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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1945 volume:

. Q . 1 I A THE LAKES f ' -A -'wmv Published by THE SENIOR CLASS Mountain Lakes High School - Mountain Lakes, New Iersey Iune, 1945 FOR EWCRD The Lakes for 1945 aims to por- tray the experiences of our'c1ass throughout its six years at Mountain Lakes High School, to help recall the intimate details which blend together to ionn the pattern of our high school days. The Lakes is the scrap- book which we have been meaning to keep: it will refresh our memories and bring to life again the experiences we have shared here with our friends- treasures to share always. Kki Adm? DEDICATION These few words, in reality, can be scarcely adequate in expressing our sincerest thanks to Mr. Herbert B. Gooden, our good friend and loyal ad- visor. But all of us appreciate his unswerving loy- alty, tireless patience, real interest in guiding us through our years in high school, and realize that the success of our many and varied activities has been due largely to his work. To Mr. Gooden, who has earned our respect and admiration, the Class of 1945 gratefully and affectionately dedicates this yearbook. 4 IN APPRECIATION LIEUT. HAYDEN L. SCHOFIELD We, the Class of 1945, express our heartfelt appreciation of the noble ef- forts and achievements of all those men and women who are serving in the armed forces of the United States. Especially we offer our homage to Scho, our principal on military leave, and to Phil Bate, Omer Claiborne, Ken Metz- ger, and Ted Mitchell, members of our class who left school before the be- ginning of our senior year and are now giving valiant service to our nation We hail these protectors of our American Way of life, and we promise to keep faith with them in our common ideals, to work and fight and pray to win the war and the peace, and to help establish a better world in the future. OMER CLAIBORNE EDWARD MITCHELL PHILIP BATE 5 S Mt? iii J. F . Top How-Higgins, Haas, Tippy, Claiborne, Moulton, Black, Franklin, Moe, Allen. Second Row-Singer, Oxehulwud, Kerr, Kelso, Wurmstich, Mueser, Pfizer. Galt. Bottom Row-Larlee, Mills, Michener. Dodge, Davis, Wickwire. THE LAKES STAFF Editor-in-Chief ............. ........ B oberta Wurmstich Business Manager ...................... Katherine Allen Sales Manager ...................................... Peter Haas Photography and Layout Editor .... Gilbert Moe Art Editor .......................................... Louise Singer Typing Editor ...... ......... S ylvia M ueser Rewrite Editor ........................................ Mary Galt ASSISTANT EDITORS Beryl Pfizer Louis Claiborne SPORTS EDITORS lean Kerr Leonard Frey EDITORIAL STAFF Barbara Kelso Barbro Oxehuiwud Shirley Davis Tony Tippy Mary Galt Iune Larlee Marilyn Michener Willis Moulton BUSINESS STAFF Lore Barnes Edward Wagner Gene Black Ioyce Wickwire Alma Higgins Shirley Davis Nancy Mills PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART STAFF Dorothy Dodge Betsey Franklin Carolyn Carlson lack Stringer TYPING STAFF Ilse Schindelbeck Nancy Mills Barbara Kelso Bobbe Wurmstich Carolyn Carlson Iune Larlee Mary Galt Printing .......... W. M. Welch Manufacturing Co. Photography .... Hirsch Studio, Mr. W. Trimble Gilbert Moe Senior Advisor .......................... Mr. H. B. Gooden Yearbook Advisor ............ Miss H. M. Blanchard 6 EARLE W. ANIBAL ROBERT I. SMITH Supervising Principal Principal IRENE P. DUNN Secretary THE ADMINISTRATION To the Class of 1945: As this is being written, the ever-changing clouds of war hang over all of us. Whether we are facing another squall of battle or the sunshine of peace, none of us can accurately fore- tell. The only certainty of the future is its uncertainty. In the face of such conditions, no one can plan much for the future in the way of material comforts: however a sound philoso- phy of life coupled with a good education is the best prepara- tion possible for either a war-torn or quietly peaceful world. The sound philosophy of life comes with age and experience. You have started moulding your philosophy 'by what you have done here in school while getting a part of your education. Your teach- ers, your parents, your friends have all made their contributions to your life. As each year passes more and more of the respon- sibility for your success or failure rests with you alone. We here at school regret to see you leave us, but at the same time we envy you. We have high hopes for you based on our experiences with you. We will listen with pride to accounts of your future successes and with regret to accounts of your fail- ures. You alone will detennine which you will have. We wish you the best of luck. But more important than luck we wish for you strong characters, real friends, and a great satisfaction with life in a world of peace. 7 to Right-Mr. Conarroe. Mr. Klem, Mrs. Blattner, Mr. Tompkins, Mr. Noyes, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Will d M Farnham. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Atherton Noyes, Ir .......... ............... P resident Mr. Charles Klem ............ l l.. ......... Vice President Mr. I ohn Tompkins Mrs. David Blattner Mr. Elvin Conarroe Mrs. Paul Farnham Mr. William Murr Mr. Gordon Willard Mrs. Michael Wilson 8 District Clerk .1-an-Q w yi. K we ww. to new Vg . MH f, I . ,, .,, R A , K . X , . - I I g , X Top Row-Anibal, Smith, Willing, Ciardi.. Gooden, Trimble. First Row-Vincent. McManu, Phelan, Thompson, Ewing, Dunn, Nast. Kerr, Harris. FACLI LTY Earle W. Anibal-Supervising Principal .......... Hamilton. Ph.B.: Columbia, A.M. Robert I, Smith-Principal ...........,...................................... St. Lawrence, B.S., A.M. Helen M. Blanchard-English and Mathematics .......................... Wellesley, B.A. Mildred Callaway-Art ........ Mississippi State College, A.B.i Columbia. A.M. Anthony Ciardi-Physical Education ...... Montclair State Teachers College, B.A. Irene Dunn-Secretary Merle Ewing-Physical Education ............ West Virginia University, B.S., M.S. Shirley Fuller-Home Economics .............................. University of Delaware, B.S. H. B. Gooden--History .................. Colorado State Teachers College. A.B., A.M. Charlotte P. Harris-Latin and German .................... University of Chicago, A.B., Columbia, A.M. Helen Hocker-Registered Nurse Alice I. Kerr-English and Mathematics ........,..............,........ Columbia, B.S., A.M. Anne C. McManus-Mathematics and Science .................. Georgian Court, A.B. Edward T. Milkey-Music ...................................... New York University, B.S., A.M. Lillian Nast-English .... Montclair State TeachersiCollege, B.A.: Columbia, M.A. Catherine A. Phelan-Social Science .......................... New York University, B.S. Mildred M. Thompson-Librarian ...,............................ University of Kansas, A.M. William E. Trimble-Science ........ West Chester State Teachers College, B.S.: Duke University, Ed.M. Marion Vincent-French and Spanish .... Barnard Colleae, B.A.: Columbia, M.A. Frank A. Wikander-Industrial Arts ................ Newark Normal School, Rutgers University Richard W. Willing-Commercial .............. University of Wisconsin, B.A., A.M., Whitewater Teachers College, B.E 9 ns ACKNGWLEDGMENTS The Class of 1945 wishes to thank Miss Helen M. Blanchard for her many contributions and encouragements to its high school endeavors. Her Work as yearbook advisor has been capable and understanding: it will not soon be forgotten. Without her leadership, this publication might never have been realized. It also expresses its appreciation to Mr. William E. Trimble for his gen- erous aid in the photographic work in this yearbook. 10 Svminrgri KWH-N X V BERYL PFIZER lIBeall She's cute and blonde with lots ot pep: She leads our cheers through every step. On the Student Court she is a judge: Success to her no one will begrudge. Girls' Sports 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Sopho- more Hop Committee 23 Dramatic Club President 45 Girls' numeral '33 Youth Gov- ernment 3g Cheerleader 1,2,3, Captain 43 Class Vice-President 3g Class Secretary 45 SGA 34 Student Court 4 Senior Pla 1ttee4 Test1mon1a a,nc Com tr iiVf,,lltlli'34lfi?iliilillflftl tygwrtvils Viifiitigljf Yi 9,30 LOUIS CLAIBORNE "Louie" Louis has led our class to glory- To tell all his talents would make a long story: His brains astound us more every day, 'Claiborne for President!" is all we have to say. Yearbook Staff 4, Assistant EditorgSopho- more Hop Committee 23 Junior Prom 0' ommittee 35 Dramatic Club 4g Youth ove nment, President of Youth School d 35 Program Chairman 43 Hi Y 3, ce-President 4, Class President 2,45 .G.A. 2,45 Art Club 1,2,3,4 QPresident 21, Mountaineer Staff 3,4 Clfiusiness Manager 45 5 Senior Play Committee 45 Testimonial Dance Committee 35 Football Dance Com- mittee 4g Senior Play. ,SENIQR WV ,ww -J. tt. ,Z Mfg Att' A ft witfwtfzfiataw I ' 1 ,X I , f 1 9 . 