Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN)

 - Class of 1933

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Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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1 X F i J I 3 I i I a i -q.. J - ,f-s.-4ua..u:....nq.m- wwf, . .-nw-m...f-1-,-K-f -5-hx-'. 4. -1-4--1-2-1: -- --'- -4 -Y - Y- Y -Y - - -- .kigxg . 0 ' - . '..'kx l,.o I, b O . '.' H " . O fu 9 fi -. ,S fgkrmy f X NX.,X. ..... X 5, Y , 9 ' 2 LJML L,-1, -114 11 ie wx- f. 1 i 1.1L 1,.,,1, .A I .1.-, .-AW, 3: .lQ1:'1iLE.r.5 . 3.3, ir-Q ,1f1.i,,g1 . - ' -11 2 1 wr, , -yu 1. -1vyq'.' -14151 1' up - .gg 1 5- .,1-.',-::1,.gf-..11,1.- 1 ,... lm'-si A '11 .f,.',sg: , 'Q "V WV - 1 :",'3 , ' ' . 111' , .11 . :At 1.- .., u"' 1 . ml., 2. Az' ,I V ,1-,, 4. . 1-. 1, 7 11, L 1' 1 .-.,,11. , ,, . .1. 1.11, 1' 1 1 111-1 1-. 151A .I ., 11 , 1 f.. .11 , 1 1.1 ,, V 1 . 11.1, 11 . , 7. .- - .-,,' 1 .. 1 '1 W, 1 1- TQF. ati EL., . , 1 ,I , '1 r Q .na , ,.. A .11 . - LA: --1, gr. .1 ml. 1, 1,5 1,331 L4 11 , -.M 1 1- '21 if 1 N.-N1 . 'w ,,, , .l, .,1 , -w if z?'1Qf' '-5.11 ., 4 11 .- ',":'L' if '11 1,51 1. 1 .. .- I Q-Iii. 3. i E? 1 iiff' Li?-' ff 1: Q, .1 ,MI .5. :s1 11-1 1 ' 4 ..-'r1!Q'11:1 ' 1 -'f 1 1, 1 ,I 1 Y A ,A .,,. 1 1, 11. .1q,. wav .1 ,., ..v11,. Y, ."f K K 1, . 11 . 0, .wk ' 4 ' ' 1.-f 1 .' 1.'.'. 1.- 1 b. ,, ' y. 1 1 ff, '- ,1- .. ,1 -,.,.- ' 1 1 ' 'Q 1 f 1- '1 ' f , 1 v..1qv.--'.y' ', 1 ,J ,J , . 1,1..4- M 4,1 '.1 , ,,.1 1 1 '-1:-1 51.1 R 111 .1- 14:4 , Ir 1 - '---v-- - '-'- - -- W- - ,YY --1?-L-15, - -- - f :.:..:,.,,.-, m ,, f ,w lf-wk 1 V , f ff rv' W -P fm ff mwfn - amf L ings.135.-!:L.-.i.'?f'.:1a-.11..gS.i.:?5:a5xgSv r jwni , . .... ,.,,k, ..... - ,..lz.1:a:i..'.. -4 1 EDITOR Munns En.En'rsoN MANAGER Ronan PEJAVICH pg, ,U ADVISER Miss ANNA E DA:-n.s1'noM Q, 'H I 'lf' Swf Klkal my Kwaffjx 4-ff, 'lf ' -I . 4 2. , ' .. 4 , fzflv - , 3 ff-'... A .fn a Q 'ff' fj,:g::i213.q:14.,.,:,,.,,,:,,.,3::' Af!!1.:,: me Ji jvqiigfiiivff-'ff "W V 1 Q f .lg I K liwV::.?:i5,.-giigzr 4' ua!! Dx tj 5 Q Z i , ' I A72ik'4?4'-s9?s.+.s?+'a'afsfs'3:'4 .oi'o"o":'l':'..s'?o?q':':ifo.:ii9:f:':'23 XYi9KQRVR9RV5.V1R!'9'vfQ'9i' Y'i'f3P13U5P5'f5'5'5-'41'5'f n'T'f9 U '19 'U '5'3'5'5'5'n'fd' -.l l.'.!..'l"' 1 lr UNSW, nm - - -. 1- f- .- - ana-rn Q5be MOUNTAINEER 1933 I HIGH SCHOOL MOUNTAIN IRON, MINNESOTA , - .4 .. v. - 1-' - . .,- . o5'o'0 o'6 542142: 6404. . .L 0. . u. .s. -1- J- .v- .u- .L .LGB . . .a. -a- .u, J. -ala .lN4f!'4F!'!P!!MA g.',31'? 'f' ""' QV' 'f 'U' Z'1' ' " " ' ' "lf ' " 5g,,'-9 , f,M,4 .af X f , 5 -,,- -H I 0 1 'Q 'w A I P -"V 0. - -Q iii., 151.9 'lmjjaq ,fi 'W 1 4- , p I, Skt s Q qi-.qffiu may-11 I 111 N, I- -fi I . . 4 'O 43,2-+- wmmr.7f" I, '1 'f M fi my W 1 A If U 41 I . I I I T22 I 4 M IH X 1 ' . 7 .I , .A Iv 4 fl 'fix ,,... , ' A. ..x, QW 1 Y 112.951-69 lblbibibibldibiblbi-H3515 ' 'L ' .94 " -Q.5h3l'6l61dlE!Ql6l.!lQRQ!:1.l!4!tlEl3!:IQl:'x mnmmmm mmnmmmnm EMI U Mmmnmw I e f, s "sh, ' 1 13 - he f - 11: -X .- lg 4 yp,Qy N h . is :g y I- 0 5 :75 9 2 Jil when r , 1 lf sl 'X g X l i h 451. 1' as FOREWCRD ' We send thisubook toyou with th A 1 yg sincere hope. that among its pages y 5: ffl s ooo ,J may find an incentive to urge you on- , o 3 0 ' ard to higher hahah. Within its , O. A' p g you will fi cl a record of our 'f ' Q 4, plishments cl ing our four X y as students of the Mountain .Q hafta ITD!! High School. y 9 Q Even though time may dim our ' eyes and blur our memories, we may if 11,7 turnaain, da' olfhook - Q relive 5 haP1:3 . 