. Cox, C. Curtis C. Daley, D. Derosier, K. Huq. C. Jensen, A. Kelly, W. Lowe, T. McDonald, A. Morales K. Moyers, C. Nelson, B. Palson, S. Perez, K. Porterr, L. Schabztrum, K. Sentell. Premiere--R. Ackeberg, D. Belnap, K Bennett, S. Breinholt, K. Candland, T. Conover, C. Crockett, I-l. Duggan, J. Fos ter. S. Goodman. B. Hojonowski, M Leno, P. Munn, L. Oliver, A. Parry. M Peck. C. Porche, S. Price, D. Ray, T. Ray, A. Renteria, T. Shill, K. Skousen, T Smith, A. Soelberg, M. Tussing, A. Warin L. Willis, S. Wimmer, J. Wright, L Young. Hitting the right note--Karen Huq, Angie Kelly and Carolyn Daley sight read a piece of music in Las Palomitas. naw., '- of 3 fgfw - v .3 if. .Q Us Q t, , 2.1, ..-1.-. s ifff, Qs, ut., s it A .J4.a4,.., .5331 ' 1,56 y giic ctiis KE for the l987-88 with a lot of hard work Premiere, a unique all-girls' choir, was chosen to perform for the Music Education Association Convention and the Arizona Music Convention. "The best thing about Premiere is the smallness. We're like a little family and I think D0...Re...Me...--Missy Tussing concentrates on Dave Perry's signals during choir wam1-ups. Los Cantantes--S. Agren, K. Albram, G. Banks, C. Burley, C. Burrell, J. Carpenter, P. Decious, D. Dobson, A. Drinovsky, L. Duve, J. Fay, L. Gardner, I. Gilbert, M. Guthrie, R. Jones, H. Ludi, L. Lyon, S. Martindale, C. Millar, S. Montierth, T. Morrow, A. Nielson, R. Pearl, M. Perry, M. Perryman, S. Pierce, K. Ringger, M. Roberts, D. Rosenhan, C. Scott, T. Sinclair, P. Smith, J. Squires, T. Stanford, B. Teille, D. Truitt, G. Wenninghoff, A. Wright, S. Young, K. Zehring. tured by music and Perry almost choked on it. Through Perry's hard work and plenty of talented students, a successful year resulted. The Choirs sold candy to raise money for fun activities. During the half-day sched- ule, a large softball tournament was held with Los Cantantes coming out on top. During the Christmas season, the Choirs gave several concerts for some junior high schools and --f,,1:", I1 f":.,2 fl .':- 2.1122 .i:: E ':'::2EE':5'::2 Los Cantantes is the combination sopho- more and junior choir sometimes known as uThe Jungle" because of the wild members. Las Palomitas is an all-girls' sophomore choir. Dave Perry, the choir director, puts a lot of work in directing five different choirs and arranging for the different performances and festivals. "Mr, Perry is a good guy most of the time, " said sophomore Steve Martindale. But not everything in the choirs is seri- ous. Perry enjoys using a pitch pipe during daily practices. One day, however, no sound would come from his pipe, so he tried sucking in. Unfortunately, a large wad of lint came out and Ensemble Festival and Regional tryouts. Preparations were made several months ahead, and the results were very rewarding with the choirs receiving top honors. Sophomore Carolyn Daley said, "The year wasn'tjust fun and games. lt was also a lot of hard work, dedication, practice and a challengef, All members of Los Cantantes, Los Palomitas and Premiere will agree that al- though there was a lot of work involved, the whole year was very rewarding. Page design by Becky Spiers Story by Becky Spiers Photography by Robert Sheriff 157 vil- glf Going through the motions--Editorial Board Members Scott Rust and Michelle Griest intently listen to co-adviser MaryBeth Mason explain her idea for graphics. Mindscape--Front row: Managing Editor Trista Sammons, Shannon Tromp, Editor in chief Shannon Hawkins, Michelle Griest, Scott Rusg. Back row: Co-adviser Julie Knapp, Donovan Gilbert, Jennifer Campbell, Karen Wong, Melissa Gunyan, Steve Paap, Co-adviser MaryBeth Mason. Not pictured: Dolores Pedroza, Art!Photo Editor Robert Sheriff, Danielle Tejada. ta U" SN fi usic of the mind ., 1 if indscape edi- said, 4'We the students, by that they will them." Literary magazine is a periodical made up of the works of Mountain View students. Students submit their stories, poems, photo- graphs and drawings in hopes of having it published in the award-winning magazine. self besides writing. Some found their way through music. "I get a rise out of it. You walk away and your blood is rushing," said Lisa Kelly, a member of Encore Choir. Encore Choir is a prestigious organiza- tion to be in. At the beginning of second semester, auditions were held. Students were judged on scales, range and the ability to sing well with others. , l - ..-. ..- ' ... . . W-WW g fun. Shannon Tromp, also a member, said that she liked to read what other people wrote. Last year, Mindscape received a First Place Award and the previous year a Medalist Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, a very prestigious national award. This year, the Mindscape staff hopes to repeat their success. Hawkins said, "lt is very important to us that we continue to make a great magazine. As long as what we produce pleases the students, awards don't really matter." There are other ways of expressing one- Everyone in the group is very dedicated. "You have to sing over and over again," said Kelly. They sing the same song so many times just to get the right sound. lt's hard work, but in the end it is worth it. Encore Choir held many concerts throughout the year and competed in various competitions. Page design by Charmayne Cooley Story by Charmayne Cooley Photography by Ken Henderson 1 4 an Encore--Front row: Lisanne Norman, James Wilson, Christian Burleson, John Michaels, Tracy Cox: Second row: Doug Pollock, Scott Burleson, Dawn Burboe, Mark Brown, Karen Crockett, Randy Dittbemerg Back row: Melissa Simonton, Scott Weyerman, Mamie Omerza, David Waters, Sherry Grieve, JeffTory, Debbie Muhlenbruck, Ken Lee, Lisa Kelley, Janet Rosenburg. M M --ul Q VW" Av" e ' -- - 4,-A 'Ulm' MQ Talking it over--Editor in chief Shannon Hawkins, with the help of Shannon Tromp and Photography Editor Robert Sheriff, tries to decide upon the theme for Mindscape. Classroom serenade--During seventh hour, Encore singers Mark Brown and Lisa Kelley practice a song for their next performance. QS1212:2'1'fe-1:1az.aas-zaf::1w:2:'1eIfwesafas:ss2If2w:16124sw1-2ssee:aaaaxQ221.112254S15I-11s1:2sas"'Q22sf21224we.,-1-fszsz"'a1s2:.:' :z1sxcsiA'2k25w'ws::'1ss sz?-'Ma:wr-vzffxffstssmfegef-:wwewee:zxafesyfqxQQ'-f:oz1zs:is:sQw?3x+-Pinus' gems-5221xalzsiagz-1g123'5xzs??fg:JiangM214,gagsh.:rga-jeiggfgrqgiiimgaiggggf5:fmm,e,Q:'-zgaazggicfggg 3 Q, 1 gif :,-,aafel:meex:e4sawmewe3animc:vewexmfg,.ggefazza1.1swf22:1gge:ssvsMsszm1saa::s:fzf22E4:m and Crusades was an interest in and place in which a member, said that it was an outlet for them to get their fantasies and frustrations out. The games, such as Dungeons and Drag- ons, were designed to be strategic. Each member was given a character with a list of his or her weaknesses, strengths and dexterities. The member tries to let the character become a part of him or her. Someone, such as the role to play. ulture made fun the experience. FFA meets once a month and it had various fundraising activities such as a pump- kin, candy and poinsetta sales. The members raised money to travel to California to visit Disneyland and leam about the different types of plants there. They also had a wood cut, a luai, a horseride and a camping trip to Canyon Lake. FFA also raised money for BOAC CBuilding our Americas Communitiesj. Each chapter of FFA does a community project. FFA goes to county and state field shows .takes .a11,.,th9. Q.h9taS?.tQrS. .FQ 2 .FF?..?PF?.W. ..Fl??.i.i..??TT?.?7T?l?..F?Y?TY also i':rf1'f:i: f personal experiences in which to solve their Vaughn traveled to Kansas for the NWOHH1 problems. Many of these stories use sword and sorcery. The name of the game is survival. Weiss said that it is very hard to play an evil person if you are good-natured. When asked if the good guys always win, the answer was no, it is just about equal. The group does not necessarily buy the games they playg they make them up because they get bored with the same old games. The purpose of FFA CFuture Farmers of Americab, said Leslie Anderson, to pro- mote agriculture and to inform people of where their food comes from." FFA teaches students about agriculture, horticulture and leadership by allowing them Castles--Front row: Vance Merrill, David Draghn, Steve Beeghley, Ken Zachersong Back row: Don Smith, sponsor. Karl Weiss, David Feria. Ira Roncoty. Kellie Kepler. vfl 5?-?5QClubs FFA Conference. The group also traveled to Tucson for a leadership conference. One of the main things taught by FFA is leadership, said Aaron Lawton. Their meet- ings are Parliamentary style. They also have many leadership contests and are taught how to get along with others. When FFA members were asked what their favorite part of the club was. they said that the raising and shoeing of their animals was the best. Page design by Charmayne Cooley Story by Charmayne Cooley Photography by Robert Sheriff Scrawling his strategies--Senior Scott Rothwell at- tempts to solve a strategy for his next game of Dungeons and Dragons. 'wa 5' H 1 of 571, f A, V ,, .., ,f-"""' I issrre. Parade time-- Ready to plow down the parade. FFA gets ready to strut their stuff. FFA--Front row: Christy Daly, Leslie Anderson. Jennifer Vaughn, Karen Glass- Hesslsponsorj. Second row:Marcy l-loke, Patti Hines. Renea Wells, Jennifer Poole. Stacey l-lollenbeck, Jason Serb, Tony Soel. Third row: Justin Heckman, Ray O'Conner. John Loeffler, Russel Kaider. Back row: Tom Fuhr, Chris Stinson. Corri Heineman, Jim Clem, Fred Sutter. Pumpkin Patch kids-- Three elmen- tary kids pose with the pumpkins they chose at the FFA pumpkin sale for Hallow- een. aking up goals yor's Youth QMYCJ was and enthusi- club for the 1987-88 school year. As a combined interschool group, many service and govern- ment orientated projects were completed throughout the year. "The leaders were very enthusiastic and proposed every project with a lot of support," said Sharon Zint. "MYC got our school involved with other schools, and l got the opportunity to represent Mountain Viewf, said Steve Beeghley. Another club on campus that was very active, though in a different way, was New Horizons. The goal for New Horizons was to teach girls about careers and future opportuni- ties. Lecturers such as Carolyn Warner came to discuss the importance of planning fogr the ... .,. ... .,.... ,.,, , ,.,. . . , .,..,,,,. , , ..., ,.....,,.. , . .,.....,,,,.,.,, ,,.,. .,..,,,..,.,. ,,.,,....... 2 '525'EQi5Z?,sfjsis,sEfE'..12eggs '- 1' :s52'Z3:E ig:ffZgf3f '-sii.:pE.iaal5.EZ-f2E5,if2i5Z1Si5.5s2131:si'E.,:f-QS2Qg'1- s iff''tfigfgfggziigssjiiif ig. 2222.112I,i2wEgaE,ig,i:3EQ5g:,, J 1 many activities were planned and completed. Some of these activities included running booths during the Mesa Day and Veteran's Day parades. Other service projects assigned were Christmas baskets for the elderly and spending time with needy children. "I applied for MYC because I really liked doing the service projects and meeting new people," said Yetta Young. "live benefit- ted by leaming leadership as well as dedica- tionf' Horizons gave me an interesting way out more about my career opportunitiesf, "The speakers we had were honest about their careers. They didn't make it seem like they didn't have any problems juggling a ca- reer, family and social life," said Young. Page design by Becky Spiers Story by Becky Spiers Photography by Robert Sheriff Ken Henderson ' S at ' '. ".' 45? 't f, C - 3514 t a ' Y May0r's Youth C0mmittee-- Jennifer Alig, Jennifer Anthony, Steve Beeghley, Christopher Cady, Michele Clower. Cynthia Crockett. John Fountain, Kristin Griffin. Cindy Helmick. Jackie Hough, Marzy Jones. Kirsten Kemp, Sharon Zint, Michelle Kemp, Ted Logan, Sonja Markoski, Ray McManaman. Natascha Ovando, Steve Paap, Molly Pont, Jeff Shultz, Chester P. S'groi, Allison Temple, Cynthia Vincent, Yetta Young. Plan Ahead-- Guest speaker Carolyn Warner expresses the importance of goals and accomplishing them to the New Horizons group. ze vit g?IcOClubs 72 E , 'is .,,. , ,L A my - .,...........,.,, 1 , ,Q .,,, ,.,,, . f - is 4 N.- " F-1- ir Anti iyi ' fi, 'fig' V ""'k th M' Good informati0n-- Molly Pont, Kerry Kent amd Sharon Zint are amazed at the Through the hole--Junior Cindy Helmick assists a participant in the game at the ww ,tai ff New Horiz0ns-- Holly Antwiler, Larita Baker, Suzette Clegg. Brandy Cooley, Charmayne Cooley, Christy Frazier, Maureen Gaines, Julie Goodman, Kristin Griffin, Melissa Gunyan, Karen Haq, Shannon Hawkins, Beth Huey, Kristina Irwin, Lisa Kelley, Kerry Kent, Lisa Klikoff, Traci Laaseh, Jennifer Manuszak, Jennifer Markley, Sonja Markoski, Keri Ostrander, Natascha Ovando, Dina Pizzo, Molly Pont. Holly Porter, Sassie Rettig, Danielle Scafaria, Niki Schutten, Leigh Shahan, Becky Spiers, Victoria Suhr, Amy Tanner, Danielle Tejada, Tami Ut- ton, Cindy Vincent, Coco Wamer, Marlee Watkins, Wendy Wildish, Shannon-Marie Williams, Jennifer Winslow, Yetta Young, Sharon Zint. 1156932 ,fi H o r i z 0 n s ives on ights, costumes, make-up and props all- play significant roles in the glamour of the theater. However, not only do the actors make a performance a success, but also the important people behind the scenes. Stage Crew created the world in which the plays were enacted. From the major school performances, to the action in the drama room, Stage Crew provided all settings. Senior Charles Ballard said, "I enjoy the thrill of knowing you helped with the play without standing in front of the crowd." Being a member of Stage Crew is a demanding role. Most crew members worked at least two nights a week and an average of l 8- 20 hours a week. However, as Stage crew member Tiffany Hansen said the benefits outweigh the hard work. "It's fun to see things change from noth- ing into a big production. Stage Crew is a good leaming experience as well as a way of mak- ing close friends. The theater is a whole new world." the stage Drama, or the Thespian Troupe, pro- vides many students with the opportunity to get involved in productions. For many people. acting allows a way to express themselves like never before. In addition, drama members often find that part of the character ecomes a part of their own self in their voices, actions, attitude and mannerisms. Mountain View's Thespian Troupe had a successful year with plays such as Flowers for Algernon, The Crucible, and Harvey. Junior Drama member Doug Flandro who is new to Mountain View said, "When I saw how much people get involved and how much better the Thespian Troupe is here, I was really excited about trying out." l-le also added, "Knowing that I've done a goodjob and the audience enjoyed what they saw makes me feel great." Page design by Shannon Hawkins Story by Shannon Hawkins Photography by Charles Ballard Memorize those lines--Drama members Doug Flan- dro and Melissa Weatherly go over their lines for a play. Lights, camera, action!-- Stage Crew member Kelly Brown prepares the lights for the evenings entertainment. iz PL AVP' 'Nl -"tl 22700 sf' 'W 4??' u in it ig' A, It's a breeze-- Seniors Chantelle Godfrey and Eric Pfoutz go over their parts in the production without any problems. Mfr' Xa Drama--Front row: Rob Rydman. Tif- fany Hansen. Jason Stahr. Shannon Tromp. Teresa Sedy. Scott Rust. Second row: Jennifer Breid. Christy Call. Doug Flandro. Stephanie March. Lesli Bjork. Melanie Scott. Melissa Weatherly. Chan! talle Godfrey. Amity Essley. Kurt Streif. Third row: Judy Wallace. Rebecca Miller, brandy Dixon. Brandy Cooley. Stephanie Phillips.LisaSan Miguel.Jason Walters, Adrian Stovall. Sheri Salvesen, Wendy Wildish. Fourth row: Kelleey Allen, Neil Mather, Alex Thomas, Jason wallace, Kelly Gregan, James Starace. Jami Beveridge, Rebekah Omarkhail, Shari Rust. Fifth row: Duane Alder, Tiffanie Thomas, Rob Leathers. MarLee Watkins, Kim Duboise, Doug Fort, Na- talie Miller. Arch Montierth. Ed Goodwin, Adam Montierth. na,- xi: x 1. Stage Crew-- Front row: Charles Ballard. Shannon Tromp, Tiffany Hansen. Daphanie Fuller. Melanie Scott, Arch Montierth. Second row: Alex Thomas, Jason Stahr, Jason Walters. Rob Rydman. James Starace, Kelly Brown. Back row: Judy Wallace, Jeff Freeman, Jason Wallace, Ed Goodwin, Adam Montierth. Justin Debore, Mike felbab. Teresa Seely. Kurt Streif. D ram a UN is "just like Nations kids," said senior Jim Cwiakala. Model UN helps students learn more about politics in foreign countries. During the school year, Model UN prepares members for the yearly conference held in Tucson at the University of Arizona by studying the countries which they represent. This year, Mountain View represented the countries of Lebanon, Ecuador and Ghana. At the yearly conference, members took on roles as ,::. .,2,..2 :Zi ,.,, itjhgt a.,. i,,a.l6.E5,,...g5,ia senior Lauri Brouwer when asked why she joined. "I want to find out all I can about the UN and World Peacef, said senior Cameron Williams. Senior Steve Beeghley said, "I joined because I want to learn more about the real I 'KW' ' 'ft S- 41" l... , lsr.. I oeffm' . , ff ' 2' ' .' W aking a stand UNT Forensics is a group of students who debate different subjects. For example, this year they debated on current political issues such as the Supreme Court's No Pass - No Play rule, and drug testing in the work place. 'Arguing against other people is a lot of fun," said senior Selena Loring. Debate teaches students how to argue logi- cally. They are given a subject to research and speak about. Then they try to persuade others to see the point of view they are supporting. "It teaches you how to think on your feet," 'afi 5.1:2I.f1:IE3E:f5:E515'5:.f1ri .,1: I v.-': 5 V. '.1,.:atas-1-13,111,1-1'-4s.,., , -2.32.542.1.+::.w.f+.-I-16r-is-11-1-is,-1 sz-1-11-1-.-1 - w.-:'-1-1m1-fx-1-1-.4-rf: ,...,,,,,.,.,., . ,.,, ,.,...,.,,., ..., .,,,.....,...,.,....,.,.,..,. . . . . ,:,,,.q 'LI joined because I thought it would be exciting to debate against other peoplef, said junior Stacie Breinholt. Page design by Sharon Hossler Story by Sharon Hossler Photgraphy by Robert Sheriff, Robert Wood be ies l Model UN-- Front row: Sassy Rettig, Steve Beeghley, Jim Cwiakala. Lacey Nelson, Lori Brouwer. Second row: Maureen Gaines, Carle Carpenter, Uipul Patel, Chester S'groi. Back row: Tami Utton, Carrie McKenna, Cindy Vincent. Anthony Wiemelt. Scott Rothwell. Richard Lyons. Cameron Williams. Yetta Young. sponsor Tom Pantera. 156 gill Qlggmlubs Please d0n't interrupt me-- Junior Rob Poston takes notes on establishing better extemporaneous speaking for his debate class. ...d' Y' .Q is . . lk , , Wg... ,si K .. , 4 ' N ,F .. I .. K ,ff QF r -' x ' t 5 FS. E " 1 . ' t W V Q ' kg K , + .fu X , 1 , igfxm X ' s' ilu 4 S' . -..wg f 'V 7, , wfszxl 'M 'ww ,M fgxgffkl. 33 fs' f d L. - . of 93,5 ,- fl F ' g fwgQn1:wf.z-is ',,,.,gFft?w.flf9.o2Q1" W1 .- - ' . -3'g5'igZgasiA.g1 ., ,ff A' asp ,,'Cf'f""?' xii' .iff is f ir. 4 sw- .g.:fQfw1xt?A ' ff" ff f 1 of .Ma .. , 5, .: 33 "l?fl?Q5w.f.'.4"'f':' '-VPf3'T2d3,' Q .. - , f 5, 'rf - Got It'?-- Model UN sponsor Tom Pun- tera tries to get the point across to the members of Model UN at an meeting. I'm listening-- Seniors Maureen Gaines and Carrie McKenna listen intently to the discussion of issues at a Model Un meet- ing, Forensics-- J, Anthony. S. Anthony. G. Baecker. S. Bake. S. Bccghley. J. Bier- man. D, Brown. J. Bush. C.Cady. G. Clark. T. Connell. J.Fisher. D. Gates. T. Geiinan. J, Gibbons. C. Godfrey, T. Hall. M. Heiner. N. Kronemcycr. C.Lopez. S.l.oring. L.Mangan. S. Martindale. R. Poston. S. Radisich. B. Roberts. R. robin- son. D. Sampson. E, Schultv. R.Shillingburg. B. Smith. P.Smitl1. K. Sundquist. J.ljdall. C.Vineent. 167 ggi? . Q l .1:1:2f UN!Forensics 4' Are we done yet'?-- Seniors Eileen Miller, Shannon Hawkins and Erin Malloy wonder if they are ever going to get to go home. La Vista--- Charles Ballard. Danielle Chinavare. People Editor:Roh Connelly. Char- mayne Cooley, Michelle Garoutte, People Editor: Jill Greenlee, Academies Editorl Michelle Griest. Activities Editor: Kelly Harrell. Shannon Hawkins, Clubs Editor: Cindy Helmiek. Ken Henderson, Asst.Photography Editor: Sharon Hossler, Jackie Hough. People Editor: Julie Knapp. Adviser: Alicia Kriek, Erin Malloy. Sports Editor: Eileen Miller, Editor in Chief: Sylvia Montero, Sassy Rettig, Carie Sehave, Rohert Sheriff, Photo Editor: Jerlyn Simonton, Asst. Editor: Becky Spiers, April Uhlmeyer. Copy Editor: Laura Vemon, People Editori Rob Wood, Shauna Wood. Faculty Editor. es N 0. , Viewpoint--Front row: Michelle Skinner, Celeste Fish, Janie Amsbury, Cathy Lane. Yetta Young. Second row: Beth Silver, Jennifer Guess. Steve Wesby, Cartoonist: Tracy Connell, Waheed Beg. Back row: Mario Mer- cado. Editor in Chief: Rita Braeamonte. Opinion Editor: Chad Andrews. Darin Damme. Sports Editor: Derek Seal. Sports Editor: Rob Connelly, Back Page Editor: Robert Sheriff, Photo Editor: Julie Knapp, Adviser. Should we w0rk?-- Sophomores Jen- nifer Guess and Beth Silver try to get in the swing for another deadline. 168 gill C'QIlubs J ,vf ,"4' .. 4' I Q . -ls. 355.5 if Q' .'..f'-fa' , . . , 1, "--A.:-is W -it . Us 5 1 eff' Jh, ' I fr, Y, . .. so Staff strikes back-- Adviser Julie Knapp lovingly re- ceives a pie in the face from her staff. ver the summer, changes took place Mountain View's publi- cations, the La Vista yearbook and the View- point newspaper. Besides moving to a new location in Room 312, both staffs undertook the great challenge of making publications history. The La Vista made publications history this year by way of using computers to produce the yearbook. Through extensive training and several extra hours of hard work, the yearbook staff successfully met their goal. 'SI think we're all crazy for doing this, but I love it,"said La Vista editor-in-chief .,1v.,,': 53255 .t,',' .Q ..:,.g ',,-1. i -:'-1,-.,1 ff35i:s,2:'i:??E??ffaSi1.5if-ttfatafftttttg-'igttffeaffaaee Stas graphics. Once completed the computer disks were mailed to the publishing company for printing. "It was interesting leaming about the computer and how easily everything was done," said junior section editor Danielle Chinavare. Along with classroom time, many hours were devoted to yearbook- lunchtimes, Satur- days, and after school hours. Senior Becky Spiers said, "I want to be a graphic designer and yearbook helps me V ef A lb M .V 4 I? taining the best to leam more about what I will be doing." The newspaper Viewpoint had a chal- lenge to meet also. After last year's newspaper ranked second in Arizona, this year's staff strived to reach number one. Viewpoint editor-in-chief Mario Mercado said, "I made a commitment to make this newspaper the best high school newspaper, not only in the state, but in the nation." He also added, f'Being the best means giving the best to your student body." Viewpoint staffers felt that working on the newspaper was a great experiemce. De- spite long hours, the reporters and editors all " ' Z "Newslab is a fun place to be and a good way to gain experience on the field." Although some ofthe staff members will not continue injoumalism, some have planned definite careers in joumalism. Senior photographer Robert Sheriff, who provided all ofthe photos for the newspa- per and several for the yearbook, said, "I enjoy what I do and I'm good at it." Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Shannon Hawkins Photography by Robert Sheriff E V' A .v.,4l"f ' aw ., I ,ft D-E-A-D-L-I-N-E!!-- Yearbook member April Uhlmeyer tries to remain calm during one of several big deadlines as she strives to accomplish all of the work that needs to be done. ,169 Q53 ,IIC LVIVP he big question of what to up again, as the stands ofthe began to clear. A 7 Swensons? all were the same as the week before, then a sugestion came up... How about Neil's Place? Heidi Bailey, PresidentofNeil's Place saidflenjoy being around people who arenit fake, people who accept anyone and are their real selves." On Friday nights, the group from Neil's :i,: th in friendship letes who held Christian beliefs. Trevor Cava- naugh said that he joined FCA, "to get a little more insight on religion and the Bible." FCA provided the members within it a choice to widen their thoughts of religion. Sophomore Jeff White said, "It's help- ful because we take a closer look at ourselves and the people around us. We can also talk about anything that bothers us and feel com- fortable without being embarrassed." ,Q ..,.,,....,..... .,. ... .lt. ,i.' '.'.' :::,:Av- ,::fE'lE ":- "'.'::" : .I'I'1 I 3'II'I1II2I "-I:f-, E ifi- E ,ii-f I - :" .:"':2:'..11'..2r' 5222 -I-' ii'I':2E'I 1:2 "'::" .:2'iv.:I'::-.I1 I .2'. --2:"1:2i:i-,-' ' -':" I I : 55::5:.."EI5..55I:f.I2"- Money that was made was used for a good cause. They sent money to another country to help support three adopted kids. Twenty-one dollars a month was sent to each child to help them with food, clothes and with their education. The remaining money went to Compassion Intemational. FCA CFellowship of Christian Athletesj consisted of a group of Mountain View ath- . ...... ..TUh.i.6f .jim .Lee.b.6F .... gina, WFCK .... nitely a worthwhile club to be involved with in school." A great learning experience, the Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes provides their members with a place of comfort, Page design by Jerlyn Simonton Story by Kelly Harrell Photography by Ken Henderson E i -- 3 ' -fi . 1.1. XQQ Lunchtime entertainment-- The band. No Laughing Matter. sponsored by Neil's Place, performs during fourth and fifth lunch at the annual Fall Fest. 70 Q53 Slfcqllubs Understanding people-- Neil's Place members learn that understanding each other is a very important part of life. ll' W f 2' 1 'M , 1 .W rf .... ' v fm.-, M,-W L sf it, 'K ' R Zi, 9 a ff be K 0 at A I of X, ,A 2 Q E 92 its Neil s Place- Heidi Bailey, Caroline Bell, Joshua Buschouer, Pam butler, Michelle Carole Neil Conway, Caroline Daily, Joe Domikitus, Frances Drumeller, Greg Du, sharlene Edwards, Carla Fould, Jennifer Freeman, Rebecca Gingerich, Wendy Gune, Evy Heuver, Mark Hook, Kirsten Kemp, Kurt Kronemeyer, Scott Lewis, Esther McDonaldQsponsorJ, Becky McLaughlin, Marrilee Miller, Sandy Phonn, Brent Reder- ick, Randy Reed, Ralph Robinson, Michelle Rosenburrough, Rob Rydman, Tanner Sinclair, Lisa Temple, Tami Utton, Beth Wood. Q f 4 FCA--Front row: Brian Evans, Dan Papacek, Jeff White, Jay Dempsey, Jim Leeper, Back row: Colin Redding, Steve Tafoya, Trevor Cavanaugh, Katy Taylor, Coach Jim Brady. Taking notes--Two members of Neil's's Place listen carefully to what everyone is discussing. M Qi Pl B0ys!Girls State--Front row: Steve Beeghley, Jon Moeller, Kip Demovich, Kevin Mulligan. Back row: Katy Ferrell, Vicky Pratt, Juliette Blackhurst, Natascha Ovando. , ung people today face a complex issues, prob- challenges. Anytown brings teenagers of different cultural, ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds together, and helps them to better understand each other and the world around them. It is a summer camp that emphasizes human relations. "It was incredible what you leam about auth find wisdom 'flt was the best learning experience anyone could ever have. It was a time to let yourself go, make new friends and enjoy yourself," said Kevin Ringger. Girls and Boys State are similar camps. They are camps where you learn and better understand the govemmental system. The boys and girls of these camps set up their own governments using the Arizona govemment a Since l957, when Anytown first came to Arizona from Califomia, Anytown has lis- tened to the hopes, fears, frustrations and dreams of many teenagers. They have group discussions about problems that trouble today's teenagers like alcoholism, prejudice and the world around them. They also had workshops that deal with subjects like, how to meet people and family life. 'fAnytown is a place to leam more about people from all types of backgrounds, and to learn the common ground we all share," said Mountain View counselor, Greta Christner. .,.,r,:,'g,2t. 3 United States citizen as an adult. They had government officials that came to the camp to talk to the students. One of these speakers was Rose Mofford, the Arizona Secretary of State. Kip Dernovich said, 'LYou get a lot of good things out of it like knowledge about government, new friends, and recognition by scholarship offers." Page design by Alicia Krick Story by Alicia Krick Photography group members 4 .W S0 much to learn- Rose Mofford speaks to the students of Boys and Girls State about how the govemment works. ,W , , if ,.,. it A f, Z 'S - 'tm , Diff' ",' 2 ,, , . " ,"' I 2 fa , , ,VV,V, Q New found friends-- Senior Kevin Ringger poses for a picture to remember his new found friends he met last summer at Anytown. 'v ,V rv. Y Learning by doing--The students from Boys and Girls State comps put a little fun into learning by acting out government procedures. -p.. V ,YN v Anytown-- Front row: Michelle Hummel, Amy Bozzuto, Holly Dawn, Diana Higuera. Karen Crockett. Back row: Greta Christner, Monica Whitmore, Julie Goodman. Chester S'groi, Scott Driggs, Kevin Ringger, Katy Ferrel, Marvin Wright. Al. if-R k i . Q 461 , 4 f iw A' :X w R? -W , x KV.. Wi KX Qi' " N f-.KAQSNX 'mm L, 'Mx . . ASK K grave , 'W 3 K ,- , at :ef , .wx- -Q 2' Togetherness--Brent Wallin, Dave Draughn, Brad Amett and Carey Foushee spent many Friday nights together cheering on the football team. 1.320 ffzf Dffz' 0 , 72 flggzczg From the moment school started, it was evident that this would be no ordinary year. With the increased number of stu- dents and faculty, one was sure to see a familiar face, a friendly smile, or someone to talk with while walking to his or her next class. The campus was filled with students mulling about, talking with friends or seeking a contemplative moment in one of the few hidden comers. With 3,200 stu- dents, there were few precious corners to be had. The band room was a crowded, teary- eyed scene one day in early November as a famous saxaphone musician presented Abraham Mungiua with his own saxaphone. Each of them blind, sat together fingering the sax and talking of their love for music as students silently looked on. Busy days were transformed into caring moments as students reached be- yond themselves and into the world. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Eileen Miller Photography by Robert Sheryf Q I MWF MW- V. f' EE, XM Y T 3, .1 ,Wu 11,,,! W Ni V ,mx , , 35-fx MQ W '? W , W 2 A ,K My K A M Q ,W V 13' I . 1 ,gf , qw J! -ull 1 1 2 I a n 14 3 ww Xu Q Q 1i 7A Q., W H Xa , vm 1 ' f W an W v, ' 1f,k 4 gg? ,J N, f Eg 3 u M W Ways ' ,I W .Im " 'Q f - 5 3 f , L. .wi X'--if M3 s a 3 ,T-E' 'QQ' w gp . -1' I 4 ,4 K . ,ja 7? 7 7,1 f ifiw, 'f'?Z,J" 'f 'WZ , g t 1 , . ' on " Class of 88. for Venetia Abers Rene Acuna Holly Adams Jennifer Adams Roxanne Adams Stacey Agostino Richard Ahlande Cynthia Alderete Richard Alfaro Andy Allen aygoodbye looking ahead " U n e o n 1 rol I a b I e . " "wild." "outra- geous" and "row-dy" definitely describes the At the assemblies. thelfootball games and everywhere on campus, the seniors showed off their spirit. Whether it was dress- ing up on toga day or going to the football games with painted faces. they proved that "the class of"X8" is number one." said Dave Brown. This year. the seniors discovered the key to success is being the best in what they do. either academically or athletically. Being a senior was fun. but also very stressful. Important decisions had to be made about the future. Whether it was choosing which college to attend or finding a job for after graduation. seniors had a lot on their minds. ln addition to academics. friends played a major role in the lives of seniors. Some seniors realized that they must cherish the time left to spend with their high school pals since friends go their separate ways after graduation. Page design by Jackie Hough fi- Storgv byjuckie Hough Taming the West--Lynn Berg. Christine Candid photography by Ken Ht'lIdE'l'S1lll Baclxman and Marie Evans enjoy the pep BW-'W' IWVWS i" Wl'fi"" by R011 Wfmfl assembly before the Westwood game. if ' f it! t"- , QTN. . I 5 V, 1, ' ,lllllh ' V' V 5, if Jennifer Allen Katie Allen Kathryn Allison Lori Almond Ronald Alofs Charles Amador Steven Ambri .lanie Amsbury Robert Analla Peter Andersen Annette Anderson Daniel Anderson Leslie Anderson Reese Anderson Stephen Anthony Theresa Antone Wendy Appel July Apsey - Vicki Armstrong Brad Arnett Allen Arnold Nina Aro Delia Arrieta Ernest Arrieta Steven Atkins Billy Atwell Lynde Austin Charles Autrey David Auxier Krista Axsom V nlun ' I l l I i ora spirit pride hit the road ,:2::,E,E: ,:Z:,i:E,,2:E2,fEi f2:,:,i:Eii ,,E3E::,E,f:f,i :,::gE,7i lt's red. white. and man, and the mighty bull's head surrounded l , blue-the colors of America. the Mt. View football teams and the Toromobile. Owned and driven by senior Mike Kun- drat. this car is the essence of fun. With a Gumby on the side. a raging bull head on the hood and Captain Caveman on the other side, this car has it all. Kundrat got the car the summer before his junior year. This summer the car went through a new series of paint jobs. lt is now a bright white and has Toromobile hand painted on each side. All of the special features. such as the door handles that say "pilot" and "shot- gun." the cartoons of Gumby. Captain Cave- 173 G tcitA dda na T is by flames are painted by hand. This meant 30-40 hours worth of work for the industrious painters Kundrat, Rick Lasse, Ken Henderson, Darron Gillespie, not to mention the money spent on the paint. after all Cuumby couldn't be painted White! The future of the Toromobile seems to be a question on most minds. Mr. Kundrat thinks he will most likely bequeath the legendary mobile to a very worthy sophomore. when he graduates. Page design by Jackie Hough Story by Sassy Rettig Candid photography by Ken Henderson Where's the beach?--Senior Mike Kundrat shows his stuff on top of the famous Toromo- bile. ' ii ff view! W!! Y' ,Q l 1' if if fsbgar' - ll , 1' ff Qi, Qt Stacy Bachali Kristine Bachman Grant Baecker Jason Baedke Dawn Baier Gloria Bailey Heidi Bailey Brian Baker LaRita Baker Sheryl Balster Lynn Balthasar Brett Balthrop Kathleen Banks Kimberly Barney Trase Barney Loren Bartling Patricia Bartz Trevor Basom Elizabeth Baughn Jel'frey Beard Steven Beeghley Frank Behring Coreen Bellinghiere Dayna Belnap Joanna Bentley ,H .ti erv'W' Lynn Berg Christine Bermea Sara Bethaneourt Kelly Biller Mary Bingold 179 1 in 'Q , . 151 1 I I 53 3. , ,v., ,,..,.,.,.... , EM? ,.., ,.,...-.,V.,., Q- The llello Assem- hlx xx its one ol' the best examples ol' senior spirit. With llying nexxspupers atnd loud cheers. the seniors stttrted ofl' the new school xeatr shoxx ing xx ho had the most spirit. Most seniors wore school colors on game days and pztrticipztted in Spirit Week by xxettring httts and dressing tip in togtts. Missy Felstead ztnd sotne ol' her friends shoxxed their senior spirit hx- Hllllxlllg lun of the sophomores hx "dressing tip in Togus und carrying tt sign thttt sttid 'SlilNllORS ARE TOO SHliEK."' Outrageous personalities and xxild pritnlxs were eommon tttnong the seniors on Lori Bisdorl' Eric Bgiornholt .luliette Blttckltttrst Shttri Boclx Kris Bodine Braid Bolttr Hettther Bond Wax ne Bond Michelle Bonham .lattnes Boren Melanie Boslex Christopher Box Atnx Boxles Brent Boyse Jellrex' Boffuto Rittt Bratcumonte Kevin Brztclxney Lori Brztidmttn Wade Brannon Milxlxel Brzttrud 180' here 's no sh yness here the cztinptis tts xxell its att the gztnies. "Going to the gunxes und getting roxx dx " is hoxx Shannon Williams showed her senior spirit ttnd Scott Weyermun nstztxed true to the 'l'oro bttntlf' Mttnx seniors ran onto the field to con- grtttttlttte the lootbttll teatm on tt xxfin. They stood on the hlettchers and cheered the Toros on to x ietorx in exerx sport. Peter l'dall sttid. "l shoxx ed mx senior spirit hx delettting other schools ut the number one sport." Page design by jackie Hough Smrux' by Laura Vzfrmm Pltotogrupliy by Bud Ford ' if .,f ' ' fr' v , 4 lit" ' M 5 l R , , X L, H 1, A , V . a Qt r Ill W I l 'lf ,. . l 1 "' - 33 lik V 'l'oros--At the l'irst loothttll gztme. Rick Latsee shoxx s ol'l'his Toro spirit hx painting his litce in the school colors, Fa? . gy is watts YA 1 he t ' 'ff' t rs at :WX .. 3 5 iii J g, gg , -., 2. Garin Breinholt Dawn Brennan Robert Brock Lauri Brouwer Andrew Brown Cltristopher Bron n David Brown Jason Brown Jody Broun Mark Broun Michelle Brunel Patrick Brunick Raylene Brunner Rick Bryce Rohin Buck Charmaine Badge Melinda Bunning Dawn Burho Stephanie Burckhard Bret Burkinshaw Christian Burleson Michelle Burns Todd Burns Scott Burrell Pamela Butler Sean Cady Donald Cahill Kristen Cain Stephanie Caldwell 18 it Mark Campagna Jason Campbell Lance Campbell Michael Campbell Brett Campos Charles Candland Kevin Cantile Wilford Cardon Carolyn Carnicke Edward C aipenter Joseph Carpenter Michelle Carroll Kristi Carter Trevor Cavanaugh Shelley Cearley Henry Cervantes Peter Cervantes James Chapman Melissa Chapman rl? Michael Chapman If Md av' fficers strive forthe best united together to make this one of the best years possible. For the past three years. the senior class has dominated the class competitions. lt has been a way to get people involved and excited about their school. But this years' officers wanted to see more recognition in the scholastic and artistic areas, rather than just in sports and class competitions. Representing the senior class was fun and the officers really enjoyed working with the students. They all wanted to do what was best for the school. Senior President Kip Dernovieh commented on trying to get the V Sem o rs "l represent the Mountain View senior class. they look up at mc. telling me what they want. so l try to set a good example." said Dernovich. "lt is our last year at high school and so we must make it the best year possible. Hope- fully. we seniors set an example that repre- sents Mountain View in the best way pos- sible." said Senior Vice President Wilford Cardon. Page design hy Jackie Hough Story by Danielle Cliilmrnre Boxed Ierrers by Rob Wood Senior officers--Secretaryffreasurer Steve Beeghley. Vice President Wilford Cardon. President Kip Dernovich. lg lf l . l s WSW il 1" i J W C if Jennifer C harboneau Lisa Chiakmakis Christine Chiappetta Danielle Chinavare Heather Chiren Joseph Chott Chad Christensen Scott Christensen Sue Christensen Suzette Christensen Donna Church Maurizio Ciriello Jr. Philip Clar Matthew Clausen Sandra C lawson Megan Cleary Suzette Clegg James Clem Preston Cluft' Loretta Coates Monte Coffman Jr. Jessica Coleman James Collins Robert Connelly Eric Conway Shane Cook Tiffany Cook Charmayne Cooley Kimberly Cooley Duane Coon 1 3 3 fi Mia Cooper Christine Cordoza Jennifer Corey Tranipis Cornwell Jacquelene Cottingham Jeremy Cowing Daniel Cowperthwait Traci Cox John C rismon Karen Crockett William Crowe Celee Croxton Mark Culbertson James Cwiakala Bernard Cyplik Joshua Dahlstrand Matthew Dalton Bizzy Darger Edward David Rachael Davis Rebecca Davis Stanley Davis lll Todd Davis Scott Dawson Joseph Decker Darren DeGracie Kyle Degrofl' Kip Dernovich Eddissia Diaz John Dickinson 1 84 Q ii Mais-rn' n rs Egfr' mn!! ,ry 5 re Tom Dickman Paula Diehm Rhonda Dikes Randall Dittberner Linda D'Luzansky Michael Dougherty David Draughon V A Scott Driggs fl' Heidi Duggan . Keri-Ann Dunn 5 x QQ, 7?Wl 'm 'ust too bus ma be later e . 2 HUVG YOU CVCY "': 01115595-N NWC dldnql have long enough 'O wanted to ask the question. who invented homework? For many seniors. it felt like the homework never slopped.They were trying to beef up their tran- scripts for college entrance by taking AP courses and math and science. But gettingthe homework done was an- other story. With so many different activities going on. who wanted to take time to do homework? Most seniors would rather have worked on the homecoming float than have gone to the library to do their thesis papers. School spirit is important too. isn't it? Some excuses teachers received wcre: "There was too much homework in my other iii, WH? 5.1551 ,AW Sleeping Beauty--Staying up late to finish homework for his classes the previous night takes its toll on Ted Logan . work on it." or "lt's in my locker. l'll turn it in late." "l went camping all weekend and I couldn't get it done." said senior Jason Rodgers. "l've had I2 years of homework and I'm too smart to study and too cute to care." said senior Greg Harris. "We don't do it because we think we know it all." said senior Dan Reilly. Page design hy Jackie Hough Story by Danielle Chinavare Candid photography by Rob Wood Boxed letters by Rob Wood Michael Dunn Eric Dupont Mark Duschek Kelly Dutcher s Dawn Dye Matthew Eagleburger Richard Eaton . Lance Echols eff- A f Doug Edmonds H ' A r Randall Edmonds X X 185, 'f2t.fQ. QQ? ljggno- dm Kenny Edwards Lee Edwards Sharlene Edwards Piyada Ekbundit John Ellingson III Heath Elmer Kaleo Enos Brett Enright Scot Erickson Carolyn Eskew David Eskew Michelle Esperson Jose Esqueda Amity Essley Cathy Evans Marcie Evans Dana Evenson Catherine Farlinger Susan Fedock Melissa Felstead Katy Ferrell Justin Fickas Lisa Fillmore Jason Fischbeck Celeste Fish James Fisher Karla Fieldahl Isaac Flores Rudy Flores Gabriel Foltz fs 1 sf .Q if ,f 4 .. ,...... 