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QM 1s4 U N A A QFLQ' X' xg, we Q0 so fix O9 fb D QQ . ,XX -9' Ca ffiipiw 0 6 9 1 S1940 OO I Yi Qlx - Q wb A . MMM . L ,Jew . Zi Cf' NQVL L4 5 :Q J woo .Q,WfO2X,f-fag ,170 , f A n Vg' 0 Ocgqfiojfg QP AO I ,, Wim W V I , A sQQ wg A Q3 dwax Banff 22,9 755 29926 1 "M WS, ,M H bgfbwhbgaii film 2-fzwjalixf "TORO , 4 O X 23 Cb Q QB 3 X 0 f C5 J ' . '. . bafz. M . , V, A A ,,,f i 1 ,Ai,, A:,, , A2?QX AQQ 2,f A1 . liii Vlli I qA:, x0'f5wQfVQj3M A f C- pggbwvgvg I R, QM RQ? EQWNMH E . E4 .N W? X 925 A QQA C? 7295? Qifgfzfg? aj QQ QQQQSZQGD W' if Q5 Q b tm Lcgfwll HQLYQEEQ6? M2275 ,156 1 W' W mQYuQfW a goes Z M ' GU 60601 -4 xdpzboi' l on 9f 1 f,w + ,wf,1 LfwVf 0f3g,:Mgx,,WL VN F, 5.4 n A Og M HA M, 5 LU ILC! IAM g .., M , 4'-' tl bgwyob 3 J EQ M C W gm my Sf Q: S 1 f72 ,c, 6,, Cwjfjllff L my I WK Vw Qmvlmw JWWJ 1-wgvvfwj Et pm Italia w when ,J A'07'Yx'QJ IPM wp M M M fzimgxfw fcvvvwlff 754, 95 Fifi 0,34-vQyv,4wd7lw vcdvcnw wi lbw! Ox if WM xwgmihw MMO T! WWE Ima g fm gwfaff Ok M ff? Wfifiifiili Wwfgwifj MM m00WbZQ1f7W?7fm7OlQ r y M g, QWOM , QW 'W Q52 j Nwf3?i3,i35Qi gg?JQ:wh gm aa Ngo? QQ 3 Qiwjgaw My E LA VISTA 1979 - Volume Three Mountain View High 2700 East Brown Road Mesa, Arizona Bebo Berryman Editor-ir1+Chief Jack McGee Advisor, -V ' , ' 1 . 2 J ' , ',-- ', A X ,.,. wig, QXQLE-,Ax , ' ' . xg. 'iw 1 A , ' ' ' V 'Wg'2Ez,, I U"f11w1s'.f,, A ' ,R - ' Q-'JI x . f "W Hy .xg ,f " . , 44 V ,I . I A: , 4 .0 3 I A ' Tv 1 f ' , "' ' ' . "wV' Q. n, ull'- ri. iv f,, 1---,L 'En - 5 ' 1 4 fy I ' ' , il! A ' , 4, 1 ,, K ' .1 ,, , .1 yu ., . 1 fx- E L my-P 5 ig- v-1-,, '13-'J - '-,fn , 1 1 r 'x ' lx , Q, j ' ff , J 1, , ,, .f-- ,.,. tu. ' f, ,.-. - .4 . . , , X., is ,. . J "'-. V, '0' W:-4. H .- 'f ' - W 'T " lil. ' .1 .- , . . ' N- 18 2' x. .f , A 1' F V 'mule ..- I 2 ' Aa '-' ,' .'," 1 l I , C"f 546: -,. fu: A !, 'in -30" '-1 I X I , , V A. 'fn ,.,.. "Til A ' 'V . ,- 1'S1.,. "' V3 I - 1 , , X-,ity 'i 'Juv'-6,210 -'J 9, I ,Q-.4 . m 4 Ex. .,.A lug:-A P ' I YN i ' df- , , 'j ' F 1 5 E D0 fa .,.!l"- ...4all"' F ,X ..4-9 Maxn Street Q2 Q1 ix, XIIY C , 2 , 5 5 'N f - 1 1 '- M M ' x ' a . T n I ' s P 'N 2 I I j 4 1 1 ,, 1. 4 .3 . A . .., 1-fi 'f-9?"ff'v"' if 63,5659 W ' - ' M Sf K K QP 'ls Qvl , , f My - ,x Table of Contents O., :ge Q I 1 X V' e beat of Endeavors .... Pa i Lf? The beat of People .... ....... P age 6 Jr Nj 1 Seniors . . . Page 48 Juniors .... Page 84 56Ky Sophomores . . . Page 106 JL Faculty .... Page 128 dw X The beat of Exertion . . .... Page 160 I The beat of Unity . . ..... Page 204 Index .........,.... Page 240 Acknowledgements Page 254 Closing .... Page 256 3 The beat is getting stronger here at Mountain Wew our pride our' hopes ' our dreams and the beat goes on . . . , a? A www , Z My ,pm ,Q'i!5 -, 4 ,RM . - Q ' ' gg ffgfgwififf 1-f f' LEFT EA 7' I W ' . 1 I 'I fl... EHS' Q v-xy k XSS? Cdl? UN e bye RX e mfs gf Q Q J X5 ,xygj JJ Q M ,J Us KU .V g '-Qsjj TJYWXVQJ Leif -Cv WQJKJ ,kN Xvx Nw J J , v N N wb Q'QJ'x, , if w 5 CNT' XY , v+ J wfg5j9vje cb Y ,RX X Qs, -J-X X - X Qyey 05 x 5NfY S Q9 Xi! XX bl Je Q QA 4 'x Q jay, A lj , x M x QW Pride, oh how proud we are every da y in every way the beat of the Toros lives on and the beat goes on . . . .K W 31. 4 -rams tk0Qi"'Ja, mi' q B-mx ,qos cum. Us XJKXN-X Swwuek an QX Qfixflkx Ngrvvum QSn"'X ,K M ww, gvkwndxs Luz, qos QLC-DV Qrm CQ MAX Q5PQQ-Rusk. Tfqggffg, UQ Ck QKAQ kkoxj vxcvvyq K Vko X - I . QAJQA NLQDJX. L ESUJCDWK QA! K' 'Q' Qtbf an , 'Y NYNSGC gsvxbkomq YOQ buedkd' SUSX' YNQ,uQ.r' XDQ, -XNML XML N , ' www XKQXJ Owe, .XXX Q-on conf .giywl t WNV T42-Yuz. XKLQ.. QM STJMM"1ff-. Sw g Q-,HQQ4 KK Q. QQQJ 30-WN-0. bfvisxr SX z-UQQ., QQ! 'il . Hopes, desires vkxwh Crchvuvf to reach for the sky to strive for perfection to pursue your efforts to succeed and the beat goes on . . . v up , , , Na lv Y 4? v . L , - '-"aa- ,, - Wai! .N 51 - xx wp glyibz ,-xi' . , '-aj - '- . g :. K mfs- -, --,J ff: if -..-L4 ,- 5 - -44. 'f'-N't2iW.'- . . -'z .' H-"ea,-52 - -. vv:'1Q,.',. A , ."s- .514--,..k,,s:,?z3i.L :,-. Q .Zi ' '. ,Lg .I . AL- .6211 F iq. 'sf' ,r,k.k .,gf',-32-,:.,g. . - 4 ' ' v' ' "' .- -He.:--S 45 ,M ,- 0. A .fling -,Q fvx! In 17 'f f .,?.x.i v , I Q "'-3 f .4 V44 ' ,AML Y. x . , 43, .5'A'uS' 4g ffgggfl N I 195-.43- 5V,K ,K agkva , f'.'ii5Hf fr' -Lw A k1....g:'1l"'-A ' 1 ff ' 7f?"?1'f""s'+f. 'sais - ' '- T. -4621.-.4-. 'i QW 5 " -fir '- ,-"" , , a 'L'-'I 'H NN Salt River Mormon Temple 'S X ? 1' 5 1: 5-4 E ,,, .W.- --'--K--A fea- .aff X, Dreams of love, friendship life is an adventure follow the path into the future Someday soon and the beat goes on . . . 3 4+-'4 . and the beat lngrld Pam Hutch, J ennlfer , . goes on wi th endea vors 1-Shari Judd and Brigit Benson giggle as Jennifer Campbell looks admiringly at Toro. 2-Getting the fever, Judy Fornash and Cory Vaughan shuffle as David Tucker and Leslie Bartels dance in the background. 3-Mrs. Roberts grins as the sopho- mores have difficulty learning "S-O - S-O-P-S-O-P-H-I-E-S". 4-Showing students how it's done, Ms. Rilling and Mr. Bacon dance to the music as students look on in disbelief. 5-Disco- mania provided the music as well as the disc-jockeys for the Hello Dance. 6-Dreamily, Barbi McDonald looks to the stars as Brad Harris tries to sweep her off her feet. 7-At the Hello Assembly, Kathy Potter dances with Las Danzantes to the theme of "Grease", ,al 12 'R.,,,W Student gatherings --'K welcome, acquaint sophies The first official student gathering of the 1978-79 year was the I-lello Assembly held in the school gym. With rousing fight songs and a "King Tut" skit, new students and teachers were welcomed into Toro country. Although the I-lello Dance was a place to welcome sophies, it was also an opportunity for all of the classes to boogie down. The sen- iors and juniors greeted class- mates whom they somehow didn't get to know last year. Even the faculty did some dancing with stu- dents and colleagues. Summer ro- mances were forgotten and fresh faces suddenly took on an en- chanting beauty. 13 rgglulwgr ,WT ,rx t W' Floats, functions, feature fans, friends Pep Club sponsored Spirit Week with festivities including sweat suits, band-aids, combat boots, and crutches. Students decked out to show the football players they were behind them 100011. Class floats started a tradition of beauty and talent with the Senior float taking first place and the Sophies coming in sec- ond. Rain had hampered pro- duction slightly but loyal fans strived for completion of their endeavor. The Homecoming Assembly was enjoyable for all with skits, songs, royalty nominations, and fun friends highlighting the an- nual occasion. if 1-"The Rise of Power" was the motto for first place senior float winning five points in the class competition. 2-Second place with three points were the sophomores with their motto "Time to go Forth". 3-Gyrating a hula at Homecoming Alumni assembly are Jack Garvin and David Foster. 4-Junior class float, "Leading the Charge" won third place with only one point. 5-Showing school spirit on "Bang-'em-Up-Day" are Mrs. Nelson, Greg Broberg, Theresa Partel and Sherry Matheson discuss first aid. 6-Music comes from the piano as Alumni Homecoming Queen Heidi Nelson plays at the assembly. I it ag X f fl tw 3- f 1' f , ' '. ,W 15 va K i x s wwf- '50 " " vi: I "'F? 1sf- .1 -'9.?""5 " 1, Q ,I wr I fri w ' 4 m l V " ' ', . A, "Q, - -- k 1: S-EQ-5 vt' 91? 1 ff' - at U , , , ,J i I 4 VA 4 ?"'f"3 'MQW V54-, 5 mfiihu WQH' 4'..s."'J x 5 x 'ff I 1' eq I -5 .,.ww- 1 ' if? D 1. 2-HQ , X I, . 1, wk ' :Tv -wygql 2 M' ji ,. 1 Al' .Y v Q. ,, vm i H if 5 be. IST my 1. Homecoming Homecoming for the Mountain View alumni was a total success complete with a beautiful parade of floats, selection of popular court choices and,most of all, a stunning victory over a strong and determined Coronodo high school team. Float cometition was won resoundingly by the seniors' theme, "The Rise of Power". Miss Jennifer Schonthaler was selected Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King was Rodney Brewer as he helped the Toros to another victory against the "Dons". Opposite page-Homecoming Queen Jen- nifer Schonthaler, and King, Rodney Brewer, were crowned at halftime. 1- Keith Miller and Joy Ostrom. 2-Dancers dance to the sounds of "Tobias". 3-Tim Holmes and Janet Robertson. 4-Alumni Queen Heidi Nelson and King, Jim Van- Norman, ride in royal "vet" at halftime. 5-Tim Holmes clears the way for his King, Rodney Brewer. 6-David Jamieson and Gina Casillas. 7-Steve Shill and Lisa Da- vis. 17 action "Dons" perfection is-'Q 1-Catching everyone's eye, Teresa Derka does a back handspring. 2-Mr. Lloyd and Ms. Marsom show everyone how to disco. 3-Angella Cassillas demonstrates a new cheer. 4- Sophomores obviously win the Baby Bottle contest, as Todd Tucker shows Todd Rogers and Barry Laird who is the hun- griest baby of all. 5-Seniors wish Merry Christmas with their third place winner of Christmas window competition. 6-Santa came "Home for the Holidays" in the winning Christmas window competition. 7-Luminous eyes of a wondering child states the theme of the juniors second-place creation on cafe- teria window. -N.,-'Nm 'hm 'A N -f 1--V - -w+.-v11v-f'--1--qvQguF.- Qilirizllm' XX xy: Q , 'Nw-..,,5 xkwwk .MNQXNW As basketball prodded foot- ball from the sports stage, Mountain View students and faculty came together to sup- port Coach Pipes and the Toro basketball team in assembly, and the Christmas window com- petition stirred' up the holiday mood for everyone. First place was taken by a nostalgic family scene, "Home for the Holi- days," and second place was garnered by the Juniors' "Christmas through the eyes of a Child." Celebrating in spirit QR F' 3 f ,A M 'f'z::l.. mi J 5 fi V , . gilt, ,1 ,.,- 'J' il M s I X UW' 5' ikX IQ, . Q .I 4.-ff-' N X -. W-fkgiii fra an.-, : .ff 1g3?Qi N 3 :5 A K V' . , ,.h4, .fix , W AX E Q . UQ -N ,:,Q5f'. sf - " 'K . X, fymzax 'igwqw '7 x Mm: s A X N X1 i Y x X w X Y X 5 S SEX fx xr 4 X X , Q N X Q. w N X' , R ,Lk .,. , X ' s 555' ,wt . , gm -. N Ax Rx- M-A , wa, ,- X. X A Q X SN XXX? W Q X 1 Q , Y Q Q xi? fix .sg if yn 1 X K 13 N X .Wi x sv sv , x .fa i E ' W ' ,iw Mamma 'V E X i' . gr 1 0 4 n fx 6 z. I 1.1 s -,.mum.m -- N N. ...A x... , .. .xy-4,4 s.,Q,uu-wfm-XY ' mu A-, ,E .fs S.,- Tv.. f i X The Centennial Youth Fair was an event held in honor of Mesa's Centennial and to help raise funds for the people of Mesa. Due to the weather it was the second time such a fair was scheduled in Mesa. The committee worked in conjunc- tion with the parks and recreation department with the understand- ing that proceeds would be put back into the city to some how improve things for the youth of Mesa. Pioneer Park, centrally lo- cated in the city, was the site for the gathering. Many people sup- ported the fair and much success with the booths and entertainment was achieved. Youth Committee honors the Centennial gt ,gm ., 8' Ski g 511 C J' . ,gf . s W,M'-1,,,H' , ' In ' 21 R f Performers stage Vaudevllle talents Smashing! This was the review for the 1979 version of the talent show as "Ease on Down the Road" a routine from the play, H The Wiz" was performed as an opener by Marian Hervy. Addi- tionally, routines of dancing, sing- ing, and an Elvis Presley impres- sion by John Strader brought thun- derous ovations from the Moun- tain View audience. Acts were kept moving by Mountain View's own version of a "wild and crazy guy" Chris Bates, who functioned as the show's emcee. 22 1-lt's John Strader as the King, Elvis Presley backed up by Jeff Schoeh on drums. 2-Gene Erlandson and Lenore Burroughs dance to the sounds of "The Wiz". 3-l am a "wild and crazy guy" says Chris Bates doing -his impression of Stkve Martin. 4- Penny Kidwell sings "Talking in your sleep" during the talent show. 5-Presenting a new family of Mountain View, the Klinkers, are Lisa Stewart and Paul Scott. 6-Fascinating with magic is Allan Wade. ,yawn-'V 5 - JL s .Qs whiff i " 3' f'xr:ff'-3 M K . , fi . R , ":,:j'x.- ' .f it f so L. - . f - Q L'9if-it A T fi ft, 'ff il ' A 57,3 Q. . Q 4 6 3 ' R'-V I f ' or fig r r r fi-- A 5 . ? ga:?f? ,I.,a.,x i , 1 .Q Q 1 9.'Q'4f." -V 1 .r ' . , ..,-..'., - - . ,-if, 4 'f -sn it ,S 3 rags f 'sl-Q br 'K s ..'QS,'-Q, 1- ' i .xr i I ' ' .rtrffzwr 1X-"' 11:11-saef 3 V rr' s Yb'M W f - f V H K . frzf.f.,w-.m.tlgwr.W- 'X iv 'i D- X N ua if I I ' 1-Mark Tucker, Tom Turley and Roger Moffat do some high kicks and show off their legs. 2-Rick Carpenter fixes his skirt while waiting for the game to start. 3-Defense is a wide arm spang Lynn Sanofsky cuts off passing attempt of opposition. 4- Powder-puffers Brenda Frazier, Paula O'dell and Cindy Rit- chie. 5-Senior powder puff cheerleaders have senioritis and try to scratch it off. Front to backg David Robinson, David Jamie- son, Ron Stapely, Steve Ink and far right, Tim Kephart. 6- Terri Heckman and Wendy Stalec stretch for jump ball. 'Q Male Whoopers cheer girl ' f , . if ' is vm 3 ju., y- i uf! i rw M, Juniors cleaned up all compe- tition at the Powder Puff Bas- ketball game this year. After losing to the sophomores initial- ly, they defeated the seniors and in a rematch with the soph- omores, won again. In addition, the juniors swept cheerleading competition. In final results, the sopho- mores garnered second place in the basketball competition and third honors in cheerleading. While the seniors of "79" finally placed third in basketball, they managed to achieve a second ranking in cheerleading. Excite- ment was the most intense when the sophomores showed the school once again their intense spirit and desire to excell. Hoopsters 1-Students enjoy the atmosphere at K- Mart while munching on hamburgers. 2- Randi Germaine tests the cuisine of a fast- food chain. 3-Adding catsup to his burger is Scott Harris. 4-Various sophies can be found in the school cafeteria. 5-Slirping shakes at Jack-in-the-Box are Keith Karam and friend. 6-Todd Tucker is caught chomping a fry at McDonalds. With a longer lunch hour this year, students found time to enjoy off-campus fast-food chains and restaurants. The cafeteria, which was also supported by students, reflected a less hectic atmosphere because of the double lunch hour schedule. Some people however, didn't bother with the usual lunch break. Relying upon their morning donut runs for their daily suste- nance, they enjoyed a full hour of relaxation and rapping on Toga hill. Longer lunch Sa'E1Sf1QS deep hunger SQPUOW3 nc- '-"'- , - wi ra iw. .'l"M - ' 1' ' n C 4 ' Q w Tn? Hlkl V 5 'f lv' ,SIN-h of Q 1 , 'S QKXEAS writ i Wm ,, -I filling, lt f Q- M' rf A f 5' git. I Wim x if Q '-if -' rr. .'f . 4 x lj I . fy X , J' f -f 'f ' S- .- ' i - V ll ' l V , Y in i A M324 4 1 1 . . 5' 'V' ' ' Ja K 1 ' me .41 M "'s 1-Smiling, Anne Krall enjoys life in Amer- ica. 2-Mike Nakade fits into the student body as one of our own Toros. 3-Demon- strating their skills in photography class are Anne Krall and Brenda Frazier. 4-Ms. Panaro, Kevin Smith, Jim Frankhauser, Anne Krall, Tom Lipka, Brenda Frazier, and Melissa McDonnell, crush a bug. 5- Mike Nakade has kept his eyes open, 1 learning much about America. 6-Distract- ed from studying in class is Anne Krall. 7- Flashing the "tom" sign are Mike Na- kade, and Anne Krall with Lyric Boyle, Connie Brooks, Tony Calderone, Mike Clawson, Mary Reardon and Julie Nel- son. 8-Mike Nakade seems happy to have been a Mountain View Toro, and will sa- vor memories. un ' ' m K ' ' 'll i K,-N F From Dlsseld Anne Krall, a Mountain View foreign exchange student from ,ff 33 orf with pride , daughter, Kathy Schmitz, attend- g , ing Mountain View in the class of , V 8O'. Anne notes that both students 'J Disseldorf, Germany, is "Proud to be a Mountain View student". And is also impressed with the school spirit. "I received a warm welcome from both students and faculty," Anne said. Her American family is the Schmitz family who also have a and faculty have shown sincere in- terest in her experiences and life in Disseldorf. As for herself, she has had an exciting time at Mountain View because the student body spirit is so magnificent. za 'S-Q... U w,- 1 v. Mike Nakade, a Mountain View foreign exchange student from Eu- keri, Japan, has two brothers Atu- shi and Osamu Nakade, but Mike says he enjoys being treated as an only son by his sponsoring family, the Brewers, who have no children of their own. Mike has both learned to like and respect the Brewers, and as Mike says, "They are Super-Nice." Mike says he also envies the quality of the 'F-54 school spirit shown by the Toros. "ln the Japan High School, stu- dents almost always need to study so we don't have the school spirit like Mountain View students do. "Mike Observes the freedom of selection American students en- joy: "The schedule in Japan is made by the school from Monday to Saturday and we have no choices." Spirit captivates Nakade A l ZS is -,Y B . 1 L . s. ' 5 V W t ,, I .4 at l in '9?' rw A M M 'E 'Alabama Simi-ah 'if' if. ,z 1 Q Taking care of business makes bucks Gianing a sense of indepen- dence from self-earned money has been Melinda Enfield's greatest satisfaction working in Smitty's shoe department. "Learning to work with a variety of people has been most educational," Melinda says. Though the job calls for be- ing aware of prices as well as in- ventory, Melinda must also recog- nize the customer's right to have time for decision-making while se- lecting shoes. Mike Reese .,.,. The hot Arizona sun can often be man's enemy, but with Mike Reese's help and that of his em- ployer, Aluma Line Screens, the local Mesa motorist gets some pro- tection from the broiling rays. Mike installs such things as shade screns for house windows, porch enclosures and automobile deflec- tion screens. Mike enjoys being in- dependent and says, "When you work on your own this early in life, it will help you a lot in the future." r .. fv Qt 'Q w Q, vVAA?Ygi? , s. , fr rr Q , , F A A W' Melinda Enfield Convincing a customer that there is more than one flavor of meringue while continuing to smile, making her first cup of cof- fee, getting to know how to run a snack bar, these are a few of the challenges Anne Gallagher faces in her job as a fast order waitress in 30 Smitty's at Greenfield and Apache Trail. Despite these harrassing mo- ments, this Mountain View girl ap- preciates the independence that extra money has given her. "Now when I buy presents for people they're from me and not my folks." IX X Q A I 4 Marshall Stone works at Mesa Country Club on weekends as a bus- boy. Marshall says, "I like working because I could use the money and it's a good experience." The good thing about Marshall's job is he can work on the weekends and still keep up his grades. Other than trying to handle "un- controlled anklebiters" lkidsl, Steve Watt enjoys working at the Bike Chalet. He has learned a lot about skiing, the bicycle business, and also how to work with the cus- tomers. Steve is a ski fan, so with his extra money he goes skiing and saves some for college. Bike Cha- let is located in Village Grove at McKellips and Gilbert. Steve en- courages everyone to come by. ig V W.,b H V ,"r . ' i i Melanie Fuller is presently working for the money, but also because future career aspira- tions involve management skills and this experience is vital to developing them. Melanie is em- ployed at Frys on Gilbert and University as a courtesy clerk, and as time permits, she hopes to be promoted to a manager's position. Since working with the public as she has, Melanie has had opportunity to experience managerial demands. mf ki -, A I ' '-ff , The D.O. program here at Mountain View has surely been an advantage for Kelli Behring. She is a medical assistant for Dr. Walter McEarchern, Pulmonolo- gist. She attended the Blair Col- lege for six weeks, four hours a day. Kelli says, "It's very good money and I like the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping people get well". Jim Valdez works as head cook at Nacho's on Bush High- way. Jim says working gives him spending money for the week- ends and for when he just wants to do something with his friends. Jim says one almost has to have a job these days, even at our age, if he wants to have any fun. He also adds, "I don't work too hard, I give orders." 31 Jim Valdez I .-if. K fs ywwwuw it 4" I A Cf those familiar with books and such While sports awards and state achieviment have been a delicious diet for Mountain View this year, there has been no skimping on aca- demic accomplishment. Averaging almost straight 1's, the top twenty students distinguished themselves among over two thousand on cam- pus. Two of these, Walter Wood, and Marc Chappell, achieved Nation- al Merit Finalist Status. Besides these scholars, the student body produced artists of the first stellar such as Mark Hobley. In addition, several writers recieved national recognition by the National Council far Teachers of English. Athletic accomplishment and academic achivement is the two- pronged sign of the toro, so when you hold those two fingers aloft, know that it has symbolic significance for all of us. 1-The top twenty academic students in the school bask in the Arizona sun and the distinction of their honors. Top row: Brett Harrell, David Jamieson, Grant Frazier, Steve Durney, Curtis Winkle, John Hart. Bottom row: Maria Salza, Lisa Stewart, Dila Miculs, Kenna Brackney. Laurel Carlson, Jill Brackett, Julie Harrell, Lynda Hayes, Shelly Coppo, Terry Niller and Lynn Throckmorton, 2-National achievement was brought home to Mountain View by Merit Finalists, Marc Chapell and Walter Wood. 3-Despite marked hearing loss, Karin Smith and Bob Dixon have acquired honor society standing, wide knowl- edge, and critical skills from their tutor Mrs. Cox, shown here. 4-Also receiving national attention, Jane Cummings' writing was selected to compet for National Council of English Teach- ers award. 5-After local competition, where he was awarded the covete Kidak Medallion of Excellence, photographer Lyn- dell Deitz exhibited his work at New York City Scholastic Art Show. Missing from photo: Walter Wood, Marc Chappell, and Rose Tancrede. 1-Cindy Booth was awarded a DAR scholarship and selected as an NCTE writing finalist. 2-Artists Mark Hobley took five gold keys and a blue ribbon in scholastic art competition. Obviously, lollipops enhance creativily. 3-Both a Lucky- Gemco finalist and an NCTE writer, Grant Frazier confers with Mr. Elliot. 4-That's a robot passing with its designer, Steve Lipka, who presented his invention at science sympasium in Mexico. 5-As a finalist in the Lucky-Gemco public speaking competition, Jeff Pray addressed controversial issues. 6-Steve Payson and Mr. McGee debate the logic of his NCTE writing entry. 4 X, - N V . ,,, Q . nv, , 5 51,32 vffuyzff " ,:f,.,,.l an Q '-fav KW? , S xr 'I 'lil , l , . ...Q ,Q . ' li l 'Q : , ' wr, .1 , . t 'a """'F'G'Qq,. YA we-."' X W To invent, to write, to crate, to declaim. An environment cre- ated for all these things, Moun- tain View High has tried to in- tensify the beat of living genius, through chalenging its students and they have not been found lacking. Exhibiting the fruits of a quality education, the student body enterd several competi- tion this year in response to na- tional standards and challenges. From Scholastic art awards to a DAR scholarship. Challenges nurture the buds of genius pf X . M, WF' I: N ff in '? v af A n E .,i2,a,5w 1 XY M ,. ' 36 Pima. wx 455 Doughnuts diet for ditchers and dozers in Q r. -.-,. 1 sift, fjiyytll 'Q 6 , , l -- ,44' , if 37 There are many times when the average student finds something better to do than go to class. This is widely known as "ditching". The next day our teachers hear such excuses as, "I was attacked by cannibalsf' "The janitor was fixing the sewer line, I fell in the hole." Ditching is frowned upon, but everyone loves doughnuts and M.V. students have periodic at- tacks when the doughnut run is made. 1-Last of the wild west's hole-in-the- wall-gang, the Mama Churchy Boys slouch in the sun just before the STYX concert: Jeff Crockettg Todd Shellg Mike Skouseng Eric Burtong John Crumg Kevin Kaldahl and Rick Allen. 2-Brenda Goar tickles Barry Laird. 3- UFO, Unidentified Flopping Object. 4- John Gay entertains Ricky Enfield dur- ing lunch break. 5-Roger Riley strides to the quadrangle for socializing. 6- Launi Sullivan and Melanie Fuller gob- ble doughnuts. 7-Chris Doyle enjoys a doughnut better than going to his third hour class. ' . IN XI XI SNNINIIK-1. 1,-s g sf Finding career may be difficult for some Anticipating one's career may often be diffrent for students, but career placment information is al- ways readily available through the counselours in "The Place". Using numorus guest speakers, the ca- reer services office assists students in gathering first-hand testimony of people in a particular field. In ad- dition, the office provide the "Tro- vack" wich houses facts and detail concerning colleges throughout the United States. Also there are many alternate Audio Visual meth- ods of acquiring career and college facts. "The Place is open through- out the school day and provides services to both students and class- room teachers. .Y W. W., A 47 'E 1-As new services become available, new careers evolve, a guest speaker from Maricopa Tech outlines the qualification of a dental assistant. 2-Sherri Palmer Foarde thinks over what was discussed in "The Place". 3-Ms. Cahill look over one of the students work. 4-Models from "The Broadway" listen to audience question during panel discussion on fashions careers. 'ii' E t t, if ro Willa I MSW? lftffk SPEAK . g My X i to .f 3 5-Ms. Prator explain the "Torovack" to a student. 6-Marine recruiter trys to recruite Rodney Brewer and Mark Willams. 4 rf .0,'1-""- 'L - ' avg? ' W , 9 4 Q... ' 1 9 ft.. V ' A .,...m"af-145.5 I.- Q g, be Mk St L A A Mike St. Louis is one of those who helps keep the city safe. As a volun- teer explorer for the Mesa Police De- partment, who started this job last May, Mike says, "It's a job I enjoy doing." Although the job hasn't been dangerous as of yet, it could get that way at anytime. Mike controls such things as games, dances, parades, etc. I-Ie says he wants to continue working with the police. Lets keep Mesa a safe place to live! Cheryl Tiegs, Farrah Faw- cett, Cindy I-Iarret, Sharin Nich- olson, all of these girls have sev- eral things in common besides beauty. They are of course, all models. Sharin Nicholson has the distinction of being a student here at M.V., and could some day be as popular as these other ladies. Sharin won an award at Plaza Three for modeling clothes, and she says she'd like to give Arizona's Jr. Miss a try next year. She also plans to do other modeling next year. She says, "I want to be a profession- al model and possibly an ac- tress. Carolyn Zirker has a special friend named Kenny that she is willing to speak up for at any- time. In fact, Carolyn has sup- ported Kenny most of his life, even to the point of "putting Of words into his mouth." course, Carolyn is a ventriliquist and Kenny is her constant com- panion. As a team, they are so good that they've made appear- Richard Meagher: Even as a sophomore this year, Rich- ard shows talent! Working mostly with cardboard and scrapes found around the house, he builds his own mo- dels and is especially good with Star Wars characters. Not only is this a hobby for Richard, but he says, "I want to be the best model maker special effects has ever seen." Among Richards more elaborate projects, he has made in detail, a costume of the fantastic charactor, Darth Vader. In this creation, Meagher recreated the mon- ster for Halloween. 