4 lv' 1, L f I all-J. 1. I if A 1.1 f vjii KRTHERINEALLEN 'lr V llKittYll Kitty is noted for her yells, As a cheerleader she excels. She loves to joke and have lots of fun, But she never shirlcs when there's work to be done. Girls' sports l,2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Service Club 2,3,4g Yearbook Staffg Sophomore Hop Committeeg junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee: Girls' numeralg Youth Governmentg Cheerleader 2,3,4g Class Vice-President 4g Class Secretary 23 Art Club Oflicerg Testimonial Dance Com- mittee. , I s . I K 1 OFFICERS N E251 ia? LEONARD FREY I lLenll Len keeps the Mountaineer intact, He's cr regular walking almanacf He's efficient and cr very good track man, And of all sports he is ardent fan. Track 2,3,4g Cross Country 3,4, fCaptain 413 Yearbook Staff 3,4g Sophomore Hop Committee 23 Dramatic Club 4g Youth Government 33 Sport Manager Basketball 3, Baseball 3g Class Secretary lg Class Treasurer 4g S.G.A. 43 Mountaineer Staff 2,3,4 CAss't. Ed. 3, Ed. in Chief 4,53 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4g Varsity Club 43 Senior Play. V f g tx 25 ,O ' gf' JQ0, 'Elvin Q39 ofa 1i,,,f"Jvbgv,vX Yiixet' G3 wg? W0 of J Jer 0.9-CRX' Q,- QF' 'N 'S 13431 -c O X Q73 'BQ' '3 6' ' Q0 -10 'Y' J C1 Q9 we NOW main? W 54,0 if' OD X, P Q, C X1 N ,ne -5 Qin QX cowms Amanus 65 ,aw .xp 4.91 ncoken Coke is known and liked by all, He's quiet, blonde, blue-eyed, and tall. An efficient member of the C.A.P., And a nifty football end is he. Football 43 Track 2,3,4g Service Club 25 Junior ,Ifire Depart- ment 3,4g Student Court 35 Football Dance Committee 4g Var- sity Club 4g Athletic Association 3. NORMAN ANTHONY llNonnll Norm plays tackle on our footbo' am He gives his best and his 7 - t'mea A broad-shoulder goo 1 ofis Some day he will I - V ,f , - fp e. f' Football 3,4 r 1ty Cluli 4- mm Wi al, M' W i D My 487 f K L, As, alia-Q dye' LORkZ BARNES , of je? "Lore" '?V 'ws Cheeks of red, eyes of blue, J j' And very good natured, of Lore 'tis true. U ,' Her disposition's happy, her spirit's never downed, You cannot keep a frown for long when Lore is around. Girls' Sports 3,43 Service Club 3,43 Yearbook Staff 43 Sopho- more Hop Committee 25 junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Ball Committee 4: Librarians' Club 2,3,4, CVice-president 353 S.G.A. 35 Mountaineer Staff 2,3g Senior Play Committee 43 Testimonial Dance Committee 35 Christmas Card Committee 4, Senior Play. HENRY BINNER llHankll Henry, a dignified, scholarly fellow, ls seldom known to shout or bellow. His marks are tops, disposition fine: He'll make his mark on the sands of time. S.G.A. 4g Football Dance Committee 4. 14 EUGENE BLACK "Gene" He likes to talk, debate, and act, And is always ready with an historical fact. It he can manage life like a I.V. game, He'll surely win his way to fame. ' Basketball l,2,3g Football 2,3,4g Track Manager 25 Yea book Staff 4g Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Ball Comm' ee 45 Dramatic Club 49 Junior Fire Department 4g Sen' Play Committee 4g Testimonial Dance ommittee 33 V ity Club 45 Senior Play. ibn Q! X ' I f B Iay's a rather Inspired by He dr s lt onl ' lr". pl t fl, ' 51. Card Committee 4. paign Committee. 15 4 CAROLYN I. CARLSON IOY CHAPMAN She's tiny and blonde and loves to dance, Her smile just puts the boys in a trance. We wish her luck in whatever she may do, ' California, here's a swell gal for you. Football Dance Committeeg Co-chairman 0 She's five feet five with eyes of blue, Plays drums and clarinet for the Orange and Blue. She shows her sense of humor whenever she has her say- By now you all must know this is our own C. I.! Girls' Sports '1,2,3,4g Choir 1,2g Service Club 3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4, CVice President 3, President 4jg Year book Staff: Sophomore Hop Committee 23 Junior Prom Com mittee 35 Senior Ball Committee 43 Girls' "M" 33 Girls' nu meral 23 Librarians' Club 3,4, CVice President 45 3 S.G.A. 3,4 Mountaineer Staff 3,45 Senior Play Committee 45 Christmas f Magazine Cam H-, ,,.. ' V' Y l My 4 , Y fil'J if ,Y ll' .J i' . , ,gf it at ff. - .y A , fl , 1' I rl iw ,fi xl' ' 1 gn " ' ' 0 I I 1 1 l , If , I ' ' . 1 li ', fr ' I ' , 1 ' , " ,J nonzm' couovnn Auf .Al I lIBobll ' Fullbaclz on the football team, A 'Unis the tall, blond hero of any girI's dream. Ong school's loss is West Point's gain, Here's hoping Bob success will claim. Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,35 Baseball l,2,3g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 S.G.A. 25 Varsity Club 3,4. I SHIRLEY DAVIS "Shirl" Shirley with her big blue eyes, And her soft voice beguiling: , Though she's fond of alibis, She'll always come through smiling. ans' Club 1,2,3,4g Senior Play Committee 4g Camera Club 2. DOROTHY DODGE llDotIl Dot is so very neat In art and in the way she dresses: Sincere and yet discreet ln the opinions she expresses. Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 43 Sopho- more Hop Committee 25 junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Ball Committee 43 Girls' numeral 43 Stagecraft Club 25 Art Club 1,2,3,4, QSec. 45 5 Testimonial Dance Committee 3. RICHARD EVANS llnickll You'11 find him at home in every sport, At football, baseball, and on the basketball court. He's tall and lanky with a contagious grin, With Dick on our team we're bound to win. Basketball l,2,3, fCaptain 45 3 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Sophomore Hop Committee 23 Youth Government 35 Athletic Association 3,4g Varsity Club 4, President. 16 Choir l,2,3,4g Service Club 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 43 Sopho- more Hop Committee 25 Junior Prom Committee 33 Librari- IACK FOSTER "Gordo" Iack Foster, the class chosen Wit, With everyone will make a hit. He's just what we like with humor so swell, While he's around everything goes well. Sport Manager 4, CFootba1lj g Hi-Y 3,4g Varsity Club 4. Bf:'rsEY FRANKLIN l "Betz" Tall, good-looking, with a smiling face, This popular girl has just what it takes, . Voted best-dressed and neat as a in P I , ff I' l' Of course it's Betsey Franklin. , , 1 Jw, s li v Choir, 1,2,3,4g Service Club, 3,43 Yearbook ig! , ,443 Sophomore Ho Committee 2 unior Prom Co lttf 3 . P , i 2 I , ,gf i is' Senior Ball Committee, 4, Youth Government 3' t Club, L5 Q 1 Student Court, 3,45 Testimonial Dance Qommitt eefg Flqist- mas Card Committee, 45 Senior Pldyhl I ,f 'I 1 M R 'li' 1' Wy' lvrl ,'1, -, f H 1s if 1 sl www 5' 'f dkL!1 rjiy 4.4! :Jfi 'sqrih tslf A, ' 3 ,H I' ,J W J' 1 if 5 "1" I sv' 1,v1v ,s.r,a A ta I, 1 1 i ' 1 ill ,nl , C r 4 WWC' 0 9-'9 H MARY GRLT l Mary When Lot's wifellooked and turned to salt, 'Twas caused by envy of Mary Galt. This tall brunette, both modest and shy, Is twice as pretty as you or I. Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Service Club 3,43 Orchestra l,2,3,4g Band 3,43 Girls' numeral 23 Girls' "M" 35 Mountaineer Staff 43 Testimonial Dance Committee, Yearbook Staff, Jun- ? ,gg m y lor Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Dramatic Club gi- Y ' tt is cl 45 Senior Play. M , PETERHAAS JV, Eggs? qs fl E? ulpetell ig My e Whenever a job needs to be done, g .. as K Guess who is willing to come on the run? ' ig, An all around fellow, our classmate, Pete, jf y,'lt yy f As a good natured senior he cannot be beat. Track 3,45 Basketball 1,2,4g Yearbook Staff Sales Managerg Sophomore Hop Committee, Chairman of Ticket Committeeg Q !,j,j.Q.2,lf,,e5,Q2 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Class Treas- ,J urer 23 Junior Fire Department 3,45 President 4' Recreation Club 2, Testimonial Dance Committee 3. i 17 2? ' , y, RUTH I-IAINES "Ruthie" Ruthie is both friendly and kind, She is quiet and considerate too, She's an excellent horseback rider, we find, And as a friend she will always prove true. Choir, 4. ROBERT HASSARD ll obll Q Who's the lad with the utif ice, Always Mr. Milkey' oice? His smile is qui lr d ri on t 1 , - . ,L , That's, Tclasifte, B B h Tr 3,4 Whoa 2 g All .W W W .fr ff. .....tft5j,f IIMGII "Ma" likes to dance, to swim, and chee For winning friends she has the clue. There's always fun when she is near- This luscious blonde with eyes of blue. Choir 2,3,4 5 Service Club 4 3 Yearbook Staff 4g Sophomore Hop Committee 2g junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Ball Commit- tee 4 g Cheerleader l,2,3,4g Testimonial Dance Co mittee Christmas Card Committee 4. I 1 ' BARBARA KELSO IIFI-ankyll I l This girl with personality plus, Runs circles round the rest of us. . At the piano she's a queen, J In the center of fun she's always seen. Y -f Girls' sports 1,2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4, fSecretar -Tr asurer 113 ' Q Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Band 3,43 Yearbook statfg Dramatic Club 45 Girls' numeral 35 Girls' "M" 35 Librarians' Club 3,45 Presi- tlent 4g Mountaineer Staff 3,4 CFeature Editor 45 g Testimonial Dance Committeeg Football Dance Committeeg Senior Play. fl' 18 M Wllrw W ' 1 fvki., My fr '7 ,pl Q9 0 v Q , ag 5, W ef f' li J ts if OA! it .r 1 5 IEAN mann X if 0' nleanll Meet our Ieannie with the light brown hair, K I fro Dark brown eyes and skin so fair. ,bi 40' 3 , She's loyal and true to all her friends, wa, 'f ' 17 l bf ' And her popularity knows no endsg 3 y iff 0643 ,U Girls' Sports l,2,3,4: Choir 2,3,4g Service lub 5 Yxearbooix 4 Staff 45 Sophomore Hop Committee 25 Junior Prom Commit- tee 35 Senior Ball Committee 45 Girls' "M" 35 Girls' -numeral 25 Cheerleader 3,45 Testimonial Dance Committee 3. M J IUNE LARLEE 5 lllunell This tall brunette with wavy hair, Whose chatter dispels every care, Has a friendly smile and time to say hello: She'll have friends wherever she may go. Choir l,2,3,45 Service Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Ball Committee 45 Librarians' Club 1,2, 3,45 Mountaineer Staff 3,45 Testimonial Dance Committee 35 Card Committee 4. D iw 1 . -gl, W I l ' BERNARD LARSEN J J "Bernie" ' "The man's a genius!" we proclaim, ,With Einstein we will place his name. He's quick with H20 and pi, But still he's just a regular guy. Hockey 2,3,45 Track 3,4. MARILYN MICHENER llMiChll Mich is noted for her wisecracks, Clever wit and snappy comebacks. She's just a good natured dynamo, And there's packs of fun wher'ever she may go. Choir 3,43 Orchestra 35 Band 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 S.G.A. 3 Mountaineer Stair' 3,45 Testimonial Dance Committee 3. 19 vLjt,5.uhQal-Wk' n .17 aQ,,N-f- .AJ f. oil-it s,Q-4, 5 4251.417 NANCY 1vn1.1.s "Nance" It fi' u o . 1, 1' I I. ,F s you have the key 5-jlsfibmldavdusffy ommlttee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Dramatic Club A ' 1 U, , 1 . , v 0 4- , h I ar ff ' ' . Gir ' Sports l,2,3,4g Choir 2,43 Yearbook Staff 4g Sophomore At the piano or clarinet, Bill will win great fame, we bet. There's pep and fun when he So, to that jazz man, here's a cheer. Football 4 Choir 1234 O 4 i v PY Z 5 s 1 i 3' r v 1 Yearbook Staff 4: Junior Prom Committee Sggrmiqkggl omml ee 1 i .Junior ire yfntcfgictg C 'tt 45 H'-Y 3,43 ' F' D 3 ball Dance Committee 4, Gle R Sgsxp 'bc SYLVIA MUESER R txdov,-9' 11 . n 2, SN QJWEOV,-c 1 JN 0' The most sincere girl .in our class, NO ls this smart, good-looking lass. Spf V95-.f"""gJ5S""" With initiative and pep as her theme, N,-9 4,9-Q She's truly a good member ot any team. Girls' Sports 2,3,4g Choir 2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4, CTyping Editorjg Junior Prom Committee 3: Girls' "M" 45 Girls' nu- meral 33 Mountaineer Staff 2,3,4, flixchange Editorjg Testi- monial Dance Committee 3 WILLIS MOULTON Bil1" , Senior Ball Committee 4g Girls M 33 Girls numeral 3 Librarians' Club 4g Mountaineer Staff 45 Testimonial Dance Committee 35 Christmas Card Committee 4. GILBERT MOE ll ll Gib likes photography, art, and science too, He always has a friendly smile, you never see him blue: This blonde, best looking boy of the class, Has captured the heart of many a lass. Football 2,3,4g Track 3,45 Choir 1,2,3g Orchestra 1,25 Band 1,2g Yearbook Stat? 45 Sophomore Hop Committee 2g junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Ball Committee 45 Sport Manager, Track, Stagecraft Club lg Testimonial Dance Committee 35 Camera Club 1,2g Varsity Club 4. is near, fchestfa 1234 B Q12 K5 e Club 1,23 20 BARBRO OXEHUFWUD lloxyll Barbro's tall and pretty, O! You'l1 always find her on the go. Her easy chatter and neat attire Are characteristics that we all admire. Choir 1.,2,3,45 Service Club 1,2,3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Ball Committee 4g Testimonial Dance Committee 35 Christmas Card Committee Chairman 45 Football Dance Committee 45 Senior Play. 5 RONALD POST "Ronnie" Ronnie Post is a really swell guy, Even though he's a trifle shy. He's very good looking, but quiet too: He's the kind of friend who's faithful and true. . Choir 45 Orchestra 3,45 Band 2,3,4. ' Qayhflakfuls iraq! 'i , 1.-if ,l N Z4-340 gffijf .,wrL72?7f4i N JM Q0-VL 'nonsmcx RANDEL 5 uHodll He helps to put out every fire, And sings true tenor in the choir. Songs by masters, such as Handel, v - Are kept alive by Roderick Handel. Hockey l,2,35 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 Baseball 2,3 Choir l,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Senior Ball Committee 45 Hi-Y 2,3,4 junior Fire Department 4. KENNETH RIKER llKenll An easy-going chap, A fellow of size. When sports are on tap, His interest will rise. Hockey 35 Football 3. 21 Eg, . ...N ....s...,.,, ,F 1 LOUISE SINGER lILoull Versatile is our pretty Lou, A And her triendship's staunch and true. Her originality takes the prize, Her smile is sweet and O those eyes! - Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4g Service Club 3,45 Yearbook Staff 43 Sophomore Hop Committee 25 Junior Prom Commit- tee 3g Senior Ball Committee 4g Girls' "M" 3g Girls' numeral 3g Art Club 23 Testimonial Dance Committee 3. A EDWARD STAPLEY llEdll His friendliness is known to all: A farmer-man he wants to be: Poultry's his care from spring through fall! 5 Yet he knows his math and P.A.D. VV, Track 3,4g Choir 25 Senior Play. ' Tall, dark, handsome is this fellow of charm. He's the school's best artist and his l.Q's high. Theyfll hardly keep him "down on the farm," For he'll climb to fame as the years roll by. Service Club 4g Yearbook Staff 45 Sophomore Hop Committee 25 junior Prom Committee 3g Hi-Y 3,4g Junior Fire Dept. 3,43 S.G.A. 35 Art Club 3,4, CPresident 3,41 g Mountaineer Staff 2,3,4g Student Court 3,4g Senior Play Committee 45 Natio al Honor Society 3,4. M13 She is so dainty and petite wr of This little blond both quiet and neat. 0 She has a smile for every pal: All in all she's a very cute gal. off' Girls' Sports 1 3 Choir 45 Senior Ball Committee 45 Librarians' Club 4. 4510 M va ll-'LCK STRINGER llla IAlWET TILTON Q lofi' wi ix 0 1, I a nu 0 E0 Ri 22 511,-5,,excf.rfA , ' Ag' A 'j' I T N "'3- ", 1 .L : ' 1 l .x ' ' ' ii , , I , , . l I. , . I .1. , . .' ,I ,' J 1 ' - ' -. . P 5 - , I - l . 1 ' I, ' . I an 1 ,. , I A . '. . 1 ' ' . . J . ' 1' ' 1 ' is its .- I - It I ll. . . F ' K Y, ., I xv i , r l 3 it 11. 3 1 X 'S lil in ! 1 - ' lk t l wil? A, .NJ xl 4' 1 in ' ill! ij J all tl l J Q 1' L I 1 v 0 3 1 U 1. 'li l l. 'I 'i lil f 1 Q, ' 1 I L -Qui nl . f .H .- a .ffm 1. '- .29 '1 .- 1 .1 Y flv. gmonplvrwnf :,f 1 tl 5 4 I , V" 1, ll n ll if - Y, J., Qf' . - I U' 'ff L- fa WY J. k 1,3 :A 1 I 'football and basketball -he is an ace, P JW f 4 .U , Il' J nd he's always welcome every place. P - e J ' uf , rimmin over with e and full of ood cheer i l 9 P P 9 I . 0 ' Yes, Tony will be rememberedfor many a year. 1 . 1 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Football 2,3,43 Service Club 3, fPresiden't 413 Sophomore Hop Committee 2g Yearbook Staff 43 junior Prom Committee 33 Youth Government 2,33 Hi-Y 2,3,43 Jun- ior Fire Department 43 S.G.A. 3, fVice-President 4j3 Stage- craft Club 33 Testimonial Dance Committee 33 Varsity Club 4. EDWARD WAGNER I I dl I X A well mannered lad and friendly as well, In football and track we see him excel. He's an all around boy and sure to succeed, Perhaps to West Point his pathway will lead. Football 43 Track 1,2,3,43 Cross Country 2,33 Class Treasurer 13 Christmas Card Committee 43 Varsity Clgib 4. 