1 A 'Cs .1 1 ,...,, Packing up and leaving home lor a higher education can be a frightening expe- rience. but it can also be a rewarding one. Seniors spent their last year in high school trying to figure out which college to attend and then how to get accepted into that college. For some seniors. college was a way out. "l'm going away to college to get out ol' Arizona." said Deb Wong. Being independent and accepting chal- lenges is what other seniors think college is all about. "I like challenges. ll'l'm not pushed. l'm not going to get anything done. Either you make it or you don't." said Donna Church. oving on to newbeginnings Serious thinking--Grant Baecker and Scott Ryan discuss college choices. Baecker is considering Stanford University. Seniors were also looking forward to having the chance to finally be treated like an adult. "l 'm looking forward to being taught as an adult and being on the same level with my teachers." said Danielle Tejada. College may be one of the richest expe- riences a person can have. lt's a decision that requires prolonged thinking and preparation. Tejada said. "l think I'm college mate- rial. but who knows if l'm college bound." Page design by Jackie Hough Story by Laura Vernon Plmrograplzsyby Rob Wood Graphic letters by Rob Wood Penny Foos Christina Foster Carla Foulk Damien Fox Paul Fox Heidi Frabasilio Rebecca Fram Rosa Franco Pamela Franklin Christy Frazier Dorcas Frazier Christine Frost David Frost April Fuller Lorraina Fuller Shawn Fyffe Tari Gabrielson Maureen Gaines Brandon Galligan Todd Garbison 187 ' 131 g l QECIW , ff , ,, ez - --3"129"'I25'Ii2i121"Q21-'ggsnji-'ggbgi-"Q-j7:5"?W4V6'Z? F' 'W Matthew Gardner Todd Gardner David Garrovv Candance Gates 'Be Scott Gaulin Mysti Gehring W J.D. Gertz Yolanda Gibson Steven Gillen 35 Darron Gillespie ' I' 5 Several seniors were polled about their knowledge of strange words in the Eng- lish language. One ofthese little known words was pachyderm. Could it be "a disease." "a perfume that attracts punkersf' or maybe even a "pack of motorcycle germs"'? Here is how some Nlountain View seniors responded to the question. -"When you walk into the wrong class." said Kevin Kosisky. -"The smell ofthe dairy during a football game." said Brett Campos. -"Zit cleaner." said Melanie Bosely. whatl? seniors asked -"A sports spectator lilffllll Pakistan." said Sonja Markoski. -"Another name for AIDS." said Col- leen Griffin. Although H1051 ofthese answers reflect the creative power used by these seniors. none of lllCSC 2ll13WCl'S 2ll'C COl'I'CCl. Oli COLIYSC. A pachyderm is really a thick skinned. hoofed animal. like an elephant or a rhinoc- CYOS. Page design by.I1u'kie H nugh Story Iry,l1u'kic Hough "'1f'f"g"1'I1l'.Y by RHI' ll""'d A pachyderni?--Greg Thomas thinks 1 !""'l""" """""' "Y Ro" ll""d pachyderm is the key to Kip Dernovielfs cat Matthew Giordano Daniel Glenn Matthew Goad Chantelle Godfrey Arlinda Gomez .,,, ' llllll Barbara Gonzales Julie Goodman Mike Goodman ,it Shannon Goodman Debra Grajczek , ., 18 o if r rv 0 Sen. I rs ,t 4 I-rl-, in , tttt ,.r M galil? .W ,"Qlf, il , l W W' ww fi' - . if' 'er' li . iff?" 3 xx ,, ' if W' JW ,V - M FT? . ,G , v g'v -A ' GNN? 'iff ai, Y Z Kristi Grau Shannon Grecco Lloyd Green Jr. Theresa Green Angela Greer Lesley Gregory Michelle Griest Colleen Griffin Kristin Griffin Steven Griffin Ginger Grillet Andrew Guck ' Donald Guess Wendy Guin Scott Gulbranson Melissa Gunyan Gayle Guthrie Lisa Gutierrez Christina Haglund Amanda Hall Forrest Hamberlin Melissa Hansen Suzanne Hansen Tiffany Hansen Belinda Hardy , i 3 251, ,aw ' 721 . ,. A r, l Em, M- ll ... . ,,, if f will--wel ' l l w S .Q , iam ,Q , Constance Hardy Corwin Harmon Dirk Harper Kelly Harrell Jeremy Harris 53 r,': ar Todd Harris Garrett Harrison Hudd Hassell Shannon Hawkins Al'lO0Sl1ll'V an Hazegh-aazam Todd Hebdon Christopher Heck Christopher Hector Scott Hedges Oliver Heimer Marlise Heinzmann Diane Heminger Kenneth Henderson Shelly Hennessy Robert Hennis Cecelia Hernandez Holly Hicks Diana Higuera Matthew Himes Dawn Hohley Timothy Hoffman Michael Hogue Bonnie Hojnowski Paul' Holaren Stacy Hollenheck Daniel Hollowell .lill Hollowell Eric Holst Kristine Holt Lori Holt .,' Q .QS iii' -nt ian?- ,-ffmmr, ,H+ -se: -it X, Amy Hook Bryan Hooper Michelle Hopson Darrell Horne Robert Hosac Janette Hoskinson Sharon Hossler Jackie Hough James Hovde Amy Howard Megan Huehne Kathryn Huey Deidre Huffman Michelle Hummel Alina Humphrey A Brian Hunt Travis Hyde Kristina lrwin me Linda izbicki 'ta-lla Robert Jaramillo . I I NVSIS VIQIE HWIQJG II7 3 jam Anyone who looked changed l'li1th'f1l0 the parking "llitwasn tso croWded,l wouldn thave 5 lspastyear, saw , , . - . A ., . - . the masses of Cars- hseemed mg naatny climwot 'dings in my cat, said senior Cars cult there U we Ovvned b i . .A FIS 'ne ay or. 'V semws' lt seems everyone has a dream car. 'Owning a car seems to be an important Puff H1 i1Hy0ne's lite. Having a car means . C . being able to do different things, "To Q0 any Place l want." said senior Shad Schafer Everything from a l934 Ford to a l968 red convertible Mustang were mentioned. "A red Corvette with a blower." was senior A Pitts favorite car. Of course, cars take a lot of time and . "A 1989 Toyota 4x4." is what senior respongblllly- Paying for the insur g . ance and . . W . d Ithei cars upkeep were complaints students Jennifer Wesselpletelre i a . . ,- ' 1 W,fhg0m,my C,m4nSCh0Ol the k, Page design byJaclr1eHoug1 lots were nirherzrowzi -is - l . par 'ing Calling it a da y--Juliette Blackhurst liesimreg Story by Danielle C'him1vare the Students WOM! i I ec at utimes. Many ol to give up her parking Space fm fem- that it Wm Candid photography by Rob Wood A t iave liked to see that ' be taken by morning. . - ' Boxed letters by Rob Wood Julie Jennings David Jensen Gfegory Jensen Scott Jensen Wayne Jensen Greg Jepsen Blair Jessen Jennifer Johnson Julie Johnson Shuleen Johnson Steven J. Johnson Steven Nl. Johnson James Jones Rachelle Jones Randy Jones Joelle Jubinski Deanna Judge Russell Kuider Keric Kunistunuux Shundru Kunistunuux Michael Kutalinic Churui Keeling Lisa Kelley Chud Keininerling Kirsten Kemp Kerry Kent Nlelissu Kern Debra Kightlinger Kelli Kilpatrick Duvvn King I ., i'QF?' FF' ms., hw .--I Iiric Kinym Vincly Kirkxmml llully Kluln' l'I1cryI Klcin Lisa Klikoft' Puggy Klippcl KUXLIIIHL' Kncpp Wands Kuhllmsc Kuxiu Kmisky Kxlxlill Kulllw 4'I1mlupI1ur Kuvucs .Xl1UznKl'iuk Kurl KIkKHlCllICjCI' .-X4I41r1lKL1lIm Nllulmcl Kllllcirill I I'Llk'I l,u11wI1 Sunll l.LlIlCj lzxlkkzl l.11mlwmn .Xmlluxx l.a1ll4I4IcL'k C41ll1cx111cI.L1l1c Im.: lmwn Sllxznll l.llI'xUH Slrplmluc l.QlIiIllUI' lllwllll l.i1XCl1ifL'l' KQIIIINIIIIXI l.4nxx1x-:um lwim IAIXNICIILU V3 , iw NA., llm5 lr V I fk.l!lL'I lyk' , -' lvl! lyk' lu Xlaulu Ixu ,,,,,,, .W ,,,, 4. Y 5 'QW ? W Ei-2 1 - 1 ' f ,Q , , , ,, 1 1 1 .I Mystee Leno Darick Lewis Gina Lewis Larry Lewis Chris Likens Daniel Lilley Karen Lindhorst John Loefller Carlos Logacho Angela Logan Ted Logan Karen Lomax Selena Loring Jeffrey Loughrey Luis Lujan lVlatthew Lunt Rory Lunt James Lyman Robert Lynn Richard Lyons QI.. , .. ., . l-'or many seniors. ditching classes has become popular to do over the last three years. Ol' course not everyone ditched. but many seniors did. They ditched lor various reasons. such as their homework wasn't done. the class was boring. or they just didn't feel like going. Popular places to go while out ol' class were. to the mall. home. to a park. orjust taking two lunches. And. of course. there were the famous donut runs. Most people preferred to be with some- one else. and they usually had a specilie place 194 ' 1 COSen' we iv . J QE 'ae -ns ime out during schaol time where they wanted to go. Some common excuses used by SILI- dents. when the teachers asked them where they had been were. "The car broke down." explained senior Shad Schafer. Mike Campbell. senior. said that it' a student missed "A" period he could say he."missed his ride to school." Page designed by Jackie Hough Story by Danielle Chinavare Candid plmtogruphy by R011 Wood linxell letters by Rob Wood Total insanity--While others are in class Dave Brown pushes Sean Rowe around. . A ' Q I 1 F' Q S... ' ---"ere A. sa- Qfisur' 3 --1 -4--,N 'W Q' ole 'me -' J T ee . fg ' W.. 1 .f ' Q K . em ,Q gy J" if 'Q Fiiffq ' ! ' ,J will . 1 ,"J"" ., if gp 'xg 1- ,qf -I, fi W xl. ri :P ,iff ,A fm Karyn Mucdmuulnl Tracy Muccxx cn Annu Mzlchlcr Bobbi Mzlggs lluvid Nllllillthkfslxi lirin Malloy Anclrcxx NlLlllgL'I'iN Clnixly Munn Miclmcl Manning C'I1cri NlLlI'L'l.lllI .lulic Mnrcznly Luc Ann Nlill'C! Sun-ju Mznkmki Slwcn Mznlcr Slcphzlnic x1lll'Nll Slcphznlic Marlin C'an'Iu Nlnrlnlcf Miclmcl NIlll'lillL'! Shclly N11ll'IillC! Vnncxsn N11n'lincf Ncil NIXIIIIUI' llnnnnx Nhllllllylj .I-.'l'l'rc5 A1115 nzuml i'Il1n'lcs N1L'1llIiNIk'l' f N1x'Ll1,lljIlC 14 3 .P ' 1 X bn, I :Hum Nici alunu K ilfcj Md UIIIIUII Danni wlkflllull Kclli N1ClJUIIllId RUIJCVI MUKCU 95 Craig McKinley Jr. Shelley McKinney Becky McLaughlin Geollrey McNabb Kara McKenna il 86' I ll Marci Me'l'hrall Ramona Mendoza Mario Mercado ll Timothy Merrill Vallee Merrill I en I0 I Nlcmoriex ol' high whool day N are olten attached to a l'axoi'ile song or soundtrack in a mov ie. lior the rexl ol a personk lil'e. the sound ol' that Nong pla5 ing over the radio vvill bring haclx memories and emotions tied into the actix itiex in that seniork lil'e when the song nan popular Some Neniors chose their most memorable xongx. l.lY'l1if1A ll-t'll't',l,Hllt' Mitt' by 'l'il'l'an5 2. I llitllll Yom' Sift by George Nlichael 3. Only In Mr IJ1't't1nl.v hy REO Speed 9 :will M 4 q i-'ill t -1- 3 '88 favorites chosen I. ll! 1. 'lihe Cure Whitesnake w 1 . , Depeche Mode Motley Crue Mot ie-going and watching televixion were algo lax orite pastimex xx ith the N88 graduat- ing clam. 'l'he three top moviex vtere: 'l'heit l.Tnpli1ui 2.6 itlllil R11-l'.'l'll' l.nt't' 3. lutlul .flllI'tIt'lflIll favorite lelex ixion programs xxerc: television programx became popular among the xeniors. almo. 'l'he trend seemed to locux upon young. goodAloolxing male aetorx: l. Tom Cruixe 2. Michael .l. l-'ox 3. Bruce Willis When meniorx xsere't lixtening to music or going to the movies. they enjoy ed cruising on the atreels in Mesa. Their favorite dream earn vvere: l, Porche 2. Muxlang wagon l. l'1f.xh-t' Slum 3. Jaguar Music groupx also played a hig part in 2. llmutligllliflg the choice olsongx. Rock groups toolv the lead 3. fwllllllfgl' 'lluv WIKI' ill'-Yfkll by .ll1r'ki1' flvllyfl in favorites among the xentoix polled: The xtarx xhoxx ing up on these mov ies and on 5""1l'l'.l' 14111011 l"l""""' Robyn Mcry hen ' John Michaels I Debra Milano Brian Miller 1 L 'I . C ovanne Miller " liileen Miller llarry Miller .lohn Miller Merilee Miller Michael Miller Q .e.VV V:V:.,, ,.,:.:..:., i, 1 6 V M. llt f-Malia 3.020 ffididgn imq Cx ""' ,ur ev AXE gig, 145 r ww: ' f , l.-Q 4' fx, mit 'Y' ' ,FQ Q, fr It-,.,, .,f-.Q ' If vw j ,V ,,:.,. 146 , Y Z .1433 My 5 .1 f Q- 'x U 'ff 41' . 1 f, .,5:-1--3f:- . -1 3. 5 was f 121195, ' ' ,w l Q. , 'la 1 "' WEA wg, Q4 , I' LGR 3 f 5 we Vi, 'ff X '7 Kwai J' QS!" 'Wf ' 1 . ,,-ww. . Q, f , f F Q 'Di mm, ix, hr, W Mis M f-K-.9 gg b,-Q. 'G- 4P""n,, "Wig ' M '!S N-fl f f' In E , . E, -. Nw Wm . ' ' ' fff qiqsv 'V' ig! 47- in " is ii'-El' Lucey Nelson Sliznlnu Newby fliziu Nguyen Gregory Nichols C'l1nnin Nielson lrene Nino Steve Noe Lisnnne Norman Ynymoncl O'C'onnor Kelly O'lloro Tim Okken .lel-l'OleoII An1yOlix'er lilimlwelli Oliver .lzieque Oliver .lohn Olson Michael Olson Murnee Onierxu Rielizircl Orlegn Rulwen Orlil Relweeezi Osborn Keri Oslrunder Nill2lNCll1lfJXilllllO Nlelzlnie Overlioll lam ni Owsley lirie Oxhorrow Andrew Paige Kristy Pzilnier lillen Pzipueek Denyse Pappas 198 V r 1 14 fl ii w A V 1 3 Y ii ll Q l J 1, if A ,. A X, , ,ii ii 'iii li l iiiii i l l l , V - win' 3 - ,- EM H i ig X ' i ag :X ,nw P bg ,l 1 X l W' N 1 ox we ,V xxx c Cn C 3 Z. - f CL Z. C - - 4 I '11 : 'Q :- m ua Q o o .P- ts- m Q. '11 5 ro cn ered many new experiences through dating. Whether it was going to the football games with a group of people or doubling to fancy restaurants. sen- iors enjoyed themselves. A common date was going out to dinner and to the movies. Other popular dates con- sisted of watching videos. goofy golfing and going on a picnic. Also. some people took pride in out-of-the-ordinary dates. Michelle Bonham said. "My favorite date was when we went to the park fora picnic and then to the airport to play pictionaryf' Another senior. Garin Brienholt. said. "The best date l have ever been on is when we ea went to Eldorado Park and had a picnic. went I .. j paddle boating and played wiffleball and vol- ' t e i leyballf' Chanin Nielson said. "I enjoy it when the guy l go out with cooks me a nice dinner." Although dating was a lot of fun. not all dates went so well. Seniors had some bad dating times along with the good ones. "My worst date was when my boyfriend took me out for a nice dinner and my ex- boyfriend was our waiter and had to serve us." said Susan Larson. ,i.....5ga'...1 ..t. ' gage dawg" by fffckw Ho"-gh Out on the town--Rick Bryce and Penny Foos enjoy an evening out together at the football game. Story by Jerlyn .Summmn Candid photography by Robert Sheriff Jacquelyn Parker Michelle Parker Terry Parra C harise Parsons Randall Pattea Douglas Patterson "Q Tanya Paulley Regina Payne lllttgslltseeg Renee Pearl ' Michelle Peck Kristina Peden 4 Jeffrey Pelton Elizabeth Pember Cody Pennington Randi Pennington Jenet Perkinson Cari Perlman H 1 David Peterson QF l tw H Erik Pfoutz Michael Phair . if tl 199 I Q Nei h Kcilli Phclps .laisun Pliillipx Donald I'ickcriiig.li1 .llIiiC Pitixitx Iiclxxmcl Piunk II Vv'1ii'rcn Pilmzui l.incl:i Pillcrlu A. Pillx Dina Pifm Miclizicl Pmpixil Miirliii Pusxzii' iVi1li'glll'Ui i'I'1llI Trax ix Prcxixx ich 'inri Pllrxcil Ku in Quznllx Andrea Quick .lzicqucliiic Rziiiihu .lzimcs Rlimili Rziyinuiiii Rzmliii Krislcn Iiamiiiivcii Dux id Rlllll-iC!fix John Ralliikc llcimiuli R215 .lL1ii:iRcziiiici' Cliiiii Redding Nzuicy Rcdcnlmugli Kurri Rcclcrick Ann Rccalci' .lawn Rclicix Kziriaiiiiic Reis 9 if Sen S 1 4 t ' , ,- .. A mr in . , 4,11 , if Anna Renteria Denise Repan Brenton Richards Renee Richeson Shawn Riggs Kevin Ringger Mark Robedeau R - A Lisa Roberts -fi' t, Renee Roberts Roxanne Robinson William Robinson Filiberto Rodriguez John Rogers Daniel Rooney Jeffrey Rosengreen Thomas Rothlisberger Scott Rothwell John Rottweiler Daniel Rowe Sean Rowe I HI awa Vacatlnns C Usen Nlost seniors agree A W 1, .f R A .- . View. said Shaleen Johnson. that vacations are . 'g 'gif ' A ' 1 - f "Tijuana because everyone is of age in high on their list of ' 11 ' .N E , A if 1 Mexico." said Andrew Snow. llllllb ll' flt'- 51" UWB flleilglw W' 'llc iflslll " . it fi '. . i R "Sane because I want to be insane!" said spot for either total relaxation or total action. llskiiug or hunting was too niueh. some tried getting a tan in llavxaii. or better yet. Ueatehiugtlie v ievv at Black lieaelifsttggestetl one senior. Other seniors had different ideas on xv here they like to spend their time. "'l'he liahamas because I love to niet ski and the beaches are great." said Vhristine Vliiappctta. "'l'he mountains are quiet. peaceful and the air is fresh unlike the air around Mountain ff , tr' if ' ' ' 'iEi5.:2ff2f5Zsf ti .Qi .- 3 L4"Y'f 'S ri f l A vi 1 Q 1 ir. 3 si 'S . 45 , .. ,. .,., . A , , Q . ...Q . . 5 1 if ii' ,ex f" i ' 1 f i fl f f i " t t, . E .. 4 Iireamland--'fliis llawaiian island paradise is a popular vacation spot for many seniors. Dell Wong. "Monroe City. Missouri is my favorite place because l can go to my Cirandpa's farm and he lets me drive the tractors." said Grant llaeeker. Others found that the best vacation spot was beside the pool by day and with good friends and talk by night. Page llvsign by .luekiv Hough Slmjv by ,lvrlyn Simonton l 'unllid ph ulugrapliy by K en H l'l1lll'l'S0lI 201 160 Larry Rowley Kristin Rubach Gilbert Rubio Rossana Rubio Taya Rudd lVleredith Rudhman Scott Rush Cheeri Russell Heidi Russell Scott Rust Paul Ruxycki Scott Ryan Mark Rychly Robert Rydman Christina Sanchez Paul Sanders Karl Sanft Elizabeth San Miguel Tomoko Sato Julie Saywell Jamie Scandurra Kyle Schafer Shad Schafer Troy Schafer James Scheller Jr. David Schlagel Susan Schmidt lVlatthew Schonthaler Timothy Schutten Stefanie Schwarz 2 0 2 .1'. i QS-2 fs Q .tg 4,51 2 'ir 2 Env" ' sf, . Gi , ,, ,:, if I ig ty 'Pi Each year. seniors 'lre stead of memorizing physics formulas. Stephanie Scott Sheryl Seeber Teresa Seely Marc Sejut Amy Selzer Ramon Sentell Jill Sessions Chester S'groi Tracy Shackelford Kelly Shane enioritis difficult to wardoff :.:,- 5 ,asa iri :'-E kmwked 531561955 by i n O E i an unavoidable dis- ease that teachers diagnose as Senioritis. Most seniors caught this contagious disease in the first week of school and stood by helplessly as their concentration deterio- rated more each month. Some seniors found themselves falling asleep in first hour and waking up in the middle ofthird. Others simply stayed home to slep through Monday and Tuesday's classes. The seniors who did attempt to go to first hour often wound up at Burger King or in front ofthe senior lockers. Even the best students found themselves wondering where their inner tubes were in- ,"W'MMf As the year wore on the disease grew worse and seniors fought desperately to keep working in their classes and studying for tests. Most felt the toll ofthestress of being so close yet so far from the end of high school. "Senioritis is a disease and I haven't been able to find the cure." said Troy Wallin. "Senioritis definitely messes up your GPA." commented Kristin Rubach. Luckily. a cure has been found: GRADUATION! Page design by Jackie Hough YOU Want me I0 do What?--Jim Turley and ll Story by Jackie Hvllgh Rodriguez talk casually outside senior lock Candid photography by Rob Wood erg- Shane Shaw Jeffrey Shepherd Robert Sheriff Aaron Shoemaker .loseph Shope Holly Siford .lanine Silvey Chris Simmons .lerlyn Simonton Danny Singer f if Row get on with no life." sand Venetian .-Xhers. " I xenxe reliel' und at Iieeling ol' ueeomf X I . ' .-M the school yean they xi ere going to do tiller gfllllllilllllll. hut ull hegun. mum xen hut e one thing in common. to ueliiere. tors had one thing on their mindx gtaiduntion. .M gruduzttion time greix nenr. innm' - Ifor many. it meainx lean ing home and reulifed there um no turning huelx the clock. long-time friends to go to t.'Ullk'g1C, Ifot' otherx 'lhey hud to go on it ith the memories ot' high it mezins continuing to Iii e an home :und going whool nnd ull the good timex :uid think ol' ull ton community college or holding don n gi-Iolw. the trientlx they nizide und many more to eome. "I think its uhout time und I inn tenth to Ilnx ix not .iuxt the endfhut atlxo the heginning. Iimotions rose us gruduution dren near. plixhment und I nm reudy to go out und ninke Seniors were 1IliI'ilILl. exeited. und ready to xomething ol' inysellf' suid Greg Jensen. more on. some just pray ed to grntluaite. "I nm huppy to grzuluute hut I ann de' l'f1.U1'1lf'-'iw' lu'.l1u'kir'llfr11yl1 I Hr ' I t 1 I vii' ' ull mx' Iri ' i I 'ln I 1 ll th ' lun 5""1I' 'U' 5.I'l"ifl 'V"'lfl'l"' , . . .. . l MNH I Lt L ' ll I X ' l l K , lflyni' lllgll--lgliltl .Nrnett und kip Ilernoxich xx e hart e lindf' suid llehhie Neill. ll"'l"'2m"ll4l' by Km llwulwlmll t-Auleh the 'lit' oll' senior loeleix . , , .. , - . 1 . x . Manx' students Iizne not decided uhait H"'l"ll"""' I'-I Rub ll""'l Rielinrd Singer I Philip sn-tum ' Steve Slxnhelund ,ly5ig'I Michelle Skinner ll' if Dena Slude Michael Slentf Amlreai Smith .luck Smith I Lisa Smith Shzinnon Smith 'I'hzid Smith Todd Smith 'Irnei Smith Troy Smith Andrew Snort C'ntIn'yn Snyder llnvid Soelherg Vhrixten Spain .Iill Spnulding Vrnig Sperry U ' ' COSCIE' mrs 1 1 ' V173 , WB' Rebecca Spicrs Deanna Slundugc Jznncx Stanley Ronde! Slzndficld Erin Slllhill 1,1511 SlCLll'llh Allimn Slcphcnx Manxlul Slcphcnson David Stern C'ln'ixlnphcr Slcxcnx Tyler Slifflcl' 'lluni Slillxxcll AlysmS1ilxxcll Randy Stoll Slcx cn Sloul'l'cr Vhcrimh Smut .lzuncs Stout lime Strickland Vncloriu Suhr lluu1hcrSuHnun RchcucuSun1hlc1 .lcH'rcy Sulhcrlin lwulclwck Suncu' .4'xmlrcn Sunun 'Inn Swann ,-Xn1gclu5xm'cx Nululiu Syrck Kanhry n 'I my lm B15 un 'ltnguc iilcnn 'hills 3 5' Danielle Tejada Sarah Tenaglia Samuel Tenney Glenn Thomas Mark Thomas Sandra Thomas Earl Thompson Erie Thompson Scott Thornell Michael Timbush David Toon Geottrey Toon Debra Torbyn Richard Torres Jeffrey Torrey Jennifer Tosline Jul ia Traudt John Trayes J eff Trendler Shannon Tromp David Tryon Shelley Tucker James Turley Mauri Turley Melissa Tussing Marlo Twardzik Thad Tyree Peter Udall Janis Unangst Pamela Upton 206 fs 'ibn C, U ybf' 'Mi QA' gf Neal Van Norman David Valentine Tonya Vance Tricia Vance Daniel Vasquez Kristal Vaughn Tim Velasquez Laura Vernon Jeffrey Viers Sean Villaire Suzana Vujicic Michael Wabakken Patricia Wager Scott Wagner Melinda Walker Troy Wallin Lori Ward Elizabeth Warren- David Waters Jenniter Weatherly Travis Weeks Matthew Weidl Joni Weight Karl Weiss Patricia Welch E A Catherine Wells Annette Wende Jennifer Wesscl Michael Wetzler Cathryn Whalen 207 ,im Alyssa Whitaker I .Q David White , ' ' Kimberly White 1 3 5 Kristy White Jason Whiting W 'ml' QE, . Kurt Whitlowf Brenna Whitton 3, I Troy Wicker Timothy Wiese Kenneth Wilde 4 emories will ha ve to suffice 4 ,, , What will Mt. around sereaining and hugging eatli otliei. ' View seniors miss laughed Michelle llopson. most when they graduate lrom high school? "I will miss the lioineworls. wlntli I "I will miss all the old and new lriends. didn'l do any way said Danny Siiiger, the parties. and some ol' the teaehersf' said "I w ill miss the seeurity ol Iiigli st-Iioolf' Stacy Baehali, said llehhie kightlinger. "I will miss my lrientls the tnost. 'l'hey I will miss the ealeleria. Illtvsllj the mean a lot to me. and I don't like the thought liood. llis the best,"eoiiniienled l,i1llIiwr, ol' not seeing them again." said Sean Rowe. "I will Illlss diteliingf' said l.isannt- "I will miss the football games and eraxy Normon. lriends at lunch." said Dave Waters. "I will llllss Nlr. Saggioj s.ilil .lainie "I'll miss seeing my friends eyeryday Scanclnrra. and Mr. Anderson coming to my elass to asls where I was last weels in third hour." I,U1!4'dl'5lH'll',l'.llll'kl'1'H4'lf.l!l' commented Kristine liachman. School days--Jason Campbell and Darrell 51"'1l' 'U' l-f1H"f' ll1""""1 "l'll miss the sophomore girls running llorne realize they w ill lltlss Nlt. Yiew. f"""ll'll'l"""-'4"f'l'I'-I' I'-I' AV" H""'l""X"" Cameron Williams Shannon Williams Amy- Wilson Christopher Wilson .lason Wilson Lloyd Wilson Molly Wilson Amy Wimp an WW-E Shanon Wollett Deborah Wong -. M T? rs Karyn Wong Barbara Wood Robert Wood Shane Woodard John Woods Laura Woods Danette Woomer David Wroblewski Shane Wyman Joann Yonts Jatnes Young Kelly Young Stacie Young Marie Zabel Richard Zegers Amy Zimmerman Cheryl Zimmerman Sharon Zint Toni Zizzo James Zollinger I 00k 'fl 20 BHFS 'IND f f fe The date is May 27. .lasimtfamphell said."l willhe a con- 2008. music ofthe 80's is blaring through the speak- 'l'he scratchy struction company ow ner." Vanessa Martinez said. "I will be a .l.R. Rodriguez said. "I will own a hotel and restaurant." ers hanging on the gym walls. People walk through the door and tnake their way to the table where the name lags are handed Otll. They then move hesitantly toward the gym doors as they pass vaguely familiar people. What will the class ol' IQXX look like when it gathers for its twentieth reunion'.' Trevor Cavanaugh said. " I will he rich. own my own business. be the youngest owner ofa football l'ranchise and be on a hos ol'Wheaties." litlltltllls lashion designer." Debbie Neill said. "ln twenty years I will he a Rockette dancer living in New York." e Wayne Bond said. "I will be a rich ac- countantf' Cheeri Russell said she will he a "mother w ith lots ol' money and kids." ' .loanna Bentley said. "ln twenty years I will haxe written three novels and he trav- Keric Kanistanaux said. "I 'will be a rich stock broker." Cindy Alderete said. "I will be a cor porate lawyer." Rita Braeamonte said. "I will be a newseaster on channel IZ." Tim Hoffman said he will be a "multi millionare stud." Qlling giromitl ihg wimlrlf' Story by lfileen Miller and.lackie Hough ii i :,A lfcowht- ol V2 . SY N . -..-, .. ., -4- 3 'Z Q Venetia Abers - Swim Team 113 Toro Band 10,1 li Dance Theater 10,11,123 Pom Line 12. Rene Acuna - Cross Country 1 l,l2Q Track 11,12. Holly Adams - Model UN3 Chorusg HERO3 Music Award. Jennifer Adams - French Club 10,113 Dance Theater 11. Stacy Agastino - Spanish Club l0,ll,l2Q DECA 10. Andy Allen - Yearbook 11. Charlie Amador - Cross Country 11,123 Track 10,1l,12. .Janie Amsbury - Los Contantes 103 Pre- miere 1 13 Chorale312 Newspaper 12. Daniel Anderson - Toro Band 10,l1,l23 Symphonic Band 10,1 1,123 Concert Band 113 Orchestra 11,123 Jazz 12. Wendy Appel - DECA 12 President. Brad Arnett - Toro Jazz 10,11,123 March- ing Band 1 13 GolfTeam 1 lg Student Body VP 12. Ernie Arrieta - Varsity Football. Lynde Austin - Badminton 10,1 l,12. Krista Axsom - COE 12. Heidi Bailey - German Club 103 NHS 10,1 1,123 Dance Theater 123 Toro Mascot 10. LaRita Baker - NHS 10,11 Historian,12 President3 Marching Band 103 Band Council 103 Symphonic Band 103 Symphonic Orches- tra 11,123 Orchestra Council 123 Jazz Band 11,123 All-State Jazz 113 French Club 10,11,123 Key Club ll. Lynn Balthasar - Spanish Club 103 Track 103 Swimming 10,11,123 Most Valuable Swimmer 103 Outstanding Competitor 11. Kimberly Barney - VICA. Loren Bartling - FFA 10,11,12. Trevor Basom - Wrestling 1 lg Click Club 103 Spanish Club 10. Steve Beeghley - Swimming 10,11 Cap- tain3 Tennis l0,ll,l2Q Spanish Club 10,123 MYC 123 NHS 11,123 Senior Class Executive 123 Key Club 11,123 Model UN 12. Frank Behring - J.V. Band 103 Marching Band 10,11,123 FFA l0,ll,l2Q Symphonic Band 11,123 Bowling Club 113 Encore 12. Coreen Bellinghiere - COE 12. Dayna Belnap - Premiere 123 Pom Line ,. fl P 123 Spanish Club 113 Student Council 11. Trisha Bentz - HERO 10,1 13 Oustanding HERO Award 11. Kelley Biller - JV Volleyball 103 JV Bas- ketball l03 Varsity Basketball 11,12. Mary Bingold - Band ll, German Club 11,123 Spanish Club 12. Eric Bjornholt - Golf 11,12. Juliette Blackhurst - JV Cheer 103 Var- sity Cheer ll,l2Q NHS ll,l2Q Interact 11,123 Newspaper 113 Key Club 11,12. Heather Bond - Dance Theater 123 French Club 10. Amy Boyles - COE 12. Rita Bracamonte - Student Council Sec- retary 10,1 1,123 Los Contantes 103 JV Softball 1 lg Mecha Club 1 1, Presidentg Dance Theater 11,12, Key Club 113 Spanish Club 113 News- paper,11,12, Opinion Ed 12g Anytown 103 Varsity Softball 12. Kevin Brackney - COE3 Second Place, District Business Skills Competition 11. Mike Bratrud - Tennis 11,12. Robert Brock - All-State Orchestra 103 Regional Orchestra 10,1 lg Concert Master 1 13 Encore Strings 10,1 1,123 Academic Decatha- lon 12. Chris Brown - DECA 11,12. Mark Brown - Los Contantes 103 Chorale 11,123 Encore 11,123 German Club 11,12. Timmy Brown - Football 10,11,123 Wres- tling 10. Charmaine Budge - Spanish Club 11. Melinda Bunning - Track 10,1 1,123 Cross Country 10,11,12. Dawn Burbo - Chorale 11,123 Encore 12. Christian Burleson - Key Club 11,123 Chorale 11,12 Secretary3 Encore ll,l2, Las Palamitas 10. Scott Burrell - Los Contantes 103 Chorale 11,123 Encore 11,12. Pamala Butler - Marching Band 10,113 German Club 10,113 Neills Place ll. Kristen Cain - Gymnastics 10,1 1,123 Or- chestra 10,1 1,123 JV Cheer 103 Varsity Cheer 11,12. Stephanie Caldwell - Concert Band 103 Symphonic Band 11,123 Marching Band 11,12. .Jason Campbell - Football 10,113 Wres- ...... 3,731 u tling10,11,12. Michael Campbell - Swimming 10,113 COE 12. Brett Campos - Wrestling 10,11. Kevin Cantile - Wrestling 10,11,12. Wilford Cardon - Senior Class Presg JV Football 103 Varsity Football 11,12, JV Bas- ketball 103 Student Council l0,llQ Interact 11,12. Michelle Carroll - Swimming 103 Con- cert Band 103 Symphonic Band 1 1,123 March- ing Band ll,l2, Christian Club 11. Kristi Carter - Visual Ensemble 12. Shelly Cearley - COE,12. Christine Chiappetta - Student Council 103 NHS 11,123 Spanish Club 12. Danielle Chinavare - Yearbook 11,12, Junior Ed 12. Scott Christensen - Wrestling l0,11,12. Donna Church -NHS 10,1l,123 Key Club 11,123 Spanish Club 11,123 Pom Line 123 Student Council 11. Maurizio Ciriello - Soccer. Philip Clar - Swimming l0,ll,l2Q Track3 Honor Band. Suzette Clegg - NHS 11,123 New Hori- zons 11,12. Loretta Coates - French Club 123 Pep Club 123 Key Club 12. Jessica Coleman - Orchestra 10,11,l2. Robert Connelly - Spanish Club 103 French Club 103 Yearbook 10,1 1,123 News- paper 11,12 Feature Ed 123 Young Republi- cans. Shane Cook - Soccer 113 FFA 10,11. Tiffany Cook - Tennis 10,113 Softball 10,1 13 Symphonic Band 10,1 li Toro Band 113 Spanish Club 10. Charmayne Cooley - Marching Band 10,123 Orchestra 11,123 Spanish Club 11,123 Key Club 113 New Horizons 11,123 Scuba Club 11,12. Christine Cordoza - Softball 10,1 1,123 Track 10,1 l,l2Q Badminton 103 Latin Club 113 Symphonic Orchestra 10,1 1,12. Daniel Cowperthwait - FCA 103 French Club 10, Wrestling 10,11,123 Soccer 10. Traci Cox - Los Contantes 103 Chora1e,11 12 Presg Encore 11,12. .John Crismon - Concert Band 10,11,l2. Q1 Karen Crockett - Pom Line 11,123 Spanish Club Pres 11,123 NHS 11,123 Encore. William Crowe -- Wrestling, JV Football. Mark Culbertson - JR Football 113 JV Wrestling 113 Varsity Football 12. .lim Cwiakala - Swimming 113 NHS 11,123 French Club 11,123 Marching Band 10,1 13 Model UN 123 Junior Achievement 10. Bernie Cyplik - Wrestling. Bizzy Darger - Varsity Cheer 123 French Club 11,123 Key Club 11,123 Track 10. Rebecca Davis - Orchestra 10,1 1,123 Spanish Club 11,12. Stanley Davis - Spanish Club 10,11. Scott Dawson - Sophomore Class VP, JV Football 103 Spanish Club 10,1 1,12. Kip Dernovich - JV Basketball 103 Var- sity Basketball 1l,123 FCA l0,ll,12, Key Club 11,123 Track 11,123 Senior Class VP3 Boys State 113 Student Council 11. Linda D,Luzansky - Marching Band 10,11,l23 Model UN 113 Symphonic Band 1O,11,12Q Band Secretary 12. Michael Dougherty - Jazz Ensembleg Orchestra3 Symphonic Bandg Marching Bandg Encore. David Draughon - Track 10,1 1,123 Span- ish Club, 10. Heidi Duggan - Las Palomitas 103 Pre- miere 1l,123 Cross Country 10,1 1,123 Track 10,11,12. Michael Dunn - .IV Footbal1,103 JR Foot- ball 11. Eric Dupont - Marching Band 10,113 Symphonic Band 10,1 1,123 JV Baseball 103 Swimming 113 Wrestling 10,11,12. Mark Duschek - COE 12. Kelly Dutcher - Soccer. Dawn Dye - Drama 103 French Club 11, Nei1's Place 10,11, Scuba Club 12. Matt Eagleburger - JV Football 103 JV Baseball 103 JR Football 11, Varsity Football 12. Richard Eaton - Cross Country l0,l1,123 Track 10,11,123 Spanish Club 12. Sharlene Edwards - Neilis Place 11 Pres 123 French Club 11,123 SADD 11,123 Key Club 11,123 Student Council 11. Kaleo Enos - Varsity Basketball 11,12. JR Ellingson - NHS 11,123 Spanish Club 12. Dana Evenson - JV Basketball 103 Varsity Basketball 11,12. Carolyn Eskew - Volleyballg Softballg Basketball. Marcie Evans - Spanish Club 10,12. Lisa Fillmore - Orchestra l0,1l,123 Re- gionals 10,1 1,123 All-State 10,1 l,12. Jason Fischbeck - Football 11,123 Band 10. Rudy Flores - Band. - . .. , Karla Fjeldahl - COE 12. Penny Foos - Swimming, Captain 10,1 1,123 German Club 10,1 13 Student Coun- cil 10,1l,l2. Carla Foulk - Premiere 11 Treasg Los Contantes 103 Nei1's Place 11. Rebecca Fram - Las Palomitas 10,l1, HERO,123 FFA 12. Amy Franco - French Club 10,1 1,123 Key Club 113 New Horizons 11,l2. Pamela Franklin - Dance Theater 10,11,12. ll Where's the nearest mirror?--Mystee Leno searches for a place to change between classes , y 5-1.3.1 Q1 Christy Frazier - German Club 113 New Horizons 113 NHS 12. April Fuller - Concert Band 103 Marching Band 10,11,123 Symphonic Band 11,12. Maureen Gaines - Latin Club 11 Pres 123 New Horizons 11,123 Model UN 12. Todd Garbison - Athletic Trainer 10,1l,12. David Garrow - Go1f,10,123 Baseball 10,12. JD Gertz - Tennis 11,12. Darron Gillespie - Baseball. Chantelle Godfrey - Thespian. Barbara Gonzalez - HERO, Spanish Club3 Badminton 12. Julie Goodman - Tennis 10,1l,123 Inter- act 12 Secg New Horizons 1 1,123 Spanish Club 10,11,12 Sec3 NHS 11,123 Student Body Sec 11. Michael Goodman - JV Baseball 113 Varsity Baseball 11,12. Debra Grajczek - Spanish Club 10,1 1,12. Kristi Grau - Spanish Club 103 Dance Theater 113 DECA 12. Shannon Grecco - Las Palomitasg Pre- ......l miereg Drama. Angela Greer - Track 103 MYC 11. Michelle Griest - Yearbook l0,11,l2, Sports Ed ll, Activities Ed 123 Literary Magazine,'103 Latin Club 10,11 Treasg Colleen Griffin - DECAQ Key Club. Kristin Griffin - Christ on Campus 10,1 13 Academic Decathlon 11,123 MYC 12. Wendy Guin - French Club 123 Nei1's Place 10. Scott Gulbranson - Golf 103 JV Baseball 10,113 Varsity Baseball 122 NHS 11,12. Melissa Gunyan - Latin Club 113 Key Club 113 Click Club 103 Chorus 10,1 1. Suzanne Hansen - Accent on Academics 103 Chemistry Club ll, Spanish Club 12. Shannon Hawkins - French Club 10,1 1,12 Hist3 Click Club 103 Key Club 113 Yearbook 1 1,12, Clubs Ed 123 Literary Maga- zine l 1,12,Editor 123 New Horizons 10,1 1,12. Anoosh Hazegh-Aazam - Christian Seminary 11,123 Math Club 11,123 Science Club 11,12. Christopher Hector - Soccer 123 Spanish Club 11. 3 K 5 Q if 3, K Go on, you can do it--Mike Manning tries to convince Travis Weeks to talk to his dream girl. Scott Hedges - JV Football 103 Varsity Football 11,123 JV Baseball 113 Varsity Base- ball 1l,12Q JV Soccer 10. Diane Heminger - FFA 10,11Q Latin Club 12. Shelly Hennessy -- DECA l0,12. Robert Hennis - Chemistry Club 10,1 1,12 Presg Latin Clubg Spanish Clubg Key Club. Diana Higuera - Varsity Softball 10,11,123 Volleyball 103 Anytown ll. Matt Himes - Latin Club 11,12. Tim Hoffman - Jr football 10,113Wrestling 11,12 Steve Hogue - Wrestling,10,1l,12. Stacy Hollebeck - FFA 10,1 1,12, Star Chapter Farmer 1 1. Eric Holst - SOS Computer Team,103 Click Club 11. Kristine Holt - Gymnastics 10 All State,11,12. Lori Holt - Dance 10,113 Latin Club 103 Pep Club 113 Model UN 11. Amy Hook - Click Club 10,113 Gennan Club 10,1 1,123 Band 103 Symphonic Band 1 1. Bryan Hooper - Scuba Club 10,11,123 Orchestra,l0,l 1,123 German Club 10. Darrell Horne - Golf 10,1 1. Janette Hoskinson - French Club 11,12. Sharon Hossler - Yearbook 12. Jackie Hough - Yearbook l1,12,People Ed 123 MYC 10,1 1,123 French Club VP 10? NHS 10,1 1,123 Anytown 103 Student Council 10. Amy Howard - Marching Bandg Sym- phonic Band. Kathryn Huey - Marching Band 10,11,123 JV Band 103 Symphonic Band 1 1,123 Chemis- try Club 113 NHS 11,12, French Club 10,1l,l2. Deidre Huffman - Marching Band 10,11,12, NHS 11,123 Latin Club 11,12. Kristina Irwin - German Club 113 New Horizons 113 NHS 11. Greg Jensen - Baseball 10,11,12. John Jensen-Tennis 1 1,123 Track,123 Cross Country 113 NHS 12. Scott Jensen - Football 10,11. Wayne Jensen - Tennis 113 NHS,123 Cross Country 123 Track 12. Greg ,Iepsen - Track lO,ll,l2, Cross Country l0,ll,l2, Track Top Sophomore Award. .Jennifer Johnson - Marching Band 1 1,123 Symphonic Band ll,l2Q Concert Band 10. James Jones - Golf 10,11,123 Tennis 103 DECA 11. Rachelle Jones - Swimming 1O,11,123 Outstanding Swimmer 113 Track 1O,11,123 Symphonic Orchestra 10,1 1,123 Chorus. Russell Kaides - FFA. Charai Keeling - DECA 113 Drama,123 HERO 12. Kerry Kent - French Club l0,llQ NHS 10,1 1,123 New Horizons 11,12. Lisa Kelley - Los Contantes3 Chorale3 Encore3 Spanish Club. Chad Kimmerling - Tennis 10,1 1 ,12. Dawn King - HERO. Cheryl Klein - Gemian Club 10. Alicia Krick - Dance Theater 123 Year- book 12. Cathy Lane - Newspaper 11,12. Justin Lavender - JR Football 10,113 Varsity Football 12. Mystee Leno - French Club3 Key C1ub3 Chorale3 Regionalsg All-State3 Pom Line. Larry Lewis - Marching Band 11,12. Carlos Logacho - Marching Band 103 Symphonic Band 10,1 1,123 Track 10,123 Wrestling 10,11,123 Swimming,l 1. Angela Logan - French Club 10,111 Model UN,11. Ted Logan - NHS 123 MYC 123 Key Club 113 Spanish Club 103 Soccer 1O,11,123 JV Baseball 103 Tennis 11,123 Student Council 12. Karen Lomax - Stage Crew 103 Spanish Club 10,1l,12. NSelena Loring - FFA 10,1l,123 Debate 123 Mecha 10,1 lg Student Council 10. Matt Lunt - Yearbook 113 Click Club,12. Rory Lunt - Basketba11,103 Football,l 1,12. Karyn Macdonald - Treas SL Traditions Commissioner 10,11,12. Bobbi Maggs - Click Club 10. Erin Malloy - Click Club 103 Spanish Club 10,11,l23 Yearbook 1 1,12, Sports Ed 12. Lee Ann Marez - Gennan Club 10,1 1,12. Qi!! .QI Sonja Markoski - U of A Pres Scholar- Ship, Spanish Club 103 NHS 1O,11,123 Key Club 113 New Horizons 113 MYC 11. Steven Marler - Toro Band 10,1 1,12. Stephanie Martin - FFA 10. Carla Martinez - Spanish Club 10. Neil Mather - Thespian Troupe ll,l2Q Drama 11,12. Charles McAllister - Soccer 10,11,123 Cross Country 103 Track 103 Key Club 123 Young Republicans 123 Spanish Club 12. Christine McAlpine - Cross Country 1O,11,123 Track l0,11,12. Tiffini McLagno - Latin Club 123 Key Club 123 SADD 12. Kelli McDonald - DECA 11,12. Kara McKenna - JV Cheer 103 Varsity Cheer 11,123 Dance Theater 11,123 Gennan Club 103 Key Club Exec Council llQ Chorus 113 French Club 12. Craig McKinley - JR Football 103 JV Track 10. Becky McLaughlin - Archery3 Flag Corps3 Neil's Place. Ramona Mendoza - Spanish Club 103 DECA,l 1,123 Student Council 10. Mario Mercado - Newspaper 11,12, Editor 123 NHS 123 Model UN 123 NCTE Award. Eileen Miller - Yearbook 10, 1 1,12, Clubs ed 11, Editor in chief 123 Las Contantes,103 Premiere,1 lg Literary Magazine 10. Merilee Miller - SADD 123 Key Club 123 Nei1's Place 11,12. Debra Milano - DECA 123 Key Club 12. Brian Mitchell - Baseball 10,1 1,12. Anthony Miranda - Football 11,12. Jonathan Moeller - Boy's State 113 JV Baseball 103 Varsity Baseball 1 1 ,123 JV Bas- ketball l03 Cross Country 1O,11,123 Legal Club 11,123 Student Council 10. Sylvia Montero - Swimming 113 Dance Theater 11,123 Yearbook 123 Mecha, 10. Adam Montierth - Thespain Troupe 11,123 StageCrew10,11,123Drama10,1l,123 Click Club 10. Donovan Montierth - Thespian Troupe l0,ll,l2Q Drama 10,1l,l23 Click Club 103 Stage Crew l0,11,l2. Q1 Q1 ...J Steve Montierth - Wrestling 10,l1,l2. Greg Moore - Swimming 10,112 Track 10. Michelle Morris - FFA 10,11. .Jason Mortensen - Click Club 12. Kristen Mortensen - HERO 12. Debra Muhlenbruck - Marching Band 10,1 1,123 Symphonic Band 10,112 Sym- phonic Orchestra 123 Las Contantes 103 Cho- rale 11,l23 Encore 123 All-State 10,11,12. Kevin Mulligan - Wrestling 11,123 Span- ish Club 11,123 Boy's State 113 Baseball 123 Golf 123 NHS 123 Key Club 12. Stacey Myers - Dance Theater 123 Drama. Percy Naoroti - Scholastic Physics 8: Chemistry. Robbie Nawfel - JV Football 103 Varsity Football 11,12. Kaurtney Neal - Volleyball 10,11,123 Basketball 11,12. Deborah Neill - Dance Theater 12. Nicole Nellen - Volleyball 123 Tennis,l23 French Club 12. Kim Nelson - Tennis 10. Lacey Nelson - Swimming 11,123 Model UN 123 French Club 12. Chau Nguyen - NFHS 103 French Club 10. Neal Van Norman - Football 10,11. Lisanne Norman - Spanish Club 103 Cho- rale 11,l23 Encore 12. Chanin Nielson - Chorus 10,11,l2. Raymond O'Connor - FFA Student of the Year 103 VICA 11. Jeff Olcott - Football 10,111 Wrestling 11,12. Michael Olson - Golf 11,12. Marnee Omerza - Las Palomitas 103 Pep Club 10,l1,12 Pres, Chorale 11,12 Treas3 Regional Choir 11,123 French Club 11,123 Encore 123 Seminary Council 12. Becky Osborn - Seminary Council 123 Interact 12 VP. Keri Ostrander - Key Club 11,123 NHS 11,123 New Horizons 11,123 Drama l0,11. Natascha Ovando - NHS 10,1 1,12 Exec3 Key Club,11 Pres,l23 New Horizons 11,123 French Club 10, Pres 1 1,123 Hugh O'Brien 103 Student Counci1,1O,1 1. t e r 5-IQ Qi Melanie Overholt - Toro Band 10,1 1,123 Marching Band 10,1 1,123 Model UN 113 NHS 11,12. Tawni Owsley - Softball 12. Andrew Paige - Wrestling l1,12. Ellen Papacek - NHS 11,123 Chorus 11,12. Michelle Parker - French Club 10,113 Dance Theater 11,123 Key Club 11. Michelle Peck - Las Palomitas 103 Pre- miere l1,123 German Club,11,12. Kristina Peden - Marching Band 113 JV Band 103 Symphonic Band 113 DECA 12. Randi Pennington - Los Contantes 103 Dance 103 Concert Band 103 Premiere 113 French Club 1 13 Model UN 113 Chorale 12. Jenet Perkinson - Student Body Corr Sec 1 1,123 Las Palomitas 103 Premiere 1 1 3 Chorale 12, Interact 1l,12. Keith Phelps -Football 10,11,12Q Wrestling 10,l2. Jason Phillips - Varsity Football 10,11,123 Track 10,113 Wrestling 11. A Pitts - JR Football 11. Dina Pizzo - JV Cheer 103 Soccer 1 13 New Horizons 113 NHS,113 Spirit Club 10. Michael Pospisil - Marching Band 10,1 1,123 Jazz 10,1 1,123 Wrestling 10. Victoria Pratt - Tennis 10.113 MYC 10,113 Girl's State 11. Denyse Pappas - Jazz Band 12, Marching Band 11,123 Track 103 Concert Band 10,113 Symphonic Band 12. James Raoofi - Soccer 103 French Club 11, DECA 12. John Rathke -- Soccer 12. Colin Redding -JR Class Pres 113 FCA 11 VP3 Key Club 113 Interact 11,123 Varsity Football 11,123 NHS 12 Treasg Varsity Base- ball llg Latin Club 11. Jason Reheis -- DECA. Brenton Richards - JV Baseball 10, Varsity Baseball 11,123 Spanish Club 123, NHS 12. 