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svwbwiilmf , . Ov I Q5 W gifffdlgfffys ' 24107, JZ 'ifif ffff44jf We ff -fZ,fi'IZ,0Uf'2 54602 42 -.Qwfzfmzi 61422 Q11 nfldfpd 17f'LfLL. f fmfvuziicfmzg j 2, ffm! Z KMA, K , L A A , . if AL 'ff f' ,fx -AAN W JEL JQVV , JV! , r 7- RAXXV5 , ,xv . ba,,, A I' I -' LL' J ' , 1 , F: KJV . 1010 iffix 'Q 'IL I I U! ' 'uf ' in 'Z 0' V I D f 'U 417 J. ' jf ff f , . "lf 2 . ' Qyfp I " .f JU' WU' ' , f - f li 1 D Av I, ' ,1 ff' vb 1" f-' J. ! ' 1 -1' 1 in, 1 J' i f F 1-. if 1 F , L if 5335 T7 fi!! , Um Y IL QM! 7 ILMANK M ff , ,ff ML -ff tj MQ' L XL g gy? ii!! JIXQW ' . if LJ U ff QA' ,. 'Ai' :S we lfixr is 42 5 I JJQ, Q-J ' R ' L+ ff Q-C, ,..- 5, X2 qj 45,1 ! ff 53 Lf Q,-jig a Q iv t' Q2 1' A3 5 Qi M Y F l I 1 RR A, ,gf . ifg f , A Y . i x Y, It in .5 V Q A ' 41:4 A ' " 1 g 5 f - ' 13 4 ' .'f 'I , 'I lf a ,Z V M45 E. , W ADA, , , ., , Mx, 3 E1 M' W ..-nf' l V WA., 1 ,WV I. W 1' V ' ,,, ..,W , ,,.E,. Y --4-4 l I W A -f--- 1 514 1517149 f"fw 010611149 Affwffff Pwpfe 114 8,0018 -. 011165 210 lfuk,r1 ,a 250 X, ' 1 ,VN -gg H ',Cl 'w , .,,: fl , ' rr 1 li- I ti 'H 34 I. U H f .x if W - , 5 - . If lfv ' 1 y:, ,e 3gg 4 Rappin' - Mark Harris and Steve Ricks jam with the crowd at the Homecoming Assembly. ' Preparation - juniors work steadily to insure that the float will be finished by the Homecoming Game. F 5 5 2 ,. l, if ' 2 lr Y w- .,i i vw zip.- ri! ,qynmmo W -Q-twig ues k J? . fgsff-E' MN- , - W VV , ig' -4 E7 q. . .. ,wzfiwgy i, nsigfijlf, is 4 elai xi K illa g f' I ,, , . ',ws .1 . if " i , Smile pretty - Amy Christensen and Na- tascha Ovando smile for the camera during registration. lharliing 5 h . r P s I 1 I . l Ugpnpiig 'il Wim 'Q ' x .W 5... ,W .ww P+ wp .-M... ,.A...1.....-0-..,,.....'-..,....e h ...W 1 A Wu. A . Q f' Iv M4 oi Gr-Eng l 'iince 5 1976, g Mountain View's population hasl grown by leaps and bounds., 1 T S In 1976, we first Opened our doors to 1,950 students, this year we opened them to 3l,050. Although the impaqted envir- oment yielded a friendly atmo- sphere, the constantlypongested hallways and jammeld packed classrooms left students at a dis- advantage. Mountain View was "Bursting at the Sean'is."l 1 y t 1- - n .- U' Ll tl I: 'V . ,, ffffffflfwff mf arose. The parking lot with its bumper to bumper traffic, the lunch lines that filled the cafete- ria, the overcrowding of dances 1 1 and the installation of new lock- 1 ers. ' 'a - While students felt the crunch inthe activities and accomoda- tions, the teachers felt a popula- tioniboom in the classroom. Eighteen new teachers had to be hired to take on new classes. Flexibility wasa' must at Moun- tain View thisyear. y ' 1 i i l i 1 ,.,,Z-.gtg-Jigga.-5-,g'f.' , i ,gt4sg1g1,z12: .',f:,!.?'1-.f i-'. i 5.2: 33 if ,1t'11:' 113: - ,fm I, W I . x , .V Vt '22 ffl-if --f' 1 -I 'i -Q ig :3tj21:,!1?"-7 ',i "i?E4Eilfiz14lfY2a'S-flf: tlffizfffw ' Seniority - These senior girls show off their stuff at the Hello Assembly. Girl talk - Stacy Bozzuto, Holly Hawker and Noelle Simpson talk about their weekend plans in-between classes. Heredity - Toni Snyder. and .her little sister Stacey show that cuteness runs in the family. l 4 ' U K 5 'L ,F A Y fE?? . WO . za R vw , Y X w XL , x I Ulf- Y ' .iw ,Q xv. '91 ea 2- 'Q XX W' K ww mi Rn id wig! ,K u v . 1 Us . 1 Aq- rv , 'R M M. Q . M. .vi if 1" 3 2-f 1 flax, .f is Q f 2' m,.M- ' "' . , L .1 SW ff 44" an nu 4 1g ,..,, - H u lllf P f . ,Az 'Y VI' J 5 yfvx .1 I' ' -. X I g . I ,, --h Q ai. R , 3 l x - x 1 X 4, , ' Ii'W5ii:'T4Q1 Z' ,-5 Y M9 f' -- IX wk T!! w hrs year, M or ,wolrigainizaf tions l and 'clubs added more rdQPIhfi1'1drrlUFCrCS1S 1,5-3fFf?Vf?f yforeli They 1were1the'foCus ofrac-p' tvwryggfQrylvdrvldvalrstvdffnisihaf created marevschrsollliunny and spiritgwlountain View was burstE fgihgg atgthe lsearnslwgifhfmorefrfhalnl TV view fm' Groups such has yearbookgandl ioumalisml Pmvided ianreducawg tional experience, while clubs l.llSerfl?e1Yll3Udrr5ADD helped Ib? comniunity. lame, 'such as lthe scuba and bowlingcluibwere just lfor'fun,l and stilllothers like'FFA, DEyCA'and were rnixtures of eveayrhmg.- r 535ydirfefierent -orlganizatilofns togff' One thing that every had gchoosel fronqriisIhereswaslfaffclubijinlf Cfbmmon ,wasp rheiyry isuitablellfolrq all iypesof students 5Moulntain.View and fthe aglalfilillQdrubarrlmrembers resrwnded fl GPC? lofi IHC ffaditiohy Of Qwithfgreatjnrvollyernentg' ' ll,r l rll ' lencelin everything they r wg f- lGracefuIly -l Dance Theater practices l gharyd to perfect darnceyforj itspneixt per: fformanceq l s 'l fl if l This'ain't no bull - FFA shows off lthe lToro' mascot at onelof thesmanylfootball 'ilbncidbis galTleS. X A V -I VL Q Q. Q. . J- - ,AN ' , 1 x R. V fe K f 3,1 U, ' Z. , if ,N A W, 0 ifw ink! 'Cl Q 55.712 ax A. . Vim NH' -W... ,ff L-:in 1 A p upils over- c ro w d e cl 'classiioomsg New teachers joined Q L ithefstaff tofaccomodate the stu- besides all the inconf lviountain View was tO excel . in a number of ll: 'iidelhtSL department toshicomputer . designed all the yearbook lay- them hands-on Viewalso offered a y ale zzz edamfzm fri 0111 fafaie' number of Advanced Placement classes. This allowed students to earn college credit. Another way for students to practice their skills was through the Athletic Decathalon. Students competed with other schools in areas of his- tory, economics, science and mathmatics. A , Mountain View expanded it's boundaries and broadened its horizons to give students a chance to get an educatiorfthey can be proud of. Classroom Blahs Mary Farell listens at tentlvely to the teacher s lecture as Da vid Glenn sleeps i l 5 2 5 I x 1 genial ww ww fm " ww iijsivifif -J. www. ww yqmm 'QF A, .M. f A Q Y wp' - rf ,J ,Y uw v, ,f , U A ,A nw W 1' '1, if ,W w ,sz A, 1 "0 ru 'Wi v xq 'H P we "HMI 2-kwa, -WWW! 'm W. 'fy P Wk fm! R W2 Ut ,, an M wi W 535 . :vm wh lm ,,, ww rm 1, we W ,f 4 '06 :W 4 MWWYW wwmgm mlmwl Wim. www M ,,,, ,Kc kv P ' W , , w q ,MMM 'I ',,,w W Q W ,,WHMF ,VMFMM 4 M M ,W Mani we Ill! ww M' V , www 4 f is W l .z rm-v, W my igg31,,wm,1w.i4,,!'sf'X1 S gwgmzwmw' 'A Qwwnywvww W,fw1V .mmWH" M 4 W w H ,QV F M W M W w-'J' WN gn 'uf ,. ,., aisfzhy lil he energy that was radi- ated from the over- ' abundance of Mounttaih View students contribute-dlto the enthusiasm at all of the major ac- tivities. Throughout the year, students could be seen showing their spirit by yelling class years at the assemblies, or standing tall to view the exciting football games. The activities ranged from Fall Fest to Spring Fling, where allstu- dents enjoyed the games and booths during both lunches. Homecoming, Christmas, Sadie Go fight, wm Melinda Edwards Skjll Toro enthusiasm - At one of the home fully achieves height as she jumpg vjcto football games, these lively students riously during a football game show their Toro signs. l A c ' 'file Hawkins and the' Prom dances were all a success.'Students paired together to enjoy the memorable evenings of special dates and the nicest restaurant that added to the overall excite- ment of the night. ' ' With so many students, the ac- tivities became more exciting and enthusiastic as ever as the entire student body seemed to be bursting with activities. Seniors tin disguise - During the Hello assembly, Polli York, Ilene Penn, Shelley O'dell, and Deidre Cory dress to scare. Spirit for Hello uilds exciting year As the gym filled up with ner- vous sophomores, excited ju- niors and anxious seniors, there was a sense of anticipation at the Hello Assembly. As the students calmed down, the gym became quiet and Principal lames Curlett began the as- sembly with a big hello followed by a short speech. The l.V. cheerleaders did their cheer while the 66 I loved reading the newspapers the juniors and seniors brought for us. ,, stacy smith nop seniors held up newspapers then threw them at the sophomores. "I think the Hello Assembly was worthwhile. I loved reading the newspapers the juniors and sen- iors brought for us. But the best part was watching the cheerleaders perform with their backs to us," remarked Stacy Smith sophomore. Next, pomline danced its way in. They were giv- en a warm welcome. 66 Oh ya! It was hip. We were rowdy as heck in there. Rich wipf C125 77 Student council class competition was the high- light of the assembly. The title of the skit was "The New Buddy Game." It received a lot of laughs with Mark Harris portraying Bob Barfer. Seniors won class competition with the cheering support of the senior class. "Oh ya! It was hip. Our class has always been a little slow but we were rowdy as heck in there," stated Rich Wipf, senior. Senior Spirit - M. Riggs, N. And now introducing - Stu- Simpson and R. Kasprzyk dent council Pres. Mark Har- look on as their attention is ris portrays class competition caught. host. 16 Hello Assembly I - 'Q W! af ,Q 4 -r uf A lf, Q-: 4' -4 f - s 1 4 ,A 'av -rg? .EA g n R gf 5 ,ii R V fig? V fix. Q if ik E 'Q A Ag' fi if 1 Q 5 ' iM,S,Qfi - X Jas HAIL' f AL .K mgif' w If A x 2, T Sh E 14 5 .5 -2 LE KT 1 , 4 ii? ' .. , gf un ., A, Y " 1. FJ'-K -Q K ., ' 'W rm... 4 SVT S35 r-' -I 3' aw Lily Y 'QE W 'Laws ' Y X That 'Was then, back to Mountain View campus's first year as a school was in 1976-77, and since then there have been many changes. Enrollment has increased by about 2,164 students, but that isn't the only change. Musical tastes changed much in 1976. The num- ber one record of the year was "I Honestly Love 66 The school has changed drastically social- ly, academically and in fine arts for the better. 9, Mr. Bacon CEnglishj You," by Olivia Newton-john, who also won best female vocal performance. The song of the year was "The Way We Were," by Marvin Hamlish, win- ning Best New Artist along with it. Stevie Wonder also made his way into the 1976 Grammy Awards with Best Male Vocal Award. Paul McCartney and 6SlE1'y6clT Wings hit it big with their single "Band on the Run." Lesser known groups who were also popular were Kiss, Led Zepplin, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and john Denver. Fads and fashions were very diversified at Moun- tain View in 1976. Bell-bottom pants were all the rage, along with tank top shirts. Girls' shoes ranged from the clog, or sandal, to the ever-popular tennis shoe. Guys also liked tennis shoes and sandals. Girls hairstyles were very similar in that most girls had long straight hair, or in a bun. Guys hair was straight or parted on the side with sideburns. Some favorite television shows of 1976 were "M"'A"'S"'H," "Welcome Back Kotter" and "Satur- day Night Live." Some of Mountain View's stu- dents' Favorite movies were "jaws" and "Young Frankenstein." Totally in style- The casual look comes through on these Mountain View students. Brand new school- This pic- ture shows the changes on Mountain View's campus with few trees, etc. 11978 yearbooky Lets go Toros- A group of Mountain View students cheer on the Toros at a foot- ball game. 18 Then!Now L. 29' .41 5 - 1 - --ty .. 1 X ""'l".r...'P"23 wi if K --w-P"""""" f' aw- -"',:,':.".L'-4,-r i'I."53-vw-1 'st .. 1300801 wonuziuwwwmug 'fm new e s 4 K .. gif' ' I , g g V f, . , , This is now, returning Newer kinds of music was widely accepted at Mountain View this year. Modern music, also called "mod" music, caught many ears. Examples of this kind of music would be The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Smiths. Other kinds of music, like heavy metal, top 40, and punk were popular. Name brand fashions were big, such as Bennet- ff We had a dream to make a great school. I think the dream has come true. 93 Principal lames Curlett ton and Guess. Also, the sixties look was in again, and some students went to thrift stores for their wardrobe. Dancing was one of the things many students liked to do. Teen dance clubs like Sgt. Peppers, Prisms and Tommys got much attention in 1986-87. ThenfNow 19 mr, .X , 1 i 5' V i , My ,, W , ,, , .,,, Way to go- Lineman Brad Future Toros- Seniors did it Heath keeps a grip on the again with their winning ball after a perfect play. float. 20 Homecoming Through the excitement- Brenda Schultz gives Brent Cox a congratulating hug. Iam on it- Toro band gets Looking on- Students watch into it while they play during the activity on the main floor. halftime. l i Anticipation and pirit 16115 Homecoming As the clock ticked away, guys searched the city for the perfect date and a way to ask her out, while the girls waited patiently for the man of their dreams. Decorating girls' rooms to dropping messages from a helicopter were some of the creative ideas guys used. Girls came back with just as many cre- ative ways to answer them, such as decorating cars or sending singing telegrams. I thought it was totally cool. C6 Amy Winslow C 122 Meanwhile, even those who were not going to the dance were able to express their enthusiasm with everyone else at the assembly and the game. During the assembly, the spirit soared. Students cheered on their class with chants and bouncing balloons. Next, the guys from student council jazzed up the gym with their version of "Walk This Way" by changing the words to "Waste Westwood." The cheerleaders followed with a new cheer, and Pom danced out with a skit of what they thought the game should look like. The Homecoming Court was then introduced. Last, class competition consisted of a water balloon toss where juniors and seniors tied, and sophomores were disqualified for rolling the balloon. The as- sembly came to an end with the ever-so-popular fight song to lead the Toros on to a later earned victory. That evening, through the mud caused by the rain earlier that day, the Toros showed everything they had and brought a vcitory to the standing- room-only Homecoming game. The final score was 'l5-'l2. During halftime, the seniors brought another victory for the class of 1987 for the second year in a row by taking first place in the float competition, with juniors taking second and sophomores taking third. Brent Cox and julie johnson were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. A happy moment- Brad Bar- nett and Karen Lindhorst en ter the dance with smiles. So in love- jack Ennis and Stephanie Marsh dance to the theme song, "Some- body." sible is I V Jw' 4 ' S me S X R- 4. 22 Homecoming fl Taking a break- Students find time to enjoy refresh- ments and mingle. Decisions, decisions- Mike Dunn and Andera Smith de- cide whether to dance or chat. Somebocl akes a special clream The excitement and an- ticipation of the 1986-87 Homecoming Dance could be felt weeks before. Guys looked for that ff Dinner and the dance was really nice. Amie Dsivak f12j special date and girls anxiously awaited to be swept off their feet by Prince Charming. As the final day arrived, girls spent hours before- hand preparing for this magical evening, while guys rushed out to buy corsages and make last-minute dinner preparations. After a special dinner, couples arrived at the dance. Girls were dressed in semi-formal dresses accompanied by their neatly dressed dates in suits. "Dinner was a blast. The music was good and I enjoyed the company." said Christian Burleson. The theme of the dance was, "Somebody," Hand in hand, they walked through a romantic canopy of gold and black streamers to enter the dance. Danc- ff Dinner was a blast, the music Was good and I enjoyed the company. Christian Burleson C 11 Q ,, ers swayed to the songs of Alphaville, Lionel Richie and many more. As the dance came to an end, couples went their separate ways with memories to cherish forever. Rain drops keep falling- jennifer Harwell and her date come prepared. Homecoming 23 ww g -F 1 T-'E 1 . n A . Q 1 aa if V D 1 f ,ff if " Brent Cox and lulle johnson ...gum QQ 1 lr , ,..l fllyk 'lt l ,M , . N M 1, , 1 ,,,,4n..u1y'f 1 , M., - 1 -'-f'.V,,r.1 ' If 1 ,www ,g,'.!,w . A . 1 V 1 1 elf. . - , Q, 1 i l,,.1,V 1 f 'W l,. ' .Mn , Dm 15-'Ugg' .M ',1w,,d,,,1 1 54 Yl I by '. .D vnvvu ,A .. '.,.,.L'. ' 1 , ' W 'N ..'l -:QE 3511131195 . ww ....., nv ' ..,f .mm .1 -.Tl".'-11 1. , .,,1,,...1...., 4-,yy -..,U........ ' Albert Acosta fn N lk E 4 Vx 01 ,ff elf : Q I 'l. s l W 1 JP , 1, 1- 1' 7 1 - 'S' , 15:-42,1-'fsf I V 1 g ,1 X ,l .fx ,j ,M , I, 1 f 'fl 'A 1 ,4 V Ron Vranas and jennifer McEarchern 12 l Tb, ' ' fl .+- - W ' l . 1 , 1 fn'- K , I 'stirs . 3 V1 1 ,- A ' ig l l V ,X g 1 41 xl s , .gf gg, L 1 5 V1 elf gil' rp: ln 1 M-. ,, 11 .1 1 :xr f 55,2 1 1 lffjfgl '.'.'.?. - l..'.',, v,-I1.. bfi Fllel :1 u V, ' Q Chris Allen and Mark and Hey pumpkin head- This Oh yum!- This was just one family pose is compliments of the booths that sold some of the FFA pumpkin patch. great food for hungry Toros. Z- J CDT Busy impact- Impact club displays their goodies to the people, hoping to make some club money. 26 Family Fest Help- Senior Chris Starace waits for his wet friend to meet him in the face at the Drama Club sponge toss. Mommy, mommy- This fam- ily of future Toros watches as their mother tries to keep a hold of her kid with a child leash. -. Q fm, ,sg . 1. . i . , ,. .,... X .1 A. . Q .T at ,ws . . t A A 975 61535 X? , 'T S s f -2'Egfili's 3 K A 1 Q ' N . 1 .V l Q. ' 4 ' I . Y 5 in Toro amily atlvers for festive fall Preparations for the third annual Toro Family Festival took way as early as june of this year. The Toro Family Festival is a carnival-like event that has taken CC I thought it Was a good Way for clubs to earn money, plus it was fun. . . ,, Natalze Mzller C 10j place each fall since 1984. The festival was put to- gether for a fun fundraiser that the whole family can attend. Many student's families and friends come to spend a cool, fall evening at this social event. The festival offered barbcue dinners in the past two years, but this year, hamburgers and hotdogs were the main course. Many of Mountain View's academic and extra-curricular clubs hosted booths of food and games for entertainment and plea- sures. One of the most popular booths was the cotton candy booth. Another one was the sponge toss where people get to practice their aim by throwing a wet sponge at a drama club member's face. The clubs got to keep all of the money that they earned for their club activities. The auction was one of the biggest moneymak- ers. Things were bidded on all night long. just after the auction, the Mountain View Dance Troop per- formed a few dances, The Encore Strings also per- formed an excellent show. Family Fest 27 Dreaming for ifestyles of the riclv Mansions, expensive cars, exotic vacations, diamond jewelry, gor- geous guy and beautiful women are all fulfillments of everyone's dreams. These dreams often start within the home, or what is on the outside of the home. The home is 66 I Want a hot pink Iroc with Tom Cruise sitting in it. Julie Sirrine C 11j built with perfect taste to display the wealth of the owner. In the front of the house sits the stylish sports car for the luxury of the driver while traveling. The car could be a Ferrari, jaguar, Porche or even an old- fashioned roadster. Many people dream about the perfect man or the perfect woman. Senior Wendi Fraughton described her man as, "Tall, dark, and handsome, good mannered, knows how to treat a lady, meaning, he shows he cares for her and the people around him." The perfect woman as said by Andrew Snow is, "Tall, blonde, and has a little bit of brains. She dresses well and has good taste." Other people dream of a long vacation far away. The excitement of touring a foreign country and then returning to the fancy hotel is a definite fanta- sy for those who love to travel in style. Every man's dream- The Co- Fountain of wishes- This penhaven Castle is one of fountain isamasterpiece set- many homes that fulfill one's ting for any home or fancy dream of living the life of a hotel. This particular one sits multi-millionaire. at the Mesa Hilton. Racy blue babe- This roadster is a perfect example of the stylish car that the wealthy would be seen driving around for fun. lt also serves the purpose of arriving anywhere with a certain ritzy look about the owner and the owner's escort. X X Island of Paradise- This view of a small beach in Puerta Vallarta gives one a sense of secludedness without having to leave the hotel. One who travels could clearly see why this could be a dream vaca- tion. Dreams 29 Students rnunch lunch Lunch, lunch, lunch. Everyone just loves their lunch hour. It gives students a chance to sit down with friends and enjoy precious time away from classes and teachers. Some students go out to lunch. There are many ff The car ran out of gas. Todd Burns CID ,, different places to go such as Burger King, Taco Bell and Krazy Subs. Some students even go home for lunch. justin Bird said that the reason why he liked to go out to lunch was, "All my friends go out ith a hunch and you can get decent food." While some students are out to lunch the rest of have to stay at school and enjoy a cafeteria feast. The students that do go out to lunch are some- times late to their classes, and when they're late, their teachers might ask them where they were. That's where the excuses come in. "The car broke down," or, "The car ran out of gas," are just a cou- ple of excuses Todd Burns might give his fifth-hour teacher if he's late for his class after lunch. Budget lunch- S. Langston, S. White and C. Freeman sneak in their own food. Chow down- joel Holmes, Glenn Clouse, and Paul Stan- dage are eating lunch before the big game. Gimme that- Patti Wager tries to swipe Christine Bruce's pizza. ,,,, il ' L I ' L f 7,1 30 Lunches l 'Q jf' 1 3 s, , Land Pucker up- Kathy Roye shows Cathy Whalen her new sundae-eating tech- nique. Mac attack- jennifer Niel- son a nd joelle jubinski en- joy a quiet lunch for two. F. I ng: xl A W bv Limches 31 Students, spirit tays throughout the year All throughout the year, students from Mountain View have created many ideas to keep spirits high. For instance, one of the projects students prepared was the Hall March. A number of the percussionists from the band marched through the halls during the seventh hour. Many clubs got their members together to make CC Students created many ideas to keep spirit high. 39 posters to hang on the bleachers for the football games. Posters are also hung all around the campus to help show spirit. The Pommies, Flags and Cheerleaders showed their spirit by performing and cheering on the football team. The Toro, our school mascot was a great help to show spirit. "Being on the student Council as a correspondence, l've found that other 66 l've found that other schools are impressed with our spirit. 9, lenet O Perkinson schools are impressed with our spirit, enthusiasm and Toro pride," jenet Perkinson, junior said. Mountain View's football team showed its spirit by playing its games with dignity and pride. My Hero- Melinda Edwards and Gayla Garn pose with their favorite hunk. 32 Spirit Ooh Baby- Corolyn Buker Hey Look- Everybody come and Brenda Schultz are andseeusplay.Uhhuh,Yup, checking out all the hot guys WC bad! on the team. we Wi , r '4enk Qi. ERIE! ESEMV awww avg .dv x W.. U-G-L-Y!- An odd looking anonymous creature creeps around campus between classes checking everyone out. Who is this mask man?- An unknown alien snuck into the dance so he could try out some new steps for every- one. Hey babel- Well dressed Slurp! Slurp!- Nancy Reden- seniors, Corey Adams and baugh sits comfortably dur- Darrin Peterson require sec- ing her English class after just ond glances from onlooking getting up with her friend, friends. Teddy. 4 'S . if -eq Give me liberty or give me cats- English teacher, Mrs. Mary Louise Ketcherside helps her student Cari Perl- man during class. 34 Halloween Strut your stuff- Teacher Gary Patterson stops be- tween classes to smile a big toothy grin and honk. M . QP 1 ' ai t ' Nh, Mg, W, X fr I 1 , Y Ghouls, ghosts, Halloween is meant for all age groups. Small chil- dren dress up in costumes and go out at night to go Trick-or-Treating for candy, while their parents stay home to hand out goodies to other small kids who are going from door-to-door, Many teenagers still dress up for Halloween parties or just for the fun of dressing up. No matter what the age, Hal- loween is fun. Many MV students had a blast dressing up for chool in their unusual costumes. The rest of the tudents parade around campus trying to figure ut who's who. Teachers just ask, "Are you sure ou belong in my class?" tudents help show their school spirit by partici- ating in school events. One event was the spooky oblins haunt halls Halloween Dance that took place in the gym. The dance was spon- sored bythe pom and cheer. Re- freshments were available to ev- ll The dance was exciting since we had a haunted house. Heather Collins 1101 11 eryone. And to keep everyone on their toes, their was a haunted house to send those frightful chills down a person's back. Hilliaweenzas Fall Fest Pizza- submarine sand- wiches- exotic drinks and Ha- waiian lei's. These are some of the exciting things that were sold at the Fall Fest. One exciting thing that happened was auction- ing pies to throw in teachers and students faces. What club would do a crazy thing like that? The Key Club. The disc jockeys played a wide variety of music. ires Up Fall Season One song, "You Be lllin," was dedicated to Shadow Mountain for the football game that night. fl Fall Fest was cool, and the disc jock- eys were cute! Tiffany Wells 4105 11 Tiffany Wells said, "Fall Fest was cool, and the disc jockeys were cute!" i Exotic drinks- Chris Hummel is selling exotic drinks for Neil's Place, even though he's wearing an N.H.S. shirt. 36 Fall Fest PM Give it to him- Coach Haws got his dessert earlier than he expected at Fall Fest. Sponge throw- jeff Grey is bracing himself for the big hit with, "The Big Sponge." Q . lil? ,gi X' .. Q 1 C," N Fall Fest 37 Blood drive is uccessful with students. The key to the successfulness of the blood drive was the helpfulness of the student body and homeroom council. The homeroom council organized a very suc- cessful drive with Brent Cox in the leader's chair. He said, "The homeroom council was a great asset to me at this time." With 147 donors, our school's turnout was great- er than Mesa High's for the first time. Each student was required to have a parent signature if he or she was under 18 years old. After the signatures were turned in, a specific time was issued to students for when it was their turn to face the needle. The weight requirement was 110 pounds or more. If the donor had been sick within one week before the donation day, he or she was unable to donate. Faces of brave students watch their peers donate their blood for community services. The volunteers were rated as patient and friend- ly. "I wanted to donate blood but I was under 110 by one pound," explained Tracy Arvaio. Tim jones explained that he was too young be- fore to give but was old enough this year. "I was scared at first but it didn't hurt that bad, it I I I was scared at first but it didn't hurt that bad, it was kind of fun. fl -Mary Ferrell was kind of fun," said Mary Ferrell. Many of the students were happy with their do- nations and would do it again knowing that it was for a good cause. As Robbie Oswalt said, "I donated blood be- cause I knew that it was for a good cause." Even though the look of terror drew over many faces at the eye of a needle or the sight of blood, after it was all over and the sighs were relieved, the donor realized that it wasn't so bad. Most admitted that he or she would donate again if asked. What painl- Showing no TT pain, senior Robbie Oswalt watches his arm being drained. N l X I 38 Blood Drive Qi A3,-q-r 1'-W 4-no 'zip 'Z f . 1 K- , , '- ,,.,qf'A,v 1 ff H 7 9 in , , , t Q x . 2 'fi x fa, W, if 1' mils... 4.--1 ..,o' N-Q" i i W1 hah' " Y, , f- f 4 Q I Q .M Nfh-s--,,, QM ,am- 5...---M Nothing like a dame - The "South Pacific" cast trans- forms the stage into the is- land of Bali High. Newborn love - Seated hap- pily on the bench Nellie fShelly Maskj and Emile fEric Larsonj express their fond- ness for each other. 40 School Plays if in 'l"!.wc, 3, . , .v Z , ' 4 lf N 2 t as 5 1 ,i ill. Y ' WX If 1 1 if iq., Didn't you just love it? - Feelin' N0thln8 ' On her Chantgllg Godfrey Qaptivateg knees, S6'l'llOl' Ilene PENN E1Sl4S everyones attention in her fOr guidance in becoming an monologue "The Dreamer." actress. Hamming it up - Sophomore joe Domikatis enthusiastically sings the song "Someone" using dramatic expressions. Wishing Upon Involvement in acting has made our school plays some of the best elements in student and family entertainment. Plays of all sorts were read and reviewed by the auditorium manager and director, Kurt Streif. With help from the drama department, he picked the plays that would be good to produce and the audience would enjoy. The stage crew supplies the workmanship that includes the set, props, lighting and stage building which are important to complete a good produc- tion of a play. The actors are just students, but under the lights and above the audience, they bring in the fantasy and the make believe. The school plays brought a variety of stories and characters to the school stage. One was the pro- duction "Diary of Adam and Eve." Another play was the classic tale "A Christmas Story." The musical this year was the award win- Star ning play of sailors in "South Pa- cific." The popular books of j.R.R. Tolkien came alive in "The Hobbit." The advanced acting class put on the first, "Addict," was a hope to reach students with drug and alchohol related problems. The performance, "Next," was an original script written by and di- rected by the students. One of the big activities was Drama Aide, a food drive that was put on by Mountain View, Mesa High and Dobson. It was the first tri-high school performance which took place on February 7. The drive was successful in collecting more than 900 cans of food for needy people. Each school had 40 minutes to perform. It has been a busy year theatrically, but the input from students and teachers make it an easier ride to stardom. Schools Plays 41 Ks .X H . I , 3. . . Vx f 'Q J i ik ,f ., nh? W ,, J ,af Showing off oro talent with toro style "Step right up, step right up," said the master of cermony, Michael lack- son. The MC introduced many of the hidden talents of students and faculty around the campus. "We have 364 days to be serious, and it was a great chance to let our hair down!" explained special ed teacher Barbara Vaine. The show started off with a confused opening dual between jackson and drama coach, Kurt Strief on what type of production was being put on. lack- son had a circus in mind while Strief had to change his way of thinking to a simple little follie. The first act was a teacher's portrayal of the stu- dent life. Students fteachersj ranged from English teacher, Cheryl Nelson as a cheerleader science teacher, to Rex Rice as a football jock. They played a comic class lead by senior Ilene Penn as the teacher. A couple of other acts included rock bands cre- ated by some of the students. The music played had the audience in a frenzy. One of the music acts was the Sanitation Singers, a quartet of singers sing- ing the song Silhouettes. One of the most painful acts to the audience, was when Rex Rice laid his body upon a board of nails blanketing his chest with yet another board of nails, math teacher, Keith Canham broke a cinder block with a sledge hammer over his chest. The biggest act was the backwards version of the classic tale, Cinderella. This little story included all of the main characters, Cinderella, her three step sisters, and her fairy godmother, or was it godfa- CC It was shocking but exhilarating to discover we were performing to a 'packed house'. Barbara Vaine C Spec Ed Q ,, ther? One thing was for sure, there was no way to disguise the legs of science teacher and swim coach, Thad Decker. His pretty white tights and fluffy pink tutu showed a rare way of displaying the body of Mr. Northern Arizona. Thanks to the Mountain View jazz band and the stage crew, the show turned out to be a great suc- cess, since the money made went to needy chil- dren. You've got to be kidding- Rex Rice listens to Keith Canham as he explains the board of nails. X ii' What a brut- Thad Decker displays to all his feminine side during the backwards version of Cinderella. Talent Show 43 What action- junior Chris Luebke displays his talent on the slopes. ,H is was ,W U ,Z-f wr 44 Christmas 'O 5 Ho Ho Ho- Santa, Senior Mark Borgman, awaits the next person in line. Snorkeling anyone? junior jackie Hough enjoys the warm waters of Hawaii. Wipe out or save? According to senior GT. Knight, it was a wipe out. Better luck next time. ,., ,,., -f. -. -fit -.t.,., , X. 4 K-wvw-uM.,..,.,,,,,,,,,, I,- . ,N . , . X .,, ri." .BJ ' , -s"Q?"7Q:':fn.J"' A, 'gflg -ww. e 3:1553 ' 'O M.. Q 4 1 A as .Q ' 4-A ...fag " , ,, , L., . ...,,, ' u ' W K ,Ms KVVV yy SW ' ' , A ff- vi. K' ,W V ,nv- i . me-4 sf", ,, -'W f - .4 Vs.. .- 'V ...war ., 'N " W -- of W ww-...s ,' ,, g- - -'...- an ' ' 'twain V , V .e 'ugh 31 ' 'F' ' . ' - N- 75 fs l V . . " 4 ' - 'V .fi . . . I -W , ,Jw - ar.-: ' Christmas cheer ings in New Year Some students found that it was easy to get into the Christmas spirit and could be seen walking around campus with tinsel in their hair while wearing red and green clothes. Others found it not that easy to get into the Christmas spirit since they recently moved to this warm climate state from a cold, snowy state. The Christmas formal was held Dec. 13. junior Gloria Bailey said, "The excitement of the game made the dance even better than expected." Winter Wonderland was Dec. 19 for both lunches. Santa Claus was portrayed by Mark Borg- man. Some students did not go anywhere during vaca- tion, and stayed home sleeping in and catching up on their soaps such as junior Kambi jones. Other took advantage of having no school and went to different places. Senior Matt Patch went to visit relatives and friends in Minnesota. First time skier junior Dirk Harper said, "I had a blast skiing and really enjoyed watching the gor- ll California was great but a little cold ,, Troiann Slover U25 geous girls, but it was embarrassing to have little kids race by me on the slopes." Even though Christmas was different for every- one, there was one thing that everyone had in common -they were all glad to have two weeks of vacation. ! 1 5 e 2 3 Z Christmas 45 M W, fl ian ' '2 0 ave considered i D0 vo' P radtlauon suicide? AZ after g ' ' 0: 307 YES 5 59070 - YI 0 NO s 45070 07 l LZ: U 5 5 0 .. in ' " 5 : 15'Zn 1 3-4: 1 22, I + R 0, 47 I A 'V 6 VV 461 K div K H v do HW f1w'f'1"""'i"" mm 0 , . 9 2-A 'A U9 X you Us Wilma? Wi 5: 6' wk iw 6 9' wi i f W' 2 isa 1' f U K PAIR i Q X EXCELLEHT: 30 X 'db Ogg: 596 v Was 06339 94 oi N GOOD: sm J, Y id 9e0:2ye5rfXix'g9 ,, ML racf gee' QBQS X Ge' 56900 , ' l?0 21111103 YOu receive A' had a choice would you ' U1 111211 school nenecf still go to Mountain View? I success in me -mal. vorm? YES I 80? YES : ssee NO 2 20013 N NO 2 455 5 K 46 Poll Page 0 I I: - What you had 0 tl G L Po 'Url JOB SA-rwj-'A Ogep -1151198 C ION ' 'Pm '-'bo 0-you be N : At what age did you llrst get drunk? i is lb D Never 14-15 16-17 3011143 owe bbw? in God 2507b 30070 20,5 I Sllpmme beinir ? 1 :Ts 903 0 103 oo W E .7011 . bearibfl think an ' 911 ' as Gp 811 lllpa 61- ' V ofberplded by 311619 ll 4 5 74- M P5 'A S' 7 Sew? N s 4 . ...,. N, M QQ A: Er 1, . . - 1. g ' 5 Have you ever taken any Illegal substances other - : than alcohol? : c vsl 4-15: Cl' Do you favor ' V the death penalty? YES: 77'Za NO: 23423 ' 5 .ll Q N. lk ' 4' X 1 ' n 1. fl I , I Poll Page 47 School pulls together in all situations When a sport or activity was to be played or done, people could always count on the students at Mountain View to do it in a big way. During the year the students put a big effort into what they participated in. Everything was done creatively, supportively and most of all enthusiastically. Sup- port was given to each sports event through deco- rating the school on game days, giving treats to the players, or having an all school assembly to get the team and students riled for the upcoming event. It was not only through sports that the school came together. As a school, the Toros collected can foods for the needy in the surrounding com- munities, bought helium balloons for the Arthritis Foundation, and even became enthusiastic with support to bring a student back after being deport- ed with his family. The excitement and support between the stu- dent body could be felt daily in classes where aca- demic achievement was as big as ever. The school stayed strong in good and bad situations. When- ever there was an accident involving a fellow class- mate, students supported each other to get through it. All together, the students and faculty made the year great and exciting for everyone. Stuclents hecoine enthusiastic about sports A quiet moment was hardly ever heard dur- ing a Mountain View sports game. The stu- dents pulled together more this year than ever to support their favorite sports team. Prepara- tion for upcoming games was met both by the players and the stu- dents. Assemblies were held before each ofthe main games to get the students riled for what was to become an over- whelming season. Stu- dents became more ac- tive by not only showing their enthusiasm at as- semblies but also by hanging up posters and streamers around cam- pus on game days. Some students even went as far as to design and sell tee-shirts with logos of Mountain View beating their opponent. The main reason for such rowdiness at the games was so that the teams could feel the school's support. The excitement was built greater and greater as the football team ad- vanced its way to even- tually winning the State Championships. The students definately did not let this event go un- noticed as they at- tempted to pack the Toro side of the ASU section of the bleachers consisted of Mountain View students chanting and yelling for the Toro team to win the title that they deserved. All together, the stu- dents made this year one of the biggest ever for supporting the sports teams and being one giant class that was behind their school. stadium. Streamers flew, banners were hung ev- erywhere and a major 48 Bigness an foocl clrifve unites school During the week of November 17-24 Mountain View had their annual can food drive to help the needy families in the East Valley during the holiday season. Homerooms competed to see who could collect the most cans. "Approximately 3000 cans were collected," said Student Body Vice-President Brent Cox. The cans were distributed to the Salvation Army. Kenneth Haddad and George Tahanyi's home- rooms tied for first place with the most cans col- lected with 412 and 411. T 0 0 Q 0 O , I 1 .si 3.5 o Q 5 Stuclentis lires effect others At 4:30 a.m., on Octo- ber 7, Arizona Border Patrol and city police conducted an illegal alien raid in Mesa. Blind Mountain View student Abraham Munguia and his family were deport- ed along with 149 other illegal aliens. Abraham spent ap- proximately 30 days in Mexico while Mountain View's journalism l and newspaper staff worked closely with Senator Dennis DeConcini's of- fice to get Abraham back. On November 18 their work was success- ful when Abraham walked back onto cam- pus to the sound of the Mountain View March- ing Band. On October 23 sen- iors Marie Riggs and Valerie Soza were riding a motor scooter when they pulled in front of a van. Marie suffered scrapes and bruises while Valerie had broken her pelvis and had to be taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix. She under- went surgery on her hip and was released De- cember 13. On December 3 sen- ior Bill Harding was rid- ing his motor scooter south on Gilbert Road when he was hit by an oncoming car. Bill was knocked unconcious and had to be air- evaced to St. joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. He wasn't wearing a helmet. Doctors believed that Bill would not make it through the night. He had suffered internal brain injuries and had lapsed into a coma. At the time of printing Bill was recovering. ln both incidents with Valerie and Bill the stu- dents of Mountain View pulled together and supported both in and out of the hospitals. Formals Encourage Creativity While sitting in class a strange lady walks in and begins calling out some- ones name. After find- ing them, she presents them with flowers and maybe even a song. This is not an unusual hap- pening around the time of dances. The students at Mountain View have developed a tradition that has been around for several years. They think of creative ways to ask their favorite person out to the dances or an- swer them. lt has be- come the way to do it, and not many people do it uncreatively. This year was no exception. Such things as decorating cars, sending flowers, or getting friends to sing to them still arose, while new ideas started. For some, embarrassment was desired. One boy answered his date by having his friends pre- tend to be flashing her in the middle of an all school assembly. While still another called her date to the stage during the talent show and had him open a huge box re- vealing balloons and a teddy bear saying, yes. The tradition will probably continue as year by year more cre- ative ideas are discov- ered and tried out. Bigness 49 'T ,Zi N, 0-VX I ""1x, Finding space - Many stu- The popular Volkswagon dents get angry about park- Some students drive the ing problems. popular Volkswagon Bug MINES KS X QQ N. V 4--if 1 A-9 "K+ Q' A 'Q' 'J-' u o al ,W 4 .3 'uv-it M, -M Ka 'r- 50 Transportation .gp-f -- Getting across - Two stu- dents piggy back to avoid getting wet. Unique way of transporta- tion - Students ride motor scooters to school. ln.. cash. as S 'travis Driving most opular transportation As many students know, there are five forms of transportation to get to school. They are driving, getting a ride, walking, riding the bus, or riding a bike. Some students choose to drive or get a ride. "I enjoy driving because I have the freedom of being able to go anywhere I want. I hate it because of the snowbirds," said senior Carollynn Iarosch. Most prefer to drive because they don't have to get up early just to catch the bus. "I get a ride because it gets me here on time," said senior Amy jones. Others drive or get a ride so they don't have to walk to school. "I get a ride to school because it beats the heck out of walking," said junior Greg lensen. "I get a ride to school so I don't look like a sophomore walking," said sophomore Tammy jones. Other students have to ride the bus to school. Many of these students don't like to ride the bus for various reasons. "I hate to ride the bus because I have to get up early and I especially hate the em- barassment," said sophomore Mike Goehrung. Many students who drive to school get frus- trated because there are no parking spaces. Some people think that the parking lot is dangerous and needs more room to fit the amount of students who drive to school. "I feel the parking is inad- 66 I enjoy driving because I have free- dom. Carollyn Jarosch Q, equate for the amount of students whose cars are parked within. This could and has led to a serious traffic and accident problem," said sophmore lim Wilson. I Q? rmm.s'WmMmNuur . . x.., if 3' S I .L W ., . t . . X in KY i, D . M g I I asjgm -"-i R .5 I Q 1 "N yin- --5-7 I is 11'-g wi. ,HQ . 