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., ef' 'P A E F' if mr. Sue V: - EQ? ' 91 VE' in ..- Ef ., 6:2 1' Vim' 'fffw fi 2 fa! ff- .-J, ,. . F 1' 4 ,. 9 ,. -1:,: If: L i s MW! . ,li V 1,111 W wh ' W, YI ' , M WWW w, , u 4 W 4 in N-wa x W., , 0' Mr J: 1 wen' 1, mn LW' H ' M mil W1 ,FV N X Nl W. - , wx, , H !,'! Mgqyw ,wrwp "JV M , 11 Y W Y 4' dz, N N N 1?YH'W ' I 1R"'4N',!M,l13w ' ll' ""' NWI X' , H ,dw U j w mJ Wm nw g M H " 2 N ' ,. MQ , WF q , l a 4WHLW A -w11 l f 2 X ww lim fr 'WL :'Wx:11HWu W f if 1 QI I '!y,TN m:. , ' ,F W . ' +11 A: , 'U' ' 'hi x W ,. V211 'jx :TW r'xN'4 5 Tlkzz,-qgfizgzf wx W ,' 411 " wr ' , ,'L N' L H! ' ,1ww41f"3!E 1' 'MM H., ',,wV4f: W! Y. 1 N THE LAKES 2 X 1 .Wei 'fl All ' 'L ' ff 'vfflca , Published by The Senior Class Mountain Lakes High School 1 Q 4 M iff y Q " ". iT'?'if' , 'V N-ww Kiwi A 'Wm-i?wQ QL WA L. Q24 A 1: V1 'K N V f 4 fy .gggf 1 1 Mountain L ctkes, New I SISGY 4 DEDICHTION To the one who has surrounded us with peace, beauty, and security, and has made these days the happiest in our lives, we feel the deepest love. To the one who has so generously and graciously opened to us the gates of knowledge, and guided us with patience along its paths, We give the profoundest gratitude and appreciation. To you, Mountain Lakes, We dedicate this book. THE BOHRD OF EDUCHTION PRESIDENT: IOI-IN BRRSTOW VICE-PRESIDENT: FRQNK BROCK MRS. CURTIS FRHNKLIN DR. LYMQN POWELL MRS. DHVID BLHTTNER DR. IOHN MORRISON HIRHM GERBOTI-I MRS. RICI-IHRD DUNKEL GHIL MOULTON TOMPKINS- DISTRICT CLERK haf Q THE FACULTY Earle W. Hnibal-Supervising Principal, Hamilton Ph. B., Columbia Q. M. Hayden L. Schotield-Principalg Mathematics, Cornell B. S., Columbia H. M. Mary H. Hrmstrong-English, Mount Holyoke I-'L B., Colum- bia Q. M., The Speech Institute and Fellowship, London, England. M. G. C. Pt. Helen Ng. glanchard--English and Mathematics, Wellesley Mildred Callaway-Flrtg Mississippi State College H. B., Co- lumbia H. M. Virginia Curtis--Home Economicsy Michigan State College B. S., Columbia H. M. Marcel L. Doublier-French, Trinity College B. S., Colum- bic: H. M. H. B. Gooden-History, Colorado Teachers College Pl. B., H. M. Charlotte P. Harris-Latin and German, University ol Chi- cago H. B., Columbia H. M. Hlice I.QKiEr-English and Mathematics, Columbia B. S., Elizabeth Kindle-Social Science, Otterbein College Q, B. Carolyn R. Milkey--Physical Education, Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, University ot Kentucky R. B., Columbia Fl. M. Edward T. Milkey-Music, New York University B. S., H. M. Hbram E. Smith-Physical Education, Savage B. P. Ed., Rut- gers B. S., Columbia H. M. Mildred M. Thompson-Librarian, University ol Kansas R. B, William E. Trimble-Science, West Chester State Teachers B. S., Duke University Ed. M. Frank H. Wikander-Industrial Hrtsg Newark Normal School, Rutgers University. Richard W. Willing-Commercial, University ot Wisconsin B. H., H. M., Whitewater Teachers College B. E. 1 SENIOR CHLENDHR OCTOBER 28, 1936 SPRING OF 1937 MHY 10, 1937 SEPTEMBER 6, 1937 NOVEMBER 24, 1937 FEBRUHRY 17, 1938 IUNE 5, 1938 SPRING VHCQTION, 1939 SEPTEMBER 6, 1939 TI-IHNKSGIVING NIGHT, 1939 DECEMBER, 1939 QPRIL 12, 1940 IUNE 12, 1940 TESTIMONIRL DINNER SEPT. 6, 1940, 8:30 R. M. NOVEMBER 22, 1940 DECEMBER 23, 1940 RPRIL 25, 1941 GRHDURTION FIND SENIOR WEEK Organization of the class of 1941. Our first dance in the new school. We ratified the first class constitution in the school. We became "Seniors of the Iunior High". H highly enjoyable "football dance". The Freshman Dance, our only financial failure. We finished year with a class trip to Lake Hopatcong. Our Sophomore Hop. Precedentl The boys were received by Scho, as Iunior home-room adviser. The Iunior Promenade!! Stationary Sale, "H rolling class gathers no debts." Dessert Bridge. Our thanks to the mothers for sup- porting us. In silent atmosphere we took possession of the senior seats in assembly. Our respects to the class of 1940. "Who dares to enter our Senior Door?" H capacity audience at our "Cracked Ice". SENIOR BHL1... "What R Life". 'Tiny similarity to the Broadway show was purely coincidenfa1". We don't need Words to remember it. Page eight SENICR Wallace Ruser Kenneth Morese Eugene Hastings Dudley Higgins Bryan Pitts Bryan Pitts Sieb Heissenbuttel Tim Delchamps Quin Turkington Quin Turkington David Green Seib Heissenbuttel David Green Elwood Gannett Kenneth Morese David Green David Green Sieb Heissenbuttel Kenneth Morese Robert Beck Bryan Pitts Kenneth Morese Robert Beck Richard Webb Bryan Pitts Bill Holstien Bill Holstien 1? CLI-ISS HHLL OF FHME Qthlete Best Looking Collegiate Dressed Cbestl Eccentric Faculty headache Gullible Heartbreaker Ipana smile lealous Know-nothing L'artiste Musician Noisy Original Popular Quiet Romantic Successful twill bel Torpid Un-called-for Versatile Witty eXotic personalitY Zealous Page nine Hnne Ingram Bea Boettiger Iune Beery Iune Beery Muriel Hotelling lane Conarroe Pat Cunningham Phyllis Buttery Irene Williams Mary Iohnsrud Hlice Wielich Marcia Metzger Betty Barton Mary lohnsrud Marcia Metzger Pat Humphrey Constance Scholten Rudrey Sawyer Pat Humphrey I-ludrey Sawyer lane Conarroe Dorothy Butts Helen Iackson Helen Iackson Pat Humphrey Mary Iohnsrud Humphrey, Gannett, Beck, Iohnsrud. SENIOR CLHSS OF 1941 OUR SENIOR YEHR Hs seniors we first entered the central, sacred doorway to the little brick school- house With mingled feelings of pride and meekness, joy and a deep sense of respon- sibility, and high hopes for the future mixed with misgivings as to our being able to carry out our childish dreams as to the fine and noble things we should do as a senior class. We delighted in the fact that we were the oldest and highest class in the school. To us fell the important task of giving to the underclassmen, by word, deed, and action, a goal toward which they might strive, and an example they would be proud to follow. We remembered vividly how we had looked up to and admired some ofthe previous senior classes and we desperately wished that we might live up to their high standards and, if possible, surpass them. We had real- ized for some years that our biggest project was to be the class yearbook. It was toward this that we strived when underclassmen, and in an endeavor to make our senior year as easy as possible, we amassed a treasury of over 35150. We kept con- tinually betore us, however, the fact that we had a record and ideals to uphold which required that in our money-raising activities we should have something which would benefit the school and be worthy of the school's whole-hearted support. Hs the senior year closes we again have diversified and mingled emotions. It is with a sad and contrite heart that we leave our teachers and instructors, our deep- rooted friendships and faithful companions, and our pleasant memories oi high school experiences. We shall earnestly try to hold and retain all these things which have meant so much to us. tWe go forth in our various ways from a firm foundation and aspire for greater achievementsl Page ten .gen z'o'z.4 1 ,,,.,,,,,,, .5 ,us-f IUNE BEERY Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Stage Craft Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Q Cappella Choir 3, 4, Hrt Club 3, Hthletic Council 4, Service Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Magnificently tall and beautiful is the way we would describe this lovely creature. Iune is extremely versatile. Her sweet soprano voice is a welcome asset to our choir, Her talent in art has resulted in many pretty illustrations and her vim and enthu- siasm have given her the role of captain in the cheering squad. Iune is noted for her good looking suits and she is always dressed to perfection. Her ability in sewing is unsurpassed and her speed and efficiency in this line is re- markable. She is undoubtedly one of the gayest in the class and her wit and hilarity have won her a million friends. Iune has been in the class since kindergarten and we will sincerely miss her when Florida claims her next year. You are the tops, luniel HELEN E. BI-IRTON "Betty" Fl Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Creative Dance 3, Dramatic Club 3, Varsity Show 3, Girls' Basketball 3, 4, State Choir 3, 4, Service Club 4, Librarians' Club 4, Senior Vaudeville Chairman 4, Band 4, Orchestra 4, Yearbook Staff 4. If she is tiny with brown eyes, wavy chest- nut hair, and a cheery smile, it is surely Betty. Her pleasing voice and knowledge of music have carried her successfully through six years in H Cappella Choir and two in Hll State Choir, She also plays the drums and patters about on the piano. I-ls a cheerleader, modern dancer, and seam- stress she is equally talented. Betty's friendliness is a characteristic which should be admired. She seems to go out of her way to make friends. Becoming an air hostess seems to be num- ber one on Betty's list of interesting careers. Her characteristics are well suited for such a profession, but she changes her mind so often it is impossible to even guess what she will finally become. Good luck, anyway, Bettyl Page twelve BEHTRICE BOETTIGER ..Bea.. Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Stage Craft Club 3, 4, Plrt Club 3, 4, H Cappella Choir 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Blonde hair is something rather scarce in our class, but golden locks plus big blue eyes are something even rarer, especially those belonging to Bea. This stunning girl amazes everyone by her variety of talents in school activities. Ht ease with a paint brush her art Work is admirable. Bea's athletic abilities are unnumbered and she is an outstanding member of the cheer- leading squad. Her gay humor and con- stant cheeriness are contagious to every- one about her. The class is now ac- customed to screams of laughter which announce that Beazie finally appreciates a joke that was told many days ago. Bea is interested in art Work, and since she makes a subject herself, we are sure her highest aims will be attained. PHYLLIS BUTTERY "Fifi" Camera Club 3, Stage Craft Club 3, 4, Pl Cappella Choir 45 Senior Play 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Upon entering school last year, "Fifi" seemed to glare viciously at everyone. We soon discovered this a mistake, however, for upon uncovering her disguise We dis- covered a warm and friendly personality together with Wicked eyes and magnetic charm. "Fifi" introduced some wonderful new ideas and became at once a staunch supporter of every activity and sport. Her laugh is contagious and her love for fun, extreme. The vivacious personality which she possesses has won her great popu- larity and a host of friends. She is nothing short of a miracle Woman and there is no stopping her either in hilarity or good marks. "Fifi's" low voice, lovely complex- ion, and brunette suaveness are welcome sights at anytime, in any company. She will probably still be bubbling with youth when the rest of us are old and gray. at Page thirteen WHLLHCE HUSER "Bus" H Cappella Choir 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Vice- Pres. 45 Football 3, 45 Co-captain 45 Flssistant Editor of "Echoes" 45 Hthletic Council 45 Senior Play 45 Senior Vaudeville 45 Track Team 4. "Bus" with his amazing sense of humor and crazy antics is a familiar sight loung- ing about the halls in school. His thunder- ous sneezes are the plague of many a teacher. "Bus" is really quite a versatile fellow. Besides being an authority on aeronautics, he plays the piano, piccolo, and trumpet for his own amusement. "Bus" was a smashing success in football last fall, covering himself with well deserved glory. ln the winter he turned Iunior G-man and patrolled the ice-skating on Wildwood Lake. f'Bus" proved his excel- lent actors talent in the role of the villain in our senior play. l-lis good looks, deep voice and scholastic aptitude are all re- sponsible for his being a favorite with teachers and students alike. ROBERT BECK "Bob" Tennis Team 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 45 Orches- tra 2, 3, 45 Math Club 35 Basketball 35 Track Team 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 H Cappella Choir 3, 45 Service Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 S. G. H. 3, 45 Senior Play 4. Bob is one of those rare individuals who can win friends and still influence people in a remarkable fashion. By some in- genious trick of nature Bob is not only blessed with boundless good spirits but, behold! a fine rnindl We never know when or how he accomplishes so much, for he has not only held the presidency of our class for the last two years, but this year was elected head of our local chapter of the National Honor Society, and then bobs up unfailingly at the head of the class. Hlong with his scholastic ability, Bob has been playing varsity position on both the Track and Basketball Teams for the past two years. Rnd when he is not fighting for his Fllma Mater, you can find him among the members of our school band. Bob's versatility will always assure him of an audience and successful future. Good luck, Bob. Your class respects and thanks you heartily for your unforgetable work. ' Page fourteen WILLIHM CHRROLL "Pinky" Basketball 3, Hi-Y 3, Football 3, 4. Pinky is that tall redheaded fellow you saw playing end on our varsity football team. Together with his lankiness, lazi- ness, and dapper haircomb, which We be- lieve he accomplishes with the aid of an egg beater, he cuts quite a figure. Hmong his many odd characteristics are his amaz- ina sense of humor which gives forth many old jokes, his "come hither" whistle, and his inability to get out of bed in the morn- ing in time for the eight-thirty bell. Pinky is enrolled in school but it may be noticed that he has no deformalities from carrying books home. Hll in all Pinky is Well liked by one and all, even his little brother "Red" whose dessert he claims now and then. Whatever Pinky chooses to do later in life we are sure that he'll make out all right with a little aid from Providence. THOMHS DELCHHMPS Tim Tim's five feet five frame is hardly ample for the personality, good humor and driv- ing energy it contains. He has excelled in three extra curricular interests, While he has been in high school. He may best be remembered as our 1940 Basketball man- ager and as the general manager of all sports in 1941. He has acted more or less as the Coach's right-hand-man for the past two years. His second interest is music. He is a self- taught trumpet player and has played first trumpet regularly this year for the high school band and orchestra. His third interest has been punriing and mangling the King's English which he does with reckless abandon at all times. His broad grin and ebullient personality are bound to carry him far. Page fifteen DOROTHY BUTTS "Dany" Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, Fl Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Flthletic Council 2, 3g Cheerleader 2, 3, Camera Club 3, Min- strel Show 3, Senior Play 4, Service Club 4. Natural beauty and poise are "Dotty's" most outstanding characteristics. Her greatest delight is walking to school in the teeming rain and at such times her natur- ally curly hair becomes a mass of beauty. "Dotty" is a great walker and she also loves ice-skating, swimming, skiing and dancing. She is very partial to the out- doors and puts her whole heart into any- thing connected with it. "Dot" is reserved and conscientious in her school work or whatever she undertakes and her pleasant disposition makes her a great favorite with all. We really envy the lucky man who hires "Dotty" as his private secretary. We might hint that besides all that has been said she is domestically inclined. Draw your own conclusions about this lovely girl while we wish her a happy futurel 1 ELIZHBETH I. CONHRROE ulaney.. Pl Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, Senior Play 4, Yearbook Staff 4. We dream of "Ianey" with the dark brown hairl laney is one peach of a girl, easy to know, understanding, and a lot of fun in any atmosphere. She loves teas, showers, dances and characters, and is a master at poise and sincere personality. "laney" wants her immediate future to be behind a perfume counter handling the delicate bottles with equally delicate hands. Know- ing her power of persuasion, no one would leave that department without a S50 bottle of Suivez-Moi. "laney" is very often kid- ded about her athletic prowess. She is definitely the gym class cut-up and couldn't tell a "birdie" from a basketball. "Ianey," you're a panic in pink-be sure you never turn blue. You'll be a success because you make your own opening. Page sixteen .U 1' PHTRICIH M. CUNNINGI-If-IM "Cute Bacon" Stage Craft Club 2, 3, 4, Hrt Club 3, 4, Service Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Look out, girls, here comes "Cute Bacon." Feel that warm glow? That's Pat's mag- netic personality. Fllthough a spark of dis- appointment strikes now and then, it soon disappears tor Pat can stay mad tor just about two minutes. Then her smile comes dimpling through and-oh well, she has us that way! "Cute Bacon" has won many, many friends because of her pleasing disposition. Her attitude towards life is so sunny, that none of us could be gloomy when she is pres- ent. Her laugh is natural, and, when smil- ing, her brown eyes look like two shining stars peeping out from a peaches-and- cream complexion. Looks speak louder than words so we'll let you glance at Pat tor yourself, but you better not carry her away for we would miss her too much. MHRIHNNE H. I-'LIFLET Dramatic Club 3. There is no doubt that Marianne is ol Nor- wegian origin! Besides her obvious name, she has fair skin and a shining head of hair, The latter is a distinction, for it is of an unusual shade and resembles spun gold. Marianne is domestically inclined and appears to be right at home behind a stove. Yes, boys, she is a wonderful cook. She is very quiet most of the time, but her eyes laugh a good deal. Her long lingers fairly ily over the typewriter and she is well known for accomplishments in this line. She delights in skimming along the ice on her wonderful new skates and participates in all winter sports, hence ice shows and ski jumps are her favorite forms of entertainment. Marianne will strive to become a secretary and in this field, espe- cially, she will shinel Page seventeen DHVID MHRVIN GREEN "Greenie" Basketball l, 2, 3, H Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 2, Class Treasurer 2, Librarians Club 2, 3, Stage Craft Club 2, 3, Hrt Club 2, 3, 4, Track Team 3, Class Secretary 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, S. G. Q. Vice-President 3, 4, Service Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, Presi- dent 3, Secretary 4, Minstrel Show 3, Cheerleader 4, Senior Vaudeville 4, Dance Committee 2, 4. See that duck. paddling down the hall? Well, that's "Greenie"l He's the greatest "quacker" among the boys! Plny time you feel "a la mood" for "chewing the rag," Dave's your man. He is a "slap-happy son of jive" with a contagious laugh, who can tell you Tommy Dorsey's latest num- ber and just where to get the best in Hdams hats. "Greenie" is never without his harem, for which he is noted, even in the Qrt room where he rules in his magnificent pink and green bathrobel His carefree manner is an everyday garment, but underneath Dave possesses a great gift of concentra- tion which does not pertain merely to his loving harem. With your keen sense of humor and affable manner you will make a big hit at college, "Greenie"l ELWOOD K. GHNNETT "Elly" Pl Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Math Club 3, Service Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 4 ,"Echoes" Staff 3, 4, Business Man- ager 4, Class Secretary 4, Treasurer of S. G. H. 4. "Elly" is a combination of Fats Waller and Bing Crosby with a dash of Einstein thrown in. His piano playing is "super" and he usually draws a large crowd of admirers when he