3' Renee Richeson - Marching Band 123 Varsity Softball 12. , Shawn Riggs - JR Football 11. Anna Renteria - Chorus 10,1 1,123 Dance 10,1 1112- Attention' Pommie Kristin Rubach stands at HIICHIIOH while marching band plays in an early morning practice The Mark Robedeau - FFA 10,1 1, ICF 12. bands sounds greated early A hour students onto the campus each mommg r s Q 1 1:52 ' 2 Lisa Roberts - German Club 10,1 1,12. Robert Rydman - Encore, Chorale, Thes- pian Treas. Jeffrey Rosengreen - Varsity Football 12, JV Football 10, JR Football 11, Spanish Club 1 1,12, Click Club 10,1 1, Scuba Club 12, DECA 10, French Club 12. John Rottweiler - JV Soccer 10, Varsity Soccer 11. Dan Rowe - German Club 10. Sean Rowe - Young Republicans. Kristin Rubach - French Club 10 Sec! Treas, Yearbook 10,1l, Editor 11, Pom Line,l1,12 Captain 12, MYC,11. Rossana Rubio - French Club 10. Tanya Rudd - JV Volleyball 10,1l, JV Softball 10, Dance Theater 1 1,12. Scott Rust - Spanish Club 10, Drama,11, Click Club 12. Paul Ruzycki - Marching Band 10,1 1,12, Orchestra 10,1 1,12, Honor Bands 10,1l, Symphonic Band 10,1 1,12. Scott Ryan - Football 10,11,12, Baseball ll,l2, Chemistry Club 11, DECA,12. Christina Sanchez - Spanish Club 10,11,12, Key Club 11,12, Student Council 11, Pom Line 1 1,12 Co-Captain. Karl Sanft - JV Football 10, Varsity Foot- ball 11,12. Elizabeth San Miguel - DECA 11, Mecha 1 1, Spanish Club 11. Jamie Scandurra - French Club 10,1 1,12, Key Club 11,12. Troy Schafer - JV Football 10. Dave Schlagel - JV Football 10, Varsity Football 11,12. Stefanie Schwarz - COE 12. Sheryl Seeber - Dance Theater 1 1,12. Theresa Seely - Flag Corps 10,1 1,12 Captain, Stage Crew 10,1 1,12, Thespian Club 10,1 1,12. Chester S'Groi - Newspaper 11, Spanish Club 11, Latin Club 12, MYC 12, Anytown 11, Model UN 12. Tracy Shackelford - COE 12, DECA 11. Jeff Shepherd - Spanish Club 12, Click Club 12, Sumphonic Orchestra 10,1 1,12. Robert Sheriff - Newspaper 11,12, Photo Ed 12, Yearbook ll,l2, Photo Ed 12, JR Football ll. Joe Shope - German Club 12. Jerlyn Simonton - Yearbook 10,1 1,12, Asst Ed 12, Los Contantes ll. Danny Singer - Swimming 11,12. MiChelle Skinner - Stage Crew 11, Newspaper 12, Thespian Club 10,11,12. Lisa Smith - Dance Theater ll,l2, Span- ish Club 10. Andrew Snow - Varsity Soccer 10,1 1,12, Yearbook ll. Cathryn Snyder - Softball 12, COE 12. Dave Soelberg - JV Football 10, JR Foot- ball 11, Varsity Football 12, Los Contantes 10 Pres, Chorale ll,l2. Rebecca Spiers - Symphonic Orchestra 10,11,12, Yearbook 12, Seminary Council 12. Deanna Standage - Dance Theater ll,l2, MYC ll,l2. James Stanley - Principal's Award. David Stern - Latin Club 10,1l, Concert Band 10. Tyler Stiffler - Marching Band 10,1 1,12, Symphonic Band 10,1 1,12. Eric Strickland - Marching Band, Sym- phonic Band. Victoria Suhr - Spanish Club,10,l1,12, Student Council,l2. Jeffrey Sutherlin - Swimming, Baseball, Cross Country, Christain Athletes, German Club. Fred Sutter - FFA 10,1 1,12. Tim Swan - JV Basketball 10. Natalie Syrek - Softball 10,1 1,12, Tennis 10,1 1. Glenn Teille - Marching Band 10,1 1,12, Chorale 1 1,12, Symphonic Band 11,l2, Band Council 12, Regional Choir 10. Ben Tenney - JV Band 10. Glen Thomas -- Cross Country 10,11,12, Track l0,ll,12. Mark Thomas - Football 10. Sandra Thomas - COE 12. Scott Tharnell - JR Football 10, Diving ll,l2. David Toon - JV Football 10, Varsity Football ll,l2. Geoff Toon - JV Football 10, JR Football ll. I Elf'2421351255-1EE1'Z. Jeffrey Torrey - Los Contantes 10, Cho- rale ll,l2, Encore ll,l2. Julia Traudt - German Club 10,ll,12, Swimming 10. Jeff Trendler - Basketball 10, Track 1l,12. Shannon Tromp -- Thespian Club 10,1 1,12, Las Palomitas 10, Premiere 11, Chorale 12, Stage Crew 12, SADD 12, Span- ish Club 12, New Horizons 1 1,12. David Tryon - Chemistry Club, Physics Design Award. Daniel Vasquez -JR Football 11, Mecha. Laura Vernon - French Club 11, Year- book 11,12, Junior Ed 12, NHS ll,l2. Scott Wagner - Track ll,l2. Troy Wallin - JV Football 10, JV Baseball 10, Interact 11,12. Dave Waters - Los Contantes 10, Chorale 11, Encore 11,12. I Jennifer Wessel - Las Palomitas 10, Pre- miere ll, Visual Ensemble 10,ll. Matt Weidl - JV Football 10, JR Football 11, Varsity Football 12. Karl Weiss - Marching Band 10, Orches- tra 10,ll,l2, Symphonic Band 10,1l, Jazz 10,11 All-State12,NHS 10,1 1,l2,ScubaClub 10, Gennan Club 1 1,12, Regionals 1 1,12. Catherine Wells - Latin Club 11,12. Annette Wendl - COE 12. Alyssa Whitaker - Spanish Club 10,1 1, Track, Cross Country 11. Jason Whiting - Track ll,l2. Tim Wiese - VICA 11 Sec, Boyls State 11. Cameron Williams - NHS 10,11,12, French Club 10,ll,l2, Key Club 12. Shannon Williams - Key Club 11,12, Symphony 10,1l,12, Encore Strings 11,12, NHS ll,l2. Amy Wimp - Toro Band 10,11,12 Treas. Barbie Wood - Chorus 10,11,12. Robert Wood - Football 10, Click Club 10,1 1, JR Spirit Award 11, Yearbook ll,l2, Key Club 1 1,12, Anytown candidate. Laura Woods - Basketball 10,1 1,12, Yearbook 10,1l, Academics Ed 11, French Club ll,l2, Key Club ll,l2. Deborahanne Wong - Drama 10,11 Sec, French Club 10,1 1,12, Click Club ll Sec,l2, t e r r oAt ise os l A For this juniorsigihgisst of ' ' gli fff1fifl1iSrJ21SfyffA2irACD11ld b0,CfCSCfih6Ci3S:3H al1.ithrJfSQflgorgeoustgtzysf' Saicifjtiiiior awsome 0064 -'.'A'AA i Z 'J9f1f1f6:2fSi?iiif1- A' A. "1AAV A gf -,v, 3 iIE'?I?7'Q1Ai1fl ' A A '-'ze?12lf.1AiZiThQY 'A': 5' iff' suites' of beisgiysophis, humans is11rhslAi1 ' my ' . ' middle,notquitegknowinghowto act. he,-, A. if .'A,A AA A 35-g. i ,3HHfQfSA-4?4HA'f five ,MF??1A.gll,. 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But, I know its right--Juniors Randy Figures Justin Bird C and Sean Murphy talk about their homeworll. F W i H--S. l '212 Taking the lead- -Junior Officers, Darin Damme QVice-Presidentl, Mike Shultz flixecutive Officerb. and Tracy Shill tPresidentD represent the 1987-88 Junior Class. Julie Abele Tonya Abriatis Robyn Ackerberg Chris Acosta Theresa Adami Janice Adami Casey Adams Chris Adams Heather Adams Scott Adams Chad Adamski Amy Adkins Kelly Adkins Jennifer Agren Christy Akiona Karen Albrant Daune Alder John Alexander Diane Allain Scott Allen Rosendo Alvarez Tom Andersen Holly Anderson Jon Anderson Julie Anderson Kristine Anderson Vemon Anderson Gilbert Andrews Mamie Ange Deneise Archie Anjanete Arnett Shauna Amett Roberto Arteaga Laura Atwood Robin Austin Grant Bachali Steve Baily Stephanie Bair Sarah Bake 1 if f' -A ' 5- , , f , 'K Mft v f 1 1 I 3 I 2' " 1. Juliet Acuna Roger Adair WW ,nw 'Q 1' I - ifxwj ge-x or ay ff-Zi J ' iw f .W qw-tv v I ,, J f f V fs., .ff . 4 J ff Q at 1 JW J if' 1 L, .1 5, Yi iit K 'fi -e f ' , ' 'WM ' 3 iv ,L 45 aj A EW y i 2 Vvx is i l Q 0,4- ,. i,,, - 'fr 'S as A ve J A X . . ,..W, t. I-wfiszgfxff ,, f en, ,ziqfy 3, Aff?TiEiZt'fQe5i2f1ii"f ,fiE?f,.,' fg g , 3 V A - 1 .- ', V, l I ff i. 4 if V yi 41 1' , .0 5,9 f in - ,V Y ,, K C- in-J - .1 . 1 4 7 , 1 5 fit Q, ' A' 4 J , ' ff . Y I VM" "I J, ' ' Q . 4 gy ,, ,. re 4 9 r N lf 2 t v A llis i lvef N, , James Baker .5 Mark Balch "' Allen Ballard ' Tim Ballentyne Rosemary Balstad Bridget Banfield Brian Banks Chris Banning Elizabeth Bargas Tim Barker Patty Barlett Tim Barrett David Barsickow Andrew Bartels of wa ii K J 1 g,g,,wg: J f 94 X 1 ,5 +,7 ,4 r N n y 1 X ff f 1 X I r m.Q'g ,g., 'I Jeff Bird Justin Bird Lesli Bjork J. ,,1,, ., 5 if Z.. if Celeste Black X 'F i ' I Christine Blake J" N ' Brent Blakeman ff + 5 Jeffrey Blasdell Tom Blythe Eddie Bodkin ' ' Zi' 4 14 - , e - " 3 - pn. ff ,v f, . i- . V f it v .r, Nathaniel Banelson Angela Bartling Darren Barton John Batchelor Mike Batchelor Connie Baxter Mike Beaudoin Carolyn Bell Doug Bell Simon Beltran Kathleen Bennett Kristine Benson Mike Benson Nora Benzley I 'ii I Brent Berge Keith Bergen Mark Bessey i , x Jamie Beveridge , , V, it 'J Shane Bible or in f iiizfgzfgff K y T , y-.t gi-3 Qjjifwi r-1: 'iit' Officers trive for Being on the student council was tough but fun ac- cording to Junior class Vice President, Darin Damme. "You get boggied down and you don't know what to do," said President, Tracy Skill, "and it takes time." This year's officers had the responsibilities of junior floats, Christmas windows, the J marquee and Prom to work on, Yet, with all these activities, assemblies had to be performed and posters made. "If you have enough clediw cation, then it's great," said D3m1'fl3- H ,fig ,.:.' 'v,- fi-lfl J "We work together and have a being i?WOiYeff in said sem, T With haviag to.do3,g,Aghe1AgVQi,:Zi Junior float for 1 hozriecomihg 'f many changes their eschedvj P ules had to be made foriipviihe, officers on school ieainlsi i'il ii "ll" V "It was really-i..3toughJ'j5 commented Damme. Agi, J Page design by :Bani?lle,Cfhiv naifare andhzurq venetian A ' Story byShauna Q'.1 , gf Ve'i '- AI'llSS3 B0jOYqUCZ Sam Bollwinkel Kathy Bonham Davonna Bonner Dennis Booth Michelle Booth Greg Borchers ' l' 4-waz 1 hh i y hhkhhh Z,hn,hh ,lil Anthony Borders David Borland Christian Bouchout Margot Boudreaux Vince Bova Jason Bower Dylan Bowman Lisa Bowman , Andrea Box Bill Boyd H A ' Chris Brady f ' Denese Brantley V , B VV Shannon Brashears ' " l Marcy Bratland -3' 'fa Z Jennifer Breid Stacey Breinholt Jason Brewer Kristin Brewer Patricia Bright Ian Brimhall Jeff Brines at ,..i slr liqf nk It ix . i w Em . we gil , ,,,, . N D it teis - L V . 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Wwlii gg sr 'z it kg 'a wg of 22 M if 'J 6 I 'ev-' I Q ,, M . 1 wwf U ii "Wiz fi Y, " V ' Stacy Burton ' A 'iyii ' Tracey Buscaglia Holli Busch Krista Butala Sharing a moment together--Juniors Steve Goodell and Michelle Giest talk leisurely on their way to class, about why Steve is on crutches, X51 'H Q xi K Ha. I I pu. 4-.-.. - J V' ., , Q- T X I v X . N gi .W , r g "kk, 2 JW mi 'B f A,,. WT? V 'W A 1 i HRM Lf t'f 2 1 1 'KT' vw s -M J 4 Q M ,,,,, , an L Q 2 Q f 6 S qv if .Y . ,M .J K tlt KW ti fQ a ' Jennifer Butler Amy Buzzuto Chris Cady Tammy Calendo Krista Calhoun Amy Calinsky Dawn Callison Melanie Camp Jennifer Campbell John Campbell Scott Campbell James Candland Kristin Candland Tim Canfield Joe Cannon Krista Cappucci Joe Carlin Dietrich Carlos Thomas Camey Carie Carpenter David Carpenter Alta Carroll I Kelly Cassaday it 1 A- Paie Castleberry We Tawnya Casto I , J Q , Paul Cattelino Balinda Caviness Christina Cesta Sheri Chamberlain Erika Chandler Bert Chapman Stacey Chapman Alan Chatters ., 'SV X . Kelly Chemko 'if' F Adam Chesley I H 1' Kelly Christensen f H' f af 1 .fr -Q' Q Huoch Chum ' ' I ,gl Edward Chumkin ' T ii N92 5 " k Q, J . EN' Matt Church i iii J V Q Shane Church rtagw 5 52 David Ciancuillo ' 'gf -Q5 Ruth Ann Clark gi ' ' Tamara Clark 'le px 1 gag 0 J' Karen Clarkson i 11 if 57 , Q Laura Clement 'Z X K Q N 1, X' K Michele Clower 2 X ll Donna Cluff Rachel Cluff V A Justin Cole H it Jason Colgin 0 - Heather Collins Mike Combs 1 C 'y 5 Tracy Connell 5 Tami Conover , S J ' J ,X B "fr-'QPF A . . , . - s "0 .. , P . zo. .. fr: R55 , gm? Q. n su., ' Q :X ut 'K h S- 'iii 9 Q X as ' M J iw wig .3 H, M13 , Y F gi KY,.A:.1S,,.,. i t A at 33 ,K ' mg ,,, E , K . 'f - 1 igifft-sr,-'if ' Sitting around--Michelle Magallanez, Janie Duplantis and Shawn Young wait patiently for their classes to start by the locker cages. is ,arm fr are if ra if if '1 4 1' Roberto Carpio ,P 1 A 1 D ic " arY arr :art iw .gt I 0 m 9 gf' X . Q i e 2 if' fl :fi l 1 9' -me A' 'G' , we 2 -1:57 N W .,,, - A. at IZETT ii i in 1.9 Ryan Corcoran Michele Corlett Amy Corsi Cheryl Corwin Michelle Covarrubias Ladawn Cox John Crabtree Mike Crago Elliott Craig Mike Craig Nathan Craig Glen Crandall it 4 .t Q Q - my ,l, f r? t? J 5 2 , ww . 4 , r,,r.,t. ,rr, J ,,.,. r.,r.t:,.:,r,.rr.rr,:r, N a a t a , J rirr Vieriiy. 'iriii ffexbefiellcea W0 ,scljgoiivgy :ands had iiteigzgyg bfwf ffwfii0rab1e'2tiQlSPetS on J J QQQIPQS 'bariipdifi WHBiHCf'1eiif'4P?HS'ii56 C Qfl. ..,':, ,'..: 31 .,',: 'if,'l:E1:i v',"l,"2 I it 'nz' bi .':. uf., . ,'.: :.'v juniorsrghad ,diScovered,Li1ieit'15:1 a'rf1 32282, ,J v,,y ,-i,,.r .v.: .J Si12??fiSiD A ' "MY ifmfff' lili HCffi1Se1zQZ r'i',,'. .begaguse-,I VhaveQ'1tto4f1funrjlaVrgiiie2Q552235lfiggihrgiyg1f'-'fviitlgilggiailgif ,'1t, eflfitis half 0YC1TX1d35i5.iU 'S31dD0U3H0PfSF'?3' .Z ",r A "Thesi+estii'bt5fgi4 gives iA:.if if t1,i .. 1,mefgima Ato3:.aqia1Q,'?Qr11saiQpstawe'1i :',r 1r'al liQ'fq .Qiw I f'1- ,'f'A v'.it AfPf,' If: ,f,' 3 .'f"i A'f'3 Q A:-i ,ii- "C21lf5if if SHi'313S7 53557 ',:1 IQ :i'At: ivf. lii' ' '-i' -2 '111.'f -t'2 ",11 , ,.1: 534 ,:,, fi ,1r-A.'r V r .'ty ,Where IW fieciiuseflidoim 'tiiiave iiV'?'ffff'f??' ".' "tr 1:5 lri 'J 1'1l .J ','2 Ehgi-ffgi56506114,,e.f,gS5353 .,,1V' 2 r1'- '." -',- 1 1 CZASSA' : yr.','. - A .,y' titaq .':- 'r'ir- I ,'1i A' ii"'i" " i"' " '..:r ,. J a-,r J ,l,yi . 3 iii eff 'rtr V J iii C' .1 K at if va ' 2 .za ' ':' V L 1 ,z M- 'M - 1 ,Lt , It .. V 3 'm I N A ng f , 7 if J Q 5 5 .E it I fa W if . -fttflaew l fe 4 it if if Blain Crandell Jason Creek Steve Crews Jennifer Crick Cynthia Crockett Loren Cronk Richard Cross Beulah Crowell Wendy Crowther Martin Cruz Jennifer Culver Carl Cunningham Jason Cunningham Jason D'Eliso Dallas Daily Dion Damiano Darin Damme Jay Dampsey Bill Daniel Humberto Davalos Beverly Davidson Chad Davis John Davis John Davis Joni Davis Karen Davis Lisa Davis Mike Davis Denise Desrosiers Steve Davis Holly Dawn Chuck Dawson Lee Dayley Justin DeBoer Nicki DeLaCruz Jason Dean Kris Dearien Greg Decious Boyd Dehan Willie DelRio Jennifer DeLong Kevin Demoss ff w K "'-xi W x A ' Lufa Devel- V V, D il - -':"' H I D .kzr in V M 15,- Kevin Dick v D 45 e1ee r 5 r D iiii 4 A Becky Diehl , fp-7 i I F' f .1', V " A 'N Krista Dillon 'A Ai", it cl- ' A N Q ' Jeffnishong - h s 5 fy, iyw, K ,y Lawrence Disney -. , E ..: 1' Kristen Dockery Y' A V "1Wfffsv,,':,z1f ES , Mike Doka V Joe Domikaitis 'ii , ' "" E Bryan Doolen l X Marcie Dreher V .,.A Mike Driscoll Frances Drumeller April Drinovsky +11 1 Q l','f ll-4 . 'Q f 'QM fv- 12 5. f. Y , , v . - L T., f '-f I sp y In ' N , V5 ,M X ZZA, .. , V . i z 1 I wg? ff Qi., , . Q. Q ,,,' .,A,, . - i-In : ',:v rw? ff" i"""' qf. u ,, ' ' V V 'r Tammy Durfee ' , . ROY Eafl byz, '-e' 'avr' iiiii .:r ' 'D elif the if Denise Edgell Y A said ' Lisa Edwards -v1',: A 3 ,-'q ...f5gg. -eell ik I 7 is ':i:" ' "'i Y K sfss .,Q. 'k,i .kl, ,", v lf: 1 .1'i. if , ff' , ."': milf f MonicaEells a 5. Q.. W s sr aa r , I Jayson E"ingm ' ' ii 92251 i '1'i ..i'i iff. F55 iflff' -.iii as iiii s s K l.-2:v f W eeyye yeyyyyy y A as yy, A ' ,:-: - ii srir se e ' s ris ...QV Viz, -,:V Elgner . e ' Q Kurianenliinrlis V J li -iil ie,y i T W A A' '.'-'-'-1'i 2 2:'E 2:f 2-r3 "-' I: V J Q ff. 'l" i In 'PKI' 1' ' arf' -H+ f' ,Ex 'Vk 91,4 V ,- at I : V ., ,.,t if ,lgyi .f ff" i f ,cf-Wi f3:.V,HsiVVqL,,., 191V V ,i . t .W .f -wig WW M13 iv 1' i. ,tt -s g -O' ,K l fisiiiag ,, f AAA'i it I caught it!--Junior Kyle Schaffer gets ready for an intense game of volleyball. V 1: 1 Paul Epstein Renee Erickson . ., , ,, U ,. ff VYV .. -.Lg f 3- or t Vg-svn Q jg? " G James Esperson Navy? ,K 1 5 v 3k'A:.q,Qak. Q Ve i pi C K C , if V 1 tie: ,V - . , sf V, f I 5 If 'mx .1 , I I i 'Q- f i .K 3,1 Kari Etcheverry ' E VV J A A?4J if. ay ,. A ,wa W 6 W it .fn 'CZ' f Athena Ethenon , I X 77, 'fi' J ,au , t ,VP -, fun N A 2 if ' Q A , ,J gg 'ff' - . V, 1 ,W i , ,.f:' ' ff 9 Va ,.,, I Q. it,- ,V ,N 4. ,K ,V ,,,.g I .. j, l if ,ff K' H i 35' 11 t f Vg fit V9 ,vi ' , art, S yi X Cathy Espinoza A v , -4 sh' we is W, i li ,V V. Cory Fagerholm . S A Nicki Fahey Lori Fajardo I X Lori Fedorick V53 '.ZA V mAzV V Michelle Fenner , A A David Feria Q' ,M George Femandez it 'l-l- i Olinda Ferreira V i-1 ""' fy ' , 1'f Chris Ferry ' Randy Figures Stacy Filewicz ' Lisa Fillmore ,, 'F si X V V Susan Finger ' ts- is F F '9 Tiffany Fischbeck 3 1' 5, 1 V :Q V Hilary Fischer ' W 'VV I Ben Fitch J 'V frtmifiiffs H if 1"i 'C Jerry Fitzpatrick . s,,,..W,x ,, , in icsi . .QV VVV f f V, ' .th ,- N f,VV Lisa . ii , i Q i t 1 F , Doug Flfmdfo -fi -' ,. 4 U fa. X ,i ,.. ' '17 fy, Doug FOH tg, , f Q ,- 1' K ' ' " Jennifer Foster 'VV ' Qi 5- ' V C as 1 , Jiii Fowler ' H f i 'f ' 'hi Shelley Franzmeier 'CM ,fa -It A t, .X , 'f if-' ,. 4' Paul Frazer ,V if V ,,., , 1 1. li VV it w ,'V X ,wmMmal'iq ' Y if 'Q'i .,'. ffifi 'i1- if i-1ii it Kevin Frazier I ' all A Christine Freeman H f it 'il' Jeff Freeman f .1 ' ' f' -nl , V , V J V Naomi Freeman ' i 'M' ' Gretchen Freese Y Denise Frey i i , Chris Frueh ll l ,VVV , , Aw Daphgmie Fuller Mike Ftiiiiceiio Lee Gaches i R' , W, "' V Leland Gade f' 'V - ' Kerry Gaines VV i w ' Q Brandon Galatian .VV 51 V VV N Jennifer Garner iiiv' g f D J riu ,, , I 43' ff X 1:5 A- 8 A:-,, - ' . , ., .. i J 51- Q A21,1 - Ewliyanwfghadffbafi ',21 days , '.SHINE5,:Q1f?2lieS0P3?9i'?f?fTf?i3E????f?i xiii? gQ?fC1t4?ys..fiHf?5?U Kiiswnif f?5iffQ,2Gi'f?fef?5FYf1i3i9- f' ' A"' ' 'E'. i.i ,'iA ' ' J J memiaa1e,'gsf3ii1'inteimtsan 110 ggi :ajsciasaigireyaefafggt' 'AAA J "" 2 J I iiitf . .,1: l 5.1, Qt1.1f0f,.the 11- 5fYoii'V'getff'io 'schoril wiki 'i'PaStff0aiFQive6iiS2iii?if'Yf?3?f-haiiiefvff'"' ' 1', mats ye-su ':Ef1fff'ffiiwi'5gi5?fdurifiag ,.-2 iunohif said' H J , V Gtherieye,7?i'saici5Deh3ifie ":' i if' "Yiiur7'f' l5i2k6if: ' SHS ,2:': ,-,:s IQVA J Yiiuriiifbifiii P 0915 "" "'f?f3"'f'1iib5' nmfgfff " ' 3 gefdYLT93f37934i1f. fgif ff' by2iSW?i1Vf??19'i'Z5'fi' ' i 2 ' ' ' Tamara Gettler Branden Gifford Yii 2 -i-- Donovan Gilbert ca " "' Bill Gilchrist Q at I lf James Gintonio f ' ' Mike Gisbran -I J Jennifer Giuliano -, ' , , 2, 'if' CJ ' lim 1 at i,ei. S f,i: ,lii 3 1 ,,:,l ,, S, ., ,i,i iifi , , ,,i. . ,,,, i,,,, ,iiiif 1 i ,,"'i J Ii' Michelle Garoutte .fl ' ,V O' M 3 ' Richard Gartner . - Muller Gase f ' X ' Q ,eiiii ,iii Davonna Gates Tracey Geiman Michele Geist Lisa Gerdl Angela Gemtak A , Kristy Gertz W I f' 5. ,, vw., new f .E sry' if If 1 :flirt pie: if .J -iii ie, ifi. K E ag? ., , "' 'J it if wVbiV A I 4 .mt il ' " J f A X if, .f- ,A lg golf v, Deonn Glaser Jenny Glenn Doug Goebel Mike Goehrung Colette Gonzales Steve Goodell Ed Goodwin Julie Goodyear J ,ifl,it Julie Gordon V Wes Gordon , i- , ,, Yee Gordon ' - Cece Gould Pam Gould Ken Greene Jill Greenlee Allyson Grenier Sherrie Grieve Ron Groschel Christy Groth Steve Groves Fon Guerin Suzanne Guevara Kevin Gulbranson Lori Gummel Matt Haglund Gwen Hahn Valerie Hale David Halfhlll , J s t i A? . f 4 , tzfgati, s ., iyggzewgg ,," gm, J' Q if f E ! I I i I ' J - 'aff . 5 ? "x' Z ' ,X wr , 5 ' if if? " N' an is 'x 4' . 31' W, . 1. ff, ima N ' '32aQ PmHn9HaH J 111 .1, , Alison Halls Jennifer Hamilton A Nathan Hammer , if it ' X 1 A -3 190- 1-tm EL7l:fw' Ii 8 , f 1, ,M tf 0 uf 'v 1 fa f s. 1, , f .- H r -as 1-,. t Q i di .2 E! J J r ,fi v- ' 356 Im: ' Steve Hammons Jeff Hankins Brenda Hanna -' ',Q" vp., if I 41 if Holly Hansen Q19 'Tv ' J A Chris Hansing ' 'S fix 5 4, ' , Shonnel Hanson 1 p y Karen Haq Christopher Hard Andrew Hardaway F " "' 5' , ' 222 1 Q? 5 2 , ' 'i V 5 1 f ,ZSYIIIYIAK - J. ,V H' ww ea gym www, ttrte Carrie Hardenburg Boyd Hardy f Lauri Harmon , BZ Q 1 f Kathi Harrahy We Jill Harries 'ies- W J 4 wf 5 ?' A A '. as 3 W a f ' t sf., Greg Harris Sonya Harris J 'EFI , ' f . 4. A 4 X f " I Q 122 ' if '- if'5-Cla? "Q, Leslie Harry " " ' Scott Hatfield ,.,i ,Q ,V Z Kristin Hawkins 1 i f b VAV it JL . Jeff Hawonh x , ' ,,.. ,tw 'V Dean Hayes 31 , itifi 'i"ir Duane Hayes ' ' '51-,Z-C-----""':kg Renae Hayhurst N t NM,,,,,. ,,,. .-car 3 4 5, Jennifer Haynes .4 ,K -U Linda Heater N Jennifer Hellner Cindy Helmick Q Chuck Helquist if f Amy Hemmer Dawn Hemp at Jack Henderson Martha Hernandez Tammy Hersho 49 ' f' 1 ' JV' I' x Q igf rg 44:21 task l As. James Hetfield Evy Heuer Kyle Hiatt ,, ., f .i yga , ,. U1 H77 ,.,:,,,:. , if ,B if , Christi Hickey Matt Higgins it David Hildebrand , ,, Having a bad day?--Juniors Karic Stevens and Chandra Holyoak talk over a few of I the day's frustrations. r t tir af Jeff Hill Julie Hill Les Hill Patti Hines Krista Hinze Todd Hixon Tasha Hobbs Jena Hoffeditz Tamara Hofhine Lisa Hoge Denise Holdman Tammy Hollock Chad Holm Chanda Holyoak Brett Honig Daniel Hood Doug Hopkins Lisa Hoppe Todd Hombacher Afton Hosac Jason Howard Camnel Hoxsie Suzan Hryb Jenny Hughes Phil Hughes Tiffany Humenyik Michelle Humiston Julie Hunsaker Tim Hunt Tim Hybner Rod Ihde Heidi James Jill Janssen Milissa Jeck Lisa Jeffers X 's QW1 -up Q. .v" " 1 X iff 4 V . , 1 f i, 1 ry f 5 af ' ' ' 413 M A f ggi' r if X' M L , V73 1 f i j 9 .556 f X ' 4 x tit? 5? ,V 5, A .. .W 'L ty W A I L :ygggrf ::m.fHfF:?f21Ea? v' a 2: f- ,. 'I -5' Wax ,1:. oi,ii.s l,,i:gi J ,, ,ii' . y we 4 ' ' 3,13 :Q +- -.g,, 'fa Darlene Jellema Jason Jennings Michelle Jenson 'ILT f . r-' - 5 , W 5 . ..,...i,,J 'V , Jenni Jerread an-ifgqify 1 'Q NQTTN4 fl,,,i-H, s JY Jimenez , I , - J Brandi Johnson ,V Q.,,f.'.,, A , I , 5, 1 1 ,. JL ,fr , , 4 Kar, . "V is , , n if L 'J f eirl f ' X?-554:-.v...,, I ,ms , . V Q if X . J J f 1' f ali I David Johnson J, fy ' ,gr Diana Johnson Aiding the librarian--Juniors Keith Loveall and Michelle Van Slyke look up cards for books whild holding a friendly Conversation, 228 Q53 Gquniors James Johnson Jiiii fi J , x mf: ' , , my f, it ii' l We 5' , 1. my , 3 L X I ta? 5 ii Q A jo 8 , A 'ff K t A 'iv ,,,, X ,.,,,,, , Vf W., M K lg: ..., Ang -L A ' X 7 '51 es ,A it ,V I .,VV V 7 eo M, . .,.., A ii ii iiiiii J iiii iiii -f 1 11 get , if J ill J , ,,'. we I iii is L lsi f ,Jr V Q ill 'K I '-F A - . ,Quik t rf Jared Johnson Kristi Johnson Laura Johnson Melanie Johnson Mickey Johnson Michelle Jolly Bruce Jones Chris Jones Chris Jones Derrick Jones Scott Jones Tammy Jones a blast N or getting bored The juniors were required to take certain classes. Ameri' can history, chemistry and math were just a few that the jmiiors worked the hardest at. On the other hand, the juniors enjoyed art, business and Erxglish. "My funnest and hardest class is creative writing with Mr. Saggio. It requires the most homework, but thehomework is actually fun," said Randy Figures J 1 - "My hardest calss is chemistry with Mr. Vanosdail, but he makes the class worth- while," saici'Shelby Lavender. +"Coaeh Parkefs AP American History class iss the most challenging and the toughest to get a good grade ing" said Pam Goutd. i ' MAP Physio. Mr. Rice is great especially when he sacri- fices a finger for scieneef Said: Ira Romot. , , "American history is definitely my hrdestcalss, but llrineiples of English is my ftinnestf' said Sherri Sails- day. J , g "Geometry Igtltirrk ifsa hard' class, but the teacher makes it really fun? said Katya Nagel. J J J f ,School was full of intern esting class that thejubiorsVhadV V to take. 'A Page designs. by Danielle Chin uavareandLzm1fgzVgmon VV V Sto1jvbyLaumVern0n V V Candid pkxitogmphy Ii? Ken' Henderson V, 1 L - L, ,i,, , , J 1 I, ,. 4 ,V e g , ,, .. ..v,-H43 J"-as: . J- ft e W il if at 1 'E Dorothy Jonus Rod Judd Tina Judd Nephi Julien Paul Kaeneman James Kaminski , , .l,, , riiif Keilh Kms chad Karim V fl 'V 3V Gina Kauer ii L VN Chris Keams V f , Lisa Keeling fr t H V t V Dan Keledjian 'A 'Z - Robert Kelleher , 5 ' We -'tif . Z if ,ef ,i, April Keller V ff, fi I 4 Ursula Kelly t , , , V, I Jason Kelso Q, V W' , 4 I Nina Kempton " - U ,. L f, - Mark Kendall 2' Q ,W Dana Kennedy j Sally Kemagis J . K' lie X I "" J ' .tss . t . Joan Kessay . rt' if 'j -' i' Conny Kiehn V QV Richard Kimbrough J 'C J' s ' Christine King V tif : V,,,, Q Laura King f ' ' Marlo King VI Kathy Kirkendall 5 '.., V R Jennifer Josephson Nickona Knuckles Kevin Kish Hans Klose Jason Kneifl Ken Kocialski Kent Kohlhase Lisa Kolbuss Kevin Kolstad April Korinek Kim Kossmeyer Sean Koy Tracey Krahn Gary Kramer Kristina Kramer l ,,., A' Kirsten Krebsbach J - Art Krause J i,.., 1 John Krohn "' ' Barbara Kurc . 4 ' Michelle Kurtz J Mark Lampe Tony Lampe Chad Lampos Cheryl Landis ,M Brandon Lane J Q . M Brent Lane ti v F David Laneback B C Joey Lanning David Larson l . L irryy J .vs m fe 'S .f - Jw : J ff' ,. , 'Q 4. gt l,i rl? Lai 5' ft Juniors CIUIVGI' ov fufur role - The class of '89 really ,showed their spirit this year, Being rrext yeafs 'seniors had its upsend downs, but it also P hadifs fears. T T ' .J Most of the fears that the V juniorslclaimed to havewere on S the' subject of graduation. ' 'Makingi' the grades," A said Cyndi Roberts. J J V 'leaving all of my friends' after graduation," said ' Amy Bozeuto: ' ' ' J "Nothavingenoughcreri- its to graduate," J said Dawn Van Brant, Leaving the school," said Tammy Wagnerg i"' J Aithough graduation did worry some ofthe juniors, that wasxft all they had to worry X J J y V aboutjomeoftlte other fearsthat people had towards their up and coming senior year were: ' MAH the new sophomores coming into the Qsehooifi said Mike Weatherford. W "College," A said Krista Matthewson. ' i "Going'to 'a new school? said Debbie Pehtso. , N "The thought that Fl! loose touch with all ofrriy friends," Said Stormie Watson. ' ' A Whatever fear they had about their senior year, their jun- ior year was still fun and exciting. Page design by Danielle Chinavare and Laura Vernon A Story Thy Shauna Wood S A Candid 'phnrograpizy' by Robert Shenfb' JJ q 230 vii Q Cqliniors .. J J FJ: 4 QL I F mf I v im, 1 M X , 9 ax ff' i 5 VV 1: 4' .12 T ff Y .J Vi 1 J 1, Uv ,y fs .5 JJ ,r Cav, Ei VJ' .gf JJ xii! rl . J ,Ji J. Jasarep- WJ- Q .Ja-JJ .ugh s-:Jf:JJ,,.w, rl- ' s ,ivr F st v-,I J :J J Q J: XJ J-JJ JJ' J :ck JJ, JJ QW Jkrk J, JJ F, F Suzy Last Shelby Lavender James Ledinhham Chris Lee Ken Lee Tony Leek James Leeper Brian Legrady Jeff Lehmkuhl Carole Leigh Brandt Lewis Scott Lewis :.J J 'l 4 yr L 5 " f , Q . sa L' A 'il ff 'Q 32 w N' - J' J JJJQ T t o errrfs J ott A Jlle J I A H ' .v ll f'li!?fll'rfwJJJf' i'iii it I la' 5' L Qt? F JJ J 'JfJJr' tttt I w i :Qx an 1 r 3 Tessa Lewis Tony Light Jennifer Likens Daniel Lindley Leandra Lindo Steve Linder Jennifer Litt David Little Chris Littlejohn Tiffany Lock Derrell Lockwood Jim Lofgran Kim Lofgran Renee Logan Chris Lomax 'W M all , f M 1,-as , My V -55 4 lf, Si., 'Q ' 'wif It eff , S QXQXW' ii 5 ,Y 'Q Q' , 1 l , ff 1 1 I S Hurry up--saysjunior Albert Sosa to his struggling friend Tim Hunt so he can get to class 'QW 1 - Wi... .1 X I - 'mr ,. 'G-.qi Jim Loughry Karlene Loudignont Keith Loveall Maria Lucero Lillie Lucero Mercy Lucero Heather Ludi Cheril-lee Ludlow Debbie Luge Kris Lulloff Lisa Luteran Dennis Lynch Denise Macdougal Liana Mach Nicholas Mack Michelle Mader Kona Malone Phoebe Mann Jeni Manuszak Stephanie March Stephen Maready i f ie ilii K vfl Where'd he go?--questionsjunior Michelle Owens whilejunior Valerie Hale searches for something in her purse. J 2 V iz A gy Terry Maynard Vlllz J - 3 Barry McCabe V ' 'J i James McCagno ' , Q V' " V Ji Philip McCain - - f Jeff McClaskey "- Rob McConnell 'A 5 i ,, X, 7 we Y "' F X Charles McCom1ick Craig McDaniel FM Jennifer McDermott i V iii 74 Michael McDonald L Cf Tracy McDonald Kristen McFarlin . ,,,f1 f - Michelle ialr J , ii I QQ McGcough J y J MN sew-,.n Pat McGovern 'Mi eif T ,"r' A Carrie McKenna -dn. Andrea McKinnon 1 ' , f " ', ii ' Audra McLeod in ff 1 in 9 ' 'E V' Mike ivieiviiiiiiii 1 .sr Traci McTeer , J Nicole Mecham J , " Steve Meldrum A David Mennig C' iiii ii Aiiii 'V Chad Merrill ' M Darcy Mesa L H Heidi Messing ' V y Bethann Metzger Melinda Meyer Micheal Miarka ' Q 3 Q, X' Denise Miceli Peggy Micheau Natalie Miguel Gesa Miller Doc Miller if: tstt C C Y' H i I ie Heidi Miner J , . James Miller 232 VER Cgimiors Jennifer Markley Rusty Marsh Gretchen Martin Todd Martin Vevette Massey Mark Matthews Ellen Matthews Krista Matt- hewson Bryant Matty , -v- ,Q K, Jil " f K e 8 F A J 5 i 4. . , E V, 74,5 ,gg . 1' lf , ,xv f ,Aw ., . , ii 'i 9.1 'l ii 'Zh v 1 i ,., A 3 .f .ad I I x I .5,., iii., f ug , ie ,M 4. in 3 1 Jii 'if 1 gg , A511 7 V ,Y fn' , i i JM' ig' i' I if Ig, J t i be ,Aw , - 's C--71 xg . x t 2 L' LJ Q' 'J 241' J it so 2 ii? 4 -3 -if v X ,Ea,,f X . y, 'V 1 ,, .y V iew , , gr , ty, ,gl ,ff 55,3 J - yzflr 'Q x X i 93 Natalie Miller Ron Miller Shannon Milligan Jennifer Mills John Minogue Teddi Mohesky Scott Monchunski w Michelle Monson A J Michelle Morales Gary Moreno if 2 l "Sze, 41,91 f f . My, I VA ., gm' ,4 E p iiii I J ,W 7 ai m J rf v 1. f WI in Cher Nicastro Brian Nicholson Marilee Nilsson Yuki Nishino John Nobis Jimi Nova Michelle Novak Joe Nuciforo Kim Nyberg J 3 af L ,, W - Mark Morris 2 JAJJJJ J Randon Morris ,J ,E " Shannon Morrison M, A S ,., . 4, 1 J , 1' 'V f 1 1: Vicky Morrison , J Jessica Mortensen Erich Mountz 15 Brenda Moya QT ,i yn. Michelle Mulder Mike Mull Kristy Mumford Candy Munden V Abraham Munguia ' Aaron Murdock H, ,,1V, n I 1 Sean Murphy A " Tony Murray iw J Michelle Musselman J U ' Damon Myers J Howard Nance l ,V i if Shawn Neallon .. ' Christina Nellen ,gas .1 3 Chip Nelson J 4 N Kim Nelson Sarah Nelson J - if Kevin Neus g ,, ' 1 my lf Huy Nguyen , I ,, 3 J A l l f' N If you could be anyone in J When the juniors were asked the question, "If you could be anyone in the world, who'w0u1diyou be'?,' Heres some of the responses: it "I would be Rockefeller because he's real rich," said Jason Brewer. V, "Sylvester Stallone and TomySe1leck all in one," said Mark Mafhews. ' 7 "Donna Mills. Shefs gorgeous," yi'y said Stephanie Bair. V yV't, "Anyone who drives a the worl Porschetanzi makes! lot of money," said Nathan' Craig' "I would still be myself, 'because' Fm satisfied with who I am, but I would want to be a famously actress," said .Zamie Skeen. J 'Alison yMareno, y a fa-, mous teen model? said Naomi Freeman. y y Page design by Danielle Chi- rzaizare and Lassie Vemgm Story by Laura Vernori J V Candid photography byjlifen Hen- i'ii?ersofi'7!f A J r 1 if f 233 Qvfl gt! f 2'i- '1'Q a ,istii ,WEZ P 1 2 "1-: Q ,ilwi AE,:Ab1 ,liif If: ' ',12 P' . -Q:- :rj-' Q .1,:Q A Q' 1 HI' P ttfjfhink iliiiugrade the ,fthe limitations of a sopho- - P aazaagga-asaahamsfeiana' ssaayt waafen asia, ltd0H'i.,g,1iHiYe fFigW0f1'Y afwvf ?t?IThere's,no ser af Standards ' - P - fifres. iilfi' 'jiff Sh3aride11ei'g,i'a'1' Piaraaif '1i13??fH1idf1ftQQffhC?F?3dM' Said, list--f39I1d1'iVC'Q?i 1 iea11edQff'changeii', fforiif O the 'forte motietyear of high school :aevhoraars 1aae4.g,i11t0,.'fi3,Fhe had '," more 1,1Q flexibilities P fleas ',1- j'juni0rS'WiIi Shiftiixtzo the senior i'sophomotes. They were able . iiiielig- Bgiiwhafisfei? greg?-???i?0uf . ref? fidt'?iif???1Se1V'?S-af '.-' i '-1A il 'A.'- " ' ziv' iff A."Q 1 'tiflliifiil sdiifiiimofefiifiia UGSIO part about gage. Bi3fVZ1hCj!1TiiG1'S lacked twaaitthe kiigzgw- hawgzef :A': . ' seaiiiiifciass,L11'i'f7Tl1ey':will f 'You get iid 'boss around have to wait untiilfnext year. y01?f1?tiI1 . 1,.: 1 ,':A.,A lQ4Q,i?g ,AA, , . ,VA-i, E A,'.'- . 1 be i "V' Elgarfeaiieiiiiby'aie2"55aniorsg'?':5aid 'fi-age aeiiga byiI3fiii1ielIe'Cfhi- '.i313auney,Aider. f 1 i 'l?l3e3,ljunioaia' ,rose above X . imvare emdialxra Vernon P 'Sivfytbyleaufw Vfaffwn Candid paawgwpay by Ken Henderson Bill Pallas Becky Palmer Tressa Obom George O'Conner Craig O'Donnel Mark Occhilupo Maria Ochoa Soly Ochoa Jeff Olson Rebekah Omarkhail Shaunasey Ooerly Smiley Orono Marc Ortega Alex Ortiz . :arc Richard on - A AUSOH Owen ' Q Q, e ' Jodie Owen 2 51' ' "il' 'P ' U' 1' y" Erica Owens , V , i ' 'f f 3 O ' K ' " Michelle Owens ,, ,l,: M , ' 'O In , I K Jay Owsley ,k A. -. 'r,: A P I r 't 1 av., ' my 'WP-w e 1 'Q eii fii , rie i or ,If .k,' ?,f David Packer Vs - 1 Tanya Palacio y - mJ: ,5:VVV, Z , 4. Mario Palermo 'VV V Mike Palisca O , f I fi' f f H ,,, . :ff IN Debbie Palmer y Tim Palmer Tina Palmer Nancy Papuzza Carolyn Parker Mindi Parson Joy Parsons Larry Partridge Scott Paskett Mike Passante Rosemary Patino Nancy Paya Kim Payson Tricia Pedersen William Pedersen 234 GWR 5 .ftiniors an r t l a . I a -s. 4. V, M 4,437 9' s 2312 62 , gf an i 0 4' 5. 1' 45 f x XE? fa - A 4. l. 1 vt I 6 fi' P ,Wd il A. ., I " ,,A. 1 il' ri ff i ,miibg li ,Wo 1? Mike Pelky Lisa Pellak Debby Peluso Jay Pennypacker Christine Pereida Shannon Perez Gary Perkins ,,1-w Ryan Perry of I V V V A , , ,f .i. Malynda Perryman :if ' 17 ii P 'T l 3 i Amy Person .iff V, f - , Q? 1- t Li P Tw V R L Keith Phelps , , Q ,, . swim scott Phillips ' T irryiyy . fn V stephanie Phillips P+ gym . . . . L Vlkkl Phllllps in i - A H -"l- U l Sandy Phom U 74 E Laurie Pichon V , i Q., , ,. Shondelle Pickett P y 5 P yilliiill Rob Pickles xx , .11 . ' if w . 4 - fin! Q Lori Pollak ,L Douglas Pollock P rli POPOWC g et to it f by Gnfy POPPCU at Q 4 i W, . " Christina Porehe ' ' ,it,, I Jennifer Poshka P P Ron t ii David Pothier , ,.,i.l " "1li 'i-""i 'IV Kim Powell H , ' ",, V , , , 1 illii , A' Steve Powell i" li A in i ll NiCCniaPfa1l fr 1 4 P 'illi "5 Snnnnnn Prine ' ilt ' tsi, i Stacy Price V Q W Wi T H ffff ii A ' J "7W'f Philip Pryor A' 5 i i l ' ,i , . lA Ben Pugmire Todd Pulford f .env f 'T' A g 2 ' if Ertha.Pulliam 4' , Debbie Quinn QQ Z fi K ,, , , A , ,, A I .. fi at , , M Shannon Quinn H ,,..., i-i A tax ... . 3sll r.. Hanging out--Juniors Brandon Lane, Jim McCagno and Steve Powell scope the lockers before heading to class. B R rsrii i i P0190-Raf Julie Randall Teresa Randt Brad Ranks Kevin Rardin Amy Ray Tamy Ray Brent Rederick Randy Reed Daniel Reilly Eric Reinhardt Ernesto Renterila Kevin Ressler Sassy Rettig Roderic Rettig Rebecca Rhoades Susan Richardson Alexandrea Richmand April Richmond Jason Ricks Bob Ridout Duane Riggs Jerry Ritchie Scott Ritchie Roxanne Roach Cyndi Robert Jennifer Robert Samantha Roberts Tina Roberts Tracy Robinson Jody Rockwell Andrea Rodovsky Chad Rohner Erik Rominder Amy Romito Ira Romot ww -V f!5E2?2gf, ffl 9 f, -- .WV E-W1'wrm: ff . . . 1. . - , 1 ,V X ,- at f . u . L 1- t EQ 48 r 7' -if K H2 if xl Z ta i . Xt gi. 2 75' ' l",QST::S5?fiii?i5 ,J . .ff- -we-rr,,,. A Aa ac ,a x Q i Jw Jr -at 1 - - -', L V ik gt K Z f y , S , , 1 r - ' - . Via Vt ' 99,2 ,. t,t,, .I WV B N 1: - eg - .. ' ff ' V + V 4 V VV srt- ...,, . if 1 1 , ,4.,,N .M .,, H wg- r -' EW! ,E K ,,ss, rum ,,..,,, , .,, ,,fm,m ., - - ,,,' J H gh if al l rf my W All ,, r re J Mi A J J - t,l ,t,,r K A "', W Jra, - tly if rrii S 4? fell ,t,,. . V ,f . , if Q' 3' 6 , i QSM Z 5 t . , M, ,f af- V , 5, -if 4,1 as 5' A. 'Vt ,vs if ,gt 'E' J, T J' ,.,i f . ' mfzffffzz, ' ,:i,,.., QQ '- K , 04 G U, WWW :MW fi 'ir W img I 1 H Taking a bite--JuniorsShawna White and Shawna Turley enjoy the music as well as the pizza. aww , A va f-. , :f-gg ,i .- ,Q 4 lla... Want.. mt ,s ,sy, "x ,. Ricky Roorda A, ' J Paula Rose fl Jennie Roseberry Rosebunough Janet Rosenhan Michelle Mn. Vanessa Rosenberg . , , - 1,,.mV1a' H., ,. ,. V, an , i if it , K , ,Q ,, 1 Vt f my an 1' V! 54.111 3 A ' , ' Paul ' - il Rosenwinkel Dustin Rosh Phillip Rottweiler ' ll it llll lliana Rubio V J 'V f ',f Staci Rudd Michael Rudnick WW? E 4' 1 llllt ,ff J, Yi' E if K - X KV f ,. 5, 'Q f J x I mf J. ,, J, ., t t l , , Vac! if i it V Vi V, VEQJV VV: 253 , 5 Y 2 ,gi - Beth Rusk .. QV VV 4 w J " if at Judd Russell fr.. ' ,, V Denise Ryan ,,13:1 , , "-s. ' ' is ' VV, Judy Ryver V, J Jennie Sabin 2 a X Z would youspend if? A V If you had aiZS1,ii00, iarhat then maybetheit school would you do with it? Most look like oursf, said Kose? ,juniors would spend itV on clothes, car stereos, or take a iittio vacation: I-lore are some lreporsses on how a junior would spend the money: V ' "I woald bay the whole Mountain View football team," said Sherri Saiiaday. ' "I would use it to go to California fofabout a week," said Jason Brewer. A - ' "Go shopping and buyrthe teachers edition Vof ,Vail my books," said Marnee Thomas. gif I had'S1,000,'I wouicl send half to the starving in Af- rica and buy a jeep with the IBHU, said Tina Thomgison. "Donate it to Westwood, mary Patina. V' ' , J V of 1 had 51,009,211 buy off my teachers," said .Iiliiei Hiil. . J L V. "ffl had 51909, rs in-J vest it in some property on the 1'im,',saidLisaFix - , g Some juniors had their eyes on cars, clothes, assessi- stereos., On they hand, some- juniors wouid put the mosey in the bank or save it fof'eo14 'i't ' Eege. Whatever you tigighgtdef V cide to do with 551000, it Wouidi V beputto good use, ' ' ' Page dasign E by A Danielle V navzzre and Lauraaifernon Stoiy by Laura Vemaiz Candid "1Jfti7i0gr'dpfity'3Abj' "'Ken' , ' ii i ' "iZ f f Terry Sadler ' ' ' ' V V V V Henderson y V VV V M K J jj "i"' 5 1 , :V,,11 ,,, . , V VV ...,, V V Q I n V Lana Sailer J y i1t at -' Brian satan VV I-M V , A Q. it. ii'A Q ,, ., Q if , J. f- - E, Q 4' to VV 4-Q -, 1 Sherri Salladay - , u P ' ' . V,V Q ' '- V ,Y l ' li V I V Q.-,J - it W J ' Y' Sheri Salvesen s V V V y VV David Sampson ig ' , ' t f 'V 2, Ruben Sanchez J ' J if A to Ch 1 s d V ,, . , A V , BWV V ris an ers J .,,l .H , ' 'f.-f '- , f-:f' "-', if , , 1 212351 ' fe "- , I W , Jennifer Sapp , fi f Brad Saunders V t J, . ,, X H N V em V g t . "us, V F Cassandra Savard 'P' J C 'W 1 tli Wi Lawrence Saxon ' if it Q 5 Cyrus Scaccia C is , ,, ' M' A Carle Scave Mike Schaeffer J 2 l,, l,, J it . l ,E Mike Scheatte ' t I if tr if C Chris schibi ,,,m,,r V um 'V V" V ,S 6 ' Darcie Schlagel e W J my Q W V Dave Schmidt 'WM j ' 1 Kevin Schmidt fl " J V ' Carynn Schmitz A 55 X X Tracy Schnebly Erik Schultz Jason Schultz Ken Schultz Marta Schultz Carolyn Scott zzz Qifiiz Chris Schroeder Paul Schroeder Melissa Simonton J' Danny Skabelund Cherry Scott Melanie Scott Derek Seal Billy See Eric Seiferth Larie Sellers Jason Serb tttl tttt -,tai ., ,, at rt Q ,. Staci Severance Steve Shackell ' Jamie Shaffer S J J Stacie Shannon Don Sharp David Sheets Pamela Sheffer 2 t r t ffgf ff Jenny shin s.t ire Tracy Shill 1 Jfv ., Mike Shultz 5 , vg . Ronda Shumway r H 1 4 ei.- Shania Simpson Julie Sims Tanner Sinclair Jennifer Sirrine Ricky Sitter Jamie Skeen Kristen Skousen Sean Slater iq 71 p . , fir 5 tat ,ft R Z If 1. 'L' .F t 1, Q tiara , W. .. ,,,,., t , ky ff at I Q f t gb t .V ' ' v V 1 '! i v ,,.,, Ugg K 4' f fr 'M 1 ith ff 'X E f K ,- ' V ' ,J-' ,', v ' gi at lr J I V ee-W tli- f ,vfQ:,,- K rk z f N fem , , ,, V- i - .W vt tl, l wb gy Q V ,Q - v 7' '-5' v' 4: 'F hi- lf ,,,., 2 'll W 7- J! , 4 ' :Vf - " K VVV' , ,, V if I H K 1. it 'iff ' , " -- 'J - itl' I , w A ii fi ' fr , H f I S 5 , vi ' liiyy M , 6 4 ' t J fi tif , M www ,,i. ,, ,S-55 , N ., I ibn ,, y 4? V i I 6. , ,.z, ,J ' A J - V' J it b it if"- . mfg J . if-S ' K . 2 t A551 vw 3 ' - tsy Z, 5: '- ci"5 vlial ""- t "t'l .:',, t 1'J't 1 V. t 'i" 'ir' l tltsi' K -Qr2: H ""2 . V"i t"2 -JJ1 t1t,1r r,c,r , 'i'r f "':"i to 2252? Jt,: J ,t.,r, v'it 'i't S er r ,a 2t 1 Ay.,.:: I ,:.A. Vqb. .V,i. .,V::.,. Azl. Q r-ti , e-it Tonya Slhavarum Steve Slowik Kim Slusher Star Smalley Charice Smith David Smith Dusty Smith Erick Smith Hilary Smith Jerald Smith Jeremy Smith Karla Smith . . i A 4 .j , , . g ,H5W,, , .. , Q a 'df 5 YG Q , ATM? 5 'if 3 M R ,lt ii Et' V 2' pn l Wm, at , f A 't 5 , , ,f"' 9 i , . 2 0. 5' A z 7' " ' f N JJ" f 2 4: C 5. ,-22451 it t ' T f f,,,,,' , L ww, 1pv". is - IJ EF W' 'W' VV I is ,f QS K 4 J 94' N2 tn, , 1' . 43, - 1 -fx 4 ' 955213 , V! , ' '-,k Q . T .. 5 'cr f i tgf Lance Smith Nick Smith Scott Smith Shad Smith Stacy Smith Stephanie Smith Tammy Smith Tiffaney Smith It's like this--Junior Doug Bell explains a few things to the crowd at Fall Fest. ,Z 4 4 V ws 4 , t1:wataf f 556' 'ali 13990655 wt + g'5l49o'0'ii' 44' " 7 W' 0' 4 as J at ., Vinh ,, vypi L... I aw. ,- f.,- i . r. XJ A 27.1 Q , H JE' f ,, 2 5 1-W E R ...wif H Ei 'ft 5 M, ! tte M V 3 , f E75 A Wy! - if li - I by . If ' . I X ' -, ' at at ' J J ' J , 1 5 ' ' '-A , f 1 'il' 4 I Q fp! E ,sl f Say W- if .0 J 4 ri Kg 1 1 5 . it 'K ,t 1 Troy Smith Mari Smithz Shawn Snook Lisa Snow Lisa-Faye Snyder Dan Sobczak Amber Soelberg Tony Sohl Jackie Soller Melanie Sorensen Pam Spear Joel Speckman David Spilsbury Jay Spishock Jason Stahr Judd Standage Shanna Standifird Brian Stanfill Tammy Stanford Adam Stanley James Starace Gary Stark Melissa Stephens Kari Stephens Nenad Stevanovic Trammel Stevens James Stewart Nate Stiffler I do what--questions Dennis Booth as he completes homework during study hall. 1 5 X Q, :s.g,s,f,y,.2., . as ia, 5, S Amy Stiles Chris Stinson ,,k,,,i,,,5 mt, ,...W, A, .,,..., If ,.fff HW,--, .--"" P it Eg: K X s 'ia -3mU"'Q 5 'SF it Rod Stradling Patte Straub Nora Stupar Katy Sundquist Vicky Sutcliffe Bobby Sutherland Eric Swapp Bud Swartz Mike Sweador Ty Ta Jason Tabone Yestnia Tafoya Che Tafoya Jay Talbot Amysha Tanner David Tate Liza Tatum Colleen Taylor Joe Taylor Larry Taylor Leslie Taylor Brandy Teeter Lisa Temple Matt Terry Donny Thomas Mamie Thomas Shelly Thomas Aaron Thompson David Thompson Heather Thompson Nathan Thompson Tina Thompson Kim Thurman Martha Tidey Kerri Tilton ,Wg uw-is I Q X Ui W 56, I ,, ' 1, fftt I t. if Parley Stock L' "' . S f i H Tamera Stone 5 . lyii ' iit' .',, i I mzp .Y , 5 . wx, , S ' shay stout 5 Adrian Stovall I, ' -'-1-...s fu W M. 'N---..- 4 o ,Q- .Q - , El on if . News , . 1. at fm .3 yy. W is y tg lli,s t , 'HU' 'ij as vi 1 K 0 ' . ' - 5 ' ,V ' H ff I I I H I V fi K -CC V., i " 4f'ff cf gf, r 3 ,,., , , , y T ,,, ' T T m r srr Q. T ' it ' S5 f . T 'V .X , "'V AVQA if ,ft in utr: ' :li ' 5 I A 1, 4 .V iffy, jg, f M f Q f Q A i f f ' 1 M , " ' 4111 'it 'M la OVER' fi, 1, 4 3 4 N, X -fb? ffmx 11 141 m. 47T"?',,fi,,,..,, ,, 1 fl vi- X f 1 lk 'Y Al I I i ,M ' 7 X ! . , J We 4 V Anjie Timberlake Gregg Tinseth J arel Tippets David Tipton April Topham Heidy Torress Kim Tracy r ,. . ,E ,1 1 if ifi' A K 'iii i Y A , .,E J T y i. ,? i i ,, M I NM Il- 758 Kim Trembly Q- 9 R3 Scott Triplett Lisa Truesdell Josh Tuberville Jason Tuckett Richard Turley Shanna Turley li X V iii Todd Tuttle I - Andy Ulmer Tami Utton Yolanda Valdez " Carol Valles f-. ' I f 3' if i G , f., , A i ,ii i Dawn Van Brunt Kathy Vandera I ff ,,, Monica Vanderlinden Michelle Vanslyke Luis Vasquez Missy Vaughan Jennifer Vaughn Julie Vega Bart Vermilya Ah f f nm 'wr' WS .,:, New V, kk., ,ff , cr " ' mi" 'I' iifiii, vi- . -'Sir f ' . ,. f f ' ff' i ,,iii,f , M ,, F f 1 ,tiffw f'ffZyM,,J 1 ii K it K' JN We M if it Mr A f J 4 ,gi im J tfe yii, ,.. i ii Michelle vemam 3325551553211 ai',t 5 ,QQQQ itii Qliififzi V"'i'i: itii ifii tfi' tviii 'iiii 5 ' H ' 1 T i Cafv Vim iiiv J K i T Q . Cmdyvincenf 'V i'-' 'T ' iV1.t.1. JVJ- i-i. t t , J fll K J . V iiiiil "ii A J J- J ,J 1006116 Vofin .if 5 Miehelle i if -" f VWC Ji J' " f ffl W 5 Dam 3033001 Q31 at 0f'i1k?W11,f'L Mi'4?98'if?? ifi? ..ii fflfflii-' fifiii !, if l',:kI F J Wabakken ., ,,l' l..,-.A Q 'i i Vtt. J J i,,yi, li:V.V 1 J Jg W Tammy Wagner ,,., A ' Kristin Wamiii .i1,i i1,i.,i,- 1 Kristin Wald- ' fo el A .'i'i 1 2iii2E?KQWQ1liQ3Ildi'3SDII3Q3 iriii 3 i,ii iii'.: Qnigaliii liii: ' g If 'Iliff 'f??if"F111' :ff i .itii f1162iIiii'fa5?T'1'f1fO1???d 'f?iiim5'f'Saiti1,1 itiii l siitiiiii ' i'li '.f2 t:i'- ifiiifiii' -"ii 'ii' i H ' J Wake, f' J. A ' 1 ii i - - 3 i':"'2": lv i P In Jenn1ferWall A L55 at any 1 ,,V. ivvswiybynaumiyenma- ,Zi in J Keith Wall ails! i'i' ii,i f f If i"' 1 'wilful'mf'iSQmw'3?fWh'3f'fiif"ik2i3ii3ig ?i'i?1f iiii iiifffi'iiffL5E2iT7if ""i 1 "'t iiifiii f N .,i ,i i ii' ,i.1 i':i11 is ,ti1, ,i'iii- 42-3 ii' i-1iii-ii'fi1' i i5i5Ei2g 'il' ifi'1 if iii iii' i'iti ' iiiiii ff iiiti ""i'1i f tiit'iiit'iiii 1 i-"ri' 'i':'i i:iii J f iii' 1 Jason Wallace Steven Waller Brett Wallin Amy Warin Jeremy Warner Leslie Washbum Quante Watkins Marlee Watkins Stormie Watson Shannan Wautelet Mike Weatherford Melissa Weatherly Matt Weber Jami Weems Martha Weighmink Shannon Weiland David Weinland Tiffany Wells Travis Wells Genelle Wenninghoff Evan Wemer Nate Werner Melissa Westbrook Matt Whaler Wendy Wheeler Stacy Whetten Stephen Whitcomb Jason White Jennifer White Margaret White Paul White Tiffany White Travis White Stephen Whitcomb Monica Whitmore H Z5 fe. ,S QW, ,rth W A. -, im s ,.3 "' if . , ,N ., if , , V . . I vi W . f, Q . 