Mountain Lake High School - Laker Yearbook (Mountain Lake, MN)

 - Class of 1953

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-of' ,wg , 1, N- 1. f-at V v 'Xf lccfhff KV .. I, jf ' f Q 'lufl'-. xi- ' ,fy '. if Q u, 5' f. V-'3 , Xl: I I .. ff - ,3 O , v ' ' 3 ak r Mountaln Lake Hugh School Mountain Lake Minnesota I 953 'S ai 4 .l IRVIN 1 A NDERS.-ON MARILYN KLIEWER Secretary KLAASbEN Supermtendem Prmcxpal .APS Wim J Q' qalwf Board of Education eiRPWEWf"''i:-1...-A, I J Anderson .I F Extzen J A Wall D S Penner R L Wenberg G C Hubert H J Pankrarz E ',-wovngqga 5 A , ,-., , X' L " x 0 Kflfl , AA 4. , M 1 4 . 74' 4 fo' "' 2 f sl Q 5 ': ' A if 2 E , A .. - ,...g.. L , ,ii A ,f"'N'Q'igL: - - Aix '9 BOB GETTLER Physrcal Educatlon Coach 94 GENEVIEVE OVERVAAG Home Economrcs 9 10 11 SL 12 Cafeterra MARGARET UTHUS Lxbrarxan Engllsh 10 Grade Musrc ROBERT LUEHRS Musrc 8 Band MARION BU NGE Physrcal Educa uon Brology BLAINE KLINGSPORN Brology Scrence 8 Socral Studles DOROTHY FICK Amerlcan Hrstory Eng hsh 8 B A MUNSON H1gher Algebra Ph Algebra 9 Coac HULDA FIH Bookkeepmg Steno 8a II Typmg K? JA MES CRA WFORD Agrrculrure Mathemaucs 7 85 9 Art R L TWEET Drrver Trarmng Math emaucs 'I SL 8 Scxence DOROTHY PEARSON Home Economxcs 7 SL 8 Enghsh 7 Sc 11 LAMAR RUNESTAD Enghsh 12 Speech 1 3 Mus1cRud1ments Chorus INEZ. NELSON Geography 8 Socral Studxes '7 4.-9 WA LTER WIEBE Indusmal Arts DOROTHY TWEET Modern Hrstory 10 Eng 11sh 9 2 M Faculty 7' 'QQ .2 '-4 V, -4 A , X . s- X ' U, ilk fl 1 Lg- . A 2' , . Y I .. . ' A ev ci . A , - u n I E . , E A, - A ' , I .,, - . Q' Y ' . GL' X ,M I -Z3 41. ' . . ' f:EE?f25, , A Q l ELSA KETTLER ,gp ,, A 1 H 'Arm N - ' ' 3 K" '5 sf ,. ' . " 9. 'O A P N .,, 'Q g of ' A . - T . X 1 . J f ,ew ' 'P I I - 4 1 ' ' . . I ' ' I ,- 43 Nair Cooks Cafeteria Mrs H G Klrewer Helen Fast Emma Seaverr Custodlans Henry Warkentrne Elmer Klrewer George Wall :Humans Q Bus Drivers Henry Balzer Floyd Dehmlow Abe Drck Abe Schmrdt Dean Schred B111 Flsk Elmer Klrewer 4 ,f- Z ,ff ,4 4 ff K, Seniors wr' " I I A 'U CLASS OFFICERS CLASS COLORS: Red and Silver. CLASS FLOWER: Red Carnation. CLASS MOTTO: God's best gifts to us are not things but opportunities. DAVID BAERG5 "To be great is to be misunderstood." Football 2,3,45 Track 1,3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 A. V. O. C. 2, Vice-Pres. 3,45 Photo Club 2,3,45 F. F. A. 1, 2,3,45 Class Play Prod. 3,4. NORMA BALZER: "Here's a girl so very meek, that even her shoes refuse to squeak," Library Club 3,45 Laker Staff 3,45 Spirit Staff 3, 45 F, l-l, A. 1,25 Class Play Prod. 35 G. A. A. 2,35 DOROTHY BARTEL5 "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart," Chorus 3,45 Girl's Glee Club 3,45 Chorus Ensembles 45 Laker Staff3, Editor 45 Spirit Staff 35 F. H. A. 1.2, Parliamentarian 3, Vice-Pres. 4 Gopher Historians 1 2 Sec'y Treas 3 Pres 4 Class Play 3 Class Play Prod 4 G A A 1 2 Treas 3 4 Choral Club 2 ,vt 5 'QV' LY C -Q11 'aff PRESIDENT ........... Donald Derksen. VICE-PRESIDENT ....... Marlyn Bartsch. SECRETARY-TREASURER . . .Lillian Eytzen. 43 iii-ff' MARLYN BARTSCHz "You may think he's shy, but he's a right clever guy." Band 2,3,4g Pep Band 2,3,4g Band Ensembles 4, Chorus 3,45 Boys Glee Club 3,4g Chorus Ensembles 4, Student Council 4g A,V.O.C. 3,4g F. F. A. l,2, Reporter 3, Pres.4g Class Play Prod, 4, Class Vice Pres. 4. MARLYS BARTSCH: "Friendly and polite, we find her a delight." Band 3,4g Pep Band 3,45 Li- brary Club 2,3,4g Spirit Staff4g F. H. A. l,3,4g Class Play Prod. 4. SFU' ALVIN DICK: "I make my home out on the farm to keep away from city harm," F.F.A. 1,2. LILA DUERKSENg "Thought works in silence so does virtue." Chorus 4, Girl's Glee Club 4, Library Club 2,3,4g Spirit Staff4, F. H. A. 1,2,3,4g Class Play Prod. 3,4g Choral Club 2. 3 15115 'M In-v 'WCW 'l!""w" ALLEN BASINGERg "I could never decide which were the harder, the seats or the assignments." Football 2.3.4, Track l,2,3,4g Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4. MARLENE BOLDT: "Shc's tall, she's blond, she's terrific!" Chorus 3,4,Girl Glee Club 3,4gChorusEnsembles 3,4, Library Club 2,3g Laker Staff3,4g Spirit Staff 2,35 F. H. A. 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g G. A. A. 1,2,3, Pres. 4g Choral Club 2. MARIORIE BULLER: " Be cheerful and pass it along." F.l-l.A. lg Class Play Prod. 3, Class Play 4. DONALD DERKSEN: "A man among men, but mostly among women," Band 2,3g Chorus 2,3,4g Boy's Glee C1ub2,3,4gChorus Ensembles 3,45 Bas- ketball1,2,3,4gBaseball3,4, Track2,3,4g Letter- men's Club 2,3,4g Student Council 3g Laker Staff 3,43 Spirit Staff 3,4g Gohper Historians 1,'2,3,4g Forensics 1,43 Class Play 3,43 Class Officer '2,3, 4. MARY EWERT: "Be gone dull care! Thou and I shall never agree." F. H. A. 1,2,3,4gLibrary Club 2,3,4-g Class Play Prod, 3,4. LILLIAN EYTZENg "Somewhat shy, but full of fun, always kind to everyone." Chorus4g Girl's Glee Club 4, Library Club2,3,4g Spirit Staff 4g F. H. A. 1,2,3,4g Class Play Prod, 4g Class Sec'y 4. NJ' QQ' inf fav ALICE FAST5 "Witty and clever, talks on for- ever." Library Club 2,3,45 F. H. A. 1,2,35 Forensics 35 Class Play'Prod. 3. JAMES FEIL: "T'was a long grind, but I made it." ERWIN FRIESEN5 "S1ow but steady wins the race." Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45Chorus45 Boy's Glee Club 4. KENNETH FRIESEN: "He enjoys life leisurely." A.V.O. C. 45 F. F. A. 1,2,3,45 Class Play Prod. 3,4. RICHARD FRIESEN: "He wears the school colors, black and blue." Band 1,25 Pep Band 25 Chorus 45 Boy's Glee Club 45 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Foot- ball 1,2,45 Track 2,35 Letterman's Club 45 A. V. O. C, 3,45 F.F. A. 1,2,3,4. DARLENE GOSEN: "Happiness has she won5 for enemies she has none." Chorus 2,3,45 Girl's Glee Club 2,3,45 Girl's Sexter3,45 Library Club 3,45 Laker Staff 45 Spirit sraff 3,45 F. H. A. 1,2,3,4g Forensics 35 Class Play Prod. 354. .bf i Ax qw Q-, I ,iii ,nf A. Q LORIS FISK: "She loves life, and it's not a one- sided affair." Library Club 2,3,45 F. H. A. 1,2,3, 45 G. A. A. l,2,3. RUBY FOTH: "The blush is beautiful, but is sometimes inconvenient." Band 1,2,35 Pep Band25 Library Club 2,3,45 Spirit Staff 45 F. H. A. l,3,45 Class Play Prod. 4. ,.f"P""' pct? ' sw-'ff' X DOROTHY GOSEN: "Fond of fun and merriment5 ever ready with a laugh." Chorus 2,3,4gGll'1'S Glee Club 2,3,45 Girl's Sextet 3,45 Spirit Staff 3, 45 Class Play Prod. 4. GAIL GUSTAFSON: "As a student you shine5 as a friend you are fine." Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Band Ensembles 4g Chorus 3,45 Girl's Glee Club 3,45 Student Council 1,25 Photo Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 45 Laker Staff 3,45 Spirit Staff 2,3,45 Gopher Historians 1, 2, Reporter 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Forensics 1,43 Class Play 3,45 G. A. A. 2:lV13jOl'6II6 1.2.3. ,fa -5? IQ' , H, 'fl H'- LESLIE HARDER: "Farmers are the back-bone of the nation. KOh, my aching backlj A. V. O. C. 3,4g F. F. A. 1,2,3,4g Class Play Production 4. LAVINA HEIDE: "And everywhere Lavina went her smile was sure to go." Library Club 3.4, Spirit Staff 35 F.H.A.1,'2,3,4g Class Play Production 3, 4g Choral Club 2. BARBARA IUNGAS: "All her excellent qualities make her an all 'round girl." Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band lg Band Ensembles 3,4, Chorus 2,3,4g Girl's Glee Club 2,3,4gStudent Council2, Sec'y-Treas. 3, Pres.4g Spirit Staff2,3, Editor 4, F. H. A. 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Gopher Historians 1,2, Sec'y-Treas. 3,4g Class Play 3,4g Cheerleader 1, 2,3,4g G, A, A, 1,'2, Vice-Pres 3, Majorette 1,2, 35 Homecoming Attendant 3, Queen 4g Class Sec'y lg Choral Club 1. IONA JUNKER: "Eyes that sparkle and lips that,smile," Library Club 2,3,4, F, H. A. 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3. 3 GAYLORD HIEBERT: "It is better to love and yawn, then never to have loved at all." Basket- ball 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Track 3,4g Letterman's Club 2,3,4. LUETTA HIEBERT: "Successful in all she attempts." Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band 1,2,3,4g Band Ensembles 2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,4g Girl's Glee Club 2,3,4g Spirit Staff 2,3g Editor 4g F. H. A. 1,2, Historian 3,4g Gohper Historians 1 Sec'y, 2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g G. A. A. 2,35 Class Vice-Pres. lg Choral Club 1, TEDDY HIEBERT: "He's not lazy, he is just more nonchalant than most." Football,4, Letterman's Club 4g A. V. O. C. 3,4g Photo Club 3,4, F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Class Play Production 3,4g DOROTHY HOLMES: "Kindness and gentleness she hath in plentifulness." Library Club 3,4, F. H. A. 1,2,3, 45 Class Play Production 3. HARVEY KARSCHNIK: "A young man in his early f'lirtieS." F. F. A. 1,2,3,4g JOYCE KARSCHNlKg 'Beauty with grace is as a hook with bait," Li- brary Club 2,3,4g Spirit staff 4g F. H A. l,2,3,4g Class Play 35 G. A. A . 1,2g Homecoming Attendant 4. 2. f Quill' ELDON KLAASSEN: "One learns in life to keep silent and draw his own "confusions." Band 1,2, 3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Band Ensembles 3,45 Chorus 3,45 Boy's Glee Club 3,45 Chorus Ensembles 45 A. V. O. C. 3,45 Photo Club 3,45 F. F. A. 1,25 Class Play Prod. 4. KENNETH KLIEWER5 "The wisdom of many and the wit of one." Band 1,2, 3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Band Ensembles 3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Boy's Glee Club 2,3,45 Chorus Ensembles 3,45Basketba1l 15 Football45 Baseball 2,3,4g Let- termen's Club 3, Sec'y 45 Student Council 2, Vice-Pres. 45 Laker Staff 3,45 Spirit Staff 3,45 Gopher Historians1,2,3,45 Forensics25 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 3,4. PATTI MAHER: "Live your life well and mingle with men." Windom H. S. 1,25 Library Club 3, 45 F. H. A. 3,4. ALICE MCDONALD: "Honest labor bearsa lovely face." Library Club 2, Treas. 3,45Spirit Staff3,45 F.H. A. 1,3, Sec'y-Treas. 45 Class Play Prod. 3. HENRY MOHLENBROCK5 "I am slow of study." Football 1,25 Track25 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Class Play 3. DORIS NICKEL: "Life to her is not life at all without delight." Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Chorus 45 Girl's Glee Club 45 Library Club 2,3,45 Laker Staff 45 Spirit Staff 3,45 F. H. A. 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 G. A. A. 2,35 Choral Club 2. CAROL LOHRENZ5 "Like gravity, she has the power ofattractionf' Band 2,3,45 Band Ensembles 3,45 Library Club 3, Vice-Pres.45 Spirit Staff 3,45 F.H.A.1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Cheerleader 1.2, 3,45G.A.A. 1, Sec'y 2,35 Homecoming Attendant 2,45ChoralClub35ClassSec'y2. MYRNA MADI- SON: "Talk about ginger, she's a whole spice box." Pipestone H. S. 1,25 Photo Club 45 Library Club 3, Spirit Staff 35 F. H. A. 3,45 Class Play Prod. 3,45 G. A, A. 3, Vice-Pres. 4. 