115:21 inf hui: lives. to cl ' QQ i 'ti Qi?-'W eff gf: Tigfv EEE' 'xl N ls. lies' J M , ' og fix' . -' l . I . -' 7. N hi ehyfhhg n fs , -fr l 'J ig, lh fmi N ,fe Q , r, f fqfb y was .ekaif si 'wil he -, ERVIN A. VOSS To Mr. Ervin A. Voss, who has labored for the past years for the better- ment of our school, who has unselfishly and loyally supported every activity in which our school and class have participated, we, the senior class of 1933, respectfully dedicate our annual as a symbol of the esteem and respect which we hold for him. anoonoaan.avi-oaooapooo-npoge-nuno.nusuuon0u0 1 S 5 , .", e ' iv P W fgfx, rl O f' N' 4 lllify f 7" on r My vril. , , lll ' .,Z4,f,f'f 4 lk? er' X ,, X3 , mj' I , . wr f ' 'IM' 217, ..... O n.... M .n.n . "A sk y E Y f me Q ' . vii: 2,5 1 5312k"'L 34, 5 ' ' X ' A ,ZT3 .-.. QED -3,4 Eg. - - - .pp --zg.. iii - V in 5" 2'-E BOOK II ' Faculty BOOK III Semors BOOK IV O Orgamzauons BOOK V Actwltxes BCDK VI Humor is Qi ini? 55? l.....l -H 2-T - g g em- ' 5 . . 3 "r 0 s sf ,- 3 -2 ex E1 .-Q xg tum f v W 65 'Qs E 1 l -3 fi ' ' s h . , 4 ? .ss :Rf S --' Ee: 'Zz-2 K: 3 ..- f 3? E . . . 3 -753 l r 'W fs, X gag iii ...j v- S IX-, 'yi' .-. fk 2 . , 57 5 E 'AN 3:5 'E -if T' 'U Q., -: , af Q X Fi 21 ,-'N f f ? , A E ' -Y f - 1 - iii'-QV ' 'X ,V Kmina F vii 5:-15:2 ' X f. l 1 -j i ..1.,..... 1 . O I X O 1 b 'nm nmfnwn va .. ,f ' WX vfQ'lfli'!l'Nllff'L1' L V' K A '15"-maaa.1maw-:.....,...,,....L.....,..,....., -U...uw......-...W-..-.m----..m...W....,..,. .,.........m....-- ...www-1.Mm-.-.u..wm.R..,....W....,3..umi..T.-...-lm.,-mlm.-nm. . . .f Vwllifvvvvvvv 0.5100 U II UUE. 981819.10 Xl UBI!! AIUUHU, UHOV.V,UUUV UAIIIUQIMUIIU. , , ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY , , 4 l ' sf :zuluuunrznxrxzzulummxm:uL,m:mmm 111u1mAxrmmsxmm1111 muunzxuuux 4 6 i l A 1 21, W i 1 lil VM 'U 3.5 ,2 1111 iii, A H! i t 1 4 n I i 2 o. H. WHITEHEAD Supermtendent o Schools 1" 1. U.u""....."""""HI1L............ n::umnm""""" 3 ' f : 1 z i F I , ' , N w I 1 5 : w , F W . , TZ? i uTEnT'uluxEirfriif:ii,'rmmf' xxz1"'xn"'xrz:rn"" fJ.F:E1'11'1'xxrn:mA f:nm177:n:mwmz"'mnz' 'mx' nfl vrn9" g"A'm1' 'xmzmmxmmmnAi-"'A'nmmx'xr"'-"- -.1x?xE4ZmnmnY'umnn UT.mKr' Page Nine ...W ...-'Sir 'TJ' 'rf' 7-':.:.T...-V..-.-W.-v,-.-.-.w .....:..4..:.,:..,.,,....:4... ........:.,.,..........-Y... ---2--Lil ,Y , , LVD, ,,,, ,,,n 32 u4Lw:1--+ --fA MMM- Page Ten Dr. S. P. McDaniel .,.... ....... Board of Education Chairman Martin jeranson ..,., ....,.. C lerk J. S. Henderson ...... Treasurer Waino Mattson ,...., ,....... D irector Jacob R. Jacobsen ....... ,.,.,.., D irector Oscar W. Johnson ....... ........ D irector 3 1 I 1 i ,Y..., J i ,....,f :mi ,,,, anizemmgnnn ..m.....,.. - ......... .,... -.... ,.. ,,,, :ql-Qggyiggglgnm E. W. HARBO Principal of High School L Exif 111. zgrtiktrzzrrizitrztli: 1 1211: . 