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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1944 volume:

wwf F1 Qi an fl I -'ual E rv!! Q an-Q ff! H, FFF' Q' W' 3151121 1 The KE Published by The Senior Class June ..... 1944 Mt. Lakes High School Mountain Lakes, N. f 4 X . X To Mr. Edward T. Milkey, our apable music supervisor, class adviser and above all, our friend, We, the Class of 1944, affectionately dedicate our yearbook. In this small way, we are endeav- oring to show that we are conscious of the sincere interest that he has always manifest in our group during the past twelve years. THE L KES STAFF I lflw 111-Cfbirf IIIIXIIIIH Mrlmlgrr nli lilllor Barbara Beattie Irving Dayton Robert Greene Harry Rogers jack Easton lillen Sawyer Walter MacGratl1 Marie Dennis Marese Miller -lean Black, Chairman liditli Turkington Margaret DeLeyci' Jolugmpby . , , Apeda Studio, Mr. Simor Ailrixrr Yiuwok Ail1'i.ii'r tn MarGrafh. Seeoml Cntlierine Moelile , Nancy Amadon . Leonard Frey A,iil.itur1l Eililurs George Kupf Willard Davis ljilifurial Staff Eleanor Flinton Betty Dempster john Clark jane Randall Charles Curran Claude Watts Yvette Mayenzct Barbara McEwen Robin Allardice Louise Janes Progress Publishing Company W. Trimble, Mr. R. Willing . ,..,..,. Mr. E. T. Milkey .Mr. M. L. Doublier Row- ,. , EMO, b'IR0W" Rf'Sf,if3,g'f"Uf aint, cuffw W"'!igl,if'Rim1a11. I-4 .. l E. W. ANIBAL Sullvrrising Principal E ROBERT J. SMITH ADMINISTRATION Principal IRENE P. DUNN Secretary BOARD of EDUCATION Przfsidmf ....... , MR. HIRAM B. GERBOTI-I Vice-Prvsidvnl ,,... .. . MRS. CURTIS FRANKLIN Dixirirf Clerk . .... ....,...,,. . ,, .... ......., . . ...,. MR. JOHN A. TOMPKINS MRS. DAVID BLATTNER MR. GEORGE LITTELL MRS. RICHARD DUNKEL MR. WILLIAM MURR DR. LYMAN POWELL MR. CHARLES KLEM MR. ATHERTON NOYES, JR. Top Row-Doublivr, Ellis, Wikarrdcr, Gooden, E. Milkfy, Trimble, Willing. Srmml Row--McManus, Ezltly, Thompson, Hurlzrr, Callaway, Harris, Pbvlun, Smcdlry. Tbinl Row-Blum'bam', C. Milkry, Anibul, Smilh, Dunn, Kerr. FACULTY IEARLF W. ANIBAL-Su,br'r1'ising Prinrifml , .. ROBERT J. SMITH-Prinripal . HIfI.IiN M. BLANCHARD-English and Matin' ullrs nl MILDRED CALLAWAY--Ar! ,,.., .....,.. , .. , . . MARCEL L. DOUBLIER-Frcnrb and Spanish .. IRENE DUNN-Srtrrlary FRANCES D. EDDY-H0mc' Et'0tl0mi4's GEORGE W. ELLIS-Physirul EIIIIFKIHUII . H. B. GOODEN-History ....... ., ...... .... . . CHARLOTTE P. HARRIS-Laiin and German HELEN HOCKIiR-Rvgislerrd Nurse ALICE J. KERR-English and Matbrmalirs ANNE C. MCMANUS-Maflsrmatirs and Sricnrv CAROLYN R. MILKEY-Pbysifal Eulucalion Eastern Kentucky State Teach EDWARD T. MILKEY-MllSiL' ... .. CATHERINE A. PHELAN-Soriul Srirnrc MARY C. SMEDLEY-English MILDRED M. THOMPSON-Librarian .. ers College, .. .. . Hamilton, Ph.B.g Columbia, A.M. .. . . St. Lawrence, B.S., A.M. .. . .... .... .. .. .... .. . Wellesley, B.A. Mississippi State College, A.B.g Culumbia, A.M. .. .. . Trinity College, B.S.g Columbia, A.M. .. Dickinson, A.B.g Columbia, A.M. .. . Springfield, BS., Columbia, M.A. Colorado State Teachers College, A.B., A.M. University of Chicago, A.B.g . ... Columbia, B.s., A.M. . Georgian Court, A.B. University of Kentucky, A.B.g Columbia, A.M. New York University, BS., A.M. . ......,,.. ..... . New York University, B.S. .. . University of Pennsylvania, B.S., A.M. University of Kansas, A.M. WILLIAM E. TRIMBLE-Srirnn' .. West Chester State Teachers College, B.S.g Duke University, Ed.M. FRANK A. WIKANDER-Inrluxlrial Arls RICHARD W. WILLING-Commrrriul Newark Normal School, Rutgers University University of Wisconsin, B.A.., A.M., Whitewater Teachers College, B.E. Columbia, A.M. 'E C . in l I N F " wir 4-. 'Tlx' +.,-sg .W . Q. .AM PPKHJ! VICE-PRESIDENT Vice-President, 4, Yearbook Editor, 4, Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey, 1, 2, All-State Hockey, 3, Badminton, 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4, S.G.A., 3, Service Club, 3, 4, Mountaineer Staff, 4, Librarian's Club, 2, 3, 4, Testimonial Dinner Committee, 34 Sophomore Hop Committee, 2, Junior Prom Committee, 3, Senior Ball Committee, 4. "In u good surgeon, a hawkis eye! a lion't hear! and u lady's band." M f PRESIDENT President, 4, Treasurer, 3, S.G.A., 1, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 45 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Model Legis- lature, 3g Senior Play Committee, 4, Junior Prom Committee, 35 Senior Ball Committee, 4, Basketball, 2, 35 Bridge Committee, 34 Stage- craft, lg Testimonial Dinner Committee, 3g Youth Government Program, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4, Mountaineer Staff, 3, Camera Club, 2, 33 Junior Fire Department, 3, 4, C.A.P., 3, 4, Student Court, 4. "A good tongue is a good weapon." I! fBSh'eTiIDe SECRETARY Secretary, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4g Play Commit- tee, 43 Hockey, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Volley- ball, 2, 3, 45 Soccer, 2, 35 S.G.A., 4, Service Club, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Badminton, 1, 2, Mountaineer Staff, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 4g Testi- monial Dance Committee, 35 Chairman Senior Ball, 4, Camera Club, 2, 3. "A lady so richly dressed as she, beautiful exceedingly." 07' WMF "Gooie" TREASURER National Honor Society, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 3, Secre- tary, 4, Band, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir, 3, S.G.A., 2, 3, 45 Cross-Coun- try, 3, Captain, 4, Track, 3, 43 Junior Fire De- partment, 3, 4, Youth Government Committee, 3, 45 Class Treasurer, 45 Sophomore Hop Com- mittee, 2. "I have nothing to declare except my genius." Class President, 1, Sadie Hawkins Committee, 4, Bridge Com mittee, 3, 4, Christmas Card Committee, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4 Chairman Play Committee, 4, Hockey Tournament, 1, 2, 4 Basketball, 1, 2, A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, S.G.A., 1, 3, Servi ice Club, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, 1, Testimonial Dinner Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee, 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, 2 Senior Ball Committee, 4, Football Dance Committee. "At some glad moment was it nature's choice To dower a scrap of sunset wifh a voice?" "Nance" Business Manager, The Lakes, 4, New jersey All-State Choir, 4 Bridge Committee, 4, Senior Play Committee, Basketball, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball, 3, 4, Badminton, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, Service Club, 3, 4, Li brarian's Club, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, Choir, 4, Vice-Presi dent, Band, 4, Vice-President, Orchestra, 4, Senior Ball Com mittee, 4. "Gracious lo all, to none subservient, lg Without ofense she spoke fhe word she meanlf' Qwdww Zgfwvehfef "Barney" Yearbook Staff, 4, Senior Play, 4, A Cappella Choir, 3, S.G.A., 4, Camera Club, 1, 2, 3, Service Club, 2, 3, 4, Mountaineer Staff, 4, Librarians' Club, 2, 3, President, 4, Paper Sale, 3, Christmas Card, 4, Field Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 4, Badminton, 4. "She is prelty to walk wilh, and willy fo talk zcifh, and pleasanf, 100, fo lhink on." "Balm" Yearbook Staff, 4, Badminton, 3, 4, Manager, 3: Volleyball. 