begins a tune. He is a good student, but seems to enjoy mathe- matics above all else. His height and good looks make him very attractive and his voice is a fine addition to the bass section of choir. "Elly" is blessed with a sense of humor which is displayed to its fullest ex- tent in his amusing oral topics. He always succeeds somehow in accomplishing the maximum amount of work. This amazing feat along with his many good qualities should help him to go far in the engineer- ing line. We know it will be before the engine and not behind. Page eighteen DUDLEY HIGGINS lIDudll Varsity Show 35 Track Team 3, 45 Foot- ball 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Not quite Esquire, but just two points star- board of the mark. "Dud" is one of those boys who can have a full calendar for the Week-end and still report to school on Mon- day and give a favorable recitation in class. "Peaches and Cream." Oh yes, we call him that too, can surely whip up funds for our treasury. Dud might have slept all during a year book meeting, but later you could find him button-holing some busi- ness man for a year book advertisement. Next year, at Christmas vacation, Dud will return, a proud man in his snappy Nor- wich College uniform, his badges and pins and carrying his pop-gun. Don't get your bugle calls mixed, Dudley-there is a dif- ference between "dress" and "mess"l EUGENE S. HHSTINGS "Gene" Football 45 Basketball 45 H Cappella Choir 4. Pllthough unknown to him, many girls in the school hold a secret and fervent ad- miration for our newly acquired Denville representative. I-lnd who could blame theml Gene was a hero on the gridiron and an ace on the basketball floor. His football playing was very tricky, and we have no doubt, caused much consterna- tion among the opponents. He has a hearty laugh and a pleasant word for ev- eryone. Gene dresses nicely and many have been the times that his gay colored socks, the only weakness of his which we can discover, have flashed a little lite into an ordinarily dull classroom. He manages to expose them in amazingly conspicuous places. Some day soon other students will be profiting from the experience and ability of their physical education instruc- tor, for that teacher will be Gene. Page nineteen PHTRICII-1 HUMPHREY "Pat" Class Treasurer lg Prom Committee l, 2, 3, 45 Class President 25 Q Cappella Choir 3, 45 Service Club 3, 45 Class Vice-President 45 Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook 45 Senior Vaudeville 45 Sen- ior Play 45 National Honor Society 4. Pi very tiny and dainty figure, an unceas- ing cheerfulness, scads of clothes, dashes of class spirit and cooperation and a ma- nia for the hardest job in every activity are the ingredients which compose a "pie a la Humphrey." She is exquisitely petite and has a rich quality to her voice. Ell- ways on the go, Pat undertakes and ac- complishes all manner of important duties, while her classmates look on, awed but unhelpful. She is a born leader and the yearbook would still be a dream without her. Her charm is magnetic and her per- sonality unequaled. Pat is a conscientious service-clubber and is often seen drawn to her full height and bearing a stern look, meant to demand respect, and which amazingly enough, does. May the light to your future be green, Pat! ,an-0"""Xx ETHEL W. HOLTIE "Wini" Dramatic Club 35 Pl Cappella Choir 45 Senior Vaudeville Committee 45 Sen- ior Play Committee 45 Senior Play 45 Hssistant Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook 45 Hssistant Editor of "Echoes" 45 Na- tional Honor Society 4. Wini, when she fortifies herself behind those symbols of knowledge known cur- rently as "glasses", is the not-so-typical Mountain Lakes f-ligh student. Once she lets her hair down, however, we gaze up- on an awfully cute "gal" with a great sense of humor and beautiful, sparkling blue eyes. "Wini" is terribly crafty with the pen and produces oodles of witty compositions in both prose and poetry. She is famous for a very amazing accom- plishment, that of walking into classes late and winning the teachers forgivenes with a humble yet naughty smile. She is very congenial and as talkative as any six cats sitting on a white-washed fence in the moonlight. Your profound determination to attain the goal you have set, "Wim" will certainly get you there. Now let's see your dustl Page twenty IEHNETTE HUBER "Nettie" Dramatic Club 25 Secretary and Treas- urer of Library Club 3, 4. Ieanette is a friendly, dark-haired girl and very conscientious and serious about her job as a librarian. Iust what Mrs. Thomp- son is going to do Without her next year, We are sure We can't guess. Flll ot us have depended on her for help many times this past year. Not only did she find books tor us, but she made us bring them back when they were due. leanette is, Without a doubt, an excellent example of depend- ability and cooperation super plus! If more of us were like her, the teachers would be much happier. Ieanette's ambition is to be a teacher. We all know she Will be an excellent one for she possesses tact and a great deal of patience. She has been indispensible to us and We really appreciate it! MURIEL HOTELLING "Echoes" Staff 3, 4, Editor 4, H Cap- pella Choir 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 45 Minstrel Show 4. Muriel is one of those amazing people pos- sessing several qualities which distinguish them from the rest of us. Hs editor of the "Echoes", our very popular school paper, she displayed qualities of leadership and initiative. She gave generously of her time to make this enterprise a success. Then, too, she is one of the youngest in the class-a tact which can only prove further her initiative spirit and which also points to excellence in marks and studies. In music classes she has been compli- mented many times tor the lovely quality ot her voice. She is an enthusiastic sup- porter of our F1 Cappella Choir and really puts her heart into a song. Muriel seems to enjoy tackling the hard jobs and perhaps that is why she has high hopes ot becoming a psychologist. She will be one, tool Page twenty-one BRYHN PITTS "Toughie" Basketball l, Tennis Team 1, 2, 4, Track Team 3, Camera Club 3, Service Club 4. Toughie is definitely not the name for this studious member of our class, but never- theless it has stayed with him. Hlways looking like a page from Esquire with his impeccable dress, his neat appearance is completed by his slick brown hair. When Bryan's hair is uncombed everyone knows that something is terribly wrong or he has a great deal ot work to accomplish. Tennis is Toughies specialty and his excellence on the court certainly makes up for every other sport. This senior is always at the right place at the right time which is evi- dence ot his business-like manner. Bryan hopes to enter the field of statesmanship and we feel sure that his talents will lead to success. WILLIHM HOLSTEIN "Holie" Class Vice-President l, Basketball l, 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, S. G. H. Council l, 2, 4, Secretary of Hi-Y 3, Track Team 3, 4, President of Hi-Y 4, Student Coun- cil ludge 4, Secretary ot I-'lthletic Coun- cil 4, Service Club 4. Holie is undoubtedly a combination of a wandering romeo, an at-your-service- madam bell boy and the cornerstone of this year's student government associa- tion. He posseses a wonderful gilt of "drive" which has starred him in the back- field ot the old pigskin parade. Everybody likes and respects Holie tor his generosity and eagerness to cooperate, and although he is more a man's man, he is not by any means a woman hater! You can buck down any alley, Bill, and you will always come up on topl Page twenty-two KENNETH MORESE xnKennY1l Track Team 4, Fl Cappella Choir 4, Senior Play 4g Minstrel Show 4. H gust of wind and a flash of green are no longer regarded with terror for everyone knows it is just "Kenny" driving someplace in no minutes flat. Hlthough only here a short while, "Kenny" has already become famous. His first appearance caused quite a stir, for manpower in the senior class is sadly lacking. Besides, the new arrival had blonde curls and a ready smile. "Ken- ny's" "a propos" remarks, which are a constant source of embarrassment to teachers and of amusement to his class- mates, have established him as one of our class humorists. Despite his apparent non- chalance in studying, his marks are the best. The peculiar way he twists himself around a chair is amazing! Medicine will be "Kenr1y's" future and, take it from us, his bedside manner will be terrificl ROBERT NEWMHN ..HemY,. Hi-Y 3, Varsity Show 3, Senior Play 4. Shhhhl Before you turn that corner, let us warn you as to what you most likely will bump into. lt wear pants fvery immaculately we might sayl, it never carries a book but blows away on an imaginary sax, it loves skirts-all of 'em, pink and blue too, and will probably be trying to convince a cer- tain Barbara Pearson as to how many lauartos" the "Polacks" in the "parle" were drinkingl Well, don't say we didn't warn you. Meet the half pintl Bob, your public awaits you, autograph books and alll Newmie is a typical misunderstood, wise- cracking, lovable and tempermental high school student. Therefore a natural Sen- ior Class production of "What a Life." Heaven only knows what you want to be Bobbie, we don't and we're sure you don't, but why not try acting? Page twenty-three HNNE INGRHM Dramatic Club 3, 4, Librarians' Club 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 3, 4, Camera Club 3, 4, President 4, S. G. Pl. 4, Sen- ior Vaudeville Committee 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Fl sense of humor combined with an easy- going manner will be responsible for Qnnes success. Her athletic ability is well known throughout the school and she shines in basketball especially. Her chief ambition is to be a gym teacher and due to the great amount of talent that she has exhibited so far, we are all sure that she will be one of the finest. Ftnne is also a 'lwhiz" at math. She spends much time trying to invent a baffling new formula. She is cooperative, cheery and one of our most conscientious pupils. It is Hnne, the gym teacher, however, for whom we predict the most success. HELEN M. IHCKSON "Hel" Class Treasurer 1, 3, I-lrt Club 3, 4, Secretary of S. G. H. 4, Senior Ball Committee 4, Chairman of Senior Play Committee 4, Yearbook Staff 4. "Hel" is one of those wonderful persons who is never lacking, except when ex- haust-pipes, bumpers, and fenders are concerned. One glance at this debby- look- ing gal, with a cute joke in her brown eyes, and behold!