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I m TM u:tt(K N V NJ 4 5j K, cv f , c -% vV V £t 3 ' iP . Xjp- - - y y y j ' c ' ,, 1 ,, ;, j,. ,, ,1 ,; ' ' ' ' s ' ' ' i ' " ' . r. ■3 , " " .Y. P ' II ' ; ' n fy U k " . :-i : t h . f C) ,1 y rxP v .K A- ' ■ [ iiH 0- ' {} vl t ry -v , , i ' J- . " V ' .,. ' -uO V A ,( " 6 J) (y cS i J ' --) ' c - ■i .ii V V K. c -o V. cC)1gtti " ecl X. tie I ntec nej. Archive oN ' p with lyrt g from .1 - f. htf p: ww |v.iirc h i v .£ |: etap4f¥ti W ' ' f W ' Volume 6 Moun tain View High School 2900 Parkway Drive El Monte, California 91732 fill® iff iiii ili Introduction 1 Seniors 14 Activities 36 Government 56 " " Sports 72 Underclassmen 118 t t- Clubs Organizations 146 ' -- ' Mjt] ' | Academics Faculty 170 jk tm- ■ - ! Ads Lidex 196 , v. . .; Mu Closing 216 ' . (ABOVE) Maintenance supervisors Floyd Elliott and Don Wasilchin inspect a tree that fell in the faculty- parking lot during October. (LEFT) GAA members Kim Lira and Gloria Carrion sell Mountain View sweatshirts and T-shirts to Rachel Lopez and Steve Stokes. The sale was held to help raise funds for GAA and the Muscular Dys- trophy drive. oS vO ' X ' JV (ABOVE) Margie Hernandez, Connie Rios, and Becky Moreno watch a varsity football game from the bleachers. (LEFT) Drafting student Danny Floras works on a layout design. (LOWER LEFT) Members of the yearbook staff browse through the —i library of the yearbook publishing company in Visalia, California, where they spent a day last Septem- ber. -irv V ,v . i U l a Introductii 1 3 I Hi li iir V® A nd welcome to it. People are what make the world special. Each person is unique, with different in- terests and goals, yet together they share the laughter, tears, and ex- citement which are a part of living and growing together. This is what makes our world a special place to be. (RIGHT) Dancing to the music of " Fame " are Tom Henley and Kim Garcia, the 1976 Howdy King and Queen. (BELOW) While enjoying the sunshine, Elpidio Mendez, Jose Luis Meza, and Martin Olguin take time out to play their guitars. 4 Introduction .A .=.4A ' MrA 1ik U. VHft ' .iK.- i l - Introductior S V® S@0 It lach of us see thjE world in a different way: " It ' s just a place- ' to go to right now, but I ' m sure it will mean a lot to me when I leave. " Dan Shubin (10) " On September 29, 1976 with the help of Tracey Hardesty who guided me around campus, 1 spent the entire day without the use of my vision in an effort to discover what it ' s like for a person who is deprived of one of our most vital senses. . . sight. I found that someone without the sense of vision learns to " see " in a different way. That what is inside a person is more important than his or her physical appearance. " Loretta Pitford (11) I (RIGHT) Viking Scroll Editor Loretta Pitford expe- riences being blind for a day. (BELOW ) Students turn their backs on the litter prob- lem. ,0 6 IntTOductio:-! 7:Jo - jrnJJ OMy y :: U v J- m T - oo jU J ±tjL J-y ZT: xjvL Js yxk Jt? J s D JL ±ili Ms CM Jj ZrY _XMjio Jl-7 u. ■M (UPPER LEFT) Lucy Hernandez faces a tough decision in the cafeteria line. (ABOVE) Sherri Hetrick comforts ! •!;■ Evans during lunch time. (LEFT) Scanning the globe, Dcp " c j.iiiel and Theresa Whittington try i?: vain to locate Mountain View H?f ' ; ' ■ Introducti ' C ) ?5 J Ci S t Vtrii Slrigil i ' art of life is facing the constant chal- lenges, accepting defeat as well as victory, and learning to relate with others. In our world we possess the freedom to make choices for ourselves and determine our own fate. (ABOVE) During registration counselor Mrs. Dee McNulty and sophomore Vince Davi consider his selection of classes. (RIGHT) Senior running back Tom Gil sprints around right end in a varsity football game against Mark Keppel. The varsity lost, 14-7. 5t I Q- S 10 Introduction o p c . iif Hifli - Az - - T A Ithough there are many special oc- casions to experience, it ' s the simple things in life that leave a lasting im- pression. Getting an " A " on a test when you only expected a " C " , or having a friend who really under- stands, are only a couple of the things that help shape our lives and prepare us for the future. ms W ' - . ' ' Wk (ABOVE) Arriving on the morning bus, students Russell Bates and Danny Aurelio begin another day at school. (LEFT) The student body gathers around the pep stand for the homecoming pep rally held in late October. (UPPER LEFT) Working diligently at their chemistry are Nick linuma, Nestor Stidger, and Henry Shattuck. (ABOVE LEFT) Tina Cortez, Priscilla Flores, and Margie Aguinaga enjoy a round of three-dimensional tic-tac-toe (ABOVE RIGHT) Diane Harris " clowns " around during the homecoming celebration. 1 Introduction 1 ;■ H lit. 1. An attentive JBgB nilBKK listens carefully to directions. ' 2. Catching a few winks in his advanced algebra class is senior president Gary Sanchez. 3. Susan Nickel relaxes during a shorthand class. 4. Lending her support at an October pep rally is the school mascot, Susanne Blume. 5. Carlos Juarez indulges in a little " girl-watching " before class. 6. Adding the finishing touches, Tina Overton helps , prepare for the senior spook house. X I m »- i I ■ f Jiilie Calderon Javier Rios We congratulate . . . seniors Javier Rios and Julie Cal- deron who were chosen as the 1977 Mr. and Miss AEGIR. Selection of the most photogenic senior boy and girl is a tradition at Mt. View; to in- sure an unbiased and independent judging, the photography staff at American Pliotographic Corporation, the official school photographer, made the final selection from the 246 seniors who posed for portraits. 16 Seniors Jtj Senior Most To be an individual is perhaps the soul ' s greatest desire, since having a unique per- sonality is a person ' s only real possession. Self-identity craves expression, and for this reason people think and act in different ways and for different reasons. Below is a list of individuals renowned by the senior class for their personal traits, as they were picked by their fellow classmates. We Like It As nature would have it, different things appeal to different people. What you see below is a conglomeration as seen by the senior class of ' 77. Male Singer: Stevie Wonder Female Singer: Diana Ross Drink: Milk Band: Cliicago T.V. Show: Starsky and Hutch Hang Out: Shakey ' s Song: You Oughta Be Havin ' Fun (Tower of Power) Car: Porche Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest (Jack Nicholson, Glenda Jackson) Cartoon: Bugs Bunny Hobbie: Cruising Teachers: Mr. James Dalton, Ms. Carmen Rey Spectator Sport: Football Color: Blue Food: Mexican o o o_ a! T5 3 rr c :3 W g O C 5 QTQ ft n c » Most Scholastic: Lance Fisher, Alice Forbush Most Politically Minded: Gary Sanchez, Mona Ramirez Most Likely To Succeed: Dan Dennis, Chris Brown Biggest Contributors: Mike Defer, Robin Adams Really Spirited: Sid Rementeri3 -S»saxLBlume Best Dressed: David Nava,CCizaFlox Most Gullible: Jesse Ramirez, Patsy Grady Real Clowns: Frank Lujan, Jaime Garza Best Physique Figure: Tim Baltierra, Patti Herrera Real Smilers: Eddie Torres, Martha Lopez 17 Wow! Just think, it took four long years to get on these pages. Four years of fun, hard work, involvement, and sometimes sorrow. But you have definitely m de it; you can be proud to b a senior inu ' 77 " . Arturo Arteaga ] e ss ica A vila JoRn Baltierra Frank Barrera 18 Seniors M David BeUT;in Dolores Bernal Henry Bemal Susanne Blume Christine Brown Jeanne Brown Judy Burk Karen Bumham Kari Byrne Julie Calderon Rosa Callejas Art Camarhn Gilbert Camarena Tony Camarena Patty Campos Eddie Cano Matthew Carney fnrji Carrilln Richard Carrillo Yolanda Casillas Seniors 19 Kevin Casperson Donna Castaneda Gloria Ca Rick Chacon Alfredo Chavez C ynthia C 1 if f o rd TimotEy Coats Wesley Conklin Carlos Coley Patricia Cordova Virginia Craft Pierina Cucinella Joanne Cuevas Anthony Damico Salvatore D ' Amico Josephine Davi Michael Defer Thomas Delgado Dia ne Del Vall e 20 Seniors Who Do They Think They Are? Identities always seem to become temporarily confused at the annual ex- change pep rally. But maybe that ' s what makes them so much fun. OJlJ5P«- Dan Dennis .iuis-Qiaz Julie Dieguez Frank Dimascio (LEFT) Although Laura Fountain and Paula Hammond aren ' t supposed to be themselves, they still act as enthusi- astically as usual. Mike Doucet Jerry Douillard Martha Espinoza. Anita Estrada Seniors 21 Yvonne Estrada Lauri Fike Mark Firestone Lance Fisher Scott Fleming David Flores Llsa_Fioies— Mike Folden Go for It The students of Mt. View can be proud of their attendance at school ath- letic events. Those who filled the stands offered words of encouragement, which often help produce a winiiing effort. M T% c r .:.. isx:a» (ABOVE) Lori Palmer gives the ball her best shot, as Virginia Gutierrez and Camille Rodriguez watch. (RIGHT) Taking it all in stride, David Flores gives i that little extra he is known for. 22 Seniors Alice Forbusli Laura Fountain Lorie Gallardo Renee Galvan Juan Garay Mona Garcia Phil Garcia Raymond Garcia Greg Garriso ix_ Jamie Garza Charlie Gil Tom Gil Annette Gildersleeve Janice Goddard Mark Gomez Theresa Gomez Debb ie Gonzales ' JLSteTTaGonzales Rhonda Gonzales Leslie Gonzales Seniors 23 OJT One of the many experi- ences open to students is the opportunity to acquire on-the- job training skills through the work experience office on (RIGHT) Clerical tasks are only part of learning the student store operation as Mary Gomez discovers. (MIDDLE) Cindy Stirrat leams valuable skills in the cafeteria. (FAR RIGHT) Becoming skilled at answering the switchboard is Virginia Craft. campus. Not only do students get the chance to learn by do- ing and receive credit towards graduation, but many also re- ceive pay for their work. Nikki Goorey Geri Gordian Russ Gorman Patsy Grady Cisco Guevara Rheta Gunther Cynthia Gutierrez Jerry Gusman Mike Hafkenscheid Brad Hawman Mike Hammond Paula Hammond 24 Seniors LavoniJ Gary He C armen Hem anrlp? Greg Hernandez Manuel Hernandez Rene Hernandez Mike Hernandez Aurora Herrera Ernie Herrera Patti Herrera Ken Hill Cindy Hillman Ada Hocking Jodie HoUman April Holm an Victoria Houck Seniors 25 Beauty and the Beast No two people are the same. There are those of us who prefer to ma intain a low profile, and others who like to stand apart from the crowd. Yet as in- dividual as we appear to be, we all come together as a whole. (RIGHT) During Halloween, Anthony Lopez, Kevin Casperson, Mark Firestone, and Howard Rayon recreate an album cover of the rock group, KISS. (BELOW) A pretty Maria Tbarra walks to her first period class. 26 Seniors Carlos Juarez F1i7q ;if th JiinrfiT Gail Keel Debbie Kemp Debbie Kiertzner Lisa Koehl Nadine Lepere Marylou Lerma Elizabeth Limon Andy Lopez Anthony Lopez Martha Lopez Rachel Lopez David Lucero Frank Luian Debbie Macias Pat Madrid Dorma Magnuson Richard Malone Eileen Martinez Seniors 27 Luis Martinez Manuel Martinez Xplanda Martinez Tim McCafferty Rodney McGregor Hector Medina Rachel Mejia ElisaMelendez. Kalvin Melvin Bemice Mendoza -C nnnie Mendoza Irma Mendoza Ken Mendoza Pete Mendoza Rudy Merc ado Sandra Merritt Tina Mestas Maria Meza Yancy Miller Ruben Molinar 28 Seniors Kathy Moore Liza Morales Margaret Moreno David Mirnoz Daddy ' s Little Girls Two and a half months of prepara- tion were endured by the contestants entered in the " Miss Friendly El Monte " pageant. Twenty-four girls competed, and the competition proved to be a tremendous experience for all of them. They all participated in the El Monte Christmas Parade on Decem- ber 4th and that night at the El Monte High School auditorium, Sylvia Uberto, a junior at El Monte High School was crowned the winner. (LEFT) The excitement was overwhelming at the crowning of " Miss Friendly El Monte, " as Julie Calderon (FAR RIGHT) represented Mt. View with her placing as 3rd rurmer-up. David Nava Eieddie Navarro Lisa Navarro Steve Nazar Seniors 29 Pete Negrete Gary Nelson Sherry Nelson Susie Nickel Don Noon Clara Nunez Norma O ' Briant Remijio Olmos Do You Know Where You ' re Going? The senior year comes to an end. Some of the seniors will go on to col- lege or trade school, and some will find jobs and begin working. Others may just relax a year before making a decision. Whatever the case, the day of graduation will linger in the memory as a day of emotion, a day marking the beginning of a whole new life. (ABOVE LEFT) Lisa Flores find the library a good place to study and relax. (ABOVE) Discussing his future educational plans, Art Rodriguez seeks guidance from Mr. Henson. 30 Seniors Tina Overton Everett Pacheco Joe Pacheco Lorrie Palmer Ernie Pardo Melinda Peters Loretta Pitford Jesse Ramirez Manuel Ramirez Monica Ramirez Cecilio Howard Rayon Sid Rementeria Joe Reyes Ramona Reyes Darlene Reyna Javier Rios Manuel Rivera Lorraine Rivoli Seniors 31 Art Rodriguez Camille Rodriguez Regina Rodriguez Tffny RiTilrinin? Leroy Rogers John Rohrback Chris Romero Dodd Romero Allen Ross Steve Rossel Kenneth Russell Sonia Sabedra Carl os Sa1a7 r Pat Salazar Gary SancKez Roberto Sanchez 32 Seniors Dancing in December Most dances are special occasions and the Christmas Ball was no exception. Once dates had been made, it was necessary to attend to the small details - buying tickets, making hair appoint- ments, chosing the right clothes, etc. It seemed like a big liassle at the time, but when the night arrived, all that was forgotten in the excitement. 1. (LEFT) A special dress is necessary, Theresa decides. 2. Carlos tries to decide the best way to comb his hair. 3. She wants to be sure that every- thing is perfect when Carlos Salazar arrives to pick her up. 4. He wonders if Theresa Gomez will notice the shine. Vivian Sanchez , Sandra Segura Joe Sema Susan Sevilla Henry Shattuck Maria Sierra Annette Sierras Daniel Sifuentes David Silvas Gail Smith Nancy Smith Laurie Stirling Seniors 33 Cindy Stirrat Steve Stokes De metric Tabangcura Soph ie Telles Eddie Torres Theresa Irevino tlizabeth I ' max " Vicky Urban I Told You So Remember the final in your hardest class? Everyone thought it wasn ' t going to be that hard. You hadn ' t been ditch- ing that class lately, and you even had been paying attention. Well, the teach- er warned everyone to study. It ' s too late to do anything now. (BELOW) Joanne Cuevas finds attending her science class well worth the time. 34 Seniors Lasaro Valle Art Vasque z 5, ; Lnarles vexasquez Terry Venegas Robert Villalobos Aaron Villalpando Rudy Villalpando Juan Villarreal Daren Wallach Dirk Williamson Lori Woolen Missing Faces Sam Arciniega Kelley Autrey Anthony Briones Raul Cancel Mario Carreon Augustine Chavez Ignacio Contreras Yolanda Esparza Earl Freeman Randy Gay tan David Guitron Robert Herrera Francisco Jaquez Vincent Lopez Juan Mendez Ronald Merwin Edmund Ocana Alfred Ontiveros Timmy Pino — Alan Pulley Alberto Rodriguez Joe Sanchez — Manuel Sanchez Martha Shubin Norma Soliz Hector Tejeda Esther UUoa Sara UUoa Raul Vasquez Seniors 35 The face of Juli. announced homecuuiiuj quctiii. Mario Escalante and partner set a good rhythm at an " ' " r-game dance. sral members of commission judge entries in the ;n costume contest, kept busy preparing " pepper bellies " at Cinco Jose Raigosa) wins the costume contest. ; a routine at a pep assembly. tp " yy- ' ' ' - ' ' ' M . y K A jt „t ' i " %■ 4 (ABOVE) Mr. Fernando Ledesma, Mr. Rudy Castruita, and 75-76 ASB Presidents Bill Gil and Sherri Lira show the crowd how the game of baseball should be played. (RIGHT) Sophomores Jose Raigosa and Jack Lopez stand vic- torious after defeating the seniors in a muddy battle of strength. (BELOW) Sneezing their way to fame are the seven dwarfs in the musical presentation of " Mountain View Goes Hollywood. " ' 4 (ABOVE) While enjoying some good " clean " fun, the band members eagerly wash cars to raise money for new uniforms. 38 Activities sii iUUK And What a Spring It Was Cinco de Mayo, slave and revenge days, and the Donkey Basketball game highlighted one of the most memorable springs in recent years, Student par- ticipation was high as the year of ' 75- 76 drew to a close, and the scene was set for a promising year to follow. (LEFT) Queen-to-be Arcelia Bairajas with Marie Gutierrez, Ginger Love, Donna Acevedo, and Leticia Coronado nervously await the crowning of the Cinco de Mayo court. (ABOVE) Hanging on for dear life, Mr. Mike Kleine is about to get bucked off of his donkey in the first annual Donkey Basketball Game. Mr. Kleine scored the winning basket as the faculty edged the students, 44-42, in overtime. (LEFT) Last year ' s seniors, aided by Mr. Fernando Ledesma, amaze everyone by the number of bodies they can cram into a telephone booth. Activities 39 (RIGHT) With tears of joy rolling down her face, Julie Calderon receives the crown from Terry Galindo. (BELOW) Storybook characters, decked out for the celebration, watch the tense and exciting homecoming game. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Dancing with her father, Jodi Carrillo smiles happily dur- ing the eventful evening. 40 Activities Fairytales Do Come T Think back to those yesterdays when you were younger, and fairytales filled your imagination. Remember how you always dreamed of being that handsome prince who rode off into the sunset or the beautiful princess who rode off with him? As the years passed, your storybook dreams be- gan to fade, and fairytales grew to be only childish fantasy. Yet there always remains within us the desire to be a child again, a secret wish to be a prince or princess, even if it only lasts an evening. Homecoming brought that dream to life. (LEFT) King Tim tialtierra and his date Karen Arvizo dance to the music of Sabor. (BELOW LEFT) Riding in true fairytale splendor, prin- cesses Chris Brown, Jodi Carrillo, and Julie Calderon indulge in a little sto rybook fantasy. (BELOW RIGHT) Last year ' s queen, Terry Galindo, waves to the crowd, while Lisa Navarro and Pat Herrera prepare for the special moment. (BOTTOM) The cheerleaders and flash- rankers cheer enthusiastically as the football teams rips through a sign. Activities 41 T ' was the Week Before Christmas With so many activities going on in one week, it was practical- ly impossible to take a " hum- bug " attitude toward the Christ- mas season. As always, couples looked forward to the annual Christmas Ball and the candy gram sale, but for the first time, a mistletoe sale put on by the senior class added a little extra Christmas cheer to the week be- fore vacation. Also in the tra- dition of the holiday spirit, the can food drive, sponsored by the A.S.B. commission, helped to bring food to the needy families in the community. (UPPER RIGHT) Little Johnny Hernandez takes advantage of Santa (Kenny Kee) Claias ' visit to Mt. View and gets ready to tell Santa everything he has on his Christmas list. (ABOVE) Getting into the spirit of Christmas is the mixed chorus singing and dancing to, " The Jingle Bell Rock. " (LOWER RIGHT) Lucia Aceves, Elizabeth Limon and Sheri Pelletier serve Mr. Paul McKeel at the annual Christmas Tea, The tea was sponsored by the homemaking depart- ment. =«.c - - - 42 Activities Excitement Changed the Routine No longer did students have to suffer through the boredom of the lunch hour. This year a number of noontime activities - such as the donut-eating con- test, volleyball and badminton tournaments, and noontime dances -filled the gap between 3rd and 4th hour, adding a little excitement to the daily routine. (RIGHT) Technique and style may not be dis- played by Sandy Simpson, but fun was the name of the game in the 2nd annual badminton tour- nament. All donations went to the GAA - spon- sored muscular dystrophy drive. (BELOW) Kenny Kee is congratulated by Mr. Greg Goodyear after setting an unofficial world donut eating record of 24 donuts in 15 minutes, while Ernie Herrera, of MECHA , presents him with the first place trophy. 44 Activities ■ t - " m, (LEFT) During the student faculty volleyball game, Lance Fisher positions himself to set the ball to teammate Gaby Rodriguez, as Daren Wallach watches the action. (BELOW) Adrian Aguilar and Tony Mancillas courageously challenged Miss Lis Smoot, a former college state champion, to a ten- minute round of badminton during the bad- minton tournament. Adrian wagered that if Miss Smoot won the match, he would have to wear a sign stating, " Badminton is not a sissy sport " . She won, and he did. Activities 45 V I c (? p r € ij lohint (ABOVE) After singing the song " Side By Side " , Gary Sanchez and Monica Ramirez, candidates for the ASB Presi- dency, hugged each other and explained, " There are no dirty politics in our cam- paign. " Immediately following this statement they both reach back and hit each other with a pie. (RIGHT) Denise Diaz gives her cam- paign speech in a successful bid for the office of junior president. 46 Activities Enjoy Yourself Brought to campus by the ASB Commission for the enjoyment of the student body were two assemblies which proved to be out of the ordinary. The first was pre- sented by Mr. Craig Vester- mark who showed films on the unusual sport of bare- foot water-skiing. Two members of Campus Fellowship put on " CHRYSALIS, " an audio visual production involvmg three large projector screens and quadraphonic sound. A variety of other assemblies were presented to the students, including the campaign, pep and awards assemblies. (UPPER LEFT) Drum major Sid Rementeria displays his twirling talents in a pep rally dviring football season. (ABOVE) Students in the campaign assembly listen intently as candidates for class and ASB offices make their speeches. (LEFT) Margaret Modarelli and Grace linuma lead the crowd in a chant as they raise the level of excitement before an important game. Activities 47 (RIGHT) Mrs. linuma, far right, waits to present her daughter flowers as Miss Melanie Auzenne crowns Grace linuma Miss School Spirit of 1977. (BELOW) The Miss School Spirit Court and their escorts: Miss Monica Ramirez fist runner up), Mr. Pedro Ramirez, Miss Debbie Kiertzner (3rd runner up), Mr. Leroy Kiertzner, Miss Grace linuma (Queen), Mr. Kimiaki linuma. Miss Jamie Garza (4th runner up), Mr. Steve Stokes, Miss Susamie Blume (2nd runner up), Mr. Heinz Blume. - J y3:2tftoiJiJ - ' TlWWui »!»B»l (RIGHT) Tim Coats takes a shot from the corner of the key while Greg Garrison (23) moves in for a rebound position. Coats and Garrison were top scorers in the game with 17 and 18 points, respectively, as Mt. View defeated Mark Keppel in a close game 67-66. (FAR RIGHT) After the announcing of Mr. Legs, Margaret Modarelli, ASB Vice-Presi- dent, presents Daren Wallach the trophy which was specially designed by Laura Griffith for the contest. 