3, 4: Librarians' Club, 4, Service Club, 4. "She argued high, she argued low, She also argued round abou! her." Ewn, S lO.Ls1f. "lainie" Victory Dance, 3, Bridge Chairman, 3, 4, Christmas Card Com- mittee, 4, Yearbook Staff, 45 Senior Play, 4g A Cappella Choir, l, 2, 3, 4, Service Club, 4, Mountaineer Staff, 3, 45 Camera Club, l, 2, 3, Testimonial Dinner, 35 Paper Sale, 3, Cheerleader, 3, 4g Sophomore Hop Committee, 25 junior Prom Committee, 3g Senior Ball Committee, 45 Hockey, l, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, 2g Volleyball, l, 2, 35 Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4g Badminton, 1, 2. "Ieanir hath a beaming eye, but no om' knows for whom it bearnefbf, Football, l, 2, 3, 4. "Thr blush is beauliful, but it is sometimes inconvenient." ..C,mmp,, ball, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Hockey, 3. "I must be to Ibe barbefs Monsieur, for me lbink I am marvelous hairy abou! the face." rfHarry!! Football, 4, Track, 3, Baseball, 4, Hockey, 3, 45 Junior Fire Department, 3, 4. "I care for nobody, no, no! I, if no one cares for man Yearbook Staff, 4, Football, 3, 4g Football Co-Captain, 4, Basket- "Charies,' Sadie Hawkins, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4, Senior Bridge, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 4, Track, 3, 4, A Cap- pella Choir, Z, 3, 4, Band, 1, Stage Craft Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Bridge, 3, Junior Fire Department, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, President, 4, Sophomore Hop, 2, Junior Prom, 3, Senior Ball, 4. "If yozfre there before it's over, you're on time." Class Vice-President, 2, S.G.A. Vice-President, Stage Craft Club, 3, 4, Mountaineer Staff, 3, Business Manager, Sadie Hawkins Committee, 4, Testimonial Dance Committee, Hi-Y, 4, Youth Government Committee, 3, Service Club, Sophomore Hop, 2, junior Prom, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4. "Crafty men eonzieznn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use themf' QJVMQQMQQ "Chicken" Yearbook Staff, 4, Hockey, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Football, 3 Basketball, 4, Service Club, 4. "Mischief thou art afoot Take thou what course thou wilt." llxggepc CUSS-Wx "California" Transferred from California-September, 1943 President, 2, Secretary, 2, Sadie Hawkins Committee, 4, Christ- mas Card Committee, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4, Senior Play, 4 Archery, 1, 2, 3, 'Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Swimming, 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, l, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2 3, Bad- minton, 1, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club, 1 Service Club, 4, Mariners, 2, Junior Prom, 3, Newspaper Staff 2, 3, Scholarship Society, 2, Song Leader, 2, 3, Tri-Y, 2, 3. "Mind rannot follow it, nor words express Her infinite sweetnessf Play, 4, Senior 3, President, 4, 4: 34 3: QM! ,C9.2?7.2, NAI!! "A life of leisure and a life of laziness are Iwo fbingsf' M'-I -Dakiqir ' ffpcggyli Bridge Committee, 3, 44 Christmas Card Committee, 45 Yearbook Staff, 4g Play Committee, 4, Hockey, 1, 2, Basketball, 1, 23 Bad- minton, 1, 2, Volleyball, 1, 25 Soccer, lg A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, Testimonial Dinner Committee, 35 Sopho- more Hop Committee, 2, Junior Prom Committee, 35 Senior Ball Committee, 4, Camera Club, 2, 35 Victory Dance, 3. "Debate is masculine, ebaifer is feminine." l l l QA-Q M "Qllf'l'l1iL',, Yearbook Staff, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Service Club, 4 L1bf31'i21H,S Club, 45 Badminton, 35 Volleyball, 4. "To travel hopefully is belief than fo arrive." "Ream Transferred from Irvington Orchestra, 4, Track, 4. "Once or fwiee io roll the diee is a genflemarfs game." A rflafku Vice-President, 3g Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Track, 3, 4, S.G.A., 45 Junior Prom Committee, 3g Bridge Committee, 43 Senior Play Committee, 43 Testimonial Dinner, 3. "The wine in the hoiflz' does noi quench the ihirslf' 43 frD0llyu Sadie Hawkins Committee, 4, Yearbook, Staff, 4g A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 45 Service Club, 43' Librarian's Club, 45 Field Hockey, 2. "An ounce of wif is worih a pound of sorrow." lasik, NAV!!! A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2g Hi-Y, 3, 4g All-State Choir, 3, 4. "Our ziignify is not what we do, but wha! we 1l?1Il!'Y5fdf'IIl.,, 014545 PfR0n!7 A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4. "He ceased, hui leff so pleasing on ihe ear, His voice fbaf lisicning still they seemed fo hear." "1olJnnie" Class Secretary, 3, Dramatic Club, Vice-President, lg Camera Club, 2, 3, Service Club, 3, 4, Librarian's Club, 3, 43 Mountaineer Staff, 3: Sophomore Hop Committee, 23 Junior Prom Committee, 3g Junior Bridge Committee, 3g Testimonial Dinner Committee, 33 Yearbook Staff, 44 Senior Play Committee, 45 Sadie Hawkins Dance, Chairman, 4, Senior Ball Committee, 45 Hockey, 1, 2, 3g Soccer, 1, 25 Volleyball, l, 2, 34 Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Badmin- ton, lg Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4. "I will sing as I shall please." Q rflpnksn Football, Manager, 4g Basketball, 3, 4, Track, 2, 45 Baseball, 3, 45 Hockey, 4. "If I ean only keep my good name I shall be rich enough." galvw ffEdU "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength "Mac Football, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, Hi-Y, 3, 4 , "Silenee is more eloquenl lban words NVE!! Sadie Hawkins Committee, 4, Yearbook Staff, 45 Hockey, 3, 4 Basketball, 3, 45 Badminton, 3, 4, Soccer, 3g A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 44 S.G.A., 45 Service Club, Vice-President, 3, President, 4 "Reason and calm judgment, line qualifies specially belonging to u leader." rrMac,u ,WW Yearbook Staff, 4, Service Club, 43 Librarian's Club, 4, Volley- ball, 4. "Speerb is greaf, buf silenre is greater." Football, 3, 43 