-God's gift to a mil- lionaire. "Hel" possesses a subtle person- ality that is the envy of the girls and simply slays the boys, but behind all this smooth allure is a simple dignity which holds the respect of all who know her. She is one of the most responsible and willing among us and should be praised for her commendable work toward the success of our Senior Play. Hlthough she manages to get more paint on herself than on her subject, "Hel" is very talented in the tield of art. Page twenty-four MHRY M. IOHNSRUD .101 .e.. Camera Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Stage Craft Club 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Plrt Club 3, 4, Service Club 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Vaudeville Committee 4, Class Treasurer 4. There is only one "Iohnnie" in our class. "lohnnie" canwell be compared to a green light. She is full of zip and zoom, with sparkling blue eyes "thrown in". She has the wonderful knack of accomplishing her every venture and doing a remarkable job of it. She is a vivacious "gal" and the backbone of the cheer-leaders. Her ability with the brush and pallet is commendable. Time means nothing to "Iohnnie", "a la Schiaparelliu, when she is in need of a new date dress. Mary is as effervescent as they come, she is a bubble forever burst- ing into joyous laughter. She is crazy and sensible and certainly deserves a wonder- ful future. When her bow lips part they reveal beautiful, pearly teeth. Your smile is your greatest asset, "Iohnnie", so never stop. MHRCIH H. METZGER "Marsh" Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, S. G. Fl. l, 2, 3, 4, Plrt Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Show 3, "Echoes" Staff 3, 4, illthletic Council 3, 4, Camera Club 3, 4, Service Club 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Senior Ball Chairman 4, Pl Cappella Choir 4, Yearbook Staff 4. This lovely girl could not be nearer per- fection! Her friendship is especially cher- ished by those coming in contact with her sincerity and faithfulness. "Marsh" has auburn hair, which curls delightfully, her eyes possess a twinkle, and her smile is saucy. She is very talented and can al- ways be found in the art room just "messin' around". H masterpiece is the usual result, for she has excellent talent in this line. It would be impossible to make her admit it, and in this modesty lies the secret of Marcia's charm, when praise hits her it bounces right off and never sinks in. "Marsh" has a weakness for "swing" and can be found "rug cutting" to her favorite records in her spare time. We love you, "Marsh", so paint your future rosy! Page twenty-five HLICE WIELICH "Hllie" Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 H.Cappella Choir 3, 4, Camera Club 3, 4, Librarians' Club 3, 4, Band 4, Dramatic Club 4, Senior Play 4, Yearbook Staff 4. "Plllie" is our own example of a petite French doll with the proverbial long chest- nut-colored hair and devilish bangs. Ql- though she is quite small, she knows what she wants and usually succeeds in getting it. On or off the dance floor, she is full of pep, and, no matter where she goes, she has a twinkle in her brown eyes. Strangely enough, "Plllie" delights in odd things, and, for although we have said "thumbs down" on her high socks, she still insists on wearing them. "I-lllie" is quite talented in the musical field, being in the band, orchestra, and choir. lf physics doesnt get her down, she would like to enter the bacteriology field. Well, here's the best of luck to you, "Hllie", and we all hope that the "big bad wolf" never makes you fall. CONSTHNCE SCHOLTEN "Connie" Pllthough many people think that "Connie" is too quiet, she is one of the nicest girls we know. She is one of Mr. Doublier's best French students, and her chief ambition is to become a language teacher. "Connie's" long periods in the hospital have in no way influenced her work, for she has the ambition to keep on no matter what hap- pens. Ht home she enjoys cooking and sewing and may often be seen Whipping up some delightful new dish for her family's ap- proval. "Connie" has rather a dreamy nature which often marks "The Thinker". We see much in "Connie's" character which will help make her a success in her chosen field, for she has the patient, plod- ding nature which is so necessary today. Page twenty-six , -,. . fn!-fisi . ,ffm IUSTINE SHIR-CLIFF llTinall Dramatic Club 35 H Cappella Choir 45 Senior Vaudeville 45 Senior Vaude- ville Committee 45 Senior Play Com- mittee 45 Senior Play 45 Yearbook Staff 45 National Honor Society 4. It is "Tina" who supplies the senior class with its musical talent. However, it seems that few realized this fact until we heard her voice pour forth into the auditorium the night of the senior vaudeville. lts de- lightful charm and freshness holds excel- lent promise for her future success in this line. Ht first meeting she appears to be a quiet, retiring sort of person, but under- neath this outward appearance there lies a spark of deviltry which can never be entirely concealed. She has been a wholly reliable member of the class ever since she arrived in fourth grade. Her chief ability in schoolwork lies in languages and history, but she is an all-round good student in practically anything she under- takes. Whatever it is that makes success we know she has it. M HUDREY SHWYER Hand.. Dramatic Club l, Stage Craft Club 25 Creative Dance 35 Librarians' Club 45 Service Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Ball Committee 4. "Hud" is our idea of a truly super girl. Her quality of sincerity is envied and admired by all. She possesses an appealing charm and a tall, willowly beauty. Her hair re- sembles that of a novelist's heroine for it is as soft and gleaming as silk. We couldn't go without mentioning her eyes, either, for they are large and friendly, bordered by long feathery lashes and very exceptional orbs. She is the spirit of cooperation itself from the top of her curly hair to the tip of her toes, which do have a habit of turning in. "Plud" holds malice towards none which is one reason for her absolute popu- larity. She is undecided about her future, but it's a "cinch" that she will be a suc- cess in whatever she undertakes. 1 Page twenty-seven ...Mlm-ft IRENE WILLIHMS ..ReenY.. P1 new member of our class, Irene is liked for her quiet southern manners her friendly smile. lt's restful just to be her, for her voice is soft and soothing, her actions smoothly silent. She is imbued with an unaffected manner, If as well and with and also and this naturalness is very becoming. F1 wonderful sense of humor is her greatest asset. Her admitted weaknesses are tall blonds, fried chicken and week ends. Perhaps the three of these delights will unite some day. Reeny has been pretty homesick for Mary- land, but we hope she has enjoyed her stay up north. Reeny is perfectly suited for her chosen profession, nursing. S 111- - BHRBHRH WOODWHRD KlBarbll Dramatic Club 25 H Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Service Club 4. "Barb" is known for her vivacious nature and her petite charm. She is very fond of sports, particularly skiing and figure skat- ing. The latter appears high on her list of accomplishments. Dancing and swimming run close seconds in popularity. Her main ambition is to become a profes- sional skater or connected in some way with dramatics. The ability which she possesses in this line, and her eager de- termination for success should certainly take her far towards reaching this goal. She has also taken an active interest in music since her Sophomore year, when she became a member of the H Cappella Choir. The subject nearest her heart is French. Her willingness to cooperate at any time has impressed us and, for this we will re- member her long after she has forgotten us. NE l' +- JWHL1 Page twenty-eight QUIN P. TURKINGTON "Turk" Track Team 3, Football 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Vaudeville 4, President of Service Club 4. Quin is a happy similie of Gods gift to women. He has the appearance and per- sonality of a "to be" millionaire with HLL the accessories. Needless to say Quin is quite the most affable boy in the class and his personality is just as flowing as his conversation. Turk's blue sports coat has certainly been around and we do mean around! Of course he was in the pigskin parade. He was one of the linesmen for the dear old orange and blue. However, the highlight of this happy fel- low's high school career contains more than just being a social whirl and a num- ber 65 gridiron man. Quin, as president of the Service Club, has performed miracles with this efficient organization. lt is a re- spected and dignified club with an ex- tremely popular leader. RICH!-IRD WEBB ubicky.. Class Secretary l, 2, Fl Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Boating Club 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, Math Club 3, S. G. Fl. 3, 4, President of Librarians' Club 3, 4, Hthletic Council 4, Service Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Vaudeville Committee 4, Basketball Manager 4. "Dicky" is one of the few who can boast of having been raised and educated from infancy in Mountain Lakes. His intellectual ability, coupled with his unfailing sense of humor and delight in punning, makes him always an enjoyable companion. In the realm of music he has no peer. He has sung in Q Cappella choir since its organ- ization, has bellowed with the glee club, and has sung several times with the state choir in Htlantic City. His faculty of man- ipulating the drum sticks has constituted a valuable contribution to the band and orchestra for years. 