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:ii iff Ea: fi fs QS i vi' fu! Qi 52 :EQ 15: vii Qi 'E gf if gi KS l I-1 Ag 3:5 3:5 at in :E JS fi? 'R E' F5 u fi 15? 3 5 33 ' s ii 52 9 1 11 55 TL' 'S ,. ,. R ii dk 251 " 4 nf Sa ali-- V .jar . A 1 ef-mln' Wt f 'W wvffif nf ,..-,.. 4 U 361233 'wig'-Q E- ,, .,,, . '3 . r ' , f , , Q 'rv' 1 I If A Y 1 A L .1 , - '-fi, ' - iliiff - 55153 - . 4' iii! 5 sw . I1--.J : 1. 5293 Qiija 411 :?- ' f -, . . ,112 .:,Y. ,. ,,,f 2 4 - 1 QW? - 1 F5199 ,rf rw 4 ,J y' na -rw-71 .R--gg FU,-. -,. Alf' ef -G: 515117 SW? ,: .4 s-3 Ji' i., gargg , 4: 1 fn, L-fix -' ,J ,f 1 SYM-3 g: ' f--- 4 ia-,s-.1 ,ini-.Vg :.i'i4'53 QQ 3. :Q 121 3 ...L Q5-I Q1-. 531' z-iii 15225 .-Fraju ' '71 as '4, P1553 2fL"v4 FLM" fff-:,j Jimi ?::..f.j , - L, E affix' ff!-v' H2501 .- E mis' 155292 .wr 'Q' 41 -421 L-3955 QJSI 5.1132 . Flux: 'Tis' Fai? fiivzxg , . iciig ' 1. yyxg ,H Zi :ij -.1 ffizi ,L-QQ.. ft-Rc' ' 5: 5322 -Q , -1 5 'T nlfxfa ,.. HU - fwf- 1 41:4 Z 1-1323: it . grip, 123453 1-:sw 5.45 .fj,x. ITCWQ1- :Li-,gi ' iff? fz??'2:' , ,fm Emu - fl - we--1 . 1. 1 ' 523314 QQ? Fil 2 13,445 lI52E":f 552:11 3:13.11 ,mf - a 351-.4 7 .N 1,1 V i Q A ' Ha., 1 -v vA,f,-- M.. ug 1 ni, 4 , ua 'ami' s- XL xr ' ' ., f wg, vw, :',,' 1 .-,,-vw -At A-5-34 I-54 '--1- ?1'f-5,525.2 if f Y L 'E-Vzzgifi L 6fx?-23255ma?:BahiaQxwzre-m.Sf:fm-:'3'.-.Wx.Ea sf'Gh'55ff -PW if 411 55:36A'-az1fuS1Z:?f5+,. vifarr-fifsifxi-. Lif'l?"'P'1X.3'i.'Lf17fi32'Efl'l5f'v""f.:':'?"Q1siff'5 5:21 frrzwasx. .., 7.2 1 :Tw-. W my V 'WW 1 95 UL W by jg MQUQWU LOJM x ,L , if ,M GJD JW U 9 pg afvJ3 NDM y, 'PS AXVQ 1 Lrg! W M PW M SHAW Lf-'W PM M wwf W I . A X X Vafxgxql NQBQ - Q, 'J 4, N , SV Qxzvxbvtimgbwox W' V45 OMR? CVS C951 M' K9 W GGMQUQA awe f Rv ok Lv W - 1 03241 U, W Qpcgcfx J I Y? 'LAN J' WFP new if Gibb fx? x, Nm 1L M 4Y o i w 1 E 036 x 'Q 20 ' S W V of BX -rar K X Mb Of 50156 gg' X703 Yxggbja l QU J' '29 wk 9 I: if ll' JJ A 1 7,5 Jun pfz,,ff7 nun flaunt, 'fflzarfl fo fdfff fv IH ianzwza 64iou0 H0 1, pa fa f y 0 A' F31 0434, ,ff f,,,,,,,, 5 411 df! Z , lair! 5-DMA! C..1'fvJvJ 6,065 jaqloulnvzcjou 0 flfnf Jlv fj, A SPF,-off 115 6w4f'm AXVJ lowly! fNoU?Ql1 ' A 'fb A 55 0 Qfgf' ' 'g0f?"Cf'C-JASS mepqjgktxi Q Tradition Q W7 We dv en. In UPMULU 7 Qws P! 402 0 rfrk - V? La Vista 1984 Volume Eight Mountain View High School 2700 East Brown Road Mesa, Arizona 85203 'Aii Martha T. Acosta - Editor-in-Chief Debbie Hale -Adviser wiifw 5. ,af Q- 2 MZ' f mf Q ,raft A 6 6 x 'ia 5 7,5 r I View 1 I 1. , . 3 .. 7 .mg-wasfnnwwmv--M ' wwf0WMil1D'ffU'W' W' ' A if if , ,V y f Wby, 1 f. Ji' 95 . K , I yi 'sd v , 1 "Za Fai", , '16 1, QA ix ,: 3 'S L 3 . W fi , 9 -42 gif Mani' ' 'V ,H 9 5 'W f' l X w 2:5 nun? -:G Q an J ll wk., , Activating Full Potential imiitggaihgilla A A a trend developed that was slmllar previous years. At the Hello As- y, numerous awards were pre- ented to Principal Jim Curlett by or- anizations on campus, to be isplayed in the trophy case. At the ances, sports events, and assem- lies, students participated to their llest potential knowing that being ctive was always rewarding. s the year began, l Posing as Karnak, the Magnifi- cent, is Student Body President A Curt Shill. - .. -5. ' ,A 2 Opening 14 Activities 62 Sports 112 People 184 Grganizations 220 Academics 255 Index 264 Closing 269 Supplement Activities 3 Taking It to The Limit WT'l'llJl1N H151WM.M3l5M',T'Cll?WYLill55"WEUQFWUQEHQMREWLTJISRwinwlffillwMLWIQZwillX''MWTP!',THQHNTW1Jkt'.'iW'ISESUNlf?,,DLQNT?13?MIlQSMllilifttwlflllihllTWFHEVWLQI53-Tiltl'Ml?'QT5livZnLTBlT1TllHMlI'.1lF3U'6tkW3nfl'tllMW'tl W Leading ln Sports hallenging oneself to the highest de- gree has always been the "rule of thumb" for all the dedicated athletic teams. Somehow, this year the challenge was greater and the teams set their goals higher. Ranked number one in State, the Toro football team led a winning season in sports with the hope of being state champions. The athletes practiced harder and pushed themselves further, determined to lead a winning tradition. VanNorman reaches out to set up the ball during the Chaparral game. fl P . . "'V"'. Tailback Paul Kasprzyk slips from the fingers of a Dobson player during the second half. emu rut 551' :snow 9 WUFA' M., ue H . 'W It V in , fl lit tw Scott Hutson leads the charging Toros into the second half dur- ing the Westwood game. The J. V. volleyball team hud- dles with Coach Chris Carlson to change their strategy. Todd Johnson, Phil Bradshaw, and Tyler Shell anxiously urge on the runningback. With rain in his face, Cross Country member Stuart Thom- as splashes to the finish. Sports Faculty membe f it and cheer -- pp t ballt m. Acrdfptdf fun g t t the Toro si n a era ouc o Llnity Begins 'I it M.. , ,,.,g,,t.!,,w.v Wi1,,...,.t.,..,ia., ff, CMM. ,m3iI.,,?Qt.L.. .M ,4,f,.r.,., ,limit Nf..,,..,:,r,.M, . f'1'If5n,w , iQw1L,.L.t WJWXM' l'Y',,,3,li,N-.ZXQL-iL:sh4,1.MA,J'l""W.v.1,I,i,i?i'i.iJkikirrlalalwiilfitlwilxlll Leading In People raditionally each class struggled to be better than the others. But this year the custom was broken and a new bond of unity was begun. f Class competition at pep assem- blies was less of a battle and more of a friendly rivalry than ever before. The students joined together as a school and were determined to make 1984 the year that would change old traditions into newer and better ones. Office aide S typ p ltt hltlkg th ph 276w.Wm 1 John Marsh Chris Hoerchler QuarterbackRickRadershakes and Steve Frost practice sing the hand of the Toro mascot ing in the rain. who offers him good luck. 'bf if X As Anne Lenhardt takes a Senior Andrea Bentley concen- break, Travis Smith wonders if trates on finding her friends in the T-shirt will fit right. the stands. People 7 OOIT! 8 ,Organizations Striving For The Best Leading ln Clubs inning traditions in organizations was shown through the Student Council spon- sored "Club of the Year" award, or- ganized by the Inter-club Council Commissioner. Each club was re- sponsible for keeping accurate re- cords, compiling a scrapbook, and holding activities such as fund raisers and service projects. Club Week, held in Gctober, spurred interest in campus organizations and encour- aged members to strive for this hon- or. vf- up xbx ' """""'wuMW,, .,, Hard working K.A.T.S. mem- bers Lisa Harweil, Ginger Karr, Patty SamPedro, and Liz Da- browski finish cleaning a Ford. Khali Crawford and Joan Canty anticipate the half-time rush and hurry to fill the cups with ice. Band member Nickie Zizzo hands N.H.S. member Stacy Nutt money for a Coke. Organizations 9 ' "T ,, ' Band Director Joe Lloyd assists sousaphone players Scott Mitchell and Oscar Wagar. Chorus Director Dave Perry helps Nancy King warm up by practicing her scales. 1 r,,,,,, N, , WIQDS fllfllle ,. pf c,!"" , 'f N R Q l ,, l.r 'VA ' ll +L. N 1 "J Assistant Principals Dick An- derson and Dale Charles take a doughnut and coffee break. 10 Academics v 'Al 'G' -Z if . fits .5 Coach Norm Shill counts off the number of pushups for sopho- more Manuel Kitagawa. Setting Higher Standards Leading ln Academics n emphasis on academics, after having won over 7 million in scholarships last year, reflected in the three types of iplomas for the 1984 graduating lass: the standard diploma, the en- orsed diploma, and the standards of xcellence diploma. Teachers and students anticipated he year that lay ahead. They knew it ould take all their effort and dedica- ion to carry this winning tradition ven further. 1 5 M unn helps Robby Ciehring ooper on their eriment. it Orchestra Director Dick Rader . shows Matt Hansen and John Academics 1 1 A concerned student consults counselor Bob Miller about classes that will better prepare her for college. 1f""33""' l J 5 1 ' , 'll K M' In M. Y !n,- Y if Jax in A dl' fll' , in l i .,4 l iq fl r Hi "' J -v f K 1 1 S 1 :iz '- 'fi-, u. Bob Miller in his Sunday clothes at the age of three. Bob Millerg sons Mike and Bobg wife Cfarolyng and daughters Jean and Kathy. Mr. Miller shows that unforget- table smile in his junior high pic- ture. A , .r 3 LMJ his OH' xi llll f' ,415 'i 'Uh .r, af- ff- L, 4 Mr. MilIer's Parkersburg High school graduating portrait. if rs 1 wr c Q Qt, L 9'-Q. Spotlight on A GoodFriend istening to thousands of stu- dents' questions and com- plaints about their classes would not be a very easy job, but Counselor Bob Miller seems to love his job and is always wearing a sparkling smile. Mr. Miller has been a counselor for about sixteen years: He has been a counselor here for four years and was previously a coun- selor and assistant principal at Mesa High School for ten years. He was born in Toronto, Ohio, and was part of a family of four. He graduated from Parkersburg High School. After graduating Mr. Miller joined the service and was in the Navy for four years. On return from the service, Mr. Miller attend- ed Glenville Teachers College and went on to Ohio State University to earn his Master's degree. While he was at Glenville he received the Monstrose Award given to the ath- lete with the best grades. Outside of being a counselor Mr. Miller works with the Elks Club on scholarship programs for students. When asked why he became a counselor Mr. Miller said, "I chose counseling because it was new then and I liked working with kids on a one-to-one basis." Due to the altruistic efforts he puts into counseling the students at our school and in view of his happy go-lucky disposition, we'd like to extend special recognition and thanks to our friend, Mr. Bob Miller. A l N--'ff' .,,s A Mr. Miller, in his early twenties, poses for this picture taken at boot camp. Mr. Miller does his kissing fish impersonation during his coffee break. Mr. Miller, posed in a three point stance, played first string football. uunmqaumglj Special Recognition 13 QQQV W 11111111 pw wffwifiwggvg if 5151 IW 006 UN ,QW Oy 50 56 ww ?1fD W1 Wy6G09dy0pDF05G QNd Vxg5fNX0Gpl,OMXlXSNw9 O5 We QLQNPON Ugfi I I My Clpwwwiwgwjfwm Www F Q5 19201 WI Olgwww, MQ W I 31 151 14 ACTIVITIES 62 SPGRTS 112 PEGPLE 14 1984 La Vlsw 1984 LaV1sta 1984 La Vgsta 1984 LaV1sta 1984 La Vgsta 1984 LaV1sta 1984 La Vgsta 1984 La Vgsta 1984 La Vlsta 1984 La Vista 1984 La Vista Q 1984 LaV1sta 1984 La Vgsta 1984 LaV1sta 1984 La Vgsta 1984 La Vgsta 1984 La Vgsta 1984 La Vlsta tion, the Girls' Swim team captu place in Divisionals in 1982 ani place last year. The essential element to succ ple. Over the years there have be ous students who have "gone mile" and achieved honors for tl and their school. Among these ei students are Nathan Sheets whoi many areas and became a Natil Finalist in 1983. Gymnast Tina T an All-State athlete in 1979, '8C earning the title of All-American in 1980-81. Camille Harris cheere to an All-State title in 1981, '82 becoming an All-American Chee 1983. Senior Jon Baker has been . State Golf Champion, 1981, '82 considered the Best Junior Gol world. ln 1977-78 Elmer Heap w State Basketball player, Rod Br among the first football players ored with an All-State title, and. became an All-State Golfer. Tw: Rusty Rosenberger and Andy Joh tured All-State Cross Country title Jim Lefebvre was an All-State V 1981. Last year senior John Ha selected as one of two Arizona ra tives to Boys' Nation in Washing! and Paul Kasprzyk was an All-Stat aloner. ln addition, Jeff Lloyd wa: as part of the All-American Hig Band and Heidi Hage was proclz International Twirler of the year. Coach Dave Sonius described as, "the nearest approximation tial." ln the past, this potential tapped and has brought success tain View's activities, sports, an- but we are leading this winning tr 1984. New Heights of Potential Tapped Leading a Winning Tradition rom the clay we opened, the youth have taken a lot of pride in being Mountain View students," said Principal James Curlett thinking back to eight years ago when Mountain View was on double sessions with Mesa High School. During that year Mountain View students had prac- tically nothing to call their own. They learned in borrowed buildings, the football team practiced on an elementary school field, and the basketball team even had to wear Poston Junior High School's uniforms for their first few games. "This great adver- sity," said Mr. Curlett, "made Mountain View successful. Everyone thought that we would be as good a school as Mesa High or Westwood in eight to ten years, but we nev- er accepted that. We proved that we were going to be winners." Participating in activities has always been a popular tradition. Assemblies are one of the highlights of the year when Stu- dent Council, Pep Club, Pommies, Cheer- leaders, and Toro Band show off the results of hours of rehearsal and preparation. There's never a dull moment as the crowd's spirit is taken to new heights during class competition and the performances of spe- cial groups. ln 1981-82, Encore Strings brought down the roof with their rendition of The Charlie Daniels Band's, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Also, in 1983 Mag- ic Charlie amazed students with his miracu- lous feats of basketball wizardry. Every year students look forward to the evenings when they can "put on the ritz" and "trip the light fantastic" at the Homecoming, Prom, Co-Ed, and Sadie Hawkin's dances. The ambience of Paris was in the air mak- ing last year's Homecoming Dance a night to remember. Creating Homecoming floats also lends to the winning spirit as students spend weeks building floats in anticipation of their completion for the Homecoming ceremonies. The epitome of our winning tradition is evident in the tremendous sup- port given our sports teams. lt is not un- common for the Mountain View bleachers to be twice as full as their opponents', even when we are the visitors. Raw talent molded into a skillful team by dedicated coaches has fostered many victo- ries for our athletic teams. For instance, the Varsity Football team has won 84 percent of its games. The team has competed in the playoffs four times, capturing the State Championship in 1978. Many titles have been earned by the Boys' Golf team includ- ing third place in State in 1980 and second place in State in 1981. Our Cross Country team ran up a string of victories in city meets and placed third in 1983. ln both 1978 and 1981 the Boys' Varsity Basketball team dribbled their way into the State tour- nament to finish among the top twelve teams. Wrestling to the top in 1980, the varsity team placed fourth in State. The Boys' Swim team went undefeated in dual meets last year and earned fourth place in Divisionals. The Gymnastics team also placed fourth in Divisionals in 1981. Girls' Track raced an undefeated season in 1982 and was State Runner-up in 1980. ln addi- x 1. aw H--1. H B K .M .1 After heavy rains flooded the 3 J i c ' 1 iff-fa - , .gf---we student parking lot, Marty Trejo, Travis Ulmer, Dan Nel- son, and Kurt Hughes reminisce of tubing on the Salt River. 3 at . 150644 4 fflf Sheryl Roberts helps staple napkins onto the skirt of the Ju- nior Class float. l Activity Adds To Toro S igh school just would not be high school without the many activities. While some students en- joy taking only four classes and working at McDon- ald's, a department store or other jobs, others prefer to take a full schedule and haven't already vegetated in front of their own Atari set at home, can be found at the nearest arcade with a stack of tokens at their side. When Homecoming rolls around, the students seem to spend less time at their favorite afterschool places "l'm always stuck at home doing homework while my sister is always going out." - Ofelia Bracamonte make it home just in time to catch the latest rerun of "Leave lt to Beaver." Then there are always those stu- dents who work hours on end preparing to get the lead role in the next play. We also have the video whiz kids who, if they and more time working dili- gently on their class floats. Many activities have be- come a tradition at our school, from football to wacky track, and our win- ning attitudes prevail no matter what we're doing. pirit - I 1 wut, Yr, AE. ANOTH vceonv ws'vs oe Mana ru we sunn ped into shreds at the lintock game, this run- ugh was designed by Mrs. ryl Nelson. These rowdy seniors - Tanya VonBehren, Julie Hance, Geanna Gonzales, and Sherry Barron - show just how much spirit they have. Varsity cheerleaders Diana Bos- Iey and Amanda York bring a little summer fun to the Hello Assembly. Activities Division 15 HELLO! inally it arrived, the Hello Assembly we had been waiting for. Nearly 2,500 teachers and students squeezed them- selves into the crowded gym to show their enthusi- asm for the new school year. To start the festivities off, Mr. Curlett said a few words to the school. Before long the crowd was riled up as the pommies and cheer- leaders performed to the Beach Boys' "Be True to Your School." Later the Great Karnak QCurt Shillj entertained the crowd with his mystifying wit. When the entertainment stopped everyone realized s Q- its S Theresa Cooper and Dean Hem- burger get to know each other a little better while dancing to- gether at the Hello Dance. Lisa Taylor gets wild and strips off her Hawaiian Print shirt to the beat of the song "Be True To Your School" by the Beach Boys. they had to go back to class and face reality. When the day came to an end, the students rushed home to get ready for the Hello Dance, which was first social event to kick off the new school year. Entering the cafeteria gave the feeling the walls were going to come down: The crowd was wild. The loud music and flashing lights put smiles on most faces. When the main lights turned on everyone was disappointed that the evening was over, but they all left with a warm feeling inside about all the new friends they had made. 16 Hello Assembly Kevin Cronk and Scott Schwan- beck discuss the positions they were going to play at the scrim- mage that night. 'T' I Q-Q The Great Karnak Curt Shill uses his mystifying powers to figure out the questions to his answers. Tanya VonBehren smiles and pretends to know what's going on out on the gym floor during the assembly. Angie Kempf shows enthusi- asm while doing her first cheer in front of the school as a Junior Varsity cheer- leader at the Hello Assembly. This group of crazy seniors show how much spirit they really have as they antici- pate winning the class com- petion during the Hello As- sembly. Sarah Dant and Margie Chia- petta dance their way across the gym, while dreaming they are on the sunny beaches of Southern California. Chris Hoerchler grins and bears it as he sits and watches people dance, wishing he could be do- ing the same. af' 'i't,xw,,. QQ.. Hello Assembly 17 Toros Begin ntering the assem- bly gave the feeling of excitement. Even though this was the second pep assembly, this one was different: it was to kick off the first football game of the season, and that's one thing that definitely excites Toros. To start the event off, Coach Parker introduced the varsity football players, the girls went wild. To keep the crowd's spirit up the Varsity Cheerleaders per- formed a cheer. Before long it was time for the class competition. Two stu- dents Ca boy and a girly from each class were called down. They had to feed each other a banana while blind folded, and lying head to head. The Sophomore's proved to have the biggest mouths by winning the contest. Later the students and teachers were entertained by pillow people, who danced around the gym, the whole place roared with laughter. The assembly was just what was needed to pep up everyone's spirits for the very successful football game played that night against Westwood. The score was Mountain View 31, Westwood O. The Varsity Cheerleaders lift the spirits of the crowd by lead- ing them in a very successful cheer. As the assembly goes on, the football players sink deeper into thought about the football game to be played that evening, against Westwood. Colleen Brower and Trisha Ec- cles enter the assembly dressed up to show their spirit. 18 Westwood Assembly MIOTH R i VICTORY. ws"vs 09 y pped into mins w eu sum shreds at the fClintock game, this run- ough was designed by Mrs. leryl Nelson. C f mf These rowdy seniors - Tanya VonBehren, Julie Hance, Geanna Gonzales, and Sherry Barron - show just how much spirit they have. Varsity cheerleaders Diana Bos- ley and Amanda York bring a little summer fun to the Hello Assembly. Activities Division 15 Y' HELLO! inally it arrived, the Hello Assembly we had been waiting for. Nearly 2,500 teachers and students squeezed them- selves into the crowded gym to show their enthusi- asm for the new school year. To start the festivities off, Mr. Curlett said a few words to the school. Before long the crowd was riled up as the pommies and cheer- leaders performed to the Beach Boys' "Be True to Your School." Later the Great Karnak fCurt Shillj entertained the crowd with his mystifying wit. When the entertainment stopped everyone realized Theresa Cooper and Dean Hem- burger get to know each other a little better while dancing to- gether at the Hello Dance. Lisa Taylor gets wild and strips off her Hawaiian Print shirt to the beat of the song "Be True To Your School" by the Beach Boys. they had to go back to class and face reality. When the day came to an end, the students rushed home to get ready for the Hello Dance, which was first social event to kick off the new school year. Entering the cafeteria gave the feeling the walls were going to come down: The crowd was wild. The loud music and flashing lights put smiles on most faces. When the main lights turned on everyone was disappointed that the evening was over, but they all left with a warm feeling inside about all the new friends they had made. 16 Hello Assembly Kevin Cronk and Scott Schwan- beck discuss the positions they were going to play at the scrim- mage that night. , if , X Xi J ff' The Great Karnak Curt Shill uses his mystifying powers to figure out the questions to his answers. Tanya VonBehren smiles and pretends to know what's going on out on the gym floor during the assembly. 4? , 'K 4 Q, iff Q Wi 5' i S v S Q , O 'l D , is ,E i 5- 4 :QW m ffilffdff ill? k Cara Cooper congratulates her boyfriend Scott Hutson after he played a great game against Westwood. T , ds"fl 4 ' -4 4' 'ilz 49,72 .. . Lu- M - , A .lxxgf F 'af 'Q ' 3 Seniors Allison Lunt and Tony Taylor embrace to express their feelings about each other as they say goodbye. if if fl' sf, W W' .,5:fA,.fr K f' 1 Joe Villa and Yvette Gates en- joy each other's company as they take a break to sit down between classes. Aaron Pineda tells his girlfriend Sarah Blythe how much he loves her as he gives her a big hug. Sarah Blythe shows just how much she loves Aaron Pineda by decorating his car to wish him luck in his football game. 4 X i',1f'5f t, .13 Q S X 3 ., 3 X 1 2731.355-,. in Sym .5531-i ...Nw K Joe Eulate and his girlfriend Lori Campbell happily dance the night away to the song "Open Arms" at the St. Mary's Dance. Brandy Hatch and Mike Strader discuss their plans for the up- coming weekend while sitting on the bench during lunch. .si I -1 Q 'X' : . 71. I, 1 5 . if f , lv 'i ost In Love omance in high school was always a memorable exper- ce. Will Susie go out h John or will Jack still e Jill? What a soap op- v hile some couples re strong feelings oth- just casually date, sim- enjoying each other's company. Popular places to go on a date included school-re- lated activities, such as sporting events, dances, concerts and plays, as well as out-of-school places like theaters, restaurants, var- ious malls, and even the zoo. There were those who also chose to stay at home and watch the movie chan- nels. Whether you dated a few different people through high school or just steadily dated one person, you will never forget all those special memories, good and bad, you shared with that special person. Jamie Jamison goes to great ex- tents to convince his girlfriend, Tracy Welch, that he really does love her. Veronica Alfaro and her boy- friend Mike Dick lay on Senior Hill together as they enjoy the warmth of the sun. Casey Lee looks to make sure the coach won't see him as his girlfriend Amanda York gives him a big kiss. High School Romance 21 lltlnuaipg. ,K,,k I Dan Wooters jumps for the ball as the other players watch in awe to see if he is going to make it. Click Club raises money by pho- tographing students in the Charlie Brown and Lucy cut-out stand. 22 Fall Fest Shauna Adams, Hillary Bu- Billy Cariveau is sportingly en- torac, and Sheri Czudak lounge gaged in a game of volleyball on around on Senior Hill watching the courtyard during Fall Fest. the surrounding activities. Slim Fun in Fall n October 21 , 1983, lunch was not the usual stroll- -the-cafeteria or rush-to- cDonald's syndrome. Jring both lunches most .idents stayed on campus enjoy the fun and sun of -e Fall Fest activities. The culmination of Club eek, October 17-21, Fall est featured campus ,lbs distributing informa- tion about their organiza- tions and selling various treats to raise money. Energetic students en- gaged in volleyball, while others played football and frisbee. The more relaxed students retreated to soph- omore and senior hills to enjoy the sounds of their favorite hits from a hi-fi ste- reo system. 1 Q M -e. I fra. 'wif-1 French Club members Joy Lynn and Caroline Nowell make and serve crepes to raise money for the club. Bending down to check the hi-fi stereo system, Curt Shill con- templates changing the station. Of the many clubs at Fall Fest Kim Bouche and Rosemary Scuba Club displays some Clark explain how to set up and equipment and information operate a camera, as Ron Hahn about scuba diving. attentively listens. Fall Fest 23 1983- 4 H pening the Home- coming Assembly on Friday the Varsi- ty Cheerleaders performed a medley of mounts and chants to the song "Ro- meo." The Pep Club spon- sored a super class compe- tition where five students from each class were cho- sen to gobble up an item that was handed to them by a Pep Club member. The first class to finish eat- ing all the goodies in the bag won, and in the end the super Seniors were pro- claimed the winners. Top- ping off the assembly was an airband performance put together by Chuck Do- herty flead singerl, Jerry Dingman Cdrumsl, and gui- tarists Mike Tuomisto, Shaun Thomas, and Chris Casto. After the assembly, even though everyone was tired from staying up late to work on their floats the night before, they were still anxiously anticipating that night's activities. Game time finally ar- rived and, passing through the gates of the football field, the fans were immedi- ately swallowed up by the overwhelming sounds coming from a mixture of the bass drums, the tubas, and the chattering people in the stands. The loud booming sound of a can- The seniors were crushed after finding out that their float was caught on an electrical wire and was disqualified. Punter Mike Schuh tries for the extra point while Corona del Sol offense attempts to stop the ball. 24 Homecoming During a class competition at the Homecoming assembly, Tom DeMassa attempts to whistle after eating five crack- ers. Qmecomin . Wil . i xl , - 5 , L ' 3 is l 1 . 5' . my -ff-nl 'HM r W.. --,. , . . l h A 'atm -n The Junior Class float was well- made but was disqualified the night of Homecoming because classmen were working on the bull's head. A I nl Di .011 .Fl-J' 0 L..- g Dynamite" by Def Leop- sophomore float took first ce this year after the junior senior floats were disquali- oros Above the Rest ,,..-M NN- .tt ' ' 1 .. tm MII. all ct., ,M W li A . . , LH- . l I five gentlemen gyrated in performance to the non signaled the game's start and by half-time the Toros were leading 16-O. The half-time proceed- ings began with a parade of the candidates passing in antique cars. Following the Homecoming candidates were the floats. The first float to pass was the win- ner of the float competition - the sophomores. Next came the juniors who were unfortunately disqualified because some of the class- mates were doing last min- ute touch ups on the Toro's head. The Senior float, however, was no where in sight. Over the loud speaker the announc- er was heard saying, "The senior class float is stuck in the intersection of Brown and Lindsay roads. We re- gret to say they are dis- qualified for not having their float here on time." After the "ooo's" and "ahh's" of the fans died down, the candidates reap- peared and stepped onto the field to wait patiently for the announcement of the winners. Varsity Foot- ball player Stuart Frost was proclaimed King and Head Cheerleader Amy Perkin- son was designated the Homecoming Queen. When the game drew to a close, the Toros clinched another victory over the Corona del Sol Aztecs 31-O. Alumni twirlers and Drum Ma- jors Robert Russell, Ellen White, Jeff Lloyd, Kara Fankhauser, Brenda Clark, and Heidi Hage. Homecoming 25 Travis Smith and his date Ann Lenhardt try to decide whether to stay at the dance or go to the movies. David Richie gazes into date Gayla Graville's eyes to tell her what a great time he is having with her. Chris Decious and Jonie Canty enjoy their dinner at Black An- gus before going to the Home- coming Dance. 26 Homecoming Dance A Night To R mber he excitement of the Homecoming game ended but a new feeling overcame some of the students as November 5th arrived. The wardrobes were de- cided two weeks before and most couples matched their styles with exquisite colors. The Theme "Every Breath You Take" de- scribed the moments per- fectly. It seemed like a dream. The decorations ac- centuated the gym with the style and grace only to be seen at a special occasion like this one. Toward t end of the evening, Ki Stuart Frost and Que Amy Perkinson tripped t light fantastic to the the song during the spotli dance. As they were da ing, one hundred brigh colored balloons float down from the ceiling, a ing to the atmosphere. The evening seemed end too soong dates walk arm and arm into t crowd of friends. Slo everyone went to their c and drove off into t moonlight, finding ot moments to share. R. g J. M' I 1 V 5 A 1 Ml .5 4 yyii f - 1 Q ,..., W--f wwf vin, 'iv' vw- ..a-cum W.. a ' . ,B Nuff. A !x 3 X . A QV ' fl Q if 's ,Q f f N7 Mm. , 1 .4 I I :QR .- X, , 7 LY N i jf W ' ,, .M M fff P' idx. il - I ,vw 1? I 4? . ig , ,J . -"'f,,5iq.,I vi , . -E., X ' ' , Q- vw Y fig I 5- I 4,4 N ,Z X 1 11, ivy. .,.A,, ' Q.. if", .. : L L, 'Z -vi! NMA O 'vl X IGW, -' -M Q0 I 100. 5+ mn 1+ I C .-5. -rn V H ,, W. lx ,,-Q -sv dh 1:-,A W, Q, 1 ,K QA Q ,gy 4 1 . 5' Qin WW.. Q, , If K. Lori 3 v, , ' .,, Lf' I -nf. at an Q. A , - QA. ' '- 1 ag, fl 291' 'H ei, f -s I 5 1 ,f , - " 'HW' W 7 5 , -A ' Q F V - K 4 I M, RPF' ' ja J Af? I .Alf-.. w a: lil N .I . 1 - 1 S TY , 1 E if ' ,J " Q " s ig? F-.-22, 1. A-LLM?-,,iA ZA I W 5'6" 1 4 m., Nm 3 fi 3' I N A I '4 .. l9 4 Homecoming Royalt Stuart Frost Amy Perkinson - 1 V I xg . 4 Xp" fn- M v P ' u., '4.-54 4 4 a. ,4 o F W-'A'-M.: ' I I ' rn, Oz . I fy if 3 . 'T 4 ' to 3' r 1 , . no 1 .u 'fu 1 JSF: . 5 ,iff-I ,I up . ' 1 . Q 1 , 'xi y Q 5 1 1 'l hu' 1 1 I A- Qft 1 v 1 , 4 M 5255 -vw Dan Mercer and Tia Popello dance a slow number and enjoy each other's company at the St. Mary's dance. As Tina Smith walks across campus on Pajama Day, she stops to get her picture taken. Jammin' to the beat of the song "Safety Dance," Sheila Wrigley shows her really good rhythm at the St. Mary's dance. 30 St. Mary's dance Celebration 4-3-2-1-O bang! The - final gun was shot signaling the end of the football game and the fans were going crazy with excitement. Breaking a three year jinx, the Toros defeated the relentless St. Mary's team 21 to 7. To celebrate this long-awaited victory many students made their way to the cafe- teria to dance the night away. The spirit of victory seemed to be in the air as students quickly filled the dance floor to dance and talk about the game. Sophomore Kevin Ll church said, "The da was great and it seems a everyone l saw was enj ing themselves. The so that were played had good dance beat to th and they played a go mix of fast and slow nu bers." When the clock stru 11:30, signaling the end the dance, a caravan cars set out for the near McDonald's. With the fo ball victory and the celeb tion dance, September was certainly a night the Toros to remember. ra Cooper protects her eyes m the sun as Scott Hutson lks her to class on Pajama y. x -if I--c 5 Though the music stopped, Tim Wakefield and Linda Price keep dancing and wait for the next number at the St. Mary's dance. All Brian Smith needs to lead Doree VanSlyke through the crowded dance floor is just one finger. it Brent Beers and Patsy Sampe- dro surrounded by a crowd of other dancers, are dancing away the hours at the St. Mary's dance. Deep in a dream, Sara Blythe strolls across campus on Paja- ma Day during Spirit Week. Mike Tuomisto, Jamie Jamie- son, Chazz Dupree, and Gary Lewis work well together as they help build the senior float. A group of rowdy football fans show they are proud to be Toros at the football game against Westwood. 32 School Spirit ounting the seconds until pep assem- blies, watching the endar for sporting nts, joining clubs, and ng proud of your school all part of school spirit. some schools, spirit is d to come by: people ld rather do anything n be involved. Most ools, though, are filled h cheerful, supportive ple. Not only the stu- ts get involved but the hers do, too. oro Prid ' As an athlete spirit pro- vides a warm feelingg as a teacher or a student, it gives the feeling of unity. Tears of pride glisten in the eyes of players and fans alike as our school brings home another victo- ry. Whether it be a sporting event or a scholastic achievement, the honor of winning fills our hearts. Everyone knows that be- ing proud of your school is not hard when you're a Toro! Junior Norm Jones trys to imi- tate a gorilla after eating a ba- nana during the class competi- tion at the Homecoming Assembly. Some National Honor Society members don't hesitate to show their spirit while selling soda at a football game. 1 Despite having a knee problem, cheerleader Julie Call won't give up her enthusiastic way of showing her spirit. Jill Zawacki screams as loud as she possibly can to show the sophomores that juniors are the best. Casey Lee shows how much spirit he really has when one of his teammates makes a touch- down against St. Mary's. School Spirit 33 Renee Merry, Rose Weaghing- ton, Grace Alvarado, and Lara Kempton relax at McDonald's, Laurie Elswick controls those hunger pains by going to McDonald's and having a Big Mac. During his lunch hour, senior David Shields can't resist the temptation of Chicken Mclxlug- gets and fries. l ar sg S Out to s the time neared 10:45 a.m., the stu- dents who had fourth lunch found it hard to concentrate on their work as their tummies be- gan to send them some- times very strange signals. "Feed me! Feed me!" was a common exclamation of- ten followed by a mysteri- ous chorus of rumbles and groans. When finally the lunch bell rang, students raced out of the building to de- 34 Lunch Spots fs Lun h posit their books in their lockers. Those students who had cars or friends who had cars departed from the campus to the nearest McDonald's, Burg- er King, or Taco Bell. Other students stayed on campus and enjoyed a more re- laxed lunch hour in the cafeteria or the patio snack bar. While eating with some friends at McDonald's, junior Amanda Hull stands staring dreamily into space. .3 L S H SYS "' M w Sp 'l A' A, ? 1 5 E f Ngiffsw., i w f H, if WT' fnffs E Ex sl., M1341 ' rx xc, I Chris Lewis and Adrian Glenn stop between classes to talk about their exciting plans for the upcoming weekend. Sophomore Heidi Hoerchler gets a chance to do her favorite pastime, sleeping, after a hard day at school. 36 Time Off Marty Trejo and Kurt Hughes decide to use their spare time by tubing in the student parking lot after a heavy rain. I ,, , illing Tim t's funny finding out all the wild things people do to kill time. Whether going to a movie, on a lk, sports, or even sleep- , everyone seems to ve a different way of us- spare time. John Marsh joys a brisk basketball Inrkout to take up his -are time, while Jason enmoen prefers watch- g his favorite television ow. Like most Toro stu- nts, David Brown takes vantage of his extra time sleeping. This has been said to be the most popular time killer. lt seems people just wait for the chance to get extra sleep. Students in high school don't have a hard time find- ing something to make time pass a little faster. Their spare time seems to be their favorite of all, get- ting a chance to relax and do what they want. After all, you don't find many teenagers who don't look forward to being as lazy as possible. ft'- ff --.. Mike Hall takes every chance he has to go to the Media Center and read a good book during school. ima J.J. Jackson just can't wait un- til he gets extra time so he can do some shopping in the stu- dent store. Senior Scott Hutson takes ad- vantage of his extra time by tak- ing a short nap on his way to Yuma to play a football game. Mr. Leonard Woodward and Mr. Joe Diaz relax in the faculty lounge during lunch after a tough morning. Senior Martha Acosta spends most of her spare time talking on the phoneg when there's nothing else to do she chats with a friend. ly. Time Gff 37 Bobbi Bloom 's wish comes true as she dances with the football player she's been dreaming about for weeks, Celebr 4 6 ome to the dance Friday night and dance with the football player of your choice" was the announcement that ex- cited all the girls during the week of November 14th. Most of them were count- ing the minutes until the night they could dance with the guy of their dreams. This couple dances closely to- gether, oblivious to everything else going on around them. Vickie Sheldon jams to the song "Come on Feel the Noise" dur- ing the dance sponsored by the Football Club. Veronica Alfaro struts to the song "P.Y.T." as she dances with her boyfriend toward the end of the evening. ating a Success Entering the dance, one noticed there were more people fgirlsj than at any other regular dance. The mood was happy and exu- berant, since the night be- fore the team had won their first play-off game, and this was a way to cele- brate their victory. Music was provided by football team members Steve and Stuart Frost. Loud music and colorful flashing lights made the evening just a bit more of a great success. Looking around at the couples dancing gave the idea that some dreams were being fulfilled. Bright smiles and joyful laughter filled the gym. As the dance came to an end everyone went home with fond memories of a wonderful celebration al a dance that was just a lit different. The dance was a gre success for the Footb- Club and they made mo money QS900.00J than any regular dance. Afl all, what's two dollars wh- a dream can be fulfilled 38 Football Dance fW:1.t,is.zse1mA mt In I I W 'av-' Rene Boyse and her boyfriend, Stuart Frost, give each other a big smile as they dance the night away. Suzie Herron shows by the ex- pression on her face that she's having an excellent time at the football dance. Junior Doug Hewson looks across the crowd to figure out which girl he is going to dance with next. Football Dance 39 Alex Chuchri, a junior, shows how he tore hiswpickup truck down to the frame and then re- built it. Amanda Hull, a junior, finds that working in the office is great fun: She gets to read all the mail first. as A' A, if fl Jyri Maunuksela, our exchange student from Finland, lifts weights during his spare time. 40 Special Interests fl "'ll I-Qs Fuss A beautiful rose is always lo' ly to see but in Laura Ken ton's hand the rose's beauty hardly noticed. Different Features spiring to accom- plish something that others have is what motivates stu- llts to excel. Students e set goals ranging modeling to rebuild- cars. Amanda Hull, a ju- r, has an interest in the ertai field. She was in the movie O.C. Stiggs and also did catalog modeling. Alex Chucri, also a ju- nior, took his 1979 GMC truck and tore it complete- ly down to the frame. He rebuilt this truck with an aircraft type interior, a computerized dash board, ...- ,.. modified engine and gears. Laura Kempton, a ju- nior, has been modeling for over a year. She modeled for the Wedding Empori- um and graduated from Plaza 3. Linda Colombo, a junior has a special interest in the field of dancing. She start- Y ,,, M.. ed at the age of seven. She has been in the Dance Club and would like to keep on dancing and maybe some- day dance on T.V. Showing her dancing ability Lin- da Colombo executes one of her favorite leaps. Me' ...N D Special Interests 41 Al Vigliotti looks at the camera while giving blood, and is proud to say, "I'm not a chicken." 