Basketball, 3, 43 Cross Country Track 3 Spring Track Team, 2, 3, Captain, 4, A Cappella Choir, 2 3 4 "If tlaou does play with him at any game fbou arf sure lo lose." Wwe vm., Band, lg Yearbook Staff, 4. "Good manners are the ieehnique of expressing Conslderafzon for fbe feelings of oihersf' Miva "Howie" Football, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 2, 3, Baseball, 2, 3, 45 Track, 4, Sophomore Hop Committee, 2, junior Prom Committee, 34 junior Fire Department, 45 C.A.P.C., 4. "Sm'rr'xs lo the strongest, who are always Ihr' wisest and tbr' larsl." "Baku" Class President, 3, Secretary, 2g Bridge Committee, 3, 4g Year- book Staff, 4g Play Committee, 43 Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 45 Soccer, 1, 25 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Badminton, 2, 4g A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, President, 4, S.G.A. Secretary, 3, 43 Service Club, 3, 49 Testimonial Dinner Committee, 3, Honor Society, Vice-President, 3, 4, Paper Sale, 3g Sophomore Hop Committee, 2, junior Prom Committee, 35 Senior Ball Committee, 4g Football Dance Committee, 3. "Cool, and quile English, imperlurbablef' MQRZB2 "Marese,' Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee, 4, Christmas Card Sale 4 A Cappella Choir, 2, 3, 4, Service Club, 4g Librarians Club 4, Yearbook Staff, 4. "Her briglal smile btumfs me will." czaaaa 0 "Liz" Senior Play Committee, 4g A Cappella Choir, 2 3 4 Serv ct Club, 4g Paper Sale Chairman, 3. "The tongue is a wild beat, once le! loovr' if is difficult lo Chain." fflanivn Sadie Hawkins, 3, Bridge Committee, 3, 4, Christmas Card Sale 4, Yearbook Staff, 4, Cheerleader, 3, Captain, 4, Basketball, 2 3, 4, Service Club, 4, Mountaineer Staff, 4, Camera Club, 2, 3 Testimonial Dinner Committee, 3, Junior Prom Committee, 3 Paper Sale, 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, 2, Senior Ball Com: mittee, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Hockey, 2. "Nothing endures but personal qualities." mia. geek "Marry, A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Hop Committee, 2, Dramatic Club, 1, Hockey, 2, Badminton, 2. "Tho we never saw you, somehow you were with us." 9 Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Sophomore Hop Committee, 2, Track, 1, 3, Service Club, 4, Mountaineer Staff, 4, Stagecraft Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Testimonial Dinner Committee, 3, Junior Fire Department, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4. "I can say neat things myself if they will give me time." Bridge Committee, 3, 4, Christmas Card Committee, 4, Yearbook Staff, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Hockey,,1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Badminton, 2, 4, Archery, 2, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Service Club, 4, Art Club, 2, Camera Club, 2, 3, Testimonial Dinner Committee, 3, Junior Prom Committee, 3, Football Dance, 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, 2, Senior Ball Committee, 4, A.A. Representative, 2. "Amt her :lurk eyes-bow eloquent!" "Turk" President of Camera Club, 1, 2, 3, Hockey, l, 25 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Mountaineer Staff, 3, 45 Service Club, lg Sophomore Hop Committee, 2, junior Prom Committee, 35 Christmas Card Chairman, 4, A Cappella Choir, l, 2, 3, 4, Bridge Committee, 3, 45 S.G.A., 1, 2, 3, Senior Ball Committee, 4, Testimonial Dinner Committee, 34 Victory Dance Committee, 34 Yearbook Staff, 4. "The fairesl garden in her looks, And in her mind, the wisest books." Cfa-.VQQ 2-J'-'A' Hskiipn junior Prom Committee, 33 Sadie Hawkins Committee, 4, Year- book Staff, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 45 Stagecraft, 2, Testimonial Dinner, 3g Junior Fire Department, 3, 43 Youth Government, 3, Hockey, 2, 3, 4. "I can not fell how the lruih may be. I tell the tale as 'lwas said to me." l BWJEEB, owl ff "Beve" Basketball, 4, Badminton, 35 A Cappella Choir, 2, 3 4 Orchestra 23 Librarian's Club, 4. The sweet expression of that face forever changing, yet the same." fl s W 6 lisa' wk - lmi 'M-N... Nillw? Z0 l6'c'... , fu Wi, ' ' 39 : hi, it ay' X A Y K A x,,' ff-. E I if' 1 I Y if an L , , , 1, AK, X Se. fl fi-Ziff. .. Wim? I A ' W X M? u 55 L 1-ffl 3 ii. CLASS WILL Robin Allardice leaves her voice to The Lone Ranger. Nanc Amadon atrioticall contributes her saxo- Y P Q Y phone to the scrap drive. Barbara Barnholt bestows her love of dancing on Betsey Franklin. Barbara Beattie leaves her taciturnity to jean Simmons. Jean Black cheerfully leaves her waddle to Alma Higgins. Dick Brown wills his love of football to Bob Conover. Lloyd Champion bestows his beard on Jack Stringer. Harry Clark leaves his aversion to studies to Har- rison Van Duyne. John Clark wills his Mercury to Bill Moulton. Mary Corbin leaves us breathless. Charles Curran bestows his love of stagecraft to Bill Webster. Willard Davis leaves his love of wine, women, and song to Omer Claiborne. Irving Dayton wills his love of studies to Frank Pillsbury. Albert Dege bestows his long legs on Dickie Brown. Peggy DeLeyer leaves her gift of chattering to Mary Galt. Bette Dempster contributes her clothes to the British War Relief. Marie Dennis leaves Kish to Frankie Kelso. Red Dwyer wills his galloping dominoes to Carl Sutphen. jack Easton bestows his pompadour on Mr. Doublier. Dolly Flinton leaves her ability to make noise to June Cunningham. Arthur Grambling wills his lankiness to Jack Foster. Bob Greene leaves the school because he can't take it with him. Ronald Homer bestows his tenor voice on Rod Randel. Lou Janes leaves her habit of blushing at the wrong time to Olive Morris. Henry jenkins wills his remarks in English class to Cliff Back. Edwin Kimball bestows his unobtrusiveness to Ronny Post. Mac Kirkwood leaves his flashy slacks to Jack Schofield. George Kopf bestows his political ability on Lou Bell. Fred Lathrop wills his love of the cinder track to Ted Wagner. Walter MacGrath leaves his love of science to Robert Scott. Yvette Mayenzet leaves her efHciency to Pat Willard. Ruth McDougall bestows her neatness on Barbara Ford. Barbara McEwen leaves her bow legs to Lou Singer. Howard McLarin leaves his curly hair to Warren Gifford. Marese Miller wills her dimples to Rosemary Burrows. Kit Moehle bestows her versatility on Kitty Allen. Elizabeth Oxehufwud leaves the Signal Corps to her sister Barbara. Jane Randall leaves her gracious smile to Ipana. Martha Reeder bestows her irregular attendance to Len Frey. Harry Rogers leaves his inability to tell jokes to Pete Calvert. Ellen Sawyer wills her eyes to Eric Jones. Edith Turkington wills her worrying to Jiffy Scott. ' Skip Watts leaves his plaid shirt to the laundry. Beverley Weigel bestows her good complexion on Babs Bostelmann. A. i..