Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR)

 - Class of 1952

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Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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,ffifyrfgofffdff TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 74,-'flaz wade f' , Xyy I DALIAS. f TEXAS - MEANS BETYER YEARBO e9 GJD edjrgf U46 322-1?2,gf 412113-W ,J Ag Q' gggggxiagwq Q 'ifgfg 'af 15134312 mm ll,ulg:4r: :Em ,J-U 1 J il!! 114 wif- fibif M' 'WAC' sk" M9 ff fu-9 ff FX V0lltmz I of MOUNTAIN PINE HIGH SCHOOL Moxmuin Pine Arkansas A fa, ' x Q53 1 ' SXT I ri? , 7 4 ' 3 XL' w .. 4 A2 nl ki 5 D Y A we 1 V , f- ' X .1-Q., X 'Q mei S Ml f :- X . , -H - ' M L C. 7 3- ' B . Q-A ' Ala. Q ' 5 1 'V . ' , ' ' . .- W 4-, , C 3 - rl S1 xi, "- ' f I 5 , y --1 , , ,.. - . ,f 1 ,-an ,. +5 F H ' , , , V v v ZZ?-g.: 1- . . -H.. - 1-L.. 1 -.J v I . 1 1 V . --L' .Pl-Q. . 2. . . ..'.T----T. u . --::- 11 uv:-:tri-. 1 w . v t 'I' . V .L IQ '31 K 'H , .-I 4- 'Jw-5-:I fri' ll: Exit: iqcfrlggsj Q .. iiimif' Q L H5-:Qf', HE 353335 1 .Y I 1,941 ill - iq4"'Qg.g1 - -' ',,x , Sf ff--11 "V 4 Q' 'xl' ,-, Liv: 1' an ' , ', , N41 U., x . J , . xv. - A - 'Ti 'f- Q ' 4.7 43, , -, -, Z,-14 ' . -l f' ' ' - , ,N Y - 'P' 72 i iff, P-.,'. , ' ' Y 1 dl, - W Q I. Q 4 M- H, if ,.-1 , C ..- f ,f M-.. i ' ff N" " 5 ..-ff , A f X f , 4 -1 H A 7 K l , K 4 5 P . ' 'a , -, Q K U ,, V " ' Y af V'-lgvft H - I i I lfetfff Uffe esTe ryears Published by the Students of Mountain Pme Hrgh School Mountaln Pme Arkansas font-n 7'3- CLASSES FAVORITES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES 0l'6lal0l' Though tlme will pass and we shall part this book w1ll be an un breakable lxnk Ln your charn of memones If when looking through these pages you rehve the happy days of your years in MOUHIBIH P1ne Hlgh School our efforts w1l1 not have been ln vam Thus we present this book to you May your hearts be lighter and your lrves be happ1er for the memonesrt may bring THE STAFF Q 'I' ,P-. ' '-4 . . . . . ' 1 In recognition of the untiring and devoted service of MR, W. R. SHEETS who has established himself as a friend of every student, and whose efforts have gone far to advance the Mormtain Pine High School to its present place , this our F IRSTannual , the 1952 'Red and White Yesteryears' is respectfully ded icated. .llx - 'r . ,W : . Q . 'a 4 .4 Dear Readerg As you look through this annual, may you find happy memories of the year gone by. It is my belief that how our children are prepared to accept responsibilities as world citizens will largely determine whether we shall enjoy peace, or be doomed to devastating war. The philosophy of the present administration of schools is that the schools exist solely for the benefit of the children and the community, and that every child should have an equal opportunity to develop his capabilities to the fullest extent. Very truly your , U ' ts W. R.'Sh e Superintendent This, the first annual of Mountain Pine High School, is being made possible only through the splendid co-operation of the faculty, students and merchants. High School students, you are facing a future that cannot be safely charted because of the uncertainty of the present world situation. Of one thing you can be certaing you have schooling uninterrupted by war or trouble. You have enjoyed a full schedule of scholastic, social, and athletic activities. That is something no one can ever take from you. This annual will preserve those high school days for you. You will refer to it many tires in the years to come. Some day you will share its memories with your own children. Let us hope that they, too, will be uninterrupted high school