4 if fm uh 4 'E QQ. 'F N ,lt I Y: I it N l E, 4, 1 ,NM 5 Q, , WK x M Q T ft 2 I J 4,1 , as N in ffift V .,a E ,, ill ,r T 33, i, E, llffggg :lf ' all V 9 3 Q 5, ov I ? 'W' ,P I 't' r s v3 I 1 mgf'zf'1-.a V 1 i ,,,,,,f ,2f,5,,f, l 5 t 275' i T 2,1 , tt"2 1 i V J its f iee' f J V - at sf " V J A 1 , ., V 6-fl 6. S K 'ijt ' ' I J' I 5 f 1 1 xi' ii V t t l J 5, ' J ,W -, .-J 'film'-. 5- M. 'Vi' ,., ,I . H ,,tts. sttts at mf I .. I 252557 't B 5 -wtf ' '- , Q .L fd - 1 W .,,,.. M, . nv I fn , iwrsyu' M tts it a. .nf ' -., .f ,V ,r 9 l'i1 All hunched up--These juniors all crowd together to get their picture taken. ww Trevor Whitmore Heather Whitney Kerry Whitney 1595 ,gr Et V, . Vyl, ' ""'-- my 5- ' ti ' s yy W f ir i , 'ii A J Ei , i1.,, Missie Whitton ,WV K Tony Wiemelt ? V it J I I A Bud Wier rag, pt , It ' tesr Laura Wildes A 'N xv, wendywildish ,. J Brian Wilkin , Z? , ' ' ' Fil" K , V1 J 1 2 I , J I t J, ,,.. ,,li , Wa!-W ta 'J 4 .. f' ' Q -J 2 v H asm ,WC , at w w ' Ifaj I1 916 an 7 it gf ga 2 , 45" 0 TH an Q.. ' , at ,W et' . a ,:,, .., y, 2 B 57 I VVV, David Williams Goldie Williams Richard Williams Anne Willis Latahra Willis Lori Willis Donna Wilson James Wilson Jamie Wilson Tammy Wilson Brad Wimmer Shelli Wimmer l:'f 1'f 'l,: 5 s gif ' fQ1SGm6ft'?Qf ' A 7 , . L., . .- 3 ,.,. , had aflgdecxsxell' lil' , ...I I . Uv., t, .SJ . ,1"' ael- l.1, 1 , ,J 'l"i 1 'lis' i"' ,l 1. , A J A J' l-lf1l -vlz J fi' ' "" J Vaal -bl' f V . . ,.. , ,. , , ,,,. ,.. .V Vw.,-,., A, 1 ., J ' '3'iigfadggfngz:??75955ffi215435?3?93f?F 'iiiilz i,l, Z 522,13 l,i, l,s' i y it Q gg Jane windschm my i'ii 'iiii Jenny Winward E. if J xjg V 'L J, , PQ Shannon Woffinden HI y X Beth Wood X ' ' ' iiiziiii x U Brett Wood ' - John Wood 1 5 f George Wright 3 . is Xa Jill Wright Kristen Wright Robert Wright . Tricia Wudel f Lori Young Yetta Young ,, -P Naveed Zafar ----..,,. J A f x f 1 U 4. E f Joseph Zagar Mike Zaharis 3 5 V Doug Zavos Kathy Zehring Sheila Zies fu -4 T? A is f 2 Rick Zarate Lincoln Wright Tammie Wright Wendy Zangara First-day jltters plague new campus members The day had finally arrived. He hesitantly climbed out of bed early in the moming and stumbled to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face. He felt the anxiety beginning to build. He woke up early this par- ticular moming so he would be sure to be on time and make a good impression on his teacher. As he was getting dressed in his ice-washed Guess jeans and Union Bay shirt, he couldn't stop thinking about the summer that was and the school year that lay ahead. The upcoming year wasn't any ordinary school year. It was his first day of high school and he was the new kid on the block-a sophomore. 'SI was real nervous. It was like coming into a new world. There were a lot of things I didn't know," said Dolores Pedroza. Not everyone was nervous about coming to high school. For some it was a chance to reunite with friends. "The first day was fun be- cause I got to see all my friends again. I was really excited to go to high school," said Beth Bowers. The sophomores quickly found out that high school is noth- ing like junior high, especially the size ofthe building and number of students. "It CMountain Viewj was a big massive building compared to junior high," said Tiffanie Tho- mas. Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Laura Vernon Candid photography by Ken Henderson and Charles Ballard Smile pretty--Elece Foley and Steve Tafoya take a moment to enjoy one anothers 1 K if r 1 or .. e fs . 4 fi W 2 Q or r e of 'ia , 3 We ggi , Taking a stroll--The Van Norman twins and Rebecca Chapman walk to the locker cages to get their books for their next classes. 244 VER COS0phomores XX :Tix x- " XLA "" NK' 15 I . I T tx, we Qi ,,l. gg yyss,, za , ' " , wir, Satin . B J- , T , i "' ig. ' Q. ' is-rv 1+-W 3 We - 'A , ' H' V W.wff1Q',,-,,f ,.,, ' J' 4- , - f i if k , . ss, , , .V A . ,, A- 1 eg W , -V . X, K 2, ,, : nw my , I If as er , . I J ,. , Vi , ,',k s " ' ,, V .,,, J , li Z A 2,5 , ., y , ' it ' ,SVI . K 4, s 7 , , . fa ' gg , T 'lf g g:-Y at 8111, " ' az ' i, f ,S ,, f N L , A ,AM 1 ...-f-.......x , 6,----,TX J if - .. f f T m h Q, ST , m , V? , . 4, as X fr f-W 9' - C' i r 1 , , f K' ,L ' H f ' , Q, 1-ii 4 a J . ,C it . : 'Y , I fl? L V f a n ,. Zlillf, ' " N3 ' .125 1 tl 1, ,f '1 , ,Q x S f, , ,gg T 3 Vi V 5 k,Vk,,, J ,U T , J, , fag f 5 T 4 T "llc: ' Y A' Wx, T ' fr f + A A C , at , af , Q , A it - V H I ' 2 is ,,,,, J f l 1 ly, Q A ii, 1 Kim Abeyta Shannon Abney Anu Abraham Amber Ackerman Shane Adair Leslie Adams Racquel Adams Sabrina Adams Scott Adams Marcie Addington Snacy Agrew Margaret Aguirre Tory Albright Joe Alcala Ryan Alder Jesse Alexander Jennifer Alig Pat Allllan Dave Allen Jeni Allen John Allen Kellee Allen Jennifer Alongi Brandon Amundson Laura Andersen James Anderson Taylor Anderson Rebecca Andrews Jennifer Anthony Holly Antwiler Leslie Arai Krissy Arbeene Jason Arment Heather Amold Kali Arnold Debbie Asato Mahsa Askar Christina Ballard Tim Balthazor Shannon Bailey Geoff Banks Brian Barnes Brooke Bamett Christine Bamett Tina Barringer Chad Barrel Melissa Banelson Cathy Banon Donna Bartz James Bayless Brad Bean Lynn Beary S cott Beary Brian Beattie Jennifer Beers Irving Begay Stephanie Behne Tara Bellows Michael Benavidez Karen Benn Angela Benoche Wendy Benton Cary Berta Polly Beynon Jeff Bierman Shanin Biesen Heather Bigelow Brian Billingsley Dennis Blackhurst Becky Blackson Samuel Blancas Zorana Blanco Matt Blonde Jennifer Blount ' Amy Bobbett Andrew Boccasini Kevin Bochenski Ladawn Bodine Vincent Boragina Constancio Borboa Jennifer Borgman Tammy Bosley Karla Boubelik Shannon Bouchard Class W9 ' iiie? officers say float- making most difficult job Even though the sopho- mores at Mountain View are the youngest students on campus, the three officers, Jeff Driggs, president, Dave Osborn, vice- president, and Melissa Bunker, class executive were very hard workers who contributed much of their time and energy to school functions. Driggs said said, "Working on the sophomore float was hard work, probably the hardest job we'll have all year." As dedicated students, the sophomore officers also helped with decorations for the dances, set up for the blood drive, paint posters games and publicity. In addition, they put together class competitions at the assemblies against juniors and seniors. The sophomore officers take a large part in school activi- 246 D C Sophomores ties, helping in any way possible to get people into the Toro spirit. Bunker is in charge of changing the marquee, keeping students up-to-date on upcoming events. Bunker said, "I had a blast. It's fun representing your own class and I have fun while I do it.', Dave was a bit nervous and concerned at first but he said, "I've really had a good time this year, everybody has taken me under their wing. I've learned the strings by watching how the jun- iors handle things. I've never run before but I love it. It's lots of fun!" Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Becky Spiers Candid photography by Charles Ballard and Bud Ford Sophomore officers--Dave Osbom vice president Jeff Driggs president Melissa Bunker, executive officer I What s new--Sophomore students enjoy their special place on campus as they talk about the latest activities. ff r W f if 4, A finv 5.5. , .. Mr ii ' -vi: 'FZ " if ,gf 1 , , Q ,my 'S-p, K ' I . 4 V ,S ,S F i 5 1ff"f " Z, Aga ,JI 5 AWG' .iefllwfi Q , ,Q-3-emi.-xiii' Njagp :,,,'.aa-.ww cw --I 3,fe,xif'x E 5 ' ft. '5 if 1 , 1-1-.eff ,.'.ggiwf "' v I 1 f Q, ff'- -,',1,, 74. . ,W-., A , , -iiiiiff ns- ,aufw wi.-t ,, f 5 f fy, X7 X l 42 , "iff , r' 52 L f , , atv' ,, 7 .WX f zz W N Q V , V fr JW , 5 ,, , I , Q an w . fa f 'P ' i x , ,,,, , M ' it 1 v , ff Q Q, ffm ,ua , it yfzgy 4. f fs- ? 1 y tttt gi , ffl' , W., ,, ,, f 4.-. If , A, IBN y ,it , ,ttt W .W - 1 Q A 't11tt , W ,, ,,,, ., ' I 1 3 jf ,ar ,, c , xi. I U,-N Z 9 7 6 'Y' 5 54 , vs ,241 it i 1, , ,rx wx 1ft' , V I 1 1 1 ,,' iv: wi U- f - ,fvusezz f +R 2 Q, .1 V f is r f ,. t av ,V 4 . + 4, 1 'eff'-' I H V M ,, " if C- - 1 .ta ' 44 if ' fl I A :Q ' x X ff! if! 4 7 -L.- J f vw fist- I 1 if ' " I Q' . I 'D Q ' . y ' . El ,.,,, A ' , , , 5 1,5 2 ' H ' sf 5" ' v 0 f w ff'fAff,.'.1-,X .JL V, ,I ,rf '1i , 1 V , f' r I x 4i,1fYt aj' Jlfs rf 1 J if I Scott Bouchie Beth Bowers Cory Bowman Scott Bradley Eddie Brady Dan Bramley Valerie Bratton Stacie Braun Brian Braymiller Nicolle Brewer Michelle Brewington Kim Brockhurst Cheryl Brooks Katie Brooks Mike Brooks Tina Brooks Andrew Brown Henry Brown 'Kelly Brown Matt Brown Melissa Brown Ryan Brown Sean Brown Alan Bruce Denise Bruce Johno Buck Tricia Buckley Leslie Budai Dave Bullard Bremda Bulloch Angela Bullock Melissa Bunker Stephanie Burd Randy Burger Joshua Burkholder r ll M247 g li Cindy Burley Edward Burns Chad Burrell Natalie Burton Janell Bush Lavena Butler Jesse Cackler Bill Cahill Howard Cake Juan Calderon Christy Call Danny Callahan Connie Calleros Mike Calleros John Calloway Jon Campbell Merideth Campbell Nevitta Campbell Shane Campbell Trish Campbell Mike Canning Jeff Cantile Tom Cantu Lisa Carpenter Tina Carr Jason Carroll Josh Carroll Matt Carroll Coy Carter Lance Carter Phil Carter Roberta Carter Sean Carter Stanlee Castillo Rob Caudill Quiet moments--Trish Campbell and Steve Rosati enjoy one another's com- pany outside sophomore lockers during the lunch break. R Q55 Sophomores 248 QW , , ,,., . iw' ffgfw-a',,5A hy .aw f 'f', ,V qfiffwsfyay ' ,ff f , - .V an ji are am.. iyyi it it "" " "'- V J Iibiifffif ' MLW? fp ff :je , 1 Jig W f Q 0 if Q gy w .- t, 3 mf, , my q Q 51 Soaking in rays--Trista Sammons enjoys the warmth from the sun druring one ofthe cold Fall days that swept across the Valley after Thanksgiving. 'Q trrtitm School spirit tops list of what sophomores liked What did the sophomores like most about Mountain View? lt was not difficult to notice the academic and athletic achievements of the students. "Mountain View is great because it excells both academi- cally and athleticallyf said Vi- pal Patel. Of course, it was the people who made Mountain View. Not only were they achievers in every aspect, but they were friendly as well. 'fl like all the people because they seem very friendly to every- one," said Meredith Colvin. Mountain View students were also known for their loyalty and school spirit. The sopho- . ? 0' l ts f tt- 2 ' 9 J mores took note of that. Beth Bowers said, "The people show a lot of school spirit and I like the people l have met." The best thing about Moun- tain View was the way sopho- mores were treated-like adults. 'iIt's casual because I'm not being babysat by all these teach- ersf' said .lim Fillmore. Mountain View was a good school with a lot of interesting and different people, courses and ac- tivities. Page design by Michelle Ga- routte Story by Laura Vernon Candid photography by Charles Ballard f ...ii . f W . . ,..,... Kyle Cawood i iiri Sara C De Baca 4, 'Q ' lz' Richard Cervante I Paul Chapman . Rebecca Chapman Lori Chiappetta Jason Chouinard Pete Chouinard Kim Christensen 2 f H Starr Christiansen Jennifer Church Gillian Clark ' ' GregClark L John Clark . if " I 'wwf ,M . Jennifer Clawson . A y e . , . Q 'P - if at v 4 ig' v K if 5' . s X1 J , ' f . - ' tm- , p 'L " ' Z l , ,- X 'Y f Scott Clegg Dean Clement Doug Clouse Aaron Cluff Shawn Coates I, . 3 I Kim Coca Lisa Cochran ., Z ,ai Lisa CColeman Laura Colgin Jim Colleen Lisa Collins Chris Colvin Brian Comeau f ff t 249 VER Q sith'-Com Students dream of jets, kings, money, peace Dreaming can be a great way to survive a long, boring day. Many sophomores this year had the usual dreams and wishes that invade the sophomores during the first year of high school, owning a car or winning or inheriting large amounts of money. Some of the sophomores were more original. Jay Paynter said, Ulf I could have one wish, I 'd wish for a new skateboard? Allison Temple would wish for world peace. "I wish I could fly in ajetf, said Kirk Williams. Jennifer Anthony wishes she could be on television. Natalie Malone, Jen- Charles Conklin Scott Connolly Ryan Conover Brian Considine Rozan Contrerras Kaci Conway Heidi Cook Jason Cook Q it Jennifer Cook M I Jim Cook I . 'V Ryan Cook ,,,,, Marci Coppock 3 Warren Coppock Tina Corey Rob Cork I Brad Comelius I M Brian Comelius ' Joe Corrao N w Wayne Courtney Kelly Coury If Steve Craine Joyce Crandall Randy Crockett f ' v StacieCross jf ,1 ' Kristi Crowe Fred Crum V i Mike Cummafd i zse -Q63 CQophomores M 2. ue if Q 4 Kim Crosby 2 i 1" it 1 X t ,F 1 ff' i nifer Church and Jami An- derson all dream of marrying someone rich. Todd Allen said, 'SI wish I could be King of England." Shawn Dyar wishes he could be Edward Van Halen. But Stephanie Behne, thinking of the treatment she and her classmates have received, said, "I wish I didn't have to be a sophomore!" Page design by Michelle Gar- routte Story by Sharon Hossler Candid photography by Charles Ballard Daydreaming--Amy Wright has her mind on faraway places and distant thoughts l t i f I r to y itti I i"1 I I ' ee ' -Mx A 5:1-V W , H ' .V t E nw, . , gtg, . pei' ,QW , 1, 1 T . t,tr 4 I 7 f fr .,,.r. , , V, i eg , ' Ms , 1? gi, .., ' ' fe or W ,Q i if 5 7 9. 'Tj if 'P' lf i is .Ng V i 4 r 4' A rf ' ' G 5 s 5 s 1 it f l t fi" M i -" fi at ,rf 2 H 4 44 5' 1- Vw: l ,Ma-I ' gi 1 J dh 'L i f .1 J K' Q H ,,..,'.: l I 3,1 T' 54 ' ' I 6 3. 9 x-f, 1 ,J 1: l N- Q Q 5' y 1 sf ,A Ji. -Q afeifiriitf Jstt it rrrrs 'K s ' , ' J li' , few , ff 'ft . W' , at it 4 J , ,J ,,,,. , y S I K x f yy J +A t 2 ,A . 2.9 fx f -r wg' sl. ,f V ,,g i EK' i if .' it z Cramming at lunch--Two students End it difficult to concentrate on their homework in the Wann sunshine. Jesse Cunningham Cara Curtis Mike Curtis Melissa Cziewior Kristie Dabrowski Jamie Dahlstrand Miles Dahlstrand Carolyn Daley Christi Daly Kitchell Dana Jim Dancho Shaun Daniel Mike Davids Shane Davidson Denise Davis Dominic Davis Jenni Davis Joe Davis Nathan Davis Susan Davis Tarrah Davis Wells Davis Dan Dav jak Kristie Davrowski Jill Dayley Pete Decious Jared Decker Lianne Deist Chad Dejarnatt Dawa Delacruz Toni Deller Nicole Delong Paul Desantis Danielle Dickson Stacy Diel Lee Ann Dignan Niel Dillahuni Amy Dixon Brandy Dixon David Dobson Terry Dodge Jennifer Dohanyos Terry Doka Sabrina Domas Jorge Dominguez Jack Donahue Brandon Dong Chris Draper Jeff Driggs Rich Duley Dawn Dunshie Santosha Dupuis Louise Duve Shawn Dyar Pete Dyslin Dusty Eagan Leslie Earhart Michelle East Abby Edmund Debby Ellingson Stephanie Elliot Chad English Stacy Ennis It's snowing--Stephanie Granthum gets showered with pieces of paper as she ' clowns around with friends. 252 VE ieel S i ' 15' if 4 I f 3 ' l S, lat at fi i 1. Q ' f . , 3 , T, of ev ' 3 S ig: l ttrr A . l ,m g ,iil, . vv we 2 We f ,C i lf!! ,ea U 4 ,ai u, tiett eefie lliefi ette S . f l lerl V W s iii . -Y l iiii , V ' f fi pg 5- 1 V QQ, i u '," , V H S' V ,V 5 iuiii , i l M , Q L -4 X Q 4 5 f f lty.. W, ,N My A My x fi-ft I, , ,,, Ah be-mils f l ' etai ii 1 ' .' M IU , , W, i , 'W it, f tl X it - ttst ' ' ' 5 X S i A iyii ,V i X it Y W' , ir' f. P L l if H, ' ' I LA -1 '7 i 4 ' 3 f M, .Z , ' Q A. ,W '.,f 1 4, .X R a ophomores '55 K i,,'.'g 5 4:7 N W af l Having fun--Reagan Hatcher and her friends enjoy each others' friendships as they walk outside the lower level of the school. A popular food item on campus was the soft-serve ice cream served by the snack bar. Hy" , 2 W, ,V . Availability is reasoning for popularity of pizza In a poll of approximately 75 sophomore students, a vast majority said pizza was their favorite food. Pizza topped the charts because of it's versatility and availability. Italian food held the other two of the top five places along with seafood and Mexican food. "Pizza is my favorite be- cause it's always available and it tastes good," said Christi Daly. "I like to slurp up the spa- ghetti noodles," revealed Jen- nifer Blount. Other foods that were men- tioned, yet didn't quite make the list included pickled beets and QA si alste f artichokes. L'My favorite food is pond scumf' joked Vipul Patel,"because of the texture." How do sophomores pick their favorite food? The most common answer was because it "tastes good." Other answers such as "low in calories," 'thigh in calo- ries," "fills you up quick," and Mitts better than other foodsu were given. Page design by Michelle Ga- routte Story by Becky Spiers Candid photography by Ken Henderson and Charles Ballard Brian Enriquez Melanie Erikson Andrew Espinoza Rosa Esqueda Natalie Estruth Bill Evans Brian Evans Keith Evans Buddy Everett Erin Faerber David Farlinger Cheri Famsworth gtg fy I is ' I Nomra Farnsworth Mike Faulkinbury Kelly Felice Julie Femiino Cheryl Femell Jackie Ferreira Dan Ferrell Jason Fickas Jim Fillmore af 5' 'B U X f ai, x Dan Fisher Pete Fisher Stacey Fjerkenski Afton Flake Jordan Flake Michelle Flinn 4 Wendy Flowers ew xiii 253. V58 Standing in the rain--Ginger Rowley, Chad Dejaman and friends talk about the unusual weather a week before Christmas. Elece Foley Seth Foltz Matt Foote Albert Forinas Chinesa Forshee Jeremy Foster Russ Foster Tonia Foster Sharon Fox Lydia Franco Chris Frandsen Casey Fraughton Candace Frazee David Free Jennifer Freeman Melissa Freeman Glenn Freye Tynan Frihart Dustin Frost Wendy Fuciarelli Sandra Fukumoto Doug Fuller Jason Gabrielson Tom Gade Brian Gaffney Greg Gaines Nicole Galbenh Beckie Gale Della Gambrell Jason Gammage Brandy Gann Erica Gantar Gustavo Garcia Luana Gardner Don Garrison rvy EA as F2 Wmwtt'-f W me r 1' Q' 's "t-- C Q- G 516' fs N ,...,,,..,, X fi, my 'rr' ,. - r -fl. ' '-" as --V , tt,t Q ,rs.. 'N y H ps trs s s Efwx- X 'Q x ff is 'F w lsrsr as rrtsfy ssal ,sss.rt FT' 4 z 5? 'RS ' z? jif 2 f , r f f 1 tim 1 . Q fl . i I E 512 l , si V t eg or Sr I - N . :ses we f we Qt 'Q 3 uf l m g X 2 wwmwa v ,wt fig ISV , 1, 1' S ma X vs ll ,f .... . 1. - Q QQ Q if Q XXX A X X X x ,. X v qw E- X as , 3 X 5 5 t i Q 'Q' X Q I R i' i- Q -.xi R to .X sf t 4 , X " If :f' 'i:":'1.::'13' " ,. -,:-,,::,, .. F- - s. 2 5 ,a .. 'Q' , ,- ff kj 1 1 E.. 1 f fl - -any 4 'Eg A at 'fx A 4- , , Q 'E-7' , .- Q rw, ' t K 4 . X f . . r 5- tl ' I X sp tg 1 x I as si, 5 ,, X Q 'yi a 3, s xt, ig . 11 me , ii, Q Geoff Garrow V V, , Mary Garvey 1 Corey Gathman e , H f Eric Gelder Jason Gerrard ' Gina Giannotti Lisa Gibbons Erik Giblin Todd Gifford Ian Gilbert Becky Gingerich Tony Giusti Jenny Glenn Kim Godsey -E' lt , as 5 i 4, a Music lover Dave Trusty listens to his Walkman between classes, Many students found that using the small radios helped to break the monotony of the days. -r"w3i::i1 slkjtrgij ., ,, ,V ,,,. QW' J I Y i at M. t f- t we Mike Goffney Aaron Golsarry Tino Gomez Veronica Gomez Victor Gonzales t Daniel Gonzalez Dyan Goodman Kelli Goodman Shelby Graczyk Brenda Graham Allen Graville Mark Gray Troy Green Music plays major role in many students' lives The top five songs, as nominated by the sophomore class, were all very up-beat tunes. "Faith" by George Michaels landed in first place with Debbie Gibson's "In my dreams" close behind. "I've got my mind set on you" by George Harrison, "Push it" by Salt and Pepper and "I had the time of my life" by Jennifer Warren and Bill Medley fol- lowed. The criteria for a good song included a good beat and rhythm, lyrics, bass, flowing sound and the quality of the singer's voice. About 48 percent of the sopho- mores found that the beat and rhythm were the most important criteria. Forty-four percent thought that the lyrics were the most important factor of a good song. Others had more in mind for the perfect song. "A song is good if it has good lyrics, fits your mood and is danceablef' said Jennifer Blount. f'The tone and lyrics must blend together to give a sound that is unique," commented Dennis Smith. "Individual meaning," said Dara Truitt. Certain groups were often mentioned as favorites. The B- 52's, Tiffany and INXS were some favorites. 'flf it's by the Monkees, it's the greatest," said Angel Beno- che. "Music must be fast and fun," commented .Ieff Spiers, 'fbecause it's such a large part of our lives." Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Becky Spiers Candid photography by Ken Henderson and Charles Ballard Stephanie Grantham Mario Guaderrama Favorite classes varied from P.E. to geometry Every person has had a fa- vorite class whether it is physics or release time. The sophomores had a variety of favorites. Physical education was one of the most popular because it is "so easy? Chad Burrel liked his math class because it was easy for him. "I liked geometry because I had a great teacherj' said Angela Benoche. "I liked drafting because there weren't the pressures of a regular academic subject," said Sara C De Baca. When Jeannie Marsh was asked what her favorite class was she said, i'Seminary." Lisa Greene Steve Greenwood Amy Greer Kara Greer Kelly Gregan Heather Griffin Nathan Grimshaw Stacy Groessl Eric Grosser Mike Grzybowski Jennifer Guess Rachel Gundy Wendy Gunn Marc Guthrie Lino Gutierrez , 4 Linda Haack r ' e Christa Haifley Brady Hall Tina Hall Brittney Hancock Leahann Hane Bobbi Hannum ' dm, Dax Hansen .t ,, Mark Hansen Trevor Hansen Vicki Harberts Jodi Harmon .. A ., Sf' 256 095.5 Q C Sopihomores One student said she liked aiding the best. "My favorite class was Eng- lish because of my teacherj' said Anthony Wheeler. Lisa Perkovich liked her Literary Explorations class be- cause she likes to read. Ben Recker said his favor- ite class was football because it is fun. 'SI like woods because I'm on my own-plus it is easy!" said Troy Green. Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Sharon Hossler Candid photography by Charles Ballard ,f V - : i 1 gif., f ' 7: ew ,. Q, he as- Catch--Todd Gifford proves his athletic prowess by catching ice in his mouth during lunch. Gifford enjoys the physical education classes and high level of competition found at Mountain View. ig V.., , -. ,V ggi? F :i j . f "4 I.. ix it nfs yjv' . A 0' 'e i 1 , f gd ri 4- e as gf' if fr 'l i Ammce . it A. 5- , i .,. ,L - ' .Q ' - , 'T C ' .f ., .. . , it-lee-vii-if me . -I-is f f - K f'-. -,wzinaggf . ' e- f s'.. '.-mean' G , r N 4 f j I 5 W 1 ,free ri it . .lie 1 3 at 5 W ii V .. g Q A ..,. . VI.: i., f- 2 4: 'A' M11 , . I fffi N fa.. 4? ' f T r' .f i' f 'H' if , . 4' , ff, I M '05, r ., N f , , , , .. Je, g W-, J X4 3-T ' .aa f I L . l e J F, if ' 1 'f ,n J if 2 f T ii W ' 'V sr 1 ., W ,, 4 ia im x , A if X i in ! , f JV 7 121 ,- 4 1-. 3, - J .. 'f fr ' tc. - Jyyyyy 'W ,. J . .3 x ,- - t M" ' 4:-ff , 'J lv ? x 'iiiflf ' X t f- f Wpu:': :,, tint 'ff ,, K ,W ff 1 1 F ' J? -He I ,. 11 is 78 J ,gg M T ' J f , ' Z' ' 3 ,J '17 Y f ' Af , .ky, .A Q i h h 1, Q 3 J J is J J with i an ! ii llae I 'K -5. K' out I Karolyn Harris Julie Hartenstein Kathy Harwood Emily Hashem Raegan Hatcher Doanna Hatfield Heather Hathaway Patricia Haws Reva Haynes Jennifer Hays Gretchen Haywood Dionna Hazn Gary Heath Mitzie Heiner Eva Helm Brad Henderson Jodee Hendrix Danny Henley Kristi Hermanson Jamie Hennosillo Jessica Hernandez Holli Heve Julie Hickey Wendy Hicks John Hifler Angela Higginbotham Kelli Higgins Shawna Higginson Cindy Higuera Janet Hill Teresa Hinkley Laura Hinze Amee Hoge Amy Holden Elizabeth Holder Smile--Eric Olson enjoys his transition Talking things over--Three friends talk about their class experiences as new members of the campus. from junior high to high school. 257 V53 gmt?-I-lol lt's casual--Melissa Bunker Jill Dailey walk to their first hour class wearing one of the casual looks that was popular at the high-school level. EF iir iiii g C he ze X i if . xiii 4 .3 D? J ':'A Greg Holladay 1 Corey Hollander J ,g H 1, 6 ff: p Coury Holling and J ' J J Kristin Holmwood V ',.' V 'EQ My Aric I-Ioltzinger Doug Holzer W Belinda Homan Nicole Horin r .skifgk Dustin Home f Q. V I "4-'I V' r Q Heather Hossack ,Q , W L John Hovde f 5 ' Tami Howard V Brian Howe '51 f Ken Huey 'lr' jet, 5 Yvonne Huff V V Christy Hughes , , A Jenniffer Hunt , A , "i" if Sean Hunziker J ' t " Stacy Hamilton Vlii ,I N Spenser Hyde ,V , Mike Imperial " llb -- f Julie Ingham Cory Ingram Justin Itule Jeannie Jackson Jodi Jackson Chad Jacobs Cindy Jacobsen gy rf , ,, ,, fi- J ,""l f- fr 'F' ' y ' ffffhjpfffff R 258 Q5 Q Qqophomores X f 4 J Z J' K, 1 2' f J . JJ,l , W Q, U f t J' ,, iw N' is 1 M, J f. . ev- -'e f w 4 M ,dxf-. C t 0 A op ,v fgsggezi Si :L ,ar 1 . Kristin James David Jaramillo J - V Jennifer Jarvis - 2 f Tammy Jennings Shannon Jenkins ' Christie Jensen ny'- Paul Jensen i 1 Shannon Jensen Joe Jenson Nicole Jenu Lesley Jevning Dan Jewett ,. S w pt ff ,f Q t ' std in i gl , a A 1 Charlene Johnson Dusty Johnson Jeff Johnson X' IL.. i Vq6,,s :ti Q? fi fy, Joe Johnson Kelly Johnson Steve Johnson Mary Jones Marzy Jones J Pete Jones s:"""-7a 5 5 Privileges gained--Michelle East and her friends talk about the funny things that have happened to them and their friends since becoming Toros. gg i , 4 4 3 yan Rick Jones A Tamara Jones Carolyn Joyce Wendy Kagele Mike Kaider 5 YW Q' . . l ,. E , I if ' 'Es Jeff Kams f . Christina Kasper Although status was lost, privileges were gained The sophomores were not known as the most privileged students on campus, but they did have many ways of looking at their tenth grade year as being a new and exciting time. "It was a super chance to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friendsf, commented sopho- more Luana Gardner. From being the oldest in junior high to the youngest at Mountain View, sophomores had to learn the hard way how to sur- vive. Toro country might have been a change, but just how dif- ferent was it? What new and excit- ing privileges had been gained? A "walk through the senior locker cage," was the big privi- lege gained by Mike Peterson this year. To 'isit on Senior Hill," was what sophomore Rob Wilson felt was the ultimate privilege gained since his transformation from freshman to sophomore. Al- though this could lead to bodily harm, some sophomores took the risk to impersonate a senior and look cool. Sophomore Janet Hill took a safer approach to privileges. She felt that the most important privi- lege gained was "I got to get a job? Amy Morales commented that the most important privilege she had gained was that, "I get to be seen with my older sister Mich- ele!', Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Carie Schave Candid photography by Charles Ballard Nicole Kronemeyer ' it Mike Kealey Michele Keller Angie Kelly Sharon Kelly Michelle Kemp Laura Klingborg 1 Jessica Knight "' 13 4, ,sf f , , , . , , 4, , ,gy i X f . Q Eddie Kesner X , Nathan Ketterling V " r , rf Jill Keyser V 'li ' L ' -' Y , V Sandy Kighflingef , M . 2 f Kris Kilpatrick 'K "'f. A ,f A . , U QQ Jerrod King D 'W '3 ' ' ' ' 9 if- ' 2, Doug Kleiber ',,, ' Q' f ., K , Q 9 Z Melanie Knight Denni Knowles Mike Kacialski Larry Koehler Malinda Koncar Mark Koniarz Brian Kosar Brian Kosisky ' ili A . ' Lf: lZ?f2Y'h,,i Karen Kottke , ,,,i ,l . 4 ,E ' ef Natalie Krause , t L, A gl , sean Kfiioff f rf' y W Tim Kulesha Jai Komar ' X u'- Q l Carless students rise to transportation challenge How do sophomores get around? Mom? Dad? Skate- boards? Bicycles? Yes, some sophomores do get around through these means but most have older friends or siblings who transport them. Many, like David Free, walk to school and have friends who drive them to lunch and weekend activities. Through some creative manipulation, sophomores get around as much as juniors and seniors. The school cafeteria is not usually crammed with sopho- mores devouring the enticing victuals, because they grab rides with friends to the fast food places such as Taco Bell, McDonalds School buses are not the chief way sophomores get to and from school. Their parents or friends drive them or they walk or ride bicycles. Lisa Perkovich said, 'tl think sophomore transportation is very inconvenient." Danielle Scafaria agreed, 'LIt's hard to get transpor- tation if you're not in the range of a bus." The trick to getting around as a sophomore this year was making the right connections at the right times. Page design by Michelle Garout1e Story by Charmayne Cooley Candid photography by Ken .gl ,,,, H ' ,, E lj an iiiii X 45 and Burger King relatively Often. Henderson and Charles Ballard 269 V53 Q gfophomores Bye, mom--Rich McMannis and a friend walk to their lockers after getting dropped off at school by parents. Gimme a two-and-a-half--Two sophomores try on a new version of the high-five, the low two-and-one-half. ,,5? v . 4, Y 2 .,,-,,, I A ,J ,if 5 s w- I 'Q 5 . 1 5 ii f 247 35 f if F U WY, , ,.., 5525122-f I'-:fi?f2fV, :elif ,M 'Q If .W H A ,,,, , V i- M, :s J - ii Arg L. K 2 mg 4 ,iii ' Z' iid Q 4 . .f 2 ' ' 4 A , lille: milfs J 1 vt, is 1, ima' fwzsv 4 if .5 Ig fi u At'-in 29' 154, ,, , ' , is 1 .A A 3 i ik G is , Q fb ?k,,ffa i e 1 X, ,ff , 1 H7 f x gm I . 4, if ,z , 7 .4 i s ,X , ,H 4' ' W am ff , , , A ty Y A , Al A ' I I.. 2, 7 Z Q , if , , Lisa Kurtz Mike Kush Lori Laasch Allison Lachter Kim Lane Nicole Larson Travis Lass Aaron Lawton Robert Leathers Chris Le Blanc Jamey Lecheminant Angela Ledsworth Clayton Lee Shari Lee Brandon Lewis Eric Lewis Kevin Lewis Ruben Lewis Tammy Lewis Sheri Lindquist Lisa Litt Erik Littlejohn John Lively Michelle Loan Mitch Loeffler Willie Loftman Merideth Lolvin Carla Lomax Chris Lopez Steve Lopez Wendy Lowe Inna Lucero DJ Lydy Dennis Lynch Leisann Lyon Don't give me that story--Shar Rudland stares unbelievingly at one of her friends as S Everyone admires others for achievements, success All people look up to some- one, whether it is a political or religious leader or the hottest band on MTV, everybody needs somebody to admire. Many sophomores admire the seniors and dream of the day that they too can sit on the top of Senior Hill. Patrick Bell said, "I wouldn't mind being a senior in- stead ofa sophomore. The class of 1988 is pretty cool. But the class of 1990 is way better." John Sisle looks outside of the campus for his heroes, however. "My idols are Bob Marley, the Grateful Dead, Jim Morrison Kristin Mack Scott Madison Maggie Magallanes . gy, S' i Mike Mahannah i ii ' flat Natalie Malone 17 , ij 41 n Jennifer Malott Laura Mangan Dawn Mann Tim Mannon Stacey Maroney Rhonda Marriott Jeannie Marsh Doug Marshall Ray Martin Sally Martin Qc Steve Martindale ' Andrea Martinez Chris Martinez 'i a f Clate Mask Sun Hui Mason Gene Masters 1 1 at it :iff T' k . Bill Matheson John Matthews Steve Mayo Jeanette McAlpine fi I' Merideth Mcauley Dan McCarthy Robert McCullough .262 t 3153 cgophomores and my big brother, Steve Beeghleyf' "My idols are the Beatles because they are the greatest, even after 20 years," said Lisa Monzione. Kristen Blankenship also has many idols. "I idolize my parents. They have been great to me and I love them. They are the best. I also idolize the President because he is so important." Page design my Michelle Ga- routte Story by Rob Connelly Candid photography by Charles Ballard and Brad Henderson he tells her about what happened to her. f 'W i: UI' X i ya Q, ,..1f a l 5' r n ,f ,Z ii? is s f' f f ,Q mi, aj 9 v We Y if ,I Q VJ M f,, W eg? 'A , ,,:.,,l: . ,,.,, ,VDA K i W ,N fa 'i' 'W ,QQ v I I 5 Q T- 5 'fi-' 3, kfj Q 7 DI, 9 f X 1 2 'sm f ' - A In 'V f 7' 4 c 'W Q .Y t Iggy, e I 9 9 X iv! -is 1 , f, Hx '..1f., ' an 901 "' tg fm' M shawl' f f Y twin- ' - 9 ' ' 9 4. 5, -Y ! 4 ' . M A Q K V f we , 'zpa-fx if 4' B 4. P ttf 2 hm, g 3 J ' nr 'W f': scsi ,ea ' 7 'Qt:d W' y ,w,2l' 'I P QW ,.li:.. i Y in ,.., . Q b x xx , s 'N , an Y Q ' 'U miie' i., Q, V 2 5 a 'Ewa' Kelly McCormick Beckie McCoy Crystal McDougall John McDowell Vicki McFadden Scott McFaul Daryl McKinsey Chris McLaughlin Paul McLaughlin Melissa McLeod Michelle McMahan Rich McManis Laurie McPhie Heath McWhorter Micheal Mead Celeste Medley Todd Meininger Jan Meldrum Jacque Meldrum Marsha Menchio Dennis Mercer Melissa Meyer Joel Meyers Melissa Micheal Jenny Middlebrough Armando Milkey Chad Millar Amy Miller Christy Miller Mark Miller Mike Miller Rebecca Miller Todd Miller Keith Millett Charles Mills On the run--Two sophomores run to class to get in before the tardy bell. The crowded hallways and parking lots be- cause of over-population contributed to more tardies this year. 263 C ac!-M11 In A " zz ,.-fff11 Tom Mitchell Tonya Molina Stephanie Montierth Lisa Monzione A M L M Z1, y V, Q , S 3 W f V , fa. I 5 V 5 ,W I Lee Moore ee-' Nicole Moore Amy Morales E Nancy Moravek Bernadette Moreno Dan Morris Juliann Morris William Morris Tiffini Morrow Cameron Mortensen Wendy Mortensen Phillip Moser Robert Moses Megan Mowrer Kelli Moyers Karen Muhsman Jeremy Mullan 55V"' f, if ' 77" , V , ff ' " 7 r ,,,,- T , I ,A ,g f ! .,, , sr r , ,, .. W I V . .. 1 'S N g 31 ,.,.. K V -, -, 4? Rhonda Muntz V VZVAA 0' ' Keith Murphy itt,,, ,V g w . i wg Kim Murray 5. f 17 'Y QQ , f Dawn Murrell 45, t ' A A ,M . V ,W eg Danelle Murtaugh , L Q L' , ,, , A W ary Nally 5 . L w 1 ' 1 v gy! if ' YW if , Qs L ,, Carla Navarette .inuagrlii ir' i g, Kathy Neil A af- in 1 Jennifer Nelson Laura Nelson Linda Nelson Luke Nelson Katie Neus ww f v Q. K , "WT" , i , s 4? I , 4 ar M 1- ,Q--ff 1 Let me see-Victor Gonzales playfully struggles to see what his friend has in his hands. Leisurely lunch--A reflective student strolls the campus to kill time during lunch. R 264 E S ophia 0 es IDI' We've arrived--Nichole Moore enjoys the feeling of the Mountain View campus as she approaches sophomore lockers before first hour. . My , Qt 'TE if .av lp' H fl Hot spots on campus are Bull's Eye, lockers Out ofthe many places to be at Mountain View, sophomores considered some of their favorites as Sophomore Hill, sophomore locker cages, the BulI's Eye and the cafeteria. Louise Duve said, "The best place on campus is the sopho- more lockers because you can see all your friends." While some are interested in seeing friends, others are inter- ested in what the school has to offer them. Brandon Lewis said, 'fMy favorite place on campus is the weight room. In the room I can lift weights and get into shape." There are many places to spend spare time during breaks, lunches and before and after school. Among them are the li- f 144 x, 5 a 3 g I W is lx? A.--.vm H. I Q if N 1 A f , is an WA 3 fi 1- ' if if at 1 sw B '11 Q , I NX if 1' , fn at w ' - .V 5 A s fss 2 brary and physical education ar- eas. "My favorite place is the football field because I like foot- ball gamesj' said Tina Hall. Many sophomores use the campus in finding a companion of the opposite sex. Scanning the crowd, sophomores could pick up on who's hot and who's not. Patricia Haws said, "My favorite place on campus is where all the guys are." No matter where sopho- mores went on campus they were sure to find interesting places. Page design by Michelle Ga- routte Story by Jerlyn Simonton Candid photography by Charles Ballard if Kerri Newell QA Matt Nichols it 1 Annalisa Nielson ' if J' Melody Nilsson W' 1 Dan Nolte X ,M Andy Noss I 1 Sharron Notten John O'B1'ien Lance O'Dell JR Ochoa Jody Olcott Rhonda Oliver Randy Oliywick Shawn Oliva i . , ,,y,4f,,,, Y ,M Q f Eric Olsen r x Jason Omerza 'Wwe I e Mike Onstine .5 fl ' Chris Orthmann W., Q ,f - - 4 x "r' ,V .azw ,lf f gf' , I ,, ix ,, .ii N i,,v lill I 7 11: 4, , ,J , i, ff . , 'fi is I f M f M 4 n fr J I Tami Ortiz Dave Osbom Randy Oswald Chris Ott -L iw' 4, , ' 1' X ' , I Irene Owen t Brian Owens are J anae Owens , i R Rachael Ownby Alicia Oxbonow I l,fl i a Steve Paap ' ' mAL' Shawn Pagan g " Becky Palson 5 f T Dan Papacek f - I Stewart Park Cindy Parker Lorri Parra jg ,. it E I Bi, it T - T " " 'iii A .. , a . 1' Tiffany Parsons Vipul Patel Tracy Patterson Heidi Paulsen Jay Paynter Dolores Pedroza Christy Pelton Lisa Perovich " I i Tim Perricelli Mike Perry Mike Peterson T . f Q ,X B 9' 3 Y V ,, M.. . Spa . ,E T T s lln r +- i " ' J I f . W , - ' Q- . z e P 'I if 1 'ti . Felicity Petra t I Yuri Pham Eric Phillips 4 Thad Phillips Heath Pickering Dave Pierce Dave Pierce Sarah Pierce Dion Pilger Ellie Pirastehfar g TQ r s ,4 T fx as 14 'F T i , l I ff ix' - f irr 1 T T it Embarassing situations flaw first year as Toros Falling, tripping, forgetting to put on makeup, making a fool of oneself in front of the entire school-these are a few of the nightmares that all students hope they never get the chance to expe- rience. But just what percentage of the students at Mountain View have experienced this remarkable experience firsthand? Better yet, how many of the sophomores got to experience this type of public moment in their first year of being a Toro? Louise Duve said, "My most embarassing moment was when someone tripped me and I fell on this guy." This is not the case for sophomore Melissa Bunker. Her most embarassing moment was when, "I was running to my geometry class and I fell and skid- 26650V'ER Q Sophomores ded." Then there is the traditional butter-fingers moment. Trent Smith felt that "dropping my books in the hall' was the ultimate in embarassment. Kelly Gregan feels that the old, "walk into a class full of seniors" just about topped off all embarassing moments. Now all of this seems awful, but, as is always the case, things could be worse. Sophomore Jessi Knight felt that her most embarassing moment this year was, "on the first day of school, walking into the guys P.E. room by mistake." Page design by Michelle Ga- routte Story by Carie Schave Candid photography by Ken Henderson I 1 - 1 H IITT ' i r K Q fl ll .T T ., V Kwfaigf 0 an I U38 if if I . . - .2 f , 1- Q 'A if K T -,T. ,T-T::TT1 i ve ,I , af New at-V vm' 'Zi ' s Z' "' H - ' 'r rr it , ..TT f K , f , f P- .. on I' I 5 S . :Wig f ' A 7 , 1 fi 1, , F if I 'M 'N 'l 2 T.TVT in ' TV ' I, 1' fi 4 r it ,, , , T T V. ,ll L TT f T 7 I X u Fig, iii W 5 ,T I Tf.f, me . T K Q , 9 E ' as tx M, at I TTT T TTTT 'fr '47 , i 4 ,, if f 2,3 L C f I Z . M T :Je T A ? Tttt if Qi Mit T TTTT T ,A TTTT N g - --" or fy :sa g T- TT,aT W L f ff: f th H ' I k,Tf I A A I, JE we: 3, if 2: wr f A 4 3 2 ' l T f 1-rmllllrl T i i ii: 0 r ggi!!-il' "1 it jitlilllllll ' iiT.T.tlll'f illlllillinif .twwamm pr -willful I tiiilllli r ' T T . 1271. , T if if V ff if 1 f ZW' L My TK,e,,,' T . 'FV Q, N , Tw ' .2 .gi g l " , ' 1121 ? QL 5 TT I ' f A V I . We! wwvpgif' x, Q, Just hanging around--Chris Foley and Voctor Gonzales play in the rain during lunch. .4 vi 'Kg 3 1 1' Y fd. f il V 5 What's that--A surprised sophomore looks at the ground to rind out what he's been standing in. With the overcrowding of the school, uncluttered sidewalks void of trash was tx ble pro gc lTl. 1 5 N in 5, u., ss-1 P 'S Qs as if ,e 5 , ,- ,.--, .r-' - fr .1 . up . M - ,.,. mf, ,eei 'U N . ii get M Wi Qt? f 7 1 . -- -f "" V , ft t for if! is -Na , ,kkk gc., aa R rrssr ssre P t is S t i s 4 if -, X . .. ,. ' , ' P 'V i. i iirr- A is - . ig . A It X1 ii . ZAA Q M 3 :.: el WEA' k .vf U Q PX' 1 r k so 0 1 ft .2 R . i - - , I N r Q , ,, , is X P v 4 i li 6 S A Y ,R Q 1 A X f Vlyll W Q rr ' J , gn' r P Q we s I Y 1 1 . V ' X Q J in 'Q D: .l i 3 , ,, f, 'x-l ' 1 as 1 I ig: k..- . L 4., .4 is i 4 ' s' ' 7 rre , as Q, r 6 if 'i - i P Rich Pittman Michelle Pitts Julie Plummer Diedra Pollock Aaron Polo Keith Pomonis Molly Pont Shane Poole Rusty Pooler Dennis Porras Kristi Porter Shannon Porter Catherine Powell Wanda Precise Mike Price Kim Pringle Maryann Proegler Emily Proulx Sasha Radisich Toni Raetz Kathy Rahill Dana Rainey Dawn Raisinger Mark Ray Ben Recker Laura Reid Victor Reina Marie Rentzel 26753953 Q Paa-Ren Karen Reynolds Lee Rhodes Jodi Rich Tara Richards Lee Richardson Tami Richeson Ricky Richie Dave Richins David Ricks Matt Rifenburgh Kent Ringger Darci Ripley Marnie Robbins Bryce Roberts Chris Robinson Derek Robinson Emey Robinson Melissa Robles Toni Robles Tom Rodovsky Maria Rodriquez Ray Rodriquez Gordon Roehrig Rebecca Roland Lance Root Steve Rosati Debra Rosenhan Linda Ross Christy Roush Ginger Rowley Tracy Royal Ramiro Rubio Jessica Rudd Shar Rudland Steve Rudy Waiting around--A sophomore waits for his friend to come out of the locker cages after school. 268 3653 .s,,,,z,,, .,1-,nnw..,, A -E rsnnii li i is ff ' 4 ,, ..,, , X Q ., .,.,, ,M ,, 1215, . . i ii. , - r if iv . in - 4 a i 'L A 'e'i , fm.. 5 ' A' 2 viii 1 I 1' Vihl kr i esis s fi' ' 5' a fi 'F M i 1 1 R 5+ ' 5 Q 1: if ii' W' I 'V ,, 'mfs lug. .L h h ,V , 4 - fl L rooss " 1 w K y ,s aa L ii G Sophomores D Li 1 I J me 'A ""' , fffftff v k , ,-, 1 .q f ga ,, J ,. , J C N . kk,- i I v 1' Li ' ,nt X , 'e t t 0 Q J , t I ,,,f" ls. , , V ,.,lL , lt ,. . Q, , A I Q, , , V. 1 A . tt , , g , W 1 z to ,C S 1 l at ' 'ma' m' ' is W N y A,,VA' V IAY 1 1' f , V t uw ,s W . Vyfbfhfyyt J as .,. 