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lrx, h !ig.g'X .Q 'w . U V QQ? ll lvl, fl 'T l 'V xkeffz fxmf. Qfxfjczf fLrfN lf r, S. V21 ag' U3 viva' Q P639 x 'D 'Sf fax l ll . 4 5 0, U ,gh xr UV 0' 006' ' W x garb KW Q09 55 X QD To Q5 0' Q U5 5' Qu' o"fQf lOg1 Q,. kbovg Xvvpp 6 O Pgorxl , Cover photos by Ford Srudio' I7 The summer sun sew over the Aff izona desert, . 'X U' ,l wfrijff Gazing into each othefs eyes. Richie Edwards and Maxim? Dress' , lm rczmarrrically wall: down -the ramp rogexher. V Two barrel cactus flowers lzlbom in the Spring. - Before the Westwood football guns Mike Patrick leads the feam in the break through the spirit bim- ucfr. A ' Table of Conrems Photos fmm mp ro bormrh: On the day of rl1ej.V. cheerleader i inlciaciurzs, Lori Passey sits in ' from nf' rhe sqpliomore lockers. A Tororlband member makes his way back into the srandsafrer half- rimel ' During a student council messing ScniorlPresidenr Cilnrzlv Doherty szaces her opinion. ' ' In his typical manner Sophomore Pres'idemLBub Dunn cliscussesrwlmr, ' , lxclcalls-"llusiness" over the phone. After V3 football assembly, a Toro couple walks to Class f www? rfrlr: The T0ro'Mkarql1ing Band stands in the MVT llklfflliif lm A' A I f'ffP wr ffl Jw w Q Ui h i I 4 lglllflrl l l C 1. lLI.7l3IlLlLLi EIL Elillgl-i:'LJE MZ L-.:uauuLEE aw bgsglb tfliti Elilillllliii EEE LLULELL nfl MCE 3Pf?frxJ65 572, .x 0 7 1463 fiJl5'IQfUWU'lfI1I2E UEIDLEE , fI.UI.UIJUl-UE QUCUEEIUUEE EEE IJLILEIILIE mme UU, wwvvgngif Q my fp fx 2 Missff?5Wf?L3fQfifY of V x Efff3??f'5??5W 55? 3 i,ffW773i sgsgggslg WWW 3503233 3 QW Vifgwiigiig fx S C3 .Q 530 giseiijiaeggeif E? if igijiieiiggii gkqagggigg We if??wg L 1353Q5i 5iQSig53si3 il S25 is i 5 Qggifpgcgibgg iiawgl. Experiencing the Best of It o you remember when you were in first grade and the most excit- ing part of school was recess, or at least that's what you admitted? Back then, after the school day was over you ran home, gave the note that was pinned on your shirt to Mom and headed outside to get in on the neighborhood baseball game and put holes in your clothes. Then you grew up. The years you had so anxiously been waiting for finally ar- rived. You were in high school. Now, you had more important things to do than play neighborhood baseball, and clothes were judged on style instead the number of holes in them. Through the activities you participat- ed in you became a part of school. There were sports events to attend, dances to go to, powderpuff games to play in or cheer at, class movies to film and Christ- mas windows to paint. Mom was lucky if she saw you long enough to say "Hel- lo" or even "See ya later." You ran out the door to see your friends at a float meeting or a dance where you talked about what was going on the next week. You looked forward to the school activities because they made the best of it. Swaying to the music, sophomores jI,Martha Acosta and Bob Dunn share AJ is a dance as old friends, vi Cindy Doherty and Dan Wallace N find it's easier to build a float with a ,kg SMX little cooperation. tv - ' 9 JT XX 2 Activities TX. N 'K I ,-4055 ,.,f While waiting to perform pommie Shanna Goodman flashes a Toro sign. Popping a balloon by hugging is not as easy as it seems. March 2,3,4. Carmen Gulley prac- tices with the band every morning. ..-...-as-H ..... iw - 1Q!."': 9'so.'F"- -f' 11 Ili A " fl - 'A ?7"1TtfiJg' The Senior crowd shows that they are spirited by yelling the loudest during the Toro Fan Fair. In his PJ.'s, Victor Hurrior shows off his night wardrobe on "Wake em up day." R X' Activities 3 Before the game. the team Chants together to raise their spirit and psych themselves up. Entering the field through the spirit sign. the football team is care- ful not to break the hull. Cheering for an expected victory over Wfestwood are Susie Smith. Tracey Alexander, iiml Amy Wal- kt-r. SQOAL im-f fl! v 4 Probation Q? vw R FX 3 if ef SQQSQ? yo '. Szbfd -sf v l the night. The overjoyed Pommies hug each other after the first touchdown of With 1:39 left, Brian Kotsur and Keith Moody cheer for the touch- down that raises the score. Kim Sidkmiller scores a well de- served touchdown that leads to a victory over Westwood. l 'gk X A FN ,flu t QQ ,mir ter x Q3 Starting quarterback Richie Ed- wards completes a well planned sneak. sg., s hd! . , .fx , . S., ., ,. ,. R." ,. .. . Q , ., .. - 5.- ,t+,..:. ' -,- - 1 v'...,,.- 311- ---1 f. "ff " 'r'- ' i iff.:- K -' '. , X ' c .'f.faf.' " I'- '-' - '.'3jkQf-5 f'13i',.t-. 'K s - fr' .- -. . Can't Get the Best of Us hen you first heard about it, you didn't believe it. But then you heard it enough times to believe it, and you were shocked. Who ever heard of a thing like that, a high school team on probation. So you asked a few of the football players for the real story . . . During spring practice, two to three weeks in May, the football team had tackling dummies on the field. Accord- ing to one of the Arizona lnterscholastic Association's rules for spring practices, the only piece of equipment that can be used is a football. The team was put on probation which meant that they could not participate in any playoff games or state competition. Coachjesse Parker andjames Curlett appealed the court ruling and offered a compromise: The team would not par- ticipate in any summer passing league or spring training during 1982, Coach Park- er would forfeit his coaching salary and a letter of reprimand would be placed on his file. The compromise was denied . . . You sat in the stands and cheered at the top of your voice for two reasons: to supprt the team on to victory and to prove that your Toro pride prevailed. Together, the team, their fans and you prove that no one could ever get the best of us. Probation 5 Special Education Gets Better Y ou saw the movie that was shown at the end of last year. Your teach- er discussed the meaning of mainstream- ing, and you knew that we were expand- ing the Special Education Department, When you came back to school you expected to see more visibly handicaped students, people in wheelchairs and stu- dents with obvious learning disabilities, but you didn't. Instead you heard of the added courses and the new teachers as- sociated with the Special Ed program. You become aware of the individual programs that were offered: the pre-em- ployment preparation programs, where seniors were released at twelve to receive on-the-job training at work, the speech and language program, which served students who have difficulty in oral communicationg the hearing handi- capped program that was provided for those students whose hearing is lost or mild. You also became familiarized with the services that were offered to students enrolled in the Special Ed Program. A part-time school psychologist was as- signed, and she was available for the students. Another service provided con- cerned individual health evaluations for every special education student. You realized that the scope of the Special Education Department went be- yond the physically impaired, to the in- ner problems a person might have. You decided that special education students were just normal people who had special problems. The Special Ed Department provided a means of dealing with those problems and making life a little better. 6 Special Education A .X l i ii la V- "W H - ,....-'-""' .1 -'V' 1 'P . y ff, During a group discussion, Mark Cooper gives his advice to the stu- dent participants. Rnd' E Q57 'vw' 'fr ,,M,,,...iw hr 1 ,,....-w--r Interpersonal communication skills and individualized learning are conceprs stressed in Special Ed. Group Discussion is a regular part of special educations program as displayed by Simon Lang. di A srudem lies on rlre floor during a relaxation program in Tom Meyers' class, Special Education 7 Being Involved ou go over your schedule for the fifth time, and once again you ask, "Why did I get the hardest teachers?" You anticipate and dread all the home- work and think of the time you'll waste on it instead of on your favorite T.V. shows. But your disappointment doesnt stop there. You think about the clubs you wanted to join but now you won't have time for them. With your chin in your hand, you stare into the corner and think of how special it would feel to help retarded children through Youth ARC, or how exciting it would be to be a part of the Pep Club and organize the class cornpe- 8 Clubs is Better titions at the assemblies. You wonder what it would be like as a member of the Key Club, to participate in giving a Thanksgiving dinner to a needy family. You think of how much you could learn from being on Stage Crew, and what it would be like to be behind the scenes of the production of Anne Frank, or how beneficial it would be to receive on-the- job training through C.O.E. or DECA. You come back to reality and decide that, even with the homework, you could find the time to be a member of one club, even twog and that's something that would be worth missing that T.V, show for. The Dance Club practices every day during fourth hour as are these dedicated members. Practicing the violin, or whatever instrument you prefer, is one of or- chestras main requirements. x x 3 5 in X sk .is The marching band provides as much entertainment in the stands as they do at halftime. Student Body President Steve Wilson relieves the tension of his hectic job by relaxing, KAN Q., Mal iw I V: lift 'R t 1 '1 V r We Diligently working on the inter- club council is Student Council member Todd Dalthrop. After finishing a layout, Laura Scwann folds a paper airplane to throw at her editor. Clubs 9 Dressed as look-a-likes, two spirited Toro buddies cheer the team on during a football game. On Senior Hill, Scott Runzo, Suzie Nowak, and Mike Springer listen intent- ly to jimmy Edwards. 10 People Il -P' -'J' S-"X tx .Il F I. 13' .W 4? Ui' A ki' The Best of Themgjy y y ight, fifty-two. One more minute until the passing bell rings. You sit up a little straighter in your chair, flip your hair out of your eyes and pull the gold leaf charm to the front of your chain. "Maybe," you think, "lf I'm one of the last people out of the room, I'1l be able to see him when he walks by." . . . There's the bell. Notebooks are shut, pens are put away, and doors are flung open. So you let everyone out first, only to find yourself dodging the well- dressed students heading toward the ramps. Your eyes wander across the laughter-filled hallways as you catch a bit of the conversation going on next to you. Suddenly you feel your heart shoot up into your throat, so you swallow hard, Chris Reardon, Peter Wahlheim study Human Relations from the benches. Mike Beuzekom and Mark Bell race to see who has more hot air. In the cafeteria, Deric Whitmore and Carolyne Brown break for lunch. Sitting in a car,john Likely put in some before-class studying. tighten your sweaty palms and prepare for your big debut. He casually strolls in your direction wearing a blue lzod shirt, ,.v. straight leg jeans and silver slip-on Vans. You catch his eyes, take a deep breath and let out a friendly but nervous "Hel- lo," He answers with a half-cocked smile and a short well-rehearsed nod. With books in your hand and him on your mind, you hurry to your locker where you excitedly search for your best friend. You approach her with a wide- stretched smile and sparkling eyes. "Did you see him?" your friend asks, even though she knows the answer by the look on your face. "Yea! He smiled. Do you think he likes me? . . . Maybe he'll ask me to the Prom . . . " jeff Vega, a gentleman, opens the locker for Deanna Mitchelletti. People 1 1 Answering the phone is one of Dona Ortlund's most frequent and time consuming jobs. Saluting So ou sit in the office, waiting to talk to one of the assistant principals, and since they don't supply magazines you observe the people who pass by. But you find that watching the three secre- taries is more interesting . . . You observe Mrs. Arlene Kivett, who manages to smile even though five stu- dents are gathered around her desk ask- ing different questions at the same time, while the phone is ringing . . . Within the sounds of doors opening and closing, people talking and typewrit- ers clicking, you hear Mrsjeanene Carey 12 Dedication Typing a letter gives Mrs. Ortlund a chance to sit down from her husy schedule. Checking the schedule, Mrs. Ar- lene Kivett explains what would be convenient for Mr. Ernie Hawkins. Carefully proofreading the letter, Mrsjeanene Carey checks for mis- takes. 5 ill. --.- - L 5 I i i lila- lpll ldv? fl me of the Best say she only has one more announce- ment to type up. just as she finishes, a student runs up to her and, while gasp- ing for air, asks, "Can you put this in tomorrow's bulletin, or am I too late?" Amidst the students who wander in and out of the office, you see Mrs. Dona Ortlund hurriedly pass through one door and into another, answer three questions that are totally unrelated, and disappear behind the teachers' mailboxes to sort mail. A call from Mr. Curlett brings her scurrying to his office for dictation. You wonder how anyone could keep pace with these ladies, but mostly you wonder why anyone would want such a hectic job. You decide that someone should reward such dedication . . . And so it is with great pleasure that we dedicate this edition of La Vista to the women who help the principals and keep them sane. Mrs. Kivett, Mrs. Carey, and Mrs. Orlund, we salute your organi- zation, your thoroughness, and your per- severenceg but, most of all, we appreciate your patient smiles. f 9 . "' ti t ' hm" .fm """ is Q, . Filling in names for the teachers' letters, Mrs. Ottlund makes sure they end up in the tight mailbox. Typing bulletin announcements is a daily ritual ofMts. jeanene Car- ey's 'ob. Mrs. Kivett cheeks the juniors ac- count to make sure their purchase order will 3,0 through. mtl f' . ,ti 5 5 'A ,ft 4, it . Ji A '1'f--OMFQ' ' ' .1 ,J at -iq" --H ,415 it f-et, ff 'WW in M it-I-'TZ' Dedication 13 Em sm! J-43,M.,v i , " , - Q 14 Activities Better in Activities hen we think of school, we think of teachers, books, and home- work, but when we remember school, we remember assemblies, floats, dances, all the other activities we participated in and the friends we made in the process. For most of us the end of seventh hour brought various happenings that attracted our attention away from our homework. If we weren't scheming for our next dance partner we were frantical- ly stuffing tissue paper flowers into chicken wire for the float the night be- fore the Homecoming game. Not all of the activities were sched- uled for after school. It seemed as though pep assemblies were always around the corner and something we all enjoyed. Not only did they mean shorter periods, but they gave us a chance to grasp some pre-game excitement. Right along with pep assemblies came class competitions, dress up days, and intra- murals. It all sounds time-consuming for the average student, but the loss of sleep was well worth the friends we made. We shared the worries when we ran out of tissue paper for the float, and we shared the laughter when we danced and pre- tended to sing to the latest song at a dance. The extra activities provided us with a place to make new friends and to share laughs and experiences with the old. They were the extra ingredient we need- ed to experience the best of it. The junior crowd Debbie Dooney Tracy Chalis, Kim Wilson, Lori Shill The Encore Strings Kelly Millet, Paul Ferguson, Christy Wheeler Westwood Warrior Toro band members Activities 15 'I' just Sayin' . Howdy! ith the opening of school and rushing to and from classes, Fri- day, September 4, brought students, fac- ulty and administration together for the annual Hello Assembly. The gym was packed with happy, spirited Toros who were ready for what was one of the big- gest events ofthe year. As the Toro Band and cheerleaders aroused school spirit, Student Body President Steve Wilson- calmed the crowd and a few tardy seniors casually strolled into the gym. The Senior Toga had always been a tradition at the opening assembly of the year, but for the sophies, it was an unex- pected treat. The seniors who participat- ed wore black togas to show that this year's seniors were definitely BACK IN BLACK. As the presidents from each class an- nounced twenty students from their re- spective classes, students began to roll out of the bleachers for the class compe- tition. The activity was called "The Snake," in which the twenty students from each class formed lines in the mid- dle of the gym floor and laid down. This is where the sophomores and juniors really had trouble, but the seniors got their act together and showed the under- classmen how to do "The Snake," thus becoming the victors. After the class competition, it was time for the pommies to make their debut. Instead of showing up in their usual "game" uniforms, they wowed the crowd by stepping out as "punks" With teased hair, rouged cheeks and "DE- VO"ized clothes, the pommies per- formed a dance routine to DEVO's 'just the Girl You Want." 16 Hello Assembly Enthusiastic Varsity Cheerleaders execute the cheer enti- tled "Time" at the Hello Assembly. The roaring applause of the crowd echoes through the gym as the seniors take first place in the class competition. Energetic-Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Lori Passey, Tracy Welch, Karen Hale, and Gaylene Roberts say "Hello!" R 'P L f I r Z as n EEG WSW Q20 35j,,l,lM' , 4 Off Wwgwl Mm GJD! 'It was great' I we zlfzeffevfffl ff 0 lc ' nygfja X gil l s X www l Ok LQ , ,,.. ,. , ,, .5 .. . Y L s V K V::Ai ,mi K I I In toga d s Semor Class Presn- ,Og p d C dy D h ' ent ln y welcommg the l . soph l S BestS Cl b b A ir? Borag , p p by p paring in "the rain storm." NM..,-- M xl N Dancing to DEVO's 'just the Girl You Want" are Lisa Leonard, Kara Helsing, and J N M Hello Assembly 17 just hangin' around are Martha Acosta and Chris Casto. Stuart Frost wonders, "Hey, how come your Happy Meal has two cookies and mine only has one?" Home sweet home for some stu- dents is Senior Hill, an easygoing place to relax. Cara Cooper starts the Sadie Haw- kins chase early, in pursuit ofjaimie jamieson, 18 Lunch Spots A lazy student stretches out in the shade provided by the trees on Sen- ior Hill. Q .Aa . 1 5' sl... u...s,,- 1.1 Tasting and sampling the exqui- site cafeteria cuisine is sophomore Laurie Elswick. Rounded up quickly was Kathy Oldham, a stray Toro who was loose in the parking lor, The Best Place to Be time Wiseman ou're sitting in fourth hour and the whole class has been listening to your stomach growl. You're trying to keep your mind on your studies, but the only thing you can think about is FOOD! Finally, the moment you've been waiting for arrives, lunch time. Whew! And just when you thought you were going to wither away. Heading out for a bite to eat, you watch the herds of people. Seniors are casually sauntering out to their carsju- niors are arguing over where to go. And Sophies are either standing solemnly in the cafeteria line, running out to a car with that eager look on their faces, or standing forlornly in the parking lot, begging for a ride. Sometimes you end up with a Burrito Supreme, Mobyjack, or a Frosty. Today you find yourself with a McChicken, fries, Coke, and an apple turnover. mn , f ' I Looking around, you see people bbr- rowing money, mooching food, and pig- gin' out. Sounds of laughter, cash regis- ters, and bits and pieces of gossip reach your ears. The smell of french fries fills the air until you have to buy some more. So you spend your last dime and decide to take off for campus. There is only fifteen minutes before lunch ends. Dreading the start of after- noon classes, students are on Senior Hill, in the parking lot, on Sophomore Hill, by the ramps, and under the marquee. You head straight to your favorite han- gout where you meet with friends and lovers, sit back, and take it easy. You're catching up on all the latest when the bell rings. You run to your locker, grab your books, and go to class. Of course, you stop to talk and you're late from lunch again. Campus Hangouts 19 unn and Doherty Reign Victoriously! E lection Qi-lelcshenj N. 1. The for- mal choice of a person or persons for any position, usually by ballot. This is exactly what took place three weeks into the school year. The defini- tion clearly states the obvious but does not reveal the behind-the-scene actions. Tension and frustration are two words that best provide an idea of what the days before the final voting were likej As the candidates made posters, got teacher recommendations, and prepared their speeches, the Sophies were given the opportunity to decide for themselves who would become their leaders. The race began with much anxiety and enthusiasm and continued this way through to the bitter end. After two days of voting, the election was finally over! The Sophomore Class of 1984 elected Bob Dunn and Chuck Doherty as their President and Vice- President, Shanlyn Newman as Treasur- er, and Connie Zirker as their Secretary. l 20 Sophomore Elections A freshly painted poster displays I the talents of silly Sophie Chuck Do hefty and serious Sophie Bob Dunn. A candidate for Sophomore Class Treasurer, Shanlyn Newman, as she watches the voting booth ce, reeo t d d sit patiently. "This is Student Council?" says the newly elected Sophomore offi- Chuckie Doherty and Bobby D A very tired candidate, David Shaw, rests on a bench after a long, hard day of campaigning. I i "I thoaght the whole elec- tion was great, hat I wish the fine Ween haa' ' ran -on one ticket. D Connie Zirher H Sophomore Elections P x f X f N, 'EX V f f f XTXO Ci mfvf f w A - U X I N- Y L XS? f QA f f ' ' Qi, X f XX 'U i u 1 1 , X-'W Q 1 Q I Shoot for The Stars inally Oct. 5 lst arrived. You spent the day washing the car, calling your date, picking up the corsage, and getting Mom to iron your outfit. You decided that if you picked up your date an hour and a half early, you'd allow enough time for her parents to take pictures and for you to figure out how to pin the corsage on her dress. You pulled into your date's driveway, straightened your tie and, with the cor- sage in hand, headed toward the door. With every step, the butterflies filled your stomach. Hesitating at the door, you took a deep breath, wiped off your sweaty palms and rang the doorbell. After what seemed like forever you were on your way to the restaurant. You made it through dinner without spilling anything on your tie and were almost positive you used the right fork for the salad. Wondering what Homecoming would be like in the cafeteria instead of the gym, you arrived at the door. You found yourself in a familiar place that was unrecognizable. There were stars hanging from the ceiling to carry out the theme "Shoot for the Stars"g plants ar- ranged around the room, and tables placed next to the dance floor. Since it was Halloween, you figured it would be appropriate to take your date to see the movie "Halloween Two." The movie ended and you took your date home. Once again you heard that famil- iar line, "Thanks a lot, I had a really nice time. See ya later." 24 Homecoming W f-x During the dance, Darrell Kruger and Mia Mealer find enjo ent jus relaxin amilef G . Punk Rock Day gives Denise Townsend a chance to "dress-up" on the Wednesday before Home- coming. Building the senior float was a fun but tedious job, especially for Bran ble and jim Gardnerff Q N . 1 Decorating for the dance takes time and preparation. Susie Smith is the committee chairman. Wrapped in the arms of Phil McLaughlin. Kata Fankhauser en- joys the Homecoming dance. "I liked the demce better in the cafeteria instead of the gym. " Gem4cl H yslope Aiwa Sd' o E Q' , Xe f Ai' It hiv I I. -Qs ,1 V F n' C 3 F' -A ,. .' Sharing a slow dance together. Renee Stapley and Todd joy find time to be close. Queen Renae feeds King Gary some ofthe traditional Homecom- ing cake during the dance. Homecoming 25 I I A In .f ' W 'P ' r , 1 1 'ff :ik - .l - Y- H ff.. Q, A - . . Q ,, ' " V 'Q , T! Qviril A W Q, ,, ' fu ' .3 f J! M,,A Q3 yUwiY?L so - 2 Wil kiwi 3 gy is MW 'x ,QW W QQ G ,I - 'j 'I - . ' ": L 1 , 1' Y i 'fi .5 3 ifihddf FURTHEQSTHF A ,. Madrilena Susie Nowak rocks out with the pommies in a dance to the ACXDC song. "Dirty Deeds." S if Sueu. Westwood Would f Could g g atermelon, watermelon, Mx!!- W watermelon rind. Look at the score and see who's behind. Us! That's right, us!" Those were the tradi- tional words the Varsity Cheerleaders chanted as they portrayed the West- wood Warriors at the Westwood As- sembly. The death of Westwood was the theme of the assembly. Mourners wore black, as the pallbearers quietly lugged the body of a Warrior, lying face up, to the center of the gym floor. Mrs. Nelson read the eulogy, as the tearful cheer- leaders looked on. When sympathies were expressed, the funeral procession escorted the coffin out the door, amidst the deafening roar and applause of the spirited Toros. . Student Council passed out hundreds of orange and blue balloons, symboliz- ing Westwood's school colors. The Toros inflated their balloons, and popped them by hugging someone of the opposite sex, thus signifying the "de- molition of 'Westwoods football team. jeff Cassiday, with the help of Encore Strings, provided footstompin' music with their rendition of "Louisiana Satur- day Night," and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Toro Band and the Madri- lenas added to the assembly with their combination of music and dance. The Westwood Assembly proved to be one of the best assemblies of the year. 28 Westwood Assembly ' l A4 l li l ft.. p .. F1 - - i i i s as 1' t li Mimicking "WasIe"wo0d,tl1e Vnrsia ty Cheerleaders show the audience what the Wfarriors will look like. Spirited. peppy Varsity Cheerleader Susie Smith helps add enthusiasm tothe assembly. The assembly proved la cleanly Westwood would be obvzouy to- mgbz' " Laura Schwarz I eq the Westwood Assembly. they finish their routine. This herd of happy Toros cheer on their team in the class competition at As the assembly comes to a close, the crowd applauds the pommies as Westwood Assembly 2 9 Showing off Mike Mancinis I credible Hulk pajamas is cheerlead Denise Townsend. Wheelbarrowing across the gym Z during class competition is Chris X f d K H th RC3l'dOl'l 30 2il'Cl'1 CHTICYB . ll .. ---"""""' .,.4-"""'4- sl gf f. b 41" ...N I ,., An Amusing Week Filled With Zest R aising spirit for the Varsity foot- ball game against Mesa High was the cheerleaders intentions when they declared Spirit Week October 13-16. Tuesday was "Wake 'em up" Day and everyone wore their p.j.'s to school, Wednesday was "We'll win, no sweat," so students decked out in their sweat suits. Thursday, "Bang 'em up" Day stu- dents came to school in bandages. Wrapping up the week was Color Day 30 Mesa Assembly and a pep assembly. The cheerleaders had a fashion show modeling the paja- ma's our mighty football players wear to bed. Laughter came from the crowd as the sleepwear was shown. The Best Legs Contest was unforgeta- ble, especially for Paul Kasprsyk and Kim Wilson, who, by a unanimous voice vote, were selected as having the best looking legs. Then came the class competition. One girl and guy from each Class got together and while the girl held the guy's feet, he wheelbarrowed across the gym, grabbed a carrot in his mouth, and jetted back to the finish. As each class cheered their team, the juniors came in first, so- phies second, and the seniors, well . . . a- hem, last. After an hour of rowdy fun, the Toros were ready for a win over Mesa. , H9 ' www MW All banged up! That's the Pep Club sponsor Mrs. Nelson showing her spirit on "Bang 'em up" Day. X Sweats Day really showed Mesa bow hot we can get C atlay Larson Q With puppy in arms is Teresa Ganzer, explaining to friends why she forgot to change her clothes. jammin' to the tune "Ghost Riders in the Sky" is the very spirited and enthusiastic Toto Band. Q D If fa 'ia o Spirit Week 31 ii' mail by sf 9 -wg - ,lf wg wtf ,Q fagir itggstfv bi JQ KM , 9 Munching down on that Big Mac 0 C X at McDonald's after a game. is Scott 0 k V3 x O., X Qld fGimpyl Standage. X xv N , Weekends Were Made For ll right! It's Friday andtime to A throw those books in your locker and cruise on home for a weekend of fun, frolic, and friends. It's time to forget about the school work for awhile and kickback. Already you're anticipating the night ahead. Theres a varsity football game and a dance afterwards. "Excellent," you say to yourself, "this will give me the perfect chance to scheme on Butch, or 32 Student Night Rocky, or maybe even Bubba. fNo, he's got a girl.j" 6:00. Your friend is here to pick you up and for once in her life, she's on time. You jump into a car full of enough spirit to blast the opponents off the field, and head for the game. As you climb out of the car, you no- tice the game hasn't even started yet, but the roar of the crowd is enough to send chills down your spine. Your gang finds their favorite place to sit and immediate- ly joins in chants with the cheerleaders, T-O-R-O, T-O-R-O, let's go! "Wow! What a game!" a friend com- ments on the way out of the stands. "The dance should be great!" The dance begins slowly, but gradual- ly couples accumulate on the Hoot. Soon the gym is packed and you search for HIM among the many dancers. The music winds down for a slow dance and point ga These five guys show that McDon- ald sis a great place to eat, chat and h o t Llflg U. Spirited sophomores cheer for the football team after another six Chris Reardon comments, "Gosh, Annette, you have beautiful eyes, at the Hello Dance, Weekends are for R G R bu I don? get much o eztloer Rzta Barry Special Memories unexpectedly that special someone asks you to dance. "Sure," you reply in a voice slightly hoarse from the game. He takes your hand and you both stroll out on the floor. What a great time you're having and the night's still young. The dance is al- most over and you're wondering what to do next. You'll probably go to McDon- ald's for a Coke, and then cruise down Main Street. Tonight was fantastic and you can hardly wait for tomorrow. 7:00 Saturday night. 'Tonight it's a movie. As you flip through the entertain- ment section of the newspaper you try to decide on Raiders of the Lost Arc, Superman II, or Arthur. Your friend calls and you pick a mov- ie and decide on pizza afterwards. On the way to the movie, you cruise down Main Street to see what's going on. The strip's hopping tonight, but you glance at your watch a movie. As you're leaving, you wave to a friend who's cruising too. Ahhh, it's Sunday night and as you are lying in bed reflecting on the events of the weekend, a scary thought enters your mind. "Oh, no! I forgot all about my English paper that's due tomorrow!" You roll over and pull the blankets over your head. Student Night 33 Qghf-BH, Q Q aw, you can't even feel it." These were the words of a few brave souls who participated in the an- nual Blood Drive which was held on November 23. By the end of the day 101 pints of blood had been collected. After leaving the school, the blood was taken to the Blood Bank in Scotts- dale where it was tested for six and a half hours, for diseases, antibodies and blood type. The blood was then broken down into the red blood cells and the plasma. The plasma was used to treat burn and shock victims and could also be broken down again. From Scottsdale, the blood parts and types were sent out to area hospitals ac- cording to need. Since blood has a shelf life of only 35 days it was sent out and used immediately. Of the students who gave at school, second time donors seemed to be the bravestg so giving blood can't be that bad. Most of the girls were nervous, but the guys were the most amusing. They came strutting in so calm and cool, but boy, did they squirm and wince when that needle got close. Anxiously awaiting their turn to give blood, these donors show signs of apprehension. Trip Bunchman questions the nurse's sense of direction as she searches for a vein. Unlike other donors, Renee Rob- erts relaxes and closes her eyes so the needle won't hurt. A second time donor Melanie Hy- more, shows that giving blood isn't always easy the second time around. 34 Blood Drive 1 Mk! Toros Take Pain To Give Blood grgggmgggfg,:g:g,12e,3:,ig fa I ir H 'PM pw 'ew .z"'i+x , 5. "gg Unable to face the pain, Todd Dalthrop awaits the insertion ofthe needle. Grimacing in distress, not-so courageous Chazz Dupree decides to give blood anyway. YU' S.. f' f"1'-sv .5 3 "I just bare pezzniezgzd needlei. , Vzctor H zzrzer Blood Drive 35 1 air, Scott Srandage displays the all- time popular letterman jacket along with his metals and pins. Maui Leaf, Varnee glasses, de- signer jeans and Topsiders complete this layered look. 5 Hair fashions were French braids j and Bandanas as shown by jennifer ' Richardson and Charlene Wrangle. . A ,iw s. I P . . . I V, 37 L 1 K' I The Rubik's Cube's popularity Q1 " spread rapidly to folks throughout gf K the world. L1 Colloquial Linguistics For Toro Adolescents Airhead - One whose head is always elsewhere, i.e., space case. Bad - In this case synonymous with good. Bonkers - The state of being insane, crazy, mad or spazzed out. Ex. Yearbook deadlines make me bonkers. Bummer - A major disappointment. Cool - What a male individual is if he wears Ocean Pacific clothing, Levi jeans and Nike hightops. Dud - A name given to an individual who wears socks with Vans. Excellent - The ultimate in greatness. Fade - A term used when trying to forget someone or something or an un- pleasant event. Ex. Fade on this party, let's go. 36 Fads 'n' Fashions Fried - What happens to a person while tubing down the river. For sure - Phrase used when definitely agreeing with something. Gimme a break - Phrase used when begging for a second chance. jammin' - Something that is exciting and impressive. Ex. The concert was jamminf joe - - A name given to a stereo- typed individual. Ex. joe sophomore. junior - One step above a dud and one step below excellent. Kick back - In other words relax, take it easy. Later days - A synonym for good-bye, adios, catch ya later, etc. Punker - A person with a pink hairdo, goofy sunglasses and wacked out clothes. Often listens to DEVO. Puppy - What items are called in place of their names, i.e. whatchamacallit. Scheming - The act of searching for and flirting with the opposite sex. Senior - 1. One who has completed 12 years of education. 2. An awesome indi- vidual. 3. See Excellent. Sophomore - Would definitely wear socks with Vans. Totally - A word used when putting emphasis on a certain topic. Ex. The game was totally excellent. Trippin' - A situation or object tht is out of the ordinary. i.e. "Freaks me out," "Wow! I'm psychedf' .f l, z ,,""t I 1 fflzflljfdku If Twp Bzmclomazn ' 'rr-.., ,471 t, ' , j . 1 . - , ,. . sa' ,J "1-1 " .' . , ' - ' ffm., -.fx - ' , . ' if ',, ,L A .v, fl. 't , V ' f . .1 f"',., .4 s . f P f N 439 W, fac- 2155: jig, is. . It's All a Matter of Taste unk or Preppy, Surfer or jock - were you a victim of one of these fads? Here were the telltale signs: for the punk look we had a number ofstyles that range from glittering make-up to metallic threads, offset by a drastically short haircut with a gold headband on the forehead. Or if you preferred the Preppy style, we had a pair of Top- Siders worn with Argyle socks and a flannel skirt Cor knickersj. To top it off we had a blazer worn over a knitted sweater and, oh yea, let's not forget the alligator. Now, for those of you who were into the surfing scene, we had a variety of attire which included Ocean Pacific jer- seys, Town and Country shorts and two- tone Van slip ons. And if carrying books didn't appeal to you, you could always stuff them into a bright colored nylon backpack. Of course, we had our athletic indi- viduals, otherwise known as THE JOCKS, who came equipped with Levi button down jeans, Nike hightops, a spirited T-shirt and a letterman jacket. As you can see, our fashions were as different as the people. x-, l ,- .2r?,' Punked to perfection, Victor Hur- ier adds the wet look to his style. Combining Punk and Preppy are Morgan Tryon and Debbie Fair. Enjoying the stereosound from a Walkman cassette is Craig -Jamison. Fads 'n' Fashions 37 Although the price of jeans con- tinued to soar, students still bought the ever popular styles. Paying 31.00 for a school lunch doesn't seem to bother sophomores Dean Hemburger and Andrew Bur- ton. Due To Inflation . . . s the year progressed, we found ourselves digging deeper into our pockets, trying to get a few extra cents to pay for our small pleasures. Our biggest shock was the rise in school lunches from .70c to 81.00, com- bined with smaller portions of food. The Presidents Reaganomics made tax cuts so drastic in the school lunch program, the government was going to consider ketchup and relish as vegetables. Fortu- nately that idga was abolished. Pen pal and other written correspon- dence became more expensive when the price of postage stamps rose three times during one year. Some students still enjoyed the com- fort of the everyday Levi jeans, while others splurged on designer jeans. These students didn't seem to mind paying for the more expensive label, even if it was almost 830.00 more. Although high prices of the year were a constant menace, we didn't let them spoil our fun, or get in the way of the things we wanted. S znce przces ypcj tyii my parents are mazkzngifzie pay lor: more 0 my ownietbmgs e Pete Edgerton ll s - Q ' PI v o n I 1 i ig' I3 i i r '. ii -,t...-.,.