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.Xu I . ZA 3 Y V . 55, 4, ni.: , ,EH ,I - V. It J V. .Y V k k- 2 .3477 vi - AZ :lit Q - 3, 4.5 ' , , y , ' , 2'Q'5 f . . , A ,, .14-A 4, .gf ,- V, -.Qi ' ' , V - , ' -' , -' '.,,1 ' .f -, I ,J-Ifif-if L , 54-115:11 vrffi' 'C -' 'F"'fl""A""P" x ' ' X vl2i.!,7f2 -511, .,:2ffL1,al JH -,E Q2 'L5.":-,Li-12"if?f:i-' f3'3-5:A,'I-'liw,,J-- L .' m7+gi'- .. :f-L.ff:1 93 1- M iff' " N' ' 1 X i ,N T 4 X M" f l 51 f ,ily ,, ,,..,,, A.,-5,,.. , .. - - A - ff bw A V, X u , f 4 1 R M..-, f.,-.3,,-,,-,.,,.v ,,5,1 va- V ,. ., , .Y -, A V. , ,, 'Siu' A, f f ww my-Y 1 L .h -X if 1 A .9 i f 1 5 4' A 4 ' 4 ' A4 Sv-H fu, 2 ' Q "1 A Q ., 1 . ra-gvfbyfl ' N J N 4 :Qi -mr ZA ' v 5 J f ' " QT. V 9 f , L r A es, 5' , . " - . f . , f, ,V I F ? 'H i i . 4 ww if v QQ 3 'N if QQ EJ, Sf f U Qs Sw Q gf if 55115 jj fv I v Co ?eg2vf ,?aQg 53 5 P 5 H as 22 ' Xgqix 2,5 XVQK 1 4 - Vviu Qv' ji 0' .A Q b A VA 1 . X Qwlwf f L 1. , MJ Vxafw f W A vv"JX V Mft' w' v,. x 5 Adv! D am W ,iw A Ab Civ vw 'WM L90 F JM cant 016'-1' ' Inky: bbw Mvyfvifx. M W 4 W A S! vjcivlivk !4,9fXjlrU K .N x47 dxx L 31 ' , gf? C ggi it 1 -A, Z E gif ,f4' 1- ' f I I ft 8 A ,R kv' V, 4 . 3. K N 1 5 If 'N 7 N ' 'A A . 1115.7 ' X X 5 A' M' , ..., I X l 3 N' f ' ty fj Q ' ,xxxl 1 xg' . J K XC Cv Wmx 4 fi9 0 ,s '13 fs-7 3 Kwdsfig Uv 'WW if WWW WE W W 11 Q1 W olumeN1ne WB XWW 2700 Rd Ax Mesa, Ariz 85 3 P Wendy C. Ph'll'p Ed Ch f Debbie Hale Ad W Wim 1 Opening N3 . . . 1 Activities ii Wigs Sports WQQ R rganizations i Academics 2 Index Closing Supplement 2 I4 62 112 192 234 255 266 269 1985 La Vista Seeing is believing - Whenever the Toros show up, magic is in the air. Toro mascot Scott Henderson believes in magic. Create the magic times he magic of the summer was gone now and it, was time to shape up and work. Students put their rewarding memories of the summer aside and started new ones with the new year. Along with all the hard work in- volved in school, students still found time to have fun. Football games tended to be one of the most popular activities around. Fri- day nights were reserved for football games where fans gathered in the stands among friends to cheer the Toros to victory. When the game was over stu- dents gathered at the popular hangout, McDonalds, where they had a bite to eat and a chat with friends. Another favorite activity was the school dances. This time was usually spent with someone special. Among oth- er favorites were pep assemblies, lunch hours, drama performances and band and chorus concerts. These were just a few of the activities that kept friends in touch. Times like these brought the student body and fac- ulty closer. Together they created last- ing memories. Magical times like these will live in our hearts and minds forever. Toro: have spirit? - Yes, we do shows Becky Hughes as she applauds for the JV cheerleaders. Bad girls - Senior gangsters hold a McClin- tock football player captive during the pep as- sembly. Go home, sophomores - IV cheerleader Ka- mie Beckstead shows how low the upper classmen make sophomores feel. ,ws p i. T Y. ,,,,',!1lE5Qr.,,,,:n. r fifhisf ease'-agnllw Jwssxfsrs- -our mists Mirroretl images - jason Wolfswinkle, his truck. and passenger David Brown participate in a type of modern magic. "I look forward to school activities. I really feel that we have terrific spirit. I like Mountain View." Scott Sutherland fray Got a light - Senior Anne Rosati takes a good look at her next target during the McClintock assembly. What a guy - Coach Parker says a few words while varsity football players wait patiently to be introduced to the school, Name that tune - Senior Kelly W'arl3le joins in with the band on the Toro fight song at thc Hello Assembly. Opening Sports L' N14 'V tl - - ,i 1 ga' 'h...t1- 4 , .. 4 Q 'S , . .1 1 1 N. 1 "mn Nw.. "I feel sports are a very important part of a youth's life." Kevin Cronk ful Done to perfection - junior David Zirker concentrates on perfection while Scott Lee ad- mires David's dive. at JE ,,..,- Q- ., - fi vi X . ..,, ,, 'W'-14, -rum! , gf W Q . R, , 4, ,rf ,rf 04" ""' ' 4 it gl - I A .. he ' aug .E I Lying low - Senior Doug Hewson watches from the bench after being hurt in the game against Dobson. Leader of the pack - Senior jay Nystrom leads the Toro team on to the field for the second half of the game. People make the school hat do you look for in a school? A big campus? A pretty building? Nice lands- caping? What most students look for in a school are the people. The people in the school are what make the school. Qualified teachers make a staff. Leading athletes create winning teams and educated students bring leading scholars. But to have all of these qualifications, great students are needed. It just so happened that Moun- tain View had them. When the new school year began peo- ple looked forward to being among friends once again and also hoped to find some new friends somewhere along the way. During the school year students drew closer together, making friendships that would last a lifetime. When the end of the year drew near and graduation was around the corner, it came time to say goodbye. Underclass- men said goodbye to close friends until next year, while seniors said goodbye to close friends hoping to see them some- where, sometime again. Looking back at all the fun times we had, we realized it wasn't the building itself that made the school, it was the people. 6 Opening People Go, fight, win - Seniors Lori Campbell, Jana Gowin, and Ginger Bassett display their spirit during the assembly. "The people at Mountain View respect and trust one another. - Jason Wolfswinkle C129 Touch of class - Darren Peterson proudly accepts his sophomore survival kit given by Stu- dent Body President David Brown. 99 red balloons - Richard Gutierrez holds his balloons and pizza given to him by his homecoming date, Adina Fiaschetti. ,,,,.f , W, .lid u Q if 1.3 1? i W, Clubs, more than just fun lubs and organizations comprised a large portion of the magic. Each student had a chance to partici- pate in several types of groups. Whether it was Key Club, chorus, debate, FFA, or Stage Crew, there was an outlet for every interest and talent. Requirements such as fund-raising and service were not a problem to the organizations as their members were hard-working and supportive. The teachers and students involved in the groups deserved commendation for the time and effort that they willingly don- ated. Although every organization did not receive awards or special recognition, they all succeeded in a very big way. It took the effort of all the clubs, working together and sharing ideas, to produce the magic that unified the school in spirit and pride. Opening 8 Clubs! Organizations aw Ei' fmt .. 'I 1 ' 5 A J Y .N rffi M,,,,,,...-0-'ff' as Helping hand - FFA members Steven Heath and Rick Schmidt give a helping hand serving lunches in the cafeteria. A winning look - Brigitte Berge smiles for the crowd after Mountain View scores another touchdown in the game. Tough girl - Junior Ronelle Jock shows how tough she is during the pom dance in the McClintock assembly. is .a ii ' c it 's ,fe W4 Qi Q -. Km, l,'i fx , N W M Y 'I "Clubs are a good way for students to get involved and learn about our school." LeeAnn Mykytyn nitzj Toros on top - Varsity cheerleader Missy Hinds leads the crowd in a cheer at the game against Deer Valley. Keep in touch - During the Dobson assem- bly, the Toro Band drum line pulls the band together by keeping the beat. 1 We got the beat - Drum Major Randy Mills leads the band in the national anthem at the Deer Valley football game. IO Opening Academics , J 5 , 1 , ,f Iwi L -Www' -Pnv'--Mvv-.J -1---.39 A friend from the beginning hat do you think of when you hear this name Betty Northey? To many, this name rings a bell with words such as friendly, kind, caring and helpful. Mrs. Northey has been a part of Mountain View since it opened in 1976. First, she worked in the library, then, she moved to the bookstore, and currently she is the attendance secretary for the Senior Class. Mrs. Northey was born on March 1, in Milford, Iowa, where she also grew up. On June 15, 1958, she married Mar- ion Northey. When she moved to Mesa in 1973, Mrs. Northey obtained a job at the Mesa Public Library. She also worked at the Vllestwood library before she finally found her home at Mountain View. For being outgoing and helping all of us to become a part of the magic at Mountain View, Mrs. Northey, we thank you and dedicate this book to you. Opening I 2 Dedication ' ,, I 4 X' " -Qi ml Look, Mom, ears - Mrs. Northey shows that spirit week brings out the little kid in every- one. Snack time - Mrs. Northey takes time out of her busy schedule to have a snack and talk on the phone. All for one, - Mrs. Northey's children, stand- ing, Debbie, 20, Mark, 225 sitting, Gail, 255 and Greg, 23. A x ...JI- Gif Hf 7555-3 .QQ-Q1 -A N X 4-A W x X iQ lf 'Q I- am N K s -s.. ' Q +1 ' k a -wx v' X kwr 1' - 'Z . 'ff' .f. ,le -1, N X - 1 . , W. .- ft . '24 W 5 .we 'rr U! I IIA ll "'i1iz:QEify - Hey you - Susie Herron shows off her school spirit while cheering at a home football game. Friendly gathering Several fans gather on the football bleachers to cheer the Toros to a victory against Deer Valley. sfifsi' 1 Im a star Pommies entertain the crowd r is 5.1-I ii gr r. gf-ui4i"! while performing a dance to "Baby I'm a Star." 5 me .V , yilffs soy Wwffys . . A 5 of A I 1 ,1 Here we Come - After lunch sophomore girls walk to their lockers before going back to class, ,,, xr . 5 I J I s.. K Yea Toros - Michelle Oxborrow cheers for the junior Class during competition at the pep assembly. , v xy, 4 Q ' ' V1 'V it 99 ff GSK? ls Gb rsfsiyrfeilf v I bfi? so r staff reg file? Did we win? - juniors watch closely during the class competition to see which class will win, nergy, at 8 in the morning? Can stu- dents really be full of spirit at that time of the day? Most of the time it would be hard to even be awake, but it is a little easier on the mornings of pep as- semblies. Whether for the first football game of the year, the most important football game, or a basketball game, pep assemblies carry with them an air of confidence and support for the teams. In the '84-'85 school year a major change came with the assemblies. In previous years assemblies were held between first and second hours. The change meant that assemblies were to be held before school at 8 a.m. The main reason for the change was due to students leaving campus during the assemblies. Assistant Princi- pal Richard Anderson said, "We have a responsibility for the students who leave campus. This way if they don't want to attend the as- semblies they don't have to come to school until 9. The time change did not affect the true spirited Toros. To them it did not matter when or where the as- semblies were held as long as they were able to let everyone lcnow how they felt about their teams. Extra, extra - Goran Stevano- vic helps the upperclassmen ignore the JV cheerleaders. Activities I 6 Hello Assembly Look into my eyes - Kay Brown and Eric Champion seem to know what the Hello Dance is for, getting to know each other better. Letfs go toga - Surprising the underclassmen these girls show ev- eryone who they really are. ity. ' pa.. ,,,,.M i f X I ' s 4 I 1 Anticipation - As Coach jesse Parker introduces the first player at the Hello Assembly, the rest of the football team nervously awaits their turns. Energize me - Full of enthusi- asm, Andrea Hoppe gets a kick out of the Hello Dance. New maneuvers -- A perfor- mance from the flag corps was an addition to some of the assemblies. Khris Fedoryk helps the other flag girls perform to the song "Beat It. U Sign of champions -- Coach Parker shows how proud he is of the varsity football team. Activities Hello Dance I 7 - Activities Beginning of school MOIQQCL IS uzzzzzz! My hand reached over and hit the alarm clock. As I dragged my limp body to the shower, I won- dered how I was ever to make it through the school day. Trying on two pairs of shorts and changing my shirt six times I finally decid- ed to put on my old faded 5OI,S so I wouldn't look like an overanxious sophomore . . . As I rushed out the door get to Cowie at 7:45 I remembered think- ing, "At least I'll get a good parking place." When I approached the student parking lot it was full, so I cruised on over to the faculty lot and rushed to my first hour class. Opening the door, I didn't see any familiar faces. The teacher hadn't arrived yet so the class hadn't taken the initiative to turn the lights on. I could tell this was going to be an interesting class. When I finally found my locker, it already had a lock on it. Trying not to dwell on the problem, I hurried off to second hour. As Mr. Curlett's authori- tative voice blared over the loudspeaker, I began the tra- ditional countdown until the last day of school. 4, Smile - During registration, Yo- lie Bracamonte takes pictures for student ID cards. Say cheese - Mike johnson urged by the photographer his picture is being taken for yearbook. Look, mom - a picture of E I-Iewson, "I think he's so cute exclaims sophomore Erin Miller. Changing schedules - Sopho- more Missy Roberts begs Mr. Charles to give her fifth lunch. is 'Y , 'K-fn ig ! vY.'IlZ' QQQ 1 -. 3' 31 Rest in peace - was the win- ning slogan for sophomores Albert Acosta and Julie Johnson. Activities Beginning of school Q. 1 X . 1 e e1'wa'1 Li. 1.11. -'P' A X7 1 ' ' '1.1j1 1' . M x X " Ev, ,gl 1,'f,.,.4 1 Q .""r-.rf ". -- ' ' if - " -' ' 'M si ' fa 1' rf" ' : .' ' . 1' , ' ' f U Y ,rf 'v 5' A ,.'.l-r, , I "J,- tfiwv J, . 4 X U A. 1 J 1. 'gt 5 M. , I Q, . , . Q' I 'xv - - ff' -f - r x fn V ' ' .- S -4,5----1 . 1 - 1 Q ' 1 1- 41-'1. .,? 4 -'f5?9j1'."'.. ,f , , -,g 'g -. .'- 1 '- 1. -4--'..-1:A:"J--' .1 V fr , '- w .1 "5 W ' 7 ' , A ' -' Qu fir.. l '.",-f,ifx?1 . lf? R au 1 1 Inf., .1 1 J N ' ' eu' . 'S ,Q ix., y Q V11 J. X: 1 s , ' .1 . 1 ,X . 1 M . .' -' 4 -w'- . 1 I . H , My ,,-1 515.111, :W I 1. xgiqflxmw L X X' V A 2.42. 1 - . J , - e "w "ed ' 1' -- - . xw N- 1 . 1 .1 M . 1.u-A., 11 1X1., , .. Y V 'aj' .ful ' '51 Ju x Hg,,,,..+-' .. - ' i g,x,,w'x54. ". -' -Q "' .' 'li . ' rf--""' 1 1 .' , xx "1-6 ' .X71-xxf " '-if' ,f-1 A .., 1.J. 1 .I 1 4 . Exgflgre , Q 1: 15, X 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 ' 'xxx ' ,1 ' . MMM- " L ' l 'vw'--Q-fw,, 1 ,, , 1 i f 9 'A N VS. 1 I X , X 1 x . A A fl N , , .,- ,Z S q A J 'n . fi 1 ' M a 1 . 1 7 1 . 2 . ' i 'mx V L 1 Y W W R J u 4-17 , mf .1 if '- V, '11 We 1 , 1' ,E H. "-1 HA- 1' F- Wm ', we ggi , Y yf n grf fir ,,m, rf1g1 ,jt1fW ,1 ek iria f' 11 ,. -"W .1 - 1' M111 ,K ,J f . , Nqr ., Y ' ,. e ' f , x L , i Q I fb CQ: , A111 1- 15' ly 4 I 111. ' k lr g AA ' eq: . 'X . , MH' . 3 Q Homecommg Kung Mike 'f' W ' ' ,iw 1 Homecoming Queen 1 fa 'L J' 1 4 ,wiew 0 'f we 'Y 3+ 1 , ,1 -va" ,Q ,.. . ,E K Vs! Y "1 ii fix,-in .Q ,L , ,, 1- 1 1 .ls ,fm . L 1. K as-4 V .L O' Q I 0 I v I 21 'X?lqm6F'i'6uS1Eve'l1nng -' 1 ' , 'Ik 1 1 ' v 'uf' 4 . ', 1 1 ,. 1 . I M , -fa-. 'Q " .1l,:. 1 'ff' . ,Q , 5 if.-e ' 'ivan 1' -!6r,sharefkNQhe11oy ,and .sorrows ofqhome-e .- ,I ,MLM ff 9 j 1 3 1Af1-Ll-,1.,f, 1- ' - 11-N. '. , , 3 Q ,Y ,, ' -, 1 , '.,,f',,, ijgwj' 'N ,Q ' ., A ' .K 4 ,,fv4", 1 sg?- r -' -. -2 -.151-'wjff N 'Q ,W , hw VF. 1 'Q . E "4 ' 2 QVHQ. v ' ' ' 'E ' u 'HH' 4 '1,ff"-'Vx W? 5 ' ' ff- '- , 1 . try. , , 1 . A 1 I VV, 4. , 4 1 . -g rf, ,1.,,p 1- . ,,:g:1,,,-e1.1,. , 4. 2 ,-g,1,v,1,- ,1- 1: , ,Ulm .,m,, S .srd , W thx-1 k ami. 1 :pf 1 ,, ntl.. U inf, F I l , ajax :,- ,t 5 r ,. L 4. .f .1 g, 6 V I 1 , I , -i . -1 f ' V. , - , xJ,,' If , --Zakir .6 .,,..lVd. .inf V ,JL f 0 H. lx: 'iv 'V 1 tiff. U' 57 Am 5 , fn- 1 k, . .K..f IS. , 'gg . . .fin U A fig: .1L:ff,Jf, mf 2.-1,..,4'. 3, .. xv.: is I , , A , 1 f Nh "FL-sk LV. H '5 ' A ..ig-,x,'g,- ww'-,I ,-' V ' , I' If-pr 4 'V 41 .st V , V... , ' " UI- 'QL " "1 1- , A I"""'7' 'r?1-vi?" M ' I 3 w ' 1 1 ' Av ' 5 " " H" , ' efsfpvg 'sg .iff ,.f":J j"y"" i' N155 ,- 1, 2 . 1' 1 fig ,1 v Nd "kv S 'x:1,Ll,w M- V V V K ,IH . , . X , , , .,1.u .-, ' P3 1, ,J f.,, . gf - 5 V A1, A f 1- , get, , , 1. , ,Jfv -wr?-mfs A X,-1 . .f W,,Y,-+.,,.,1 A A- y , 1 1 ,ii N. fl 1 ,W 1 , six, in - 4 .,,,,.,,,, ,, , . 4 ,1 W, X , MT 4, , , Y .J ,41,.., , , ,, 1, 1- 1 vt , t r , ,D 1. fy , Q , 0. , "9 "ww Wi'-11 5" ' ww' 1' 15' 5' V1 ' ' ' 'W sv., ' f "f f 1 'H - M f Li ' ' ' WY" M Z ? an 1 .111..,,Qp ,.4,31, ,, 1 r- - jfh, ,,f,11, 1 1M fy, 1 I .I , M .A H ,,,f,X 1 5 ,. KH1 ,l ,V ,r , K, , , mf- 1-xl. .ff .,.. -ff.. vm.. -J' M- . we L' , "L . .., .ti HL ,J ,..:Q"- ,, . I.g1,,:':3,1. ... f . . . ,1 3 1 -SWT Off Ream I VQ 15' :sn Y Tammy empel and' kevin Cronk , W N W , - W w , , . Q X I ' W W Suzie H H011 and Dqug Hewson' A + I ls. fn 'W' f'i"Wf'h3f, ,,,,,uP,g ' 'H-1. . My-w .hi , L Mig x 4-.., A X, ,l ' I I 'Ati' ,J t 'L ' 'iv 'ss 1 R -' H1 1 1 Y - " '54 1 "iii N .,.,,sA4 , gy A ell x - . 1 '-ss. 2 ww. 4 C3 'Lf . , 'WWW' I Andrea Van yy and mikaitis LouAnn Lowinskeiand Chriaf M rehouse un. ,J .pf L W 'iff 1 N av' , ,H .fzdb ' ' 1- , ,wllf W . f - ', . ,- 3 - ,. V ' V. , ff.. Q 5 ' I - LAFLX, t h-'xxx- i ' 'ff N Z ia,-vfvx' X 'l .. . VV: ,Q ' 'L 1 - . I., , Z 1' 'N '. - A X x .!. - 1 Nt:-.-1 x '- ' - , , we-s w --x , , in l- Activities H . 2 I I 0l'l'lCC0l'l'l H12 fl ILQQQ -lono eal Toros . . . . . . have too much pride to vandalize other schools' campuses. . . . have a running ac- count with Mesa Lutheran Hospital because they don't obey traffic laws. . . . are winners. They can bounce back to success even after the worst of de- feats. . . . have spirit. They al- ways rock the gym during pep assemblies. . . . express great sports- manship. They never hesi- tate to shake the winner's hand. . .. always get going when the going gets tough, especially when their coach starts yelling about the lack of enthusiasm. . . . exert themselves scho- lastically to achieve the H.A. Hendrickson award for over- all excellence. . .. participate in spirit week, even though they feel ridiculous. . . . excel in scholarship awards, receiving over 1.6 million each year. -"Ffa Burstin' bubbles - Cathy Hi- Rating a nerd - from one to guera blows spirit week out of pro- ten Gary Romay rates a perfect ten portion. on nerd day. 5 Activities 22 Spirit Week Insecurity at large - Senior Dean St. Louis still requires his afternoon nap with his teddy bear. A nerdy day - English teacher Mrs. Nelson demon- strates her idea of a nerd. A late start - Steve Long rushes to his first hour class, forgetting he hasn't changed his negligee. eg-Q Qi. fn- x wsktw E ie X3 if . to -al ,p 1 . Nw- . - '- K ' ',,u " I .,-, t Xl. r. . .y N r , Ox M.-' '. if X r it gig . .naw-g L ,tv , Q, ,.e.-Q- Q N-6' 9? . IVY' W' A f,sQ . '! a X V 4: rf in f" 5- . , , .Y , ' t if. 1 is-V-',.s 4 Y I 4 ,N 'K . . J J 1 g e .1 e Y it 4:5 .I fin. if Q A. mx' 1 " , ' I QI 'u Breaking away -4 Toro team Xmembers show spirit as they come on the field. x Setting standards L- Sopho- mores enjoy getting involved in the new tradition. ' '85 has arrived - Seniors show their pride as they carry the chair that represents them., -v f i f . , l N Q x f R Ax XX I ' fr slfffff F , U R gp '4fY. :X If 9? -1 H, 2 Wai rp, -A magic Q5 Qtomecowaviq l 7. ,. ,wt it L , , --,,,..... Go' ahead, jump - IV cheer- leader Aleisa Jensen shows her skill as she cheers. Homecoming helpers - Crown holders Emily Brimley and Sonny Goodman join rose carriers Jenny Robinson and her escort Tyler Pierce. Go, go - Mrs. Kathy Grey on Thad Decker so they could win the spoon pass. Ing raditions are some- times made to be' broken so new ones can be created. The Homecoming As- sembly started off the day, when the cheerleaders cheered, pommies danced and the Homecoming atten- dants were introduced. But by the time class competition rolled around tradition was changed. Instead of the indi- vidual class competition, the old teachers competed against the new. Called "the spoon pass," the competition consisted of a spoon tied to the end of a rope. It was threaded in and out of the teachers' pants. The first group of teachers to be bound, then unbound, were the winners. The new teachers - Judy Wallace, George Tihanyi, Thad Decker and Kathy Grey - won the contest. Later that night during half-time, tradition was N N of buildin built Saas gatherdd - juniors carry on the track dur- Ur'- ce again. Instead floats the classes chairs. Students the track to re- on presenti their class. They final results showed the seniors to have the best chair, followed by the sopho- mores in second then the ju- niors: iri third. :L Studen didn't seem to mind the change from the he floats tp t chairs bro chairs since the ht out the per- U8 sonalityd of each class. The i . H was driyen Mercedes omecoming Court on the track in Benzes. Atten- dants then joined the band on the fi for the results elfl . Chosen to represent the 1984 Ho m was Queen Missy Zaharis and King Althou ecoming Court Mike Dick. h the Toros lost their Hom coming game to the Westwood Vlarriors, 13- p 7, the mag ic of Homecoming still remained. Activities 2 5 Homecoming Week -m fl- Qedefi-pefqyeet evemmg A few views - Paul Fagan keeps his eyes on the video while his date, Angie Sobczak, watches the couples on the dance floor. Lost in love - Getting away from the rest of the crowd, Mark Furrell and Janna Wilson gaze into each other's eyes. Fx '. aff. ,gn V '7vgi5Z'o1 .19 I -.. W Dear jack, I'm just writing to tell you what a great time I had at the Homecoming dance with you. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about it five minutes before you picked me up, but after my mom spent twenty minutes taking pictures I was a little more relaxed. Dinner was great. I just loved the Monterey Whal- ing Company and I had no idea that so many couples would be there from our school. How did you know that seafood was my favor- ite? You made the dance real- ly fun for me with your ter- rific attitude. Even though you hate dancing to fast songs, you did anyways be- cause you knew I liked to. Waiting in the never-end- ing picture line was worth it. Every time I look at our pic- ture, I can't quit thinking about the fun we had. After the dance when we went to Swensen's, I was still stuffed from dinner, but you didn't seem to mind finish- ing up my hot fudge sundae for me. We sat there and talked for the longest time before we realized how late it was and had to leave. I could not believe that 1 a.m. had come so soon. I remember how cold it was when you were walking me to my door and I wished the night didn't have to end. I'm glad that I got to spend that special night with you. We magically made a high school dance turn into a wonderful memory that won't be forgotten soon by either of us. Love, Jin 5 Activities 26 Homecoming dance Swinging into action - Brad Cloud shows his date a few new steps. I can't look - While pinning Suzi Presti's corsage on her, Dean St. Louis tries to scare her by clos- ing his eyes. It's all yours - Homecoming royalty Mike Dick and Missy Za- haris enjoy their dance. Balloon-o-gram - Richard Gu- tierrez lets his imagination fly away when asking Adina Fias- chetti to the dance. 'bl " s """""'ulDn 0 5 Hg U t 09 Sr 41 1. .'Y"""' E4 EY T 3325? -g .-. L. . 'fo ,, . A ' 4' f'?f"'! 5'-76351 "' c'.,' Kp uf r 'lm fu, .'2!2!Q "' An artist's touch - Lisa Who done it? - was the ques- Qc. - Meinninger applies make-up to tion asked by everyone but Dra- the face of Dracula. cula, the boy next door. 0 4 1 .!. 4' 4 0 In I 'D B rnjlf, ,fd v' JV l?'I.Y'f -f ,U M ,t 9 "-Y' up f, . Ya A,-is in .-, .Q W 1,51 r , '-'Y 'B , ., i. 4. ,u-3 , ,.., vs : W .. lf 1 Y' 4 'b"" ii ' i, , X .J ia 1:2 iss P?- i ,,. 1' 1 ,f Y: , ,iq AQDQQ 1 wr be ' In if -M. . r X five' A- X - wk K, ,, is D ,iii-'Ss' Y , , Ac 'I .aff 1 The opening line - Dressed as a statue, Lara Weldon introduces the play. Activities 30 Dracula Dracula - biting ivcto We gem hat would you think if you woke up one morning and found teeth marks on your neck? Most people probably wouldn't suspect the boy next door, but in Mountain View's fall perfor- mance of Dracula, that's just who it was. The play was set in Eng- land and Dracula fTed Cal- caterraj lived next door to the victim, Lucy Seward fKim Walkerj. One morn- ing, Lucy woke up very sick with bite marks on her neck. Nobody suspected Dracula because he just lived next door, but soon they caught him in the act. "Doing Dracula was a lot more exciting than other plays. Both the kids and I had fun doing this one. There were a few more tech- nical elements which made it harder though," commented Director Kurt Streif. One of these technicalities was fog appearing when Dracula entered, which helped give an eerie feeling to the scene. Other cast members in- cluded Michael Carisle, who played Butterworth, Rox- anne Ezell, R.N. Renfield, Robert Myers, Dr. Seward, Bryn Pryor, Professor Van- I-Ielsing, Dean St. Louis, Jonathon Harker, Pamela Vick, Mr. Wells, Lara Wel- don, narrator. Leaving the scene - Professor Vanl-Ielsing opens his secret pas- sageway as Jonathon Harker tries to stop him. Walking close behind - R.N. Renfield carefully follows Dr. Sew- ard across the room. Getting the attention - Dur- ing rehearsal, Roxanne Ezell jumps on the couch to get noticed. Activities Dracula 3 I if o you remember when you were little and you could never decide what you wanted to be for Halloween? You didn't know if you should be Superman or Casper the Friendly Ghost. As the years went by the activities of Halloween changed. Instead of compet- ing to see who could get the most candy, the contest changed to see how many trick-or-treaters you could hit with eggs and water bal- loons. "I dressed up like a pirate bash," explained senior- Sherie Duffus. "I dressed up for Hallow- een parties, but I tried to scare little kids while I hand- ed out candy," confessed sen- ior Rusty Rosenberger. "My friends and I drove around egging all the trick- or-treaters," said sophomore Amy Edmund. No matter how old we are, there will always be a little bit of kid in us. Though we're in high school, we still liked to cele- brate just as much as the neighbor's little boy. and went to the Hoy's l 1 X V all vxfjl I v V' x R S N. A -'N g 'g f -352 ft 'ii' ' -. 'I Q ' ' ji 'I .. X, - JZ 2 fs. are v . ,Af .il li si 1- ., ' N 4 1 iff, 1 -as Class clown - Cathy Higuera shows off her true personality be- tween classes. Detective sleuth - At the scene of the crime, Patty Griffin questions, "Who done it?" Dawn of the dead - A ghoul was caught being interviewed about life after death. Activities 3 2 Halloween Class of '33 - An elderly senior Where's your harem? - Ste- Mi wonders when he'll pass physics to phan Smith is caught walking to get his W credit. class on Halloween. ,'..Q.-1. 5, I .. il' A.:-. 1691-- 3'-' rx il. ,,..... . 1. , 1 ,,.syyf,,'!,ag,. we fq- - 1.11. i we ' ' 'S Q 9 N. v"g ir. 'i-qi-nlfw Meow, meow - Mr. Ander- Who ya gonna call? This fu- son confirms his theory that ture Toro is inspecting the school the students are the cat's meow. for ghosts and goblins, 'Qfpm wx. Lv 'm NNX0 Aciivniei W wiki. Halloween V3 Lf-:Es go Qiuiisivi' y the time the clock reached 2:52, I was about to burst. The weekend was finally here and I couldn't wait to get it start- ed. There were so many things to do but usually Fri- days were set aside for school sports like football and bas- ketball. The basketball game against Prescott was packed and we won in the last sec- onds of the game. Everyone was very excited so we met at McDonald's after congratu- laring the players. By the time I got home it was after midnight, and since I had to work first thing the next morning, I decided to hit the sack. Working every Saturday and Sunday morning wasn't exactly the thing high school students wanted to do, but if we wanted to have those ex- tra bucks for shopping and going out with friends, it in- evitably had to become a part of our weekends. Right when I walked in the door after a long day at Burger King, the telephone rang and I ran to answer it, hoping it was one of my friends to tell me what we were going to do that night. Panting from rushing to the phone so fast I said, "I-Ii!" It wasn't a girl on the other end, it was the cutest, sweet- est, most awesome guy in the whole school asking me to go to the movies. I couldn't be- lieve it. We went to see "Be- verly Hills Cop" and the best thing about the weekend was that he asked me to go to the basketball game with him the next weekend, the worst part was that I had to wait six more days before I could go out with him again. 'sf It's your color - Karen Mulera finds Todd lVIurdock's right color at Fiesta Mall, where students spend hours shopping. Where's the beef? - Senior Heidi Gomez laughs as she hears the once-so-famous slogan one more time. Activities 34 Night Life W.-af' Birthday girl - junior Michelle Lasee celebrates her sixteenth birthday with her friends as she opens gifts. 1, 2, 3, everyone YELL! - This group of wild students spend most of their Friday nights at the football games. Good shot -- Shauna Adams, 7'- Amy Edmund, Wendy Phillips, A and Stacy Thomas show that n-will . . Show Biz Pizza can be fun, too. aw' , f ' I V Q .vi .1 .. V ,,.,...,Q,,.H.,, ,,,, o some students getting to school was an adventure and to others a da-feet. The Toros' greatest means of transportation varied. I. Most students drove their new Z28 or Ferrari that mommy and daddy bought them for getting a "I" on their re- port card. 2. Some students still rode ol' yeller. Yes, the school bus. It may be hu- miliating, but it's fact. 3. Due to the school's location many students were able to rely on their footmobile for transporta- tion. Not comfortable, but effective. 4. And yes, there were students who still had mom drop them off in the morning. And as usual, mom just happened to al- ways be wearing her night gown and have king size rollers in her hair. 5. Two wheels are bet- ter than none for some students who relied on their ,74 Schwinn ten speed. But, when all else failed, the Mountain View Toros always came through. And that's no bull. With the 9072 atten- dance policy many times the parents had to push, pull, tug, and tow their kids to school to ensure their arrival. Beetlemania - Last year the Camaro was a common sight in the parking lot, but this year's senior class popularized the street Bug. -1 -1 Activities 3 6 Transportation I' ef avid tow Q ..- ,GN- Mom strikes again - As a last resort mom seems to provide a good chauffeur service for sophomore Christie Gates. One way? - As if it wer- en't hard enough to find a parking space, the direction signs seem to change daily. A , s 1 l . W. W - Q Q . A w L wh ' 1 i r E A E .L 5 K E s PA . , 4 i -- ' w 52 ,A ! 1 ' ' s s l , Qt, AL , - VI , K , , . I - -ff .f .,k,. r f Q. " . QA, a , x 1 ' -,E sf' , w V 5 ' 1' k Gif 5 ., ff' Aff -YA .2 1 3 iff? , V V 'f94?3l-4Pft3415.'Y--3 M45 Q ' ,V , ,.'f92iy1'wT' iifxft 1 ,,f2'. 1' , 1: f ,, ,-,., N M, f,,:fm-fm-f.4,Mw , -- -1 ,u 3,41 Qiqici ,-nw 3, ,-, y .M I V5 S, :C '.' 'fx -. 2'QT,f'f'5P,3'fg-'f . , " if. 7. :A .gig- :fm A .-wlfnfq, -.w ,cg,.qv,-:,'-r3f1-- ' 'Q A X1 Q, V21 M wr,,y , ' 'pug 1 Z' -sv If 1-3 ff-SWK 2 LH L i5fTT'- Q "i , f kg X- ffl, ,aw 'gf 'f A yg 3 mv. my .7-fi , ' . Qs, ,e --, A A .J v Q 1 Hip., 3, A 'Z 4 n -. QQ 5 3 14,-5,4-H-, - X , . I 1 Vg' - V -. , , .gm -r , 5 Fvff' 2 gg.A,:1u, Le: 1 mf., L . 1 ' ' 1 1 wa: -:mmf W-:fm 'w1wi.-+ u ,V 2 . - 1 if +1 'W .f - 'if J A ..f f A':1mi'v'.w' Cf' ' A . 1- f 5 H. W 1, A .44-..1'H 1-vw . E.. , ' . 5' , A A ' . l,:,.H iw "1 2 5 W' r ' E J Il ,Q 13? ,fl 1 Q'- fffl if ---n... ,ygn waw 'T . M, Q l' lar, I -Q u 9 .mr ,,,.,-6 Q- G'-Dil! 0 y I ,,,. 9. N. , y, M' A-rw, ,- - ' -' X - nw , X I Iva' ' fm, 'Q ' ' 1 ' -1 i, j+' - --U ' 1 , ' v ..---... 41w1'+,:f" wx'-:fm b W' --ia t" Y H - ' ' VP? If L ,WMM rv .... -a"' '- A --- ., , ,,:,:j - ' ' ' ' A X ,... , - K-NX A bp ..,..-f--- 4 M V A Y V fi ' -is ' v "Q . . ---9 Sir? - W - 1 , ' V 7 V - ,JJ X QS X, r W. . 14. ' .. , n H' 531 X ' x ., , ... ..,.,.,...:.9ivV . I ' M , M w, gf" ' 5 353 Qgfffggfi W' I 1' 1 K l xx v fy' 9 . X A v . , .3 . M-.---. X i'3 W I vga . X ' S si si Q ' ff . ,Rx M -. 91 y . . x 2 5 b fqfm'-x"J 'A I 4 nn v ff Transportauon 3 g.,-1 The pressure is on - A little Too hard to look - Turning nervous about what is happening, away from the doctor, senior Bill senior Bobbi Bloom keeps calm. Mac Ewen tries not to think of pain. ,al Take it easy - junior Kem Ren- ner calmly watches those around her panic while giving blood. After the anguish - Finishing up the last step, senior Nate jones can still smile. Activities 8 Blood Drive We MQMMQ mm me The maui hether it was a canned food drive to help the under- privileged on Thanksgiving, a toy drive so those children who probably wouldn,t have gotten much from Santa weren't so disappointed, or a blood drive, many students gave themselves to some helpful cause. The blood drive was held on November 29, in the lob- by of the gym. Lawn chairs which were used in previous years were replaced with pad- ded chairs, helping to make the sometimes painful proce- dure a little more comfort- able. The endless questions and long needles were incon- veniences but necessary ele- ments. Giving that pint of blood wasn't as easy as it looked sometimes. Some of the do- nors even got sick from the experience. "I thought I was gonna die! First everything went black then all I saw was my life flashing before my eyes," said senior Sharla Dawson. -I j ' -X Where's it going? - Senior Carolyn Martin watches the blood slowly leaving her arm. The torture chamber - Over- doing it a bit, senior Steve Cam- pagna gives the drive some humor. 9 1' , ' i:LUvY'ff'N vrdmkneu All smiles - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gibson, parents of Kevin Gibson, enjoy the football banquet held in the cafeteria. Years of experience - Getting help on her homework is one of the reasons Susan Upchurch en- joys her dad. .v 5 k Te' Just another friend - Mrs. Betty Bracamonte and her daugh- ter Ofelia enjoy talking during break. 'Pwr Nbr 'Num 'Jas X 1 X , Q .-5' ' it iff? i Activities 40 Parent Involvement T Qaasiig lads. iaquvtes wimlifewtem ot many Mountain View students ever thought of their parents as Toros. There were quite a few parents who real- ly lived up to that title, though. Booster clubs, which were organized as pep clubs for the parents, were established in the music and sports de- partments. At a few of the football games, these clubs gave the whole crowd spirit. Booster clubs also helped raise funds to benefit their organizations. Many students had par- ents who taught at the school. "It's fun being here with my mom as long as I don't get in trouble because my mom is always the first one to find out," said Ofelia Bracamonte whose mother is an attendance secretary. Parents also spent count- less hours transporting kids to and from school, helping out with homework, and just being there when their kids arrived home from school. Parent involvement has been an important part of some of the activities during our years in school. Looking back maybe some will won- der, "Could I have made it without them?" l Kissing for kash - Click Club A helping hand - Louise Gif- President Vicki Keast catches ford, mother of Bruce Gifford, is Char Vernacchio earning money involved in many of Booster Club's the easy way. activities. Activities Parent Involvement . 2 5 A. f 2 X A ik Ss 3 Q WX .pri 1 K' X Cx I . 'AL-X' is xf ' Qi X N M XX is .gk Xxbn Q M X 43' 'Y f fwafflx Ni ', X3 ' i.!m,Nx YiSY1'Xf?lEUYV sf ' . 'Q J wks?-4 gf , if 1 N , MBS- f 5 9151.1 ' N 1 ws, - 2 535 , if 4-5, il?-2. J' K 'xi K' , , . . ff' '1"Yi -vi Vt ,. X. ,Qxsisfzxsgfxxgaixz ,X r Q f.ji.:f'L Ml- X50 .Ts-- 2 W Qu,,.:,,'1 31:51 situ 71,1 6 Urn' tux ,f. 4 NX. X 4 9 3 G .. Lv-an 2 E ilu -o-P125 P Q25 as XX Daze 05 hen most of us reached our high school years, the days were either lasting an eternity or flying by so fast they made our heads spin. No one ever really realized how much time we spent in school from our kindergar- ten year until our senior year. We spent approximately I3,53O hours in school. These days were filled with classes that helped us prepare for the future, friends that lasted for years after high school, and activi- ties that created memories. The early morning classes tended to be the hardest for many students. Sometimes brains just didn't function very well that early in the morning. Lunch was prob- ably the favorite hour of the owl Qives day. It was a relief to get away from school for one hour and be with friends. The afternoon classes seemed to be a little easier when new acquaintances turned into good friends. School was a time for re- membering. Remember the times we met all our friends for lunch, and had a food fight? Remember the day it rained so hard everyone's hair was all wet? Remember the day you ran so fast to class to see that special per- son and they were absent? Remembering all those times at school will make you wish that school would last for- ever. But you will always have that special friend you met at school to remind you of these times. My N,-V' Aa,,'i . 'Q Mw,,.......-Y L What's this? - "It looks like a Is it finished? - questions soph- lVlcDonald's apple pie," says sen- omore Tim Regester as Laurie ior Gary Romay, "but I think it's Meyers proofreads his paper. really a chimichangaf' ibm-1 A,.f- 'fl It's not so bad - Senior Su- sanne Mclnnes admits school lunches aren't as bad as some stu- dents say. Activities Day at School Clfxfilli gout dJLeOwnS Which movie star ' does Principal o James Curlett dream of seeing behind every door he opens? A: Brigitte Bardot. Everyone has dreams and fantasies. Some dream of owning expensive cars . . . Michelle Dunham C125 dreams of owning a white Lamborghini, Corvette and Ferrari. Trish Coury C115 wants to own a red Mercedes con- vertable. Gina Caruso's C105 dream is to own a Porsche. Tracee Dernovich's C125 fantasy is to have a red Fer- rari, equipped with Tom Sel- leck. while others fantasize about traveling to exotic places . . . Heather Haynes' C 125 dream is to travel far away from Mountain View in a hot air balloon. Lori Whitmore C125 dreams of vacationing in the French Riviera. Mr. Cummins' fantasy is to fly like a bird - to be free - to explore the world. bellowie ILQUQEUA or having glamorous jobs . . . Jamie Jones C125 fanta- sizes about becoming a run- way model in Paris. Mike Thompson C115 wishes to be a famous archi- tect and design a whole city. Jackson C125 dreams of playing basketball in the NBA. Wilson Aguayo C115 wants to be a world famous cartoonist. Tom Misch C125 sets his sights on being a rich and famous television newscaster. Larry Engelman C105 dreams of being a dentist and of working on Christy Brinkley's teeth. and some people's dreams could come true at Moun- tain View . . . Mrs. Mason's fantasy is to have every student come to class on time with their homework complete. Tarina Cronin's C105 dream is to graduate. Mrs. Kivett dreams that she will come to work one morning and find that her telephone was stolen. What is your dream or fantasy? Tying the knot - Many people dream of marrying their Prince Charming and riding off into the sunset. Fuel injected - Have 340,000 handy? If not, you'll just have to dream about this car. Activities Dreams and Fantasy O 11 ws. x-Ji 5- .1 P? af xi 945 On the beach - with Brooke Shields is a common fantasy of many guys. Pig out - Wouldn't it be nice to eat anything you want and not gain a pound like Michelle Gard- ner? I HOT! - Actor Rob Lowe with his rugged good looks, is definitely a fantasy of most teenage girls A , 'Y ff mJ.'ff4ff , ,,.,-A M-J' 2, -. ,R -4. ,1- A 5 ..,,,..,N. W, ...N , G A :MM , . n7,, ',2mr ,l s ,I :E " ' A ,g',3'.'M1'Hkffi" ':"1'3'i -F " ,J - ' .. I ,' ., ,Q ymi xugggcshi 4 a i h f. Q R. R, A t I Our house -- The dream of be ing successful and owning a big house is shared by all, but some would even settle for the mail box. Activities Dreams and Fantasy ?p-w-up-. - ..- ,Q- ,F ,w i I W .. ,I xg ' ' " H 2, ,ga i i Making heads spin - Many friends enjoyed break dancing after school. Here Danny Garcia shows his talent. Take out - After school, Char Vernacchio is busy working in the drive-thru at McDonald's. Activities After school 21'-'i!i.'i'S1 ,gg A are ,Y wr s.-'ff N, - Mas N . fy! if Yu' I ik L i rg So wtudlt hen that final bell rang marking the end of another day at school, all that was heard was the familiar roar of engines coming from the student parking lot, one by one, all of the cars disap- peared. Where did all of those cars disappear to? A lot of busy students left their school work and went straight to another kind of work, for money. Fiesta Mall and a number of fast food restaurants were places were students could be found earning money for the little extras they enjoyed. Some students went right home and started cracking the books. Doing homework to do, so little time and cramming for tests might not have been the only thing they wanted to do but these precious hours after school brought them a step closer to graduation and college. Sports also provided something for students after school. For both those par- ticipating and those observ- ing, there was excitement in after-school sports. Being with friends after school, just messing around, was always one of the most popular activities. Whatever they did after school, most students always found time to cram almost anything and everything into their sched- ules. C"7i 'K I It's impossible - Lisa Prestie tries to figure out why she can't understand the problems her math teacher said would be easy. Beating the rush - Kelly VanSlyke hurries to the student parking lot after school trying to avoid the traffic jam. Showing off again - Albert Mendoza shows his pride and joy to his friends Mike Simmons and Matt Brown at a dance. was i ' t I X Q ...L Activities After school 13 igxgf 1 is 1 W 5 Exim c L vu Nw, I X L " 'K J ff J 'e 9 V . 4- 41 f 'r Rv O 16 -L.-Q i-i' A QQ 'Y M k ffxk fy, ,iv I gif ' 1 1 ' ' , 9 ' ,gg IDL L ' 1 . 6 'W , -v or k 'A -'B' 'Nun Quiz 1- ,ff 'Sl . fm " af 'Qs wx QQ? Q 3' f- V 1 af Aw -,. .Ay . Q., 4 a' f I 1 Q A " ifff ffdgy 'f' 435,-:54.fj5Q,f ,x X A 1' A ' ,ga .1-.m3UJLl"2'--1 QAM f- 3:5 ,+-gigegg- A wk. . 2- ' 5 'K Sai x M4 Q .f 1 fy-Aj? 2 Z, '3?m'+1 vi, j- :gfgAcafgi3, '. .... .-Q-,' IA . t :Air ,."'f'SsjsS' ' ,EFI ..ffg,w - ,,:yf, .,, A A z , ,KE 1' whffwfu ' : wi jf? A 56.5"fvk:1r-.C', .f.1',"lh A , '4'-'4,g'.i.-1 'mi' Q -1, ' ..,,- - fit-'sank ,Q ef . 4 N- 2.. Y Vfl'7.GQm' 'Z 'I 411 " SL. X -'ff'W?'s':f"?gw.1a se 2. . ' R.',g:IfwA- fi 1.31, ,gig .1 -"if 4 '1- .., lyk ,Qvf.'QxW1i-f, --agxfufY'1 , L-V my f Vg: -2"x: 51'Y 33 1? ff Q, 5,2-v f,rf,s.. vim, 1vq,h,y',3!, 1. 1 A 1 - . ... 2, I . - - K K : 'L Q N XNy17.Lf L . X 1 f If . ' , ' i 5 Q7 . k K ,th Y' R! . ' 4- . -it I .. x',,4l-f.: If - QL kzf!.L.. ,YQI X JI! lwxx W, .i .f . 3M.4'e', - rx., Hands full -- Walking with his girlfriend Stacy Thomas, jay Nys- trom says "Hi" to a friend. Z. . True love - Diana Ciancuillo tells her boyfriend, Mike Schuh how much she loves him. ' ""a..,,t Q . imegffvlffi i -4325 ., .wg 'iQ'f"f5r-1 More tliom just good gluefids? irls, remember when that guy you really liked kept saying, "I'll call ya tonight," and then you didn't see or hear from him again until Mon- day at school? Guys, remember when you had a big crush on that cute little blonde in your first hour class and wanted more than anything to aslc her out but by the time you got your nerve up she had a steady boyfriend? Dating, whether as friends or a serious relation- ship was just as important to some people as eating and sleeping was during high school. According to Senior Bobbi Bloom, "Dating can be a splash as long as you don't dive into the shallow end head first." There were some couples who stayed together all three years. Then there were those people who always had a boyfriend or girlfriend but never for over a weelc at a time. For some, going out with their friends most of the time and only dating occa- sionally was more their style. Either way, they always had fun. Activities Dating The list goes on - Seniors Ve- ronica Garcia and Mike Dick go over a long list to make sure she clidn't leave anything out. Tis the season - Seniors Liz Dabrowski and Amy Goehrung put the finishing touches on the tree in the front office. 'Y ' V X WW ISV Ski-lift - During Christmas va- cation senior Jim Rose shows how he can lift his ski. Frosty! - I-Ie waves good-bye and says "Dona you cry I'll be back again some clayf, Ui TQ, Q s if 1. 