4 1 V, M , y f f , I V ,, , WW ' 90.1 if I love rainy days--Frank Penerson stops for a moment to talk to a friend before walking to class. Steve Rumsey Rex Russell Shari Rust Steve Ryder Chris Sacia Jennifer Sammons Trista Sammons Q s"15-41.41 1 I .fi t 5-A Monica Sampson Veronica Sanchez Kimberly Sanders Joel Sanrey Danielle Scafaria Laura Scalzilli Jason Scater Sharon Schilling Bill Schmidt Rod Scholl Jennifer Schupfer Niki Schutten Erin Schwartz Christy Scott Mark Scovel , Joe Seabrooke Mike Seay ' Aaron Selbeig Katmka Sentell Daniel Sepulveda N Justin Serb f i Suspenseful movies lead as popular entertainment Popcom, candy soda pop- we all have seen many different movies and eaten the snacks that every movie-goer craves, but which movies were enjoyed dur- ing the snacking most by the sophomores? American Tale? Three Men and a Baby? Dirty Dancing? Sophomore Kelly Gregan commented that her favorite movie was Fatal Attraction be- cause of "the suspense and action through the movie." Sophomore Jessie Knight said, "I love the suspense." Scary suspenseful movies may be the choice for some of the sophomores, but Cheryl Brooks seems to disagree. She com- mented that her favorite movie was Three Men and a Baby, "because it was funny." Students all have different opinions on movies, but as differ- ent as those opinions may be, all of the members of class of l990 seem to have one thing in com- mon: they all love the movies. Page design by Michelle Ga- routte Story by Carie Schave Candid photography by Ken Henderson izegwse gjig G t-by-Ser Robert Shillingburg Study skills mean grade survival in high School As sophomores began a whole new life in high school, a realization, totally new and abstract, hit them: studying. The days of in-class review and last- minute glancing were gone. As a result, sophomores had to learn how to study so that they would succeed in high school. Although cramming proved an effective method of study, most students found that more time and effort was needed to do well on tests and quizzes. Stacy Agren said, " It de- pends on the class. Sometimes I study for 15 minutes and some- times I study for 5 hours." Sophomores found that their favorite place to study was in Leigh Shahan t Susan Shaughnessy Caprice Shaw Jason Sheneman e Shelley Shepherd . i, in T their rooms with the stereos tuned in to help them concentrate. Al- though sophomores found that they all had different ways of studying, the majority of them found that avoiding distractions was the most beneficial while studying. On the other hand, some sophomores feel that they have such a good grasp on the informa- tion that they do not need to study. One student said, "I don't have any study habits." Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Alicia Knbk and Shan- non Hawkins Candid photographs by Char- les Ballard Ame SM Laura Sheppard ,g n A 1 Jennifer Shemian ' Julie Sherwood e - Jay Shihady s . ElyceShi1l it " ' far X xg an ,... i 'K SS ' as 32 Chris Shine Taylor Shipp Aaron Shipway Mike Shrader Jeff Shultz i A 1 iere S Chris Siavrakas Shaun Siewers i- Stacey Silaghi Q , 1. ' 4. Beth Silver N 5 ,Wy , Study time--Lisa Coleman puts the finishing touches on her essay before class starts Many students preferred the sunshine to the library for studying between classes s' Q? Ss ! ,. 2. is 1 " ' .ef ' 4 . 1 Q e fi y , t if ' ,I A ,E a'aa , . , iiii iii-- if iii' ..i Debbie Simonton iiii A , r Josh Simonton if W , M- t tiei 2 A Shawn Simpson Qi A' Ui VW e' at 5' William Simpson I Q, ' 'S 2 EV' gli., I Shea Singley g. , 'L Q i Jennifer Skinner A py Q ' 5? as Yolanda Smaulding ' A ' a s ,ef S e Difcauphomores . - 'M ft. - s 1, . ... L av- i 'i ee i g . in if - 2 l it f l '6- , Q ,,,, 1 f I Q, 'M 'M ,.-!' , Q ' ' ' A e in -1 ,, ' "W'f' " 'wi Aiwa 'QQ ,iz , J , 5 e - ' ' 1 V 1. : Q 12 ga - 1 .', S gt . ,, inf I "5 1" 'Xt' N., wt, ,g:,:. 4 ,if . 3 .55 M, '-31r:t,:,:--an :,. . if 'S . ' n, in f I if 114 1? ' 0 .avi Q 'X' at o , S , Y I ,J 4, i k ,, gf" Ka ,xv , :H 1 4? V 1 ! 1 4 L' a KW? 9' v- 2 , J ug? hm ,,1l, wg V vt f f 1 Z if x 13 as ,Q ' E, J S M ,. in , y ky gtg, ,f J 'APT vit . -,,,iZ , , ..,,, 5 1i 1: Sr V 'rt 6 3 , is ,A i . f 31 3 4 A ' ,v . I 1 Q Y . W ,Vi 2. .i V' M X ,J Sim' fkgv, ig 2 f W 5 2 54, ... Y, -ss s in 4. 3 N.. JV, mah 2 f ,S 'W Ibn. 5,,. Q 4 , nfl gl ,Q ' Close encounter--Abby Edmund, Jill Daily, Melissa Bunker and Nathan Davis gather together during lunch to listen to a friend tell them a joke. Angela Smith Brad Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Matthew Smith Patti Smith Steve Smith Trent Smith Salty Sneed Sean Snitzer Deborah Snyder Lauren Snyder Kerri Sonthway Tara Sopeland James Soto Jason Spear Robert Spear Jeff Spiers Theo Springer Jenny Squires Davina Stacey Cindy Stanfill Christy Stanley Faun Staton Tiffany Stearns Jim Steinwinder Julie Stenhjem Eric Sterling Jennifer Stem Stacey Stevenson Chris Stewart Chris Stewart Joanna Stewart Kevin Stillwell Trina Stiner Sleep-walking--Terry Tumer drifts to her next early moming class Tough look--Lamont Jackson expresses his feelings about mommg classes combined with the cold weather in early December Niki Stockton Sharon Stouffer Dan Stout Jon Stowers Eric Strauss Danielle Stroble Glenn Suftko 5 Brian Sumner V 3 Jack Sutton p , Lori Sutton Eric Swapp Tonya Swei V' Ivan Sykes Jon Sysel Vzyy Steven Tafoya Sonia Talbot i, Jeff Tawzer riir Damon Taylor uf ff W QI im, ,, , , me is 14 Jon Tech Brian Teille Allison Temple Dorian Temple T, James Terry L ,E Devvie Tryon Brandon Thedell X Alicia Tiieis Bobby Thomas f Brent Thomas Cherie Thomas Kris Thomas J Kim Thomas M 'V Tiffianie Thomas Q ' Kim Thompson " 2 Thane Thompson fy Channah Tholson 3 T 272 OVER 9 C Sophomores 1 gi f i "y .. . 1 .,,v . . Z "4 X Q 3 J f- F'- l ,A A t 2' t H K ef! , ff? " f l S ff r Am. Li za ' 'T' " .4 fin ' M! ., I .K V . ' My if 1 " I Y: ,S iff ' . " , :I 1' t L in ir ttf 't 4' ' , r ' . . ' l ' i ,r law V iz, i I 1 Beginning to look a lot like Christmas--Brian Gaffney tries to stay wami as he talks with a couple of his friends about plans forthe holidays. X iii . . . . ,' s 2, gf gif: T e 'il' if 1 l.niiili , 2' .,, 2 K A' Gina Thurman fb. ' Leif-1' , Tina Thurman Courtney Tiller Randy Tobin 1 . A A -1525 Ji A r v , l Allen Todd G -rf i ,.. , .. 69 3 3 , :,' ' 1 , . '25, I ' ..oann ' , Jaren Tolman I ' Dean Torres M Don Traves , A ' 5 Todd Trendler Q.. ,L Chris Treptow HW - ' Mark Trinosky Dara Truitt Cammie Trumble David Trusty r . Pam Tucci , Tia Tucker z. kfy. iff 'I lif- Sf' TerriTumer , . gg f ii 9. ' Jenny Tuckett . 2 5 Art Tuverson f W 1 1, .. X.. f ,E --N 1 Au an Zi , . vw .. H, ,eg , :. ff as 7 .. , ,f f I Q A - C.,-7 ' L ' ' .zgi , .. - i n f Q t ' if ag, if 4 v 0 kk fa 3 9 ' . . , gi 1 1 XX X ' k 1: ' ' ' if gf ' 'r" 'T Ian Tvezise Jeff Udall +I. . Xyr , April Uhlmeyer . IVVZ A .f Vzpv - Christy Unangst N A "'i,i 5 Phillip Urioste t " ' Alethea Van Norman Nicole Van Norman Adam Vance Belinda Vance . 'Q b t 'I 1- pa Class feels its homecoming floatentry should have won From the beginning, the sophomores were excited about their first homecoming. At the assembly, their an- ticipation showed through their yelling and cheering. Although they didn't win the class competi- tion, the sophomores gave it a good try. The football game was no different. The sophomore cheer' leaders stayed in front of their class members, keeping the momentum going. The sophomore float sur- prised many people because it was very well done for the first time a class made a float. Some sophomores were upset when their float came in third place, even after the great effort they felt they had made. "The sophomore float was the best, yet it came in last. It seems like the seniors always win," said Althea Van Nor- man. The next day, many of the sophomores attended the home- coming dance. 'glt was a ball. It just got over too fast," said Christie Weber. Reagan Hatcher and Todd Gifford agreed. "We had a good time and we were surprised the dance wasnlt crowded," Gifford said. The most popular places for sophomores to go for dinner prior to the dance were The Olive Gar- den, The American Bar and Grill and Bobbi McGees. Page design by Michelle Ga- routte Story by Michelle Griest Candid photography by Charles Ballard Staci Vanderheyden William VanWeerd Julie Vance Jenny Van Cotl Tina Van Mar Jeff Vames Angela Vasquez Lorenza Vasquez Jay Vaughn Melissa Vaught Rosa Vega Ann VanCleaf David Vidican Chris Vigliotti ar ,l y 'S 'l l 6 X I 02,1 i 4 l A it 2 rf? 3' , 'L Pr -if xg ' A Jenny Vollaro s . . in p age 3 .4 iJ- 4 1 J0f121thanV0Sbufg ' " 1. lvi., are e .. 2 .J Darin Waaramaa rgfeey, I, "'i Q V ,, lf, ' Q f Darren Waite ' it W' M, l J ey A P 5 Angie Warden A l i K C it ' ve C090 Wilmer C ai 1 ' . ' A' lf ? ft 52' Chris Washington , j .lg my . 'fll . li Leon we r is at christine Weber if liti 8 Danny Webster V V , L ' 4. S . " "' 'T' Mieiierre Webster ' D J 1 M :L i Q Jerome Wedig .,,, , V , . 3' Q . 7 5 J Jeanie Weese M qw I ' Matt Weiss E ,J I Shopping chosen as best pasttime for Class of 1990 A blur of color flashes by browsers in the mall. From store to store, sophomores fly in a buy- ing frenzy. Shopping has been voted as the main hobby by most sopho- more students along with ATC riding, horseback riding, sports and flying. Kristi Dabrowski said, "Flying is fun in our Bonanza P- 51? For the majority of the sophomore girls, hobbies con- sisted of music, guys and dancing. Nicole Galbreth said, "Guys and more guys," were her favorite hobbies. For those students more cultural-minded, some play musi- cal instruments in their spare time. Sophomore Celeste 274 VER gcgopiromores Medley said, "I enjoy playing the piano because I can express my feelings." Many sophomores take part in various sports too. Swimming, tennis, volleyball and baseball are a few of the sports sophomores enjoy as hobbies. For others, music is often a way to relax after a hectic day at school. From pop to jazz to hard rock, sophomores found pleasure in music. Kristi Porter said, " I lis- ten to the Cure and Depeche Mode which are just two of my favorite groups." Page design by Michelle Ga- routte Story by Shannon Hawkins Candid photographs by Ken Henderson and Charles Ballard Toros rule--Joe Corrou and Larry Lewis prepare for class in the cold, early morning hours. J f Strength in numbers--Three sophomores gather in the library to help each other study for a test. , fr 4 0 'Nev'-t .N 'X -' '--- iw of o - A. A ,, X:'L l ,fr ,.tz:4Q-s'yQu Z r,,..o , eerro oor, J . e ,ps J J t h,e. t ' ' y - -Q -, Mi or ,J ' , i hehh T J ' i J ff- J eree It 5 'f.' ' V' , it at ig. , " ' if J I Vw vt' . ea ' .. '. Q . I ' w e if 'ff 1 ,. J r :T 7 I 5 t, ef, 4 . , , , J " fy , " ,, J t 5 1 f V v I,,,i. f ' l A - i f ' K ., .. L it VVVVVV my -',,' H , P 15 -.-. ,. K :IL tv ., ,,,, V H a-Izaaamiit -, X , -My .if etlkygr f I t. NH .-'5i' . "' ,- - ,g' X Ag! we 1 K f ,,,, , H5 f 324, get T V fi: . V2 J 1 K A I E' 1 , f-if f 1 i 1' k 1 ff 5' H .Zffj . he il ,X if ,ul 1 t' W 1 3 . ,, w .AQ ,I . , i t A -vs M Q s 7 4 1 ,bl ' 4 I , , if , A 2 i iz 4, , O'awQW B Q, Wwe, W 4, in . it t 1729 a ,Z My .Se Sheri Weitz f V Betsy Wendt , at Steve Wesby W gf' Kari West - J t Keith west v' if Molly Westbrook 'P Christ Westerfield - tl Jeff Westfal J ' "e Anthony Wheeler , lf Kelly Wheelhouse 'fi ." J C. Jeff White v Penny White ,J Tanya White Tamara Wicham it Shane Wiest Kirk Williams Julie Willis .5 H Ronnie Willis Matt Wilson Shawn Wimp Jennifer Winslow 'Lf Alyssa Wires Derek Witt Dan Wofiinden Robert Woolcot Shauna Wood Jill Woods Leah Wootan Amy Wright Brook Wright Heidi Wyman Kelsey Yamashita Sean Yates Chris Yeager Connie Yost Taylor Yost Kim Young Sundee Young Leon Zarate Trista Zepeda K ei 4. Z f 3 X 'W ,Q 46" ' W I, was-we fw- . mi f W - W ,, 49? f ,f f ,X f 1 ,, f 1 s ,Y of 5 uw 1 I 2 tt, in ya W WL jf me 1 .M 1, W w e X, 'W A, 2 , ,FW -w ff f t Av 4' ff' '4 lv gg I fee- Hiiggmm f . fig f ,M H f t f . ,, ,, , , ..,.. .Hy 1 ' y y "'i is sf- , Y, , f , 51 e'.. J Lf.. I ' L . Z 5 - E -' . W ' ,,.ii -if-,f . ,,,., ' lj q i f , it y ? H si K Y tg . . it E Mass confusion--Sophomores gather at the lockers to collect books and talk to good friends. 276 Q5 cigophomores J k A if A lf as J f if ,ff fi f 5 ft t f f Q t Excuse me, please--A student makes his way down through the ble homcoming assembly so that he may participate in class competition. Class of 1990 given choice between Mt. View, Red Mt. At the end of the year, sophomores face a very difficult decision: whether to go to Red Mountain High School or stay at Mountain View. Due to a deci- sion by the district board, this year's sophomores have the op- tion open to them through bound- ary exceptions. There were very mixed re- sponses from the class members about their desires to go to either school. Many sophomores agreed that, "Mountain View rules," and said they didn't want to leave, while still others didn't think Mountain View ruled and couldnit wait to go to Red Moun- tain. Of course, there were those who simply said they didn't want to go to school, any school. Sophomores were given a choice, it was a choice that would effect the rest of their high school days and even their futures. Many made the choice to go, but many more stayed, after all itls hard to start over and even harder to leave friends. Page design by Michelle Ga- routte Story by Sassy Rettig Candid photographs by Charles Ballard It's cold!--Two sophomores try to stay warm by walking together and talking about what each did after school the day before. ' V i y ,-vA. - W ' D. 1 A . A:A,i A -V,,vA'A 1, 51?i:TA A As Mbtintain 'View' A "IFS hd prvbieniitomeff gained 22 members to its staff, said foreignfianguage teacher , highssrheei' VDav1d.v?SiernSfv111-g,- D Witiifiiier Vfactlltjfiv in if 'VZ' Z ff Sox1i6vAii6ftheh6i3fer Staffw? MesaQ3"I'he new !.B8ChBfSjW6I'6 'mgembersfwiii be having to go edeeizafio meswhr grading. .-?S5,lRed Hi51?::50f10G3 A A r1Q88589 st:lii3ii3I'AyeargAt' schoiii. Porzabies had to be put The effeofbfthis on stiicients is hatjgtovbe Vdiyifierk debatable, p V, A- ers .ifsazrecfeataiiizfapace for P the faintly Qiatween the two W amoefggipf masses-'the 5gaji1oois,anqQ-it's effectswitl be QQ V'A' 'A',A . , gg A t0'ii?i5iii1'uP I ff,Afff3:'A 'ZTHEYQ A'V'1 Ltheiiachere the '53fcxrt," Prineipak gglifflg to Mouritainj will 77 'ZZA -caf6i?5i51ii'fsjpebiiifieti'13Bett5?.A-Af' thEfj5tudents,i3g7With Cgiiiahari dn the separation of 'V ' 4 , aft?1?f1?!1S . .f'??f3hef5f V ' A AZA' iargejffand avaiiaiiility Anieinberskfa wonfierfui ackii4 I evenaigarcer. to ourvifaculty. Itftg alvvysp ,- a t 1gfgfigisaanytsgsftfliaa- newwazchf A amiga: jninecfitiie smffersiefad the English ddpaffinent Agnak- 551333555 ataftmgea inthe statejivttix more than 38 mem- 1A, VA,.'1 , A ffi.: '-A. A 'A-iiA'Af1Each teaiffief wiiiiffwas adciedto the was very i D Mostitffhgnewifeach' ' 'biifflad tai Share ,wltiaiaq Vsenietvlziaarchef 'eww A 1'!f3YN:iQiAfef!C1'1BfSEAi1:3d aa different clasefgxam in wtgich they taught nqeacxljgijgour. , xi Ljvlviiijiv . ,A.'V ae, 'thwtpvl 21 A hayeraiew pe liif' said iibunselor' . Greta Christner, fflexpect that we wiiistiil be a .bag-'zschootgiyfep wonitiiose foci: -. factifiyimembersf' A Whatever way faculty A Offtheiiiaelves Moiim tain View through the numer- ewefffafhaf ff??Y.h31PCd - piagam fowaianaaznev- V t students they taught who will plead the future. A desijiitiy Shagkiilwwa Stray by Shanna Wood ,tfhpiograpkgrt by Ralf .He-rw, , - , lvl' 7' Pqnm lpxxwwf UHPLKU W Y A L,i ,,,. L , H, A2 ICXXA YQ ra A' 'Q' 'M ' ww, 'X xx IL Dr. Douglas Barnard D D b D Il David lzagleburger Dr. Charles lissigs Patrick Pomeroy A 1 t9 p t d t A t t S p t d t AssoclateSupermtendant Assistant Superintendent A t t S p t d I C I dl t I I-I t Sh I Ed t IS B 9 P l 278 Ar pl D Ritillty SSIS 2l1 . U Qrlll en CH np,-f R 1 A 4 4 3 f A -,., . V Vi in 'W 1 5 , 52211 1 as Iii: 2 , I' Vi L,,,,,,,1, Q r s Speed it up--Career specialist Betty Callahan eagerly waits on the computer to complete her work. What did you say?--Counselor Marv Wright takes a break from his lunch to answer a fellow staff mernber's question. i"'Wa Dr. Ray Rafford Frederic Skoglund Dr. James K. Zaharis Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Superintendent Pupil Personnel Secondary Schools of Schools ,f 1, N ":'f'v,'wef , , 7,7 ' V' ' Martha Ellentuck Mary Kay Freeman Wayne Gautreau . ,... .,.,q,, , , .W lf w ,, ,I-2 f,-, -'i:1l:gl5:lQExEfYl 1 ' ' 'qzgiir Pat Abel M avaaaaa it .-1-f,,1l.:3, Ron Adams Pam Baack David Bacon ' ff J xi' fl ...,, ,Q Y in if if f Shoni Bacon ' David Bemstein , Ken Brackney d':i l Sara Bradley Jim Brady . , i i , gif Jo Ann Branning Pat Brown Betty Callahan Keith Canham 6 a , S-H Kris Carbajal Cheryl Carlin Doris Carlson Shirley Cayford Dale Charles Greta Christner Nancy Coberly Rodney Cole Cecelia Corrao Pam Crawford x., g ,sleee Bill Crook 'ff y Bill Ctibor Connie Davidson Mary Decker K Thad Decker Paul Destillo Joe Diaz Louis Dodez Willie Dudley Gary Ernst Jeanne Evenson Ann Fagan Carl Fielder Jack Finch Tom Foster ' fi? llys . , 1:"ff ' ll .Q W' i ff lx a V. ,.e7,,. 1, ,J M , foe va: 5 -t ev l W1 fm? x 'H ' V f, ,zg1:zzfz:35zzgggg,q , 5 X .K n -Ll,Q, , f X r f xx, l' an -.f--,Q F, k ,,kk 3: 1,91 wg, , A " "if .. 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W 'gmfm O ,W M' 2 f E bbll V A'b"' ' 1 ",: V -Qi ,X ?i 2 V, A A Neff ' -11-eazzvan vpgj V , ,zzfwasix 1 ,, ,,.. ,mu I 1 . :g,.,,'151f, .. - va l, l uf, 2 X wi X ,,m, J J A 1-9 , e 'if Far the 152152 two years, Greg Seseions saiag " Mountain View has had an 11,d1i1m.f:qVge seilyivcaayeggvthe 'overcifowdingf ifjfirobiexiala' A Tt's sometimes difficult for teach- ers tozdo theiflljob because V iafizdentailaxrive 'late due to overcrowding in the halls 3UdPHkiH810?f, 1: V of tiiesoiutioas to this problem is a new scliiooi whichiivali opal:-in Fafl5j.l98'8, ea.I1edZRed Moiirxtain. ' Some teachers will have to 'leave V',. Mountaiggg View and teach as 'Red 'Moixntaing V teachers had mixed feelings VH3J0lif-ifiihallgifigfglciSCI1QQi1a1yigcaad Vstarti1igQVa1loveffagah1. V J Wendy Logstoxg . said, ff I woiiia, ieaveaf'ziaaaagygfagoi As a teacher it would beiexcith ing b1ge5I coulcaft aalcrffor a betteraqilace teV2!ieac3i'i'32iiQj 's" than Mounfaiga View? T :Basketball C0ZiC1fLxVbHf iff-not then I want to stay at Mountain View." .j l'Vq J ,'el , ' vice Principal: Riel:- ard Anderson said, "Wake pact going to haifb a Iggpiqof 'people .leaving to Vgo 'teach at Red Moantaia, We wouldiike iakeavaaaf01a'feaaha1fag1.5Ve J V have a very good'Vstaff."V Z Many teachers , dom e to AV:'V leave. 1 father Stay at and fcachar avigqea scgxpgyl. V few teachers, wefwill be gain- A as ive Walking Saaceand aaasiaa , ciJip'fpSpaee.?' VA'l'A gif 'sl" ,iyv .???5?8"' f?3iQg15f1f'H'?fi211'Qif3Y0Pff - sl l J ares i Candid A Photos V553 J Rob H "L'i M V 1+ A Harold Gee 5 A . , 534 4 " A N Karen Glass-Hess ,.iY,,ar J 'V' M A' 4: a J V lzlll CiUdYG1aUqUe 5' , e, - Aa 'Q ' ,a 1 I . N 4,3 V -f ' .M V 1 Christine Gomez l f ' ' .9 'wi H V ."' T i "wa AHI1 Gray , xV,a " ',,, Robert gray I 2 ik ' f Dan Griego ' 'k"L V .'.' ' ii' J f ' 'J J P' . wj 'V XV. V W I A , sf.. , ',V , :W h Tom Guest Ken Haddad Anna Hancock Leslie Harris Ernie Hawkins Richard Hawkins Kayle Haws Q Q, ,-....f:, 1-s 'rf' ' mzfaae 52. ,,,, V 1 Q' e.' x If ',. - 1 ,: if ' 1 A ',.,... , , ,W - . "z2fi:fa:wff ' 'V' 3, 1 ,W f' ' fa Patricia Higgins Vicki Hildebrand Debra Hopper Frank Hudson Marjorie Hudson Kathy Jackson Mike Jackson Al J aeckel Bobbi Jaeckel M.R Jarvis David John Chuck Johnson Orlean Jolley Nick Karantinos Sandra Kelley Irene Kennemer Mary Ketcherside Carol Kish Arlene Kivett Julie Knapp Patti Kupferer Marie Kyhlman Ethel Lancaster Ronald Lax Peter Lesar Grace Levine Joe Lloyd Wendy Logston Anne Luther Marjorie Major Marybeth Mason Connie Matheson Russ McBride Lillian Matlock Sandy McCormick Esther McDonald Margot McDonnell Mary McGovern Bill Mellyn Pat Miller Roben Miller Burdell Moody Mary Morris Ken Morse Kelly Mossman Tom Myers Toni Nagri tatta sstt y s as L L v I Kyqbni f 5 1 xr' fy "ai 0" " ,ff at iv ss v '- 1 6, 5' ' Vg, t -'Rs GX QVK' V V i M M , V Y, V 1, K :Q ,fl A' A ,iv Vik, K' V ig, .t ' 1 Y Y ---A 4? - 4 'S 'e ' Q., R W I l 3 'E 'te L f 77 ff: Z. ,W -r , .. at 'Gif " V . , mV V V fr: , ' 12 13' K s X L 1 .i E R, 0 A A ,V ll! s 1 ., J ,f ' im ' "" ew, K we 1 Y' ,. vs. , . ' t l I ' 11 'f'-I , :ff ,5 1,, 1 lg' Vi ,A in Xa 2 V ' C22 5- QA 5 -Q, 1 V it V l :VdV'VW,, V RV :Q if M -. if ,trt l ..,. V VV, VV V Q VV? x 1 I' X! 3 'L . N V5 X 254. . l Looks okey here-- ' is tt tt L at as t I V VV V V VV V V 5? - -. 'fgx , - N iw Media Specialist Joseph Scaccia checks over and proofreads the papers he just typed for the Media Center. zieoqia Ol Faculty ,gre ' , . 1 - ' Lx ' , f, swag, 9 iii! t, '48 WW ,.,f + 4? r fiilnllliissts is,s ssss .of l , t..4,mM, , ,W V i 0 Betty Northey 'A'AA1 Q f f 4 zzr E M s Cheryl Nelson v ' fi' f i ,i V r 5 P Q , ' 6 ,ff ' X L'1"f5-' Cynthia Ogden , , Donna O'I-laver X Mark Olderog t if r r sv . V Betty Olivas Aff, tif Y -c Kathy ovenuff " 4 ' L f Carol Panaro-Smith 4- ix ! N, -e ,, ' 0 3. Tom Pantera :hy LZ ,, f 1 , I Gary Pattefsgn V 7 A A l f Y Dave Penny 'Z if f - Chris Peterson 7' of l Helen Pogal Doreen Pulzato l-l a rd W Ork l1aS Filing away--Media center clerk Cheryl Carlin places cards back into books after they have been returned. st JEQQ' ---v-....-,,, V: The deaiilines, the pres- sures, the stacks of papers waiting to graderim these were some of the things that the teachers at Mountain View faced each day. There may have been many hassles for these teachers, but the rewards of widening the oppommities of their students was well worth it for most. Jesse Parker, history teacher, said some of the bene- fits he found in teaching were, "The personal satisfaction of seeing kids grow, develop and mature." Teaching is probably on of the most important jobs in Amefxca. What coukiibe more important than shaping the young people who would lead our country in the future? Amy gV,HuIi,V French . tacher, saidg "Wheel see stu- A idents who have decides! to become teachers, I feel my job is important." V Helping students to ben come the best they could be i was one ofthe biggest rewards that the teachers received for V their hard work. Seeing their students gain knowledge and 'learn now to use if was an important personal benefit for the teachers. V Parker said, "I enjoy the camaraderie and the inteilees tual stimulation that you don't have in other jobs? Page design Shauna Wood- Siory by Cindy Helmick Candid photography by Rob Wood 233 VEll' Cqnetspui Joanne Schaefer Rebecca Reed 'lfwifvi Rex Rice " ' Helen Rich "Ae' Helen Riddle S9211 Carmen Riedel ' Reed Robinson ' QWII Dick saggio Joseph Scaccia 1 Hank Scheer M AA ' Jay Scott -. ' Greg Sessions .s... i i 5 1125? IM. , r '2 f ! 1. -if f fa F er -i,,,, N 0- YZ E t ff Q' x JI, lL,V X FQ ff A, y X fi s 4,2 Tacy Shephard Nomi Shill if? ,I if S'E'3il ,f- ' f i 1 ,"., . iii 1 5 i . .li ,-f1. li ' ig-Q' . cS c o i e e S S rmaifiirobaisarfw- 'realize iitgji35ur fheie wereiifibe- " 'flforce fire rulesfrof the 'school lijgiigirthe5Seenes'.f1fpeoplegwho ivrphat passed on from the A -'i' They deairsviththepark- V-our ovmimlesfsaid Watkins. Viirz . 'theiiiflfcafetefifi' """'2 He V and gzffereqvtheir afiyice ceir a gjoineci Viewfs staff 3 , 2 "', i-'e'1. I . ' fifliilfl -'Iii-'I 'THESE people' 'xikere ufgtalcecafeoftheieafete- S .Vi, S and.-H2130 .Saifi-DQS- .R 11 R Eil H "-' R - 11 i f-126' 'IFQW KQHHEHW, f'111dJfi?3Hf 1 Tf1i?i12Swlfi?3f 0ff?Ce15?S,0ff211 ivil i :x1Qg2efi1.L-.1' .:V. .-i1 ' ?'lfj,f ."- 'fear 'irandaiizki' of a' gU31TffQ,h3S at ,1g,ff1ODXCr,iQ2i2S Vbrvkseil, illffr H "E' -'foiriielpig 1 fu D years. Iiermerner, assistant if lil i .1',- 1 eliioy Wiiifking with fhiisfv' Q5""Y if' 943333 F-3'f??"'a'e,, ,'1- , si.igobewsherw b S S A S ii A S Y 'M VZQ ff in 4 ir, 2 1 l ' 2' 'f l f ' '23-2 I ii 1' X 1 5' ,+ f l X v S S. f S,-f'f ff , , R is .'.' f it , fwf +W""'NwM Qmdl tr Cutting the cake--Counselor Roben Miller slices a piece of cake for Assistant Principal Dick Anderson and secretary Cecelia Corrao's birthdays. an ,1, in, t ,W --,, , ,,, Q 1 'lf M W. fs I ibm, ,W tf xv E E, ZW m 1 X Q" 4 E Don Smith ta 55: N C3 W Ki CB Ui E. Er' '1 'rw ' ' S ' '-'W .. 'U ,M Q 3 5, 2 ,J U, 0 -:J 2. 9. 2 Q, O, -. rn 0 :a 9 at 'N 0 -i 3 If 'U :r E fr 5 5- -1 1? na F E. UE. L ' :s ff Y, E- Z 2 ss: IE. Z! D ef ,T o :L 3 m ,f -3- .... 2 na :a V1 V , ,V 0 1' ' , 5, 5 w., 5, ' E. H 7 , E 71 5 3 O- m :U ... an o S ET 2' 3 9 S E if 9' E- S ... -C, ET 3 2 WGS fl ul D ' Jfffix ' 'X T is 6 1 W . A '- Robert Smith Jack Snow Pam Snow ' David Sonius H P' Kurt Streif ' v Suzette Takas . f at 'F A I F ' if :ii I 'C 7' , ,,.,, ' Sandy Taylor Aw Norine Thornhill f George Tihanyi 9 Bob Tofft WT Tim Trapp 3 V g Barbara Vaine f mf x if M V ft ,,, Corina Valles 32 .2 . ' wiiiilib lxfb, ,,.. -lf 'W-an 4 te ff f , v- , f YT111- H A A Jiiy . K 'if ' is 'ftp M F, ' y i if x ,I 4 H' I ' Vff' :ff I L f it K W W il E .l.- .. ,,,.., . 1 'il J 1 Debby Webster iii' Pamela Westberg Paulette Willis William Worsnop James Wright fi 'Q 18" ?3,nvr""' J 'lrf Kim Vanosdall , Rick Vanosdall Marge Voth if ' Pl T r,rr,, 1 21" Judy Wallace I, A rr , 'X Valerie Warnecke 0 Sandy Wams Lloyd Watkins Guess what happened?--Security guard Lloyd Watkins fills Assistant Prin- cipal Emest Hawkins in on the latest hap- penings around school. Abel, Pat 72, 280 Abele, Julie 136,218 Abers, Venetia 135, 177,204,210 Abeyta, Kim 245 Abney, Shannon 245 Abraham, Ana 245 Abriatis, Tonya 218 Ackerberg, Robyn 136, 156,218 Ackennan, Amber 245 Acosta, Chris 218, 224 Acuna, Juliet 218 Acuna, Rene 97, 177,210 Adair, Roger 218 Adair, Shane 84, 245 Adams, Casey 218 Adams, Chris 218 Adami, Janeice 218 Adami, Theresa 218 Adams, Heather 88, 218 Adams, Holly 177, 210 Adams, Jennifer 146, 177, 210 Adams, Leslie 245 Adams, Racquel 245 Adams, Ron 130, 280 Anderson Anderson Anderson, Anderson , Anderson, Anderson nd Holly 218 James 245 Jami 30, 250 Jon 218 Julie 218 Kristine 218 Bachali, Grant 218 Bachman, Kristine 19, Bacon, David 280 Bacon, Shoni 280 Badine, Kris 147 Badminton 80, 81 142, 179,208 Barringer, Tina 245 Barsickow, David 219 Bartel, Chad 245 Bartles, Andrew 142,219 Bartleson, Melissa 155, 245 Bartleson, Nathaniel 219 Bartling, Angela 219 Bartling, Loren 179, 210 Barton, Cathy 245 Barton, Darren 219 Bartz, Donna 245 Anderson, Lane 19, 134, 149, 178 Anderson, Leslie 153, 160, 161, 178 Anderson, Richard 281 Anderson, Taylor 84, 245 Anderson, Vemon 106, 107, 218 Andrews, Chad 106, 168 Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Baecker, Grant 90, 91, 136, 167. 179 Baedke, Jason 69, 179, 187, 201 Bailey, Gloria 99, 134, 135, 179 Bailey, Heidi 145, 171, 179,210 Bailey, Mike 83 Bailey, Shannon 245 Bartz, Patricia 179 Basketball, JV 102, 103 Basketball, Varsity 100, 101 Basom, Trevor 105, 179, 210 Batchelor, John 219 Batchelor, Mike 219, 223, 241 Gilbert 218 Len 105 Rebecca 128,245 Adams, Roxanne 177 Adams, Sabrina 245 Adams, Scott 136, 151,218,245 Adamski, Chad 218 Addington, Marcie 136, 245 Adkins, Amy 218 Adkins, Kelly 218 Joanna 133, 179,209 Agostino, Stacey 149, 177,210 Agren, Jennifer 6, 157, 218 Agrew, Stacy 245, 270 Aguirre, Margaret 245 Akiona, Christy 218 Alan, Todd 250 Albrant, Karen 157, 218 Albright, Tory 245 Aldarete, Cynthia 134, 177, 209 Alder, Daune 165, 218, 234 Alder, Ryan 245 Alcala, Joe 149,245 Alexander, Jesse 245 Alexander, John 218 Alfaro, Richard 177 Alig, Jennifer 88, 146, 162, 245 Allain, Diane 218 Allan, Pat 245 Allen, Andy 177,210 Allen, Dave 84, 85, 245, 304 Allen, Jennifer 142, 149, 177,245 Allen, John 245 Allen, Katie 139, 177 Allen, Kellee 165, 245 Allen, Scott 218 Allen, Todd 87 Allison, Kathryn 143, 177 Almond, Lori 177 Alofs, Ronald 177 Alongi, Jennifer 245 Alvarez, Rosendo 218 Ange, Mamie 218 Anthony, Jennifer 146, 162, 167,245,250 Anthony, Steve 136, 149, 167, 178, 287 Antone, Theresa 128, 178 Antwiler, Holly 153, 163,245 Appel, Wendy 131, 142, 178, 210 Apsey, July 142, 178 Arbeene, Krissy 136,245 Archie, Deniese 218 Arai, Leslie 136, 153, 245 Arment, Jason 102, 245 Armijo, Grace 226 Amtstrong, Vicki 178 Amett, Anjanete 218 Amett, Brad 21, 131, 178, 204,210 Amett, Shauna 153, 155,218 Amold, Allen 178 Amold, Heather 151, 245 Amold, Kali 245 Aro, Nina 146, 178 Arrieta, Delia 105, 178 Arrieta, Emest 178, 210 Arteaga, Roberto 218 Asato, Debbie 245 Askar, Mahsa 245 Assemblies 16, 17 Atkins, Steven 178 Atwell, Billy 178 Bailey, Steve 218 Bair, Stephanie 153,218,232 Bake, Sarah 167, 218 Baker, Brian 179 Baker, James 219 Baker, LaRita 42, 136, 145, 146, 150, 153, 163,179,210 Balch, Mark 90,91, 114, 116,219 Ballard, Allen 87, 219 Ballard, Charles 18, 164, 165, 168, 312 Ballard, Christina 245 Ballentyne, Tim 87, 219 Balstad, Rosemary 219 Balster, Sheryl 179 Balthasar, Lynn 88, 142, 179,210 Balthasar, Tim 245 Balthrop, Brett 179 Band 134, 135 Banfield, Bridget 219 Baughn, Elizabeth 136, 179 Baxtor, Connie 146, 219 Bayless, Doug 79, 97 Bayless, James 245 Bean, Brad 84, 245 Beard, Jeffrey 179 Beary, Lynn 245 Beary, Scott 245 Beattie, Brian 84, 245 Beaudoin, Mike 219 Beeghley, sieve 22, 136, 145, 14 166, 167, 172, 179, 182,210 Beers, Jennifer 245 Beg, Waheed 168 Begay, living 245 Behne, Stephanie 246, 250 Behring, Frank 134, 179,210 Bell, Carolyn 171, 219 Bell, Doug 19, 58, 136,219,239 9, 160, 162 Atwell, J. 141 Atwood, Laura 218 Austin, Austin, Lynde 16, 80, 142, 178,210 Robin 218 Autrey, Charles 178 Auxier, David 178 Axsom, Krista 142, 178,210 Baack, Pam 280 Bachali, Stacy 144, 179,208 Banks, Brian 12, 129,219 Banks, Geoff 157, 245 Banks, Kathleen 179 Banning, Chris 219 Bargas, Barker, Barlett. Bamard Bames, Bamett, Bamett, Elizabeth 219 Tim 219 Patty 219 , Dr. Douglas 278 Brian 245 Brooke 245 Christine 245 Bamey, Kimberly 179. 210 Bamey, Trase 83, 179 Barrett, Tim 219 - Bell, Patrick 262 Bellinghiere, Coreen 179 Bellows, Tara 246 Belnap, Dayna 149, 156, 179, 210 Beltran, Simon 149, 219 Benavidez, Michael 246 Benoche, Angela 136, 137, 246, 253, 256 Benn, Karen 246 Bennett. Kathleen 134 156. 219 Benson, Kristine 219 Benson, Mike 219 Bentley, Amador,Charlie78,97,177,210 ""Eeek, a Torom' Am,b,,,y,J,,,,,e168'177,2 0 Eeek it s a Toro 1 - - a frightened Dobson football Amundson, Brandon, 245 Analla, Robert 177 Andersen, Annette 153, 178 Andersen, Laura 245 Andersen, Peter 177 Andersen, Tom 218 player seems to be saying . This look was seen frequently when the Toros took the field. With the 4'Crunch Kidsn and a bruis- ing offensive line, the Toros struck fear into the hearts of football players everywhere. Ambri, Steven 177 M , 9 ,, 1 I , - Anderson, Daniel 134, 150, 151, 153, 178,210 Benton, Wendy 246 Bentz, Trisha 210 Benzley, Nora 219 Berg, Lynn 142, 177, 179 Berge, Brent 219 Bergen, Keith 87,219 Bermea, Christine 179 Bemstein, David 278, 280 Berta, Cary 88, 246 Bessey, Mark 134, 150, 219 Bethancourt. Sara 179 Beveridge, Jamie 165, 219 Beynon, Marc 140 Beynon, Polly 156,246 Bible, Shane 219 Bierman, Jeff 167,246 Biesen, Shanin 134,246 Biester, Chris 155, 219 Biester, Lisa 152,219 Bigelow, Heather 246 Biller, Kelly 179, 210 Billingsley, Brian 102, 246 Bingold, Mary 147, 179,210 Bird, Jeff41, 219 Bird, Justin 217,219 Bisdorf, Lori 180 Bjork, Lesli 165,219 Bjornholt, Eric 180, 210 Black, Celeste 219 Blackson, Becky 246 Blackhurst, Dennis 84, 151, 246 Blackhurst, Juliette 131, 136, 138, 139 172, 180,191,210 Blake, Amy 153 Blake, Christine 219 Blakeman, Brent 83, 219 Blancas, Samuel 246 Blanco, Zorana 246 Blankenship, Kristen 262 Blasdell, Jeffrey 219 Blonde, Matt 246 Blount, Jennifer 153, 246, 253, 255 Blythe, Tom 219 Bobbett, Amy 246 Boccasini, Andrew 246 Bochenski, Kevin 246 Bock, Shari 180 Bodine, Kris 180 Bodine, LaDawn 156, 246 Bodkin, Eddie 219 Bojorquez, Anissa 220 Bolar, Brad 180 Bollwinkle, Sam 42, 43, 114, 115,220 Bond, Heather 146, 180, 210 Bond, Wayne 180,209 Bonham, Kathy 155,220 Bonham, Michelle 180, 199 7 'P 1 -'--aug .,......,k,1 'V'-11.1, 'sr' Bonner, Davona 220, 224 Booth, Dennis 134, 220, 240 Booth, Michelle 220 Boragina, Vince 97, 147, 246 Borboa, Taro 84, 85, 246 Borchers, Greg 220 Borders, Anthony 220 Bordwell, Roben 146, 147 Borgman, Jennifer 136, 246 Boren, James 180 Borland, David 155, 220 Bosley, Melanie 180, 188 Bosley, Scott 86, 87 Bosley, Tammy 246 Boten, J, 147 Boubelik, Karla 246 Bouchard, Shannon 134, 246 Bouchie, Scott 247 Bouchout, Christian 134, 220 Boudreaux, Margot 220 Bova, Vince 220 Bower, Jason 220 Bowers, Beth 94,149, 244, 249, 247 Bowman, Cory 247 Bowman, Dylan 86, 87, 220 Bowman, Lisa 136, 142, 153, 220 Box, Andrea 220 Box, Christopher 180 Boyd, Bill 83,220 Boyles, Amy 142, 143, 180, 210 Boyse, Brent 180 Bozzuto, Amy 20, 73, 146, 155, 221, 230 Bozzuto, Jeff 180 Bracamonte, Rita 48, 130, 131, 155, 168, 180, 135, 209, 210 Brackney, Ken 280 Brackney, Kevin 180, 210 Bradley, Sara 140, 247, 280 Brady, Chris 220 Brady, Eddie 247 Brady, Jim 22, 84, 85, 116, 171,280 Braidman, Lori 142, 180 Bramley, Dan 80, 247 Brandy, Chris 91 Branning, Jo Ann 280 Brannon, Wade 180 Brantley, Denese 220 Brashears, Shannon 220 Bratland, Marcy 136, 146, 220 Bratton, Valerie 247 Bratrud, Mikkel 116, 180,210 Braun, Stacie 88, 247 Braymiller, Brian 247 Breid, Jennifer 165, 220 Breinholt, Garin 181, 199 Breinholt, Stacey 22, 156, 166, 220 Brennan, Dawn 141, 181 Brewer, Jason 87, 220, 233, 237 Brewer, Kristin 142, 220 Brewer, Nicolle 247 Brewington, Michelle 153, 156, 247 Brice, Rick 43 Bright, Patricia 220 Brimhill, lan 220 Brines, Jeff 34, 57, 243 Brock, Robert 181,210 Brockhurst, Kim 247 Brown, Melissa 88,247 Brown, Pat 280 Brown, Robert 220 Brown, Ryan 220, 247 Brown, Sean 247 Brown, Stacie 220 Brown, Timothy 83, 142, 210 Bruce, Alan 247 Bruce. Denise 247 Brunel, Michelle 181 Brunick, Chris 224 Brunick, Patrick 1181 Brunner, Raylene 146, 181, 288 Bryce, Rick 12, 181,199 Buck, Jonathan 153,247 Buck, Robin 134, 153, 181 Buckley, Tricia 247 Budai, Leslie 247 Budge, Angi 220 Budge, Charmaine 149, 181,210,238 Buffington, Chad 100, 221 Bullard, Dave 247 Bulloch, Brenda 247 Bullock, Angela 150,247 Bunchman, Chris 221 Bunker, Melissa 246, 247, 258, 266, 271 Bunning, Mindy 79, 94, 95. 181,210 Burbo, Dawn 155, 159, 181, 210, 288 Burch, S. 145 Burckhard, Stephanie 181 Burd, Jason 221 Burd, Stephanie 247 Burdick, Sharon 221, 294 Burger, Randy 80, 102, 247 Burkholder, Joshua 106, 247 Burkinshaw, Bret 40, 181 Burleson, Christian 155, 159, 181, 210, 293 Burley, Cindy 157, 248 Burns, Edward 134, 151, 248 Burns, Michelle 181 Burns, Todd 142, 181 Burrell, Chad 147, 157, 248, 256 Burrell, Scott 159, 181,210 Burton, Minde 221 Burton, Natalie 80, 248 Burton, Stacy 80, 142,216,221 Burton, Stephanie 181 Busch, Holli 221 Buscaglia, Tracey 221 Buschouer, Joshua 171 Bush, Janell 128, 167, 248 Butala, Krista 221 Butler, Jennifer 221 Butler, Lavena 248 Butler, Pam 153, 171, 181, 210 Cackler, Jesse 248 Cady, Christopher 162, 167, 221 Cady, Sean 181 Cahill, Bill 248 Cahill, Donald 181 Cain, Kristen 138, 139, 181,210 Cake, Howard 147, 248 Calderon, Juan 248 Caldwell, Melanie 153 Caldwell, Stephanie 134, 181, 210 Calendo, Tammy 221 Calhoun, Krista 80 Calinsky, Amy 221 Call, Christy 165, 248 Callahan, Betty 278, 279, 280 Callahan, Dan 221, 248 Calleros, Connie 248 Calleros, Mike 84,248 Calloway, John 90, 248 Camp, Melanie 221 Campagna, Mark 134, 182 Campbell, Jason 105, 182, 208, 209, 210 It s Monday morning and there s no way some stu- dents could possibly handle spending all day in school. Most students feel that way at least once and then have to come up with a convincing excuse as to why they should stay home. When asked to come up with some excuses of their own, ' but a few truly creative excuses surfaced. Senior Steve Anthony suggested, Sprained body parts, flinch and moan if your parents touch you. Steve also sug- Brooks, Cheryl 247, 269 Brooks, Donny 220 Brooks, Katie 247 Brooks, Brooks, Mike 102, 151,247 Tina 247 Brott, Cheryl 220 Broughton, Laura 142, 220 Brouwer, Lauri 18, 144, 166, 181 Brown, Alison 153, 154,220 Brown, Andrew 113, 149, 153, 181,247 Brown, Blake 47 Brown, Christian 142, 220 Brown, Christopher 181, 210 Brown, Dave 24, 59, 136, 167, 177, 181, 194 Brown, Henry 247 Brown, Iris 220 Brown, Jacqueline 220 Brown, Jason 8, 181 Brown, Jody 181 Brown, Kelly 164, 165, 247 Brown, Mark 44, 147, 155,159, 181,210 Brown, Matt 220, 247, 298 gested internal bleeding! Other excuses worth a try were food poisoning, the student had too much of the cafeteria s turkey surprise Cnever blame it on mom s cooking 1 and loss of voice, but don t try to accept phone calls, it s a dead give away. For girls, makeup has never come in so handy. One look at that blotchy face and the dark circles under the eyes and parents will insist that their daughters stay home. If all else fails, senior Dave Brown suggests fake paralysis. ' Page design by Becky Spiers Stroy by Julie Hill Photography by Rob Wood K J f N 0 ll excuses glven students usually responded with, "Have you ever seen Fer- ris ugged up the wall Every once in awhile we all met people who did things that really bothered us Whether it was some one who chewed gum too loudly or talked too softly we learned to tolerate it Sometimes it was just the way that people acted .I R Ellingson said It really irritates me when people pretend their stupid Karla Smlth said, When I say ht to people and they Students had other pet annoyances as well Kerry Kent s pet annoyance was people who say they are going to be some place and they don t show up Dawn Burbo said, I hate it when I m walking by a door and somebody slams it open Certain kinds of things could really bother people espe cially when they were tn a hurry Raylene Brunner said When I roll out the paper in the paper towel dispenser and someone else rips it off and uses it so they won t be late for class Page deslgn by Becky Splers Story by Laura Vernon Photography by Robert Sheriff f N donlt hear me. They just keep walking and I feel like a fool." X J Campbell. Jennifer 158, 221 Campbell. John 221. 248 Campbell. Lance 182 Campbell. Vleredith 143. 248 Campbell. Michael 182. 194.210 Campbell. Nevitta 248 Campbell. Robert 72 Carter. Roberta 248 Carter. Sean 248 Cassidy. Kelly 222 Castillo. Stanlee 248 Castleberry. Paige 146. 222 Castles and Crusades 160, 161 Casto. Tawny 80. 142. 222 Christensen, Starr 249 Chrsitensen. Sue 183 Christensen, Suzette 183 Christner, Greta l72,173, 278. 280 Chumki Church. n, Edward 222 Donna 135. 145. 149. Church. Jennifer 249, 250 Church, Church, Mau l 14, 222 Shane 222 183, 187. 2 Coppock, Warren 250 Corcoran, Ryan 1 13, 223 Cordoza, Christine 153, 184, 210 Corey, Jennifer 184 Corey, Tina 136, 250 Cork, Rob 84, 250 Corlett. Michele 223 Cornelius, Brad 250 Cornelius, Brian 250 Ciancuillo, David 222 Ciriello, Maurizio 5,183,210 Clar, Philip 183,210 Cornelius, Katrin 147 Cornwell, Trampis 184 Corrao, Cecilia 134, 280 Clark, Gillian 167,249 Clark, Greg 249 Clark. John 249 Clark. RuthAnn 27.222 Corrao, Joe 250, 274 Corsi. Amy 223 Corwin, Cheryl 223 Clarkson. Karen 153, 222 Clausen. Matthew 183 Clawson. Jennifer 249 Clawson. Sandra 183 Cleary. Megan 91.93.183 Clegg, Scott 249 C1egg.Suzette 145, 163,183,210 Clem, Jim 161,183 Clement, Dean 249 Clement, Gaynel 80,81 Clement, Laura 222 Click Club 144, 145 Clouse. Doug 84, 102. 103, 249 Clower, Michele 162,222 Cluff, Aaron 249 Cluff.Donna 153. 154, 222,307 Cluff. Preston 83.183 Cluff,Rachel 222 Coates. Loretta 136. 183.210 Coates, Shawn 84. 85,183,249 Coberly. Nancy 280 Coca. Kim 249 Cochran. Lisa 134, 136, 151, 249 COE 142, 143 Coffman. Monte 183 Cole. Justin 222 Cole. Rodney 280 Coleman. Jessica 146. 153. 183.210 Coleman. Lisa 249. 270 Colgin.Jason 222 Colgin. Laura 249 Colleen. Jim 134. 149, 150.249 Cottingham, Jacquelene 184 Courtney. Wayne 250 Coury. Kelly 120. 250 Covarrubias, Michelle 223 Cowing, Jeremy 48,184 Cowperthwait, Daniel 184. 210 Cox, Brent 48 Cox, LaDawn 223 Cox,Traci 155, 156, 159, 184, 210 Crabtree, John 146, 223 Crago, Mike 150. 223 Craig, Elliot 134,223 Craig, Mike 223 Craig, Nathan 233, 241 Craine, Steve 250 Crandall. Glen 151. 223 Crandall, Joyce 250 Crandell, Blain 223 Crawford. Pam 280 Crawford-Browne, Sarah 134, 136, 137, 147 Creek, Jason 134,223 Crews, Steve 223 Crick, Jennifer 223 Crismon, John 99.151, 184,210 Crockett, Cynthia 145. 149. 156, 162,223 Crockett, Karen 135, 136, 149, 159, 173, 184 21 1 Crockett, Randy 250 Cronk. William 223 Crook. Bill 280 Crosby. Kim 250 Cross. Richard 223 Cross. Stacie 250 Carpenter. Lisa 68. 248 Campbell. Scott 221 Campbell, Shane 248 Campos. Brett 182. 188. 210 Candland. Charles 134. 182 Candland. James 221 Candland, Kristin 156, 221 Canfield. Tim 221 Canham. Keith 56. 280 Canning. Mike 248 Cannon. Joe 105. 221 Canter. Tom 248 Cantile. Kevin 182. 210. 248 Catalino. Hall 222 Caudill. Rob 84, 248 Cavanaugh. Trevor 12. 82, 83, 171. 1 Caviness. Balinda 222 Cawood. Kyle 249 Cayford. Shirley 280 CDeBaca. Sara 16, 249. 256 Cearley. Shelly 182. 210 Cervantes. Henry 182 Cervantes. Peter 182, 249 Cesta. Christina 222 Cham. Huoeh 222 82. 209 Colleen. Kim 88 Collins. Heather 151. 222 Collins. James 142. 183 Collins, Lisa 249 Colvin, Chris 249 Colvin. Meredith 132,249 Combs. Mike 83.222 Cross, Country, Boys' 96, 97 Cross-Country, Girls' 94, 95 Crowe. Kristi 250 Crowe, William 184, 211 Crowell, Beulah 223 Crowther, Wendy 223 Croxton, Celee 184 Capucci. Krista 42. 134. 153. 221 Chandler. Erika 222 Carbajal, Kris 280 Chapman, Bert 222 Cardon. Wilford 26. 82. 83. 129. 145. 182. Chapman. James 182 210, 284. 303 Chapman. Melissa 142. 182 Carlin, Cheryl 280. 283 Chapman. Paul 249 Carlin, Joe 221 Chapman. Rebecca 94. 244. 249 Carlisle, Nikki 71 Chapman. Stacey 222 Carlos, Dietrich 221 Carlos, Ron 128. 131 Carlson. Doris 280 Carney. Thomas 142. 221 Camicke. Carolyn 182 Carpenter, Carie 34. 166. 221 Carpenter. David 221 Carpenter. Edward 182 Carpenter. Joey 33. 134, 150. 157. 182 Carpio. Roberto 144, 221 Carr. Daryl 221 Carr. Tina 248 Carroll, Alta 221 Carroll. Jason 84. 149, 248 Carroll. Josh 248 Carroll. M2111 85, 134.248 Carroll. Michelle 171. 182. 210 Carter. Cory 248 Carter, Kristi 182.210 Carter. Lance 248 Carter, Phil 248 zss V511 Coindex Charboneau. Jennifer 183 Charles. Dale 3,280,297 Chaverst. Ronelle 131. 144. 293. 