42 Blood Drive ,, l Don't A 6 s it gonna hurt?" "How much blood do you take out?" These were some of the questions asked during the Blood Drive. After answer- ing a series of personal questions students had their blood pressure and temperatures taken. A nurse then led them by the As the blood drive chicken ti to get her, Julianne Pea asks, "ls it going to hurt?" Adrian Glenn looks very in ested in knowing where blood is going to end up afte leaves her arm. Be Chicken hand to a not-so-comfort able lawn chair. Students' stomachs were jumping while waiting for the dread- ed needle to puncture their arms and they wondered if they were going to faint. Andrea Passarela said, "The blood drive was a great opportunity for me to share myself with others." Mike Miller's response w "lt hurt but it was stil good feeling to help sor' one." Courage seemed to r thin among some of I Toro students as a total 70 pints of blood were tt en from brave Toros. Apprehensive about needles, Karen Hale is almost disap- pointed to find that her tem- perature is normal. Brave Toro Mike Miller grits his teeth so the pain won't be so excruciating when they punc- ture his arm. Regina Rathburn wishes that she had a bullet to bite on when they inject the needle in her arm. After giving blood, a brave Toro patiently awaits his reward of punch and cookies for being good. While the nurse looks for a vein from which to extract blood, Lloyd Ciurtler flinches nervous- ly. Blood Drive 43 For the class competition, cre- atively decorated with home made decorations, is the Senior Class tree. During the Christmas dance William Saxon shows his great dancing ability to the crowd. Charl Riggs and Kelly Van- Slyke decorate the winning Ju- nior Class Christmas tree in the cafeteria. The Sophomore Class tree stands tall to help decorate the main office before Christmas vacation. QA The Feeling of Christma hat was 6 6 Christmas all about last year? Well, most people got ready for Christmas by buying all sorts of expen- sive gifts for friends and loved ones, and making holiday goodies. The big- 44 Christmas gest Christmas craze was the Cabbage Patch Doll, but only a chosen few re- ceived those popular little gems. People stood in lines for hours just to receive a doll. All the warm-hearted Christmas lovers got to- gether for the class compe- tition and decided to deco- rate in their own way. To make the competition more interesting and differ- ent, students decided to decorate Christmas trees rather than to paint win- dows, as in the past. The trees cheerfully decora the school: the seniors' in the Media Centerg niors', the cafeteria, sophomores' the main fice. All the trees loo . . G like winners, but only made the top of Santa's - the juniors'. Ace Sydney and Greta Justine, two Cabbage Patch Kids, keep each other company on senior hill. After spreading holiday cheer at the Christmas dance, Mr. Rex Rice takes a short break. Susan Upchurch takes care of her own Cabbage Patch Baby, but at the same time babysits a friends Christmas 45 4 .1 +1 R ll 3 .w -5 if f fu , 2, Q. xxx J A , 193-3 ,elif ff! .ucv Demke and Monica Young e a licorice rope, thinking at the other end will be a t-looking guy. Kasprzyk reads a special written about Coach by Colette Vanlblorman the assembly. State Champs ntering the gym gave a feeling of in- tensity and excite- ment. lnstead of posters exclaiming "Seniors are Wil!" or "Alive in '85," the walls were covered with signs saying, "Toros Can't be Beat," "Toros are Wi," and "Nothing can Stop Us Now." Making it to the Var- sity Football Champion- ship game brought unity to our school like there had never been before. Cheer, Pom, and Stu- dent Council made their own skits which showed their prediction for the vic- tor of that night's game, and the crowd agreed with tremendous applause. It was time to introduce Coach Parker, but before he came down, running- back Paul Kasprzyk read a very special poem written by senior Colette Vanlblor- man, that told Coach Park- er what a great man and coach he is. After this the team was introduced one last time before their big night at ASLI Sun Devil Sta- dium. This assembly and the night's game proved that the saying "one for all and all for one" stands true when you're a Toro. After the State Game Coach Parker, Stuart Frost, and Jamie Jamieson present the trophy to the school. State Football Assembly 47 Turnab0ut,S R enee J Ones ..di.e.d...Si.g Fair Play nlike the usual Sadie Hawkins and pre- vious Co-Ed, Morp wasn't the normal girl-ask- the-guy sort of dance. Faded jeans to a holey T- shirt and a quaint dinner at McDonald's filled the night with a different kind of fun. Morp, the exact oppo- site of prom, gave the girls an opportunity to know the While making a bet on the Su- per Bowl game, Jay Neistrom and Devon McDonald seem to forget their dates. While many couples jammed out to Def Leppard's t'Rock of Ages," this couple took a break from dancing. After getting to the dance, Kelly Gibson and Larry Bettendorf find an empty space to be guy of their choice a little better. Some were very original in planning the evening by eating at K-Mart or the hos- pital. Some were escorted in taxies while others rode bikes for two. A few of the boys were even deposited at the dance in a dump truck. to one another during the Lionel Richie song "Truly." 57' . x 9-15-33- Q x l i 1 ' '44 c 1: . I yg.. Af R ig ,--t'il y ,Mi g I ji, 'rxKNii.f'xif-In alone. ' -- A fit 48 Morp Dance I9 ,J 'N A-E5 xvlxbgx 5 M! . Q N 9 - 3'5" .. ,mfyrg -, 9 Qing .tx g 0 Senior Frank Agostino laughs hysterically at the joke told by senior class clown Bob Dunn. Junior Class Clown Andrea Van- Norman tries to make the audi- ence laugh by telling her ele- phant joke. Rall ing It 6 6 elcome Stu- dents and Faculty! We have a special surprise for you today. Big time world championship wrestling has finally arrived at Moun- tain View. ln this corner we have Travis Ulmer, alias Bonzo. He is one mean dude. And in this corner we have Chris Lewis, alias the Vanilla Gorilla who is a min- iature King Kongf' With this announcement by "ringmaster" John Vick, the wrestling, soccer, bas- ketball, and softball assem- 50 WrestlingfSoccer assembly World Championship wrestler Vanilla Gorilla tries to finish off the mean challenger Bonzo. The J. V. cheerleaders go one step up as they cheer on the winter sports athletes at the as- sembly. During class competition Adri- an Glenn measures Frank Agos- tino's prize-winning foot at a whomping 13 inches. . W 35981, 4 Ha.-J. bly was kicked into high gear. After the introduction of all the winter sports, the J.V. cheer and Pom line performed. By that time the students were really pumped up and charged into the class competition, which started the search MS for the person in each c with the biggest feet. lt ed with the clown in e class telling a joke and course, the winning tr tion was carried on as Seniors pulled throt once again. as-MAY' 9- fuuyx n ,ww ,QQ 'ff:1+Ef13Q3fzgQlf . , j z s E , z1YQ'M VZQKQME-S a 1 Soaps Bubbl ach afternoon was spent in anticipation by many soap opera fanatics who often stayed home "sick" or rushed home on their lunch hour to catch up on their favor- ite soap. General Hospital, The Young and Restless, All My Children, and The Guiding Light were ranked among the top soaps with Moun- tain View students, be- cause of their interesting story lines. Why were students ob- sessed with watching soaps? Sherri Czudak, ju- nior, watched the soaps, "because the stories intri- qued mef' Sophomore Tami MacClemmons watched them, "because of the good looking guys." "l watched them just to watch them, because the game shows are so stu- pid," stated senior Terri Cartwright. Discussion of the soaps was even brought into the classrooms. Students sat so they could hear the lat- est gossip. How much did soaps affect us? The ques- tion remains unanswered. In her free time, sophomore Tami MacClemmons relaxes by catching up on her favorite soap operas. 52 Soap Operas Siobhan Nowak, from Ryan's Hope, frantically calls around looking for her husband Joe Nowak. "if ,, Kim Bacon, Michelle Hagerty, Holly Rouse, and Kris McKenna spend their lunch hour watch- ing soap operas. While walking in the library after school, junior Sharon Cy- plik reads up on the latest soap opera news. On Guiding Light, Phillip Spaulding CGrant Alexanderj and Mindy Lewis fKrista Tes- reauj hid out together. While watching her favorite soap opera, Donna Clevenstine lies leisurely on the floor, obliv- ious to all. Soap Operas 53 Q 5 'BA ? . ' K Q ' E . . , Sf i xr ' Q HWQQ3g Q' 1:11592 , www E2 9 ??fE g Y TLX ' 551 Q 1, SEQ? 33 'Q' Q' ' f E, ww-, -5. X A f' -x 1- . K, 2: fs EIU? - fs fif 1 g Q Qffv 555 swf Iii XA LBA w fgfg 619. . ' 1 Si L, . :'xx- "g ' K Egffuff .EL 5 1 eff! Qi g' ' f Ehrifizr-. Af 1 Q ' -4 www ff wxwQ fZ?:E?'52'fiEiv'i Q Q W .M www ,Q :WMM ,' ,S .fgrg 1 FY K , w : gm .gg . Y Nf Q 1 -Q,. V ., M. wwf X :P Igluimi- 5 . V EE-1 W1 A 9 5' W i4?zyfEgf 3 ll MMQ RMK Nl J, :+4awgf ,.,wwg 4 ,?,W 211 .. ax I V. gl fi .4 lf .5 ' 'WQXM N., A 'REQQXQ -N, ' . " "-'.. W --...M f 'fa -Ni.,-M.gxmLT:q ' I . 1 AQ. ,- I I work well together as Teresa Owen always has a wait on a customer who friendly smile for the hungry a question customers at Jack-in-the-Box. k is i fi? Working for the weekend hen you think of the "working world" what im- age comes to mind? Most people seem to visualize adults going to work every- day, but adults weren't the only ones who worked. Many students had jobs, too. Everyone works to make money, whether it be money to pay the bills or just to buy the extra luxu- ries in life. Why did a lot of Moun- tain View students work? Khali Crawford said she works so she doesn't "Have to ask mom and dad for money." Junior Deedee Davis works at McDonald's so she "can buy new clothes." Susan Rapp wants "to save enough money to buy a new car." Susan Upchurch wants "to buy a new stereo" for the car she worked for last year. Sharon Cyplik is sav- ing her money so she "can get a college education." Martha Acosta works at Payless Shoe Source so she "can always have gas in her car." Whatever their reasons, most students agreed that they "worked hard for the money." Working World 55 The Bob look. The letter jacket. .J""f': 'ff K -aww, V .. w I A N l 36.4- s,. T N ' Q b., 1' . lg. , The popular lzod. Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne. Dana Mortenson and Burt Lambson pose to show that the casual look is really in among students. 56 Fads and Fashions ""'lNuq.,nr" 10:09 Jqflfln . fl album of the year. Different Colored hose. Portable stereo and tapes. X , Q 1 X The fashionable pump. Fads and Fashions 57 Motivated ne of our many as- semblies was a group from Florida called Free Fare. The band has six mem- bers. J.R. Montgomery, Tim Morris, Stan Arthur, Drew Wiseman, T.J. Haess- ley, Gordon Jones, and manager Jim Vincent. Free Fare was formed through Young American Showcase. This particular arrangement of members have been together since August 1983. After ten months of playing together the members are switched to another group. Free Fare enjoys per- forming at jr. highs and high schools over elemen- tary schools because, "We can relate to the older kids better," said Gordon Jones. Although the band en- joys what they do, it's a lot of hard work with many rules to follow. One strict rule is that the band mem- bers don't do drugs or alco- hol. Another important concept is that they are all Christians. They try to set a good example for today's youth. This is reflected in each performance in what is called the "rap," a dis- cussion about the feelings of today's youth. 58 Free Fare Concert jg, ITN ,Y T1 ,SY-ff Stan Arthur, Tim Morris, and JR. Montgomery express the work put into making a good concert. Here the physical exertion one must put out during a concert is shown by JR. Montgomery. the Free Fare assembly, 1 Arthur and J.R. Montgom- perform a skit about Rich- Simmons and Mr. T. As the audience cheers, show- ing their approval, singer Stan Arthur smiles, proving it's all worth it. Lead guitarist of Free Fare, Gor- don Jones, would like to make performing his professional ca- reer. Free Keyboard player Drew Wise- man shows his enthusiasm while performing for the Moun- tain View students. "Traveling on the road is a hec- tic life, but l love it," explained the drummer of Free Fare, Tim Morris. Fare Concert 59 Nilfsix "Wi f5i'ZPfW'i ,wir gre: w, Definitely affected by senioritis, Julianne Pearce and Jacquie Duranti are caught out of 6th hour. Discussing their plans for col- lege are Vickie Schaefer, Terri Cartwright, and Lori Passey. Looking back on his days of be- ing a Toro always bring a big smile to senior Bob Dunn's face. 60 Senioritis Bag Thinking about graduation, Clyde Eager realizes he will no longer be a Toro. Bruce Blackhurst lazily kicks back and thinks about what life will be like after graduation. A group of Toro friends gather together and pose for one last picture before leaving the high school scene. Waiting Une More Day emember back to your freshman year when you walked around the junior high cam- pus with your head in the clouds and thought you were "it," Then came your sopho- more year: you started all over again, at the very bot- tom, and you were tricked into buying those useless elevator passes. When your junior year came, being in the middle was no big deal. You were just looking forward to be- ing a big senior. Your senior year finally arrived. Senioritis began to affect you the minute you walked onto campus and the feeling of being on top made you finally realize that this was the last year you had to get through. No class was ahead of you now. Your privileges were increased and you were given more responsi- bilities. Looking forward to future changes you some- how knew Mountain View would always be a part of you. Senioritis 61 Athletes Top Tradition ll of our dedicated athletes spent their afternoons, even- ings, and some mornings working out and working up a sweat. Whether they were pumping weights, running laps, or just stretching out, they spent "l like basketball and I love the competition." - Chris Gibbons in their locker rooms. At times their muscles cramped or their bodies were beaten to a pulp in practice or their feet throbbed with pain, and they often questioned themselves as to why they long hours in training and ever played that sport. But their questions were soon answered when they gained a victory over their opponent. There were many rea- sons for joining a team. Ac- cording to Burke Hill, "l wanted to letter on the Var- sity Football team and be a part of the State Cham- pionship." Softball mem- ber Diana Bosley said, "I love sports and being ac- tive in my school." f S Paige Bassler steadily prepares J. Jacfkson slips away from the to return the ball to her Oppo- reach of a Chandler tackler and nents as Andrea Vanblorman heads for the Gnd ZONE. watches nervously. 62 Sports Division Dana Mortensen front somersault twist making sure her form is While pressing on for the lap, Cross Country member reen Hopkins shows the pai the last three laps. Senior Jon Baker waits patient- ly to see if the ball hejust putted will make it into the hole. Wide receiver for the Varsity Football team, Scott Hutson breaks the runthrough and leads the players into the sec- ond half. ff Q lii'WiQQ.m-1 in Rh, Maureen Gregan concentrates on serving the birdie with com- plete accuracy during the McClintock match. Chris Lewis gets a few pointers from Coach Richard Griffin dur- ing a time out that was called by his injured Tempe opponent. Sports Division 63 As Sharla Dawson, 310, congratulates Kathy Red- ding 35, the team pre- pares to set up for the next points. Against Yuma, senior Kathy Redding, 35, con- centrates on a mid-air set to a teammate. Completing the play for a winning point, senior Adri- an Glenn, 47, spikes the ball against Yuma. As Susan Redding, 414, watches, Adrian Glenn fakes a spike and dumps the ball against Mesa. EQUU IEEIEIPIEIEUIEEUIEIE Iflij 'IFE Elllwlllll Ifflllfil UIUIQUUEULS 'I.VU'LVIlI5 , he experience of the Varsity V o l l e y b a l l earned them a 9- cord and the Dl's first Central ion title. e season began thorough condi- Eg program and a al talk from Var- Football Coach e Parker. Coach Steve Schlick said the talk was an incredible boost for the team and a major help for team unity. Practices had quick transition, since all the team members had played on last year's Varsity. Most of the players were also on different summer teams. The post-season ac- tion began with Chap- arral ranked in first place and Mountain View in second. In two previous season games, Chaparral proved victorious. However, in the divi- sion championship game, MVT won over Chaparral 15-13, 15- 13. The All-Division teams included four members: Bobbi Bloom and Kathy Red- ding on the first team and Sharla Dawson and Lori Pew on the second. In the state Tourna- ment, the team won the first match, but lost the semi-final game against the Tuc- son Catalinas 7-15, 15- 13, 3-15. The All-State team included Bobbi Bloom, Kathy Red- ding, and Lori Pew. "We made a lot of mistakes," says Coach Schlick, "But it was an experience and we all learned." -V14 Susan Redding shows her form for a spike against Mesa, while Bobby Bloom waits for the outcome. Stretching to sa ve the ball from a Mesa point, Chris Sherman, 311, regains the ball in the air. Coming in to help Chris Sherman 411, watches while Jana Gowin spikes the ball against Yuma. Varsity Volleyball 65 Stretching to reach the ball, V10 Andrea Van Nor- man dinks the ball over the net against Yuma. 36, Shelley Greene spikes the ball over the net for the winning point against Mesa. Helping defeat Mesa, if 4 Dawn Dennison sets up her teammate for another point to win the match. Coach Chris Carlson con- gratulates his team on their victory against Cor- ona del Sol. .14 Ei -'if 7 Debbie Brenner reaches desperately for the ball, but it still eludes her. EEUU EIDE IE EIEIEIEIEEE ducation and team unity helped the JV yball team finish n the league with -3 record. The used a number lays other JV s don't often at- t. They effective- ed a dump and 6-2 offense with hes. In other s, each girl had to a defense and of- position, plus age at that posi- tting made a big ovement, with Paige Bassler and An- drea Van Norman be- ginning to read de- fenses. They found open spots and knew which hitters to set without being told. Another reason for the team's success was serving with an overall consistency of 867, and a season to- tal of 71 aces. The team practiced longer than usual and still kept their good at- titudes. They not only practiced together, but spent extra time celebrating wins and keeping unity within the team. JV Coach Chris Carlson attended sev- eral summer camps where he was taught skills of coaching vol- leyball. "lt was the under- standing of the game that allowed them to progress as they did," said JV Coach Chris Carlson. "I'm really proud of the girls . . . they proved they were the best in the league." Striving for a winning point against the Yuma Criminals, Page Bassler, 35, sets to her teammate. Andrea Van Norman, ag Jessica Millar posi. 310, Prepares the ball fof tions herself to bump the her teammates Jessica ball,foraset in the match Millar and Debbie Bren- against Corona- Def. Junior Volleyball 67 E. T. Clark chips the ball up to the green on the eighteenth hole during the match against Mesa. in Blake Delaney sizes up the shot he just made and chooses his club in the Chandler match. The Junior World Cham- pion, Jon Baker gets ready to drive the ball up to the green in the Tempe match. F :f 'slew-f i "2 ww is 05' is 4' il -if 'Wil 3 ' Qi Walking down the fairway with a Kofa player after teeing off is Mike Kema- gis. Jon Baker, the number one golfer on the team, thinks about his upcom- ing shot during the Tempe match. 'La 'UIEUIQUUEUIE 'UIHUZXUIBIEJ 1 WQEIFIEDUEEUU ccording to Coach Dave Sonius the eam started off ason with a great ude and hard ers. As a result, am improved its s and was more stent. An essen- art of the team's ng season was a d team whose bers supported other. e team practiced two days a week, for two and a half hours, and played their matches on Tuesday and Thursdays. Fri- days were reserved for team meetings, when matches were reviewed. Many mem- bers, such as Susan Perrault, put in many extra hours, practic- ing nearly every day and on weekends. Jon Baker, Junior World Champion Golf- er, won Divisionals by seven strokes with scores of 72 and 69. The team placed sev- enth out of fourteen teams with a score of 217. The team's victo- ry over Kofa on Octo- ber 6, with a score of 199, was their best match because they shot their lowest score against a tough team. The team's persever- ance pulled off nine wins. x ,. Lining up the ball with the hole is E.T. Clark, one of the team's most im- proved players in the Mesa match. At Golden Hills in a match against Chaparral, senior Susan Perrault follows through with her shot. -L... , -..... Golf 69 ba 1 1 . , 5 Q ' QT. f my ,f vm I Y, L Q l Q - X V wfEfs..w ' WK. , A so' U X, ,:-4. . ,. , . ,A Q" 4'3- r "E:'. 0 t and "' K- I Q , N sy ,,. . , i . it ESQ F. , , '52 2-M5 ,h .. : , , 1. exif 'w-.m,"w-wg. - f . .,. if A, I 1 48.9 W4 Z' VN w eq, N 9 91323 EUGJUIE lil-U' V rom 1 9 78- P 1979, the year the Mountain -av Toros were e Champions, un- ow the dreams re- ied in our mind. imes our hopes s strung up high ause the Toros f so close, and yet ar. Memories of and unforgetta- osses will always mere, but this year e was no unforget- : revenge, no sad igs or disappoint- t in the stands. e r w h e l m i n g 'ds with overpow- voices cheered Le Toros. Game game, win after showed the dedi- n that the Toros They were deter- fd to put it all to- r once again and ime to come out p. . Mary's, McClin- and Moon Val- lere words that in- destruction and llity. St. Mary's, second game of leason, proved to 'yone that the e-year losing k would not con- f. With the first rhdown of the e adding six ts for St. Mary's, confusion and ing in the stands E to a halt. The on the crowd's s was enough to call the game over, but not for the Toro team. That touch- down was just more of an incentive for the Toros to send St. Mary's to the guillo- tine and behead the Knights. Revenge wasn't in the Toros' eyes -just a 21 to 7 victory to prove to the crowd they were still the best. McClintock, sup- posedly the hardest game of the year, was played up in the news- papers to be the Cen- tral Division game that was going to up- set the 41 ranked Toros. When the Chargers tried to out- maneuver the Toros it was the wrong move. Long runs became short yardage and passes didn't get too far. The Toro crowd saw frustration in McClintock's eyes, and they cheered the Toros to a charging 21 to 3 elimination. We take our wins withour losses and never want to lose to the same team twice, especially when we came so far in the playoffs. Moon Val- ley, the 1982 State I Champions, didn't get their chance this time. With last year's score 14 to 21, the Toros felt robbed of it again. The 1983 game was more the Toro's style, with MVT blasting the Rockets off the field with a 28 to 0 triumph. The win included a to- tal offensive gain of 355 yards, 265 yards more than Moon Val- ley's feeble 90 yard gain. The State Semi-fi- nal game against the Buena Colts was a game thought to be harder than it really was. The Colts started with a good effort but then weakened as the game progressed. Their overwhelming sportsmanship seemed to weaken their playing ability as the Toros annihilated the Colts by a 36 to O shut out. December 9, 1983, was the State Cham- pionship game with the Mountain View Toros against the McClintock Chargers. One more time these rivals met with no one sure who was going to win. McClintock had lost to the Toros sev- en times in a row. They did not want to make it eight. Their spirit was riled up and their playing ability was the best it ever had been. The Toros, knowing how much the Chargers wanted to slaughter them, as- sured the dedicated fans they were not go- ing to let them down now. Taking State was our destiny as the words "Toros are 4'1" echoed through the campus all day. Ev- eryone was wishing the players good luck with feeling and antici- pation. There was uni- ty in the crowd and tears of joy on their faces. The game itself was frightening. By the second half the score was tied at 7 to 7, with neither team wanting to give up yardage or inches for that matter. When the Toros scored, inevitably the Chargers came right back. When time ran out, luck ran out for McClintock, as the Toros pulled through with a 34 to 14 happy ending. Nothing could have been more per- fect than ending the season 14-O. We are now 41 and no one can take away that title, well de- served and fought for. Our destiny was to be the best and our deter- mination let us be- come the best. The memories and the fu- ture is what we have to build new dreams on. The team pulled through for Mountain View and made sure no one was laughing this time. 1983 Coach of the Year - Jess Parker Varsity' Football 71 N --1, Coach Jess Parker is car With encouragement ried off the field by the from Jess Parker the 1983 State Champs The Toros entered the second final score was 34 14 half Wlth determination Jamie Jamieson H601 and Stuart Frost V723 walk out on the field to shake hands with McClin- tock's captains before the kickoff. Enthusiastically the Toro team cheers on the of- fense to gain more yard- age and make a touch- down. The spirit and intentions of the Central Division champs shined through as -the breaking of the sign started the stands to cheer. 'LJ UQ? "l,,?VT'. ' Y?f'1'f7-'r ,,T1"i"?'fi'?i?3? 'iffy Wfsf ,"-ii42'Elf1'TrM?H lr.: ,gp .D ..f,V,W,,g,w,f., ,, 4 Y ,iw 7, ' rwfnes,-gk ji f 1 -as , P - f - 2 S . Y fa Varsity Football: Top row: David Bryant, Jay Davis, Brad Tennison, Jim Glouser, r Shell, Bruce Blackhurst, Dan Palmer. 2nd row: Jamie Jamieson, Steve Hefner, Dick, Steve Frost, Scott Schwanbeck, Kevin Cronk, Glenn Daly, Rick Rader. 3rd Ken Simpson, Travis Black, Greg Phair, Stuart Frost, Trainer Greg Potts, Coach Kleiner, Head Coach Jess Parker, Coach Don Kramer, David Hentges fmanagerj, Scott Hutson, Phillip Bradshaw, Casey Lee, Tony Taylor. 4th row: Birk Hill, Chris Hoerchler, Todd Johnson, Freddy Orona, Mike Schuh, Rod Shihady, Brad Wiley, Joe Eulate, Jack Skousen, Rick McDonald. Bottom row: Ralph Vella, Dan Domikaitis, Dan Mercer, Eric Johnson, Will Crum, Aron Pineda, Doug Hewson, John Ortiz, Paul Kaspr- zyk, Ken Mucha. , This picture speaks for itself. l l l Coach Jess Parker shows his thrill at the performance of his team during the Triple A State game. 73 While a teammate sacks the Chandler quarter- back, Dean St. Louis and Jim Zinn run in to recover the ball. 577 Jim Zinn and H15 Hal Kooser tackle the Mesa runningback for a loss of yards. , lf cap., W, A A A W ' i KWw wh. ...v ,Q ...I ,nn i el i rr,l r - 11 ' ' . A. I , , 1 Hay: ., ' ' V -' ' .3 . ' ' , .4 K t 2 ...A'f'h ..,. . I V ' "' . a w w - , fr 'lEl'1":v W ' ., , -.. - k y in I I A .L,,, A-Ihr .-emtbhhf -v if we Fl if ' M 5.4 4.5 i Q. l n IYULUUU ' ' IYLHUIBIE fillilll? I-ii LVfilI.iiI5 'UID iii IIUUIEIDIE IEI3 1 he primary goal of the Ju- nior Football was to prepare selves to play on arsity level. ey began the sea- with strenuous physical and mental conditioning that cul- minated in winning the city championship and dominating the league. Coach Kayle Haws controlled the offen- sive team which aver- aged 23 points a game. The quarter- backs passed for an average of 47 yards a game while the run- ningbacks had a 213 yard rushing average. The defensive team al- lowed opponents only 6 points a game under the direction of Coach Norm Shill. The team showed its pride and spirit by practicing 2V2 to 3 , 4 U? A anus. Write I Hdiiftfuib-f Quarterback Greg Lazar- off 312 scrambles to the left to avoid the rush of the Kofa defense. Trying to gain yardage, a Mesa runningback is brought down by 489 Eric Powell and his team- mate. .fm .2 Moving in on the play, the offensive team sees how many yards were gained in the game against Dob- son. Heil hours each day after school and dressing up on game days. Their spirit and pride took them one more step to earn a record of 7-1 for the third consecutive year. 344 David Brown posi- tions himself to block after the punt against Chandler, winning the game, 31-6. Center Tom DeMassa hikes the ball, while quar- terback Greg Lazaroff looks for the defensive formation. Junior Football 75 EDM L5IU'LV lil fUCUtilII5I2 hen you start off the season with over 85 players, sometimes it's a little diffi- cult to get each player a chance to play. Coach Jim Brady tried to do his best to give each player a chance and with his 7-1 record, he proved that he could do a good job. With outstanding players Chris Ballard who scored 56 points, Sam Valles C38 pts.l, Paul Wahlheim Q24 pts.J and Sam Fitch Q24 pts.J, the offensive team scored an average of 23 points per game. The defense, with leading linemen Bot vis, Ed Samaniego, Kevin Gibson, Brent Li Brad Green and Ron Chapman, allowed 6.3 points a game. The JV team had three significant ga Dobson was the team's first win and Westwood game was won for the city cl pionship. The McClintock game proved t d the most exciting. They came from behin scored with 48 seconds left, winning 14-1 --- T , " Q l l fl, - I T --In-n, r an-fTTTT, -- K T, V- rw TT T T A , . T-f i rw . - W ,T-if, L " S ,nw ,..,. 55 . N T - 'ss -4 X 4 fw fr' 1, 41 if B 1'g'?a"?'i ' i f-T .. I 1 , ,,,- --N - 3 H- TF -H-, C r as 1-+ 3' K ' V s,vlsmMH alwf LJ W , www "tf'i'Q. . 'V i FV 51 -3-if 'X' fYFQg"I ff Q- if7iTW?' T - C no C ' Zwmwlfwigwawi T- wwL' T M Y , Q T . , W T 1 . -. can X my ffl T 'HF Y-:gory .., --1 r . 3 5-rr get l T 5 'K The offensive line helps 'i'i" Q ','i I 'ii' i'iTQTQgQQiTTtti"'l T T, TTTT M their runningback break 4 .1 7 through the St. Mary's de- 1 T 7 N fense for the first down. -V40 David Morales is I tackled by a McClintock y defender, while B74 Brent Lientz comes in to help. T:,, Tri K Th S A 5, fre. 1 rf 4 C T T. -QT 5 YA -'L T g T 2 v x- T.. ' kkwfs 'Hn L, is 1 I Q in tt-Tt'- T A T T ,TTT,T, T. 3 T K , 5, A 'T T i' ' 4. Ta- ' ,,T1v'1-: T T 1 Z 1 1 1 7 1 f22 J.D. Martinez uses his blocker, Sam Valles 330, to gain yardage in a home game winner against Dobson. H30 Sam Valles is finally brought down by a McClintock defender, after gaining the first down. "'80 Jason Shuckhart walks back to the line to prepare for the next play and set up in the forma- tion. .I ---- Q . j f fnx'44iw: if - - 1' X . , 'W was it I 9 M Q 2 ,iii. .,,, M siss , 233-fp., V, I 1 , ift - ., Simi ' iff 421-of . . 'mini '--' iff--'3 avr " LQ As the teamjoins together on the field, the Junior Varsity players chant their football motto to St. Mary's. While the offensive line blocks the McClintock de- fense, quarterback Sam Fitch 312 passes on the run. rn --T an ,,,,,,f 3 an u xl 'M-Y-:E is 'X .R j.?fg1'w 3 Wi: ' A i IEIULU5 5'l,VI5 'U UYUIEUIULH GJUEUUGJUEU IE EEE EEUIEI ith illness plaguing the team worse than any other season in the team's history, the girls' swimming and div- ing team held together a winning season with a 7-1 record. The girls took a first place in the relay meet during the Central Divisionals, sec- ond in city, and fourth place in Divisionals, Chris Pothier, a diver, also placed second in Divisionals, According to Coach Sandy McCor- mick, winning the McClintock meet, 99-72, was especially exciting for the team, having lost to them last year by eleven points. Winning the competitive Westwood relays meet was a high Junior Missie Mann puts on her jacket to keep warm after the Yuma meetg the score was 92- 80. Staying in a tight ball a Toro diver gets ready to enter the water after com- pleting her dive. ,,...--"f, Dana Mortensen dives off the starting block to swim to a victory during the meet against McClintock. Concentrating intensely on her upcoming dive dur- ing the Westwood meet is senior diver Julie Call. point of the season. Coach McCormick als the team worked hard this year and man forth 11093 effort to make up for the illne The swimmers and divers practiced 1 day from 2-4:30 pm and had many good n bers, including senior Aimee Haynesg ju Heather Haynes, Rene Boyse, Cathy Mar Tracee Dernivich, Kim Riggsg and sophon Carrie Foos and Khris Fedoryk. Their hard work paid off when they duced one of the best records in girls' 3 ming history. U' ,i-11 M ' "-rr g:S:f522ass"'-91' f"iS,-iliiv----Fi 'ffi-ilifi 1 r -rrs r .. .,,,. , t.,,.,,. , , Liii,,iii rL,, ,1.- ,ttt Y -- - ., 1 . r ...C r-,. Z, gk: C"" C if 'gli' li. . ian -- J Q: Lk,- 2 it . Qt aw -' . Julie Call and Susie Her- ron walk toward the rest of their teammates before one of their meets. Staying ahead ofthe pack during the butterfly com- petition is a Mountain View swimmer. With considerable skill Ai- mee Haynes swims the butterfly in a meet against Mesa, 119-50. Girls' Swimming 79 Doing a back dive is ninth grader Tom Prigge, one of the best divers on the team during the Mesa meet. The number one diver on the team, senior Dean Hemberger, enters the wa- ter after a winning dive. 9 ,' . E On the starting block be- fore the butterfly event is Brian Abers in the Chan- dler meet. Swimming a strong but- terfly during the tied meet against Saguaro is senior Brian Abers. ' IJJ LV'I.1J ,QIEJEUIYWIIUIE UQUDUDUULU 'LVI3 'UU 'IIIULEIE I-ii ithout a l a r g e amount of ort or encourage- from spectators, wim team placed nd in the city , losing to wood. Their ation and enthu- 1 went beyond meets. They practiced two hours a day, dove six days a week and swam an average of 4,200 yards a day. Mrs. Wilson, the boys swimming coach, stated that her team consisted of hard working mem- bers who possessed a great deal of talent. i a 1 ' J .. 'Q I- 1 HI i . 5 .ming --'PSHE :ggi . -a' f w-o"""w Their spirit and con- cern for one another helped improve their times and encouraged one another to do bet- ter. They showed their power in a dual meet against McClintock where they were so evenly matched that the team swam its best times ever. Both teams have several talented members. Senior Co-Captains, Whitney Cunningham who swims freestyle and David White who swims backstroke, are outstanding swim- mers. In addition sen- ior Ken Hennesey is powerful in the butter- fly and the individual medley. Improving his diving grace and level of difficulty, senior Dean Hemberger is the best diver. Tom Prigge has potential to be one of next year's most successful divers. P' ... if? . fs' Ii David Pollmiller, senior, sleeps after a long, hard day at Divisionals in which the team placed fourth. Enjoying themselves after the Mesa meet, which had a score of 107- 57, are Dana Mortensen and Todd Zint. With a score of 86-86 dur- ing the meet against Sa- guaro at Kino pool, Todd Zint performs a faultless pike. Boys' Swimming 81 Top Cross Country run- ner Kelly Chapman, con- tinues her stride at the meet in Kiwanis Park. Showing a look of exhaus- tion, Laurie South-worth struggles to cross the fin- ish line. Junior Varsity runner Tina Stroia races to the finish line in the meet against Chandler. gs If tt.. -. Z W. -Q . ... Coach Armenta cheers the Girls Cross Country team on as they cross the finish line. rm' udyk K '. N. f"-'www-" . EUIEI3 'Fill he Girls Cross Country Team improved not only their times, but their attitudes and dedication. They placed first in the eet. Kelly Chapman, Donna Painter, Sheldon, and Sandy From placed in the n. girls practiced daily, running four to ten on the track and road, for three to four . During their double workouts they ened their distance and hours. The top runners of the season were Kelly Chap- , . ..,, . ' K -. ns., J A ' SN' 'W A-our" v"'T 'M' I '-t, 1 1.I.,.w ' ff . ' izzff-we-f-f "1 T . ..'. .... Mountain View's Cross Country runners antici- pate the start of the meet against Coronado. Concentrating on her pace, Tina Stroia runs in Kiwanis Park in the meet against Chandler. Junior Marcy Miller sets her pace while she runs in the meet against her op- ponent from Chandler. BEEN-1+ CVL 62,7 .,,. f- ' .f-A V LHIU55 I.'5I.UIQUlU'tVl3 ISU 'LV 'LilI.'5I5 man, Donna Painter, and Sandy From. The teams overall season was successful, winning thirteen out of their fourteen meets. Coach Armenta explained, "This year's team pulled together closer than any of the previous ones. Their support for each other was a major component in making them a win- ning team. They were an outstanding team of dedicated and talented runners." The girls went to state and placed seventh. Girls' Cross nuuqg, W .-at ' .78 Qi. sl,"-au" I A' " iv? iN" CY '5 QD an f P4 . If ,, , -4 ... -5' f -.Q . "?!:'?f: T U .,...u-. wg. - pfffri? jzfgf' -r' : ,Z , -Q' , , ,... Lori Whitmore attempts to sprint the rest of the meet until she crosses the finish line. Country 83 Varsity runner Danny Lo- pez keeps up the pace after a long race against Coronado. YK ii li it new . N -,Au 9 A . .6 K A F i ' .v .'r".Qf -. ax ,, Q, M., 2 Top runner Rusty Rosen- berger sets his pace as he runs to the finish line at Kiwanis. ln a race to the finish, Jo- hanssen James pulls ahead of his opponent from Chandler. vi it ssi if C C l gg i, iz, f Q. ,MQ . , G ' WN' "' dk V' A I Y ' -ni, ,""' L' '-ff,Iifs:Zf,, c - C g , C rrrs - r h ' if' ' Ry Q ,,..k Hg' ,.L. ref, ., ,, L53 Lrkykykk rgfmgizifz . K SQ- .ff fir'-:fl 'W S . , !x1- i i' T is T - K. h 4. . . iii. sf- -:ff fr' IIUEEU SPIE Lij GJ If EEE Ill? EU l.iiI35'I.V 4 he Boys' Cross Country team proved that when determination and dedication are a top priority, you can achieve any that you set or break any course record. Cross Country runner, Rusty Rosenberger, -ed this by setting a record in the three mile e with a time of 4:17 in the meet against derbird. Rusty beat his opponent by one nd. The two opponents were tied for most e race but Rusty pulled ahead in the last hundred yards. Rusty said, "Before the started l felt really relaxed and planned to set the record, but I never thought I could finish with such a good time." The Boys' Cross Country team had an over- all good season, winning ten out of their four- teen meets. The team placed seventh in Divi- sionals and ninth in State. Tim Wakefield, one of the top runners, won All-State Medalist. In Divisionals Rusty Rosenberger placed seventh. The top seven runners of the season were Rusty Rosenberger, Tim Wakefield, Brent Beers, Johanssen James, Bill Carpenter, Roger Martin, and Todd Lewis. Varsity runner Tim Wake- field paces himself while running in the meet against Chandler. Anxious runners antici- pate the start of the race, seconds before the sound of the starting gun. ,vi Johanssen James does some stretching out be- fore the race begins against Chandler. Stuart Thomas Sprints to- ward the finish line, in the Cross Country meet against Coronado. , s---w-vf-- M Us A., .. f. it ,gi T ,. 4' , Q y ,ggr g,gQj,g,EY,fQgp, if ji . -"t ,,,, ,, .. In kk'. , WM,.zi,.w'i f ' ' ' ' ' . ,,.t,,,"fii - .. '---i jj ,,,, H Boys' Cross Country 85 MVT 8 0 2 O ! O 5 2 4 4 Opponent Mesa McClintock Chaparrai Dobson Saguaro Westwood Chandler Corona Coronado Tempe 86 M35 35' . , , M fi I1 i 3 j. , 5, K Q: , , wiwawf k . f-3a.,1ffv1y..w . My Q -. - , - . H ., 0 1 5 f 1 ff fo , . 1 ' x ' img" K ,, 1, - K 'hw Wxir' ff... 1 f Y do -q3g:gl1F.g.QExf1FlfjiQ1f,2, ' xg, V2-x sz igiiiiweffSQX.3e.:p:-.1,:' '1 11.'xl"'25fImg:fzSfm..w2u,-- MW' - .-.-4. ......i' .t Aww ., 3 .mi Varsity player Kim Jones performs a forehand, re- turning the birdie to her opponent from Coronado. Jumping into the air, Cin- dy Koglin attempts to re- turn the birdie to her op- ponent from McClintock. guunnussuuu , . A . in , ,Q-.W ,gft...1qf' an Showing a more relaxed position, Marsha Hinkle takes a break after a hard practice. Sophomore Julie La- vergne runs toward the net to return the birdie to J, her opponent. Badminton 87 Saving the ball from going out of bounds, 312 Kevin Driggs, leaps to avoid stepping on the line. After completing the fast break, John Weldon takes an outside jumpshot against McClintock. Helping to raise the score, junior Kevin Driggs shows his form in shooting freethrows against Chap- arral. Senior John Marsh takes a jumpshot, while a McClintock defender tries to block John's shot. Taking advantage of his might and brawn, 320 John Marsh knocks the wind out ofa McClintock player. EUS? fillii l E Showing his form, 4' 32 Eric Powell avoids the McClintock defender by putting up a jumpshot for a score. Joe Ferreira watches as Frank Agostino draws the defense and puts up a ten foot jumpshot. lblitlllj IUUEUUUSB he Varsity Basketball team has a mix- ture of talent from seven seniors and five juniors. Nine of the twelve members turning with two returning starters. Toros began the year O-5, but after the Invitational in Flagstaff, a rejuvenated with experience in the starting lineup, got a fast start in league play. gue games were played with enthusiasm and overwhelming confidence. "The race was close and the players strived toward a league title and a place in the playoffs," said Coach Dennis Pipes. Improved defense was a key to the team's resurgence, creating numerous turnovers into crowd-pleasing slam dunks. The players im- proved in all aspects and began to win more games. Stretching to outjump the opponent in a jumpball, John Weldon, 'S' l l, tips the ball towards his team- mates. Going for the advantage, center Frank Agostino tries to tip the ball to one of his ready teammates. After waiting for the long pass, Jim "Cruiser" Glouser adds two points to the score with his slam dunk. V Basketball 89 ni-.1-.wmvw 4-we 11 , We? -Q' 5 ii I . , 7 M S ,f E 3 ,QQ Qi 5 --- f-.,,:,N-s f f wwf Q Q ,fx ' 3 I IFIEIQEUIE I? ' Iflij' he JV Basket- b a l l te a m brought future them in contention for the number one spot. Guard Charl Riggs Players coming off the bench sparked the team with numerous to the basket- by begin- season with a l and 4-1 in play, putting brought up the ball and called the plays, while John Jackson and Matt Hedrick shot from the outside. rebounds and points. Good team unity played a factor in two games, when the Toros showed their skills in the final sec- onds: first against Apollo, winning 63-605 second against Chap- arral, winning 69-63. Team play and team unity were stressed throughout Explaining the strategy for the next play, Coach Wickham sets the posi- tions for the players. While the McClintock de- fenders are out of reach, Mike O'Dell makes an off balanced layup. While the McClintock de- fense looks on, Matt He- drick puts up a baseline shot from Charl Riggs. After getting the rebound, John Jackson quickly puts up a return jump- shot. DUUEI3 the season and were the keys to winning. "The team contin ued to show improve- ment and will be ready for next year's varsi- ty," said Coach Ran- dall Wickham. Scooping up a loose ball, Charl Riggs fights off the hands of the crawling McClintock player. Getting an off balance shot to the basket for the score, Matt Hedrick amazes the defense. JV Basketball 91 EEUEU LEU f you fumble a ball or swing too late, you can always get another chance. Maybe a teammate picked up the ball or maybe that was only your first strike. Wres- tling, a sport which takes self-discipline and determination, doesn't always provide a sec- ond chance. lt takes a lot to be a wrestler, and these boys seemed to have all the ingredients. ln the Mesa tournament, the team placed 4th, with John Vick and Chris Lewis taking firsts in their weight classes. Moving into the Winslow tournament, on January 20 and 21st, Coach Griffin stated that the match had helped the team prepare for the final matches. lt was a filif EIDE long bus ride, but placing 2nd was wor' John Vick, Chris Lewis, and Troy Palme placed first in their divisions. A little bit n recognition went to John and Chris as were voted two out of the three wrestlers t the most outstanding of the tournament. l everyday two wrestlers from the same s get this honor. With a total of 200 points: team achieved its highest scoring record Coach Griffin worked closely with boys, and showed them how to be hones ners and good sportsmen. He proved hi by leading them through a winning seas- Tim Misch ties up a Cor- ona del Sol wrestler with a double arm bar. MVT won the match 36 to 24. John Vick, top wrestler in his weight class, out ma- neuvers his opponent with a single leg take down. ww Chris Lewis, wrestling 191, succeeds in placing a cross body stack against a Tempe wrestler. Obviously not one of the As Travis Ulmer attempts wrestlers to lose weight, to bring a Corona del Sol Troy Palmer enjoys a wrestler to a pin, he re- snack before the Mesa veals perfect form. match. Varsity Wrestling 93 For their warm-up Brian Morris and Doug Nelson start out by doing sit-ups. Sheldon Sullivan strug- gles to break the hold of his opponent from Chan- dler. WEEKS H1 I3 UDUWIEIEIIJIE EGU IL til Ill E5'l,VLijI3LiJLEj'l,V hen you have to work as hard as you can at im- proving your skills and strength, defeat- ing the top ranked wrestling team, Tempe, was a much greater victory be- cause of the progress that you made. Moun- tain View dominated Tempe, winning with a score of forty-eight to twenty-one. The team practiced extremely hard, push- 1 ing to increase their strength and abilities. Every day after school during practice the wrestlers ran two to three miles, lifted weights and worked out against the Varsity players. They also challenged each other for positions on the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. The top five tlers were Tom 11125, Todd Ca berry 11475, Ron man 11675, Brian in 11055, and Rich er 11935. Proving that all the hours of practice paid off, Todd Castleberry pins his oppo- nent. Www Outstanding player Ron David Collins uses his Chapman talks to Steve head while wrestling with Hendrickson while eating. his opponent from Tempe. JV Wrestling 95 X WX WtWX'WIXXTQTXXFXf,liXiXl5T3'XXWiCXXwXi-MXMYWKXGWXXTKXX 'XX"X1l'fX'X'X3WtXQXX'XXfMEWt"l-HX'WNW XX-XXXXXX XX... X X., X f X QQXXXXX-XXXX-XfXwX Xa- XXX. XXXXX- X. 