7 0 We JM, " Jai X'x E J X Wiff Maw T Y i HUNTLEY WEAVER "Hunt" Huntley Weaver, our traclcman tall, Sings and whistles through every hall. Many friends has he acquired, A boy, indeed, to be admired. Track 3,43 Cross Country 43 Choir 4g Senior Play.. WILLIAM WEBSTER "Bin" ' Bill can win prizes for scholarship And is known for all sports as well: We admire him most for his leadership In service for the school he does excel. Football 2,3,4 fFootball Captain 4D 3 Track 3,43 Basketball 3,43 Sophomore Hop Committee3 Junior Prom Committee3 Senior Ball Committeeg Youth Government 2,33 Hi-Y Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 43 S.G.A. 1, Treasurer 3, President 43 Stagecraft Club 2,3,43 Student Court President 43 National Honor Society 3,43 Testimonial Dance Committee3 Varsity Club Secretary-Treasurer 4.. 23 be awww' .wear aa -- - 5 dc ss -9 f 4evaZf9JSo-O1E,PW,e, ieflflgav-3 4'N:0'i.X't1t'2 trier 03.G1wf' X . y"3La0Q0Fo-+3 S25'9xQ9't' mo DQR?-246' -X " 5 or Jw orb NY' J-530,-fk '50 W rp xQAE?iI,CE WICKWIRE Lp yy VL 60 QQ, "Ioyce" loyce was new to us last year, And she's proved pleasant and sincere. Her willingness to help in all that we have tried, Makes her aimiability a thing that cannot be denied. Choir 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Dramatic Club 45 Librarians' Club 45 Mountaineer Staff 3,45 Testimonial Dance Committee 35 Christmas Card Committee 4. GEORGE VVILSON "Willie" We always give George our support As he helps us win each game. He has been good in every sport: He's won the school a name. Football 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 Junior Fire De- partment 45 Varsity Club 4 RAY WITTMAN IIFOOII This tall lad with freckled face Comes in with speed in every race: With his good humor and jolly grin, All liie's races he will win. ' Track 2,3,45 Cross Country 3,45 Senior Play. MORRIS WOOD IIMOIIYII Tall and handsome, wavy hair, On football field shows quite a flair- In track he does just as he should. Why, of course, that's Morry Wood. Football 45 Track 35 Baseball 4. 0 24 How does she do it all?" we ask: ,js . jJ . With loyalty unswerving, jj ji And friendly smile, at every task, NU-l I , X Youll find our Bobbe, serving. Q V . t j . -Jf N V rl Girls Sports 12,35 Choir 1,2,3, Cllresi vlt 45 ' cliestna slg Yearbook Staff Editor-in Chief 43 S p more p C ittees 2 junior Prom Committee 3g S aWommi Dra- J matic Club, Secretary-Trez1surf5?4g G ls ntiiyra 35 Mo talneer Staff 2,3,4, QTyping Editorf,3,4jg li-Satil nal Hoqfzg 0-V ciety 34g Testimonial Dance Cgtmmitte g All State Chojtil, 34 S G.A. 43 Senior Play Comniittejfggzaor Play! 0 l .ff x , ,Q .J .Nh l lx V X f -f t , 1-,' 1 . ' K J" K , "i ' 1 tl! X X TMJ ff l ' jf- ' ROBERTA WURMSTICH "Bobbe" I S l TV SENIGR PORTRAIT It is with an added sense of responsibility that we, the class of nineteen hundred forty-five, face the future. But we have had many experiences at high school which will help us face new situations. In the beginning of our high school career, that is in the seventh and eighth grades, we were becoming acquainted with the school and adjusting ourselves to new surroundings and heightened ambitions. But it was in the ninth grade that we got started in class activity. Mr. Gooden was appointed our class advisor: he urged then that we really work toward our yearbook. At the end of the Freshman year we had over one hundred dollars in our treasury. The Class of '45 has been known for its ingenuity. As a class, this qual- ity did not become evident until the Sophomore year. We gave our first class dance that year, and, wonder of wonders, we made a profit on it! Under Mr. Gooden's direction and help we erected a booth for selling War Stamps, a project which proved to be a worthwhile enterprise even though there were plenty of headaches during the process. Our Iunior year saw us st fzessfully through the Iunior Prom and the tra- ditional Testimonial Dinner and Dance. Butin our Senior year we have seen the culmination of our high school career with the many responsibilities connected with it. Under the helpful guidance of class advisor, Mr. Gooden, and class president, Louis Claiborne, we have had our Senior Ball and a successful Christmas card campaign, and we have given our Senior play, One Mad Night, under Miss Kerr's able direction. Although there has been much work connected with these activi- ties, we have had a lot of fun and we have many happy memories of times together. Thus we go forth with some learning and some understanding, with the hope of increasing both as the opportunities arise. Realizing the importance of the times that we live in and knowing the stress of war, we look with hope to the future--a future of complete victory of our aims and of the establish- ment of a durable peace. 25 iilwviws lag-if . awww, , wwf W. 5 si g . .Q 5 1. K. ., W M A ,gv ...,. .,, 'Flu-1 gg V V rvpinnf 'Ba ll -' .,1 A 5 ? ,ggi Q2 il F HE 'K B s ? I, x i 'H X K AHWSHU' Unfnrmalz A ' I U-vi "5 V QU x,.Q. ,..L.a.,.. f 2 ,M Rom M1.f1.WO" 5 T ,VN .ask +C: K Lf., ,Jem f,ooE1i.i2fZ GP b I Q00 ,ami T:f1'1'12.VKfffi.:"i' M3313 ,L ' Q WSW' A AM, L, - g 1 1'-M 7y.,.L . V ,.,,3.,,. , js,-vw, A 2 i Ae, . , m, W' ' 751f'ff5sQPS?W flf f, ,'.4 ,Q .. A is H ka .SQ A ? V ..'.J'f 1. e 'Q 'ff 'H K QQXL u, 57 1' , i I ' ,xl S 2 . 5, l , ,H 12, A 'x , Av i' ,gr Q. mb nv" 'Q 4 1 fat X' me Q. rv ,MM Ui., ,-,w , v V, - 15 3 ig A, 7.3 'Ci 1 . fn '13,-E f ,MW l , ,. -, RW? 41 ,ff FSE My my Ak ,, .xy mg S if ,W OS -A ' f . fy' ,M .,, wk ,-,-1. L' f.f3,.,M,' X r f 'A ., ff' iff' ,haf .Vx ,I fx LL, " H A f ff- fm uf .1 f x M N'- Nv U u rf J' 51551: fn-4 , -rw lHHh IJ "DTN f ,fq 7 yr if A11 J' N ,,,L'.o'f?.N l,o11zGZ1 - X lofi ,. OS'YS Www, ",,.x-4- W -W Q: uk f i ww! 54 o:: t Tiuaxicfxl 530113 ww 5-5-,S-5., -.., V ,i Km f l ,1 -'.f',.?J3'LCS u will 50213 gr .L ".'F'.., . ,.t,, .4 NM, 'Sv ,fn A yy qffgrif, 3.33. ,fr fzilff F 7' f'fl . ,, .LCAJ -lost ,FLW , X, f ww ,Ny M, -vffwwn 'f1n,2,.J J lo .wwf W:- i , X if 1-6' 'Y .' 2.7 1 1. VD ski wfw Iisflislzcazr 73 L, Nu .. bfi' gf-C ,-,.lS.Cf., Mgobiiwe Y 51L:?zf1cf'c:Lc:1 Wil QA? .YQ m:x,.V13.Lw M Mwmwc :J Jay liiuttozz iilhirlcff Ff'w'z'i.S 1 ann 'ff , ,x C49 ' N J JE 'Ru , f K ,J ,Ju fm, ,. NAME Kitty Allen Coke Andrus Norm Anthony Lore Barnes Hank Binner Gene Black lay Button C. I. Carlson l oy Chapman Lou Claiborne Bob Conover Shirley Davis Dot Dodge Dick Evans Paul Florman I ack Foster Betz Franklin Len Frey Mary Galt Pete Haas Ruth Haines Bob Hassard U Alma Higgins Franky Kelso Iean Kerr June Larlee Bernie Larsen Marilyn Michener Nancy Mills Gib Moe Bill Moulten Siv Mueser Barb Oxehufwud Bea Pfizer Ron Post Rod Handel Ken Riker Lou Singer Ed Stapley lack Stringer Ianet Tilton Tony Tippy Ted Wagner Huntley Weaver Bill Webster Ioyce Wickwire George Wilson Ray Wittman Morrie Wood Bobbe Wurmstich Class of '45 SENIOR ENCYCLOPAEDIA N OTED FOR vitality sleepy eyes brawn giggle brains reports indifference being agreeable dancing long hair walk arguing reserve grin clowning wit widow's peak comments beauty poker face horsemanship bass voice blush red hair braid good grooming mathematical genius wit domestic ability hair-do driving t?l rosy cheeks bracelets petiteness curly hair voice hunting neatness long legs 5 o'clock shadow shyness butch good manners cross country leadership parties modesty ideas speaking voice efficiency hell-raising u "An right" ll :I ll I: ll u ll n n ll n n PET EXPRESSION "Isn't that right?" "Tough Apples" "More or less" "Oh, Say" "Maybe" "In my opinion" "What's the rush?" "Trick-ee" "Down in Nutley-" "Terrible!" Ggggrrrrmmmmummm ll Doc says-" Look, chum-" "Get that" "What d'ya say?" "That's our boy!" u Hey, listen" I predict--" Oh, dear" You bet" Hi, friend" Follow that car" A-one, a-two-" Are you kidding?" Where's Gibby?" nGeell Famous last words" Did you make that?" "Geez" "Details" ll See ya" Golly" Honestly!" Hmmmmm" Howdy doody to you" You miserable--" "Don't be silly" Boys!" Everything happens to me" Why, sure" "Oh brother" "What say" "Only last" H Close, but no cigar" Oh, Iackie!" p I guess" My father says--" "Tough" "Ye gads" "Got a butt?" 32 USUALLY SEEN kidding with a briefcase playing pool in new clothes studying talking chewing gum emptying ashtrays flirting in a cloud of smoke at Redbank at Cornelia Street in the Art room with a gal with Ianet at Hi-Y in the Casba running ' drivin' the jallop in