40 x Xxx lib- W XS i ances in Hawaii and Mexico City. Visiting the school recent- ly, Kenny entertained us with his favorite songs, "ABC" and Hsupercalifraglisticf' Together, Carolyn and her friend Kenny are joined by Carolyn's sister Katherine who is also a ventili- quist. Their other talents in- clude singing, and they are both in Mountain View's orchestra. Diversified interests alter Toro beat Eric Devine has a special talent about him. He is an impersonater. He mimics such people as Rich Lit- tle, Richard Nixon, President Carter, Elvis Presley and many others. Eric was in our talent show in '77, He hopes to go into show biz and do this professionally one day. Shown mim- micing Nixon in photo. Tony Wende spends most of his spare time in activities asso- ciated with an auxiliary of the air force called the Civil Air Pa- trol, a non-profit organization whose mission is the search and rescue of downed aircraft. Tony joined the Patrol two years ago because of his fascination with aircraft. From the first time he was in an airplane until now Tony knew that aircraft would be his future. Tony likes his hob- by enough to have had a T-shirt made saying, "VM JUST PLANE CRAZY." We believe it' Lori Acierto: Dogs have been Lori's main interest since early childhood. She has had entries competing in National Shows many times and recently won the Junior National Showing Award with a perfect score, which is a very rare feat in na- tional competition. As a volun- teer worker for a National Ken- nel Club, Lori helps register and Marian Hervey is one of those "stage freaks". She makes that clear by saying, "I love the stage, if I could I'd like to go to New York and work a play, live, eat, sleep and act like my character for a month. Mar- ian is in the National Thespians club which is a drama union for all stage members. She has been in such plays as "Oliver," "Tubes", and "Trouble in the Air", playing the major role in most of them. Marian says dra- ma is hard. lt takes alot of deter- mination, long hours, alot of en- ergy, and a very BIG ego. 41 rate dogs. Now that she is 17, she can't compete in the Junior Classification any more but rat- ed as an adult, she is head of the program in the Arizona State Kennel Club. Since Lori has a special talent with dogs,she says there is a big future ahead of her. She says she always wants to work with show dogs. ' 'Q IN, 1 PM X , 'fi' 3 Eg ! Ps "My slow hobby" is how Mary Cole describes her interest in tur- tles. The interest began in seventh grade when a friend's mother cro- cheted two turtles as a Christmas gift to her. "They were the only stuffed animals I had". From then on the word "turtle" was used dai- ly by Mary. She has turtle posters, stuffed animals, potholders, jewe- lery, candles and much more. Mary's turtle object count is now up to one hundred and fifteen. For six years Jane Cummings has been training dogs. Although she is now training just for fun, this hobby could turn into a profession- al career for Jane. She became interested in training through 4-H, and has trained such dogs as Boarder Collies, English Shep- herds, and English Setter mix. She shows them in obedience. He always plays for keeps. Ke- vin Morstain was city marbles champion in Gruver, Tex. in the fifth grade, the following year he defeated the Mesa champion in a formal playoff at Rendevouz Park. Since then, collecting unusual mar- bles has been his hobby and he's accumulated over seven thousand which he stores in a wastepaper- basket at home. This summer he will inherit the huge collection of his late grandfather. Riding with only one foot and bunny-hopping are two of the techniques Steve Rowley employe in developing his unicyle riding ability. Although it took Steve al- most two entire weeks to manage the unicycle, he now is able to use it for transportation to school, run- ning errands, and general getting around. In fact, he and a few bud- dies get together about every week to play unicycle basketball which is extremely challenging since one hand must be used to dribble. 42 Lester Blackwell known as "Lucky Lee", has a special knack when it comes to the fiddle. He is also known as The Wonder Boy Fiddler. Lester now holds the 1976-77 Arizona junior champion- ship. He has won many awards and has been in a lot of contests. Lester has played a small role in the movies, "The Oregon Trail", "The Waterhole", and "Ragtime Annie. Designing and making stuffed mice is Tami Workman's hobby. Her older sister Linda, who learned the craft from studing a magazine and experimenting, taught Tami how to make the six inch dolls. The mice vary in style. Tami has made such dolls as Colonial ladies, Clowns, Ha- waiian dancer, and a different doll for each holiday. Efliii 'L y i Workman Toro abilities shown through hobbies Artestic welding has been Lexie Coston's art form for over a year. Being able to do something other people would consider a boys hobby is Lexie's biggest satisfaction. She built a waterbed standg stereo stand and several frames for her fa- ther. Developing "a touch" to avoid unintentionally getting the metal stuck has been a problem Lexie has to overcome. " l"'ww-vw ,I 1 rm, i 1-The light posts of the early 50's surrounded by local cars. 2-Downtown Mesa of 1978 shows the largest building in town. 3-Christmas decorations don the light posts in 1978. 4- Hay sits on the corner next to the clock in the early 50's. 5- The new clock sits next to the bank. 6-Main street of the early 30's. 7-The early 1900's show Main Street as a beaten dirt road. of If- f' ,, 44 gn? ' digg' , ,.... ag...-.-.....-...5-.N-. ,hiss mmxgsw' J we W... ' 'i fx I lltfni I 4-'Srmt...iL li! .l Y Lf uv t ix gr-v., gg One hundred years ago, in Feb- ruary of 1878, a group of 83 Mor- mon pioneers in ox-drawn wagons camped on a square mile patch of barren desert. At first, slowly nursed to life by water from an- cient lndian canals reexcavated by hand, this fruitless land became the burgeoning, bustling, beautiful city that we call Mesa, Arizona. Muddy lanes have evolved into wide palm tree-lined boulevards puncuated by electronically con- trolled traffic lights and nurtured now by the Salt River Project, the cracked and barren plain has be- come one of the most progressive and prosperous properties in the United States. 100 Years All American f shui 'F ua E ,as f 3:2-Tl 44 Ziyi and the nun' - N beet goes on with people Q, - ,, ff' W V' , ,!wg6"'M , ,Wfwf X. 'TW 2 L ,. v V ,,, Richard Skousen 711. :'f'd,gp ' A '. A A iw A. 'Bev , A, I -v ,ww 25 3 ,G , A, My . 752 n ' 4 ,, 6-,., iiifffff ,I:.-1 . W mi ,, , ff, , 4' f ff T52 'I -.Av Y' is mp ,ZW f,-2,14 , , h 1. .5 1 QE' W my 1 .3 Q. . v 'C' f,, 1 Wi s , 9' vp jd, ,. Mfg, , ,V 'W ' 4 ap 01" 'V 1 V , N, k. Q1 V X 1 1 x I Y swf' A'-M X 4 A 1 X X f X X, E w IP V- M me , 'Hr' f4, Km ,ag i fu : ' f r 'T I K Q , ln ,. "E fr ffn ,r' 5 ff- M y fl .6 :E X g Q...-v 3 A -,M-.E , ,. ffaw 'V 'ffm - fx ii.,f?,f V ' ' YV In ,, 'Q A 9' in ,, ,,,k . ,A,, 1 gfwliif ., i,J?Q,:'kit -1,,,ff'1'pA.- mf fl' ,ax KY' X -b 3 ,x.' .+ F1 Q fi X!! M, A ., ny.. --.... -sg A a .a0"" l ,x.f ..... , Wm, -1- dl .s - ' '15f.', ,A ,,.Zr.,y,' ,VV - ' - -Qs, ff , ,'f,1,7w,, ,wk I ni me A .1 -aww -e, , ,Agni 4 :egg t, ,,.. K , 'wifi' "1 1152-"1,5i f 4, ,Af ' -rf '. :,.Q-14 i"""fP S C"""' Q1 if K wi Q X.. ,fx 'fi we -S 154' .5 ,r a :qi .g1:5.p,:q . , ,, ,f3:f1:5i:5i:E2 1-,-5251-5-r.:4 .A-,'ffr.Z'm J-Qu! gl X :V g O E X WY"""'Y Q Q7 K ,- 'YZ' . 4 Tal 1 Brown, Carl Brown, Shellie Brown, Steve Brugger, Stephanie Brunner, Scott Bryson, Donald Buchanan, Robert Buell, John Burr, Colette Burroughs, Lenore Burrus, Lory Butler, Johnny Butterfield, Todd Calderone, Joel ,.. ' . For Halloween, Marian Hervey and Monty Fitch displayed flendlsh costumes and scared many. - 52 "Q 0 3 A 1 f .. I if s f 4 ' iw E ' :fy "w ' F? gag, V- .. Jnf fig. Q Q53 X x I 5 1. ,, 3 1 ' 'f 4 , 4' X ' , we-. , Q atxix 5 fffi, ' - 2155, ' 1 : ' -'1 '. I ' ,,,., . N 2 ,.. ff' J , W L J . Z . 44 I' ' f 1 il T122 V!!! 1. XX 3- 'A , .QQ weigh? 9 Nix bn' Ng , .wwf .iw W , , A vw' 3 .49 N 3 J !f N--mv ' 11' KK '- ak' . Q ,xxx G , .Jw -Wm L ' wg? .Y Hu, uk ...X p I NA. . -' xv fa K 'V 1?Kf7Kxi t , ' A Q if ' W - Z K rv an fr' 9 1 ' , 1 - A - zz- 3 .. -'df 15 1 KK , ' .K , , x X KK K '.N ,G5 bar ' V' .4-' '- L .4 i' ml Z, ' Efffi ,wen Q . ,am at -15 by fm: X, , X M- ,,. h VN. . . , 4, ' ' v - ,-,,:f,sA - K. wars lagd. , ' 3, Q , , ff- " f ff" 'Mo-'F ,.,,..,.1 , f ff if :,. "I f' X XX ,.. f- I N, W Kim Q--f,e:"l': 'x xl 4lC.""" VALL ,, Nfv, ,,,.,,. L - My , vw Ni K 7 rw ' 15 'NC . . . TQV 1, 1' iii J gif we K? 'K A, if W - I jig' - 4, JK 'W ,iw lm' A kxuf Q, x W ' ra, ,S fb I' """".,:,"":Q:-f N 9 53' :Q K f' 3 K 'fr' Q 4- R 3. ,WW Q' Y 'F ,m..,,,.,,,W., ,gf , ,. waz ,, 'WA , 'V ,J 4 1-51" it-I pei ggi w 1 Q' 'M E. R If W. N M h fg l " - Z :,,.,,.2m'1'-?:s'fElQ : W " 4, 1 K ,K . " 'for-I . K Vyfv , f'f"' .' A ' ,X . . 4, ! it 'ff x f H V Fx 'gif' Vu it 4 W y v - an '2- 1 v A 9 . V 4 X., X . ' x' 5' . ,sung t Wag fb r '16, di X KKK ,ff 5- iz, T77 ., ?' ei A v ,ax . 5 it I W n is , X K , HX I , ,f ff 1: ef' id" , Zh ' 'L ..., , ,fn im.. wh A A .L.,, ,, , X' ,W V 4.55 If , 1- M X ,143 S riiffif- 1" H: ,D I .x- ,' - 5 'f r, . i 5j5g2T4Fg2?1xg??ff Q ,A , , .4 ., k ,,..-. , '11 Y A: rv. K s X y - .1 X ,fr .Q 0 .,. --1-4 1 N, r , ' . if , . 58 - 'fr v , 5 1 6 4 52: .JST , 'QF 'f RQ:-1,Q,.,fxy9f-f4ii Q L1 1.2 Pg.-uufffqk I xr pls' V3 xx V351 I I - , '35 qv,-U. r. Tl ' ' tv K 5 3 IW 'JJ - x"-MJ' 3 '1""w um! 'K fx Q :Q , L 111' x , 1 ,J I f 49' A fx f ,f 1 ' ke. ' ll? -x g " . I W I ax ' ' 5d x M X X X X w xv' X - Qxf ,W We , . '54 nr Y-11,7 N4 . ,,.,.7,,,,, I Vi my J .A A ,J ' 'VL ' 6 , , w 2,4 :gf K, " 9 " W wg I ff' P A, f N4-yt 4 'f ' Q 1' - X' 2 g H ' lv , If ,V ,W 5, 4 '- df' W r .,, 1 "w f G H M nf fy My , ., V ' kvx 1 .2.- 7 ' ' 5 K 1 1 fn N 1' - ff, Xi: 5 ,...,.,,.,. -r ?'T1W5'?5"L'fW7lfFff N ,hu . , ?wf'f'L M I M av 'f 1 rf?" Af I q 5 Q V I ' V .T M' 'U v 'fi .Qixg .,, 4 -' 1 'N ' f " NN fm' ' 'L V Q V ,. ,,.-, 1. Wg V4 g X ' X . ' X X ' X ,W . fx., A n, I' t K X 0 1 Q , , 'i , m V "1-f 45 2 f VI' , 3, Y. 1 A if ' dy! k V 1 ' ug. B AW 0 1 5 95 in 2 X39 M' Si' 14" 'NEW 56 ' K. qi ,Qs X W 1, ez. -kv Si' - 1 Q, ,IFF -. ,,3'5'ix" Y7"'.' s'- l. Ix iff 1.-. "Wh -:Z , ,fy I, w- 1 : gf. V , , x I V 7 , ,411 , .- ,eff-gm s , "ag A, .5 nv- , X 1' ' - ' fs X f H., 1 1 XR! X 'wg x X en.: G54 qw? may ! - 4.-1 ff we 5 f 3 Q , mhV , 4 J 2 - Q . X- P, 1 ' :-. "QRf'.TJ3' I 9 f gf I Q, idwfg ' Rf 1 1'Z""? A B 'Www .""' X, -1 f'- ., 6 ,QQY5 X Q ga-fs, .xaffy - - - 11 - 1 Q 3 . so . s- Y ffm .. 1' X f 4 ' NX sas? . , n gf-t f,1'g., L E sail- , X sk w A ,, 4 s -,:,1, 5 4. W . , 2 fl- a ,sql Ep ., -AL.-LL ,f - 5 i fQf'NiQl's ' 1'. 's Vi! - X i . ' 5" Q , , -P kf-. K K ' "' Y' 1 Q ' - QT ,. ..,. ,..amp0' if ,,,l,l Checking out the scene, Tim Campbell smiles at passing friends, while he reclines under a tree on senior hill. l Gomez, Eva Gonzalez, Sandy Daniel Goodman, Carl Gorman, Deborah Gose, Carol Christopher Graves, John Grenier, Gregory Griemsman, Robert Guard, Scott 'XS ' ZEV . iw V x M 35 gl i A . .44-. 1 1, if' 1: Q .1 A ws. I lg: nw an .,. wx- 7,x-. da . 1. Bl a , if- 1 1 .g'-- vox cj'-H-f A .f -. Hx me K ,B 1 4 lsr' xx 1-.ww-Q. ' f W M ,-pfjl, fm K 'fig V1 ' Pty , K , f '- , I' 55 , L4i,l , H N 6: Wh - QQ, 1 -. . , J u vrff' Av-12, 5 MST' , 1 , i,,, NNY XX S ni , 4' ,iw ..,.,!,,5Z,,.3,., , . . ,E-, H: 1E ' . A B li x ,f , "P 'CV 5' N' fix N. x -5, ,. - W, -M .,,,w A z- ,,....., nz? ., A . QQ: ' ' ' ' . J.. ww- S A ... 1--."' L X L-113, .M ,.'fDl',1,1'. UI'-'ff I" ' rl-','.'-:"', 1 -Nij.-,.',.g T -4. , 2i".".H'.".'X -.2-1.-Q.-Q.-5. -' x 2:33,-g.-Q.-g.L 1 ., . rf: ',',.' ,. '.' - - - X l 'I' 1 I, , FN , 5 61 ff ' Lg ' N 'N '---x. M11 f X- -'ff 1 fi? ' ' X ,M 'EQ w V H ,W . K s..-..- J gy , ,.,, i ,,,,,. I -- 5 L , . r 1 - A In , , 1 .sy 1- ,Jil fn , '3- N ' ., , KN K 1 iw", 2 'O N 5 ' A N 1' t Q J 534 Haj 'ix 5- 1 If 1-W 1 1 M 1 r ' ,,X. ,Q , I nr!-at iffy, rv - - 1 " xii A "gang .Ar x if df F, Mi 2 L' ' Q. 'f 'R 35 an 1: 3 bqx if 41? 'x . I , uk - X Mn M-ng, , K -'A rig ' . ' e Q" ' .w bil .Bow .Afro ,A f fc: u',, :AV f I f 'n L QU' A ' 4 gn -L f .qv an ap ' -sw U16 , 1 5 re' 'Q - 5.9 ik, RQ x Q, A es. Q 'AW ,R xV'!fgt3-5 ,--lggfx 'E'mfA?'- ' ,y35.'51 -21621, A 5 , 3 ,sg .yr - .fkwffi fe r fri, V. ,Q .. M -T x' ,." A vu on xx 5 " " vt 1 x F' t? 'S Q. ' G Y F , 4 x x 'W' Q 9. I - .- F M 3 L ' ' ' x v M sx,A9- 5 fa.. ,,, 4 -, F I 5 x X 5 Q WK 5 .2 I 'iw f ,' R' . Q I . x.Y'. . Q 2" . . ' ' Q' iff 'e A : - in-,Vg .L . 1 ,52 ' K , Q X . f Q W 'Q U -i . g ,f 5. 3 . Q""'Y ,A w+ -Y:-e QP? 1 , i 1 .? as , . GM M .ia 'W ,Q f Nw' V- f R19 . . 4 , , if -. f A 1 a X , , . at X W rf J, 4 , ci 5 We X' 321 if lah' 55' 167' . ,U V " f ,, lafmxt, KQ 1:5 A f, "vm ig aff?-'45 f' gb ,Q-.-ff-V ,,,, . 5 , .1 WJ' , Q --.. L, W , . 5' 4' r f QQ I , , . my ,f ' ' x if Y rr' 1 A A Ni J if .6 dd' 4 . I ffh x I .af X - f M-.-'Z' w 'N " f I 1 ' VJ' - "' "'l' .N A ,rn 5 M jg The Homecoming victory over Coronado produces a dazzling white smile from Dale Skidmore. 67 Kinney, James Kiser, Dana Klaas, John Klein, James Kloha, Karen Korman, Albert Korman, Helena Krall, Anne Kuchan, William Kunasek, Greg Lafler, Robert LaFortune, Craig Laird, Barry Lambert, Marc 'Vw' X2 "TL"" x I fa ---- - V- 1 "4 i 1' 34 N . 1 L I ' , - " zf V Q-10 v 'if . , ,, P55 A ,Q-A fy f - 'f " I Fw 4 ' ' A 1 affini- .f-, , L I. 1 x 'Q 1 " ' . f , x hu.- 'qi ' if 5 gf A"' "!': gd f 'A-, X ' f AA T ' . 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'C .g, ' an -f 0 .1 , , : I zz, if Q 0 s 0,1 w .f ,K el .8 x I x A .?f. gil X y ASQ, I., Q.. -,139 ' 1- I K., I it-, v ,, 4.67 lk, V A 5:5 .X f - a Q 'lf' - vw K ' 'Vx 'ur X I x Milligan, Dandy Mills, Anthony Mills, Linda Missik, Peggy Mize, JoAnn Mooi, Cheryl Morstain, Kevin Mulloy, Kelly Murphy, Kelly Musgrave, Russell Nance, Scott Nelson, Bruce Nelson, Julie Nelson, Laura ,x - ' -4:1 jf , My-"' . ,gn .- ,K yt, 51 ff ,.', .. ' .v -Q V W 4' -3- fri, L. -f 51,3 455' -5: -WST! k,wf,' fqfff fm S-X X ff! , A 5 ,, , 3.5 fir fp-W i iizw- cr--.F '1' , IT' x A O W Ns- , 'Mu 4975 Wvyl ,' .MX Yr? if .r .4 f "in, :fir A a . a ,Q X if 2 . ,ma , H-nv H, 'Pfffff fwvvf' ji? 4? x ,' , 3 4' Q if 'mx , ' j . f A, ' MY ff' 1 ,., , y A g 4 5 ' .. fv- , - J . K A f , it , Q' , 5 . If in x -7 A V., .x , A xr.: , glxx -, 1, f, P I V , 4 W tm' R ' 1 4 gf ' L3 , I , . . ., Q, V ,W if 1 , ' ' . .M X dp 6, 5 ' "f , .' , 'X A xp? V f-fx 4 . J wx 3 ,..-W A 1 f- g - A .',' WS. . . I Vx., f W, v -1- ' . . 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J , 4, x Q f f 4 A X 6.3 2 1 M , 'NK E s 2 Q, Y N t il K 1 3 sf , X ' I Q, 'W 2 v - K if 5 1 YQ w vm , 3 "' www. s .K iw .wgfiilgi .- Y' . fig., N fl ,iw '.,.' 'x ,f A F .gh g mn.-Rfb' It w if -zz' 1 'V+' I m K W f 5 ' , ' 4 'N 1 1 , as ma- A 7 I I R 5, , f wzia1-. ex. f n I ., EO Six' ' 'f'-'Ni 'YH ...MG , "bg .T , zu- . hm. , -,six 35 :y i J 49 , Q ' QEKSALU Q Rf ., :M ug-uaucuu I 4" Q 2 usb- -, ,f vw. N- -'uv MY 3, Q Q 7 f .4- W My i if ft? ff x as f T y, Q 5. , I .N ix " . N , Y' ,X .Q av 'N K Q .A A , . a --1 ".: .X Q M if X ' X Q in E ,, '. 931 viz WE ' yy., ru- Nr . , Q N x 1 , E: Q ,ya . x I h O w tfw 23? ' N ' N Jew yy: N. R. ' 'V 7 1 iff, . W U lmlftxz 'Q r 'ig . ,X .K ' f ff ' F31 - . :'f'j,5', ,M - "4" ?':"?"'4 r uf-' . rf .K Q .Q ' ' ZA X wi? ,if ,J 4.1-.f 'sv' 94' hlfwg s V'-1... ,'i,Q!f5l'Q . A Lgy-' Y 'ff .. ' Lf M Q Jax? f , ,,,,,:7J" zsaiwiir "'.,,v'Q 1r4 Ml . , r::::,, v'M,,F1 'JI'K'5??I:,f'g,'Z:3 T W tl' 3An'f.w'X4fM -Q .. ,,,-, If '. A Y 'E 3,512 .:l,'r?S 5-,'v:l.i N G 'fr-'I' r",'1, .- I I 'r,'n 'r 'n , 1 1 1 1 G 5 if GJ: 34.5 ' R 1 vi X 3 'ff' V i ' E 5 F ' ,1 .gas ,jf 5 . K 4. 2, 2 Kim., Q f - i gay-nam.-5 M vp' Nb kbr- X .......- rm 'QP .40 A' 7 x - ,sb , . .X 'X A X 3 , - ' Q 3 "i'64xZ" T F' ,, K. . , Q STEM 3392 ,,. 1, .. .,. Q , 'N + " K -Yr w ..,,, Q Q 11 N 1, :U ' N 7 Q 5 ar, K 4 5 X 'fa fa wi -lf 'Vw s hiv ,N 5512 Gs. 'WSF T 2 if 3 Q ,I , M ,aw i . --. , . sei ,Q Nf,' 12? ,U F - , k.,k , H . rw K Kr' iff? 'KN .B 2 ff' X 1187 QQ! WRT' f '? ' 'fx fy? 1, 45' Jig .-f J 25 Q W F X X Y i Zi f, 2 Juniors Abele, Peter Abreu, Karolyn Acierto, Lori Adams, Kathy Adams, Scott Adraktas, Connie Aglio, Lisa Akin, Teresa Albright, Harvey Allen, Jay Allen, Ricky Allred, Clyde Amador, David Amick, Michael Anderson, Linda Angell, Sharla Arellano, Rudy Arment, Sid Armenta, Jerry Arvayo, Nancy Ashcroft, Elizabeth Atkinson, Heather Bahn, Chuck Bailey, Mike Bargas, John 11 ai :li2ll if l Huddled around the microphone, chorus members sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic at the Mountain Viewf Westwood game. x. f M s , ,wr A l R' ' 84 Barnes, Lynn Bartels, Leslie Beaird, Linda Beaty, Robert Beaudry, Mark Beeler, Tim Beert, Jodi Bell, Karen Bell, Matt Benham, Marla Bennett, Kevin Benson, Helen Berg, Mardee Bermea, Felix Berthold, Keith Beuzekom, Tammy Bibko, Diane Bingham, David Bisdorf, Barry Bishop, Mark Bishop, Susan Black, Brenda Black, Ronald Blackhurst, Melenie Blackwell, Tonya Blahak, Peter Blair, Karen Blair, Peggy Bodrero, Scott Bolin, Mitzy Bolland, Anita Boller, Dave Bolyard, Chip Boor, Aaron Booth, Chris Boragina, Dominic Boult, Billy Boyer, Jill Boyle, Lyric Brahm, Todd Braithwaite, Lori Brenner, Ruth Briggs, Laura Broadston, Eric Broberg, Greg Broughton, Sheryl Brown, Dale Brown, Ingrid Brown, Jennifer Brown, Laurie Brown, Mary Brown, Phylliss Buckles, Cliff Buckley, Steve Bundy, Bob Bunting, Mike Burke, Norman Burm, Steve Burton, Eric Bush, Scott Butler, Roxanne Butzke, Scott Call, Ladell Camden, Laurie Campbell, Bob Campbell, Dan Campbell, Deanne Campbell, Jennifer Campbell, Mike Cardillo, Debbie Carlson, Kurt Carlson, Paul Camrite, Michelle Carpenter, Rick Carter, Chuck Carter, Sue Casillas , Angela Castaneda, Sylvia Castillo, Lana ?-KC' E I , , , 4 ite. f iq fi ",,,' 1 f Q5 If fr, , rj Y 9 . 4 4 A NYY 2 1, While walking to class, Carrolyn Zirker is caught off guard by the camera. B, ni- Waiting for class to begin, three girls talk about the latest news. 86 iff li 1 "'7 1 it The spirited and enthusiastic Cheerleader, Vanessa Casto cheers her number one team. I fig 'L' I f9 if R x ,vs N X "',1q if .4 T 5' s .. - fi Q 0 ,S fy. QM, tk .iiltxg ,Y Casto, Vanessa Caviness, Bethany Cherry Holmes, Lisa Christensen, Neena Christopherson, Jana Clarkson, Joe Clouse, Duane Clow, John Cluff , Linda Cole, Mary Cook, Dean Cook, Scott Coopo, Jerry Cosgrove, Jim Couch, Rick Cox, Colette Crawford, Chani Rae Crawford, Mike Crockett, Jeff Crommie, Jeanne Cross, Lance Cross, Leigh Cross, Marla Crow, Cheri Crum, John Cullen, Brenda Cummings, Jane Cummins, Brian Curd, Tish Custer, Danny Daly, Bob Damato, Mark Damano, Dam., Dana, Kevin Darger, Ann Darro, Dan Dartt, Patty David, Robyn Davidson, Mike Davis, Debbie Davis, Kimberly Davis, Lee Ann Davis, Rhonda Dawson, Annette Deaver, Linda DeGracie, Debra Delaney, Debbie Delaney, Jeanine Delk, Brigitte Dell, Bryan DeMarco, Chris DeMarco, Liz DeMoss, Becky DeMoss, Randy DeMoss, Rodney DePriest, Craig Derka, Brenda DeRosa, Marc Devine, Eric Dickerson, Stan Diehl, Wendy Dixon, Kelly Domon, Dawn Dowd, Mark Drinkwater, Robin Dropp, Jami Dubrul, Mike Duffel, Kathleen Duffy, Mike Dugas, Andrew Dumont, Paul Dunn, Bill -7 V 4 I if--'Q f . Talking to friends in the library, Christy Nelson reluctantly smiles as the photographer takes her picture. Rx! ff l fi 'FFL Deserted after a long day, the empty campus awaits sundown. rj? '15, fx , p LN, s, 11- if .W f.. ,K -J ' .ylar r N., ,.f. , '- Q11 K 89 Duranti, Frank Durham, Ed Dutcher, Michelle Eager, Colleen Eccles, Lori Edwards, Jenny Elbert, Lea Ellsworth, Beryl Emery, David Emery, Laura England, Jerry Epps, Lynn Esparza, Ann Esqueda, Maria Estes, Rodney Evans, Travis Everlith, Gina Ewald, Vance Ewart, Gregg Fagan, Chris Fankhauser, Jim Fanton, Darlene Farrell, Kathy Farrell, Lonnie Fellows, William Fenton, Julie Ferencz, Keri Ferguson, Karleen Ferreira, Regina Fetzer, Gary Fielding, Diana Finlinson, Karen Fischer, Dan Fitzgerald, Karen Fitzpatrick, Melody Forbes, Chris Forbes, Pete Fornash, Patty Fowler, Kim Frazier, Brenda Frazier, Bryan Frye, Julie Fuller, Melanie Frick, Jodi Friel, Mike Frisby, Mark Gaetjens, Chuck Gallagher, Anne Gardner, Linda Gardner, Tracy Garnier, Glen Gearhart, Chris Gerkin, Sheri Gibson, Don Goar, Brenda Goff, Chris Gonzales, Andrea Good, Brian Grace, Thelma Gray, Robert Green, Angie Greene, Becky Greene, Cindi Griffin, Steve Griffiths, Robin Gunn, Frances Gurr, Lori Haag, Rhonda Habeeb, Hillary Hahn, Emily Hale, Bob Hale, Chris Hale, Richard Hall, Reed Halsey, Rhonda Hamberg, Rod Hammers, Robert Hampton, Kathy Handgis, Matt Hansen, Rodger Hanson, Tom Harmon, Laurel Harrah, Betsy Harrah, Robert Harris, Brad Summer memories mellow the minds of Ana Pena, Veronica Guzman, and Brenda Derka as they contemplate the excitement of a new year. K'-vi 52 l ' iw 1 A gf, 1, 4ix',.l, 5. In ,A - tl 'K 90 I a , , lg 1' l 'x lfa VX' N 4 N xt KX, K Harris, John Hasslacher, John Hatch, Pam Hatfield, Kent Heater, Lowell Hebdon, Bobette Hedberg, Michell Hein, Lisa Heintz, Chris Henn, Scott Henry, Todd Hepsley, Mike Hewson, Destinee Hicks, Dena Higdon, Shawn Hill, Christine Himes, Todd Hindes, Lyle Hobley, Mark Holling, Cindy Holmes, Jim Holmes, Rod Holt, Steve Hon, Wendy Hoopes, Jimmy Houghton, Dean House, Trudy Hronek, Alice Huderle, Barb Hughes, Vincent Hull, Renee Humble, Robert ' Hundley, Gaye Hunt, Jerry Hurley, Dominick llnicky, Jacki Ink, Charlene Jablonsky, David Jackson, Patty Jacobo, David Jacobson, Linda Jerrell, Heather Jespersen, Tom Jimenez, Debbie Johann, Dina Johnson Dawn Johnson Debbie Johnson Dora Johnson Jenese Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Keith Johnson, Steve Johnson, Tim Jones, Dara Jones, Eric Jones, Ken Joplin, Gary Unsuspecting, Brenda Black takes in the sun while Chuck Gaetjens peers down from above the Jr. lockers. -5-"2x's of the members of the rock group "KISS'l G f, 'P Q S 2 5+ X ' J :- :msg ,.:2j.-,!:,. A i ' 3 ., na ...Tr During the Halloween Dress-up Day sponsored by Pep Club, Paul Scott posed as one 1, ff I ',l -ia s A vi. t 6 f if l ,.l I V l , , v I A -Q , qi ,f sf ' 1 ffl l l , . L . . K . -ft.. 1 .. .- ... M ' s N D " , ,. I NM During the halftime festivities at the Mt. View-Mesa game Frank McLaughlin sounds the call of the Toro. Q- A, " -: rp I, 'I' ,, r if-fiffi' 93 Joswiak, Andy Judd, Shari Jukic, Rosie Kaldahl, Kevin Karam, Keith Kasprzyk, Karl Keel, Darla Keel, Kellie Kelley, Christina Kent, Kevin Kern, Ron Kernagis, Steve Kerrigan, Mike King, Cindy King, Ernest Kinney, Kristin Kirck, Tammy Koenig, Mary Koens, Darcy Koepke, Cindy Kolossa, Sheri Kovach, Terry Krall, Liz Kuehner, David Kurus, Andy Kyhn, Kathy Kyler, Bob Lacy, Ruth Laird, Laura Lambert, Wendy Larson, Laurie Laureanti, Joe Lavelle, Phyllis Learn, Debbie Leatherman, Wayne Lee, Sabra Legg, Tod Leisure, Julie Levenda, Mike Lewis, Jim Lewis, Jimmy Lipka, Tom Lloyd, Chuck Lloyd, Scott Lomeli, Dianna J Lopez, Sylvia Lowinske, Sandee Lucht, Mark Lucht, Mike Luebke, Mark Lugo, Annette Luster, Scott Macchiaroli, James MacDowell, Joni fMadueno, Donnab Maggs, Brenda Major, Meta Malherbe, Sally Malo, Carol Manor, Debbie Mankey, Scott Mansfield, Tim Marino, Steve Marshall, Lynda Martin, Jeff Martinez, Charlie Martinez, Eva Martinez, Romelia Martinez, Salvador Matheson, Sherry Matteo, Mark Maynard, Natalie Mazzoli, Terry McCleary, Jeff McClellan, Mike McDavid, Carl McDavid, Tamara McDonald, Barbi McDonnell, Melissa McFall, David Natalie Witt,s humor gets from Mr. Cummins 94 Caught with their mouths open again are Vanessa Casto, Kathy Nettlow, and Teresa Derka. 1 5 'kv ,l X N I Q ' 'N Ni -,Nfl , Q fo.. F r..,, if J' -.P ...1 CW YI F I K iii , I .X , x . Y' r X x is 'WS 14' . 'df' :A ,, f , In s - s ,. . After the Kota game Todd Shell and Brian Frazier cele- brate their win. 95 McFall, Kristi McFarland, Linda McGhee, Mitch . McGovern, Mark McGrath, Jim McGregor, Jenet .Mclntyre, Wendy McKay, Robert McLaughlin, Frank Medina, Ruben Meile, Greg Middlebrough, Judy Miller, Rob Millett, Kent Mills, Denise Minnick, Susan Minor, Laura Miranda, Mike Moore, Autumn Moreland, Ray Moreno, Danny Morris, Dean Morris, Keith Morrison, Deana Morrison, Scott Mortimer, Lori Mucha, Kathy Mueller, Angie Mullins, Lori Mullins, Rob Mulloy, Charlie Mully, Ken Murgatroyd, Trent Murrell, Tony Musgrove, Tammy Naylor, Michael Needham, Theresa Neiman, Irving Nelson, Christy Nelson, Richard Nettlow, Kathy Nettlow, Krissy Neumann, Andy Nicholson, Myra Nicholson, Sharin Nicolaus, Tom Nicoll, Nick Nicolls, Greg Nielson, Jon Noel, Raye North, Michele Northey, Greg Oakes, Cindy In or out of the classroom, Greg Randall exhibits the well known "Mountain View Concentration", as he hurriedly makes up an American Government test outside his class. ,I 6 ZA 96 A 1' X Q. .t yi x X? X .. f . :A 4, P H , S fm Kevin Doyle hoists exuberant cheerleaders as Toros score again on the Saquaro Sabrecats during state football championship finals at ASH 97 Xin I .J QPR I f O'Connor, Mike O'Dell, Marsha Oldham, Sherri O'Malley, John Orrantia, Lisa Ortega, Rose Marie Ortiz, Gloria Ott, Matt Owens, Rauna Paddock, Dorothy Painter, Kristi Palazzetti, Jeff Palmer, Rodney Palmer-Foarde, Sher Paredes, Sarah Partel, Theresa Partin, Rodney Passante, David Passarella, Mary Patanella, Todd Payson, Steve Pearce, Patty Pemberton, Donna Pena, Ana Pendle, Bob Perkins, Deneta Perkinson, Lisa Perlman, Marc Perrault, Chris Peters, Doug Peters, Gail Peterson, Mark Pfeifer, Cindy Pfeifer, Sue Phillips, Cory Pico, Brad ri Plympton, Clayton Pollen, Lori Pollmiller, Cheryl Poncedeleon, Ralph Poole, Tim Porco, Aldo Posthuma, Barbara Potter, Kathy Prather, Senorri Prevatte, Gina Price, Jim Prince, Eugene Rader, Kelley Rakowsky, Kurt Ramirez, David Ramsaier, Ken Randall, Greg Rangel, Lorrie Rapier, Lemoyne Rapp, Chris Raptis, Nick Rashid, Randy Rasmussen, Shane Ratkowski, Rhonda Reardon, Jim Rector, Steven Reed, Gary Reed, Lisa Reese, Mike Reyes, Kathleen Rice, Cheryl Richardson, Cindy Richeson, Richele Rinish, Susan Ritchie, Cindy Wi , K 799 , 1... ,i Q., 5-P , 4""""7 -,J XJ U D i It me 4 msgs? L x.J The parking lot seems to be one of the most favorite casual and non-casual talking places for Wendy Stalec, Lori Webb and Peter Forbes during the lunch hour. 98 nw --" Right after his lunch break, Jimmy Roy Snyder ex presses one of his many wild and crazy poses. xfkkt -fg: ,ZW N J " ' T42 S N 7 l Excitingly, Susie Stapley awaits the end of the Toros game at Brimhall Field. Z at 1X4WNt YQ! Rivera, Tony Robedeau, Dave Roberti, John Roberti, Mariann Roberts, Roberta Robinson, Teri Rock, Jeanene Rodriguez, Rudy Rogers, Harold Rogers, Michael Rogers, Rick Rogers, Todd Rosales, Margo Ross, Greg Rossing, Cindy Rowan, Robert Rowe, Janice Rowley, Steve Rupert, Dawn Rush, Reid Russell, Jim Russell, Mary Sakmar, Tisha Salmons, Kathy Samchuck, Brenda Sanofsky, Lynn Sansenback, Jim Schmidt, Pam Schmitz, Kathy Schmitz, Mark Schoeller, Scott new QOKZPJ Cf' Scott, Seiferth xx Sesate, Charlie Shaffer, Russell Sharp, Patricia Shaw, Cindy Shell, Todd Shepard, Donna Sheridan, Donald Shipman, Wayne Shoemaker, Sherri Shope, Sheri Shreeve, Danny Silvers, Debbie Simon, John Sizemore, Bob Skabelund, Debbie Skogen, Kristy Skousen, Mike Slack, Dale Slade, Dennis Smith, Anna Smith, Jodi is , sv we il- 'QR 5- I t f s :five-Q .. 