9 X, WHIIIS. X Humbug - Junior Kevin Gibson pouts as he has to wait in line to sit on Santa's lap to tell him what he 5 O Activities Christmas fbias WLCAIQM' C1 Qist, 9re'S Qiiedeivi' it iwiee if If fff : yr i vs 2 W .W . ' .vw f 551 E - 11716 QR .V . '. Y A - N , J n,,.,..f-,- . 44. ...f . 4 .- 11+ fwfr 55 Mistletoe or cookie? -- Sopho- more Amy Winslow helps juniors Julie lVIacDougall and Adina Fias- chetti sell messages for Dance Club. Busy, busy, busy - These elves are busy at work trying to make enough candy canes for the Christ- mas season. Santa's little helper - This lit- tle fellow looks almost as excited as some of us do when we open our presents. hen the chill of winter arrived and the aroma of freshly baked cookies was in the air, you knew that Santa would soon be here. It was time to always be good be- cause Santa was coming, and he was making his list and he was checking it twice. He was making sure he knew if you had been bad or good. The night before Christmas San- ta visited all of your homes and by the fireplace he found your Christmas list. He was so surprised at some of the things you wanted: Mark Larson f12j - Cowboy boots, a hat, and a large rocking horse. David Prechtel f12j - New skis for snow skiing. Pam Casner C113 - Ron- nie wrapped in a red bow. Kristen LaMorte Cllj - A big box all wrapped up with Kevin in it. Holly Hawker CIOQ - "Hoop" and a maroon 300 Zx car. Valerie Soza C101 - a Gucci purse. Veronica Garcia f12j - a bright, shiny, red Porsche. Activities Christmas 5 I gang gounsellfy. by Sherrie Gooler rying to keep up with the latest in trends and styles could make anyoneis head spin. Mountain View's dress code is virtually non-existent, so practically anything goes. The students separated into several categories according to their clothes and hair. These included new wave, the sporty or surf look, and the conservative but classy look. The new wave look was inspired and updated by new, successful rock musi- cians such as Cyndi Lauper. She also popularized the chunky chain necklaces, fin- gerless gloves, spike heeled pumps and mixing old fa- shioned looks with new wave glitter. Some other items of- ten associated with new wave were leather pants and jack- ets with a half a dozen zip- pers, gladiator sandles with wide bulky straps, and black sunglasses. New wave or punk also had its own variety of hair styles. Everything was possible from coloring hair to match a rainbow, to having it spiked using gel. It was just a matter of being as creative as possible and hav- ing a good imagination. goes The sporty or surf look became increasingly popular. Town and Country Surf De- signs shorts and tee shirts ap- pear on more bodies this year than ever before. To com- plete the look these people wore Converse high top sneakers and dark sunglasses. The hair styles simple and carefree to suit an active lifes- tyle. Last, but not least, was the conservative but classy look. This consisted of pleat- ed pants, plaid skirts and suits, which are always Kin". People who chose to dress this way often saved a bundle of money because trends and fads can practically change overnight. Of course, this didn't mean clothes that were classic were inexpensive because that was far from the truth. It just meant that their apparel was timeless. Classic hairstyles ranged from a short and sassy bob to a long, thick head of curls. The way a person looked immediately categorized them. First impressions were made not only on a person's personality but also on their appearance. This was testi- mony to the popular saying, "clothes make the man." The G.Q. look - Senior Neal Jones and jackson display their poise and personality as they mod- el for the camera. 88 mfffitsff fm Activities Fads and Fashion QQ.. Q s as as-r 4 ,ji-r"u' vw KM A -.vw A an as ewusmph Q x Yf: 4? ' 1 gvia j s. '-XJ.: 1.., We - V -. WY elf X A .s i - if ' A , are-tr si if W N' 5,43 .M g,f-54:42 1 gf? Qglef,--,H -5,1 , ,159- i i, get .-ts., x-:k - - 1. E 11 - v 1 : x r ef K .giiiiy Q.,-43 W 1 . l- " ' "' -1 -Sxisifi if i,e.,3i X . El, ya? .rx -- 1 --nz: Guess what? -- Senior Teresa Owen displays the latest look of denim jeans and jackets. Cultural influence - Boy George has an influence on the apparel of many teenagers includ- ing SaDawna lVlcCart. Oversized comfort - Connie Chiles and Todd Lovenll sport their casual clothing. Activities Fads and Fashion 1 Afternoon snack - Kay Frisby has one of the many symptoms of Senioritis, the hourly munchies. '1 , Q 2- l Q1 Xia: 1 . Y W ,i "1 1: ' Wx k inf ,.""ff--1 I Q? ' f. . , -as 'df yn .wi my i 'f . fi' ' l if .3 . in Don't bug me - Senioriris causes people to become ornery and cranky as Caroline Martin demonstrates to Neil Watson. You're kidding - "What do you mean, I don't have enough credits to graduate?" cries senior Steve Long. ax iv hu is Mazatlan's that way - Bonnie Brinkman directs Ginger Bassett and Jim Rose to the Senior trip. V ' 1 , 'ff' -s.' -' - g ,H --as r .- 2 Q3 - "" -Av., . "'N,, '84 . n-5,5 'ln-. """""lsv5, Mischief - jeff Humble, Matt Hedrick and David Standage run away after vandalizing Monica Young's car. Activities 5 4 Senioritis Gwduutiovt - one Step CQGSQJL eveltgdug ,t yet very serious and con- tagious disease has been plaguing our teenagers for years. This dis- ease usually occurs in teens their senior year of high school, but there have been cases diagnosed as young as sophomores. As doctors studied this disease closer they found that it had seri- ous effects on those who When the weather warmed up Senior Hill turned into somewhat of a Big Surf: Half-naked bodies lay on the hill trying to tan their ghostly legs. Although treatment for these teens was difficult, some physicians felt that the senior patient should take three weeks off from school to go skiing at Purgatory or a came into contact with it. relaxing trip to Hawaii. Dr. nm, -. .. ,.., . f J' ,,f'w' . fs r ,. i ij ge-1' .EQWTQ-if-'32 ilgj sw? Q -Q 'K-e asf' Ditching class, donut runs, and daydreaming were observed, as the seniors seemed to have no control over their occasional lapses of consciousness and their in- ability to face reality. Feelgood, wear-and-tear spe- cialist, felt that once a stu- dent catches this disease he should immediately be re- leased from school and still be allowed ro graduate. I' Activities Senioritis 5 5 'Tile hodg goalie ulwdjs mowed . . . ll day long I listened to skinny girls talk- ing about their diets. On the way home from school I passed a Nautilus, an International Fitness Center, and a Nutri-System all on the same block. To make things worse, when I plopped myself into a com- fortable bean bag and flipped on the TV, diet Coke and skim milk commer- cials were the first things I saw. After all of these inci- dents, I decided it would be best if I, too, started to count my calories. I thought that it was go- ing to be so easy. I mean, with exercise equipment that E gg Built for biology -, 'Biology teacher Thad Decker is definitely as fit as he can get. -, does the work for me and Nutri Sweet in almost every- thing I buy, how could I go wrong? That night I went to my first aerobics class. I had to sit down and rest after the first five minutes while the girl next to me, who weighed at least zo pounds more, went for an hour without stopping. When I got home I was starving so I started searching the cupboards for a little something to eat, and there they were - I-Iostess Ding Dongs. "Oh well," I said to myself, "I guess I'11 just start counting my calo- ries tomorrow." if Every pound counts - Trying to be very accurate, Tricia Bursell weighs herself during 7th hour P.E. 6 Activities 5 Diet and fitness XS bs sg Qs. 'K' V, JI? "x midm A-vi' UQILSMS Wie one goalie Qikfivicg im mow' iff is 5 1 l 1. 1 gk J-xx. N l ' ...nn 13, an t n ,H an 4, s 3-11 . , 1 . i I e Q i we K kg! N K ' ' . .K hx V .+ .Mr K Ki ' 'K V715 I Wei-ni W . . .SP X K ,,f,5,g,-'. 1 A gg' - r ff X -N X Getting into shape -Weight- Eyes on the ball - Michelle lifting is a very popular way to Smith enjoys Pla 'ng 3 ame of shape up for both guys and girls. tennis to keep hglgf in P Here Linda Buckland hel s a ,ova ' .M P xv- - 5 friend lift weights. an 'fl el ef ' 5" Q ' Taking a break - After a hard cgi' wa ' ' . i A., dw we A 'Wm' "' game of tennis, Toni Snyder could ,IJL really use an ice-cold diet Coke. U6 Q Sify A gs ,wp lf i05Z Lol' ,Q Q Q QM S X. - eQQaw,1 Y a N Activities Diet and fitness . , r,,r,,ff 1 Munch bunch - These yearbook members show that cravings strike even during a deadline. Q we iia at s . eeie Sllldglffl flouqlfs e ere you ever in your English Literature class and suddenly your stomach growled to the tune of two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun? Did you ever run the mile in your P.E. class when your throat was dry and the sweat was running down your face, and you could al- most feel an ice cold Coke trickling down your throat? Were you ever in the class be- fore your lunch hour and you could see the pepperoni just melting on a hor pizza? Were you ever in geometry and you could taste the vanilla ice cream with hot fudge running down the sides? Or were you ever hungry and it was only first hour? Then you started smelling the fresh roasted pea- nuts and deep chocolate of a Snickers. -f These were just a few of many cravings that constantly tempted students. So who said triple cheese burgers, hot- fudge sundaes, and Cokes and potato chips were junkfood? To every teenager this so- called "junkfood" was a re- quired daily allowance that made cravings a necessary part of an everyday life. rx ,jgmeesvz-1 ,Wai . K ' ffl, .s mm ,war 3 Z It's the real thing - Senior Sid Castle antici- if pates what the "real thing" tastes like. Activities 58 Cravings fr iff S' 'T Wifi ' -1 it W L L it . 8 KTM ig ' 1 , 69" x V ' A ,gg w I ,aw e ff' ef-fa' Q5 Q Q k:,,Q.."T' 4 FL i' teal nrt- 'E 'ur wblw0'vi-in 2' ,Q ll , Big Mac attack - Sen- L MQ' ior Barb Abele finally gets 4- the great taste of a Big Mac at McDonald's. 'P' in .Mi BNN Nw. y H! We if. A -' r M F 5+ 4 X gn I 4 ,ggi ge fy "" "W be mu, 'wi ww ima. The munchies attack' Every day long lines form at the Bulls Eye for students who get the mun- chies. Dig il - Dance Club members junior Liz LaFor- tune and sophomore Amy Winslow entertain a dance club from Europe. I l Q 4 I Activities Cravings 59 H 'Bobbi - bo l-qoufuvfmmuen what do-44 83 Qnaww? wsu muummoimmv-hq 0. H4'L0J.0eS0.ClSOfW.'1k.Q 0-Wliaiqs dh Q23 an-.wmpaisnmg w uaffsmah qm9, 0. Smgb Q910,m9,4onSh.i9.rQ-Qnu.mU2A 0.9-Q W trim we qqwupwwwv MM wg could have oem dawg 3mn,a4-918141 2,0612 tPu'b..inw QGMQV-U Looqwimd 45050-lf uffockd 4-Yus,-NU1-mxxsch mm 0-nd Qm3fn1mJ:umc1."LoQ,Q9 Li Q99 Quad 335, we did Ci. u'fn+1'D.ViQLD v0Q01yba,0P Swim Cho.mpLm6WS2Q' ,gmc N s- f 1 1 f K 5' :ii 1? if fi ,U Q' 5 , , 4 fp ,W LML54 'RC ,A agar? ' 'CU 'Ss J In .Es-.S "IV" clones una nano' o"'o l,m,l o o aw: QS Standing in awe - Admir- ing his girls' performance, Coach Snow watches them practice. miles. Smiling eyes -- Running with a great attitude, Missy Roberts dances a few more E 'P' 4 I-V Women built for he girls' cross country team acquired a 7-3 re- cord during the season, going on to place fifth in divi- sion, thirteenth in state, and twelfth in the Tempe Invita- tional, October 13. "We ran a lot of distance - about thirty-five to forty miles a week. We also ran in the sand," said Coach jack Snow. "Team members were really inspirational and complimen- tary while running. I suppose it's that personal friendship that encourages that extra step out of us. We had a lot of fun with water fights after practice, too," said Lori Whitmore. Marcy Miller, a four year runner, remembered the times Sports 62 Girls' Cross Country early in the season when they were beginning to get condi- tioned and in shape for the meets. "With the hot weather, a lot of us experienced heat ex- haustion." Marcy also remem- bered the refreshing feeling they had while running in the rain with the warm blood flow- ing on the inside and the cold wet rain outside. Practice didn't seem so bad. "I think we had a real good season this year and the team seemed to be prosperous due to the closeness between the run- ners. There were a number of dedicated runners including Sandy From, Marcy Miller, Jackie Wolfe, and myself," con- cluded senior Donna Painter. UV' '15 'Veal ,gnlfe ii' ,W W "sg -f ,.., v, rl' by-L.: ' ' --samsung 4-fl' pw .l V, , . g.,-M 1 ft. '26 , ., ,.. - -4 .- ': '--rr. .ss-., c,.,,fy,,.f,, A-up . , ,aa 3:4 1, .-., e L 7i'??C,.'Eiii?'3 Esfiifbfai' ' ' 'fa ' 'P' i 1 we J. 5,11 - ' Q equi- . '.:'. f -J 4'- ,fltgw 441, ' . 1,4+.,1?.., . ,, ,ak ,-3.3 Q':f.' . 4' 1 . .lifiri W-ifTl,.Q' A - if -41-'aa 'ef' " 1 'I gl ' ' '- . .1-,gr A-ft . - mf --I, M., Wh0's that - Searching for another fan, Jackie Wolfe scans the bleachers. MV opponent I9 Chandler 44 18 Yuma 40 30 Dobson 27 sz Saguaro 34 S3 Coronado 34 I8 Chaparral 40 CC ' I9 Tempe 43 I really enjoyed I9 Mesa 41 Izth Tempe Invitational 3rd City Meet . 34 Temp' S8 hated to see it 34 Moon Valley 33 5th Division 0 , , 13th State 7 wins, 3 losses - Coach Snow Whistle when ya work -- 1'-i S. fr: xr' M L ' V rr' 'Qi i A A - ' ' ' 4 -1 I . I VM.. Q qi 1 L-0 -z iffiffl i , iw '. :' ..- - -i . , , ':is,.f'T111' 51ff'51.Q:e-.., -w , ' ' 'al 4 12. 4 U ."'pf-7'r'-,tkff K", -" " U ' ,.,., '- 'A .A H - 1' ' I, A rv-.f ., , .A dnl 5 kv-. ,r 2 ' . ,.L'g?4" R.--. x- 5 . . . Q gg '-4 - e, ,. , ' si f ' ' ,,,'2'f G., g,,g,,,,. . , -h L? Q .. -. - ",'. x Ffa - ,i ' " . . .., ' . 4 v, 1. ' ' ' W, ' - - - - , Vqffw. A A .1 AJ.. ri .AV K N . ' .V D ' , in I pf - . ,".' ,4q,' 3, ' 59, A nf' H4 , - b Q,-np..-W 3 .4 - ,xt ' .,,- . . A . ,, , . ,kiwi 'J 'ff ' .-,T fr . ' gf 4 . 1 - . as it ,-M , L .A 1 , TQ M ,Y - ' ' - Q. . .5 f ur. . ' . , f ', 4, TA xii 'IK Q df, , .4 . tn. Q.. .r t ,Y - '- Y ' f , , 5 5. 4. ' "x . ' ' A ' S Q . ' f- A 4, ' .- . , . Trying hard not to dehydrate, Donna Painter keeps running and remembering the fountain. Round and round - Once more around the track, Tina Storia sludges on. Follow the leader - Keep- ing pace, Tracy Adams trails Tina Storia, finding them- selves lost during practice. Sports 63 Girls' Cross Country l'.I!:II "T" claus nan Islas :ws IUb.O LJ ed by state medalists sen- ior Rusty Rosenberger and sophomore Todd Lewis, the boys' cross country team ran to a Io-5 record. "From the beginning, we knew that we had two or three state caliber runners, but that numbers four, five, and six were too far back. We worked all sea- son to improve those runners," Coach Mike Jackson said. In their struggle to improve nb! af-45' All wet - Jim Davis and Steve Carroll forges their way through the water. MV opponent those times, the team practiced twice a day. At 6 a.m., the boys ran six to ten miles, and at 3 p.m., they ran another four to six miles. The boys competed each week for the seven varsity spots. The seven best times ran in the next meet. If a JV time beat a varsity one, the JV runner was moved up and the varsity run- ner was dropped down for that race. Splish Splash - Trying to 28 Chandler 36 16 Yuma 42 30 Dobson 29 18 Saguaro 39 44 Coronado 21 c c n t h S 16 Chaparral 48 Our stre ls Tempe 36 were the determina- 46 MesafCorona 43X . . . de, So, 5, tion and dedication fd Ci'Y Mn' to the serious work 32 TempefSouth 59X Mountain! sex that the sport re- Moon Valley 26 ' 77 5th Divisionals qulres' 14th State - Coach jackson xo wins, 5 losses 6 Sports 4 Boys Cross Country maintain this stride, David Dorum splashes his way across the muddy field. Practice makes perfect - i' Team Captain Rusty Rosen- berger works out in preparation Unity played a key role in the team's success. Jackson ex- plained, "The amount of work required to compete in this sport automatically eliminates dissentionf' Rosenberger was named team captain, Lewis was the outstanding sophomore, and ju- nior Tony Newton was the most improved. Rosenberger won nine races during the season, took second ,J-. dak! 5 'e Q Q e Q 5 Q : H ll Q. Q Q. if 6 an 1 ll Q : :- Q ra Q an Q : awe. ma -nw ww in the city meet, sixth in divi- sionals, and zoth in state. Lewis placed fifth in the city meet and 2ISt in divisionals. Rosenberger concluded, "This year's cross country team was perhaps the best team I've been on. They are one group of the finest guys I know. We all helped each other in times of stress, and laughed together in times of joy." for the next meet. X. sir K X8 -ti...-,. uw, f' . , , M' -'r-W , ' , rfgg IL? A . ' L. f " . Against the wind - The One more time-jim Davis, top two runner, Todd Lewis Doug Dodge, and Tony New- and Rusty Rosenberger fight ton complete another warm-up for the lead. lap around the track. vigrx ,, if V, 5 .Ex e ijqx :Il f A if X.,-r .1 I tv . ax - J' - All m-5'4 ,As.9m--ee, ' "- D' Pl e ws.. , . , , ,., , uf Fr, , '. ' ' . ' -Q . ua- i -ffl rw. K V -M" 0.4 'x s' ' .,.--.., , 1, X.s Jn- . . 7 if ,.-- -r--'Z . ,,-,,. -- .. , '+-g- .' ',.'--....- ,- ... Follow the leader - Striv- ing to catch the leader, Bill Carpenter and Tony Newton try to keep a good pace. Freeze frame - With the sun on his back, Rusty Rosen- berger's winning style is silhou- etted. x ML' - t R ..f 5- 5 N..-.v .l,' 1 W I fp .47 Sports Boys Cross Country flu Intense concentration - Andrea VanNorman and her teammates demonstrate the in- tensity needed to win. Right on target - Concen- trating on making a perfect hit, Susan Redding bumps the ball to a teammate. 1 X Many factors lead team to champion hi hrough team unity, the experience of the four returning players, and an abundance of very good ath- letes who were willing to work extremely hard, the girls' varsity volleyball team captured the state championship, culminat- ing a 23-2 season. "They played with their heads Qintelligencej by know- ing individual repsonsibilities, anticipating upcoming plays, and making adjustments. They were always thinking ahead. The girls also played with their s 66 Viiiifsfball hearts fcouragej. No matter what the circumstances Qwin- ning or losingj, they had the ability to give their maximum effort at all times, to never quit," Coach Steve Schlick ex- plained. Besides winning the state championship, the team also won the Chandler Tournament in September and the Central Division playoffs. Seniors Bobbi Bloom, Sharla Dawson, and Susan Redding were all named to the All- League, All-Division, and All- State teams. Senior Kris Moore was selected for All-State. "Each of these players sup- plied strong leadership to go along with excellent technical skills. Their consistency and leadership throughout the sea- son were major keys to our suc- cess," Schlick said. Bloom was named Most Valuable Player while Redding was chosen Most Inspirational. junior Melissa Topham was the Most Improved Player. "The players had a very good team orientation, a posi- tive and supportive attitude to- ward each other and toward the long hours of practice. They showed dedication toward the achievement of our fteam-set, goals," Schlick said. Team members also named unity as the major strength to their success. Redding explained, "I felt that we won this year because we played as a team, and if you play as a team, then every skill in the game becomes a strength." Teamwork - Two Toro players jump to spike the ball as Susan Redding looks on. MV opponent 2 Tempe z Westwood 2 Dobson 2 Corona del Sol 2 Chandler Ist Chandler Tourn. 2 Marcos de Niza 2 McClintock o Chaparral 2 Yuma 2 Mesa 0 Corona del Sol 2 Chandler 2 McClintock 2 Chaparral 2 Yuma 2 Mesa ist Divisionals ist State 23 M wins, 2 l OSSCS 1 I 0 Osws-SJ 0 l'5'91'5'7l 0 Us-2,15-sl o Q15-0,15-ij 0 C15-3,1549 0 Os-5,15-29 o flj-6,15-2, 1 C3-15,3-153 o Q15-8,15-ioj 0 C15-340149 2 is-15,11-ISD o cis-5,15-Il, fl,-10,7-I5,I6-14, o Q15-6,15-izj is-15,15-10,1549 C14-l6,I5-8,15-9, "Every player cared as much about each oth- er's success as her own. There was tremen- dous encour- agement for each other." - Coach Schlick a x 1 r , a tt I 1 , S Y W 7 fi -up Ad-- Ya K '2-. ' -ig - r , MVP Serve - Timing the S'T'R'E'T'C'H - Junior fall of the ball, Bobbi Bloom Debbie Brenner sets the ball as prepares to serve another point, junior Jessica Millar looks on. Sports Volleyball 67 fi lu' ' ' Q a W 'wk v-mu 5, ff 5, , iXQ1 .sv 46 fy' -,-air .n -1 ,, ijgx A X 'F ,nv - qw . , xv V. -y 4r?3iK34wvN,'x-Rf ., Q ,Jil 52.5135 K' ' Man of the hour -- Head coach Steve Schlick is sur- rounded by his team moments 2 after their victory. We did it - Senior Andrea VanNorman and junior Deb- bie Brenner embrace after their long-awaited victory. fs f Girl ' volleyball he volleyball went across the net several times. Then All-State athlete Bobbi Bloom spiked the ball and Palo Verde could not save the ball - or its chances. The varsity volleyball team had just captured the first-ever girls' state championship. "After we won, I felt elated. It was a payoff for all the years of hard work. Also, knowing that we did something that no other girls' team had done be- fore was a great feeling," said senior Susan Redding. Senior Andrea VanNorman added, "I felt like I did the im- possible. I loved every minute of it." Though it was a very impor- tant match, the team played with confidence. "I had the feeling that we were going to win because we wanted it too bad to lose. I was nervous, but after the game wins state title started, I thought of it as just another match," said junior Jill Korte. The Toros were the only team to win all of the best-of- three matches in the state tour- nament two games to none. The first game was won with relative ease as the Toros whipped Palo Verde I5-2. In the second game, the Ti- tans jumped out to a 5-0 lead. After a timeout, the Toros took the court, backed by shouts of encouragement and the waving of banners by the many fans who journeyed to Central High School in Phoenix to view the match. Senior Sharla Dawson then served six consecutive points to give the Toros a 6-5 lead, one which they never relinquished. The Toros never looked back: they didn't need to. They were the 1984 state volleyball champions. Sports State Championship ,ml ,ml LLI ,,,,,,l ml 6:3 Teamwork provides winning season he junior varsity volley- ball team proved that they had the determina- tion to come through with a season record of Io-2. Throughout the season, uni- ty played an important part of the team's success. Each mem- ber contributed immensely, es- pecially junior Lisa Morgante, who was chosen the Most Valu- able Player. The team captains were juniors Lisa Berg and Lori Schanfarber. "I really enjoyed working here and received much help and cooperation from adminis- tration," said Coach Shelley Raptis. After a tough loss to McClintock midway through the season, the team rebounded to win their last six matches. The JV team tied with McClintock for the Division A Championship. "Teamwork is what made it happen, as well as the people on the bench who gave their sup- port to the people on the court. When we won you could see the unity and excitement on every- one's face," said Schanfarber. 2 N gy ll Ulllllllug i j i - i f 10 Too close for comfort - Patience is a virtue - In Jumping to prevent their oppo- hopes of scoring another point, nent from scoring is junior Lisa Tina Castleberry awaits the Burch. Sports 70 Jv Volleyball ball. Friends to the end - These girls show that friendship is im- portant to every successful team. A ' Q'-925 A Wim xr . ' 310 - , '- N -,,,,,,,,,,...,.h.., in V 'A E :,, .1 if X ? 'iakn x A., . , sg. in v 3 Q3 M H . FA Q 5, 'FT fi fb 'VI 2, , I , ' , at ,f ', .Q 1 ,N lv lil. If 23.831 Kamikaze Toro-Airborne Fantastic freestyling - diver Dana Mortensen makes a Heather Haynes, gasping for killer dive at a meet. breath, goes on to win a relay. Y 1,,..- kivmif as .la L.. .- 5+ an F. 5 9' .,.eQ-".'4""'s" xl- -1 ra if C - - , 'A ' 31-"SEP ff 3'- '...-v-- -1-'fe W' ' 'S'2'. F Y 75 v i' ,,,..fiv'Y'- f Bobbing for glory - MV Topsy-turvy - Mid-air, breaststroker Heather Haynes with high hopes, Barbara swims for a loo-yard win. Abele tucks her legs for the dive. Sports 72 Girls' Swimming! Diving N"-Q....,.. 'L D1'Um1'0ll, Please - Diana Breath control -- Butterfly- Bosley stirs guts and concentra- ing harder, Laura Saver-y swims tion in order to dive. r N -v Q' -v-.45 to gain a bigger lead. , QA.. ,.j K .fr , Y 5 -Q -- -. 5. if--f -- my MV opponent 126 Corona del Sol 78 Westwood 97 Yuma 106 Tempe znd Mesa City Meet 96 Saguaro znd Division 15th State 6 wins, z losses "Their atti- tude and dedi- cation were tre- mendous. It was my most enjoyable sea- son." - Coach McCormick They call me Flipper - Gaining points for MV, Bar- bara Abele dives in perfect form. Experience lead girl to success 6-2 record with second place in Rotary Relays, city meet, divisionals and placing fifteenth in state painted the picture of the swimming and diving team. "Team leadership is so impor- and we had a tremendous Heather Haynes. She well with the co-cap- Carrie Foos and Cathy es," Coach Sandy said. Five four-year swimmers, who started as freshmen continued through high school: Heather Haynes, Tracee Dernovich, Cathy Martines, Dana Aglio and Missie Mann. Along with McCormick's seven years exper- ience as a swimming coach and their talent, these girls really uti- lized their potential. Relays and sprints seemed to be their strong points according to McCormick, while their dis- tance wasn't as good, but by practicing every day at Kino pool, from 2-4:30, they strived to get better. "Progressive improvement continued all the way through the state tournament in Tuc- son," McCormick said. Awards went to Heather Haynes, Most Inspirational, Cathy Martines, Outstanding Swimmer, Tracee Dernovich, Outstanding Swimmerg Dana Mortensen, Outstanding Diver, and Barbara Abele, Most Im- proved Diver. "Diving is a sport that you can get a lot of satisfaction from. It's a challenging sport that's not as easy as people think it is," Abele said. Extremely satisfied with this year's team, McCormick said it was the most enjoyable season she ever had. Sports Girls' swammingfoaving 73 lzmfl ":l"' olooooo "..2'.' iff' X' W' 1' .w A , ' A Jffyi' "' lxieitif "V u., 4' it -4 efiiwa f ' wa.: -5, ' 1 --. 'Q .X - . -it 1 i Taking a breather - Rac- ing for the finish line, Kevin Kronemeyer swims the zoo- yard freestyle. Superman! - David Zirlcer ' is all alone as he flies through the air while executing a dive. Submerged - Co-captain Justin Cawood swims the zoo- yard freestyle in the meet against Dobson. Sports 74 Boys Swimming! Diving Look out below - Concen- trating on his form, junior Todd Murdock performs a flawless back dive. -1 ,, '- jk R314 i M-My ' 1 Lljlff gllt my 'Q' . ' 4, Q V 2 vi. V L mx it as ! 'A 1 f .'l,I, Q ,ta ,kv r tk, I, . 4 U K ' t . Lg, M f nv- K' S Hold on tight - junior Da- vid Zirlcer executes a flip as part of his dive in the meet against Dobson. A.Q1--azfy:ggvvi,3a:.A.t .A .J I . . . . M. 47 . t we ' - " at if -A L, -3 'U X ' W I V MV opponent 57 Corona del Solf McClintock 63 Wfestwood 115 Yuma 107.5 TempefClark 88 Mesa 77 Dobson 63.5 McClintock 86 Saguaro City meet 3rd 9th Divisionals 4 wins, 4 losses 2-vm.-j' .,g,-.fy ' v t. M -fr' 'Y f ' 4- . . -1, A. ,,,: . 1 , 108 IZ "It was a year 64-5 of learning and 39 , 98 p e r f e c t 1 n g 107.5 85 strokes not working on fas- ter times." - Coach Decker Mw..,.dt ,Iii I .tV,,,5,,.,.,.4 74 , ,-A lu Improved ontinual improvement dominated the boys' swimming team's season as they rebounded from an o-3 start to finish 4-4. "The guys worked together well as a team and worked hard throughout practice, which was evident in their improved times each week," said Coach Thad Decker. Led by juniors Todd Mur- dock and David Zirker and sophomore Tom Prigge, the divers played a key role in the time nullifg low team's success. "The divers were excellent, finishing first or second in al- most all dual meets which add- ed quite a few points to the overall total," explained Deck- er. At divisionals, Zirker cap- tured second place, while Mur- dock took seventh. Zirker ad- vanced to the state meet and placed thirteenth. Sophomore Dean Martines was chosen the Most Valuable Player. Martines led the team in scoring and competed in the too-yard back stroke and the 4x1oo yard freestyle relay at the state meet. Sophomore Mike Hansen was Most Improved while soph- omore Tim Register received the Guppy Award. Most Inspi- rational, the only award chosen by the team, was given to senior Carl Aglio. Dther outstanding swim- mers included seniors Justin Cawood, Don DeGracie, and Kevin Kronemeyer. Making waves - En route to another Toro victory, Mark Register perfectly displays the .I butterfly stroke. NIT Cawood competed in four different events and went to the state meet as part of the 4XIOO freestyle relay team. Termed "an excellent frees- tyle sprinter" by Decker, De- Gracie qualified for the state meet in the 4x1oo freestyle re- lay. Kronemeyer "turned in consistently great performances in two events all season," Deck- er said. Sports Boys Swimming! Diving We're gathered here today At his feet - Escaping a near - MV football players plan tackle, 324, Robbie Oswalt is their next strategic attack. ready for another. an N... A-.-india. '- '..'v1f"' ,n J, , , E? ,, -H'-j"j'1i.,he.',Ti'f V, x Q, . .L.v:' 1 'Q 5aef.rf'a'. , V E AH- i 71.22 41-:fm-QQ' ' ""'f9?ffSf44. .1 .4 .6177 . V 1 ff- 3: R N v'i,..c,.,. -. l rf . v, W.. A g . H ,.,,.- .4 ,I -A ,"1+lv 'fa , ' I. '- Dodge ball - Beginning to escape the enemy, 4580, Ray Koernig Pushes onward. Sports JV Football va- 9- MV opponent o Coronado 21 Marcos de Niza 25 McClintock 7 Mesa 7 Westwwd 6 Dobson Jr. I0 Corona del Sol 16 Chaparral 5 wins, 2 losses, 1 "The team's strength was that they hated to lose and nev- er quit." - coach Brady s ' 03 venggwirmu ,. , ..-,,, . .. . .....1... 1, ., rin. 1 v A ..- . ,,.. ., -e .4 ..........- - - Q Q.. .---i-.qi.,..... .. ., , .-..-.- Q lv. - ' .ici A:.', the Warriors. fusion for an open receiver , Q-- .... ,.... X , . .W--.--1-.4 Q ,..e,'3, 4' 'nr They're here - Four Toros charge across the line to beat Open wide - Glenn Clouse if 14, searches through the con s .C It In ' x in ----we-....,...r .. .,,,.,,- --.Q-.-4 ' I ,ef at ra, K A , . . 1, .f-. mf, ,W , d .. ,A ,yy "' ' - A -no ,' -- --W---4-s....,,,, Q-Q,,,, 4 ,,, K -- ""0"- f'vom.,,, ' , . ,, I K 'Wil-ny., 11' W . s Q ' W ' '-W -f"-'Q'-N. ' V, ' V' ' K . ' . . ..,- or 1--3' , "T """ ' 'A 2 ' H- . "1-" A , 31 " ' j + ., wade M 1- www-u,,'.v1v A ' - ' ' ' 'gl up-4 +1 " A " , " af., 1" A -,, L,,,M'-.Y 449 I- ,, ta, X ragmugi' . , , levy , Q3 J' 'V W' f - fs" " g.-,M ,..,z . - an gun- as -wiv K smug? 3 V. I 'A in l X .W I A ,Q v W W . ,, N xxx ,su , , - ' P, r ,, , - f- - ' D. f -'fi 'V ,.,0fo+3'fV'.Q 'sihw' ""4 l " "li M ,g x . r in "1 'I W ' .gb ,uv f avg, , ,ips " ' l 2 - '--,-'f"- - , "' H "' A' . ' .. -4-rv'-X .- ' ,-f , 1' V .Q Q Lg ,,,,,.,:.,,if,,, ' A , N"'fQ-."v':1.. . -1 ,., 2 W .ff f r -..: .-ff, ' ' -A s f - - - A ' so-f ' , ' 2 . - 'f 1:42 , ' - 2' in s tv :-'Q-15,5-A ""' G ' M 2 -su I ' an-1 -'P' A ., I i 'pn ' V in ' we r "Ugg, t Q 1' "" ha ug . ' . -f fur, Q- N,N,,,,ag..t,,r..,..,?-pu as ,Q ffm- ,--.5 ?,y4Q.'m t A ,J , , , . , . . , . ,. , 1.,."-, u- wa 4.'4-'X"0fF'?9l1b- 01410 -'- Vt U-" JY. 'J , . ,, ,K 4-, ' t 1 xg . .. - , . - " af M ,J - , , . . . ' Q 'N by -, -rr-f,"5"4 . 'w :fav ' ' A ' ' ' 'J' ' 7 ' - 'W . . ,, .b . . ... ' . . A .. . F 5" W ' 7 ' i :rv - - --f ' K' ,, l ' " ' ' r - 4 A . ' , ' , -J . gn.f'i.,Q.'f"" , rife c- --. a rl -, Q I i " . -.- TW -Qu-ta' ' ....,. 'tr f A .L"'f" ' .., - , 0 ' ' ff Can you say 'football'? - Not a doubt enters Coach Brady's head about his team's work, but a pep talk does help. Runnin' with the devil - After leaving one in the dust, Mike Marrero, if-'42, begins to outrun another. The Brady Bunch ith a 5-2-I record, the JV football team steadily progressed as the season went on, starting with a o-o tie to Coronado. "Outstanding dedication and great attitudev described the team, according to Coach Jim Brady. "It was a very close team. The team spirit and en- thusiasm were excellent." Brady recalled that after the defeat of McClintock, 25-13, the team started believing in themselves more and became closer as a team. After the season was over, Brady was satisfied that the team worked hard. Yet, at the same time he felt disappointed in not accomplishing their goal of an undefeated season. Chad Vanmoorlehem said, "The key was the teamwork and the great coaching staff. Everyone worked hard and gave it all they had." "I feel the tradition of MV football was the key to our suc- cess, MV football players work harder and strive to be the best due to the traditions set before them," Brady added. Brady said, "It was a pleasure to have coached this team." "The best thing about our team was our allegiance. No- body would ever quit," conclud- ed quarterback David Bell. Sports JV Football Opponent Apache Junction Westwood Deer Valley Mesa Dobson Chandler Westwood Mesa Chandler JV 6 wins 2 losse sirie 41 40 6 Z "The players i4 developed self- 7 o 0 themselves." confidence in - Coach Haws noon' '3 Q Q 'QT it ima I,m,l o"'o 'Ml' H1 "M ' P' 4 .V ji. A' 'ap-fav . .N D ' Z- U I U-vna,'.fg.., ,. N , I 1. ,...,, .- . X QMQUWWQOQ6- will S t 78 1502-:Sotball . ,aww ,L Reaching for the limit This Toro player strives to the ball in order to make a touchdown. v On the run - Brian Roth- linsberger -Q90 strives to get the ball from the opposing teafn. " --an vga 'l-S43 -0-Q., ..d7""i -v"' . 'vztrfir ,NI ,l,..g nut' P l, l ai, i- US r........ 'vi-7 cv- g -9' w ,, ,.,,., 1-1 vm., ,uazq if! Encouragement - Matt Brown and Mike Yao cheer on teammates to victory, Ready, set - As the team sets up for thc next play, Sam Fitch envisions a touchdown pass. Punting preparation - Todd Castleberry prepares to punt the ball into the opposing team's territory. TW' "L"f' iii .-. -' - f' . ' l 1 gif 1 txq Future champ he primary goal for the junior Varsity football team was to better pre- pare the players for what to ex- pect next year on the varsity squad. "You have to have self-confi- dence to be a good football player," said coach Kayle Haws, "and I feel the players devel- oped a large amount of confi- dence." The team's season began with a game that turned out to be their toughest. Perhaps that victory over Westwood High School brought forth a surge of confidence for the team. According to Haws, the team had improved a great deal by the end of the season, and he expected them to continue suc- cessfully as athletes at Moun- tain View. "They generated a lot of caring for each other," said I-laws. "All players contrib- uted to the success of the team in many different ways." gl. .2 ll A- "lanter- 'wr N-....-, ,... I tH!4p..,g,,:A:4? A bd-, . S t JV FOOTZQIT 79 n'.ZlI.'l awu 5:3 Ll... Jump! - junior Paul Wahl- Passing fancy - Quarter- heim leaps up to snatch a 28- back Todd johnson scans the yard pass. field for an open receiver. .ai MT l i . M J Q MV opponent 28 Dobson I4 35 Trevor Browne 18 28 Deer Valley I4 o McClintock 26 I7 Mesa I4 7 Westwood 16 30 Yuma 8 I3 Corona del Sol 7 20 Chaparral 7 20 Chandler 22 7 wins, 3 losses Team overcomes setbaehs en route to winning season espite a high level of dedication and unity, the varsity football team was unable to overcome inexperience and key injuries and just missed qualifying for the playoffs. "Their attitude and dedica- tion were extraordinary. They worked harder in the season than previous teams. They were also a very team-oriented group," said head coach Jesse Parker. "The Westwood loss was a turning point. We had to come back and win to remain in the league race," Parker explained. Though Parker and the players expressed disappoint- ment in the season, most agreed that team unity played an im- portant role in their winning season. "It was an inexperienced team to begin the year, but we Sports 80 Varsity Football improved and overcame adversi- ty," Parker said. "I felt that the team was real- ly united and really got close in key situations," said Jay Nys- trom. Brian Smith added, "It's the closest team I've ever been on. Everyone knows we didn't ac- complish what we wanted to, and it really hurt because we worked so hard all season." Several players were named to the All-League team, which is voted on by coaches from the Central Division A League. First-team selections were: Nystrom, Tom DeMassa, Ke- vin Cronk ftwo positionsj, Mike Dick, and Mike Schuh. Schuh was also named to the first team of the All-State team as well as the All-Arizona squad. Nystrom was selected to the second team for All-State. Players who received team- voted awards were: co-captains, Nystrom, Cronk, Most Valu- able Player, Dan Domikaitisg Most Improved Player, David Christmas, Most Inspirational, DeMassag Hardest Hitter, Cronk, and Academic Award, Robert Bently. Though they didn't reach their goal, players said that be- ing on the team was rewarding. "The most rewarding things were the friendships that we de- veloped, the closeness and that we learned not to quit," Cronk said. "I learned a lot from Coach Parker. He taught me that if you work hard, you will be a success in life," Fred Orona ex- plained. "I will always remem- ber being a Toro." I've got it - Senior Doug I-lewson catches the football despite a pursuing Westwood defender. "Our keys were dedication and t e a m w o r k . T h e y n e v e r gave up even in the face of ad- versity." - Coach Parker 7' 1 3, f' 3 a ,f 49 " QQ.: it - .Ta ff V 4 V efvlv, V M9 va" ffm ??fif f iii? .1 X . ,dl . . ' " nf A ' A . I ,1 1' QW!" ,- M . . J J-, W . ' V, 4- 3. .. ' -r f 5- -mzfkw' - ,, , x, . 5 .,x , , W , 1, Ll... ,Ml IZIIZI II,,,'Il More than ju t 'up ith every swing of the club, the golf team improved and progressed to a to-Io season re- cord. Neal Jones and Mike Kerna- gis qualified for every match and were usually the top two golfers. "Mike and Neal were very steady. They both had control of their emotions and abilities, which is very important in golf. They were both leaders for our team and they were the catalysts in solidifying our team unity," said Coach Norm Shill. Shill's first year of coaching the golf team was "a great ex- perience" of team unity and op- timism. "When we beat McClintock, the defending state champions, on an October 4 match, from that point on, the team played with more confidence," Shill added. Team awards went to Mike Kernagis, Most Valuable Play- er, Neal Jones, Most Consis- tentg and Curt Bailey, Most Im- proved Player. "Mike missed the top ten in the division tour- Freeze-frame - Still in form after the swing, Mike Kernagis V waits for his ball to sway to the right. Sports 8 2 Golf nament by three strokes," Shill commented. "Coach Shill really seemed to know what he was doing," jones said. "He taught the team a lot about golf and consisten- cy." "We were slow at first, but then things picked up and we also became closer at the end of the season," Kernagis said. At the end of the season, Shill was disappointed because three of the top golfers were disqualified from the division tournament: Neal Jones, Curt Bailey, and jim jones illegally played on the course of the divi- sion finals the day before the match. Have a ball - With ulti- mate concentration, Matt Thomas hits it on the green, before putting it in. Long shot -- Chad Preston confers with Mr. Putter about his plan of attack on the long putt. 'Tee-d' off - Swinging for a hole-in-one, Curt Bailey takes perfect form and gives it a whack! MV 217 I 2-7 236 I 236 227 I 227 I 230 22o I 220 231 232 zoo 227 196 216 232 zoo 227 196 216 opponents Chaparral Chandler Tempe Corona Marcos de Niza Coronado Kofa McClintock Kofa Saguaro Yuma McClintock McClintock Chandler Tempe Saguaro Chandler Saguaro Marcos de Niza Mesa 1oth Divisional io wins, io losses 204 2 36 240 1 2 I7 250 215 229 222 210 '93 334 186 205 23 1 232 204 2 I7 208 205 228 .tb ,J "Con ,emoti ability imphr golf." trol of on and is very tant in - Coach Shill Eye in the sky - Gazing Stroke's the into the sun, Neal jones tries to Sitter uses telelci guess where his ball will land. dutted balllin YT word - Bob nesis to put his he hole. Thar she blows - Pointing at the long fairway, Neal Jones and Mike Kernagis try to lo- cate each other's ball. S rr lgoll' 13:11 H IH MV Opponent 4 Tempe 5 o Coronado 9 3 Chandler 6 1 Corona del Sol 8 3 Mesa 6 o Chaparral 9 I McClintock 8 o Saguaro 9 o Horizon 9 o Dobson 9 o Westwood 9 o wins rr losses "They scored more and more points as the season went 77 Ofl . - Coach Shields Inexperience is light drawback ports has always been a main and important ac- tivity. Students in the athletics program have always put forth their efforts to make their team the very best. The badminton team didn't live up to the standards of the past years but the team did work hard to improve their skills and technique throughout the sea- son. The team was primarily made up of sophomores, and inexperience was a main factor which contributed to the season record of o-11. "Everyone on the team was always supportive of each other and team spirit was never at a loss," said team member Chrissy Dougherty. Practices held after school were vigorous and team mem- bers always had the encourag- ing help of head coach jean Shields, who commented, "The team should be very competitive if all the girls return next year." Sports ., E!!! s N' few: .. S X, s M On the move - Kenna Stone is quick on her feet to return the volley during a bad- minton game. I got it - Sandra Nettles reaches to return a serve and hopefully gain an extra point for her team. QQ i 84 Bram.. N QS LQ Q Watch the birdie - With intense concentration, Kenna Stone positions herself to re- turn the airborne birdie. In anticipation - Keeping her eye on the birdie, Michelle Casillas waits to return a serve. 15" G39 Sheer talent - Demonstrat- ing her badminton ability is Billi Self as she prepares to serve the birdie. My serve - Concentrating What's the plan? - Sopho- on scoring points on her oppo- more Michelle Cooper dis- nent is sophomore Kamie Beck- cusses with teammates what stead. their next move would be. S r Badn1i:::arsi 8 5 -? fm x . Q 3 -. P ,f 1 -y .my M .,,x ,L xx .UM 1 ,K ,K-J," Q, .Y 1 51:1 .il fm Q Q -j4:Wj,5,L.i sg 1.-'Y' P , V., - Q"'.tlllQ0f" '.',:,,.f,,. 'W F , I s,, L. ,441 ,,.,, '.fkf" K?,'. I I 'Y , J P iffy... sign ' A. ,ann 0 3 9 vs Corona. W at an arm For putting lft s a hitli- Senior Wendy ' all her strength into the pitch Loughrey X connects with the Cathy Higuera is rewarded pitch for a irun-producing sin- e 3 on tight - Jill Swan- uses her free hand to make the ball stays in her mitt. st rts the swing of her Swing - Raquel Na- a . grand slam home MV Opponent Dobson Chandler McClintock Corona Mesa 3 Saguaro I Yuma o Yuma 5 Chandler 7 Chaparral Marcos Mesa 3 Coronado 7 Tempe I Chaparral 4 McClintock Corona 7 wins, iz losses 4 8 o 5 2 8 7 6 h . h "Thi team i had t e most i potential of any te m we've I had. ut you i don't win h games on po- ' i tential.." -CoacihShill Pitching, defen e hlghllght f a team could win games merely on potential, the varsity softball team might have gone undefeated. "Our strength was the po- tential we had. But our weak- ness was the inability to pull together and work hard as a team," Coach Norm Shill ex- plained. ' With 'eight returning letter- men, Shill expected a much bet- ter season than the team's 7-12 record. But, the team "lacked in leadership and determination." "The team played real good defense all year. Our problem was offensivelyg we just couldn't score runs," Shill said. "You've got to produce on the playing field and we didn't. This is about the summation of our sea- son." U3 0lI However, pitching proved to be a bright s ot despite the dis- appointing season. p "I 'can' t say enough about the pitching this year of senior Cathy I-Iiguera and junior jill Swanson..They were both out- standing. Th ing we have t in View," is is the best pitch- ver had at Moun- hill observed. Other p outstanding players i cluded seni ors Raquel Navar- rette, Sharon Schweppe, and Wendy Lou ITisa Morga T Navarette i aluable Pla hrey, and junior CC. received the Most yer trophy in the t am-voted awards. Swanson was named the Most Improved Rlayer and senior Billi Self was given the Most Inspirational tpophy. 