--. x 'eq Y M , X Album Big Mac Candy Can Conoco 58 Prices 1 E Levi 71 BQLM Shame jrFC J..AR resu' R f CO 5 , 4-,,. Demonstrating her dancing abili- ty is sophomore and dance teacher Geanna Gonzales. As you can see by the smile on Stephani Osborn's face, she enjoys her occupation at Goldwater's. Working in the Food Service De- partment of Desert Samaritan Hos- pital is senior judy Coston. Vi.s, A Talented Way To Make Money n these times where jobs are hard to find, we would have taken any job to make a few extra bucks. While most of us worked in fast food restaurants, others were lucky enough to make a living using their talents and interests. Sophomore Geanna Gonzales taught dance at the Bridgett McCarter Dance Studio and earned money from the cost of the lessons. Geanna has won many top honors and awards including Ari- zona State Ideal Miss, which qualified her for international competition. Gean- na's dream is to dance on Broadway and hopefully open her own dance studio. junior Stephani Osborn was a sales associate for Goldwater's in the China and Silver Department. She loved her job because there were many benefits, including a 20 cent raise every six months. Besides those extra benefits, there was that everyday need for extra money. "I just wanted to work to buy extra things," Stephani said. After work- ing there seven months, she still enjoyed her job and hoped to continue working there. Preparing the food for cardiac and diabetic patients and serving candlelight dinners to new parents were only a few chores of senior Judy Coston, who worked in the Food Service Department of Desert Samaritan Hospital. The hos- pital job gave judy an opportunity to work toward a career in forensic medi- cine. Although her career choice re- quires a college education, Judy hoped to work in the hospital while attending school. Although most of us cringe at the thought of another day of work, these students proved that making money can be fun. jobs 39 Toro's Top Ten A s 1981 rolled around, we found that our taste in cars, movies, mu- sic, restaurants and television shows had changed. Due to price increases many of us resorted to reading movie reviews in order to find the best movie to see rather than seeing a multitude and picking the best. One Box Office smash this past year was Raiders of the Lost Ark star- ring Harrison Ford as Indianajones. Our taste in television did not change much as M"'A"'S"'H was still the all-time favor- ite. The restaurant of the year, far sur- passing McDonald's, was Taco Bell. Many students who enjoyed a wide vari- ety of music took an extreme liking to the song, "Don't Stop Believing" by journey, which ranked number one in our survey. We apologize to those of you who had quite expensive tastes and liked the Lamborghini and Ferrari of for- eign lands, as the good ol' American- made Camaro by Chevrolet out-classed them all. Cars . Camaro . Corvette . Chevy 4 x 4 . Ferrari 1 2 3 4 5 6. Lamborghini 7. Mercedes 450-SL 8. Mazda RX7 9. Z-28 10. Firebird This excellent looking Camaro has earned the top spot as the num- ber one Dream Machine. 40 Favorites i Porsche Indiana Jones-:ne new ham the ii -we . M,q.,k 1 E, L,., L' ri S nfl T V Shows Pk PF Pk Hill Street Blues D nasty Magnum P.I. Fridays Taxi Dallas WKRP in Cincinnati . Different Strokes Movies Raiders of the Lost Ar Arthur Stripes Halloween II Heavy Metal Airplane Clash of the Titans Caddyshack Only When I Laugh Rocky Horror Pic- ture Show 6' 1 M A s H ew 2 at 3 I-Iart to Hart 4 Y 5 6 W 7 Q 8 9 10 l k 2 3 4 Restaurants Taco Bell McDonald s ack in the Box Wendy s Arby s Crazy Sub Kentucky Fried Chicken Dunkin Donuts 1. 2. ' 4. ' 5. ' 6. Burger King 7. 8. i . 9. I i 10. Chaco's Tacos Favorites 41 Encore Strings adds to the assem- hlt with their hand clappin'. knee slappin' country music, Karrin Kunasek presents the spirit award. a toilet seat. to the class of '85 I hope that eventually I ll J md oztt what 5 gozng on ln those cmzy tzssemblzes , i - s t Vte 1 Vtt C, ' . ,,.W...w- T A great target, Chris Nielson repre- sented the juniors in the shaving cream-watergun competition. The ,I.V. Cheerleaders are really movin' up as they end their Charging cheer in a mount. The Toro mascot does a little toe tapping to "Orange Blossom Spe- cial" to get in the swing of things. 42 ati' .ww-QNWNUF nsmm N... .ww It's a Bird, It's a Plane hat beats a donut run? Whats more powerful than our very own backyard dairy? Whats more excit- ing than a substitute teacher? It's fourth lunch . . . it's the daily announcements . . . NO! itls . . . it's . . . it's an assembly! And the basketball assembly for the Chaparral game was especially excellent. When it came to class competitions the juniors ruled. They won both the toilet seat award for having the most spirit throughout the assembly and the watergun competition by having the best aim. In another competition, four students' names were drawn from an en- try box to win S25 by making a half court basketball shot, but no one was successful. It was the annual trade game for Var- sity Cheer and the Madrilenas. The pom- mies did the Rah Rah's and cheerleaders did the boogie. Encore Strings did a little fiddlin' around and they were so good a few people couldn't resist the chance to dance. Displaying his proud dedication to the school is Student Body Presi- dent Steve Wilson. Precision aiming is used by Shan- ell Mclntyre in the watergun class competition. Charles "Ray" johnson uses his skillful technique but only comes close to sinking the basket. Basketball Assembly 43 X x , . X I A A 90 xi . M " .. . and beans without strings!" NN Anne teases the retreating Mr. Van GJ Daan. X31 M61 09-1 "You look all right . . .but perhaps Q ' N an aspirin," suggests Edith Frank to ,JJ R her daughter Anne. i Otto Frank welcomes the Van Daan's to their new attic home where they will stay for two years. "Meip and I will be up later to bring you food and news," explains Mr. Kraler. 44 The Diary of Anne Frank as E "Tlvefbe.rt pcm' was lay-e ing that .vmacker i on R 61 U 0 Regina Marley 0 0 O W L,1,O"Z00L,. I tell you this is going to be a fine V Nothing But Raves For Anne Frank n November 20th and 21st, the 0 Drama Department staged the production of The Diary of Anne Frank. Based on the Diary of a young jewish girl, the play chronicles two years of Anne's life, during which her family Cplayed by Rod Smith, Mary Hamblin, Dianne Bellows and jennifer Black- hurstj, the Van Daan's CNathan Sheets, Regina Marler and jared Whitlockj, and jan Dussel QDru Larsenj, hid in the attic of a factory in Holland to avoid persecu- tion and death at the hands of the Nazi regime. As Anne grew from an awkward, self- conscious thirteen-year old into a ma- ture, courageous woman of sixteen the audience watched the squabbles and growing pains of an ordinary family try- ing to hold on to some semblance of normalcy while their lives crashed in pieces around them. The lifeline be- tween the hideaways and the outside world layi in a young woman, Meip QLeigh Mukheiberj and Mr. Kraler QMike Speilmanj who brought news and food to them. Despite the dramatic and somber air of the play, there were funny moments and the cast had a fine rapport with the audience. The set was well-constructed and though certain technical details did not run smoothly on opening night, the Stage Crew pulled together and did an excellent job for the second perfor- mance. The Diary of Anne Frank 45 i fbfUcWLZ!fS443Q41-MVN al new gdbabdwlggf David Bryant and jackie VanNor- man end their dance dramatically during the Christmas Dance. Singing their rendition of "Silver Hells," is the Encore choir at the Christmas Assembly. The Christmas window competi- tion, won by the Seniors, was an excellent display of artwork. 46 Christmas Festivities Better Not Cry, ,T was the week before Christmas and all through the school, every student was stirring, everything was cool. The windows were painted with colors so bright, they frightened the janitors and glowed in the night. The seniors did win, with no doubt in our minds, with the juniors in second and the sophomores - well, they brought up the behind. Decorations were hung by the teachers with care, in hopes that va- cation soon would be there. All classes adjourned for the annual assembly, as we all came together to hear Christmas Better Not Pout Qmiafllwfv 45 medlies. When up on the stage there arose such a clatter, choirs and bands were gathering, that's what was the mat- ter. Carols rang out in song like a flash, soon it was classtime, the students did dash. Dates had been set and this was their chance, everyone headed for the big Christmas Dance. The music was played, both loud and low, while cou- ples danced closely beneath mistletoe. And we all did exclaim as we drove out of sight, "Merry Christmas to all, see you New Year's Night!" Qqyyffn 'TCDl'OL,OV1l si ff W 9 a O COIT1- fortably, are Bob Pothier and Lori Shill, Playing a repertoire of sweet- sounding Christmas melodies is the ,voosi Christmas Festivities 47 r191 Il t 1 GREAT W XY 0F LIFE. or many students, deciding on a future can be quite difficult. Coun- selors, teachers, parents and even peers can and do provide a great deal of influ- ence. Preparing for life after graduation begins before graduation. College, a job, or the service - which to choose? For many students, a future in the military is usually the last possible alter- native. But for Willie Chee and Ron He- bert ir was the first. Willie and Ron knew they would enter one of the branches of service and chose the Marines. Willie had talked to a recruiter as a junior and, just two days after his 17th birthday, he signed up. Ron Hebert decided on the military because of the physical training and education offered. The military services influenced us in many ways since they were a symbol of American democracy and freedom. "We would like to encourage more girls," says Willie Chee as he talks to Marine recruiter, Darold Key. 48 Military Influence Marine Sergeant Darold Key points out to future Marines how to be one of the few, the proud, the Marines. Ron Hebert listens very attentively as the Marine recruiter talks about being a good Marine, Marine Sgt. Darold Key holds the sa- ber during the flag ceremony at the Westwood football game. X n H 4 .fi D 1 I , . . v x R. X x N if 1 af' FV A k 1 .4 .W . 4 f f M , ff if 4. 1 -f"' ' . . .' ' U i -V4 Q The result of hours of reviewing is taking the final exam. as demon- strated hy Susan Curry. Final Exam Syndrome C 6 orry, joe, I can't go to the game tonightg I've got finals tomor- row." Yuk! Finals! Werent' they the worst part ofthe whole class? It seemed the semester had just started and then final exam time was here. i'Oh well, I have a whole month to study." And as usual, you used that old time cop out- procrastination. Yes, you waited and waited and then a few nights before the test you were hit with mass hysteria. How in the world were you going to study a semesters worth of material in one night? So you stayed up until 5:00 in the morning and hoped that what you were studying would stick in your brain. The next morning, with heavy eyelids and a hungry stomach, you went to class more than a little nervous. As the teacher handed out the exams and explained the usual rules of removing all books from your desk and keeping your eyes on your own paper, you flipped through the pages of the test and your eyes widened as you looked at the clock and made a note of the time. Suddenly you realized that there were only 10 minutes left of class and you barely had time to check over your an- swers. With a sigh of relief you finished your test and felt confident that you passed. You hoped that you would be as successful with the next five classes. Next time you'd study way ahead of time, you promised yourself . . . ,, 9 3542 1 1. 50 Final Exam Syndrome iv,-.-f 5' o"""-sa N---....,,, Es Rf wg? s new if We M353 sis, Q W, 5 if sg ll at lkkf was esta are H P ai ea 1. Y, Q legawsrt W E E says f ' r N x a -at a t N is 5 4? sm aw at J 4 Pe lam W? smashes Sfisifg-E 5 saw as 2 1 t A 5 viii. hw. Berwyn Wilbrink and julie McEarchern cram in a few extra minutes of studying before their classes. QS! Reviewing notes before their big Algebra II Trig. test are Dean Greg- ory and Tammy Ratkowski. Explaining a concept to Shauni Doorbar during class are jeff La- Morte and Tommy Vensor. just before his class begins, jared Whitlock tal-:es a break in the hall for studying. ,A""" Melissa Merritt rests on a bench and takes advantage of her free time for homework. Looking over his notes before classkleff Comparin wonders about the difficulty ofthe exam. Final Exam Syndrome 51 Slllffllllll y 4: 15 the most common emotion among the skiers was nervousness. They had only half an hour to get to the school's parking lot and load the bus before they were on their way to Dur- ango, Colorado, for a weekend of skiing at Purgatory. When 4:30 rolled around, they gathered their equipment together and headed for school. Their nerves turned to butterflies when they arrived for the bus. 5:00 p.m. came but the bus didn't. Then 6:00 rolled around and still no bus, a lot of com- plaints but no bus. By 7:00 p.m. they found out the bus orders were cancelled and it would be an hour longer before the buses would arrive. Finally, after three more hours of amateur entertain- ment and impatient students' com- plaints, the buses arrived and the ski club ref iffetgpg, lab ' 'illi i ' x 'Stir 5, W, at at if at 1 if f., . . M 3 'ii was on their way. In spite of the delay, the kids arrived of skiing. The pleasant weather added to the gorgeous scenery that surrounded each skier as he glided for fellj down the hill, Cwhatever the case may have been.j If by wee en . n ortunate t e uses wer- Qii en't late for the ride hoiiie and the snow lovers found themselves on their way 4. i sf.i back to Mesa. They returned home and despite the excitement of the weekend, each skier was happy to be there. They unloaded the buses with sore muscles, The gang's. all 'here deciding "After a long day of skiing and , , , whether to ski a difficult black or an fighting off snow bunnies all they painful bruises and many new friends. my gmn mn, bmugh, me was ,, peps, Light 52 Ski Trip J,,i..,.., '-1 Kfww. "How much further to the top!" questions two cold, impatient ski bums. .avi Waiting for the lift to the top, Bet- sy Anderson spots Cindy Doherty and Jeff Edwards. Saturday night in Colorado can bring life even to this tired group of skiers. A pit srop on the way home is a great place to play games with some old friends. go-3,4 "Wi at 4. ,X , :yf"f6' 'G Q 9? 'rg 'I' avi' ,ra . ff?-eg, ., L .mf -A L ..-uni Even the equipment is tired after five hours of waiting for the delayed buses, M. iw ski Trip 53 junior cheerleaders The spirited Senior Class cheer- leaders perform a daring mount at the PowderPuff Basketball game, Setting up for the jump ball. the junior and senior basketball teams get into position. Dribbling down court, pastjanet Gross. and straight to the basket, is Kaylene Hartzler. Cheryl Brady puts up a free throw while Cheryl Schwanbeck attempts to block out janet Gross. er. Tom Sharpy and T say. "later days!" to Cheerleaders. . . ur Macho Men? n February 9, for only 75C, you could get out of your third hour class to be entertained by the annual PowderPuff Basketball Game. The tournament consisted of three Call-girly teams from each class. The team winning two out of three basketball games would gain points for the class competition. Although the Sophomores played with much zest, they were beaten by both the juniors and the Seniors. And even though the mighty Seniors had the advantage of heighth, the juniors were the overall victors, by only one point. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders seemed to be the main attraction, especially since they were Qincognitoj guys! Though the Sophomores cheerleaders were funny and the juniors hysterical, the Senior cheerleaders stole the show by performing a dance routine to "Ma- cho Man" and taking first place in the cheerleading competition. 54 Powder Puff Basketball --f "Oh my gosh!" exclaims senior cheerleader Gary Porter. "I forgot my lipstick. boysln Basketball Coach Greg Sessions referees 11 jump ball between rheju- nior and Sophomore teams. While jammin' tothe hear ot'f'Ma' Cho Man." senior cheerleader Bill Schaer gets down, Obviously, the ultimate dream for those sophie guys was to play cheer- leader for a day. Powder Puff Basketball 55 Classifried Ads For Sale Approximately 88 well-used pacifiers, contact any sophomore. A book of jokes about sophomores, contact senior class Conly sophies would want one.j. To any young lovers on campus next year, a pass key to the locked bath- rooms. Contact P.O.A. Dodge 440, rides comfortable behind a towing truck. Three sets of curlers to wear during marching seasons. If interested contact last year's pommies. Three tons of shredded newspaper, cheap, contact Mesa High School. Limited time offer! Everything Martha Acosta has lost throughout the year is now half price in the yearbook room. Buy now, everything is going fast. If it was lost, it will be sold! One calculus and A.P. physics book, ex- cellent condition and never used except for studying concept of organized con- fusion and headrest when sleeping. Ask jim Hennessey for details. 1979 Trans Am, nice car. Price can't be beat, only S100. Engine and body not included. Call eves. Midnight Auto Body Specialists. Dial: SSSJUNK Fifty diet manuals, four "Get Thin Quick" pamphlets, two Weight Watch- ers diet scales, two posters of swine stuffing their faces with pizza and three plastic sweatsuits. See yearbook staff, Croom 2325 catch us before our end-of- the year party. One unwanted, rusted heap of metal, found on Senior Hill. For more informa- tion contact class of '79.. 400 square yards of precious partying space equipped with bonfires, police force, potholes and boxing rings. 56 Classifried Ads For sale, one pair of elevator passes, see any senior class member. One charred flat-bed left over from Sophomore float. Two purses found in january. The 45C intact . . . S70.00 gone. Sorry Suladie! One maroon pick-up truck in good con- dition except for various smudges due to wandering lips. Lo.ttfSz'o!en New officers for P.O.A. club. All this year's officers are graduating. If interest- ed contact Todd Metzger and Kriss Stanley. A medal for Mr. Dunn reading: "The funniest consumer chemistry ever." Signed, 6th hour. Hard working orange pickers needed. No experience necessary. Se habla Espanol, which is our way of hinting that we welcome applications from illegal aliens who will work for less than the legal minimum wage. Lost: Three years of life at Mountain View High School. Reward if found. See Rick Mauzy. Stray dogs DEAD or Alive! Fresh meat for lunch tomorrow. Looking for a nice classy car to transport Garri Dee Balthrop and Denise Town- send to Westwood from 2nd to 6th hours. One low-rider kit for '65 Chevy BelAir. See Mr. Rice in Physics. jonathan Brandmeier - See Mrs. Hull in the Foreign Language Department. A book on The Fundamentals of Soc- cer and How to Kick the Ball and Not the Player. Call Steve "Hack" Wil- son. Cute, sexy female for future college roommate. All expenses paid. Twenty pounds of excess weight. Give immediately to Vicki Sheldon. journey out of Twilight Zone for An- nette Boragina, care of Rickie Nelson. A date to Homecoming. No questions asked. Call Angie . . . anytime. One worn outj.V. Girls' Basketball star who would never quit. Sorry Amy, you can't apply! Announcements jimmy Edwards has won a scholarship to the school of cone placement. That's right folks, he will now become a certi- fied cone placer and maybe even ad- vance to learning how to space and drop traffic cones. Maybe even pick them up! Congratulations on an excellent honor! We love you! Attention all perspective thieves: there will be a First Annual Purse Snatching Clinic held at the senior lockers. There will be lectures and demonstrations. Subjects include: Lock picking, locker smashing and burning, and how to fence stolen goods. All applicants will receive hands-on experience. I would like to thank everyone who helped me out at the beginning of the year. I really appreciate all the cards and food that I received. It really helped me through that period of time. Best wishes to everyone. Signed, Scott Standage. To: Herbert Harry Bunchman III - Dear Trip, remember when I visited you july 4, 1980 at Butcherjones Lake? Did you ever get your car out of first gear? And how does the pavement look at that angle going 60 mph? Boy, and I thought I was the only one that ever yawned chunks. Oh well, you're still my buddy! Love, kisses and yummy lemonade, Ralph. Are you looking for a new car and don't know what to look for or how to go about it? Ask Victor Hurier for some tips in forgery, lying, and finally driving it home. The problem is keeping it! Call 12D-RIVE. Have you been ditching lately? About to get kicked out of a few classes? Need a note to excuse you? Call Yogi, just dial AIN-OTES. They pass every time! Bondedflnsured. Top 5 class graduate. Williams Writing Wonders. 5 years in the business and never busted!!! Notes! Notes! Notes! Going out of business sale! Notes to excuse you from every- thing! School, P.E., Doctor's Appoint- ments. Hey ShannaBanana!! Remember 5:50 in the morning playing town people and pigging out on rice? Remember our "Lee Nails" on the chimney at 6:00? Our plans and schemes, and our ENDLESS laughter, COh . . . but of course we did it for attentionll Remember Psycho Wes- ton and our songs and poems? Shanna, we've been through a lot, yet we've never fought! You're not like Kristy, she's a snot free heel Love and friendship all ways and forever! Your bestest buddy, Kareena Cronk! Pretty Boy Curry, Oooh Ma! The cow's about to deliver! From the one and only Baby Face Marler. To the gorgeous sophomore guy with the excellent jawline and the terrific toosh - do you go for older women? See you at your locker sometime soon I hope. 17 To the class of 1983 - We should have left you speed bumps for a senior gift. Class of 1982. Hey Toothless - The best forever, keep hoofing, woofing and barfing. ILY al- ways, your Guardian Angel. . Three cases of World War II rations. If found, return to cafeteria for next year. Lost: MX Missile in the vicinity of Ari- zona. If found send immediately to Rus- Sla. Lost: One pair of sexy blue eyes. If found, contact Brian Humble. Wanted Parking space for a 1973 Toyota Corolla in 200 small pieces . . . See Regina Marler. One private investigator to seek out and punish the compulsive purse-taker. One refill bottle of Chanel No. 5. See Amy. Handsome football players with big noses and extremely large hands. See Sylvia Kazzzzzzz. Blonde wig and padded bra for my world renowned Bette Midler imitation, see Regina Marler for more info. A big, beautiful, Beatles poster, belong- ing to a very devoted fan. Poster snatch- Cr . . . BEWARE!!! One fairly good voice for Mrs. Carlson so she can teach next year. Louis and Steve laugh society. All wel- come, but you must have a unique laugh and know lots of jokes. Call 555-6748 on weekends after 10:00 pm. Live in concert: The OSMONDS and the ANDREW SISTERS in the battle of the bands at Compton Terrace. Bring your camera . . . and drugs and alcohol, CEC. Will the party who witnessed the acci- dent at Brown and Lindsay last Friday at 3:00 involving a pedestrian and a red sports car please call 555-HELP? No re- ward unless you feel able to testify that you saw the stupid pedestrian walk right into the front of the innocent motorist without looking, in which case your keen observation could be worth as much as S500. Camille Harris: There are other words in the English language besides jammin'! Will Kim Wilson's hair be blonde, brown or maybe green next year? just asking, Shelly Nicks. Shelly, look in the mirror before you ask about other people's hair. Signed some- one who isn't a bottle blonde. Scott, even though you are an egotistical matchmaker, we still love ya! Signed, Rose and Mars-ha. eff' N- . uf' se" D' J' e fe vlimevf Q 'los AVP X Q OM B09 LSHLM 0 b TY! 9 v N! drill if S' EMQD To-. . wit' X, u We' mmliwi tmglriniiiml .459 :Cx s . . 77 7 9 lkbxtf .ikfif QSC, . r J l ll X Y 5 1 AIM, aff CM Classifried Ads 57 44 na 1 Foosball, one of the popular games at the arcades, requires fast reflexes. skill. and coordination. Many Toro's crowd around the hoops after school to get in a little 5 " r 3- J' .....- id' Q ,Q-Q 1-. Q 1 - T DJ F' shooting practice. . f 1 1 -- if'f'?i-97 f:'lf1'E," s 'KC '25 K '5f:i xf3 -iiif fw 2-asf' :Y if .rf A I u w-r Q'itawfsfaffzHialeah,.Vliffgififailf -, is f"5i5iff'l'4li.ilZ fi1" 5 ' 4z lfT5l a i!3'Q-H t w?,,,!15s5,?5.9. E.if,ig3aiifi,fr3'?15gffg.x:?w , fe gNg9,a x?W,f Lt fkf2 3r ? 5ggi gg 1 gszjilff 1' it ' rj gg: Q ' g l- p s ig fr :--A : x, i t at i Q 'fisfmo,wff,wrig 1 :ar ,ig -ft. f' , . ' , Q-gt gf M W f ' if Q a 9 I 3 r ,. ., - H, L. 'Q 'f mr gfw-i:,gn5,1gfs :,,c5:wW --gf-faeqegs-z,gw'fsfy, ' 1 -,1 wt. Eg ' 55555535223 A l K -W - 5 Out-of-School Y john Kernagis involves himself in an Trying not to work up a sweat, Sylvia Kasprzyk daintily taps the rac- quetball. While visiting Galaxy Games, intense game of Centipede. pun 1' By some lucky break Dan Rapp was able to find a free court. eff Ray and Dennis Contreras bat- tle a grueling game of racquetball. Robert Russel shows that concen- tration is the key when playing video football. 2 x hiiwlli 5 if ' .ff V . ..,. - N i f "' is j -'f-..- it I W3 , ' ' 'gf i . I 21' I 'L dl' f . ...s g yn . if-a"Fw.. - ' ' ., 5935.1 J I I '3.f2'LQ tgf 1 fri . we f , A . 55,1 Sf. , x " L l ' t . .. , ,.1.-'di Bild' T . U.IhEn ThErE's Nothing Better he school day is over and you sit staring blankly at the same old T.V. shows. Your mind searches for some- thing to do besides eating or talking on the phone. You think of activities that your friends are involved in. The more athleti- cally inclined prefer playing frisbee, bas- ketball, racquetballg but your frisbee went on the roof the other dayg you have no gas for your A.T.C.g your basketball is flatg and you're still sore from your last workout at Nautilus. So you decide to go to the arcade to play some video games. You're already anticipating your favorite games. You find some quarters in a pair of pants on the bathroom floor and rush out the door. On the way to the arcade you can't decide which game to play first- Aster- oids, Frogger, Space Invaders, or Pac Man, - so you indulge in them all. You seem to run out of time faster than usual. Your money fades faster than you expected and you decide to go home and watch M"'A"S"'H. Activities 59 ii ,i""f'wI""'B 60 Sports Division ,pnwi ff 4' Better In Sports hen we think of how our time was spent at school, we realized a good majority of it was taken up by sports. Whether we were spectators or athletes, it seemed that sports and school went hand in hand. There were practices that lasted long after the end of seventh hour, and games that we made sure to fit into our after-school and Friday night schedules. Being a Toro was something to be proud of, because we earned our pride through competitions we won, and sup- port we gave our teams. Whether we were Toro golfers, wrestlers, swimmers, baseball players or track stars, to be a Toro was a definite honor. We earned a winning reputation for ourselves, and with every game we set out to live up to that reputation. As spec- tators, we cheered our teams on to the many victories, especially the most excit- ing ones over our cross-town rivals, Westwood and Mesa High. We were the team the opponents looked out for - we were the Toros. That was a name with backing behind it - the backing of the parents, faculty and student body - backing that encouraged us to be better in whatever goal we set out to accom- plish. No. 20, Chris Reardon Diver, Tammy Frihart No. 22, Mike Patrick Golfer,-jonathon Baker No, 5, Javier Amayag Coach Scaffaria No. 5, Linda Schuster Runner, Mary Cosgrove Sports Division 61 'fixk as rl x wok! 5695 ggagamf if 0 y OQWK Gigi Qwfiigfwjf- fgj gy fi - Keeping his eye on the ball, Bill to make the pass complete. VJ. Nr Brown ignores Westwoods defense 0' ' Dodging the St. Mary's Knights, J YH? ohn Dunn speeds ahead to gain yardage for the Toros. 5 The Toro defense shows that with a little determination and teamwork, they will get that Warrior down. i ',.ft 62 Varsity Football f I X 'ffl' l' G' ff, 1 mx. L iwi-viii 4 gl, Q.. q ox f' am,,,,. Enthusiastic Toros cheer on their team as they desperately try to score against St. Mary's, VARSITY FOOTBALL MVT 0 St, Mary's 15 20 Tempe 12 54 Westwood 14 12 Coronado 9 Z6 Marcos De Niza 6 7 Mesa 5 19 Chaparral 9 27 Chandler 13 41 McClintock 14 27 Yuma 14 We KNOW We're the BEST 0 n October 2, 1981, Mountain View went to Coronado to play. The game was narrowly won on a 20- yard field goal kicked by Wayne Grig- geory. The Toros scored first after a Corona- do fumble, which was recovered by Gary Porter near the Coronado goal line. QB Richie Edwards ran in for the score from two yards away. The Toro's then tried a two point conversion which failed. In the first quarter, Coronado's of- fense was held scoreless by our strong defense. Coronado had to score, so they punted the ball and put Mt. View on the five yard line. Richie Edwards was tack- led in the end zone for a safety, which brought the first quarter to a close, with the score 6-2. In the second quarter, the Toros failed to achieve a touchdown, but did get a three point edge with a field goal by Wayne Griggeory. Coronado threw a 15-yard pass which resulted in six points. The extra point was made, which brought the score to a 9-9 tie. The fourth quarter was considered the most breath-taking because both teams needed to get ahead. The Don's made a fruitless attempt for ground yardage so they returned to the air. The Toros responded perfectly to the chal- lenge with more passes blocked and one interception. The Don's passing yards totaled 50 to the Toros' 100. In this quar- ter, the Toros suffered the loss of QB Richie Edwards when his collar bone was broken in two places. With fourth and fifteen and 25 sec- onds on the clock, QB Mike Springer and receiver jeff Guest pulled through. Guest ran across the middle of the field and Springer hitjeff with a 26 yard pass, which moved the Toros to a first down at the four. The field goal team returned with only seconds left on the clock. The ball was snapped to Greg Frias who placed it down just in time for Wayne Griggeory to put it between the posts for three points. The Toros came out on top again with a 12-9 score. Pushing Scott Bosley,jeff Guest helps gain yardage as the Wolves try to stop him. tx? ,YZ Varsity Football 63 ond half ofthe Chaparral game by leading the team through the ban- X s 4 VON iflgii i All of Equal Importance T here was a nervous electricity hum- ming in the locker room before each game. The thoughts that ran through the players' heads were ones that made the junior team so unique. All the pep talks that Coach I-laws had given them rushed through their minds as they dressed for a game. "Guys, winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." This attitude brought the junior foot- ball team up from their first defeat against Mesa High, to a victorious 7-1 season. The junior team never gave upg they always tried to push themselves a little harder. "Losing is not in our playbookj' Coach Haws proudly declared. The ju- nior team had the power and the drive to make next year's Varsity team the great- CSI. 64 junior Football for wt M r it lt 6 6 W N- Q K' , 4" '-ti' O -:ailfff 11-'ie J it 'T Z' .v .-'Hilo-r.i 4' 4. e 'AA dum. m, 'ESI is I ta ffl' ea li x iff... ww stu.: r K . t I ,a ' v ' it N 1 1 1'-fav O 'H . In 4s.,f-v-Q S Fighting for the extra yardage, Dan DeGracie is determined to es- cape the jackrabhirs. A Toro ball carrier pushes him- self a little bit farther down the field towards the goal line. One of the defensive players brings a Chaparral ball carrier down to his knees, Sacking the Quarterback, three defensive Toro's go in for the kill which helps win the game. 'N ' K. H -f ' .J heme!" v .,.....t. Q , U e ,R 5 K 5 A27 A A eil" l ' ' 4' 14 , Tony Armenta gives encouragement teammates after an outstanding play. 1 to his MVT 12 12 42 8 16 16 34 40 JUNIOR FOOTBALL Mesa Z4 Chandler 6 Dobson 0 Mesa 7 McClintock 0 Westwood 10 Mesa 0 Chaparral 2 unior Football 65 The Toro team boosts the crowd's spirit as they charge through the banner to start the second half. Striving to retain the ball from the McClintock players, this Toro tena- ciously clings to the pigskin. Concentration, power, and skill are all involved as Steve Frost punts the ball, I JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL MVT 46 Tempe 18 19 Westwood 00 33 Coronado 12 22 Marcos de Niza 00 33 Mesa 12 27 Chaparral O6 33 Chandler 14 32 McClintock 14 66 j.v. Football l Fancy footwork is performed by Paul Kasprzyk as he is careful to stay in bounds. ns. W, f ',,,.,., .f- . K . lt, ,yoJ'hVfw, gpm - Q After catching the ball a Toro player resists the tackle and gains yardage. McClintock Chargers worship the ground Quarterback gliick Rader "' IUDS On. n - - f . f i 'Kap f J x, . - ' ,r Wy ,. 'ht , 5 lc-at "' -,f..A. The Young, the New, and the Undefeated E nergetic, rowdy, and excited are just a few words that describe our j.V. football team. An ordinary two- hour practice for the team would start off with some rough calisthenicsg then, each practice as a team, they set the goals they hoped to accomplish, such as working on offense and defense, and practicing different plays many times until their goals were met. When asked what they felt like after an ordinary practice, most of them seemed to feel the same: hot, sweaty, and wornout. Most agreed, however, that the practices were worthwhile and were the reason the season progressed so well. The team felt that most of their suc- cess was due to the excellent coaching. "Our boys worked real well together and gave us no problems," commented Coach Kleiner after being asked how he felt the one-time jr. high rivals worked as a united team. After a stimulating schedule, Coach john Kleiner led his team to cap the season with an 8-0 record. j.V. Football 67 Striving to Tap t's five minutes to game time, and I the thought of having to play two games, one right after the other, makes your stomach churn. But, somehow you seem to pull through. These were just a few feelings the girls on the volleyball team experienced. The team met with tough opposition and, despite their pep and enthusiasm, had a rough season. "We had the talent to go far, but it just wasn't applied," commented janet Gross after being asked how she felt about the team. As janet said, the ability was there, they just couldn't tap it. 68 Varsity Volleyball Their Abilities Although their season wasn't what you'd call excellent the team still kept the crowds on the edge of their seats, and their games were full of excitement. The girls themselves were quick and energetic. "As a team they all got along pretty good. But at times, they had their differences," stated Coach Schlick. He felt that he had a good group of girl's and said that he enjoyed coaching them. Coach Schlick huddles with his team for a few last words of advice and encouragement. Willfully stretching out to the ball is Margie Twyford, as a serve from the McClintock Chargers comes to her. Q I-xg-A On her knees, Linda Schuesrer strives to re- trieve the ball, during the game. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Chandler Yuma Mesa Chapparal McClintock Chandler Yuma Mesa Chapparal McClintock Chandler Yuma mime K ,J its-"' si ,.-:HY . 12. Margie Twyford attempts to re- turn the ball, while Missy Everlith and Lori Pew provide a close bark- up. Toro girls wait eagerly to viciously return the ball to their opponents. Showing her jumping ability is Lori Pew while setting the ball up for her team mates. Varsity Volleyball 6 ig, s.f1 Serving here, Sherry Barron shows us her beautiful form and grace. Serving Their Way to Success Q Q pike that ball!" Violent screams of support came from the side- liners as thej.V. volleyball team scored another victory - this time against McClintock, next time it would be Yuma. The start of the season didn't look too good for the girls, when they met the Chandler Wolves and lost 15-9 84 15-12. With time and some tough practicing, the girls became a super team. Their most difficult game occurred when the Toro team played Mesa for the second time and found an improved team that was a greater challenge. Dedication, a lot of muscle work, and a little sweat, helped the girls pull to- gether a winning season, and uphold the school's fine traditions. Q J, ,..,--'f n,MM,,,.,1f" a wa., Ofl '5 7 A,.,.-,.--y-""' fr . K 55, 'lug NNN., ...,,.-NWN ""v'ln-,,u-K atsliz . N Volleyball MVT 9-15, 3-15 Chandler 15-12, 14-16, 15-12 Yuma 15-12, 15-3 Mesa ' 3-15, 15-13, 7-15 Chapparal 15-7, 6-15, 15-8 McClintock 15-12, 7-15, 15-11 Chandler 1 16-14, 11-15, 17-15 Yuma 15-11, 2-15, 16-14 Mesa 12-15, 4-15 Chapparal f 15-12, 15-4 McClintock As she sets a spike, Kota Gammel assists a 155' HS' 10-15 Chandler Point for our team. 11-15, 15-13, 10-15 Yuma Helping her team mates, Tina Mo- ses beautifully returns a diff1cult SCIVC. Moo ,MUG l From the sidelinesjenny Zollinger cheers on her teammates as the march comes to an end. BADMINTON MVT v.jv 9.9 Maryvale 2-0 Chaparral 1-6 Westwood 3-Z McClintock 2-2 Tempe 0-0 Dobson 3-2 Chandler 9-9 Marcos de Niza 0-0 Mesa We Are BADminton tc P.E. class is fun. Competition isn't. I don't know of anyone who thinks competition is fun. It's a grueling experience - it takes a lot out of you," stated Coach Shields. Those of you who thought badmin- ton was an easy sport were in for a sur- prise. Though the matches themselves may have been somewhat easy, the train- ing for competition was intense, The conditioning for a match consist- ed of running and drilling. The players developed stamina through long and short distance running, and wind sprints. Then they "hit the courts" to practice various badminton strokes. This past year, the badminton team charged forward with eager anticipation at each match. They made the best of losing, and pushed themselves a little harder the next game. They kept their team spirit high, worked as hard as they knew how, and always stayed cool in competitg a nxagno-1-h Debbie Cfow stares in amazement at the official's decision. Traci Beer! keeps her eye on the birdie as it comes over the net. Kim Figgins and Traci Beert await the return of the opponents birdie, Badminton 71 Practice . . . . 'C 1? Is the Key ,xosgqgyx Qc ' 'W e practiced driving, the short game and putting. Most schools just played, but we spent hours practicing," stated Coach Dave Sonius. And that practice certainly paid off. There was only one loss during the regu- lar season and the team placed second at the Kofa Invitational. It was then time for post-season divisionals, and that's when this well-balanced group's talent really showed. Mountain View's first, second, fourth and fifth ranked players finished in the Top Twenty. And in the team standings they won the match by ten over McClintock. Finally came the State Boy's Golf Tournament in Tucson. jon Baker, considered to be the best junior golfer in the world, captured his second straight individual title. Moun- tain View came in second behind Sal- pointe, the defending champions. Prac- tice was the key to success. The best junior golfer in the world, sophomore jonathon Baker drives the ball down the fairway. 72 Golf ,ak . 'E' 1 1 ,wx Q- 1 . .rg Q., i BOY'S GOLF MVT 198 Marcos de Niza 228 215 Coronado 211 206 Tempe 223 204 Saguaro 220 199 Kofa 204 2nd Kofa Invirarional 195 Westwood 218 201 Chandler 215 210 Dobson 226 194 McClintock 213 193 Chaparral 208 198 Mesa 284 Watching the ball sail down the course, jon 226 M553 269 Baker knows "You can feel it when you drive!" 