Mountain Lake High School - Laker Yearbook (Mountain Lake, MN)

 - Class of 1954

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Mountain Lake High School - Laker Yearbook (Mountain Lake, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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f-'7 , WW fx W W we VW 1 I , A ff l I' -' A 'tin an 'f -R L 1' Y-if . in " 1' 9 l N A x., ff x,f,,,.,,.,,?z,1A I f ,M , , pf xfi, Ly ...H L X3 ,lf fn! , l A W '- :ik ' .1 w', fi 'Mfr' ,xl i :,"H.",, 1 -'ffl F gf f i . f, 1 Y j' f i 12 N44 '1 t 'UI 7 My "1 1- fx -, ,A'14 ff ,,r,,.- J J-A 4 T.. ARF cg-A4 A K' H 5- fi I V' 1' ' G -Y V g -. . 'rxfifxn' xJIg. A .I fy l ' I 1 J I X .. f QM.: L5-It , yn , ,fhpy fl 1 ' " fgs l I 52. 51 A A -' '-fi L L:'1Vil'1 , Q fl, ,f A i Vw X' lg, 5 , , , -pw , , ,-, ,1 fK-if,lAU :gf f , K A-bffffff , ' if-A-J 3 fi- +-- 'I 3 V," ' j I .: ,Q ," n V H' Lf',,.'W. an ,w A I If X . 1 .1 nj 'i V I' K V! I' Wi" f,A2g eM 5'!i ,Ali fLribQ'xv5 41 I 'J' ff., X i JK . N X ,A 2 ' , "A' Q ' T fx' ' x 1 9, -4 'X FQ-.11 x, " Y, Q V X' K A Q ij ,RQ M N . 1 ' X .iq X E XO .. Q' J ' iii, V Y' V J". 1 ' 'Y 'E' 'y :- Ng 4. X. - 5 is .. .- f1'1 . . A .,., w x SY' Tm" Q7-N . 'Q' -,LRE , , 6.5 3 K , all 1 F -. 'Ir 3 . , fl! f"' ' 'x f- ' S .M J -fx Qi. A " fi -5 Q X I fi '- If-57 P' Q' ' 4. ,' if A , , :Q ll, JW Af-' f ' yd n , ., 4' NWI 1: --w Q - f 2 1 1' iff Ed ' 5" A Q X ik R fc 5- V., 'x J .f,,- R . 3 A 2 , Q I ,. 1 l, . 4- . X 3 - . U ff! . 4 I 2 fs of-" .XY X 'A rf : 'X - I . . KX-ff' -. ,, ' ' QQ W L. . 5 I 1 I . 5 lliv- g 1' Xx 77 '1 Cc 1"'fffflPf2v-LL1 3 ,ff ff" Qfqkw n'W0urvl5.?lx fake Prfcik, gekoof n'WoumI'a?h. gfakeg mfmmwofa IQ54 ,B ,J f . PA , . A V L W ws-n.,N N, 'Af ffm W --. M :az , . rw A-,-.S ,, , ff' X X K 8.-kt N: , f lf A A Q , K5 ,H 1 . ',,'. W K xxx. M v k , M .wx I, , .. Q M...a.lL.'-..'5.'. A fx' .V , ,- ,gi-fx. W . n ' X N .W -31 . ,,f,:.. try: 4. 45 v , L s .'Q.x.3,v ' ' 51, ux K. - ' 3 fl ?7 , -ft fl f ' , iQ I nz K .xx .V B 5, ?.,,:,1 ,fx I, ' ftf '. K , G 'A ,fl , ,I 3 V, 'Z 5 X , . VN - gh! ,,,f ll X, nf 'I . - A , . , , . I I tk 1Y' -5 Dr R L Wenberg, J F Euzen John Janzen Dr Dan Penner George Hleberr Irvml Anderson H J Pan BP i' -it l 45 MISS OVERVAAG Home Economrcs Art Math 9 MISS KETTLER fl? NIISS FIHN MR WIEBE Bookkeeprng Typmg Stenol Industrral Arts 8LII MR TWEET MR. MUNSON Math '7 8 Drrver Tratnmg Chemrstry Algebra Geome Safety Patrol r 3 MRS FREDERICKSON Home Economrcs 8 MISS IVANOFF Englrsh 10 Lrbrary S MR KLINGSPORN Science '7 8a 9 Brology ill 5 .1 Q . . F xv - 'rigs' W. J, H- R, 'lk 104' Q ll 1 4 ff M-X, In ,A 'I ' U X A A AL I L I 'Il I I XI -' .' ' I Mx -rs ' W f s - - - I y - - - - KENNETH BOM A m er1 c a n Hxstory Soc1a1 Studles 12 Eng 11 DOROTHY TWEET Amencan Hlstory Enghsh 9 VX JAMES CRAWFORD Agnculture DOROTHY FICK Enghsh 7 8a 8 ROBERT GETTLER Phys1ca1 Educat1on8z Health LAMAR RUNESTAD Engllsh 11 8a 12 Speech Chonxs 4 GEORGE SIMPSON Geography S o c 1 a 1 Srudxes 7 8a 8 MARION BUNGE Physxcal Education 8a Health DALE SMITH Mus1c H1story Band L15 9 EQ 4- A W9 I he ..-L . I L A .- A - I I I Coach , w :V ,M ' o . ,fi I ar I ' 1 I MT . 'W ,X O I ,qqrx Q 1 I . 47 ,fa , my S R4 J.. . la 'Q 5""""'-1 4. Helen Fast Emma Seavert Mrs Schroeder George Wall Henry Warkmtm Zac? m MOUNTAIN kk. U Elmer Klrewer Rowl Abe Schmrdt Dean Schled Floyd Dehmlow Dan Nybakken Row II Henry Balzer A S Drck Elmer Kllewer 6 '-1 0 S 3' ' A . jilfaig: A 4 f 4 ,al I Y- .. ,Q ,g - , I tuna f' N N A 1 1 I I - 1 g . - , . X e miofw Offezaa PRESIDENT ......... . . Lowell Teichroew VICE-PRESIDENT ...... ....... J ohn Heibert SECRETARY-TREASURER. . . . Mary Lou Weigold CLASS COLORS: Purple and Gold CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Rose CLASS MOTTO: The first element of success is a determination to succeed FRANKLIN BRANDT: "IfI G ORDON BREITBARTH- had my hfe to live over, To pass or not to pass, that I'd still go to schoolg it's is the question." compulsory you know." SHIRLEY BULLER: "Her head is light, very light, in fact she's blond." HARVEY ENNS: "The track team's se c r e t weapon." JOYCE BULLER: "I have LAVERNE BULLER: "I few words, my thoughts are came, I bluffed, I gradu- in my sou1." ated." LILLIAN FAST: "lnschoo1 JIM FRIESEN: "Make hay she's calm and demureg while the sun shines." outside school we're not so sure." LU' X ROBERT DICK: "After fou r years of faithful service, I'm laid off." JOANN FALK: "Life is not so short that there isn't