33... MARTHA NICKEL: "Her wholesome happiness makes us all merry," Library Club 3,45 Laker Staff3,45 Spirit Staff3,45 F.H.A. 1,45 Class Play Prod. 3,4. BERYL NORBY5 "Always laughing, happy and gay, perhaps he will grow up some day." Football 1,25 F. F. A. 1,2,3,4. di Q- ,,-,ss E gal" hid" ve 'M ARNOLD PETERS: "We all know he hath much wit and is not shy of using it." Basketball 1,2,45 Football 2,3,45 Track '25 Lettermen's Club 3,4. MAYVIS PETERSON: "Quietness marks her every act." Library Club 2,3,45 Spirit Staff 35 F. H. A. 1,2,3,45 Class Play Prod. 3,4. JOE RAMSBACHER: "When he's not in mischief, he's working on it." Basketball 1,2,3,45 Foot- ball 2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Letter- men's Club 2,3,45 Spirit Staff 45 Class Pres. 1 ELAINE RISBERG: "She's little, but Oh, my!" Chorus3,45 Girl's Glee Club 3,45 Library Club 3, 45 F. H. A. 2,3,45 Class Play 45 Class Play Prod. Choral Club 2. was 943' sw' --ai-4" """""" -auf DONALD PORATH: "It's so soon that I am done for, I wonder what I was begun for." A. V. O. C. 45 F. F. A. 1,2,3, Reporter 45 Class Play Prod. 3, 4. RONALD PORATH: "School breaks up the day sol" Football 45 Lettermen's Club 45 F. F. A. 1, 2,3,45 Class Play Prod. 3.4, J ARTHUR PORISCH: "Time is but the stream I go fishing in." Track25 F. F. A. 1,2,3,45 Class Play Prod.3,4. DENNIS RAHN: "He finds the basket- ball team isn't the only place where he needs to be forward." Chorus 3,45 Boy's Glee Club 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1, 2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council35 A. V. O. C. 2,3,45 Photo Club 2, 3, Pres. 45 Laker Staff 3,45 Spirit Staff 3,45 F. F. A, 1,25 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 3, SAM SCHOLL5 "Twas wonderful, his patience with the teachers." Chorus 3,45 Boy's Glee Club 3,45 Band 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Band Ensembles 45 A. V. O. C. 45 Photo Club 3,45 F. F. A. l,2,35 Class Play Prod. 3,4. ROBERT SCHUTZ: "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 A.V.O.C.3,45 Photo Club 3,45 Spirit Staff 3,4. DELOIS STOESZ5 "She's pretty to walk with and pleasant to talk with, too." Band 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Photo Club 45 Library Club 3, Pres. 45 Laker Staff3,45 Spirit Staff 3,45 F. H. A. Pres. 1,2, Re- porter 3, Historian 45 Forensics 1,25 Class Play 3, 45 G.A.A. 1,25 Choral Club 25 Class Sec'y Treas. 3. RONALD STOESZ5 "He's a boy's friend and a girl's suppressed desire." Chorus2,3,45Boy'sGlee Club2,3,45 Chorus Ensembles2,45 Basketball 1,25 Football l,2,3,45 Baseball25 Track 1,3,45 Letter- man's Club l,2,3,45 Spirit Staff 45 F. F. A. 15 Choral Club 1. ELAINE WEIGOLD: "To have a friend is to be one, and she has many." Band45 Pep Band 45 Li- brary Club 2,3,45 F.l-l.A. 1,2,35 Class Play Prod. 3. LEROY WIEBE: "Play and I'll play with you, study and you'll study alone." Basketball 2,3.45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 25 Track 2,35 Letter- man's Club 2,3, Pres. 45 A.V.O. C. 3,45 F. F. A, 1.2, Vice-Pres. 3,4. CAROLYN WIENS5 "Lover of secrets, letters and books." Library Club 2,3,4g F.H. A. l,2,3,45 Class Play Prod.3,4. KENNETH WIESE: "l know a lot ifl could only think of it." Basketball 1,2, 3 4- Football 1 2 4- Baseball 2 3 4- Track 2 3 4- LettermansClub234 F F A 1234 W "N-or 'Of- EMERY SUDERMAN5 "l want to be bashful, but the girls won't let me." Chorus 2,3,45 Boy's Glee Club 2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 A.V. O.C. 3,45 Photo Club 3, SeC'y, 45 Spirit Staff 3,45 F. F. A. 15 Class Play 35 Class Play Prod. 45 JOANNE WALL: "We know full well, that she is swell." Library Club 2.3.45 F. H. A. 1,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band 45 Spirit Staff 45 Class Play Prod. 4. d"b . 1 ROGER WILSON: 'Not all men are born great but all men are born." F. F, A, 1,2,3, Sec'y 45 Let- terman's Club45 Footba1l45 Class Play Prod.3,4. CAROL WISCH5 "She's small, but so's a stick of dynamite." Library Club 2,3,45 F. H. A. 1,2,3,45 G. A. A. 1,2. .E ,. 4' Juniors FIRST ROW. S.Johnsor1, C. Gering, G. Hotzler, J. Falk, J. Heide, E. Harder, C. Janzen, L. Junker. SECOND ROW. R Janzen, D.Harries. J. Jungas, J. Buller, S. Goertzen, J. Jensen, S Buller, D. Hildebrandt, S. Chayer. THIRD ROW: M Klaassen, V.Friesen, L.Fast, P.Gocrtzen. R. Dick. L. Buller, R. Heide, H. Enns, R. Friesen. FOURTH ROW: G. Breith barrh, F. Brandt. D. Heinrichs, L. Holmes, R. Junker. J. Hiebert, M. Hale, L. Halter, J, Friesen, ,J f 21 2.5. - Q 11' X Juniors FIRST ROW: A. Lowens, J. Regehr, E. Pope, V. Toews, B. Redekop, L. Wilkens, E. Lowens, SECOND ROW: J. Toews. H. Voth, M. Strenge, C. Wolff, J. Stadtlander, J. Neufeld, M. Weigold. I. Schultz. THIRD ROW: L. Pfeil, M. Pan- kratz, D. Penner, G. Wiebe, K. Olson, D. Stahl, J, Reetz. FOURTH ROW: D. Wilkens, L.Teichroew, M. Pankratz, D. Ratzloff, E, Quiring, E. Pankratz, H. Steinhauser, D. Nickel. 