202 Wesfwvod 225 lsr Divisionals 2nd Stare Finals - 1 1 1 jim Tisdale uses intense concen- rrarion and precision to down this two-foot putt. Sinking a ten-footer with ease, Mike Demke shows the Mesa High team how ro golf the right way. Golf 73 .. -- ,QAM Steve Wilson and Ken Bering race in towards the goal as the Mesa goalie prepares to throw the ball hack into play. Performing a slide tackle, Bran- don Nichols attempts to take the hall away from a Westwood player, Dave Reece, returning the ball hack down the field, executes a flying kick. 74 Soccer jim Hennessey 1145 slide tackles a Westwood player and directs the hall in Mike Hoyts C225 direction. F ki cur Senior soccer players, Top Row: 1.1 K Ken Bering, Steve Wilson, Dave f., Reece, Brian Humble, Craig jamie- JJ A son, Brandon Nichols. Front: Larry A ' ij Harroll. Paul Ferg on, Ken Craig, , f V Steve-Pratt,jim H nesfy. f , 1 , UOU 1 L' ff My - f 1 -5 X 9 - f " J' X - r -eff' LP' idx" F f-Y ' Ne fx Q-'A . ' r 5 J , St Ll' A LN.: ,vw VJ , , tg Lf' :J X UQ b6i:4.Qi'UJ.9! ff J J 429' f 36,91 . 2 XF ff! r X X-52"-.5 'J , JUG 511 Sqn? if iff ed it fji, ' , w+d if Q 45 QU' yu Striving fqoryf X 5+ Perfection LLM 3050- wi bex TX Glg, - nk T-Dah' 'S ,LJ :SQ Q .AV -1,-ff he members of the soccbefht ' m were pickedx theirw,Qgk1'tii-cgdation, willingnfsvlo iglcfieeii-3 Q1 5,9 their teammatefqad, of?Q1rseiFh ir ,sqscer skills. The a ad o learn -3-3-5 field setup a sqveepefityle ls so,qQ"0 cer. This st nscentrated Qlgpon defense agfclieftfl ' lityllqt offense. An avid socce er sinc hild- hood, Coac om Sc faria t l his team, "As a tea r and h' 'oy expanding d nt' JD e i e classr , n e ' gpave h p Sportsman i , competitiv ,I and winning way 0 'e. D of think of soccer as nly a sport but also as an educatidhXal,'stimgSg1E?,ool that ' QJX- aid you in? 'xpfut y rs.Y ur an 1 "n on the field be a refle on of ever th ou will attempr to d ! N 1 'jf-f Ca ill on the tral 'ojgg winning season, Coachg-Ecafari commerivtejllp Iv neghfdein more pleasedyfacoach thaggbf ork with You 1 View ath- letes hile sistentl g ve 100 Pe H A ' in l QC MQW! ' 'J B Fxjbj Soccer 75 Executing a beautiful forward one and a half somersault off the high board is joD Hebdon. "Swimmers ready?" Shelley Cavaloski was. She wen: on ro win :he 100 back in the Mesa High meer. Girl's Swimming MVT 151 Saguaro 104 10 2 Kofa 51 110 Mesa 57 121 Chandler 51 1 Rotary Relays 106 Cornado 66 87 Westwood 85 5 Divisionals 15 State 76 Girl's Swimming C """""" " , my-5, "Q K " Qqrgir.. NW we 'S' 'Q ,J ' ap, we n I'm very proud of 94 S . -"' 5 S .QF L H .. v,. Q ,W 1, !?f'!"s""mpin.1f"4"'fl - , l X M Q.. , ip 8 , 1. 5 Q ' f.,,q ty is - sew lx-I ,uf wa, . .vile sf 1 1 e r - if f . V ' l -r ,-l F K ' flifrfi tl, we H a .1 -.ii be we s af,-1- . F A :AS V.. 'QI' V,- 'ig .,tg, K, n Y k1lj,j::.,,:, f ' 1. 'iz '9' . QJ"3vtf3C?51Qii. 5 A .09-2",?5f. "ie 'i .E L4 K. n'.,w.,, it rp ,.XmV:iZ.'Qfig ir Arif ww: UQ, M X A .Q -Q V ., V ,411 ' l , "Q-f"',f"1:5" i .L-. it 1 f . ' Ez," f '?7 ' I ix? ai '37, 'wifi e "iff fy "Yi +9 F F ,. . - Y. F iw LV . ,ty b' . at 1 t , f 5 ' v'Er,fTi'. 1 :rift 7 1 'F S x g H U ur team is red-hot!" chanted 21 ,fx 1 -,f, 1, - -, ai.. 'T -- - .- -u ' -' v- - ..- -'g, - ff - gil - - .. .. +- -, ,,, gs vu .. Q -r -'L' .flfiwe f- . -...- A3'f1r 2,1-:fri--, j, ff ff? ."'L " Y-41 . ,. . f --.. .... .-..-f-e-'F ff f'-Krug, . "' s .' r - , -, - '-f. i ..,.' 4.-5-..--f ' Mt-. y M , ,, .A . . " I A W' 5 , ,p-:i::.'Sf'::fL -in Raimi , . ,.- ' ,ww-f"' ,M p p.: ,wt ., , w, ,.f...,,, -A Performing a back dive, sopho- more Brenda Cluff helps the Toros gain another win against Saguarro. the gir1's swim team. And Red- Hot they were. Screams broke out from the fifteen schools that had gathered at Kino Pool on Saturday, September 26, 1981, for the Rotary Relays. Rene Boyse, anchor swimmer for the Medley Relay, touched the side ofthe pool far ahead of everyone else. The team dominated just about every other event in the meet. The diving event, led by JOD Hebdon, took second place and the team went undefeated. "Pull, pull!" yells Toro supporters as jackie Van Parys puts us in the lead in the Medley Relay. Red Hotll' Our State swimming representatives included: Captain jackie Van Parys, 200 Individual Medley, Michelle Osborn, 200 Individual Medley and Free Relay, Laura Southworth, Free Relayg Steph- anie Osborn, Free Relay, Aimee Haynes, 200 Free, 100 Free and Free Relay, Heather Haynes, 100 Breaststroke and 50 Free. The 1981-82 girl's swim team set a school record for having an undefeated season, and will be hard to beat in the years to follow. Once again, they proved their school is number 1. Gir1's Swimming 77 ll tx On his return down the canal,john Tucker thinks with relief the finish line to come. Varsity runner Dave McKoen completes the last leg of the three mile race. fig' 54941 - M I ,B ,gr if."-!' ifg iffy ii- 7 il - 1, H , 'f 'SSM In if 'iffsf i' I AE ,f ' Q " W' K1 fn, H alum?-'Ii JJ Q. . - .fur sift . , ai. pf H-. is -f ,fi 7- 'I ra AWWA 4' W .-J johanssen james gives it all he's got left to help the Toro's gain an- other victory, julian Sakmar tries desperately to catch up and take the lead from Howie Runs, wh0's ahead ofthe patk. 78 Boys' Cross Country W -7 wa, , yci ,s. i, 3. ' Ales- 2 nz: t--,A ...m,.'... gf,- .' Q,-V vi . ' :EV . 1 it r.,--.. ,, s...?I"Suuu ,- .5 5 ,js K 5 Hia! -.5 SML, Boys' Cross Country Maryvale WOR Marcos De Niza Won Coronado Lost Yuma Lost Chaparral Won McClintock Won Dobson WOI1 Chandler Lost Tempe Lost City Won Trevor Brown Third The gun signals the race to begin, and the Apollo Lost Toms are off- Divisionals 8th Running Ahead of the Pack an you imagine what it would be like to run a mile for a warm-up? That would be most people's limit. But the boys' cross country team went far beyond that everyday. Hours of running and more running were put in for a very successful season. The team's 8th place finish in divi- sionals was the high-point of the season, considering that the top five went to State, and the Toro's 28 point spread from 5th place made it an exciting and very close meet. Andy johnson was this year's MVP, and jeff Petty, also the Team Captain, was named Most Inspirational. The Most Consistent Runner was Dave McKeon. In each of their meets, the Toro's completed a three-mile run, which tested endurance and determination, for a win- ning combination. The ordeal of the grueling three mile race shows on julian Sakmar's face as he nears the finish line. Boys' Cross Country 79 You're off on the Race against Time n the day of the meet, your stom- ach feels like it did on your very first date and gets worse as four o'clock approaches. The seventh hour bell rings and you're in the locker room getting ready for the two mile run. You put on your favorite running shoes and uni- form. Everyone comes out in little groups talking about how they think they'll do. After the whole team is out on the track you start warming up with a set of exer- cises, followed by a slow paced mile. The starter then calls, "Girls, five min- utes." You begin shaking out your arms and legs to limber up and to get the jitters out. Once on the starting line you forget about everything but the starter's commands, "Set, BANG!" Off you go down the track, everyone at once, with feet kicking in front, behind, and on both sides of you. Finally you get to the canal, where everyone spreads out, for the main part of the course. Half way to first bridge your feet like you've been walking across hot coals. You look up and see that girl from the other team that you must pass to become the winning runner. You forget about everything but passing that girl. She hears you coming and tries to speed up, but you're faster. Now if you can just stay ahead of her. There's the finish line about 100 yards away. You sprint to the finish line and 80 Girls Cross Country f , f1if,.,f-f' Manager Lori Griggeory waits patiently for the Chandler coach to turn in time cards. CROSS COUNTRY Maryvale CoronadofMarcos Kofa ChandlerfDobson McClintockfChaparral Tempe City Meet Divisionals Lost Lost Won Second Second Lost Fourth Tenth ef I V 1 4 'Eff 7 EIB '3,as.1i. ..g2-megan , ,. .. , ., ...a M.. julie Gehring concentrates on her form as she pushes herself to- wards the last stretch of the race. Senior Kim Kessler, who was vot- ed Most Valuable Runner, stays one step in front of her opponent. In divisionals Sherri Doorbar keeps up her pace as she completes the final lap ofthe two mile race. Maria Trijillo pushes herself just a little bit farther as she enters the last 'i mile ofthe race, 'Wu-. 3- 4:-:,3'Z' ""- -'... ,fn Q. I In a meet against Dobson and f Chandler, Alice Holguin races against time to help the team take second. "?"'--i'.- xt,, 1-W.-v.. i 1,4 3 . P+ Rhfxt ,X Trl ' ' ,Q '- Wei.. gif ' 51 A A .Q gi v ,ge 1, V 331 -N V- s, , A ,un , ,-, ' L-. ,-, J., , , 4 ,, -1 , iam ' r my-g ' ' , - A 4' '61 . .Q . , V , , K4 at ,-f ., 1 -fr' - ' ' +5 ,,,. V nf" f we-.2 . -.iw-f .R --F , f"v5'?"5"" ' i' Q '. f', r in-,,gft.+rev.r 'i ' K xx K "ss A ... A . t 44 . ' k sa .. .. it s . ,, Y '. A , A- A M . .f .a . Mpc" kr ..f.f2'Qg-f, Q at QEJYQLM - V I , bovis,-in-' .- - , Qxws Qs, hui'-'A ..,-2' .. - ,P A M w -"".' - - ' 1- va ' 'V 'S' rf " ' , " 1'--. Q , Y" QA'-Nw ' 'll V l "R " .kb wr...-A -,I5 . 1' ' ' p ,V f . , NJ" ' :.fa,,, J! S N "fg"" 'sf . . R f J , . r ' - , ' Q f h ll ll u 'gr ' if V 1, t - 'MQ-aut 1 L , - sn fr r ...- i- in L Q , 3 - es an , N s. - :I WW fyifqwf. ii ' Girls Cross Country 81 ur First Win at Westwood he Toros Cat 9-45 invaded the West- wood gym Friday night and went away with a 52-42 victory. It was Dennis Pipes' first win at Westwood, where he was formerly a junior varsity coach. Early in the contest, Mountain View garnered a 10-2 lead, but the Warriors started to wake up, and pulled ahead to lead 20-19 at the half. The third quarter was a seesaw session as neither team could pull safely up front. Mountain View broke the stale- mate in the fourth quarter with the sharpshooting of Chris Reardon and Kurt Branning. Both stalwarts made key free-throws and scored twenty-two points apiece to pace the Toros defeat- ing their cross-city rivals by ten at the final horn. "Going in, the kids had a lot of confi- dence and felt they could win," Pipes stated. "And it was kind of funny. It felt good, but after winning there it felt no different than winning any other game." But to the rest of the players and school, the win was something to brag about. As Dennis Schrader looks on, Dirk MacGregor gets a thigh in the chest from a Mesa High player. Mountain View, McClintock and the rest of the spectators await the outcome ofa half-court shot. 82 Boys' Varsity Basketball ,M as lfi ...-f The players watch as Mike Squires flies up ro tip the ball away from a defender and to a teammate. Keith Moody is ready to scotch a trail pas: two Chargers to put the Toros back in command. Scott Newendyke prepares to drill a pass to any team member ready to break open under the hoop. Eyeing the defense, Chris Reardon looks for an opening so he can drive to the basket, l ..-HMM-We 'I' -N -11 ...f 4 ,.,,..-,,,.... ii 'w if 'Z' M.. ,,., ...,, . A ,N .mr M - u , Kurt Branning powers down the court on a fast break that has the entire defense running in circles. G Q . ,af Boys' Varsity Basketball 83 joe Ferreira is ready to sink the re bound lwcfnre his opponent can do much about ir, Arriving at the scene in time. Glenn Daly steals the ball from the opposnnon. Brad Clifford is unstoppable as he attempts to propel the ball into the basket. 84 1, iff" X Mesa is not going to come near to sinking the ball with-Ioe Ferreira on the guard. Glenn Daly puts total concentra- tion on the rim after lining up a shot for a one pointer. A Mesa High player attempts to stop Glenn Daly's layup without much luck. The Future Varsity Team reg Sessions started his fifth year of coaching with fourteen sopho- mores, who may have lacked height but not quickness and team intensity. At prac- tices, Coach Sessions worked hard to develop everyones passing, dribbling and shooting skills. The players spent many hours perfecting offensive and de- fensive drills. The team stuck to Coach Session's belief that an impenetrable de- fense was the key to winning ballgames. Glenn Daly and Ericjeffery, the leading scorers, led the offensive attack. In short, this j.V. team worked as expected to prepare sophomores for the more de- manding role of playing on the varsity team. j.V. Basketball 85 Jaw . I L , W ' gay? :. ' ' ., ' -: . A ' -'55-if' 11 - 9- ,- f - M, 4.4.1, v S eq m s i. A ,. ,.4' , 5 2 JJ . Z?-:fi Q "". 1' 1' '-vm," fx'??3'4vg,,L 'SV .. ' Q " 'a , A' ' Q, mf yr 1. J aguvzci- 1 K el X9 Si 9 fm S? K .3....g,, K 4 ., k , . , F563 X' 'Tp xdfczfeu, ' Rv. Q' in f - , 4 Qggwg-wfz K ?""M-"W G 1. , . 's A -5 ' . f-- f "Sf .. '25 ps:-fejtf? + X. -g..,. Qfaii fag., 35 rf? nw 431:55 ' f35:5g.:', , X., 'qw ' Q . - Q, 2 H 1 ff. isxgiwt Maj -Q" . , Q Arthur Castillo works a Mesa wrestler for a near fall. Two varsity wrestlers struggle to vie for a position,'s Get Physical lpfd, 7 NCLQJ Yyu, Owsd GU.- nyone who has ever been an at ete knows that participating in sports requires much self-discipline. "Wrestling is a challenge!" comment- ed Tom Sharpy, "I think the hardest part for me was cutting weight. I had to keep at a certain required weight class. Whether they had to lose weight or not, all wrestlers-went through strenuous training to get in shape for the season. "l feel that wrestling is one of the more physically demanding sports," remarked Coach Griffen. There was a tremendous amount of self commitment. Wrestlers take their sport seriously. "I feel that wrestling is going to be my life careerg it's my schol- arshipf' stated Arthur Castillo. Q99 Varsity Wrestling 87 They Have Pride In Themselves he suspense is killing you and every- one around. When the referee an- nounces the winner you can't help but to join in cheering with the rest of the crowd. This moment to ajunior Varsity Wrestler is probably one of the best! You can tell by the look on his face that all the hard work and training has been worth it. All the wrestlers will agree that train- ing for wrestling is grueling and de- manding. It takes total self-commit- ment. They keep in shape by not only doing calisthenics and lifting weights, but also by running at least a mile a day. That takes dedication! Dedication and self- discipline were the common denomina- tors with all wrestlers. They possessed pride not only in themselves, but in their teammates as well. This last season the Toro junior Var- sity Wrestlers proved just that. They had pride in themselves. 88 j.V. Wrestling james Ballentyne accepts con- gratulations after another match successfully completed. "Ole", exclaims Chris Lewis after adding one more victory to his list of many. james Ballentyne slowly but sure- ly pins a Saguaro wrestler to the floor. jerry Smith shakes hands with his opponent, knowing he is about to pin him. ff 461 'fl " J ' This teammate skillfully maneu- - --- Q ' tai . . vers his opponent into a defeat, add- Sgilg nwtz -- lm! , l V ing more points to the Toro s score, jerry Smith anxiously awaits the referees signal to seize the opposi- tion, A Toro wrestler shows the crowd how to easily resist getting into a hold. Paul Kasprzyk acknowledges his Marcos De Niza opponent, by shak- ing hands, before massacring him. .V. Wrestling 89 Looking over his Toro team, Coach Shill anticipates another vic- tory for girls' varsity softball. After hitting the softball, Leann Saunders begins a steady sprint to- ward first base, me er f 'stt . Liga.. t..I"1..'i3 Pitcher Peggy West winds up and throws an awesome pitch over the home base. Anxiously waiting to bat is senior janet Gross, who is also the team's starting first baseman. X aimfiiafffv f Showing Courage t was a gloomy, cloudy day, and the girls' softball team was praying that the sun would save them from disaster. At the 4th inning, the Toros were down ll-0, and if the sun went down, the game would be called to the last inning. At the top of the 5th inning, 6 runs were accumulated for the Toros, who took the field and kept the jackrabbits to one run, making the score 12-6. By now, the sun was falling rapidly, and the Toros knew this would be the deciding inning. The 6th inning gave us 9 runs, to put us ahead 15-12. The Rabbits tried to score, but were unsuccessful, making the Toros victorious against Mesa High. 90 Varsity Softball W-an NN -was iflldf as-K-e ff 'ye we t Q, . ,cfk k :M ft arispr h f Q-3 mln-wg L' J ..j.-jW -V V f' -M ' my "kr ff. .. , W W W My ,N Duree Coleman gives Linda Schuster a few last minute pointers on how to hit the perfect homerun. Racing to first, a softball player succeeds in beating the ball to the base. As the dust clears, it's obvious that Denise Wells forced another Chap- arral player to bite the dust. Waiting for the ball is Tina Moses, with Wilma Rodriguez in position to back her up. . Prepared to make another out, ' Adrian Glenn concentrates while - getting into position. Carrying on a Toro Tradition very year the girls' softball teams have carried on the Toro pride, and once again the j.V. team held to that tradition with a winning season. Special recognition went to a few Toro players as they showed determina- tion and inspiration throughout the sea- son. Laura Lott was named most valu- able player with a batting average of 396. Other players singled out for their performances included Sheryl Brady and Brenda Cole. Sheryl had the most runs scored, and had no strike-outs within 44 times at bat. She also held the record for the highest batting average with a 455. Brenda had the most RBI's and held the title of the most outstanding defensive player. S saw aa. iw. .t. lea -raw Ju .Mt t W., ' 92 J.v. Softball ig, ., 1 f,.-.Ls-f:5.3ia'1'f:' . - i u m,'3mX'I,:fw'if W . fx ami" Y- -9" 4, f i'fg5Sw'+l'zf'Vs.f 1 Q' V ' . M- A , ?:53'r3fa1.i-5 si. , ,??Nw1?kgrgp,f:'lPgwtrri.Q,ygajfdiih yr sf., 3 N 1. ,w 'f 1- . was ' -oe .MQW c .wa ,ri-1155, as ,Jar-'N'rZV"l4f' ii i, it fa- in I wafr, , ,fs , ve. 1 v,.f,.f" ' , sw-L' 'Nz has 'A , -B r,. ,V Q fi -fans" '3v"4'."'9" in ,L . - M . f 7 -Ms,Kj:- Y . V-my W , ff, uajffln, '. .f pk?-?5"f3'g - Denise Mills backs oft' after tag- ,resw " ,Q. ' .Q . 4-afggyrmnayf U or - ' R . ping out an unsuccessful Chaparral .5 ib-sS"3':d.f W5 "N H m'5"Mf72l ia, 1- .. , 'Elf .L Sfwkp-3, 'fix wi. 5 ,5 Firebird. lu u f-5,siw?st3 staffs - -sawn k"3"e"s-F-A ' f V.. ,- nf., 1"H.Jh'f f 1 -if , .u r.. ti sf mil? A , +1 ' f a e he s' 1 L.-si.. i rwaxr., ... ef- xfgwghja , it Q K' fl ' fs 5 'P vw 7. rr , imf ,J is' , VK, ,ft Q- 4,-rs, as ,K k R Xmwyqu' -' fl , Q' 7"y:. -'4 lg- - . - ai'4S3s,L .wmv Lf1,-m tQff3'giiPf1-Q J,. giWVQQf::N,+ ,Vw 5 t o as s a f f Q' .ss of it was - gc 1' s .QQ,x,,r 14, tyk W M 1 . q V+- gh.: an 'Y' 'Qf"s,x'? ,U . . s is gC1?.,Qg if 5. 1 Q ' glxffr' 1 - ,915 wr:-QQQ r I tvs, f rv' gifs K ' if M pr--aw -- ,ww t .,- ' 4-AM' i m-nnlsuaam an-.4--. 40" K Q--1 f -f f , .,a.,..,.m . . ...,. ,ati-a-.ta-N . ,fb W Q , 'uqv-s- .N rw..- ,t K.. gf as Vaihra. Teamwork is the key to a winning team, as shown by Michelle Patrick and Amanda York. Baseman Michelle Patrick stops a Chaparral player on second base, to thwart another run. --vat... f J.V. Softball 93 as ouq Fred Olson, a Varsity player, smashes the hall across the ner to his opponent. Self-control and intense concen- tration help jeff Wiley to slam the hall across the court, Kevin Wiley gives it all he has in a return volley ro a doomed challeng- Cf. With awesome power, player Steve Giese gives a serve to his un- lucky opponent. 94 Boy s Tennis Vt K K is Kxkk x X x X 'K K N K 1 Demonstrating precision and skill, Leslie Kohlasegives it her all to return the ball. Walking victoriously off the court. tennis player Bobbie Bruce anticiaptes her next match. Varsity player Angela Humphrey returns a serve to a Chaparral oppo- nent with force and power. We Are Smashing -Ywv-fjvuitl ennis has always been a challeng- ing and physically draining sport. It not only requires endurance and strength, but also self-control. This year's tennis teams proved they could handle themselves well under pressure. Their brilliant performances were an inspiration to us all. At publication time, the two teams had only played one league match. All other scores will be printed in the year- book supplement. 'ir ..... Girl's Tennis 95 J 4 4 1 J A I . i ,3 sas Row Mike , fqmw WW 1, LM 'VK ,vb . , Q A A Q .. H 1 5 wr S 'I up gr M Q V 1' ' MA , S 1 F A2 U 'Q' N! .eg ,g,,.,,..,.. .. .-,.f,, ,,.,,,...k In A 1 Wie 5,2 as wwf' .4 9 iff- I Q Better In DJ ' U Susw. 5 I 6 6 o be or not to be, that is the question . . Some ofus came to school to learn, some of us came to socialize and others of us came "to bel' . . . involved. We found school as a place where we could become a part of it all, a place that provided us with organiza- tions that appealed to our interests. There were many clubs on campus that offered us the opportunity to gain job experience, aid in community ser- vices, expand on musical talents or ex- press ourselves through hobbies. As the year progressed the clubs' activities be- came numerous. Bake sales, concerts, dances, food drives, blood drives, intra- murals, outings and team support were among the many activities the clubs sponsored. Through these activities the clubs gained recognition and we were offered a chance to decide which one to join. Whether it was our preference to be in the limelight or a part of the schools backbone, clubs provided us with a dif- ferent aspect in learning. They gave us a chance to remember more of our school year and a chance for better knowledge through experience. The Toro Marching Band Madrilena, joD Hebdon A Dance Club bake sale Drum Major Brandon Nichols DECA Club members Newspaper staffers Kathleen Murphy and Eric Stein Traditions Commissioner Bruce Higgenson Clubs Division 101 tif" Q' Xi of Las' Front Row: javkie Van- parys. Whitney Vance, Anne Bennett. Robert Russell, Tracie Dobbins, Sherri Meyer. Kim Carlson, jan Dzik, Michelle Buse, Gloria Gonzales, Kelly Compton, Barbara Peel. Heidi Werner. Second Row: Ms, Hull, Pam Mott, Julie Hawtree, jo El- len Turley, Sharon Flinn, Brent Soohoo, Tamara Benka, Rene Lopez, Diane Pariza, Arthur Trask, Gina Cavallo. Felicia Deschnev, Guinn Parsons, Candy Dix- on. Chrystal Grahm. Top Row: Christinia Brown, Heather Pfeifer, Kim Fig- gins, Todd Dalthrop, Eva Ledingham, Laura Griffith, Mira Andric, Margie Twy- ford, Whitney Cunnign- hyam, Karen Hagerty, Dawn Sellstrom, David White, Lisa Sabourin, Barb Goodwin. guess Parlez-Vous F rangais onjour! This year the French Club was very active. The first thing they did was hold a party to introduce Carine Mazon, who was a foreign ex- change student from France. They also sold many items such as calendars, and suckers. The money they received went toward a 33200.00 scholarship. They also had a pastry sale at Christmas and held a Christmas Cultural Exchange. The event the members most looked forward to was the fete they held in the spring. This was equivalent to a large festival in America. Ms. Hull felt the club started many new traditions. , . . r 3 Jeannie Abele enjoys trying to translate a very interesting article in a French magazine, While having a French conversa- tion Ms. Hull points out a mistake to Danny Degracie. Becoming very frustrated, Dana Gam and Mary Chiappetta start laughing as they are losing. 102 French Club -.Nia W.. in ' .rt . .. . ., L. Having F un With Spanish he Spanish Club had a new sponsor this year. He was not only new to the Spanish Club but also he was new to the school. Mr. Bordwell was very ex- cited about teaching and sponsoring the Spanish Club. He was really glad to see all the students taking Spanish and inter- ested in the club. Although the club was new, Mr. Bordwell planned many activi- ties. They planned a Christmas party, went to a Mexican restaurant, and spon- sored a couple of fund raisers selling candy bars. He said he learned alot from this year and hopes to continue teaching here many more years. am After landing on Boardwalk, Adrian Glenn smiles because now she has a chance at winning. Karen Heady, Adrian Glenn, and Sonja Guitierrez play "hear, speak and see no evil." First Row: Karen Headyuleff Pet- ty, Mr. Bordwell, Sandi Household- er, Dean Gregg. Second Row: Elise LaBaron, Dana Gam, Mary Chiap- petta, Rita Walsh, Sheila Sawyers, Alan Cook, Adrian Glenn, Leslie Kohlhase, Sonja Gutierrez. Top Row: Paula West, Becky Quihuiz, Rick Lorig, Clarence Holland, Brent Beers, Crevezas, Brian Ellis, Gloria Gonzalez, Connie Garcia. Spanish Club 103 Helping our Communit ey Club is a nation-wide organiza- tion helping in providing service projects for the community. In its first year of existence the officers were as follows: President Steve Giese, Vice Presidents Duree Coleman and jim Bloom, Secretary Annette Boragina, and Treasurer Cindy Doherty. These found- ing members of this prestigious club have worked hard throughout the year. One of the activities that was held in- cluded selling tickets forjunior Miss to raise money for a Thanksgiving dinner to send to a needy family. Key Club was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and Mr. Fredricks was the advisor. It held fund- raising benefits, where the money was sent to charities. Those students interest- ed in the improvements of Mesa should become involved in Key Club. Key Club member Amy Kysela ii V 'L . r.,, i - Q is-iw .. ' 'E 1 5' X ,,,. ,--f a.,,,g,a.:+..,ra,M1?i.hg fi if al .fi lrii-B1-ii! efkemi W? 5454? M He His 5 at pushes Steve Wilson to buy a ticket. f 2 H A Y Finding another victim who will 11 -ii buy a-Iunior Miss ticket is Amy Ky- sela's job. A , 104 Key Club "W S Front rowzjim johnson, Znd row: Penny Dodge, jennifer Bates, 5rd row: Guinn Parsons, Brenda Davis, Benita Miculs, jeff Cassady, Caro- line Brown, Connie Zirker, Betsy , . - Cluff, 4th row: David Bell, Ron - fm, . , Stewart, Debbie Northy, Shelly Lay- ton, Nancy Brewer, Tammy Friharr, Marla Sterling, Ellen White, Laura Spilsbury, Heidi Culp, Carey Shel- don, Arlene Ashe, Top row: Shanna Andrews, Mark Parker, Mitch Rain- sey, Tom Tucker, Mr. Rader, Brenda Davis is smiling as she plays one of her favorite runes. David Bell, Ron Stewart and jim johnson provide the drums and gui- tars for Encore Strings. Playing a violin is hard work and jeff Cassady, Brenda Davis, Connie Zirker practice their music. Specialties ncore Strings is a public relations group performing for a variety of functions, including the Rotary Club, trailer parks, hospitals and nursing homes. It was an honor and privilege to be a member of Encore. To become a member, auditions were held and mem- bers chosen by Mr. Rader. One of their events throughout the year involved pre- paring for the Mountain States Music Festival at A.S.U. during May, in which Encore became a chamber orchestra for competition. They also are planning to go on tour this summer. Encore was an honor group which provided us with great music throughout the year. Encore Strings 105 A few days before a concert. The Matador 'Band members run through their music one more time. Practicing the trumpet, Phil McLaughlin finds that with a little patience he can master anything. Matador percussion members Frank Augustino jim Smith and Mark Line practice difficult rhythm Wilkie we tv' ,gg .s,.,f -13 A , 3. 'UThelBest ... Even' racticing and sharpening musical skills was stressed in Matador Band but that didn't stop the members from Sei having fun, for they realized that you can't have fun with music until you un- derstand, practice, and appreciate the piece. The Matador Band was changed this year by pulling people from Toro Band down to make a bigger and better con- cert band. "This year we have the best Matador Band ever," Mr. Lloyd said. During football season the j.V. band performed at the Chaparral Pregame showwhich was also Parents Night. Highlights of the year for Matador Band were the Christmas concert and the Mountain States Festival which was held at A.S.U. Learning basic fundamentals and sharpening musical skills was their goal and from the eventful year, it was suc- cessful. 106 Matador Band Row 1: Dawn Gteinholtz, Kathie Brown, Linda Votano, David Wing, Lisa Griffis, Ruth Schumaker, Marcy Plunkett,jana Diekman, Deanna Govemo, Karen Sweinehart,joy Valier, Tami Tyree, and Esther Dolan. Row 2: Fritz Osoro, Dale Riutta, Danny Lepianka, Dawn Sellstrom, Dinnis Hawley, Darwin Slade, john Smith, Kerry Westfall, Cheryl Williams, Gina Straziscar, Adrianne VanGorder, and Shari Albright. Row 5: Mike Toranti, Elena Martin, Mitch Riehl,-Ioe Eulate, Tommy Ortega, Kevin Losey, Brett Wahlin, Kent Saunders, AJ. Bieber, Steve Woeller. Row 4:joe Lloyd, Mark Line, Maureen Bryson, jim Smith, Baird Stevens, Frank Augustino, Vince Curtis, and Dick Rader. Row 5: Scott MacAibbin, David McClellan, Kevin Quick, Greg Smith, Gary Clarkson, Wayne Crandall, and Ken Sieng. Row lzjohn Schultz, Rod Young, Doug Crandall, Larry Harrell, jeff Lloyd,'Brandon Nichols, Arlene Ashe, Phil McLaughlin, john Rost, Eddy Bisbee, and Elena Martin, Row 2: jack Archer, Sharon Flinn, joEllen Turley, Terry Dunshie, Mark Kerrigan,joe Dani, David Bell, Bonnie Pin- kerton, and J, Lloyd Cdirectorj All That N ll Aww Slfllf lgbqyii azz Ensemble was a select group of talented musicians who performed a variety of music and entertained many different audiences throughout Arizona. jazz Ensembles musical variety in- cluded such selections as Dixieland, rock, jazz and soul. The group per- formed pieces which included selections that would appeal to all ages, young or old. Much time was spent on trying to interest younger kids into playing an in- strument. jazz Ensemble also visited many elementary schools and junior highs. The mini-tour provided a way for the younger students to listen to music from their elders. This gave these kids motivation to play an instrument. Dave Bell practices the electric guitar for an upcoming jazz ensem- ble concert. Parienrly instructing music study is fearless leader Mr.joe Lloyd. azz Ensemble 107 Front row: Sandy Lopez, Daryl johnson, Regina Marler, Morgen Tryon, Lilia Gomez, Ted Cote, Dorothy Nadeau, Rod Smith, Den- ise Townsend. Znd row: Rene Lopez, Wayne Southerland, Aimee Haynes, Mary Hamblin, Veronica Alfaro, Shauna Bond, 3rd row: Don Ar- buckle. Martin Egan, Koren Mar- ion, Clarence Hollandujane Vander- beck, Melanie Hymore, Michael Spielman, Dianne Bellows, Nancy Henkel. l..t Nathan Sheets, Mary Hamblin, and-Jenni Blackhurst look on as Dru Larson gazes at his earplugs. Regina Marler pleads with Na- than Sheets while rehearsing a scene from The Diary of Anne Frank. Under the direction of Dorothy Nadeau, Dianne Bellows and Rod Smith prepare for a tricky scene, 5-r-31 To Be Under the Limelight rama Club, which encompassed all the acting classes and other interested students, was a group that al- lowed members to build self-confidence through role-playing and public speak- ing. Drama classes fostered an informal atmosphere where creative communica- tion could happen, inner resources could be built upon, and interest in all aspects of theatrical arts was stimulated. This club had a particularly busy schedule, that included an Annual 108 Drama Club Christmas play for Parkway School, the- atre workshops for Mesa elementary and junior high students, and active partici- pation in speech tournaments. Club members also worked on various parts of producing two major plays. Drama Club was popular because of a relaxed, fun atmosphere during activi- ties, and because of the instant gratifica- tion derived from practicing and per- forming plays and speeches for an en- thusiastic audience. an . . . gm --iv ii m. Q. '- Egg? a, gin?aefs5vf4"ssffsfizz:Q i .-.-.wa-.-.... ...f .--.Q--Q-. N. .SQ Bicyclists Roam the Countryside n its second year, Bike Club was a small but active group. Stressing all aspects of biking, including mainte- nance, upgrading, racing and touring, the members of Bike Club went on sev- eral long-distance rides. Using this new- ly-acquired information learned during club meetings, they rode twice to the ScottsdalefTempe area. Another activity included inviting Mr. Atkins, a science teacher who toured Europe on a bicycle, to speak at a weekly meeting. This proved to be an interesting and enlightening lecture. A small group of dedicated, thin, tired bicyclists, Bike Club put their best wheel forward and had a successful year on Arizona highways. Andy johnson, Stan Christian, and Lloyd Norris listen attentively during a weekly meeting. President jeff Petty smiles as he lectures about the disadvantages of owning a Schwinn. Front row: Andy johnson, Bob Shimel, Stan Christian, Darren Maulden. 2nd row: Holly Keehr, Lloyd Norris,jeff Petty, Brent Beers, john Gitane, Keith Canham, Kathy Kinnear. Bike Club 109 The Farmers Travel To New Mexico ou saw them everywhere - the students with the green hands. Their hands were dyed green during the annual initiation of new members of the Future Farmers of America. FFA is for the serious student who is interested in agriculture. The members did everything from raising livestock to practicing horticulture. The FFA took At the annual Kick-off Barbeque, Mrjames Curlett chows down on a FFA cooked meal, Karl Hines uses a stick to prod a few of the pigs away. You must be careful when working around live- stock. Top Row: Margie Georgianni, Holly Vander Harr, Bruce Gorman, Ed Widder, Dirk Myers, Becky McKeon. Znd Row: Tina Moses, Karl Hines, Evelyn Hardin, Tony Roberson, Shane Atwell. 3rd Row: Mike Scarbrought, Steve Cloyd, Na- than Smith, Dave Dehaan, Craig Cowan, Ken Tanner, Richard Parka er, 4th Row: Shannon Atwell, Penny Gee, Wilma Rodriquez, Nanci Wid- der, Barb Foucher, April Fuller, Kim jenks, Tinia Robedeau, Marie Deel. Sth Row: David Prather, Pat Colby, Dale Hardin, Mike Smigel, Mark Braley, Larry Cruise, Erin McNeer, Bill Dalton. Front Row: Mr. Wat- kins, Mrs. Brubaker, Renee Wilder, Faith Hudson, Dickie Hunt, Stoney Schafer. on a new task of remodeling a park. On Veteran's Day the club made a trip to New Mexico to pick up ten pigs which were 'raised by the class and will be shown at next year's State Fair. So if you are good with your hands and like to work around animals, the FFA is exactly the club for you. 110 FFA Nix, is VICA Helping Themselves xperience and references, that is what the employer is looking for, and VICA can provide the best of both. VICA QVocational Industrial Clubs of Americaj gave experience and built con- fidence through state and local competi- tion, and an annual fall leadership con- ference. The highlight of all of the events was the Skill Olympics which was attended by those who like the challenge of competing against students from many other different schools. A gold 91 Top Row: Ron Tackett, Robin Bredshaw, Kathy Elliot, joe Mar- tinez, Andy Mashall, Kurt Kam- merer, Mr. Hudson, john Morris, Mike Smeed, john Guiterrez, George lbarra. Sitting: john Levis, Ricky Haymaker, Chris Paul, Su- zanna Goff, Clara Nino, Lori Brad- ley, Shane Nelson, Robert Howard. Receiving both high school cred- it and a paycheck, Wendy McKenny works at an architectural firm in Mesa, Two VICA members take a break from the world of work for a little friendly conversation. medal went to the best in each category, including printing, auto engine over- haul, and electronics. Getting that first job could be a lot easier with VICA behind you. VICA 111 Teaching the Culture of the Indians he Indian Club is a group of stu- dents from the Salt River and Fort Dowell Reservations who are exchang- ing information about the lifestyles and traditions of the American Indian. The Indian Club met with the other Indian Clubs in Mesa in athletic compe- tition Qvolleyball, basketballj, and at- tended many conferences, conventions, and workshops in order to exchange ideas with the other students. If you are interested in the culture of the American Indian and would like to be part of a club that is unique, civic minded, and a whole lot of fun, the Indi- an Club could be very well worth your while. There is always enough time be- fore a meeting for chit-chat and the spreading of a little friendly gossip. The room is silent and everyone is stooped over their desks reading an article about the controversial Orme Dam. Trying to piece things together be- fore a meeting, Pam Mott and Mrs, Thornhill discuss what should be done first. Front Row: Lana Webster, Marla Enos, Tami Manuel, Sopo Bla- keddy, Felicita Nakai, Anna Quots- kuvra. Middle Row: Jennie Klin- gensmith, David Passmore, Mad- eline Nelson, Doug Norris, josetta Dorchester, Rahanda Hasay, Lisa Bisdorf, Tony Armenta. Back Row: Pam Mott, Leland Quotskuyva, james Paya, Ronnie Dash, Darrell Pattea, Bill Parker, Rubin Washing- ton, jeff jones, Mrs, Thornhill. 112 Indian Club Q ty, ,- 'J - H. .. , ' Q. 'r' .-..r. ,, .-. . I' aw-,J , r- - A , A--- . . - ,.-tr., .-.M . ,A , .. , A 5 .hi 1 ., v. ..,A,, X , - 'i ,., K V. , ' ' ... n. N V - .- Q , . - :M a .V . - .1 - -.V ,-A- . ' , v '-,'-., r," 'xf fa -,'-- . - E V' -V'-'ze ' . V- - ..g - f."'e-- . "1 s ' P' J' ,'..,-"L 'ii' .. " - ,. f .. . -L r "M, --. . Q ' k S , 552.33354 l "WR Z, 1. '. 1, . fl. V -1--KVM-R V . ,A 'M r 'V - , Q A I xv.'x"'-Xts"- -., , -V 14 A p .1 .H we g' ' . .. 1. -V ' 4 4 .-'u Hg, ,. - .. .- ... -- . ... -QV .i 1,-,j . 'mf . 1- -1-.,,,, ns .M A . , . - 14.4 Q Vi , , ' Ifiiga f1 .:.L,,5,-r- A 1 s t Qf rd g'2.,5.3g,'.-fsavyg, -, WMA: , ,s.4 Hx-..,1! -f-,,.,, V ,N-.',k, ,, .-,- , N.. 'nn-1,!-'H ,A . ,, ,-qw. g .,.k-... Q71 1. Y ,.5.l:.. xg ,, ...dy ,D , .,,. f ,LV ,L , ,K l - Ffa., ,LANL , V Q- k.h1Ma,h. A,, .bw is ,,,,..J ..'.4'...' 'oi'-' fr "U-H-V ,f V' cy' "'i"a ' f1""1sff "'- ' 'M " ' ' xv--'i'Vf'x:v:fV - Ck r'-'V'-ifs 4"-22 "He L 'i 'R' - V 'V""v..'.f . 'A ' V'2't 1 iff r . .fr -V."-fa .4-" 'A '-1 "- '-ff" - z- . . ' A- . ft..,41V"1'.T' .syir-'.'q'1"!Nt ' s -Z.'!3!,,11,,,g ff-?uj,"?3'.xr.ffftf'f +'f,2'f'. , ' "yi V - fa - ,M Vi' 1 ': i'1,","' L2 L, ef' 3' V ..- wdet'-."' 111J-.lla"-",'.'i'--JET 'rf-S-Vis-1. -"'-,f'.H'-V' 'le ' ,f ...Inf , -,l" 'ks' i"t' I ' . , , , 2 ' , sig., jj..-:-..?F1f-,-. N-, ."AG.5QQ-:gif fg 'f:g,, --- '.11.,...LN,-i 4, - .-if,,,xj' ,eg,.'.:'- ., . , . f ...- ,. ,C -,,.,.k .. 4 ., 5.2 2 F"-EV"-?. '4'1"'V"-if-' 'vi 'V 'N-5--R-fa.-5v."f 'L -4' "-1.53 . 'D H-'1 'TAT'-,V.1 "Ve-.f V -Vt.. -swfm? P' ' Q. . 15,-ww? .-r-,,csj5..r,,E L qs Q: . ,-..' ,RQ usa' is a-Ax.. ...px-I ,nn it . -s,fN3'L2.m-'tg..,s.-Q1 .',av:.5f'gr . . '., ,y-. --Ps V'-e .'t. 'W'-"' 5' --' "1" -' -. V V 3"'ff-X-'fp-eCf".4. "' Z'-iL','V' - 5 14'-""-.' " ,J-.i:x.V'.".,' ' V. V ' . '. .T 1: ,hi--9-.."1' ' ' '-1 J .. "9 .'5ha7abf"'-1'3"5'rr..f3' - '-- '1g1'?-f11..,I..: 't- 5-'tm 'J' ' - 'ff' ' -'Y' DECA Front Row: Mr. Scheer, Nancy janisch, Pam Graville,jeff Neal, Cheryl Nybo, Lori Houston,julie Broadsron,june Welshenbaugh, Leo Puebla, Shawna Shill. Dawn Pollock, Shannon McCleary. 2nd Row: Isabell Alvarado, Lori Wayman, jeannie Dean, Yvette Cool, Terri Woehler, Amy Damron, Mark Allen, Denise McDaved, Carol Malloy, Donnajohnson. 