time for merriment." CAROL GERING Leadership and char- acter rolled into one, now mix this up with plenty of fun." SHIRLEY GOERTZEN "She's the right type to typewrite, for to type right you must be bright." Z ROBERT FRIESEN "Good nature is a stron - S spoke in your wheeL " VERONA FRIESEN Be cheerful and pass it long." LOREN H ALTER ERNA HARDER A member of the Royal Happy amI with a heart Order of Woman Haters carefree Wh aren t they Y all carefree like me? X Ex s i PATRICIA GOERTZEN "To giggle is her de- light, to laugh is no sin, in spite of it all your love she will win." MERLE HALE "Good looks and good sense are two of na- ture's greatest bless- ings." JANET HEIDE ROBERT HEIDE "Every lassie has a laddie." "Guilty of staging another of those back to the soil movements." Y JOHN HIEBERT 'The wisdom of many, J 'V I Tilfgx I1 42 ,M as-' , DOROTHEA HILDEBRA NT the wit of one." LYMAN HOLMES Laugh and they laugh with you, snore and you sleep alone." "As full of life as life itself." N.. Al: xi CAROL IANZEN RUTH JANZEN "A young lady with lots of "A continuous bubble of dashg she was the Queen talk and laugh." of the senior class." 11 GWENDOLYN HOTZLER "Nothing is trouble- some that we do will- ingly. " LOIS JUNGAS: "Tasks by her begun are sel- dom left undone." ROGER IUNKER: "He burns the midnight oil, only it's gasoline." K IOANJENSEN: When SHIRLEY JOHNSON: done by her 'tis well "She's original, witty, and done." wise, with lofty ideals in spite of her size." "WY -we 175 ' f s... LORRAINE IU N K E R: "A n unspoken w o r d never causes trouble." ALICE LOEWENS: "Winsome and gra- cious- -always a lady." t A y J ELSIE LOEWENS: "Het JEAN NEUFELD: "One 7 heart is not wholly in her knows her by her jolly air, work--where is it?" her la u ghing eyes, and light brown hair. " Y:-1 ,J A WN. E L R O Y PANKRATZ: "His life is like th e Mississippi, lined with bluffs." MARLIN PANKRATZ: "Some day I will stop my boyish pranks and be a man." DONALD NICKEL: "NO KENNETH OLSON: one knows what he can do "Charles should have till he tries." known him for he's a lit- tle Dickens." L is sq LORRAINE PFEIL: "The EVELYN POPE: "My soul girlwith the natural curl." must be clothed in song." 13 MARCIA PANKRATZ: "Intelligence is not her only virtue." D O N A LD PENNER: "We don't doubt h is wisdom." BERTHA REDEKOP A mind not to be changed by place or time." ELDON QUIRING Like a star, out every night." 191, wf X DENNIS RATZLOFF "A boy from the FFA. He will be a farmer some day." kgavl S, JOYCE REETZ "She 's cure, she 's neat, she's hard to beat!" JOANN REGEHR Seldom seen or heard." JOYCE ST ADTLANDER DARLENE STAHL "So sweet the blush of "Bubblingover with laugh- bashfulness. " ter and fun, with never a worry for work undone." JANYCE SCHULTZ "Tact and neatness are becoming. " LOWELL TEICHROEW "The longer we know him the better we like him." VERNA TOEWS 'She shifted her brain into neutral and let her tongue rattle on. " HAROLD STEINHAUSER "Two great stead ies - -ath - letics and a girl." l MARY LOU WEIGOLD "Ready for anything you might ask, be it fun or be it a task." MARGARET STRENGE "Strangers are missing the personality hidden behind her quiet disposition." GLEN WIEBE "Tall, dark, and bralny." IOANN TOEWS "She looks uiet but Cl 1 looks are deceiving." HELEN VOTH "Sober but not seriousg quiet but not idle." I CAROLYN WOLFF: "Don't call me for breakfast, it makes the day too long. DONALD WILKENS: "A LORRAINE WILKENS: man among men, a gentle- "Sweet sophistication." man among ladies." as 15 Q P .Q , X Z im., Q ,I , gg ! :ry sf ff K Y' Y' V, ,YL l. 2 -N.: ,Hu gs " I v-V, M,-I, I . if -Y' jf. I 3 Row Ig C, Wall, J. Quiring, G. Wenberg, F, Stoesz, L. Wiens, S, Wieler, D, Nickel, P. Willson, G. Wiens, Row II: B. Paulson, E. Teichroew, E. Scholl, I. Neufeld, R, Wiese. J. Lade, G, Peters, G, Schultz, M, Sulheim. Row III: M, Mesel, B, Mahon, ll, Quiring, S, Pankratz, J, Laging, R, Thor, R, Rupp, R, Wilson, D. Tweet. cmdofw i 5 ,- "5'T1.'r 5 I" iff , W M I3 C' ,A 1. ,Q "fy: 1 Row I: M. Hiebert, V. Harder, D. Fell, C. Kliewer, J. Derksen, B. Fell, R. Dick, M. Harder, E. Krahn, D. Dick. Row ll: M. Enns, V. Johnson, R, Green, A. Ewert, D. Duerksen, M, Goertzen, J, Derksen, D. Harris, B. Brandt, D, Goerrzen. Row III: J. Duerksen, M, Fast, I. I-larder, N. Falk, G. Eitzen, R. I-Ienitz, L. Gosen, L. Franz, D. Eitzen fnot picturedj W. Bell, E. Friesen, D, Goosen, D, Johnson, R. Porish, J. Sneer, J. Winters. 18 vi s-.4g'..