1 S 1 Yarsity Sogblii Ll... aj"'1u lllfl Sliding on in - A JV soft- ball player goes in for the score lm S only to be tagged out by the catcher. winning season Willie Dudley. Part of the team's success was lthough the practices were drastically reduced because of rain and irri- attributed to the fact that no gated fields, the girl's JV soft- injuries were incurred through- ball team did emerge with a suc- out the season. cessful season. The keys to the winning sea- The girls improved as the son included the girls' ability to season progressed. Early in the play outstanding defense. season, they lost to McClintock Ending the season with 18 and Corona del Sol by more girls, the JV softball team than ten runs, the last two achievedarecord of IO-6.KiTl'l8 games of the season they beat team had a great attitude, the McClintock and Corona. girls played and had fun,', said , "Christmas break was a real Coach Dudley. "-- turning point," said Coach K WN , .,. ,.,,,,..,,.-'rms-" nm ,s ...nv , ,A Y . g fL,f,.lJif"l',"Y5U. , . .X ,,. ,, E , -v ,,.,,, ' ' r 4 " t 'V . '. ,QT 7'V'JCL wi .lvl 1' ,,,, r . . Y., ,K -Egg., "N, I , P .w .194 ' - - I ,ff ,' gr r va "Q-as.. e.,4.i-'Mt'-s F' 1, - ,.' ' ' H ,-,V V. eff I ' . '- ,.,, ' A x. V , 4 ,L can 'lift 'Fr J N. - . , .- . . -. ,-v-1, Q.-,gn I 1.1, v , 3,7 .. H 1 V , ,. R 0,1 ,n-,.,- f ,- - if .',. ,-1, -A , ,,,.- , ,',,, rr fr ,sqr. A ,Zim . -:J "L", - ' 'fr ff 3 M '1- ,s . a -- -,:r - nge. , r .f -- ,, up-1 l f,- X. ' - .r.4- -vw as--L ...f -' f-,,,.- t1.l'w.": 4' - .fl f- The Labrador stretch - Over the fence - Tammi Carrie Taylor misses the ball Brewster swings with all her and the fire hydrant all in one strength and determination in -un game! Q the hope of hitting a home- run. Sports 88 Jv Softball na my . 4 '45, 2, iikiliii 1 0681 if 1 , .1 ig: 1 W f.-Q1..a..x, 1-'Q1'vlf e'v'vu4s.1x ras. H we S... - MV Opponent I4 Chandler 1 3 1 lVlcClintoclc 1 1 4 Corona 16 Il McClintock 6 aThe I9 Mesa 5 4 Sagem S ly Worked well 2 Yuma 3 8 Chandle' 7 as a teamg 1t 8 Chapparral 4 4 Mm 10 was probably I7 Coronado 18 zo Chapparral 4 O u I- S t r O n g 22 Corona 18 . , 6 Tempe S omtf IO Yuma I5 P 8 wins, 7 losses - Coach .Dudley Stealing the base - An um- pire in the game tries to pre- vent Lisa Berg from stealing the base. Strike three - Pitcher Me- lissa Clough uses her fast-ball to strilce out a player of the opposing team. To the mound - Catcher Tina Hedrick concentrates on returning the ball to the pitch- er, Sports JV Softball l,,L,l Ill ,u Powell power - With over- flowing energy, Eric Powell Hoop quad aim high tarting in june, the varsi- ty basketball team spent hours in the gym and showed tremendous dedication and a great attitude according to first year Coach Gary Ernst. After the resignation of Coach Dennis Pipes, Ernst, with ten years experience and a state championship behind him, came to Mountain View and was impressed with their potential. Player contributions fell in several categories: Kevin Driggs, "great passer and ball handler", Charl Riggs and Eric Powell, "both good shooters", Kurt Richardson, "very aggres- sive player", john Jackson, "great speed and quicknessng Matt Hendrick, "aggressive re- bounder"g Neal Jones, "great scorer - gives us a spark off the bench," said Ernst about his starters. Leading scorer Neal Jones said, "Coach Ernst shows us how to play to our best poten- tial which helps us win games." "You have to love the game, and then play it all the time. Repetition will make you a bet- ter player. Speed and quickness helps," commented Ernst about his 2-3 hour practices every day, in which he emphasized funda- mentals and conditioning. Ernst recalled the overtime win over Prescott that showed the team that they had the right stuff to beat the good teams. "They were extremely fun to coach," Ernst concluded. Sports 90 Boys' Varsity Basketball makes an impressive ally-oop in the heat of an overtime. Might as well jump - Air- borne, Charl Riggs rises above the crowd of players to easily ' score.- v .,. - si N .3 . gt M: K s W, -J., ., A The agony of victory - Call of the wild - Kevin Tensing every cell, Dan Driggs sets up the play with Krueger goes beyond physical words of encouragement to his pain as he hustles down court. teammates. . , M-,o.ff'9'4s s. 4: Qin?-H ,:,. f sv fa ff' P J," r E43 ,54- -e"' . Y' W3 5 to .Q- 3 . .gud , 'was .ffl ,N 1 , 'Tl' M, opponent Trevor Browne Carl Hayden Shadow Mountarn Prescou Wesmood Dobson Coronado Christmas Toumamenr Mesa Yuma McClintock Corona del Sol Chandler Chaparral Mesa Yuma McClintock Corona del Sol Chandler Chaparral 4th Divisionals I4 Wins, Xl Losses .. '. l,,L,l lul ,I MV opponent 83 Trevor Browne 28 56 Carl Hayden 50 56 Shadow Mountain 42 69 Prescott 55 28 Westwood 42 55 Dobson 55 52 Coronado 65 56 Mesa 70 47 Yuma 45 60 McClintock 61 55 Corona del Sol 54 66 Chandler 65 71 Chaparral 53 7: Mesa 73 45 Yuma 50 86 McClintock 56 53 Corona del Sol 43 67 Chandler 73 80 Chaparral 50 II Wins, 8 Losses Will he make it? - With anxiety and pressure, Glenn Clouse takes perfect form and tries to avoid the block. Eye of the tiger - Soaking up his weaknesses, Tom Fou- shee predicts his opponents move to make the shot. "This group of players never let themselves get really down, even when We were in the grips of a four game losing streakf' - csssh Sessions Sky high - Saving the ball from out of bounds, Paul Stan- dage eyes the court to find an open man. Decisions, decisions - In the heat of the moment, Doug Allen decides in seconds who he will pass the ball to. 2 Sports 9 Boys' JV Basketball Screenin' out - Doug Allen gets right under the basket and keeps his man from getting the rebound. n Q. ny Give me that! - Aiding his Eyein' that net - Exhausted f66mm3f6S, Brian Martinson after hustling down the court, fights for a loose ball in the Paul Weldon sighs at how far game against Mesa. he'll have to shoot. Comin' through, Dobson!! - Tom Foushee dribbles in the middle of a fast break to- ward an easy lay-up. Ill power upplied by great teamwork 6 6 his team wins when it plays hard-nose position basketball, that means holding on defense and screening out on re- bounds," said Coach Greg Ses- sions about the JV basketball team. Sessions has coached JV bas- ketball since 1977, with the ex- ception of the I983-84 season, when he took a year off. With the performance of the team this season, Coach Ses- sions believes that they will con- tribute to varsity next year. "The team was very anxious to succeed and will put in the time necessary to become an out- standing varsity team in a year ot two,,' he explained. With practices that lasted anywhere from 1 W to 3M hours, Sessions was confident about his program and how it prepared his players for com- petitive games. "Our practices included a variety of activities ranging from outright running and conditioning, to aggressive- ness drills, to scrimmage situa- tions," Coach said. "Our team is very close and the coaches are eager to have us as varsity players because we have a lot of talent," Tom Fou- shee said. Sports Boys' JV Basketball Eur! LL! 11,11 ujmju MV opponent 4 Dobson I Kofa 6 Corona del Sol 7 Tempe 1 Chaparral 4th Christmas Tourn. 5 Chandler 5 Westwood 2 Yuma 2 McClintock 2 Mesa 3rd Divisionals 8 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie "We wanted to be the best that we could be. These kids would go through a brick wall to win a game." - Coach Scafaria Breakin' away - By outs- marting his opponent, Jack En- nis keeps control of the ball. Right on target - Concen- trating on hitting the ball squarely, Roger Martin puts all his strength into the kick. Using his head - Showing the proper way to use his head, Charles Griffiths effectively hits the ball to a teammate. ,aa ,Mi .aa Aim high - With a high leg Fancy move - Doug Gooch kick, John Chiakmakis keeps expertly executes a difficult the ball away from the Yuma pass to an awaiting teammate. opponent. dering the fewest goals po mort 'Q Captufd - Eric Champion for another score to moves i. addl to his team-leading total. Kickin 15-in Chiakmakis passes the ,ball a habit - Sopho- to another teammate downfield. rafo leads team to suwess coring more than any ,other the league while surren- IFC we d th' varsity soccer' teami t a . n -I- lea ue championship and a I ispasontrecord. i'All of these kids were standing in their pown OUI' way. Tlley all gave IIOI percent," coulil play many positions. We had ia lot of depth, anyone on the? ibench could have been a starthr for many teams," SE3. fariai said. Long and demanding prac- ticeslwere met with dedication. "Competition in the starting lineup made each week of prac4 tice' hxore challenging and re- ttam, the underclassmen pro- gressed in learning our system of play so quickly" that the team improved constantly. After a disappointing fourth place finish in the Christmas Fi- esta Tournament, the team "dedicated itself to a lot of hard work during Christmas vaca- tion." The break became a turn- for the rdst of the regular sea- SII. , . p Teami and coach-voted wards went to: Most Valuable, liiric Cham i arting Mos eesg Mcist Qhiakmakisg lliusan Nlitic Memorial, ion and Roger Improved, Kerry nspirational, John Most Dedicated, Mlm, Michael Hoyt arcus Vornhusen. Coach Dom Scafaria explained. wardingf' Scafaria said. ing point because, after it, the l'We had many players who 'Uhough it was a young team compiled a 5-O-I record 1 , W l U l l l i 4 l i i A i i w S rt Yan-airy Smile: I I LL! ljmju nj In Look out - Juan Martinez kicks the ball over the head of his opponent while Jeff Caccia- tore looks on. Keep away - juan Martinez races to the ball and kicks it before his opponent can steal the ball. Ready, aim, KICK - While protecting the ball with his left foot, Kelly Dutcher aims his next kick. ,',, zggk iffify -if-' 'X . . ,, was-A ..' I . srjp, if -:Mia-wnww-up ..-."'57"'P"' ' XZ'53:4:"fV"5 i'C."5' S t 96 Jsogrjcccr .1:mr'?-smile" za H WWEWQ O N M' -- Q I ive' Eyre Q . - i .,.r. -4 .-.,s,..QQ'77Qff-- Sock it to it - Concentrating on making an accurate pass, Mark johnson puts his strength into the kick. I ,vim - 'it '91 MV Opponent 2 Mesa 2 Corona 1 Dobson 1 Westwood 4 Marcos de Niza 3 McClintock 4 Tempe 1 Dobson 6 wins, 2 losses his opponent's reach. "As the season pro- gressed, we im- proved as a team each gamef' - Coach Kipp A stride ahead - Moving Follow the leader - Keep- closer to the goal, Mark john- ing his opponents in his shad- son keeps the ball just out of ow, jeff Cacciatore moves the ball downfield. . . 3. ' in .. Y 1 -- in-"s'.a.rff?: 54209124.21 t...tfa. we Let's dance - Keith john- son and his opponent forget about the game to practice the latest dance craze. .- V is ,iff 'PQ ui? ,N-' fuk ' ' Experience, hall-handling, conditioning equal sueeess xperience keyed the JV soccer team to a 6-2 re- cord. "Our main strengths were ball-handling and our condi- tioning. Almost all the players had fairly good skills due to playing on organized summer league teams," Coach Tim Kipp explained. Another strength was the team's "very cohesive, unselfish play." They also had a "very good attitude. All got along and were very coachablef' Kipp said. The team was a mixture of experience and inexperience. Half the team played JV last year, but five players were fresh- man. Several players contributed to the success of the team, in- cluding: Eric Markowski, Tom Prigge, Brian Kobza, Kelly Dutcher, Mark Johnson, Rus- sell Shurnway, Chris Keck, Juan Martinez, Keith johnson, and Henry Osif. S t JV Sgsdiei iff: Ii EE Dedication drive Toro to success he job of a wrestler was not an easy one. Prac- tices consisted of run- ning 2-3 miles daily, weight lift- ing, vigorous calisthenics, and one hour of continous wres- tling. However, the varsity wrestling team showed an out- standing season. "The younger players learned from the upperclassmen that they could push themselves farther, develop their tech- nique, and strengthen their self- confidencef' said Coach Grif- fin. "If you always try your har- dest and have your heart into it, you'll be successful," said top varsity wrestler Tim Misch. Dedication described the JV wrestling team. A major strength of the team was the middle weight class. "Competi- tion is what malces a good ath- lete better. Each weight class was very competitive," com- mented JV coach Don Kramer, who has coached wrestling for two years. "We improved throughout the season both physically and mentally," said Paul Tropio. . U. . ,mt . .f e N- . Anticipation - Awaiting the starting whistle, Rich Ran- dall prepares to pin his oppo- nent. Sports 98 Wrestling 2 On top of things - Domi- nating his opponent, Doug A Nelson talces control of the sit- uation. 4 Struggle to the top - Wrestler jeff Pospisil executes a cradle to try to pin his oppo- nent. Take it away - Varsity wrestler Todd Castleberry at- tempts to take his opponent down from behind. t . - .abbot s X fi ff' Q .t x is Wifi'-130' MV Opponent 38 Kofa 52 Yuma 3rd Multiple Q Mt. View I2 Mesa 42 Saguaro 5th Mesa Invitational 43 Westwood 5th Winslow Invitational Ist lVIultiple Q McClintock 18 Dobson 5th Division zoth State 4 wins, 2 losses 'CI enjoyed the returning sen- iors who stayed with the pro- g r a m a n d W o r lc e d wi t h the underclass- menf' - Coach Griffin MV opponent 40 Kofa 7I Yuma 2 t Mesa 66 Saguaro 47 Marcos de Niza 46 Westwood 48 Chandler 65 Chaparral 23 Dobson 49 Coronado 8 wins, 2 losses - . or 4 ' 1 "Wrestling is one of the most demanding of all sports, both physically and mentally." - Coach Kramer tax.- ,gr Almost there - Varsity wrestler Sheldon Sullivan moves into position for a pin. 4.5 ,. Q' if ' 'llit f '-'L ,ti , W . - ',,.t. .,,..r,,r. ..,. wp?-Aaaigjfgqiggigk , V A f-f,qf,f,,r-,H , -xja,4vag3s. ,gl we up-Q A f..,,..,,,. -.,,. ' 1if'ii A .,., iii? Wrap it up - Wrestler Tim Misch attempts to pin his op- onent and ho es to score an- P P 5 other point for his team. Words-of wisdom - Varsi- ty wrestlers listen intently to Coach Griffin's pre-match ser- mon. S rt Wresliling HHI E Hard work, unity pace young team laying behind Coach Jim Brady's philosophy, "If ness control of emotions, an strength, conditioning, qui a i l a you play every game as 'hate to lose' attitude," Br best you can, the victories will said. happen," the boys' tennis team In order to improve th began the season with positive skills, the team practiced expectations. Team unity remained high throughout the season, partly two hours daily. Practice incl: ed various drills and challenj because most members of the CS. The top six guys played to decide the lineup for mat. v P team had played together be- sity, while the next six com fore. "Team unity was our ed for JV. strength," Brady attested. Number one JV player, Number one player, junior nior Bob Castle said, "Tenni: Jim Kobie "worked very hard not exactly regarded as a pre: e and was a good team leader," gious sport at Mountain Vi Brady observed. Number two so we have no pressure on us player junior Mike johnson also win. As a result, we can play ji ' 4 "worked hard and had good for the pure enjoyment Of t skills," Brady said. nisg we can relax and just hav Many factors contribute to good time, 2ll!h0Ugl'1 we C10 ' making a tennis player success- t0 annihilate our opponent, ful. It takes "coordination, Mcclintock Mike Prigge sends the ball ward Ben Kunde successfully M esa back across the net en route to a keeps the ball from hitting the Mesa Chandler Chaparral Corona g g Tempe The team had Cofomdo a good attitude Westwood Saguaro and WOl.'kCd Dobson , , Coronado Very hard' I Yuma Kofa - Coach Brady Marcos Sports I Boys Tennis uv " Q-Q., U I A. 5 i 1 O ta-us x H. 'f -ixwk, V L A 1-qi. H H E Look Mom, two hands - Using the strength of both if f . arms, Laura Kislack belts it over the net. Wanna buy a racquet? - Lisa Skousen accepts tennis as a way of life, but occasionally would like to cash it in. 'lf- , fy' ,J flof!LA:.. l,'r.,!S,! W1 11:'fffi'f"r-'N ,hfriglv y.. K JK,g,f, ,T Q in S f . 1 1 2 f-, 'Q -bk X XX- -iff' :ily The Reflex - Because of so much repetition, Jackie Wolfe automatically swings the rac- quet in a daze. Y'fr,,fi' f K Q , Q 1 Q4 f 1 as x . I . , ,L J 4 1 Q . , X. , K r 1 K 1 f , 3 1 x . K 1 - x i A V 6 . , , 1 A X ' Q Y 'Y 1 c 1 , s K Into the wing of thing etting goals to win each city match, do well at divisionals, and be repre- sented in the state tournament described the girls' tennis team. "They have a very positive attitude. They realize their tal- ent and want to play their best," said Coach janet Soule. Working from 2:15-4:30 helped the team progress and improve with challenge matches on Friday, drills an hour a day, running and conditioning, and scrimmage matches with singles and doubles. Soule commented on good tennis playing: "Consistency is very important in high school tennis, along with a good serve." The leaders of the team were seniors Jackie Wolfe, Bobbi Bloom and Wendy White with Sports Girls' Tennis junior Lisa Skousen all compet- ing for iii position. "I look forward to next year and enjoy being on the team," commented Skousen. "Determination is very im- portant for a good tennis play- er," Soule said, "Sometimes you have to put in a lot of hours of just hitting the ball." Mesa Chandler Chaparral Corona del Sol Tempe Coronado Westwood Saguaro Dobson Coronado Yuma Marcos de Niza McClintock Mesa Servin' up a storm - With a never-ending desire for victo- ry, Michelle Cooper drives the ball over the net. "Consistency is very important in high school tennis, along with a good serve." - Coach Soule Polo shot - Christen Smith effortlessly places the ball back in her opponent's court. Neutron dance - During a match, Tina Giese shows her opponent the latest method of getting to the ball. Low blow - With speed and control, Bobbi Bloom sprints to hit a winning shot in a match. Sports Girls' Tennis I 0 all 'fx Girls' Swimming, Front Row: Melissa Chapman, Penny Foos, Holly Hawk- er, Carrie Foos, Amy Chapman, Row 2: Marci Hockett, Kerry Ryan, Dana Aglio, Suzie Herron, Missie Mann, Karen Potter, Row 3: Stephanie Fuller, Tracee Dernovich, Lynn Balthasar, Missy Felstead, Rachelle Jones, Katy Tay- lor, Carlene Kruger, Baclc Row: Michelle Crago, Laura Savery, Cathy Mar- tines, Coach Sandra McCormick, Heather Haynes, Kim Riggs, Toni Snyder. Boys Varsity Cross Country, Front Row: Rich Mooney, jim Davis, Tony Newton, Steve Carroll, Roger Martin, Rusty Rosenberger, Todd Lewis, Bill Carpenter, Boys JV Cross Country, Row 2: Rich Wipf, David Dorum, Kevin Kalinke, Row 3: Antonio Ferreira, Douglas Dodge, Robert Young, Coach Michael jackson, Back Row: Stuart Thomas, Keith Blodgett. Junior Football, Front Row: M. Yao, M. Weber, T. Thompson, M. Brown, E. Samaniego, J.D. Martinez, A. Mendoza, B. Allmendinger, Row 2: T. Cooley, S. Skabelund, T. Castleberry, D. Morales, B. Morris, W. Hill, Kessler, S. Fitch, S. Sullivan, Row 3: R. Perry, M. Timmons, J. Douglas, J. Williams, Coach Kayle Haws, Coach Willie Dudley, B. Weindorf, T. Thomas, J. Jarvis, D. Nelson, Row 4: R. Call, B. Germaine, D. McDonald, P. Davis, Balthrop, D. Yost, Campbell, M. Downey, B. Gibbs, D. Eulate, T. Leonard, Back Row: A. Madyun, Van Norman, T. Hallock, S. Thompson, W. Pomeroy, B. Lientz, K. Gustafson, B. Glenn, B. Rothlisberger. . f K3 9 ' 9 fi3 'f , , A A 4 , , N4 - i . 3. j- 5 . "f 1 .R2f.i38ff-Q??7Q?3.f7 g9g,fTB4gE6lf-79 if as fl-.5 ,V ,P e iw A ?9 ' - - R- fi "8 Q!-3 93 ' .Ea:g9sgse?21544,.34,,1.919 ,zs , fi ek, ae-Q, fo flea 'isa 5 ""'Mww manning Boys' Swimming, Front Row: Brian Rundall, Tim Regester, Philip Row 2: Ramin Bledsoe, Todd Blough, Scott Balster, Todd Parry, Row Robert Clar, Mark Regester, Mike Hansen, Grant Baeker, Kevin lxrn meyer, Back Row: Dean Martines, Ross McDonald, justin Cawood, Cc Thad Decker, Carl Aglio, Don DeGracie, Eric Markoski. Diving, Front Row: Robert Kleinman, Scott Lee, David Zirker, Todd Murdock, David Benson, Tom Prigge, Back Row: Dana Mortensen, Barbara Abele, Amy Mann, Diana Bosley, Holly Hawker, Amy Selzer, Coach Barbara Minch. X 0.2 JV Football, Front Row: M. Ryan, Braley, D. Peterson, M. Fitch, Silver, T. Murray, R. Unangst, N. Robinson, Thompson, B. Williams, Fitzgerald, A. Acost, Row 2: M. Call, S. Dong, R. Pico, R. Beaugureau, Van Moorlehem, K. Johnson, M. Harris, Holmes, T. Davis, R. Oswalt, Paynter, C. Hassell, S. Behr, Row 3: A. Armenta, M. O'Connell, G. Clo T. Hall, Timmins, D. Garcia, Coach Chris Giannola, Coach Jim Brady Manager Russ Dobbins, C. Oliver, I. Morehouse, B. Cronk, R. Wilson, Johnson, B. Heath, Row 4: S. Gifford, Brewster, C. Richardson, T Pickett, R. Clarkson, E. Nielson, R. Koernig, S. Garcia, D. Crowden, P McKernan, R. Clemmons, Wygle, P. Passarella, R. Vranas, M. Marr Back Row: M. Schwanbeck, F. Cobos, B. Dick, G. Cogborn, Long, Turley, A. Brown, C. Rogers, K. johnson, B. Faysak, D. Bell, Bjornholt, Tinseth, K. Haws, M. Hinds, P. Standage, T. Calcaterra, C. Hummel. arsity Volleyball, Front Row: Kris Moore, jill Korte, Kellie Turley, Melissa opham, Jessica Millar, Debbie Brenner, Susan Redding, Back Row: Sharla Dawson, ndrea VanNorman, Kurt Schuster, Assistant Coach Barry Redshaw, Coach Steve chlick, Assistant Coach Chris Carlson, Ty Greenleaf, Bobbi Bloom. Front Row: Julie Lavergne, Michelle Casillas, Lisa Crist, Kami Beck- Michelle Cooper, Row 2: Maurlee Ronnie, Billi Self, Kenna Stone, Paula Back Row: Suzanne Chaney, Sandy Nettles, Crissy Dougherty, Coach Jean l H, ,,,, , g , . . W A J w -- at-sity Football, Front Row: K. Mucha, Ortiz, D. Domikaitis, S. Lunt, C. l, A. Edmund, S. Valles, M. Teague, C. Phillips, D. Duffy, M. Schuh, Row 2: Riggs, T. johnson, B. Gifford, R. Randall, S. Judd, T. DeMassa, F. Orona, W. eiswander, K. Gibson, S. Gulden, S. Trussell, D. Gooch, Row 3: D. Hewson, B. redrickson, D. Henderson, Manager Owen jesse, Assistant Coach john Kleiner, Head oach Jesse Parker, Assistant Coach Don Kramer, Trainer Greg Pott, B. Green, huckhart, W. Mortensen, Row 4: B. Smith, B. Dorian, B. Cunningham, R. Mc- onald, R. Gehring, M. Dick, K. Cronk, Nystrom, T. Shell, Back Row: D. hristmas, Skousen, R. Bentley, R. Chapman, B. Davis, C. Boheneck, K. Nicoll, M. ance, P. Walheim, Jackson, E. Powell. J . . JV Volleyball, Front Row: Leslie Bloomfield, Andra Brown, Lisa Berg, Row 2: Lori Schanfarber, Tina Castleberry, Lisa Burch, Tina Bothe, Back Row: Lisa Morgante. Not pictured: Serina Middleton, Danette Saline, Tami Brewster, and manager Trina Hedrick. an i , 51 f B ii T' ..f, ' 1 0 -J . --is ' Q . a 2 ew it .jf v'A r v 5 ve H Er Wi E 'Q' - . f gvfffa-sz.-a-'f'f 9"g?fsfecWf?x9' is 29 B gt .,, . ,.,,,. , N ws... S... ., . Varsity Softball, Front Row: Sharon Schweppc, Lisa Burch, Lori Schanfarber, Billi Self, Debbie Brenner, Raquel Navarrette, Monica Vasquez, Wendy Loughreyg Back Row: Coach Norm Shill, Cathy Higuera, Christine Frank, Wendy White, jill Swanson, Amy Christen- sen, Lisa Morgante, Judy Pshak, Assistant Coach Charlie Higuera. -ff ,, .M Up and over - All State athlete Kris Moore spikes the ball ovcr the net while All- Stater Susan Redding watches. Sports Team Shots I O Varsity Soccer, Front Row: Kerry Hees, Roger Martin, Eric Champion, Todd Johnson, Ed Koeneman, Duc Nguyen, Alex Simonovic, Charles Grif- fiths, Back Row: Derek Bollwinkel, john Chiakmakis, Chad Jenson, Doug Gooch, Todd Waaramaa, Coach Dom Scafaria, Dusan Mitich, Jack Ennis, Edgar Martinez, Marcus Vornhusen, Manager justin Griffin. Varsity Basketball, Front Row: Charl Riggs, Kevin Driggs, Neal jones, Greg Dayley, Chad Church, Dan Krueger, Back Row: Coach Gary Ernst, Kevin Smith, Matt Hedrick, Kurt Richardson, Eric Powell, Kevin Nicoll, Blain Trendler, Paul Wahlheim, john Jackson, David Perkinson, Asst. Coach Bob Fredericks. Girls' Cross Country, Front Row: jackie Wolfe, Dawn Shear, Lori Whit- more, Mechell Bosley, Back Row: Missy Roberts, Donna Painter, Nancy King, Melanie Flake, Tina Stroia, Sandy From. Not pictured: Coach Jack Snow, Marcy Miller, Tracy Adams. Sports I Team Shots Boys' Tennis, Front Row: Ben Kunde, Ken Osorio, Scott Griest, Bob Castle, Bettendorf, Tim Brown, Manager Vince Fahey, Back Row: Mike Craig Snapp, Scott Burnham, Mark Frye, Mike Giese, Mike johnson, Kobie, Coach Jim Brady. Tennis, Front Row: Tina Giese, Michelle Smith, Michelle Cooper, l-luffakerg Back Row: Christen Smith, Lisa Skousen, Wendy White, Miller, jackie Wolfe, Sandy Nettles, Laura Kislack. Not pictured: Bloom, Coach Janet Soule. Basketball, Front Row: Brian Martinson, Gary Christianson, Craig Glenn Clouse, Tom Foushee, Mark Marrero, Ron Vranas, Back Micah Gosney, Doug Allen, Derrick Redding, Paul Standage, Chris el, Ron Tinseth, Kurt Haws, Paul Weldon, Coach Greg Sessions. M JV Wrestling, Front Row: Mike Owsley, Scott Nielson, Mark Bolland, Craig Galbasini, .lessee Shannon, Tom Crowe, Steve Jarvis, Robert Carter, Row 2: Robbie Oswalt, Bryan Merrill, Scott Fitzgerald, Doug Gardner, Sam Valles, Chad VanMoorelehem, Troy Davis, Brent Williams, Davicl Gunnel, Mike Yao, Row 3: Brian Swanty, Sean Gifford, David Arnett, Alan Skousen, David Poli, Robert Allen, John Williams, Dalyn Kepler, Todd Ingalls, Ian Morehouse, Back Row: Coach Don Kramer, Ryan Clarkson, Brian Cronk, Paul Tropio, jay Turley, jeff Wygle, Butch Dorian, Ronnie Chapman, John Long, Paul Davis, Doug Nelson, Asst. Coach Richard Griffin. Golf, Front Row: Mike Kernagis, Bob Sitter, Paul Swanson, Greg Arnett, Back Row: Coach Norm Shill, Chad Preston, Curt Bailey, Jeff Humble, David Hawkins, David Clark. Not pictured: Neal jones, jeff Cain. Sports Team Shots - IO7 Fearless - Relying on her partner's grasp, Cheryl Duffus performs acrobatic exercises on skis. Look mom - no skis! - Barefoot waterskiier senior Cheryl Duffus practices her one-leg manuevers. ,Hwy - 'ez j- ya, .::""'w-w -s.,....,-.-aw an Mm Nil, ,r.L J ,,,,,,Je-pw ,jgf-YQP"' MMM -wan! IAQ' M "V" 'A -1352-1-.., ...fevf 'ffw.,,' JM 'mf-. - ,f ,A 3 ,,,: ,wg , Il, .vw 'HL'-.f.' 2. Q: : U , f ., l:9m,,.g ---f.' fjii if I ' 'f .,, wr. i e -, 5 ygqsaaiw mf.. , X --:ws-ax'-'rv 'ff . '," ' U r ,g .0-,. QL . -. 4 . L ,Y gl! ' 1' - ,ii',!',, l I Lf., Q. if , . 'QT' ,f-'gm Mu ,V is Poppin' wheelies - Sopho- more Tim Brown shows his rid- N30 ing expertise as he pops a whee- ' ue with his ATC. .ms Sports I Out-of-school sports H 4-v-lik! V 0ut-of-school port prove popular with many ith only approxi- mately 50o positions available on school sports teams, the other IQOO students interested in athletics were forced to play somewhere else. Many students didn't have time to dedicate themselves to a school sport, while others did both. In addition, since Mountain View doesn't offer some of the more popular but recreational sports, students played these sports elsewhere. Students played sports for many reasons: exercise, competi- tion, to relieve tension or stress, to help them relax, to be with tudent their friends, or because they had nothing better to do. From tubing to fishing, ATC riding, to snowskiing, and Saturday touch-football to or- ganized church teams, students found many ways to have fun through sports. 'iii f-,I-J,.gr-tm - t . 1.551-' -I' . 3.-fg:,"" X 'ks s rf Gig, w ,xy Q, 1'- r....... ,ia Q 6 5' L gr ill 4 , .r tw K 8 ,,Q.,f- 9 W H' X. Airborne -- unior Rick An- tillon flies through the air on a Crxz5 motorcycle while racing for Honda I-louse. Slam dunk - Junior Mike Schroeder goes up for a slam dunk in the 9-fOOI basket at Highland Elementary during a friendly game of basketball. Thumbs up - Racing for Kelly's Kawasaki KX 80, soph- omore Mike Whire performs a stunt with his motorcycle. . rf i 2: i 1 -. .gi .::5,,.'3t'3.'Z, ' is .Rs JZ fegffu .5 ,Q..,..-44,.- -. . - ff-t :rw--',-5 . ,115-if , N., b S 144 Sports Out-of-school sports I l""'l 'gr' '..':'..."' ,ml LU Change in strategy High five Dave Benson Members of the umor Foot and Todd Murdock congratu ball team discuss the next play late each other United we stand - Discuss- ing the upcoming play, the var- sity football team displays the unity that was so influential in their season. It's a hit - Paula Drake wel- comes a teammate into the du- gout after she drove in the tie- brealcing run. Team unity play keg role in port everal factors contribute to a successful athletic team. However, unity proved to be a common charac- teristic among Mountain View's winning teams. Cross country and track run- ner Donna Painter said, "Team unity gave everybody a better attitude and made us want to f X .. .+L win. Everyone was in a good mood and there were no bitter feelings." When a group of athletes work together and play as a team rather than individuals, winning often results. All-State volleyball player Kris Moore explained, "Team unity is of major importance in any sport. You really must have it to win, especially with volley- ball, because everyone depends on everyone else. We worked as a team and we won fthe state championshipj .U Unity also seemed to distin- guish a group of people from a team of athletes. All-State football player Jay i 7 . Way to go - After a pin, Chad VanlVlorlenhan receives congratulations from Ron Chapman and other wrestlers. Winner's circle - With words of encouragement, the state championship volleyball team huddles between games. Hand-in-hand - Varsity football captains Jay Nyastrom and Kevin Cronlc walk out to midfield together, Nystrom said, "Team unity is really the most essential thing you need to play football. You always need team unity because you have to really trust the guy next to you to do his job, be- cause if he doesn,t, it hurts the whole team, without team uni- ty, I don't feel you could call it a team." ,Q A in gf Sports Team Unity I I I 'Qi IA 'K O CJ V Qfgfxmghmw me btw 0. W. -',Bu?'?0-jim 211- w?e,VMMi1w jO'04-QTMH-7U'IdQ'w'49U WQQW glfmghw wz aaqaw 0-mawfmw f QM? 'KV' E 431.1 . f q Q.. f z " f ' f , A s .nv S ,ff 4 I , A . , 7 l I 5-ff ' ' ' 3- J V' E. ni I .V 'f Q 'trim-w ' s-er , Hx x. S ""' 7 ' L ' o I N fi 3 iq, I M: Q H 5 wa- 'mga , W., wg, , 1. 32? 1. 4 an HE 52 f 1 ,ff 1- WY? z "ZW: V 5' . A ,.. ,r , - 1-Q ,-1 Y I H0151 "'1.f.. X' nm .D IA "" ah M xg 11. 'al .A 4246 il fir U 1 '3 4 'E '54 6535, 6 X09 O X0 I I . Lge Every mother's nightmare -- Imi- tating a roclc group are Dawn God- win, Lara Kempton, and Grace Alvar- ado. "Oh! Look Brian" - exclaims john Ortiz to Brian Smith as a girl in a mini-skirt walks by. To the Class of '85: The last three years have come and gone quickly, for some of us too soon and for others not soon enough, but the time we've all been waiting for has finally arrived, GRADU- ATION! The memories we created will always remind us of the spe- cial moments we've shared and the unique people we have met. Though graduation is near, the memories that have been shared between us will always be cher- ished. United together as Moun- tain View students we have overcome thiclc and the thin, the good and the bad, the hap- piness and the sorrow. Together, we shall strive to- ward new and unconquered ho- rizons. Although we shall sepa- rate and each turn in our differ- ent directions, each of us will remain and hold onto a certain piece of the Toro Pride. We have just finished but one chapter in our lives and are now moving on to the next. Make the most of everything you do, just as we always have. Good luclc in the future. lt's been fun. Sincerely, A fellow graduate ev .,...-m-- .ir -QI! My tutor - "Hey it's not as hard as Senior Class Officers: - Standing I thought," exclaims Gary Parsell as Treas. Margie Chiappera: Sec- Rick Marci Hockett explains it to him. MCDODald3 Pres. Kathy Higuerag and 1 People I I4 Seniors ------..........................-. Vice Pres. Susan Redding. Barbara Abele Shauna Adams Theresa Adams Carl Aglio Dana Aglio Jackie Aiello Terry Alexander Moniqlxc Allan Andria Allgood C hristoplxer Allmendinger Daniel Alquist Grace Alvarado Henry' Alvarez Paula Alvis Lori Amsbury Thomas Anderson Clark Andres Diane Angell Donella Arenas Kent Arnett Robert Arnett Robin Arnold Kristie Arrowsmith Williarxi Ashcroft Donna Atkins Stacey Baer Curtis Bailey Gary Bailey Micluael Bailey Gary Banlcson People Seniorsf"Ab-Ba I I 5 Aaron Baptisto Robin Bartlett Darren Barton Virginia Bassett Paige Bassler Rebecca Bean Tami Beert John Behring John Belch Timothy Bendure james Bennett David Benson Robert Bentley Margaret Benzer Terry Berg Nancy Berthold John Beynon Joann Biehn Wendy Biller Kim Bingham Ronald Bird Melody Birkett Garrett Black Ronnie Black Roberta Bloom Chad Boheneck Tiffany Bolar Diana Bosley Michael Bowers john Boyce ,.i-,. People I I6 Senior-s!Ba-Bo YI-I? fisf 1,453 Q'.:3'f" . 2, ,L . 17--'Av x., .. , X K1 sv-.. -f mimi. 'Kill' I' I -nv ffk 'Mr We "C'1d' 'vs V? 3 QA S-f x 1 ?"'T'P I 3 I Q, 3 v:"7'f LX Mfr K .flfx ,,...,., gpm' ,J G-J,-I ff' 15, -7.- m X X Ulis- um.. if nr-ff Q J 'QI' Y.. -Cv will 'MWF' E i Q Q-11 ff" W . 4.,,fM A Cory Church Diana Ciancuillo David Clark Craig Clarkson Brad Cloud Timothy Cloyd Larry Cochran -David Collins Lynda Collum Terri Colvin julie Comparin Caren Conklin jeffrey Cooper Kevin Copelan Phillip Cox Lisa Craig Andrew Crimmins Kevin Cronk Helen Crook Scott Crowe Laura Croy Tara Cummins Laura Curley Joseph Currie Klayton Curtis Sharon Cyplik Sherri Czuclak Elizabeth Dabrowski Wendy Dale Kristen Dana People I I 9 Seniorsfch-Da - Sara Dant Elizabeth Davidson Denine Davis jay Davis Juliana Davis Pamala Davis Sandra Davis Steven Davis Diana Dawson Sharla Dawson Steven Dearien Christen Decious Deborah Decker Donald DeGracie Charles Delk Thomas DeMassa Sandra Deming Kimberly Demke Michael Demoss Michele Dempsey Tracee Dernovich Anthony Desruisseau Michael Dick Daniel Dickerson Stephana Diumenti Crystal Dix Rohn Dixon Douglas Dodge Daniel Domilcaitis David Dorum People I SeniorsfDa-Do .............1.............1.-..1- -5 ,.. 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Susanne Mclnnes Joni Mclntyre Jeanette McKinney Pat McMahon Kristen McNeer Christina Medina Joan Meeker Bryan Mefferd Lisa Meininger Anthony Mendoza Kristin Merrill Mark Miceli Karen Middlehrough Benjamin Miller Marcy Miller Randy Miller Tammy Miller Jill Millecr Michelle Mills Randall Mills Michelle Miner Thomas Misch Timothy Misch Timothy Monte Kristin Moore Christopher Morehouse Sherilyn Morris Mariann Morrison Wayne Mortensen Kenneth Mucha ,,.....i............--------- People I 3 O Seniors!Mc-Mu +- 1.35 2 ftgjuv' ,uw Nur' 4 1 fi?- iff ,f Kale-y Musgrove Robert Myers LeeAnn Mykytyn Eric Nash Caroline Nathanson Raquel Navarrettc Wade Neiswender W'arren Neiswender Hal Nelson Susan Nelson Russell Newth Todd Newton Tony Newton Jill Nielson Andrea Noe Catherine Noel Jay Nystrom Sharon O'Brien Michael O'Dell Yvonne Olmes Freddy Ox-ona Juan Ortiz Philene Oswald Sandra Ctto Teresa Owen David T. Owens Colleen Packer Marie Pagan Donna Painter Troy Palmer People Seniorsf'Mu-Pa I 3 I ,1., Athena Pappas Branko Pariza Shaun Parry Gary Parsell James Paschlce Andrea Passarella Dorinda Pattea james Pautot Raymond Pechuli Kimberly Pelky Anthony Pember Annette Pendle Lydia Perkins David Perlcinson Debra Petteruti Kimberly Phelps Dan Phillips Wendy Phillips Charles Pierce Israel Pineda Amir Pirastehfar jean Petterle Tia Popello Kimberly Porter Louis Porter Marilee Porter Paul Pothier Becky Potts Brad Poulson Eric Powell I 3 2 People ScmorsfPa-Po ,......,..................-.....---i--- Kami Pramhus David Prechtel Michael Prigge Julie Pringle Robert Pryor Judy Pshak Donna Puckett Christine Radley Richard Randall Peter Rangel Delbert Rapier Susan Rapp Gary Rathjen Susan Redding Robert Reh Jodi Renfrow Christopher Rezlcr Vicki Rhinehart Jessica Richardson Kurt Richardson Tonya Richarme Paul Richie Douglas Ricgcr Charl Riggs Bill Ripley Dana Robbins Sheryl Roberts Susan Roberts Ian Roe Jennifer Rojas People I 3 3 Senior-sfPx-Ro Gary Romay Annemarie Rosati james Rose Rusty Rosenberger Susan Ross Philip Roy Stephen Ruclcle Mark Rudy Eric Rundall Lezlea Runneberg Andrea Rusk Denise Sabourin Patricia Sacco Amy Sacramento John Salerno Patricia Sampedro Kathleen Sanders Ray Sanders Israel Sanft Grace Saunders David Schellenberg Mary Schmidt Stacy Schoeller Michael Schuh Kurt Schuster Sharon Schweppe Kelly Scott Lauren Scott Scott Secondo Kay Seely People I Seniorsfllo-Se ...............1.............--.--- A , M11 '4Z"L' Ja... gn .QE 4...LL.1..., da.. , 1 'CT'-7' had buf uyfly tri iff? w,w n"1L'.i , N .1,zx 'MINI' Win .Q 5 1' 'wiwcln ,M "I .!. . .1 'l'1m4H "-4235 J! 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Jeffrey Tennant Bob Tewksbury Catherine Thomas Stacy Thomas Joanne Thompson Michael Thompson William Thornell Traci Tilton Amy Timmons Tammi Tremblay Amie Tryon I Peogale Senio sfsm-Tr u- in-v-vi fl sb.. fv- V, fi-L -1:1 Y . 1 1 5-!i'!'Qm ' '12 J, ' Rakim 1fX71'f:lf Hfilfiazxr 'i3Q','?1:':z11as: f.a:':i V"'-ffff' X Hz'a?mla1. 'ffC"vrndi 'Tri ' TYV... .. Daoznv xv 1 . 119. Sandra 'Tiff-,LY EiiX?'lbt.'I4h' 'iifcaifvroofg Chrwsiimx Vlfustrirjfa 81151113 zFl"hiutn:xmY1 Ruger' vffixiiex Vl'0mij.' iffuiic Ipzi vf3',EZgi'.'l!3fllff' giiiigifl Iitglwi SQYUHII Wifiilcxzii Kirk XEJHMZQKIXS Siem "5-I'ii?ik ,Amdrza Kxfiifilwil ffrmmcfra xfffilwrx jzmxxzx Xfkfilfamz hlzamux Wifi-M11 Scot? Wvizxiilcx' Julie Xvixmivrs 1:11114-s: Vgriifiliiifikf-B243 JJICCELICHIXC Wfolfc? Jason Vlf'ulfswinke1 Niichcllc Vifollvtt Tmzm1y Wong Anne 'Wfoodward . Pg-pple I Scnicrrs.f'XVc-XX'o K ix Ai! is WT- ., qv' A' , .V , 4 , .f .f.- .hw v wa - , .W M, ,. ,--x-Qing! I I 'iq gif? 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L 11 111 W"l1'1111l " 11 1 ' ' 3 1l1lM,11"W1 I '1 :1 1115111111111 1, 1 1111 Abela, Bat-bara:11Vair. i Divirlg 10,1 1,125 Girls B-Ball io,11,t1z: Clitk Club 1o,r1,1:f.g 'yearbook pher 12, Clixbiio 11 1' . 1 f1gQ 11 1113, Adamo Th'ft5i11li111PtP1j A.F.S. Club' iz, if 1 1 1 H1J fggf AUM' Motiqw?1tt:1?:1fr1+111:1t1111f1S1 Los Cantantes-'1llff111117'F111911,fic'1f3i21lT11IQgffQf1f'1iff, U 1 1 ' 1g,1,1'jj'1 1 '11:,11j,1j,':,11,1111j111'I 1 A115004 111111111111-11 1 I,l2Q 123 Encore String!! 'Q' Q p'1,!1Q7!11QfQ1f1f '1 Arrowsmitli, 'K.A.T.S.' IZQ Ashcroft, 1o,n,xz: Footballfiigy Y1N if!?1Fi1 Atkins, Donna: !to,ryi1,t2g, Spanish club 1 3, Pres: fog 'chorus xo: C.O.E. Izsl' 1 !!1 1N1? Q' Baer, Staceygf French Club ti. f 1 1'1s 3 'zg1f' 12:T Bailey, Mikal, Ger. Club y 16,1 1,127 1SriencteQ 11iE,flub H1129 ACCCHC 51113: Bankson, lFootbalIj111T1io,5iiQi l Basfbf-1110-f 1 'Y 1111131Ifififf,if'1f swim, Rsbiallsllg 11 C.O.E. 12. 1 'Q 'NI' I f lj'lQ'N1 Barton, Datronzf 11,125 Var. 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Football 1,4 Bowers, Mike: Football rr: Com- puter Club 12. 17 ' ' Boyce, John: Wrestling 1o,r1,xz. X-Boyer, Matt: Ba11tl'xo,1zg1lXft1es- tling 1r,12. ' 1 Boyse, Rene: Var.,Swiinming 10,l1Q, Nl-1.5. to,n,12g Slci Club 12, Cho-' tale zo,1,1,12g Homeroom Rop. -ro,it. Braclon, Sharon: .CCV 1o,tr,9to: H1New,l-lorizons x1,12. 1 i 1 f Braden, Susan: N11-LS. io,n,izg Newl-lorizons r1x,x2. C' , 1 1 Braley, Troy: F.F.A. lI0,1I,12. Q 1 Brinkman, Bom-riot Yearbook pljlof tograpller Io,:N1, Editor jI2Q Nolvspaf get photographor 12. J Bristow, Marl::1Tutor 11,123 Toto 'B21'lCllI0,1I. 1 C 11 Brown, David: Soph. Vice Pres. to: Ski Club I0,l1,I2g 'Wrestling IOL Football '1 IQ StL Body Pres. iz. '1Browtx, Derilt: Football ro, Track I1,12Q Scuba 12, Click :og 'French 'Clubug Y -Q ' 1113111-1v11f111Jtffrof I-C-E-,121 1llP9f?9i:1-Kaihffinw 'F?'fff55?f1Fl1 1 Pom1Lino 1ig.lC.A.T.S. xz. 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Cro, C Cl1at11oy,1Stove: Germari Club lto,x 1,1231 Computer Club xo. Choprtian, Nathan: 'Baseball IO. , Clxarpiot, April: Cl1oir'1o,11,Iz5 Deco ro,1r,12. A 1 i Chiappotta, Margie: Hornerooni Refi4,1xo,1t1g Ski Club :og Drama ro, ,log K.A1'lf.S. io,z 1,125 114551511 119s114f11,1PQm111if1t. was 1 rot-i1f2siD:st111f211i flfhil-::11iGQt:s1itf 1feDf11'P:f2111if2S1w2 io:'C3Ho1a1e1o41 Pro 11i1 U11 1 J xo,1r,I2. Ciancuillo, Diana: Flag Corp. xx, Pom Line 12: Chorus 1o,u. Clarkson, Craig: Football xo,x1. Cochran, Larry: Marching Band 11. Collins, David: 'Wrestling xo,x I,I2Q ' K.A.T.S. IZQ N.l"l.S. I2- Comparin, julie: Tennis ro,1 1,1z. Copelan, Kevin: Los Canzantes :og Chorale x1,x2. Conklin, Caron: Symphonic Or- chestra 10,1 xg German Club xo, junior Achievement ro. N Cox, Phillip: Model U.N. II,I2Q Choral 11,123 Encore 12, Computer ClUb'I2. Crimmins, Andrew: Tennis xo,x 1. Christmas, David: German Club ug Stu.1Council ug j.V. Band xo. Crook, Helen: V.I.C.A. Croy, Laura: Las Palamitas :og Dra- ma xtg Encore Ilg Chorale 11,xz. Cumnmins, Tara: Chorus :og French Club xo,x2g A.F.S. Club 1o,xx. Cyplik, Sharon: Yearbook :tg Ftenqil Club 12. Czudak, Sherri: Pom 12. C Dana, Kristen: Var. Track 11,1z. Dant, Sara: Pom 11,124 National Honor Society xo,x 1,12g Girl's State ng Girl's Nation 11, 'Toro Band 10,115 Musicals and Plays lO,Il,l2Q K.ALT.S, I1,1z. Davidson, Elizabeuo Archery 11o,1 1 1 1 1 !Doifis,V Doetloe: Yearbook xo, ju- 11111iot1Editof 111, Sonion Editor iz, , ,Hoinotoorzihicouncil xo,tx.i 1 i ' C Model Unitgcl Na- tions1'1o,1tr, :captain 112, National 1 1Q 1111 io,i1,12g 'Dante1the- i1iJlf1Movk T 1411141 Chow:- Lrori:1ChQr:Bi11ro1:1i111ss11 Baneiw- li:i1l11Ch0falc1l 7m lSPwiSh 'i'l Q 1!S13i112'fiivf1 l11C0Hf1fi1l1RfP- 12- l11l 11i1111i 1 E53-fif izfff 1 C 1 C 111'1 17 if 1111 1 ii 11 10- ,Eff 1111111 1 11. 1111. 11 1 11 11 5 . 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Yilfaei :1'1s'11.,1'1f'Q1f it .1,111 1.11 111, 11 , , 111111,1 Jmzwliwiw. , 1 ,1 1 ,1, .1 ,, , 1., , ,1 3l11gm25i:Q??:111Q 11 1 fw11q1gf1m.11 1111111111 ' ' 'ii 1: "Ji 11. if f I 11111:f 1+ '11a1111g'. , 1 1 11111, ,, ,V-, I . ,1,1 j"'Wi'l'iWW W 1 ff 1 giE1'15fL'1'1,1 11fW'l1J' : 1, 1 4 11 1 'ZW 11 1 : 111w11 11.2151 ' f. 1.11: 1111111i1111rw11 will1111w11l1111am11a11'111111111111mazfxzn 1 'll 1 1:f1w111, 1 mm11,1111111111111w1-1-t1Hf'1-vw w111m11111 wt11vw11t1t111lil15Z5T W 1. 