3rd Row: Abby Marriage, Kay Allen,joAnn Ashmore, Kim Keilholtz, Lola Perkins, Kathy Phownix. Beverly Evyns, Sheila Fiske, Debbie Dooney, Lisa Leonard. Back Row: Jolene Pasquali, Evonna McCormick, Eddie Retleny, Cheryl Cameron, Laura Sheilds, Rosa Castillo, Dusty VanWagenen, Doug Norris. DE Front Row: Leo Puebla, Lori Huslon, Shawna Shill,julie Broadston, Laura Sheilds, Carol Malloy,-june Welshenbaugh,-jeff Neal, Dawn Pollack, Pam Graville, Mr. Scheer, Back Row: Shiela Fiske, Lola Perkins, Kim Keilholtz, Kathy Phowniz. Eddie Retleny, Cheryl Cameron, Shannon McCleary, Cheryl Nybo, Evonna McCormick, Amy Damron, Evyette Cook, Terri Woehler, Denise McDavid. Preparing for the Future he ultimate experience is owning your own business, and getting that extra special feeling from being your own boss. DECA CDistributive Education Clubs of Americal and DE fDistributive Edu- cationy can help toward reaching these goals by teaching the student techniques ofthe business world, and developing leadership through a myriad of activities. Competitive events and the annual Las Vegas leadership conference highlight- ed the year. DECA and DE can be a big help to the student who in not looking for just another two month job, but for a life- time career. DECA ClubfDE Club 113 nq,db,b h a A f I . 'QD JU. gg X' oaoouluoe-at Us vsLUUsQjJV"'vYvs1'Q gf Q pi' f YN CX JU-KSU U5 we UXCMW Not All Fun and Games ,gpm QM!-X S5 'xi' f26'7'mSL, LAJN-Q,e,QwCl, UXJUCLQD Lbxlfnjtl C h leading is not all popularity :OO they practice thei outines until UCQJXJC and fun. A lotmore time and effort rhey're perfected. While most of us are , ' y go into being a cheerleader than meets coming to school, the cheerleaders are we-e , Cid' the eye, In preparing cheers, pyramids having to rush in order to be to class on fd-A T-Q- , ly! 1 - ,fl dA tplain looking good, they have a time. Cheerleaders have a lot of spirit .X T I, XJ VL 1 X P iibcuijsvciiiiy routine that none of us see or hear and WOrk very hard in what they do. Vw vi 'fx-9J"-,OV YN , about. During the school year they cheered at .XSQWN Ah-fghifx td While most of us are sleeping, the cheerleaders are down in the gym having dick-pxs a pep talk at 6:30 in the morning. Then at Go 'Xrbeliojc LEWELD S OJN . Qs. codsowe Moi GB ig-9j5rQ9s9. UN ,OCVNKJYNUW . G'Q'l'TfLfH..,QJ-QD 1 june, 59 Kf0efUt'QdQwo'LbiN g WX "l'L0'fN913OiQUxQfN OLQ i ciiseaf-XIN1 SGW A frm'-zo c pep assemb1ies,j.V. and varsity football and basketball games. Suzie Smith, Tina Kempf, jackie Van Norman, Darreljohnson, Den- ise Townsend, Camile Harris, Kristy Wheeler, Paul Ferguson, Toro Lori Shill,janell Hyslope, Shelly Nicks, Maxine Dressler, Chad Bassett, Amy Welker, Kelly Millet, Tracey Alex Karen Hale, Lori Passey, Tracy Welch, Amanda York, julie Call, 114 Varsity and J.V. Cheer I Feel Like . . . ancin' hat goes into being a Madrilena? The answer is many hours of hard work, time, and devotion spent to- ward making a successful performance. The Madrilenas were here at school bright and early each day at 6:30 in the morning, and worked for two straight hours, perfecting their routines. By the time Friday nights were here, the Madri- lenas were at their best. Many of their dances were learned at camp, which was . held at Arizona State University during the summer. V 5 LE! K si 1 y A.. l. I K g r In ., -..K 1 QW. ,V dig-V - 1 ,K 'ng IA',',1'ijlA' I wig ang.. r J I . , . 4 l , ' ,ff , V , ,fi x -'J ,..f-f , , T eiillwwr Wilrrfi' 'bmiizafi-?fg if if A A i ' '.?ffFf'25.3ir14 'l.5,.:2riiQ'fr gligkiii-!flW11.f3f3-4v.,f 'Feiziwpiiiwihfi-lb is2'f.9'iA?ML'hiS.t?5a1!'iR4 Q... ..rgCfi'?...ii'e?3i3?7f6.ZTf1-i. '5'IiR...i-rr .fh ir ifi il ' ..r Su mrs r f 1 Front row: Sracilee Oaks, Debbie Looking great, three of the Ma- YQ' X Northy, Cara Helsing,jo D Hebdon, drilenas are caught doing their rou- V if 66" Debbie Dooney, Susie tine at halftime. at O. Shanna Goodman, Pat Sanchez. K Y, i I- Xymlv I Back row: Renea Roberts, Tracy I, Challis,jennifer Richardson, Dayna -SV W ,jk Skousen, Lisa Leonard, Kim Wil- kd ip X' son, Shauna Skousen, Lisa Tyler. Madrilenas 1 15 Pictured arezjeanette Abele, Tracy Alexanderjulie Benzer, Stan Christen, Terry Coovert, Ken Craig, Kim S. Curry, Kris Evans, Susan Ferreia, Veronica Frazier, Macus Giebels, Karen Hagerty, Gingi Hall, Bruce Hatin, George Hatch, Suzanne Henderson, Anthony Hendrick- son,joseph Scott Henry, Marion Hopkins, Pamela Lakey, Kevin Losey,julie McEarchern. Philip McLaughlin, Diana Moon, M. Suzy Newland, Susan M. Nowak, Kelly Peters,jeff Petty, Kim Saters, Robert Shimel, Evelyn Smith, Suzie Smith.jon Snodgrass, Bill Tennison, Atheba Trekas. Steve Wilson, Berwyn S. Wilbrink, William L. Zint III, Anne Haws, Traci M. Beert,jon Blaine, Bobi Bruce, Michelle Call. Paula Campbell. Alison Clark, Kara lfankhauser. Sharon Flinn,julie K. Larson, Pamela Meredith, Stephanie Peters, Tina Rhein, Robert Russell. Nathan Sheets, Lori Shill, Steve Snodgrass, Maria Trujillo.joEllen Turley, Susanne Vaughan, jared Whitlock. Paul Williams, Lloyd Norris,jill Oxboro, Sponsors: Pam Hull. Rex Rice. maui --.ieemmww . ' M N -gjjliu 4.1 Z2 , f - r :W .,,,,:aiv-Ji The Esteem ou may think National Honor So- ciety students study every night and miss out on all the fun, you're wrong! This club does more than meets the eye. For the first time National Honor So- ciety plans to offer a scholarship to one of their members. They will also sponsor the Christmas Dance this year, and will be selling pop at the football games to earn extra funds. Unlike other clubs, National Honor Society holds their meetings during school time. Sophomores are required to have a 1.3 grade point average, juniors a 1.4 and Seniors a 1. 5 GPA. This grade point average must be maintained throughout the membership. 116 N.H.S. I KFT1 P Front Row: joEllen Turley, Bill Tennison, Tina Rhein. Second Row: Robert Russel, john Snodgrass. in 2 'NW i L. 1 . L ,X Z... QQ Y ,- X., "ri tl 1' - From Row: Bridget Beck, Richard Augustine, Cyndie Fenning. Second Row: Laurie Stirt, Andre Whithead, Brenda Walburn, Anne Rollins, He- len Pogal fSponsorJ. Front Row: Barb Wisniewski, Ellen Durney, Laura Schweepe, Tammy Webb. Second Row: Denise Kotula, Terri Svee, Sandy Allen, Carol Boyd, Bonnie Hedges. Front Row: Lisa Richeson. Gretch- en Gasswint. Anne liaws. Second Row: Donna Kennedy. Debbie Schoeller, Maggie Ortiz, Charlene Scott, Laura Kleinman. Sonja Bee- be. Building Skills O.E. isn't just another club. ln . the eyes of its members, it's much more. C.O.E. stands for Career Opportunity Education and provides students with the chance to start their careers during their high school years. Laura Schweppe entered the club by taking several business courses. Once a member, she was sent on various inter- views until she found the right job. C.O.E. sponsored various fund raisers to finance a banquet which they held at the end of the year. This was their way of saying thanks to everyone who partici- pared. The members felt C.O.E. benefited them now and will do so in the future by starting their careers early. y f i , as l M f , iff I ,lmxx 41' I vi, V- X . 1, A , X i' if 10 ' ,5 t " " fi -35.11 -ga ' 'I jflnir -I 1 1 . V "' For one ofC,O.E. fund raisers they provided pretzels for the student body. C.O.E. 117 Music Builds Better Happiness 6 raft If 3 Front row: Mr. Lloyd, Ellen White, Brandon Nichols, Kara Frankshaver, Mr. Rader. 2nd row: Lori Salisbury, Rae jean Bradshaw, Deane Norton, Peggy Curd, Sheila Roth, Bonnie Pinker- ton, Kim Brown, Tracy Silora, Sara Leonard, Shannon Atwell, Wilma Rodriguet, Beth Lee, Tina Fausnert, Sharee Barton, Sonja Butterfield, Terry Robertson, Kriss Stanley. 3rd row: Yvonne Ashe, Linda Kimbell, Duane Newbold, jackie Williams, Cheryl Stevenson, Paul Dougherty, Kathy Kinnear, Heather White, Lanae Saunders, Teresa Nossett, Kathy Griffin, Carmen Gully, Michele Ray, Terry Kramer,julie Milross, Veronica Newth, Ron Heburt, 4th row: Linda Campbell, Heidi Sikora, Carlene Conklin, Yvette Sampedro, Cindy Trevisio, David White, Evelyn Smith, Lisa Blach, Cheryl Williams, Brian Abers,jauh Aruler, Steve Snodgrass, Shelly Hartly, Mike Decious, Kevin Cassaraugh,john Snodgrass, Berwyn Willbrink. Sth row: jo Ellen Turley, Sharon Flinn, Anne Bcnnttt, Brent SooHoo, Heidi Richie, Mark Kerrigan, Mike Speilman, Mike Pitts, Bill Arnett, Mike Mumford, Mary Cosgrove, Tracy Kimball, 118 Toro Band Sylvia Wilbrink, Lori Bilodeau, Terry Dunshie, Tim Sanderson, Brian Eels,-joe Eulare, Robert Russel, Steve Moore, Brandy Gunderson, Mark Charleson, Aaron Vaughn, Greg Phair, Steve Meiley,joe Dani, Phil McLaughlin, Todd Metzger, Elena Martin, Eddy Bisbee,john Rost, jim Seiferth, Randy Lerihe, Lloyd Norris, Mike Doyle, Ty Woodhall, Cass Lientz, Tim Andrews, Duane Shopehlimjohnson,-Jeff Lloyd, Bill Zint, Bea Franco, Sth row: Mark Parker, jeff McEarcher, joe Koehler, Doug Brown, Eric Green, Craig De Veaux, Mike Bryson, Nathan Sheets, Doug Crandall, Ken Brodzinski,john Schultz. 9th row: Larry Hatrel, Kevin Campbell, Brian Rhein, Brad Wilkins, john Howard, Marc Hudson, Greg Smith, Chuck Schmidt, Doug Skabelund. Flags: Kris Larson, jackie Noble, Shelly Noble, Stacy Skiles, Whitney Vance, Kathy Evans, Deana Governo, Bonnie Crismon, Melanie Hymore, Sue Trussel, Lisa Benka, Gloria Roosen, julie Hawrree, Marie Mash, Shelly Landon. x practice. An Orchestra Student displays his ability in playing the chello during W. ti M.. ..aJ31..."Il' 3, pu-iiri....',..ia Shana Andrew, Arlene Ashe, Yvonne Ashe, Lisa Bartdo,jennifer Bates, Kimberly Berthhold, Edward Bisbee, Shauna Bond, Raejean Bradshaw, Nancy Brewer, Kenneth Brodzinski, Carol Brown, Kimberly Brown, Michelle Call, Kevin Campbell, Linda Campbell, jeff Cassaday, Betsy Cluff, Douglas Crandall, Bonnie Crismon, Heidi Culp, Kenneth Dammen,joseph Dani, Brenda Davis, Penny Dodge, Paul Dougherty, Francine Doyle, Kara Prankhauser, Tammy Frihart, Melanie From, Cindy Gomez, Sharon Gulden, Karen Hale, Mary Hamblin, Kim Harker, Shelly Hartley, Mark Herert, Anita Higgs, Marc Hudson, james johnson, Theresa johnson, Katherine Kohlase, Leslie Kohlase, Lisa Layton, Lorna Legrady. Lisa Lesueur, Diane Lizdas, Patricia Mastalsz, Benita Miculs, Michael Mumford, Mary Murphy, Tony Needham, Brandon Nichols, Lourie Noe, Debra Northey, Mark Northey, Susan Nowak, Mark Parker, Troy Parry, Laguinn Parsons, Bonnie Pinkerton, Trini Piron, Mitchel Ramsay, Christine Ray, Mary Reed, judi Reheis, john Rost, Paula Rusk, john Schultz,james Seiferth, Evelyn Smith, Ana Solano, Laura Spilsbury, Michelle Steinhoff, Maria Sterling, jana Tiffany, Patrick Tropio, Morgan Tryon, Thomas Tucker, Whitney Vance, Natalie Walker, Wendy Weight, Cynthia Wells, Heidi Werner, David White, Ellen White, Mari jo Wood, Karen Woods, Connie Zirker. Orchestra 1 19 Standing: Korey Marion, Chuck Sandhurst, liric Stein. Dianne Ami Bellows, Mr. Rice. Kneeling: jeff Cox, Steve Willis. Carl Jenson. Dirk Frank- lin. Sitting: Karla Camp, Greg Thomas. Regina Ann Marler, Donna LaMorte. Front Row: Audrey Cunningham, Mary Autrey, Kim Currygjacquie Noble. Middle Row: Greg Holman. Kristi Wheeler, john Dewelly, Frank Agostinouleff LaMorte. Back Row: Penny Eu- banks, Court Burton, Ken Hennessey. Side, Front Row: Donna Nunez. Kim l'loke,jody La- Morte. Back Row: Kim Carlson, Lisa Holman. Steve Snodgrass, Debbie Frost, Mr, Mills. Amy Welker. Improving Techniques o you like photography, the thrill of taking, and developing your own pictures? Do you like to work in a darkroom, where you can create an end- less array of fine artwork? If so, then the Click Club is for you. The Click Club is a group of students who utilize their photographic talents to the benefit of everyone from the Toro Band to the Mesa Rotary Club. Any student with a photographic yen will find it a rewarding experience to join and take part in the Click Club. ou never see them but they are there, controlling the lighting, or making sure the sound system is in top working order. They are the Stage Crew. The Stage Crew practices perfection in everything, from designing what a set is going to look like to the actual build- ing of it. To become a member of the Stage Crew you have to be dedicated, diligent, and trustworthy. Stage Crew teaches the student not only how to run expensive equipment but also how to be responsible. 120 Stage CreWfClick Club 'B- is?- JN . wut- IJ' 1 E I' --:ff"av-'lla' f"1- -4. ,xg Click Club member Greg Holman receives some helpful hints from Sponsor Mr. Mills during a photo session. Dianne Bellows and Donna La- Morte practice setting sound cues just before a chorus concert. Z' Ns -Ti. 4 1 :.1.-'- x L ,..'. si? igj ,. ' . A wfi' A I ' i Ea E-5"fv"'?' lf' ' .. 'Q ' , - - i. ' 1. fx :Jive-fe' We . ' Tit ' ' '- - --.. M1 L kingghgw r ' ,- ,L N ,A .ia ,V t "?"'!U'MR'0' 53 S ww ancing to the ancing is fun, out on the floor with your girlfriend or boyfriend, swaying to the music. But there is an- other side to dancing, a more serious side. The Dance Club teaches this serious side, from rehearsals to actual concerts. At their concerts the Dance Club exhib- Music its gracefulness, poise, and talent in a variety of step combinations. Enrollment into the Dance Club will mean the beginning of the most exciting year imaginable. So if you can dance, and even if you can't and would like to learn, the Dance Club could be the very thing you have been looking for. Learning of Travel and Language re you interested in the language and ways of the German people? This is the only requirement for entrance into the German Club. Not only will you be learning to speak German, you will be attending a Fasch- ing, which is a festival celebrated prior to the German holiday of Lent, and an Ok- toberfest, which is celebrated in honor ofthe the of Ludwig I of Bavaria in festivities start the and contin- of October. and educational as it is exciting, the German Club is a club for serious consideration. Dropping the ball during a "Vol- leyball" game means that you have to answer a question in German, fear is justified. Dancing to the beat, Dance Club member Karen Cronk performs an extremely hard maneuver. Front Row: Kathy Kinnesr, Theresa Frierson, Cheryl Pardew, Holly Vander Haar. Debbie Brown, Tom Tucker. Second Row: Lloyd Nor- ris, Carine Mazzon, Karen Hagerty, Suzanne Henderson, Brenda Kiefer, Patty Dueck. Mike Kek. Back Row: Herr Bordwell, Rick Rader, Holly Keehr, Paul Schroeder, Ken Hennesy, Ty Legg, Suzanne Goff. Front Row: Janice Lewiston, Stacy Franzmeier, Lori Marcus, Terri Thompson, jo-Wen Wang, Kelly Gibson, Veronica Alfro, jill Oxborrow, Donna Rapler, Sheri Klopshinske. 2nd Row: Dodie Baker, Sarah Blythe, Sandi Pueblo, Mi- chele Buse,-Iulie Newland, Angel Burger, Macie Farnsworth, Holly Keehr, Elise LaBaron, Lisa Bently. 5rd Row: Tina Rhein, Lisa Steward, Lisa Hogue, Bobbi Self, Andrea Mortenson, Beckie Engenbright, Suzie Newland, Lisa Leonard, Dana Garn, Beth Stewart, Sponsor Ms. Zlamal. 4th Row: Tracie Dobbins, Deanna Hughlett, Carrie Schuh, Becky Halls, Stephanie Brown, Shelly Noble, Kelly Peters, Celeste Buckles, Sheryl Smith. Dance ClubfGerman Club 121 Front row: Doug Skabeland, Debbie Phair, Lisa Higgins, Kevin Campbell, Diana Moon,jamie Cluff, Stuart Helton, Kim Wheeler, Mike Caldwill, Mary Reed, Stacey Skiles. Znd row: Nancy Brewer, Daryl johnson, Cara Helsing, Erica Hammons, Chuck Sandhurst, Sheila Voth, Laura Kleinman, Richard Sears, Carrie Mann,-Iana Tiffany, Michael Spielman, Candy Lawson, Chris Sweador, Sharon Guldon, Ty Legg, Pat Schroeder, Chad Willis, Trish Mastalsz, Teresa Ganzer, Tim Smith, Diane Norton, Steve Woeller, Christine Powell, Lisa Bentley, Chad Bassett, Paula Mortenson, Connie Clarkson, Bill Arnett, Tracy Challis, Richard Vranas. 4th row: Kathy Bryan, Chris Curtis, Judy Reheis, David Wilhelm, Linda Tucker, Staci Oakes, Marvin Lambright, Gina Barker, Lisa Ilogue, jeff Cox, Wendy Weight, Donna johnson, Kent Coffey, Renae Roberts, Marni Allen, Todd Bishop, Laura Spilsbury, Mark Charlson, Carol johnson, Reggie Valle- lunga, Angel Burger, Lisa Bentley listening to a lecture in room 206 is a member of both Los Cantantes and Premiere Renae Roberts who is in both En core and Los Cantantes choirs walks Dayna Skousen to class, 122 Los Cantantes Girls and Guys Harmonize ne of the bright spots in Moun- tain View's Choral Department is Los Cantantes, the advanced mixed cho- rus. Mr. Dave Perry, sponsor, said that Los Cantantes not only had more mem- bers this year, but that they were sound- ing better than ever. Apparently he was right, because Los Cantantes' first con- cert, October 15th, filled the auditorium. Los Cantantes has traditionally been a very active choir, and this year was no EVM exception. In September they performed and modeled in a fashion show that was a huge success. In latejanuary, Los Can- tantes sponsored two operettas Qcomedy operasj called "The Telephonei' and "Trial by jury." In their new peach gowns and black tuxedos, Los Cantantes made an impres- sive sight on and off stage, and, as evi- denced by their successful year, their sound was impressive, too! fe 3 . 01 W RA lt.. reg S -P' .i 'Til ,' -' 54336. ' f-iwlff' M 'Mae 1-fjgllwajl . wr , .- .. . f -3 ,-.,q . . , .-:Liam Q. -' ' -A-'L APY , U- ,gf',,a.g.-,- ... -Jw- "'4.aea...- 7"- f ,gg .r,,v .-sg.-s. -,-U 2 . lg'-,NVQ-.yV. uru"i' .- ,, ,,- ,K-',5 . .-im -. ri - al V 1 .4 ., . i .... . . ' - . .pu-. 4 Singing to Their Success his year Premiere, the advanced all female choir, was directed by Ms. Sally Monk, a new teacher who hails from NAU. They worked long hours perfecting carefully timed and choreo- graphed routines. One of Premiere's goals is to go to California on tour and raise money for the trip by selling candy. Another advanced mixed choir is En- core. Encore members took pride in their closeness to each other and the friendships that they cultivated during the school year. They were a dedicated group, determined to make good show- ings at festivals and contests around Ari- zona, including the Madrigal Festival in February and the Mountain States Festi- val at ASU, in which all choirs participat- ed. A wide range of talents were repre- sented in Encore and Premiere members, some of which include vocal ability, dance and instrumental experience. All of which goes to show that Encore and Premiere members were an extraordi- nary group of talented and zealous per- formers', well deserving the title of Mountain View's best! Susan Crane, Penny Casner, Deanna I-lughlett, Lisa Hogue,julie Larson, Lori Shill, Shelly Nicks, Cynthia Wells, Tracy Beert, Denise Town- send, Lilia Gomez, Alison Clark, Mi- chelle Bruce, Chris Sweador, Chris Stewart, Susie Vaughan, Bobbi Self, Suzette jones, Marni Allen, Lori Montierth, Linda Tucker, jennifer Buckley, Lisa Bentley. lst row: Morgen Tryon, Dave Wil- helm, Donna johnson, Michael Spielman, Tina Rhein, Ty Legg. Standing 1st:joEllen Turley, Steve Gobbell, Donna Rapier, Debbie Phair, Bob Gunnell, Lorrie Bradley, Shanell McIntyre, Glen Nelson,judi Reheis. Standing Znd: Randy Levine, jaimie Cluff, Richard Vranas, Daryl johnson, Carol johnson. Upper right: Michelle Call, Rod Smith, Rod johnson, Karen Woods. Premiere 123 Making the World Better frica, South Africa, that's where I'm going - into the deep depths ofthe mysterious jungle, where the alli- gators swim around in the lakes and riv- ers. I'll have to watch out for the quick- sand and the poisonous snakes. This was my view of South Africa until later when I read up on it in A.F.S. Some of the worlds earliest evidence of human culture are found on the conti- nent of Africa. Old land surfaces and sediments are preserved there much bet- ter than on other continents. l'm looking forward to sharing lifestyles with the people of Africa. This was possible through the help of A.F.S. Discussing popular issues, Coral Paynter laughs as she is taken by surprise. Sharee Barton and Karen Brown are discussing how ir feels ro be a Mountain View Toro. Front row: Sponsor Kim Hall, Kim Figgins, Kelly Harmon, Candi Law- son. Athena Trekas. Suzie Newland. Second row: Kelly Peters, Kris Ev- ans. Ignacio de los Rios, Steve Snod- grass, Karen Brown, jackie Bran- don, Yvonne Ashe. Top row: Gloria Gonzalas, Leigh Mukheiber, Beatriy Franco. Kim Curry, Carrine Mazzon, Rose Viteri, Sharee Barton, Rhonda St. Louis. Front row: Susan Plucinski, Deanna Salyero, Elaine Manueo, Beth Campbell, Leasa Saxon. Maria Gut- Sv,.-ii he Home Economic Related Oc- cupations Club is a co-op work program for Seniors. H.E.R.O. helps in finding the students jobs that suit their abilities. To raise money, I-l.E.R.O. sponsors car washes, and sells popcorn, bagels, and Christmas fuzzies. "We're a club as well as a classroom. We have many different fund-raising projects to help pay for our many differ- ent conventionsf' stated sponsor Mrs. Clark. "One of the students, Paul Fergu- son, was elected to State Public Rela- tions Cffice. We are very proud of himf job opportunities abound when you join v H.E.R.O. -....---1 l. 'I terrez, April Schultz, Coral Paynter. Second row: Sponsor Sara Clark, George Dines, Don Karry, Lori Ku- dron, Ann Schoez,julie Sharpy, Au- drey Garnier, Vickie Shafer, Darla Schiever, Maria Lynch. Top row: judy Coston. Deanna Michelerti, Teresa Gorman, Paul Ferguson, Donna Singleton, Kim Tempel, Ronna Frazier, Carla Hughlett, Kathie Brown, Sharon Perkins. 124 A.F.S.fH.E.R.O. 1' Standing: Steve Giese. Steve Wilson. Bruce Higginson. Sitting: 'lliinmy Ratkowski. Chuck Basszit. Karen Ilerinemth, Todd Daltlirop, Kelly Peters. MQMXXSQWWUQ f Heads of the 121-6FIlCi WF! 1 WW Tf.Tiiii"iWW 4 H"i-ity"-U, Tin i. ,, i pzi'Eig'C','-iii" '2 "Ji SA il , ',,, ,, -113-is i, H ,,,,:A M ,:- '1 U 'Elf 'ii V, 1" v me . . S ""2,i3?""i?:1',EL.- f 2 S - 1 f ' ,z 313. pjlj. . .-11, ,P-I - ,. -L - 'V . 22214-iEg.::.lg..z:2.,. 1 '7' -13.2, iff? TNHZ 1101 I' " ":?'g'f3,u::?',,, i i i i i i Student Body Officers 125 --V, KK XLR ,Q -H... 'DM' H-N., Front row: Cindy Suladie, Laura Schwan, Tom Vensor, Kim Dana, Mary Autrey. Second row: Lionel Stafford, Denise Townsend, Cindy Do- herty, Mrs. Debbie Hale Csponsorl, Annette Bora agina Ceditorl, Kim Curry, Sherri Doorbar, Ken Hennessey. Back row: Martha Acosta. Regina Marler, Kim Marshall, Donna Lamorto, Steve Snodgrass, Karen Cronk, jeff Lamorte, Donna Singleton, Shauni Doorbar, Kelly Dickenson, Bill Zint, Amy Kysela, Laurinda Kirsch, Yearbook sponsor Debbie Hale chuckles as the camera catches her reading a copy block, Shauni Doorbar erases a typing error as the deadline approaches. 1 2 6 Yearbook Hours of Work ou are holding in your hands the result of 460 hours of frustration, confusion, cooperation, rewriting and redesigning. I never knew how much work was involved in publishing a year- book till I joined the LaVista staff this year. I went to Yearbook Camp, I took writing courses, I was prepared! I thought. But when deadline time came around I rivfi Pa ff I still didnlt know how to measure copy, do layouts, or organize my pages. After a mad spree of last minute interviewing and recopying, I finally learned. Life in yearbook is a CO11StaI1t rush - a big hurry to get everything done. But, to new staffers, making the deadline was as exciting as winning the World Series, and twice as exhausting. X. Q2 ViewPoint Adds a Twist very newspaper staff likes to think, "This year's paper is going to be better than last year's"g and the View- Point staff proved that statement by making several improvements over last yeat's paper. For instance, the full-size format was changed to a magazine lay- out style that was easier to handle. Reporters were urged to dig in and find timely topics which better repre- sented the school as a whole. The fact that the staff had to meet deadlines every three weeks and come up with fresh ideas is proof enough that perseverance pays! Pat Murphy, Kathleen Murphy and Eric Stein enjoy a break from the feverish pressure of deadlines. ViewPoint adviser, Mrs. Susan Dawson, laughs as she reads Lindy Micheletti's very creative copy, Chris Ostrom watches as Robert Parker diligently types copy to meet the deadline. Dean Adraktas, Robert Parker and Mike Bolland concentrate on finishing their layouts. Row one: Scott Newendyke, Maria Wells, Dana Chase, Kathleen Murphy, Laura Prechtal, Evelyn Smith, Pat Mur- phy, Susan Bobbe. Row twozjody Kelly,joe Elberts, Cindi Williams, Robert Parker, Dean Adraktas, Maureen Kirk, Sheryl Smith, Toni Lower. Row three: Susan Dawson, Carol Zack, Larry Corbett, Lindy Micheletti, Ken Mortenson, Mike Bolland, Tom Cole, Chris Osttom, Kim Kruck. Newspaper 127 Leaders Have Active Year ome of the most responsible and active students are members of the Future Business Leaders of America. This club, sponsored by Mrsjaime, em- phasizes participation in worthy under- takings for the improvement of home, business, and the community. They also stress development of character, patrio- a y tism, and becoming competent, aggres- T sive business leaders. - :nfl FBLA members were extremely active -' - 3 this year, and held several fund-raising events, including two type-a-thons, can- dy and mistletoe sales, a bike-a-thon, and selling refreshments at some school dances. The funds were used to help participate in regional and state confer- ences. The devotion and dedication of FBLA payed off through a very success- ful year. all B Front row: Ms.-Iaime, Laura Schweppe, Steve Giese,jim Bloom, Lisa Riche- son. 2nd row: Barb Lancaster, Magdalena Ortiz, Donna Kennedy, Gretchen Gasswint, Anne Haws, Diane Broberg. Nancyjanisch, Brenda Walbrun. 5rd row: Denise Kotula, Sonja Brobur, Laura Kleinman, Fllen Durney, julie Newland, Tammy Webb, Laurie Stitr. Front row: Athena Trekas, Lori Shill, Mrs. Donna Mills. Carmen Lee, Greg Miles. 2nd row: Annette Boragina, Crystal Graham, Sponsor Mrs. Nelson, Cindy Messmer, Cindy Do- herty. Staring her position on an impor- tant issue, Duree Coleman is caught by the Camera. Pep Club arouses school spirit, making Toro students enthusiastic. 128 FBLA Q Xi N. 5 NN ,. f-X will i luflw ' ,X Pep Club Boosts Spirit aving a supportive and enthusias- tic high school Pep Club is to helping make our school the finest in the state, and they surely succeeded! Pep Club welcomes any student inter- ested in supporting athletics. They made run-throughs for football games, chap- eroned the Pep Bus to away games, and held class competitions at assemblies. Pep Club was a much-appreciated boost to Toro spirit. ,,. ,., -xxx ,. Amateur sophomores attempt re- moving themselves from "The Snake" during a pep assembly. juniors and seniors battle in a class competition sponsored by Pep Club, Pep Club sponsor, Mrs. Cheryl Nelson announces the participants for a class competition, Pep Club 129 ,. Ishmael Ortiz smiles during a M.E.C.H.A. meeting as he envisions activities to come. Of. .E.C.H.A. Carries on oble Traditions and Explores New Territories Within the School r....,,, hile the Spanish Club worked with the Spanish language, La M.E.C.H.A. CChicano Student Move- ment in Aztlanj strived for the better- ment of Mexicanpeople and the sharing of their culture, past and present, with the rest of the school. Probably the most outstanding pro- ject that La M.E.C.H.A. performed on this campus was the mural on the railing Veronica Cora listens patiently to Mr. Moody's suggestion on the new fund-raising idea. "Oh, I have a great idea!" exclaims Pres, Maggie Ortiz. lst row: Chris Arriaga,-Joe Sanchez, Ishmael Ortiz, Robert Garcia, jeff Wilson, Thomas Vensor, Eddie Ar- rieta, Tony Arrieta,joe Arrieta. 2nd row: Lisa Hernandez, Ricky Es- cuada, George Escuada, Tommy Ortega, Diana Arrieta, Maria San- chez, Edgar Espinoza,javier Amaya, Cheri Burger. 3rd row: Lisa Gomez, Maggie Ortiz, Veronica Cora, Zina Magalinda, Terry Miranda, Virginia Cota, Lorenza Miller, Dianna Nino. ,W . ,AQHL ' 4, 1, rrvm of the center west ramp. The mural was restored this year after being vandalized with spray paint and acid the year before. The symbolism of the painting was the history of Mexican people in the West- ern Hemisphere from the invasion of the Incas to modern-day lowriders. In its third year of existence, La M.E- .C.H.A. was an active, popular club. NR 1 ff -ai , ,,., 4 130 La M.E.C.H.A. inet' if Y V Sports Competition Within School ntramurals became a popular lunch- time activity. At times, close to 300 people turned out as spectators and par- ticipants. Stressing constructive com- petitive spirit, Ms. Armenta, the Intra- murals sponsor, helped organize several activities during the year, including flag - vp V' '- . -.ra -wx 543,54 M Y. 'ft ff- - I eff,-if, me kt- . ,-mfgfzfgfy I 1 ' ' lf? Q,-i iff., f- we ' i i,,r F, 1 , 5- Q i 'iiiif i l fr - :glib 'gytf " , f" . fir. V3 Q v it-l .. ' , 3 'l-Wifi K if: rr 1. K '23 "ff 45, I 2 A ' . . . i t e tr an i.- QP . ,..ig: . ., tj' ' i, in ' Q A nf' Aw' Fi football, volleyball, and racquetball. The most popular activity was softball, which drew large crowds to cheer on their favorite team. The membership of the Intramural Council fluctuated greatly, at times ranging from two to eleven members, though each one was an enthusiastic and active participant. Despite having to work around the weather, and students' schedules, Intramurals pulled together to create interesting lunchtime diver- sions year-round. If dribbling, passing, and shoot- ing fails, Steve Warhurst resorts to karate. A rowdy group of guys battle for r- the basket at an Intramural basket- ball game. The ball slams against the concrete as Kasey Adams pounds it with his IBCQUCI. Intramurals 131 1 An Experiment in Enthusiasm cience Club, in its first relatively ac- tive year, had unusually enthusiastic membership. The 20 members met bi- monthly to discuss current scientific is- sues, gather and compile data, and plan the year's events. With great energy and determination Science Club made a sun dial for the school - a long-lasting con- tribution. They also sold candy as a fund-raising activity, and redesigned the display cases in front of the science of- fice. Besides small projects around the school, Science Club went on informa- tive field trips to Tucson and Flagstaff. Vital to the success of their endeavors was Science Club President Bruce Hatin, who, boosting the spirit of members, helped provide the student body with another active, interesting club. lsr row: Kevin Quick, Bruce Hatin, Marcus Geibels, Stan Christian. 2nd row: Lisa Brown, Paul Schroeder, Ignacio De Los Rios, Adrienne Van Gorder. 5rd row: Terry Coovert. Chris Neilson, Vicki Campbell, julie McEarchern, 132 Science Club President Bruce Hatin discusses important issues at a Science Club meeting. Kevin Quick makes an interesting point as the Science Club gathers. Va. .,,,.--e"""'l ' . will AV If fi? 1 a ks .ix J: s-'4- f 1,3 Je? -L 'N .. I mf ,qw , fm. ug'-5 5 , fl ,Q . ii-f' - N ' I V v Van h L .. K .2 X51 '-finw U,+fmQ ...,4,b waz, 'I Q Q ,fl :,,. . .vi Q A. - .f , A 1515 . QW-.1 L 51. -by .. M .,11:1.Bv S '65 Sisafc mag, 'fan' ' . ,ff W ,Q ,f l i , H21 1 ,ny .b . . -,Q , W.-1 .L ,A-W - ....7 31 Mx I . Bettering the Communit he way these Mayor's Youth Com- mittee members were chosen was at the end of the year, when the top twenty applicants from each high school and two or three from all the junior high schools in the Mesa area were selected and combined. All the applications were counted and there were twenty members from Mountain View and eighty from the other schools. The Mayor's Youth Committee had meetings every month, in which all of the members would get together and decide how to raise money for special community projects. One way they made money this year was to participate in a carnival, which was held on Veter- ans Day at Pioneer Park. Their president and their treasurer were from Westwood. Vice-President Linda Tucker and Secretary Kim Curry were from Mountain View. qHRIZOc1y Pat Tropio shows the importance of gun safety to an interested audi- CRCG, Vice-President Linda Tucker laughs as she counts the profits from the Vetetan'S Day Carnival. ft, . . , r .. . ,fl-S 4 X, 5 af e 'X r I wt Y Front row: Mike Bolin, Karrin Kunasek, David Thomas, Todd Snapp, Anne Haws, Steve Snod- grass. Row two: Kim Curry, Karen Woods, Shanell McIntyre, Dayna Skousen, Sandy Householder, Linda Tucker, Karen Curry. Row threezjoe Eulate,john Snodgrass, Berwin Wil- brink, Steve Geise, john Weldon, Pat Tropio, Susan Taylor. Karen Kunasek accepts money for a cherry snowcone at the club's first fund-raiser. 134 Mayor's Youth Committee 'HP . .ms . . . Ski and Cluting Club Goes From Mountains to Slopes L ong underwear, boots, and skis are about all you need when you hang around with those snow--seeking mem- bers of the Ski and Outing Club. These brave one hundred and fifty cold students withstood numb toes, frostbitten fingers and runny noses, but nothing a cup of hot chocolate and an- other day on the slopes couldn't cure, They escaped to such places as Purgato- Terri Cartwright demonstrates correct fitting of skis and boots when off the slopes. E 5 S 'L fig! ry and Sunrise, or to the Superstitions for a camp Out. The campers withstood scraped knees, and elbows, needles from cacti, and mosquito bites, but nothing some Bandaids and tweezers couldn't handle. There was a price to be paid for such fun: If you didn't manage to break a leg or sprain a limb, you definitely had sore muscles. Ski and Outing 135 oosting Om Momle s I was on my way to Dunkin Donuts for an interview with President of the Booster Club, Bob Ker- nagis, I thought, "What really is the Booster Club?" I knew that we had one but I never really knew what it was. The Booster Club is a group of parents and faculty who are devoted to school ser- vice. The club directs its activities to- ward helping all departments, groups, and organizations, both academic and athletic, within the student body. Each member has a membership fee which consists of 31.00 a month. Other fun- draisers consisted of selling football pro- grams and Las Vegas night. The money raised is offered to any department that asks for assistance. It's great to know that there are people who care enough to help out the school and students. The Toro Booster Club attends every football game of the season. Here, they're at the McClintock game. A group of wild and crazy seniors gather together at the seniors' bench before the B.S. Club meeting. 136 Booster Club These senior studs try to amuse themselves as they sit on Senior Hill after lunch. Terri Miranda laughs as she re- members a joke that her friends told her at lunch. ! nu If l L. .51-g W' have only 5 minutes of class left. I can't wait till lunch. Today we are going to elect officers for the Best Sen- iors Club. Yea! The bell rang. I grabbed my books and out the hall I ran to the B.S. Club meeting. The officers we elect- ed were Pres. Duree Coleman, Vice. Pres. Denise Townsend, Sec. Karen Her- merath, Treas. Cindy Doherty. e Tbifive or Ike est- niabhg . This was the second year of the B.S. Club's existence and the club worked on becoming more active. Planned fund raisers included a rootbeer chugging contest, water balloon toss and male beauty contest. Basically the B.S. Club boosted senior morale by providing a means through which active seniors could better their class. After opening his lock, Dave Lambert looks stunned as he finds 4 something growing out of it. The Best Senior Club consists of ' - 126 active seniors who are involved - in bettering their class. v 5 N After just finding a lucky penny Senior Chris Arriaga skips Happily to his next class. Best Seniors 137 Building Strong Choir Traditions as Cancionistas consisted of junior and senior girls who practiced very hard each day to do their best for perfor- mances. Throughout the year they per- formed at many social functions includ- ing a fall concert, singing at the Christ- mas Idea House and a spring concert. During all their concerts they joined with Las Trovadores to become a mixed chorus, and perform as a mixed chorus. Some of the requirements to be a mem- ber of Las Cancionistas, included audi- tioning the year before and being select- ed by Miss Sally Monk. Miss Monk spent many hours of hard work drilling with Las Cancionistas to make their choir one of the elite. Standing in order to breathe more deeply and to sing more forcefully, Brenda Cluff practices her scales. Las Cancionistas chorus students keep practicing their music until they sing in perfection. As you can see, Lautinda Kirsch proves that with a lot of hatd'prac- tice, singing can be fun. 138 Las Cancionistas Vickie O'Dell,janel1 Hyslope, Lora Gaddie, Lucy Ashcroft, Robbin Trantham, janaan Rose,.Carla Camp, Lisa Gaddie, Michele Distisohjorgeana Ball, Shellie Mustowski, Meredith Kobie, Charlotta Ballard, jennifer Blackhurst, Brenda Cluff, Laurinda Kirsch, Tammy Richardson, Lisa Redondo, Sherri Martin, Dawn Marshall, Terri Kremjei, Carmen Lee, Miki Yamanoki, Tracy Stewart, Kim Willis, Brenda Depriest. Back row: Shari Helquist, Denise Turley, Dickie Hunt, Sharla Cardon,julie Hanse, Cindy Hunter,-Jairrie Calvari, Stephanie Brown,julie Call, Natalie Walker. 