14 'T' L7 ws 97 T7 .. All 4i.f'v Sophomores FIRST ROW: C.Wall, S. Wieler, L.Wiens, G,Wiens, E. Teichroew, M. Sulheim, G. Schultz, R. Wiese. SECOND ROW P. Wellman, G. Wendberg, J. Quiring. D. Nickel, F. Stoesz, M. VanDusen, B. Wiese, E. Scholl. THIRD ROW: J. Lade D.Tweet, B.Paulson, D.Peterson, B. Mahon, R. Wilson, J. Neufeld. FOURTH ROW: J. Sneer, J. Winter, H. Quiring, R Porish, S. Pankratz, R. Rupp. I. Laging, Sophomores FIRST ROW: D,Fei1, M.Harder, E. Krahn, D. Dick, R, Green, J. Derksen, R. Dick. SECOND ROW: B. Brandt, D. Har- ries, M.Goertzen, B.Feil, D.Derksen, C. Kliewer, V. Harder, M, Hiebert. THIRD ROW: M. Enns, E. Friesen, M. Fast, D. Eitzen, D.Goertzen, L.Franz, J.Duerksen, W. Bell. FOURTH ROW: l. Harder, G. Eitzen, R. Friesen. D. Johnson, R Heintz, L. Gosen, D, Goossen, C. lass, N. Falk. NOT SHOWN: J. Derksen, A, Ewert, M. Messal, G. Peters. 15 , + 4 l 0 Q, gx 0 'ln ,fn I 'lf ng H , -hifi' 4 WB Freshmen FIRST ROW: S. Nickel, A. Penner, C. Wolf, D. Lohrenz, R. Reimer, G. Wellman, J. Stoesz, D. Peters. SECOND ROW: E.Tieszen, R.Stoesz, R.Rernpe1, W.Kremmin, R. Nordby, M. Pankratz, V. Pabst. M. Penner. THIRD ROW: M. Wiens, M. Thiessen, J. Olson, J. Wiebe, L, Sulheim, D. Quiring, M. McDonald, V. Porath, B. Qulring. . ...AN Freshmen FIRST ROW: M. Gohr, M. Heide, R. Friesen, A. Green, D. Bargen, W. Dick, D. Harder, I. Kroeker, R. Chayer. SEC- OND ROW: D. Goertz, B. Hiebert, N. Friesen, R. Brown, G. Friesen, L. Hildebrandt, G. Krahn, M. Firesen, H. lass. THIRD ROW: J.Holyer, K,Fuller, l.Franz, R.Heppner, D. Besel, A. Buhler, M. Baerg, G. Derksen. FOURTH ROW: D, Johnson, I. Holmes, R. Junker, A, Duerksen. 16 I il NOTICE - L' New EUKE IKE ia tt X T Yeah team!! The Campaign Managers ' Make-up Staff . , . . 9 A stitch in time saves nine. Whose Collection' gum 1 The Country Doctor Activity Period Must be a Man. 1 ' ,ISS Time out for lunch. What happened? Straight from Paris. 17 532194 1 QI N 4- 3 5 -8 -JH it . 1. r flies N WN EDITORS L l-heberl B Iungas ADVISORS Flhn Mlss Pearson M1ss Uthus Mxss Splrlt Staff The Sp1r1t IS the school paper, portmg club news student features sports h1ghl1ghts and other school events Thls year the Sp1r1t was pr1nted at the Observer Off1ce SECTION HEADS C Germg M Pankratz D Stoesz D Nxckel G Gustafson K Klxewer J Hlebert D Derksen L Jungas FEATURE WRITERS R Foth I Wall V Toews G SPORTS Sc RADIO J Ramsbacher L Wllkens D Wendberg R Stoesz M Su1he1m ISchultz M Bart Tweet M Hale R Stoesz H Stemhauser D W1l sch L Eytzen kens D Rahn MINE! NEWS REPORTERS J Neufeld C Wall S Johnson TYPISTS G Hotzler M Nxckel A McDonald N I Reetz R Janzen I Lagmg C Lohrenz J Stadt Balzer DISTRIBUTION J Karschmk D Fell C lander D Gosen L Duerksen D Gosen V Harder KIISWBI I Qumng M I-hebert R Schuxz L Texchroew 20 df ' D 'il fx M ' AJ A ,M , 'If 1' - I ' ' ' re- ! I , ' fl Q, 6 R 1 I ' I I I 1 I - I 0 I 0 I I . I I 1 - I 5 I R A I I I ' r -I ? 3 Laker Staff Whew! What a job as anyone on the Laker Staff can tell you. It was a lot of hard work, but fun. This annual has been produced and financed by the junior and senior classes. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this annual possible. W Q ll Illl Q H ,xx 'Lrt ASSISTANT EDITOR ...... . Glen Wiebe EDITOR .............. Dorothy Bartel ADVISOR .............. Mr. Klaassen ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS SENIORS Norma Balzer Janyce Schultz Merle Hale Donald Derksen Darlene Gosen DeLo1s Stoesz Jean Neufeld MUSIC Ruth Janzen Evelyn Pope Dons Nickel BUSINESS STAFF Kenneth Klrewer MGR S John PHOTtOGRAPl-IY Denn1sRahn Marcra Pankratz G son J I-lrebert M Boldt I Stadtlander M Nickel Gusta son 21 I I I I - I I . . I I . ' . I I . I u I I I I I - I IIIHI , E .hhpnvhf FHA FIRST ROW S Goertzen P Goertzen V Frresen G Schultz S Wreler M Harder D Nrckel G Wrens I Herde E Harder SECOND ROW L Iungas L Wrlkens G Peters B Brandt D Ferl M Goertzen B Ferl M Sulhexm E Pope V Toews THIRD ROW I Stadtlander L Fast B Wrese R Wrese E Terchroew E Scholl R Dxck F Stoesz V Harder M Hrebert R Janzen J Toews O79 MMV New I' 'Q' FIRST ROW B Iungas A Mc Donald D Bartel D Stoesz J Schultz C Gerrng S John son D Nrckel C Wrens R Foth Mrss Overvaag SECOND ROW L Duerksen M Boldt M Madrson D Gosen C Lohrenz D Gosen L Hrebert D Harrres D Hrldebrandt M Bartsch L Eytzen THIRD ROW M Klaassen J Regehr P Maher C Wtsch L Herde D Holmes M Peterson I Iunker J Karschnrk E Rrsberg M Nrckel I Wall 27 Q R . Q 2 Z:- ik i "' b H up . . . 1 R ' ow fu wszs ' 74 sf "R A " Y E511 E ttttt S LL . A 5 ' Y ff, I CJ 1 Q f fb O ' 4 QQ 2 O .A 5 .b 4 i' Q' -W .9 l . . " V 1 ' ' . N-.,f..l.g W th, f I 1 , 1 ! i K? 2 5563 F F A FIRST ROW Mr Crawford L Wlebe R Helde D Penner E Qurrrng K Olson D Porarh D Ratzloff M Pankratz SECOND ROW R Wrlson J Fr1esen L Holmes L Terchroew R Frresen M Bartsch K Frresen R Junker F Brandt B Nordby THIRD ROW D Baerg A Porrsh D Nrckel T I-Irebert L Harder H Mohlenbrock H Karschmk G Brerthbarrh R Porarh '53 2 N fix L L fl op.T!Q Q Ao A76 2 Z XYZ 'OA cqlubfo L or 5 IB, FIRST ROW Mr Crawford N Fuesen G Frlesen R Nordby W Kremmm E Treszen R Rempel SECOND ROW M Herde B Mahon H Jass W Drck M Fast D Goerrz G Wellman M Gohr L Warkenun THIRD ROW D Harder R Ponsh G Ertzen H Quurng A Green C Jass L Halter N Falk R Wrlson 23 W Y aiu-5 I fy! I A Us A ' I A 1 ' 'JA I .I 'llT,,?fpA ' ,NW 'rv S3 E 5 Ig 32- " N '-.rxNm.x.x1-f.,-..,1r5,a-, r,.,rwL5.A! Q ll. Q, 1 V' N-:kj 4 as 'a LL It Na .lt 1' if F Student Council SEATED D Tweet L Franz