experiences. A o Wilei Ne irk Principal l X Qywff? N f lp w ' -S-SITE , i- - V is is 'if f?j W. R. SHEETS J WTLEY NEWKIRK Superintendent Principal Eighth Grade Sponsor Girls Basketball Coach Tenth Grade Sponsor PATSY BATY BETH HUDLESTON MARY EVA IESSUP Commercial Librarian Science, Music Senior Co - sponsor Ninth Sponsor Annual Sponsor BOB TUCKER. ' MRS. I. KIZZIA WINFORD UOEJ MILIER Social Science English Social Science Junior Class Sponsor Boys Basketball Coach Senior Class Sponsor MRS. LUNCEFORD Principal of Grade School Second Grade MRS. FAIRCHILD MRS. HUSSEY MRS, SANDAGE MR, BAKER Firgr Grade First Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade A , MISS MOORE MRS. RAY MISS DEATON Fourth Grade Third Grade Third Grade Second Grade Fourth Grade 1. WHAT D0 YOU SEE ROBERT???? 2. SLEEPY TIME 3. GOOD FOR ONE 4. JUST A FIT 5. TWO OF A KIND 6. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN 7. PACK UP YOUR TKJUBLES I . 8. PUCKER UP 9. IN THE SACK 10. YEA RED. . . 11. A CLOSET FULL OF SKELETONS 12. WATCH YOUR MANNERS KIDS 13, BABY SITTEIS 14. SOME IMPROVEMENT COMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS Of 1952 Of PATE'S SHOE STORE PURITY MILK AND ICE CREAM Hot Springs' Arkansas Nationally Known--Locally Owned 810 Central A Hot Springs, Ark - s x . 1' :wg E ' 1 -.- : -0' wr . his wubvgns GENE DONN President Everybody s crazy but me and theeg and thee is a little off, " HERSHEL PHILLIPS Vice President What s better than a good student. " JOAN REID Secretary 'Just a girl you'11 never forget, " IANIECE EVANS Treasurer "If A's were stars her crown would be a bright one, " WINFORD UOEJ MILLER S ponsor School bells, Weddmg bells and Army bugle calls, " PATSY BATY Co - sponsor 'Man hater but S lookin' hard, " BOON, LEE ROY 'To make friends is to be one. BROWN, KENNETH "Rooseve1t's dead, Truman has a cold, and I feel sick, " HUGHES, JAMES KAXTAS 'If life be worth livingg it is . worth enjoying. " - JACKSON, EVELYN 'Smile and the world smiles with you. " .1 - ARMAN, 1, C, 'Spends his time living. " AVERY, BILLY 'They say curosity once killed the cat, " BAIN, EVELYN 'Silence is golden. " v BARDWELL, DON 'Life without a girl is a bore, with one it is a tragedy ,if McMAHON, RUTH ANN Llttle loud and mighty RIDLEY JACK I declare girls the longer I live the older I get CAMPANELLI fSl-IEETSJ, THELMA " Love conquers all. " SHELTON QNEWCOMBJ, ONITA 'Love is a wonderful thing. " KEMP, CAROL RAY "I'd rather be bright than a teacher in any school, " IDYD, FRANKIE LOU 'Her smile is worth a million LYNCH, WALTER GLYN 'I was hom to other things but love, " MCGREW, IDYD WAYNE 'Still water runs deep. " 19 COC XCR OBBY HOX-DE HU G1-KES 14?-E140 MEF-K. OUT EDN A RUB ROSE MM'-XE LEE. BELV A .1 M, 929. ,nf .If B MR. BRADLEY , Y A BET 'YY COX, 10 ERP-NCS SWK G E?-P1 'YSY BOBBY YAEB. LCV ER, NW SUE L 1 7 DAI- POUNDS JANIECE ROSE REBA SHEETS WALDO SARG T E METT TIM S WILMA f o o lm! X A va 'ICU' 'Q fb W Q T R H 1213194295: -b2 DA WEBB WI1.soN Vls GLEN OOLARD I GELA Y E PATSY DALE ,JL 1. I'M GOING HOME 8. HOW'S THE b EATHER DOWN THERE?? 2. LOVE BIRDS 9. WHAT'S H PENING NOW, HONEY?? 3. DON'T EAT THE CUP, IESSUP 10. BABY BATY5 4. WELL, WILMA 11. GOING HOME TO THE FARM 5. QUIET, SANDMAN AT WORK 12. DON'T LOSE YOUR TEETH, EARS 6. ALL THE OLD GANG 13. WELL, WE'RE AHEAD AREN'T WE?? 7. ARE YOU BLUSHING, JACK 14. ANOTHER VICTORY 15. GUESS WHAT COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of Of V F. C. STEARNS Hdwe. , Inc WALGREEN DRUG COMPANY 811-'13-'15 Central Ave. Hot Springs 524 Central Hot Springs if r A Q ! , X X! ' 4 I . ,A I ,..., 3- 0 , ..,-sqm-as M1 A 1.5191 . . XX 5 K . , ig . x V J U U I D 5 ' . . , O I - N H gg-s..Q1wQ-Qwafw