2nd row: Tiffany Bethancourt, Nanette Nilsson, Celeste Buckels, Debbie Benson, Wendy Brewer, Tammy Lewis, Sally Cypert, Deena Mariage, Susan Maready, Kim Mattingly, Annie Bentley, Mary Hamblin, Roseann Carrier, Carlet Hatch. Front row: Sharee Sirrine, Yvonne Ashe, jill Brown, Cassie Forbes, Mary Linenfelser, Cindy O'Bryant, Barbara Peel, Denise Lytle, Melinda Mullins, Karen Curry: Rhonda Potter, Shana Andrew, Karry Combs, Amy Perkinson, Gaylene Robertson. Susan Maready is caught looking on Nanette Nilsson's music during Las Palomitas chorus practice. Kim Mattingly searches for her place on Sharla Cardon's music while they are singing. Mr. Perry listens patiently to find any mistakes to correct before the Christmas concert. A few Las Palomitas students look over their music and try to overcome their mistakes. Young Voices Explore Sound as Palomitas was a chorus consist- ing of sophomore girls. They were auditioned and selected by Mr. Perry, the head of the Chorus Department, and performed at many different concerts throughout the year, including the Christmas and spring concerts. During May they performed at the Mountain States Music Festival, held at A.S.U. Outstanding members of Las Palomitas included Jenni Blackhurst, Mary Hamb- lin, Cindy Holfstaedler and Sharee Sir- rine, who performed separately from the group at several Christmas parties and dances in Chandler. These outstanding young singers demonstrated their versa- tile talent inta successful year of enter- taining. Las Palomitas 139 Learning to Have as Mariposas was a choral group comprised of sophomore girls who had to audition in order to be accepted into the group. Las Mariposas had the honor of performing at the Nutcracker Ballet and also at the A.S.U. Mountain States Music Festival. Sheila Sawyers, one of the members, commented that F un with Music the main ideas they worked on this year included learning to read different types of music. They also had a lot of fun making up dances to the songs they would sing. Las Mariposas was a spec- tacular addition to the Choral Depart- ITICHL. Mary Ann Cress and Sherry Barron are becoming frustrated as Mr. Perry makes them sing one more time. Mr. Perry teaches a few girls in Mariposa Chorus to open their mouths wider when they sing. Back row: Suzanne Niemic, Mary Ann Cressulanine Skidmore, Devon Miller, Veronica Alfaro, Becky Ha- los, Caroline Nowell, Lisa Groschel, Kim Wendt. Front row: Cherie At- kins, Shay Madden, Sheila Sawyers, Sherry Barron, Laurie Southworth, Carol Davis, Lisa Hon, Debbie Ol- SOD. l 140 Las Mariposas As you can tell, Trovadores chorus students are becoming very tired. Mr. Perry won't let them stop singing till they get the song right, Left: Troy Legg, Rick Lorig, Eric Edwards, Andy DeLorenzo, Gary Spear, Don Alexander, Mike Pitts, Anthony Miller, Dennis Burges, Dirk Myers, Ralph Vela,-John Burk- holder, Toddjoy, Roger Bean, Chris Cottam, Andy Guy. I Love to Hear Wgds inaa Son os Trova ore as a chorus which was made up of sophomore guys, who-performed in a variety of activities throughout the year. They included singing at the Christmas Idea House, participating at the A.S.U. Mountain States Music Festival, and going to A.S.U. to hear the Arizona Statesmen Choir. Many ofthe members also com- peted individually in solo and ensemble music festivals. They gave four concerts throughout the year. Mr. Perry was really glad to have this group of boys to work with, while their voices were maturing. The group concentrated on such skills as developing sight-reading abilities, im- proving intonation, and projecting their voices. Los Trovadores 141 ..,,,, K Fig u 1 i 3 2 13 V 3 .L Q i .H- !3 . , Q A' f fA i 1 ' e f Fi Q wi 3 I - K ig - - 'I ii K La I ' 5 ..,k 4 7 " iiiiiiiii ,,,f JL-'tiff V 1 N ,W 3- b , . ' I1, 1 Z Q V K . V gil . I ,KA K I .V . b g if ia -- . -31,' f i-Ni . fii ffbf f ew' 'fl i ff' - 5 . .53 i 4 f ': 'i 'i f Li was .2 I ' iw i-vi 1 yi - , . : iQ E g 1 1 i ,K ii .4 if +3 Till? F f Fml ff 1 ,5 :L , 4 "'-,, I ' W ,. ....,... People Division 3 ----7 yuauic 19 " A fe . at p l 1 QW' .. iss'-vf4 iii!! 'N-v x fri , - . .551 new ..., ,. '. Q of 1 if ,M , . , Ai i qw -t 'ax 'TSS Better ln People school without people is an im- possibility, so naturally, people are one ofthe most important aspects of school. Not only were we the reason for the existence of our campus, but we were the personality also. We established different groups with different priorities and separate routines. Each group added to the personality of school with their ways of dress and favo- rite place to congregate. Among the 2,282 of us there lurked a wide variety of tastes and friendships. There existed those of us who drove pickup trucks, listened to country mu- sic, and dressed in cowboy hats, boots and buckles. Some of us preferred soul music, and our place to communicate with friends was on the middle ramp. Others of us decided that Sophie or Sen- ior Hill was a comfortable place to call our second home. We chose to wear straight leg jeans, Nikes and letter- man's jackets. There were those of us who found our favorite place was under the marquee for a quick chat with friends and a cigarette between classes. And some of us still chose the library as our place to hang out and finish that 13 page English essay or calculus assign- ment. N0 matter what our tastes or where we temporarily resided, we all contri- buted to the enhancement of the Stu- dent Body. It was our way ofexpressing ourselves and creating a life that was better for us. Despite the weather, gatherings are always popular. Behind bars: Teresa Cooper, Tammy Tyree, and Cathy Lar- son. Honolulu foreign exchange students pose for a picture. Darrell Pattea Kim O'Conner, Lori O'Conner, Susan McKernan, Mary Cos- grove. Wearing a crown is Troy Hatch. Dancing together are Tracy Welch and jamie Jamieson. People Division 143 144 Candids Tootin' the tubas, members ot' the band let off some after-assembly en- ergy before going to class. Country jammin' to "Louisiana Saturday Night," performed by En- core Strings, is our mascot, the Toro. "Good morning, Captain," says senior Denise Townsend, as junior Camille Harris looks on. 5 'wx "K d to 52.4 W In intense thought, Carla New- rock, Karen Hermerarh and Veroni- ca Cota discuss their weekend plans. In the library, George Ibarra be- gins to reach and tum the page of the book he's studying from. .W-M at 5,-.JU-D-Ml 1 Hand in hand, Kevin Wiley and Voronica Newth walk from the parking lot after lunch. Huggin' the Teddy, Cyndy Go- mez, Kim Kessler and Lori Grig- geory find time to char in front of the lockers. I Candids 145 -. 4. 2 'I l. 'sn' V W E, 1 a 35, w-nan-.q.1 49 :X 35: 5' . .a 'HY' iw u fn-F ra . WM , 'W It- . K xi- x"""',F? --....--- f SS ' N55 s U ,ww 1 ,sei 4 W 3 W"f:M.,, ffa. W Q. if v-if fy all i- if Yr Toro band members provide as much enthusiasm and spirit in cheering on the team from the stands. as they do from the field. 'UK ALL ll , Booth. RiCl'iard Bradley, Lorrie Branning, Kurt Boragina, Annette Brandonjackie Bredshall, Robin Bright, Russell liouchie, joshepli Boyd. Carol 15 0 Seniors if vfyg 5 'V-9 . - D '--. A lr t Brewer, Nancy Brimley, Matthew Broadston, julie Broberg, Diane Brown. Christina 1 yi 'ff 4' Ya 'iv Y'-fv' While waiting to have senior portraits taken. Senior studs, Trip Bunchman and-John Dunn. find humor in their favorite magazine. .0 'vs ,gm lla' Dgvid Brown, Bill Buchanan. Robert Buczynski, Susan Elizabeth Brown, Tammy Buchanan, Stephen Bunchman, Trip Karen Katheleen fi 1 , i ff' .- IL ia LZ ! Burger. Angel Burke. Dana Busfield, Mark Butler, james Seniors 15 1 :QQ 4- 9 F il. K YZ? fQ fi 11 C- ff' A 'Y nh, - .dv I4-,pg lllll fo " M. ,. 'Q V , , I nz s ,, . l 3 ft U Y'- Q a x lik ' 2 W' 53, .r fi N i l .Rb xx -., -rx Caleatcrra, Steven C,L1ll!0UH.JOllH Cuinerun, Cheryl Cameron, Clay 15 2 Seniors Camp, Karla Campbell, Kevin Cantrell. Michelle Caroccio, Paul Carpenter, Rafhel Castillo, Arthur Chase, Dana Carter. Shelley Cala, jean Chee, Wakely Cartwright, Michael Cervantes, Daniel Chiappetta, Regina Cassacly. jeff Chalk, Benny Christen, Stan 51 5 Mark .l,, Nancy 'C in Y l ,i 'nw gr. Ni-X 'Vx i' "ew '-rd ti .ak it it i- ' , 1325 'ids 5 g Q 2 Q X ' A, I 'N Clarkson, Connie Clay, Sherri Cline, Brenda Cloyd, Steven N 4'-W Us -H. 4.-, l, Y Q1 Cluff,-jamie Colby, Patrick Coleman, Duree Collins, Steven 9 i 1 l' f.. K iii? Conaway, Tammy Cook, Yvette Cooper, Christine Cooper, Cody Coovert, Terry Cornell, Brandon Correveau, Penny Coston, judy Seniors 15 3 5 4q, IC I- i i f l i ,C 10-in During an assembly, some super Seniors explain ro the Sopliies how :lie Varsity Football team will "Blow up" Wesrwood. fra. l vw , v--rw M.. l 1. 1 , A sn-i nf-J 15. .,, L if I-UJ -,Y .- . - ' s ,.- lr-.., xcx f li 1 f, C' 4 . .,l- .f 1' i-1-uf., J' ,W , . A' S QA, f ' r fi Cora, Veronica Cousins, Lori Coxujeffrey Crandall, Douglas Couch, Rollancl Cowan, Craig Craig, Ken Crawford. Theodore 154 Seniors Cronk, Karen Crook, Lisa Culp, Heidi Cunningham, Audrey ' x 'UQ 5 I! A fc S J 1 e , , P "Q, , 5.2 -- 11.5 -its c. v "' 'X V,If X .six xiff, 'Os ikfi, s , I ii 'J .A xl , 1 1 f. 5 ii, 'JF , Q , 49 f 0 ,, ,-, "'i it 'iff ii, 1 , i s 1 I , Kimberly Dangler. Debbie Davis, Brenda Deines. George Dickerson. Stephanie top, Todd Darger. Dina Dean,jeanne Demingjames Dixon. Candace on. Amy Dash, Ronald Decker, Mike Demke, Mike Doherty, Cynthia . Kim Davidson, Mike Dehagh, David Depierro. Scott Dooney, Debbie Seniors 1 5 M " fgw . i K ,J , "rib, 1 Doorbar, Shauni Doyle, Martin Drinkwater, Steven Dunnuleffrey Durney, Ellen Duorhar, Sherri Dreaver, Lisa Driscoll, Laura Dunn,jol1n Eaton, Scott -- X, Doughterty, Paul Dressler. Maxine Drysdale, Ray Dunshie, Terry Edick, Donald D' Q" Dowtly. Renee Drew, Michael Dunkeson, Tammy Durmon, Pam Edwards, Richard 15 6 Seniors 1 -7 p' .ff if I W fn.. V rff' Ff- Nf- Q , Julianne Donna Marcus qiuv .- , as 'll .,,,gss ls ,ifsa-fx Gillespie, William Go:-ns, Douglas Goff, Suzanne Gomez. Cyndy Gomez. Lilia Gonzales, Sabrina Goodman. julie Goodman, Shanna Shauni Doorbar searches for that perfect "IU" by the Senior locker Area. Gorman. Teresa Graville, Pamela Goss. Thomas Gray, Danald Seniors 159 v2?'i 'fi- N f l Q 1 M71 P-rg KG ,gulf . Pr 3 MSX! si' i5g,,f 1 QB Y .. . M 1 ga nl' -P0 b va Aja' an QQ ,m R J ul 6 l '-q,,.4r .S YT". T7 X Q K r, Hg. Y I , ,f . J' E Q ' N Green,-John Gulley, Carmen Haarman, Deborah Hansen,-luliana Harin, Bruce Griggwry. L0fi Gummel, john Hagerty, Karen Harrell, Lawrence Haws, Anne Grosijanet Gunderson, Brandy Hall, Gingette Harris, Leslie Hawtree, julie Guest, jeffrey Gurierrez,john Hanley, Gregory Hatch, George Haymaker, Ricky 160 Seniors '-L. x A fin 13 14? Q51 i N 7 1- X . id X 'af' ' afar ix, , M . tb E vi 'I ' 4 5 jerry Hedgpath, Lori Hendrickson, Anthony Hermerath, Karen Himes. Geoffry n,joDann Helsing, Cara Hennessey, jim Herren, Denise Holland, Clarence , Ronald Helton. Stuart Hensley, Tina Hicks, Patricia Hoopes, David , Barbara Henderson, Suzanne Herd, Wesley Hill.,IaniCe Houston, Lori Seniors Y' 1 12 ' f . vv'f aff W2 aw 'Ol' x. he-X' sf ik,-,.,...-f -gr' mag. e 'lm . .Y , ' Ag QQ "W . K -of ,a ,M ' 'll' f.. -qs: unv- -wa.,-N W -4 w z. I9 A .GZ 3 116 ,nf gg 3:-, if.: 9 .- . Va' - ,X .9 ggi X e 3 N I XA HIM Karim. .4 - ,F 7 K . M4 I ,av Lf'T'iTZf I l ' in il Y i igX l ff? ,fan vs to 1 ,i ! i ' llil ll 'Q f. l jeff LaMorte gains a new "point of view" on life, with a little helpful boost from Karen Cronk. 'Q'- fu.: n, Carol johnson, Donna n, Daryl johnson, james johnson, Karleen jones. Cary johnson, Laura Kaiser. Marilyn johnson. Richard Kalt. Ron johnson, Scott Kaminsky, Kevin -3' I , f 16 Kammerer. Kurt Kaufman, Sandra Kaup, Troy Kemp. Ronald Seniors 163 l A I Q Kempron. Sreve Kennedy. Donna Kerley, Sandra Kessler. Kim 16-4 Seniors if 5 qi 'Y ,I ly: . 'fi I ii 'is -i l 5 Kieffer. Brenda Kill, Chrisrina Kimball, Trafi' Kimbrough, Clierrie rv- ig A Vu PK 'V' It -Q it we -' rr., " Fi 6 , 'Q Q- .1fT' 'Q " ,az .L , A K' King, Tamara Kirchen, Tania Koons, Karl Kirch. Kerry Kleinman. Laura Kosiskigjoseph Kirk. Maureen Klingsinirlpjeannie Korsur, Brian Kisiali, Cynthia Kohlhase, Leslie Korula, Denise 1 'h v o v 'a iii? . .N . -wqqru M- , J an- 'S ' 'K -1' ,f 1 ml .M - 9 ' v.V of., ' If 1 '- a mfi' A . 4 . .of A , 1 45 x '5-E1 T, fa Qi , i K' 'iv rf t Ss' Q. v rr 3 I as Concentrating and conducting the Toro hand during half time is Drum Major, Brandon Nichols, s, Elaine Marshall, Andrew Matthews. Shelley Mauzy. Richard 'e, Abbe Martin, Elana Martice, George Maxwell, Darren Jvic, Marcia Martinez, Sylvia r, Regina Mastalsz, Patricia N. , l fl X :PA 1 Al li? I il , lf . " , 'DNP' w, - 'fi' in .' '4."" x . , li- ni .X , :rn t H. gn: -0-'Graf' 1 M i 1 elvasi' May. Terry Mazzou, Carina' MCAugh, Mike Kim and Karen Seniors 167 .,. 33 AN-N wi W QF' in QW' -on-v sv , I!-gp gal? . . 4 . ww Y!! .3 M, ' ' , yt W I ' -9-, if 1 M Hap.. .ix 'HQ' O. Y li Agfgii-lg: . J" mfzffi 'E' 543111 W i Xxx X x X x H-'-5 Q i Yr f J' Lindy Benira Terrance ii, Kelly L Mills, David Mills, Donald Monkman, jeffrey Moon. Diana fill al' as Moon, Douglas Moore, Marjorie Morren. Toi Morris, Helen L' I Morris. john Morris, Robyn Morrensen. jeffrey Mortensen, Ken fi"- - r ,P i S: H m. ,, 1 4 M . ef Wx W X Mortensen, Paula Mott, Pamela Mukheiber. Leigh Murphy, Mary Seniors X , - ai --3 va, Q flamed ,, Eg zi' V. Li F? 1 A ? if 'J Q' A -,ag-.V . 'za - fg m i , M' .QQQ ,J new ,. "HT Q W W , W, W H , ,W M-:ppb I W Wi. ,, ' ..., ..p . faq W. 53 w M . if wj f fv-,u 1 X 45. V x J 'vw " MQ .f 4 315, :X Q .fun 'V . HQ 'YW MY Aw -4.4 Hi J Lf- ! .' . .:P' X rTs 1 -3-Qi WA xxxx , w 9 arg Y I 'ii Q4 P if ' , ah ' 'T AT- 9, K- -P5 V5 51+ 'fi 'F' A gif W ,AQ if-vw an-1,3 4 "1-1' M, am, J l E 4 4 'G qx 'Z 'fx ,, U ,, ml QU '..! .r 1 if f Lyf va 'ML . r , ., .!' 49 i vs! "au G 'I' "' 'Z q" mn. 5 W, mm v X uma? v '-rm SLE: if Y' X 1171 ni N' 4 'K U. T- W 13 12, f--1. 'U'- ..,, xx. vu -f la , YTJV ,i lx I Q, . l 1 "V . . igx - 1 ,J I D' f 5. A 1 N. '25 ii. I X it xl S . ky Schultz, john Scott. Bradley Schwan, Laura Scott, Charlene Schweppe, Laura Searles, Rich Scott. Angela Secondo, David 176 Seniors Sellers, Williani Shackclford, Sherry Shafer, Stacey Slmrpy, julie Shepherd, Brian Shields, Laura Shill, Shawna Shimel, Robert Shinn, Ilma Shipley, Mike Shrndcr, Dennis Shumway, Belinda es A 'QU' mm-f if - V mf' 'fs "':"Q' - Mi 4, -.x 5.x ' V 'QW , mv!! w -'ei' wan.. 5 I 3Qsnwi , 'il M sw,- 1: mr M xx X M 'KH 'f' W .M . .5 ,an xi . H .... H N: .I X4 s. At the Westwood assembly. the Seniors clap as the Student Council brings out the dying Westwood mascot. M-.fx ,WHL--fn' ,Q it X jf' 5' tv: ' X i MIX I 'UFS at--W l if' ' x V -X Lf 5 2 5 I Tennisun, Bill Thomas. Michael Thelander, Krista Tiffany. jana 180 Seniors Tilton. Lori Timmon5, Kathy Tippin, Scott Tisdale, jim Tom, Tammie Tomlin, Tracy Torres, Margaret Townsend, Elizabeth Townsend, Denise 'l'rc-luis, Athena Trommler, David Tryon, lN1ot'gcn 6 -5. --4' 1 if .gr J mm- , ,. M 'IKM 'Eu gg , . 1 535 .m ,. ,1 nv- 'N'-' 'R 5 M H1 ig 5? bww e-.. ' is ,. A , H " 1-4. 2,- 5 YH f aw H Ma .Q .-1 .U 4- 'Au Hb' mr 'Q E if 'W'- 1 -AB' R vw ,nm ,K , W W 'w"hwf',zc'zmwWx 1 M L .um 357422, MMQN Hk:'l4ulX 5 'a ,-H LQ- l'.4-.'J'l- i Jnaxwm WH A any xlf x, 4 Senior fRe3ister p -- NHS 10.11.121j.V. Softball 10: Var. Diving 10.11.121j.V. Girls Basketball 101 Var. Girls Basketball 11.12. - Mt. View Gymnastics 10. - COE 12. - Var. Cheer 11,121 NHS 11.121 Key Club 121 Diving 10. - Football 10.111 Wrestling 10.11.11 -j.V. Volleyball 101 V.1.C.A. 121 Peer tutoring 11. - Meena 12. - Symphony Orchestra 10.11.121 Encore Strings 10.1 1.11.1222 Ensemble 121 Tutor 113 Science Club 121 Close-up. - D.E.C.A. 12: Art Club 101 Badminton 11. - Vat. Swimming 111C.O.E. 121 F.B.1..A. 12. - Var. Track 4111.11.11 Var. Cross Country 101 Vice Pres. Click Club 11.121 Year- book staff 121 Best Seniors Club 12. - Youth Arc 11.12. --j.V. Track 101 Var. Track 11.12. --j.V. Wrestling 10. -- Var. Gymnastics 10.11.12 -- Var. Band 121 Var. Track 121 Rotary' exchange student '81. - C.E.P. 11. - C.O.E. 12. - Dance Club 113 F.B.1..A. 11.121 C.O.E. 12. - Soccer Club 10: Soccer Team 11.121 Toro Band 101 Free Enterprise Seminar '81, - NHS 10.11.121 German Club 10. - Los Contentes Chorus 10.11.121 Wrestling. l - D.E.C.A. 10. -- Senior Class Treasurer: Var. Ten- nis 10.11.121Key Club V.P. 121 F.B.L.A. Sec. 12. - Pres. Dance Club 111 Page edi- tor Viewpoint 121 B.S. Club 121 Ski Club 121 Student Council Rep. 11. - Yearbook staff 10, Sports Editor 11. Editor-in-Chief 121 Class Secretary 111 Key Club Sec. 122 Pep Club 121 Best Seniors Club 121 Anytown Delegate 11. - C.O.E. 121 Chorus 10.111F.B.L.A. 12. - A.F.S. 11.121 Pep Club 111 Foreign Language Club 111 Key Club 12. --j.V. Basketball 10.111 Var. Bas- 184 Senior Register kerball 12. ' -- A.F.S. 111 ICE Coop. 12. - Orchestra 10.11.121 Encore Strings ll Choir 10. Premiere 11. Los Contentes 12. -jr. Football 10.111j.V. Baseball 10.111 Var. Football 12: Home room Pres. 12. - Choir 10.111 French Club 12. -- AFS. 121 Badminton 12. - Band 10, Toro Band 8a Mata- dor Band 111 H.E,R.O. 12. -- Track 10gj.V. Football 10.111 Var. Football 12. -j.V. Football 10:jr. Football 111 Homeroom Rep. 10.111 Var. Track 11.121 Var. Football 12: Ski Club 10.11.12 - French Club llgjournalism 111 Dance 11.121 Choir 10.11.12 - Class Council 101 Chorus 111 NHS: Ski Club 12. - Los Contentes 111 Drama 111 Choir 10. . - D.E.C.A. 121 D.E. 12. -- H.E.R.O. 12. -- Tutoring 11.121 Badminton 121 Track 10 - Chorus 10.11. -j.V. Cross Country 11. Foot- ball 111 Wrestling 12. -j.V. Football 101 Var. Football 11.121 Wrestling 10.11.12. - Gymnastics 10,11.121j.V. Band 10. - Viewpoint Copy-Editor 12. -- Var, Wrestling 12. - NHS 10.11,12: Bike Club 111 Science Club 12. -- Track 111 Badminton 111 Chorus 10.11.12 - Las Palomitas 101 Premiere 111 Los Cententes 11.121 Encore 121 Var. Swimming 10.11. -j.V. Football 101jr. Football 111 Var. Football 12. -- Var. Track 11.121 Var. Cross Country 121 Var. Softball 121 j.V. Softball 101 Homeroom Council 10.11.121 Vice Pres. F.B.1,.A. 121 Vice Pres. Key Club 121 Pres. Best Senior Club 121 Science Club: Inner-Club Coun- cilg Inter Metal Counsel. - D.E.C,A. 12. - Mecha Club 11.12. -- Key Club 12. - Var. Band 10: Los Contentes 11.121 Stage Crew 12. - NHS 10.11.121 Soccer Club 101 Var. Soccer 11.121 Spanish Club 101 Foreign Language Club 111 Key Club 12. - Var. Band 10.11.121-1322 Band 11.121 Orchestra 11.12. -- Yearbook 11.121 Chorus 11: Dance Club 101 Newspaper 111 Key Club 121 Dance Comp. 12. - V.1.C.A. 12. - Sym. Orchestra 10.11.121 Encore Strings 11.12. - Track 10.111 Cross Country 111 Photo Club 10.11.121 B.S. Club 121 Key Club 12. - Photo Club 10.11.121 Yearbook 10.11.121 NHS 121 Mayors Youth Comm. 11l.l1.l2QJ.V. Band 101Var. Band 1I1A.F.S. 12. - F.F.A. 10.111 Student Council 121 French Club 121 Key Club 11 Ski 8: Outing 12. - D.E. 12. - Yearbook Staff 111 Yearbook Sen- ior Editor 121 Best Seniors 121 Ski de Outing 12. - Football 111 Indian Club 11.121 Graphic Arts Club 12. - Orchestra 10.11.121 Encore Strings 11.12. - Football 10.111 Var. Band 10.111 CEP. 121 Baseball 12. -- FFA. 10.11.11 - 1.C.E. 12. -- Student Council Sec. 10. Vice. Pres. 11. Pres. 121 Yearbook 11.121 M.D. Rep. 11. F.B.L.A. 12: Pep Club 121 Key Club 121 B .S. Club Treasurer 12. -'I.V. Football 101 jr. Track 11. - Yearbook Staff 121 Var. Ten- nis 10,12: Ski Club 12. - Var. Cross Country 10.11.121 Tennis 101 Yearbook 11.12. -- Var. Band 10.11.121 Sym. Orc. 12. - Pep Club 10. - j.V. Cheer 101 Var. Cheer 11.12. -j.V. Baseball 10,111 Var. Base- ball 121 jr. Football 10.11. -j.V. Football 1OQJ.V. Baseball 101 Var. Football 11.121 Var. Baseball 11.12. -.I.V. Band 101 Toro Band 11.12' y jazz Band 11.121 F.F.A. Officer 10, Photography 10.11.12 - C.O.E. 123 F.B.1..A. 123 Key Club 123 Homeroom Rep. 12. --j.V. Football 103 Var. Football 11.123 Var. Track 103 Key Club 123j.V. Basket- ball 10. -'I.V. Football 10,jr. Football 113 Key Club 123 Newspaper 12. - Cross Country 113 Track 10,111 1.C.1i. 12. - F.B.1..A. 123 Key Club 12. - TUCOIL C.1i.P. -j.V. Football 103jr. Football 11:j.V. Track. 4 - NHS 11.123-l.V. Volleyball 111 A.F.S. 12: Student Council Rep. 12. -j.V. Volleyball 10: Var. Volley- ball 11.123j.V. Softball 10.111 Var. Softball 11.121 j.V. Basketball 10.11. -'I.V. Footballg Key Club 12. -- Marching Band 111 j.V. Band 10.111 C.O.E. 12. - NHS 10.11.12 - Band 10.111 Pep Club 10. - Badminton 10.11.12g Vice Pres. A.F.S. 123 French Club 12. - Volleyball 103 DF. 123 D.E.C.A. 12. - Var. Volleyball 123 Var. Track 1 1 -- Dance Club 13 FFA. 10,11.12. -- NHS 11,121 German Club 111 1l.E.R.O. 12. - Orc. 10,11.123 All-State Band 113 Science Club 123 Toro Band 10. -j.V. Diving 113 F.F.A. 12. - MarchingfConcert Band 11,11 Key Club 12. - Flag Corp. 113 Spanish Club 12. - D.E.C.A. 11. - j.V. Softball 103 Toro Band 103 Student Council 10,11,123 Var. Softball 113 Key Club 123 F.B.I..A. 12. - Badminton 111J.V. Tack 113 Cross Country 123 Var. Track 12. - NHS 11.123 Soccer 103 Sci- ence Club 12. - Student Council 10.11.11 May- or's Youth Comm. 10,11 German Club 103 Soc- cer Club 103 Foreign Language Club 113F.B.1..A. 123 Key Club 123 Science Club 123 B.S. Club 123 Mesa Speaks 113j.V. Tennis 113 Var. Tennis 12. - VICA 123 German Club 12. -- Var. Track 10,11,123 Var. Orc. l0,1l,l2L B.S. Club 12. - Pom 11.123 Chorus 10.113 Dance Club 103 Foreign Language Club 11, Key Club 12. - lslomeroom Rep. 10.11,12. - D.E.C.A. 103 H.E.R.O. 12 -- j.V. Basketball 103 Var. Basketball 11.123 Key Club 12. -- Var. Track 10,11.123,I.V. Soft- ball 10,113 Var. Softball 11.12. - Var. Swimming 103 Var. Softball 10.11.121 Var. Track 123 Var. Basketball 113 Var. Volleyballg Ski Club 12. --j.V. Football 101.112 Football 113 Var. Football 12Qj.V. Baseball lfx Var. Baseball 12. -j.V. Band 103 Marching Band 11.123 Var. Band 11.12. - Matador Band 101 Toro Band 11.12. t - Var. Band 10. -- NHS 10,11,121 French Club 11.123 German Club 123 Swimming 123 Home- room Rep. 12. -- N115 10,1 1,121 Science Club Pres. 123 Close-up 10. - NHS 10.11.123 F.B.1,.A. 10,123 C.O.E. 123 Class Council. -- Var. Band 10.11.123 French Club 11.12. -j.V. Football 10. - French Club3 German Clubl Spanish Club. -- Var. Band 10,11,12. - Flag Corps l01J.V. Basket- ball 113 C.O.E. 12: F.B.L.A. 12. - Los Contenres 121 Pom 12. - NHS 10.11.123 German Club 10.11,123 Soccer 10.l1.1Z. - NHS 10,11,12. - Drama Club 12. -j.V. Badminton 111 Var. Basketball 111 Student Body Vice Pres. 123 Key Club 123 B.S. Club 12. - Var. Band 10.11. -- Clic Club 113 Track 113 D.E. 123 D.E.C.A. 12. -j.V. Cross Country 10. - 1.C.E. 12. - D.E.C.A. 111 Gymnastics 11,12. -- H.E.R.O. 12. - French Club 10. -j.V. Football 103j.V. Basket- ball 103 Var. Football 123 Var. Basketball 11.12. - M.E.C.H.A. 10,l1,12. - Var. Football 123 Var. Soccer 11.123j.V. Football 103jr. Football 113 Key Club 123 Ski Club 1O,11.123 Homeroom Council 10.11. - Tutoring 10.12. - Var. Gymnastics 10,11. - Bike Club 11. - Los Contentes 11.122 Premiere 113 Encore 123 Pep Club 101 Tutor 11. - Volleyball 10.113 Track 10: Ski Club 11.121 Key Club 123 Homeroom Coun- cil 113 D.E.C.A. 12. -- Ciose up lm Soccer 10.12. -- D.E.C.A. 12. -j.V. Football 103j.V. Basket- ball 10g Var. Football 11.123 Var. Baseball 11,123 Homeroom Rep. 101 Mayors Youth Comm. 10. -- C.O.E. 123 F.B.L.A. 12. - Var. Track 10,12 Var. Cross Country 11,12. - German Club 12: Softball 12. -- lndian Club 10.11. - Var. Band 11.12. --j.V. Football 10g Wrestling 10. -- Golf 103 Newspaper 11.12. -- Chorus 10.11.123 Var. Track 10,111 C.O.E.. F.B.1..A. 12. - Indian Club 11,121 Inter- club Council 123 Matador Band 10. -- j.V. Footballg j.V. Traclcg Ski Club 103jr. Football 113 Var. Track 11,123 Var. Baseball 12. --j.V. Baseball 103j.V. Football 101 Var. Football 12. -- C.O.E. 123 F.B.1,.A. 10. -- Baseball 10. - Sym. orc. 10,11,12g Ski at Outing 10.11.123 Premiere 113 Dance Club 103 Encore Strings 103 Var. Tennis 11,123j.V. Tennis 103 Spanish Club 11.123 Key Club 12. - Mat Maids 113 Newspaper 11,12Q Homeroom Rep. 11. - A.F.S. 10,11,123 Foreign Ex- change Student. - NHS 10,11,12. - Click Club 11,123 Yearbook Staff Photographer 11.123 Photo Editor 124 Best Seniors Club 12. - C.O.E. 123 F.B.L.A. 12. -j.V. Football 103 Var. Swimming 11. -jr. Football 113 Mecha Club 113 1.C.E. 12. - Flag Corp. 102 Pom 11,12 lco- captainl Dance Club 11.123 D.E.C.A. 12. F - F.F.A. 10,11,12. -j.V. Band 10,111 Var. Band 123 Encore 12. - Dance Club 12. Senior Register 185 --j.V. Band 101 Var. Band 111 Yearbook 11.12. - Matador Band 10,111 Swimming 101A.F.S. 10,111 Mecha Club 101 French Club 121 Drama Club 121 Homeroom Council 10.11.12 - Cross Country 101 Drama 11.12. -j.V. Band 10,11.121 NHS 11.12. -j.V. Football 101 C.E.P. 12. -- H.E.R,O. 12. - Mecha Club 10,11.12. -f D.E.C.A. 11.12. , -- Toro Band 10.111 Sym. 11,121 Homeroom Council 10.111 Los Contenres 11,121 A.F.S. 10.12. -- Youth Arc 11,121 D.E.C.A. 12. -- Stage Crew 11,121 Drama Club 10.11.121 Yearbook 12. - Toro Band 10.11.121-Jazz 121 Matador Band 12. -- Student Council 10.111 Newspa- per 111Tut0t 11.12. - NHS 10.11.121 Pep Club 122 Senior Club 12. - Key Club 12. 1 - Cheer 111 Student Council ltr Los Palomitas 101 Premiere 111 Encore 12. -- NHS 10.11.121 Var. Band 10,11,12Q Soccer Club 101jazz Band 10.11.122 Orc. 10. S - French Club 11,121 j.V. Band: Var. Band 11.12. -- D.E. 11.12. - Var. Football 121 Var. Wres- tling 12. - Archery 10.111j.V. Bad- minton 11.121 Youth Arc 111H.E.R.O. 121 Tutor 11,1Z. - Student Council 101 F.F.A. 10.11.121 Archery 111 Badminton 111 Newspaper 12. - Orc. 1O,11,12g Encore Strings 10,11,12. - Homeroom Rep. 10,111 Var. Cheer 121 Key Club 12. ' -j.V. Football 101jr. Football 11. - NHS 11,122 Senior Class Sec.1 Chorus 10.11.121 Badminton 111 Homeroom Rep. 11. - V.1.C.A. -j.A. 101 C.E.P. 121 Ski Club 12. -j.V. Football 10. - Var. Gymnastics 111 Photo Club 111 Newspaper 12. 186 Senior Register -- Chorus 10.11.121 Home- room Rep. 11QJ.V. Basketball 101 Key Club 121 Spanish Club 12. - Sym. Orc. 10.11.121 Encore Strings 10. - D.E. 12. - Drama 10.11.12 --j.V. Football. -- Newspaper1j.V. Basketball 10.111 Var. Basketball 12. --NHS10.11.1Z1A.F.S.10.11.121 Dance 11.121 Tutor 10.11. - Drama 10.11Q Mecha Club 11. -- Var. Band 10.11.121 Orc. 10,11.121jazz Band 10.11.121 Soccer 11.121 Drum Major 12. -- NHS 121 Var. Band 121 German Club 122 Marching Band1 Bike Club ll. -- Var. Band 10.11. - Pom 11.121 Sym. Orc. 10.11.121 Encore Strings 11.12. 1,115,161 lklowbcdc1e11Q11?g1.V.l49qfb1l7a121o1 -- Var. Band ll. - Orc. 10.11.121 Foreign Lan- guage Club ll. -,l.V. Basketball 101 Var. Basket- ball 11.12g Var. Baseball 11.12. - Var. Soccer '11J.l1.1.21'1.V. Base- ball 101 Var. Baseball 11.12. - Sym. Orc. 10.1 1.121 Choir 10.11.122 Key Club 121 Spanish Club 111 NHS 121 Encore Strings 11. -- Choir 10.11.121 Orc. lO.11.l2. -j.V. Football 101 Var. Football 11.12. - Track 11.121 Cross Country 12. - Var, Volleyball 10.111 Var. Softball l0.l1Qj.V. Basketball 101 Var. Basketball ll. - Dance Club 11: Yearbook 11: .rPaqtb111li2.1,z.Nrls- 12, 5LUuD.5p . . . ii . 1 buggy. HDI IL - Orc. 101 Pom 121 lChorusl Band 10.lli F.F?A.'1,1.12. 10.11.12. - Football 10.11. - Swimming 11.12. - M.E.C.H.A. 11.121 C.O.E. 12: F.B.L.A. 121 Anytown 11. -- Football 101 Diving 10. -- Var. Bancl 11.121 Orc. 10.11.121 j.V. Band 11. --j.V. Wrestling 10.111 Varg Wres- tling 121jr. Football 11. - H.E,R.O. 12. - H.E.R.O. 12. - NHS 10,1l,12Q Cross Country 10,11.121 Track 10,11.121 Spanish Club 121 Bike Club 11.12. - NHS 10.11.121 Volleyball 101 Archery 101 Badminton 11: Var. Archery 111 Stu- dent Council 121A.F,S. 121 Dance Club 121 Tutor 10.11. 1 -- Orc. 10.11.121 Chorus 10.11.121 Spanish Club 11. -- Diving 10. -' D.E. 12. - H.E.R.O. 12: C.E.P. 11. -j.V. Football 101 Var. Football 11,12. - Var. Tennis 10.11.121 Var. Soc- cer 10,11,l2. -- Homeroom Rep. 101 D.E.C.A. 11,121 D.E. 12. -- Var. Baseball 11.121jr. Football 10,11. - Student Council 10.121 Pom 11.121 Drama Club 101 Chorus 11.12. - C.O.E. 12. - Orc. 101 Chorus 10.111 Pep Club 113 A.F.S. 11.12. --j.V. Football 10gjr. Football 111 Var. Football 12. ' - Var. Track 101 H.E.R.O. 12. - Var. Gymnastics 111 Student Council 11.12. --j.V. Band 10: Var. Band 11.121 Yearbook 121 BS. Club 12: Ski Club 12: Tutor 10.11.12 - Flag Corp 10: C.O.E. 12: F.B.L.A. 12. --j.V. Track 10. - H.E.R.O. 12. - Cross Country 11,121 Track 111 Chorus 11.12. i - C.O.E. 121 F.B.L.A. 12. - Chorus 101-J.V. Volleyball 101 Var. Track 103 Var. Volleyball 11: C.O.E. 121 F.B.L.A. 12. -- DE. 12. - NHS 10.11.121 j.V. Track l0,ll. - Youth Arc 111 D.E.C.A. 11. A - Var. Track 101 Cross Coun- try 111 H,E.R.O. 121 Yearbook 11.12. - Toro Band 10.11.121 Chorus 10.11.121 var. Archery 11.12. lktrna Skotiscn Scott Slade Dave Slim Iivelvn Smith lull' Smith Suzie Smith Paul Smith Sue Smith ilohn Snotlgrzws Brent Soo l loo Michael Spzfslrriiiii Laura Spilshurt' Nick Springer Lionel Stiiflortl Saritly Stitlil Marcia Stantlage Scott Standagc janv.-ne Stankovie Kriss Stanley Reriee Staple-y Totld Stark Marla Sterling Laura Srirt Steve Stoker Bobby Story Keith Stmubinger Cindy Sulatlie Steve Sutton Chris Swuriholm Ron 'fackett Bill Talbott Rene Taylor liieliard Taylor Bill 'lermisrirt ,Irina 'lqilifnn V l,ori 'liiltori lim il'iStlale Krista The-luiitlcr 'llzriiiriie To Dan Deni. uientl 'lruu 'lhrriliri Atliera 'lreltfts Smart 'lirtmrsell Morgen Tryort Thomas Tucker Lisa lyler jeff Vega Cfhristiria Vartler Wliitriey Vance lane Vantlerlvetk ,lat ltie Van Norman Ricltztrtl Vrimas. Brenda Wallwrtin Dan Wallis Susan Warren Rtihin Washington Lori Waymari 'lizizrirriie X'l"eiitl1erf'ortl 'llriiirrix Welulw XX'cntlv Wleight larries Wcltlnn Aint' Welker A ni if Wel l in tg june Weliheiihaiigli jacqtie Wendt' Lenore Werirlt Gregg Wheeler Kristi Wlieeler Chris Wlfiitcorrilu Ariclrea Wliitelientl Ueric' Viliitmore julie XX"liitmr,vre Iillen White l,urrv Wliite Berwyn W-filluririk Parriclu Wilclen Stexe Wilson lt-ll Wiley Ke-.-in Wiley David Will1L'l in Steve Willis Richiirtl Wlills Bath W'i5niewSl4i Terri Woeltler Claim Yazzie Bill Zim The Future is Guts f junior Officers: Kip Kempton, Treasurerg Susan McKearnon, Secreraryg jenny Zollinger, Vice Presidenrg Karrin Kunasek, P d r 188 Junior Officers - A W A V Q, ba A . a ,, 'rr if e l i hs. l A i L. Ad .r F ,Q-, :SN 1 723, v ' 1 1"f?..'1 '32, --.El Ci-'WW E rg ,..Q,.5 5w 1' .Q 5 nh' l i 1 .1 Q. 1' e. 5. w in it E 1,111.3 r ...P ' ':'1 Q l. gg Allawi, -' fx , ., X , .22 A flak In A 12. ,,. ,' . 1 ff A A g f' NLM Y ll v A fi A . . Q' .A ' - .i N., , 'I f 4, ' 15 will if-me wzeiwwzeff ' 4' z5ig,'7,.L, Abele,john Adams, Casey Adams, Sherri Addington, Val Adraktas, Dean Aglio, Dave -fi- ,4 1 X 4 ' ' V.,V,f- Alvarado, Edwin Allan, Eric Allen, Marnie Alvis, Mitchell Amaya, ,Iavier Amstutz, Roland Anderson, Betsy Andric, Mike Arbuckle, Don Archor,'Iack Armenta, Tony Arnett, Bill l X X l ,Za gnu, We .49 Q 4. fr any r. , is .ff .if W 'icy .il Nl. avi' 'P ur ..f,, lr ..i: ,.., A .il.. Ashcroft, Lucy Atwell, Shannon Bagby, Clint Baker, Doug Baker, Gary Baker, Karen Baldwin, Amanda Ball, jorgena Balthrop, Garri Bankson, Eugene Bargas, Nick Barker, Gina Q. 41 Ass. 3 tg ' ,yr ff lr Ll,- flrf ii aa I Barr, Harry Behrens, Karla Bassett, Chad Bell, Mike Bassett, Chuck Bassler, Grant Bates, jennifer Beert, Traci Benka, Tammy Bennett, Anne Bentley, Lisa Bercel, Anne Mane juniors 189 ,. . ra' a 4' - "l 115, A ni-V 1, 5 r iw ef- A , sf - 1 , , yd" Sw . QQ 1, K , 5 H ' E fff:'ic"g . , .h - ' 1 I Q, - Y B ' X -' 4.4 , 4 ' ' ' W , . . g 3, ,x .1 . .- 3 K Y A K " sm" - ! t .. X l K I ,e f 4 fa L. aww 1 1 lfiiyr , i - Q is ' f' B 'f . ' tx J Berkley, Rick Berthold, Kimberly Biakeddy, Chalyise Bickes, Mary Biller, Scot Bilodeau, Laurie 3, f 55- fa. ,Sri ., , r i i i 4 eeii liz. Q 3 xy- r , X: -L 11 , ' B ' ,. 1 ,- 2 5 if 9- in prggjln ' Q. t W -V ,. , :' ll " " ,.- . ' ' 'N V l "".,T fl 'f"e.,,,.+'1' :M err-- 13 f fy?-A - V 4, I 343 rg, , 4 . 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Challis, Traci Chambers, Mindi Charette, Tina Charlson, Mark Chiappetta, Mary Chiren, Paul Christopher, Claudia Clark, Alison Cleavor, Theodore Cloud, Phillip Clouse, Dean Cloyd, Barb Cluff, Betsy Cocca, Dorrie Coffey, Kent Cole, Thomas Collins, Loree Comparin, jeff Comstock, Shelly Conklin, Carlene Contreras, Theresa Cooper, Laurette Corbett, Larry Cosgrove, Mary juniors 191 - 4 ' 'J - T X X a "i , ,,.f'i . , gg, ,. 4 f- a i ' N 'I l v -vs X ii if , l i if e nl T.. 4.5 -"' Y' . 1 1 W . X . N 5 - fi Q' 1 . o 4:4 l , HM. f ' 1 ii ii:-' ' ii? A ' A 2 L 5 t- , v . i 'l 1 a 'f T. 'AXE . .-1A,,11 1, .,.L WT T 372 . C Y A tt hl n,f,4:g,Vzij Q , ,.. ,. ,it I .K ,Q ,W 'I hx", 'Qu W . - 'i 32' V - r -if flll is if - l .' f i ,, ,,,, 2' 4'f - ' T5 i ii D in si in i ' i I .-L 152-F Vi Cota, Virginia Cote, Ted Cramer, David Crane, Susun Creel, Eric Crimmins, Pete .v1 ,.. Crompton, Deborah Cronk, Lyne Crouch, Lisa Clow, Debbie Cullen, Gladys Curd, Peggie Currie, Susan Curtis, Christopher Darger, Darryl Davis, Kent Cunningham, Kathleen Davison, Debra Dawson, Steven Delaney, Chris Deal, Kimann de los Rios, Ignacio Decious, Michael Delray, Cyndee Deel, Marie DePriest, Brenda Degracie, Dan Deremiah,-james Dejno, Mark Deschner, Felecia Ml l 5,557 , .- f x 4 511 'i .v V l 'ns'-as x N e4QP'w Deveaux. Craig Dickenson, Kelly Dillon, Allison Dobbins. Tracie Dodge. Penny Domann, Donald Dorchester. joserta Dorman, Kimberly Doyle, john Drumm, Deborah Duffus. Mark Dugan. Daniel -.L 192 Juniors Esber, Bradley Fedorick, Leann Fruehling, Marina Lx 1 f 5 He! ,r l F 'l 4 X .T ,nhkk I N 3 ue ,fs f r mv 'iii : ,.,4 , if 1 X f wa? I - l : ? at l 1 is F i r X y . 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Duke, Carines DZik, jan Ebert, William Edwards, ames Edwards. effrey Edwards, Tammy Egan, Martin Eggan, Mary Elkins, jessica Elmer, Robert Emerson, Melanie Enfield, David Enos, jewel Ergenbright, Rebecca Erickson, john Esqueda, jorge Evans, Kevin Ewald, Lisa Fankhauser, Kara Farnsworth, Macie Feenstra, Patrick Fenney, Renee Fisher, Benny Fisher, Michael Fisher, Pat Fisher, Pat Fleming, Michelle Flinn, Sharon f fnwmr-W W s A ,,.. ,f,,,, : I v .T 5 JO Q -4 C17 e ' Y -Q 1 'I fs wi, is H ..1"3i YJ Founrain, Narhanial Franklin, Larry Franzmeier, Stacy Frazier, Kevin Frias, Lalo Frias, Gregory Frihart, Tammy Frisby, Daniel From, Valerie Gacldie, Lisa Gaddie, Lori uniors 193 A Memorial uintin Patrick Griffin was born February 7, 1965, and completed his sophomore year at Mountain View, where his life dream was to become a skilled artist and cartoonist. His dream, however, was shattered by a tragic acci- dent. His death was a result of a surface dive made at a private pool. After he dove in, he never came back up. There was no known medical reason for his death. Quintin was a participater. He was a member of the Boy Scouts where he earned 18 skill awards, 15 merit badges, and the rank of Star Scout. He also did odd jobs through Call-A-Teen. The memorial fund that was set up for Quintin provided stained glass windows at Holy Cross Catholic Church, Frames for the Art Department, money for the Special Education Department, and money for the B.S.A. Troop 288 to help buy lessons in C.P.R. Quintin was a young man who liked people. He was the kind of person who could pick out good qualities in every- one he met. He died on July 20, 1981. I Nia, H ig' -f " it in r r x 'r' - -.I if -. 'A ff, ,.,,.r.,.,.. ., ,. .W 3 . :img wr . M O PN if I ,, ,O 'i . lil rs - 4 ,ici .. M ef . V Lx 'Q i:.,.t.,, K X' R A 5' .4 if I , xx V 1 I ii: it Hi LA K A1 . Ls W, ,..,.. , . . .i .1 -1- we gr ra a r A i .. ,N Galloway, Tracy Garcia, Robert Garn, Dana Garner, Melody Gatrel, Todd Gay, Cheryl i. . 1 , . ' 1 r 1 ' . . . i Gee, Penny Geegan, Corina Gerkin, Patricia German, jimmy Gilillan, Robyn Gobbell, Steve Gonzales, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Goodolf, Goodwin, ,552 Christina Maria ,Iavier Regina Barbara Gordon, Linda Gorman, Eugene Gowin, jeff Graham, Crystal Graves, Barb Gray, Lisa Greaves, Denise 194 uniors .351 at i. . XM 1 X x..-'--- N www 1 , ,,Q.3gir i,,i ,mh A tag, Wi! gf. k g igiif' 1' i , ,yn jc ' " SQ," , Q, ,X f s in ,: ..'S 'I I F X-,ivan EFX I- iza- ge. .wg F 5,9 IJ. -5 f 5 S i A ' If :si 1' z L 'Wi xl- L faq' 'MS' Greear, Green, Greene Gregg, Griffin, R Coury Eric , jeff Dean Catherine Grifhn, james i A' Griffin, Lisa Griggeory, Franklin Grone, Vince Gulden, Sharon Gunnell, Robert Gurney, Helene Hale, Kim Hammons, Erica Hanley, Lyman Hardin, Evelyn Harel, john Harker, Kimberly Harlow, Scott Harmon, Kelley Harris, Camille Hartley, Shelley Hartzler, Kaylene Hazlett, Mark Heath, Dennis Herderick, j.D. Hernandez, Roland Hicok, Gary Hiesel, john Hiesel, Robert 'T' . 5 f Yell x if ill 2.7. ,,.,wl,, ,, 2 tee, it if x '- I 2 - iff- W' Higgins, Lisa Higginson, Brian Hill, Christina Hill, William Hines, Paula Hodges, Robyn s xii XYZ. 1 V R E Hogue, Lisa Hollister, Lori Holman, Greg Holsinger, Gene Horky, john Horton, Michelle uniors 195 A in , ' "s g l Ll ,tm N, 5 , ,QQ ft 3, .... V .A Jr 4 E ,, if - Z5 r . -2 R fn, F at A L' '- Bruce "Rocky" Higginson shows what the Toros will do to Mesa High. Houghton, Denise Howard, Kristen Hudson, Marc Houston, Donna Hoyt, Michael Hudzietz, Steve Howard, Daniel Hudlin, Clint Huff, Sherri s R ,,,: , f Hughes, Anthony Hughlett, Deanna Hull, Brett Hyslope, janell jackson, Tommy janisch, Nancy M t ,,.. . iafiiil " l 5 52 4153 .L in mir 1 . E Pla the r an 62 l N 4 it s, V,,t,, or ,,, K K ii , tt i r ki ' at N N jaquette, james jenkins, Mark jennings, john jensen, Robert jessie, David johnson, Andrew fy I I 5 gi? it ,Rl Qf x V1 f 5 'Nt ,- ifii Q S 4 i ,..,,,, m "" I ,, n L... M ew 5 me 3 it u .Q ,fly r ' ' as + 3 Q A Q N Esighiil ki lg 4 ,, . zz sfzsseo ...W ei iii! , ,W .w ltss D 1 ze ,gf ,iam glflfgiz , into S 'ff ati if lb?" johnson, AnnMarie johnson, Darin johnson, Mark johnson, Rodney johnson, Shirley johnson, Susan johnson, Theresa jones, Angela jones, Bryan jones, Charles jones, Cheryl jones, Debra 196 juniors ,Q, Q ...., 33 K ' r iefsi-. -1 KF' fr' a v , 3121 f 1, ki 'H E if X Y l , , x ,gtg 3 W' X , 1 ir , Y . ff' 2 .12 tif 4 'ry Q X ei. 1 'W e. ., st.. he . X . -ffl .. 4 if P 'W fl' .nnai lk. ,rl X ,d..r,,-I -if i r X. t jones, jeff Kannenberg, Wesley jones, john Kasprzyk, Sylvia jones, Suzette Keast, Brian jordan, April Keehr, Holly joyner, Shelly Kegler, Glen Kaiser, Gary Kellem, Kelly . ag, il? if x ' L me 'iw' V iiii ww, , W ' K, hs . fi 3 Q 3 QA A . ' ,ii V f 'gzip s . V Q i i. X fm 'L I Ki- .XL '1 ' 4 LL r H, X il' Pj yi , . N 5 X A X K ,, , w. 4 .1 . t 1, H Ni, s Kelly, jody Kelly, Karen Kempf, Tina Kempton, Kip Kereluk, Kimberly Kerrigan, Mark Elf King, joe King, Merrill Kinnaman, Beth Kinnear, Kathleen Kinney, Kim Kinseth, Brenda Kirsch, Laurinda Knudsen, Rhonda Kobie, Meredith Koehler, joseph Kolhepp, james Koncar, Stuart . K 'yn .if J - 1572 , 1 QIQQIX lf 'xixn A! A' 5 ' Al Koons, Leslie Kraemer, Lynn Kramer, Barbara Kreamier, Tari Kreitzer, james Krick, Paul Kubitz, james Kunasek, Karrin Kuntz, Tom Kurus, john Lahaie, james Lamansky, David uniors 197 .l r r r ' 1 an ff,1 .. 'War r 'H 1 I -v 'r .arm , gt .ff ' S i L 1.5, a.5,m.1gx,l,. 1: -1 ' .2 , A if . .,.,,. ,kk.V., W H.. ,..,.. .. .,,?.w,, is, i, - ia.. ,J ,g, R? A-i , .4 l 3 .,, A 5 .,., . W - V ' - -V-t -Hug., ft: ll 55 in i 13 M 2 1. X 'Q if rf Q . X Lambert, Kenneth Lambright, Marvin LaM0rte, Staty Lane, Marla Lang, Simon Lanham, Barb .Cx . fl-5 L Larson, julie Launer, Robert Lawhon, Krista Lawson, Candace Layton, Lisa ' . ' W, all ai. ,.f Layton, Michael Lebaron, Elise Ledingham, Mark Lee, Danny Legg, Ty Legrady, Loma .. f s 4 NZ ll!! E l l 1 l , im r ,Wm JL., Leonard, Marsha Leszczynslci, Allison Lewicki, Mary Lewis, Mark Lienrz, Cass Ivan E , ky.: ,,.. .t A I ,.. , K, .. L., 4,,..,,,.... Lizdas, Diana Lloyd, Chris Lloycl,jeff Lock, jeff Loeffler, David Lofgran, Mary l 9 ,f, ra- lf r ' 2 'f' ' I W. fm . . if 95 " + If .W 9' 1 S i , , C ,.., . ,I ,ge l ll n Qi ,,,, tx i ,,,. a . Y .,,3,. 4. , , . lb 1 . er. 4 aw t ri JY' 4 I! '-Qs ? 1 Long, Tamara Lott, Laura Lovins, Scott Lower, Toni Lozano, Tomas Luhellier, Brad in M.. ,755 Lundquest, Kurt Lutz, Daniel Maffucci, jill Magallaez, Zina Maine, Trina Malone, james 198 uniors r 'V 'a U l max -5 'gef- .... , -,,,.N as ..,kA milf. .,.. W, O i ff ,, .J . l Z f L11 ig' k , ' W avv f ., f S . f, if ih ss L L. f 1 A It Rauf ,V ie. S all s1!IHtl: f4 Qkt QL, , C3 , .1 , x .Q- Q Q, zz- fa s 73 Iwi , .,, :Mn ., ., . . 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Meredith, Pamela Merrill, Michael Merritt, Melissa Messmer, Cynthia Meyer, Sherri Micheletti, Gino Miles, Gregory Miller, Lorenza Mills, Denice Mills, Richard Milsrone, Stephanie Milrs, Ronda Miranda, Terri Mitcoff, john Moen, Mark Montierth, Lori Montijo, Melissa MOOcly, jim Moody, Keith Moore, Steve Mortensen, Andrea Mulera, David Murphy, Kathleen Murphy, Pat Murray, jana Nahs, Kiel Nakai, Felicita Naylor, james Needham, Yogi Nehimia, Renaldo Neis, john Nelson, Glen Nelson, Madeline Newendyke, Craig Newman, Rich Newman, Walter Nicastro, Pat Nickell, julie Nicks, julie Nicksf Shelly Nicoll, Gregory Nielson, Christopher 200 juniors G .., ,, . .,, F55 ' ' T55 ,gi A ia' Cf 1. Li 1-3 5... V52 LN , , .. Q53 . -w. X 'VI1 - . fs is ge in ff 1 al QW 4 'l 1 X - T-A r A z A 2 r ,. f , Qi- .LL Noe, Lourie Norris, Carol Norris, Douglas Norton, Diane Norton, Treck Olson, Fredrick 1 X , x x - jayna McWilliams and Terry Blaker are momentarily interrupted. 