48 Activities An Old Tradition With a New Twist Providing a ditterent look to the Miss School Spirit con- test at the varsity basketball game on February 18th was the presentation of the " Mr. Legs " award. Daren Wallach was selected over four other senior contestants in a noon- time voting to become the first recipient of this award. How- ever, the big event of the evening was still the crowning of the senior girl voted to have the most spirit. (ABOVE) Candidates for the first annual Mr. Legs contest display their legs during lunch while people vote. The five finalists were Mike Folden . Steve Stokes, Art Rodriguez, Cpeg Garrison. and Daren Wallach. (LEFT) The juniors show the spirit they ' ve maintained all year in an unofficial competition between classes. Activities 49 The Past Lives Again One could almost feel that pioneer spirit in the air as stu- dents showed up to school dressed in the style of early California. The day ' s events consisted of a costume contest, booth judging, three-legged gunny sack and wagon races, and a rare musical perform- ance by Mr. Jim Dalton. An abundance of foods and festivi- ties brought everyone together in the spirit of the occasion. ikV9v£ lib:? (TOP) Vocal chords straining, Mr. Dalton entertains the crowd with several humorous songs. (ABOVE) After placing in the costume contest, Kirt Melvin, Judy Gray, Loretta Pitford (first place), Lorrie Palmer, and Margaret Modarelli display their ribbons. (LEFT) Becky Salazar and Debbie Anaya smile after the drill team took top honors for the best decorated booth. 50 Activities (TOP) A frightened Frances Silvas holds on to the wagon for dear life as determined Sophomores Kenny Santos (pulling) and Vince Davi (pushing) beat out the freshman class for third place. (LEFT) A nonchalant Ron Torsy refreshes himself with a nice cold drink. (ABOVE) Tim McCafferty helps Mr. Casper to " cool off " in the Varsity C lub -sponsored sponge throw. Activities 51 she Who Laughs Last March roared in like a lion and brought with it the annual slave and revenge days. The girls went on the auction blocks first, with the guys engaging in fierce bidding to earn the right to have a slave for an entire school day. As slaves, the girls had to dress as their masters wanted, and they were required to perform slave tasks through- out the day. (TOP) Proving that fun and disaster go hand in hand with slave day are Heidi Gonzales and Nance Eason. (ABOVE) Frank Lujan and Tim McCafferty rattle their chains during the revenge day auction. (RIGHT) Milk goes flying as students allow their inhibitions to run wild as they are caught up in the fun of slave day. They had to wait a week for re- venge, but the girls found the wait worthwhile. Their eagerness to out- do the guys was evident with the bidding reaching new heights as Jack Lopez was auctioned off for a record sum of $47. 50 to Bertha Castaneda. (TOP LEFT) Mike Cano, Art Rodriguez, Greg Hernandez, and Jacko Romero model the latest fashions in slave wear. (ABOVE) After singing a chorus of " Old McDonald " , Eleanor Flores returns to her owner. Eleanor was the highest priced female slave as she was bought for $25. 00 by Jacko Romero. (LEFT) Conserving energy, mainly his own. Hector Lopez enlists the services of Vickie Hill and Clara Martinez for transportation. Activities 53 (RIGHT) Dancers twist and turn to the rock ' n roll of the fifties. (BELOW) Lori Del Rio and Randy Marsh freeze their booties while waiting for the end of the ice-sitting contest. (ABOVE RIGHT) Contestants warm up their hula-hips before the final round. (FAR RIGHT) Seniors roll on to victory in the volkswagon pushing competition. 54 Activities Happy Days Are Here Again Turning the clock back to the era of bobby socks and leather jackets, students were able to temporarily relive the unforget- table 50 ' s. Beginning the week ' s activi- ties was the telephone booth stuffing contest, in which deter- mination led the irrepressable, yet compressable, sophomore class to victory, as they stuffed a total of eighteen people into the booth. Brute strength helped the seniors win the volkswagon pushing contest, setting the first school record of 80 sec. around the designated track area. The bubble gum, ice-sitting, and hula-hoop competitions, along with a car show, highlighted the Friday lunch hour. Ice-sitting proved to be too chilling an experience for all but the senior class representative, Gary Sanchez. Freshman Mike Gonzales won the bubble gum blowing contest, while the juniors showed that they were in the swing of things by winning the hula-hoop contest. Tlie annual fifties dance sponsored by the freshman class climaxed the end of the week, entertaining over 500 sock hop- pers with the sounds of Shh-Boom. Frank Lujan and Yvonne Perez were chosen as best dressed, and Rick Jimenez and his dance partner. Ginger Love, took first place in the dance contest. Fifties week was, to say the least, a memorable and eventful one for participants and specta- tors alike. Activities 55 1. In charge of the homecoming festivities, senior Grace linuma puts last minute touches on the homecoming float. 2. Several commission members listen with interest as a clean campus week is planned. 3. Fall ASB President Yancy Miller presides over a com- mission meeting. 4. Commission members Robert Rodriguez and Robin Adams pass out ballots during the freshmen elections. 5. Girls ' State representative Mona Ramirez plays the guitar with a friend during her trip to Sacramento last .••• ■. It All Falls Into Place The fall commission proved to be very productive in terms of getting things accomplished. The commis- si on made and set up half-time festivities at the football game for homecoming, and contin- uing their trend, did equally as well with the after-game dances. The commission also sponsored a successful canned food drive, aimed at helping needy families. They were also responsible for Santa ' s visit to the campus the week before Christmas vacation. An effort was made to plan enjoyable activities for the student body with the help of the faculty and staff. (RIGHT) BACK ROW: Soph, President - Frank Calderon, Soph. Commissioner, Caron Salazar. FRONT ROW: Frosh. President -Bobby Herrera, Frosh. Com- missioner-Kim Garcia, Frosh. Com- missioner-Ruben Mireles. (BELOW) Yancy Miller, fall semester A.S.B. President. , j - 58 Government Br (ABOVE) Monica Ramirez exchanges some of her views and ideas on student government with Tracey Bland, the Rosemead H.S. A.S.B. president. (LEFT) Comm. of Athletics -Adrian Aguilar, Speaker of the House-Gina Smith, Comm. of Assemblies-Julie Cald ron, Comm. of Activities -Grace linuma. Government 59 (ABOVE) BACK ROW: Comm. of Scholarship- Lance Fisher. FRONT ROW: Comm. of Spiritual Developement-Robin Adams, Comm. of Publicity-Laura Griffith, Comm. of Pro- perties-Margaret Modarelli. (RIGHT) Comm. of Pep-Monica Ramirez, Comms. at Large -Susan Blume and Robert Rodriguez, Comm. of Publications -Loretta Pitford. I « 1) 60 Government (LEFT) A.S.B. Secretary-Patsy Grady, Comm. of Re- cords-Chris Brown, Corresponding Secretary-Robin Grossman, Comm. of Finance -Melody Mitchell. (BELOW) Jr. Secretary-Denise Diaz, Jr. President -Jack Lopez, Sr. Commissioner-Mona Garcia, Sr. President- Gary Sanchez. Government 61 We Do It All for You If there is one thing that the students can be proud of, it is the operation of the student government. The first semester officers showed that they were very capable of initi- ating an idea and then carrying it into action. Some of the " activities of the classes were: the sophomore -sponsored Sadie Hawkins dance, planning for the prom by the junior class, the Christmas Ball, spook house, and lunch auction sponsored by the seniors, and the beginning of preparations by the freshmen for the annual 50 ' s day and dance. (RIGHT) Planning activities for the freshmen are Ruben Mireles (commissioner), Kim Garcia (commissioner) Joe Salaices, Bobby Herrera (president), Liz Mata (secretary) and Sergio ibarra (treasurer). (ABOVE) A crowd of onlookers watch as Yancy Miller and Gary Sanchez wave for bids during the senior box lunch auction, (RIGHT) Senior officers: Camilla Rodriguez (vice-president), Martha Espinoza (treasurer), and Linda Jillson (secretary). NOT SHOWN: Gary Sanchez (president) and Mona Garcia (commis- sioner). I 62 Government (ABOVE LEFT) Always willing to lend a hand are class sponsors Mr. Andrew Bojorquez (sophomore Mr. Vic Chavez (juniors), Mr. Ik - id Rosine (seniors), and Mr. )im Wigton (freshmen). NOTSHOWN; Mrs. Rose Gernon (seniors), (ABOVE) Discussing some of rhei.r class ' s needs are sophomoras Frank Calderon (president), Caror Salazar (commissioner), Becky Baltierra ' cc -president), and Bertha imoros (secretary). J 1) Taking a moment out from tl:eir busy routine are junior officers Jcse R.aigosa (vice-president), Kim Lira (treasurer), Denise Diaz (secre- tary), Jack Lopez (president). Government 63 Special Days Highlight the Spring Faced with the dual tasks of planning student-oriented activities and seeing that these activities were executed smoothly, the spring commission found itself continu- ally busy with such diverse projects as corraling carousing cowboys on western roundup day to savoring the foods and festivities of the music -filled Cinco de Mayo celebration. I?- (RIGHT) Monica Ramirez, spring semester A. S. B. President. tIHt 64 Government (LEFT) Comm. of Scholarship - Lance Fisher, Correspond- ing Secretary - Susan Blume, Comm. of Assemblies - Art Rodriguez, Comm. at Large - John Ventura. (BELOW) Performing a skit for her election speech is Margaret Modarelli and campaign manager Kenny Kee. C«llRl«jilA REPUpl ' S ES FS 4_eQT H % 0 H« Government 65 Taking Over Command The purpose of the commission is to repre- sent the interests of all the students. This re- sponsibility takes many forms, ranging from pass- ing proposed activities to keeping account of class and club expenditures. Coordination of events is an important part of the commission, since regula- tion of activities provides an even flow of affairs throughout the calendar year. (ABOVE) Comm. of Properties - Chris Brown, Comm. of Athletics - Daren Wallach, Comm. of Finance -Jaime Garza, Comm. of Records -Becky Villalobos. (RIGHT) Sr. President - Yancy Miller, Frosh. Pres- ident - Kim Garcia, Frosh. Comm. - Robin Harris, Sr. Comm. - Steve Stokes. NOT SHOWN: Frosh Comm. - Bobby Herrera , Soph. Comm. - Bertha Matamoros, Soph. President - Kenny Santos. 66 Government (LEFT) Comm. of Moral and Spiritual Development - Camille Rodriguez, Comm. of Publicity - Caron Salazar, Comm. at Large - Xochitl Gonzales. NOT SHOWN: Comm. Cirls Athletics - Robin Adams. (BELOW) Comm. of Activities - Laura Griffith, A. S. B. Vi Vice-President - Margaret Modarelli, A. S. B. Secretary ;A ' Grace linuma, Comm. of Pep - Chris Brown. Government 67 A Touch of Class At one time or another all of the spring semester class officers could have been found asking themselves, " How did I get myself into this? " A reasonable question when one realizes the amount of work in- volved in planning class events. Setting a proper example was the freshman class who sponsored the always popular 50 ' s dance. Providing an opportunity for displaying the entertaining talents of students and teach- ers, the sophomore class organized the third annual talent contest. The junior class carried the Junior Senior prom off with a grace that will long be remembered, while the senior class busied itself preparing for senior rituals and graduation. (RIGHT) Leading the class in the last half of their senior year were Lance Fisher (Vice-President) , Yancy Miller (President), and Nikki Coorey (Treasurer). NOT SHOWN: Steve Stokes (Commissioner), Debbie Kiertzner (Secretary). (BELOW) Major contributors to the organization of the Jr. Sr. prom were juniors Becky Herr (Treasurer), Lourdes Barrera (Secretary), Denise Diaz (President), Denise Reyna (Commissioner), and Kim Lira (Vice-President). 68 Government (LEFT) Freshmen class officers - BACK ROW: Becky Garcia (Vice- President), Delbie Kendrick (Treasurer). FRONT ROW: Robin Harris (Commissioner), Kim Garcia (President). NOT SHOWN; Liz Roziik (Secretary), and Bobby Herrera (Commissioner). (ABOVE) Mr. Castruita chairs a meeting called to discuss planb ' -•r Frontier Day. Government 69 We, the People Bringing ideas back to each meeting from their second hour class, members of the House of Representatives plan and help carry out activities which involve both students and the community. The house also discusses subjects brought to them from the ASB commission. (RIGHT) Insuring the students a voice in the running of school government are fall Speaker of the House Gina Smith and spring Speaker of the House Sid Remerteria. 70 Government m ntimn vz. 1 1 wo. ■■■ Hi 1 1 H . " L " " ' ' - ' i M.A H ' :l V ' - i, - •• -i m •irr Wri BISHK l f -ffif w ' mm i - - aji i K — =• r-l ' J5 L } 1 1 - . ■■ ■ t E r . P C . j (ABOVE) House of Representatives - BACK ROW: Steve Paz, Caron Salazar, Dennis McKee, Louis Diaz, Mark Forhush, Kenny Lee, Susan Blume, Liz Messier, Janice Goddard, Diane Del Valle, Anthony Lopez. SECOND ROW: Eugene Martinez, Kathy Criswell, Letty Perez, Rheta Gunther, Jackie Sarabia, Camille Rodriguez, Cathy Romero, Frank Lujan, Yvonne Perez, Lori Armendariz, Lupe Meza, Linda Lujan, Conn ie Lopez, Donna Arvizo. FRONT ROW: Danny Nye, David Cornejo, Paul Jimenez, Larry Vargas, Frank Martinez, Donna Castaneda, Matt Jimenez, Javier Solis, Mary Villa, Debbie Bustamante, Beth Winebaum, Ed Salido, Sergio Sandoval. (LEFT) Presiding over a January meeting of the House of Representatives in the absence of Speaker Gina Smith is sophmore Caron Salazar. Government 71 1. Varsity soiTDaii piay swing at the ball. 2. Caught with an angry expression is sophomore football coach Mike Klein. 3. Senior Vicki Urban serves the ball in a tennis doubles match against Monrovia, who Mt. View defeated 6-4. 4. The determination to win is evident in the face of Lance Fisher in a cross country meet against Arroyo. 5. During the spring of ' 76, sophomore Mike Earnest cleared IS ' O " to win the pole vault at the Arroyo Invita- tional track meet. 6. Frosh halfback Steve Garcia (40) gains valuable yardage » as he runs back a Keppel kickoff. I-O With an Added Touch Retaining their trophy for the Mission Valley League Championship for the ?.nd year in a row was the varsity cross country team. They did it this year with an added touch, a perfect dual meet record of 7 wins and losses. Receiving honors on the Mission Valley league 1st and 2nd teams were SalD ' Amico and Ed Mar- tinez, respectively. Team Captain Everett Pacheco was voted most valu- able runner for the 3rd straight year. Pacheco won the individual champion- ship in ' 74 and ' 75 but did not run this year due to an injury; however, he was named to the San Gabriel Valley cross country team. Most Improved runner SalD ' Amico, along with Everett Pacheco and David Flores, won individual trophies at the Road Runner Invitational at Legg Lake. Cresenta Valley was the site for the Ken Staob Invitational in which the team won the small school division trophy. (RIGHT) Senior Everett Pacheco finished the season without a defeat at the varsity level in three years. IV ' Ik p A ' -i 1 . . • BACK ROW: Coach Ralph Hernandez, Javier Mendez, SalD ' Amico, David Silvas, Manager Joe Pacheco. FRONT ROW: David Flores, Everett Pacheco, Alfonso Romero. NOT SHOWN: Ed Martinez 74 (ABOVE) Proper running form is demon- strated by Javier Mendez. (UPPER LEFT) Running at league finals, SalD ' Amico debates whether to pass a Schurr opponent. (LEFT) Sal D ' Amico (CENTER) and David Flores anticipate the starter ' s gun at league finals. Sports 75 r r . - ' ' ' m % ' Frosh Soph Team - Antonio Gamboa, Elpidio Mendez, Bemie Meza, Anthony Juarez, Richard Martins, Richard Romero, Rufus Ramirez, Jeff Hunt. MISSING: Martine Olguin. (ABOVE RIGHT) ]V Captain Lance Fisher dashes around a post which is part of the course. (ABOVE) Coach Hernandez observes his team as they run by in league finals. (RIGHT) Running by a Monrovia contender is freshman Richard Romero. . ..■ ' «wi«i ?t. :;i 76 Sports Captains Place in League Cross Country is a race of endurance and speed. These qualities were shown by the JV team as they had a rewarding season, winning against La Mi- rada and Monrovia. Captain Lance Fisher showed great stamina as he took an 8th place medal at league finals. Fisher was also the most valuable run- ner for the season. Leading the Frosh Soph team was most valuable ruiiner Jeff Hunt. Captain Hunt received a 3rd place trophy at the Legg Lake Invitational and placed 6th at league finals. A 10th place trophy was earned by freshman I Richard Romero at the invita- tional. The team did a fine job all season long as they had a record of 2 wins and 3 losses, iDeating La Mirada and Schurr. Both teams came through with the determination and readi- ness of a cross country team. |:- ii H;J5ii HOME VI5IT0 TOGO Sfi . ■■ ' . V (ABOVE) Paul Escoto and Lance Fisher prepare to end their race as they take their last lap around the track. (ABOVE LEFT) Coming towards the end of the race, Steve Ramos sprints to the tape. JV Cross-Couiitry - Steve Rodriguez, Paul Escoto, Jose Olmos, Steve Ramos, Lance Fisher. Sports n Three Receive Team Honors Unable to put together a consistent team effort, the varsity footijall team struggled through the season, managing only one win against cross - town rival El Monte, 13-2. A miajor highlight for the Vikings was the naming of junior Jacko Romero (line backer), senior Tom Gil (offensive run- ning back), senior Charlie Gil (wide receiver) to the 2nd team All-Mission Valley League. (Charlie also received 2nd team honors last year as defensive cornerback). Tom Gil led the offensive charge as the leading ground gainer, while junior Art Nava paced the defensive unit with the greatest number of tackles. Seven interceptions, a school record, and 22 pass recep- tions enabled Charlie Gil to earn the most valuable player award, while junior Danny Macias was voted most im- proved. (ABOVE) Head Coach Bob Casper, Coach Jim Dalton, Coach Victor Chavez, Coach Alan Montgomery. (UPPER RIGHT) Wide receiver Charlie Gil (99) leaps up for a reception against the slacking Lion defense. (RIGHT) Tom Gil (14) finds running room up the sideline with Ontario defenders trailing the field. 78 Sport-. PLAYERS OF THE WEEK Ontario El Monte Mira Costa Cerritos Mark Keppel SchuiT Arroyo Monrovia Charlie Gil Art Nava Jack Lopez Adrian Aguilar Tom Gil Cecil Ramos Jacko Romero Danny Macias Joe Reyes (FAR LEFT) Gilbert Adame is captured right before punting the ball. (LEFT) Quarterback Daren Wallach (11) quickly throws a pass while Adrian Aguilar (71) provides protection. (ABOVE) Wide open for a reception is Joe Reyes at the La Mirada game. BACK ROW: Cecil Ramos, Carlos Guevara, Danny Macias, David Nava, Steve Paz. 4TH ROW: Andy Lopez, Greg Hernandez, Alfred Flores, Hector Rodriguez. 3RD ROW: Sergio Sandavol, Hector Paredes, Joe Reyes, Jacko Romero, Tony Mancillas, Carlos Salazar, Ralph Potter. 2ND ROW: Mike Earnest, Charlie Gil, Juan Castaneda, Art Nava, Carlos Ortiz, Freddie Ortiz. FRONT ROW: Jack Lopez, Daren Wallach, Adrian Aguilar, Gilbert Adame, Richard Bojorquez, Brent Nunez. MISSING: Rick Chacon, Tom Gil, Cisco Guevara, Jerry Gusman, Larry Rosalez, Dirk Williamson. Sports 79 Defensive Strength Helped Then Determination and confi- dence were the trademarks of the sophomore football team as they played to a 2 win-3 loss league record. Lacking a strong offensive line to provide the extra punch, the team showed great defensive strength as they prevented eventual league champions. La Mirada, from penetrating the Viking 25-yardline, only to lose the game on a trick play. At one point the defense did not allow a touchdown for 11 straight quarters. Running back Frank Calderon was named the most valuable player. Winning the first game of the season against Ontario was a positive start for the fresh- men as they beat the Jaguars, 6-0. Against Mira Costa they fought to a draw, 14-14. Al- though unable to win any of the remaining seven games, the players exhibited spirit and determination while on the field. Representative of this attitude was the effort of M. V.P. John Arvizo who gained 425 yards rushing. The de- fensive unit was anchored by the outstanding play of Sergio Ybarra who made 62 tackles. SOPHOMORE SCORES MV OFF. Ontario 2 8 El Monte 6 8 Mira Costa 7 Cerritos 21 La Mirada 7 Mark Keppel 14 6 Schurr 7 Arroyo 7 Monrovia 6 12 (RIGHT) Running back Frank Calderon (32) breaks away from would-be tacklers to score a touchdown against El Monte. . A i ' Soph Football-BACK ROW: Randy Marsh, Id Salido, Ben Batre , lom Hemandtv, Oscai Vasquez, Victor Dovalina. 3 KD KOVV; Coach Mike Kleine, Monfy Williamson, Mike Nunez, Mike Machunis, Ken Santos, Paul Jimenez, Randy Roche, Frank Reyes, Martin Gomez. 2ND ROW: manager Scott Lepere , Frank Calderon, Carlos Barcelo, Paul Medina, Chris Sanchez, Danny Flores, Tony Pappalardo, Robert Barajas, manager Tom Castaneda. FRONT ROW: Sammy Aguilar, Greg Calvillo, Earl Dowers, Vince Davi, Dan Shubin, Mike Duran, Mario Parades, Bill Hillman. MISSING: George Parr. 80 Sports " ?vi.V:iaESa ll . ' - ' r ss : ! ' ? ?- ' FroshFooball - BACK ROW: Head Coach Steve Alonzo, Coach Greg Goodyear, Coach Rick Cardenas. 5TH ROW: L. Cook, ]. Mancuso, G. Petitt , R. Knight, R. Maldonado, A. Barajas, J. Bernal, D. Molina, A. Perez. 4TH ROW: ] . Marti nez, C. Raya, R. Bumpi is, J. Vanillo, C. Vasquez, T. Arciniega, E. Ruiz, R. Heredia, T. Reeves, L. Vargas. 3RD ROWf TOuarte: R. Beltran, M. Jurado, V. Alvarez, R. Mireles, J. Diaz, J. Arvizo, D. Martinez, S. Yharra, J. Estrada, 2ND ROW: T Tloss, S. Ramirez, J. Curren, M. Samford, J. Rubio, S. Zamora, S. Rogers, R. Arteaga, S. Macias, P. Cano. FRONT ROW: S. Garcia, R. Moreno, G. Macias, A. Aparicio, J. Coronado, S. Garcia, M. Jimenez, M. Perez, S. DeAngelis. f " gje (-xa - ' : ;-C U-c ft c-. t.vCvsSi ' - v ) - v .- - . - o FRESHMEN SCORES MV OPP. Ontario 18 El Monte 6 8 Mira Costa 14 14 C err it OS 6 19 La Mirada 8 Mark Keppel 6 22 Schurr 23 Arroyo 20 Monrovia 6 20 i %. 4- :r , t t ' denotes league games (ABOVE) John Arvizo (32) carries the ball to gain some yardage for the freshmen team. (ABOVE LEFT) An El Monte ball carrier is tackled by sophomore Monty Williamson (15). Sports 81 Varsity Volleyball - TOP: Denise Diaz. 2ND ROW: Coach Carmen Rey, Lorrie Palmer, Kim Lira, Linda Nickel, Gaby Rodriguez. FRONT ROW: Virginia Gutierrez, Leticia Perez, Eleanor Flores, Camille Rodriguez, Olivia Moya. ftO V ri w - ■.J (UPPER LEFT) Captain Denise Diaz positions herself to receive the ball. (ABOVE) Lorrie Palmer and Kim Lira look on as Eleanor Flores hits the ball from behind. (LEFT) An expressive Coach Rey captures the attention of varsity player Olivia Moya. 82 Sports Spirits Soar Beating Mark Keppel must have been the most exciting game for the varsity volleyball team. Keppel won the 1st round but the 2nd round belonged to Mountain View. As the girls con- tinued with their determined en- deavor, they went all the way to a victory. Eleanor Flores im- proved the most during the sea- son and Virginia Gutierrez was the most valuable player on the team this year. Doing well throughout the season, the JV team worked with great effort. Captain Robin Adams was voted most valuable player on the team with freshman Margie Hernan- dez receiving the most improved player award. The attitudes in both varsity and JV teams were outstanding, their spirits high and their will- ingness to do their best never fell. JV Volleyball - BACK ROW: Gloria Carrion, Debbie Rodriguez, Anna Garcia, Jo Aragon, Joanne Ramirez. 