unexpected places looking happy singing having fun playing the piano with a full car chatting in a maroon sweater laughing knitting with Iune killing time and people smiling with Norma everywhere playing poker in a plane on the 116 being nice on his bike wolfing with Paul on duty busy waiting for the D.L.6W at ease with alumni with Spooner in Denville hitch-hiking friendly with undergraduates SENICR ENCYCLOPAEDIA WANTS TO BE a traveller a good marine an engineer going around the world a chemical engineer a lawyer a steeplejack different a secretary a playwright A West Pointer married a mathematician a sports writer a marine retired a Latin teacher an editor a SPAR a marine engineer a nurse a Metropolitan star graduated in a jam session a gym teacher a secretary a mechanical engineer a foreign secretary an interior decorator an aeronautical engineer a petroleum engineer out West foreign diplomat on Broadway chemical engineer a commercial aviator an engineer an interior decorator agricultural expert an artist a nurse a journalist a West Point man a Sales Manager communications engineer a nurse a three letter man a farmer chemical engineer cr secretary remembered PROBABLY WILL BE lost an ace a fireman dizzy a professor a filibuster a bookie female Spike Iones a gay divorcee Mayor of New Orleans a General a soda jerker an artist water boy for MLHS super salesman Lou Costello, 2nd cat woman Daily News reporter in a Pond's ad a top kick a doctor's wife a second Sinatra a blushing bride a'Nicksylander a cab driver the boss's wife Einstein, Ir. a Countess in stitches a farmhand a plumber a cowgirl a Rockette Miss Ioisey City ping pong champ a hot pilot a bus driver decorated a butter and egg man banned in Boston working in Flonnan's a bartender- a success a farmer shocked Elsa Maxwell 2nd a gigolo plowed under Clark Kent a good one forgotten 53 THEM.E Green Eyes Flying Home Behind the 8 Ball Laughin' Blues School Days It Can't Be Wrong Lazy Bones The Gang's All Here Dancing in the Dark Don't Fence Me In Got cr Letter From My Love Billy My Reverie On, On to Glory and Fame Together Mr. Five by Five Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis Racing With The Moon Pretty as a picture They Didn't Believe Me Let's Keep Srnilin' Sing, Sing, Sing How Many Hearts Have Yo Iazz Me Blues Dark Eyes Slender, Tender, and Tall Accentuate the Positive Moonglow Chatterbox It's Iune in Ianuary Running Wild Smile For Me My Bill Sweet and Lovely Young Man With cz Horn Big Noise From Winnetka Us on a Bus Star Eyes Ain't That Iust Like a Man I Found a New Baby Together We Three I'll Walk Alone Down on the Farm Me and My Little Kilowatt Calling Dr. Kildare I Didn't Know About You What This Country Needs is Don't Sweetheart Me Whistle While You Work u Broken? Foo Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered CLASS WILL Kitty Allen wills her cheering ability to Pat Willard. Coke Andrus gives his sleepy eyes to Eric Iones. Norm Anthony leaves pool-room to anyone who wants it. Lore Barnes entrusts her giggle to Dot Heaney. Henry Binner confers his quiet knowledge to Emily Dayton. Gene Black bequeaths his shovel to anyone who can handle it. lay Button surrenders his chewing gum to Allen Vogt. C. I. Carlson concedes her house to Ellen DeLeyer. Ioy Chapman left for California. Lou Claiborne accords his eyebrows on whoever can cultivate any Bob Conover wills his walk to his brother. Shirley Davis yields Cornelia Street Pharmacy to "Doc." Dot Dodge bequeaths her neatness to Ioan Mills. Dick Evans bequeaths his athletic ability to Warren Gifford. Paul Florman and Ianet Tilton refuse to leave each other. Betsey Franklin surrenders her widow's peak to Elisa Claiborne. Len Frey wills his love of sports to Art Singer. Iack Foster leaves his wit to Bill Haines. Mary Galt wills her jalopy to her sister, Eva. . Peter Haas leaves school because he can't take it with him. Ruth Haines bestows her noon trip to the store to Ramona Bolitho Bob Hassard confers his voice to the Met. Alma Higgens entrusts her blush to a sailor. . Franky Kelso gives the bass drum to Barry,Petry. Iean Kerr confers her card-playing ability to Ellen DeLayer. Iune Larlee won't leave Gibby. Bernie Larsen wills his slide-rule to Al Iohnsrud. Marilyn Michener surrenders her personality to lean and Babs. Nancy Mills leaves her knitting to the Red Cross. Gibby Moe confers his hairdo on Tom Murr. Bill Moulton entrusts his ability to take corners to Frank Pillsbury. Siv Mueser wills her chickens to Hal1owe'eners. as famous Barbro Oxehufwud accords her garrulousness to Babs Bostelmann. Bea Pfizer bequeaths her fifth period sandwich to Mr. Gooden. Ronny Post yields his trumpet to Harry Iames. Rod Handel entrusts his vocal chords to Mrs. Thompson. Ken Biker won't give anyone a pack of Camels. Lou Singer bestows her artistic ability to Iane Brookfield. Ed Stapley leaves his lankiness to George Littell. lack Stringer confers his beard to Dick Weaver. Tony Tippy wills 1over's lane to Giff. Ted Wagner imparts his cordiality to Howard Tyzzer. Huntley Weaver bestows.his bellows to the nearest foghorn. Bill Webster surrenders his versatility to Al Van Deusen. Ioyce Wickwire leaves her parties to lean Simmons. Ray Wittman confers his trotting ability on Pat Boardman. George Wilson entrusts his basketball to' Firm McClure. Morrie Wood wills his curly locks to Mac Wight. Bobbe Wurmstich leaves The Lakes to its many readers. The Class of 1945 entrusts its hard earned Senior Door to the Iuniors, in the hope that they appreciate our efforts in winninng it in time for them 34 to enjoy it SENIOR POLL Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite color: Blue "indoor sport": Neclcing women's college: Smith teacher: Mr. Smith swing band: Duke Ellington activity: Flirting play: "One Mad Night" actress: Greer Garson vocalist: Bing Crosby villain: Leonard fMr. Hyde! Frey hero: Superman book: King comics car: Buick flower: Bose sport: Football men's college: Notre Dame haunt: Blair's subject: Opposite sex sweet band: T. Dorsey actor: Van lohnson newspaper: "Mountaineer" commentator: Mr. Anibal magazine: Esquire famous athlete: T. Harmon month: Iune radio program: Bob Hope 35 E ew, 33 Q01 K' 1-Ysfiw' : ' 2" fl F5 "-,,.,II::-,Q-5,3 gjagg.-, W ' . 1 ' W fn W, - , K Q , wg sgfi. sa das: , V H , , I .WG Q 1 hi H 31 W.. .' ' 3 'fx . ,ilk in A W' P wif - . , 5 Wai mm' S' r as In ' , 'ff 3' ,nf SP ' nf 7 ' -sg , . ..-- A Q M ,, . . ' ' 33 .. M, ft W ., M W , , , ., Mwxmk Swvx.wvwNf,i,gl kablwnw M. .4 x .,, F, , i gf, .. is 10+ Hd New J 'ff ,m fe ,l"" 25 ' - N N Q z Q f K X' 4 A ls MH' swf W 1 T 4 A. K, if l X 911555125 XX ' ' ' 'i . . JJ! xbvubtpiscgh? K A. It.. -'lliflt-'4 lv bxv is-.ess ,Q 49 1 x l' A R 5' fo fyrgygeglvgjgk I Top Row-Willard, DeLeyer, Himmer, Dupilka, Galt, Dayton, Case. Butterworth, Harris, Anderson, Zieger, Gif- ! ford Nelson Larsen, Rust, Wickwire. r 1 I Third Row-Martens, Littell, Maier, Stoughton, Noll, Iohnsrud, Bgte, tl-Iqgkelll I-'rang' Tweiydlgyfogd, Pillsbury, ix K Brookfield. Second Row-Miles, Morris, Mills, Simmons, Maechtle. Stocks, Dixon, Miss Vincent, Ford, Heaney, hostelmann, Burrows Bowen Scharf. Bottom How-Conarroe, Wight, Tyzzer, Gillen. Nepratt, Van Duesen. Mi-ller,,Stielle, Huffman, Boardman. CLASS OFFICERS B. Bostelmann, Pres.: Miss Vincent, Class Advisor: D. Noll, Treas.: P. Willard, Sec. 1 x v JU ICR CLASS N We, the hard working Iunior class, have been ex- tremely successful in all our endirvors to raise money for our Senior expenditures. Our 'dances have .been acclaimed by all, and this year we held the food con- cession at all football games on the home field. The annual magazine campaign has always added to the treasury, and our salesmanship ranked high. The class has a large representation in all extra- curricular activities, and several of the members are officers of school organizations. Athletics seem to attract us all, either to be spectators, or to participate as players, cheerleaders, or assistants. This year we have gained the valuable help and guidance ot our new advisor, Miss Marion Vincent. With her loyal assistance, we know we will continue to succeed in the future as we have in the past. 38 M1 6 ,Qi . , ' . f L S V J ' 1' I x fy: i l x , qxfvxtvfg g XJ Q4 ' 1' AV' SUEIJGVYKOBE' CLASS if ', xl dx' ki L - lv-1 . " Q -f A tx- . A L , ' . f . 