1 i n, f rttl N N . iff? , 'Ea S , . 59' Orcutt, Mike Osorio, Fritz Palm r, Robin Parker, William Pattea, Steven Perkins, Kieth Ortega, Thomas Overton, Kathy Pariz , Diane Parry, Troy Patterson, Greg Perlman, Brenda O'Connor, Kimberly Owsley, Lisa Park , Monica Pasqualijolene Pearce, Julianne Perri, Lisa O'Dell, Vickie Oxborrow, jill Parke Robert Patrick, Michelle Peavey, Lana Peters, Stefanie Osborn, Stephanie Ozik, Ann Osborne, Sandra Paap, Thomas juniors 201 51 ,za Us ' 'I if 2,-fr,, i . L. 4, fs 351 52? , qt -sy k T a 1 ' ? . , U . ri I . Petersen, Mark Pinkerton, Bonnie PirOn, Trini Pitchford, Rodney Plotzke, james Porco, Maryjane .4 '25 .Z ' n'. ifrgrfrff M a 3 'Q '-.-v -4 il l is , 22. kg. . x R. f x 24: S... - Q 4 lg I , K In 1, r NVVJ4' 'P - 1 if-. rf ' a ii X f " x 1 I 5 A 5 4 gil r ff Vw 1-,, 75, m y , L ' l R f a ? i If R5 , 1 - - -,' 1' 355- i 5' . r New 'Q F is 'i 1 2 W -v, V, la. I Ii Pothier, Bob Potter, Evelyn Powell, Wendy Prechtel, Laura Prince, Robert Psenski, Adam Pulzato, john Quindry, Michele Quirk, Lisa Rahn, Kelly Rangel, Charlene Rapier, Donna Rasberry, Tommy Ray, Chritine Ray, Kim Rector, Dawn Redondo, Lisa Reeb, Mark Regester, jeff Reinhardt, Andrew Rertig, Rhonda Rhein, Tina Richardson, jennifer Richardson, Karen Richardson, Tammy Roberson, Terri Roberts, Kathy Robideau, Eric Robinson, janine Rodriguez, David il . A Rodriguez, Teresa Rodriguez, Wilma Rogers, jeff Rosari, Mike Ross, Andrew Rost, john 202 uniors Lori Shill is the Toro mascot during the games. , hi s . , , Uhr 4 1 e , ' f is ...q if i Aja V ,. g 3 ' S4 i Runzo, Scott Russell, Robert Sabin, Andrew Rusk, Paula Ryan, Nolan Sakmarmlulian ,mis .M 5 1, My ,iz ' , 4 it lf' Lki' J erslriir- -- Myer, ,hf S 2 f' '1 if , .fx ,, -.- , , x We X . i . A t 0 .rxf E if 'il f' Q 11,513 lll as ag Q, me - Q l . X Sanchez, Maria Sanchez, Pat Sanderson, Tim Sandhurst, Charles Sanofsl-cy, Pauline Saunders, Lanae if x ff,-H Q , 'Y Y' Scheff, Lisa Schmitz, Martin Schneider, David Schuh, Carrie Schuster, Linda Schwanbeck, Cheryl S x .X ,X qfwi 1, -ggi ar r af. . W' I . W? 'ar K: 1 est 4 il-o li nj. ,L I Q 4' , 1 'fr ' 5 Secondo, Karen Sheets, Nathan Seely, Kris Shill, Lori Self, Bobbi Shreve, Kenny Sellers, Courtney Sharpy, Thomas Shearin, Stephen Shreve, Todd Sickmiller, Kim Shinn, Diane uniors 203 J Q Sikora, Heidi Simma, Barbara Simpson, jerry Skousen, Shawna Slade, Darwin Slim, Laverda A , Y .. Q 1. ,t t W Z X 'Owl X WQSFS S mg i 1 ',,:e, Mi is I 1 i'ii- '-at ' gf y 1, V ,E ' K, , if wxtj A Kim Marshall works intently on her yearbook. ..' x ' wr - js: 'U' 5 S 1 w.-1 it M ' Q il S I 1 J Smith, Colette Smith, Danna Smith, Dawn Smith, Gregory Smith, john Smith, Kathryn Smith, Laverda Smith, Lisa f- W- H - i,.. Y ,,,,J1.1f- fy--f age , ,S W' xkfilf .-.4 .,: ,b -1 ,i, SJ BBN' ff 5, , xl. lp I I Q 1 If 1 -1 'K X wma' Smith, Rodney Snodgrass, Steve Sorgen, Bruce Smith, Shad Snook, Viki Springer, Mike Smith, Sheryl Snowden, Shaun S ' Smith, Tim Sobal, Melinda Squires, Micheal Somody, Deborah Stamper, Lee SooHoo, Garran Stankovic, john N KX K i bs.. , I i L t., ,y 1 . Q. :i.Q,'.'f 5 YM Y A l, k!?v.k.k, K ,wigg at- , f-. -W 15 , v J , Stapley, Randall Steffen, jackie Stein, Eric Steinwinder, Karen Steinwinder, Kimala Stephenson, Brian 204 uniors it -S Li, if h Xa H 4 , I il 1 f nl X x, : "" . e fa, A' 1 Q if nv! s -Q 4- Stevens, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stirling, St. Louis, Rhonda .NAM i as Stole, Shawn Story, Bobby Streib, Laura Stubbs, Tim Swaba, Maureen Swanson, Trevor 6 f W A ei x i f X X i Iwi .,, .. i - ' fs Q " f 1 i l Mike Mancini puts his hot air to good use. Sweador, Christina Tawzer, Maria Tebrich, Tricia Tanner, Ken Taylor, Craig Thomas, Craig Tatum, Debora Taylor, jodie Thomas, Greg Thomes, Robin Thompson, Terri Thornton, Michelle Thorpe, Brady Tippets, Shawn Trails, Tom gay .gif in I ,:-I sf. - :QI 27 .4 w:,gfV31z1'f- r -' r, ,i -x 1 J 6 Q , , 6 w 1 . Y - 1 1 it L .... Travers, Will Tribby, Rochelle Tropio, Pat Trujillo, Maria Tryon, james Tuccino, Gerald juniors 205 After lunch, these junior guys gather on the Senior Hill to goof off before sixth hour. me fu- Jie I O K A - 'K V . 5 , X , - f e rli'3W?Jx"Y'e:i , , .---f-w-N.-- ,Q ,2 . 4 . K A g 'f5Wlf'5,w12:-g, , -, . 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X 'Sift 'ii si i 'W 99' 'bf fi fa w ,-me-. . yy., 'Y-if ' ,vb if 11 -+1 Webster, Lana Welch, Laurie Wells, Cynthia Wells, Denise Wells, Maria West, Theresa ml Westberg, Cindi Wheeler, Kim Wheeler, Steve White, Heather Whire,john Whitlock, jared .tg il? 3 i it N ff? f , la gt i ,X r ,.,.. i1 gy ,. .X 5 is X IR ls? Whitmore, Kevin Wilbrink, Sylvia Wilkes, Kyle Williams, Cindi Williams, David Williams, Paul Williams, William Willis, Chad Wilson, Dale Winters, Barry Wittenburg, Mark Woeller, Steve ,e f Wolsieffer, janis Woods, Ben Woods, Dan Woods, Eric Woods, Karen Woodard, jim ,4 Woodhall, Tava Woodward, Ken Wyatt, Ron Young,jack Young, Mark Young, Rod Zack, Carol Zaharis, Chris Zamora, Sandra Zettel, Chris Ziebell, Marti Zollinger, jenny uniors 207 Z -xl N 9 T 4 l ' s 'X is-,, ,r IAF, - 7 f K , 13? if we if 1.6 fri I Y-f' F? N Q Abel, Jody Abers, Robbie Acosta, Martha Adams, George Adams, Scott Adams, Scort X, , 0 i , 1 , . 1 'll ' A 5 . M .5 A- 4 rw , are Q A Q , -as , 1 1 aa' Y , W ,H . 1 a n H fks,4':,i :X Q" W ffi M 'iv ' V. - X 2' .612 fra a f Q H ' N , ii! M'--. s A' F' , fx ' w ' y 5 2 Le -2 Q '! 4 D 5 .4 lr-I . 1 . ,. , if "'o' 13 l 19" A -if C Q as Adams, Tina Alexander, Timothy Agostino, Frank Aley, Lori Aiello, Nick Alfaro, Veronica Albertsman, Deborah Allen, Belinda Albright, Shari Allen, Kaye Alexander, Donald Allen, Tammy Alvelar,,Iim Ambalong, Ron Ambri, Christopher Andrew, Shana Andrews, Timothy Araiza, Ernesto Armenta, john Arnold, William Arrieta, Diana Ashe, Yvonne Ashmore, james Atkins, Cherie Aussprung, Kurt Austin, Michael Bacon, Kimberly Baker, Dodie Baker, jonathan Baker, Thomas Ballard, Charlotra Ballentyne, james Barnes, Catherine Barron, Sherry Barrel. Lori Bartko, Lisa xg I Sophomores 209 X . - we vm- i 'X I uh jf, - ,f Q e. f 517 t ' xx r B i :Q 'vii 5 I Y PSG' in. ,P if i A I1 ' ' N Q? ,,, , G3?i' A Q , 4 f .A " 3 X it . A ia KNQ A . x , . l xx , 5 , f I 'Q A gigs! "hx , ai 4, f .HY 8 ' E I SA If r . il . ff 0 E M K 'V T, if ,Q F ! ala R l 'F' iiifffb ,-'r I 3' A l A fi?a Q9 i . i if X fir? Q A N A A i . K Q . f , ,f:sW?'fE5?a3fk93!:f V .. ia ii, .fi I., 2'-f-r ,A , if ' l Bauer, james Bean, Roger Beardmore, Lise Beck, David Beers, Brent Q Pg, 3 fi f Q 6.1! Beltran, john Benson, Deborah Bentley, Andrea Berryman, Adele Bethancourr, Tiffany Behunin, Kimberley Bettendorf, Larry 210 Sophomores Q5 i '.f.n i.:. I if ar "eg ,gi Bieber, Andrew Bingham, Priscilla Bisbee, Edward Black, Renee Black, Stephen Black, Travis ,s a r , ,f,- ,i'. 'Q-,wi-f . V i I Blackhurst, Bruce Blackhurst, jennifer Blaine, Robert Blake, Michael Blough, Brent Blythe, Sarah in ., , fr , 1, Bock, Steven Bond, Shauna Bontems, Gary Booth, Michael Bouchie, Kimberly Bowers, Mary Sue Bradshaw, Philip Brandon, Frank Brandon, Nina Branham, William Brewer, Wendy Bribiescas, Angela fig ,x.?,f,? r N ' I xg 'I' rx FY at Brodzinski, Kenneth Brown, Algene Brown, Caroline Brown, Douglas Brown, jill Brown, Lisa -Aff' ar X nf . -mp Ffjfsfiitl ' ' ' ' f I 1' Q X - , iw' , ll V K 6 ms" , ' 4 ,, , 7 ' I If X , ,. ix? ,- , ' V a sv st ' rag' 'REI' J if W' il SI.-. tw.-I . , If X , 1' :J 4 i Q f. i v-' .,. . ' 4 ' x o Rx . ' , X J. I xv V Z ,C af W , Brown, Stephanie Brown, Tracy Brunet, Lisa Brunson, Robin Brunyer, Steven Bryant, David Bryson, Maureen Buchanan, julee Buckles, Celeste Burges, Dennis Burkholder, john Burton, Andrew Ruth Lopez shouts, "Hang it up seniors, hang it up!" Burton, Court Cahill, Michael Callaway, Bobbi Bush, Christine Calderone, Dominic Calveri, jamie Butler, jeffery Caldwell, Shelia Campagna, Stephen Cagle, john Call, julie Campbell, Brett ,.-.1 x Campbell, Linda Campbell, Matthew Capalcli, Carole Capaldi, William Carclon, Sharla Carey, Sydner t '25 ' gag, l l i Carlson, Grant Carlson, Kimberly Carpio, jesus Carrieri, RoseAnn Carroll, john Carter, Anita Sophomores 211 If 2 'X . :iii ,iii .L ri A' r EL, ll ' '..3'-133 r 1 - rw 4 l awp E, i .YF A f Carter, Martha Cartwright, Terri Castillo, Patrick Casto, Anthony Cavallo, Gina Cerna, Amanda M: 7511135 viii? if v Qif Ya r ' xfzaml3S E, S "L .2 s :cf W rv E 1 1 ! 1 Q- 3 r ..1 Chapman, Kelly Charerre, Lisa Charles, Allan Chaves, joelle Christ, Dina Clark, john Clark, Rosemary Clark, Theresa Clark, Tom Clark, E.T. Clarkson, Gary Cleary, john Clevenstine, Donna Clifford, Brad Cluff, Brenda Cochenour, Dean Cogswell, Brenda Cole, Brenda Qaxrzeisn -11 ' ,Lg if I r ilffifl' 5.5 wig ' 3 iv X W 1 Na, .-3 , ,Q I 1 fe ,,,,,.. ,,,,,.,,,,. aww, if , uf Il ..., L1 ' -rs Q S' , I' r f Q l Colpaert, Ray Combs, Karry Compton, Kelly Conklin, Connie Cook, john Cooper, Cara Cooper, Teresa Corwin, Tom Cottam, Chris Counseller, Casey Craig, Chris Crandell, Wayne 'EP Crane, Carrie Cranford, Charolort Cranford, james Crawford, Dawn Crawford, Khali Cress, Mary Ann X f 212 Sophomores ,ig W : igfgfii 43+-Eli-fi I , ii K' af- e.. 4 as M 1 - -S - :sing i Q if 5-:lf is 4. S'-W" i' 'gg ,li Zvi. 5. - f Ere'-'S 1 I fx fe.. X i i 6 X ,,, ,.1. . t . .,,. rg 3 hy - -. fm: m i- 1 ...Z , ... . sa. T... ig, v f' vi A? l , Z . I f-fljg S i 'ii 'S aff ,X is ,Q al 1 3 A N W :5. A ' 11' Q .ffl 1 f Q l lllli' s ail -" viulqi 1,3 ia, "N , .:, i sf f , K l 'W is 'T Q 1 . . was z gif ,Q .. L, ,, as If P J A 2. ,if , , X yi i .f . parm: . 1 X ' -'1'5- " 3 13 2: J X "i-lifiliilsi' 'Mi " . ,Q ,vi v, 4 r . , li nfl' , f r . X 3 x - Q' tx K-V i :dl 4 'Q-x ,R , , f 2 a i R NN A53 , .izirsf . , K r ze' Hs, .. fan: Q s gig, " ig' -F K sh" - 5 1'-,. ., X .. , ' l --'J Q' i .."iY' ? ,QQ 't nn' , -,5i:9.,,- , i if V 52 2.. av g mf. -" :,. .,i--- as-1-is " 9 Q i " ' 5 i ZS- JV 4 :nl ,J .. -1 V. Il at Vi 'V if.. r gx?"?" :av F ,A N. kg 1' gli , X ff -. E is J 3 .I W' 'I 741 i 'H .f"' Crisfield, Debbie Crismon, Bonnie Crowe, john Cruise, Larry Crum, Will Cullen, Gladys Cunningham, Whitney Curry, Karen Curtis, Vince Cypert, Sally Dabrowski, Greg Dahlin, Troy X. Dalton, Bill Daly, Glenn Dammen, Ken Dangler, Harry Davis, Carol Davis, Scott , e 5' A: A Davis, Nile Day, Mike Decker, Kevin Delay, Albert Delorenzo, Andy DeMarino, Louis Lg.. Desrosiers, Keith Dickerson, Mike Dingman, jerry Distiso, Michele Doherty, Charles Dolan, Esther ARIN if pq a W Q 'M ,-, "go .- . , " -- L. 'Ili fps 'X ' 5 My P, ' L Doman, Wesley Dougherty, joe Doyle, Francine Doyle, Mike Dueck, Patty Duke, Theresa Dunn, Bob Dupree, Chazz Duprey, Andy Duranti, jacquin Eagar, Clyde Eccles, Trish A1 Sophomore-s 213 a X E 5' R, a 3 sg 51125 e, l ln all' 1 Y 'SSS is 5 fy 'X A-gai4ff,,,,fA , . A 5 ,fy 'V:tV as-like X R . , fr ' s ,Q-t, 14 ,. ..,,- QQ +L gg 4' rl ! CRL: nik 6.,,g,.,,,,,.,,.,,A . ' if Q 5 it r .Hs .ws .. . L 61 I- ,,f- ,fri . ,Q M ,ty . u ir -' C7 a as . 73' 5.,2:Tf M il 'N , 1 wzf-' 5.4,-gf,s,f ,,," - ,fi . f ,. .,L, ,,.,,,,1,, . , 1,,, it si,,,,,,., , i , ,, uri,- , , K sl .te ,qu in i an 3 1 if Ia s vu 'N ll N ,az jx ,wifi l 1 .1 + i ik ' nu- ,, - we fa. 3, s Q F x ji le ?,,,.,, , Q' .V -cv F 1 M V Q fa V N r i Edgerton, Pete Edwards, Craig Edwards, Eric Eells, Brian Elswick, Lauri Epps, Nanette ,J Q, Eskew, Mike Eskew, Shannon Eubanks, Reney Eulate, joe Fate, Berry Ferreira, jose X. 214 Sophornores Fetty, Clarence Figgins, Robert Forbes, Cassandra Forshee, Derrell Foster, Michele Fowler, Raymond , gl i . X, Frank, Steven Franklin, Dirk Frierson, Michael Frierson, Theresa Frost, Brian Frost, Paul Frost, Steven Frost, Stuart Fultz, Kimberly Galbasini, jill Gammel, Kora Garcia, Michael as Q J' , S. nv-V' Gates, Cheri Gebharclt, Michelle Gehring, Susan Geisheimer, Annabel Georgianni, Margie Gibbons, Christine I V '4'.ls.f kt 1 N f iz Hts A Gibson, Kelly Glauser, james Glenn, Adrian Glover, Bryan Goens, Pamela Gohlke, Lucas L A., in l y if N deama X. Goncalo, Lisa Gonzales, Geanna Gonzales, Marissa Gorman, Bruce Governo, Deanna Graville, Cheryl . Q N f 'is R , ' s Gray, Kimberly Greene, Maria Griegan, Maureen Griffin, james Griffin, Mark Griffin, Terri X. i, Aron Pineda questions, "Can you get a letter by way of paper ball?" X i Griffis, Lisa Griffith, Laura Groschel, Lisa Gross, William Guard, Michael Gurney, Wendy -fl' ig 1 " .Q i . .... .., l ,,,,,.k , , ff A - Q N 1 ls 'Y ' ig, - 1 Gurtler, Lloyd Guthrie, Greg Gutierrez, joe Gutierrez, Sonja s Q 5 r- igrmuiif p-Y ,:r,,.-,.f in J if if 'X' i ,V 'K gp!- . ,,,. f r tp. G if V K . f j V , 1. - L L x W iii - 'lx if N , 1' :e'- lr K is se' 'XF 'T' x lei X- e A P C , H 1 5 i, , . , ' 'fi' L ii' L K ' 1 1 , ' s :- r y Guy, Andy Hahn, Ron Hale, Karen Hall, Wendy Q Halls, Rebecca Hamblin, Mary Hamlow, Karen Hamm, Ernest i X-iltei If ' Hance,-Julie Hanna, Denise Hansen, Raimo Hardin, Dale Af Sophomore-s 215 ! X Making friends and having fun is another part of a sophomores high school life. r .fb N . C- Harker, jay Hartley, John Haslip, jennifer Hasslacher, Peter H 1 2 i-,Z 3 if . 5 M. D52 QL 3' if x ie: in Hatch, Carlet Hawley, Dennis Haynes, Aimee Heady, Karin :nf - if il' 2 . -in h, '-aides, , - ,ei '- ' Mfr., -,N N iq, 75 'Fa in ak- Wifi! ' , iq, i Ur-w-aw, ,, .,.-, ,M F fri, is i.:f"'zw M1 1.4 'ISIS' Hebdon, Truman Herbert, Mark Hedges, David Hefner, Steven ' 1 ff I ,Q , Heil, Christine Heinzmann, Christopher Helmick, Brian Helquist, Shari Helsing, Brian Hemberger, Dean 5 L X Hx' 1 f L , . 45, . - li as J f a ., , S - aes ? in K Al-Tk: r i My 1 , , , firm -f' 1 '-:': rf:-XIX ,Q , , . i 5 .-i fp' ': .3 .. 'Q ez. .J 1 , is v 9' Hia sk Y nv, i wuviolt ' wi xi . 'ly' , : Q , t -fxfveelfl 'l .se 4 ,i K Liu Y.. if asf' in X X 'E ., ef was . 1 . ,it Wi ai is A Y QQ: ts iqys, Aix! l SX ' li E l " LH' .Q 'li Q' + iii' " ". 1 . 'r ,, ,l f ., ,fi r . R x . r. Mad A s Hennessey, Ken Henry, David Hentges, David Hernandez, Annalisa Hernandez, Barbara Hickman, Wendy Higgs, Anita Higley, Calista Hill, Burke Hillger, Shawna Hines, Karl Hinkle, David ir Ni , 3 'ts 2 i .J F' il ft: V RNA 'xg 'fi Hix, Sandi Hoke, Kimberly Holman, Lisa Hon, Lisa Hoopes, Sheila Hopkins, Doreen X f 216 Sophomores X 'X fav is 1' Q H ig H i 3 A, M , , ,Q K f ,1-'f-lllfi , , ' -1 1 if ,iss X ' 'Q 1 . 1 L3 T , .ts Num, LV K A 1, W 4 ff W., f- ,, ig I A vjlh , I I, i - i I in 5 V, 15,1 fi . , 'Of - A , in W ,T 5 5' - - lr' 4 K Qi. r 1 K K E t K ' jk ,,1 , , ,t Y l 4 ' 'Y k lfii-. . ,ski " ' , A H t, , M V ,IX ' 55 X I li lf' 1: i :. :gf 1, 'M A w K E N S 'f lf it 7 A' 4' it 4 1 K Q, 1 L si ' h ll l w , lr sd L4 -" . - H - . f i i ,..' R kr W 'Q f Houghton, Debra Householder, Kirk Housholder, Sandra Hudson, Braunnette Hudson, Faith Hughes, Steven Hull, Zachary Hunsaker, Lori Hunr, Dickie Hutson, jason Imberi, Anthony Ireland, Shannon jamieson, james janda Robert jasmine, jacques jenks, Kimberly johannsen, Dave johanssen, james johnson, Daniel johnson, Deanne johnson, Dianna johnson, Eric johnson, Marcie johnson, Rebecca johnson, Susan jonas, David jones, Leslie joy, Todd Kasprzyk, Paul Kaufman, Lisa Keck, Michael Keefe, Keleigh Kent, Christopher Kernagis, john Kersting, Diana Kiesler, Michael Kimball, Linda King, Lourena King, Tara Kingan, james Kinnard, Lisa Kirk, Lynn Af Sophornores 217 g Ma f lg ,Q x ,7 re, A , 'C ,, . ' WR r .-tax W2 fri. fifzgfir,"Cl,gylVii "Bi fi J 'i ,i.arx+41 5 ui gn D :A ii 'L ji: Q ,,.. ,., 'R -f 3:5 Q Q vi q N , if , ' 2 ,iw 3 5.4, -1. A li , .. iff? A L fy: ,J 1 ery: 'E iii' 'j -f Y Q rs . ' Q , . i' f .J - A r ' go' "'. , A z K, r A ,I ...Q sf- nh' L' -F.-J r "11 A t i s X 5 4"Vg fag lQ,: s ,L 3 - me . -ri V, " fr A . 55 . , f-' If f --L .. 3 . as-J if-we L 'Tr . 1-:J p r W as K 4225- L jil,Xw,..i'ig,.,iLA: :tx , mbps . .L a 'Ff -.'- i 2 ff ' ,2'.iX-,X Hifi" - 'LL 5 'i i A l - Q , L . "V-A f'Q'V rl .f .., I., All 1 ,rr A Q Nell F . F i 1. X, f ' ' . ' 1 ,A ga' F06 19-:s3 '1, S V, .,,. . I l W5 hi I i, Klingaman, Pam Klopshinske, Sheri Koens, Terril Koernig, Lori Kolhase, Katherine Komnick, joseph Korica, Laura Krueger, Darrel Kuchnicki, Philip Kujawa, Dianne Kunde, Andrew Kysela, Amy 218 Sophomores Lafler, Jeffery Lambson, Dennis LaMorte, Donna LaMorte, Jody Lancaster, David Lane, Barry Lane, George Lapp, Wanda Lapuma, Salvatore Larson, Cathy Lawrence, Cynthia Lawson, Bonnie Lazaroff, Kristen Ledingham, Eva Lee, Adam Lee, Casey Lee, Elizabeth Lee, Lavaun Legg, Troy Legrady, Wendy Lemoine, joel Lentine, Michael Leonard, Sara Lepianka, Daniel Lester, Terry Lesueur, Lisa Levenda, Mark Lewis, Christopher Lewis, Gary Lewis, Tamara Z . -, , , , s as ', Q-sh'f.i1 :Graf ,,. ,avg if ' '. D 1 h af: X. P f F w W-','sV NX M xg N, M it : F35,fry1T7f'IIrg,a- ..'- I ",x 5.4. 1 , 254 f ' ii -L-, . it figs ' -3? .s "Qs A . s , L '-Q - , . N .s .. . lf A reggae I VV I rt?' C-.Lb 'a A ff' x 1. ,Af ' V. 'Z I r f A x, A ' , . lu.+""lN Q Y Lindsay, Robert Line, Mark Linenfelser, Mary Litke, Daniel Little, Robert Llewellyn, john Logan, Lori Lopez, David Lopez, Ruth Lopez, Tammy Lorig, Richard Lorts, Michele 'Job X .... df' '5 -. 5111-1 -W, 'fx f ill I 5' 1 gpg! 1: ,M ,R cial iw 'es 5 fa d' M' 0 1 4, .,-'..,s-rW ,Q.,..g , rw, ..g1,,,. , 1- -. ,Q i- fffb- .. Loughrey, john Lundblom, Steven Lum, Allison Lunt, Berkley Lynn, Lisa Lyon, Richard .:.1,w,- ,fe f- W ,- i. E I l i aw ,W ,E K ,WV afnshhli .,. um.. I . K r l an , 1,1 iwxi ,. X O EL7lEi4E?r5fi: E I , -ff f if aa dx wi Lytle, Denice Maccubbin, Scott Madden, Shay Main, jeff Malo, Michelle Manier, Scott ' 'X-. S X Q Manley, Douglass Marcus, Lori Maready, Susan Mariage, Deana 3 ,, 1 Can I have some? Marion, jennifer Markovic, Karl Marshall, Kris Mash, Marie Master, Terry Matteo, Paula Matteson, Tammy Mattice, Sylvia Sophomores Z 'X 4 .ff 1- 4 ., , gf. gp . . . . ai, i Q i g Q. :ix Y , ,Q3 5 , ,-if Whoever said that Brad Wiley wasn'r full of hot air? x, ' 5 5 f 5 i. .Q X-.Q rlv. V l , V L t rr ' J 4 ,gia- if f -v on x r ul 'lf . ll f t ik, Q i K ' r K Q1 rf Q ,f .-va vii . us' - K, - V . Ti: - i i A iv t'V4 ,152 ir: i ?ErM,gl-.4 i ,' - , , I 1 1 A Q rrrrrrr X- 3 'fi Xa? If Z , Mattingly, Kimberly McConnell, Shawn McCarthur, Nancy McClellan, David MCCowan, Lela McDermott, Glenn McEarchern, jeffrey McFarland, Steven McGuire, john McIntosh, Debora McKenna, Kris McKeon, Rebecca X. 220 Sophomores r We v inf' -'rr 4 5,4 FNS McLain, Beau Mercer, Daniel Miller, Devon McNeer, Erin Mercurio, Angela Miller, Michael Mealer, Mia Metzler, Kevin Millett, Karen Medina, Lupita Miller, Anthony Millross,-julie x Mills, james Miranda, Cecilia Moeser, Brian Montierth, Sheri Moore, Amy Moore, Fred Moore, Melissa Morales, Elizabeth Moreno, Robert Morgan, Maria Morien, Robbie Morris, Michael Af X ew Z .fl SG. me X .b- I . wi, i ,,,r , if "5 . 11El5?i97i s ,iZ7i5ff'ii:1 cs 1,- P ff' ,mf 4 r ii l Qi: Pj 5... 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Q Plunkett, Marcy Pollard, Lance Pollmiller, David Porteous, William Porter, Stephony Potter, Rhonda mmm NN ' V C' bifg E3-,,.:.,i!1JlN,.. l ..- gil in L.fQ'f1,.al Powers, Michael Priester, Cynthia Prigge, Wendy Pritchard, Deloyce Peubla, Sandra Pulatie, jim 2 ff' ' s. , R tl y I xv , , -Y all , x X X--X..-.,. X ,- .1 x...........X cj,,... dijx,,.-,,,,,t, are fc P' r M 'fi .V ft - w r Q :isis 1- 79 4. A: all .. 1 5 -mv , Q i if .life mmm Quick, Kevin Quihuiz, Becky Rader, Richard Ramsey, jeffrey Randt, Thomas Rathburn, Regina it "4 'X lf 1 1" le R' i' 7' 'I' R, Vx 'Q . Q. , ii!" lex '2..'i. ,, ,1 r.-AQ, FEW! -' -M' Fill!!! s-L if 5123, HW f ir ' a Ratkowski, Cheryl Ray, Michelle Rayo, Susan Reavis, Lorie Rector, Rebecca Redding, Kathy s i I Rederick, Robbi Reidhead, Boyd Renninger, Ian Rhein, Bryan Rhoades, Gus Riccoboni, David RK X I 9 lr a 5--cl' ., 31, gf 1. gmt 'ee 'fe Y all A bf 'L t v 11 ,W Richie, Heidi Riehl, Mitchell Riley, Gina Riutta, Dale Roberts, Gaylene Robertson, Teresa 2 . ., gp!-,gif '1. .- " -'1 5 Y r i I w X N. sise v Q. Vo: ,,.,ai 3 . l'f,,', 1 'lf' l' ii' ' f,- . iv-A ' Q, :ggi r in ty l 1 YI yllllv C l ln lil, -v ,U Q' ll' 7 'l lllllllllll l -dl fs! Before going to class, Rick Raider, Casey Lee, and Amanda York discuss trivial things like which ramp ro take. Rogers, Wayne Roskell, Anne Rouse, Holly Ann Rowan, William Rowe, Shane Sabourin, Lisa Sacketr, Monica Salasberry, Lori Samaniego, Martin Sampedro, Yvette Sampson, Beverly Sanchez,j0e , Af Sophomores 223 Sitting by the locker cage, Vicki Sheldon is distracted by a foxy fellow sophomore on his way to class. ' ' K' 'f-- f J - 5, , ' i ,L ' ,:: W. ' 'haf . 5' A, mn . ' Q - 1 E11 . , 1 , x , 'IX Wi TF' fr 5? I W Y gr ,xx X s tl X 4 4 i X Axoifjk A Hy 'N ,ff ' 151, 'V F , 1 NZ af S lk rs.. Saum, Andrew Scarbrough, Michael Schwanbeck, Scott Saunders, Kent Schafer, Stoney Seavey, Wendy Sawyers, Sheila Schmidt, Earl Sehulster, Keith Sayer, Michelle Scholz, Rob Sellers, Tamera X. 224 Sophomore-s , . 3 Ms? Sellstrom, Dawn Seymour, Bryan Shaffer, Ellen Shalley, Michelle Shaw, David Sheets, Dawn C ., f I ,lager 'X if l 1' Q 1 Ili L . t .X !,. " - .Ps 2 - X 5 '25- f' Q ' iff, 'x ftf. fi x l Sheldon, Vickie Shepherd, Franklin Shields, David Shill, Curt Shinn, joseph Shipman, jean 1 ,TISIZ5 i 5 lei, ff.. f, . ww ef. QQ ki EY ,... ' H' -,qi Z.i'1fi!..ay: ,.- as ' t :N F i Shope, Duane Sien, Richard Sieng, Ken Sikora, Tracy Simpson, Kenton Sims, juanita yavyif, . 'ff' I Lx s ' , - , 1, I- Singley, Jeffery Sirrine, Sharee Skidmore, Janine Skousen, john smalh, jerry Smith, jimmy Sli W fe.: r N X,'J M W .J L4 T 7 i N 1 Q ' fy- -5 l .QQ ,. V i 'H 1 1 , at S .W -5 I p , H ,Mr ,7 , . - iiiflzfwl I ' 3 'Ik I' xl fi Six I u l'E?a.?-- J , tt, -5- N wi, gl., i, ..,' . t 6 3 mrs? - i fy: ai' 12 U 5 ni, Q. QT ,Ns . . -,ff -A ,p, 7 K. y 1 ii 'A fi , qi, l , I 7 l A gm ww, , as , ,S wr T te, ,ia fs 1,5 ,A li X Smith, Troy Sosebee, Lee Stephenson, Cheryl Stover, Shelly Szczepanski, Bethann Thomas, David Trantham, Robbin Smyth, Ginni Southern, Barbara Stevens, Baird Straziscar, Gina Tacheene, Etta Ann Thomas, Shawn Trask, Arthur Snapp, Todd Southworth, Laurie Stevenson, Billy Swaba, joseph Taylor, Michael Thorpe, Sherry Traverse, Deborah Soboski, Shari Spear, Lawrence Stewart, Bethany Swearingen, Michael Taylor, Scott Tidwell, Tangi Traylor, George Solano, Ana St. Onge, Paul Marcel Stewart, john Swinehart, Karen Taylor, Anthony Torontali, Michael Trejo, Marty Sorenson, Rex Steinhoff, Michelle Stover, Kelly Sykora,john Tennison, Bradley Townsend, Shane Trevizo, Cindy f Sophomores 2 2 5 Z' .1-bv. F. 5, .K Y ,, J K , 1, 2 AQ, 'file Z, 4, wi D i 2 i A S ,vffr 1 ' 'Nba , A b .QFKL -sg .zqgndf Ea i .-.4 K ilslTT'fQf.e.. Truesdell, Michelle Tyndall, Charles Tucker, April Tyree, Tamera Tuomisto, Michael Tyson, Amy Turan, Terry Ulmer, Travis Turley, Denise Urban, joseph Turner, Linda Valimaki, Eric 226 Sophomores Wx, K , My 5 , 5 , we ie, 1 w 3 4 as We as MAY I 1-. X ..l..-.. . i f a rv ' , , .fs' if .ifg ' ' il ' fi me ,QQ9 Q I off V, X. xfr... ly" ' 1' "Nil fi i ff 1 if 2 5, 1 i .9 ii , tkiiyfe ' Y , 'ks' : ,, ,W ., Valladares, Hector Vallier, joy Vance, Erik Vanderhaar, Holly Vangorder, Adrianne Van Norman, Colette Varnes, Kristin Vasquez, Deborah Vaughn, Mertz Vela, Ralph Vickman, Randy Vigliotti, Alexander .if .s 5565. Vonbehren, Tanya Votano, Linda Wahlin, Brett Wakefield, Timothy Waldon, Christopher Waldrop, Roxann - .F 0 i , Walker, Donna Walker, Krishna Walker, Natalie Wallace, Chris Walter, Scott Warner, Michele 1' -1 YY pit- i,:g.i'2 ' dk Qri. p Q xx N y .A t - Q , , i Q Webber, Eric Weifenbach, Michael Welch, Tracy Weldon, john Wendt, Kimberly Werner, Heidi Af X' 'X x uf'-5. xii Ltr ' il IAQ. "ii lt A i Y li Y ' 1 1' ,, UF, , 513,7 5 A Wig WR 2"" w .W Q -:'f i ' i .1 l Ab 5 L A K gb 4, I ,Q L , I i' , A , ' ,ji ' , A , 1: , .T 'fahngg X' x i Qf'WF44, ' A --2 - A5 , ' if 'ef il l l l .... fi l I 1 '.w .'f" 3. fs ,45 jjiWQ 'I awe ft' ,vu M 715 ,535 K o ' KW' 1 Q . 1, A R: .., he e i f . , - . ""' ,- -1-M a W, ie, - '55 , , Rf I .K il E9 he-' 'EI ' 1 "'4 :L geisnwif ,gp . . af . w l 5 i i '-i iv V 4154 L li? iweki X ,, i F- 1 i if 4 1 r . f X' it, I 1 A Werner, Karen White, Glenn West, Paula Whitiker, Lauren West, Peggy Widder, Edward Westfall, Kerry Wheeler, Tiffany White, David Wilder, Renee Wiley, Bradley Williams, jacqueline E . li V4 t t V 5 L A 4 dm. 'K . ' A ,. , , :ii "' , . . , ll 5' Chuck Doherty and Tangi Tidwell are crowned king and up-ff queen at the Hello Dance. Williams, Vonda Williamson, Danny Willis, Connie Willis, Kimberley Wing, David Wipf, Shelley Withee, Gregory Witkin, Brad Wolfe, Dawnie Wood, Mari jo Woodhall, john Woods, Dennis Woods, Karen Woolsey, Robert Wooters, Daniel Wozniak, Connie Wright, Rhonda Yamanobe, Miki York, Amanda Young, Kelly Zitlow, Daniel Zirker, Connie Zollinger, Todd Zotbauer, Fredrica 'N,.L ,4f" Sophomore-s 227 Q , . L,f ' 14:55 I e - Q sini 1 Ei l 2:1 is Nu-3,-vii' 'khan f .. ,fjsypi a :R .kilt if k swtgsbp f iw tear ,fi it George N. Srnith if . ffyy uperiritendent, f' g flii all , C The WGN i construction of new A and managing every second and fiuth Tuesday at 7.30 pm. Ad- ministration Center, 549 North Siapley Y g Drive. The meetings are opentnto the Dr. james Zaharis Associate Superintendent Educational Services 'lhxt public. I V . Qavid Eagleinurger 228 Administration' Assistant Superintendent Secondary Schools lm- -klgprlsi' mfr gkgssfd A J? as M 51,95 up Ms W 5' rr s W Y-5' W sw '51 1' vi- as ep---A D j Roland Ingraham Assxstanr Supermremfen Busmess Servxces . ai my V S9 Y ' , f K 1 g . Q 3 L A , , xi Z . M Q rig, ll Q .K R K , A, . A V' ' , iwylhga L L fif: -1 K K7 i R 7-1 . l 1 - , . . k ' x' jx ii- A V ' , 3 '- i ,Q FA 4- - ,A I 121ps:?,,fw ' jT2fg'fi21Q.1 Q ' zkilili-. Q TPM - N1 we T., l -X11-,Q Vi ,H 5,5 , g,, EN? - 75 , f 1,7 K 3 .. Q ,K I Q 'Q if rg ,f VY j? - l ,, V f . -. , ' , . ., ye w- , 3.2 Pt f . ,' Vkk'L: VL ,, V:,k M - 1 " ' X KU :L-, f ff , , ' ai! T ' 'T ' . 111951 " li- ' .. ' A A 3, - ' H -' 1 ' il .'-' .f ' - .1 H 'Fr f b l l., Q 1. r l r : 1 ,VE r - ,157 -. : '5 -.,, All - i' .wf- . TWA C' ,1, 'Tp . i ,, ' 1 Q ' . l J.. iii? 'W' 'VC P N -,fi7Bfl.,.I7l11E T" X - -r Q- 5 - , H, 1.-Q : :L 'Se -rib ' 4' K 1. ww r a - -1 ' .- ,KJ- yi ffsb '.i-,gi Pg, ,ff A I - :ff 'i4vQ,ag,,,' f . 5- ,igzhald z Wihr t . 55 4. A I JY- I W 1 A - We - -lla n ' ' A 'T 14 'f 15: , - - 1-PQ r rr A 2 tie . lfpfl er, r r . - 1: I X . 'Q . H v-:l,xtL:,y3?rv W ,. fr , :iw ' ' '5 . ' r l 7 X Q -- 'Q l r. 'Q Qi SX rl Q - I jf- V Rf' K J rkx Q: K K V Lkykk 3, . 1 f 1 y ' A . .. 1' 4' r. . L , LEW Marilyn Wilson Board Member A .f W l 1 xr K A' X K f, - x Cordon Driggs Boarpl Member , Fx g nazi, n A K ., Adqainistration 229 '99 the Rii':.32i5?.32':5g:,'::.::,i3::3rf,2 Unequaled in Uniqueness 21l"Ill1Slng. ' Q here's a worm in my apple." That is the name of Mr. Dick Saggio's weekly column in the Mesa Tribune. Mr. Saggio is different from most, in that he carries the titles of both teacher and writer. Each week, he churns out a unique column offering a humorous look at the youth of today, and life in general. A new concept has been in the making to further add appeal to the reader's senses, and that is the addition of a comic strip, going by the same name as the column. It is the product of both Mr. Saggio, and a former student of his, Charles Butzke. It has yet to become a regular feature, but we wish them the best of success. Mr. Saggio teaches five different classes: Science Fiction, Mass Commu- nications, Principles of English II, Cre- ative Writing, and Childrens Literature. He enjoys teaching all of his classes. Look for Mr. Saggio in the English Department, for a truly unique exper- ience in learning. AA ........--- ,.... - ....... , ,..,.......1............, ........- ,TA-53? -.V V Till?-:gg35MEll'fYili'4Ell.t. BE 'I'UESDA-f,l Aff. I out on MoNoAY..- E I-gig-:X . '- an :gait ei .... ix in l 1 32x6UgUOfJt.m'iDAC qw. QESDAY, 1-U5 SDAY! 1-gg5DAy,1 TUESDAY! TU5SDIiI!'TUE?Q1qYa . fy- ,...f it w sl 1 i Hx x J Q 7 ct fl--fe. F' 3 RL Sf Zi r ' ruesonv' fl TUESDAY" TUESDAVi'llTUESDAY'l :,f:,U,g'ggg,::,:i,:,':,, .5..'I.i2:f'.Y aio DLALI nm-1cRAD.' ON FRWAV wane FLAG-4' 0 U . ln IEXX 0- nil gk E N E HIE ' .fy xi B ,ff EV f if bmw? 1 ' A ' , ff , 1 'ul' ,4- K W. v JYWF ,kg . . f :ii 4, ' W 3511386 gal A.. X -HP' 4 J, 41 -on .Y, Taking Care of Business r. Tom Foster is just one of sev- eral teachers who spend their time in the Business Department. Many students describe him as being fun, and a really great teacher. To Mr. Foster, teaching business is very rewarding, and it presents a new and exciting challenge every day. Substituting for Mrs. Carol Kish, while she was out on personal leave, was 238 Faculty Mr. Eric Paddie. He's different than most, in that one goal of his is to move to California and work in a soap opera. Mr. Paddie's philosophy is, "Do the things you always wanted to do." Ms. Louise Braunhut is one other teacher who helps students to better their understanding of life, in the world of business. -Q I Ms. Susan Berssenbruegge fig- ures out, with Charlesjones, how to check the drawer at the end ofthe day. Mr. Tom Foster helps Melissa Moore figure out what hasfbeen confusing her in typing class. Mr. Eric Paddie explains to the class how important it is to do the things you really enjoy doing. if E 5, iffzi sgy in I Ex uf ,ww 1 'f ,lf v. ..- 1 N 6:32, ff '.. T , if-vi-as KWQFQPPQ ix gy , f,.1.f'L K fig-z Q 5"'m "ff ff rl 'gr r .4-n-:lax ...., . . J KX QP- NO' ig.. me 2 Ri x""1 ms 4515.9 Q4 '19 -up fi? 15 .V 5 .. ,ff . I v J xv ,. .9 . .V ,,, 4+ k , ?A A 135:-. A ' ' Q "' X ' . A .WM . .f fr Tffi, LL A ' 5 ' X J, ' 9 E .x K RQ qv f Ilnflf '-'Q ' Q H X ' ? Q 49" www "L" 'Sv L- vw QW The Best at Work ur busy office personnel did more than most students realize. Deal- ing with absences, ditches, and tardies, the attendance office spent hours typing names and answering phones. The office also handled a constant flow of schedule changes, disciplinary problems, and oth- er aspects of making a school run smoothly. Despite criticism from impatient stu- dents and faculty, the office staff truly tried their best to please everyone, spending many hours after school and during the summer vacation to coordi- nate student activities, faculty meetings, sports events, and learning new regula- tions and procedures. r Once again our busy Registrar Clerk Grace Levine spends a day of hard work and dedication. A sense of humor is displayed by our Attendance Clerks Mrs. Betty Bracamonte, Mrs. Susan Taylor, and Mrs. Betty Northey, The nurse, Ethel Lancaster, is able to make Holly Rouse smile as she says, "This won't hurt a bit." ls' XM, V 'le f ly if 'T 'Vim' t .1 xx R S Nino ti I, 5,61 ff O if Sur' -pw- H 5 REQ vii' Es: 1 I O I 15.17-l!".EEl:llLl'.1'7.5'J' re Q In Pursuit of Excellence n the basis of their scholastic ex- cellence we present the Top 20 outstanding seniors of Mountain View High School. This honor is based on the grade point average of each student. Our stu- dents consistently performed above na- tional and state results on comprehen- sive testing scores. Approximately 45-50 percent of our students go into higher education, In scholarship money the seniors earned 1.5 million dollars at the least, which is one of the highest amounts awarded in Arizona schools. We are honored to have our class of 1982 represented by these exceptional students. 'S-.M xg vs .,,, .1 Sy A 7, S.....4 iw-......,j,i1 . i nga ' Top 20. Front row: Kelly Peters, Anne liawsujulie Benzer, Melanie From. Middle row: Philip G. McLaughin, Athena Trekas, Suzanne M, Henerson, Susan Ferreira,john D. Snodgrass, row: Steve Wilson, Ken Behring, Karen L, Hagerty, Troy Hatch, Kurt E. Branning. Not shown: Suzie C. Smith, William L. Zint, Pamelaj. Lakey, Norris Lloyd, Kevin E. Losey, Berwyn S. brink, Debbie D. Dooney. 244 Top 20 Students f r-Q K s X X , . K ,f ,. I Q N 4 e 4 l , M Phil Mclaughin is a proud nomi- nee of the Naval Academy, Troy Hatch definitely had to work hard to gain his place in the Top Twenty, jim Hennessey, Steve Wilson and jeff Petty find it an honor to he nominees of the Naval Academy, Academy Nominees 245 Learning Techniques at Camp he end of school didn't always mean the end of school activities. For some it was the beginning of the good ol' summer camps. They ranged from Publications to Pom and Cheer, to Hu- man Relations and Leadership. You had been looking forward to camp all year and now that it's just a few days away you begin to get homesick, but you haven't even left yet. Camp rolled around and your parents Anytown: Pamela Mott, Maggie Ortiz, Kristi Wheeler, Anerte Bora- gina. Not shown Suzie Smith. j.V. Cheer Camp: Amanda York, Tracy Welchululie Call, Karen Hale, Lori Passey. Not shown Gaylene Roberts. Publication Camp: Front row: Cindy Doherty, Annette Boragina. Back row: Sylvia Kasprzyk, Cindy Suladie, Kim Marshall, Donna Sin- gleton, Kathy Murphy. Not shown Regina Marler, Laura Prectal, and Pat Murphy. took you to the meeting place so you could board the bus. After you arrived at camp you discovered that it wasn't all fun. There was some hard work in- volved. You put up with bad food and early curfews to learn valuable skills which bettered your extracurricular ac- tivities. Although you gained a world of knowledge at camp you longed for the day you could be home. ,W rr: Iv ,.,W,f!53M,g-fyr,r- as ,, ,,,M,,,,,,,, 246 Academic Camps r MVN! .,f. .1 I l a we A A X ,xxx ,y . ,Q Varsity Cheer Camp. Front row: Kristi Wheeler, Amy Welker. Middle row: Suzie Smith, Tina Kempf, Shelly Nicks, Denise Townsend, Kelly Millet. Back row: Chad Bassett, Tracy Alexander, Darrel johnson, Camilla Harris, Paul Fergusonhlackie VanNotman. Girls' State: Gretchen Gasswindt. Ann llaws and Cindy Doherty. Boys' State: Steve Geise, Troy Hatch, Steve Wilson. Not shown Phil McLaughlin, Pom Camp: Front tow:joD Heh- don, Stacy Oakes, Shauna Skousen, Tracy Challis, Ranae Roberts. Kim Wilson, Dayna Skousen, Lisa Tyler. Back tow: Suzie Nowack, Kara Helsing, Debbie Notrliy. Shanna Goodman. Student Council Camp. Front row: Todd Dolthtop, Karrin Kuna- sek. Tammy Ratowski. Chuck D0- herty, Middle row: Bruce Higgin- son, Karen Brown,-Jenny Zollinger. Chuck Bassett. Back tow: Steve Wil- son, Karen Hermerath, Steve Geise, Academic Camps 247 f 4: Liv. FTM EN if 2 0 i . I 0 1 I 1 iw' .A , Q gfffff fw ff , Q' fjfig., 9 Nr 'L' XSS ff f 1 ' gas' ' 115' , I In fr . J W, I ! in lm i' ' i QA 3 1 , . YY' 'I , 1 'fff N w. YK ,M ' 4,,gf', X .-44" A Q-M 5-4 X 3 dphl gfjf '71 :Y ' If-4.1. f mnsU:r:aem'N3Q . ,W '1 f,,3l,:1i .v'kL6l.,,ty , Phantastic "The Phone" by - Greg Holman "The Cool One" by - Kim Carlson "Slippery When Wet" by - Kim Curry Photos "The Dove" by - Greg Valimaki .. 5 ff: ' 8 - 4, M. - .N , K nag e --. ,,,,f.1,.. -- ,A , roy L - eg-fe e f ' - X ekwmgre - ,,:r,1,: ,5 ' V . r N rg 'Wj-nw. L., "Y..r1,.: ,Jo , 5'-IA .."' wx xx W, 11 -in 1 - .V"u. 'H'- 1 7" "B wx H I X-nlU:,,Q'Ei We L 'W w ee,', . - ' "' r, K- ,ry ,, 2"w-'cf' V N'-Q5 W'3f1f,,,W " ' 7 "1,.,.,""'edviff'.'-1, ,diffwfi , - 1 -ilff 5 -'.v'v'? Q' . Mtg., , ,.. , " 'PZ . y44.+fl K ' ' or ms. " we 1+ QM.: S95 - ifaafigd I 1 4 :serie , W. Q J. -we f K s. 1 - K '-w ,rf 'fa y fr -nf Y, - , 1, W . ' 1 T4 " '- i M..-. .nwy b - W, M. w e V re ,V V, - . 4 51: y 1,31 .-1 ... Y' l lb X , rr .Y . ,H 7-,,.z I -' K sax: 3, 3 '3-.ivy , -. . 'ie Q ' 4' 1. :Q F2 , F.. I -, ,N .Nw ..,...,.,., ...........--.....,..,F -1i....h.., . f .1 '- .,JJ..z.'1l llf r v l "The Tavern Window" by - Terry Dunshie ' "Star Light" by -jimmy German 1 I z N by - Steve Drinkwater V "The Sixth Dementionu V- .xggy It - u r , . fig, Y -hr., 5.11 L K.. A .4 L-"J 197' 51 .jgrff X Q --'-' ' T X Na X wr 'fa '--x V' if f -A -M' X .. . Kr fi- 'K If "1 ,- X .- 0 ,K --uV.2.4q'x' ' H- A ing- T '5 -it ' N rx T W I 5 . .. I., . , rf eif, . K N, , . - x A ' A " :ere it , I 9 . .Q ,.-., f ' :- '.., 1, 11, 1, 4 As .., ,,, xv' V , ,- ' . fy S, , ' fx . . i b A N , , t . -wi .. s X Student Photos 251 ., qrjia , :Q x f 5 sin 3 4: . QKQ5 .f' .5 1,5 2 12? " ,A V V, N 'xiii -- A . , 'Q N gf S? A ' . 4 , f' ': 3,5425 '-'fffsky L.- Is i L . K. ,.. ,A. 252 Yearbook i i.1. Q 11 f 4 N X Q f Q x 7,. Y. 1 S -' - 'x V "H "fx Af A .-. 2 xwv-.,'1XW 11" 'V HL 3 c..vysv--'-.aa - Q- Q.x,,,x.g 51m 'wh' w'.fxR'v WMU 1 3- u , , . 1 . .nw- W W Y v 5 - . , , U4 A ,J . l - H - 1 - , , :K 1- 1 , b - Y 1 . ,.,N X 'X1XX'XxxxNXVk '13 1 'wx XASXVX 51 - K X 5 15X x ,tx xx -Uvmam I EN' " il' v 3 . VU :fi ff. I LJ' 5 fs -vi f."' 