1. fu S Q'-V "iK 'M' Q V W 'X I . . I .wr .. '1- X The sporty lroc - The Chevy lroc has become very popular at Mountain View. Transportation 51 Gathering carts - ls one of senior Robert Moore's du- ties at Smittys, but he has the time to get his picture taken. 52 Work ing groceries into the basket, Wessel gets a coke ready f senior john Irvine thinks a customer who is about about the weekend. enjoy a movie. Itfs tough but Getting out of school early is not unusual for many high school students who go to work. These students work in order to pay for a car, it's up-keep, and spending money for clothes, movies and food. Some even try to save money for college. Even when students work an average of 20 hours a week and go to school a half day, they still find very little time to do things for themselves. "I don't have the time anymore for extra things," said sen- ior Stacey Turnage, who works at an escrow com- pany. Those who do find time to spend with friends or engage in a sport usually work during the weekend. Even though working does take up more time omebocly has got to do zt than they like, most students do not think about quitting. "If I could quit I wouldn't because I like having the extra money around," said senior Kathy Wheeler. ll . If I could quit I wouldn't because I like having the extra money around. Kathy Wheeler 1125 ll Still there are few that will stop working before the school year ends. Senior Peggy Newendyke said, "With basketball starting, I'll quit. I only got the job to pay for a traffic ticket." Chow down - Junior jeff Beard slices some roast beef for hungry customers. if J 1 f I I Nzgbtlzfe fun Nighttime was very im- portant to teenagers, es- pecially Mountain View teenagers. These unqiue teenagers always knew what to do to have fun. They enjoyed spending time with their friends by taking advantage of all the things Mesa has to offer, like the movies, dance clubs, the mall, cruis- ing, or something close to home like rooting on the Toros at a sports event like football or basketball. McDonalds, Burger King, Flaky lakes, and Bobby McGee's are places they want to to indulge them- selves in food. If they didn't feel like going out, they often chose someone's house that had lots of food, movies, and comfortable furniture. Of course, if there was someone special in their lives, they would most likely be found with him or her. The average date usually included dinner and ith friends or lovers the movies, but the Toros weren't always average. Some of the creative ideal dates included a picnic in the park, or maybe just kicking back at one of their houses. Whether Toros just dated casually or had a seri- ff We have to be somewhat seri- ous for five days of the week so we can kick back with the dudes on the weekends. Mark Harris 4125 ll ous relationship, whether they were a social but- terfly or just enjoyed spending time alone, night- life was very well liked and will be remembered for the rest of Toro lives. if l True Love Brandi Hannum Whizkid Brian Copper con- and Scott Fitzgerald stroll ca centrates hard on the video sually into the senior lockers game he tries to play :Qu ' N , my Ai :ia . ' 4 Togetherness- Art Frazier and Laura Lockhead are caught together at the mall. Look into my eyes- Wendy Fraughton and Matt Patch enjoy a few moments to- gether. f v fs 3- sx I ff. f 1 lg!! , all , K ' l A M- , Y Y , , Gotcha!-1oeISpeckman and Renee Erikson are caught offguard holding hands be- tween classes. Romance!Nightlife 55 Y Boots are back!- In all colors, short and tall, with buttons and with fringes. In full stride- junior Missy Felstead wears the ever-styl- ish white keds and tank dress. No hair here- Senior Darrin Peterson dares to be differ- ent and proves that a Mo- hawk is okay without colored dye or hair-sprayed spikes. .NNH -l ' The newest craze for Keeping up with this year's fashions was not that difficult. If you wanted to make it on the fashion scene, all you had to remember was "anything goes." Mountain View saw many styles this year ranging from high leather boots with mini skirts to fringed leather jackets with high-tops. Male or female, ll People pretty much wore what they wanted. ll Kenna Stone mod or jock, there was something for everyone. "People pretty much wore what they wanted to school whether it was kicking back in sweats or dressing up in skirts and sweaters," commented senior Kenna Stone. 56 Fads and Fashions aslvionable fads For girls, boots came back this year. They were worn with jeans, short skirts or the increasingly popular long "prairie" skirts. For guys, the Generra look was hot. The ever- popular Guess line of clothing was still in full swing. jackets were also a way of expressing fashion this year. Leather jackets were the most popular. Mods wore theirs with fringes while punkers decorated theirs with spikes and crosses. Hairstyles varied from the sporty flat top to the eye-catching Mohawk. "Hair says the most about your personality. lt's the greatest fashion statement ever," said junior Dirk Harper. Music was also a factor in the way people dressed this year, from the Rappin' music style of long black coats and hats to the t-shirts expressing the most popular groups. .A What style- Seniors Mike Ryan, Ron McKenzie, Corey Adams, Darrin Peterson and lan Morehouse show that shorts and T-shirts are what they choose. Leather is not always tough- Many jackets are seen at Mt. View but none are like junior Bret Balthrop's leather with fringes! ,lv l A Who needs a hat?- Some, like junior Debrahanne Wong, use scarves and kerchiefs to hold their hair up especially to dis- play their many earrings. Marked by mousse- No, it's not a rock star, it's junior Randy Edmons showing us a rare but catchy display of the wonders of the human head. Fads and Fashions 57 Keep lifting on - junior Shar- Stretch it out - Senior Tricia Iene Edwards lifts arm Bursell stretchs out during weights in weight training. aerobics class. Slim ancl trim, lvese days, tlvat's 'Wlvat's in Some students have the determi- nation and will power to have a steady workout schedule. These students know their limits and are always striving to become better. Mountain View has many classes that students take to stay in shape. One of those is general P.E. David Tate, a sophomore, commented, "If I wasn't taking this class, I wouldn't take out the time to exercise. It gets me away from my regular classes." Another class offered is weight training. junior Chris Luebke who is taking the class said, "I wish we had more time to get a total workout." Students in sports are also driven by motivation to stay in shape year-round for the sports they are involved in. Doug Allen, senior, said "I enjoy lifting weights because it makes me a better player in basketball." Allen started practice for this season when last year's season ended. He lifts weights a couple of 58 Diet! Fitness hours every day. On the other hand, many students decide to try fitness centers. There are many to be found in the Valley. Tricia Bursell, senior, who teaches as an aerobic instructor at a local health club, said, "Teaching CC Working out gives me cz sense of accomplishment. Shad Kelly CIZQ ,, aerobics is a great experience. It make me feel great and keeps me in good shape. It also relieves lots of built up stress!" Girls also keep in shape by taking many of the P.E. classes offered. A few of those are aerobics, dance, weight training and general P.E. X 1 Concentration - junior Paul Wolff and Senior jeff Sarlo spot Senior Greg Wetch. Keep struggling - junior Mike Martinez spots Senior Fred Rogers as he attempts to bench press. Catch the Wave- Max Hea- droom poses in the video Pananoimia by the group The Art of Noise. This is great- Whitney Houston smiles at the loud applause after singing her heart out for a com- mercial. O Hey man that's cooll- Eddie Murphy gives an okay sign with a big smile. 60 Music Say cheesel- The group Bananarama is famous for its hit songs "Cruel Summer and Venus What's up- Huey Lewis waits to hear the latest news. This school rocks to People often listen to different types of music to put them in a certain mood. Music can make peo- ple happy and even take away frustrations in life. Other people listen to music that can be applied to their own lives. The majority of students listen to music because it has rhythm and a good beat. "My opinion is most of today's music is pretty good. It's just that I think some music has more rhythm and beat than others," said Shane Shaw. A few popular heavy metal rock groups were Cinderella, Bon Iovi and Dokken. Many different "New Wave" singers and groups came out this year. A few of those were New Or- der, The Smiths, Modern English and The Cure. A few male pop favorites were Howard jones, Peter ifferent beats Cetera, Phil Collins and Robert Palmer. Many new pop female vocalists made it to the top. A few of those are janet jackson, Belinda Carlise, Whitney Houston and Stacey Q. ,, The kind of music I like reflects the kind of person I am. Karen Osterman 1125 ll Concerts were a good opportunity for students to go out with friends and have a good time. On November 29 David Lee Roth came to Veteran's Memorial Coliseum. On December 'I4 journey also came to the coliseum. Music 61 Embarrassing mistakes Have you ever tripped down the stairs, slipped down the ramp when it is wet, or run into the locker cages? Everyone has their embarrassing or funny moments, but here are some exclusive ones from Mountain View students: "When Marci Hendrickson gave me the sweet- heart award over the announcement." Andy Pe- ! I I was doing the Wrong fight song routine in a pep assembly. I I Ronnajean Moon C 12j terson, junior. "My 20-year old girlfriend came to my weight training class in a fishnet bikini." Ken Henderson, junior. "When me and Mark Cullbeston got a bunch of nd comic sights people together to go to Dunkin Donuts, then found out we didn't have a car." Lane Anderson, junior. "When I slipped and fell on the gym floor com- ing out of a pep assembly." Sharon Hossler, junior. "I was standing in line at the post office getting stamps when this guy came up behind me, said my name and started talking to me and I didn't know who he was." Christie Binkley, senior. "When I was a sophomore, I tripped down the stairs, landed on my knees and my books went flying everywhere. Then three seniors standing close by all yelled sophomore!" Brad Bolar, junior. You don't have to be a sophomore just because you walk into the wrong room. juniors occasionally forget their combinations or where they parked their car, and seniors are prone to locking their keys into their cars. just remember, the next time your face turns red, or you want to die, it happens to everyone. ,fv 1 v 3 if Hello there! Brandy Han- num hides behind a snow bank while up at Sunrise ski- ing for the weekend. Point that toe! While per- forming for the talent show Thad Decker, science teach- er, gets many laughs in his outfit. X i is x Don't take my toy awayl- Mrs. jackson holds onto her favorite stuffed animal and won't let anyone take it awayvfrom her as she nervously watches the state football game. JW' lf' Q an 49' s s Q xx BOM X .... gun..-.gqinuw Where's the ball? Steve Lindhorst looses the ball while being tackled by Moon Valley defense in the state championship game. Embarrassing moments 63 SE IORITIS TRIKES CLASS OF ,87 THE CURE: GRADUATION Are you a senior? Do you find yourself sluffing for no apparent reason? Sleeping in class? Even worse, contributing to class discussions? Getting to school as the bell rings? Not bothering to complete homework? Tak- ing easy classes or blowing off the hard ones? lg- noring teachers? Taking two hours for lunch? Day- dreaming? Thrashing friends lockers? Dressing less then fashionable? tsweats and T'sj Ditching? At- tempting to excuse own absences? Passing people up the stands? Energy geared towards the week- end? Mocking underclassmen, especially sopho- mores? Lack of brain usage? Taking extra long weekends twhen two days is not enoughj? Giving blood? Missing excessive days? Getting away with anything and everything, almost? Sitting on Senior Hill? Getting rowdy and having a blast? Feeling over confident? Even SUPERIOR? THE ILLNESS: SENIORITIS As a sophomore senioritis was a thought, as a junior it Was an expectation, as a senior Senioritis is a reafity. -Kiley Asado 99 lounging at the locker- Seniors kick back and shoot the breeze between classes. Seniors Got Spirit, Yeah, Yeah- We got what? Seniors prove lf, just how spirited they are at the Homecoming game. Gul X U sttts t tsttttt at X M Go Home Sophies- Seniors get off to a great start at the Hello Assembly. IAMIN' OUT IN STYLE- Mark Borg- man gives new meaning to the word SENIORITIS. ff WHAT THE HEY- David Bell, Brian Martinson, and Tony Garcia Can't believe their eyes. CATCH THE WAVE- Even our opposition feels the need to kick back and relax. Senioritis 65 " ...ii W nv , ,Ng- Q fu 1 L 4 an .vs .1 - . 11" u,,.w" ..- n w in .-w R w.. 1 ' 'W 1 V, 66 Division MX 3" . Ui. mr.. .wx ,iKi,mli, WM...-wr Wm. Nh. 3 K 24 , .J ,pax- il !5N"'H'liU r U'-lm ri. wi.. 'I Q i war .fullnlm Mk ,hi 1541: 'X - F,m.A,i.,.,iifi.1 1... Outburst of encouragement- During the Homecoming game against Westwood, junior Trevor Cavanaugh shows determination. l Sparks Team work - juniors Taya Rudd and Missy Eskew are ready to help as junior joni Weight prepares herself to hit the ball. Pure concentration - junior Charise Parsons focuses on serving a perfect ball. l Spikes-not just onother hoirstyle Self-discipline, the ability of to the 1992 Olympics. talent team could beat them," the players to function as a unit "You have to have an open said Coach janet Bosely. and plain old hard work, pro- vided the key to the junior varsity volleyball team's suc- cess. The team spent at least three hours a day practicing form and skill drills such as setting and serving. Depend- ing upon the strengths of the opposing team, different drills were practiced. Special attributes of this year's team were height and nat- ural talent. Sophomore Darcie Schlagel played on the junior Olympic Volleyball Team when she was not playing for Moun- tain View. Schlagel hopes to go 68 jV Volleyball mind, a good attitude and lots of commitment to play a sport," said Schlagel. Aside from performing well individually, the girls per- formed well as a team. "If the girls don't work as a unit, a no- junior Taya Rudd said, "We're not just six individ- uals on a court. We're a team and we encourage each oth- er." Coach janet Bosely has en- joyed coaching this year al- though it took longer to pull the different personalities to- gether. Coach Bosely tried to install the philosophies of, so e "self-discipline and a positive mental attitude," since, "vol- leyball is as much a mental game as a game of skill." The team began each game with the motto of "play our game our way." I . f rv I ff, f 1 s . Ei t I " ' nga as :Y I .5 il c 1, nr1n"'f gg ,x mental attitude is the name of the game Continuing in the tradition of strong Toro volleyball teams, this year's group posted another im- pressive start by winning five out of their first seven games. In ad- dition, the team also won the Mesa Mountain View Invita- tional by defeating Apollo High in straight sets 15-2 and 17-15 respectively. Led by co-captains Tina Castleberry and lisa Berg, the team showed intensity in its first half of the season. "We are really motivated and are out to win," said senior Kelly Cong- don. With four returning varsity players, the young team had its work cut out for it. Even though it was a young team, Coach Charlotte Kim said it was a very strong team because, "They played on teams during the summer and really under- stand the concept of the game." "Volleyball is really a mental game, and the mental attitued of the team can determine whether they win or lose," said Coach Kim. She also added that, "The mental attitued affects the tide of the game as well." Reach for the sky- Senior Lisa Berg sets up the ball for another Toro point. "The best game for us was against Tempe because they have the best athletes in the confer- ence," said Coach Kim In addi- tion Coach Kim felt, "lf we can keep our mental attitues from going up and down and main- tain a level of intensity there isn't anybody that can beat us." Airborne- Going up over two Coron defenders Kourtney Neil goes for th ball. 1 Ready- Erikka Lambson shows deep concentration as she prepares to serve an- other winner. 1 ,uf-v,,X,,, .,!,,,f X Varsity Volleyball, Front row: Leslie Bloomfield, Kelly Cong- don, Tina Castleberry, Lisa Berg. Row two: jennifer Meeker, Denise McDougle, Kourtney Neil, Erikka Lambsen. Back row: Coach Charlotte Kim, manager Trina Hedrix, Cathy Whalen, Lauri Harmon, Coach janet Bo- sely. Quo Boys' Swimming, Front Row: Kent Kohlhase, john Calloway, Chris McLLaugh- lin, Kyle Cawood, David Ricks, Brian Barnes, Troy Leith, Rusty Pooler, Middle Row: Steve Hammons, Fort Guirin, LR. Helmig, Tim Re- gester, Mike Zaharis, Carlos Logacho, Danny Singer, Mike Campbell, Rick Du- Pont, Phil Clar, Back Row: jeff johns, jeff Shultz, Wade Brannon, Greg Moore, Ra- min Bledsoe, Mark Balch, Mike Hanson, Coach Thad Decker, Chris Brady, jim Cwiakala, Mike Shultz, Steve Beeghley, Brian Arlander, Grant Baecker, Robert Clar. 'Q Off the blocks- junior Steve Beeghley jumps out in front during practice. On your mark- Sophomore Kent Kohlhase is ready to go during an afternoon prac- tice. Q gsm h I fsxlyx ri. Dx M , xMi C 1 ,s, 1, , . s, P . 'Z Wifi l gf? ,S Q, 4 kb F 1 E .iu-nt..- a- A O qkw' ..... M ...a S Wll"'lllwWMlll 6 Toros pull together for sploshing seoson Swimming really isn't as easy as Both teams had many young it looks. Many hours of practice swimmers from Kino and Poston are put into building a competi- junior Highs. "It was great to tive swimmer. have the younger swimmers on The boys' and girls' swim teams the team," commented Fletcher. had daily practices for two hours in which they worked on building up their endurance. Each team did sprints and re- lays along with distance work. "The practices were really challenging for the younger swimmers," said Sherri Fletch- er, captain of the girls swim team. This year, emphasis was placed on team unity and team spirit. "The captains really helped to pick up our team spirit and helped to encourage the team members," said swimmer Lynn Balthasar. :Se '62 5 fi just a minute- Senior Mike Hansen and junior Wade Brannon take a quick mo- ment to catch their breath. Both teams pulled together with the older swimmers helping the younger, less experienced swimmers, Coach Sandy McCor- mick said, The stronger swim- mers were a definite help." The main team goals were to beat Dobson ans win divisionals. Many swimmers had this goal and were really motivated to achieve it. "We really wanted to go undefeated and beat Dob- son," said Balthasar. Still, each swimmer had his own personal goals he hoped to achieve. "I just wanted to do the very best that I could do," said Fletcher. "This year, I had the largest, most dedicated group of swimmers and I believe that in the coming years we will be- come one of the biggest swim- ming powers in the state," said Coach Thad Decker. I rf. Girls' Swimming, Front Row: Kathy Kirkendall, Manager, Kristin james, Re- becca Chapman, jennifer Borgman, jennifer Cook, jennifer Dohanoyos, Christina Porche, juilie Sims, Sylvia Montero, Middle Row: joni Davis, Cari Berta, Sassy Retig, Traci McTeer, Laura Dever, Phoebe Mann, Penny Foos, Lynn Balthasar, Venetia Abers, Rachelle jones, Back Row: Michelle Pitts, Melis- sa Brown, Melissa Chapman, Sam Rob- erts, Sherri Fletcher, Lacy Nelson, Mi- chelle Crago, julie Brown, Coach Sandy McCormick. Swimming. Teams 73 Round and round- Completing a som- ersault is diver Carie Carpenter. Carrie Carpenter. Diving, Front row: Valerie Hale, jessica Mortenson, Carrie Carpenter, Middle Row: joel Yoder, Kyle Degroffg Back row: Richard Turley, Coach Barbara Minch. lllllllwllllilllwtiigd Teom tries for o perfect score "It takes a special kind of per- son and a lot of raw courage" to be a diver, according to the Div- ing Coach Barbara Minch. She also said it required a showman's attitude, the thing new 5 - ,A,e--, and different and a little l sense of hu- l mor when a y guts to try some- dive be- i comes a bel- lyflop. This year's l diving team l consisted of i - -V - - seven divers ranging from fresh- men to seniors. The captain of the team was senior diver loel Yoder. Though it was loel's first year on the school team, he dove on a team in the summer. joel was also the leading male diver. Sophomore Valerie Hale was the team's high scorer. Even though the team had many first-year divers, they placed in the top spots at almost every meet. Valerie was most consistent with first places in the first eight meets. Valerie has been diving for three years and i is trying for the T 1992 Olympics. She practices approximately 11-12 hours a week during Q the school year. She spends more time diving during the summer. - Valerie feels that diving "helps me to set goals and priorities." Even if diving takes up much of her time, she thinks it's worth it and said, "I love to dive. l look forward to it everyday." n-won-fan-.....M-ws- i .-Ma..- ,WWW ,,,, ,,,,,,, H1 ----- 11-. v ..- -- 1 ,,,z. ,, A. .WW-. .. M. ui -Ml -5- 1 -4 -L .- W-ru.-m t,. ,1....s, .,i., ,,,,.-A... . W, , ,FMA V I vm....,..... 4 Q, ,.,.--.,...,.-fi 1 vw- ,iw ,.,...t.r 1. .,.,..,.... .1 ,.,.. H, 44 -CHN' A different view- Valerie Hale soars through the air in perfect form. Almost there- Preparing to enter the water is sopho- more Valerie Hale. -n--nn-un. .1 Soaring- Senior diver joel Yoder flies through the air during practice. Diving 75 0 'Q ng. A. .,,,.,. 5 1. axg, . ,.,,. --.UW K 4 .sy .. N -.. . ll - S 35..5'.:E.1 - 2 .V X 5 E: ' 5? I .,x!EmEgg. 2 A 0 Q ' -11 -2. f.. E -3 .,.,. S. K 'i iv ' f 41 1. xx- 'A-QW 6'..x:- X. -. - ' X 7. . 1-"F . 2 X . 5 .sa . .W " g gVw,,,5f..., , . mf., F...-gs-.. f ... M .. , . ' fgg-.vY'i.gf1r,.:S,ki1i6?ii 1 ,Q ' . . ff-W , 'Y Vj,'fB,g,q' Si' SN: 3 X. . , ...f.... ,. . ...- .V E ,L Li K A K fx gg ' w,f:mxf..... MQ.. . Q ,N 6 .w,x.w.., W - X . ,k,.?..,'E,-ggi, M. R J gb . ,E NWS R - 'fwf- . . 1 fi.. . N. wx Tv ' J V, .N-.4 .W - . -.Q ...M A ,Q-fi' -.X K. ff.,-X . . 83-01833 ATX. -hmm. ' ijkg-..fgg.'s2'f it f .2 N . " w. .. , , M . , K ,M,QA,6.gmf1-EQQS5.-5 5 X ., V' Q. ..j , W- 35.1. ,J J, -. - fksi-KL .. 'xi k x K A 1 N ...ff ' .3 B msfvi ' ' .' k -. Q. -fy... ,W 1 .W , , 1. ' -xg 1 1: V. I - , ar , Q .M y ., . . , , 4 A vel . A Q V . Y x 'Qi I . Q.. Q I Z' , 5. .kin ,,gf,Qa'3'N. L . . : " .. x . x . v , , .mv rv- ,Q X -ff . ffl? xi. sig? 'X me-W ...,.,,,,i'w ww" X Y' 'ffm , . 5ff"Yf"'f' 1 . t .qi .1 -,i,.1S'f'..g,-Q 4 ' V '.g.fg,.x., v .. 11.3 3 'S 'wk . AF," - tsi ff--. 'gy-,gig sm... Q Q Togetherness Ieods to state Shouts and whistles of victory coming from the stands were not an unusual sound after Friday night football games. The 1986-87 Toro Varsity Foot- ball team started off the season with three straight wins over Gil- bert, Dobson and McClintock. Gilbert, last year's defending di- v i s i o n a l champs were beaten 3-7. Also, they shut out McClintock 26-0. Then the Toros lost to Mar- cos de Niza 20-21 when a conversion attempt failed in the last minutes of the game. On October 10, for the first time in four meetings, the Toros were victorious over undefeated Westwood 15-12. As the final seconds ticked away at the homecoming game, the excited crowd rushed onto the field. The team consisted of 30 sen- iors, 14 juniors, and one sopho- more. The players, trainers and coaches spent 18-20 hours a week outside of school time pre- paring for the season. A point stressed strongly was togetherness - "being a family." Senior Ron Vranas said, that since there was no one superstar, "The team felt closer and was more competitive." Bill Faysak also com- mented that, "The team was better because it didn't rely on just one person." Coaches Kayle Haws, S Willie Dud- ley and Don Kramer worked on specialized aspects of the sport and trainer Greg Potts kept the players in good health. Head Coach jesse Parker brought it to- gether and taught the philos- ophy of the sport. This was the right combination and the Toros became State Champions beat- ing undefeated Moon Valley 31 to 7. Ole- Proud Toro fans show their sup- port of the team during the McClintock game. L.. Flashing the sign- Injured player Tim jones shows his support after a Toro win. Action time- The Toro team returns to the field after a halftime pep talk. v. bail 77 f QGDDillT k Porker encourages on ond off field Last year, rumors were circulating that lesse Parker, varsity football coach, was thinking about leaving to coach college foot- ball. He said, "I haven't thought of it. At that level, you don't have much influence on student's lives." One of Parker's main goals is to see these boys turn into young men and become better people. "The one thing l'll re- member about Coach Parker is how he has helped me mature, mainly towards becom- ing a man," said senior Steve Behr. Parker focused on be- ing a close knit team. "lt's hard to forget indi- vidualism, but I try to encourage a team first concept." Senior Glenn Clouse feels the same. "He treats everyone the same and doesn't have favorites. He treats the team fairly." Like many coaches, Parker takes into con- sideration when the team does a wrong play. "lt depends on the type of mistake. If they hustle and try, it's okay. If the player doesn't hustle he'll be punished." Parker also has strong feelings against football players being hand car- ried through high school. "A schools pur- pose is education. Some teachers are harder on them and no teacher would deliber- ately pass a player tif he didn't de- serve it.Y' When Parker retires, he hopes one thing will be r e m e m b e r e d about him and his coaching. "That kids who played football here learn more then just football. That they learn something about life." When does he plan to retire? "When they make me." Yea!- Coach jesse Parker gets excited as a Westwood Warrior gets tackled. Butterfingers- During home- coming, Westwood fumbles for the third time. Seizing up the offense- Steve Behr awaits for Gilbert to put the ball into action. Showing the way- Mike Phair leads the Toros to a 21-7 victory over the Tigers. Varsity Football, Front row: Shane Skipps, Brendon Zachary, Steve Lind- horst, Chad VanMoorelehem, Scott Hedges, Brent Blakeman, Robbie Naw- fel, Rich Unangst, Mac Fitch, Row 2: Mark Marrero, Neil Robinson, jared lennings, joe Timmins, Chris Allen, Trainer Dawn Ressler, Darren DeGra- cie, jason Phillips, Brian Paynter, Steve Behr, joel Holmes, Row 3: Colin Red- ding, David Toon, Wilford Cardon, Coach Kayle Hays, Equipment Manager Harold Gee, Trainer Greg Potts, Head Coach Jesse Parker, Coach Willie Dud- ley, Coach Don Kramer, Pete McKer- nan, Eric Nielson, Jamie Lang, Row 4: Manager Tom Bluthe, lsaac Flores, Bill Faysak, Ron Vranas, Brad Heath, Ryan Clarkson, Robert Clemmons, Brent Al- var, Tim jones, Bill Cox, Glenn Clouse, Mike Phair, Trevor Cavanaugh, Man- ager Tim Mammon, Back Row: Darrin Kauer, Chuck Rogers, Aaron Brown, Ron Tinseth, David Schlagel, Kurt Haws, Paul Standage, Eric Larson, Corwin Har- mon, Danny Gerz. f4"i 1912 l' Breaking Away- Keith Phelps breaks through offensive line to tackle an op- ponent. junior football, Front row: joe Es- queda, jeff Olcott, David Thompson, Keith Phelps, Ken Crowe, Doug Ed- munds, Robert Sheriff, Dan Vasquez Second Row: Trampis Cornwell, Tim Hoffman, Larry Rowley, Robert Lynn, Scott Ryan, jason Campbell, Tony Mir- anda, A. Pitts, Mike Dunn Third Row: Matt Eagleberger, jim Zollinger, Geoff Toon, Peter Cervantes, Don Maly, Coach Rich Pikosz, Coach Steve Dela- no, Shawn Riggs, Alan Valentine, Korri Rederick, Ron Sanderson Fourth Row: Rory Lunt, Karl Sanft, Dan Rooney, Matt Weidl, jeff Beard, justin Lavender, jason Fishbeck, Mike Bailey Back Row: Neal VanNorman, David Soelberg, Rick Bryce, Tim Velasquez, Trase Barney, Preston Cluff, Kurt Kronemeyer, Thomas Mattingly, Mark Culbertson, Dirk Harper. so jifziiidwball ? T L Bursting onto the field The junior football team got off to a fresh start with two new coaches and 40 juniors this year. Coach Rich Pikosz, a teacher at Mesa Vo-Tech, and Coach Steve Delano, who works at Motorola, Brought together a squad of ju- opponents. Their rushing was led by Keith Phelps and jason Camp- bell. The offense was also a pass- ing team. With receivers Matt Eagleberger and Matt Weidl, the Toros gained many yards. The average yardage for the junior niors to P --- team was make a approxi- s o u n d mately 300 football yards a t e a m . game. Team uni- The de- ty and fe n s e , spirit came however, together was the toform"a strong very solid point of football the junior ball team," team. The said Coach Pikosz. "With a large amount of players to choose from you get a better quality of players and a positive team spir- it," also said Coach Pikosz. With the offense led by justin Lavender, quarterback, the Toros did a lot of damage to their key players in the defense were jeff Beard and Dan Rooney, both guards. Dan Rooney com- mented that, "lt's been a strong season. Playing on the junior team was fun and it offered much more playing time." l . , s Y- "j, P' ' . --'K' sl , v ' "',,,.1 cl Y 5 - U if gre NLQ4: 5,0 1, """ " ,f v 'LP' Q V l r H I ,p - A . , 1. 5, as Y 1 ia 3 , so I-I 3 Q C15 ' 1 l """""'ff -tx, R+ l 4 ' , ' 0 ' I' S TAG!- Trampis Cornwell tackles an opposing player and stops the play. Going for goal- The Toros offense rallies for another touchdown. v ir 1 S . Pi s . 9 , 'MQ Q F if. Qi 2 . .... .ewes-Tl We -JH' QNX' ., S ,s ' gt Rn-f QW F T L Sophomore strength shines through "We probably have more po- family," said Tony Leek, "We drills were practiced to build en- tential on this team than any win as a team and we lose as a durance and refine technique. team l've ever coached," said team." Five outstanding sophmores, Coach lim Brady aboutthe 1986- The players pulled off a win- Netto Renteria, Dustin Rash, 1987 l.V. football team. The team proved this statement with a winning record of 7 wins, 'I loss. Coach Brady also felt that the strength of the team was its unity. The players were ex- tremely supportive of each other and "worked toward one cause, getting better as a team to improve the game," he said. Before each game, a pray- ning season with a lot of hard er was said which brought the work and long practices. Block- team closer together. "We're a ing, passing, hitting and running 82 l.V. Football Nate Werner, Craig O'DonnaI and lohn Noehren started out playing for the l.V. football team and were later moved up to the varsity team. "They have so much natural talent," said Coach Brady. "Our team played with a lot of intensity and pride," said Tony Leek. Poised and ready- The de- fensive linemen stand ready for their opponents' attack. Pre-game plans- Dustin Rash, Lance Smith and Bill McDaniel discuss their strat- egy. 4 mr if ' ft... . a 4 ,, 2 W QM, k ,.,, ., 1. y i ' ...M -Q F 5' . yn yygg it ...-we--, 1 41 1 I 5 M ,, v, I K i f ..,,at.' A ...QW if e VY 73? ' ' iii- .f 1. Q' A if if I g:l.g3..,,z..,,. .... .x ,Ei K W ,,sW V V ' iw . xr. .Q an 29a . sfhw, On the lookout- Netto Ren- teria scans the field for a place to run free of tacklers. ff" l.V. Football, Front Row: R. Lee, C. Nelson, D. Hayes, J. Lee, S. Orona, l. Davis, R. Doka, A. Ortiz, T. Leek, I. Kneiflg Second Row: S. Beltran, B. Lane, E. Mountz, T. Smith, K. Lulloff G. Tinseth, K. Ressler, M. Brown, D. Hiatt, 1. Candland, G. Dempsey, B. Gifford, S. Church, Third Row: j. Tuckett, Coach I. Brady, L. Smith, P. Enabnit, B. Boyd, I. Miller, B. Fitch, P. Frazier, D. Larson, D. Hood, S. Bible R. ludd, Coach S. Skeels, K. Sick- miller, M. Northey, Fourth Row: M. Doka, E. McCormick, D. jones, C. Cunningham, J. Nobis, R. Lowe, L. Andrews, C. Dunn, G. Darr, R. Earl, K. Bergen, R. Pickles, L. Vasques, Fifth Row: R. McConnell, 1.1. Davis, I. Noehren, S. Phillips, B. Galatian, M. Beaudoin, I. Blazo, M. Combs, 1. Leeper, C. O'Donnal, B. McDaniel, D. Myers, Back Row: B. Swartz, T. Wiemelt, N. Werner, D. Riggs, I. West, E. Renteria, D. Rash, D. Shields, C. Ruiz, D. Bowman, T. Bar- rett. 1 1 I.V. Football 83 fx J ?KsQ lM T ff Varsity team takes second in state "All the way to state"-This Halfway through the course, it as we are," said team member was a common saying from the there is a spot that is approxi- Geoff McNabb. Boys' Cross Country Team. Itful- mately 250 yards long that the Some people wondered what ' " the runners thought about dur- ing the long distance races. "I usually thought about lyr- ics to a song, catching the next filled its commitment and went team calls 'Killer Hill. onto the state championship after a 9-2 season. The team had morning and afternoon practices. In the mornings, it ran around the ca- nals, the dairy and Fountain Hills. Afternoon practices were held mostly around the school area. The team ran an average of 50-60 miles a week. "We ran all over Mesa," said team member Brian Searles. Killer Hill really separates the guy, and how tired I was," said McNabb. "I thought about how I wanted to run Killer Hill, who I wanted to go after, and most of all the finish," said Searles. Unity was foremost in the minds of the team members. "Everyone helped everyone Home meets were held in men from the boys. The other else and we were all proud to be Fountain Hills at Fountain Park. teams just aren't as prepared for in the group," said McNabb. Ng ' How are they doing?-junior Glenn King of the hill-Senior Todd Lewis wx, - - ' Pff.. ' Thomas and Senior john Marriott watch shows the strain as he makes the climb the IV team. up "Killer Hill." 5 84 B. X-Country ,I .I , 4 -ff' N ,- , I-33.55-I -9 ,919 ,, l l' 5 1 I ' ,b .1 Y 0 We . W Ll 1 Y' Q A l . M 5:5 'i" fr ' 8 X 4424 gp ' -.91!bm,ss 6 8 . at ' 2 5 Q 5 -f-- -'-- C m"'?l 285 -ff 4 is Q ffl ,C an it y ws 'Y 9 A gh: 4- M145 1 of it GRC.. 8 88? 'iwvyj 8 Wi, I .. A A i- f us. t it 4 1 " Ei , , A 4 y at C 1 me S 1' N 1 1 ,sf iw N' .1 I gl ' ' fR5'J Q My 'Hain Boys' Cross Country MVT Opponent 18 Marcos de Niza 43 Chandler 48 McClintock 48 43 Westwood 18 Paradise Valley 48 Casa Grande 39 Mesa 48 City Meet 33 City Meet 69 55 City Meet as 15 Gilbert 48 State-Second pl. 9 wins, 2 losses wwf :if W NP 1 R , f .fy--'35 H ifm,,,, O qv I. F11 Wxw , Q-Us .' ' 1 . ' Ar Q 1 .5- 2 f a-.j .-,?'f,ks,,g vw , iffy -. - ' A ' "':. -?'gm1,""" 'Y-f'f QW,,, A ' Jf.,1.:fg, 'wwwzwvk fx, . ,M . X -u.,2f ., f 'XA' ' '4- Q. kk ,1- xt nk , ,V K . ' " ',,,,,,,. li". W, 1 . - Lf-ff... 'f4Q.,?vs..gv4,. s ' . W, ,hh Qf x..",4,qg,l3f - . .1 . .N N . - ,,u, ,,.' ,., t ,,..,, is . f , v,l'uV.,k ' t . ' wr, the state meet. Girls Cross-Country, Front row: jenni- fer Delong, Laura Wildes, Laura Cle- Nellen, Coach jack Snow, Terri Green, ments, Kim Lofgran, Mindy Bunning, julie Goodyear, Back row: Erica Owens, Heidi Dugan, Tracy Adams, Christina Krista Heinz, Traci Smith, jennifer Wall. .... Concentration - Sophomore runner . . Christina Nellen puts out an extra boost 9 - of energy to keep ahead. l. B Q3Q5ljjj S5i ?KeQ L iT ? Sond ond hills test Girls' teom members On November 22, seven girls There were approximately 150 The girls' team ran 8-10 miles a loaded into a van at 7:30 in the participants from Arizona in the day on average. They had prac- morning. After a two hour ride, FHCG. tice from six to seven in the they arrived at their destination - The hardest part of preparing morning and from 2 to 3:30 p.m. "We didn't know if we could do it or not, but we did," said senior runner Traci Adams after Girls' Cross-Country took fourth place at the meet in Tucson. The team didn't think that it would be up in the top five. The top finishers in the meet were freshman runner Rebec- ca Chapman who placed four- was training in the sand. Another teenth and senior Traci Adams trouble Sp0t WHS "Killer Hill" On who was twenty-sixth, the course at Fountain Hills. They ran along the canals, in Fountain Hills and on the track. Even though the team did so well in divisionals and state, its season had itsshare of injuries. Three runners were hurt dur- ing the course of the season. They were senior TraciAdams, sophomore Christina Nellen and sophomore Erica Owens. G. Cross-Country 87 WQ 3?lllllTT7? Basketball team runs for goals Inside the basketball coaches' office, a sign could have been found hung on the wall listing four goals, goals which the varsity basketball team set before the season be- gan. Under the supervi- sion of Gary Earnst the team decid- ed that it would win no less than 20 games, win the Flag- staff tournament, East Valley League, and State. Earnst said, "They can go as far as they like to. They are capable of great things." The team finished second out of 10 in the tournament with beating out Coconina, Prescott and Farmington, NM. Earnst worked with 14 young men, eight of which returned from last year. They started pre- paring during the summer league 88 V Basketball on such skills as shooting and passing. Team captain and senior Doug Allen said, "We are not a selfish team. We pass too much but we're a good passing team which makes us better." Their atti- tudes are tremendous and I feel they all do a good job," said Earnst. The season started out tough with having to play top ranked schools Alhambra and Carl Hay- den. Earnst added, ln the long run it will make us a better team." With football taking state the team agreed that it does have some affect on their perfor- mance. Earnst believes that it helped the players realize that it is within their reach. Up, Up and Away- Teammates from both teams look up at the ball waiting for it to come back down. s . t pq,?', I , , M gyms-Hifi' 'W jerry Ri basket. Up for Two- Two Thunder- bird opponents try to block chie from going for a Pre-game- Before the game, Scott Driggs warms up for a Toro victory. f-,- "'4""'n ,.i.,.' uv, ,V V. .,,,W,,,,,,4 n ..f i, :M x::iim5g,,?u,,gp25i-iii: 'F A-as 1 V-, A H3 -Li TE 2S1'5'f?'3f9l'ti.:!4, Tm . fy" "fv'v-- i. -I 'A Q a.g,,'T,Mr fit .V , 2' V ,.,,5La, V A' 1 V a ,7-f'fl2',", . 'Qi L' V ww, 'f5"g' Rav A, ' fi uh, '21 f T' i . , e H+ 32 , 5. V- Nh-,, 'i35tmL.lQ"f" ',1 af. H A""T-aff , ,,, , 4. "l?l"l'l" ? M J' 5,-Z 419: , V , . AV -.,,V,.g,,f'.V jl"'-.Wx ,v vga, 1 ' 'f we M., ., , . nav. ww 'fl i .x ' ,, " K., V ,......L0-d-in-.-M.-.,u,....f, '-rf ..,W,,.-.V A..f , f M ,, ,. ....... f- '-4' 'pa , - ' -ek . I A I x -- - is: Q A -an , my , K hw. 4' 'if if vi., ' , 'lib-. ' wi l aah, , as , A ' , ,A V. .- qigmy. K 'M ' ' M M"Wf',f ' H i s 43.59. Steady that ball- Scott Hat- field waits for an opening to pass the ball. Outta my way- Phil Enabnit races for the ball before it bounces out of bounds. 90 IV Basketball tl! ..,.. 0 .-11515. gf ,. :- i l .M -, you sam- msgs sl - N...--....,-...Q ..,c..... c.,.w,. 0 a xt L, ,e-u 0 ,qu-an .. ann.-iz x M' n Q We N it ff in ,Q ' Striding forward- Scott Hatfield makes a run for the hoop to score a point for Mt. View. Somebody catch it- As the ball flies through the air, Mt. View eagerly awaits to catch the pass. is ,. A i. if fi' 1 fi . Su WQ Slllllll1lT7? Devotion, hord The IV Basketball Team, which consisted of all sophomores, showed dedication, spirit and pride throughout the season, both in games and practices. Every player contributed widely to the team by put- ting in many hours of practice dur- ing and after school and also on the weekends in order to make the year a suc- cess. "l feel they are the most team oriented group. They work to- gether as a whole and show great team unity and enthusiasm," said Greg Sessions who has coached the IV team since 1978. Even though the team had a handful of students attend these games, close friends and family work pog off members provided them with the support they needed. Starter IR limenez said, "Our families really cheered us on at the games, which helped us out a lot." Coach Ses- sions com- plimented the team, "This team's s h o otin g average is great. I'm very proud of these guys. Their hard effort and work has truly paid off." Session worked with these 15 young men with one goal in mind, for the future - state champions. He feels they have what it takes to accomplish this goal since they are all-round out- standing athletes, according to Sessions. IV Basketball 91 Q'-' www . ...Z f ' e2 li ,Sm 1 l A L so ' .. .ign- f QP-Pl P li-AQ is Taking a break - Tennis team members take a moment to catch their breathes before meeting their opponent in a match. i N llQ5 Hccurdcg, endurdnce insures successful seotson Three hours a day. That was the amount of time that each team member put in for a day's worth of practice. Some thought practice was easy. Others like Mike Bratrud thought it was difficult. l Practice was spent by re- peating the necessary skills, like agility, endurance and ac- curacy, that was needed to make a good tennis player. Not only was practice spent work- ing on skills, but it was a time for the team members to get to know each other better to c make for a closer team. During each practice, every team member was required to run at least a mile and a half, but was given the option to run it whenever he wanted. 92 Boys' Tennis Students who made the team found that competition took much more than athletic ability, it also took the ability to think quick, because tennis is a game where competitors rely on themselves and their mental atti- tude. "Competition is very stiff in tennis not only between schools but between each player," said senior Scott Brady. There was no real team motto. Each team member seemed to have different words of encour- agement on what he thought was his motto. Huy Nguyens' motto was "Play your best, and have fun. It doesn't matter if you win or lose." A few of the other mottos were "Never let yourself get down, always stay ahead of your opponent," and "Believe in yourself." Through hard work and de- termination, the players goals were achieved. "Being a Toro makes you take pride in yourself and the way you play," said Steve Beeghley, ju- nior. A wlnnlng team- Sopho- more Huy Nguyen executes a l perfect backhand. Qgdlvl Love that swung - junior Steve Beeghly deomon- strates a forehand. l at T va , 5. Nssnvfwv X mm r. -rzeaw . - If. ,... A f - -f . .-. .-. ,,.,., . . -. Abu: ,Q A ,ix 6 Stk, i v V , r J -vngli A K . . -1, - J ff-L """2' Q -h we-ei S -sf f. . , . J'--,'f:'lf1?', fl '-l 51? -1.i,oj 7.5, Q,.J1h,-'iwg-A-Latvian-: . . 4' , ' 'gf N, , .-.-1. , g - I , . S . 7 . X 4 f -A - ' , " .' -A 'A - , ' ' . " . . ,.. 1. - "' ,1 ' LJ- ' 4'."1fQ4i'f'f- ff' ft-,nj :R-p7v5'9f:,5,:, ."' 4 4 ,xii J .igilia . Q 'Witt - ,fJ,f:'T!g: QV. , 2-3 . .a-,cf ' 'V ,. ij'.,,-"- -.H-,5.,.,. -,R 3 , ,f . fr. . is M- . W . - .-:qw 3 ,wffatd . 5-.fmtfrfk-1-iF4+'t'f-A. -tal-afuitlsipgatqildf-N .f M" ' .1 I U A X - 'V ,.,-4: eff. ,uf 'Z I Lg Boys' Tennis Team, Front Gertz, T. Brown, T. Pilugag Frye, T. McCulloch, D. len- row: M. Foote, 1. Kobie, D. Back row: W. Jensen, S. sen, M. Balch, K. Asato, Schmidt, M. Bratrud, S. Groves, H. Nguyen, S. Mur- Coach 1. Brady. Beeghley, T. Logan, l.D. phy, P. Udall, S. Brady, M. X Perfect form - Senior varsity player Tina Giese follows through on a forehand during an afterschool practice session -1 -.....a.a..w......s...n.4 1 if 4 'Illia-s-n f . 