2ND ROW: Manager Rosemary Moya, Margie Hernandez, Gloria Delgado, Cathy Velasquez, April Munoz, Manager Vivian Ruiz. FRONT ROW: Theresa Walker, Liz Rozuk, Robin Adams, Julie Meza. f (ABOVE LEFT) JV Captain Robin Adams prepares to return the ball as she watches it intently. (LEFT) Anticipating the next serve, Virginia Gutierrez gets into ready position. MM Sports 83 F 0 Varsity Tennis - BACK ROW: Becky Moreno, Vicki Urban, Grace linuma, Theresa Lopez, Connie Rios. FRONT ROW: Nance Eason, Karen Leonard, Maria Ortiz, Rachel Mejia, Coach Lis Smoot. (ABOVE) JV Coach Gloria Acosta and Varsity Coach Lis Smoot worked hard in training botli teams. (UPPER RIGHT) T king a powerful swing at the ball, varsity player Karen Leonard displays her agility. JV Tennis - BACK ROW: Becky Villalobos, Jackie Sarabia, Jeanie Brown. 2ND ROW: Robin Grossman, Cynthia Simpson, Debbie Kendricks, Noreene Geoghegan. FRONT ROW: Dee Marsh. MISSING: Susan Blume. 84 Sports Pep Talk Helps A tremendous amount of ef- fort and sportsmanship was shown iDy the varsity tennis team though they only managed one close team win against Monrovia. Spirited encouragement was pro- vided by Coach Smoot as she al- ways had something positive to say before, during and after the games. Captain Vicki Urijan earned the Coaches ' Award for her enthusiasm and team leader- ship. Playing very well for the season was Rachel Mejia as she was named most valuable player. Also playing extremely well for her first time on the tennis team was most improved player Con- nie Rios. Even a team record of wins and 8 losses couldn ' t stop the energetic JV team. Many of them were first year players willing to try their hardest and to do their best. Nance Eason, the most valuable player, was the most consistent in winning her match- es. The most improved player award went to freshman Debbie Kendricks who showed great promise for the coming years. (ABOVE LEFT) JV player Susan Blume bends down to hit the ball. (ABO T) Practicing her forehand is 2nd year varsity player Becky Moreno. (LEFT) Nance Eason, JV 1st -singles, is captured in the middle of her serve. Nance Eason moved up to the varsity team in her last game. Sports 85 A Goal to Reach Winning seven straight games in a row sent the varsity soccer club into the season on the right foot. The team was largely composed of experienced players wliich helped to insure a successful squad. Highlighting the season for the squad was the Montebello Invitational Tourna- ment where they took the conso- lation trophy, defeating Bosco Tech and Workman High School, for the second year in a row. Making first team all -league was Javier Mendez, and Martin Jimenez made 2nd team all- league. Receiving the most valuable player award and 2nd team all- league was Angel Ocana, most improved went to Jose Luna, while Javier Mendez and Roberto Sanchez also re- (ABOVE RIGHT) Refugio Gamboa brings the ball back into play after a penalty was called. (RIGHT ) Contemplating a steal, varsity player Angel Ocana moves into position. ceived awards for their contri- butions to the squad ' s success. As the team ended a rewarding season with 9 wins, 7 losses, and 2 ties, they will be more hopeful for the championship next year. Performing with excellence this past season were the JV soccer players as they had an overall record of 7 wins, 6 losses, and 2 ties. Leading goal scorer was Tony Gamboa with 4 goals, followed by kick- ing specialist Carlos Guevara with 3 goals for the season. Goalie Victor Garcia received the most valuable player award for his outstanding efforts. 86 Sports (LEFT) Varsity Soccer-B. CK PO ' .V; Roberto Sanchez, Bernardo Flcr .-s, jcse Luna, Juan Mendez, Martin Jiii!:. ' :;cz, Arturo Arteaga, Coach Ted jvlarur.r. . FRONT ROW: Refugio Gamboa, Alltel Ocana, Roberto Barajas, Fernando Pellegrini, Javier Mendez. MISSING: Jesus Aguilar. (BELOW LEFT) Coordinating the move- ment of the ball is Roberto Barajas as he keeps it away from the El Monte Lions. (BOTTOM) JV Soccer -BACK ROW: Tony Gamboa, Juan Garay, Mario Velarde, Jose Mora, Victor Navarette, Francisco F lores, Victor Garcia. FRONT ROW: Adrian Tejeda, Bernardo Meza, Juan Gonzalez, Jesus Martinez, Sergio Sandoval, Hugo Gallegos. (BELOW) Displaying the comradesliip present with a successful squad are Bernardo Flores and Roberto Barajas. ».- A|t» II J limS -M Af?iite ' V-3iSS ? v--i ' . ' ! ' 4ii A- ' %. M JV SCORES MV OPP Cantwell 2 El Rancho 1 2 John Muir 2 1 John Muir Workman 1 Hoover 1 ' ■ ' Mark Keppel 1 ' Monrovia 1 Glendale E1 Monte 2 " Hoover 3 1 Mark Keppel 1 2 ' • ' Monrovia 4 2 ' ' Glendale 1 E1 Monte 2 Sports 87 (TOP) Varsity Basketball -John Lopez, Kelley Autrey, Charlie Gil, Alfred Flores, Tim Coats, Armando Rodriguez, David Maldonado, Greg Garrison, Joe Sanchez, Mike Folden, Augie Chavez. KNEELING: Coacli kay Fields. (ABO ' E) Up and in goes the ball on a shot by senior Charlie Gil. (RIGHT) Senior Greg Garrison makes two while being heavily guarded by the Matadors. 88 Sports Overtime Most Exciting Aspect of Play Selected as the most valu- able player, captain Tim Coats played well throughout the sea- son as he scored 428 points for a school record and was named to the Mission Valley All- league team. The squad as a whole also had a fine season as they recorded a total of 12 wins and 11 losses. They placed 2nd in the Norwalk Tourney, losing the championship game to Mon- rovia by 2 points in overtime. Only one team beat Monrovia in league, and this same team went on to beat the Arroyo Knights in overtime and the Schurr Spartans in double over- time. Doing it all was the Viking varsity basketball team who ended the season by placing 3rd in league. (ABOVE) Leaping up is senior Joe Sanchez as he aims for the basket. (LEFT) Center Tim Coats is a study of concentration as he prepares for the jump ball. Sports 89 Looking Forward to a Rebuilding Year The varsity basketball team will graduate seven players, and their positions will have to be filled from the rank of the JV team. This will make next year ' s varsity team young in experience with a new and fresh team attitude. Although the junior varsity basketball team finished the season with a 5 win-19 loss record overall, the team showed a good attitude and practiced hard throughout the season, staying up for each game despite their 0-10 league record. The most valuable player award went to Jose Raigosa who led the team in scoring, rebouiiding, and steals. Freddie Ortiz did a fine job at guard, as he was second in scoring and was tied with David Reyes for the most assists. The most improved player was Bob Duchess who finished 3rd in scoring and 2nd in rebounding. Doing a fine job were center Tom Hernandez and guards Noa Cossio, Joe Ottrando, and Jacko Romero. Also helping out with the team in their own way were manager Sam Aguilar and score keeper Robin Adams. (ABOVE) Senior Kelley Autrey sends the ball into the air for an easy basket. (ABOVE RIGHT) Stalling for time are Tim Coats and Greg Garrison as Mark Keppel tries to regain possession of the ball. (RIGHT) Skillfully shooting the ball is JV player Jose Raigosa. 90 Sports Pi ,s sV.f.vifV (LEFT) Down the court and up for a basket is JV player Freddie Ortiz. (BELOW LEFT) Bob Duchess springs up to score two points for the JV team. (BELOW) JV Basketball. BACK ROW: jacko Romero, Tom Hernandez, Bob Duchess, Jose Raigosa. 2ND ROW: Freddie Ortiz, Noa Cossio, David Reyes, Joe Ottrando, Coach Don Davis. FRONT ROW: Lynn Lujan, Art Salido, Roberto Barajas, Ruben Castaneda. Sports 91 (ABOVE RIGHT) Monty Williamson gives the sophomore team another tvvo points against the Schurr Spartans. (ABOVE) Going for the rebound is sopho- more Frank Calderon. (RIGHT) Sophomore Basketball-BACK ROW: Coach Jim Dalton, SUbert-Saachez. FrarxIiCaMeroii, Chuck Hall, Ed Salido, Corey Anson. FRONT ROW: Brad Wilson, Carlos Barcelo, Danny Floras, Monty Williamson. MISSING: Oscar Vasquez. 92 Sports Sophs, Frosh Play VI i -I « ;. -■■- M. Great stamina and poise were shown throughout season play by members of the sopho- more basketball team, a fact not reflected in the squad ' s 8-12 record. Even the efforts of cap- tain Oscar Vasquez and most valuable player Gilbert Sanchez, who led late -in -the -game come- back attempts, were unable to pull the Vikes out in front, re- sulting in several losses by four points or less. " Quit " was a word unknown to the freshmen basketball players as they battled their way past teams much larger than themselves to post an overall 10-10 season record. A second place finish in the Keppel Freshmen Tournament and the placing of Sal Ramirez on the all tournament team highlighted season play. Most valuable player Jolin Hindman led the team attack as he scored in douijle figures in 15 out of 16 games. Dii-ecting action in the backcourt were captain Robert Moreno and Art Cossio, while Ruben Mire- les and Moses Diaz were strong off the boards. (ABOVE) Freshman Basketball-BACK ROW: Moses Diaz, Ruben Mireles, John Hindman, Art Cossio, Coach Rick Cardenas. FRONT ROW: Robert Moreno, Sal Ramirez, Victor Perez, Marty Frederiksen, Jeff Sullivan. (ABOVE LEFT) A La Mirada player backs off as John Hindman puts in a basket. (LEFT) Sophomore Corey Anson quickly shoots from outside the key before Schurr guards can react. Sp orts 93 76 BASEBALL 76 GIRL ' S BASKETBALL ' 76 TRACK MV OPP MV OPP MV OPP San Gabriel 4 5 San Gabriel 29 34 Nogales 70 49 Mark Keppel 1 3 ♦Mark Keppel 32 37 ♦San Gabriel 60 65 Monrovia 20 14 ♦Monrovia 26 35 ♦Mark Keppel 76 35 E1 Monte 9 4 E1 Monte 37 39 ♦Schurr 35 70 Arroyo 8 5 Arroyo 16 73 ♦Monrovia 38 76 Schurr 1 2 Schurr 38 51 ♦El Monte 78 29 Rosemead 7 2 Rosemead 42 45 ♦Arroyo 49 65 San Gabriel 3 2 San Gabriel 43 50 ♦Rosemead 72 47 Mark Keppel 2 6 Mark Keppel 38 39 Monrovia 2 1 ♦Monrovia 25 28 E1 Monte 2 6 E1 Monte 32 49 Arroyo 4 5 ♦Arroyo 20 57 Schurr 12 4 ♦Schurr 33 45 Rosemead 11 8 ♦Rosemead 30 45 Shown here against the back- drop of the new football score- board and pep squads are the scores of the varsity sports from the spring of ' 76 to the spring of ' 77. vr ' rO- A s n- , 6 ' ■ tj ' 76 TENNIS ' 76 GIRLS ' SOFTBALL J MV OPP MV OPP ♦San Gabriel 6 1 2 21 1 2 ♦San Gabriel 9 10 ♦Mark Keppel 2 1 4 25 3 4 ♦Mark Keppel 18 1 ' 76 GIRLS ' BADMINTON ♦Monrovia 18 1 4 9 3 4 ♦Monrovia 5 10 ♦El Monte 7 21 ♦El Monte 4 9 MV OPP ♦Arroyo 10 1 2 17 1 2 ♦Arroyo 7 29 ♦Schurr 4 4 ♦Schurr 3 3 4 24 1 4 ♦Schurr 6 7 ♦Rosemead 1 7 ♦Rosemead 1 27 ♦Rosemead 6 7 ♦Muir 6 8 ♦San Gabriel 6 1 2 21 1 2 ♦San Gabriel 6 16 ♦Arcadia 4 4 ♦Mark Keppel 8 20 ♦Mark Keppel 9 8 ♦Pasadena 2 6 ♦Monrovia 14 1 2 13 1 2 ♦Monrovia 8 16 ♦Schurr 1 7 ♦El Monte 9 3 4 18 1 4 ♦El Monte 7 11 ♦Rosemead 2 6 ♦Arroyo 7 1 2 20 1 2 ♦Arroyo 2 10 ♦Muir 1 7 ♦Schurr 2 26 ♦Schurr 4 15 ♦Arcadia 8 ♦Rosemead 1 27 ♦Rosemead 3 12 ♦Pasadena 3 5 CROSS COUNTRY GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL Sierra Vista La Mirada Mark Keppel Schurr Arroyo Monrovia MV 15 15 26 26 20 15 OPP 50 50 29 30 36 50 ©r V 9 V r -o ■i - IlA Mark Keppel Arroyo Monrovia Schurr La Mirada Mark Keppel Arroyo Monrovia Schurr La Mirada MV 2 14 7 9 2 8 1 6 4 4 4 16 15 6 8 6 9 11 13 5 GIRLS ' TENNIS FOOTBALL La Mirada MV 4 " MV OPP Mark Keppel 1 Ontario 6 Schurr 3 1 2 El Monte 13 2 Arroyo 6 3 4 Mira Costa 32 ♦Monrovia 11 1 4 Cerritos 21 83 La Mirada 34 La Mirada 1 2 Mark Keppel 7 14 Mark Keppel 2 3 4 Schurr 24 Schurr Arroyo 6 Arroyo 5 ♦Monrovia 41 ♦Monrovia 8 1 4 OPP 15 16 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 14 9 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 BASKETBALL MV Baldwin Park 83 Bosco Tech 57 Royal Oak 61 Rosemead 62 Walnut 63 Bassett 69 San Dimas 55 Pius X 49 Saugus 52 Schurr 51 La Mirada 47 ♦Monrovia 46 ♦Arroyo 53 ♦Mark Keppel 56 ♦Schurr 58 ♦La Mirada 49 ♦Monrovia 41 ♦Arroyo 78 ♦Mark Keppel 67 WRESTLING MV Sierra Vista 34 San Gabriel 44 Royal Oak 52 Temple City 30 ♦Schurr 68 El Monte 52 Glenn 75 ♦Mark Keppel 24 El Rancho 53 ♦Arroyo 15 SOCCER OPP 61 60 36 54 67 78 51 76 55 73 76 40 49 54 50 71 62 82 66 OPP 12 15 7 31 4 12 30 6 32 MV OPP Cantwell 1 El Rancho 1 John Muir 4 John Muir 3 San Gabriel 2 Bosco Tech 5 3 Workman 1 Nogales 1 4 ♦Hoover 2 2 ♦Mark Keppel 1 3 OPP ♦Monrovia 5 1 18 1 2 ♦Glendale 1 4 21 1 2 ♦ El Monte 1 3 19 ♦Hoover 1 3 15 3 4 ♦Mark Keppel 2 2 11 1 4 ♦Monrovia 5 73 ♦Glendale 2 22 ♦EI Monte 2 19 3 4 22 1 2 17 1 2 13 1 4 ♦ denotes league games ■ I: :i- i 4 k ' ihiilil:! ©fl M , f j fj (ABOVE RIGHT) JV Basketball-BACK ROW: April Munoz, Charlene Kong, Liz Mata, Robin Harris, Gaby Rodriguez, Jackie Sarabia, Yvonne Perez, Karen Leonard, Coach Doreen Garcia. FRONT ROW: Margie Hernandez, Kathy Gonzales, Gloria Delgado, Dee Marsh, Rachel Mejia, Lourdes Barrera. (BELOW RIGHT) As the Viking offense takes over, playmaker Lourdes Barrera brings the ball down the court to set up the first play. (BELOW) Liz Mata prevents the opposition from scoring as she guards the basket. MW f .-i £¥l New Coaches Give Team New Look With an average height of just 5 ' 5 " , the girls ' varsity bas- ketball team took off like a bullet enroute to their best season ever, under the guidance of new coach Lis Smoot, Playmakers Becky Moreno and Gloria Bar- rera led the Viking attack, while the outside shooting of guards Kathy Criswell, Pat Cordova, and Nancy Vasquez gained many crucial points for the team. Height was provided by centers Lorrie Palmer and Isabella Charles, with Theresa Lopez, Julie Meza, and Cindy Van Haasen outrebounding their op- ponents to give the squad an edge on the boards. The return of alumnus Doreen Garcia to coach the JV ' s helped them break past performance records as a new supply of freshman talent improved the team ' s overall basketball skill. 96 Sports (LEFT) Varsity Basketbali-BACK ROW: Becky Moreno, Isabella Charieij Connie Rios, Lome Palmer, Pat Cordovi. Kathy Criswell, Coach Liz Smoot. FRO. T RCW: Theresa Lopez, Julie Meza, Clorjp. Barrei-a, Cindy Van Haasen. (BELOW LEFT) Going up on a jump ball is center Lorrie Palmer, giving Mt. View the advantage. Sports 37 Matmen Finish Strong Beginning the season as a strong contender for the league title, the varsity wrestling team lost dual matches to Mark Keppel and Arro- yo to dash its hopes of briiiging home a league championship. Des- pite this, four grapplers made their mark in the record book by cap- turing individual championships in their weight classes. They were: junior Memo Jasso (136 lbs. ), junior Art Nava (157 lbs. ), senior Earl Freeman (168 lbs. ), and junior Adrian Aguilar (178 lbs.). Unable to cap a fine season (he placed first in the Santa Fe tourna- ment) with a first place finish in league, sophomore Mario Paredes established without a doubt his de- termination to win as he finished the season with the best win-loss record in the school ' s history (14-2). Art Nava posted a 16-5 record, with 13 of his wins coming by fall. Others with fine perform- ances were Memo Jasso (15-6) cuid Rick Jimenez (12-7). (TOP) Having control over a Schurr Spartan is Earl Freeman who ended his season with a 14 win -6 loss record. (ABOVE) Varsity Wrestling-BACK ROW: Earl Freeman, juan Castaneaa, Victor Adame, Coach Daye Smith, Tom Reyes, Victor Dovalina, Eddie Martinez Cecil Ramos, Adrian Aguilar, FRONT ROW: Art Nava, Mario Paredes, Dale Fike, Rick Jimenez, Memo Jasso. (RIGHT) On his way to first in league is junior Memo Jasso. 98 Sports (TOP) At 177 lbs. Adrian Aguilar was a force to be reckoned with at league finals. (ABOVE LEFT) Junior Art Nava keeps his opponent in position as he scores a two- point reversal. (ABOVE) Senior Freddie Navarro struggles to regain control over a Schurr opponent. (LEFT) Setting up for a double armbar pin is junior Dale Fike. Sports 99 (ABOVE) JV Wrestling -BACK ROW: Scott Fike, Gilbert Adam e, John Baker. 2ND ROW; Henry Coronado, Tom Castaneda, Tom Reeves, Robert Natividad. FRONT ROW: Miguel Perez, Matt Jimenez, John Coronado. MISSING: Jack Lopez, Kermy Santos. (ABOVE RIGHT) Henry Coronado at 129 lbs. works to pin his opposition, (RIGHT) Attempting to force a John Glenn opponent to the mat is junior Jack Lopez. (BELOW RIGHT) Junior Gilbert Adame brings down his opponent at the beginning of his match. 100 Sports (ABOVEl Freshman Tennis-BACK ROW: Carlos Vasquez, David Parra, RayNegron, Mike Puente, Mike Rivera. FRONT ROW: ArtCossio, Marty Frederikson, Ricardo Arteaga, Sam Zamora. (LEFT) JV Tennis-BACK ROW: Mike Gonzales, Ed Salido, Art Moreno, Eric Arias, Ken Kobashigawa. FRONT ROW: Coach Don Davis, Brent Nunez, Earl Dowers, Jason Ho. JV ' s Sharpen Skills for Future Individual performances were the mark of the junior var- sity matmen as five of the wres- tlers completed a successful season with an eye to fillingvar- sity positions next year. Junior Jack Lopez (168 lbs. ) was unde- feated in ten matches and placed first at the Baldwin Park novice tournament, while sophomore Tom Castaneda (123 lbs. ) was 11-2 overall and finished first at the Arroyo Frosh Soph Tour- nament. Others having fine rec- ords were Tom Reyes (7-2 at 154 lbs. ), Henry Coronado (8-2-1 at 129 lbs.), and Frank Sutley (7-3 at 177 lbs.). Over- all, the team won 5 and lost 3 dual matches. Singles players Ed Salido and Jason Ho established them- selves as early season leaders for the JV tennis team, a group which found inexperience and lack of depth its main obstacle. The frosh showed signs of being able t o hold its own as they beat rivals El Monte in a pre-season practice match. Sports 101 (ABOVE RIGHT) While they take a break, Coach Ideine enlightens the team with some game strategy. (RIGHT) Varsity Tennis-BACK ROW: Monty Williamson, Roger Thompson, David Reyes, Mike Guzman. FRONT ROW; Ruben Castaneda, Joe Ottrando, Randy Blount, Corey Anson, Coach Mike Kleine. Racquetmen Set Sights on Best Year Can two juniors, five sopho- mores and one freshman lead Mt. View to its best finish ever in varsity tennis? Coach Mike Kleine and a squad of young but aggressive athletes think so. Be- hind the determined play of sophomore Joe Ottrando and junior Randy Blount, the outlook for tennis looked extremely bright with the best to come next year. 102 Sports . - A ' - ' rac " • r,«ww«a» » ww«v ' AT -f™-- . ' ' ' « --«« ' )g ggr • ■ «™ (ABOVE) Offering some fierce competition at the net is junior Randy Blount, (ABOVE LEFT) Roger Thompson demon- strates liis forehand as he returns the serve. (LEFT) Best singles player at the opening of the season and who continued to do well was sophomore Joe Ottrando. ■ 1 i ) i J Sports 103 JNw T ' t -• ' ' w w ffni wi fe mtMmmmmiiigmmk tA, (ABOVE RIGHT) " Batter up " is senior Freddie Navarro, also a pitcher for the Vikings, who made all-league, second team honors last year. (RIGHT) Leading off first is senior Daren Wallach who was the 1976 league batting champion. (ABOVE) Junior Gilbert Adame, in full extension to the plate, pitched his second consecutive season for the varsity team. 104 Sports Three Return to Lead GIF Bid With a new coach and ex- perienced squad, the varsity baseball team entered the sea- son with high hopes of a high finish in league and a possible berth in GIF. Three players from last season who received all-league honors provided the leadership and helped ease the burden for rookie coach Vic Chavez. r:a-V (ABOVE) Varsity Baseball-BACK ROW: Steve Naz ajj Freddie Navarro, Creg_ Garrison Daren Wallach, Jack Lopez, Cisco Guevara, Chuck Vel asquez, Steve Paz, Coach Vic " Chavez. FRONT ROW: Manuel Hernandez, Jacko Romero, Mik£— £2]ilfi» Jose Raigosa, Gilbert Adame, Juan Castaneda, Richard DeLaRosa, Frank Liijan. (LEFT) An all -league, second team selec- tion at second base in 1976, _ Creg G arrison made the switch to shortstop to help streng- then the infield defense. Sports 105 ft ' Tfn, i ir V 4 Jt . .»-- 41 (ABOVE) Coming out of a wind up is sophomore Richard Carrion who pitched for the JV team. (RIGHT) Waiting and watching for a chance to pick off an El Monte leadman on first base is junior Ron Torsey wmk mmmmmmgiF ,n - kulMML ' ttC; 106 Sports Building a Ball Club It had to be a good season with sophomores Richard Carrion pitching and Carlos Guevara catching for the JV team. Two other fine ball play- ers on the team. Randy Roche and Rich Salido, revealed their talents at the beginning of the season. The main goal for the JV baseball team was not only to put together a winning ball club but also to build up their pride, potential, and motivation. Lack of previous playing time appeared to be the main handicap for the freshmen base- ball team as they prepared to enter league play. Danny Mar- tinez at first base and Sam Macias in center field emerged as two fine athletes early in the season and were expected to provide the leadership for the squad. (LEFT) JV asgball - BACK ROW: Keu- Santos, , Greg ' Gissart, Randy Roche, Larry Rosalez, ' Ron Torsy. 2ND ROW: Coach Greg Goodyear, Jose Espinoza, Richard Carrion, Carlos Guevara, Roger Garcia, Dan Shubin, David Worden. FRONT ROW: Rich Salido, Randy Marsh, Chris Herrera, Alfred Vargas, Ralph Beserra. (BELOW Freshman Baseball - BACK ROW: Coach Steve Alonzo, Larr ' Vargas, Danny Martinez, Sam Macias, Joe Diaz, Coach Rick Cardenas. 2ND ROW: Paul Rodriguez, Mark Mercado , Sergi o Ybarra, Sal Ramirez, Mike Samford, John Romero. FRONT ROW: Victor Adame, Bobby Herrera, Jeff Sullivan, Tom Reeves, Paul Cano. MISSING: Steve Rogers, Jose Llamas. m y ., » . ib i wj --»-» . ,i « ' ».■»; ' ■ ' »• — •• iU Play Ball Spring brought with it the cry of " play ball " as the girls ' soft- ball team looked forward to an eventful season. A small group of returning players provided the nucleus and were expected to lead a large group of new re- cruits. (ABOVE ) Up at bat during Softball practice is returning player Jeanne Brown. (ABOVE RIGHT) Returning softball players - BACK ROW: Karen Leonard, Connie Rios, Becky Villalobos, Lauri Palmer, Liz Messier, Theresa Lopez. FRONT ROW: Lourdes Barrera, Becky Moreno, Jeanne Brown, Noreene Geoghegan. (RIGHT) Rookies - BACK ROW: Isabel Charles, Dorothy Hoyos, Dee Marsh, Connie DeAngelis, Teresa Walker, Charlene Kong, Coach Eileen Gotchal. 2ND ROW: Gloria Barrera Toni Almonte, Debbie Rodriguez, Liz Mata. FRONT ROW: Julie Meza, Pat Rodriguez, April Mimoz, Amparo Durand. 108 Sports (LEFT) Freshman Amparo Durand comes out of a wind up to pitch the ball. (BE- LOW ) Behind the plate is catcher Lauri Palmer while April Munoz gets ready to swing at the ball during after school work outs. " 4 Sports 109 (ABOVE ) Badminton team - BACK ROW: manager Lucy Ibarra, Jessie Amaya, Pauletta Brashears, Anna Garcia, Linda Nickel, Susan Nickel, Nadine Lepere, Mary Suarez, SnadyZamora, Coach Carmen Rey. 2ND ROW: Rosemary Luna, Evangelina Martinez, Kim Lira, Mary Ann Nunez, Conchita Medina, Melody Mitchell, Lupe Ruedas, Sheri Pelletier. FRONT ROW: Nance Eason, Gail Keel, Leticia Perez, Cathy Velasquez, Robin Grossman, Vickie Hill, Teri Barnett. (RIGHT) In serving form, Conchita Medina gets ready to hit the birdie. 110 Sports A Gym Full of Birdies Requiring much practice and hard work to perfect the skills of the game, the girls ' badminton team spent many mornings and evenings at workouts in the gym- nasium. The air was often full of birdies being hit back and forth by the players preparing for the opening of league play. (LEFT) Teaching senior Gail Keel to fol- low through with her strokes is JV coach Linda Logan, a former student and bad- minton player at Mt. View. (BELOW ) Jessie Amaya goes over her short serves during morning badminton practice. A 111 ■.