Stemhauser C Wolff B Jungas Klxewer M Bartsch G Wxebe Enns STANDING V Harder Jass C Wolff Fi I A-"" 'i FIRST ROW J Derksen J Derksen G W1ens E Krahn C Germg S Johnson E Rxsberg A Loewens J Falk E Wergold SECOND ROW D Stoesz L Eytzen M Bartsch L Fast R Dlck D Nlckel V Toews G Hotzler J Wall R Foth F Stoesz M Strenge THIRD ROW J Karschmk L Wtens D Ferl P Wellman R Green B Wxese D Duerksen E Te1chroew N Balzer E Loewens M 1-hldebrandt C C. Wxens, D. Holmes, L. Herde, A McDonald, M. Ewert. Z'- E in vw? Llbrary Club FIRST ROW L Frsk B Brandt J Lade D Harrres D Harrres G Peters M Peterson D Nxckel B Ferl M Van Dusen SECOND ROW E Scholl P Goertzen R Janzen M Klaassen V Frresen E Harder C Lohrenz L Junker J Bullet D Stahl J Neufeld M Harder THIRD ROW Mrss Uthus M Ntckel L Duerksen A Fast R Wrese L Pferl S Bullet J Schultz L Jungas D Gosen S Goertzen J Regehr E Pope J Jensen B Redekop I Junk -4 GAA FIRST ROW R Wrese B Wrese D Ferl C Wall J Quxrrng G Wend berg E Terchroew M Harder M Madrson SECOND ROW G Hotz ler C Janzen C Wolff V Toews J Herde M Pankratz C Klrewer E Scholl M Boldt Mrss Bunge THIRD ROW D Bartel I Neufeld P Goertzen B Redekop J Jensen J Schultz S Buller L Fast D Stoesz M Thresen J Olson 'F Lettermen s Club FIRST ROW B Munson K Klre wer L Wrebe R Stoesz SECOND ROW I Harder J Sneer J Rams bacher A Basrnger D Wrlkens R Wrlson THIRD ROW R Porath T Hxebert K Wrese L Gosen D Rahn E Pankratz FOURTH ROW G Hrebert E Suderman D Baerg D Derksen H Sternhauser A Peters R Frtesen G Bretthbarrh Gopher Historians FIRST ROW D Tweet, D, Ertzen, B. Iungas, D Barrel, J. Schultz, L Hrebert, I. Neufeld, B Redekop SECOND ROW L. Franz, C, Wall, C. Khewer, G Wendberg, M. Hre bert, R.Janzen, I Reetz, I.Neufeld, G. Hotzler, Mrss Kettler. THIRD ROW R. Dtck, G.E1tzen, E Pan kratz, K.Kl1ewer, D Derksen, J. Lag1ng,J Htebert. XA -slr nv, Drivers Trammg FIRST ROW A Penner D Peters L Franz D Tweet D EIIZSH L Hllde brandt G Frlesen G Krahn SEC OND ROW G Wenberg A Ewert M Harder P Goertzen JNeufeld V Porath I Quumg C Wall J Derksen L Wxens D Nlckel J Derk sen V Harder Mr Tweet THIRD ROW A Regxer M Boldt M Peter son L Duerksen M Mc Donald E Fuller M Fenner D Derksen B Fell F Stoesz L Sulhelm J Falk D I-hldebrant FOURTH ROW L Telchroew A Ratzloff P Klaassen R Hemltz L I-Ie1de B Wxese G Peters E Telchroew R Wlese P Wellmen M Goertzen I Holyer D Barrel AVOC FIRST ROW R Frxesen I Kroeker E Frlesen SECOND ROW L Gosen E Pankratz J Duerksen G Fr1esen M I-lexde THIRD ROW R Schutz L Wlebe D Hemnchs M Fast M Pan ratz M Hale R Fr1esen FOURTH ROW K Fr1esen T I-he bert S Scholl D Porath E Suder man STANDING E Klaassen L Harder Mr Wrebe K Olson D Baerg D Rahn Photo Club FIRST ROW S Nlckel C Wolf G Gustafson M Pankratz E Pope V Toews D Stoesz M Fast E Pank ratz SECOND ROW D Rahn R Frle sen Mr W1ebe R Schutz S Scholl E Klaassen T I-lxebert E Suderman D Baerg D Hexnrxchs J Hlebert Club Features Gir1's Glee Club 5 National Honor Socxety Photo Club l FFA -ci-, F H A Duvers Trammg 27 Q L-Q-. U v . Lu. V - X f F ,. -X my A W NN ' .av ,fm N I u ' .I z -X , . .Yu "gg 1 wx . J , ,IW ' A.V.O.C. 4 r . -"' "' L ' A , fa. b xx V , BRASS ENSEMBLE D Tweet N Fuesen G Gustaf son R Frlesen CORNET TRIO K Khewer B Jungas G Gustafson BARITONE QUINTET N Fnesen D Tweet R Rupp I I-hebert E Klaassen GIRLS TRIO A Loewens V Harder E Loewens SAXOPHONE QUARTET V Toews I Schultz L Jungas C Lohrenz TROMBONE TRIO L Texchroew S Scholl M Bart sc BRASS SEXTET L Franz B Jungas K Khewer M Bartsch E Frxesen I I-Hebert FLUTE DUO C Germg L Hlebert I a,' - y : . ' , . . . . hi : . ' . . , . - f 'R L ,, ' QQ , . . .ra X 5 l xv C ,X QV 3' S, ' . X I L- Q, 28 DO DON GIRLS OCTET P Goertzen C Germg R Dlck C Janzen B Redekop C Wolff D Derksen G Peters BOYS OCTET I Harder K Khewer R Dxck E Pankratz D Nlckel E Klaassen D Derksen M Bartsch GIRLS SEXTET L Eytzen E Pope D Barrel M Boldt D Gosen D Gosen rxchs R Hexde Forensics EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING K Khewer MANUSCRIPT READING DISC USSION GROUP B Redekop D Derksen MEMORIZED ORATORY G Hotzler HUMOROUS READING J Jensen DRAMATIC READING M Pankratz ORIGINAL ORATORY C Gerlng 29 ? ,- 5 fe' 'N ' ' ' 1' R I ,, - 5' A"hs Y :QL ' i E 7 . 1 by A Q ' ' 1 . , . , . , . Boys' QUAURTET: mswesz, I.Hiebert, D. Hem- ,ll ruff If u B1 2 an f I W ,. . I ' , in r Q 1 , f 'HA I I -3 J FIRST ROW D Nlckel I Wall G Wenberg F Stoesz J Franz M Pankratz L Peters G Peters D Nlckel L Franz A Duerksen B Redekop C Germg L l-he bert SECOND ROW R Schutz V Harder C Wall C Klrewer P Wellman M Htebert V Pabst D M Bartsch I Harder R Frresen G Gustafson K Kltewer B Jungas THIRD ROW L Jungas C Loh renz E Wergold E Pope R lanzen B Ferl D Tweet E Klaassen V Frresen J l-hebert R Rupp S Pan kratz J Stoesz V Frresen L Techroew S Scholl M Bartsch M Sulherm D Ertzen L Fast STAND Fr1esen L Wllkens D Besel B Htebert G Hotzler Band The band personnel under the baton of Mr Robert Luehrs has taken part 1n many aCt1V1t1eS durlng the year The march1ng band made 1ts f1rst appear ance at the Wmdom Flax Day They also played at the home footballgames and performed at the Homecomrng feSt1V1t1eS The pep band played at all pep meet1ngs and home basketball games On Apr1l 25th the band and small IH strumental ensembles attended the d1str1ct mus1c contest at Lakefteld The mstrumental department celved seven A's The w1nners were cornet tr1o flute duet, brass sextet, flute solos by Luetta H1ebert and Car ol Gerlng, c1ar1net solo by Gwenyth Wenberg and a French horn solo by Larry Franz These A rat1ng en sembles went to the Regton State con test 1n St Peter The entr1es recerv 1ng A s m th1S contest were cornet tr1o flute duet flute solos by Luetta Htebert and Carol Gerrng an a French horn solo by Larry Franz The band gave two concerts a sprlng concert and a f1nal concert Many of the small ensembles furn1shed mus1c for commun1ty events Members of the band and the commun1ty w1ll agree that the band was outstandmg thts year 3 M n Quiring, I. 