'A -x 'Q' N -I L ' I Y'-RK ' fa ' if v, W l 3 9 4 Photos 253 nrlh mu Vol. 6 No. 1 A LA VISTA NEWSPAPER March '81 - March 'HZ Sl-1 Traged in Washington january twenty-fifth marked a week of terror as 230 people fell into the clutches of death from the bitter cold. The crashing of a Boeing 737 into the Potomac caused the majority of those deaths. The plane crash victims amount- ed to 78 dead, including three infants. The most prominent explanation for the 1 WEA'l'llER Chills, Fiain Elevastate LIE. The week ofjanuary 25, began with thermometers across the country read- ing lower than they had in decades. Then, the astonishing chill spread, breaking all weather records in 75 cities. By the week's end more than 230 peo- ple had died, victims of hypothermia flow body temperaturej, heart attacks, and a variety of icy disasters. Weather forecasters were not hopeful about a quick end to the numbing of America. A new blast of Artic air rushed deep into the country, sending tempera- tures toward zero and below in the Mid- west. While the cold was taking a toll on the East Coast, northern California's hills were turned to muddy rivers by a torren- tial rain, which consumed whole neigh- borhoods in a single gulp. By the week- end ofjanuary 15-17, floods, landslides, and related traffic accidents had killed 29 Californians, and more than a dozen people were missing. Reagan declared five counties disaster 254 World News crash involved an improper cleaning of the ice on the plane's wings and tail. The plane wasn't able to gain enough speed or altitude and consequently hit the 14th Street bridge, which was full of rush hour traffic. Only five people aboard the plane survived the first major plane crash in the U.S. in 76 months. areas, making them eligible for Federal relief. They needed it: the preliminary damage estimate was S250 million, mak- ing the storm the costliest ever to hit the San Francisco Bay area. The storm, born in the South Pacific, took veteran weather watchers by sur- prise. It rained for nearly two days straight, dumping up to 16 inches of water on areas along the 150 mile coast. : P0l.mcs PATCG Slrikes for More Money 13,000 members ofthe Professional Air-Traffic Controllers Organization CPATCOD scorned President Reaganls ultimatum on August 3 by staging a national strike against the federal government. Union President Robert Poli rejected a S50 million package in wages and benefits, and requested a 55575 million-a-year contract with raises and better retirement provi- sions. Reagan said that the PATCO mem- bers Were violating federal law by striking. He ordered dismissal notices to be sent out to those still not work- ing. The illegal walkout caused a 25? cut in flight volume across the U.S. The F.A.A. ordered 22 major airports to cut scheduled flights in half, for at least a month, to ensure safety. Reagonomics Still on Trial Before the 1980 elections, the unsta- ble U.S. economy forced many busin- esses into bankruptcy, raised the unem- ployment level to its highest rate since 1931, and shocked many investors into withdrawing support of U.S. business. Production and plant investments were diminished and America found competi- tion difficult on the world market. A year into office, Reagan allowed business to cut expenses through tax re- ductions and relaxation of federal regu- lations, including those affecting auto- mobile safety and environment protec- tion. Widespread cuts forced states to assume many welfare programs with hope that new jobs and business would permit only the truly needy to receive financial support. On july 7, 1981, history was made when 51-year-old Sandra O'Connor, a Republican from Arizona was nomi- nated as the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court. On September 25, Mrs. O'Connor was sworn in as a justic by Chiefjustice Warren E. Burger. Eve though Mrs. O'Connor had been criti cized for her pro-abortion and ER views, she was described as "hard-work ing, meticulous, and capable." : .'l'0ll'l'S eculiar Year in Sport The major league baseball players walked outjune 12 in a strike that threat- ened to end the season. Unlike most strikes, however, this one was not for higher pay. This issue concerned the ability of a player to move to another club for more money. The National Labor Relations Board asked a federal judge to enjoin the strike, but when the ruling came, the judge held there was "no reasonable cause to believe that unfair labor prac- tice was committed" and denied an in- juction. The 1981-82 sports season was filled with peculiar and strange events. Foot- ball and baseball took a turn for the different. First there was the baseball strike, then the Dodgers stole the series from New York 4 games to 2. In a match against the Cincinnati Bengals, San Fran- cisco won Super Bowl XXV, 26 to 21. john McEnroe took home the Wimble- don, while johnny Miller won the Sun City Golf Tournament, taking home a record 5B500,000. Sugar Ray Leonard gained two boxing titles. 1 1 T T 1 IN'l ILIINATIUNAL Ei ENIK' 1 Freedom Vs. Martial Law The wake of the December 15th mili-' ary government takeover in Poland re- ulted in at least eight deaths. The ques- ion was raised whether and how Soviet eaderjaruzelski could persuade Solidar- 'ty leader Lech Walesa to negotiate. The egotiation would have ended the pas- ive resistance by workers and secured heir future cooperation. In the United States, Polish Ameri- ans marched in New York to demand ction for the support of Solidarity. resident Reagan's sanctions partly re- I flected such protests. The situation in Poland was a prime example of people fighting and dying for what they believe in. The fight for freedom still lives on. "' 0BI'l'UAll ls. " Mm at 4 jack Albertson - died in his Ca. home. No- vember 25. He began his fifty-year career in show business as a song and dance man and ended it with an Emmy for Chico and the Man. Harry Chapin - died onjuly 16 at age 38 after a car accident in Long Island, N.Y. Chapin was a folk rock composer and singer. His concerts were usually benefits for society. William Holden - 63, died November 16. of massive bleeding from a head injury in Santa Monica, Ca. Holden starred in more than 50 filmsg two of his most memorable were Stalag 17 and Bridge on the River Kwai. Allen Ludden - was a famous game show host. most notably for Password, one of the few game shows to become a hit on prime time T.V. Allen died in L.A. on june 9 of cancer. Paul Lynde - comedianfactor, died of a mas- sive heart attack. Lynde's last performance was as a regular on the game show Hollywood Squares. Natalie Wood - actress nominated for three Academy Awards. drowned at age 45. after fall- ing from a yacht in Ca. She starred in such films as Rebel Without a Cause and Westside Story. Charles and Diana Tie the Knot It was called the Wedding of the Cen- tury, and rightly so, for it was grand indeed. The marriage of Lady Diana Spencer to Charles Phillip Arthur George, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne, lit sparks of excitement and pride through- out the world. The royal happening took place in july 1981. Dignitaries from all over the world were represented, for few countries wanted to be excluded from such a spec- tacle. The production was tremendous. Talk centered around Lady Diana's wed- ding gown which was a beautiful white creation with 25 gorgeous feet of train. St. Paul's Cathedral was elaborately decorated, sparing no expense. The Eng- lish sure do know how to put on a show. errorism -F2100 5 Every Wednesday the Pope rides a ortable throne through huge crowds on is way to St. Peter's Basilica. After 20 inutes of reaching out to people, bless- ng and hugging children, a Turkish ter- orist, Mehmet Ali Agca shot the Pope, itting him in the abdomen and ring inger of his left hand. After a grueling operation, six pints of blood and several days of critical condi- tion, the Pope recovered from a sense- less act of terrorism . . . Once again the forces of hatred lashed out against a symbol of peace. October 6, President Sadat enjoyed a military parade to commemorate Egypt's victory over the Suez Canal. Suddenly, shots were heard and four uniformed men sprayed the stands with bullets, killing Sadat and wounding oth- ers . . . The dramatic rescue of kidnapped General james Dozier by Italian police marked the end of forty-two days of captivity. The fifty-year-old army gener- al, a ranking officer of the North Atlan- tic Treaty Organization, was unharmed after the rescue. World News 255 UEU IEEE ' Assemblies Ahel.judt 11'. Jw Alweleulemnnette 9'. 1112, 116 Abelexfluhn INN H115 il. Aluernatliy. Darryl Ahers. Robbie iix. :in Atosta. Martha 1. ix, 111.. Jw. zz Activities 2, 1 Atlrmifr, Klub., Adams. Casey 96. 111. Dix Adams. George 1119 Adams. Phillip xflilrrrm. Rm: 210 Adams. Scott 2051 Adams. Scott Jw Adams. Sherri IH!-1 Adams. Tina 109 Addington. Valerie IMM Adralttas. Dean 96. IIT 1901 Adraktas. Stephanie 117 A.F.S. Aglio. lll David 96. 9'. INR Agosrintv. Frank 120. 209 Aguirre, Patricia Aiello. lisa Aiello, Nick 2111 Ak1ns.joe 1-1' Alhertsman. Debomh 2119 Alhertsman. Wendt Alhrigltt. Shari 102. 209 Altlred. Rhonda ll" Alexander. Donald 96. 111. 209 Alexander. Gene 11' Alexander. Lane 11' Alexander. Timothy 209 Alexander. Tract' 1. 111. 116. 117 Alex. Lori 209 Alex. Ronald ll" Veronica 9'. lim. 1111. 2117 Allers,'lenni1'er 11' Allan, lint 11-KM Allan. Marc 111 Allen. Belinda 209 Allen, Diane Allen. Marnie 122. 121, INN Allen. Melinda 114, Jw Allen. Sandra 117, 11' Allen. Tammt 2111 Allgood. Tum Altaradn. lldwm 96, lxx Altaradn. Isahel VH. 111. ll' Altarez. Kathi' 217 Altelar Allaro. .jim ox. :ov Altus. Mitchell Iwi Ainatajatier ni. ff. lm, xxx Amhalong. Ron 2171 Amhn. Cliristnpher 209 Ainick. Patrick 90. 1-1' Amstutv. Roland lkx Analla. Sandra .'1mlrrmu. Durl 229 Anderson. lilmtheth SA. mi Aml1r,iml. Gmlml 210 Anderson. Marlo Anderson, l.tnn 162 Anderson. Steten li' Aurlm. Annu Jw. 311 Andres. Terri 11' Andrew. Sllamt 1115, llfl. l5'l. 209 Andrew-.. Ralph Andrews. 'liimtrrht lin, Jw Andnc. lwlilitrmle IHN Andnc. Mira 102. 117 Araila. lirnestu 209 Aruler. Araila. Lisa Arbuckle. Donald 108. lroi Archerujack 101. me Arellan Are-llan U. Deborah 117 0. Sharon Armenia. Anitonette Armenta. limeterm Armentajrrlin 96. 209 Avmmr ti, Am, Lou lx.. iw Armenta. Toni ni, 96. 112, Iwi Armno. joseph William 1114, 132. lun Arnett. Arnold. William 2110 Ariaga. Anthony 1114 Arriaga. Cliristopher 110, 117. lik Arrieta, Diana 130, 209 Arneta. 'Iiuni lin Arneta.jose 1417 Art, Student 318. Jw jauh 11M Anno, Angelia Aslicroft. l.uC1 iw. li-oi Ashe. Arlene 105. 1117. lin, HH Ashe. Yvonne llhl. llfl. 111, 159. Ashmumjarnes 96. VN. 209 Ashmore. Joanne 115. l-lx Atkins. Cherie 110. Jw Arkmr. Trim 111 Atwell. Shane 1111. 1-ln. me Arwell. Shannon 110, 119 Augustine. Richard 1117, 117. 1-1M Aunchman, Debbie Aussprung. Kurt 96. UH, 2011 Austin. Michael 2011 Austin, Tamera Aurrey, Mary 120, ian. im Avelar. jim Atelar. john Aters. Robert W. l1H 2051 Atritte. Kimberly Aiorte. Michael Basketball games 'QOYM :1 lhcnn. Daxitl Baum, Drniill Jw Bacon. Kimherly 209 Badmitton 71 lirighy. Clint me Bailey. Micliail 1124 Bailey. Margaret lm liailey. Tinn 118 l1.1ird. Todd IIN linker. Dodie 209 Baker. Doug xxx linker. Gary INR linker. -jamie litikerulonatliairi 61, 75. 9'. 209 Baker. Karen lux liriker. Norman Baker. Robert 1194 Baker. Baker. Scott 96. l 1K Thomas 209 lialdwin. Amanda ls-tx Bnfilwirl, "Luffy " 211 liall.jorgen.i IW. 188 Htillartl. Charlotte 158. 209 litillard.jolinny 1,18 liallentyne-.james NM. 96. VH. 209 Baltlirop. Garri KH liankson. Eugene 96. IRR llmrelia nd. Crystal liargas. Nicholas 96312. 99. INN Barker. Gina 121. 1:-ix Barker. Tony Barnes. Catherine 209 Brmiene, Bfilfhi Barnett. Tom Barr. llarry 1918 Barrington. Michael Barron. Ronald 96 Barron. Sherri' 70. 911. 110. 200 Barry. Barrel. Rita H. l1H Lori 209 liartku. Lisa 119. 209 Barton. Sharee OH. 118. 121. 1,154 Basketball Assembly 12. H Basketball, Varsity HZ. N1 Basketball,-j.V. Hi, 85 Bassett. Charles 125. 1K1-t Bassett. Charles 22. 97. 111. IHH. 212 Bdllfll. Clnlalr liassler. Grant lm: Blake. Michael 110 Biakeddy. Sopo 112 Blaker. Terry 190 Blare. David 1-40 Bliss. Mark 190 Blood Drive 51, 55 Bloom.-j times 99. 121-1. 116. 1-19 Bloomer. William 96. 190 Bluugli. lirent -H. :io Blyth. Sarah 210 Bohbe. Susan 127. 119 Booler. Iiohhy 1-19 Bock. Ste-ten 210 Htnek. listelle 237 Bugle. l.isa Bohn. Daniel 190 Boi land. Michael 127. 111, 190 Bond. Shauna 1014, 119. 110 Bonteim. Gary 210 Boot. Rebecca Boosters Club 116 Booth. Darren Booth. Michael 210 Booth. Richard 150 Boragina. Annette 51. 126. 128, 150. 216. 162 Brmfwru. Ruflerl lll. Ill Bosley. Roger M. 96. 190 Bouchie. Kimberly 310 Bouchie. joseph 1511 Bnnlry, Sandra 241 Boult. Bill Bourlier. Gerald Bowers. Mary Sue 2111 Bowman. Barry 100 Boyd. Carol 117. 150 Boyles. jolynne Boyse. Rene 97 Bmmmnurr. Belly 181. 212 Bvarbnry. Km 292 Bradley. Lorrie 111. 150 Bradshaw. Philip 96. 210 Btadihaw. Rae llli. ll9. W6 Bradshaw. Robyn 111 Bvailyjim 252 Brady. Sheryl VN. 196 a Bradd. C ree 19 Braley. Mark 110. 190 Brandner. Mark 190 Brandon. Frank 210 Brandon. Gi Gi 190 Brandon.-jackie 12-l. 150 Brandon. Nina 210 Branham. William 110 Branning Brantley. . Kurt X5. 150. lil Gregori' Batchelor. Sunnne 1,11-t liaresujennifer 105. 119. IXM Bates. Markat' 1151 liuuerulames 210 Bean. Ruger 1-11. 2111 Beardrnore. Lise 2111 lieuudry, Tammy 119 Beck. Bridget 117. 119 lieck. Charles Heck. David 310 Beckley. Dennis liee-be. Nancy lleehe. Sonia 117. 119 Beers. Brent 96. 104. lin. 310 lieert. Traci 71.951, 116, 121, lux Behrens. Karla INN llehrens. Kelly 119 liehring. Kendricks 59, 71. 97, 119 liehunin. Kimberley 210 Bell. David 105. 107. iw lltll, David 105. 107. 1-19 Hell, Iili7abeth Hell. Marcia 1-i0 liell. Mark 149 liell. Mark 11. 119 Hell. Michael INK Bell. Steven 149 llellows. Dianne 108. 110, IW lieltran.john 210 lieneventtxiloseplt 97. 267 lienka. Lisa 119. 110 llenka. Tamara 99. 102. IKM Bennett. Anne 102, 118, xxx Benson. Deborah 122. 125. 189. 210 lientley. Andrea 119. INK. 110 Bentley. Elizabeth 122 lienzer.-Julie 116, 139. 211 liercel. Anne Marie lm-1 lit-rcel. Anne Marie 188 Iiercel. Rose Marie Berkley. Rick 96. 190 Berryman, Adele 210 Berfrerihruegge, Sunni 251. 218 lierthold, Kimberly 119. 190. 210 Best Seniors 137 liethancourt. Tiffany 119. 210 liettendorf. Larry 96. 210 lieuzekom, Michael 11. 1-19 liemni. Connie 1-19 liialteddy. Chalyise 190 liickes, Mary 190 Hieber. Andrew im, Jin llierly. Mane liiesterveld. Gerald Biggs. Kevin 1-19 Bilberry. Lana lhller. SCU! 96. 190 Bilodeau. Laurie 118, 190 Bingham. Priscilla 210 liisbee, Edward 107. 1124. 119. 210 Bisdorf. Lisa 112. 1-19 Bishop, Todd 190 Braunhunt. Lorrise 212. 2111 Bredshall. Robin 150 Brenn. Lynita 190 Brewer. Byron 19 Brewer. Nancy 119. 121. 121. 150 Brewer. Wendt' 159. 210 Bribiescas. Angela 2111 Brierley, Stuart Bright. Russell 150 Bright. Timothy Brimley. Mattew 150 Broadstonjulie 115. 150 Broberg. Diane 150 Brodzinski. Kenneth 118. 119. 210 Broughton. Karla VM. 190 Brower. Colleen 190 Brown. Algene 210 Brown. Caroline 11. 105. 116. 110. 2-17 Brown. Christina 102. 150 Brown, Curlir 212 Brown. David 151 Brown. Deborah 190 Brown. Douglas 111-1. 110 Brown. Elizabeth 112. 151 Brown.-jill 159. 210 Brown. Karen 99. 12,1 Brown, Kathleen 106. 121. 151 Brown. Kimberly 118, 119. 151. 196 Brown, Lisa 210 Brown. Brown. Norman 62. 96 Richard 151. 190 Brown. Stephanie 149. 211 Brown, Tamara 151 Brown. Tracy 111 Brown. Ronald 1-11-1 Broyles. Michelle 190 Black, Lisa 118 lllaclt. Kenneth 99 Black, Melisa 19 Black. Renee 210 Black. Stephen 96, 210 Black. Travis 96. 210 2 5 6 Abel-Clark Blackhurst. Bruce 96. 210 lilackhursrujenniler 108, 1111. 210. -15 Blain, Douglas 210 lllainenjon 116 Blaine. Robert Brubaker. Karla Zi! Bruce. Bobbi 98. 99, 116. 190 Bruce. Michele 25. 125. 190 Brummetnjessica 190 Brundage. john Bruneau. Michele Bruner. Kathy 190 Bruner. Lisa 211 Brunson. Robin 211 Brunyer. Steven 211 Bryan. Katherine 122. 125. 196. 262 Bryand. jose Bryand. Peter Bryant. David -15. 96, 211 Bryson. Maureen 107. 111 Bryson. Michael 118 Buchanan. julee 211 Buchanan. Stephen 97. 151 Buchanan. Robert 96. 151 Buchler. Frank 190 Buckels. Celeste 158. 211 Buckland. Daniel 190 Buckleywlennifer 125. 190 Buczynski. Susan 151 Bunchman. Herbert ll. 34, 17. 96. 151 Burger. Angel 122. 123. 151 Burger, Sherry 130, 190 Burges. Dennis 141. 211 Burk. Nathan 190 Burke. Dana 151 Burke, Kara 190 Burkholder,-john 141. 211 Burnes. Melissa Burr. Kyle l9l Burton, Andrew 38. 98. 211 Burton. Court 97, 120. 211 Burzin, Cheryl Buse. Michele 90, 191 Busfeild. Mark 151 Bush. Christine 211 Butler. Dahra 191 Butlenjames 151 liutleruleffery 211 Butler. Kevin Butterfield. Sonja 118. 191 Butterfield. Steve Button. Anthony lt Cafeteria food Caccamese. Renee 101 Cacey. Theresa Cagle.-john Cahill Cullirriur 212 Cahill.-john 211 Cahill. Michael 211 Calcaterra. Steven 151 Calderone. Dominic VN, 211 Caldwell. Michael 122 Caldwell. Sheba 211 Caldwell. Shellie 191 Calhoun.john 152 Call.julie Zi. ll'i. 159. Ill Call. Michelle ll6, ll'J. 125. 191 Cnllalmll. Belly 252. 115 Callaway. Bohbi 211 Calveri.'lamie 119. 211 Cambern. Hazel 191 Cambernjay 191 Cameron. Cheryl 115. 152 Cameron. Clay 152 Camp. Karla 110. 1511. 152 Campagna. Stephen 211 Campbell. Anita Campbell. lieth 124 Campbell. Brett 96. 211 Campbell. Cindy 191 Campbell.jetry 191 Campbell. Kevin 118. 119. 122, 152 Campbell. Linda 1111. 119. 211 Campbell. Mathew 96. 211 Campbell. Mark 97 Campbell. Paula 116 Cam omenosi. Leann 191 Caniam. Krillz 252 Cantrelli. Michelle 211 Capaldi. Carole 211 Capaldi. William 211 Cardon, Sharla 119. 211 Carey. Erin 191 Carcyjfarirrrr 12, 15. 242. 2-11 Carey, Sydney 111 Cariveau, William 191 Carlos. Travis Carlmn, Bonnie 242 Cullum, Dari: 252 Carlson. Grant 211 Carlson. Kimherlt' 102. 120. 211 Carlson. Stanley Caroccio. Paul 152 lHCarpenrer. Rachel 152 Carpioujesus 211 Carrieri. Anthony Carrieri. Roseann 119. 211 Carrillo. Linda 217 Carroll, Earl Carroll.john 96. 211 Carter. Anita 211 Carter. Martha 212 Carter. Shelly 152 Cartwright, Michael 152 Cartwright. Terri 145. 212 Casner. Penny 125. 191 Cassaday.Jef1'ery 105. 119. 152 Cassavaugh. Kevin 118. 191 Castillo. Arthur 25. 87, 06. 914. 152 Castillo. Patrick 98. 212 Castillo. Rosa 111. 191 Casto. Anthony 18, 212 Catero, William Caton, Kenneth 99. 191 Cavallo. Gina 102. 212 Cavolaski. Shelley 76. 97, 191 Caza,jene 152 Cervantes. Armando Cervantes. Daniel 152 Cervantes. Ray Chalifoux, Patrick Chalk. Benny 152 Challis, Tracy 115. 122. 152. 191 Chambers. Mindi 191 Chamness. Kimberly Chapman. Gerald Chapman. Kelly 212 Charette, Lisa 212 Charette. Tina 191 Charles, Allan 212 Charley, Dale Z-li Charlson. Mark 1111. I91 Chase. Dana 127. 152 Chase. Rhonda Chavesmjoelle 212 Chavez, Emilio Chee, Wakely 49, 152 Cheerleaders. Varsity 1141 Cheerleaders.-j.V. 114 Chiappetta. Mary 102. 101, 191 Chiappetta. Regina 152 Chiren. Paul 191 Chisholm. Brenda Christ. Dina 212 Christen. Stann 109. 116. 112, 152 Christenberry. Tammy". Christmas Festivities 46. 47 Christner. Greta 212 Christopher, Claudia 101 Cirone. Mark 153 Cirone, Vincent Clark. Alison 116. 125. 191 Clark. Brenda 155, 268 Clark,james 155. 266 Clark,-john 212 Clark, Rosemary 212 Clark. Sara 253 Clark, Theresa 212 Clark, Thomas 212 -.4 Clark. E. 212 Clarkson. Connie 122. 151 Clarkson. Gary 107. 212 Classified Ads 56. 57 Clay. Sherri 151 Clayton. Cheryce Clayton. Tania Cleary, john 212 Clevenstine. Donna 911. 99, 212 Cleaver. Theadore 19 Click Club 130 Clifford. Bradley H-1. 212 Clifton. Ladonnda Cline. Brenda 151 Cloud. Phillip 191 Clouse. Dean 96. 191 Cloyd. Barbara 191 Cloyd. Steven 110. 151 Clubs 11. 9 Cluff. Betsy 105. 119 Cluff. Brenda 77. 97. 1111. 191, 212 C1uf1'.jarrne 122. 121. 151 Cocca. Dorrie 191 Cochenour. Dean 212 . C.O.E. 117 Coffey. Kent 122. 191 Cofoid. jeffery Cofoid. Tracy Cogswell. lirenda 212 Cnlbrunn. Sandra Colby. Patrick 110. 151 Cole. Brenda 97. 911. 212 Cole. Thomas 127. 191 Coleman. Duree 96. 97. 911. 1221. 117. 151. Collins. 1.oree 191 Collin. Tern 97 Collins. Steven 96. 151 Colpaert. Roy 212 Crrmlrer. llillaric 211 Combs. Karry 119. 212 Compar1n.jeflerei 51. 191 Compton. Kelly 192. 212 Comstock. Shelli' 191 Conaway. Tammy 151 Conkin. Carlene 191 Conklin. Connie 1111 Contreras. Theresa 191 Contreras. Dennis 59 Cook. Arthur 101 Cook,john 212 Cook. Kamina Cook Yvette 111. 151 Cooper. Cara 111. 212 Cooper. Christine ov. 151 Cooper. Cody 151 Cooper. Laurette 191 cwff. ,iiaffe 7 Cooper. Patrica Cooper. Teresa 1-10. 212 Convert. Terry 116. 151 Coppinger. Robert Corbett. Larry 127. 191 Cornell. Brandon 151 Cornell. Keary Coronado, Ana Corriveau. Penny 151 Corwin. Thomas Cosgrove. Marv 61. 96. Coston.judy 19. 51. 124 Cora. Veronica 1211. 110. 1-15. 15-1 Cora. Virginia 110. 192 Cote. Ted 108. 192 Cottam.james 1-11. 212 Couch. Rolland 151 Counseller. Casey 212 Cousins. Lori 15-1 Cowan, Craig 110. 15-1 Cox.jeffery 120. 122. 154 Craig. Christopher 96, 212 Craig, Ken 59.97. 116, 151 Cramer. I.ioniel 192 Crandall. Douglas 107. 1111. 119, 151 Crandall Dr. john 228 Crandall. Way'ne 107. 212 Crandall. Marie 217 Crane. Carrie 212 Crane, Susan 121. 11111 Cranford. Charlotte 212 Cranford.james 212 Crawford, Dawn 212 Crawford. Khali 99. 212 Cvuufnrrl. Pam 211 Crawford. Theodore 15-1 Credits 264. 265 Creel, Eric 951. 192 Cress, Mary 1-10. 212 Crimmins. Pete 96. 192 Crisfield, Debra 211 Cnsmon, Bonnie 119. 211 Crist, Deana Crompton. Deborah 192 Cronk, Karen 126. 154. 161. 167, 262. 267 Cronk, Lyn 192 Crook, Bill 213 Crook, Lisa 15-1 Cross Country Boys 711. 79 Crouch. Lisa 192 Crow, Deborah 71. 99. 192 Crowe. john 911. 211 Crozier, Gina Cruise, Lawrence 110, 211 Crum, William 96. 211 Cruz. Anthony Cuita, Terri Cullen, Gladys 192. 211 Culp, Heidi 105, 119. 154 Cummirrr, Bill 211 Cunha, Humberto Cunningham, Audrey 120, 154. 171 Cunningham. Whitney 211 Cunningham. Kathleen 192 Cunningham, William 102 urd, Peggie 99. 1111, 192 Curlm. jam: 141 urrie, Susan 50. 192 urry, Karen 114. 211 urry. Kimberly 116. 120. 11-1, 11-1. 119. 1 urtis, Christopher 122. 192 urtis, Vincent 107. 211 ypert, Sally 119. 211 175 1111. 111. 191 55. 192. 262 X I Dances -' Dahrowski. Gregory 215 Dahlin. Troy 211 Dalthrop. Todd 15. 1111. 121. 155. 2-17 Dalton. William 110. 211 Daly. Glenn 115. 211 Drnnmen. Kenneth 119. 211 Dainron. Amt 111. 155 Dana. KIIT1 126. 155. 167. 262 Dance Club 121 Dangler. Debbie 155 Dangler, llarrv 211 Dan1,joseph 107. 1111. 119 Daniel. Darlene Darger. Darryl 192 Darger. Dina 155 Dash. Ronald 112. 155 Dfrrirlrmr. Brrhlry Davidson. Mike 155 Davis. lirendu 105. 119. 155 Davis. Carol 1-10. 211 Davis. jeliferi 99. 211 Davis. Kent 193 D.1v1s. Nile 96. 99. 211 Davison. Debra 192 Dawson. Steven 192 Drluurur. Klum: 127 Day. Michael 211 De los rios. Ignacio 121. 112. 11111 Deal. Kimann 192 Deal. Michael Dcan.jeanne 111. 155 Dearherage. Shen D.E. Cluh 111 D.E.C.A. Club 111 Decious. Michael 192 Decker. Charles Decker. liveie Decker. Kevin 211 Darker. ,llury 211 Decker. Mike 155 Decourcy, Michael Deel. Marie 110. 192 Degracie. Daniel 65. 96. 102. 192 Dehaan. David 110. 155 Deines. George 155 Dejno. Mark 192 Delaney. Christine 192 151-1.1,-. Albert on. 211 Delgado, Antonio Delgado. Miriam 217 Delorenzo. Andrew 1-11. 311 Delray. Cindy 11111 Dernarino. Louis 211 Deming. james 155 Demke. Mike 71. 97. 155 Depierro, Scott 155 Dv.-priest. Brenda 1111. 192 Deremiah. james 192 Derka. lieth Derka. Wayne Derka. Wendy Dernavich. 'Fracee 97 Deschner. Felecia 192 Desrosier. Keith 911. 211 Deveaux. Craig 1111, 192 Dewey. Tara Dewellyzjohn 120 Dial. Duane Diary of Anne Frank 1-1. 15 Diaz, ja 211 151111511 Nancy- Dickenson, Kelly 126. 192. 261 Dickerson. Michael 97. 211 Dickerson. Stephanie 155 Dickman. Suzanne D1ekman.janna 107 Dieringer. joan Dillon. Allison 192 Dlnes. George 129 Dingman.jerald 311 Distiso, Michele 1111. 211 Dixon. Candace 102, 155 Dobbins. Tracie 102. 192 Dorlrz, Lnuir 21.1 Dodge. Penny 105. 119. 192 Doherty. Charles 20. 21. 2011. 211. 227. Doherty. Cynthia 2. 17. 51. 126. 1211, 117. 2-17. 262. 261 Dolan. Esther 107, 211 Doll. Forrest Domann. Donald 192 Domon, Ronald Domon, Wesley 213 Dooney. Debbie 15. 111, 115. 155. 24-1 Doorbar. Shauni 50, 156. 159. 262 Dourbar, Sherri 110. 96. 126. 156 Dorchestenjoserta 112. 192 Dorman. Kimberly 192 Dougherty, joe 211 Dougherty. Paul 1111, 119. 156 Dowdy, Renee 156 Doyle, Francine 119. 211 Doyle. john 192 Doyle. Martin 156 Doyle. Michael 97. 1111. 211 Drama Club 108 Dreaver. Lisa 156 Dressler. Maxine 21, 11-1. 156 Drew. Michael 156 Dviggi, Gunlrm 219 Drinkwater. Steven 96, 56 Driscoll. 1.aura 97. 156 Drozd, Denise Drumm, Deborah 192 Drysdale. Thomas 156 Duby, Brian Dueck. Patricia 99. 121, 211 Duffel. Robby 911 ' Duffeygjerry 98 Duffus, Mark 192 Dugan. Daniel 192 Duke. Carines 192 Duke, Theresa 211 Duke. Thomas Dumont, Andre Dunkeson, Tammy 156 furlfl 2-17 146. 155. 241. 246. Dunn. Tom 2111 Dunn.jeffrey 156 Dunn. john 62.96. 151. 156 Dunn. Robert 2. 20. 21.96. 2011. Dryru. Tum 211 Durish ie. 'Ferry 107. 1121. 156 Dupree. Quentin 15. 55. 211 Duprey. Anthony 211 Dupuis. Kevin Duranti.jacquelin 97. 211 Durmon. Pam 156 Durney. Ellen 117. 1211. 156 Dzik. Ann 101 Dzik. jan 192 w dOn'f and 0? -' Y L Education 'LUG Eagar. Stephen 911. 211 Earle. Murray Eaton. Scott 156 Elfrrliru. Barlvum 21-1 Ebert. William 192 Eccles. Trisha 211 Edgerton. Susan 21-1 Edrck. Donald 156 Edwards. Craig 21-1 Edwards. Eric 1-11 Edwards. james 10. W. 192 Edwaras.jer1'rey 51. 96. 191 Edwards. Richard 5. 21. 96. 156 Edwards. Tammy 191 Eells. Brian 101. 1111. 21-1 Eaglrhurger. Davie 2211 Egan. Kent 157 Egan. Egan. Egan. Martin 1014. 191 Mary 191 Michael 157 Ehlers. Corry Elberts.joseph 121. 157, 191 Elkins. jessica Elkins. Russell Ellrrrmrlz, Marlba 21-1 Elliott. Kathleen 111. 157 Ellir. jam 254 Elmer. Robert 191 Elsberry. Mitchell Elswiclc. Lauri 19. 21-1 Embury. Kenneth Emerson. Melanie 191 Encore Strings 42. 105 Enfield. David 191 Enos. jewel 191 Enos. Epps. Marls 112 Nanette 214 Ergenbnght. Rebecca 191 Erickson. john 191 Esber. Bradley 191 Eskew. Michael 214 Eskew. Shannon 214 Eslava,john 157 Esmerer. Melissa 157 Espinoza. Lisa Espinoaa, Michael Esqueda. Enrigue 157 Esqueda, jorge 110. 19.1 Esqueda. Ricardo 110 Esqueda, Tony Euban ks, Penelope 120. 214 Eulate. joseph 96. 107, 118, 114 Evans. Beverly 111 Evans, Kathryn 119. 157 Evans, Kevin 191 Evans. Kristine 116. 124. 157 Everett. Ray 157 Everhth, Melissa 97. 98. 157 Ewald. Lisa 191 Ti r Football games Faddis. Tiffany Fads-n-Fashions 16. 17 Fagan, Arm 214. 215 Fankh auset. Kara 25. 116. 119 Fair. Greg 96 Farias. Sandra Farnsworth. Laura Farnsworth. Macie 191 Farrell. Stefen Fate. Barry 96. 21-1 Fate, Brad 157 Fausnett. Tina 1111 Favorites 40-41 F.B.L.A. 128 Fedorick. Leann 191 Feenstra. Patrick 191 Frlixulue' 214 Fenney. Renee 191 Fenning. Cynthia 117. 157 Ferguson, Paul 15. 75. 97. 114, 124. 157. Fernandez. jean Ferreira, jose 85. 157. 214 Ferreira, Susan 116. 2-14 Fetty. Clarence 214 Ferry. Dorothy 157 Field. Leanne Figgins. Kimberly 71. 99. 102, 124. 157 Figgins, Robert 97. 214 Final Exam Syndrome 50-51 Finney, Renee Fisher. Benny 191 Fisher, Dawn Fisher. Michael 191 Fisher, Patrick 191 Fisher, Patrick 193 Fiske. Sheila 111. 157 Fitzgerald, Angela Fitzpatrick. Mary 157 Fleming, Michelle 191 Flinn. Sl'1lr0n 102, 107. 116. 118. 195 Football, Varsity 62-61 Footracer. Norma Forbes, Gssandra 139. 214 Forman, Michael 157 Forshee, Derrell 214 5 1 Forste. Vicky Foster. jenine 97 Foster. Michele 21-1 Frulrr. Tom 21-l. 218 Foucher. Barbara 110. 1511 Foulk. Vincent 1511 Fountain. Nathanral 191 Fowler. Raymond 21-1 Franco. Beatriz 1111. 12-1. 1511 Frank. Steven 214 Franklin. Dirk 96, 120. 21-1 Franklin. Larry 191 Frankshaver. Kara 1111 Franzmeier. Stacy 191 Franzmeier. Troy 1511 Frasier. james Frazier. Kevin 96. 191 Frazier. Veronica 116. 12-1. 1511 Frnlrrirbr. Bah 21-1 Fredrickson. jo Ann 1511 Freeman. Diane 1511 French Club 102. 101 Frias. Gonzalo 96. 191 Frias. Gregory 96. 191. 367 Ftierson. Michael 21-1 Frierson. Theresa 21-1 Frihart. Tammy 61. 97. Frisby. Daniel 191 From. Melanie 119. 1511. 2-1-1 From. Valerie 191 Frost. Brian 21-1 Frost. Debbie 1511. 120 Frost. Paul 96. 21-1 Frost. Steven 67. 96, 211 Frost. Stuart 11-1. 96. 31-1 Fruehling. Marine 191 Fuller. April 110. 1511 Fulton. Karen F,F.A. 1111 119. 191 Fultz. Kimberly 211 I' Good Gaddle. 1.isa 1111. 191 Gaddie. Lora 1111. 191 Galbasini. jill 97. 214 Galileo, Wendy 1511 Grrlirrrlu, 1114011014 Gallant. Daniel 1511 times 'MW Galloway. Tracy 191 Gammel. Kota 70. 911. 99. 21-1 Gammons. Ernest Gann. Betsy 1511 Ganser. Teresa ,11. 122. 1511 Garcia. Consuelo 101. 1511 Garcia. Michael 1511. 21-1 Garcia. Michael Garcia. Roberto 110. 191 Gardner. james 24. Gardner. Scott 1511 Garn, Dana 102. 10 1511 1. 191 Garner. Melody 191 Garney. Michael Garnier. Audrey 12-1 Garrett. jeffery 96, 1511 Gasswint. Gretchen Gates. Cheri 21-1 8. 12. 117, 1511. 2-16 -25cCQ,0.llfn 47 Gates. Danette Gates. Lynette Gatrel. Christopher 96. 191 Gaulmur, Wayne 219 Gay. Cheryl Gearhart. Caren 222 Gearharnjessie 217 Gebhardt. Michelle 21-1 Gtr. Harold Gee. Penny 96. 110. 194 Geegan. Corinna 191 Gehring.jul1anne 110. 96. 159 l'Gehr1ng. Susan 214 Georgianni, Margie 110. 214 Gerkin. Patricia 191 German.jimmy 191. 262 Gibb. Colin 97 Gibbons. Christine 911. 214 Gibbs, Donna 159 Gibbs. Gibson. Kelly 214 Giebels. Marcus 116. 112, 119 Giese. Steven 99. 124. 129. 11-1. 159. 2-17 Gililland, Robyn 19-1 Gillespie. William 159 Girane,john 109 Glauser. james 97. 214 Glenn, Adrian 911. 192. 101. 21-1 Glover. Bryan 214 Glover. Loretta Gobbell, Steve 112, 194 Goens. Douglas 159 Goens. Pamela 21-1 Goff. Brenda Goff. Suzanne' 111. 159. 121 Gohlke, Lucas 214 Golf 72, 7.1 Gomez. Cindy 119. 145. 159 Gomez. Lilia 108. 125. 110. 159 Goncalo, Lisa 215 Gonzales, Christopher 191 Gonzales. Geanna 19. 215 Gonzales. Karen Gonzales, Maria 194 Gonzales. Marissa 98. 215 Gonzales, Paul Gonzales. Sabrina 159 Gonzales, Gloria 101. 102. 124 Gonzales. ,laviet 194 Goodman, julie 159 Goodman. Shanna 1. 15. 159, 2-17 Goodolf. Regina 191 Goodwin. Barara 102. 194 Gordon, Linda 191 Gorman. Bruce 110. 215 Gorman. Eugene 194 Gorman, Teresa 124. 159 Gose, Thomas 159 Goslin. Debbie Clark-Goslin Goslin jr., Lawrence Goudeau, Karen Governo, Deanna 107. 119. 115 Gowtn, jeff 19-1 Graham. Crystal 101, 118. 194 Graham. Heather Graves. Barbara 191 Graville. Cheryl 115 Graville, Pamela 115, 159 Gray, Donald iso Gray. Kemberly 215 Gray, Lisa 194 Greaves, Denise 191 Greear. Coury 195 Green, Betty 117 Green, Danna 129 Green, Eric 118. 195 Green.john 160 Greene. Elizibeth Greene, jeffery 191 Greene. Maria Greenholt. Dawn 106 Gregan, Maureen 99. 115 Gregg, Dean 51. 105. 195 Grenke, David Grirgo, Dun 214 Griffin, Catherine 118, 195 Griffin, Denise Grimm Dmire 154 Grrffin,james 96. 195 Grifftn,james 115 Griffin, Lisa 195 Griffin, Mark 215 Griffin. Quinrin Gilpin, Rirhanl 254 Griffin. Terri 115 Grifiis, Lisa 106, 115 Griffith, Laura 99, 101, 115 Griffiths. Randy Griggory, Wayne 96. 195 Griggeoty. Lori 80. 96. 1-15. 160 Grone. Vince, 195 Groschel, Lisa 1-10, 115 Gross, janet 90. 97, 98, 146. 160 Gross, William 115 Gmumlr, Arm 255 Guard. Michael 215 Guesr.je1'1'rey 61. 96. 160 Gini, Tum 15-1. :As Guece, Lisa Gu1terrez,john 111 Gulden. Sharon 119. 195. 111 Gulley, Carmen 5. -16. 118, 160 Gummel.john 160 Gunderson. Brandy 118. 160 Gunnell, Robert 115, 195 Gurney, Helene 195 Gurney. Wendy 215 Gurtler lll. Lloyd 215 Guthrie. Greg 115 Gutierrez. joe 115 Gutierrez.john 160 Gutierrez, Maria 11-1 Gutierrez. Sonja 105. 115 ony, Andy- -in. rn, ns W Homecoming - Haatmann. Deborah 17. 160 llaildud, Kmuelh 155 Hagerty, Karen 50. 97. 101. 116. 121, 160. Hagerty, Michelle 11ahn, Ron 215 Hale, Dehhie 255 Hale, Karen 16. 11-l, 119, 115, 2-16 Hale, Kim 96, 195 Hall. Brenda Hall. Gingette 99, 116. 160 Hall, Kim 155 Hall. Shirley 1lall, Wendy 115 Hall. Rebecca 215 Hallis, Shirley 117 Hamblin, Mary 108. 119, 159. 115 Hamlow, Karen 215 Hamm, Ernest 115 llarnmons, linra 121, 195 HanCe.julie 159, 215 Hancock. Brigit Hane, Melanie 97 Hanley, Gregory 160 Hanley, Lyman 195 Hanna, Denise 215 Hanrarty, jim Hansen,juliana 160 Hansen, Raimo 215 Hansen, Ronald Hanson, jeffrey Hardin. Dale 110. 115 Hardin, Dana Hardin. Evelyn 110. 195 Harel,john 160 Harker. jay 216 Harker, Kimberly 119. 195 Harlow, Scott 195 Harmon. Kelley 99, 124, 195 Harper, Kathy Harrel, Lawrence 1, 75. 97. 107, 118 Harris. Lessle 169 Harris, Camille 97. 114, 144, 247 Harsh, Constance Hattley,john 96, 216 Hartley, Shelley 118. 119. 195 Hartzler, Kaylene 98, 195 Hasay, Rahanda 54, 112 Haslip, jennifer 195, 216 Hassell, Todd 96 Hasslacher, Peter 216 Hatch, Carlet 159, 216 1-1-1 Hawtree,julie 101. 119, 160 Hayes. Deborah Haymaker. Ricky 111. 160 Haynes. Aimee 97. 108. 116 Haynes. Heather 97 Haynie. Penny llazlett. Mark Heady, Karin 101. 116 Heath. Heath, Dennis 195 Donna 157 1leath,jerry 161 11ebdon,jodann 77. 97, 115. 161. Hebdon, Truman 96, 98. 116 Hebert. Hebert. Mark 116 Ronald 49. 119. 161 Hecht. Gary Hector. Anne Hed 'es Barbara 117. 161 1, . Hedges, David 116 Hedgpeth. Lori 161 Hedgpeth. Timothy Hefner. Steven 116 Heil. Chritine 116 Heil. Emmaly 11eil. G Heintz. ilbert Robert Heinzmann. Chnsopher Hello Assembly 16. 17 Helmick. Brian 116 Helquist. Shari 159. 116 llelsin Brian 216 g, Helsing, Cara 17, 115. 111. 161. 1-17 Helton. Hembe Stuart 111. 161 rger, Dean 58, 116 Henderson. Suzanne 97. 116. 111. 161. 111 Hendrickson. Anthony 116. 161 Henkel. Nancy 108 Hennes sey.jim 7-1. 75, 97. 161, 1-15 117 Hennesse' Ken 97. 110, 111. 116. 261 Henry, y, David 96, 116 Henry.joseph Scott 116 Hensley. Tina 161 Hentges. David 97. 116 Herd. Wesley 161 Herderick.james 195 Herett, Mark 119 Herrnerath, Karen 10, 11-1. 151, 117 Hernandez, Annalisa 110. 216 Hernandez. Barbara 116 Hernandez. Roland 195 H,E.R,O. 11-1 Herron. Calvin 161 llmz. Eugrrn 155 Hera. Ronald Heying. Mary Hickman, Wendy 116 Hicks. Kevin Hicks. Patricia 161 Hicok. Gary 96, 98, 195 Hiesel,john 195 Hiesel, Robert 195 Higgins. Karin Higgins. Lisa 112. 195 Higginson, Brian 16, 96. 195. 167 Higginson, Bruce 19, 90, 12-1, 117 Hig Hig Hig Hill Hill gs, Anita 119, 116 htree, Daryl ley, Calista 316 . Burke 96. 216 , Christina 195 Hill,janice ini 11111, Rink,- 11.11, wninnn we Hill ger. Shawna 116 Hillman, Herhm 155, 157 Himes, Geoffry 97. 161 Himmelsbach. Eric Hines. Karl 110, 116 Hines. Paula 98, 195 Hin kle, David 216 Hix. Sandi 116 Hodges, Bill Hodges, Robyn 195 llngamjuyre 155 Hogue. Lisa 122, 121. 115 Hoke, Kimberly 120. 216 Holbrook, Cheryl 255 Hol Hol gum, Alice 81, M urn Alice Hatch. George w. 116, 145, 160. 244, 1-15, 1-17 Hatfield, David Hatin, Bruce 116, 152, 160 11awkes, julie Hnwhim. Ernie 255 Hawley, Dennis 107, Z16 Holguin, Anita Holland, Clarence 105, 108, 161 Hollister, Lori 195 Holman, Gregory 120. 195. 261 Holman, Lisa 120, 216 Holmes, Giselle Holsinger, Harold M, 195 Homecoming 22-27 Hon, Lisa 149, 216 Hoopes, David 161 Hoopes. Sheila 216 Hopkins, Doreen 216 Hopkins, Marion 116 Hopkins, Stephen 11opkins, Ted Horibe, Yoko Hotky,john 195 Horton, Michelle 195 Hosay, Rechanda Houghton, Debra 217 Houghton, Denise 196 Householder, Kirk 217 Householder, Sandra 105. 114, 217 Houston, Donna 1M Houston. Lori 115, 161 Houston, Terry Howard, Daniel 196 Howard,j0hn 97, 118, 162 Howard, Robert 111, 162 Howard, Kristen 196 Hoy, David Hoy, Kelly 99 Hoy, Marc Hoyt, Michael 74, 97, 196 Hubbard, Staci Huckabay, Cheryl Haws, Anne 116, 117, 128. 154, 160, 24-1. 147 Harm, Kayla 255 Huckabay, Kathleen Hudlin, Clint 196 Hudson, Braunnette 217 Hudson, Faith 110 Hudson, K 2 5 8 Goslin-Lahaie ipp 257 x Hudson. Marc 118, 119. 196 llmlmrr, Frank 255 llmlfuu, lilmjurie 156 Hudson. Sandy 161 Hudzietz. Steven 196 Huff. Sherri 196 Hughes. Anthony 196 Huges. james 161 Huges. Shari 161 Huges, Steven 117 Hughlett. Carla 11-1. 161 Hughlett. Deanna 111. 196 llulette, Shannon 161 fluff. fitrry 156 11ull, Brett 196 Hull, Pam 116 Hull, Zachary 117 Humble, Brian 1-1. 75. 97. 161 Hundley. joseph 97. 161 Hunsaker, Lori 117 Hunt. Dickie 110. 159, 117 Hunter. Cynthia 119 Hunter. Debra Hurier. Victor 5. 55. 57, 161 Hutson. jason 96. 217 liytnore, Melanie 54. 108, 191. 161 Hyslope. Gerald 15, 96. 161 Hyslope.janell 11-1. 158. IW Individualism- lbarra. George 111. l-15. 161 lmberi. Anthony 117 ln. 'liamony 217 lugmhrmi. Dr. j. Rfflrnnl 119 lnk, Angela 161 Intramurals 151 Ireland. Shannon 117. 155 lfrrlutrmrulu, Corin 256 1 fi Jammin' - jlwrkrl, Al 156 jacks, Kelly jaikfutz, A1ithael96, 256 jackson. Tommy 196 juime, Chriiziue 156 jarnes,johanssen 78, 96 jamieson, Craig 57, 75. 96, 97, 161 jamieson,james 18, 96. 1-15. 117 janda, Robert 117 janes. Tammy 161 janisch, Nancy 11.1, 118. IM jaquette.james 196 jarvis, Sandra 162 jasmine.jacqes 217 jay-nes. Lori jazz Ensemble 107 jedike, Patricia jeffery. Alan 161 jeffery, Eric 8-1 jeombs, Elaine 1,57 jenkins, Mark 196 jenks. Kimberly 110. 117 jennies, john 196 jensen. Carl 120, 161 jensen. Richard 98 jensen. Robert 196 jessie, David 196 jessop. Brian jewitt, Bill 161 jobs 59 johannsen, Dave 117 johnson, Andrew 96. 198. 196 johnson, Annmarie 1M johnson. Barbara johnson, Carol 121, 115, 165 johnson, Charles 45 jvhnrwr, Chufk 256 johnson, Daniel 217 johnson Darin 196 johnson, Daryl 108. 114. 121, 125. 165, 1-17 johnson Deanne 217 johnson, Dianna 217 johnson, Donna 115, 122, 115, 165 johnson, Eric 86. 98, 117 johnson, james 105, 118. 119, 165 johnson, Katleen 165 johnson, Kenneth 96 johnson, Laura 165 johnson. Marcie 217 johnson Mark 1M johnson, Rebecca 217 johnson Richard 165 johnson Rodney 125. lm johnson Scott 96, 161 johnson Shirley 196 johnson Susan 196, 217 johnson Susan 196 johnson Theresa 119. 196 olly, Luis onas, jr. David 117 ones, Angela 196 ones, Bryan 196 ones, Cary 16,5 ones, Charles 196 ones, Charles 259 ones, Christopher ones. Craig ones, Debra 196 ones, jeffrey 96, 112, 197 ones, john 197 ones, Leslie 217 ones, Vickie ZM J J J J J J J jones. Cheryl 196 J J J J J J J J ones. Suzette 125. 197 jordan, April 197 joy, Todd zs, 141, 217 joyner, Rochelle 197 junior Class Officers 188 junior Section 189-207 Q Kissing Q Kaiser. Gary 99. 197 Kaiser. Marilyn 165 Kaminsky. Kevin 161 Kammerer. Kurt 111, 161 Kamp. Richard Kannenberg. Wesley 197 Katry. Donald 11-1 Karzen, Lorilie Kasprzyk. Paul 66. 89. M. 98. 117 Kasprzyk, Sylvia 59. 197. 116. 161 Kaufman. Lisa 117 Kaufman. Sandra 161 Kaup. Troy 161 Kay. Roxanne Kaye, Woody Kayona. Val 156 Kearns. Tracie Keast, Brian 197 Keck, Michael 111. 117 Keele. Kekeigh 217 Kegler. Glen 197 Kekrer, David Keilholtz. Kim 111 Kr-llem. Kelley 197 Kelly.jody 117. 197 Kelly. Karen 197 Kelly. -Maureen Kemp. Ronald 165 Kempf. Chritina 11-1, 197. 1-17 Kempton, Kip 96, 98. 188. 197 Kempton, Steven 96. 161 Kennedy. Donna 118. 161 Kent, Christopher 117 Keteluk. Kimberly 197 Kerley, Sandra 161 Ketnagi,john 59. 96. 117 Kerrigan, Mark 107. 110, 197 Ketsting. Diann 117 Kescoli, Sharon Kessler, Kim 80. 96. 161 Key Club 101 Kidwell, Penny Kieffer, Brenda 111. 161 Kiesler. Michael 217 Kill. Christine 161 Kimball, Linda 97, 1111. 117 Kimball, Tracy 118. 161 Kimbrough, Cherrie 16-1 Kimhniugh, Rehrtm 110. 156 King.joe 197 King, Lourena 117 King, Merrill 197 King, Tamara 161 King. Tara 117 Kingan.james 217 Kinnaman, Elizabeth 197 Kinnatd. Lisa 117 Kinnear, Kathleen 109. 118. 197 Kinney, Kim 197 Kinseth. Brenda 97, 197 Kipp. Tim 156 Kirch. Kerry 161 Kirk, Lynn 117 Kirk. Maureen 117. 161 Kirsch, Laurinda 98, 126. 158. 197. 158. 161 Kirh. Caml158 Kish, Lani: Kisiah, Cynthia 164 Kiwft. Arirfl: 12. 15. 257. 1-15 Klein. Mark Kleiner, john Kleinman, Laura 117. 122. 118, 16-1 Klingaman, Pam 218 Klingensmith.jennie 161 Klopshinske, Sheri 218 Knudsen, Rhonda 197 Kobie, Meredith 158. 197 Koehler, joseph 118, 197 Koens, Terril 218 Koernig, Lori 218 Kohlhase. Katherine 119. 218 Kohlhase. Leslie 99, 105, 119. 161 Kolhepp, james 98, 197 Kollenborn, Shea Koncar, Stuart 96. 197 Koons, Karl 161 Koons, Leslie 197 Kosisky, joseph 96. 16-1 Komnick, joseph 218 Kotsur, Brian 5, 96, 16-1 Kotula, Denise 96. 16-1, 266 Kraemer, Lynn 197 Krall, jon 165 Kramer, Barbara 197 Kramer, Dail 257 Kramer, Teresa Kreamier, Tari 118, 197 Kreitzer, james 197 Kremjur. Terri 158 Kreuqer, Dean 165 Krick, Paul 197 Kruck, Kim 127, 165 Krueger, Darrell 24, 97, 218 Krugen, Douglas Kubitz, james 197 Kuchnicki, Philip 218 Kudron, Lori 124, 165 Kujawa, Dianne 218 Kunasek, Karrin 42, 154. 188, 197, 147 Kunde, Andrew 218 Kumle, Bum 257 Kuntz, Tom 197 Kurus, john 197 Kysela, Amy 10-1, 126, 218. 265. 162 Laughing Q L-1,1101 Labrake, jeff Lacy, john 168 Lai1er,jeffery 218 Lafortune, Carol Lahaie, james 197 Lake. Shawn Lakey. Pamela 116. 165. 144 Lamansky. David 197 Lambert, David 117. 165 Lambert. Kenneth 198 Lambright. Marvin 111. 198 Lartibson, Dennis 118 Lamorte. Donna 120, 116, 118. 161 LaMorte.jel'f 51. 110, 116, 161. 165 LaMorte,-jody 110. 118 l.aMorte. john Lurrrumr, E1lnl117. 141 LaMorte. Stacy 198. 167 Lancaster. Barbara 118. 165 Lancaster. David 118 Lancaster. Karen 165 Landon, Shelley 119 Lane. Barry 118 Lum. Dnvibu 117 Lane, George 118 Lane. Marla 198 Lang. Simon 7. 198 Lanham, Barbara 198 Lantz. Chip 96. 98. 198 Lapp. Wanda 118 Lapuma. Salvatore 118 Larkin. Larkin. Wendy Wendy Larson, Cathy 11. 97. 1-11. 118 Larson, Dru 108. 165 l.arson,'julie 116. 111. 