c?7940'74'LUZ?A5' V ,, ,N Adcock, Avery, Bobby Cogbum, Noel Dean O ff' ' zell ' ,ai J' Wilhi te E , mma Jean Golden, Charles Hardy, Faye 'T Hill, Joan Jester, Marcell Johnson, Bennie Ann 1 'Q' if , n., Johnson, Johnson, Mary Jo Kemp, Betty Edna Lavender, Vera Lynch, Par Lenard, Boyd axe- ., ,W sf ei? 7 '16 Par flfz L 'Na Sharp, O, I, Smith, Peggy x I Spivey , Anim Liss Stillwell, Cut Tayior , Andean f Thacker, Win or whisenhum, Ray Frankie Wilhite , Ioyce Woolard , 1. LOOK AT THE BEAUTIES 2. WHO'S MAN 3. VERY HANDY 4. GOOD SHOT 6:- Eou.ow, GENE WHERE DID IT GO 1,ET's GO TEAM PICKING DA1s1Es Help 'keep' a Theatre In MOUNTAIN PINE bv 'attending' the PINES THEATRE We Appreciate Your Patronage IP . Amina Mr.8:Mrs. Q THE HOUSE OF BARGAINS We Offer Nationally Advertised Merchandise At Low Prices 847 Central Avenue Hot Springs , Arkansas BILES MUSIC COMPANY 839 Central Hot Springs A-"3'g.1 0 gi?-54 , ,X , I ' 'My X X13 'NN " , ,-ff . 'rx -- '- SW' m YN 3 his I PM Lf C 2 .f ,-fi .Jim . , . xx b s- IP, X Lfgxxgk xi x 4 X QA- It X I . .xi xx 'J-R. sul- -' KA xx' fx X 3x1AX:g'v .Ri , - L -ig Q. xi lmw J 'Y ,Q , X or 1. MR, TUCKERI ll 2. CLOSE IT JACK. 3. WAKE UP JIMMY PAUL 4. WINDY 5. NOT TOO STRONG TONIGHT 'Q' if! U . DARKROOM DEVELOPMENT . MISTLETOE 8, TOOTHPICKS STOPPED THEM . WEDDING BELLS RANG . WHERE'S THE DICE MAYTAG PHILCO HOT SPRINGS MAYTAG 8: APPLIANCE CO. Sales 81 Service Wiring Materials Z. T. Edwards Pho. 4008 711 Hobson Hot Springs Complete Line of School Books 8: Supplies Stationery 8: Office Supplies At STEIGLER BROS. BOOK STORE 520 Central Hot Springs Typewriters 8: Adding Machines 1 It f"e e , , ,aw X . 'J- -49 1 . ,M '3 E NYJ? 1 . K lk-ah an 3, . ff -ev' ,, f T rg" t ' 'wel " ".L"" Qi imma A l 'XVI f,,'2 T' Y P Q Q., - I Yl..a ' 'A ' ' X X Q' A: iili Amlck, J, W, Boone, C, Howard Brown, I, R, Burroughs, Joan Crews, Dorothy Crutchfield, Joyce Gaither, Paul Hancock, Lilie Beth Housley, Christine Keenom, Ruth Johnson, LaVi11a Lynch, Susie Maddon, Evelyn Meek, Clyde Montgomery, Orville Odell, Glen Outler, Caroline Petty, Joe Robertson, Joe Rose, Shlrleen Sandage, Catherine Smith Shirley Wllhite, Don Wright, DeWitt Slate, Leroy Merrick, Eddie McKee, Charles McKee, Joyce Ellen Arman Phi 5. ' 1 .M Ashley, Wanda Z Bair, Margaret Bair, Jackie Blake, Pauline Blees, Petie Boone, Betty Burton, Marlene Digby, Bobby Franks, Jerry Frazier, Tony Guinn, Ella Mae Harvey, Gladys Hopson, Willis Hughes, Arthur Hughes, Lee Roy i NW gmtlfl Lillard, Billy Ray Mclielroy, Vivian Noles, Etoil Noles, Wilma Odell, Elva Redden, I. T. Robbins, Elton Sexton, I. W, Short, Joe Bailey Singleton, Marclean Slaight, Ervan Smith, Nellie lean Smell, Darlene Snewart, Darrel Vinson, Mike Johnson, Erma Sue Lavender, Loyce 'N P . , I 1' -1. 1 V . v, 'J -'C rl vm IWEET rr , . E S Wm more fi wfkflizle 0 fl' 95- K, 3 ff? i X Blake, Jessie Blbtolz Made , Gerald Eutzruln D , ortby Caldwell, Evere Ducketr F t , Marvin oslzee, Marie 'S- 'lu 'Qu 605' f., 'U- 1ffZ " Mitchell, Riley Neal, Ro-Ye New Made colhb, Caro 'Q Glover, Elton HQITIUIOCH, Hellry Hampton, George Harvey, Alina Gene Holder, kenneth Huslrey, James Seats , S'0e.Xx9iX , Cha Roo. bonu She oXe,s , Leoxx Yvivb evo! , 'oem-50 , and Codon doke XX, Saw 'Le SKB OXXB , XY! Si. X 'iebdex , BX 'Wa 'net , 'J es 9- :vw A 42111 : 1-1j.1.1:'1'. N . . S Bans, vhqiao 9-0 Xesse 1 B Yvss , smdage , we '11- X cxuex , Boston war! 'mes wine, sumo ,fx ff? 