1' ?E:..a1m::z:1mg:4:: 3 - 'R Page Eleven nm--mu-mmm-mmuu-muu nm --.ummmnunm l umummmnmmnmmmn m-mmm-vm ummm H. G. TIEDEMAN, B. S. Assistant Principal-Mathematics Winona State Teachers' College University of Minnesota "Sincere, straightforward, not afraid of work" EFFIE A. EKBERG Commerce Moorhead Teachers' College Minneapolis Collegiate Business Institute Gregg School, Chicago "Everyone'x friend and no ane's enemy" HELEN C. CARTER, B. A. Head of the English Department Latin and Music St. Cloud Teachers' College "Never too busy to help someone in need" E. A. Voss Industrial Arts Oshkosh State Teachers' College "Truly reliable is he." M. D. Si-nMMxcx, B. S. Biology, General Science, Mathematics Hamline University "She does everything well.', MILDRED j. MCEWAN, B. S. English and French College at Huron, S. D. "Can:cientiaus and true." Ric!-1An.n C OAS A Chemistry and Physics Gustavus Adolphus College We know you are ull of good nature Xlmmirtu . , . . B. rf If .H l l Page Twelve r WINIFRED Wnenny Music Monmouth College Conservatory of Music "She hath music in her soul." H. B. EWENS, M. D. Physician University of Toronto "A cheerful fellow of sterling Worth" ANN E. REGNER, B. S. Social Science University of Minnesota "Pretty to walk with Witty to talk with Pleasant to think of." C. S. ETTINGER, B. E. Physical Education for Boys La Crosse State Teachers' College With him a pleasant smile starts the day right" ANNA E. DAHLSTROM, B. A. English, History University of Minnesota Northwestern College of Speech Arts 'Never idle 4 moment, but thoughtful of others. WALTER DAMBBRG, D. D. S. Dentist University of Minnesota "Perse'verance always wins out in the end." JULIA A. Sous, B. S. Domestic Art University of Minnesota "She seems to find sunshine and happiness in everything." u F1 -nunmw-mm.. .ummm mom.-ml umm- Int1nntmummuuw-anIum-mummmumumm tu Pnge Thirteen 3 l gl ? 31 i 1 2 i Z . wi i l I 4 I il li A. P. RADCLIFFE l j Director of Band and Orchestra Y ! 4 Conn National School of Music Y Q Vander Cool: School of Music, Chicago '44 "A jolly good fellow is be, always smiling fl ana' always will be." is tr LULU I. ANDERSON, R. N. School Nurse H5 St. Luke's Hospital lblf "Not muck in height but an all around delight. ' :lil i 5 . 5 P1-1oEBE A. BLEECKER, B. S. Physical Education for Girls E University of Minnesota i "A smile that radiates sunshine." 5 I i VICTOR H. MULLETT ' Mechanical Drawing and Shop E University of Michigan Q l "He is unpretentious and an able man." l 5 f BERTHA J. Wxxns, B. A. S Librarian l St. Olaf College l "She hath music in her soul." E CECILIA M. GALLIK, A. B. 1 Expression-English E College of St. Scholasrica 5 "Talking is one of the fine arts." E . 1 3 CATHERINE E. CASHEN, B. S. Domestic Science I t College of St. Scholastica lv. "Always tending to ber duty in a quiet, 4 I unobtrusive way." Q. l?'i Q ' 1 l l g I I I n cc- , ,nc lil Page Fourteen 'J CLASSES Munus Ei.1zAB1aT1-I En.EnTsoN - - - "Dot" "As cheerful as the sun, never a slacker Her spirit represents the school,s ideals." Glee Club 1-2-3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Annual Editor 4 Tri-Hi 3-4 Tri-Hi Officer 4 Declamation 2-3-4 Junior Class Play 3 Operetta 4 Swimming Team 1 Girl Scouts 1 Older Girls' Conference 3-4 Senior Class Play 4 RAYMOND Lenoir MULLER - - "Maud" "Gentle is he and of good intent." Pepmen Club 2-3-4 Glee Club 4 Operetta 4 IDA MARY PESOLA - Hld' "The finest of abilities emerg- ing frorn the smallest of girls." Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Class Officer 4 Operetta 4 Swimming Team l Tri-Hi 3-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Girl Scouts l Tell-Tale Staff 3 I-IELMER O. KAUPPILA - - "Ham" "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep." junior Class Play 3 Class Officer 2 Mountaineer Staff 4 Student Council 4 i:i..YI'Tn"'L in ii ,uHuQp QiIUn1n:fQnkW1Vt ""9if"""".... '.'.'.'i T: Page Sixteen josrspi-i JAMES Gnlvicl-i - - "Ioewee" "His limbs were cast in manly mold, For hardy sports and contests bold." Senior Class Officer 4 Hi-Y Officer 3-4 Older Boys' Conference 3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Operetta 4 Boy Scouts l-Z Student Council 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Senior Class Play 4 ELAINE Oi.soN - - "Babe" "Affectionate warmth, and faith sincere, And soft humanity are here." Student Council 1 Operetta 4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Class Officer 1 Girl Scouts 1-2 Declamation 1-3-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Swimming Team 1 Tri-Hi 3-4 WALTER H. Kosiu "Bula" "Disturbed by nothing and content the 1vhile.', Glee Club 1 Boy Scouts 1-2 MELBA PAULINE Doms ---- "Mel" "To do easily what is difficult for others to do, is talent." Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Swimming Team 2-3-4 Operetta l-4 Student Council 2-3-4 Student Council Officer 2-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Girl Scouts 1-2-3 Tri-Hi 3-4 Hi::'.Et:L'i'1:'iv!'.. :nT':zr:Lt.":r::."sv ' jrigIrmzm'F.'W'"""'1Trrrfrri"rrTrwrrrv"v'mr7z1r:r1r"rri:Tr""'f"rr' - - , .M - :'l11:.."1I.':tL1.'rr:r'.g:1::uig5g:1 1i""ringnEig m: :nmxm1EuiEaigmm i , Q 5 I I-UCILLE MARIE AUDRE CLARENCE LARSON - - - "LO0Cl78,' FURSLAND - - "Blondie" "Dependable, joyous, and fair "He tlvat bath dff, 51115 gf faq- everywhere a part." ' A girl who fits Well in almost Glee Club 4 5 guy plgg-gf' PEP1'1'1el1,S Z-3-4 Q Swimming Team 1-2-3 OPEWUS 4 f Glee Club l-2-3-4 i Tri-Hi 3-4 FERNE IRENE Operetta 1-4 HANSEN - - - "Ferne" E Older Girl's Conference 3-4 "Casting cheery smile: : arouna' her E She moves with tlre ,graceful Q LAURENCE PHILIP H I U ,tgp of 4 lady. E CARMEN - - - Laurie T,i,Hi 3,4 1 - "Tlrere'x more to life Declamation 1-Z-3-4 Q than school for me." Mountaineer Staff 4 Class Officer 2-3 Glee Club 1'Z'3'4 l Football Team l-2-3-4 Operetta l'4 l Basketball Team Older Girlls Conference 4 V Glee Glub 3-4 Girl Scouts 1-2-3 5 Student Council 2-3 ?W'fnm?:f Tegfn 152 5 O 4 unior ass ay : H'ffQ'tf' Tell-Tale staff 3 I 1 Mountaineer Staff 4 Senior C1355 PIHY 4 Senior Class Play 4 ' CAOIiJLIiii55icZfN "Pe d" 3 - nro - MONA JEAN "We foresee a great orator 5 VANHALA - - "Mona Talking endlexsly on and on" : "A cunning lrana' and a HLY 3'4 cultured mindf' glei Club 4 1 2 3 4 E Tri-HiA3-4 efam9"0" ' ' ' ' Older Girl's Conference 2-3 24H0unT,'lneer3Staff 4 2 Class Play 3 as? ay . 1 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 lglanonal :loner Society 4 i Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Peretta . National Honor Society 4 Scouts ?'3'4 . Pepmens Club 2-3-4 5 Girl Scouts 1-2-3 P , Cl b Om 3 Tri-Hi Officer 3 Cisxeggficerug Cer Operetta 4 , i Mountaineer Staff 4 Semor Class Play 4 Senior Class Play 4 E L , VELYN ENORE : Wick ---- "Evie" 5 MICHAEL PETER "The bert things on eartlr are Gnivicl-1 - - - "Mein" lift? 