- N lin," ,Q 11 if J-1 1 3 1 X! W VRV1 N 3 L xl Us A ff 4'-' lc .,x. ., 1 4 , 1 ., .5 .. N 3 ii .I- 3' Qs. ." - 1 l 'lf""'l' W1 QQ :eff ff' vw' 3 ! Q- , A 's F A X 4 "-11. 0-q ? A t nv- x ,, 1 xlwxvx In Nlvm Khu Higham T.. P ls. 715.5 Mm- R ,- ss. MMM Nm nm :L,,,Q,,,x UMA Q mmv,.,,, -MCA., WPA Nh-t YSMNL' liqlxf if x XXJ vw H Nu. . ...I Mr- gy huyi xx 1 l'wpu1.sw m.L.iN KKK 1 wr hu NKULMR. Num !I.x!.' ' XMAMN Vnxxxx xx ,,.V..', H411 Rm .Um UUE Kwk NMU xx, XM 4.4- CIS' H. f NM. Yiwu qw A 5.x Yak .UM , x uw lk I xx ,1 11, mlxul xx M xv MH X mx: M -x mm xmu fum L L... HH nu 1 I-I Nnvwm k UA-HN Nxun ' Xml-X Xkcwg D ,. .1 4 xmv..,,. 11.4 D UMA cnxpm r Nm, W ham K Ln-1 K L Vcggx xm .X ,NNW X-my Qfxu- ymx .Lani -I N ' if'-4 -15755 1 C . V ir.-5 ll 1 32"-Q 'Q-2 Fw- '-.Ag 7 Num. vt., -pf , x X ll,-. H LU. MMU I W W mum I .fl ,,BM?'124 . -. . -' EX 4 'AWN "M f 'Q ,J my v.,...,,A.U-, X as ,. rg X5 jx x-U.. Nl ..x xx +V N 'W ut, V . 4 Dm! 'v if - 'H l Vi 1 A TP xg, 1 Hg , r f. 5 Y' '- L - 'wiufl' 1 'l , , x v. . -- VK"-1 X xxmw ,wg lx. xl SMA ,A XX sm w yn ,Um-K NAME Robin Allardice Nancy Amadon Barbara Barnholt Barbara Beattie clean Black Dick Brown Lloyd Champion Harry Clark John Clark Mary Virginia Corbin Charles Curran Willard Davis Irving Dayton Albert Dege Margaret DeLeyer Bette Dempster Marie Dennis William Dwyer jack Easton Eleanor Flinton Arthur Grambling Ronald Homer Louise Janes Henry Jenkins Edwin Kimble Maclean Kirkwood George Kopf Fred Lathrop Walter MacGrath Yvette Mayenzet Ruth McDougall Barbara McEwen Howard McLarin Marese Miller Catherine Moehle Elisabeth Oxehufwud jane Randall Martha Reeder Henry Rogers Ellen Sawyer Edith Turkington Claude Watts Beverly Weigel 26 NOTED FOR Her voice Musical ability Knitting Sewing Flirtatiousness Blushing Beard Eating in class "T" coupons California Being gullible Diplomacy Love of studies Dreaming Love of gossip Clothes Curly hair Walk Savoir-faire Wit Suave manner Ties Giggle Pranks Drawl Subtle remarks Political manner Farming Coin collection Efficiency Neatness Bow-legs Strength Dimples Laugh Talking fast H202 Her absence His indifference Eyes Her dignity Slinging the bull Her complexion " u u xr u u u u u u "What's the matter?" N u u u "I object" an er "Are you kidding??" PET EXPRESSION Oh, my gosh!!!" Holy Beer" Oh, brother" Don't tell me!" Gee, that's neat" Tough apples" Huh" You ain't kidding" I've got gas" I got another letter" Make it worth my while" "Only a 'B'??????" "I don't know" cr I Wrote a letter last night" I'm starved" Don't tell me!" You're right" How too, too, excruciating" "Oh, heck" uohn 'Santa Claus" "What??????" 'Well . . ." G-e-e-'-s" Don't ask me" Got any coins??" "Hi stinky" "Yes" "Great" "Good grief " "Yeah hey" I guess so" "Let's do something" "I got a letter" "Now down in Pennington--" "No kidding" "Oh, no you don't" Q! Censoredn Yeah" How about a little game??" SEN ALLERGIC TO 10:18 Teachers Montville Talking Tickling Thinking Shaving Classical music Gas rationing Not boys Lending money Denville Not being on the honor roll Answering questions Milk Sloppy people Noise Irvington Working on the D. L. 81 W. Study hall Walking Swing New Year's Eve parties Greasy Spoon Women The weaker sex Mr. Gooden Smoking "Snake eyes" The Army Life guards Coffee Drinking Turnips Cigars Flowers Squash Attendance Mt. Lakes girls Alarm clocks Raiding the ice box Being alone Denville Theatre IOR WEAKNESS The Metropolitan Men's sweaters Roller skating Lake George Dates Rekindling old flames Drums Hot jazz Racing Bob Working on the Wolfing Cross-country Hunting The shore Newspaper Buses Sleeping in class Wine, women . . "Boogie Woogie" Norda Choir Music Basketball Bicycles Puns Harem Lipstick Coins Navy Rainbow Tea at 4:00 Aviation "That red coat" Armed Forces" Lakes Boonton Parties House parties jr. Fire Dept. Tall 8C dark Lehigh "Skippy', Watts Pepsi-Cola l'3l F0 ENCYCLOPEDIA DIVERSION iinging vit. View Knitting vlinding children Dancing Qaughing Drawing Lou Telephoning Siggling Working Importing women Asking for dates Concentrating Sunday night suppers Eating Avoiding dishes Shooting crap Messin' around Chewing gum State Choir Model airplanes Knitting School Flower farm Football C.A.P. Track Chemistry C.Y.O. Chasing buses British forces Playing aviator Indian Lakes 'Penquin Club" Walking to Boonton Pipe-dreaming Soming to school ?ennington Slew York Writing letters Vlaking hard cider Dreaming WANTS TO BE A singer Navy nurse A WAVE Noisier A nurse With Alma A football star Bachelor Tommy Manville, II Housewife Fire Chief Engineer In Whois Who Somnambulist Nurse Air hostess A G-woman A dice loader Pepsi-Cola salesman Teacher A chorus boy Flyer A linguist A boxer An admiral A Scoutmaster A politician Farmer Chemist Secretary Secretary Social worker Charles Atlas Happy Doctor Cadet nurse Doctor Nurse Bob Hope Dietician Commercial artist Marine X-Ray Technician PROBABLY WILL BE A hog caller A teacher A sales clerk A secretary Married With Alma A sports writer Henry VIII Arrested A mother of ten A fire bug On relief An absent-minded professor A private detective A newspaper woman Air sick A model wife Taken to the cleaners A Fuller Brush man A side-show barker A bicycle racer A Caruso I macaronij A baby specialist. Washing diapers A tugboat captain A high pressure salesman A Frank Hague A city slicker Blown up The boss' wife A rich man's wife A chorus girl On WPA An old maid A fan dancer A hostess A dish washer A wrestler A mortician A riveter A model A bouncer A hat-check girl THEME SONG Sing, Sing, Sing If I Had My Way Me and My Shadow In My Solitude Pretty Little Busybody It Started All Over Again Shave and a Haircut jazznocracy Come Josephine in My Flying Machine California Here I Come I've Been Working on the Railroad Sometimes I Wonder My Mama Done Told Me All Alone, I'm So All Alone Talk of the Town Alice-Blue Gown Marie I'll Be Around Cuddle Up a Little Closer You're a Sweet Little Headache Slender, Tender, and Tall There's a Song in My Heart I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart Not So Quiet Please Playmates It Can't Be Wrong Shorty George How About you Pennies From Heaven Anchors Aweigh A Little Bit Independent There Will Always Be an England Carry Me Back to Old Virginia Smiles Body and Soul Hey, Stop Kissin' My Sister I'm Getting Sentimental Over You The Little Red Schoolhouse Amen The Dreamer Sophisticated Lady Big noise from Winetka I See Your Face Before Me LOUKSE JANES Sadic Hawkins Dance ROBKN ALLAR Play DXCE N BL ACK TON jEA Bridge EDITH TURKING Christmas Card Sale New x ' f J, ' ' an 4 CIJMQJ CLASS OFFICERS Beryl Phzer, Vice-President, Pat Dillon, Secretary, Mr. H. B. Good- en, Adviser, Louis Doelling, Treas- urer, Louis Bell, President. -n -- T v -. 