'T' Anderson Wanda Avery Kenneth Brazrel Lavada Sue Brewster Budd y Brown Irene Brown Byron Carpenter Charles R. Carpenter Robert C astlebury Kenneth Green Lawrence Guxnn Mildred Gnffxth Bobby Hedden Burla Hopson Nellie Keeney Essre Mae Kemp Tommy Lambert Donnie Sue Maddon Vxrgima 7fZ Magness W D Merrrck Mary E Montgomery Roy Moms Lonme Nelson Tomm Nrblerr Robert Pounds Margaret Robbrns Elvxs Speer Ieffie Sprvey Velda Teddar Erma Sue Thacker Kenneth Thresher Fred Thomas Earl Watkms Harlan Wllhite Eunice Wright Virginia 40 1 'G i f'? .fl 41 3 as 55. 0.-...---...hh-. X- Y? 1. WHO THREW THAT CHUNK '? ? 7. KEEP SHOOTING THOSE SHOTS 2. LOOK GIRLS S. THAT HAMNER SMILE 3. OH. BROTHER 9. WATCH IT FIREBALL! 4. CAUGHTI 10. we use IPANA 5. IT'S MY BEDTIME 11. SHALL we DANCE 6, OH, I AIN'T SO GREAT, PATSY 12. OVER HERE GIRLS 13. ' wow! THOSE LEGS! . DEP EN DABLE ing ' QQ ssnvlcf STORE FOIQ NIEN . . . Kuppenheimer Clothes McGregor Sportswear, 806 Central Hot Springs UQEGQQ pLuM5ng4Q CALL 5662 2343 5' glfffl Grade First row, left to right: Ruby Niblett, Norma Smith, Jacquline Tabor, Martha Blake, Lee Ann Emery, Martha Duckett, Barbara Smith, Jewell Coppak, Betty Dunlap, Second row: Mrs, F. C. Sandage, Emma McKee, Corrice Adcock, Sylvia Johnson, Max Bair, Jerry Heaton, Darrell Garner, Keith Arman, Gwendolyn Woolard, Jackie Gay, Donna Robbins. Third row: Marvin Barrow, Glen Holder, Leonard Blake, Roy Noles, Earl Harvey, Thurman Abernathy, Gene Crews, Billy McKee, Elbert Crabtree, Robert Wilhite, William Smith, Lester Godwin, Harold Lee Solley, SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES REMINGTON RAND Typewriters Adding Machines C LARWS eooe AND ST ATIONE RY f7g,e 'nf lforme rly Whelansl S2-' 3 - , 728 Central Ave. Phone 336 Hoti Springs , Arkansas First row, left to right: Lona Fay Boon, Ester Louise Smith, Jackie Sue Hancock, Rosa Ann Lynch, Edythe Bright, Zelda Montgomery, Leona White, Theda Lou Crews, and Edith Godwin. Second row: James Stewart, Jaunita Huskey, Judy Frazier, Madge Smith, Vergie Harper, Mae Rollans, Erma Sue Norton, Louise Abernathy Betty Sue Crabtree, and Mr. Baker. Third row: Donald Outler, Walter Slaight, Eugene Faley, Vernon Heller, Paul Anderson, Bobby Speer, Dauwin Foshee, James Rowton, and W. L. Hopson, Fourth row: Brenda Brown, Lillian Keener, Janice Tillery, Nella Sue Evans, Ella Mae Hood, Billy Joe Crabtree, Kenneth Coker, Doyle McKelroy, Tommy Smith, and R. T. Foster. fifth Grade Wfefiecfzfg MOTO R co. SERVICE SALES Phone 171 916 Hobson Hot Springs Third 'A' First row, left to right: Miss Kate Deaton, Veda Lois Bright, Dorothy Mae Covey, Geneva Sheets, Mary Francis Slaight, Levita Maddon, Wilma Starr. Second row: Judith Guinn, Judy Ann Jones, Ivan Lee Black, Johnnie Covey, Elbert Caldwell, Lonnie Ray Blocker, James Ward, Bobby Dean Ashley. Third row: Jerry Rollins, Charles Dean Spivey, Jimny Glover, Olger White, L. C. Cooper Jr, , John Wayne Ritter, Wendell Riley, John William Abernathy, Bobby Stillwell. Third 'B' First row, left to right: J. R. Boon, Mary Jean Wilhite, Marlin St. John, James Niblett, Willie Jo Morris, Wynelle White, Jimmy Ray Thresher, Margaret Coppall and Mrs. Ray, Second row: Billy Ray Harvry, Jimmy Harvey, Frances Hughes, Linda Jean Duckett, Birdie Hood, Ollie Fran Noles, Nance Crutchfield, Barbara Keener and Patricia Garner, Third row: Betty Lou Smith, Linda Caldwell, Jaunita Bair, Lewis Watkins, Willie Fay Johnson, Doris Matthews, Carl Lee Buchanon, Jimmy Ftaizer, Dorothy Maddon, Uzird zz fl gwlffh Grade Fourth 'A' First row, left to right: John Burroughs, Charles Hopson, Jimmy Jean Jester, Brenda Rose, Elmer Bridwell, Second row: Miss Anderson, Wesley Blake, Donald Lee Kilby, Junior Starr, Ruth Caldwell, Lois Maddon, Fonda Emery, June Burton, Mary Helen Maddon, Christine Butram Third row: Leon Heaton, ,Wayne Shelton, Billy Joe Niblett, Gerald Dunn, Bobby Singleton, Teddy Keenom, Russel Heller, Jimmy Kemp. Fourth 'B' First row, left to right: Rozetta Blees, Carl Salley, Lola Covey, James Jonas, Clarence Evans Jr. , Larry Tabor, Wanda Hardy, Miss Moore. Second row: Lovetta Bearyd Joan Johnson, Evelyn Crabtree, J. E. Singleton, Charles White, Jerry Jonas, Billy Singleton, Kenneth Keener. Third row: Bonnie Thresher, Mary Reed, Helen Thomas, Pat Nelson, James Adcock, Tommy Woolard, Shelby Duckett, Delbert Liuard, Carroll Tucker. 