151 child of the seasons, he is an enthusiastic skiier and a veteran sailor. He aspires for a future in chemistry, so we give formal notice to all atomic particles, beware! ,, . Page twenty-nine H TRIBUTE To Scho, our class adviser, for guiding us in the right di- rection when we were undoubtedly pulling in the Wrong one, for graciously offering his much needed help in all of our class activities, and for providing a never-failing dash of humor to pull us through those miserable spots of tension. We know that we have given Scho many uneasy mo- nients, but with the rumored rest which we hear he is to have in the future, we hope that he will regain his previous un- harassed outlook on life. To him We extend our deepest ap- preciation and the best of luck. Page thirty THEN... TOP ROW-Cleft to righti Shir-Cliff, Cunningham, Boettiger, Hoitje, Butts, Woodward. SECOND HOW-Sawyer, Iohnsrud, Webb, Cunningham, liust belowl Delchumps cmd Webb, Bccry THIRD ROW-Fiiilet, Huber, Burton, fjust below? Buttery, Higgins, Humphrey. FOURTH ROW-Gannett, Metzger, Ingram, Pitts, Green, Wielich, Concxrroe. BOTTOM ROW-Scholten and Metzger. Page thirty-one 1-. 'G NO'W Page thirty-two undergraduate: LEFT TO RIGHT-FROM BHCK ROW TO FRONT ROW. ill Worman, Becker, White, Htkins, Swart, Carlson, Sparks, Sanders, McEwen, Granzen, Shir-Cliff. KZJ Haas, Green, Smock, Flncona, Stoller, Nelson, Galt, Collins, Scholten, Ferris, Rust, Boeche, Walker, Lewis, Dudley. Q31 Evans, Brown, Lodge, Ritz, Black, Neatie, Bowen, Watts, Iones, Hillman, Fuller, Qmadon, Easton, Thompson. IUNIOR CLHSS Officers: Pres. Harvey Watts Sec. Mickey Bowman V. Pres. Grace lones Treas, Gerry Nealie CLHSS HISTORY Gale Walker I Ever since the class of l942 entered seventh grade it has been character- ized by the enthusiasm with which its students have stepped into the spirit ot Mt. Lakes High. Now as ambitious Iuniors they are anticipating their Senior year, not untinged with regret that it will be their last here. Students ot the class have been outstanding in extra-curricular activities as well as in their school Work. H11 the clubs and sports claim members from this class as their leaders or ardent supporters: this is especially noticeable in the Fl Cappella Choir. The Iuniors have accomplished much this year under the Wise guidance of Mr. Trimble and the class officers. By sponsoring numerous functions, such as "Weber, the Wizard", a magician, and a movie, "The Buccaneer", they have a well-filled treasury which is essential tor the coming year. Here's to you, Class of '42, tor luck in your coming year as seniors in Mountain Lakes High School. Page thirty-four fi 1-- SOPHOMORE CLHSS CLHSS HISTORY Lois Rogers During the year just passed the Sophomore class has really become a part of the high school. Orderly class meetings and quick, intelligent thinking followed the olderdregime of noise and inefficiency. Soon the results were ap- parent to all. i' Not being satisfied with just following the usual activities, the class wracked its brains for something different. Finally, the idea of a faculty- student basketball game was suggested. This idea was a financial success as well as a most entertaining spectacle. The Sophomore Hop, true to tradition, was one of the most delightful ex- periences of the year. This dance had been the objective of the class through all the preceding months, but even the highest expectations were thoroughly satisfied. In all school activities the Sophomores play an important part. Football, basketball, and track and also clubs and other organizations are supported to a great extent by Sophomores. lf this class continues with the good work it has lately been accomplish- ing, it can go far in the years ahead. Officers: Pres, Donald Broad Sec. loan Pfizer V. Pres. Donald Blattner Treas. Ruth Hollmeyer FROM BQCK ROW TO FRONT ROW Ill Swegien, Smock, Merrill, Barth, Baker, Schultz, Squire, Pltkins, Davy, Dodge, Bingham, Howell, agner. C23 Morris, Windsor, Richardson, Van Duyne, Pascal, Tucker, Grimm, Dean, Stoughton, Wilson, Perraui- ola, Stewart, Flllen, Corrnack, Hnderson. l3J Snelling, Warren, Schmidt, Snyder, Cunningham, Kirkwood, Myers, Baker, Pfizer, Board, Blclttner, Hollzneyer, Rogers, Ferris, Scholten, Kelso, Woodward, Zimmerman, Symonette, Truex, Fielding. Page thirty-five It s FRESHMHN CLHSS CL!-ISS HISTORY Ruth Webb The Freshman Class has started on its four-year journey and is hoping to make a mark for itself under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Kindle and Mr. Wikander. The membership of the class has jumped from 42 to 60 in one year be- cause of the addition of many out-of-town people Pllthough the class is represented in nearly all school organizations and participates in many school sports and activities, its leaning is toward music, for members are in both Band and Orchestra and many add their lusty voices to the choir. They have not sponsored any social affairs as yet, but have high hopes and many plans for the future, also ideas and plans for activities before the end of the school year. The class is very proud of the seventy dollars in its treasury, which is slowly and steadily growing. Their aim is to create a good impression during their school life and help make the Mountain Lakes High School a pleasant and well-organized place to work, Officers: Pres, Robin Plllerdice Sec.-Treas, Virginia Merriam LEFT TO RIGHT-FROM BQCK ROW TO FRONT ROW. Ill Hunt, Farrelly, Kirkwood, McLarin, Rogers, Johnson, Cox, Curran, Watts, Easton, Grambling, Mener, Wadsten, Church, Dean C21 Hxchardson, Dege, McLarin, Green, McDougall, Beattie, Cathcart, De Leyer, Hlden, Turkington, White, Barnholt, Cist, Kimball, Dayton, Le Buere, Kopt. C33 Steinway, Mcllwen, Moehle, Dempster, Blades, Webb, Loughlin, Webb, Plllardice, Merriam, Twist, Flrnadon, Black, Oxehulwud, Vvickwire, Mhiting, Sawyer, Page thirty-six F LEFT TO RIGHT-FROM BQCK ROW TO FRONT ROW. ill Dalhouse, Haas, lackson, Metzger, Moulton, Black, Conover, 12D Brown, Ford, Mills, Dodge, Lane, Franklin, Williams, Oxehutwud, Hllen, Kerr, Higgins, Mitchell, Moe, 131 Haines, Mueser, Evans, Wurmstich, Davis, Finnegan, Stringer, Wickwire, Carlson, Kelso, Cunning- ham, Btrdsall, Dillon. Ml Fry,EBaites, Foster, Van Duyne, Tippy, Post, Scholten, Wilson, Webster, Randall, Wagner, Carroll, VGDS. EIGHTH GRADE Officers: Pres. lack Stringer Sec, Mary Galt V. Pres, Marcus Finnegan Treas. Peter Wickwire CLHSS HISTORY Marcus Finnegan The class of 1945 is an extremely up and coming class that is expected to go tar in the high school. During every marking period this year the eighth grade has led all the other classes in the number ot students on the Honor Roll. They are proud of this record and hope to keep it up. They have only a small amount in their treasury since they had made a very generous donation to the Red Cross. They are noted tor their fine basketball team which has badly beaten their rivals the ninth grade, many times. They seem to be very promising for the Varsity teams of the future. ln the S. G. Q., they are ably represented by lack Stringer and Mary Evans and are expertly advised by Miss Blanchard and Mr. Wikander. Their members take part in many of the school activities such as the band, orchestra and the Fl Cappella Choir. Mr. Milkey says their class would make a very tine choir in themselves. Good luck to you, Seniors of '44-'45l Page thirty-seven ii 3 LEFT TO RIGHT-FROM BECK ROW TO FRONT ROW. fll Cox, Galt, Heanie, Gifford, Bostelman, Delayer, Brookfield, Martins, Larsen, Case, Willard, Hnder- son, Pillsbury, Guild. C29 Hussy, Da ton, Scholten, Eccles, Nelson, Miller, Mills, Van Deusen, Simmons, Littel, Walker, Con- arroe, liimmer, Van Orden, Hncona. CSD Miles, Stoughton, Moehle, Wasson, Ribble, Calvert, Hickey, Iohnsrud, Bates, Tweit, Gifford, Watts. SEVENTH GRADE Officers: Pres. Ioan Mills Sec. Miriam Hoyt V. Pres. Flllen VanDusen Treas. lean Simmons CLHSS HISTORY Meryl Hnderson Socially, the class of 1946 has had many good times, but this has not been the extent of their endeavors. Their treasury was very small at the beginning of the year, but through selling magazine subscriptions they now have over sixty dollars. They have enjoyed athletics very much, and in field hockey and volley ball, the girls successfully Won in the 8th-7th Grade tournaments. The boys have been very active in football and basketball, and it is certain the Seventh Grade will congibute some good material for future teams. The boys proved their skill in Home Economics by giving Mr. Milkey a pumpkin pie at the time of his accident. The girls collected contributions from the class and gave Mrs. Milkey a lovely bed-jacket. "We are all very happy to be part of the 'big school' and wish to thank the upper classmates tor,their patience and kindness toward us. Our class advisers, Miss Kerr andiigfr. Smith, have helped us in every possible Way, and we are sincerely grateful' to them." if U Page thirty-eight an if Y. -HM feticf "F T ' BECK HOW, left to rightflielchamps, Hnderson, Watts, Calvert, Hastings, Dean, Heissenbuttel, Carroll, Schultz, Greene, Higgins, Mr. Smith. FRONT ROW, lelt to right-Shir-Cliff, Flllen, Barstow, Holstein, Ruser, Granzen, Turkington, Watts, Iaeger. FOOTBALL The Lakers opened the 1940 football season at Caldwell holding their larger opponents to the lowest score of their five year series. While defeated by a 14-6 count, they gave their Essex County rivals many anxious moments during the game. The following week, the team travelled to Washington and although losing 19-7, they showed quite an improvement over the previous 32-O defeat of 1939. ln the third week, the boys scored their first victory in the best played game of the season. Trailing 6-7 late in the last quarter, the