1 A Q , Girls' Varsity Tennis: Coach Vicky Pratt, Michelle Coo- Hicks. Linda Berjana, Tina Giese, per, Christen Smith, Wendy H . lll StT T w llS Q Individuolitg, spirit shown throug "People don't think tennis is very physical, but when you are playing a good match, it really is," said varsity player Alina Hum- phrey, junior. The varsity and junior varsity teams trained everyday from two to around four thirty on the courts. They practiced serving, volleying and line drills to perfect their shots. Tennis requires many skills. As junior Vicky Pratt, the number three varsity per said, "Tennis involves a lot of strength and stamina. It takes hard work. You don't just go out there and hit a ball around." Once a week there were chal- lenge matches where one week the even ranked players would challenge the persons who was one place higher than them- selves. The person who won the match became the better ranked player. The following week the evens would challenge up. With this system, it was possible for a person to move up quickly in the standings. Even though the team didn't receive all the support it would W P -.tra it Look of determination - junior Vicky Pratt, varsity team member, reaches that extra inch to return a crosscourt shot in an away game against Westwood. h sportsmanship like, members cheered each oth- er on. Senior Christen Smith, the number one player on varsity, felt that she received all the sup- port she needed. "I just like to go out there and have a good time, I don't care that I am ranked number one," Smith said. The players felt that the coach Linda Bergjano really brought the team together. "She is a really nice and a good coach, everyone likes her," said Humphrey. With three veteran seniors and four returning juniors to lead the team, the predictions were good. Overall, "Everyone is good and can hold her own," said Smith. - f .1 x 1--- fa- sas.-Q-fs--f. , 5 r 5 Q15-ILA- EL M .. . .. . J. .,.. r. rt..r...ff x. SKS., S-T-R-E-T-C-H - The number two varsi- ty player, senior Michelle Cooper, jumps to make her backhand shot in practice. Girls' Tennis 95 V W yNvI EllllwQ5 orsitg wrest ers pin winning season The Mountain View Varsity Wrestling team started out its season with the most seniors ever in Toro wrestling history. There were 'I0 seniors altogether and all were returning varsity wres- tlers. The team was led by start- ers, Brad jensen, Darrin Peter- son, Ray Brewster, johnny Campos, Scott Nielson and David Arnett. This large amount of seniors helped the Toro wrestling team with its league and tOur- nament experience. "We have a lot of seniors on the team, and everyone of them wrestled last year on varsity," said varsity wrestler Shannon lessee. Along with its experience, the Escape!- junior Scott Christenson tries to break his opponent's hold. Spin- Senior Darren Kauer escapes the hold of jared Jennings for a reversal. 96 Wrestling Toro wrestling team is also well fit. "We are in the best condition. If we make it into the third peri- od, we have the advantage," said varsity wrestler Todd Ingalls. The Toro season was a winning one, with a loss only to Sunnyside in the regular season matches. In tournaments, the Toros were im- pressive, winning the Eastside Tournament for the second year in a row and taking third in the Winslow Invitational Tour- nament. Experience, another key factor to the Toro victo- ries, could be attributed to the team's various tournament play. Two other reasons for the overall success of the team was its togetherness and strength. Their practices included running "We got really close," said In- two miles a day, calisthenics, lift- galls. "Every weight class was ing weights, and "sharking," a strong," stated key wrestler jen- type of scrimmaging. SETI. Q' .1 , xg,- lrl N . . . . X if .Qif ' - fist-55 X' N E...-' EQ-ef . NW' V , ' ay' fi f -f TTT - s'i - f - 5 Y ! ' A w . J 1 in ' r- , , A I - .5 -L xfi.. lk K ii" 5 N 5 ' K 1 Skid., A . ,,,.,w Q 3.7 Q Y' ' fb. ' ' an-A x ' v ii 'f' 7 ' Q 'J 4455 ,ff 'Z Q42 .5 fv if Q , W k an 3' 1' 1 ix EEL "i' v , W. mn, F w .1': ' M 'a'f'f"W" ' Us M 0 4, aww WW QW XklJ S ll 6 Challenges leod to self-dicipline "There were 45 wrestlers on the team and they look excellent as long as there are no injuries," said coach Richard Griffin, who has coached for 'l'l years. ' ' W r e s t l i n g gives everybody of all different sizes a chance to participate in sports," Griffin said. "The coach has to make very few decisions regarding who gets to wrestle in each meet because the wrestlers challenge each other and participate in the next meet. They prove their ability to each other. Wrestlers learn basic techniques but the main lesson is the self disci- G pline. There are dif- ferent weight groups. Wrestlers sometimes had to run in plastics the day before the meet to sweat off ' their extra weight. Wrestlers need to spend a lot of time on body conditioning, training and practicing three hours a day for three months. the winner of the challenge gets to Lg -. . l .4 .. IV Wrestlers- C. Acosta, V. Anderson, L. Andrews, 1. Baedke, T. Ballentyne, T. Basom, D. Brown, 1. Brown, 1. Campbell, B. Campos, C. Campos, K. Cantile, C. Coplea, D. Cowp- wethwait, M. Cruz, M. Culbertson, 1. Cunningham, 1. Davis, E. Dupont, R. Earl, B. Fitch, B. Gifford, P. Hall, T. Hoffman, M. Hogue, j. Lange, D. Larson, C. Lagacho, N. Mack, S. Montierth, K. Mulligan, S. Murray, 1. Olcott, S. Orona, A. Paige, M. Posvar, S. Powell, L. Rowley, I. Serb, L. Smith, M. Sweador, D. Thomas, S. Walker, T. Whitmore. Out of breath- Cory Copelea catches his breath in between matches. 98 IV, Wrestling mx , N -WX - . Arcadia Corona de Marcos Mesa wins, losses Wax. Bodminton swing to success Successful is how the Toro golf team was described. The 86-87 team had a total of 10 wins and only three losses. They also tied for third place in the divisional meet and placed fourth in the state tourna- ment. junior War- ren Pitman was a medalist in both meets. He was fourth in divisionals and sixth in the state. This was the second time Pitman qualified for divi- sionals. The team spent anywhere from one to three hours a day practicing at the Golden Hills Country Club in the east part of Mesa. While the girls' badminton Teeing off- junior jimmy jones prac- tices his tee shot for an upcoming game during his seventh hour. 100 Golf I Badminton team did not have as good of a record, Lynn Berg felt that the team and individuals did im- prove. In practice, the main emphasis was on the fundamentals, such as drills skill work, and game situ- ations. The team's fluctuating re- cord was partly due to the loss of its number two and three varsity players, Marie Riggs and Valerie Soza, in an accident. Both recovered but couldn't play for the rest of the season. Berg said Coach lean Shields, "is the greatest coach . . .you can sit down and talk to her." KX?"- Badminton, Front row: jenny Ferano, Christina Cesta, Second row: Dawn VanBrunt, Stacey Burtman, Liza Tatum, Elizabeth Brown, Lyn Berg, Donna Cluff, Back row, Coach lean Shields, Andrea Box, Nora Stupar, Marcy Bratland, Ca- sey Adams, Noelle Simpson, Mari Riggs Lynde Austin Valerie Soza E E Preparing for attack- Sophomore lim Sommers juggles the ball. 5 gxfkn- wi A.. - . .,,,,,.,.--env . Wi Blocking the ball- Senior Brian Kobza goes for the block. Determination builds o winning seoson Hardwork and determination is what Mountain View soccer is all about, not to mention exper- ience with key returning players. Practices consisted of warm up exercises, drills to improve skills and a countless number of scrimmages led by coaches Dom Scafaria and Tim Kipp. "lt's a lot of hard work but it pays off when we win a game." comments fourth year return- ing varsity player lohn Chiak- makis. There are many other re- turning players who contrib- l ute to the team. They know the kind of hardwork and dedication that is expected of them. Return- ing varsity player junior Andrew Snow feels that, "Playing soccer 102 Soccer outside of school like in leagues shows a dedication to soccer that emerges in practices and then again in games." Mountain View junior Varsity they had to represent and play for a school team. For most, the main goal was to prepare them- selves for varsity soccer by learn- ing and improving skills. Both varsity and junior varsi- members were chosen for the team for their positive attitudes, willingness to learn and, of course, their skill. For many I.V. players this was the first chance ty teams shared successful sea- sons. Take it away- Senior Brian Kobza steals the ball. W. ' ' fn. L ' -. ' ' . 4- . .5 W' ' , K., , N, Q , G, W Q ta ' ' , L..A1,lnJ'f3'xx" 1 ng f?b"'5, 5 ww if 1 gi, , N .1 ' . , Y' """ A 'U t K ' K M 'V '- ' T' . I ' eq. 4 ' mf, ,.',.,,.' jk. A . ,. ,, 'M' v ' 'Q ' Yu. aft M 41-"KH ' . VV QV ...- . A. ,L ,Vvslu V an . A ,V x V M. ,W - . W .Q , . f V ,Q ,A 5 K' , ' 4 Q V -4 3., lastly L. , .- - ' .N VV , V ". u V ' x" ' si ., Vng, iffy ,,,1, , . V A , . AV , , - , 2- ,:. V ,S , V, V V , V - Ng V. rv V V' 'V M' ,Q .- fy.. ' .-, ' .Z'i'1FH v. - fe K sQ fr," sp-.--N ' e 1. 7 Rfxkffz--u 'A - 1. 1.9 fix 'V .n '8 'N'-Z.V+'LV Sth.".g, -' , , ,, Ns , Q ' . , , ma 'A 9 f a. -Jeff' M , "sun, R A . ,, I rr V 'fn -up V V W VK -- .X rd V .N 1, an ' ' JA l., 1 . w AE . . "" Wm , I ' . ,f S' -4' . . .f V ,xqfim VV Us V :QV " ' . f ,X . V K. , A Vi ' Y V. N V' Q Luv fd f " 1 ' 'H J' 5, 7 v .. -. V V P Ar V VF, .A K A u I fn.: M ,X L I 2 1 1 1 7 V, H ,V .4 I H aww, , - :fa-,. Q, 4- , , A -.. ' .fr M-, -.K .- .Q L . - '. ' . ' "'- fy! f ' ' 1 1' ,1 A 1, 3' fpga. . .. Q , V fm ' . ,-, - -95' if fu: 44 "'-AQ' V, ' V :HQ Z as -'ly' J V' . ,. ,, N 1. fa Q. H 43.1 ' - V ..' MQ 9v""3e 'C' " 5 ' ff. "' VV . Vg? xfyk- :sp V , Va. i J '- pr' 1.1. . '.,.--2'-N --S , ,,, .. .. H25-VA,,, -.. 4 If v I A h 'bqe ' 'V 'ifyqgcfhn' I gv Y , - f'!'gy+'8f"1"' 1'+f"',i"'f-,., V , , 5 VV., VV , V 'yy lx V ,V V, V Mlm, W, V V Qv"0h 0 f:"- 'sq .M - f '12"MA P "" "'7'i-f"" 1 12' 'JM 4f3f'Y N" ,,-VU' C A ,,a.,,. QNWQ. ' 9' . ,' 0 "avg ylnsggq A PM fvkv '-,H , ,,. , ufqcfx,-f. ' ng: VHNV JV-:fins Q,-,.,4n:.VaaV , rn 52:1 1' ,, V an w , ' , n 'V ',, W V .., va V I V v1 g V V V V . VV 'may '5 f- "' ' ,f "- " Sm' A 4-M' f 'U' true., a --e"m.v , 9.5 -5 1 '51 'f' ff MAN VV ., Vt wing. .,, W" Vt. ' 39: ', .. 5'-4 U 4'?" ff 'VH L- '-, A ""fZd ai "" .7 ,V .L , - n:eY,.""'- ,S qiqf. I ,, , f V ,,,, 5 ,, . A1 K -J.a'.eua .a 14. I-Ju AH. ff W ' , " , An , .. 'U , .U ' VV Q-.--su,-...Q..,. . ...n..' ,.:. . L ' ' ,- VW , iVr ,,m V V M Aw' A ,. 1, . ,V VV Q 4 X ,, S, KV an Vx JV Vw . v .V ,W 5 VV VV V V V V V V V M V V --- . .- ,vw-. uf' ff "a- g. Q -vg'Qf",.-VNV-Vip V 5V VV , -,N A ,,, . Q - R.. .,. . VV - - a ' ur g:".1-w M . fviwrvft k 1 ,- 9 x .1 .F o 4 , .. Um, W! W A My wg ,W M ggi 7 f A ' 'ff Q FH? ' 'tr V If' fr gf: "" V L , L ,, J 6533 if 1 .fa ewwmfw 43, H, VC 3,2 , 1' B,-f'W"'',7Z57',l-iiffrlwrwwt' M,mMV,.,, ,MW W Q 24. if Sigh W' t W f Speed ball- Sophomore Brenda Moya puts a little spin on the ball with hopes of striking out the batter. 104 lV?S0ftball QI'-fm vS2'?,f7mf , A x lf -wxiw-so,f! ! H in . 4,4 'Q asa f' lax iilimsullli .. .K ,mm-wmlUQF bww? 1-.JH.Y'4- 'A Q , L u 7 if '-as P. 4 - m Q , ,. .,,., I -' ix i t..-K t 'f X 3 Concentration- Sophomore Tracy McTeer uses her utmost concentration to throw the ball. QW S5 FlT k Girls' teom slides in for winning seoson Strike three, you're out! Do these words sound familiar? On a day out in the field, these words were familiar but discouraging signals to return to the bench. Winning the games involved team effort. However, the lu- nior Varsity Softball team was more than just a team: it was a family. They worked together during many hours of strenu- ous practice under the coach- ing of Reed Robinson. From the first day of practice the girls knew it wouldn't be easy. Practice began November 3 and first cuts were November 7. The girls learned special skills of bunting and correct batting techniques. They also practiced fielding, base running, and team offense and defense. All the sweat and hard work . .Q - I .. payed off on a great season. "I feel that they have accomplished a pretty good season," said Coach Robinson. "Even though we lost some games, we accom- plished a lot." Each individual contributed their own unique talents to the team and strived to work well with each other. Their first game was November 23 against Chandler, even 4. , though their season started off with a loss, they came out of their first game slump to win their next couple games. Sophomore Heather Collins agreed, "We work well together, as a team." "I feel like we are one big fam- ily, it has been great fun." said sophomore Melissa Simonton. Although most of the team members were inexperienced, they showed the determina- tion and aggressiveness neces- sary for becoming a champion team. Most of the team plans on playing softball next year in hopes of making the varsity team. "Competition and excitement" were Natile Syres favorites about softball. q ,l , , -lt sg IV Softball - Front row: Tiffany Cook, Michelle Mulder, Tina ludd, Nicki De- LaCruz, Brenda Moya, Pam Upton, Me- lissa Simonton, Natalie Syrek, Rita Bar- raza, Second row: Sharon Hoel, Tracy McTeer, Nora Mejia, Debbie Palmer, Tina Geise, Paula Drake, Christie Cor- doza, Laura Goodman, Anissa Taylor, Third row: Coach Robinson, Coach Shill, Heather Collins, Diana Higuara, Amy Christensen, Cindi Alorect, Denise MacDougal, Trina Hedrick, Brook Whitmore, Kelly Biller, Coach Higuara. IV Softball 105 S L... X... at -1 What a swing - Senior varsity player Giving it herall-Putting everything she Q ul Laura Goodman, focuses on hitting the has into her swing senior varsity player ball into the Corona infield. Brook Whitmore rips the ball. f Aftanltw' Jill v i l. A Ll .ff J ' . fi .I Y - A "' Y f, , , rv F 'A ' 4 .:. L-'f A , ,fi H . . 1" 3 45 ,, ,, 4 , M" 'r ' 4" Y' ,, v ykf s et Talented, close, team orient- Teamwork was another key ed, hardworking: these words As the season progressed, the factorforthe Toro's season."The best describe this year's Moun- team improved. "We learned girls played consistently and tain View varsity softball team. The Toro varsity softball team went farther than any other team in Toro softball his- tory. Even though the team didn't achieve it's goal of win- ning the state championship, it became the first Mt. View var- sity softball team to win a play- off game. Not only did the team win the first playoff game hard. A very close group," ex- plained head coach Norm Shill. "Everyone got along and worked together." added Sen- ior Brook Whitmore. Outstanding efforts were turned out by MVP Amy Chris- tianson, MIP Trina Hedrick, Anissa Taylor, H1 pitcher Bren- da Moya, Brook Whitmore and ever but it won the second one as how to play together as a team, leading hitters Denise MacDou- well, placing fourth in the state and everyone believed in each gal and Nora Mejia. playoffs by defeating Tempe and other," said Senior Nora Mejia. 106 Varsity Softball A-A-9 , ... ,Ix ., , 4.-.,,-f,',, f A..4b.L..4..A..4.4...4..4..4..4...A.J ess-L44--4--4--iff is .Qs A-'-qf4? '4P'rr---s'Q' Sf-QvQ"'n-v--6 X Qt an AS xigi,,---4--1 W ,, .......S,:,.. ..... .-..-. .u.n,- nas: W5 , J' 4' 'J r' 0 1 . 'EX' ' X: W. 1: A - Q ,1'N9qq K, fu... 1 . ifx- Q-En w. .- it EMM, Hu---sf' i Hit the dirt! - junior varsi- ty player Diana Higuera slides into home. Throwin' smoke! - Soph- omore varsity pitcher Brenda Moya fires another pitch. '. .v-35' s Q ,xt Q gt ,Q,,Z-..Nw.1GO'9f",h.- y 'wa 19? if I it AL We are the champions- The Cancelling Rocket's launch- Toros hold the AAA state Toro defense topples Moon conference trophy after de- Valley to extinguish the feating Moon Valley for the Rocket's hopes for victory. state title. 108 Stale Xi I 'M Way to go- junior Quarterback Trevor Cavanaugh congratu- lates Robbie Nawfel before returning to the field. We did it- Senior Ronna lean Moon congratulates Running Back Brendon Zachary on his performance in the game. Q 8- 63 7 Toros defuse Rc If there was one thing that the 1986-87 Arizona High School Class AAA-1 Championship games was not supposed to be, it's one-sided. But that was exact- ly what it was. They took "no prisoners." Mountan View dominated every phase of the game. It had no interceptions while picking off two from Moon Valley's star quarterback Sam Mcln- tyre. Also, the Rockets had five fumbles and recovered only two while the Toros had only one and recovered it in the endzone for a touchdown. Mountain View again prevailed in the area of yards rushing. Nine different players scrambled for 296 yards in 54 attempts. Moon N fa F F ll scor first E... e acte d I d .....t. 0 .,. .Wa-5 t as-0 U V Yeah, yeah we got spirit- Mountain View's crowd jumps to its feet to cheer its team on to victory. WMWSQSSS it ot victory, 31 7 J J J 1 Toros second drive with a 34 yard run. The score was 14-0. Senior Steve Behr recovered a fumble that led to a touchdown pass to wingback Mac Fitch from quarterback Trevor Cavan- augh. Lindhorst scored again after a fumble on the Rocket's 26. Mc Intrye completed a 72 yard pass to avoid a shutout. Team members felt that not having just one star helped the team. As Darren DeGracie said, "Everybody pulled to- gether, this was it." Zachary said, "It doesn't take just talent to achieve a goal. It take hard work to excel in an area." State 109 LAW Enjoying time owoy from school Some people went out for moving and the harder the run, football, others for badminton, the greater exhilaration feel." but where did those people go said senior Travis joy . who only came to school to at- Then when the last snow flake tend classes? Many of these peo- had melted, many students hit ple participated in outside-of- the river once again. s c h o o l Other out- sports. l side-of- W i n t e r , school sports spring, sum- mer or fall, living in Ari- zona offers students a vast variety of sports to choose from. f As the days grew shorter, and the last of the tubes and water skis were put away, people began po- lishing their snow skis for the next five months to enjoy the slopes. "Skiing to me is freedom. When l get on the slopes, I forget all my worries. The faster l'm were en- joyed year- round with no mind of the weather. S t u d e n ts could be found doing everything from hiking in the mountains to ice block sledding on golf courses. Skateboarding, basketball, frisbee, highball, ATC riding, four-wheeling, hang glid- ing, sailing, scubadiving, bicycle riding and many more sports were also enjoyed throughout the year. skating expertise to the beat on a half pipe ramp. swf' A Y WW: 4' I .s-. f X x -Q - 4' fp 1 N . j . . . ,, , A f' wig! 4 Cooled off Shelly Hennessy enjoys a cool and relaxing day tubing down the river Flying high again Lance Smith enjoys an afternoon jumping his ATC in the r dese t as 4 I Slam dunk- Arms stretched, body in perfect form, john Seiferth slams the ball in the net. Standing proud- Sean Bailey, Chad Griffin and Travis joy pose after an exhausting day on the slopes at Sunrise. Leisure page 111 No pain no gain- junior trainer Todd Garbison work swiftly and carefully on X J UTWQTW Payn itat SUT T T TT Troiners, coaches linger in shodows The prevention and care of the athletic injury. This was how coach Greg Potts defined what he does as head trainer of the M o u nta i n View Train- ing Staff. The eight Mem- bers met in the training annex every day to tape up sore feet and care for other medi- cal needs. For the past two years the award for the best trainer in Ari- zona was awarded to Mountain View students. This year's recipi- of students ent was Dawn Ressler. Student training helped to prepare these students for a ca- reer in physical medicine. To be- comea train- er, a student had to have good grades, be inter- viewed, and like sports. An impor- tant factor to any team was coaches. They inspired, taught, and motivated several teams to winning season. Bill Faysak said, "Coaches are great motivators and teach character." QC 99 , . Q 5 . 2 . , f .a I s 'C "ii '- V mei g. .T 2 p sf CA rx ' r W 1 f"'llitv av if Sizing up the team- Coach Thad Deck- er intently studies the opponent's team before a meet agaist Dobson. Trainers, Front row: Carrie McKenna, Michelle Musselman, Dawn Ressler, Back row: Leslie Harry, Ben Pugmire, Todd Garbison, Coach Greg Pott. 112 Trainers!Coaches f E .3- 1' . k , gi' Om yi N3 KN M-Nw-Mx.,,...,,,, Nwbvdwm., ,as .X Vw ?' Nz' . M kfivsjg 1 g :1 ' 4 f '." , ' nv.-,f .rf , w.+.z,,Q 1.1. -uxqaxrm-W 1, . A Y , ,, ba .. 'f ' -V-H' 1-M224 1 Maw, fini. , 5' ' ' N v , W. -wh ,H A' nfl' ' .nffux-egg ,W ,,, 4 , , , A , I . .V ,Y , .N - .. W ,. .,. Ii. 1.2 A am,-.. ,-..a V' 1-Y 'Q mm k MR' " ""',' A-if ".",i,2 u!ml.HX.L ,, H lhfsnlw-wk-Jn-mf-.u:A 'V-.sw f-xfxwwbwe N., fav' " '3W7"5" "'PM5',,l ""-P" . ,. ' 1 ...,,.:r .m...,.,M,,,,., WEEE, 1-fA'H,f ,,n'Ju1r L ' 'W-f'wIn'w-Vik K.w.r-'Ai1:',v'rff,.- qu' ll ' ' f A rr " 1.1 sum i"an':' MJ. . Arif V I . r , ,' -,qv-C ,f Q J.. g.a.Lgu ' , f I 4 M fm 'H"'2'lbwvr ' ""'W--u....w -vw ' AWB? "wW'WHw-zfwwff .3 www. env, ,MAA I 'v' ' ' Y L . . . "-if ,MH- -W ..w .MQ , .Y 1 jg A ,. f M .. , W .Yun-ry -.w ... 94 ..,,,, ,il . I W ' H M Jw ,, g ix , , , ' ' va, I M Y W N P R ' A k, "W-2, ,Q X ,vp fm :.f'?1 5 W. ...f-1 111 W' . ., wx! ,. Pnflnemfrw 5 8 ww-aunt ,ma wifrgwqgfe 1 A'hl'Uix12,mw. ,-4v'lifa'!f"E WW 1 -wr ""l W ,mwah , -w-. ' :Im 'mu' W' ... Q. nrt .. Munn' ,D 1.. 0' - ar ,W 1, ' X55 mul wa. 'U n'.+hb ' gl yuan g..w-A ,W .sf ' 'vu "ll mu ...... ,. ,lu - . will rv' lb! 7911- .au -. -. 0...4 nw .u' a- 'W' UL! 'JA '.! If - Iv ' ,,, .up .L H vu' " "'-'Min ' um-A f"'g-tm ,f " '-.:w,,. .,lg, ' -Abu ,1- LVKJA l. H -.yn ' a'lmnls1'l1.,,,Lk !'!'l4f'F w'f"we.fQ,,..,' ,.. , ,,,w,..,,. ,A ,E f. . ' mgu ' 4 4 in . a'q3.2,'w,,..u L 1 1' vw ' wv ' 1 W M J X A V fx-,1 !frfm..:fmer. '11 W. V 1 Ti! Q if ' 4' U 1' ' V " 'W a 'L ' WWW ' - Af- -we I fd 1 5 W JM P gm M., W 4. ini 're -gg, , ' , r . . N xA k ' ' 1'-H-N' ,-W- ' , .gg V U A .... A if N' 0' banana ww MM. , ., a ' -. N "' k ' k " ff un' ' A ' ,. '15, -+. 4 f u 4 a I f f E w w 1 s 1 w v I f F 11 n : A I K . Showing class spirit - These rowdy sen iors show their enthusifasfxi during the Class'competition s at an assembiy. ' . I . J W . J' .'s, ng J N447 1 M 1 A151 T D 5 ' ' il I ly L T Y WWW J" ,fd Q' Qnfjg g ift: my. A naylskf ..f- -,, . "za 'Q '34 ift lZe W' is is the se WHS 115' if- -L. 'h 5 LJA with IS Bmstlng about. f cause would not have ese Want 'X .. 'J A4 . . ,.... ' Tl 1 . 1 f 5 V314 J ME w"3i'5'5"" ' st fer Nels Iax walk 'Q m'.hf L 1 1 lt R nchards, t 2 1' 'N .. . 'F 11,9 Lx M-,yr lf, X Y '15 Y-nn ' . .31 wk ? M is, LX , , I' ,, 1 J' ' Sv- , y K - . N A - fwL F I .Wk , ff. , 1 ff P . L . .-rfffyff v, f' 1 " ' f . 'f' M' , I ,",. " 1 ,. .F , . ,S-, 1 ,LL 1-uf fg,K"5?7tf an 64 4 5 Y-Ny, W UU W . - The Phillips. -ig if M N2 m A :F 'IM' Maim- W, W, g 67" ' A, . - 'U if 'K J ' , W ww 4 fmiib Y if aww, J :nga J 'iv G fm,-fQfW' f2f1vYwf .- 5 ,441 3 L, Popullo-frion problem solved by seniors his year, Mountain View's overpopulation problem is evident and the faculty and schoolboard have been taking suggestions on how to handle this problem. Many seniors have their own ideas on how this problem should be solved. The general feeling among seniors is that something should be done about the sophomores. "l think we should kill all soph- omores." Acierto, Tracey Acosta, Albert Corey Adams, Adams, Jason Adams, Tracy Adraktas, Victoria Alder, Christian Allen, Christian Allen, Doug Alvar, Brent Alvarado, Monica Ambri, Michael Amundson, Corrine Andrews, Darla Antwiler, Douglas Applegate, Kari Applequirst, Deanna Arlander, Brian Armstrong, Lisa Arnett, David 118 Ac-Ar "Ship all our sophies to McClintock." "Nuke the sophomores." And finally, "Send all sopho- mores to sophomore concentra- tion camps." Some went for the idea of let- ting seniors graduate early. Oth- ers had more original ideas like "spreading AIDS." One student even said he Raise YOUF hands' TNS EVOUP Of would Hgive the Homecoming rowdy Mountain View seniors show Queen a gun." aff! 61.55 Arvayo, Tracy Asato, Kiley Askar, Marion Atwell, Roy Bacon, Christopher Bailey, Sean Ballard, Charles Banks, jennifer Banta, Jennifer Barlett, Salvadore Barnett, Bradley Barsickow, Carrie Bartlett, Amy Bauer, Robert Baxter, Corrine Bean, Lisa Beavers, Nicole Beckstead, Kamela Behr, Steven Bell, David Bell, Roger Bennett, Steven Benzer, joseph Berg, ,Lisa Berge, Barbi Bertolo, Reinaldo Beti, jennifer Beus, Rebecca Bickers, james Bisbee, Derek Ar-Bi 119 Bjornholt, jason Black, Colette Blakeman, Shawn Blanco, Xavier Bledsoe, Ramin Bley, Kimberly Bloomfield, Leslie Blough, Todd Bohorquez, juan Bonner, Anissa Borgman, Mark Boswell, Hamlin Boyd, julie Boyd, Michael Bradford, Devin Bradley, lon Bradshaw, Ruthann Brady, Scott Bramley, Matthew Brantley, David Bratton, Robert Brewster, Ray Brinkerhoff, Gina Briston, Angela Britton, Mark Brooks,-john Broughton, Kim Brown, Elizabeth Brown, julia Brown, Kevin 120 B5-nr an lun 'Qrll ' l , l . lf2'3?x"1 Y A A 1 . fl X5 K 01 5' Brown, Natalie Brown, Timothy Browning, Beverly Bruce, Christine Bryan, Perry Budai, Rana Buker, Corolyn Bullard, james Burch, Bradley Burleson, john Burnham, Kenneth Bursell, Triicia Caiola, Cheryl Calcaterra, Anthony Calcaterre, Ted Call, Martin Calle, Laurie Campbell, Craig Campbell, julie Campbell, Michelle Copiroin Crunch ceifeoll soils fro top Cold Cereal Captain Crunch Fruit Loops Dix Apple lacks Cheerios Smurfs Crunch Berries Cocoa Crispies Frosted Flakes - Showing off - These three senior guys 10 please the girls by showing off their bet- ter sides. Ice Cream 1 Chocolate 2 Chocolate Chip g 3. Cookies and Cream 4 Pralines 6 Strawberry 7 Vanilla 8 Daquiri Ice 9 Rocky Road Mint Chocolate Chip Br-Ca 121 Candland, David Cantu, Martin Capucci, Anthony Carbine, Dyan Carlisle, Natalie I Carrieri, Iohn Carroll, jeffrey Carter, Beverly Carter, Brett Caruso, Gina Casillas, Michelle Caspers, Douglas Castleberry, Tina Cazee, jon Chamberlain, Pat Chaney, Matthew Chapman, William Chiakamakis, john Christianson, Gary Chucri, Theresa Church, Amy Church, Stephanie Clar, Robert Clark, josh Clarkson, Rachelle Clarkson, Ryan Clawitter, Timothy Clem, Alex Clemmons, Robert 122 Ca-Cl ffk ff v . 1 - M14 A -ot. 'Y it i it G D 1, I fy., v Os 1147 it 4-1 Us "X i 10 0 another has been talking -lt is Y is left On YOUV desk to a friend when a certain aft lll asleep in Class- word comes up in the conversa- is the ing MV- Hawkins tion which they have no idea ms into a ight- ,lf -It is one of se girls with fake Seniors show oft? their intelligence veryone at some time or gag- We polled several Mountain blonde hair. View seniors on one such word: -An Yggdfasl take ff yggdrasil. Norse mythology d ' -It is a sophomore with a runny m0Us ash tree tha P T nose and egg whites on his head. UnlVel'se. h . , h h -It is what I d "We ave spirit!" - T e varsity c eer- peop e O when they leaders excite the crowd at a football game with this death defying feat. Cline, Christina Clouse, Glenn Cluff, Raquelle Coates, Shannon Cole, Melissa yy, l . , Coleman, Kenneth :ki 'E'- .gb gg Collins, Paula ,fi , ' is 11 ,Qui 3 '- Congdon, Kelly seq. 'f Q i Conlon, Michelle , 1 C 4 is ' " vw v- 4. 1, Conway, Amy - w , in . . ' X - -" w Y ii, - , A A .-5 . H x . A , 3-.H J' Si is I F' l 'i i is ta 1, . ' ' s , . : A , Cook, Kimberlee Cooper, Michelle Cork, Connie Cornelieus, Cathi 451 dt 45 Corty, Michelle X .. x , I 'PZ V X 4 . I qi, 4 Corwin, Kevin Cory, Diedra Coury, Michael Cox, Brent 4 v- 'fr' Cox, William Q - . r .. . m..., . - l B. 2 l, Cl-C0 123 Crabtree, Teri Crandall, Myra Crandall, Sharon Crane, Christy Crawford, Kami Crist, Lisa Crockett, Nicole Cronk, Brian Crowden, Delolian Crowe, Clark Cudd, Teresa Curtis, David Curtis, Randall Dalton, Robert Damato, Ellen Davidson, Wendi Davis, Cameron Davis, james Davis, Krehl de Boer, jason in-1' il ,V K , i m W 'Q' f ., .Pl ,,.v .. it we e'4Qr'Qc N U ' al - I FF s - v 0 Y' I 'D , 1 ' , wi I' l x 4 fl . . iw l I 2 x WN W ' 1 ll . ? if t .1 v ' 'Q v .y ' ' . 5 . 4 1 . .pi 4 . . A kv . . ,...... 1 wr y . Q- an as X . , 1 . 1 1 Q - . . X .lr rcmmvml I , E1'l'.,Pf0 if A 1 J' 1 'edt I ' C s MV4 lf'-' In :X , il T X' will l S . Seniors pick ASM os fo orite college FN "Catch that bird!" - This group of sen- iors show their pride in their first place Homecoming float. 124 Cr-De College 'l. ASU 2. NAU 3. UCDK fl. USD D 5. U of A 6. Stanford 7. Harvard 8. Peperdine 9. Oxford 10. BYU I eodorant . Secret . Sure 3. omen's Speed Stick 4 en's Speed . v' D y 6. Re .R'g 4 0 .Ban 5 84 r 7 i 8 9. Arid Extra Dry 10. Dry Idea ur 'W' 'V'- -5551 'tx ' W.. -of, 'U T all T' -5 4 'E ,Q 0 s 'DS K 4 X .F ' fy ' i in gp - 19 A gf " ss' , - .Q , 5 , , A , K N M X ijll iii- Q 'G X hi ,V 4 L A x Deffenbaugh, Julie Dellai, Paul Delong, Lisa DeMichele, Maria Devine, Patricia Dible, Ron Dicamillo, Gloriaina Dick, Bradley Diehm, Heather Dingman, Daniel Dobbins, Russell Doherty, Christine Domann, Wayne Dong, Steven Donohoo, john Dougherty, Michael Drake, Paula Drake, Stephanie Duennwald, Niki Dugger, Sharon Dunkin, Traci Durfee, Cory Dyslin, Daniel Dziewior, Stephanie Dzivak, Amie Ebbinghaus, Susan ennifer Edick, Susan Edmund, Amy Edwards, Melinda De-Ed 125 fiongfr be surprised - it con happen h no, it's happened again. Students say or do things so stupid that their faces turns red clear to their ears, their body-gets warm, then get so flustered that they can even think straight. lt's called embarrassment and everyone experiences it. The dictionary defines embarrass- ment as the act of feeling self- conscious, uncomfortable or ashamed. For self-conscious Edwards, Sean Egan, james Ellington, Tara Elliott, james Engelman, Larry Enriquez, Edward Epps, Stacy Evans, Kathleen Evans, Robert Everett, Veronica embarrassed can humiliation or mor- tain View students shared their em lockers." -Holly Hawker. "I was in a restaurant with my boyfriend and I dropped and broke my glass of water." -Dei- dre Cory. moments. "In seventh pantsed all the knees!" -Michelle "I'm the only omore class!" -Randy Hundley. "My sophomore year I fell right on my butt in front of the mY a soph- 09 "Once, in my freshman year, I girl I liked walk by." -A senior who wishes to keep his identity secret. Finally, Mark Harris comment- ed, "I don't ever get embar- rassed!" s I A 'L Everly, Monique Fairbanks, Orville Fairclo, Sandra Faysak, William Felbab, Jonathon 'X Fernandez, Carla Ferriera, Theresa Ferrell, Mary Rish, Ryan Fitch, McKinley f iqlb ,I 3- 126 Ed-Fi FJ-5 1 '1 'i .,, 1 gsm YA If A 1 'Y'h J-if ,Wait l WL! l af ""' ' . ' 'lb vw ,M , x H L1 47 lbs 'Usa N 'V AQ' fa Fitzgerald, Scott Flax, Kimberly Fletcher, Sherri Foley, julie Foushee, Tom Fraughton, Wendi Freeman, Diane Freeman, Gina Freese, Kim Frihart, Timara Frye, Mark Fukomoto, Ellen Fuller, Scott Fuller, Stephanie Fuller, Tanya Furrh, Fonda Furow, Tony Gaffney, Timothy Gagen, Edward Galligan, Holley Gardner, Douglas Garn, Gayla Gates, Christie Gaytan, Erick Geis, Georgia Gerhart, David German, Sandra Gerz, Daniel Fi-Ge 127 Giblan, Guy Giese, Tina Gilson, Chesica Giuliano, Anthony Glenn, David Golden, Kimberly Golis, Kimberly Godman, Luara Gordon, Cindy Gosney, Micah Gould, jolynn Governo, jason Gowans, Andrea Grant, jennifer Gray, jeffrey Green, Mark Greene, Virginia Grgat, Mark Griffin, Chad Grueter, Shannon Guffey, Gary Gumowskyj, Andy Guthrie, Douglas Gutierrez, Lora Hagar, Paul Halgren, Michael Hall, Bobi-jo Hall, Mike Hall, Richard 128 Gi-Ha ,www 'Vw 'Yin .L-0 .1 X A .z l I if r Us J 7 pt C' I Q I 'Y7 F' t r Q 'N i 'ra ll Q an aft 1' Lp. l i in ww ill ,an 10 ,W ,B "U-. Halls, Tina Hanen, Matt Hanna, Alicia Hannum, Brandi Hansen, Marcus Hansen, Michael Hanson, Develle Harding, Bill Harper, Ronald Harper, Rusty Harris, james Harris, Mark Harvey, Pamela Harwell, jennifer Hassell, Chad Hasslacher, Amy Hatfield, Mark Hathcock, Rick Hawker, Holly Haws, Kurt Lewis strives for emo-frliner to rcnfrin unning, that sums up what senior Todd Lewis is all about. Running since the of eight, Lewis has put a lot of iles in. During the summer he in mapa Eyiaftendiing rUn4 ing camps. All of Lewis' hard work has paid ff. During the 1985 cross-coun- ry season, he placed first in the tate meet. That same year he made ll-state team. In 1986 he e fourth in the state meet nning the 3200 me- r race. Lewis woul 'ke to attend a ju- nior college f two years then transfer to ajor u ' er '- ty to continue ni , . ter college he hopes t m e the U.S. cross-country e . I9 93 ,ll Ha-Ha 129 Haws, Helen Hayes, Darrin Haynes, Dawn Hays, Kelly Heath, Bradley Flednfk lina Flelmlg, loseph Hendee, Leah' ll Henderson, Scott Henderson, Tracy Hendrickson, Marci Herk, Ronald Hicks, Ridge Higgins, john Hildebrand, Mike Hill, Christopher Hill, Quint Hilger, Davon Hilton, Luann Himes, Timothy Hinds, Matthew Hinkley, Tracy Hixon, Greg Hoekstra, Curtis Hoel, Christopher Hoffman, Debbie Hofhine, Michelle Holman, Canaan Hopkins, Eric Houghtom, Doreen 130 Ha-Ho .mm 5 09 -Jil f' .1 i 'ff' P Q h l '5 'f I 'fl M on r N r xi i, iii 35 8 T i ,lf 154 1. s 431 3 X , ,Alu -'Q' 'gs SJ I'- 1- 'A T.V. Show Seniors pick Cosby favourite in H 7 3 Cartooun Character 4 gf , ' 3 l limi: gl 'I. Cosby Show 2. Moonlighting 3. Family Ties 4. Days of Our Lives 5. Cheers ,.,..7.v.Gil,ligans.,Islanid..l,.,i,M..m.,W,,,.,,,,m.s,.,,.mu,,,..,,, 8. As the World Turns 9. The Equalizer 'I0. Santa Barbra Q g X Between classes - Seniorf et makes her way throuigh find her locker 0 1. F!" ,I i we ,mf Garfield Snoopy George Jetson Charlie Brown Pepe la Pew ilil,,i ,,i.l R .oa,dWR,unner,, I , 9 'IO e Crock- e crowd to .I-ws-M..,.W,, ,,., Underdog Mickey Mouse lap if .Vs 5, ,ii A Hovde, Lara Howe, Joan Hubbard, Bruce Huffaker, Tammy Huffman, Tim Hummel, Christopher Hundley, Randall Hunt, Lane Hunter, Thomas Idehara, Richard lnghalls, Todd Irvine, John Isley, Rebecc Jacobsen, Becky Janssen, Deborah Jarosch, Carollynn Jarvis, Steven Jarzyna, Robert Jefferson, Kimberl Jenkins, Laura Hof-Je 131 Jensen, Aliesa Jensen, Brad Jensen, Denise Jensen, Matthew Jessee, Shannon Johanson, Cheryl Johns, Jeff Johnson, Cara Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Julie Johnson, Keith Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Mark Johnson, Troy Johnston, Luther Jones, Amy Jones, Christopher Jones, Robin Jones, Stephanie Jones, Timothy 'Vx 1. .4 ' i wi-A w "? 'V 'Ox ., ' gb H' .nu 'is .L ,1 invisibility would Heed to trouble e polled several Moun- tain View seniors and asked them, what would you do if you could be invisible The general consensus was- take a video camera into the boysfgirls locker room and-fol- low my boyfgirlfriend around and see what hefshe does. But as usual there were those who would do things a little dif- ferently. Here are a few of the most odd answers. 132 Je-Ke -Go epartment stores and stea heir clothes. ng o in the teachers' nge wit tape recorder. -Run aroun aked. -Stowawayo planeand fl o Paris. -Getin trouble bei a nt because the teac c ldn't see me. Even though invisibility is im- possible, it would be fun. -I think I would snatch 'some kisses! Peppy people - These enthusiastic sen- iors showed their Toro pride at the Homecoming Assembly. , J 'Q U l X wa- M K 6-M. J i 'af- rv? 1 x 1 AQ f-. r o 'v- l ,il"""r ff Joplin, Robin joswiak, Philip joy, Travis Kasprzyk, Regina Kauer, Darrin Kaufman, Daniel Keller, Brian Kelly, Shadrin Kemp, Lori Kepler, Dalyn Kilgore, Wendy Kimball, Kelly King, Brian King, Kyna Kingry, Kelli Kinnaman, Matthew Kinnard, john Kislack, Michelle Kitch, Ronnie Kivett, Janette Klein, Lisa Klein, Lori Klug, jenny Knight, Gale Knutson, Sara Kobza, Brian Koenig, Michael Koerner, Kelly Ki-K0 133 Koernig, Raymond Kosten, julie Krause, Susan Krehbiel, Ty Kuddes, Becky Lachter, Martin L La Goy, Tammy Lakoduk, Richard Lamothe, Eilynn Lang, Stephan Lapuma, Mary Larson, Eric Larson, Trent Last, Mindy Lautz, Christopher Laviera, Michelle Lawrence, Sheri Le, Son Van Lee, David Leeper, jaqueline Lewis, Rhett Lewis, Todd Lindhorst, Steve Lindler, Kenneth Lindsey, Trishia Lively, Kim Lloyd, Stephen Lochhead, Luara Loe, Paul 134 Ko-lo 4- 1' HQ 'Ui you A 5 f it -'ka QD' lywz I 'lv- M 1-f ,nam fC if .r if in 0' 'S il I gun - f fi: P' I R' sw . r3s.,,,, fx ...A X. v ,M gi 6' .4 M , 421 tw 'Vx 'W-uw Logman, Teresa Long, Donna Long, john Loring, Selena Loveall, Tammy Lucero, Freddie Madison, Ronnie Major, Gaynell Mannila, Pekka Mansfield, Chris Marrero, Mark Marrero, Michael Marriott, john Marsh, Suzanne Martin, Jeannie Martin, Melinda Martinson, Brian Mask, Meshelle Matteson, Michae Matty, Karmen May, Rhonda Mayes, Geoffrey Maynard, Dan McAlister, Robert McClaskey, Deana McConkey, Cynthia McDonald, Kathy McEarchern, jennifer McKenzie, Ronald L0-Mc 135 - was W 25 . .5 'We 'surf us as All' af Q W' if 1 Ax mor' ,wk Napier, Shelly Newendyke, Peggy Newman, Michael Newton, Anthony Nguyen, Duc Nielson, Eric Neilson, jennifer Neilson, Scott Niemi, Shiela Nobis, Marie Nowak, jennifer Nuciforo, Joann Nystrom, Shannon O'Bryant, Kelly O'Connell, Michael O'Connor, Caroline I O'Dell, Shelly O'Hara, Kirk Oliver, Clay Olmos, Kim Olson, Neola Omerza, Nikki Onstine, Suzanne Orndoff, Richard Osborn, David Osif, Denise Osorio, Kenneth Osterman, Karen Oswalt, Robert Na-Os 137 Owsley, Gregory Ozlanski, C-uylene Pace, Gina Palmer, Tamara Parker, jackie Parry, Todd Partridge, Valerie Passarella, Patrick Patel, Rupit Patterson, Todd Patterson, Tommy Penn, Ilene Perkovich, Mark Peterson, Calvin Pew, Maren Phillips Elizabeth Pichon, Najuana Pickett, Todd Pitterle, Laura Porter, Heidi Patter, Andrea Patter, Kendal Powers, Kristine Presti, Lisa Preston, Chad Prigge, Thomas Pruitt, Lori Pullin, Don Quick, Allen 138 Ow-Qu ff' I4 P1 rv W , L X 1 A , af, R lf 1 '-in 'll K s 1 'ff f H'-I sw' 1 , Lky- , L, - V l AU , , 51 fail V l W , 1 i J if' , lr 'MC Ml. 'ls W N M . We J '1"'?'f,E s ill ' L- ' , 5. r" 3 ' l -1""' ' l " '- all-iyf 2? 0: , ' 1 1 - ' ,H , '- 'ffwiiy A 7" if f 1' ' li , L L 4? , L ' will S1 l if ' L' '3 L 1' N will - 9211: ' I R , , if L- A 'A ' T' '96 Quihuiz, Tony Radar, Holly Randall, Lawrence Randall, Rachel Redding, Derrick Regester, Timothy Reynolds, justin Richards, julie Richeson, Warren Richie, Vikki Ricks, Steven Riggs, Marie Riordan, Michael Robak, Marla Roberts, Anna Michelle Robertson, Kirk Robertson, Neil Rogers, Susan Ronnie, Maurlee Ropacki, Michael Rosado, Obed Rosenhan, Mary Rosenwinkle, Dawn Ross, Leslie Rouen, Monica Rowley, Lynette Roye, Kathy Ruby, Michelle Ruby, Preston Qu-Ru 139 Rudd, Diana Rundall, Brian Ryan, Michael Sabourin, Colette Saiz, Paul an . Sandoval, Ernest Schabarum, Lisa Schilling, Barbara Schneider, Marc Schrock, Matthew Schultz, Kimberly Schutter, Candee Schwanbeck, Mike Scott, Brenda Scott, Doug Scott, Kathleen Scott, Thomas Searles, Brian See, Robert Seiferth, john Sena, Robin Shackelford, Lisa Shahan, Laurie Shark, julee Shepard, james Shields, Kelly Shope, Sharron Shuart, Laurie Shults, Brenda 140 Ru-Sh 4 , 1 .V Q, 4 Q- N. 2? 'lx Q 1' u x X, 'lifts i Q - L rg is , fy 1, ix ,s 1. A ' . rl?" Nb. ttf' it-3 HW Ip 'V H, .W it X. 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'an EPD f ,O l f 1 lm, N -nv- 'T- ..,, .. f . f in ' M ff f Ava 5, 'Q XR w' s l 4 az' if . I W' l , ,. it ' N N fn .ev N'-up :C- 'sv K Ni' Y if 32' ,Z Q 9 Lg," N ,-.nw -. SH' a wr -fn lf, ,i vi 1 M if " i ., Q Qt it 3 'fl . it . l in fi A . .qf.x,,,,1 W. Nu l fx ' fx Q A -mtg, f Y ' ' ' H AM il ' V M ,wily ,, M ' -G Z3 0 4 2 X I n N -, . r y t A x ' R. . I I sux ,f G 1 U Turnage, Stacey Tuxhorn, Ty Tyndall, Michele Ucci, Michele Valles, Kathryn Vanbuskirk, Gregory Van Moorlehem, Chad Vanslyke, Marlene Vaughn, Kathy Vercauteren, Nancy Verdugo, Richard Vest, Michael Vidourek, Michelle Vincent, Rick Visser, Gwen Voirin, Steven Wagoner, james Wagstaff, Laura Wahlin, Brian Walker, Loralee Walldorf, Brad Ward, Annette Ward, Rex Warren, Gregory Watson, Val Wax, Nathan Weese, Melinda Weldon, Paul Wheeler, Katherine Tu-Wh 143 Wheeler, Roynette Whitaker, Matt White, Michael Whitmore, Brook Wiler, Melissa Williams, Brent Williams, limlene Williams, Tammy Williams, Tina Willis, Brian Wimmer, Renae Winkler, Becky Winslow, Amy- Renee Winslow, Elizabeth Winters, Teri Winward, Michelle Wipf, Richard Withee, Lisa Wolsieffer, Kenneth Wood, David Wortinger, Shannon Wright, Alyson Wright, justin Wright, William Wygle, jeffrey Yahnke, Patricia Yaple, Cyndi Yoder, joel York, Polli Zafra, Victoria 144 Ro-Za 'nu fl' 'Sa- Xi., i , J vs Al li t in Q I . Q N l 'Y W w. 6 b 'fx B '5-1. lg 'ai -M E A i My 1 A if lmf Acosta Albert Soph Pres Ir Pres Sr VP Boys State 11 MYC 12 FtbalI10 Baseball 10 V Track 11 12 'tdams Tracy V Cross Coun try 1011 12 V Basketball 101112 Yearbook 12 llen Doug Basketball 01112 FCA 1011 12 lvar Brent Toro Band 11 all 11 V Football 12 ntwrler Douglas NHS 11 12 oncert Orch 1011 Com uter 11 egate K rn Cora 101112 German Club 12 Armstrong Lrsa DECA 11 HERO 12 Arnett Davld Toro Band 1011 IV Wrestlmg 10 V Wrestl1ng12 Symph Band 11 Concert Band 10 Arvayo Tracy Gymnastlcs 101112 DECA 11 Ballard Charles Scuba Club 101112 Yearbook 12 Barsnckow Carrie NHS 101112 Bartlett, Amy VICA 11 12 Baxter Corrine Frsh Sec Dance Theater 1011 12 Beavers Nrcole Click Club 12 Behr SteveIV Football 10 Ir Football 11 V Football 12 NHS 11 12 Bell Davld Baseball 1011 12 man Club 10 1112 Berg Llsa Volleyball 1011 12 Softball 1012 Berge Barbr IV Softball 10 Tennls 10 COE 12 Betts Iennlfer Dance Theater 11 DECA 11 DE 12 Blckers Ilm VICA 11 12 Black Collette Los Contantes Prem1ere10 11 French Club 1112 Model UN 12 New Horlzons 12 Blakeman Shawna DECA 1112 Bley Kimberly Los Palmltos 10 Debate 11 Fr Club 11 Yearbook 12 Bloomfield Leslle I V Volley ball 1011 V Volleyball 12 FI03tlI'lg away Rlch Wlpf Suzy Marsh and Iohn Barleson work on the semor float Click Club 11 12 Blough Todd Swnmmtng 10 Borgman Mark IV Soccer 10 V Soccer 11 Boswell Hamlln IV Soccer 1011 V Soccer 12 Latm Club 11 NHS 1011 12 Boyd Iulle Chorus 1011 V Tenn1s12 Brnstow Angle Flag Corps 10 Captain 11 DECA 11 Year book 11 Newspaper 12 MYC 12 Ln Mag 11 Q-I g a' ji.-135 1 1 gatfsjtx ya 5 Ft Q1 ' 3 v M? S Q. 'SX 'ss g C Q ff' Register 145 Rowdie and ready - An enthusiastic group of seniors enjoy a pep assembly. Broughton, Kimberly l.V. Tennis 10,115 French Club 11. Brown, julie V. Swimming 11,125 Spanish Club 115 NHS 12. Brown, Tim March. Band 105 French Club 11,125 Tennis 10,11,12. Bruce, Christine VICA 10,11,125 MYC Exec. Council 11. Buker, Corolyn Newspaper 11,125 French Club 125 Model UN 125 Swimming 11. Burnham, Scott NHS 10,115 V. Tennis 10,11,12. Bursell, Tricia j.V. Softball 105 HERO 12. Caiola, Cheryl VICA 11,12. Calcaterra, Theodore Thespi- an Troupe 10,11,125 SADD 146 Register Treas. 