1 1 1 1 1112411411 1 1,1111 1 1111 111 1 1 1 1, 111 M11 '1l11W1111111111t11111111 1 111111 11: 11 1 11 1,twMWTP?71f11Wm111!1111111111u!11w:l1tw?l1111tl11111y,m11t1111111 11111 11111 1 111115111111111211J11l111111b111 1- 1 1- -A ,11,,11:s,111,1,-,1,l,1.1:111111111 11111111 51111, WL11111111111111111- 311l'1'1ml111111111111:1111 1 11 111'. H1111 1 1,121,119111i1':11t,11"Q1w111E1l 11t1tww1111ll111g11m1111-s,1111a11m11-w1lx1 Y, 11 11 L 1 l t 1 l1 1 5:h1'13f11.1,r 1f1a:i11l'i111 '-ri 15 11' ,1 1., 111'maf111111:r t of 'F-,111" 3,1 M.,-1 , 11 r:g111,1 11, YMzs1m11,11: 432111424 ,M.s2..sr1ssrnl1-11 :1r 1 1 core Strings 11,123 German Club 11. Dawson, Sharla: Volleyball lO,I1,12, Orchestra I0,II,I2Q Track ll, Gymnastics IO, Student Body Treasurer 12. Dearien, Steve: j.V. Football xo. Decker, Debbie: Chorus xo, Pom line 123 Hero 12, Dance theater 12. DeGracie, Don: Var. Swim team IO,lI, j.V. Wrestling 10,113 Var. Wrestling 12. Delk, Charles: 1.V. Wrestling IO,IX. DeMassa, Tom: j.V. Football IO, junior Football Il, Var. Football IZ, German Club II,I2. Deming, Sandra: Orchestra 1o,1 IQ French Club IX, V.l.C.A. 12. Demke, Kimberly: Gymnastics 1o,11,t23 j.V. Cheer 103 Var. Cheer 11,12. Dempsey, Michele: V.I.C.A. ro: K.A.T.S. lI,I21 Flag 12. Dernovich, Tracee: Swim Team I0,Il,l2Q N.H.S. I0,KX,I2Q Track 10,113 French Club 11,123 Debate 123 Tutor 11. Dick, Mike: j.V. Football ro: j.V. Baseball IO, Var. Football 11,123 Var. Baseball 12. Dickerson, Dan: Deca XI, Drama 12. Diumenti, Stephana: Deca 1o,11,12. Dix, Crystal: K.A.T.S. 11,12 Dixon, Rohn: F.F.A. 1o,11,1z. Domikaitis, Dan: j.V. Track 103 Var. Football 11,12. Dodge, Doug: M.U.N. l0,1l,I2, Cross Country lO,I 1,123 Track IO,II,I2. Dorum, David: Cross Country 1o,11,123 Science Club Il,X2, Scuba Club 11,1z. Doyle, Theresa: Archery 10,1 1,12. Driggs, Kevin: Var. Basketball I0,Il,l2Q Var. Track 1o,11,1z. Duncan, Robert: D.E.C.A. 11,12 Chorus IO. Durney, Anne: Chorus ro. Eaton, Gerald R.: I.C.E. 12. Erickson, Kathleen T.: C.O.E. 12. Evans, Tamera: j.V. Volleyball ro. Fabian, Cindy: A.F.S. 103 Dance Theatre 11,12. Ferreira, Antonio: Cross Country 1o,11,123 Track 123 Accent on Aca- demics 11,123 Model U.N. 11,123 Sci- ence Club 11,12. Fiske, Sherri: j.V. Volleyball 10,1 1, D.E.C.A. 12. Frank, Christine: j,V. Softball IOQ -l.V. Basketball Il, Var. Softball 12. Frazier, Inice: Toro Band 10,1 I,l2Q Chorale: Encoreg Toro Band Treasur- er3 President Chorale. Free, Lynn: Ski Club 103 Pomline II, lVlayor's Youth IIQ Dance The- ater 12. Frihart, Tristan: Var. Swimming lO,lI,I2, Marching Band 1o,11,12g Encore Strings 11,123 j.V. Wrestling ro. Frisby, Kay: Newspaper Staff 11,12 QTypistl. Fygner, Marybeth: Click 10. Ganser, Dale: J.V. Wrestling 1o,1 IQ Ski Club l0,Il,I2. Gehring, Robby: j.V. Football, j.V. Baseball 103 jr. Class V.P. 11311. Foot- ball II, Var. Baseball 11,123 Var. Football 123 Athletics director 12. Giblin, Lee: Pep Club IO,II,I2, F.F.A. 103 Los Cantantes 103 Chorale 11,1z. Giese, Mike: Mayor-'s Youth Comm. I0,ll,I2Q Class Treasurer 10,1 IQ Var. Tennis 1o,1 1,123 German Club ro, Pres. ll, Boy's State ll, In- ner Club Council 12. Gomez, Rosario H.: Anytown 11.. Gowans, Margaret Ann: V.I.C.A. I1,I2, German Club 10. Gowin, Jana: Var. Volleyball 1o,1 13 j.V. Basketball IO, Var. Basketball 11,123 French Club Il,l2. Grant, William: Spanish Club 1o,12. Grasso, Robert: Model U.N. 1o,1 l,I2Q N.H.S. 11,123 S.O.S, Team ll,I2. Graville, Gayla: D.E.C.A. 11. Gray, Kevin: j.V. Football 103 Jr. Football 11. Greenlee, Jodie: Click xo. Gulden, Sandy: Football II, Var. IZ. Gutierrez, Richard: Football 11. Halls, Ryan: Los Cantantes ro Chorale ll,I2. Hamm, Erik: Treas. Spanish Club Io, Spanish Club 11,123 Science Club ll, C.O.E. 12. Hansen, Matt: j.V. football, j.V. Soccer 113 V. Soccer 123 Scuba Club II,l2Q Pres. 123 Orchestra IO,I2, Model U.N. 10,1 1,123 A.F.S. 1 IQ Lat- in Club 113 German Club 123 Encore Strings IO,Il,l2. Hardy, Michael: Toro Band 11,123 D.E.C.A. 11. Harman, Shauna: Chorus lO,ll,I2Q Model U.N. 123 German Club 12. Harrington, Sean M.: Newspaper l I . Han, Tonya: Pep Club 103 Click Club 10. Harwell, Alicia: K.A.T.S. 11,123 Pep Club IO. Hawker, Barry: Baseball I0,l IQ Ski Club 1o. Haynes, Heather: Student Coun- cil Traditions Commissioner 11,123 Varsity Swimming IO,II,I2Q Spirit Leader IO, C0-captain II, Seminary Sophomore Representative IO, French Club 1o,11. Hebdon, Michelle: Diving Team 10,1 IQ Track 103 Rep. 1o,113H.E.R.O. 123 Swimming 12. Henderson, David: j.V. football IO, Jr. football 1 IQ Varsity football 12. Hendrickson, Steve: Varsity Wrestling 1o,11,12. Revenge of the nerds - All decked out like a nerd is Kathy Hi- guera on Nerd Day. Oh, Teddy -- Troy Palmer knows that he will always be able to confide in his Teddy when there is no one else. People Senior Register I 4 I Miller, Marcy: Track io: Cross Country: Mayors Youth Committee, 11,12. Mills, Michelle: Los Mariposas 10: Drama IO,I 1,12: Premiere, Los Can- tantes 11: Premiere, Chorale 12. Miner, Michelle: C.O.E. 12. Middlebrough, Karen: Dance Club 11,12: C.O.E. 12. Misch, Timothy: Var. Wrestling 1o,11,12: N.H.S. 11,12: K.A.T.S. io. Misch, Tom: J.V. Wrestling l0,l 1: Var. Wrestling 12: Newspaper Editor 12. Moore, Kristen: Var. Volleyball 1o,1 1,12:J.V. Basketball 10: Track 10: French Club lO,lI,l2. Morris, Sherilyn: Pom 12. Mortensen, Wayne: J.V. Football 10: Junior Football 11: Var. Football 12. Mucha, Ken: J.V. Football 1o:J.V. Baseball io: Var. Football 11,12: Var. Baseball 11,12: D.E.C.A. 11. Myers, Robert: Drama Club 10,1 1, Pres. II: Los Cantantes io: Encore 11,12: Chorale 11,12. Mykytyn, LeeAnn: Newspaper 1o,11: Gymnastics 11,1z: Pom 12. Nash, Eric: Science Club, Spanish Club, Yearbook, Home-:room Rep. Ac- cent on Academics, Model U.N. Naranette, Raquel: Var. Softball 1o,11. Neiswender, Wade: J.V. Football io: Junior Football 11: Var. Football 12. Newth, Russel: Ski Club io: J.V. Wrestling 11: Var. Wrestling 12: Chorus io. Nelson, Susan: Chorus to Il 12: Orchestra l0,II,l2. Nielson, Jill: Choir, Los Cantantos I2. Noe, Andrea: Tennis io: Flag Corp 11: C.O.E. 12. Nystrom, Jay: Football I0,II 12: Wrestling 10:12. O'Brien, Sharon: V.I.C.A. 11. O'Dell, Michael: Varsity Basket- ball 1o,11,12: Mock Trial Il,l2. Orona, Freddy: Varsity Football IO,I 1,12: Varsity Basketball 10,1 I,I2. Ortiz, John: J.V. Football io: Varsi- ty Football 11,1z: Varsity Soccer 12. Owen, Jessie: Football IO, 1 1, 1 2. Owens, David: J.V. Basketball 1o: Student Council 1o,11: Homeroom rep. 1o,11. Painter, Donna: Var. Track 1o,1 1,12: Cross-Country X1,I2Q N.H.S. 1o,11,12: Anytown 11. Parsell, Gary: Band 1o,1 1: National Honor Society, to,11,12: Wrestling ro: Model U.N. XI,I2. Paschke, Brad: Football 1o,11,12: German Club io. Pattea, Dorinda: JV Girls Basket- ball 1o: Indian Club to: Click Club 1 1. Pechuli, Raymond: Football, JV io: Wrestling, JV 1o,1 1. Perkins, Lydia: Symphonic Ot- chestra 1o,11,12: N.H.S. IO,II,I2. Perkinson, David: JV Basketball ro: Varsity Basketball 12: Student Council 12. Phillips, Wendy: Matador Band 10: French Club io: Toro Band 11: Twirling II: Yearbook, Sophomore Editor 11: Yearbook, Editor in Chief 12. Pirastehfar, Amir: Foreign club, II. Pitterle, Jean: Las Palomitas 1 1: Las Cantantes 12: Drama Club 11. Popello, Tia: Student Council Rep. Il: ICE Co-op 12. Pothier, Paul: JV Wrestling 1o,11,12: Track 1o,11,12: Homeroorn Rep. 11. Powell, Eric: Varsity Basketball 10,1 1,12: Varsity Track 1o,11,12: Ju- nior Football 12. Prigge, Mike: JV Tennis II: Varsi- ty Tennis 12: German Club 12. Pringle, Julie: German Club 1o,11,12: K.A.T.S. 1o,11. Pryor, Bryn:-WGerman Club IO,l 1,12: Drama Club 1o,11,12: Cho- rale 12: Stage Crew 12. Pshak, Judy: Varsity Softball 1o,11,12: Newspaper 11,12: Sports Editor 11: Editor 12: yearbook, sports editor 12: N.l'l.S. 1o,11,12: New Ho- rizon 11,12: Anytown 11: Mayor's Youth Committee 12. Puckett, Donna: Las Palamitas io: Premiere Il: Las Contantes 12. Radley, Christine: Chorus IO, year- book 12, D.E.C.A. 12. Rangel, Peter: Football io, Wres- tling 1o,11,12. Randall, Richard: Football 1o,11,12: Wrestling I0,II,I2. Redding, Susan: Varsity Basketball I0,X 1,12: Varsity Volleyball 1o,11,12: Senior Class Vice Pres. 12. Reh, Rob: J.V. Wrestling IO: K.A.T.S. 11: Junior Football 11. Rezler, Chris: German Club io, Jr. Football 11: K.A.T.S. 12. Rhinehart, Vicki: Toro Band 10,1 1,12: Orchestra 10,1 1,12: Nation- al Honor Society Il,l2. Richardson,Jessica: J.V. Cheer xo: Varsity Cheer 11,12: Gymnastics 1o,11,12: Orchestra 1o,11,12. Richardson, Kurt: J.V. B. Ball ro: Var. Football 12: Var. Basketball 12. Richarme, Tonya: D.E.C.A. 1o,11,12: Dance Club 11:12. Richie, Paul: J.V. Band 1o,11:Toro Band 12: Click Club 11,1z: F.F.A. 1o,11: K.A.T.S. 12. Riggs, Charl: Football 1o,11,12: Basketball 1o,11,12: Jr. Class Pres. 11: Public Relations 12. Roberts, Sheryl: Los Palamintos 10: Dance Club 10,1 1: Premiere 11. Roe, Ian: French Club to: Jr. Foot- ball Team 11: Ski Club io. Roy, Philip: Track 1o,11,12. Romay, Gary: Toro Band 1o,11. Rosati, AnneMarie: Var. Track 1o,11,12: Ski Club l0,II,12. Rose, Jim: Football io: Baseball 1o,11,12: Soccer 12. Rudy, Mark: D.E.C.A. 12. Rusk, Andrea: Toro Band 1o,11,12: Symphonic Orchestra 1o,11,12: N.H.S. 11,12. Sacco, Pat: Dance 11,12: French Club 11: Homeroom Rep. 1o,11. Sacramento, Amy: D.E.C.A. 12. Sanders, Kathleen: Spanish io: Agriculture I0,ll. Sanft, Izzy: J.V. Football to: Toro Band 1o,11,12: Drum Major 12: NHS 1o,11,12: Pres. 12, M.U.N. 11,12: Homeroom Rep. Io. Schellenberg, David: I.C.E. 12. Schuh, Mike: Football 1o,11,12: Soccer io. Schweppe, Sharon: Toro Band 1o,11,12: Orchestra 12: J.V. Volley- ball rog Var. Softball 1o,11,12: Var. Basketball 1o,11,12. Scott, Kelly: D.E.C.A. Il,I2. Secondo, Scott: Toro Band 1o,11,12: Los Contantes 1o,11,12: President Anytown 11. Seely, Kay: Drama Club 1o,11,12 Chorus 1o,11,1z: Click Club 12. Self, Billi: Softball I0,I 1,12: Senes- call, Tony: J.V. Football: J.V. Track: Junior Football. Shell, Tyler: Football I0,I 1,12: Stu- dent Council Rep. 11: Wrestling to: Ski Club 1o,11,12. Shope, Darren: Spanish Club io. Simmons, Mike: Wrestling 1o,11,12. Simonovic, Aleksandar: Soccer io, 1 1 , 1 2. Singleton, Teri: l-l.E.R.O. 12. Skabelund, Shari: Toro Band 1o,11,12: Drama Club 11: National Honor Society 11,12: K.A.T.S. Skousen, Jeff: Football 11,12. Smith, Brian: Football 1o,1 1,12. Smith, Robert: Track io: I.C.E. 12: K.A.T.S. io. Smith, Wayne: N.H.S. 1o,11,12. People Senior Register 143 Spain, Sherri: Dance Club 10. Standage, David: B. Ball 10,1-, Football IZ, Track 12. Stevanovic, Goran: Soccer 11 12. St. Louis, Dean: Football 10,1 I,l2, Homeroom Rep. ll, Speech and De- bate 10,1 1,125 Track 115 Drama Club lO,II,I2., Accent on Academics IZ, Basketball II. Stradling, Brian: Football 11,1 D.E.C.A. 115 Homctoom Rep. 11. Sutherland, Scott: Sophomore Presiclent5 Ski Club 105 Football 115 J.V. Wrestling 105 Var. Wfrestling 11,12. Sweador, Robert: Football 1o,11. Tempel, Tammberly: J.V. Cheer 105 Var. Cheer II,l2, Ski Club 105 Gymnastics 1o,11. Tennant, Jeff: Football 115 Mata- dor Band 10. Tewlcsbury, Bob: Var. Track 1o,11,12. Thomas, Catherine fTrinhJ: Chorus 11,125 French Club 12. Thompson, Joanne: JV. Basket- ball 10,111 J.V. Band 11. Timmons, Amy: F.F.A. 10,11 12, Scuba Club 11,12. Tremblay, Tammi: J.V. Softball People 144 Senior Register 105 French Club 105 Junior Softball 115 Var. IZ, l-l.E.R.O. 12. Tryon, Amie: Chorus 10,1 l,l2'.1 Softball 10,1 15 Pep Club 10,1 15 Ger- man Club 11. Turner, Mark: Track 10,1 1,12. Tyler, Leslie: Chorus 10, Click 10. Upchurch, Susan: Yearbook 11, Business Editor Il, Pep Club 12. Vallelunga, Robert: Junior Foot- ball 11. VanRoekel, Sheila: Flag 1 1, News- paper 1 1, German Club 10, H..R.0. 12. Vanslyke, Kelly: Homeroom Rep. 10,11,125 J.V. Football 105 Jr. Football 1 1. Vasquez, John: JV Baseball IIQ Var. Baseball 11,125 D.E.C.A. 12. Vaughn, Jodi: F,F.A. 1o,11,125 D.E.C.A. II,I2. Vernacchio, Charlene: Cliclc 12. Waaramaa, Todd: N.H.S. 11,125 Var. Soccer 1 1,125 J.V. Basketball 10. Wakefield, Chris: Jr. Football 11. Walker, Kristi: Las Mariposas KO, Los .Contantes Il, Chorale 12. Wall, Stephanie: V.I.C.A. 105 D.E.C.A. 11,125 lVlayor's Youth Committee 10. Wallace, Marie: I-I.E.R.O. 12. Warble, Kelli: Toro Band I0,I 1,125 Var. Orchestra 11,125 N.H.S. IO,II,I2. Weldon, Lara: Encore 11,125 Cho- rale 12, Drama II,I2. Wendt, Brenda: D.E.C.A. 12. Werner, Sabine: Swimming 10,115 JV. Basketball 105 Var. 11,125 German Club 10,11,1z. West, Sandra: I-I.E.R.O. 12. Westbrook, Kim: F.F.A. 1o,11. Whitcomb, Susan: Orchestra 10,1 1,12. White, Roger QPaulj: Football 1o,11. White, Wendy: Var. Tennis 10,1 1,l2Q J.V. Softball 10, Var. II,I2. Whitmore, Lori: French Club 10,115 Cross Country BL Track 1o,11,12. Wight, Erika: Flag 10,115 Chorus 10,115 H.E.R.O. 12. Willcutt, Lynn: Track 10,11,12, Willis, Steve: Var. Baseball IO,II,l2. Wilson, Audra: National Honor Society I0,IX,I2Q Pep Club 10,115 Scuba Club Sec. 1 1,125 New Horizons 11,125 French Club V.P. 11512. Winters, Julie: Flag 10,115 Toro Band 1o,11,12. Wisniewski, Jim: Chorus I0 II C.O.E. 12. Wollett, Michelle: Choir 10,1 1512. Wong, Tammy: French Club IO,II,I2, A.F.S. 11,125 Science Club 11. Yahnke, Christine: Toro Band XI,I2. Young, Monica: Gymnastics IO,II,X2Q Homeroom Rep. lO,lIQ Spanish Club 11. Young, Robert: Science Club IO,II,I2, Sec. 1o,11, Pres. 105 Com- puter Club 10,1 15 Cross Country 125 M.U.N. 1o,11,12. Zack, John: J.V. Football 1o. Zaharis, Melissa: N.H.S. X0,lI,I2Q I-LR. Council 10,115 Pom 115 S.B. Vice Pres. 12. Zawaclti, Jill: J.V. Cheer 105 Ski Club 10,125 H.E.R.O. 12. Zawacki, Robert: F.B.L.A. Pres. 10,115 Science Club 105 Homeroom Rep. 10. You said juniors? This Junior class group of rowdy girls show their President Greg Juniors won again? A group of loud girls cheer the juniors on to another school spirit competition victory. We scored again? junior pommie Julie Demke cheers the Toros on to another hard- earned victory. Tickets for sale - junior class officers Greg Arnett and David Clark sell Homecoming tickets during lunch with Kathy Higuera, Senior Class vice president. -. Q-u-..., officers - Arnett, Vice pride at the McClintock assem President David Clarkg Secre- tary Michelle Helfertg Treasur er Brandie Hatch. 'PQ' Q56 8 are xcellence, unity, and style just about summed up the junior Class. To- gether through thick and thin the saying "All for one and one for all" held true to the letter. Always supporting each other whether the out come was good or bad, only proves how unique the junior Class really was. Being in a class with over 800 students and knowing all were supportive of one another was enough to let anyone know the sky was the limit. This feeling of confidence was evident dur- so., ing assemblies when the junior voices rose above the rest. Pulling together when times were bad, getting a pat on the back, or hearing, "We'll get em next time" and celebrating to- gether when things were good showed the closeness between this group of people. Graduation being only a year away made these students closer yet. Being friends through the years brought this group of stu- dents to where they can stand as one, because when the juniors arrived, the party began. Kenny Able Gina Adams -loan Adams Lisa Adams Patrice Adams Tracey Adams Angela Addington Wilson Aguayo Jenifer Aker Tony Albright Denyce Allen Richard Allen Robert Allen Brian Allmendinger Jeanette Alvarado Ricardo Antillon Richard Araiza Laurie Ark Daniel Eulate Joseph Armstrong Teresa Armstrong Greg Arnett Susan Atwood Tammy Atyeo Jeffrey Austin Ronald Axsom Lisa Ayotte Diana Baca Sheri Badger Sean Baeclke David Bair Douglas Baker Chris Ballard Scott Balster john Balthrop Michelle Banks lon Paul Barnicoat jennifer Barnes Carrie Barsickow Leslie Batchelor Kyle Baughan Tyrel Beavers John Beebe Llyod Behunin Christian Bell Flores Benito Frank Bennett Denise Benson Stephanie Benson Paul Berg Brigitte Berge Jerry Best Hillary Bethancourt Lenny Bettendorf Betsy Blackhurst Vicki Blanco People I 46 juniors!Ab Bl Kenneth Blank David Blasdell Keith Blodgett Teresa Bloom Robert Bogseth Stacy Bohman Misty Bolar Mark Bolland Derek Bollwinkel Michelle Bonnin Charles Booth Jennifer Boren Oliver Boseck Mechell Bosley Stacy Bostic Hamlin Boswell justina Bothe Mark Bowers Wyatt Bowman Jaime Boyd Andrew Boyer Matthew Boynton Yolanda Bracamonte Don Braley Robert Braymiller Debra Brenner Preston Brewer Tammara Brewster Tamara Brooksby Odessa Brouwer Andra Brown Camette Brown Matthew Brown Roberta Brown Sue Brown Tina Brown Ryan Brunner Bonnie Brunson Eileen Bryson Linda Buckland Bruce Buckmaster l Angela Bunchman N Bridget Bunning julie Burch Lisa Burch jeffrey Burrell Kerry Butren Mike Butz John Butzke Stacy Byers Samantha Caldwell Ron Call Greg Camarena Fred Camp Justin Campbell People Junior-s!Bl-Ca I 47 Scott Burgus N BQ , Leana Campbell Robert Campbell Raymond Campos Monica Campoy Maureen Cantu Michael Carlisle Artenio Carpio Tamo Carpio Carla Carroll Stephen Carroll Lea Carter Susan Cartwright Holly Casey Ann Casillas Pamela Casner Colleen Cassaday David Cassavaugh Robert Castle Todd Castleberry Catherine Challis Kelly Chamberlain Richard Chandler Amy Chapman Ronald Chapman Kent Charlson Richard Chenier Ralph Chiappetta Joseph Chucri David Clark Debra Clausen Vanessa Cloud Rebecca Cogswell Melinda Contreras Gary Cook Mark Cooley Melissa Cooper Mark Corbelli Patty Corbelli Jody Corrigan Leisa Cory Patricia Coury Christine Cowan Paul Creasman Lance Creel Duane Cronin Glen Cronk Thomas Crowe Rulon Crum Sherry Cude Sheila Cullen Chris Cummings George Cunningham Timothy Curd Samuel Cypert Kara Czudak Troy Dalrymple People I JuniorsfCa Da A-S31 '15 If 5.1 ,I i Lisa Damiano Kurtis Dana Vicki Dana Jackie Daniel Julianne Daughety Paul Davis Robert Davis Gregory Dayley Julie Dean Christina DeBoom Brett Decoto Lisa Delong Andrea Demassa Julie Demke Dawn Dennison James Deroy Joyce Devermann Barbara Diehl Dana Dignan Susanne Disselkamp Dragana Djekic Cheryl Doka Gerald Doka Jody Dollar David Domann Hamilton Dorian Debra Dosdall Jeffrey Douglass Mike Downey Brian Draper Joseph Draper Tammy Draper Daniel Duffy Brian Dunshie t i ' Ronald Duranti ala .Q Sharp dressed man -Junior Mike Forgot my homework - Cather- Downey uses great concentration to ine Klikoff realizes too late that she open his locker. left her homework at home. People JuniorsfDa-Du I Paul Eastham Everatt Eaton Pamela Edgell John Edmund Maureen Edmons Brent Edwards Kimberly Edwards Robyn Edwards 'lacquelyn Elfeldt Eric Eliason Colin Elmer Jack Ennis Warren Epstein Robert Erilcson Amber Essley James Estes jeff Evans joy Evans James Fagan jennifer Fagon Vincent Fahey Where's the game T ese ju way the game was away nior girls finally figure out the hard Danald Fay Kenneth Featherston Victor Federico Annalee Fedoriclc Khristina Fedorylc Christopher Fejoz Adina Fiaschetti Teresa Field jennifer Fillmore Samuel Fitch Jon Flake James Flood Carrie Foos David Foster People I JuniorsfEa Fo Debra Foster Thomas Foster Mark Fowler Brian Frabasilio Eldon Frazier Wendy Fredrickson Sara Frizol Sandra From Jennifer Frost Tanya Fuller Mark Fussell Gina Galante Christopher Galligan Dona Garcia William Garlick Sally Garrison Mark Gerhart Bruce Germaine Michelle Gerz Bill Gibbs Eric Gibson Kevin Gibson Bruce Gifford Weston Gillespie Michelle Gillpatrick Laura Giordano Angela Glenn Brad Gleen Mary Goettl john Gomez Daniel Gonzales Todd Gooch Shelly Goodman Robert Gordon Samantha Gordon Leslie Graton Debra Greaves Bradly Green james Gregory Scott Griest Patricia Griffin Charles Griffiths David Gunnel Marlo Gunnel Matthew Gurtler Kenneth Gustafson Laree Hale Denette Halfhill Tracy Hall Todd Hallock Catherine Halls Esri Ham Lisa Ham James Hamberlin Tammi Hamlin Anneli Hansen l-T, People JuniorsfFo-Ha I 5 I Midge Hansen Walter Hansen John Harker Malanie Harris jennifer Harwood Brandie Hatch Dawn Hathaway Randall Hawkins Jennifer Hawley Allen Haws Steve Heath Andrea Heck Matthew Hedrick Kerry Hees Michelle Helfert Denise Helmick Regina Hendrix Nancy Hensley Kevin Henze Kristi Herron Venita Hessler Laura Hey Tony Hickman Breck Higgins Laura Higginson Kelly Higgs John Hildebrand Rebecca Hill Carol Hill Julie Hagdahl Steffan Hill Wesley Hill Gerald Hocket Cherie Hodges Heidi Hoerchler Heidi Holder Larry Holland William Holland Charles Holstead Jason Holub Gary Honeycutt Daniel Hood Kirk Hooper Robert Hopkins Andrea Hoppe Robert Hossler Gary Housholder Jeffrey Howark Michael Hough Leveta Hudson Stacy Hudzietz Kurtis Hughes Rebecca Hughes Shawn Hull Kimberly Hunsaker Stacey Hunt People I 5 2 junior-s!Ha-Hu QQASM.. -'ry K ' fr., wfS9,'2g, fl 'w571'.i minute work - Jason Holub, as Liclcly and Sean Thomas for their test sixth hour. Where's that slip? Abdul Ma- dyum removes a ditch slip from the office, hoping no one will see him. Lost in love - Kris Fedoryk gazes into Izzy Sanft's eyes as they enjoy their lunch hour together. George Husar Dorothy Imperiale Craig Isley Guy Jacobs Kimberly Jacobson Marvin Jacquez Cynthia Jaquette Robert Jaramillo James Jarvis Danny Jenkins Jeffrey Jensen Ronelle Jock Anthony Johnson Heather johnson Jill Johnson Mark Johnson Michael Johnson Tim Johnson Daniel Jonas Julie Jones Carla Jorgensen Ginger Jutson Ken Kahle Kevin Kalinlce People Juniorsfl-lu-Ka I Christopher Keck Christine Keledjian Tammy Kelley April Kemp Angela Kempf Melinda Kerley Jack Kessler Jen Keyrer Jeffrey King Lorraine King James Kirkwood Laura Kislack Manuel Kitagawa Darla Klarstrom Jade Kizer Melody Kleinman Cathrine Klikoff Brad Klingaman Stephanie Klosterman james Kobie Edward Koeneman Rick Konopka jill Korte john Kosisky People I 54 Junimfxe-K0 X i Q .gk L. Late again - Michelle Lasee finds Taking a sip - junior Roxa it hard to get to class on time with 50 Ezell quickly takes a drink of her C many guys to talk to. before the teacher looks. ,I 'N Suzann Krall David Kramer Lisa Kreie Ivan Krstic Jerrilee Kruck Daniel Krueger Carlene Kruger Paul Kurus joey Labombarbe Elizabeth LaFortune Kevin Lakey Kristen LaMorte Mark Lance Michelle Lasee Mindy Last Julie Lavergne Scott Lee Todd Leonard Aimee Lepianka Valarie Levio Thomas Liddy Fredrick Liebert Barbara Lilley Debra Linenfelser Rebecca Lines Byron Linsenmann Patrick Loe Mark Loeffler Ruth Logacho Carmen Lomax Daniel Lopez David Lorig Jacqueline Lotts Vernon Loveall Pamela Lyon Tami MacClemmons Lisa MacDonald julia MacDougall Abdul Madyum Emmanuel Magallanez John Main Thomas Mandarino Amy Mann jeffrey Marcus David Maready James Mariage Brian Marin jon Markoski James Marler Kimberly Marshall Roger Martin Andrea Martinez john Martinez juan Martinez Nancy Martinez Terri Martinez Juni People orsfKrMa I 5 5 Kristin Martyniulc Donald Mastalsz Tamarann Mathews John Matousek Janna Matthews Gregg Maughan Becky McArthur Dawn McCart James McConlcey Michelle McCracken john McDavid Devin McDonald Ross McDonald Doug McGlothlin Sharon McGovern Scott McKenzie Jennifer McKinney Patti McKnight Denise McLaughlin Paul McManis Floyd McQuillen Melissa McWhorter Lorrie Meade Karen Mecca Sara Melching Albert Mendoza Jennifer Merrill Kirk Metzger Michelle Metzler Judith Michaels Carolyn Micheau Serina Middleton Jessica Millar Cheryl Miller Meredith Miller Richard Miller Melissa Miner Scott Mitcheel Dusan Mirich Merle Moffat Brett Monson Luisa Moody Aaron Moore Fred Moore julie Moore Russell Moore David Morales Michael Moran Lisa Morgante Bryan Morris Eric Morris Lacey Morris Shane Morris Shane Morris Dana Mortensen Karen Mulera People I JuniorsfMa-Mu ,ask Z ith a love for horses and a strong will to learn, Angela set off to camp three ago in Culver Indiana, her goal was to learn to rue horses. She rode six hours a ay for two weeks. When Angela returned she egan jumping classes at Kathy 4 l 4 5 4 -1 Jane Mullins Pamela Munden jose Munoz Todd Murdock Bradley Murray Patricia Myers Stacey Naylor Tabitha Nefzger Chris Nelson Douglas Nelson james Nelson Chris Nicolls Andrew Niemic Lisa Nims James Nipper james Noble Alan Norton Priscilla Nowell Darlene Nubold Larry Nuciforo julie Nutt ore fhan horsin' around I-Iaygens' Arena in Scottsdale. Her parents gave her a hunter- jumper named "Shatzi,', half quarter horse, half thorough- bred. After two years, Angela started jumping in shows, some- times competing in zo shows a year. She usually rode against 10-40 people where first through eighth places were awarded. Generally Angela placed second through fifth but also earned a few first places. Then Angela participated in the Arizona Summer Festival in Flagstaff where she received first place in her jumping event. As her riding abilities pro- gressed, she competed in the 1983 Arizona State Nationals and again received first place. "I was really nervous at first, but after practice and encour- agement from my jumping in- structor, no matter what place I took it became a rewarding ex- perience," concluded Angela. People JuniorsfMu-Nu I 5 7 Frances O'Donnell Shannon O'Hara Kyle Olsen Dennis Orthmann Henry Osif Michelle Oxborrow Eileen Paclcer Stephanie Pagonis Tammy Pallas James Palmer Leeann Palmer Parris Jeffery Heather Parsons Ronald Parsons Eileen Partel Uloopi Patel Billy Patino jill Part Lois Pearson Sophia Peavey Sarah Pegler Walter Pendle Emma Perkins Randall Perry Robert Peterson Valerie Phair Chris Phillips Anthony Philpott Bobby Jo Piluga jacquline Pinkerton Tim Pinsonneault Sherri Poplin Wayne Pomeroy Darrel Pospisil Christine Pothier People I j'uniors!Od-Po .l,. vffy' Deadline daze - Rushing to her deadline, newspaper Sports Lori Schanfarber madly types Checking Mickey out - Ron Chapman holds Mickey Mouse while Brad Tawzer wishes he had a Minnie Mouse to hold. Karen Potter Ladonna Potter Shane Powel Laura Prather Ken Prechtel Suzette Presti Darrel Preuhs Kristy Preuhs Brooke Preuss Richard Princa Gerald Pritchard Richard Pshak Jeffrey Pulford a Julie Quinn Polly Ramirez Randy Ratkowski Annette Ray Micheal Ray Lonnie Reavis Jenny Redondo Mark Regester 'fx Leslie Reis Matthew Reitzel Jeffrey Renfrow Kem Runner Denis Riccoboni Karen Richards Kimberly Riggs People junimfP0-Ri I 59 Buddy Riley Dawn Riley Eric Ringger Beth Robedeau Glen Robertson Paul Robert DeAnn Robinson Gregory Romas Lisa Romo Michelle Rosenberg Necia Rout Misty Rowan Brian Rowley Christine Rowley Peter Ruckle Kristen Rudy Kerry Ryan Edward Samaniego Sylvia Sanmiguel Laura Savery Lori Schanfarber Holly Schave Robert Schellenberg Donald Schlagel Richard Schmidt Evelyn Schneider Stacey Schneider Scott Schoen People I Juniors!Ri-Sc Just good friends - Brad Wie- mann and Judith Michaels have a friendly conversation before first hour. Erasing another mistake - Deep in thought, William Saxon finds an error in his drawing. I tied a knot - David Clark thinks he deserves a brownie button because he tied a knot in his jacket. .aiu QLQPL V' -4- 4-19" Michael Schroeder Connice Schultz Lisa Schwarz Charlotte Scott Cory Scott Nora Scott William Scott Lori Secondo Julie Sellers Victoria Senescall Scott Shaclcelford Shelly Shaffer Christina Sharp Ward Shaw Felicia Shearhart Susan Sheets Patricia Sheffer Janet Shepard Michelle Sherling Eric Shoemaker Teresa Shows Jason Shuclthart Russel Shumway Todd Shumway Sherry Sikora Matthew Silliman Eric Simmons Scott Simpson Todd Sirrine Robert Sitter Steven Slcabelund Cheryl Slciles Lisa Skousen Sheli Skousen Darla Slade Looking for action - junior pom- mie Stacey Hunt checks out the crowd as she dances at the Chandler assem- bly. People junior-s!Sc-Sl I 6 I Kerry Slade Cory Smith Cynthia Smith Eric Smith Jennie Smith Kevin Smith Lee Smith Maurice Smith Shawn Smith Steven Smith Thomas Smith Tina Smith Angie Sobczak Stacy Soboski Clint Spear Rebecca Stapley Samuel Steill Sydnee Steinhoff jason Stenmoen Andrea Stephens Heather Stephens Cecil Stevens john Stoltz Donald Stonestreet Fred Stradling Michael Straub Tina Stroia Deborah Sullivan X ' fu J -. , I .-at People I 6 2 Juniorsfsl-Su A X 1 If x XX: wa, wf az-'rv t ' fs-':.'h " .,,14i.f"'i.1m'4-1. . fi, -'uf Q VA w"f.,,s. wav .S .- -fw, . 'ffm' ' 4 - K ,fa.,.x. . - :halt-61 ' .fy - -4-'A .. .. - . . .- ug.,-,V w A. r .. as .- 5' r 9,1 ,x,,,,., Q'-L .v M-. ,, , 5- f, r t. 'svn n 1 4 x . .. w- -. X , . ,, 'Nr-Q .ll -' .EA -, vw x'Q af: VL 'z:QY?,.r6g1:t,X.? iizxglta. t N t ,..- -L-Af. H .',z..:Hf' ., l :N v Eavesdropping again - Kerry Van derheyden listens to Jeanette Alvardo and Donna Djelcic's conversation. 1' fx 8 'Ln Pigging out - Ron Chapman re- minds Bruce Gifford of his diet as he eats the last bite of his sandwich. Sheldon Sullivan James Swaba Jill Swanson Peder Swenson Stephen Swinehart Andrea Szuhay Kimberly Tapley Natalie Taraborelli Brad Tawzer Debbie Taylor Michelle Taylor Tina Taylor cy k' Matthew Teague Robert Temple Tl' T - nl A I Study hard - Cathy Challis exer- Almost heaven - Hoping the cises her study habits by spending her night will never end, Julie Quinn and spare time in the library. her date hold each other close. People juniors!Su-Te I 6 3 'I' f 4 l' gil 73314 'EA Agn-M. .W. 'S X Qs Ji D ! A A 3' Q W., in 5" 440 .EV 1 H X 1 Q Q I .Awe .ff' , I A Juniors dream of ideal mafe hat is your idea of the perfect mate? These were just a few things juniors looked for: "About 5'8", blondish brown hair, geat personality, cute smile, someone I can have a lot of fun with, someone who's not stuck on herself." jeff VanNorman "Tall, about 6'o", muscular, treats me good, good personal- ity, outgoing, smart, any color hair but orange! Mindy Moffat "5'9" about 121 pounds - no wide hips, outgoing, spontane- ous, intelligent, blue eyes and clear complexion, sandy blond hair or light brown hair, great body, teeth, no excess baggage, dresses nice, and must be upper class, must have a good person- ality, nice tan, great legs, good proportions, no freckles or oth- er imperfections." Craig Ward "Good personality, rowdy, rather good looking, smart, does some kind of sport and a good body." Laura Higginson "Pretty brown eyes, long light brown hair. About 5'4" tall with a great personality and is fun to be with. Someone just like Teresa Armstrong." Mark Lance "At least 5'7", pretty goodlook- ing, and he has to have a sense of humor! Romantic and caring. Easy to talk to. Am I looking for a IO or what?l" Adina Fiaschetti "About 5'8" tall, blond hair, fine lady, adventurous, good personality, preferably an 8 or above." Scott Kirkwood "Has to be around 5'6" blue eyes, great body, cute personal- ity, and a great wrestler." Chrys Pothier "Someone that you have a lot of fun with, good looking, ac- tive and funny." Ron Duranti "The ideal guy is cute, funny, sexy, and smart. He should be spontaneous, and always keep you wondering what he'll do next. He is caring, understand- ing, patient, and thoughtful., He is sweet and gentle, kind and has many interests. He is active, romantic, and makes you feel like you've been swept away." Lacey Morris "The ideal girl is one who knows whether she is coming or going. She would be good look- ing but intelligent to a point, and also outgoing and easy to make friends with." Shane Morris X, "He has to be mod - dark hair and dark eyes with a great per- sonality -- and has to like new wave musicli' Julie Tuomisto "Someone who is good looking, good personality, easy to talk to and fun to be with." Mike Downey "Personality, no skinny calves, nice body and nice face, outgo- ing, wears nice clothes, fnot Wranglers, ." Heidi Hoerchler "Good personality and fairly good looking. I don't know, I'm not that picky." Paul Wahlheim "I look for a good personality, blue eyes but a gorgeous body, all this helps to catch the eye." Kerry Ryan Stephan Trussel Bruce Tucker Margaret Tucker julie Tuomisto john Turley Adrien Udall Kevin Upchurch Tamara Upton Gina Urioste Russel Vallelunga Sam Valles Melissa VanCleaf William VanCleaf Julie Vanderaa Ericka Vangorder Jeff Van Norman Daniel Vasenko Monica Vasquez Monica Vasquez Justin Vaughn People 1uniors!Tx-Va I 6 5 Kerri Vanderheyden Brian Vernam Pamela Vick Lorie Vosburg Oscar Wager Jill Wagner Paul Wahlheim Jayne Walker Lisa Walker Susan Walker Jeffrey Wallace Chris Walldorf Nicole Walsh Craig Ward Stephanie Warin Marla Warner Lara Warren Kelly Washington Lesa Watkins Kerry Weatherwalks Matthew Weaver Matthew Weber Edward Weidl Brent Weinclorf Jacqueline Wells People I juniors!Ve-We Who's that guy? Karen Mulera and Regina Hendrickson pay atten- tion when a guy enters the room. ' ' A j' f C1 A-w:zif.':i'-it A - off Ditching class again - Todd Murdock quickly leaves campus for a bite to eat during second hour. Where's that book? - junior Da- vid Hawkins can't seem to find his book for first hour. That wasn't funny - jenny O,Connor tells a joke that her friend Leeann Palmer didnlt find very hu- morous. "Nap, 'Why I fzxzvi ,A , . . mx I X ,f Geoffrey Werner Michele Wessel -f Cheryle Whitcomb Belinda White Debbie White Gary White Joseph White Mark Whitlock Matthew Whitney Bradley Wiemann john Williams Paula Wilson Steve Wilson Troy Wilson Lisa Wolfe Dephane Wolff Matt Womack Deanna Woods Valya Worth Sheila Wrigley Mike Yao . if X Joseph Yarmus Loyd Young David Young Todd Zeilinger Todd Zint David Zirker Nickie Zizzo People juniorsfwe-Zi I I .M , , ,, . 1 y A 1:., ' A 4 'Wh e, . My 'ifym' 2, Y H A qi, . ,M ,,, ,, ,,,.f M1335 Out to lunch - julie Moore and Wendy Fredrickson enjoy their lunch hour at Taco Bell. One last time - Necia Rout goes over her lines for the play one last time before dress rehearsal. Y 1 X :gag M,,..s,,. . P l 168 jifriiiri r"", Football anyone? - These junior guys entertain themselves by fighting over a football during lunch. Mr. Bookworm - Tom Thompson takes advantage of his extra time to study during lunch. Deep in thought - Varsity foot- ball player Butch Dorian concentrates on the upcoming game. "Nw-se, if Sophomore class officers: Treas. Pres- Julie Johnsons Sec. Marci Hen- Brent Coxg Pres. Albert Acostag Vice del-ickson, M Drawing attention - Paul Tropic finds girls more interesting to study than his friend's homework. Huh? - Ginger Lewis wonders how her friend could fall asleep with so much noise around. How sweet it is - Lisa Corrales, Noelle Simpson, and Michelle Coo- per savor their lollipops at lunch. Discussing the issues - Albert Acosta, julie johnson, and Heather Haynes shuffle through paper work. ecoming one eginning high school with people .i it LMWKA-L1..rgf.ffxi we different experience no than past hlhgel.had..rQ.Q.9meQagiirtiSf1 S e n o u t wrong directions and be- ing called a squashmore all went along with the hassling tradition. At assemblies yelling "give it up, sophotnpresv 75' 45.1f.i:ki'E.lvL Q.--UvW1Q:1:59l '5N'i.x-KW.: chelerlleaders f 1 Q ,,ii., - 1' fu 3 1 Despite fi-,,iW:i' i1i1lf,'i the perse- vered, ands 'X Sgxlyindxvxdual Mm either by excellmgmin academics, gift to sports, or in other given fields. P l Sophorzziiej 169 Joseph Abulchader Tracey Acierto Albert Acosta Corey Adams Patrice Adams Todd Adams Tracy Adams Vicki Adralctas Richard Albertsman Danny Albright Christian Alder Doug Allen Patricia Almo Monica Alvarado Michael Ambri Corrine Amundson Carmell Andrew Christina Andrews Daniel Armenta Jason Armstead Lisa Armstrong David Arnett Lawence Arney Tracy Arvayo Marian Aslcar Roy Atwell Richard Avery Chris Bacon Sean Bailey Charles Ballard Jennifer Banta jason Baptisto Salvadore Barlett Bradley Barnett Carrie Barsickow Amy Bartlett Robert Bauer Lisa Bean Jennifer Banks Rustin Beaugureau Nicole Beavers People I 70 Sophomoi-es!Ab-Be si N ,-c 3 r s 39' 1 :lx LQ if 4 xr . r i 'Vu I lr in , as 4 i 1 " .1 ' Xt '11 'C R1x , . fs ,. 1 F 11 si-,lf ' New - - -I f' ' ., trtt as , 'wi' 1 - . ' -if fi x 5 K XX 1 f 4. li - ,.. ' : eff ,f V, l i may g ,K : I f S35 V, K: V 'fini ve- ,Q slim ' I 'gif , i 4 'S a A 'fs- Neon brights - Obecl Rosaclo is suddenly blinded by the bright colors of a fashion conscious sophomore girl dressed in fluorescent clothes. Where is it? - Cary Morris shuf- fles through all the clutter of his lock- er in a hurried Search for the right book and folder. Working to the bone? - Troy johnson and Bill Harding seem to be studying hard for the killer biology test creeping up on them. Leslie Beck Kamela Beckstead Steven Behr " David Bell Steven Bennett David Benson Joseph Benzer Lisa Berg Barbi Berge Rebecca Beus We fi james Bickers Q X ' - A Dennis Bierman get V K Victor Bigelow Cherica Billingsley . Derek Bisbee Jason Bjornholt Colette Black '- Shawna Blakeman 9, ,sw ' " Xavier Blanco . A John Blank " . 2 - Ramin Bledsoe Leslie Bloomfield Todd Blough Michael Bollinger Anissa Bonner Mark Borgman Julie Boyd Michael Boyd Jr. People Sophomores!Be-Bo I 7 I jennifer Boyle Devin Bradford jon Bradley Ruthann Bradshaw Scott Brady Matthew Bramley David Brantley Robert Bratton .- Wayne Breitenbauch james Brewster I 5 Angela Bristow V 'Q 1. Mark Britton P U, John Brooks .QW - rv, Q as Modeling provides more independence o some, acting and mod- eling were only a dream, but to sophomore Chad Hassell both were a reality. Chad began acting when he was twelve. He decided it was some- thing that sounded interesting and would provide a good way to earn spending money. Chad signed with Plaza III acting and modeling agency and has modeled there for three years. "Acting and modeling are really fun. It's a great way to meet different kinds of people," commented Chad. "Modeling and acting have made me more independent," said Chad. Chad is a part of a widely talented family. His only sister and five brothers also have ca- reers in modeling and acting. Even his parents are in the pic- ture with their acting abilities. Besides his modeling, Chad is also active in school sports. He participates in football, wrestling, and baseball. In his spare time Chad also enjoys ski- ing and riding ATC's. Chad plans to attend college, studying architectural design and someday hopes to own his own business. Acting will con- tinue to be a secondary career. 'QTY' Y , 1. A if 1 sa 5 '5 he 10' Kim Broughton Aaron Brown Kevin Brown Natalie Brown Tim Brown Christine Bruce Perry Bryan Camille Budai Corolyn Bulcer James Bullard Julie Bulloch Bradley Burch john Burleson Kenneth Burnham Tricia Bursell Ieff Cacciatore Leslie Cady Shaun Cahill Cheryl Caiola Tony Calcaterra Ted Calcaterra Martin Call . We--,f fit People I 7 2 SophomoresfBo-Ca Randall Camarena Craig Campbell julie Campbell Mironda Campbell David Candland Marty Cantu Anthony Cappucci Kathryn Carlson John Carrieri Jeff Carroll Beverly Carter Gina Caruso Michelle Casillas Douglas Caspers Tina Castleberry jon Cazee Dickie Cervantes Patricia Chamberlain Matthew Chaney Suzanne Chaney William Chapman Kevin Chastain John Chiakmalcis Amy Christensen Gary Christianson Theresa Chucri Amy Church Stephanie Church Robert Clar Cameron Clark Colette Clark Rachelle Clarkson Tim Clawitter Gary Cleary Kim Cleary Robert Clemmons Christine Cline Glenn Clouse Raquelle Cluff Shannon Coates Frank Cobas Cameron Davis James Davis Jodi Davis People SophomoresfCa-Da I 7 3 Dawn Coe Greg Cogburn Melissa Cole Kenneth Coleman Cathy Conklin Martin Considine Amy Conway Kim Cook Lee jon Cook Patricia Cook Lisa Cooper Michelle Cooper Cathi Cornelius Lisa Corrales Kevin Corwin Deidre Cory Michael Coury Brent Cox Teri Crabtree Sharon Crandall Christy Crane Kami Crawford Lisa Crist Nicole Crockett Tarina Cronin Brian Cronk Clark Crowe Cindy Croy Teresa Cudd joseph Cunningham David Curtis Randall Curtis Robert Dalton Ellen Damato Paul Danforth Now girls - Michelle Casillas tries to make her point as Deidre Cory Tricia Bursell, and Lisa Corrales try to understand. People I Sophomores!Co Da fb-Q. X..- JT ,5- .fsx You caught us! - Enjoying the sunshine, Kathy Kalinke and Don Pollans are caught off guard while having a deep conversation. iliflnm 1 Matthew Davis Troy Davis Jeffrey Day Paul Dellai Lisa DeLong Maria DeMichele Ron Dible Gd. in me Brad Dick . -, Stacey Dickerson ' i' S ' 3 Dawn Digman ti Z D Daniel Dingman gjw- Russell Dobbins Q Chrissy Doherty f Q 3' Jody Dollar 4 fi' t xx r. S Wif i' ii Wayne Domann Vanessa Dominguez Steven Dong Michael Dougherty Paula Drake Stephanie Drake Greg Duarte Sharon Dugger Traci Dunkin Theresa Duprey Donna Durney James Du Vaul Stephanie Dziewior james Eaton Jennifer Echols Carol Edick Amy Edmund Melinda Edwards James Egan jimmy Ellestad Tara Ellington People Sophomores!Da-El I 7 5 james Elliott as rw Larry Engelman a A V x 5 K m L ' V it or Edward Enriquez 5 ZZL' f an Elodia Esqueda A 4 Q Kathleen Evans Qi 'W' ,. 5 ., ' Robbie Evans 'W' A 1 V lil U 1 , as Jennifer Fagan it in t A F' t t at Bill Faysalc I.. to O V f , N. Victor Federico i"f2 " iii " Jonathan Felbab ',.!'I,ar 3 'Q a i, L ' Carla Fernandez A r . Theresa Ferreira iii' g Mary Ferrell Ryan Fish Danessa Fisher Mac Fitch Larry Fitzgerald Margret Fixico Kim Flax 5' Mr Julie Foley Tom Foushee Ada Marie Fox Robert Frabasillo Wendi Ftaughton Arthur Frazier Cori Frederick Gina Freeman Kimberly Freese Tina'Frias Timara Frihart Leisa Fry Mark Frye Scott Fuller 1 2 2 a ,rt kk I A,i .? 5 1 ' V - I ? 4. 'fs ' V I If ' 5 r 5 . 'i z i 5 V L My books! - Marianne Tate strug- gles to open her locket before the sec- ond bell plays the tune that she is late. Child's play - Senior Charlie Delk eagerly shows Brian Cronlc and Robbi Oawalt the balloon he got earlier from the dentist. People I Sophomoresllil-Fu 4 ,I"'! rw F g 'K 1 4 A -2 K i What was that - Amy Cristen- sen's deep train of thought is broken when french fries are thrown by her fellow classmates. LJQBYQ V , Stephanie Fuller Tanya Fuller Mark Fussell Fonda Furrh Holley Galligan Debbie Gammel Tony Garcia Steve Garcia David Garcia Gayla Garn Christie Gates Darren Gauthier Erick Gaytan Heather Gebhardr Georgia Geis David Gerhart Becky Geringer Daniel Gerz Guy Giblin Tina Giese Sean Gifford Chesica Gilson Anthony Giuliano David Glenn Kim Golden Kim Golis Laura Goodman Cindy Gordon Micah Gosney Jolynn Gould jason Governo Andrea Gowans Laura Graham Jennifer Grant Jeff Gray Kim Green Mark Green Virginia Greene Tylene Greenleaf Lolagene Gregory Chad Griffin Karen Griggeory Gary Guffey People Sophomores!Fu-Gu I 7 7 Andrew Gumowskyj Jumping for pleasure ive years ago, not realiz- ing she would develop such a love for horses, Patti Tremblay began spending her spare time caring for, train- ing, and competing with her horses. Spicy, Patti's first thorough- bred, was injured in March of '84, causing the horse to be put to pasture. Through this mis- fortune Patti became the owner of another thoroughbred, right off the race track, named Ju- nior. Craig Gustafson Douglas Guthrie Lora Gutierrez Paul Hagar James Hager John Hagerty Matthew Hale Mike Hall Todd Hall Tina Halls john Handka Alicia Hanna Brandi Hannum Marcus Hansen Michael Hansen Donelle Hansen Lance Hardin Vance Hardin Bill Harding Eric Harman Pam Harrington Mark Harris Wlilliam Hartenstein Brian Hartje Pam Harvey Chad Hassell Amy Hasslacher Mark Hatfield Kendrick Hathcock Holly Hawker Helen Haws Kurt Haws Dawn Haynes George Heaney People I SophomoresfGu-He Often Patti spent three to four hours a day caring for and training Junior in a class called Three Day Eventing. This in- cluded dressage, which can be compared to ballet on horse- back, stadium jumping, jump- ing a specific course of fences in an arena, and Patti's personal favorite cross country, which covers all types of terrain. Through competition, Patti won many ribbons and the High Point Award, for accu- mulating the most points in a show. Though Patti has been very successful with her horses, she has other plans for a career. "I want to be a veterinarian, so I can work with animals, but I want to continue horseback riding as a hobby," Patti con- cluded. All hard work pays off - Ama- teur horseman Patti Trembley demon- strates a rigorous jump on her trainer's horse, Sassafras. Patti had a chance to display many of her talents at the Brussaly Horse Trials, which took place in March '84. '-ve. 46 we- --Q -W NMS vw- A.- f ...- 'ob lt- .n .v K'11i ,,-. .vi w 'IJ' TW' Bradley Heath Trina Hendrick Terry Heflin Scott Henderson Tracy Henderson Marci Hendrickson Ronald Herk Jay Hicks John Higgins Michael Hildebrand Christopher Hill Mike Hill Quint Hill Davon Hillger Luann Hilton Timothy Himes Matthew Hinds Tracy Hinkley Christopher Hori Debra Hoffman Joel Holmes Eric Hopkins Michael Hornback Doreen Houghton Lara Hovde Joan Howe Tammy Huffaker Christopher Hummel Lane Hunt Deena Imperiale Todd Ingalls Paul Ingram Rebecca Isley Rebecca Jacobson Tom Janca Steve Jarvis Laura Jenkins Mickey Jenkins Aleisa Jensen Denise Jensen Matthew Jensen Tami Jespersen Cheryl Johanson Cara Johnson People Sophomores!He-Jo I Jennifer Johnson Julie Johnson Kenny Johnson Keith Johnson Mark Johnson Troy Johnson Luther Johnson Amy Jones Christie Jones Chris Jones David Jones Robin Jones Stephanie Jones Robin Joplin Philip Joswialc Travis Joy Glenclon Juan Todd Juan Darci Kanistanaux Regina Kasprzylc Daniel Kaufman Brian Keller Lori Kemp Eric Kennemer Dalyn Kepler Kelly Kimball Brian King James King Kyna King Michael King Killi Kingry Matthew Kinnaman John Kinnard Michelle Kislaclc Ronnie Kitch Sheila Kitch John Kittrell Robert Kleinman Michaelene Klinger Gale Knight Sara Knutson Shane Kober Brian Kobza Kenneth Koehler Kelly Koerner Ray Koernig Susan Krause Thomas Krech Laura Kreie Melissa Krugen Benjamin Kunde Tammy La Goy Mary Rose La Puma Christopher Lautz Michelle Laviera Van Le Son People I 80 Sophomoresfjo Le David Lee Jacqueline Leeper David Lemire Ginger Lewis Heide Lewis Kelly Lewis Todd Lewis Michael Linton Stephen Lloyd Laura Lochhead Christina Loftis Donna Long Shannon Lorenzana i Now don't laugh - jennifer Niel- only secret love to a very close friend, I . . . cautiously reveals her one and Erin Miller. , -- A 1 -.'. , - 1 ,--',',,'- L i .,'..., v 1 671 1 ,Q . -g1.1',', 1 :' x 1. ,L R 1 - .-v - Tammy Loveall Freddie Lucero Robert Lunsford Victoria Macler Ronnie Madison Gaynell Major Christopher Mansfield David Marcum Mark Marrero Michael Marrero Sean Marsh Suzanne Marsh David Mastalsz Timothy Marshall People Sophomoresflx-Ma I 8 I Jeannine Martin Melinda Martin Stephanie Martin Dean Martines Brian Martinson Meshelle Mask Michael Matteson Karmen Matty Cassie Mauldin Rhonda May Jeff Mayes Robert McAlister Katherine McCance Deana McClaskey Cyn-d McConkey Donald McCoy Hugh McCreery Katherine McDonald jennifer McEarchern Billy McElyea Robert McGarran Stacey McGough Nancy Mclnnes Ronald McKenzie Peter McKernan Steven McKinney Rebecca McNay james McPhee Mark' McQuillen Nora Mejia jason Melville Marni Memmott Karen Mentor Nancy Merlo Bryan Merrill This is the life During English Done finally Sean Gifford smiles Todd Ingalls makes the best out of a happily after working all hour on a hard chair and an assignment geometry assignment A People I 82 Sophomores! Ma Me Cool man! - Marlc Harris struts his stuff as he tries harcl to make it to class on time. Look at that! - Aliesa Jensen and Sherri Smith notice the gorgeous guy in front of them. 