2 of lo f, K ww A, ' e of Sophclhorefclassf although not noteclffor - our 'in btual ability, are well lnreplisentecl in School c ' Q' Q Thevbdys on the 'football tedfn have won lory for thlzriiselves gfnd for the school in many of the games this season' and have done equally well in basketball. Qver half of the class are members of the A Capella Choir, and many are also members of the band. The sophomore girls have organized an excel- lent basketball team which won second place in the girls' basketball tournament. In previous years our class has been rather small: however, with the addition of several members from Denville this year, we are now the largest class in the school. The prospects for the future of the class of '47 seem good, and our members eagerly await the year 'when we will graduate and take our place in the world. I. CLASS OFFICERS I. Wilcox, Sec.: Mr. Trimble, Class Advisor: T Murr, Vice Pres.: O. Templeton, Pres. Top Row-Adams, Beck, Iewell, Goeller, Lynch, Carter, Ingram, Case, Kingsland, Strain, Wilcox, Templeton, Was- son, Hermes, Larsen. St. Angelo, Barstow, Read, Mr, Trimble. Second Row-Van Duyne, Sperry, Breckley, Humphrey, Tonking, Davis, Scott, Petry. Gregory, Lilliendall, Biker. I. Penne, Pierson, Handville, Leek, Murr. Bottom Row-MacKinnon, Lindberg, Hoth, McClure, Vogt. Scheckel, Ward, Morrison, R. Perine, Haskell, Golds- worthy, Eberhardt, Barnes, Smith, Black, Schoonmaker, Orvis. 59 I-L' S Vs. 'fs lifvvf- 4... legoglf. ' ...wig .,. Top Row-Curtis, Papst, Claiborne. Bennett, Myers, Bowen, Bonnesen, ,linollhufk Weawger, Klein, Peasbgck, GJ. brielsen, M. Stapley. I. Stapley, Binner, Cobb. y, tvws'-i I I i, . is-RQ In , 'M I ' f Second How-Willard, Rogers, Haines, Higgins, Talmage, Brown, Crosby. Parry, Woodward. Blusefg Hdrrington, , Loughlin, Graf, Nordstrom, O'Nei11, Ford, Thompson. -4 V ,tvgx . , 'N 3'y"Nt' .N:x Q, A- -Li Bottorn How-Kingsland, Randall, Scott, Rockefeller, Stone, G,-igpmison' Bgjithol 'Lynch' Smcm, Musa' "singeL- Pillsbury 1 'R sux sg, 'bm' - LL-'15-nm. 4 Lghzivilhxl' ffit-A - Q , f 'I Keir' 'o' ' " " . CLASS OFFICERS X' "' :"4"f "i""'s'f P 5-' ' J .S 1 Ze ,, '- ,L - 1 ff -7 f .xl I 2 ' S Standing-G. Willard, Treas.: P. Binner, Pres.: J A rw ," . N' "' B. Ford, Vice Pres. 1 4, I, A -v ' " -. Seated-Miss Callaway. Advisor: E. Claiborne. f - - Sec' f FRESHMANI CL SS 1" N I ' A I , J ,f 1 of ., F 1' K 'X ,K .4 Ni' f x rf XS I ,K fe f' We, the Class of '48, are proud of the record we have made in our first year of real high school. We ave several boys on the football and basketball I. V. Teams, two of our girls are sub-cheerleaders, and rainy of us are in the Line and Color Club, The Dra :nfatic Club, and the S. G. A. - in short, we are well represented in most school activities. Like all other classes, we have contributed to the tuberculosis fund. the Red Cross, the March of Dimes, and above all, to the war effort, by buying War Bonds and Stamps. The Freshman class boasts of having many mem- bers on the Honor Roll. Thus we have made a fine record both in scholar- ship and in athletics, and we intend to maintain it in the three hard years which lie before us. 40 53 tgp! ,Ju MFNNA J f ' ,J'L" ',..f!H!.J ,LIL , lik-fl! fx! Q 1 if , . Q ', ' I I Ji. A TJ X f i ff' , 1' ' "" WJ .J A if!! f 'xl' Et' , "' V f r 7 Z 1 In g ' , D I ffyfa' -1 . f 'V 'VH rf ,,ffElQI-lQl'HffCBADE f .ffhii 'Q-VT 'lan ' V pf , . f tj - 1 ff . J v f f it ' - S f f X, j if y , I gf - - . 5 L, ,L ,fWe4 lghth grade, have behind us Xa remxgrlgfblel ' j tory, one tlldbdistinguishes us fromrmany previous, ' if jf", cQses. Asfeve t graders we sponsored two parties l 5 ,' X1-Lt e or Ha we'en and another at Christmas ' lf" V 'time. ' Entering tHe agazine campaign our ambitious , LJ cldcjss ates otitsbld all other groups. ffl ,P"YAth1eueB11Y we have anyamazing record of achieve- lj! rnentgmtd can be depencleil .upon to furnish many I rn erss for all teams and organizations. . N, ll ttf With 'such rd, thef Class of '49 keeps climbing ...I f to th' step of S iofity -unqler the able leadership of AW S' 'Mi gl . Phelan. ' , ,P fx 175' ' A 'I in ' , , ,' lx 7 ' ' ' if g K 1, , H ,1 , ,Alffty fit -S ' ll 4' ,, CLASS OFFICERS R V ' " fl: " . ' V. Knill, Sec.: E. Farnham, Treas.: Miss Phelan, ' R I so 1 ' " Class Advisor: E. Iones, Pres.: 74, I- V, BF' J , gl " 3 I if , Fganklin, Vice Pres. of ,, N- J, f ' it ,, Ex , I ' .1 M? 1 :qu-W,.V",, ffk W lx V, V ' .- 1 I f,,' f , , 9' - -' , , 1 i , op Row-Littelt, m , Cffriernh gp, Tie. Gibb, vW?lsh, Carruthers, Gray, Matthews, Iones, Shattldzf J 1 Atkins, D es Tenflweton, 'G nn, Moultop. 1 K,-,f 5. g , Second Row rs , PisaC'I-Iotzly, f lex, Fiinhdmg-Garr, Ford, Betcher, Kni , Bennetff Koji: F5raiuo!6f"f6iUb- rino, V 'il' n, Per . Kn u 'Hine Ritz, Maclfinnoh, Van Orden, Delchamps. 'V - Bottom Huw- as-4 a, Prinie, Tl ken pnoiei? Kimber, Nelson, Byr-xL7,'F1qnnagc.x1,Q2 Rdtrick. ,fiat X .4 .lf I F gi - ' " , " . v" l A -a .9 - ,f fl 0555- Top How-Guild, Behrbohm, Wilcox, Hamilton, Bonnesen, Monahan, Pillsbury, Gaugier. Third Row-Sanders, Blattner, Milkey, Drake, Matthews, Brewer, Shoemaker, Dayton. Second Row-Hervey, Farnham, Iackson, Kingsland, Allen, Parkes, Leone, Doolittle, McLeod. Bottom Flow-Petry, Parry. Byrnes, Beattie, Pack, Kollmorgen, Oxehuiwud, Farquhar, Miller. CLASS OFFICERS Standing-N. Pack, Sec.: E. Miller, Vice-Pres. Seated-Mrs. Thompson. Advisor: I. Bonnesen. Pres. SEVE TH GRADE We, the seventh grade, have begun our high school career very successfully, having already given a Hallowe'en Costume party and rated only second to the Seniors in the Magazine Campaign. Our class is represented in the band and orchestra and promises to contribute members and leaders to many other school activities. It is indeed with a bright future that we start on the road to graduation with Mrs. M. Thompson as our enthusiastic class advisor. 42 Aivhlviwirgii EE lla, assi 15 lux gi L ,is ' Q 1 a . Ai Top Row-Mr. Ciardi, Eberhcrrdt, Black, Webster, Moulton, Ward, Second How-MacKinnon Io Anthony, Curtis, Gifford, Evans, Pillsbury, Tippy. A ver, Lindberg Murr R1 FOGTBALL The Mountain Lakes gridsters, who for the second consecutive year were under a new coach, turned in a creditable mark of four won, four lost for the 1944 season. The outlook was not too bright for Mr. Ciardi at the start of the campaign with only six veterans returning from the 1943 varsity. However, the T-propelled Orange and Blue upset a highly favored Fairlawn team in its opener and crushed Morristown Prep and St. Bernard's before bowing to a fine Rock- away outfit. The team suffered a heavy blow at this point when Bob Conover, outstanding ball carrier, left school. Injuries to key men were instrumental in the squad's losing three of the last four games. The boys who did yeoman work through a majority of each game were Evans, Andrus, Anthony, Read, Captain Webster, Moe, Murr, and Black in the line: Wilson, Gifford, Tip- py, Conover, McClure, Wagner, and Wight in the backfield. Another fine team appears to be in the making for 1945 since a large group of experienced players is due to return. Coach Ciardi is to be congratulated for his adept handling of the squad in his initial season here. 44 son Wagne A drus Wed Bottom How-I. Foster, Manager. Van Duesen, Huffman, Mc- nover Clure, Handel, Wood, Wight, Ford, O'Neill, Littell. 