-- 'Usi- Row I: J. Franz, A. Buhler, K. Fuller, R, Heppner, D. Besel, I. Holmes, D. Johnson, M. Baerg, A. Derksen, J. Hol- yer, G. Derksen. Row II: D. Gertz, I. Kroeker, D. Harder, H. lass, A. Green. Row III: R. Brown, M. Heide, N. Friesen, B. Hiebert, M. Gohr, M. Friesen, G. Krahn, W. Dick, D. Bargen, J 'Q 4,........ VVYK Row lg V. Porath, J. Wiebe, M, Thiessen, D. Quiring, M. Penner, D. Stoesz, V, Pabst, M. Pankratz, M. Wiens. Row II: L. Sulheirn, J. Olson, A. Fenner, S. Nickel, D. Lohrenz, C. Wolff, B. Quiring, M. McDonald. Row III: R. Stoesz, D. Peters, J. Stoesz, R. Reimer, E, Tieszen, G. Wellman, E. Ratzlaff, R. Rempel, R. Nordby fnot pictured, G. Friesen, R. Friesen, L. Hildebrandt, R. Junker. 5 l I W U 1 f A TMR: fs fig-:f"Hr"'x sr QW Rovwl G Nordby C Frlesen E Fuller D Peters N Mohlenbrock L Qulrrng A Karschnrk N Halter B Evxert R Sawatsky J Johnson Row II G FIICSCH J Buller L Warkentrn F Peters K Qulrrng Q Neufeld E Peterson R Sneer W Lohmeyer Row III B Ewert K Buller M Franz H Janzen S Hremtz J Schulm R Voshage F Brandt R Green ! 'T are fxa S... M., 91. '51 P Rowl L Janzen, M Goertzen, G Bernhardt, R Mekosch, M Herbert, M Lehman, E Oe1r3er1bruns,J Enns,J Karschnlk, M Falk Row II A Nrckel, F Harder, P C1are,J Hansen, K Foss, S Hoffman,I Hotzler, K Mun son, C Olson Row III J Engeman, W Besel, D Wrebe, N,Rahn, M,KIaassen, P Klassen, A Harder, R Goert zen, L Epp, C Wollf, R Wrebe fnot prcturedj, L Peters, B Ewert 20 4 , , . . ' 2 Q ., ... . . . ,-N I , 1 5 A 2 a fvdlfifji A 4. gn my I A ,x,, I , 'wg V E ' Q f . 1 . "A . ,, 1 ' 'T t' 1 2119. J 4' . N V V t of 'Ns ' ' V i Q 1 ' Q . --1 . XVI V N, N NX 2 'W' 'I I , 'Tv' . ' ' r, .,f'!f' f L It ,I A92 ff 1 ' ' I 5 , 1, L1 IM Q K' . A .j U o Il Ill Q v- GJ' 'II , .5 X , I S ' I 3 'F I I 1 I ' X, x I X- Y rf fr - 1 3 A I ' I 1 ' ' , 3 I X --X efcw Mm r TWIRLERS G. Wenberg, D. D.-rksen, L. Jungas, C. Kliewer, C. Wall M AJORETTE Marcia Pankratz CHEERLEADERS 2ND CHEERLEADERS Rowlg L. Iungas,C.Gering, G. Wenberg. Row II: C. I. Enns, V. Harder, N. Friesen,J.Quiring. J. Karschink Janzen, D. Tweet, I. Neufeld. 22 - .. M - Rowl G Krahn E Pankratz l-I lznns L Halter M Hale G Brellbarth R Junker R Dlck S Pankratz Row II Mr Munson E Ratzlaff D Johnson I Harder L Cosen D Goossen J Sneer M Nlessal B Paulson R Helnltz R Wllson Mr Kllngsporn Row III C Wolf N Ralln C Wolf D Lohrenz L Hlldebrandt R Fr1esen gf' - QQ- 4' I - 7 5 - - 20 0 A . 0 47 " 0 ' 28 ' I ' ' T ' O - - ' 19 20 ' 19 6 7 ' ' 21 ' 6 34 A Penner D Peters Row IV J Engeman R Goertzen R Sneer S l-lelnxtz J Stoesz S Nxckel ?aaz'Za!Z The Mt Lake I-hgh School Foot SEASON RECORD ball Team composed ma1nly of M'-H5 Sophomores and Jun1ors had a falrly successfulseasonw1nn1ng 3 and los wmdom mg 5 Although th1s season wasn t Lakefleld too br1ght there 1S a much br1ghter gfliggy Eye future as only 5 lettermen graduated Spfmgfleld and there are eleven letter wmners 1-21mb9fI0f1 returmng for next year The team was led 1n scormg by Merle Hale w1th 44 polnts and Melvln Messal wlth 21 Gordy Bre1tbarth was selected on the All Conference team and Merle Hale, Loren Halter and Harvey Enns were g1ven honorable mentlon Sherburn Jackson 23 OPP I m 'W Awffx 14 A ff? wi f iff "ff r . Q. , ,-,.LffZ+r"..'t' ' 4' ' tw X -.-ffm, Coronation Throne Queen Carol and Princesses Mary Lou Weigold and Shirley Johnson. .. Junior Attendant Homecoming Queen SODn0rnOre Attendant Darlene Feil Carol Janzen Janet Wiebe 25 v I G z Nese Suecr H Srelnmuser a n 1 a I P nlrau Rovv II Xlr Munson D Lohrcrw 1, Halter R Thor I Lagmg M Hale R Rupp 'wir Gettler men Harold Stelnhauser and Don Vw 11k1ns Mt Lake came through w1th thelr fourteenth Dlstrlct basketball Char p1onsh1p Startmg out the season w1th a 62 51 w1n over Butterfleld the Lakers played average ball through out the flrst half of the season W1nn1ng 5 and losmg 4 Durmg the last half of the season started bypowerful Jackson's 62 32 defeat the Lakers lost 7 1n a row before beatlng Frost 58 56 as they ended the regular season Lakers went 1nto the Tournaments an underdog They snappedJackson s 18 game w1nn1ng streak and won the Champ1onsh1pfrom Lakef1eld 42 40 After a terr1f1c D1str1ct Tourney the boys ran 1nto tough COI'1'1p6t1t10l'l from Wells 1n the reg1ona1 and were ellm 1nated 45 28 Lead1ng the Lakers 1n scorlng were Captam Harold Stemhause and Marly Fast W1th only 4 grad lettermen we look forward to lext season as be1ng a very good ox e Rox: .Eiten,M.11 LJ., ,. 