294 Chatters. Alan 222 Cheer. .JV 138, 139 Cheer, Varsity 138, 139 Chemko. Kelly 222 Cheslcy. Adam 222 Chiakamakis. Lisa 183 Chiappetta. Christine 183. 201. 210 Chiappetta. Lori 249 Chinavare. Danielle 168, 169, 183, 2 Chiren. Heather 183 Chorale 154, 155 Chotc. Darren 106, 107 Cholt. Joseph 183 Chouinard, Jason 84. 106, 249 Chouinard. Pete 249 Christensen. Chad 123. 149, 308 Christensen. Kelly 222 Christensen. Kim 249 Christensen. Scott 105. 151. 183.210 10.312 Comeau. Brian 84. 249 Concert Band 150, 151 Concert Orchestra 152, 153 Conklin. Charles 250 Connell. Tracy 167.168 Crum, Fred 250 Cruz. Martin 223 Ctibor. Bill 280 Culbertson. Mark 184. 211 Culver. Jennifer 223 Connelly. Robert 22, 136. 168. 183. 210. 312 Connolly. Scott 97. 250 Conover. Ryan 250 Conover. Tami 156. 222 Considine. Brian 250 Contrerras. Rozan 250 Conway. Eric 183 Conway,Kaci 3, 156, 250 Conway. Neil 171 Cook. Deanna 222 Cook. Glen 222 Cook. Heidi 134. 142. 148. 151.250 Cook. Jason 250 Cook. Jenny 144.250 Cook, Jim 250 Cook. Mark 222 Cook. Ryan 250 Cook. Shane 183.210 Cook, Tiffany 183,210 Cooley, Brandy 145. 149, 163. 165. 222 Cummard. Mike 84 Cunningham, Carl 87. 223 Cunningham. Jason 223 Cunningham, Jesse 142, 251 Curlett, James 65. 278, 281 Curtis. Cara 156, 251 Curtis. Mike 251 Cwiakala, Jim 6,145, 146. 166, 211 Cyplik, Bemard 105, 184, 211 Cziewior, Melissa 251 Cooley. Charmayne 134, 149. 153. 168. 183, 210. 312 Cooley. Kimberly 183 Coon. Duane 183 Cooper. Brian 222 Cooper. Mia 184 Coopy. Brian 58 Coplea. Corey 222 Coppoek. Marci 250 Dabrowski, Kristie 251, 274 Dahlstrand, Jamie 251 Dahlstrancl. Joshua 184 Dahlstrand. Miles 251 Daily. Dallas 223 Dailey. Jill 258. 271 Daley. Carolyn 17. 251. 312 Dalton. Matthew 184 Daly. Christi 161, 251. 253 Damiano. Dion 223 Damme. Darin 14, 87. 168, 218. 219.223 Dana. Kitchell 251 Dance Theater 132. 133 Dancho. Jim 134, 251 Daniel. Bill 223 Daniel. Shaun 251 Darger. Bizzy 48, 139. 184, 211 Davalos. Humberto 223 Davids. Mike 251 Davidson, Beverly 223 Davidson, Connie 280 Davidson. Shane 90. 251 Davis Chad 223 Davis. Denise 251 Davis Cominic 85. 251 Davis Jenni 32. 110. 111. 144. 145. 149. 251 Davis. Joe 84, 85, 149, 251 Davis. John 87.223 Davis. John 83. 223 Davis, Joni 88, 223 Davis Karen 223 Davis Lisa 145, 149, 155. 223 Davis Mike 83. 223 Davis Nathan 251. 271 Davis Rachel 144,184 Davis Rebecca 149, 153. 184. 211 Davis Stanley 184, 211 Davis Steve 224 Davis Susan 251 Davis, Tarrah 149, 153, 251 Davis. Tiffany 139 Davis. Todd 184 Davis Wclls 251 VKX ,a Davrowski, Kristie 251 Dawn. Holly 142. 173. 216. 224 Dawson, Chuck 224 Dawson. Scott 144. 149. 184, 21 1 Dayley. Carolyn 156 Dayley. Jill 129. 152. 251 Dayley. Lcc 224 Dean, Jason 224 Dearin. Kris 224 DeBoer. Justine 165. 224 DECA 142, 143 Decious. Greg 224 Dccious, Pete 157.251 Decker. Jared 251 Decker. Joseph 184 Decker. Mary 280 Decker. Thad 22. 68. 23. 63. 90. 9 Deheart, Boyd 224 DeGracie, Darren DeGroff. Kyle 90.184 Deist, Lianne 111. 136. 251 Dejarnatl. Chad 252. 254 DeLaCruz. Dawa 252 De1aCruZ, Nicki 224 Delano. Steve 86. 87 D'E1iso. Jason 147, 223 Deller. Toni 252 DeLong. Jennifer 224 DeLong, Nicole 252 Delrio. Willie 224 Demoss. Kevin 224 Dempsey, Jay 171.223 Dcrnovich. Kip 73.100. 101. 131. 184. 188, 204. 211 Desantis. Paul 252. 284 Desrosiers. Denise 224. 243 Destillo, Paul 280 SP .ws sas. ga 1.280 172. 182. Devcr. Laura 224 Diaz. Eddissia 184 Diaz. Joe 280 Dick. Kevin 83.224 Dickinson. John 184 Dickman. Tom 185 Diehl. Becky 224 Diel. Stacy 252 Diehm. Paula 185 Dignan, Lee Ann 252 Dikes, Rhonda 142. 185 Dillaliuni. Neil 252 Dillon, Krista 134.224 Dirjak. Dan 84. 251 Draper. Chris 252 Draughon. David 2l.160. 185.211 Draughon. Julie 307 Dreher. Marcie 216. 220. 224 Driggs,Je1'1' 129. 246, 252 Driggs, Scott 30. 31. 100, 129, 131 185 Drinohski. April 157.224 Driscoll. Mike 112. 113. 224 Drumbeller. Francisc 171 Driimeller. Frances 137. 224 Du. Greg 171 Duboisc, Kim 165 Dudley. Willie 83. 280 Dishong, Jeff 22-1 Disney. Lawrence 224 Dittberner. Randall 145. 146. 159. Diving, Boys' 90, 91 Diving. Girls' 88. 89 Dixon, Amy 134. 151.252 Dixon. Brandy 142, 165. 252 185 D'Lu7ansky. Linda 80. 134, 185.21 1 Dobson. David 157. 252 Doekery, Kristen 136. 149. 224 Dodez. Louis 280 Dodge. Terry 252 Dohanyos. Jennifer 252 Doka. Mike 128.224 Doka. Terry 87. 102, 252 Domakitis. Joe 17. 130. 131, 155. Dominguez, Jorge 252 Donahue. Jack 87.252 Dong. Brandon 84. 105. 134. 252 Doolen. Bryan 58. 102, 224 Dougherty. Michael 134. 150. 151. 185. 211 Drama Club 164, 165 171,224 152,153. Duggan. Heidi 95. 156. 185. 211 Du1'I'ie1d. Brainerd 34 Duley. Rich 252 Dumas, Sabrina 30, 252 Dunn. Chris 87. 224 Dunn. Keri-Ann 185 Dunn, Michael 185.211 Dunn. Tom 73. 74 Dunshie, Dawn 252 Duplantis. Jamie 222 Dupont. Eric 54. 105. 185. 211 Dupuis. Santosha 252 Durphy. Tammy 224 Duschek. Mark 143. 185. 211 Dulcher. Kelly 113. 185. 211 Duvall. Debra Dr. 278 Duve, Louise 157.252, 265. 266 Dyar. Shawn 250. 252 Dye. Dawn 185. 211 Dyslin. Pete 252 Eagen. Dusty 84. 252 Eagleburger. David 278 Eagleburger, Matthew 185, 21 1 Eagleburger, Mike 83 Earhart. Leslie 252 Earl. Roy 83,224 East. Michelle 252. 259 Eaton. Barbara 224 "' Eaton. Rick 97. 185.211 Echols. Lance 152. 153. 185 2' Edgell. Denise 224 Edmonds. Doug 185 , . 5 Edmons, Randall 185 i'it Edmund Abhe W K K i"' Edwards. Kenny 186 Edwards, Lee 106, 186 " Edwards, Lisa 224 Edwards, Sharlene 131, 136, 137. 146. 171 186. 21 1 Eells. Monica 224 Ekblad, Otto 134,224 - --In the heat of battle-- Pressure can effect people in bizzare ways. Sometimes, the pressure to make the mailing deadline for yearbook can cause the yearbook staff members to act slightly abnormal. The pressure finally got to the editors and photogra- phers on one deadline, and a major rubberband war broke out between them. The only casualty was the editor in chief Eileen Miller. Here, Shannon Hawkins carefully tries to cut out a rubberband that became deeply entangled in Mi1ler's hair. X . 239 696512 +Cafn-Ekb Ekbunc1it.Piyada 186 Ellentuck, Martha 280 Ellingson, Debby 252 Ellingson, Jayson 129, 224 E11ingson,JR 145, 149, 186,211,288 Elliott. Stephanie 252 Elmer, Dusty 224 Elmer. Heath 186 Enabnit. Phil 224 Encore 158, 159 Encore Strings 154, 155 English. Chad 252 Ennis. Stacy 93. 110, 111, 252 Enos, Kaleo 100, 124. 145, 186, 211 Enos, Kunane 224 Enright, Brett 142, 186 Enriquez, Brian 153 Epstein. Paul 134. 225 Erickson, Melanie 253 Erickson. Renee 225 Erikson. Scot 186 Emst, Gary 100, 280 Eskew. David 186 Eskew, Missy 186, 211 Esperson. James 225 Faerber. Erin 253 Fagan, Ann 280 Fagerholm, Cory 225 Fahey, Nicki 225 Fajardo, Lori 225 Farlinger, Catherine 186 Farlinger, David 253 Farnsworth, Cheri 253 Farnsworth. Norma 153 Faulkinburg, Mike 151, 253 FCA 170, 171 Fedock, Susan 186 Fedorick, Lori 234, 225 Felbab, Mike 165 Felice, Kelly 253 Felstad, Jeremy 90 Felstead, Missy 142, 180, 186 Fenner. Michelle 225 Feria, David 33, 160,225 Fermino, Julie 253 Fernandez, George 225 Fernell, Cheryl 253 Ferreira, Jackie 153 Fen'iera, Olinda 14, 146, 225 Ferrell, Dan 253 Flinn, Michelle 134. 151,253 Flores,1saac 83, 186 Flores, Rudy 186, 211 Flowers, Wendy 136, 137, 253 Foley, Chris 266 Foley, Elece 138, 139. 244, 254 Foltz, Gabriel 186 Foltz, Seth 254 Foos, Penny 12. 88, 187, 199,211 Football, Junior 86, 87 Football, .J.V. 84, 85 Football, Varsity 82, 83 Foote, Matt 1 16, 254 Forensics 166, 167 Forinas. Albert 254 Forshee, Chinesa 254 Fort, Doug 165, 225 Foster, Christina 146, 187 ,Jennifer 225 .Jeremy 106, 156.254 Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster Foster Foulk, Russ 254 Tom 67, 280 Tonia 254 Carla 171, 187.211 Fountain. John 162 Esperson, Michelle 186 Espinoza, Andrew 253 Espinoza, Cathy 225 Esqueda, Jose 186 Esqueda, Rosa 253 Essig, Charles 278 Essley. Amity 34, 165. 186 Estruth, Natalie 253, 312 Etcheverry, Kari 225 Ethert on. Athena 225 Evans, Bill 86, 137, 253 Evans. Brian 84. 87, 171,253 Evans. Cathy 80, 186 Evans, Keith 253 Evans. Marcie 177. 186,211 Evenson, Dana 48. 186, 211 Evenson. Jean 14, 280 Everett. Buddy 253 Ferrell. Katy 137. 172, 173. 186 Ferry, Chris 225 FFA 160, 161 Fickas. Dan 253 Fickas, Justin 186 Fielder, Carl 280 Figures, Randy 217. 225. 229. 234 Filewicz, Stacy 225 Fillmore, Dan 253 Fillmore, Jim 249 Fillmore, Lisa 153, 186,211,225 Finch, Jack 280 Finger, Susan 225 Fischbeck, Jason 83, 87. 86, 186,211 Fischer, Nadja 147 Fischbeck, Tiffany 225 Fish, Celeste 168, 186 Fischer. Hilary 142. 225 Fisher, Dan 253 Fisher, James 167, 186 Foushee, Carey 106, 107 Fowler. Jill 225 Fox. Paul 84, 187 Fox, Sharon 254 Frabasilio, Heidi 187 Fram. Rebecca 141, 187. 211 Franco, Amy 24. 211 Franco, Lydia 254 Franco, Rosa 187 Frandsen, Chris 116, 254 Franklin, Pamela 187,211 Franzmeier, Shelley 24, 153, 225 Fraughton, Casey 87.254 Frazee, Candace 254 Frazer. Paul 145. 147, 216 Frazier. Christy 163, 187, 212 Frazier, Dorcas 187 Frazier. Kevin 155.225 Frazier, Paul 225 Free, David 80. 254, 260 Fisher, Pete 134. 253 Fitch. Ben 86, 87, 225 Fitzpatrick, Jerry 225 Fix, Lisa 225.237, 238 Fjeldahl, Karla 186. 211 Fjerkenski, Stacey 253 Flag Corp 132, 133 Flake, Afton 253 Flake. Jordan 253 Flandro, Doug 146, 164, 165. 225 f peclal 1rr1tat1ons Some students may have had a teacher who really bothered them by some of the things he did. Well believe it or not, there are some things that students do that really bother teachers. Curtis Brown American history teacher, warned never to sharpen a pencil in the middle of a lecture The teacher already knows when a student is late, so don t announce your arrival by humming your favorite tune from the Cosby Show said Willie Dudley, marketing in- structor. 1 hate it when students don t come prepared for the big event of the day--namely my class, commented Norrine Thornhill. Page design by Becky Spiers Story by Mike Sleeseman Photography by Chris Schibi O O O O 7 66 American history." 46 79 J K lj 'J lndex Freeman, Christine 142. 225 Freetnan, Jeff 142, 165, 225 Freeman, Jennifer 48, 134, 171. 254 Freeman, Mary Kay 280 Freeman, Melissa 254 Freeman, Naomi 136. 137. 225, 233 Freese. Gretchen 225 French Club 146, 147 Frey, Denise 225 Freye. Glenn 254 Frihart, Tynan 30, 91, 114, 254 Frost. Christine 187 Frost, David 187 Frost, Dustin 145, 254 Frueh. Chris 225 Fry, Jennifer 147 Frye. Glen 102 Fuciarelli, Wendy 254 Fukumoto, Sandra 136, 149, 254 Fuller, April 62, 134. 187. 212 Fuller, Daphanie 165. 225 Fuller, Doug 254 Fuller, Lorraina 142, 187 Fuller, Scott 55 Funicello, Mike 225 Fyffe. Shawn 187 Gabrielson, Jason 254 Gabrielson,Tari 187 Gaches, Lee 225 Gade, Leland 225 Gade, Tom 254 Gaffney. Brian 254, 273 Gaffney, Mike 255 Gaines. Greg 254 Gaines. Kerry 136, 148. 225 Gaines, Maureen 131. 148, 163, 166. 167 187, 210 Galatian, Brandon 225 Galberth, Nicole 254, 274 Gale. Beckie 254 Galligan, Brandon 187 Gam, Greg 129 Gambrcll, Della 254 Gamer, Jennifer 225 Gammage, Jason 254 Gann, Brandy 88. 89, 254 Gantar, Erica 254 Garbison. Todd 120, 142, 187,212 Garcia. Gustavo 97, 114.254 Gardner, Luana 157.254, 259 Gardner. Matthew 188 Gardner, Todd 140, 188 Garner, Jennifer 80 Garoutte. Michelle 134. 168, 226. 312 Garrison, Don 84, 254 Garrow, David 188, 212 Garrow, Geoff 255 Gartner, Richard 226 Garvey, Mary 151, 255 Gase, Muller 226 Gassow, Patricia 147 Gates. Candance 188 Gates, Davonna 167, 226 Gathn-ian, Corey 255 Gautreau, Wayne 280 Gavlin, Scott 188 Gee, Harold 83, 281 Gchring, Mysti 188 Geiman, Tracy 167, 226 --Catnapping lifestyle- N Some students at Mountain View have to deal with the conflict between school, work and sleep. Students with jobs that last late into the night often suffer during school from the lack of sleep. When tests and finals come up, the conflict can become even more complicated. Alicia Krick spent many of her free moments in class trying to cathch up with her sleep, as many other students in the same situation, because she had a late-night job. Geist, Michelle 136, 151,221,226 Gelder, Eric 84, 255 Gerdl, Lisa 147, 226 Germak, Angela 137, 142,226 German Club 146, 147 Gerrard, Jason 84, 255 Gerrett, Krystal 47 Gertz,J.D, 136, 188,212 Gertz, Kristy 58, 74, 136,226 Gettler, Tamara 226 Giannotti, Gina 255 Gibbons, Joseph 167 Gibbons, Lisa 255 Giblin, Erik 255 Gibson, Yolanda 188 Gifford, Branden 87, 226 Gifford, Todd 84, 255, 256, 273 Gilbert, Donovan 57, 142, 158, 223, Gilbert, lan 157,255 Gilchrist, Bill 5, 225 Gillen, Steven 188 226, 241 Gillespie, Darron 16, 178, 188, 212, 303 Gingerich, Rebecca 171,255 Gintonio, James 226 Giordano, Matthew 188 Gisbran, Mike 30, 216, 226 Giuliano, Jennifer 226 Giusti, Tony 255 Glaser, Deonn 226, 241 Glass-Hess, Karen 161, 281 Glauque, Cindy 281 Glenn, Daniel 188 Glenn, Jenny 111, 146, 226, 255 Glenn, Sheri 62, 224 Goad, Matthew 188 Godfrey, Chantelle 165, 167, 188, 2 Godsey, Kim 255 Goebel, Doug 226 12 Goehrung, Mike 226 Golf 80, 81 Golsarry, Aaron 255 Gomez ,Arlinda 142. 143, 188 Gomez, Christine 281 Gomez, Tino 255 Gomez, Veronica 255 Gonzales Gonzales Gonzalez, Colette 151, 226 Gonzalez, Daniel 255 Goodell, Steve 87, 221,226 Goodman, Dyan 255 Goodman, Julie 20, 129, 149, 163, 17 212 Goodman, Kelli 92, 93, 111, 129,255 Goodman, Michael 188, 188 Goodman, Shannon 156. 188 Goodwin, Ed 165,226 Goodyear, Julie 226 Gordon, Julie 136, 142, 146,226 Gordon, Wes 226 Gould, CeCe 129, 139, 155,226 Gould. Pam 153, 154,226,229 , Victor 106, 255, 264, 266 ,Barbara 80, 141, 188, 212 Graczyk, Shelby 255 Graham, Brenda 255 Graig, Elliot 128 Grajczek, Debra 188, 212 Grantham, Stephanie 134, 151, 252, 2 Grau, Kristi 189, 212 Graville, Allen 255 Gray, Ann 281 Gray, Mark 255 Gray, Robert 281 Grecco, Shannon 141, 189,212 , Green, Lloyd 189 Green, Teri 94, 189 Green, Troy 255, 256, 297 3, 188, 55 Greene, Ken 226 Greene, Lisa 256 Greenlee, Jill 168,226,312 Greenwood, Steve 256 Greer, Amy 256 Greer, Angela 146, 189,212 Greer, Kara 256 Gregan, Kelly 152, 165, 256. 266, 269 Gregory, Lesley 189 Griego, Ann 281 Grenier, Allyson 134, 226 Griest, Michelle 158, 168, 189,212,312 Grieve, Sherrie 154, 159, 226 Griffin,Col1een 142, 188, 189. 212 Griffin, Heather 256 Griffin, Kristin 149, 162, 189,212 Griffin, Steven 189 Grillet, Ginger 189 Grimshaw, Nathan 256 Groessl, Stacy 256 Groschel, Ron 226 Grosser, Eric 147, 256 Grote, David 34 Groth, Christy 142, 226 Groves. Steve 226 Grzybowski, Mike 256 Guaderrama, Mario 256 Guck, Andrew 189 Guerin, Fort 36, 59, 89, 91, 136, 226 Guess, Donald 78, 97, 189 Guess, Jennifer 93, 168, 169. 256 Guest, Tom 281 Guevara, Suzanna 226 Guin, Wendy 30, 171,189,212 Gulbranson, Scott 145, 189, 212 Gummel. Lori 226 Gundy, Rachael 256 Gunn, Tina 144 Gunn, Wendy 145,256 Gunyan, Melissa 148, 158, 163, 18 Guthrie, Gayle 189 Guthrie, Marc 157, 256 Gutierrez, Lino 256 Gutierrez. Lisa 141, 189 Haack, Linda 256 Haddad, Ken 281 Haglund, Christina 189 Haglund, Mike 226 Hahn, Gwen 153, 154,226 Haifley, Christa 256 Ha1e.Valerie 22, 42, 89, 90, 145.2 Halfhill, David 226 9,212 26, 233 J Hall, Amanda 135, 189 Hall, Brady 84,256 Hall, Phillip 155,227 Hall, Tina 167,256,265 Halloween 32, 33 Halls, Alison 227 Hamberlin, Forrest 21, 42, 43, 189 Hamilton, Jennifer 227 Hamilton, Stacy 120, 258 Hammer, Nate 97, 227 Hammon, Lauri 92 Hammons. Steve 91, 223, 227 Hancock, Anna 281 Hancock, Brittney 134, 151, 256 Hane, Leah 38, 256 Hankins, Jeff 134, 151,227 Hanna, Brenda 227 Hannan, Sam 114, 134,227 Hannum, Bobbi 134, 151,256 Hans-Dieter, Klose 147 Hansen, Dax 256 Hansen, Holly 227 Hansen, Mark 256 Hansen. Melissa 189 Hansen, Suzanne 149, 189, 23.2 Hansen, Tiffany 164, 165, 189 Hansen, Trevor 27, 84, 147, 153,256 Hansing, Chris 227 Hanson, Shonnel 227 Hanukkah 50, Sl Haq, Karen 145, 156,227 Hard, Christopher 227 Harberts, Vicki 256 Hardaway, Andrew 227 Hardenburg, Carrie 38,227 Hardy, Boyd 227 Hardy, Belinda 28, 189 Hardy, Connie 140, 189 Harmon, Corwin 82, 83, 189 Harmon,Jodi 149,256 Harmon, Lauri 227 Harper, Dirk 37, 58, 140, 189 Harrahy, Ruthi 227 -lli Harrell, Kelly 168, 189 Harries, Jill 227 Harris, Greg 227 Harris, Jeremy 189 Harris, Karolyn 257 Harris, Leslie 145,281 Harris, Sonya 5, 227 Harris, Todd 190 Harrison, Gan'ett 190 Hairy, Leslie 120, 121, 227 Hartenstein, Julie 257 Harwood, Kathy 257 Hashem, Emily 257 Hasse1,Hudd 142, 143, 149, 190 Hatcher, Raegan 253, 257, 273 Hatfield, Doanna 257 Hatfield, Scott 227 Hathaway, Heather 257 Hawkins, Emie 281, 285 Hawkins, Kristin 153, 227 Hawkins, Richard 281 Hawkins, Shannon 61, 146, 158, 159, 163, 168, 190, 212, 312 Haworth, Jeff 216, 227 Haws, Kayle 72, 83, 280, 281 Haws, Patricia 257, 265 Hayes, Dean 86, 87, 227 Hayes, Duane 227 Hayhurst, Renae 45, 227 Haynes, Jennifer 227 Haynes, Reva 257 Haywood, Gretchen 257 , Hazegh-Aazam, Annoshirvan 190, 212 Hazen, Dionna 85, 257 Heater, Linda 227 Heath, Gary 257 Hebdon, Todd 190 Heck, Christopher 112, 113, 190 Heckman, Justin 151, 161 Hector, Christopher 190, 212 Hedges, Scott 83, 190, 212 Heimer, Oliver 113, 190 Heineman, Carrie 161 Heiner, Mitzie 93, 167, 257 Heinzmann, Marlise 190 Hellner, Jennifer 227 Helm, Eva 257 Helmick, Cindy 136, 162, 163, 168, 227,312 Helquist, Chuck 227 Heminger, Diane 190,212 Hemmer, Amy 136,227 Hemp, Dawn 227 Henderson, Brad 24, 42, 75, 257 Henderson, Jack 227 Henderson, Ken 16, 168, 178, 190, 303. 312 Hendrix, Brad 257 Henley, Danny 257 Hennessy, Shelly 142, 190,212 Hennis, Robert 148, 190,212 Hermanson, Kristi 257 Hermosillo, Jamie 257 Hernandez, Cecilia 190 Hemandez, Jessica 257 Hemandez, Martha 146, 227 HERO 140, 141 Hersho, Tammy 114, 227 Hetfield, James 227 Heuer, Evy 171,227 Hevle, Holli 257 Hiatt, Kyle 83, 100,227 Hickey, Christi 227 Hickey, Julie 136, 257 Hicks, Holly 190 Hicks, Wendy 257 Hifler, John 257 Higginbotham, Angela 257 Higgins, Kelli 257 Higgins, Matt 142,227 Higgins, Patricia 281 Higginson, Shawna 257 Higuera, Cindy 110, 142,257 Higuera, Diana 54, 173, 190,212 --Toro pride, Toro fun-- Team and group photos can be fun while being taken. Here, the varsity basketball team shows its unique and gracful ways of posing for a picture. The Toro basketball team shows how "studly" it can be on and off the court. Our sports teams have been known for excellence through- nur +140 nf-1-tnn1'v 1"7 va-urn in nnmnntitinn Tho r-ncmlnpc norPP that Hildebrand, David 134, 147,227 Hildebrand, Vicki 281 Hiley, Tom 283 Hill,Janet146, 257, 259 Hill, Jeff 228 Hill, Julie 146, 153, 228, 237, 312 Hill, Les 99,228 Himes, Matthew 190 Hines, Patti 161, 228 Hinkley, Teresa 257 Hinze, Krista 228 Hinze, Laura 153,257 Hixon, Todd 153,228 Hobbs, Tasha 228 Hobley, Dawn 13, 190 Hoffeditz, Jena 228 Hoffman, Tim 70, 105, 190, 209,212 Hofhine, Tamara 228 Hoge, Amy 80, 257 Hoge, Lisa 228 Hogue, Michael 190 Hogue, Steve 105, 212 Hojnowski, Bonnie 156, 190 Hoke, Marcy 161 Holaren, Paul 190 Holden, Amy 93,257 Holder, Elizabeth 257 Holdman, Denise 228 Holladay, Greg 84,258 Hollander, Corey 84, 258 Hollenbeck Stacy 161, 190,212 Holling, Corey 258 Hollock, Tammy 228 Hollowell, Daniel 142, 190 Ho1lowe11,Ji11 190 Holm, Chad 228 Holmwood, Kristin 258 Hoist, Eric 190, 212 Holt, Krissy 142, 143, 190,212 Holt, Lori 190, 212 Holtzinger, Aric 80, 258 Holyoak, Chanda 135, 155, 227, 228 Holzer, Doug 84, 258 Homan, Belinda 258 Homecoming 46, 47, 48, 49 Honig, Brett 228 Hood, Daniel 87,228 Hook, Amy 147, 191, 212 Hook, Mark 171 Hooper, Bryan 153, 191, 212 Hopkins, Doug 223, 228 Hoppe, Lisa 228 Hopper, Debra 281 Hopson, Michelle 191, 208 A Horine, Nicole 258 Hombacher, Todd 228 Home, Darrell 142, 191,208,212 Home, Dustin 84, 258 Hosac, Afton 228 Hosac, Robert 191 Hoskinson, Janette 146, 191, 212 Hossack, Heather 258 Hossler, Sharon 5, 168, 191, 212, 312 Hough, Jackie 145, 162, 168, 191, 212, Hovde, James 191 Hovde, John 258 Howard, Amy 134, 191,212 Howard, Jason 228 Howard, Tami 258 Howe, Brian 258 Hoxsie, Carmel 228 Hryb, Susan 228 Hudson, Frank 140, 281 Hudson, Marjorie 281 Huehne, Megan 191 Huey, Beth 134, 163 Huey, Kathryn 191, 212 Huey, Ken 258 Huff, Yvonne 258 Huffman, Deidre 134, 191,212 Hughes, Christy 135, 136, 258 Hughes, Jennifer 62, 228 Hughes, Phil 228 Hull, Amy 72, 146 Humenyik, Tiffany 228 Humiston, Michelle 228 Hummel, Michelle 173, 191 Humphrey, Alina 191 Hunsaker, Julie 228 Hunt, Brian 191 Hunt, Jennifer 258 Hunt, Tim 102, 103, 228, 231 Hunziker, Sean 258 Hybner, Tim 228 . Hyde, Spenser 258 Hyde, Travis 140, 191 Hyrig, Gordan 102 lhde, Rod 228 Impact Imperial, Mike 258 Indian Club 128, 129 Ingham, Julie 134,258 Ingram, Cory 258 Interact 128, 129 Inter-Club Council 130, 131 Irwin, Kristina 145, 147, 163, 191,212 Itule, Justin 142, 258 lzbicki, Linda 191 Jackson, Jodi 258 Jackson, Kathy 281 Jackson, Lamont 272 Jackson, Mike 97, 281 Jacobs, Chad 151,258 Jacobsen, Cindy 258 Jaeckel, A1 281 Jaeckel, Bobbi 145,281,284 James, Heidi 93, 228 James, Kristin 88, 134, 151,259 Janssen, Jill 228 312 ? Jaramillo, David 259 Jaramillo, Robert 191 Jarvis, Jennifer 259 Jazz Band 150, 151 Jeck, Melissa 228 Jarvis, Randy 105, 106,281 Jeffers, Lisa 228 Jellema, Darlene 134, 228 Jennings, Jared 83, 104, 105. 153 Jennings, Jason 228 Jennings, Julie 192 Jennings. Tammy 259 Jenkins, Shannon 99, 259 Jensen, Christie 153, 156,259 Jensen, David 97, 192 Jensen, Greg 192, 204, 212, 304 Jensen, Paul 259 Jensen, Scott 57, 136, 192. 212 Jensen, Shannon 259 Jensen. Wayne 97, 192,212 Jenson, Jenson, Joe 102, 259 Michelle 228 Jenu, Nicole 259 Jepscn, Greg 97, 192,213 Jerread, Jenni 228 Jessen, Blair 192 Jevning, Lesley 151, 259 Jewett, Dan 259 Jimenez. JR 100,228 John, David 281 Johnson, Brandi 41, 228 Johnson, Charlene 259 Johnson, Chuck 32, 55, 281 Johnson, David 153,228 Johnson, Diana 228 Johnson, Dusty 259 Johnson, Jared 229 Johnson, James 228 Johnson, Jeff 259 Johnson, Jennifer 56, 192,213 Johnson, Joe 259 Johnson, Julie 134, 192 Johnson, Kelly 84, 259 Johnson, Kristi 229 Johnson, Laura 229 Johnson, Melanie 145, 229 Johnson, Shaleen 149, 192, 201 Johnson, Steve 84, 146, 259 Johnson, Seven J. 192 Johnson, Steven M. 145, 146, 192 Jolley, Michelle 226, 229 Jolley, Orlean 281 Jones, Bruce 155, 229 Jones, Carmen 128, 142 Jones. Chris 134, 147, 229 Jones, Chris 229 Jones, Derrick 87, 229 Jones, Jim 80, 192,213 Jones, Marie 23, 137, 144, 162 Jones, Mary 259 Jones, Marzy 136, 259 Jones, Pete 151, 259 Jones, Rachelle 88, 153, 155, 192,213 Jones. Randy 192 Jones, Rick 84, 157,259 Jones, Scott 105, 229 Jones, Tamara 259 Jones, Tammy 229 Jonus, Dorothy 229 Josephson, Jennifer 229 Joyce, Carolyn 259 Jubinski, Joelle 146, 192 Judd, Rod 83,229 Kaeneman, Paul 229 Kagele, Wendy 259 Kaider, Mike 84, 99, 259 Kaider, Russell 161, 192, 213 Kaminski, James 229 Kanistanaux, Keric 105, 192, 209 Kanistanaux, Shandra 192 Karantinos, Nick 105, 106, 281 Karas. Keith 229 Karintz, Chad 229 Kams. Jeff 259 Kasper, Christina 259 Katalinic, Michael 192 Kauer, Gina 229 Kealey, Mike 260 Kearnes. Chris 229 Keeling, Charai 140, 141, 192 Keeling, Lisa 229 Keledjian, Dan 229 Kelleher, Robert 229 Keller, April 153. 229 Keller. Michele 260 Kelley, Lisa 158, 159, 192, 213, 308 Kelley, Sandra 282 Kelly, Angie 156, 260 Kelly. Sharon 260 Kelly. Ursula 229 Kelso, Jason 229 Kemmerling, Chad 142, 192 Kemp, Kirsten 136, 155, 162. 171, 192 Kemp, Michelle 145, 162, 260 This past year students looked for new ways to get out of doing their homework. Some just work and hang out with friends while others do silly things like paint their toenails green or beat up their little brothers and sisters. Tom Pantera history teacher, said that when he was ' ior girls trying to think of something to say to them. Beth Wood ajunior said that she likes to sing on a street corner instead of doing her homework. Senior Christian Burleson said she likes to do some- thing worthwhile-take a nap! Matt Brown, a junior said After school,I go to work. After work I go to sleep. Scott Lewis, a junior, said he likes to roam the streets. Senior Ronelle Chaverst said she just "talks on the phone." Julie Mercedes, a sophomore, said she goes to 'visit my Kemp. S. 136, 146 Kempton, Nina 229 Kendall, Mark 114, 229 Kennedy, Dana 229 Kennemer, lrene 281, 284 Kent. Kerry 69, 145, 163, 192. 21 Keppler. Kelly 132, 160 Kem, Melissa 192 Kemagis, Sally 229 Kesner, Eddie 260 Kessay. Joan 229 Ketcherside, Mary 282 Kcttcrling, Nathan 260 Keyser, Jill 260 Kiehn. Conny 146. 229 Kiene, Nota 129, 155 Kightlinger. Debra 192, 208 Kightlinger, Sandy 260 Kill, M. 147 Kilpatrick, Kelli 129, 153, 192 Kilpatrick, Kris 84, 260 Kimbrough, Richard 134, 229 King, Christine 134, 229 King, Dawn 140, 192, 213 King, Jerrod 84. 260 King, Laura 229 King, Marlo 229 Kinyon, Eric 193 Kip, Tim 1 14 Kirkendall, Kathy 136, 229 Kirkwood, Cindy 193 Kish, Carol 282 Kish. Kevin 230 Kivett, Arlene 280, 282 Klahr, Holly 193 Klause, Nicole 147 Kleiber, Doug 260 Klein, Cheryl 193 Klikoff, Lisa 136, 163, 193 Klingborg, Laura 260 Klippel, Peggy 193 Klose. Hans 230 3. 288 Judd, Tina 229 Judge, Deanna 192 Julien, Nephi 229 Kacialski, Mike 260 Knapp. Julie 158. 168, 282. 312 Kneifl. Jason 87. 230 Knepp, Roxanne 146, 193 Knight, Jessica 260, 266, 269 Knight, Melanie 153, 260 Knowles, Denni 260 Knuckles, Nickona 230 Kocialski, Ken 230 Koehler, Larry 260 Koeneman, Paul 131 Koester, Sabrina 147 Kolhase, Kent 18, 90, 193, 230. 304 Kolbuss. Lisa 147, 153, 154, 155.230 Kolstad, Kevin 18, 230 Komar, Jai 260 Koncar, Malinda 137, 260 friends." Page design by Becky Spiers Story by Tonie Zangger Photo by Bill Flowers X f N o 0 procrastlnate , a freshman, he would "run around following the junior and sen- Koniarz, Mark 97, 260 Korinek, April 136, 137, 142,230 Kosar, Brian 84, 260 Kosisky, Brian 260 Kosisky. Kevin 188, 193 Kossmeyer. Kim 230 Kottke, Karen 93, 111, 260 Kottke, Kristin 193 Kovacs, Christopher 193 Koy, Sean 142, 230 Krahn, Tracey 230 Kramer, Don 83 Kramer, Gary 134,230 Kramer, Kristina 134. 151, 230 Krause. Art 230 Krause. Natalie 260 Krebsbach, Kirsten 230 Krick, Alicia 168, 193,213,291 Kriloff, Sean 151, 260 Kronemeyer. Kurt 171, 193 Krohn, John 230 Kronemeyer. Nicole 167, 260 Kuhrueber, Yvonne 147 Kulesha. Tim 84. 260 Kullos, Adam 193 Kundrat. Mike 3. 178. 193,307 Lampe, Mark 142, 230 Lampe, Tony 230 Lampos, Chad 230 Lancaster, Ethel 282 Landdeck. Andrew 193 Landis, Cheryl 230 Lane, Brandon 87, 230, 2 Lane, Brent 230 35 Lane, Cathy 168, 193,213 Lane, Kim 261 Laneback, David 230 Lanning, Joey 230 Larson, David 82, 83, 104, 230 Larson, Dawn 88 Larson, Lisa 193 Larson, Nicole 261 Larson, Susan 132, 133, 193, 199 Las Palomitas 156, 157 Lasse, Rick 178, 180 Last, Suzy 230 Latin Club 148, 149 Latimer, Stephanie 193 Lavender, Justin 82. 83, 193, 213 Lavender. Shelby 36, 146. 229, 230 Lawrence. Christina 193 Lawrence, John 193 Kupferer' pam 282 Lawton, Aaron 134. 160, 261 Kurc, Barbara 230 Lax, Ronald 232 Kunz, Lissa 261 1-2.ThUy 193 Kunz, Michelle 230 Leathers, Rob 165. 261 Kush, Mike 261 1eB1anc, Chris 32,261 Lecheminant, Jamey 84, 102, 261 Kyhlman, Marie 282 Laasch. Lori 261 Laasch, Traci 141, 163, 193 Lachter, Allison 262 Lahey, Scott 193 Lambson, Erikka 92, 93, 193 Ledingham, James 230 Ledsworth, Angela 261 Lee, Carter 59. 193,304 Lee, Chris 83. 230 Lee, Dale 84 Lee, Jeff 46, 74, 142, 193 Lee, Jo Marie 193 Lee, Ken 155, 159, 230 Lee, Shari 261 Leek, Tony 86.87, 112, 113,230 Leeper, Jim 83. 170, 171, 230 Legrady. Brian 230 Lehmkuhl, Jeff 230 Leigh, Carole 137, 142, 146, 230 Leno, Mystee 20, 135, 155, 156, 194, 21 1, 213 Lesar, Peter 282 1 Q Levine, Grace 54,282 Loughry, Jeffrey 194 Mahannah, Mike 112, 113, 262 Lewis, Brandon 261, 265 Loughry, Jim 231 Major, Marjorie 282 Lewis, Brandt 26, 87, 90, 91, 1 13, 230 Lousignont, Karlene 231 Malinowski, David 195 Lewis, Darick 194 Loveall, Keith 228, 231 Malone, Kona 231 Lewis, Eric 261 Lowe, Wendy 94, 156, 261 Malone, Natalie 250, 262 Lewis, Gina 194 Lucero, lrma 261 Malott, Jennifer 63, 80, 262 Lewis, Kevin 261 Lucero, Maria 231 Malloy, Erin 149, 168, 195,213,312 Lewis, Larry 134, 194,274 Lucero, Lillie 231 Mangan, Laura 167,262 Lewis, Reuben 261 Lewis, Scott 134, 137, 151. 171,230,293 Lewis, Tammy 261 Lewis, Tessa 128, 231 Light, Tony 71, 145.231 Likens, Jennifer 231 Lilley, Daniel 194 Limkin, E. 87 Lindley, Daniel 231 Linda, Leandra 151, 231 Lind, Steve 231 Lindhorst, Karen 194 Lindquist, Sheri 261 Literary Magazine 158, 159 Litt, Jennifer 231 Litt, Lisa 261 Little, David 231 Littlejohn, Chris 114, 231 Littlejohn, Erik 261 Lively, John 114,261 Lloyd, Joe 150, 282 Loan, Michelle 261 Lock, Tiffany 231 Lockwood, Derrell 231 Loeffler, John 194, 161 Loeffler, Mitch 261 Lofgran, Jim 120, 121,231 Lofgran, Kim 231 Loftman, Willie 84,261 Logacho, Carlos 105, 194,213 Logan, Angela 146, 194, 213 Logan, Renee 231 Logan, Ted 20, 58, 74, 112, 113, 116. 136, 145, 162, 194,213 Logston, Wendy 281. 282 Lolvin, Lomax Merideth 261 . Carla 261 Lomax, Chris 231 Lomax, Karen 194, 213 Lopez, Lopez, Chris 167. 261 Steve 261 Loring, Selena 166, 167, 194. 213 Los Cantantes 156, 157 Lucero, Mercy 231 Ludi, Heather 157,231 Ludlow, Cheril-lee 216, 231 Luebke, Chris 20 Luge, Debbie 231 Lujan, Luis 194 Lulloff, Kris 231 Lunt, Matt 194. 213 Lunt, Rory 83. 194 Luteran. Lisa 231 Luther, Anne 282 Lydy, D,J. 84,261 Lyman, James 194 Lynn. Robert 134. 194 Lynch, Dennis 231,261 Lyon, Leisann 157, 261 Lyons, Richard 166, 194 Macdougal, Denise 231 Macdonald, Karyn 47, 130, 131, 194 MacEwen, Tracy 195 Mach. Liana 231 Machler, Anne 195 Mack. Kristin 262 Mack. Nicholas 231 Mader. Michelle 231 Madison. Scott 262 Madrilenas Magallanes. Maggie 262 Magallancz. Michelle 222 Maggs, Bobbi 195 Mangeris, Andrew 100, 101, 128, 129, Mann, Christy 92, 147, 153, 195 Mann, Dawn 262 Mann, Phoebe 156. 231 Mann, Sara 89, 90 Manning, Mike 195, 213 Mannon, Tim 262 Manuszak, Jennifer 149, 163, 231 March, Stephanie 149, 165,231 Marcum, Cheri 195 Maready, Julie 129, 145, 153, 195 Maready, Stephen 231 Mareno, Gary 97 Marez, Lee Ann 195,213 1 Markley, Jennifer 42, 134, 153, 163, 232 Markoski, Sonja 145, 146, 162, 163, 188, 195, 213 Marler, Steven 195. 213 Maroney, Stacey 262 Marriott, Rhonda 262 Marsh, Jeannie 256, 262 Marsh, Rusty 129,232 Marsh, Stephanie 195 Marshall, Doug 262 Martin, Gretchen 152, 232 Martin, Ray 262 Martin, Sally 262 Martin, Stephanie 195, 213 Martin, Todd 232 Martindale, Steve 157, 167, 262 Martinez, Andrea 110, 1 1 1, 262 Martinez, Carla 213, 195 Martinez, Chris 262 Martinez, Michael 195 Martinez, Shelly 195 Martinez, Vanessa 195, 209 Mask, Clate 262 Mason. Marybeth 158. 282, 308 Mason, Sun 1-lui 262 Massey. Vevcttc 232 Masters. Gene 262 Mather. Neil 34, 52. 165. 195.213 Matheson, Bill 262 Matheson, Connie 282 Matlock, Lillian 282 Matthews, Ellen 136, 232 Matthews, John 262 Matthews, Mark 134, 232, 233 Mathewson, Krista 230, 232 Mattingley, Thomas 195 Matty, Bryant 134, 232 Matz, Anja 147 Maynard, Jeffrey 195 Maynard, Terry 232 Mayo. Steve 262 McAllister, Chad 24, 57. 74, 112, 11 149, 195, 213 McA1pine, Christine 195,213 McAlpine. Jeanette 262 McBride, Russ 282 McCauley, Meridith 262 McCabe, Barry 232 McCagno, Jimmy 86, 87, 232, 235 McCagno. Tiffini 21, 148, 195 McCain, Philip McCarthy, Dan 262 McC1askey, Jeff 232 McCo11ough, Robert 262 McConnell, Carey 87, 195 McConnell, Rob 232 McCormick, Charles 232 McCormick, Kelly 263 McCormick, Sandy 86, 282 McCoy, Beckie 263 McCulla, Darci 141, 195 McDaniel, Craig 87, 232 McDermott, Jennifer 232 McDonald, Esther 171, 282 McDonald, Kelli 70, 142, 195 McDonald, Michael 134, 232 McDonald, Tracy 153, 156,232 McDonnell, Margot 3, 282 McDougall, Crystal 263 MeDoug1e, Denise 92 McDowell, John 263 McFadden, Vicki 263 McFarlin, Kristen 232 McFau1, Scott 263 McGeough. Michelle 136, 232 McGovem, Mary 65. 282 McGovern, Pat 232 Mclntyre. Lora 72 McKee. Robert 195 f McKenna. Carrie 136. 166. 167, 220. McKenna, Kara 139, 196,213 McKinley. Craig 136, 196. 213 McKinney. Shelley 149. 195 McKinnon. Andrea 232 McKinsey, Daryl 114, 263 tudents vow to be different Everybody always vows that they won't do to their children what their parents do to them. Some ofthese things are very minor, such as never making them eat food they don't like or making them brush their teeth at night. Hereis a look at what some Mountain View students vow they,11 never do: "Never force them to go to churchj, said senior Shannon Wollett. "1 won't tell my kids l'11 buy them something and not buy it for themfl said sophomore ,Julie Mercedes. Some students complain about their dating rules, wishing they could change their parents minds on some matters. Junior Sharri Burdick said, she will never, "Not let them date until a certain age." "Never kicking them out of the house," said junior Jennie Sabin. And senior Ronelle Chaverst believed consistency is important and commented she'd never, "Tell my kids they can do something and turn around and tell them they can't do it, unless itis a for a good reason? As sophomore Danelle Murtaugh put it,"l don't believe parents should hold a high restraint over their children, they should raise them in an anarchy environmentf' Page design by Becky Spiers Story by Danielle Chinavare Photo by Ken Henderson K J 294 V53 gqndex McLagno. Tiffini 213 McLaughlin, Becky 171, 196, 213 McLaughlin. Chris 91, 263 McLaughlin, Paul 84, 134, 151,263 McLeod, Audra 232 McLeod. Melissa 263 McMahan, Michelle 263 McManaman, Rick 162 McManis, Rich 134, 260, 263 McMillan, Mike 134, 232 McNabb, Geoff97, 147, 196 McPhie. Laurie 137, 144, 263 McTeer, Traci 88, 232 MeThrall, Marci 195 McWhorter, Heath 84, 263 Mead, Michael 263 Mecha Mecham, Nicole 135, 232 Medley. Celeste 263, 274 Meeker, Jennifer 92, 123 Meininger, Todd 263 Meldrum, Jacque 263 Meldrum, Jan 151,263 Meldrum, Steve 134, 150, 232 Mellyn, Bill 282 Menchio, Marsha 263 Mendoza. Ramona 142, 196. 213 Mennig, David 232 3,136 2 Mercado. Mario 12, 168. 169, 196,213 296 Mercedes. Julie 293, 294 Mercer. Dennis 263 Merrill. Chad 87. 232 Merrill. Timothy 196 Merrill, Vance 19, 136, 146, 160, 196 Mitchell, Tom 264 Meryhew, Robyn 197 Mesa, Darcy 232 Messing, Heidi 232 Metzger, BethAnn 134, 232 Meyer, Melinda 232 Meyer, Melissa 139, 263 Meyers, Joel 263 Meyers, Staci 133, 146 Miarka, Michael 232 Miceli, Denise 232 Michael, Melissa 263 Michaels, John 145, 155, 159, 196 Micheau, Peggy 232 Middlebrough, Jenny 263, 312 Miguel, Natalie 232 Milano, Debra 142, 196, 213 Milkey, Armando 263 Miller, Amy 263 Miller, Bret 47 Miller, Brian 196 Miller, Chad 116, 157,263 Miller, Christy 142, 263 Miller, Coyannc 20, 196 Miller, Eileen 61, 168, 169, 196, 2 Miller, Gesa 232 Miller, Doc 232 Miller, Harry 196 Miller, Heidi 216, 232 Miller, James 232 Miller, John 196 Miller, Jon 137 Miller, Mark 148, 263 Miller, Merilee 136, 196, 213 Miller, Natalie 142, 165, 232 Miller, Pat 282 Miller, Rebecca 165, 263 Miller, Robert 282, 284 Miller, Ron 233 Miller, Todd 263 Millett, Keith 263 Milligan, Shannon 134, 150,233 Mills, Charles 263 Mills, Jennifer 233 Minch, Barbara 89, 90 Minogue, John 233, 241 Minor, Christy 88 Miranda, Anthony 197, 213 Mitchell, Brian 197,213 13,288,312 Model UN 166, 167 Moeller, Jon 172, 197, 213 Mofford, Rose 172 Mohesky, Teddi 233 Mohchumsky, Scott 233 Molina, Tonya 264 Monson, Michelle 233 Montero, Sylvia 133, 168, 197, 213, 312 Montierth, Adam 52, 53, 165, 197,213 Montierth, Arch 165, 197 Montierth, Donovan 213 Montierth, Stephanie 157, 264 Montierth, Steve 105, 197, 213 Monzione, Lisa 89, 90, 262, 264 Monzione, Michelle 197 Moody, Burdell 282 Moon, Colleen 149, 197 Mooney, Laura 197 Moore, Greg 91, 197, 213 Moore, Lee 264 Moore, Nicole 139, 264, 265 Morales, Amy 156, 259, 264 Morales, Michelle 20, 133, 134, 135,233 Moravek, Nancy 264 Moreno, Bemadette 264 Moreno, Gary 233 Morris, Dan 264 Morris, Juliann 264 Morris, Mark 233 Morris, Mary 142, 282 Morris, Michelle 45, 197, 213 Morris, Randon 141,233 Morris, Wendy 197 Morris, William 264 Morrison, Shannon 142, 233 Morrison, Vicky 233 Morrow, Erick 157, 197 Morrow, Tiffini 264 Morse, Ken 282 Mortensen, Cameron 264 Mortensen, Jason 197, 213 Mortensen, Kristen 141, 197,213 Mortensen, Jessica 89, 90, 233 Mortensen, Wendy 264 Moser, Phillip 264 Moses, Louis 197 Moses, Robert 264 Mossman, Kelly 282 --In the Christmas mood-- As December rolled around, and those last few days ap- proached before Christmas break arrived, everyone got caught up in the spirit of Christmas. This particular student especi enjoyed showing off her excitement of the coming holida ally y in her own unique style and wasn't copied by anyone else. These legs were surely the Hattention getters" all day long. Mountz, Erich 87, 233 Mowrer, Megan 264 Moya, Brenda 233 Moyers, Kelli 156, 264 Muhlenbruck, Deborah 134, 153, 155 197, 213 Mulder, Michelle 93, 232 Mulera, Nancy 142, 197 Mullan, Jeremy 264 Mull, Mike 233 Mulligan, Kevin 149, 172, 197, 213 Mumford, Kristy 233 Munden, Candy 233 Munguia, Abraham 233, 307 Muntz, Rhonda 264 Murdock, Aaron 155, 233 Murdock, Jayson 197 Murphy, Brent 114 Murphy, Keith 264 Murphy, Sean 70, 116, 117, 217, 233 Murray, Kim 264 Murray, Tony 99, 233 Murrell, Dawn 147, 264 Murtaugh, Danelle 264, 294 Mushman, Karen 264 Mussclman, Michelle 121, 233 MYC 162, 163 Myers, Damon 87, 238 Myers, Stacey 197, 213 Myers, Tom 282 Nacgele, Zulema 264 Nagel, Kalyn 229, 238 Nagri, Toni 282 Nalty, Mary 264 Nance, Howard 233 Nano, Katherine 197 Naoroji, Percy 197, 213 National Honor Society 144, 145 Navarette, Carla 151, 264 Nawfel, Robbie 83, 197, 213 Neal, Jay 80 Neal, Kourtney 92, 197, 213 Nealon, Shawn 233 Ncil, Kathy 264 Neill, Deborah 197, 204, 209, 213 Nei1's Place 170, 171 Nellen, Christina 94, 233 Nellcn, Nicole 93, 146, 197,213 Nelson, Cheryl 156, 283 Nelson, Chip 233 Nelson, Jennifer 264 Nelson, Kim 147, 197, 213, 233 Nelson, Lacey 6, 88, 146, 166, 198 Nelson, Laura 264 Nelson, Linda 264 Nelson, Luke 84, 264 Nelson, Michelle 89, 90 Nelson, Sarah 233 Neus, Katie 264 Neus, Kevin 97, 233 Newby, Shauna 18, 198 New Horizons 162, 163 Newell, Kerri 120, 152, 265 Newspaper 168, 169 Nguyen, Chau 213, 198 Nguyen, Huy 116,233 Nicastro, Cher 146, 233 Nichols, Gregory 198 Nichols, Matt 265 Nicholson, Brian 233 Nielson, Anna-Lisa 157, 265 ,213 p,:gV. 1 in 3 8211 if if , s P 1 I ww A W kx 5 w as 138 , E 5 . E it we NL an if we aiu., 3158811113 silNnzNs Sass We --Letter of the Law-- Senior Mario Mercado and his friends from other Arizona schools try the letter of the law to its full extent at the Grand Canyon. In August, Mercado and friends attended the Arizona Interscholastic Press Association camp for student journalists held at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Ariz. During the camp, Mercado and other "happy campers" went on field trips to the Grand Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon. K Nielson, Chanin 198, 199,213 Niemic, Paul 146 Nilsson, Marilee 233 Nilsson, Melody 265 Nino, Irene 198 Nishino, Yuki 80, 233 Nobis, John 87, 233 Noe, Steve 198 Nolte, Dan 265 Norman, Lisanne 155, 159, 198,208,213 Northey, Betty 67, 283 Northy, Mark 84 Noss, Andy 265 Notten, Sharron 265 Nova, Jimi 233 Novak, Michelle 233 Nuciforo, Joe 233 Nyberg, Kim 233 Oberly, Shaunasey 234 Obom, Tressa 234 O'Brien, John 147, 265 Occhilupo, Mark 234 Ochoa, Marie 142, 234 Ochoa, JR 265 Ochoa, Soly 234 O'Conner, George 234 O'Conner, Ray 161, 213, O'De11, Lance 265 O'Donnel, Craig 83,234 Ogden, Cynthia 283 198 O'Haver, Donna 36, 136, 283 O'Horo, Kelly 198 Okken, Tim 140, 198 Olcott, Jeff 213, 198 Olcott, Jody 153.265 Olderog, Mark 283 Oliva, Shawn 265 Olivas, Betty 283 Oliver, Amy 198 Oliver, Elizabeth 156, 198, 208 Oliver, Jacque 198 Oliver, Rhonda 265 Olsen, Eric 114, 257, 265 Olson, Jeff 234 Olson, John 147, 198 Olson, Mike 78, 80, 81, 2 Olynick, Randy 265 Omarkhail, Rebekah 234 Omerza, Jason 146,265 13,198 Omerza, Marnee 146, 155, 159, 198, 213 Onstine, Mike 265 Orona, Smiley 234 Ortega, Marc 234 Ortega, Richard 198 Orthmann, Chris 265 Ortiz, A lex 86, 87, 142,234 Ortiz, Ruben 198 Ortiz, Tami 265 Osborn, Becky 129, 155, 198, 213 Osborn, Dave 84, 246 Ostrander, Keri 145, 163, 198,213 Oswald, Randall 84, 265 Oswalt, Shan 87 Ott, Richard 234 Ovando, Natascha 146, 162, 163, 172 198 213 Overhol I, Melanie 80, 134, 145, 198 214 Overtuff, Kathy 283 Owen, Alison 139, 234 Owen, Heath 151, 265 Owen, Irene 265 Owen, Jodie 234 Owens, Brian 265 Owens, Erica 67, 94, 234 Owens, Janae 265 Owens, Michelle 36, 135, 233, 234 Ownby, Rachael 265 Owsley, Jay 234 Ows1ey,Tawni 32, 198,213 Oxborrow, Alicia 265 Oxborrow, Eric 198 Paap, Steve 114, 116, 158, 162,266 Pace, Amy 234 Packer, David 97, 234 Pagan, Shawn 266 Paige, Andrew 42, 105, 214, 198 Palacio, Tanya 234 Palermo, Marlo 234 Palisca, Mike 134, 234 Pallas, Bill 234 Palmer, Becky 234, 307 Palmer, Debbie 93, 234 Palmer, Tim 234 Palmer, Tina 234 Palson, Becky 156, 266 Panaro-Smith, Carol 145, 283 Pantera, Tom 166, 167, 283, 293 Papacek, Dan 84, 171, 266 Papacek, Ellen 145, 155, 198, 214 Pappas, Denyse 134, 150, 198, 214 Papuzza, Nancy 234 Park, Stewart 266 Parker, Carolyn 234 Parker, Cindy 266 Parker, Jaquelyn 199 Parker, Parker, Jesse 11, 24, 72, 83, 283 Michelle 146, 199, 214 Parra, Lori 266 Parra, Terry 199 Parsons, Charise 57, 130, 131, 199 Parsons, Joy 234 Parsons, Mindi 234 Parsons , Tiffany 93, 111, 266 Partridge, Larry 234 Paskett, Scott 1 14, 234 Passantc, Mike 234 Patel, Vipul 134, 151, 166, 249, 253 266 Patino, Rosemary 234, 237 Pattea, Randall 199 Patterson, Douglas 199 Patterson, Gary 283 Patterson, Tracy 266 Paulley, Tanya 199 Paulsen, Heidi 153, 266 Paya, Nancy 234, 128 Payne, Regina 14, 143, 199 Paynter, Jay 250, 266 Payson, Kim 70, 145, 149,234 Pearl, Renee 157, 199 Peck, C.J. 147 Peck, Michelle 156, 199,214 Peden, Kristina 142, 199, 214 Pedersen. Tricia 234 Pedersen, William 234 Pedroza. Dolores 158, 244, 266 Porter, Shannon 267 Porter, Holly 150, 163, 235 Poshka, Jennifer 235 Pospisil, Mike 134, 150, 200, 214 Poston, Rob 166, 167, 235 Posvar, Marlin 78, 97. 200 Polhier, David 129, 235 Potts. Greg 83, 120. 121 Powell, Catherine 267 Powell. Kim 80, 235 Pelky, Mike 235 Pellak, Lisa 235 Pelton, Christy 266 Pe1ton,Jel't'rey 199 Peluso, Debby 230,235 Pember, Elizabeth 199 Pember, Jean 141 Powell, Steve 235 Prall Nicchia 235 Pratt, D,J. 86 Pratt Margaret 200 Pratt Vicky 172,214 Precise, Wende 267 Pennington, Cody 199 Pennington, Randi 22, 155, 199, 214 Pennypacker, John 80, 235 Pereida, Christine 111, 134. 