locals came through with a safety and a last minute touchdown to defeat Wharton 15-7. The Lakers journeyed to Flemington next week where they gained a moral vic- tory by tying their more experienced rivals 19-19. ln fact the orange and blue led until the closing minutes when Flemington scored twice on long passes. The fifth game saw a plucky St. Bernards eleven hold Mt. Lakes to a 6-6 tie. The next game was to be with Netcong, however, Netcong gave up the sport and a return game with Wharton was scheduled. This encounter was taken by the visitor by 15-U. The blue and orange played their last game of the season at Roxbury and then county rivals with a score of 6-U. Long runs by lack Greene featured the lo- cals' victory in the season's finals. The team had the heaviest line in Mountain Lakes history. The backfield fea- turing Shultz, Hastings, Holstein and Deitz, was fast and charging. Under Coach Smith's able direction the team has great possibilities for next year. CBHDAES Caldwell 14- 6 Mountain Lakes VVashington 19- 7 hdountain Lakes Wharton 7-15 Mountain Lakes Flemington 19-19 Mountain Lakes St. Bernards 6- 6 Mountain Lakes Wharton 15- U Mountain Lakes Roxbury U- 6 Mountain Lakes 5 Page forty '-'i'?lV.. "T 175.1 THE BHSKETBHLL TEHM The basketball team had an unfortunate year with only three victories. The first game of the season saw the Varsity trim the highly-favored Hlumni team, but it turned out to be a costly victory since one of the Varsity regulars, Bob Beck, received a head injury that kept him on the sidelines for the remainder of the sea- son. ln the early part of the season Mountain Lakes overcame the highly-favored Roxbury quintet by a close margin, l8 to l5, Later in the season, this same Roxbury team defeated an excellent Dover High School team. To prove that the first game was not sheer luck, Mountain Lakes turned back the Roxbury netsters a second time near the end of the season. Qnother highspot of the season occurred when Caldwell travelled to Mountain Lakes. In the preliminary game with the Caldwell IayVee's, the score was dead- locked with a minute to play. Then Caldwell made a basket on a long shot from mid-court. The lead stayed in their hands with Mountain Lakes trying desperately to knot the score. When the final Whistle blew, one of the most even and exciting games of the season had been played. The prospects for next year seem exceedingly bright. The squad will not suf- fer any losses through graduation and the lunior Varsity has shown great ability this year by Winning 7 games. We'll have to say this just Wasn't our year. Next year We hope the squad shapes up as well as it ought to. BFICK-Cleft to rightl Mr. Smith, Watts, Hastings, Granzen, Mc- Ewen, Schultz, Greene, Doug- las, Webb. FRONT-Ileft to rightl Greene, Delchamps, Warren, Hllen, Dean, Becker, White, Campbell, Stewart, Ferraiula. - sf. , . . i . l W, Page forty-one TRHCK This is the second year the school has had a varsity track team on its sports calendar. Last year the team made its initial appearance on the field and it might be added that it made a fine showing. Since the beginning of school in Sepe tember, on several occasions, certain enthusiasts have held practice even during the snow. Pill school track meets are away, due to the absence of a school track. Their coach, Mr. Willing, is as much a trackman as the rest of them and is especially proud of the boys in their new warm-up suits. The team has adhered strictly to Mr. Willings training rules, which has un' doubtedly been one of the most ime portant reasons for their splendid performance Hthletic Council The Plthletic Council, composed of boys and girls, was formed to assist the Physical Education department in establishing wholesome athletic tradi- tions, and in building up public opin- ion in support of athletics for physical, mental, moral and social benefits rather than as public spectacles. The students who participate as members of this council are afforded opportunities for leadership, initiative and responsibility. The managing of all athletic contests, the selecting of cheer leaders, the devising of a system of awards, the revision of the councils constitution, the organization of sports, and the Varsity Show were some of the contributions made by this organiza- tion during the past year. BECK --Cleft to right! Quser Holstein, Swart, Carlson, Mc Ewen, Sparks, Shir-Clifi, Watts Mr. Willing. FRONT f llelt to riqhtl Van Duyne, Watts, Lewis, Del champs, Van-Duyne, Flllen Merrill, White, Morese, BQCK - lleft to rightl Lewis Watts, Delchamps, Mr. Smith Holstein, fluser, Schultz, Beck Webb, FRONT-llelt to rightl Franklin Black, Mrs Milkey, Metzger Beery, Sawyer, iam! Page forty-two FHCULTY-SOPHOMORE GHME "I never saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one, But I can tell you anyhow, l'd rather see, than be one!" Not that cows are related to the Faculty-Heaven forbid! But the expressions of amazement, after-grins, and finally, roars from the spectators, were evidence enough to say that a purple cow and a faculty basketball team are received sim- ilarly. Hnd so it Was, that great day When the Sophomore team challenged the Faculty. Mr. Wikander stole the limelight from the other up- to -the - moment faculty stars by losing his sneaker. Mrs. Milkey, Miss Blanchard and Miss Plrmstrong rooted gleefully for their men, singing a victory song to "Three C52 Blind Mice". You can send this next line to Ripley-The Faculty Won! Page forty-three SOCCER The girls' soccer tournament was equally as excit- ing as was the girls' field hockey tournament. Girls from the Freshman, Sophomore, Iunior and Senior classes participated in this intramural sport volun- tarily and as an extra-curricular function. H11 the girls who joined in the fun received points toward their hard-earned numerals and letters, This year the Iuniors were the champions under the leadership of Helen Plncona. Their team outplayed all others, although it was an extremely close contest. BHCK TO FRONT- tlt Ritz, Galt, Nelson, Neafie, Stoller, Iones, Ferris. t2l Thompson, Flmadon, Bow- man, Hillman, Collins. C31 Walker, Haines, Black. BRCK TO FRONT- tlj Stoller, Nelson, Galt, Neafie, Ferris, Bowman, Hillman, Iones, Thompson, Collins, Walker, Black, KZJ Ritz, Qmadon. l i FIELD HOCKEY The Field Hockey tournaments were made much more enjoyable for the teams this year because the teams were able to use the newly completed play- ground for a field. The girls were, on Tuesdays and Thursdays for five weeks, putting forth every effort in preparation for the tournament. The games were very exciting and full of pep as the girls from the side lines cheered their re- spective teams on to victory. The Iuniors under the leadership of Iean Hmadon were the winners ot the contest. Htl classes put forth a good, rigorous struggle which made it a more thrill- ing tournament for the spectators as well as the players. Page forty-four VOLLEY BHLL This tournament was one filled with great anxiety and tension right up until the closing moment of the last game. Qnne Ingram was the Senior's very able captain. Each class played an excellent game, and they must be praised for their good sportsmanship shown at all times. Ptlthough the Seniors were the victors, they won only by hard fighting throughout the season. BHSKETBHLL The season for basketball closed with all honors to the luniors. Mildred Bowman was their active captain. They played cr hard and sincere game using clever strategy which never failed to battle their opponent. To close the season a play-day was held at Moun- tain Lakes With Buxton. The luniors and Seniors of Mountain Lakes played Buxton's teams, One game was won by each team. The refreshments ended a very enjoyable evening. BQCK TO FRONT-- tll Buttery, Metzger, Williams, Iohnsrud,Sawyer,Humphrey. CZJ Butts, Beery, Ingram, Boet- tiger. BQCK TO FRONTH tlj Nelson, Galt, Neatie, Ferris, Walker. C21 , Iones, Hillman, Bowman, Collins, Black, Thompson. Page torty-five ill Green, Merriam, Iohnsrud Hollmeyer, Boettiger, Beery Nealie Ferris Barton McEwen THE CHEERLEHDERS Mountain Lakes cheering attained a new high during the 1940-41 season. H most ambitious and energetic group of cheerleaders led the members of the stu- dent body in unfailing and whole-hearted cheers. Originating new and unique routines, they displayed added skill and tech- nique as the year progressed. The 1940-4l squad deserves much credit and rec- ognition as all the members were full of genuine enthusiasm throughout the sea- SOD. The following are the members of the squad: IUNE BEERY - CHPTHIN Mary M. Iohnsrud Virginia Mirriam Elizabeth H. Barton Margaret Ferris Geraldine Neaiie Ruth Hollmeyer David Green Beatrice Boettiger Kenny McEwen SUBSTITUTES Iune Ritz Mary lane Easton Carolyn Brown Hnne Ingram Ruth Black Sally Cist Page forty-six 02 an 1' ation! 