1 ,-ac, NJ f 5 ,Xu 1 if NN ,. A-sr Va it S s B .M ,. dmv .X IMF: V XR, Zit V S iitt gg ,4 , Q 1-Learning about the Stock Market in Free Enterprise class is Mary Cole. 2- "Round the corner and off the ramp to Jr. lockers we go!" seems to be what's on Sherry Ganser and Sherry Zollinger's minds after class. 3-Helping Todd Rogers do a back flip is Lori Gurr and Melanie Blackhurst. 4-Hearing Sheryl Rice ex- plain the exciting events of her life, Lori Mullins stares on in disbelief. , . W.- SK. x ZX .4 AA Smith, Mike Smith, Pam Smith, Sandy Snowden, Kelli Snyder, Jim Sorenson, Julie Spencer, Glen Spencer, Jim Spidle, Brian Spotten, Theron Stgc, Wendy Stapley, Susan Stephenson, Kevin Stevenson, Brian Stewart, John St. Louis, Mike Stockdale, Dean Stoker, Sue Stone, Katherine Stonestreet, Yvette Stradling, Susan Strait, David Sullivan, Launi Suladie, Jeff Sutherland, Kristi Sutton, Donna Szewc, Ray Tanner, Kathy Taylor, Mark Taylor, Stuart Taylor, Vicky Teague, Dianne Teasley, Monty Teeter, Linda Thomas, Nimrod Thomas, Scott Thompson, Lori Timmons, Karla Tirone, Tom Tomlin, Jeff Townsend, Paiti Trekas, Lee Trekas, Lisa Turley, Turley, Kimi Turner, Don Valdez, Jim Van Norman, Duane Van Parys, Jill Vargas, Jose Vargo, April Verch, Todd Villegas, Joel Vinton, Carol Vucic, Joe Wade, Jerry Wagoner, Peter Wakefield, Mike Warren, Tracy Watkins, Nina Watt, Steve Watters, Tom Wayne, Kristy Weaver, Richard Webb, Lani Webb, Lori Webb, Sian Weber, ,Greg Weinberg, Marc Weldon, Ruth f . Q- 1' wx: K5 , . L f 4 ...,. l The nightime working sessions for the Junior float got tiring. Shown recuperating is Mike Lucht. 102 ,ws . gf? J f ,A 1 A w I "1 ,' Q, ' . ,ff W if .- l rl" A if if Making a "Human chain" are, Ray Epps lupside downl, Richard McKnight lmiddlel, and Shane LaFortune lbottoml. mx 103 4 if Wells, Lance Wells, Scott Wende, Greg Werner, Christie Wesolowski, LuAn West, Connie West, Dan West, Rhonda Wetzel, Teri White, Vicki Wilcock, Sherri Williams, Jana Willis, Lillibeth Wilson, Carmen Wilson, Chris Wilson, Linda .Winblood, Robin Winkle, Val Winkler, Corene Winters, Lisa Witt, Natalie Wnorowski, Kelly Wolfe, Tony Woods, Carol Woods, Chris Workman, Amy Worsley, Joni Wyckoff, Sarah Wyricks, Phyllis Yeary, Cheryl Young, Debbye Zalman, George Zamora, Al Zirker, Carolyn S Zogelman, Brenda Zollinger, Cheri Zuniga, 1-Class breaks go, rushing to and tumn chills the fingers but he's got Krissy Nettlow to warm them up. 3-Showing his abilities in life- saving practice, Richard Hill applies CPR. 4-Lunch-time discussions boggle the minds of Kirk Anderton, Paul Carl- son, Chris Grant, Ralph Ponce de Leon, Ron, and Gene Mauzy. 5-The carefree smile of Jennifer Campbell brighten the days of many. MN --wk ...Q .--MNA. Sophomores Acosta, Mary Helen Addington, Michael Ader, Kelly Adkins, Steve Akins, Coleen Albertson, Carmaleta Albright, Todd Albright, Troy Amador, Nick Ambrosino, Toni Anderson, Mike Anderton, Rick Andrews, Paul Armenta, Monica Armijo, Arthur Arnold, Scott Atwood, Steve Aubuchon, Larry Bailey, Pat Balderrama, Anna Banks, Kim Bankson, Terry Barba, Emma Bargas, Evangeline Barney, Luanne Barr, Kim Bartel, Brent Bartlett, Ron z-Sf' l i J 'ECA Lori Retelny and Susan Stahl are surprisingly greeted by Toro mascot while little kids await anxiously to shake Toro's hand. . 4. A rv- -. -, f t ,. , s -.f f Q, Nr 1 I w- f fi," - S YM . ,' K . 1 g K Q 'S - , fi I .fyg .gt A I-"-4' -Hive'-2 "f it 3 1' i gl' -T2 X 'X 106 xx, Ytslfxxb QQW Yi Bates, Susan Bates, Tammy Beadle, Jim Bean, Orville Beckley, Dennis Beckstead, Kelly Bell, John Bell, Robert Belnap, Scott Bendore, Leanna Benson, Kim Bentz, Kelly Bertt, Greg Berge, Charlene Biddulph, Teresa Bider, Chris Bierly, Marie Bingham, David Bisbee, Kari Black, Jeff Blackhurst, Suzy Blahak, Philip Blakesley, Carol Blakesley, James Blokker, Tim Boheneck, Lynne Bolar, Stacey Bolin, Kim Bomar, Billy Bouchard, Greg Bowman, Leslie Boyle, Joe Boyster, David Brackenburg, Eddie Brahm, David emon I3 f' o m,Toros and ou K pg is lrfrewer, C ' 2. tkwifl , Xilillitilmi-l Q IJITQGS 1 5 ' ' fl-218' 'slafmeq Oli This sign, displayed at the Maryvale football game, exhibits how the Fremont Jr. High backs Toros along with the rest of east Mesa Community. 107 Brandner, Steve Brenn, Patricia Brewer, Camille Bribiescas, Tina Brimhall, Doug Brocat, Brenda Brown, Gary Brown, June Brown, Rhonda Brown, Susan Brunner, Cynthia Bryan, Robert Bryant, Mike Buchler, Mike Buckley, Stephanie Budai, Julie Bustfield, Audrey Butler, Nina Butler, Norman Calbom, Marilyn Calderone, Dianne Caldwell, Sharon Calvari, James Camp, Allyn Campbell, Cyd Campbell, Dennis Campomenosi, Deann Carmichael, Donald Carmichel, Jennifer Carney, Diane Carpenter, David I Carson, Coquette Carter, Jim Case, Brendan Case, Sharon Castillo, Andy B 'li iw .mg 4, ,-,, l..,Q ggi. S' ' 5 N-fs ,, .,..N. ,.., :rx Q S ag vs C .N .. It . I fl -1' ,Q ,,f.ff , -s,,,,,,,5w" , x A , P CH - R XX A 5 - fs? t 'sr vxxg squ- FQYX x V.: nl XXX1 as 108 Jumping from behind a tree is ..,Sophomore Lani Webb practicing proper flashing techniques. Q-.4 fc, gs ff: l Castillo, Sylvia Cavolaski, Tammy Cervantes, Mike Chaboody, Theresa Chaira, Tony Chaney, Margaret Chapman, Myrna 'X Childs, Robert Christen, Roger Christensen, Sonya wwf Cline, Lorella X ,, Cline, Tambra N H Cochenour, Wendy Cockerham, Mark A '-.J Colby, Carrie Coleman, John Collier, Denise Collinis, Patricia Connelly, John Coppinger, Jim Coppo, Joe Cornia, Gary Coston, Lexie Courter, Randy Coury, Tony Cox, Maxwell f ,. Crabtree, Gina Cronk, Jennifer Croslin, Dolores Culp, Richard Curl, Larry Curley, Kevin Currie, Bruce , 1' I as K Daly, Karen X- r iii! ' T ' Davis, Arm Sitting on the bench and checking out the girls was a favorite part-time job for many sophomores. Donny Watkins keeps in practice. 109 Deal, George Decker, Carl Decker, Mary Jane Deeringwater, John Degroff, Ken Dejno, Scott Delk, Mary Delorenzo, Loretta Delporte, Ed Demarbiex, Jim Derka, David De Rosa, Terri DeRoy, Terri Dickenson, Tracy Dickerson, Stan Diehl, George Dillon, Denise Dingman, Demaris Disbrow, Maggie Domenick, Dedra Dotson, Elizabeth Dowd, Carol Downs, Mark Driscoll, Kathy Drozd, Ed Dubrul, Debbie Duhaime, Dean Dumont, Michelle Dupree, Beth Duranti, Jim Durney, Edith Dyches, Kathy Eaker, Teresa Ebert, Theresa Eckert, David Edison, Mike 1 - W Q!! X E v . 1 Al r Q, FS rag, Cindy Walker and Scott Belnap, performing a skit for the sopho- J' - J ' more elections, shake to their theme song. 'Wil 5 X ' .J ll 'ax 2, f' ,Nw 3235 . 4 "1 ,-lsqw 110 xl,i"A x X :Elf 4 x yr .J K ,Www Ever since Nursury school sophomores have always found time to take an afternoon z Fiti Q i f t , nap, here David Leslie takes daily snooze. A 352 S 111 Edmiston, Wendy Edwards, Beth Edwards, Scott Elkins, Kathy Ellington, Mary Elliott, Bill Embury, Linda Emery, Donna Enfield, Rick Engelking, Faron England, Robert Enright, Ray Eornia, Gary Evans, Ray Evenson, Jeanne Fate, Brian Faysak, George Ferreira, Lina Fett, Tracey Fischer, Lynnette Fitspatrick, James Flake, Jim Florian, Dale Flowers, Sandy Foarde, James Forbes, Julie Fornwalt, Rhonda Fortner, Rita Foster, Mike Foulk, Sandra Fox, Roy Franklin, Darrell Frazier, Connie Frazier, Holly Freemole, Joni Frias, Theresa Frick, Bill Froncek, Francis Frost, Bill Frye, Julie Garcia, Andy Garcia, Maria Gardner, Kelli Gardner, Mark Garduno, Frances Garn, Brad Garnier, Valerie Garrison, Jodi Garver, Evelyn Gay, John Gebbia, Pauley Gebo, Nancy Geisheimer, Kathleen Giampa, Jeff Gianguzzo, John Glauser, Marci Glenn, Russ Glover, Troy Godwin, Pam Golden, Debbie Golightly, Susan Gomez, Angelica Gomez, Gloria K we-5 .Lia L , F vias. X ,,' , f'Q"'.4 Carrying her honors lightly, golfter Kim Bolin smiles in delight at being selected M.V.P. 1- ij?- YI 9 ,V C 4" - ! ' K W Flashing the sign of Toro Pride after a r victorious game is Bernie Valdez. -fu. flkrr ,A xg, so if 17 i K if J L, L-fl aaa, ,-. " , ,fa 7 kia:fi ii, T :gl .. ' V v :fi A,' Q . , Ff- :'11fffgi'5ii1-,f-If ' ,',i,afl5 lf'f"':,f N my V 'St T ,Vi 6 vs, ' 1 Y vf'X. 'W iam Practicing their "sophie" stication, Dawn West forces Rhonda Brown to smile for the camera. 113 Gonzales, Maxcine Gonzalez, Adele Gonzalez, Adrienne Goodman, Shaw Gordon, Jeff Gorman, Maxine Gray, Theresa Green, Lisa Green, Paul Grey, Little Griffin, Rob Guest, Thomas Gunderson, Quincy Gurtler, Karl Gutierrez, Rosa Guzman, Veronica Hackworth, Steve Hale, Elizabeth Hale, Rebecca Hall, Brent Hall, Shirley Han, Wendy Handgis, Matthew Hansen, Timo Hanson, Christopher Hardin, Dana Harrell, Shari Harris, Lisa Harsh, Connie Hartung, Gregg Harvey, Greg Haslip, Amy Hasslacher, Sally Hatfield, Diana Haymaker, Steve Headrick, Nathan Heap, Miriam Heater, Susan Heckman, Glenn Hedberg, Mike Hedgpeth, Tim Heil, Emmaly Heintz, Kris Helmick, Greg xl is , , 3 "xl Hemberger, Donna Henkel, Robin Henn, Krista Henry, Roger Henry, Sharon Herd, Julie Herderick, Glenn Hernandez, Maryna Hero, Dawn Heta, Ronald Hewitt, Cheryl Hewson, Rick Hey, Dani Hibben, Sandra Hicks, Kevin Hill, Jack Hill, Robert Hill, Terry Hillger, Kimberly Hinckley, Randy Hinds, Mike Hoffman, Bruce Hoffman, Dee Hoffman, Mark Hoffman, Vonnie Hoffman, Wayne Holifield, Debbie Hossack, Dianne Hubler, Dan Hudlin, Jana Hull, Chris Hurier, Debra Sitting down and relaxing, Marsha O'Dell thinks about her busy sched ule. vw ...p J 1 i , ' 1 Y , I fc, , , 2. .I 'I'I4 I . 'K I ff. 'iv i 5 ... ' ' Q., re Float Committee takes a refreshment break. 15,2- 1 ,-.4 ' X. I i"'f'-J i it , With only a little bit left to finish, Cindy McFarland rests and contemplates the beautiful Sophie float. 115 That's hard to believe," Paula O'Dell says as the Soph- ia sk is fi ' Hurtner, Lori Hutchinson, Anne Imrich, Mark Inkel, Duwayne Irwin, Tracy Jackson, Jenny Jackson, Kenny Jacobs, Betty Jaehnig, Ellen James, Jessica Jauregui, Alfred Johnson, Alan Johnsom, Ann Johnson, Anna Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Greg Johnson, Keith Johnston, Paul Jones, Aaron Jones, Sherri Joseph, Shon Kabage, Larry Kaiser, Darla Kalt, Ron Karry, Dura Kasprzyk, Anthony Kegerreis, Shellie Keilholtz, Kim Keith, Bernice Keller, Judy Kelsey, Ted Kempton, Kena Kent, Lisa Kephart, Cathi Kernagis, Chris Kescoli, Marcella Kidwell, Penny Kime, Eddy King, Daniel King, Doug King, Pat King, Todd Kirch, Cathy Kirkpatrick, Kathy Kitchens, Tania Klapper, Mike Kleinman, Lynda Klingensmith, Jill Kluck, Tanya Knapp, Brian Kolhepp, Jody Kotula, Ed Kramer, Steve Kuchan, Jim Kudrzycki, Jan Kueber, Christine Kunasek, Andy Kurus, Peter Lafler, Linda LaFortune, Shane Laine, Bill Lambert, Sheri Lambright, Greg Landrith, Laura Larsen, Debbie Larson, Clark Larson, Debbie Larson, Gary sf ,,, c 4 .L x, ,ar Just like a big sister Jennifer Jackson is giving Mark Tucker a little advice for his own good. l 1-0 ..... Q-.4 - f , X . 116 f Ah fix g ji' 2 A N 's e als if :f t,,., - Q ' If 5 ,nn A Looking for his homework in an organized folder A i Frank Montijo has no difficulty. Af X- N fx Nimbo stratus clouds, signs of fair weather, shade the Mountain View campus. ,l ' 117 Lawrence, Doug Leach, Sherry League, Troy Ledger, Scott Lee, Kerry Leek, Lisa Leffler, Darla Lerdall, Mark Leslie, David Levine, Seth Lintner, Eldon Lloyd, Eric Lock, Gary Lofgran, Carol Lopez, Joanne Lundblom, Craig Lunt, Annette Lyman, Lori Lyon, Grant Madden, Sherri Maggs, Ricky Major, Tonna Majors, Kirk Maldin, Duane Markham, David Marley, Brenda Marsh, Allen Marsh, Kelly Marshall, Trudi Martin, Lisa Maritn, Roger Martinez, Monica Martinez, Patricia Martinez, Raymond Mason, Danny Master, Steve Mathers, Sherrie Matteo, Flo Matthews, Cris Mauzy, Eddy Mayhew, Laurie Maxwell, Victor McArdle, Paul McCain, Karen McCarter, Bridget McCormack, Ross McCormick, Cindy McCracken, Carol McCraw, John McDaniel, Gene McDaniel, Karen McDaniel, Sheila McDermatt, Casey McFarland, Cindy McFarland, Michelli Mclnnes, Kim McKnight, Richard McMillan, Robert McNulty, Mike McQullen, Chuck Mehan, Debbie Melcher, Vince Memitt, Patrick Mendoza, Frank Meredith, Gary Marrill, Frank 'W 'H A ref .g 'iti rggwlx X ' is C' E f ff Tina Briebiescas points out "familiar sights" to her friend Carol Dowd. xx X .I s l I' As Jodi Kolhep knows, sometimes ear ly morning classes are a big choice. !,f -it 118 Tween-class society basks in autumn sun. i ,fe lbtfx ff' v. , Q2 5 N J, ln , 'A J it ,J , X xy Mark Lerdall ambles to a casual football practice. 119 Merrill, Kathy Middleton, John Miller, Jim Millett, Sherii'-'L--"' Mills, Mike Misura, Cindy Mitchell, Georgia Mitchell, Jay Mitich, Milan Mize, Linda Moffat, Roger Montijo, Frank Moon, Todd Moore, Michelle Morales, Greg Morris, Julie Morrow, Dolores Morrow, Randy Morstain, Kent Mortensen, Kathie Mucha, Lori Mullins, Byron Mullins, Jeanie Mumford, Kim Myers, Jack Myers, Tammy Navarrette, Santos Neiman, Tracy Nelson, Cyndee Nelson, Dean Nelson, Lynn Nelson, Roberta Nicholson, Mary Nickell, James Nicolls, Eric Nims, Craig Noderer, Martha Noe, Liz Norris, Vincent Norton, Twila O'Dell, Paula Oelke, Becky Ogilvie, John Oldham, Sherri Oliver, Joann Olsen, Darrin O'Malley, David Orcutt, Syndee Ortega, Marcelino Osborne, Liz Osife, James Osife, John Ostendorf, Larry Ott, Matt 1 if gg S, , .. f' ' V git ,135 1 1 fi ' 51:-. . ' 15' .' 1-ZW. Late night, last-minute changes in the Sophomore Homecoming float discourages as fellow "sophies" give comforting advice. 1" l V A 120 ...A-. 1 K ' X l T lnitiation teaches a cheerleader she must indicate by her dress the distinction accorded to the honor. 'fi ,-fe, 1 iff? Y 121 l 1' I sf 'f l -s 2 , P N . -Wt . S h., g I nil," ., . , .t , Overly, Mike Owens, Dewayne Painter, Paul Palazzetti, Bob Palmer, Rodney Palamino, Christine Papineau, Dana Paris, Jack Parker, Kathy Pasquali, Robert Passarella, Frank Pauly, Mitch Paynter , Paige Pearce, Judy Pena, Lydia Pena, Olga Pennington, Bev Peters, Julie Peterson, Mitch Phillips, Judy Pickens, Liz Pickett, Jolene Pierson, Eddie Pineda, Moses Plunkett, Jay Pollard, Tammy Ponce de Leon, Richard Porter, Brett Porter, David Potter , Mark Potter, Tamra Prather, Steve Pruess, Tod Puebla, Cathy Purdom, Susan Randall, Brian Randall, Tina Rangel, Sheryl Raptis, Shelly Rathburn, Rene Ray, Don Ra Jenise Redon o Alaine Redondo, Tami Reeves, Felechia Renoll, Kim Retelny, Lori Rhoades, Albert Rice, Ilene Richards, David Richardson, Arlin Richardson, Bryan Richison, Michelle Riley, Roger Ritchie, Kevin Rivas, Marina Robedeau, Paul Roberti, Mariann Robertson, Steve Rojas, Ambrose Root, Hope Rose, Scott Rowan, Patricia Rowe, Nichole Rowley, Sheila Rowman, Lori Rubio, Hector Russell, Mark Ryan, Charles Sacramento, Karl Salus, Gerry Salza, Theresa Samaniego, Lori Sansenbach, Jim Santacruz, John Savastano, Paula Schenk, William Schipper, Leslie Schisle'r, Johanna Schmitz, Mike Schneider, Susanne . 1, ' , . W , M Q-r ff ' 91 U N Vit i t lv ' i L., ,f 1 f 1 ' ,ff Can she get the car tonight? Conspmng over the phone Beth Edwards, Kenna Kempton and Michelle Turley make plans 122 iusg 3,a.fQ mtl- ,.,1. , .Q,,, as k"i ft S is I 5, 'xl 'm f 4 I tx 'Hb WK' 41 N J S a 'I Xi , If was s 'i if Friday afternoon before the game, Five minutes before school ends, is Toro Time to charge forth. J' K , 4 4 .. nl' , r' r if , ' Q 1-wt J 5 ,gain Xvll up-v S lx- ...D f X if-2 Schrage, Jim Schuh, Art Schultz, Tom Searle, Robert Senn, Kevin Setty, David Shaw, Susie Sheffield, Doug Sheldon, Richard Sherling, Marci Shields, Jim Shope, Lynn Shopteese, Mary Siewers, Lisa Silvestri, Lisa Simms, Doug Simonovic, Zoron Simpson, Danielle Slade, Darin Slade, James Slaven, Waylyn Smigel, Chris Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Aleta Kevin Leanne Mike Randy Roxanne Smith, Tina Solano, Maria Somody, Stacy Soto, George Sprouse, Julie Staddon, Saundie Stahl, Janis Stahl, Susan , Stapley, Renee Starks, Tina Starner, Tom Steinhoff, Dan Stephens, Laura Stirling, Philip Stone, Marshall Stone, Sue Stout, Jim Stover, Aaron Stubbs, Mike Sullivan, David Sumpter, Renee Swanson, Tracy Sweeney, Laurie Swiatkowski, Paul Tanner, Danny Tanner, Denise Tanner, Vickie Taylor, Barb Teasley, Monty Teter, Gil Thiel, Christine Thomas, Robert Thompson, Neil Tidwell, Tina Tinkham, Cindy Toffelmire, Brenda Torres, Thomas Trejo, Terri Tucker, Frank Tucker, Mark Tucker, Todd lf, 5 Q QM 1 A 'f fl'- KL.. , .X I sir, S T "' , ' 'ia f '- i U" :fs 1 . ' H ' iw, 'TN 'Lx ,, ff 1 ,.,,, 5 " 'W A-TX ' 4 Underclassmen munch on lunch to grow strong Toros. 124 f ' Good friends are forever. Shelly Raptis joins companions, Buckley, Shiela Rowley, and Cindy Walker before school. , , QE iygrlt, X Stephanie - x ,gas R r V 5 ff, ' " ,fylg J., , , ?,ff t, yy 1. 'I A . ' I 125 Turley, Connie Turley, Garth Turley, Michelle Turley, Tom Turner, Pam Umpleby, Greg Upton, Robbie Valdez, Bernie Vale, Richard Valenzuela, John VanDamme, Denise Vanherpen, Johanna VanNorman, Kevin VanParys, Jeff Vargas, Evelia Vargas, Lorraine Vaughan, Ron Vaughn, Patrick Veloz, Catalina Randy Vensor, Becky Vujicic, Angela Wade, Janel Wade, Pam Wager, Sherri Wagner, Peter Walker, Cindy Walker, Lisa Ward, Vicki Warwick, Julia Warwick, Kevin Watkins, Donny Watkins, Jennifer Watkins, Lisa Watson, Lyman Weatherwalks, Mike Webb, Barbara Webb, Lani Wiesenberger, Sheryl Welch, Cindy Wells, Vic Wende, Loretta Wende, Tony Werner, Becky Wesolowski, Joe West, Dawn West, Gary Westbrook, Rhonda Whalen, Margie Whitewater, Vicky Weigert, Jerry Wilder, Paula Willcutt, Lori Williams, Dana Williams Williams, Williams, Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Dave David Gail Gordon Holly John Kevin Kimberly fu-A: v Q 'AIR U' - .11 g .. Leading the uprising of student spirit, John Middleton, Dana Papineau and Cheri Zolinger march the hall prior to another big game. l Q K t YT? G ill' -X ,- If :Ti . 126 .YQ UW ws UN ' 4 Love, as Marci Glauser knows, is playing the Mountain View Fight Song on her clarinet. -1 4 -as Striding across the library study area, Twila Norton seizes the day. 127 Wilkes, Marisa Wilson, Jamie Wilson, Julie Wingler, Teresa Winters, Shelly Wix, Tanya Woods, Dave Workinger, Laura Workman, Tami Wozniak, Bob Wright, Lori Wyckoff, Steve Wygle, Kim Wynn, Tom Young, Lisa Young, Sylvia Youtsey, Darren Zamora, Debbie Zollinger, Suzy Zuniga, Sheri 1-Distributing important data, Patrick Po- meroy stops to confer with Dennis Lambson. 2-The theme of Lynn Sharp's service is re- flected in quote from United Nations Chil- dren's Campaign. 3-George N. Smith an- nounces inscription before presenting award to Lynn Sharp. 4-Board member Darl An- derson welcomes community representative prior to formal board session. 5-In the shad- ow of an exit sign, Lynn Sharp receives the good wishes of Dr. Smith, Ruth Bachman, and Mrs. Sharp. 6-Lynn Sharp delivers his farewell address to board members and col- leagues. 7-George N. Smith, Superinten- dent, 8-William Lovett, Assistant Superin- tendent lbusinessl, 9-Dell Chamberlaing As- sistant Superintendent leducationl, 1O-Rich- ard Kilbourneg Assistant Superintendent leducationl, 11-Jim Zaharis, Associate Su- perintendent leducationl, 12-Darl Anderson, President, 13-John Crandall, member, 14- Dennis Lambsong Clerk, 15-Donna Greeng Member, 16-Marion Peterson member. La Vista honors dedicated sharp The staff of LaVista would like to honor and give special recognition to a retired board member, Mr. Lynn H. Sharp, for his services on the Mesa Board of Educa- tion and to the community at large over fourteen years. When Lynn Sharp was first elected in 1965 there were only fourteen schools in Mesa. By 1975, the school population had grown to twelve thousand students and today, Mesa accomodates thirty-three thousand scholars in forty-three schools. Mr. Sharp has been involved in the construction of twenty-nine of these schools. On January 9, 1979, Lynn Sharp delivered his fare- well address to board members and colleagues in the first meeting of the new year in the district board room. He said that the selecting of a superintendent was the big- gest decision he faced and that . . . "it was the greatest, hardest, and most far-reaching decision we had to make." It was this choice that brought Dr. George N. Smith to the superintendency in 1968. Mr. Sharp said, "The most rewarding thing about being a board member is to see students achieve through special programs," He added that the building of Moun- tain View was especially rewarding because he had been responsible for finding the ground it was finally built upon, and he enjoyed being a part of its development. In concluding his farewell address to the board, Mr. Sharp cited the motto of the U.N. Children's Campaign that he felt should remain foremost with the new board: "A child's life is fragile, and if he is to have a tomorrow, his needs must be met today." As the beat goes on, it is men such as Mr. Sharp that make America's tomorrows possible. The yearbook staff of Mountain View and the entire community of Mesa extends its thanks to a good man, Lynn H. Sharp. l 129 1. Cl' 1' 1-The smile on Mr. Curlett's face reflects his Toro pride. 2-The administrative heads discuss coming events. 3-Mr. Charles oversees his secretary as she looks for important papers. 4-While Ms. Marsom looks for a clock at registration, her picture is snapped. 5-Mr. Charles tries to find a student's schedule in his organized files. 6-Dr. Barrett gets his facts straight. 7-Dr. Brad Barrett, athletics di- rectorg 9-James Curlett, Principalg 10- Dale Charles, academics director. N...., p L ! .DJ Nl"'f'B ,UH l 2 2 Thick workload lessened The heavy administrative workload was lessened some- what this year by the addition of a fourth supervisor, Ms. Jean Marsom. Recognized throughout the school for her enthusiasm, Ms. Marsom says she is most happy "when working with the kids". She coordinated all student ac- tivities and some special faculty projects this year and com- 4' af...--""1 tix... l A pletes the school administrative complement of four supervi- sors. 130 3 3-Mn., " . I ,WW with new addition iff 'ir f H lvibikrlifkiv - - ,W FSC 1, if --1 1' ' -17 QQ .rn S. sk. 1' : 4 -my ,ff,'f:m,,ff ., I V fflgggf 1, , ,, If 'af .4-f wx""1 Nw... if-if? i4: F-cg: 131 New counselors get in step and Joln the beat The counseling department ex- panded this year with the addition of four new faces and one new Place. Joining last year's counsel- ors were Bill Stock, Dan Griego, Judy Wood, and Katherine Cahill. The Place, where students re- ceive information and help about careers and colleges from a com- puter as well as jobs available was run by Ms. Cahill. in b HQ-R l , . , ,avr ,.x, :Q rv--' l I' ig--Sl"l1-Mm' 1.-Lending a sympathetic ear to a troubled student, Mrs. Taylor offers cheerful advice. 2.-Caught by surprise while checking over a student's schedule is Mrs. Miller. 3.-Mr. Griego reads through the new school rules set by the Board of Education. 4.-"Mountain View Attendance, may I help you 5.- Mrs. Ortlund keeps her eyes on students as they phrase announcements. 6.- Miss Cahill uses her handy computer to find information on a student's future career. 7.-Carla West, Attendance Clerk. 8.- Susan Taylor, Attendance Clerk. 9.- Sandy Campbell, Registrar. 10.-Donna Ortlund, Principal Sec- retary. 11.-Arlene Kivett, Assistant Principal Secretary. 12.- Bill Stock, Counselor. 13.-Dan Griego, Counselor. 14.-Marga- ret Miller, Counselor. 15.-Cathy Cahill, Career Center Techni- cian. 16.-Francelle Johnson, Attendance Clerk. 17.-Carolyn Jenkins, Counselors Secretary. 18.-Mary Lou Galindo, Assis- tant Principal Secretary. 19.-John Thomas, Counselor. 20.- Joe Diaz, Counselor. rbb 1-pw. I WCTLV' mf Stimulating corollaries of the '4beat": media 1-Betty Northey chats during lunch with Brad Smith, Grant Frazier, Bruce Sutton, John Graves and Clark Lee. 2-Ann Fagan enjoys a good laugh with Lisha Newman and Liz Wright. 3Martha Ellentuck 4-Ann Fagan, Librarian, 5-Mar- tha Ellentuck, Audio Visual Instructorg 6-Betty Northey, Media Center Clerk, 7-Paul Cline, Bookstore Manager, 8- -38: In 1: f ' W -. -1 - . Elena Sandoval, Bookstore assistantg 9-Michelle Onacki, Nurse, fixes up Tom Starner. d " , , ,t,,,,,...,,t mmmmmt .N Mmm rx K mv- --" ' Whwiaxubmk . .. .W ggrk ,msg- center, health office, and bookstore The Media Center, consisting of the Audio Visual Department and Library, is a centrally located and heavily used area. This year the Media Center ad- ded approximately six hundred more books and spent close to six- teen hundred dollars on magazines which are all for the student's use. Also, the Library has "showcases" in which they displayed the arts, crafts, and the finished products of the students' workshop classes. The Bookstore is like a "little supply depot." Here, downstairs in the southeast corner of the school, supplies such as paper, pens, pencils, etc. . .are sold. The versatile nurse's office, supplied and professionally staffed, is designed to provide emergency care for the ill or in- jured. Michelle Onacki, the school nurse, also provides informative and educational lectures on spe- cial health-related topics. HQ human Iwi. 1- Girls gather in the empty patio area before school to catch up on what's happening. 2- Conference time in the cafeteria-Kenny Jackson, James Fitzpatrick, David Wil- liams and Kirk Majors get together for a quick lunch. 3- Communications is security, Vernon "Lucky" Baldwin is in constant contact with police and campus security personnel. 4- Once a Marine always a Marine, Chuck Johnson recites the history of the founding of the Marine Corps during birthday celebration for the Corps. 5- Cafeteria Staffg Left to Rightg Cara Manning, Marie Crandell, Fran Schultz, Claudet Barry, Nell Brown, Bet- ty Green, Amma Muniz, John McGee, Mary Guerrero, Dianne Rischmueler, Stella Chiara, Frances Wallen, De- lia McDermott, Bernice Susan Mate, Mavis Aaker. 