10, V.P. 115 Dance The- ater 105 Speech and Debate 10,115 Stage Crew 11. Call, Martin j.V. Football5 V. Orch. March. Band5 Symph. Band5 V. Wrestling5 jazz Band, Encore Strings. Calle, Laurrie Impact 105 Flag Corps 11,125 Flag Captain 12. Carbine, Dyan Debate Sec. 105 j.A. 105 German Club 105 Latin Club 11,12. Carolson, Kathryn SADD 105 Volleyball Mgr. 105 AFS 105 NHS 10,11,125 Los Palomitas Premier Choral 10,11,125 Pep Club 10,11,125 New Horizons 11,125 MYC 12. Carrieri, john Soccer 115 NHS 11,12. Caruso, Gina DECA 115 HERO 12. Casillas, Michelle DECA 12. Castleberry, Tina j.V. Volley- ball 105 V. Volleyball 11,125 j.V. Basketball 105 V. Basket- ball 11. Cazee, jon Cross Country 11,125 Track 11,12. Chamberlain, Patricia DECA 115 DE 12. Chiakmakis, john Soccer 10,11,125 FFA 10,11. Church, Stephanie Las Palo- mita Premiere 10, Pres. 115 Homeroom Rep. 10,115 DECA Sec. 12. Clark, josh j.V. Soccer 115 V. Soccer 12. Clemmons, Robert j.V. Foot- ball 10, V. Football 11,125 V. Track 10,115 Homeroom Rep. 11,125 FCA. Cline, Christina Spanish Club 11. Coates, Shannon Pom 125 Dance Theatre 115 Chorale 11. Cole, Melissa Yearbook 10,11, Editor 125 MYC Exec. Comm. 12. Congdon, Kelly Volleyball 10,11,125 Basketball 105 Bad- minton 10. Conlon, Michelle Concert Band 10,115 Marching Band 10,115 Flag Corps Cpt. 10,115 Drill Team 11. Cook, Kim Spanish Club 11,125 Homeroom Rep. 115 Tennis 12. Cooper, Michelle V. Tennis 10,11,125 V. Badminton 105 Homeroom Rep 10. Cornelius, Cathi French 105 Hero 12. Cox, Bill j.V. Football 10,11 Ftball 12. Cox, Brent Soph. Class T Toro Marching 10,11,125 SB VP 125 P U.N. 105 Calc. Club 12. Crandall, Sharon Co Orch. 105 Symph. Orch. Crist, Lisa NHS 10,11,125 T nis 10,115 French Club 10, Archery 105 Badminton Crockett, Nicole Pom Line Spanish Club 115 Premiere Choir 10. Crowden, DeLoLian Ft.Ball 105 j.V. Band 10. Ft.ball 11. Crowe, Clark Vica 11,12. Dalton, Rob Iazz Band 125 Chorale 10,115 Encore 115 NHS 11,125 Model UN 10,11,125 Newspaper 11, Sports Ed. 12. Davidson, Wendy Toro IV Basketball 115 V. Basketball 12. avis, Iim V. Cross Country 10,11,125 V. Track 10,11,12. eLong, Lisa Spanish Club 0,'l1,125 NHS 125 MYC 125 omeroom Rep. 115 Chorus 0,11,12. eMichele, Maria DECA 12. evine, Patricia NHS 11,125 panish Club 11,125 Premiere 2. iicgfiiiiia, Gllafi5iHiali5QQciiiI3'5 Dunkin, Traci Hero 105 Scuba Club. Drake, Paula Softball 10,115 Ir. Basketball 105 V. Softball 12. Dzivak, Amie IV Soccer 9,105 IV Cheerleader 105 V. Cheer- leader 115 German Club 'l'l,'l2. Edick, Carol Drama Club 105 Pep Club 12. Edmund, Amy Yearbook 'l0,'l'l. Edwards, Melinda Cheer 10,11,125 Chorale VP 125 Pre- miere 115 Los Cotantes 105 Spanish Club 11,125 Interact 12. PMlliiiiiifigitliiirlilig CL5Ei55'iI Faysak, Bill V. Ftball 10,11,125 V.Baseball 10,11,12. Felbab, Ionathan FFA 10,11,125 Stage Crew 10,11,125 Thespian Troupe 11,12. Fernandez, Carla DECA11,12. Ferreira, Theresa Spanish Club 125 New Horizons 125 Gym. Team 12. Ferrell, Mary MYC 10,11,125 Student Council 10,11,125 Key Club 10, Latin Club 11,12 Pres.5 NHS 10,11,125 Aca- demic Decath. 125 Girls State. Fish, Ryan Leon Orch. 10,11,125Track10,11,125Toro 11,125 Yearbook 12. Frye, Mark Car Club 105 Ger- man Club 11,125 MYC 125 Model UN 11,125 V.Tennis 10,11,125NHS11,12. Fuller, Stephanie IV Basket- ball 105 Key Club 105 MYC 10,11,125 Yearbook 11,12. Gaffney, Timothy IV Ftball105 IV Wrestling 10, Ir.Ftball 115 Ir. Wrestling 115 Track 115 V. Ftball 125 V. Wrestling 12. Galligan, Holley DECA 11,125 Badminton 10. Garn, Gayla Cheer 10,11, Capt. 125 Choir 10,11,125 Ho- merm. Rep. 11. ....... ..... ....... 105 Scuba 11. 05 Choir 105 DECA 105 Conc. hoir 11. iehm, Heather Choir 11. obbins, Russ Ftball 10,11. ong, Steve IV Ftball 105 Ir. 105 Deca Club 11. Elliot, Iames Toro March. Band 10,11,125 Symph. Band 10,11,125 V. Track 'l0,'l2. Engelman, Larry Lee DECA. Fitzgerald, Scott IV Ftball 105 IV Wrestling 105 Yearbook Photo. 115 Co-Photo Ed. 12. Flax, Kim Newspaper 105 Click Club 115 Lit Mag. 12. 115 Yearbook 12. Mike German 11,12. Fairclo, Sandy Yearbook 11,125 IV Volleyball 105 V. Vol- leyball 11,12. Foley, Iulie IV Cheer. 105 DECA 11,125 Archery 10. Fox, Ada-Marie German Club Showing spirit - The members of the varsity badminton team introduce themselves at a pep assembly. Feature Ed. 125 German Club 11,125 Peer Tutor 11. Gerz, Daniel Ir. Ftball 115 V. Ftball 'l2. Giese, Tina MYC 10,11,125 Softball 10,11,125 Tennis 10,11,125 NHS 11,125 Key Club 10. Giuliano, Anthony Spanish Club 105 Auto Club 10. Golden, Kimberly DECA 125 Car Club 12. Golis, Kimberly IV Band 105 March. Band 105 Symph. Band 115 NHS 10, 11,125 New Hori- zons 10,11,125 Model UN 105 Soccer Stat. 10. Goodman, Laura Orch. 10,11,125 Softball 12. Gordon, Cindy Band 105 Div- ing 115 COE 12. Gould, Iolynn Spanish Club 10,115 NHS 11,125 Model UN 12. Gowans, Andrea HERO 12. Grey, Ieffrey Drama 10,11,125 Choir 10,11,125 Drama Club Pres. 125 Speech and Debate 10,11,125 Homeroom Rep. 12. Griffin, Chad Calc. Club 125 Model UN Pres. 125 Key Club 125 French Club 10,11,12. Gumowskyj, Andy German Club 10,11,12. Gutierrez, Lora DECA 10,11,12. Hagar, Paul NHS 10,11,125 Band 10,115 Iazz Band 10,11,125 Calc. Club 12. Hall, Bobi Io Premiere 115 Click 11,125 Thespian Troupe 12. Halls, Tina Orch. 10,11,125 All State Orch. 10,11,12. Hanna, Alicia Spanish Club 'l'l,'l2. Hannum, Brandi Yearbook 11,125 IA 105 MYC 125 Click Club 125 AFS 105 Key Club 12. Hasslacher, Amy Latin Club fl.15.,AAF 'l'l.. . Hat coc , ic , . Hawker, Holly Swimming 9,105 Diving 105 Gym 9,'l0,'l25 French Club 11,125 Click Club 12. Haws, Kurt IV Ftball 105 V.Ftball 11,125 IV Baseball 105 V.Baseball 125 IV Basketball 105 Toro Band 10,115 Calc. Club 12. Haynes, Dawn Band 105 lm- pact Club 10. Helmig, Ioseph French Club 10,115 Swim Team 10,11, 125 Yearbook 105 Scuba Club 12. Hendrickson, Marci Soph. Class Sec. 105 MYC 11,125 SB Sec. 115 French Club 115 Cho- ral 11,125 Drama 10,115 SB Pub. CP 12. Hicks, Ridge Debate 11, Capt. 125 Model UN 11,125 NHS 11,125 Boys State 11. Higgins, Iohn DECA 11,12. Himes, Tim German Club 'l'l,'l2. Hinds, Matt Ftball105 V.Bas- ketball 11,12. Hinkley, Tracy Soccer 12. Hoel, Chris Baseball 10,11,12. Howe, Ioan IA 105 COE 12. Huffaker, Tamme Tennis 105 COE 12. Hummel, Chris I.V.Basketball Register 147 J S Chit chat -,Peg Newendyke and Terry Winters chat at a game. 11,12, Co-Capt. 12. McKernan, Peter JV Ftball 105 Jr.Ftball 11, V. Ftball 125 Jr. Track 105 V. Track. McQuillen, Mark FFA 'l0,'l'l,'l2. Mejia, Nora Softball 10,11,125 DECA 105 Dance 10,11,125 Homeroom Rep. 10. Memmott, Marni Dance The- ater 11,12. Menefee, John Jr. Ftball 11. Merlo, Nancy JA 105 Archery 'l0,'l'l,'l2. Miller, Patricia Toro March. Band 10,11,125 Symph. Band 10,11,125 N.H.S. 11,125 Latin Club 12. Moon, Marchele DECA 11. Mueller, John FFA 11,12. Symph. Orch. 10,11,125 Los Contantes 10, Premiere 11. Orndoff, Richard German Club 10,11,125 Click Club 12. Osorio, Ken NHS 10,11,125 Tennis 10. Osterman, Karen COE 12. Oswalt, Robert JV Ftball 10 Wrestling 11,12. Owsley, Greg VICA Sec. 11 VICA Pres. 12. Palmer, Tamra FFA 105 VIC 10,11,12. Passarella, Patrick Ftball 10. Patel, Rupit NHS 11,125 Ac on Ac. 11, Aca. Dec. 12 French Club 11,125 Latin Clu 115 Model UN 'l'l,'l2. Penn, Ilene Spanish Club 1 Yearbook 125 Key Club 1 105 V. Basketball 11,125 NHS 10,11,125 NHS Pres. 125 FCA 10,11,125 MYC 11,125 Boys State5 Anytown. Ingalls, Todd J.V. Wrestling 105 V. Wrestling 11,12. ldehara, Richard NHS 10,11,125 Spanish Club 105 Car Club 12. Irvine, John DECA 12. Jarosch, Carollynn Volleyball 10,11,125JA10. Jenkins, Laura Choir 10,11,125 Latin Club 11,12. Jensen, Aliesa Cheer 10,11,12. Jensen, Brad V. Ftball 105 V. Wrestling 10,11,12. Jessee, Shannon V. Wrestling 10,11,12. Johanson, Cheryl Las Palomi- tas 105 Chorale 11,125 Encore 11,125 NHS 12. Johns, Jeff Swim Team 12. Johnson, Cara Peer Counsel- ing 105 Newspaper 115 DECA 12. Johnson, Keith J.V. Football 105 JV Soccer. Johnson, Mark J.V. Ftball 105 Jr. Ftball 115 J.V. Soccer 10. 148 Register Johnston, Luther FFA 11,12. Jones, Robin Latin Club 11,12, Pres. 125 Thespian Troupe 12. Knight, G.T. J.V. Wrestling 11. Kilgore, Wendy Badminton, 10,115 Track 125 Basketball 10. Kober, Shane JV Baseball 105 V.Baseball 11,12. Kunde, Ben March. Band 10,115 Scuba Club 105 Spanish Club 11,125 MYC 11,125 Ten- nis 10,11,125 Track 125 Peer Counseling 10. Lamothe, Eilynn French Club 'l'l. La Puma, Mary DECA 115 VlCA12. Larson, Eric NHS 11,125 Symph. Orch. 11,125 Jr. Ftball Cpt. 115 V. Soccer 115 V.Ftball 'l25 FCA 11,12. Leeper, Jacqueline DECA 11,12. Lively, Kim COE Treas. 12. Loyd, Stephen NHS 11,125 Click Club 11,125 Choral 11,125 Toro March. Band 10,11,125 Symph. Band 115 Conc. Band 105 Los Contantes 105 Encore 11,12. Long, Donna March. Band 115 Symphl Band 11. Long, John JV Ftball 10, Wres- tling10,11,12. Loring, Selena FFA 10. Lurev, Alfred JV Wrestling 11. Marrero, Mark JV Baseball 10,115FtballJV10,Jr.115V.12. Marriott, John JV Cross Country 105 V. Cross Country 115 JV Track 105 V.Track 11,12. Mask, Shelly Chorale 11,125 Encore 11,125 Los Contantes Sec. 105 Spanish Club 105 Pom Line 12. Matty, Karmen Symph. band 10,115 Flag Corps 11, 125 JA 10. May, Rhonda Concert Band 10. McConkey, Cyn-D DECA 10, SADD Pres. 10,115 Car Club Sec. 115 Homeroom Rep. 11. McCoy, Don VICA 105 Scuba Club 10. McDonald, Katherine Los Contantes 105 Chorale 11,12 Encore 12. McEarchern, Jennifer March. Band 105 Band Council 105 New Horizons 10,11,125 FCA 10,11,125 French Club 11,125 Symph. Orch. 11,125 V.Cheer Musbach, Jamie Impact Club 115 Pep Club 10,11,125 Thes- pian 11,125SADD11. Newendyke, Peggy JV Basket- ball 105 V.Basketball 11,12. Nielson, Eric Baseball 10,11,125 Football 10,12. Niemi, Sheila Los Palomertos 115 Chorale 125 Nuciforo, Joann New Hori- zons 1O,11,125 Latin Club 'l'l,'l2, V.P. 125 NHS 11,125Key Club 12. O'Bryant, Kelly MYC 125 French Club 11,12. O'Conner, Caroline March. Band 10,11,125 Symph. Band 11,125 JV Band 105 Newspaper 11,12, News Editor 125 Lit. Mag. 11. O'Conner, Shannon French Club 12. O'Dell, Shelley Symph. Orch. 10,11,125 Yearbook 10, 115 MYC 125 Homeroom Rep. 'l0,'l'l. Oliver, Clay JV Ftball 10. Olmos, Kimberley JV Basket- ball 105 Scuba Club 115 Dance Theater 11,125 Pom Line 12. Olson, Neola Gym. 10,11,125 Rep 11,12, MYC 125 NHS 1 New Horizons 12. Peterson, Calvin DECA 1 Chorale 11,12. Pew, Maren Newspap 11,125 Homeroom Rep. 10,1 Flag Corps 11,12. Phillips, Becky Anytown 1 Gym Team 10,11,125 J Cheer5 Class VP 115 Class Pr 12. Pichon, Najuana Click 1 DECA12. Pickett, Todd Ftball 10,11. Porter, Heidi Encore 10, St dent Council 12. Powers, Kristina Choir 10, SADD 10,11,125 Dra 10,11,125Hero 12. Presti, Lisa Drama Cl 10,11,12. Preston, Chad Golf 9,1 Ftball11. Pullin, Don Spanish Club Homeroom Rep. 105 Cr Country 115 Track 115 Bask ball 115 French Club 115 DE 12. Rader, Holly Jazz Ba 10,11,125 Encore Strings. Regester, Timothy Sw Team 10,11,125 March. B 11,125 Symph. Band 11,125 DECA11. Ricks, Steve jazz 10,11,125 Symph. Orch. 11,125 French Club 11,12. Riggs, Marie V. Swimming 105 V. Track 10,115 V. Badminton 11,12. Riordan, Michael Stage Crew 10,11,125 Thespian 115 VP 12. Ronnie, Maurlee HERO 125 DECA 11. Ropacki, Michael MYC 125 FFA 10,11,12. Ross, Lesli V. Cheer 11. Roye, Kathy AFS 105 Newspa- per 11, Ed. 125 NHS 11,Sec. 125 YC 125 Drama 105 German 10,11,125 Spanish 105 New orizons 11,125 Click Club 10,11,125 Lit. Mag 11. f'v-.- ' I ' ' I I I restling 10,11,12. A aiz, Paul IV Baseball 105 NHS 0,125 DECA 12. aline, Tammi FFA 10,125 rchery 115 VICA 11,12. chilling, Barbara DECA 1,12. chneider, Marc NHS 0,11,125 MYC 125 Model UN 2. ott, Brenda Hero 115 VICA ott, I. Douglas German lub 10, Treas. 115 NHS 11 eas. 125 Toro Band 11,125 YC 12. ott, Kathleen Iazz Band ,11,125 Premiere 11,12. arles, Brian Track 11,125 oss Country 125 Yearbook 5125 Toro Band 10,11. iferth, john Toro Band ,11,125 Symph. Band 10,115 wspaper 12. na, Robin Spanish Club 125 tor 105 Pep Club 12. ckelford, Lisa Peer Tutor- g 115 DECA 125 Homeroom p 12. han, Laurie Orch. 10. Shope, Sharron FHA Pres. 105 Pep Club 11, 125 Hero 12. Sifuentes, Laurie Toro March. Band 10,115 Symph, band 11,125 SADD 105 IA 10. Simpson, Noelle Tutor 115 DECA 115 Badminton 12. Skogebo, David DECA 11,12. Smith, Christine V.Tennis 10,11,125 DECA 12. Smith, Emy SADD 10,11,12. Smith, Kevin Peer Tutor 10,125 IA VP Prod. 105AFS105 French Club 10,11,125 Spanish Club 105 Science Club 105 German Clu 5 Homeroom Rep. 10,1 5 Scu Club 10,115 Yearb . 11, Sr. d. 125 Calc Clu 2. mith, Michelle DEC 11,125 NHS 10,115 Tennis 0,125 Homeroom Rep. 1 115 French Club 11. Smith, Stephanie Orch. 10,1 Chorus 10,11,125 Encore7125 MYC 10,11,125NHS 11,125 NH 11,125 Model UN 11,12. Snapp, Craig March Band 10,115 Symph. band 105 IV Tennis 105 V.Tennis 115 NHS 115 MYC 10,11, Pres. 12. Soo Hoo, Tracey MYC 11,125 NHS 11,125 March. Band 10,115 Symph. Band 10,115 DECA12. Standage, Paul IV Ftball 105 IV Basketball 105 V. Track 10,11,125 V. Ftball 11,125 V. Basketball 11,12. Stone, Kenna Badminton 105 St.Counc. Rep. 10.125 Spanish Club 11, HERO 12. Starace, Chris Stage crew 10,11,125 Thespian 10,11,125 Spanish Club 10,11,12. Stauss, Rochelle Tutor 10,115 Hero 12. Stephens, Holly Pep Club 10,11,125 Click Club 12. Swanson, Paul Golf 10,11,12. Tanner, Eliza Model UN 10,115 NHS 11,125 Conc. Orch. 10, New Horiz. 10,11,12. Tate, Marianne V.Diving 115 Yearbook 11,125 Key Club 12. Taylor, Anissa V. Softball 10,11,125 V.Basketball 10,11,125 V.Cheer 10,11,12. Taylor, Keri March. Band 10,11,125 IV Band 105 Symph. Band 11,125 IV Softball 10,115 IV Basketball 10,115 Iazz Band 11,12. Taylor, Michael IA 10. Thomas, Matt V. Golf 10,11,125 MYC 10,11,125 V. Track 105 FFA 10. Thompson, Iennifer Orch 10,115 DECA 115 DE 125 V. Archery 10,11,12. Timmins, Ioseph IV Ftball 105 Ir.Ftball 115 V. Ftball 12. Tinseth, Ron Ftball IV 10, Ir. 11, V. 125 IA 105 MYC 11. Tolman, Aimee Pom Line 12. Tucker, Susan Dance Theatre 105DECA115S.B -. 11,125 MYC . ndal ichele Cheer IV 10, V. , 125 All American Cheer 12. Vaught, Shannon Las Palomi- tas 105 Premiere 12. Vincent, Rick Yearbook 11,125 Ln. Mag 10,11,12, Newspaper Sports Ed. 11, Manag. Ed. 125 Homeroom Rep. 10. Vranas, Ron IV Basketball 105 IV Baseball 105 IV Ftball 105 V.Ftball 11,125 V.Baseball 125 Calc. Club 12. Wahlin, Brian NHS 11,12. Walker, Loralle Pom Line 125 Encore 11,125 Chorale 11,12. Ward, Annette Chorale 11,125 Conc. Band 11. Weese, Melinda HERO 12 Weldon, Paul IV Baseball 105 Basketball IV 10, V. 11, 125 V. Baseball DECA 11. 11,125MYC115 Wheeler, Roynette Drama Club 105 VICA 115 SADD 11,12. Whitmore, Brook IV Softball 105 IV Basketball 105 V. Soft- ball 11,125 V. Basketball 11,12. Williams, Tina IA 10. Wimmer, Renae IV Basketball 105 V. Basketball 11,12. Winslow, Elizabeth Conc. Orch. 105 Symph. Orch 11,125 Encore Strings 11,12. Winslow, Amy-Renee Dance Theatre 11,125 Pom Line 125 New Horizons 125 NHS 12. Winward, Michelle French Club 10,11,125 AFS 105 Home- room Counc. 12. Wortinger, Shannone Year- book Bus. Mgr. 11,125 MYC 11,125 Lit. Mag Ed. 11. Wright, Alyson Spanish Club 11,125 Chorale 11,125 Encore 11,125 Dance Theatre 12. Yahnke, Patti VICA 12. Yoder, Ioel Swimming I " 1: I ' . Band 10,11,12. Marci Hendrickson and Todd Parry demonstrate their singing skills at a concert. Register 149 ey! ! x You can do it - Karyn MacDon- ald coaches Colleen Moon on how to do a nerdish smile for Halloween. Taking a break - Lorrania Fuller, Katy Allen, and Randy Penning- ton take a break to pose for the camera. Shooting off steam - The float reflects the junior class spirit at the homecoming game. 2 li K' K. will-, 1-ily. .y if 'z Jw 3.2 'S Q tl? it Is it love? - jimmy jones escorts Kathy Banks to a night of dining and on homecoming weekend. of as QW M Pl ,fi I ,, .M - K 443' the news - Christina Sanchez and Steve Beeghley the paper mache that was used to make the junior float. 511,131.9 The bell rings, sud- denly talking, laughing and yelling could be heard throughout the halls and school. With almost 900 juniors, you could be sure to hear a familiar voice or see a friendly face in the crowd. Not only was the ju- nior class very out-go- ing and full of energy but many juniors devel- oped friendships that would last a lifetime. Dayne Belnap said, "The classes are a lot harder and you have to work more but I will al- ways remember the good friends I made and hope their friendships will last forever." juniors showed their their pride and spirit when the junior float took second place in the competition. "Classmates gave each other the support they needed to get through the year and made it one of the best classes ever," said Greg lensen. Waiting for the buzzer - junior Pommie Kristin Rubach watches the clock as the football game comes to an end. Scientifically speaking - Neil Mather and David Brown con- verse on what they are trying to do for their science lab. Opening 151 Christian Abbott Venetia Abers Holly Adams jennifer Adams Roxanne Adams Gabe Adamson Stacey Agostino Lance Albert Cindy Alderete Rick Alfaro Andy Allen jennifer Allen Katie Allen Katie Allison Ron Alofs Charlie Amador Steve Ambri janie Amsbury Robert Analla Annette Anderson Peter Andersen Carleen Anderson Daniel Anderson Lane Anderson Leslie Anderson Mark Anderson Brent Andrews Theresa Antone Wendy Appel july Apsey Vicki Armstrong Brad Arnett Allen Arnold Delia Arrieta Ernest Arrieta ac. H if E 37 fnfilfll mlla s an C ff x X-wing Q89 3 5 X x 62 Steve Atkins Lynde Austin David Auxier Krista Axsom Kristine Bachman Stacy Bachali Grant Baecker jason Baedke Dawn Baier Gloria Bailey Heidi Bailey james Bailey Strolling along - juniors, Keric Kanistan- aux and Rachael jones, seem to be enjoy- ing their evening. 152 Ab-Ba - K Q - 'iii ' 'sm R X sx X X F x + X w ,K in . si ' .:: S- .Qfifi2:lhQfs: .. 0 W? Ww- X NN X SN X X - Q, A - . : ex Asses wt' vs X 1 i fi it T jfs- X X ,,. f .L iv fx X X E was l Q X R? . , X Q' w u X Mike Bailey Tom Bailey Brian Baker LaRita Baker Alicia Balderas Sheryl Balster Lynn Balthasar Brett Balthrop Kathy Banks pinion ' Who has the .cutest smile In f class? the junior ' luliette Blackhurst Q Colin Redding ,q7f'K Q 'K an 'V' i 'ffl T y y Christi Barnes Trase Barney Kim Barney Brenda Bartholomew Loren Bartling Trisha Bartz Trevor Basom Mickel Batrud jeff Beard Steve Beeghley Frank Behring Coreen Bellinghere Dayna Belnap Karla Bender Mark Benevento Joanna Bentley Lynn Berg Christine Bermea Sara Bethancourt Reinaldo Bertolo Marc Beynon Kelley Biller Mary Bingold james Bjornholt Lori Bisdorf Tosh Black Juliette Blackhurst Christina Blair Shari Bock Leah Bodam Kris Bodine Brad Bolar Heather Bond Wayne Bond Michelle Bonham Ba-Bo 153 Stephanie Buckhard J'..n XJ-.I-I-I IJ -.I-I-I Xf2'I-ijjeqfjj-rigjf HIS set ' I J -.4-lil Keeping involved in school activities and maintaining good grades may be hard for most people but Juliette Blackhurst has been able to man- age. She is one of the top four juniors in aca- demics. Her fa- vorite courses is her AP histo- ry class be- cause she enjoys chal- lenging classes that force her to think and work hard. Juliette said, "I'm not smart: I just Dawn Brennan Robert Brock Christine Brooksby Lauri Brouwer Andrew Brown Chris Brown David Brown Jason Brown Jody Brown Mark Brown Timmy Brown David Browning Michelle Brunet Raylene Brunner Pat Brunick Rick Bryce Ron Buchanan Mindy Bunning Dawn Burbo Bret Burkinson Christian Burleson Melanie Burns Michelle Burns Todd Burns Scott Burrel Pam Butler Stephanie Burton 154 Bo-Bu have to work hard." Not only is Juliette one of the top students but she is also involved in Key Club, Interact, newspaper, and cheer. Because of her ability to captivate the crowd, she was choosen for All-American cheer. Being on the newspaper staff is more work than she thought but she is learning and trying to become better at it. sig A N N BW Rachel Boprey James Boren Melanie Bosley Chris Box Holly Boyer Amy Boyles Brent Boyse Rita Bracamonte Lori Braidman Darlene Branham Wade Brannon Garin Breinholt ' , ,S Figa- A 5 .N Micheal Butterman Sean Cady Kristen Cain Stephanie Caldwell Mark Campagna jason Campbell Lance Campbell Michael Campbell Brett Campos Tim Canfield Todd Canfield Charles Canland Kevin Cantile jason Cantrell Laura Canty Wilford Cardon Tim Carlin joey Carpenter Carolyn Carnicke Michelle Carroll Kristi Carter x Colette Cassavaugh -a :g,. Trevor Cavanaugh Shelly Cearley 'Ia' 5 Henry Cervantes 5. jim Chapman Melissa Chapman A W9 -x 3 fi .WX Scott Christensen Sue Christensen Suzette Christensen jenny Choi joe Chott Donna Church Maurizio Cirello Phillip Clar Matt Clausen jennifer Charboneau Chris Chiago Lisa Chiakmakis Christine Chiappetta Danielle Chinavare Heather Chiren , Chad Christensen x X1 E is E Ronelle Chaverst TN ax. X Go Toros - Flag jennifer Wessel promotes school spirit while cheering for our football team. w Sandra Clawson Suzette Clegg james Clem Preston Cluff Montie Coffman javan Colahan jessica Coleman james Collins Rob Connelly Neil Conway julie Cook Shane Cook Tiffany Cook Charmayne Cooley Kimberly Cooley Duane Coon Mia Cooper Chrisitne Cordoza jennifer Corey Daniel Cowperthwait jeremy Cowing Heather Covey Traci Cox Michelle Crago john Crismon Karen Crockett jack Crowden Ken Crowe Randy Crowe Mark Culbertson james Cwiakaia joshua Dahlstrand Robert Dale Matt Dalton Lori Dammen V si -ff 'Y . Smiling away - Mike Kundrat and jacque Oliver anticipate homecoming fun. 156 Cl-De V 1- Taps 9 - X Bizzy Darger Eddie David Darin Davis Rebecca Davis Stanley Davis Todd Davis Tina Davisson Scott Dawson joe Decker Darren De Gracie Kyle De Groff Kip Dernovich john Dickinson Tom Dickman Paula Diehm Tamara Diersen Domonick Di C Rhonda Dikes Randy Dittbern Tina Djekic Michael Djugos 'ix N uv' X -1 5 Q'-I sl EI' I. Opinion Q Who was the iunior . class clown? ' Lorrania Fuller . Timmy Brown Linda D Luzansky Mike Dougherty David Draghn Scott Driggs Gordon Drinovsky Heidi Duggan Pam Dunkin Keri Ann Dunn Michael Dunn Rick Dupont Mark Duschek Kelly Dutcher Dawn Dye Matt Eagleburger Richard Eaton Ill Lance Echols Doug Edmonds Randy Edmonds Kenny Edwards Sharlene Edwards john Ellingson Heath Elmer Scott Erikson David Eskew Missy Eskew Shelly Esperson Michael Espinoza lose Esqueda Amitty Essley Brad Evans Marcie Evans Dana Evenson Catherine Farlinger Andy Fechenbach Katy Ferrel Di-Fe 157 -J." . . Sum - mi. Q Q ii.1.mQ 1. :J Humming a catchy jingle between classes was a common thing at school. What most peo- ple didn't know was that there was a jingle singer at Mountain View, Christian Burleson. C h r i st ia n sang for Orangewood Studio in Lehi. Marty de Mi- chele, the contractor, heard her sing last year at a recital at Mountain View. Later he asked her to make a demo tape. Rebecca Fram Rosa Franco Pamela Franklin Christy Frazier Christine Frost David Frost April Fuller Lorraina Fuller Shawn Fyffe Tari Gabrielson Maureen Gaines Todd Garbison Matt Gardner Todd Gardner David Garrow Candance Gates Kristy Gatrel Scott Gavlin Martha Gaylan Mysti Gehring Donna Gerstle l.D. Gertz Yolanda Gibson Steve Gillen Darron Gillespie Matt Giordana Michelle Giessing Daniel Glenn 158 Fe-GI Since then, she has re- corded three jingles for Circle K, Universal Homes and one for the studio. Christian's per- sonal favorite was the U n i v e r s a l Homes jingle. It was written for her voice and has a full orchestra for the back- ground music. "All the hard work really pays off when I hear the final product," said Christian. Susan Fedock Missy Felstead jason Fishbeck james Fisher Isaac Flores Rodolfo Flores Gabe Foltz Penny Foos Christie Foster ,Qi aff, 4 ., M kbp f 'T2fl 'A 1. v7Xxf'Qfi'?QblX QYVCFL x97 J I XA E 55 Carla Foulk Damien Foxj Heidi Frabasilliolf wig, W , ., D w if xbl t, 1' Us X 5 Q ffxi if ucv' K if ' .- f Q, X 1 .. - :N L . gk .. K in S it it - W, tyyt ,- i .S if 2 s Q X s Q Q.. X X N 5 xx N ct ? . X i K 'QS 25 4 S 8 iv ' Q . Dfw LAl1l Y -. ri s -is L L2 ff' t Belinda Hardy Constance Hardy C Dirk Harper Kelly Harrell Kristine Harris Todd Harris Garrett Harrison jeff Harvey orwin Harmon , time S 9 1 , Matt Goad Chantell Godfre jackie Goin Arlinda Gomez Barbara Gonzalez julie Goodman Michael Goodman Shannon Goodman Debi Grajczek Kristi Grau Shannon Grecco Lloyd Green Terri Green Angela Greer Lesley Gregory Michelle Griest Colleen Griffin Kristin Griffen Steven Griffin Ginger Grillet Donald Guess Wendy Guin Scott Gulbranson Melissa Gunyan Lisa Gutierrez Steve Gutierrez Mike Hager Amanda Hall Kenneth Hall Forest Hamberlin Kevin Hancock Melissa Hansen Suzanne Hansen Tiffany Hansen Leigh Ann Harherod Locker time - Cody Pennington glances around at the break- madness as she waits to get into her locker. J' il 'Tree 1 4,1 2 af' G fx b Say what! - Suzette Christensen shoots a Cecilia Hernandez Ken Hester Holly Hicks Robert Hifler Patricia Higgins Diana Higuera Matthew Himes Hudd Hassell Shannon Hawkins Todd Hebdon jennifer Hecht Chris Heck Chris Hector Scott Hedges Marlise Heinzmann Diane Heminger Ken Henderson Shelley Hennessey Robbie Hennis glare that shows she's not amused. Corey Hineman Tim Hoffman Steve Hogue Paul Holaren Stacey Hollenbeck Dan Hollowell jill Hollowell Eric Holst Kristine Holt Aaron Hon Shiela Hononichi Sherry Hood Amy Hook Bryan Hooper Ryan Hopkins Spring Horn Darrell Horne Robert Hosac janette Hoskinson Sharon Hossler jackie Hough Bonnie Hounowski Amy Howard Maurice Howard joy Hubbard Megan Huehne Kathryn Huey Deidre Huffman 160 Ha-Hu af qs. -5. A 3 h. Hunk. I A JAX S' Q x W gp R I fy -11 Q 53 Q r,. s Q 'Q I 1 X' 'X . J, J: ez' N Q E 'Q A 1 , alla ll If f Mike Katalinie Lisa Kelly Curtis Kelly Robert Kelly Dana Kennedy Lisa Kennedy Kerry Kent Kirsten Kemp Kellie Kepler Michelle Hummel Alina Humphrey Travis Hyde Kristina Irwin Troy Jackson Michelle Jarvis Kristal Jaugn Holly Jekel jared Jennings julie Jennings David Jensen Greg Jensen Scott Jensen Wayne Jensen Greg Jepsen Blair Jessen Cory Johnson Shaleen Johnson Jeff Johnson Jenny Johnson Jennifer Johnson Julie Johnson Steven Johnson Steve Johnson Carmen Jones Kambi Jones Rachelle Jones Randy Jones Joelle Jubinski Deadre Judge Deanna Judge Enos Kaleo Keric Kanistanaux Shandra Kanistanaux Rusel Kaider L0pini0n What were the fa- vorite 1986 movies? Hu-Ke 161 Melissa Kern Debra Kightlinger Kelli Kilpatrick Dawn King Eric Kinyon Cindy Kirkwood Cheryl Klein Lisa Klickoff Peggy Klippel Don Knapp Roxanne Knepp Wade Kolhase Kevin Kosisky Kristen Kottke Tracy Koughn Kurt Kronemeyer Deena Kudlicki Mike Kundrat Traci Laash Erikka Lambson Paul Lampinen Andrew Landdeck Cathy Lane Lisa Larson Susan Larson Chip Lasee Stephanie Latimer justin Lavender Chris Lawrence john Lawrence Thuy Le Carter Lee jeff Lee jo Marie Lee Mystee Leno Gina Lentine Darick Lewis Gina Lewis Larry Lewis Chris Likens Karen Lindhorst Daniel Lilley William Litwaitis john Loeffler Michael Loeffler Carlos Logacho Angela Logan Ted Logan Karen Lomax Tonya Long joe Lopez Selena Loring jeffrey Loughrey Luis Lujan Christopher Luebke Matt Lunt 162 Ke-Lu ,dk i ....,t Q 5 cs Q. v X gj,f::i3li A T N:EEY:EN':?s.' ,'-- .. . 3 'ms 5 Y 6 Q gg, X QR ,X if x .L 5. s K nv-"""' ,,.,u.---,,,,,..-. Rory Lunt Robert Lynn Richard Lyons Tracy Macewen Ann Machler Rodney Madison Eric Maggard Bobbi Maggs Tonia Malherbe Davdi Mallnowki Erin Malloy l Gift Spams Q3 Reinaldo Bertolo is not your ordinary stu- dentg he is a world class pianist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has per- formed in front of large crowds in his homeland and has received n u m e r o u s awards. Rein- aldo came to America to study his Eng- lish and to practice his piano. Reinaldo got the chance to come to the United States because he is part of the Rotary Club. He also enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and most of all, soccer. The soccer matches in Bra- zil are compa- rable to the football games in the U.S. When Rein- aldo returns to Brazil, he will receive a diploma that will allow him to teachlothers what he has learned. Donald Maly Andrew Mangeris Christy Mann Mike Manning Cheri Marcum julie Maready . wax v Lee Ann Marez It x f Sonja Markoski Steve Marler Stephanie Marsh Michael Martinez Shelly Martinez Vanessa Martinez Neil Mather Tom Mattingly jeffrey Maynard Matthew Mazak Chad Mc Allister Carey Mc Connell Darci Mc Culla Tom Mc Culloch Kelli Mc Donald Amy Mc Kee Kara Mc Kenna Craig Mc Kinley Shelly Mc Kinney Tiffini Mc Lagno Becky Mc Laughlin Lu-MCL 163 Here it comes - jason Brown throws a water balloon for Geoffrey Mc Nabb class competition at the homecoming assembly Ray Mc Manaman Brian Miller Eileen Miller Harry Miller Merilee Miller Ronald Miller Margaret Miramon Tony Miranda Brian Mitchell jonathan Moeller Sylvia Montero Adam Montierth Arch Montierth Steve Montierth Michelle Monzione Coleen Moon Laura Mooney Gregory Moore Peggy Moore Michelle Morris Shawn Morris Wendy Morris jason Mortensen Kristen Mortensen Louis Moses Deb Muhlenbruck Harold Muhsman Nancy Mulera Kevin Mulligan Abraham Munguia layson Murdock Stacey Myers Percy Naoraji Kourtney Neal Kim Nelson Lacey Nelson 164 McN-Ne .QQ ' Q 5' 1-77 46? Q' , E3 X if , .N cs- wk X... . , , . S .E Xl uk. l QS ,Al l I f do may .K . 2 ,L Q- .55 'R+ Q., ,S , Q9 Cody Pennington Randi Pennington Ray Perkins jenet Perkinson Cari Perlman David Peterson Erik Pfoutz Michael Phair Keith Phelps 's ,lf 5 tv Shauna Newby Chau Nguyen David Nichol Dennis Nichol Greg Nichols Channin Nielson Irene Nino Steve Noe Lisanne Norman Avelina Nunez Kelly Ohoro Tim Okken Richard Ortega Ruben Ortiz Natascha Ovando Melanie Overholt Cassie Pagonis Andrew Paige Kristy Palmer Ellen Papacek Denyse Pappas Scott Pappas Michelle Parker Mike Parker Terry Parra Charise Parsons Randy Pattea Tanya Paulley Regina Payne Tamara Peaco Michelle Peck Kristina Peden Lisa Pellak jeffrey Pelton Eliza Pember Q Who is most likely to . succeed in the ju- nior class? . Kristin Rubach Wilford Cardon Ne-Ph 165 Nancy Redanbaugh Brenton Richards Darlene Richardson Roxanne Robinson S' 3J'3l:.'LL MDE jason Phillips joseph Phillips julie Pickles To some, swimming is a summer activity, but to junior Grant Baecker it has become a year- round sporting event. Grant started to swim competively . when he was 39,11-f -ill 11 years old. As A ery day, six days a week. This intense practice has paid off for Grant. He won three first place medals in the Mesa City Meet for Mountain View. He also competed in ,4 11 the junior Na- a member of P' tional Meet. the Mesa 'Q A L o o k i n Aquatics Club, ' A ahead In swim- ',:'t he specializes in the freestyle and the butterfly events. Practices average three to four hours ev- Robert Powers Vicky Pratt Travis Prestwich Carrie Quick jaqueline Rambo james Raoofi Ray Rardin David Rataczyk john Rathlee Deborah Ray julia Reamer Colin Redding Korri Rederick Shani Reed jason Reheis Anna Renteria james Rhine Kelly Rice Shawn Riggs Kevin Ringger Mard Robedeau jack Roberts Rene Roberts Ralph Robinson 166 Ph-R0 Brie Pipes Warren Pitman Linda Pitterle A Pitts Dina Pizzo Kristine Plunket 1 . ming, Grant hopes to at- tend the Senior Nation- al Meet and to swim on the Stanford swim team. Ni 1 X Belinda Pollack Raul Porras Marlin Posvar l- P ip... 'sift ' t 'QQ Q.. ...Q N S t x Qi y SK ' U 'sw x S E 92 5.-.f Steve Robinson jr. Rodriguez Corey Rogers john Rogers Daniel Rooney Alvarez Rosendo jeff Rosengreen Kevin Rothlisberger Scott Rothwell Duke Rottweiler Larry Rowley Daniel Rowe Sean Rowe Kristen Rubach Gilbert Rubio Rossana Rubio Ben Rudd Taya Rudd Stephanie Rugel Scott Rush Cheri Russel S Scott Rust Paul Ruzycki Scott Ryan Robert Rydman vf ' Christina Sanchez N5 Karl Sanft I S I ' S ' Lisa Sanmiguel Q, jennifer Sapp julie Saywell john Schafer Kyle Schafer vf Troy Schafer Brad Shallenberger Matt Schonthaler YZ: W if 2 I N Richard Schroeder Timmothy Schutter A smile of relief- junior Krissy Frost glances up after a hard Dave Schlagel day of school work, as she searches for the homework that lays ahead. Stefanie Schwarz Stephanie Scott Tom Scritchfield Teresa Seely Marc Sejut Ramon Seniell jill Sessions Chester S'groi Tracy Shakleford lamie Shaffer Kelly Shane Shane Shaw jeff Shepherd Robert Sheriff Aaron Shoemaker joe Shope Alan Short janine Silvey Chris Simmons jerlyn Simonton Danny Singer Rick Singer Philip Sirhan julie Sirrine Michelle Skinner Shane Skipps Dena Slade Luke Smalley Andrea Smith jack Smith Lisa Smith Robert Smith Shannon Smith Thad Smith 1 fa 3 gs' es Q Q . X t s is lin f' Ill fill -4 S ai inf. 1 'fan Traci Smith N .Q Andrew SHOW ....,t --, JB"""?f Cathy Snyder S S Victoria Suhr "f , , Q S ' 5 David Soelberg i Tony som at ft s X Rene Soto Christen Spain L Opinion Who has the best personality in the ju- nior class? ' Rita Bracamonte I Hudd Hassell 168 So-St jill Spaulding Craig Sperry Becky Spiers Donna Sponseller Deanna Standage Lee Standage james Stanley Rondi Statdfield x,- N. 'Q Q . X Gossip time Kim White and Christine Chiappetta catch up on the latest gossip at lunch. X X sl, w Erin Staton Lisa Stearns Allison Stephens Marsha Stephenson David Stern Chris Stevens Ty Stiffle Alyssa Stilwell Tami Stillwell Steve Stolpe Steve Stouffer Eric Strickland Cherich Stout Denise Sullivan Rebecca Sumbler Fred Sutter Andrea Sutton Tim Swan Richard Sweeney Natalie Syrek Robert Szwardzewski Glenn Teille Danielle Tejada Sarah Tenaglia Ben Tenney Glenn Thomas Greg Thomas Mark Thomas St-Th 169 Ralph Thomas David Thompson Earl Thompson Scott Thornell Mike Timbush Selena Tippets Bob Tofft Sato Tomoko Debra Torbyn Richard Torres jeffrey Torrey David Toon julia Traudt john Trayes jeff Trendler Shannon Tromp Shelley Tucker lim Turley Mauri Turley Missy Tussing Marlo Twardzik Peter Udall lana Unangst Pam Upton Shelly Van Dlyck Dan Vasquez Suzanna Vujicic Sean Villaire O X x D 9' S1 ,C...,,s .L 170 Th-Vi ks ligkxtsx. Study hall - Some juniors use every valuable moment to study for their classes ff it S it ,, . P 4' Yi Micheal Wabakken Patty Wager Scott Wagner Troy Wallin Lori Ward Elizabeth Warren David Waters Hector Weaghington jennifer Weatherly Travis Weeks 'N 3399139 1.Qa.C5l.Q3!.'9Shi1,'3J Being involved in stu- dent council was only one of the many activi- ties that junior Rita Bra- camonte was involved in. Rita was not just a member of stu- dent council, she was also ju- nior class sec- retary. Rita was also a member of Dance Theater, Spanish Club, Key Club, make Mecha Club one of the most important clubs on campus," said Bracamonte. Rita had the chance to attend Anytown, a camp that gave the opportunity to relate to other cultures and gave ideas on how to elimi- nate preju- dices. "We made new Matt Weidl Hollie Weigele Anytown and president of Mecha Club, a club friends and learned to communicate better fix for Hispanic American students. "I am determined to with people," said Bra- camonte. joni Weight Karl Weiss Patricia Welch Cathy Wells Annette Wende Deric Wesley jennifer Wessel jerry West Eric Westover Michael Wetzler Scott Weyerman Cathryn Whalen Lance Wheeler Alyssa Whitaker jenny White Kim White Kristy White jason Whiting Kurt Whitlow Brenda Whitton Troy Wicker Tim Wiese Tim Wiese Kenneth Wilde Cameron Williams Shannon Williams Susan Williams Amy Wilson Wa-Wi 171 Chris Wilson jason Wilson L.G. Wilson Molly Wilson Craig Willis Amy Wimp Dale Whybrew Carri Wolfe Dusty Wolford Shanon Wollett Debora Wong Karyn Wong Barbara Wood Robert Wood john Woods Laura Woods joanna Wrigley David Wrobiewski Shane Wyman Joann Yonts james Young Kelly Young Stacie Young Marie Zabel Bertha Zarate Amy Zimmerman Cheryl Zimmerman Sharon Zint Nbr- ti. t exe K ,re g 'zap ww 5 t ff X t F 1 S in Q xl P S si x R WS-.N is Q N X ' A SN? "" S. rs. l 'R iil M H X Q .. 'L 'f' . 'Q 7 -- l l - ttt, it f R N What was the favorite song of the junior class? C C Z 1. 2. 3. "You Give Love Ae Bad Name" Z g ' D By Bon lovin Q "VII Be Over You" By Toto Y B Y at "Next Time I Fall" BysPeter Cetara y Amy Grant C Z Nose X X xg Qt X L39 X be we x X N s N X w K X x X 'V 172 Wi-Zo Toni Zizzo james Zollinger we ,Y vs M, ff CZ, All prepped out-junior officers G and Karyn MacDonald show off the Xavier looks at an assembly. Cheers of victory-Joanna Bentley, and Rory Lunt join classmates in sl pride. 533' - N :A-. N 1.5-'filw g F S Sv , N XM Xi K . Yxt N- 1 N X ' A K . SH L il - -, .L f- i. , xmw f IQ Q.. x 745523 3 aft' 'SRS n x A Y K W.,,,. if.. Q03 QE kg , six SA 0 Q ,1 4" 'e Q ii QQ. ,au .nw m 4? wee. N 'Q' za f ? Q Mis' Nfgsf I '-'Avg f.. The first excitement without even begin The old would meet The day's old groups ones had The af, s 4 1' ,nf , '64, O 9 Cynthi Domakitis Black Sec. What a Heather Owen said on ers. Time Casto, B. tran listen lunch. 174 Abl "squashmore" being told and just plain being ig- of sophomores, which was than both the junior sophomores were able to as they usually got second during the pep the upperclassmen teased that didn't seem to best and succeeding at X. Y- 'JS ' I '- x vs 45 w gf 1 Sa N- - ss I ltin tr A yr -1 ri. r at ii is 5. , Q , x t 3 W 'vi W R ,. gl, I A asia-..: 1' . iv Q an v it- ' y 'J T 'Si lf 'vo' ' Him, Y -A ' I - . of 'Q ,K gf' 522 ' - ,-Mg -2 sszgisi B -sr va' .N gz . 'at Q Q. .,.v l I -sf 477 3 . I X fe' -, I4 1'-9 lulie Abele Tanya Abriatis Roger Adair Janice Adami Theresa Adanni Casey Adams Chris Adams Lawrence Adams jennifer Agren Karen Albram Dawn Alder Scott Allen Thomas Andersen Holly Anderson lon Anderson Kristine Anderson Vernon Anderson Maria Andrade Gilbert Andrew Len Andrews Bridget Armenta Grace Armijo Anjanete Arnett Shauna Arnett y ' W v -1 1 X ,Kit s ' fi R t :N - p- W . "1 ' -vs 4 A . k q A . .,, , , ' W' tt A, . s, xw f I ' . , N. R Sfmt' 0, N sz' 1 ,l J 4, 2 ' 1 ' s 'C L! 'K 5., ' ' ' J , T T 'Wie .Qs 55 1"' A :S s- A K ' f A Q ' H . E l cy 5 C ti ' , . Tw -- . 'vu : .. N-' " ' ' .. .7 A Ji fr -Tr. -is sg is A siiti llis 5 ,s,c Q 'll ily' i ffl 1:1 X4 N F Celina Arriaga Robin Austin Denise Ayen Grant Bachali Stephen Bailey Stephanie Bair Mark Balch Tim Ballentyne Bridget Banfield Brian Banks Chris Banning Tim Barker Patty Barlett Denise Barr Tim Barrett David Barsickow Andrew Bartels Nathaniel Bartelson Angela Bartling Darrin Barton john Batchelor Michael Batchelor Connie Baxter Doug Bell Abl - Bel 175 Mike Beaudon Simion Beltran Kathleen Bennett Kriss Benson Mike Benson Brent Berge Keith Bergen Sonya Berryman Mark Bessey jamie Beveridge Shane Bible Chris Biester Lisa Biester jeff Bird justin Bird Lesli Bjork Celeste Black Christine Blake Brent Blakeman jeff Blasdell joe Blazo Thomas Blythe Anissa Bojorquez Sam Bollwinkel Kathy Bonnam Devona Bonner Dennis Booth Michelle Booth Anthony Borders David Borland Sonya Bostrom Vince Bova jason Bower Dylan Bowman Lisa Bowman Andrea Box William Boyd Marcie Boyenger Amy Bozzuto Chris Brady Melanie Bramsen Denise Brantley jeff Bratcher Marcy Bratland Monica Braun Heidi Breinholt Stacey Breinholt Kristin Brewer 176 Bea - Bur 'FS gt, of eff? -3 .V , :fy Egg. i y.,1.L ' Ka: g if if' Ian Brimhall Donald Brooks A Cheryl Brott Laura Broughton Allison Brown l Christian Brown Donovan Brown Jacqueline Brown Matt Brown Robert Brown Ryan Brown Stacie Brown . ' if 1-ii 'a" Chris Brunick ,ii 'i-sl A Danny Brunson t s Lsz, g Charles Bryant , 4 -'it lf jeffrey Buchanan L-Ji, Angela Budge ,,t - Charmaine Budge t, If, -fhs. 4757 2 Chad Buffington Chris Bunchman jason Burd Sharon Burdick Todd Burnham Stacy Burton W INCENT IVINS i-If B' Cynthia Vincent is not just your average tal- ented, involved, pretty face, she is this year's Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation QHOBYJ recipi- ent and representative for Mountain View. Vincent was chosen out of several other ap- plicants on her leadership abilities and concern and experience with others. After hearing about HOBY from last year's recipient Natacha Ovando, Vincent became in- terested and decided to apply. HOBY, is open to all sophomores in all 50 states and many other countries. HOBY's pur- pose is to bring a select group of high school sophomores together with groups of destin- guished leaders in business, government, edu- cation, and the professions so they can discuss present and future issues, using an informal question and answer format. HOBY has four specific goals: -First, to find and reward leadership poten- tial in high school sophomores. -Second, to encourage and assist students in their quest for self-development. -Third, to introduce potential leaders to recognized leaders of today. -Finally, to give students an opportunity to explore America's democratic pro- cess. Vincent re- presented Moun- tain View at an all- expense paid three day HOBY Leadership Semi- nar held at ASU in May. "I was happy, honored and very excited," said Vin- cent about her feelings after win- ning the award. Bea - Bur 177 Dan Butler Krista Butala jennifer Butler Tracey Byloo Chris Dady Tammy Calendo Krista Calhoun Amy Calinsky Dawn Callisor john Campbell Scott Campbell Chad Campos Tony Campos james Candland Kristin Candland joe Cannon Krista Cappucci joe Carlin Nicole Carlisle Dietrich Carlos Carie Carpenter David Carpenter Eric Carpenter Roberto Carpio Daryl Carr Diane Carroll Kelly Cassaday Paige Castleberry Belinda Caviness Tommie Cecala Christina Cesta Sheri Chamberlain Bert Chapman Stacey Chapman Alan Chatters Sean Chauncey Kelly Chernko Adam Chesley Kelly Christensen Huoch Chum Shane Church David Ciancuillo Shirley Cicco Ruthann Clark Tamara Clark jesse Clark Karen Clarkson Laura Clement 178 But - Dav ,.. g A hi. W 'K ,ss K 'Uh if f X! r avi tw -C X lf XX 'H ANNZS ' ill eff ,f . ,Q X ,. 'D LJ 1 , S i "' I 5 I f ff .fjalf ,z xx" 1 wx' ,R I X f.. X 1. , -Q-'X 'E kixx. A , 0 A at Qi I r ii' 5 5 ' f lata t R Ag no f-. 'Q K iii? C if 55, wx. ' 3318124 5, in New 'Q-Q' ,- 'Q' fn? S f XF lt X X mf ,..t, - S.. 3 twat: 1 f' 3 at 'SQA ,W . nail if I 'Bw Y'--' v sly Michelle Clower Donna Cluff Rachel Cluff Angela Coates jason Colgin Heather Collins Mike Combs Chris Conlon Tami Conover Angelica Contreras Deanna Cook Holli Cook Brandy Cooley Brian Cooper Corey Coplea Ryan Corcoran Michelle Corlett Cheryl Corwin jason Corwin Mark Cook Michelle Covarrubias Darren Cox La Dawn Cox Valerie Cox john Crabtree Elliott Craig Nathan Craig Michael Crago Steve Crews jennifer Crick Cynthia Crockett jon Cronin Loren Cronk jeff Cross Richard Cross Beulah Crowell Freddie Cruz jennifer Culver Carl Cunningham jason Cunningham Dallas Dailey Kim Dallabetta Darin Damme Billy Daniel jeff Darr Humberto Davalos Alan Davis Chad Davis But- Dav 179 lake Davis lohn Davis john Davey loni Davis Karen Davis Lisa Davis Mike Davis Rachel Davis Steven Davis Beverly Davidson Wayne Davisson Holly Dawn Lee Dayley Kristine Dearien justin DeBoer Greg Decdious Blake De France Nicki De La Cruz lon Delaune jason D'Eliso jennifer Delong Kevin Demoss Anna De Muri Gerald Dempsey Laughters in the air- Sopho- mores Kari Stephens and Re- nee Logan take a break from school to talk. 180 Dav - Fer "1 'Wai T371 -u.f"' ,LM , 6 91 A I , 1 'a,"a 1' I W I A ,bf , :G X' Q, , r ,ff f.. is ns -,iw rr , ' iii? , : Q., 4. 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Denise Edgell Lee Edwards Lisa Edwards Monica Eells Otto Ekblad layson Ellingson Dusty Elmer Phil Enabnit Christina Engels Kunane Enos Paul Epstein Renee Erickson Michelle Erwin james Esperson Aanold Espinoza Cathy Espinoza Athena Etherton Cory Fagerholm Nicki Fahey Lori Fedorick Mike Felbab Michelle Fenner David Feria George Fernandez Fer 181 Olinda Ferreira Chris Ferry Lisa Fillmore Stacy Filewicz Hilary Fischer Tiffany Fishbeck Ben Fitch Rene Fitzgerald Lisa Fix Jennifer Foster Carey Foushee Christine Freeman Naomi Freeman Gretchen Freese jill Fouller Shelley Franzmier Paul Frazer Kevin Frazier David Fredrickson jeffrey Freeman Denise Frey Chris Frueh Daphanie Fuller Mike Funicello Jenny Furano Tiffani Fyffe Lee Gaches Leland Gade Kerry Gaines Brandon Galatian Alfonso Gallardo Scott Galvin Greg Garcia Richard Garlick Gregory Garn Michelle Garoutte Richard Gartner Claudia Gastelum Keri Gede Scott Gede Tracy Geiman Michelle Giest Lisa Gerdl Angela Germak Kristy Gertz Tamara Gettler Donovan Gilbert Bill Gilchrist 182 Fer -f X fi is '21-fr A81 1.5-...,.,,.,k 2? ,N s .ix .35 ff' wanviy' , Xl. - -V.. ' N ' i Q .Q 1 at 'W if k . V , wx X R X s L S 6 5 -'Cf . up .Qc I X' 1 kigwit sl N v l. .-.x fi 9 4" it-p SK!