'K Psychology today -- Scott Nielson gives Kamie Beclcstead his full atten- tion to solve her problem. Laurinda Meyer Erin Miller Gregory Miller Marla Miller Patricia Miller Michelle Millett Louis Mills Leah Mitchell Melinda Montijo Aimee Moody Marchele Moon Shalmarie Moore Susan Moore Ian Morehouse Cary Morris Karie Morrissey Bradley Morrow Paul Mowe Jennifer Moyer John Mueller Tom Murray Jamie Musbach Roger Myers Peggy Newendylce Michael Newman Anthony Newton Duc Nguyen Eric Nielson Jennifer Nielson Michael Nielson Scott Nielson Sheila Niemi Marie Nobis Darla Nossett Jennifer Nowak People SophoinoresfMe-No I 8 3 Time to socialize - Marni Mem- mott, Patti Yahnke, Dawn Ressler, and Mike Marrero relax on Sopho- more Hill at lunch. Receiving advice - Sophomore Regina Kasprzyk receives advice from a friend telling her the shortest route to her next class. gllllixw Julie Nowak Joann Nuciforo Shannon Nystrom Kelly O'Bryant Kim Olmos Clay Oliver Neola Olsen Nikki Omerza Suzanne Onstine Richard Orndoff Robert Orr Michael O'Connell Caroline 0'Connor Shelley O'Dell David Osborne Kenneth Osorio Robert Oswalt Lisa Ort Paula Ouimet Greg Owsley Michael Owsley Gina Pace Tamra Palmer Jackie Parker Todd Parry Valerie Partridge Par Passarella Iacilyn Passey Rupit Patel Lilian Pattea Brian Paynter Holly Penland Calvin Peterson Darrin Peterson Amanda Phillips People I SophomoresfNo-Ph i'la 3 ..,x , X in E me e, Q s 5 X 'sm- rw f . H- - -f f-wma 3' X 'TU' arf. .1 Q X frm a Q. g:n.ezr1.s-f- ,. ,gi a X me S Q3 S. a Q -Q 0 Q 4 an 'SY Q my 5 31, as A I-. all 4 a fx 'r ffli'fi Plym 1 - J i 54' L g. KL . M qv., i""f ' I Becky Phillips Jeremy Phillips Roger Phillips Todd Pickett Robbie Pico Laura Pitterle Maren Polanco David Poli Heidi Porter Kerry Porter Andrea Potter Kendal Potter Kristina Powers Jennifer Prall Lisa Presti Thomas Prigge Don Pullin Allen Quick Lavina Quotskuyva Holly Rader Lawrence Randall Rachel Randall Erik Rasmussen Jeff Ray Steven Ray Lee Rayfield Derrick Redding Timothy Regester Dawn Ressler justin Reynolds Carla Rhodes Julie Richards Cory Richardson Vikki Richie Brent Ricketta Steve Ricks Marie Riggs Michael Riordan Anna Michelle Roberts Kirk Robertson Neil Robinson Scott Rockwell Virginia Roesch Fred Rogers People SophomoresfPh-Ro I Check it out - Crissy Doherty points out a unusual sight to jimlene Willimns. Leisure time - Mac Fitch, julie ohnson and Michelle Tyndall show interest in three separate ways. Susan Rogers Dan Romes Maurlee Ronnie Michael Ropacki Obecl Rosado Mary Rosenhan Leslie Ross Monica Rouen james Roupe Kathy Roye Michele Ruby Preston Ruby Brian Rundall Michael Ryan Colette Sabourin Danette Saline Tammi Saline Ernie Sandoval Andrew Saranclos jeffrey Sarlo Lisa Schabarum People I Sophomox-es!Ro-Sc 1 ,J 1 ' . a S 5 f Calorie counting - After being left behind for lunch, Patty' Yahnke, Noelle Simpson, and jenny Boile make the best of the school food. Boy watching - During fifth lunch Melissa Wilson ancl Victoria Mader ad- mire a few guys. 1, r cr siisiis me David Schaller Barbara Schilling Marc Schneider Kim Schultz Candee Schutter Mike Schwanbeck Doug Scott Tom Scott Brian Searles Bob See Athena Segrave john Seiferth Robin Sena Lisa Shackelford Walter Shannon Julie Shark james Shepard Lincoln Sheranian Kelly Shields Sharron Shope Laurie Shuart Brenda Shults Laurie Sifuentes Scot: Siver David Silvesti Noelle Simpson Stephanie Sirrine Mike Sitter Bruce Skinner David Skogebo Allen Skousen Troiann Slover Christen Smith Darrel Smith Emy Smith Ida Smith Kevin Smith Mary Smith Michelle Smith Ruthette Smith Sherri Smith Sherri Smith Craig Snapp Toni Snyder Valerie Soza Tracey Soohoo Mike Spencer James Spiers Jean Spiker jennifer Staley Michael Standage Paul Standage Steven Staneart Chistopher Starace Rochelle Strauss Cristy Stevens People Sophomores!Sc-Sr I Stefanie Stewart Wendy Stock Kenna Stone Patricia Sturgill Jennifer Sunding Jennifer Swaba Paul Swanson Wayne Swanson Brian Swanty Ronald Swift Shannon Szymanslri Eliza Tanner Barry Tapley Marianne Tate Anissa Taylor Brian Taylor Cory Taylor Keri Taylor Tina Taylor Ronald Thayer Marianne Thomas Nlatthew Thomas Gary Thompson jennifer Thompson julee Thompson Homer Thompson Michele Tiffany joseph Timmins Ronald Tinseth Aimee Tolman Phil Torres Shannon Townsend Connie Trask Patti Trembley Ronald Trethewey Michelle Trimmer Paul Tropio Jeff Trout Stephanie Trussell Susan Tucker Jay Turley Stacy Turnage Ty Tuxhom Michele Tyndall Michele Ucci Richard Unangst Celestian Valles Chad Van Moorlehem ' Gregory Van Buskirlc Marlene Van Slylce Katja Valtingojer David Vasquez Kathy Vaugh Richard Verdugo Michael Vest Michelle Vidourek f S use Q 'mn Wa, , nn at 4 Ji' ,, . l km P' ' at QRS, ll X a " E ' f' my is it o bl tail' 1' if if-APE , ., Q I int .,- Q V is R I use N , t ' L Q 'lf ii vw 5 XM il, X People I Sophomores!St-Vi If -I ur? 2 N ' 1, f. 4 . lr: I4 A I' f L I Left at lunch - Sophomore Marni Memmott wonders what it will be like to actually eat lunch out of the cafete- UB. Together at last - Anissa Taylor and Russ Wilson finally see each other at lunch after a hard morning of classes. James Violiotti Rick Vincent Steven Voirin Ronald Vranas Brian Wahlin 1' Mark Waldbeesser A' -- Brad Walldorf - H , Melinda Walker . 1 'mf Susan Walker fs, 'vm r ! If N bf fl Matthew Walsh David Ward Gregory Warren Paula Wathen Nathan Wax John Webb Paul Weldon Deatra Wesley ii , ,Ti T 1' sg? Q., x 5 ig'5C3f5.f ,, tw ff Us ..- is ,ii s ff? Q fe 25 X35 .1 5 is f a. R V tr: if ,4 ' Q . ,. Thomas Westbrook Richard Westfall Maria Wieker Skip Wilbur Brent Williams Jimlene Williams john Williams Tammy Williams Brian Willis Melissa Wilson Russell Wilson Renae Wimmer Amy Winslow Elizabeth Winslow Teri Winters Michelle Winward Richard Wipf Lisa Withee john White Mike White Brook Whitmore People SophomoresfVi-Wi I Michael Wojcinski Kenneth Wolsieffer Karyn Wong David Wood John Wood Kathy Wood Alyson Wright justin Wright William Wright Jeffrey Wygle Patti Yahnke Cyndi Yaple Polli York Victoria Zafra s S is i :I 1 4 z 3 2 r 2 Q i E its i gg, S iQi Ye W f5f,?'Qi5?i gs ffiggefi - w wikis v ll l ll i llllllllllllll , an--, . vb T i' . lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll . ,.,.--" ,.,.-vw' 3 ,,,,.-C' ,.,.-4-' . ........-uv, ..-......--5.3 aww Sweet talk - Brian Martinson uses his suave and debonair style to per- suade Nicole Barnicoat and Marchelle Moon to give him candy. Ready for school? - Alyson Wright and julie Jones confess that they coulcln't live without Snoopy! phomoresz r adg lo move on i rr, Q b f A BQ There goes the bell - jim Brew- ster, Cory Adams, ffrontj and jason Bjornholt all are in a great big hurry to get to their class after lunch. Let's party - Paul Danforth dis- cusses with his friends what :he major plans are for the long-awaited Friday night action. ere I belong - Ian Morehouse is into his place fa cagej after his ds are driven to their final limits and him. l u Q 1 l,1,'1. ,Q Passing the time - Randy Camar- ena casually winks at the one special girl in his life, while relaxing near Sophomore Hill. People Sophomores I 9 I I , 4 ' Q , Q .x f j 'A R 73 A ag iw ' a S , 1 x ' , ""f 'A K f Y f l A ' A ' Wg 'C L "'L'g' k " f'w 'pf' Muiiblizkg,-JW, an ,.,. self oodd X306 We summer went ggfastflki Hurd foliebeue were ufreaew JhnnvxZkwwwdkrowrjqwwmunegnu? wget so wvofueei we jozheef every cf we krzewqf what ezjoke! 72ernem6erJkw1fork'orz.v ? f7he C6419 wefhmllhf we weznteeffojoin until we founef out If waxjusfpr girls, Men :oem we wanted tojoirz! Oh wei fyfelf rough Sometzrrees. .7Hr H itafi the c1d6szwenea1eu?qgZnnnQ7 experience, In more ways time Cateha few: jawn one! T l hel MPA Club. Myers, ara f3.lTl3 mCm bers Rob- D Dant, Dean S L t. ouxs, Deadlin cc har went on in ro o m 2 3 2 ? ' ' many students wondered. The answer: the publication of the Viewpoint and the La Vista. Both the newspaper and the yearbook staffs met as a class, but much more than class time was spent meeting the deadlines. Many staffers began to feel as if they lived in 232. Being a member of either staff involved layouts, writing, and a great amount of endurance, but there were still many differences between the publications of the two periodi- cals. The Viewpoint staff started with few returning reporters, but after some recuriting, the Yearbook Staff, Front Row: Trish Coury, Amy Edmund, Deedee Davis, Stacy Thomas, Heidi Hoerchlerg Row 2: Bonnie Brinkman, Melissa Cole, Lynda Collum, Shawna Adams, Christina DeBoom, Wendy Phillips, Advisor Debbie Hale, Row 3: Eric Nash, Tim Curd, Bob Castle, jason Stenmoen, Norm jones, Judy e Magicians final staff of I5 worked suffi- ciently. Besides printing a news- paper every three weeks many of the aspiring journalists par- ticipated in various competi- tions. Some wrote as correspon- dents to the Mesa Tribune and the Phoenix Gazette. Advisor Debbie Hale, Editor Judy Pshak and the page editors worked together to make the major decisions. The newspaper staff had the responsibility of reporting all that affected Mountain View accurately and effectively. Although the yearbook staff was larger than the newspaper staff, with 25 members it was still a challenge to produce the book. Wendy Phillips was head of the crew, receiving help from II section editors, and advisor Debbie Hale. The incredible as- signment of thoroughly record- ing the entire school year was laid upon the staff. The final deadline was semester break. During second semester the staff worked on the supplement to the yearbook. In the middle of all the con- fusion was advisor Debbie Hale, who managed to control both staffs and rewarded them for the efforts with parties and oth- er privileges. Though all staff- ers would agree that the great- est reward they could have re- ceived for all their work was seeing their finished product published. Pshak, Heather Parsons, 'Andrea Hoppe, Kathey Armsbyg Back Row: Chris Radley, Barb Abele, Angela Bunchman, Denise Helmick, Susan Upchurch, Michelle Gerz, Lisa Ham. Not pictured: Becky Bean. Organizations I N ewspaper! Yearbook Very funny says Bobbi Piluga to Mrs Hale and Lisa Ham as they laugh at her story idea for the next Viewpoint Pens increase intelligence Bobbi Piluga discovers as she writes another award-winning article for the Viewpoint Q What a lift - Susan Upchurch puts old yearboolcs to a good use while she works industriously on a La Vista deadline. Pencil fight! - Angela Bunchman and Norm Jones relieve the tension of deadlines with a friendly brawl. M 86 M's make friends - Tom Misch consults Mrs. Hale about his story, hoping to bribe her into writing it for him. lv 'wld A L "O il b-div. Us.. Head honcho speaks - Heather Parsons listens intently to yearbook editor Wendy Phillips. ev' M.... Yearbook or newspaper? - Mrs. Hale cannot decide exactly which hour she is supposed to be teaching. What a stud! - Photographer Bob Castle wonders if he should have been a model as his impeccable taste in clothing is being wasted. I .SF Newspaper Staff, Front Row: Kim Flax, Andra Brown, Jon Paul Barnicoat, News Editor Tom Misch, Sports Editor Lori Schanfarber, Adina Fiaschettig Row 2: Bobbi Pi- luga, Kay Frisbee, Feature Editor Christina DeBoom, Kathy Armsbyg Back Row: Lisa I-Iam, Editor Judy Pshalc, Advisor Debbie Hale, Bonnie Brinlcman, Entertainment Editor Theresa Owen, Variety Editor Laura Kislaclc. Organizations N ewspaper! Yearbook I 9 5 One more time - The Madri- lenas take time out from their busy schedules to pose for a group shot at one of the slides on the play- ground at Pioneer Park. i 9 Is it straight? - Madrilena Margie Chiappetta checks to make sure the Toro mascot's head is on straight. The mascot aids the pom- mies during the performances. Schuh, Schuh, Schuh - Leading the chant for Mike Schuh's kickoff are pommies Stacey Hunt, Diana Ciancuillo, and Julie Demke. Organizations I Madrilenas I Sul 2 Say "Toro Spirit" - At a ga the Madrilenas take a time out tween performances to pose with t mascot. Raising spirit to new height eing a Madrilena wasn't all fun and dance. It involved many early morning practices, pom camps, and clinics, all with the purpose of preparing for their many performances. These performances ranged from assemblies, to home basketball and football games, to performing routines with the band at half time, to dance concerts, to routines with the JV and varsity cheerleaders. "These girls are true leaders of spirit and represent the great pride we take in our school," commented Mrs. Kathy Grey, pom sponsor. The pom line consisted of I4 dedicated, spirited juniors and seniors who were willing to sacrifice their time to take some pride in the school and help to make it a better place to be. They continued the winning tradition and brought home one of the first place awards, as they have in the past several years, from pom camp in Flagstaff. "The pom line is so successful this year because of the dedica- tion and hard work of all the girls," said Mrs. Grey. "This year we had a combination of talent and personality unequalled by any other pom line. Although the 6:30 a.m. prac- tices were strenuous, we were able to produce a variety of high caliber performances which were enjoyed by the entire student body. "I hope that the high level of intensity will continue in the future lines as the success we have enjoyed this year should be passed on,', commented Sara Dant, pom captain. adrilenas, Front Row: Sherilyn Sherri Czudak, Sara Dant, Brigitte petta, Diana Ciancuillog Top Row: Debbi Decker, Hillary Butorac, Ronelle rris, Beckie Hughes, Stacey I-lunt, Berge, Julie Demke, Margie Chiap- Kristen Rudy, Lee Ann Mykytyn, jock. i McIntyre, Luisa Moody, Middle: Organizations Madrilenas I eepin in step -O-, T-O-R-O, B-A-, B- A-N-D, T-o-R-o-B-Ae N-D, Toro Band! Yea! Toro Band was responsible not only for performing at ten football games and seven bas- ketball games but also for pro- moting school spirit. The band found it much easier to be spirited at Friday night football games than at 6:50 a.m. rehearsals. It took only minutes though for the band to generate enough ener- gy to gear itself toward accom- plishing its goals. Even amid mosquito bites in the summer, frozen fingers in the winter, and soaking feet from the rain- drenched practice field, the band pulled together for a suc- cessful year. A significant part of every band rehearsal and performance was the Flag Corps. The Flag Corps worked as a visual ensem- ble to give halftime and pre- game shows color and visual ef- fects. The Flag Corps was com- posed of ten ambitious and talented girls who set their goals at perfection. The girls did marching maneuvers with the band and also presented at each football game a feature routine which they choreographed. The flag sponsor, Kurt Streif, remarked, "The girls are very creative and highly motivated. It is a close-knit group." 8 Organizations I 9 Toro Band! Flag Corps A step ahead - Flag Corps mem- ber Michelle Dempsey marches to her position before performing. Keeping time - Drum Major Izzy Sanft defines the beat as he conducts at half-time. -s mmf. A . Toro Band, Front Row: R. Mills, I. Sanftg Row 2: D. Ciancuillo, R. Jock, K. Rudy, M. Chiapetta, S. Czudak, H. Butorac, S. Morris, S. Dam, L. Moody, Mclntyre, L. Mykytyn, D. Decker, S. Hunt, B. Berge, B. Hughes, L. Mac- donald, Demke, Row 3: K. Matty, K. Golis, A. Phillips, Thompson, D. Linenfelser, S. Garrison, C. Conklin, C. Yahnke, T. Miller, C. O,Conner, V. Rhinehart, A. Moody, M. Wes- sel, E. Michaels, E. Bryson, T. Pallas, C. De- Boom, R. Logacho, K. Vanderheyden, K. War- ble, L. Kobza, N. Zizzog Row 4: McEar- chern, Pinkerton, M. Lachter, M. Vasquez, S. Butgus, C. Frank, S. Sheets, P. Sheffer, S. Hudzietz, C. Hacala, O. Bracamonte, T. Soo Hoo, Row 5: S. McGovern, I. Jensen, S. Krall, J. Lynn, K. Brown, C. Martines, C. Buker, D. Foster, T. Frihart, D. Hossack, S. Balster, D. jones, D. Hightower, L. Bergen, L. L. Collum, S. Pegler, L. Hale, B. Taylor, Row 6: L. Se- fuentes, K. Taylor, M. Hough, C. Robertson, B. Kobza, B. Searles, D. Arnett, S. Schweppe, T. Brown, R. Clar, Elliott, Row 7: Boseck, P. Richie, R. Fish, C. Mansfield, B. Cox, K. Wilbur, D. Eulate, R. Bisbee, D. Baker, A. Rusk, S. Schoen, P. Fagan, Pulford, C. Scott, G. White, Row 8: K. Tennant, M. Hansen, M. Hardy, D. Hightower, Devermann, M. Harris, D. Lorig, R. Atwell, C. Isley, S. Secon- do, C. Snapp, B. Kunde, K. Haws, D. Wood, Row 9: K. Prechtel, B. Robedeau, Seiferth, F Stradling, S. Cypert, E. Gibson, M. Regester, T. Albright, R. Kleinman, G. Giblin, S. Swine- hart, Popisil, S. Ricks, P. Hagar, S. Baedke, I Frazier, Row 10: O. Wagar, D. Martines, B Loeffler, M. Call, K. Robertson, S. Lloyd, F Bennett, E. VanGorcler, Row 11: K. Marshall L. Ark, Evans, Moore, MacDougall, K Fedoryk, L. Watkins, M. Dempsey, K. Ryan, L Palmer, A. Bristow, D. Marshall. of fp. ,. All Work? Flag Corps members re- Band Aide .. Randy Mills, dfum alize that all worlr and no play malce majgr, helps the band keep with tl-le for a boring football game- beat of the music at a half-time perfor- mance. Flashing the brass - Toro trum- pet players shine to the sounds of KKJurnp.,l Organizations Toro Bancl!Flag Corps I angina ww X531 if-?' 'Sw .iw-2, 5:3 Y ,Aw i, Nz ay 3 kia Q.,:.:5'-153. A 5, 'rw -mi ff . 'Q' r-. K 'M 1 4. EL' sk, ,Q l' Y "E.'..'T"' us: N- 1 "YI v Q if 0 V -,1- v- f 5 r 5, ., 1, ,. 'S """.i:'f"1x'cgi',l ' " e n rv ' Www ' fm ' P922 . 'i1 :"i,f -fy ,Lv .19 T g 1f,r4'N ff' W if f if H xr :aw-WQTQX yan: :-, ' - " .'1o',:. f i K . , l ,? W . T. xx x ml . , AV '- QA ,J -, 3 ' ,L .5 Q ' ' .N -I' T- W, M U I W mr , aff Lg , -Sr , A . .r.N4-'14 if ,, J , J . 5 fl .ka N J. - . , ,rin 4 i Ay , J 5 1 f 1 'W vi' M ":w,'?F All V 0 i ein g ave you ever wondered who was behind all the major school events such as the Homecoming chairs and the dance? And how about the food and blood drives? Who's behind those? The Stu- dent Council handled these and our opinion , decision other responsibilities. Some other projects that the 17-member group worked on in- cluded Spring Fling, Fall Fest, the pep assemblies, Sophomore and Homecoming elections, many of the school dances, and the school scrapbook. Student Q Council also approved school business involving requests and requisition activities. According to the sponsor, Ron Adams, the most impor- tant duty of this organization was the representation of the student's viewpoint in all the school business. This elected body was be- hind various projects and was also responsible for observing school and club activities, insti- tuting the school spirit, and lceepinjgtrfeeling of pride at our This looks good -- These Student Council members enjoy a laugh at their own yearbook pictures. school. aqzafbfk. in 500019 YU coats rw 'wfxcwwa CWS J' Q - . LQZTH mf. IHA? 661141-f6'lZ4?7t4 ' V14 'T IIN AT C L . Venijliifidi vici - Yesqidtudent A5 SDH Council was behind the togas alsofv if I ,5 A , bfi? C5f f7tT 9241 gel!- Jfxze, i , GIRL: "" 'T ,gre-1979 I I5 '- . . I li ' L C f f I Student Council, Front Row: Back Row: Robby Gehring, David The winner is . . . - Bobbi Bloom Assembly preparations - Stu- Missy Zaharis, Sharla Dawson, Mid- Perkinson, Charl Riggs, David Brown, accepts another award for Student dent Council is caught in the act of dle Row: Mike Giese, Bobbi Bloom, Heather Haynes. Council. putting up pep posters. Organizations Student Council 20 I Students e plore career option hile most seniors had life easy with only three or four classes to complete their credit requirements, HERO members had a chance to experience quite a different senior year. Home Economics Related Occupations QHEROJ of- fered members a chance to explore and prepare for the different career options available to them. To be an active member in HERO students must work at least I5 hours per week at a part-time job, attend class five days a week, and participate in the various club activities. This organization is part of the HERO Cooperative Education Program in which seniors pursue a career in the field of home economics. HERO promoted many activities from car washes, to bagel sales, to the Employer Appreciation Banquet, and they paid for the various conferences they attended throughout the year. A few of these conferences included the HERO State Leadership Confer- ence, the State-wide Conference, and the Leadership Training for Vocational Clubs Conference. "These conferences give us a chance to learn new job related skills and to show off our own," said Mrs. Sara Bradley, club sponsor. HERO's service projects included the pumpkin pie donations to Salvation Army at Thanksgiving and they were involved in the Adopt-A-Family program during the Christmas holidays. "In HERO students learn leadership roles and to take on the responsibility which they might not have in class or on the job,', said Mrs. Bradley. taco . CLUB BUCKS. Sponsor pitches in - Mrs. lends a helping hand as she washing a Suburban. Hang it up -- Erilca Wight fsecre- presiclentj take care of the publicity hanging posters along the street in an taryj and Shelia V3flR0ClCCl Cvice aspect of the HERO car wash by attempt to attract customers. Organizations 202 HERO HERO - Front row: Reesha Vig- il, Donna josephson, Candy Koehler, Geri Gobrecht, Joni Johann, Michelle Hebdon, Annette Pendleg Middle Row: Amanda Hull, Jodi Renfrow, Raquel Navarrette, Shelia VanRoekel, Mary Jacob, Stephanie Millsg Back Row: Rich Kotula, Eddie Greffoz, Harold Boiss, Teri Singleton, Erika Wight, Kristie Arrowsmith, Mrs. Sara Bradley. Not pictured: Brian Leek. argl' A 1, 1, Wg Sparkling clean effort - HERO members diligently scrub a truck at their annual car wash. Q? 9 - . s ' , 9 'S ll' 1--.1 I: " .' "' x 1 Pay up please - HERO sponsor Mrs. Sara Bradley makes change for a customer at the car wash fundraiser for the club. Where's the cream cheese? - Senior Diane Angell takes a break from her typing and tries to eat her bagel with one hand. Aren't you hungry? - Senior Elizabeth Davidson tries not to let her bagel distract her from her classwork. Organizations HERO 2 O 3 Discovering e otic cultures elping foreign ex- change students ad- justing to a year in America, AFS could be seen as more than just a club. It was also a group of individuals dedi- cated to the study of other cul- tures. AFS fthe American Field AFS, Front Row: Mike Carlisle, Karyn Wong, Andrew Gumovskyj, Joe Benzer, Lorie Vosburg, Caroline Nathanson, Chris Allmen- dinger, Steve Chaney, Lynn Simmonds, Wen- dy Dale, Row 2: Jim Marsh, Brandi l-lannum, Paul Creasman, Heather Markham, Brian Har- ris, Cathy Kalinke, Susanne Disslekamp, Melisa Adams, Michelle Winward, Kevin Smith, Rob- ert Bordwellg Row 3: John Brown, Kathy Roye, Sheri Badger, Theresa Graves, Matt Hansen, Catherine Noel, Katja Valtingojer, Wendy Fre- drickson, Kirsten Brown, Tammy Wong, Baclt Row: David Finlinson, Timara Frihart, Eileen Bryson, Jana Gowin, Kris Moore, Sabine Wemer, Harley Jarvis, Lisa Kobza, Andra Wil- son, Reylene Carlson, Kathryn Carlson, Cather- ine Klikoff, Monica Young, Melany Flake. German Club, Front Row: Karyn Wong, Doug Scott, Andrew Gumovskyj, joe Benzer, Julie Pringle, Lorie Vosburg, Caroline Nathan- son, Chris Allmendinger, Steve Chaney, jeann Biehn, Lynn Simmonds, Susanne Onstieneg Row 2: Eric Ringger, Scott Burgess, Paul Creasman, Heather Markham, Scott Hender- son, Brian Harris, Kathy Kalinke, Susanne Disslelramp, Melissa Adams, Donna Djekic, Kevin Smith, Mike Bailey, Row 3: Robert Young, Steve Swineheart, jim Marsh, Jackie Pinkerton, Shauna Harman, Misty Kanistan- aux, Andrea Heck, Sabina Werner, Katja Val- tingojer, james Spiersg Back Row: Matt Whit- ney, Gary Householder, Chris Walldorf, Mike Prigge, Robert Bordwell, Matt Hansen, Wendy Dale, Lori Jones, Pam Moore, Jana Gowin, Missy Zaharis, Tara Ellington, Stacy Epps. Service, served as the school host for foreign exchange stu- dents from Germany, Sweden, and France. By sponsoring dances and a welcoming party, AFS gave scholarships to students going abroad for the upcoming year, according to club sponsor Rob- ert Bordwell, Visiting West Berlin in the summer of '85 and learning the culture of the German people, this could be no other club but the German Club. The aforementioned activity would not have been possible had the club not sponsored Gummi bear and Advent calen- dar sales. Robert Bordwell, the sponsor of German Club, summed up the club's goals as "promoting the study of Germany and Ger- man speaking countries." s Organizations AFS! German Dedicated to foreign languages field trip to San Xavier del Bac Mission and other museums to high- light this club's goal was just one of the interesting aspects of Spanish Club. Fund raisers to gain money for these trips included candy bar and Blow Pop sales. Spanish Club was founded eight years ago by one of the current sponsors, Joe Felix, with the purpose of learning about the Spanish culture and listen- ing to guest speakers. Mary Kay Freeman was the other sponsor. Parlez vous Francais? Well if you do, then you have probably had classes in French. And if you had classes in French, chances are you participated in or heard of French Club. Sponsored by Mary Kay Freeman, the French Club felt that its most important func- tion was the broadening of its members' horizons and of the French and their culture. French Club had a carwash, fund raisers, and went on a field trip. French Club, Front Row: Cather- ine Noel, David Finlinson, Harley Jar- vis, Monica Young, Kevin Smith, Mi- chelle Winward, Tory Zafrag Back Row: Andra Wilwn, Jana Gowin, Kristin Moore, Sabinefwerner, Lisa Kobza, Melanie Flake, Tammy Wong. Spanish Club, Front Row: Mike Bailey, Kevin Smith, Catherine Noel, Kathy Roye, Timara Frihartg Back Row: Eric Nash, Catherine Klilcoff. Organizations Frenchfspanish 20 5 arketin . . . no funn bu iness tudents earned class credit for typing? Yes, the Distributive Education Club QDEJ, a nationwide organization had a program in which seniors held a part-time job for which they received credit and were also involved in a business class which centered around the concepts and skills of marketing. Thus the program prepared those involved for a career in the business or marketing field. Distributive Education Clubs of America QDECAJ, open only to students enrolled in marketing and Distributive Education programs, provided opportunities for leadership, recognition, com- petition, social activities, and involvement in their own community. Holding a part-time job with a local business had many advantages for some seniors. DECA students participated in various fund-raising activities which raised over 3I0,000. One of the causes to which the money was donated was muscular dystrophy. The students of this organi- zation were involved in a leadership and career conference, a mid- winter conference which offered awards and recognition, and a third conference which allowed for scholarships and competition. Besides participating in the various statewide conferences, DE also sponsored a parent orientation breakfast and an employer-employ- i ee banquet. Through all the activities, fund raisers, and conferences, club sponsor Hank Scheer felt "the main function of the DECA and DE organizations was to develop future leaders in marketing and in distributive education." DE, Front Row: Andrea Passar- rella, Tonya Richarme, Brenda Wendt, Pam Davis, Scott Griffin, Ann Lenhardt, Ginger Basset, Hank Scheer fsponsorj, Chad Gammage, Mark Rudy, Jodi Jones, Kelly Scott, Sharlene Jewettg Middle Row: Sheri King, John Vasquez, Brian Stradling, Jackie Aiello, Ann Woodward, Steph- anie Wall, Jennifer Karr, Back Row: Randy Miller, Robert Scott, Jodi Vaughn, Sherri Fiske, Andrea Wil- son, Janie Jones, Robert Duncan, Lisa Klinger. Starry-eyed - Bobbie Piluga looks at Brian Stradling with admiration at a DECA Conference. Excited DECA members! - Tina Smith and Kim Jones engage in an intriguing conversation about mar- keting. Organizations 206 DECAXDE E V ,if , fl .. ' ' it ? 4 V O J H . ,. . J V X 'L .il l K 2 ig 4 . K t ki, .4 "TY N1 DECA, Front Row: B. Hatch, C. More- house, T. Palmer, B. Stradling, K. Radley, B. Wendt, A. Sacramento, P. Davis, S. Grey. Row 2: Corrigan, B. Piluga, V. Cloud, K. Seely, T. jorres, C. Challis, S. Warin, V. Soya, H. Johnson, A. Boyer, S. Gammage, R. Miller. Row 3: Vaughn, Wolfe, K. Brown, C. Cassady, L. Pagan, I.. Gutteirez, M. Mills, S. Hudjietz, Jones, A. Wikon, S. Fiske, S. King, I. Karr, K. Scott. Row 4: P. Berg, C. Mclon- key, Bama, H. Gebharclt, L. Runneberg, L. Giblin, S. Griffin, A. Lenhardt, P. Sacco, A. Passarella, D. Dickerson, R. Miller, T. Ri- charme. Row 5: B. Sitter, S. Wall, L. Klinger, S. Jewett, S. Schoeller, A. lVladyun, P. Brewer, R. Duncan. Row 6: A Chucri, R. Scott, A Vfoodward, M. Rudy, Aiello, K. Nlusgrove, A. Chesley, C. Slriles, E. Koy. Back Row: A. Charles, S. Diumenti, Jones, Brady, G. Bassett, Vasquez, T. Shell, K. jones, O.1essie. . ,, Officers in action - DECA offi- cers take a break from one of their many conferences to pose for a pic- ture. What punchline? - Adbul Ma- clyun and Stephanie Warin attempt to explain the joke to Cyndi jacquette. Modeling DECA fashions - These marketing officers show off the latest DECA look at a September con- ference. Organizations 2 O DECA! DE 7 Getting ICA fthe Vocational Industrial Club of Americaj was started seven years ago by Frank Hud- son for students enrolled and interested in trades and indus- trial, technical and health occu- pations. The goal for a common bond locally, statewide and na- tionally was thereby established. Mr. Hudson felt that the most important function of this club was the state VICA Skill Olympics held in April. This function gave an opportunity for his students from other parts of the state. This oper- ation also opened the way for the VICA students to receive exposure and recognition. Also accomplished by this 1f"x,. 2 , .,s' ff Hard at work - Exercising his abil- ity at mechanics, Larry Judd puts the finishing touches on his projects. Organizations 208 v1cA ahead in job markets years' VICA group was a candy sale, a rodeo of program sales, and attendance to the Fall Leadership Conference in Tuc- son. In addition, they were on hand at the Region III work- shop at the Mesa Vocational Technical Center, which is also the candidate and campaign management and delegate workshop. The activities never stop, as this summer, when most are not thinking of club activities, VICA will be at the National VICA Skill Olympics in Phoe- nix. Exercising her mind - Senior Cindy Gibb enthusiastically goes at her work for VICA. 3 VICA, Front Row: Timothy Cloyd, Susan McFall, Traci Tilton, Tia Popello, Devon Gallagher, David Schellenberg, Nicholas Perroneg Middle Row: Cynthia Gibb, Larry Judd, Delbert Rapier, Mary Schmidt, Ofelia Bracamonte, Dan Phillips, Ger- fs" ald Eaton, Raymond Lamp Back Row: Frank Hudson, T Kronborg, Robert Smith, Hoffman, Clayton From, Heinze, Jason Wolfswinkle, Dar Governo, Michael Thompson. C C earning to dog Doing to Learn, Earning to Liveg Living to Serve. That was the motto of Future Farmers of America. FFA offered many programs to those students who held an interest in agriculture. The organization offered year-long super- vised worlc experience and safety programs. The club participated in district and national meetings. Future Farmers pursued such projects as a woodcut in October. To keep the club socially active, FFA sponsored a hay ride and dance in December. Future Farmers participated in several projects to raise funds. The club held a barbecue and a carport sale and sold such things as poinsettas and pumpkins. "Any seconds?" - Roy Atwell wonders after finishing his dinner at the FFA - sponsored barbecue. Penny pinchers - Are these FFA members' eyes drifting from the mon- ey box to a pretty girl? First class service - Mary jacob and Troy Johnson take a break from serving beef to chat. FFA. Front Row: Beth Robedeau, Dan Kauf- man, Steve Heath, Rick Lanham, Rick Schmidt, Brian Loeffler, Roy Atwell, Troy Johnson, Mary Jacob, Mary Schmidt, Bruce Watkins, sponsor, Row 2: Dennis Vaughn, jonathan Felbab, Don Btaley, Curtis Foucher, Ron Par- sons, Colleen Paclzer, John Hansen, Mary Ken- nedy, Tamra Palmer, Tammy Draper, Mark McQUillen, Larry Hamlin, Row 3: Rohn Dix- on, David Cassavaugh, Bob Smith, Eileen Pack- er, Stacey Sabaski, Tammy Lavelle, Mike New- man, Kevin Lakey, Noel Foster, Andrea Mar- tinez, Renay Rollman, Tracey Iewett, Maureen Cantu, Stephanie Martin. Organizations FFA 2 O 9 Giving that e tra boo t he Booster Club's activi- ties amounted to much more than the tradition- al cheering section at sporting events. Its 250 members of both parents and friends alike were able to support each area of the school with full force through- out the school year. Governed by a board of eigh- teen, and meeting once a month, the Booster Club ac- complished a great deal. Besides helping to make decisions that affected the educational process at Mountain View, the club planned and sponsored a great many activities as well. They created and sold the football programs, held an annual Teachers' Breakfast, donated scholarship money to each aca- demic department, and fi- nanced the awards received by the outstanding seniors. In November, the Booster Club sponsored the first annual Toro Family Festival. The event not only raised money for the club and the school, but it also involved many of the other clubs. Booster Club Board Members. Front Row: Tom DeMassa, Bonnie Marsh, joe Martin, Marion Northey, Joan Martin, Sharon Durantig Back Row: Joyce Sanft, Jean DeLorenzo, Carl Aglio, Clyde Upchurch, Larry McDonald, Dick Rader fadministra- tive assistantj , Russ Rapp, Bob Kema- gis, Dick Anderson Qadministrative assistantj. Not pictured: Craig Organizations Booster Club 210 Sloan, Ken Brodzinski, Susan Taylor. This group makes decisions about the different functions of the club. Calm, cool, creamed? - Kurt Schuster has his nose adorned with shaving cream. Stick 'em up - Selling stickers was just one of the ways Pep Club promot- ed school spirit. Plotting the moves - are Pep Club members Holly Stephens, Tory Zafra and Susan Upchurch. S fx -K s S 1 qi 2 -3 -gs- . -. 9-' l ...--. , -'W'-" Tomas , Underground promotion lass competitions were not designed to embar- rass students, football and basketball run-throughs were not made simply to be ruined, and the other posters made by the Pep Club were made with a certain purpose in mind. The Pep Club had I2 mem- bers who gave their best to in- crease school spirit and height- en interest in the many sporting events affiliated with Mountain View. "We were a small, rowdy group of friends," said Ms. Cheryl Nelson, sponsor. "Pep Club allowed its members to be silly and noisy at games, with- out anyone telling them to pipe down," she added. ...ig-me 1 mlb RQQQQQ- My The club was started by a concerned student and Ms. Nelson the year Mountain View first opened its doors. More than making posters and holding class competitions, the club continued to actively in- volve more than just the team members in the athletic pro- gram offered at the high school level. Pep Club, Front Row: Kathy Carl- son, Susan Upchurch, Reylene Carl- son, Holly Stephens, Tory Zafrag Back Row: Sponsor Cheryl Nelson, Debbie Petterutu, Cris Decious, Amy Tyron, Lee Giblin, Samantha Cald- well. "on your mark . . . " - says Mrs. Nelson, starting another class compe- tition. "Before" - Pep Club members dis- play the football run-through at half- time, before it was ruined. Organizations Pep club 2 I I ivacious spirit unior varsity .and varsity cheerleaders have existed since the school opened, but what did they really do? Many casual observers would tell you the obvious . . . "cheerleaders cheer," but cheer really was a much more involved program which required endless amounts of effort, skill, and dedication. It took many hours of hard work and dedication to produce some of the involved performances they exhibited at the assemblies, dance concerts, home football and basketball games, and early morning practices. Besides the practices, the cheer members attend- ed cheer clinics, spirit camps, and many other programs which taught them performing techniques. Last summer they achieved an "excellent plus" rating and won makes great the "spirit stick" at cheer camp, which made them one of the best cheer organizations in the state. "Cheer has provided me with an outlet for making new friends and supporting the school. I'm very grateful for the experience," commented Becky Phillips, junior varsity cheerleader. Cheer sponsored the Hello Dance, and was involved in many other activities and fund raisers. "Our most important function is to promote spirit throughout the school and community," said Mrs. Muriel Smith, cheer spon- sor. It took a lot of hard work and effort, but in the end it was all worth it," commented Angie Kempf, varsity cheerleader. Varsity cheer, Front Row: Suzie Herron, Missy Hinds, Lisa Taylor, Tammy Templeg Middle: Chris Pothier, jessica Richardson, Diana Bosley, Back: Angie Kempf, Andrea Van Norman, Kim Demke. Red, white, and blue - Varsity cheerleaders show Toro pride during a group shot at Pioneer Park. Junior Varsity, Front Row: Aliesa Row: Gayla Gam, Melinda Edwards, Jensen, julie Foley, Anissa Taylor, Michelle Tyndall. Becky Phillips, Kami Beckstead, Back Organizations 2 I 2 Cheerleaders Footloose and dancin free hether it was jazz, modern, or ballet, Dance Theatre had the talent to move with the beat. A dance composition class for which students had to audition, the class met daily to choreograph and practice their selections. The entire group was responsible for creating the chore- ography and often worked together to invent new ideas. Individ- uals also choreographed some selections. The dance class gave numerous performances, including Cele- brate Youth in Phoenix and the Papago Park Celebration in Tempe. The Dance Theatre also participated in the Toro Family Festival, where the dancers performed and taught children to dance. A select group of dancers was asked to perform at a scholarship benefit at the Mesa Country Club. Selection was based on a solo. The Dance Theatre was selected to represent Arizona at the Dance Arts Alliance Conference in Tucson, where they also attended master classes, seminars, and performances. Ten dancers from Dance Theatre attended master classes at the ASU High School Festival. The dancers were privileged to have Keith Martin of the Keith Martin Jazz Company in Portland, Dregon, perform and also work with the class. One member of Dance Theatre, Adina Fiaschetti, received personal satisfaction from the class. "Dancing is a lot of fun and hard work. I get a lot of enjoyment from it. After working hard and performing, you know that you have accomplished some- thing." Practice makes perfect - All Give 'em a break - Marvin jac- smiles, Amy Winslow attempts a new quez, Duane Cronin, and joe Villa dance move, demonstrated by the in- strut their stuff for a crowd. structor. -5 I 1 iff-. 1- .- fix: -, . .. . Future dancers - julie jones and Lisa McDonald laugh at a dance move performed by a special guest. Dance Theatre, Front Row: Adina Flaschotti, Cindy Fabian, Cheryle Parclew, Kristin Rudy, Row 2: Karen Middlebrough, Tonya Ri- charme, Ronelle jock, Cindy Darnell, Ericka VanGorder, Debbie Decker, Mindy Moffat, Sydnee Steinhoff, Andrea Szuhay, Gina Jacksong Row 3: Lynn Free, Jackie Lotts, Laura Sa- very, Michelle Helfert, Cindy Smith, Julia MacDougal, Darla Koontz, Julie Jones, Amber Essley, Lisa Macdonald, Julie Demkeg Row 4: Billy Dance, Joe Villa, Amy Winslow, Duane Cronin, Marlo Gunnell, Marvin Jacquez, Liz La-Fortune. Not pictured: Marga- ret Benzer, Margaret Tucker, Pat Sacco. Organizations Dance Theatre 2 I 3 Jazzin up the sound of music remiere and Encore added some different dimensions to the traditional concert choir. Both ensembles specialized in sing- ing pop, madrigals, and jazz music. Choreography added visually to many of these ensembles' selections. Premiere was composed entirely of girls. The choir had the opportunity to perform at major evening concerts and for the community. Premiere also helped represent the Chorus Depart- ment by singing in nine performances of "The Nutcracker" ballet Voice like an angel - Chorus member Kerry Slade practices to per- fection a piece of music during re- hearsal. at Grammage auditorium at Christmas. Encore was a small mixed choir which gave several performances at school and in the community. Encore participated in the North- ern Arizona University JazzfMadrigal Choral Festival and in the North East Jazz Invitational Festival in St. Johns. One Encore member, Inice Frazier, said, "Encore is a really good opportunity to perform different styles of music and dance." f iw ,,,- Premiere. Front Row: Christina Medina, Carrie Micheau, Elaine Mi- chaels, Missey Wessel, Andrea Szu- hay, Row 2: Trihn Thomas, Kerry Slade, Jenni Fillmore, Betsy Black- hurst, Amber Essley, Julie Jones, Diana Baca, Row 3: Melody Klein- man, Dawn Hathaway, Vicki Dana, Mindy Moffat, Michelle Oxborrow, Jenny Kruclc, Patti McKnight. Not pictured: Krissy Sharp. Plucking pitches - David Bensen, Phil Cox, Lara Weldon and Inice Fra- zier use the piano to find the pitches in a new piece of music. , ,gm 4' 2413 5 i x "" X V ash. , Organizations 2 I 4 Premiere! Encore Encore. Front Row: Jeff Burrell, Denise Benson, Robert Myers, Inice Frazier, David Benson, Kim Walker. Row 2: Shaun Perry, Lisa Meininger, Jeff Jensen, Lori Rost, Chris Decious, Shauna Harmang Row 3: Lara Wel- don, Fred Straclling, Susan Edwards, Glenn Robertson, Pam Lyon, Phil Cox. Not Pictured: Rene Boyce, Carolyn Martin. Stringing up different ound oncert Orchestra and Encore Strings were active organiza- tions geared toward those students who play string instru- ments. Concert Orchestra prepared string players for the Symphony Orchestra by giving students experience in playing with an ensem- ble and in performing. The Concert Orchestra conductor, Richard Rader, was able to give the students a lot of individual attention which helped the orchestra members to improve their playing 51 ' . its f . i 4 sin. :Mi 'Q capabilities. The orchestra rehearsed daily and performed several concerts with the Symphony Orchestra. Encore Strings was composed of string players from the Sym- phony Orchestra and a rhythm section. The group was small and specialized in a less traditional style of music - Country and Western. This group was unique in that the instrumentalists not only fiddled but also sang the lyrics to their songs. Encore Strings gave mostly community performances. Encore Strings. Front Row: torg Nicole Walsh, Mark Cassaday, Stephanie Sirrine, Lara Kemptong Tristan Frihart, Tom Anderson, Mark Sandys, Ed Garcia, Shanel Hudson, Kirk Hooper. Row 2: Grace Alvarado, Wendy McGough, Holly Casey, Angie Sobs- zakg Row 3: Richard Radar, conduc- Lullaby and goodnight - Nicole Walsh shows her school spirit by bow- ing dreamy music on Pajama Day. Concert Orchestra. Front Row: Boyleg Row 3: Mike Hansen, Sharon Liz Winslow, Stacy Dickerson, Lisa Crandall, Tammi Saline, Debbie Romo,Jennifer Nielsong Row 2: Eliza Gammel, Jennifer Thompson, Lisa Tanner, Laura Goodman, Jennifer Withee, Stacy McGough. just fiddlin' around - Laura Goodman and Jennifer Nielson enjoy rehearsing their parts in orchestra. Organizations Encore Strings! Concert Orchestra ZI5 Strin ing up the classics many festivals, the Symphony Orchestra proved its contin- ual success. The Symphony Orchestra had daily rehearsals which included full orchestra rehearsal, sectional rehearsals, or sight reading. Or- chestra members dedicated many hours to perfecting their musical abilities both in and out of the classroom. The hours spent rehearsing and practicing were justified by the orchestra's outstanding performances. The Symphony Orchestra gave four major concerts and participated in three rating festivals. The Symphony Orchestra was honored with an invitation to represent Arizona at the Music Educator's Western National Conference in Fresno, California, in March of 1985. before rehearsal. during a rehearsal for a festival. ..-...