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XX X' X',.XXXXX I X XXXXXXXXXXXXXTX X X X X XlXXtXXXX3'YXXXX X' X X XYXQXXXJQJXXXXXX X XXIXXXXXXXXX XXX,.X X X X XXXXXXXHXXXQXXQ X XIX X XXXXX? XXXX? XXX X XXXXXEQFXXXXX X X X X X XXX X XXX: ,XX X TXXWXXXX X X XXXXXXXXXXQXX-XX X 'XXXXXXXXX XruX X X X X XXXX XX X XX XXXXX X X X XXXXXXXQXXXX X X X X XXX., XXXXXXXWX :X X XXXXXX X X X X XXXX' XX X X X X XXXXXXXXEX. X X:.X.X'XxXX X XXXXXXFTX XX X XXXXXX X X XXX,.XXX,X X X X X X MX X X X X XX X X XX XX X X X X X X X X X X X X XX X X X X X X X N X X XXX X X X M Xw X X X X X XTX XX XX X X X X XXX X ,XX X X X X X X X XX Varsity soccer player John Chiakmakis at- tempts to stop his oppo- nent from making a goal. Varsity player Darrell Krueger runs to block the opponent's intended goal. ....z-anus-uua'NrX uasznslliif' gwmb, ,- t 41 V' Vw..- 33? X it X1,.X, f , ff . W WU ith a domi- nating Varsi- ty team and a newly-formed Ju- nior Varsity team, soc- cer set the standards of excellence achieved by all of Mountain View's teams. The Varsity team worked as a unit and it is difficult to name the outstanding players but the whole team seemed to evolve around the talents of , . XX, X 1 . if -ibi- Xklyxu as-3 Vw si' if A 'X'X H- ' .K in -My W gif-Xnvf. ' X ,.t was X. ew Kant! . .. ' UMEE these four players: goalie Brett Campbell, sweeper Ed Lock- head, fullback Matt Campbell, and for- ward Alex Simonovic. The victory over Mesa High was the high point of the sea- son. Mountain View won by one point with a score of 3-2. The team practiced extremely hard every day for two hours and offered each other positive encourage- ment and advice. Coach Scafaria commented, "lt was truly a privilege to be a part of a group of hard working and car- ing young men." The Junior Varsity soccer team was a new addition to sports at our school. The team practiced three hours every day striv- ing to cover the funda- mentals of soccer, along with endurance and speed develop- ment. The hou practice paid off they defeated High, 3-1, pu them into first standings. When asked the team Coach stated, "This our first official of J.V. compet our main goal lay down the fo tion of a cha soccer progra Mountain View.' n ,il In a scrimmage for the ball, players Frank Bran- don and Ed Lockhead at- tempt to kick the ball. Outstanding player full- back Ed Lockhead re- turns the ball to his oppo- nent. Fullback Matt Campbell returns the ball downfield to his awaiting team- mates, .1 Junior Varsity player Barry Elswick attempts to kick the ball away from his opponent. J. V. player Thomas Liddy returns the ball to his op- ponent by bouncing the ball off his head. Soccer 97 During the Westwood tournament in December, Kora Gammil catches a foul. Senior Adrian Glenn is concentrating on what she is going to do during the Tempe game. ,L 5 .t fm Q., gi N .f Lvlstijw ' EUEUTT IEQGE IBIEUIELUIYUUIQUIE 5 IJSIEIEEE he season was exciting for the young but re- spectable team. The team consisted of one sophomore and 3 sen- iors. Team unity was a plus during games, es- pecially during the De- cember two-day tour- nament in which they advanced to the fin- als. During daily prac- tices the girls tried to improve their skills and attitudes. Their workouts concentrat- ed on batting, catch- ing, and running. They also analyzed their opponents' ad- vantages and disad- vantages and style. One of the team's best games was the tournament playoff against Westwood for third place in the dis- trict. Unfortunately the girls were defeat- ed 1-O in nine innings. Despite the loss, they played well in com- parison to their first meeting at Westwood, a big rival. Senior player Adri- an Glenn described the season, "ln parison, last y team was not a cessful in tourna play, dedication main factor in a between two to Not getting dove yourself or the and your game will decide a wir defeat." Getting ready to throw the ball to first base to put out the runner is Sharon Schweppe. Kora Gammel tags out the runner during a crucial moment of the Chaparral game as Judy Pshak watches. I .Nfl Raquel Navarrette runs toward homeplate as the batter gets a base hit. Judy Pshak pitches the ball with style and grace, succeeding in striking out the batter. Girls' Varsity Softball 99 u"T f,-sf". V R .all With much strength and The Mesa runner wasjust skill Lori Schanfarber a little quicker than the gets a third base hit dur- ball as Amy Mann waits ing the Westwood game. to catch it. The Centerfielder on the junior varsity team Catches the ball during the McClintock game ,..ud'a-en Pl ' P t,t ZW-we . any-. wid - 7 -ff' f-in f. - ,. 'a u -Q gk 1 ' xi Hagtgaisasi .IE IQEEUU IE EEUU SEEUILIL ., he Girls' JV Softball team s t r u g g l e d Jgh the season. ng each three grueling practice rls worked on of- e and defensive egies as well as the fundamentals of hitting, catching, and running. A win over a very tough Mesa High team was one of the high- points of the season. The game included good hitting by Deb- bie Brenner and Jill Swanson. According to Coach Fredericks, "The team's best players were Jill Swanson, Debbie Brenner and Dawn Shear. All of these girls were developing into excellent softball players because of their skill and more importantly their hard working and extreme- ly positive attitudes." Catcher Monica Vasquez makes this outstanding catch during the Corona game, stopping the run. With speed and skill Dana Aglio tags out the runner from Yuma on December 9th. Junior Dana Aglio scores a base run after hitting to center field during the Mesa game. ..: 'K - a K f , i if . 9 .if ' " Girls' JV Softball 101 Rex Sorenson, desperate- ly lunges to return a short volley by executing a backhand. Making a terrific serve to his opponent, Andy Crim- mons is called on a fault for stepping on the line. i v l l 5 , 5 M ,,,,.,, ,. 1- X ,,,., , r ..r, , ' ' s -' in Q l l 7 nf Wggis-iv During practice, Andy Crimmons, with a fore- arm grip, returns a ball from the baseline. Showing awesome tech- nique, Mike Priggy, serves an ace to his oppo- nent Ag Running closer to the net Running to the net, Mike Priggy, closes his eyes and hopes he makes the ball go over the net. ,..---" or a team that began with skill and agility, spir- d enthusiasm helped the boys' 's team collect ts. The team ed these quali- n their matches ostered another ng season. rformances by the underclassmen gave the team addi- tional success and of- fered promise for fu- ture winning seasons. ln practices, Coach Jim Brady taught the players speed and en- durance through strict conditioning on the court and line drills. Players worked on forehand, backhand, and service forms. Concentration was an essential part of the game as the Toros studied and anticipat- ed their opponents' strategies. Because of this the Toros consis- tently defeated their opponents. to return the ball with a strong forehand, Lenny Bettendorf makes his score. Andy Crimmons and Rex Sorenson discuss their strategy during a warm up match. Mike Giese, with great de- termination, successfully returns a baseline shot by using his forehand. During a volley match, Rex Sorenson, strength- ens his return by smash- ing the ball on the other court. . . -. . . t if . W -V " U h 1. A WK Q an 'ai , MK". 'fin ' ' l sig: ""f'.L.....4.g H . 1 l i ' ... 1 LK .l ft? ,H A Q , I , . S -ting Boys' Tennis 103 Waiting for her turn at a match, sophomore Mer- edith Miller, watches as her teammates scores a point. Kim Dyer hits a two-hand forehand to score in a dou- bles match with her part- ner Meredith Miller. j. Q X . T 4-any 1 Running into the net for a return shot, junior Lisa Skousen hits a short back- hand volley to score. Warming up with a team- mate, junior Kim Dyer uses a forehand stroke to practice her form. CU DUCUUIEYU UUE ISU WED E he girls' tennis te a m p r o - gressed greatly as Coach Janet Soule vigorously worked the girls through running and drills on the differ- ent aspects of the game. is ,: fx" ' ff ,. ' M' .. .- ' .. feat 'U -56 Q .. ,Q x . at if M 3 153 135 wslbug' ,Er M Q , gt, Meredith Miller takes the advantage of a slow ball, and returns it with a pow- er forehand to win. The team was young and energetic. The top three spots were held by juniors Jackie Wolfe, Bobbie Bloom, and sopho- more Lisa Skousen. The talent of the girls improved and their serves were stron Their ability to an eye on the bal more precise. found their tou competition in a perienced team. w e t, Wm vw f' kkr- i , 3. ,We -44, if ' W" i 5 A x 2 1 0 9 Z Q, i Q " L L W A i ,air-Awmrmc-lwfe-f K . ' 'f'Z'?g3?c,, ' 1' z' 5, ' ' I W L ,ir in ' 'Q E M:l1f'qfv'5f xnefqf . , 'tm . i 1 ,. LL,,,.. ..,W..,,, , N 4 , M my M Coach Janet Soule shows her two top players, Bobbi Bloom and Jackie Wolfe, some match strategy. ""44Q'!:lm ,- vt - . -..- Meredith Miller tries to scoop up a deep baseline ball by lunging to a two- handed forehand. eg , - .lewtfe gi , , if fi K . . lv, ' ' iw. H. . f "1 " A,:1Iy , , 7 m,,W,,,. . .. "f I , mm ' J : f .-Lai-fl . V i X i s 'P' -15 ' -1 n 'sl f 'f "2-2 Concentrating on the ball, Kim Dyer pulls her arm back to return the ball Angela Humphrey prac- with a forehand. tices her form as she re- turns the ball with a long forehand to her opponent. Girls' Tennis 105 Junior Football top row: Robert Vallegunga, Chris Rezler, Eric Powell, John Jackson, Robby Gehring, Charlie Ashcroft. 2nd: John Veretto, Chad Boheneck, Jeff Skouson, Mike Cantu, Brad Pashake, Hal Kooser, Greg Lazaroff, Brian Fredrickson, Brian Smith. 3rd: Wade Neiswender, Tom DeMassa, Wayne Mortenson, Doug Gooch, Craig Clarkson, Mark Hopper, Charl Riggs, Steve Judd, David Henderson. 4th: Coach Shill, Tony Mendoza, Robert Sweador, Sandy Gulden, Dean St. Louis, Tony Sinescall, Richard Gutierrez, Brian Stradling, Kelly Van Slyke, Coach Haws. 5th: Brad George, David Brown, Chris Morehouse, Rich Randall, Scott Sutherland, Steve Long, Rob Reh, Mark Larson, Gary Bankson, lsreal Pineda, Richard Brown. bottom: Shane Lunt, lan Roe, Jim Zinn, Ronnie Hoy, Owen Jessie, Jeff Tennant, Kevin Gray, Chris Wakefield. Swimming and Diving top row: David White, Randy Mills, Tristan Frihart, Justine Cawood, Ross McDaniel, Mike Pitts, Todd Mur- dock, David Pallmiller, Whitney Cunningham. middle: Robert Clar, Don DeGracie, Dean Hemberger, Carl Aglio, Mark Regester, Todd Zint. bottom: Ken Hennessey, David Zirker, Brian Abers, Tom Prigge. V Volleyball top row: Chris Carlson, Chris Sherman, Brenda Cole, Jana Gowin, Steve Schlick. 2nd: Kurt Schuster, Bobby Bloom, Lori Pew, Kris Moore. bottom: Susan Redding, Kathy Redding, Sharla Dawson. missing: Adrian Glenn. Cross Country top row: Coach Jackson, Tim Wakefield, Bill Car- penter, Andy Duprey, Brent Beers, Stuart Thomas, Roger Matin. bottom:Johanssen James, Dave Doge, Rusty Rosenberger, Dave Dorum, Antonio Ferriera. Golf top row: Darrin Governo, E.T. Clark, Neil Jones, Dave Son- ius. middle: Greg Arnett, David Hawkins, Casey Counsellor, Mike Kernagis. bottom: Bob Sitter, Susan Peralt, Stephanie Warren, Blake Delaney. missing: Jon,Baker. 106 IS .J MVT-A an-1' 'er wielid 4 it i ,I l ff" I JV Football top row: Matt Gurtler, Donald Yost, Butch Dorian, Ken Gustafson, Chris Nicholls, Albert Mendoza, Wayne Pomeroy, Brad Green, Scott McKenzie, Dennis Ricco- boni, Gerald Doka, Matt Hedrick. Znd: Coach Griffin, Greg Camarenn, Bob Davis, Mark Lance, Todd Hallock, Eldon Frazier, Steve Trussell, Bob Cunningham, Todd Koslsky, Butch Dorian, Matt Womack, John Stoltz, Coach Brady. Jrd: Vince Sahey, Randy Perry, Erik Markoski, Dan Eulate, Paul Wahlheim, Kevin Gibson, Bill Gibbs, Jason Schuckhart, Ron Chapman, Brent Lientz, Devin McDonald, Roy Steelman, Bill Garlick. dth: Jeff Van Norman, Bruce Gifford, Tom O'Connell, Ron Parsons, Doug Nelson, Bruce Germaine, Russell Moore, Ron Call, John Balthrop, Justin Campbell, Matt Timmons. 5th: Lloyd Steelman, Jim Kobie, Brad Tawzer, Eric Simmons, Steve Skabelund, Mark Whitlock, Matt Teague, Mark Cooley, Mike Yao, Thomas Liddy, Dan Duffy. 6th: Sheldon Sullivan, Sam Valles, Brian Morris, Adam Edmund, Tom Crowe, Albert Mendo- za, J.D. Martinez, Tom Thompson, Scott Lee, Todd Castleberry. bottom: David Mo- rales, Ty Beavers, Ed Samaniego, Sam Fitch, Larry Holland, Chris Ballard, Todd Leonard, Ron Duranti, Chris Phillips. Swimming and Diving top row: Coach McCormick, Lisa Taylor, Heather Haynes, Tracy Dernovich, Toni Snyder, Khris Fedoryk, Missie Mann, Suzie Herron, Sabine Werner, Aimee Haynes. mid- dle: Michelle, Amy Chapman, Carrie Foos, Rene Boyse, Holly Hawker, Dana Aglio, Kathy Martinez, Lisa Kobza, Lory Amsbury. bottom: Michelle Hebdon, Amy Mann, Julie Call, Barbara Abele. JV Volleyball top row: Chris Carlson, Tamene Chaves, April Kemp, Andrea Van Norman, Tami Brewster, Lori Schanfarber, middle: Shelley Greene, Debbie Brenner, Sherri Triski, Paige Bassler. bottom: Lezlea Runneberg, Dawn Dennison, Jessica Mil- lar, Andrea Brown. Badminton top row: Anne Woodward, Donna Clevenstine, Cindy Koglin, Billi Self, Kelly Birdey, Maureen Gregan. middle: Michelle Hagerty, Tammy Beert, Marsha Hinlke, Kim Bacon, Lauren Whi- tiker, Jackie Aiellio. bottom: Julie Pico, Ruth Stevenson, Julie Lavergne, Michelle Taylor, Vicki Dana, Kim Jones. Cross Country: Top row: Meredeth Miller, Michele Bosley, Dar- leen Crabtree, Lori Whitmore, Coach Armenta, Kelly Chapman, Becky Potts. Bottom row: Donna Painter, Sandy Fromm, Vickie Sheldon, Marcy Miller, and Dorren Hopkins, not pictured lTina Stroiaj. Team Shots 107 Boys' Tennis top row: Coach Brady, Rex Sorenson, Andy Crimmons, Mike Ron Black, Tom Cooper, Jim Kobie, Mike Johnson, Vince Fahey. Bottom row: Mike Prigge, Scott Burn- ham, Mark Frye, Greg Funk, Tim Truitt, Lenny Bettendorf, Scott Griest, Dan Hood. V Basketball: Kevin Driggs, John Marsh, David Perkinson, Neil Jones, Eric Powell, Frank Agostino, Coach Dennis Pipes, Jim Glouser, Dan Palmer, Brett Nichols, Joe Ferreira, Eric Jeffery, John Weldon. Kneeling, Managers, Dean St. Louis, Kevin Gray, and Gary Householder. V. Softball: Top row: Lori Schanfarber, Adrian Glenn, Cathy Higuera, Amy Tryon, Wendy White, Sharon Schweppe, An- nete Pendel, Coach Shill. Bottom row: Wendy Loughery, Diana Bosley, Billi Self, Judy Pshak, Raquel Navarrette, Kora Gammel, Tina Moses. V Soccer: Top row: Alex Simonovic, Shayne Figgins, Todd Johnson, Brian Nowak, Ed Lochhead, Coach Scafaria, Todd Waaramaa, Matt Campbell, John Passante, Dusan Mitich, Frank Brandon. Bottom row: Johnny Blanco, John Chiakma- kis, Eric Champion, Brett Campbell, Greg Lazaroff, Roger Martin, Charles Griffiths, and Kerry Hees. V. Wrestling Top row: Coach Kramer, Brad Hall, Keith DesRo- siers, Rich Miller, Paul Kasprzyk, Chris Lewis, Derk Hebdon, John Vick, Travis Ulmer, Jerry Smith, Coach Griffin. Middle row: Tim Misch, John Crowe, Rich Randall, Steve Hendrick- son, Troy Palmer, Tom Misch. Bottom row: Coach Williams, Arthur Trask, Sheldon Sullivan, Dave McClellan, and Lloyd Young. 108 Team Shots A 1, , ulrmias, ..., Q .... k,. , his ,, , ,,,.- - .Xi ?4.. fllffl Q lll' -P ls' 'B T 5' ' ll . :fir litl' W lu' .. w. A . . 9 S A Q v it . 4 V ,V . ,W ' u ' -i i 1 L4 " "4 l '4 - 4x L A l JV, Wrestling Top row: Paul Davis, Jeff Pospisal, Ray Pchuli, John Brown, Rick Saggio, John Boyce, Matt Gurtler, Lance Creel, Dale Ganser, Matt Whitney, Sam Valles. 2nd row: Dane iel Lopez, Tom O'Connell, Rusty Newth, John Williams, Rob- ert Arnett, Shawn Williams, Don DeGracie, Darrin Horme, Jim Marsh, 3rd row: Doug Nelson, Ron Duranti, Bobby Carter, Bill MacEwen, Troy Cooley, Pete Rangel, Charlie Delk, Todd Cast- leberry, Craig Galbaslnie, Kurt Hughes. 4th row: Brian Morris, Mik Yao, Mark Bolland, Matt Boyer, Todd Leonard, Todd Olson, Greg Funk, Chris Lutz, Mark Whitlock, David Morales. Bottom row: Rulon Crum, Gary Honeycutt, Brian Marin, Da- vid Collins, Steve Long, Matt Brown, and Chris Phillips. JV Basketball: Greg Dayly, Paul Walheim, J.J. Jackson, Mike O'Dell, Blaine Trendler, Kevin Nichols, John Butzke, Matt Hedricks, Dan Krueger. Coach Randy Wickham. JV Softball: Top row: Yolanda Bracamonte, Kim Riggs, Jill Swanson, Amy Mann, Tami Brewster, Christine Frank, Dawn Shear, Coach Fredericks. Bottom row: Tina Bothe, Natalie Taraberolli, Debbi Taylor, Debbie Brenner, Dana Aglio, Patty Hall, Monica Vasquez, and Vicki Blanco. JVSoccer Top row: Doug Gooch, Jack Ennis, Lance Lorenzo, Brad Klingaman, Eric Markowski, Matt Hansen, Coach Kipp. Middle row: Brent Edwards, Walter Pendle, Chad Jensen, Chris Keck, Aaron Brown, Cameron Dykman, Fred Mejia, Robert Campbell. Bottom row: Goran Stavanovic, Derek Boll- winkel, Barry Elswick, Tom Liddy, Russell Shamway, Henry Osif, and Brian Kobza. Girls' Tennis: Top row: Sandy Nettles, Michelle Hagerty, An- dria Allgood, Meredith Miller, Lisa Skousen, Chris Sherman, Wendy White. Bottom row: Molly Danforth, Jackie Wolfe, Kim Jones, Bobbi Bloom, Alisa DeMichele, Michele Cooper, Christen Smith, and Shelley Greene. Team Shots 109 'Vw WM. -4. - my-Sv. 2, ,M my -f SQL 3:15 A bt' N4 'N K 1'-' . 1 . " ff' 1 19 o v . i ' f nr- qw fl.Q 'Q 1' I! " A M W I .' - ' wmv ff' W3 msp gx ywfxf , bg q y WV ,rgf. l,,5W',,Qu QU . 5 Q I' 4- xww n Ks' 1+ I f .' .-rx, - -.-mx, m ga V Q Si? agus ' eff" A K g iiiif' ,gf 0 M Q K? """A X. a m 1 x 5 1 'Sf , .f 'V' . , 5551 4: 42-lug Q' 1 H 5 Q 3 Seniors Andrew Burton, Lori Holding some goodluck bal- PaSSey, BOD Dunn, and Chris loons, senior Eric Johnson GibbOnS er1jOy the jUI'1iOr foot- stands respectfully during the ball team- National Anthem. l, Weathering ll Seasons hough the hot Sep- tember sun beat down on the stu- dents it could not melt the spirit of the Toros. After their daily classes, friends joined to take a cool splash in the pool, or went out on those warm nights for ice "lt's just like opening a new door and starting over." - Joelle Chaves cream. As December rolled around we were met with some unfamiliar shivers ac- companied with red noses and warm sweaters. De- spite the frosty tempera- tures the students' activi- ties didn't freeze up. We continued our spiritedness by going to the football games, covered with blan- kets, and sipping hot chocolate. Before we knew it we were springing into March and heading toward the end of the year. The sopho- mores were glad to get past their first yearg the juniors were excited that they would at last be seniorsg and the seniors were glad to be graduating but sad to think that their high school years were over all too soon. 112 People Division 'PQ' " .4 Senior Class Vice Presid Cara Cooper shakes her li during the football dance as boogies to "Beat lt." Toro twirler Dawn Hathaway keeps in rhythm to the beat of "Rosanna" by marching during half time. Pommies Jennifer Blackhurst and Gaylene Roberts perform a dance routine to a song by the Go CIo's during the Westwood Assembly. Foreign exchange student Jyri Maunuksela helps Correspond- ing Secretary Kathy Kolhase with a problem in Student Council. Student Body Vice President Lori O'Connor shows her ap- proval of the lunch served at the Student Government Lun- cheon. Senior Paul Kasprzyk takes time out of his schedule to make sure that his teddy is properly groomed. People Division 113 'ii Ki 'KL v f'-w-.,N,k. H,,.v ,ff U x ,1 xxw, N. Ji Q .,,,.gi hw .0 ,,xi,' K sim ..r" X v . G. if 1 IL. , M Y x .1 QP' PD Q! la- ,..,,, ..- ,W 4... un, " ,.- but .-4 ,fm- Th. lv . ,N X 'MU- J 1 -47? Lv" 1 'CQ -4 Y I Q 1? f 'Y - 1-' -.N :xl ,, 11...-', ' -' Q... sf v V-1' 433 1 L A of Tl ops 'lin-1 if Nusa- vu- af xv 1, , if 1--9' N x w:. , '17-Y --vi LID' fo' 152-F Nw' -'N I 'K f MVS 1x1 sf-: X. x x A P5 'W'-wtf lln ,L , 1 1 gf ,ef P- 'Av K K vk Nav-' TN , ,P cf? IQ ww fm. 'U I 1 ,pp 5-qua N, am 15' ff, 'fav wr' Hr Flu -P 'Num Yffirr xx 'Wav' sh., 4 'nv' . ,mv nu- .MN -ani -verb gm-1' 1' Q.. 1. 5 5 39-I X - I 'FEL Y 1 FQ 'Q f .1- w :A wx ae aww, 'M-ff 41' awww: df"'fTl 4? "dd er"T'T? tfmf' 'Yi .F .1 Q lac, M:'1r Q' 'nf , W A -.,,.., 1 -,, U, - . ", .yn Q' 7 -'Ili ff' F? if 3' 4,41 4-N -Q wtf' F t' 'Eff yw V , I " ' E . ff N, 5' E 1 3 . ,ffm ,Q if V 1 :A .vphffh lg!" ' 5.lH:c4.4v'H ng'-38.1, in-n-','.'.n , u.-aww Hunan u--.Wu an... wxlw by as-..a vu-vu 4 nu Ou 4 U fu. u... ,.,,.x...h-y-.1 umm.. -...A My ,....xWm,,, .HL- uguff H'-u. M gnu.- . .fm A Q 1 u Nu-L 'A ...A ,i " vm Tan 5 . . v- w uunuu 4 .Q-U, ,A H-A -U fp gan ,mn ' ' .W ,' g A y S A .gg on -'I '23 H mn, 55123 25233 af Y A NA- -anti -1- 4' sary qv..-1 '-'uv wk' A ws" Qj""P vm r I R0-.Q Q' 'l 'lf Q-WM' ,4- 'l A '1 11119 QW: 'Wt' T' -v-ni ,-an 'wi- rwn. .vu 41" , w' Uv 'II -.ia 's-.M-9 iw' K , I 'Q-1' .gem mqdn f fx 5.4 -.q' 1 3 7 x 'FR lisp- v. 5 .UL Xi '53 ui U- N-451 4..-sf "--r Il' 1 f. . li 'vi' qzr 'Q' ..., 'als A f WNW 'lfIt"":V' QQ 49 6 inf 1 Q fra 'we-W'-ved' 'f M-M4 Wi? .vs-ug, n M' w 52 f-1 'KW x. 'T si' ' 5. 'Pi if 0 J, MJ 's an , , 5? f Q N, - s I ?5fi?P5 N , 'atb W .vm 'yi Q, Moeser, Brian Montierth, Sheri Moore, Amy Moore, Melissa Morales, Elizabeth Morren, Robbie Morris, Michael Moses, Tina Mullins, Melinda Munden, Jodi Murrell, Stephen Myres, Dirk Mykytyn, Peter Navarrette, Edward Needham, Tony Nelson, Annie Nelson, Carol Nelson, Daniel Nelson, Jennifer Newland, Julie Newman, Shanlyn Newth, Veronica Nicks, Jill Nielson, Heather Nielson, Tanya Niemic, Suzanne Nilsson, Nanette Nino, Diana Noble, Jacqueline Nossett, Theresa S6DlOFSfMO'NO 131 'O Q-M..,. qw.-., ,9- .v-H.,-.. 5 'T' s 'W chip-of ,, 'V-Y N... vm-P Q7 x ' I 'B 3 fin 1'- f - .sk 5 x W? +4-' r X W, inf' '-.4 W. TV 'nr 'T wa" '1' -4 ian: 4-r'H'v 7 ,4 Mr f 2 'WP' W' ,tr- ...,.. yu . Q, v Lk Q-M-ff 0' Rayo, Susan Redding, Kathy Rederick, Robbie Reidhead, Boyd Rhein, Bryan Riccoboni, David Riehl, Mitchell Riutta, Dale Roberts, Ciaylene Robertson, Teresa Rogers, Darrin Rouse, Holly Ann Rowe, Shane Sabourin, Lisa Sackett, Monica Sage, Lorraine Salasberry, Lori Salyers, Sheri Samaniego, Martin Sampedro, Yvette Sampson, Beverly Sanchez, Joe Saum, Andrew Saunders, Kent Sawyers, Shiela Schafer, Stoney Schaffer, Ellen Schmidt, Earl Schwanbeck, Scott Schwarz, Stella 134 Seniors f Ra Sc Q.. M' Sehulster, Keith Sellers, Courtney Sellers, Tamera Sellstrom, Dawn Shah, Chirag Shalley, Michelle Sheets, Dawn Sheldon, Vickie Shepard, Suzanne Shepherd, Duane Sherman, Christine Shields, David Shill, Curt Shipman, Jean Shope, Duane Sien, Richard Sikora, Tracy Simpson, Kenton Sirrine, Sharee Skidmore, Janine Skinner, William Skousen, John Smith, Jerry Smith, Jimmy Smith, Shauna Smith, Travis Snyder, Scott Soboski, Shari Solano, Ana Sorenson, Rex Seniors f Se-So 135 f wr 'X 'hw' 1-hu-ar vi fx by 'Q Q . X is S.. ""L'? K- v v ,, 4 J' 'QI N71 'Q Q..-v. L .5 3 if 1? sv Q.. nf 'Lf 'M W--r'-f 1 4.-E, Tuwc 631' p ..,, M: -6' Vx T., J ll Y? Nt' 17-ff? A .l'h-'X qg,f..'-v" Av Q-- if KV. Nl.. 8? L 81 '4 Fha "T 'P , 12 f"""7 I lbw Ax s Lf -r -nf H-if fm 'Y' Q--7 Ag, 1 'WV' qv- 1 'W -13,4 W'-7 Y K Q." T7 -5 Q' pf 1 4" -v Nv- 'Q Ar Q ' 1- gg? 'Q vw-Y 'Tl' 'wr' gf-v' 'f QW? Z 1' v 51-4 4 K" Y- if 1-fi .r"'P TZ T-. J IBC! 4, -V Yrx-93' 'ff' A u ul! .-L,,,,4 -r-77-gf xx L K1 P, . I I 1 I sm-X 'N Gm .L 5' W-., W , , wi-nn 0? Q-'17 L 'Sf -w-..-v I 'Nv- N-it vw K, pax .My 'iv 'gf' bu M17 Wray ,..- ,Alllld Qi' " ' A 1 Vx WN, as f YJ Z sN'i . Th 1 f ' 4 ' e c ass o 8 IS . . . "A group of people who are ready .for whatever will UAH SWGSOFDC QYOUP Of individuals-" come." David Hedges "The hope for tomorrow's peace." Kim Bouchie "A class all by itself." Casey Lee "A great bunch of friends, going our separate unique ways." 4 ' Melinda Mullins "Friends, fun, and laughter." Michelle Haynes "The promising minds of tomorrow." Rikke Marshall "The beginning of a new way of life, and a welcome to reality." Martin Samaniego "Fun, exciting, rowdy, and close to each other." Martha Acosta "The beginning of the rest of my life." Connie Willis l4O Seniors n AA Kevin Quick "A graduating class which l am proud to say l am a p of 11 . Patty Dueck Above and beyond the ordinary." Jacquie Duranti Full of pride and spiritg we're in a class Theresa Duke Made of super being." Courtney Sellers High class." Janine Skidmore The class of '84 is going on for more." Jill Galbasini all our owl I Knowing the true meaning of leadership." Christine Gibbons Quality." e class that stands out above the rest." Sarah Blythe Earl Schmidt "A class with style and grace."g iends and easy times." Breena Benefield Dan Zitlow y "The end of three great years. The friendships and educa- tional development are solid memo e've got more in begin the future." Matt Pitterle Kris McKenna ll of good friends and good memories." "Will always be remembered." Heidi Parsons ries with which to Curt Shill e pride in knowing that we made it." Deana Crist e road to riches, one step beyond." P Shane Townsend " KM "Qs I acious." X 4 . -KQV' Veronica Newth 'l elf? 3 e end of the first stage of my life." Jon Vick ing forth with pride." Julianne Pearce e few, the proud, the elite." UW , ff Jil f f' Lori O'Connor QKL M-ks " mf, the means of superior." ' . . Apart from the rest V Seniors 141 Acosta, Martha: Varsity cheer 11,125 ski club 115 key club 105 homeroom rep. 105 yearbook 10,1 1, editor 125 Mayors Youth Comm.'11, vice pres. 125 varsi- ty track 105 Girls State 12. Aguirre, Patricia: girls track spanish club 115 10,115 H.E.R.O. 12. Veronica: ski club pomline 11,125 nhs 10,11,125 drama club 105 dance club 105 spanish club 125 tutor 10,115 track 105 diving team 10,115 K.A.T.S. club 11. Alfaro, 10,11,125 Ashmore, Jim: football 10,115 wrestling 10,11. Bacon, Kim: N.H.S. 10,11,125 varsity badminton 11,125 varsi- ty track 11,125 varsity softball 11: yearbook 125 K.A.T.S. 12. Baker, Dodie: dance club 10,11,12. Baker, Jon: golf team 9,1O,11, team captain 12. Baker, Tom: J.V. wrestling 105 varsity wrestling 115 jr. football 11. Bartko, Lisa: Orchestra 10,11,12. Beardmore, Lise: homeroom rep. 105 ski club 10,115 click club 12. Beers, Brent: corss country 10,11,125 track 10,11,125 span- ish club 10,11,12, vice pres. 125 bicycle club 10. Benefield, Breena: pep club 105 H.E.R.O. 12. Benson, Deborah: chorus 10,11,125 N.H.S. 10,11,125 french club 11,125 Mayors Youth Comm. 12. Bentley, Andrea: Las Palsmi- tas 105 ski club 10,115 Encore 125 Chorale 125 pomline 125 dance theater 11,125 K.A.T.S. 12. Bettendorf, Larry: .J.V. foot- ball 105 scuba club 125 D.E.C.A. 12. Blythe, Sara: dance club 10. Bond, Shauna: orchestra 10,115 drama club 10,115 span- ish club 115 SR. class scretary 125 N.H.S. 10,11,12. Bouchie, Kim: click club 11,12, vice pres. 125 C.O.E. 12. Brandon, Frank: soccer 10,11,12. Brewer, Wendy: chorus 10,115 dance club 105 C.O.E. 12. Brodzinski, Ken: Toro Band 10,11,125 Orchestra 10,11,125 drama club 12. Brown, Lisa: science club club 10,11,125 10,115 german computer club 12. Maureen: tutor Bryson, 10,11,125 Toro Band 10,11,12. Burges, Dennis: chorus 10,11,12: bike club 105 Accent on Academics 12. Burton, Andrew: ski club 10,115 key club 10,11,125 wres- tling 10,11. Calderone, Dominic: J.V. wrestling 105 Home Room Rep. 10,115 Scuba Club 12. Call, Julie: J.V. cheer 105 var. cheer 11,125 gymnastics 10,11,125 N.H.S. 10,11,125 cho- rus l0,11,125 diving 12. Campagna, Steve: V.l.C.A. 11, Drama 125 Encore Strings 12. Cariveau, Bill: K.A.T.S. 11,12. Cartwright, Terri: Homeroom rep. 10,11,125 Ski club 10,115 key club 10,115 Jr. class Pres. 115 K.A.T.S. 11,125 gymnastics 10,11,125 spanish club 11. Castillo, Pat: J.V. wrestling 105 Var. wrestling 115 N.H.S. 10,11,12. Casto, Chris: J.V. track 105 Var. track 11,12. Cambell, Brett: J.V. baseball 105 J.V. football 105 junior foot- ball 115 var. soccer 11,12. Campbell, Linda: Toro Band 10,11,125 orchestra 10,11,12. Cavallo, Gina: french club 10,115 flag corps 125 dance 125 tutoring 10,11. Chaves, Joelle: Washington Close up 10. Clark, Rosemary: Click 12. Clarkson, Gary: Jr. football 11 Clevenstine, Donna: var. bad- 142 Senior Register minton 10,11,125 pep club 10,115 softball 105 archery 115 A.F.S. 125 K.A.T.S. 125 track 12. Cluff, Brenda: diving 10,115 chorus 10, Premiere 115 chorale 125 basketball 11,125 track 10, G.P.A. 10,11,12. Cochenour, Dean: track 10,11,125 golf 115 yearbook 11. Cole, Brenda: var. volleyball 10,11,125 softball 10,115 track 10,1 1,125 german club 125 track club 11,12. Combs, Karry: chorus 10,115 N.H.S. 11,125 spanish club 12. Cooper, Cara: ski club 10,115 homeroom council 115 year- book 11,125 Sr. class V.P. 12. Cottam Chris: Chorale 11,125 Encore 125 track 10. Crawford, Khali: N.H.S. 10,11,12, sec. 11 vice. pres. 125 Mayors Youth 11,12, rec. sec. 125 model Ll.N. 105 Girls State 115 Anytown 105 badminton 105 yearbook 12. Crist, Deana: H.E.R.O. 12. Crum, William: ski club 105 J.V. baseball 105 J.V. football 105 var. football 11,125 var. baseball 11,12. Cruise, Lawrence: F.F.A. 10,115 Spanish club 125 scuba club 12. Crane, Carrie: Las Palomitas 105 Premiere .115 K.A.T.S. 11,125 pom line 11,125 Encore 125 Chorale 12. Cunningham, Whitney: var. swimming 10,11,12, captain 125 N.H.S. 10,11,125 treas. 11, pres. 125 french club 10,11,125 german club 115 debate 11,12, captain 125 Model Ll.N. 11,125 captain 125 Accent on Academ- ics 11,12. Cypert, Sally: Toro band 10,11,125 Los Palomitas 105 Los Marisposas 105 science club 11,125 Los Cantantes 115 N.H.S. 11,125 Chorale 12. Davis, Nile: .J.V. football 105 J.V. tennis 105 var. track 115 scuba club 12. Delorenzo, Andy: J.V. foot- ball 105 Los Travedores 105 Cho- rale 11,125 Encore 125 home- room rep. 125 D.E.C.A. 12. DeMichelle, Lisa: tennis tt 11,125 F.F.A. 11. DesRosiers, Keith: wrest 10,11,125 junior football 11 Doherty, Chuck: soph. c vice. pres. 105 var. track 1 Dueck, Patty: German :- 10,11,125 treas. 10. Duke, Theresa: H.E.R.O. pres. 125 mecha club 11, F.l 10. Dunn, Bob: soph. class ji 105 J.V. football 105 junior ball 11, key club 10,11. Dupree, Chazz: J.V. foot 105 junior football 115 J.V. 3 ball 105 var. baseball 11,1 Duranti, Jacquie: ski a 10,115 key club 10,11,125 rep. 115 J.B.F. 9,10,11 homeroom rep. 115 Sr. pres. 125 Anytown 115 year 11,125 Girls State alt. 11. Eager, Clyde: J.V. wres 10. Eccles, Trisha: ski 10,11,125 C.O.E. 125 key 11. Enfield, David: scuba clu ski club 11. Esqueda, Richard: m club 10,11. Fausnett, Tina: var. 10,11,125 track club 11,125 K.A.T.S. scuba club 12. ' var. track 11 Fjelstad, Steven: Boys 115 Who's Who in Americ Mayors Youth 125 Congres al Seminar 115 Congression tern 125 M.Ll.N. 11,12: de 125 J.V. football 105 J.V. ball 105 computer club treas. 12. Forbes, Cassis: N. 10,11,125 chorus 10,11,12. Ford, Mark: M.Ll.N. 11 N.H.S. 11,125 homeroom 12. Galbasini, Jill: var. swimt 9,10,115 Spanish club 10. Gammel, Kora: J.V. volle 105 var. basketball 105 var. ball 10,11,12. Gebhardt, Michelle: Ger club 11,125 M.Ll.N. 12. isheimer, Annabel: Los Pa- iitas 103 Premiere 113 Los wtantes 113 homeroom rep. 123 ski club 10. obons, Christine: ski club ll, var. basketball 1O,11,123 '. softball 103 yearbook 12. Enn, Adrian: ski club 112 nish club 103 var. volleyball 11,123 J.V. softball 103 var. tball 123 ..l.V. basketball 103 . basketball 11,12: student ly athletic comm. 121 guitar emble 11. -vda, Joni: tutor 10,11,12. qlerno, Deanna: flag corps 1,l2, captain 113 band 103 club 103 l.C.E. 122 K.A.T.S. scuba club 123 A.F.S. 12. Eville, Cheryl: D.E.C.A. 23 K.A.T.S. 11. Egan, Maureen: badminton 1,123 dance club 12. schel, Lisa: Los Marispo- 10, Los Cantantes 11,123 .S. 113 drama club 113 sci- club 12. rd, Mike: J.V. basketball var. baseball 11,123 ski club ges, David: science club atin club 123 junior football nessey, Ken: click club science club 1O,11,12: ger- club 1O,11,123 var. swim- g 1O,11,123 var. soccer 12: var. debate 1i,12, .N. 12. ierrez, Sonja: homeroom 10,11, sec. 113 spanish club 1, sec. 113 Hassayampa 113 club 113 C.O.E. 10,12. , Andy: chorus 1O,11,123 football 103 junior football erty, Michelle: soccer istician 1O,11,123 french 11,123 badminton 122 S. 11. s, Becky: homeroom rep chorus 103 dance club lj track 11,125 click club rench club 11: pom line 123 nastics 12g softball 12. ilton, Candi: makeup art- 2. tenstein, Debbie: french Hartley, John: Accent on Aca- demics 11,123 captain 11,123 speech and debate team 11,123 co-captain 123 M.Ll.N. 11,123 co- captain 123 N.H.S. 11,123 treas. 123 cross country 103 track 10. Hatch, Carlet: ski club 10,113 Spanish club 123 Encore Strings 123 orchestra 11,12Q Hassayampa 11,123 key club 10,123 homeroom rep. 103 dra- ma club 123 N.H.S. 11,12. Haynes, Michelle: pom man- ager 11,123 K.A.T.S. club 11,123 l.C.C. rep. 12. Hazlett, Mark: K.A.T.S. 11,12. Hebdon, Derk: ski club 123 football 10,113 wrestling 1O,11,123 M.!.l.N. 12. Hentges, David: var. soccer manager 103 var. football man- ager 11,12. Hernandez, Lisa: Lalillecha 10,11. Higgs, Anita: orchestra 1O,11,123 drama club 11,123 A.F.S. 12: N.H.S. 11,123 latin club 123 stage crew 11,12, man. 12. Higiey, Jin: H.E.R.o. 12. Hinkle, David: track manager 113 homeroom rep. 12. Hix, Sandi: ski club 10,113 track 123 key club 1O,11,123 homeroom rep. 10,11. Holman, Lisa: click club 103 ski club 1O,11,123 key club 11,12. Hon, Lisa: Las Mariposas 103 Los Cantantes 113 Premiere 12. Hopkins, Doreen: ski club 113 track club 11,123 var. track 11,123 var. cross country 11,12. Householder, Kirk: track 1O,11,123 science club 12. Hutson, Scott: J.V. football 103 J.V. baseball 103 var. foot- ball 11,123 var. baseball 11,12. Ireland, Shannon: K.A.T.S. 123 ski club 11. James, Johansson: cross country 10,11,12. Johnson, Deanna: track 1O,11,123 track club 11,12. Kaufman, Lisa: J.V. volleyball 10,113 J.V. basketball 103 varsi- ty basketball 11,12. Drum major, Jeff McEarchern Bob Dunn strives for perfection leads the Toro Band at halftime. on his ceramic bowl while spin- ning it on the potter's wheel. 'fg 1 I L..-' -5' --if" , R. 3,-gr--un itll Cross Country runner Vickie Sheldon strives to be the first one to the finish line. Senior Register 143 , , l f X J .1 5-Ac ,- f , f .'?l.f' Aaron Pineda finishes cutting his clay and then contemplates which piece he should take, while John Beltran wedges his clay. 'A .- ,Z , 1' 7 1 f :visas f ' 1 -Sis? ' A , , Chris Hoerchler, an injured foot- Varsity cheerleader Tangi Tid- well shows her enthusiasm at b ll ' a player, cheers his team on the f tb H , t Sa- to a victory against St. Mary's. oo a game agains guaro. 5 ,,,i2,j 1.4431 , I P I . .4 Shanlyn Newman is proud to say "These are my parents" while taking a break at Open House. 144 Senior Register Klingaman, Pam: ski club 11. Klopshinske, Sheri: dance theatre 10,113 pres. 123 K.A.T.S. club 11,123 ski club 12. Koernig, Lori: ski club 11,123 Key club 10,11. Kunde, Andrew: band 10,113 spanish club 113 Mayor's Youth Committee 123 ski club 12. Lambson, Burton: spanish club 113 newspaper co-editor 11. ' LaMorte, Donna: ski club 11,122 stage crew 103 yearbook 10,113 yearbook layout editor 123 key club 10,11,123 home- room council 10,11,12. Lawson, Bonnie: DECA 11,12. Lazaroff, Kristen: newspaper 113 coeditor 123 N.H.S. 11,123 A.F.S. 11,123 peer tutor 12: pep club 11: varsity gymnastics 10. Larson, Cathy: K.A.T.S. 123 dance theater 12. Lee, Casey: J.V. baseball 103 var. baseball 11,123 var. diving 113 var football 12. Lee, Wendi: K.A.T.S. 122 sym- phonic band 12, N.H.S. 12. Lemoine, Joel: Homeroom rep 103 spanish club 11, pres. 123 newspaper 12. Lewis, Chris: football, wres- tlingg K.A.T.S. Linenfelser, Mary: Key club 11,123 Los Mariposas 103 Los Cantantes 113 Mayors Youth Committee 12. Lotts, Michele: ski club 113 french club 113 dance club 11,123 key club 11. . Lyon, Rick: orchestra 11,123 yearbook 10,113 Model LIN 12. MacCubbin, Scott: J.V. band 10. Madden, Shay: chorus 10,113 french club 10, Marcus, Lori: dance club 10 Maready, Susan: ski club 11,123 home room rep. 113 Los Palomitas 103 Premiere 113 Cho- rale 123 N.H.S. 10,11,123 ger- man club 11,123 Mayors Youth Committee 125 Student body sec. 12. Markoski, Tamara: spa club 12. Marshall, Rikke: C.O.E. 1 Master, Terry: N.H 10,11,123 K.A.T.S. 11,123 tr 10. Matteo, Paula: D,E. 123 D 12g ski club 11. A Matteson, Tammy: V.l. 12. Mattingly, Kim: Ch 10,11,123 NHS 11,12. key 113 drama club 123 newsp 10,11,123 Mayors Youth C mittee 10,11,12. McEarchern, Jeff: var. b 10,11,123 drum major N.H.S. 11,123 science club jazz band 123 var. orchestra var. track 11,12. McKenna Kris: softball ager 103 volleyball manager Anytown llj german club K.A.T.S. 123 A.F.S. 123 scie club 123 scuba club 12. McNeer, Erin: F.F.A. 10 home room rep. 12. Meeker, Robin: Band 10 basketball 113 drama make Mercurio, Angela: tr 10,11,123 key club11,12. Miller, Anthony: track 10 soccer 123 Los Contantes Los Travadors 10. Miller, Mike: click club yearbook 10,11,123 newsp 12. Millross, Julie: band 10,11 orchestra 12. Mills, James: orche 10,11,12. Mullins, Melinda: Las Pal tas 103 Las Mariposas 113 Cantantes spanish club 113 ytown 12. Myers, Dirk: chorus 103 rale 11,123 F.F.A. 10,11. Needham, Tony: orchestr Encore strings 10,11,123 dr club l2Q stagecrew 123 v' crew 11,123 concert orche 12. Newland, Julie: arch 10,113 C.O.E. 12. Newman, Shanlyn: ski 1 lj key club 103 student co home room rep. 115 dance ater 11,12. qvth, Veronica: diving 15 basketball 105 band 115 ski club 10,115 key club orchestra 11. rs, Jill: yearbook 115 ski 12. Ivak, Brian: ski club 10,115 soccer 10,11,12. well, Caroline: french club chorus 10. Lryant, Lucinda: french 11,125 AFS 11, N.H.S. 25 chorus 10. lonnor, Laureen: ski club 15 key club 10,115 student y v.p. 125 N.H.S. 12. en, Debbie: Premiere 25 Los Cantantes 11. orn, Michelle: swimming ,11. ons, Heidi: var. basket- 115 track 105 drama club 2. ons, LaGuinn: Encore gs 10,11,125 orchestra 1,125 french club 10,11,125 a club 12. ey, Lori: J.V. cheer 105 cheer 115 ski club 115 key 115 homeroom rep. 115 125 own 11. a, Jamie: Indian club 15 D.E.C.A. 125 click club tudent bookstore 12. e, Jay: junior football 11. ce, Julianne: homeroom 105 key club 10,115 J.B.F. 11,125 yearbook 11,12. , Barbra: French club ,125 choir 10,11,12. ler, Alison: N.H.S. 1,125 French club 125 N. 125 key club 11. ell, Allison: band 10. ins, Kris: German club ,l2, treas. 125 A.F.S. 11. inson, Amy: chorus ,125 homeroom rep. 105 heerleader 11,125 Mayors 12 Pfeifer, Heather: Orchestra 10,11,125 flag corps. 11,125 yearbook 11,12, business man. 125 french club 10. Phoenix, Paul: ski club 105 golf team 11. Pico, Julie: Hassayampa 115 close-up 12. Pineda, Aaron: junior football 105 var. football 11,125 var. baseball 11,125 J.V. baseball 10: track 10. Pitterle, Matt: N.H.S. 10,115 homeroom rep. 12. Pollmiller, David: var. swim- ming 10,11,125 science club 125 Latin club 125 Mayors Youth 12. Priester, Cynthia: newspaper 11,12, business manager 12. Puebla, Sandie: dance club 105 chapter reporter 12. Quick, Kevin: science club 10,11,125 sec. 10, vice pres. 115 computer club 11,125 treas. 115 band 10,11,125 N.H.S. 11,125 Accent on Academics 12. Quihuiz, Becky: Spanish club 105 LaMecha 11. Rayo, Susan: spanish club 11,12 spanish 115 cross country 115 tutor 11,12. Rhein, Bryan: ..l.V. football 105 J.V. basketball 105 Toro band 10,11,125 key club 115 N.H.S. 11,125 Anytown 115 close-up 115 Mayor's Youth 12. Roberts, Gaylene: Encore 125 K.A.T.S. club 11,125 Premiere 115 Los Palomitas 105 pom line 11,125 J.V. cheer 105 Chorale 12. Rowe, Shane: german club 11,125 computer club 125 A.F.S. 12. Salasberry, Lori: Toro band 10,11,125 homeroom rep. 10,125 K.A.T.S. 12. Samaniego, Martin: football 10,115 homeroom rep. 10,115 marketing club pres. 12. Sampedro, Yvette: Toro band 10,115 N.H.S. 10,11,125 science club 12. Schmidt, Earl: band 10,11,12. Sellers, Courtney: K.A.T.S. 125 ski club 11. Sellstrom, Dawn: tennis team 11,125 French club 10,115 Toro band 115 N.H.S. 10,11,125 M.Ll.N. 11,12. Shaffer, Ellen: N.H.S. 10,11,125 Historian 115 Mayors Youth Comm. 115 science club 11. Sherman, Christine: var. vol- leyball 11,125 J.V. tennis 10,11,125 N.H.S. 10,11,12. Shields, David: J.V. football 105 junior football 115 J.V. base- ball 105 var. baseball 11,12. Simpson, Ken: J.V. football 105 junior football 115 var. foot- ball 125 homeroom rep. 12. Smith, Jimmy: J.V. band 105 Toro band 11,125 scuba club 125 orchestra 12. Smith, Shauna: Encore 12: Chorale 125 tutor 12. Smith, Travis: swimming 115 D.E.C.A. 10,11,12. - Solano, Ana: Orchestra 10,11,12. Sorenson, Rex: J.V. football 10, junior football 11, var. ten- nis 125 ski club 10,11. Southworth, Laurie: var. swimming 9,10,115 chorus 10,115 cross country 125 track 125 homeroom rep. 12. Steinhoff, Michelle: Orches- tra 10,11,12. Stevens, Baird: Toro Band 11,12. Stevenson, Ruth: badminton 12. Stewart, Beth: girls cross country 10,115 ski club 10,11,12: dance club 105 span- ish club 115 homeroom rep. 125 A.F.S. 11. St Onge, Paul: computer club 10,11,125 pres. 125 french club 10,11. Straziscar, Gina: Matador band 105 Toro band 115 C.O.E. 12 Townsend, Shane: ski club 10,115 football 10,115 wrestling 10. Trimmer, Dawn: Los Can- tantes 11,125 home room rep. 115 science club treas. 