'lmalgp'f1ctkdieiiu . o a onor ocie y - I ulgben he ff gzne' pm? Wgg Swimming Team 1-2-3-4 W1 entertain t e popu ace. Glee Club 1-2.3-4 Q Hi-Y 3-4 Tri.I-Ii 3-4 Class PIHX 3 Tri-I-Ii Officer 4 Class Offlcff 4 Older Girl's Conference 3-4 Football Team 2-3-4 Class Officer Z-4 , gC0ll:t5b1l'l2'ri:4 3 "" Orchestra 3-4 F as et a eam Opel-erm 4 PePm9n15 Cl'-lb 3'4 I Mountaineer Staff 4 W Pepmens Club Officer 4 Senior Class Play 4 l l w gg:1gi:..liggiug 4-QQ' " 'W' "'Lnn? YYi' N Page Seven teen ,, ,. .. . ., .,. 3117211xxx:1r?.:'J...""...,i..,"":.':r1:7'.I7Z ARDYCE HARRIET ANDERSON "Her voice if a celestial melody." Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Advanced Voice Class 1 Orchestra 3-4 Tri-Hi 3-4 Opererta 4 EVELYN LUND "Ol for a haake and a shadie nook Eyther indoore or out." GENE NORDBERG "A rhapsody of Warm bright colorsg A red and white cap swathes a mermaid's head." Girl Scout 2-3 Swimming Team 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-Z-3-4 Tri-Hi 3-4 Operetta 4 Mountaineer Staff 4 GEORGE I. LAINE "Georgie,' "Quiet people are Welcome everywhere." Peprnen Club 2-3 Boy Scout 1-2 Page Eighteen 21:11nu:x:t.'I1m""'......:7"........"'1:.J"g:......' ""7'..A 'iii L::11...T""......""'.......L """"""""""""""""'. ""7, """"""'W'f--'-- ALFRED E. RISKU "Prisky" "No hurry, no Worry, Floating placidly alongf, Football Z-3-4 Basketball 3-4 Boy Scouts 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 TIAMI SYLVIA G. MARKUS ---- "Ty" "True hearted, good hearted, faithful, and loyal." Glee Club 1-Z-3-4 Tri-Hi 3 Class Play 3 Operetta 4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Olcler Girl's Conference THEODORE LAINE - "Ted" "He speakx not when there is nothing to be said." Boy Scouts 1-2 Pepmen Club 3 ELIZABETH SHIMMICK - - "Lizzie,' "She doesn't bother others, She's too busy accomplishing things." Glee Club 1-Z-3-4 Operetta 4 Tri-Hi 4 Mountaineer Staff 4 " "' ""' ' " IIXTTlr.x1t':xg:'.1:H ...gig w., - - ------- --I---W-W---------W -.1-W,--W--...... ,,..,.,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,., . . .,... .1 '11t1iinm'1irvn::f',gt.5n. u:1.'z.'.r.i:ir1-.argl.ix1iv1u1u"1r i.',n5':x.:m1'.'xz1.':1,imn:inUn'mmm' m mr TTKHL lf VU li ll 'li I 4 r.-5, LILLIAN VIOLET NENONEN - - - "Lilian "A friendly girl with many friends." Swimming team 1-2 Tri-Hi 3-4 Operetta 4 Girl Scouts I Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Older Girl's Conference 4 ROBERT JAMES PEJAVICH - - "Boozy" "He makes good at every- thing he attemptsf, Class Officer 3-4 Pepmen Club Officer 3 Older Boy's Conference 4 Student Council 4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Declamation 1 Football 2-3 Boy S'outs 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Pepnaen Club 3-4 Cheer Leader 4 Senior Class Play 4 JULIA DAGMAR VIITALA - - - "Chuck" "Only yeeing the bright :ide of life, Unfailingly helping with a cheerful word." Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Tri-Hi 3-4 Operetta 4 Girl S'outs 1 Mountaineer Staff 4 Older Girl's Conference 4 Aims HARoi.o CARLsoN - - "Swede" "Write me down a studentf' Boy Scouts 1-2-3-4 Pepmen Club 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 junior Class Play 3 Older Boys' Conference 4 Tell-Tale Staff 4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Hi-Y 3-4 RAYNO P. MAKELA - "Ray" "Alamy: the same, A good square fellow." Football 4 Boy Scouts 1-Z-3-4 Class Play 3 Pepmen Club 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Older Boy's Conference 3-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 MARIETTE ANN CHARMoLi - "Mudgie "Something between a hinderance and a help." Glee Club 1-3-4 Swimming team 1-2-3-4 Cheer Leader 3-4 Operetta 4 Oscmz G. JOHNSON "Ompi" "A quiet fellow, though a mighty good fellowfi Boy Scouts 1-Z Mountaineer Staff 4 Hi-Y 4 MARIVE Louisa DYLEN - - - "Kyla" "Athletic and careful." Swimming team 1-2-3-4 Swimming team Captain 4 Girls' Glee Club l-2-3-4 Operetta 4 Tri-Hi 3-4 Tri-Hi Officer 3 Student Council 3 Mountaineer Staff 4 Older Girl's Conference 2-3-4 Q :::':g5:g:'r:7: uizzrznizgzuy. iAu.....':"""iii:'1 u Y' Y Y' tr:7ff':1:::"""n1:m .sg V' umiziiziiinniuziifrhirffft..""1L:1." 1 71333215 uniLuixLn1n1Im111xn1L11111mmnnrmummnuX111 A .-- -f --- Page Nineteen Jr ::::'.::z1 !l'7n:r1zmsz.:1s. I..-is .1-unx:xmmx:'uatruz4i:1sui,.i1im:.:' va'- MELODY LUcxLLE GAGNON - - - "Mel,' "Oh, could you View tbe mel- ody of every grace, And the music of ber face." Tri-Hi 3-4 junior Class Play 3 Operetta 4 Swimming Team l-2 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Older Girl's Conference 4 Sisrus MENELLI - "Mouse" "A formidable foe to all gridiron opponents." Football 1-Z-3-4 Basketball I-2-3-4 Glee Club 4 Operetta 4 Track Team 3-4 Boy Scouts 1 Student Council 2 Football Captain Z-3-4 Basketball Captain 2-3-4 Class Officer 1 Pepmenls Club 1-2-3-4 MARY Louise Gnivicu - - - "Mary" "A quiet maiden intent on ber work, We know tbat ber duties sbe never will sbirkf' Swimming Team 1-3-4 Girl Szouts 1-Z-3 National Honor Society 3-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 VERNON HENRY I-IERRMEYER - "Kaisar" "Some are Emfifflf because they Workg And reach fame because they never sbirkf' Hi-Y 3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 Operetta 4 Basketball 3-4 Football 3-4 Pepmen Club 3-4 Pepmen Club Officer 4 Declamation 4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Older Boyls Conference 3-4 Track Team 3 HJALMER ANTON ANDERSON - - "jumbo" "Classmates cbose bim as tbeir guide." junior Class Play 3 Operetta 4 Glee Club 4 Hi-Y 4 Scouts 1 4-H Club Z-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Orchestra 1-Z Pepmen's Club 3-4 MAxiNE THERRXEN "Max" "Auburn ringlets frame a piquant face, And crown a ligbt hearted temperament." Swimming team 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Tri-Hi 3-4 Operetta 1-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 FERDINAND Secom "Ferdy" "Earnest, bard working, and a courteous gentleman." Football 2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Student Council 4 Track Team 3-4 GERTRUDE OTAVA "Genie" "Tbere is a certain quaint cbarm about ber." Glee Club 1-Z-3-4 Tri-Hi 3-4 Operetta 1-4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Girl Scouts 1 U wi -- f-:AI--fuzz-':::ql --T----ffm f-Hanna ,.nmmrI-in-f--A mm---1 --"za-'ll "W - .W-f. rx-.-W..