-f-4'-"""" Symphony Orchestra. Front Row: Richardson, Alvarado, Moore, A. Ray, L. Kempton, Boren, N. Olsen, Row 2: L. Perkins, G. Al- varado, L. Ark, A. Sobczak, H. Casey, N. Walsh, M. Hansen, Row 5: M. McGough, Nowak, Canty, C. Organizations 2 I 6 Symphony Orchestra Halls, S. Whitcomb, S. Sirrine, D. Dosdall, N. Omierzag Row 4: A. Le- pianka, A. Jorgensen, T. Stroia, T. Upton, R. Smith, H. Stephens, Row 5: L. Moody, V. Rhinehart, K. War- ble, A. Rusk, Nowak, K. Hooper, Row 6: O. Bracamonte, S. Sheets, S. Pegler, M. Rosenham, Cain, S. Scheppe, M. Morrison, C. Mansfield Row 7: R. Fish, Halls, K. johnson D. Nielson, S. Robertson, S. Baedke T. Bendure, C. Decious, M. Call Standing: M. Metzler, S. O'Dell, A. Pappas, H. Markham, S. Herron, I. Smith, S. Hudson, P. Davis, D. Eulate, R. Bisbee, Mr. Lloyd, assistant conductorg Mr. Rader, conductor, S. Crandall, M. Cassaday, Turley. Setting standard for service s the meeting was being called to order by Izzy Sanft, National Honor Society president, in rushed the last of the seventy members of which the club consisted. This was the first meeting of the year and there were many activities to discuss. The first order of business was to assign a service committee, which was responsible for painting the racquetball courts, campus clean- up, M 86 M sales, and dances. "The most important function of this organization is to provide service to the school and offer leadership opportunities to the students. I enjoy acting as the sponsor of NHS because I get a chance to work with the leaders of our school and future leaders of our community," commented Miss Pam Hull, club sponsor. The second order of business was for Bob Castle, NHS treasur- er, to give a financial report. This year, a special service committee was created, headed by Chris DeBoom, to handle the many service activities that NHS undertook. This organization was compiled of members dedicated to a common goal . . . success. The members saw success as a way of life, both in and out of school - setting the standards. This organiza- tion was one that was dedicated to success, to promoting leader- ship, and to doing whatever possible to make their school stand out above the rest. "National Honor Society is a group of students with similar academic goals, and I'm proud to be a part of it,,' said Izzy Sanft, National Honor Society president. le it f National Honor Society, Front Row: Da- vid Hawkins, LeAnn Palmer, Ericka Van- Gorder, Debbie White, Shannon O'Hara, Missy Hinds, Sara Dant, Lisa Kobza, Lara Candland, jeff Pulford, Middle Row: Tim Misch, Mike Hough, Carmen Lomax, jennifer O'Conner, Shari Skabeland, julie Quinn, Kris- ten Merrill, Wendy Dale, Monica Young, Missy Zaharis, non-member, non-member, Su- zanne Mclnnes, Andrea Rusk, Vicki Rhinehartg Back Row: Chris DeBoom, Lauree Hale, Lau- rie Bergen, Susan Edwards, Reylene Carlson, jackie Brown, Izzy Sanft, Bob Grasso, Miss Pam Hull fsponsorj, Jim Marsh, jennifer Boren, Judy Pshak, David Benson, Jason Sten- meon, Bob Castle, Eric Ringer, Angie Sobczakg Not Shown: Rene Boyse, Marci Hockett, Denise Benson, Sharon Braden, Susan Braden, Joan Canty, Holly Casey, Margie Chiappetta, Lynda Collum, Iuilana Davis, Tracee Derno- vich, Jennifer Frost, Shelly Goodman, Ken Gus- tafson, Alana Hecker, Kristen Himes, Kelly Higgs, Bill Kinnear, Ruth Lagacho, Cathy Martines, Tom Misch, Luisa Moody, Donna Painter, Gary Parsell, Lydia Perkins, Laura Prather, Mary Schmidt, Evie Schneider, Wayne Smith, Todd Vlaarama, Kelli Warble, Matthew Weber, Gary White, Andra Wilwn, F3305 Scott Winkler. Is that right? - The officers of NHS inspect the financial records of last year, only to find an unpleasant surprise. Pounting his gavel - Izzy Sanft, NHS President, exhibits his authority by banging the table several times with his gavel during an NHS meeting. Organizations NHS 2 I 7 Key mu icians harmonize oncert Band assisted many wind players and percussionists in devel- oping their playing ability and in expanding their musical lcnowledge. The Concert Band rehearsed an hour each day. Though the class concentrated on giving the students ensemble playing ex- perience, music education and theory were important parts of each rehearsal. The band performed in four major concerts at school and also competed in the Mountain States Music Festival at Ari- zona State University. The Concert Band conduc- tor, Joe Lloyd, was very pleased at the accomplishments of the I984-85 Concert Band. "They really sound fantastic," said Lloyd. "This has been the best Concert Band Mountain View has ever had." Concert Band. Front Row: M. Klinger, M. Wilwn, P. Ramirez, M. Campoy, R. May, D. Long, E. Eamato, M. Tiffany, Redondo, M. Gordon, Row 2: E. Sanchea, Baseclc, A. Flores, P. Richie, T. Scott, D. Scott, D. Arnett, M. Hansen, T. Elliott, T. Brown, K. Taylor, Row 3: B. Taylor, T. Regester, 1. Davis, F. Camp, D. Wood, B. Kunde, R. Clar, E. Gibson, G. Jacobs, T. Krech, R. Vifestfall, S. Mitchell, Vasquez, S. Nudzietz, L. Damiano, L. Pattea, C. O'Connor, K. Golis, L. Kreie, D. Coe, C. M. Harris, K. Tennant, D. McGlorhlin, C. Yahnke, S. Garrison, C, Conklin, A. Phillips, Oom-pah - Two tuba players Trumpet tune - JR Boseck shows glance at their music to see if they are hgw he Plays every rehearsal with in- on "oom" or "pah." 8 Organizations 2 I Concert Band tensity. D. Martines, O. Wagar, Dollar, B. Otto, S. Wilbur, R. Kleinman, M. Weaver, S. Campbell. ji gk: -.a-.' .. . .. -1 1 . lv' 'X 'H-W ' ii, f, .. fa,-. . :M - I ':,,. . . J am to blues he jazz Ensemble played the blues, the song "C Jam Blues" that is. Musicians in the Jazz En- semble explored and performed the only music which originated in the United States - jazz. The ensemble worked each day at improvisational techniques. Emphasis was placed on expos- ing students to different styles of jazz literature and on inter- preting jazz music. The jazz Ensemble got an early start at a busy year. The group started rehearsing two weeks before school began to prepare for two early perfor- mances. Throughout the year, the band gave several concerts at school and also performed at numerous places in the commu- nity. The Jazz Ensemble com- peted at both regional and state festivals. Key strumming - john Turley concentrates as he leads the jazz band in chord changes. ca' -' .' .r , . . r. . I "" ".'r,.vj .,:',,. - 'ln' -. v. f I 2,1 ,-r' "' f ' if-fe 4-' H" ,-.n-, t, ' ' uv .-t . ' Q ... w',VJfW,V' U , 1 ,. ..s.,.-A x L N . Feeling blue -- Troy Leonard im- provises a "blues" solo during jazz En- semble rehearsal. Jazz Ensemble Front Row: Brad Wiemann, Lynda Collum, Mike Hough, Rick MacDonald, Greg Ar- nettg Row 2: Jeff Pulford, Scott Schoen, jeff Caing Row 3: joe Lloyd, Conductor, Scan Baedlce, Paul Hagar, Debbie Dosdall, Laurie jones, Doug Baker, John Turley. Organizations Jazz Ensemble 2 I 9 Click . . . more than photo o kissing booths, pizza parties, cookie pies, designing fly- ers, sets for plays, football dances, and other various pho- tography work sound appealing? These are just a few of the many activities in which the Click Club was involved. This organization was so involved in such a vast array of activities that its members were constantly on the go. Mrs. Jeanne Zimmerman, club sponsor, felt that the main reason for the club's success was due to their active involvement in the many programs, plays, dances, service projects, and fund raisers. Besides the various activities, this club met twice weekly, shot their own color prints for yearbook, shot the Dobson-Mountain View game, did publicity work for the play "Dracula" which appeared in the Viewpoint, and set up for the art show "Thirty from the Thirtiesf' Click's fund raisers involved various photography work includ- ing family portraits, pet photos, slide presentations, copy work, classroom activities, touching up old photos, and off campus shoot- ings. "The most important function of Click is to give the students a sense of worth, unity, and healthy fun," commented Mrs. Zimmer- man. Click's scrapbook was "one of the best." "We've won 'Club of the Year' the last three consecutive years and I feel that this was due to hard work, dedication, and lots of fun in between," said Mrs. Zimmerman. Click. Front Row: Karyn Wong, Rose Weaghington, Grace Alvarado, Melissa McWhorter, Renee Ed- monds, Connice Schultz, Eileen Par- tel, Top Row: David Lorig, Suzy Krall, Lara Kempton, Dawn Godwin, Matt Reitzel, David Booth, Kathi Ev- ans, Standing: Mrs. Zimmerman, Vicki Keast fpresidentj, Meredith Miller fvice-presidentj. Click in progress - During one of the early morning meetings, the Click club members discuss the matters at hand. Ld L- Organizations 22O Click 6 . J B Q ,Q-ii-6 This is it - Mrs. Zimmerman mod- hour photography class. els her Click Club apron for her third Al F J4 K W n El. 3' AVL X! E -iii ot all bu iness OE provided students who participated in the Cooperative Office Education work-study program the opportunity to be involved in both social and community activities. COE offered to its members monthly social activities. Each member also had a secret pal within the club and each month everyone did something special for his secret pal. Club members organized and participated in several community projects. They planned a Halloween party for hospitalized chil- dren and visited a nursing home at Christmas. COE also had fund raisers, including bimonthly pretzel sales on campus, which fi- nanced the annual Employer Appreciation Banquet. COE hosted and competed in the Mesa Schools Skill Competition. Friend in need - Getting a helping New Twist - C.O.E. members Mi- hand from a friend, Vicki Keast types chelle Miner sells a pretzel at a home her assignment. football game to raise club funds. 4 ww COE. Front Row: Erik Hamm, ' 'Q' ,, l , James Wisniewskig Row 2: Diane An- . . - A , . - t - - K. 5 - E gell, Michelle Miner, Melody Birkett, Vicki Keast, Kathleen Kalinke, Don- na Atkins, Dawn johnson, Brenda '.. fx l , ' Y l ' Hughlett, Karen Middlebroughg 4 K , ii ' Row 3: Miss Pogal, sponsor, Andrea Noe, Theresa Adams, Kathy Erick- son, Robin Bartlett, Mary Sprouse, Tiffany Bolar, Ginger Karr, Julie Winters, Elizabeth Davidson, Pam McClellan. hui, Organizations COE 2 2' I Beyond dreamin , to achievin hough members of New Horizons were not seen wearing identifiable T- shirts, they were members of a relatively new club, one as sig- nificant as any of the others that were on campus. New Horizons was founded in the fall of 1983 by Mrs. Marge Voth, counselor. It was patterned after a similar pro- gram at Mesa High School. The club was composed of ap- New Horizons, Front Row: Christina DeBoom, Lynda Collum, Ruth Logacho, Rene Boyse, Judy Pshakg Row 2: Cathy Higuera, Kelly Higgs, jennifer Boren, Shelley Good- man, Back Row: Sharon Braden, Shannon O'l-lata. Twenty more members were selected after this pic- ture was taken. Ah, inspiration . . . - Mrs. Voth, the founder and sponsor of New Ho- rizons, listens to a guest speaker de- scribe the different career opportuni- ties available to women. "'lllvuuun.u..., Organizations New Horizons proximately forty ambitious young women interested in learning more about succeeding as a woman in an non-tradition- al career, such as accounting, law, medicine, and engineering. The club was considerably exclusive as members had to have a required grade point average and apply for member- ship. Applications from each grade level were accepted. Members attended a meeting once a month, where a guest speaker was featured. A discus- sion period followed allowing the members to interact with the speaker. "The most important func- tion of this group is to acquaint girls who are academically ori- ented with a variety of nontra- ditional careers," said Mrs. Voth who, along with Ms. Lee Dalton, Mrs. Mary Ketcherside and Betty Callahan, sponsored the club. "We wanted to chal- lenge them to choose a career commensurate with their abili- ties," added Mrs. Voth. Working along with the sponsors was the advisory com- mittee, which included Susan Braden, Reylene Carlson, Cathy Higuera, Christina DeBoom and Shannon O'Hara. New Horizons was a beneficial addi- tion to the organizations at Mountain View. Truly impressed - Kelly Higgs' face reflects what she is hearing at a New Horizons meeting. Life after school? - These stu- dents wonder while listening to a speaker's career description. N-J jc: F utur government leaders odel United Nations QModel UND was an organization in which students were challenged to research, write, and speak on current issues. "lt is an organization which offers both a challenging and reward- ing experience," commented Mrs. O'Haver, Model United Na- tions sponsor. Model UN was an organization designed for those students who enjoy an academic challenge. Due to the amount of academic work involved in the organization, full delegates began, for the first year, to receive one credit under the independent study program. ,q,g,...f 'Q , All members of Model UN spent five months preparing for the organization's major goal which was to attend the State Model United Nations Conference. Model UN was founded to give students an opportunity to participate in a statewide event issues facing the Model United Nations. "Model United Nations is a positive learning experience of phenomenal proportions, if one plans on obtaining a position in the federal government or in the foreign relations field," comment- ed Bob Castle, Model UN delegate. Model UN, Bottom Row:Mrs. Donna O'l-laver, Eric Ringer, Rob Dalton, Eric Eliason, Bob Grasso, Lisa Watkins, Gary Parsell, Teresa Torres, middle: jason Stenmoen, Robin jones, Eliza Tanner, jennifer Boren, Catherine Klikoff, Angie Sobczak, Athena Pappas, Brent Cox, Eric Nash, Kristina Henson, Necia Rout, top row: Bob Castle, Shelli Skousen, Lisa Cooper, Sharon McGovern, Debbie Linenfelser, Mike Hansen, Matt Hansen, David Hawkins, Rob- ert Young, John Beynon, Shannon O'Hara, Mike Campos, Izzy Sanft, Justin Vaughn. Rimes. Intense classroom concentration Over the Shoulder - Shauna Har- - Jason Stenmoen and Bob Castle mon is caught inspecting Matt Han- study their notes while listening to a SCU,S HOICS Cll-lfing H Model UN meet- lecture. ing. Organizations Model UN 22 3 Student promote fellowship hrist on Campus was founded three years ago to promote Christian fellowship among high school students. Since then, the club has increased its membership to approximate- ly 75 students and has become more active. Members of Christ on Campus met an hour each day for fellowship and Bible study. On Friday nights, club members con- gregated at sponsor Neil Watson's house for Christian music, games and fellowship. In October, Christ on Campus participated Give'em a boot - Carolyn Martin speaks of her Teen Mission and the hardships involved. Different sounds - At Neil Wat- son's house, club members try out a new Christian rock album to psyche up their Friday night. Caught in thought - Is julie Van- Derra studying her Bible lesson, or notes for her next hour's English test? Christ on Campus. Front Row: Robert Allen, Michele Taylor, Kris- ten Hines, Heidi Bailey, Dave Gear- hart, Jeff Evans, Paul Creasmang Row 2: Neil Watson, sponsor, Julie Van Deraa, Kim Cook, Becky McNay, Kathy Vaughn, Dawn Hathaway, Carolyn Martin, Samantha Caldwell, Connice Shultz, Heather Marcumg Row 3: Mark Gearhart, Larry Ham- lin, Ron Swift, Kevin Lakey, Kevin Kronemyer, Lee Giblin, Gary Cook, Cris Decious, Greg Miller. Organizations 224 Christ on Campus in a walk-a-thon to raise money for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Christ on Campus sponsored two trips to California: one to Magic Mountain and the other to Disneyland. At each amuse- ment parlc, club members attended a series of Christian rock concerts. Since Christ on Campus was an active organization, Watson hoped to demonstrate that church and state can cooperate without violating the intent of the separation of church and state. I ,f if ky C 99' M :Qt who ' new Researching and e perimentin n its fourth year of exis- tence, the Science Club achieved many goals in pro- moting student interest in the world of science. Club President Robert Young feels that science plays a large role in our lives, and the club explained the hows and whys. The former club sponsor moved last summer and physics teacher Rex Rice replaced him. This transition may have set back some clubs, but not this one which " . .. succeeds be- cause it wants to." Spirit ribbons were sold for all varsity games and helped the organization raise money for a scholarship which was awarded to a senior based on academic ability. This grant came to 5250. Toro Spirit - Gary Parsell buys a spirit ribbon from Science Club mem- ber Mike Bailey. A Q." if ,,., , ,df-S iw , X. .. A ..,, -' M31 X. .XR gk. g .-.lf 1.44 cience Club, Front Row: Eric Mike Bailey, Kevin Smith, Back Boi-en, Eric Ringger, Steve Ruckle, ash, Robert Young, Heather Mark- Row: Rex Rice, Necia Rout, Jennifer Rusty Newth, Mike Carlisle. am, Catherine Klikoff, Jana Gowin, The most enjoyed activities however were the field trips tak- en to Tucson and Flagstaff. The group saw Kitt Peak, the U of A School of Medicine, Lowell Observatory, Sunset and Meteor craters, and the Grand Canyon. Spirit ribbons anyone? - Those selling spirit ribbons are entitled to a free ribbon as Steve Ruckle demon- strates. "I have spirit" - Donald Hughes shows his school pride while taking physics notes. .N g SR "Is it straight?" - Senior Gary Romay asks himself that as he buys a spirit ribbon for the Mesa High game. Organizations Science Club Stage involves more than actin ost people probably thought that all there was to Drama Club was producing and acting plays. The Drama Club did a lot more than that, however. They were also responsible for a mag- ic show, four plays, a dance, and Lights, camera, action - Prepar- ing the set is not Stage Crew's only responsibility. Brian Thomas is draw- ing a floor-plan for a set. for having fund raisers. According to club sponsor Kurt Streif, the most important functions were the play produc- tions because he felt that they taught the students about the- ater. What would Drama Club Stage Crew, Front Row: David Blasdell, Scott Simpson, Mike Rior- deng Row 2: Nancy Martinez, Dean St. Louis, Chris Staraceg Back Row: Kurt Streif, Bryn Pryor, Tamo Car- pio, Tom Anderson, Judy Wallace. ,, have done without the Stage Crew? Probably very little. This small, I5 member group was responsible for tak- ing care of all the technical ele- ments involved with running the auditorium including the sets, lights, costumes, props, sound and publicity. Sponsor Kurt Streif felt that this group was important for the general care of the audito- rium. Q Y Drama Club, Front Row: Cather- ine Klikoff, Scott Simpson, Robbie Meyers, Suzi Prestie, Kim Walker, Lara Weldon, Chris Starace, Tamo Carpiog Row 2: Carol Ediclc, Brandi Organizations 2 26 Dramafstage Crew ws. I-lannum, Roxanne Ezell, Bryn Pryor, Shaun Parry, Mike Riorden, Lisa Prestie, Jacky Pinkerton, Stephanie Trussell, Row 3: Kathy Roye, Lisa Meineger, Pam Vick, Nancy Mar- tinez, Dean St. Louis, Judy Wallace, Kurt Streifg Back Row: Timara Fri- hart, David Blazdell, Ted Calcaterra, Brian Thomas, Jeff Wallace, Tom Anderson. X-x, e fig! Enjoying her lollipop - As h as it is to believe, Lisa Meineger paying attention to Mr. Streif. Languages, adapting and talkin he most important ac- tivity of the Speech and Debate team, according to sponsor Dorothy Nadeau, was the academic approach to competition. This prestigious organiza- tion sponsored a dance, several scholarship programs, and were involved in a student congress. The club felt that the most important accomplishment was the development of research skills and confidence in its mem- bers. Providing opportunities for cultural exchanges was our oth- er Spanish Club known as La Mecha, sponsored by Burdell Moody. Founded in 1979 for Hi- spanics or those interested in Hispanic cultures, La Mecha provided incentives to students a Mecha, Front Row: Ed San- hez, Norma Torres, Tina Federico, alena Peterson, Yolanda Cervantes, odd Juan, Row 2: Dickie Cervantes, Carla Fernandez, Sylvia San Miguel. Raquel Navarette, Lora Gutierrez, Vickie Blanco, Tyrone Emerson' v Back Row: Christina Medina, Franky Jaramillo, Mercy Garcia. Yvette Gates, Darla Andrews, Gary Powell, Arlen Biakeddy. Yolanda Bra- camonte, Tina Valles, Burdell Moody, to retain their cultural identity while preparing them for their future roles in society. Through fund raisers La Mecha was able to provide scholarship money. Speech and Debate, Front Row: Catherine Klikoff, Kim jones, Leisa Fry, Evie Schneider, Necia Rout, Lyn- da Buckley, Row 2: Teresa Torres, Justin Vaughn, Dean St. Louis, Todd Johnson, Shaun Parry, Jennifer Boren, Misty Kanistanauxg Back row: Bryn Pryor, Roxanne Ezell, Robby Myers, Sharon McGovern, john Beynon, Shannon O'l-lara, Dorothy Nadeau. Diligently taking notes - Kim Jones listens to Nlrs. Nadeau's lecture on speaking techniques. Scholarship available - Mr. Moody confers with club members on possible fund raising ideas. Organizations Speech and DebatefLa Mecha 227 Los Cantantes. Front Row: 1. Campbell, S. Lloyd, Pitterle, B. Heath, C. Medina, T. Albright, S. Presti, Gray, K. McDonald, S. Se- condo, S. Mask, C. Black, Row 2: M. Sneak preview - Forgetting the words, Craig Isley peaks at Cindy Croy's Los Cantantes music. A chorus line - Las Palomitas members rehearse a serious piece of music for an upcoming concert. Right direction - Choir conductor Dave Perry sings along as he conducts a rehearsal. Organizations 228 Los Cantantes Wollett, R. Dalton, N. Olson, C. Ray, Boren, K. Lee, C. Croy, D. Cummings, M. Hendrickson, C. Fos- Albright, S. Goodman, T. Parry, M. ter, C. Crane, C. Isley, Lotts, R. Edwards, M. Harris, A. Mann, R. Campbell, S. jones, A. Wagar, Moore, M. Hansen. Boyd, Row 3: E. Eliason, K. Tapley, 'D Y! in . . Wx 'in-f Las Palomitas. Front Row: K- Wright, L. DeLong, K. Carlson, G. kins, Row 4: H. Haws, C. Schutter Powers, S. Church, N. Crockett, L. Garn, L. Bean, R. Randall, Row 3: G. Johnson, Richards, V. johnson. Walder, H. Porter, Row 2: H. Lewis, R. Cluff, A. Church, L. Pirrerle, A. Lewis, Boyd, K. Taylor, C. Johan- son, S. Niemi, D. McClaskey, L. jen- 1- ,. XM, Chorale. Front Row: L. Batchelor, I. Frazier, D. Benson, K. Walker, L. Meininger, S. Middleton, S. Parry, P Lyon, A. Hawsg Row 2: M. Mills, M. McDanald, C. Ward, C. Mi- cheau, R. Myers, Brown, F. Stra- i 5 ,x xr dling, K. Edwards, K. Curtis, S. Hud- son, B. Pryor, L. Croy, Row 3: D. Shear, Davis, T. Loveall, M. Mann R. Arnett, S. Harmon, S. Edwarcls,J Jensen, D. McLaughlin, R. Halls, S. Robertson, Row 4: K. Edwards, J 7 use Say it with a song - Chorale mem- bers express themselves with a song during rehearsal. Burrell, L. Weldon, C. Decious, C. Chiles, P. Cox, I. Smith, E. Gibson, L. Rost, K. Copelan, D. Benson, G. Rob- ertson, E. Michaels. Classic choirs C C ingingin therain. . ." and everywhere else, were the concert choirs: Los Cantantes, Las Palo- mitas, and Chorale. The choirs sang selections ranging from the "Stray Cat's Strut" to Vivalcli's Paratum Cor Ejus. Outstanding girls from the groups sang in perfor- mances of "The Nutcracker," a Christmas-time ballet per- formed annually at Cwammage auditorium. All of the choirs were involved in the production of the school musical "Fiddler on the Roof" and in a Broadway review. The most selective choir, Chorale, experienced its most active year. Its members partici- pated in music festivals and gave a concert tour which in- cluded performances at high schools, colleges, and universi- ties in-state and in California. The choir also gave several com- munity performances including a performance at Organ Stop Pizza. To meet other students with the common interest of singing, Chorale was involved in exchange performances with the choirs from Mesa High, Dobson, Westwood, and McClintock. One Chorale member felt the exchange per- formances were very advanta- geous. "I really enjoyed watch- ing the other choirs. It gave us the opportunity to compare Chorale to other high school groups," said Carolyn Martin. Organizations Chorale 2 2 9 Service-oriented organization ith service as their primary objective, the Mayor's Youth Committee and Key Club strived to improve the commu- nity. "The Mayor's Youth Com- mittee was formed to involve the youth in the running of Mesa. They see our city govern- ment in action and unite to benefit all," said sponsor Susan Taylor. The Mayor's Youth Com- mittee's projects included a stu- dent government luncheon, the Veteran's Day fair and Mesa Youth Speaks. While Mayor's Youth Com- mittee focused on service to the community, Key Club also served the school. Key Club was sponsored by the East Mesa Kiwanis Club. "This enabled our students to work hand-in-hand with adults who share their interest in pro- viding necessary volunteer ser- vices to the needy people and organizations in our area," said sponsor Bob Fredriclcs. Key Club was originally formed in 1981, but dwindled out of existence. In 1984, juli- ana Davis reformed the club and it enjoyed a successful year. Popcorn anyone? - Key Club members Kelly Turley and Jennifer O'Connor sell popcorn to Randy Mill- er during Fall Fest. NN .J .l at X .1 if 'Q . vp. Key Club: Front Rowg jason Sten- moen, Izzy Sanft, Kim Jones, Tom Misch, Bill MacEwen, Tim Misch, Tina Giese, Mike Giese, Ron Black, Lori Schanfarbor, Stephanie Fuller. Organizations Row 2: Kim Walker, Reylene Carl- son, Sid Castle, Juliana Davis, Nancy King, Rene Boyse, Bobbi Bloom, Cathy Higuera, Melissa McWhorter. Back Row: Shawn Perry, Pam Lyon, 2 0 Key ClubfMa or's Youth Committee Y Phil Cox, Kelly Turley, Misti Kanis- taneaux, Jackie Brown, Dawn Shear, Susan Edwards, Randy Schulz, Mary Ferrell, Wendy McGough. A v x -if T - , X X' Car Club, Front Row: Scott Frank- lin, Jerry Dingman, Darren Shope, Ernie Araiza, John Hagerty, Sean Spiker. Row 2: Steve Long, Chris Morehouse, Robert Arnett, Harley Jarvis, Jeff Wygle, Mark Frye, Paul Pothier. Baclc Row: Sid Castle, Da- vid Mortimeer, Eric Eliason, Mike Hutchison, Charles Delk, Charles Pierce, Jim McConkey, Alex Chucri, Sponsor Bill Norton. What a Seat! - Ron Adams checks out a car belonging to a Car Club member as it was being displayed dur- ing Fall Fest. Ilhgh gear ars were a popular pas- time, especially among teenagers. The addition of the Car Club brought a new dimension to the array of orga- nizations. It was the first club that gave students a chance to learn about cars, to interact with other club members, ex- change ideas and parts. Car Club started off early in the year with forty members. It was organized and sponsored by Lou Kish and Bill Norton. Besides working on cars, the club functioned like any other, though members did not have to meet specific requirements. Car Club combined students, school and a popular hobby. 3 Youth members David Benson plans - Mayor's Reylene Carlson discuss their fu- tures during the student government luncheon at Holiday Inn. Mayor's Youth Committee: Front Rowg Tom Misch, Lori Schanfarber, Mike Giese, Ron Black, Bill McEwen, Tim Misch, Izzy Sanft, Sid Castle. Row 2: David Benson, Reylene Carlson, Necia Rout, Jennifer Boren, Monica Young, Pat Sacco, Missy Hinds, Lisa Taylor, Judy Pshak, Angela Bunchman, Christina DeBoom. Back Row: Sponsor Susan Taylor, Bobbi Bloom, Kim Jones, Cathy Higuera, Tina Giese, Steph- anie Fuller, Jason Stenmoen, Michelle Helfert, Craig Snapp, Lynn Free, Ei- leen Bryson. Organizations Mayor's Youth CommitteefCar Club 23 I From the oceans to the deserts o trips to San Diego, California and San Carlos, Mexico appeal to you? These were just two of the many diving expeditions in which the Scuba Club participated. This organization gave its members a chance to expand their knowledge and experience of the aquatic world of plants and animals. Ap- proximately I2 Scuba members became Certified Divers through taking a diving course and being involved in the on-campus scuba organization sponsored by Ralph McBride. Mr. McBride felt that "the most important function of the organization was to organize interested students for scuba diving experiences so they could better relate to the aquatic environment that we so often take for granted." While Scuba Club was enjoying the aquatic environment, Hik- ing Club was taking advantage of Arizona's desert environment. The members of hiking club went on trips throughout Arizona, including Havasupai Canyon. This organization has only existed for one year. The members held fund raisers such as Goblin Grams and a variety of hiking activities, such as guided trips and safety courses. Mr. Vala, Hiking Club sponsor, felt that the most important function of the organization was to enjoy Arizona's desert land- scape and heritage. Worth the hike - Havasu Falls is one of the many places the Hiking Club visited. Hiking, Front Row: Mike Bowers, Sandy Nettles, Robert Young, Back julie Lavergne, David Dorum, Doug Row: Rusty Rosenberger, Jennie Dodge. Row Two: Brian Draper, Smith, Todd Waaramaa, Mr. Vala. Taking a breather - Doug Dodge, julie Lavergne, Jennie Smith, Stacy Bostie, and Chris Waldorf rest after a long day of hiking. Organizations 2 3 2 Hiking! Scuba Scuba, Front Row: Kelly Shield, Kirk Cooper, Ben Kunde. Back Row: Lisa Kreie, Kevin Smith, Julie La- Mr. McBride, Sara Knutson, Charles vergne. Row Two: Ramine Bledsoe, Ballard, Klayton Curtis, Derik Brown. New clubs provide opportunity rom car washes to cookbooks to beef jerky to the Fall and Family Fests, a variety of activities were promoted by the Individual Members Participating Actively in the Commu- nity Together QIMPACTQ. IMPACT was part of the State and National Future I-Iomemakers of America QFHAD organization. The IMPACT organization was founded by Mrs. Sara Bradley at the request of several students. IMPACT was open to all students who were willing to commit themselves to being active members. Their service projects included working with the Trou- bled Teens and participating in the March of Dimes. Mrs. Bradley felt the most important function of the club was to develop youth leadership and community service. IMPACT pro- vided the students with a chance to learn about responsibility, commitment, and dependability through the activities. QFCAQ Fellowship for Christian Athletes was another organiza- tion which had its first official year on campus. This organization was for athletes who wanted to meet and discuss the Christian beliefs. They met at Neil's Place where Christian Seminary was also held. Jim Brady, FCA advisor, felt the main function of the organization was to help the members in developing a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ and to share that love with their friends. A vt I Front Row: john Long, son. Back Row: Randy Perry, Bob Dong, Steve Behr, Jr. Thomp- Cunningham, Chris Hummel, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Sara Bradley, Stephanie ' - -isa gl .. IMPACT, Front Row: Stephanie Intriguing classroom discussion Trussel. Row 2: jackie Pinkerton, - Stephanie Trussell, Sharron Sharron Shope, Tamara Evans. Back Shope, and Tamara Evans engage in a Row: Cathy Conklin, Ruthetta Smith. stimulating conversation. ffl- can U r - 9 f tfy -wig 1. 5- " 1 'Rf' '4 X it M 'A M . ... . . A .f 1 1 5 Z :Q ,-Q -.S ,Q Q.. Busy washing cars - Stephanie Trussell demonstrates the proper Fredriclcs, Mr. Watson, Mr. Brady. method to be used when wringing out wet rags. Organizations IMPACTXFCA 2 3 3 Casual introduction - Student Body President David Brown presents the Hy Hedriclcson award for overall excel- lence at the Hello Assembly. tyw Cl ,gl HQ. ...J-'4Q. - it 31.33131 Explaining the facts - Helping stu- dents one on one is an important part of FEI teaching, and lVlrs. Sandra Bouley takes time to do it. will 54. - i ,M ' mwaow Mf, M11 Ufw-miot ,dffwfmif .f WMWVWW I I 4,JQ0'I c . A746 feuweyfmvfffbwfw !p-,0Mf1,e,f?wJLe4fZ'iwMf' 391,0- --.ang xxx 'Y-- V:-n-:li Bonjour - A foreign exchange teacher from France, jacques Fejoz carefully enunciates in his native tongue. Familiar view - Lindsay Road is a common sight for people with foreign language classes. -it --:law nf- Efficiency counts - Administrative secretary to the principal, Arlene Kivett takes dictation from Mr. Curlett. LFMI . ,J xp' 11' .1 ' -- 1 .f ,- vu F Qt- p Gy A 4 I . rf 6. -Q 'I-akin ill' he Mesa Public Schools Superin- tendency under- went many changes over the past year. Dr. George Smith, the Superinten- dent for I7 years, resigned to take the position of Vice President and Ex- ecutive Directer for Excel- lence in Education at NAU. Dr. james Za- haris, former Deputy Su- perintendent, took Smith's position. Due to the changes, a student news conference was held to introduce the new superintendents and answer student questions. Closed campus, student smoking areas, counseling problem students and grade point averages were all subjects discussed. The superintendents, aside from their weekly meetings, met with the School Board, or Govern- ing Board, twice a month. During these meetings, topics like curriculum, new programs, strength- ening graduation require- ments and planning for growth within the district were discussed. Celebration - Dr. james haris and his wife Liz help daughter, Missy, celebrate Homecoming honor. Captivating - As Superin- tendent of Public Instruction Carolyn Warner speaks, her audience attentively listens. Farewell - Giving a tolren of appreciation to Mrs. George Smith is a pleasure for Superin- tendent Zaharis. 4s 2 v v, he X N! . ,..,, -21 3 Darl Andersen Dr. Doug Barnard Cordon Driggs David Eagleburger Donna Green Dr. Roland Ingraham Board Member Assistant Superintendent, 1984 Vice President Assistant Superintendent, Board Member Associate Superintendent, Curriculum BL Instruction Secondary Schools BuSineSS Sel'ViCBS Academics 2 3 6 Superintendencyi and gentlemen - Fire away - Superinten- Say cheese - Well known GcorgeN Smith g1VeS l1iS dents Zaharis, Rafford, Bar- for his unique speaking and address at a banquet nard, and Eagleburger meet writing style, David Eagle- ln l11S honor the press. burger entertains the crowd. Qs k. N tx 4 1:7 Patruclc Pomeroy Joe Porter Dr. Ray Rafford Dr. Doug Vance Marilyn Wilson Dr amcs Zahans Assistant Superintendent 1984 Clerk Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent 1984 President Superintendent Personnel Pupil Personnel Elementary Schools of Schools Organization - Mrs. Valles takes time out of her busy schedule to catch her breath and reorganize. l'liil'd at 0l'K ur administration worked hard to keep the school running smoothly. Princi- pal james Curlett had an already packed schedule but found time to tackle the traffic safety problem, teach classes and work- shops and still show up at school activities. Also attending many extra-curricular functions, Assistant Principals Ernie Hawkins, Dale Charles and Richard Anderson had the duties of arrang- ing all sports activities, changing schedules and dealing with attendance An unpleasant duty - Principal james Curlett fills out a student suspension form. Keep smiling - Mrs. Kivett reacts to one of the many phone calls she receives daily. Academics 2 3 8 FacultyfAd-Bo problems. Scheduling was a wearisome job due to the overcrowded classrooms and students demanding what they wanted, but even this task was com- pleted. Keeping sanity in the front office was up to sec- retaries Arlene Kivett, Corina Valles, Linda Last, and Dona Ortlund and Pris Merlene Mrs. Last's replacements dur- ing her leave of absence. Together our adminis- tration and secretaries helped us through an- other hectic year. Q-43-7 Kathy Adamo Psychologist David Bacon English n lvfl. ,ni t ' .. 'nf- i l'3m' s' W ' f P 1 .1443 4 . dance referrals I' I I Ron Adams Science Lucky Baldwin Security 'Us IWQ Gordon Anderson Math Robert Bordwell Foreign Language Still more paper work Assistant Principal Dick clerson sorts throug i . hr' .J SEX -. . ,TA N I r' 1'-W--ff L . . Bracamonte Kenneth Brackney Sara Bradley jim Brady JoAnn Branning Clerk Industrial Arts"' Home Economics Driver's Ed." Special Ed. Clerk F75 f1s"'t 'l n it .f 'QQ' Brown OUIISC Doris Carlson English Callahan Keith Canham Cheryl Carlin Center Math Media Center Clerk Christner Hillarie Combes Jeanette Coons Connie Cox Pam Crawford l Reading"'fEnglish Gym Matron Hearing Specialist English Play ball - New Athletic Director Dale Charles gets into his job by scrutinizing a basket- ball. A helping hand - Mr. Hawkins takes a key off a key- ring for Mrs. Kivett. at ., Q ' rs' KI. 53 A 'l :riff 5.3271 V in , ' tr,t f C Q , ff X, x I 6 As: Curtis Brown Mark Brown Social Studies Security 195' Y- , A Shirley Cayford Dale Charles English Asst. Principal Bill Crook William Crowe Special Ed. Agriculture Aide Academics FacultyfBr'Cr 2 3 9 Colors! - Astronomy dents Nate jones and Henze find the color in different types of light Bill Cummins James Curlett Art Principal Myrle Dalton Thad Decker Counselor Science Mary Decker joe Diaz English Counselor' I I0l'll'l Ellis Gary Ernst Il'lClLlSIfi3l Arts Social Studies Robert Freclericlcs Mary Kay Freeman Social Studies Foreign Language Academics 240 Faculty!Cu-Gr .1 ,J Louis Dodez Chance Dunn Social Studies Science Ann Fagan Jacques Fejoz Media Center' Foreign Language 's ,A'i,4 Si Wayne Gautreau Harold Gee MathfComputer Equipment Manager Science Q Martha Ellentuclc Barbara Eberline Stephen Eldredge Counseling Secretary Social Studies Audio Visual Louise Fejoz Carl Fielder Foreign Language Business Tom Foster Business Kathleen Grey Social Studies Denise Griffin Counselor ffl Richard Griffin Driver's Ed. ars inside? - Al jaeckel ently stares through a spec- scope during an astronomy V. Getting prepared - Junior Cory Smith hurries to finish the final portion of his light spectrum lab. See-in StiEll'S ave you ever looked into the moonlit sky and wondered what really ex- ists out there? If so, the astronomy class was for you. According to instruc- tor Al Jaeckel, astronomy was for anyone who had an interest in the universe. Students studied the history of astronomy, light telescopes, earth mo- tions, the moon, and the solar system. In advanced astronomy, students learned planetary studies concerning the stars, gal- axies, and universe. "The students learned a better understanding of the structure, functioning and composition of the universe,H said Jaeckel, who received a Master's degree in natural science. Students participated in night sky observations and occasional field trips. Said junior Sherry Si- kora, "The sky observa- tions helped you get a bet- ter understanding of the constellations." "The universe is a strange and exciting place full of wonder and excite- ment," concluded Jaeckel. Guest Ken Haddad Debbie Hale Kim Hall Ernest Hawkins Social Studies Englishfjournalism Sciencef Social Asst. Principal Studies Richard Hawkins Kayle Haws Science Math Herst Frank Hudson Marjorie Hudson Pamela Hull Michael Jackson Albrecht jaeclcel Roberta jaeclcel Industrial Arts P.A.C. Secretary Home Economics English Sciencef Math Readingf English Academics FacuItyfGugIa 241 Christine Jaime Charles johnson Business Bookstore manager ser.. Don Kramer Bruce Kunde Safety Ed.fHealth Special Ed. Valerie Kayona Special Ed. Aide Ethel Lancaster Nurse Joe Lloyd Anne Luther Performing Arts' Business Anne Magruder Special Ed. Mary Ketcherside Timothy Kipp Arlene Kivett John Kleiner English Physical Education Admin. Secretary Social Studies .QQ A F V ...N N f Q. l Q Dwayne Larsen Linda Last Ronald Lax Grace Levine Math Admin. Secretary Math Registrar Clerk 'fi S X Marge Major Media Center Cleric Marybeth Mason Russ McBride Sandra English Science Physical f,. !xNS Mary McGovern Lora Mclntire Pat McMinn Jacqueline McSorley Shirley Meade Judy Meiley English Home Economics SciencefMath aide Special Ed. Aide Science Social Studies Robert Miller Burdell Moody Mary Morris Pauline Murphy Tom Myers Dorothy Nadeau Cheryl Nelson Counseling Visual Arts Business Special Ed. Special Ed." Performing Arts English Academics 242 Faculty!-Ia-Ne Arts Pulzato 11' 4 Richard Rader Performing Arts Betty Northy Donna O'I-Iaver Jesse Parker David Perry Christiana Peterson Helen Pogal Attendance Social Studies Social Studies' Performing Arts English Rex Rice Gayle Richards Science Home Economics' mic dlllb marriage at Mountain View? Yes, Sandra Bou- ley, head of the English Department and Donna O,Haver from social stud- ies created a so-called "marriage" that worked. This combination consist- ed of American history, literature and composi- tion. The year-long, two- hour block course was de- signed to bring together the history of America and the literature that ac- companied it. This con- cept was clearly stated on the front wall of their classroom: "The social, economic and political conditions that exist at any given period affect the literature of the time." Because the class lasted for two hours, it "allows flexibility in developing class material and curricu- lum," as stated by Mrs. O'Haver. The teachers also had a wider range in which they could present their information, wheth- erthrough skits, mock tri- als or just traditional lec- turing. ' This unique way of teaching helped students get more involved in their work so they could learn more. Hamming it up - An "American tradition" in her own right, Mrs. O'Haver en- joys her daily lectures. ..... . ,-.. 'Q we N' an uw' '.. -T 'N Business Teamwork - Mrs. Bouley, Shannon Coates and Ruthann Bradshaw collaborate on a tough writing assignment. fx Academics Faculryfwo-Ri 243 212 .., r f,'.- i X -.L . . foe- sag, Wif i A Reed Robinson Melvin Rudd Richard Saggio joseph Scaccia Dominic Scafaria Hank Scheer Rita Schuster Industrial Arts Math English Math Special Ed. Business Student Store -'Q David Smith Jay Scott Greg Sessions lean Shields Norm Shill Wayne Slade Math Social Studies Physical Ed. Physical Ed." Math' Math r i n Vows ountain View hosted six for- eign students and helped them to learn the ways and customs of America. These students were Susanne Dissel- kamp, Caroline Nathan- son, Catherine Noel, Amir Pirasthehfar, Katja Valtingojer, and Marcus Vornhusen. From Germany were Susanne and Katja. If giv- en the chance, Susanne would take "the weather, the microwave, and chocolate chip cookies" back to her country. Caroline was from a small island in Sweden. "People in America are much more open and hap- py," she said. To French student Catherine, everything was different. "The mental- ity, the language, the level of life, everythingf' Amir moved to Ari- zona from Iran. "The way that we live and you live is very different. The ac- tions of the people are dif- ferent." West German student Marcus thought that "whenever people of dif- ferent countries come to- gether, they learn to un- derstand people who are different." "If you get the oppor- tunity to go somewhere, do it," said Caroline. "You learn so much." Academics 2 Fmmyfko-sm Donald Smith Social Studies Foreign exchange stu- dents: Catherine Noel, Mar- cus Vornhusen, Susanne Dis- sellcamp, Caroline Nathanson. -xl "S-wif J' 4 Talking things over - few foreign students get gether to discuss social m Foreign Students: l Valtingojer, Amir Pirast4 David Sonius Social Studies Barbara Vaine Wayne Vala Corina Valles Special Ed. Social Studies Secretary Marjorie Voth Judy Wallace Valerie Warneclce Counselor English English Debra Webster Pam Westberg Barbara Wilson Math Secretary Physical Ed Sherri Woolsey William Worsnop eanne Zimmerman Amelia Zlamal Counselor Science Visual Arts Physical Ed s most people planned summer vacations and trips to the river, seven Mountain View students moved on to find out cian was truly like. The Girls and Boys Staters participated in mock gov- ernment with other stu- dents from all of Arizona. A fictional 51st state was created and officials and legislators elected. The purpose of Girls and Boys State was to gain an insight on how the gov- ernment functions. I was a learning by doing situation," said organizer and counselor Denise Griffin. Girls' State was held une 4-Io at U of A. Par- ticipants included seniors uliana Davis, Sara Dant, and Yvonne Olmos. I gained a knowledge of the working of a state govern- On une 2-8, seniors Sid Castle, Mike Giese, David Benson, and Bill MacEwen traveled to NAU for Boys State. I learned more about gov- ernment, but more impor- tantly I met a lot of close friends, said Mike. Another event that took place over the sum- mer was Anytown, a hu- man relations camp. Ten Mountain View students attended one of three camp sessions held at Sky- Y Camp or Mingus Mountain The Any- towners had group discus- sions on subjects such as religion, home, family and problems. Counselor and advisor Greta helped the students un- derstand and accept other people. The purpose of Anytown was to give young people a chance to share experiences of their diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, and economical backgrounds. Senior Judy Pshak said, Differences were forgotten at Anytown, as it allowed everyone to be themselves and be accept- ed for who they were. earnin toe I' J . J what the life of a politi- ment," said Sara. Christner said, "Anytown J K5 t Anytown, front row: Cathy Higuera, Missy Hinds, Susan Redding, Judy Pshak, Donna Painter. Back row: Scott Se- condo, Mike Kernagis, Gary Parsell. Not pictured: Ophelia Bracamonte Academics Girls' Stateg Sara Dant, Juli- ana Davis, Yvonne Olmos. Boys' State, David Benson, Mike Giese, Sid Castle. Not pictured: Bill MacEwen AnytownfGirls' and Boys' State r n'wf, t xx l!,.. -Xl g. i A -2-'-X fi 1" Peer Tutoring, Back row: I-Iillarie Combes, Mike Bowers, Jennie Smith, Louis Dodez, Mike Rouen, Kevin Smith, Ro- berta Jaeckel. 