235 Perez, Shannon 134, 151, 156, 235 Perkins, Gary 235 Perkinson, Jenet 129, 131, 155, 199,214 Perkovich, Lisa 134, 151, 256, 260, 266 Perlman, Cari 199 Petri, Joe 32 Perricelli, Tim 266 Perry, Dave 157, 283 Perry, Mike 157, 266 Perry. Ryan 235, 243 Premiere 156, 157 Pressler, Kyle 105. 106 Presti. Deanna 12 Prestwich, Travis 40. 200 Price, Mike 102. 267 Price, Stacey 156 Pringle, Kim 267 Proegler, Marianne 267 Proffitt, Becky 235 Proulx, Emily 69, 134, 151, 267 Pruit, Paul 80 Pryor, Philip 235 Pugmire, Ben 120, 121. 235 Pulford, Todd 134. 235 Perryman, Malynda 157, 235 Person, Amy 235 Peterson, Andy 18, 134, 135, 150, 199 Peterson, Chris 283 Peterson. Frank 269 Peterson, Mike 102, 103, 259, 266 Petra, Felicity 144, 266 Pfoutz, Erick 34, 147, 199 Phair, Greg 48,49 Phair, Mike 21, 48, 49, 83, 153, 199 Pham, Yuri 103,266 Phelps, Keith 83, 200, 214, 235 Phillips, Eric 100, 266 Phillips, Jason 36, 200. 214 Phillips, Scott 83, 149, 235 Phillips, Stephanie 155, 165,235 Phillips, Thad 266 Pulliam, Ertha 235 Pulzato, Doreen 283 Pursell, Lori 23, 200 Phillips, Vicki 80,235 Phonn, Sandy 171, 235 Pichon, Laurie 235 Pickering, Donald 200 Pickering, Heath 266 Pickett, Shondelle 8, 155,234,235 Pickles, Julie 200 Pickles, Rob 151,235,304 Qualls, Kevin 200 Quick, Andrea 200 Quinn, Debbie 226,235,238 Quinn, Shannon 145, 235 Radisich, Sasha 167, 267 Raetz, Toni 267 Rafford, Mike 235 Rafford. Dr. Ray 279 Rahill, Kathy 134,267 Rainey. Dana 267 Rambo. Jacqueline 200 Randall. Julie 236 Randt. Teresa 142.236 Rang, Kim 89, 90 Ranks, Brad 143, 236 Raoofi, James 142, 200, 214 Rardin, Kevin 236 Rardin, Raymond 200 Rash, Dustin 83 Rasmussen, Kristen 142. 200 Ratajczyk, David 200 Rathke. John 113.200, 214 Ray, Amy 153, 154, 236 Ray, Deborah 156. 200 Ray, Mark 84. 267 Ray, Tami 156, 236 Reamer, Julia 200 Recker, Ben 84, 256, 267 Redding, Colin 48, 82, 83, 129, 171,200,214 Redenbaugh. Nancy 200 Rederick. Korri 200 Rederick, Brent 171, 236 Reed, Randy 143, 147, 155. 171, 236 Reed. Rebecca 284 Reeder. Ann 200 Reheis. Jason 142. 200, 214 Reid, Laura 267 Reidel. Carmen 69, 149, 284 Reilly, Danny 236 Reina, Victor 267 Reinhardt, Eric 236 Reis, Karianne 200 Reisinger, Dawn 267 Renteria, Anna 133, 156,201,214 Renteria, Ernesto 236 Rentzel, Marie 267 Repan, Denise 146, 201 Reptert. Tony 38, 142 Ressler, Kevin 86,87, 236 Rettig, Sassie 146, 163, 166, 168, 236, 312 Rettig, Roderic 236 Reynolds, Karen 268 Reynolds, Shalynn 18 Rhoades, Rebecca 88, 236 Rhodes, Lee 84, 268 Rhoner, Chad 102, 103 Ribbins, Bobbi 88 Rice, Rex 72, 73, 283,284 Rich, Helen 284 Rich, Jodi 268 Richards, Brenton 149, 201. 214 Richards, Tara 1 1, 268 Richardson. Lee 268 Richardson, Susan 155,236 Richeson, Renee 134,201,214 Richeson, Tami 111, 268 Richie, Ricky 268 Richins, Dave 268 Richmond, Alexandrea 236 Richmond, April 236 Ricks, David 268 Ricks, Jason 80, 81, 134. 142, 236 Riddle. Helen 284 Ridout, Bob 236 Rifenburgh, Matt 268 Riggs, Duane 20, 83, 100, 129,236 Riggs, Shawn 201, 214 Ringger, Kent 147, 157, 268 Ringger, Kevin 147, 172, 173, 201 Ripley, Darci 268 Ritchie, Jerry 100, 236 Ritchie, Scott 236 Roach, Roxanne 236 Robbins. Mamie 268 Robedeau. Mark 140, 201, 214 Roberts. Bryce 167, 268 Robert. Cyndi 230, 236 Robert, Jennifer 236 Roberts, Lisa 147, 201, 215 Roberts, Mike 30, 157 Roberts, Roberts Roberts, Robinso Renee 201 Samantha 147, 236 Tina 89, 90, 129,236 n, Chris 268 Picosz, Pierce, Pierce, Pikosz, Rich 86 Dave 266 Sarah 157, 266 R. 87 Pilger, Dion 106, 266 ad and good school days Piluga, Todd 226, 235 Pionk, Ed 141,200 Pirastenhfar, Ellie 266 Pitman, Warren 78, 79, 81, 100, 200 Pitterle, Linda 200 Pittman, Rich 267 Pitts, A. 191 Pitts. Michelle 42, 134, 153,267 Pizzo. Dina 44, 140. 141, 163,200,214 Plays 34, 35 Plummer, Julie 94, 153,267 Pogal, Helen 283 Pohl, Andreas 147 Pollak, Lori 145, 146, 235 Pollock, Diedra 155,267 Pollock, Douglas 150, 159, 235 Polo, Aaron 267 Pom 134, 135 Pomeroy, Patrick 278 Pomonis, Keith 267 Pont, Molly 152. 153, 162, 163, 267 Poole, Jennifer Poole, Shane 267 Poo1er,Rusty 91, 134, 151,267 Popovic, Jovan 235 Poppell, Gary 151, 235 Porche', Christina 88, 156, 157, 235 P0n'as, Dennis 267 Porter, Kristi 137, 156,274 f N A lot of people have good days that help make the school year more bearable. Vice Principal Dale Charles said, "The best day I ever have is the first and last day of school. The first day of school is when 1 see everybody's bright and shining faces to start a new year overf, Senior Kurk Konemeyer said, "The best day I ever had is when my three-year-old baby sister came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug and said: 1You're my favorite Bubafv Sophomore Troy Green said, "The best day I ever have is on Fridays, because its just when the weekend is coming up and there isn't any work to do, just some tests? Students not only have good days but they also have bad days, like being late for school or when a guy or girl turns them down for a date on the weekend. Security guard Lloyd Watkins said his worst days were, '6Mondays." He says that there is a whole week to go, "as far as job" and not much to do because so many of the students are absent on Mondays. Luckily the good days came more often than the bad days and provided an outlet to release the frustations caused by bad days. X J Page design by Becky Spiers Story by Jenny M iddlebrough Photography by Ken Henderson 02158 --Educational experience Some students who have sat through five days of classes a week of the same subjects think that they can provide a better and more interesting class than some of their teachers can. Senior Kurt Silver got that chance to experience a "teacher's life." Silver complained to Mr. Valas that his instruction in government was not lively enough. Valas challenged Silver to do better than he was doing as a teacher and Silver took up the K challenge and the chalk within a few days. "It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be," commented Silver. Robinson, Derek 105, 268 Robinson, Emzy 84. 268 Robinson, Ralph 131. 171 Robinson, Reed 110, 111, 167, 284, 285 Robinson, Roxanne 201 Robinson ,Tracy 147, 236 Robinson, William 201 Robles, Toni 94, 268 Rockwell, Jody 236 Sadler. Terry 237 Rodovsky, Andrea 142, 236 Rodriguez, Filiberto 201 Rodriguez, J.R. 203, 209, 304 Roerhing, Gordon 87 Rogers, David 34 Rogers, John 201 Rohner. Chad 236 Rominger. Erik 116, 236 Romito, Amy 134, 236 Romot, lra 153, 160. 229, 236 Rooney. Dan 46. 83. 201 Roorda, Ricky 236 Rosati, Stephen 84. 248 Rose, Paula 236 Roseberry, Jennie 236 Roseburrough, Michelle 146, 155. 171, 236 Rosenberg, Jerry 92 Rosenburg, Vanessa 144, 151, 236 Rosengreen, Jeffrey 201, 215 Rosenhan, Janet 134, 155, 157. 159, 236 Rosenwinkle, Paul 237 Rosh, Dustin 237 Rothlisberger, Thomas 201 Rothwell. Scott 160. 166. 201 Rottweiler, Duke 16, 67. 113, 201. 215 Rottweiler. Phil 67. 113. 237 Rowe, Dan 201, 215 Rowe. Sean 24. 59, 136. 194. 201. 208. 215 Rowley, Ginger 254 Rowley. Larry 83. 202 Rubach, Kristin 134, 135. 202, 203.214, 215 Rubio, Gilbert 202 Rubio, lliana 237 Rubio, Rossana 202, 215 Rudd, Staci 149,237 Rudd, Taya 133, 146,202,215 Sampson. Monica 269 Rudland, Rudman, Rudnick, Rudnick, Sharon 262 Meredith 202 Luke 91 Michael 237 Rudy. Steve 90, 91. 268 Ramsey. Stevc 269 Rush, Scott 202 Rusk. Beth 237 Russell, Cheeri 202. 209 Russell, Heidi 142. 202 Russell, Judd 237 Russell, Rex 84, 269 Rust, Scott 52, 53, 158, 165, 202. 215 Rust, Shari 52, 53. 165,269 Ruzycki, Paul 134, 152. 153, 202,215 Ryan, Denise 237 Ryan, Scott 83, 142, 187,202,215 Rychly, Mark 202 Rydman, Rob 52. 165, 171,202,215 Ryder. Stcvc 269 Ryver, Judy 142, 237 293 V511 Coindex Sabin, Jennie 216, 220. 237. 294 Sacia, Chris 269 SADD 136, 137 Saggio, Dick 284 Sailer, Lana 134, 151, 237 Sajban, Brian 237 Salladay, Sherri 229,237 Salvesen, Sheri 165, 237 Sammons, Jennifer 137, 269 Sammons, Trista 57, 249, 269 Sampson. David 155. 167. 237 San Miguel, Lisa 165,215,202 Sanchez, Christina 135. 202. 2 Sanchez. Ruben 237 Sanchez, Veronica 269 Sanders. Chris 39. 142. 237 Sanders, Kimberly 269 Sanders. Paul 202 Sanft, Karl 83. 142,215,202 Sanrey, Joel 269 Sapp Jennifer 237 Sato, Tomoko 202 Saunders, Brad 237 Savard, Cassandra 237 Saxon, Lawrence 87, 237 Saywell, Julie 146,202 Scaccia, Cyrus 237 Scaccia. Joseph 282. 284 Scafaria, Danielle 134. 153, 163.260, Scalzilli, Laura 269 Scandurra, Jamie 146. 202. 208, 215 Seater, Jason 269 Schackelford, Tracy 215 Schaefer, Joanne 93. 137, 284 Schaeffer, Mike 237 Schafer, Kyle 202, 224 Schafer. Shad 191. 194. 202 Schafer. Troy 202, 215 Schave, Carie 133. 237. 312 Scheatte. Mike 237 Scheer, Hank 143, 284 Scheftler, Jim 62 Scheller, James 202 Scher, Steve 1 14 Schibi. Chris 237. 311 Schilling, Sharon 269 Schlagel, Darcic 237 Schlagel, David 26, 59, 83, 92, 116. 2 Schmidt, Bill 269 Schmidt, Dave 237 Schmidt, Kevin 237 Schmidt, Susan 202 Schmitz, Carynn 237 Scholl. Rod 269 Schonthaler, Matt 28. 202 Schnebly, Tracy 237 Schroeder, Chris 237 Schroeder. Paul 237 Schultz. Erik 147, 166, 167, 237 Schultz, Jason 237 Schultz. Jeff91, 97 Schultz, Ken 227 Schultz, Marta 134, 153.237 Schupfer. Jennifer 269 Schuster, Rita 58 Schutten, Niki 269 Schutten, Tim 140, 202 Schwartz, Chris 91 Schwartz. Stefanie 202, 215 269 0 Scott, Carolyn 237 Scott, Cheryl 238 Scott, Christy 142, 157, 269 Scott, Jay 284 Scott, Melanie 165,238 Scott, Stephanie 62, 134, 203 Scovel, Mark 269 Seabrooke, Joe 269 Seal, Derek 168,238 Searles. James 88 Seay. Mike 269 Sedy, Teresa 165 See, Billy 238 Seeber, Sheryl 203, 215 Seely, Teresa 203, 215 Seiferth, Eric 114, 238 Sejut, Marc 203 Selbig, Aaron 151, 269 Sellers, Larie 238 Selzer, Amy 141, 203 Sentell, Katrinka 156, 269 Sentell, Ramon 134, 151, 203 Sepulveda, Daniel 269 Serb. Jason 161, 238 Serb, Justin 269 Sessions, Greg 102, 281. 284 Sessions, Jill 80, 203 Seunig, L, 149 Severance, Staci 238 Sgovio. Annette 270 S'groi. Chester 148, 162. 166, 173, Shackelford, Tracy 203 Shackell, Steve 238 Shaffer, Jamie 238 Shahan, Leigh 153, 163, 270 Shane, Kelly 142,203 Shannon, Stacie 38, 142,238 Sharp, Don 155. 238 Shaughnessy, Susan 270 Shaw, Caprice 270 Shaw, Shane 203 203 Stephens, Melissa 239 Sheets. David 238 Sheffer, Pamela 134, 152, 153, 238 Shcneman. Jason 270 Shepherd, Jeff 149. 153. 203. 215 Simonton, Melissa 155, 159, 238 Smith, Robert 105,285 Slahr. Jason 165. 239 Simpson. Shania 238 Smith. Scott 239 Standage, Deanna 205 Simpson. Shawn 270 Smith. Shannon 204 Standage. Judd 239 Sitnpson, William 151, 270 Sims, Julie 238 Sinclair, Tanner 157, 171, 238 Singer. Danny 203. 208. 215 Singer. Richard 204 Singley, Shea 270 Sirhan. Philip 204 Sirrine, Jennifer 238 Sisle. John 262 Smith, Smith. Smith, Stacy 155,239 Stefanie 239 Steve 142, 149. 271 Smith. Tammy 156.239 Smith, Thad 204 Smith, Tiffaney 239 Smith. Traci 147. 155, 204 Smith. Trent 26. 84, 266, 271 Smith. Troy 83. 204. 239 Standifird. Shanna 28. 239 Stanfill, Brian 239 Stanfill. Cindy 271 Stanford. Tammy 157, 224. Stanley. Adam 239 Stanley, Christy, 151. 271 Stanley. James 205. 215 Stapley. Todd 224 Staracc. James 165. 239 Sitter, Ricky 238 Sneed, Saty 271 Stark. Gary 239 Skabelund. Danny 155, 238 Snitzer. Sean 271 Statdfield. Rondel 205 Skabelund, Steve 204 Snook, Shawn 239 Staton. Erin 205 Skeen. Jamie 233. 238, 303 Skills, Scott 84 Skinner. Jennifer 111. 270 Skinner. Michelle 168. 204. 215 Skoglund, Frederic 279 Skousen. Kristen 156. 238 Slade, Dena 204 Slater. Sean 238 Snow. Andrew 113. 201. 204. 215 Snow. Jack 95, 285 Snow, Lisa 138, 139, 239 Snow. Pam 285 Snyder, Cathryn 143. 204. 215 Snyder . Deborah 271 Snyder. Lauren 271 Snyder, Lisa-Faye 223. 238, 239 Slavarutn. Tonya 238 Slentz, Michael 204 Sleeseman. Mike 312 Slowik, Steve 238 Slusher. Kim 238 Smalley. Star 28. 238 Smaulding, Yalonda 270 Smith. Andrea 204. 308 Sobczak. Dan 150. 239 Soccer, ,IV 114,115 Soccer, Varsity 112, 113 Soelberg. Amber 156.239 Soelberg. David 21. 83, 204. 215 Softba11,.lV 110, ll Sohl. Tony 161.239 Soller. Jackie 239 Staton. Faun 80,271 Stearns. Lisa 205 Steams. Tiffany 271 Steinjam.Ju11e 93. 271 Steinwinder. Jim 271 Stephens. Allison 205 Stephens. Karl 239 Stephenson. Marsha 205 Sterling. Erie 134.271 Stern. David 205. 215 Stem. Jennifer 271 Stem Mark 151 Stevanovic, Nenad 239 239 Stevens, Christopher 142, 205 Stevens. Karic 227 Smith. Angela 142, 152. 271 Sonius, David 285 Stevens, Trainmel 239 Smith. Brad 114, 167, 271 Sopeland. Tara 271 Stevenson, Stacey 271 Smith, Brian 271 Sorenson, Melanie 239 Stewart. Christopher 84, 271 Smith. Charice 238 Sosa. Albert 231 Stewart, James 239 Smith, Crystal 89, 155 Sosnitzki. Sandra 147 Stewart, Joanna 139. 271 Smith David 238. 285 Soto, James 271 Stiffler. Nate 134. 150. 153, 239 Smith Denis 102. 153.255 Soto. Pat 65. 148 Stiffler. Tyler 205. 215 Smith. Don 160, 285 Southway. Kerri 271 Stiles, Amy 123. 240 Smith Dusty 238 Spain. Christen 135. 204 Stillwell. Tami 205 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Erick 134, 238 Gayle 285 Hilary 59, 238 Jack 204 Jerald 238 Spanish Club 148,149 Spaulding. Jill 142. 204 Spear. Jason 134. 271 Speckman. Joel 100 Sperry. Craig 97. 204 Stilwell, Alyssa 205 Stillwell. Kevin 271 Stillwell. Tami 141 Stincr. Trina 271 Stinson. Chris 161. 240 Smith Jeremy 238 Spicrs. Becky 146, 153, 163, 168, 205. 215. Stock. Parley 240 Smith Karla 147. 234. 238. 288 312 Stockton. Niki 272 Smith. Kelly 112. 113 Spiers. Jeff 84, 85, 153, 255.271 Stoll. Randy 205 Smith. Lance 6. 82. 83. 133, 239 Spilsbury. David 239 Stone. Tamera 28. 240 Smith Smith Lisa 133. 204 Mari 239 Springer, Ted 96, 97, 271 Spishock. Jay 239 Storbeck. Gerhard 147 Stouffer, Sharon 272 Stouffer, Steven 205 Smith. Mary 220 Squires. Jenny 271 Shepherd. Shelley 151, 270 Smith. Matthew 271 SSIM 136, 137 Stout, Cherish 205 She herd, Tae 18. 284 Smith. Nick 239 Stace . Davina 128. 142. 271 Stout. Dan 272 P y y Sheppard, Laura 270 Smith, Patti 157, 167, 271 Stage Crew 164, 165 Stout. James 205 Sheriff. David 38 Sheriff, Robert 38. 158, 159, 1622.21 303. 312 K N Sherman. Jennifer 132, 270 Sherwood. Juli 270 . . Shi11,E1yce 270 a 1 g S"l'dfS"eM k Il 11116 ht IIIOVCS Shill, Jenny 153. 154. 238 shin, Norm si. 284 I . , , I . 1 I 4 K Shin. may 156. mt 2,9 my 304 There are many different reasons why guys and girlsare attracted to each other. Shi1lin'burg.Robcrt 167. 270 One's ersonalit , intellt ence, oise, over-all friendliness and that wama Q E I Y P U D ggtnudghlftyfjr? smile that was just meant tor one person's eyes to see are all attributes that are looked for in that IDC. FIS - . 4 ' 1 someone shipp, Tyler 244, 270 5139013 - Shirway- Aaron 270 "Sometimes I think in order to make a guy like me, I have to act like 1 don't know anything - - I 0 , . . ,, . . . 230117803 so that he 11 feel like he is needed, said an anonymous junior. Shonde11c,Pikette "1 hate it when guys drive by you like they are in a Ferrari acting too cool when in real life ggope. JKZIC iw, 215 they're sitting behind the wheel of a Pinto," said Brooke Barnett, sophomore. OVIIIEH' . 218011 , , , , Shmderu Miko 270 Many things about a person can be the cause of attracting someone to him or her. Some of the Shultl- Mike 36-90-91-3134338 most popular physical characteristics looked for at Mountain View are a nice body tpreferably Sh - .R at 238 . . . . . . SiaL3?u1Z3f.C:ISl4' 270 tanned1,a pretty smile, big eyes with long eyelashes, dimples and someone who is nicely dressed. Sickmillcr, Kim 84 When asked what his biggest turn-on was, an anonymous senior said, "Any girl who walked Serco- Shaw" 270 u to me and kissed me on the cheek and said '1 love ou., Ho efull it would be someone I knew." Sitord. Holly 203 y Silaghi, Stacey 134. 270 Silver. Beth 134. 168. 270. 307 Page design by Becky Spierg Silvey, Janine 30, 65, 146,203 Story by Natalie Estruth Simmons. Chris 203 , Simonton. Debbie 270 Photography by Robert Sheriff Simonton, Jerlyn 168.203, 215.311 X J Simonton. Josh 87. 270 299538 if Rob-Sto Vance, T Tracy, Kim 142,241 Stout, Shay 87,240 Stovall, Adrian 165, 240 Stowers, Jonathon 1 14, 272 Stradling, Rod 134, 155,240 Straub. Patte 134, 240 Strauss, Eric 97, 272 Streif. Kurt 165, 285 Strickland, Eric 134,205,215 Stroble, Danielle 272 Student Council 130, 131 Stupar, Nora 137, 146. 149. 240 Suftko, Glenn 147.272 Suhr, Victoria 163, 205, 215 Sullivan, Heather 48, 142. 205, 308 Sumbler, Rebecca 142, 205 Sumner. Brian 272 Sundquist. Kathy 167, 240 Sutcliffe, Vicky 240 Sutherland, Bobby 240 Sutherlin. Jeff 5. 57, 91, 205. 215 Sutter, Fred 161, 205, 215 Sutton, Andrea 205 Sutton. Jack 272 Sutton, Lori 272 Swan. Tim 57, 155. 205, 215 Swapp, Eric 5, 240, 272 Swartz. Bud 240 Sweador, Mike 90, 240 Swei, Tonya 272 Swimming, Boys' 90, 91 Swimming, Girls' 88, 89 Swires, Angela 205 Sykes, Ivan 272 Symphony Orchestra 151, 152 Syrek, Natalie 205, 215 Sysel. Jon 272 Thomas ,Bobby 272 Thomas, Brent 84. 97. 272 Thomas . Donny 105, 240 Thomas. Cherie 272 Thomas, Greg 78, 97, 131, 149, 166, 188, 206, 215 Thomas, Kim 272 Thomas, Kris 272 Thomas. Marnie 142, 237, 240,241 Thomas, Mark 142, 151, 206, 215 Thomas, Ralph 154 Thomas, Sandy 142, 143,206,215 Thomas Thomas .Shelly 94, 95, 240 ,Tiffanie 165. 244, 272 Thompson, Aaron 240 Thompson, David 83, 240 Thompson, Earl 206 Thompson. Eric 206 Thompson, Heather 240 Thompson, Nathan 148. 153, 240 Thompson, Thane 272 Thompson, Tina 69. 226. 237, 240 Thornel 1, Scott 206 Thornhill, Norine 285 Thurman. Gina 273 Thurman, Kim 240 Thurman, Tina 273 Tidey, Martha 240 Tihanyi, George 285 Tiller, Courtney 273 Tilton, Kerri 240 Timberlake, Angie 241 Timbush, Michael 206 Tinseth. Greg 241 Tippets, Jarel 241 Tipton. David 241 Udall, Jeff 147, 167,273 Udall, Peter 116. 117, 206 Uhlmeyer, April 147, 168, 273, 312 Ulmer, Andy 241 Unangst, Christy 273 Unangst, Janis 206 Upton. Pamela 206 Urioste, Phillip 273 Utton, Tami 134. 145, 153, 163, 1 Vaine. Barbara 285 Valdez, Yolanda 241 Valentine. David 207 66,171,241 Vujicic, Michelle 24 Waaramaa, Darin 274 Wabakken, David 50, 142, 241 Wabakken, Michael 207 Wager, Patricia 207 Wagner, Scott 207, 215 Wagner, Tammy 241, 290 Wahlin, Kristin 241 Waite, Darren 274 Waldfogel, Kristan 241 Walker, Melinda 207 Walker, Sean 241 Wall, Jennifer 94, 145,241 Wall, Keith Wallace, Jason 165, 242 Wallace. Judy 165. 285 Waller, Steven 242 Wallin. Brett 242 Wallin, Troy 31, 129 207,203 ,215 Walpole, Michelle 144 Walters, Jason 165 Ward, Lori 207 Waranke, Elea 147 Tobin, Randy 273 Todd, Allen 273 Tofft, Bob 285 Tolman, Jaren 114. 151. 273 Toon. David 83, 206. 215 Toon, Geoffrey 206, 215 Topham, April 92. 241 Torbyn, Debra 142. 206 Toro Family Festival 22, 23 Torres. Dean 273 Torres. Heidy 149, 223. 226. 241 Valles, C Valles. C arol 241 orina 285 VanBrunt, Dawn 80, 230, 241 Vance, Adam 273 Vance. B elinda 273 Vance. Julie 274 Vance. Tonya 142, 207 ricia 207 Warden, Angie 274 Warin. Amy 156. 242 Wamecke. Valerie 32, 285 Waren, Carolyn 162 Wamd, Sandy 285 Wamer. Coco 93, 163. 274 Wamer. Jeremy 147. 242 Warren. Elizabeth 207 VanCleaf. Ann 274 VanCott. Jenny 274 Vanderheyden, Staci 274 Washbum. Leslie 242 Washington, Chris 106, 274 Waters. Dave 159. 207,208,215 Trayes. John 206 Ta, Ty 240 Tabone. Jason 240 Tafoya, Che 240 Tafoya. Steve 84.85. 171, 244. 272 Tafoya. Yesinia 240 Takas. Suzette 285 Talbot. Jay 34, 240 Talbot. Sonia 272 Tanner. Amy 145. 163. 240 Tate, David 240 Tatum, Liza 80. 240 Tawzer, Jeff 272 Taylor. Colleen 138. 139. 240 Taylor, Damon 272 Taylor, Joe 134. 240 Taylor. Katy 20. 59. 139. 171, 191. 205 TCCICF. Velusquez. Tim 141. 207 Taylor, Larry 240 Taylor. Leslie 240 Taylor, Sandy 285 Teague. Bryan 83. 205 Tech, Jon 272 Brandy 240 Teille, Brian 151. 157, 272 Teille, Glenn 71, 134, 155, 205, 215 Tejada. Danielle 45. 59. 158, 163, 18 Temple, Allison 162, 250, 272 Temple. Dorian 272 Temple, Lisa 171, 240 Tenaglia, Sarah 146, 206 Tenney, Ben 215 Tenney, Samuel 206 Terry. James 272 Terry, Matt 240 Thanksgiving 38, 39 Tharnell, Scott 90, 215 Thedell, Brandon 272 Theis, Alicia 272 Tholson, Channah 147, 272 Thomas. Alex 165 300 vet Gqndex Torres. Richard 206 Torrey. Jeff 155, 159.206, 215 Tosline. Jennifer 13. 206 Trainers 120, 121 Trapp, Tim 285 Traudt. Julia 206. 215 Traves, Donald 106. 273 Trembly. Kim 241 Trendler. Jeff 31, 206, 215 Trendler. Todd 84. 102. 273 Triplett, Scott 241 Treptow, Chris 273 Trinosky, Mark 273 Trojan, Christopher 147 Tromp. Shannon 52, 53 155,l58. 165,206,215 Truesdell. Lisa 241 . 54. Truitt, Dara 157, 255. 273 Trumble. Cammie 273 Trusty, David 255, 273 Tryon, David 206. 215 Tryon, Deborah 272 Tuberville. Josh 147.241 Tucci, Pam 273 Tucker, Shelley 206 Tucker. Tia 273 Tuckett, Jason 114, 241 Tuckett, Jenny 273 57. 137.149, 154. Vanders, Kathy 241 Vanderlinden, Monica 241 VanNorrnan. Althea 94. 129. 138. 139. 244. 273 Watkins, Andre 86, 87, 112 Watkins. Lloyd 65.284, 285, 297 Watkins. Marlee 38. 163. 165.242 Watkins. Quante 242 VanNorman. Neal 207 VanNomian, Nicole 94, 95. 129. 139, 213, 244, 273 Vanmar, Tina 274 Vanosdall. Kim 285 Vanosdal 1. Rick 285 VanSlyke, Michelle 142.228, 241 VanWeerd. William 274 Vames. Jeff 274 Vasquez. Angela 274 Vasquez, Daniel 207, 215 Vasquez. Lorenza ll 1. 149. 274 Vasquez. Luis 83, 149, 241 Vaughn, Jay 274 Vaughn. Jennifer 160. 161. 241 Vaughn, Kristal 132, 133. 142, 207 Vaught. Melissa 274 Vaughan, Missy 241 Vega, Julie 241 Vega, Rosa 274 Watson. Stormie 124. 242. 230 Wautelet, Shannan 216,242 Wax. Leon 274 Weatherford, Mike 242, 230 Weatherly, Jennifer 141. 207 Weatherly, Melissa 34, 164. 165, 242 Weber, Christina 274, 273 Weber, Matt 242 Webster, Danny 274 Webster. Debby 285 Webster, Michelle 274 Wedig. Jerone 84. 274 Weeks, Travis 38, 98, 141, 213, 207, 98 Weems. Jamie 242 Weese. Jeanie 274 Weidl. Matt 6. 82. 83, 207, 215 Weighmink, Martha 242 Weight, Joni 207 Weiland, Shannon 133. 142. 242 Weinland, David 242 Weiss, Karl 145, 147, 150, 153. 160. 207. 215 Venton, Wendy 80 Vermilya, Ban 241 Vemam, Michelle 241 Vemon, Laura 145. 168, 207, 215, 311 VICA 140, 141 Weiss, Matt 274 Welch. Patricia 207 Wells, Catherine 207,215 Wells. Renea 161 Wells. Tiffany 142, 242 Tumer, Terri 94 Turley. James 203, 206 Turley. Turley, Turley. Tumer. Mauri 155, 206 Richard 241 Shauna 80. 142, 217. 236. 241 Terri 111,272,273 Tussing. Melissa 137. 147. 156. 157.206 Tuttle, Todd 241 Tuverson. Art 273 Tvczise, lan 273 Twardzik, Marlo 206 Tyree. Thad 206 Vidican, David 274 Viers. Jeffery 207 Vigliotti, Chris 274 Villaire. Sean 207 Viman. Cary 241 Vincent, Cindy 28, 131, 136, 145, 163. 166. 167,241 Vollaro, Jenny 274 Volleyball 92, 93 Voirin,Jonel1e 241 I Vosburg, Johnathon 274 Voth, Marge 285 149. 162. Wells, Travis 242 Weltz. Sherri 275 Wende, Annette 143,207,215 Wendt. Betsy 275 Wenninghoff, Genelle 157, 242 Wemer. Evan 242 Werner. Nate 83. 242 Wesby. Steve 151. 168, 275 Wessel, Jennifer 191. 207. 215 West, Kari 275 West, Keith 84. 275 Westberg, Pam 285 Westbrook, Melissa 242 Westbrook, Molly 94, 95, 275 Westerfield, Christ 275 Westfall, Jeff 134, 151,275 Westfall, Melanie 88 Wetzler, Michael 207 Weyerrnan, Scott 134, 150, 159, 180 Whalen, Cathy 92, 207 Whalen, Matt 242 Whalin, Troy 145 Wheeler, Anthony 256, 275 Wheeler, Wendy 242 Wheelhouse, Kelly 275 Whetten, Stacy 149, 155, 234,242 Whitaker, Alyssa 208, 215 Whitcomb, Stephen 242 White, Brook 138 White, David 208 White, Jason 36, 84, 242 White, Jeff 170, 171. 275 White, Jennifer 242 White, Kimberley 208 White, Kristy 208 White, White, White, White White White White Margaret 242 Paul 242 Penny 275 Shawna 80, 236 , Tanya 275 , Tiffany 242 Travis Whiting, Jason 31, 208, 215 Whitlow, Kurt 208 Whitmore, Monica 47, 74, 129, 242 Whitmore, Trevor 105, 242 .131, Wildish, Wendy 147, 163, 165, 242 Wilkin Williams, , Brian 242 Williams, David 106, 243 Williams, Golden 220, 243 Williams, Kirk 250, 275 Williams, Richard 243 Williams 180, 208, 215 Willis, Anne 42, 153,243 Willis, Julie 275 Willis, Latahra 156, 243 Willis, Lori 243 Willis, Paulette 285 Willis, Ronnie 275 Wilson, Amy 141, 208 Wilson, Donna 56, 57, 144, 243 Wilson, Christopher 208 Wilson, James 243 Wilson Jamie 146, 243 Wilson, Jason 134, 155, 208 Wilson, Lloyd 208 Wilson, Matt 114, 134, 151, 275 Wilson, Molly 208 Wilson, Rob 259 Wilson , Tammy 243 Wimmer, Brad 243 Wimmer, Shelli 156, 243 Wimp, Wimp, Amy 134. 208. 215 Shawn 275 173, 241, Windschitl, Jane 92, 93, 243 Winslow, Jennifer 34, 163, 275 Winward, Jenny 146,243 Witt, Derek 84, 151, 275 Woffinden, Dan 134, 275 Whitney, Heather 242 Whitney, Kerry 144, 146, 242 Whitton, Brenna 208 Whitton, Missie 242 Wicker, Troy 83, 208, 303 Wickham, Tamara 275 Wiemelt, Tony 145, 149, 152, 166,242 Wiener, Frauke 147 Wier, Bud Wiers, Alyssa 275 Wiese, Tim 57, 208, 215 Wiest, Shane 84, 146, 275 Wilde, Kenneth 99, 208 Wildes, Laura 93, 238, 241, 242 Woffinden, Shannon 147, 243 Wolfe, Carri 243 Wollett, Shanon 208, 214 Wong, Deb 130, 131, 144, 146, 215 Wong, Karyn 56, 209 Wood, Barbie 155, 209, 215 Wood, Beth 137, 171, 243, 293 Wood, Brett 243 Wood, John 243 Wood, Rob 55,56, 59, 168, 209, Wood, Shauna 168, 275, 312 Woodard, Shane 209 Woods, Jill 275 Cameron 145, 146, 166, 208,215 ,Shannon-Marie 145, 153, 154, 163, 187, 201, 215, 304,312 Woods, John 209 Woods, Laura 146, 209, 215 Woolcott, Robert 275 Woomer, Danette 209 Wootan, Leah 275 Worsnop, William 285 Wrestling, .IV 106, 107 Wrestling, Varsity 104, 105 Wright, Amy 250, 276 Wright, Brook 139, 276 Wright, George 243 Wright, James 285 Wright, Jill 156,243 Wright, Kristen 80, 243 Wright, Lincoln 134, 153, 15 Wright, Marvin 55, 173, 279 Wright, Robert 243 Wright, Tammie 243 Wroblewski, David 209 Wudel, Tricia 145, 149, 243 Wuehr, Mira 147 Wyman, 1-leidi 276 Wyman, Shane 97, 209 5, 243 Yost, Taylor 276 Young, Ashley 47 Young, Cynthia 111 Young, James 147, 209 Young, Kelly 149, 209 Young, Kim 110, 111, 155, 276 Young, Lori 156,243 Young, Shawn Young, Stacie 157, 209 Young, Sundee 276 Young, Yetta 162, 163, 166, 168,243 Zabel, Marie 209 Zafar, Naveed 243 Zagar, Joseph 114, 243 Zaharis, James Dr. 279 Zaharis, Mike 90, 91, 129, 243 Zangara, Wendy 243 Zangger, Tonia 312 Zarate, Leon 276 Zarate, Rick 243 Zavos, Doug 243 Zegers, Richard 209 Zehring, Kathy 157, 243 208, Yamashita, Kelsey 276 Yates, Sean 276 Yeager, Chris 276 Yearbook Staff 168, 169, 31 Yee, Gordon 226 Yonts, Joann 209 Yost, Connie 276 0, 311 Zepeda, Trista 152, 276 Zies, Sheila 243 Zimmerman, Amy 209 Zimmerman, Cheryl 143, 209 Zint, Sharon 134, 145, 162, 163,209,304 Zizzo, Toni 5, 209 Zollinger, James 209 --Aquatic 1110011- As summer quickly approaches, of Mountain View students. Whether it is college, finding a many things are on the minds job, or just plans on basking in the sun for three months, everyone is anxious to get started. There will be both cheers and tearson that day that signifies the closure of another school year as students go on to experience new things. Although some students might be troubled, these ducks sure don't seem to mind that the "end" is here. K i Springtime eyqpfocfes witkfun, pranks It was impossible to outrun it, students couldn't hide from it, nor could they try and dodge it. By February, every senior at Mountain View had been hit with that inevitable disease, senioritis. The only problem, though, was that sen- iors werenit the only victims. Come April, it didnit matter whether a student was a sophomore, junior, or senior, this awful epidemic had found them. Maybe in that case a better name for this sickness would have been spring fever. Symptoms of this disease were easily identified as tardies to class increased, school absences increased, grades decreased and more and more classroom doors were being left open during class time. But the most inevitable of all symptoms that was sure to reach all students by the end of the year was craziness. There was a certain urge devel- oping in the soul of many to do strange and foolish things no matter what the cost. Students began to ignore what anyone thought of their pranks and the only thing that mattered to them was that they had fun. Seniors Ken Henderson and Robert Sheriff, while supposedly on a photography mission for the year- book, found themselves in Fiesta Mall doing strange things such as trying on women's clothing and checking out the manequins wearing mini-skirts in Goldwaters department store. Not all students reacted to their illness in the same way, though. Junior Jamie Skeen became so tired of waiting around for her "perfect', guy that she made up an invisible one in her mind, then went so far as to make-out with this figment of her imagination in public. Scenes such as these were commonplace as the school year came to a close. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Eileen Miller and ,Ierlyn Simonton Photography by Ken Henderson 94-. NM M --at ,f 2 s Catchin' rays--Seniors Mike Kundrat and Darron Gillespie take time off from class to kick back in the sun. Senior Sophistications-Seniors Wilford Cardon and Troy Wicker model the studious senior look. I like the color--Senior Robert Sheriff tries to find just the right dress for the senior prom. ,.".,: i ijp. .,'i gil Male bonding--Seniors Dave Allen, Rob Wood, Dave Schlaegal, and Carter Lee enjoy a moment together at the U2 concert. Peace and quiet--Senior Junior Rodriguez realizes that it is possible to accomplish things when no one is around. I My J if ' , - .1 . . A' . . H . i V A , ,,,V H pg F ,V L gg I Q . I r if . W- I -it , fr if 't if ,t ' e ' 1 . Q if va , -, ,, . S K 1 , V, i + w 57, W I V7 V -. Q I N g 4. " 3, ,wg , Eg jp ' , f K V ,- ' 5 - . W jj, ff. ,Q 'Z I j 3 f X 'Q , I . , N af ' wi t V. Y j , , bf A 8 . I K A H? ' K ' ,V V 1 S V 5 g V g V , A Qi ,tif :Z W n . g al, A K V A 9 nw 4 V 4, .. ,, V, ft W V . V4 H, ,L f I , , , if 4 Y in 'if' aa p M' W WZ 3 ' I 'Y ' K I V I , , nw L' f .1571 , V' . Stmrgcqfes, bosses feacf to sefknowfecfrge There may be many struggling moments along the way to actually realizing who you are. Some of these moments might be dealing with a serious illness, death of a close friend or relative, family conflicts, learning disabilities, physical handicaps or unreachable goals. g'One of the hardest struggles I went through during the year was helping my girlfriend get through her mother's death. It helped me realize where my priorities were in lifej' said junior Rob Pickles. Students didn't solve their problems in the same ways. While some tried to talk things out, others tried to hide them inside to keep the problems from being discovered by friends and family. Senior Greg Jensen said,',When I need to figure anything out about myself I take a long drive to kind of sort things out in my mindf' For others it is a time to really search down deep to develop themselves. Junior Tracy Shill said,"I really enjoy reading motiva- tional books to find out positive things about myself, it sosac tfea helps me find the good in everything." Students were also able to discover things about them- selves through their school studies and things that they enjoyed doing. Senior Sharon Zint said,,'The class that has helped me the most would be my French class because not only has it helped me appreciate other cultures, but at the same time it has given me a greater appreciation for my own country and its culturesf' '6One thing I like to do is either go skiing or camping because I like being outdoors and it gives me time to think about things by myselfj, said junior Kent Kohlhase. High school is a time for learning, striving to achieve and gaining knowledge. It is also a time to discover your- self. You take the time to reach inside and find out who you really are. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by ,Ierlyn Simonton and Eileen Miller Photography by Ken Henderson and Sean Rowe E 5 X 5 5 1 305 gs Efc urself Sugi'-li ,-m ff Q90 .xl ig QA egg 1 ii, x N. QI ff ,-iw: - by L X X? 'lk-'3kIQT'Ps ' '- -' 'ff Rf . -, A Q ' Q Q ' my A 'K:v'...I.j' 1 ' SMS-:R A special gift--Abraham Munguia receives a saxaphone from the famous jazz musician Eric Cross. Best of friends--Juniors Julie Draughon and Becky Palmer show their appreciation for one another by giving each other a playful hug. L .,., . kr is fig: ,is - S e X ' ,W ' . . ' , '- i-Milf .. r . ' JETS This year woufcfrft The race was on. At last, the final bell had rung releasing anxious students from the stuffy classrooms. There was a mad rush to the locker cages as students pushed and shoved their way across the campus. Voices could be heard coming from every corner of the school as students shared that dayis experiences with one another. The conversations ranged all the way from who was going out with who to what student had gotten busted for falling asleep in class. With such a large student body population, it was easy for a students to get lost in the crowd and forget that they were someone special, that their lives had any impact on the school. But each person, student or teacher, made each day a little more bearable and a lot more interesting. Sophomore Beth Silver said that her newspaper adviser, Julie Knapp, has given her so many opportunities at school to excel in something she enjoyed. Whether it was a small achievement such as guiding N have been tfie same a friend with a quiet word of encouragement, or a large achievement like leading a team on to a major victory, everyone had a part in making this year different from any other year before. Friends played a big role in each others lives during the year. They leaned upon each other in times of need, set up a date with that dream girl or guy, tried to keep each other out of trouble and were there to share those special times together when no one else seemed to care. Junior Donna Cluff said, "My friends help me to be the person that I am. Through each person I know, I gain a bit of something good I like about them. The friends you choose are really important for the person you will be- comef' Page design by Eileen Miller Story by ,Ierlyn Simonton and Eileen Miller Photography by Ken Henderson and Robert Sherqf 30 J gift Dlfc ilifference q fiiir ' C1085 n g Seniors wrap it up Papers flew, locker doors slammed, yelling and honk- ing could be heard for miles around. The final day for seniors had come at last. The only thing left to do now was tie up loose ends such as lost book fees, making sure students had passed all their courses and graduation prac- tice. For some, it was a time to celebrate their achievements and hard work, but for others, thelast day of school would be an emotional time. Senior Chad Christensen said,,,I'll miss being at Mountain View because I'll be leaving a lot of friends and teachers that I have become very good friends withf, Some students were glad to be graduating but were concemed about the new challenges awaiting them. f'I,m very anxious and scared at the same time. Ready as I am to graduate, I'm not ready for collegej, said senior Lisa Kelley. Students weren't the only ones affected by commence- ment though. Teachers had a lot of hidden feelings that students rarely get to see. English teacher Marybeth Mason saidfl feel mixed Awaiting a new owner--The 'iiii locker is empty, books are in the bookstore, as senior Andrea Smith closes the door for the last time. It's over--In a final look back, senior Heather Sullivan realizes her high school days are over but recalls many memories that will never be forgotten. witkfnaffareweff emotions, First I feel a sense of pride that I've helped these students prepare for their futures. But I also feel a sense of loss because each student is an individual and they leave only a small piece of themselves as they move onto new challenges and leave Mountain View? As the class of 1988 walked away after its graduation ceremony, all that could be found were an empty field filled with chairs in disarray and a lone cap or two un- claimed by its owner. Commencement programs lay open and trampled, listing the students who had spent the last three years being nurtured, pushed and encouraged within the school walls and on the playing fields. Each senior left the Toro football field very excited and a little remorseful. The future looked bright, yet many memories, many emotions and friends were being left behind. It was time to let the final curtain fall and say our last farewells. Page design by Eileen Miller Story by Jerlyn Simonton and Eileen Miller Photography by Robert Wood and Ken Henderson iz gi is E A ' .1.AA'2':A-f 3 Qf1'A :Qig'Farewell ew ifireetion fetf staff to isoooer tne Moment Basic Information This book is the first in the world of its kind, completely written, designed and pasted up electronically by students then printed on a Linotronic 300 for professional quality. Until this publication, all other electronically produced yearbooks had to sacrifice quality for innovative design and accept only 300-dots- per-inch typesetting instead of the 2,540-dots-per-inch profes- sional quality offered by the Linotronic 300 and offset printing. This pilot program was designed by the Mountain View year- book staff and proposed to the Southwest Herff Jones district manager in the Spring, 1987. Herff Jones then began planning with the yearbook staff to create a workable program. The book is 314 pages with 64 pages in color and 28 pages in spot color. Herff Jones, Inc. printed 3,400 copies of the book, 3,000 of which went to the school and 400 were distributed by the company throughout the United States and Europe. The book size is 9 X 12. The first 16 pages ofthe book are printed on 100- pound Eurogloss stock. The rest of the book is printed on 80- pound Bordeaux stock. Unless otherwise stated, the applied ink is black, the copy is 10 pt. Times and the captions are 8 pt. Times with a boldfaced kicker. The folios were created on Illustrator then brought in as art. The page numbers and page titles were added on PageMaker 2.0. The book sold for S16 each. Printing costs were approximately fB50,000, with other miscellaneous expenses of approximately 810,000 The final cost for produc- ing each book was 820. The difference in production costs and the price charged to students was made up in fund raisers by the yearbook staff. Computer Hardware anifjoftware 'Used Hardware: Macintosh Plus with Apple 20 Hard Disk LaserWriter Plus for proofing Software: MacWrite, SuperPaint, Illustrator and PageMaker 2.0 Master page printing: Linotronic 300 Cthrough Herff Jones, Inc.J How Dia 'We Flccornpfisfi This? The pages were designed and the copy was written in the traditional manner. Then copy was typeset on MacWrite. The artwork was created on SuperPaint for a draft then traced on Illustrator for a finished product. Layouts were sketched out on PageMaker 2.0, then copy was dropped in, headlines placed, captions typset and artwork added and sized through desktop publishing on PageMaker. In other words, the pages were com- li 6DCo1ophon 310 V5 pletely designed and finished, except for photos, on the com- puter screen. Color separations were then done on PageMaker where needed. Disks and photos were sent to the Montgomery, Ala., Herff Jones plant where Debbie Kennedy, service repre- sentative, checked the pages on computer and sent them off to a Linotronic 300 for the final master pages. Herff Jones used an independent printer to run disks on Linotronic 300 then brought the camera-ready masters back to the plant Where photos were prepared and pages were printed in the traditional way. The Cover The texture ofthe cover is Vista Litho. The photograph was taken in a plane over Mountain View and sent to the company, sized and camera-ready to be printed on a 160-pound board covered with White Litho where it was printed, 4-color process, and the camera-ready art was bumed in over it in Bumt Orange Pantone 138. The "Discover" lettering was created on Illustrator. The lettering "the Moment" is a Laser type, Zapf Chancery, run at 90 point. The card was created on Illustrator and run four-color, with black type. The space left on the card is for a local printer to namestamp the books. The print on the binding is Bumt Orange Panaton 138. The type, 24 pt. Zapf Chancery, was set on Illustrator to create the 90-degree tilt then brought in as art to PageMaker 2.0. The binding is Smythe-sewn and round backed for strength. Tae Entfsneets The endsheets were designed on Illustrator and PageMaker 2.0. HDiscover" on the front end sheet was created on Illustrator and then placed on PageMaker 2.0 with the 90 pt. Zapf Chancery type for "the Moment" added to it. The back endsheet is done in 90 pt. Zapf Chancery. The front and back stock is Natural EX03 with Burnt Orange Pantone 138 as the applied color. The envelope on the front endsheet, printed by Cox Print- ing of Mesa, AZ, is 80-pound white stock with the Table of Contents printed with Bumt Orange Pantone 138 applied ink. The card in the envelope is standard credit-card size and was manufactured through Harco Industry, Phoenix, AZ. The 4- color photograph is a reproduction of the cover photograph. The type is 6 pt. Zapf Chancery and printed in black ink. The "DISCOVER" art was created on Illustrator. Tne Opening anifdosincq Sections The opening and closing sections are done is 8-column style. The main copy headline is 42 pt. Zapf Chancery. the 4 pt. line around the dominant photo and the graphic art letters "DISCOVER,' are printed in Colonial Red ink. The NDIS- COVER' in the folio is also printed in Colonial Red ink. The HDISCOVERW letters were created on Illustrator. The card Crectangle with rounded cornersj, the l pt. line around the copy and the 1 pt. line and shadow around the HD" are printed in Colonial Red ink. The Division Tages The division pages are done in 14-column style. The division head that runs vertically on the left page is 72 pt. Zapf Chancery and is printed in Colonial Red along with the bar of color that surrounds it. The photograph is to show through the area surrounding the letter but not covered with the vertical bar. The subhead over the copy is done in 48 pt. Zapf Chancery Bold Italic. The subhead and card Crectangular boxl were tilted on Illustrator. The Etc tivities .Section The activities section is done in 6+ column style. The main copy headline is 48 pt. Zapf Chancery. On 4-color spreads, it was printed in 100-percent Cyan, Yellow or Magenta. Subhead l for the feature copy is 24 pt. Helvetica Bold and subhead 2 is 24 pt. Helvetica. The feature copy is l2 pt. Helvetica Italic. A l00- percent tool line is around the feature box. When the spread is run in four-color, the tool line is the color ofthe main headline. A 30- percent screen is behind the feature copy. On color pages, it is run in the color of the tool line at 30 percent. On black 84 white pages, it is 30 percent black. The Academics .Section The academics section is 4-column format with the head- line run as I8 pt. Helvetica Bold Italic placed on the art through PageMaker. The notebook and pencil art were created on illus- trator. The copy was tilted by Herff Jones by traditional paste- up means at the plant, although the copy was typeset on the yearbook computers. The ,Sports Section In the sports section, the column style is alternating 7- column format fthe copy was always placed on the 4-column sidej and the main headline is 30 pt. New Century Schoolbook Bold Cheadlines varied between 28 and 3l points for layout fittingj. The dropped letter, created on Illustrator, is 130 pt. New Century Schoolbook Shadow and the copy is custom-wrapped around it. The shadowed copy box was created on PageMaker and is run at 100-percent black on black and white pages, and 100-percent Colonial Red or Colonial Blue on four-color pages. The Scoreboards were placed at the back of the sports section because of the experiment with desktop publishing. Not all sports finished up early enough to have scores run on the individual pages. The scoreboard copy is l0 pt. Times with l4 pt. New Century Schoolbook subheads. Photographs are screened behind each scoreboard at 30 percent. The Chihs Section The clubs section is in alternating 7-column style. The headline is 30 pt. Bookman Demi Italic. The accent letter in the headline, created in Illustrator, is 140 pt. Bookman Demi Italic run at 30 percent. The arrow is also mn at 30 percent and was created in Illustrator. When the pages are 4-color or spot color, the accent letter and arrow are run in 30-percent magenta, cyan or yellow. The 5eni0r5ection The senior section is designed with a l2-column style layout. The main headline is 36 pt. Helvetica Italic. The pages are run with 100-percent black background and accent letters run in 100-percent magenta, yellow, cyan or ultra green. The accent letters were designed on SuperPaint and then refined on Illustra- tor. Two pt. lines used to border the candid photographs are done in 100-percent magenta, yellow, cyan or ultra green. A 30- percent gray screen is also behind the candid photographs. The jurLi0r5ecti0ri The junior section is done in a I6-column format with 24 pt. and 36 pt. Avante Garde headlines. A 30-percent gray screen is placed behind the copy with a l pt., 100-percent black tool line around the screen. The .Sophomore 5 ec tion The sophomore section is 16-column format with 30 pt. Helvetica Bold headlines. The pages are screened at I0 percent. The Tacuity ancfjtaffjection The faculty and staff section is 16-column format with 30 pt. Helvetica as the main headline. The subheads are 18 pt. Helvetica Bold Italic. A 30-percent gray screen is behind the copy. The graphics were created on SuperPaint and then trans- ferred to Illustrator for refinement. The I ricfeagjection The index was created on 8-column format with 90 pt. Bookman Demi as the opening headline. The alphabetical sepa- ration letters were created on Illustrator by using 72 pt. Book- man Demi, varying the percentage fills from 40 to 70 percent and the tool lines from l to 2 pt. The main headlines for copy is 24 pt. Bookman Demi and the photo subheads are 18 pt. Bookman Demi Italic. The copy and photo captions are surrounded by a double, curved comer line made of a 2 pt. and l pt. line. Note to our Keacfers We apologize if we have misspelled your name, attached someone else's name to your body, or have mistakenly made misstatements of fact about any of the activities, clubs or sports at Mountain View. Believe us, it was not intentional. You try to deal with and identify 3,250 students and 200 staff and faculty! 