11,12. computer club 11. Tucker, April: C.O.E. 12. Tuomisto, Mike: var. wres- tling 10,115skiclub11,12. Twardzik, Wendy: K.A.T.S. 11,125 dance 11,12. Van Gorder, Adrianne: .J.V. band 105 Tor band 11,125 ence club 105 track 11,12. sci- Van Norman, Colette: ski club 10,115 home room 10,11,125 yearbook 11,12. rep. Varnes, Kristen: gymnastics 10,115 H.E.R.O. 12. Vick, Jon: var. wrestling 11,12. Von Behren, Tanya: ski club 10,115 yearbook 115 D.E.C.A. 125 home room rep. 10,11,12. Votano, Linda: Toro band 11,12. Waldrop, Roxann: track 10,11,12. Walker, Donna: german club 11,12. Warner, Michele: volleyball 10,11 J.V. softball 115 track 11,12. Wendt, Kim: chorus 105 D.E.C.A. 12. Werner, Heidi: french club 10,11,125 orchestra 10,11,125 N.H.S. 11,12. West, Paula: spanish club 105 drama club 11. White, David: swimming 10,11,125 band 10,115 french club 10,11. Williamson, Danny: cross country 10. Willis, Connie: tennis. Wood, Mari Jo: orchestra 10,11. Wright, Rhonda: orchestra 10,11,125 AFS 125 latin club 12, Zollinger, Todd: track 11,125 home room rep. 12. Senior Register 145 ' - o Substitute Hot and tired, Brian Stradling Ray Saunders expresses his in- concentrates on Coach Haws's terest in his class as he drifts off lecture at the Mesa High game. into "never-never land." Junior Class Officers: Vice President Robby Gehring, Sec- retary Lara Candland, President Charl Riggs, Treasurer Mike Giese. 146 Juniors After a big lunch at Burger King, Troy Palmer models his crown. -'ie-'91 ,, Showing off is one of hady's favorite shown here as he does a Demonstrating his talent, Tewksbury substitutes a so ball for a hackysack. , 5 . ,A xiii 1 .1l'O ' 4- iiilsefg , ji-2514, X Q XM, X ' 5 ,L , 11 1' A u ' A A Vi f Q are S fe H 25 V ia A -. 'V 5 se 7 .tk ac C , CV H3 Qing! We ,, li? ei? V sf 'E ..-I - N,,,-f i A Za' mstlmm ' W Q qi an t Y' tl 1 MJ .ll ., H X vf W:-gf ,. g., I 1' 'K l il 'D V f. , F 1 15' ' 1 9 64 . N. auii 4,5-W N ff Q, J. l t ,NXT 3 'Em 'E . ,yt ia? f ' QM 8 ,A 11 0, 'gvffmna . -14.4 2, " . N .. , F, 1 , ,, H it -we T ' ' V - ' ,J , , Abele, Barbara Adams, Shauna Adams, Theresa Aglio, Carl Aglio, Dana Albrant, Dawn Alexander, Terry Aley, Wanda Allan, Monique Allgood, Andria Allmendinger, Christopher Alvarado, Grace Alvarez, Henry Alvis, Paula Amsbury, Lori Anderson, Thomas Andres, Clark Arenas, Donella Armistead, Thomas Arnett, Kent Arnett, Robert Arnold, Robin Arrowsmith, Kristie Ashcroft, William Astle, Robert Atkins, Donna Avelar, Jim Baer, Stacey Bailey, Curt Bailey, Gary Bailey, Michael Bankson, Gary Bardell, Leianne Barney, Jeanette Barry, Pamela Bartlett, Robin Barton, Darren Bassett, Virginia Bassler, Paige Bean, Rebecca Beert, Tami Behring, John Belch, John Bendure, Timothy Bennett, James Benson, David Bentley, Robert Bentz, Kerry Benzer, Margaret Berthold, Nancy Beynon, John Biehn, Joann Biller, Wendy Bingham, Kimberly Bird, Ronald Birkett, Melody Juniors f Ab-Bi 147 Black, Garrett Black, Kimberly Black, Ronnie Blank, Kenneth Bloom, Bobbi Boheneck, Chad Bolar, Tiffany Bollwinkel, Tonja Bosley, Diana Bowers, Joel Bowers, Michael Boyce, John Boyer, Matthew Boyse, Kath-y Bracamonte, Ofelia Bracken, Lorette Braden, Sharon Braden, Susan Brady, Jennifer Brault, Leslie Brecke, Steve Brewer, Kurt Brinkman, Bonnie Bristow, Mark Brown, Caroline Brown David Brown Derik Brown, Jackie Brown Jacqueline Brown, Jeff Brown, Jonathan Brown, Katherine Brown, Kristen Brown, Richard Buckland, Cindy Buckley, Lynda Bundy, Michael Busch, Deborah Butler, Lester Butorac, Hillary Butren, Bobbi Cain, Jeff Camerer, Tonia Campbell, Cathy Campbell, Laurie Camparella, Robert Candland, Lara Cantu, Michael Canty, Joan Carlos, Richard Carlson, Reylene Casillas, Lisa Caspers, Todd Cassaday, Mark Castle, Sidney Cawood, Justin 6 ,Vg x 25 H t .ku , .Q ' 45 3. ,, L ., 54 1 fer , I 3 ,'i" "iff X 1 i ff N5 , A H11-.M K -v' . 4 148 Juniors f Bl-Ca -. xr 'S K 'tii if iili ,ji L C y FT? . .Q I K ,x VQQ I 4. V I y +L ix my 'Tk 1 f ,fr Z ' J -if- 5- 'Wa Q5 EL 51 Q 4 L. .- 51, ffl In ' at U 'X 'Wi' I , Rf till' X, if l 6 f 1 , i ..., ,rs-'iii -p li: . -. 'x N , f is X Su '.v,' f -Q -3 .- X x M 1: l 9-1 area , ...qxgii V O P' -I-Q 5 1 Diiejz zg B A Yrivl A Q,:', kia . . , ,,1,, 5: V ' - is , vow in nhl .5 A fe, '. av K O' C sf oe s, ' R li M w, - 5' ' x is " A is J 1 al- , --f 1. '. , K., .. e M. QA K-A Q ' xx X Q ff, is '5 XX I X Z N. Q7 , Vi-X 1 an-1 , to P K P ' f 5 .,., .. ,N .. 4' 54, I 5 T. sw? ' ' Q 257 X .fi J ,Al 7' ,4 'l- gfff , ' 5' f VA' wa f1 1.a ,, :Zhi Q, "1 .f i"" ::i f hm Ixfff i ,A.. Q S .L', . 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N Ja Sometimes lunch can be quite messy as discovered by Teresa Owens, after the taco sauce container burst all over her at Taco Bell. t. .z il? s l 4 A 'i Cox, Phillip Crabtree, Darlene Craig, Lisa Crandall, Lori Crimmins, Andy Cronk, Kevin Juniors f Ce-Cr 149 Crook, Helen Crowe, Scott Croy, Laura Cuita, Wendi Cummins, Tara Curley, Laura Currie, Joseph Curtis, Klayton Cyplik, Sharon Czudak, Sherri Dabrowski, Elizabeth Dale, Wendy Dana, Kristen Dant, Sara Davidson, Elizabeth Davis, Christina Davis, Deedee Davis, Jay Davis Juliana Davis Pam Davis, Sandra Davis, Steve Dawson, Diana Dawson, Sharla Day, Deborah Dearien, Steve Decious, Cristen Decker, Debbie Decourcy, Jackie DeCiracie, Donny Delaney, Blake Delay, Albert Delk, Charley DeMassa, Tom Deming, Sandra Demke, Kim Demoss, Michael Dempsey, Michele Dernovich, Tracee Dick, Mike Dickerson, Dan Dix, Crystal Dixon, Rohn Dixson, Benny Dodge, Douglas Domikaitis, Dan Dorum, David Dougherty, Steve Doyle, Theresa Drake, Julie Driggs, Kevin Duffus, Cheryl Dugger, Dennis Duncan, Robert Dunham, Michelle Durney, Anne ,, -f,A!5 1 M C ,,,,.,,,,,t, , X v l i-i x t KXK-s ,qi " " S si , 'Q , ' K AX -if--e ' ,H xi. .- iz ,i J at "lied 5 f , ' V i i . iii I -no i .F C, f G X H ill' iii ,9 , .. ...:f,.:.:,+ it 5 .. , ati I "" s QQ Q. ,A . 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If being left behind at lunch, these juniors keep themselves entertained by watching Kelly VanSlyke laugh hysterically at his own -V1 -1 .1. if it x, 'j , jiri i ,riff , it as NW I: . 3- at A ks, 37,-.Y -- I ' 2. SAX L ' in rf Eiga , s 1, ag ga i tif f i iw Fabian, Cynthia Fairbanks, Rose Ferreira, Antonio Fiacco, Dean Finlinson, David Fisher, Danny Fiske, Sherri Fitzpatrick, Debbie Flake, Melanie Flores, Alfred Flores, David Ford, William Fosse, John Foster, Noel Juniors f Dy-Fo 151 Frank, Christine Franklin, Scott Frazier, Elizabeth Frazier, Martin Fredrickson, Brian Free, Lynn Frias, Karen Frihart, Tristan Frisby, Kay From, Clayton Gallagher, Devon Gallentine, Sean Gammage, Chad Ganser, Dale Garcia, Edward Garcia, Veronica Gardner, Michelle Garner, Melinda Garner, Melissa Gehring, Robby Gibb, Cynthia Giblin, Lee Giese, Michael Gobrecht, Geri Ann Gomez, Heidi Gooch, Doug Goodson, Sylvia Gooler, Sherrie Gordon, Romney Governo, Darrin Gowans, Margaret Gowin, Jana Graham, Brian Grant, William Grasso, Robert Graves, Paula Graville, Gayla Gray, Kevin Green, Julie Green, Joe Green, Larry Greene, Shelley Greenlee, Jodie Griffin, Michelle Griffin, Scott Grijalva, Eric Gulden, Sandy Gutierrez, Richard Habighorst, Kirk Hage, Wendy Hall, Mike Halls, Ryan Hamm, Erik Hannah, Ben Hansen, John Hansen, Matt W ,rx W 4 ' I W m. 5, W ii fi'Z,,i f 2 fr e It , ,S 3 F .2 -' Y' K x , liilai ,rail H if 7 T. -E QM Q , . f Sr' all wx 1 . ,Qi S , 5' .Y-aff , "TW . 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Karr, Ginger A , fi Kellogg, George "3 Kempton, Lara .4 , Q 1, x ,J I. sfiilil . Ei 'S Blocking out Doug Gooch, Wayne Mortenson looks to see if he knows the girls parked next to them at the stop light. 'Q A5- -..1 lm. Q? 154 Juniors f Jew-Kem f'F'v L Q - i 4 , 1, zfv T I S , A, 1,6 N W 9" N W ,Q 1, far.. , ,215 V I , i fi, H -1 5 ' f in 'H Mlfif 1" -.5 'fi A itilg l l e, . l , v . y li 53- , ff re fl ff ill 'fizfffart um 25121 305 v 5 ., X . ' Ji lt' l wlifegg I I Q ' 6 " li' H , iii' X 5 X ,H ' il .... 3 Q: xi' 'Q . E J kts l . 'E 1: lil Q lit . .-" X l x x . ' 'ggi T753 , If ff! sf i ' ,ggir-,faq - A if ,sk K , ,Q N 1 S .. EiA fra' ri. . it t fi i A .E l Q A 'L K L ,fr M 6 P i T ,Y , 4 1 Z w' ji ,gg ,' Q ,K Q , X, Q1 Xxl s if , -l U x I L , ne ns. es- A , :mf , Ss . if 1 52,1 Kennedy, Andrew Kennedy, Darlene Kennedy, Mary Kernagis Kessler, , Mike Kelly Kieffer, Richard King, Jeremy King, Nancy King, Sheri Km., , 33. 7 .v 'SV X , , . - S T' b G is it l ts X .iw A ,N ,R H i 1 9' 'N ii Kinnear, William Kleinman, Erma Klinger, Lisa Knudsen, Tony Kobza, Lisa Koehler, Camille Koglin, Cynthia Koontz, Darla Koozer, Hal Koss, Denise Kovach, Kristina Koy, Edward Krech, Stephanie Kronborg, Trent Lacy, Gerald Lambert, Laura Lambright, Michele Lambson, Philip LaMorte, Leslie Lamparella, Raymond Lancucki, Steven Lanham, William Lantz, Karmel Larson, Kari Larson, Mark Lavelle, Kim Lavelle, Tammy Lawson, Lane Lay, Letha Lazaroff, Greg Leasure, Donovan Leathers, Thomas Leek, Brian Lephardt, Antoinette Lewis, Gary Lewis, Talmage Llewellyn, Patrick Lock, Paul Loeffler, Brian Long, Stephen Lorenzo, Lance Losey, Jon Loughrey, Wendy Lowinske, LouAnn Lunt, Shane Lydy, Donald Lyles, Ronee Juniors f Ken-Ly 155 Charl Riggs supervises the group of juniors trying to put the head on the Toro. Lyman, Brenda Lynn, Joy MacDonald, Richard MacEwen, Bill Maine, Carlita Mandarino, Tony Mangeris, Nikki Mann, Missie Manuel, Lynelle Markham, Heather Marler, Violet Marsh, Jim Marshall Debra Martin, Carolyn .. .. Ltitit Was It atching the junior float slowly being pulled around the track Homecoming night, everyone knew it had been disqualifiedg and they were all asking the same ques- tion, "Was it worth it?" As Homecoming continued the juniors' thoughts wer- en't focused on the game, but on all the time spent working on the float. During the first few weeks when students as- sembled at Charl Riggs' .45 . .24- s.-.44 if I 5 if l Martines, Cath ' N th V f' 3' ' f 1 V f 3 156 Jun1orsfLy-Mar All Worth . house not much time was spent working on the float but jumping on the trampo- line, playing football, and catching up on all the latest gossip. As Homecoming grew closer, the trampoline was taken down and with Charl's persuasion people started putting real effort into finishing the float. Homecoming Day the float still wasn't finished, but it was taken to the school anyway where the final touches were put on. Because of this, the was disqualified and niors were very Even though they only second place, the juniors who the float had fun and new friends. When she thought it was Shauna Adams said it brought us closer og er as a class. A lot of dif ent people showed help, not just one or groups." The guys at float took turns paper-macheing the Toro's body. J.J. Jackson takes his turn. li 6 H PFI ' till W Q at In 1 i , it , , lil J , ' 1 "" 'W , . ,W ' 4 i I X ff'fvfee'w Q- w Y f w ?.:f:,1Q, -' , ..x? Q' - mi' ,Q ,S .Q fp' -x 2. w V lla l F 5 F , - 1 A "wif" . A tit ,,r , H Q55 whs. H, , t , HL H.-, wwf W 7 lr., l W? r T i T ' in I ,ei I - H .2 at . 7 s .. , we M N Y lp ll ,f , 164 ,W f ill V J N ,4 We . 'QQ r NX ,, W N ll ' , ,Vg If - il Y ' f li EER' .il H 1 .. 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Mask, Rhonna Matuck, Camille McClellan, Pam McClendon, Greg McDaniel, Jonna McDonald, Michelle McFall, Susan McGlothlin, Peter McGough, Wendy Mclnnes, Susanne Mclntyre, Joni McKelvey, Kim McNeer, Kristen Medina, Christina Mefferd, Bryan Meininger, Lisa Mendoza, Tony Merkley, Russell Merrill, Kristin Merry, Renee Meyer, Wendi Miceli, Mark Middlebrough, Karen Miller, Ben Miller, Marcy Miller, Tammy Millett, Jill Mills, Michelle Mills, Randy Miner, Michelle Misch, Tom Misch, Tim Monte, Tim Moore, Kristin Morehouse, Chris Morris, Sherilyn Morrison, Mariann Mortensen, Wayne Mucha, Ken Murgatroyd, Thad Murrell, Delana Musgrove, Kaley Myers, Robert Mykytyn, LeeAnn Nash, Eric Navarrette, Raquel Neiswender, Wade Neiswender, Warren Nelson, Hal Nelson Susan Newth Rusty Newton Todd Newton Tony Nichols Brett Nielson M My Nelson, Susan , ' V l ' N T li" if N T Jun1orsfMas-N1 157 Noe, Andrea Nystrom, Jay Ortiz, Patti O'Brien, Sharon O'Dell, Mike Oswald, Philene Otto, Sandra Owen, Teresa Owens, David Packer, Colleen Pagan, Loni Painter, Donna Palmer, Troy Pappas, Athena Pariza, Branko Parry, Shaun Parsell, Gary Parsons, Kim Paschke, Brad Passarella, Andrea Pattea, Dorinda Pechuli, Raymond Pedersen, James Pelky, Kim Pember, Anthony Pendle, Annette Perkins, Lydia Perkinson, David Perry, Karrilynn Petrick, Sherry Petteruti, Debra Phelps, Kim Phillips, Dan Phillips, Wendy Pierce, Charles Pineda, lsy Pitterle, Jean Popello, Tia Porter, Kim Porter, Louis Porter, Marilee Pothier, Paul Potts, Becky Poulson, Brad Powell, Eric Prechtel, David Prigge, Michael Pringle, Julie Pshak, Judy Puckett, Donna Radley, Chris Randall, Rich Rangel, Peter Rapier, Andy Rapp, Susan Redding, Shawn an it , 'i,glll'a, l iiii f'Wlisffl,,l',.,,g l fiiVWi"W l waxy? 1,14 . P , .. ,255 . 3 yi , .Nha 'i'C'r 7 W V i V fl .A A xx Q t IWL.. lui: ,, fmrjxi W- ' 'F ii if is , .f , k i ,,Q,,w 4 A J 'Z jf 'KX We all C JM l , i , D ,pad p - i, "il fi 'Q Q' ' 'iw F f- ' v ,,-i -: 'li "1" J if , ,, ,. if , . , ., N .5 l ' 3 T, j fa, r .g Q- , ,V ix A we J f- , 4' ' 'it X N , ' v 1 A ' YH wc' 'v 'W' 17-K ii" I f P: V ,f Y ' A 'J V i ,, i 4, Q K 9 J VI A xl J I f. F' , 1 1 IN L- O' X Jff' . ,Aff 'M if 2 'l,i ll all Lvl' All 5 iff, 4 12? 'ixigitil lf' , g 3 151 A O O , , 'fs if 158 Juniors f No-Re E xx if X ,, ' 'P I '51-'MD' F i yr mf , Y... 55' L ., 1 an lf U W l i Xl lil ,,, x i MW l N wily, ll 's l it ii ,lim - ,,, Wil" 'f Mix n J in 1 W 5 uri " , i M. i, 'I M v ,,fu,f,N, l W ij 'o ' Q ug W- i, A' 5 2 'X , A X4 W- V xiii, x., r. - il it . i -V , writ ,i , ii 5,2 X i if X xxx M l fllllilfi 4 V41 i, 51. dv", " ' K Jason Wolfeswinkle and Rod Shihady get their quarter's worth of Dial-a-Sto- ry's "The Three Bears." is " 54 Wx f S' N Xxyx i , ' g?f'i?,Sr i 5r iii Q K ' 11 1 ,,," , ' ziiiii ffiw ' f 4 f y ,L j-'ff , Lf? i mi., ,,,q.ii, H ' Mr J A he Redding, Susan Reh, Robert Renfrow, Jodi Rhinehart, Vicki Richardson, Jessica Richardson, Kurt Richarme, Tonya Richie, Paul H Peg in iw! , ,iw i , ir Q A , A' 1 Y- - f . L il r 'ii'1L'i,i .i'.-1" "iw Rieger' Doug V Riggs, chan , ie, if W Ripley, Bill .-A Q - 1 SV Robbins, Dana '7 ' ui M' , v JF 1 X f E N " ii X 3Z",f1."S: is - i il S ' . , , ' ",! Roberts, Sheryl f K 1' Roberts, Susie f L V N F i Roe, ian A 1: 'Q ' M ' ' F xx, Rojas, Jennifer W ' 1 1 R -' , L Romay, Gary " i A Romers, Richard f, 1' N M X lg V 4- Rosati, Anne WN X -n M - i tu? '-I ,QQ J' ma' Fixx X i www in' , is ii , fi J S +1 4l'W'i' :N ' ,if I, oo iii ,rw J Q U""i dvi ,V D fa- , , rw' 1 iii ,W ., , ,,,M',i,1i,i, , ri., ,,,,.. ,W i M si I ' ' . Q Sei, f Q , A wifi ,f ii i i is , 6 if ii 4 oy if ,Q iii M A ,,, 1 :W i .. , MR' i 4 i iiiiii W. Y 'L if-Y " 4 . 4 i 'if i' ,. W, f- C-,N .I 'Q I p 'I qv! , Y ,, , QW ' , i t -,, f i t Rose, Jim ' Rosenberger, Rusty Ross, Kevin Ross, Susan Roy, Philip Ruckle, Stephen Rudy, Mark Rundall, Eric Runneberg, Lezlea Rusk, Andrea Sabourin, Denise Sacco, Pat Sage, Lorraine Saggio, Richard Salerno, John Sampedro, Patsy Sanders, Ray Sanft, Izzy Schellenberg, David Schmidt, Mary Schoeller, Stacy Juniors Re-Sc 159 Schuh, Mike Schuster, Kurt Schweppe, Sharon Scott, Kelly Scott, Robert Secondo, Scott Seely, Kay Segal, Chris Self, Billi Senescall, Tony Shaffer, Amy Shalley, Mike Shear, Dawn Shell, Tyler Shihady, Rod Shoop, Laura Shope, Darren Shy, Mark Simmons, Mike Simonovic, Alex Singleton, Teri Sinyella, Su Skabelund, Shari Skousen, Jeff X .f x F'- K" . 1""' x 'S-4 V----'f' 'if-L. " N N M , V, Mu aww w , f r. f 1 9 7 v S . . A Q, " 'i'i"W2'+lWir- 1 r W?K'WWf?i'5'f ii" " n 1 WW MWff,wg,y,!,- N ww-Nbr: 1 ' WW ,A J w f mls .gaii ,Y f x 160 Juniors f Sc-Sk ust Hobb E s the last five sec- onds of the game approach, junior Mike O'Dell advances to- ward the basket to score the last two points of the game. Basketball is Mike's favorite hobby, but not his only one. ln September of 1983 Officer Dalane Turner, the PRO's officer at Mountain View, introduced Mike to the job of a police explorer. Now, every week Mike is at football games, dances, and other school activities stopping people from fight- ing and drinking on cam- pus. Mike also directs traf- fic, helps out with paper- work, rides with an officer every other week, al learns police codes giv over the radio. Spending so much tir working, some peop- might be wondering if Mi has time for other acti ties. "Most of the time doesn't interfere with otl' activities," said Mi "Sometimes it does, this is something l want do. Mike's foremost goal to get an athletic schol ship, but if he doesn't s ceed in basketball he wo like to use his PRO's tr ing to eventually "M" private detective or a l yer. 11 H 4 as xi ' 'fwS,,fi 'KS 'Q Rt.. A Q- L.. W "wtf-s no 4 r 5,1 t ln ' X al I r il l it l V ,, l it 1 2 I ,l ily ' li wi x J 5' - five 52 , l f A X . In L ,, ,WNN 9 if f L. N - -- :fa 2 , f i T it ' .- XY .qty . X ' D Q li S A iii! My f is , , ,T Lu, wr it Y F y X N, ' , , 1' ,A 1 mx -" .s A l if A Jw giffx 5 V , .area-as f Z . My , .. tl 4 t ,Q Vmvi iw 5' J 'lima I .5 Slade, Tammy Smith, Brent Smith, Brian Smith, Bob Smith, Wayne Sorenson, Lynn Spain, Sherri Spencer, Allen Sprouse, Mary St. Louis, Dean Standage, David Steele, Jeff Steill, Kip Stevanovic, Goran Stevenson, Jay Stiller, Bernard Stoffan, Richard Stradling, Brian Summers, Tonna Sumner, Carol Sutherland, Scott Sveen, Dennis Sweador, Robert Ta, Van Talbott, James Taylor, Lisa Taylor, Stephanie Tempel, Tammy Tennant, Jef Tewksbury, Bob Thomas, Catherine Thomas, Stacy Thompson, Joanne Thompson, Mike Thornell, William Tilton, Traci Timmons, Amy Tremblay, Tammi Tryon, Amie Turner, Mark Tuxhorn, Trent Tyler, Leslie Upchurch, Susan Valentine, Wendy Vallelunga, Robert Van Norman, Andrea Van Roekel, Sheila VanSlyke, Kelly Vaughn, Jodi Vening, Greg Veretto, John Vernacchio, Char Vigil, Reesha Villanueva, Darlene Vindhurst, Tracy Voirin, Jeanette Juniors f Sl-Vo 161 Waaramaa, Todd Wagar, Andrew Wakefield, Chris Walch, Stefan Walker, Kim Walker, Kristen Wall, Stephanie Wallace, Marie Warble, Kelli Wass, Kathy Watkins, Joanna Watson, Donna Weaghington, Allida Weaghington, Rosela Weatherly, Greg Webb, Rene Weeks, Tawnya Wehrman, William Weldon, Lara Wendt, Brenda Werner, Sabine West, Sandra Westbrook, Kim Whitcomb, Susan White, Paul White, Wendy Whitlock, Arthur Whitmore, Lori Wight, Erika Willcutt, Lynn Williams, Michell Williams, Rick Williamson, Mark Willis, Steve Wilson, Andra Wilson, Janna Wilson, Jason Winkler, Scott Winters, Julie Wintersteen, Garry Wisniewski, James Wolfe, Jackie Wolffe, De Wolfswinkel, Jason Wollett, Michelle Wong, Tammy Wyatt, Kelly Yahnke, Christine Young, Monica Young, Robert Zack, John Zaharis, Missy Zawacki, Jill Zawacki, Bob Zinn, James Zygner, Mary Beth 162 Wa-Zy f Juniors f ,exe fy ,fi 5 , 6 'Z I , ,, l,wrvl,,.w,yh, , K ,, ww, M, 5 X li 5 -'init-f5T3fl , 4 ' 5- 1 YF 1 vw My , ,. ,,,,7,,tr ,lliWy v-, 1' ,, , 2, K N l V- Z7 pq 4 1 L ,f- ' lf I- gf' X. l 1 " -vu ' If , , Q l ix: i' i t , f gm, ,,,, M lf , W , W N i , l 1 i ' iii! fx Q : F, i w . 2 1 ' V lv l l WK 1 tw wlll i 'tl ' Q M 533 1 V 2' E all Stacy Thomas hurries to eat the Jim Marsh Stops Studying to l?1St Of hef Big Mac S0 She WONT get in on the conversation with get left at lLlI'1Ch. his friends, After varsity practice Freddy LeeAnn Mykytyn complains Orona and Tyler Shell watch when her friends leave her with the junior game. all the books. XX, 31N l r N k . ,, 5. ,wgg . ,I V, .3-.V ,-.a--4.,.,A,,' ,, 1 . ' ' if Eifwa' - --zffi?flff'f"n. ' r 'f Taking time out from working on the junior float, these juniors show some spirit. David Benson, a member of NHS, sells pop for their organi' zation at the football games. Juniors 163 The Best Is Yet to Come These J. V. football players re- lax at lunch time in preparation for the big game. Pam Vick glances over her shoulder as she realizes the tar- dy bell has rung and she is late, once again. 164 Sophomores Sophomore Class Offi- cers: President Edward Samaniego, Treasurer William Saxon, Vice Presi- dent Tina Smith, Secre- tary Luisa Moody. ,ti , if if at J., Lim Luisa Moody shows that being Shelia Wrigley gives the sophomore secretary isn't al- era an unhappy look when ways one thrill after another. realizes it's focused on her is . . .f. S , - 1 ': fail Y A af .5541 l I . I if l ' X X A V tw 'W:5'i:if,-ie , My . i. 1 Qi ,V i 1 f l" if a N P: 1 . y E' 5: fix? f L -an A J ,asu- . hw, '2' ,. mg, , . 1 . 'xi x . W Q on K N: N 1 . 4. mtl l l X X i 'I 7 I of X 2 . ,M LQ" . , f 5 i Q, X K 'Ei f . if - 0 ,Qw' ff, A fs . " 'Y ., kr in - AA1 5 A . -'- Q. fag' 51' tczrff FQ' sf? 3, News , f J, Nr r. 45 N r tw- sa cw, A 9' fn.-,, 1: r , Flu 'visa .5 .tw rr 4 1 ' L, 4, - A .Q it Li l' Y l .sv ix .J ML Abel, Kenny Adams, Joan Adams, Lisa Adams, Pati Addington, Angela Aguayo, Wilson Aiello, Jacqueline Aker, Jenifer Albright, Tony Allen, Denyce Allen, Richard Allen, Jr. Robert Allmendinger, Brian Alvarado, Joanette Anderson, Jill Antillon, Ricardo Araiza, Richard Ark, Laurie Armistead, Mary-Gay Armstrong, Joseph Armstrong, Teresa Arnett, Greg Atwood, Susan Atyeo, Tammy Austin, Jeff Axsom, Ron Ayotte, Lisa Baca, Diana Badger, Sheri Baedke, Sean Bair, David Baker, Doug Ballard, Chris Balster, Scott Balthrop, John Banks, Michelle Barnes, Jennifer Barnes, James Barnicoat, Jon Paul Batchelor, Leslie Beavers, Tyrel Beebe, John Behunin, Lloyd Bell, Christian Bennett, Frank Benson, Denise Benson, Stephanie Berg, Paul Berge, Brigitte Berner, Andrea Best, Jerry Bethancourt, Hillary Bettendorf, Lenny Bigelow, Victor Blackhurst, Betsy Blanco, Vickie SophomoresfAb-Bl 165 Blasdell, David Blodgett, Keith Bloom, Teresa Boes, Kelli Bohman, Stacy Bolar, Misty Bolland, Mark Bollwinkel, Derek Booth, Charles Boren, Jennifer Bosley, Michelle Bostic, Stacy Bothe, Tina Bowers, Mark Bowman, Wyatt Boyd, Jamie Boyer, Andrew Boynton, Matt Bracamonte, Yolanda Braley, Don Braymiller, Robert Brenner, Debra Brewer, Preston Brewster, Tamara 3 Q lv Q A oil: Yup, M ? . wana-qu, ', l Kelly Washington realizing the camera is focused on him, shyly looks away and tries to avoid a picture. ,x ttsssls Suzette Presti wonders what her teacher is trying to con- fuse her with this time. 166 SophomoresfBl-Br ixiiizr ft- 'wiv it A - iff? . V f 6 ' - ' 3 Au.- ' -we , 5 tt'-.-35? A- -35, 'ia , 1 litre -as f H, , ess M M". 2 i' 'L t wt 1 gf, f f m-ef . , ,,, A ,v v J 1 C N Q ft .NM 4 n - ff, .X i i--' ' i ltte 'H 1".',7g ' K 5 l Rxi l vii' 51 me 3? 3' X fix D ,l ' "' "N, t, 'EE :ix ii 'P i su i l , - 'W ig 'Z ,,, In bfif C A 4 x ? Z i 'A , ill' fxfl il S ' iif lf i A ff Q of fy. f ' af ' 'lk-but . ' . I 1 45 1. fs? V Y A was If hgh? P . . Eg, bf it-ff' y ' ' f V, wil l I .55 Q rx X f lu I X" gi ffm. c W1 ' 1, li k,,,-,,...- .. , Fv' q,B,,-e J ,M tt, 4 .st R C at 1' 1 U ft-. Nh' .V -xl I K gg .I . l X x . - 'A 0 X " A v . A gf 4 U tv . , i is if . it I 1, SA 1 M V A - fs' UP t ix ' .V 'F f ' 'tu ' ' X l B E - i l XV ll Broadston, Ronda Brooksby, Tamara Brouwer, Odessa Brown, Andra Brown, Camette Brown Lisa Brown Matt Brown Roberta Brown Sue Brown, Tina Brunners, Ryan Bryson, Eileen Buckland, Linda Bunchman, Angela Bunning, Bridget Burgus, Scott Burrell, Jeff Burrow, Michelle Burzin, Anna Butren, Kerry Butzke, John Byers, Stacey Caldwell, Samantha Call, Ron Camarena, Greg Camp, Fred Campbell, James Campbell, Justin Campbell, Robert Campbell, Scot Campos, Raymond Compoy, Monica Canfield, Michelle Cantu, Maureen Carey, Shannon Carlisle, Mike Carpenter, Bill Carpio, Artenio Carroll, Stephen Carter, Lea Carter, Bobby Cartwright, Susan Carvajal, Olie Casey, Holly Casillas, Ann Casner, Pam Cassaday, Colleen Cassavaugh, David Castle, Robert Castleberry, Todd Cervantes, Antonio Challis, Catherine Chamberline, Kelly Chandler, Richard Chapman, Amy Chapman, Ronald SophomoresfBr-Ch 167 Charlson, Kent Chaves, Tamiene Chenier, Richard Chiappetta, Ralph Chucri, Joseph Ciotola, Diana Clark, David Clausen, Debra Clawson, Julie Cleary, Kim Clement, Daniel Cloud, Vanessa Cofer, Mike Cogswell, Rebecca Contreras, Melinda Cook, Gary Cooley, Troy Cooper, Melissa Corbelli, Patty Correa, Martina Corrigan, Jody Cory, Leisa Coury, Patricia Cowan, Christina Creasman, Paul Cronin, Duane Cronk, Glen Crouch, Todd Crowe, Tom Crum, Rulon Cullen, Sheila Cummings, Chris Cunningham, George Curd, Tim Cypert, Samuel Dalrymple, Troy Damiano, Lisa Dana, Kurtis Dana, Vickie Daniel, Jackie Daughety, Julianne Davis, Paul Davis, Teri Davisson, Tammy Dayley, Greg Dean, Julie DeBoom, Christina Decoto, Brett Degenfelder, Dawn DeMassa, Andrea Demke, Julie Dennison, Dawn Devermann, Joyce Dignan, Dana Djekic, Dragana Doka, Cheryl 3 . 'K x N f .M .--,, .lm ,',.. by 9 'S .- A 3 , ,lt ' 5 -. M .fn fi 'HJ .1 , . iv e: . ,tx .M 0 f f l f 1, wr'- Q , , va. A X X v I A mapa sm J., , ' D. 'aff 168 SophomoresfChar-Dok A-LE lk I' X .n .P .5 Domann, David ' 1?-P Dorian, Butch Dosdall, Debbie Douglass, Jeff Downey, Mike - Doyle, Bonnie it Drake, Tina Draper, Brian Draper, Joseph ' Q Draper, Tammy i t Duffy, Daniel Dunshie, Brian 'sf W,- Duranti, Ron ig? - Duvaul, Wade Q, ' Dykman, Cameron V 1 A iuiiih Edgell, Pam . Q ' ffm 4 .V wg J, Edmons, Maureen . gf, i , Q' " - , - ' Edmund, Adam , t 1 , X A , ' , - Edwards, Kim -Q I V . , -, K 1 , :' Edwards, Phillip up Ltr: 'Q' I X Kd' 1 V F- 'K ' Elfeldt, Jacquelyn X , u 1 .. ....- - . 1 t l ng 4 5 Eliason, Eric Ellis, Michelle Ennis, Jack Erikson, Robert Essley, Amber Estes, Jimmy Eulate, Daniel x VS" Spotlights s the tension of hot lights and critical stares builds, it be- comes harder and harder to retain one's self-confi- dence. This is the kind of pressure Heather Parsons, a model, experienced dur- ing a show. About a year ago, Heather was referred to the newly-opened Fantasy House by a beautician at the House of Michael Sa- lon, as a prospective hair model. Soon Heather was participating in shows in which her hair was cut and styled. "The excitement of it all makes my stomach tie in knots," said Heather. "The judging is, by far, the har- dest part. lt takes so long and all the while l have to sit up straight and wear a smile that never seems to last." Participating in over fif- teen shows, hair modeling is her main interest, but she also does "total look" mod- eling. This includes model- ing hair, nails, clothes, and make-up. Heather doesn't plan on making modeling her future but feels it's a great hobby. "Although it's hard work, l feel it's well worth ," she said, having learned about taking better care of herself and about improving her outlook on C. SophomoresfDom-Eul 169 Evans, Jeff Evans, Joy Fagan, James Fahey, Vincent Fedoryk, Khristina Ferrel, Mark Fiaschetti, Adina Field, Teresa Fillmore, Jennifer Fitch, Sam Flake, Jonathan Fleener, Lisa Flood, James Foos, Carrie Foster, David Foster, Debra Fowler, Mark Frabasilio, Brian Frazier, Eldon Fredrickson, Wendy Frizol, Sara From, Sandy Frost, Jennifer Galante, Gina Galbasini, Criag Galligan, Christopher Gamble, Ronald Garlick, Bill Garrison, Lisa Garrison, Sally Gerhart, Mark Gerkin, Tracy Germaine, Bruce Gerz, Michelle Gibbs, William Gibson, Eric Gibson, Kevin Gifford, Bruce Gillespie, Wes 170 l fig W ,ga F 5+ f , I' , 1 SophomoresfEva-Gil 'F WEL' - I X va WQ- I sf " 0' Y 'V 5 Q o . Laura Higginson and Lloyd Young relax at McDonald's after another Toro victory. L 'r n, it 1 i ,Q ,sig W Q 1 as 2 N V we . , ,ag 'E ,,g,, - ew. fn ., : , my E 'A-. . L ?"r M ,. Skit. 3 if I XX ri t 1' fx, f 1 ' i L K , if yi xii , Oh . 1 t , a - -ii . ,-, H. wg, S 3 A , 1499 I n i 1 SQ T, . ff it ,IP ' ,L i i .Q ,'., V - vv ,re t -f L Q .. I M X X dx i , fr' 6 fa 4 ' F -- ! qs , v,Osf+'-- l 1- T f . N1 N :I r is ' ' 1 qs.-5 76. ff 1 r . N. ,, ,, .. D 4 J ., N 'a xy T .f 5 at 5. 4 if ri'- if f' ' 1 ir W zgnk- - , , ,,,,- 1 W... ,RAN is .zu L Giordano, Laura Glenn, Anglea Glenn, Brad Goeders, Lea Goettl, Mary Gomez, John Gonzales, Daniel Gooch, Todd Goodman, Shelly Gooddolf, Carrie Goodwin, Tina Gordon, Robert Gordon, Samantha Goslin, Loriann Graton, Leslie Gray, Shawn Green, Brad Gregory, James Griest, Scott Griffin, Patricia Groessl, Sherry Gunnell, David Gunnell, Marlo Gurtler, Matt Gustafson, Kenneth Hacala, Carol Hagdahl, Julie Hailey, Yolanda Hale, Laree Hale, Stephen Halfhill, Denette Hall, Patricia Hall, Tracy Hallock, Todd Halls, Catherine Ham, Lisa Hamberline, James Hamlin, Larry Hammons, Robert Hammons, Tammi Hansen, Anneli Hansen, Midge Hansen, Walter Hardin, James Harris, Melanie Hatch, Brandie Hathaway, Dawn Hawkins, David Hawkins, Randall Hawley, Jennifer Haws, Allen Heath, Steven Hees, Kerry Helfert, Michelle Helmick, Denise Hendrix, Regina SophomoresfGio-Hen 171 Hensley, Nancy Hernandez, Christina Herndon, Jennifer Herron, Kristi Hertweck, Lorrie Hey, Laura Hickman, Tony Hicok, Shawn Higginson, Laura Higgs, Kelly Hightree, Dawn I Hildebrand, John Hill, Becky Hill, Steffan Hockett, Jerry K Hoerchler, Heide 'ar ' Hof, Dawn , " Holder, Heidi 'Q t J viiql ' Holland, Larry 5 -, an ggi? i Holland, Brett g we-, Holub, Jason V ' Ygl J' A wi' ' e g S ' Honeycutt, Gary Hood, Daniel Hooper, Kirk Hopkins, Robert Hoppe, Andrea Hossler, Robert Hough, Mike Housholder, Gary Howard, Jeff Howell, Randi . - s Howell, Terry 1 . , A. Hudzietz, Stacey . Hughes, Becky 1 We Hull, Shawn Hunsaker, Kim Hunt, Stacey Hutchison, Susie Isley, Craig Jacobs, Guy Jaquette, Cynthia Jaramillo, Robert ' , Jarvis, James V '- :'z-me---' - s Q' It Q S f is x 4152 x l N ,xl lb 1- 'll' XC. T ', wiv I. g 4 'f Jasmin, Joanne Jenkins, Danny Jensen, Jeff Jewett, Theresa Jock, Ronelle i Johnson Heather vs P . J ' gk- S t Johnson Jin VK4. g Johnson Mark ll lll' lll S , Johnson Mike 7 Johnson Patricia ar " Johnson Tim ' 'Qs' Johnson, Bill A ,,s f Johnson, Brad M 1 f, X 'W it li 1 viii 172 SophomoresfHen-John I 51' -'16 W, va. is 1 , F 5142, ' L ' J 2 5 1 3 :Sf A 1 A ,gi an , S 2' g no S ,.95-427. li V, T., + ,, t., I 7 si- "Qi" I 'J'-fc If A sat 4 x, ii' ., ZZ? ., .. , .,.,.,N fr i'r ., I 1 ., 5. ui 3 5' firm .51 SQUVCV 713 i l 5 ,f X. l if X w ..,, , , J.. fm!!!- X rfbt K J 6 'Henk . , ik' 'ws nl . f. .r ,-wr A K, ,tt I Q 1w5fi.r,f ..-5 u X K .n- 3 Mm. Y ...fw- .. J J 7 1 ' il L- 1 S - I N C Qi? is t l r s lt all S' Bryan Morris tries to hide his anguish as he swallows a hot pepper during a contest in Eng- Iish. These sophomore girls can't be- lieve how expensive lunch can be for five people. ws.. I V mf N l l -5 ll i 5 ,I ,lm-' 1. -X. . EFF? fr- xgr ,Q 4 9-- 1. 'iw A 1 fm .,. m 2 fi Q: 250, V 5 vw- ,X 4 jj il i if 235129 M ,- , gf: Johnston, D.J. Jones, Julie Jorgensen, Carla Jutson, Ginger Kalinke, Kevin Keck, Christopher Keledjian, Christine Kemp, April Kempf, Angie Kent, Rebecca Kerley, Melinda Kimball, Erika King, Jeff King, Lorraine Kingan, Gary Kislack, Laura Kitagawa, Manuel Klarstorm, Darla Kleinman, Melody Klikoff, Catherine Klingaman, Brad Klosterman, Stephanie Kobie, James Koechner, Elizabeth Korte, Jill Kosisky, John Koughn, Dorothy Krall, Suzann SophomoresfJohn-Kra 173 The Dancing Machine ophomore William Saxon has danced his way from the streets of Chicago to those of conservative Mesa. Wil- liam was taught to dance by a street gang called the "Bangers" when he was six years old. In 1978 at the age of eleven, William and his family moved to Mesa to escape the violence in Chicago. With the support of his mother, William has suc- cessfully danced in a num- ber of shows at schools and churches, and took 2nd place in a talent show at Legend City. Presently, he is not dancing with a Kramer, David Kratz, Dayna Krstic, ivan Kruck, Jerrilee Krueger, Daniel Kruger, Carlene Kurtz, Angela Kurus, Paul Labombarbe, Joey Lafortune, Elizabeth Lakey, Kevin LaMorte, Kristen Lance, Mark Larson, Geoffrey Lasee, Michelle Last, Mindy Lavergne, Julie Ledingham, Nancy Lee, Scott Lepianka, Aimee Lewis, Valarie Liddy, Thomas Liebert, Freddie Lientz, Brent Lilley, Barbara Linenfelser, Debra Lines, Rebecca Linsenmann, Byron at , group, but as a single act using the stage name "Po- patron." His stage name was derived from a type of dance called Popa, and "Tron," one of William's favorite movies. The style of dance he performs is called Electron- ic Rebtroud mastered by Bill Johnson, a thirty-year- old resident of New York. The music William best likes to dance to is Roger Troutman from the group Zapp. When asked if he ever got nervous before a per- formance William an- swered with a wide-eyed, "Yes, always!" -stalk x 'Cx K My F im' 'ap X, ss t, 'xv' 5 .-- - ...I " 1 .., 1 t ,.-'Q 'B- it ii M W. ,, 2 -Y x.. 1- ' 1 174 SophomoresfKra-Lin 'Y z X W 2 l ,,., he . i j Y T ,f 1 I if I . l a. ,Q pm: rl rg V J l fc J' cw mais xl ll KX W il.. ri Q. J rs 1 my mi, We iff lxls NX .ws --.. 4595: :Q . f f - '-fx-:ei,resw,,g,arsi,:esxf- .. f--. 1l,,.wff1f:fmw -5, if J, , X 5 m Lisbony, Tammy Loe, Patrick Loeffler, Mark Logacho, Ruth Lomax, Carmen Lorlg, David Lotts, Jacqueline Loveall, Todd Lutz, Christopher Lyon, Pam MacClemmons, Tami MacDonald, Lisa MacDougall, Julia Magallanez, Emmanuel Mankins, Bill Mann, Amy Manuel, Kristen Marcus, Jeff Maready, David Mariage, James Marin, Brian Markoski, Jon Marler, James Marshall, Kim Martin, Roger Martinez, Andrea Martinez, John Martinez, Nancy Martinez, Terri Martyniuk, Kristen Mastalsz, Don Mathews, Tamarann Matousek, John Matthews, Janna Maughan, Gregg McArthur, Becky MCConkey, Jim McCracken, Michelle McDaniel, Margaret McDavid, John McDonald, Devin McDonald, Ross McGlothlin, Doug McGovern, Shanon Mclnnes, Greg McKenzie, Scott McKinney, Jennifer McKnight, Patti McLaughlin, Denise McLevain, David McManis, Paul McNeil, Matthew McPhee, Shawna McQ.uillen, Floyd McWhorter, Melissa Meade, Lorrie-Anne SophomoresfLis-Mea 175 Mecca, Karen Mejia, Freddie Melching, Sara Mendoza, Albert Metzger, Kirk Metzler, Michelle Michaels, Judith Michalak, Mary Micheau, Carolyn Middleton, Serina Millar, Jessica Miller, Anthony Miller, Cheryl Miller, Kristin Miller, Meredith Miller, Richard Miner, Melissa Mitchell, Scott Mitich, Dusan Moffat, Mindy Monson, Brett Moody, Luisa Moon, Robert Moore, Aaron Moore, Julie Moore, Russel Morales, David Morris, Bryan Morris, Shane Morris, Shane Mortenson, Dana Mulera, Karen Mullins, Jane Munden, Pam Munoz, Tony Murdock, Todd Murray, Brad Myers, Patricia Nano, Ricky Naylor, Stacey Nelson Chris Nelson, Clay Nelson, Doug Nelson, James Nettles, Sandra Newbold, Darlene Newbold, Kathy Newrock, Beth Nicoll, Kevin Nicolls, Christopher Niemic, Andrew Nims, Lisa Nipper, James Noble, James Norton, Alan Nowell, Priscilla A ' - .1 . Q. ,. .,,:k,, A - f ,, ,,,.. , , an ,pi-'Y 2 , J Y ' 4 ' , mm Ax, , - msaigfspms :im-. C s z . i 'I , Q ea me X ,, , 1 ' it 1 r 5 J ,J -7: f is ,-.,f A, , 176 SophomoresfMe-No my f,g ffiiffffig 'i:E".e-::r".EHL1 ff2iiIilif.5ii5ilfi l"'lL i -1-l':fd2f 1ZE2Bll "Eili'1.""3"5i:l ,ifsli " ' ' V iff-if ' W'1i5iff.5E':, ' ' ' " S .5511 '5 Nix . Q: : fr - g , W , ,Tig : , W ' id' 1 , , , if , ' B-lt? , Nxt E J l l .Tb Q A .2it,,,,,,,1,,,,,.,,1.,,,,,,,,f sg , i , 'ra F wif A I 1 E f , Via?--.l x ' -,,, '3' I , f.-. is 1 ---' W -x , X ,-- av ,sissy 1 . ,-,. , v , 'EU I ,, w we 5' 6 A i ,il,ii,Q,,.,,, i if fi Ta i 'Q . ' ll , i i 'fb ,H-. -,,,. ,,, I ., i., .,.. .k.... Zi- . , , . ,, M, W Q i ' H ',, 2'1.:,ji K' g gi r J r i Q, g z if r 1 iv. 535 if xr W as ' f5i2gffi:3 K ji E' 5 x it 4 , Q X . lsq A at if li Wlxllll - 1:-,Q 'QA . .vs- 'ln ti O , g F 5 5 1, , C c c i i b ' 'f i 11 , 1 V i P- P HXMKQA ' li " ,." "b" ' ' , ' i i if A li c ,S 2 m V.:1 , J I sf 2 p K N ,.,N , X , X.. m is-f i , I A . .4--an , A 4, X if MJ' I " if be t ,A . .1 Returning from McDonald's during fourth lunch, Carlene Kruger, Heidi Hoerchler, and Angela Glenn saunter across the courtyard toward the Sophomore locker cages to pick up their books for their next class. if 25- , .rikx . of c a l s 'Y Q r l s -AY M51 Q1 2 . f tts!-' n, !"7'I. H' sl tn , I is 4 - H ,gc A sm 4-' . , 1, Q .. . QQ 5 K 1 it N -,, , 4 , Nutt, Julie Olsen, Kyle Olsen, Joy Olsen, Todd Orthmann, Dennis O'Connell, Thomas O'Connor, Jennifer O'Donnell, Frances O'Hara, Shannon Osif, Henry Otto, Bryan Oxborrow, Michelle Packer, Eileen Pagonis, Stephanie Pallas, Tammy Palmer, James Palmer, LeeAnn Parker, Sherry Parkinson, Joel Parris, Jeff Parsons, Heather Parsons, Ron Parsons, Ronald Partel, Eileen Pasquali, Joesph Patane, Lisa Patino, Billy Patt, Jill Sophomoresflxlu-Pa 177 John Gomez fmds time to visit his lock er between classes Paynter, Troy Pearson, Lois Peavey, Sophia Pedersen, Thomas Pegler, Sarah Pendle, Walter Perkins, Emma Perkins, Karen Perry, Mark Perry, Randall Phelan, Sharon Phillips, Chris Philpott, Anthony Piluga, Bobby Jo Pinkerton, Jacqueline Pinsonneault, Tim Plucinski, David Poplin, Sherri Pospisil, Darrel Pothier, Cristy Potter, Karen Powell, Shane Prather, Laura Prechtel, Kenneth Presti, Suzette Preuhs, Kristy Preuss, Brooke Prince, Rick Pshak, Rick Pulford, Jeff Quinn, Julie Rades, Chad Rahn, Kristen Ramirez, Polly Rasmussen, Erik 178 Sophomores f Pa Ra l Q 7 A, i ,, X H.-Zim , ' ii. Q' K QI V M01 i M, .S ff r - A xl , 1' ri ,W W, WWW -will-CW-'Q ,, ' if 'F 9 Ray, Annette 9: F., ,, Ratkowski, Randy Ray, Mike Reavis, Lonnie ras ' Redondo, Jenny Regester, Mark Reidhead, Kim Qi-:jr 1 4 K fr N ' fw' l W ,iff 1 . '51 Reis, Leslie rigwriw ,L r Win ' ,W is 'Nix ,. 1 Reitzel, Matthew ' Renfrow, Jeff ' ' ' Renner, Kem I Riccoboni, Denis Richards, Karen l 3 4 , 2. A, i ! . i, A., i W 4 . . r Ridderman, Kevin . M Riedlinger, Keri Riggs, Kim Rney,Buday Riley, Dawn Ringger, Eric Robedeau, Beth Robertson, Frank i A l 1 Robertson, Glenn Robert, Paul ,M Robinson, Deann tx R 2 'vi Rodriguez Robert 1 , r J L. , ' F" ' Romas, Greg , 4 N 1 Romo, Lisa 3 arg L 4 Y - Rosa, Billie Jo ., 5 IEE f 'Ni 'iimiudrlhv , "r,::sw.wwwA'M""" , ' k iwi 1 WWW if 1' ' Rose, Edward X '- V Rosenberg, Michele ' ii rm: I, L" ww' V Rost, Lora QA 'A 1 -N Q N, A M U- Roth, Randolph 1 -v ' A 5 3 l ,kgs Rout, Necia X ,V A x Z 5 ir bjg N R, Rowley, Brian M'-C7 SMH ' ' ' 7 I. " 1 , Rowley, Christine Y I M ' Y i i 1. 1 f , V 1, l Y yi' ' Y xml f A A h l Q , Q Ruckle, Peter Rudy, Kristen Sajovie, Denise Samaniego, Edward Sanmiguel, Sylivia Saxon, William Scalzilli, Leah as""'9l Schanfarber, Lori Schave, Holly Schlagel, Donald Schmidt, Darlene Schmidt, Richard W W ffl f WEN 1' .nl Schneider, Evelyn Schneider, Stacey QF k k f l ,aww 5 Schoen, Scott ' f A Schroeder, Mike W ride - J' 4 Q , v .W , N V ' Schultz, Connie i ,NNN Y 9' Schwarz, Lisa ' M" Scott Charlotte Scott Cory 1 mag' I K- x , Ae. ' Scott: Steven SophomoresfRa-Sc 179 will .. lj -' iii:- f Q at , N' N ,N lr. 'S - ve' 2' rr i r M S L. l il 4 Y Y w b Y '. 'V , w ' ' . , l il ,I , . ill' fm, I 1 lil, Nfl "' a ' .4 Scott, William Secondo, Lori Senescall, Victoria Shackelford, Scott Sharp, Christina Shaw, Ward Sheets, Susan Sheffer, Patty Shepard, Janet Sherling, Michelle Shively, Stacy Shoemaker, Eric Shuckhart, Jason Shumway, Russell Shumway, Todd Sikora, Sherry Simmonds, Lynn Simmons, Eric Simpson, Scott Sirrine, Todd Sitter, Robert Skabelund, Steve Skiles, Cheryl Skousen, Lisa Skousen, Sheli Slade, Darla Slade, Kerry Smith Cory Smith Cindy Smith Eric Smith Jennie Smith Kevin Smith Lee Smith Michelle Smith Shawn Smith, Thomas Smith, Tina Sobczak, Angie Soboski, Stacy Spear, Clint Stapley, Rebecca Steelman, Lloyd Steill, Sam Steinhoff, Sydnee Stenmoen, Jason Stephens, Heather Sterling, Denise Stevens, C.J. Stoltz, John Stradling, Fred Straub Mike Stroia Tina Sullivan Deborah Sullivan Sheldon Swaba James ' 6' Q gi 1 Q3 It ,lil if gi, Q :me !? 5 M Phe 5 ' F l. w x, , T "I-Mi f W ,, iiii S S L 1 f si , F ,, fl, f ,Ml ai 'gil' . if f i, 180 SophomoresfSc-Sw iilxl .. i .. Q 1 m D,,,,H X, N, w ill - il . N 1 Wi E . L , ii ' 1, f .QM Y i , Q F S T 9123 , , W S , l 1 ,M .N yi L em, affirm, ell- q:..':.- s-"',L'f-"- 1 M, -ii ' 11 it Y ,elim il, Y NV Y m H.. i fr 'lv Swinehart, Steve Szuhay, Andrea -T - Balance ymnastics is a sport that takes skill and concentration. phomores Becky ghes and Julie Demke ve spent the past six ars developing and po- ing these skills. Becky began her train- with Mesa Parks and creation. Julie started th the Twisters. Both ls then joined the Desert vils gymnastics team. Last year, as freshmen, th girls tried out and de the Mountain View mnastics team. This was ir first year competing tisde Desert Devils. Both mnasts competed in ate and Divisionals. ln isionals, Julie compet- ed in all four events: floor, beam, bars, and vault, plac- ing first, second, and fourth respectively. Becky com- peted in floor, placing third. ln State, Julie placed sec- ond on vault, fourth on bars, and fifth all around. Becky placed fifth on floor. Julie was also rated in the top ten nationwide for vault in high school gym- nastics. Keeping in mind their past achievements, both girls have set high goals for the upcoming years. Becky hopes to improve her scores and Julie, as a sen- ior, hopes to take first place in State as an all- around gymnast. Tapley, Kim Taraborelli, Natile Tawzer, Brad Taylor, Debbie Taylor, Michelle Taylor, Tina Teague, Matthew Teeter, Donald Temple, Robert Tennant, Kerry Tevlin, Loralyn Thomas, Brian Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Eldon , Stuart , Tamara , Tommy , Wendy Thomey, Gina Thompson, Denise Thompson, Laura Thompson, Michael Thompson, Thomas Thrasher, Cindy Timmons, Matthew Toepfer, Hollis Toler, Marc t . Torbyn, Jackie Torres, Norma Trendler, Blain Treu, Johna Truesdell, Mark Trussell, Stephen Tucker, Bruce Tucker, Margaret Tuomisto, Julie Turley, John Udall, Adrien Uhlmeyer, Dana Upchurch, Kevin Upton, Tamara Urioste, Gina Vallelunga, Russell Valles, Sam VanCleaf, Melissa Vanderaa, Julie Vanderheyden, Kerri VanGorder, Ericka VanNorman, Jeff VanSlyke, Dorie Vasenko, Daniel Vasquez, Monica Vaughn, Justin Vick, Pam Villa, Joseph Vosburg, Lorie Wager, Oscar Wagner, Jill Walheim, Paul Walker, Jayne Walker, Lisa Walker, Susan Wallace, Jeff Walsh, Nicole Ward, Craig Warin, Stephanie Warner, Marla Warren, Lara Washington, Kelly Watkins, Lesa Weaver, Matthew Weber, Matthew Weidl, Edward Weindorf, Brent Weiskotten, Leo Wells, Jacqueline Wessel, Michele Whitcomb, Cheryle White, Belinda White, Debbie White, Gary White, Joe Whitlock, Mark I illlr 1 lily wr 'T' A M i- M, ,i,,,, i " ' M ,ff , ,, m it fe ry - ml , ll ,X ,,,, W li M ,,,, , Y fl" M V r rf V V trrri , 'iii We - J "' 1 ' i ,V V, 1 - 1 , ,snr at V ff, , y , 1 182 SophomoresfTo-Wh l i',,wi.r W, , 9- 'N 1 ' lr Affqjfi if J will " ir Twlhl fr WW i if li r .M A, I t r V 1 l YI if lm i ei Y 6 5 -, an ,x , '1'-'e E if f 5 -- Q awww x hard for sophomore Todd Castleberry to comprehend the construction of an ant hill. i? Riggs finds scanning junior and senior guys one of the advan- es of being a sophomore. X , gill! F wi viii, , 'f.5l1"Jlvl,1rwWw All in iw X 1 L, Y' in I f il fl 4 i idilfwfltiw it mi, f4.i ,ii , 1 mlfitrvjll ,- Q , tgggyg, "W , NN la fig 2 'zwii el, Wg:-5. f ' iii' AW? 