'I' ,N,Rl1,N1.F's,E..c'. '11, , ., . , . , . , '. , . ,A . . With only two returning letter- V-Jith a 6 Win IO Loss record the , - . , . ,. . . , , . . - , . D . N :ng 26 J Engeman G Frltsen Mr NlUDSOl'1fkU66l1Dg,S Pankratz Bob Gettler s Bee s had one of the1r most successful seasons hmstory w1nn1ng 12 of 16 games The team was made up of mostly Fresh men and Sophomores w1thone .Tun1or The Bee won 4 1n a row before droppmg helr f1rst game and then went on to w1n6 more 1n successlon Wlth two regulars, Denms Loh renz and Noel Rahn called up to the 6400 A squad the B squad ran 1nto a httle more d1ff1culty w1th these two boys gone but Carl Wolff Gordon Eltzen, George Krahn, and bam Nlckel kept the boys w1nn1ng and they can e out W1tha very presentable record Wlth a ver good lookmg B team we can expect to see very good thlngs 1n the future Mr. Gettler, G. Eytzen, C. Wolff, H. lass, S, Nickel, S. Heintz, R. Friesen, K. Quiring, L, Hildebrandt, G. Krahn lf If I I ' ' i . in . . . - v 'S u . . ' . . + . . V . " L' ! fjiff' 2 153 Wet weather and seen rngly lack of as follows on I L Epp Q Neufe R Xhebe X1 F st M Frxesen I-I Enns Row II D Harder NA Hale L Hater R Rupp D Vl1LbC Mr Gettlerfnotp1cturedJR DICR mek The Mountaln Lake track team, led by one returmng letterman went to only two track meets thrs year 1nterest held Mt Lake back thrs year The team was led 1I'1 scorrng by Har vey Enns and Robert Drck wrth 10 pornts aplece Harvey Erms took frrst m the m1le rn the dlstrlct and 6th m Reg1onal Robert D1ck took Znd rn the 880 rn the d1St1'1Ct and 4th m the regronal The team scormg was Harvey Enns Robert Drck Merle Hale Damel Harder Dale W1ebe polnts pornts polnts polnts 6110 of a pomt RV: . ,. 1d,."-,r.:-, . ' ,. . : . ,.. ,. 1 ' . ' ' 1 . ' 10 ' . A V - . 10 . . . 3 . . . I . 2 . lx Sw - f :so Hale D Lohrenz L Halter J Lagmg H Stemhauser C Wolff The Mounta1n Lake hrgh School Tears played only three games th1s year due to the late track season and ra1ny weather They were defeated by Butterfleld and St James durlng the season and by Lakef1eld 4 to 0 1D the D1str1ct Seml Fmals The team mcluded Noel Rahn catcher, Harold Ste1nhauser and Mel Messal pltch ers Doug Goertzen f1rst base Den ms Lohrenz and Bllly Paulson sec ond base Jon Lag1ng shortstop George Krahn th1rd base Merle Hale left f1eld lvan Harder center f1eld and Carl Wolf r1ght fleld 31 Row Ig B. Paulson, D. Eitzen, D. Geortzen, N. Rahn, M. Messal, G. Krahn, Mr. Munson. Row Il: I. Harder, M 11 l 1 ' U 9 ' I - 2 1 " a - ' 1 . . - . , - ' . y I " . . W N X X A ' Q 1 e Pantry boys Dum Da Dum Dum Yea Team' Bunny hop Street cleaners People ff' Gwen V1ctory'7 Twelve pound look? Plng pong champ bmi S1de VICW Next A toast 32 G, IUIKW xx xxx fx O O o gf-ff-f Rowl D Sroesz J Qurrlng C Wall G Wenherg K Munson D Hlldebrandt D Stahl R Wrese Row II E Scholl M Pankratz C Wolff F Harder L Quxrrng Neufeld F Stoesz JW1ebe Row V Harder M Harder Nrckel V Toews G Horzler C ,lanzen P Goertzen J Neufeld D Ferl C Klrewer Mrss Bunge K Rowl J Neufeld P Goerrzen Porarh M Sulherm Row II Schultz M Penner J Franz Scholl Row Ill G Wlebe Tweet J Hrebert L Franz Sternhauser L Gosen D Nrckel B Paulson M Fast J Sneerfnot prcruredj Mr Klaassen aaa! owl N n C Wol D Wrlkrns E Pankratz L Hrlde brandr G Krahn E Ratzlaff Row II I Harder D Goossen H Enns B Paulson M Messal L Gosen I neer Hale Row II Lohrenz S Pankrarz R Junker G Brerrbarth D Johnson L Halter J Lagrng Mr Munson Srandrng H Srernhauser BUSINESS STAFF Larry Gosen Davld Tweet Florence Stoesz PHOTOGRAPHY Marlyn Fast MUSIC Franz Stanley Pankratz SENIORS .dawn Sag Shrrley Johnson Joyce Stadlander Marcra Pankratz Robert S Frresen Ruth Janzen Evelyn Pope Larry Jean Neufeld, Patrrcra Goertzen Mary Lou Wergold Elarne Telckroew Janyce Schultz Ella Scholl ORGANIZATIONS ART EDITOR Glen Wrebe CO XSSISTANT EDITORS Carolyn Klrewer Darlene Ferl ADVISOR Mr Klaassen John I-Irebert 36 11? . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . Q . . I , , . . . . - . - . . . . . - . - . . . - . . . . . . . - - . . . 4 , u I p I uaorn I ssssssc v uuno 1 usnonc a 1 u I n 1 n a n a n I - j SPORTS ......... . ............. . . . . . . . ..... ...... lx lerle Hale, Jon Laging . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . Q - . . . - - . A , U Q A A - -I I I I Q . In Jx . -Q23 , I X Q' 'Ll "Au 'if EDITORS MANAGING EDITORS BUSINESS MANAGER ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER SPORTS EDITOR SPORTS WRITERS FEATURE EDITOR FEATURE WRITERS NEWS EDITOR NEWS REPORTERS TYPISTS EXCHANGE EDITOR ASSISTANT EXCHANGE EDITOR DISTRIBUTION ALUMNI DISTRIBUTION SM!! Carol Gerrng Lols Jungas Gwen Wenberg, Conme Wall Gwen Hotzler Carolyn Klrewer Conald Wrlkens Harold Sternhauser Merle Hale Davrd Tweet Elroy Pankratz Lorrarne Wrlkens Shrrley Johnson Darlene Stahl Jarlyce Marcra Pankratz Darlene Fell, Carolyn Wolff Jean Neufeld Bertha Redekop Joyce Franz, Marllyn Hrebert Pat Goertzen Lrllran Fast Shrrley Buller Rosadel Green Marlys Harder Garnet Peters, Joan Jensen Lowell Terchroew Donald Nrckel Vera Harder, Drana Stoesz Janrce Qurrrng Jocelyn Neufeld Florence Stoesz Ruth Janzen Elame Terchroew Marrlyn Sulherm Rowl G Wenberg L Jungas C Ger mg C Wall Row II L Terchroew G Hotzler,R Janzen M Pankratz L Wrl kens D Wrlkens 31 ' a l 0 ...-.......- --. .. -....-. - . .... I , . ............-..- ............- -...--.. . I , , I .....-........ ..- -............-. I , , Schultz, Verna Toews, Joyce Reetz ' ..-.........-..... ... --...... D , n , .. ' '.. I ......................-.... .....- A , A .. , I D I I ' I ' 'I' - , . . ,. ,'. a. ,l 'u - ,. . ?4oz'a dial Row I: G. Wenberg, R. Janzen, M. Pankratz, D. Stahl, J. Reetz. Row II: C. Wall, C. Kliewer, V. Toews, E. Pope, E. Scholl, V. Harder, D. Entzen. Row III: D. Goertzen R. 1-Ierde D Ratzlaff R Frresen J Frresen G Wrebe L Terchroew Mr Wlebe Row IV M Fast N Falk R RLIDP J Hlebert C Wolff E Pankratz D Penner 266162 Rowl G Engeman D Janzen G Frresen l-I Janzen R Sneer K Buller J Kroeker R Voshage D Harder E Tteszen D Bargen M I-Ierde Row II J Regehr L Sul he1m D Qu1r1ng J Franz J Wrebe M Hrebert E Oeltjenbruns J I-Iolyer V Porath M Baerg S Goertzen Mr Tweet Row III D Pe ers D Besel B Qumng J Olson M Thressen ,-47106 Rowl H Qurrmg R Rupp N Falk E Frresen Row II J Kroeker M Fuesen G Frresen M Herde H lass K Olson L Gosen M Fast Row III M Duerksen Mr Wrebe M Pankratz K Buller M Klaassen P Klassen E Txeszen Row IV J Buller D Goertzen E Pankratz G Wrebe D Nrckel R v I C Derksen C Wall XN1ens 'vi Harder C Cermg Thressen J Olson D Stoesz Bl Qocrtzen Row II NI SuIhe1rn D cel L els B Brant Wrese R Janzen E Pope B Ferl Drck Row III F Stoesz I1 Hzebert E Terchroew J Franz D el L Jungas A Buhler Penner S Wreler 7, '21, ri, Row I: Miss Overvaag, J. Stadt- Iander, M. Weigold, S. Johnson, J. Schultz, L. Wilkins, V. Harder, D. Fell. Row II: S. Buller, V. Toews, J. Falk, J. Heide, J. Toews, G. Schultz J Regehr C Klrewer Row III J Reetz D Hlldebrandt L1 Peters M Wrens R Heppner L t C o zen Junker boertzen V Frresen E Harder '7?,-if w I B Ewert R Nordby Lohrneyer P Peters E Treszen R Rernpel C, Frresen G Frresen Mr rawford Row II F Peter Peterson R Wrlson M Herde IN Fr esen D Wrebe X Penner R Xwrebe A Harder D Goertzen Row III R Herde D Ratzlaff NN Dc G Wellman M Franz R Frresen R Qreen F Brandt Row IV D Penner NI Goh: R Olson J Frresen NI Fast D Harder H J zen N Rahn L Holmes F Brandt Row V H Qu1r1ng IN Falk A breen S Pankratz M Hale L Brertbarth G Eytzen R Junker H lass Row VI E Qurrrng, M Pankrara R Frresen L Halter D Nrekel '27,-i, Row I, G. Derksen, S. Johnson, G. Hozler, Mrs. Tweet, R. Janzen, M. Wiegold, R. Dick, G. Wenberg, M. Harder, D. Feil, D. Nickel. Row II, M. Penner, E. Scholl, L. Jungas, L. Wilkens, D. Besel, E. Teichroew, G. Peters, S. Wiebe, J. Franz, P. Wellman, V. Toews, Miss Fick. Qnot picturedj M. Sulheim, F. Stoesz. .--......... f A J, L..., .l Row I, E. Loewens,H.Voth, A. Loe- wens, G. Wiens, E. Krahn, J. Falk, M. Harder,D. Feil, L. Fast, L. Wil- kens, S. Buller. Row ll, F. Stoesz, J. Hotzler, V. Porath, M. Strenge, L. Weins, D. Nickel, J. Toews, J. Bullet, E. Harder, V. Friesen, R. Dick, J. Regehr. Row III, P. Well- man, G. Schultz, D. Johnson, I. l-lolmes,R.Junker,L. Pfeil, E. Pope, S. Geortzen, L. Junker, D. Hilde- brandt, E. Scholl. NV M. Row I, B. Feil, D. Stahl, S. Johnson, M. McDonald, R. Janzen, R. Wiese, E. Teichroew, V. Toews, G. Hotz- ler, V. Johnson, Miss Ivanoff. Row II, B. Brandt, D. Derksen, R. Green, C. Gering. J. Neufeld, P. Geortzen, J. Lode, J. Derksen, R. Heppner, M. Wiens, M. Thiezen, D. Stoesz. Row III, D. Harries, Loisjungas, J. Olson, D. Besel, J. Schultz, B. Quiring, L. Sulheim, G. Peters, J. Derksen, J. Jensen, B. Redekop. z Q' f 0- 'K fi 4 i 'I li f al xv F' if -ny-....- 'Lf W Row I: M. Falk, A. Karschnick, G. Bernhardt, J. Karschnik. Row II: F. Harder, A. Nickel, L. Quiring, K. Munson, I. Hotzler, E. Kettler. Row III: R. Goertzen, L. Epp, J. Enge- man, J. Schultz. 