6- Security Guards to Right, Chuck John- son, Vernon "Lucky" Bonnie Stone. H ff-A Y f Y 5 Support Personnel Serve And Secure Being able to communicate with young peo- ple in such a way that mutual respect and cooperation are assured, is the main technique that a security guard needs. Despite the role of maintaining order and counteracting breaches of discipline such as ditching, smoking, vandal- ism, and fights, spokesman Vernon "Lucky" Baldwin said the guards prefer to be regarded as father figures or big brothers to the students and that their objective is to make the school a better place to be. Not too many people realize the long hours put into cooking and preparing cafeteria food. For example, a normal day begins at the snack bar at 7:00 AM and extends through fourth and fifth lunches each day. With over 2100 students in the school, potential food waste must be avoided while anticipating wide de- mand as well. iz 5 Q,- w requirement The math department requires every student to accomplish at least one math credit during his three year career at Mountain View. While any one of the depart- ment's offerings will satisfy this requisite, the goal of Mr. Wayne Slade and the math faculty is to involve as many of the two thou- sand students on campus as possi- ble. Mr. Slade added, "We have some of the finest math students in . f if CP Gi 1- Mr. Slade explains angle and degree to his geometry class. 2- Vance Ewald re- ceives personal tutoring from Mrs. Cain during first semester. 3- Clarifying the intricacies of Trigonometry, Mr. Gau- treau emphasizes the need to apply basic principles. 4- Collecting algebra papers, Mr. Lax reminds Robert Palazetti to com- plete all problems. 5- Gordon Anderson, ACC Geometry, Math Anyl. 6- Mel Rudd, Algebra l 8a Il, Geometry. 7- Wayne Slade, Geometry, Algebra ll Trig., Geom- etry, Calculas. 8- Sandra Frei, Math Re- view, Geometry. 9- Jay Scott, Geometry, Algebra Il, Math Anyl. 10- Wayne Gau- treau, Algebra I, Algebra II, Trig, Compu- tor Math. 11- Chuck Riclen, Consumor Math, Basic Math, Algebra Il. 12- Ron Lax, Algebra I, Geometry. 13- Nancy Cain, Geometry, Algebra II, Math Anyl. 14- Nan Cusic, Geometry, Algebra II, the state here at Mountain Math Anyl. E TH'- lining English department set high standards Under the leadership of Mr. David Bacon, the English De- partment set high standards for their students. Their chief goal was to establish sophomores in the fundamentals of grammar through Prin. of English I, and to sophisticate writing skills in the junior year through Prin. of English ll. Additionally, ad- vanced coursework and inde- pendant study were offered. if We . in ,Qc 1-The noun's the thing .. or the person ,. or the place, as Mrs. Raupp delightfully explains to sophies in Principles of English 1. 2-Mr. Anderson explains to Gene McDaniel the emphasis that correct German pronunciation requires. 3- Grinding out the grammar, Scott Butzke shows the form that made him an award-winning writer for Mtn. View. 4- Expressing the intensity of Shakespeare's romantic "Ro- meo and Juliet," Mrs. Myers indicates the fire of Juliet's maid. 5-Listening to a teenager is the most effective com- munication as Mrs. Doris Carlson indicates. 6-Spanish grammar is easy to grasp through Mr. Karchner's instruc- tion. 7-John McGee, Principles of English l, Paperback Literature, College Prep Writing, Yearbook Advisor. 8- Norine Thornhill, Literary Explorations, American Heri- tage, Grammar review. 9-Sandra Bouley, American History Literature, Principles of English I 8a II. 10-Gordon Ander- son, Geman I 8: II. 11-Cheryl Nelson, Literary Explorations, Principles of English II. 12-Joe Felix, Spanish I. 13-Becki Kimbrough, Principles of English I 8a II, Paperback Litera- ture. 14-Chris Rilling, Children's Literature, Principles of English II. 15-Gail Raupp, Principles of English I, Grammar Review, College Prep Writing. 16-Doris Carlson, Literary Explorations, Principles of English I. g. -gk., W, 1 . ' ,. nb I 'i"1.w,l- .-QV t -4- ',yj"f'3l Friar? as gift? -wb- . ' L .1., ns' 'gm .r , 1 .uw 1- -tg : 1 r :wx ,A fn. rg ,, , . ...... .E ,--', , .4-. ' 1 ' ' ' --4 -, f 'l, 9' s--, ., ,, . +L risk 141 I f 1, fs...-f-, -, ,,,r, ' so ' tk. .2 K is Qs - S .. K Q 1 L YQ..-cu. K ... -...av-Q.. I 1 pf . 4 li -,,, -- -..L 1 I A 1--...,,,, 4 ,.. ax I X Xitfv' 4-'rr fin, x, 4' lx , .. 5,14 . ff! -S ,,-"3--M f"' ' .af Language, As the international political situation becomes more and more intense, the study of for- eign language has become more critical to the American student. Since Mexican oil will become more critical to the North American economic communi- ty, Spanish language skill has higher priority. In addition, Ger- man and French also will be critical in U.S. European com- mon market dealings. 4 'U A 51' ,4u., I -ig. i X economic key -. pl -A 1- Mrs. Myers encourages her English students to emphasize concrete im- ages in description. 2- Sometimes new ideas come out of the air, but writing essays is concentrated work for Kim Wygle. 3- Ms. Middleton gets her head together while counseling a writing stu- dent. 4- A telephone grows out of Mr. McGee's ear when deadlines have to be met. 5- Spanish pronounciation is emphasized by Mr. Felix as he listens to language recitation. 6- Mrs. Nel- son's enthusiasm for the Pep Club easily extends to counceling Greg Um- pleby in Eng. class. 7- Nancy Beck, LeMoyne Rapier, Mrs. Rilling, and Rhonda West delight in a selection from Children's Lit. 8- Mike Jackson, Science Fiction, Principles of English I 8z II, 9-Dick Saggio, Critical Writing, Principles of English II, Science Fic- tion, Mass Communications. 10- Tina Myers, C-P Writing, Principles of Eng- lish I 8: II, Literary Explorations. 11- Amy Hull, French. 12- Esther Middle- ton, Fundamentals of English, Princi- ples of English II, Literary Explora- tions, English and careers. 13- David Bacon, Principles of English I, Cre- ative Writing, Paper Back Lit., 14- Debbie Morton, Newspaper Advisor, Journalism II, Principles of English I Sz II, Paper Back Lit. 15- Rey Karchner, Conversational Spanish, Spanish I, II 8: III. 16- Mike Elliot, A-P English, Mass Communications, Literary Ex- plorations, Gifted English. Zia, V4 -je F ,Mai M: 641155544-wr 5 l I' ,Qi Qi., .Zaye 4, A 0 gf ww Q . ff 3 W ,,,. , , M 45, , , ,, 4 V. nf! ,n .wg ', , '-ng, an 25 it V- . b M ' ff xl Ns:- f if 'd AJ 'W-nn.. ...Ag aw -on 'I44 Science builds a better understanding 1-Dick Hawkins explains the finer points of Biology to his class. 2-Gene Hearst aids Joni Worsley with her Chemistry homework. 3-Tom Atkins demonstrates experimental results while Lynne Throckmorton and Craig LaFortune listen attentively. 4-Gene Hearst, Chemistry, 5-Shirley Meade, Biologyg 6-Dick Hawkins, Biology, 7- Michael Hitt, Physicsg 8-Al Jaeckel, Geology, Marine Science, Astronomyg 9-Tom Atkins, Biology I-ll, 10-Dawn Lemcke, Biology: 11-Michael Hynes, . O Chemistry, Physics. any +W- "The purpose of the Science Department is to help students to understand how their natural envi- ronment works", said Tom Atkins, department chairperson. Numerous and varied science courses are taught, ranging from first year Biology to the more ad- vanced courses of Chemistry and Physics. A fieldtrip to the University of New Mexico was planned for those students who did individual study-research programs. Sophis- ticated materials and workshops expanded the curriculum in the ba- sic courses. , 3 53 1- ' . ' A' . W if N' ' i f. 'VT , A. 3 5 5 4 ff' .- r ' ,J :vLj'.'?5i34iff' i -i . 5" 'Egg ,G .i 1 L. - x K I ' .f V gi f 4 t l efffg' 1' ', t , 'Z' ' . N '- Q ' r-dw Qfvii "" . - K., ., - 4. at-nl., Imam mn ,aa MJ' Curriculum expands to meet progress f 1 lip l . 1-While enjoying special tutoring Lori Santro happily learns from Mr. Haddad. 2-Joe Pico explains puzzling question asked by a Psychio- logy student. 3-B.J. Sauls, Human Relationsg Sociology, Government, D.M. 4-Collecting Free Enterprise tests, Mr. Haggerson anticipates a long night of grading papers. 5-Louis Dodez, Free Enterprise. 6-Ken Haddad, Government C.E. 7-Curt Brown, American Dream. 8-Alan Moore, Free Enterprise, American History. 9- Herb Hillman, Government C.E., Wars and Presidents. 10-Wayne Vala, American History. 11-Joe Pico, Psychology, American History, Political Parties. 12-Marie Pinto, Government. 13-John Kliener, Govt.-Futurism, A.H. Read- ings. 46 As our new high school has progressed, the curricular has expanded as well. The social studies department has kept up with the expansion by improv- ing the quality of course offere- ings through book selection and course planning while anticipat- ing broader needs of an ever- changing social society. fi ,vii A8 3, , ji 'f , . r 1 Q 2-' if we ' xr L LEE!! sw ,4 .fe xx Q , Q11 W. "TQ, Lis gg! 4, 'hte sie v sw 1 . 3, M.. , '52 Q f S I ,, . ,. -- Q ' lf 1, ' QLTWVN .f- '-,,,. ana-ummm gli' ,,, gtk, J L 'YR' 'V Wx -Wi! 2 -.V The PAAC s goal IS to help students The main goal for the Personal- ity Attitude and Adjustment class has been to write a program that is most helpful for students who are adjusting to regular classes. In PAAC, small group instruction, one-to-one tutoring, and improv- ing self-concept values are of- fered. TW 11 al 1-Coach Wheeler predicts season. 2-Sandy McCormick and Jean Shields taking a break. 3-"It's a nice change" basketball coach Dennis Pipes. 4-Steve Shill and Pat Lee get some good ol' tips from coach Shill. 5-The winning form gets the winning smile of coach Jack Snow. 6-Having a "good time" Coach Jean Shields enjoys a brisk autumn workout. 7-Coach Peachie Armenta caught in a wind storm. 8-What is so rare as a frozen toro? Mrs. Wilson tries to keep 'em movin' on a cold De- cember afternoon. 9-Barbra Wilson, Rec.P.E., Act P.E., Track. 10-Jerry Wheeler, Wt. Training, Wrestling. 11-Norman Shill, Beg. P.E., Adv. P.E., Baseball. 12-Jean Shiels, Act. P.E., Archery. 13-Peachy Armenta, Track. 14-Dennis Pipes, Beg. P.E., Adv. P.E., Basketball. 15-Ruthann Arredondo, Adv. Dance, Rec. P.E. 16-Jack Snow Adv. P.E., Wt. Training, Track. IW " A .,.i,41,i4-' A . . .51 3,-f gf. 0 A , . A... if 'g, g it ' r 150 x Xi ' ??X1,QQ. To bu1ld bodies both beautiful, bouyant "Get those knees high, touch those toes, come on people work!" If that sounds like some- thing you may have heard in phys- ical ed, from your coach, take heart. Our coaches here at Moun- tain View are really working us hard to keep our busy little bods in shape, our cardiopulmonary mus- cles pumping and our breathing apporatus clear. As a planned pro- gram of physical development, all team sports, Weightlifting, arch- ery, swimming, aerobic dance, ra- quetball, tennis, and speedaway. X 5. ': v , . - s , i i . , , XTX' Q r Z. i Showmen prepare for the great beat Student tutors were an exten- sion to the reading dept. this year. They were asked to help students who were having difficulties in their classes. These tutors, usually strong scholars themselves, are al- ble to spend time with there col- leagues when teachers are not available. In addition, the tutors drill the reader with teacher-pre- pared materials to insure high in- structional quality. Elsewhere, in drama, a new in- structor, Mrs. Nadeau, opened up the season with a three one act play project utilizing many actors and techniques. ssfi Q 1 52 In 1. A ...Ex . V.,,, M6 ,MMDD -ai.. ' l he if-fi 5 1-Hillary Combs smiles for a photographer while helping a student. 2-Karen Uhls delights Ms. Hogan with the secret of Walter Mitty. 3-Joe Lloyd, Band Director. 4-Mrs. Nadeau instructs stagecrew member Roberta Nelson, on how to work the lights for upcoming plays. 5-Sophomores prepare to re- spond to Mrs. Baker's choral leadership in "Las Mariposas". 6-Loren Thompson emphasizes the importance of being ear- nest in school work. 7-Guitar lessons can be fun when Mr. Perry leads the group. 8-Strumming the proper chords, Mr. Rader entertains Craig DePriest. 9-Loren Thompson, Read- ing.. 10-Joyce Hogan, Reading. 11-Hillary Combs, Reading. 12-Dorothy Nadeau, Drama, Stagecrew. 13-Lisa Baker, Choir Instructor. 14-Dae Pewrry, Choir, Guitar Instructor. ' ur- ,1 ,151-:lv 4 ,,,,, I x X. ,,.,-f--+-Q 1 '5"'ln. '21 . "m ,X we 29' vi it .. ,wiv ' 1' 3 is s 'A Q 1 1-Using the sander seems to be an enjoyable chore for Robert Pasquali. 2-Working to perfect his project is Paul Robedeau. 3-One of Greg Benham's finest products is his drawings. 4-Pottery is also an art course offered for talented students like Greg Harvey. 5-Examining photo- graphs Carol Panaro tells student about balance in photo. 6-Analyzing perspective John Simon and instructor, Burdell Moody appreciate John's drawings. 7-Louis Kish, Welding Il, Auto Mech. l-ll, 8-John Ellis, Auto Mech. II, 9-Frank Hudson, DO iDistributive Occupationsl, Elec- tronics I-lI, 10-Jim Richardson, Metals, Woods Il, 11-Reed Robinson, Woods I-Il, Cabinet Mkg., 12-Ken Brackneyg Drafting, Arch. Drafting, 13-Tom Guest, Visual Arts Design, 14-Carol Panarog Photography, 15- Bill Cummins, Visual Arts Design, 16-Burdell Moody, Visual Arts De- sign. i V ' V ,'K'A, " 5 ,,,. , V A V AQLL V I V Wigy EAL ak' A W! .N i 1 "' 'Qs-,rf 1 A, ,W R, fx 12' 45' Q -4 5 q '1 ,fx T 5 Q if ' Y x Y if pf . N x 9 ' Z si Ref , 5. ,N Aw I X , M X f , 1, 1-.N 1 K , x 4., rt,Q A: il. 2 NX. . S v 4' d' 4 .,,4. Y, ,Q , W A.,. Q V ' -W .Q-Af 1.153 I .-. N . -- K f if" 3 , M , Lx I. "'!?nnau 5 -nun., 1 . fa' F g,v1z1'E'5l Home Ec business teach manag I-lousework is despised by many, but it is a main ingredient of a strong and happy family. Stu- dents of the Home Economics pro- gram practice ll phases of cooking and home management. Teaching students saleable skills that once they are out of school, will help them earn a living, is a prime objective of Mountain View's Vocational Education De- partment. "Although the students usually find particular techniques difficult," Mrs. Kish says, "once adjusted, they do fine." if .. T. it c fi., , - ,avi .tsl ES: f .. 1 Sz 1.5 1.-NU it f' el Qgz 7 , W 7, , ,fn ,Y ,, -as - - -t it gp g ...':.g-i--535535-as-3 - li- T vii'--JLXQNIJS5. 15 X at X 5. , 'S will U4 Q SKY, ..-Q...s-W...-...J-.-..5.grs Q . .N 5. M-'-it 1- Amid the activity of a busy office atmosphere, business teacher Dave Lindstrom takes time to explain procedures to a student. 2- Keeping those pots and pans rattling, Pam Hull helps students organize a demonstration meal in Home Economics. 3- Students prepare for Home Economics workshop utilizing kitchen equip- ment under direction of Amy Hull. 4- Typing is the backbone of the business office, Sylvia Castaneda prepares herself as an efficient typist. 5- Mr. Bufford tries to immitate his number one idol, "Cookie Monster". 6-John Chesley, Typing, 7- Ed Bufford, Business Law, Distributive Education. 8- Jae Dee Hendrickson, Office Practice, Advanced Shorthand. 9- Corrine Miller, Typing. 10- Gayle Richards, Advanced Foods, Human Relations, Region- al Foods, House lnterior. 11- Pam Hull, Food and Hospitality, House Interior Design, Single Survival. 12- Lora Mclntire, Cloth- ing, Child Guidance, Needlecraft. 13- Dave Lindstrom, Business Core. 14- Carol Kish, Shorthand, Intermediate Advanced Typing, Office Machines. ' ' 'Q ' 'I 5 I' A ',,, ., Q, P y, .., ,A K .1 V90 S A. A--lf i?'k'!"4s 2535 'f W A-VH wbfif 'r:.1., 'Ji 2-if-4E.!v 'J ,az .ff, mf' T .ff 1' 4 iq' if A9 Q' ge N.,,,.f ! X Q. fir Q i A-, 1 H Farming Traffic Safety - key objectives Traffic Safety is aimed at the development of the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for performing as a competent vehicle operator and highway user. In Agriculture the basic knowl- edge and skills of animal and plant production are taught. This class gives students a better understand- ing and appreciation of the care of animals and plants. .F tl'g .A 1 .., 1-A demonstration barnyard gives FFA students all the sensory experiences a farmer has to recognize. E,I,E,l,O. . .2- FFA and its activities are a very impor- tant part of Agriculture. 3-Students take notes as Michael Olsen explains the ba- sics of Ag. 4-Michael Olseng Vocational Ag., 5-Dennis Fischusg Vocational Ag., 6- Coaching is another of Jim Brady's strong points as he appears here with Kent Le- Suer and Brian Frazier. 7-Films play a very important part in the teaching of Drivers Ed. 8. Dr. McCormick watches as Richard Griffin grades one of the many tests given by Driver's Ed. 9-Dr. Reed McCormickg Driver Instructor, 10-Jim Bradyg Driver Instructor, 11-Richard Grif- fing Driver Instructor, 12-Suzanne Rob- ertsg Driver Instructor. 'wi ,im , ' . I V 1. V.. 2 V - ff if? A 'QW ' H" ' AL ' :X QQ? A I if-lj' - .3 ..... Y.. .. ff -L 0' .51 m":.-darn T 1 goes on with Sports ren arte 1 54' A i ef NRS- Cindy '13 Gail Peters x, 5 5 1 f x , Xiu, 5 3 N rx. D ' 33 'i A V 'v N " I 3 N-ff' 1 X. N ,. ,. - X f 'Q fy p 1' A - A ' . 4 A I w X, , QR fi , A A ' '7 '141"" A f 4 k , I, M, ,ga 'UN had the type of season that mad the school beam with pride. O the road or at home the Toro. showed they knew how to pla and win. The team had man This year's varsity football team e n G 9 9 strong points but dominant was their togetherness. "Never before g h h ," h e a l have I felt so close to a team eac and every player meant as muc to me and to each other Coac Parker said. Although Coach Park er was recognized throughout th state and nominated for Arizon "Coach of the Year," in typica assistants Joe Pico and Nor Shill calling them Marvelou coaches In achieving the impos sible dream of a championship i their first season in the league, th Toros exhibited the indispensabl fashion, he gave full credit to his . , . m . Y . ., S n e e ingredient to human accomplish- ment, dedication, determination, devotion . . . love. This is o N. lb A X' Yo D . V 'Ita 1-Congratulations were abundant at Toro Banquet as Greg Kuna- sek receives a hand shake from the coaches. 2-Principal James Curlett exercises his fine Irish oratory at the State Championship Banquet. 3-Bursting through to start another game are captains Tim Holmes and John Boyster. 4-"Steppin' Out" is halfback Rodney Brewer on his way down the sidelines. 5-Brad Pico makes a last attempt at his opponent. 6-Coaches digest victory . . . again. f ,F K A 4- f N 8 2.6 j. V x Y zjx- . . ,, 4 Qi Q. 0 . dv 'X ' Lsihf' ., f .4 , M 1 .W - , .A 2 K V 74 b :. G ' g 1' . 4 -, -mt 1 my "ws ' , A . . . ly -fa fx F, if' fs! LQ? ug . , n MQ W we . M f . -4 ,, t:.,,,s.4..-.- R 1- , 1 .3-sf, to the impossible dream. A championship team relies on VARSITY FOOTBALL no one person for excellence, but 134 two members who stood out as MTV MARYVALE superior among the Mountain 'iEcgiN'X UMON View Toros were Rodney Brewer MTV sCoTTsDAi.E and Keith Miller. Rodney electri- MTV MARCUS DENZA , , , , MTV CHANDLER fied fans time and again with MTV MCQUNTOCK break-away runs, the most as- MTV CORONADO , , k H MTV koFA tounding, a 95 yard kic o return MTV WESTWOOD with seconds remaining to upset PL YOFFS . . . . A McClintock. In like fashion, Keith Miller rescued the victory in des- MTV League Playoffs iMEsAi - - MTV 1 T -D' " 1 TMARYVALQ Pefaie S'fUaf'0nS fePeafedlV my 5Zlfi'fF1ZiSiBRapHvi throughout the season. MTV snare Finals isAouARoi 1-Reaching beyond the opponent's grasp, Robbie Renteria concentrates the ball into his own hands and a huge gain. 2-Fired up, proud with power, the Mountain View champions rally prior to the season's final victory. 3-Like the miracle Toros, Todd Shell reaches for the stars and grasps the prize. 4-David Luders surveys the battlefield and scoots to a quick gain. 5-Coach Parker cuddles his Toro at a pep assembly. 6-Top row: Don Bryson, Sterling Weight, Robbie Renteria, Rod Hamberg, Rick Couch, Todd Shell, Kurt Augustine, Duane Van Norman, Stuart Taylor. Second row: David Ereth, Jeff Senn, Nick Nichol, Dana Kaiser, Bryan Frazier, Brent Garrett, George Coleman, Mark Lucht, Matt Fronzek, Nick Raptis. Third row: Coach Joe Pico, Tim Holmes, David Luders, Steve Shill, Coach Jesse Oarker, Brad Pico, Mike Lucht, Tim Castillo, Coach Norm Shill. Fourth row: Greg Kunasek, John Crum, Rick Carpenter, John Boyster, Richard Skousen, Steve Schoen, Randi Germaine, Keith Miller. Bottom row: Julian Arellano, Darren Washington, Dale Skidmore, Ladell Call, Kevin Bennett, John Stout, Rodney Brewer, Tim Campbell, Gregg Weber. 163 1-Quarterback Mike Kelly stings the opponents with his aerial attack. 2-Coach Kleiner clarifies final instruction for Jeff Tom- lin at the Maryvale game. 3-Even under intense pressure, fullback Duane Clouse never-the-less holds on to the ball. 4- Gary Joplin drags down another runner as the Toro defense prevails again. 5-Jim Cosgrove seeks a crack in the armor of the opponents defense. 6-Top row, Chuck Gaetjens, Tracy Gardner, Jerry Armenta, Mike Kelly, Duane Clouse, Jim Cos- grove, Syd Arment, Gary Joplin. First row, Anthony Kaspr- zyk, Scott Adams, Greg Ross, Ray Moreland, Jeff Martin, Eric Burton, Roger Hansen, Jeff Tomlin. Second row, Steve Ker- nagis, Mike Crawford, Clyde Allred, Scott Henn, Rick Allen, Steve Holt, David Damron, Tom Watters. Third row, Coach Jim Richardson, Harold Rogers, Rudy Arellano, Jerry Coppo, Zoran Simmonovie, Kevin Dana, Chris Hale, Mike McNulty, Coach Kent Kleiner. Bottom row, Todd Verch manager, Rick Enfield, Ken Turley, David Jacobo, Jerry Wade, Dan Shreeve, Joe Knutson, Jim Snyder, Steve Buckley. 4 164 V- L. to-. , , A . 'if img, 1' , , ll. t ,,, .M . ., as i Q +0 A-" N as WN JUNIOR FOOTBALL 8-1 MVT Won WESTWOOD FORFEIT MVT 21 CHANDLER 6 MVT 19 MESA 6 MVT 47 WESTWOOD, J. 0 MVT 13 CORONA del SOL, V, 28 MVT 22 MARCOS de NIZA, J.V. 6 MVT 14 CHANDLER, JV. 0 MVT 26 CASA GRANDE, J.V. 0 MVT 49 ARCADIA, J.V. 14 Junior football team rushes to victory This year's junior football team put on quite a showing. Juniors coached by John Kleiner and John Richardson led the way to a fantastic 8-1 record. Their only loss was to a varsity team. Leading the offen- sive charge was full-back Duane Clouse who completed 1,000 yards plus, rushing. Gary Joplin contributed with 2 safties, and an interception for a touch- down. When asked about the team and their season, Coach Kleiner replied, "Super! They did everything that was asked of them." The talented junior play- ers will provide great potential for next season, and the varsity coaches are looking forward to having these skilled juniors move up to the varsity team. Junior Varsity scrambles their way The junior varsity football team, was led to a successful season by coach Wheeler, assisted by coach Brady. Coach Wheeler added that they show great potential for future Mountain View teams. He also added that the spirit and enthusiasm they dis- played contributed to the team's suc- cess. This has been proven throughout the year by the improvement they have made as individuals. When the season ended, Brett Porter, John Co- leman, Jimmy Duranti, Bill Frost, Mike Edison, Mike Bryant, and Kevin Van- Norman were promoted to the varsity team. With 5 wins and 4 losses, is an encouraging promise to the toro tradi- tion. flffy il tr rs A fi liwfpl-LeQ, X. gf i 2 XLLV it 1-Toros show their power by strength and teamwork. 2-The defensive line rushes to smash warriors. 3-Mike Edi- son attempts a victory charge. 4-Top Row, Doug Sims, Mike Bryant, Frank Froncek, Brian Fate, Mark Brown, Bob Searle, Bill Frost, John Ogilvie. Second Row, Greg Berft, Eric Nicolls, Rocky Calveri, John Derringwater, DeWayne Owens, Mark Lerdall, Quin- cy Gunderson, Kevin Slade, Dean Du- haime. Third Row, Rod Palmer, Jim Duranti, Mike Edison, Fred Juaregui, Coach Wheeler, Ray Evans, Steve Robertson, John Coleman, Brett Por- ter, Charlie Ryan, Kevin Senn, Ross McCormick, Charles Carter, Dan West, Kevin VanNorman, Don Ray. Fourth Row, Allen Marsh, Coach Brady, Vic Wells. Bottom Row, Rich- ard Carpenter, Jim Demarbiex, Jay Guest, Greg Morales, Andrew Castillo, Frank Passerella. 5-Toro startles op- ponent as the defense destroys the best laid plans of the opponent. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 6-4 MTV 20 MARYVALE 0 MTV 31 PHOENIX UNION 0 MTV 6 MESA 20 MTV 26 SCOTTSDALE 6 MTV 19 MARCOS DENIZA 6 MTV 19 CHANDLER 0 MTV 0 MCCLINTOCK 13 MTV 21 CORONADO 6 MTV 0 CHANDLER 14 MTV 7 WESTWOOD 17 Tanned bodies and toned legs kicked their way to a 1978-79's swimming team fin- ished up their season with a 4-3 record. This was a direct result of many hard hours of practice at Poston pool. The coaches said that they recruited many excellent prospects for next year. "I am very optimistic for next year be- cause we had a great number of juniors and sophomores on both the swimming and diving teams", Mrs. McCormick said. Mrs. Sandy McCormick is the swimming coach and Mrs. Barbara Wilson is the div- ing coach for all three high schools in Mesa. GIRLS SWIMMING 4-3 MTV 124 GILBERT 44 MTV 100 SCOTTSDALE 72 MTV 77 MESA 95 MTV 47 WESTWOOD 125 MTV 45 ARCADIA 127 MTV 96 CASA GRANDE 55 MTV 92 MCCLINTOCK 68 6' 3 X ., X nr,,,,,,,.,,5,,,,,,1fr,,,a. H., ..-,.,,,, 1, N..,,,.., 4 ,f.,, 1 -f. ., ,. , . 1-Swimming her way to victory, Lorrie Driscoll churns up the water. 2-Kelly Gardner shows the grace of a swan as she completes a full gainer. 3-Swimming team, top row, Lorrie Driscoll, Patti Pearce, Katy Driscoll, Kathy Pollmiller, Cris McAlister. Johanna Van Herpen, Demaris Dingman, Cheryl Pollmiller, Janet Robertson, Coach Sandy McCormick, Sec- ond row, Carol Dowd, Jessica James, Krista Henn, Lori Ran- gel, Cindy McCormick, Lisa Smith, Sue King Cmanagerl, Bot- tom row, Molly Watson, Vicki Ward, Dani Simpson, Donna Sutton, Lorie Webb, Cindy King. 4-Caught in mid-air, Kim Banks prepares to complete her back flip. 5-Diving team, Top row, Cheryl Rangel, Bobette Hebdon, Lisa Davis, Bottom row, Anna Johnson, Gail Noel, Sherri Hewitt, Kelly Gardner, Kim Banks, Tina Tidwell, Tina Bribiescas, and Gina Everlith. , r K -9 9- I A! Badminton raises a racquet to victory The badminton team, enthusias- tic and spirited, had tough compe- tition this season but, with the help of Coach Shields and Coach Noff- singer who inspired the girls to vic- tory, the team pulled through. Liz Wright and Lisa Reed went to divi- sionals and played doubles along with Jodi Beert and Marcie Beert. Leigh Ann Cambell, Patricia Sharp, and Pam Gassvvint com- peted in divisional singles with Pam taking seventh spot. ,if Src? GIRLS BADMINTON 3-7 MTV 2 MESA MTV 0 CHAPARRAL MTV 1 TEMPE MTV 8 SAGUARO MTV 6 MCCLINTOCK MTV 1 CHANDLER MTV O CORONADO MTV 2 SCOTTSDALE MTV 9 DE NIZA MTV 1 WESTWOOD ? 1 5 :it n,-sl-'ll mf i' 170 I nb...-...,,aa.. F2 x ' ,, 'iifisfllit ,fi-iff 1 I ,- --sig!-f' f f- ff- ..,. K:-wfagw 1-Chalk up another point for the Toros as Sue Carter returns the serve. 2-Serving an underhand blow with much style and grace is Jackie Ilnicky. 3-After a tough match Diane Lomeli turns in the correct score. 4-Delivering a brutal overhand smash is Lisa Reed. 5-Badminton team, top row, Terri Heck- man, Marci Beert, Cindie Ritchie, Jodi Beert, Pam Gasswint, Coach Noffsinger, second row, Lizzie Wright, Rhonda Halsey, Sherry Matheson, Trisha Sharp, Dianna Lomeli, bottom row, Leigh Ann Campbell, Lisa Reed, Jackie Ilnicky, Keri Ferencz. Zia. fzweifnw Wt? f . 5 sawawt 1-Heather Gosney and Kim Fowler congradulate each other. 2-Gail Peters launches a rocket serve. 3-Opposition attempts to block Cindy Blankenship's spike. 4-Lynn Sanofsky sets it up for a powerful spike. 5-Top row, Barbara Gimmy, Heather Gosney, Kim Fowler, LuAnn Campbell, Sandi Germaine. Bot- tom row, Lynn Sanofsky, Gail Peters, and Cindy Blankenship. 