'U fl 1' ' l milf Whitney, Matthew Wiechman, Robert Wiemann, Brad Willbanks, Mark Williams, John Williams, John Williams, Shawn Willis, Tamra Wilson, Paula Wilson, Steve Wolfe, Lisa Wolfrey, Rebecca Womack, Matt Woods, Deanna Wrigley, Sheila Yao, Mike Yarmus, Joe Yost, Danald Young, Loyd Zint, Todd Zirker, David Zizzo, Nickle SophomoresfWh-Zi 183 4 C' ' C . igIQiiu4I If ix 'X A fm Stag ,r 12 QQ S15 so , 1 , ' gk QI 'JSM fx TJ for S C fm rx! Qfgkf x Q! f HQ 2 I I LN, IQPQYJQ or X X Q R Ii A4 ii gg gy W I if 'XX 'IQ 30 'NX QQX QQ ,D if to X I ef W I If I KIWIQ XNQILPQEXQIE ft W I Q f J A Ur- L 1 xxx X X G ,LN YQ T-fx TI I yr-Xu, BZ? XE I an fx W :xx 4 Zi Dfx Im Gfsi QJQHWQ' I Y B! ' X Ur' fp 4 if LB" X X W X ID , IX XA ' J f If I wo C fy, I A Q 4 1 ' f . ,G 4 Y C? , QNQIQYJV Xi. AIX '76 lv mv., U AO I L 'J I X0 Q L 4 X1 A 1 X j ,rx I I 5 f , V IJ C7 I W I 2 ' 7 I J 2 1 if Xi 184 220 255 264 269 I C AN iq ei I M I5 GRGANIZATIONS 194 N.H.S. 198 Toro Band ACADEMICS 222 Stapley Administration Mt. View Administrat 224 226 Faculty 232 Features 242 Honors INDEX CLOSING SUPPLEMENT 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 1984 La 215591 133515. WEQH Superior Standards Of E cellence Set Leading a Winning Tradition 66 he key to a good school is not nice buildings, but a quality faculty and the good relationship they have with their students. That's what we have here," said Principal James Curlett. During the past years these qualities have inspired contin- ual achievement among the organizations, the academics, and the faculty. The school, more than just a place students and teach- ers attend from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, became an investment of time and energy to produce excellence. As Mr. Curlett said, "lf you set high goals and give positive rein- forcement, you will get good perfor- mance." Outstanding leadership coupled with teamwork has made the many clubs and organizations continually successful. Some of these groups have received special hon- ors or distinctions for their performances. For example, last year's Model United Na- tions delegation received more awards than any other Arizona school. They earned two Best Delegate and two Best Speaker awards. ln 1979 the Cheerleading squad re- ceived excellent and superior ratings at the World Cheer Camp. They have continued to earn these honors since. Last year, the Flag Corp also received superior ratings for their performance at the ASLI Band day and the Pom Line was awarded superior plus ratings at the National Spirit Association Pom and Cheer Camp. The 1982 and '83 yearbooks were given a second class rating by the Columbia Scholastic Press Associ- ation, and the 1983 book earned a first class rating from the National Scholastic Press Association. The debate team also had a successful 1983 year and sent one student to the Nationals. Toro Band has also re- ceived superior distinctions for its many performances. "The climate of learning is the attitude of the faculty, the relationship between the teachers and students, and enough disci- pline to run the school without turning it into a prison," said Mr. Curlett. This policy has proved conducive to achievement, we have set a "Standard of Excellence" for the most essential part of school: academics. One of our proudest achievements is the accumulation of over seven million dollars in scholarships over the past eight years. There have been seventeen National Merit Semi-Finalists and thirteen Finalists in at- tendance at Mountain View. Thirty-two Academy appointments and nineteen ROTC scholarships have been accumulat- ed. ln addition, the Accent on Academics team has reigned victorious in the Super Bowl for two consecutive years. Last year's District Writing Contest produced winners from our school and the Dance Theatre class was one of three invited to participate in the Arizona Dance Arts Alliance Conven- tion. The backbone of a successful school lies in the dedication and caring of its teachers and administrators. "l hand-picked nearly all of the faculty members," said Mr. Cur- lett. "They are a well qualified group with varying interests." Some of the staff mem- bers have made substantial accomplish- U 5-LEW'-4:-a igwknynyyw., , E .ilk I-5 A ff' 1 , if if 'M ? M, i -xx, " ,N H gi f 'iw miynvmm ll in ,fM"""""' 5 e I , , - gwwuszcs-K' I mf A r Uv 'ir K N K 'hx During a student government luncheon at Centennial Hall, Vice-President of Mayor's Youth Committee, Martha Acosta, passes out submarines. P- , ,A , t I S 'MJ t ,. W., as gets. wj' 1'?i'3ttits, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.-W i r is . "4 nr. ' f After the unveiling at Hughes Helicopter Plant, the Toro twirl- ers await anxiously for Robert GouIet's autograph. Energy Moves Organizations omehow taking six 'classes and having homework in each one of those classes just does not seem to be enough for some students. The energetic movers of our school always seem to need just a little bit more are frantically running around campus trying to sell their last box of M8M's while still others are voting for president of National Honor Society. Members of almost ev- ery organization always seem to be raising money "I wanted to get more involved and meet new people so I joined a club." - Kim Mattingly, Drama Club than that to be contentg so they join one or more of theumany clubs or organiza- tions offered to them. lf they're not marching in the Toro Band at 6 a.m., then they're sitting in a Pep Club meeting preparing for the next assembly. Some for themselves or to help out the needy. Ready to take on any challenge and always trying to better themselves, they will pick up the past tradition of working hard and winning, and they will lead it even 5 QL , J, further. B M i Ja' I This stage crew member makes some last minute touch ups on the scenery before it is carried onto the stage. These Toro singers are caught during their rehearsal preparing for their next successful con- cert. These two Drama Club mem- bers compete for this year's best Baby New Year during their drama class. Kevin Quick chuckles at his fel- low computer club members as they attempt to type in a pro- gram. These students were caught playing hooky during seventh hour and were named the hon- orary Ditch Club. 185 Michelle Oxborrow demon- strates excellent habits with her good singing posture. Todd Loveall wishes he were at home sleeping, instead of in class singing. Los Cantantes: bottom Erika Wight, Glenn Robertson, Mi- chelle Mills, Fred Straddling, Stephanie Krech, Craig Ward, Kay Seely, William Saxon, Mon- ique Allan, Bill Scott, Suzanne Niemic, Jeff Jenson, Shawn Hi- cok, Larry Hamling middle: Scott Secondo, Patti Hall, Lee Smith, Lori Rost, Mike Carlyle, Brenda Lyman, Todd Loveall, Diana Ciatola, Jeff Burrell, Jen- nifer Filmore, Tony Albright, Patti McKnight, David Mar- eady, Lisa Randall, Allen Hawsg top: Todd Sirrine, Kim Ed- wards, Bryn Pryor, Kristi Walk- er, Andy Wagar, Michelle Wol- lett, Greg Lazaroff, Michelle McDonald, Greg Mcinnes, Christina Medina, Les Batche- lor, Susan Nelson, Kevin Nicoll, Shauna Harman, Eric Gibson, Pam Lyon, Russell Moore, Mi- chelle Oxborrow, Bill Ford, Missi Mann, Steve Spear. Not pictured: Jackie Brown, Connie Chiles, Marcia Henderson, Dawn Trimmer, Lisa Groschel, Carolyn Martin, Amy Tryon, Kimberly Fultz, Gaylene Rob- erts, Lezlea Runneburg, Robbin Trantham. 186 Los Cantantes Shauna Harman and Susan Nel- son show the concentration needed in learning one of the dif- ficult songs Los Cantantes per- forms. Connie Chiles sits patiently awaiting the end of class so she can see her new love. Sing Out os Cantantes was group of sixty sel sophomores, junio and seniors with a vari of academic interes They performed wor ranging from the sance era to Broadway Jazz. ore: bottom: Julie Call, Car- Craneg second row: Steph- Gunnell, Andrea Bentley, na Marriage, third row: y Guy, Jennifer Blackhurst, ert Myers, Susan Edwards, ra Croy, Lisa Meininger, d Joyg top: Chris Decious, Lorig, Shauna Smith, Lara ldon, Gary Spear, Dennis Chris Cottam, Mary Dirk Myers, Matt Boy- Not shown: Andy DeLor- Eric Edwards. Michelle Mills demonstrates good humor as she laughs at one of her own mistakes. William Saxon kicks back as he practices one of his favorite se- lections. Juliana Davis and Carol Davis try to fool Mr. Perry by finishing the conversation they began be- fore the music started. Shauna Smith has difficulty as she tries to climb to an extreme- ly high note. Premiere: Bottom: Kristina Hen- son, Sheryl Roberts, Jill Nelson, Kay Seely, Donna Puckettg mid- dle: Laurie Jones, Tammy Beert, Rhonna Mask, Nancy King, Diana Ciancuillo, Joni Mc- lntyre, Tammy Slade, top: Deb- orah Olsen, Lisa Hon, Chalece Millar, Carol Davis, Juliana Da- vis, Lynda Buckley, Jackie Brown, Michelle Mills. Not shown: lnice Frazier, Tiffany Bethancourt, Susan Nelson, Sharee Sirrine, Melissa Collins. Q a , ,, , In Demand remiere was an en- semble of select ju- nior and senior girls who performed a wide vari- ety of choral literature and were frequently in demand as a performing group in the community. They were known for their staging and interpretations of madri- gals, jazz and pop. Llnlike Premiere, Encore was a combination of both ladies and gentlemen who also gained a reputation in Arizona and the South West as one of the finest choruses in the high schools. Because they had the ability to adapt and per- form a multitude of various choral styles, they were in- vited to conventions, festi- vals, schools, and churches. Premiere f Encore 187 Setting the Stage heater without props and lighting is like . . . Toros with- out pride, peanut butter without jelly, or Wally with- out Beaver. Stage Crew was an organization that was in charge of the techni- cal elements in the audito- rium. This involved light- ing, sets, props, and cos- tumes. They also helped the orchestra by setting up the stands and chairs, and Making sets and props for up- coming plays is not easy work, even when you are paid, as shown by Tony Needham. Working with props is difficult and sometimes a friend's help is needed, as shown by Chris Heinzmann. the choruses by setting up the risers. To be a member of the Stage Crew, Advisor Kurt Streif's recommendation was required along with five other recommenda- tions. Another requirement was to take the stagecraft class. ln the class, Mr. Streif instructed the stu- dents about lighting, build- ing sets, designing cos- tumes, and applying ma- keup. They learned about technical theatre and work- ing behind the stage. Not only was Stage Crew fun to be in, it was also a paying job. The members worked after school and got paid mini- mum wage. Tamo Carpio said, "Stage Crew is a blast, it pays, and it's worth it." if Bottom: Brian Thomas, Ka Hale, Missy Collins, Carol Brown, J.R. Chaney, Middle: chele Troumbley, Mich Sherling, Tamo Carpio, C Heinzmann, Tom Anders Nancy Martinez, Top: T Needham, Anita Higgs, Joe late, Brad Wiley, Ken Simps Kelly Compton, Advisor K Streif. fe 188 Stage Crew f Drama Bryn Pryor and Dean St. Louis grab a bite to eat before getting down to their drama business. Bottom: Julie Doughety, Danna Governo, Missy Collins, Kim Mattingly, Middle: Michele Troumbley, Gary Spear, Lisa Meininger, Advisor Kurt Streif, Anita Higgs, Laura Droy, Heidi Parsons, Top: Todd Joy, Susan Nelson, Tamo Carpio, Tony Needham, Bran Pryor, Steve Campagna, Robert Myers. In th Act etting into the the Drama Cl sponsored sta productions, held a Hall een Carnival, a Haun House, and also spread Christmas spirit by p forming skits around community. To be a Drama Cl member required dedi tion and participation. members must particip in the performances activities and most of all enthusiastic. xiously waiting his turn to tate, Shaun Perry, a junior, s over his notes for one last ie. mile John Weldon watches different activities, Joe Eu- Endutifully counts the profits . his booth. ' if 'sss S iii , if A ' AE working at the Veterans' Fair, Adina Fiaschetti for a ball that is missing her booth. Deba table 6 6 veryone from the class brain to the class clown," answered coach Dorothy Nadeau when asked who was in Speech and Debate, a competitive speaking and communica- tion sport. During the year the team was in competitions against high schools throughout the state. Throughout competition members acquired many skills. Among these skills are researching, writing, thinking logically, being creative, and communicat- ing. Perhaps, most impor- tantly, Speech and Debate developed self-confidence. Bottom: Coach Dorothy Na- deau, Assistant Coach Joan Sambaluk, Michele Troumbley, Karen Swinehart, Lynda Buck- ley, Heidi Parsons, Misti Kanis- tanauz, Top: Shaun Perry, Bill Kinear, Captain John Hartley, Captain Whitney Cunningham, David Hawkin, Bryn Pryor, Jus- tin Vaughn, Steve Fjelstad. Mayor's Youth Committee, Bot- tom: Necia Rout, Lisa Taylor, Martha Acosta, Lynn Free, Cathy Martines, Chris DeBoom, Natalie Taraborelle, Kathy Kohlhase, Middle: Khali Craw- ford, Darrell Krueger, Jeff Jen- sen, Dan Krueger, Amy Perkin- son, Top: Mrs. Taylor, Kim Mat- tingly, Wendi Lee, Bryan Rhein, David Pollmiller, Steve Fjel- stad, Mary Linnenfelser, Mi- chelle Helfert, Jenny O'Connor, Susan Maready. Community Helpers 6 6 esponsible stu- dents with a de- sire to work and an active interest in their school and communi- ty make up the Mayor's Youth Committee QMYCJQ' said recording Secretary Khali Crawford. The committee consist- ed of approximately 150 students from Mesa's high schools, 30 of which are from Mt. View. These members have proven their capabilities through academic excellence, dedi- cation to sports, club, in- volvement in school and service to the community. During the year MYC was involved in various ac- tivities including organizing a Student Government lun- cheon, a Veterans Day Fair and a Mesa Day Fair, deli- vering Christmas food bas- kets to the homebound, re- storing the Sirrine House, and numerous others. The MYC provided lead- ership opportunities for young people, provided service to the community and served as an organized force unifying Mesa's Youth. Speech S DebatefMayor's Youth 189 Different Sound embers of the fast- paced Toro and Symphonic Bands rarely had time in class to work on fundamentals. The Matador band, howev- er, dealt mainly with theory and fundamentals so stu- dents enjoyed music at a more relaxed pace. The small number of students allowed Mr. Lloyd time to work with them on a per- sonal level. While the Matador Band focused on individual ef- forts, the Jazz Band worked on producing a col- lective, jazzy sound. Mem- bers of this jazz ensemble performed not only for the enjoyment of parents and students, but for citizens throughout the community as well. Both bands did a fine job, according to direc- tor Joe Lloyd. W Jazz Band, bottom row: Sean Baedke, Jeff McEarchern, Steve Swan, Lori Jones. Row two: Greg Phair, Eddy Bisbee, Steve Lundbloom, Kent Saunders, Debra Dosdall. Row Trumpeters Steve Lundbloom, Greg Phair, and Kent Saunders harmonize their brassy sounds during a jazz rehearsal. three: Doug Baker, Ty Wood- hall, Richard McDonald, Mike Hough, Greg Arnett, Brian Abers, Brad Wiemann, John Turley. Brian Abers tunes his alto saxo- phone in preparation for a jazz practice to ensure quality sound. Sean Baeke listens intently as Mr. Lloyd explains the rhythm and style which distinguishes true jazz music. 3 Wk f 190 Jazz f Matador atador Band, bottom row: rry Tennant, Doug McGloth- , Annali Hansen, Laura ther, Dawn Degenfelder, De- Linenfelser, JoAnn Thomp- , Frances O'Donnell, Elaine chaels, Tamara Brooksby, T1 Tapley, Sally Harrison, ss Merkley, Jeff Popisil. Row o: Melanie Harris, Monica mpoy, Stacey Hudzietz, Jen- Redondo, Lisa Damiano, dy Boyer, Leisa Cory, Moni- ca Vasquez, Lynelle Manuel, Gina Llrioste, Shai Albright, Stacy Newby, Fred Camp. Row three: Joel Parkinson, Eric Gib- son, Alfred Flores, Richie Estes, Jack Ennis, Ed Sanchez, Jon Losey, Lori Goslin, Paul Richie, Bobbi Butren, Cory Scott, Mark Regester. Row four: Scott Campbell, Duane Shope, Paul Davis, David Foster, Oscar Wa- ger, Guy Jacobs, Allan Graton, Tony Albright, Matt Weaver. Z if HQYWJSWF 1 . Joe Lloyd counts out a tem- for members of the Matador d during a practice session ond hour. tist Laura Prayther joins h the woodwinds in produc- the soft harmony which plements the brass. Tuba player Oscar Wager puffs away enthusiastically during one of Matador Bands' invigor- ating sessions. Andy Boyer demonstrates his musical ability as he plays his clarinet during a Matador Band rehearsal. David Foster drums along with the music, setting the beat for the rest of the members in the Matador Band. Jazzfmaraaor A 191 fflfl SUPPO ' s Force any parents feel they have no part in their child's edu- cation. A select group that do, however, is the Booster Club. Members of the Booster Club held fun- draisers to raise money to buy certain essentials for departments. A board of sixteen members voted on requisitions made by de- partments at school to de- cide if the requested item was necessary to further the students' education. Activities sponsored by Smiling with relief over the suc- cess ofthe faculty breakfast are Dick Rader and Sharon Wiley. Booster Club members Ken Brodzinski, John Marsh, Jean DeLorenzo, and Russell Rapp serve breakfast for the faculty. Booster Club members who helped with the staff breakfast are: Ken Brodzinski, Betty Northey, John Marsh, Russell Rapp, Bonnie Marsh, Bob Ker- nagis, Susi Taylor, Joan Martin, Sharon Wiley, and Jean DeLor- enzo. 192 Booster Club the Booster Club included a faculty breakfast and the football banquet. The breakfast, held in Septem- ber, welcomed teachers back to the rigorous life at Mountain View. The foot- ball banquet gave the foot- ball players a chance to meet together, some for the last time, and reminisce about the past season. Booster Club also fund- ed a S200 scholarship for the various departments to give out to deserving sen- iors. Mr. Curlett discusses fundrais- ing activities with Booster Club member Bob Kernagis. Barbara Vaine laughs as she re- alizes how many calories are contained in a single doughnut and cup of coffee. f. g X' 'if . In X Mr' e,,fJ4txg:Qif K' Q l s,j' A J. . ., W L'hh1fjiik Bill Cari veau solicits passing cars at the KATS Club carwash held on the corner of Gilbert and Brown roads. Jim Kolhepp gives a sparkling clean car a final rub down be- fore returning it to its rightful owner. Em U3 li KA TSPIRI T ust under one year old, the KATS club was one of the newer clubs on campus. The club was started by Jim Kol- hepp and a few of his friends. Though most of the originators graduated last year, they appeared at many of the club's activi- ties. Fundraisers played an important part in the club's activities. A car wash early in the year, followed by a dance, a bake sale, and var- ious other fundraisers in- creased their account con- siderably. The club sponsor, Kim Hall, feels the club is unique because, "lt ...,.. TS, Bottom Row: Joy Lynn, d Newton, Kim Hall Qspon- , Bill Cariveau, Michelle . Row Two: Patty Johnson, ie Pringle, Dave Prechel, n Harwell, Scott Manier, Ga- Counselor. Row Three: Kelli es, Deanna Governo, Sara ne-made signs draw atten- to the September KATS o carwash. Dant, Joan Canty, Sheri Ireland, Courtney Sellers, Natalie Walk- er. Row Four: Deanna Woods, Allida Weaghington, Susan Challis, Connie Chiles, Paula El- lis, Tammy Kat, Peach Sampe- dro, Yolanda Hayley, Gaylene Roberts, Jill Kat. Row Five: QQwf t x 'ai D ...ff X S Evie Snider, Karen Mallarough, Melissa Garner, Arthur Trask, Todd Loveall, Liz Dabrowski, Michelle Dempsey, Karmel Lance, R.Ll. Alive, Top Row: Joe White, Robbie Reh, Kris Mc- Kenna, Tina Fausnett, Kim Ba- con, Wendy Prigge, Dan Fisher. vm-W. f - W .4 ,V X involves some people who might not otherwise be in- volved." The money earned was used for a S200 scholarship for the outstanding senior KATS club member as well as helping out various orga- nizations in the communi- ty. Last year the club helped out a Mountain View student involved in a special scientific experi- ment by paying about S90 on equipment. KATS member Tina Fausnett says, "KATS is the most awesome club on campus!" . Q , , ,,,. f- f ' fl- Kenny Johnson, former KATS club member, returns to help out current members raise mon- ey at a September carwash. KATS 193 Making It Happen emember the activi- ties: the dances, pep rallies, assemblies, Fall Fest, Spring Fling, and Wacky Track? Behind the scenes, it was Student Council, with the help of advisor Mr. Ron Adams, who made those special ac- tivities possible. The eight elected Stu- dent Body officers met ev- ery day during third period to coordinate as well as plan many activities. They were responsible for ap-' proving all activity requisi- tions and purchase orders for organizations on cam- pus. Pooling their creative talents, the council also provided entertainment in the form of comedic skits, informative speakers, and spirit-raising concerts. Accounting for their suc- cess, Susan Maready said, "Every officer is new this year, but they all want to do the best job possible." Bottom row: Susan Maready Secretary, Aimee Haynes, Pub- lic Relationsg Heather Haynes Traditions Commissioner Kathy Kohlhase, Correspond- ing Secretary, Kristen Merrill 1 1 Inter-club Council. Top row: Adrian Glenn, Athletics Com- missioner, Lori O'Connor, Vice President, Curt Shill, Presidentg Lori Pew, Treasurer. 194 Student Council During Student Council, Lori Pew reviews a purchase order with advisor Mr. Adams, while Aimee Haynes listens in. Preparing for Club Week dent Body officers Kristen rill, Adrian Glenn, and Curt discuss Fall Fest. 44" Q A A. .AK 'H Helping business run smoothly, Secretary Susan Maready takes minutes at a Student Council meeting. At the Student Government Luncheon, Curt Shill expresses his hope for improved relations among Mesa's high schools. l ' A ,pn l -gf'-gl' 4 ig ' 1 fill: -'s the St. Mary's game, NHS cnber, David Benson sells - to Toro football fan Holly ey to raise scholarship s. ,sf T. Y-yxl ,. ' "',,:L--A c-emi-B" M-4 At a meeting held during school time, Whitney Cunningham and John Hartley recruit members for the October Service Com- mittee. Bottom row: Sally Cypert, Sharon Bra- den, Joan Canty, Cathy Martines, David Benson, Anita Higgs, John Hartley, Ke- vin Quick, Bill Kinnear, Mary Schmidt, Mark Ford. Second row: Susan Braden, Alana Hecker, Tracee Dernovich, Lisa Kobza, Gary Parsell, Jeff McEarchern, Judy Pshak, Marci Hockett, Kristen Himes, Reylene Carlson, Julie Call, Lyd- ia Perkins. Third row: Eugene Phulovit, Cassie Forbes, Matilda Dreemon, Mar- gie Chiappetta, Jim Marsh, Wayne Smith, Izzy Sanft, Barry Elswick, Susan Edwards, Dana Belcher, Ellen Shaffer, Yvonne Ashe, Yvette Sampedro. Fourth row: Susan Maready, Debbie Benson, Karry Combs, Cindy O'Bryant, Shauna Bond, Veronica Alfaro, Missy Zaharis, Sara Dant, Jackie Brown, Kelli Warble, Lynda Kollum, Kim Bacon, Terry Mas- ter. Top row: Carlet Hatch, Heidi Werner, Kim Mattingly, Alison Pegler, Susan Mclnnes, Andra Wilson, Whitney Cunningham, Sandy Housholder, Khali Crawford, Stacy Nutt, Chris Sherman, Dawn Sellstrom, Ms. Pam Hull. NHS Officer's: Bryan Rhein, Historian, Rene Boyse, Secre- tary, Whitney Cunningham, President, John Hartley, Trea- surerg Khali Crawford, Vice President. The Elite A 4 call this meeting to order," command- ed National Honor Society President Whitney Cunningham, banging his makeshift gavel, a wooden spoon, against the table. After gaining the attention of the sixty-five NHS mem- bers, he proceeded to dis- cuss the multitude of club business. Aside from their busy schedules, members find time to participate in many NHS activities, from selling pop at home football games, to decorating the cafeteria for the Christmas Dance, to tidying the cam- pus on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, they must maintain top grades: 1.3 for Sophomores, 1.4 for Juniors, and 1.5 for Sen- iors. Two dedicated members will each receive a scholar- ship from funds raised by the club for their achieve- ments within and aside from the club. Last year NHS was one of three clubs selected by Inter-club Council as "Club of the Year." They strove to continue this hard- earned tradition. N.H.S. 195 In Business istributive Educa- tion fD.E.J is a busi- ness class for sen- iors, which prepares students for employment in a business or marketing career. Distributive Education Clubs of America fD.E.C.A.J is the club asso- ciated with D.E. Students enrolled in a business class can obtain membership in D.E.C.A. This organization developed civic conscious- ness, leadership skills, vo- cational understanding and social intelligence. Each year D.E.C.A. members competed in a state conference for the Chapters of Activities Award. They also held fund raisers, sponsored a bowl- athon, participated in the school canned food drive and introduced D.E.C.A. to other students during Club Week. A junior member, Kristi Pollock said, "D.E.C.A. is a neat club to be in. lt is a good way to get some business experience and to use some business and marketing skills." D.E.C.A produces many of our future leaders in the business and marketing fields. D.E. bottom row: Kerry West- fall, Shelly Truesdell, Sheri Sa- lyers, Shari Soboske, Debbie Traverse. 2nd Row: Betsy Fran- cis, Paula Matteo, Sherry Bar- ron, Kristi Pollock, Kim Wendt, Geanna Gonzales, Veronica Saba, Cheryl Granville, Bonnie Lawson, Julie Hance, Kim C son, Tanya VonBehren, Ma Levenda. Top Row: Don Gr Jennifer Haslip, Mick Storf treet, and Mr. Hank Scheer. 1' Pictured: Martin Samanieg Eva Ledingham, Larry Beth dorf. Rob Janda and Martin Saman- iego show their excitment about being in D.E.C.A. 196 D.E.C.A. D.E.C.A. Bottom Row: Janda, Letha Lay, Martin maniego, Robert Scott, Dickerson, Shelly Trues Betsy Francis, Dennis Sv Tammy Lewis, Travis S Thad Murgatroyd. 2nd R Eva Ledingham, Kerry fall, Debbie Traverse, Vaughn, Shari Soboske, Wendt, Kristi Pollock, Kim son, Sherri Barron, Paula teo, Stephanie Wall. 3rd Veronica Saba, Brian Stradl Jay Nystrom, Kelly Scott, nee Merry, Rose Weaghing Sherri Fiske, Tonya Richar Sheri King, Jennifer Karr, S Salyers, Wendy Gurney, Bo Lawson. Top Row: Mr. S Steve Bruner, Ken Mucha Stonestreet, Larry Rod Shihady, Mike Bundy mie Paya, Andy Randy Miller, Tom Cooper Woodward, Geanna Julie Hance, Jennifer Jeff Wesby, Ann Lenhardt Dickerson. Not Pictured: Graville, Don Gray, John Barni Coat, Allen Charles, Hardy, Tammy Leville, Olson, Denise Shrovie. Rob Janda and Martin Sa iego discuss some new i with each other before sha them with club sponsor Hank Scheer. 'ttom Row: Becky Staneart, :anna Wiseman, Cindy nder, Denise Drozd, Susie hnson. 2nd Row: Pam Goens, cky Johnson, Sandy Stahl, issy Varnes, Cheri Bagwell, icia Aguirre. Top Row: Chris eil, Deana Crist, Theresa lke, Vonda Williams, Jill Hig- ', Laura Packer, Breena Bene- ld, Anahid Dorian, Steve chs, Sandy Housholder, Ri- ie Meseroll, Ron Hahn, and ss Sara Clark. Planning a Fu tudents not only earn three credits, they also learned dif- ferent skills by participat- ing in the Home Econom- taught students to find a job, keep a job and also learn different job skills, To be in H.E.R.O., each stu- dent was required to work g . -1 resa Duke, a member of .R.O. dutifully accepts the or of presidency for the b. ics Related Occupations fH.E.R.O.J H.E.R.O. is a club, a class, and a job. The club catered to sen- iors interested in a home economics related career. Inthe class, Miss Sara Clark at least fifteen hours a week on a job related to home economics. During the year the members competed in State Conferences, held fund raisers and did differ- Becky Staneart and Cheri Bag- well look on attentively as De- anna Crist discusses some new club business. Sandy Housholder discusses upcoming projects and fun- draisers at an annual H.E.R.O. meeting. I" l ture ent service projects. For one of their projects H.E.R.O donated pumpkin pies to Salvation Army and earned money for cerebral palsy. At the end of the year an employer banquet was also held to show ap- preciation for the employ- ers and to honor achieve- ments of H.E.R.O. members. H.E.R.O. 197 lndomitable T osquitos, irriga- tion, and heavy thunderstorms frustrated the band early in the season. Before the 7:00-8:30 morning rehears- als, band members doused themselves with "Off" hoping to dissuade the hungry mosquitos. While the Toro Band's marching field lay under water, the band continued to practice elsewhere: the parking lot, the basketball courts, and the P.E. fields. Nothing could deter them from their purpose, however. Jeff McEarchern, band president and drum major, sums up his feelings about the band stating, "We real- ize our duty. What is school spirit without the band?" That question may never be answered. Faithful band members were heard and seen at every football game, basketball game, and pep rally. Besides these school Drum Majors: Steve Lundb- loom, Jeff McEarchern. Major- ettes: Wendy Phillips, Sidney Steinhoff, Dawn Hathaway. The Mountain View and Dobson bands combine to perform a special patriotic show in honor of Constitution Week. performances, the Toro Band attended A.S.l.I. band day and state festival, played at the roll-out of the Apache helicopter, and ap- peared at many other com- munity affairs. This year the flag line re- ceived new flags. Though the flags were lighter and easier to perform with, the rainbow design didn't ap- peal to flag member Heather Pfeifer. "The flags are fine . . . except for the color. They should have been blue or red not rainbows." Despite the grumblings about the new flags, Heather felt the Flag Corps improved tremen- dously over last year. "Go- ing to camp during the summer helped a lot not just learning new rou- tines, but becoming friends." Together, the band and flags carried on a tradition . . . that of Toro Pride. 198 Toro Bandfl-:lags Flag Corps co-'captains Kim Black and Dawnie Wolfe seem to be "up a tree" about year- book pictures. Demonstrating their consum- mate skill with the flags, Kim Black and Kim Marshall per- form the drill "Rosanna" 'fl' ..l XXQUIICMJ X vfw l iii? Band IL1sted1n alphabetical orderj: Brian Abers, Frank Agos- D, Tim Andrews, Greg Arnett, Robert Arnett, Sean Baedke, Doug Rer, Scott Balster, Pam Barry, Tim Bendure, Frank Bennett, nn Biehn, Wendy Biller, Eddy Bisbee, Kim Black, Kelli Boas, elia Bracamonte, Leslie Brault, Ken Brodzinski, Doug Brown, ,y Brown, Eileen Bryson, Maureen Bryson, Scott Burgess, Jeff ln, Linda Campbell, Gina Cavallo, Diana Ciancuillo, Larry Coch- , Linda Collum, Wayne Crandall, John Crowe, Sally Cypert, nuel Cypert, Christina DeBoom, Chris Decious, Joyce Dever- nn, Brian Fells, Dan Eulate, Paul Fagan, Tina Fausnett, Khris- n Fedoryk, Christine Frank, lnice Frazier, Tristan Frihart, Laree e, Mike Hardy, Dede Hightower, Desi Hightower, Marsha Hinkle, -ce Hough, Jeff Jensen, Cindy Johnson, Dale Jones, Bill Kinnear, Kobza, Suzy Krall, Kari Larson, Wendi Lee, Troy Leonard, n Loeffler, Ruth Logacho, David Lorig, Steve Lundblom, Joy n, Pam Lyon, Debra Marshall, Cathy Martines, Jeff McEar- rrn, Sharon McGovern, Kristin Miller, Julie Millross, Randy ls, Luisa Moody, Susan Nelson, Beth Newrock, Andrea Noe, Teresa Owen, Tammy Pallas, Sarah Pegler, Heather Pfeifer, Wen- dy Phillips, Jaqueline Pinkerton, Ken Prechtel, Jeff Pulford, Kevin Quick, Bryan Rhein, Vicki Rhinehart, Beth Robedeau, Glenn Rob- ertson, Gary Romay, Lora Rost, Andrea Rusk, Lori Salasberry, lzzy Sanft, Kent Saunders, Chuck Schmidt, Scott Schoen, Scott Secon- do, Susan Sheets, Patty Sheffer, Shari Skabelund, Jim Smith, Baird Stevens, Fred Stradling, Steve Swinehart, Karen Swinehart, Natalie Taraborelli, Kerri Vander Heyden, Andrianne VanGorder, Ericka Van Gorder, Sheila Van Roekel, Linda Votano, Kelli Warble, Lesa Watkins, Michele Wessel, Gary White, Brad Witkin, Dawnie Wolfe, Ty Woodhall, Christine Yahnke, Nickie Zizzo. Stage Crew: Steve Campagna, Tony Nybo Flag Corp, bottom row: Erika Wight, Robin Bartlett, Julie Winters, Jennifer Hawley, Dawnie Wolfe, Lisa Watkins. Row two: Sheila VanRockel, Debbie Marshall, Deanna Governo, Kim Black, tcap- tainj, Diana Caincuillo. Row three: Gina Cavallo, Khris Fedoryk. Top row: Kim Marshall, Heather Pfeifer. An enthused Ty Woodhall drums to the tune "Eye of the Tiger" during the St. Mary's as- sembly held in September. Debbie Marshall executes the drill "Rosanna" during the half- time show at the St. Mary's game. Toro Band f Flags 199 D ,Q M ...- s s .p -, Y ,A u lu A 1 A Y 1.-4 A -. . 1. n 5 . . U 5 8 ,' n A s 0 4 ,' U ,. I - n-'In .4 .,. 1 A 1 x 1 I 'l, ,K w C UL TURE alking into a Ger- man or French Club meeting is like stepping into another country. Though members are allowed to speak Eng- lish at meetings, most pre- fer conversing in a foreign language. German Club furnished t-shirts for its members this year. On the front was printed "Das Beste" - the best. Various fundraisers, including sales of Gummi Bears, snowcones, and cal- endars, paid for a S200 scholarship for the out- standing senior club mem- ber and an end of the year German dinner. Says club member Donna Walker, "The club gets me involved with people and teaches Donna Walker flips through a German catalog, comparing German styles and prices with American styles and prices. Signing up to work at the crepe sale for the October Fallfest is French Club member Kris Hen- me more about German culture." French club fundraisers included a crepe sale, French candy sale, and a lollipop sale. Their money also furnished a S200 schol- arship for the outstanding senior member. Twice a year the club pays for a special dinner at the La Re- serve in Scottsdale for the club's hardest working members. Early in the year, the French Club joined Westwood's French Club for a cheese-tasting party. Members really en- joyed the experience. French Club sponsor Amy Hull felt that members were "an enthusiastic group of kids." 'Witt J ""h-..,.av M! sen. xx French Club, bottom row: Tracee Dernovich, Laurie Tanya Nielson, Guinn Parsons, Lori Whitmore, Lisa McCain, Canty, Lisa Kobza, Marci Hockett, Deborah Benson. Row Heather Haynes, Kris Moore, Darlene Edmonds, Stacey Baer, Sacco, Michelle Hagerty, Sandra Deming, Barbara Peel, Ci O'Bryant Cpresidentj, Diana Baca, Joy Lynn, Susan Nelson. three: Kristina Henson, Tracy Sikora, Sara Leonard, Sharlene J ett, Bobbi Bloom, Alison Pegler, Dayna Kratz, Andra Wilson, C line Nowell, Melissa Garner, Heidi Werner, Mrs. Amy Hull sorl. German monolopy doesn't dif- fer much from its American cousin, as the expression on Becky Kent's face shows. Lori Whitmore has a question about the cheese-tasting party during an October French Club meeting. German Club, bottom row: Donna Walker, Misti Kanistanaux, ren Swinehart, Sheila Hoopes, Tara King, Julie Pringle, Biehn, Brenda Cole, Kris McKenna, Michelle Gebhardt. Row Mr. Bordwell, Kris Perkins, Scott Burgus, Margaret Benzer, Dale, Sharee Sirrine, Mike Pitts, Hillary Bethancourt, Kathy linke, David Maready, Amy Tyron. Row three: David Christ Zachary Hull, George Traylor, Steve Chaney, Heather Markh Bryn Pryor, Tom DeMassa, Charles, Amy Moore, Sabine Wer Becky Kent, Karen Perkins. Row four: Skip Leasure, Jim Ma Mike Keck, Rick Rader, Ken Hennesy, Scott Balster, Mike Bai Russ Markley. ! Elswick watches Helen VOLT conference held for members. CAI take notes at the Septem- Ms. Helen Pogal gathers COE members together for lunch shortly after the September VOLT conference. Laurie Elswick, Trisha Eccles, Sonja Gutierrez, and Julie New- land pose for a picture at the VOLT conference. Q: 1. Sonja Gutierrez listens intently as COE members decide where to eat after the VOLT confer- ence. Shawna Hillger introduces her- self and her place of employ- ment at a parent orientation meeting for COE. Getting A ead Start ooperative Office Education gives stu- dents a chance to gain hands-on experience in the business world while attending high school. Members must be seniors intent on a business career. Three credits are received for the course: two for working on the job and one for the class. Jobs include working in banks, law firms, various medical of- fices, and numerous small businesses in the commu- nity. Though COE is of- fered as a class, it also serves as a club. Activities include fundraisers to raise money for scholarships, at- tending vocational office leadership training, com- munity service projects, and an end-of-the-year ban- quet for the employers. COE member Wendy Brewer feels, "Being in COE this year will really help me in the future. I have gained experience in an office setting that will help me get other office jobs." COE, bottom row: Meredith Kobie, Connie Wozniak, Kathy Craw- ford, Sonja Gutierrez fpresidentj, Gina Straziscar. Row two: Trisha Eccles, Wendy Brewer, Cynthia Lawrence, Esther Dolan, Kim Jenks, Rikke Marshall. Row three: Ken Dammer, Nanette Epps, Mia Mealer, Janna Diekman, April Tucker, Kimberly Bouchie, Berkley Lunt. Row four: Diane Kujawa, Renee Wilder, Helen Pogal Qsponsorj, Robert Lindsay, Shawna Hilger, Tamera Sellers, Julie Newland, Lauri Elswick. Not pictured: Dennis Hawley. COE 203 Connie Zirker tries to remember the notes to a song as she fid- dles on her violin. Bottom Row: Karen Hale, Fran- cine Doyle, Connie Zirker. Top Row: Ken Brodzinski, Carlet Hatch, Scott Secondo, Joni Jo- hann, John Turley, and Joan Canti. Bottom Row: Lydia Perkins, Ka- ren Hale, Heather Markham, Lara Kempton, Grace Alvarado, Shana Andrews, Carlet Hatch, Anita Higgs, Wendy McGough, Joan Canty, Cruinn Parsons. 2nd Row: Kim Walker, Connie Zirker, Susan Whitcomb, Lisa Bartko, Francine Doyle, Holly Sutton, Lisa Brown, Susanne Mclnnes, Becky Bean, Susan Nelson, Joni Johann, A Dawnie Wolfe. 3rd Row: Joanna Wat- kins, Susie Herron, Jessica Richardson, Julie Moon, Ja- nette Alvarado, Laurie Ark, Debbie Dosdall, Sandy Dem- ming, Heather Pfeifer, Rhonda Wright, Melanie Steinhoft, Caren Conklin. 4th Row: Cory Church, Jesus Chavarria, An- nette Ray, Angie Sobczak, Jen- nifer Boren, Athena Pappas, Ni- chole Walsh, Shannon Carey, Sharla Dawson, Heidi Werner, Reed Haymon, Amy Needham. 5th Row: Sara Pegler, Linda Campbell, Julie Millross, Jvonne Ashe, Leslie Brault, Vickie Rhinehart, Kelli Warble, Andrea Rusk, Cindy Trevizo. 6th Row: David Hossack, Tim Andrews, Jimmy Smith, Rick Lyon, Dale Jones, Scott Secon- do, Susan Nelson, Rob Allen, Joe Eulate, Greg Phair, Scott Shone, Eddy Bisbee, Ken Brod- zinski. 7th Row: Mr. Richard Rader, Rick Rader, David Cas- sady, Ken Damen, James Mills, John Turley, Matt Hansen. 204 Orchestra Dedicated ransforming a good orchestra into a great one took hours of rehearsal and dedi- cated individuals who put forth their best effort. That was just what the orchestra did - made having a great orchestra a tradition. The orchestra held four concerts, played at Bacca- laureate and graduation, and also participated in the Mountain States Music Festival at A.S.Ll. They also planned a tour to Cali- fornia. Some fundraisers included selling candy and cookies. "Last year's orchestra went a long way, but this year we have the potential to be the best," said senior violist Caroline Brown. With Mr. Rader conduct- ing, the orchestra was a success. Nl tw - I-'L ,--"V 1rl5'."' All ' 41-H V' X 'wr'- .' I f sq. Jacquie Duranti and Colette Vanblormon are thrilled to have finally finished their last page by cropping a picture. Lending a helping hand, Donna , LaMorte steps in as teacher and begins class by taking roll. n Deadline roducing a success- ful yearbook was not easy. Much hard k and dedication went every page. Meeting dlines, drawing up lay- s and writing good copy e some of the things a rbook staffer did. Staff tographers put in many ra hours capturing the ool activities and peo- on film. The editors used a lot of their own e organizing sections. he pressure of deadline also part of being on rbook. "I really felt hed at deadline time senior Jacquie Duranti because if I did not make my deadline the yearbook would have lost hundreds of dollars." Meeting deadlines might be hard work but finally fin- ishing the book made it all worthwhile. Editor Martha Acosta said, "I think l am more nervous before it comes out because I don't know what the students are going to think of itg but it is really exciting to see the finished yearbook." The yearbook staff has spent many hours putting together a summary of this past year as seen in this year's book. Bottom Row: Sharon Cyplik, Wendy Phillips, Keleigh Keefe, Susan Upchurch, Denine Davis, Bonnie Brinkman. Middle Row: Tim Curd, Scott Ashley, Shauna Adams, Becky Bean, Kim Bacon, Mike Miller, Heide Hoerchler, Heather Parsons, Blake Delaney. Top Row: Bob Castle, Donna LaMorte, Ju- lianne Pearce, Cara Cooper, Stacy Thomas, Jacquie Dur- anti, Khali Crawford, Christine Gibbons, Wendi Lee, Colette Vanlhlormon, Heather Pfeifer, I Tracy Vindhurst, Martha , Acosta, and Mrs. Debbie Hale. sf-so i Bonnie Brinkman teaches soph- omore Bob Castle the correct way to develop a picture. Yearbook 205 ' 'V 4' .' .. K 4. . in' ' Cf NT, I . XJ . 5 .1 W . 1 J x :V . Y , K ' , ., h 11" ' ' N J, ' . , ll iam? 1.19 K 1 H A' 1.5, R., Ji . , JA, .- Y V 7- YN.,j1m:.:.? , , ' I H 3 ' id- 9 1 VR-1 ,. ?Xl1gX,'ll!- A' ,rj fax ' . H , Q . : :.t. L ,mv Ji F! 1 H NV .J A ' V. .Yi .ff -, 3 Q N1 ' '1 g' 'ln , '..':I' 5 IJ' .' ' ."' Q" 6 frvk HJ .iinif .3 J' T , I , A,1h1,35.,. ..,4A . ' i N41 11.-TJAW' ..- Q -.W -' X" -wi ' W ' ' 1-Xxu ' '- H4 ' 11 xH f "T ' " - , , . 1,71 1. . -A . 11 1 ' x "K , z 1- 1 112115111 1 W,-Q ,- 14 A X 1' .Q , ' u O ' If 'f . ' 1 A agq 42 , g, , , 1 Ml' E- I yi A 'ff lx'-.1 S. 1 461 XQI ' WA! Jn . ,.i,11?,h-i J-,1'f,j, I .1-2.11, I :K-L ' 5.1 khif A 1 '-Q' QVQ41 - IR: ly X if' 91,' v' 1 , A -, ' YL "22'144", - ,g 1 , mx L if , f vk?.u'l,..D'. 1, 1 1 12- M1 1'11 W 'M g gf- I - 11- ,f-,QL rf 34 'L I - . a' , , g L20 1 in 4. ! u145f,!, 1 Q V , V. .V ' v1 '. 1,-Q 111111 ' 1-.-1 ' ,1 1 f? ff uw!!! ' 'jf F :F 4? .41 . Y W Y "axial gFf11.Jj 'va '11 1 ff- ,f ' ' fi 'N fa' "SYS "M" '7. 1 1.1 , ... 1 11mm-1. 1 Ma W IP 1? .rf 5 o xl ,. hr 1: ' 3 ' 'A' yv1."4 "i4'fv-fn 9' . W N x '71, - 14.I,l in ' fs s'1 :,,'jiT'. a iffy .'QA'r'A.fL.f .lf--Q34 "' ' " 1.-fqfxfi' ' .Ab , - tl-1 ' "IM: N if . I L' 1..MJ,5'1K,gQE., -l,',:,Q'z Q , 'NE . u :C Ze ' X. 50: ""'Q,.i.f -,Z A .I L V ' I I 1111. 1 1- ' - I 0 '. 1 , 'si ' "M ff' - . ' ' fl.-, Ju- . 9 , j 5 ' ' Q f, 1-il p . an ' 1 " , 'f ', 1. I 3 ' W 4,2 ' 9 .- '1 , rjf 'f , 111' ,1 1 P00011 ' ' . - ,xg , , 1155 , . ' u lf- ,-I., 4 , ' , 1 5 ' 3 I . f 41 "W 1 1,101 1. '-g- 1 L, V in .7' 'f Db ' A f' 1 . , fix . 1 - d , ' j mn, lp , , ,f 1 ,..., 515' no-,...,,g , E! il ,M 1 , , 1 M111 A 1 I M-1 ., X g.A ,f Al- U 'mu A Q 1. 