-TE FV R Ti-IE I-'UN V? IT He's fast, daring, and brave. He rides the wind on his blockhead street style skateboard. Who is this rider of the wind? He's justin Bird- sopho- more and skateboarder. Skateboarding became a craze in the mid- 1960's. Since then it's had it's ups and downs, literally. The look of the skateboard has changed a great deal. The first skateboard was a metal roller skate pulled apart and screwed on to a two by four piece of wood. It's gone from those hum- ble beginnings to expensive high tech designed boards. Riders can now choose what colors and designs they want to have on it. justin used to skateboard when he was in sixth grade until someone stole his board. He has been skating seriously for about a year now. justin likes to skate everywhere and anywhere he can. He's not a professional skateboarder and he doesn't plan on being a professional skater. He just skates because it's fun. When justin goes skating in the street, he usu- ally doesn't wear any protective gear. The only time he does is when he skates on ramps. Even then he only wears knee pads. justin said that skateboarding on a ramp is much more danger- ous than skating in the street. "You can break your arm, leg, wrist or even your neck. When l'm skating on a ramp, I sometimes feel scared be- cause l'm hoping that l won't slam into it." lustin does a lot of tricks or moves. Some of them are judo airs, back side smiths and back side all'S. justin likes to go over to a friend's house with friends and skate. When he skates with his friends he doesn't skate competetively, he just skates because he enjoys it. Tracy Girard Mike Glsbran jennifer Giuliano Colette Gonzales julie Gordon Wes Gordon Tina Giusti Sherie Glenn Mike Goehrung x...t v--, Es gr Steve Goodell Edward Goodwin julie Goodyear Kip Gosney Cicelia Gould Pam Gould Darla Greaves Ken Greene jill Greenlee Allyson Grenier Shene Grieve Ronald Groschel Christy Groth Steve Grove Melissa Groy Gro 183 Tina Gunn Kevin Gulbranson Gayle Guthrie Gwen Hahn Valerie Hale David Halfhill ..,..1..Q.-.1-.-11 Phillip Hall Scott Hall Tammy Hallock Alison Halls jennifer Hamilton Steve Hammons leff Hankins Samuel Hannan Holly Hansen Chris Hansing jennifer Hamilton Karen Haq Carrie Hardenburg Boyd Hardy Laurie Harmon Tim Harper Kathy Harrany jeremy Harris lill Harris Sonya Harris Spencer Harris Leslie Harry Scott Hatfield Kristin Hawkins 1- Lisa Hawkins Dean Hayes Duane Hayes Renee Hayhurst jennifer Haynes Linda Heater ll it iff 'kv 'U' .X ,pg J!" i V!! '31 KI' K+ if igQt.,t,X Q X ' 12 X ai 3 s 3 Q a v 3' X X by N X X ::: 1 K1 ave David Heath Lori Helmel Cindy Helmick lack Henderson Evy Hever Kyle Hiatt Christine Hickey Lorena Hidalgo Robert Hifler Matt Higgins David Hildebrand Carol Hill 184 Gun -'KX 11' ft""' av. Ak ,K 1 'ew X N CTX L, it X t wx ' N ,., sq R 7 J 'df' is I TTA 8 X Q ra , qu- . .italy 'ygta it 6- tis - fi A A f-s. -m Y f ,. Iv- T w as x L I R 1? " ai J ,, .. 'i , Q 1 Av 'L f Q , A V 1 . A ' ' A fl' C' F ,ya SSX . ,ht James Hill Julie Hill Les Hills Patti Hines Krista Hinze Todd Hixon Tasha Hobbs Sharon Hoel Tamara Hofhine Lisa Hoge Denise Holdman Mike Holenda Chad Holm Chanda Holyoak Daniel Hood John Hopkins Lisa Hoppe Todd Hornbacher Afton Hosac Mike Hovland Jason Howard Carmel Hoxsic Suzan Hryb Jennifer Hughes Phil Hughes Tiffany Humenyik Michelle Humiston Julie Hunsaker Tim Hunt Tisha Hunt Tim Hybner Amy lngstrum Barbara Jaggers Heidi James Jill Janssen Scott Jarzyna Darlene Jellema Michelle Jenson Tory Jespersen Junior Jimenez Brandi Johnson David Johnson Diana Johnson Howard Johnson James Johnson Jared Johnson Kristi Johnson Laura Johnson Gun Joh 185 Melanie johnson Mickey johnson Chris jones Chris jones Derrick jones Rodney jones Scott jones Tammy jones jennifer josephson Rob judd Tina judd Mike juett james Kaminski Shelby Kamp Keith Karas Chad Karnitz Tawnya Kasto Gina Kauer Chris Kearns Lisa Keeling Kevin Keilholtz Dan Kelediian Robert Kelleher April Keller jason Kelso Nina Kempton Mark Kendall Toni Kerley Sally Kernagis joann Kessay Matthew Kilgore Samantha Kill Christine King Laura King Marlo King Steve Kingsley Chris Kirby David Kirk Kathy Kirkendall Hans Klose jason Kneifl jennifer Knutson jeff Kobie Paul Koeneman Kent Kohlnase Lisa Kolbuss April Korinek Kimberley Kossmeyer 186 loh - Lee ,. 1 -vs as :K 1' X, N2 .Jw ' ,,- if 3 it J jf' K gy. ' vs 3' 1 "" fu . iv. i "?'T' wiv: -, if . , . --N 1 3 X I a- fy v :NX . fffijl . j i: : , S xg Q", 5. - 1 4, xg 5 x It , Q L, 5 "jx - S - Q K., .7 ,V C-at bg. f , ' .VT K -by . , 1 J v 'N Q eil ini V 40 if .:-7 , .s. N 36 ,-'X ,..4. l lv- '3 T Qffc vi ,-,. . Qu- is S z a E 3 l l Sean Koy Tracey Krahn Gary Kramer Kristin Kramer Arthus Krause Kristen Krelosbach Barbara Kurc Doug Lafond Tammy Lahr Angel Lake Tim Lamm Mark Lampe Cheryl Landis Brandon Lane Robin Lane David Laneback Jeannine Lang joey Lanning Tonya Larrabee David Larson Suzy Last Shelby Laveder john Lee Ken Lee if ll 3. l gf EI tn E? ll fs fi i i P 3 l I Three Musketeers - sopho- more Tim Hunt leans on Kyle Hiatt and Craig O'donnal in hopes to find out what's go- ing on. Hey there - sophomore Brent Berge smiles great for this unexpected picture tak- en of him. loh - Lee 187 BF UND FFR SUCCESS Michelle Musselman is a sophomore of many talents. She has modelled for a year and a half, although not continously. Her first audition was for a movie, "Desert Bloom." Although she did not recieve the part, it was a real learning exper- ience for her. In October, Michelle was sent an application to be considered for the Miss American Co-Ed Pageant, a pageant for girls that are still attending school. She sent the application in for review and two months later she received a letter of con- gratulations, a ribbon, and a certificate stating that she was the Mesa representative for the Miss American Co-Ed Pageant that will take place in june. "I love modelling," said Michelle, "I hope to be a model in the future." Modelling is not Michelle's only interest. She plans on becoming an athletic trainer. She has been in the athletic training program since the beginning of the year and she plans to take the Rob Lee Tammy Lee Tony Leek james Leeper Brian Legrady Carole Leigh Troy Leithe Tiffany Leonard Scott Lewis Tessa Lewis Randy Liebert Tony Light jennifer Likens Steve Lind Leandra Lindop jennifer Litt Chris Littlejohn David Little joseph Liuzzi Tiffany Lock Daryl Lockwood lim Lofgran Kim Lofgram 4.2 class for the full three years. When asked to de- scribe herself, she said, "I consider myself friend- ly and outgoing. I listen to other's problems and try to help." That is one of the reasons she chose to become a trainer. She hopes to take training further and perhaps receive a college scholar- ship to one of the a c c r e d i t e d schools that offer her field of study. di 5 Q.:-X Y:--f .1 J ' , I Vg? I x Renee Logan 188 Lee - MCK .. K- xx V I ,..,., E -1. Q 1 Q 1 'va '-ss. I 4 rl Q . Q 5 9 .ij X W t 'WW 25 w 5813 -4 jj. . eg. 'it f ie' P. , x S - f - at ,Vx vi A X Z. , t 'N . . 'Y Sv- . in gp L S ? Q Ev- LX if 5' vi vin K 4.4 ta -N fa sg-fat . ., se, ik? tt il .. Y W. 1 , X 'Y -. Qx 'K 'age . 'Q 'T-.1 'f . llihfi S' A ak W, t ur as l Matthew Lohr Chris Pomax lim Loughrey Keith Loveall Robert Lowe Russell Luce Mercy Lucero Heather Ludi Debra Luge Leigh MacDougal Liana Mach Nicholas Mack Michelle Mader Michelle Magallanez Cecilia Mageo Chris Magruder Shannon Major Robert Major Shannon Major Elliot Malta Phoebe Mann Tim Mannon Stephanie March Stephen Maready jennifer Markley Marsh Hope Rusty Marsh Vevette Massey james Matthews Krista Mathewson Ellen Matthews Bryant Matty Barry McCabe jim McCagno jeff McClaskey Steve McCracken Rob McConnell Eddie McCormick David McCoy Pat McCullough Craig McDaniel jennifer McDermott Michael McDonald Tracy McDonald Mike McFarland Michelle McGeough Carrie McKenna joey McKenzie McK 189 Hubert McKinney Audra McLeod Michael McMillian Traci McTeer Allison Medicus Dusty Meeker jennifer Meeker Steven Meldrum Chad Merrill Lovie Merrill Scott Merrill Heidi Messing Melinda Meyer Michael Miarka Denise Miceli Peggy Micheau Doc Miller Heidi Miller julie Miller Matt Miller Natalie Miller john Minogue Kathy Mitchell Teddi Mohesky Michelle Monson Gary Moreno Mark Morris Michelle Morris Randon Morris Shannon Morrison Vicky Morrison jessica Mortensen Erich Mountz Brenda Moya Cheryl Mucerino Michelle Mulder Mike Mull Shannon Mulligan Kristy Mumford Candy Munden Aaron Murdock Sean Murphy Shawn Murray Tony Murray Michelle Musselman Howard Nance Shawn Nealson Sherri Nehl 190 MCK - Par -Q, 'Os I Wa.- .I 'W at V' , 1 . I li. 'xii' .fv Q 43. Q 1 Lie s N' Q 4 Q -1- 5' 'QQ 5 .fx ,',- ' '. t . .- - ..t. if - -X . N R K u -.. R 1 . ' 1 X i f 1- Y ,' lf, Ii, I Sa -.hifi .2- .1 4- ' 'Lf 6 'JR xr '-if-5 'D ls' 1, X. K , ,lf V ?A.ig . ar X X as -'Y , i .Q':x' 1 1 t I3 lk! X ig! M , A 1 All 1 x, 5 t xx X .4 ,- QV' -.ln - n A f . f, '9 e lv l Wt QV W' I inn. A Ai -' J 4 't' an ,g X uc. - kk "-4 X ii X 'S-C. 9 ' 1- - V . vt., J .L ! ..,, fs 1.' mv-"' xv., l 'H 1-' . ,, Q'5 . ,A ,i 4 Li .W 'NW' - f'u..f,,, bf' :L ., . ,W 4 I' A Yi Q 1 ,- f:-j:g,gNf.- i fx ,fs -.C C ,- sy .1 . Q E il fltfll.. QQ? Q I Q , AQ -9 ' 0' V.. I . :,, ,i i wi V, - K by 0' if fs D' C vi? 'E' Q- fi F f is MT' in -M . 5 . ss' Christina Nellen Chip Nelson Kimberly Nelson Sarah Nelson Kevin Neus Huy Nhuyen jackie Nicholson Paul Niemic Marilee Nilsson john Nobis john Noehren Kevin Norris Christina Norwood joseph Nuciforo judy Nyver Shaunasey Oberly Sergio Ocampo jose Ochoa Maria Ochoa George O'Connor Craig O'Donnal Camilla Ohlin jeff Olson Rob Orban Ismael Orona jr. Marc Ortega Alex Ortiz Alison Owen jodie Owen Michelle Owens Erica Owens jason Owsley Amy Pace Sonia Pacheco David Packer Marlo Palermo Mike Palisca Billy Pallas Debbie Palmer Rebecca Palmer Tim Palmer Tina Palmer Carolyn Parker jannie Parks A'lece Parry Mindi Parsons joy Parsons Larry Partridge McK - Par 191 Mike Passante Rosemary Patino Nancy Paya Kim Payson Amy Pearson Tricia Pedersen William Pedersen Debby Peluso Mike Pelky lay Pennypacker Christine Pereida Ryan Perry Shannon Perez Kendall Phair Matt Phair Bonnie Phillips Scott Phillips Stephanie Phillips Vicki Phillips Sandy Phonn Loretta Pichon Shondelle Pickett Rob Pickles Bonnie Playter 192 Pas - Rit fl j if 3 s'9',f' t:"' E 5 I K f- w li ' R g A if tt' i g 'SAX it S y q tlillllstf i at r A t if K A in-xl! . vig Ki x ,rf , 5 K mmm.1 1 , K lip' Q.. " ss :tm- , av 1 Y. 1..- Yjw .tr .4 4 A I ix fp... "3.l l xl! Y sg - 5. 1 I f ,fr x V, L' if W tax -L U ' . it f ' 1 ' ww. ll i 3 ,se - i 51, . f' ' K 1 zzz, i g, i . -N 1 g ,re - ,.a- fi 'Q s ,ts Q - E . it . " 3 1 .-X .EQ Y F s N xt, . .. 5 tif? fo- "w,,..,,, 41' Q 'fx-:ri mx R. I 3 fl .1.. ,, ,.! sa 4- ' an ,W Q 4-I .. R ' , .ji s It , , X .L X 1 S :Q P fa. W A -. ff . Na' t 1 ' - 5' wan. ,YQG K -. . I 54 , , , 1 gg a ' l t. 'll Qtr!!! J ' . N J! f , -Q . sv y. x 'JJ Q' ' Y rf f E . an Mtg UO ff ' 1 ,P 4- Q: + D S, Q- 1 A j, Douglas Pollock jennifer Poole joran Popovic Gary Poppell Christina Porche Loriann Pollack Holly Porter jennifer Poshka Scott Posti David Pothier Steven Powell Nicchia Prall Stacey Price Philip Pryor Ben Pugmire Todd Pulford Erika Quick Debra Quinn Shannon Quinn jay Raabe Mike Rafford julie Randall Teresa Randt Brad Ranks Kevin Rardin james Rash Ricky Ratajczyk Amy Ray Tami Ray Brent Rederick Randy Reed f- Dan Reilly Eric Reinhardt xi Malynda Remyman Brian Renner Kevin Ressler Sassy Rettig Roderic Rettig Kyle Richardson Susan Richardson Beth Richeson April Richmond jason Ricks Kim Rider Duane Riggs Rebecca Ripley Steve Ripley jerry Ritchie Pas - Rlt 193 SOCCER S Ti-IE ' OPS Could anyone picture, sophomore, Mike Dris- coll as a school renowned soccer player? This tenth grader comes in at almost six feet and towers over the rest of his class. Although size alone did not win him a starting position on Mountain View's varsity soccer team, Mike pos- sesses skill that very few people have and he is constantly at work to improve it. Soccer is not just a minor activity in his life, it is a year round commitment. When high school soccer is not in play, he is part of the Apex Soccer Club and plays on their Viking team. He began soccer in the Mesa Soccer Club when he was in the second grade and was part of the Mesa Aztec. He played on the Aztecs for two seasons and then played for the Mesa lets for five seasons. Next, he joined the Apex Vikings, for which he is currently playing. When it came around to his ninth grade year he was faced with a big decision: play basketball or continue with soccer. This decision has paid Scott Ritchie Ernesto Renteria Cyndi Roberts Samantha Roberts Tina Roberts Andrea Rodovsky Chad Rohner Amy Romito Ira Romot Richard Roorda Paula Rose Vanessa Rosenberg off for him so far. Later he became the second person in Mountain View's history to hold a starting position as a freshman. "It was an honor to play on the varsity team and for Coach Sca- faria," said Mike. Mike continues to play soccer, but he has not thought much about making it into a college sport. g "lt's a lot of fun now, fmt: but l'm not sure that l'll want to do it two years from now," said Mike. Q!-40' Q 1:--' Paul Rosenwinkel Janet Rosenhan Iliana Rubio Staci Rudd Cory Ruiz Beth Rusk Rosanna Ruzzier Denise Ryan jennifer Sabin Terry Sadler Brian Sajban Sherri Salladay 194 Rit - Shu L -sts. tin R Q ,... . - , 's E . V if t,,,J Mizz, , was New xivb it ,f-uh.. SX all ct? .1-Q Y esp is . XX 'Q' iii 'uv' X X 45-as W4 ..,, sQg1,,,,z.,- ...,, .wg Q Sheri Salvesen David Sampson Lori Samuels Reuben Sanchez Brad Saunders Cassandra Savard Cyrus Scaccia Chris Scalzilli Tonya Schabarum Carle Schave Chris Schibi Darcie Schlagel David Schmidt Kevin Schmidt Carynn Schmitz Larry Schoolcraft Chris Schroeder jason Schroeder Paul Schroeder Marta Schultz Leann Shults Erik Schultz jason Schultz jenny Shultz Ken Shultz Carolyn Scott Charity Scott Melanie Scott Derek Seal William See Eric Seiferth Laurie Sellers jason Serb Staci Severance Steve Shackell Shannon Shane james Shankle Stacie Shannon Don Sharp David Sheets Pamela Sheffer Don Shields lenny Shill Tracy Shill Shannon Shipp Leann Shults Mike Shultz Ronda Shumway Rit - Shu 195 jodi Sigler Ben Silvert Lance Simmons Walter Simon Melissa Simonton julie Sims Leanne Sims Tanner Sinclair Steve Siowik jennifer Sirrine Ricky Sitter Daniel Skatelund jamie Skeen Kristin Skousen Star Smalley Dusty Smith Elizabeth Smith Erick Smith Hilary Smith jerald Smith jerry Smith jill Smith julie Smith Karla Smith Lance Smith Mary Smith Shad Smith Scott Smith Stacy Smith Stephanie Smith Tammy Smith Tiffany Smith Troy Smith Victoria Smith Lisa Snow Lisa Snyder Dan Sobczak Amber Soelberg jacqueline Soller Christina Soliz Albert Sosa Ivan Sosa Laura Sosa joel Speckman David Spilsbury jason Stahr Adam Stapley Kim Staley 196 Sig - Tid li-at tx ' Q .a,. Q'-.-'V' yn. ,, tc at ? HA if . tl ff' 'Yin Y it 'K fu lc 5 S H! W 7 tt' 2 ,Q- 41 A 1- Q ' W .- t , Y fi 5' ur:-rv w. All L Y , t y ts S 3 if V JL ' S Ale, ,J ,, '7 l 1 10.1, X 0 1 .0 -. . 1. ,' ' t rt gag - 9: A .jss P e X , . :ggi -' X - ' i S t et A ' X x ' Q 1 fx. ' i t gl S Q Q- , M ff' ""' K f age? QS' ,-Q .Ev '-31 1 V . L . S Aw' , 'I' X r , 1 S ttt, L X wg , ex , ,, , . Q Tikes J . ,Q I js' Y' t " rpg: W . ' X - n A 3o.z'+X H va. l W ff .. get 2 A MSL! six t -- ' -1 , ., x a fs 19 v. , if ' 'D l . 'L 21. ' ', ti . 1 f ' ' - 'f . ', f t l. C' 1- s" ' A ' +2 V 5 I ti .,,. Y 1 V at f x' VI yi- . at L -ff' I' A ,HYX5 X,t. ,Y.hQg . 3, L L- ,,,,,,:,. is i x-- Q: t, if yt, We K fl: : 1 '31 ,A ' fr ' N J '-A Q ff if K ' L -Q. fi Nj ' ' Ns Y 'T 'V is ' t u 4 1 2 . 1 , ' i K fx S S S YT ff All ,Q . . l w his Qt Q fa- Nw . 'Lx S1 W i " K v 9 Q s ay' , Q Q, - -wg-f i Q .Mi ,ly lldmy S x f Q r L, xi' 'x s I .s .J 5, Q4 K , 2 it 1 Ah'h k ww t .. 'S X 94' x Q, xiii?-1: t A 1,2 5 'Q F- S , G a. , 7, l 5 L 1' x 3 b S M L A N i ii 1 --as t 5 X . C :W z N A--t 19' ,ul tj ,, tt ,Q ,g Ln., , W, . L T as ,at . S lar- All J L " as-4 is 1 ' D 'N K it 0 W t I Yi' I W S 'W W t z . 5 N 5, M T E A . 1 'S 4. ' K 'K s' S lt ' Q. L Al LT X rf 1 , f 'J T L L 6 QS 'P " -f y h K Lixzx h sw K . T' if 'i k L xx, L X N . , . I t W as-4 K y - S, K L, he A .M L, V ' W- x , I " , M i , ef . K f X S -N sc, 4 ,.., if i K vi X .t Q'-5: I 7 5 al 5 f' J' M 1 W ' S K X , W x 5 fb Y 4. ik, ,, Judd Standage Shanna Standifird Brian Stanfill Todd Stapley james Starace Gary Stark Kari Stephens Nenad Stevanovic Trammel Stevens Amy Stiles Christopher Stinson Parley Stock Tamera Stone Shay Stout Adrian Stovall Rod Stradling Patricia Straub Nora Stupar james Summers Katy Sundquist Victoria Stucliffe Eric Swapp Bud Swartz Kim Sweeney Patricia Straub Nora Stupar Bobby Sutherland Ty Ta Che Tafoya Yesenia Tafoya Amysha Tanne David Tate Liza Tatum Colleen Taylor joe Taylor Laroy Taylor Leslie Taylor Brandy Teeter Lisa Temple Patrick Tholson Alex Thomas Donny Thomas Marnie Thomas Heather Thompson Nathan Thompson Tina Thompson Kim Thurman Martha Tidey Sig - Tld 197 Kerri Tilton Anjanette Timberlake Greg Tinseth Jarel Tippets Thomas Tomfurrh April Topham Heidi Torres Kimberly Tracy Kim Trembly Scott Triplett Lisa Truesdell josh Tuberville jason Tuckett Richard Turley Shauna Turley lames Turner Todd Tuttle Regan Tyler Andy Ulmer Tami Utton Yolanda Valdez Carolyn Valles Dawn Van Brunt Kathryn Van Deraa f-25' i its X I m l , T3-" NO' 1. E525 i" ' I Cb tv A ii2 2 tk - ' lx. 2 Pals N-pf' What?- sophomore Michelle Hangln' 0'-lf' 31659 three Garouttelooksaroundtosee S0Pl10m0fGS D- Kirk P- who called her name as she 5Cl1l'0GClCf and T- was sitting during lunch. stop to talk between 'fav' 198 Til - Whi classes. 35, Wa- -I' ,in ma ,,. Y-6 Wits fd' oi 'vs P 'NON t,-Av l"Sv X. in. 'X CQ 'Q 'Nv- 'S Xi, 'ff' Q- . ' :- g I ' ---- MQSFE .ff-5 - -7. B.: N fi as-" T71- 7 4.2 wx if, M 14 xv: .3 - S l 'ix Michelle VanSlyke Luis Vasquez jennifer Vaughn Missy Vaughn Bart Vermilya Robert Vidican Cynthia Vincent jonelle Voirin Michelle Vujicic David Wabakken Kristin Wahlin Sean Walker Steve Walker jennifer Wall Keith Wall jason Wallace Brett Wallin jason Walters Brent Ward Amy Warin jeremy Warner Marlee Watkins Stormie Watson Shannan Wautelet Martha Weignmink Michael Weatherfo Melissa Weatherly Matt Weber Angela Wehrli David Weinland Shane Weiland Shannon Weiland Missi Weller Reanae Wells Tiffany Wells Travis Wells Genette Wenningh Evan Werner Nate Werner jason West Darron Westfield Matt Whalen Wendy Wheeler Kristi Wheeler jason White Margaret White Paul White Shawna White rd off Til - Whi 199 Susan White Tiffani White Monica Whitmore Stephen Whitcomb Trevor Whitmore Kerry Whitney Melissa Whitton Amy Widger Anthony Wiemelt Laura Wildes Wendy Wildish Brian Wilkin Goldie William Richard Williams Anne Willis Lori Willis Donna Wilson james Wilson jamie Wilson Shelli Wimmer Stacy Winetten jenny Winward Shannon Woffinden james Wolanczyk james Wolfrey Beth Wood john Wood Tish Woods Barbara Wright George Wright jill Wright Kristen Wright Lincoln Wright Stephanie Wright Tammie Wright Kris Wulloff Sean Yarger Gordon Yee Lori Young Yetta Young Bret Zacharda Naveed Zafar joe Zagar Mike Zaharis Wendy Zangara Richard Zegers Shera Zies 200 Whi - Zle .9 f A I' .. 3 A sw , 'Y' X . K "'i'Q -A nib ' is L. X , EL ? if X A Q, A Y X ' so s V' t Q 4 1349 4 14' it 2. '2 Sli.- Am f ' . sat , -ll Y, . X 1" 3- i. . . , , 1 ,, Y f ' 4 ' lf ' 'R , fy 1 u iatm , of XXX px vs., Q. 1' " .lg .-I 4 is Q--14' Q'- .f iq' . Q s Q-Tv . .- .: 9 "- uw K ,.,, sh, N K I K- -Q . S G' 'n . 57 . A , AMX ' .Y ' . . K N? . ' AQ., l.: 41 , l Zak Q -i, Y i 'S A 'A 4' Q T 7 . 1 , K., Nm I -Y. A I '. V Q.. V, ' S 2. 54? ,. .J 4 ,I .S F Y 'S - l Q ' 1. Y.. 4 S s 1 W- L - t Nr ..f .. Q 1 K sk K . Q .4 V X , X I Y K' if , ' vv Q 'S Y .Mk FV LLOW Ti-IE BV UNCING BULL When homecoming rolls around, class officers have to start dreaming up wild creations in their heads for the year's float. For junior and senior officers, it's pretty easy for them to think up a theme. They've had since the beginning of the school year to toss a few ideas around. For sophomore officers it's not as easy. They've barely had enough time to get ori- ented on what has to be done. Then they have to think up a theme for their float in a very short time. Even though the sophomores don't have as much time as the others, they always seem to come through. This year's theme was the wilderness past. Fif- teen people went over to julie Randall's house to start building the float. They started to build a cave but it didn't work out so they just made it into a rock. They finished the float the day of the home- coming game. They added a few finishing touch- 6 , 1 1 . es then took it over to the football field. On the way over the Toro head, made out of a beach ball, fell off the float and started to bounce down Brown Road. Despite all the mishaps the float made it around the field looking unscathed. n -,I Hz i I l f 4 ' -Mffxi g ui 'vtzi K.-- W "Tw Y", X ,fu 5 3 .. Relaxation- Sophomore Steve Bailey and Spencer Harris enjoy their lunchfbreak. Sophomore life- Sophomores Kyle Hiatt and Chris Loluff sit on sophomore benches and think what the junior bench will be like. Whi - Zle 201 D8l'S0l1Hl8XlflBl'i IICBS in Diff? CIHSS DUITI People sometimes forget that teach- ers are just as important as the student body to a school. Most don't necessarily Deep in conversation - 1 ludy Wallace and Carmen l Reidel listen to another teacher. t Working together - julie Q Knapp shows her students 1, as? some new photos for newspaper. g gg, ia? have just the general teaching education, but have had per- sonal experience behind the subjects they teach. Ken Haddad of the social studies dept., teaches Ameri- can history, but in any social studies class, the subject of world affairs is always men- tioned. The problems that exist in the world today haven't just begun, especially in the Middle East. When the subject comes up in Had- dad's class, he can tell a little more than what is read in the newspapers. Haddad and his wife both were raised by Lebanese parents. They celebrate all Lebanese traditions. Haddad is able to share some of his knowledge. He believes some of the stories are blown out of perspective by media and he is able to tell his stu- dents how he sees them. "One tradition we celebrate is eat- ing raw lamb for Thanksgiving instead of turkey." Q s l 11" 'll A F 1 ff ' at H., s 0. ,V PT 3 6 5 Q s 1":"f77 X 'I ii 1 ' 1 gl t ' N5 ' J , ',A' :F ' T 1 -.,, Z A t2,t at f. 1 . Dr. Doug Barnard Wilford A, Cai-don David Eagleburger Dr. Chuck Essigs A Donna Green PHIfiCk POFHCYOY Assistant Superintendent Clerk Associate Superintendent Assistant Superintendent School Board President Assistant Supermten Curriculum 84 Instruction Educational Services Business Services PEfS0f'm8l 202 Superintendency lust like students - A group of teachers and staff listen to the staff from North Central give their evaluations. I 4,,,x.i,.y iff X -gg Q Wx 54 il? vi! ', x-2 'f ' D'1".Q"f Ss... i ., .. .iles gi 15 .Lg . S ff' fi NL- N itz' ,"f"-N M 3 sk . . . is 3' 5 ll loe Porter Dr. Rafford Fred Skoglund Doug Vance Marilyn Wilson Dr. james Zaharis Board Member Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent ASSiStant Superintendent Board Member Supeflmendefll Pupil Personnel Secondary Schools Elementary Schools Of Schools Superintendency 203 Kathy Adamo-Psychologist Ron Adams-Science Gordon Anderson-Math Richard Anderson-Asst. Principal David Bacon-English Robert Bordwell-Foreign Language Ken Brackney-Industrial Arts Dean Bradley--Security Sara Bradley-Home Economics lim Brady-Driver's Ed' loAnn Branning-Special Ed Clerk Pat Brown-Special Ed Betty Callahan-Career Center Keith Canham-Math Kris Carbajal-English Cheryl Carland--Media Center Clerk Doris Carlin-English Shirley Cayford-English Dale Charles-Asst. Principal Greta Christner-Counselor Nancy Coperly-Social Studies Pam Crawford--English Bill Crook-Special Ed Bill Cummins-Art 'Department Chairperson fnifxl E Q50 K f r 4 V gl 15- r' M it. 4 ' --yi W F 1 1 sf' 5 X 9' ,, is -I-BHCI1 I' sets A This reminds me . .. Eng- lish teacher Richard Sag- gio starts with another of his clever stories. kin Richard Saggio lives for the English language. He reads it, writes it and teaches it. Being an English teacher at Mountain View for some years now, he teaches creative writing, mass commu- nications and science fictionp but teaching isn't everything. "I also write books and love reading," he says. "I am now working with a group of writers, making a screenplay for a movie called "Dragon Slayer" about a severely andicapped woman who overcomes her handicaps," he contin- ued. He also enjoys playing Tibetian Bell and his dreams, his , B. ie 'iv 'mix A ' A es .1 gd , R Q' I i 1 x X I eff , if N si ,A ggi: l 1 ,B 4 ig 5.6:-a.,,be s' 4 ' fx-5, A - ,Q f ' A A 11 iis A E 3 ,rx is D 5 h Q ' V 4 9 4 , Q , Mary Ketcherside-English Sandy Kelley-English' Irene Kennerner--Security James Curlett-Principal Connie Davidson-Special Ed Aide Mary Decker-English Thad Decker-Science Louis Dodez-Social Studies Martha Ellentuck--Audio Visual Anne Fagan-Media Center' Carl Fiedler-Business lack Finch-English Tom Foster-Business Mary Kay Freeman-Foreign Language Chris Garcia-English Harold Gee-Equipment Manager Christine Gomez-Business Robert Gray-English Denise Griffin-Counseling Richard Griffin--Driver's Ed Tom Guest-Art' Leslie Harris--Reading Ernest Hawkins-Asst. Principal Richard Hawkins--Science Kayle Haws--Math Pat Higgins-English Vicki Hildebrand-Special Ed Frank Hudson-Industrial Arts Marjorie Hudson-Secretary Michael jackson-English Kathy jackson-Social Studies Al jaeckel-Science Bobbi laeckel-Reading' john Kleiner-Asst. Principal!Soc. Studies Tim Kipp Physical Education Carol Kish Business' lUll6 Knapp Englishflournalism Department Chairpersons Ada - Kna 205 Bruce Kunde-Special Ed Barbara Lail-Physical Ed Ethel Lancaster--Nurse Dwayne Larsen-Math Linda Last--Secretary Ron Lax-Math Grace Levine-Registrar Clerk loe Lloyd-Performing Arts' Wendy Logston--Science Anne Luther--Business Marge Major-Media Center Clerk Marybeth Mason--English Lillian Matlock--English Russ McBride-Science Sandy McCormick--Physical Ed' Esther McDonald-English Mary McGovern--English Lora Mclntire--Home Economics jacquie McSorley-Special Ed Aide Judy Meiley-Social Studies Pat Miller-Special Ed Robert Miller-Counseling Burdell Moody-Visual Arts Mary Morris-Business Ken Morse--Custodian Kelly Mossman-Special Ed' Tom Myers--Special Ed' Cheryl Nelson-English Mel Nicolls-Math Betty Northey-Attendance Clerk Cynthia Ogden-Special Ed Aide Donna O'Haver-Social Studies Betty Olivas-Attendance Clerk Tom Pantera-Social Studies jesse Parker--Social Studies' Gary Patterson-wScience David Perry-Performing Arts Chris Peterson-English lo Anne Popko-Special Ed Doreen Pulzato-Math Richard Radar-Performing Arts Rex Rice-Science Helen Riddle-Science Carmen Riedel-Foreign Language Reed Robinson-Industrial Arts Richard Saggio-English Ioseph Scaccia-Media Specialist Dom Scafaria-Foreign Language 'Department Chairperson 206 Kun - Van TBEICI1 I' St0l'00Il lfl6i IJYDVB ll When thinking of the typical teacher, one might think of someone who has nothing else to do except tolerate a rowdy society of teenagers or one who does not believe in having a social life. If is true, Carmen Riedel is not a typi- teacher. Riedel participates in several activi- that many "normal" grownups and some teenagers enjoy doing cur- She is involved with physical fit- "I'm in a jazzercise program and I love to swim and dance." Her hus- , Rick, and two sons have good indulging themselves in snow ski- at such places as Vail, Colorado and unrise. Riedel and her family also frequently o camping in the mountains for sum- er vacation. Attending the football ami was something she also never iIlStl'llCI missed out on. Along the lines of hobbies, Riedel not only delights in cooking Mexican food, but adores cooking all different types of food. One day Riedel dreams of owning her own interior design Store. "I've been interested in decorating for six years, the classes I've taken have helped and I receive lots of compli- ments on my own home." Above owning her own store, teach- ing is something that is her favorite. "I will continue teaching my wonderful students in Spanish class, even if I get a store." Being typical or not, there is one thing she would love to have: "Winning the lottery ticket worth 555,000,000 and meeting Don johnson! ll 'NN rx, v Xxf X i . eg L 3 " 3 ' ' .8 s +7 , ef? at . W I ae I 5. '91 ky if it . 3 Q' i I' Henry Scheer-Business Rita Schuster--Student Store lay Scott-Math Greg Sessions--Social Studies Tacy Shepherd-Home Ec lean Shields-Physical Ed Norm Shill--Physical Ed Wayne Slade-Math' David Smith-Math Don Smith-Social Studies Gayle Smith-PAC Coordinator lack Snow--Physical Ed Pam Snow--Home Ec David Sonius-Social Studies Pat Soto--Foreign Language Helen Stortz--Media Center Kurt Streif-Performing Arts Norine Thornhill--English George Tihanyi-Social Studies Tim Trapp-Math Chris Tripoli-Gym Matron Barbara Vaine-Special Ed Corina Valles-Secretary Kim Vanosdall--Social Studies 'Department Chairpersons Kun - Van 207 Rick Vanosdall-Science Alan VanThournout-Math Marge Voth-Counseling ludy Wallace--Performing Arts Valerie Warnecke-English Bruce Watkins--Agriculture' Lloyd Watkins--Security' Debra Webster--Math Pamela Westberg-Secretary Paulette Willis--Secretary Barbara Wilson-Physical Ed Pat Wilson-English Bill Worsnop-Science Marv Wright-Counseling Jeanne Zimmerman-Visual Arts Bill Zink-English Amelia Zlamal-Physical Ed 'Department Chairpersons 208 VA - Zl K , '- K2 rs 4 1 A i 1: A S , . E ent? B g l w' as H , f, 1- iq . , A ik gg' but s L 5 i ix tvs' L, r if'F's - ' M ll B lx ' N Q -AM, , H lf? R np B gf 2 ,frail "' E- . i 'BKX nf , W fgi av Q" 5' , Q 5 ' cw J 'y 'r 3 . , 1 , x , '. r L x ' v X R. , Q K 1 1 . X Y qi? . s er as -. K .-,, M N , Q M 5. N l l 'xxx . ' 1 Y. 'l , K' f Y X 5 Na :il in ' ' W 5 1 gi ' 3, lp, Q f, gg E b l in .. w I - A A , . B lil' fiffff. -B ,f 7? B l , B BA , if Q., l h X . 'P' MTL , - 4 ' 'Wish-pf A-eff-.A M .g . ... ' A 1 g " Q f' , 'ff' ' ' .EA -1 3 iff, ,,...g..,. ' VM i, If H :zz r TW" -K f"'.:f' ...f-' .Q . . X , Q . X , M4 at t NJ ,. ,S t K ,v .fi fs t....,N it x . - -----Av ' 1 vt . K ,ay All Talk and No Play - Denise Griffin, counselor, and Sara Bradley, teacher and HERO sponsor, talk about summer experiences at the Faculty Breakfast. Serving up a Storm - The faculty lines up as the Booster Club serves breakfast as a Welcome-Back treat. Teachers lust Want to Have Fun - Prin- cipal james Curlett enjoys sharing a joke with the faculty at this year's first faculty meeting. Principal to the Rescue - Alan VanTh- ournout, a new math teacher, listens to what james Curlett has to say. Faculty 209 ,- Q' 4 K , , I .emi ,is A-' K ...i.,s"Hfn'rl?hxw ,,,-rg,-W--ww ..f-'n nrwt,w , 1 ru, ,,, ,A .mmm 4f1,'r'f"f"""f: xnaav'-.mwn:sn53lpgnAu1e,w.,wg, ,g- rn -mir u... 4v'0"4",- 12'f'-aa--x!'r.r-, Y -151qg,.i5.,g5, fi' ,gg lg Marx-1,dvnuvs,vmrm fra.-u1544,f,,,,.,,.,,,'f -. .4 mv:-mggu,wlgn, 5 qs-5 m- 'fiiffwwwwvwqwf hwufnnlm anvnurr fp-fwwmmix MLm'1wl1nH.Sv"r'li - -...2!lfiRf, -,.,,,,,,k 4 D .ywt ,Q B '-ew .PQ-fmnrzwrfianrfw -w,,,,rV, I H' :zviifi Q: :gy ,. N 'Lp ,wQ,wp,.wn . --mm! 15 'W N wWa".'lK"""" if-4.14: Wi" , 1' ' ' ,, 1.-wwf? 3 N,,,,M...f.wm.-ww N .,i,,., Q-.una M use-f",.' " -qu, Mmnxl '-Va . m. M fx 14 A ng... 5,51 ,1u?5k'K ,. U 11.413 ' , it-lata" Mwumhxmnh Aff muvuwkwtm i!Q1ll""l' . paul-X "-'l'1M'h""4 'mm "'!HUUn1.uqwml' A wmuengmxrl :L M .iran-..ez-W' ,xlrr QM., nulil .Q f., .fzillfl lhllwlil ,A :rift fm W "' . ,W . X V WF' ,,. w A-WM " 1 -,,. u ,,.,, 1,v' 'Brix zrgni Fflnff' M 'w11ewz,w-Q,1Mwm,- f, W ziw'-mf' ',1Hm1,..,,. '17 4 -V,,-maria "H, N, ,Mm ffszn i,,.,,.W m'n.,M. WM ww' -MGM " nw wg ww M, M A M , 1 'Mi +vaiit't 'Tl' "'Y"'4 'X frfr. I"""' W H ,fum ' Pi' lf f' A Q W X' :wa 1, Nm, 31X -- v.-.4,, 4 l ,, -Ny, -qu ' 'Y ' ' ,Q W Q A L4 ,fx Ar 'w N 121' v V' -.,-r" wi" ' , W f M I, .,, .ww 5,7 , 1 fwrf"" 'Mm V,, ,, ,Munir 'T X x, nf- f 1 . . ,Q wsu 'fli- ,..4.,.-..f,--:., V 1, Q" 23117 'X-'ET' , "X f .,.., .11f1n""vw-awww" ',w1fm'f' ""71"' N W "v " v L W ww -, X .wwnv-'m.,,::' Q. ef u,, mwwmwww-1"wAm.-s - 5 'frfvw "'- :Q'55xw,:w-gn --,X ' ' '1re,'1T'4wvs'f ' W h,,y A"' 'N 1"x,,,y M-.'lf1f'.m+fMwgm mxqwfxfw-,x""' I W. W -w Y 4 Wm h1,ww..q ,.pvww...MwJ'- warm m"CW?H'W ww' W" v- ml- . ff.f.!,k53,,,. ,T,,1:,W,.mTn--.'-mai' fl--1ff.k,Q- Y V M W wx .M A W ,Q "H ' ' -'wwf 1 w..y1f- ...., AWWA - . -- , . -. - 'T "' Q 3 ,,,."' K " FA ""' v X. 1 ,.,4-my-4-V.h, ' L X ' L' " ' 1 vm N. 5. , w ,, fy-g ,gg WW- , f - . .ff .. , N ,fm ,, ' -"if'1 M f- , ,.x:, f nl' , ,HM www' A +. -. YK: I flfvuf ',, x H- N - Y M A W , H+- 'M Jw, ww' . , ...M ., WL: I. L N ., TQ!l'l'lflC 11-101-f lL1sa,DeLong,w Marci Henyf Q ' ' ' " '. -..,,:',. 'z A . MdflCkSQD,iand,jejfforey,harmomouslyj 4. l W - Q 'r ,' ,,l3,,:.w....-M, '- ff' "' ' 4smg togethemrfat1f anw Encone concertuf 'W W A "nu- .,,,'!'f . ':Q:nni!,kkMk ,f.R3:,.v,,1L 7?'r 1 V -- W .,.f', ..: , -,. M X 1 'WML x L , Q ,W twvv--4: A n' new ,-X 1- 1 1 1' 3 ' ,:'. 5 wh ' " -w ' .,,..I, W 7Af.,,, , ,N -:wk Down. Q N 1 1, .M . W A A M45 4 - ,UIISIOIT W Q , ra ,, F..-ffm, + 54 , , ,1-V"- M-,X kM,wm.w..nM..--.:f.w.w..pu, W IVAV l r, ....,..,..,,....v....,.Ww...N.....A..W.M .1 mu- M 5, .M .6447 N- 044' 611159 Working Hard lo Achieve National Honor Society - l- Adams, L. Baker, H. Bai- ley, 5- Bailey, C. Barsi- Chow, S. Behr, H. Boswell, l. Brown, K. Carlson, j, Carrieri, D. Chruch, C, Cork, R. Dalton, L. De- Long, 5. Ebbinghaus, D, Eliason, M. Ferrell, D, Freeman, M. Frye, T, Giese, l. Gould, P. Hagar, R. Hicks, I. Hough, C, Hummel, R. ldehara, C, jo- hanson, K. Kent, M. Kig- lack, S. Knutson, E. Larson, 5- l-l0Ydf 5. Markoski, R. MCManaman, P. Miller, 1, Nuciforo, N. Omerza, K Osorio, N. Ovando, R. Pa- tel, K, Roye, M. Schneider, D. Scott, S, Smith, C. Snapp, T, 500 H001 l. Spaulding, M, Spencer, E. Tanner, L. Ver- non, B. Wahlin, K. Weiss, C. Williams, S, Zim, 212 NHS ' r ational Honor Society is an organization that in- volves the top students at Mountain View. The 56 members of NHS raised money for scholarships by working in the community and doing various school ac- tivities. The new NHS members were inducted on March 31. The students were chosen on their ability to excel in scholar- ship, leadership, character and citizenship. "Student Council is an orga- nization that enables students to have a direct affect con- cerning what happens on cam- pus," said sponsor Ron Adams. Student Council is in charge of pep assemblies, elections and community service pro- jects. The basic responsibilities of the Student Council is to make sure that Mountain View stu- dents have good experiences in activities, good dances, fun e assemblies and a chance to P P get involved in clubs on cam- pus. Sggping in class? - NHS President Chris I. me rests his eyes for a moment while istening to Mr. Rice in physics Class 551 ie.-"L gf' . .5 all "Bugs" bunny - Tina Giese, lenet Perkinson and julie Goodman do the bunny hop. if 1 l nib .-rf Showing spirit- Becky Phillips signals the Toro sign while Scott Driggs, Tina Ciiese and Mark Harris look on with smiles. ,sl On the beat - Senior V.P. Albert Acosta steps to the beat of "White Lines." Student body officers - President Mark Harrisg Vice President Brent Coxg Secretary julie Ciood- mang Treasurer Susan Tuckerp Corresponding Secretary jenet Perkinsonp Traditions Karyn Mac- donaldg Athletic Commissioner Scott Driggsg Inter Club Council Tina Giesep Public Relations Cindy Schwartz. Student Council 213 it fl K' l Ku T. f"A"f:z'-. f-- he language clubs proved they do more than just speak foreign languages. The French Club sponsored a "petan ue" tournament, a Fren ' othe Q ch ball game, involving r high schools in our area. They also enjoyed sampling ch cuisine at a Phoenix Fren restaurant. T German Club's greatest he nt was 20 students visiting m West Berlin, Germany. Francais, EVE fro A The group also enjoyed a BBQ D l and a visit to the Grand Can- QU'l'SCl'l, yon. Money was raised for the group's trip by selling gummi rj bears. Amoung other things, the l Spanish Club sponsored Mexi- can Folk Dancers who per- formed at Westwood. During the holidays, money was raised ' ' am- to adopt a needy Hispanic f ily Espanol! i l With her view of the group, Sonja Markoski said, "ln Span- ish Club, l get to use the four years l've taken in a fun way! G - erman Club H' Klose' C' Bouckhoutf l- DIEHSO, S. Kraft, P. Butler, N. Merlo l. Traudt, W. Z angara, L. Marez, K. Roye, P. Foos, G. McNabb, Second row: K Wong, SOI V R . o, . osenberg, M. Blngold, W. Wildish, S. Severance, L. Kol- buss, A. Tanner M P k , . ec , K. Bachman, K. Banks, P. Mannilaj Third row: M Be K ' Ynon, . Ringger, M. Robert, T. Frihart, R. Orndoff A Fox A HO k 5 ' ' 1 - O , , Onstine, Brenn C F . BZDOVHI E. Schultzllnx' Ci:iS5?Vfgkl9S1cl?3ultz5 Fourth row: Sponsor R. Bordwell Gnchristl K. Irwin, M. Brown , . enzer, C. Brady, C. Quick, K. Weiss, B A 'Q H, v .-., M'-'M ,. L' ' 1, 1. ' nr rt Dazed - Ada Marie Fox exits a foreign lan- guage club meeting, mage Gummi Bears? - Members of German eagerly look on as Mr. Bordwell tells of upcommg fund raising plans. i x . t , 1 yf V "L l ll 5 F x . I 4" f ' , , ., A l lw'.,'7' i ffy ' tariff' , ' 1 x fd ff ff' If , ,Q - pg ,M , J u. sf "Q ,1 4 f E , ,. , 6 'G F Xl A 5 A .X -. , A H. . A. -Q YQQff'f7 x ' 'm ' ,HYWR3 5 5' 5 5 X 4 Q I 1 K' A'-' A k . , as X' ij- 'fd K ' ' , ww 1 V. 1 . ' I 'mv 5 2 Y 'NE 5: . R nfl H 1 1 N ,lgf-,A. 4 ,Jw M, , ,. , . i f fi F- m .1 ,L I: ' k 5 ' 3524? ' L ' I, 1 iff - 4 ' M a X. L " ,Q my 5 f ", 11 ff A-J n EJ, 15, hifi-M . . Eg' -" s ' - 4:1 ' ,N .AX ' A , li L' X 'K L., K .Y A ,V .. if f' ' -h x -' ' L N -P . MA , ,. v. 1, ..Q1.,w,, if V . V , 7 5 'Q A -X A H Nfltf lia. - Q Q5 1 , , ' A if , N -'fi-gy, If J M -A. A. 5 A . f .A W 'Q ' L ' ,iim nf' ' '- ' "' S: ,s ' .'Y' E y' 'A . Y . 'qs 'fi ' x ily, ik . I ' , r .QQ . 4 'fm K1fa QW 1 Careers ln fhe Making COE-Front Rgw: K limes' B' MCNay: Middle ow: l' Eshols, W. Stock Cf 5l"Y, Miss Morris, KT Lively, C. Gordon j lTl0W92 Back Row: j, Wil! liams, H. Haws, D. Gerhart, D' Hlllgeff K. Ostermann D: Curtis, S. Trussel, sf Nlemlf B. Winkler 216 DECA, HERO ooperative Office Edu- cation, better known as C.O.E., is a club dealing with office occupations. "C.O.E. gives the students an overall view of clerical jobs. "lt uts them in a real job situa- P tion." commented C.O.E. sponsor Mary Morris. D.E.C.A. lDistributive Educa- tion Clubs of Americal is de- signed for students who are in- terested in the business world. "lt helps students learn J , . . i bout various business careers. a lt teaches them leadership, so- - - ll cial and civic responsibilities. Ni said D.E.C.A. sponsor Hank Scheer. HERO QHome Economics Related Occupationsj is for tudents whose career goal is related to home economics. ' 'll "HERO helps teach job ski s, how to find, survive, and pro- ress in a job " said HERO S 1 sponser Sara Bradley. Each of the clubs were busy selling candy and putting on dances throughout the year. en went toward S The money th the various club activities. Zwirnming anyone? X. Blanco T Newton L w ' ' , - 9 ' and 1' APSEY Working On DECA booth. What a face' Lisa and H . ' k A - fun time at Family Festanfightrmstrong having 3 'Wi DECA-Front Row: M. Ramos, l. Foley, S. laure- gui, C. Budai, I. Spaulding, M. Zabel, H. Galligan, L. Gutierrez, G. Knight, D. Skogebo, M. Van Slyke, Middle Row: I. Thomp- son, M. Laviera, S. Church, 1. Leeper, M. Casillas, D. Peterson, M. Smith, N. Pi- chon, T. Soohoo, C. Fer- nandez, M. O'Connell, Back Row: 1. Higgins, X. Blanco, M. Ropacki, P. s . 3 Saiz, B. Schilling, B. Cronk, K. Kingry, C. johnson, 1. Betti, S. Blakeman, Mr. Scheer No, its like this! HERO mem- bers stand around trying to get it right. Say cheese! COE members show their Toro pride. HERO-Front Row: J. john- son, M. Swanson, M. Peter- son, R. Stauss, K. Powers, D. Nguyen, D. Lopez, C.. Caru- so, Middle Row: T. Dunkin, C. Gates, K. Kimball, K. Stone, T. Bursell, S. Shope, M. Thomas, L. Armstrong, G. Greene, Back Row: Mrs. Bradley, D. Pullin, M. Martin, S. Epps, B. Jacobson, A. Hodges, A. Clowans, A. Bon- ner, C. Cornelius, M. Walker COE 217 Al ard work and long hours is an accurate descrip- tion of the Toro March- ing Band. Between festivals, parades and concerts, the band spent . . Z. t hours practicing. Sharon in , 'l vice-president of Band Coun- ' l f cil said, "Band calls for a ot o d demands a lot of time, but in the long run, it is i fun and challenging." Another disciplined group is the Madrilenas. School spirit is not hard to come by for them. a Madrilena Siirring , discipline an Up Toro However, being is not as easy as believed, as lnew pom member Karen ' h l i Crockett said, "People watc d think it looks at assemblies an y easy, but actually there is a lot ' l ed. l think Spiril of hard work invo v rks well together everyone wo and we have fun." Madrilenas-Front Row : S. Mask S 5 ' . Row: K. Ol . f - mlthf A. Winslow, K. R . . BaCk R0w,nfg'?SgEj1l'Qbinglga1t:ls5Q. Cxhurch, RJ. Moon, C. Sanchkeiflldl Vhszlljktgf Coates' 1 . Tolman, N. Crockett, K. Crockett, Si 1- Y V .mwlM""""f' ""' '- i - . 4 f ' f l - 3' - - , ' Ai lf- -lf Q ,jg " ' 4 1 ff ,V I. ,I 1 W at t I ' ' ' L Y V4 . I , M ,, V X f H A' " L' ijstnr 3' l lr F39 I 4 Hx 7 1 X , ' ight f' V jj? ll sl Q ll-4 t ll, g 1 5 I ,V 'Z' , t 4 l J pi 1' 1 i 1 ' ,tu 3 .1 .V Ek fg , J KYR ' L q, if i . l 'H -, ' i- ,. fl ' 1- " I , 4 ? Q '-. -. f ,V . l t, l l ll F lltl 1 E :wi k i -2 , 41 , vf'Qf'Qflf, f' .. 5 is N' t x ' ' E I N' V -1 in ' , 1 N , lv- if , Ykyr im'-ti ' X ' V- 5 '. g A 1 ' ' Q Q f . - W ,,, K, l 218 Pom! M3fChing Band R ' ' . hsadsyl arlid waiting- junior Melanie Over- an s and waits for further instruction, S h - . 3211151638 CO'Capt5'nS Bfenda Schultz . oon pose during a football game. l Toro Marching Band l. Adams, C. Alderette, D. Anderson, F. Behring, K. Bennett, R. Bisbee, C. Bouckout, C. Buffington, P. Butler, 5. Caldwell, B. Candland, K. Cappucci, 1. Carpenter, M. Carroll, T. Cook, B. Cox, 1. Cwiagala, K. David, K. Dillon, L. D'Luzansky, M. Dougherty, R. Dupont, O. Ekblad, 1. Elliott, P. Epstein, S. Filewicz, A. Fuller, M. Ciarrotte, G. Ciblin, S. Han- non, M. Heinzman, D. Hildebrand, A. Howard, B. Huey, D. Huffman, T. Hunt, I. johnson, C. jones, I. Kessay, B. Kobza, M Lachter, L. Lewis, S. Lloyd, R. Lynn, C. Mansfield, M. Mat- thews, j. Markley, S. Marler, B. Matty, P. McMulough, M gives the signal to begin McDonald, S. Meldrum, B. Metzger, T. Miller, S. Millilgan, D. Mulenbruck, C. O'Conner, M. Ortega, M. Overholt, D. Pap- pas, K. Peden, W. Pederson, S. Perez, A. Peterson, A. Phillips, H. Porter, M. Pospisil, L. Pruitt, T. Pulford, C. Quick, M. Raf- ford, B. Ray, T. Register, D. Richardson, S. Ricks, R. Roberts, C.. Rubio, P. Ruzycki, M. Schultz, D. Scott, S. Scott, R. Sentell, P. Sheffer, E. Smith, N. Stiffler, T. Stiffler, E. Strickland, I. Taylor, K. Taylor, G. Teille, T. Utton, M. Vaughn, S. Weyer- man, S. Wilbur, A. Wimp, L. Wright, S. Zint One, two, three - Drum major Cory O'Conner -. rw-it-ftla: -.--.L-me W 1 .- I I 1 7 ' . 2 - .,,. Z l . ...-..s.. ,.,. -... . T' AL, 'lg fi -!.gL.x,- 'Liv-T-.-.,,1 N . ..,. L If . T' ,, , - Q, . . DJ- ..,-.- 0 :T QQJQ. "" 'fff1ffffQifT.1f " 1- 1 V I L- g In f-yy .1 rlwnvgf . t H, 5. 1 . ..,. . . .I 5 ' f " ' 5 2 I -I A' ff' " i WV it 1 "I" r . , 'X , 5 .. V T g A 1 A-fr T 'S l " 'T ' i 'fl A "Nw 1 'X fl f P ' T1 ' I'zr'Q 13atm v ilijskh , .N I r 1 A L+ 1, r Fifi! 1 1 . 1 'lf .ll if dl 1 'U Q " "' -+ 1iI.