4 2 Row I: G. Derksen, M. Thiessen, V. Porath, M: Pankratz, V. Pabst, G. Wenberg, F. Stoesz, C. Wall, D. Johnson,K. Fuller. Row II: M. Hie- bert, J. Reetz, D. Besel, M. Penner, A. Buhler, J. Stadtlander, G. Hotz- ler,J. Neufeld,R.Janzen, D. Stoesz, J. Franz, C. Kliewer. Row III: J. Olson, L. Sulheim, J. Schultz, B. Redekop, J. Loging, J. Hiebert, E. Pankratz, A. Penner, E. Kettler. Row IV: B. Hiebert, L. Franz, R. Dick,C. Wolf, S. Nickel, R. Reimer, D. Bargen, D. Tweet. Not Pictured, D. Eitzen, G. Eitzen. Row I: E. Eitzen, N. Regehr, E. Hie- bert, K. Hotzler, C. Goertzen, M. Tiessen, F. Harder, L. Pankratz. Row II: J. Klaassen, K. Dick, B. Schroeder, S. Harder, M. Quiring, J. Klaassen, L. Pankratz. Row III: G. Besel, J. Hildebrandt, W. Bieber- dorf, J. Rahn, M. Wiebe, L. Balzer, C. Tiechroew, M. Stienhauser, M. Porish. Row IV: D. Olson, G. Hard- er, L. Fast, H. Grothaus, B. Harder, H. Sulheim, G. Gustafson, R. Wolf. Not Pictured: P. Loewen, H. Nue- fe ld, E. Sawatsky, P. Buck, J. Schem- mel, K. Stienle, B. Munson. Rowl Nl Wergold C Wrnberg R Drek C Janeen F anz V lla der Po e Be el J lense Neufeld L Jungas Nl Papkrara M bulherrn X Buhler M Hreberr R ,lanzeu C Horzler L Fast F Stocsz Row ll M Harder C, wall P ooertzen C. Cerrngj Falk D Nrckel C, Klrewer V Toews E Terchroew L bulherm B Redekop D Derksen C1 Peters J bradtlander C Wolff I: Loewens A ell err J moe 1 l Kroekcr L Te w E Qurrrug IN Falk J Lagrng L Lytzcn Xwrebe R Drck J Frrtsen R llexdc Mr Runestad ow IV Paulson D Ratza D Xhlkrns Frresen L Holmes D lxrcke' S Pankrarz J llrebcrr I Harder L Coscn R Rrcrner E Pankram A Penner L Franz D Eytzen lx l-rresen D Tweetfnot pre turedjo Xt ren D Qoerrren Locwens V l-rresenj Herde Row lll M Herde excellent srnglng 1S spreadlng farther The M1xed Cho1r s reputatron for each year They proved lt agaln th1s year as they were dlrected by Lamar Runestad The schedule lncludeda Chrlstmas Concert 1U the hlgh school aud1tor1um, and St James, s1ng1ng at the State School Board Conventlon and WCCO TV rn M1nneapol1s, and a Sacred Concert at the M B Church at Delft The D1str1ct and Reg1on State Contests also proved the Cholr s reputatlon by the honors recewed A s at the D1StflCt Contest rncluded Boy s Quartet and solorsts JoAnn Falk Donna Derksen, Robert Herde, and Donald Nlckel A s at Reglon State Contest were M1xed Cholr, Boy's and G1rl's Glee Clubs G1r1's Octet, Boy s Quartet, and Tenor Sololst Robert I-Ie1de Prayer to Jesus and I-lodre were the favor 1te numbers of the Cholr and were also used for our Contest numbers The year was com pleted by a F1nal Sprmg Concert and s1ng1ng at Baccalaureate andCom mencernent exchange concerts wlth W1ndom 42 :.'. " , 5. '2 , , ", . ' , W, B , S. N1"el, . R sz, . 2, . ich- J. r ', . 'r ,E. p ,D. rs , . rn,J. roe , . " , ' , . ' , 3. f' ',C2 ' , . , A . ' ' ', . N I , 1 . H , . I , . Ai A , 7. ' , . , . ' , . ' , 1. , . , R : B. L , . l ff, . " ' r, R l r - Q . . I- . I - . , . . . , . , . . I , . - . . . i . , . . BOYS QUARTLT BOYS OCTET S Pankratz J Hrebert N Frlesen R Herde D Ratzlaffj Frresen D Nrckel R Dlck E Qlllflflg F Pankrarz M Helde L Franz GIRLS OCTET GIRLS SEXTET R Drck P Goertzen C Janzen C Germg J Franz E Pope V Frlesen L Jungas G Wenberg Derksen J I-hede G Peters C Wolff J Stadtlander GIRLS TRIO A Loewens V Harder E Loewens 43 RowI G Wenberv F Stoesz V Harder C Wall C Klrewer L Peters D Nrckel L Franz G Peters A N1ckelL Jansen A Duerksen B Redekop C Germg M Pankratz Row II M Hrebcrt P Wellman V Pabst D Qurrlng W Besel J Franz W Breberdorf J Qurrlng J Nuefeld V Toews J Schultz J Stoesz J Wrebe K Fuller B Fe1lR.Janzen E Pope L Jungas Row III L Qutrmg K Munson F Harder J Hanson F Peters G Ertzen M Frresen R. Stoesz J Schultz K Foss M Sulherm L Fast E Qutrmg D Ettzen I Harder R Frleserl E Frresen E Fuller J Engeman J Stoesz S Pankratz V Frtesen L Terchroew Row IV JNeufeld G I-Iotzler D D Smtth R Rupt D Tweet N Frtesen J Hrebert A Penner R Rermer N Rahn D Besel L Wrlkms B Hrebert Zane! Th1s year the band was under the capable d1rect1on of Mr Dale D Sm1th a graduate of McPha1l School of Mus1c In Sept 1953 the marchmg band made tts f1rst appearance at Wrndom for the Flax Day parade and also went to Lakefreld for the Lamb Day parade The march1ng band played at all home football games and also performed at the Homecom1ng fest1v1t1es The pep band played at all pep meetmgs and home basketball games Mr Smrth or gan1zeda German Band Th1S group played at PTA meet1ngs local W1nter Band Concert and var1ous tlmes at the annual Creamery meet1ngs The con cert Band played several numbers wh1ch were above the band's class1f1cat1on Some of these numbers were played at the annual W1nter Concert these numbers served as a challenge to the band The year the Christmas program was given by both the band and choir The band appeared in combination with the choir for the Annual Spring Concert. They al- so played for Com- mencement. 