'Fas -. 1 gg f AH. 1 , 1 F f V. - .yi 5 ' -- 1,. t ,zfo Q- ,Q 1 ,ff -1 V ,J-my 1 'Q ,KL-'1,o',' - it 1 fif 1s,,,L -vit-2f,g7.g1h.wZi.T,....1 A 11 V. , 1 , 1 - .N .J ,Y ' . M my :M "M: '7 '1 4 Q Wwll'-1f::3',T +1 M ' W 1, J, 'L"1'- '1 'V 1 :Q -1 .w"'1fve111S N 1 ,u 'xp ,ji-W Q VA ,. . , 1 ' ani' ks-" . 5 ff? 1 :v:1.g.3f2f, 1:1 Sf., Q ,mi Rx Icggr 19. , 1 1 - 1 '31 -Q, Hp , ' N I ' .Q ' ' . f '1 V 1, ' 111 I -7 1 LQ ' , , N 1 1 N V, V " A m :r'a.,. - 4 x. ,X ' - f , 1 -qlww V'Alf.44:1g1iZ. ,W V- ,' ' . ' .': X291 ,. r-.-fag. 9 5? Aw, ,. ,Tw-JV 319, 1 'L+ . 1, 'tk ", ..,- -K' fg- T"ll" nn... 5l,1u1,,. 'U ' F" 'WT :'1 . E. 1 Demke is able to view the ne and cheer at the same on top of Julie Calls' shoul- et Rowdy he spirit-raising per- formance of the Var- sity Cheer squad a familiar sight at all ball games and basket- games. Besides cheer- t games and pep rallies cheerleaders were also lved in other activities. his summer the cheer- ers participated in the cheer camp to learn cheers and chants for upcoming year. They learned different ways et the school more in- ed on spirit days and in rallies. The summer camp also developed unity within the squad. Susie Her- ron, a junior on the squad said, "I feel we get along better as a squad this year. We all seem to have a lot more respect for each oth- er." The squad spent hours practicing before school for upcoming perfor- mancesg they also had money making activities such as participating in a chili cook-off, selling can- dies, cookies, candles, cups and other goodies. Cheering at games is not the only thing a cheerleader does, as shown by Tangi Tidwell as she cheers at an assembly. Wishing she were really at the beach, Martha Acosta performs at one of the pep rallies. Captain Amy Perkinson goes over new mounts and tries to explain them to Amanda York. If Bottom Row: Martha Acosta, Tangi Tidwell, Lisa Taylor, Mid- dle Row: Tracy Welch, Amy Perkinson, Kim Demke, Jessica Richardson, Top Row: Amanda York, Julie Call, The Toro, Su- sie Herron and Tammy Tempel, pose together before a game for a quick group shot. Varsity Cheer 207 QS Q , I . 4, P J 1 X 4 - f .vm - ,ax il, MQ, ..,,. iii . ,Nw L id., X' rv., , . .. FM, 1 N ? if 1 5 1 ,ff L Wm W we 1 Nm L. 4 Q L Q 5 M 5 , 3 I 1: YJ K X ,.,, A I, ' KV' lj W 1 W ""'J' " if f w. M, , 1 5 X2 'EE 1'5" ll the Right Moves he grace of ballet, the flash of jazz, and the creativity of dern are only some of disciplines students in nce Theatre developed. be dancers auditioned their position in the hour Dance Theatre taught by Ms. Zlamal. e selected dancers learned different tech- niques and styles of dance ranging from ballet, barre, and across the floor. The students were also taught by originators of unique styles of dance, Arthur Hall and Martha Graham. Dance Theatre was dis- tinguished as one of only three high schools to be in- vited to the Arizona Dance Arts Alliance Convention, in Scottsdale, in which the other dancers were college and professional perform- ers. The students were re- quired to choreograph dances for performances. ln addition, they also per- formed at several junior high schools in the valley and put on a lecture dem- onstration to show what they achieved in dance class. After many hours of practice and rehearsal, the Dance Theatre put on a spectacular showing of their many varied talents in their final Spring dance concert. Sheryln Morris practices a dance routine for the lecture demonstration. Darla Koontz, Stephanie Kretch, and Lynda Colombo practice a finishing pose to their dance. 1 ' at V ' .. ' . M. I 1 ."' fn, . frm. Q1 ff' -Y' 'i es' '- . r .,, 'tt ,,,,..M z l- ' D ii -aiykigitif ia 5, 2 X fiiileiii 5331 at " -f,1:f' ,3si. - A j . f' Zig - S-1- 55, ,C .. ' ft .9232 W uzgi V I Smiling, Geanna Gonzales en- joys performing a new dance routine. bottom: Cindy Fabian, Tonya Richarme, Janet Adams, Shan- lyn Newman, Gina Cavallo, Sherri Czudak, Kris Marshall, Michele Motts, Pat Sacco, Su- zanne Niemic, advisor Ms. Ame- lia Zlamal, second: Karen Midd- lebrough, Dodie Baker, Maureen Gregan, Sherilyn Mor- ris, Geanna Gonzales, Gina Jackson, top: Chalece Millar, Andrea Bentley, Hillary Bu- torac, Cathy Larson, Sherri Klopshinske, Darla Koontz, Lynda Colombo, Sheryl Rob- erts, Robin Brunson, Richard Lizdas, Cheryle Pardew Dance Theatre 209 'Blinded by Science' bottom: Sally Cypert, Dawn Trimmer, Suzanne Niemic, Dana Robins, Catherine Klikoff, Neicia Rout, second: Ken Hennessey, Michael Austin, Robert Young, Erik Hamm, Eric Nash, Jennifer Boren, Steve Fjelstad he past few years, the Ll.S. has plunged headlong into a world of high technology. The emphasis on science as part of a good education spurred an enthusiastic group of students to join to- gether as the Science Club to prepare themselves for a future in the sciences. To increase their knowl- edge the club frequently had guest speakers. The members also took many field trips to points of scien- tific interest and toured the Tucson Desert Sonoran Museum. Members were encour- aged to participate in con- tests and enter a project in the ASLI Science Fair. Mr. Atkins stands in front of a mural of DNA which was paint- ed by a student. Science Club sold spirit ribbons to promote school spirit on game days. Ken Hennessey, a member of Science Club, conducts an ex- periment with Miller's Appara- tus. 210 Science Club e another interesting story Compton polish up another re the November issue port in time for deadline. Wir- lst Kay Frlsbygets ready to LeeAnn Mykytyn and Kelly 4 6 ew and im- proved," was the motto for the Viewpoint staff. Having only four veterans from last year, the staff consist- ed of many new faces in- cluding the advisor, Mr. Mike Hutchison. Working together, the staff added variety to the layouts, quality to the writ- ing and creativity to the stories. A "nose for news" was a definite must since reporting school events was a number one priority. They proved that dedica- tion, hard work, and fresh ideas make a newspaper "extra, extra" special! ltintlltl -Ill :Ill ill! tlgl 5 li Sllll I Q :llll I I lllll lr I I Ill lit ll I Ili! I6 fl Ill: llfll finlv Co-Editor Kristen Lazaroff re- views the stories before sending them to the publisher. bottom: Teresa Owen, LeeAnn Mykytyn, Chris DeBoom, Shayne Figgins, Kim Mattingly. second: Kay Frisby, Kelly Compton, Dana Uhlmeyer, Kris- ten Lazaroff. top: Joel Lemoine, Sean Harrington, Judy Pshak, advisor Mr. Hutchison. Newspaper 21 1 On the job oung people who work with their hands and minds, who are proud of the work they do, and who want to learn to do it better were the students involved in V.l.C.A. Wocational lndus- try of Americaj. V.I.C.A. encouraged and created an interest in trades and industrial occu- pations. lt also provided leadership and civic and so- cial skills. Bottom: Bobbi Calloway, Tammy Mattison, Deanna Gaurno, Faith Hudson, Stella Schwarz, Jeana Shipman, Mid- dle: Bruce Gorman, Russ Tyn- dall, Doug Sims, John Louhrey, Chris Walkson, Bill Krueskamp, Top: Frank Hudson, advisor, Ed Widder, Roy Colpaert, Stoney Schafer, Brian Moeser, Darryl Abernathy, Duane Shepherd. Bottom: Steven Fjelstad, Paul St. Onge, Robert Young, Kevin Quick, Top: Dirk Myers, Eric Ringer, Wayne Crandall, Bill Kinnear. Steve Fjelstad contemplates the program he just punched into his computer, and looks for any mistakes. The organization in- volved seniors who have a stated career goal. V.l.C.A. members earned three credits by taking an hour related course and by working three hours a day in a trade industry-related career. By participating in MSM, mistletoe, and rodeo program sales the club was able to hold an end-of-the- year employer-employee banquet. Whiz Kids ith the big boom of computers, and the large en- rollment of students in computer classes, a Com- puter Club was formed. The club was for students 212 V.l.C.A.fComputer interested in the making of computer programs. The club was involved in the Fall Fest and planned some different projects throughout the year. Faith Hudson holds one of patients and applies her Vl experience to become a vete arian. Russ Tyndall wonders why cannot get the right from his computer, and confused. rnzrl Programing a comput sometimes difficult as by Steve Fjelstad as he help from a friend. f5 -ultiva ting State and National organization, FFA promoted the im- -rtance of agriculture and imals. FFA provided a riety of skills including ndership, public speaking d job interview skills. Some activities included owing animals at the late Fair, preparing land -ttom: Kevin Lahey, Beth Ro- eau, Brian Loeffler, Karl es, Jennifer Karlson, Rick ham, James Ardin, Mr. Wat- s, advisor. In Front of Trac- r: John Crowe, Mary hmidt, Ron Parsons, Amy mons, Rick Schmidt, On -- Jr i for planting, selling poin- settias at Christmas time and selling candy. Another main function of the club was Work Ex- perience Abroad QWEAJ which gave students an op- portunity to go to a foreign country and learn about ag- riculture. Tractor: Steve Heath, Mark Line, Jeff Butler, Mary Armis- tead, Top: Stella Schwarz, Troy Brady, Larry Hamlin, Kevin Ka- linke, Jim Flood, Jill Patt, Sally Garrison, Denise Hanna, Mike Hall, R.M. Axon, Darin Krause. . L .- Mary Armistead, Jim Troy Bealey, Jill Patt, Martinez, Sally Garri- Top: Stella Schwarz, Mary midt, Advisor Mr. Watkins, Kevin Lahey, Brian Loeffler, Rick Schmidt, Rick Lanham, Ron Parsons, Karl Hines, James Deroy. t YI a ' I 4 A J '.,,1"T- I G X FFA Officers: Bottom: Mary Schmidt, Vice Pres.g John Crowe, Sentinelg Mark Line, Jr. Reporter, Amy Timmons, Jr. Secretary, Brian Loeffler, Treas.g Mr. Watkins, advisory Top: Rick Schmidt, Reporter, Karl Hines, Presidentg Beth Ro- bedeau, Secretaryg Sally Garri- son, Jr. Presidentg Stella Schwarz, Vice President. A FFA member tests his sheep's strength by making it give him a piggy back ride. Jim Flood kisses his calf good- night and hopes it will be all right until he is able to visit it in the morning. 'C ""-'----7-1: Animal Care hat different shots does a calf need? How much should you feed a hog? Questions like these and others are answered for members of the Livestock Club. The newly organized club was involved in activi- ties such as hog selling and raising calves. A trip to New Mexico was also planned for the purpose of buying and selling hogs. The money earned was used to improve the lab. Those who had an inter- est in animals and animal care were in the Livestock Club. F.F.A.fLivestock 213 bottom: Jim Palmer, Anita Higgs, Becky Nuciforo, Sharon O'Hara, Kerri Vanderheyden, K.C. Butran, second: Jackie Wells, David Pollmiller, Bryn Pryor, Matt Hansen, Mike Perez, David Hedges, top: Rhonda Wright, Matt Gurtler, Lloyd Gurtler, Guinn Parson, Betsy Szczepanski, advisor Mr. Bob Bordwell. , y The Spanish Club officers go over some minutes from the last club meeting. Enjoying Culture new organization on campus, Latin Club spent the year recruiting members. They succeeded in attracting seventeen students who devoted much of their time to the club's major activity: a catapult building contest. The club entered the con- test with the other Latin Clubs in the competition. A banquet was held to im- prove inter-school rela- tions. They were optimistic about motivating other stu- dents to join their group in the coming years. "Mexico or bust" was the motto for the Spanish Club whose memb raised money for a trip Mexico at the end of year. Through this trip t hoped to become better quainted with the Span language and the act culture of a Spanish spe ing nation. Bottom: Lydia Perkins, Dawn Shear, Jenny Redondo, Donna Atkins, Susan Rayo, Wendy Prigge, Juliane Davis, Desiree Peterson, Middle: Erik Jon 214 Latin f Spanish Hamm, Eric Nash, Catherine Klikoff, Julie Jones, Becky Bean, Monica Young, Kathy Kohlhase, Top: Mike Baily, Steve Hale, William Skinner, Brent Beers, Tamara Larry Cruise, Joel Lemoine Ianda Bracamonte, Ca Hatch. om: Mary Linenfelser, therine Klikoff, Cassie s, Julie Jones, Necia Jennifer Boren, Rose Fair- Reylene Carlson, Alison ler, Denise Benson, Middle: vid Hawkins, Doug Dodge, Juliana Davis, Sheli Skousen, Eric Eliason, Laurie Jones, Shauna Harman, Michelle Ge- hardt, Shannon O'Hara, John Beynon, Dawn Sellstrom, Eric Ringger, Top: Mark Ford, Derk Hebdon, Antonio Ferreira, Shaun Parry, Ken Hennessey, John Hartley, Whitney Cun- ningham, Chris Sherman, Bill Kinnear, Steve Fjelstad, Robert Young, Bob Grasso, Justin Vaughn, Advisor Mrs. Donna O'Haver. F.S. students worked together to raise money to aid reign students coming to t. View and to help our dents traveling abroad. nce foreign exchange stu- Whitney Cunningham is furi- ously taking notes to assure his victory. Shauna Harman and Kim Walk- er listen attentively in order to plan their attack. bottom: Lorraine Shoop, Donna Clevenstine, Kris McKenna, Holly Rouse, Heather Markham, Antia Higgs, second: Shannon O'Hara, Rhonda Wright, Eileen Bryson, Reylene Carlson, Mi- chelle Helfert, Becky Kent, Dan Taylor, top: Mete Mecikoglu, Kristie Arrowsmith, Theresa Adams, Laura Kislack, Matt Hansen, Mike Carlisle, Deanna Grieme, Amie Tryon, Kristen Lazaroff, Mr. Bob Bordwell. djusting to Cultures dents arrive, AFS tries to help them adjust to their new surroundings. Mem- ber Reylene Carlson said, "lt's fun, because I get to meet new people and learn about new and different cultures." One unrecognized team on campus can't be found on the football field or the basketball court. This team practiced from September to February perfecting Model their skills. Model LLN. trav- eled to Tucson to compete in the model assembly of the United Nations, where they received many indi- vidual awards. u.N.fA.F.s. 215 Click Club member Andy Wa- gar intently works on a poster for Mountain View's Fall Fest. Beautifully portrayed as Charlie Brown and Lucy, Kim McKelvy and De Wolff have their portrait taken by Click Club. i x., 4,23 1 -1 . N fra 'LJ tl 'P :E-2.11 '55-: 1 .-. . 1. Click . . . Gotcha! hat club on cam- pus boasted 27 picnic at Fountain Hills relax from their rigor Collapsing under their heavy "load," Click Club members show their creativity in photog- raphy. Click Club member Meredith Miller takes a picture of There- sa Clark using studio lighting. 216 Click Club active members? The Click Club did and with good cause. The club, which met twice weekly on a regular basis, had organi- zation. Sponsor Jeanne Zimmerman owns a three- ring notebook, titled "Click," in which were kept all minutes from meetings, all photo assignments, and various bits of information and history important to the club. Once a month, after the weekly Tuesday meeting, the club attended a 5:00 show and headed to Peter Piper's for pizza. Also monthly, the group had a was , t Click Club, Bottom Row: Lise Beardmore, Meredith Miller, Theresa Clark, Sheri Badger, Lori Vosburg, Kim Bouchie, Row Two: Suzy Krall, Paul schedules. The club's source of income, photo vors, helped the club m bers with their photo phy while raising mon Click Club took and duced portraits and pho for teachers on camp Other fundraisers inclu sales of Tootsie Ro soda, toy soldiers, and li rice. According to .Jea Zimmerman, the secret their two-year win for C of the Year is simple: "The reason we are cessful is we work play hard, and reward selves." 4 Rickie, Rosemary Clark, bara Abele, Vicki Keast, Row: Dale Cody, Jenny Todd Sirrine, Ken F Keith Blodgett, Ms. Zim. Club, Bottom Row: Monica do, Top Row: Andra Wilson, uez, Cheryl Nelson Cspon- Reylene Carlson, Lee Giblin, Yo- Amie Tryon, Jenny Redon- landa Bracamonte. Chris Lewis gives his water bal- loon a pep talk before tossing it to partner Colette Vanlxlorman. About to seal McClintock's fate during a licorice-eating contest are Kim Demke and Monica Young. Pep Club members hold a sign proclaiming Mountain View's 1983-84 football team state champions. itil. 75 f ,i . ff, A Break Through rowds roared as the football team crashed through nu- merous banners during the season. The banners, crumpled and torn after this harsh treatment, hard- ly seemed worth the effort put into them by Pep Club. But these signs served their purpose: creating school spirit. Pep Club, which has an organization al- been most as long as Mountain View has been a school, promoted this unity not only through beautifully designed posters, but by clever class competitions as well. Some samples of these competitions were a banana eating contest, football pass, and water balloon toss. Evidence of the club's success could be seen and heard in the hap- py faces and cheering voices of students and fans. Pep Club 217 Waiting for a performance, the Chorale has time to go over their songs. Do Re Mi here aren't many, if any, organized groups that would give up Saturdays to sing at a hospital or miss a bas- ketball game to sing at a trailer park, but Chorale and La Palomitas choirs made these and other sacri- fices. One of Chorale's Mr. Perry strives for harmony while directing Las Cantantes girls chorus. Pa tty Johnson opens her mouth for the fa-la-la, while practicing for a concert. achievements was touring various places in Califor- nia. Also most of the lead parts in the school musical were performed by mem- bers of Chorale. The top Sophomore choir was Las Palomitas. This all-girl chorus sang music ranging from pop to classical. 218 Las PalomitasfChorale bottom row: Melody Kleinman, Kim Tapley, Tammy Mathews, Priscilla Bingham, Christina Sharp, Patti Johnson, Jenny Kruck, Julianne Doughety, Jean Pitterle, Catherine Klikoff, Lynn Simons middle row: Suzie Presti, Kerry Slade, Denise Ben- son, Mindy Moffat, Adina Fias- chetti, Michelle Helfert, Serina Middleton, Lisa Meihigen, Diana Baca, Sylvia SanMiguel, Andrea Szuhay, Da Hathaway, Kristen Miller, mie Boyd, Evie Schneider row: Jill Johnson, Midge sen, Julie Jones, Betsy Bl hurst, Amber Essley, K McHunt, Holly Shave, Goodwin, Tammy Willis, E Micheals, Denise Thomp Kim Marshall, Carrie Mich Denise McLaughlin. bottom row: Deborah Benson, Sharee Sirrine, Nancy King, Dirk Myers, Carrie Crane, Kim Walker, David Benson, Karen Hale, Barbra Pell, Andy Guy, Andrea Bentley, second row: Melanie Flake, Ryan Hall, Amy Perkinson, Jim Zinn, Susan Ed- wards, Lee Giblin, Rene Boyse, Klayton Kurtis, Laura Croy, third row: Jim Wisnedski, Sally Cvpert, Robbie Myers, Deanna Marriage, Robert Arnett, Forbes, Dan Lepianka, Maready, Gary Spear, Hamblin, top row: Kevin len, Phillip Cox, Stephanie nell, Shaun Perry, Inice Fra Yvonne Ashe, Todd Joy, Mattingly, Brenda Cluff, Cottam, Julie Call, Je Blackhurst, Eric Edwards, Meininger, Rick Lorig, De Burgess. -lelping Out A B 't he duty of the Homeroom Council was to bring the nblems of the students to l Student Council's at- tion. lt was also used as elief valve for the offi- s in Student Council to their feelings on certain subjects. As a service to needy families, the Home- room Council had a canned food drive in which each class participated. Colette Van Norman said, "lt was a good experience to get stu- dents involved in student government." om: Michelle Hebdon, Joni nn, Lorette Bracken, Dawn away, Loura Lambert, Lisa , Kelly Chamberlain, Jill nson, Ann Casillas, Sue rles, Amanda Hull, Jill ckie, Joe Pasquali, Matt rle. 2nd row: Andrea Van- an, Doug Hewson, Bobbi m, Trisha Coury, Lisa son, Tracy Gerkin, Brigitte e, Lisa Roms. 3rd row: Mi- e Gebhardt, Annabel Gei- mer, Rene Bayse, Beth art, Amie Tryon, Marci ett, Shell Skousen, Kathy hase, Norm Jones, Curt m row: Grace Alvarada, Kempton, Wendy ough, Quinn Parsons, Con- irker, Carlet Hatch. 2nd Nicole Walsh, Karen Hale, e Sobczak. 3rd row: Matt Shill, Missy Zaharis, Pat Sacco, Nikke Mangeris, Monica Young, Mindy Moffat. 4th row: Lori Pas- sey, Colette Van Norman, Jac- quie Duranti, Cara Cooper, Todd Zollinger, Jesse Chavar- ria, Dennis Burges, Andy Delor- enzo, Mike Doyle, Aaron Pin- eda, Ken Simpson, Kelly VanS- lyke, Steve McQueen, David Owens. Top: Aimee Haynes, Dean Henberger, Lori O'Con- nor, Joe Chucri, David Morales, Rulon Crum, Shawn Murin, Ar- nold Hartington, Scott Lee, Al Mendoza, Paul White, David Hinkle, Steve Fjelstad. Hansen, Jesse Chavarria, Tina Needham, Cory Church, Tris- ten Frihart, Mark Cassaday, Ric Rader. Top row: Steve Campag- na, Mitch Reihl, Joe Llrban, Mr. Rader. Bottom row: Michelle Geb- hardt, Marci Hockett, Cindy Sil- vers, Tia Popello, Lori Hon, Ann Casillas, George Kellogg, Eric Kobie, Bill Cariveau, Dean Hem- berger, Jason Shuckhart, Mike Kernagis, Steve Trussell. 2nd row: Eileen Partel, Lea Carter, Becky Kent, Joe Chucri, Paul Pothier, Margie Chiappetta, Monica Young, Sharla Dawson, Steve Judd, John Weldon, ls- mael Ortiz, Brad Wiley, Aaron Pineda, Mike Downey. 3rd row: Mr. Anderson, Advisor Marcy Plunkett, Jackie Aiello, Ju- lianne Pearce, Terri Cartwright, Allison Lunt, Serina Middleton, Susy Hutchison, Brad Hull, Stacy Shively, Jay Cayne, Ja- mie Calveri, Martin Samaneigo, Stuart Frost. 4th row: Eric Nash, Cory Smith, Mike Perez, Khris Fedoryk, Becky Potts, Da- vid Hedges, Ken Hennessey, Da- vid Christmas, Noel Foster, Kim Mattingly, Laura Lambert. Top row: Bill Ford, Michael James, Dean St. Louis, John Jackson, Andrea Passarella, Hillary Bu- torac, Kelly VanSlyke, Jay Da- vis, Eric Gijalva, Brian Stra- dling, Deedee Davis. Fine Fiddling 6 6 ee Ha"wasafa- miliar exclama- tion heard com- ing from the third hour En- core Strings class. This country rock group direct- ed by Mr. Dick Rader had many fine performances, such as at the governor's convention in Nogales, at trailer parks, and at an edu- cational convention. They also toured California and gave community service concerts. "This group has a lot of talent and they used it to their advantage," Mr. Rader responded. Summer Fades lnto Grades ikinis, suntan lo- tion, and sung- lasses were turned far too quickly into Bic pens, 32 pencils, and three-ring folders. the fear of receiving those report cards every nine weeks. Despite the anguish of the daily 53 minute rou- tine everyone still had a "I enjoy the wide world of ceramicsg and l have a crush on Mr. Guest." - Bob Dunn June, July and August flew by and before the students knew it they were returning to the fa- miliar halls, the long hours of studying and favorite class. When asked about her favorite class or teacher, Bobbi Bloom responded, "Chemistry - because Mr. Dunn is so funny." 220 Academics Division l Court Clerk James Ballentyne confers with the judge, Honor- able Ken Simpson. Counselor Greta Christ watches closely as a foods dent serves her some Mike Simmons wears tive clothing while weld during his welding il ,, - WJ 4' 'QP' 'H l C ,L, 'Y' 4 g k,,V E rf' 2' My P if Court Clerk James Ballentyne swears in plaintiff Veronica Al- faro before she takes the stand during the mock trial in Busi- ness Law. During child guidance Melissa Garner teaches these children the proper way to make a star out of clay. Mr. Fielder, a new member of the faculty, shows Scott Hutson where the letter 'A' is. Mr. Hawkins adds a few drops of H20 to his solution during his biology experiment. Academics Division 221 MPS Initia tes Success group of twelve dedicated mem- bers, seven in the Superintendency and five on the School Board, made up the Mesa Public Schools Administration. They met twice a month to discuss courses offered and books prove construction of new schools and additions to existing ones, and manage school property. What makes all their ef- forts worthwhile? Dr. George Smith said, "I de- rive great satisfaction in seeing students succeed and there sure is a lot of that in Mesa." used, to plan the budget, hire new employees, ap- At the MPS Administration building, Dr. Zaharis, Dr. Smith, and Kim Mattingly listen intent- A ly to Chris Sherman's com- ments. enjoy the Student Government A Dr, Zaharis and Mr. Eagleburger Luncheon. Darl Anderson Dr. Douglas Barnard Cordon Driggs David Eaglebufgel' Donna Green Dr' J- Roland 1983 President Assistant Superintendent l983 Vice President Assistant Superintendent Member Associate Curriculum S Instruction Secondary Schools BUSUIESS 222 Superintendency cusses some important schoo Zaharis. Superintendent Dr. Smith dis- business with his associate Dr. Doing what he does best and most, Mr. Eagleburger explains a problem to his colleague over the phone. National Merit Semi-finalist Whitney Cunningham dis- cusses his achievement with Mr. Eagleburger. Lloyd Patrick Pomeroy Joe Porter Dr. George N. Smith Marilyn Wilson Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Member Superintendent 1983 Clerk wnel Personnel of Schools Ia- Dr. James Zaharis Deputy Superintendent Educational Services School Board 223 To ugh ur administration worked long hours to help students. Principal James Curlett was always at school activi- ties despite his busy sched- ule. Assistant Principals Er- nie Hawkins, Dale Charles, and Richard Anderson took care of attendance problems for seniors, ju- at the niors, and sophomores, re- spectively. They also sup- ported sports events, sacri- ficing free time. Their main duty was to help students change their schedules to comply with their needs. Though our ad- ministration worked hard to help students, they couldn't always accom- Assistant Principal Dale Charles takes time to get com- fortable before talking to a con- cerned parent. Mr. Ernie Hawkins, Assistant Principal, speaks to his listener, emphasizing "point number one." 'denotes department chairperson 42 224 MV Administration Top plish what they would like tO. One couldn't forget about secretaries Arlene Kivett, Linda Last, and Cor- ina Valles. lf not for their endeavors, there would have been chaos in the front office. 5. Mrs. Arlene Kivett, Mr. lett's secretary, answers phone with a friendly 'Qc A student prepares to sign on the dotted line after speaking to Mr. Richard Anderson, Assis- tant Principal. Principal James Curlett a group of preschoolers campus while explaining respect. Kathy David , ii gf ls x V - M 51 51 V365 -rv-4 3 - w ,Www W ' ii 'lt I 1 l 4 L A L Adams, Ron Anderson, Gordon Anderson, Richard Armenta, Mary Lou Atkins, Tom Bracamonte, Betty Science Math Asst. Principal P.E. Science Attendance Clerk :rr l 2 1.,- mi fi irr . J i A , it Q ., xx .' , ,, . vlf",A,',I.A ' i 4 - - ' , , V v ' 1 i E 'KQV VX, W l lzilzyuza. i Q it 1 lfllijggi ,xi N.. f 1 til as E' T'iii33i'1i Baldwin, Lucky Barnette, Roberta Bordwell, Robert Bouley, Sandra Brackney, Kenneth Brady, Jim Security Reading Foreign Language English' Industrial Art' Driver's Ed. JoAnn Brown, Curtis Ed. Clerk Social Studies Doris Cayford Shirley English Bill Cummins, Bill Art Brown, Mark Brown, Patricia Callahan, Betty Canham, Keith Carey, Jeanene Security Special Ed. Media Center Math Secretary ,pn ,X 'ig JS'-5 Crawford, Pam English Christner, Greta Clark, Sara Combes, Hillarie Counselor Home Economics Reading' Charles, Dale Asst. Principal ws A A i L 1 I i """, A L N i lt ii 4 , ii - ' if , Q i b f ,f I i Y' Q. ..s 1 Curlett, James Decker, Mary Diaz, Joe Dodez, Louis Dunn, Chance Principal English Counselor' Social Studies Science Faculty f Ad-Du 225 The State of the Arts rom the precision of drawing to the de- sign of ceramics to the rhythm of band and choir to the projection of drama, a variety of skills can be acquired through electives offered in the areas of performing and vi- sual arts. The Drama Department, headed by Mrs. Dorothy Nadeau, consisted of theat- rical Arts I and ll, an intro- duction to theater. This elective provided students with a chance to be a little "crazy" and get credit for it. The drama courses em- phasized creativity and concentration, and built self-confidence. Each week the students performed a variety of activities such as improvisations, mimes, and short scenes from plays. "Our class motto is 'Everyone who was ever successful took the chance of being embarrassed,' " said Mrs. Nadeau. The Visual Arts Depart- ment offered a break from the more academic courses to give students a chance to exercise their creative ability. Mr. Tom Guest, department head, views art as an area where students pace themselves, learn, and have fun at the same time. "Art involves creation, and creation is an intellectual activity," said Mr. Guest. Mr. Joe Lloyd, head of the Band Department, used his imagination to de- sign each band per mance. Whether it marching, orchestra, cert, or jazz band, he sel ed the music. In marc band, for example, he ally picked something Spanish origin to build the symbolism of school. Mr. Lloyd and marching band were b set by natural disast such as mosquitos rainstorms, but they ne got discouraged and k right on marching. 'E .M fl 4 , syn, T 6 5 at if .. .vc ' -QA . - s .- " . f i mi. . f c --Y 1, " is ' fit A ff , ' ,L W r 4 , ""'--Q. K t V,kk K . .V K. E., .K 1 if Gautreau, Wayne Gee, Harold Griffin, Math Equipment Manager Counselor Eberline, Barbara Eldredge, Steve Ellentuck, Ma Counseling Secretary P.A.C. program Audio Visual f ' L - sis T Mr. Guest helps Sheri Montierth, an advanced ceramics student, throw a Hawkins, Richard Haws, Ki-lyle Herst, pot on the Spinning Wheel. Science Social Studies Science 226 Faculty f Eb-Fr Richard Griffith, Stacey Guest, Thomas Haddad, Kenneth Hale, Deborah Hall, Kim s Ed, Special Ed. Aide Art' Social Studies English Social Studies Fagan, Ann Felix, Joe Fielder, Carl Foster, Tom Fredericks, Robert Arts Media Center' Foreign Language' Business Business Social Studies Jazz Band members Greg Ar- nett, Brian Abers, and Mike Hough are directed by Mr. Lloyd during a concert. Mrs. Nadeau enjoys a video tape presentation performed by students from one of her drama classes. it Freeman, Mary Kay Foreign Language Hawkins, Ernest Assistant Principal f it 4554 H' fiiligfttiiifqifgili 7 t7 l Cheryl Hudson, Frank Hudson, Marge Hull, Amy Hull, Pamela Hutchison, Michael Jackson, Michael Ed. Aide Industrial Arts P.A.C. Secretary Foreign Language Home Economics English English Faculty f Fr-Ja 227 , , I 5' , y KX 74 Je: .Z rp , E ' Mv ' 12 in-1 , ff I M1-3,52 :R ' . 5 LEYEKISEE'-Je.. l -wg-I g 'l V IEW a ff J 1 Jaeckel, Al Johnson, Chuck Kayona, Valerie Kipp, Tim Kish, Carol Kish, Louis Kivett, Arlene Science Bookstore Manager Special Ed. Aide P.E. Business Industrial Arts Secretary "--.......,,, K ff 1: . --me Spanish teacher Mary Kay Free- man gives her class a "lesson l break" by singing and playing her guitar. Mr. Joe Felix asks one of his students her "order" while the class reads from their menus in Spanish. 228 Faculty pa-Li Kleiner, John Kramer, Don Social Studies Driver's Levine, Grace Litzsky, Registrars Clerk O.J.T. Experi en ce the World new class was add- ed to the list of pos- was a good class to take because it "prepared the and Latin. In these classes students were taught sibilities in the So- Studies Department. ,indations of Western 'ilization, taught by ve Sonius, gave stu- tts the opportunity to n about various civiliza- ns. Mr. Sonius said it student for college by teaching the 'whys' and 'hows' of our present laws." ln addition to learning history, students could also study languages such as Spanish, German, French, through the use of dia- logue, workbooks, and lec- tures. The language classes also featured class partici- pation and discussions of the country's culture. ming Arts' ,"1"M f Bruce Lancaster, Ethel Larson, Dwayne Last, Linda Lax, Ronald Nurse Math Secretary Math , 1, 'll V uw' ,L y .fi If D Joe Luther, Anne Major, Marjorie Mason, Marybeth McBride, Russ Business Media Center English Science vi T :ff Mr. Kenneth Haddad does a double take after hearing a smart remark from a student in his government class. Senior Brad Tennison thinks out his "plan of action" while participating in a mock trial. ll' l l 6 " 'ii Q 5 .' :rf I ki lr 1: fi i ' q C l - ly , N I R ,- Q' h I' 'F ,E t ,f Social Studies teacher Greg Sessions laughs at a student during his lecture to his Ameri- can history class. Faculty f Ku-Mc 229 Communications Stressed 6 4 o matter what you study, you need to know how to read and write ef- fectively," said English teacher Mary McGovern. Because of this need for adequate communication skills, "we have a compre- hensive program that will suit student's needs," said new English Department chairperson Ms. Sandra Bouley. Courses ranged from A.P. English, which taught college-bound students to analyze literature, to Paral- lel Alternative Curricu- lum's QPACJ Literary Explo- rations, which instructed students with reading diffi- culties. A new class, World Lit- erature, taught by Ms. Bou- ley, built a foundation for further literary studies on the classics of great writers such as Homer, Vergil, and Dante. Classes with practi- cal applications included Journalism taught by Mr. Mike Hutchison and Mass Communications taught by Mr. Dick Saggio. Both of these classes offered strategies to deal with to- day's technical society and a background from which to pursue a successful ca- reer in the comminications field. Another class, Creative Writing, also taught by Mr. Saggio, was geared specifi- cally to help students quire writing skills t would produce pieces thy of publication. Whether it was thro basic skills taught in Pri ples of English or more vanced study in Coll Prep Writing, it was the jective of the English partment to make stude responsible for learni and to give them the s necessary to function in day's world. McCormick, Sandy McDonald, Esther McGovern, Mary Physical Ed. English Mclntire, Lora Meade, Shirley Home Economics Science Meiley, Judy Mills, Donna Social Studies Industrial Arts Aide Foreign Language English Miller, Robert Counselor Moody, Burdell 230 Faculty f Mc-Mo 8 3 Behind the camera, Mike Miller films the broadcasting projects in Hutchison's Journalism class. :U . C sg-. ' Qffx 'M 1 'E I 1 QW XXX fx Af! I birthday party. XUF5 'BF it ff, , , i t, Yr.. as ,, r -tits f., 4 fl t x 7x Y x -w' '1 .hw 7. X -t er" .I dxf l I ,, Q. W s-,A-f , . X. J Alan Morris, Mary Murphy, Diana Studies Business Special Ed. 'ni' 5' , nlr'X ' Bill O'Haver, Donna Olsen, Deborah Arts Social Studies English l t , . 1, l a A Q Pam Pulzato, Doreen Rader, Richard Center Math Performing Arts Q -x ,rms - sf----e 2 I Who said English teachers were no fun? Ms. Crawford and Mr. Saggio prove otherwise at his In American Literature, Angela Glenn, Heidi Hoerchler, and Ke- vin Smith listen to Ms. Bouley. ,I -I I, 6 6 ta A iw Nadeau, Dorothy Performing Arts Myers, Tom Special Ed. Parker, Jesse Social Studies' Ornelas, Pam Home Economics 'F'-Wiiiikgi r rr , tri , ' m il, f i "1 -- '-K H ilti 4 . xx 1 Rice, Rex Richards, Gayle Science Home Economics Cr D I tw' Northey, Betty Attendance Clerk Nelson, Cheryl English X WW ll iwlfl i A ll ' 'A - V ' u Perry, David PiP6S, D9l'1f1lS Performing Arts Physical Ed. Rilling, Chris Robinson, Reed English lndustrial Arts Faculty f Mo-Ro 231 Gain ed reparing students for a world with many responsibilities is what high school is about. The Home Economics and Business departments were especially equipped to give students the practi- cal experience they needed to be successful in such a world. Classes such as Human Relations, sewing, Foods and Hospitalities, and Sin- gle Survival were offered in Home Economics. Depart- ment Chairman Ms. Gayle Richards' Human Relations class dealt with personal Practical Experience ln Class and societal topics and sur- vival skills for coping with life and its experiences. Foods and Hospitalities ll taught by Ms. Pam Hull, be- came a full year class which allowed the students to learn the fundamentals of operating a restaurant first semester and to apply them second semester. The classes ran The Break- fast Place and The Bull Pen eateries in room 132. The Business Depart- ment gears its construction specifically to office relat- ed careers. Among courses offered were typing, mar- SX , sax 5 L. . B, 232 Faculty In the BuIl's Eye, business stu- dent Renee Merry rings up Thad Murgatroyd's purchase. Typing teacher Ms, Jean Swan- son helps April Kemp with her lessons during a fourth period class. A Child Development student helps two children during the playschool offered by Home Economics. keting, and general busi- ness. Another class, Single Survival, concentrated on teaching students to be self-sufficient. They learned about cooking, nu- trition, jobs, apartment liv- ing, and more. The accounting class gave students a foundation for immediate placement in a clerical position or for future study. Mr. Tom Foster's busi- ness law class often held mock trials and were able to observe a Superior Court murder trial. 'Qing .,X. ...Q N 'um ff' Single Survival Student Freddy Orona nervously watches judges Mr. Griffin and Ms. Christner during the cook off. Ms. Hull serves refreshments at the Open House catered by Foods and Hospitalities. ..,. , ' " . P .r ,..-'H '-. IL H -f-1 41' 1, ,,, ,R . Rudd, Melvin Math Scafaria, Dom Special Ed. Scott, Jay Math Shill, Norm Physical Ed." Smith, Don Social Studies Saggio, Dick Sambaluk, Joan English English .E!, lf 'i 5 'F 22 . I x f a El at t L lr Scheer, Hank Schuster, Rita Business Student Store Nw N I ' L.. Sessions, Greg Shields, Jean Social Studies Physical Ed. vu. Slade, Wayne Smith, David Math' Math Smith, Gayle Snow, Jack P.A.C. Physical Ed. Faculty f Ru-Sn 233 Students of Today Technology of Tomorrow 6 6 ince computers are definitely here to stay, it's important to obtain the computer literacy neces- sary to survive in this high- ly technological world," stated Computer Science Department Coordinator Debbie Webster. The Com- puter Science Department consists of Basic 1 and Ba- sic 2 programming to help students obtain computer literacy. Next year Pascal and Fortran courses will be added. "The Math Department covers the many aspects of math to provide our stu- dents with the strong math- ematical background nec- essary for society to maintain its technological makeup," said Math De- partment Chairman Wayne Slade. There were a wide variety of courses offered, from General Math to Cie- ometry to Calculus. Not only is a good math background necessary, but the emphasis toward sci- ence has become increas- ingly greater to provide a basis for future technol- ogy. "Through the broad variety of courses the Sci- ence Department offers, we see almost half the stu- dents in attendanceg and with those huge numbers i l Mr. McBride exhibits his pet boa constrictor, Gwenevere, to Brett Hollan, a sixth hour student. 234 Faculty f Son-Th Sonius, Dave Social Studies Tofft, Robert Science Webster, Debra Math we do a quality job of panding their scientific rizons," stated Science partment Chairman Dick Hawkins. From fi trips to White Sands, Mexico, to egg drop tests to boat races and ence fairs, the Science partment had much to fer. Stock, Bill Counselor Vaine, Special Ed. Wilson, Physical Ed. During his Algebraf Trigonom- etry course, Mr. Slade recites a quote from a famous mathema- tician. George Traylor types in a pro- N, during a Basic 1 programming """"" .J K KY gram on one of the terminals L. .iw COUFSE. Taylor, Susan Attendance Voth, Marjorie Warnecke, Valerie Counselor English Zimmerman, Jeanne Zlamal, Amelia Visual Arts Physical Ed. During one of his biology classes Mr. Worsnop dresses as Gregor Mendel as an attempt to recreate a historical scene. Facuiryfrh-Z 235 A group of students from Ms. Hull's 7th hour Single Survival class are hard at work on a re- search paper. Typing in the correct data, Ms. Prater helps a student call up information on the GlS comput- er. Thiis The Pla ce hat am l going to do with my life? This was a ques- tion students asked them- selves as they neared graduation. Approximately 75 percent of the students found the answer in The Place, a resource center for career, college, military, and other data. One of its main assets was the GIS fGuidance ln- formation Systeml com- puter which relayed specif- ic, up-to-date information on careers. The Place was directed by Ms. Pam Prater who co- ordinated its many activi- ties. Among these was CEP CCareer Exploration Pro- grami in which 85 em- ployed students received a quarter credit for working 64 hours and completing an observation packet. Because of its success, the 2nd annual Prison Lifers information Program coordinated in The Place was held to educate stu- dents on the consequences of crime. The Place also spon- sored a Sophomore career unit and a Junior college planning unit. Counselor Marge Voth said, "lf stu- dents took advantage of it, they could plan their fu- tures more wisely." 236 Career Center Senior Rhonda Potter reads the GIS printout detailing related mation on her career choice. Ms. Zimmerman's 7th hour -mtography, Mete mounts a sto on the dry mount press. 4-as Ii Foreign Exchange students: Claus Christophersen, Jyri Maunuksela, and Chirag Pintu Shah. Kevin Upchurch Itopj and his sister Susan Upchurch Cleftj pose with their house guest Chirag Pintu Shah. Turkish foreign student, Mete Mecikoglu said, "Life is easier here in America." is' fl . I . 5 'Xxx ,. Q.. f vi, l 'Tra din g Places ' ringing the 6 6 world a little closer" was the objective of the foreign ex- change program. Mountain View hosted four foreign students: Jyri Maunuksela, Chirag Pintu Shah, Mete Mecikoglu, and Claus Christopherson. Jyri came from Raja- maki, a small town in Fin- land. Here, he was actively involved in Student Coun- cil. When asked the differ- ence between Arizona and Finland, he replied simply, "Everything" Pintu traveled from Poona, India, a large indus- trial, educational center. In Poona, His time was pri- marily occupied by his studies. Here, he was en- rolled in classes such as cal- culus and physics. Claus came from Ejby, Denmark, a small farming community of 200 people. He liked living in Mesa, after he, "got used to it." Mete came from the crowded city of Istanbul, Turkey. During his stay, he held a job at Smitty's. When asked his impression of the people here, he said, "Americans are so re- laxedf' What was the signifi- cance of an exchange ex- perience? Mete explained, "Touring shows only the surface of a country. l was able to learn about the peo- ple and society of Amer- ica." Foreign Exchange 237 Ima es Etched from WlthlH Kim McKeIvy acrylic painting non-related item one painting. Senior Desiree her vision of was shown in Show. Eric Simmons tures of a drum them as one to ture shown. gh I This monochromatic painting in acrylics was done by senior Ty Woodhall in two weeks. ahomore Carmen Lomax 'ated this portrait of an or- :I in oils as part of her inde- dent study class. This ceramic piece, created by senior Aaron Pineda, was one of many ceramic items in the art show. I 5 iw ii E si. 1 if lg i l 1 5 3 child plays in gravel. We Qu Qi ' L, uv 14" l ,Qf,.f1M?,i.. ,X wg' My," V - Q 4. 