'Qu.iring, J. Neufeld, V. Toews,.J. Schultz: lNiG: I. Neufeld, D. Stoesz, A. Penner, R. Reimer, E. I , . 1 ' ' re - . I Q D My . - ' . ' .. . - : f I ! U , d I 30 FIRST ROW G Wlens E Rrsberg G Wenberg M Wergold R Drck C Ianzen V Harder L Eytzen E Pope 1 Jensen I Neufeld L Jungas L Hrebert B Jungas D Derksen G Peters M Sulherm G Gustaf son R Ianzen M Hrebert SECOND ROW C Wall M Pankratz D Barrel M Boldt B Redekop D Gosen D Gosen J Stadtlander C Wolff D Nrckel E Lowens A Lowens I Herde THIRD ROW B Paul E Frlesen D Wrlkens M Bartsch D L Holmes J Hxebert E Suderman J Lagrng G Ertzen I Frlesen R Drck E Pankrarz L Franz D Euzen D Tweet FOURTH ROW D Rarz loff R Stoesz R Frxesen D Nrckel S Scholl E son R I-lerde Rahn N Falk er I Harder E Qulrmg D Hemrxchs G Wrebe R Fnesen D Goertzen Chorus The vo1ce chorus under the d1rect1on of Mr Lamar Runestad, has practrsed fa1thfully to make the1r appearances successful The chorus gave one exchange concert 1n Falrmont Other concerts rnclude a Chrlstmas concert a spr1ng con cert a sacred concert 1n the Gospel Mennonlte Church and afmal concert The musrc at Baccalaureate and Com mencement was furn1shed by the chorus The vocal department was very proud of hav1ng all the vocal ensembles re ce1ve A's at the d1str1ct muslc con test 1n Lakefleld These ensembles lnclude chorus, Grrls' and Boys Glee Clubs, Boy s Quartet and Octet G1rl's Trxo, Sextet and Octet The solo1sts who recelved A's were Don na Derksen Bertha Redekop Ronn1e Stoesz, and John K1ebert The small groups performed upon many occas srons throughout the year not only at school functron but also at many com munlty events The A ratmg ensem bles went to the Reg1on State Contest held at the Gustavous Adolphus Col lege 1n St Peter Competltlon was very keen and the Judges gave A rat rngs to only the most outstandmg per formances The Boys' Glee Club Boys' Octet and the chorus managed to rece1ve A's Donna Derksen re ce1ved anA also for her contralto so The favorrte number of the chorus was "Wake Awake Thrs number was used as the contest number m m I., P.Goertzen, C.'Gering, J. Falk, C. K1iewer,.V. Toews: Klaasseh, S. Pankrat.z,D. Derllsen, R. Heihrzf K. Kliewl , . . . 1 . , , , - I . o ' ' - lo. . ll - , . . . U , I , . : . ' A , ll'l. ' 1 7 ' l ' 1 . . - V, D D . K . - I . , pp , - 31 4, Y, BACK ROW Mr Runestad Drrector Denn1sRahn Donald Derksen Kenneth Klrewer SEATED Luetta Hrebert Carol Lohrenz Marlene Boldt Elarne Rrsberg Maryorre Buller Garl Gustafson Barbara lungas DeLo1s Stoesz Brother Goose Jeff Kenneth Klrewer Carol Wes Hyaclnth Helen Peggy Eve Lenore Mrs Tmmrner Truck Drrver DeLo1s Stoesz. Donald Derksen Barbara Jungas Elarne Rrsberg Carol Lohrenz Marlene Boldt Luetta Hrebert Garl Gustafson Dennrs Rahn nl' 7' it A Q! ,Y Sarah ....... . . Marjorie Buller 1 ' A Q ' . ' ' - ' . I D' a n t M X . ---, A 5 , f . 2' L 1 3 I, V it 'Q W' n ' :ff if-am..-Q... ff? 15 ! . f- f r , STANDING: Miss Uthus, E. Pankratz, G. Wiebe, I. ing. SEATED: M.Pankratz, J.Hiebert. Falk, 1. Stadtlander, D. Nickel, L. Teichroew, C. Ger- The Late Christopher Bean Dr. Hagget . . . Susan Hagget . .' Abby ...... Mrs. Hagget .... Ada Hagget ..... Warren Creamer . . Tallant ....... Rosen .... Davenport . . 4' -px... F gig . . . John Hiebert . . . . Carol Gering Joyce Stadtlander Marcia Pankratz .... . JoAnn Falk Lowell Teichroew . . Elroy Pankratz . . Donald Nickel . . . Glen Wiebe 1 n Q P". I il I. 1. Ibn 52'-37' I Aiiii One-Act Play "OUR TOWN" Emily Barbara Jungas George Donald Derksen Narrator Kenneth Kliewer QND CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS Carol janzen, Carol Gering, Gwen Wenberg, David Jean Neufeld, Carol Lohrenz, Lois Jungas, Barbara Tweet Jungas Style Show Banquet 3+ I 1 Ruby Lulu 4 , ,S Left. . might. . . Elaine Senior musicians XV, . - X 1 3 r 'V f X N 'bm V' 'xv N Q ' 'ff Q Well! !l rn' , Style Show attraction Concentration Q 14" , e. yn ,av Senior tea party Baccalaureate OK 8:00 Just practice Stein :M-r , in 1 1' I FRONT ROW Mr Klmgsborn D Fisher G Hiebert G Brexthbarth R Stoesz D Wrlkens A Basinger D Baerg K Wxese R Porath Mr Munson SECOND ROW I Harder L Gosen K Kliewer J Ramsbacher H Stern hauser A Peters D Rahn L Wrebe .I Sneer H Enns R Wxlson THIRD ROW M Messel R Goenzen R Sneer C Wolf L Hildebrandt T Hiebert FOURTH ROW E Pankrarz S Pankratz J Engeman N Rahn D Lohrenz R Friesen G Krahn Football Mt Lake streched its undefeated record to fourteen straight by turning in an undefeated season of seven wins and no ties and no losses Although Mt Lake d1dn't have the heavy line of last years team the dxf ference was easily made up by a tough speedy and more experienced backfield Led by Joe Ramsbacher Dennis Rahn Arnold Peters and Le- Roy Wiebe the backfield gained at will helped by the terrific blocking which was led by Ronnie Stoesz The team racked up 196 points M L Opps Sherburn 24 Jackson 0 20 Windom 0 while they permitted only three touch downs to pass into their endzone through the season There were twenty one players lettering this year with six returning for next year Mt Lake tied with Tracy for the Seven Star Conference title and also tied with Pipestone for the Southwest Conference award Dennis Rahn Ronnie Stoesz and David Baerg re- ceived positions on the all conference team Ronnie Stoesz was named the Most Valuable Player Lakefield Sleepy Eye Springfield 0 29 33 Slayton O .3 R5 fi J E , , ,sh C' ff' . 