7 3 THE "LHKES" STHFF PHTRICIQ HUMPHREY-Editor-in-Chief ETHEL HOLTIE-Hssistant Editor Hssociate Editors Wallace Pluser Robert Beck Iune Beery Beatrice Boettiger Phyllis Buttery Dorothy Butts Ianie Conarroe Patricia Cunningham Tim Delcharnps David Green Page torty-eight Dudley Higgins Hnne Ingram Helen Iackson Mary Iohnsrud Marcia Metzger Hudrey Sawyer Constance Scholten Iustine Shir-Cliff Richard Webb Pllice Wielich BECK TO FRONT- CIJ Turkington, Greene, Beck, Carlson, Metzger, Iackson, Holstein, McEwen, Evans, Gannett, Mr. Schofield Green, Stringer, Wilson. C21 Dodge, Broad, Watts, Sim- mons, Webb, Ingram, Webb, Kopf, Pillsbury, BHCK TO FRONT- Cll Webb, Green, McEwen, heissenbuttel, Beck, Gan- netz. 127 Humphrey, Turkington, Hu- ber, Sawyer, Beery, Iohns- rud, Cunningham, Thomp- son. 131 Metzger, Holstein, Smack, Pitts, Butts, Turkington, Fer- ris, Black, Collins, Barton. THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT HSSOCIHTION The purpose of the S. G. Fi. is to transact student affairs and to stimulate interest in class activities, To clarify the actions and duties of the body, an assembly program was presented. The entire council held a business ,meeting on the stage for the benefit of the school. Many questions were answered at this time for the students and they realized again what a truly fine organization the S. G. Fl. is. SERVICE CLUB The Service Club, this year, really lived up to its name, for through the work of Mr. Schofield and the aid of the S. G. H., a complete reorganization was ac- complished. New rules were established and offenders of the latter were forced to appear before a court, This tribunal, held every Friday afternoon as required, con- sisted of three teachers, three students, and a student- judge and Scho as a prosecutor. This plan worked very well and the result was a more cooperative student body and a more efficient Service Club. President: Quin P. Turkington. Page forty-nine Evil tll l-?an"l'1ll, Wovifrlitori, firfrwri, Galt, Carlson, NVebb, Vlebater, Scliyuidt, Galt, Buck, Curran, Broad Hmawlon, Moulton, Crt-f-'io Wolilo, Grambling, Conover, Moe, Barton, Wielich, Maiorettes' Leek, Himiiwer t "' sry ttlitlltltf , is D l - 411 ,LSI- tl-J tll Watts, Wilson, Stoughton, Delchamps, Beck, Schmid, Brown, Barton, Mr. Milkey. t2l Blattner, Wielich, Galt, Galt K1-trio, Moulton, Davy L37 Webb, Kopf, Carlson BHND Hlthough the band played at only a few of the home gamers this fall it made a striking appearance on the football field. This year the band was led by two remarkable little majorettes who twirl their batons with exceptional dexterity. Besides performing at the football games it provides music for other purposes :such as the Memorial Day services, Our high school ia: proud of this musical organization, which is under the direction of Mr. H T. Milkey. Page fifty ORCHESTRH The High School Orchestra, under the baton of Mr, Milkey, is composed of faithful musicians who attend rehearsals once a week, The talent is limited and varied because this group is small, Hs the orchestra has been rehearsing a great deal especially for the Seniors' graduation, the class of '4l extends to them their most sincere appreciation. LEFT TO RIGHT-FROM BQCK ROW TO FRONT ROW. Ill Kept, Brown, Moulton, Watts, Greene, Lewis, White Walsh, Blattner, VanDuyne, Greene, Grambling C21 Woodward, Shir-Cliff, Black, Kelso, Conarroe, Butts, Webb, Humphrey, Merriam, Black, Brown, Cist, , Beck, Davy, McEwen, Green, Morese, Gannett. . Webb, Mitchell. Hotelling, Galt, Beery, Metzger, Ferris, Webb, ISJ Twist, Rmadon, Hillman, Rogers, Schmidt, Boettiger, Neatie, Holtje, De Leyer, Hmadon, Hllardice, Iones, Barton, Wielich. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The Q Cappella Choir has just completed another successful year under the able direction of Mr. Edward T. Milkey. fllthough the choir has been singing for only five years, it has already established a reputa- tion which any group of young amateur singers would covet. Two concerts are given each year in which titty-two well-blended voices participate. One of these concerts was given at Christmas time. The music sung by this high school choir put many a person, young and old alike, into a Christmas spirit. The second concert was given in May, the spring atmosphere added to the program. We are indeed proud of this group ol high school boys and girls. Their voices are well worth the praise given them. Praise is riot the only thing they have earned, the high honor ol belonging to the New lersey Qll State Choir has been bestowed on two ol its members. Page fifty-one THE LINE HND COLOR CLUB The Line and Color Club, although formed only two years ago, has become increas- ingly popular in the school and some excel- lent work has been done by it. This year they presented an assembly program of living pic- tures and a iilm about great paintings. The object of the club has been to stimulate inter- est in creative art, and it has certainly suc- ceeded in attaining this aim. BHCK ROW-ill Metzger, lack- son, Iohnsrud, Miss Callaway, Boettiger, Cunningham. FRONT ROW - KZJ Rogers, Webb, lones, Green, Wright, Webb, Merriam. BECK ROW - ill Cormack. Broad, Rogers, Iohnson, Miss Calloway, Iohnsrud, Beery. Iackson, Cunningham, Mr, Wik- ancler, McLarin, Dodge, Curran. FRONT ROW-C21 Iohnsrud, Le Beur, Metzger, Hollmeyer, Cun- ningham, Webb, Wilson, Mer- riam, Boettiger, Webb, Whiting, Ferrauiola, Guild. THE STAGE CRHFT CLUB The Stage Craft Club is one of the real reasons for the success of our school plays and fashion shows. This Club has clearly shown what it is possible to do in the way of stage settings, costume, properties, and make-up. The group has been under the di- rection ot Miss Callaway and Mr. Wikander, who have given very generously their time to advise and instruct the club. The Stage Craft Club has made a great name for itself and has even greater future in store. Page fifty-two THE CHMERH CLUB The darkroom of the Camera Club has been the scene ot considerable activity during the past year. Under the guidance ol Mr. Trimble and Qnne Ingram, the members have shown an increasing interest in photo- graphy. During the year the club bought a new enlarger which has added interest and activity of the members. Many of the more artistic, printed their own personal photographic Christmas cards, in a most professional way. We know the enthusiasm of the Camera Club members will continue to grow in the years to come. THE DRHMHTIC CLUB The Dramatic Club was organized early in October with a record number joining. During the year two short, but entertaining comedies were presented by the members of the group, namely: "The Lost Silk Hat" under the supervision of Miss Hrmstrong's ever- watchful eyes and "Not Quite Such a Goose" ably directed by Patricia McGreevy. The purpose of the organization is to give to the pupils of our school an opportunity to try their skill in all phases of dramatics and with this thought in mind it will continue through the years. ill Dayton, Calvert, Webb, Wielich, Ingram, Snyder, Turk- ington, White, Mr. Trimble, Sherrerd, Davy, Pfizer, Galt, Webb, Moe, McLarin, Pillsbury. tZJ Barnholt, Easton, Warren, Rogers, Cunningham, Hollmey- er, Scholten, Ferris, Twist, Black, Cist. ill White, Evans, Walker, Birdsall, Davy, Dean, Stough- ton, Webb, Cist, Merriam, Galt, Hollmeyer. C21 Hllardice, Rust, Fielding, Neaiie, Hillman, Eas- ton, Hmadon, Miss I-lrmstrong. Black, Ingram, Scholten, Kelso, Cunningham. Page fifty-three HI-Y The Mountain Lakes Gamma Hi-Y is a member of both the National and County Y.M.C.Ft. Their purpose is to create and main- tain high standards throughout the school and community. This year, by being exceedingly active in this section, they were ranked the highest club in Morris County. The club has contributed its services to the school and community affairs by offering aid to the British Relief Ptctivities, the Sports Field project, and undertakings within the school. Its members are noticeably active in the extra school activities under faculty sup- ervision. Their weekly meetings which are held at the school, have had as their guests most of the outstanding residents of Mountain Lakes. The members find this a splendid method to better their knowledge of the Community. National Honor Society The National Honor Society reached its greatest membership this year with five sen- iors and three juniors. It has broken another record because, for the first time since its organization, there are more girls than boys. The Mountain Lakes Chapter is but one of the thousands in the nation-wide organization which stimulates exemplary living on the part of the high school students of this nation. The society recognizes four principal char- acteristics which are fundamental to success- ful living. These are Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. The induction into the society consists of a banquet, and formal and informal initiation ceremonies which are held at the Knoll Country Club. The formal initiation is an impressive candlelight service, at which time the new members form a key- stone, the symbol of the society. 1 v , 1 BFICK TO FRONT- tll Hurlbut, Broad, Davy, Hts kins, Higgins, Mills. t2l , Sanders, Lewis, Green, Holstein, Quser, Gannett, Turkington, Mc- Ewen. BHCK TO FRONT'- Beck. Page fifty-four ' tll Shir-Cliff, Webb, Galt. Hottie, Black, Watts, Humphrey, tal Huber, Mrs, Thompson. tbl tit Huser, White, Gannett, Stoughton, Blattner. C23 Holtje, Flmadon, Hottelling, Miss Firm- strong, Evans, Metzger. THE LIBRHRIHN CLUB Though the Librarian Club is rather small and discreet its duties are unlimited. lt aids the students in finding information, checks books in and out, and repairs the volumes. The Seniors are deeply indebted to Mrs. Thompson and Ieanette Huber for all of their patient guidance in enabling them to iind the material they so needed. In former years the Librarian Club was under the able direction of the Hi-Y, but now it is an independent organization with Mrs. Thompson as an adviser. Members of the club are Lynn Brown, Hudrey Sawyer, lune Ritz, Ruth Black, Fllice Wielich, Marion Nelson, lean Pimadon, Mary lane Easton, Marion Scholten, Peggy Lodge, and Patsy Warren. Richard Webb is Presidentg Bill Holstein Vice-President, and Ieanette Huber. Secretary-Treasurer. ECHOES Published by the Sophomores, Iuniors, and Seniors of the Mountain Lakes High School, Mountain Lakes, New Iersey. Editor , ,. .. ,.,. . ,.,. .. Muriel Hotelling Business Manager .. ,. Elwood Gannett Faculty Qdvisor ..... .,,. . . .,,.., .,,, Miss Qrmstrong Flrt Faculty Ptdvisor .,..,. ..., , Miss Callaway LITERHRY BOHRD Ethel Holtje, lean Hmadon Wallace White, Wallace Fluser Elizabeth Evans, Donald Blattner Lincoln Stoughton HRT STHFF Mary Iohnsrud, Marcia Metzger SPRING, 1941 Our literary publication Echoes appeared for its second season and included the most successful work of sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the essay, sonnet, short story, quatrain, and other lit- erary iorms. The lack of creative artistic accomplish- ment among pioneers is proverbial: that our young high school has