5,4 First 'A' First row, left to right: Zelda Noles, Jackie Watkins Vera Slaight, Daniel Boone, Marie Maschek, Linda Gale Hopson, Patsy Harvey, Mrs. James Fairchild, Second row: Betty Ashley, Eva Sue Vickers, Shirley Avery, Wilma Jean Allen, Billy Ashley, Neal Burroughs, Mary Sue Elmore. Third row: Archie Lee Morrow, Jo Lynnette Huff, Lester Smith, Vester Fry, Helen Wilhite, Jeanell Dunlap, L,A, Blake. First 'B' First row, left to right: Mrs. Irene Hussey, Brenda Noles Mearl McNeal, Jane Howell, Lois Green, Wanda Crabtree, Darrell Wayne Kelley, Obert Jones. Second row: Raymond Lambert, Larry Blees, Elaine Brown, Chester Tucker, Wilma Jean Kelley, Terry Maddon Ramona Lowe. Third row: Mildred Bair, Marvin Cheeseman, Edna Hopson, Billy Murders, Dale Tillery Windell Sargent, Frankie Maddon, Doyle Sheets. ?irsf ,find Sammi Grades Second 'A' First row, left to right: Gwendlyon Gale Smith, Katherine Kelley, Jerry Don Singleton, Wally Leon Kelley, Brady Covey, Doris Lee Brown, Donald Ray Kelley, Mrs. Alvin Hardin. Second row: Nancy Ellen Smith, Glenda Merle Mahon, Evelyn Carolyn Guinn, J. R. Harvey, Margaret Leona Starr, Linda Fern O'Nea1, Arwanda Rachel Blees, Mary Lou Burroughs. Third row: Wesley Gene Kelley, Charles Evans Hughes, Jackquelyn Sue Jones, Leonard Ray Huff, James White, Benny Joe Holder, Mary Ann Keenom, Roy Evans Kizzia, Jeanne Marie Maddox. Second 'B' First row, left to right: Mrs. Oweta Lunceford, Sammy Heller, Vernon Brown, William Brown, Billy Barber, W. C. Rowton, Albert Cass, Ruth Ann White. Second row: Paul Thresher, Clifton Smith, George Gierow, Junior Lillard, Lester Fry, Doyle Thomas, Jerry Stewart, Marvin Godwin. Third row: Eva Jane Huskey, Doyle Ray Thacker, Shirline Dunlap, Milton Neal, Polly Anderson, Charles Godwin, Jerry Lee Foster, Jerry Wayne Oglesby, Earline Dunlap. sc'--Q in .QQ :fx Wim .9 Wim fi IANIECE POUNDS I C ARMAN IANIECE EVANS JIMMY PAUL FRANKS Mos! Sfzzdwzzs ,Mast Ezkely Ca Succeed FRANKIE WOOLARD JOYCE WOOLARD Mast Papular JOYCE WOOLARD JACK RIDLEY jlflasf ,Aflflcflf Sug Wilson Complimenfs of 800 Hobson Ave. Manager Hot Springs, Ark WILSON FURNITURE CO. "Everything for the Home" COMPLIMENTS of the HOT SPRINGS FIXTURE CO. 817 Albert Pike Hot Springs, Arkansas Mas! ffaudsalm' Kay 0062? Y' '31 'Vo Oo Y O Q1 I- Masf Kcaufyul Girl -in J N , 4 4, 4' 0 my Q 'F - 4, ld, Vw 7, Pals 8. Slightly Qcrazyy ,fi 9. Not Guilty I I fxg"2"l 10. Hold - Up 3, Flying LOW 11, Shorthand Class 4, NO Comment fBaty on bottomj 1, Let's GO 5, Red Cap Club 12, Smiling twosome 2. Settin' Pretty 6. Playin' Hooky 13. Just Sherry A, R, SMITH COMPLIMENTS Compliments Publishers of Of Of The STRAND BARBER SHOP LINCOLN--MERCURY Hgt Sprso Visitors Roy B. Troutman Sales 81 Service Bulletin 224 Ouachita Ave. 620 Malvern Ave. Phone 769 907 Central Hot Springs. Hvt Springs, Ark. For Better Bargains TRADE at GRIFFITH'S GROCERY AND STATION Phone 6867-R4 Mountain Pine, Ark. N Fust row left to nght Ioan Reid Asst Art Edxtor Ianiece Pounds Asso Edrtor Loyd McGrew Asst Busmess Mgr Irmmy Paul Franks Asst Editor Gene Donn Editor J C Arman Bus1ness Mgr and Miss Jessup Sponsor Bobby Holder Typlst and Jack Rrdley Asst typist Not prctured Omta Shelton Mrs S C White C O Shuffleld Mrs Ethel Roberts Roy H Morgan Bxlly Joe Ears Sheets Mr 8rMrs A Woodell Elma Barron J E Taylor W R. Deen Jxmmie Jean Jester I I Clarkson Beth Pickett Btlly Elluns Mary Lou Cannon Asso typist Ernestine Sage Mr 8s Mrs Buster R1ddle Robby Tucker John Wayne Keeth Mrs 8: Mrs W Crutchfield Mr 8s Mrs Ben Keeth H C Dusty Warren Ralph Lowder Opal Thomason Mr 8: Mrs Bill Haynes 8s Karen H H. Overton Mr. 8: Mrs. W R. Sheets 8: Danny Mr. 8: Mrs, Jess Rutledge W. C. 