2nd row: Mi- chele Dieterle, Pam Edgell, Ro- chelle Stauss, Caren Conklin, Aimee Lucas, Lauren Scott. Front row: John Ortiz, Mary Ferrell, Kim Pelky, Robin Sena, Matt Weber. I . fuel out the problem Tutor Debbie Foster ex- homework to Felicia I i ,q,, L Turn the page - Tutor Margaret Tucker goes through reading material with client Joe Keams. Cafeteria Workers, front Rainey, Betty Green Kathy row: TeriBanla,ShirleyHollis, Alvarez, Jessie Gearhart Flor Judy Vernon, Ann Ryder, Kay ence Smolkovich, Helen Reb Ammoncl, Miriam Delgado, litz, Carol Cook Elaine Back row: Cheryl Willbanks, Combs. O'Neva Larson, Nadiya IlJil1Q out eer Tutoring was designed to assist students who have fallen behind due to in- jury, illness, or poor study habits. The 35 tutors had to be recommended by a teacher or counselor and obtain a grade average of 2.0 or better. "Tutors work with cli- ents on the assigned work from class. They helped with homework, study guides, and preparing for tests," said sponsor Hil- larie Combes. The tutor- ing program serviced ap- proximately Ioo student clients. "They help students develop well-organized study habits so their grades will improve," said sponsor Louis Dodez. Tutors were given as- signments themselves, such as lesson plans, jour- nals of the client's prob- lems and progress, talks with the client's teacher, and tests over the tutor- ing process. They had to attend a three week train- ing program to review study skills, learning problems of students, and positive self image. "I enjoy tutoring other students because it gives you a chance to meet a lot of people and help them learn," said student tutor Robin Sena. Academics TutoringfCafeteria Workers 2 7 if fa F 2 E 1, 445, Mail. Xu I I , jf 2 NX 'RI' Q' if Z ,ff A bk- ,.-K 'L I 'TAL flwkit X W t ' J-M7 sififwfgw., N' ff as 'fag fffffff ll L fini Arti Ili tillent hil1BS Squared off - Kay Brown shows originality in this water color tempcra which displays a geometric design, Academics Srudcnx Arr 2 Top 20 Students, Front Row: Kelli Warble, Susan Ed- wards, Tom Mischg Row 2: Vicki Rhinehart, Sara Dant, Donna Painter, Judy Pshalc, Scott Winklerg Back Row: Juliana Davis, jackie Brown, Missy Hinds, Reylene Carlson, Theresa Doyle, Philip Coxg Not pictured: Lynda Col- lum, Alana Hecker, Andra Wilson, Kristin Himes, Shar- on Braden. All State, Front Row: Su- dan Redding, Kris Moore, Bobbi Bloomg Back Row: jay Nystrom, Sharla Dawson, Mike Schuh. Academics 2 Honors Cell C8 Shil16S hosen as a semifin- alist in the high school division of the 1985 Arizona Secon- dary School Recognition Program, Mountain View held up its reputation as a school known for receiv- ing many honors. The eight semifinalists were chosen out of 28 entries, based on student achieve- ment, clear academic and behavioral goals, adminis- trative leadership, well co- ordinated curriculum and parent involvement. This was an achievement that was credited to the school as a whole: administra- tors, teachers and staff, students and parents. Despite the require- ments of providing school transcripts, letters of rec- ommendation and appli- cation, college entrance examination scores and re- sumes, seven Mountain View students received academy appointments, with some receiving more than one appointment. Being among the Top zo students in a Senior Class of 753 was an achievement these dedi- cated students had been striving for since their high school career began. Outside of their academic excellence, many of these people were actively in- volved in sports, clubs, journalism, etc. The Accent on Aca- demics team moved to- ward their goal of once- again capturing the Su- perbowl championship in the annual battle of wits between Mesa high schools. As of publication time, the team had won their first two rounds. Non-academic honors were also plentiful. Ap- proximately I3 Mountain View girls participated in the Mesa Junior Miss pageant. Nadene Lines of Mesa High won with sen- ior Sara Dant taking the first runner-up position. The volleyball team took the state champion- ship and there were four girls picked for the All State team. jay Nystrom and Mike Schuh were two outstanding football players who made All State. Merit Finalists: na Davis, Sidney Castle, ette Hansen. Not pic- d: Kevin Quick. Winning smiles Lines and senior Sara Dant shine with pride at junior Miss. , . 1-Q1 A x ,N - Nadene ,,f. ifim.,.... I x .f-v,,.i,f',ilAll"'UI' Z'l1'ilw?iiW1,Xhi." M Wi' ,v" ' V H ,ix ,"' Q"?- 1 WM ' N, ' 3.2 QQ-.,"W 15x"UN .1 . in ,I ,Q 'l- .,'15',,"g: H., "U H' .x,N,,,?' ,"l.Zi1w-W',,gYX 'fy J. ,t ,,,NMg,MM. ,I ,I "1 'X iw 'N-1, D.: , vw e1,vL"iU llx I I WiWiilllifikii'Witt'wqifriibiwiitsitidmwilqlkWitilts,dwfirfwlltiiiiiixwtlfftw3-Qiiiilitlkaiilii,Emi,iiiWtits''ixQi.i1w.WiiWb,ltWiw,imWitxiviwbiswith-aiitbrlxIinxliilikgiwxwt,lklitiiiiwiil-wwQwwf, 2, 9 rr,!'.:tiitiiq,Q,, i+,gt,Ulvi.g,:iw,0xx,-,iw ,t,wt,,'gi,ti,,xgw vw-,vt tw-1, we ,it ,A ww ,Hitt-v,i',.,-1,,tw..iw I if xwnyu, will ww ix-vm, tiw-w-ww--ww- xu,,.i,, tw. 1-ww vi-w.i-ww, v f-1-w,,wwv,iw,.,ww.,,W-,i,,.w,t-I-qw., ., t 1--V-ww i,.:,ti,,,xwi.5,t5ixs,,,w,wuv,twqiit-,iswgtiwww,wlsvesglmvyiytg itmlNtiq,,'iwWirwx9WXw,zWwtsl N" tw str'1va,i.w,,ixwwQe,wti,wfwwwwb,tw.iiw.a:ki,,txw w.,,,wmttwww.wmwtv,v,ist,ii, mi,iq,ttg,,wqix,,,t,,..,gw,,-,Q M ,, , wx, i,g,M3i.,,xW,i iw , , I w , 2 it in t, ,Q ,,.,ritt, ri-iiiiitttwswwfwit-tiQ,itN,ti:,bxb,:ww,i,,i:iixs-1sitJixiilQtt,,Qt,i2tstatvtrtbtlttqilmgfsllti,,:,ii,wtt,:t, el g ,ii ,W W t.I,m,bq3iFg .1,.W,lW..3 it tri,,r-.t,W,wt-ie5,itq,it.t.5 it1,t,ttQQ1qQltilltg,i,r. . ' ,H-111'uf"u'-'fl 'il W lilw:t.2Jlivl':q'Nfl0vtvwltNrXFd2P.Wlil,w1Mihai!ffyvk1gT3.Qsv,'wbwweIitivyttatkkbrtimw-,igjyaigesff -w1w1i,q,-wqyqg 51,1-wgbgw ,,. ,M .www-vti, t.,,w-3g,3- ,I-ii, ,W ya, Fe g.,-f,,.,,i,., viuufgpg-'g,w,w,f,-,ws -el..,,-.W-twill---Q.-x,v,gs ., 4 . - r"1 s1tl,2ft.:.,z N . " - -- M "jfQiqQEb ,,',Q"' ','?:w,,, ,L i Y .5r1'21'f. uwaz.v,...""'3a il' ill! vi 5 ?sff5ef!t-114591 i: iff" 1 . W-- 'Z Eflxf -:I-?.m.:.':eNe"m n fxziiiamnsmir - f: ---- Ns- ,W -le... JESSE In less than man made a l E I ' one year, this .1-n-Q... large impact on the nation in ODHY See related articles under U19 l7afi0l1 and W0l'l PUBLISHED BY HERFF JONES headings- NEWSLINE NEWCOMER: USA Today first appeared at newsstands on Oct. 15, 1984 and rapidly became a popular news source. DETHRONED: Vanessa Williams was forced to give up the Miss America title because of controversial photographs of her published in Penthouse magazine. MA'S DIVORCE: The break up of Ma Bell may have confused mostAmericans, but similar companies, such as MCI, took full advantage of the newly opened market, formerly cornered by Ma Bell. A NEW LOOK: From schools, companies, merchants, and private citizens across the country, contributions num- bering in the millions contin- ued to pour in towards the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Those who did not donate to the fund offered their labor. The nearly 200- year-old statue's make-over was scheduled for the middle of 1986. ECONOMY: National econo- my expanded 6.7'M: after in- flation in 1984. - The number of Americans living in poverty hit 35 million, the most in 20 years. -- The nation's civilian unemployment rate fell from 8'ZJ in Jan. to 7.2M in November, as a record of 105.9 million held jobs. A CLOSER LOOK: Sexual abuse and the kidnapping of children was further investigated on both state and national levels. SPACE: Sally Ride became the firstAmerican woman in space. - Bruce McCandless took the first free flight in space using a jet-powered backpack. CROWDED: The U.S. began 1984 with 237,232,805 citizens, 2 million more than the prior year. HEALTH: William Schroeder, 52, became the world's second recipient of an artificial heart. His recovery was promising. WHERE'S THE BEEF?: That famous quote, exclaimed by Clara Peller, was used to sell Wendy's hamburgers. -UPI Academics 252 World News -UPI BRITAIN - Wide- spread famine in Ethio- pia was brought to the Western world's atten- tion when graphic BBC film-footage of starving Ethiopians was broad- cast in mid-October. ON THE WAR FRONT - Iran and Iraq, and El Salvador continued their respec- Progress SAN YSIDRO - James Huberty, said to have heard God's voice, shot 21 people at a Cali- fornia McDonald's. He was shot and killed by police. FOR THE DEMO- CRATS - It proved to be a year of firsts. Geral- dine Ferraro was the first woman to run on a national ticket and Jes- se Jackson was the first black to make substan- tial progress in a presi- dential race. CALIFORNIA - Baby Fae lived three weeks after her initially deformed heart was re- placed with a walnut- sized baboon heart in November. W A S H I N G T O N , D.C. - Ronald Reagan was re-elected in the 4 ebb Z9 51 15904 Foreign incidents: Human destruction emitted tive fighting. Jesse Jack- son went to Cuba in July, bringing back four POW's. BEIRUT - A vehicle laden with explosives destroyed most of the US Embassy annex Sept. 20, killing at least 14 people. A terrorist group claimed responsi- bility for the suicide at- tack. BHOPHAL - A Dec. 3 leak of methyl iso- cyanate gas killed I than 2,000 as they in their Indian city. US was involved in greatest industrial dent in history, Union Carbide C owns 51921 of the p GENEVA - USXE et arms talks were Jan. 8, in Geneva, L zerland. The wh range of nuclear space-based arms discussed. C headlines US DGITI. 1984 presidential elec- tion. Reagan carried 49 states, over Democratic nominee Walter Mon- daleis two, with a total of 525 electoral votes. While the United Auto Workers walked nominee for the 1984 election, above during a debate against George DSW out against General tors Corp. and the nary workers rebl against Las Vegas, casinos, United E workers continued strike against Pl Dodge Corp. nmmmmmwwwmw :.waewmm wwmwrmmmwumirimumwmwmwwwumwuwmwmmwummmmumvwwmwmwmmw mwiiwwwwmmmmwwmwmwiwmmmtiwum LA VISTA TODAY. lm-mr . 1 1 wmimmiwwmmiiMwwiuwmmwmmmummw -ocaI, state scoops reflect growth MPE - 13-year old risty Fornoff disap- ared while collecting r her paper route and s found later in an Eartment complex's mpster, dead and sex- Elly abused. Donald Beaty, caretaker of the apartments, stood trial for her murder. MESA - Four auto- mobile accidents oc- curred in the vicinity of Mountain View High School, an unrecorded usic, films rival for merit 37 top musicians sang the S2 single "Do ey Know It's ristmasf' donating profits to feed starv- Ethiopians in Africa. is movement started rash of benefit con- rts from musicians all und the world. lt took 23 days for die Murphy's everly Hills Cop" become the movie of e year, grossing 864.5 illion within that time. The board game ivial Pursuit start- a popular pastime for ung and old alike. By e end of the year, 90 illion copies had been ld. Widely-coveted ards were again giv- . Robert Duvall d Shirley Ma- aine received Oscars spare time -UPI Bruce Springsteen, above, sings to a packed concert hall in Rhode Island with his E. Street Band. for motion picture roles, and Lionel Richie re- ceived an Emmy as mu- sician of the year. P The Jacksons, with their Victory Tour, performed nine out of the top 10 grossing con- certs ofthe yearg Bruce Springsteen took the other. rsonol occurrences derlie oll riewscosis viet leader Yuri dropov died in Feb- ry 1984, succeeded ,ff-J 'T -UPI by Konstantin Cher- nenko. Marvin Gaye, 44, was shot and killed by his fa- ther during a fight over a lost insurance paper. Gaye, a soul singer, was known as one who helped to create the dis- tinctive Motown sound of the 1960s. John Delorean, fi- nancially troubled auto- maker who was acquit- ted in August on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute S24 million number of others in- volved students. As a re- sult, a new system was devised for the student parking lot. SEDONA - Residents upset at Air Force jets flying over their town at low altitudes were riled at the crash of a jet car- rying live ammunition into a nearby mountain side. MESA - The "hassle- free" smoking area was transplanted, canceled, and reborn within the school year at many high schools. MESA AND GIL- BERT - were in court fighting over which city would annex Williams Air Force Base. Mary Lou Retton, above, scores a perfect 10 on the vault. US athletes prevail I The Detroit Tigers took the American League East Title, their win in the World Series, and the Chicago Cubs took the National League West Title. F US athletes fared well at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, with Bill Johnson win- ning the first gold medal ever for the US in down- hill skiing. I American athletes and the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee profited im- mensely from the 16- day 1984 Summer Olympics. The gains in- cluded S150-200 million and 83 gold medals. Na- tions such as the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Cuba did not at- tend. For the US Carl Lewis won gold medals in the longjump, the 100 and 200 meter dashes and the 400 meter dash and 400 meter relay. Mary Lou Retton won the first all-around gold -UPI medal in women's gym- nastics. PThe top-ranked col- lege football team, Brigham Young Univer- sity, won 24 to 17 over Michigan in the Holiday Bowl. In the major league. the San Francis- co Forty-niners won 38 to 16 over the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl. P Arizona got their first major league football team, the Outlaws, in time for the 1985 season, coached by Frank Kush. worth of cocaine, and wife Cristina sought di- vorce. Indira Ghandi was as- sassinated by men iden- tified as her own Sikh security guards in Octo- ber. Mary Decker, top US middle distance runner, was the heartbreak case of the Summer Olym- pics because of a fall in the 3,000 meter-race after a collision with Zola Budd. She was car- ried off the track by Richard Slaney, a Brit- ish discus thrower. Decker and Slaney later married. Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie received this year's Heisman Trophy. f "TX f it-it 14 is K, g ,Q ,Z Q frltgii 1 'L . .gif QA . X. . 3 I , . .5 X I A R 6 - P1 Academics World News Oli Qi? fa? he thirty-one members of the I985 staff dedi- cated their time and ef- fort to create the Mountain View High School La Vista Vol. 9 yearbook. It was printed in Marceline, Missouri, by Herff Jones Yearbooks. Our I-Ierff Jones representative is Jan johnson. Herff Jones print- ed 2100 copies of 268 pages of 80 lb. Bordeaux paper. The cover is silver grey rich suede. The type is De Vinne Ornamented. The lettering is embossed with silver foil. The spine lettering is blind em- bossed. The front endsheet is a cut endsheet. The picture is printed with white ink on silver paper. The body copy is I2 point Cloister. Captions are IO point with boldfaced catch phrase leads. The 42 point headlines vary for each section: Bingham Script is used for activities, Honda for sports, Newbury for people, Times Roman Bold for clubs, and Broadway for aca- demics. K 5 is used with 3029 colonial blue. The division page headlines are in 72 point Helvetica Medium Outline with close registered rule lines, masked through to the photo. The division page copy consisted of letters which were submitted as artwork. Layout styles varied accord- ing to each section: the opening used seven column, activities used modular, sports used focal point, people used four column, and academics used five col- umn. Spot color in activities and sports is IOOZ colonial blue. The artwork used on the left side of each sports spread is Synchro transfer lettering. Fo- lio lines on each page are 1 point, and were submitted as artwork. While other judging com- panies QCSPA, NSPA and WASP, failed to return their critiques, the 1984 La Vista re- ceived two awards from the American Scholastic Press As- sociation: A first place for the book, plus an outstanding Divi- sion Pages award. MQWWQ QD 6 2 Credits! Colophon Editor-in-Chief Layout Editor .... Copy Editors . Business Editor ...... Activities ............ Editor Wendy Phillips Becky Bean Christina DeBoom Kathy Armsby Susan Upchurch Stacy Thomas Chris Radley Shauna Adams People ..... ......... S enior Editor Deedee Davis Denise Helmick junior Editor Heather Parsons Michelle Getz Andrea Hoppe Sophomore Editor Lisa Ham Amy Edmund Melissa Cole Sports ...,. ..... E ditor Judy Pshak Norm jones Trish Coury Vicki Dana Organizations ..... Editor Jason Stenmoen Lynda Collum Eric Nash Academics and Faculty ....... ..... E ditor Heide Hoerchler Angela Bunchman Photographers ........ ..... E ditor Bonnie Brinkman Bob Castle Barbara Abele Tim Curd Stacy McC1ough Shelly O'Dell Special ihanks to: Chris DeBoorn' - World News Bud Ford - Senior pictures, group, Page' K and action shots. Mesa Tribune - World News Burdell Moody - Artwork for the Page Pictures' cover and World News page. Card-n-Camera Corral - Photo Kevin Nicoll - Volleyball artwork. SUPPHQS- Bill Flowers, Tony Rehm, Reg Bart - Team shots. Bulls Eye - For use of store items. Sherri Duffus, Mike White, Rick Antillon, Tim Brown, jim Rose - Out of school sports pictures. Todd Murdock - Taking a bas- ketball picture. Lara Kempton - Picture for senior section. Mike Miller - Taking the pictures of the state championship volleyball game. Jan Johnson - For all the help and support to get us through our dead- lines. Click Club - Photos from the Toro Family Festival. Marion Northey and family - Pictures for the dedication page. Parents of all staffers - For un- derstanding us when we were on dead- line. Angela Bunchman - Use of her house for the yearbook staff picture. Clarence Tabb - jr. Miss picture. l1llWW1 Abel, Kenny 146 Abele, Barbara 59, 73, 105, IIS, 194 Abukhader, Joseph 170 Acierto, Tracey I70 Acosta, Albert 19, 104, 169, I70 Activities I4 Adair, Justin Adamo, Kathy 238 Adams, Corey I70, 191 Adams, Gina 146 Adams, Joan 113, 146 Adams, Melissa 204 Adams, Patrice 170 Adams, Patrice 146 Adams, Ron 238 Adams, Shauna 35, IIS, 194 Adams, Theresa IIS, 121 Adams, Todd 170 Adams, Tracey 65, 146, 170 Adams, Tracy Addington, Angela 146 Administration 238 Adraktas, Victoria 170 After School 46 Aglio, Carl 104, 115, 210 Aglio, Dana 104, 115 Aguayo, Jr. Wilson 146 Aiello, Jacqueline IIS, 207 Aiello, Nick Alter, Jenifer 146 Albright, Danny 170 Albright, Tony 146, 198, 228 Alder, Christian 29, l70 Alexander, Terry Allan, Monique Allen, Denyce 146 Allen, Doug 92, 93, 170 Allen, Richard 146 Allen, Jr. Robert 146, 224 Allgood, Andria IIS Allmendinger, Brian IOS, 146 Allmendinger, Christopher 1 15, 209 Almo, Patricia 170 Alquistk, Daniel IIS Alvarado, Grace 114, IIS, 214, 220 Alvarado, Jeanette 146, 162, 216 Alvarado, Monica 170 Alvarez, Jr. Henry IIS Alvis, Paula IIS Ambri, Michael 170 Amsbury, Lori IIS Amundson, Corrine l70 Anderson, Gordon 238 Anderson, Richard 238 Anderson, Thomas IIS, 215, 226 Andres, Clark IIS Andrew, Carmell I70 Andrews, Christina l70 Andrews, Darla 227 Angell, Diane IIS, 202, 121 Antillon, Richardo 109, 146 Antwiler, Douglas APP'l1l05fPh Araiza, Ernesto 231 Araiza, Richard 146 Arcaro, Vincent Arenas, Donella IIS Ark, Laurie 146, 198, 216 Armenta, Daniel 104, I70 Armijo, Robert 146 Armistead, Jason l7O Armsby, Kathy 195 Armstrong, Joseph 146 Armstrong, Lisa l70 Armstrong, Teresa 146 Arnett, David J. 170, 198 Arnett, Greg G. 145, 146, 218 Arnett, Kent R. Arnett, Robert C. 115, 229, 231 Arney, Lawrence D. 170 I DEX' I Arnold, Robin R. IIS Arrieta, Dina Arrowsmith, Kristie L. IIS, 203 Arvayo, Tracy A. I7O Arviso, Patrick S. Asciutto, John A. Ashcroft, William C. Askar, Marjoin M. I70 Astle, Robert W. Benefield, David Bennett, Franklin 146, 198 Bennett, James 116 Bennett, Steven I7O Benson, David 105, I70, Benson, David 110, II6, Benson, Denise 146, ZIS, Benson, Stephanie 146 Bentley, Robert 105, 116 2151 2291 231, 247 217 217, 229 Bouchard, Kyle Bouley, Sandra 234, 242 Bourassa, Lynn Bowe, Gregory Bowers, Mark 147 Bowers, Michael 116, 232, 247 Bowman, Margaret Bowman, Wyatt 147 Boyce, John 116, 215 Atkins, Donna IIS, 221 Atwell, Roy 170, 198, 200 Atwood, Susan 146 Atyeo, Tammy 146 Austin, Jeffrey 146 Avelar, Jim Avery, Richard I70 Axsom, Ronald 146 Ayotte, Lisa , 1116111 1115511111 1216111 11611 11166311 111611 11 1 1l 11:W l1Em 1'm ll H11 1 Baca, Diana 146, 215 Bacon, Christopher 170 Bacon, David 238 Badger, Sheri 146, 204 Baedke, Sean 146, 198, 216, 218 Badminton 84 Baer, Stacey lls Bailey, Curtis 82, IIS Bailey, Gary IIS Bailey, Michael IIS, 209, 225 Bailey, Sean 170 Bair, David 146 Baker, Douglas 146, 198, 218 Balderas, Picky Balderas, Ruben Baldwin, Vernon 238 Ballard, Charles 170, 232 Ballard, Christopher 4, IOS, 146 Balster, Scott 146, 198 Balthrop, John 105, X46 Banks, Koral Banks, Michelle 146 Bankson, Gary 115 Banks, Jennifer 170, 186 Banta, Jennifer 170, 207 Baptiste, Aaron IIS Baptisto, Jason 170 Baran, Laura Barlett, Salvadore 170 Bames, Jennifer 146 Barnes, Kimberly Barnes, Jr. James Bamett, Bradley 170, 247 Barrow, John Barsickow, Carrie 146, 170 Bartlett, Amy 170 Bartlett, Robin II6, 221 Barton, Darren II6 Barton, Craig II6 Bassett, Virginia 54, II6, 207 Bassler, Paige II6 Batchelor, Leslie 146, 229 Bauer, Robert I70 Baughan, Kyle I46 Bayazit, Lezla Bean, Lisa 170, 228 Bean, Rebecca II6, 194 Beaugureau, Rustin I04, 170 Beavers, Nicole 170 Beavers, Tyrel 146 Beck, Leslie 170 Beckstead, Kamela 2, 85, IOS, 170, 183, Beebe, John 146 Beert, Tami 116 Behr, Steven 104, I70, 233 Behring, John 116 Behunin, Kimberley Behunin, Lloyd 146 Belch, John 116 Bell, Christian 146 Bell, David I04, 170 Bendure, Timothy 116, 216 212 Bentz, Kerry Benzer, Joseph 116, I70, 204 Benzer, Margaret Berg, Lisa 89, IOS, 171 Berg,Paul 146, 207 Berg, Teresa II6 Berge, Barbi 171 Berge, Brigitte 146, 197, 198 Bergen, Laureen 198, 217 Berthold, Nancy II6 Bessette, Richard Bessette, Tommy Best, Jerry 146 Bethancourt, Hillary 146 Bettendorf, Lenny 146 Beus, Rebecca l7l Beynon, John 116, 223, 227 Biakeddy, Arlene 171, 227 Bickers, James I7I Biehn, Joann II6, 204 Bierman, Jr. Dennis 171 Bigelow, Victor Biller, Wendy II6 Billingsley, Cherica I7I Bilodeau, Lynda Bingham, Kimberly II6 Bingham, Prisicilla Bird, Ronald Birkett, Melody 116, 221 Bisbee, Derek 171, 198, 216 Bjornoholt, Jason IO4, I7l, IQI Black, Colette I7l, 228 Black, Garrett 116 Black, Kimberly Black, Ronnie 116, 230, 231 Blackhurst, Betsy 146, 215 Blakeman, Shawna I7I Blanco, Catherine 146, 227 Blanco, Xavier 171 Blank, John 171 Blank, Kenneth 147 Blasdell, David 147, 226 Bledsaw, Ray Bledsoe, Ramin 104, I7I, 232 Bliss, Harold Blodgett, Keith 104, 147 Boyd, Bord, Bord, Boyer, Boyer, Boyle, Jaime 147, 228 Julie 171, 228 Jr. Michael 171 Andrew 147, 207 Matthew 117 Jennifer 215 Bloom, Roberta 38, 61, 67, 68, 104, II6, 201, 230, 231 Bloom, Teresa 147 Bloomfield, Leslie 104, 171 Blough, Todd IO4, I7I Boes, Kelli Bogseth, Robert 147 Boheneck, Chad IOS, 116 Bohman, Stacy Bolar, Misty 147 Bolar, Tiffany II6, 221 Bolland, Mark 147, 164 Bollinger, Michael 171 Bollwinkel, Derek 147 Bollwinkel, Tonja Bonner, Anissa 171 Bonnin, Michelle 147 Booster 210 Booth, Charles 147, 221 Bordwell, Robert 238 Bordwell, Robert 204 Boynton, Matthew 147 Boyse, Kathy 117, 217, 222, 230 Boys Cross Country 64 Boys Var Basketball Q0 Boys JV Basketball 92 Boys Swimming 74 Boys Tennis 100 Bracamonte, Betty 238 Bracamonte, Ofelia 41, 117, 198, 209, Bracamonte, Yolanda 18, 147, 227 Bfdfkflfy, Kenneth 238 Braden, Mark Braden, Sharon 117, 217, 222 Braden, Susan II7, 217 Bradford, Devin Bradley, Jon 208 Bradley, Sara 238 Bradshaw, Jamie Bradshaw, Ruthann 242 Brady, Jennifer 104, 207 Brady, jim IOS, 238 Brady, Scott Braley, Don 147 Braley, Troy 117 Bramley, Matthew Branham, William Branning, JoAnn 239 Brantle, David Bratton, Robert Brault, Leslie II7 Braymiller, Robert 147 Brecke, Stephan II7 Breitenbauch, Wayne Brenner, Debra 67, 68, 69, 104, I47 Brewer, Kurt ll7 Brewer, Preston 147, 207 Brester, James 104, 190 Brewster, Tamara 88, IOS, 147, 159 Bridges, John II7 Brinkman, Bonnie 54, II7, 194, 195 Bristow, Angela 198 Bristow, Mark II7 Britton, Mark Broadston, Ronda Brooks, John Brooksby, Tamara 147 Broughton, Kimberly Brouwer, Odessa 147 Brown, Aaron 104 Brown, Camette 105, 147, 194 Brown, Caroline I47 Brown, Curtis 238 Brown, David 2, 234 Brown, Derik II7, 232 Boren, Jennifer 147, 212, 217, 222, 223, 225, 227, 228, 231 Borgman, Mark I7l Boseck, Jr. Oliver 147, 198, 2K8 Bosley, Diana 73, IOS, II6, 212 Bosley, Mechell 147 Bostic, Stacy 147, 232 Boswell, Hamlin I47 Bothe, Justina 105, 147 Brown, Jackie 117, 217, 229, 230 Brown, Jacqueline II7 Brown, Jeffrey M. II7 Brown, Jeffrey P. Brown, Jonathan II7, 204 Brown, Julia Brown, Kasey 207 Brown, Katherine 17, 117, 198 Brown, Kevin Brown, Kristen 117, 204 Brown Brown v a Lisa H111 47179, 1051 1471 161 Brown, Mark 238 Brown, Matthew Brown, Natalie II7 Brown, Pat 238 21 Brown, Richard Brown, Robert 117 Brown, Roberta 147 Brown, Robin Brown, Sue 147 Brown, Timothy 108, 198 Brown, Tina 147 Brown, Youl Browning, Beverly Bruce, Christine Brunner, Ryan 147 Brunson, Bonnie 147 Brian, Jr. Perry Bryson, Eileen I47, 198, 204, 230 Buckland, Cindy 117 Buckland, Linda 57, 147 Buckly, Linda 117, 227 Buckmaster, Bruce I47 Budai, Rana Budge, Kristle Budge, Leisl Buker, Corolyn 198 Bullard, James Bulloch, Julie Bunchman, Angela 147, 194, 231 Bundy, Michael II7 Bunning, Bridget 147 Burch, Bradly Burch, Julie 147 Burch, Lisa 1o4, 105, 147 Burgess, Scott 147, 198, 204 Burk, Brian Burlson, John Burnham, Kenneth Burrell, Jeffrey 147, ZIS, 229 Burris, John Burroughs, Barbara Bursell, Tricia 56, 175 Burzin, Anna Busch, Deborah II7 Bush, Matthew Bush, Rone Butler, Lester II7 Butorac, Hillary II7, 197, 198 Butren, Bobbi II8 Butren, Kerry 147 Butterworth, Dana 118 Butz, Michael 147 Butzke,-John 147 Byers, Stacey 147 l QCQQQQ Cacciatore, Jeffery 97 Cahill, Donald Cahill, Shaun Cain, Jeffrey 118, 216, 218 Caiola, Cheryl Calcaterra, Anthony Calcaterra, Theodore 104, 226 Caldwell, Samantha 147, 210, 224 Call, Martin I04, 198, 216 Call, Ron 105, X47 Callahan, Betty 238 Calle, Laurie Camarena, Gregory 147 Camarena, Randall 191 Camboni, Chris Camerer, Tonia Camp, Charles Camp, Fred 147 Campagn Campagn Campbell Campbell Campbell a, Stephen 39 a, Teresa 118 , Craig , Julie 228 ,Justin IOS, 147 Campbell, Laurie 118 Campbell, Leana 148 Campbell, Mironda Campbell, Robert 148, 228 Campbell, Scot 218 Campos, Johnny Campos, Jr. Ramon 148, 223 Campos, Campoy, Raymond Monica 148 Candland, David Candland, Lara 118, 217 Canfield, Durwin Canfield, Michelle Canham, Keith 238 Cannon, Timothy Cantu, Martin Cantu, Maureen 148, 208 Cantu, Macheal IIS Canty, Joan 118, 216, 217 Cappucci, Anthony Carey, Shannon Cariveau, William Carlin, Cheryl 238 Carlisle, Michael 148, 204, 225 Carlos, Richard 118 Carlson, Doris 238 Carlson, Kathryn 204, 210, 228 Carlson, Reylene II8, 2o4, 210, 217, 230, 231 Carmelo, Roann Carmelo, Valentino Carpenter, William 65, IO4 Carpio, Artenio 148 Carpio, Tamo 148, 226 Carrieri, John Carroll, Carla 148 Carroll, Jeffrey Carroll, Stephen I04, 148 Carter, Beverly 148 Carter, Lea 148 Carter, Robert Carter, Sharon I48 Cartwright, Susan Caruso, Gina Carvajal, Olie Casey, Holly 148, 215, 216, 217 Casillas, Ann 148 Casillas, Lisa 118 Casillas, Michelle 84, 104, 174 Casner, Pamela 48, 148 Caspers, Couglas Caspers, Todd II8 Cassaday, Colleen 148, 207 Cassaday, Mark 118, 214, 216 Cassavaugh, David 148, 208 Castle, Robert 148, 194, 195, 217, 223 Castle, Sidney 58, 118, 230, 231, 247 Castleberry, Tina IOS Castleberry, Todd 79, 98, 105, 148 Caudill, Michelle Cawood, Justin 74, 104, II8 Cayford, Shirley 238 Cazee, Jon Center, Erik Cervantes, Antonio Cervantes, Dickie 227 Cervantes, Yolanda 227 Cesta, Thomas IIS Challis, Catherine 148, 163, 207 Challis, Susan II8 Chamberlain, Kelly 148 Chamberlain, Patricia Champion, Eric 17, 95, II8 Chandler, Richard 148 Chaney, Julianna IIS Chaney, Matthew Chaney, Steven 118, 204 Chaney, Suzanne 104 Chapman, Amy 104, 148 Chapman, Nathan IIS Chapman, Ronald 28, 105, III, 148, 159, 163 Chapman, William Chapman, Yvonne Charles, Allan 118, 2o7 Charles, Dale 238 Charles, Kenneth 148 Charlson, Kent 148 Charlson, April IIS Chaskes, Jennifer Chastain, Kevin Chavarria, Jesus Chenier, Paul 118 Chenier, Richard 148 Chesley, Nanette Il8, 2o7 Chiakmakis, John 94, Q5 Chiappetta, Margi 114, 118, 196, 197, 198, 217 Chiappetta, Ralph 148 Chiles, Connie 53, 118, 229 Chirico, Margo Chitty, Charles IIS Christensen, Amy I04, 177 Christianson, Gary Christmas, David IOS, IIS Cristopher, Joseph Chucri, Alex 118, 207, 231 Chucri, Joseph 148 Chucri, Theresa Church, Amy 228 Church, Chad Church, Cory II9 Church, Marni Church, Stephanie 228 Ciancuillo, Diana 49, 119, 196, Clar, Robert I04, 198 Clark, Cameron Clark, Colette Clark, David M. 145, 148, 161 Clark, David S. 119 Clark, Wendy 197, 198 Crabtree, Teri 174 Craig, Lisa IIQ Crandall, Sharon 174, 215 Crane, Christy 74, 228 Crawford, Floyd Crawford, Kami 174 Crawford, Pam 238 Credits 254 Creasman, Paul 148, 204, 224 Creel, Lance 148 Crimmins, Andrew II9 Crist, Lisa 105, 174 Crock, Bill 238 Crockett, Nicole 174, 228 Cronin, Duane 148, 212 Cronin, Tarina 174 Clarkson, Craig 119 Clarkson, Rachelle Clarkson, Ryan 104 Clausen, Debra 148 Clawitter, Timothy Cleary, Gary Cleary, John Cleary, Kim Clem, Alex Clement, Daniel Clemmons, Robert 104 Cronk, Brian 1o4, 174, 176 Cronk, Glen 148 Cronk, Kevin 21, IOS, 111, 119 Crook, Helen IIQ Crowden, Delolian 104 Crowe, Clark Crowe, Scott IIQ Crowe, Thomas 148, 164 C rowe, William 238 Croy, Cindy 174, 228, 229 Croy, Laura 119, 229 Clennan, Roy Cline, Christina Cloud, Brad 27, II9 Cloud, Vanessa 148, 207 Clough, Melissa Clouse, Glenn 76, 92, 104 Cloyd, Timothy II9, 208 Cluff, Raquelle 228 Coates, Shannon 242 Cobos, Frank 104 Cochran, Larry II9 Cody, Dale COE 220 Coe, Dawn 174, 218 Cogburn, Greg 104, 174 Cogswell, Rebecca 148 Cole, Melissa 174, 194 Coleman, Kenneth 178 Collins, Adrian Collins, Edward Collins, Jearle D. IIQ Collins, Shan Collom, Steve Collum, Arthur Collum, Lynda 119, 194, 198, 217, 218, 222 Colombo, Lynda Colombo, Rosetta Colvin, Terri II9 Combes, Elaine 247 Combes, Hillane 238 Comparin, Julie II9 Conklin, Caren 119, 198, 218, 247 Conklin, Cathy 74, 233 Considine, Martin 174 Contreras, Melinda 148 Conway, Amy 175 Cook, Carl Cook, Gary 148, 224 Cook, Kimberlee 174, 224, 247 Cook, Lee Jon 174 Cook, Patricia 174 Cooley, Mark IOS, 148 Coonx, Jeanette 238 Cooper, Jeffrey lI9 Cooper: Kirk 232 Cooper, Lisa 174, 223 Cooper, Melissa 148 Crum, Rulon 148 Cudd, Teresa 174 Cude, Sherry 148 Cullen, Sheila 148 Cummins, Bill 240 Cummings, Chris 148, 228 Cummins, Tara IIQ Concert Orchestra 214 Cunningham, George 105, 148, 233 Cunningham, Joseph 174 Curd, Timothy 148, 194 Curlett, James 234, 238, 240 Curley, Laura II9 Currie, Joseph 119 Curtis, David 174 Curtis, Klayton 229, 232 Curtis, Randall 174 Cypert, Samuel 148, 198 Cyplik, Sharon II9 Czudak, Kara I48 Czudak, Sherri II9, 197, 198 wmmmm Dabrowski, Elizabeth 5o, lI9 Dale, Wendy 119, 204, 217 Dalrymple, Troy 148 Dalton, Myrtle 240 Dalton, Robert 174, 223, 228 Damato, Ellen 174 Damiano, Lisa 149, 218 Dana, Kristen II9 Dana, Kurtis 149 Dana, Vicki 149, 215 Dance, Billi 212 Dance 213 Danforth, Paul 174, 190 Daniel, Jackie 149 Daniel, Jackie 149 Dant, Sara II9, 193, 197, 198, 217, 2 Darnell, Cindy 112 Darst, April Daughety, Julianne 149 David, Michelle Cooper, Michelle 84, 105, 169, Copelan, Kevin II9, 229 Corbelli, Mark 148 Corbelli, Patty 148 Cornelius, Cathi 174 Corrales, Lisa 169, I74 Correa, Martina Corrigan, Jody 148, 207 Corwin, Kevin 174 Cory, Deidre 174 Cory, Leisa 148 Coury, Micheal 174 Coury, Patricia 148, 194 Cowan, Christine 148 Cox, Brent 169, 174, 198 '74 Cox, Phillip II9, 215, 223, 229, 230 Cox, William Davidson, Elizabeth 119, 203, 22-221 Davis, Cameron Davis, Denine 119, 194 Davis, James 64, 65, 104, ZI8 Davis, Jay IIQ Davis, Jodi L. Davis, Jodi M. Davis, Juliana II9, 217, 229, 230, 247 Davis, Krehl lKarlJ Davis, Matthew 175 Davis, Pamala IIQ, 2o7 Davis, Paul IOS, 149, 207, 216 Davis, Robert 105, 149, 265 Davis, Sandra lI9 Davis, Steven lI9 Davis, Troy 1o4, 175 Davison, Jeff Dawson, Diana 1 I9 D 47 Dawson, Sharla 68, IO4, 119, 201 Day, Deborah Day, Jeffrey 175 Dayley, Gregory l49 Dean, Julie 149 Dearien, Steven 119 DeBoom, Christina 149, 194, 195, 198, 217, 222, 231 Decious, Cristen 119, 210, 215, 216, 224, 229 Decker, Deborah 119, 197, 198, 217 Decker, Mary 240 Declter, Thad 104, 240 Decoto, Brett 149 DeGracie, Donald ll9, 184 Delay, Albert Delk, Charles 119, I76, 231 Dellai, Paul X75 Deloto, Marium 247 Delong, Lisa 149, 175, 228 DeLorenzo, Gene 210 DeMassa, Andrea 149 DeMassa, Thomas IOS, 119, 209 Demichele, Maria 175 Deming, Sandra 119 Demke, Julie 145, 149, 196, 197, 212 Demke, Kimberly II9, 198, 212 Dodez, Louis 240 Demoss, Michael 119 Dempsey, Michele 119, 198 Dennis, Steven Dennis, Steven Dennison, Dawn 149 Dernovich, Tracee 104, 119, 135, 217 Deroy, James 149 Desrosiers, Renee Desruisseau, Anthony IIQ Devermann, Joyce 149, 198 Diaz, foe 240 Dible, Ron 175 Dick, Bradley 104, 175 Dick, Michael 20, 27, 50, 105, II9, 2 Dickerson, Daniel ll9, 207 Dickerson, Stacey 175, 205 Diehl, Barbara 149 Dieterle, Michele 247 Dignan, Dana 149 Dingman, Danniel l75 Dingman, Jerald 129, 23l Disselkamp, Susanne 149, 204 Diumenti, Stephana 119, 207 Dix, Crystal Dixon, Rohn II9, 208 Dixson, Benny Djekic, Dragana 149, 204 Dobbins, Russell 104, I7S Dodge, Douglas 45, 119, 232 Doherty, Christine 105, 175, 186 Doka, Cheryl 149 Doka, Gerald 149 Dollar, Jody 149, I7S, 218 Domann, David 149 Domann, Wayne 175 Domikaitis, Daniel 21, 81, IOS, 119 Dominguez, Vanessa X75 Dong, Steven 104, X7S, 233 Donohoo, John Dorian, Hamilton 105, l49, 167 Dorum, David 64, 104, II9, 232 Dosdall, Debra 149, 216, 218 Dougherty, Michael 175 Dougherty, Steve 121 Douglass, Jeffrey 105, 149 Downey, Mike IOS, X49 Doyle, Theresa I2l, 250 Everett, Veronica Drake, Paula 104, 110, 175 Drake, Stephanie 175 Draper, Brian 232 Draper, Joseph 149 Draper, Tammy 149, 208 Driggs, Kevin 121, 90 Duarte, Greg l75 Dudley, Willie 104 Duffus, Cheryl I08, l2l Duffy, Dan IOS, 149 Dugger, Dugger, Dennis Ill Sharon I7S Duncan, Robert 121, 207 Duncan, Ryan Dunham, Michelle IZI Dunkin, Traci I7S Dunn, Chance 240 64, 268 Dunshie, Brian 149 Duprey, Theresa X75 Duranti, Ronald 149, 209 Durney, Anne 121 Durney, Donna 175 Duro, Joan Du Vaul, James I75 Du Vaul, Wade Dyer, Kim IZI Dykman, Cameron Dziewior, Stephanie I75 EEEEEEE Eakins, Edward Earl, David Eastham, Paul 150 Eaton, Everett 150 Eaton, Gerald I2I, 209 Eaton, James l7S Eberline, Barbara 175, 240 Echols, Jennifer I75 Echols, Susan I2I Edgell, Pamela 150, 247 Edick, Carol 175, 226 Edmunds, Darlene l2I Edmons, Maureen 150, 220 Edmund, Amy 35, I75, 194 Edmund John IOS, 150 Edwards, Kim ISO, 229 Edwards, Melinda I75, 212, 228 Edwards, Phillip Edwards, Robyn ISO Edwards, Susan 121, 215, 217, 2 Egan, Ann Egan, James 175 Eldredge, Stephen 240 Elfeldt, Jacquelyn Eliason, Eric 150, 231, 223 Ellestad, Jimmy I75 Ellentuclt, Martha 240 Elliget, Christopher Ellington, Stacy 204 Ellington, Tara 175 Elliott, Ann Elliott, James 176, 198 Elmer, Colin ISO Elster, Thomas 176 Elliot, James Ellis, fobn 240 Ellis, Paula Elmer, Colin Elster, Thomas Elswick, Amy Elswick, Barry Embury, Deborah Emerson, Tyrone Encore, Choir 215 Encore, Strings 214 Engelman, Gary Engelman, Larry Ennis, Jack Enos, Kennedy Enos, Linda Enriquez, Edward Epperson, III James Epps, Stacy Epstein, Warren Erickson, Kathleen Erikson, Robert Ernst, Gary 240 Espinoza, Ricardo Esqueda, Elodia Essley, Amber Estes, James Estes, Richie Etsitty, Evangeline Eulate, Daniel Evans, Jeff Evans, Joy Evans, Kathleen Evans, Robert Evans, Tamara Everley, Monique Ezell, Roxanne 29, 230 Fabian, Cynthia Faculty Division 234 Fagan, Ann 240 Fagan, James Fagan, Jennifer Fahey, Vincent Fairbanks, Orville Fairbanks, Rose Fairchild, Monte Fairclo, Sandra Faircloth, Ronda Fall Fest 28 Farless, Shirley Farrell, David Farrier, Michael Fay, Donald Faysak, William Featherston, Andrea M. Featherston, Kenneth Federico, Christina Federic o, Victor Fedorick, Annalee Fedoryk, Khristina Fejoz, Christopher Fejaz, facquez 240 Fejoz, Louise 240 Felbab, Jonathan Felix, joe 234 Fernandez, Carla Ferreira, Antonio Ferreira, Theresa Ferrel, Martin Ferrell, Mary Ferrigno, Shawn Fiacco, Dean Fiaschetti, Adina Field, Teresa Fielder, Carl 240 Fillmore, Jennifer Finlinson, David Fish, Ryan Fisher, Adrian Fisher, Danessa Fisher, Danny Fiske, Sherri Fitch, McKinley Fitch, Samuel Fiztgerald, Larry Fitzpatrick, Debbie Fixico, Margaret Flake, Jonathan Flake, Melanie Flax, Kimberly Flickinger, Shelley Flood, James Flores, Alfred Flores, Benito Foley, Julie Foos, Carries Football Jr. 78 Football JV 76 Football Var 80 Ford, William Foreign Exchange 244 Forshee, Derrell Fosse, John Foster, David Foster, Debra Foster, Noel Faster, Thomas 240 Foster, Tom Foucher, Curtis Foushee, Tom Fowler, Mark Fox, Ada-Marie Fox, Charles Frabasilio, Brian Frabasilio, Robert Frank, Christine Franklin, Scott IZI, 231 Fraughton, Darla 122 Fraughton, Wendi 176 Frazier, Eldon 151 Frazier , Elizabeth 122, 198, 2 Frazier, Martin Frazier, Jr. Arthur X76 FFFFFFF Fredricks, Robert 240 Fredricks, Cori 176 Fredrickson, Brian IOS, I22 Fredrickson, Wendy 151, 167 Free, Lynn 122, 212, 231 rs, 229 Freeman, Diane Freeman, Gina 176 Freeman, Mary Kay 240 Freeman, Michael Freese, Kimberly 176 French 205 Frias, Christina 176 Frias, Karen 122 Frierson, Michael Frihart, Timara 176, 205 Frihart, Tristan I22, 198, 215, Frisby, Kay 54, 122, 195 Frizol, Sara ISI From, Clayton 122, 209 From, Sandra ISI Frost, Jennifer 151, 217 Fry, Leisa 176, 227 Frye, Mark I76, 230 Fuller, Scott 176 Fuller, Stephanie 29, 104, 176, Fuller, Tanya ISI, 176 Funk, Gregory Furrh, Fonda 176 Fussell, Mark 27, ISI, 176 226 230, 231 GGGGG Galante, Gina ISI Galbasini, Craig Gallahger, Devon 122, 209 Gallentine, Sean 122 Galligan, Christopher ISI Galligan, Holley 176 Galindo, Mary Lou Gammage, Chad 122, 207 Gammel, Debbie 176, 215 Ganser, Dale I22 Garcia, Anthony 176 Garcia, Danny 46, 104 Garcia, Dona ISI Garcia, Edward 122, 215 Garcia, Mercy 227 Garcia, Michael Garcia, Steven I04, I76 Garcia, Veronica 50, I22 Garcia, Jr. David 176 Gardne r, Douglas 29 Gardner, Michelle 45, I22 Garlick, William ISI Garn, Gayla 176, 212, 228 Garner, Melinda 123 Garner, Melissa 123 Garrison, Lisa Garrison, Sally 158, 198 Gates, Christie 177 Gates, Yvette 227 Gautreau, Wayne 240 Gauthier, Darren 177 Gaytan, Erick 177 Gebhardt, Heather 177, 207 Gee, Harold 240 Gehring, Robby 105, 123, 201 Gehring, Monica 205 Geis, Georgia 177 George, Gary Gerhart, David 177, 223 Gerh 224 Geringer, Rebecca 177 Gerkin, Tracy Germaine, Bruce 105, ISI German 204 German, Cindy Gerz, Daniel 177 Gerz, Michelle 150, ISI, 194 Gherkins, Kristin I23 Gibb, Cynthia 123, 209 Gibbs, William 105, 151 Giblin, Guy 177, 198 Giblin, Lee l23, 207, 224 Gibson, Eric ISI, 198, 229 Gibson, Kevin 50, 105, ISI Giese, Michael I23, 201, 230, Giese, Tina 177, 230, .131 Gifford, Bruce 104, ISI, 163 art, Mark 151 231, 247 Gifford, Sean IO4, 177, 183 Gillespie, Weston ISI Gillpatrick, Michelle 151 Gilson, Chesica 177 Giordano, Laura ISI Hedrick Girls Cross Country 62 Girls Swimming! Diving 72 Girls Tennis 192 Giuliano, Anthony 177 Glass, William I23 Glenn, Angela ISI Glenn, Brad IOS, ISI Glenn, David 177 Gobrecht, Geri Ann 123, 203 Godwin, Dawn II4, 221 Goehrung, Amy 50, 123,23 Goettl, Mary ISI Gohlke, Lucas Golden, Kimberly 177 Golis, Kimberly 177, 198 Golf 82 Gomez, John ISI Gomez, Rosario 34, I23 Gozales, Daniel ISI Gooch, Richard 94, IOS, 123 Guthrie, Douglas 178 Guthrie, Greg Gutierrez, Lora 178, 207, 227 Gutierrez, Richard 124 Habighorst, Kirk 124 Hacala, Carol 198 Haddad, Kenneth 240 Hagar, Paul 178, 198, 218 Hagdahl, Julie Hage, Wendy Hager, James 178 Hagerty, Jr. John 178, 231 Hailey, Yolanda Hailey, Yolanda Hale, Deborah 240 Hawkins, Randall Hawkins, Richard 240 Hawley, Jennifer 152 Haws, Allen 152, 229 Haws, Helen 42, 178, 228 Haws, Kayle 104, 240 Haws, Kurt 104, 178, 198 Haynes, Chantal 124 Haynes, Dawn 178 Haynes, Heather 72, I04, 124, Heaney, George 178 Heath, Bradley I04, 179, 228 Heath, Steven 152, 208 Hebdon, Michelle 124, 203 Heck, Andrea 152, 204 Hecker, Alana I24, 217 Hector, Hector, Karl Scott Hedberg, John , Matthew 54, 152 169, 201 Gooch, Todd ISI Goodman, Luara 177, 215 Goodman, Shelley 151, 217, 222, 228 Gooler, Sherrie I23 Gordon, Cindy 177 Gordon, Robert 151 Gordon, Romney I23 Gordon, Samantha ISI Goslin, Loriann Gosney, Micah 177 Gould, Jolynn 177 Governo, Darrin 123, 209 Governo, Jason 177 Gowans, Andrea 177 Gowans, Margret Ann 123 Gowin, Jana 123, 205, 225 Graham, Brian I23 Graham, Laura 177 Grant, Grant, Grasso, Jennifer 177 William 1,23 Ann Maire Grasso, Robert 123, 135, 217, 223 Graton , Leslie 151 Graves, Paula 123, 204 Graville, Gayla X23 Gray, Jeffrey 177, 228 Gray, Kevin 123 Gray, Shawn 207 Greaves, Debra ISI Green, Bradley 105, 151 Green, Green, Julie 123, 247 Kimberly 177 Green, Mark 177 Green, Todd Green, Jr. Larry 123 Higgins Greene, Elizabeth Greene, Shelley I23 Greene, Virginia 177 Greenleaf, Tylene 104, 177, 193 Greenlee, Jodie 123 Greffoz, Edward 123, 203 Gregory, James ISI Gregory, Lolagene 177 Grey, Kathleen 240 Griemsman, Jeanine Griest, Scott ISI Griffin, Chad 177 Griffin, Denise 240 Griffin, Justin I23 Jackson, Gina I25, 212 Griffin, Michelle 124 Griffin, Patricia 32, ISI Griffin, Scott 207 Griffin, Richard 240 Griffiths, Charles 94, ISI Grigg, Tina Griggeory, Karen 177 Grijalva, Eric 124 Groessl, Sherry Grothaus, Jesse Grover fHamblinJ Mary Gruermeyer, Ronda Guest, Thomas 240 Guffey, Gary 177 Guess, Sharon Gulden, Sandy 105, 124 Gumowskyj, Andrew 178, 204 Gunnell, David ISI Gunnell, Marlo ISI, 212 Gurtler, Matthew ISI Gustafson, Craig 178 Gustafson, Kenneth 105, 217 Hale, L aree ISI, 198, 217 Hale, Matthew 178 Hale, Stephen Haley, Lynniece I-Ialfhill, Dennette ISI Hall, K im 240 Hall, Mike 178, 216 Hall, Patricia Hall, Richard 104 Hall, T Hallock racy ISI, 178 , Todd 105, 151, 178 Halloween 32 Halls, Catherine ISI, 216 Halls, Ryan 124, 229 Halls, Tina Ham, Estrellita ISI Ham, Lisa ISI, 194, 195 Hamberlin, James 151 Hamilton, Miriam Hamlin, Jr. Larry 208, 224 Hamm, Erik 124, 221 Hammons, Robert Hammons, Tammi ISI Handka, John 178 Hanna, Alicia 178 Hanna, Denise Hannah, Benjamin Hannah, Bobby Hannum, Brandi 204, 226 Hansen, Anneli ISI, 178 Hansen, Gayle Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen , John 124, 208 , Lynnette I24 , Marcus 178, 198 , Matthew 124, 204, 218, 223 Hansen, Michael 104, 178, 215, 216, 223 Hansen, Midge 152, 228 Hansen, Walter X52 Hanson, Denele 178 Harber, Christopher Hardin, James Hardin, Lance 178 Harding, Bill 171, 178 Hardy, Harker, Michael I24, 198 John 31, 152 Harman, Eric 178 Harman, Shauna 124, 204, 215, 223, 229 Harrington, Pamala Harrington, Sean 124 Harris, Brian I24, 204 Harris, James 198 Harris, Lisa Harris, Mark 104, 178, 183, 218, 228 Harris, Melanie 152 Hart, Tonya I24 Hartenstein, William 178 Hartje, Brian 178 Harvey, Pamela 178 Harwell, Alicia Harwell, Jennifer Harwood, Jennifer I52 Hash, Michelle Hedrick, Trina 89, 105, 179 Hees, Kerry I52 Heflin, Terry Hefner, Steven Heinze, John 124, 209 Helfert, Michelle 145, 152, 212, 231 Helmick, Denise 152, 194 Hello 16 Helsing, Brian Henderson, David 124 Henderson, David 105 Henderson, Scott 176, 204 Henderson, Tracy 179 Hendrickson, Marci 169, 179, 228 Hendrickson, Steven I24 Hendrix, Regina 42, I52, 166 Henricks, Ryan Hensley, Nancy Henson, Kristina 124, 223 Henze, Kevin 152, 240 Herst, Eugene 240 Herk, Ronald 179 Herman, Danielle 124 Herndon, Janet I24 Herron, Kristi IS2 Herron, Suzanne 14, 21, 104, I24, 212, 216 Hertweck, Lorrie Hessler, Venita 152 Hewson, Douglas 18, 21, 80, 105, I24 Hey, Freddy 124 Hey, Laura ISZ Hickman, Tony 152 Hicks, Jay Ridge 179 Hicok, Shawn Higgins, Breck ISZ Higgins, Breck Higgins, John D. 124 Higgins, John M. 179 on, Laura IS2 Higgs, Kelley 152, 217, 222 Hightower, Deidre 125, 198 Hightower, Deserie I25, 198 Hightree, Daryl Hightree, Dawn Higuera, Catherine 23, 32, 87, 104, 114, I25 141, I45, 222, 230, 231, 247 Hiking 232 Hildebrand, John 179 Hildebrand, Michael 152 I-Iassell, Chad I04, 172, 178 Hasslacher, Amy 178 Hatch, Brandie 145, 152, 207 Hathaway, Dawn 152, 215, 224 Hathcock, Rick 179 Hawker, Barry llq Hawker, Holly 104, IDS, 113, 179 Hawkins, David 152, 167, 217, 223 Hawkins, Ernest 238, 240 Hill, Christopher 179 Hill, Jason Hill, Quint 179 Hill, Rebecca IS2 Hill, Steffan 152 Hill, Wesley IOS, 152 Hillger, Davon 179 Hilton, Luann 179 Himes, Kristin 125, 217, 224 Himes, Timothy 179 Hinds, Matthew I04, 179 Hinds, Michelle 125, 212, ZI7, 231, 247 Hinkle, Hinkley Marsha 125 , Tracey 179 Hockett, Gerald 152 Hockett, Marica 104, II4, 125, 217 Hodges, Bill Hodges, Cherie X52 Hoel, Christopher Hoerchler, Heidi I52, 194 Hoey, Autumn Hof, Dawn Hof, Steven Hoffman, Debra 179 Hoffman, Kurt I25 Hoffman, Rodney 125, 209 Hogue, Samuel Holder, Heidi 152 Holland, Larry 152 Holland, William 152 Holmes, Joel I04, 179 Holstead, Charles X52 Holub, Jason 153 Homecoming 20 Hon, Lori 125 Honeycutt, Gary I52 Honors 250 Hood, Daniel IS2 Hooper, Kirk I52, 215, 216 Hopkins, Eric