16535 , 4 3? .f.:.g,c ein' -'Q Oy ,Q 'P mggvtvtu 6'.:n,b::.' .A ,, V t 4. W.. 'If X, if f' W, ffi,5Ayrlf:':gi,a'.jP? Q , . ,K ggggszm a 1:-NV: ,L .,,.ffa,,fyg-5 ..g,,A,g- A s-, -ff fffef-e reg: ft: , : r ff.: W .Iv Mg q if ,f, . ,11qawf1'gl,,2'f'Q,'tf.,:.-.M.f.LS 4 ., , W, M if . ., .fn A if ."' yi Mft X A J is wonifig FL 4 ' f K' ,J , bt 7' 'J - ' -L' we ella Remix'-Q22 ilL."'.P'f"- "., . N. 1 c 7- mx5wx. 2 NCD x I l Y V. 'sf 4 " e Capturing the innocence of This acrylic painting, painted childhood was easy for Gold by senior Kim Bacon, 'won a Key recipient Dale Cody while a Gold Key award in the Scholas- tic Art Show. Student Art 239 Exploring New Horizons ven after the last bell rang signaling the beginning of summer vacation, several students continued their education, but not in the classroom. Sponsored by the Mesa Women's American Le- gion Auxiliary, Martha Acosta, Khali Crawford, and Tanya VonBehren, traveled to LI of A to repre- sent Mountain View in the 36th annual session of the Arizona Girls State held June 6-12. The purpose of Anytown: Top row: Greg Lazar- off, Lisa Taylor, Bryan Rhein, Melinda Mullins, Benny Dixon. Bottom row: Lori Passey, Jac- quie Duranti, Heidi Parsons, So- nja Guitierrez, Kris McKenna, Patty Ortiz. Girl 's and Boy 's Sta te: Top row: Khali Crawford, Tanya Von- Behren, Martha Acosta. Bottom row: Steve Fjelstad, John Hart- ley, Whitney Cunningham, Dar- rell Krueger. the program was to help them realize their individ- ual responsibility to good government. Along with over 400 girls from around Arizona, the girls participated in a week of caucusing, campaign- ing, and voting to create a functional government complete with city, county, and state officials. John Hartley, Whitney Cunningham, Darrell Krueger, and Steve Fjel- stad participated in a simi- lar program, Arizona Boys State, held at NAU June 4- 10. John Hartley was also distinguished as one of the two senators chosen to re- present Arizona at Boys Nation held in Washington D.C. in July. According to John, the highlights of the week were conferences with Senators DeConcini and McCain and a visit from President Reagan. During June, eleven stu- dents attended one of three sessions of Anytown, a public relations camp. Set in a secluded camp site of Mingus or Sky-Y, over 2 students met to learn mc about themselves, othe and society. Topics of c cussion were prejudice, r gion, family, home, scho male and female roles, a marriage. The purpose the camp was to instil spirit of caring and brotl' hood into the students w attended. Senior Jacquie Dura said, "lt was a unique perience that will last a l time." ..'-'Q .2 ' ' 1' .- V' f .M ,- . ,, . . 240 AnytownfGirls and Boys State Girl 's Staters Martha Acosta, Tanya VonBehren, and Jennifer of Tucson hope to "whop" their opponents. Zduca tion Is Job One he Peer Tutoring Program was de- signed for above- :rage students to earn -dit while helping others 'elop learning skills and rome more independent heir classes. he 55 student tutors e carefully screened ugh interviews and an i of their records, average, classroom attitude, and peer relationships. According to program coordinator and sponsor Hillarie Combes, they tutored approximate- ly 150 clients in the basic areas of social studies, math, science, and English. "The tutors prepared les- son plans, conferred with teachers, and generally worked on a one-to-one ba- sis with the students," she said. Mrs. Combes believes the program was success- ful and beneficial to both the tutors and their clients. Parent Advisory was an- other group dedicated to helping students. Initiated by Mr. Curlett six months before the school opened in 1976, a cross-section of parents met once a month with student representa- tives and faculty to discuss school problems and pro- grams and to advise the fs Advisory: Top row Mar- wn, Rom Crimmins, Curlett, Charles Higuera. w row: Ann Fagan, Debra er, Johanna Brown, Val Crimmins, Martha Ellentuck, Margaret Higuera, Frank Ben- nett, Oda Lomax. Not Pictured: Barbara Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Castle, Mr. and Mrs. Heinz- mann, Mr. and Mrs. Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. Lazaroff, Vincent Lomax, Mr. and Mrs. Saman- iego. principal. They discussed many pertinent topics such as the computer science program and dance super- vision. According to Mr. Curlett it was a good opportunity for interested parents to be involved in the school in a meaningful way. He said, "Mountain View is a com- munity and when we make decisions, they need to be made by that community." Tutoring: Top row: Brent Beers, James Ballentyne, Vernon Pad- dock, Mike Kernagis, Eileen Bryson, Joel LeMoine, Donna O'Haver, Louis Dodez, Hillarie Combes, Bobby Barnette, Mike Bailey, Shannon O'Hara, Brid- get Bunning, Michelle Geb- hardt, Lara Warren, Patty Ad- ams, Craig Ward. Second row: Ken Simpson, Deanna Governo, Donna Clevenstine, Brenda Cluff, Rebecca Walfrey, Shauna Harmon, Wendy Biller, Joy Lynn, Esther Dolan, Andra Wil- son. Third row: Michelle Warner, Billi Self, Michelle Ha- gerty, Jill Johnson, Eric Gib- son, Kris Perkins. Bottom row: Francis O'Donnell, David Col- lins, Jill Galbasini, Susan Rayo. Peer TutoringfParent Advisory 241 During the Tempe playoff as- sembly, the varsity cheer- leaders show-off skills they learned at camp. Bottom: Lisa Taylor, Amy Per- kinson, Tracy Welch, Kim Demke, Second row: Tammy Temple, Julie Call, Amanda York, Suzi Herron. Third row: Martha Acosta, Diana Bosley. Top row: Jessica Richardson, Tangi Tidwell. The yearbook and newspaper staffs attempt to be cheer- leaders while attending camp at NAU. Top row: Becky Bean, Kim Bacon, LeAnn Mykytyn, Chris Gibbons, Khali Crawford, Tracy Vindh Advisor Debbie Hale. Bottom row: Wendy Phillips, Theresa Owen, Stacy Thomas, Martha Ac DeDe Davis, Sharon Cyplik, Keleigh Keefe, Cara Cooper, Donna LaMorte. wi ts. M, 1 - 6 "ft 242 Summer Camps f ,. ?eaching Beyond The Limit he summer for some students wasn't just going to river, partying, and get- a tan. Instead they t to camps in Flagstaff prove skills in various s. ublications Camp for rbook and newspaper designed to enrich writing abilities. Included in the class schedule, layout design helped to arrange the best pictures available on a layout. Seventeen staffers attended the week- long camp at NALI. Improving skills and showmanship were the main goals for the Pom line at camp. In competition they received one of three Superior trophies awarded, a Superior Plus plaque, and a Spirit Stick. The cheerleaders also at- tended camp at NALI to learn new chants and cheers. For competing, the squad earned a Spirit Stick, a Superior Plus plaque, and a Grand Champs trophy. Even though each had different goals and heights to reach, they accepted the challenge to improve. Not only did they enhance themselves, but in some way they helped to better the school. -Q.. X is-fr I Varisty cheerleader Suzi Herron performs with the Pom Line and the rest of the cheer squad dur- ing an assembly. Top row: Natalie Walker, Mar- gie Chiappetta, Veronica AI- faro, Theresa Cooper, Sara Dant. Bottom row: Kim Walker, Lynn Free. Not pictured: Ro- seanne Carrieri, Becky Hall, Jennifer Blackhurst, Carrie Crane, Karen Warner, Annie Bently, Joanie Mclntire, Gay- lene Roberts, Missy Zaharis. Summer Camps 243 'All the Right Stuff' chool transcripts, let- ters of recommenda- tion and applica- tions, college entrance ex- amination scores, and resumes were require- ments for obtaining acade- my appointments. Those seniors selected from inter- views received Congres- sional nominations. Out of those awarded these nomi- nations, only 1,400 of 8,000 received actual ap- pointments to either the Naval Academy, Air Force Whitney Cunningham studies intensely to increase his knowl- edge for a National Merit quali- fying test. 244 Top Honors Academy, or West Point. National Merit Semi-fina- lists were selected through their PSATfNMSQT scores. To become finalists in this competition, semi- finalists documented high academic performance throughout high school, re- ceived recommendation from their principals, con- firmed their qualifying scores on a second exam and provided information about interests and goals. One National Merit Se- mifinalist, Whitney Cun- ningham, visited Washing- ton, D.C., with Senator McCain for a week in April. Only one person was cho- sen from each school dis- trict from a written essay detailing qualifications and reasons for wanting to go. "This trip provided an op- portunity for students not only to see Washington, but also to meet national political figures and learn more about the American political system," stated Whitney Cunningham. Despite being invol in activities such as spo clubs, and journalism, Top 20 students were able to maintain a h grade point average. " members of the Top 20 very concerned about cation, they are dedica students who take prid themselves and in t school," stated Khali ford. r Top 20: top row: Brent Beers, Alison Pegler, Khali Crawford, Kevin Quick. Second row: 1-Iffx'-VL"-'Ax' W " M' 1"v . , . I, ' A V Wendi Lee, Dawn Sellstrom, Chris Sherman, Kim Mattingly, Francine Doyle. Bottom row: rv' ,W nan ,, Q Terry Master, Cassie F Shauna Bond, and Susan eady. nees: Chris Hoerchler, David Pollmiller, Steve Fjelstad, Ken Hennessey, David Hedges, and Darrell Krueger. Academy appointment nomi- Chris Sherman is proud to be a National Merit Semifinalist, number one in her class, and a nominee to the Air Force Acad- emy. ZSXX fx.-g I Q' 1.-All . .s :S I, E '5 Q25 5 1 ! Qi' fig' 1 .-, National Merit Semifinalists Holly Vanderhaar, Whitney Cunningham, and Chris Sherman. Not pictured: Lisa Lynn. Top Honors 245 You 're A Winn er! ountain View isn't unfamiliar with honors. The varsi- ty football team won State, Toro band received an ex- cellent ranking at the state festival, and the Accent on Academics team was the reigning Superbowl cham- pion. Six football players were chosen to the All-State team: Dan Palmer, Stuart Frost, Brad Tennison, Paul Kasprzyk, Scott Hutson, and Mike Schuh. Paul Kasprzyk was also chosen as one of the 100-man All- American team. He is the first player in the school's history to have received the honor. Gymnasts Kim Demke, Julie Demke, Becky Hughes, and LeeAnn Mykytyn made the All-American gymnastics team. Jon Baker was cho- Becky Hall receives a carnation from former Jr. Miss and Toro graduate Karen Woods. Dan Palmer catches a pass from quarterback Ric Rader and adds six points to the Toros' championship score. Pictured are All-American gym- masts Becky Hughes, Julie Demke, and LeeAnn Mykytyn. 246 Honors sen to be an All-State golf- er. The All-State volleyball team included Bobbi Bloom, Lori Pew, and Kathy Redding. Whitney Cunningham, captain of the debate team, had three first place awards as well as various other speech and debate honors. The Jr. Miss Pageant, held in No- vember, featured eleven Mountain View seniors. Jennifer Blackhurst won first runner up and Connie Zirker received a talent award and second runner up. These students excelled because of commitment, hard work, and will power. The most important thing was the feeling of self- worth the person received when sfhe knew they'd ac- complished something. 455. 1.1 IW In I. Golfer Jon Baker wipes his hands to ensure a strong grip in preparation for a tournament. Jennifer Blackh urst and Connie Zirker pose with their trophies and flowers received from the pageant. Paul Kasprzyk runs for another touchdown during the State Championship game against McClintock. Volleyball players Kathy Red- ding and Bobbi Bloom were named to the All-State team. Honors 247 urlh ew Vol. 8 No. 1 A La Vista Newspaper March 83-March 84 la :Q-wg 1 America's 132-year reign over the covet America's Cup ended September 26 when the "Aus- tralia ll" defeated the American yacht "Liberty," Runningback Mike Rozier, of the University of Nebraska, re- ceived the Heisman Trophy Award on December 3. The 76'ers won the NBA title on May 14, with a 115-108 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in the fourth game of the playoff series. The Los Angeles Raiders won the Superbowl against the reigning champions, the Wash- ington Redskins, 38 to 9, in Mi- ami, Florida, Sunday, January 22. The Baltimore Orioles won their third World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies in the game out of seven in the World Series. Orange Bowl - Miami 31 Nebraska Sugar Bowl - Auburn 9 Michigan Rose Bowl - Ll. of Calif. illinois 9 Cotton Bowl - Georgia 1 Texas 9 Fiesta Bowl - Ohio Stat Pittsburgh Jimmy Connors and Ma Navratilova won the Ll.S. O Connors won over lvan L September 11, Navratilov feated Chris Evert Lloyd, tember 10. The 1983 Wimbledon was by Martina Navratilova. McEnroe took the men's t Arizona was flooded, scorched and buried under rain in 1983. Tucson had 21.86 inches, Flag- staff had 6.75 inches. Although Phoenix was wetter than nor- mal, rainfall was far below the record of 19.73 inches set in 1905. A swarm of blizzards swept from the Rockies to the Great Lakes, causing an early winter and record low temperatures. From Texas to Florida over S400 million worth of fruit and vegetables fields were frozen. 248 World News Hurricane Alicia hit on August 18, 1983, and battered South- ern Texas, killing 17 people causing thousands of others to lose their homes, and damaging between S700 million and 51.3 billion of property. The death of seven people re- sulted from the flooding of the Colorado River which began June 20, 1983. Arizona, Colora- do, Nevada, and California suf- fered property damages esti- mated ata total of S12 million. Flood gates at three of the dams along the river were opened to control flooding and to prevent three reservoirs from overflow. Making matters worse in 1983 El Nino combined with another Southern Hemisphere cycle called the southern oscillation - an enormous change in baro- metric pressure. Together, the two spawned wild weather world wide. North America sustained billions of dollars in damage from the phe- nomena. April downpours accounte nine or more deaths in South. Thousands of pe had to be evacuated at point, more than half of Ne leans was under-water and phones to the rest of the were dead. Winter and spring were The summer was no bette terrible drought shriveled crops. Not for a dozen year so little corn been harve More than 230 people cumbed to the heat wave. ments after his return to the Iippines on August 21, 1983, osition leader Benigno ino was assassinated in Ma- he crack of dawn, 6:22 a.m., ober 23, a red Mercedes k rumbled through a Leban- army checkpoint near head- rters at Beirut lnternational ort, bursting through a gate the Marine compound, e than two tons of TNT ex- ploded, crushing the 4-story structure and crushing most of the 300 occupants as well. Two minutes later a second truck bomb destroyed a French para- troop barracks two miles to the north. The combined total of fa- talities was 297. ln May, 1983, Acquired lmmu- nity Deficiency Syndrome QAIDSJ, an illness that disables the body's immune system, was declared the number one priority of the Ll.S. Public Health Service. The U.S. Marines and small forces from six Carribean na- tions invaded the island of Gra- nada October 25, 1983. Presi- dent Reagan said the Ll.S. was responding to help restore law and order in Granada. Giovanni Vigliotto, the man who claimed to have over 100 wives, was found guilty of biga- my and fraud on February 8th and was sentenced to 34 years in prison. Charges were brought against him by a Mesa woman, Patricia Gardner. On September 1, Soviet fight- ers shot down a Korean Airliner Boeing 747 with 269 persons aboard after it entered Soviet air space. The Ll.S. reacted with an- ger, and any chance of improve- ment in relations was damaged. The first person to receive a per- manent artificial heart opened a new chapter in medical science. The artificial heart kept Barney Clark alive for 112 days. America's space shuttle set new records in 1983 with four flights carrying a total of twen- ty-one astronauts into space, in- cluding the largest space crew ever - six - on their mission in November and December. The space program also dis- played five satellites, took the first space walks in the shuttle program, made the first night shuttle launch and landing, and carried aloft Spacelab, the bil- lion dollar European-built re- search workshop. The year also saw the first woman in space, Sally Ride. The Cabbage Patch Doll craze swept through the Christmas season. Shoppers belted one an- other trying to buy the chubby cheeked dolls. These computer- ized-designed dolls came with different names and complete birth certificates. Andropov died of a kidney lire. Andropov was the Sovi- remier for 15 months prior mis death. l Merman died at 75. Her sy voice landed her leads in famous plays as "Annie Your Gun" and "There's No iness Like Show Business." nessee Williams, 71, famed ior of The Glass Menagerie A Streetcar Named Desire by choking on a bottlecap. wice won the Pulitzer Prize. ator Henry "Scoop" Jack- 71, was best known for his 'al stands on social issues his hawkish positions on onal defense during his 30- year Senate career. Frank Reynolds, 59, anchor- man of ABC's World News To- night died of viral hepatitis and bone cancer. Dennis Wilson, 38, drummer for the Beach Boys for nineteen years, drowned in Malibu Beach. Rebecca West, 90, British au- thor who wrote Black Lamb and Grey Falcon, died of natural causes. Buster Crabbe, 75, was the for- mer Olympic swimming cham- pion who portrayed Flash Gor- don and Buck Rogers in the 30's and 40's. Jack Dempsey, 87, was the heavyweight boxing champion known as the "Manassa Maul- vi ef. Joan Hackett, 49, died of can- cer. Her last film was the 1982 movie "Only When l Laugh." Jessica Savitch, 35, the anchor- woman who appeared on NBC Nightly News, died in a car acci- dent. William Demarest, Llncle Char- lie in the series "My Three Sons," died of a heart attack at 91. Lillian Carter the outspoken mother of ex-president Jimmy Carter, died at the age of 95. l , I w???55?2i?l-lx-ll"El f ... . c Our memorial to the Marines killed in Lebanon, the Llnited States flag flies at half mast. World News 249 Business Editor Heather Pfeifer Photography Editor Mike Miller Clubs Editor Becky Bean Faculty Editor Kim Bacon Wendi and Jason 250 A lfEVEt tllriirlllQlllllll tlllllJSS Sports Editor Colette Van Norman Editor-in-Chief Martha Acosta Q Heather, Deb, and Heather Sharon , at M Bob and Bonnie Martha Heidi, Becky, Stacy, and Susan Ted and Jack Tracy ll Adv IS De DL C ii lillllllME .E Layout Editor Donna La Mort The GANG Sharon, Shauna, and Kim Blake Activities Editor Cara Cooper :sqm ,ff f. . X l .4 - oor W, l Y r , il 'C 5 7 ZH 6 ,N . in , it C 4 ' Q " 4 E up i 5 C C C X 5,14 ri fi :WV I 1' W Chris Colette Copy Editor Khali Crawford Senior Editors Jacquie and Julianne Junior Editor - DeeDee Davis Y' 'xx X Sophomore Editor Wendy Phillips 'Ka' z 'xx ., X X 4 55.1, Q .v s Q-. If 'r lf 5 I if Q R ax. 11,4 O x -a 4 V i ', ,A.a M Q '0o. ' f.?,,0,.- fl., - 1,1 , aio '15, I , ., - ' Q CGW., , y ,im , X . Q! knit-. .0 rr' X 4 ,f .-A2 f is 1 gave! , J N '50 .. J c J ' TY fs i . F ---mmf -in - x x WP!!! Laurie Elswick and LeeAnn My- kytyn anxiously await the refer- ee's call. Between classes, Diana John- son decides to make a quick call to her boyfriend to pick her up for lunch. Going to his locker, junior Jim Rose shows his enthusiasm for his chemistry class. fy if ' Pommie Manager Michelle Haynes has hearts in her eyes for a passing male specimen. Sophomore Nancy Martinez pa- tiently waits for the bell to ring as she looks at the clock. Campus Candids 253 a -if -Q1 A Q 5. Credits Attendance secretaries - pa- tience and assistance. Reg Batt -- team shots. Bill Flowers - team shots. Bud Ford - senior pictures, group and action shots. Mr. Canham - "Fish" picture of Bob Miller. Card and Camera Corral - photo supplies. Click Club - printing own pic- tures. Kim Demke - cheerleader pic- ture. Mr. Guest -for all the times Mar- tha missed class to work on dead- lines. Steve Hale - putting up with the Mrs. when she was on deadline. Jan Johnson - taking care of our weird and frantic problems. Mr. Johnson - Being helpful and cooperative. Mrs. Mason - moral support. Mesa Tribune - World News pic- tures. Mrs. Miller - for her help on the special recognition page. Marcy Miller - cross country picture. Mr. Moody - opening artwork. Mrs. Nelson - Sadie Hawkins poster. Newspaper staff - putting up with us. Mrs. O'Haver - Model Ll.N. pic- ture. Parents of all staffers - for un- derstanding us when we were on deadline. Mr. Rader - Booster Club pic- ture. Student Store - articles for the Fads -n- Fashions page. Tanya VonBehren - Girls State picture. Editor-in-Chief ..... Layout Editor ..... Copy Editor ........ Business Editor ..... Activities .......... Martha Donna L Khali Cr Heather Editor - Cara Susan Llp Sharon Sports .... ...... E ditor - Colette Vanlhl Keleigh Tracy Vi Chris G People ..... ....... S enior Editors - Jacquie Duranti, Julianne Organizations ...... Junior Editor - Deede Stacy T Sophomore Editor - Wendy Heather Lis Editor - Beck We Shauna Heidi Ho Academics and Faculty ....... ...... E ditors - Khali Crawford, Kim Photographers .... Adviser ....... Jason Ste Kim M Editor - Mik Bonnie Bri Bob Blake Scott Ti Debb he thirty-one members of the 1983 staff dedi- cated their time off and effort to create the Mountain View High school La Vista, Vol 8. lt was printed in Marceline, Missouri, by Herff Jones Year- books. Our Herff Jones repre- sentative is Ms. Jan Johnson. Herff Jones printed 2100 copies of 268 pages of 80 lb. Ainsworth paper. The opening is printed on 80 lb. Calais and the tip-ins are printed on 100 lb. lconolux paper. The cover is antique white in an English linen grain pattern, with an applied navy blue silk- screened panel. The spine lettering is em- bossed and silkscreened in navy blue, while gold foil is used on the cover. The endsheets are the same front and back, in ivory with a 254 Credits f colophon colonial blue ink and Korinna type. The body copy is 12 point Korinna, and the captions are 10 point Korinna with italicized leads. The 48 point headlines vary for each section: Souvenir Demi is used for Activitiesg Pio- neer is used for Sports, Gara- mond is used for Peopleg Opti- ma ltalic is used for Clubsg and Korinna ltalic is used for Aca- demics. ln the opening, the back- ground is 107. black with 30'78 colonial blue. The photos are spot varnished and have an air- brushed effect that was sent in as pencil art. All type in the opening is Korinna. Copy is 24 point, captions are 10 point, headlines are 60 point. The large dropped initials are dry transfer lettering enlarged as artwork. The 4 point horzintal lines are 502 black. The division pages are point, captions are in 10 and quotes are in 18 point tape hairline rule lines ar used. A four-column layout s used for most of the pag cept in the opening and sports section, where thr umn and five-column la are used respectively. The 1983 LaVista re three awards. The Col Scholastic Press Assoc awarded the annual a s place certificateg the Na Scholastic Press Assoc granted the book a first rating, and Herff Jones books featured the openin tion in their special publi including only eleven s nationwide, entitled The of '83, , Kenny S. 165 e, Barbara D. 107, 147, 216 nathy, Darryl 212 s, Brian 80, 106, 115, 190, 199, vities 2, 3 ta, Martha 2F, 28, 37, 115, 142, , 205, 206, 207, 240, 242, 250 emics 10, 11 vities Division 14, 15, 220, 221 s, Ron 225 s, Janet 115, 109 s, Joan 165 s, Patty 165, 237 s, Scott 115 s, Shauna 22, 147, 205, 251 s, Theresa 147, 215 s fParlinJ, Tina 115 ngton, Angela 165 S. 215 , Caro 106, 147 ,Dana101, 107,147 tino, Frank 50, 89, 115, 199 yo, Wilson 165 rre, Patricia 115, 142, 197 , Jacqueline 107, 165, 219 , Nick 115 , Jennifer 165 tsman, Deborah 115 nt, Dawn 147 ght, Shari 115, 191 ght, Tony 165, 186, 190 nder, Terry 147 Wanda 147 o, Veronica 19, 21, 38, 115, 142, , 200, 220, 242 , Monique 147, 186 , Belinda 115 , Denyce 165 , Melinda 115 , Richard 165 , Tammy 115 Jr., Robert 165, 204 od, Andria 147 ndinger, Brian 165 ndinger, Christopher 147 ado, Grace 34, 147, 204, 219 ado, Jeanette 165, 204 ez Jr., Henry 147 , Paula 147 i, Christopher 115 ury, Lori 107, 147 rson, TSOTI rson, rson Gordon 222, 225 Jill 165 Richard 10, 219, 222, 225 Thomas 147, 188 , s, Clark 147 w, Shana 115, 204 ws, Timothy 115, 199, 204 ion, Richardo 165 , Ernesto 115 , Richard 165 s, Donella 147 aurie 165, 204 nta, John 114 nta, Mary Lou 82, 225 tead, Mary-Gay 165 tead, Thomas 147, 213 Ind Armstrong, Joseph 165 Armstrong, Theresa 165 Arnett, Greg 106, 165, 190, 199, 227 Arnett, Kent 147 Arnett, Robert 147, 199, 218 Arnold, Arnold 147 Arrieta, Diana 115 Arrowsmith, Kristie 147, 215 Ashcroft, William 106, 147 Ashe, Yvonne L. 115, 195, 204, 218 Ahsley, Brian S. 115, 205 Ashmore, James H. 115, 142 Astle, Robert W. 147 Atkins, Donna 147, 214 Atkins, Tom 210, 255 Atwood, Susan A. 165 Atyeo, Tammy M. 165 Aussprung, Kurt W. 115 Austin, Jeff 165 Austin, Michael D. 115, 211 Avelar, Jim 147 Axsom, Ronald E. 165 Ayotte, Lisa M. 165 "BBB'A iigiigilbz B lim. Baca, Diana L. 165, 203, 218 Bacon, David 225 Bacon, Kim 52, 86, 107, 115, 193, 195, 205, 242, 250 Badger, Sheri K. 165, 216 Badminton 86, 87 Baedke, Sean D. 165, 190, 199 Baer, Stacey 147, 203 Bagwell, Cheri M. 197 Bagley, Curt 147 Bailey, Gary L. 147 Bailey, Michael C. 203, 214 Bailey, Michael E. 14, 237 Bair, David A. 165 Baker, Dodie L. 115, 142, 209 Baker, Douglas E. 165, 190, 199 Baker, Jonathan D. 63, 68, 106, 115, 142, 246 Baker, Thomas K. 115, 142 Baldwin, Vernon 225 Ballard, Charlotta 115 Ballard, Chris 165, 107 Ballentyne, James M. 115, 220, 237 Balster, Scott G. 165, 199, 203 Balthop, John M. 107, 165 Banks, Michelle 165, 208 Bankson, Gary A. 106, 147 Bardell, Leianne 147 Barehand, Crystal 116 Barnes, Jennifer 165 Barnes, Jr. James 165 Barnette, Roberta 225, 237 Barney, Jeanette 147 Barney, Rhett 116 Barnicoat, Jon Paul 165, 197 Barron, Sherry 156, 116, 197 Berry, Pamela 147, 199 Bartel, Lori 116 Bartko, Lisa 116, 142, 204 Bartlett, Robin 147, 199 Barton, Darren 147 Bassett, Virginia 147 Bassler, Paige 62, 66, 107, 147 Batchelor, Leslie 165, 168 Bealey, Troy 213 Bean, Rebecca 147, 204, 205, 214, 242, 250 Bean, Roger 116 Beardmore, Lise 116, 142, 216 Beavers, Tyrel 107, 165 Bebhardt, Michelle 219 Beck, David 116 Beebe, John 165 Beers, Brent 31, 106, 116, 142, 214, 237, 244 Beert, Tami 107, 147, 187 Begaye, Kaye 116 Behring, John 147 Behunin, Kimberley 116 Behunin, Lloyd 165 Belch, John 147 Belcher, Christopher 195 Belcher, Dana 116 Bell, Christain 165 Beltran, John 116 Bendure, Timothy 2, 147, 199 Benefield, Breena 116, 142, 197 Benevento, Joseph 116 Bennett, Franklin 199 Bennett, James 147 Benson, Buddy 116 Benson, David 147, 163, 195, 218 Benson, Deborah 116, 142, 195, 203, 218 Bloom, Teresa 166 Blough, Brent 116 Blythe, Sarah 20, 31, 116, 142 Bock, Steven 116 Boes, Kelli 166, 193, 199 Boheneck, Chad 106, 148 Bohman, Stacy 166 Bolar, Tiffany 148 Bolland, Mark 166 Bollwinkel, Derek 166 Bollwinkel, Tonja 148 Bonthems, Gary 117 Booster Club 192 Booth, Charles 166 Booth, Michael 117 Bordwell, Robert 203, 214, 215 Boren, Jennifer 166, 204, 210, 215 Bosley, Diana 15, 148, 206, 207, 242 Bosley, Mechell 166 Bostic, Stacy 166 Bothe, Justina 166 Bouchie, Kimberly 23, 117, 142, 202, 216 Bouley, Sandra 225, 231 Bowers, Loel 148 Bowers, Mark 166 Bowers, Mary Sue 117 Bowers, Michael 148 Bowman, Wyatt 166 Boyd, Jaime 166, 218 Benson, Denise 165, 215, 218 Benson, Stephanie 165 Bentley, 209, 243, 278 Bentley, Robert 147 Bentz, Kerry 147 Benzer, Margaret 147, 203 Berg, Paul 165 Berge, Brigitte 165, 219 Berner, Andrea 165 Berthold, Nancy 147 Best, Jerry 165 Bethancourt, Hillary 165, 203 Bethancourt, Tiffany 187 Andrea 7, 116, 142, 186, 200, Bettendorf, Larry 48, 116, 142 Bettendorf, Lenny 165, 197 Beynon, John 147, 215 Biehn, Joann 147, 199, 203 Bigelow, Victor 165 Biller, Wendy 147, 199, 237 Bingham, Kimberly 147 Bingham, Priscilla 116, 218 Bird, Ronald 147 Birkett, Melody 147 Bisbee, Edward 116, 190, 199, 204 Black, Garrett 148 Black, Kimberly 148, 199 Black, Ronnie 148 Black, Stephen 116 Black, Travis 3, 116 Blackhurst, Betsy 165, 218 Blackhurst, Bruce 61, 73, 116, 1D Blackhurst, Jennifer 113, 116, 187, 200, 218, 243, 247 Blanco, Johnny Blanco, Vickie 165 Blank, Kennety 148 Blasdell, David 166 Blodgett, Keith 166, 216 Blood Drive 42, 43 Bloom, Roberta 38, 148, 165, 203, 219, 247 Boyer, Matthew 148 Boyer, Ronald 191 Boynton, Matthew 166, 187 Boys' Cross Country 84, 85 Boys' State 240 Boys' Swimming 80, 81 Boyse, Kathy 89, 107, 148, 195, 218, 219 Bracamonte, Betty 225 Bracamonte, Ofelia 148, 199 Bracamonte, Yolanda 166, 214, 216 Bracken, Lorette 148, 219 Brackney, Kenneth 225 Braden, Sharon 148, 195 Braden, Susan 148, 195 Bradshaw, Philip 5, 73, 117 Brady, Jennifer 148 Brady, Jim 107, 225 Brady, Troy 213 Braley, Don 166 Brandon, Frank 97, 117, 142 Branham, William 117 Branning, JoAnn 225 Brantley, Gregory 117 Brault, Leslie 148, 199, 204 Bralmiller, Robert 166 Brecke, Stephan 148 Brenner, Debbie 67, 107, 166 Brewer, Kurt 148 Brewer, Preston 166 Brewer, Wendy 117, 142, 202 Brewster, Tami 107 Brinkman, Bonnie 148, 204, 205, 250 Bristow, Mark 148 Broadston, Ronda 167 Brodzinski, Kenneth 117, 142, 192, 199, 204 Brooksby, Tamara 167, 191 Brouwer, Odessa 167, 191 Brower, Colleen 18, 117 Brown, Algene 117 Brown, Andra 106, 167 Index 255 Brown, Camette 167 Brown, Caroline 117 Brown, Caroline 148, 188 Brown, Curtis 225 Brown, David 7, 75, 101, 142, 148 Brown, Derik 148 Brown, Douglas 117, 199 Brown, Jacquie 148 186, 187, 195 Brown, Jacqueline 148 Brown, Jeffrey 148 Brown, Jill 117 Brown, Jonathan 148 Brown, Katherine 148, 199 Brown, Kirsten 148 Brown, Lisa D. 167 Brown, Lisa M. 117, 204 Brown, Marvin 237 Brown, Matthew 167 Brown, Pat 226 Brown, Richard 106, 148 Brown, Roberta 167 Brown, Stephanie 117 Brown, Tina 167 Brown, Tracy 117 Brunet, Lisa 117 Brunner, Ryan 167 Brunson, Robin 117, 209 Brunyer, Steven 117, 197 Bryant, David 73, 117 Bryson, Eileen 167, 199, 215, 237 Bryson, Maureen 117, 142, 199 Buchanan, Julee 117 Buckels, Celeste 117 Buckland, Cindy 148 Buckland, Linda 167 Buckley, Lynda 148, 187, 189 Bunchman, Angela 167 Bundy, Michael 148, 197 Bunning, Bridget 54, 167, 237 Burges, Dennis 117, 142, 187,218,219 Burgus, Scott 167, 199, 203 Burrell, Jeffrey 167, 186 Burton, Andrew 112, 117, 142 Burzin, Anna 167 Busch, Deborah 148 Bush, Christine 117 Butler, Jeffery 117, 213 Butler, Lester 148 Butorac, Hillary 19, 22, 148, 219, 239 Butren, Kerry 167, 214 Butz, Mark 117 Butzke, John 167 Byers, Mark 117 QCCQCQ Cain, Jeffrey 148, 199 Calderone, Dominic 118, 142 Caldwell, Samantha 167 Call, Julie 33, 78, 118, 139, 142, 186, 187, 195, 206, 207, 218, 247 Call, Ron 107, 167 Callahan, Betty 225 Callaway, Bobbi 118, 220 Calveri, Jamie 118, 219 Camarena, Gregory 107, 167 Camerer, Tonia 148 Camp, Charles 118 Camp, Fred 167, 191 Campagna, Gregory 107, 167 Campagna, Stephen 118, 112 Camparella, Robert 148 Campbell, Brett 118, 142 Campbell, Cathy 148 Campbell, Justin 107, 167 256 Index Campbell, Laurie 21, 148, 203 Campbell, Linda 2, 118, 142, 199, 264 Campbell, Matthew 97, 118 Campbell, Robert 167 Campbell, Scot 167, 190 Campos, Raymond 167 Campoy, Monica 167, 191 Candland, Lara 146, 148 Canfield, Michelle 167 Canham, Keith 225 Cantu, Maureen 167 Cantu, Michael 106, 148 Canty, Joan 26, 91, 48, 193, 195, 203, 205 Career Center 236 Carey, Jeanene 225 Carey, Shannon 167, 204 Cariveau, William 22, 40, 142, 193, 219, 264 Carlisly, Michael 167, 168, 215 Carlos, Richard 148 Carlson, Doris 225 Carlson, Chris 107 Carlson, Kimberly 118, 197 Carlson, Reylene 148, 215, 216 Carpenter, William 106, 167 Carpio, Artenio 167 Carpio, Jesus 198 Carrieri, Roseann 118, 200, 242 Carroll, Stephen 167 Carter, Anita 118 Carter, Lea 1657? 219 Cartwright, Susan 167 Cartwright, Terri 60, 118, 142, 219 Casey, Holly 167, 195 Casillas, Ann 167, 219 Casillas, Lisa 148 Casner, Pamela 167 Caspers, Todd 148 Cassaday, Mark 148, 204, 219 Cassavaugh, David 167 Castillo, Patrick 118, 142 Castle, Bob 205 Castle, Jr., Sidney 148, 167, 250 Castleberry, Todd 95,107, 167, 183 Casto, Anthony 2, 118, 142 Cavallo, Gina 119, 142, 199, 209 Cawood, Justin 148, 166 Cayford, Shirley 225 Cervante, Tony 149 Cervantes, Antonio 167 Cayne, Jay 219 Cesta, Thomas 149 Challis, Susan 149, 193 Chamberlain, Kelly 167, 219 Champion, Eric 149 Chandler, Richard 167 Chaney, Julianna 149 Chaney, Steven 149, 188, 203 Chapman, Amy 107, 167 Chapman, Kelly 167, 219 Chapman, Nathan 149 Chapman, Ronald 95, 107, 167 Charles, Allan 119, 197 Charles, Dale 10, 222, 225 Charles, Kenneth 149 Charles, Sue 219 Charlson, Kent 168 Chaskes, Jennifer 149 Chavarria, Jesus 149, 204, 219 Chaves, Joelle 119, 142 Chaves, Tamiene 107, 168 Cheier, Paul 149 Chenier, Richard 168 Chesley, Nanette 149 Chiakmakis, John 96 Chiappetta, Margaret 17, 54, 195, 200, 219, 243 Chiappetta, Ralph 168 Chiles, Connie 149, 186, 193 Chirico, Monica 149 Chitty, Charles 149 Chorale 218 Christmas 44, 45 Christmas, David 149, 203, 219 Christner, Greta 220, 225, 233 Christopher, Joseph 149 Christopherson, Claus 241 Chucri, Alex 40, 149 Chucri, Joseph 168, 219 Church, Cory 149, 204, 219 Ciancuillo, Diana 149, 199 Ciotola, Diana 168, 186, 187 Clark, David 149, 168 Clark, John 119 Clark, Rosemary 23, 142, 216 Clark, Sara 197, 225 Clark, Theresa 119, 216 Clark Ill, T. 69, 107, 119 Clarkson, Craig 49, 106 Clarkson, Gary 119, 142 Clausen, Debra 168 Clawson, Julie 168 Cleary, John 119 Cleary, Kim 168 Clement, Daniel 168 Clevenstine, Donna 52, 119, 142, 167 215, 237 Click Club 216 Closing 264, 265, 266, 267 Cloud, Brad 149 Cloud, Timothy 149 Cluff, Brenda 119, 142, 218, 237 Cochenour, Dean 119, 142 Cochran, Larry 149, 199 Cody, Dale 216 C.O.E. 202, 203 Cofer, Michael 168 Cogswell, Brenda 119 Cogswell, Rebecca 168 Cole, Brenda 119, 142, 203 Collins, David 95, 149 Collins, Jearle 237 Collins, Melissa 149, 187, 188 Collum, Lynda 149, 199 Colombo, Lynda 41, 149, 209 Colpaert, Roy 119, 212 Colvin, Terri 149 Combes, Hillarie 225, 237 Combs, Karry 119, 142, 195 Comparin, Julie 149 Compton, Kelly 188, 211 Computers 212 Conklin, Caren 149, 204 Contreras, Melinda 168 Cook, Gary 168 Cooley, Mark 107, 168 Cooper, Cara 20, 31, 112, 114, 119, 142, 205, 219, 242,215 Cooper, Jeffrey 149 Cooper, Milissa 168 Cooper, Theresa 16, 119, 200, 243, 266 Cooper, Thomas 119, 197 Cowan, Christine 168 Cox, Phillip 149, 218 Crabtree, Darlene 149 Craig, Christopher 119 Craig, Lisa 149 Crandall, Lori 149 Crandall, Wayne 119, 191, 212 Crane, Carrie 119, 142, 186, 200, 243 Crawford, Kathy 119, 202 Crawford, Khali 119, 142, 189, 1 205, 240, 242, 244, 251 Crawford, Pam 225, 231 Creasman, Paul 168 Cress, Mary 119 Crimmins, Andrew 19, 149 Crismon, Bonnie 120 Crist, Deana 120, 142, 197 Cronk, Glen 168 Cronk, Kevin 17, 73, 149 Crook, Bill 225 Crook, Helen 150 Crouch, Todd 168 Crowe, John 120, 199, 213 Crowe, Scott 150 Crowe, Thomas 107, 168, 179 Croy, Laura 150, 187, 188, 218 Cruise, Lawrence 120, 142, 214 Crum, Rulon 73, 168, 219 Cuita, Wendi 150 Cullen, Sheila 168 Cummins, Bill 225 Cummings, Chris 168 Cummins, Tara 150 Cunningham, George 107, 168 Cunningham, William 120, 142, 156, 215, 223, 240, 244, 245 Curd, Timothy 168, 205 Curlett, James 192, 222, 225, 23 Curley, Laura 150 Currie, Joseph 150 Curry, Karen 120 Curtis, Clayton 150 Cypert, Sally 120, 142, 195, 199, 218 Cypert, Samuel 168, 199 Cyplik, Sharon 150, 205, 242, 2 Czudak, Sherri 22, 150, 209 DDDDD Dabrowski, Elizabeth 9, 150, 19 Dabrowski, Greg 120 Dale, Wendy 150, 203 Dalrymple, Troy 168 Daly, Glen 73, 120 Damiano, Lisa 168, 191 Dammen, Kenith 120, 202, 204 Dana, Kristen 150 Dana, Kurtis 168 Dana, Vicki 107, 168 Dance Theatre 209 Daniel, Jackie 168 Dant, Sara 17, 150, 193, 195,20 Daughety, Julianne 168 Davidson, Elizabeth 150 Copelan, Kevin 149, 218 Corbelli, Patty 168 Corrao, Kelly 119 Correa, Martina 168 Corrigan, Jody 168 Corwin, Thomas 119 Cory, Leisa 168, 191 Cottam, James 119, 146, 187, 218 Counseller, Casey 106, 199, 193 Coury, Patricia 168, 219 Davis, Christina 150 Davis, Carol 114, 120, 187 Davis, Denine 150, 205, 219, 242 265 Davis, Jay 73, 150, 219 Davis, Jeffery 120 ,Juliana 150, 187, 214, 21 Davis Davis, Nile 120, 142 Davis, Pamela 150 , Albert 150 s, Paul 107, 168, 190 s, Sandra 150 s, Steve 150 s, Teri 168 sson, Tammy 168 son, Diana 150 son, Sharla 64, 106, 150, 204, 219 Deborah 150 ey, Gregory 168 , Julie 168 ien, Steven 150 om, Christina 168, 189, 199, 211 C.A. 196 us, Christen 26, 150, 187, 199 er, Deborah 150 er, Mary 225 to, Brett 168 urcy, Jacqueline 150 nfelder, Dawn 168, 191 acie, Donald 106, 150 ey, Blake 68, 106, 111, 150, 205, , Charles 150 renzo, Andrew 120, 142, 187, , 197, 219 rino, Louis 120 ssa, Andrea 168 ssa, Thomas 24, 75, 106, 150, 'chele, Lisa 120, 142 'ng, Sandra 150, 203, 204 e, Julie 168, 181, 246 e, Kimberly 150, 206, 207, 216, ss, Michael 150 sey, Michele 150, 193 ison, Dawn 66, 107, 168 vich, Tracee 150, 195, 203 , James 213 osiers, Keith 120, 142 rmann, Joyce 168, 199 Joe 37, 225 Michael 21, 73, 150, 204 rson, Daniel 150, 196, 197 an, Janna 120, 202 n, Dana 168 an, Jerald 120 rystal 150 , Rohn 150 n, Benny 150, 240 c, Dragana 168 z, Louis 225, 237 e, Douglas 106, 150, 215 rty, Charles 120, 142 , Cheryl 168 , Gerald 107 , Esther 120, 202, 237 nn, David 169 katias, Daniel 73, 150 n, Anahia 197 n, Hamilton 107, 168 , David 106, 150 ll, Debra 168, 190, 204 herty, Joe 120 herty, Steve 150 hety, Julie 188, 218 lass, Jeffrey 160 ey, Mike 160, 219 , Bonnie 169 , Francine 120, 204, 244 , Michael 120, 219 , Theresa 150 , Julie 150 , Tina 169 a 188 r, Brian 169 Draper, Joseph 169 Draper, Tammy 169 Dreemon, Mitilda 195 Driggs, Cardon 222 Driggs, Kevin 88, 150 Droy, Laura 188 Drozd, Denise 120, 197 Dueck, Patricia 120, 142 Duffus, Cheryl 150 Duffy, Daniel 107, 169 Dugger, Dennis 150 Duke, Theresa 120, 142, 197 Duncan, Robert 150 Dunham, Michelle 150 Dunn, Robert 50, 60, 112, 120, 142, 143, 266 Dunn, Thom 225 Dunshie, Brian 169 Dupree, Quentin 2, 32, 120, 142 Duprey, Anthony 106, 121 Dupuis, Tina Duranti, Jacquelin 60, 114, 124, 142, 205, 219, 240, 251 Duranti, Ronald 107, 160 Durney, Anne 150 Duvaul, Wade 169 Dyer, Kimberly 151 Dykman, Cameron 169 EEEEEEE Eagar, Stephen 60, 118, 121, 142 Eaton, Gerald 150 Eberline, Barbara 226 Eccles, Trisha 18, 121, 142, 202, 203 Echols, Susan 150 Edgell, Pamela 169 Edmonds, Darlene 150, 203 Edmons, Maureen 169 Edmund, John 107, 169 Edward Edward s, Craig 121 s, Eric 121, 187,218 Edwards, Kimberly 169, 186 Edwards, Phillip 169 Edwards, Susan 151, 187, 195, 218 Eells, Brian 199, 221 ' Egan, Ann 151 Eagleburger, Da vid 222 Eldredge, Stephen 226 Elfeldt, Jacquelyn 169 Eliason, Eric 169, 215 Ellentuck, Martha 226, 237 Ellis, John 227 Ellis, Michelle 169 Ellis, Paula 151, 193 Elswick, Barry 97, 151, 195 Elswick, Laurie 34, 121, 202 Emerson, Tyrone 151 Enfield, David 121, 142 Encore 187 Ennis, Jack 169, 191 Epps, Nanette 121, 202 Erickson, John 169 Erickson, Kathleen 151 Eskew, Michael 121 Espinoza, Ricardo 142, 151 Essley, Amber 169, 218 Estes, James 169 Estes, Ritchie 151, 191 Etsitty, Evangeline 151 Eulate, Daniel 73, 108, 169, 199 Eulate, Joseph 21, 121, 189, 188, 204 Evans, Heidi 121 Evane, Jeff 170 Everett, Jonie 170 FFFFFFF Fabian, Cynthia 151, 209 Faculty 225-235 Fads and Fashions 56, 57 Fagan, Ann 227, 257 Fagan, James 170, 199 Fahey, Vincent 170 Fairbanks, Rose 151, 215 Fall Fest 22, 23 Fate, Barry 121 Fausnett, Tina 121, 142, 192, 193, 199 Federico, Christina 170, 199 Fedoryk, Khristina 107, 199, 219 Felix, Joe 227, 228 Ferreira, Antonio 151, 106, 121 Ferret, Mark 110 Fetty, Clarence 121 Fiacco, Dean 151 Fiaschetti, Adina 170, 189, 218 Field, Teresa 170 Fielder, Carl 220, 227 Fiffins, Robert 121, 211 Fillmore, Jennifer 170, 186 Finlinson, David E. 151 Fisher, Dan 143 Fisher, Patrick S. 151 Fiske, Sherri A. 151, 197 Ritch, Samuel K. 77, 170, 107, 151 Fjelstad, Steven C. 142, 210, 212, 240, 121, 245, 219 Flag Corp 198-199 Flake, Jonathon T. 170 Flake, Melanie 151, 218 Fleener, Lisa 170 Flood, James E. 170, 212, 213 Flores, Alfred V. 151, 191 Flores, David V. 151 Foos, Carrie A. 107, 170 Football Dance 38, 39 Forbes, Cassandra 121, 142, 195, 215, 218, 244 Ford, Mark 21, 142, 195,215 Ford, William 151, 156, 219 Foreign Exchange 241 Fosse, Mark 267 Foster, Debra 170, 194 Foster, Noel 219 Foster, Tom 227 Fowler, Mark 121, 170 Frabasilio, Brian 170 Francis, Betsy 196 Frank, Christine 152, 199 Frank, Steven 121 Franklin, Dirk 121 Franklin, Scott 152 Frazier, Eldon 107, 170 Frazier, Elizabeth 152, 187, 199, 218 Frazier, Martin 152 Fredericks, Robert 227 Fredrickson, Brian 106, 152 Fredrickson, Wendy 170 Free, Lynn 152, 189, 200, 243 Freeman, Mary Kay 227, 229 Frias, Karen 152 Frierson, Michael 121 Frierson, Theresa 121 Frihart, Tristan 106, 152, 199, 219 Frisby, Kay 152, 211 Frizol, Sarah 170 From, Clayton 152 From, Sandra 170 Frost, Brian 121 Frost, Jennifer 170 Frost, Steven 7, 73, 122 Frost, Stuart 27, 29, 47, 70, 72, 73, 89, GGGGG Galante, Gina 170 Galbasini, Craig 170 Galbasini, Jill 122, 142, 237 Gallagher, Devon 152 Gallentine, Sean 152 Galligan, Christopher 170 Gamble, Ronald 170 Gammage, Chad 152 Gammel, Kora 98, 99, 122, 142 Ganser, Dale 152 Garcia, Edward 152 Garcia, Mike 122 Garcia, Veronica 152 Gardner, Michelle 152 Garlick, William 170, 187 Garner, Melinda 152 Garner, Melissa 152, 193, 202, 220 Garrison, Lisa 170 Garrison, Sally 170, 191, 213 Gates, Yvette 20 Gautreau, Wayne 226 Gearhart, Caren 122 Gebhardt, Michelle 122, 142, 203, 215, 219, 237 Gee, Harold 226 Gehring, Robby 11, 106, 146, 152 122, 142, 219 George, Brad 106 Gerhart, Mark 170 Gerkin, Tracy 107, 122, 170, 208, 219 Germain, Bruce 170 Gerz, Michelle 170 Gibb, Cynthia 152 Gibbons, Christine 112, 142, 205, 242, 251 Gibbs, William 107, 170 Giblin, Lee 152, 216, 218 Gibson, Eric 170, 186, 192, 237 Gibson, Kelly 48, 122, 170 Gibson, Kevin 107 Giese, Michael 146, 152 Gifford, Bruce 107, 170 Gellespie, Weston 170 Giordano, Laura 171 Girls Cross Country 82, 83 Girls State 240 Girls Swimming 78, 79 Girls Varsity Softball 98, 99 Girls JV Softball 100, 101 Glauser, Jim 73, 89, 122 Glenn, Adrian 36, 50, 64, 114, 122, 142, 231 Glenn, Angela 171, 177 Glenn, Brad 171 Glover, Bryan 122 Glyda, Joni 122, 142 Gobrecht, Geri 152 Goeders, Lea 171 Goens, Pamela 122, 197 Goettl, Marry 171 Gomez, John 171 Gomez, Rosario 152 Gonzales, Daniel 171 Gonzales, Geanna 15, 122, 197, 209 Gonzales, Lee 122 Gooch, Richard 106, 152, 155 Gooch, Todd 171 Goodman, David 122 Goodman, Shelley 171 Index 257 Goodoff, Carrie 17 Goodson, Sylvia 152 Goodwin, Tina 171, 218 Gooler, Sherrie 152 Gordon, Robert 171 Gordon, Romney 152 Gordon, Samantha 171 Gorman, Bruce 122, 212 Goslin, LoriAnne 171, 191 Governo, Darrin 106, 152 Governo, Deanna 122, 142, 193, 188, 199, 237 Gowans, Margaret 152 Gowin, Jana 65, 106, 152 Graham, Brian 152 Grandstaff, Tina 122 Grant, William 152 Grasso, Robert 152, 215 Graton, Allan 190 Graves, Paula 152 Graville, Cheryl 142, 197 Graville, Gayla 26, 152 Gray, Kevin 106, 152, 197 Gray, Shawn 171 Greaton, Leslie 171 Green, Brad 107, 171 Green, Julie 152 Green, Joe 152 Green, Larry 152 Greene, Elizabeth 122 Greene, Shelley 66, 107, 152 Greenlee, Jodie 152 Gregan, Maureen 65, 107, 122, 142, 209 Gregory, James 171 Hale, Deborah 205, 227, 228 Hale, Karen 43, 123, 188, 204, 218, 219 Hale, Laree 171, 199 Hale, Stephen 171, 214 Halfhill, Denette 1 71 Hall, Bradley 123 Hall, Kim 192, 227 Hall, Patricia 171, 186 Hall, Tracy 171 Hall, Wendy 123 Hallock, Todd 107, 171 Halls, Mike 152, 213 Halls, Rebecca 123, 144, 200, 243, 247 Halls, Ryan 152, 218 Ham, Lisa 171 Hamberlin, James 171 Hamblin, Mary 123, 187, 218 Hamilton, Miriam 123 Hamlin, Larry 171, 186, 213 Hamlow, Karen 123 Hamm, Eric 152, 210, 214 Hammons, Robert 171 Hammonns, Tammi 171 Hance, Julie 15, 123, 197 Hanna, Denise 123, 213 Hannah, Benjamin 152 Hansen, Anneli 171, 191 Hansen, John 153 Hansen, Matthew 11, 152, 204, 214, 215, 319 Hansen, Midge 171, 218 Hansen, Raimo 123 Hansen, Walter 171 Hansen, Wendy 123 Griemme, Deanna 215 Griest, Scott 171 Griffin, Denise 226 Griffin, Mark 122 Griffin, Michelle 152 Griffin, Patricia 171 Griffin, Griffin, Richard 63, 107, 227, 233 Scott 152 Hardin, Dale 124 Hardin, James 171, 213 Hardy, Michael 153, 197, 199 Harman, Shauna 153, 181, 186, 215, 237 Harrington, Sean 153, 211 Harris, Brian 153 , Harris, Melanie 171, 191 Griffiths, Charles 202 Grigsby, Scott 122 Grijalva, Eric 152 Groessl, Sherry 171 Groschel, Lisa 122, 142, 186 Hart, Tonya 153 Hartington, Arnold 219 Hartenstein, Debra 124, 144 Hartley, John 124, 144 240 , 189, 195, 215, Guard, Michael 122 Guest, Thomas 226, 227 Gulden, Sandy 106, 152 Gunnell, David 171 Gunnell, Marlo 171 Gunnell, Stephanie 123, 186, 218 Gurney, Wendy 123, 193 Gurtler, Gurtler, Gustafs Matthew 107, 171,214 Ill, Lloyd 43, 123, 214 on, Kenneth 107, 171 Harwell, Alicia 153, 55, 9, 193 Haslip, Jennifer 124, 197 Hasslacher, Peter 124 Hatch, Brandie 21, 171 Hatch, Carlet 144, 195, 204, 214, 219 Hathaway, Dawn 113, 171, 198, 218, 219 Hawker, Barry 153 Hawkins, David 171, 189, 101,215 Hawkins, Randall 171 Guthrie, Greg 123 Gutierrez, Joe 123 Gutierrez, Richard 106, 152 Guierrez, Sonja 123, 144, 202, 203, 240 Guy, Andy 123, 144, 187, 218 Habighorst, Kirk 152 Hacala, Carol 171 Haddad, Kenneth 227, 228 Hage, Wendy 152 Hagdalhl, Julie 171 Hagerty, Michelle 52, 86, 123 Hahn, Ron 23, 123, 197 Hailey, Yolanda 171, 193 258 Index Hawkins, Ernest 227 Hawkins, Richard 222, 226, 220 Hawley, Dennis 124, 202 Hawley, Jennifer 171, 199 Haws, Allen 171, 186 Haws, Kayle 106, 226 Haymore, Redd 204 Haynes, Aimee 79, 107, 124, 194, 219 Haynes, Chantal 153 Haynes, Heather 153, 107, 203, 194 Haynes, Michelle 124, 144 Hazlett, Mark 144 Hees, Kerry 171 Hefner, Steven 73, 124 Heil, Christine 124, 197 Heinzmann, Christopher 124, 188 Helfert, Michelle 171, 189, 215, 218 Hello Assembly 16, 17 Helmick, Denise 171 Helquist, Shari 124 Helsing, Brian 124 Hemberger, Dean 16, 81, 106, 124, 219 Henderson, David 106, 153 Henderson, Marcia 186 Hendrickson, Steven 153 Hendrick, Matt 91, 107 Hendrix, Regina 171 Hennessey, Ken 106, 142, 203, 210, 215, 219, 245 Henry, David 124 Hensley, Nancy 172 Henson, Kristina 153, 187, 202, 203 Hentges, David 124 Hernandez, Annalisa 124, 144 Hernandez, Christina 172 Herndon, Janet 153 H.E.R.0. 