■f?s «J Individuals Shine in Competition Although lacking the numbers and depth to make the team com- petitive in dual meets, the var- sity track team stood out with the outstanding performances of several individuals. Returning league champions Sal D ' Amico (880-yd.), Mike Earnest (pole vault), and Javier Mendez, David Flores and Lance Fisher (mile relay) sought to repeat their winning efforts and continue into GIF competition. Coaches Gene Prieto, Ralph Hernandez, and Jim Gontreras provided guidance which enabled many of the per- formers to consistently improve their best efforts. (ABOVE) Sal D ' Amico, last year ' s Mission Valley league champion in the 880-yd. , started off the season in victory. (RIGHT) Part of the track team ' s strength is Javier Mendez who shows the look of a tough competitior. 112 Sports (LEFT) Junior Mike Earnest runs the 100 yard dash to improve his speed in his main event, the pole vault. (BELOW) Varsity Track-BACK ROW: Coach Gene Prieto, David Silvas, Alfonso Romero, Mike Earnest, Manuel Hernandez, Javier Mendez, Ray Knight, Frank Martinez, SalD ' Amico. FRONT ROW: David Flores, Remijio Olnios, Elpidio Mendez, Lance Fisher, Robert Barajas, Jose Olmos, Ricky Salinas, Ruben Mireles. ■-- i -: Sports 113 1 J P ' 1 1 V (ABOVE) Raising his arms up for better height, freshman Ruben Mireles com- petes in the long jump event. (RIGHT) Frosh Soph Track - BACK ROW: Benny Batrez, Jose Mora, Jeff Hunt, Edward Ruiz, Anthony Juarez, Jerr ' Estrada, Richard Heredia, David Hernandez, TonyBarajas. FRONT ROW: Victor Garcia, Rufus Ramirez, Antonio Gamboa, Steve Garcia, John Arvizu, Sergio Leyva, Tom Arciniega 114 Sports (LEFT) Boxing in a Nogales opponent, frosh soph runners Richard Romero and Antonio Gamboa race for the lead. (BELOW) Concentration is necessary to be a fine runner and a good competitor. Rufus Ramirez shows this and uses it to help himself win. 1 - Call It Teamwork Being a sport of individual efforts, track is made up of many different events, each requiring various skills. The varsity and frosh soph track teams work together as a whole yet compete in their individual endeavors to produce a winning team. Sports 115 (RIGHT) Practices pay off for Everett Pacheco as shown by his numerous achievements. (BELOW) Rachel Mejia, along with team- mate Karen Leonard and Coach Doreen Garcia show their approval as the team adds two points to the score. 116 Sports Outstanding in Every Way High schools produce many fine athletes through their ath- letic programs, but rarely are the likes of an Everett Pacheco st x.. An outstanding runner in cross country and track, Everett will leave behind a le- gacy of excellence that will long serve as an incentive for Mt. View runners. His list of ac- complishments is seemingly endless: three years undefeated in cross country dual meets, twice varsity cross country league champion, set a CIF frosh soph record in the 880-yd. run with a time of 1:56. 9 (still a record), member of the all- San Gabriel Valley cross coun- try team as a junior and a senior, varsity track league champ in the 880-yd., mile and 2-mile. These fine efforts not withstand- ing. Coach Ralph Hernandez felt that Everett ' s best performance came in a dual track meet with Arroyo last year when he ran the 880-yd. (1:59.8), the mile (4:32.5), the 2-mile (10:07), and the mile relay (51. 9 leg) with at most a half -hour rest in between. Each year the girls ' physical education department recognizes a senior girl who has shown scholastic and athletic achieve- ment, a high quality of attitude, and an interest in and a support of the field of girls ' P.E. and athletics. Rachel Mejia distin- guished herself abover her peers to earn the award for her over- all contribution to the girls ' physical education program. Her accomplishments include: let- tering in tennis (3 yrs.), basket- ball (2 yrs.), and Softball (3 yrs.); a P.E. student service assistant; president of GAA executive board; most valuable player in JV and varsity tennis. v- Ju. (LEFT) Last year in league finals at Arroyo, Everett Pacheco crossed the finish line in victory in the varsity mile, (ABOVE) Aggressive play was her trade- mark in basketball games. Here Rachel attempts a steal from a Mark Keppel for- ward. Sports 117 1. Students visit Hpng lunch to catch up on homework, H K Mi. Castruita stops to talk with Tom Reyes and friend. IThe crowd looks on, with mixed emotions, at a foot- ball game, 4. Denise Diaz helps produce ID cards for Maxine Gomez and Crystal Ormsby during registration, i. Tony Pappalardo and Sheryle Hillman share a tender moment. 6. Leaning on a convenient fence, Danny Macias and Larry Rosalez view a frosh football game. JFollowing a football game, Margaret Modarelli shows er spirit with an enthusiastic recital of the Alma Mater. Q I 1 5 ( ) o " I am very proud to be a freshman When I attended Kranz I was looking forward to becoming a freshman. I just couldn ' t wait to come into a new school and meet different people from other schools. When I become a sophomore, I will also be proud, just like 1 am right now. " Cathy Velasquez (9) " I like Mt. View-the people, the teachers, and the counselors who help you all the way. I like the help the cheerleaders give to help make our school the best. I really admire the teachers who get up early to get to school to teach us. I am proud of our school and wish all my fellow class- mates good luck. " Debbie Murphree (9) " 1 am proud of being a freshman. I ' ve always wanted to see how it feels to be one. You meet new people, you get new friends, but also keep the old ones. To me it means growing up and understanding more. I enjoy hav- ing the pleasure of being a freshman, being glad I can join more things, and getting more involved. Being a freshman is part of growing up. " Priscilla Flores (9) ■! n c 4- ' 0.) u 3 " a LEFT: A few last minute corrections are added to Cathy Valasquez ' s freshman essay. 120 Juan Acosta Vic Adame Donald Adams Monalisa Aguayo fjl een Aguila r Enia Aguilar Margie Aguinaga Alfonsa Aguirre Rosa Aguirre Teresa Aguirre Bohb - Albrechtsen Bobbi Allen Toni Almonte Esperanza Alvarado Victor Alvarez Susan Amaya Yvonne Anaya Joan Anderson Kelly Andrews Corey Anson Alfred Aparicio Jo Aragon Clark Archer Tom Arciniega Lillian Arroyo Ricardo Arteaga John Arvizo Donna Arvizu Loretta August Sergio Aurelio Chayo Avilj Lorraine Baca Jon Baker Andy Ballesteros Antonio Barajas Lupe Barajas Roberto Barajas Gloria Barrera David Barreras Ronnie Beltran Cecilia Bermudez Lidis Bermudez Annette Bernal Jaime Bernal Leonard Beserra Jerry Blood Mark Blue Terrie Bogan Virginia Bonilla Bruce Bromley Russell Brown Robert Bum pus Rhoda Burnham Ruth Burnham Debra Bustamante Brigette Cabrera ' ictor Cabrera Priscilla Calderon loe Campos Paul Cano Dan Cantua Michael Cardenas Richard Carlcn Underclassmen 121 off to a Good Start In the tradition of previous fresh- men, the class of ' 80 showed a willing- ness to support the various activities around campus. Carrying the frosh elections off with great ease, they ex- panded their interests throughout the year, truly reflecting their freshmen spirit. Liz Castro Denise Cendejas Julian Chavez Curtis Childress Leslie Chrisman Leslie Cook Roderick Cooley Armida Cordova Victor Coria Judy Cornejo John Coronado Henry Corral Christina Cortez Art Cossio Hector Coya Tim Cudd Frank CuUison Richard Curiel Jimmy Curren Duane Davis LolaDs Janet Dean Sam DeAngelis Cynthia DeLaRosa Gloria Delgado Saundra Dennis John Derryberry Russell DeSalvo Kimi Diaz Joseph Diaz Margie Diaz Moses Diaz Serena Diaz Debbie Dixon Sandra Dominguez Cathy Doucet Cindy Doudy Denise Dowers Angel Duarte — - Danny Duran Gabriel Duran Amparo Durand Christina Echemendia Eliza Echevarria Rosemary Esparza Maria Espinoza Sylvia Esquibel Jerry Estrada % 1 m: r ■if 1 1 i 122 Underclassmen Ellen Evans Robert Fernandez Richard Ferrer George Finne Francisco Flores Priscilla Flores Marty Frederikson Helen Fridley Kenny Furlong Hugo Gallegos Pat Gamache Tony Gamboa Ruth Gamez Amelia Garcia ( .Becky Garcia Daisy Garcia Diana Garcia Kim Garcia Maria Garcia Steve Garcia Steven Garcia Mark Garza Liz Gayton Kimmy George Alisa Goddard Edward Godsey Cindy Gomez Greg Gomez Patricia Gomez Sofia Gomez Barbara Gongora Gilbert Gonzales Juan Gonzales Kathy Gonzales Mike Gonzales Renee Gonzales Xochitl Gonzalez Alex Gradney Kenny Greene Malcolm Grissom Roseaim Gutierrez Gary Guzman Harry Haro Diane Harris Robin Harris Debbie Helms Yvonne Hemsworth Tommy Henley Richard Heredia At the freshmen election assembly, Lorraine Baca returns her ballot to Commissioner of Assemblies Julie Calderon. Underclassmen 123 !I Gary Hernandez Isabel Hernandez Margie Hernandez Monica Hernandez Ruben Hernandez Bobby Herrera Fernand o Herrera Donald Hess Allen Hetrick John Hindman Sandra Holmes Theresa Hooks Lisa Hough Ida Ibarra Alfred Jara Exchanging a bit of gossip on the way to the lunch line are freshmen Saundra Dermis, Theresa Hooks, and Cathy Doucet. Teresa Jasso Lorraine Jimenez Matt Jimenez Ramiro Jimenez Joe Juarez Renee Juarez Mike Jurado Karen Kemp Debbie Kendrick Cindi King Ray Knight Charlene Kong Irma Koski Regina Kuykendall Tammy Lacuran Eddie Lara Eddie Latscha Roberto Leanos Carlos Ledesma Ken Lee Victor Lerma 124 Underclassmen Time for Friends For the student there has al- ways been the need to escape from the world of tests and lec- tures. Students often take time out to relax and talk with friends or study apart from the hustle and bustle of the classroom. Lynn Lewis Saul Leyva Mark Lira Jose Llamas Frances Looper Alma Lopez Anna Lopez Johnny Lopez Ray Lopez Renee Lopez Ruby Lopez Clemente Lujan Jose Lujan Martha Lujan Jose Luna Gloria Luque Gerardo Macias Sam Macias Cindy Mackie Robert Maldonado Charlie Maldonado Joe Mancuso Dee Marsh Danny Martinez Eugene Martinez Ceraldine Martinez Jesse Martinez Joe Martinez John Martinez Linda Martinez Lucy Martinez Sonia Martinez Liz Mata Javier Matamoros Jose Mayorga Robert McClelland Catherine McCoy Jim Mclntiosh Patsy Melendez Elpidio Mendez Rosemary Mendez Armando Mendoza Cora Mendoza Gilbert Mendoza Maik-Miircado Alice Meyers Julie Meza Ruben Mireles Cindy Molina Underclassmen 125 David Molina Susan Molina Ignacio Molinar Tina Montoya Leticia Mora Alejandro Morales Andrew Moreno Refugio Moreno Robert Moreno April Munoz Kenny Muro Debbie Murphree Lupe Meza D onna Naranjo Letty Naranjo Hilda Natividad Robert Nava Christine Navarette Albin Negrete Donna Nelson Janet Norris Both Sides Now It was plain to see there were two sides to the freshmen story. One side saw the frosh as enthusiastic partici- pants, the other being that of the hard working student. Looking into the many learning aids the library has to offer are Ruben Cortez and Bruce Bromley. Cue Nguyen Cindy Nunez Gilbert Nunez Tanya Oldham Martin Olguin Carmello Olmos David Olmos Bridgette Oreilly Laura Orona Carol Ortega Brenda Ortiz Diane Ortiz Tony Ortiz Thomas Paar Bertha Padron Maria Palma Valerie Paredez Lisa Parra Maria Pulido Shcri Pelletier Ramon Peralta Albert Perez Harvey Perez Maria Perez Miguel Perez Rogelio Perez Victor Perez Glenn Petitt 126 Underclassmen Victor PezzoUa Lori Pineda Arthur Pino Fernando Plascencia Hope Ponce Frank Posado Lily Posada Julie Prado David Ramirez Debra Ramirez Rosa Ramirez Sal Ramirez Yolanda Ramirez Carrie Ramos Maria Ramos Lupe Rascon Chris Raya Raul Raya Tom Reeves Bertha Reyes Guadalupe Reyes Leticia Reyes Regina Reyes Rosema rie Reyes Karen Kico Vickie Riddle Debbie Rodriguez Pat Rodriguez Ijnzio Roes Steve Rogers Eddie Rojas Naomi Rojas Dav id Rom ero John Romero Richard Romero Cena Rose Terry Ross Mary Roste Liz Rozuk Jimmy Kubio Connie Ruiz Edward Ruiz Pauline Ruiz Robin Sabedra |oe Salaices Thomas Saldana Ricky Salinas Julio Samaniego Glen Sambrano Mike Samford Anna Sanchez Lisa Sanchez Oscar Sanchez Anthony Sandoval Rhonda Santiago Patricia Saucedo Todd Schneider Mark Sebastinelli Norma Serrato Shawtine Settles Bertha Silva Sandy Simpson Bruce Smith Underclassmen 127 Julie Smith Kathy Smith Terry Smith Tom Smith Mayra Solono Javier Soliz Freddie Sotelo Duane Strock Jeff Sullivan Drew Sweeten Stege Tamaya Carl Taylor David Taylor Adrian Tejeda Gawin Thomas Prince Tolentino Kathy Torres Sandra Torres Tina Tuttle Sarah Ulloa Blanca Valadez Hugo Valadez Juan Valadez Nina Valadez Alfredo Valenzuela John Vanillo Larry Vargas Nora Vargas Anthony Vasquez Carlos Vasquez Mike Vasquez Nancy Vasquez Steve Vasquez Mario Velarde Jose Velasco Cathy Velasquez Phillip Velasquez Terry Velasquez John Ventura Mary Villa Rosaura Villasenor Susan Vogel Maria Wackakee Kenneth Walker Teresa Walker Traci Wallach Beth Weinbaum David Williams Tammy Williams Coleen Williamson Brad Wilson (FAR RIGHT) Charlie ManderviUe talks to counselor Mr. Gordon Keith about his schedule. 128 Underclassmen Sergio Ybarra Steve Yersky- Theresa Yniguez Roger Young Arcelia Zamora Sam Zamora Eddie Garcia Missing Faces Donald Adams Carol Allen David Alvarado John Arroyos Valerie Balderama Kathy Becenti Sergio Beltran Richard Blood Tia Boyd Martin Cardiel Hilda Castaneda Lila Coley Roy Collier Anthony Cyrek Julie Darwin Larry Diaz Sandra Dominquez Bherlin Escoto Cecelia Finne Eliseo Fregoso Sergio Godina Xochitl Gonzalez Leonard Hernandez Marcos Hernandez Martha Hernandez Joel Isaguirre Lydia Jameson Donald Kidd Joe Ledezma Alex Lopez Edna Lopez Anna Lotia Josie Macias Manuel Maese Charles Manderville Marco Martinez Greg McCafferty Manuel Mendez Lupe Meza Daniel Molinar Diana Ontiveros Rosa Ortega Romelia Ortiz Billy Pecor Ronald Perez Maria Pulido Gloria Ramos Lorraine Ramos Delia Randall Va lerie Ri co ' Ignacio Rios Dolores Ruiz Russell Gardner Lillian Salazar Angel Sanchez Orlando Sanchez Gloria Sauceda Gregory Sayles David Sierras Juvenal Soto Sarah Ullda Dina Urteaga Lorenzo Urteaga The Young and the Restless In the first year of high school freshmen students spend a considerable amount of time adapting themselves to their surroundings. They find that locating classrooms and ■ ' ■_ making adjustments isn ' t as bad as they had anticipated. The class of ' 80 eagerly looks forward to becoming more a part of the world in which they live. ' S» ' - ' Ai r i. ' N 1 (LEFT) Against cross-town rivals El Monte, the freshmen football team played well, narrowly losing 8-6. Here Sam Macias (30) leads blocking for running back John Arvizo (32). fr « Underclassmen 129 W o o O -13 hi S3 0) " As I walk into this school I say- to myself, ' I ' m just a year higher than the year before. The doors are the same, the same color, the same size. The only difference is that the numbers above the door will be dif- ferent than the year before. The teachers are different, that you can count on year after year. ' But deep inside 1 say to myself, ' I ' ve made it through another year, with two left to go. Sure, I feel proud that I ' m a sophomore, but I ' ll be prouder when 1 become a senior graduating from Mountain View High School, the school I hope to give the best of my years to. ' Being a sophomore is important to me because it ' s a part of my life that will always be. " Anna R. Almonte (10) " Being a sophomore is very special to me because it ' s a once in a lifetime thing. You feel more fa- miliar with your school than you do as a freshman. You become more familiar with what to get involved in and what not to get involved in. You ' re more familiar with the school rules, teachers and counselors. It ' s a good feeling when the freshmen can look up to a sophomore. " Jeanette Rico (10) • a ic u -c c 3 u a o s T3 3 . — 03 (RIGHT) Watching Mr. Royse ' s tech- nique for tuning his guitar, Armando Lauria gets ready to join the class in a jam session. 130 Linda Aguayo Beatrice Aguinaga Lorraine Aguirre Richard Albitre Debbie Alexander Jeff Alley Lori Alley Dolores Alvarado Darlene Amaya Debbie Anaya Audrey Andrews Eric Arias Irei ' i A»i ' iiondaria Karen Arvizo Daniel Aurelio Dolores Avila Audrey Ayala Becky Baltierra Josie Barajas Robert Barajas Carlos Barcelo Dgpny Rargla Teri Barnett Ray Barreras Russell Bates Benny Batrez Margaret Becerra Ralph Bessera Brian Blanton Craig Bogan Rohin Rr?inham Ed Brown Warren Burnham Daniel Calderon Frank Calder nn III Greg Calvillo Gisela Campano Mike Cano Maureen Cardenas Tami Carney Gilbert Carrillo Richard Carrion M arie Casados Nick Casanova Ruben Castaneda Tommy Castaneda Linda Castillo Eddie Cavazos Felix Ceballos Isabella Charles Stuart Chase Billy Clippert James Coley Jose Coley Mike Cordova Jose Corona Ruben Cortez Noa Cossio Kathy Criswell Joann Cucinella Cathy Cuevas Underclassmen 131 Tom Cuizon Jeanette Dacumos Tuyei Dao Vince Davi Raul Deaguinaga Chris Delgado George Delgado Rosemary Delgado Liz Diaz Sammy Diaz Joe Dominguez Earl Dowers Victor Dovalina John Duarte Robert Duchess Mike Duran Tracy Engelke Jose Espinoza Robert Esqueda Frank Estrada Susan Estrada Debbie Farrill Dolores Fernandez Danny Fierro Scott Fike Dee Fisher Bernardo Flores Danny Flores Mike Flores Debbie Forrest Jon Fortner Yvonne Fox Mike Guentes Anna Garcia Erlinda Garcia Jesse Ga jcin ff lAV-v- Noreene Geoghegan Christi Gomez Helen Gomez Martin Gomez Maxine Gomez Debra Gonzales Eddie Gonzales _Elaii a Gonza J s Joey Gonzales Manuel Gonzales Lisa Gonzalez Judy Gray (RIGHT) Sophom ore Bernie Meza raises his arms in victory as the cross country team returns from an away meet. 132 Underclassmen tf C ' Carlos Guevara Mario Guitron Virginia Gutierrez Michael Guzman Terry Hale Chuck Hall Allen Harris Sherry Harty Cindy Hatler Kim Helms Corina Hernandez David Hernandez Elizabeth Hernandez Lucy Hernandez Rachel Hernandez Tom Hernandez Victor Her nandez Barbara Herrera Chris Herrera Jaedena Hibler Preparing for the Future In addition to completing the graduation requii-ements, the sophomore student must face his future beyond high school. Many op- tional classes are offered on campus in order that students may study what they feel will be relevent to their lives. Bill Hillman Jason Ho Robin Holm an Mike Hopper Kelly Hoskinson Bill Huerta Jeff Hunt John Jaquez . Ruh£.n J a so — Veronica Jaso " Martin Jimenez Paul Jimenez Anthony Juarez Carol Juarez Irene Jurado Ken Kobashigawa Evia Koehl Jesse Koski Mark Kraft Armando La via Douglas Leak Irene Ledesma Ronald Ledesma Alfred Leach Karen Leonard Scott Lcpere Roman Linion Karen Locken Underclassmen 133 Joe Longoria Annette Lopez Beatriz Lopez Elizabeth Lopez Henry Lopez Irene Lopez Michael Lopez Robert Lopez Stella Lopez Yvette Loye Eddie Lucero Don Luman Rosemary Luna Mike Machunis Chuck Macias Hugo Macias Mike Mackie Angel Maestas Joe Maldonado Joe Mancillas Victor Mariscal Carlos Marquez Randy Marsh Liz Martens Richard Martens Cris Martinez Fermin Martinez Frank Martinez Jairo Martinez Henry Martinez Lori Martinez , _Beillia-Maxa-caara§. Denise Mcintosh Dolores Medel Conchita Medina Elsa Medina Paul Medina Polly Ann Medina " usie Medina Maria Mpndnza, Tony Mendoza Cheryl Merritt Bernie Meza Jose Meza Maggie Meza Pam Miller Loreaa—MinA. Yolanda Molina Dorothy Molinar Chris Monteith Alice Montoya Norman Morales Patricia Morales Monica Moreno Cenona Morrow Steve Mount Rosemarie Moya BarFara ' Muiioz Victor Munoz John Navarette Victor Navarrete Becky Negrete Raymond Negron 134 Underclassmen Moving on Into their second year of high school many sophomores found it to be the prime oppor- tunity to take Biology. This year was no ex- ception as they out-numbered upperclassmen by a large majority. Due to the increased en- rollment, classes were packed in the biology classes, yet Mrs. Rose Gernon effectively handled the crowded conditions. Be Nguyen Anth ony Nieblas Dan Nunez Mike Nunez Dan Nye Karen Oliason Crystal Ormsby Mark Orono Dale Oropeza Virginia Ortega Liz Ortiz Lorraine Ortiz Joe Ottrando Taking stats for the varsity football team are Eddie Salido, Ruben Castaneda, Ken Kobashigawa, and Joe Ottrando. Martha Palacios Antonio Pappalardo Mario Paredes David Parra Leticia Perez Yvonne Perez Walter Pettit George Pineda Cheryl Prewitt Mike Puente Alaria Quintero Juan Raigosa Elias Ramerez Juan Ramirez Underclassmen 135 Mirna Ramirez Rick Ramirez Rufus Ramirez Fred Rasmiissen Diane Renteria Estella Renteria David Reyes Ernie Reyes Frank Reyes Jeanette Reyes Yvonne R ico " Scott Ridffte — Connie Rios Susie Ritchey Ricardo Rivera Brian Roberts Lisa Robles Randy Roche Gaby Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez Debbie Rogers Veronica Ruiz CaronS alazar _ ' Kan3y Salazar_ Richard Salido Art Sanchez Chris Sanchez Raul Sanchez Elva Sandoval Grace Santillian Jackie Sarabia Raymond Saucedo Dian a Savala Pat Serrato Mark Settles Edith Sevilla Stacey Shreve Dan Shubin Alma Silva [p q-y Si Uta- Frances Silvas Cynthia Simpson Karen Smith Robert Smith Roseann Smith Steve Smith Javier Solis Gloria Soliz Mary Suarez Mary Sutley Linda Tangdit Anna Taumavaile Mary Taylor Becky Tejeda Lupe Tejeda Eddie Telarroja Nick Telles Gordon Thompson Cindy Tillett Linda Torres Ricky Torres 136 Underclassmen Pauline Tovar Larry Trujillo Becky Valle Isela Vargas Manuel Vargas Carol Vasquez Irma Vasquez Oscar Vasquez Rachel Vasquez Yvonne Vasquez Fernando Velasco Mark Velasco Jose Velasquez Jess Ventura Laura Villagran Becky Villalobos Sandra Villanueva Diana Villasenor Coleen Walker Mark Walker Rick Walker Victor Williams Monty Williamson Patricia Yaeger Eddie Miarbo Yolanda Ijarra Angela Yersky Chuck Zambrano Missing Faces Sammy Aguilar Vincent Aguinaga Rogelio Arambula Ben Aragon Gilbert Armenta Elizabeth Baca Marlene Ballesteros Tony Beserra Lora Burnett Nelson Cancel Sylvia Cardenas Keith Casperson Christina Chacon Linda Contla Michael Derryberry Joel DeSalvo Ronald Dewess Jesse Equihua Stella Esparza Daniel Evon Tom Fuentes Bobby Garcia Lily Garcia Olivia Garnica Patricia Godina Renee Gonzalez Sidney Hayward Sylvia Hernandez William Hoyle Lucy Ibarra Humberto Jacquez Arthur Lopez Henry Macias Phillip Manzanarez Fermin Martinez Jesus Martinez Kirt Melvin John Moss Robert Natividad Vincent Olivia Eddie Ortega Virginia Ortega George Paar Phillip Pulst Juan Ramirez Mike Reaves John Reyes Paul Reyes Jeanette Rico — Ginger Rocha Robert Rodriguez Ismael Romero Javier Ruedas Susie Saldate Ed Salido Cindy Sanchez Gilbert Sanchez Jesus Sandoval Ken Santos — Samuel Sauceda David Schuster Roseanna Sifuentes James Soliz Norma Stone Mary Torrez Henry Valadez David Valdez Cindy Vanhaasen Rick Vasquez Ruben Vigil Lloyd West Theresa Whittington Periann Woodey Rafael Zavala Underclassmen 137 a 0) o 0) 0) O S 1 o 0) c o 4-1 138 " As I grow older, people expect more out of me. Not just in school but at home, in my job, with friends, and even with strangers. They seem to think, ' Wow, she ' s a young woman now. Is she able to carry bigger responsibilities? ' They test you in many ways. At school I don ' t feel much different ex- cept when 1 start thinking tliat I have only two more years in high school. I wonder what it would be like in college, starting my career, and making new friends. Sometimes it scares me. I guess like everyone else, I ' m looking forward to a great future ahead. " Angle Martinez (11) " The time has gone by so fast that it ' s hard to believe the class of ' 78 will be graduating next year. It kind of scares me to think about leaving Mountain View so soon. I am just beginning to like it here. 1 really regret the fact that I didn ' t be- come more involved in school earlier. Now it seems like I ' ve been asleep the past three years. I ' m awake now, yet I can ' t help feel- ing like I ' ve wasted too much time. When I came here as a freshman, the four years to come seemed like they would last an eternity, but they didn ' t. Each year goes by faster than the previous one, and then it ' s over. " Laura Griffith (11) (BELOW ) Mike Puente and Ralph Potter combine efforts to combat a particularly hard