shown the talent that appears in the Echoes is a credit to us all and should be a source of especial pride to the staff, whose hard work and critical taste brought it out, and to Miss I-lrmstrong, whose cordial sympathy and literary skill made her an inspiration as well as a faculty advisor. We expect the school's further progress out of the pioneer stage to show up in the Echoes of succeeding years. Page fifty-five CRACKED ICE CAn Evening Of Novel Entertainment, Sponsored by SENIOR CLASS Mountain Lakes I-Iigh School Auditorium Friday Evening Nov. 22, 1940 at 8:30 Reserved Seats 504: General Admission 35c S E N IO I2 B A L L Mr. LAKES HIGH sci-loom. December 23, IQUO 9 to I Music by BU DD LAIRD SUBSCRIPTION 81.50 Please present at door Page fifty-six " CRHCKED ICE " On November 22nd, we presented an original and unique vaudeville show called "Cracked Ice." There were three main "chunks," while a number of comic and musical skits filled in between. "Scho," to whom We owe completely the success of the show, wrote and directed "Bagdad," a "surprise-comedy." The Lit- tle Theater Group put on a typical old- fashioned villain play as the finale of the show. It was a great success financially and everyone there seemed to enjoy it thor- oughly. SENIOR BHLL The Senior Ball alter weeks of diligent preparation, was held during the Christ- mas vacation. The gym was decked with huge candles framed in evergreen boughs romantically dimmed lights, and attrac- tively arranged greens stood in each cor- ner. The music from the Budd-Laird Or- chestra completed the perfect setting, and left pleasant memories for every couple that was present. 1-All THE SENIOR PLHY ln Hpril, the Senior class very proudly presented their play, "What a Life," a three-act comedy directed by Mr. Dou- blier. The play concerned a subject famil- iar to us all, school, but was hilariously unlike any associations which We have with it. Henry Hldrich, the lead, has many troubles that lead to very amusing com- plications. The play seemed particularly Well suited to the class and a Wonderful time was had by the cast and audience alike. SENIOR BRIDGE The first attempt at an outside activity made by the Senior Class Was a very suc- cessful bridge which was held in October. It was under the supervision of Mary Iohnsrud who managed the affair very capably. The Senior girls made attractive tallies for the occasion and they were in keeping with the colorful season. The bridge was Well supported and was a great help to the Senior finances. "WHAT A " LIFE QA COMEDY IN THREE ACTS! Presented By ' The Senior Class, Mountain Lakes Hugh School FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1941 At 8:30 P. ll. I I RESERVED SEATS : : SIXTY-FIVE CENTS Page fifty-seven X 4 X vv 6' ik fs 'NA Wx ft , Z, 1 H , 'I ,My ,, , -v 1 x " 'E. X, 1 su NHME Bus Huser Betty Barton Bob Beck Iune Beery Bea Boettiger Fifi Buttery Dot Butts lane Conarroe Pat Cunningham Tim Delchamps Marianna Fliilet Elwood Gannett Dave Green Dud Higgins Ethel Holtje Muriel Hotelling Ieannette Huber Pat Humphrey Ftnne Ingram Helen Iackson Mary Iohnsrud Marcia Metzger Kenny Morese Bryan Pitts Hudrey Sawyer Conny Scholten Iustine Shir-Cliff Quin Turkington Dick Webb Fllice Wielich Irene Williams Barbara Woodward WEHKNESS football ice cubes learning fuller brushman curls brunettes army old silver clothes arguments smorgasbord math harem records talking good marks library candlelight cameras tall blondes diets mail blondes sleeping cadets dime-stores music women puns swing Maryland ice skating t .pr HLERGIC TO dancing history relaxing studies bow ties competition crowds winter bow ties opposition Guy Lombardo P1.S.C.Fl.P. hives shoveling snow P. Pl. D. physics macaroni sumac German bugs other women brown oxtords lipstick work alarm clock hospitals pineapple bromo quinine pepper "Three Sisters" old maids snakes titty-eight SENIOR NOTED FOR brawn friendliness slide rule clothes qomplexion her brunnettes her butch braces neatness questions hair piano playing moods oomphl arguments "Echoes" retrieving initiative athletics dignity cooking diplomacy wise cracks vocabulary her eyes good nature voice hair skiing high socks southern accent fingernails 2 , am.. M t at 6+ A it ENCYCLOPEDIA PET EXPRESSION lvl ho hum in a minute take a vote buck upl w-h-a-t-? hi ya! ee gad! "Bobby-" could be whadda ya mean? whadda ya know? ee gad! you'll be sorry mazule that's no lie what? your book's due please! gee whiz! good heavens! I love you! for crakin' ice not this chicken who's gotta car? smoothie 1. 1: tra la la I dunno verstehen sie? neat! you all pete's sake DIVERSION teasing playing piano tromboning pause that refreshes foolin' telephoning walking dancing knitting agreeing gardening music messin' around "weeding" hiccoughing reading children relaxing vacations doing her nails entertaining jiving racing sleeping letter writing staying well operas woliing punning raz ma taz dreaming acting WHNTS TO BE lawyer air hostess engineer designer illustrator buyer secretary married receptionist engineer secretary engineer manager big game hunter novelist pyschologist teacher sociologist gym teacher designer woman president portrait painter doctor statesman secretary teacher musical chemist chemist bacteriologist a nurse actress Page fifty-nine WILL BE G-man over our heads president a bouncer rockette involved first wife old maid beautician politician a good one composer comedian army boy lawyer editor librarian socialite acrobat navy wife who knows caricaturist a killer a gigolo boss's wife nurse primma donna blown up crooner a drummer loved movie star Mr W CLHSS WILL We, the Senior Class of Mountain Lakes High School, Nineteen Hundred and Forty-One, oi the town of Mountain Lakes, County of Morris, State of New Iersey, being of sound mind, do hereby :nake this, our last will and testament. Rs a class, we devise and bequeath as fol- lows: First-To the class of '42, the trials and triumphs, the fun and hard work of being Seniors. Second-To future classes, the great traditions of Mountain Lakes High School, and many wonderful years ot pleasure and study. Third-To "Scho," our class advisor who has had the world of patience to guide us, goes our deepest gratitude for sticking with us. Fourth--To the faculty, whatever they need to recover from the devastating effect we have undoubtedly had on them. Fifth-Bs individuals we bequeath the following: BUS RUSER-leaves his athletic prowess to Harvey Watts. BETTY BHRTON-leaves her diminutiveness to Sharon Hussey. BOB BECK-leaves the tussel of being class president to the coming senior officer. IUNE BEERY-bestows the captaincy of the cheerleaders to Gerrie Neafie. BEFI BOETTIGER-leaves her blond beauty to Pat Warren. PHYLLIS BUTTERY-bequeaths her ilirtatious- ness to Lynn Brown. DOT BUTTS-leaves her curly hair to Tish Mc- Greevy. BILL CHRROLL-leaves his "a propos" remarks to Ronnie Fuller. IFINEY CONFIRROE-leaves her persistence to Ruth Black. PHT CUNNINGHFIM-keeps her English com- plexion in the family by passing it on to Bette. TIM DELCHHMPS-bequeaths his deep voice to lack Sparkes. MHRIFINNE FLIFLET-bestowes her neatness on Peggy Lodge. ELWOOD GHNNETT-leaves his music and math to Iohn Barstow. DHVE GREEN-leaves his striped "bathrobe" X smock to Ken McEwen. Page sixty GENE HHSTINGS-leaves his "butch" to Harvey Watts. SIEB HEISSENBUTTEL-bestows his aversion to studies on Robeson Sherred. DUD HIGGINS-bestows his "peachy" com- plexion to Hank Iaegerl BILL HOLSTEIN-leaves the terrific job of being S. G. H. president to lf ETHEL HOLTIE-leaves her argumentative ways to Hbby lane Hillman. MURIEL HOTELLING-bestowes her love of the literary to "Liz" Galt. IEHNETTE HUBER-leaves her work as librarian to lean Hxnadon. PHT HUMPHREY-leaves her executive ability to the next person who is capable enough. HNNE INGRHM-leaves her love of athletics to Peg Ferris. HELEN IHCKSON-wills her weakness for large rings to anyone who can wear them. MHRY IOHNSRUD-leaves her jovial good humor to Nancy Fuller. MHRCIH METZGER-leaves her artist's brush to Gracey Iones. KENNY MORESE--leaves his blond curls to War- ren Gifford. BOB NEWMHN-leaves his love of jive to Hank Iaeger. BRYHN PITTS-leaves his brawn l???J to Rus Granzen. HUDREY SHWYER-wills those gorgeous eyes to her sister, Ellen. CONNIE SCHOLTEN-leaves her good nature to Mickey Bowman. IUSTINE SHIR-CLIFF-leaves her golden voice to Robin Hllardice. QUIN TURKINGTON-bequeaths his unruly hair to Sev Carlson. DICK WEBB-leaves his tenor voice to Iack Greene. QLICE WIELICH-wills her knee-high socks to lane Brookfield. IRENE WILLIFIMS--leaves her winning smile to Gracey Iones. BHRBFIRQ WOODWHRD -leaves her flashing fingernails to Loretta Boeche. t' it 1 41 -Av ,B H, .An . J. YACCARINO 8: SONS 44 Midvale Road Mt. Lakes. N. I. FRUITS-VEGETQBLES-MEHTS WINES and LIOUORS PISARRA the TAILOR 10 Romaine Road Mt. Lakes, N. I. THILORING DRY CLEHNING CUSTOM CLOTHES MOUNTAIN LAKES REALTY COMPANY Midvale Road Mountain Lakes New Iersey PHONE BO-8-1316 DEL SIGNORE'S Markets 709-711 Main Street Boonton "H Market for Discriminciting People" Free Delivery SALNY BROTHERS C 34 Speedwell Hvenue Cleaning--Pressing--Repairing I . Clothes Made To Order Q HHBERDHSHERY 806 MHIN STREET BOONTON MORRISTOWN NEW IERSEY Whelan Drug Store Agency HBBOTTS ICE CREHM We Deliver Phone Bo-8-0471 I. W. HEHNEY, Prop. Page srxty CHAS. D. BLAIR PHQRMHCIST Mt. Lakes Pharmacy Bo-8-0551 50 Midvale Road, Mt. Lakes OHS JT Q G 12 P H 1 1 1 W ' 1 11 11'- ' - 51131-A111111 W "ff I-13111 1 '- H' 11 11 U ' IN, 1, , 4, U " .1 '51 A 11-,11 '.,-s 11N 1 1g . 11.11 1111,.., . 1 H12 ' ':11'1 1 1, 1 Q1 1 1 4 , -1 1 1 4 J 1 , 1 , 1 F1 ,j i QYY1.- 1 1 1 1 A y ,1 11-11 pw'-1 - 111,11 1 1111111 V1w11m11-E1mY1y11!'f-Tjj1!A1,1y:wy, . ,- ,i M. .4 . ,1 111 WWWWTMHpwWwwwmmwwvMwwwwvMF wWw wWm' wwmwwmww wwnHww mmwn h my AUTOGRAPHS 1 ,. X W, dy' , W. M ,. A W , ,. , WWWQN, U, ,, M1 Jn' ' W Y Y ,Mu-, ,gfi A 1 if E I I I E i 1 1 1 I

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