1 4C J ,f'l 3 , I iv Attendant Joyce Karschnik Homecoming Royalty '33h'Fk- a 4 YL N 4 ri .AW . . 'limi T V 12' X at P ,Pdf-:fig r x Xl k 1, , Q Attendant Carol Lohrenz hr'Lr g . I 'Wi'-arf! .5 ,JF Queen 3 r 5 -f N Barbara Iungas Junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant Janyce Schultz LQJKQEESQ l Q Coronation Throne 40 Vera Harder Q J ZH? ll "T , 2 FIRST ROW J Ramsbacher D Rahn G Hxeberr E W11kens M Hale K Wxese R Fnesen Mr Munson Sderml-ISth AP DDR MG1 u an em auser eters er sen r ett er SECOND ROW E Pankratz S Pankratz L Wlebe D BaSketbaH OPP Butte rfleld Lakef1eld We stbr ook Marshall Wlndom Jackson Sherburn Worth1ngton Jacks on Aga1n as 1n football the veterans left us as the Semors graduated. Only Gay He1bert was back from the f1rst f1ve of the 1952 consolat1on champs of the state tournament. The season started out w1th qu1te a jolt to everyone for the team Just squeaked by Butterfleld 53 50. In spxte of thxs the team came through w1th a splend1d record. They had twelve stralght v1ctor1es and they suffered OPP Wlndorn Slayton Lakef1e1d We stbrook Luverne St Jame s Tracy Mankato TC the1r f1rst defeat from the Mankato T. C. Frosh. Emery Suderman led the team 1n scor1ngw1th 196 and was close ly followed by Joe Ramsbacher w1th 194. Besides comxng through w1th f1f- teen wms out of n1neteen starts wh1ch IS a f1ne record, the team agam cap tured the Southwest Conference T1t1e. Joe Ramsbacher was voted the teams honorary captam. Z' 5 'Nga' JA.: .ll .ll-l 1 P ' f C E 4 7 X .Q 3 4 M -aj F I U 7 5 wg v X l QI .532 ,IQQN , 1 . 6 ' R 1 M.L. . M.L. . 53 ' 50 66 ' 47 54 ' 33 eo 37 60 45 58 ' 50 48 41 52 61 39 ' 32 46 48 54 43 72 . 70 57 49 65 54 57 ' 49 44 57 61 59 41 F FRONT ROW R Frlesen G Krahn S Nxckel D renz D W1lk1ns J Sneer THIRD ROW E Pan Goertzen L Franz L Hxldebrandt SECOND kratz S Pankratz M Messal M Fast E FTICSSH ROW R Frxesen C Wolf G Brexrbarth D Loh I Wmters J Lagmg Mr Munson Mr Gettler B Team famrly successful season wmnmg seven and losmg n1ne The team cons1sted of Freshman, Sophomores and .Tumors who had 11ttle prev1ous exper1ence The team started fast trouncmg Butterfleld but then lost e1ght 1n a row w1th seven belng by three or les s po1nts Here the boys came to take the boosted as they won s1x stralght by a conslderable margm The top scorers for the team were Merle Hale and Gor don Bre1thbarth Merle came through w1th 145 po1nts Gordon had 123 po1nts Smce many of the boys w1ll be back next year we are lookmg forward to next years B Team season Flin l The Mountain Lake B Team had a Worthington B's. The teams spirit was I , gk L ki ,M 'VT . 44 'iii v I fl Q Q x dh Q ' f Q. L, . x 1 Y - ., yn w ' 1 ' :HEX :Q 'yy Aa Yi 'I si . 6 I 1 e 4 Z . ,, qs :Ml K5 e I -1 sf . at ex if gwlhy ' .X ' Q-as-uf' , " - , -, 13 A ' 13 'YH ,ai . x"ff' ,EM 4 Riff f O, FRONT ROW N Rahn J Sneer J Lagmg B Paulson D ROW G Krahn K W1ese H Stemhauser D Rahn J Lohrenz K Kllewer L Hlldebrandt M Messel SECOND Ramsbacher G Hxebert Mr Munson Baseball The Mt Lake Baseball Team had a very successful season wmnmg s1x and losmg only one Mt Lake was the runner up 1n the D1StI1Ct Seven 1OS1Hg out ln the f1nals to Lakef1eld s1x to f1V6 1n e1ght mmngs The games were as follows M L H S OPP Wmdom Butterfxeld Lakefleld Westbrook Jeffers Wmdom Lakefleld scores of the The team was made up of the fol lowmg players Noel Rahn Catcher, Harold Stelnhauser f1rst base 8: p1tcher,Melv1n Messel pltcher John Lag1ng flrst base gl p1tcher Dennls Lohrenz and .hm Sneer secondbase, Joe Rambacher short stop Dennls Rahn th1rd base, Ken Khewer Gay Hlebert Ken W1ese Don Derksen played the outf1eld k fu BMO 5151 nw I .g 0,f"'s 0-4 1 ,., n'e,e"Q P 5 . 'H -f-jx 4- A 5 - . . . . . . . nu . 3 Z -- Q ' ' Q ' ' 1 1' . " . ' 5 ' 1 1 1 ' " 5 ' 1 . 15 2 9 2 4 ' 2 5 . ' 6 V V yy, I 'a I- ,M . 1. P F' P 'R 5 ' X I k, r E ' .oog yyyy.. A i I 3 " r W ' 6- 71 V ,S K A q Q E V. lu A ' ' 2 i?rl'-rw khfn 2 .-g.g,,'4i-- ,TT-fs, Vi 'gy I TL P oily-Aotk. A ' g,1g,,.1Q,f.5,71fg,Q 5 PN rv'---w fs es f Y.. was ff? N ,ra wi 'f'i"t gg' 1' -as r ,gf ggi 1 A new' as 5254 mix egg 'S f mah FRONT ROW E Pankratz H Enns R Frlesen S Nlckel Derksen K Wlese M Hale D Lohrenz C Wolf D J Engeman L I-hldebrandr A Penner R Goerrzen R Harder G Buetbarth D Rahn L Halter Mr Getrler Dlck N Rahn SECOND ROW S Pankratz L Gosen D Track Mt Lake's flrst meet was mdeed encouragmg for the Lakers who were a relatlvely unexperlenced team edged out Spr1ngf1eld and New Ulm to w1n the meet As the team moved on to the Ind1an Relays the St James Dual meet and the D1str1ct meet they showed even more class Kenny Wlese set new hrgh school records 1n the 100 yard dash and 220 yard dash Harvey Enns also set a record 1n our school runrung the m1le 1n 4 rnmutes 57 seconds Donald Derksen was chosen the most valuable athlete for the track squad scormg 48 pomts throughout the season He also tled the D1StT1Ct hlgh Jump record at 5 feet 8 114 1nches 0 1 - O . S lm - F 1, L. , , K ' L. ' .ff fff'-agp , , - 2 ' . "v ' - V 'G J 'J f' A ' . Q i . , , 8 4' ,, , A x ' s, . 