1 ,. L Top Row-Witlfnun, Svoll, Riker, Mac, Lulkins, Siaplcy, Tippy, Slringm Blarlz, Lrlrxrn, Anthony, Conover, Ham, Weawr. Svrond Row-Posi, Flormuu, Thomas, Cunniuglaauz, Mnrxur, Franklin, KNV, Carlson, Burney, Allen, Wurm- xlirb, Owbnfwml, Kelm, Williams, Gull, Dodge, Mmflrmf. Third Row- WCIJXIN, Hnxszm1', Tilfuu, Hogan, MurM,llu11, Mills, Dwelling, Dillon, Pfizer RLYAIIIII, L. Claiborne, Wfuocl, Fmfrr, Wilton, Amlrrx, Frey, Min-larll, Bail' Bllffllll, Haus, Wagner. UNIOR CLASS The Class of 1945 continued to set the pace in school leadership during the past year. As a means of helping in the war effort, we continued sponsoring the sale of War Stamps and Bonds. At the suggestion of Mr. Gooden, our class adviser, a new method of sales-stimulation was put into effect with grati- fying results. On the gridiron, Bell, Black, Conover, Evans, Mitchell, Tippy and Webster earned their letters, while in basketball, Dick Evans proved an outstanding performer. Our junior Prom which was given in November proved a social success in spite of the fact that our treasury suffered slightly. Under Mr. Gooden's patient leadership we are looking for- ward to our Senior year with the fervent hope that we can con- tinue to be a credit to the school and community. Bell, Siugrr, Higgins, Duiix, O. C1nibm'm'. Fourib R0M'1'EL'0l1V, Randal: SOPHOMGRE CLASS Although we made a rather slow start as a group during the past year, many individual members brought glory to themselves as well as to the class. In the field of music, Mr. Milkey found the efforts of Stoughton, Van Deusen, Johnsrud, Willard, Galt, Dayton, Stiefle and DeLeyer most helpful in drowning out the less experienced band members. In athletics, jack Schofield starred on the regular football team, while Mac Wight, Gifford, Sutphen and Calvert were on the squad. In track we were represented by Stoughton, Tweit, Back and Boardman. jane Brookfield annexed the girls' Bad- minton Championship and Pat Willard, Ellen DeLeyer, Frances Bostelman and Diane I-Iimmer were on the school Field Hockey team that played at Caldwell. Our treasury boasts the respectable sum of 5167, a large part of which was raised when our class came in second in the annual Magazine Campaign. We are hoping to add to our funds when we hold our Sophomore Hop in the spring. To our adviser, Mr. Richard Willing, we owe our apprecia- tion for the gentlemanly and sincere manner in which he helps us on the rocky road to scholastic fame. Tuff Rou'-liurk, Surwolr, Nuff, Huikvlf, Wlgbl, Snlpbeu, Awami, Slougbfou Bluzurw, Van Du-yur, Culirrl, Lillull, Millar, Bale, CIOfILl7'I'Ul'. Third Row- Smfif-lil, Smilb, Bi'uokj9alil, Sirlrluir, AWIOVVIX, l"urzf, Gulf, I.ur.u'n, Willuril, Crm' Amlrrmn, Niuerbllu, Dnjulku, Wults, Bouru. Sworn! Rau'-Dr'L1'y1'1', Rus! Mrllongull, Gifford, Simnmnx, Burrouw, Mills, Murlzfux, Milvx, Morris, Nelson lioxlvlrmmu, liuurlry, Siokri, Daylmz, Dixon. Firsf Rau'-lenkins, Nvpralf, Marble, Tnivl, Slirflv, Iolmiruil, Vim Drzeiwl, Gnilil, Franz, Bounlrmrn, Singer Hifkz'-y. QA an x CLASS OFFICERS T R - idlfff. Qileill,Xn'L,,fff'.ff'--fx I CS SCF: Arthur S' , - g' , vi Bottom Rowinscri Vice-President Treasurer? R 1Afred .Iohnsrud obe . ff TWUT, Secremr ....,, ., -7--4 Y oe JS- sw -1 ,Q CLASS OFFICERS Top Row-Lorena Strain, Treas Ruth Ann Kingsland, Vice-Presi dent. Bottom Row-Olive Temple- ton, Secretary, Walter MacKinnon, President. Tap Row-Blark, Haskell, Hath, Lynch, Barstow, Vogl, Bourn, Reed. Third Row-Irwell, Humphrey, Ingram, Leek, Evans, Lursvn, Brvfklry, Perry, Melzgrr, Leone, Lillivndahl, Beck. Second Rrow-Gregory, Wusxoll, Wfilrox, Goeller, Templeton, Kingsland, MacKinnon, Strain, Case, Kordan, Armxirong, Tonkiug. I-'irxf Row-Morrison, Goldxworthy, Mz'Clurr', Murr, Lindberg, Fvawy, Schoonmalzrr, Srhcflzrl, One of the outstanding things about the Class of 1947 is that its members pay regular dues to the class treasury. We find this an excellent means of reminding each class member that he is a responsible member of the group. Uncle Sam will undoubtedly be grateful to our treasurer for this early training when we become part of the tax- paying public in later years. Although we cannot be expected to play as important roles as some of the older classes nevertheless we manage to make our presence known. Dick Read, Tom Murr and Roy Lindberg made the varsity football squad, while the latter and Firman McClure went out for basketball. Walter MacKinnon, Lindberg and Tonking are members of the A Cappella Choir. Lindberg is our lone representative in the school band. Our S.G.A. representatives are Peter Orvis, Ruth Kingsland and Walter MacKinnon. Our class adviser, Miss Kerr, is most helpful in briaging order to our chaotic meet- ings that some day, we hope, will be worthy of the name. FRESHMAN CLASS EIGHTH GRADE Toll Rflll'-BiNll1'Y', Hurringlrm, NUl'lIA'ffflIll, cillfffi, Papal, Iiorrl, Wo0tlu'anl', Willurif, Rogfrx, Cobb, Hnai. Tbinl Rou'-Rm'lzz'frlli'r, Nui, Sbllllllflly, Smurf, Srolf, Pillsbury, Myers, Pvuslmrk, Bowen. Semml Row- Sntjflarn, Bemzrfl, I. Sfulhlry, Wfrigbl, M. Sruplfy, Slow, Klein, Kingilaml, GVTIIIVIITXOII, Singer. Firxl Row- ciltlll70Yllf', Doelling, Brown, Rumlull, Haima, Ii'nl1m'.i1'r1, Grmlil, Lollglzlin, Talmage, Prrry. As- The Class of '48 returned to school last September determined to continue its active participation in school affairs. Due to efforts of some of our stellar salesmen we managed to take a leading part in the Magazine Campaign sponsored by Curtis Publications. As a result, our class treasury has the tidy sum of S60.l5, which we intend to make grow each year. At the suggestion of Mr. Smith, we organized a Junior Service Club with the seventh grade. The ofhcers are Isabel Singer, president, and Robert Carrier, secretary. Miss Phelan and Miss Blanchard are the advisers. The main function of this club is to help police the cafeteria. A Game Party was held in December with Miss Callaway and Miss Eddy acting as chaperons. Many parents accepted our invita- tions and we were more than pleased to have them with us. We have a cheerleading squad of six girls who helped spur on our class football and baseball teams to many victories. Well, anyway, we managed to beat the seventh grade in a closely contested 65 to 7 game. Much of our success has been due to Miss Mildred Callaway, our class adviser, and we hope that it will be our good fortune to have her continue as our sponsor. rg L., ,H .3 .. CLASS OFFICERS Thomas Papst, secretaryg Miss Callawa , adviser: Isabel Sin er, I S president, Stanley Bonneson, treas- urerg Norman Doellin , vice- resi- S dent. 