6-Heather Gosney undercuts the ball with precision and form. 7-Lynn Sanofsky follows through with speed and intensity. KRS- tray 3 Num -W - ia-WN 'Www-..,, -N.. J- E Enthusiastic spikers smash f if 'f-Q, 2:11 ,f?2f5'f-:m21f"f1 ,iw l 1 , 5 V we ,,. ----5 --M. . .1 gig : opposition This year's varsity volleyball team was extremely dedicated, in putting in many hours of tor- turous practice. 'Although Coach Debbie Farren was disap- pointed in terms of win-loss re- cord, she feels tremendous pro- gress was made in skill level. There were, however, many bright spots and brightest among them was that two play- ers were named to the Tribune All-City Team, senior, Sandi Germaine and junior, Gail Pe- ters. Coach Farren is very opti- mistic about next season, and her chief goal is to improve team records and qualify for di- visional playoffs, by building around experience and strong team work and dedication. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 4-8 1, MTWMESA 15-10, 13-15, 13-15 x MTVXYUMA 15-7, 4-15, 10-15 MTWCHAPARRAI. 15-9, 12-15, 7-15 srsi f :f-? , , MTVXTEMPE 157- 15-11 ,,s MTVXSAGUARO 12-15, 16-18 a 1 f b e MTVXMCCLINTOCK 15-9, 15-4 1 MTVfCHANDLER 2-15, 8-15 5 , Q ' . MTVXCORONADO 16441 4515- 4-15 t'i MTvfscoTTsDALE 15-10, 15-5 tiis f MTVXMARCOS 15-5, 15-9 173 MTV XWESTWOOD 11-15, 15-10, 4-15 32,211 s---l 1 "fl'A' if Bumps, blocks, bruises b nish all doubts Toro pride has shown the way again. This year's junior varsity volleyball team proved their qual- ity with a 9-3 seasonal record. Al- though rough spots occurred dur- ing practice, the girls somehow al- ways managed to pull it together in the end. Coach Mike Hynes was pleased with the amount of spirit and dedication that was demon- strated. 1-Top row, Kris Woods, Nancy Gebo, Shelley Raptis, Debbie Mehan. Bottom row, Robyn David, Sheila Rowley, Shar- on Henry, Camille Brewer, Ilene Rice. 2- Girls huddle together for a pep talk fol- lowed by a familiar chant. 3-Spirited Toro gives 10096. 4-Recovering opposition's spike with an excellent block is Kris Woods. 5-The ref eyes the situation as Camille Brewer slices the ball across the far side of the court. i v id 'I 7 ,Q 73' 5 7 1 A ,X P 8, , Y SH 9- V: - - A V. K xl ' X S 7 XR xx' X ' J.V. VOLLEYBALL 9-3 MTVXMESA 5-15, 15-17 MTVfYUMA 15-3, 15-12 MTVXCHAPARRAL 12-15, 15-7, 15-8 MTVXTEMPE 15-4, '15-13 MTVXSAGUARO 9-15, 15-13, 13-15 MTVXMCCLINTOCK 7-15, 16-14, 15-2 MTVXCHANDLER 15-13, 15-7 MTVXCORONADO 5-15, 8-15 MTVXSCOTTSDALE 15-7, 9-15, 15-6 MTVXKOFA 15-13, 15-12 MTVXMARCOS 15-5, 15-5 MTV! WESTWOOD 15-13, 15-9 Twisting their way to success, the Toro's Varsity wrestling team showed they had the mak- ings of winners. The grappling squad did a job on the mats and carried themselves to an 8 and 3 overall meet record, while adding a victory in the Chap- paral Tournament. The teams success can be attributed to hard work on the wrestlers part, and a great job of coaching by Richard Griffin. "We won many matches due to our superior conditioning," says coach Grif- fin. The Toro's practice consist- ed of lots of running and plenty of warming up, and that's what it takes to beat the heat. An example of this is Tim Castillo, who took 3rd place at state. Wrestlers twist to success 176 i l i I' .'i '4'l U ,,......, x QQ 4 1 .4 1-Head to head and posturing for a take- down, a unknown wrestler grips his oppo- nent aggressively. 2-David Tucker makes preparation to "slam" his opponent. 3- Looking up in anticipation, Tim Castillo waits for his instructions. 4-Tumbling to the mat is part of the fun of wrestling. 5- Top row: Coach Wheeler, Steve Hack- worth, Scott Davidson, Brent Garrett, David Tucker, Brad Pico, Todd Verch, and Coach Griffin. 2nd row: David Hack- worth, Gary Joplin, Mike McNulty, Jerry Armenta, Tim Castillo, George Coleman, Dale Skidmore, Bottom row: Jim McGrath, Jim Valdez, Mike Pena, David Derka, Jeff Ziebell, Jesse Valdez and Carl Brown. 6-This is the bearhig-wrestling style! 7-Scrambling for riding time, Tim Castillo escapes from his problem. 177 MTV 50 MTV 35 MTV 54 MTV 41 MTV 41 MTV 18 MTV 36 MTV 49 MTV 43 MTV 21 MTV 20 MOUNTAIN VIEW 8-3 CHAPPARALL WESTWOOD SCOTTSDALE KOFA YUMA MCCLINTOCK CORONADO CASA GRANDE MARCOS MESA CHANDLER fs . .ff X F Q 3 X, 'Z 1: 3:5 f ' f' ev 1" k Q. Z H ' '1 A X Q , ,W -'W X' A 1 ' '.AAZ 'Z" 'K'5w"q"?iN""W'Qs1bv-fans-S-QQHN xv X Q Ita: . ., Z K ,. .x -Q !'N Q a X 'E I - N N nf- -' 'G ' ' .....k if N ' ' . ,M c ,wif I ' .--. :L2xw21efn,uxf: A 1 Q Jl . 1 1-Adding the final "touch" an uniden- tified Toro wrestler finishes off his op- ponent. 2-Top row: Coach Wheeler, Mike Cervantes, Andy Castillo, Dean Morris, Lance Larson, Karl Kasprzyk, Brian Fate, James Foarde, Robert McKay, Tom Hedges, Craig Nims, John Coleman, Todd Verch, and Coach Griffin. 2nd Row: Quincy Gun- derson, Joe Loriemto, Darren Utcie, Richard Hale, Ladell Call, Scott Ad- ams, Tom Wynn, Sean Higdon, John McCraw, and Mark Lerdall. 3rd row: David Hoopes, Randy DeMoss, Craig Vanderbeck, Moses Pineda, Jim De- marbiax, and Gary Locke. Bottom row: Greg Morales. Bret Addingtom, and Raymond Martinez. 3-Ladell Call prepares to face his next problem. 4- Another Toro wrestlers applies the pressure. 5-The excitement is cli- maxed as the referee announces the winner. ff i J" X ie MOUNTAIN VIEW 10-2 MTV 51 CHAPPARAL MTV 43 WESTWOOD MTV 60 SCOTTSDALE MTV 67 YUMA MTV 37 KOFA MTV 23 MCCLINTOCK MTV 60 CORONADO MTV 54 CASA GRANDE MTV 66 MARCOS MTV 20 MESA MTV 36 CHANDLER MTV 51 GILBERT W., Z fri, L53-f . gf'-'fi 'rw QT ,-A f C A 6 .A-veils-an-mw..n:-ww MwbmxbfQ"v 4' v.4 I, f ' "z::w-- , iii f ' --31:4wT:i'5'f5ww' ' ' A , i gg, ,i 7 P it " f 'ag' 1 M-,NO 1 fp- ,Q f ,. K , .Vi I J , , A A Cross Country team tramples opponents fig Although disappointed by a me- diocre Cross Country record this year, Coach Mike Jackson sees en- couraging potential for next year and flet that the development of personnel this year was a point of pride. Such standouts as Bruce Sutton who, for the third straight year, won the Most Valuable Run- ner Trophy, and Nimrod Thomas who is a returner next year, gave excellent service. Despite the ear- ly loss of four starters, the Moun- tain View Toros tasted the sweet fruits of victory. CROSS COUNTRY 3-11 MTV 37 WESTWOOD 22 MTV 67 TEMPE 23 MTV 67 CASA GRANDE 31 MTV 44 MARCOS 17 MTV 44 SCOTTSDA LE 20 MTV 55 WESTWOOD 30 MTV 55 KOFA 39 MTV 23 YUMA 32 MTV 38 MESA 20 MTV 33 YUMA 65 MTV 33 CHANDLER 28 MTV 23 SAGUARO 34 1 W"""" S at 1-Intense drive at practice, conditions runners to tip-top shape. 2-Expressions of anguish and pain prove Toro's deter- mination. 3-Bruce Sutton pours it on to victory. 4-Top row, Coach Jackson, Gina Prevatte, Cory Phillips, Dave Kuejner, John Osife, Paul Smith, Roger Christen, Richard Hale, Nimrod Thomas, Mike Hinds, Bruce Currie, Kevin Kaldahl, Audrey Busfield. Bottom row, Pete Blahak, Steve Payson, Ron Crane, Moses Pineda, Andy Kanasek, Bruce Sutton, David McCor- mick, and Phil Blahak, 5-With the canal as a guide, runners defeat opposition. 6-John Osife tastes victory. iff wk W . ,is ' Q, Q- - 1 :. " ' , 1 4 Q ' f ,R S if R ii - ' N F vs2x.. AY M, by T' . Ax 1 W.:-c-I M Competition was Val Winkle was selected as Varsity Softball's outstanding female player and Miriam Heap improved the most by vote of the team. In addition, Florence Brinton was distinguished as the greatest source of team inspira- tion. Despite a lop-sided win-loss record, the girl's competition was intense and many of the games, particularly a slug-fest with Kofa, and a tight loss to Westwood, were exciting and action packed. Linda Koker, coach of the team expressed en- thusiasm for the spirited effort of her girl's this year. 'F 3 f i Q 4 .v T 5' MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV MTV is intense SOFTBALL 2-14 TEMPE MESA ARCADIA KOFA CORONADO CORONADO CHANDLER CHANDLER MARCOS MARCOS SCOTTSDALE SCOTTSDALE WESTWOOD WESTWOOD MCCLINTOCK MCCLINTOCK 182 cr it A W w lx ir as i ., fini, IM gvg glyn x 51, viz fa. i .. . tzii-2423.15 all hllh-xiii ll x K, .1fiftrgxs.-viQK,1,'fQ'? X in X A .xt ktsxifv gre-ggi 13 it QW ls i f f.,j...i,'. 3.56.3 xy','.S1'5-YY'-I-i' .unix 'XA ' khm Y ,xii .in -Uv.x', .wwf-,X ' -'r-lxx i tflll' ' All ' i i -r if 3' it, if r-"'-Q ,W J2.'i'IL'f Ei 'H tilts L L Q ' ix 1 lk i 2 F at if A to X A '7 ' ,ax -I fl' 1-Anna Balderrama backs up Chris Hill as she awaits the tag at second. 2-Getting ready to sprint towards first, Sheri Kolossa follows through with her swing. 3-Keeping her eye on first, Wendy Stalec prepares to throw the girl out. 4-With her eye on the pitcher, Sheri Kolossa steals third base. 5-Third base- man awaits Lynn Sanofsky's arrival for the out. 6-Top row: Miriam Heap, Chris Hill, Stacey Major, Pam Gasswint, Val Winkle, Wendy Stalec, Terry Kovach, Kim Fowler, Ruth Lacy, Coach Linda Coker. Bottom row: Lori Webb, Anna Balder- rama, Robyn David, Lynn Sanofsky, Florence Brinton, Gina Everlith, and Cindy King. 7-Gina Everlith concentrates as she awaits the pitch. A 7. 'f'hNQ'i:l',:.L , f' swf f. ,2'yg'1' . if ' i Y, u . Mm , m ,S 'f- , ...uw - 1 MTV 17 MTV 1 MTV 13 MTV 19 MTV 11 MTV 15 MTV 9 MTV 15 MTV 5 MTV 7 MTV 12 MTV 16 MTV 20 MTV 7 MTV 2 MTV 12 MTV 9 -' ' 'f"f"'. -..,p,1,,.friw-tzegfzy ir, ,, Lkhr 4 grxxi 11. L is ,A'xitx.:a"i1Lg1'.H ...rig MOUNTAIN VIEW 8-9 TEMPE MESA ARCADIA KOFA KOSA CORONADO CORONADO CHANDLER CHANDLER DENIZA DENIZA SCOTTSDALE SCOTTSDALE WESTWOOD WESTWOOD MCCLINTOCK MCCLINTOCK .ff,w,H ,w . A , .lr g,1g.3.,1i3e,mfW,.,.." , A H 5,1 .1 . X ' 'H . ',.n':':2R11v,, -kv' ' ,-,f 25 f Lwrm, 12 11 16 24 10 9 10 11 11 8 n-In-In-4 QUXCAJND-IBOU1 'U co "1 "Fo o "1 3 no :s O co no :s Q. :s Fl' co :s 52. Pl' Kc: 3 no "1 9:- UD co no CD o :s Amy Hull, girl's softball coach was thrilled with the intensity and performance of her players this year. In fact, she felt that at sea- son's end the girls were "unbeat- ablef' When describing the final weeks of the season Mrs. Hull said, "our season was terrific. We had a spirited team that worked well together and by the end of the schedule, we were unbeatable. Next year we expect to achieve Mountain View's first winning sea- son in girl's sports." fmt 4-f A ' - I W at :ii sh 1-With precision, Gail Peters launches an underhand toss to first. 2-First baseman Karen Daly awaits the toss from the mound to squeeze out the runner. 3-Top row: Shelly Raptis, Ruth Brenner, Debbie Mehan, Laura Abele, Myrna Hernandez, Linda Abele, Karen Daly, Liz Krall, and Dianne Hossack. Bottom row: Darlene Fanton, Brenda Toffelmire, Maggie Dis- brow, Chris Bider, Sharon Henry, De- maris Dingman, Sara Basehore, Gail Pe- ters, and Kelly Wnorowski. 4-All eyes are on Laura Abele, as she prepares to attack the pitcher's curve. 5-Demaris Dingman bears down to the task at hand. 6-Like a cautious thief, Sharon Henry covets home plate. 7-With perfect form, Karen Daly prepares to uncork a long drive. 184 A. 1 'sa 4 A 'li f 3 . A an-na - 1 fi N'3"74'K!d nQgX "' .ma 1-Chuck Bahn delivers a pass to set up a score. 2-Barry Laird takes a jump shot over his defenders. 3-Amid tough opposi- tion, John Graves powers a shot through for two. 4-Laying it in after a fast break is Randy Richeson. 5-David Kemp, Randy Richeson, Kent Hatfield, Grant Frazier, Charles Sesate, Todd Rogers, Chuck Bahn, Brent Bartels, Barry Laird, John Graves, and Coach Dennis Pipes. 6-Disregarding the attempt at a block, Grant Frazier pops in a short jumper. 7-Guard Chuck Bahn overwhelms opponents to retrieve the rebound. mm A 'Y lv,-:W lv nf. 1 .... r f " , 4 ' his C 1 5, Cagers shoot their way to the f ff' if .fs ' The Mountain View cagers shot their way into the playoffs this year by coming through, winning in the clutch. After a scrambling comeback from their season loss against the Westwood Warriors, the determined Toros won four of their last six games. However, against Casa Grande, their gallant playoff effort came to an end, 53- 59. Overcoming some early season injuries and a few uneven perfor- mances, racking thirteen victories gave the team a winning season, playoff status, and an intensity of determination admired by all. MTV 60 MTV 61 MTV 53 MTV 67 Mtv 75 MTV 59 MTV 59 MTV 59 MTV 70 MTV 61 MTV 50 MTV 56 MTV 67 MTV 86 MTV 36 MTV 66 MTV 63 MTV 48 MTV 67 MTV 59 MTV 57 MTV 51 MTV 57 MTV 53 f""' playoffs MOUNTAIN VIEW 13-11 SAGUARO MESA CASA GRANDE SAGUARO TEMPE CHANDLER MARCOS TEMPE BROPHY SCOTTSDALE WESTWOOD CORONADO KOFA MCCLINTOCK MARCOS CHANDLER SCOTTSDALE WESTWOOD CORONADO MCCLINTOCK KOFA KOFA CORONADO CASA GRANDE 1 i ii" H :.1 1-Frank Merril puts up a shot to help in the final victory. 2-Brad Sullivan scans the court for a opening. 3-Richard Culp, Waylon Slaven, Jerry Wiegard, Anthony Kasprzyk, Grant Lyon, Robert Searle, Randy Rector, Jeff Black, Mark Gardner, Greg Berft, Frank Merril, Todd Tucker, Mark Potter, Coach Greg Session. Not pictured: John Crum, Rod Hamberg, and Todd Shell. 4-John Crum makes a clean sweep around the prronent. 5-Toros await the rebound. 6-Rod Hamberg hangs it high in order to break open the middle. 7-On the fast break Todd Shell goes high in the air for a lay up. Although varsity sports grabs the headlines for the wonderful success Mesa sports teams have experienced. it is a direct result of concentrated hard work by the ju- nior varsity coaches and players. An excellent example of this is the Mountain View basketball pro- gram during which hard condition- ing and practice led the team to a balanced record that developed outstanding candidates for the var- sity squad next year. Indicative of that potential was five victories in the last six games of the 1978- 1979 junior varsity season. From this sort of material many cham- pionship teams have been shaped. Concentrated work leads to success 1U.M5- QXRF Ii is 188 in V F D fa. 5 fy? if ..--.wyvm'w.mwfaswmmww?1 I f.M:ra:2fm-'WMWV I 'T f'A'5 " 2 X . ,.w-,-up-.gpgninfl '5 1 53 J , . .Y , 14 r pf' WH 5i9f5.. .'.'f.'.Z'. L 1 Q . ,f gr, fi:-,H C Smooth delivery, timed foot- work, and perfect balance are the objectives of Dave Passante as, in striding ballet, he practices bowl- ing at Apache Lanes. The team he helped organize named them- selves "Saturday Night Confu- sion" because they bowl on Satur- days. Presently, Dave is only car- rying an average of around 150 but as each match is completed his timing improves and more pins seem to tumble into the pit. D 9 Although "shooting the bull" is just a figure of speech for most peopleg to junior classman Cliff Buckels, marksman, it's his objec- tive. As a dedicated and accom- plished member of the Arizona State Rifle Team, Cliff is classified as a "sharpshooter" and has taken fourth place against national com- petition at the United States meet in Ohio where Cliff's best-rated categories were "standing" and "rapid fire". i Cliff Buckels is-dui.-w He goes to the desert every month and eats dust, but Tad Crowe loves the diet because rac- ing a motorcross bike keeps his attention from wandering. For five years, Tad has raced motorcross and though he prefers I-londas, he races a Yamaha at Beeline Raceway and on 100 mile desert races monthly in Mexico, Arizona, and California. When Tad leaves high school, he plans to enter na- tional competition. t lryfi 'x I ,Q 5 . PM , . xi. Mountain View is the home of many champions, and Doug Pe- ters has personally taken the lau- rels of victory quite often as a wa- terskiing athlete. Besides winning the famous Catalina Race, Doug has also been designated National Champion Water Skier on two se- perate occasions. Since Doug has been competing for 7 years, he has improved his speed and com- petitive ranking to the point where is now sponsered by the Mahera- jah ski manufacturer. Doug has also achieved status as regional high point Champion and has an opportunity to compete in Austra- lia. Diversified sports keep Toro's active Skimming over flawless ice or balancing on tip toes, Carmaleta Albertson has won six trophies and five metals in skate compe- tition throughout her young ca- reer. During hours of pursuing perfection at Oceanside Ice Arena, Carmelita has had dreams of participating in the Olympics and a professional ca- reer. Although her winter com- petition is limited to the local valley, when the spring and summer come, Carmaleta ex- tends her range: of competition, going into other nearby states to skate in national competition. 1-With a flick of the ankle, Jeff Schoen slips a steal from a less- agile opponent. 2-Mike Anderson gets a laugh out of coach Anderson's plans for him during the strategy session. 3-Under the close eye of coach Max Palomino Glenn Broughton makes a tackle. 4-Defensing an attackg Jeff Schoen, Glenn Broughton, Joe Coppo, Don Gerkin and Mitch McGee runs for position. 5-Top row: coach Armando Fuushinni, coach Gordon Anderson, Doug Lawrence, Val Fallstinni, Craig Lundblom, Dan Gee, Don Gerkin, Glenn Broughton, Mitch McGee, Jeff Schoen, Tim Beadle, Marc Lambirt, Joe Coppo, Greg Grenier. Bottom row: Zoran Simanovich, Mike Friel, Mike Tadic, Den- ny Spasojevich, Mark Luebke, Kent Millett. 6-Val Fallstinni keeps the ball under control during a fast paced game. ff -' ' V151 J., X? ltvfli, ' A if A i ,Me 'gf W , M 1 . " 1? 41,3 mauve-?"'l"'-1 .Juv-IW' 1, M I -.- w 'Mui 4' V ,..L.,. .4 .4 A 'fl 'VY ffm. 5 ffgagli' ,. fha ww, I 8"','5?5ifr,'5.'liX-. N . ?:A,,,f,.a35f,y5v.,,k W 1 .X-,-wav -at -,M-H, W X M-v.Pi:" . . .,, fs ps., ,A t"'w-.vue ' V , vs- . g-'Zi 1-. --11, r nr EfZfaP:3pr2',-.wt-?r5w?flf'2L1.2fg?rt.w 'Q ff-fJ",.""'l :'f'6llgZQfQ""H g"12a5135w. ., , J ' T'Sf?"'N.'33u,ff+ +R X '- 1 'T " if i 7 , wgfl .L gy -Akfw., w fa , . M, ns , ' 3 it .gy ,..,, ,Rauf V It 4 A wg, 'ky u 7, , My W , M in ,ir ,. 5.7 by PQ? v -f U x A 235,34-f1A,f ,Q I , ,. v ,GA-. 4, r .Mah ,MA -LY f V F.:-. -if 1" ' 9-'fx Www t wfwfvw '- Q -V . fe .me -:fr , . . . - , - Venn fr Y We ., Q5 . if 4 WWW V ' an 'Q l 5 5 1 5 5, 76f'g' 5,. ?-Q "V,, Q 5 gf ,f,! f ':'f 5-kg NK, .e 6 K is ,Q 4 . K, W A y 4 A Q ,, ,, ,. wif, ' ' wg .x l' gi W W W , -, +4 .4 , 2. V . '- A ,, A, 3 -' ,5:mf,- ,, . r 3,,.,i,l, K 8 zVVk,,w A 7 Vrky , , 'ii 7 ' ', . ew. , Q in g gii R g V, 'fr I A a z , fm -, '15, 1 5 f k .,, 1 W ,fm V., ' i V k ' 23' V '- "gi H . f W 'A --al ' 9 it-W A . , .' """"f'f om A yew?-2 ,, V . ' Lau I. :u -::.e,f?5, J ' . N vt,--K .A A .,, rainy .. V, f . , I ,4,A,..t. .,:g,,.4f,..,,,, ,, ,X , Q 11" . ' " fe. P2 ' :w3.?.5r I I , 5+ --V wi .1 :Ayr ,,, , 't , 5 W-,,, ,An-4, A ' 5 , X, 1,23-if . fi Q f J W' V53 . ,QV 'Af i r, .j izyyjth Wt A 4 X' , 'C :f',Q1fQ,,Qxf'f 'i T, 'Af' " l . 'A g 'i-3' ' s ..t,xx,w5gv,Ag-fr ay .. , 1, i A, I W. . ,free Freelance footmen up , At.. ,- Q X' ww- lt. ,. , M. I i .,', an-Q rg --R' INA. I , f, r K TRI CITY LEAGUE excel in City s competitive championships Participation by Mountain View students in the Tri-City League Championship went very well this season with 5 wins and 2 losses being posted by the team dominat- ed by Mountain View students. Al- though the team consisted of play- ers within the tri-city area, many students from Mountain View par- ticipated, and its coach is Mr. An- derson, a math and German teach- er at the school. The teams great- est strength was speed and the particular efforts of Matt Bell, who was an outstanding player. TC4 TC1 TC4 TC1 TCO TC7 TC1 TC1 TC1 TC1 6-3-1 PUSC Mesa Vikings Nat'l Celtics RL Cobras 2 Fortuna Pat Patriots Phx. Tornados Brophy Broncos WT Rockets Tellow Jackets 7-1 - .jk -x N. W3 MTV 279 MARCOS 304 MTV 304 MESA 334 MTV 275 WESTWOOD 372 MTV 272 CORONA DEL 343 MTV 286 MC CLINTOCK 223 MTV 302 MESA 346 MTV 226 SAGUARO 234 MTV 285 TEMPE 290 Y ff .., sf- NY -L Golf scores on the greens 1-Dana Williams drove the ball far down the fairway this season. 2-Mr. Diaz shows the skill of a professional. 3-Sherry Leach cranks up for a long clrive. 4-For Kim Bolin concentration on the greens makes a champion. 5-Laura Stephens demon- strates the "Steady Stephens Stroke." 6- Power swing has made Diane Hossack a par contender. 7-Top row: Laura Ste- phens, Paiti Townsend, Kim Bolin, Diane Hossack. Bottom row: Jill Vargo, Dana Williams, Sherry Leach, Coach Joe Diaz. 8-Laura Stephens shows style in her swing. w-...,... Although only in its first year of competition, the girls' golf team had a sensational season, accord- ing to coach, Joe Diaz. As their three major goals, the golfers wanted to work for a 60070 win recordg second, qualify for the state play-offsg and third establish a sound improvement project. 194 "1'fwf+ffi:.. .an- nuovfv 'A ww. L, M' 4 "' f-w.,4M.,. I at' Ai. C3 ' H V , gig. , , - a f , , Q- . iw '13 ' 514 ,Ll . 4' - , -V Y win J , , viwf.-2 ' , ...,.. .... - ,. W , -Y -Q -if Q 'Q , 'iifxjpgywm A l fb " 0 x ypwfggisu my V- ' 2 H I ' In ,V - I . A - K gm? 'Zn "' 'W ' ff? M as ' g..-W' -- 42"" " - . . A g fn. ,, . A V ff, 'FM , A- , ' 'f 3175, A .... ,. ,qw -. 'V'1f , , V .A ,A ', ,, I ' 1' I , , .fbi gi i wr I 1, 4: T -imp... :ig .np 'g-A-4, .A 1 23:5?:mzfP2i'2,1 ze-wif f ""ff",'fh7"' 'WTN f- CQ- ii T' LA' 4' V? M-"lZf'3e1b,'A'2f:-'-1'3w4?" "Ft "M ',q,5Lg-.4-'H 1 ,. if fy' . .11 Eff H- .,:fi'1,P"'-'M f ...V 1,yf1:.v,z+"'1iQ,':'Q',:rp1 Q 1. .- ,, fqe2ff.- H' - M .H ' 'A IW--1 4- . 'lf'- :grf . ' ','-' 4'5":f' , 1: A, '1.f.-'2w',4AX. - -V " 'avi ,m'kk yg,f,f2Z' Q2 X ' 'M A ' 1 ' 4 .-, 1rfA+v.v4fni'.1f" 4 1 'XA 'gnu -V 1 - . , if , 1 ,V H f Y-ff' f 5?'i,-f.3,.':- " .. . V . '11, igfTiff'Sf,l" 4'-'li' 1 , .4-' M:-gf5fg'.-ff. , . ' I . , . 'V 939 3 f Q' , ' ,J W , .,.5 X . .1 Q ,Q -,,' f'f',4fg,-,jgwl V JY 311152 V Q nv' Qs I -4 O O r up -4. .ffv -, f 'Q -f 0. 'u ss, Ak 1- ma, .vu A J Netmeng Bowman launch active season 1-Top row: Coach Hawkins, Grant Fra- zier, Joe Forster, Steve Bohn, Kurt Winkler, Jeff Crockett, Richard Skousen, Mike Skousen, Jim Macchiaroli, David Stahl. Bottom row: Jim Bloom, Mark Ler- dall, Glen Spencer, Steve Pratt, Jerry Sa- lus. 2-Jeff Crockett exhibits the striding ballet of tennis dynamics. 3-Intense con- centration and coiled power indicate Steve Bohn's desire to play well. 4-Prop- er hand and arm position are critical to good form as Grant Frazier demon- strates. 5-Archery, Top row: Lisa Larkin, Rhonda Halsey, Ruth Lacy, Sherri Ko- lossa, Pam Gasswint, Marci Beert, Tricia Sharp, Sylvia Castenada. Bottom row: Darna Williams, Sherry Leach, Olga Pena, Jacki llnicky, Dianna Lomeli, Dar- lene Fanton. 6-Tennis, Top row, Coach Hunsaker, Sherri Doorbar, Shani Door- bar, Patra Townsend, Leslie Potter, Dayna Skousen, Sandy Schmitt, Heather Gosney, Sandi Germaine. Bottom row: Kathy Roskell, Barbara Beyer, Cindy McCormick, and Angie Ing. Nor, may 701k DNN? Z M -LJQX! U ch, JUQULWL mtg , we wie. sag, 'Wet ' 6,11-Q 196 d"', P96 fl? - wg T , , ,. , , Ll 2' .Ns'w'...If?yv .wg ff f .I 43. Q , nu X , M w 1 Q ...r"" ,A ,, V . S- :Q .f--n, -..., 5 ,VL R A K I '45-Q-I fur fn :xx fiuuuwvw '.- ...-u--- 4. 1,1-4' 4 . . ...J Track sprintsg Swimmers plunge ahead 1-Top row: Coach Brady, Rod Holmes, Thomas Torris, Mike Levenda, Steve Messer, Paul Swiatkowski, Darwin Hen- kel, Jack Shanley, Eric Jones, Scott Henn. 2nd row: Jay Weight, Bruce Cur- rie, Scott Belnap, Anthony Kasprzyk, Ke- vin Senn, Chris Hull, Dave Kuehner, Ron Stapley, Bruce Sutton, Coach Mike Jack- son. 3rd row: John Middleton, Mike Edi- son, Mike Bryant, Mark Brown, Tony Gu- tierrez, Philip Blahak, Paul Smith, Steve Payson, Pete Blahak, Kent LeSueur, 4th row: Stuart Taylor, Kevin Dana, Paul Le- venda, Tom Hedges, Joe Clarkson, Eric Broadston, David Jacobo, Rick Carpen- ter, Mike Crawford, Andy Joswiak, David McCormick, Steve Griffin. Bottom row: Nimrod Thomas, John Crum, Brent Gar- rett, Jim Reardon, Bob Royer, Todd Shell, Bill Frost, Jim Snyder, Pete Dan- forth, Brent Bartel, Joe Solano. 2-Coiling up, Darwin Henkel prepares to launch the shot. 3-As Lisa Reed knows, early conditioning makes the meets much ea- sier. 4-Assistant Coach Nesbitt, Dolores Creslin, Cindy McFarland, Kath Poll- miller, 2nd row: Martha Noderer, Jill VanParys, Lisa Reed, Laura Abele, Dara Jones, Coach Armenta. 3rd row: Shari Harrell, Camille Brewer, Joni Freemole, Sheryl Range, Christie Werner, Denise Colher, Kathy Anderson. Bottom row: Linda Williams, Gina Prevatte, Donna Sutton, Linda Brown, Kris Woods, Sheri Lambert, Audrey Busfield, and Cheri Hewitt. 5-Swimming: Top row: Coach Wilson, Jeff Black, Don Turner, Danny Shreeve, Mark Dowd, Tim Blokker, Jim Funkhauser, Brad Smith, Reter Abele. 2nd row: Joe Vucie, Allen Wade, Chris Fagan, Jeff Ehlers, Jerry Coppo, Bob Daly, Craig Nimms, Jim Nickell. Third row: Clark Larson, Jeff VanParys, Shawn Gardner, Donnie Covert, Jim Russel, Roger Moffat. 6-'With great ease Kevin Dana puts the shot. ...J---1 .J--- .....?...-L. ...a...-.-- , mcifr, 1: . , . 1-Parallel power is torqued by Nor- man Burke in gymnastics practice. 2- Top row: Coach Ken Holt, Steve Johnson, Ed Durham, Brett Harrell, Rusty Musgrove, Mike Hepsley, and Britt Allen. Bottom row: Andy Paco, Norman Burke, Scott Cook, Mike Mc- Clellan, and Tim Johnson. 3-Cindi Walker, Kristy Waldrop, Robin Drink- water, Gail Noel, Lolly Frazier. Bot- tom row: Krissy Nettlow, Melanie Blackhurst, Kerry Lee, Kelli Gardner, Lisa Davis, Sheri Zuniga, Char Berge, Susan Brown, Tina Tidwell, Kathy Nettlow, Linda Lafler, Coach Carol Stewart. 4-Jim Cosgrove swings into action. 5- Robin Drinkwater perfects her balance beam routine. 6-Top row: Todd Patanella, Mark Potter, Randy Richeson, Jim Cosgrove, Rocky Cal- veri, Bill Tennison, Coach Lindstrom. Bottom row: Greg Harvey, Billy Bo- mar, Ernie Taraborelli. not pictured Dan Damiano. Gbstacles -.-si ris. overcome with enthusiasm 200 I an i ifl I g 'Sis Xxx, if 5- S S? 5 G 'R 5 .A -, iqpkx., M, W .., ...Q H1 11" , an ,Vt ""' Q ""'d a J --V ,5 I ' fwwg Jim' ...gps- i 5 4 A gala' M -' 3 9. liln Q TT' If , I 2 ,, , . X4 'LIVE W' I lv M I 4 'X 1 , 3 Y I 'pta 'Va as f 1 M. A .I ,V ,,W.W "W , use Q4 V ,w,. . L -fa Baseballg basketball anticipate t ' 4 ' nv? 5 ji: K K .If , 45,6 f yr A. A " if if 51 4 N .- Q Av, A f - ...... ...H--' :iz --""' M-"' "' f W"r N 'uw an un "" Q N if " Q s ', Jim' le ,,,,,,,,,f' , X X potent season 1-Top row: Drew Tryon, Randy Rector, Barry Laird, Dewayne Owens, Chuck Bahn, Sterling Weight, Pat Lee, Pat Rooney, 2nd row: Coach Jamie Allen, Chris Gearhart, Chris Wilson, Scott Guard, Steve Shill, Randi Germaine, Clyde Allred, Coach Norm Shill. Bottom rovxii Steve Kernagis, Ralph Martinez, Charlie Sesate, David Amadore. 2- Dewayne Owens delivers a toss to first base. 3-Top row: Coach Randy Holmes, Dwayne Owens, Frank Froncek, Rod Palmer, Steve Eikler, Reid Rush, Ken Ramsair, Jerry Hunt, Coach Jim Richardson. 2nd row: Waylon Slaven, Frank Merrill, Zoran Simonvich, Don Laverge, Mike Duffy, Gary Cornia, Kevin Van Norman, Ray Evans, Bottom row: Vic Wells, Jay Guest, Charlie Ryan, Mike Reese, Roger Martin, Jerry Weighart. 4-Pat Lee follows through with his swing during prac- tice. 5-Lareatha Mathews, Gail Peters, Val Winkle, Marium Heap, Kim Fowler, Terri Heckman, Wendy Stalec, Shelly Raptis, Gina Everlith, Lynn Sanofsky, Robin David, Florence Brinton. 6-Fans watch as Terri Heckman and Gail Peters await the rebound. 