44 SAXOPHONE QUARTET FLUTE QUARTET R Janzen J Schultz E Pope L Jungas r Duerksen C Gerrng L Janben B Redekop FRENCH HORN QUARTET BRASS QUARTET L PeterQ D Nrckel G Peters L Franz N Frresen L Franz D Ertzen I Harder BRASS SEXTET CLARINET QUIINTET A Fenner L Terchroew D Tweet G Peters D G Wenberg F Stoesz V Harder C Wall I Franz Ertzen I Harder DRUM QU ARTFT BARITONE TRIO D Besel,J Neufeld, L. Wrlkrnb, B Hreberr D. TweeL,J Hreberr, N. Frresen. 45 I Y rl ' A z . , X, 5 7 z ' ' . A s . ,, 5 L4 ' v w . , . , . , . . , , . , . , . . E o 2 -. , Q r ' X I ' L ' 1 , , V V l ees - Q -, . D , - , . . . D , . , . ' , . . f : , I D- , . I I, 1 , . , 0 . g '- , . , - , . 1 1- L S .Q If A Une ffcz' 77347 THE TWELVE POUND LOOK Slr Harry John H1eberr Lady S1ms Ruth Janzen Kate Marc1a Pankrarz Tombes Lowell Te1chroew ff- MEMORIZED ORATORY G Hotzler DISCUSSION GROUP L Gosen MANUSCRIPT READING B Redekop EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING ..... J. Hlebert ORIGINAL ORATORY .......... M. Pankratz HUMOROUS READING .......... L. Teichroew Ted N1155 Brooks M155 F1nr,h EISIE Elame Jane Hugo Longacre Sylvla Mr Wadsworth Dor15 Stanley Marge Farrh Rhonda M155 Audubon BB Player Marun Mrs Allen 660601 Davrd Tweet Donna Derksen Jocelyn Neufeld JEDICC Qurnng Barbara Fe1l Gwen Wenberg Stanley Pankratz Carolyn Khewer B1lly Paulson Vera Harder Douglas boerrzen Conme Wall Marlys Harder Dranne N1cke1 Ela1ne Terchroew Marlyn Fast Larry Franz Mar1lyn Hreberr PENELOPE SYCAMORE ESSIE ........... RHEBA .......... PAUL SYCAMORE . . MR. DePINNA .... ED ............. DONALD .......... MARTIN VANDERHOF ALICE .......... HENDERSON ...... TONY KIRBY ..... BORIS KOLENKHOV . . MR. KIRBY ....... MRS. KIRBY ..... THREE MEN . . . OLGA . . . . Lois Jungas . . Joanne Falk . . .Verna Toews . . Donald Penner . . . . Merle Hale . . . Glen Wiebe . . .Eldon Quiring . . .John Heibert . . . .Carol Gering . . . Elroy Pankratz . . . . . .Loren Halter Lowell Teichroew Harold Steinhauser . . . Marcia Pankratz Donald Nickel . . .James Friesen Robert Dick .. Ruth Janzen i in FWQX "S 74 'Me Stew" May 4,1954 was the date of the Junior-Senior Banquet. This year the theme was "Stairway to the Stars". On stage was a stairway going upward with the theme on it. In the center of the gym was a fountain with blue water contin- ually spraying. The entire ceiling was covered with blue paper with silver stars. The usual program was given with David Bienhoff from Butterfield at the piano. 4. L, HONOR STUDENTS Marcla Pankratz Carol Genng Shtrley Johnson Lots Jungas Shtrley Goertzen Donald Penner Patncla Goertzen Glen Welbe Lowell Terchroew Janyce Schultz Jean Neufled Ruth Ianzen Lorrame Wtlkens Bertha Redekop ATHLETICS Football Gordon Brettbarth Track Harvey Enns Basketball Harold Stemhauser Baseball Harold Stemhauser ALL AROUND ATHLETE ALL AROUND MUSIC FFA STAR FARMER NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Marcra Pankratz Carol Gerlng Shtrley Johnson Lots Iungas John Hlebert Lowell Telchroew Verna Toews Robert Frtesen Gwenyth Wenberg Stanley Pankratz Harold Sternhauser Carol Germg Donald Penner CO OPERATIVE FARMERS ELEVATOR C0 Dealers in Grain, Coal, Flour, Twine, Salt, Feed, Fertilizer Minnesota Machinery ...............--...... ........... .....-.......-.. .......... ... .. ....--......-.. .. .- ..... ..... ..-. ...-. .--.. .... .... ...