1944 RECORD IN FOOTBALL Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Fairlawn Morristown Prep. St. Bernard's Rockaway Netcong Wharton Newton Rockaway 7 0 0 28 12 20 25 41 Top Row-Littell, Singer, Haas, Iohnsrud Bottom How-Vogt, Miller, Wight, Lindberg Coach Anthony Ciardi Mountain Lakes Netcong Mountain Lakes Butler Mountain Lakes Wharton Mountain Lakes Dover Mountain Lakes Bayley Mountain Lakes Boonton Mountain Lakes Netcong Mountain Lakes Morristown Mountain Lakes Morristown Mountain Lakes St. Bernard's Mountain Lakes Wharton Mountain Lakes Bayley Mountain Lakes Dover Mountain Lakes Caldwell Mountain Lakes Boonton BASKETBALL The Orange and Blue quintet, somewhat hampered by a lack of experienced re- serves, achieved a commendable record for the 1945 campaign. Coach Ciardi shaped his starting team around Captain Dick Evans, George Wilson, Warren Gif- ford, Bill Webster, Tony Tippy, A1 Maier, and Firman McClure. Evans, one of the finest netsters in the annals of the school, led in scoring for the second consecutive year and was named on several all-star teams. Quality rather than quantity was the keynote for this year's squad: a more outstanding record might have resulted. but for the "mass exodus" of several promising undergraduate prospects to prep schools. George Littell, Mac Wight, Pete Haas, Art Singer, and Charles Huffman formed a junior varsity five which won about half of its schedule and gained valuable experience, predicting better things to come for '46! George Wilson William Webster CZIIGU A Ilcm M Firmcm Qier Richard Evans McClure Harold Tippy Standing-Stoughton, Tyzzer, Frey, Tweit, Franz, Noll, Boardman, Mr. Willing. Kneeling-Weaver, Perine, Smith, Wittman. Lelt to Right-Perine, Smith. Weaver, Franz, Wittman, Tyzzer, Noll, Tweit, Frey, Boardman. CROSS COUNTRY The Mountain Lakes harriers completed a highly successful season with the excellent record of six victories and one defeat. All seven meets were with far larger schools, and this fact makes the Lakers' performance even more impressive. In ad- dition to the regular schedule, the Orange and Blue runners competed at the New York University Invitational Meet and the New Iersey State Cross Country Championships and finished 48 TRACK well up among the schools of New York, New Iersey, Pennsyl- vania, and New England. Dean Noll was the outstanding runner and was undefeated during the regular campaign. He was closely followed by Pat Boardman, Howard Tyzzer, Bob Tweit, and Leonard Frey. Others on the squad who deserve commen- dation were Art Franz, Ray Wittman, Huntley Weaver, and Iohn Smith. Prospects are extremely bright for next year with all save Captain Frey, Wittman, and Weaver returning. Coach Willing, through his patience and untiring efforts, has placed cross country running in a prominent place on the Mountain Lakes sports calendar. ' 1944 RECORD OF CROSS COUNTRY Mountain Lakes 20 Passaic 35 Mountain Lakes 22 Kearny 33 Mountain Lakes 15 East Orange 40 Mountain Lakes 28 Passaic 27 Mountain Lakes 19 South Side CNewarkJ 36 Mountain Lakes 18 Irvington 37 Mountain Lakes 26 Central fNewarkl 31 East Orange 63 COACH RICHARD WILLING The Orange and Blue, a perennial power in track entered the 1945 season with a veteran squad and a handful of promising recruits, who combined to pro- duce another "trackless wonder." Ted Wagner, Dean Noll, Howard Tyzzer, Pat Boardman, Al Van Duesen. Iohnny Smith, Bob Tweit, Art Franz, and Leonard Frey were the outstanding runners: Bill Webster, Ray Witt- man, and Martin Ward did well with the weight events: Coke Andrus, Bob Hassard, Pete Haas, and Ed Stapley excelled in the jumps. Mr. Wil1ing's de- votion to and knowledge of the sport should assure him of continued success with his teams. 49 Standing Butterworth E Galt Breckley Templeton, Goeller. Mueser, M. Galt. Kneeling Petry Davis Leek Bostelmann, Tonking. CHAMPIONSHIP FIELD HOCKEY TEAM GIRLS' "Sticks! Play your own position!" These cries were heard every Monday and Friday in October when the hockey teams, captained by Lou Singer, Curley DeLeyer, and Audrey Leek, played their tournament. Aud's undefeated team were the champions: Lou's team the run- ners-up. At the end of the season the honor team. selected by the team captains and Miss Ewing consisted of Alice Butterworth, Eva Galt. Audrey Leek, Ellen De Leyer, Ioy Chapman, 50 Le!! to Right-E. Galt, Mueser, DeI.eyer, Butterworth, Singer, Leek, Tonking. HONOR FIELD HOCKEY TEAM ' SPORTS Grace Zieger, Betty Tonking, lean Wilcox, Izzy Singer, Emily Dayton, and Sylvia Mueser. The basketball season was climaxed by a spirited round robin tournament in which sixty girls, divided into seven teams, eagerly par- ticipated. Captain lane Brookfield's junior team placed first: the sophomore team, cap- tained by Olive Ann Templeton, won second place. In the warm spring aitemoons, the girls of Mountain Lakes enjoyed the thrills of the base- ball diamond. At the end of the season, the girls played an exciting tournament. During the year the girls showed great skill in Badminton and Volleyball. Their interest and enjoyment in these sports were so keen that the tournaments were most thrilling. 51 Lett to Right-Allen, Willard, Pfizer, Higgins, Bostelmann, Himmer. CHEERLEADERS Top Row-Himmer, Pfizer, Bostelmann. Bottom Row-Higgins, Willard, Allen. No athletic contest at Moun- tain Lakes would be complete without the six energetic cheer- leaders' rousing the crowd to vociferous support and encour- agement of the team! The en- thusiastic rooters are effective- ly led in the school cheers and song at all games and at pep rallies by Bea Pfizer, captain, Alma Higgins, Kitty Allen. Diane Himmer, Babs Bostel- mann, and Pat Willard. GNN 965W . Q XX GSP M005 Q1 pwigiijiggx x XO 554:96 QQWSSNQV Wf05JxJJQ,Qp mp .ogwvjgvb 2 SMVX 3 X Qqyy J QQJDNXNQPJ Q Qgxaxjgxfifolfopx v 1 rfiuiiwivgs to Righl Left Trees. Z P ' W maui Left to Right-Dupilka, Bostel- mann, Frey, Wurmstich, Con- over, Willard, Tweit, Kimber,- Tippy, Farnham, Webster. Blattner, Bonnesen, Iohnsnid. Mr. Smith, Claiborne, Case. Wasson, Templeton, Lillien- dahl. .Duesenn . A. Van ebstei- Pres" W smut Advisofi W' . Mr. ' dl SQC.. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION In the past year all student organizations have come under the jurisdic- tion of the S. G. A., which has widened its scope to include the Student Council, or legislative body, the Service Club or executive branch, and the Student Court or Iudicial department. Last year, through the combined efforts of Mr. Smith and a few student leaders, the S. G. A. adopted a revised constitution, and this year the new rules were successfully put into effect. To make student government a suc- cess, students rnust take advantage oi their opportunity of self-government by suggesting measures to it, obeying its decrees, and promoting interest in student activities. Thus the training in democracy we receive by participation in high school student government can prepare us for good citizenship and service to our country in future years. 54 Standing-Nepratt, Pillsbury, Wil- lard, Case. Dayton, Butter ' worth. Breckley, Templeton, Oxehufwud. Singer, Barnes Carlson. Seated-Larlee. Higgins. Allen Franklin. Kingsland, Tippy Bostelmann, Heaney, Nelson Harris, Ingram, Galt. Left fo High I NH. - man. Vice-p!e51n9sIandl Sec. T ' " ' Tipp 7' Pre . s, Mrs, Thom P8011 Advisor B Bostel The Service Club has one of the most important duties of the school: maintaining order in the hall and lunch room. 'I'his year the club has inaugurated a number of valuable changes. Proudly, the members wear the official arm bands when they are on duty: these bands have been issued for the first time this year. This organization has become affiliated with the S. G. A.: Tony Tippy, president of the Service Club, is also vice-president of the S. G. A. Under the excellent guidance of Mrs. Thompson, the Service Club is indeed translating its name into action and is truly serving the school unselfishly. 55 Sffmdinq-lOhnSIUd. SCOtt. Klein. Peasbcck, Bennett, Martens, Galt, Kelso, Carlson, Bostelmann, Heaney, Nelson. Singer, Davis, Scott, Himrner, Ford, Mills, Wurmstich, A. Singer. Sedfed-GIimmiS0n. Stone, Butterworth, BOWSH. Frey, Miss Nast, Claiborne, Burrows, Scharf, Larlee, Dayton, I. Mills. The MOUNTAINEER, our school newspaper, has been a successful and popular enterprise for the past three years. Issues are published monthly, and the circulation is about four hundred, including the copies sent to service men by Mrs. Thompson. The staff includes some thirty hard-working journalists and typ- ists. The school looks forward to each issue of the MOUNTAINEER for its well liked col- umns and especially for its sports write-ups. The MOUNTAINEER should continue to grow in quality and popularity in the future under the patient and wise guidance of Miss Nast. Left to Right-L. Frey. Editor-in-Chief: Miss Nast, Advisor: I. Simmons, Ass't. Editor: L. Claiborne, Business Manager. 56 Standing-Burrows, Larlee. Nelson, Wilcox. Goeller, Himmer, Anderson, Dupilka, Stocks. Seated-Barstow, Humphrey, Bowen. Martens, Carlson, DeLeyer, Barnes, Kelso, Harris. THE LIBRARIANS' CLUB The members of the Librarians' Club learn and practice effectively library methods of cataloging, signing out books, and keeping the shelves in order. Our efficient librarian, Mrs. Thompson, instructs the girls and helps them. "Franky" Kelso is President of the club, and Carolyn Carlson is Vice-President. 