'John' Russell Sue Frazier, Art Editor. Second row: Waldo Sheets, Sports Editorg ' I 0 3:2 I 5 are 1,-xyt URI. Fr fri . -,., vw I 1 A AJ GPU ky 'Ihr' " L. Ouch my head Q In I Krds from Tumblin Creek Gossrpy Wh1te and the Hubby Dress Rehearsal Mess up Make up wen paw ovovvv Barber Shop Bowl Honeymoon bound Famrly Portrait The Before Mix up make up Juniors l Sprt and Whittle Association Shecks we s got rt made here Well Now it s lrke this I reckon I s Mrs Thomas come to talk The Waldorf Astorra Gabby Hen Party The Love Bug b1t L' l Q QW,q...- X73 ll bas ' is . . , ,. It , 5 , rj 'W , c W X 1 A X 4 - Fx ' Y ".- K ,h ' ' ' 4. 4 i rv f F ,K- C rl I X-N6 I I t a ' P - G x' , yw , Y I ' , J . ' l. W , A, fs A -. .a l 8 l 1 ina f- lrjg- 2 X , . Y ,K H., I 6 :VE A . I - 12' ga I ' l - - f ' 0- ' r x - f S7 B", A- , K4 Qui' 74- , iffy-fs! C. . '99 iq' 55 Ji M 133: J 'W . . 9 ir ' E i ,Lf -exif -gs? 1 W ' ,. b 4 y .4 ' , ' 1 N . '-t l W Z! D. y .-,A y . ' 1 u 11. . 12 ' ' 13. ' ' ' ' 14. ' . , . ....... 15. - ' VIH x I. 16. M y ' 17. ' 'L fav. "'! f , .43 . " - - J 4L ' 5 z0,24.:l'5 I1 2 i nd -w 1' 'md' "fi9i'l'!it Veterans Ugh! We go on um war path! We have been to college Getting Ads'P 'P 'P 'P 'P Superintendent Sheets 1982 Cowboy Kenny Newkirk Three wheels Three Stooges Yea - a - a Tarzan Posing for the Annual ell 7P,..,1fDd ' ve entered college now Little Preacher Post props Atlas Bardwell Hey Newlurk the janitor arf arf nice doggy Two deep Please I want to go loafin' at College Noon hour loafers 21 Irs vs Bismark at the half SENIOR BASKETBALL BOYS FIISI row left to nght Ray Whlsenhunt O J Sharp Marcell Jester Bobby Cox Dean Adcock and Lee Roy Boone Second row Coach Woolard J C Arman Waldo Sheets Manager E W e W GV? SCORES INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Mtn Pine They 36 Hot Sprrngs B M Mt a INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Henderson College 36 Bearden 41 Emerson 21 Sparkman COUNTY TOURNAMENT Mtn P1ne 39 Ft Lake 43 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Bauxite Bismark SCORES Ft Lake Ft Lake Paron M Jessev111e Kxrby Hot Sprrngs Ft Lake Lake Hamxlton Paron Jessevrlle Lakesrde B1smark Kxrby Btsmark M Magnet Cove Norman Lakesrde Ft Lake Magnet Cove Ouachrta Hot Sprxngs B Lake Ham11ton Mt Ida Ouachxta Norman They We 51 . 60 40 . 39 53 37 45 C, , S, 34 21 ' 44 58 ' 25 44 ' A 43 30 . 41 37 ' 21 62 41 47 ' 56 32 ' 34 37 A 36 44 ' 26 47 ' .44 46 C. . S. 32 46 44 73 52 43 ' 42 52 . 40 . . . 34 28 ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' 48 ' 28 . ' ' . ' 1 . 32 ' 29 'Joe' Mxller, Robert Hancock, Jack Rrdley, Gene Donn, Frank1e 49 . 43 x if N,.f,,,. - - X. v W Q y , w AK B- 5 1 xx , -' EL , 7 Y 'ld' 1 I 9 ui I We . 34 'An 58 C. . S. 26 T 31 . Id 43 16 30 44 SCORES INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT We They '29 Ft. Lake 23 34 Mt. Ida 38 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 24 C,M,S, 43 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Carlisle R.M.M, Guard J. W. Guard Eg If W' Forward V.L. Guard L ' x ' E819 - , r' ' -15 . . Q, SENIOR BASKET BALL GIRLS First row, left to right: Vera Lavender, Rose Marie Meek, Ioan Hill, Emma Wilhite, Patsy Ridley, Faye Hardy, and Betty Kemp. Second row: Coach Newkirk, Reba Rose, SCORES Ft. Lake Ft. Lake Paron