'bufnlgw-' 7 KX HQ 'W RB Top Row-Gray A Palrifft Carrier Guymn Dousblzexs I Pl k , . , , , . , . a ric' , Litlrll, E. Nelson, E. Welsh, Trnifrle- lon, C. Franklin, Dclrhumpx, Rohrbougla. Third Row-Murray, MafKinnon, Riiz, Wrnnenicr, Purlzs, A. Miller, Farnham, Bimlxull, Yuevurino, Housby, Vargax-Villa, W. Tlmmpsori. Second Row-Franrlze, M. Kopf, Ferraizzolo, Van Orzlen, Vvrnzillion, Larsen, Carr, Bvnrlell, Hinv, Ford, Noll. First Row-Kimber, G. Moulton, Mufflyrwx, Allcim, K. E' . b t ' " ' SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Top Row-Martha Ferraiuolo, Sec- retaryg Miss Kay Phelan, Adviser, Mary Lynn Franke, Treasurer. Bot rom Row-Robert Carrier, Vice President: W'illiam Kimber, Presi dem. Y. iam, S afhulz, I. Bjrmi, l:. lanes, Tuslzer, Carruibers, jordan. Dear Folks: Now that a f An Open. Lelfer to Wborn II May Concern ew months have passed since we first entered Junior High School l'l10St of us are beginning to breathe with fid con ence as we hurr or tarr as the case ma be from one Y Y class to another. Naturally the school. In the first sitting in the same too.j Besides, it,s a is downstairs when grammar school? Another thin new school is much different from place, changing classes is a lot more seat all day. fl think the teachers wonderful feeling to know that the eleven-thirty comes around. Gosh! grammar fun than like this, cafeteria Do you remember last year's hunger pangs as we truged wcarily from the g we like is the movies that we have quite regularly in the different classes. Many of them are very ' b 'd 1ng Q esi es when theyire on, we d0n't have to listen to the teacherj. And the loud speaker system! We never know what interest- announcement is coming next, but at least we know it's not going to be followed by "I. J. Fox, Fifth Avenue." Now don't get the idea we like everything. Those late and absence slips! They certainly wear a fellow down with all the signatures required. We wonder whether the OPA or the Demo- crats were responsible. All in all, however, we love the place, and we'll be awful proud when we get a little bigger and everyone doesn't trip over us in the hall. Resfzeftfully, THE SEVENTH GRADE. ii i f , D .vrf ' ' ws 157 , . .Muff f A 9 ' A ?.' .E 3 mxmlnxxrx V G 9 Q X of X I Q v .Z wi c14tla le tim Q5 Q. f -x-X -- E ll 5 f f i f Q' H J? 35 Q, Q "J-n WNW l 'Ur f- N- 4, . Q 57351 ' Xcv A ' 4 "' 12414555 X- - , ' 'Q '01, 01 lfilfr Y 1 ' .-::i?.?J' ,..- J 0 1 12771111 ' , Q MH' bl 'O 'I f Y grit! Q5'llf'll "lull Wi? W 'X A fi? y C OALH 1 LHS Q ,, , F . 4 f - f a.,,,..... f., i ., - 4 g,,.,.4,. f- --4 pw f 1 f-1 .. . tm . ,,.., ,,f,,,.,..,..s , . . ef , . .. ,. .1 ,1-as ---Q ,. 3- - Q, ., -.- 5 ,VM 1,,-wk.. K M ...,, M f fx , A ,S fs s, 5 , , f iv A ,Z A " ff -Q ff --'Y iw fi-P' X L' ,.., -,sg fs,-AE ,s ,-i. ff' , ,ga fo. ?Mf .J,,,s,,.i' .f of ,se - ff 4 ,Q 4 .r - i,,- .. Q-r',,g, 2 ., ,. -S ' 'Y 7' Q'-.,s,-se f f tv ..i .Q Q. .-f .Q ,X-...sig . , , in . K x, . J A . , k ,fy .., ,..,, K W , -A ,s...- ff ,, , p 3 4 1' . f X .. Y -i. pa., 5 ... gi, - - -- - s' ,,,. ., .M ,M or i- .Q luck HRUWN H -W yn, 4 fn 5 A, ., '8' P T Lack of experience and a tough schedule proved too much for the 1943 Orange and Blue eleven, as it finished the year with a record of two wins and six losses. The squad started the season with a new coach, Mr. Ellis, who decided to drop the T- formation in favor of the single wing setup, due to severe losses by graduation. It was natural, therefore, that the scoring punch in the first few games was light, for it took the boys a while to accustom themselves to the change in the offensive formation. Mt. Lakes began to roll in the final minutes of the Net- cong game, when, after trailing by eighteen points, it scored twice, and was a yard from a F007 tie when the final gun sounded. The last two contests of the season resulted in victories for the locals who downed Morristown School by 6-0, and took the measure of Newton, 19-14. Dick Brown, who started the year as a guard and ended as a halfback, was the out- standing player. Others who did yeoman work XX , f RMU ' . , , Sur W" I -I 'fltfruli ' I know- - 'I k M, ., ,H Gifford. P' . ,d Rnuflxll ' - ,N Q I ii E Q l lurm' lllimll Bl Lina-'IJ Ellis. l"' F Q k ' ,H 1 ' H- L . , ,, A , s ' y .J .- ' A flavk. ii1lu"'l 'y1l'ldl'l5l. W mbwfglsfivv. wcllml' ,fff Y ' I, N Mor. 'f'l,.,rr1dM 'A Wh-bvll, g, - 1 Jmkw- jylllllblf 1',ppx,- .I . .ff ' - , A-I R xzfgfflhilll ' 9ull'l"",' I H un W-ill" "ri 'C M' L" ' 'A K - ' . - ' ' - ' . - 1 , - '-' 7 " ww . 4 lop ll' Rnnl. Rik. ll i lflmrvllvnm, Bin 4 Me- -. ' s- , if W.. , YQ' 'M i A , I I Cmwnll lllinll. l..:Il!loI, v fvrrvf- lf ., few- was ...,, " X . 1 Anflmrly, . at 3 M . Q' LM.. A I M, , gif. i, 4 .ni . , , , ,, , . f f .Vg W 4 'N QA'-..,,'Ii' , , , A l V, ZEN, , ,,,. ,,., K 0 A A 7 1 b l gh , ' . "ii A A f 4 1,ff.:,.r jllffjf We QQQKSW' we 17' 'I E f - 9 V N K' ffm , ,,.,., ,, XM, ' -L -, ' f Q ...ww M.. ,, e,,.f.,, H uf K gg" .v " 7 I 4 .., , ,.x,ll ,Ri Zi . Q, Q' wh, . . J M ' ,U K .Y , , kv, V, Mu k 1, . , t ' ' ' ' ,E-,, Q ,M A ,xV,.,,i,.M,,,.. ,,.,,,hmt ,Nm ,. A, M., ,, , . , . T- '. we , M -. -.JM ', Q Lwirm 14. wwf, ' .. " ...Q -. - M' , " .,y 5 -wg W . 1 ...A L, 'iss L--c, , Lug., 'ig +wi,.f,.,v af A, 'fry 13-..' ,M Y J W . H., ... - - uw. . , 1 ., " , K' 1. - x I' f. 1, use vu-nf ur-N. ii... ' f, Man... -Lfllfi Mm' L."t.Q" wfqtarlfia .Lai-,fl Sivan.-I .a.V'iw.,..' if W' WW ' BALI. Mt. Mt. Mr. were Curran, Evans, Watts, Webster, Conover, Mt- and Tippy. Prospects look good for next year Mt with Evans, Webster, Conover, Tippy, Black, ' Bell, Wilson, and Gifford all returning. Coach Mt, Ellis did an excellent job in his initial season M here, considering the handicaps that he was up L against most of the time. Mt. THE SCHEDULE Lakes. ..., .,,. 6 Rockaway ..,, Lakes ..,... .. , 0 Wharton . . Lakes . , 0 Fairlawn , .. Lakes .....,, .. . 7 Rockaway ,.,, , . Lakes ..,.,.. . ., .12 Netcong .. . Lakes 6 Roxbury .. Lakes. 