7-Sheila Rowley, Sharon Henry, Johanna Van Herpin, Paula O'Dell, Karen Daly, Sta- cey Major, Bottom row: Chris Hill, Lisa Har- ris, Brenda Toffelmire, Tamera McDavid, and Demaris Dingman. W A is I I .le V , K 'ff1f?l14f2ga.r.4'J' , FV, ,H V, E534 .?ff,gM" mx- X gl . -Lg and the ly .-MW. ,gf 'P .. Q u . .., . H Vvfjam u bpqcng 'Qdlvlu W. , 'if S on with unity .-1 4. J .hu , 6 - 5 :ff J N -x f X s wmv f 1 i x ,, , ' if 1 .W i it . 1-Mr. Hitt, sponsor, and Student Body President Tony Calder- one read the daily minutes. 2-Senior class officers, top row, Jay Weight, Vice President,Julie Dyches, Secretary, bottom row, Leesa Gurr, Treasurer, Chris Doyle, President, 3-Sopho- more class officers, top row, Marium Heap, Secretary, Mark Tucker, President, bottom row, Marci Glauser, Treasurer, Lisa Harris, Vice President. 4-Junior class officers, top row, Mike Friel, President,C. F. Turley, Vice President, bottom row, Danny Shreeve, Treasurer, Greg Weber, Secretary. 5- Student body officers, top row, Anne Krall, Foreign Exchange, Diana LeBaron, Vice President, Julie Nelson, Public Rela- tions, Mike Nakade, Foreign Exchange, second row, Mike Clawson,Treasurer, Tony Calderone, President, Kent Le- Sueur, Athletics Commissioner, bottom row, Conni Brooks, Inter-club Council Representative, Lyric Boyle, Traditions Commissioner, Mary Reardon, Secretary. 6-Tony Calderone addresses students at an assembly. 7-Checking on float prep- arations, Mike Friel talks with the float chairman. 206 ,asks-igf W 55' " Government advises, consents on beat Convening daily, Student Body officers oversee and approve 330,000 of student expenditures every year, and function as a pub- lic relations source for the school. This year, the student council sponsored a major rock concert, ran football concessions, and orga- nized a campus-wide clean-up pro- ject. Tony Calderone, council presi- dent said, "One of our main goals is to let the rest of the state know we've got the finest school there is. As a goal-oriented organization, the group has attempted to realize certain objectives this year includ- ing, football game fireworks, rais- ing funds for A.F.S. to expand par- ticipations by students, and writing up a policy and procedures man- ual for student activities. 4- ,,-.,s. 'fi' se r-gg-351 r is - ' ff. . . " t . I 's Q K ' giim.. , .'RNv-' , fi 'A .wx ' - ix, 5 veg' s ie , N --. t' -xl f ' v Mari s - ,t tstxftsg . . - f r --4,,,.r,-- ,A f -t ..N1-1-"lr -S 'ifflf -- Yi .fy yt ,- Us ...., .- ' ff' f Q it: Q, ' -' xevn - . KF, - is - sv .fav ". 207 Pom pons, cheers, charge crowds with pep and pride With this year's addition of two new male yell leaders and a new mascot, the varsity cheerleaders have done their best to charge Mountain View with more school spirit than ever before. Their year began at the World Cheerleader Camp where they received the all- around spirit award, and also re- ceived an excellent and two supe- ketball games. The J.V. cheerleaders, who were selected in September, cheered at both Junior and the J.V. games throughout their win- ning seasons. Our spirited pom pon line, the Madrilenas, attended the summer camp at NAU where they earned the leadership award. They per- formed their routines at halftime and pep assemblies. rior ratings. During the school year, they cheered at pep assem- blies and at varity football and bas- "SP" i.?f'f?f-4 rm . .-.adama- 1-Madrilenas: Top row: Sandra Slater, Helena Korman, Shari Judd, Mary Smigel, Brigit Benson. Second row: Debbie Wheeler, Debie Davis, Cindy Oakes, Laurie Gedicl-cs, Helen Benson, Anne Gunnell, Jennifer Campbell, Laurel Harmon, Bottom row: Nancy Snyder, Tricia Tucker, Cindy Booth, Connie McKinly, Nancy Arvayo. 2-Varsity Cheerleaders: Top row: Vanessa Casto, Krissy Nettlow, Kathy Nettlow, Angela Casillas. Second row: Jeff Ziebell, Lisa Davis, Lisa Perkinson, Tammy Beuzekom, Kevin Doyle. Kneeling: Theresa Derka. Bottom Row: Cina Casillas, 3-Kevin Doyle cheers on. 4'Angela Casillas and Kathy Nettlow do their rendition of "Get Crazy!" 5-Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Top row: Susan Brown, Kerry Lee. Bottom row: Holly Frazier, Julie Wilson, Tina Tidwell, Kelli Gardner. 6-Connie McKinley checks on the squad. 208 T ,Ac if x. 2 :R 'W V HL. ' "k' " win-gf ,5 . ,ww-vuav'.I,'l5le V-P . T. -' 1 fb 'H ? 9 Q 1 my -new if M -'W-VW' .rt a 4 v '?.' 1 J ,I Both spirit clubs cheer Toros on to winnmg seasons Promoting interest in all sports is Pep Club's purpose. The club attends and advertises all games, cheering the Toros on to winning seasons. To be in Pep Club, a student must have lots of spirit and willing- ness to work hard for Toro teams. This year, the Pep Club spon- sored a cookie sale, a sports cush- ion sale, and a car wash. A per- centage of their earnings goes to help build the football stadium. Another spirit club is Toros of Great Ability Society. Togas, full of wild spirit, attend games chant- ing their own cheers. The official dress is the Toga. ii X Q WF UUE Q I 'D,,T..,.-T I r A11. 2- N-wi - i ..,x 1-The spirited Toga club at the Brophy game. 2-Top row: Randi Germaine, Ron Steapely, Boyd Shill, Joe Forster, Steve Ink. 2nd row, Alan Wade, Clark Lee, Tony Mills. 3rd row, Richard Skousen, Rob Sirrine, Bob Royer, Kevin Doyle, John Bargas. 4th row: Ralph Martinez, Dale Skidmore, Jeff Ziebell, Karl Brown, David Robinson, Jay Weight, Cory Vaughan, Mike Clauson. Bottom row: Scott Gaurd, Kurt Winkler, Mike Quigley, Ernie Taraborellig Toga club president, Scott Nance, Brad Smith, Tony Calderone, Dave Tucker. 3-Top row, Bren- da Black, Chani Rae Crawford, Terry Partel, Greg Brogpberg, Debbie Purinton, Lori Wells, Tami Redondo, Lori Roberti, Ms. Nelsong Pep club sponsor. Bottom row, Lori Siloestri, Tammy Kirch, LeeAnn Davis, Sandy Smith, Cally Karainock, Michelle McFarland, Nancy Gebo, Sherry Matheson, Natalie Maynard, Gina Crabtree, Kathy Potter, Margaret Chaney, Terri DeRosa, Debbie Larson, Laura Emera. Not pictured: Marc DeRosa, president. 4-Ms. Nelson shows off the latest spirit sign. 5-Pep club cheers the Toros on at the Westwood football game. 211 Q? ya SPOMN HERE X Staffers work under pressure creatively MW 1 tkwQ..'1 Deadlines: The publications staffs worked long hard hours to beat them. Producing a quality yearbook or newspaper depends upon how well the staffs meet the challenge of the publisher's dead- lines. This year both publications be- gan the year with new advisors from outside the Mesa district, Mr. Jack McGee fyearbookl and Ms. Debbie Morton lnewspaperi. Additionally, both staffs were made up largely of inexperi- enced, but dedicated students, who ditched classes, donated their lunch hours, and stayed after school to help produce the third La Vista annual, and ten issues of the Viewpoint. ,H im 1-Adding final touches, Bebo Berryman looks over her work. 2-The Yearbook staff watches as a ventriloquist is interviewed for Faces of the Beat. 3-Sherri Palmer, left, and Margaret Dillon interview Ms. Cahill of The Place, 4-Top row: Yearbook Advisor Jack McGee, Cory Vaughan, Sandy Gonzalez, Paul Scott, Mary Cole, Don Cole, David Leslie, Jennifer Schonthaler, Kathy Potter, Fae Weaver. Middle Row: Sherri Palmer, Tony Wende, Kathy Stone, Steve D'Luzansky, Adrienne Gonzalez, Tami Spear, Diahann Hayes, Bottom row: Marla Benham, Lisa Cerryholmes, Bebo Berryman, Editor, Ingrid Brown, Pam Hatch, and Karla Timmons. Not Pictured: C.F. Turley, John Crum, Susan Stapley, and Lori Jones. 5-Taking a break from her layouts is Marla Benham. 6-Top row: Margaret Dillon, Editor, Debra Morton, Newspaper Advisor. 2nd row: Betsy Harrah, Sherri Palmer, Randy Riche- son. 3rd Row: Alison Thayer, Myra Nicholson, Nancy Gebo, Terri Heckman, Roxanne Butler, Ernie Taraborelli. Bottom row: Julie Pace. Carrie Standage, Mike Friel, Barbara Gimmy, Mark Luebke. 7-Editor Margaret Dillon explains the funda- mentals of a good newspaper to staffer Betsy Harrah. 4 Y Various choirs express good quality 1-Los Cantantes share the warmth of Christmas during the holidays assembly. 2-Los Cantantes: Top: Lori Cowan, Kelly Hewitt, Steve Payson, Chrys Kelley, Chuck Gaetiens, Wendy Mclntyre, Frank Zuniga, Lisa Winters, David Tucker, Pam Hatch, Robbie Sirrine, Teresa Salza, Dan Pearce, Jill Van Parys, Mrs. Baker, sponsor. 2nd row: Susan Minnick, Lori Hewitt, Gregg Ewart, Debbie Davis, Cory Vaughan, Cindy Oakes, Quentin Hibben, Lynne Perrault, David Robinson, Anne Gunnel, Alan Wade, Helena Korman, Danny West, Chris Booth, Raye Lynn Noel. 3rd row: Corinna Franklin, Jodi Beert, Steve Rowley, Laurel Harman, Jim Lewis, Bobette Hebdon, Maria Salza, Mark Matteo, Jenny Edwards, Keith Johnson, Kathy Nettlow, Kel- ly Dixon, Tish Curd, Kimberly Davis. Bottom row: Rhonda Halsey, Tricia Tucker, Mark Damato, Les- lie Foy, Greg Ross, Sheri Shope, Colette Cox, Lisa Perkinson, Scott Harris, Cindy Maddox, Jay Weight, Kristie Wayne, Albert Korman, Jennifer Johnson,Kathy Hon. 3-Encore: Top: Greg Ewart, Kelly Hewitt, Keith Johnson. 2nd row: Maria Salza, Michelle Rupright. 3rd row: Jay Waite, Laurel Har- mon, Steve Shill. 4th row: Cory Vaughan, Greg Ross, Anne Gunnell, Cindy Oakes, C.F. Turley, Chris Booth, Joe Clarkson, Frank Zuniga. Bottom row: Lori Hewitt, Tricia Tucker, Albert Korman, Windy Mclntyre, David Tucker, Jennifer Campbell, Alan Wade, Lisa Perkinson. 4-Turtle doves and French hens filled the air during Encores presenta- tion of "The Twelve Days after Christmas". 5-A serenade of Christmas is done in duet by Lori Hewitt and her partner, Joe Clarkson. 6-Los Palo- mitos: Top: Marge Florence, Callie Kraincock, Brenda Black, Sherry Mathieson, Renee Rathburn. Middle row: Patty Brewer, Leann Smith, Terry Wet- zel, Ingrid Brown, Cheri Crowe, Cathy Kephart, Laurie Larson, Dawn Rupert, Crickett White, Diane Teague, Debbie Purington. Bottom row: Beryle Ells- worth, Jennifer Johnson, Susan Rinish, Toni Dun- ham, Launi Sullivan, Jana Williams. A Q Requirements to be in a chorus include a good vocal quality, abili- ty to sight read, good showman- ship, and ability to sing solos. It's obvious Mountain View's choirs have those qualities. Students from Los Cantantes, the top concert choir, who have dancing ability, can also audition for Encore. Both of these groups, and Los Palomitas, the all girls choir, perform at various concerts and activities, including the fall, Christmas, and spring concerts, along with the Jester Hairston con- cert. Los Cantantes also sang at Tri- City Mall at Christmas time, and at the Best of Broadway Review. ' W" -' fftfiwrcfmes' v'51az1"2-YFZW' , .-3.15: f , i Q' ' it b if f , , R l 1 5. i . ' s . v 214 ii New choral group and new beginnings Premlere a newly formed cho ral group audltlons Jumor and sen lor glrls m antxclpatlon of long hours of rehearsal The choral group stages a Christmas season perform ance and a Best of Broad way Rewew that s arranged each year The orgamzatlon has also en tertalnedl several Mesa commumty clubs Orgamzed by dxrector Davnd Perry the gnrls wear coordinated costume, and develop a reper tolre of many songs approprxate to the occasron of performance The orgamzatuon IS composed of twen ty gurls who must mdlvldually satls fy a strmlgent audttlon prlor to ac ceptance as a partlclpant but au dltlons are open to any Jumor or semor gurl wlth the abllnty to smg solos and the destre to perform we rr "fp 5 c 5 if ,. Los T1 avadores the sophomore mixed choral group and Los Man posa the sophomore all-gurls cholr performed in the Christmas and Spring concert. EE"-"' 5 ,.,l e il, X , ' if if l 1-Darel Wells and Linda Teeter rehearse their music before attempting the choreography. 2-Premiere: Top: Linda Teeter, Connie Adraktas, Mr. Perry, sponsor, Barbara Gimmy, Kimi Turley. 2nd row: Patty Brewer, Lori Skabe- lund, Barbi McDonald, Diana Kin, Mary Rogers. 3rd row: Darcel Wells, Cathy Duffel, Jode Frick, Krissy Netlow, Sharla Angell, Kenna Brackney. Bottom row: Pam Smith, Kathy Patterson, Laurel Carlson. 3-Las Mariposa: Top: Gail Williams, Sheryl Weisenberger, Laurie Sweeney, Marcie Sherling, Cyd Camp- bell, Bridget McCarter, Tammy Cavolaski, Kathy Puebla, Leanna Bendure. Middle row: Mariann Robert, Lina Ferreria, Dana Hardin, Luanne Barney, Jeanie Mullins, Sandy Williams, Flo Matteo. Bottom row: Kim Mumford, Laurie Mayhew, Paula Rector, Marisa Wilkes, Margaret Chaney, Dawn West. 4-Travadores: Top: Mindy Ogden, Cindy McFarland, Lisa Kent. John Middle- 'vm ' w ,. ,gifs 5 ,Ili , 5 ' l R O Q . E l i ton, Jim Flake, Doug Sims, Greg Lambert, Mark Tucker, Brendon Case, Mark Lerdall, Paula O'dell, Susan Golightly, Diana Hatfield, Janell Wade, Marci Glauser. 2nd row: Becky Oelke, Cindy Walker, Charlene Berge, Beth Ed- wards, Michelle Turley, Rick Meagher, Marc Weinberg, Todd King, Casey McDermott, Tina Birbiescas, Debbie Golden, Tamra Potter, Lisa Harris, Debbie Larsen, Judy Pearce. 3rd row: Sheri Millet, Sandy Hibbon, Suzy Blackhurst, Lani Webb, Tanya Kluck, Scott Belnap, Mike Mills, Roger Moffat, Leanna Bendure, Cindy Johnson, Mary Delk, Pam Turner, Penni Kidwell, Mr. Perry, sponsor. Bottom row: Rebecca Hale, Jenny Jackson, Kari Bisbee, Stephanie Buckley, Debra Larson, Seth Levine, Brent Hall, Joann Oliver, Tanya Wix, Becky Werner, Connie Frazier, Carol Dowd. ? ! 5 Q K Q ,...x 1-Matador Band, Top row: Frank Tucker, Gene McDonald, Scott Sacramen- to, Steve Bradner, Randy Vern, Marc Derosa, Jay Mitchell, Paul Robedeau, Joe Clarkson, Victor Maxwell, 2nd row: Julie Budia, Leslie Bowman, Alletta Smith, Carrie Colby, Lori Bowman, Emily Heil, Pam Goodwin, Derrell Frank- lin, Gary Fetzer, Lynn Shope, Randy Morrow, Dean Cook, Glenn Heckman, Carl Gurtler, Steve Hackworth, Tony Wende, 3rd row: Ruth Weldon, Loretta DeLorenzo, Denise Mills, Rhonda Fornwalt, Seth Levine, Carole Blakesly, Roger Henry, Todd Albright, Robert Hale, Tom Schultz, Debbie Hurrier, Bottom row: Jennifer Jackson, Beth Edwards, Susan Zollinger, Cathy Kirch, Shelly Winters, Laura Stephens, Mary Ellington, Evelyn Shopteese, Denise Tanner, 2-Mike Nichols, rivets the attension of the Toro Band, 3-ln perfect step and right on cue, the Toro Band plays a rousing tune . 4-Toro Band, Top row: Mr. Rader, Brad Payne, Corene Winkler, Frank McLaughlin, Mark Seiferth, Brian Boyette, Scott Stanley, Tom Ruprecht, Steve Clark, Steve Robertson, Maria Salza, Don Johnson, John Hart, Tad Crowe, Jeff Schoen, Mr. Lloyd, 2nd row: Mary Major, Kathy Klienman Peggy Rosenthal, Carol Gose, Ray Szewc, Chuck Lloyd, Jim Wallsmith, Chris Fagan, Cheyrl Poll- miller, Troy Albright, Jim Russell, Lynda Klienman, 3rd row: Marci Glauser, Lisa Adams, Sherry Ganser, Carrie Lipka, Lisa Stewart, Johanna Vanherpen, Julianne Harrell, Manuel Rosales, Trudy House, Mary Cole, Randy Rogers, Robert Mckaym Lynette Fischer, Kevin Derosa, Bob Bundy, 4th row: Michelle Rupright, Christy Jensen, Lori Caza, Chris Perrault , Shari Harrell, Sylvia Lopez, Mike Amick, Steve Bohn, Wes Marshall, Chip Bolyard, Dawn Johnson, Ann Johnson, Laura Workinger, Cheri Hewitt, 5th row: Liz Noe, Tanya Wix, Kim Wygle, Laura Schroeder, Jim Baily, Lynn Throckmorton, Brad Macpher- son, Kevin Stephenson, Ricky Valenzuela, Emily Hahn, Renee Hull, Laura Briggs, Mark McGovern, Pam Smith, 6th row: Holly Williams, Donna Ma- dueno, Debbie Oelke, Chris Doyle, Joe Forster, Kahn Middleton, Cheryl Zollinger Dara Jones, Karen Kloha, Lisa Adams, Danny Damiano, Mike McClellan, Bottom row: Mike Nichols, Lori Cruikshank, Lori Hewitt, Nancy Kimball, Kelly Hewitt, Sandy Smith, Chris Canty, Jill Brackett. Don Cole not in picture. 218 Matador and Toro band action packed with spirit Experimenting with the unique has earned a fine reputa- tion for the Mountain View Toro band and their director, Mr. Joe Lloyd. Throughout autumn, the band performed at twelve foot- ball games, where they have created a spirited atmosphere, and given the team support for their winning seasons. To support the activities of the band, members raised mon- ey selling candy, sausage, and programs as well as sponsoring the "Woody Herman and his Herd" live concert. As a result of their dedicated practice, the Toro marching band earned a superior rating at the A.S.U. Festival. ' 'rr 35,9 ,, nas., Urchestra, Jazzers bring out 'fthe beat" ' lt was another year of great per- formances for Mountain View's symphony orchestra. They sold candy, cheese, sausage and donuts to finance their trips to music festi- vals. A variety of school assem- blies and concerts also highlighted their year. The Jazz Band, directed by Mr. Lloyd, will be best remembered their outstanding performances as they provided music for our pep assemblies. With their cool wit and boss style, they produced a great boogie sound that won the hearts of all. 1-Orchestra: Top: Chris DeMarco, Timo Hansen, Mr. Rader, Mr. Lloyd, John Hart, Sheri Shope. Second: Joe Forster, Rick Valenzuela, Nancy Arvayo, Frank McLaughlin, Lee Coltman, Randy Rogers, Wes Marshall, Mike Nichols, Brad Payne, Jeff Schoen, Steve Clark, Tom Rupprecht, Becky Oelke, Tina Starks. Third: Liz Wright, Danny Damiano, Eric Lloyd, Robert MacMillan, Cindy Oakes, Carol Woods, Julie Harrell, Nina Watkins, Lynn Throckmorton, Patty Pearce, Jim Bailey, Chrystina Kelley, Casey McDermott. Fourth: Kari Bisbee, Kim Wayman, Rhonda West, Christine Booth, Colette Cox, Kimberly Davis, Sharon Case, Terri Miller, Elizabeth Reed, Helena Korman, Jim Lewis. Fifth: Beth Hale, Sheryl Bond, Linda Cluff, Todd Verch, David Williams, Martha Noderer, Sherry Matheson, Nadine Weisenberger, Jan Himmelsbach, Karen McCain, Tina Smith, Theresa Ebert, Lori Mullins. Sixth: Kathy Zirker, Lori Skabelund, Kimi Turley, Debbie Larsen, Christie Werner, Marilyn Calbom, Kelly Rader, Miriam Heap, Connie West. Bottom: Tim Mansfield, Karen Wetzel, Daila Miculs, Cindy Booth, Carolyn Zirker, Keith Berthold. 2-Daila Miculs performs with the symphony orchestra at the Christmas concert. 3-Chuck Lloyd gets into some mellow music on his saxophone, 4-Chris Doyle is surprised by photographers during a jazz band performance. 5-Jazz Band: Top: Dana Papineau, Lee Coltman, Randy Rogers, Mike Nichols, Wes Marshall, Mark Seiferth. Second: Chris Doyle, Brad Payne, Kevin Stevenson, Steve Clark, Jeff Schoen, Mr. Lloyd. Bottom: Michele Rupright, Kevin DeRosa, Chris Fagan, Chuck Lloyd, Nancy Kimball, Sandy Smith. 220 E' Dancing clubs disco here and there The dance club, sponsored by Mrs. Arredondo, has had a full schedule of events during the year. They hosted the Mieko Fuji dance company of Japan. The group also learned new disco dance steps. A new performing dance team was added to the program this year, taking on the name of "Las Danzantesf' The group per- formed in student assemblies and at community functions. Matmaids, a spirit team, sup- port both J.V. and Varsity wres- tling. 1-Las Danzantes: Top: Kim Casto, Kathy Potter, Kelli Behr- ing, Andrea Gonzales, Janine Ball, Sheri Gerkin. Bottom row: Lana Castillo, Pam Hatch, LeeAnn Davis, Mrs. Arredoriglo, Cristie Werner, Nancey Arva o, Connie McKinle . 2-Dance V V , club: Top: Colleen Eagar, Melinda Enfield, Kathy Potter, Pamfl Hatch, Leslie Bartels, Diane Hatfiled, Lori Willcutt, Dawn West. Bottom row: Pam Wade, Ingrid Brown, Lana'Castillo, Susan Shaw, Natalie Witt, Sheri Zuniga. 3-In preparation for their dances, Mieko Fuji Company members exercise in deep I concentration. 4-A jdpanese woman of' the Meiko Fuji Com- pany Strikes agraceful pbse. X5-fa. . . twist 'em like a pretzelfl., yells Laurie Sweeney, a member of Matmaids. 6-Matmaids: ,Topz Sheri Zuniga, ,Cindy Welch, Sandy Hjbben, Maria Saland, Laurie Sweeney-, Carol'Vinton, Becky Hall.,Middle row: Loret- a , 7 talgwende, Brenda Black, Susan Bates, Julie Herd, Sheryl A5 Weisenberger Tanya Kluck Bottom row' Cally Krainock r ,T s .' f' f , ' X- Jane ,Cummings i ,T Q is I c - , T lf l F '.T ' .- . 1 sl ' X i J f VX, r f Q X - ' X fNQf+, ' N- , 222 X ' 1 i 'Lf' ' 1 Y . Q. ' A . X if ,- .7 -Q xx 3 11 1 ,.4 'T S, AFS boost scholarship, good will The American Field Service Club, better known as A.F.S., was sponsored this year by Mrs. Cain. The club's main interests were Mountain View's foreign exchange students, Anne Krall and Mike Na- kade. During Homecoming and A.F.S. week, the club sponsored several class competitions to raise money. The funds will be used to sponsor next year's foreign ex- change students and those who will be representing our school in a foreign country during the sum- mer months, which should prove to be exciting. Members of the National Honor Society are selected by faculty on standards of grade point average, citizenship, and extracurricular ac- tivities. With Mrs. Hogan as spon- sor, the group has kept a high standard of excellence. Even though the members of the club may be considered "the smartest kids in school", they have proven themselves as a service club through their efforts to aid the community. They have also spon- sored many school activities in- cluding the Christmas disco dance which was put on the night of De- cember 15th. ff in Q -ex.. ., ll .Wi 3 fi ,gf l ,A V rf? li it . Q ' , N, rfirfr f , 1-A.F.S., Top Row: Nancy Gebo, John O'Malley, Anne Krall, Kathy Schmitz, Susan Purdom, Patricia Sharp, Sue Stoker, Gail Peters, Bottom Row: Ben Peel, Lisa Stewart, Bill Langdon, 2-A.F.S. member, Mike Nakade enjoys a good laugh. 3- Mrs. Cain, advisor, conducts a meeting of A.F.S.4-Mrs. Hogan looks over an agenda for National Honor. 5-N.H.S., Top Row: Randi Germaine, Curt Winkler, Marc Chappell, Brett Harrell, Jeff Senn, Greg Nicolls. Second Row: Rose Tan- creed, Dean Farrell, Sherry Ganser, Lisa Stewart, Trudy House, Bebo Berryman, Ruth Lacy, Gail Peters, Sheri Davis, Laurel Harmon, Leslie Bartels, Peter Blahak, Christie Werner, Third Row: Lisa Aglio, Terri Rayn, Julie Harrell, Terri Miller, Carl Brown, Darcy Coombs, Joni Worsley, Colette Cox, Corine Winkler. Bottom: Anne Gunnell, Cory Vaughn, David Jamiesn, Grant Frazier, Mrs. Hogan. 6-N.H.S. fair booth. 225 1-French Club: Top: Brendan Case, Carl Kasprzyk, Anthony Kaspryk, Mark Lucht, Mark Chappell, Susan Purdom, Craig LaFortune. Middle row: Demaris Dingman, Lynne Perrault, Irving Neiman, Becky Oelke, Amy Hull, sponsor, Lori Wells. Bottom row: Kathy Schmitz, Debbie Oelke, Kathryn Ferencz, Lenore Burroughs, Micki Ward, Becky Hale, Becky Werner, Joe Coppo. 2-Mr. Kartchner checks the volume of a Spanish teaching tape in preparation for incoming students. 3-Los Aztecas Mexicanos club: Top: Carlos Ortiz, Salvador Mar- tinez, Angelica Gomez, Mary Shopteese, Gloria Gomez, Anna Balderrama, Bernie Valdez, Joe Villegas, Esther Middleton, sponsor, Bottom row: Debbie 'Zamara, Rebecca Vensor, Eva Martinez, Rosemarie Ortega, Terri Miranda, Teresa Seaton. 4- As Mrs. Middleton illustrates, a dictionary definition is some- times open to debate. 5-Los Sabios: Top: Tom Turley. 2nd row: Craig Lundblom, Bob Wozniak, Ron Vaughan, Scott Henn. 3rd row: Marshall Stone, Mr. Kartchnerg sponsor, Brad Garn, Ken DeGroff, Todd King. Bottom row: Vonnie ldoff- man, Nate Headrick, Dave O'Malley. if x. Ji i-'A'--S Ethmc culture enjoyed by everyone As part of their club accom- plishments, the French Club had the objective this year of lan- guage and cultural development through visits to French restau- rants and ethnic parties. Los Aztecas Mexicanos Club enhances the development of the Mexican-American culture. The club held an exciting Pinata break during Christmas week and sold tamales in November. Los Sabios lThe Wisel, Moun- tain View's Spanish Club, is sponsoring a school in South America. To do so, members have held car washes and food sales. 1 'HSM 57 X 2' Y I .IW Q XM! " b A ,. nl' M, ZA? Future farmers are high yield crop "' 4. ..., .yt--M Perhaps one of the most ac- tive groups at Mountain View, F.F.A.'s schedule of activities extend beyond school hours. Individually, several members participate in parades, others are involved in the Arizona Na- tional Livestock Show and the Maricopa County Fair. Togeth- er though, the Future Farmers que along with Aggie week where members display their animals and farm machinery. Mountain View's chapter has many awards and accomplish- ments to be proud of, such as being state winners of the dairy cattle judging contest, and Most Active F.F.A. Chapter for the Superstition district. of America sponsored a barbe- 1-F.F.A. officers: Dean Houghton, Mary Koenig, Cindy Gardner, Mike Clawson, Laurie Brown, Frank Duranti. 2-Lynn Nelson takes a break at the barbeque to talk to fellow member, Mike Clawson. 3-Jim Coppinger and Carl McDavid lead the Toro mascot onto the field. 4-F.F.A. member Tony Calderone took 3rd, place at the State F.F.A. Pulic Speaking Contest. 5-Mary Koenig and Lynn Nelson serve a customer at the barbeque. 6-F.F.A.: Top: Robbie Upton, Jim Coppinger, Mike Clawson, Roger Hansen, David Hecht, Mr. Olson, sponsor. 2nd row: Mary Koenig, Rachael Bagley, Lynn Nelson, Laurie Brown, Frank Duranti. 3rd row: Gary Brown, Lynda Marshall, Larry Ostendorf, Anna Smith, Steve Wyckoff. 4th row: Dean Houghton, Laurie Mayhew, Kristin Kinney, Sandy Flowers. 5th row: Kelly Rader, Carl McDavid, Jane Cummings, Denise Tanner, Melanie Hofhine, Deanne Campbell. Bottom row: Cheri Crowe, Pam Wade, Lori Delorenzo, Sarah Wyckoff, Dianne Calderone, Karolyn Abreu. 'I 1""! Y.-ls ,g",,X 229 By serving others, servants grow Scienta Sodacitas's biggest in- terest this year was getting as many people as possible involved in research projects. Better known as Science club, this group's activi- ties included trips to the Grand Canyon. Carpenter's Guild has had many active projects this year including a hayride and a snow trip, but these people primarily come to- gether to share ideas. One of our school's deepest my- steries is what the "S" in "S" Club signifies. Helping the community and school with club projects, and v.""'s' in meeting new friends, the "S" Club provides Service, and that's what "S" Club represents. 'it 230 "x fx il, X X Mi Jn, ,-,,.1--- L.-pil H W 1 .vvmy 1-Science club: Top: Scott-Butzky, Jeff Pray, Scott Mankey. Bottom: John Stewart. 2-Carpenters Guild: Top: Robert Gray, Nona Watkin, Sherry Ganser, Rhonda Halsey, Jim Bailey. Middle: Sherry Matheson, Julianne Harrell, Trudy House, Ruth Lacy. Bottom: Brendan Case, Lynda Marshall, Jim Bea- dle. 3-"S" club: Top: Sherry Ganser, Jim Bailey, Robert Gray, John Hart. Bottom: Trudy House, Ruth Lacy. 4-Pam Hull, "S" club sponsor, and her student chefs plan some culinary delights for students and staff. C QE., D.E.C.A. makes business their business The purpose of Distributive Education Clubs of America, or D.E.C.A., is to give the student a chance to learn how to run a busi- nessg selling techniques, running cash registers, and displaying mer- chandise. One of the aspects of D.E.C.A. is the student store. Some students involved plan to continue in business law or mer- chandising. Giant Christmas coloring books and a sample cosmetic pack were sold by D.E.C.A. Unlike D.E.C.A., Cooperative Office Education, or C.O.E., deals solely in secretarial work. This year, the groups fund-raising ideas included the sales of spirit balloons and candy. They also sponsored a car wash. F . fr 3 x ' ' . '13 ,. "' W: . v' 'S . .4 - , ., L ,. H SJ sw 7 ,J X A S g V , D 1 X, J M . .