57 Standing-B. Kelso, Pres.: C. Carlson, Vice-Pres. Seated-Mrs. Thompson, Advisor. Top Row-Barstow, Sperry, Wilcox, Goeller, Case, Wasson, Leek, Scott, Willard, Martens. Third Row-Klein, Wickwire, Pfizer, Rust, Nelson, Butterworth. Heaney, Bostelmann, Scott, Strain, Himmer. Second How-Stone, Grimmison, Black, Tyzzer, Miss Kerr, Boardman, Anthony, Morris. Bottom Row-Kelso, Wurmstich, Galt, Pillsbury, Rockefeller THE DRAMATIC CLUB Top Row-B. Pfizer, Pres.: Miss Kerr, Advisor. Bottom Row-R. Wurrnstich, Treas.: L. Singer, Sec. This year a new activity has been introduced to Mountain Lakes High School-the Dramatic Club. Already this group has gained a large and enthusiastic following, which is rapidly learning the value of this club's work. The high school' students learned that, al- though the fire of giving a play is perhaps the motive which prompts most people to engage in dramatic activities, the individual derives many more permanent values from the club work. The members have discovered that the training for public speaking is probably the most important value of amateur drama to the individual taking an active part. In their dramatic work this year the students learned such simple things as how to stand before an audience, what to do with their hands,, and most important of all, how to use their voices correctly. They have acquired poise and self- confidence. Already the group has begun to reach its goal, and under the able leadership of Miss Alice Kerr, long and prosperous years ahead are anticipated for this organization. 58 Lady Macbeth, a victim of Shakespeare ................,. Mary Galt y ,- T p How-Wickwire, Wurmstich, Barnes, Galt, Carlson, Oxehufwud, Miss Callaway, Miss Nast, Miss K B tt Row-Weaver, Wittmcm, Hassard, Black, Claiborne, Frey. THE SENIOR PLAY One Mad Night, a mystery-farce involving several inmates of an insane asylum, was one of the most successful plays ever produced by a senior class at Mountain Lakes High School. Its tremendous appeal was due to the exceptional acting ability of the cast, the excellent directing of Miss Alice Kerr, the effective make-up and costuming under the supervision of Miss Mildred Callaway, and the realistic setting, handled by Mr. Frank Wik- ander. The cast follows: Don Cutter, a young playwright: ....... .......... G ene Black Wing, his Chinese valet ............................ .......... R ay Wittman Priscilla, "another unfortunate" ................. ......... L ore Barnes Iohn Alden, who hunts Indians ........ Mr. Hyde, a ferocious villain .............. ..............Huntley Weaver .............Leonard Frey Dr. Bunn, who 1S in charge ..........................,..... Louis Claiborne Lucille Marcy, a damsel in distress ......... .Barbro Oxehufwud Mrs. Kluck, the housekeeper .................................. Barbara Kelso Gertrude Finch, Don's fiancee ........,.., Mrs. T. Ashington Finch, her mother ..........-...Beryl Pfizer ...-...Betsey Franklin Depression, their colored maid ..,...,,....,,.,.,,, Bobbe Wurmstich Artemus Burke, a lawyer .,.....,..,.,,,,,,,,, Danny Siletto, an escaped murderer 59 ....--.....-...Edward Stapley ..-.....Bob Hassard Top Row-H. Weaver, Littell, Van Duyne. G. Willard, Conarroe, Iohnsrud, Florman, Pfizer, A. Higgins, Burrows, L. Singer, Lilliendahl. Fourth Row-Hickey, Post, Hassard, Moulton, Anthony, R. Weaver, Randel, Stapley, Hoth, Lindberg, MacKinnon, Breckley, Strain. Goeller, Kerr, Harris. Larlee, Barstow, Dixon, Wurmstich. Third Row-Brown, Nepratt, C. Higgins, Goldsworthy, Miller, Ford, P. Willard, Himmer, Ford, Butterworth, Dayton, Wasson, Leek, Templeton, Humphrey, P. Bowen, Wilcox, Miles, I. Davis. E. Case, I. Mills, Dupilka. Second Row-M. Bowen. Klein, Grimmison, Scott, Rockefeller, S. Davis, Pillsbury, I. Singer, Stone, I. Scott, M. Case, Morris, Maechtle. Zieger, Anderson, Wickwire, Franklin. Bottom Row-Allen, Martens, Pierson, Nelson, Mueser. Michener, Gabrielsen, Ingram, Kelso, Galt, Brookfield, Musa, Heaney, Bostelmann, Dodge, Tilton, Chapman. "Anyone who wants to sing should A C A P E L. L A C H 0 I R have his chance." This is the spirit which originated the famed A Ca- pella Choir of Mountain Lakes High School. Ever since its organization, the choir has had one of the most enthusiastic followings of any group in the school. Mr. Milkey, the be- loved director, has established no specific requirements for member- ship because he feels such action would defeat the purpose of this or- ganization-to let anyone who wants to, participate in the popular activity of singing. It is not surprising, there- fore, to find that there are ninety- five members in the choir. During the year, the A Capella Choir pre- sents two delightful concerts: one at mess-1 Christmas time and one in late -dent: 1LelS'9' Sec' spring. These concerts are eagerly mwah, View Mvxsvf' looked forward to and well attended. Biqmfwuf W, Nlilkell' for every one knows the fine quality Leitilzx. vice-Pres.. of the Mountain Lakes A Cappella Choir. 60 n ' ' -ff.ii1'fr""'.f":f' -ff' ff. Q Gaugier, Galt, Post, Lindberg, Kelso, Michener, Carlson, Moulton, Brown, Parks, Dayton. BAND AND ORCHESTRA Two other important musical organizations of M. L. H. S. are the Band and the Orchestra. Mr. Mill-:ey leads both these groups and instills in the members a sense of the importance and the power of music. The band plays at all the football games, pep-rallies, and assemblies: the orchestra's most important function is playing on Graduation night. 61 'rtxlll-A ..lll'.A X itil!! Back Row-Stringer, Bowen, Leek, Miss Callaway, Brookfield, Himmer. Front Row-Lilliendahl, Dodge, Bostelmann, Simmons, Mills, Claiborne, Higgins. .vzfiiza ll :,, ., fi J , x t 1. ' . ,fs.g,g,zzw - iA et, t 1 K - -we-11.4 visits I 6:53. i,kL gmfgiggjx , ' fqfiggzy X' ' -3 i ' A A , F ? ur t s it 1-Mui: , -..Q, W., S Standing-Yaccarino, Miller, Nordstrom, Parry, Doushkess, Atkins, Pisar, Gibb, Hines, Bennett. Seated--Kingsland. Brewer, Dayton, Kopi, Miss Callaway. Ford, Ferraiuolo, Housby, Hervey, Delchamps. THE LINE AND COLOR CLUB-IUNIOR ART CLUB 'l'he primary purpose of these clubs is to promote an active interest in fine arts by allow- ing the members to select the type of work which they wish to do and to develop their skill in this field. With the aid of Miss Callaway's capable guidance, the Line and Color Clubs have prospered and will continue to prosper. L 62 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY One of the highest honors Moun- tain Lakes High School can bestow on a member of the senior or junior class is election to the National Honor Society. Students of these classes who are outstanding in qualities of character, service, scholarship, and leadership are se- lected for membership and are ex- pected to display these qualities at all times and to help develop them in their school mates, Bobbe Wurm- stich, lack Stringer, Leonard Frey, and Bill Webster were elected in their junior year. Supervising Prin- cipal E. W. Anibal is advisor to the National Honor Society. Left to Right-Frey, Webster, Mr. Anibal, Stringer, Wurmsttch. Standing-Van Deusen, Moulton, Stringer, Webster, Lindberg, Conover, RandeL Kneeling-Iohnsrud, Scheckel, Claibome, Foster, Tweit, Tippy, Vogt. HI-Y The primary objective of the Mountain Lakes Gamma Hi-Y is service - service to the school and community. This group is a four-time winner of the annual efficiency contests among the Hi-Y clubs of Morris County. Their work includes the Youth Government pro- gram and other worth-while community projects. The organization, under the effective guid- ance of the Reverend Loral W. Pancake, deserves praise for its splendid work. 63 Top How-Pillsbury, Haas, Wilson, Andrus, Tippy, Randel. Bottom Row-Stoughton, -Noll, Evans, Moulton, Stringer, Black. Mr. Ferraiuolo, Mr. Foley. IUNIOR FIRE DEPARTMENT The Iunior Fire Department has been of immense service to the community in filling adequately the places of the regular volun- teer firemen when they are out of town dur- ing the day and in assisting the regular firemen at all other times. Under the able leadership of Chief Peter Haas, this group has been instilled with new vigor and promises to do still more in serving the borough. CUSTODIANS Mr. Foley and Mr. Ferraiuolo are two of the most beloved men in Mountain Lakes High School. Not only do they keep our school neat, clean, and efficient looking, but they always have cr friendly word and a smile for everyone.

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