C. M. S. Iesseville Kirby Ft. Lake Lake Hamilton Paron 47 Iesseville 26 Lake Scide ," F,H, "' Forward Ruby Keenom, Janiece Pounds, Joyce Woolard, Joan Reid X Joyce Wilhite, Laverne Glover, and Manager Jessup, B, K, Guard I.W. . Guard Forward Forward 'C R K I .H. ' ' Guard Forward R.D.R. Q Gund L.G. EEF N ma, Guard I Q3 , A Forward Bismark Kirby Bismark C.M.S. Magnet Cove Lake Side Norman Ft, Lake Mt Ida' Ouachita L. Hamilton Mt. Ida Ouachita Norman SCORES We They 14 Ft. Lake 39 11 C. M.s. 37 13 Jesseville 26 17 Ft, Lake 34 55 Rural Dale 15 24 Paron 26 8 Bismark 20 19 Magnet Cove 35 24 Lakeside 31 77 Rural Dale 16 21 Mt Ida 39 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 18 Jesseville 36 JUNIOR BASKETBALL BOYS First row, left to right: Mike Vinson, Charles H. Boon, Kenneth Castleberry. J. T. Reddin, Second row: Don Wilhite, Eddie Merrick, Orvel Montgomery, Elton Robbins. Third row: Coach 'Joe' Miller, Henry Hammock, J, W, Sexton, Phi1Arman, Capt., Clyde Meek, Bobby Digby. Jacky Bair, Mgr. 1 SCORES We They 12 Ft. Lake 40 19 Paton 7 17 Lake Hamilton 23 12 Rural Dale 14 33 Iesseville 19 14 Lakeside 10 '7 Bismark 23 11 C.M.S, 14 8 Rural Dale 15 31 Ft, Lake 16 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 15 C . M. S. 8 11 Lake Hamilton 16 First row, left to right: Loyce Lavender, Ella Mae Guinn, Marlene Burton, Sue Johnson, Second row: Ioan Burroughs, Catherine Sandage, .LaVi1la Johnson, Chorinne Sears, Joyce Crutchfield, Shirley Smith, Third row: Coach Newkirk, Margaret Pounds, Lucy Sandage, Ruth Keenom, Shirlene Rose, Jessie Blake, Susie Lynch, Capt., Wilma Noles, Mgr. JUNIOR BASKETBALL GIRLS Is de fattest mga.: Biologxcal Speclmens Two s company but three'P 'P 'P 'P Referee? 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P They re off the floor is i Q 'i J' What Laverne 'P 'P Yea' We won Yes I thmk we will wm Couldn t be better Su'a1ghten up Robert QZJL MP? 2-L JL i f' " 5 P v P' 5' ' Q V a. g 5 6. ,. 'Q' 1' P L 7 V X 6 ' ' Z! 7. . ' .... 8. ' ' . i S' 12: t I .O iff P ff A' 1, She didn't believe 2. Three little girls 3, 'Bust' it, Evelyn. 4. Cedar Glades Road 4-H Booth 5, What'cha see ? ? ? ? 6. That's Patsy. 1 , ul f' 2-- Llttle Old Waldo A couple of POUNDS Sun Grin Where's the customers Home, Drivers, Home! ! COMPLIMENTS of J. D. BRADLEY Grocery 8: Market "Your Neighborhood Store. " Big Smith Work Clothes Esso Gas and Oils Phone 6861-M4 Mtn. Pine COMPLIMENTS TO THE SENIOR CLASS ROY ARMAN Grocery Sr Market Mountain Pine, Arkansas I 'nm-'I,4: f W ' sl 0 X N .0 St 9 1. COME ON LETS GO H1 2. MONEY IN THE CENTER 3. LOOK sHE's sM1uNG 'fs .X ' , s , I . Mi 'sv l 'KD 1 x 10 THREE LITTLE SENIORS LOOK IT'S THEM AGAIN A UP TO H15 NECK 1 JC' WE'LL LEAVE SOON C COME ON TO DINNER WITH ME A RAH! A RAH! A RAH! RAH! RAH! EIGHTH SCIENCE UGH! 1 ! COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF CARL'S TRAILOR PARK PRINCE COOK MOTORS SALES SERVICE Ph. 6812-W-1 Hwyd 270 Hot Springs, Arkansas Phone 75 Central 8: S. Border Hot Springs, Arkansas WTSPRQNGSARK. WE CONGRAT ULATE THE MOUNTAIN PINE COMMUNITY AND ITS FINE SCHOOL SYSTEM gfiaeafzf WHOLESALE G-RCC-ER CO HOT SPRINGS ARK. We Feature Faultless Canned S Fruit And Vegetables STAYS gi FB SH L UNQER WQWZZQZ -FC-IQNITCARE CO hl R P Y ZZW G 82 d ABWd.h JhnJ'Nk1k S1 M g Compliments of 25076-5296 z nys!! C LEA EI NG- HOL! SE ASSOCIATION ARKANSAS TRUST co ARKANSAS NATIONAL BANK C I "Let us e ma e our house a home." 620- . rand Phone 9 Hot Springs, Arkansas We eliver Cash or terms . . in am o . ew 'r a esman ana er O Beaut1fu1 shoe s , bags SERVING YOU SINCE 'ZZ UI' Q CHITWOOD MOTOR CO HOT SPRINGS ARKANSAS ZZ! WMM -E L-ECTR IC CO ELECTRIC SERVICE AND SUPPLIES WES TINGHO USE