algebra problem. Gilbert Adame Adrian Aguilar Jesus Aguilar Saul Aguilar Adeline Albitre David Allen Olivia Alvarez Vivian Alvarez Jessie Amaya Jodi Ansley Melinda Aparicio Jim_ Aragon Fred Arellano Lourdes Armendariz Sandra Arroyos Debbie August Claudine Barraza Jtfn Barrera Lourdes Barrera Jl avid Bemal Alex Beserra Louis B ptfinc " iirt — Beth Blackburn Randy Blount Richard Bojorquez Ruby Bonil la Bob Burton Raul Bustamonte Paul Cappel Liane Carmona Gloria Carrio n Jreae-Casa-nosta — Gerry Castaneda Juan Castaneda Sal Castaneda Manual Castro Rud y Castro Juan Chaidez Mike Chaidez Mona Chavez Rosa Coria Henry Corona do John Correia Irma Cortez Kelly Cronin Lorraine Cruz Joe Cuey as_ r iRosal ie Dejiguinagaj Roy Dean Richard Delarosa Carol Delgado LilliJDelgado, Lorie Delrio Ijenise DTaz Mary Dominguez Nance Eason Sharon Emmons Ray Endlich Mario Escalante Carla Escarzega Paul Escoto Stella Esparza Conchita Espinoza Underclassmen 139 Energetic Exertion With only one year left to go prior to graduation, the junior class could feel their Viking spirit swell to great proportions as they yelled and cheered to demonstrate their support. Their overwelming enthusiasm was evident with the winning of the school spirit stick a number of times at pep rallies throughout the year. Members of the junior class, with regular at- tendence at school functions, were able to rub off some of their love and pride on fellow students and faculty. Benny Estrada Barbara Evans Don Evans Lyle Evans Dale Pike Anna Flores Alfred Flores Edward Flores Tonrip pinrpc Mark Forbush Susan Frias Lillian Garcia Lori Garcia Mike Garcia Roger Garcia Esm eralda Garciacan o ietty Gaytan Cindy Gomez Irene Gomez Joann Gomez Mark Gomez Alice Gonzales " Heidi G6nzales George Grady Brandon Gray Terry Green Robin Grossman Joe Guindazola — Ignacio Gutierrez Norie Gutierrez Steven Gutierrez Robert Gusman Tracey Hardesty Donna Harris Bill Harty Deane Hemsworth Fernando Hernandez Luz Hernand ez Becky Herr Sylvia Herrera Roberta Haworth Sherry Hetrick Diane Hibler Vickie Hill Sheryle Hillman Linda Hoekstra Jack Hough Debbie Hughes Norma Ibarra 140 Underclassmen JT. P) ■ . Susan Jaime Yvonne Jaime Ray Jaramillo Frank Jimenez Gl oria [imenez Kathy Johnson Richard Johnson Carol Kiertzner Norma Lara Cheryl Leak Francisco Leanos Ronnie Le Breton Barbara Lee Crystal Leiterman Laurie Lennig Clara Martinez casts a sly glance at a pair of costume contest participants at the Halloween festivities. Bernice Lewis Ramona Liggett Kim Lira Connie Lopez Elizabeth Lopez Hector Lopez Jack Lopez John M. Lopez John D. Lopez Theresa Lopez Ruben Lucero Lynn Lujan ■ Danny Marian Louie Maldonado Tony Mancillas Larry Manderville Gina Marin Armando Marquez Debbie Marquez Celso Martinez Underclassmen 141 Clara Martinez Eddie Martinez Evangelina Martinez Juan Martinez Carol Mata Dennis McKee Carlos Medina Liz Messier Beat rice Meza ■vranual Meza Ann Minor_ Laura Mireles Phillip Mireles Melody Mitchell Margaret Modarelli Nadine Montelongo Annette Montoya -JuL Le Montoya Jose Mora Alex Morales Art Moreno If We Could Reach Out and Touch You With three years of experience and knowl- edge behind them, the junior class is ready to reach out and inspire the world. The most important activity planned, pre- pared, and carried out by the junior class, the prom, is an event that is cherished and remembered by all. Becky Moreno Thomas Morrow Olivia Moya Carmen Naranjo Art Nava Jimmy Navarrete Chauncey Navarro Rosie Navarro Ruben Negrete Linda Nickel Shawn Noon Maryann Nunez Jody Nusbaum Pam Nye Angel Ocana Phillip Ochoa Steve Ogaz Jose Olmos David Oropeza Carlos Ortiz Elia Ortiz Freddie Ortiz Hector Paredes Diana Padilla Steve Paz Fernando Pellegrini Alfonso Perez Diane Perez 142 Underclassmen Randy Petitt Iph Potter d Prewitt incent Quintero Raigosa sabel Ramirez Joanne Ramirez ohn Ramirez Pvaul Ramos Denise Reyna Danny Reynolds Albert Rivera Mike Rivera Ray Roderick Armando Rodriguez Hector Rodriguez Steve Rodriguez Dale Rogers Francisco Rojo Alfonso Romero Catherine Romero acko Romero Geronimo Resales Larry Rosalez Mike Roste Lupe Ruedas John Ruiz Becky Salazar Art Salcido Annette Salinas Dale Sambrano Carol Sanchez Manual Sanchez Maryann Sanchez Sergio Sandoval Marina Sheldon Elaine Shrum Debbie Shubin Natasha Shubin Roy Sierras Gina Smith Roger Smith Rick Snyder Patricia Solis Nestor Stidger Lisa Sullivan Frank Sutley Victoria Tangdil Cindy Taylor Exhibiting her flexibility, Jodi Ansley warms up for her third hour modern dance class. Underclassmen 143 e i-VVsC . Mickey Tclarroja Roger Thompson Mark Tilsher Ron Torsy Anita Valdez Manuel Valenzuela Nadine V ' arela Alfred Vargas Craig Vasquez Delma Velasquez Henry Velasquez Kenny Vogel Darlene Villanueva Charles White Jana Wick Dale W ilson Dave Worden Annabelle Yniguez Alaine Zabala Ivy Zepeda Think About It Career pjlanning is just one of the many things that students consider during their jtmior year. For the past three years, meml ers of the class of ' 78 have loeen preparing to take their place in the job market. Some will follow their high school experience with college, while others will begin working immediately. Whatever route they choose, those who have prepared will find the time was well spent. 144 Underclassmen Missing Faces Margie Acevedo Kathy Allen Lourdes Armendariz Hortencia Avila Rosa Avila Harold Baca Tony Barela Jayne Bates Rose M. Callejas Edward Chavez Linda Chavez Elissa A. Claudis Rosa Coria David M. Cornejo Jesus D. Corral Larry Cota Connie DeAngelis Ceasar DeLeon Sylvia Diequez Lupe Duarte — James Earnest Martha Escobedo David Estrada — Susan Frias Dolores Galindo Carmen Galindo Lorie P. Gallardo Refugio Gamboa Alice Garcia Sylvia Ann Garcia Lorie Gomez R.ichard H. Gonzales Laura Griffith Robert Haminond Lawrence L. Hayes Dean E. Hines Richard J. Hoyle Nick linuma Memo Jasso Loretta D. Jaurequi Laura V. Kessler Gerald A. Key Lucy Ledezma John M. Lem Sonya Lugo Linda D. Lujan — Jose L. Luna Debbie Macias Jorge Macias Robert Manderville Georgina A. Marin Arnold M. McCarley ArtugoG. Medina Javier Mendez Tina E. Maestas Pablo A. Meza Margaret M. Moreno Debbie Munoz Olivia R. Muro Shawn Noon Margaret Norris Brent Nunez Maria Ortiz David L. Pencille Debbie PezzoUa Bernice L. Posada Daiane Ramirez Steve Ramos Richard Reyes Thomas Reyes Albert Rivera Daniel Rivera Gary Rodriguez Albert Rubio Jose Sandoval Patricia Sandoval Jimmy Sarabia Verra Shubin Elaine Stewart Joseph Sties Robin Thomas Mark Valdez Steve Vasquez Jesse Villagran Maria Villasenor John Walker (LEFT) Taking his turn on the band saw, Fred Arellano puts the finishing touches on a project in wood shop. (ABOVE) Leo Bustamonte exercises his creativ- ity at the potter ' s wheel in his ceramics class. Underclassmen 145 Jtk. explains chess strategy ' to Victor " «-yiUa. ?s in celebration of Cinco De r Melody Mitchell shows her spirit by iL at a pep rally, lios and Becky Moreno model T-shirts and ts sold by G AA , ley gets ready to perform for a football half- ' -nwMSTKBawwHwsaiHraTmoaraHapprw r They Keep It All Together After the cheerleaders returned from the United Spirit Association camp last summer, the students had reason to be proud of them. They brought back with them many ribbons which they received in competition with all the cheerleaders at the camp. Along with the ribbons, a trophy for excellence was awarded to the varsity squad. It certainly can be said that they have got it all to- gether for themselves, as well as promoting spirit and keeping it all together for the rest of the student body. (LEFT) Varsity cheerleaders Victoria Tangdit, Melody Mitchell, Jamie Garza, (co-head), Chris Brown, Becky Herr, Monica Ramirez (head), Margaret Modarelli, and Grace linuma pose with their trophy. (ABOVE) Spirited Susanne Blume was the school mascot. 148 Clubs Organizations (LEFT) Varsity cheerleaders do one of their many spectacular mounts. (BELOW) JV Cheerleaders: Stacey Shreve, Li2 Messier, Barbara Munoz, Vickie Hill, Heidi Gonzales, and Terri Barnett. J7i« ' i-«k.V ' »0.- (LEFT) Frosh Soph Cheerleaders: Crystal Ormsby, Bertha Matamoros, Denise Mcintosh (Head), and Mirna Ramirez. Clubs Organizations 149 Our Spirit Is Sky High Flashrankers is the name by which they are called, and they ' re made up of the major- ettes, tall flags, flags, and songs. In addition to performing at pep rallies and assemblies they march in parades with the school band and perform at football and basketball half- times. (RIGHT) Sid Rementeria, Drum Major, (BELOW) Flags- BACK ROW: Catliy Cuevas, Mary Suarez. FRONT ROW: Laura Fountain (head), Conchita Medina, Paula Hammond (co-head). (BOTTOM RIGHT) Majorettes- Debbie Shubin and Natasha Shubin. 150 Clubs Organizations t M L i- TZ JH r (UPPER LEFT) Tall Flags-BACK ROW: Lauri Fike (head), Barbara Lee (co-head), Debbie Forrest. 2ND ROW: Tami Carney, Nance Eason. FRONT ROW: Dee Fisher, Rheta Gunther, Mary Sutley. (BOTTOM) Songs-BACK ROW: Denise Reyna, Linda Tangdit. FRONT ROW: Jodi Carrillo (co-head), Diane Del Valle (head), Debbie Kiertzner. Clubs Organizations 151 ■ ' k ew uniiornis ow the Purple and Gold ■ i When Mt. View first opei i s ago . the megjbers of the schb " §(iSilfWS- ' t e _ ' raising funds to buy new uniforms. This year, after dazens of fund raise;5s ' hg|d;prodirced over ' n ' ine thousand dollars, the long wait was over.; At a pep asseipbly held during the first week pi school, the.; Viking marching band proud- ly revealed to the student body the new uniforms for which they had, worked so h rd to obtain. Looking- on with great satisfaction were " the par- - ents of the band members,, who contributed so ■much time and effort to the cause, and the band director, Mr. Dennis Royse. Gantua Tom Delgado Hugo Gallegos • .Beandon Gray _, Carl6s ' Guevara Mike Hammojid Rob Ham pond -Donna Harris Bfll Harty ■ " iiGary Henry ; David.Hemaiidez Rachel Hernandez ' Roljeft Herrera .. Ken Hill Sill Hilknan Sheryle ' Hillman Lynn Lewis Sergio Leyva David Molina George Paax Toirf.Paar ;,-. Lofr ' ie Palmer ' i Joe Salaices ' Chris Sanchez Gary Sanchez Henry Shattuck ' Elaine Shrum •; Laurie Stirling , ' Roger Thompson ' d MarkValdez ' ' Jolui ' Vanillo W. ■ii- BANNERS Cynthia Clifford Martha Espinoza Amelia Garcia Lupe Mfeza Maria Mesa Mayra $olano Sandra Torrez Tefry Velasquez SONGS jodi Carrillo fiiane Del Yalle Debbie Kierlzner ■ ' Oenise ' keyiia ijida Tangdit TALL FLAGS Tami Carney Nance, Eason Lawi Tike D ' ee ' Fisher Debbie Forrest Rheta Qunther Barbara Lee Mary Sutley MAJORETTES Sid R.erriej;teria Debbie Shubin Natasha Shubin I ♦ Scroll Scrambles to Meet Deadlines " On deadline day we scramble, " comments Viking Scroll editor Loretta Pitford. The paper is published bi-weekly and requires hard work and a lot of time from the staff. Last summer Loretta was fortunate to be able to attend a newspaper conference for a week, and the staff hopes to send another editor again this summer. Publishing a creative writing book at the end of the year to showcase the talents of the students is the main goal of Mrs. Pat Carratel- lo ' s writing class and club. Besides poetry and short stories, the book includes artwork and photography entries from the students and staff. Showing its face on campus for the first time this year was VICA (Vocational and Indus- trial Clubs of America), a club for students interested in trade, technical, and health occu- pations. One goal for the group was to build concrete benches near the grass areas on campus. (RIGHT) Creative Writing - RIGHT FRONT; Maria Ortiz, Liane Carmona, Betty Gaytan, Gary Sanchez, Clara Martinez, Irma Cortez, Laura Griffith, Angie Martinez, Mario Escalante, Elaine Shrum, Al Perez, Saul Aguilar, Mrs. Pat Carratello. LEFT FRONT: Anita Valdez, Lyle Evans, Siisan Frias, Gerry Castaneda, Loretta Pitford, Jodi Ansley, Steve Ogaz, Nicklinuma, April Holman, Bill Harty, Manuel Castro, Rob Hammond. Missing: Vickie Hill, Yancy Miller, Robin Adams. (BELOW RIGHT) VICA - BACK ROW: Mr. R. H. Patterson, John Rohrback, Mike Earnest, Mr. Lee Haeberlein. 2ND ROW: Edgar Sevilla, Nick linuma, Dean Hines. FRONT ROW: Rodney McGregor, Frank Sutley. 154 Clubs Organizations (BELOW) Scroll Editors - BACK ROW: Anita Valdez, Cheryl Merrit, Kelly Hoskinson, Ruben Castaneda , Ed Salido. FRONT ROW: Becky Villalobos, Loretta Pitford. (BOTTOM LEFT) Viking Scroll Staff - BACK ROW: Chuck Hall, Connie DeAngelis, Liza Flores, Helen Guzman, Jodi Carrillo, Beclry Villalobos. 4TH ROW: Tracey Hardesty, Anita Valdez, Cheryl Merrit, Norma Arambula, Mrs. Bettye Grelling (sponsor). 3RD ROW: Cisco Guevara, Ed Salido. 2ND ROW: Ruben Castaneda, Kelly Hoskinson, Ken Kobashigawa, Andy Lopez. FRONT ROW: Elaine Stewart, Loretta Pitford. MISSING: Dirk Williamson, John Baltierra, Rick Chacon. Clubs Organizations 155 Dancing Is Their Thing Performances at school functions as well as in the community is what it ' s all about for Ballet Folklorico. The colorful costumes in which they perform are hand- made, and much practice is required to master the dances. Ballet Folklorico is also a regular class, and those involved receive credit towards graduation. A multi-culture organization, MECHA is open to all students who are interested in furthering their education. Planned fund raisers include a donut-eating contest aimed at setting a world record (which now stands at over 20 donuts in fifteen minutes). (UPPER RIGHT) Hurrying to tie his bandana, Victor Garcia anticipates a successful per- formance. (LOWER RIGHT) Bertha Padron tries to relax before a dance rehearsal. (BELOW) Ballet Folklorico - BACK ROW: Edmundo Ocana, Elizabeth Hernandez, Refugio Gamboa, Bertha Padron, Victor Garcia, Rosa Callejas, Jose Luis Meza, Alex Meza, Lucy Hernandez. FRONT ROW: Anna Sanchez, Ms. Maricela Crespo, Rosa Avila, Blanca Valadez, Hugo Gallegos. 156 Clubs Organizations (ABOVE) Ballet Folklorico members demonstrate a colorful dance routine. (RIGHT) MECR - BACK ROW: Ray Garcia, Estella Renteria, George Delgado, Alex Meza, Ed Ocana. FRONT ROW: Mr. Ted Martinez, Jason Ho, Ernie Herrera, Lucy Ibarra, Ed Chavez, Ms. Yolanda Benitez. Clubs Organizations 157 We ' d Like to Teach the World to Sing Mt. View has two singing groups on campus. One, Mixed Chorus, is a group made up of fresh- men and is basically a beginners class. This group often uses choreography along with their voices. A Cappella is the second group, which is made up of juniors and seniors. It is an advanced group for those who have had some additional singing experience. Their plans for the year in- clude raising enough money for a choir shell to keep the sound of their voices from scattering. A new group on campus is the stage band, which in- cludes singers and instrumentalists under the di- rection of Mr. Dennis Royse. (RIGHT) Mixed Chorus-BACK ROW: Susan Estrada, Xochitl Gonzales, Julie Prado, Nina Valdez, Eileen Aguilar. 2ND ROW: Delia Wannell, Anna Fotia, Beth Weinbaum, Robin Harris, Serena Diaz, Co:mie Ruiz, Sheri Pelletier, Rhoda Burnham. FRONT ROW: Tina Tuttle, Debbie Rodriguez, Mrs. Adele Winslow, Terry Walker, Debbie Kendrick. (BELOW) Stage band performs for the annual parents night. IfPn ' tP y 158 Clubs Organizations (ABOVE) Stage Band -BACK ROW: Ken Hill, Brandon Gray, Roger Thompson, Laura Fountain, Laurie Stirling, Henry Shattuck, Linda Jillson, Bill Harty, Barbara Lee, Rob Hammond, Gary Sanchez. FRONT ROW: Rick Chacon, Chuck White, Gary Henry, Brian Blanton, Bill Hillman. (LEFT) A Cappella-BACK ROW: Joe Dominguez, Carlos Coley, Lyle Evans, Nikki Goorey, Linda Jillson. 2ND ROW: Laura Fountain, Heidi Gonzales, Jeanne Brown, Johnny Alvarado, AlexBeserra, Henry Shattuck, Barbara Lee, Rheta Gunther, Laurie Stirling. FRONT ROW: Robin Adams, Irma Cortez, Monica Ramirez, Tom Morrow, Chuck White, Bill Harty, Lauri Fike, Debbie Pezzola, Mrs. Adele Winslow. Clubs Organizations 159 la X l- s? ,J i ? :i S J»WAf- - .-si W-i ' .; . iASS - " s -» (ABOVE) PEP CLUB - BACK ROW: Anita Valdez, Mary Ann Nunez, Norma Ibarra, Betty Gaytan, Virginia Rae Craft, Linda Jillson, Grace linuma, Margaret Modarelli, Becky Herr, Chris Brown, Kathy Moore, Crystal Ormsby. 5TH ROW: Lori Garcia, Tina Tuttle, Lucy Martinez, Jtilie Prado, Alice Meyers, Kami Diaz, Priscilla Floras, Hopie Ponce, Rhoda Buxnham, Traci Wallach, Barbara Munoz, Heidi Gonzales. 4TH ROW: Anita Estrada, Beatriz Lopez, Aurora Herrera, Rose Reyes, Pauline Ruiz, Sandra Torres, Sylvia Esquibel, Tina Cortez, Sheri Pelletier, Lisa Sullivan, Crystal Leiterman, Liz Messier, Qiza Echevarria, Sonia Martinez, Stacy Shreve, Teri Barnett. 3RD ROW: Mirna Ramirez, Martha Lujan, Loretta August, Lupe Meza, Dolores Bernal, Martha Espinoza, Mayra Solano, Cynthia Clifford, Ruth Burnham, Theresa Hooks, Cindy Dowdy, Terrie Bogan, Denise Mcintosh, Connie Ruiz. 2ND ROW: Amelia Garcia, Bertha Matamoros, Cindi King, Robin Harris, Gloria Delgado, Denise Cendejas, Sandra Holmes, Beth Blackburn, Judy Gray, Liz Lopez, Debbie Anaya, Norma Lara. FRONT ROW: Olivia Jimenez, Maria Meza, Lance Fisher, Margie Hernandez, Vivian Ruiz. (ABOVE) PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Maria Meza, Sec- retary; Lance Fisher, Sgt. -at-Arms; Olivia Jimenez, Treasurer; Vivian Ruiz, President; Margie Hernandez, Vice President. (RIGHT) Betty Gaytan seems to be saying, " Wait a minute! " as she raises her hand during drill team practice. 160 Clubs Organizations Kidnappers on the Loose Kidnapping is just one of the many activities performed by the Valkyrie Drill Team. As a form of initiation, the new members were taken from their houses and paraded through the local Alpha Beta in costumes specially made for the event. The kidnappers, returning members from last year, then led the " victims " to cap- tain Linda Jillson ' s house for a slumber party. Other activities for the group included perform- ing at half-time shows and pep rallies and pro- moting spirit at all the games. Remember the spirit ribbons sold on campus each year? They were sold by none other than the pep club. Money earned from the sale of ribbons was used to provide meals for the wrestling team during tournaments. Plans were also made to give a $25 scholarship to the most spirited senior boy and girl. The main function of the pep club, however, has remained the same: to provide spirit and enthusiasm at Mt. View athletic games. (LEFT) Drill Team - (IN ALPHABETI - CAL ORDER) Debbie Anaya, Yolanda Casillas, Virginia Craft, Anita Estrada, Becky Garcia, Lori Garcia, Betty Gaytan, Bebe Herrera, Nomia Ibarra, Linda Jillson, Car ol Kiertzner, Norma Lara, Crystal Leiterman, Kim Lira, Beatriz Lopez, Donna Magnuson, Kathy Moore, Margaret Moreno, Mary Ann Nunez, Jodi Nusbaum, Hope Ponce, Becky Salazar, Pat Salazar, Lisa Sullivan, Anita Valdez, Yvonne Vasquez, Jana Wick. (BELOW) Drill Team Officers - STAND- ING: Lisa Sullivan, Virginia Craft, Linda Jillson, Kathy Moore, Jodi Nusbaum. SEATED: Donna Magnuson. Clubs Organizations 161 Lights Camera, Action When the " On the Air " light goes on, one can be sure something good is about to happen. TheT.V. Production class is well known for the K.M.V.H. Newsroom, a bi- weekly T. V, show that is shown to all the English classes. Not only does this program report on school events, but also on community events and local concert information. Unknown to much of the student body is a club made up of concerned parents in the community. Their main pur- pose is to give financial aid to the athletic departments. This group is also behind a drive to have the city of South El Monte help finance the construction of a football stadium on campus. Who is this helpful group? They are the Booster Club, people who care enough to put forth time and effort towards bettering our school. The success of many events at school is due largely to the support of the P.T.A. They chaperone at dances, help plan the senior all-night party, and devote a lot of time to school - oriented activities. Without them school functions would not have run as smoothly as they did. (ABOVE); Booster Club President Martin Goorey (FAR RIGHT) assists people in the community in the sign- ing of the petition to get the Viking Stadium. (RIGHT) P.T.A. members: Joan Kiertzner, Mitzi Gildersleeve, Luz Marquez, Carol Lee, Fernando Ledesma. 4 162 Clubs Organizations (LEFT) Gilbert Carrillo and Kalvin Malvin combine efforts to make camera adjust- ments. (BELOW) Sergio Sandavol prepares for the filming of the K.M.V.H, Newsroom. (BOTTOM) T.V. Production Staff BACK ROW: Russ Gorman, Rheta Gunther, Jerry Douillard, Dan Dennis, Rod Mcgregor, Don Evans, Ruben Negrete, John Rohrback, Gary Sanchez, Joe Cerda, Kalvin Melvin. 2ND ROW: Mike Defer, Clara Martinez, Yancy Miller, Sergio Sandoval, Robert Lopez, Manuel Castro, David Nava, Lisa Navarro, Rudy Villalpando, Jimmy Barrera, Javier Rios, Jon Fortner, Ed Brown, Robert Smith. FRONT ROW: Billy Clippert, Joe Maldonado, Manuel Ramirez, Steve Nazar, Fred Rasmussen, Jose Raigosa, John Baltierra, ■•-i _, ' . ' r -iuii-ai-:ii 163 ■■ ' ' ■ ■. ' ■a They Do More Than Play Sports All boys who have earned a var- sity letter in any sport are eligible for membership to the Varsity Club. This year ' s club sponsor was Mr. Robert Casper. The club partici- pated in various activities ranging from car washes, helping with the supervision of after school games and sponsoring booths for both the Fron- tier Day and Cinco de Mayo festivi- ties. The Varsity Club topped off their year with a basketball game between club alumni and the present members. Muscular dystrophy is a crippling V lisease which afflicts many young cchildren. the Girls ' Athletic Asso- j elation on : ampus has shown a great deal of concern for these cliildren by sponsoring an annual M.D. drive, in wliich the girls carry around canisters encouraging fellow stu- dents to donate to this worthy cause. In addition to this drive, all other fund raisers carried out by G.A.A. help support this effort. Planned fund raisers for this year included a badminton tournament and car washes. A volleyball tournament which was held in November proved to be very successful. Last spring (1976), a ' total sum of $600.00 was raised and this year the club liad high hopes of attaining a goal of $1,000.00. (RIGHT) G.A.A. members Gloria Delgado and Julie Meza accept a donation from Margie Hernandez for the muscular dystrophy drive. (BELOW) Varsity Club - BACK ROW: Dirk Williamson, Andy Lopez, Jack Lopez, Greg Hernandez, Sponsor Bob Casper. 3RD ROW: lerry Gusman, Greg Garrison, Steve Paz, Johnny Ybarbo, Daren Wallach, Alfred Flores. 2ND ROW: Mike Folden , Tom Gil, Cisco Guevara, Adrian Aguilar, Ralph Potter, Gilbert Adame. FRONT ROW: Charlie Gil, Hector Paredes, Joe Reyes, Richard Bojorquez, Juan Castaneda. 164 Clubs Organizations ntiu (ABOVE) G.A.A. Board members -BACK ROW: Becky Moreno (Publicity), Kim Lira (Corresponding Secretary), Robin Grossman (Secretary), Denise Diaz (Ser- geant-at-Arms). FRONT ROW: Ms. Carmen Rey (Sponsor), Jackie Sarabia (Treasurer), Rachel Mejia (President), Lorrie Palmer (Media Liaison), Robin Adams (Vice-President), Becky Villalobos (Historian). (LEFT) G. A. A. - BACK ROW: Nance Eason, Cindy Simpson, Anna Garcia, Robin Adams, Noreen Geoghegan, Becky Villalobos, Jackie Sarabia, Karen Leonard. 4TH ROW: Julie Meza, Margie Hernandez, Olivia Moya, Gloria Delgado, Gloria Carrion, Maria Ortiz, Theresa Lopez. 3RD ROW: Grace linunia, Denise Diaz, Becky Moreno, Coiuiie Rios, Ms. Carinen Rey, Lorrie Palmer, Virginia Gutierrez. 