1 V . , Q l Q g 4 o Aa Q 2 2, . x' x f -fi ' S L , ' ? A -- . ,I L - . X , V , I I ,, , 1 , x - 4 to .-.D A A L V , V -.313 - K 1 3 J T, , JE 1 -1 XJ D 7 7 " n f Q . I A . Y l . ' g y L V ll X y . fl' 4 , Al QQ 5 - .5 Q ' , k rl 5 '5 I. j ' L L :N F ' .3 A X 5 W If t A j' ,. , ff? ' U 'L 3" 5 xlib' ' "' 5 ,x Q .V , . , . L . 1 . Q i ,Q J., W 1, . 3, Y. f'vf.,,Y',. ,f , L 5" , L, , 4 -- 4, ff f L .if f -if 5' i k QM" 4' e ,. - ' . f '1v.1'.:-K?" , X N -wi' ,, ' , , 4' s. ":t, gi fixvg 'wb-'33-.Mffi 'R 1 ,ff to 3' dl, 5- . ,Can J, 1 my , 8. .W 9 ,, C. syrup ,, 3 N W -f, gnu .I can A 5 14 H2393 y. A y. R, , V M A X ' ' .N . L, A - - ' P u . 1" ., . I: ' ,,,,, 5. :G 1' ' "x ,wi-rc.Q-g at - ,xv . R . V" - - - , uv f xi 1, rf, ' ,, ' nf- 5,1-, -.:+ 5 "1 ,, ,q 1555, , 'Q' ' 'lg-u,.,l.q , , A .. ' K 'vc' dvi' f' . .Q A ... A71 IQ. '- ffi'Q!m'?' " ' t " rj'-S fkf' PAL4.. pfakfff' ' - .J-4' " y Y- ?3v."i,wr K V 314' 'ag' : . n , . , . ' , . ' , , . ' ' , . , . , . , . .. , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . , . . : . . . , . , . , . , . , .X fx rm f, S Y f' f' sf r . 'K Y' 1 I L V' X N r 'x,' Z x O - -f ri g Q 'V .I ' fa T' ' f Y , gb ,f - ,LW , . Y, 3 47 -D 4 f-.df -F CAL' Y." . vii' 4 - . ..' I Ai' " .5 N -- . , . . -w ...iv W ' 9 -K if ' .s .- Fx'--Ig -' K' m -. ' Ng . x f 'I . 3 - Q 'V C 'S 'ba x N ""' A , ,' it ' 5 fm . A Lx -. .- V - , H QW" ' -Q ' ' A ' xgix- . . -.. ' gf Y 'Qi- "'-'- ' -'-, J-. 1'-vu-' 4 ,. 5, 'a ' -A ' , ,, 1 Q W N., " " A W. -f"'.fs.., A ., 5115, ,Q'gQgifv9i2k' -fb' 1. 'E T, , 'w W, .gdb .mf f, '32 U M W' wg TJ "f-'tvs 2. FU-Qs, V-N45 , Hal., ,, , 'iii '.X - , X 6 ,x 27-vw-Zffw af X ,s lg wi tv ' I -S v 4 ,..'-V, K xii N' "' ' X '-"'-' f H4 - g ' ' -"P, ,QI ng-V Wm "'ig,. ,f,'Egc+.:.3'r'2A . J A W 'I' . A ' hi' V' Q., - V . ,' 44" 1 , 1 ' -M x -iwgie-u3i,i, - M,-ff .,. ' f' ,, Q 4 Q.. Y , S .i f AX 1 v F , Q 1- ' , ' i Y f . .- , A f f f f Y r Y Q X XR r 'S April m Paris Apr11 1n Par1s as the theme of the Junlor Sen1or banquet held May 5 1953 In keepmg w1th the French theme only boys served as walters On the stage was a Par1s restaurant w1th a French sett1ng A huge Arch of Trmmph formed the entrance and 1n the center of the gym there was a founta1n scene The program cons1sted of the read1ng of the class hlstory w1ll and prophecy Mus1c on the Hammond Organ was furn1shed by Wess Kohl of Osseo ...-I qs, lxalbvfl E Baccalaureate The evening service, Sunday, May 24, began when sixty-three seniors marched down the aisles in their caps and gowns to the music of the proces- sional played by Carol Gering. Rev. L. R. Amstutz gave the Bac- calaureate address. It was called "A Prayer for our Youth" and the theme of Christian living was brought out in the talk. The Boy's Quartet and the Chorus sang at the services. Commencement The senior class of M.L.H.S. gradu- ated Wednesday, May 29, 1953. The commencement address, "Suc- cess or Success", was given by Bern- hard LeVander. high school band played the The processional and recessional. The cornet trio played one number at the program and the high school chorus sang "Wake Awake". National Honor Society Luetta Hiebert Barbara lungas Dorothy Bartel Donald Derksen Gail Gustafson Alice McDonald Martha Nickel Dennis Rahn DeLois Stoesz Carol Gering Shirley Johnson Marcia Pankratz Valedictorian Barbara lungas Salutatorian Luetta Hiebert Honor Students Barbara Jungas Luetta l-liebert Kenneth Kliewer Martha Nickel Alice McDonald Gail Gustafson Dorothy Bartel DeLois Stoesz Norma Balzer OUTSTANDING STUDENTS ATHLETICS MUSIC Donald Derksen Football Ronald Stoesz Accompanist DeLo1s Stoesz Barbara Jungas Track Donald Derksen Inguumemal Luetta Hrebert Basketball Joe Ramsbacher Vocal Ronald Stoesz Baseball Harold Steinhauser FFA STAR FARMER FORENSICS ALL AROUND ATHLETE ART Marlyn Bartsch Carol Gering Dennis Rahn Verna Toews 51 We Thank You Franz and Son Gustafson's Drug Store Dr V H Lundgren Jungas Hardware MOUHta1H Lake Observer Epp Mercant1le Farmers State Bank Wolf Motor Company Fr1tz's Hardware Worthmore Creamery an Mounta1n Lake Bakery Schroeder Furnlture Store Engeman Implement Company Johnson's Chapel Penner Implement Company Mounta1n Lake Motor Sales D1ck's Shoe Hosp1tal B111's Cafe North Star Telephone Company H1ebert Greenhouse Reg1er Mlllworks West S1de Body Shop Produce Ben Frankhn Store Commander Elevator and Feed M111 Frank Balzer and Company Mt Lake Co op Creamery Thomas Lumber Company .Ianzen Weldlng Hlebert O11 Company Ross Cleaners Menno and .Iakes Janzen El6CtT1C Basmger Hotel Thlessen Implement Mt Lake Body Shop Peters Plumbmg and Heatlng D1ckman Lockers Derksen Jewelry Corner Cafe Co op O11 Company Browns Plumblng and Heat1ng Personahty Beauty Shop Gambles Store Harry s Cafe For Your Patronage A. J. Penner Plumbing and Heating h ' h I d 52 1 Q-

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