APPLIANCES 703 Hobson Ave Hot Spr1ngs Arkansas Pho 101 N1ght 12.62 1765 B USY BEE Compliments of Best coffee 1n town THE SPORTING Goons STORE Hamburgers at Chlh are 1 Everyth1ng for the Sportsman our specla S 2 0 100 Ouach1ta Ave Pho 3186 0 O h t H S ' uae I a ot pnngs POP, Prop. Hot Sprmgs, Ark ROSENTHAL'S SHOE STORE SCHNECK'S and hos1ery S1nce 1915 716 718 Central Avenue Hot Sprmgs "Been Here Always" Pre scr1pt1ons 626 Central Ave. Pho. 7 8: 8 Hot Sprmgs, Arkansas 4-,urine , 1 ' YES! IT'S THE NEW UNDERWOOD RHYTHM TOUCH DELUXE TYPEWRITER Jeff Davls Off1ce Machmes 117 Th1rd St Hot Sprlngs THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS FLOWERS ---- GIFTS 605 Central Pho 71 Hot Sprrngs Mrs Nettme Shults Dor1s Mayden Jean Shults Complnmenfs of EDWIN HOLMES E550 JACK SPRAT FINER FOODS now ava11able at your INDEPENDENT GROCERS There 1S no better qual1ty canned EAT THE BEST EAT JACK SPRAT C J Horner Co nc D1str1butors USE MOORE PAINTS AND DUTCH BOY PAINT SUPPLY COMPANY Pho 2435 8: 2436 K P QHAPPYQ CAIN 417 Albert P1ke Hot Sprmgs MUSE Laundry Cleaners "We are k1nd to your clothes 3 Ouach1ta Hot Spnngs Commerc1al Weddmgs Photo F1n1sh1ng THE WYLIE STUDIO Portra1ts of D1st1nct1on Pho 3461 715 Hobson Ave Hot Sprmgs NORTON BREWER Hdwe "The place to buy your hardware and f1ne chma " Pho 1894 837 Central Hot Sprmgs , I . . . , I . 426 Albert Pike Hot Springs Hot SP1'if1gS, Arkansas ' ll U I . l len Q, 7 Z ! f x EAS X L.uMaER fS.C,oAl. Co Me rc ant1le Department For the best m everythmg to eat and wear T A Woodell Mou.nta1n P1ne Manager Arkansas QW! M120 M-Mala! QICXQ, GNL. B- .Zufawb ,I 1 ,rf A, ".. , 4. i ff l f- . t,..,5. -Xxx , I. . 1 . .,---. I. I I 1 H 1 r 1 A F X 15g . it-.i r Q' xx! N ' ' X K ,- . , K X . I 9 'N X X x . x xx .. ,. 4 . . . , I COMPLIMENTS of the Zami!! fffwfaif of Glenwood gl Benton Arkansas For the Advancement of the Youth of the MOUNTAIN PINE CO MMUNITY ALWAYS GOOD BAR B Q COMPLIMENTS YOU I on your f fa Z! 4 FIRST ANNUAL ALWAYS GOOD oooo and to the SENIOR CLASS 505 Albert P1ke Avenue ARLINGTON HOTEL Hot Spr1ngs Ark HOT SPRINGS I MEET E1 Q0 s.Z THAT FLAVORFUL ROOT BEER HOT DOGS AND BURGERS FAVORITE SUNDIES AND DOUBLE THICK MALTS Wikia ROOT BEER DRIVE IN THE GANG My 1 DRIVE IN 315 Park Avenue Hot Sprmgs Arkansas ' ' TO J C' O NX E V You Can Always p O W G f f at 47 7 0 1 ' , Z If Av, G, 'ii I XD QRLUMBERGCQAL Co YELLOW PINE 8: HARDWOOD LUMBER MOUNTAIN PINE ARKANSAS We spec1a11ze 1n 1nter1or p ckaged tr1m P1ne and hardwood and matched floomng Comp11ments To The Seruor Clas s ZZ? QQW Q4 AQAM Prescr1pt1on Serv1ce A, G. Crawford Drug Co. Hot Sprmgs, Arkansas ff f I ' i , 132.-.. .Tis X X I ETF 'Eli-QSfi ' - -'-L4-.'.-.w.-. -.--' -.-1 -,-. - " 'f'.-L'.':. - I F. 'f Qt ' . -,,:. 1s 5, X Xe 5 v ' . - 1' : ' X5 ' ' a ' . 4' I THE COMPLIMENTS jizfzf J gram ELECTRIC co FLORAL co 808 Albert P1ke Floral Art1sts e pec1al1ze 1n motor rewlndlng Med1cal Arts Bldg Frank L Anderson Pho 695 Owner at Mgr Hot Spr1ngs Arkansas CONNELLYS OFFICE 81 SUPPLY Th 1 ere 15 a ways 425 Ouach1ta Hot Sprmgs a good show YOUR Come and get lt ' Remlngton Portable Typewnters Graduat1on Inv1tat1ons MALCO CENTRAL ROXY Personal Cards THEATRES W Clyde Smlth Mgr We make Year Books 8: Programs fam 9 PACKING CO INC Hot Sprrngs Arkansas Pho 126 Pho 5054 Meats of D1st1nct1ve Quahty V V y W S . . . . . . . at "If its for school, ' v J

Suggestions in the Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR) collection:

Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Pine High School - Yesteryears Yearbook (Mountain Pine, AR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 18

1952, pg 18

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