2ND ROW: Jeanne Brown, Susanne Blume, Vicki Urban, Linda Nickel, Letty Perez, Cathy Velasquez, Eleanor Flores, Rose Moya. FRONT ROW: Liz Rozuk, Lourdes Barrera, Robin Grossman, Kim Lira, Rachel Mejia, Camille Rodriguez, Gaby Rodriguez, Vivian Ruiz, Elizabeth Hernandez. Clubs Organizations 165 ' All the World ' s a Stage ' Among the clubs that allow students to express them- selves is the drama club. The goal of this club is to isolate acting talents , under the direction of Mr. Carl Fabrizio. Among the accomplishments of the club was their participa- tion in the High School Film Festival, which was presented at Rio Hondo College on Feb. 24th. A Christian oriented group, the One Way Club, is made up of students interested in learn- ing more about their faith. Sponsored by Ms. Bettye Grel- ling, this group has also dis- tributed New Testaments to willing students. All students with high grade point averages are encouraged to join the campus chapter of the California Scholarship Federation. C.S.F. is an honor organization which helps qualifying students become more familiar with their col- lege opportunities. The club ' s activities include visiting different college campuses in order to investigate desired courses of study. Under the direction of Miss Pat Duran, C.S.F. sponsored candy-gram sales along with refreshment booths on special activity days. The ultimate goal of a C.S. F. member is to become a gold sealbearer upon graduation. (TOP) Interested students sign up for Drama Club. (ABOVE) One Way Club: Ignacio Peter Contreras, Gardner Russell, Lance Fisher, Patricia Grady, Alofa Levi, Mrs. Bettye Grelling, Elizabeth Lopez, Dan Contreras. 166 Clubs Organizations jjjMiHmiMkOMmmMm (ABOVE) First semester C.S.F. -BACK ROW: Steve Paz, Becky Villalobos, Alice Forbush, Melinda Peters, Lance Fisher, Mike Defer, Susanne Blume , Mima Ramirez, Jason Ho, Conchita Medina, Kathy Moore, Yancy Miller, Roger Thompson, Linda Jillson, FRONT ROW: SaulAguilar, Jesse Ramirez, Elaine Shrum, Estella Renteria, Nick linuma, Brandon Gray. (LEFT) Drama Club - BACK ROW: Belen Estrada, Beth Weinbaum, Gail Keel, Mary Sutley, Mirna Ramirez, Dee Marsh, Erma Koski. 2ND ROW: David Prewitt, Hector Lopez, Chauncey Navarro, Debbie Bustamante, Noreen Geoghegan. FRONT ROW: Mr. Carl Fabrizio, Donna Arvizo, Helen Guzman, Olivia Muro, Cynthia Simpson. (BELOW LEFT) Second semester C.S.F. - BACK ROW: Ms. Yolanda Benitez, Jason Ho, Gary Sanchez, Alice Forbush, Miss Pat Duran. 3RD ROW; Jesse Ramirez, Ruben Castaneda, Nick linuma, Brenda Ortiz, Connie Ruiz, Sonia Martinez, Lisa Echevarria, Vicki Urban, Melinda Peters. 2ND ROW: Yolanda Molina, Angle Martinez, SaulAguilar, Kenny Kee, Mona Ramirez, Susanne Blume , Elaine Shrum. FRONT ROW: Robin Harris, Gail Keel, Estella Renteria, Linda Jillson, Kathy Moore, Rosa Callejas, Lance Fisher, Roger " ' rsm Thompson, Brandon Gray. Clubs Organizations 167 Dedication Keeps Them Going Aggravation, anger, exhaus- tion, happiness, excitement and finally pride were emotions felt by all those participating in the production of the yearbook. Hard work and dedication kept them going as they worked until eleven o ' clock at night in room 369 the day before deadlines were due. Early in the year, the staff visited the yearbooking plant in Visalia where the stu- dents learned and observed how the book is constructed. Editor Gina Smith and staff member Frank Lujan brought back many new ideas and facts about year- booking from week- long confer- ences they attended last summer in San Francisco and San Diego, respectively. (UPPER RIGHT): During a field trip to the American Yearbook Company in Visalia, Califor- nia, staff members look on as Mr. Charles Galvani explains the fundamentals involved in producing the annual, (RIGHT): Yearbook Staff. BACK ROW: Richard Bojorquez, Frank Lujan, Brent Nunez, Mr. Jim Wigton (advisor). FRONT ROW: Laura Griffith, Robin Grossman, Kenny Kee, Gina Smith, Robin Adams, Margaret Modarelli, Steve Paz, Martha Espinoza, Grace linuma. Jack Lopez. MISSING: Vickie Hill, Jacko Romero. 168 Clubs Organizations (TOP) Editor Gina Smith and co-editor Margaret Modarelli. (LEFT) Robin Grossman (clubs organizations editor), Grace linuma (sports editor), Frank Lujan (senior editor), Laura Griffith (advertising editor). (ABOVE) Kenny Kee (underclass editor), Robin Adams (activities editor), Martha Espinoza (government editor), Steve Paz (faculty editor). Clubs Organizations 169 does his impersonation of 5ie spirited Mrs. Priscilla Robinson, 2. Mrs. Virginia Peckham assists Lisa Hough in making a purchase. 3. Louis Betancourt and Frank Calderon combine efforts on an algebra assignment. 4. Ms. Grace Shammas strikes a defiant pose during the f Halloween dress up day. ' aammmiuiamxwiisismams fTtmiflwrrmmmmflfll ■ i (ABOVE) Shown here posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France are Melinda Peters (right) with her teammates from Southern California, Jeanette Symons and Rhonda Schwants. Melinda traveled to Europe this summer to compete in the High School World Games. Her outstand- ing efforts won her third place in the games. (RIGHT) Reflecting upon their memories of of Boys ' Girls ' State are Mt. View ' s two representatives, Monica Ramirez and Gary Sanchez. Monica and Gary attended the American Legion-sponsored political sci- ence program this past summer in Sacra- mento. 172 Academics The Great Escape Everyone finds himself wanting some time out or a place to retreat. Most people like to have some time to them- selves, while others may wish to spend their quiet time with some well-chosen, close friends. It is often difficult to decide which way to turn and where to make an escape. Some examples of the more popular diversions include attending dances sponsored by car clubs, driving to the mountains or beach to catch a glimpse of a pastel sunset or sense the crispness of cool, fresh air. For others of us, a form of pleasure is to attend concerts which are suited to our individ- ual tastes and styles. " I think Frampton ' s concert was really great, you could tell everyone was really into it. The thing that really helps to make a concert is the people there, and the people you go with. " Tim McCafferty (12) " When he came back on stage after his first break, the place went wild. Restarted jam- in ' on the guitar which brought the audi- ence to their feet. But when he started to sing, " Do you feel like we do, " I thought the place was going to collapse. During that song and the rest of the concert every- one was standing on their chairs. " Steve Stokes (12) " I am really glad that I had the opportuni- ty to see him. When he comes again I will definitely go see him. I tliink he ' s a fantas- tic singer and player. " Denise Diaz (11) (LEFT) Many students like to spend their spare time at pop concerts. One of the biggest of the year was the Peter Frampton concert that sold out four continuous nights at the 18, 700-seat Inglewood Forum in December of 1976. Academics 173 Leave the Building to Us Helping students develop self-awareness and a positive attitude towards work is the goal of the new Career Center. Programs in which students learn about their aptitudes and job opportunities will be made available for those wishing ex- tra assistance in choosing or preparing for a career. The new Career Center will be built in front of the Media Center. This year ' s advanced drafting classes developed the floor plans and a scale model of the structure that will house the Career Center, wliile the com- mercial art class designed the logo which is to appear on all printed materials originating from the center. A cartoon character was also designed for use on all bulletins that are to be circulated on campus. The T. V. production class was in- volved in the making of a " Career Awareness " tape that will help inform the student body about the up-coming career edu- cation program and all it has to offer. ,ik (ABOVE) Mrs. Carolyn Wright, along with student aides Ruben Aguinaga and Lori Armendariz, sort pamphlets into the apti- tude test result folders. (RIGHT) Rick Vasquez looks on as Jim Sarabia points out his design for the new Career Center logo. 174 Academics aimULWMJO HUiJfBK LA, . r ftp. K r . Ai (UPPER LEFT) Studying the blueprints for the new Career Center building are Mr. Bob Maez (Coordinator of the Career Center) and Mr. Rex Welch (Asst. Princi- pal for Instrution). (ABOVE) Advanced drafting students Ralph Potter and Nick linuma work on a scale model of the Career Center. y Academics 175 An ' ' A ' ' for Achievement For most students, the years spent in high school are to develop their interests to the fullest. For instance, those who are musically oriented take music classes, while those who enjoy science or mathe- matics enroll in classes where these interests can be pursued. But whatever the field of study, there are alwa ys those chosen few who excel above their fellow classmates. They are the ones who score the few extra points on a test or spend those precious few hours studying for the final. Knowing what they want and working towards those goals set them apart from the rest of the crowd. (RIGHT) The recipient of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) award was Monica Ramirez, who was recognized for her contributions to the school and community. (BELOW) California Scholarship Federation Gold Sealbearers for the Class of ' 77 were Jesse Ramirez, Monica Ramirez, Susanne Blume, Linda Jillson, Alice Forbush, Melinda Peters, and Lance Fisher. NOT SHOWN: Yancy Miller, Gary Sanchez. 176 Academics (ABOVE LEFT) Bank of America Certifi- cate Award winners: Jesse Ramirez (English), Mark Gomez (Art), Christine Brown (Business), Melinda Peters (Labo- ratory Science), Martha Espinoza (Foreign Language), Monica Ramirez (Mathematics), Rodney McGregor (Trades G Industrial). NOT SHOWN: Laurie Stirling (Music), Anita Estrada (Social Studies), Annette Yule (Home Economics). (LEFT) Bank of America Plaque winners: Lance Fisher (Science G Mathematics), Susanne Blume (Liberal Arts), Virginia Craft (Vocational Arts), and Gary Sanchez (Fine Arts). Academics 177 (ABOVE) Dirk Williamson ' s photo serves as an excellent example of kinesthetios printing. (RIGHT) A large version of this painting by Laura Griffith will be located in the Guidance Office next year. I want to draw a beautiful pic- ture on life ' s blackboard. I want the colors to oe Bright, Dashing, Full of life. But. . . 1 pick up the chalk and it squeaks so it scares me. Aiiita Valdez (11) 178 Academics mismssmmm Lest Their Talents Go Unnoticed , On these pages are some of the creative works taken from the art, creative writing and photography classes. (LEFT) This photo of an outdoor still life is an example of Manuel Martinez ' s outstanding work. (BELOW) A small scale model of David Comejo ' s mural will appear full size in the library next year. Thoughts Thoughts are fleeting, Ephemeral things, Hard to keep long enough to speak them, Once spoken - they are still easily forgotten, Lost in a jumble of words like a raindrop in the sea, They come in a whisper. And leave on a breeze. Laura Griffith (11) A balloon, So soft and delicate. So bright and cheerful, Flowing in the breeze. So beautiful. . . And there ' s a pin, No it mustn ' t happen. It can ' t happen, Pop. Tracey Hardesty (11) Academics 179 Each One an Individual Yet So Much Alike A look at the educational back- ground of the administrators, teachers, and instructional aides reveals a remarkable similarity of schools attended. Seven mem- bers of the instructional staff attended El Monte High School, while almost one -fourth of them attended nearby California State University at Los Angeles. Al- together, they attended only nineteen different high schools and fourteen different colleges. (RIGHT) Sylvia Herrera pours tea for Mrs. Vi Morris, while Mr. Dave Benscoter waits in line at the annual Christmas Tea, spon- sored by the Homemaking Department. Miss Gloria M. Acosta (Girls ' Physical Ed- ucation), Mr. Steven Alonzo (Boys ' Physi- cal Education), Mrs. Sandra Attebery (Foods, Clothing, Family Relations), Ms. PaVn Bator (Reading Lab). Ms. Yolanda Benitez (ESL - Modern Sci- ence, ESL - Health and Safety), Mr. Dave Benscoter (Senior English, English 1 Lab), Mr. Andrew Bojorquez (Drafting, Wood Shop, Intermediate Math), Mrs. Dorothy Bovie (Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4). 180 Teachers »xxauwintl9Mi3iKiir H ' KKVibnBtBWSBS1B:aBXma SaeXaS9a ' Sm Mrs. Patricia Carratello (T.V. Production, Creative Writing, Oral Language), Mr. Robert Lee Casper (Physical Education), Mr. Victor Chavez (World History, World Affairs), Mr. Robert Condon ( English). Mr. Jim Contreras (Special Education, Spanish), Mr. Jim Dalton (U. S. History, Family Relations), Mr. Don Davis (Math), Miss Patricia Duian (Bilingual Spanish, French). Mr. Hector Estrada (World History and Geography), Mr. Carl Fabrizio (Drama, Speech, English), Mr. Ray Fields (Boys Physical Education), Mrs. Rose Gernon (Biology, Health and Safety). r,-.-! (LEFT) Family Relation assignments are being passed out to Ada Hocking and Edmund Ocana by Mrs. Lois Horsley. Teachers 181 XA I f ?tt ' Mr. Greg Goodyear (Typing, English), Miss Eileen Gotchal (Girls ' Physical Education), Mrs. Bettye Grelling( English IXR, Career English, Journalism), Mrs. Olga L. Gutierrez (Counselor). Mr. Lee W. Haeberlein (Auto Shop), Mr. Art Harrington (U.S. History, California History), Mr. Harvey Henson (Counselor), Mr. Ralph Hernandez (Wood Shop). Miss Deborah Herndon (Art 1, English Lab), Mrs. Gerry Hobbs (Accounting 1,2,3, Gen- eral Btisiness), Ms. Lois Horsley (Family Relations, Child Development. Decora- tive Arts), Mr. Glenn Lee Hundley (Photography). I k (RIGHT) David Lucero hands Miss Carmen Jasso read-out cards, as she puts them through for his listening. 182 Teachers Two Cultures Come Together The overall objective of the bilingual pro- gram is to provide an opportunity for Eng- lish and Spanish-speaking students to de- velop competency in the English language while receiving instruction in the language they speak best. In order to assure a true bilingual-bicultural experience, one -third of each class must be dominant English- speaking students. Five teachers and four instructional aides, all of whom are fluent in English and Spanish, participate in this program, which this year received $42,000 in state funds. Typing, English, and math are among the classes taught, with students themselves electing whether or not to enroll in the program. Dos Culturas Se Unen El objectivo general del programa biling ' iie es de proveer la oportunidad a los estudi- antes anglo-hablantes e hispano-anglo- hablantes de desarrollar la destreza del ingles mientras reciben la instruccion en el idioma que mejor hablan. Para ase- gurar una experiencia verdaderamente bilingue-bicultural, una tercera parte de la clase debe ser de estudiantes dominantes anglo-hablantes. El maestrado que consiste de cinco maestros y maestras y cuatro asistentas, siendo todos fluentes en ingles y espaiiol participan en este programa que recibio $42,000 de fondos estatales. Las clases de mecanografia, ingles y matematicas son unas de muchas clases que cuales pueden escoger los estudiantes. (LEFT) Miss Patricia Duran :vrites an assignment on the board, while students busy themselves taking notes. Mrs. Kay Jennings (Girls Physical Educa- tion, Health and Safety), Mr. Gordon Keith (Counselor), Mr. Mike Kleine (Boys Physical Education, Science), Mrs. Betty Kupfer (EngUsh IXR, English 2 Lab). Mrs. Mary Lawshe (Nurse), Mr. Mario Liberatore (Math), Mr. Walt Little (Cera- mics). Teachers 1S3 what Do You Want From Life? The R.O.P. (Regional Occupa- tional Program) is an alternate course offered to students at Mt. View who show an interest in occupational training. The program covers a wide range of job opportunities, such as cos- metology, agriculture, business and mechanics. The coordinator of the program is Mrs. Carolyn Wright. A major part of her counseling includes assuring career in- terest and surveys to all under- classmen helping them find their specific interests. The ulti- mate goal of the ROP program is to give every student the op- portunity to learn a specific skill. Mrs. Wright ' s office is located in the media center and is open to all interested students. (RIGHT) As part of his work experience program, Eddie Flores learns to use the duplicating machine. Mr. Jess Lucio (Bilingual Basic Math, Crafts), Mr. Robert E. Maez (Coordinator for Career Activity Planning), Mr. Theodore Martinez (Sociology, Spanish, World History and Geography). Mr. Russell McFann (Govermnent, Driver Education), Mrs. Dorothy McNulty (Coun- selor), Mr. John Montelongo (Art, Music). Mr. Ken Morimoto (Coordinator of Atten- dance), Miss Betty Morton (Machine Calculation, Intermediate Math, Typing), Mr. Frank Mosher (World History, U.S. History) . 184 Teachers wnu«nn«iuui4 m«QiAi T mnw»lt«inM nSCeUlUJJlllUUhUAWU!H lUia ' !JlM (LEFT) Explorer Tom Delgado, standing with Cpl. Schimanski, seems relieved after graduating from the strict and grueling training of the Police Explorer Academy. Mr. Ronald T. Page (Career Math, Alge- bra 9, Basic Math), Mr. Relfe Patterson (Metal Shop), Mr. Gary Platis (English 3 Lab, Coordinator of Driver Education Dept. ). Mr. Doug Pursley (English, Intermediate Math), Ms._ C.armen Rev (G irls Physical Education), Mr. Gerald Rnhincnn (Tr?pn|-;i-y Counselor). Mrs. Priscilla Robinson (Consumer Educa- tion, Homeliving, Drill Team), Mr. Howard Rosine (Chemistry, Physics, Mo- dern Science) , Mr. Dennis Royse (Band, Stage Band, Guitar). Teachers 185 Station to Station During one of their weekly visits to the math lab, pre-alge- bra students have the opportunity to incorporate fun with learning. Machine, research, and recre- ation stations are available for the students ' use. They also have the opportunity to learn how to write catalog orders and fig- ure income tax. Emphasis is placed upon putting mathmatical skills into practical use, so that students will be able to use them after leaving school. (ABOVE RIGHT) Ken Santos initials a com- pleted assignment for Helen Fridley, while Steve Garcia waits his turn. Mrs. Yvonne Russell (Geometry, Trigone metry) Mrs. Virginia Samuels (English, Math, Social Studies), Mrs. Celilia O. Sandoval (Business Classes, Bilingual Resource). Mrs. Mabel Sandys (Library), Miss Kazuko Sato (Intermediate Math, Intro -Algebra, Advanced Algebra), Mr. Robert Settles (Work Experience). Ms. Grace Shammas (Shorthand 1 and 2, Typing 1), Mr. Drew Simpson (Law, Psy- chology, Sociology, U.S. History), Mrs Crandolyn D. Smith (English). 186 Teachers • ' r ' . w. 4i ' ' :- ' i ' . ' 1I ViViifi, ' jyt lff yr, r.f ytn ' - (ABOVE) Frank Reyes checks the machine assignment book for his next problem. Mr. David Smith (Boys P.E.), Ms. Lisbeth A. Smoot (Girls P.E. , English, Business), Mr. R, C. Stepp (Physiology, Modern Science, Health and Safety) Ms. Anita M. Weakley (Administrator- Compensatory and Bilingual Education), Mr. James Wigton (Algebra, Basic Math, Yearbook), Mrs. Ruth Winchester (Am. Humor, Am. Literature, Freshman English) Mrs. Adele Winslow (Music), Mrs. Crandolyn Wright (ROP Counselor), Ms. Barbara Young (Speech Therapist). Teachers 187 There ' s More Than One Road to Learning The reading lab, now in its third year, is staffed by Ms. Pam Bator and Mrs. Maureen Smith. It serves the entire freshmen class and some sopho- more classes as well. The English teachers take tur ns bringing their classes to room 392 for five to six weeks at a time, where the students get the opportunity to use materials not available to them in their home class- room. Among these special instruction materials are controlled readers, which induce increased reading rate and comprehension. Students are urged to improve their language develop- ment through the use of critical listen- ing skills. The reading lab also in- corporates the basics found in all English classes, such as vocabulary work and spelling words, with a strong accent on the use of Formula Phonics. (UPPER RIGHT) Ms. LisSmoot, Karen Oliason, and Ruben Jaso enjoy their reading in comfortable sur- roundings. Mrs. Nellie Arroyo (E nglish 1 Lab, " Bfiingual English i Lab), Ms. Lisa Bigardi (Guidance) Mrs. Darlene Childs (Guidance), Mrs. Diane Cook (Nurse ' s Office) Miss Julia M. Crespo (Bilingual, ESL Aide), Ms. Liz Davidson (English Aide). 188 Classified Staff -..V r Miss Ludi De Alvarado (Math Aide), Mr. Bill Dunkel (Boys ' P.E. Equipment Manager), Mrs. Sheila Elliott (Clerk- Typist Special Programs), Mrs. Mary Gapper (Girls ' P.E. Equipment Manager) Mrs. Ann Garcia (Math Aide), Mrs. Anna Gittings (Switchboard), Mrs. Margie Gonzales (Attendance Office -Sr. Clerk), Mrs. Alma Gorrell (Music Dept. Secre- tary) Mrs. Virginia Gutierrez (Science Aide), Mrs. Carmen Herrera (Instructional Aide -Audio Visual), Mrs. Barbara Higbee (Instruction Office), Mrs. Hidero Ikehara (English Aide). (LOWER LEFT) Lon Coley and Mike Cordova read a story while listening to the tape at one of the stations in the reading lab. Classified Staff 189 (RIGHT) Audio visual students Anthony Nieblas and Richard Reyes repair a damaged film by using the splicer. Miss Carmen Jasso (Bilingual Typing, Bi- lingual Math), Mrs. Margie Jordon (E. H. Aide), Mrs. Denice Kelly (Health and Safety), Mrs. Dee Kinmann (Attendance, Clerk Typist). Mrs. Janet Laich (Math Aide), Mrs. Peggy Marquez (Oral Language, Freshmen English) Mrs. Hilma Maut2 (English Aide), Mrs. Ana Montenegro ( Reading- Billingual In- struction). J ' Mrs. Vi Morris (Clerk, Activities), Ms. Linda Pedrola (Clerk, Attendance), Mrs. Virginia Peckham (Student Store), Ms. Genny Rigoli (Bilingual English, Bilingual Math). 190 Classified Staff maruxxc4T«ns«v ijmuy xiiuatKanitmxtait 9VU e 1vynf!WX VUhMtnoWA ROfSSHnBCSnODCQeBiDn Information, Please The media center is the source for all instruction materials used in the classroom. In addi- tion to the over 8, 000 books available for check-out and study, the media center also offers film strips, recording materials, records, and access to magazine and newspaper materials. The coordination of all T. V. programs used in classroom instruction is the direct result of the work of the audio-visual center. Mrs. Car- men Herrera heads the depart- ment with the assistance of interested students. Under the direction of librarian Mrs. Sandys and Mrs. Judy Walz the media center has become more than just a library. Mrs. Isabel Rodriguez (Math Aide), Ms. Debra Salas (English Aide), Mrs. Maureen Smith (Instrutional Aide- Reading Lab). Mrs. Maxene Stavang (Principal ' s Secre- tary), Mrs. Julie Swift (Instructional Aide- English), Mrs. Judy Walz (Library Clerk). (BELOW) Guest speaker Ken Knowton dis- ctisses the training for students interested in drafting, architecture, electronics, engi- neering, and other available courses taught at Rio Hondo College. Classified Staff 191 (ABOVE) Mrs. Mary McDonald (SECOND FROM LEFT), the cafeteria manager, takes an active role in seeing that the food service is as ef- ficient as possible. (ABOVE) Cafeteria Staff. BACK ROW: Maria Nakaiski, Mary Ortiz, Nelly Marraquin, Rita Castro, Le IJair, Juanita Paul, Dolores Young, Mildred Strong, Margaret Navarette, Carol Bender, Trinidad Andrade, Natalie Gutierrez. 