-,f,'.,.." if l-ll' pf w.,p.ul..- .- .... - -. ..--..--. - ..- .. . . ,. .,..i..n-...,......, .. i' Seizing Special M0menfs 220 Publications GTS adio blaring, typewrit clicking, and panicky voices filling the air were all a natural scene for room 232, where the LaVista and the View- ' e ublished. S ay what?-Yearbook editor Melissa Coie fig point wer p h time was put into both ure s out Wh at 8Oes on the next deadline. Muc publications including lunches, after school, on the weekends and not to mention classroom hours. Lay outs, copy and inter- y views, were all a part of the dead- lines which had to be compleat ed and put into finished form The newspaper staff published la monthly issued paper, the i Viewpoint, for students and fac- ulty to read. "Writing for the Viewpoint creates an atmo- ,, l sphere of writing professionally," lsaid junior Rita Bracamonte. Senior Kathy Roye, editor of the Viewpoint, managed to keep y sane throughout the deadlines, and the year. The yearbook staff consisted of 36 students with senior, Melissa Cole and junior Kristin Rubach as head co-editors. Being on staff took a lot of creativity, effort, and originality to put the yearbook h said into its final form. Rubac , bout yearbook is "The best part a h fun and hectic times we 'L 6 spent at deadlines." Ahhh:-A - . , Come to Eihxgusly awaiting that cute U Byron West habtle, iunior Laura Wood? hilto uymg 3 Yearbook, ps 9 V I W NeWSPHPer siaf fi Front monte, R b 'OW2 Rita B - Olharal Robert Sherifflraca News editor,Michellem Coffle O'Connor lullette Blackhurst lavanogcmllllrflel Back Rl cent, - ', H an, R' editorgnsjlafsnig Eiitori Rob Daltonldgpl guker Joh gif CIS, etc. editor. Co Ro I i n Selferth, Chester Sl I . rc YG, Editor in Chief, julie Knapgfma Ka ' P, a viser, Kunde, Mindy Last, Suzy Last, Erin Malloy, Dan Maynard, Eileen Miller, clubs editor, Michelle Millett, Ilene Penn, copy editor, Kristin Rubach, editor in chief, Brian Searles, activities editor, jerlyn Simonton, section editorg Kevin Smith, section editorp Andrew Snow, Marianne Tate, Laura Vernon, Rick Vincent, Laura Woods, academics editor, Shannone Wor- tinger, business manager. ' i MS ll 'QNAPPM A...- M-: t ' ' we 3.1 , i it t 4, fi if 1 wi. V M , 5 . If t .Q if ' F 1 is V. y tr 1 'ti' ,- f 4 Showing his serious side- Senior Kevin Smith works to complete his deadline. Brainstorming-Seniors john Seiferth, Kathy Roye and Corolyn Buker discuss a newspaper story. indepth reporter Senior Rob Dalton is very kicked back while interviewing for a story Publications 221 , .,,,,,. lftgfff 1 4-ff i tive notio Let US en tertai UT a I' n YOu- W - , 1 tr ittle trouble settin hlie varsity Cheer h Y to keep a Smile iup for their finale th as F1 their faces and' be? e're not , t two, with it. ot three, no Yi 're number one." Sh0w yo - . ur spirit- JV cheerleader Cindy' V. In- vve d many other cheers the Cent Cheers at th I e Hello Assembly. This an couid be heard throughout stands during one oi Mountain oidest traditions: sports. i w as 3 Views ' arsity cheer iunior v sored by Tacy Shepherd, ht giris B k. spon ' d ot eig all ln g and consiste cheered at the ir. varsity the iu- who tootbaii games and aiso es U nior tootbaii gam . p a Varsity cheer on the other hand consisted ot 16 giris vvho ainiy cheered at aii. oi the d basicetbaii i m varsity tootbaii an T . ip games. radlfion Being a cheerieader meant ymore than iust cheering though. One exampie vvouid be summer camp. Here both iv and varsity cheer competed i against other schooi cheer ' a Mckenna squads. iunior Kar as a iot ot iun be- said,"Campvv cause you were competing ainst other schoois tor tro- d us work 39 phies, and that m harder. HC fany Lock' Heather Coll' , Allis 'ns' Cece Q T . OU O . Ould - aylor, Cindy Vinceixfns, Lisa Snow COiITrf- 1 Stacy Whetgon een int, is 1-5 my . 5 au f 1 --, tlwfjia y 4,5 I 3' F 2' ss' .W ml W 557511, , nf M If h-L f 'ff X? Q gy kxxm! Y .. 4? ix . 4 Q 'ff , X3 V QMIIIX . v X ,' W ?fwNff s -T' I :xxx E 'nl fx? mn ,W Q 1 Nu :nfl Y 'X A ' W W Q I . at gg, ,um Mn V ' 7? 1 4 'Q J I X mln iff'-+'vinp,w '11, 1. N 'X ' ,pg J-'-.11 'JJ Dancing With the I T 1 he dedication the group had was great. They stuck with it d'ff' lt" when the class got 1 icu , S aid Gloria Bailey, a member of Dance Theater. Dance Theater was a group ' t who of performing artis s learned different dances for their performances. They per- 1 l ,l L l formed at Mountain View and "Dance for the community. Theater provided the group with good stage experience," said lenny lohnson, a member of Dance Theater. Dance Theater hosted the a high school dance festival on May 'l6, for schools all over the l state Toro flags "l.liked working with the h l ' to get the 'l group and e ping crowds rowdy," said lill member of Flag Dance Theater- On the bars: Gruv, A. Winslow, A. Wright, M. Parker, V, A Abers, S. Montero, C, Bax- ter, L. Smith, K. McKenna, F' BVOWD, G. Bailey, Stand- ing: R. Bracamonte, T, RUdd,1.10hnS0n, M. Mo- rales' lf- Harvey, S. Price, M' W'l50fl, Sitting: 5, Seeber, B. Pipes, C. Shave Erfgefngf, K. Bennett, 5, fl, . Stand Frankun. age' P' I Practice makes perfect - Susan Larson and Amy Winslow practice hard, Greenlee, a .1 Corp. Flag Corp performed during halftime at the football games and also at the assemblies. l . . f- liked performing during hal time at the football games, said Michelle Munson, member of Flag Corp. L 3 Getting into the moves - Lisa Smith .I sm: es while performin ater. g a new dance for dance the- Toro sign - Lori Young shows the Toro sign while performing at the game. to the music - julie Hill, Becki and Lori Young march with their school spirit - julie Hill shows pirit with a smile and the Toro sign. Flag Corp- First row: jennifer Wessel, Mercy Lucero, Michelle Munson, Maren Pew, Cari Perlman, Middle row: Melani Scott, Amy Calinski, Teresa Seely, Becki McLaughlin, julie Hill, Back row: Lori Young, Gretchen Freese, Robin Austin, Laurrie Calle, jill Greenlee. DancefFlag 225 Getting Down lo Business Model UN: Front row: K. Feffel, M- Overholt, R. Pa- tel, S. Bailey, K. Griffin, K. Rice, G. Bailey, S, Smith. Middle Row: I. Gould, H. Ad3mSf K- Kemp, L. Kemp L. Bauwer, S. Ebbinghaus, C. Buker. Back Row: Mr, Panterra, L. D, Luzansky D-1 Wood, T. Burns, M Frye, C. Griffin, R. Bled- 506, B. Heath, R. Dalton, R. Hicks, I. Smith. 226 Model UN odel UN is an in- I I teresting club that gives students a chance to see what the UN is like," said Eliza Tanner. Model UN discusses interna- tional politics like those dis- cussed in the UN. Throughout the year, they prepared for the annual conference held in Tucson where students from all over the state tried to make resolutions for world prob- lems. Senior Ridge Hicks said "What l will remember the most about Model UN is that it taught me the importance of reaching international cooper- ation." Debating poetry, humor and V duo-acting are some of the areas that the forensics team competed in this year. A main competition for the team involved the National Forensics League Districts where two people from each event qualified for national competition. Students com- peted in the competitions as individuals but worked and learned as a team. Af B, C, D . . . - Mr. Pantera looks through the file for a resolution. what did YOU S3y?- Senior Eliza Tanner agkg another member of Model UN a quegtlon 5 4? is Where is that thing?- Senior David Wood searches for information concerning Model UN. Work, work, work- jamie Musbach takes notes in order to prepare for her next pro- ject. As I said before- Mrs. ludy Wallace stresses the importance of public speaking. ,MY Forensics: Top Row: R. Poston, D. Antwiler, C. Brunick, I. Penn, I. Penny- packer, C. Cady, R. Hicks, D. Sampson, B. Hall, C. Leigh, 1. Wallace. Bottom Row: D. Wood, M. Ryan, D. Gardner, T. Hobbs. Forensics 227 Qfi?t?'a. y 11 f QQX tLtl11Ds5f'.lL2tf,l lb ,bLwd..f Lining -Jqun MQSXAV cgi, .z,1t.,t,q,tg, flA.uacJ. jlglyrxk Lrjuau F , ' Qywmsb M10-Gi 1i'wwQwv.m.,X .W he football games were ,?Qp.r,,1-,:,,.WA,.1i,,,,f.W,ly,3i4, e" su, wml over., everyone was Q-a,.,,,,,, t, J A U , 1 Q i clearing the stands and N ' " ' ' f -'fy N- wwtfl .ima--'l'.1A:pu'm0v1wu,rl-'li-gstrk. b h h ,iv nn., , Q .N K , A a inga outw att ere was if lf wlww WMCL75' ffm qwmJNl'5t o do Well there was the 9.1,-ulx,::Ay ksxxiwj x'MwX ky-tiialvfyf. QJLV' g . . ' xr. as ,C , , fobvious, going to a party 1- . .ww-5 ' , cvvnwu, . Joel- Lq,C,,, ,why M W Bfk J .5 at ob when no one really wanted A little rel f " ' 'Hb t l-L' 172 33 Thi, 4 X. J N N . . axa ' - , . . Avg M will l ,mir . tx Wm ? to, gmfig to the mOvleS, go after a football lon loe Domikaitis relaxes - .-.. ...A..L3,t ' I V4 V . home, or go to Neil s Place. at Chrlsi-ian lunior Holly Adams said, " "M" "At A "Neils Place was a chance to ",s. Tg,,..,-,M ,Mg l get away after the football A f"tf'Li" 'H' ., P,1q,,,,,,-, -5 games with friends of the ' .1Q,5..,,LQ.J12H+ , , , , same belief in a nice chris- , H 0 ' Il - gf tian atmosphere. ,fy C X l think it s neat to have a 'W ff- f lace to go after the games J l p . tUM'l where you know there isn't ,l going to be any real pressure Shine Ou-I, on you," commented junior Carla Foulk. y K 'fl Q y Athletes who held chris- ' M, .. l N L , . tian beliefs were what made up Fellowship of Christian X lr, ,,p,,.--. - N X hi Athletes, FCA. , 6 MF-X X...-'S Q., ll" "Setting the standards for 'X' N V f W wal christian athletes is what l feel FCA was all about," said .- ' Q. . Wf- 'x ,xx 5. JU LL R u V L UUA 5- L9 X 'YV' M5 A , , KAN homore Dillan Boleman. sop "FCA tried to stress chris- tian principles such as: disci- pline, honesty, loyalty, faith fulness, and humility," com- nted sponsor lim Brady, me ' ' lc them bet- "qualities to ma e ter athletes." Neil's PI . ace. H. Adams, H. Bailey, 1. Best, C Brinkl Son, T?bu?Q1Bi?Iad' Bnnkerhoff, Q, Burle- , . ut er, M. Carroll, C. Cassa- QM I... . M ,, Bl 1 ill it , , ft N X-, ' --F A 7244 fi? 'V , Mih 97352 1 F' .. U-n Vaugh, S. Cla M- .Coughexseni N' COnWaYf I- Domikait' Y, N. Down 5 Edwa d is 1 . r Sl KFOUIIOK Griffin B . , .Hall A Howard D . ' ' I - Huff- man, B, Huey C H ?Conner,C.Perlman?Z1ngi K' Kemp, C A PJCIIEHR. Roberts, R. R6binS5s:,Alf1. Epwers -Gri,,T f - er'n I urkef, sponsor jeff Ziebelll S l .. I fx t X .C , X, Nw F I I f x K' , ' - A y Kgs., X- I I Xs"""Nxf! il?" Listening Attentively-Craig McDonald tries to keep his thoughts on the speakers. Don't you want some-Gina Brinkerhoff tries to promont sales at Fall Fest. Lunch Time-Wade Cunningham and Dillan Boleman take time to eat during the FCA meeting at Barros. FCA 229 'C he Vocational Industflal l bs of America WHS C U Frank Hud?On' Coil dedicated ll l b S a go cltllds fell those stud6H'f5 who are ready, walling anid eager to II U S0 - l Wcllhl issael great course That teaches YOU about me and leds tix? 3:33 223216 l 'ng into a ll ' ' X lrom hits: afglleoolf Sald lumor I I 0 , TalI?t?yyCltTb is a club tl13'f Isbtlc' ' the pu - cused on nlgilrpgvgents to raise I They SP0 d ' hands. . l hellllllggreat service OYSTULZZE tion and l185 gotten a Ol It support from the Sqllogdl' - l really benefitss0Cle3'f Sa' IU , Q o. nior Natasha f flilarand a great Working. Caring for r those thin nee a Communilg i HWS a lot o Ou organization that makeli yare 1 ood because YO lee g ll SQUIOI' ' others, Sa helping Rob Dalton- I Key Club: A. Acosta, C. Alder, C. Alderete, M. Alvarado, A. Anderson, S. Anthony, L. Baker, L. Bean, S. Beeghley, S. Bcthancourt, I. lilac khurst, B. Bolar, M. Bergman, A. Boyle, R. Bracamonte, K. Broughton, D. Brown, C. Buker, I. Bulloch, C. Burleson, K. Cain, L. Canly, I. Carrieri, D. Church, H. Cook, K. Cook, B. Cooley, C. Cooley, N. Crockett, K. Daliabetta, R. Dalton, L. DeLong, K. Dt-rnovit h, P. Devine, K. Dockery, S. Driggs, P. Durne, A. Edmund, S. Edwards, S. Fairclo, O. Ferreira, S. Filewicz, A. Franco, S. Fr.in7rneier, C. Frueh, E. Fukumoto, G. Garn, G. Geis, T. Giese, T. Giuliano, I. Goodman, C. Griffen, P. Hagar, B. Hannum, C. Hansing, B. Harding, C. Hardy, M. Harris, H. Hawker, S. Hawkins, C. Helmick, M. Hendrickson, C. Hernandez, C. Hoxie, M. Hummel, K. Irwin, I. Irvine, K. Iohnson, S. johnson, L. Kelly, L. Kemp, M. Kislack, H. Klose, P. Koenenman, B. Kunde, D, Laneback, S. Larson, M. Last, T. Logan, E. Lukermole, E. Macdmaon, I. Markley, S. Markoski, T. Mattingly, 1. McEarchern, K. McKenna, R. Mt'Manaman, T. Miller, .Nuci oro, C. O'Conner, N. Olson, K. Ostrander, N. Ovando, I. Penn, A. Peterson, B. Phillips, A. Potter, L. I f Presli, R. Reed, K. Rice, S. Ricks, K. Ringger, R. Roberts, D. Seal, K. Silver, C. Snapp, D. Tate, M. Tate, K. Vaughn, C. Vincent, P. Weldon, S. Williams, R. Wipf, D. Wong, K. Wong, A. Wright, T. wudel, K. Young, Y. Young, T. Zafra, S. Zint. Come fly away-senior Dan McCoy a member of VICA shows enthusiasm for his job. Working with a smile-senior Mike Standage takes time out to smile when working after school for VICA. I. N All for charity-Mr. Raider willingly takes a pie in the face to support Key Club. VICA: front row-N. Brown, S. Benett, T. Saline, M. Zealer, P. Yahnke, T. Bender, middle row-E. En- riquez, T. McDougal, D. Coleman, L. Shaeffer, M. Memmot, j. Governo, last row-sponsor F. Hudson, D. Dingman, M. Standage, S. Ray, D. McCoy, T. Pick- ett, C. Hassel, C. Davies, M. Tullose, M. LaPuma. Vica 231 Reaching Greafer Heights Chorale, Front row: K. Lee, K. Carlson, 1. Gray, G. Lentine, S. Young, R. Rydman, A. Wright, R. Dittberner, K. Apple- gate, A. Cappucci, Sec- ond row: C. Burlson, M. Brown, S. Mask, C. Peterson, L. Kelley, S. Lloyd, L. jenkins, Third row: 1. Michaels, M. Omerza, M. Roberts, S. Burrell,M.Leno,M.Ed- wards, M. Vidourek, L. Norman, Fourth row: L. Delons, A. Ward, T. joy, T. Cox, C. johnson, E. Papacek, Ct. Teille, Fifth row: M. Rosenhan, T. Perry, M. Hendrickson, K. McDonald, 1. Torey, D. Muhlinbruck, D. Waters, Back row: L. Pitterle, S. Weyerman, S. Smith, l. Ray, S. jones, C. Harmon, l. Smith, L. Sosa. 232 Chorus t was evident that this year's chorus members put the time and effort into rehearsing that was neces- sary for a successful year. "The best thing about cho- rus is the fellowship and good times we all had together," said Chorale member Randy Ditt- berner. Encore, Chorale and Los Contantes were the coed groups while Las Palomitas and Premiere were made up of all females. All of the groups performed at various times throughout the year for the Mountain View students. Chorus also participated in the all school musical in March. Colleges such as NAU and U of A took a great interest in the talents of these students as they visited our school often to exchange concerts. The students tended to real- ly enjoy chorus as Christmas came around. "Chorus always seemed much more exciting during the Christmas holidays because of all the good spirit," explained Kari Applegate. "l started music under Mr. and Mrs. Perry and have been musically brought up by both of them. They've helped me through all the ups and downs that go along with chorus," re- flected senior leff Gray. Encore, Front row: M. Brown, I. Torrey, T loy, K. Lee, T. Parry, S. Burrell, 1. Gray, M Rosenhan, M. Dougherty, K. McDonald, S Lloyd, Back row: S. jones, T. Cox, A. Wright S. Smith, C. Johanson, L. Delong, M. Hen: drickson, l. Smith, S. Mask, R. Rydman, Chorus buddies-Marci Hendrickson and Rob Rydman making a picture perfect duet. Las Pa VA . ti.. '.. 'x 4 V6 ei' E E Premiere, Front row: H. Adams, K. McKenna, B. Hojnowski, 1. Wessel, M. Peck, A. Howard, A. Ren- teria, K. Young, B. Wood, Second row: H. Dugan, C. Neilson, 1. Perkinson, R. Pennington, D. Ridd, S. Tromp, M. Tussing, M. Ciunyan, K. Wong, S. Breinholt, Back row: K. Scott, L. Oliver, D. Ray, C. Faulk, K. Allen, S. Good- man, E. Miller, P. Devine, S. Grecco, M. Turley, D. judge, L. Pitterly. V! X . lomitas, Front row: P. Mann, A. Warin, T. Conover j. Foster, A. Drinovsky, S. Richardson, Second row: C. Crockett, B. Palmer, L. Davis S. Phillips, K. Smith, Back row: T. Lee, S. Harris, A. Me- dicus, S. Anitt, I. Shultz, C.. Wenninghoff, D. DesRosiers, K. Albrant, M. Perryman. Los Contantes, Front row: M. Batchelor, C. Holyoak, S. Lewis, C. Gould, D. Pallock, M. Rosenburrough, 1. Domi- kaitis, L. Young, A. Murdock, S. Whetton, j. Harris, Second row: D. Sharp, j. Rosenhan, P. Hall, T. Smith, S. Robinson, T. Smith, D. Damme, B. Wood N. Bartelson, A. Wehrli, T. Sinclair, Third row: D. Ska- belund, T. Hunt, J. Wilson, A. Bozzuto, R. Reed, S. Grieve K. Lee, S. Smith, D. Sampson S. Wollett, Back row: C. Kearns, S. Pickett, 1. Bat- cheler, S. Price, K. Frazier, A. Wilder, L. Wright, K. Bonham, T. Whitmore, M. Simonton, R. Stradling, C. Porche. I I I Chorus 233 I -J A Thespians Enferfain 4 r Audience l rama performed many plays throughout the year including "Diary of Adam and Eve," "A Christmas Carol," and "The Hobbit." The drama students spent approxi- mately fifteen hours a week on each play. Various fundraisers were held during the year. "Moun- tain View Mime and Mischief" was a project where students acted out many comedy shows. What has Drama done for the students? "ln the real world of theater its not who you know but who you are", said Deb Wong, junior. Stage crew also spent 15 hours a week on the scenery T for the plays. Many of the oth- er duties included taking charge of the lights and props during concerts and assem- blies. About 22 of the stage crew members were selected for positions as paid audito- rium staff by applying at the beginning of the year. Then they became employed by the state of Arizona. Stage Cr -F . R. Cumselv Bzgrxrrtgwg Ti1Hansen, 1. Wallace, C. Starace, T. Seely, M, Sqhrock E- Goodvkirl, M. Raaraalli lnrpglilallbondasliam' S.lqi'me'5.BaC" 'OW2 A- Montierth: Montierth: Sponsor Kurt Srreif. I l ar 'E' SmCkIand'M' MCMillar1,A. Eulllincg the ropes- john Felbab lowers the ac rop by pulling on the ropes after the play. Taking it down- Adam Montierth helps down and untie the back drop after the take play. 2 37 l X 234 Stage Crew p Q Hard at work- Chris Starace puts the finishing touches on a prop for the play "A Christmas Carol." .ig 4--. Forbidden fruit- Rob Rydman, playing Adam, partakes of the forbidden apple in the play "Adam and Eve." Stubborn Eve- Chantelle Godfrey, playing Eve, in- sists on having her way. ' Q Drama- L. Bjork, S. Bostrom, K. Brown, S. Chaney, R. Dalton, 1. Domikatis, 1. Felbab, 1. Foster, C. Godfrey, E. Goodwin, 1. Gray, B.1. Hall, T. Hansen, K. lohnson, R. lones, M. Koenig, D. Maez, S. March, M. McMillan, Ad. Mon- tierth, Ar. Montierth, 1. Musbach, I. Penn, L. Presti, M. Riordan, S. Rust, R. Rydman, M. Schrock, M. Scott, T. Seely, M. Skinner, 1. Stahr, C. Starace, E. Strickland, A. Thomas, S. Tromp, 1. Wallace, 1. Walters, M. Weatherly, S. Weiland, W. Wildish, D. Wong, Sponsors- Kurt Streif and 1udy Wallace. Drama 235 Leadershipg The road To success T New Horizons: C. Alder- ste, C- Black, K. Carlson, C. Cooley, C. Cork, 1. De- fenbaush, P. Devine, M, Ferrell, A. Franco, C. Fra- zier, T. Giese, K. Golis, j, Gould, K. Irwin, L. Kelley 5' Knutson, 5. Markoski, K, MCCa"'C9f l- MCEarchen P- Mllleff l- Nuciforo, N, Omerza, N. Ovando, D, PIZZO, K. Roye, 5. Smith, E, Tanner, D, Tejada, 5. Tfomp, C. Vincent, A, Winslow, V. Zafra, S. Zint, I I 236 MYC hrough Mayor's Youth Committee, Mesa's youth was able to learn and express its concern for the community. The group did projects, such as work- ing with the Child Crisis Center and the Mesa Senior Center. Craig Snapp, presi- dent, of MYC and Mountain View student, said the goal of the year was, "To strengthen and unify Mesa's high schools students through communication, service, and leadership op- portunities." Equal opportunity strictly- for women was the basis for a Come ye hither-New Horizons Club mem bers l - Fest ook for PVOSPCCIIVG customers at Fall Comparing notes-notes on a guest speaker Egfr-ijzjared between Colette Black and jolynn H a New Horizons meeting NEXJ lDlilZ0ll5 Mer:iiNc1 M group called New Horizons. A few of the careers dis- CUSSGd WCFE HH HGFOSQHCC engineer, pediatrician and a clinical psychologist. The or- ganization provided direc- tion and guidance for girls 'O seeking to further their edu- cation and pursue a profes- sion. Kathy Roye said, "lt ives us the encouragement S to pursue the womens ca- reers that we're intereste ' ll d it' ,iff Mayor's Youth Commit- tee: A. Acosta, C. Alder, S Anthony, B. Arnett, C Black, A. Bristow, K. Carl- son, M. Clower, M. Cole B. Cox, L. DeLong, S Driggs, M. Ferrell, R Fletcher, S. Fuller, M. Frye T. C-iese, A. Greer, B. Han- num, M. Harris, M. Hen- drickson, l. Hough, C Hummel, 1. johnson, L Kemp, M. Kislack, B Kunde, J. Maready, S Markoski, T. Mattingly, R. Mcivlanaman, K. O'Bryant, S. O'Dell, N Ovando, I. Penn, B. Pipes, V. Pratt, D. Redding, K. Roye, K. Rubach, M. Schneider, D. Scott, K. Sil- ver, M. Smith, S. Smith, C. Snapp, T. SooHoo, D. Standage, K. Taylor, M. Thomas, S. Tucker, S. Wortinger. Lending a hand-Shelley O'Dell exemplifies the Mayor's Youth Commit- tee spirit at the Veteran's Day Fair at Pioneer Park. Having fun-Natascha Ovando and Ilene Penn set up a booth for MYC. New Horizons 237 ep Club is fun because ll you get to meet new people and you are involved with all of the school activities," said Kathy Carle- son, senior. Pep Club was the club that l supported all of the Mountain . . . S View athletics by making sign and by going to the games or ms on. meets to cheer the tea "The thing everyone liked l the most about Pep Club was making the big sign that our varsity football team ran ' ' of through at the beginning l the football games," said ,l Cheryl Nelson, Pep Club sponsor. Cl b also showed its Pep u spirit by directing the class l competition during the pep assemblies. "l would like to see the Mesa Public Schools set up a carpool this year so that students can ll for a ride when they have ca been drinking," said Kristina Powers, senior. The main reason SADD was formed at Mountain View was because the club members don't want to see anymore of their classmates die because of drinking and driving. SADD tried to encourage others not to drink and drive. Laughter l 'i Desired Over fears P9P Club' Cher ' Yl Nelson, Kath C . . Marnee Omerza, jamie MuSbaChfYi2riSEiFllSgpn, Nikki Omerza, Sharon Shope cia Sheets. ' 3 Hughn, Tammy Partridge, and Fen: 'P lr' rl NEWS GUNNA Watcha thinking about C ' . . - h ' ' Kristina Powers think aboutrllillsxllilllltlgqylegloarlg ' u convince people not to drink and drive QNCQ NK' A 3 Football on Hallowee n Pep Club m b get the sign ready for the football teamelz fers f0ugh onto the field un RWM?- Seniors show their spirit- This year's sen- ior class shows how spirited they can get during the assemblies. SADD: Botton row: Sharlene Edwards, Kristina Powers, Tracy Hinkley, Christie Binkley, Top row: jim Brady, Andy Gumowskyj, Emy Smith, Danielle Tejada, Keri Ostrander and Debi Grajczek. PepfSADD 239 Members l-lelp in Service Aff!l1'i we serious?- james Bally and Rita Bracomonte plan activities at a Mecha meeting. 240 Mecha MPACTQlndividual Mem- bers Participating Actively in the Community To- rt of the Future getherj is pa Homemakers of America orga- nization. "lt helps students learn lead- ership skills and promote posi- . . , k tive skills of today s homema er," said IMPACT sponsor Sara Bradley. The Mountain View chapter has had the state president for the last three years in a row. Participating in state and na- tional conferences is fun while 'l competing for trophies, com- mented Bradley. Did you know that la mecha A in Spanish means the wick? "its a social and service club for those interested in bilin- gual and bicultural traditions," summed up Mecha sponsor Burdell Moody. Members ofthe Mecha club earn about various discuss andl Hispanic ancestry. It encour- ages the students to strive and reach their goals. list a few strokes to the left- Mr. Moody Me c a sponsor, doubles as an art teacher helpin out GUYlene Ozlanski. g """'N eggs K 9 . . K N. IMPACT Members- ad- viser Sara Bradley, joey Atwell, Ruthetta Smith, Stephanie jones, Ellen Fu- kumoto, Lori Duryett, Greg Miller, adviser Hil- debrand. Mecha Club-Front row: C. Soliz, R. Sena, R. Braca- monte, Y. Tafoya, D. Ameta, L. Guiterrez, L. SanMigueI, B. Zarateg Back row: D. Vasquez, I. Baily, R. Zarate, R. Patino, S. Montero, L. Guiterrez, N. Mejia, T. Parra, R. Adams, C. Miranda, S. Loring, D. Andrews, N. Ortiz, adviser Burdell Moody. Nik., V 4' M '25 1 I Mecha 241 eis Mflmbers pgrfljrfn d f band by any other nam still a band. This years' jazz and concert bands are un- er the direction of loe Lloyd. jazz band is involved in per- orming concerts and grand nings for various stores and id ope times they get pa l hotels. Some and sometimes they do not. lf they do, the money goes into a fund and is used by the students 'n fes- when they go to compete i tivals. The students are in band be cause they want to play jazz mu- "l'm in jazz band because l ted I sic. love to play jazz," commen ' eDougherty, FOT Fun l trumpet player Mik junior. Concert band is slightly differ j ent. The members of concert l and performin ldzz Band fron . ' lr . lgeiss, Steve RiCi:v'Egg at f Bak on, Kathy Scott, Lajgita Baegt Rob Claff, lason Ph' e' foe Carpenter B ilkClarr, Brad Arrnett, HC . , I Holl row' Martin Call Y Raider, Danny Cha' ve - Stgi'nBfYri1rjLMatty, Paul Ep- Chris Mgnesflfejgsherry, Pospisil. ' Mme 242 lilzz tBand band learn to p ay a concert atmosphere. "The style of music is very dif- ferent from jazz band, but l enjoy hearing and teaching them both," said band adviser joe Lloyd. Practice makes perfect- jazz members perfect their next song. Pucker up!- Steve Ricks plays the trombone for jazz band. E Concert Band-in alpha- betical order: S. Baily, M Bessy, M. Bingold, D Booth, K. Cappucci, H Collins, C.. Cook, E. Craig G. Crandell, l. Crismon, K Davis, 1. Delong, K. Dillon M. Eells, O. Ekblad, S Filewiez, 1. Fisher, R. Flo- res, L. Galero, M. Gar- outte, A. Geist, C. Gon- zales, A. Hallock, J. Han- kins, l. Hellner, O. Hildebrant, K. Hinze, D. jellema, T. jones, N. Kempton, S. Kessay, C. King, Cf. Kramer, K. Kramer, T. Lamm, S. Lewis, S. Lind, L. Lindop, V. Mas- sey, I. Mathews, M. McMillian, P. McCul- lough, I. McDermott, A. McKee, S. Meldrum, M. Monson, J. Nielson, M. Pa- lisca, D. Pappas, C. Per- eida, S. Perez, M. Phair, B. Phillips, R. Pickles, G. Pop- pell, B. Rederick, A. Ro- mito, V. Rosenberg, G. Rubio, S. Salvesen, E. Smith, D. Sobczak, R. Stra- dling, P. Straub, M. Thom- as, M. Vaughan, 1. Wilson. Concert Band 243 I I ooster Club and Parent er Advisory are two v y important organizations ' The within Mt. View. b initiates fun- Booster Clu draisers for scholarships to be awarded to students who can't afford college expenses. Betty Northey commented, "lt gives us great pride to know that we have made a contribution to our childrens ' " fthe jobs education. A few o they had was hosting the Fall l Fest, working in the conces- sion stands and working at the l games. Parent Advisory is a pro- ' h stu- gram provided to t e X dents' parents so they can dis- ' cuss problems with another parent instead of having to speak with a teacher or a per- son on the school staff. The parents also help think of ' tra-curricular ideas for ex Par- "The parents on events. ' extremely ent Advisory are l t eople who he p importan p out Mountain View," com mented lam cipal. es Curlett, prin i .3 fx e . N K. .. -tt 'W' Towel please- Toro Booster Club sells towels to fans ata football game to help raise money for various programs. lntently listening- lim Brady and Greta Cristner l pay close attention to the upcoming events for parent advisory. Booster I Parents 245 V rchestra and Encore I I strings teaches you dis- cipline because ii you aren't disciplined enough to prac- tice, you can't play the music," said Nikki Omerza, senior. Besides the concerts at school, special occasions, like Christmas and the tour, many hours went into preparing for the performances. "lt takes up time that l could use lor something else but if i don't E , practice, l don't get any better and l nfflrcles can't play the music," said Gmerza. Most ol the students started playing their instruments because they saw a demonstration or a 'l layed. They member ot the tami y p ' involved in the or- enioyed being trin s and will Ca nlpus chestra or encore s g continue playing their instruments after high school. Nikki said, "lt can be iun when everyone works together to make music that sounds good." Music A quartet of C elIo'5- Andrew BVOWD Br' ran HoOPer, Diana johnson and Shar V00 Crand ll . a PlaY their instruments for th .. e cello solo, WKTZI W-Y W3 246 Encore Strings Encore strings Fr , , ' ont . filt1y?l1ant?n W'Il'amSi5ecor:3v:flwl?ci1nna Cluff, ny Shmra-ndw, Nikki Omerza. Bilclilpg Gould, 1 IZ ' . ' W' , bard. "'S'0Wf Skip wabuf, 5CO,t',lEQ- Blow Y0ur horn- F F' . . fench h rsh Plays his instrument incdlhpggger Tyan VH C ass. 4 5, . N f K 1' if CI' wi 4 3Qgf:6ff?V'Q KW 41 a . x 1 K ' ., 'S - Q A H " i ' Ny 1 g k..,, ,aa ,M Q1 I in 0, x 7 Wu f f ml .U fw diff' x ' QW," ' ' YM' ' t"C'f'a W" 'f ll . I I F 7 'Q 6 X N. ' an I f i V s , ' XG 9' , X mg- . ,......-v- - ,- we mv i' -4 Q f m' gn Q. J The neWSP3p l' 'd d to get ln' edllcilcddeand bring I - I likbraham bagljwgie r cause it W35 a Very W0 h ol C3 h the SC 0 use, and thrilfjld get results newspaper We , - tor ,an CHub E i . ' id sen -rfg"a2t?'.?.i.C:t 0l'l'l EWS editor' er staff wanted to Welcome back- jeff Ziebel, seminary in- structor, welcomes Abraham Munguia back to Mountain View. Welcome back- laff Ziebel, seminary instruc- tor, welcomes Abraham Munguia back to Mountain View. what had hap- l let others kn0W ' so pened to Abraham .MUT8:5aand could get mvo V - l everyone Unit- help bring him fof ed StateS-' ken from the J Munguia was tao tober 7, by A United States on Crtmem.He, l the imrrliglauon depa Mexicans 'th 150 other k along W' aid and sent bac was taken on 3 r . M xtco. l to Noialtiiai careiie back '10 Scllocil Mu g and was we " back to the sludeni mber ZQTTILCEVEPY the T050 Barsdnice to Munguia saigijt glad to be be in Mexico back." . Staff Editorial M unguia lt's not uncommon these days in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives to forget to stop and smell the roses. We often forget to notice the little things that touch otu' lives so deeply. These things are sometimes so subtle that we don't notice their importance at all so we take t.hem for granted. These are the things missed most once they are gone and are usually the most difficult to regain when they are lost. Mountain View has recently had one such loss. His name is Abraham Munguia. Abraham, who is one of the blind students at Mountain View, has been involved in the Visually Handicapped fVl-D program for four years. He is very inquisitive and open-minded, and is remembered for his positive attitude and friendly nature-- "remembercd" now because he no longer ,lives in Mesa and no longer attends school at Mountain View. On October 7, at 4:30 a.m., Abraham and his family along with approximately 150 other Mexicans were taken on a raid and deported to Nogales, Mexico. Many were believed to be illegal aliens and the visas for many others had expired. Those Abraham left behind miss him a great deal. Another VH student, Chester S'groi who is Abraham's best friend since the seventh grade, is left now with only memories of their special friendship. He recalled some of the good times the two shared. Chester and Abraham often took long walks together just enjoying the outdoors. They both liked going to museums and sometimes would just sit and talk. Chester loved Abraham for what he was - an independent individual. He had strong morals and ideals and would never 248 Feature follow what the crowd was doing just to be "in." Abraham wanted to be a talk show host and disc jockey on a Spanish speaking radio station when he got older. The two were even planning a trip to Mexico, but Abraham only wanted to visit because he loved America too much to leave. Abraham was very sensitive to things going on around him. He began acting strangely Q fcw days before he was taken, and Chester believed that Abraham knew something was going to happen. He sometimes thinks if he had only had Abraham come ovcr to stay at his house, he would be safe and still be close to home. But Chester knows that Abraham would only miss his family and wish to be with them, since the Munguia family is such a close unit. At school, Abraham was an excellent student. When he came here about eight years ago, he was illiterate and knew little English. What English he did know he had taught himself from listening to English radio programs in Mexico. There were no public schools in Mexico and his father, who is a migrant worker, moved the family frequently, so Abraham rarely went to school. Things changed when he moved here though, where programs were provided for blind students. Abraham worked very hard and became very fluent with the English language. He leamed braille and with a speech-activated hook-up, had begun to program computers. Kelly Mossman, Abraham's VH teacher and sponsor of the VH program on campus, feels that Abraham's talents are many. He got along well with other students and everyone liked him. He learned quickly and Mossman took him to her home one day a week to show wanted back at MV him how to cook. One shelf on the bottom of her refrigerator was his and was filled with the food he would use. She and her husband also equipped the kitchen with braille for the microwave and stove so he could leam to use the kitchen equipment. He was to the point where he was going to make dinner once a week for Mossman and her husband to show off what he had learned but then he was taken and deported to Mexico and never had the chance. Abraham was also involved in service activities on campus. He and Chester gathered more than 150 cans of food for the can food drive last year by going door to door. They both merely wanted to help those less fortunate than themselves. The tragic part of Abraham's story is not so much that people are left here who miss him but that he has so much to give our school and community but won't be able to if he isn't brought back to Mesa to be able to continue leaming and growing with the help of the special programs here. Mossman believes they haven't even begun to tap his potential. She feels that the compassion and care he takes for others could easily get him a job as a counselor or other public service agent. Those who knew Abraham miss him for all that he added to each of their lives. Those who weren't fortunate enough to know him are perhaps the unlucky ones, because they never had the chance to leam from the many lessons he has to teach. Attempts are being made to bring the family back to Phoenix legally. This newspaper staff stands behind the efforts to retum Abraham to the place he belongs-- Mountain View High School, Mesa, Arizona. Q . 0 9 -:Ja-' O . 0 00 U o O 9 on 69 'fo . or what?1student body President Mark performs in the Westwood pep assembly olice, handcuffs, and jail cells are all things that Mr. Hawkins had to face when being put into jail. Hawkins was ar- rested on November 18 for the great American Smokeout Day. Student Council members came into classes during that week and collected money to have Hawkins sent to jail. j Student council also sponsored other activities such as Homecom-i ing dance, floats and packed-up the balloon lift-off. The assemblies helped get the student body pepped up and en- thused for other activities throughout the year. Some of the other activities they did were the fashion show of the high schools and the twelve weeks of football. loe Domikitus, Sophomore president, said, "I like being in stu- dent council. lt is benieficial and helps get people involved." UP up and away-hundreds of students gather to send off balloons for the Great American Smokeout Day. Spreading School Spirif Feature 249 1' lags, lights and props were just a few of the things Kurt Streif kept himself busy with. ' ' volved in dra- Streif was in Visual En- ma club, stage crew, naging the lights semble and ma for almost every performance in the school auditorium. d that during Streif commente he spent close to 50 productions, hours a week working with the Flags, ' students. ' k'n with such a l "l enioy wor i g talented group, and appreciate ' d hardworking atti- their eager an k tudes." Streif was very involved in ev 4 erything he did this year, includ- ing the drama classes he taught ' h ol day and the during the sc o h students And Pf0ps , . many productions is h ear including f ut on during t e y ' l" and this P "A Christmas Caro ' l "South Pacific." year's musica ' G ecco said, r Shannon r lunio whole self into ev- "Kurt puts his II thing he does. A proud lin . form a tunne' Visual Ensemble el ' . Pfepar the football gamma!! their flags during 022 is Get to wor k' Kurt St ' - reif ' has Stage Crew membekmstructs 3 Couple of t e next prop. on what to do with x., Thays . Pillnti- B ' K dgxfqgi Natascha Sisaiiiuob members David P Paint signs for Bgl?2l?3CEristian Al, as , Getting to Budai Paintygrzggamille ef or BiII'5 Bash 1 Ciub iets me eing in Key I I d ives heip others an g me the teeiing ot ac- compiishmentf' said senior Marci Hendrickson. Key Ciub has done many ser- vice proiects for the schooi and Q ' At Toro iamiiy the community. ' Ciub had a wishing S ' Qrvhg Q iestivai, Key weii to put money into which ent toward the Speciai Oiym- i s tor the w pics. They soid baiioon ' - it and at the footbaiii baiioonhtt o games to raise money for the Ar- h itis foundation. red a Biii t I' Key Ciub aiso sponso e to raise money for Harding danc Biii's medicai care and hospitai e was aiso to payments. The danc ' torcyciists to wear ' i remind mo Four high schoo s their heimets. i r the dance me together o W stwood, ca Mountain View, e Dobson, and Mesa. ' Larson said, "Ke iunior Susan b heips me teei good about other Ciu myseii when i do things for peopief' I-lelpg 0fhQrg Features to Craig Snapp, V Z S ots of hard work and de- into the com- votion went iling ofthe literary maga- P ine called Mindscape. Editors their lunches and after pent h ou h art, school time sorting t r g l l h and literary works photograp s f t ach- rom students and some e f the works directly H ers. Many o ard work addressed the magazine theme: 4 . . l Provides l Success Literary Magazine-First row: l- Kunde' C' Snappf 5 On- stine, 1. Ciouldg row 2: adviser D. Saggio, R. Vincent, L' Erestl' S' Hawkins, K. Flax arbine, M. Spencer, ,ow 3: advisersg M. Mason, j, Knapp ,D. An invitation to Creativity. lt was ' 't'on sent into national competii , ' I trying to beat the previous year s din tremendous success. Accor g editor in chief, "Bein the best is definitely one S of our main goals." Mmdscape 1986 placed in the top ten re- ceiving prestigious awards in- cluding the Silver Crown. Orchestra combined many in- dividual talents into symphonic melodies music for a very suc- cessful year. The orchestra prac- ticed daily for concerts. Orches- tra member Stephanie Bair said she liked orchestra because, "Mr. Rader makes the music we play so much fun." Orchestra gave them the opportunity to olish their skills while being able P to earn experience. kfir 252 l'ite'a"Y Magazine Collaberation-the Literary Magazine Q use te . rew amwork to accomplish their goal' Decisions-C ' , persuade Milli? ifgllfgillxlarpd Lisa Presti try to memberson h' - 'terafl' Magazine lines. W 'Ch pfmf to usemtheir head- -s ....f--.- ,-. 'lanib' x l .l ' n'- lu Cwlzut 'L Xp' .. ,M . f Concentration-concert orchestra plays intently as their instruments eminate melodious sounds. Softly now-Mr. Rader dir- ects the concert orchestra during fourth period. ANCTS Concert Orchestra 253 l eamwork. That's what it ll ll takes to be iii club, ' ' d. said junior Rob Woo "Don't forget our sponsor s en- thusiasm," said lunior Ray McManaman. Not only did it take teamwork but spirit in which the Click Club had both. leanne Zimmerman agreed by saying, "To be the 111 club we work hard and reward our- l selves." h Click Club had also been club of ing lit of activities, for example ' ' h e wi they had painted sixteen ug posters for the homecoming lgame against Westwood. They Th also donated Christmas tree or- Q gear naments to the Child Crisis Cen- I ter and donated dinners to the l needy. They went to the Cosada Villa Nursing Home and took pic- tures to make a scrapbook. They agreed that it fired up club spirit. Jeanne Zimmerman said that their main goal was to, Be club f rth with of the year, and to go o spirit. We have been involved in more and more service projects such as, the toy drive and donat- 'n Christmas tree ornaments l 8 that the Click Club should be a ' ' ' club." fundraising service Click Club . -C1lRay MCM Lwyd C5lDebW anaman, qzpronda r 1 , 6 I Uffah, 3 A l9JCalvin Peterssggulogieflnfle Zimmerman, Q7JPat Milldr r83yRHO0kf l4l5teve Wood. ' HC Holstf llllfviatt Chaney c12JiimDYObertO Cafpio, ' Oungf l'l3jR0b df uw. N , '1'.'f 5 ,, 'TNQ ' ., x A .I- N N P X 'N i 1 Getting the message across-The Click Quartet tries to get the schools full attention by singing on the morning announcements. Ahh Ha!-junior Ray Mclvlanaman inconspicu- ously tries to get away with a priceless artifact from the library. What a mess-Mrs. Riedel donates herself to the the Click Club to help raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Getting Involved-Click Club members take part designing signs to hang up at the Mountain View Homecoming game against Westwood. Click Club 255 An all Natural Aclivilg he deep, blue ocean stretches in all directions as er's head suddenly pops above the surface. "The underwater world is to- tally ditferent and a new adven- ture every time," said Scuba Club President Matt Whitaker. Scuba Club tried to have one dive trip per semester. Locations D' o to a div 9 varied from fun San reg T beautiful Mexico. l r Russ Scuba Club sponso McBride said, "Scuba Club is de- signed for those interested in all 1 types of sport-diving." Everybody has heard of agri- l culture and horticulture, but what exactly does it mean? They both deal with growing and culti- y vating crops and livestock. FFA participated in school ac- tivities such as Toro Family Festi- val. One member, Nicchia Prall won an Arabian horse by enter- ing an essay contest. FA member Lori Dammen F said, "l like FFA because it is a chance to learn about something ' h." l enjoy, very muc Sfllba Club B 1 ack r0wg E, C, , Taylor. Front row: B, HOOper?iF'ghl:lgtWhltaker, R, Bledsoe, M, Hansen B ensen, C. Cooley, B. Cooley, R. Klein- man. 256 Scuba Club .S . W so ik Glub glub glub- 5 . while' diving. emor Matt Whitaker rests I'd rather be dn . listen at a meetlxgng- Scuba Club members Out on the range- A member of FFA works on the field at school. FFA: L. Anderson, R. Atwell, L. Bartling, T. Car- lin, S. Christensen, L. Dammen, W. Davidson, I. Dehart, B. Duty, l. Felbab, L. Gutierez, C. Hineman, P. Hines, S. Hoel, M. Hoke, S. Hollenbeck, S. larzyna, R. Kaider, E. Lutz, 1. Mueller, M. Progler, T. Sa- line, B. See, T. Stephens, C. Stinson, R. Stole, I. Surb, B. Sutherland, F. Sut- ter, j. Vaughn, B. Watkins, P. White. . M ..aQf'. at uw FFA 257 'D n I O a O ..n e 0 C , . r. ,,, H . R zkulordn u Y I 'Nil U , A +14 ll'1 'P' as uw' ' s Helping one another - Kris Bachman and Ramona Mendoza compare an swers to come up with the solution to the problem. , Q 'Q lo ,. Q.