- 1 sf R ' is as A wg Q A , .... . ..g, i It Q, - 7 ' .,., 1 X' 1'1- gy, 5-cg,-.1 ,ft . - , A .' .. - , as ff.: D-1 V 'f wi ' r , Q - -. K N ., : mg t I ' A ' i . N Q, L, 4 Xi, -M 1 4 3 l I ' 1-Top row, D.E.C.A. Mr. Bufford, sponsor, Kathy Tibbetts, Sheri Davis, Judy Middlebrough, Kris Goff, Andy Joswiak, Shawn Shelton, Lori Burrus, Jennifer Scherb, Judy Rein, Dia- hann Hayes, Sofia Rojas, Second row, Charles Butzke, Marlon Giese, Vance Ewald, Jim Macchiaroli, Ceci Davidson, Denise O'Dell, Brent Pendleton, Barry Bisdorf, Karen Singer, Third row, Peggy Nelson, Wanda Domann, Kim Connelly, Stephanie Coury, Lori Erickson, Mitzi Bolin, Heather Gerrell, Mark Wa- ger, Gloria Chriseon, Greg Brobergg Bottom row, Conni Brooks, Rosemary Acosta, Laurie Larson, Andrea Gonzales, Jean Janisch, Sue Shaw, Lori Mucha, Janice Stahl, Mark Luebke, not pictured, Jan Johnson, Debbie Oelke, Karin Smith, Scott Gaurd, Joe Yee. 2-Top row, Christy Ritchie, Laurie Jentsch, Sonja Atkins, Jill Vargo, Lori Cowan, Jacki Roland, Jae Dee Hendrickson, C.O.E. sponsor, Second row, Maggie Handgis, Judi Fornash, Linda Hayes, Melinda Halsey, Pam Sacramento, Julie Dyches, Third row, Diana King, Beth Lott, Melissa Drumm, Leslie Betterton, Bottom row, JoAnn Mize, Gina Casillas, Nanci Clark. 3-Student store supervisor, Mrs. Bushnell resists the charm of a candy moocher. 4-Sofia Rojas shows off one of D.E.C.A.'s giant coloring books. 5- Selling helium spirit balloons is Christy Ritchie of C.O.E. W, Vw' YOU VAN 22,224 Ei !Nfif1,FiIONS ii S I 5 S 191 Specialized groups serve, study culture 1't's me 7 Mountain View's Youth A.R.C. IAssociation for Retarded Citizensl sponsored by Mr. Kunde, made great strides in service for the Parkway school of Mesa. In order for the members to do their pro- jects for the school, the students sold candy to earn money. The funds went towards a final dona- tion to the Parkway school and several activities throughout the year. All of the members agreed that the year's service was very rewarding. Sponsored by Ms. Richards, the Indian Club had a very successful year. Their activities involved the students with the study of the cul- tures and foods of their Indian heritage. Ms. Richards felt that the year was very productive for all members. Their fry bread sale was a highlight of the year, providing a fund and fun for the group. All of the club members enjoyed the year, and have contributed to a tradition of a fine club. ll YOUTH ARC-Top, Anita Bolland, Patricia Perri, Mr. Kunde, Sherri Matheson, Jean Welshenbaugh. Bottom, Sue King, Sally Hasslacher, Gail Peters, Bebo Berryman. 2l Jennifer Schonthaler enjoys herself at the Parkway dance. 3I Lee Ann Smith takes a well deserved break. 45 Jim Klein acts as "D,J." 5l Indian student, Darren Washington relaxes in the library. 61 INDIAN CLUB-Top, Bernice Keith, Kim Williams, John Manuel, Tina Kenton, Maxine Gorman. Bottom, Nimrod Thomas, Francis Jim, Shawn Higdon, Ted Kelsey, Vincent Norris. f. EEQN I v . 1-VJ'-ln,.,,g.! Q., I 235 Chess challengesg .V- my Q9 Lei 5 'X xx' R' Q 5.5 9 0- P? L, Q, : N . an E' - p r hx, ,-f ,af-A Actors promote performance The Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. Anderson, had a membership of thirteen whose main goal was a correspondence game with an- other club in California. They also anticipated matches with local schools. The Drama Club continued with a tradition of excellence in the per- forming artsg the members being chosen by auclition. A goal was set by the club at the beginning of the year to bring quality entertainment to our school, which was accom- plished with talent and practice. The Stage Crew, headed byf Mrs. Nadeau, had nine ever ener- getic members who kept things running smoothly for all of the auditorium activities this year. They spent many hours of their after school time in organizaing, rehearsing, and producing success- ful lighting and audio technique. They gave their services to all school productions and assemblies and did so for community pro- grams as well. They receive little credit, but without their help, the productions whould not have been possible for our enjoyment. ff sux VV X-- 1. Stage Crew: Top: Andy Neuman, Jim Klein, Bob Lafler, Todd Newton, Greg Northey. Bottom: Mardee Berg, Tim Mansfield, Mrs. Nadeau, John Williams, Roberta Nelson. 2-Andy Neuman, Stage Crew member, demonstrates the use of the console. 3-Drama club members, Marion Hervey and Gene Erlandson perform in the talent show. 4-Chess Club: Top: Brendon Case, Gene McDaniel, Art Schuh, Darrell Franklin, Troy Albright, Jim Kuchan. Bottom: Beryl Ellsworth, Laura Workinger, Frank Tucker, Joe Coppo, Mr. Anderson. 5-Mrs. Nadeau, Drama and Stage Crew sponsor, relaxes in her office. 6-Drama Club: Dale Kinney, Benita Peterson, Deana McMillan, Monty Fitch, Mardee Berg, Gene Erlandson, Marion Hervey, Lenore Burroughs, Tim Mansfield. 237 -.1121 Q-K A, ..w ---A Boosters raise morale to high standards When asked the purpose of Toro Booster Club, Mr. George Rubelsky summed it all up by say- ing, " lour purpose is tol Promote spirit, help students take pride in themselves, the community, and the school." The club involves itself in foot- ball programs, and sponsoring var- ious activities. They are mostly school-oriented, donating money to worthy causes. In operation since Mountain View began, the club has twelve active members. Unlike many oth- er parent organizations, the Boost- ers attempt to reward academic accomplishment as well as athletic success. The group acts as a ser- vice organization providing such support as the administration, staff and students require throughout the year. ,vlmx ,A,'?i , P 'Q t I . I 4 f-NTT. 1-The Toro Booster Club discusses up- coming events. 2-Booster Club: Top: Charl Riggs, George Rubelsky, Peter Tosi. Bottom: Joan Urban, Doris John- son. Not pictured: Don Frazier, Bob Ker- nagis, Jim Van Norman, John Marsh, John Skidmore, Rita Lee, Julian Ren- teria. 3-The Booster Club helped orga- nize the dinner at the football banquet. 4- Promoting interest in football games was one of the club's objectives this year. 5- Toro Booster Club president George Ru- belsky. X,- .wi Nr- -x x..,.fxx Brown A Abele, Laura 48, 184, 199 Abele, Linda 48, 184 Abele, Peter 84, 199 Abell, Wade 48 Abreu, Karolyn 84, 229 Acierto, Lori 41, 84 Acosta Mary 106 120 Acosta, Rose 9, 48, 233 Adams, Kathy 84 Adams, Lisa 48, 218, 219 Adams, Scott 84, 164, 179 Addington, Michael 106, 179 Ader, Kelly 106 Adkins, Stephen 106 Adraktas, Constance 84, 217 Aglio, Lisa 84, 225 Akin, Teresa 84 Akins, Coleen 106 Akins, Sonja 48, 233 Albertson, Carmaleta 106, 191 Albright, Harvey 84 Albright, Todd 106, 218 Albright, Troy 106, 219, 237 Allen, Brittan 48, 200 Allen, Jay 84 Allen, Ricky 34, 84, 164 Allred, Clyde 84, 164, 203 Amador, David 84, 203 Amador, Nicholas 106 Ambrosino, Tonilynn 106 Amick, Michael 75, 84, 219 Amstutz, Twyla 48 Anderson Kathleen 199 Anderson, Linda 84 Anderson Michael 106, 192 Anderton, Dawn 48 Anderton, Kirk 104, 106, 148 Andrews, Paul 106 Angell, Sharla 84, 217 Aranda, Julie Arellano, Julian 48, 160-B, 163 Arellano, Rudy 84, 164 Arment, Sidney 84, 164 Armenta, Elizabeth 48, 150 Armenta, Jerry 84, 164, 177 Armenta, Monica 106 Armijo, Arthur 106 Arnold, Scott 106 Arrowsmith, Kim 48 Arvayo, Nancy 84, 208, 220, 22 Ashcroft, Victoria 84 Atkinson, Heather 84 Atwood, Steven 106 Aubuchon, Larry 106 Augustin, Kurt 48, 163 Bagley, Rachael 48, 229 Bahn, Charles 84, 186, 203, 204 Bailey, James 49, 219, 226, 231 Bailey, Michael 84 Bailey. Randy 49 Balderrama, Anna 106, 183, 226 Bailey, Pat 106 Ball, Janene 49, 74, 222 Balonis, Eileen 49 Banasek, Marina 49 Banks, Kimberlee 106, 169 Bankson, Terry 106 Barba, Emma 106 Bargas, Evangeline 106 Bargas, John 84, 211 Barnes, Lynn 85 2 Index Barney, Luanne 106, 217 Barr, Kimberlee 106 Bartel, Brent 106, 160-C, 86, 199 Bartels, Leslie 12, 85, 222, 225 Bartlett, Ronald 106, 248 Basehore, Sara 184 Bates, Christopher-107, 222 Bates, Susan 107, 222 Bates, Tamera 107 Beadle, James 107, 192, 231 Beaird, Linda 85 Beaird, Sue 49 Beaty, Robert 85 Beaudry, Mark 85 Beck, Nancy 143 Beckly, Dennis 107 Beckstead, Kelly 107, 148 Beeler, Howard 49 Beeler, Tim 85 Beert, Jodi 85, 170, 171 Beert, Marci 49, 170, 171, 196, 214 Begay, John 49 Behring, Kelli 31, 49, 222 Bell, John 107 Bell, Karen 85 Bell, Matthew 85 Bell, Robert 107 Belnap, Aaron 107, 110, 199, 217 Beltz, Jodie 49 Bendure, Leanna 107, 217 Benham, Gregory 49, 154 Benham, Marla 85, 213, 248 Benjamin, Christopher 49 Bennett, Kevin 85, 163 Benson, Brigit 12, 49, 208 Benson, Dolly 49 Benson, Helen 85, 208 Benson, Kimberly 107 Bentz, Kelly 107 Berft, Gregory 107, 148, 167, 188 Berg, Mardee 85, 237 Berge, Nancy 107, 200, 217 Bergquist, George 50 Bermea, Felix 85 Berry, Kimberly 50 Berryman, Billie 1, 50, 213, 225, 235, 248 Berthold, Keith 85, 220 Betterton, Leslie 50, 233 Beuzekom, Tamara 85, 208 Beyer, Barbara 50, 196 Bibko, Diane 85 Bider, Christine 107, 184 Bierly, Marie 107 Bingham, David 85, 107 Bisbee, Kari 107, 217, 220 Bisdorf, Barry 85, 233 Bishop, Mark 85 Bishop, Susan 85 Black, Brenda 85, 92, 211, 214, 222 Black, Jeffrey 107, 188, 199 Black, Rebecca 50 Black, Ronald 85 Blackhurst, Mary 107, 217 Blackhurst, Melenie 85, 100, 200 Blackwell, Lester 43 Blackwell, Tonya 85 Blahak, Peter 85, 181, 199, 225 Blahak, Philip 107, 181, 199 Blair, Karen 85 Blir, Margaret 85 Blakesley, Carol 107, 218 Blakesley, James 107 Blankenship, Cindy 50, 172 Blokker, Michael 50 Blokker, Timothy 107, 199 Bodrero, Scott 85 Boheneck, Lynne 107 Bohn, Steven 50, 196, 219 Bohrer, Steven 50 Bolar, Stacey 107 Bolin, Derek 50 Bolin, Kimberly 107, 112, 194 Bolin, Mitzi 85, 233 Bolland, Anita 85, 135 Boller, David 85 Bolyard, Clifton 85, 219 Bomar, William 107, 200 Bond, Sheryl 50, 220 Booher, Scott 50 Boor, Aaron 85 Booth, Christine 85, 214, 220 Booth, Cynthia 34, 56, 208, 220 Booth, Diedra 51 Boragina, Dominic 85 Bouchard, Gregory 107 Boult, Billy,85 Bowles, Dale 51 Bowman, Leslie 107, 218 Bowman, Lori 218 Boyer, Jill 85 Boyette, Brian 51, 218 Boyle, Joseph 107 Boyle, Lyric 11, 29, 85, 91, 206 Boyster, John 51, 160-D, 163 Boyster, David 107 Bozek, Steven 51 Brackenbury, Eddie 107 Brackett, Jill 33, 51, 218 Brackney, Kenna 33, 41, 217 Bradshaw, Gerald 51 Brahm, Darin 107 Brahm, Todd 85 Braithwaite, Lori 85 Brandner, Steven 108, 218 Branham, Regina 51 Brenn, Patricia 108 Brenner, Ruth 86, 184 Brewer, Camill 108, 174, 199 Brewer, Patty 51, 214, 217 Brewer, Rodney 17, 39, 51, 160 160-D, 163 Briggs, Laura 86, 219 Brimhall, Douglas 108 Brinton, Florence 51, 182, 183, 203 Broadston, Eric 86, 199 Broberg, Gregory 15, 86, 211, 233 Brocat, Brenda 108 Brock, Faith 51 Brooks, Conni 29, 51, 206, 233 Broughton, Glenn 51, 192 Broughton, Sheryl 86 Brown, Phyllis 86 Brown Rhonda 108, 113 Brown Shellie 52 Brown Steve 52 f susan 108, 200, 208 Brugger, Stephanie 52 Bruneau, Steven 248 Brunner, Cynthia 108 Brunner, Scott 52 Bryan, Robert 108 Bryant, Michael 108, 167, 199 Bryson, Don 52, 59, 163 Buchanan, Robert 52 Buchler, Michael 108 Buckels, Clifton 86, 190 Buckley, Stephanie 108, 125, 217 Buckley, Stephen 86, 164 Budai, Juliette 108, 218 Buell, John 52 Bundy, Robert 86, 219 Bunting, Michael 86 Burke, Norman 86, 200 Burm, Steven 86 Burr, Colette 52 Burroughs, Mary 23, 52, 226, 237 Burrus, Lory 52, 233 Burton, Eric 34, 86, 169 Busfield, Audrey 108, 181, 199 Bush, Scott 86 Butler, Johnny 52 Butler, Nina 108 Butler, Norman 108 Butler, Roxanne 86, 213 Butterfield, Todd 52 Butzke, Charles 233 Butzke, Scott 86, 141, 231 C Calbom, Marilyn 108, 220 Calderone, Diane 108, 229 Calderone, Joel 29, 52, 206, 207, n 211, 229 Caldwell, Sharon 108 Call, Anson 86, 163, 179 Calveri, James 108, 200 Cambern, Joseph 167 Camden, Laurie 86 Camp, Allyn 108 Campbell, Cyd 108, 217 Campbell, Daniel 86 Campbell, Deanne 86, 229 Campbell, Dennis 108 Campbell, Jennifer 12, 86, 109, 208, 214 Campbell, Leigh 53, 170, 171 Campbell, Luanne 53, 172 Campbell, Michael 86 Campbell, Robert 86 Campbell, Timothy 53, 61, 163 Campomenosi, Deann 108 Camrite, Michelle 86 Canty, Christine 53, 218 Carlson, Kurt 86 Carlson, Laurel 33, 53, 217 Brown, Carl 52, 177, 211, 225 Brown, Barry 51 Brown, Dale 86 Brown, Gary 108, 229 Brown, lngrid 10, 86, 213, 214, 222, 248 Brown, Jennifer 10, 86 Brown, June 108 Brown, Laurie 86, 229 Brown, Linda 199 Brown, Mark 167, 229 Brown, Mary 86 240 Carlson, Paul 86, 104 Carmichael, Donald 108 Carmichel, Jennifer 108 Carney, Diane 108 Carney, Maura 53 Carosello, Dana 53 Carpenter, David 108 Carpenter, Richard 24, 86, 163, 167, 199 Carson, Coquette 108 Carter, Charles 86, 107 Carter, Jim 107 Coppo, Robert 87, 1.64, 199 Carter, Sue 86, 171 Cas, Brendan 108, 217, 225, 231, 237 Case, Sharon 108, 220 Casillas, Angela 18, 86, 208 Casillas, Georgina 17, 53, 205, 208, 233 Castaneda, Sylvia 86, 157, 182 Castillo, Andres 108, 167, 182 Castillo, Dion 53, 70, 163, 177, 182 Castillo, Lana 86, 222 Castillo, Sylvia 109 Casto, Kimberly 53, 222 Casto, Vanessa 6, 87, 95, 208 Cathey, Douglas 53, 83 Caviness, Bethany 87 Cavolaski, Tammy 109, 217 Cervantes, Michael 109, 182 Chaboudy, Michele 53 Chaboudy, Theresa 109 Chaira, Anthny 109 Chandler, Bruce 53 Chaney, Elizabeth 54 Chaney, Margaret 109, 211, 217 Chapman, Myrna 109' Chappell, Marcus 33, 54, 225, 226 Cherryholrnes, Lisa 87, 213, 248 Childs, Robert 109 Christen, Gloria 54, 233 Christen, Roger 109, 181 Chipp, Laura 54 Christensen, Neena 87 Christensen, Sonya 109 Christopherson, Jana 87 Chrzanowski, Timothy 54 Clark, Craig 54 Clark, Nancy 54, 233 Clark, Steven 54, 218, 220 Clarkson, Joseph 87, 199, 214, 218 Clawson, Michael 29, 54, 206, 211, 229 Clifton, Ken 54 Cline, Lorella 109 Cline, Tambra 109 Clouse, Duane 87, 164 Clow Jr., John 87 Cluff, Linda 87, 220 Cochenour, Wendy 109 Cockerham, Mark 109 Colby, Carrie 109, 218 Cole, Don 54, 213, 218, 248 Cole, Mary 42, 87, 100, 205, 213, 219, 248 Coleman, George 54, 163, 177 Coleman, John 109, 167, 182 Collier, Denise 109, 199 Collins, Patricia 109 Colpaert, Kenneth 54 Coltman, Lee 54, 220 Combs, Darcy 54, 225 Connelly, John 109 Connelly, Kim 54, 233 Conner, Chris 54 Cook, Dean 87, 218 Cook, Scott 87, 200 Coppinger, Jim 109, 229 Coppo, Joseph 109, 192, 226, 237 Courter, Randy 109 Coury, Ann 55 Coury, Karen 55, 56 Coury, Stephanie 55, 71, 233 Coury lll, Tony 109 Covert, Donald 55, 199 Covert, Tony 109 Cowan, Lori 55, 214, 233 Cowley, Brian 55 Cox, Colette 87, 214, 220, 225 Cox, Max 109 Crabtree, Gina 109, 211 Crane, Ronnie Crawford, Chani 87, 211 Crawford, Michael 87, 164, 199 Crew, Richard 55 Crockett, Jeffrey 34, 87, 196 Crommie, Jeanne 87 Cronk, Jennifer 109 Croslin, Dolores 109, 199 Cross, Lance 87 Cross, Leigh 87 Cross, Marla 87 Crowe, Cheri 87, 214, 229 Crowe, Tad 55, 190, 219 Cruikshank, Lori 55, 218 Crum, John 20, 34, 87, 163, 188, 199, 213, 248 Cullen, Brenda 87 Culp, Richard 109, 188 Culp, Tammy 55 Cummings, Jane 33, 42, 87, 222, 229 Cummins, Brian 87 Curd, Patricia 87, 214 Curl, Lawrence 109 Curley, Kevin 109 Currie, Bruce 109, 181, 199 Custer, Danny 87 D Daly, Robert 87, 199 Daly, Karen 109, 184, 203 Damato, Mark 87, 214 Damiano, Daniel 87, 200, 218, 220 Damiano, Sharita 55 Damron, David 164 Dana, Kevin 87, 164, 199 Danforth, Peter 199 Dani, Theresa 55 Darger, Deanna 55, 87 Darrough, Don 87 Dartt, Patricia 88 David, Robyn 88, 174, 183, 203 Davidson, Cecilia 48, 55, 233 Davidson, Michael 88 Davidson, Scott 55, 177 Davis, Ann 109 Davis, Debra 88, 208, 214 Davis, Kimberly 88, 214, 220 Davis, LeeAnn 88, 211, 222 Davis Davis Davis , Lisa 17, 55, 169, 200, 208 , Rhonda 88 , Sheri 55, 225, 233 Dawson, Annette 88 Dawson, Dawn 55 Day, Steven 56 Deaver, Linda 88 Delaney, Jeanine 88 Delgado, Petra 56 Delk, Brigitte 88 Delk, Mary 110, 217 Dell, Bryan 88 Deelorenzo, Loretta 110, 218, 229 Delporte, Edmund 110 Demarbiex, Betty 54, 56 Demarbiex, James 110, 167, 179 Demarco, Christopher 88, 220 Demarco, Elizabeth 88 emoss, Randy 88, 179 Demoss, Rebecca 88 Demoss, Rodney 88 Depriest, Craig 88, 153 Derka, Brenda 88, 90 Derka, David 110, 177 Derra, Teresa 18, 56, 95, 208 Derosa, Kevin 56, 219, 226 Derosa, Marc 88, 211, 218 Derosa, Terri 110, 211 Deroy, Terri 110 Devine, Eric 41, 88, 110 Dickenson, Tracy Dickerson, Stanley 88, 110 Diehl, George 110 Diehl, Wendy 88 Dietz, Lyndell 33, 56 Dillon, Denise 110 Dillon, Margaret 56, 62, 213 Dingman, Demaris 110, 169, 184, 203, 226 Disbrow, Karleen 56 Disbrow, Margaret 110, 184 Dixon, Kelly 88, 214 Dixon, Robert 33, 56 Domann, Walter Domann, Wanda 56, 233 Domenick, Dedra 110 Dominguez, Ermalinda 56 Domon, Dawn Donahue, Kevin 4, 56 Donovan, Richard 56 Dotson, Elizabeth 110 Douglas, Cynthia 56 Dowd, Carol 110, 118, 169, 217 Dowd, Mark 88, 199 Downs, Mark 110 Doyle, Christopher 34, 56, 206, 219, 220 Doyle, Kevin 57, 97, 205, 208, 211 Drappo, Tami 57 Drinkwater, Robin 88, 200 Driscoll, Ellen 57 Driscoll, Kathleen 110, 169 Dropp, Jami 88 Drozd, Edward 110 Drumm, Melissa 57, 233 D'Luzansky, Stephen 213 Dubrul, Debra 110 Dubrul, Michael 88 Duffel, Kathleen 88, 217 Duffy, Michael 88, 203 Dugas, Andrew 88 Dugas, Theresa 57 Duhaime, Dean 110, 167 Dumont, Michelle 110 Dumont, Paul 88 Dunham, Toni 214 Dunn, William 88 Dyches, Julie 57, 206, 233 Dyches, Kathryn 110 Eagar, Colleen 89, 222 Eagar, Denise 57 Eaker, Teresa 110 Ebert, Theresa 110, 220 Eccles, Lori 89 Eckert, David 110 Eckert, Charles Edison, Mike 110, 167, 199 Edmiston, Wendy 111 Edwards, Beth 111, 122, 217, 218 Edwards, Ellen 57 Edwards, Jennifer 89, 214 Edwards, Scott 111 Ehlers, Jeffrey 57, 199 Elbert, Lea 89 Elkins, Kathy 111 Ellington, Mary 111, 218 Elliott, William 111 Ellsworth, Beryl 89, 214, 237 Embury David 89 Embury, Linda 111 Emery, Donna 111 Emery, Laura 89, 217 Enfield, Melinda 35, 57, 222 Enfield, Richard 34, 111, 164 Engelking, Faron 111 England, Jerry 89 England, Robert 111 England, Roxanne 57 Enright, Raymond 111 Epps, Carma 89 Epps, James 57, 103 Ereth, David 58, 160-B, 163 Erickson, Laurel 58, 233 Erlandson, Gene 23, 58, 237 Esmeier, Scott 58 Esparza, Ann 89 Espinoza, Terry 58 Esqueda, Maria 89 Estes, Rodney 89 Evans, Carrie 58 Evans, Raymond 111, 167, 203 Evans, Travis 89 Evenson, Jeanne 111 Everlith, Gina 89, 169, 183, 203 Ewald, Vance 89, 139, 233 Ewart, Gregg 89, 214 Fagan, Christopher 75, 89, 199, 219, 220 Fankhauser, James 28, 89 Fanton, Darlene 89, 184, 196 Farrell, Dean 225 Farrell, Kathy 89 Farrell, Mary 89 Coppo, Cornia, sheney 20, 154, 133 Gary 109, 203 Cosgrove, James 87, 164, 200 Coston, Lexie 43, 109 Cota, Rudy 55 Couch, Richard 87, 163 Courter, David 55 Decker, Carl 110 Decker, Mary 110 Degracie, Debra 88 Degroff, Ken 110, 226 Dejno, Scott 110 Delaney, Deborah 88 Delaney, Gregory 56 Dupree, Beth 110 Duranti, Frank 89, 229 Duranti, Jim 110, 167 Durham, Ed 89, 200 Durney, Edith 110 Durney, Stephen 33, 57 Dutcher, Michelle 89 Fate, Brian 111, 167, 182 Faust, Kimberly 58 Faysak, George 111 Fellows, William 89 Fenton, James 58 Fenton, Julia 89 Ferencz, Karyn 89, 171, 226 Ferguson, Karleen 89 Ferreira, Lina 111, 217 Ferreira, Regina 89 Fett, Pam 58 Fett, Tracey 111 Fetzer, Gary 89, 218 Fielding, Diana 89 Frazier, Harris N. Finlinson, Karen 89 Fischer, Dan 89 Fischer, Lynnette 111, 219 Fitch, Monty 52, 58, 237 Fitzgerald, Karen 89 Fitzgerald, Raymond 58 Fitzpatrick, Donna 58 Fitzpatrick, James 111, 136 Fitzpatrick, Melody 89 Flake, James 111, 217 Florence, Marjorie 58, 65, 214 Florian, Dale 111 Flowers, Sandra 111, 229 Foarde, James 111, 182 Sherri 37, 97, 213, 248 Foarde, Forbes, Chris 89 Forbes, Julie 111 Forbes, Peter 89, 98 Forbes, Kevin 59 Fornash, Judith 12, 59, 233 Fornash, Patricia 89 Fornwalt, Rhonda 111, 218 Forster, Joe 7, 59, 196, 211, 219, 220 Fortner, Rita 111 Foster, Michael 111 Foulk, Sandra 111 Fournier, Stephen 59 Fowler, Kimberly 89, 172, 183, 203 Fox, Roy 59, 214 Foy, Leslie 59, 214 Franklin, Corrinna 59, 214 Franklin, Darrell 111, 218, 237 Franks, Lonnie 59 Brenda 24, 128, 89 Frazier, Bryan 89, 95, 159, 163 Frazier, Connie 112, 217 Frazier, Grant 20, 33, 34, 59, 134, 182, 186, 225 Frazier, Holly 112, 200, 208 Freemole, Joni 112, 199 French, Julie 59 Fresh, Bradley 59 Frias, Theresa 112 Frick, Jode 89, 217 Frick, William 112 Friel, Michael 90, 192, 206, 213 Frisby, Mark 90 Frisby, Timothy 51, 59 Froncek, Francis 112, 167, 203 Froncek, Matthew 59, 163 Frost, Anne 59 Frost, William 112, 167, 199 Frye, Julie 89, 112 Frye, Larry 59 Fuca, Carmen 59 Fuller, Melanie 31, 34, 89 Funkhouser, Audie 199 Gabb, Diana 59 Gaetjens, Charles 90, 92, 164, 214 Gallagher, Anne 30, 90 Ganser, 231 Sherry 60, 100, 219, 225, Garcia, Andy 112 Garcia, Maria 112 Gardner, Cindy 60, 229 Gardner, Kelli 112, 169, 200, 208 Gardner, Linda 90 Gardner, Mark 112, 188 Gardner, Shawn 60, 199 Gardner , Tracy 90, 164 Garduno, Frances 112 Garn, Bradley 112, 226 Garnier, Glen 90 Garnier, Valerie 112 Garrett, Brent 60, 163, 177, 199 Garrison, Jodi 112 Garver, Evelyn 112 Gasswint, Pamela 60, 170, 171, 183, 196 Gay, John 34, 112 Gearhart, Christopher 90, 203 Gebbia, Pauley 112 Gebbia, Toni 60 Gebo, Nancy 112, 174, 211, 213, 225 Gedicks, Laurie 60, 208 Gee, Dan 60, 192 Gehring, Luann 60 Geisheimer, Kathleen 112 Gerkin, Don 60, 160, 192 Gerkin, Sheri 90, 222 Germaine, Randi 26, 60, 163, 200, 203, 211 Germaine, Sandi 60, 172, 196 German, Melody 60 Giampa, Jeffrey 112 Gianguzzo, Jonathan 112 Gibson, Donald 90 Giese, Marlon 60, 233 Gillespie, Camille 60 Gimmy, Barbara 60, 172, 213, 217 Glauser, Marcia 112, 126, 206, 217, 219 Glenn, Russell 112 Glover, Troy 112 Goar, Brenda 34, 90 Godwin, Pamela 112 Goff, Chris 90, 233 Golden, Deborah 112, 217 Golightly, Susan 112, 217 Gomez, Angelica 112, 226 Gomez, Eva 61 Gomez, Gloria 112, 226 Gonzales, Andrea 20, 90, 222, 233 Gonzales, Maxcine 113 Gonzalez, Adriana 113, 213, 248 Gonzalez, Sandra 60, 61, 213, 248 Good, Brian 90, 213 Gooder, Daniel 61 Goodman, Carl 61 Gordon, Jeff 113 Gorman, Deborah 61 Gorman, Maxine 113, 235 Gose, Carol 61, 219 Gosney, Heather 54, 172, 196 Grant, Christopher 61, 104 Graves, John 64, 134, 186 Gray, Theresa 113 Gray lil, Robert 90, 231 Green, Angela 90 I Green, Elizabeth 113 Green, Lisa 113 Greene, Cindi 90 Greene, Rebecca 90 Grenier, Gregory 61, 192 Grey, Little 113 Griemsman, Robert 61 Griffin, Robert 113 Griffin, Steve 90, 199 Griffiths, Robin 90 Guard, Scott 61, 203, 211, 233 Guest, Thomas 113, 203, 206 Gunderson, Quincy 113, 182 - Gunnell, Anne 20, 62, 208, 214, 255 Gurr, Leesa 62, 206 Gurr, Lori 90, 100 Gurtler, Karl 113, 218 Gutierrez, Rosalba 113 Gutman, Monica 62 Guzman, Veronica 90, 113 H Haag, Rhonda 90 Habeeb, Hillary 90 Hackworth, David 62 Hackworth, Steven 113, 177, 218 Hahn, Emily 90, 219 Hahn, Kathy 62 Hale, Chris 90, 164 Hale, Hale, Hale, Hale, Elizabeth 112, 220 Jr 179, 181 Rebecca 113, 217, 222, 226 Robert 90, 218 Hall, Brent 113, 217 Hall, Frank 62 Hall, John 62 Hall, Reed 90 Hall, Shirley 113 Halsey, Melinda 62, 233 Halsey, Rhonda 90, 171, 196, 214, 231 Halvorsen, Kitty 62 Hamberg, Roderick 90, 163, 188 Hammers, Robert 90 Hampton, Darcia 62 Hampton, Katherine 90 Handgis, Margaret 62, 233 Heckman, Teresa 24, 63, 171, 203, 213 Hedberg, Michell 91 Hedberg, Mike 113 Hedgpeth, Timothy 114 Heil, Emmaly 114, 218 Heil, Ingrid 63 Hein, Lisa 91 Heintz, Kristian 91, 114 Helmick, Greg 114 Henderson, Robert 63 Henkel, Darwin 63, 199 Henn, Krista 114, 169 Henn, Scott 91, 164, 199, 226 Henry, Roger 114, 218 Henry, Sharon 114, 174, 184, 203 Henry, Todd 91 Hersley, Michael 91, 200 Herd, Julie 114, 222 Herderick, Glenn 114 Hernandez, Maryna 114, 184 Hero, Dawn 114 Hervey, Marian 22, 41, 52, 237 Heta, Ronald 114 Hewitt, Cheryl 114, 169, 199, 219 Hewitt, Kelly 24, 63, 205, 214, 218 Hewitt, Lori 63, 214, 218 Hewson, Destinee 91 Hewson, Rick 114 Hey, Dan 114 Hibben, Sandra 114, 217, 222 Hicks, Dena 91 Hicks, Kevin 114 Higdon, Shawn 91, 179, 235 Handgis, Matthew 90, 113 Hansen, Roger 90, 141, 164, 229 Hansen, Timo 113, 220 Hanson, Christopher 113 Hanson, Tom 90 Hardin, Dana 113, 217 Harmon, Laurel 90, 208, 214, 225 Harrah, Harrah, Betsy 90, 213 Robert 90 Hill, Christine 91, 183, 203 Hill, Jack 114 Hill, Ric 104 Hill, Robert 114 Hill, Terry 114 Hillger, Kimberly 114 Himes, Todd 91 Himmelsbach, Janet 63, 220 Hinckley, John 63 Harrell, Brett 33, 62, 200, 225 Harrell, Julianne 33, 62, 219, 220, 225, 226 Harrell, Sharianne 113, 199, 219 Harris, Bradley 12, 90 Harris, John 91 Harris, Lisa 113, 203, 206, 217 Harris, Theodore 26, 62, 214 on, Don Harsh, Constance 113 Hart, John 33, 63, 219, 220, 231 Hartung, Gregg 113 Harvey, Gregory 113, 154, 200 Harvey, Susan 46, 63 Haslip, Amy 113 ' Hasslacher, John 91 Hasslacher, Sally 113, 235 Hatch, Pamela 10, 91, 213, 214, 227, 248 Hatfield, Diana 113, 217, 222 Hatfield, Kent 91, 186 Hayes, Dianann 63, 213, 233, 248 Hayes, Linda 33, 63, 233 Haymaker, Steven 113 Headrick, Jerome 63 Headrick, Nathan 113, 226 Heap, Miriam 113, 182, 183, 203, 206 Heater, Carol 85, 113 Heater, Lowell 91 Hebdon, Bobette 91, 169, 214 Hecht, David 229 Heckman, Glenn 113, 218 Hinckley, Randolph 114 Hindes, Lyle 91 Hinds, Michael 114, 181 Hobley, Mark 34, 91 Hoffman, Bruce 114 Hoffman, Deeann 114 Hoffman, Mark 114 Hoffman, Vonnie 114 Hofhine, Melanie 64 Hofine, Susan 229 Holbrook, Cheryl 64 Holifield, Deborah 114 Holling, Cynthia 91 Holmes, James 91 Holmes, Tim 17, 64, 160-D, 163 Holmes, Rodney 91, 199 Holt, Judy 64 1 Holt, Steven 91, 164 Holub, David 64 Hon, Kathy 64, 214 Hon, Wendy 91 Hoopes, David 179 Hoopes, James 91 Hopper, Scott 64 Hopson, Candice 64 Horton, Lorrie 64 Hosking, Marjorie 64 Hossack, Dianne 114, 184, 194 Houghton, Dean 46, 92, 229 House, Trudy 92, 219, 225, 231 Howard, Vanessa 64 Hoy, Daniel 64 Hronek, Alice 92 Hubler, Dan 114 Huderle, Barbara 92 Hudlin, Jana 114 Hughes, Tim 64 Hughes, Vincent 92 Hull, Christopher 114, 199 Hull, Renee 92, 219 Humble, Robert 92 Hundley, Gaye 92 Hunt, Jerome 92, 203 Hurier, Debra 114, 218 Hurley, Dominick 92 Hutchinson, Anne 115 Hutchinson, Hugh 64 Hutchinson, Kenneth. 