2ND ROW: Mary McDonald, Margaret Hernandez, Lois Guliany, Abigale Macias, ViVi Villa, Bea Fuentes, Anita Murillo, Rita Marin. FRONT ROW: Sally Harris, Mickey Bella, Barbara Large. 192 Staff They Work Behind the Scenes A school does not function by itself. Students come in contact with the principals, teachers and instructional aides almost daily, but there are others on the campus whose contribution to the operation of the school is no less important. The cafeteria workers, maintenance crew, and bus drivers all help keep the school running efficiently. (TOP) Heading a very fine crew is the maintenance supervisor, Mr. Flyod Elliott. (MIDDLE) Maintenance. BACK ROW: Geroge Rasmussen, Leonard Harmon, Torfi Olafsson, Miice Maez, Bill Dunkel, Jack Hook, Raul Pina, Don Wasilchin, Salvador Hernandez. FRONT ROW: Rita Enriquez, Paul McKeel, Floyd Elliott, Mary Gapper, Richard Ramirez, Louis Castro. (BOTTOM) Bus Drivers and Mechanics. BACK ROW: John Maze, John Byers, Luran Heller, Joe Feher, Jess Pleasant. KNEEL- ING: Ray Hafer, Tony Torres. Staff 193 (UPPER LEFT) Mr. Rudy Castruita Asst. Principal-Student Activities, (UPPER RIGHT) Mr. Francis Grayson-Asst. Princi- pal-Student Services, (ABOVE LEFT) Mr. Fernando Ledesma-Principal, (ABOVE RIGHT), Mr. Rex Welch-Asst. Principal- Instruction. 194 Administrators It ' s a Matter of ' Principal ' A spirit of cooperation and dedication to the educational process are what the individuals on this page have in common. They are responsible to see that the school fulfills its com- mitment to the community, and the decisions they make daily affect the lives of the students. (LEFT) Dr. Nathan McCray (Assistant Superintendent of Personnel), Dr. Jack Williams (Assistant Superintendent of Business), Dr. Eugene Platz (Assistant Superintendent of Instruction). (LEFT) Dr. James Sheridan (Superintendent) chats with Ms. Carmen Ray and other faculty members dtiring one of his visits to the campus (BELOW) Board of Trustees-Mr. Ralph Gutierrez, Mr. William Durkee, Mrs. Joyce Mitchell, Mrs. Patricia Galceran, Mr. Gary Campbell. Administrators 195 the shade, Cena Rose, Lola Siisie Vogel enjoy a soda from Taco " ' a spin in a U -Drive Go Cart. :s quickly to serve ctjstomers. il s out the selection of stamps from nd Stamp. , smiles downj Kalds ' patrons. KE DWnilZVaiMUMKLULIbUHUJUniiRSVSnRnm U - DRIVE GO KARTS 116-4S Valley Blvd., el Monte 1 BLK East of peck Rd, Phone (213) 442-2804 SUMMER HRS. - WEEKDAYS 2-10 WINTER HRS. - WEEKDAYS J-IO WEEKENDS 10 A.M. - lO P.M. HOLrOAYS 2 P.M. - 10 P.M. SHRtVfS RANCH ERNEST DOROTHY SHREVE • PUPS • SUPPLIES • TRAINING • BOARDING • GROOMING » STUD SERVICE 12417 DENHOLM DR. . EL MONTE, CA. 91731 (213) 579-2791 FACING FACTS ABOUT FAMILY PLANNING. • Birth control information and services are available at little or no cost to any teenager, male or female, wanting them. •California law says that you can get these services without anyone else knowing — Regardless of your age. V.D. screening and treatment is available. - Confidential counseling. • American citizenship not required. CALL OUR 24-HOUR BIRTH CONTROL HOT-LINE FOR REFERRAL TO A CLINIC NEAR YOU. COLLECT CALLS ACCEPTED. (213)464-7526 LOS ANGELES REGIONAL FAMILY PLANNING COUNCIL. INC. Jerry Gusman receives a trim from scissors that match liis size. AL ' S BARBER SHOP 2310 North Durfee Ave. El Monte, Calif. 91732 Joe Gene ' s Liquors Your Favorite Wine and Liquors Keg Beer Ice Cubes Groceries Film Service Phone -443-1600 JOE TOLOSA GENE TOLOSA 10B39 RUSH St. (RU;..H a TYUEi ) S. EL_ MONTE. CALIF. 11420 E. Valley Blvd. El Monte, Calif. mixETz PIZZA PARiOR YE PUBLIC HOUSE DURFEE DRUG 2002 Durfee Road (Where Peck Rush Meet Durfee) Phone 443-3181 - So. El Monte FREE DELIVERY For Reservations 443-5535 1 BtgiSiElMNlE Your Hostess | — . Your Woiteri ODETTE U JEAN-JACQUES ROBERT 2905 NORTH DURFEE AVE. • EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA DINNER ONLY CLOSED MONDAY Ads 199 PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS IHIIEAOS NATURAL HAIRSTYLING FOR BOTH SEXES . AWAlin WINNING HAIll DESIGNS BYJUHN lUDGEL A.NU STAFF . A FllLSTlGF SALUN [ILSIGNED FGH V.DUIl CQMIUHT . liELAX IN PLEASANT SUHIIOL ' NDINGS ■ . AND SUFT MUSIC _ FIIEE CONSULTATIDN BODY WAVING HAIR COLORING BtARD STYLING FACIALS HAIRPIECES MANICURES DRIVE-UP WINDOW FOR ShaPCUPl PRODUCTS 443-4994 442-9996 3130 PECK ROAD - EL MONTE - CALIFORNIA (I BLOCK SOUTH OF SAN BERNARDINO FREEWAY) EL MONTE DRUG VERNE COWELL (213) 448-9871 3822 N. Peck Rd. El Monte, Calif. 91732 (213) 442-0678 JIM (KIMIAKI) IINUMA AMY (MITSUKO) IINUMA AMY CHINCHILLA RANCH E.G. B. C. NATIONAL SHOW RIBBON QUALITY 12439 FELIPE STREET . EL MONTE, CALIF. 91732 - ■rr » ' ;WaW« - v.: v . ; -r ' -r - RIVERSEDGE FARM 12936 E. VALLEY BLVD. LA PUENTE, CALIF. 91746 P.O. BOX 2037 Since 1913 Wa uck Ga. AUGA MANSA 650 AUGA MAix. COLTON, CALIt. TEL. (714) TA 5-i- California Grown Duckling The Largest Duck Ranch in the Western United States ' WHOLESALE , RETAIL Specializing in " Cliinese Style " Dressed Duckling USDA Inspected with Head and Feet Attached FRESH DRESSED- Chinese StA-le (ice-pack) FROZEN- Chinese Style (in clear poly-bags) PIONEER BRAND- Regular Dress (cry-o-vac B Grades) OVEN -READY BRAND- Regular Dress (Cry-o-vac PM ' s)- Ideal for cutting up for further processing Chinese restaurant dishes CANTON POULTRY BRAND -Chinese Roast Duek Precooked with sauce in cavity -frozen in cry-o-vac bag (Gourmet dish with heat and serve convenience) For Ordering or Further Information: Phone: 213-333-7378 213-333-5320 or Write To: WARD DUCK CO. Attn: Dick Woodland P.O. Box 2037, La Puente, Calif. 91746 Retail Outlet: 263 San Fidel Ave. Puente, Calif. 91746 336-4934 --t ■ Ads 201 202 Ads Complete Engine Rebuilding, Machine Shop and Full Line of Auto Parts DURFEE AUTO PARTS 2504 N. DURFEE AVENUE El Monte, California JIM STEELE (Owner) 443-8885 Mexican Restaurant BEER WINE COCKTAILS JAN. BRAMBLE Assistant Vice President IJvIanager GLENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS 10952 VALLEY MALL EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA 91731 (213) 443-4011 . 283-7961 FIVE POINTS COIN STAMP Investment Counseling Appraisals Buy - Sell - Trade Stamps Coins Supplies Phone (213) 443-1347 Terry Amsink Elinor Amsink USSO E. Vall •ink 11850 E. Valley Blvd. El Monte, CA 91732 (East Side of Crawford ' s 5 Points) , t 11400 EAST GARVEY EL MONTE, CALIF. 91732 FOOD TO GO PHONE 442-0210 AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPH CO. .m ■ ::siMM!aim,i: u; ' -(g -am:.j: y»-a Jt ' syjti t-« ' ,v.vyj --;i :. Baron uHooJcrafi Co. 2702 Merced Ave., Eu Monte. Calif (213) A4Z-40B1 Our 2Sth Year in El Monte leweiers Connie DeAngeflf-«ial e| a new friend while testing the comfort of an " 10925 VALLEY MALL EL MONTE. CALIF. PHONE 443-2235 MARY ANN E. COSIO R H FURNITURE 10837 Central Ave. So. El Monte, CaUf. 91732 (213) 575-0067 204 Ads rt rw»: ;r« jC9 ' 3 aw(;jr liv sSy. ' M.4 T. liCT;:ffi. fc..:. " . ' g ' a!»? a ' -j:.; : M,V. MiiMSlAi La Fonda Mexican Restaraunt 2335 Durfee El Monte Ca. Phone: 444-8244 Food to go HOME OF QUALITY DIAMONDS Ads 205 P£HDK iOMf PMCfS TOP QUAin r We do just about everything: FULL SERVKE COPYING FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY lETTEIS ENVELOPES BUSINESS FORMS INVOICES • aHOCHUHES • MANUALS • CATALOGS • PRICE LISTS • •UllETINS • DIRECTORIES • PROGRAMS • RESUMCS MULTI-COLOR PRINTING Mssm 1900 TYLER - SOUTH EL MONTE OUiT SOUTH Of tUSHf Big D Enter -Out Burgers 11629 E. Valley Blvd. El Monte, Ca. 206 Ads Wesi RalB.4.Potter does his best to keep McDpnalds spotl - McDonalds 11612 E. Valley Blvd. El Monte, Ca. WILLIAM KIRBY Associates BOOKKEEPING INCOME TAX SPECIALISTS MASHA DELOTT FRANK FITZPATRICK BEVERI-Y C3AI-I-AGHER EVA WESCOTT 003 OLYMPIC BLVD. MONTEBELUO, CALIF. 9064O (213) 721-1314 Ted ' s Quality Market Featuring " Norms Quality Meats " 2514 N. DurfeeAve. El Monte, Ca. 448-8781 TV. • RADIO • TAPE DECK UNITS INSTALLATION SERVICE REPAIR ON ALL MAJOR BRANDS PATE ' S TAPES AND RECORDS 8 TRACK TAPES 8. RECORDS RICHARD NORRIS Manager 10905 EAST GARVEY AVE. EL MONTE, CA 91733 (213) 444-5568 BUDGET TERMS I A Van ' s Jewelry OF EL MONTE DIAMONDS • Vy ATCHES . CLOCKS • JEWELRY Silverware • Appliances « ENG tAviNO Fine Watch and jewelry Repairing W, A. VAN STEENWYK DIAMOND master PHONE 448-5238 10816 VALLEY MALL El Monte. Calif. SHAMUS O ' BRIAN ' S 2001 Tyler El Monte, Ca. 91733 Ads 207 Stanley Quintana Mayor Benjamin Ruiz Vice Mayor Robert Bojorquez Coiincilman Jim KeUy Councilman Albert Perez Councilman 208 Ads POWERS LIQUOR AND DELI 2401 Durfee Ave. El Monte 91732 BALFOUR RING CO. Represented by: Bruce D, Church PATRONS Urich ' s Drive-In Burgers The Modarelli Family Hegler Dairy, Altadena Products Kenneth and Georgina Smith Pitkin Brothers Ind ex A CAPELLA 158 Acevedo, Margie 145 ACADEMICS FACULTY 170-195 Acosta, Gloria 84 Acosta, Ms. Gloria 180 Acosta, Juan 121 ACTIVITIES 36-55 Adame, Gilbert 78, 100, 104, 105, 139 Adame, Victor 98,107,121 Adams, Donald 121 Adams, Robin 17,18,56,60,83,159, 165,168 ADVERTISING 196-209 Aguayo, Linda 131 Aguayo, Mona 121 Aguilar, Adrian 45,59,79,98,99, 139 Aguilar, Eileen 121,158 Aguilar, Ema 121 Aguilar, Jesus 139 Aguilar, Sammy 80, 137 Aguilar, Saul 139,154,167,202 Aguinaga, Beatrice 131 Aguinaga, Margie 13,121 Aguinaga, Vincent 137,174 Aguirre, Alfonso O. 121 Aguirre, Lorraine 131 Aguirre, Rosa 121 Aguirre, Teresa 121 Albitre, Adeline 139 Albitre, Richard 131 Albrechtsen, Bobby 121 Alexander, Deborah 131 AUen, Bobbi 121 Allen, David 139 Allen, Kathy 145 Alley, Jeff 131 Alley, Lori 131 Almonte. Ann 131 Almonte, Antonia 108,121 Alonzo, Mr. Steve 81,107,180 Alvarado, David 121 Alvarado, Dolores 131 Alvarado, Esperanza 121 Alvarado, Johnny 18,159 Alvarez, Victor 5, 81, 121 Alvarez, Vivian 139 Amaya, Darlene 131 Amaya, Jessie 101,139 Amaya, Susan 121 Anaya, Debbie 50,131,160,161 Anaya, Yvorme 121 Andrews, Audrev 131 Anderson, Joan 121 Andrews, Kelly 121 Ansley, Jodi 139,143,154 Anson, Corey 92,93,102,121 Aparicio, Melinda 139 Aragon, Ben 137 Aragon, Jimmy 139 Aragon, Jo 83, 121 Arambula, Norrn a 18, 155 Arambula, RogelTo ' C. 137 Archer, Clark 121,152 Arciniega, Sam 35 Arciniega, Tom 81,121 Arellano, Fred 139,145 Arellano, Lorreta 18 Arias, Eric 101, 131 Armendariz, Lourdes 71,139,174 Armendariz, MftUhe 131 Armenta, Gilbert 137 Arroyo, Lillian 121 Arroyo, Mrs. Nelli e 188 Arroyos, Sandra l39 Arteaga, Arturo 18,87 Arteaga, Ricardo 81,101,121 Arvizo, John 81, 121 Arvizo, Karen 41, 131 Arvizu, Donna 71,121,167 Attebery, Mrs. Sandra 180 August, Deborah 139 August, Loretta 121,160 Aurelio, Daniel 12,131 Aurelio, Sergio 121 Autrey, Kelly 35,88,90 Auzerme, Melanie 48 Avila, Chayo 121 Avila, Dolores 131 Avila, Hortencia 145 Avila, Jessica 18 Avila, Rosa 145,156 Ayala, Audrey 131 Baca, Elizabeth 137 Baca, Harold 145 BADMITON 108-109 Baker, Jon 100,121 Ballesteros, Andy 121 Ballesteros, Marlene 137 Baltierra, Becky 63,131 Baltierra, Tim 17,18,41,163 BAND 150-153 Barajas, Antonio 121 Barajas, Aroelia 81 Barajas, Josefina 131 Barajas, Lupe 121 Barajas, Roberto 87,91 Barajas, Robert R. 80,113,131 Barcelo, Carlos 8,80,92,131 — Barela., Danny. 131 Barela. To ny 145 Barnett, Ten 69, 131, 149, 160 Barraza, Claudine 139 Barrera, Frank 18 Barrera, Gloria 97,108,121 Barrera, Jimmy 108,139,163 Barrera, Maria 68,96,108,139,165 Barreras, David 121 Barreras, Ray 131 BASEBALL 104-107 BASKETBALL (boys) 88-93 BASKETBALL (girls) 96-97 Bates, Jayne 145 Bates, Russell 12,131 Bator, Ms. Pam 180 Batrez, Benjamin 131,180 Becerra, Margaret 131 Beltran, David 19 Beltran, Ronnie 81,121 Benitez, Ms. Yolanda 157,167,180 Benscoter, Mr. Dave 180 Bermudez, Cecilia 121 Bermudez, Lidis 121 Bemal, Annette 121 Bemal, David 139 Bemal, Dolores 19,153,160 Bemal, Henry 19 Bemal, Jaime 81, 121 Beserra, Alex 139,159 Beserra, Anthony 137 Beserra, Leonard 121 Beserra, Ralph 107,131 Betancourt, Louis 139,170 Bigardi, Ms. Lisa 188 ' Blackburn, Beth 139,160 Blanton, Brian 131,152,159 Blood, Richard 121 Blount, Randy 102,103,139 Blue, Mark 121 Blume, Susanne 14,17,19,48,60,65,71, 85, 148,176,165,167,177 Bogan, Craig 131 Bogan, Terrie 121,160 Bojad, Naomi 11 Bojorquez, Mr. Andrew 63,180 Bojorquez, Richard 79,139,164,168 Bonilla, Ruby 139 Bonilla, Virginia 121 Bovie, Mrs. Dorothy 180 Branham, Robin 131 Briones, Anthony 35 Bromley, Bruce 121 Brown, Christine 17,19,41,66,67,148, 160, 177 Brown, Edward 131,163 Brown, Jeanne 19,84,108,159,165 Brown, Russell 121 Bumpus, Robert 81, 121 Burk, Judy 19 Burnett, Lora 137 Bumham, Karen 19 Bumham, Rhoda 158,160 Bumham, Ruth 160 Burnham, Warren 131 Burton, Robert 139 Bustamonte, Debra 71,121,167 Bustamonte, Raul 139,145 Byrne, Kari 19 Cabrera, Brigette 121 Cabrera, Victor 121 Calderon, Daniel 131 Calderon, Frank 58,63,80,92, 131,170 Calderon, Julie 9,19,29,36,40,41,59 Calderon, Priscilla 121 Callejas, Rosa 19,145,156,167 Calvillo, Greg 80,131 Camacho, Art 19 Camarena, Gilbert 19 Camarena, Tony 19 Campo, Gisela 131 Campos, Joe 121 Campos, Patty 19 Cancel, Nelson 137 Cancel, Raul 35 Cano, Edward O. 19 Cano, Mic hael 131 Cano, Paul 81,107,121 Cantua, Daniel 121,152 Cappel, Paul 139 Gardens, Elsa 131 Cardenas, Rick 81, 93, 107 Cardenas, Syliva 137 Carlson, Richard 121 Carmona, Liane 139, 154 Carney, Matt 19 Carney, Tami 131,151,153 Carratello, Mrs. Pat 154,181 Carrillo, Gilbert 131,163 Carrillo, Jodi 19,40,41,151,153,155 Carrillo, Richard 19 Carrion, Gloria 2,83,139,165 Carrion, Richard 106,107,131 Casados, Marie 131 Casanova, Irene 139 Casanova, Nick 131 Casillas, Yolanda 19, 161 Casper, Mr. Robert 51,77,164,181 Casperson, Keith 137 Casperson, Kevin 20,26 Castaneda, Bertha 20,203 Castaneda, Doon 20, 71 Castaneda, Geraldine 139,154 Castaneda, Gloria 20 Castaneda, Juan 79,98, 105, 139, 164 Castaneda, Ruben 91,102,131,135,155,167 Castaneda, Salvador 139 Castaneda, Thomas 80,100,131 Castillo, Linda 131 Castro, Elizabeth 122 Castro, Manuel 139,154,163 Castro, Rudy 139 Casttuita,_Mr ud¥ 38,69,118,194 . Cavazos, Eddie 131 Cendejas, Denise 122,160 Cerda, Joe 163 Chaidez, Juan 139 Chaidez, Mike 139 Chacon, Christina 137 Chacon, Enrique 20, 159 Charles, Isabella 97,108,131 Chase, Stuart 131 Chavez, Alfredo 20 Chavez, Augustine 35,88 Chavez, Edward 145 Chavez, Julian 122 Chavez, Linda 145 Chavez, Mona 139 Chavez, Mr. Victor 63,78, 105, 181 Childress, Curtis 122 Childs, Mrs. Darlene 188 Chrisman, Leslie 122 CHEERLEADERS MASCOT 148-149 Claudio, Elissa 145 Clifford, Cynthia 20, 153,160 Clippert, Billy 131,163 CLUBS ORGANIZATIONS 146-169 Coats, Tim 20,48,88,89,90 Coakley, Charlie 217 Coley, James 131 Coley, Jose 131 Coley, Lon 189 Condon, Mr. Robert 43, 181 Conklin, Wesley 20 Contla, Linda 137 Contreras, Dan 166 Contreras, Ignacio 35,166 Contreras, Mr. Jim 181 Cook, Mrs. Diane 188 Cook, Leslie 81, 122 Cooley, Roderick 122 Cordova, Armida 122 .;.r.r - r Cordova, Michael 131,189 Cordova, Pat 20,97 Coria, Rosa 139,145 Coria, Victor 122 Cornejo, David 71, 145 Comejo, Judy 122 Corona Jose 131 ji!!||i|jj|i|i|||! Coronado, Henry 100, 139 Coronado, John 81,100,122 Corral, Henry 122 Coiral, Jesus 145 Cortes, Christina 13,122,160 Cortez, Lrma 59,154,139 Cortez, Ruben 131 Cossio, Arturo 93,101,122 Cossio, Noa 91, 131 Cota, Larry 145 Coya, Hector 122 CREATIVE WRITING 154 Craft, Virginia 20,24,160,161,177 Crespo, Miss Maricela 156 Criswell, Kathy 71,72,97,131 Cronin, Kelly 139 CROSS COUNTRY 74-77 Cruz, Larraine 139 Cucinella, Jo Arm 131 Cucinella, Perina 20 Cudd, Tim 122 Cuevas, Cathy 131,150,153 Cuevas, Joanne 20,34 Cuevas, Jose 139 Cullison, Frank 122 Curiel, Richard 122 Curren, James 81, 122 Dalton, Mr. Jim 17,50,78,92,181 D ' Amico, Sal 20,74,75,112,113 Dao, Tu yei Mai 216 " Daoud, Fouad 216 Daoud, Kamal 216 Davi, Josephine 20 Davi, Vince 8,10,51,80 Davidson, Ms. Liz 188 Davis, Ml. Don 91,101,181 Davis, Duane 122 DeAguinaga, Dolores 122,196 P-eAgui_nagaj_RQSalie-. 139 De Alvarado, Miss Ludi 189 Dean, Janet 122 Dean, Roy 139 DeAngelis, Connie 108,145,155,201 DeAngelis, Samuel 81,122,205 Defer, Mike 17,20,163,167 DeLaRosa, Cynthia 122 DeLaRosa, Richard 105,139 Deleon, Ceasar 145 Delagado, Carol 139 Delgado, George 157 Delgado, Gloria 83,96,122,160,164,165 Delgado, Thomas 20, 152, 185 Del Rio, Laura 139 Del Valle, Diane 20,71,151,153 Dennis, Dan 17,20,163 Dennis, Sandra 122 Derryberry, John 122 Derryberry, Michael 137 DeSalvo, Joel 137 DeSalvo, Russell 122 Dewess, Ronald 137 Diaz, Darlene 122,160 Diaz, Denise 46,61,63,68,82,118,139, 165 Dia2, Joseph 81,107,122 Diaz, Louie 20, 71 Dia , Margie 122 Diaz, Moses 93 Diaz, Serena 122,158 Dieguez, Julie 20 Dieguez, Sylvia 145 Dimascio, Frank 20 Dixon, Debbie 122 Dominguez, Joseph 159 Dominguez, Mary 139 Dominguez, Sandra 122 Doucet, Cathy 122 Doucet, Michael 21 Doudy, Cindy 122, 160 Douillard, Jerry 21,163 Dowers, Denise 122 Dowers, Earl 80,101 Dovalina, Victor 80,98 DRAMA 167 DRILL TEAM 160 Diiartej_Angel aU22_- Duarte, Lupe 145 Duchess, Robert 91 Duran, Daniel 122 IDuran, Gabriel 122 Duran, Mike 80 Duran, Miss Pat 167, 181, 183 Durand, Amparo 108, 122 Earnest, James 72,79,113,145,154 Eason, Nance 84,85,139,151,153,165 Echemendia, Maria 122 Echevarria, Eliza 122,160 Elliott, Mr. Floyd 2,193 Elliott, Mrs. Sheila 189 Emmons, Sharon A, 139 Endlich, Ray 139 Enriquez, Rita 193 f Equihua, Jesse 137 Escalante, Mario 36, 139, 154 Escarzega, Carla 139 Escobedo, Martha 145 Escoto, Chester 1 22 ,_ ' Escoto7Paul " T77T39 , 202 Esparza, Rosemary 122 Esparza, Stella 137,139 Esparaza, Yolanda 35 Espinoza, Conchita 139 Espinoza, Jose 107 Espinoza, Maria 122 - Espinoza, Martha 21, 62, 153, 160, 168, i69,i77j3 Jr Esquibel, Sylvia 122,160 Estrada, Anita 21,160,161 Estrada, Benny 140 Estrada, David 145 Estrada, Mr. Hector 181 Estrada, Jerry 81,122 Estrada, Susan 158 Estrada, Yvonne 22 Evans, Barbara 140 Evans, Donald A. 140,163 Evans, Ellen 123 Evans, Lyle 7,140,154,159 Evon, Daniel 137 Fabrizio, Mr. Carl 167,181 Fernandez, Robert 123 •• ' Ferrer, Richard 123 ? ' Fields, Mr. Ray 88,181 Fike, Dale 98,99,140 Fike, Lauri 22,151,153,159 Fike, Scott 100 Finne, George 123 Firestone, Mark 18,22,26 Fisher, Dee 151,153 Fisher, Lance 17,22,45,60,65,68,72, 76, 77, 113, 160. 166, 167, 176, 177 Fleming, Howard 22 Flores, Anna 140 Flores, Alfred 79,88,140,164 Flores, Bernardo 87 Flores, Damiy 3,80,92 Flores, David 22,74,75,113 Flores, Edward 140,184 Flores, Eleanor C. 182 Flores, Francisco 87, 123 Flores, Laurie 140 Flores, Lisa 17,22,30,155 Flores, Priscilla 13,125,160 Folden, Michael 22,49, 88, 105, 164 FOLKLORICO 156 FOOTBALL 78-81 Forbush, Alice 17,22,176,167 Forbush, Mark 71,140 Forrest, Debra 151,153 Fortner, Jon 163 Fottia, Anna 158 Fountain, Laura 21,23,150,153,159 Frederikson, Marty 93,101,123 Freeman, Earl 35,98 FRESHMEN 120-129 Frias, Susan 140, 145,154 Fridley, Helen 123,186 Fuentes, Rick 137 Furlong, Kenny 123 G.A.A. 164 Galindo, Carmen 145 Galindo, Dolores 145 Galindo, Terry 40,41 Gallardo, Lorie 23,145 Gallegos, Hugo 87,123,152,156 Galvan, Renee 23 Gamache, Pat 123 Gamboa, Antonio 76,87,123 Gamboa, Refugio 86,86,145,156 Gamez, Mrs. Ruth 123 Gapper, Mary 189,193 Garay, Juan 23, 87 Garcia, Amelia 123,153,160 Garcia, Anna 83,165 Garcia, Mrs. Ann 189 Garcia, Becky 8,69, 161 Garcia, Bobby 137 Garcia, Celice 145 Garcia, Daisy 123 Garcia, Diana 123 Garcia, Miss Doreen 96 Garcia, Kim 4,58,62,69,123 Garcia, Lilly 137, 140 Garcia, Lori 140,160,161 Garcia, Michael 140 X Garcia, Mona 23,61,62 Garcia, Phillip 23 Garcia, Raymond 23,157 Garcia, Roger 107,140,196 Garcia, Steve 72,81,123 186 Garcia, Sylvia 145 Garcia, Victor 87, 156 . Garciacano, Esmer alada 140 Gamica, Olivia 1:5 J ( -GarHsgl TrgTgg glTSsTSTsS , 90 , 105 , 164 J Garza, JamTe l 7Z3,4s,b6, i4b Garza, Mark 123 Gayton, Betty 140,154,160,161 Gayton, Liz 123 Gayton, Randy 35 George, Kimmy S. 123 Geoghegan, Noreene 84,108,165,167 Gemon, Rose Mrs. 63,134,181 Gil, Bill 38 Gil, Charles 23,78,79,164 Gil, Tom 10,23,78 Gildersleeve , Annette 23 Gildersleeve, Mitzi 162 Gittings, Mrs. Anna 189 Goddard, Alisa D. 123 Goddard, Janice 23,71 Godina, Patricia 137 Gomez, Cynthia 123,140 Gomez, Eleanor 165 Gomez, Gregory 123 Gomez, Irene 140 Gomez, JoAnn 140 Gomez, Louie 145 Gomez, Mark 23, 177 Gomez, Mark 140 Gomez, Martin 80 Gomez, Mary T. 23,24,33 Gomez, MsTTTiy tl8 Gomez, Patricia 123 Gomez, Sofia 123 Gongora, Barbara 123 Gon zales. AJ ice 140 ' Gonzales, Debra 23 Gonzales, Estella 23 Gonzales, Gilbert 123 Gonzales, Heidi 140,149,159,160 Gonzales, Juan 87, 123 Gonzales, Kathy 96, 123 Gonzales, Leslie 23 Gonzales, Mrs. Margie 189 Gonzales, Michael 101,123 Gonzales, Rene 123,137 Gonzales, Rhonda 23 Gonzales, Richard 145 Gonzales, Xochitl 67, 123, 158 Index 211 Goodyear, Mr. Greg 44, 81, 107, 182 Goorey, Martin 162 Goorey, Nicolette 24,68,159 Cordian, Gerry 24 Gorman, Russ 24,163 Gorrell, Mrs. Alma 189 Gotchal, Miss Eileen 108,182 GOVERNMENT 56-71 Gradney, Alex 123 Grady, George i40 Grady, Patricia 17,24,61,166 Gray, Brandon 140,152,159,167 Gray, Judy 50,160 Grayson, Mr. Francis 194 Greene, Kenneth 123 Greene, Terry 140 Grelling, Mrs. Bettye 155,166,182 Griffith, Laura 60,67,145,154,168,169, 178 Grissim, Malcom 123 Grossman, Robin 61, 84, 140, 165, 168, 169 Guevara, Carlos 79, 133, 152 Guevara, Francisco 24,79, 105, 155 Guitron, Mar io 133 Guindazola, Joe 140 Guitron, David 35 Gunther, tsneta 71,151,153,159,163 Gusman, Jerry 24,164,198 Gutierrez, Ignacio 140 Gutierrez, Norie 140 Gutierrez, Mrs. ulga 182 Gutierrez, Roseanna 123 Gutierrez, Steven 140 Gutierrez, Mrs. Virginia 189 Guzman, Gary 123 Guzman, MaryH. 