6 Morristown Prep Lakes. ....,, 19 Newton BASKETBALL The Orange and Blue netsters, somewhat weakened by graduation, opened the 1943- 1944 court season under the leadership of Mr. Ellis, former athletic director at Wharton. Eighteen games were included on the schedule, the newcomers being Bayley, Verona, and Morristown Prep. Although such stars as Rus Granzen, Al Gifford, Gale Allen, Line Stoughton, Bill Bingham, Ron Campbell, and Tom Stewart have departed via the diploma route, Coach Ellis has high hopes for his first MLHS squad. Dick Evans, Henry Jenkins, and Tony Tippy were the returning lettermen. Jack Easton, Gene Black, Bill Webster, Warren Gifford, Charlie Curran, and Dick Brown were expected to augment this trio. The Ellis' Coaching system features a fast break, rather than a deliberate style of offense and it seems ideally suited to the forementioned players. Flash! As the Lakes goes to press, the Mountain Lakes' team has beaten Bailey for its Hrst win of the season! DICK EVANS DICK BROWN JACK SCHOFIELD X' X I 1 , ,,i sg M. 4 CHARLES CURRAN 1943 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE WARREN GIFFQRD 4-Bayley ... .. ll-Wharton ...... . .,.. ..., ..,., . 22-Netcong Dec. 17-Bayley ., .. Dec. 21-Verona .,.., Jan. Jan. 7-Caldwell ,, Jan. ll-Open Date Jan. 14-Wharton .. Jan. 18-Morristown Jan. 21-Boonton Jan. 25-Netcong . jan. 28-Caldwell Feb. 1-Verona .,... Feb. 4-Morristown Feb. 8-Morristown Feb. Feb. 1 5-Morristown Feb. 18-Boonton Feb. Feb. 25-Dover .. Mar. 3-Dover HENRY JENKINS 1- T Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Home Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Away Away Home JACK EASTON Top Row-Coach Willing, Stougblou, Wiilrnun, Back, Luikins, Tw:-il. Firsl Row-Wagner, Duyion, Frey, Bordman. CROSS CGUN TRY Mountain Lakes High's cross-country team, ably coached by Mr. Willing, hung up a mark of two wins in six dual meets during the 1943 season. Although this may not seem impressive, a majority of the meets were with larger schools, particularly Passaic, which had one of the foremost teams in the state. Cross-country has been hailed by coaches the track world over as an excellent conditioner for spring track, so the numerous meets held were well worthwhile. The outstanding runners were Captain Dayton, Back, Lutkins, Boardman, and Wagner. WAGNER ,nd BACK CAPTAIN DAYTON CROSS-COUNTRY SCHEDULE Mt. Lakes ,..,,.., ..,,. 4 0 Passaic .,..... ..,.. , IS Mt. Lakes ....,.,,,. M34 Dover ,... .,.. , .21 Mt. Lakes ,,.. . ..,. 36 Dover ,,.... ,...,,. l 9 Q Mt. Lakes ,..... 15 Good Counsel ,. ...40 Mt. Lakesm. , . .. 16 East Orange , . , 39 Mt. Lakes ,. ...32 Passaic , ,, 23 r sgpaww-K l.l.,,,. 'U fi, wa-f ,wm..--- 1943 MORRIS COUNTY CHAMPIONS TRACK With a sizable number of boys from last year's County Championship track team still in school, together with several new discoveries made by the cross-country team, the outlook for the 1944 spring track season is indeed bright. The boys most likely to con- tribute to the success of the team are: Curran, Clark, Easton and Andrus in the hurdles, Watts, Conover, and McLarin in the weights, Scofield and Brown in the dashesg and Wagner, Back, Lathrop, Boardman, Dayton, and Lutkins in the runs. MR' WILLING The Finishing Sprinl Coach CHEERLEADERS JEAN BLACK Cupiam KITTY ALLEN ALMA HIGGINS JANE RANDALL DIANE HIMMER BERYL PFIZER Z 'S 1 :Mn ,Q fb I ? 7TH 4 if-L-22 "F SERVICE Nc ti 'tie X I luv.-v ' Qhvgxkvvucn ,I y neil, ll""" V - bf' Wu Sn if Kal' Snmgn piflliirilnRole-Lonurrm, WW GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The S.G.A. is the all-student organization dedicated to the interests of the students of Mountain Lakes High. It consists of a Council and Executive Committee. The Council is made up of the presidents of school organizations and representatives elected by each homeroom. The President, Vice-President, Sec- retary and Treasurer form the Executive Committee. These offi- cers are elected in the May preceding their terms. The S.G.A. adviser has always been the high school principal. One of the chief functions has been to issue S.G.A. tickets which give the bearer admission to all athletic contests. In addi- tion, price reductions are given to members for all other school affairs. The money derived from the sale of these tickets is apportioned among the classes and other organizations later in the school year. In addition, a one year's subscription to the Moun- taineer was given to each purchaser last year. In order to regulate all the school organizations more effi- ciently this year, the S.G.A. voted to require them to be char- tered. This new policy has worked quite well to date. Much of the success enjoyed by the S.G.A. this year has been due to the Cooperation and efforts of our new adviser, Mr. Smith. He is certainly deserving of our heartfelt thanks. SERVICE CLUB Under the capable guidance of our adviser, Mrs. Thompson, the Service Club has continued during the past year to surpass its achievements of former years. ln addition to maintaining order in the halls and lunchroom several new projects were sponsored by the Service Club. Among these was the organization of an Ushering Squad, a Ticket Squad, and a Receptionist! Committee. lior the first time since its organization, arm bands were issued to its members. These bands have proved their worth and have eliminated a great deal of confusion by showing at a glance the student in charge of a certain area. As a means of augmenting its authority, a Student Court Y was organized this year. This court, consisting of four members 'TTY NlAYi:.NZirY elected by the student body, meets when necessary and tries YW., Pi-vniliiiit cases of student offenders reported by Service Club members. The Service Club has clone a successful job this year due to the Cooperation of all. We owe a tremendous debt of thanks to our adviser, Mrs. Thompson, and also to Mr. Smith, our new principal, who has given us many excellent suggestions. ' , Juliet. Allurrlirv Cinlsmr. 'T'IHmlglttEm'TiX:iDr11rXullk ' . .iv Mrliuwi, R M-lWu'.rr'. 1: ',, , Sprout Tut, Rrnu'-'D?ii1giLi,1l11il!, Sinuuolus. Tight rgjllnm' Bunm' wr,11,n-tl. Bi Owljilliiiiili Miller, Sir1KV"'Siiliilimllllell, iMri, 'I'lJfJllll1"gZmL,,-ri Slrirlxvr. Cla:- li. Owl' ' I, MH 'U " L- C rriin, . " Rau,-S,,14,'yer, gfxllttlmlnlrr Firx, Roll'-Bllnll, H D' nf- DM: " - 111' . 1,.iii,.', B.-H. Ufffk- W" "' ,-es! -+5 NX' . wvsrra iwfff lj- -cm Inlftoi -H' -36- MX! K 1 Top Raw-Claiborne Iolmrrml Sir , . , vugvr, Singer. Swrmnl RfilL'1Bld!'k, TIll'!Zfll.Qf0PI, Barnes, Sinrlair Muyruzvl, Wurnzxfirb, Mlll'XA'l', Kelso, Simmons, Burulmlf, Rumlall. Fir-xl Row-Klwirl, Singer, Grimmison Dzllix, D1'n1p.rfi'r, Min Snrrfllvy, Ivey, Rust, HillIIlIl'I'. ' THE MOUNTAINEER The eager response that greeted the arrival of each issue of The Mountaineer during the past year proves without a doubt that it has become firmly established as a school institution. Our circulation has zoomed to new heights thanks to the drive and energy of our business manager, Willard Davis. Se e urmg the year such as the Love-Lorn Column and the Inquiring Reporter, which, with the increase in the size and ability of the staff, m d h bf ' ' a e t e paper even ttter than it was in the first season. veral new features were add d d ' Miss Smcdley, the adviser, and Bette Dempster, the editor, did a yoeman job which should be even better next year due to the return of a large number of experienced reporters. The staff wishes to thank Miss Smedley for her untirin-1 efforts durin th- 5 g t past two years. It hopes that future editions will Continue to be a credit to her. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Barbara McEwen Irving Dayton ' I ATIONAL nouoksom 55,15 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is based on Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. The members' principle is to uphold these principles in the school. Since new members from the two upper classes are not elected until March and inasmuch as the LAKES went to press early this year, we regret that we cannot show a picture of the entire Society. ' -is H' .file--'Q V .as f vw' 5 GAMMA HI-Y As in other years the Gamma Hi-Y was one of the most outstanding school organizations. In ad- dition to many service projects for the commu- nity, thc group is continuing its Youth Govern- ment program which was so successful last year. The Gamma Hi-Y is rated as one of the best in the County, and the members are setting a fine example for future Hi-Y's to follow. F 4 GAMMA HI-Y Tippy, D1wix,Grumb rurl, Raudrl, Kopf Ion, Mr. Parrcukr' sfrr. T 'Q X Slamling - Foster ling, Crmowr, Iobnx- Sralml-Currnn, Day- Grrrnr, Rogers, Web- ' "W -if LIBRARIANS' CLUB Top Run - Wi'igi'l cillllllilltlfljdlll, Dumpi- lrr, fll!lili1U!l, Dixon II i m Ill i' r, Milrfvns Siwuzil Ron' - lunrx Tllfoll, Bl'dlliz', Ml'- Duugufl, Biill, Curl- mrl, Drrlrzii, Mills. I-iii xl Ron' - Burmw, Mrs, YWIJIHIIIFAIIII, mf- lllffj Burubnll, firm:- ilrnfg Kiflm, K fps. 'Sh 91 Ill . M... . .a-- .N ssgf s 'iw 3 t fly 1 XVAR STAMP SAL! lVuru1iiii'h, Dovlliuig Pfizer, Bi-11, Dillon Mr. Goorlvu. Win F LIBRARIANS' CLUB Under Mrs. Tl'iompson's guidance, the members of the' Club assist in the library. In .iddition to learning library technique themselves, tlicse students render invaluable assistance to SILI- tlents its well ns to our eHicient librarian. 48 WAR STAMP SALES As a contribution to the war eH0rt the junior Class continued its sale of Wiir Stamps and Bonds. Early in the year to promote sales, students were asked to sign pledges for regular weekly purchases. Imfl to Rigbl - , . , ,, ...Y ' . -1 . U in ' ORCHESTRA Top Ron'-I. Dayton, l'urkw, Sfolf, Linil- lnerg, Wlllaril, E. Dnj - lon, Wuffx, M. Gall, llmlrlnlilflfl. I7 i V v I R014-Slllgfl, E.Gall, ' G. Moullnn, fllflalllllll, Corbin, Kelso, W". Munllon, Knpf. ,.. . , ,.,. . tt J THE BAND As in other ye.1rs the Band continued to be .1 source of inspiration at all pep rallies and home football games. Under Mr. Milkey's excellent di- rection, its members have improved their tech- nique nnd increased their repertoire. BAND T017 Rau' - Stull, Daylmr, Pail, I,nnl- Wfulib, M. Gull, Kel- .m, Dillon, P. W'illi1ril, Parki, Sri.-flii, Vlln lJl'll.Y4'll, Ifiuni. Sri'- will Rau'-G. Wil- luril, lllllllkfllil, WE Mnnllon, Tu l rn ug ii, Annnlon, G. Moulton, Bran n, Ciarlxon. I-'irvl Rau' - Griwnmrnll, Knjif. s A g, Www 'fy Q' v THE ORCHESTRA This year for the first time ofheers were elected jointly by the Band and Orchestra. Although the orchestra makes its only public .ippeglrnnce .lt Commencement, nevertheless its members h.ix'e regularly scheduled rehe.irs.1ls. +9 bvrg. Tbiril Rau' -- RBARA BA president MQEWF-N ,..m A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir, which was organized by Mr. Milkey seven years ago, is probably one of the most popular school organizations. With the passage of time its concerts have become a community insti- tution and are always well attended. In normal times a concert is presented at Christmas and another in the spring. ln addition the choir makes numerous appearances at community affairs. The past year because of wartime diificulties the Christmas Candlelight Service had to be omitted. However, in keeping with the holiday spirit, the choir sang at the annual Christmas Festival of the combined women's clubs. In spite of the fact that many talented members are lost each year through graduation, there has always been an eager group of re- placements from the lower classes. Under Mr. Milkey's inspiring leader- ship, the choir has presented some of the best and most difficult pieces of choral literature available and has continually been able to maintain its high standards. Top Row-Franlzlin, Pfizer, Allen, Kerr, Moulion, Singer, Amadon, Curran, Muycnzet, Mor, Miller, Pl Di' Lryrr, Grambling, Corbin, Bell, Lathrop, Grv1'm', Kopf. Third Row-Marble, Mar1r'n.v, Milrx, Wfurnzsfivh, Wwigvl, Tillon, Clzizningbam, Flilzlon, Giforzf, B. O.Xl'l1Ilfl0'lltl, E. O.x'elJufwnrl, Mrliwvn, Allarilirr, Dodge, Gull, Kvlm, Mnmrr, Mitrlarll, Homer, Mr. Milkey. Sr-Conn' Row-Morrix, Sinclair, Dayton, Milli, Nelson, Tm-lzinglon, Bliivle, Higgins, Burrowx, Hurrix, Davis, Cust, Bostclmunn, E. Dr'Lryvr, Hiininvr, Hc'unr'y, Willuril, Wufl.i, Ml'DUIlgl1ll, Tonking. Flys! Row'-Stbwlzel, Iohlrsrlld, Singer, Miller, Limlbc'rg, Mi'Kinrmn, Liflrll, Van Dnynf, Guilrl, Hirlzry, Stoll, Hasxuril. wawmfffsaef. . , I rf, an fi , JUNIOR ART CLUB Top Row-V. Sratl, Murray, Wferlrlrnxvr, Staplvy, Burnett, I. Singer, Klrin. Svfoml Row - Kingsland, M i l l U r, Grimmison, Fenaiuolo, M. Kopf, Birdsall, Sbumway, R o c le e fcller. First Row - Alkins, Miss Callaway, Ford, Pills- bury, S. Randall, Gwynn. I A ,, .1 LINE AND COLOR CLUB One of the most popular organizations in the school, the Line and Color Club, has as its purpose the encouragement and fostering of a greater appreciation of creative art in everyday life. Miss Callaway is our adviser. LINIE and COLOR CLUB Top Raw-Clazlwrrir, Bmokfielil. S r 4' 0 11.1 Rau'-Dmlgr, Him- mrr, B 0 .s 11' l rn a n n, Sfringrr, Mills, Davis, Leek. Tbinl Ron'- Singrf, Miss Calluf way, lfzuns, Simrrmm, JUNIOR ART CLUB The officers of the junior Art Club are: Patsy Pillsbury, presidentg Bonnie Ford, secrctary-trcas- urer, and Miss Callaway, adviser. The purpose of the club is to develop understanding of and stimu- late interest in creative art. gi --r 'Q Q Ofc 94, cv bg, 1 ff ,A ?'ww -T? -:gf-,A Q w mv C' if -5 4 Nw. 4 43 ,f Nl, ,IO Q 15. F J m W, 4 V , f V, Q 45 hi S S Nm Q 'L 4 Wi , We Q is 'U' , ff' W f Q Q . A 4 N, W rf' a 1 v 1 I 'T-'av . ' 31. wr L '51 'AU J-.N ' '- at M W 1 'Gi 52'-1 , J

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