65 llnicky, Jacqueline 92, 171, 196 lnk, Charlene 92 lnk, Steven 24, 65, 211 lnkel, Duwayne 115 Irwin, Tracy 115 J Jablonsky, David 92 Jablonsky, Patricia 65 Jackson, Jennifer 115, 116, 217 218 Jackson, Kenneth 115, 136 Jackson, Patricia 92 Jacobo, David 92, 199 Jaocbs, Betty 115 Jacobson, Linda 92 Jaehnig, Ellen 115 James, Jessica 169 Jamieson, David 17, 24, 33, 47, 65, 225 Janisch, Jean 65, 233 Jauregul, Alfred 115 Jensen, Christy 65, 219 Jensen, Jennifer 65 Jentsch, Laurie 65, 233 Jerrell, Heather 92 Jespersen, Thomas '92 Jim, Francis 65, 235 Jimenez, Deborah 92 Joplin, Gary 92, 164, 177 Joseph, Shon 115 Joswiak, Andrew 93, 199, 213 Judd, Sharilyn 12, 93, 208 Jukic, Ruzica 93 K Kabage, Lawrence 115 Kaiser, Darla 115, 163 Kaldahl, Kevin 34, 93, 181 Kalt, Ronald 115 Kaminsky, Raeann 66 Kaplanis, Regina 66 Kaplanis, Renee 66 Karam, Keith 26, 93 Karl, Steven 66 Karry, Dura 115 Kasprzyk, Anthony 115, 164, 181, 188, 199, 226 Kasprzyk, Karl 93, 182, 226 Keel, Darla 93 Keel, Kellie 93 Kegerreis, Shellie 115 Kegler, Lynn 66 Keilholtz, Kimberly 115 Keith, Bernice 115, 235 Keller, Judy 115 Kelly, Christina 93, 214, 220 Kelly, Michael 164 Kelsey, Ted 115, 235 Kemp, David 66, 186 Kempton, Kena 115, 122 Kent, Kevin 93 Kent, Lisa 116, 217 Kenton, Jocelyn 235 Kephart, Catherine 116, 214 Kephart, Timothy 24, 66 Kern, Ronald 93 Kernagis, Christine 116 Kernagis, Steve 93, 164, 203 Kerr, Ronald 66 Kerrigan, Michael 93 Kescoli, Marcella 116 Kidwell, Penny 23, 116, 217 Koepke, Cindy 93 Kolhepp, Jody 116, 118 Kolossa, Sheri 93, 183, 196 Korman, Albert 67, 214 Korman, Helena 8, 67, 208, 217, 220 Kotula, Edward 116 Kovach, Terry 93, 183 Krainock, Calleen 211, 214, 222 Krall, Ann 28, 29, 67, 206, 225 Krall, Elizabeth 93, 184 Kramer, Stephen 116 Kuchan, James 116, 237 Kuchan, William 67 Kudrzycki, Jan 116 Kueber, Christine 116 Kuehner, David 93, 181, 199 Kunasek, Andrew 116 Kunasek, Greg 67, 160-D, 163 Kurus, Jr A 93 Kurus, Peter 116 Kyhn, Kathleen 93 Kyler, Robert 93 L Lacy, Ruth 93, 183, 196, 225, 231 Lafler, Linda 116, 200 Lafler, Robert 67, 237 Lafortune, Craig 67, 145, 226 Lafortune, Shane 103, 111 Laine, Bill 116 Laird, Barry 18, 34, 67, 186, 203 Laircl, Linda 93 Lambert, Marc 67, 192, 217 Lambert, Sheri 116, 199 Lambert, Wendy 93 Lambright, Gregory 116 Landrith, Laura 116 Langdon, William 68, 225 Lewis, James 94, 214 Lewis, Jimmy 94, 220 Lila, Mark 69 Lindell, Michael 69 Lintner, Eldon 117 Lipka, Carrie 69, 219 Lipka, Stephen 34, 69 Lipka, Thomas 28, 94 Lloyd, Charles 94, 219, 220 Lloyd, Eric 117, 220 Lloyd, Scott 94 Johann, Dina 92 Johnson Alan 115 Johnson Ann 115, 219 Johnson Anna 115, 169 Johnson Cindy 115, 217 Johnson Dawn 92, 219 Johnson, Deborah 92 Johnson Donald 65, 75, 219 Johnson Dora 92 Kimball, Nancy 50, 66, 218, 220 Kime, Edwin 116 Kime, Tammy 66 King, Cynthia 93, 160-C, 169, 183 King, Daniel 116 King, Diana 66, 217, 233 King, Douglas 116 King, Ernest 93 King, Patrick 116 King, Susan 66, 169, 235 King, Todd 116, 217, 226 Kinney, Dale 66, 237 Kinney, James 67 Langenberg, Ann 68 Larsen, Debra 116, 217 Larsen, Don 68 Larson Debra 116, 211, 217, 22 Larson Edwin 116, 199 Larson, Gary 116 Larson, Lance 182 Larson, Laurie 93, 214, 233 0 Johnson, Greg 115 Johnson, Jan 65, 233 Johnson, Jenese 92 Johnson, Jennifer 92 Johnson, Keith 115 Johnson, Mark 92, 214 Johnson, Steven 92, 200 Johnson, Timothy 92, 200 Johnston, Paul 113 Johnston, Sheryl 65 Jones , Jones, Aaron 115 Anna 65, 21.3, 248 Jones, Dara 92, 199, 219 Jones, Eric 92, 199 Jones, Kenneth 92 Jones, Sherri 115 Jones, Tara 65 Joplin, Christina 66 Kinney, Kristin 93, 229 Kirch, Cathleen 116, 218 Kirch, Tamara 93, 211 Kirkpatrick, Kathy 116 Kiser, Dana 67 Kitchens, Tania 116 Klaas, John 67 Klapper, Micheal 116 Klein, Jim 67, 148, 235, 237 Kleinman, Kathy 83, 219 Kleinman, Lynda 116, 219 Kloha, Karen 67, 218 Klingensmith, Jill Kluck, Tanya 116, 217, 222 Knapp, Brian 116 Knudtson, Joseph 164 Koenig, Mary 93, 229 Koens, Darcel 93 Laureanti, Joseph 93 Lavelle, Phyllis 93 Lawrence, Douglas 117, 192 Laws, Randy 68 Leach, Sherry 117, 194, 196 Learn, Debbie 93 Leatherman, Wayne 93 Lebaron, Diana 68, 206 Ledger, Scott 117 Lee, Kerry 117, 200, 208 Lee, Patrick 68, 150, 203 Lee, Rebecca 68 Lee, Sabra 93 Lee, Steven 68, 134, 211 Leek, Lisa 117 Leer, Thomas 68 Leffler, Darla 117 Legg, Tod 94 Leisure, Julie 94 Lerdall, Mark 117, 119, 167, 179, 196, 217 Leslie, David 111, 117, 213, 248 Lesueur, Richard 68, 159, 199, 206 Levenda, Michael 83, 94, 199 Levenda, Paul 69, 199 Levine, Seth 117, 217, 218 Lock, Gary 117, 179 Lockhart, Clinton 69 Lofgran, Carol 117 Lomeli, Dianna 94, 171, 196 Loper, Lynn 69, 76 Lopez, Joanne 117 Lopez, Sylvia 94, 219 Lott, Beth 69, 233 Lowinske, Sandee 94 Lowinski, Aurien 69 Lucht, Mark 11, 94, 163, 226 Lucht, Mike 94, 102, 163 Luders, David 69, 163 Luebke, Mark 94, 163, 192, 213, 233 Lugo, Annette 94 Lundblom, Craig 117, 192, 226 Lunt, Lisa 117 Luster, Daivd 94 Lyman, Lori 117 Lyon, Gary 117, 188 Macchiaroli, James 94, 196, 233 MacDowell, Joni 94 Mack, Aaron 69 Macmillan, Robert 118, 220 Macpherson, Bradley 69, 75, 219 Madden, Sherri 111 Maddox, Cynthia 69, 205, 214 Madison, Sheri 69 Madueno, Donna 94, 219 Maggs, Brenda 94 Maggs, Ricky 117 Major, Mary 69, 219 Major, Meta 94 Major, Stacey 183, 203 Major, Tonna 117 Majors, Kirk 117, 136 Majors, Rick 70 Malherbe, Sally 94 Malo, Carol 94 Mankey, Scott 94, 231 Mansfield, Timothy 94, 220, 230, 237 ' Manuel, Jon 70, 235 Manuel, Sandra 70 Marino, Steve 94 Markham, David 117 Marley, Brenda 117 Marsh, Allen 117, 167 Marsh, Kelly 117 Marsh, Laurie 70 Marshall, Lynda 94, 229, 231 Marshall, Trudi 118 Marshall, Wesley 70, 219, 220 Marsom, Clifford 52, 70 Martin, Jeffrey 94, 104 Martin, Lisa 118 Martin, Roger 118, 203 Martinez, Eva 94, 226 Martinez, Ralph 70, 203, 211 Martinez, Monica 118 Martinez, Patricia 118 Martinez, Raymond 118, 179 Martinez, Rmelia 94 Martinez, Salvador 94m 226 Mason, Daniel 118 Master, Steve 118 Mathers, Sherrie 118 Matheson, Sherry 15, 94, 171, 211, 214, 220, 226, 235 Matta, Allen 70 Matteo, Florence 118, 217 Matteo, Mark 94, 214 Matthews, Cris 118 Matthews, Laretha 70, 203 Mauzy, Eddy 104, 118 Maxwell, Victor 118, 218 Mayhew, Laurie 118, 217, 229 Maynard, Natalie 94, 211 Mays, Matthew Mazzoli, Terri 94 Mc Alister, Chris 70, 169 Mc Ardle, Paul 118 Mc Cain, Karen 118, 220 Mc Carter, Bridget 118, 217 Mc Cleary, Jeffery 94 McClellan, Michael 94, 200, 218 Mc Clendon 70 Mc Cormack, Ross 118, 167 Mc Cormick, Cindy 118, 169, 196 Mc Cormick, David 71, 181, 199 Mc Cracken, Carol 118 Mc Craw, John 118, 179 Mc Daniel, Billy 118, 218, 237 Mc Daniel, Karen 118 Mc Daniel, Sheila 85, 118 Mc David, Carl 94, 229 Mc David, Tamara 94, 203 Mc Dermott, John 118, 217, 220 Mc Donald, Barbara 12, 94, 204, 217 Mc Donnell, Melissa 28, 94 Mc Elroy, Scott 71 Mc Fadden, June Mc Fall, David 57, 94 Mc Fall, Kristi 95 Mc Farland, Cynthia 115, 118, 199, 217 Mc Farland, Linda 95 Mc Farland, Michelle 211 Mc Farland, Patricia 71 Mc Ghee, Mitchell 95, 118, 192 Mc Govern, Mark 95, 219 Mc Grath, James 95, 177 Mc Gregor, Jenet 95 Mc lnnes, Kimberly 118 Mc lntyre, Wendy 95, 214 Mc Kay, Robert 95, 182, 219 Mc Kinley, Connie 71, 208, 222 Mc Knight, Richard 103, 118 Mc Laughlin, David 71 Mc Laughlin, Frank 93, 95, 218, 220 Mc Millin, Deana 237 Mc Nulty, Michael 118, 164, 177 Mc Quillen, Chuck 118 Meagher, Richard 40, 217 Medina, Ruben 95 Mehan, Deborah 118, 174, 181 Meile, Greg 95 Melcher, Vincent 118 Mendoza, Francisco 118 Mendoza, lvonne 71 Meredith, Gary 118 Meredith, Sheri 71 Merrill, Frank 118, 188, 203 Merrill, Kathleen 119 Merritt, Patrick 118 Messer, Steven 71, 199 Miculs, Daila 33, 71, 220 Middlebrough, Judy 95, 233 Middleton, John 119, 126, 199, 217, 219 Miller, Brian 17, 71, 160vB, 160-C, 163 Miller James 119 Miller, Mike 71 Miller, Paul 71 Miller, Paula 71 Miller, Robert 95 Miller, Terri 33, 71, 220, 225 Millet, Shelli 71, 119 Millett, Kent 95 Millett, Sheri 217 Milligan, Dandy 72 Mills, Anthony 72, 211 Mills, Denise 95, 218 Mills, Linda 72 Mills, Michael 119, 217 Minnick, Susan 95, 214 Minor, Laura 95 Miranda, Mike 95 Miranda, Teresa 226 Missik, Peggy 72 Misura, Cindy 119 Mitchell, Georgia 119 Mitchell, Jay 119, 218 Mitich, Milan 119 Mize, Jo Ann 72, 233 Mize, Linda 119 Moffat, Roger 24, 119, 199, 217 Montijo, Frank 117, 119 Mooi, Cheryl 72 Moon, Todd 119 Moore,'Autumn 95 Moore, Michelle 199, 167, 177 Morales, Gregory Moreland, Raymond 95, 164 Moreno, Danny 95 Moreno, Michael Morris, Dean 95, 182 Morris, Julie 119 Morris, Keith 95 Morrison, Deana 95 Morrison, Scott 95 Morrow, Dolores 119 Morrow, Randy 119, 218 Morstain, Kent 119 Morstain, Kevin 42, 72 Mortensen, Kathie 119 Mortimer, Lori 95 Mucha, Kathleen 95 Mucha, Lori 119, 233 - Mueller, Angela 95 Mullins, Byron 119 Mullins, Jeanie 119, 217 Mullins, Lori 95, 100, 220 Mullins, Rob 95 Mulloy, Charlie 95 Mulloy, Kelly 72 Mully, Kenneth 95 Mumford, Kimberly 119, 217 Murgatroyd, Trent 96 Murphy, Kelly 72 Murrell, Tony 96 Musgrove, Russell 72, 200 Musgrove, Tammy 96 Myers, Jr J 119 Myers, Tammy 119 Nakade, Mike 29, 206, 225 Nance, Charles 9, 72, 211 Navarrette, Jr, Santos 119 Naylor, Michael 96 Needham, Theresa 96 Neiman, Irving 96, 226 Neiman, Tracey 119 Nelson, Bruce 72 Nelson, Christy 88, 96 Nelson, Cynthia 120 Nelson, Dean 120 Nelson, Julie 29, 72, 91, 206 Nelson, Laura 72 Nelson, Lynn 120, 229 Nelson, Peggy 73, 233 Nelson, Richard 96 Nelson, Roberta 120, 153, 137 Nettlow, Kathleen 20, 95, 96, 200, 204, 208, 214 Nettlow, Kristine, 20, 96, 104, 200, 208, 217 Neumann, Andrew 47, 96, 237 Newman, Lisha 73, 134 Nichols, Lori 73 Nichols, Michael 5, 73, 218, 220 Nicholson, Mary 120 Nicholson, Myra 96, 213 Nicholson, Sharin 40, 96 Nickell, James 120, 199 Nicolaus, Thomas 96 Nicoll, John 96, 163 Nicolls, Eric 120, 167 Nicolls, Gregory 96, 225 Nielson, Jon 96 Nims, Craig 120, 182, 199 Noderer, Judith 73 Noderer, Martha 120, 199, 220 Noe, Elizabeth 120, 219 Noel, Judith 73, 169, 200 Noel, Raye 96, 214 Norris, Vincent 120, 235 North, Michele 96 Northey, Gregory 96, 237 Norton, Twila 120, 126 0 Oakes, Cindy 96, 208, 214, 220 Oelke, Deborah 66, 73, 219, 226, 233 Oelke, Rebecca 120, 217, 220, 226 Ogden, Melinda 217 Ogilvie, John 120, 167 Oliver, Joann 120, 217 Olsen, Darrin 120 Olsen, Vicki 73 Orcutt, Cynthia 120 Orrantia, Lisa 97 Ortega, Marcelino 120 Ortega, Rose 97, 226 Ortiz, Carlos 226 Ortiz, Gloria 97 Ortiz, Gregory 73 O'Connor, Mike 97 O'Dell, Denise 73, 233 O'Dell, Marsha 97, 114 O'Dell, Paula 24, 120, 203, 217 O'Malley, David 120, 226 O'Malley, John 97, 225 Osborne, Elizabeth 120 Osife, James 120 Osife Jr. John 120, 181 Ostendorf, Larry 120, 229 Ostrom, Larissa 17, 73 Ott, Matthew 97, 120 Overly, Mike 121 , Owens, Dewayne 121, 167, 203 Owens, Rauna 97 P Pace, Julie 73, 213 Pacho, Andrew 200 Paddock, Cindy 73 Paddock, Dorothy 97 Painter, Kristi 97 Painter, Paul 121 Palazzetti, Jeffrey 97 Palazzetti, Richard 73 Palazzetti, Robert 121, 139 Palmer, Brenda 73 Palmer, Rodney 97, 121, 167, 203 Palomino, Christina 121 Papineau, Dana 121, 126, 220 Paredes, Sarah 97 Paris, Jack 121 Parker, Kathy 121 Partel, Theresa 15, 97, 211 Partin, Rodney 97 Pasquali, Robert 121, 154 Passante, David 97, 190 Passarella, Francis 167 Passarella, Mary 97 Patanella, Todd 97, 200 Patterson, Kathleen 73, 217 Pauly, Mitchel 121 Payne, Bradly 218, 220 Payson, Steven 4, 34, 97, 181, 199, 214 Pearce, Daniel 73, 214 Pearce, Judy 121, 217 Pearce, Patricia 97, 169 2201lPeel, Michael 73, 225 Peel, Richard 74 Pemberton, Donna 97 Pena, Anna 90, 97 Pena, Lydia 121 Pena Michael 177 Pena Pend oiga 121 196 le, Robert 97 Pendleton, Brent 74, 233 Pennington, Beverly 121 Perkins, Brad 64 Perkins, Deneta 97 Perkinson, Lisa 97, 208, 214 Perlman, Marc 97 Perrault, Christine 97, 218 Perrault, Lynne 74, 214, 226 Perri, Patricia 74, 235 Peters, Gail 97, 160-C, 172, 184, 203, 225, 235 Peters, John 97, 191 Peters, Julie 121 Peterson, Benita 74, 237 Peterson, Mark 97 Peterson, Mitchell 121 Pfeifer, Cynthia 97 Pfeifer, Sue 97 Phillips, Cory 97, 181 Phillips, Judy 121 Pichoff, Jolynn 74 Pickens, Elizabeth 121 Pickett, Jolene 121 Pico, Bradley 97, 160-B, 160-D, 163, 177 Pierson, Edward 121 Pineda, Moses 179, 181 Plunkett, Jay 121 Plympton, Clayton 98 Polen, Lauri 98 Pollard, Tammy 121 Pollmiller, Cheryl 98, 169, 219 Pollmiller, Kathleen 74, 169, 199 Poncedeleon, Ralph 98, 104 Poncedeleon, Richard 121 Poole, Tim 98 Wood, J Stephens, Doug 80 Stephens, Laura 124, 194, 218 Stephenson, Kevin 101, 219, 220 Stewart, John 101, 231 Stewart, L.isa 23, 33, 58, 80, 219, 225 Stewart, Vernon 80 Stmars, Patricia 80 Stockdale, Dean 101 Stoker, Susan 101, 225 Stone, Katherine 101, 213, 248 Stone, Marshall 31, 124, 226 Stonestreet, Yvette 101 Stout, James 124 Stout, John 80, 163 Stover, Aaron 124 Strader, John 22, 23 Stradling, Susan 101 Strait, David 101 Stubbs, Michael 124 Suladie, Jeffrey 101 Sullivan, David 124 Sullivan, Launi 34, 101, 214 Sumpter, Renee 124 Sutherland, Kristi 101 Sutton, Bruce 80, 134, 180, 199 Sutton, Donna 101, 169, 199 Swanson, Tracy 124 Swanholm, Teresa Sweeney, Laurie 124, 217, 222 Swiatkowski, Paul 124, 199 Szewc, Raymond 101, 219 Tucker, Frank 124, 218, 237 Tucker, Mark 24, 116, 124, 206, 217 Tucker, Todd 18, 26, 124, 188 Tucker, Tricia 81, 208, 214 Tuffly, Patrick 81 Turley, Connie 125 Turley, Garth 125 Turley, C.F. 206, 213, 214, 248 Turley, Kenneth 164 Turley, Kimi 102, 217, 220 Turley, Michelle 122, 125, 217 Turley, Thomas 24, 125, 226 Turner, Donald 102, 199 Turner, Lorrine 81 Turner, Pam 125, 217 Turner, Tonya 81 U Uhls, Karen 81, 153 Umpleby, Gregory 125, 143 Upton, V Robbie 125, 229 Waldsmith, James 82, 219 Walker, Cynthia 110, 125, 200, 217 Walker, Lisa 125 Ward, Vicki 125, 169, 226 Warneke, Larry 82 Warren, Tracy 102 Warwick, Julia 125 Warwick, Kevin 125 Washington, Darren 82, 163, 235 Valdez, Bernadette 112, 125, 226 Valdez, Jesse 177 Valdez, Jim 31, 102, 177 Vale, Richard 125 T Tancrede, Rose 80, 225 Tanner Tanner Tanner, Tanner Tarabo 211, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, , Catherine 101 , Danny 124 Denise 124, 218, 229 , Vickie 124 relli, Ernest 80, 81, 200, 213 Barbara 124 Mark 101 Stuart 101, 163, 199 Sue 133 Victoria 101 Teague, Dianne 101, 214 Teasley, Monty 101, 124 Teeter, Linda 101, 217 Teter, Gilbert 124 Thayer, Alison 57, 80, 213 Thiel, Christine 124 Thomas, Nimrod 101,180,199,235 Thoma Thoma s, Robert 124 s, Scott 101 Thompson, Christine 80 Thompson, L.ori 101 Thompson, Neil 124 Thompson, Shanda 80 Throckmorton, Sharon 80, 145, 219, 220 Tibbetts, Kathleen 80, 233 Valenzuela, John 125, 219, 220 Vandamme, Denise 125 Vanderbeck, Craig 179 Vanderpool, Tim 81 Vangordon, Debra 81 Vanherpen, Johanna 169, 203,218 Vannorman, Duane 102, 163 Vannorman, Kevin 125, 167, 203 Vanparys, Jeffery 125, 199 Vanparys, Jill 102, 199, 214 Vargas, Evelia 125 Vargas, Lorraine 125 Vargas, Mary 81 Vargas, Jose 102 Vargo, April 102 Vargo, Jill 81, 194, 233 Vargo, Tami 81 Vaughan, Cory 12, 81, 211, 214, 225, 248 Vaughan, Ronald 125, 226 Vaugh, Patrick 125 Veloz, Catalina 125 Veloz, Jose 81 Venn, Randy 125, 218 Vensor, Rebecca 125, 226 r Verch, Todd 102, 164, 177, 220 i Villegas, Joe 102, 226 Vinton, Carol 102, 222 , Vucic, Joseph 102, 199 Vujicic, Angela 125 213, 182, Tidwell, Tina 124, 169, 200, 208 Timmons, Karla 101, 213 Tinkham, Cindy 124 Tirone, Thomas 101 Toffelmire, Brenda 124, 184, 203 Tollefson, Reed 80 Tomlin, Jeff 102, 164 Torres, Thomas 124, 164, 199 Townsend, Patra 102, 194, 196 Trejo, Terri 124 Trekas, Lee 102 Trekas, Lisa 102 Tryon, Forrest 203 Tucker, David 12, 80, 177, 211, 214 W Wade, Wade Allan 23, 72, 81, 199, 214 Gerald 102, 164 wade, Janet 125, 217 Wade, Pam 125, 222, 229 Wager, Wager, Mark 81, 233 Sherri 125 Wagner, Karen 78, 81 Wagner, Peter 102, 125 Wahlhe im, Teresa 81 Wakefield, Mark 82 Wakefield, Mike 102 Waldro p, Kristy 82, 200 Watkins, Donald 109, 125 Watkins, Jennifer 125 Watkins, Lisa 125 Watkins, Nina 102, 220, 231 Watson, Lyman 125 Watson, Watt, Watte Maureen 82, 169 Steven 31, 102 rs, Thomas 103, 164 Wayman, Kimberly 82, 220 Wayne, Kristy 102, 214 Weatherwalks, Michael 125 Weaver, Mary Fae 56, 82, 213, 248 Weaver, Richard 102 Webb, Barbara 125 Webb, Kathie 82 Webb, Lani 102, 108, 125, 217 Webb, Lori 98, 102, 169, 183 Webb, Sian 102 Weber, Greg 102, 163, 206 Weeks, Suporn 82 Wehrman, Roberta 82, 199, 206, 211, 214 Weight, Jay 7, 163, 203 Weight, Sterling 102, 217 Weinberg, Marc 102, 217 Weise nberger, Nadine 82, 220 Weisenberger, Sheryl 125, 217, 22 Welch, cindy 125, 222 Weldon, Ruth 102, 218 Wells, Darcel 9, 82, 217 Wells, Lance 103 Wells, Lori 82, 211, 226 Wells, Scott 103 Wells, Vic 125, 167, 203 Welshenbaugh, Jean 82, 235 Wende, Anthony 41, 126, 213, 218, 248 Wende, Gregory 103 Wende, Loretta 126, 222 Wendt, Adam 82 Werner, Christiana 103, 199, 220, 222, 225 Werner, Rebecca 126, 217, 226 Wesolowski, Joseph 126 Wesolowski, Lu Anne 103 West, Connie 220 West, Daniel 103, 167, 214 West, Dawn 113, 126, 217, 222 West, Rhonda 103, 143, 220 West, Winston 126 Westbrook, Rhonda 126 Wetzel, Karen 220 Wetzel, Teri 103, 214 Whalen, Marjorie 126 Wheeler, Deborah 82, 208 Whitaker, Nannette 83 White, Barbara 82 White, Mark 82 White, Vicki 103 Whitewater, Victoria 126 Wiegert, Jerry 126, 188 Wilcock, Sherri 108 Wilder, Paula 126 Wilkes, Marisa 127, 217 Willcutt, Gunnar 82 Willcutt, Lora 126, 222 Williams, Dana 126, 194, 196 Williams, David 126, 136 2 Williams, David 126 Williams, Gail 127, 217 Williams, Holly 126, 219 Williams, Jana 103, 214 Williams, John 126, 237 Williams, Kevin 126 Williams, Kimberley 126, 235 Williams, Linda 83, 199 Williams, Mark 39, 83 Williams, Sandra 217 Williams, Scot 83 Willis, Lilly 103 Willis, Lynette 83 Wilson, Carmen 103 Wilson, Christopher 103, 203 Wilson, Jamie 127 Wilson, Julie 127, 208 Wilson, Linda 103 Winblood, Robin 103 Wingler, Teresa 127 Wingler, Teresa 127 Winkle, Valjean 103, 182, 183,203 Winkler, Corene 103, 218, 225 Curtis' 33, 83, 196, 211,225 Winkler, Winters, Joni 83 Winters, Lisa 103, 214 Winters, Shelly 127, 218 Witt, Na talie 94, 103, 222 Wix, Tanya 127, 217, 219, 248 Wnorowski, Kelly 103, 184 Wolfe, Tony 103 enna 83 Wood, Pamela 83 Wood, Walter 33, 83 Woodruff, Kevin 83 Woods, Carol 103, 220 Woods, Dave 127 Woods, Kristine 103, 174, 199 Workinger, Laura 127, 219, 237 Workman, Amy 103 Workman, Tami 43, 127 Worsley, Joni 104, 145, 225 Wozniak, Robert 127, 226 Wright, Bob 127 Wright, Lizabeth 68, 134, 170, 171, 220 Wright, Lori 127 Wursten, Michael 83 . Wyckoff, Sarah 104, 229 Wyckoff, Steven 127, 229 Wygle, Kimberly 127, 143, 219 Wynn, Thomas 127, 179 Wyrick, Phyllis 104 Y Yeary, Cheryl 104 Yee, Joe 233 Young, Debbye 104 Young, Lisa 127 Young, Sylvia 127 Youtsey, Darren 127 Z Zalman, George 104 Zamora, Debbie 127, 226 Zamora, Eleazar 104 Zekanis, Lynne 83 Ziebell, Jeffrey 83, 104, 177, 208, 211 Zirker, Carolyn 40, 86, 220 Zirker, Catherine 40, 83, 220 Zogelma Zollinger n, Brenda 194 , Cheryl 100, 104,126,219 Zollinger, Susan 127, 218 Zuniga, Frank 104, 214 Zuniga, Sheri 127, 200, 222 Rowley, Steven 42, 99, 214 Porco, Aldo 98 Porter, Brett 121, 167 Porter, David 121 Posthuma, Barbara 98 Posthuma, Garrett 74 Posthuma, Thomas 74 Potter, Kathleen 12, 98, 211, 222, 248 Potter, Leslie 74, 196 Potter, Mark 121, 188, 200 Powell, Deena 74 Prather, Senorri 98 Potter, Tamra 121, 217 Prather, Steven 121 Pray, Jeffrey 34, 74, 231 Prevatte, Jacqueline 74 Prevatte, Rigina 98, 181, 199 Price, David 74 Price, James 98 Prince, Charles 75 Prince, Eugene 98 Puebla, Cathy 121, 217 Purdom, Susan 121, 225, 226 Purinton, Debra 211, 214 Quigley, Michael 75, 211 Rader, Kelly 98, 220, 229 Radley, Joseph 75 Rakowsky, Kurt 98 Ramirez, David 98 Ramsaier, Kenneth 98, 203 Randall, Brian 121 Randall, Gregory 96, 98 Randall, Tina 121 Rangel, Lorrie 98, 169 Rangel, Sheryl 121, 169, 199 Rapier, Lemoyne 98, 143 Rapp, Crystal 98 Rapp, Karen 75 Raptis, Michelle 21, 174, 184, Raptls, Nicholas 98, 163 Rashid, Randall 98 Rasmussen, Shane 98 Ratburn, Rose 121, 214 Ratkowski, Rhonda 98 Ray, Donald 121, 167 Ray, Jenise 122 Reardon, Jim 98, 199 Reardon, Mary 29, 75, 206 Rector, Kevin 75 Rector, Paula 121, 217 Rector, Steven 98, 188, 203 Redondo, Alaine 122 Redondo, Tami 211 Reece, Michael 30 Reed, Elizabeth 75, 220 Reed, Gary 98 Reed, Lisa 98, 170, 171, 199 Reed, Michael 49, 75 Reeves, Felechia 122 Rein, Judy 75, 233 Renoll, Kim 122 Renteria, Roberto 75, 163 Retelny, Lori 106, 122 Reyes, Kathleen 98 Rhoades, Albert 122 Riccoboni, Kevin 75 Rice, Cheryl 98, 100 Rice, llene 122, 174 Rice, Lawrence 75 Richards, David 122, 248 Richardson, Alden 75 Richardson, Arlin 122 Richardson, Bryan 122 Richardson, Cinthia 98 Richeson, James 75, 186, 200,213 Richeson, Mary 98 Richison, Michelle 122 Riley, Deborah 75 Riley, Roger 34, 122 Rinish, Susan 98, 214 Ritchie, Cynthia 24, 98, 171 Ritchie, Mary 75, 233 Ritchie, Kevin 122 Rivas, Marina 122 Rivera, Anthony 99 Robedeau, David 99 Robedeau, Paul 122, 154, 218 Samaniego, Lori 122 Samchuck, Brenda 99 Sanofsky, Lynn 24, 99, 160, 172, 183, 203 Sansenbach, James 99 Santacruz, John 122 Santoro, Lori 146 Savastano, Paula 122 Schenk, William 122 Scherer, Jennifer 77, 233 Schipper, Leslie 122 Schisler, Johanna 122 Schmidt, Pamela 99 Schmitz, Kathy 28, 99, 225, 226 Schmitz, Mark 99 Silvestri, Lisa 123, 211 Simon, John 100, 154 Simonovic, Zvonimir 123, 164, 192, 203 Simpson, Danielle 123, 167 Sims, Doug 123, 167, 217 Singer, Karen 79, 233 Sirrine, Robbie 79, 211, 214 Sizemore, Bob 100 Skabelund, Lori 100, 217 Skidmore, Dale 67, 79, 160-B, 163, 177, 211 Skogen, Kristy 100 Skousen, Michael 34, 100, 196 Skousen, Richard 47, 79, 163, Roberti, John 99 Roberti, Lori 76, 211 Roberti, Mariann 99, 122, 217 Roberts, Roberta 99 Roberts, Ronald 76 Robertson, Janet 17, 69, 76, 169 Robertson, Steven 122, 167, 218 Robinson, David 24, 76, 211, 214 Robinson, Teri 99 Rock, Jeanene 99 Rodriquez, Rudolph 99 Rogers, Charlene 76 Rogers, Harold 99, 164 Rogers, Mary 76, 217 Rogers, Michael 99 Rogers, Randal 76, 220 Rogers, Rick 99, 219 Rogers, Todd 18, 99, 100, 186 Rojas, Ambrose 122 Rojas, Sofia 76, 233 Roland, Jacki 76, 233 Root, Hope 122 Rosales, Manual 76, 219 Rosales, Margaret 99 Rose, Scott 122, 164 Rosenthal, Margaret 76, 219 Ross, Gregory 99, 214 Rossing, Cindie 99 Rotgaber, Karen 76 Rowan, Patricia 122 Rowan, Robert 99 Rowe, Janice 99 Rowe, Nichole 122 Rowe, Shelley 76 Rowley, Sheila 122, 125, 174, 203 Royer, Robert 76, 78, 199, 211 Rubio, Hector 122 Ruggles, Rodney 77 Rundstrom, Kevin 77 Runzo, Mark 77 Rupert, Dawn 99, 214 Rupprecht, Tom 77, 218, 220 Rupright, Michele 77, 214,219,220 Rush, Reid 99, 203 Russell, Jim 99, 199, 219 Russell, Mark 122 Russell, Mary 99 Rutherford, Nita 77 Ryan, Charles 122, 167, 203 Ryan, Therese 77 S Sabin, John 77 Sacramento, Karl 122, 218 Sacramento, Pamela 77, 233 Sakmar, Leticia 99 Salmons, Kathleen 99 Schmitz, Michael 122 Schneider, Susanne 122 Schoeller, Eric 99 .Schoen, Jeffrey 100, 192, 219,220 Schoen, Stephen 77, 163 Schonthaler, Jennifer 16, 77, 213, 235, 248 Schoonover, Kevin 100 Schrage, James 123 Schroeder, Laura 77, 219 Schuh, Arthur 123, 237 Schultz, Raymond 77 Schultz, Stephen 100 Schultz, Thomas 123, 218 Schutter, Tami 100 Schwab, Gary 78 Scott, Paul 23, 92, 100, 213, 248 Searle, Robert 123, 167, 188 Seaton, Teresa 100, 226 Sehulster, Julie 100 Seiferth, Mark 100, 218, 220 Senn, Jeffrey 78, 163, 225 Senn, Kevin 123, 167, 199 Sesate, Carlos 100, 186, 203 Sesate, Epifanio 78 Setty, David 123 Shaffer, Russell 100 Shanley, Jack 78, 199 Sharp, Christopher 78 Sharp, Patricia 100, 170, 171, 196, 211 Slack, Dale 100 Slade, Darin 123 Slade, Dennis 100 Slade, James 123, 203 Slater, Sandra 79, 208 Slaven, Waylyn 123, 188, 203 Sleighter, Kristion 79 Smigel, Brandi 49, 79 Smigel, Christopher 123 Smigel, Maryellyn 79, 208 Smilor, Deborah 79 Smith, Aleta 123, 218 Smith, Anna 100, 229 Smith, Brad 134, 199, 211 Smith, Jodi 100 Smith, Karin 33, 79, 233 Smith, Kevin 28, 123 Smith, Leanne 123, 214, 235 Smith, Lisa 169 Smith, Michael 123 ' Smith, Michael 101 Smith, Pamela 101, 217, 219 Smith, Paul 79, 181, 199 Smith, Randall 123 Smith, Roxanne 123 Smith, Sandra 101, 211, 220 Smith, Sandra 11, 79, 218 Smith, Tina 124, 220 Snowden, Kelli 101 196, 225 Shaw, Cynthia 100 Shaw, Susan 78 Shaw, Susan 123, 222 Shaw, Vickie 78 Sheffield, Fritz 123 Salus, Gerald 122, 196 Salus, William 20, 77 Salza, Maria 33, 77, 214, 218 Salza, Theresa 122, 214 Sheldon, Richard 123 Shell, Todd 34, 95, 100, 163, 188, 199 Shelton, Shawn 78, 233 Shepherd, Angela 78 Shepherh, Donna 100 Shepherd, Tim 78, 83 Sheridan, Donald 100 Sherling, Marcie 123, 217 Shields, James 123 Shill, Boyd 78, 211 Shill, Steven 17, 78, 150, 160-B, 163, 203, 214 Shimel, Cynthia 78 Shinn, Debbie 78 Shipman, Tamara 78 Shipman, Wayne 100 Shoemake, Sheri 100 Shope, Lynn 123 218 Shope, Sheri 100, 214, 220 Shopteese, Evelyn 78, 218 Shopteese, Mary 123, 226 Shreeve, Danny 100, 164,199,206 Shumway, Phillip 79 Siewers, Lisa 123 Signor, Rebecca 79 Silvers, Debbie 100 Snyder, Jimmy 99, 101, 164, 199 Snyder, Nancy 79, 208 Solano, Jose 79, 199 Solano, Maria 124, 222 Solheim Glenn 79 Somody, Michel 79 Somody, Stacy 124 Sorenson, Julie 101 Soto, George 124 Spear, Tami 79, 213, 248 Spencer, Glen 101, 196 Spencer, James 101 Spidle, Brian 101 Spies, David 79 Spotten, Theron 101 Sprouse, Julie 124 St. Louis, Mike 40, 104 Staddon, Saundie 124 Stahl, David 80, 196 Stahl, Janis 124, 233 Stahl, Susan 106, 124 Stalec, Wendy 24, 98, 101, 183, 203 Standage, Carrie 80, 213 Stanley, Scott 80, 218 Stapley, Renee 124 Stapley Ronald 24, 80, 199, 204 211 Stapley Susan 99, 101, 213 Starks, Tina 124, 220 Starner, Tom 124, 134 Steinhoff, Dan 124 Stelzmiller, Kristy 80 Allen, Jamie 203 Anderson, Gorden 131, 141, 192, 237 Arredondo, Ruthanin 150, 222 Armenta, Peachy 199 Atkins, Thomas 145 Bacon, David 12, 154 Baker, Lisa 153, 2114 Baldwin, Vernon 136 Barrett, Bradley 47, 130 Bouley, Sandra 141 Brackney, Kenneth 154 Brady, Jim 159, 167 Brown, Curtis 146 Bufford, Ed 157, 233 Bushnell, Susan 233 Cahill, Cathy 39, 132, 133, 213 Cain, Nancy 139, 225 Campbell, Sandra 133 Carlson, Dores 141 Charles, Dale 46, 130 Chesley, John 157 Cline, Paul 134 Coker, Linda 182, 183 Combs, Hillarie 153 Cummins, Bill 94, 154 Cuslc, Nan 139 Curlett, James 7, 130, 160-D Diez, Joe 133, 194- Dodez, Louis 146 Ellentock, Martha 134 Elliott, Micheal 34, 143 Ellis, John 154 Fagan, Ann 134 Faculty index Coach Farren 172 Felix, Joe 141, 143 Flscus 159 Frei, Sandy 139 Galindo, Mary Lou 133 Gautreau, Wayne 139 Gibson, Gayle 148 Griego, Dan 132, 133 Griffin,Richard 159, 177, 182, 179 Guest, Thomas 154 Haddad, Kenneth 146 Haggerson, Fred 146, 148 Hawkins, Richard 145, 196 Hendrickson, Jae Dee 157, 233 Herst, Howard 145 Hillman, Herbert 146 Hitt, Michael 145, 206 Hogan, Joyce 153, 225 Holmes, Randy 203 Holt, Ken 200 Hudson, Frank 154 Hull, Amy 143, 157, 184, 226 Coach Hunsaker 196 Hynes, Micheal 145, 174 Jackson, Micheal 143, 180, 199 Jaekel, Albrecht 145 Jenkins, Carolyn 133 Johnson, Chuck 47, 136 Johnson, Francelle 133 Kartchner, Rey 141, 143, 226 Kembrough, Becki 141 Kish, Carol 156,-157 Kish, Louis 154 Kivett, Arlene 133 Kleiner, John 146, 164 Kunde, Bruce 148, 235 Lax, Ronald 139 Lemcke, Dawn 145 Lindstrom, David 157, 200 Lloyd, Joe 18, 153, 200, 219 Marson, Jean 18, 46, 130 McCormick, Reed 159 McCormick, Sandra 150, 168, 169 McGee, John 1, 34, 141, 143, 213 Mclntyre, Lora 157 Meade, Shirley 145 Middleton, Ester 143, 226 Miller, Corrine 157 Miller, Margaret 133 Morton, Debra 143, 213 Moody, Burdell 154 Moore, Alan 146 Myers, Christina 141, 143 Nadeau, Dorothy 152, 153, 237 Coach Nesbitt 199 Nelson, Cheryl 15, 141, 143, 204, 211 Coach Noffsinger 170, 171 O'Dell, Donna 148 Olsen, Micheal 159, 229 Onacki, Michelle 134, 135 Ortlund, Dona 133 Panaro, Carol 28, 154 Parker, Jesse 148, 160-A, 161, 163 Perry, David 153, 216, 217 Pico, Joe 47, 160-A, 146, 163 Pinto, Marie 146 Pipes, Dennis 19, 150, 186 Rader, Richard 153, 218, 220 Raupp, Gail 141 Richard, Gayle 157, 235 Richardson, Jim 154, 164, 203 Riden, Chuck 139 Rilling, Christina 12, 141, 143 Roberts, Suzanne 12, 159 Robinson, Reed 154 Rudd, Melvin 139 Saggio, Richard 143 Sauls, B.J. 146 Scott, Jay 139 Sessions, Greg 188, 198 Shields, Jean 150, 170 Shill, Norman 150, 168, 163, 2 Slade, Wayne 139 Snow, Jack 150 Stewart, Carol 200 Stock, Bill 132, 133 Swope, Fred 148 Taylor, Susan 133 Thomas, John 133 Thompson, Loren 153 Thornhill, Norine 141 Vaine, Barbara 148 Vala, Wayne 146, 148 Wheeler, Jerry 150, 167, 178, 178 Wilson, 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