133,155,167 Guzman, Michael 133,102 Guzman, Robert 140 Haeberlein, Mr. Lee 154,182 Hafkensheid, Michael 24 Hale, Terry 133 Hall, Charles 92,133,155 Hammond, Michael 24, 152 Hammond, Paula 21, 24, 150, 153 Hammond, Robert 145,152,154,159 Hardesty, Tracey 6, 140, 155 Harrington, Mr. Art 182 Harrington, Lavonna 25 Haro, Harry 123 Harris, Allen 133 Harris, Diane 13,123 Harris, Donna 140,152 Harris, Robin 69,96,123,158,160,167 Harty, Sherry 133 Harty, Bill 140,152,154,159 Hatler, Cindy 133 Hawman, Brad 24 Haworth, Roberta 140 Hayes, Lawrence 145 Haywoard, Sidney C. 137 Helms, Debra 123 Helms, Kimberly 133 Hemsworth, Deanne 123,140 Henley, Thomas 4,123 Henry, Gary 25, 152, 159 Henson, Mr. Harvey 30,182 Heredia, Richard 81,123 Hernandez, Carmen 25 Hernandez, Corina 133 Hernandez, David 133,152 Hernandez, Elizabeth, 133,156,165 Hernandez, Fernando 140 Hernandez, Gary 124 Hernandez, Gregory 25,79, 164 Hernandez, Isabel 124 Hernandez, Lucy 7,133,156 Hernandez, Luz 140 Hernandez, Manuel 25, 105, 113 Hernandez, Margie 3,83,96,124,160, 164,165 Hernandez, Michael 25 Hernandez, Monica 124 Hernandez, Rachel 133,152 Hernandez, Rene 25 Hernandez, Mr. Ralph 74,76, 182 Hernandez, Ruben 124 Hernandez, Sylvia 137 Hernandez, Tom 80,91,133 Hernandez, Victor 133 Hemdon, Ms. Deborah 182 :;aj ' ' «wi ww5 ' Herr, Becky 6,160 Herrera, Aurora 25,160 Herrera, Barbara 133,161 Herrera, Bobby 58,62,69, 152 Herrera, Mrs. Carmen 189 Herrera, Chris 107, 133 Herrera, Earnest 25,44,157 Herrera, Fepiandp ' ' A " Herrera, Patricia 17,25,199 Herrera, Robert 35 Herrera, Sylvia 140,180 Hess, Donald 124 Hetrick, Allen 124 Hetrick, Sherri 7, 140 Hibler, Diane 140 Hibler, Jaedena 5,133 Higbee, Barbara 189 Hill, Kenneth 25,152,159 Hill, Vickie 110,140,149 Hillman, Cynthia K. 25 Hillman, Sheryle 118,140,152 Hillman, Bill 80,133,152,159 Hindman, John 93, 124 Hines, Dean 145, 154 Ho, Jason 101,133,157,167 Hobbs, Mrs. Gerry 182 Hocking, Ada 25, 181 Hoekstra, Linda 140 Hollman, Jodie 25 Hollmann, Robin 133 Holman, April 25,154 Holmes, Sandra 124,160 Hook, Jack 193 Hooks, Theresa 124,160 Hopper, Michael 133,152 Horsley, Mrs. Lois 181,182 Hoskinson, Kelly 133,155 Houck, Victoria 25 Hough, Jack 140 Hough, Lisa 124,170 Hoyle, Richard 145 Hoyle, William 137 Hoyos, Dorothy 108 Huerta, BiU 133 Hughes, Deborah 140 Hundley, Mr. Glenn 182,219 Hunt, Jeff 76 Hunt, William 133 Ibarra, Ida 124 Ibarra, Lucy 137,157 Ibarra, Maria 26 Ibarra, Norma 140,160,161 linuma, Grace 26,47,48,56,59,67,84, 148,160,165,168,169,196 linuma, Nick 13,145,154,167,175,196 Ikehara, Mrs. Hidero 189 Jacquez, Humberto 137 Jaime, Susan 141 Jaime, Yvonne 141 Jaquez, Francisco 35 Jaquez, John 133 Jara, Alfred 124 Jaramillo, Ray 141 _JaSQj_l£retta 26 Jaso, Ruben 133,188 Jaso, Veronica 1 33 ' Jasso, Miss Carmen 182, 190 Jasso, Jorge 26 Jasso, Memo 98, 145 Jasso, Teresa 124 Javregui, Loretta 145 Jennings, Mrs. Kay 183 Jillson, Linda 26,62,159,160,161,167, 176 Jimemez, Frank 141 Jimemez, Gloria 141 Jimenez, Lorraine 124 Jimenez, Martin 87, 133 Jimenez, Matt 71, 81, 100, 124 Jimenez, Olivia 26,160 Jimenez, Paul 71,80,133 Jimenez, Ramiro 124 Jimenez, Rick 26,98 Johnson, Kathleen 141 Jolmson, Richard 141 Jordan, Eve 26 Jordan, Mrs. Margie 190 Juarez, Anthony 76,133 Juarez, Carlos 14 Juarez, Carolyn 133 Juarez, Joe 124 Juarez, Renee 124 JUNIORS 138-145 Jurado, Irene 133 Jurado, Mike 81,124 Kee, Ken 42,44,65,71,167, 168,169 Keel, Gail 108,167 Keith, Mr. L,oraon 128,183 Kelly, Mrs. Denice 190 Kemp, Karen 124 Kendrick, Debbie 69,84,124,158 Kessleu . T aura 145 Key, .prald 14. ' -. Kiertzner, Carol 141,161 Kiertzner, Debra 48,68, 151, 153 Kiertzner, Joan 162 Kiertzner, Leroy 48 Kinard, Chris King, Cindi 124,160 Kleine, Mr. Mike 39,72,80,102,183 Kinman, Mrs. Dee 190 Knight, Raymond 81,113 Kobashigawa, Ken 101,133,135,155 Koehl, Evie 133 Kong, Charlene 96, 108, 124 Koski, Irma 124,167 Koski, Jesse 133 Kraft, Mark 133 Kupfer, Mrs. Betty 183 Kuykendall, Regina 124 Lacuran, Tammy 124 Laich, Nlrs. Janet 190 Lara, Eddie 124,152 Lara, Norma 141,160,161 Latscha, Eddie 124 Lauria, Armando 133 Lawshe, Mrs. Mary 183 Leak, Cher l 141 Leak, Douglas 133 Leanos, Francisco 141 Leanos, Roberto 124 Lebreton, Ronald 141 Ledesma, Mr. Fernando 11,38,39,162, 194 Ledesma, Irene 133 Ledesma, Carlos 124 Ledezma, Lucy 145 Ledezma, Ronald 133 Lee, Barbara 141,151,153,159 Lee, Ken 124 Leech, Alfred 133 Leiterman, Crystal 141,160,166 Lem, John 145 Lennig, Laurie 141 Leonard, Karen 84,96, 108, 133, 165 Lepere, Scott 80, 133 Lerma, Victor 124 LETTERMEN 165 Levi, Tautega 166 Lewis, Bemice 141 Lewis, Lynn 125,152 m Leyva, Saul 125,152 ¥( Liberatore, Mr. Mario 183 Liggett, Ramona 141 Limon, Elizabeth 42 Limon, Roman 133 Linares, Patsy 141 Lira, Kim 2, 63,68, 83, 141, 161, 165 Lira, Mark 125 Little, Mr. Walt 183 Llamas, Jose 125 Locken, Karen 133 Longoria, Joe 134 Looper, Frances 125 Lopez, Alma 125 Lopez, Anna 125 Lopez, Andy 79,155,164,196 Lopez, Annette 134 Lopez, Anthony 26,71 Lopez, Beatriz 8, 134, 160, 161 Lopez, Connie 71, 141 Lopez, Elizabeth 134,166 Lopez, Elizabeth A. 140,141,160 Lopez, Hector 141,167 Lopez, Henry 134 Lopez, Irene 134 Lopez, Jack 38,61,63,79, 100, 105,141, 164, 168 Lopez, John M. S8, 141 Lopez, John D. 141 Lopez, Johnny 125 Lopez, Martha 17 Lopez, Michael 134 Lopez, Rachel 2 Lopez, Ray 125 Lopez, Renee 125 Lopez, Robert 134,163 Lopez, Ruby 125 Lopez, Stella 134 Lopez, Theresa 84,97,108,141,165 Lopez, Vincent 35 Lore, Ginger 39 Loye, Yvette 134 Lucio, Mr. Jess 184 Lucero, David 182 Lucero, Edmundo 134 Lucero, Ruben 141 Luevano, Alfred 43 Lugo, Sonia 145 Lujan, Clemente 125 Lujan, Frank 17,71,77,105,168,169,202 Lujan, Linda 71, 145 Lujan, Lynn 91, 141 Lujan, Jose 124, 125 Lujan, Martha 125,160 Luman, Don 134 Luna, Jose 125,145 Luna, Rosemarie 134 Luque, Gloria 125 Machunis, Mike 80,134 Macias, Charles 134 Macias, Danny 79, 118, 141 Macias, Debbie 145 Macias, Gerardo 81,125 Macias, Henry 137 Macias, Hugo 134 Macias, Jorge 14 5 Macias, Sam 81,107,125 ' y»sm ,..,... Mackie, Cynthia 125 Mackie, Joseph 134 Maestas, Angel 134 Maez, Mr. Bob 175,184 Maldonado, David 88 Maldonado, Joe 134,163 Maldonado, Louie 141 Maldonado, Robert 81, 125 Magnuson, Donna 161 Mancillas, Isdor 134 Mancillas, Tony 45, 79, 141 Mancuso, Joseph 81,125 Manderville, Charles 128 Manderville, Lawrence 141 Manderville, Robert 145 Manzanarez, Phillip 137 Marin, Georgina 141,145 Mariscal, Victor 134 Marquez, Armando 141 Marquez, Debbie 141 Marquez, Carlos 134 Marquez, Luz 162 Marquez, Mrs. Peggy 190 Marsh, Dee 84,96,108,125,167 Marsh, James 80,107,134 Martins, Elizabeth 134 Martins, Richard 76,134 Martinez, Celso 141 Martinez, Clara 141,142,154,163 Martinez, Crisanto 134 Martinez, Danny 81,107,125 Martinez, Edward 98,142,157 Martinez, Evangelina 142,154,167 Martinez, Eugene 71, 125 Martinez, Fermin 134 Martinez, Frank 71, 113, 134 Martinez, Geraldine 125 Martinez, Henry 134 Martinez, Jario 134 Martinez, Jesus 87, 137 Martinez, Jesse 125 Martinez, Joseph 125 Martinez, John 81,125 Martinez, Juan 142 Martinez, Linda 125 Martinez, Lucy 125,160 Martinez, Luis 28 Martinez, Manuel 28 Martinez, Sonia 125, 160, 167 Martinez, Mr. Ted 87,157,184 Martinez, Theresa 134 Martinez, Yolanda 28 Mata, Carol 142 Mata, Elizabeth 62,96,108,125 Matamoros, Bertha 63,69,134,149,160 Mautz, Mrs. Hilma 190 Mayorga, Jose 125 Maze, John 193 McCafferty, Tim 28,51 McCarley, Arnold 145 McClelland, Robert 125 McCoy, Catherine 125 McFann, Mr. Russell 184 McGregor, Rodney 28, 154, 163, 177 Mcintosh, Denise 69,134,149 Mcintosh, Jim 125 McKee, Dennis 71, 142, 160 McNulty, Mrs. Dee 10,184 MECHA 157 Medel, Dolores 134 Medina, Arturo 145 Medina, Carlos 142 Medina, Conchita 134,150,153,167 Medina, Elsa 134 Medina, Hector 28 Medina, Paul 80,134 Medina, Pollyann 134 Medina, Susan 134 Mejia, Rachel 28, 84,96, 117, 165 Melendez, Elisa 28 Melendez, Patsy 125 Melvin, Kalvin 28, 163 Melvin, Kirt 50, 137 Mendez, Elpidio 4,76, 113, 125 Mendez, Javier 74,75,87,112, 113, 145 Mendez, Juan 35,87 Mendez, Rosemary 125 Mendoza, Armando 125 Mendoza, Bemice 28 Mendoza, Connie 28 Mendoza, Cora 125 Mendoza, Gilbert 11,125 Mendoza, Irma 28 Mendoza, Ken 28 Mendoza, M aria 134 " Mendoza, Peter 8 " Mendoza, Tony 134 Mercado, Mark 107,1 25 Njg rcado , K udy Zb Nierritt7 Cheryl 134,155 Merritt, Sandra 28 Merwin, Ronald 35 Messier, Liz 71, 108, 142, 149, 160 Mestas, Tina 28, 145 Meyers, Alice 125, 160 Meza, Beatrice 142 Meza, Bernardo 76,87,134 Meza, Jose 4, 134, 156 Meza, Julie 83, 97, 125, 108, 164, 165 Meza, Lupe 71, 153, 160 Meza, Magdalena 134 Meza, Manuel 142 Meza, Maria 28,153,160 Meza, Pablo 145,156,1 7 Miller, Pam 134 Miller, Yancy 28, 56, 58, 62, 66, 68, 163, 167 Mina, Lorena 134 Minor, Ann 142 Mireles, Laura 142 Mireles, Phillip 142 Mireles, Ruben 58,62,81,93,113,125 Mitchell, Melody 61, 142, 146, 148, 209 Modarelli, Margaret 47,48,50,60,65,67, 118,142,148,160,168,169 Molina, Cynthia 125 Molina, David 81,126,152 Molina, Susan 126 Molina, Yolanda 134,167 Molinar, Dorothy 134 Molinar, Ignacio 126 Molinar, Ruben 28 Montgomery, Alan 78 Monteith, Christina 134 Montelongo, Mr. John 184 Montelongo, Nadine 142 Montenegro, Mrs. Ana 190 Montoya, Alice 134 Mgn t o ya, Julie .i 2 ontoya, Tina 126 Moore, Katherine 29,160,161,167 Mora, Leticia 126 __M9i Tvloi Mora, Jose 87, 142 Morales, Alex 142 Morales, Alejandro 126 Morales, Flordeliza 29 Morales, Normalito 134 Morales, Patricia 134 Moreno, Andrew 126 Moreno, Arthur 101,142 Moreno, Margaret 29,145,161 Moreno, Monica 134 Moreno, Rebecca 3,84,85,97,142,146,165 Moreno, Refugio 126 Moreno, Robert 81,93,126 Morimoto, Mr. Ken 184 Mortis, Mrs. Vi 180, 198 Mortow, Cenona 134 Morrow, Thomas 142, 159 Morton, Mrs. Betty 184 Mosher, Mr. Frank 146,184 Moss, John 137 Mount, Steve 134 Moya, Olivia 82, 165 Moya, Rosemarie 83,134,165 Munoz, April 83,96,108,126 Munoz, Barbara 134,149,160 Munoz, David 29 Munoz, Debbie 145 Munoz, Victor 134 Muro, Kenny 126 Muro, Olivia 142, 145, 167 Murphree, Debbie 126 Muza, Lupe 126 Naranjo, Carmen 142 Naranjo, Donna 126 Naranjo, Letty 126 Natividad, Hilda 126 Natividad, Robert 100,137 Nava, Art 79,98,99, 142 Nava, David 17, 19,79 Nava, Robert 126, 163 Navarre te, Jimmy 142 Navarrete, Johnny 134 Navarrete, Cristine 126 Navarrete, Victor 87,134 Navarro, Chauncey 142, 167, 206 Navarro, Freddie 29,99,104,105 Navarro, Lisa 29, 163 Navarro, Rosie 142 Nazar, Steven J. 29,105,163 Negrete, Albin 126 Negrete, Becky 134 Negrete, Peter 30 Negrete, Ruben 142,163 Negron, Raymond 101,134 Nelson, Donna 126 Nelson, Gary 30 Nelson, Sherry 30 Netzel, Michael 135 Nguyen, Bethi 135 Nguyen, Cue 126,216 Nickel, Linda 82,142,165 Nickel, Susan 14,30 Nieblas, Anthony 135, 190 Noon, Donald 30 Noon, Shawn 142, 145 Norris, Janet 126 Norris, Margaret 145 Nunez, Brent 79, 101, 145, 168 Nunez, Cindy 126 Nunez, Clara 30 Nunez, Daniel 135 Nunez, Gilbert 126 Nunez, John 135 Nunez, Mary Ann 142,160,161 Nunez, Loy 206 Nunez, Mike 80 Nusbaum, Jolynn 142,161 Nye, Daniel 71,135 Nye, Pamela 142 O ' Briant, Norma 30 Ocana, Angel 86,87,142 Ocana, Edmund 156,157,181 Ochoa, Phillip 142 Ogaz, Steve 142, 154 Oldham, Tanya 126 Olguin, Martin 4, 126 Oliason, Karen 135,188 Olivia, Vincent 137 Olmos, Carmello 126 Olmos, Jose 77, 113, 142 Index 213 Olmos, Remijio 30,113 Olmos, David 126 ONE WAY 166 O ' Reilly, Bridgette 126 Ormsby, Crystal 118,135,149,160 Orona, Laura 126 Orona, Marco 135 Oropeza, Dale 135 Oropeza, David 142 Ortega, Carol 126 Ortega, Eddie 137 Ortega, Virginia 135 Ortiz, Freddie 79,91, 142 Ortiz, Carlos 79, 142 Ortiz, Diane 126 Ortiz, Elia 142 Ortiz, Elizabeth 135 Ortiz, Lorraine 135 Ortiz, Maria 84, 145, 154, 165 Ortiz, Maria 167 Ortiz, Tony 126 Otero, Arlene 31 Ottrando, Joe 91,102, 103,135 Overton, Tina 14, 31 Paar, George 137, 152 Paar, Thomas 126, 152 Pacheco, Everett 31,74,117 Pacheco, Ramiro 31 Pacheco, Joe 74 Padilla, Diana 142 Padron, Bertha 126, 156 Page, Mr. Ronald 185 Palacios, Martha 135 Palma, Maria 126 Palmer, Lorrie 22,31,50,82,87,108,152, 165 Pappalardo, Steve 118 Pappalardo, Antonio 80,135 Pardo, Ernesto 31 Paredes, Hector 79, 142, 164, 196 Paredes, Mario 80,98,135 Paredez, Valerie 126 Parra, David 101, 135 Parra, Lisa 126 Patterson, Mr. R.H. 154,185 Paul, Maria 126 Paz, Steve 71,79,142,164,165,167,168, 169 Peckham, Mrs. Virginia 170,190 Pedrola, Ms. Linda 190 Pelligriai, Fernando 87,142 Pelletier, Sherri 42,126,158,160 Pencillem, David 145 PEP CLUB 161 Peralta, Ramon 126 Perez, Albert 81, 126 Perez, Alfonso 142,154 Perez, Diana 142 Perez, Harvey 126 Perez, Leticia 71,82,135,165 Perez, Maria 126 Perez, Miguel 81,100,126 Perez, Rogelio 126 Perez, Victor 93, 126 Perez, Yvonne 71,96,135 Peters, Melinda 31, 167, 172, 176, 177 Petitt, Glenn 81,126 Petitt, Randy 143 Petitt, Walter 135 PezzoUa, Debbie 145,159 Pezzolla, Victor 127 Pineda, Lori 127 Pineda, Jorge 135 Pino, Arthur 126 Pitford, Loretta 6,31,50,60, 154,155 Plascencia, Fernando 127 Platis, Mr. Gary 185 Ponce, Hope 127,160,161 Posada, Bemice 145 Posada, Frank 127 Posada, Lily 127 , Potter, Rafael 79,143,175,207 ' Prado, Julie 127,158,160 Prewitt, Cheryl 135 Prewitt, David 143,167 Prieto, Mr. Gene 113 P.T.A. 163 Pulley, Alan 35 Puente, Mike 101, 135 Pulst, Phillip 137 Pursley, Mr. Doug 185 Quintero, Maria 135 Quintero, Vicente 143 Raigosa, Jose 36,38,63,90,91,105,143, 163 Raigosa, Juan 135 Ramirez, Diane 145 Ramirez, David 127 Ramirez, Debra 127 Ramirez, Elias 135 Ramirez, Isabelle 143 Ramirez, Jessie 17,31,167,176,177 Ramirez, JoAnne 83, 143 Ramirez, John 143 Ramirez, Juan 137 Ramirez, Manuel 31,163 Ramirez, Mirna 136,149,160,167 Ramirez, Monica 17,31,46,48,56,60,64, 148,159,167,172,176,177 Ramirez, Pedro 48 Ramirez, Ricky 136 Ramirez, Rosa 127 Ramirez, Rufus 76, 136 Ramirez, Sal 81,93,107,127 Ramirez, Yolanda 127 Ramos, Carrie 127 Ramos, Cecil 31,79,98 Ramos, Maria 127 Ramos, Raul 143 Ramos, Steve 77, 145 Rascon, Lupe 127 Rasmussen, Freddie 136,163 Raya, Chris 81, 127 Raya, Raul 127 Rayon, Howard 26, 31 Reaves, Michael 137 Reeves, Tom 81,100,107,127 Rementeria, Sid 8, 17, 31,47, 70, 150, 153 Renteria, Estella 136,157,167 Renteria, Diane 136 Rey, Mrs. Carmen 17,82,165,195 Reyes, Bertha 127 Reyes, David 91,102,136 Reyes, Ernesto 136 Reyes, Frank 80,136,187 Reyes, Guadalupe 127 Reyes, Jeanette 136 Reyes, John 137 Reyes, Joseph 31,79,164 Reyes, Leticia 127 Reyes, Paul 137 Reyes, Ramona 31 Reyes, Regina 127 Reyes, Richard 145,190 Reyes, Rosemarie 127, 160 Reyes, Thomas 118,145 Reyna, Darlene 31 Reyna, Denise 68,143,151,153 Reynolds, Danny 143 Rico, Dana 136 Rico, Karen 127 Rico, Jeanette 137 Rico, Yvonne 136 Riddle, Scott 136 Riddle, Vickie 5,127 Rigoli, Genny Rios, Connie 3, 84, 97, 108, 136, 146, 165 Rios, Javier 31, 163 Ritchey, Susarme 136 Rivera, Albert 143, 145 Rivera, Daniel 145 Rivera, Manuel 31 Rivera, Michael 101,143 . Rivera, Ricardo 136 Rivoli , Lorraine 31 Roberts, Brian 136 Robinson, Mr. Gerald 11,185 Robinson, Mrs. Priscilla 170,185 Robles, Lisa 136 Rocha, Ginger 137 Roche, Randy 80, 107, 136 Roderick, Raymond 143 Rodriguez, Alberto 35,56 Rodriguez, Antonio 32 Rodriguez, Armando 88, 143 Rodriguez, Arthur 30,32,65,49 Rodriguez, Camille 22,32,62,67,71,82, 165 Rodriguez, Debbie 83,108,127,158 Rodriguez, Gabriela 45,82,96,136,165 Rodriguez, Gary 145 Rodriguez, Hector 79, 143 Rodriguez, Mrs, Isabel 191 Rodriguez, Joe 136 Rodriguez, Pat 108, 127 Rodriguez, Regina 32 Rodriguez, Robert 60, 137 Rodriguez, Steven 77, 143 Roes, Inzjio 127 Rogers, Dale 143 Rogers, Debbie 136 Rogers, Leroy 32 Rogers, Steve 81, 127 Rohrback, John 32, 154, 163 Rojas, Eddie 127 Rojas, Naomi 127 Rojo, Francisco 143 Romero, Alfonso, 74,113,143 Romero, Catherine 32,71,143 Romero, David 127 Romero, Dodd 32 Romero, Ismael 137 Romero, Jacko 19, 105, 143 Romero, John 107, 127 Romero, Richard 76, 127 Resales, Geronimo 143 Rosalez, Larry 107,118,143 Rose, Cena 127, 196 Rosine, Mr. Howard 63,185 Ross, Allen 32 Ross, Terry 81,127 Rossel, Steve 32 Roste, Mary 127 Roste, Mike 143 Royse, Mr. Dennis 153,170,183 Rozuk, Liz 69,83,127,165 Rubio, Albert 145 Rubio, Jimmy 81, 127 Ruedas, Guadalupe 143 Ruedas, Javier 137 Ruiz, Connie 127, 158, 160, 167 Ruiz, Edward 81, 127 Ruiz, John 143 Ruiz, Pauline 127, 160 Ruiz, Veronica 136 Ruiz, Vivian 69, 83, 136, 160, 165 Russell, Gardner 166 Russell, Kenneth 32 Russell, Yvonne 186 Sabedra, Sonia 32 Sabedra, Robin 127 Salaices, Joe 62,127,152 Salas, Debra 191 Salazar, Carlos 32,33,79 Salazar, Caron 58, 63, 67, 171, 136 Salazar, Patricia 32, 161 Salazar, Randy 136 Salazar, Rebecca 50,143,161 Salicido, Arthur 91, 143 Saldana, Thomas 127 Saldate, Susie 137 Salido, Ed 71,80,92,101,135,137,155 Salido, Richard 107, 136 Salinas, Annette 143 Salinas, Ricky 113, 127 Samaniego, Julio 127 Sambrano, Dale 143 Sambrano, Glen 127 Samford, Mike 81,107,127 Samuels, Mrs, Virginia 186 Sanchez, Anna 127, 156 Sanchez, Arthur 136 Sanchez, Chris 80, 136, 152 Sanchez, Cindy 137 Sanchez, Gary 14,17,32,46,61,62,152,154. 159,163,167,172,177 Sanchez, Gilbert 92 Sanchez, Joe 35,88,89 Sanchez, Lisa 127 Sanchez, Manual 35 Sanchez, Manuel 143 Sanchez, Marian 143 Sanchez, Oscar 127 Sanchez, Raul 136 Sanchez, Roberto 32, 87 Sanchez, Vivian 33 Sandoval, Anthony 127 Sandoval, Mrs. Celilia 186 Sandoval, Elva 136 Sandoval, Jesus 137 t Sandoval, Jose 145 Sandoval, Patricia 145 Sandoval, Sergio 71,79,87,143,163 Sandys, Mrs. Mabel 186 Santiago, Rhonda 127 Santillan, Grace 136 Santos, Kenneth 51,69,80,107,137,186 Sara bia, Jackie 71,84,96,136,165 Sarabia, Jimmy 145, 174 Sato, Miss Kazuko 186 • Saucedo, Patricia 127 Saucedo, Raymundo 136 Saucedo, Samuel 137 Savala, Diana 136 Schneider, Todd 127 Schuster, David 137 SCROLL 155 Sebastinelli, Mark 127 Segura, Sandra 33 SENIORS 14 Sema, Joe Serrato, Nor Serrato, Pa ' Settles, Sha ' Settles, Mark Settles, Mr. P Sevilla, Edgar Se villa, Edith Sevilla, Susan Schwants, Rh ' Shammas, Ms. Grace 170,186 Shattuck, Bill 13,33,152,159 Sheldon, Marina 143 Shreve, Stacey 136,149,160 Shrum, Elaine 143,152,154,167 Shubin, Dan 6, 80, 107, 136 Shubin, Debbie 143,150,153 Shubin, Martha 35 Shubin, Natasha 143,150,153 Shubin, Verra 145 S ierr a, Maria 33 Slefras, Annette 3? S L vrOL iYsJo-lLA. Stirrat, Cynthia 24, 34 Stokes, Steve 2, 23,48,49,66 Stone, Norma 137 Strock, Duane 128 Suarez, Mary 136, 150, 153 Sullivan, Jeff 93,107,1: Sullivan, Lisa 143,160,1-61 Sutley, Frank 143, 154 Sutley, Mary 136,146,151,153,167 Sweeten, Drew 128 Swift JVIrj ulie 191 Sv»«3ns JeajJHtte 172 , abangcuraj ,£i©metr Tamaya lSteve 128 Tangdit, Linda 136,151,153 ;:angdit, Victsri -i)43, 148 Tatm}ava l€7Anng l 36 Taylor G L-128 TaylorlCynthia 143 Taylor m id 128 Taylor, Mar Tejeda, Adr: Tejeda, Guad ' Tejeda, Hector Tejeda, Rebecc Telarroja, Eddie 13 ' Telarroja, Mickey 1 Telles, Nick 136 Telles, Sophie 34 TENNIS (boys) 101-103 TENNIS (girls) 84-85 Thomas, Gawin 128 Thomas, Robin 145 Thompson, Gordon 136 Thompson, Roger 102,103,152,159,1 Tillett, Cindy 136 Tisher, Mark 144 Tolentino i] Princ iierras, Koy 145 Sifuentes, Daniel 33 Sifuentes, Rosana 137 Silva, Alma 136 Silva, Bertha 127 Silva, Jerry 136 Silvas, David 33,74,113 Silvas, Frances 51, 136 Simpson, Cynthia 84, 136, 165, 16 Simpson, Mr. Drew 186 Simpson, Sandy 44, 127 Smith, Bruce 127 Smith, Mrs. Crandolyn 186 Smith, Mr. David 98,186 SmitJi, Gail 33 Smith, Gina 59,70,71,143,16 Smith, Julie 128 Smith, Karen 136 Smith, Kathy 128 Smith, Mrs. Maureen 191 Smith, Na cy 33 Smith, Ro ert 136, 163 Smith, Rog- Smith, Rosea: Smith, Steve Smith, Terry Smith, Tom 1 Smoot, Ms. Liz ' Snydjjr, Vicky ■R 86 A. 110 Jayra iviK71 iatriciT 1 loria 13 j ames 13 ie lorm RES 130-137 Sotelo Freddie 128 SPOR ' v72-117 Vasquez, Yvonne 137,161 " arde, Mario 87, 128 Velas i3s. Fernando 137 Velasco, pG»se 1 Velasco, Masco isquez, Cathy XS) 128, Velasqud l, Cliailcj Velasquez, 2 elma 1 VelasojiS?; Henry 144 Velasquez, Jc Velasquez, PI Velasquez, T eresa,12§vl53 Venegas, Terry , Ventura, Edwarc ntiira, Jess 1; Ve)itura, John 65, 128 TCA 155 Vigil, Ruben 137 Villa, Mary 11,71,128 lagran, Laura 137 Villagran, Jesse 145 jbos, Rebecca 66,84, 108, 137, 155, 167 lalobos, Rsjbert 35 lalpando, Aa pn 35 VilhipandoiRu S f 16 3 _Vni£nuev| SknMa 37 Vi 1 1 arreaK JuaiT 14, Villasenor, Diana 137 Villasenor). Maria 145 Villasenor, Rosaura 128 Vogel, Kenny 144 Vogel, Susan 128, 196 " ,OLLE ' BALL -83 acakkee, Maria 128 alker, Coleen 137 IWpr Tohn 145 r- eftfte+lT 2 £ Mark 137 Richard 137 Teresa 11,83,108,128,158 Wallach, Daren 35,45,48,49,66,79,104, 105, 164 Wallach, Traci 128,160 Walz, Mrs. Judy 191 Wannel, Dee 7, 158 asilchin, Mr. Don 2, 193 eakley, Ms. Anita 187 einbaum, Beth 71, 128, 158, 167 Rex 175,194 137 STAG Stava: Stepp,V Stewart ND 159 Mrs. Maxene 191 . R. C. 187 laine 145, 155 Stidger, James 13 Sties, Joseph 145 Stirling, Laurie 33, 152, 159 Vasquez, Rick 137, 174 Vasquez, Steve 128 Vasquez, Steve R, 145 Index 215 l0f@ ri@fe iiif if fe rent inter- backgrounds, we earn more about ,arselves, our origins, and the people around us. At home and in our travels so much can be absorbed from that which surrounds us if we keep an open mind and open eyes. Each of us is a world within a world, with so much to share and so much to give. Our roots and our loyalties may be different, but together we are one. I f ' What do you get when you put together 40 acres of land, 2,010 lockers, 9 buildings, 86 teachers and aides, 78 rooms, 173 stairs, 489 freshmen, 412 sopho- mores, 345 juniors, and 250 seniors? You get a way of life, a way in which you learn and grow and mature for four years, a place that prepares you for future goals. That place is our world, a placed called Mountain View High. (UPPER RIGHT) Located in the Los Angles basin between the mountains and the sea is Mountain View High. (RIGHT) The campus took on an international flavor with the addition of six Vietnamese and four Iraquian students. SHOWN HERE are: Jalal Yousif, Fouad Daoud, NajahDaoud, KamalYousif, Cue Nguyen, Tuyei Dao. (ABOVE) The tWo Bfest feadmiM players in the United States th Charlie Coakley and Chris Kinard make ' March appearance in the Viking gym- ' •■ nasium to demonstrate badminton skills to ■ students from Mountain View and neigh- boring schools. V.Ni vy K, Mountain View our Alma Mater, We pledge our hearts to thee, Loyalty to truth and honor. Through defeat and victory. You stand a fortress of our Itnowledge, A beacon in our lives, All hail Viking sons and daughters, t To the purple, gold, and white. will i imi® mmm t requires a lot of imagination, ingenuity, and sheer determination to achieve success. Coupled with the cooperation of others great things can be accomplished. Teamwork is an important factor in achieving a common goal, and working to- gether with others is often a rewarding ex- perience. All too often good deeds go unnoticed and unappreciated. The maintenance staff is one group which has not received the recognition due them. Aside from their usual duties they have volunteered their services above and beyond what was required of them, and with- out their help so many of our school cele- brations would not have run so smoothly, or so well. They ' ve picked up where we ' ve left off, sometimes without so much as re- ceiving a thank you, and it ' s about time they did. In gratitude for their help, we, the stu- dent body, dedicate this book to the mainten- ance staff: Louie Castro (6 years). Bill Dunkel (6- years), Floyd Elliott (20 years), Rita Enriquez (8 years), Mary Capper (6 years), Jolin Guardado (5 months), Leonard Harmon 23- years), Salvador Hernandez (5 years). Jack Hook (65 years), Mike Mares .(1 year), Paul J. McKeel (9 years), Torfi IPlafisson (1 year), Paul Pina (2 years) jjfhard Ramirez (4 years), Fred Rasmussen l ear), Jim Taa (6 years), and Don Wasil- qhin (16 years). (LEFT) Junior Ralph Potter helps add some spirit at the Monrovia basketball game. (BELOW LEFT) Non -staff photographer Manuel Martinez, who together with Mr. Glenn Hundley contributed to the photography in the annual, finds himself on the other side of the camera for a change, while they demon- strate portrait lighting techniques. (BELOW) Editors Margaret Modarelli and Gina Smith share the headache and the aspirin when when deadline day rolls around. (BOTTOM) The seventeen person maintenance crew combined their sills and dedication into making the campus one of the nicest in the San Gabriel Valley. »UCK COMING Thusday nights before deadlines i-nost of the staff spent their evenings until 11 pm working on this book. On evenings such as these strange tilings began to happen after 6 pm (the incidents that occurred on these evenings will not be men- tioned and names will be withheld to protect the innocent. ) We wish to take tMs opportunity to thank our staff and advisor, Mr. Wiggy, for all their time and effort to make this book. Also, we ' d like to thank the students for caring enough to buy tliis book of memories. AVe hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Of ' t- ' ail niiim that worst in a ?nia water ) a drought, s selected r Southern Californi HHto host the first Prun ' araae. An increased interest was shown towards girls ' sports as Tifornia changed the law to ■ ' Is ' and boys ' P.E., ' ture will be re- rsical ed- se matters s they had some ' %9 f- ' i rr k i ;- - t4, A i ' J6 il i SBill Vtf li iffi WWe are a world of different people. In a world of many more. And though we ' re sometimes far apart. The closeness lies not in the distance. But rather in the heart. 7 ri aru t Aataaxt 3 iXMCii)t«Uiait aiixsxA£iVi ' titi%!ii aa(?a AOtOCi Ct5 ' " ' ( ' c., ' dc- BmmmmmmmmBimm }y •• V ( r rM : ' o V . i; v V ' ' ■ x r r ' -gN K K - " V A rY ' ' 6} ' N V. ■ ' l ' H O) o %) d i !■ 7 cn V ' :lri i lo J ) J o - o t o) 5 i-i4 h 3. ■o O C cr-

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