198 Larson. Kristine 119. 165 Larson. Kyle 165 Larue. Yvonne Latourrette. Allen 165 Launer. Robert 198 Lawhon. Krista 198 Lawrence, Cynthia 118 Lawrence. Douglas Lawrence, Mary Lawson. Bonnie 118 Lawson. Candace 111. 12-1. 198 Lax, Rvnlulrl 217. 259 Lay, Tammy Layton. Lisa 119. 198 1.ayton.junrus 165 Layton. Michael 198 Lararoff, Kristine 218 Lebaron. Elise 101. 198 Ledingham. Eva 102. 2111 Ledingham. Mark 198 Lee, Adam 118 Lee, Carmen 118, 118 Lee. Casey 118, 111 Lee. Daniel 14. 165 Lee. Daniel 165, 198 Lee, Elizabeth 118. 118 Lee. Lavaun 2111 Lee. Mary Leek. Mike 165 Legg, Troy 141. 118 Legg, T, 121. 121. 121. wx Legrady. Lorna 119. 198 Legrady, Wendy 218 Leivas.john Lemoine,j0el 118 Lentine. Michael 118 Leonard, Lisa 17. 111. 115. 117. 1-16. 165 Leonard. Marsha 98. 198 Leonard, Sara 118 Leonard. Terry 166 Lepianka. Daniel 107. 218 Lerxne. Randy 1111 Lo11ghrey,john 1. 119 Lovins. Scott 198 Lowe. Michelle 166 1.ower, Steven 166 Lower. Toni 117. 198 Lozano. Tomas 511. 198 Lucostrc. l.rsa Luhellier, Brad 198 Lukehart. Staci I.una. Chris Lundblom. Steven 99. 319 Lundquest. Kurt 96. 198 l.unt. Allison 119 1.unt. Berkley 119 l.ut7. Daniel 198 Lynch, Maria 111. 166 Lynn. Lisa 119 Lyon, Richard 119 Litle. Denice 110. 119 Li McDonaId's - UA midlclde C691 Maccuhbin, Scott 107, 119 Macgregor. Dirk 81, 166 Madden. Shay 110. 119 Mader. Cynthia Madrid. Michelle M.1f1ucci.jill 198 Marrucci. Robert 166 Magallaner. Zina 110. 198 Magnee.joanne 166 .11trgvu1lrr, Amie 117 Main.jef1A 119 Marne. Trina 117 .1111jw, .ilizyuvie 117 Malloy. Carol 111. 166 Malo. Donna Malo. Michelle 119 Malone. james 198 Mancini. Michael 96, 198. 101 Manier. Scott 119 Mankins, Tracy Manley. Douglass 119 Mann, Carrie 111. 199 Mann, Missy 97 Manske. ll Ralph 199 Manuel, Tami 199 Manues. Elaine 11-1. 167 Mara, Scott 96. 199 Marcus. Lori 111. 119 Maready. Susan 119. 119 Mariage. Abbe 111. 167 Mariage. Deana 119. 119 Marin. Lisa 199 Marino. Kelly 199 Marion,jennifer 119 Marion. Koren 108, 110. 199 Markham, Darwin Markovic. Karl 119 Markovic. Marcia 167 Marler. Regina 114. 108. 110. 116. 167. 216 Marsh, john 199 Marshall, Andrew 111. 167 Marshall, Dawn 118. 199 Marshall, Kimberly 98. 116. 199. Jus. 116 Marshall, Kris 119 Martin, Bradley Martin. Elena 107, 118. 167 Martin, Sherri 118. 199 Martin, Stephanie 199 . 161 Miranda. l.es1er. Terry 118 l.esur:ur,,1udy 166 Lesueur. 1.152 119. 2111 Leszczynskr, Allison 198 Les1c1ynskr,jill 166 Levenda. Mark 218 1.evis. john 111. 165 Lrrrjnr. Gmc: 116 l.evine, Randy 111. 166 Lewicki. Mary 198 Lewis. Anthony Lewis, Christopher 148. 96. 98, 118 Lewis. Gary 118 Lewis, Glenford Lewis, Kathy Lewis, Mark 198 Lewis, Tamara 119. 218 Lewison,janice 166 Lieng.john 166 Lientz. Cass 96, 118. 198 Lientz. Melanie 166 Likley,j0hn 11. 166 Lindsay, Robert 119 Lindseth, Christopher ine, Mark 106. 107. 119 inenfelser, Mary 119. 119 ingensmithwlennie 112 insenmann. lvan 198 insenmann. Ruby 166 itke, Daniel 219 ittle, Robert 119 izdas, Diana 119. 198 lewellyn,john 119 loyd, Christopher 198 loyd,jeffrey 97. 107, 118. 198 zzycl jar 237 loyd, Noris 144 ock, jeffrey oeflier, David 198 oera. Debbie ofgran. Mary 198 ogan, Lori 119 ong, Karen ong, Tamara 198 opez, David 98. 119 opel, Rene 108, 166, 211 opez, Ruth 219 opez, Sandra 108. 166 opez. Tammy 219 orlg, Richard 101. 111, 111 os Concionistas 11, 1,18 os Mariposas 141 os Palomitos 119 os Travadores 140 osey, Kevin 107, 116. 166, 1-H otz. Laura 98. 198 orts. Michele 219 Martlnek, Lawrence 96. 199 Martines. Cathy 97 Martinez. Gilbert 199 Martinez.javnes 96. 111. 199 Martinez. joseph 111 Martinez, Michael 96, 199 Martinez. Raymond Martinez. Sylvia 167 Mash. Marie 119. 219 Mash. Patricia 199 Matador Band 106. Mastalsz. Patricia 119. 111. 167 Master, Terry 119 Masters, Lloyd Matteo, Paula 119 Matteson. Max 119 Matteson, Tammy 110 Matthews, Shelley 167 Mattice. George 167 Mattingly. Kimberly 110 Matty. Mark Mauldin. Darren 98. 109. 199 Mauzy. Lisa Mauzy. Richard 167 Mawby. Karl Maxwell. Darren 167 May. Terry 167 Mayor. Marg Mayor's Youth Committee 115 Maynard. Ken MaZZOni, Carine 121. 12-1. 167 1llcBrirle, Run McConnell. Shawn 110 McArthur. Nancy 110 McCleary, Shannon 111. 168 McCleary, Karrie 199 McClellan. David 110 McClelland, Blynda 168 McCombs. David McCombs, Donna McCormick, Evonna 111, 168 111rCunzri.'i, Sumlm McCowan, Lela 210 McCune, Bonnie McDaniel. Clifton McDaniel. Mike 199 McDaniel. Sheila McDav1d. Denise 111, 168 McDermott. Glenn 210 McDonald, Timothy 199 McEarchern,-Jeffery 118. 110 McEarchern,-julie 119. 111, 168 McFarland, Steven 96. 110 McGee, Rosemary M. 199 McGhan, Mark rl1rGoum1, Mary 110. 118 McGuire.'lohn 120 . 261 of ? Mcllugh. Mtchale 167 Mclnnes. Charles 98. 168 Mclnne5.Cyn1l1r..l 199 Mclntoslr, Debora 110 Mclntyre. Shanell -11. 121. 111. 168 McKee, David 98, 168 McKenna. Kris 98, 110 McKenna, Leanne 199 McKenny. Wendi' 111 McKeon. David 78. 98. 168 McKeon. Kathleen Mclceon, Rebecca 110 McKernan. Susan 118. 111. 199 McKinnon. Rohbin Mclirnlev. Michael 1614 McKlnney.jamie 168 Mcl.achlan. Shelalne 111 McLain. Beau 110 Mclaagirlin. Philip 15. 107. 1116. 116, McMahan. Donald McMullen. Dana 199 McMurry. Martin 199 McNeer, Erin 110. 110 McNulty.james 199 McPherson, Darren 199 McReynolds, Shaugn McReynolds. Stephen McWrl1rams.jayna 199 McWilliams, Rita 168 Meade. jonrta .il1.z.l1, Shirley Meagher. Richard Mealer. Mia 21. 110 Mecha 130 Medina, Lupita 110 Meiley. Steve 118, 168 Meinert. Timothy Melcher. Richard Mendivil, Anthony Mendlvil. Armando Mendoza. Francisco Mendoza. jose Mercher. Daniel 210 Mercurlo, Angela Meridith. Pamela 116. 100 Merrill. Allen 98. 168 Merrill. Michael 100 Merrill. Frank 168 Merritt. Melissa 51. 1110 Mert. Vaughn Mes Spirit Week 10. 11 Meserollnlames 168 Mesmer. Cyntia 118 10 Metzger, Todd 18 168 169. 111. J y15 Mt7ler.Kev1n 110+ Meyer. Sherri 101. 100 Micheau. Christopher 160 Micheletti. Deanna 11. 99. 11-1, 168 Micheletti. Gino 100 Mrcheletrr. Lindy 117. 169 Miculs. Benita 119. 169 .1li1l1llrmu. Erzher 118 Milano, Raymond Military Influence 48. 19 Miles. Gregory 128. 100 Miller. Anthony 1111. 110 Miller. Devon 1110. 110 Miller. Don Miller. Lorenza 110, 100 Miller. Michael 110. 161 .llillfn Riiherx 118 Miller. Terrance 169 Mlllett. Karen 110 1V11llt'11. Kelly 15. 25. 11f1. lG9. 117 Mlllett. David Millross.jul1e 118. 110 Mills. Daxid 169 Mills. Denice 91. 100 Mills. Donald 169 Mills. Donna 118 M1l1s.james 110 Mills. Richard 200 .1lil!r, Rim 120. 148 Mills. Terrance Milstone. Stephanie 200 Milts. Rhonda 96. 100 Cecilia 110 Miranda, Teresa 110. 116 Mitco1'l'.john 100 Mitranda. Tern 100 Moen. Mark 100 Moeser. Brian 110 .11rzrzk. Sally 118 Monkman.jef1'ery 169 Montierth. Lori 111. 200 Montierth. Shen 2011 Montij 0, Frank Montijo, Melissa 100 Mootly, Bzmlrll118 Moody.-lim 100 Moody. Keith 5. 81. 96. 100 Moog. Moon. Steven Diana 116. 122. l-16. 169 Moon. Douglas 169 .11wn, Alam Moore, Amy 110 Moore. Anthony Moore. Fred 110 Moore. Marjorie 169 Moore. Melissa 110 Moore, Melissa 118 Moore. Steven 118. 110 Morales. Cynthia Morales, Elizabeth 210 Morales, Patricia Moreno, Robert 110 Morgan. Maria 110 Morten. Robbie 110 Morten. Toi 169 Morris, Helen 169 Morris,john 111 Morris. Michael 110 Morris. Robyn 169 Morrison, Dennis 111 Morrison, Kevin Mortensen, Andrea 100 Mortensen.-Jeffery 169 Mortensne, Ken 117. 169 Mortensen, Paula 111. 169 Moses, Tina 92. 98. 110. 111 Mott. Pamela 102. 112. 169. 146 Mounteer. Colleen Mounteer. Monte Muir. Arron Mukheiber. Leigh 11-1. 169 Mulera, David 100 Mullins. Buck Mullins. Melinda Mumford, Michael 118. 119 Murphy, Kathleen ml. 117. 1011. 216 Murphy, Mary 119. 169 Murphy. Mike 211 Murphy. Pa! uv. Jw, 216 Jluvpby, Pauline Murray. jana 100 Musselman. Craig 221 Mustuwskr. Shellie 118 Mutchlenjohn 118 Myers. Charles 98, 111 Myers. David Myers. Dirk 110. 211 .ll-yen. Tum 118 Mvkytyn. Peter 96. 111 1 "Nothin' to do' N.1.l1.r1. llrrmlfy Nahs. Kiel 100 Nakar. Felicrta 98. 111. 100 National Honor Society 116 National Merit 115 Navarrette. lidward 221 Navarro. Nancy 121 Naylunjalnes 100 Neal. jeffrey 111, 170 Needham, Lawrence Needham. Tony 119. 221 Needham. Yogi 100 Nehrmra. Renaldo 2110 Neil. Doug 170 Nellman. Tracy Nels.john 100 Nelson. Nelson. Carol 221 Christine 111. 170 Nelson. Daniel 96. 111 Nelson. Dean Nelson. Glen 111. 100 Ne-lson.'lenn11er Nelson. Madeline 112. 100 Nelson. Shane 111 Nrlswr, Cbrfyl 118 Newbold. Dell 118. 1711 Newndyke. Craig 100 Newmtly-ke. Scott xx. 176 NCWla1nL.l.JUllE 127. 128, 221 Newland. Millie 116. 111. 170 Newman. Richard 96, 100 Newman Newman Newman . Shanlyn 10, 108. 211 . Thomas 111 . Walter 100 Newrock. Carla 5. 170 Newspaper 117 Newth. Veronica 97. 118, 115. 211 Newton. Robin 111 Nez. Charlotte 111 Nicastro. Patrick 1011 Nichols. Brandon 7.1, 75, 101. 107. 118 Nicholson. Bruce Nrckell.ju1ie 99. 1011 811115.11111 1:1 Nicks.-julie 100 Nicks. Shelly 11-1. 121. 200. 2-17 Nicoll. Nielson Nielson Nielson Gregori' 100 . Christopher .11. 2110 . lleather 97. 111 . Kent 111 Nielson. Kent' Nielson. Robert 170 Nielson. Tanya 111 Niemic. Suzzanne 1111. 111 Nilsson . Nzlnette 119. 221 Nino. Clara 111. 170 Nino. Diana 110. 111 Noble. Jacqueline 119. 110. 111 Noble, Luis Noble. Michelle 119. 170 Nocella. William 170 Noe. Lourle 119, 101 Nordrn. Norris. janice Carol 101 Douglas 111. 111. 101 Norrl. Lloyd 109. 116, 118. 111. 170 Norris. Norris. Vincent Norris. Linda North.john 170 Northey. Debra 115. 119. I71. 217 Nmbgy, Bruy 158 Northey. Mark. 119. 171 Norton. Diane 118. 111. 101 Navzzm. N orton. Bzll 118 Treck 101 Nossett.james 171 Nossett. Tersa 111 Nowak. Brian 111 'fl.QVC!"l 119. 167. 170, 9" Nowak. Susan 10, 18. 115. 116, 119. 171. 2-17 Nowell. Caroline 140. 111 Nucifoto. Beckey 111 Nunez. Donna 110, 171 Nutt. Stacy 211 Nybo, Cheryl 115, 171 Nybo, Tony 111 l Outrageous 0'Blien. Kelly 211 Oakes. Stacilee 115. 171. 111. 1117 Ogden, Michael 111 Oldiather. Lori 111 Oldham. Kathy 171 01101, Dehonlb 121. 140 Olsen, Debbie 111. 140 Olson, David 111 Olson. Frederick 101, 99 Olson, Tim 171 Oltmann,jenni1'er 171 Lake-Oltmann l 259 Orcun. Michael 101 Orrlrlul, Pam IW Ortega. Thomas 107, 201. 1111 0ri7. Ismael 121. 110 Ortiz. Magdalena 117. 171. 128. ISU, 216 O'Bry-am. David 171 0'Hryanr. Lucinda 221, 1111 O'Connor. Kimberly 101. 143 0'Connur. Laureen 121. l-H 0'DelI. Vickie 201, Hx 0'Hm'fr. Dmlrla 217, ZW O'Neil, Richard 213 Orlflnnl. Dmla ZW, ll. li Orchestra 119 Osborn. jackqulline 212 Osborn. Michelle 97 Osborn. Stephanie 19. 301. 97 Oshornc. Sandra 101 Osuno. Fredrick 107, 201 Osrium. Chrisime 171. 137 Ono.j0n Our-uffSchool Aciiviries SH. 59 Ove.-rron, Kathy 101 Owens. Bobby Owens. Linda Owens, Todd Owsley. Lisa 201 Oxhorruwjill 116. 201 Ozik. Ann 101 l Prom 'U3h0l7ll9Pf6W1? Paap, Thomas 201 Pace. Lonnie 171 Paddle. Eric HM Paddock. Vernon 223 Padgett. Douglas Padgm. Ruby 212 Padgm. Tammy 112 Palmer. Dznlel 222. 06 Palmer. Robin 201. 97. 'XI Pancoast. Deborah 222 Pancoast. Tammy Papuzza. Mifhael Pardew, Chervle 121 Paredes. joseph Pariza. Diane 1111. 201 Parisi. JJ: 119 je . Pzrker, Mark 119. 171. llx Parker. Parker. Parker. Parker. Monifa 201 Rifhzrd 110, 121 Rlbbtft 201, 117, 96 William 112. 201 Parry. Troy 119. 201 Parsons. Gregory 112 Parsons. Lagulnn 101, 105. 119. 222 Panel, Kaihryn 171 Pusqualhjolene 115. 101 Passanmjohn 222, 97 Passex. Lorilee 16, 111. 222. 316 Passmore. David 112 Patrick. Michael 61, 96 Patrick. Michelle 171, 101. 111. 167, VM Pm. Michael 171. 21-H. W Panea. Darrell 112. 141 Pam-a. Steven 101 Patterson. Greg 201 Panerson. Michael 122 Paul. Cllrl5 Ill. 171 Payanjames 111. 222 Palmer. Coval 173. 12-1 Paint:-1. Smart Pearce. Gan' 173 Pearcenjulianne 101 Peavey. Lana 201 Peel. lialhrl 102. 121. 159 Pegler. Alison 222 Penaulesse Pennell. Allison 323 Pennell, Melissa 172 Penningmn, Beverly Penniweiglll. Stephen 222 People 10, 11 Pep Club len. rw Perkins. Karen 172 Perkins. Keith 26. 201 Pe1kms.I.ola 111. 173 Perkins. Runald Perkins. Scum 111 Perkins. Sharon 171. IM Parkinson. Ami' JZ! Perlman, 1irrnd.i 2111 Prrlaull, Sreplmnw 172 Prvrault. Susan 222 Perri. Lisa 101 Pnry, Dawn! 259. HH, lvl!! Peters. Ktllx' ll6. l7Z. 121. Eli Prius, Su-fame 116. 201 Pcrrrsen. Mark 101 Prlruci. Geurgr JZ! Peuy.jef!'rey 14111, 116, 105. 172. U6 Pew. l.urianm: 694, 122. 97 Plclfer. llrarlu-1 1111. 222 Pfellerulill 173 Phalr. Deborah 17. 172. 135. 122. 167 Pl1au,Grrg0ry llN, 222 Pliillips.-jennifer 172 Phillips, Sha-llc Phoenix. Kathleen 113 Plmenlx. Paul 222 Student Photography 2511. 151 Work Photographers 152. 151 Picuujulie zzz Pint-dz. Arun 211.120 215 Pmkemin. Bonnie 107. 119. IIN Pinkerton. Leon Pifrri. Dzrmii 219 Pirun, Trim 119. 102 Pirchford, Rodney 202 Pins, Michael 1151. 122. 141. 96 Pluukmjames Ju! Plufinski. Susan 173, 121 Plunkett. jay Plunkm, Marcy 107. 212 Pfqquf, llzlm 117. Mx Puhl. David 171 Pollard, Lance 212 Pnllmiller. David 122 Pollock. Dawn 111. 173. 367 Pummumk. Slum: IKM Ponder, Holly Porco. Marylane 202 Purteous. William 222 Porter, Gary 22. 15. 171. 96. 55 Porter, Srephony 172. 212 Primer. Steven 96 Purrer. Todd Pnst. Thomas 173 Pusrhuma, Anthony 172 Purhier. Robert 17. 202 Porrer, Evelyn 202 Purrer. Rhonda 202 Powder puff baskelhall Sl. 55 Powell, Christine 171, 122 Puwell. Wendy 202 Powers. Michael JJ! Prarher. David 110. 171 Pram. Stephen 175. 50. 97, W Pmler, Pam 259 Prefhlel. Laura 202. 127, 256 Premier 131 Price. Sheri-I 171 Prices 38 Priddy. Robyn Priesrer. Cristina IN Priesrer, Cynrhia 231 Prigge, Wendy 321. 417 Prince, Lorna Prince, Roherr 102 Pritchard. Deloycr Ill Probation 1. 5 Prohonzs, Diane Psenski. Adam 1111 Puebli. Len 115. 178 Puebla. Sandra 212 Pularinjim 221 Pulzaroulolin 302 Punmomjeffrei IN Purner. Margaret 171 I- Quality- A Al Quick. Kevin lm, HJ. zzs Quihuw, Becky lm, Ill Qumdry. Michele 207 Quirk, Lisa 207 Quurskuyva. Leland 174 Quurskuyva. Luuanna 171 -ll' Robedenu. Tinia 110. 17-1 Roberson. Roberson. Roherrs. Roberts. lj G e Tern 202 Tony 110. 171 aylene 16. 114. 224. 146 ffrey Roberts. Karhy 101 Roberts, Rene 21. 24. 13. il. 115. 121 Rohertson. Teresa 118, 128 Ruhldeau. En: 201 Robinson,-Janine 110. 201 Rulzirunu, Rml 240 Robinson, Robert 17-l Rodriguez. David 2111 Rodriguez. Iirmalmda Rodriguez, Rohin Rodriguez Teresa 203 Rodriguez, Wilma 92. UN, Illl. 11X Rogers. Rogers. Rogers. Rogers. Elizabeth jeffrey 101 Sandra 174 Wayne 315 Roger. Judith 171 Rollins. Anne 117. 171 Roosen. Gloria 119. 171 Rosan. Michael 202 Rosmjanaan IW. 17-1 Roskell. Anne 111 Roskell, Kathleen Russ. Andrew 102 ROSZ.-juhn 107, HX. 119. 202 Roth. Shiela 11K Rouse, David 171 Rouse. llolly Ann 121. 111 Rowan. William 123 Rowe. Shane 218 Rowell. Ruhio. Ru hm. Tummy Francisco 174 llecmr Ruby. Leslie 17-1 Ruilil. .llefviu 1-10 Runm. Scorr 10. 96, 204 Rusk. Paula 119. 1111 ' River runs f Qumfwfl Ruilrr, Rirbrlnf 67, 96. 121. 223 Rahn. Kelly 107 Raines. Mary Ralls. Cherrie 171 Ramsay. Mitchell 119. 174 Ramscyjeffrey 111 Randall. TL-In 171 Randi, Thomas 128 Rangel, Charlene 102 Rapier, Donna 124. 201 Rapp, Daniel 59. 96. 171 Rasherry. Terri' 171 Rasbelry, Tummy' '29, 101 Rarhburn. Regina 211 Rarhburn. Robert Rarkowski. Cheryl 111 Rarkowski. Tamyru Sl. 121. 174. 217 Rav, Christine 119 mi-.jeffrey 59 Rav. Kim 102 Rai. Michelle 121 Rain, Susan 123 Reardon. Chnswpcr 11, 40, H, 61. N4 Reavis, Lorie 121 Recror. Dawn 1111 Rf.-cror. Rebecca 221 Redding. Kathy 97. 121 Rn-derick. Rohhl 224 Redondo. Lisa ISM Reeb. Mark 98. 303 Reece. David 59. 71. 07, 175 Rml, Mafia N9 Recd. Mary 119. 111. 171 Reega. Mark R1-gesm. jeff 202 Rah. There-Sn 173 REl1ClS.-Judi 119, lll. 123. 175 Reiclhead. Boyd 221 Reinhardt. Andrew 202 Reis. Peter RL-nningcr, Andrew Rrnninger. lan 311 Renrerimjnse 97. IU Rcssler, Keith 171 Rrrelm. lidward 115. 174 Remg. Rhonda 202 Rliein. lirvan 96. HM. 221 Rhein. Tina 116, 121. 301 Rhoadei. Charlie Rliuades. Gus 221 Rhodes, Chance 17-l Rhodes. lilmer Riccuhum. David 96, 221 Rrre, Rex 120, Z-10, 241 Ri:b11r4lJ, Gayfe 210 Richards, Toni 17-1 Richardsonjcnniler SA, 115. 102. 166 Richardson, Karen 202 Richardson. Karhrine 174 Richardson, Tammy HH. 202 Richeson. Elisa 117, 129. 174 Richie. Heidi 118, 221 Riehl. Mitchell 107, 221 Rigby. james Riley. Gina 223 Rilling, Cru 240 Rxnck, Robert 17-1 Rirchie. Theresa 174 Rium, Dale 107, 223 Rium,jim 260 Orcutt-Soccer 171 Russell, Greg 75, 478 Russell. Marvin Russell. Robert 59. 97. 102. 116. 118. Ryan. Nolan 208 ' ' ' ' Spirit Suhin, Andrew OH. 205 Sahuurin. Lisa 102. 234 Sacken. Lisa 111 Xfiggifi. Dirk 210, 151. 2,10 Sakmar. john Sakmanjullan 79. 96. 201 Salasherry. Lisa 175 Salasherry. Lori 1124, 223 Sulyers, Deanna 12-1. 175 Samaniego. Martin 06. 223 Sampedro. Luis 96. 175 Sampadro. Yvette 118. 211 Sampson. Beverly 125 Sancliev.-Joe 151, 221 Sanchez. Maria 140. 201 Sanchez. Patricia 115. 103 Sanderson. Tim 118, 201 Sandhursr. Charles 120. 122, 103 Sandy. Stephen Sanford, Suzanne 175 Sanofsky, Pauline 99. 201 Salem. Kim 116 Suum, Andrew 224, 262 Saunders, Ken! 99. 107, 22-1 Saundeis. Lana: 90, ON. W. l1H, 201 Savastano, Robert 175 Sawyer, Larry Sawyers, Sheila 105, 1-10, 22-1 Saxon. Leasa 12-1. 175 Sater. Michelle 224 Swfuria, Dum 240 Scandurranjill Scarhrough. Michael 110. 224 Science Club 131 Schaefer. Iidward 175 Srhaer. William 55, 175 Schall-r, Stoney 110. 224 Schull-1, Victoria 114. 175 Xflurr, Hunk 240 Scheff, Lisa 204 Schellenberg, Roland Schenk. Phillis Schlc-her, Darla 11-1. 175 Schieber, Donna 175 Schlenkeg. Dawn Schlumfjay " Schmidr. Diane Schmidr. Earl 118. 22-1 Schmitz, Martin 203 Schmitz. Matthew Schneider. Brigitte Schneider. David 203 Schneller, Debra 117. 175 Scholz, Ann 124 SChol7, Rob ZZ-1 Schroeder, Pauicia 96. 175 Schroeder. Paul 121. 122, 111 Schuh. Carrie 203 Schultz. April 124 SCl1ulIZ,J0l'ln l07. HH. llfl. l76 Schumacher. Rurh 107 Schuster. Linda 61, 91. 97, 98. 20" Schwan. Laura 9. 29. 614. 127, 176 Schwanbefk. Cheryl 54, 205 Schwznbeck, Scou 224 Schweppe, Laura 117. 128. 176 Scott. Angela 176 Scon. Charlene 176 Xml, jay 240 Searles, Rich 176 Sears. Richard 122 Sezvey. Wendy 224 Sccondo, David Secondo. Karen 176, 201 Sealy, Kristin 201 Sehulsrer, Keith 224 Seifenh.jam:s 97, 118, 119 Self, Bobbi 125. 203 171.157 103 115+ I Sellers. Courtney 201 Sellers. Tamera Z2-I Sellers. William 116 Sellsirom. Dawn 101. lm, 21-1 Sernz, Amanda Sruinfu, Grrg N-1, XS Seymour. Bryan 12-I Shackelfurd. Sherry 176 Shafer. Stacey 176 Shallev. Michelle 22-1 Sharpygjulie 176. 115 Sharpy. Thomas M, 201. H7. 96, 641 Shaw. David ll. 22-1. 'Xi Shearin. Stephen 204. 86, ON Shears, Nathan ION. 116, 118, :ox Sheets. Dawn 22-1 Sheldon. Beverly Sheldon. Vickie 211. 225. 96. 221 Shelton. Carey Shepherd. Brian 176 Shepherd. Franklin 321 Shepherd. Gina 99 Sherman. Chris 90 Shields, David 111. 'Xi Xbielflhjfarl 2-80 Shields. Laura 114. Shill. Curl 324 Shill. Lori ll-5. 116. Skill Nnrm 08. 241 Shill. Shawna 113. 176, 115. l.!H 47. 204. 15 176 Shimel. Robert 109. 116. 176 Shinn. Dana 176 Shinn. Diane Jus Shinnuloseph 22,1 Shipley. Joanne Shipley. Mike 176 Shipmanujean 22-3 Shippy. Douglas Shope. Duane 118. 121 Shrader. Dennis 176, Nl Shreeve. Mitchell Shreve, Kenny 201 Shreve. Todd 204 Shuart. Robert Shumway'. Belinda 176 Shumway'. Rebecca 176 Sickmillcr, Kim 101. 5. 06 Sien. Richard 124 Sieng. Ken 107. 324 Sikora, Heidi 118. Z2-5. 101 Sikora. Tracy l1N Silversmixli. Gary Simmons, Tina Simms. Barbara 101 Simpson. April 177 Simpson. Kenton 221. 96 Simpsomjerry 201 Sims. Bonnie 177 Sims. Brian 177 Sims. Douglas Sims.-juamra JZ-5 Sims Sincl . Sandra air. Che: Singleton, Donna 177. 124. 116, 268. 161 Singleyjeflery 22-1 Sirrinc, Sharee 21-1, 110 Sisson. Steven Skabeluncl, Douglas 177, 112 Skidmomjanine 114. lblll Ski and Outing Club IH Ski1es.Sracy 119. 177. 111 Snow,jack 52. 53 Skouscn, Dayna 115. 177, 113, IH. 2-17. 266 Skousenujohn 22-1 Skousen. Shawna 17. 115. 201. 147 Skwinz. Donna 177 Slade. Darwin 107, 101 Slade. Lawrence 177 slmff, wwf 141 Slaven. Lccznn 177 Slim. Dave 177 Slim, Laverda 101 Small, Keith 177 Smigel, Christopher 177 Smigel, Michael 10 Smit Smit h. Colene 101 h. Danna 201 Smilb, Duvifl 241 Smith, Dawn 201 Smith. Don 177 Smith. Elizabeth Smith, Evelyn 116. HV. 177. llH, 127 Smith, Doctor George N. JIM Smit Smit h. Gregory 107. 1114. 201 h,-jeffery 177 Smith. jerry 224. HH, 98 Smizh,jimmy 106, 107, 2-11 Smit h. john im. 101 Smith. Kathryn 201 Smith. Kevin Smith. Kimberly 177 Smith. Laverda 204 Smith. Linda 1711 Smith. Lisa 201 Smith. Nathan 110 Smith. Paul 178 Smith. Rodney 108, 201, 124 Smith. Ronald 178 Smith. Ronald Smith. Samuel Smith. Shad 204 Smith, Shelley 178 Smith, Sheryl 204, 117 Smith, Steve Smith. Susan 25. 29. 17111. 4. L24-1 Smith, Suzie 114. 116, 178. 246, 2117 Smith. Timothy 204. 121, Smirh, Troy 225 Smith, William 178 Smyth, Ginni 225 Snapp, Todd 225, 114. 99 Snee d. Michael 111, 178 Snodgrass,john 116, 178, 118, 154. 249 Snodgrass, Steven 116. 118, 120. 204, 124, 126 IH PM Snook, Vicki 204 Snougjali 241 Snowden, Shaun Sobal. Melinda 204 Soboski, Shzri 125 Soccer 7-1, 75 Thomps Welch, Tracy 16. 114. 246. 226 Sophie Officers 208 Sophnmores Section 209. 211 Softball. Varsity.j.V. 90. 91. 92. 91 Solano. Ana 119. 225 Solano. Fernando Somody. Deborah 20-1 Saniui. Daw 2-11 Soohoo. Brent 102. 1711. 1111 Soohoo. Garran 201 Sophie, Elections 20. 21 Sorenson. Rex 225. 96 Sorgen. Bruce 20-1 Sosebee. Lee 225 Southerland. Wayne 1011 Southern. Barbara 225 Southworth. Laurie 225. 97 Spanish Club 101 Spear. Lawrence 225. 141. 96 Special Education 6. 7 Spielman. Michael 1011. 1711. 1111. 121. 122 Spilman. Ronald Sprlsbury. Laura 119. 1711. 122 Spotten. Blake Sptaggins. Patrick 1711 Springer. Marti Springer. Michael 26. 204. 10. 96. 5-1 Springer. Nicholas 1711 Sptouse. Carol 201 Squires. Michael 201. 111 St Onge. Paul Marcel 225 Stafford,-lr Lionel 178. 127. 262 Stage Crew 120 Stall' College 262, 261 Stahl. Sandra 1711 Stahl. Susan Stamper. Leland 201 Standage. Marcia 1711 Standage. Scott 21. sz. 16. 1711. 96 Staneatt. Becky Stankovic,-lanene 1711 Stankovic.-john 20-1 Stanley. Kriss 1711. 1111 Stapley. Randall 201 Stapley. Renee 25 Stark. Todd 179 Stauffer. Tammy 179 Steadman. jeffery Stef1'en.jackie 201 Stein. Eric 201. 127. 101 Steinhoff. Michelle 119. 225 Steinhoff. Paul Steinwinder. Karen 201 Steinwinder. Kimala 204 Stephenson. Brian 201 Stephen. Cheryl 118. 225 Sterling. Marla 119. 179 Stevens. Todd 205 Stevens. Baird 107. 225 Stevenson. Billy 225 Stever. Richard 179 Steward. Lisa Stewart. Bethany 225. 96 Stewart. Christine 18. 205. 121. 99 Stewart, john 225 Stewart, Ronald 205 Stewart. Shelley Stewart. Tracy 1111 Stinski, Bob 179 Stirling. Lorrie 205 Stitt. Laura 117. 179. 128 St Louis. Rhonda 205. 124. 99 Sloth. Bill 241 Stoker, Stephen 179 Stole. Shawn 205 Srurlz. Helm 241 Story. Robert 205 Stover. Kelly 225 Stover, Shelly 225 Strader. Michael 98 Straubinger. Keith Strariscar. Gina 107. 225 Streib, Laura 205 Stubbs, Mike Stubbs, Tim 205 Student day-night 12. 11 Student Council 125 Student Achievements 246. 217 uladie, Cynthia 179. 126. 246. 262 utherland. Robert utton.je1'frey 179. 98 utton. Steve 179 vee. Terri 117. 179 waba. joseph 225 waba. Maureen 205 wanholm. Chris wanson. james wanson. Trevor 205 weador, Christina 205. 12.1. 122 wearingen. Michael 225 weeney. john wenson. Kris 179 wiatkowski, Paul wimming. Girls 76. 77 winehart. Karen 107, 225 ykora,john 225 zczepanski. Bethann 225 acheene, Etta Ann 225 ackett, Michael 179 ackett. Ronald 10. 111. 179 alhott. William 129 anner, Kenneth 110, 205 atum, Debora 205 awzer. Maria 205 aylor, Craig 205 aylor,Jodi 205 aylot, Michael 225. 97 Taylor. Rene 179 Taylor. Richard 96 Taylor. Scott 225 Taylor. Stephani 129 Ttrylnr. Sumu 11-1 Tai-lor. Anthom 225 Team Shots 96. 97. 911. 99 Tebrich. Tricia 205 Teeter. Sharon Tempel. Kimberly 179. 121 Tennant. Brian 179 Tennis. Boys 9-1 Girls 95 Tennison, Bradley 225. 96 Tennison. William 116. 1110. Tepner. Tertehn. Deborah Ruth 217 Tlielander. Krista 1110 Therrten. James Thomas. Craig 205 Thomas. David 225. 111 Thomas. Gregory 120. 205 Thomas. Michael 1110 Thomas. Shawn 225 Thomes, Robin 205. 56 n Rick tp Vanderbeck, jane 108. 1111 Vanderhaar. Holly 110. 120. 226 Vangordet. Adrianne 107. 112. 226 VanNorn1an. Colette 226 VanNorman.-lacqueline 21. -11. 62. VanParys.-Jacqueline 76. 97. 102. 2 VanParys.-james 206 VanWagtznen. Sherri 111. Varnes. Kristin 226 Vasquez. Arlene Vasquez. Deborah 226 206 Vaughan Susanne 116. 121. 206 Vaughn. Aaron 1111. 206. 226 Vega.jeiirey 11. 1111 Vela. Ralph ao. l-11. no Vening. Michele 206 Vensor. Thomas 51. 127. 110. 206. Verdile. Vincent Vervaet.,lar1'les V.1.C.A. ll Vickers. Mikel 206 Vickman. Randy 226 Vickman. Todd 1111 Vrdourek. Christopher 1111 Vigliotti. Alexander 96. 22 Viteri. Rosa 12-1. 1111 6 lll.1111. 212. 217 06 262 o . Thompson. Terri 205 Thom son. Theresa Tbnnrgill. Nurirre 211. 210 Thornton. Michelle 205 Thorpe. Brady 205 Thorpe. Sherry 225 Thuenen. Thomas 1'adwe11.Tan,4i ns. 227 'l'iflany.-lana 119. 1110. 122 Tilton. Kristi Tilton. l.ori 1110 Timmons. Kathy 1110. 911 Tippets. Neil Tippets. Shawn 205 Tippin. Scott 1110 Tisdale.jim 11. 1110. 97 Tom, Tammie 1110 Tomashek. David Tomlin. Tracy 1110 Toro Band 1111 Top 20 244 Torontali, Michael 107. 225 Torres. Margaret Torrez. Angela 1110 Townsend. Kenneth Townsend. Shane 225. 96. 911 Townsend, Tainmie Trantham. Robbin 225. 1111 Travis, Tom 205 .Trask..Arthur 1112. 225. 911 Travers, William 205 Traverse, Deborah 225 Traylor. George 225. 96 Trejo. Marty 225. 911 Tt1wnsend.Jan6 2-1. ll11. 1110. 121. 127. 177. 217, 111-l. 97, 262 Voegtli ne. Karen 206 VonBehren. Tanya 226 VonBehren. Tyson 1111 Votano . Linda' ron. 226 Voth. Sheila 122. 206 Vranas. Richard 122. 121. 1111 Lb Weekends SNWLQ Wagner, Lynne 206 Wahlheim. Peter 11. 1111 Wahlin. Brett 107. 226 Wakefield. Nancy Wakefield. Timothy M. 226 Walbrun. Brenda 126. 1111 Waldon. Christopher 226 Waldro p. Roxann 226 Walker, Christopher 99. 206 Walker. Donna 226 Walker. Gary 1111 Walker. Krishna 226 Walker. Natalie 119. 226 Walker. Randy 206 Wall. Bruce 206 Wallace. Chris 226 Wallis. Dan 2. 96. 1111 Walsh. Rita 101. 206 Walter. Scott 226 Wangwlo-wen 206 Warhurst, Steve 96. 111. 206 Warner. Michael Warner, Michele 98. 226 Trekas. Athena 116. 1110. 12-1. 1211. 2-1-1 Trevizo. Cindy- tis. zzs Tribby. Rochelle 205 Trimmer. Dawn Trommler, David 1110 Tropio. Patrick 19. 205. 114 Trout, janet Truesdell. Michelle 226 Trujillo, Maria 111. 116. 205. 96 Trussell. Susan 119 Tryon. Morger. 105. 119. 17. 1110. 121 Tryon, james ll 205 Tubbs, William TuCCinO. Gerald 255 Tucker. john 206 Tucker. April 226 Tucker. Linda 206. 121. 122. 114. 911 Tucker. Stephen 711. 96 Tucker. Thomas 119. 1111. 120 Tuomisto. David 1111 Tuomisto. Michael 226. 911 Tutan. Terry 226 Turley. Denise 226. 119 Turley.-l0ellen 102. 107. 116. Turley, Kelly 1111. 206 Warrrer. Clirrlun 241. 241 Warren. Kathleen 1132 Warwick. Kenneth 206 Washington, Rubin 112. 182 Warbirri. Brute 2-11 Watkins. Elizabeth 206 Watkins. Garry 206 Watkins. Tina 182 Wayman. Lori 111. 1112 Waymire. Shelley Weatherford.jason 206 Weatherford. Tammie 1112 Webb. Tammy 117. 128. 1112 Webber. Mike 206. 226 Webenjohn Weber. julie 206 Wzfuler. Drhhir 259, 243 Webster. Lana 112. Z07 Weeks. David 1112 Weifenbach. Michael 226 Weight, Wendy 119. 122. Weitzel, Robert Welch. Laurie 141. 207 1112 Turner. Linda 226 Tuxhorn, Donna Twyford. Margaret 102. 611. 1111, 97 Tyler, Lisa 115. 1111, 2-17 Tyndall. Charles 226 Tyree, Tamera 107, 226 Tyson. Amy 226 Tyson. Angela 206 7 L Under pressure Ulmer, Chad 1111 Weldon. james 1112 Weldon, john 11-1, 226 Welker, Amy 4. 114. 120. 182, 247 Welling. Amy 1112 Wells, Cynthia 119. 207. 121 Wells, Denise 92, 98. 207 Wells, Elizabeth Wells, Maria 127, 207 Welshenbaughulune 111. 1112 Wendt,-lacquelyn 182 Wendcjefftey 182 Wendt. Kimberly 226 Wendt. Lenore 1112 Wentw orth. David Werle.jef1'rey Werner. Heidi 102. 119. 226 1'lmer, Travis 98. 226 Urban. joseph 226 Urrea. Tony Werner. Karen 227 Werner. Thomas 1112 West. Dawn ar ies " l'l'd,D T d mu? 1.411011 Vacations - govwzi-hi +01,C39k Vairre, Barham 242 Vain. Wayne 241 Valdez, Anna 206 Valdez, Christina 1111 Valimaki, Eric 226 Valimaki, Gregory 1111 Valladates. Hector 96. 226 Vallelunga, Reginald 122, 206 Vallier.-joy 107, Z26 Vance, Christine 206 Vance. Erik 96, 119, 226 Vance. Whitney 102, 119. 181 Q-WJOLU 10.1 West, lrma 99 West, Louise 215. 217 West, Paula 105. 227 West. Peggy 90. 98. 227 est. Theresa 207 Wesrberg. Cindi 207 Westbrook. Andrea 182 Westfall. Kerry 107, 227 Westwood Assembly 28. 29 Wheeler, Kimberly 99, 122. 207 Wheeler, Kristi 25, 27, 114. 115. 120. 182. 246. 2-17 Wheeler. Steve 207 Wheeler. Tiffany 227 Whitaker, Michael 1112 Whitcomb. Christina 182 White, David 119. 118, 102, 227 White, Ellen 118. 119. 181 White. Glenn 227 White. lleather 1111. 207 White. john 207 White. Lawrence 1111 White. William Whitehead. Andrea 117. 1111 Whitiker. Lauren 227 Whitlockwlared 11-1. 51. 207 Whitmore. Deric 11. W Whitmorewlulie 1111 Whitmore. Kevin 207 Widdet. Edward 110. 227 Widder. Nancy 110. 1111 Wightuloel 1111 Wilbrink, Berwyn 51. 116. 1111. 11-1. 2-1-1 Wilbrink. Sylvia 1111. 1111. 207 Wilden. Pamela 1111 Wilder. Renee 110. 227 Wiley. Bradley 221. 227 Wiley.jel'l'rey 99. 1111 Wiley. Kevin 99. 1-15. 1141 Wilhelm. David 122. 121. 1111 writes. Kyle zoz Wilkins. Brad 1111 Williams. Cheryl 107. 1111. 1111 Williams. Cindt 127. 202 Williams. David Williams. David 207 Willtamswlacqueline 1111. 227 Williamson. Danny 227. 96 Willis. Chad 122. 207 Willis. Connie 227 Willis. Kimberly 1111. 227 Willis. Stephen 120. 1111 Willis. Wayne lVi1Jur1. Barbara 2-11 Wilson. Dale 207 Wilson. jeffery 110. 1112 Wilson. Kimberly 15. 115. 247. 266 Wilson. Marilyn 229 Wilson, Ronald Wilson. Steve 9. 41. 7-r, 75. 97. 116. 12-1. 1111. 21-1. 267 Winegardnet. David Wing. David 106. 227 Winters. Barry 207 Wipf. Shelley 227 Wisnrewski, Barbara 117. 1111 Withee. Gregory 227 Witkin. Brad 227 Wittenburg. Mark 207 Woehler. Terry 111. 1111 Woehler. Tina Woehler. Stephen 107. 122. 207 Wolfe. Dawnie 227 Wolford. Donald Wolford. jerry Wolsieffer.-lanis 207 Wood. Eric Wood. Marijo 119. 227 Woodard.jim Woodhall.-john 1111. 227 Woodhall. Tava 207 Woods. Benjamin 207 Woods. Da-niel 207 Woods, Dennis 227 lVoodJ.jruly 241 Woods. Karen 121. 227 Woods. Karen 114. 207 Woods, Eric 207 Woodward. Kenneth 207 Woolsey, Robert 227 Wooters. Daniel 227 World News 254. 255 Wozniak. Connie 227 Wormop, William 2-11. 241 Wrestling Varsity 116. X7 Wright. jim 211 Wright. Rhonda 227 Wrigley, Kristin Wyatt. Ron 202 K, Yawning in class Yamanobe. Miki 1111, 217 Yazzie. Clara 1111 Yearbook 126 York. Stafty 93. 93. il-1. 221. 227. 2-16 Young. jack 96. 202 Young. Kelly 227 Young. Mark 97. 202 Young, Philip Young. Rodney 98. 107. 207 4 zzzzzz's T Zack, ClY0l 98, 207. 127 bharis. Christopher 207 Zuharir, Dr. jamu 2211 Dmora, Sandra 207 Zavala, Edgar Zettel. Chris 207 Ziebell. Marti 207 Ziemer. Mark Zint, William 116. 118, 126, 185. 262 Zirker, Connie 21. 105. 119. 224. 268 Zitlow, Daniel 227 Zlumdl Amelia 241 Zollingermjennifer 71. 99. 188. 207. 247 Zollinger, Todd 227 1- 021.12111 Q 8 I-ifsvbi' Sophie-Zollinger 261 Sh '5 Q X5 M 0 " ., fu . 2- ' ., ht 1 ,,.,,,,,,, avr'--.gig-f3'f-M,.M,c-1 J-u-1.5, Lynn, Mary and-'Bginise V ,--'S-. 'U' if W' s. ,U .,.. A -U was W.. a , a ff ww L' '. V2 Tr- . g - wmv 0 ?M"""M Q l 2Q? A Jah gl, . , . , we Q iff I' Zn. N 'H Q ,l,,: ff ' , E-sk M U I K . 2. K xv, .' ,l"'u1 ."""""W" "N i M ,, Q.. '-v.....,fnvl, uri' K ' .. ,W ey "fha-nwfw I ' ,f 5 " " F" W... aaf,,aKim cyliialyy I K' 'K eff' a y- r' 'ff 5 ,, Laura Kathy Regina Ken, Bill,wLionel f A1- 262 Staff Collage and T f' 1 g .34 - K . ,Q M ff fn 1+ Kelly and Sha 1 Al if rf 1 is Q A Mrs. Debbie gale . ' , 1' f ' "': "': l 'Q ga- Sli' f 2 l I Q 1 Nlnkhrfhl X-1, X 3 5 A t ' M W. v , 'Q-. iw ll r -'N Mxckey 1 f jf , 4 , l kiiifj havrentered r Staff Collage 263 ' ' 'xl 'jgLgf,fp: 'g," r gtgggwi--.ri-'v:', iff-itqtgrifrgfgvgrzggfigi-wg-Mwfrggaggfi-2.-if -a V -. - . .-,511 . A Q :V , a n E by . of E wi, Lpyyv , J' ." :lv ,r V W S ' Q ..............Annette Boragina Debbie Hale ................Cindy Doherty .........,......Kelly Dickenson .Editor -Cindy Suladie Amy Kysela Laura Schwan Editor -Donna Singleton Editor -Bill Zint Martha Acosta Kathy Bryan Rick Lions Denise Townsend Editor -Regina Marler Qhmmi Stafford ....Seniors Editor -Kim Dana Karen Cronk Underclass Editor g t Xuygdyigg we li itll W "" ig giggiiiiiiiiiiiii """ ig:iiii11111115mlg5j131i21.,.,. S rdf .ff ""'...... QQIIIQT' . ......................... .......... ............ . . bgwxmggggtyym SESSSQSSSQS ,t....... .,,,s,.., W ,sg 3233535 S ................ ........ . N Ss Q to N5 Qs - yy The yearbook Staff would like to Mr., Dave r E, Ann Cou y Card wand P W Q 'its' 'v ' ! bw : g e sf f f F e5 ' later: mul V f - 'f- 4 ' fi Q1 Vg1lvlJaronstant ,gd A L 7: ' 'V Jpositive if ' 7 '37 leveryonetovi Ax ji. ,if zzofplmi QW' f to Jayb i .ypffdp V In at H K -4-.L N' "' A QW f X nr During the halftime program, Miidrilenas Dayna Skousen andjcn- nifer Richardson match onto thc field. Trying to concentrate,jim Clark attempts to do some studying in the lihrary during lunch. -1. ,....., Q .i gf- N 266 Closing 6 1 H -a,,: Punked out toga attire is just one of the crazy things these sopho mores do for attention, Holding hands and chatting with friends on Senior Hill are what Kim Wilson and Brian Kotsur enjoy. l-l0UNTA!N VIEW 1 Tlllllbli VARSITY ' THE SUPER WORDS MW D085 21 BETTER 1 lv -' 0 , . at This breakthrough poster dis- plays the talents of Mrs. Cheryl Nel- son, who designs most of the spirit signs, Conversing instead of studying are Berwyn Willbrink, Melanie From, julie McEarchern, and john Smith. M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE:joe Bene- vento and Steve Wilson pledge members for their new campus club. Watching in amazement, Greg Frias and Brian Higgenson react to the officials decision. Attaching tissue paper to chicken wire is a skill Stacey LaMorte and Michelle Patrick mastered. The Toro spirit sign is in the hands of Dawn Pollack, Karen Cronk. Judy Reheis, and Debbie Phair, Goodbyes Are Never Easy but They're . . . ww nd so you reach the end, the end of an- other year or the end of high school. But it is the ending of a time that will be locked in your heart forever, a time in your life when you became, and were allowed to be, an individual. Whichever path you walked down, whoever you hung around with, and whatever you were in- volved in, you were given the opportunity to express and distinguish yourself. With each football'game, pep assembly, cho- rus concert, dance, class competition, float meet- ing and even job, you were able to make new friends and spend time with the old. These activi- ties became as much a part of your life as gaso- line and will be as much a part of your memories as your first love. Through all of these school events you were given the chance to experience the better part of life. If you were a participant in a sport or a mem- ber ofa club, you learned to conquer life's chal- lenges and fulfill your dreams. Determination was the key to attaining any ofyour goals, so you went after the highest honor and the first place position, because that was what the Toro tradi- tion was all about - winning. But it wasn't always sunshine and roses, and along with the excitement of winning you also became familiar with the disappointment oflosing. Through club meetings and team practices you learned to han- dle responsibility and found school was a better place with a little competition. Closing 267 ' XX , Performing their sophie rendi gum m X tion of the New Zealand stomp at these guys put their best feet for Better ty e f fy apt lx A schools ultimate reason for exis- tence is to educate, so you became edu- cated. A full load was usually the case and resulted in a Friday full of tests and a Thursday night full of studying. You learned, and that was the important thing, but not the only thing. For you, school meant attending our high school and being a Toro. So what lies in your memories will be your experience of the pride that made it better to be a Toro. As you left the campus you exited with a feeling of contentment, and you put the title of Toro behind you. You experienced the best of everything, with the best of people. And when it came time to say "good-bye" you said it reluc- tantly, keeping in mind that "No one has ever done it better. . . No one ever will." It's hard enough to twirl one hiiton. but Ileiul Majorerre Brenda Clark prepares to twirl hs. IYYU, The Varsity Cheer Squad ends the "team" cheer in ti mount that - collapses into it forward roll. Ar one ofthe everpopulnr hoo- gies, Mike Pitt finally dances with the girl he has hrirl his eye on all night. As part of their attempt to prove their spirit, the .junior crowd chants the junior Toro cheer. .key ,- G Q59 Q -Og, 'QL in QM assur- V .ami f 268 Closing Wm 0, MW E WYQWJLJM ima ML Wfwfv-Q WL fl . 5 NX OQQK 630+ X57-GSX? "fav, Lg lx giwjigzgigw 52? QEQD CQ Z, 09529535339 ,, Q92 E, . A . f dba? is waz 6026: ,Q , 232706 QE 43 aw' '55Q?' , Wg if if ha 52 awk cg, 12 dbh zz? fs LJ! A an Q 1 fbwbwaaig Gm 207 QQ aff 2 ,. a2M,,7 gjgf ab 5 6222 'em 530 GZ 'Q . , E ig? fioigiib. ,b 3233 EEZ Qigjxobfabq Q H 36 ED, igigoiw I ?Z?E?,i?bQ?EQlZ2?Qf? 2 E 233 Da 0 25 3522 3550, 052 Qgfgfifz ag :jf Q fy WN flL 2525, QE wbggfqgkgffbz k-xo 4329 X , L9 2 Q900OK?00 XOQ ! C9 Q2 f 5G6Q,?9p My 609' C000 .,wJb53Dg"9fffM Ok DWQQJX yy 02 Vw 0605 M06 " xi' 26000 4139 C9 AGM 543 EMA' Q 5 ,ff 4Q gf ifffx U W . jpg QQZQMW WJ0 Jin Q 9057 QwwA'wfwOwffJgwMp0'W ow O, 0MfLfjff92,NWfQI,m mOwUM,kQ?,yf9v '0 Wbwwffxgbilfgi wajjfvfwww ,NNW o""L'f9, '3"'4L'f' ?"Lfv5 " V I-IRAQ, spdmfey, 9m,N,, -' "m'J"5 flax GEIAIZI 5ctp+ A l,HZE,q-K ff2nf,vQ - I Dg'71NI'l"' KL"-'QC C'Q4,,L,3 -HJ Wx Z - ,V 4 r ltr- K " L1H 7 f H 3l3LiZ1'VXS fvxf L3v5T' VRIEAID ,jj L.,uyL,L, ALk,Q,f:,fj SVG 4 Y.. UQ ,N f ' .- f F' f Y Lg-QLf1u'3" ,312-Lfill THPQOMUH A wr- vQLcfrf+e,q , Bw CUEFVE Mmsg IT, LUHEAI cuff Mr ,Mr APMTMQ, X 1."Ni .. .f Q, . - Jeni! xll , bt Llulllv-H1-4 fQc.',v3f4L LH-M:AT. 7-'Maj' M35 ,254 LOW!!-l .IO I3 CJ .:VsL,-it NHS yaqRM'OONng'qLL' ' 'T WLL 06 N"-76 7a plflf' TH m YEAR I 'iff ,C ,XFI ,, V. Q , ' Fir, All CI NIL JY vx.JlXTLHanIC V bUHf5T' A fifpjifi . 604,35 LULK Lufrn -vcv'2f' 'fffiklli Bumxie F SE-57. Eh .avg 5 L Wm -13, gJ U15 UN-!xgn,lfL ,V df X fxflxf . , X651 X I 1 flj Adxf f W Q, X Ei 'NNN' - D K!v'04! W JJ fl S ' X , NVD pf X A ' N fff f f A0 'K fo f W ' if 5 Bo fx?-SLI, Us! jx 'X JJ p JL ff ' uf ' A ' Iv 7'flPJnJ WJ kiln, I fb Q Gy +4'1fM. fu JJ' W J 4 u I , ' FD J xibmdf ffm X f ii xb , 0' w V XX v OVJJ0 IW N91 X M W 2, fi V555 Q36 F5332 5 Q if 5225? if sg ii? faiiiaf H QQQQEQQQZEQ AWUQQ, ... Swsasxxgx SQ fwwavmm fbgiwgg QL GQ? QQYQQ k gQ E?gQiQgEmM KSYQDQEQESEQQE Ssxwefimg ANNE, ww Qv XX3: XQM X Q X236 E A KQEQQSAQQ X kg 165515 img 93095 QUE W, WIQHL1 QMWW K M91 E, ...-Q gf N N K QQQQQXSM filly gipibfdvfs ffm QQ' MXRQ wif' MQW pu. UMM ' WVfFkawwfgw' X JW Q 'Q Q N WW Q0 xywggwwmvwh . M WMM' WN M1 fgwf new WKWJ 'MM ww ilWK15 !iHRHN7XdBWl - Q it - Q i vQ-, .'. 6vx'Qf.- ' W? ' ,M ' ' - egximu fm , V .5 ' ' ' - P -A b . H1 X Cb fig' M503 Vw' HW UR PMA T0

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