197 Herron, Kristi 171, 208 Herron, Suzanne 22, 24, 39, 43, 79, 107, 153, 204, 206, 207 Herst, Eugene 226 Hertweck, Lorrie 172 Hewson, Douglas 1d, 39, 73, 183, 219 Hey, Freddy 153 Hey, Laura 172 Hickman, Tony 172 Hicks, Kevin 124 Hicok, Shawn 172, 186 Higgins, John 153 Higginson, Laura 170, 172 Higgs, Anita 124, 144, 188, 195, 204, 214, 215 Higgs, Kelly 172 High School Romance 20-21 Hightower, Deidre 153, 199 Hightower, Deserie 153, 199 Hightree, Daryl 124 Hightree, Dawn 172 Higley, Calista 124, 144, 197 Higuera, Catherine 153 Hilburn, Judith 124 Hildebrand, John 172 Hill, Burke 73, 124 Hill, Rebecca 172 Hill, Steffan 172 Hillger, Shawna 124, 202 Himes, Kristin 153, 195 Hinds, Michelle 153 Hines, Karl 124, 213 Hinkle, David 125, 144, 219 Hinkle, Marsha 87, 107, 153, 199 Hix, Sandi 125, 144 Hockett, Gerald 172 Hockett, Marcia 153, 195, 203, 219 Hoerchler, Christopher 17, 114, 125, 144, 245 Hoerchler, Heidi 36, 172, 177, 205, 231, 250 Hoff, Steve 153 Hoffman, Kurt 153 Hoffman, Rodney 153 Holder, Heidi 172 Homecoming Royalty 28, 29 Hon, Lisa 144, 187 Hon, Lori 153, 219 Honeycutt, Gary 172 Honors 246, 247 Hood, Daniel 172 Hooker, Rhonda 153 Hooper, Kirk 172 Hooper, Lucy 153 Hoopes, Sheila 125, 203 Hopkins, Doreen 62, 125, 144 Hopkins, Robert 172 Hoppe, Andrea 172 Hopper, Mark 106, 153 Horne, Deron 153 Hossak, David 153, 204 Hossler, Robert 172 Hough, Mike 172, 190, 199, 227 Houghton, Debra 125 Householder, Kirk 125, 144 Housholder, Gary 172 Housholder, Sandra 125, 195, 19 Howard, Jeffrey 172 Howell, Randi 172 Howell, Terry 172 Hoy, Ronnie 106, 153 Hudson, Faith 125 Hudson, Frank 212, 227 Hudson, Marge 225 Hudzietz, Stacey 172, 191 Hughes, Kurtis 1F, 36 Hughes, Rebecca 172, 181, 246 Hughes, Steven 125 Hughes, Thomas 153 Hughes Jr,, Donald 153 Hughlett, Brenda 153 Hull, Amanda 34, 40, 153, 219 Hull, Amy 203, 227 Hull, Brad 219 Hull, Pamela 195, 227, 231, 233. Hull, Shawn 172 Hull, Zachary 125, 203 Huls, Daniel 125 Humble, Jeffery 153 Humphrey, Angela 153 Hunsaker, Kimberly 172 Hunsaker, Lori 125 Hunt, Stacey 172 Husar, George 153 Hutchison, Michael 211, Hutchison, Mike 125, 153 Hutchison, Susie 172, 219 Hutson, Jason 5, 20, 31, 37, 62, 144, 226 WWWWW 227 lm Heady, Karin 124 Heath, Steven 171, 213 Habdon, Derk 124, 144, 215 Hebdon, Michelle 107, 153, 219 Hecker, Alana 153, 195 Hector, Scott 153 Hedges, David 142, 144, 214, 219, 245 Holland Holland , Larry 107, 172 , William 172, 235 Holman, Lisa 43, 144 Holmes, Bobe 153 Holub, Jason 172 Homecoming 24, 25 Homecoming Dance 26, 27 lngraham, Roland 222 Ireland, Shannon 143, 144 Irwin, Mark 153 lsacc fBauerJ, Marlana 153 lsley, Craig 172 JJJJJJ Jackson, Gina 153, 209 Johnson, John 37, 62, 90, 91, 1 153, 156, 219 Jackson, Michael 106, 227 Jacobs, Guy 172, 190 Jaeckel, Albrecht 228 James, Johanssen 84, 106, 125, James, Michael 153, 219 Jamieson, James , 21, 28, 32, 4 Lee, 125, 265 a, Robert 125, 196, 197 uette, Cynthia 172 millo, Frank 153 millo, Robert 172 is, James 172 is, John 153 ine, Jacques 125 in, Joanna 172 190 ry, Eric 125 ins, Danny 172 s, Kimberly 125, 202 en, Chad 153 en, Jeffrey 172, 186, 189, 199 en, Michael 153 ie, David 125 ie, Owen 106, 153 tt, Paul 154 tt, Sharlene 154, 203 tt, Theresa 172 , Ronelle 172 nn, Joni 154, 204, 219 son, Bill 172 son, Brad 172 son, Charles 228 son, Christopher 154 son, Cynthia 154, 199 son, Daniel 125 son, David 154 son, Dawn 154 son, Deanne 125, 144 son, Diana 35 son, Dianna 125, 144 son, Eric 73, 112, 125, 154 son, Heather 172 son, Jill 172, 218, 237 son, Kenny 143 son, Mark 172 son, Martha 154 son, Michael 172 son, Patricia 172, 193, 218 on, Rebecca 125, 197 on, Robina 154 on, Sterling 154 on, Susan 126, 197 on, Todd 5, 73, 154 on, Tim 172 ton, Donald 173 , Jr., David 126 , Dale 154, 199, 204 , Gordon 59 , Jackie 154 , Jim 154 ,Julie 154, 172, 214,215,218 , Kimberly 87, 107 , Laurie 154, 187, 190, 215 , Kimberly 87, 107 , Laurie 154, 187, 190, 215 , Leslie 126 , Nathan 154 , Neal 154, 167 , Norman 33, 154, 219 , Renee 154, 48 son, Carla 172 son, Penny 154 Theodore 126 hson, Donna 154 odd 126, 187, 188,218 Larry 154 Stephen 154, 106, 219 rs 146-163 r Football 74, 75 r Volleyball 66, 67 , Ginger 172 sketball eer 208 JV Football 76-77 JV Wrestling 94-95 Kalinke, Kathleen 154, 202 Kalinke, Kevin 173, 213 Kanistanaux, Misty 189, 202 Kanistanaux, Trent 126, 154 Karloon, Jennifer 154 Karr, Ginger 9, 154 Karr, Jennifer 117, 154 Karlson, Jennifer 213 Kasprzyk, Paul 5, 28, 35, 47, 51, 70, 73, 110, 113, 126,247 KATS Club 193 Kaufman, Lisa 126, 144 Keast, Vicki'154, 216 Koehler, Camille 155 Koellner, Carol 126 Koens, Terril 126 Koernig, Lori 126, 144 Koglin, Cynthia 87, 107, 155 Kohlhase, Katherine 123, 126, 194, 189, 214, 219 Kolhepp, Jim 192 Komnick, Joseph 126 Koontz, Darla 155, 208, 209 Koozer, Hal 74, 106, 155 Kosisky, John 173 Kosisky, Todd 107 Koss, Denise 155 Koughn, Dorthy 173 Kovach, Kristina 155 Koy, Edward 155 Krall, Suzann 173, 199, 216 Kramer, David 174 Kramer, Don 73, 228 Last, Robert 127 Latin 214 Lavelle, Kim 155 Lavelle, Tammy 155 Lavergne, Julie 87, 107, 174 Lawrence, Cynthia 127, 202 Lawson, Bonnie 127, 144, 197 Lawson, Lane 155 Lax, Ronald 229 Lay, Letha 196 Lazaroff, Greg 75, 106, 155, 186, 240 Lazaroff, Kristen 127, 144, 211, 215 Leading Tradition 111 Leasure, Donovan 155, 202 Leathers, Thomas 127 Ledingham, Eva 197 Ledingham, Nancy 174 Lee, Adam 127 Lee, Casey 21, 33, 73, 128, 144 Lavaun 128 Keck, Christopher 192 Keck, Michael 126, 202 Keele, Keleigh 126, 205, 242 Keeling, Kristen 154 Keledjian, Christine 173 Kellogg, George 154, 219 Kemp, April 107, 173, 232 Kempf, Angela 17, 173, 208 Kempton, Lara 34, 40, 154, 204, 219 Kempton, Linda 126 Kennedy, Andrew Kennedy, Darlene 155 Kennedy, Mary 155 Kent, Christopher 126 Kent, Rebecca 173, 202, 215, 219 Kerley, Melinda 173 Kernagis, John 126 Kernagis, Mike 69, 111, 106, 155, 219, 237 Kessler, Kelly 155 Kiffer, Richard 155 Kimball, Erika 173 Kimball, Linda 126 King, Jeffrey 173 King, Jeremy 155 King, Lorraine 173 155 King, Nancy 10, 155, King, Sheri 155, 197 King, Tara 126, 202 Kingan, Gary 173 Kinnard, Lisa 126 Kinnear, William 155, 189, 195, 212, 215 Kipp, Timothy 51, 228 Kirk, Lynn 126 Kish, Carol 228 Kish, Louis 228 Kislack, Laura 173, 215 Kitajca, Manuel 10, 173 187,218 199, Kratz, Dayna 174, 202 Krause, Darin 213 Krech, Stephanie 186, 155, 209 Kreie, Lisa 219 Kronborg, Trent 155 Krstic, lvan 174 Kruck, Jerrilee 174, 218 Krueger, Daniel 174, 189 Krueger Darrell 96, 126, 189, 240, Krueskamp, William C. 126, 212 Kruger, Carlene l. 174, 177 Kuchnicki, Philip A. 126 Kujawa, Dianne 126, 202 Kunde, Andrew A. 127, 144 Kunde, Bruce 229 Kurus, Paul 174 Kurus, Angela 174 Kurtis, Klayton 218 245 LLLLLLL Labombarbe, Joey 174 Lacy, Gerald 155 Lachs, Steve 197 Lafler, Jeffery 127 Lafortune, Elizabeth 174 Lakey, Kevin 174, 213 Lambert, Laura 155, 219 Lambright, Michele 155 Lambson, Dennis 127, 56, 144 Lambson, Phillip 155 LaMorte, Donna 114, 127, 144, 205, 247, 251 LaMorte, Jody 127 LaMorte, Kristen 174 LaMorte, Leslie 155 Lamparella, Raymond 155 Lee, Scott 107, 174, 219 Lee, Wendy 128, 144, 189, 199, 205, 244 Leek, Brian 155 Legg, Troy 128 LeGrady, Wendy 128 LeMoine, Joel 24, 128, 144, 214, 232 Lenhardt, Antoinette 7, 26, 155, 197 Leonard, Michael 199 Leonard, Sara 128, 203 Leonard, Todd 107 Lepianka, Aimee 174 Lepianka, Daniel 128, 218 Lester, Terry 128 Lesueur, Lisa 128 Levenda, Mark 128, 147 Leville, Tammy 187 Lewis, Christopher 36, 51, 93, 103, 128, 144 Lewis, Gary 2, 32, 128, 216 Lewis, Gary 155 Lewis, Talmage 155 Lewis, Tamara 128, 197 Lewis, Valarie 174 Liddy, Thomas 97, 107, 174 Liebert, Fredrick 174 Lientz, Brent 76, 107, 174 Lillard, Thomas 120 Lilley, Barbara 174 Lindsay, Robert 128, 202 Line, Mark 128, 213 Linenfelser, Debra 191 Linenfelser, Mary 128, 144, 189, 21 Lines, Rebecca 174 Linsenmann, Byron 174 Lisbony, Tammy 175 Little, Robert 128 Livestock 213 5 Klarstrom, Darla 173 Kleiner, John 51, 73, 228 Kleinman, Erma 155 Kleinman, Melody 173, 218 Klikoff, Catherine 173, 210, 214, 215, 218 Klingaman, Brad 173 Klingaman, Pam 126, 144 Klinger, Lisa 155 Klopshinske, Sheri 126, 144, 209 Klosterman, Stephanie 173 Knudsen, Tony 155 Knutson, Brian 126 Kobie, Meredith 202 Kobie, Roger 126, 219 Kobie, James 107, 173 Kobza, Lisa 107, 155, 195, 199, 202 Koechner, Elizabeth 173 Lancaster, David 127 Lancaster, Ethel 229 Lance, Lance, Karmel 193 Mark 174, 107 Lancucki, Steven 155 Lane, Barry 127 Lanham, William 155, 213 Lantz, Karmel 155 Lapuma, Salvatore 127 Larson, Ethel 229 Larson Cathy 127, 144, 209 Larson, Dwayne 229 Larson Geoffrey 174 Larson Kari 199 Larson Mark 48, 106, 155 Lasee, Michelle 174 Las Palomitas 218 Last, Mindy 174 Lizdas, Richard 209 Llewellyn, John 128 Llewellyn, Patrick 155 Lloyd, Da vid 222 Lloyd, Jae 10, 190, 191, 227, 229 Lochhead, Edward 97, 128 Lock, Paul 155 Loe, Patrick 175 Loeffler, Brian 155, 199, 212 Loeffler, Mark 175 Logacho, Ruth 175, 199 Logan, Lori 128 Lomax, Carmen 175 Long, Stephen 106, 155 Lopez, Daniel 84 Lopez, David 128 Lopez, Ruth 128 Lorenzo, Lance 155 Lorig, David 175, 199 Index 259 Lorig, Richard 128, 187, 218 Los Cantantes 186, 223 Losey, Jon 155 Lotts, Jacqueline 175 Lotts, Michele 128, 144 Loughrey, John 128 Loughrey, Wendy 155 Louhrey, John 212 Loveall, Vernon 175, 186, 193 Lowinski, Louann 155, 264 Lunch Spots 34, 35 Lundblom, Steven 128, 190, 199 Lunt, Allison 20, 128, 219 Lunt, Twain 128, 201 Lunt, Shane 106, 155 Luther, Anne 229 Lutz, Christopher 175 Lydy, Donald 155 Lyles, Ronee 155 Lynn, Lisa 245 Lyon, Pamela 175, 186, 199 Lyon, Richard 129, 144, 204 MMMMM MacClemmons, Tami 53, 175 MacCubbin, Julia 175 MacDonald, Lisa 175 MacDonald, Richard 156 MacDougall, Julia 175 MacEwen, William 156 Madden, Shay 129, 144 Madrilenas 200, 201 Mader, Cynthia 129, 197 Magallanez, Emmanual 175 Maine, Carlita 156 Malo, Michelle 129 Mallarougn, Karen 193 Mandarion, Anthony 156 Mangeris, Nikki 156, 219 Manier, Scott 129, 193 Mankins, Bill 175 Manley, Douglass 129 Mann, Amy 100, 107, 175 Mann, Melissa 78, 107, 156, 186 Manuel, Kristen 175 Manual, Lynelle 156, 191 Marcus, Jeffrey 175 Marcus, Lori 129, 144 Maready, David 175, 186, 203 Maready, Susan 144, 129, 194, 195, 218, 244 Mariage, Deana 129, 186, 218 Marriage, James 175 Marin, Brian 175 Marion, Jennifer 129 Markham, Heather 156, 203, 204, 215 Markoski, Jon 107, 175 Markoski, Tamara 129, 144, 214 Markley, Russ 203 Marler, James 175 Marler, Violet 156 Marsh, James 156, 163, 195, 203 Marsh, John 7, 88, 129, 192 Marshall, Debra 156, 199 Marshall, Kimberly 175, 199, 218 Marshall, Kris 129, 209 Marshall, Rikke 129, 144, 202 Martin, Carolyn 156, 186 Martin, Roger 106, 175 Martines, Catherine 156, 187, 189, 195, 199 Martinez, Andrea 175, 213 Martinez, John 77, 107, 175 Martinez, Nancy 175, 188 260 Index Martinez, Terri 175 Martyniuk, Kristin 175 Mask, Rhonna 157, 187 Mason, Marybeth 229 Mastalsz, Jr., Donald 175 Master, Terry 129, 144, 195, 244 Matador Band 191 Mathews, Tamarann 175 Matousek, John 175 Matteo, Paula 32, 129, 144, 197 Matteson, Tammy 129, 144, 212, 218 Matthews, Janna 175 Mattice, Sylvia 129 Mattingly, Kimberly 129, 144, 188, 189, 195, 211, 218, 219, 222, 244 Maughan, Gregg 175 Maughan, Sonya 129 Mauneksela, Jyri 40, 113, 129, 241 McArthur, Becky 175 McBride, Russ 229, 235 McCain, Lisa 203 McClellen, David 129 McClellan, Pamela 156 McClendon, Gregory 156 McConkey, James 175 McConnell, Shawn 129 McCormick, Sandra 107, 230 McCracken, Michelle 175 McDaniel, Jonna 157 McDaniel, Margrat 175 McDavid, John 175 McDermott, Glenn 129 McDonald, Devin 48, 107, 175 McDonald, Ester 230 McDonald, Michelle 157, 186 McDonald, Richard 190 McEarchern, Jeffery 129, 143, 144 190, 195, 199 McFall, Susan 157 McFarland, Steve 129 McGettigan, Kelly 129 McGlothlin, Doug 175, 157, 191 McGough, Wendy 157, 204, 219 McGovern, Sharon 175, 199 McGovern, Mary 230 McHunt, Kelly 218 Mclnnes, Gregory 175, 186 Mclnnes, Susanne 157, 195, 204 Mclntosh, Debora 129 Mclntyre, Joni 157, 187, 200, 243 Mclntire, Lora 230 McKelvey, Kimberly 157, 216 McKenna, Kris 52, 130, 144, 193, 203, 215, 240 McKenzie, Scott 107, 175 McKeon, Rebecca 130 McKinney, Jennifer 175 McKnight, Patti 175, 186 McLaughlin, Denise 175, 218 McLain, Beau 130 McLevain, David 175 McManis, Paul 175 McNeer, Erin 130, 144 McNeer, Kristen 157 McNeil, Matthew 175 McPhee, Shawna 175 McQuillen, Floyd 175 McWhorter, Melissa 175 Mead, Lorane 175 Meade, Shirley 230 Mealer, Mia 130, 202 Mecca, Karen 175 Macikogw, Mete 215, 241 Medina, Christina 157, 186 Meeker, Robin 130, 144 Mefferd, Bryan 157 Meily, Judy 230 Meininger, Bryan 157 Meininger, Lisa 157, 187, 188, 218 Mejia, Freddie 176 Melching, Sara 176 Mendoza, Albert 107, 176, 219 Mercer, Daniel 30, 73, 130 Mercurio, Angela 130, 144 Merkley, Russell 157 Merrill, Kristin 157, 194 Merry, Renee 157, 197 Mertz, Vaughn 130 Meseroll, Richard 130, 197 Metzger, Kirk 176 Metzler, Kevin 130 Metzler, Michelle 176 Meyer, Wendi 157 Miceli, Mark 157 Michaels, Judith 176, 191, 218 Michalak, Mary 176 Micheau, Carolyn 176, 218 Middlebrough, Karen 157, 209 Mikkleton, Serina 176, 218, 219 Millar, Millar, Chalece 130, 187, 109 Chaeryl 176 Millar, Jessica 67, 107, 176 Miller, Anthony 130, 144, 176 Miller, Benjamin 157 Miller, Devon 130 Miller, Dristin 176, 199, 218 Miller, Marcy 11, 21, 61, 83, 157, 231 Miller, Michael 43, 48, 130, 144, 205 Miller, Randy 54, 147, 250 Miller, Richard 176 Miller, Robert 12, 13, 230 Miller, Ronnie 130 Miller, Tammy 157 Millett, Jillene 157 Millett, Karen 130 Millett, David 130 Millross, Julie 130, 144, 199, 204 Mills, James 130, 144, 204 Mills, Michelle 157, 186, 187 Mills, Randall 157, 106, 199 Morris, Sherilyn 157, 209 Morrison, Mariann 157 Morp Dance 48, 49 Mortensen, Dana 62, 78, 81, 176, 156 Mortensen, Wayne 106, 155, 157 Motts, Michele 204 Mucha, Kenneth 73, 157, 197 Mulera, Karen 176 Mullins, Jane 131, 144, 248 Munden, Jody 131 Munden, Pamela 176 Munoz, Jose 176 Murdock, Todd 106, 176 Murgatroyd, Thad 157, 197, 232 Murin, Shawn 219 Murphy, Diana 231 Murphy, Pauline 231 Murray, Bradly 176 Murrell, Delana 157 Musgrove, Kaley 157 M.V. Administration 224 Myers, Dirk 131, 144, 187, 212, Myers, Patricia 176 Myers, Robert 157, 187, 218 Myers, Tom 231 Mykytyn, Keeann 157, 163, 211, 246, 266 Mykytyn, Peter 131 HMMWMHMIN Nadeau, Dorothy 189, 227, 231 Nano, Ricky 176 Nash, Eric 157, 210, 214, 219 Navarrette, Edward 131 Navarrette, Raquel 157 Naylor, Stacey 176 Needham, Amy 204 Needham, Tony 131, 144, 188, Neistrom, Jay 48 Neiswender, Wade 106, 157 Miner, Melissa 176 Miner, Michelle 157 Misch, Thomas 157 Misch, Timothy 92, 157 Mitchell, Scott 16, 176 Mitich, Dusan 176 Moeser, Brian 131, 212 Moffat, Merel 176, 218 Moffat, Middy 219 Model Ll.N. 215 Montgomery, J.R. 58 Monson, Brett 176 Monte, Timothy 157 Montierth, Sheri 131, 226 Moody, Burdell 230 Moody, Luisa 164, 176, 199 Neisweinder, Warren 157 Nelson Annie 131 Nelson, Cheryl 216, 231 Nelson Douglas 94, 107, 176 Nelson, Hal 187 Nelson, James 176 Nelson. Jennifer 131, 197 Moon, Julie 176 Moore, Aaron 176 Moore, Alan 231 Moore, Amy 131, 203 Moore, Julie 176 Moore, Kristin 106, 157, 203 Moore, Melissa 131 Moore, Russel 107, 186 Morales, David 76, 107, 176, 219 Morales, Elizabeth 131 Morehouse, Christopher 106, 157 Morren, Robbie 131 Nelson, Susan 157, 203, 204 Nelson, Susan A. 157, 186, 187, 199, 204 Nettles, Sandra D. 176 Newbold, Darlene 176 Newbold, Kathy 176 Newspaper 211 Newby, Stacy 191 Newland, Julie 131, 144, 202, 2 Newman, Shanlyn 131, 144, 20 Newrock, Beth 176, 199 Newth, Russell 157 Newth, Veronica 131, 144, 130 Newton, Todd 157, 193 Newton, Tony 157 N.H.S. 195 Nicks, Jill 131, 144 Nicoll, Kevin 176, 186 Morris, Brian 94, 107, 173, 176 Morris, Mary 231 Morris Michael 131 Morris, Tim 58 Morris Shane G. 176 Morris Shane K. 176 Nicols, Nicolls, Nielson, Nielson, Niemic, Nuemic, Nilsson, Brett 157 Christopher 107, 176 Heather 131 Jill 157, 187 Andrew 176 Suzanne 131, 186, 209 Nanette 131 Nims, Lisa 176 Diana 131 er James 176 le Jacqueline 131 le Jamie 176 Andrea 158 199 on Alan 176 on Bill 231 ett Teresa 131 ak Brian 132 144 ell Caroline 23 132 14 ell Priscilla 176 iford Becky 132 214 Julie 177 Stacy9 132 195 Tony 132 199 rom Jay 158 197 265 il Cl Q f len Kelly 132 len Sharon 188 Deborah S 132 144 187 Joy 177 Kyle 177 Jerry 132 197 Todd 177 estra 204 nlzatlons 8 9 mzatlon Divisions 185 las Pam 231 a Freddy 13 163 233 ann Dennis 177 Ismael 118 132 219 Juan 73 Patricia 158 240 yant Luc1nda132 144 nnel Thomas 107 177 nnor Jennifer 35 177 189 nnor Laureen 25 113 144 219 ll Michael 90 158 nnell Frances 177 191 237 ra Shannon 176 214 215 237 ver Donna 215 23 94 237 rn M1chelle132 144 Henry 177 Id Phllene 158 Brian 177 Sandra 158 Tersa 55 149 158 199 211 195 202 s Dav1d158 219 rrow M1chelle177 186 RWRRRW Lisa 132 r Colleen 158 r Eileen 177 r Laura 132 197 ck Vernon 132 237 tt, Tammy 132 , Marie 158 is, Stephanie 177 r, Donna 158 , Tammy 177, 199 r, Daniel 132, 177, 214, 70, 73, r, Leeann 177 r, Troy 93, 146, 158 s, Athena 158, 204 za, Michael 132 w, Cheryle 132, 209 t Advisory 237 , Branko 158 Parker Jesse 47 51 71 Parker Richard 132 Parker Shelley 177 Parker Suzanne 132 Parkinson Joel 177 191 Parris Jeffrey 177 Parry Shaun 158 215 Parsell Gary 158 195 Parsons Gregory 132 Parsons Parsons Parsons K1mberely158 203 Parsons Parsons Ronald 107 177 213 Partel Eileen 177 219 Paschke James 106 158 Pasquali Joseph 177 219 Passante John 132 Passarella Andrea 158 Passey Lorilee 60 112 240 Patane Lisa Marie 177 72 73 110 Heather 169 177 205 250 Heldi132 144 188 189 240 Laguinn132 144 204 214 144 219 Patlno Billy 177 Patt JlIl177 213 Pattea Dorlnda 158 Patterson Micheal 132 Paya James 144 197 Payne Jay 144 Paynter Troy 178 Pearce Julianne 48 60 219 251 Peavey Sophia 178 Pechull Raymond 158 Pederson James 158 Pederson James 158 Pederson Thomas 178 Peel Barbra 132 144 203 218 Peer Tutoring 237 Pegler Allison 132 195 203 215 244 Pegler Sarah 178 199 204 Pelky Kimberly 158 Pember Anthony 158 Pendle Annatte 158 Pennell Allison 133 144 Pep Club 217 Perez Mike Mike 214 219 Perkins Erma 178 144 205 Perkins Karen 178 2 Perkins Perkins Lydia 158 Kristy 144 195 214 Perklnson Amy 27 29 133 144 1 204 206 207 218 242 Perklnson David 158 Peraylt Susan 69 106 133 Perry Perry Perry Perry David10 218 231 Karrelynn 158 Randall 107 178 Shaun 189 218 People 6 7 People Division 113 8 Peterson Chris 231 Peterson Deslree133 214 Petrlck, Sherri 158 Petrucz, George 133 Petteruti, Debra 158 Pew, Lorl 106, 133, 194 Pfelfer, Heather 115, 133, 144, 205, 250 Phalr, Gregory 73, 133, 190, 204 Phelan, Sharon 178 Phelps, Kimberly 158 Phillips, Chris 107, 178 Phillips, Dan 158 Phillips, Wendy 158, 199, 205, 242, 251 Philpott, Anthony 178 Phoenix Paul 144 Phulolt Eugene 195 Plce Julie 86, 107, 133, 144 Pierce Charles 158 Plluga Roberta 178 Plneda Aron 20, 73, 133, 144, 219 Plneda lsy 106, 158 Pinkerton, Jacqueline 178, 199 Pinsonneault, Timothy 178 Pipes Dennis 231 Pitterle Jean 158, 218 Pitterle Matt 133, 144, 219 Pitts Michael 106, 133, 219 Ptuclnskl David 178 Plunkett Marcy 133, 219 Pogal Helen 202, 203 Pollmlller David 81, 133, 144, 189, 214 245 Pollock Kristi 133, 197 Pomeroy Wayne 107 Popello Tia 30, 158, 219 Porter Joe 223 Porter Kimberly 158 Porter Louis 158 Porter Marilee 158 Porteous William 133 Pospisll Darrel 178 Pothier Christine 178, 208 Pothler Paul 158, 219 Pott Gregory 73 Potter Karen 178 Potter Rhanda 133, 236 Potts Becky 158, 219 Poulson Brad 158 Powell Eric 75, 89, 106, 158 Powell Shane 178 Prather Laura 178, 191 Prechtel David 158, 193 Prechtel Kenneth 178, 199, 216 Premiere 187 Prestl Suzzette 166, 178, 218 Preuhs Kristy 178 Preuss Brooke 178 Price Linda 27, 31, 133 Preister Cynthia 133, 144 Prigge Michael 106, 158 Prlgge Wendy 133, 195, 214 Prince Rick 178 Pringle Julie 158, 193, 203 Pryor Robert 186, 188, 189, 203, 214 Pshak Judy 99, 158, 195, 211 Pshak Rick 178 Puckett Donna 35, 158, 187 Puebla Sandra 133, 144 Pulford Jeffery 178, 199 Pulzato Doreen 231 QQQQQ Quick Kevin 133, 144, 185, 195, 199, 212, 244 Qulhulz, Becky 133, 144 Quinn, Julie 178 Rader, Richard 11, 204, 219, 231 Rader, Richard 7, 28, 70, 73, 133, 192, 202, 204, 219, 246 Radees, Chad 178 Radley, Christine 158 Rahn, Kristen 178 Ramurez, Polly 178 1 . 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 . 1 I , 231 ' , 1 I Y I 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 . 1 I I 1 I . l 1 I 1 F I 1 1 . I . 1 1 r . . ' . , 4. 262 , ' , 1 . l 1 1 1 1 A 1 I 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 l 1 I 1 I 1 l 1 I I 1 . 1 I I . .1 I 1 1 1 9 1 1 I 1 1 . 1 I 1 1 . I t"' 1 . . ll ll ll ll ll f if K fy ' s-ss s . ' W s W , , 219 Pomeroy, Patrick 223 - 1 ' 1 . 132. , . 1 . n, '. ' n, . ' . , n' ' 1 . 1 n' y . . i 1 ' ' ' 1 ' I . , ' . , 132, . . . 1 , , . . 1 , , , 1 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 , , , , ' , ' . ,.,, I , , 1 . . ' 1 I I , I I 1 1 I , , U ' - ' 1 . . 1 1 ' , . 03 ' , ' , ' , 203 ' , , 1 - 1 .1 1 1 1 , 7 1 1 I 1 I O 1 1 . 1 1 , ' 1 . , 1 1 Ax' ' 1 1 , ' , ' 1 1 ' V , . Ramsey, Jeffery 133 Randall, Lisa 133, 186 Randall, Richard 106, 158 Randt, Thomas 133 Rangel, Peter 158 Rapier, Delbert 158 Rapp, Russeu 192 Rapp, Susan 158, 265 Rasmussen, Erik 178 Rathburn, Regina 43, 133 Ratkowski, Cheryl 133 Ratkowski, Randall 178 Ray, Annette 178, 204 Ray, Michael 133, 178 Rayo, Susan 134, 144, 214, 237 Reavis, Lonnie 178 Redding, Kathy 64, 106, 134, 247 Redding, Susan 64, 65, 106, 247 Redding, Shawn 158 Rederick, Robbi 134 Redondo, Jenny 191, 214, 216 Regester, Mark 106, 178, 191 Reh, Robert 159, 193 Reidhead, Boyd 134 Reidhead, Kimberlee 178 Renfrow, Jeffery 178 Renfrow, Jodi 159 Renner, Kim 178 Rezler, Christopher 106 Rhein, Bryan 134, 144, 195, 199, 240 Rhinehart, Vicki 159, 199, 204 Riccoboni, David 134 Riccoboni, Dennis 107, 178 Rice, Rex 45, 231 Richards, Gayle 231 Richards, Karen 178 Richardson, Jessica 159, 206, 207, 242, 304 Richardson, Kurt 159 Richarme, Tonya 159, 197, 209 Richie, Paul 26, 159, 191, 216 Riderman, Kevin 178 Ridelinger, Keri 179 Riehl, Mitchell 134, 219 Riger, Doug 159 Riggs, Charl 44, 90, 106, 146, 156, 159 Riggs, Kimberly 179, 183 Riley, Buddy 179 Rilling, Chris 231 Ringger, Eric 179, 212, 215 Ripley, Bill 159 Ruitta, Dale 134 Robbins, Dana 159, 210 Robedeau, Bethanne 179, 199, 213 Robert, Paul 179 Roberts, Gaylene 113, 134, 144, 193 Roberts, Sheryl 159, 187, 200, 209 Roberts, Susan 159 Robertson, Frankie 179 Robertson, Glenn 179, 186, 199 Robertson, Teresa 134 Robinson, Reed 231 Rodriguez, Javier 179 Roe, lan 159 Rogers, Darrin 134 Rojas, Jennifer 159 Romas, Gregory 179 Romay, Gary 159, 199 Romers, Richard 159 Romo, Lisa 179 Roms, Lisa 219 Rosa, Billie Jo 179 Rosati, Annemarie 159 Rose, Edward 179 Rose, James 159 Rosenberg, Michelle 179 Rosenberger, Rusty 84, 106, 159 Index 261 Gina 181 Ross, Kevin 159 Ross, Susan 159 Rost, Lora 179, 186, 199 Roth, Randolph 179 Rouse, Holly 52, 134, 215 Rout, Necia 179, 189, 210, 215 Rowe, Shane 134, 144 Rowley, Christine 179 Rowley, Brian 179 Roy, Philip 159 Ruckle, Peter 159, 179 Rudd, Melvin 233 Rudy, Kristen 179 Rudy, Mark 159 Rundull, Eric 159 Runneberg, Lezlea 107, 159, 186 Rusk, Andrea 159, 186, 204 SSSSSSS Saggio, Richard 231, 233 Salerno, John 159 Salyers, Sheri 134, 197 Samaniego, Edward 107, 164, 179 Samaniego, Martin 27, 134, 196, 197 Sambaluk, Joan 233 Sampedro, Patricia 31, 159, 193, 144, 196 Sampedro, Yevette 134, 144, 195 Sampson, Beverly 134 Sanchez, Edward 191 Sanchez, Joe 134 Sanders, Ray 159 Sanft, Izzy 159, 193, 199 Sanmiguel, Sylvia 179, 218 Saum, Andrew 134 Saunders, Kent 134, 190, 199 Saunders, Ray 146 Sawyers, Sheila 134 Saxon, William 44, 164, 174, 186, 187 Scarfaria, Dominic 51, 110, 233 Scalzilli, Leah 179 Schaefer, Vickie 60 Schaeffer, Ellen 134 Schafer, Stony 134, 212 Schanfarber, Lori 100, 107 Schave, Holly 179, 218 Scheer, Henry 197, 233 Schelleberg, David 159 Schlagel, Donald 179 Schmitt, Darlene 179 Schidt, Mary 159, 195, 213 Schmidt, Richard 179, 213 Schmidt, Earl 134, 144 199 Schneider, Evelyn 179, 218 Schneider, Stacy 179 Schoeller, Stacy 159 Schoen, Scott 179, 199 Scholz, Rob 199 School Board 223 School, Spirit 32, 33 Science Club 210 Schroeder, Michael 179 Schuh, Michael 24, 160, 73 Schultz, Connie 179 Schuster, Kurt 160 Schwanbeck, Scott 13, 16, 134 Schwarz, Lisa 179 Schwarz, Stella 134, 212, 213 Schweppe, Sharon 99, 160 Scott , Charlotte 179 Scott, Cory 179, 191 Scott, Jay 233 Scott, Kelly 160, 197 Scott , Robert 160, 196 262 Index 1 Scott, Steven 179 Scott, William 180, 186 Secondo, Lori 1807 Secondo, Scott 160, 186, 199, 204 Seely, Kay 160, 186, 187 Segal, Christopher 160 Sehulster, Keith 135 Self, Billi 160, 107, 237 Sellers, Courtney 135, 144, 193 Sellers, Tamera 135, 202 Sellstrom, Dawn 134, 144, 195, 215, 244 Senescall, Anthony 106, 160 Senescall, Victoria 180 Seniors 114, 115 Senioritis 60, 61 Sessions, Greg 233, 299 Shackelford, Scott 180 Shaffer, Amy 160 Shaffer, Ellen 135, 144, 195 Shah, Chirage Pintu 135, 241 Shalley, Michael 160 Shalley, Michelle 135 Sharp, Christina 180, 218 Shaw, Ward 180 Shear, Dawn 160, 214 Sheets, Dawn 135 Sheets, Susan 180, 199 Sheffer, Patricia 180, 199 Sheldon, Vickie 135, 143, 38 Shell, Tyler 160, 163, 73, 5 Shepard, Janet 180 Shepard, Suzanne 135 Shepherd, Franklin 135, 212 Sherling, Michele 180, 188 Sherman, Christine 135, 144, 195, 215, 245, 265 Shields, David 27, 34, 135, 144 Shields, Jean 233 Shihady, Rodney 13, 146, 159, 160, 197 Shill, Curt 3, 16, 23, 114, 135, 194, 219 Shill, Norman 10, 106, 233 Shipman, Jean 135, 212 Shively, Stacy 180, 219 Shoemaker, Eric 180 Shone, Scott 204 Shoop, Laura 160, 215 Shope, Darren 160 Shope, Duane 135, 190 Shrovie, Denice 97 Shuckhart, Jason 77, 107, 180, 214 Shumway, Russel 180 Shumway, Todd 180 Shy, Mark 160 Sien, Richard 135 Sikora, Sherry 180 Sikora, Tracy 135, 202 Silvers, Cindy 219 Simmonds, Lynn 180, 218 Simmons, Michael 160, 220 Simonovic, Aleksandar 160 Simpson, Kenton 13, 144, 188, 73, 237, 219, 220 Simpson, Scott 180 Sims, Douglas 212 Singleton, Teri 160 Sirrine, Sharree 135, 187, 202, 218 Sirrine, Todd 180, 186, 216 Sitter, Robert 106, 180 Skabelund, Shari 160, 199 Skabelund, Steven 107, 180 Skidmore, Janine 135 Skinner, William 135, 214 Skiles, Cheryl Skousen, Jack 73 Skousen, Lisa 180, 208, 215, 219 Skousen, Robert 106, 160 Skousen, Shell 180, 219 Slade, Kerry 180, 218 Slade, Wayne 233, 235 Slade, Tamara 161, 187 Smith, Brent 161 Smith, Brian 31, 106, 161 Smith, Bob 161 Smith, Cory 180, 219 Smith, Cynthia 180 Smith, David 233 Smith, Don 233, 235 Smith, Eric 180 Smith, Gayle 233 Smith, George 233 Smith, Jennie 180, 216 Smith, Jerry 60, 135 Smith, Jimmy 135, 144, 199, 204 Smith, Kevin 180, 231 Smith, Lee 180, 186 Smith, Michelle 180 Smith, Shauna 135, 180, 187 Smith, Shawn 144, 187 Smith, Thomas 180 Smith, Tina 30, 164, 180 Travis 7, 26, 135, 144, 197 Smith, Smith, Wayne 161, 195 Snow, Jack 233 Snyder, Evie 193 Snyder, Scott 135 Soap Operas 52, 53 Sobczak, Angie 180, 204, 219 Soboski, Shari 135, 197 Soboski, Stacy 180 Soccer 96, 97 Solano, Ana 135, 144 Sonius, Dave 234 Sophomores 164, 183 Sorenson, Lynn 161 Sorenson, Rex 135, 144 Southworth, Laurie 82, 136, 144 Spain, Sherri 161 Spear, Clint 180, 186 Spear, Lawrence 136, 187, 188, 218 Special Interests 40, 41 Speech and Debate 189 Spencer, Allen 161 Sports Divisions 82, 83 Sports 4,5 Sprouse, Mary 161 St. Louis, Dean 14, 106, 161, 188,219 St. Mary's Dance 30, 31 St. Onge, Paul 36, 212 Staff Collage 250, 251 Stage Crew 188 Stahl, Sandra 197 Stan, Jennifer 240 Standage, David 161 Staneart, Becky 136, 197 Stapley, Rebecca 180 State Football Assembly 46, 47 Steele, Jeffery 161 Steelman, Lloyd 107, 180 Steill, Kip 161 Steill, Samuel 180 Steinhoff, Michelle 136, 144 Steinhoff, Sydnee 180, 198, 204 Stenmoen, Jason 180, 257 Stephens, Heather 180 Stephenson, Cheryl 136 Sterling, Denise 180 Stevanovic, Goran 161 Stevens, Cecil 180 Stevens, Baird 136, 144, 199 Stevenson, Jay 161 Stevenson, Ruth 107, 144 Stevenson, Billy 136 Stewart, Bethany 136, 144, 219 Stewart, John 136 Stiller, Bernard 161 Stock, Bill 234 Stoffan, Richard 161 Stoltz, John 107, 180 Stonestreet, Donald 197 Stortz, Helen 235 Strader, Michael 21 Stradling, Brian 106, 146, 161, 19 219 Stradling, Fred 180, 186, 199 Straub, Barbara 136 Straub, Michael 180 Straziscar, Gina 136, 144, 210 Stroia, Tina 82, 180 Student Council 194 Sullivan, Deborah 180 Sullivan, Sheldon 94, 107, 180 Summer Camps 242, 243 Summers, Tonna 161 Sumner, Carol 161 Superintendency 222 Sutherland, Scott 106, 161 Sutton, Holly 264 Sveen, Dennis 161, 196 Swaba, James 180 Swain, Gary 136 Swan, Steve 180 Swanson, Jean 232 Swanson, Jill 219 Sweador, Robert 106, 161 Swift, Suzan 180 Swinehart, Karen 136, 189, 199, Swinehart, Stephen 181, 199 Szczepanski, Betsy 214 Szuhay, Andrea 181, 218 TTTTTT Takagi, Michaelen 235 Taylor, Debbie 181 Taylor, George 235 Taylor, Lisa 16, 27, 107, 161, 189, 207, 240, 242 Taylor, Michael 107, 187 Taylor, Stephanie 161 Taylor, Tina 181 Taylor, Jr., Anthony 20, 73, 126 Teague, Matthew 107, 181 Team Shots 107 Teeter, Donald 181 Tempel, Tammberly 161, 206, 20 242 Tennant, Jeffrey 106, 161 Tennant, Kerry 181, 191 Tennison, Bradley 28, 70, 73, 136, Telvin, Loralyn 181 Tewksbury, Bob 146, 161 Teyechea, David 136 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas Thomas Thomas Brian 181, 188 Catherine 161 David 136 Eldon 181 , Stacy 161, 163, 106, 20 242, 250, 265 Thomas Thomas Thomas , Stuart 5, 85, 181 , Tommy 181 , Wendi 181 Thomey, Thompson, Thompson, ,Joanne 161, 191 , Laura 181 , Michael 161 Thompson Thompson Thompson Gina 181 Denise 181, 218 lmpson, Michael 181 Impson, Tomas 181, 107 irnell, William 161 vrnhill, Norine 235 sher, Cindy 181 en, rangi 136, 144, 206, 207, 240 n, Tracy 161 le Off 36, 37 mons, Amy 161 mons, Matthew 107, 181, 212 ter, Gina 136 ombe, Rochelle 136 pfer, Hollis 181 er, Marc 181 Lyn, Jackie 182 Band 198, 199 Jntali, Michael 136 'es, Norma 182 nsend, Shane 136, 145 nsend, Tammie 136 itham, Robbin 186 ak, Arthur 136, 193 verse, Debbie 136, 197 vlor, George 136, 202 E, Marty 1F, 36 blay, Tammi 54, 161 idler, Blain 182 1, Johna 182 'izo, Cindy 136, 204 imer, Dawn 137, 145, 186, 210 ci, Sherri 107 lmbley, Michele 137, 188, 189 lsdell, Mark 182 lsdell, Michelle 137, 196, 197 sell, Stephen 107, 219 in, Amie 161, 186, 202, 215, 216, I ter, April 137, 145, 202 ter, Bruce 182 ner, Margaret 182 nisto, Julie 182 nisto, Michael 32, 137, 145 n, Terry 137 ey, John 11, 182, 190, 204 er, Mark 161 iorn, Trenten 161 'dzik, Wendy 137, 145 ', Leslie 161 Iall, Charles 137, 212 e, Tamera 137 .WWWWWW , Adrien 182 er, Nancy 137 leyer, Dana 182 iurch, Kevin 182, 141 lurch, Susan 45, 161, 205, 241, n, Tamara 182 n, Joseph 137, 219 ate, Gina 182, 191 4, Barbara 192, 234 Wayne 235 ltine, Wendy 161 iaki, Eric 137 Vallelunga, Robert 106, 161 Vallelunga, Russell 182 Valles, Samuel 77, 107, 182 Van Cleaf, Melissa 182 Vanderaa, Julie 182 Vanderhaar, Holly 137, 245 Vanderheyden, Kerri 182, 199 VanGorder, Adrianne 137, 145, 199 VanGorder, Erika 182, 199 Van Norman, Andrea 4, 50, 66, 67, 107, 110,161,219 Van Norman, Colette 47, 137, 145, 205, 216, 219, 250, 267 Van Norman, Jeffrey 107, 182 Vanroekel, Sheila 161, 199 Vanslyke, Dorie 31, 182 Varnes, Kristin 137, 145, 197 Varenko, Daniel 182 Varsity Volleyball 64, 65 Varsity Cheer 206, 207 Varsity Wrestling 92, 93 Vasquez, Monica 101, 191, 182, 216 Vaughn, Jodi 161, 197 Vaughn, Justin 182, 119, 215 V.I.C.A. 212 Volh, Marjorie 235 VWW W M Waaramaa, Todd 162 Wagar, Andrew 162, 186, 216 Wagar, Oscar 10, 182, 181, 190 Wagner, Jill 182, 208 Wahlheim, Paul 107, 182 Wahlin, Brett 137 Wakefield, Chris 106, 162 Wakefield, Timothy 27, 31, 85, 106, 137 Walch, Stepen 163 Waldon, Christopher 137 Waldrop, Roxann 137, 145 Walfrey, Rebecca 237 Walker, Donna 137, 145, 202 Wallg, Jayne 35, 182 Walker, Kimberly 162, 200, 204, 215, Watson, Donna 162 Weaghington, Allida 162, 193 Weaghington, Rosela 34, 197 Weatherly, Gregory 162 Weaver, Matthew 182, 190 Webb, Rene 162 Weber, John 138, 182 Webster, Debra 234, 237 Weeks, Tawnya 162 Wehrman, William 162 Weifenback, Michael 138 Weindorf, Roy 182 Weiskotten, Brena 182 Weiskotten, Leo 182 Welch, Marybeth 138 Welch, Tracy 21, 28, 138, 206, 207, 242 Weldon, John 88, 138, 189, 219 Weldon, Lara 162, 187 Wells, Jacqueline 182, 214 Wendt, Brenda 162 Werner, Heidi 138, 145, 195, 202, 204 Werner, Karen 138, 200, 243 Werner, Sabine 107, 162, 202 Wesby, Jeffrey 138, 197 Wessel, Michelle 182, 199 West, Sandra 162 West, Paula 138, 145 West, Peggy 138 Westbrook, Kimberly 162 Westfall, Kerry 138, 197 Westwood Assembly 18, 19 Wharton, Monica 138 Wheeler, Tiffany 138 Whitcomb, Cheryle 182 Wilson, Barbara 234 Wilson, James 234 Wilson Janna 162 Wilson, Jason 162 Wilson, Marilyn 223 Winkler, Scott 162 Winters, Julie 162, 199 Wintersteen, Garry 162 Wipf, Shelly 138 Wiseman, Deanna 139, 197 Wiseman, Drew 59 Whitcomb, Susan 162, 204 White, Belinda 182 White, David 106, 138, 145 White, Debbie 182 White, Gary 182, 199 White, Gl enn 138 White, Joseph 182, 193 Wisniewski, James 162, 218 Witkin, Brad 129, 139 Wolcak, Lisa 183 Wolfe, Dawnie 139, 199, 204, 216 A Wolfe, Jacqueline 162 Wolffe, De 162 Wolfrey, Rebecca 183 Wolfswinkel, Jason 159, 162 Wollett, Michelle M. 162, 186 Womack, Matthew H, 107, 183 Wong, Tammy 162 Wood, Mari Jo 139, 145 Woodhall, John T. 139, 190, 199 Woods, Deanna C. 183, 193 Woods, Dennis O. 139 Woods, Karen E. 139 Woodward, Anne M. 197, 107 Woolsey, Robert S. 139 Wooters, Daniel C. 22, 139 Worsnop, William 235 Wozniak, Connie 139, 202 WrestIing!Soccer assembly 50, 51 Wright, Jim 235 Wright, Rhonda 139, 145, 204, 214, 215 Wrigley, Sheila 30, 164, 183 Wyatt, Kelly 162 UUUUUU 1 218, 243 Walker Krishna 137 Walker, Kristen 162, 186 Walker, Lisa 182 Walker, N Natalie 4b, 138, 193, 243 Walker, Susan 182 Walkowiak, Dean 138 Walkson, Chris 212 Wall, Stephanie 162, 197 Wallaec, Chris 138 White, Paul 219 White, Roger 162 White, Wendy 162 Whitiker, Lauren 138, 167 Whitlock, Arthur 162 Whitlock, Mark 107, 182 Whitmore, Lori 83, 162, 202 Whitney, Mattew 183 Widder, Edward 138, 212 Wiechman, Robert 183 Wieman, Bradley 183, 199 Wight, Erika 162, 186, 199 Wilder, Renee 138, 202 Wiley, Bradley 70, 73, 138, 188, 219, Yahnke, Christine 162, 199 Yao, Mike 183, 107 Yarmus, Joe 183 Yearbook 205 Wallace, Jeffrey 182 Wallace, Marie 162 Walsh, Nicole 182 Walter, Scott 138 Warble, Kelli 162, 195, 199, 204 Ward, Craig 182, 186, 237 Warln, Stephanie 106, 182 Warnecke, Valerie 235 Warner, Marla 182 Warner, Michele 138, 145, 237 Warren, Lara 182 Washington, Kelly 166, 182 Wass, Kathy 162 Watkins, Bruce 212, 213 Watkins, Joanna 162, 204 Watkins, Lesa 182, 199 267 Wilbanks, Mark 183 Willcutt, Stella 162 Williams, John 183 Williams, Rick 162 Williams, Shawn 183 Williams, Sherri 162 Williams, Vonda 138, 197 Williamson, Danny 138, 145 Williamson, Mark 162 Willis, Connie 138, 145 Willis, Kimberley 138 Willis, Pa ula 183 Willis, Steve 162 Willis, Steve 183 Willis, Tamra 183, 218 Wilson, Andra 162, 195, 202, 216, 237 York, Stacy 21, 139, 206, 207, 242 Yost, Donald 107, 183 Young, Monica 47, 162, 214, 216, 219 Young, Robert 162, 214, 215 ZZZZZZ Zack, John 162 Zaharis, James 223 Zaharis, Melissa 162, 195, 200, 243, 289 Zawacki, Jill 27, 33, 162, 219 Zawacki, Robert 162 Ziamal, Amelia 209 Ziegler, Eva 139 Zimmerman, Jeanne 216, 235 Zinn, James 74, 162, 218, 106 Zint, Todd 81, 106, 183 Zirker, Connie 139, 204, 219, 247 Zirker, David 106, 183 Zitlow, Daniel 139 Zizzo, Nickle 89, 144, 183 Zollinger, Todd 139, 145, 219 Zygner, Marybeth 162 Index 263 Memories Linger on Leaving but Leading nee again the en of school came and while som thought it came too soon, others fel it did not come soon enough. Look ing back, the Toros remember Cer tain events that will always be con nected to 1984 -the State Champ' on football team, the Homecomin Queen and King, and the unforgett ble evenings of Prom and Sadie Ha kins. The Seniors looked forward t future change, and yet someho they knew Mountain View would a ways remain a part of them. ii.. 'H . L ,Qi X- K r A wg 'ir -,xt OW ,A Q1 4 A ka o' . . 1. .ki -4 Y il? K 4 w. , 'iv' 'W I 5 nf? x' Q J 'Qi ' X J ,iff but 5' fir? -. , a -7. 9. A n, R' fry ' Ny ':. V 1 N Wilefv- ,Q bf 1' 1 x ' VH f " -I . . 1: ..' a'L .' , fs , 1 N J, . A-" NL ro Stacy Thomas, Susan Rapp, and Deedee Davis enjoy listen- ing to Char Vernacchids story about the last weekend. 1 .- J r if Y x I 'B 5' Closing 265 --.A LeeAnn M ykytyn wonders how she will get all her homework done while she is on newspaper deadline. Pommie Teresa Cooper tries ev- erything possible to shade her- self from the sun as she awaits the bus to Yuma. Too many cooks spoil the broth, but these seven home- makers prove otherwise. . G The young men are caught be- tween classes playing one of their favorite games - Red Rover. Closing Class clown Bob Dunn perfects his delivery as he tells his joke about Peter Sellers. Winning Year n etrospect O O O A 13991199 119919911 , espite the predic- tions of George Orwell for 1984, the students and faculty avoided the Natchful eyes of "Big Brother" and were able to retain their individuality and become successful parts of the Vlountain View community. Instead of foreshadowing doom, 1984 sig- malled more positive events. With a history of being winners in u wide range of areas, the 1984 Toros nroved time after time to be leading a winning tradition. by a Science Department dis- play showing the heart func- ' tions of various animals. g The best offrlends, Colette Van- 1 d B d W'l h Closing 267 ll 5. P-2. M1 5 :X 1 , Lwciggf L.wL7?f41lUJJZ4-f,6f77 LZ QQLQ Clown, Xilffiffgfilf ufdn UKWU gvmvmwmw QL GQWJWWQZ Quota, QQ, wwfw 7014 JQQLCALZAA Am 4lQMww,W M wwf :mag LL riwowl ,Qfojyicmo UL uf M v JUu0Lf1W0v'7 if if if 'R bi Qififixjifbi' gif 653252 1325 23 1 21- f- EQ 25- 'fig biyqfniikgf 'ff ' 'H 'QE-,z. bfihf mia, JA1 gftwl fflccf n2 ' Lg 400562 w1f59o0CLwCO5 WCW fe mm ' Www CL 7QQ, e,gm'2, C 044 QAQ eww g iizffio 12720115 Qogf I jfmafmdy Q15 gm Juno? . xfwf1CVX gfwuigf gp fmazv QM? 7004, JZ? fwczgmf 44014 -11212254 f nuff 71-:cw 4+e cczL44J4 iw WWW! K cfyjy xfilflflgx yzzc - 0? Qjzrbadjdg fj41,Q f7q,?OfQ,9f fam, MQ. 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A.,-,,,....,,.. . , ,W -mrq ,5 ....,, X Om OHV fmwu' VP f V W QP f QJCOM? Gsxoyilwpja Liga 1601! Ax A N 4 yt? 5 Xxwmxn' 5 D A MM? 1' wd Qjwxixv if W YBDQZWM MJ I LP VNJXO Quia? YQ J- ffl QM WM M ww ull' V up 1 fwbj 57051 WWW, CQ WW QV n F qv L, WLS!-K f UM My Wi My J 5905 i WW QW M Hem? 4 n ' f+ qiid, if ' Fwy ,024 J , UM fb f Qmzyfpamwz U ' j'Z4j?-7Q,ff-CQ 6Q,,,,,, fdfflii , X 5 A 1 V 2' Q56- x My ' KD f 'V 41 Q'x' A J , ' DJJ J MX XX-4--,YL Lf Lf N325 Xf' , XS' ,yi .E JF- X, Minh-lx fwvffi QQ 1, LX? jJ " Xilfixs AAT f Ll -- A CJN- ,roy fy X A. MI 'Ox U51-Q xii qxfvxxc if ww . Xi' Jai VC hx, KD . xxqfxigg. X LTP! Q Q VE X H EX GJD . 1xX q3,1,4NK , j f'X M W' xp, X n U ny, A-f' VI, 3 FA, Lf n -., Qcfyxi QW' V ' JXJVX X. V0-QNN n pw W n WJ Q xx- 'HU X n C2 Leading a Winn Q. " vs 'XFN W 'dia 1 V' .., fbr. x F Mm. . '-Q ,1 X. 4 h"""'f4x . x53?IeW'Q1-Q1-,aku . . . ?1j:v:q5.1,,g:,,3Lgm , -- - .M-.i..,. 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