-.N H Lu! -Q l 9' . 4 l I . . in x Listening intensely - During a comput- er class, David Kurtis explains the con- cepts to Senior classmate Wendi Stock. Chemist in action - junior Dave Brown measures out his solutions during his sixth-hour chemistry class. 1 I fury xcelling in all areas was a prime goal for Mountain View. Academics was the biggest achievement for some. With so many opportunities open to the students, furthering an education seemed easier than ever. Scholarships were an- nounced daily for college en- rollment and most weregtaken advantage of. The excellence put into the teaching staff helped to build each student academically. Mountain View also went A lldglflll' through the process of North Central evaluations. This is what gives Mountain View the title of being an acreditted school, making acceptance into college easier. Together the students, teach- ers and administrators strived to make Mountain View better than ever by bursting in the aca- demic levels. . . I Bwleninss I 5, ' N1 H ciienifmmake we NJWV iu.f 260 Opening r WA is M. TEOXOY Oi ,-A 4' Hooked on physics- Senior Tricia Miller dem onstrates another experiment. Courses enhanced 6 :nan new techniques "An outstanding atmosphere exists here for students. The spirit is high," com- mented one of the many North Central committee members. The Evaluation Committee visited Mountain View in order to give the facul- ty and administrators an opportunity to make sure they were accomplishing any goals they may have set. North Central also recognized the benefits offered to students in the amount of course offer- ings. There were many academic classes for students to choose from. Many sec- tions were added to various departments as a high interest was shown in classes such fi l.n9, kr M kj V ddpfvwizi if aifs f' f gfesw. -f fm. , A P .--...- uw s as world history and psychology. "With our changing society and varying interests l try to offer classes that will fulfill these needs," said Mr. Charles. One of the required additions was ge- ography, while advanced placement Spanish and Latin were also available. The students seemed to really enjoy team teaching, which was a new method of teaching this year. Team teaching was when two instructors would combine classes and perform debates and opposing opinions. Students would often get a bet- ter understanding of the subject this way. ff Help- juniors, Mike Ryan and Kristen Rasmussen try to figure out what's going on in their chemistry class. Stretch- Dance members loosen up during a hard work-out. 2 ' ,, f f, My ,A Opening 261 U2 QQ Me art of langunge is communication A student's ability to communicate can determine his future. The English classes at Mountain View stress the importance of being under- stood through writing. Some teachers teach students how to deal with real-life situations by assigning "how to" essays. In "how to" essays, students explain how to do something. In Mrs. Mason's Principle of English II class, one student explained "how to shave a guy's face," another ex- plained "how to come on to a girl." "lt makes writing essays more fun," said lu- nior Todd Burns. The reading classes aim to "improve the reading skills of students reading below Listen carefully- Third year German students listen as Mr. Bordwell explains correct verb usage. Hard at work - In reading class Anoosh-H-A intently studies his assignment. 262 Academics the ninth grade level," said Applied Read- ing teacher Mrs. Harris. The ultimate achievement in a foreign language class is to speak the language and understand the culture. In Mrs. Hull's third and fourth-year French classes, hardly a word of English is spoken "to pre- pare them for life in France," said Mrs. Hull. German teacher Mr. Bordwell stresses class participation by getting the students involved in drill games such as German volleyball and bingo. "Take a foreign language, you'll like it," said Mr. Bordwell. "German is my favorite class of the day," said Ray MacManaman. -aft 'NN-at Next R Ia., X Tak , la ne a foreign , V ,fa U 3 8 e ,N +f'3VKoufU'1'k XX! WX fl XJ K' ,,f' I 'eil '75 ' , it if 'i y x if if Q fi ' D5 XXQJ J 1 fi Y 2 a , . X iff ft! ,ii it r This by tomorrow? - Brad Barnett winces at the assignment he has just received in science fiction class. Nixvum Academics 263 Special events added va iety to classrooms Il Students seemed to enjoy discussing current events, which they very often didn't understand until they got a chance to see them in a political or historical light," said Greg Sessions,- history teach- er. The social studies classes offered at Mountain View helped students to un- derstand these events. Every year the social studies depart- ment sends a group of students to Wash- ington D.C. as part of the "Close Up" pro- gram where they can observe the govern- ment in action. The department also sponsored Model United Nations, which was a group of students who attended a simulation of the real United Nations. Ad- vanced placement courses were available for those students who excelled in these areas. "The team-teaching in American histo- ry changed the pace which made the class a lot more interesting," commented Shandra Kanistanaux. Another outstanding program at the school was peer tutoring, which was made up of about 35 members. It allowed the students to look more extensively into a certain subject. "I liked the class because it gave me a chance to help someone else in a subject I really like," explained Susan Fedock. ..-aQ.,..... ,Z Tl ,, ,, ' J I "i'.f ,Q ' LT .. , , . , sm 7 Q' 2 "'i ' I Q In K' Waymq, iw ,H W ,g 264 Social Studies I'm confused- Matt Patch attempted to help a group of students with their homework. Deep in thought- Alan Short, David Schlagel and Alan Valentine listening to another lecture. X at, in..-as Below- Mr. Sessions realized half his class was gone as he took role. "You can do it"- said senior jennifer Banta as she was helping another student in peer tutoring. is 'if si Il Tea cia the . the eachmf mage for e i ierewng a""' f ,f-wfffffoto"i"' II nts. Social Studies 265 RTD' Insight into onesel ound in lab classes When people hear the words math and science they usually turn up their nose. But to science and math teachers, Thad Decker and Keith Canham they are two very important subjects. Mountain View science and math de- partments offer a wide variety of classes ranging anywhere from human physiol- ogy and anatomy to math analysis. Even though the idea of dissecting a frog or learning how to prove the con- gruity of angles may not be first priority In to it- Sopho- mores, Che Tafoya and Blake Defrance get into another bi- ology assignment. Hard worker- Soph- omore Keith Wall takes a break from an assignment in biol- ogy. E:mc2- Math teach- er Mr. Keith Canham goes over an assign- ment on the board. 266 MathfScience on everybody's list, science and math are areas of importance. "You can learn about your body and how to take care of it," stated Mr. Decker. Mr. Canham add- ed that, "Math is important because of its pratical applications. You need it, for in- stance, to balance a checkbook. All in all the math and science classes are very useful for everyday life. "They help you understand more about the world around you," said student Charles Bryant. Ns S F .fi we " ls ,C 4? I get it- Senior Jeannine Martin gets help from math teacher Mr. Trapp. 1 Daydreamer- junior joey Atwell appears to be ' listening to another math lecture. 9, I 40 NN abokfelio ol 5li,"e+' V , - L1 --XXX X -in I G ff ,TA ui YO bow fe satis ll Math !Science 267 K of 'A -QQ , A if vt'- 1. Ea' un-M.. I ,. . If S. .. R. 4'-I 1 sv.. UV hr , gpfqfi,-M -ffmq, 5' AP' iv If ' A fixfinrr 1,6 Sa 6 'UG Sfuogn lk ' Or O - U sfore 1 Om Sr Studying the basics- A business student studies her work in class to catch up to the rest of the students on her assignment. 268 Bus. !Comp 3. The final product- Becky McNay reads her computer print- out, checking it for any mistakes or errors before she turns it in. The business and computer classes have had more enrollments this year than any other year before. It seems that many people are starting to realize the portance of computers and business. Students in business learn the basics of business world. They learn about ng sales, the procedures of adver- ng merchandising, shipping and dis- The business courses consist of etlng, accounting and general busi- "I've learned more about how a busi- Watching the screen- Senior Stephanie Trussel watches the monitor, trying to catch her errors before she prints them out on the printer. Totally in concentration- Barbi Berge concen- trates deeply on her assignment, making sure she copies it word for word. TQQISD Com ating tlfe uture for business students ness operates, plus, I like talking to the customers in the student store," said sophomore Beth Richeson. Students in the computer courses learn, for example, how to design flyers, use word processors, and create graph- ics. The class teaches computers using BASIC computer language, program- ming and word processing, and just about everything else that anyone can benefit from. It's a way of training the future. Bus.!Comp. 269 Learning the trade- Senior Bill Sees, and soph- more Tramell Stevens practice their welding skills. Taking a break- Senior Eric Hopkins looks away from his work in drafting class. I UCS UUCQDITQ 6' udeats learn practical life experience ski ls Industrial arts, home economics and vocational agriculture weren't just build- ing cabinets, learning how to cook and farming. In the industrial arts department students took classes ranging from woods to drafting and electricity. Where as in the woods classes the students learned how to make desks, tables and many other things. The architectural stu- dents had the opportunity to work on the new computer program system, CAD fComputer Aided Draftingj. "I like archi- tectural drafting because it's my life time ambition," said, senior Ron Vranas. Vocational agriculture was more than 270 I A fAg fH0m. EC. growing crops and raising animals. There were different courses that were of- fered: horse production, animal science and beginning and advanced agriculture. The students held fundraisers by grow- ing and selling pumpkins at Halloween and poinsettas at Christmas. In the home economics department, students learned more than how to sew and cook. There were many classes to choose from in this area. Human rela- tions was a favorite while single survival, food preparation and interior design were also available. Watch them grow- Senior john Mueller waters the pionsettas that were sold at Christmas for vocational agriculture. Hard at work- junior jim Zollinger works pro- ductively to finish one of his best drawings. ff , . H ,W Looking attentive- juniors Michelle Crago and Penny Foos kick back and Watch a movie in hu- man relations. E " mw,.,.,....-a-w""""""" '29 ef Oo 8 l.A.fAg.!Home. Ec. 271 ' . , ,,l.,, ,fl t ,,"i'L" 5 'f ,., . J, "" 4. in - . 'f'fh' is M . J ttrr 't 1 L ' we l V ii f A t at t ssii l i sliii K W I ,. I I Vi 1,, ,Q V iq , : : , . V , V, - WW K -,,' ,f,f' 9 ff,2, ,f ' ' - I ' ,f 1 l is ' s W 1 1 gg 4 ' i i , W s t ll fl I l , V f ' wiilzv' I L' t l W it if ' at t g A g .S Z i W ff' ,'," W' drama ' ,if .. g Z, s 1 i if I've got it- P.E. students play an exciting game of tag football. I did it- A member of girls P.E. makes it to home plate. Watch out- Mandy Hall concentrates while practicing on her driving in the simulators. 272 Driv. Ed!PE M' LEWSBC Q Irainiag and skill- tl:at's what it's all about Physical Education helps students to ex- ceed their physical abillities in various areas. Different types of classes are offered for instance, dance, weight training, aerobics and racquet sports. All these classes have one thing in common: they help students increase there physical skills. "Playing ten- nis is my favorite part of class because I can work on my skills." Says Geoff Mayes. Many students also enjoy physical educa- tion because it helps them to keep in shape. Driver's education helps students be- .. l Heads up- These Mt. View students waitin antici- pation to see who will catch the ball. come familiar with driving rules and tech- niques both in the classroom and on the road. Classroom work is done to provide the student with information to help them understand different types of situations. Simulators are used to enable students to get a feel for driving before the instructors take them on the road. "I like driving in the simulators. lt teaches me not to speed," Commented Doug Bell. First time drivers are taken out on the road with the driver instructor sitting be- side them, encouraging them on. S ..,: v E., ttveerf me in H xenlol l leovxe. H miaei new 9 Drlv EdfPE 273 s 5 y Future actors- these Anytown delegates preform a skit during the Mengus Mountain campsite that was held during the ummer activities help school year Thirty years ago, the National Confer- ence of Christians and jews started Any- town in Arizona. Since then, the organiza- tion has spread out all over Arizona's high schools. The mission of Anytown is to strengthen human relations and under- standing of other people, but sometimes more than that, it builds strong friend- ships between Mountain View students and between kids all over Arizona. lt pro- vides a unique environment for learning skills and exchanging ideas. The summer workshop sessions also encourage self- understanding, appreciation of family, school and society. The week-long ses- sion is guided by qualified adult advisers from community professions. Anytown 274 Summer Camps was recently featured on NBC's today show. The cost of Anytown 1986 was 5165. There are four campsites for students in Prescott, Ariz. Students from' the same school are split up so that the students can branch out and meet people. Students are picked in two different ways. Boys must write an application and must be recommended by a teacher. Then the student must be interviewed by two teachers and two to three counselors. Both boys and girls state are sponsored by the American Legion Post 26. The Ameri- can Legion interviews recommended girls for the camp. The camp is held on the Northern Arizona Campus. Anytown 1986- Ben Kunde, Craig Srapp, jackie Hough, Marcie Hendrickson, Rita Braeamonte, Chris Hummel, Ronnajean Moon, Darla Andrews. Boys and Girls State- Front Row: Lori Kemp, Tina Giese, Back Row: Ridge Hicks, Craig Snapp, Standing, Chris Hummel, Albert Acosta. Friends forever- an An- ytown relations group enjoys the quiet. 6 we Xl 'o 4 I Summer Camps 275 ,X Helpful hints- Art instructor, Burdell Moody gives some added advice to senior Guyiene Ozlanski. 276 Art-Photo P ls hofo flvgfofmrerwry ar Of N 07001. can arf Sui, 'fied be Ia5,e.,f'f2yOnefo , Q. s r an lhgfaph X 1 gpm , v x . , +- 1' Y RT: LPLDQU Feelings come out in student's pictures Expressing feelings can come in many different ways. Some Mt. View students choose to show their creativity by taking art and photography. Art allows students to create images and use their imagination. With each assign- ment, a student is able to express his own feelings and thoughts. While some stu- dents see art as a hobby, others intend to pursue it as a career in the future. "I took drawing to widen my abilities in my chosen career, which is a fashion de- Working Industriously- Sopomore Mike Driscoll is fully concentrating on drawing a perfect line for his project. Blackboard talk- Photography instructor Jeanne Zimmerman explains the concepts of good and bad photos. signer," said Selana Tippets. Photography enables students to cap- ture their interest on film and also express their feeling and thoughts. "Photography lets me express my thoughts and create images through a unique medium," said Richard Orndoff. Many students enjoyed art and photog- raphy classes, whether they took it just for fun, or for future plans. Students also chose these two classes to expand on their creativity. Art-Photo 277 9K I Astvde 366 0 Sud X can A '2- a0 a mv, X S G -.. se- alia m ce r en I C' let . XN es the' ' jgfllllby 278 Special Ed. SP4 fl Lending a hand- Kelly Mossman, VH instructor, helps Chester Sgroi organize his notebook. Knowledge through touch- Tony Sohl searches through his Braille notes for his homework. LPECQJ ZSJ Challenged kids make their mark in class Learning disabilities, emotionally handi- capped, visually handicapped, educably mentally handicapped and trainable men- tally handicapped are all divisions for spe- cial education students. In the learning disabilities program, stu- dents learn the same things as other stu- dents do but they go about their learning at their own pace and receive much more individual help. The mainstream program in special ed prepared the students for their entrance into regular classes. An activity that the special ed students and teachers are very proud of is the "El Toro Sheet." The students were given a chance to work on an Apple computer doing graphics, typing up stories and helping to edit each others papers. "The students learned word processing and writing skills on the computer, and they're all encouraged to contribute their stories and editing skills to the newslet- ter," said Barbara Vaine, LD instructor. A.. I' '1 Hard at work- Corey Rogers is working hard to get his English turned in. Special Ed 279 1146801716 610l7'l'f skzhes fhlfvay fter 1ol l o n g months of school, books, and teachers, the 1986-87 school year has come to an end. Yet, before the hallways and gym doors are locked for the summer, let us take a look back on the school year. Mountain View was bursting with excitement in many ways. Something big had taken place. More than 1,000 freshmen came to Mountain View raising our student population to .more than 3,000. Overcrowded hallways and classrooms were just some of the places students felt the crunch. By the end of the year, Moun- tain View was more than just physically bigger. Together we had learned that by combining our number in reaching for a sin- gle goal, we had gone farther than we ever had before. Assis- tant Principal Dale Charles summed up the year by saying, "It's been a great year- with the extra amount of students it made them work together more." 280 People ,f"'f' !,N,,. Drum roll please - The Toro Marching Band Percussion shows spirit while playing the hall march before a Friday night football game. Taking a stroll- Senior Bill Harding and juniors Andrew Snow enjoy a leisurely walk around campus. C X 'ull' ' x . 'v 'Q rr I A,-,www ix A if Behind the scenes - The Toro Mascot, RJ. Moon and Nicole Crockett watch the football game from the sidelines. Let's go - juniors Elizabeth Darger and Jody Brown push their way through the crowd to get to class. Toro spirit shines - Student Body President Mark Harris, aided by several rowdie Toro fans, display the true spirit of Mountain View at the state football game. People 281 ayetbefvzfess desclfzbes yall' he final bells, that every other day seemed to be "obnoxious," rang for the final time. The last day of the year's classes had come and gone. The general feeling around school was that of excitement and relief. The year of 1987 was one that will be remembered for a long time. Through good and bad, the Toros remained together as one. "Togetherness. That's how l feel this year has been. People 5 I .Mmba ,.xsf-,X seemed to pull together during the times when they needed to most," said junior Christian Bur- leson. Whether it was sports or aca- demics, Mountain View pulled through to be at the top. The big- gest highlight was that the Varsity football team took the State championship. On an academic level, Mountain View's first deacthalon team took the county championship, and was then off to compete for the state title. X Ay: , -"--" ul -N ,ffl N . 4 , t ig 1 ' , ' 'fat ' f' Z , Y' Wh, A A it E .f fy!! tm Meeting with the b0Y5 ' During lUf'lCh, Toro victory - Coach jesse Parker is Steve Hogue, justin Fickas, Chris Brown, and Chris Stevens talk over the week- end. 282 Activities congradulated by his team after suc- cessfully beating Moon Valley at State. Alone in the sunlight - Seniors Ilene Penn and Rob Dalton share a moment together between classes. X 2, . N Q NN kg M 'N X it. Q 1 . i I ' - 1 , A ""' , , Lax , ' T v ,, 3 L-' X :wifi :gg j.f3:,E2 'aw' 4 ' 3 1 'gtg v Y 'L gp 'ggtlr gve If' A' ,. -. -f , ' 'f as " Q, .' i'g53gi1,F3bf:.'-yy ? C l P til' Ai 1 ' flag' -...Q :PRS ii 1 K: as is asian, .. K L -:it K .vi i ,L a 'vfin 'ff i 'g Q ' .K . t QL,-K-3-:wk L' it F ACLS. K:f ! x :L,-givslk ', 'i 1.4,-.1 ' ,f- .-is tx ' 9 , . Q1 ' t A23 'fats 15w'xT.! ,QA A 4 Ln '- l Q-,Q F 1 E ' Ra f i' ix nf V 1. 5. , 43 1-fiy gggn - ' f I l - K- fl' ' iii iflXf?l'x V- 1 if lr' I fr Q A au X -me 1 in gl A crowd of thousands - During the State football championship, these Toro fans rise to congradulate the team. S Ai- . N 1 Q ,Nj . W l x A MQ 4. ix. it 'I A in-gy, . 'gg 0 'S ui , .- 8 6 2 Q-fu , t 'f Q x Ak! 1 1. Caught in the rain - During the Octo- ber hail storm, junior Troy Wallin runs to get to class after lunch. Activities 283 P y 1987, the La Vista staff consisted of 46 dedicated members who worked together using modern ideas and technology to produce the Mountain View High School La Vista Volume 11 yearbook. The book was printed in Logan, Utah by Herff jones Yearbooks. Herff jones printed 2750 copies of 294 pages. Students paid S14 per book. The book was printed on 80 lb. gloss paper. The cover material was red burlap with red embroidery yarn lithographed to a picture with Pendry Script letter- ing. lt was completely designed and photographed by the editors. On the front endsheet, the yearbook had a die-cut on white color paper with applied scarlet vibra-color. The open- ing section was printed over red linen background in a three-column layout. All body copy is 12pt. Optima with names boldfaced. Captions are 10pt. with boldface catch phrase leads. Head- lines in the Opening are 36pt. Pendry Script as well as on all division pages. ulfstzhg 1111266 new IVKJS The Activities section headlines are 36pt. Cloister Italic with 120pt. drop let- ter using a four-column layout. The Sports section has headlines of 60pt. AkiLines and sub-headlines of 30 to 36pt. Ronda. The People section was di- vided into classes. Bud Ford and Updike Photography shot the senior and un- derclass pictures. Senior section used 36pt. Serif Gothic Outline on a three- column layout with one point tool lines running across the pages. junior section used 42pt. Venetta headlines on a four- column layout. Sophomore section used 42pt. Durante headlines with a four-column layout. Clubs used 24pt. Newbury headlines with a tilted copy box. Academics had 36pt. Spring head- lines in a three-column layout. The Closing is three-columns with 36pt. Pendry Script headlines. La Vista is a member of the American Scholastic Press Association QASPAQ, the Nation Scholastic Press Association QNSPAQ, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association QCSPAJ, and The Arizona ln- terscholastic Press Association lAlPAl. Special thanks to: Bud Ford - Senior pictures, group, and extra help on deadlines. Updike Photography - Underclass pictures by Bill Vascassenno Frye's Photo Supply - Photography supplies Mary Sonius - For moral support on ' deadlines and problems. leanne Zimmerman - Candid photos and photography Parents of all staffers - For being pa- tient and understanding Bill Flower's, Tony Rehm - Team- shots Burdell Moody - Help and guidance on division pages Chuck johnson, Sharon Guess - For helping in sales and putting in extra time and dedication. Robert Sheriff - For photographs in emergencies. 284 Colophon Editors in Chief ...... Business Editor ....... Activities Editor ..... Sports Editor .......... People Editors: Senior ...................... junior ........... Sophomore ............ Faculty ..................... Academics Editor Clubs Editor ........... Copy Editor ............ Staff ......................... Photography ........... Editor Photographers ....... Adviser ....... ......... Melissa Cole Kristin Rubach Shannone Wortinger Brian Searles Michelle Griest Kevin Smith lerlyn Simonton Sandy Fairclo Laura Woods Brian Searles Laura Woods Eileen Miller Ilene Penn Todd Adams Tracy Adams Andy Allen july Apsey Kim Bley Danielle Chinavare Rob Connelly Steve Dong Hilary Fischer Ada-Marie Fox jill Greenlee Kelly Harrell Lisa Hoppe jackie Hough Ben Kunde Mindy Last Suzy Last Erin Malloy Andrew Snow Marianne Tate Laura Vernon Wendi Fraughton Scott Fitzgerald Charles Ballard Brandi Hannum Ken Henderson Dan Maynard Rick Vincent Matt Lunt Michelle Millett Rob Wood julie Knapp Bachail Luther, Anne 206 Matlock, Lillian 206 Abbott, Chris 152 Abele, jilie 175 Abers, Venetia 73, 224, 152 Abriatis, Tanya 175 Acierto, Tracey 118 Acosta, Albertt 9, 25, 117, 213, 237, 275, 116 Acosta, Chris 98 Adair, Roger 175 Adami, janice 175 Adami, Theresa 175 Adamo, Kathy 204 Adams, Casey 175, 100 Adams, Chris 175 Adams, Corey 34, 57, 110, 116 Adams, Holly 215, 226, 232, 152 Adams, jason 219, 118 Adams, jennifer 215, 152 Adams, Lawrence 175 Adams, Ron 212, 241, 204 Adams, Roxanne 152 Adams, Todd 284 Adams, Tracy 87, 221, 284, 116 Adamson, Gabe 152 Adrakias, Vicky 118 Agostino, Stacey 215, 152 Agren, jennifer 175 Albert, Lance 152 Albram, Karen 175 Albrant, Karen 233 Alder, Christian 237, 251, 116 Alder, Dawn 175 Alderete, Cindy 215, 219, 236, 152 Alfaro, Rick 152 Alig, jennifer 215 Allen, Andy 284, 152 Allen, Chris 25, 79, 116 Allen, Doug 89, 116 Allen, jennifer 152 Allen, Katie 150, 232 I Anderson, Thomas 175 Anderson, Vernon 98, 175 Andrade, Maria 175 Andrews B. 152 Andrews, Darla 241, 175, 275, 1 Andrews, L. 83, 98, 175 Anitt, Shawna 233 Anthony, Steve 215, 237 Antone, Theresa 152 Antwiler, Doug 227, 247, 118 Appel, Wendy 152 Appelquist, Deanna L. 118 Applegate, Kari 232, 118 Apsey, july 216, 221, 284, 152 Arlaander, Brian 118 Armenta, Bridget 175 Armijo, Grace 175 Armstrong, Lisa 217, 118 Armstrong, Vicki 152 Arnett, Anjanete 175 Arnett, David 97, 118 Arnett, Shauna 175 Arnette, Brad 242, 152 Arnold, Allen 152 Arrett, Brad 242 Allen, Scott 175 Allison, Katie 152 Alofs, Ron 152 Alvar, Brent 79, 118 Alvarado, Monica 118 Amador, Charlie 85, 152 Ambri, Mike 118 Ambri, Steve 152 Ameta, D. 241 Amsbury, janie 152 Amundson, Corrine 118 Analla, Robert 152 Arriaya, Celena 175 Arrieta, Delia 152 Arrieta, Ernie 152 Arvayo, Tracy 38, 118 Asato, Kiley 118 Askar, Marjan 118 Atkins, Steve 152 Atwell, joey 241, 247, 267 Atwell, Roy K. 257, 118 Austin, Lynde 100, 152 Austin, Robin 175 Auxier, David 152 Axsom, Krista 152 Ayen, Denise 175 Bachali i, Grant 175 , Stacy 152 Bachman, Kristine 214, 258, 152 Bacon, Bacon, Baecke Chris 118 David 18, 204 r, Grant 75, 166, 172 Baedke, jason 98, 152 Baier, Dawn 152 Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Gloria 224, 226, 44, 152 Heidi 212, 232, 152 james 240, 152 Mike 81, 152 Anderson, Annette 152 Anderson, Carleen 152 Anderson, Daniel 219, 247, 152 Anderson, Gordon 204 Anderson, Holly 175 Anderson, jon 175 Anderson, Kristine 175 Anderson, Lane 62, 152 Anderson, Leslie 257, 152 Anderson, Mark 152 Anderson, Peter 152 Anderson Richard 204 Bailey, Sean K. 212,110, 119 Bailey, Tom 153 Baily, Steve 226, 243, 175 Bair, Stephanie 252, 175 Baker, Brian 153 Baker, Larita 212, 215, 242, 153 Balch, Mark 75, 175 Balderas, A. 153 Ballard, Charles 221, 234, 284, 119 Ballentyne, Timothy 98, 175 Balster, Sheryl 153 Balthasar, Lynn 73, 153 Baithrop, Brett 57, 153 Banfield, Bridget 175 Banks, Brian 175 Banks, jenny 119 Banks, Kathy 150, 214, 153 Banning, Chris 175 Banta, jennifer 264, 119 Barker, Tim 175 Barlett, Patti 175 Barnes, Brian 75 Barnes, Christi 153 Barnett, Brad 22, 119 Barney, Kim 152 Barney, Trase 81, 153 Barr, Denise 175 Barraza, Rita 105 Barrett, Tim 83, 175 Barsickow, Carrie 212, 118 Barsickow, David 175 Bartels, Andrews 175 Bartelson, Nathaniel 233, 175 Bartholomew, Brenda 153 Bartlett, Amy 119 Bartlett, Salvadore 119 Bartling, Angela 215, 175 Bartling, Loren 257, 153 Barton, Darren 175 Bartz, Trisha 152 Basom, Trevor 98, 153 Batchelor, john 233, 175 Batchelor, Mike 233, 175 Bauer, Robert 119 Bauwer, L. 226 Baxter, Connie 224, 175 Baxter, Corrine 119 Bean, Lisa 119 Beard, jeff 53, 80, 153 Beaudoin, Michael 63, 176 Beavers, Nicole 119 Beckstead, Kamie 119 Beeghley, Steven 75, 151, 153 Behr, Steve 78, 212, 119 Behring, Frank 219, 153 Bell, David 65, 119 Bell, Doug 273, 175 Bell, Roger 119 Bellinghere, Coreen 153 Belnap, Dayna151,153 Beltran, Simon 83, 215, 176 Bender, Karla 153 Bender, Todd 230 Benevento, Mark 153 Bennett, Kathleen 219, 224, 176 Bennett, Steve 230, 119 Benson, Kristine 176 Benson, Michael 176 Bentley, juanna 173 Benzer, joe 214, 119 Berg, Lisa 70, 119 Berg, Lynn 100, 153 Berge, Barbi 269, 119 Berge, Brent 176 Bergen, Keith 83, 176 Bermea, Christine 153 Berryman, Sonya 176 Berta, Cari 23 Bertolo, Reinaldo 163, 119, 153 Bessey, Mark 243, 176 Best, j. 232 Bethancourt, Sara 153 Betti, jennifer 217, 119 Beus, Becky 119 Beveridge, jamie 176 Beynon, Marc 214, 153 Bible, S. 83, 176 Bickers, jim 119, Biester, Chris 176 Biester, Lisa 176 Biller, Kelly 105, 153 Binguld, Mary 214, 243, 153 Binkley, Christie 232, 236, 62 Bird, justin 30, 183, 176 Bire, jeff 176 Bisbee, Derek Ray 219, 247, 119 Bisdorf, Lori 153 BkHk,Ledi235,176 Bjornholt, Eric 100 Bjornholt, james 153 Bjornholt, jason 120 Black, Celestial 176 Black, Colette 215, 237, 120 Black, Tosh 153 Blackhurst, juliette 153, 220, 223 Blair, C. 153 Blake, Christine 176 Blakeman, Brent 79, 176 Blakeman, Shawna 120 Blanco, Xavier 217, 216, 120 Blasdell, jeff 176 Blazo, joe 83, 176 Bledsoe, Ramin 67, 75, 226, 254, 120 Bley, Kimberly 221, 284 Bloomfield, Leslie 71, 120 Blough, Todd 120 Blythe, Tom 79, 176 Bock, Shari 153 Bodam, Leah 153 Bodine, Kris 153 Bohorquez, juan 120 Bojorquez, Anissa 176 Bular, Brad 232, 62, 153 Bollwinkel, Sam 176 Bond, Wayne 153 Bonham, Kathleen 233, 176 Bonham, Michelle 153 Bonner, Anissa 217, 120 Bonner, Devona 176 Booster 244 Booth, Dennis 243, 176 Booth, Michelle 176 Boprey, Rachel 154 Borders, Anthony 176 Bordwell, Robert 11, 214, 263, 2 Boren, james 154 Borgman, jennifer 73 Borgman, Mark 45, 65, 120 Borland, David 176 Bosely, janet 69, 71 Bosley, Melanie 154 Bostrom, Sonya 176, 235 Boswell, Hamlin 120, 212 Bouckhout, Christian 214, 219 Bova, Vince 176 Bower, jason 176 Bowman, Dylan 83, 176, 232 Bowman, Lisa 176 Box, Andrea 100, 176 Box, Christopher 154 Boyd,BHl83,176 Boyd, julie 120 Boyd, Michael R. jr. 120 0 Boyer, Holly 154 Boyes, Amy 154 Boyse, Brent 154 Bozzuto, Bozzuto, Amy 176, 233 Stacy 9 Bracamonte, Rita 154, 168, 2 224, 240, 241, 275 Brackney, Ken 204 Bradford, Devin Lean 120 Bradley, jon 120 Bradley, Ken 204 Bradley, Sarah 204, 217, 240 Bradshaw, Ruthann 120 Brady, Chris 75, 176, 214 Brady, jim 83, 204, 232, 239, 244 Brady, Sarah 241 Brady, Scott 120 Braidman, Lori 154 Bramley, Matt 100, 120 Bramsen, Melanie 176 Branham, Darlene 152 Branning, joAnn 204 Brannon, Wade 73, 154 Brantley, David 120 Brantley, Denese 176 Bratcher, jeff 176 Bratland, Marcy 100, 176 Bratton, Robert 120 Braun, Monica 176 Breinholt, Garin 154 Breinhult, Heidi 176 Breinholt, Stacey 176, 233 Brennan, Dawn 154, 214 Brewer, Kristin 176 Brewster, Ray 97, 120 Brimhall, lan 177 Brinkerhoff, Gina 120, 232 Bristow, Angela 120, 220, 231 Britton, Mark 120 Brock, Robert 154 Brooks, Donny 177 Brooks, john 120 Brooksby, Christine 154, 215 Brott, Cheryl 177 Broughton, Kim 120 Broughton, Laura 177 Brouwer, Lauri 154 Brow, Mark 232 Bryce, Rick 154 Bryne, Rick 81 Buchanan, jeffrey 177 Buchanan, Ron 154 Buckhard, Stephanie 154 Budai, Camille 121, 217, 223, 251 Budge, Angi 177 Budge, Charmaine 177, 215 Buffington, Chad 177, 219 Buker, Corolyn 32, 121, 215, 220, 221, 226 Bullard, jim 121 Bulloch, julie 116 Bunchman, Chris 177 Bunning, Melinda 87, 154 Burbo, Dawn 154 Burch, Brad 121. Burd, jason 177 Burdick, Sharon 177 Burger, R. 100 Burkinson, Bret 154 Burleson, john 121, 145 Burlson, Christian 22, 154, 158, 232 Burnham, Kenneth 121 Burnham, Todd 177 Burns, Melanie 154 Burns, Michelle 154 Burns, Todd 30, 154, 226, 232, 262 Burrell, Scott 154, 232 Bursell, Tricia 121,217 Burtman, Stacey 100 Burton, Stacy 177 Burton, Stephanie 154 Butala, Krista 178 Butler, Dan 178 Butler, jennifer 178 Butler , Pamela 154, 214, 219, 232 Butterman, Michael 155 Byloo, Tracey 178 Byoenger, Marie 176 Connelly, Rob 156, 220, 284 Shane 156 Cook Campbell Christensen, Amy 4, 105,256 Brown, Aaron 79 Brown, Alison 177 Brown, Andrew 154, 247 Brown, Chris 154 Brown Christian 177 Brown Dave 98, 151, 154, 251, 259 Brown Donovan 177 Brown Elizabeth 100, 120, 224 Brown Jacqueline 177 Brown jared 98 Brown jason 154, 164 Brown jody154 Brown julia 73, 120 Brown Kevin 120, 234, 235 Brown Mark 83, 154, 232 Brown Matt 177 Brown Melissa 73 Brown Natalie 121, 212, 230 Brown Pat 204 Brown Robert 177 Brown Ryan 177 Brown, Stacie 177 Brown, Tim 121,157 Brown, Timmy 154 Cady, Chris 178, 227 Cady, Sean 155 Cain, Kristen 155, 223 Caiola, Cheryl 121 Calcaterra, Anthony 121 Calcaterra, Theodore j. 121 Caldwell, Stephine 155, 219 Calendo, Tammy 178 Calhoun, Krista 178 Calinsky, Amy 178 Call, Martin 97, 121, 242 Calle, Laurrie 121 Callisor, Dawn 178 Campagna, Mark 155 Cannon, joe 97 Cantile, Kevin 97, 98, 178 Cantrell, jason 155 Cantu, Martin 122 Canty, Laura 155 Cappucci, Anthony 122, 232 Cappucci, Krista 178, 219, 243 Carbine, Dyan 122 Cardon, Wilford 79, 155, 165 Carlin, joe 178 Carlin, Tim 155, 257 Carlisle, Natalie 122 Carlisle, Nicole 178 Carlos, Deitrich 178 Carlson, Kathryn 212, 232, 236, 237 238 Carmicke, Carolyn 155 Carpenter, Carie 74, 178 Carpenter, David 178 Carpenter, joey 155, 219, 242 Carpio, Roberto 178, 254 Carr, Daryl 178 Carrieri, john 122, 212 Carroll, Diane 178 Carroll, jeffrey 122 Carroll, Michelle 155, 219, 232 Carson, Kathryn 122 Carter, Beverlee 122 Carter, Bret 122 Carter, Kristi 155 Caruso, Gina 122, 217 Casillas,'MEhelle 122, 217 Casper, Doug 122 Cassaday, Kelly 178 Cassavaugh, Colette 232 Castleberry, Paige 178 Castleberry, Tina 70, 71, 122 Cauiness, Balinda 178 Cavanaugh, Trevor 67, 79, 109, 155 Cazee, jon 122 Cearley, Shelly 155 Cecala, Tommie 178 Cervantes, Henry 155 Cervantes, Pete 81 Cesta, Christina 100, 178 Chamberlain, Patricia 122 Chamberlain, Sheri 178 Chaney, Matthew 122, 254 Chaney, Suzanne 235 Church, Stephanie 122, 217 Ciancuillo, David 178 Cicco, Shirley 178 Cirello, Maurizio 155 Clar, Robert 75, 122, 242 Clar, Philip 75, 155,242 Clark, josh 122 Clark, Ruthann 178 Clark, Tamara 178 Clarke, jesse 178 Clarkson, Karen 178 A Clarkson, Rachelle 122 Clarkson, Ryan 79, 97, 122 Clausen, Matt 155 Clawitter, Tim 122 Clawson, Sandra 156, 232 Clegg, Suzette 156 Clem, Alex 122 ' Clem, jim 156 Clement, Laura 87, 178 Clemmons, Robert D. 79, 122 Click Club 254-255 Cline, Christina 123 Clouse, Glenn 30, 78, 123 Clower, Michele 79, 237 Cluff, Donna 100, 179, 243, 247 Cluff, Preston 81, 156 ' Cluff, Rachel 179 Cluff, Raquelle 123 Coates, Angela 179 Coates, Shannon 123, 216 Coffman, Monte 156 Colahan, javan 156, 220 Cole, Melissa L. 13, 123, 220, 237, 284 Coleman, jessica 156 Coleman, D. 232 Coleman, Kenneth 123 Colgin, jason 179 Collins, Danny 97 Collins, Heather 35, 105, 179, 222 243 Collins, j. 156 Collins, Paula 123, 218 Combs, Michael 83, 179 Congdon, Kelly 70, 123 Conlon, Chris 179 Conlon, Michelle 123 Chapman, Bert 178 Chapman, Bill 122 Chapman, jim 155 Chapman, Melissa 23, 155 Chapman Rebecca 73, 87 Chapman, , Stacey 178 Charles, Dale 261 Chatters, Alan 178 Campbell, Craig 121 Campbell, jason 80, 81, 97, 96, 155 Campbell, john 178 Campbell, julie 121 Campbell, Lance 155 Campbell, Michael 155 , Michelle 121 Chauncey, Sean 178 Chaverst, Ronelle 155 Chavez, Danny 242 Chernko, Kelly 178 Chesley, Adam 178 Chiago, Chris 155 Chiakmakis, john 102, 122 Chiakmakis, Lisa 155 Chiappetta, Christina 155, 169 Chinavare, Danielle 155, 221, 284 Chiren, Heather 155 Choi, jenni 155 Conover, Tami 179, 233 Contreras, Angel 179 Conway, Aimee 123 Conway, N. 156, 232 Cook, Deanna 179 Cook, Glenn 243 Cook Holli 179, 215 Cook jennifer 73 Cook julie 156 Cook Kim 215 Cook Kimberlee123 Cook Mark 179 Cook Tiffany 105, 156, 219 Gary 122 Browning, Beverly 121 Browning, David 154 Bruce, Christine 30, 121 Brunet, Michelle 154 Brunick, Chris 177, 227 Brunick, Pat 154 Campbell, Scott 178 Campus, Brett 98, 155 Campos, Chad 98, 178 Campos, johnny 97 Campos, Tony 178 Candland, Bill 219 Candland, David 122 Candland, james 83, 178 Candland, Kristin 178 Chorus 232-233 Chott, joe 155 Christensen, Christensen, Chad 155, 215 Kelly 178 Christensen, Scott 97, 155, 257 Christensen, Sue 155, 160 Christianson, Chucri, Theresa 122 Cooley, Brandy 179 Cooley, Charmayne 156, 215, 236 Cooley, Kimberly 156 Coon, Duane 156 Cooper, Brian 55, 179 Cooper, Mia D. 156 Cooper, Michelle 123 Coplea, Corey 98, 179 Corcoran, Ryan 179 Cordoza, Christine 105, 156 Corey, jennifer 156 Cork, Connie R. 123, 212, 237 Corbett, Michelle 179 Cornelius, Cathy 123, 212 Cornwell, Trampis 81 Corty, Michille L. 123 Brunner, Raylene 154 Canfield, Tim 155 Chllm, Houch 178 Brunson, Daniel 177 Canfield, Todd 155 Cl'1UfCh, Amy L. 122, 216 Corwin, Cheryl 179 Bryan, Perry D, 121 Canham, Keith 266 Church, Donna 155, 212, 215 Corwin, jason 179 Bryant, Charles 177, 266 Canland, Charles 155 Church, Shane 83, 178 Corwin, Kevin 123 Cory, Deidre 15, 123, 126 Cougherty, M. 232 Coury, Mike 123 Covarrubias, Michelle 179 Covey, Heather 156 Cowerthwalt, Danny 98, 156 Cowing, jeremy 156 Cox, Bill 79, 123 Cox, Darren 179 Cox, LaDawn 179 Cox, Traci 156, 232 Cox, Valerie 179 Crabtree, john 179 Crabtree, Teri 124 Crago, Michael 179 Crago, Michelle 73, 156, 271 Craig, Elliot 179, 243 Craig, Nathan 179 Crandall, Gien 243 Crandall, Myra 124, 247 Crandall, Sharon 124, 247 Crane, Shane 124 Crawford, Kami 124 Crews, Steve 179 Crick, jenifer 179 Crismon, john 156, 243 Crist, Lisa 124 Crockett, Cynthia 179, 215, 233 Crockett, Karen 156, 215, 216 Crockett, Nicole 124, 131, 218 Cronin, jon 179 Cronk, Brian 124, 217 Cross Country 84-87 Cross, jeff 179 Cross, Richard 179 Crowden, Delolian 124 Crowden, jack 156 Crowe, Clark 124 Crowe, Ken 81,156 Crowe, Randy 156 Crowell, Deulah 179 Cruz, Freddie 179 Cruz, M. 98 Cudd, Teresa 124 Culbertson, Mark 62, 81, 98, 156 Culver, jennifer 179 Cunningham, Carl 83, 179 Cunningham, Wade 233 Cunningham, jason 98, 179 Curlett, james 18 Curtis, David 13, 124,216 Curtis, Randy 124, 234 Cwiakala, jim 75, 156, 215, 219 D'Elisa, jason 180, 214 D'Luzansky, Linda 219 Dahanoys, jennifer 73 Dahlstrand, josh 'I56 Daily, Dallas 179 Dale, Robert 156 Dallabetta, Kim 179 Dallon, Matt 156 Dalton, Rob 15, 124, 212, 220, 2 230, 235, 242 Damato, Ellen 124 Damen, L. 247 Damme, Darin 179, 233 Dammen, Lori 156, 254, 257 DancefFlag Corps 224-225 Daniel, Billy 179 Darger, Bizzy 156, 215 Darr, jeff 83, 179 Davalos, Humberto 179 Davey, john 180 David, Eddie 156 David, K. 219 Davidson, Beverly 180 Davidson, Tina 156 Davidson, Wendi 124, 257 Davies, C. 230 Davis, Alan 179 Davis, Cam 124 Davis, Chad 179 Davis, Darin 156 Davis, jake 180 Davis, jim 85, 124 Davis, john 98, 180 Davis, joni 73, 180 Davis, Karen 180, 243 Davis, Krehl 124 Davis Lisa 180, 233 Davis, Mike 180 Davis, Rachael 180 Davis, Rebecca 156 Davis, Stan 156 Davis, Steve 180, 215 Davis, Todd 156 Davisson, Wayne 180 Dawn, Holly 180 Dawson, Scott 156 Dayley, Lee 180 242 Down, N. 232 Draghn, David 157 Drake, Paula 105, 125 Drake, Stephanie 125 Drama 234 Draughon, julie 181 Dreher, Marcie 181 Driggs, scott 17, 89, 157,212,237 Drinovsky, April 181, 233 Drinovsky, Gordon R. 157 Driscoll, Michael P. 181, 194, 277 Drumeller, Frances 181 Dudley, Willie 77, 79 Duennwald, Niki 125 Erwin, Michelle 181 Eskew, Missy 68, 157 Eskew, David 157 Esperson, Michelle 157, 181 Espinoza, Arnold 181 Espinoza Cathy 181 Espinoza Michael 157 Esqueda, joe 81, 157 Essley, Amity 157 Eukumute, Ellen 215 Evans, Brad 157 Evans, Kathi 126 Evans, Marcie 157 Evans, Robbie 126 Evenson, Dana 157 Dugger Heidi 87, 157, 233 Duggan, , Sharon 125 Dunkin, Pam 157 Dunkin, Traci 125, 217 Everett, Veronica Ann 126 Everley, Monique 126 Ewell, Lisa 216 de Buer, jason 124 de Boer, justin 180 De Gracie, Darren 79, 109, 156 De Gruff, Kyle 67, 74, 156 De La Cruz, Nicki 105, 180 De Muri, Anna 180 Dearien, Kristine 180 DECAfHer0fCOE 216-217 Decker, joe 156 Decker, Thad 62, 75, 112, 209, 266 Defferbaugh, julie 125, 236 DeFrance, Blake 180, 266 Delaune, jon 180 Dellai, Paul 125 DeLong, jennifer 81, 160, 243 DeLong, Lisa 125, 210, 212, 215, 232, 237 DeMichele, Maria 125 Demuss, Kevin 180 Dempsey, Gerald 83, 180 Derhart, j. 257 Dernovich, Kip 156 DesRosiers, Denise 181, 233 Dever, Lura 73, 181 Devine, Patty 23, 125, 215, 237 Dible, Ron 125 DiCamillo, Dominich 157 Dicarmillo, Gloriaina 125 Dick, Brad 125 Dick, Kevin 181 Dickinson, john 157 Dickman, Tom 157 Diehm, Heather 125 Dierson, Tamara 157 Dikes, Rhonda 157 Dillon, Krista 181, 219, 243 Dimerling, Craig 181 Dingman, Brendon 181 Dingman, Danny 125, 230 Dishong, jeff 181 Disney, Lawrence O. Il 181 Dittberner, Randy 157, 232 Diving 72-73 Djekic, Tina 157 Dlugosz, Mike 157 Dobbins, Russ 125 Dockery, Kristen 181, 215 Doherty, Crissy 125 Doka, Michael 83 Doka, Reggie 181 Domann, Wayne 125 Domikaitis, joe 181, 232, 235, 249 Dong, Steve 125, 221, 264 Donohoo, john 125 Doolen, Bryan 101 Dougherty, Michael 125, 157, 219, Dunn, Chris 83, 181 Dunn, Keri-Ann 157 Dunn, Mike 22, 81,157 Duplantis, jamie 181 Dupont, Eric 75, 98, 157, 219 Durfee, Cory 125 Durfee, Tammy 181 Duschek, Mark 157 Dutcher, Kelly 157 Duly, Billy 181,257 Dyslin, Dan 125 Dziewior, Stephanie A. 125 Dzivak, Amie 23, 125 Eagleburger, Matt 80, 157 Earl, R. 83, 98, 181 Earnst, Gary 105 Eaton, Barbara 181 Eaton, Rick 157 Ebbinghaus, Susan 125, 212, 216, 226 Echols, jennifer 125, 216 Echols, Lance 157 Edgell, Denise 181 Edick, Susan 125 Edmonds, Doug 81, 157 Edmons, Randy 57, 157 Edmund, Amy 125 Edwards, Kenny 157 Edwards, Lee 181 Edwards, Lisa 181 Edwards, Melinda 15, 32, 125, 215, 223, 232 Edwards, Sean 126, 232 Edwards, Sharlene 157, 215, 232, 239 Eells, Monica 126 Egan, james 181, 186 Ekblad, Otto 181, 219, 243 Ellingson, j.R. 157 Ellingson, jayson 181 Ellington, Tara 126 Elliot, C. 215 Elliott, jim 126, 219 Ells, Monica 243 Elmer, Dusty 181 Elmer, Heath 157 Enabnit, Phil 83, 181 Engelman, Larry 126 Engels, Tina 181 Enos, Kunane 181 Enriquez, Ernest 126, 230 Epps, Stacy 126, 217 Epstein, Paul 181, 219, 242 Erickson, Renee 55, 181 Erikson, Scot 157 Fagerholm, Cory 181 Fahey, Nicki 181 Fairbanks, Butch 126 Fairclo, Sandy 126, 221, 284 Farlinger, Cathernie 157 Faysak, Bill 77, 79, 112, 126 FCA 229 Fechenbach, Andy 157 Fedock, Susan 158, 264 Fedorick, Lori 181 Felbab, jonathan 126, 234, 257 Felbab, Michael 181 Felstead, Missy 57, 158 Fenner, Michelle 181 Ferano, jenny 101 Ferie, David 181 Fernandez, Carla 126, 217 Fernandez, George 181 Ferreira, Theresa 102, 126 Ferrell, Katy 157, 226 Ferrell, Mary 13, 38, 126, 212, 236 Ferry, Chris 182 FFA 257 Fileurcz, Stacy 182, 219, 243 Fillmore, Lisa 182 Finch, jack 13 Fischer, Hilary 182, 221, 284 Fish, Ryan L. 126 Fishbeck, jason 81, 158, 182 Fisher, james 158, 243 Fitch, Ben 83, , 182 Fitch, McKinley 79, 109, 126 Fitzgerald, Rene' 182 Fitzgeralg, Scott 55, 127, 221, 284 Fix, Lisa 182 Flax, Kimberly 116, 127 Flecter, Sherri 73, 127 Fletcher, R. 237 Flores, Isaac 79, 158 Flores, Rodolfo 158, 243 Foley, julie 126, 217 Foltz, Gabe 156 Foos, Penny 73, 158, 214, 271 Forensics 227 Foster, Christie 158 