3117 . Q Special Thank to... Bud Fordffor group shots, seniorportraits, eolorplzotos and proxiiling einer- geizey serriee on deadline. Bill Vascesseno of Updike Photography-fn' iinderelass portraits and a .few sports photographs. Bill Flowers-for the teani pirtnres in the sports section. Mary Soniusfhn' advising as on budget needs and tleadliites. Mark Dossey, Brian Olson, Jennie Hannah and Debbie Kennedy of Herff jones, Inaffor believing we rotild prodnre the ,first professional- aziality eornpiiteri:ed yearbook in the eonntry and for helping as to make it happen. Chuck Johnson and Sharon Guessfphn' helping tis with yearbook sales and distrilnition. Without their diligence, we could notprovide the size and quality of book that we produce. Principal james Curlettffor believing in the piiblirations departnient and showing his support as we try new things and reaelrtor higher goals. We also thank hintjor not rensoring our book in a tinze when the pressiire in society is on to do so. Wayne Currenefor the use inf his aiiplaneyfor the rover photograph, Brad Henderson and Rick Bryce-fn' helping out with photos on deadline, The Industrial Arts Department-fin' aeeepting as into the ,fold and patting up with our long, iiteinzsistettt hours. Tom Hileyffor the speeial things he didfor us to make our lives easier in our new elassroorn, but espeeiallyfor his snzile, his laughter and the speeial ways in whirh he let its all know he eared. Pat Griest-ffor typing nantes for the people sertion, Parents and family of all staffersefor showing patienee and support and for often saerifieingQfaniily time so that the yearbook eoiild be eonipleted, 1988 La 'Vista Staff Editor in Chief Assistant Editor Copy Editor Activities Editor Academics Editor Sports Editor Clubs Editor Senior Editor Junior Editors Sophomore Editor Faculty Editor Index Editor Graphic Artist Photography Editors Eileen Millerw .lerlyn Sitnontoni April Uhlnteyer Michelle Griestw Jill Greenlee Erin Malloy? Shannon Hawkinsik Jackie Hoaghik Danielle Chinavarei: Laura Vernonf Michelle Garontte Shauna Wood Becky Spiers Rob Wood Robert Sherbjf Ken Henderson Photographers: Charles Ballardic, Chris Sehibi Staff: Robert Connellytk, Charmayne Cooley, Carolyn Daley, Natalie Estrnth, Kelly Harrell, Cindy Helnf1iek,.lalie Hill, Sharon Hossler, Alieia Kriek, Jenny Middlebroagh, Sylvia M Rettig, Carie Sehave, MiehaelSleesen1an, Tania Zangger Adviser: Julie Knapp ontero, Sassie ifTwo-year staff members 'H'Three-year staff members 3 312 vig GGStaff 81 Thank yous back - W9 172 5, '52 QR 6 D Vista Supplement Spring 1988 .W-,-1W,,,..,,,,,W.,,,,,,,,:.:MT1W.,,..,::gWW,,.m,,f,mWh.m.Fi.W,.m...-rf, .1K,f,, WW.-wW..1-,W,,,.,M..M.,,,,k.5,...,. ,.N.. . V W ,R ,Q ' l . ,. 4 e' t if -X 1 -3- f 1 :5 .Y S --.,4, .iff 4 5 X2.ALAL . 5 4' 71,5 If ' , 1 K , if X Q will ,..' F - ' . - fn Q -1 uw- .S if ' M Eff ' HA ,-.wi,f,.f.,,. 4 , Wx'-ckzxy 'M ' , J" ' f .fn-'f W f - W - f . E V - 1 1.1 r Stepping back in time... 1988 La Vista Supplement Mountain View High School Year in Review I 316 Sadie Hawkins Dance 318 Wacky Track!Physics Boat Race 320 Spring Fling S ii 322 Prom 324 Honors Assembly 326 Community Involvement 328 Graduation Track ziin Girls' Basketball 336 Varsity Baseball Junior Varsity Baseball 340 Gymnastics!Archery 342 Stepping Back in Time is a product of the Mountain View High School yearbook class. lt acts as a spring supplement to the 1988 La Vista yearbook. The cover photograph was taken by Chris Schibi Practice makes perfect--Sophomore Julie Stenhjem practices for the big stute game. Mountain Vicw's girls' varsity team brought home the state AAA championship after un unprecedented season. Coach Greg Sessions wus also named Couch ofthe Yezir. Catch me, I'm falling--Junior Allison Owen flies through the air completing her dismount during one ol' the gymnastics meets. E l l Q. I . g Q , p 5 Say cheese- A Mountain View senior and his dine Marilee Nilson smile for the photographer at the Christimus dance. ,ii ' ' iVltlCS .im 'Q Unlocking past experiences As the i987-88 school year came to a close. the final events of the school year were committed to memory. From homecoming to gradu- ation. the year's events were shared by many. This was the last year for the overcrowded classrooms and the full parking lots because the new high school would open in the fall. Many ofthe students had to choose which high school they want to attend next year. This decision was hard and many friends separated. but in some cases it was necessary. "lt's going to be tough leaving old friends but it will be full of opportunities and it will be exciting starting a new school. " remarked junior Brandy Cooley when she was asked about going to Red Mountain next year. Dreams came true. some followed by heartache, at the various dances held throughout the year. Student council added new dances to the school schedule. 'gMy memories of high school dances are something I will never ..r"' forget." said senior Holly Siford. Tragedies also plagued the students. Mountain View lost three sopho- mores. one in a plane crash. one murdered and the other killed in a car! pedestrian accident. There were other accidents around campus although no one received any fatal injuries. These were some of the unfortunate scenes that affected the campus. Many students formed new friendships to carrry on into next year or into college and careers. As the school year came to an end. the graduates knew they had made some friendships that would lasta lifetime. Asthey walked down the line to receive their diplomas, their last memories of high school were complete. Page design by Jill Greenlee Story by Jill Greenlee Photography by Chris Schibi, Ken Henderson, Charles Ballard 'W 1 Year in R "wi" - 2 Sadie Hawkins Dance goes 50s Be-boppers, greasers, and squares gath- ered at the new scene of Sadie Hawkins. The yearbook staffchanged the gym into areplica of the fifties. Unique ideas showed through in the typi- cal tradition in which girls asked guys. "I had my date called out of class with an office slip and sent him to the gym to find a big poster that said 'Let' s do Sadies said Kristen Waldfogel, ajunior. As usual, the Sadies evening started with dinner ranging anywhere from fast food at lVlcDonald's to a candlelight dinner at West- court in the Buttes. HThe memorable part of Sadie's was going to the restaurant and not wanting to eat much because I didn't want him to think l was a slob, but being so hungry I was sure he could hear my stomach growling," said Carla Foulk, And I now declare you--Rex Rice, physics teacher, leads the stylish ceremony ofthe Las Vegas style wedding. lVl les a senior. Afterdinnencouples used thetime before the dance to their benefit. f'Before the dance, we went to Golfland and I hit the ball over the fence. My date had to climb over the fence and get it for me," said Debbie Quinn, ajunior. "The best part of the dance was before it. Spending the day with my date and another couple on a nice picnic up north in the moun- tains," said Julie Anderson, a junior. As couples entered the dance, decisions were made. "Should we get married or take our pictures?" The wedding chapel invited couples to its doors with the familiar fifties song, Going Io the Chapel. 'fThe most memorable part ofthe evening was hearing the song in the wedding chapel over and over,"said Rob Rydman, a senior. Rex Rice played his well-known role of marrying couples in the Las Vegas-style wed- ding which included a high archway for the altar, rings, marriage certificates, and a daisy bouquet to hold during the ceremony. 'fMy eight-year-old daughter was dying to get married, but couldnit find a taker. That's okay, she's too young for marriage,"said Eng- lish teacher Marybeth Mason. Charles Ballard, the DJ, led the dancers into their swinging hip movements throughout the evening. A wide range of musical scores helped couples get into the mood of the fifties. Page design Tonie Zangger Story by Tonie Zangger Photography by Chris Schibi YA? Royalty--Lorruinu Fuller :ind Kip Demovich were chosen as Daisy Mae und Li'l Abner. Check us out--Ken Henderson and Robert Sheriff model the latest fashion statement. And Guess what he said--senior Julie Maready and Joel Speckmztn discuss the news. Ta-da--Tamera Dierson. Marrietta Schiappa. Suzanne Hansen. and Jay Tolbert show their enthusiasm for Sadie Hawkins, Sadie Ha Woter sport ond competition fill spring When the chirping of little birds rings through the air, one can almost always assume that spring has arrived once again. The weather is a lot warmer, seniors are itching to graduate and people of all ages are trying to fall in love all over again. This wondrous season also brings on class competitions in the foma of a Wacky Track Assembly and physics students turn out to get extra credit for floating a boat in the Annual Physics Boat Race. Spring brings on so many things including the Wacky Track Assemby, where the compet- ing grades go at each other with might and will, knowing that without fail the senior eventually 2 Tug hard--Senior Trevor Cavanaugh gets ready to pull the seniors to victory in the tug-of-war competition during Wacky Track. .:,- ,-0, W igyities get the superior ranking. Junior Kathy Van- Deraa said ofthe assembly, with a smile, " It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I had a chance to be a part of it, even if the seniors always win." Another junior Holly Anderson said, MI think it would have been a lot of fun. Too bad I went on a donut run." Spring also includes the Physics Boat Race, extra credit with a twist of fun. It is the general concensus of the physics students who participated in the boat race that survival of the most durable wins. Senior Jeff Rosengreen said, " It was the best time that I ever had with physics this whole year." Senior Lynn Balthasar said, "It was the highlight of my senior yearf' Spring at Mountain View not only brings on sunshine, but also water sports and class competitions, which to the students meant not only that warm weather had arrived, but that summer was just around the corner heralding freedom from classes and homework. Page design by Sassie Rettig Story by Sassie Rettig Photography by Chris Schibi and Robert Sherrff mmm ,-f 4, I at , , , ti' V , H ' V K Avv V. ,, ts.,r 5 l.ti , ,. ' i , I 1" .V 'J i I lilii 'V Al.. r I Q' f af f A . g Row, row, row your boat--Junior Chris Schibi moves It doesn't float!--Some students try to salvage the remains of their boat as they realize the race is over for them during quickly as he and his partner Lynn Balthasar struggle to the Annual Physics Boat Race. keep their boat afloat. """"..-..- ...DQK .A we A"'5a 'X . -- :wan-X -X Dig in--Junior Derek Seal gets a mouthful ofpic tis he tries to finish before his competitors in the Wacky Track pie-eating competition. Where does it end?--Seniors Darren Gillespie and Grant Baeeker pull a piece of string very quickly through their clothing in hopes of passing the string along for the seniors before the other Classes finish. Wacky Track!Boat gg sw W, .,.,ww A. " 'i"""' W A f - af. ' ii V- ' ,, ,.,..,- "'f'755,QTj "vv,,-z---f'- 4g3.f,gj4te,g7gi1:1'.:W""", I ,i A it 5 I .-,, A ' I ,,M.y-v--qw VH y, ,, ' W" 4 " 4' ' - www r ' ' , , f ... ,- N ,Med 47 ' 'tt f I - I sr ' W . M , 1 -:JH 4- .. ,, 1 I 4 , ,A W. W If M, J,,,,,m W ,J"..2 -mix I H ir We ,W Z ' . , ' --1 N' W ' r M W, MW' Y , , ,, r mx, -,- , ,, ,, , , W V mf. 7 , I may V In N, Y M 'WM' I N My ,agqism ,es I f""', X 'fjfw ,, VW ,, -WM' M, ,, in my W .,, WK ,MMM ,MW ,,l,,,mWMwa-wnnnwf' M-Af ,W K H -MMM, Cruisin' the beaches--Sophomore Janet Hill starts spring off by wet-jetting at Lake Havasu. Car talk--English teacher Bill Ctibor and senior Brent Boyse talk about Boyse's 1957 Chevy. Uldie but Goodie--Many antique cars were displayed on the main patio to get students into the mood for the 505 Day sponsored by Student Council. ,, ,,.: ,., .i.:, ,.., - ,-, . . Q- . 9 X if 4 .gtk- hf' T Spring fe ver strikes Toros As temperatures rose, students shed a few layers of clothing because at last spring had ar- rived. On campus, spring was officially opened with student council's Spring Fling. Students took a step back in time as Spring Fling went 50s. Fast cars, good food and classic 50s music filled the plaza. While seasons switched from winter to spring, activities moved from the slopes to the sand. Students returned from the lakes tanned and tired but ready for more. Those who didnlt head for the lake usually settled for the pool or caught some rays on the volleyball court. This year, many students caught volley- ball fever. One reason, says senior Darren DeGracie, is because "it,s a sport that everyone can enjoy." DeGracie and some friends organized a tournament of two-man teams where winner took all, all S145 that is. Junior David Pothier promoted the tour- nament in saying, "You can kill two birds with one stone, get a nice tan while having fun trying to win big bucks." Page design by Julie Hill Story by Julie Hill Photography by Chris Schibi r Be there--English teacher Bill Ctibor and his entourage tell students that the Spring Fling and 50s Dance are the places to be. Checking it out--English teacher Mary Louise Ketcherside examines the interior of a classy l938 Ford. Spring Prom unleashes student creativity As spring came into the air, hot days arose, young loves began to bloom and Prom season arrived. The Prom season opened with the usual Masking to the dance" ceremony. Some unique ways that girls were asked included leaving little sisters on doorsteps, posting rather large messages or posters in classrooms and getting asked in a hot air balloon. "I asked my date with four dozen rosesf, said junior Steve Hammons. After the guys asked their girls, the girls had to think of equally creative ways to answer the guys. "I answered my boyfriend by taking him out to a candlelight dinner at Fountain Hills," said senior Sylvia Montero. Soon enough, the weekend of May 7 ap- proached and mayhem reached a new mean- ing. Corsages and boutonniers had to be or- dered well ahead of time to ensure that they would be there. Reservations at top restaurants had to be made and transportation, which ranged from using the boss's Porsche to renting a limo to borrowing mom or dad's car, was es- sential, considering this was usually the girls of their dreams that the guys were taking. Prom was held at its usual location at the Hilton Pavilion on Saturday night at 8 p.m. to midnight. Music was provided by John and the Beaters and couples found room enough on the floor to share a few dances. Thejunior class used its wild imagination and transformed the Hilton to a party scene with streamers and plenty of balloons. As the evening came to a close, most couples didn't take the immediate trip home. Some had plans for later in the evening to make their Prom night complete. Page design by April Uhlmeyer and Jenny Middlebrough Story Shauna Wood and Michelle Garoutte Photography by Bud Ford and Robert S herqf XQSS s',v Take a look--Wendy Appel and her date skim through the picture catalog to decide which set they are going to purchase. l as igities V ,, V W Hey, h0w's it going?--Senior Steve Ambri and his date stroll casually under balloons on their way to the dance floor. Close to you--Donna Hatfield and Dan Beck share glances as they dance to the music. 4 ,. ,WW H Smile wide-- Seniors Debbie Neil and Trevor Basom take a moment together to pose for prom pictures. -. if 935 ' Mountain View and its supporters acknowledged some of its outstand- ing students through its annual Honors Assem- bly. The awards varied from decathlon to military scholarships. James Stanley received one ofthe most prestigious awards in the country, the National Merit Scholarship. For Outstanding American, Danielle Scafaria took the award. 'il never thought in a million years that me of all students would be picked for such an award." As the assembly progressed Mike Shultz, Darren Damme, Joe Domakitus and Mike Crawford walked up to receive their award for Boys All-State. Natascha Ovando received the College Board National Hispanic Scholarship. Chester S'groi received the outstand- ing award for Model U.N., a group that simu- lates actions of its national sister organization. In the Theatrical Arts Department, s the end of the year came to a close, sd Scott Rust and Theresa Sealy were honored for outstanding dramatic presentations. In the Chorus Department, Debbi Muhlenbruck, received the award for choir. This award requires an immense amount of participation, according to the director, David Perry. The Arizona colleges also handed out awards. Arizona State University gave two awards. The A.S.U. Medallion of Merit Award was given to Paul Koeneman. The other The Real Thing--Scott Driggs accepts the Coca Cola Student ofthe Year Award from Bob Powell. Julie Goodman tnot picturedh also received the award. 4 o I eyltles award given was the A.S.U. Leadership Schol- arship Award. Vicky Pratt was the recipient. Northern Arizona University handed outone award this year. The N.A.U. Outstand- ing Junior Award was presented to Michelle McGeough. The University of Arizona also pre- sented an award to Jennifer Wall. The military also seestoitthatitalso has a chance to honor Mountain View students. Peter Anderson and Dwayne Coon, along with, Kurt Kroenmeyer and Greg Nichols re- ceived the College Fund Award. Some of the scholarships given are in memory of past students. The Robert C. Byrd award was given to La Rita Baker and the Lawrence H. Saathoff Memorial Scholarship was presented to Kalio Enos. Many other awards were given during assemblies. Page design by Mike Sleeseman Story by Mike Sleeseman Photography by Bud Ford '2 JU. Thinking of others--Sophomore Duvc Osborn undjunior Kyle Hyatt bring cams for the student council sponsored canned food drivc, Smile big--Junior Michelle Monson concentrates on doing her best ut the Mesa Days Parade. lU"'l 1.8. , f 6 4 , ,,'f ull- gg clll 'Ii I 5, .turf- Vi W .-un Please d0n't hurt me--A student cringes from pain as 21 nurse inserts tt needle in her ami ut the student council sponsered blood drive, ,W exe: 'fir 1 I tilt' tug. E54 fx , I ,tc W . tm, W Nils I it 161 Wwwsm ff Off to work we go--Juniors Mercy Lucero and Michelle Roseburrough head toward their lockers after class. 4 4 3 s t Year 's work honored Throughout the year, community activi- ties enriched the lives ofmany. Mountain View students participated in many extracurricular activities. As fall ended and winter began, the Christmas spirit took over the students. f'Giving during the Christmas season made me feel good about myself and Mountain View," said junior Krista Dillon. Mountain View student activities con- tinued into the spring as clubs and other groups began selling items to help pay for spring trips. Toro Band and Orchestra held a rummage sale and sold M8LM,s to help pay for their trip California. "I loved going to California, being with my friends, and getting away from my parentsf' said junior Rod Stradling. Two other groups involved in commu- nity activities was Mountain View's Viewpoint newspaper staff and the La Vista yearbook staff. The Viewpoint won the Silver Crown Award in journalism and received five All- Columbians. The newspaper staffalso received uuqufow W! the American Newspaper Editor's Association second place award. Two publications editors in chief, Eileen Miller, yearbook, and Mario Mercado, newspaper, received Journalist of the Year awards for their communtiy involve- ment. "I was really shocked to get an award. I was only there to present the yearbook. I felt very honored to receive a journalism award since I spent three years in high school working on publications," said Miller. Throughout the year students partici- pated in extracurricular activities that united them with the community. Blood drives and canned food drives were only two of many activities during the school year. 'Tm really glad that I've been able to get involved with community activities. Iim look- ing forward to next year so I can get involved again," said sophomore Joe Corrao. Page design by Michelle Garoutte Story by Michelle Garoutte Photography by Robert Sherqj Ken Hender- son and Chris Schibi 'Mtv , .. . , , ,ik The start ofa hot story--Viemyvoint Editor in chief Mario Mercado works attentively on a story for the newspaper. Don't spray me--Senior Richard Eaton tries to stay dry at the car wash he is participating in. Comm 9 ti : School has largest 1988 graduating class in state The final day of school approached for the seniors. The last day. Graduation day. After all the long years of studying, finals and hard work in clubs or sports, the final pay-offwould arrive in the form of a diploma. With 971 graduates, Mountain View had the largest graduating class in the state and also received a total of 54.4 million in scholarship money. The ceremony started at 8 p.m. with open- ing senior addresses by Holly Adams, LaRita Baker and Wilford Cardon in which feelings of happiness or ,as it might be called relief ,was expressed. Unusual events took their course in their time. A beach ball made its way about the graduates taking a final plunge onto ,Ierlyn Simonton's lap as Vice-principal Dale Char- les approached her and she said,"Oh great, I'm going to get busted." She quickly passed the ball to the person next to her. Charles then grabbed the beach ball and proceeded to tear it apart with his keys ending the plight of the beach ball. Another mishap that relieved a little ten- sion was the mix-up of diplomas among a row of graduates. Quickly enough though this was solved by the graduates and graduation was back on its usual course. With a class as large as it was, there was wonderment that there weren't more problems to arise during the evening. Baccalaureate speeches were given Sun- day night were given by Steve Beeghley, Penny Foos, Denise Repin, Kristin Rubach and Sharon Zint which helped some of the graduates take a look back over their high school years. As the ceremony came to a close, diplomas in the hands and smiles on the faces,a final flurry of graduation caps hit the football field where so many of the graduates spent Friday football nights. The crowds pressed in toward the graduates before the final diplomas were given. trapping happy graduates still at their seats. Some of the graduates were even unable to find their own parents and finally gave up hoping to find them waiting at home. The class of l988 had found its place in Mountain View's history by making them- selves Number l, not only in numerous sports competitions but academics, size and spirit. As the board member in attendance, Wilford Car- don senior, said. Mountain View is the biggest and the best Arizona has to offer, so go forth with pride. Page design by Shauna Wood Story by Shauna Wood Photography by Bud Ford Crossing the finish line--Graduate Kelley Biller accepts her rose from Kip Dernovich. senior vice-president. after receiving her diploma. Where am I--Grant Baecker skims through the program to find his name on the list of graduates. at . D an-es at ,I 5 G,.5 .. , it me be . f 'f 'fha , 4 f, LA' 1 it 'Elf f W . . 'fi' V' " Only one row left--Graduates listen in- tently while a speech is given to add a final touch to the night. Waiting patiently--A graduate takes a moment to relax in her 56211 while waiting for her diploma. Wait till you hear--Debbie Muhlenbruek gives her speech on the difference that each student has made on one another's lives. fi: :v-yu -1-.1-A Q. . .M M, 3' . ' A -'-Q P lt takes a lot of hard work, team spirit and dedication to make it to the top. That is how Mountain View's boys and girls track team made it. 'tThis yearis team is much stronger and dedicated than last year. The coaches work us hard and we have the ability to be a big power in the state track meets this year," said junior Jason Shultz. Not every person is in shape for track at the beginning of a season. Students have to exercise daily to keep in shape for each meet. 4fAt first, since not everyone was in shape at the beginning of the season, the practices were made easier. As soon as everyone was Going for the gold--Senior Theresa Green makes her last run around the track while onlookers cheer her on. Up and over--lt's a bird, it's a's Rick Dupont. Dupont shows unique form in conquering the long jump. : ' assvt comfortable with their performances, the prac- tices became harder and more challenging," said sophomore Brenda Scharping. Practices for these meets had participants up as early as 6 a.m. f'Practices consisted of an average of eight miles a day and a variety of sprints on the track. These practices were in the morning and the afternoon and lasted about two hours eachf said senior Terri Green. Sophomore Jeff Driggs commented that, f'The practices were difficult, of course. You worked hard. We did a lot of sprints and circuits and if those didn't tear you down then nothing would." Several people had a chance in going to state this year: Beth Huey, senior, high jumpg Lisa Snow, junior, High and Low jump, Re- becca Chapman, sophomore, Low Hurdles, Terri Green, senior, 800g Mindy Bunning, senior, one mile and 8003 Aletha Vanorman, sophomore, 1600 meter relay, Nicole Vannor- man, sophomore, 1600 meter relay, Kelly Biller, senior, l600 meter relay. In girls track, Huey won Outstanding Performance for a girl. Page design by Carolyn Daley Story by Carolyn Daley Photography by Ken Henderson , , ay, ' 5 4 fig ,,,, I 1 ,,,, , 1 M W' 7 if A " ,M .--fff . f "-' ftetliv . ft egwusw Qi we Warming up--Teammates get in shape with a Westwood member before a Westwood meet. fr Launch time--Junior Dustm Rosh competes m the shotput SVCIII. Reaching for the clouds Tony Welmelt shows off hls championship skills. 'Q Ja, 4' 4 1? it? fs? 5, E1 O K ,U .1 - fl 1. .Nr WI1 ,K , 1, 7, I Q L N L' 'film , f-sf-y-4 f' J J 1 ,. l . ' ,ff 'Ulf i ' A M ' . it ,, ygfiffi I Li li. ' i t . ef. , ,, f . ,, A CV , if ' 2,5 f Q ,., . .J 1 ff J ga .J , J t ig . . As N' lf E r . , V5 y iffy! . s?'A5"'ia'iff fT7"lS3tf1f rr lib Y 'A 'ft E ,.,..gnvP""tM?"V- '- H Wy u N, zz.. Track team--Front row: B. Scharping, T. Stiner, M. Menchio, A. Scharping, L. Balthasar, N. Vannorman, R. Chapman, A. Vannorman, J. Schupfer, K. Higgins, M. Bunning, S. Thomas,T. Vanmorrlehem, W. Lowe, Row 2: K. Cawood, G. Garcia, R. Dupont, S. Rosati, R. Sheriff, K. Millet, M. Sealy, D. Clemmets, C. McLaughlin, M. Gaff- ney, N. Davis, J. Driggs, V. Borginia, G. Jepsen: Row 3: T. Judd, R. Jones, J. Olcott, B. Bowers, S. Whetton, N. Moravek, K. James, C. Cordoza, D. Stroble, H. Paulsen, M. Marta, T. Jones, H. Breinholt, J. Wall, J. Plummer, J. Ferminog Row 4: J. Hassel, G. Thomas, G. Merando, N. Hammer, E. Straus, M. Mahanna, D. Guess, L. Dayley, J. Leeper, J. McDempsey, C. Luloff, L. Schults, J. Morris, Row 5: Coach M. Jackson, Coach M. Morris, Coach K. Christensen, K. Powell, L. Snow, M. Chapman, H, Collins, J. Davis, G. Muller, T. Green, B. Huey, K. Biller, J. Guess, Coach W. Dudley, Coach J. Felix, Coach J. Snow, Row 6: M. Ray, D. Pilger, T. Wicker, C. Buffington, S. Adams, R. Williams, R. Acuna, W. Cardon, J. Ellingsor, J. Trendler, S. Driggs, P. Koeneman, P. McGovem, M. Kalder, S. Wagner, C. Lee, B. Vermilya, M. Coonsg Back row: C. Siavarakas, S. Wyman, J. Moeller, A. Watkins, R. Earl, D. Rash, M. Coriarz, C. Jones, J. Pickles, J. Whiting, B. Comeau, D. Packer, R. Eaten, S. Connelly, R. Lowe, T. Wiemelt. Leader or the pack--Leading Mountain View's distance team is sophomore Brian Etzel. T TOl'0S take state title Dribbling down the court, the lady Toros head toward the basket. The whistle sounds and the penalty for double-dribble is placed on number IO7. The penalty, in the Toros favor, is two free throws. The crowd goes wild as the first shot is up. lt's up...up... and SWOOSH it goes in as the crowd screams. Then it's time for the final shot of the quarter. The player pre- pares, a few dribbles to get the feeling of the rubber ball. She shoots it up in one incredible movement, it goes flying through space, its destination, the basket. The crowd goes crazy as the bell rings to end the third quarter. The crowds had plenty of chances to "go crazy" at the girls'vasity basketball games this year as the team worked its way up the ranks of schools one by one. When the final bell of the season sounded, the varsity team took home the AAA state title and Coach Greg Sessions was named Coach of the Year. As the trophy was presented to the school in a special assembly, Sessions said, "It is tradition for the team to take the nets, and we kept those nets right here at Mountain View." Junior Julie Abele said, "After winning a game, you feel great and you know it is all from the hours of work you put in during practicef' Just what is the best part about being on the basketball team? Junior Heidi James commented, f'The best part is making new friends and being able to play in the state tounamentf' Abele added, "The friends you meet, the self- confidence you gain and the trust you gain in one another." This sport along with many others shows the closeness that is gained in working as a team to get a goal accomplished. "The friends you get to know are friends that you know you can trust." said Abele. Page design by Carie Schave Story by Carie Schave Photography by Charles Ballard Varsity basketball--Front row: Jane Windschitle, Renee Erickson, Angi Budge, Shandra Kanistanaux, Missy Eskewg Back row: Coach Kayle Haws. Kourtney Neal, Jackie Jolley, Gina Kauer, Christy Mann. Heidi James, Laurie Harmon, Tasha Hobbs, Coach Greg Sessions. " ' ., ,gi r ,f 'NV Wm Get outta my way--Junior Heidi James tries desperately to shoot a basket as her opponent tries to distract her. 'S we -. , 1 I, if ' . i,t ,A . 11 2 J W , 1 A ff in v 4 it X' n, , l 1 ' N i 1 'i" 7 J . 41 M' Col 6 J ws .1 4- . H , - sf 41 fi W I, yi I . - Z if . ta 2 ,H tttt f Q, Z 3 , ,, ,, , , , , 4, , , , , My ,,,, f, J fi' i J fi' f ' ' Af Q ' A I H Q f at , f , V, L me at " 439, i fre - 111 1' . za 4 Junior Vasity Basketball--Front row: Leesha Thomas. Laura Anderson. Jenny Glenn. Laura Sheppard. Mitzi Heinerg Row 2: Sun Hui Mason tnianagerj, Julie Stenhjein, Missy Bartelson. Jodi Harmon. Marnie Robbins. Krista Hartley fmanagerbg Back row: Lisa Burch. Melanie lntrieri, Leslee Jevning, Allison Temple, Lisa Jeffers. Julie Abelc. Kim Powell. Coach Kayle I-laws: not pictured: Julie Thompson fAsst. Coachj. Girls' BaSk 7 J J, J , - 'rr ., H ' g ' fe rf.in2,. f, . ev t an., ,d1,f:1.'Af,f,gWsrMfv,-- -rf -,fff:'ff,,:, ee 1 ,.,, ffffsffs r f as e be ' bi ie ., A,,, !l,-,,. ,, ,, . f, , ,. ,. q :4,,,,,,WE, A f, f ,wwe ff:,g2Qf:,,5:,,,7 e mm 4 if ,, , qw Hey, swing batter, batter swing Every year as spring comes around, wrinkled baseball caps and trusty lawn chairs are dragged out of the closet as people head for the ballpark. This year, Mountain Viewls field, well-stocked with talented players, was struck by misfortune when the AIA ruled that the Toros must forfeit eight wins due to an ineli- gible player. "lt was heartbreaking. We had the best look a Mountain View team has ever had," com- mented senior Scott Hedges. "We had a team ts H that fit together like a puzzle." Their combination of talent and team spirit proved winning as the Toros, led by a strong offense, rose to the number one seat in the league early in the season. Junior outfielder Kevin Gulbranson said, "This year we leamed that in order to win, you have to work together and stay together." But the Toros winning combination was not only due to their unity but also to Coach Norm Shill. Junior Tim Hunt said, f'He worked us hard, so we knew that we had to be serious. This year, we started the season off ready to play." Senior Greg Jensen added, "He CCoach Shillj is really dedicated to the team and to us players." Page design by Julie Hill Story by Julie Hill Photography by Robert Sheriff Goin' home--Senior Mike Goodman rounds third base on his way home to score another run for the Toros. And the pitch is--Junior Jason Owsley goes for the strike, exhibiting his superb pitching form. ':.W . . , , , . , f ' . +,,, ' K. -il, ' : if , , 4 . if .,s, 5if,:.t 4 if -,,1- 2-2 f ' - - ' ,.f,g3,,, 'fr' ,j 'Na-' P'-as .1 :vif -F X E .. ' 1 f -- as-if K R .,, . ' .,...-Q ,f 1--.jsp--' . 1 fgyfmta A E, Qijg,-5, A 4. K, ?SEi'.4.1R4,fq'!g,,w!,i?fe: ,Q - y,,,5,at' Miki- ,lf I , . 53 .-- . . t, -. .' -. m y ,f . . tr, J' L., - -. H- . 4. . ' x 'fff?' ff""- 5 5- t .+'f1i2L. .'5:'s , '1 'T -5' Q ' z -' Crack!--The bat in senior Scott Ryan's hand resounds loudly as he tries to bring his teammates home. 'KM fa. was l mp. -,eq A"- ig, B J B A ' tt ir J S to 5 ,fa 45.3 J W " ' ,V ,,k: ,V t flu ma fia -- A 4 .v Varsity Baseball--Front row: Jason Ricks, Billy Pallas, Tim Hunt, Scott Hedges Brent ii V3 L Blakeman, David Free, Brian Mitchell, Mile Beaudoin, Brenton Richards Jason Owsley . er , , ,, X Mike Goodman, Jordan Flakeg Back Row: Coach Shill, Coach Meseroll Scott Gulbran y V Q ' ' Z son, Scott Ryan, Tim Barrett, Steve Lind, V I-J, at 1 , . A L I , , A ,M I Tim Balthazor, Brian Banks, Jason 5" a. I 'WW' ' 2 , L Tabone, David Garrow, Kevin J sv' My A G Gulbranson, Greg Jensen, A ii'i , ig 1 AV f , Coach Weight. 4 ' .',, ' A, ' Ji z V ' f J 1 5' f' J T 'Z i '5 ft 1 A i L,i' ....,.M,m, X -f- J 1 o C H 11 M75 f",,,,, , ,,,t ' M Ah yes!--Satisfaction shows on junior Brian Bank's face as he sends another ball to the outfield. Varsity Bas 4 z X .. , gf K v,,3dgg,5 . ug I NH, awk, -4 5 , tg. ., 'ffl' " .5751 ,r M f, M" 2 Q2 Slip-slidin' away--Sophomore Dan Papacek prepares to slide into base and score for his The pressure is on--Sophomore Miles Dahlstrand concentrates on pitching a strike that team. could hold back his opponents. Grand slam--Sophomore Aric Holtzinger swings the bat hoping to hit the winning run. .IV Baseball--Front row: Erin Swartz, Aric Holtzinger, Brad Smith, Brandon Dong, ts Miles Dahlstrand, Kelly Johnson, Tyler Shipp, Jessie Cunningham, Steve Craineg Back row: Coach Kipp, Bill Boyd, Dan Bramley, Darren Waaramaa, Brandt Lewis, Mike Peterson, Mike Rafford, Luis Vasquez, Dan Papacek, Geoff Garrow. Batter up--Confusion swarms the dugout as the team decides who is up next. !""' Q! .-adklw A .ami f , d,.. 'ii A. 'V,' 1 221, qg,Aj ".,d 4 gfg .izv ' 'zzvi 3 Q "f.iQg, A, Z ffjfQj -,,, 'gQf5ig, ,','j ' :AQ'ifffjfifggg.Q:ifg.Q:,, d AS,?fPfiHsheg2s1,SvdidfhwifwfaSuifsfessfieziseasonfor, rwiinaswiarsifshfsfflwfftk-V 1, Alv. d .23 xiii. 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We work to become one, a team, and use our strength to pull together and do the best we can," says junior Alison Owen. Many of the team members plan on pursuing their talent in gym- nastics after their high school years. "I was really upset whenl heard there might not be a team this year. I was counting on this to get exposure for a scholarship my senior year," said Tressa 0Born, junior. Some think that just because gymnastics isn't as popular as other sports that it means less training is involved, when it' s quite the opposite. "You can't just come on our team wanting to leam gymnastics. You have to know the sport and have some kind of routine for each event. In club gymnastics, you have to have at least a class III level to be on 1 Cn Positioned with perfection--Junior Julie Randall performs pan of her floor routine as judges watch from the background. I 'ts at Mountain View's gymnastics team," said Owen. Another athletic team which may still be unknown to many students is archery. The team is small, consisting of only five players, but the members project the excitement to participate as strongly as that of a larger team. While gymnastics requires years of training before making the team, previous training in archery is helpful but not required. "I tried out for the team because I wanted to be involved in sports. I didn't know anything about archery, but it came to me fairly easily and I began to enjoy being on the team very much," says Wende Precise, sophomore. "It was really fun and as we worked together, we became very close and much like a familyf, Page design by Natalie Estruth Story by Natalie Estruth Photography by Chris Schibi, Rober Shenff and Ken Henderson i" I I 'rg Q jjri 73.1 I , 2 el A' ' a A if . it 19' if sf- third H ir- . ,,. -2 5 K ata, f ,,, . V AA. I , I V. 'jx x ,.- . , h af ri- if Q K 2 I . ii ' ff . ,ll I . iii Archery team--Back row: Heather Ludi, Michelle Jolley, Coach Jean Shieldsg Front row: Laura Atwood, Natalie Burton, Wende Precise. Gymnastics team--Back row: Assistant coach, Karla Boubelik, Tressa Obom, Krissy Holt, Kristen Cain, Jennifer Borgman, Lisa Monzione, Coach Yvonne Moore, Row 2: Kristan Waldfogel, Amy Romito, Alison Owen, Julie Randall, Jenny Hughesg Front row: Jenny Myers, Bridgette Blackhurst, Crystal Smith. Making a point--Sophomore Natalie Burton takes aim as Coach Jean Shields talks her through her practice shot. Taking a stance--Junior Alison Owen pauses for a moment on the balance beam to ready herself for her next move. uv-- mga M-Q at ,y 5 V mf' x , zafmt.-f -Q., 7? 1 It lw s In sy I 42. 'VY 55 fe ti! mf lg' ui.. f Soaring through the air--Freshman Crystal Smith takes a very daring leap during her floor routine. Gymnastics! Arc Q

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