- - 0 Wolf Motor 81 Implement Co CARS TRUCKS GENUINE FORD PARTS MODERN EQUIPMENT FACTORY T RAIN ED MECHANICS Willa NEW AND USED CARS TRUCKS TRACTORS FARM IMPLEMENTS "B ng Your Ford Back Home FARMERS STATE BANK OF MOUNTAIN LAKE INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MOUNTAIN LAKE MINNESOTA Resources S2,800,000.00 E. W. HIEBERT INSURANCE COMPANY Mountain Lake Minnesota DEHMLOWS Custom Grinding Phone 51212 Mountain Lake Minn MOUNTAIN LAKE MOTOR SALES Phone 39311 Mountain Lake Minnesota ENGEMAN IMPLEMENT CO John Deere Sales and Service Mountain Lake Minnesota PENNER IMPLEMENT CO Fann Machinery and Repairs Putting On Nelson Master Roofs Everywhere W E THOMAS LBR MOUNTAIN LAKE BODY SHOP F J Reimer Proprietor Body and Fender Repairing Glass and Car Painting THIESSEN IMPLEMENT CO Maytag Appliances Washers Dutch Oven Gas Ranges Ironers Deep Freezers lntematlonal Harvester Farm Machinery Freezers and Refrigerators Phone 2741 1 Mountain Lake Minnesota Dial 51611 Mountain Lake Minnesota STRUBEL s ELECTRIC AND BRAKE SHOP C""""'C"eC" wrt Quality Chucks from Seed Remedies Supplies Phone 576II Mountain Lake Minnesota MT LAKE HATCHERY HANSON DIRECT GAS RED WHITE and BLUE BUY DIRECT SAVE Mountam Lake Minnesota Orlando Fuller operator PARR S CITY SERVICE WESTSIDE SERVICE Groceries and Radiator Repair Standard Onl Products Mountam Lake Mmnesota Phone 390II Used Cars REGIER MILLWORKS WEST SIDE BODY SHOP General M'Hwo'k Esau and Gottfried Mountam Lake Minnesota Mountain Lake Minnesota 'h KLASSEN WOODWORKS :W don s studio -""" Mountom Lake Minnesota President WHERE PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN ART 5 4. Congratulatwns to the 1954 graduatmg class Thank you for your patronage Vlce Pressdent FRANK BALZER 8. COMPANY Since 1886 Good Building Maternal Mountom Lake Mnnnesoto Complzments of JANZEN ELECTRIC RCA Radios and Television Q, A V' P L1, .3515 iq.. as - . K , . , V A 1 I 4 f f 7 1 Y A Y.. td mx 6 . THE Ff1IRW4Y STORE Groceries Meats Ladles Ready to Wear Shoes and Dry Goods Service Quality Price FRANZ 81 SON Local and Long Dlstance Telephone Service 24 Hours a Day NORTH STAR TELEPHONE CO HIEBERT SUPER SERVICE of 4' Mobllgas M0lJll0ll Phone 3761 1 Mountain Lake Ml nnesofa PENNER SHEET METAL WORKS Plumbing 8. Heating A. J. Penner, Proprrefor Phone 41411 Res. 23211 Toll Rates Reduced After 6:00 P.1I. and on Sundays . SELLITTHRU THE OF THE MQUNTAIN LAKE QBSERVER Mountam Lake s Fnnest Newspaper Larry Paul son Editor HIEBERT GREENHCUSES Expert Floral Designing Plants and Cut Flowers D al 34311 Mountain Lake Minnesota Complzme ts f BALZER MFG C0 Power Boxes Power Feeder Boxes Cultlvators Drstrlbutor For The K S Unlversal Wlndrower Mountaln Lake Ml nn esota BEN FRANKLIN STORE BILL S CAFE Toys Notlons Infants Wear For Sweets and Eats Mountain Lake Minnesota Dan Neufeld Mgr Mountaln Lake Ml nnesota . 1 . I i I fl 0 0 O . . . . . - I I - l I I - n EPP MERCANTILE CC lzueryzhmg To Eat and Wear MENNO 8- JAKE S Quality Clothler and Tallors Always The Latest Styles A Correct Fmt Phone 42711 Right Prices Mountain Lake Minnesota Mountann Lake MIHHSSOTCI Everythmg For The Home Family King Kml and Lund O-Nod Form and Cm Mattresses Insulation Hardware Groceries SCHROEDER FURNITURE GAMBLE STORE STORE MOUMGIH Lake Mmnesolo We Make Homes Out 0 Houses COUlplLm8HlS 0 PERSONALITY BEAUTY SHOP Vlvlan Dehmlow Mr 8' Mrs Clelland Jchnson Mountain Lake Mlnnesota Phone 51211 WORTHINGTON CREAMERY 8. CO OP OIL ASSOCIATION PRODUCE Co I RNC Petroleum Products Tires WORTH MORE BRAN D Batteries Phone 2521 I Patron Owned ICE CREAM BUTTER EGGS POULTRY Mountom Lake Mmnesotc PHONE 33411 MOUNTAIN LAK E, MINNESOTA I - 1 1 ' 1 1 . . K V . , A f . . - - 1 - I Q JANZEN WELDING AND MACHINE SHOP A c 8. Acetylene Neldlng Phone 45711 Mountain Lake Minnesota DERKSEN JEWELRY Keepsake Diamonds Gruen 8. Wyler Watch Phone for an Estrmote ep rs Alter tlons New construction BROWN PLUMBING AND HEATING Te 388II Mountain Lake Mlnnesota DICK S SHOE HOSPITAL Have Your Shoes Rebuilt All Leather Notebooks Shoes Sh ned nd Dyed HARRY S CAFE Candy Ice cream Home Cooking Phone 203II lla ry ll I skey Ir pr ezor Mountaln Lake M nnesota BASINGER ENTERPRISES Mountain Lake Mlnnesota BOOSTERS ROSS CLEANERS MOUNTAIN LAKE BAKERY GUSTAFSON S DR LUNDREN DR PENNER STATE THEATRE r . . I R GI - n - , ll. !.limu-11 . I a I. ' , ' 1 I . I . r ' . '11 , 70 i ' i 1 . . . n , "Q -un". i , 1 mx I r 1 up Qi f' HEY 'D 3 f P Q QQ" - Cy 'fy ff" XQIY f If 9 f"N .1'7fQ 't. lr ' i ,F ri! 1 ,fu Wi 4 irq lf' -Q ,?'f'4 '5 I KP ' "C, S' X. ' 'fy '- V 4. QiL""3 N, ye-fx aa ?. 'N 1 xhqli-x i. ,X V . , Y X N J X Q ij- D: 5-1, N w,,,,,,,. xxx.. K 1' xx, K XX XX 'V XL 'ME fx' h l ii X x . xxx qy itxxd X T 1. ew '11 . ff .nzvlx XJ' X M57 W M X sh N A X - 1 X -U m U1 f K. wr' g xl' , XJ . 'fjtxiw S. K Iv, A' Q! 5 Q-Q. i uf Q Lv: 3 fi, L N .X 1 W H4 . Q 'X - 4 l . ,, -3, . '- . 4. ' f-4 Q I if X., xl I L., h :I . gf- I ,V - , . ,Q ,V - , ml . XX 1 px N .- ,' fp-- .-1 V ffxsvx rf Q ' ' '- -.-X .ik V ' Ar.. 9

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