Foster, jennifer 182, 233, 235 Foulk, Carla 158, 232 Fouller, jill 182 Foushee, Corey 182 Foushee, Tom 127 Fox, Ada-Marie 127, 214, 221, 284 Fox, Damien 158 Frabasilio, Heidi 158 Fram, Rebecca 158 Franco, Amy R. 158, 236 Franklin, Pamela 158, 224 Franzmeier, Shelly 182 Fraughton, Wendi 28, 55, 127, 284 Frazer, Paul 182 Frazier, Art 55, 127 Frazier, Christy 158, 214, 236 Frazier, Kevin 162, 233 Frazier, P. 83 Fredrickson, David 182 Free, D. 101 Freeman, Christine 30, 182 Freeman Diane 127, 212 Freeman, Gina 127 2 Gerdl, Lisa 182 Gerhart, David 127, 216 Germak, Angie 182 German, Sandra L. 127 Gerstl, Donna 158 Gertz, j.D. 158 Gertz, Kristy 182 Gerz, Danny 69, 127 Giblin, Guy 126, 219 Gibson, Yolanda 158 Giese, Tina 105, 128, 212, 213, 236, 237, 275 Giessing, Shelly 158 Groth, Chrystie 183 Grove, Steve 183 Groy, Melissa 183 Grueter, Shannon 128 Guess, Donald 85, 159 Guess, Sharon 284 Guffey, Gary 126 Guin, Wendy 159 Guirin, Fort 75 Gulbranson, Scott 159, 184 Gumowskyj, Andy 128, 239 Gunn, Christina 184 Gunyan, Melissa 159, 233 Harris, Sonja 233 Harris, Todd 159 Harrison, Garrett 159 Harry, Leslie 112, 184 Harvey, jeff 159 Harvey, Pam 129, 224 Harwell, jennifer 22, 129 Hassell, Chad R. 129, 230 Hassell, Hudd 160, 168 Hasslacher, Amy M. 129 Hatfield, Mark 129 Hatfield Scott 91, 184 Hathcock, Rick 129 1-1igg1nS,i. 130,217 Freeman, jeff 182 Freeman, Naomi 182 Freese, Gretchen 182 Freese, Kim 127 Frey, Denise 182 Frihart, Timara 127 Frost, Christine 158, 167 Frost, David 101, 158 Frueh, Chris 182 Frye, Mark 127, 212, 226, 237 Fukumoto, Ellen 127, 241 Fuller, April 158, 219 Fuller, Daphanie 182 Fuller, Lorraina 150, 157, 158 Fuller, Scott 127 Fuller, Stephine 127, 221, 237 Fuller, Tanya 127 Funicello, Mike 182 Furano, jennifer 182 Furrh, Fonda 127 Furrow, Tony 127 Fyffe, Shawn 158 Fyffe, Tiffani 182 Gabrielson, Tari 158, 215 Gaches, Lee 182 Gade, Leland 182 Gaffney, Tim 127 Gayen, E. 127, 256 Gaines, Kerry-Anna 162 Gaines, Maureen 158 Galatian, Brandon 83, 182 Galero, Lisa 243 Gallardo, Alfonso 182 C-alligan, Holley 127, 217 Galvin, Scott 182 Garbison, Todd 112, 158 Garcia, Tony 65, 182 Gardner, Doug 127, 227 Gardner, Matt 158 Gardner, Todd 158 Garlick, Richard 182 Gam, Gayla 17, 25, 32, 127,215,223 Garn, Gregory 182 Garoutte, Michelle 182, 198, 219, 243 Garrow, David 158 Gartner, Richard 182 Gastelum, Claudia 182 Gates, Candy 158 Gates, Christie 127, 217 Gatrel, Kristy 158 Gaulin, Scott 158 Gaylan, Martha 158 Gaylan, Erick 127 Gede, Keri 182 Gede, Scott 182 Gee, Harold 79 Gehring Mysti 158 Geiman, Tracy 182 Geis, Georgia 120, 127 Geist, Michele 182, 243 Gifford, Branden 83, 98 Gilbert, Donovan 182 Gilchrist, Bill 182, 214 Gillen, Steven 158 Gillespie, Darron 158 Gilson, Chesica 127 Gimowsky, A. 214 Giordano, Matt 158 Girard, Tracy 183 oirdl, Lisa 182 Gisbran, Michael 183 Guthrie, Douglas 128 Guthrie, Gayle 184 Gutierrez, Lisa 159 Gutierrez, Lora 126, 217, 241, Gutierrez, Steve 159 Giuliano, Antony 127 Giuliano, jennifer 183 Giusti, Tina 183 Glenn, Daniel 158 Glenn, David 13, 128 Glenn, Sherie 183 Guad, Matt 159 Godfrey, Chantelle 159, 235 Goehrung, Mike 183 Goin, jackie 159 Golden, Kimberly 128 GolffBadmitton 100-101 Gulis, Kimberly 128, 236 Gomez, Arlinda 159 Gonzales, Colette 183, 243 Gonzalos, Barbara 159 Goodell, Steve 183 Goodman ,julie 87,159, 213 Haddad, Kenneth 46, 202 Hag, Karen 184 Hagar, Paul C. 128, 212 Hagar, Mike 159 Hagerty, john 128 Hahn, Gwen 184,241 Hai, Mandy 159, 243, 273 Hale, Valerie 74, 184, 247 Halfhill, David 184 Halgren, Michael 128 Hall, B. 98, 128, 227, 232, 235 Hall, Ken 159 Hall, Mike 128 Hall, Phillip 97, 184, 233 Hall Hall , Richard 128 , Scott 184 257 Hawker, Holly 9, 126, 129 Hawkins, Ernest 249 Hawkins, Kristin 184, 247 Hawkins, Lisa 184 Hawkins, Shannon 160, 215, 220 229 Haws, Helen 130, 216 Haws, Kayle 7 Haws, Kurt 79, 129 Hayes, Darrin 130 Hayhurst, Renae 184 Goodman, Laura 105, 128, 247 Goodman, Michael 159 Goodman, Shannon 159, 233 Goodwi n, Edward 183, 234 Goodyear, julie 183 Gordon Gordon Gordon , Cindy 126, 215 ,julie 183, 215 ,Wes 183 Gusney, Kip C. 183 Gosney, Micah 128 Gould, Cecelia 183, 222, 233 Gould, joLynn 126, 212, 226, 236 Gould, Pam 183, 247 Hallock, Tammy 184, 243 Halls, Alison 184 Halls, Tina 129 Hamberlin, Forrest 159 Hamilton, jennifer 184 Hammons, Steve 75, 186 Hancock, Kevin 159 Hanen, Matt 129 Hankins, jeff 184, 243 Hanna, Alicia 129 Hannon, S. 186, 219 Hannum, Brandi 55, 62, 129, 221, Haynes, Dawn 130 Haynes, jennifer 184, 192 Hays, Kelly 130 Heater, Linda 184 Heath, Brad 79, 130, 226 Heath, David 184 Hebdon, Todd 160 Hecht, jennifer 160 Heck, Chris 115, 160 Hector, Chris 160 Hedges, Scott 79, 160 Hedrick, Trina 69, 71, 105, 130 Heinz, Krista 81 Heinzmann, Marlise 160, 219 Hellner, jennifer 243 Helmick, Cindy 184 Helmiy, jR 184 Heminger, Diane 160 Hendee, Leigha 130 Henderson, Ken 62, 160, 284 Henderson, Scott 130 Henderson, Tracy 130 Henderson, jB 184 Hendrickson, Marci 25, 62, 130, 149, 210, 215, 232, 237, 251, 275 Hennessy, Shelly 110, 160 Hennis, Robert 160 Herk, Ronald 130 Hernandez, Cecilia 160 Hester, Ken 160 Hever, Evy 184 Hiatt, Kyle 83, 184, 187 Governo, jason 128, 230 Gowans, Andrea 126, 217 Grajczek, Debra 159, 215, 239 Grant, jennifer 128 Grau,VKristi 159, 211, 224 Gray, jeffrey E. 36, 126, 232, 235 Greaves, Darla 183 Grecco, Shannon 159, 233, 250 Green, Lloyd jr. 159 Green, Mark 128 Green, Terri 86, 159 Greene, Ginger 128, 217 Greene, Ken 183 Greenlee, jill 183, 284 Greer, Angela 159, 237 Gregory, Lesley 159 Grenier, Allyson 183, 243 Grgat, Mark 128 Griest, Michelle L. 159, 221, 284 237, 284 Hansen, Holly 184 Hansen Marcus F. 129 Hansen Melissa 159 Hansen Mike 73, 129, 256 Hansen Suzanne 159 Hansen, Tiffany 159, 234 Hansing, Chris 184, 215 Hanson, Denelle 129, 215 Hardenburg, Carrie 184 Harding, Bill 129, 251 Hardy, Belinda 159 Hardy, Boyd 184 Hardy, Constance 159 Harherode, LeighAnn 159 Hariott, j. 215 Harmon, Corwin 79, 159, 232 Harmon, Lauri 71, 184 Harper, Harper, Ron 129 Russ 129 Hicks, Holly 160 Hicks, Ridge 130, 212, 226, 275 Hifler, Robert Ill 160, 184 Higgins, Higgins, Hiyuara, Higuera, Hildebra Hildebra Hilderba Matt 184 Patricia 160 Coach 105 Diana 105, 160 nd, Daivd 184, 219, 243 nd, Mike 130 nd, Vicki 241 Hill, Chris 130 Hill, james 185 Hill, julie 185, 225 Hill, Quint 130 Hillyer, Davon 130, 216 Hiltoon, Luann 130 Himes, Matt 130 Grieve, Sherrie 183, 233, 243 Griffin, Chad 11, 128, 215, 226 Griffin, Colleen 159 Griffin, Kristin 159, 226, 232 Harper, Tim 184 Harper, Dirk 45, 57, 81,159 Harrell, Kelly 159, 221, 284 Harris, j. Mark 5,16, 126, 129, 213 Hinds, Matt 130, 160 Hineman, Corey 160, 257 Hines, Patti L. 185, 257 Hinkley, Tracy 130, 239 Griffin, Richard 97, 98 237, 249 Hinze, Krista 185, 243 Griffin, Steve 159 Harris, jeremy 184, 233 Hixon, Greg 130 Grillet, Ginger 159 Harris, Kristine 159 Hixun, Todd 135 Groschel, Ron 183 Harris, Mark E. 25, 54, 129 H0bbS, Tasha 69, 185, 227 Hodges, Alfred 217 Huekstra, Curt 130 Hoel, Chris 130, 257 Hoel, Sharon 105, 185 Hoffman, Debbie 130 Hoffman, Tim 81, 98, 160 Hofhine, Michelle 130 Hofhine, Tamara 185 Hoge, Lisa 185 Hogue, M. 98 Hogue, Steve 97, 160 Hojnowski, Bonnie 233 Hoke, Marcy 257 Holaren, Paul 160 Hollenbeck, Stacy 160, 257 Hollowell, Dan 160 Hollowell, jill 160 Holman, Canaan 130 Holmes, joel 30, 79 Holst, Eric 160, 254 Holt, Krissy 160 Holyoak, Chanda 185, 233 Hon, Aaron 160 Hononichl, Sheila 160 Hood, D. 83, 185 Hood, Sherry 160 Hook, Amy 160, 214, 254 Hooper, Bryan 160, 247, 256 Hopkins, Eric 130, 270 Hopkins, Ryan 160 Hoppe, Lisa 185, 221, 284 Hornbacher, Todd A. 185 Horne, Darrell 101, 160 Horne, Spring 160 Hosac, Afton 185 Idehara, Richard 131, 212 IMPACT 241 Ingalls, Todd 97, 131 Ingstrum, Amy 185 Irvine, john 52, 131 Irwin, Kristina 161, 214, 236 Isley, Becki 131 jackson, Kathy 63 jackson, Michael 85 jackson, Troy 161 jacobsom, Becky 131, 217 james, Heidi 69, 185 james, Kristin 73 janssen, Deborah 131 jarosch, Carollynn 131 jarvis, Michelle 161 jarvis, Steve 131 jarzyna, Robert 131, 185, 257 jaugh, Krystal 161 jauregui, S. 217 jazz BandfBand 242-243 jefferson, Kimberly 131 jekel, Holly 161 jellema, Darlene 185, 243 jenkins, Lauramarie 131, 232 jennings, jared 79, 97, 161 jennings, julie 161 jones, Scott 186 jones, Stephanie 132, 232, 2 jones, Tammy 186, 243 jones, Tim 38, 79, 132 joplin, Robin 133 josephson, jennifer 186 juswiak, Philip 133 joy, Travis 111, 133, 232 Hosae, Robert 160 Huskinson, janette R. 215, 160 Hussler, Sharon 62, 160 Hough, jackie 44, 160, 212, 215, 221, 237, 275, 284 Houghton, Doree 130 Hounowski, Bonnie 160 Hovde, Lara 131 Hovland, Michael 185 Howard, Amy 160, 219, 232 Howard, jason 185 Howard, Maurice 160 Howe, joan 131, 216 Hoxsil, Carmel 185 Hryb, Suzzann 185 Hubbard, Bruce 131, 247 Hubbard, joy 160 Hudson, Frank 230 Huehne, Megan 160 Hueu, Kathryn 160, 215, 219, 232 Huffaker, Tamme 131 Huffman, Tim 131 Huffman, Deidre 160, 219, 232 Hughes, jennifer 185 Hughes, Phil 185 Hull, Amy 261 Hurnenyik, Tiffany 185 Humision, Michelle 185 Humman, C. 232 Hummel, Chris 36,131, 212, 237, 275 Hummel, Michelle 161 Humphrey, Aline 161 Hundley, Randall 126, 131 Hunsaker, julie 185 Hunt, Lane 131, 215 Hunt, Tim 185, 187 Hunt, Tisha 185, 219, 233 Hunter, Thomas 131 Hybner, Tim 185 Hyde, Travis 161 jensen , Aliesa 132, 215, 223 jensen, Brad 97, 132 jensen, David 161 jensen jensen ,Denise M. 132 , Greg 151, 161 jensen, Matthew 132 jensen, Scott 161 jensen, Wayne 161 jepsen, Greg 85, 161 lessee, Shannon 97, 132 jessen, Blair 161 jimenez, jR 185 johanson, Cheryl 132, 212, 232 johns, jeff 75, 132, 219 johnson, Cara 132, 217 johnson, Chuck 284 johnson, Cory 161 johnson, David 185 johnson, Diana 185, 247 johnson, jared 185 johnson, jeff 161 johnson johnson, jenny Lynn 161, 217 johnson, julie 21, 24, 132, 161,237 johnson, Keith 132,235 johnson, Kenneth 132 johnson, Kristi 185 johnson, Laura 185 johnson, Mark 132 johnson, Melanie 186 johnson, Mickey 186 johnson, Shaleen 161, 215 johnson, Steve 161 johnson, Steven 161 johnson, Troy 132 johnston, Luther 132 ,jennifer 132, 161, 215, 224 jubinski, joelle 31, 69, 161 judd, Robert 83, 186 judd, Tina 105, 186 judge, Deadre 161, 233 judge, Deanna 161 juett, Mike 186 junior Football 80-81 jV Basketball 90-91 jV Cheer 223 jV Football 82-83 jV Softball 104-105 jV Wrestling 98-99 Kaider, Russell 161, 257 Kaleo, Enos 161 Kaminski, james 186 Kamp, Shelby 186 Kamistanaux, Keric 97, 150, 161 Kanistanaux, Shandra 161, 264 Karas, Keith 186 Karnitz, Chad 186 Kasprzyk, Regina 17, 133 Kasto, Tawnya 186 Katalinic, Michael 161 Kauer, Darrin 79, 97, 133 Kaufman, Dan 133 Kaurer, Gina 186 Kearns, Chris 186 Keeling, Lisa 186 Keesey, j. 219 Keilholtz, Kevin 186 Keledjan, Dan 186 Kelleher, Robert 186 Keller, April 186 Keller, Brian 132 Kelley, Lisa M. 161, 215, 2323, 236 Kelly, Curtis 161 Kelly, Robert 161 Kelly, Shad 133 Kelso, jason 186 Kemp, Kirsten 161, 215, 226, 232 Kemp, Lori 133, 226, 237, 275 Kempton, N. 186, 243 Kendall, Mark 186 Kennedy, Dana 161 Kennedy, Lisa 161 Kent, Kerry 161,212 Kepler, DaLyn 97, 33 Kepler, Kellie 161 Kerley, Toni 186 Kern, Melissa 162 Kernagis, Sally 186 Kessay, joan 186, 243 Ketcherside, M. 34 Key Club 230 Kightlinger, Debbie 162 King, Dawn 162 Kingry, Kelli 133, 217 Kingsley, Steve 186 Kinnaman, Matt 133 Kinnard, john 133 Kingon, Eric 162 Kirby, Chris 186 Kirk, David 186 Kirkendall, Kathy 73, 186 Kirkwood, Cindy 162 Kislack, Michelle 133, 212, 237 Kitch, Ron 133 Kivett, janette 133 Klein, Cheryl 162 Klein, Lisa 133 Klein, Lori 133 Kleinman, Robert 256 Klikoff, Lisa A. 162 Klippel, Peggy 162 Klose, Hans 186 Klug, jenny 133 Knapp, Dawn 162 Knapp, julie 13, 221, 284 Kneifl, jason 83, 186 Knight, G.T. 33, 45, 217 Knutson, jennifer 186 Knutson, Sara 133, 212, 215, Kober, Shane 133 Kobie, jeff 186 Kobza, j. Brian 133, 219 Koehler, Kenneth 133, 139 Koeneman, Paul 186 Koenig, Michael 33, 235 Koerner, Kelly 133, 224 Koernig, Ray 134 Kohlhase, Kent 75, 186 Kohlhase, Wade 162 Kolbuss, L. 166, 188, 214 Kolbuss, P. 247 Korinek, April 186 Kosisky, Kevin 162 Kossmeyer, Kim 186 Kosten, j. 34, 215 Kottke, Kristin 162 Kough, Tracy 162 Koy, Sean 187 Krafft, Sabine 214 Krahn, Tracey 187 Kramer, Don 77, 79, 97 Kramer, Gary 187, 243 Kramer, Kristina 187, 243 Krause, Artie 187 Krause, Susan 134 Krebsbach, Kirsten 187 Krehbiel, Ty 134 Kronemeyer, Kurt 81, 162 Kuddes, Rebecca 134 Kudlicki, Deena 162 Kunde, Ben 143, 215, 221, 237 275 284 Kunde, Bruce 206 Kundrat, Mike 162 Kurc, Barbara 187 Kurtis, David 259 IOHGS, Amy 132, 215 Kilgore, Matthew 186 lonesf Cafmen 161 Kilgore, Wendy 133 Laasch, Traci 162 IOHQSI CWS 1861 132 Kill, Samantha 186 Lachre, Marty 134, 219, 247 I0r1eS,ChriS 186 Kilpatrick, Kelli 162,247 Lafgndl Doug 137 jones, D- 831 136 Kim, Cl'13I'lOtI8 67, 70 Lahr, Tammy 187 IOHGS, Jimmy 1011 150 Kimball, Kelly 133, 217 Lake, Angela 187 IOHSSI Kambi 45f 16-l King, Brian 133 Lakuduk, Richard 134 jones, Rachelle 73, 152, 247 King, Christine 186, 243 Lambson, Erikka 187, 243 jones, Randy 161 King, Kyna 133 Lamm, Tim 162 l0f1eSfRObin 132' 235 King, Laura 5- 136 Lainothe, Eilynn 134 lOf1ffSfR0dnev 189 KIDS Marlo 135 Lampe, Mark 187 Lampinen, Paul 162 Landdeck, Andrew 162 Landis, Cheryl 187 Lane, Brandon 83, 187 Lane, Catherine 162 Lane, Robin 187 Laneback, David 187 Lang, jamie 79 Lang, jeannie 187 Lang, Stephan 98, 134 Langston, S. 30 Languages 214-215 Lanning, joey 187 LaPuma, Mary Rose 184, 230 Larrabee, Tanya R. 187 Larson, David 83, 98, 187 Larson, Eric 79, 134, 212, 247 Larson, Lisa 162 Larson, Susan 162, 224, 251 Larson, Trent 134 Lasee, Rick 162 Last, Mindy 134, 221, 284 Last, Suzy 187, 221, 284 Latiman, Stephanie 162 Lautz, Christopher 134 Laveder, Shelby 187 Lavender, justin 80, 162 Laviera, Michelle 134, 217 Lawrence, Chris 162 Lawrence, john 162 Lawrence, Sheri 134 Le Sun 134 Le, Thuy 162 Lee, Carter 162 Lee, David K. 134 Lee, jeff 162 Lee, john 187 Lindle Lee, joMarie 162 Lee, Kieith 85, 187, 233 Lee, Ken 232 Lee, Robert 83, 188 Lee, Tammy 188, 233 Leek, Tony 83, 188 Leeper, jackie 134 Leeper, jim 83, 188 Legrady, Brian 188 Leibert, Randy 188 Leigh, Carole 188, 227 Leithe, Troy 188 Leno, Mystee 162 Lentine, Gina 162, 232 Leonard, Tiffany 188 Lewis, Darick 162 Lewis, Gina 162 Lewis, Larry K. 162, 219 Lewis, Rhett 134 Lewis, Scott 188, 233, 243 Lewis, Tessa 188 Lewis, Todd 85, 134 Light, Tony 188, 247 Likens, Chris 162 Likens, jennifer 188 Lilley, Daniel 162 Lind, Stephen 188 Lindhorst, Karen 22, 162 Lindhorst, Steve 79, 109, 134 r, Ken 134 Lindop, Leandra 188, 243 Lindsey, Trisha 134 Literary Magazine 252 Litt, jennifer 188 Little, David 188 Littljohn, Chris 188 Litwaitis, Bill j. 162 Liuzzi, joseph 188 Lively, Kim 134, 216 Llody, Stephen 134, 212, 219, 232, 254 Lloyd, joe 206, 242 Lochhead, Laura 55, 134 Lock, Tiffany 222 Lockwood, Daryl 188 Loe, Paul 134 Loeffler, john 162 Loeffler, Mike 162 Lofgran, jim 188 Lofgran, Kim 87, 188 Loyacho, Carlos 75, 98, 162 Logan, Angela 162 Logan, Renee 180, 188 Logan, Ted 162 Logman, Teresa 135 Logston, Wendy 206 Lohr, Matt 189 Lomax, Chris 184 Lomax, Karen 162 Long, Donna 135 Long, john 97 Long, Tonya 162 Lopez, D. 217 Lopez, joe 162 Loring, Selina 135, 162, 241 Loughrey, jeff 162 Loughrey, jim 189 Loveall, Keith 189 Loveall, Tammy 135 Lowe, Robert 83, 189 Luce, Ross 189 Lucero, Fred 91, 135 Lucero, Mercy 189 Ludi, Heather 189 Luebke, Chris 45, 162 Luge, Debra 189 Lujan, Luis 162 Lulloff, Kris 83 Lunt, Matt 162, 284 Lunt, Rory 81,163,173, 215 Lutz, E. 257 Lynn, Robert 81, 163, 219 Lyons, Richard 107, 162 Macdonald, Karyn 150, 163, 172 MacDougal, Denise 105 MacDougal, Lee 189 MacEwen, Tracy L. 163 Mach, Liana 189 Machler, Anne 163 Mack, Nicholas 98, 189 Mader, Michelle 189 Madison, Rodney 135, 163 Maez, Dawn Y. 235 Magallanez, Michelle 189 Magea, Cecilia 189 Maggard, Eric 163 Maggs, Bobbi 163 Magruder, Chris 189 Major, Gaynell 135 Major, Robert 189 Major, Shannone 189 Malherbe, Tonia 163 Malinowski, Dave 163 Malloy, Erin 163, 215, 221, 284 Malta, Elliot 189 Maly, Donald 81, 163 Mangeris, Andrew 163 Mann, Christy 69, 163, 247 Mann, Phoebe 73, 189, 233 Mannila, Pekka 135, 214 Manning, Mike 163 Mannon, Tim 189 Mansfield, Chris 35, 219, 242, 2 March, Stephanie 184, 235 Marcum, Cheri 163 Maready, julie 163, 237, 247 Maready, Stephen 189 Marez, Lee Ann 163, 214 Markley, jennifer 189, 219 Markoski, Sonja 163, 212, 214, 236, 237 Marler, Steve 163, 219 Marrero, Mark 79, 135 Marrero, Michael 135 Marriott, john 84, 135 Marsh, Hope 189 Marsh, Rusty 189 Marsh, Stephanie 22, 163 Marsh, Suzie 15, 135, 145 Martin, jeannine 135, 266 Martin Melinda 135 Martin Mindy 217 Martinee, Michael 163 Martinez, Shelly 163 Martinez, Vanessa 163 Martinson, Brian 65, 135 Mask, Shelly 33,135, 218, 232 Mason, Marybeth 206 Massey, Vevette 189, 243 Mather, Neil 151, 163 Mathews, james Mark 189, 219 Mathewson, Krista 189 Matteson, Mike 135 Matthews, Ellen 189 Matthews, Mark 81, 163, 237 Mattingly, Thomas 189, 219, 242 Matty, Bryant 135 Matty, Karmen 135 May, Rhonda 135 Mayes, Geoffrey 135, 273 Maynard, Dan 135, 221, 284 Maynard, jeff 163 Mayors Youth Comm. 236 Mazak, Matt 163 McAlister, Rob L. 135 McAllister, Charles 163 McBride, Russ 206, 256 McCabe, Barry 189 McCagno, jim 189 McCance, Kathy 236 McClaskey, Deana 135 McClaskey, jeff 189 McConkey, Cyn-D 135 McConnell, Cary 163 McConnell, Rob 83, 189 McCormick, E. 83, 189 McCormick, Sandy 73, 206 McCoy, Dan 135, 230 McCoy, Dave 189 McCracken, Steven 189 McCulla, Darci 163 McCulloch, Tom 163 McCullough, Patricia 189 McDaniel, Bill 82 McDaniel, Craig 189 McDermott, jennifer 189 McLaughlin, Chris 75 McLeod, Audra 181 McManaman, Ray 164, 212, 237, 254, 262 McManaman, Ray 164, 212, 237, 254, 262 McMillan, Michael 234, 243 McMulough, Patricia 219, 243 McNabb, Goeff 84, 164, 214 McNay, Becky 136, 216, 268 McQuillen, Mark 136 McSorley, jacquie 206 McTeer, Traci 73, 105, 190 McThrall, Marci 163 Mecha 240 Medicus, Allison 190, 233 Meeker, Dusty 190 Meeker, jennifer 71, 190 Mejia, Nora 105, 136, 241 Meldrum, Steven 190, 219, 243 Meliville, jason 136 Mellyn, Mr. 261 Memmoth, Marni 136, 230 Mendoza, Ramona 163, 258 Menetee, john 136 Mercado, Mario 164 Merlo, Nancy 136, 214 Merrill, Chad 181 Merrill, Clyde 136 Merrill, Lovie 181 Merrill, Scott 181 Merrill, Vavce 164 Messing, Heidi 181 Metzger, Bethann 164, 219 Meyer, Laurinda 136, 181 Miarka, Michael 190 Miceli, Denise 190 Michaels, john A. 164, 232 Micheau, Peggy 190, 247 Milano, Debra 164 Miller, Brian 164 Miller, Doc 190 - Miller, Eileen 164, 220, 227, 233 284 Miller, Erin 136 Miller, Greg 136,241 Miller, Harry 164 Miller, Heidi 190 Miller, j. 83 Miller, julie 190 Miller, Marla 136 Miller, Matt 190 Miller, Merilee 164 Miller, Natalie 27, 190 Miller, Patricia 136, 206, 236, 254 Miller, Miller, Ronald E. 164 Tricia 212, 219, 261 McDonald, Craig 232 McDonald, Esther 206 McDonald, Karen 213, 216 McDonald, Kay 135, 232 McDonald, Kelli 163 McDonald, Mike 189, 219 McDonald, T. 189, 247 McDougal, T. 230 McEarchern, jennifer 25, 115, 135, 215, 223, 236, 247 McFarland, Mike 189 McGeough, Michelle 189 McGovern, Mary 206 McKee, Amy 163, 243 McKenizie, Ron 57, 135 McKenna, Carrie 112, 189 McKenna, Kara 11, 17, 163, 222, 224, 232 McKenzie, joey 189 McKernan, Pete 79, 136 McKinley, Craig 163 McKinney, Hubert 190 McKinney, Shelley 163, 215 McLagno, Tiffini 163 McLaughlin, Becky 163, 225 Millett, Michelle 136, 221, 284 Milligan, Shannon 219 Mills, Louis 136 Minch, Barbara 74 Minogue, john 190 Miramon, Margaret 164 Miranda, Carla 136, 241 Miranda, Tony 81, 164 Mitchell, Brian 164 Mitchell, Kathy 190 Mitchell, Leah 136 Model UN 226 Moeller, jonathan 85, 164 Mohesky, Teddi jo 190 Monson, Michelle 190, 243 Montero, Sylvia 72, 164, 224, 241 Montierth, Adam 164, 235 Montierth, Arch 164, 234 Montierth, Steve 98, 164 Montijo, Melinda 136 Monzione, Michelle 164, 220 Moody, Burdell 206, 240, 277, 284 Moon, Colleen 150, 164 Moon, Marchele 136 Moon, Ronnajean 62, 109, 115, 117, 136, 215, 218, 275 Mooney, Laura 164 Moore, Aaron 136 Moore, Greg 74, 164 Moore, Peggy 164 Moore, Robert 52, 136 Moore, Russell 136 Morales, M. 224 Morehouse, lan 57, 97, 136 Moreno, Gary 190 Morris, Cary 136 Morris, Mark 190 Morris, Mary 206, 217 Morris, Michelle 164, 190 Morris, Rondon 190 Morris, Shane 15 Morris, Shawn 164 Morris, Wendy 164 Morrison, Shannon 190 Morrison, Vicky 190 Morrow, Brad 136 Mortensen, jason 164 Mortensen, jessica 74, 190 Mortensen, Kristen 164 Moses, Louie 164 Mossman, Kelly 206, 279 Mountz, Erich 83, 190 Mowe, Paul 136 Moya, Brenda 69, 106, 190 Mucerino, Sheryl 190 Mueller, john 136, 270 Muhlenbruck, Debbie 164, 2198, 232 Muhsman, Hal 164 Mulder, Michelle 105, 190 Mulera, Nancy 164 Mull, Michael 190 Mulligan, Kevin 98,164 Mulligan, Shannone 190 Mumford, Kristina L. 190 Munden, Candy 190 Munguia, Abraham 164, 248 Murdock, Aaron D.O. 190, 233 Murdock, jayson 164 Murphy ,Sean 98, 190 Murray, Shawn 190 Murray, Tony 190 Musbach, jamie 136, 238 Musselman, Michelle 112, 190 Myers, D. 83 Myers, Stacey 164 Nance, H. 190 Naoroji, Percy N. 164 Napier, Shelly 137 Nawfel, Robbie 79, 109 Nguyen, Duc 137, 217 Nguyen, Huy 191 NHS 213 Nichol, David 165 Nichol, Denis 165 Nichols, Gregory P. 165 Nicholson, jackie 191 Nielson, Chanin 165 Nielson, Eric 79, 137 Nielson, jennifer 31, 137, 243 Nielson, Scott 97, 137 Niemi, Sheila 137, 216 Niemic, Paul 191, 215 Nilsson, Marilee 191 Nino, Irene 165 Nobis, john 83, 191 Nobis, Marie 137 Noe, Steve 165 Noehren, john 83, 191 Norman, Lisanne 165, 232 Norris, K. 191 Northey, B. 83, 206 Norwood, Christina 191 Nouse, Kevin 85 Nowak, jenny 137 Nuciforo, joann 212, 236 Nuciforo, joseph 137, 191 Nunez, Avelina 165 Nystrom, Shannon 137, 215 Nyver, judy 191 Overholt, Melanie 164, 219, 226 Owen, Alison 191, 222 Owen, jodie 191 Owens, Erica 61, 191 Owens, Michele 191 Owsley, jason 191 Pace, Amy 191 Pachico, Sonia 191 Packer, David 191 Perkins, Ray 165 Perkinson, jenet 32, 165, 213, 233 Perkovich, Mark 138 Perlman, Cari 34, 165, 232 Perry, David 206 Perry, Ryan 192 Perry, Todd 232 Perryman, Malynua 233 Person, Amy 232 Peterson, A. 62, 219 Peterson, Calvin Dale 138, 232, 254 Peterson, Chris 206 Peterson, Darrin 34, 57, 97, 217 Peterson, David A. 165 Peterson, Melissa 217 Pew, Maren Lyn 138 Pfoutz, Erik 165 Phair, Kendell 192 Pagonis, Cassie 164 Paige, A. 98, 164 Pakovich, M. 215 Palermo, Marlo 191 Palisca, Mike 191 Pallas, Billy 190 Pallock, Doug 233 Palmer, Becky 233 Palmer, Debbie 105, 191 Palmer, Kristy 165 Palmer, Tamra 138 Palmer, Tim 191 Palmer, Tina 191 Panterra, Tom 206, 226 Papacek, Ellen 164, 232 Pappas, Denise 164, 219, 243 Pappas, Scott 164 O'Bryant, Kelly 137, 139, 215, 237 O'Connell, Michael 137, 217 O'Connor, Caroline 137, 219, 2 232, 247 O'Connor, Shannon 137 O'Dell, Shelley 15, 137, 237 20, Parent Advisory 245 Parker, Carolyn 191 Parker, jesse 77, 78, 79, 206 Parker, Michelle 164, 215, 224 Parker, Parker, Mike 165 jackie 138 Parks, jannie 191 Parra, T. 165, 241 Parry, A'lece 191 Parry, Todd 138, 149 O'Donnal, Craig 83, 187 O'Hara, Kirk 137, 220 O'Horo, Kelly 165 Oberly, Shaunasey 191 Ocampo, Sergio 191 Ochoa, jose 191 Ochoa, Maria 191 Ohlin, Camilla 191 Okken, Tim 164 Olcott, jeff 81, 98 Oliver, Clay 137 Oliver, Elizabeth 233 Olmos, Kim 137,218 Olsen, Neola 116, 137 Olson, jeff 191 Omerza, Marnee 215, 232, 238 Omerzo, Nikki 137, 212, 236, 238, 247 Nealon, Shawn 190 Nehl, Sherri L. 190 Neil's Place 228 Neil, Kourtney 71, 164 Neilson, Chanin 233 Nellen, Cristina 87, 191 Nelson, Cheryl 206, 236 Nelson, Chip 83, 191 Nelson, jennifer 116 Nelson, Kim 164, 191 Onstine, Suzanne 137, 214 Orban, Rob 191 Orchestra 246-247 Orndoff, Richard 137, 214, 277 Orona, S. 83, 98 Orona, Ismael 191 Ortega, Marc 191, 219 Ortega, Richard 165 Ortiz, Alex 83, 191 Ortiz, N. 241 Ortiz, Ruben 165 Nelson, Lacey 73, 164 Nelson, Sarah 191 Neus, Kevin 165 New Horizons 237 Newby, Shauna 53, 137, 146 Newemdyke, Peggy Newman, Mike 137, 216 Newton, Tony 165 Nguyen, Chau 165 Osborn, David 137 Osif, Denise 137 Osorio, Ken 137, 212 Ostemann, Karen 61, 137, 216 Ostrander, Keri 239 Oswalt, Robert L, 38, 137 Outside Sports 110-111 Ovando, Natascha 5, 165, 212, 215 230, 236, 251 Parson, Charise 68, 164 Parsons, joy 191 Parsons, Mindi 191 Patridge, Larry 191 Patridge, Tammy 238 Partridge, Valerie 138 Passante, Mike 192 Passarella, Pat 138 Patch, Matt 55, 264 Patel, Rupit 136, 212, 226 Patino, Rosemary 192, 241 Pattea, Randall 165 Patterson, Gary 49, 206 Patterson, Todd 138 Patterson, Tommy 138 Paulley, Tanya 165 Paya, Nancy 192 Payne, Regina 165 Paynter, Brian 79, 112 Payson, K. 192, 215 Pearson, Amy 192 Peck, Michelle 165, 214, 233 Peden, Kristina 165, 219 Pederson, Tricia 192 Pederson, William 192, 219 Pelky, Michael 192 Pellek, Lisa 165 Peluso, Debby 192 Pember, Eliza 165 Penn, Ilene 15, 22, 138, 227, 235 Pennington, Cody 159, 165 Pennington, Randi L. 150,165, 215, 232 Pennington, S. 215 Pennypacker, jay 101, 192, 227 Pep Club 238 Pereida, Christine 192, 243 Perez, Shannon 192, 219, 243 Phair,Matt 192 Phair, Michael 79, 165, 243 Phelps, Keith 80, 165, 173 Phillips, Amanda 138, 219 Phillips, Becky 213 Phillips, Bonnie 192, 243 Phillips, Duane 117 Phillips, jason 79, 165 Phillips, joseph 165 Phillips, Scott 83, 192 Phillips, Stephanie 192, 233 Phillips, Vicki 192 Phonn, Sandy 192, 215 Pichon Loretta 192 Pichon Pickett Pickett Najuana 217 Shondelle 192,233 T. 230 Pickles, julie 166 Pickles, Rob 83, 192, 243 Pipes, B. 224, 237, 166 Pitman, Warren 100, 165 Pitterle, Laura 232 Pitterle, Linda 166 Pitts, A. 81, 165 Pitts, Michelle 73 Pizzo, Dina 165, 236 Playter, Bonnie 192 Plunkett, Kristine 165 Pulack, Belinda 166 Polerma, M. 215 Pollak, Lori 193, 215 Pollock, Doug 193 Pom!Marching Band 218-219 Poole, jennifer 193 Popko, jo Anne 206 Popovic, jovan 193 Poppell, Gary 193, 243 Porche', Christina 73, 193, 233 Porras, Raul 165 Porter, Heidi 219 Porter, Holly 193 Poshka, jennifer 193 Pospisil, Michael 219, 242 Posti, Scott 193 Poston, Rob 85, 227 Posvar, Marlin 85, 98, 165 Pothier, David 193 Potts, Greg 77, 79, 112 Powell, Steve 98, 193 Powers, Kristina 217, 232, 238 Powers, Robert 165 Prall, Nicchia 193, 254 Pratt, Vicky 165, 237 Presti, Lisa 38, 215, 238 Prestwich, Travis 165 Price, Stacey 193, 224, 233 Pruitt, Lori 219, 232 Pryor, Philip 193 Pugmire, Ben R. 193 Pulford, Todd 193, 219 Pullin, Don 217,, Pulzato, Doreen' 206 J Quick, Carrie 193 Quinn, Debbie 193 Quinn, Shannon 193 Raabe, jay 193 Radar, Richard 206 Rafford, Mike 193, 219 Raider, Holly 242 Rambo, jackie 166 Ramus, M. 217 Randall, julie 193 Randt, Teresa 193 Ranks, Brad 193 Raoofi, jim 166, 215 Rardin, Kevin 193 Rardin, Ray 166 Rash, Dustin 82 Rash, james 193 Rasmussen, Kristen 261 Rataczyk, David 166 Ratajczyk, Ricky 193 Rathke, john 166 Ray, Amy 193, 247 Ray, Brian 219 Ray, Deborah 165, 233 Ray, jeff 85, 232 Ray, Steven K. 230 Ray, Tami 193 Reamer, julie 166 Redding, Coolin 79, 153, 166 Redding, Derrick 237 Redenbaugh, Nancy 34, 166 Rederick, B. 193, 243 Rederick, Korri 81, 166 Reed, Randy 193, 233 Reed, Shani 166 Regester, Timothy S. 75 Reheis, jason 166 Reilly, Danny 193 Reinhard, Eric 193 Remyman, Melynda 193 Renner, Brian 193 Renteria, Anna 166, 233 Renteria, Earnest 194 Renteria, Netto 82 Ressler, Dawn 79 Retig, Sassy 73, 112, 193 Rettig, Roderic 193 Rhine, james R. 166 Rice, Kelly 166, 226 Rice, Rex 206 Richards, Brenton 166 Richardson, Darlene 166, 219 Richardson, Kyle 193 Richardson, Susan 193, 233 Richeson, Beth 193, 269 Richmond, April 193 Ricks, David 75 Ricks, jason 101, 193 Ricks, Steve 5, 215, 219, 242, Riddle, Helen 207 Riedell, Carmen 207 Riggs, Duane 83, 193 Riggs, Marie 17 Riggs, Shawn 81, 166 Ringger, Kevin 166, 214 Riordan, Mike 235 Ripley, Rebecca 193 Ritchie, jerry 89, 193 Ritchie, Scott 194 Robedeau, Mark 166 Robert, Cyndi 194 , A. Michelle 214,223,232 Roberts Roberts, jack 166 Roberts, Rene' 166, 232 Roberts, Roberts, Samantha 73, 194 Tina 194 Robinson, Neil 79 Robinson, Ralph 166, 232 Robinson, Reed 105, 207 Robinson, Roxanne 167 Robinson, Steve 167, 233 Rodorsky, Andrea 194 Rodriquez, IR 167 Rogers, Chuck 167, 278 Rogers, Corey 167, 278 Rogers, john 167 Rogers, Susan 116 Rohner, Chad 194 Romito, Amy 194, 243 Romot, Ira 194, 247 Sanchez, Christina 151,167, 215 216 Sanchez, Ruben 195 Sandoval, Ernest 140 Sanft, Karl 81, 167 Sapp, jennifer 167 Saunders, Brad 187, 195 Savard, Cassandra 195 Saywell, D. 215 Saywell, julie 167 Scaccia, Cyrus 195 Scaccia, joseph 207 Scaffaria, Dom 201 Scalzili, Chris 195 Scandurra, jamie 215 Schabarum, Lisa 140 Schafer, john 167 Schafer, Kyle 167 Schafer, Troy 167 Schagel, Dave 167 Schave, Carie 195, 224 Scheer, Hank 207, 214 Shaeffer, L. 168 Shaffer, jamie 140 Shahan, Laurie 167 Shalenberger, Brad 167 Shane, C. 224 Shankle, jim 195 Shannon, Stacie 195 Shark, julee 140 Sharp, Don 195, 233 Shaw, Shane 61, 168 Sheets, David 195 Sheffer, Pamela 195, 219, 247 Sheperd, james 140 Sheriff, Robert 81, 168, 220 Shields, Don 83, 195 Shields, jean 100, 207 Shill, jennifer 195,247 Shill, Tracy 195 Shill, Norm 101, 105, 207 Shipp, Shannon 195 Shoemaker, Aaron 168 Shope, joe 168 Rooney, Dan 80, 81, 167 Roorda, Richard 193 Ropacki, Michael T. 217 Rosado, Obed 97 Rose, Paula 194 Roseburrough, Michelle 233 Rosenberg, Vanessa 194, 214, 243 Rosendo, Alvarez 167 Rosengreen, jeff 167 Rosenhan, janet 194, 233 Rosenhan, Mary 232, 247 Rosenwinkel, Paul 194 167 Rothwell, Scott 161 Rottweiler, john D. 167 Rowe, Dan 167 Rowe, Sean 81, 98, 167 Roge, Kathy 110, 151,165, 167, 215, 218, 221, 237, 264 Rubach, Kristin 151, 165, 167, 215, 218, 221, 237, 284 Rubio Gilbert 194 Rubio, Iliana 167 Rudd, Ben 167 Rudd, Diana 140, 233 Rudd, Staci 194 Rudd, Taya 68, 69, 167, 224 Rugel 1 Stephanie 167 Ruiz, Cory 83, 193 Rundall, Brian 140 Schibi, Chris 195 Schilling, Barbara 140, 217 Schlagel, Darcie 69, 195 Schlagel, David 79, 264 Schmidt, David 195 Schmidt, Kevin 195 Schmitz, Carynn 195 Schneider, Marc Adam 212, 237 Schneider, Mark 140 Schonthaler, Matt 167 Schoolcraft, Larry 195 Schrock, Mathew 140, 234, 235 Schrock, Matt 195 Schroeder, Chris 195 Schroeder, jason 195, 198 Schroeder, Paul 167 Schroeder, Rick 195, 214 Schultz, Erik K. 85,195, 214 Schultz, jason 75 Schultz, jeff 195, 233 Schultz, jenny 195, 233 Schultz, Schultz, Schultz, Ken 195 Kimberly 140 Marta 195, 219 Shope, Sharron 140, 217, 238 Short, Alan 168, 264 Shuart, Laurie 140 Shults, Brenda 20, 25, 32, 140, 216 Shults, LeAnn 195 Shultz, Mike 195 Shumway, Ronda 195 Shy, Carrie 140, 216 Sickmiller, K. 82 Sifuentes, Laurie 140 Sigler, jodi 196 Silver, Kurt 237 Silver, Scott 140 Silvert, Ben 196 Silvestri, David 140 Silvey, janine 168, 215 Simmons, Chris 168 Simmons, Lance 196 Simon, Walter 196 Simonton, jerlyn 168, 221, 284 Simonton, Melissa 105, 196, 233 Simpson, Noelle 9, 17, 101, 140 Sims, julie 73,196 Sims, Leanne 196 Sinclair, Tanner 195, 233 Schuster, Rita 207 Schutter, Candee 140 Schwanbeck, Mike 140 Schwartz, Stephanie 167 Scott, Brenda 140 Scott, Carolyn 195 Rush, Scott 167 Rusk, Beth 194 Russell, Cheeri 167 Rust, Scott 167, 235 Ruzychi, Paul 167, 219, 247 Ruzzier, Rosanna 194 Ryan, Michael 57, 140, 227, 261 Ryan, Scott 81, 167 Rydman, Rob 232, 235 Sabin, jennie 194 Sabourin, Colette 140 SADD 239 Sadler, Terry 194 Saggio, Richard 204, 207 Saiz, Paul 140, 215,217 Sajban, Brian 194 Saline, Tammi 140, 230, 257 Salladay, Sherri 194 Scott, Charity 195 Scott, Doug 140, 212, 219, 237 Scott, jay 207 Scott, Kathleen 140, 233, 242 Scott, Melanie 195, 235 Scott, Stephanie 167 Scott, Tom 140 Scritchfield, Tommy 167 Scuba 256 Seal, Derek 195 Searles, Brian 84, 140, 221, 284 See, Robert 140, 257 See, William 195 Seeber, S. 224 Seely, Teresa 167, 234, 235 Sees, Bill 270 Seiferth, Eric 195 Seiferth, john 110, 140, 220, 221 Sejet, Marc 167 Sellers, Laurie 195 Sena, Robin 140, 215,241 Sentell, Ramon 167, 219 Serb, jason 98, 195, 257 Sessions, Greg 207, 264 Sessions, jill 168 Severance, Staci 195, 214 Singer, Danny 75, 168 Singer, Richard 168 Sirhan, Philip 168 Sirrine, jennifer 196, 247 Sirrine, julie 168 Sitter, Mike 141 Sitter, Ricky 196 Skabelund, Danny 196 Skabelund, Ken 141 Skeen, jamie 196 Skinner, Bruce A. 141 Skinner, Michelle 168, 233, 235 Skipps, Shane 79, 168 Skogebo, David 141, 217 Skousen, Alan 141 Skousen, Kristen 196 Slade, Dena 168 Slade, Wayne 207 Slover, Troiann 45, 141 Smalley, Luke 168 Smalley, Star 196 Smith, Andrea 22, 168 Smith, Carla 233 Smith, Christen 141 Smith, David 207 Smith, Don 207 Smith, Dusty 196 Smith, Elizabeth 196 Smith, Emy141, 219, 239 Smith, Erick 196, 243 Smith, Gayle 207 Salvesen, sheii 195, 243 Sgroi, Chester 168, 215, 220 Smith, Hilary 196 Sampson, David 195, 227, 233 Shackelford, Lisa 140 Smith, Ida l0Y 141, 225 Samuels, Lori 195 Shackelford, Tracy 168 Smith, lack D- 153 san Miguel, Lisa 215, 241, 167 Shackell, Steve 230 Smith, lefald 55 196 Smith, jill 196 Smith, john 141 Smith, julie 196 Smith, Karla 196 Smith, Kevin 141, 215, 220, 221, 222, 284 Smith, Lance 82, 96, 110 Smith, Lisa 168, 224 Smith, Mary 141, 196 Smith, Michelle 126, 141,217,237 Smith, Reenie 247 Smith, Robert 97, 168 Smith, Ruthetta 141,241 Smith, Shad 196 Smith, Shad 196 Smith, Shannon 168 Smith, Sherri 141, 218 Smith, Stacy 16, 196, 233 Smith ,Stephanie 141, 196, 226, 232, 237 Smith ,Tammy 196, 233 Smith, Thad 168 Smith, Tiffany 196, 233 Smith, Traci 86, 87, 168 Smith, Troy 196 Smith , Victoria 196 Snapp, Craig 141, 212, 237, 274 Snow, Andrew 28, 102, 168, 221, 284 Snow, jack 87, 207 Snow, Lisa 196, 222 Snow, Pam 207 Snyder, Cathy 168 Snyder, Lisa 196 Snyder, Toni 9, 218 Subczak, Dan 196, 243 Soccer 102-103 Soelberg, Amberlee 196 Soelberg, David 81, 168 Sohl, Tony 168, 276 Suliz, Christina 196, 241 Soller, jacqueline 196 Sunius, David 207 Soo Hoo, Tracey 141, 212, Sopeland, C. 101 Sosa, Albert 196 Sosa, Iran 196 Sosa, Laura 196 Sosa, Luis 232 Soto, Pat 207 Soto, Renee' 168, 214 Soza, Valerie 100 Soza, Valerie 141 Spain, Christen 168 Spaulding, j. 168, 212, 217 Speckman, joel 55, 91, 196 Spener, Mike 212 Sperry, Craig 85, 168 Spiers, james 141, 168 Spiker, Sean 141 Spilsbury, David 196 Sponseller, Donna 168 Stage Crew 235 Stahr, jason 196, 234, 235 Staley, Kim 196 Standage, Deanna 168, 224, 237 Standage, judd 197 Standage, Lee 168 Standage, Mike 141, 230 Standage, Paul 30, 79, 141 Standifird, Shanna 197 Staneart, Steve 142 Stanfill, Brian 197 Stanley, james 168 Stappley, Todd 197, 198 e, Christopher 26, 142, 234, Starac 235 Starace, james 197 Stark, Gary 197 Statdfield, Ronald 168 State Football 108-109 Staton, Erin 169 Stauss, Rochelle 142 Stearns, Lisa 169 Stephens, Allison 169 Stephens, Holly 142 Stephens, Kari 180, 197 Stephens, T. 257 Stephensen, Marsha 169 Stern, David 169 Stevanovic, Nomad 197 Stevens, Chris 169 Stevens, Trommel 197, 270 Stiffler, Ty 169, 219, 247 Stiles, Amy D. 197 Stillwell, Tami 169 Stillwell, Alyssa 169 Stinson, Chris 197, 257 Stock, Parley 197 Stock, Wendi 216, 259 Stole, R. 157 Stolpe, Stephen 169 Stone, Kenna L. 57, 142 Stone, Tamera 197, 217 Sturtz, Helen 207 Stouall, Adrian 197 Stouffer, Steve 169 Stout, Eric 169 Stout, Shay 197 Stradling, Rod 197, 233, 243 Straub, Patti 197, 243 Strauss, R. 217 Streif, Kurt 207, 234, 250 Strickland, E. 169, 219, 234 Student Council 212 Stupar, Nora 101,197, 215 Suhr, Victoria 168, 215 Sulliva, Denise 169 Sumbler, Rebecca 169 Summers, james E. jR. 197 Sunding, jennifer 142 Sundquist, Kathryn 197 Sutcliff, Victoria 197 Sutherland, Bobby 195, 257 Sutherland, Carl 142 Sutter, Fred 169, 257 Sutton, Andrea 169 Swaba, jennifer 142 Swan, Tim 169 Swansom, Michelle 142, 217 Swanson, Paul 101, 142 Swapp, Eric 197 Swartz, Bud 83, 197 Sweador, Michael 98 Sweeney, Kim 197 Sweeney, Richard 169 Swift, Ron 142 Swimming 74-75 Syres, Natalie 105, 169 Szwardzewski, Robert 169 Ta, Ty 197 Tafoya, Che 197, 266 Tafoya, Vesenia 197, 241 Tanner, Amy 197, 214 Tanner, Eliza 142, 212, 226, 236 Tate, David 197 Tate, Marianne 142, 221, 284 Tatum, Liza 101,197, 215 Taylor, Anissa 105, 142, 223 Taylor, Brian 142, 256 Taylor, Colleen 197, 222 Taylor, joe 197, 219 Taylor, Katy 215, 222, 237 Taylor, Keri 142, 219 Taylor, Laroy 97 Taylor, Leslie 197 Taylor, Michael 142 Teeter, Brandy 197 Teilee, Glenn 169, 219 Tejada, Daniel 169, 236, 239 Temple, Lisa 197 Tenaglia, Sarah 169, 215 Tenney, Ben 169 Tennis 92-95 Thoison, Pat 197 Thomas, Alex 197, 234, 235 Thomas, Donny 98, 197 Thomas, Glenn 85, 169 Thomas, Greg 169 Thomas, Marianne 142 Thomas , Mark 169, 243 Thomas, Marnie 197, 217 Thomas, Matt 142, 237 Thomas, Ralph 120 Thompson, David 81, 170 Thompson, Earl 170 Thompson, Heather 197 Thompson, Homer 142 Thompson, Thompson, julee 142 Thompson, Nathan 197 Thompson, Tina 197, 215 Thornel l, Scott 170 Thornhill, Norine 207 jennifer 142, 217 Tyler, Regan j. 198 Tyndall, Michele 143, 223 Ucci, Michelle 143 Udall, Peter 170, 215 Ulmer, Andy 198 Uhangst, jana 170 Unangst, Rich 79 Upton, Pamela 105, 170, 215 Utton, Tami 198 VaDyck, Shelly 170 Vaine, Barbara 207, 209 Thurman, Kim 197 Tidey, Martha 197 Tihangi, George 48, 207 Tilton, Kerri 198 Timberlane, Anjie 198 Timbers, A. 192 Timbush, Mike 170 Timmins, joseph 79, 142 Tinseth, Greg 82, 197 Tinseth, Ron 79, 142 Tippets, jarel 197 Tippets, Selena 170, 276 Todd, David 79 Tofft, Bob 120 Tolman, Aimee 142, 216 Tomoko, Sato 170 Tunfirh, Thomas 198 Toon, David 97 Toon, Geoff 81, 120 Topman, April 69, 197 Torbyn, Debbie 170 Torres, Heidy 197, 215 Torrey, jeffrey 170, 210, 232 Townsend, Shannon 142 Tracy, Kim 197 Trainers 112 Trapp, Tim 207, 266 Traudt, julie 170, 214 Trayes, john 170 Tremblay, Patti L. 142 Trembly, Kim 198 Trendler, jeff 170 rriplen, scott 198 Tripoli, Chris 207 Tromp, Shannon 170, 233, 235, 236 Truesdell, Lisa A. 198 Trussell, Steph 142, 216, 269 Tuberville, josh 198 Tucker, Shelley 170 Tucker, Susan 17, 213, 237 Valdez, Yolanda 198 Valentine, Alan 81, 265 Vales, Corina 207 Vallas, Kathy 143, 216 Valles, Carol 198 Van Van Van Van Brunt, Dawn 101, 198 Buskirk, Greg 143 Deraa, Kathy 198 Moorlehem, Chad 79, 143 Van Norman, Neal 81 Van Slyke, Marlene 143, 217 Van Slyke, Michelle 199 Van Thournout, Allen 209 VanMoolehem, Chad 79, 143 Vanosdall, Kim 207 Vanosdall, Rick 209 Varsity Basketball 88-89 Varsity Cheer 222 Tuckett, jason 82, 198 Tulloss, Michelle 230 Turkef, j. 232 Turley, jim 170 Turley, Mauri 170, 233 Turley, Richard 74, 198 Turley, Shauna 198 Turnage, Stacey 53, 143 Turne, james 198 Tussing, Missy 170,233 Tutheway, Ronald 143 Tuttle, Todd 8 Tuxhorn, Ty 142 Twardzik, Marlo 170 Varsity Football 76-79 Varsity Softball 106-107 Varsity Volleyball 70-71 Varsity Wrestling 96-97 Vasquez, Daniel 83, 199 Vasquez, Luis C. 199, 219, 243 Vaughan, Melissa 257 Vaughn, jennifer 143, 199 Vaughn, Kathy 215, 236 Velasquez, Tim 81 Vercauteren, Nancy 143 Verdigo, Rick 116 Verdugo, Richard 143 Vermilya, Bart 85, 199 Vernon, Laura 212, 215, 221, 284 Vest, Mike 143 VICA 231 Vidican, Robert 199 Vidourek, Michelle 143, 232 Villaire, Sean 170 Vincent, Cynthia 176, 199, 222, 237 Vincent, Rick 143, 220, 221, 284 Vissei, Gwen 143 Voirin, jonelle 199 Voirin, Steve 143 Voth, Marge 209 Vranas, Ron 25, 77, 79, 143, 270 Vujicic, Michelle 193, 199 Vujicic, Suzana 0 Stacie 172, 232 Wager, Patty 30, 171 Wagner, Scott 171 Wagoner, james 143 Wahlin, Brian 143, 212 Wahlin, Kristen 199, 215 Wale, Steve 98, 199 Walker, Loralee 143, 218 Walker, Melinda 217 Walker, Sean 199 Wall, jennifer 87, 199 Wall, Keith 199, 266 Wallace, jason 199, 234, 235 Wallace, judy 209, 227, 235 Walldorf, Brad 9, 143 Wallin, Brett 199 Wallin, Troy 171 Walters, jason 199, 235 Ward, Annette 143, 232 Ward, Brent 199 Ward, Lori 171 Ward, Rex jay 143 Warin, Amy 199, 233 Warnecke, Valerie 209 Warner, jeremy 199 Warren, Beth 171 Warren, Greg 143 Wasaff, Laura 143 Waters, David 171, 232 Watkins, B. 209, 257 Watkins, Boyd 209 Watkins, Marlee 199 Watson, Stormie 199 Watson, Val 143 Waulelet, Shannon 199 Wax, Nathan 143 Weaghington, Hector 171 Weatherford, Michael 199 Weatherly, jennifer 171 Weatherly, Melissa 199, 235 Weber, Matt 199 Webster, Debra 209 Weeks, Travis 121 Weese, Melinda 143 Wehrli, Angela 199, 232 Weidi, Matt 80, 81, 171 Weigele, Hollie 171 Weight, joni 68, 171 Weignmink, Martha 199 Weiland, Shane 199 Weiland, Shannon 199 Weinland, David 199 Weiss, Karl 171, 212, 214, 242, 247 Welch, Patricia 171 Weldon, Paul 143 Weller, Michelle 199 . Wells, Cathy 171 Wells, Tiffany 36, 199 Wells, Travis 199 Wende, Annette 171 Wenninghoff, Genelle 199, 233 Werner, Evan 199 Werner, Nate 199 Wesley, Deric 171 Wessel, jennifer 52, 155, 171, 233 West, Byron 220 West, jerry 171 Westberg, Pamela 209 Westfield, Darron 199 Westover, Eric 171 Wetzler, Mike 171 Weyerman, Scott 171, 219, 232 Whalen, Cathy 31, 71,171 Whalen, Matt 199 Wheeler, Christy 199 Wheeler, Kathy 53, 143 Wheeler, Lance 171 Wheeler, Roynette 144 Whetton, Stacy 199, 222, 233 Whitaker, Alyssa 171 Whitaker, Matt 144, 254 Whitcomb, Stephen 199 White, jason 199 White ,jenny 171 White, Kim 169, 171 White, Kristi 171 White, Margaret 199 White, Michael 144 White, Paul 199 White, Philip 252 White, Shawna 30, 199 Whiting, jason 171 Whitlow, Kurt 171 Whitmore, Brook 105, 144 Whitmore, Trevor 89, 200, 233 Whitn Whito ey, K. 200, 215 n, Brenna 171 Whitton, Melissa 200 Whybrew, Dale 172 Wicker, Troy 101, 171 Widger, Amy 200 Wiemelt, T. 83, 200 Wiese, Tim 176 Wilbur, S. 219, 247 Wilde, K. 171 Wilder, Amy 233 Wildish, Wendy 200, 214, 235 Wiler, Melissa 144 Wilkin, Brian 200 William, Goldie 199 Williams, Brent 144 Williams, Cameron 171, 212, 215 Williams, jimlene 144, 216 Williams, Shannon 171, 247 Williams, Susan 171 Williams, Tammy 144 Williams, Tina 144 Willis, Willis, Willis, Willis, Anne 200 Brian 144 Lori 200 Paulette 209 Wills, Craig 172 Wilson Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Amy 171 Barbara 209 Christopher 171 Donna 200 james 200, 233 Wilson, jamie 200, 243 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, jason 172 L.C-. 172 Molly 172, 244 Pat 207 Wimmer, Renae L. 144 Wimmer, Shelly 200 Wright, Alyson 144, 215, 224, 232 Wright, Barbara 200 wright, Bill 144 Wright, George 200 Wright, jill 200 Wright, justin 144 Wright, Kristen 200 Wright, Lincoln 200, 219, 233 Wright, Marv 209 Wright, Wright, Stephanie 200 Tammie 200 Wrigley, joanna 172 Wroblewski, David 172 Wudel, Tricia 200 Wulloff, Kris 200 Wygle, jeffrey 144 Wyman, Shane 172 Yahnke, Patti 144, 230 Yaple, Cindy 144 Yarger, Sean 200 YearbookfNewspaper 220-221 Yee, C-orden 200 Yoder, joel 74, 144 Yonts, jo Ann 172 York, Polli 15, 144 Young, james 172, 254 Young, Kelly 172, 215, 233 Young, Lori 200, 224, 233 Young, wimp, Amy 172,219 Winkler, Becky 144, 216 Winslow, Aimee-Renee 17, 144, 218, 224, 236 Winslow, Elizabeth 144, 247 Winters, Teri 144, 148 Winward, jennifer 200, 215 Winward, Michelle 144, 215 Wipf, Richard 16, 144, 117 wirhee, Lisa 144 Woffinden, Shannon 200 Wolanczyk, james 200 Wolfe, Carrie 172 Wolford, Dusty 172 Wolfrey, james 200 Young, Yetta 200 Zabel, Marie 172, 217 Zacharda, Bret 200 Zachary, Brendon 79, 108 Zafar, Naveed 200 Zafra, Victoria 144, 215, 236 Zager, joe 200 Zaharis, Mike 75, 200 Zangara, Wendy 200, 212 Zarate, Bertha 172, 241 Zarate, R. 241 Zealer, M. 230 Zegers, Richard 200 Ziebel, jeff 232, 248 Zies, Shera 200 Zimmerman, Amy 172 Zimmerman, Cheryl 172 Zimmerman, jeanne 209, 254, 277, 284 Zink, Bill 209 Zint, Sharon 172, 212, 215, 218, 236 Wollett, Shanon 172, 233 Wolsieffer, Ken 144 Wong, Deborahanne 57, 172, 234, 254 Wong Wood Wood , Karyn 172, 233 , Barbie 172, 233 , Beth 200, 226, 233 215, Wood, David 144, 227 Wood, john 200 Wood, Robert 172, 254, 284 Woods, john D. 172 Woods, Laura 172, 215, 220, 284 Woods, Tish 200 Worshop, Bill 209 Wortinger, Shannone 144, 221, 237 284 Zizzo, Toni 172, 247 Zlamal, Amelia 209 Zolanger, jim 81, 172, 271 pygbigggggfc YZ Us flag, igirg so x , bjgfyifffffff Q O Af I 0000? 355133 X Gigli? 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