Hopkins, Robert I52 Hoppe, Andrea 17, 150, I52, 194 Hopper, Mark 125 Hornak, Kurt Hornback, Michael 179 Horne, Deron 125 Hosay, Teresa Hossack, David I25, 198 Hossler, Robert 152 Hough, Mikael 152, 198, 217, 218 Houghton, Doreen 179 Housholder, Gary I52, 204 Hovde, Lara 179 Howard, Jeffrey ISZ Howe, Joan X79 Howell, Terry Hoy, Ronnie 48, I25 Hubbard, Bruce Hudson, Frank 240 Hudson, Leveta 152, 215, 229 Hudson, Marge 240 Hudson, Robin 209 Hudzietz, Stacey 152, I98 Huffaker, Tammy 179 Huffman, Tim Huggins, Danna Hughes, Kurtis I52 Hughes, Jr. Donald IZS, 225 Hughlett, Brenda 125, 221 Hull, Amanda I25, 203 Hull, Pamela 240 Hull, Shawn 152 Humble, Jeffery 54, 125 Hummel, Christopher 104, 179, 233 Humphrey, Angela 125 Hunsaker, Kimberly 152 Hunt, Lane 179 Hunt, Stacey I52, 160, 196, 197, 198 Hunter, James Husar, George 153 Hutchison, Mike 125, 231 Hutchison, Susie Hutton, Shawna WWW Imperiale, Deena 179 Imperiale, Dorothy 153 Ingalls, Todd 179 Ingram, Paul 179 Ingram, Rose Irwin, Mark 125 Isaac, Marlana 125 Isley,'Craig 153, 198, 228 Isley, Rebecca 179 ddddddd Jackson, John 52, 81, 91, 105, IIS Jackson, Michael 240 Jackson, Peter Jacob, Mary 125, 203, 288 Jacobs, Guy 153, 218 Jacobsen, Becky 179 Jacobsen, Kimberly 153 Jacquez, Marvin Jaeckel, Albrecht 240 Iaeckel, Roberta 240 Jaeger, Shawn Jagow, Lisa Jaime, Christine 242 James, Michael 125 Janca, T om 179 Jaquette, Cynthia 153, 207 Jaramillo, Frank 227 Jaramillo, Robert 153 Jarvis, James 105, 153, 205 Jarvis, John 126, 231 Jarvis, Steven 179 Jefferson, Kimberly Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins, Danny 153 Laura 179, 228 Loretta Mickey 129 Jensen, Aliesa 83, 212, 25, 179 Jensen, Chad 126 Jensen, Denise 179 Jensen, Jeffrey 133, 215, 198, 299 Jensen, Matthew 179 Jensen, Michael 126 Jespersen, Tami 179 Jessee, Shannon Jessen, Tracy IZ6 Jessie, Owen 126, 207, IOS Jewett, Paul Jewett, Sharlene 126, 207 Jewett, Theresa 208 Jocelyn, Jr. Stanley 126 Jock, Ronelle 153, 197, 212, 198 Johann, Joni 126, 203 Johanson, Cheryl 179, 228 Johns, Micheal Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, lohnran, Albert Anthony 153 Cara 179 Charles 242 Johnson, Christher 126 Johnson, David Johnson, Dawn 126, 221 Johnson, Diana 126 , Johnson, Eric 126 Johnson, Heather 153, 207 Johnson, Jennifer ISO, 228 Johnson, Jill 153 Johnson, Julie 19, 180, 186, 196, 104 Johnson, Keith 180, 216, 104, Q7 Johnson, Lester 126, 80, 227, IOS Johnson, Mark 153 Johnson, Mark D. 180, 97, 96, 104 Johnson, Micheal 153, 18 Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Rusell Johnson, Shawn Johnson, Sheri Johnson, Sterling 126 Johnson, Tim 153, 164 Johnson, Troy 208, 171 Johnson, Vicki Johnson, III Kenneth Johnston, Donald Johnston, Luther 180 Johnston, Robina 126 Jonas, Daniel 153 Jonas, Jr David Jones, Amy 180 Jones, Cheryl Jones, Christie l80 Jones, Christopher 180 Jones, Cynthia Jones, Dale 126, 198 Jones, David I80, 190 Jones, Jackie 126, 207 Jones, Jim 126 Jones, Jodi 126, 207 Josephson, Donna 126, 203 Joswiak, Philip 180 Joy, Travis ISO Juan, Glendon 180 Juan, Todd 180, 227 Judd, Larry IZ6, 209 Judd, Stphen 126, 105 Jutson, Ginger 153 INWVXWNW Kabli, Debbie Kahle, Ken 153 Kalinke, Kathleen 127, 153, 175, 204, 221 Kalinke, Kevin 104 Kanistanaux, Darci ISO Kanistanaux, Misti 127, 204, 227, 230 Karlson, Jennifer 127 Karr, Ginger 127, 221 Karr, Jennifer 127 Kasprzyk, Regina ISO Kaufman, Daniel I80, 208 Kayona, Valerie 242 Keams, Joseph 247 Keast, Vicki 41, 221, 220 Keck, Christopher 154 Keeling, Kristen 127 Keen, Jeffrey Keledjian, Christine 154 Keller, Brian ISO Kelley, Tammy 154 Kellogg, Goerge 127 Kelly, Nile Kemp, April 154 Kemp, Lori 180 Kempf, Angela 154, 212 Kempton, Lara 114, 127, 215, 2 Kennedy, Andrew 127 Kennedy, Darlene 127 Kennedy, Mary 127, 38, 208 Kennemer, Eric ISO Kepler, Dalyn l80 Kerley, Melinda 154 Kernagis, Mike 127, 83, 82, 247 Kessler, John 154, IOS Kessler, Kelly 127 Ketcherside, Mary 242 Key Club 230 Keyser, Jon 154 Kiggins, Donnie Kimball, Erika Kimball, Kelly I80 King, Brian 180 King, James 180 King, Jeffrey IS4 King, Kyna I80 King, Lorraine IS4 King, Marion King, Nancy I27, 264, 230 King, Sheri 127, 207 Kingan, Gary Kingry, Kelli 180 Kinnaman, Matthew 180 Kinnard, John 180 Kinnear, William 127, 217 Kirkwood, James 154 Kipp, Timothy 242 Kish, Carol Kish, Lou Kislack, Laura 154, 195 Kilack, Michelle 180 Kitagawa, Manuel 150 Kitch, Ronnie 180 Kitch, Sheila I80 Kittrel, John 180 Jones, ODCS, Jones, ones, ones, ones, ones, ones, ones, ones, oplin, Julie 153, 192, 207, 212, 215 Kimberly 126, 227, 230, 231 Laurie 126, 204, 218 Nathan 121, 126, 38, 240 Neal XZK, 126, 83, 91, 52 Norm 121, 126, 194 Renee 126 Robin 180, 223 Sarah Stephanie l80, 223, 228 Robin 186 orgensen, Carla 153, 216 orgensen, Penny 126 Kivett, Arlene 234, 238, 242 Kizer, Jade 154 Klarstrom, Darla I54 Kleiner, john 105, 242 Kleinman, Melody 154, 215 Kleinman, Robert 105, l80, 198 16, 220 Klikoff, Catherine 149, 154, 205, 223, 225, 204, 226, 227 Klingaman, Brad I54, 218 Klinger, Lisa 207 Klinger, Michealene I80, 218 Klosterman, Stephanie I54 Knight, Gale 180 Knudsen, Tony Knutson, Sars 180, 232 Kober, Shane 180 Kobie, James 134 Kobza, Brian 180, 198 Kobza, Lisa I27, 217, 198 Koechner, Elizabeth Koehler, Camille 127, 203 Koehler, Kenneth ISO Koellner, Carol Koeneman, Edward 154 Koerner, Kelly 186 Koernig, Raymond 180, 104 Konopka, Rick 154 Koontz, Darla 127, 212 Korica, Steve Korte, Jill 154, 68, 268, 104 Kosisky, John 154 Korula, Richard IZ7, 203 Koy, Edward 127, 207 Krall, Suzann 155, 198, 221 Kramer, David 155 Kramer, Don IOS, 242 Krause, Darin Krause, Susan I80 Krech, Stephanie 127 Kreie, Laura 180, 218 Kreie, Lisa 155, 232 Krohn, Brian Kronborg 127, 209 Kronemeyer, Kevin 74, 104, 224 Krstic, Ivan 155 Kruck, Jerrilee 155, 215 Krueger, Daniel 90, 155 Krugen, Melissa I8O Kruger, Carlene 104, 155 Kunde, Benjamin 180, 198, 232 Kunde, Bruce 242 Kurtz, Cristy Kurus, Paul 155 Kusamo, Susumu LLLLLLL Labombarbe, Joey 155 Lachter, Martin 198 Lacy, Gerald 127 Lafler, Jeffrey Lafortune, Elizabeth 155, 212 Lagoy, Tammy 180 Lakey, Kevin 155, 208, 224 Lambert, Laura 127 Lambert, William Lambright, Michele 127 Lambson, Phillip 127 LaMorte, Kristen 155 Lamparella, Raymond 127, 209 Lancaster, Ethel 242 Lance, Mark 105, 154 Lancucki, Steven 128 Lane, Barry Lane, Wendy Langeneckert, Lisa Lanham, William l28 Lantz, Karmel 128 Lapuma, Mary Rose ISO Larsen, Dwayne 242 Larsen, Greg Larson, Geoffrey Larson, Kari 128 Larson, Mark 128 Lasee, Michelle 34, 154, 155 Las Contantes 228 Las Palomitas 228 Last, Linda 242 Last, Mindy 155 Lauritzen, Jan Lautz, Christopher l80 Lavelle, Tammy I28, 208 Lavergne, Julie 105, 155, 232 Laviera, Michelle l80 Lawson, Lane 128 Lax, Ronald 242 Le Son Van 180 Ledingham, Nancy Lee, David 181, 228 Lee, Scott 5, 105, 155 Leek, Brian X28 Leeper, Jacqueline 181 Lemire, David 181 Lenhardt, Antoinette 128, 207 Lentz, Gene Leonard, Michael I28, 219 Leonard, Todd IOS, 155 Leonard, Tracy Leonard, Virginia Lepianka, Aimee 155 Lester, Corey Lewis, Aurelia Lewis, Gary l28 Lewis, Rhett Lewis, Talmage IZ8 Lewis, Todd 128 Lewis, Valarie 155 Levine, Grace 242 Liddy, Thomas 155 Fredrick 155 Liebert, Lientz, Brent 105 Lillard, Thomas 128 Lilley, Barbara 155 Lindhorsr, Steve Linenfelser, Debra 155, 198, 223 Lines, Rebecca 155 Linsenmann, Byron 155 Linton, Michael 181 Lizdas, Richard Lloyd, Joe 242 Lloyd, Stephan 181, 198, 228 Lockhead, Laura l8l Loe, Patrick 151 Loeffler, Brian 128, 198, 208f p Loeffler, Mark 155 Loftis, Christina l8l Logacho, Ruth 155, 198, 217, 222 Lomax, Carmen 155, 217 Long, Donna 181, 218 Long, John 104, 233 Long, Stephen 23, 128, 138, 231 Lopez, Daniel 155, 164 Lorenzana, Shannon ISI Lorenzo, Lance Lorig David 28, 155, I98, 221 Lorts, Christi Losey, Avery Losey, Jon 128 Lotts, Jacqueline 155, 212, 228 Loughrey, Wendy 87, 104, 128 Louks, Jason Loveall, Tammy 181, 229 Loveall, Vernon 53, 155 Lovelady, Kelly Lowindke, Louann 21, I28, 267 Lucas, Aimee 247 Lucas, Gale Lucero, Freddie I8I Lunsford, Robert ISI Lunt, Robert IOS, 128 Luther, Anne 242 Lutz, Christopher Lydy, Donald 128 Lyles, Ronee Lyman, Brenda 128 Lynn, Joy 128, 198 Lyon, Pamela 155, 215, 229, 230 ,1111 MMMM Mabbitt, Stacey Macasaet, Ruel MacClemm0ns, Tami 155 MacDonald, Lisa 155 MacDonald, Richard IOS, 114, 128, 218 MacDougall, Julia 51, 155, 198, 212 Macewew, William 38, 128, 231, 264 Mack, Coleen I28 Mader, Kim 186 Mader, Victoria 181 Madison, Jr. Ronnie 181 Madyun, Abdul IOS, 155, 207 Magallanez, Emmanuel 155 Magruder, Anne 242 Main, Jeff Main, John 155 Maine, Carlita 128 Major, Gaynell I8l Major, Marge 242 Mandarino, Anthony IZS Mandarino, Thamas 155 M Stacey Morrell, Tana Noe, Andrea 131, 221 IM. Nelson, Cheryl 242 Nelson, Douglas 98, IOS, 157 Nelson, Hal l3I Nelson, James IS7 Nelson, James Nelson, Jennifer Nelson, Ron Nelson, Susan l3I Nettles, Sandra 85, 105, 232 Newbold, Darlene Newbold, Kathy Newby, . ,- Q f " X. . 1, aN Lisa ' Ns McGovern, Shar , 1 223 mer, Mich ll 30, 221 QXQD angeris, Ngfelo 128 V K McGregor, Li iranda . nley ' na ,, , McInnes,fir ry 81 irand ,Jesse . Ma my IOS, 155 93, 228 clnne ncy I82 K Miranda x . . 'N ' '- fzlanh, MCllSS3 4, 128, 229 , es, usanne 4 , , 217 lp Mi ,flfhomas 106, 130, 195, 217, 230, 231 wg, ansfield, er 181, I9 2I M tl e, Lora 2 ' isc mothy 98, I06, I30, 194, 271, 231 Manuel, e le I2 J re, Joni 7, 198 gf . ll, Leah 183 Mar avid 181 ' Mc y, Kimbery N ' ell, Robert 1 g m, Heather 2 , McKe i , R ald 182 , itchell, Scott 1 , 218 r - arcus, ef ry 1 McKenzie, ott 156 K Mitich, Dusan 1 6 Mareacly i 1 MQ, Margaret Moffat, Merle 56 Mare 29 c rn , ter Monson, Brett 156 I i ,James 15 fx ' cKi1-in n ifer 56, 230 Monte, Timot 130 ' , in, Brian X , 'nne en 182 - 'X Montgomery, Tim fm K X X' Markha H 129, 204 ight, ti 156 ontijo, Meli 3 ' . Markos on 104, 5 Mc '11, au ' R oody, Aimee 183, 198 f Mar er, ames 155 cL ughlin, Br a if 1 Moody, Bu dell 242 r r, Violet 129 McLau lin I e 1 156 1 M y, Lu 156, 197, 198, 216, 217, 227 K Marrero, Mark 18 ,V , McLeva n, D id , Moo I ry K ' Marrero, Micha , XO4, 1 , M ah , atrick 0 n archele 183 ' Mars , am s I29, 20 rg-9 c n' , Paul onn, ert Mar , 'n I8I X ' -" cMi n, at 2 ooney, chard 1 , uzanne 181 B, C McNay, Re cca 182, 224 ooney, Stephen shall, Deb , 8 McNeer, Kri en 130, 209 M00re,- aron 156 Marshall, ' 155, Q cPheedames 182 Moore, Fre 156 Marshal, ke 6 ee Shawn Moore Julie 198, 216 " ars a , Timothy uillen, Mark 156, 180, 208 I Moore, riste 130, 204, 205 ar in, Carolyn 39 3' I29, 2 1 1 cQuillen, Floyd Moore, m 2 4 Mar A e ine 1 McQu0wn, Edward Moore, 156, 164, 228 Martin, da 182 F Mcsorleykfacqueline 242 Moore, S almarie 183 Maqjn, Rodger 94, 104, 155 ' McWhort'?r, Melissa 156, 220, 230 Moore, Susan 182 I5 l L artin, Stdphanie 1 , 208 Martines, Cat er' 104, I29, 198, 2I7l " Mar -' , Dea 4, 182, 198, 218 . ,-An rea 155, 208 ' nez, Henry O Of s M I R' ' l 1 z, Edgar 129 0 ez A art I ,John 105, 155 Martinez, Juan 96, 155 ade Lo ie-Anne 156 de Shi ley 242 - aren 156 1 oni 30 L' ina, Ch 'stina 130, 215, 227, 228, 266 M , .l Mefferd, Bry n IZO Meiley, fudy 242 Meininger, Lisa 30, I30, 215, 226, 229 Morales, David IOS, 156 Moran, Michael 156 Morehouse, Christopher 21, 130, 207, 231, 266 Morehouse, Ian 104, 183, 191 Newendyke, Peggy 183 New Horizons 222 e man, Michael 183, 208 Newrock, Beth Newth, Russell 131, 225 Newton, Anthony 183 Newton Newton , Todd , Tony 104, 105, 131 Nguyen, Duc 183 Nguyen, Liem NHS ZI6 Nicoll, Kevin 105 Nicolls, Christopher 157 Niels Place Neilson, Eric 104, 183, 216 Neilson, Jennifer 181, 183 Neilson, Jill X31 Neilson, Michael 183 Neilson, Scott 183 Niemi, Sheila 183, 228 Niemic, Andrew 157 Night Life 24 Nims, Lisa 157 Nipper, James 157 Moreland, Ryan Morgante, Lisa 156, 104, 105 Martinez, Nancy 155, 226 Martinez, Teresa 129 Martinez, Terri 155 Martinson, Brian 93, 181 Martyniuk, Kristin 156 Mase, Patricia Mask, Meshelle 182, 228 Mask, Rhonna IZQ R Mason, Mar-ybetb 242 Mastalsz, David 181 Mastalsz, Donald 156 Mathews, Tamarann 156 Matousek, John 156 Matteson, Michael 182 Matthews, Janna 156 Matty, Karmen 182, 198 Matuck, Camille 129 "H Maughan, Gregg 156 Mauldin, Cassie 182 Mayes, Geoffrey 182 McBn2le, Rus: 242 McAlister, Robert 182 McArthur, Becky 156 McCain, Lisa 129 Mejia, Freddie Mejia, Nora 182 Melching, Sara 156 Melville, Jason 182 Memmott, Marni 182, 184, 189 Mendoza, Albert 47, 156 Mendoza, Anthony IOS, 180 Menter, Karen 182 Merkley, Ann Merkley, Russell Merlo, Nancy I82 Merrill, Bryan I82 Merrill, Jennifer 156 Merrill, Kristin I3O, 217 Merrill, Stacey Metzger, Kirk 156 Metzler, Kevin Metzler, Michelle 156, ZI6 Meyer, Larinda 43, 183 Miceli, Mark 130 Michaels, Judith 156, I60, 198, 215, 229 Michalak, Mary Micheau, Carry 156, 164, 229 Middlebough, Karen 130, 212, 2 21 McCance, Katherine 182 McCart, Dawn 53, 156 McClaskey, Deana 182, 228 McClellan, Pamela 129, 221 McClend0n, Gregory McC0nkey, Cynthia 182, 207 McC0nkey, James 156, 231 McCormick, Sandra 104, 242 McCoy, Donald 182 McCracken, Michelle 156 McCreery, Hugh 182 McCutchan, John McDaniel, Jonna 129 McDavid, John 156 McDonald, Devin IOS, 156 McDonald, Esther 242 McDonald, Katherine Kay 182, 228 McDonald, Michelle I29, 229 McDonald, Ross 156, 265 McEarchern, Jennifer 182, 198 McElyea, Billy 182 Middleton, Serina IOS, 156, 229 Miguel, April Milkey, Loren Millar, Jessica 67, 104, 156 Miller, Benjamin ISO Miller, Cheryl 156 Miller, Erin 18, 181, 183 Miller, Gregory 183, 223 Miller, Janelle Miller Joseph Miller, Marcy I30 er, Marla 183 Mil Meredith 156, 220 Miller,", ,atricia I80 M' ,r, Randy 130, 207, 231 Mi , Richard 156 Mil Robert 242 Mille ,l Shane Mille 4-Tammy 130, 198 Millet ill ISO Millett ichelle 183 McFalI, Susan IZQ McGarran, Robert 182 McGlothlin, Doug 156, 229 McGlothlin, Peter 129 McGough, Stacey 182, 215 McGough, Wendy l29, 214, 216, 2 McGovern, Mary 242 30 Millett, avid Mills, Michelle 130, 207, 229 Mills, Randall I30, 198, 199 Mills, Stephanie 203 Mills, Louis X82 Minch, Barbara 104 Miner, Melissa 156 Morris, Bryan IOS, 156 Morris, Cary 183, 171 Morris, Eric 15-6 Morris, Lacey 156 Morris, Mary 242 Morris, Murry Morris, Shane 156 Morris, Shane 156 Morris, Sherilyn IZO, 197, 198, 265 Morrison, Mariann 130, 216 Morrissey, Kerrie 183 Morrow, Bradley 183 Mortensen, Dana 72, IOS, 156, 160, 193 Mortensen, Wayne 48, IOS, I30 Mortimer, David 231 Mowe, Paul 183 Moyer, Jenifer 183 Mucha, Kenneth 105, 130 Mueller, John 183 Mulera, Karen 134, 156, 166, 263 Mullins, Jane 157 Munchin' Mania 58 Munden, Pamela IS7 Munoz, Jose 157 Murdock, Todd 34, 74, IOS, 110, 157, 166 Murphy, Mike Murphy, Pauline 242 Murray, Bradley 157 Murry, Thomas 104, 183 Musbach, Jamie 183 Musgrove, Kaley 131, 207 Myers, Patricia 157 Myers, Robert 193, 215, 226, 227, 229 Myers, Roger 183 Myers, Tom 242 Mykytyn, LeeAnn 131, 197, 198, 266 Nadeau, Dortby 242 Nash, Eric 131, 194, 205, 223, 225 Nathanson, Caroline I3l, 204 Nauman, Paul Navarre, Donald Navarrette, Raquel 87, 104, l3I, 203, 227 Naylor, Stacey 157 Nefzger, Tabitha X57 Neiswender, Wade 105, Igl Nelson, Chris X57 N obis, Noble, Marie 183 James 157 Noel, Catherine 131, 204 Nonbey, Beny 12, 13, 242 Norton, Alan 157 Norton, Bill 243 Nossett, Darla 183 Nowak, Jennifer 216, 183 Nowak, Julie 216, 185 Nowell, Priscilla 157 Nuciforgo, Joann 185 Nuciforo, Larry 157 Nutt, Julie 157 Nystrom, Jay 5, 105, Ill Nystrom, Shannon 155, 4,9 QQQQ Obryant, Kelly 185 Odonnell, Michael Oliver, Clay 185, 104 Oliver, Jr. Perry Olmos, Kim 185 Olmos, Yvonne 247 Olsen, Olsen, Kyle 158, 216 Lara Olson, Neola 185, 228 Omerza, Nikki 216, 185 Onstine, Suzanne 204, 185 Omdoff, Jr. Richard ISS Orona, Freddy 131, 105 Orr, Robert 185, 37 Orthmann, Dennis 158 Ortiz, Juan 114, 131, 246, 247, 266, 105 OiBrien, Sharon 131 O'C0nnell, Michael 185, 198 O'Connell, Thomas O'C0nnor, Caroline 185, 198 O'C0nnor, Jennifer 167, 231, 217 O'Dell, Michael I3I O'Dell, Shelly 216, 185 O'Donnell, Frances 158 O'l-lara, Shannon ISS, 217, 227, 222, 223 O'Haver, Donna 242 O'L0ughlin, Mark Opening 2 Orchestra ZI6 Organization Division 192 Osborn, Dina Haroldine Osborne, David 185 Osif, Denise Osif, Henry 158 Pace, Gina Phillips Osorio, Kenneth 185 Osterfeld, Michelle Oswald, Philene 131 Oswalt, Robert 76, 185, 104 Ott, Lisa 185 Otto, Bryan Otto, Sandra 131 Ouimet, Paula Owen, Teresa 131, 135, 95, S3 Owens, David 131 Owens, Shaun Owsley, Gregory Owsley, Michael Oxborrow, Michelle 15, ISS WWWWWWW Packer, Colleen 131, 208 Packer, Eileen 158, 208 Padgett, Tammy Pagan, Marie l3I, 207 Pagonis, Stephanie 158 Rouen, Monica 186, 200 Painter, Donna 131, 63, 21 Pallas, Tammy 158 Palmer, James 158 Palmer, Leeann 158, 167, 217, Palmer, Tamra 208 Palmer, Troy l3I, 141, 207, 26 Pappas, Athena 132, 216, 223 Pardew, Cheryle 212 Parent Involvement 40 Pariza, Branko I32 Pariza, Lillian Parker, Jackie Parker, Ierrie IOS, 242 7' 247 193 7 Parker, Sherry Parkinson, Joel Parmenter, Lori Parris, Jeffrey 158 Parry, Shaun 227, 229, 230 Parry, Todd IO4, 228 Parsell, Gary 114, I32, 217, 225, Parsons, Heather 158, 150, 194 Parsons, Lynne Parsons, Ronald 158, 208 Partel, Eileen 158, 220 Partridge, Valerie Paschke, James 132 Pasquali, Joseph Passarella, Andrea 132, 207 Passarella, Patrick I04 Passey, Jacilyn Patane, Laura Patane, Lisa Marie Patel, Rupit Patel, Uloopi 158 Patino, Billy 158 Part, Jill 158 Pattea, Dorinda I32, 218' Pattea, Lilian Pautot, James 132 Paya, James Payne, Marion fJayJ Paynter, Brian 104 Paynter, Troy Pearson, Lisa 158 Pearson, Lois 158 Peavey, Sophia 158 echuli, Raymond 132 egler, Sarah 158, 216, 198 elky, Kimberly 132, 247 ember, Anthony I32 ena, Jesse endle, Annette 132, 203 endle, Walter 158 ennyweight, Stephen eople Division 112 ep Club 211 erez, Dawn erez, Mike erkins, Emma 158 erkins, Lydia l32, 216, 217 erkinson, David 132, 201 errone, Nicholas 209 erry, Darla fffy, Dave 242 erry, Mark 147- 223 Perry, Randall 158, 215, IOS, 233 Peshlakai, Lorelei Peso, Allen Peterson, Calvin Peterson, Christina 242 Peterson, Darrin 104, 105 Peterson, Malaena 227 Peterson, Robert 158 Petteruti, Debra 132 Pew, Maren Pfisthner, Jeremy Phair, Valerie 158 Phelps, Kimberly 1 32 Phillips, Amanda 185, 198, 218 Phillips, Chris 105, 158 Phillips, Dan I32, 209 Phillips, Donald Phillips, Elizabeth 185, 212, 268 Phillips, Jeremy ISS Phillips, Roger 185 ,Wendy ss, 1321 194 Quihuiz, Tony Quinn, Julie 159, 163, 217 Quotskuyva, Lavina RRRWRRR Rader, Holly 184 Rader, Richard 242 Radley, Christine 133, 194, 207 Ramirez, Arturo Ramirez, Polly 159 Randall, Lawrence 184 Randall, Rachel 184, 228 Randall, Richard 105, 133, 198 Rangel, Peter 133 Rapier, Delbert 133, 209 Rapp, Susan 133 Rasmussen, Erik 184 Rathjen, Gary 133 Philpott, Anthony 150 Pickett, Todd 104, 185 Pico, Robert 104, 185 Pierce, Charles 132, 231 Piluga, Roberta 158, IQS, 207 Pineda, Israel 132 Pinkerton, Jacqueline 158, 198, 204, 226, 233 Pinsonneault, Timothy 158 Pirastehfar, Amir X32 Pitterle, Jean l32, 228 Pitterle, Laura ISS, 228 Pegal, Helen 242 Police, Todd Poli, Jr. David 185 Pom 196 Pomeroy, Wayne IOS, 158 Popello, Tia 132, 209 Poplin, Sherri 158 Ratkowski, Randall ISQ Ray, Annette 159, 216 Ray, Jeffrey 184, 228 Ray, Michael ISQ Ray, Steven 184 Rayfield, Lee 184 Reavis, Lonnie 159 Reazin, Linda 184 Rector, Dusin Redding, Derrick 184 Redding, Susan 66, 104, 114, 133, 247 Redhouse, Julian Redondo, Jenny I59, 218 Reed, Becky Regester, Mark 75, 104, 159, 198 Regester, Timothy 43, I04, 184, 218 Reh, Robert 133 Reh, Tina Porteous, William Porter, Danny Porter, Heidi 185, 228 Porter, Kerry 184 Porter, Kimberly Porter, Louis Porter, Marilee I32 Pospisil, Darrel 98, 158, 198 Port, Gregory Pothier, Christine 158, 212 Pothier, Paul 20, 132 Potter, Potter, Andrea Karen 104, 159 Potter, Kendal 184 Potts, Becky 132 Poulson, Brad Powell, Eric 90, 105, l32 Powell, Shane 159 Powers, Kristina 184, 228 Poznick, Danielle Prall, Jennifer 184 Prather, Kyla Prather, Laura 159, 217 Prechte Prechte l, David 133 l, Kenneth ISQ, 198 Premiere 215 Presti, Lisa 47, 184, 226 Presti, Suzette 27, 159, 226, 228 Preston, Chad 82 Preuhs, Preuhs, Preuss, Darrel 159 Kristy ISQ Brooke 159 Priest, Lisa Prigge, Prigge, Pringle, Michael 133 Thomas 105, 184 Julie 204 Pritchard, Gerald 159 Pryor, Candace Pryor, Robert 133, 193, 227, 229 Pshak, Judy 104, 133, 194, 195, 217, 222, 247, 250 Pshak, Richard 159 Puckett, Donna 133 Pulford, Jeffrey 159, 198, 217, 218 Pullin, Don 180 Pulzato, Doreen 242 caonaow Quick, Allen 184 Reidhead, Kimberlee Reis, Leslie 159 Reitzel, Matthew 159, 221 Renfrow, Jeffery IS9 Renfrow, Jodi 133, 203 Renner, Kem 159 Ressler, Dawn 184 Reynolds, Justin 184 Reynolds, Peter 133 Rezler, Christopher 133, 198, 216, 217 Rhinehart, Vicki Rhoades, Efrem Rhode, Scott Rhodes, Carla 184 Rhynes, Pierre Riccoboni, Denis X59 Rice, Rex 242 Richards, Gayle 242 Richards, Julie 184, 216, 228 Richards, Karen I59 Richardson, Cory I04, 194 Richardson, Jessica 133 Richardson, Kurt 91, 133 Richarme, Tonya 133, 207, 212 Richeson, Warren Richie, Heidi Richie, Paul 133, 198 Richie, Vikki 184 Ricketts, Brent 184 Ricks, Steven 184, 198 Ridderman, Kevin Rieger, Douglas 133 Riggs, Charl 90, IOS, 133, 201 Riggs, Kimberly IO4, 159 Riggs, Marie 184 Riley, Buddy I6O Riley, Dawn l60 Ringger, Eric 160, 204, 217, 223, 225 Riordan, Michael 184, 226 Ripley, Bill 133 Roames, Dan Robinxon, Reed 244 Robbins, Dana 133 Robedeau, Beth l6O, 198, 208 Roberts, Anna Michelle 19, 62, 184 Roberts, Melissa Roberts, Sheryl 133 Roberts, Susan 133 Robertson, Glenn 160, 198, 215, 229 Robertson, Kirk 184, 198 Robertson, Teresa Robertson, Susan 216, 229 Robert, II Paul 160 Robinson, Deann l6O Robinson, Loren Robinson, Neil 104, 184 Robinson, Reed Rockwell, Scott 184 Rodriguez, Anthony Rodriguez, Javier Rodriquez, Robert Roe, Ian 133 Roesch, Virginia 184 Rogers, Chuck 104 Rogers, Fred l84 Rogers, Susan 186 Rojas, Jennifer 133 Rollman, Renay Romas, Jr. Gregory I60 Romay, Gary 23, 43, 134, 225 Romers, Richard Romes, Dac 186 Rominger, Craig Romo, Anna Lisa 160, 215 Ronnie, Maurlee 29, 105, 186 Ropacki, Michael Rosa, Billie Jo Rosado, Obed 186 Rosati, Annemarie 3, 134 Rose, James 50, 54, 154 Rosenberg, Michele 160 Rosenberger, Rusty 64, 65, 104, I34, Rosenhan, Mary 186, 216 Ross, Kevin Ross, Lesli 186 Ross, Michelle Ross, Susan 134 Rost, Lora 25, 229 Rothlisberger, W. Brian 79, IOS Rouen, Michael Rounds, Candy Roupe, James 186 Rout, Necia 168, l80, 223, 225, 227 Rowan, Misty I60 Rowley, Brian 160 Rowley, Christine 160 Roy, Philip I34 Roye, Kathy 186, 205, 266 Ruby, Michelle 186 Ruby, Preston 186 Ruckle, Peter 160 Ruckle, Stephen 134, 225 Rudd, Mel 244 Rudy, Kristen 160, 197, 198, 212 Rudy, Mark 134, 207 Rundall, Brian 104, 186 Rundall, Eric 134 Runneberg, Lezlea 134, 207 Rusk, Andrea 134, 198, 216, 217 Ryan, Kerry 104, l60, 198 Ryan, Michael 164, 186 SQSSSS Sabourin, Colette 186 Sabourin, Denise I34 Sacco, Partricia I34, 207, 231, 265 Sacramento, Amy IZ4, 207 Sage, Lorraine Saggio, Richard 244 Sajobie, Denise Salerno, John I34 Saline, Danette IOS, 186 Saline, Tammi 186, 215 Samaniego, Edward 105, l60 Sampedro, Partricia 134 Sampson, Jennifer Sampson, Jonathan Sanchez, Edward 127 Sanders, Cathleen 134 Sanders, Ray 134 Sandoval, Ernest 186 Sandys, Mark 215 Sanft, Israel IS4, 135, 153, 198, ZI7, 231 Sanmigual, Sylvia l60, 227 Sarandos, Andrew 186 Sarlo, Jeffrey 186 Saunders, Grace 134 Savery, Laura 73, I04, 160, 212 232 , 231 8 223, 230 Thiele, Kellie Saxon, William 160, 266 Scaccia, joseph 244 Schabarum, Lisa 186 Scafarilx, Dominic 244 Schafer, Tammy Schaller, David Sherling, Michelle 161 Sheilds, ,lean 1o5, 244 Sheilds, Kelly 187, 232 Shill, Norman 105, 244 Shively, Stacy Shoemaker, Eric 161 Shope, Darren 134, 231 Shope, Sharron 187, 223 Shows, Teresa 161 ' Shuckhart, Jason IDS, 161 Sifuentes, Laurie 187, 198 Silliman, Matthew I6l Simmons, Michael 47, 135 Simonovic, Aleksandar 135 Simpson, Noelle 28, 169, 186, 187 Simpson, Scott 161, 226 Singleton, Teri 135, 203 Sirrine, Stephanie 187, ZIS, ZI6 Sitter, Robert 161, 207 Skabelund, Shari 135, 217 Skabelund, Steven IOS, 161 Skiles, Cheryl I6I, 207 Skousen, Robert IOS, 135 Skousen, Sheli 161, 223 Smith, Brian IOS, 114, Shannon da 187, 216, 228 Smith, Jennie I62, 232, 247 1 36, 264, 266 Smith, Kevin 162, 205, 247 Schanfarber, Lori 86, I04, 105, 158, 160, 195, 230, 23K Schave, Holly 160 Scheer, Henry 244 Shuart, Laurie 187 Schellenberg, David I34, 186, 209 Schellenberg, Robert 160 Shults, Brenda 187 Schiel, Charlie Shumway, Russell 161 Schiel, Gea 216 Shumway, Todd I6I Schilling, Barbara 187 Shy, Carrie Schlagel, Donald 160 Shy, Mark 135 Schliclt, Steve 105 Schmidt, Mary 134, 208, 209, 217 Sikora, Sherry 161 Schmidt, Richard 160, 208 Schmidt, Stephan Silver, Scott 104, 187 Schneider, Evelyn 160, 217, 227 Silvers, Cindy Schneider, Marc 187 Silvestri, David 187 Schneider, Stacey I60 Simmonds, Lynn 264 Schoeller, Stacy 134, 204 Simmons, Eric 161 Schoen, Scott I60, 198, 219 Scholz, Rachelle Simon, Heidi 135 Scholz, Rob Schrader, Kristi Schroeder, Michael I6I Schuh, Michael 49, 81, 105, 109, 134 Schultz, Connice 161, 221, 224 Schultz, Kimberly 187 Sirrine, Todd 161 Schulz, Randall 230 Sitter, Michael X87 Schuster, Kurt 104, 134, 138, 210 Schuster, Rita 244 Sivertsen, Sheryl 135 Schutter, Candee 187, 228 Schwan, Christopher Schwanbeck, Michael 104, 187 Schwarz, Lisa I6I Skinner, Bruce 187 Schwarz, Tommy Skogebo, David 187 Schweppe, Sharon 104, I34, 198 Skousen, A. 187 Science Club 225 Skousen, Lisa I6l Scott, Charlotte I6I Scott, Cory 161, 198 SCOII, D0l'0Il'1Y Slade, Darla 161 Scott, Doug 187, 204, 218 Slade, Kerry 162, 215 Scott, Jay 244 Slade, Wayne 244 Scott, J. Doug 187, 204, 218 Slocum, Scott, Kelly 134, 207 Slover, Troiann 187 Scott, Lauren 134, 247 Smith, Brent 136 Scott, Nora 161 Scott, Robert 207 Smith, Christen 187 Scott, William I6I Smith, Cory 162, 241 Scott, Jr. Thomas 187, 218 Smith, Cynthia 162 Sfllba 232 Smith, David 244 Searles, Brian 187, 198 Smith, Dgngld 244 Secondo, Lori 161 Smith, Darrel 187 Secondo, Scott I34, 198, 228, 247 Smith, Emy 187 See, Robert 187 Smith, Eric 162 Sealy, Kay 134, 207 Smith, Gayle 245 Segal, Christopher 135 Smith, Geary Sergrave, Athena 187 Smith, Howard Seibold, Kathryn Smith, I Seiferth, John 187, 198 Self, Billi 85, 104, IOS, 135 Smith, John Sellers, Julie 161 Sena, Robin 184, 247 Senescall, Tony 135 Senescall, Victoria 161 Sessions, Greg 244 Seyffer, Allen Senioritis 54 Senior Officers 114 Seymour, Bryan Shackelford, Lisa 187 Shakelford, Scott 161 Shaffer, Shelly 161 Shalley, Michael 135 Shannon, Walter 187 Shark, Julie 187 Sharp, Christina 161 Shaw, Ward I6I Shear, Dawn 135, 229, 230 Shearhart, Felicia 161, 247 Sheets, Susan 161, 216, 198 Sheffer, Patricia I6I, 198 Shell, Tyler 105, 135, 207, 268 Shepard, James 187 Shepard, Janet 161 Sheranian, Licold 187 Smith, Kevin I62, 187, 204, 225, 232 Smith, Lee 162 ' Smith, Mary 187, 209 Smith, Maurice Smith, Michelle 162 Smith, Michelle 57, 187 Smith, Muriel 245 Smith, Rebecca 216 Smith, Robert 135, 208 Smith, Ruthetta 187, 233 Smith, Shawn 162 4 Smith, Sherri 183, 187 Smith, Sherri 187 Smith, Steven 33, 162 Smith Suzanne Smith Thomas 162 Smith Tina I62 Smith, Wayne 136, ZI7 Smyers, Raymond Smyers, Richard Snapp, Craig 187, 198, 231 Snow, ,lack 245 Snow, Pam245 Snyder, Toni 57, 104, 187 - - - Sobczak, Angie 162, 215, 217, 223 Soboski, Stacy 162, 216 Sonius, Dawkl 245 Soccer JV 96 Soccer Varsity Q4 Softball JV 88 Softball Varsity 86 Soohoo, Tracey I87, 198 Sorenson, Lynn 136 Southern, Joseph Soza, Valerie 187 Spain, Sherri 136 Spanish 204 Spear, Clint 162 Speech and Debate 227 Spencer, Allen 136 Spencer, Michael 187 Sperry, Cindy Spiers, Jr. James 187, 204 Spiker, Sean 187, 231 Spirt Week 22 Sprouse, Mary 136, 221 Sports 60 Sports, Out of School 108 St. Lousi, Dean 23, 27, 136, I9 Stachar, Kristine Stage Crew 226 Staley, Jennifer 187 Standage, David 54, 136 Standage, Michael 187 Standage, Paul 92, 104, 187 Staneart, Steven 187 Stapley, Rebecca I62 Starace, Christopher 187, 226 Stauss, Rochelle 187, 247 Steele, Jeffrey 136 Steelman, Lloyd Steill, Kip 136 Steill, Samuel I62 Steinhoff, Sydnee I62, 212 31 227 Stenmoen, Jason 162, 194, 217, 223 Stephens, Andrea 162 Stephens, Heather 162, 216 Stephens, Holly 207, 210 Stevanovic, Goran 16, 136 Stevens, Cecil 162 Stevens, Cristy 187 Stevenson, Jay Stewart, Stefanie 188 Stiller, Bernie Stock, Wendy 188 Stockton, Raymond Stoffan, Ricard Stoltz, John 162 Stone, Kenna 84, 85, IOS, 188 Stonstreet, Donald 162 Storrly Helen 245 Strader, Michael Stonestreet, Donald I62 Stradling, Brian 136, 207 Stradling, Frederick l62, 198, 2 Straub, Micael 162 Streiji Kurt 245 Stroble, B.J. Stroia, Tina 162, 216 Strong, Bryan Student Council 120 Strugill, fWagerj Patricia 188 Superintendency 236 Student Art 248 Sulliban, Deborah 162 Sullivan, Sheldon 99, I06, 163 Summers, Chandi Sumner, Carol Sunding, Jennifer 188 Suri, Justine Sutherland, Scott 42, IDS, 136 Sutherland II, Carl Swaba, James 163 Swaba, Jennifer 188 Swadling, Darcy Swanson, Jill 87, 104, 163 Swanson, Paul 188 Swanson, JR, Wayne Swanty, Brian 188 Sweador, Robert 136 Swenson, Peder 163 Swift, Ronald 188, 224 Swinehart, Stephen 163, 198, 2 Switzer, Devean Is. 229 04 Szuhay, Andrea 163, 212, 215 iliilliilliillilliilliill Tablbot t, James 1 36 Talley, Danny Tanner, Eliza 188, 215, 223 Tapley, Tapley, Barry 188 Kimberly 163, 228 Taraborelli, Natalie 163 Tate, Marianne 176, 188 Tawzer, Brad 159, 163 Taylor, Anissa 188, 189, 212 Taylor, Brian 188, 198, 218 Taylor, Cory 188 Taylor, Debbie 163 Taylor, Keri 88, 188, 198, 218, 228 Taylor, Lisa 136, 212, 23l Taylor, Michael Taylor, Michelle 163, 224 Taylor, Susan 231, 245 Taylor, Tina 163, 188 Taylor, Tina Teague, Matthew IOS, 163 Team Shots 104, 106 Team Unity IIO Teeter, Donald Tempel, Temple, Tammberly 21, 136, 212 Robert 163 Tennant, Jeffrey 136 Tennant, Kerry 164, 198, 218 Tevlin, Laralyn 164 Tewksbury, Bob 136 Theyer, Ronald 188 Thomas, Brenda 164 Thomas, Brian 164, 226 Thomas, Catherine 136 Thomas, Eldon I64 Thomas, Heather 164 Thomas, Joe 64 Thomas, Marianne 188 Thomas, Matthew 82, 188 Thomas, Shawn 267 Thomas, Stacy 35, 49, 136, 194 Thomas, Stuart 105, 164 Thomas, Tamara 164 Thomas, Tommy IOS, 164, 215 Thomas, Wendy Thompson, Denise 164 Thompson, Gary 188 Thompson, Howard 164, 188 Thompson, Jennifer 215 Thompson, Joanne 136, 198 Thompson, Julee IOS, 188 Thompson, Laura 164 Thompson, Michael 136, I64 Thompson, Michael 164, 209 Thompson, Randall Thompson, Thomas IOS, 168 Thompson, Jr, Homer 188, 233 Thornel I, William 136 Thornhill, Norine 245 Thrasher, Cynthia 164 Tiffany, Michele 188, 218 Tihanyi, George 245 Tilton, Traci 136, 209 Timmins, Joseph 104, X88 Timmons, Amy 136 Timmons, Matthew IOS, 164 Tinseth, Ronald 104, 188 Titcomb, Rochelle Toepeer Jr, Hollis Tofft, Robert 245 Tolman, Aimee 188 Topham, Holly Topham, Melissa 104, 164 Torbyn, Jackie 164 Toro Band 198 Torontali, Michael Torres, Norma 164, 227 Torres, Phil 188 ' Torres, Teresa 164, 223, 227 Townsend, Shannon 188 Townsend, Tammie Transportation 36 1 X.. Trantham, Robbin A 69 V 7 uez, Monica 104, 1 , 98, 8 Watkins G nn 137, 208 Wimmer, Renae 189 Trask, Arthur BJ asquez, Monica Mich 16 1 Watkins nna 137 Winkler, Beeley Trililr, C0r1r1lC 1 7 . V UC2, R'-ll9C11 E S2 166, 193, 223 Winkler, Scott 138, 217, 250 Trask- Robert 3 sh V erm' 1 1 08 X, N31l11'111 189 Winslow, Amy-Renee 51, 59, 1 Treece, Jerry Vaughn, odi 7 Weaghinton, AQ' a 37 Winslow, Ellzabeel., ,89, 2,4 Treffert, Ronald Jr V ughn, 1ne 165, 207, 2 3, 26 We hi QQ' 38h20 Wlneem, Julie ug, 22, Tremblay, Patti 188 f W, , Kathy 188, 23, -Wear ly, resory 138 7 Winters, Steven Tremblay, Tammi 136 Vaughn, Sandr gag rwalk , Kerry Winters, Teri 189 Trendler, Blain 164 Vaught, S anno .l 0 Weave 3 , , 2 Wintersteen Garry Trethewey, Ronald 188 Ve 'I 'Gr g lil' Winward, Michelle 189, 205 Trimmer, Michelle 188 we du , iCh3lLg 1 fu .gy Rene 138 Wipf Richard Tropio, Paul 169, 188 e 00, J ebee , l.ln Wlsslng Kelly ,?10:':i.lEfflXlI88k 6 l 1 - J 9 afhillil 61:56, 135, 137, I I eQ hQM, 2t7, 247 Wise, Bradley ru e, ar I5 enam, ani 3 y b re W- - lp, 8, Treett, Timothy Ve icheal 188 U 6511, Ole: 245 1 I 5 nl Trussell, Stephanie 188, 22 233 I Vi' 203 Cf . Wehrman lli 1? Wojcinski, Michale 190 Tr-lwll, S1'Pl1'11 los, 165,' QIOX V-C l ,126 C7 w id 1- rd ,6, l fl 1 Wolfe, Jacqueline 62, .,8 T1Y0f1,Amif 136 1 -ml l ifhflle MQ! ,ja C Michael ,X l Wolff, Lisa 1,67 TUCCll10, JOSCPl'l X ll, Rees 3 I , 03 q gindorf, Iggy 105, 16 W f ' han W luctffl 521159 165 6 .il V om' N 7 ' Weiskotten Leo 3 ' s ' el, ri 23 8, uc er, argaret I 5, 247 P 2 Welc , 1 +0 W lett, Mich 1 A Tucker, Susan 188 r - A CC Rlflr 139 dill, QL113, 138,x2 2 9 olsieffer Ke 190 TUOMISIO, Julie 165 lleyball State Ch 68 ldon, paul 93, 89 l Vl , Ma new ,67 Turan, Anthony S oirin, Steven , OX, IIS, Ja que' 6 X W0 , Kglfyn 190, 204, no Turcotte, Devin f ll a ' Q! K enclt, n 138, 207 ix Qs Tw g, Tammy 138, 205 3 ,n TU1'lCYv Dems' 137 K7 all 215171 66 e er, eoff ey 7 ' Wood, Davi 1 E7 ,Q Turley,1ay 188 o husen, Wlarc s l ernen Sal, , 2 ll r Wood, n Q Turley, John 104, 164, 165, 216, 218, 21 3 osbtlr ' L0 ie 1 204 QSM i cle 167, 198, 215 ' , , 'sa Turley, Kellie 104, 137, 230 P o lv, ' ,ig 24 A West, pe gy A UU l Woods, Deanna ,67 X Turnage, Stacey 188 a as, Ron 1 , 189 1 Wes san a X Wwdward, Anne I3 07 M ?'-1":'v Miffk 137 ' 1 M ' Ug, Pa 2 W ol , 245 .JS ux orn, renten 137 Q ll, in , ll xl- ' - , ! D , , r Tuxhorn, Ty 188 ""', lvy3l,j,l" 0 Txzgijiy gig, WQVAW 2 Q , fl M1 l!'1e7 TYlC1'i Leslie 137 Qi' lil ll 'Qlilf Westf Kerry O Plforxho , Wiliam 2 , M k Tyndall, Michele 37, 186, 188, 212 West nichar 189, 2,8 I n I y M80 Tyree, james Waarammaa, Todd , 232, 250 lx es lcfgchrlsti 13 1 val, , li my Wasar, Andrew 137, Q ma n a U Wri ht just' l ' , Ines g , 1n 190 1 Al f1 Wayer Osear II 166, 198 18A heat, Leanert ' Wright, Shane lh O ' JZ ! 380115, 211125 , e , Roynette A I , 'a 167 1 Wagstaff, Ann fvxf hitcomb, Chreyl 16 , 6 Q yatt, Brian n N N 1 1 Q l Ueel, Michele iss Waifff' Lam' C W ' Olfigwn 13 ' WY 1, Kelly 7 'P 51 QM Udall, Adnan ,eg W1 l1"m-,Paul 80- 105' '66 C. 01131111-11-111 167 ,K ',Jffl64'l14.,l90 llel Umm: er an Wahlm, Bnan 189 X QA White, bie 167, 217 U ' 1' 'D 3 W lc 1' fl ll' ll - 1 1' Unangst, Richard I04, 188 Wal1lcg'E Us 137 n ' ' 21?-i U lf V lf Upchurch, Kevin 165 Walflbl te all 31 8 " X X I el .l0l'l11 , 19 Upchurch, Susan 40, 137. 194, 207, 211 Wald . at I 9 Whftel f'Ph 1 7 X D i 4 O fl Upton, Tamara 165, 216 Wal, or 'Sh ns 232 ,W lu' 'chad I U in 3 ' M I U1'b11l,I0Sepl1 User' awna , 03" I 9' 3 a nke, Christine 139, 198 , C C itoc, ar 167 Q Y, -le' C V V V X! Walke, Kimberly 137, 215, 226, 229, 230 l-lltmore le I l 7 ' Y 3 hi I j Walker, Kristin 137 ' , l I C. d. Walker, Leah 1 hitney, Matthew 167, 204 Yismns lin I 19? Walker, Lisa 166 Wieker, Maria 189 Y ban ,94 ' Walker, l-0r2lCC 228 Wiemann, Bradley 160, 167, 218 um Mic e Vdillt, Barbara 245 Walker, Melinda 139 Wight, Erika 138 , Y ,Teena Vala, Wayne 245 Walker, SU5311. 166, 188 Wilbur, Skip 189, 198, 2I8 York, ,polll ,go Vallentine, Wendy I37 Wall, S1CPl'1311" 1371 207 Wilder, Randy Yost Donald we 2, Vallelunga, Robert e. 137 Wallace, Ieffrey 166 Willcutt, Stella 138 You' g ,Loyd xv 7 , S V2llelllrlga,Rl1SSrll les Wallaff, Judy 127, 245 wllle, Thomas You om 9 Q0 2, 3, 265 Valles, Celestina 188, 227 WH HCC, M2116 137 Williams, Brent 104, 189 , R be l ' Y Valles, Carina 238, 245 Walldorff Brad 139 Williams, jimlene 18 6, cling, 0 rt 04' 139, 204, 224' 232 Valles, Samuel 105, 165 Walldorf, Chris 166, 204 Wllllarnsy John ,6 l -I - J! .J J, VJ Valtingojer, Katja-Caroline 188, 204 W2l5h, C3170 Willia , jg 1 , 4 L ff Van Cleaf, Melissa Vj3l5l'1,M21fl19W 189 wllll, ,sg , I ' l Van Cleaf, William 165 Walsh, Nlcolr 166, 214, 216 I Williams, mas . , . Q 1 ii ii l fl C Van Moorlehem, Chad 104, 111, 188 Willfrs, D01'10V311 y' Williams d ' X I ' I I' VanBuskirk, Gregory 188 Wall, l-152 Williamso ha Zirlr, John 139 , A Vanderaa, julie 165, 224 Warblr, Kelli 3, 137, 198, 216, 217 Willis, Brian 189 X " ' fra, ' 10r' 65, 07, 2, A Vanderheyden, Kerry 162, 165, 198 Ward, C1213 166, 229 Willis, Steve I3 VM li S 11111, I 5 , 2 ffl Vangorder, Ericlra 165, 198, 212, 217 Ward, David 189 Willis, Tamra aharis, issa 20, 27, 39, 201, 204, 217, 236 Vannorman, Andrea 21, 42, 48, 66, 69, 104, Wirlh, SrCPl1l11l2 166, 207 Wilsfor, Jodi Z wacki, l 139 '2 4 . , " V 137, 212 2I171arnec:e,3rllce Wilson, Andra 138, 0 fiixla ' bertbg QQ I ! annorman, Jeffrey IOS, 165 dmff fu 4 9715 245 Wilygn, Barham 245 Zellmger, odd 167 Vanoxdall, Fred 245 Warner, Marla 166 Wilson, james 138 Zlmmtfvwl, Clliflnfl, 5 X . Vanroeltel, Sheila 137, 202 Wafffnl GWSOVY 189 Wilson, janna 27, 138 4 j m2 , f A i M lj Vanslyke, Kelly 47, 137 Warren, Lara 166 Wilson, Jason 138 2 V i , odd 167 Vanslyke, Marlene 188 Evvirrglflr, KCr1r1C5l'1 Wilson, Melissa 187, 1 , 21 Zirker, Davi 5, 74, 105, 167 Vanwyk, Wesley 35 111810111 Ke Y 166 Wilson, Paula X67 , 1210, Nlflrlt 162 3 ' Vasealro, Daniel 165 Wass, Katl1Y 137 Wilson, Russell I04, 189 gf . W M 6 I Vasquez, David 188 W21hCn, Paula 139 Wilson, Stgvg 167 ' . Z la, oger ' Vasquez, john 137, Wdllrlflr, Bmff 245 Wilson, Troy 167 , ZYS11Cr, Milrybeth 139 1 151 Q ,J L we my H0656 I Q O '- QL. Edfwuflfl WM K 6 7, 1 1, M, L fl 4 2 we Cilivl lk UW ll llf"55 Cv, ff K l fl l' lrzzrg 5 AU- fl! 'deaf WY 11 11 2 '7 1' . ,Ja l 0 ' 1' . f- 1 i . f 263 1 at '17 "JY-:"LU6ffgV"'i'2Dl5G lm, , 1 1 1 ,1 fl I .. W f lf' 1 f l j lf! T' ,. .. '1 L ' ' ', -. , 4 :Ol Wiffm Qui Cf 1 CQ ,LM ,ah I N93 Memories will never be erased he year is over and the created illusion of magic has been com- pleted. Remembering the mo- ments that made the year fun, we created the times that would last forever. Pep assemblies always seemed to get everyone up and yelling. With the cheerleaders doing chants and building pyramids, pommies dancing to the latest hits, the Toro band playing the fanfare, and the class competitions, who could help but get involved in the fun of creat- ing the magic for that night's game? For several people, football games were among the fondest memories of all. Remember the game against Mesa High when the Toros were losing by a few points in the fourth quarter? With stu- dents, alumni, faculty, and parents standing in the bleachers cheering for the team, the Toros became fired up and pulled through with a I7-14 victory. Prom created another memory that brought back a warm feeling when you thought of that special guy or girl who was your escort. The romantic dinner that was shared in an elegant restaurant at a quiet table for twog the slow dances and the dim lights were the perfect at- mosphereg all of these things contributed to the magic of Prom. These and other unforgettable mo- ments made the magic of the year com- plete. Now that the year is over we set aside our old memories and work on making new ones that will live in our mind's eye forever. Closing Magical moments f Head over heels - Seniors Nancy King and Bill McEwen enjoy the slow music and the dim lights at the Homecoming dance. Benched - Varsity football players Mike Dick, Brian Smith and John Ortiz show their respect to Coach Parker as they wait to be intro- duced. Finishing touches - In the process of build- ing a pyramid, varsity cheerleaders demonstrate their learned skills. "Looking back at high school I cherish most the closeness between my friends and I." Kristina Henson C125 I'm burning up - Senior pommie Sherlyn Morris expresses her talent while she dances to one of lVladonna's latest hits. 'Ni' g 14 Q 5 It's all gone - "I can't believe I ate the whole thing," says junior Ross lVlrDonald during his lunch hour. Shout it out - Junior Bob Davis expresses his feelings after the Toro team makes another touchdown in the game against Deer Valley. Here come the seniors H Making a path for the senior sedan chair are seniors Nlonica Young and Pat Saeco. The magic memories remain aptured in our mind's eye were the memories of special activities that made the year fun. Helping to create the magic of high school were our friends. Without them, the fun just wasn't the same. As time passed by, illusions in our mind lived on, reassuring us of the good ol' days. Images of special times came back: walking to class with that special person, the funny joke told in fourth hour, the wrestling match on Senior Hill, the parties, the football game when we locked our keys in the car, or the time we got grades good enough to satisfy our parents. These were a few of the memo- ries captured in students' minds. minds. The year was over and we were to live with our accomplishments and our fail- ures. Learning from our mistakes, we were able to put the bad times behind us and set new goals that would lead to a better understanding of the future. Years from now when we find our yearbooks thrown on a shelf or shoved in the back of our closets, we will remember not only the faces but the fun times that came with each one. I've heard that one - Getting in the last laugh at the newest joke told by a friend is senior LeeAnn Mykyntyn. Wh0's the boss - Senior Christina Medina shows junior William Saxon who the stronger person is. Closing The good times The three stooges - Talking about their weekend plans are seniors John Ortiz, Brian Smith, and Chris Morehouse. f Q Q if -sv F K ijfpxi is 'L ' .-A 4 i gmail it ff- ,ff L ,, me "1 gtg ,ff 1 4 Q ' 'Q' if pf QJQ '. ' . ,i-i. ' fi-,Wh ' , - W V- P , . 1 ' , JG, s . g 'fi-?'i'r9,' , ,551 -.Ig 'iff i ' iffy QL-fl, ,fn ,QV ia: ,VJ Jfftgfi, . a Q :E 11,-.f ,Ms if i,,,5,,gw,n,, ,V-,ily :V 75.2, in , VJ, V n W i. in , ry- fialphg gf 5 x "+ S , P ., Q Jllr lr Y wil' L-,. A 309' 4 Wx 0 W ,sv t M I J .,r ,win . f-. , , 'las-'V .N v -A ,lr . VT.. nf qi 1f" N Q Enjoying the view Between classes senior ' LouAnn Lowinslce enjoys watching her friends on Senior Hill. Me and my Sony - While taking the atten- Sale between friends - Senior Melanie dance to the office, senior Troy Palmer finds Flake sells a candy bar to senior Shawn Thomas time to listen to the latest hits. during sparc time in class. 4 L. I had a good year be- sides the fact that I was a sophomore." Q V Mike Coury QIOD ' 1 null"-' Calling a friend - After missing his ride this Toro student calls his mom for a ride home from school. The magic of the year is complete ow that the year has come to an end it's time to look back at what we have accomplished. We look at the goals we set so long ago and what we've done to achieve them. For some people, goals involved hang- ing around the popular crowd, getting a date with that special guy or girl, or losing weight. For others, it might have been making straight '1's, being on time to all classes, or just graduating. But no matter what goals were set, we all knew it wasn't always easy to reach them. Each goal achieved required lots of hard work. Some things were behind the scene and no one noticed them until the final product was introduced. But within every goal-setter was an individual. It was these individuals who made up the magic to make the year complete. Though we've only been a school for nine years, we have been able to achieve goals that no other school has done. We have earned two football state cham- pionships, one volleyball state cham- pionship, the Hy Hendrickson award and more scholarships than most other schools. Mountain View has definitely ex- pressed a standard of excellence, creating a magic uniquely its own. Wait for me - Junior Karen Mulera calls out to her friends to slow down so they could walk to class together. Get that ball - JV cheerleader Becky Phillips does a cheer for the varsity football team during the Homecoming game against Westwood. Closing The completed illusion "My senior year was one of the best years I had and I'm sure it will always be." Peter Rangel frzj 14 serving 6 - junior jill Korte concentrates on the serve that could win the game for the Toro team. Under the weather - Seniors Mike Dick and Tyler Shell spend their time on the bench I . I ..--.-:..-'..-.1-.1-.:' wpxu ,,.., 1 IIA ,-,- --., .W after being hurt in the football game. ...1-.-.... IlT"I.'! t- l il., .... 1' vbxy X Bw 392 W W SW M M CWMUQWSQQEL B55 W M IJWVXQJEJKE 'fjjjjjy xl 5 ,WM3 ww SOM qjiilxwgiq A SSW U35 WJ 'X JJDQ5 ypjfwwfg QM 2 M . QM WW! Ji gjwf QW Q WL 50 VMXW WQWJ Qvw W W My M W M, M W ffififizff W F X RE CB M M N My W WWWJMQWQMV M QM SN Aww Q nfgpfx-Sfy 'GEE l 0 JD 5 QD sf' Q9Q95l,9 0535! xl 602.10 QFSQSLQEZ JQWW yyubffdgjy -ab B w Wie awyyg 4319 0565 97 dj' , 597 OJ NPO? ffgibodfi U 5512? dog? Q69 . of ' 4 ff 30 Q 1 41x-D21 gag Sw QP' QQQD O if N? iwdbjyxbgiga if cf , 23253 ' EQ H32 35392355535 25533333553 4 v J fyfg-.ffbfiw if QQ QM Ya fx 6 Q 54 -65' Jig ' era fpwwfh dgrffi Wm - Curb: yxgxg TEQESQ 5 QQWQ QQQNQLE YXQQS 'S XR BQKNQ5? kfziixkj X Suv' Q 55?-, YQQQK SKXYQXSRQ QQNQB SSQUXS QYSSQXQ . waxy xx ummm Rvws . 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