-,,.,,f. Page Twenty l WEE, -l Il "'t"'fjjl'jfjj- , . .... ...... ......... .... .... ........... . ... ,,,,,, , L-.9 2 ' Q MARGARET LUCILLE RUDOLPH MARTIN E CARLSON - - "Mynd" DIMBERIO - - "Reds" if "A sweeter disposition was HA bil of ffm, 4 Sparkling never found before." Pfdnks XZ! HIWHY5 5'fPf1ffd- 'I co tl ut tea ' .' lg Glee Club l-2-3-4 Pepmgnr Cluzlgz 3x4 ly , Tri-Hi 3-4 h ' ' Operetta 4 SAT 1 I K' Mountaineer Staff 4 Gigi Elub elim 2 l ' l Pl 5 Senior Cass ay 4 Boy Scouts I-2 l N Pepmen Officer 4 V 1 Older Boys' Conference 3 I I Basketball 1 ' 4 I Opel-esta 4 l Mountaineer Staff 4 l Student Manager 3-4 I ALVAR JACOB SALO - - - "Humpy" l I W "As reserved a lad as you'H ELLYN IRENE L i 'fl WP' P455-U VIITALA ---- "El" I fl! "A modest violet, sbef' i l l il V 2 l? JAMES RICHARD : l ll ' 71 1 ' i ORA VIRGINIA MERRITT CROWERS ' ' ' 'lm' 5 ' "Ch I d , ll Q: U1-In faireyfggre io!!! hearts H- tri? nclfxlngycogllgjlus fu 5 " - I5 earfs We come is Written 5 . ,, s in Swimming Team 1-2 an lm fan' 5 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 - Declarnatory Contest I Class Officer 1 1 1 Girl Scouts I-2 Pepmen Club 2-3-4 Tri-Hi 3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 I X Operetta 4 Mountaineer Staff 4 ' I Mountaineer Staff 4 Class Play 3 i 3 Operetta 4 1 fog Tell-Tale Staff 4 E xl 5 Rox' EDWIN . , ' ! A NORDEEN - g ,,Ko'dem,, ANNA L. GRIVICH "Anme' 2 I ' H D . ' "A shy maid with solemn , Full of mlsclzefg life, and blue eyes, Pfdf' 5- An earnest companion of 5 l . books." 5 HI-Y 3-4 5 ' Football 3-4 Glee Club 1-Z-3-4 1 Basketball 2-3-4 Tru-ll 4 I Student Council I Girl Scouts 1-2-3-4 l Pepmen's Club 3 Mountaineer Staff 4 'Zi Older Boys' Conference 4 Operetta 4 iii ' lil 34 lil lf Q ' 5 U g 12 Silgllglzf ii- QQ 'Alfrn ' V x Page Twenty-one . ,,-,,..,. Y.. .. ,. ....,.-.-, ,, C , ?,,,, , C, ?T,T,,, , ,, ,W . 'Z lMTZm UHml1mHMHIlHi2ULIZ EDILIEL' 11 I 111' 'llilllTJlMTZY?.ll'Zm1m.'WW.M'.WNm...m l.UI "" ' ' """ qw KATHRYN Okvoluci HARJU - - - "Shorty" "A calm reserved pool into which many, Many a lump of knowledge has sunk." Tri-Hi 3-4 Older Girls' Conference 3 Operetta 4 Mountaineer Staff 4 Glee Club 1-Z-3-4 Viouzr ELEANOR WILSQN ---- " Ve" "Quiet, sincere with success ber whole object." H 14' HARRY JOSEPH COMEAU - - "Curly" ' Z "There's a sparkle in his eye that meaneth miscbieff, .1 Hi-Y 3-4 I-Ii-Y officer 4 Older Boys' Conference 3-4 w Pepmen's Club 2-3-4 Music Festival 3 . I Operetta 4 f Glee Club 2-3-4 Ml i E ., iii 1 Aims MARTINSON - "Puts" X! fi! "Light-hearted and content, 11 ' she wanders through the lit World." 'lf Tri-Hi 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Q Glee Club 1-2 Girl Scouts l-2 Mountaineer Staff 4 Operetta Z J 4 1 l l it .ii l i l Promise Yourself yg gh . . iv To be so strong that nothing can disturb you. F l To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to I criticise others. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. A i To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. . . l' To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and to have a smile ready for every living creature. lf To live in the faith that the world is on your side so long as you are true to the best I that is in you. r -Anonymous 1 nfl l 'W 'W'-""timnniff"""" '-W' iggm:-::L..v-,..,,,11,, mmll,-V----lmk 5757-v F'-gn 1 -LU '1J gN' hw 7""'7"' ' X9 Page Twen ty-two I R ,wU""L11s iL:1':Q :..:.:1 ' '.L ........ . ' .,1LL1.LL..., 1 'TL' Dlilliilmlf' -.mag-saga . .f sun! V K N unior Class We entered the senior high school in the fall of 1931. Prompted by the desire to become better citizens, we are endeavoring to emulate the work of our predeces- sors. During our three years as students of this high school, we have aimed to attain two things, leadership and cooperation, since we believe that upon these two principles all successful community life is based. As a class we have always striven to uphold and support all movements for the betterment of our school. We have tried to the -best of our ability to talce advantage of the social and educational op- portunities afforded us and as a result hope to become better citizens. We are represented in practically every curricular activity, including dramatics, band, orchestra, and athletics. This year we gave a three act farce entitled "It Won't Be Long Now." In May we gave our stellar social event, the Junior-Senior Prom. It was then a laughing crowd of beautiful maidens and debonair young men danced the night away under a shower of exquisite decorations. We shall ever soar "Upward and Onward" as our motto implies with lofty ideals and a definite goal, success, ever before us. President ....,... ,. HEWITT MITCHELL Vice-President ,. DANIEL LosTRoM Secretary . ,..,, .. MALINDA DRESSEL Treasurer ,,...,... GERTRUDE CONAWAY Sergeant-at-arms . Louis MEGLEN ,. .i .... .... . Page Twenty-three n A.. , WWE... , and L. L, W W .M .. .mm v .WHA Sophomore Class Simple, wholesome, school life, What unique charms you have Of sending rays of sunshine Upon our struggling hand. Dagmar Luklean Str1v1ng as hardy ploneers who struggle to make thelr ways through a dense forest, the Sophomore Class entered the sen1or h1gh school to combat with new problems At flrst we found the new rules confusxng but w1th extreme perse verance we succeeded 1n measurmg up to the exceedmgly hlgh standards set by our mstructors Gulded by the w1se counsel of Mr Oas our advlsor we sur mounted numerous obstacles whxch retarded our progress Endeavorxng to equal the splendlcl records ach1eved by the preced1ng Sopho more Classes we dxsplayed boundless energy to reach that goal In the annual Declamatory Contest we were well represented by Agnes Pejavlch and Kathyrn Muench 1n the dramatxc d1v1s1on, Emo Lehtmen rn the oratorxcal d1v1s1on, and Charlene Broz1ch 1n the humorous d1v1s1on The sophomore gxrls have orgamzed themselves 1nto a musxcal group the Treble Clef, under the able d1rect1on of Mxss Carter The group has presented several dehghtful programs th1s year Thus we have flnlshed our flrst year of hrgh school leavmg two more years of struggle and perseverance Two more steps we hath yet to take Before we doth our rank of honor make Preszdent OHN NELSON Vue Preszdent Emo LEHTINEN Treasurer MIKE Gmos Secretary MARGARET DIMBERIO - 9 9 ' 9 ' ' s 9 ' , . s 7 7 rr 9 77 I l '41-iniffggnwffammnmgmaf gmgygvsfgmmmyyagfgnyfli wi :..:..L :x.. Page Twenty-four junior High School and Grade Faculty Violet Johnson Helen Johnson . Leona Tyler . Violet Lampe , Elvina Larson F . Elizabeth Peltier Muriel Peterson ,. Columbia Santini Ann Grizold ,, john H. Duclcstad Tyne Lappinen. , Genevieve Stewart Kanerva Sipola Back Row .. Second Grade .. . Mathematics English, Business Training, Geography Front Row English, Reading, Spelling ,. Sixth Grade Fifth Grade , . Fourth Grade , Third Grade . .. Kindergarden Principal and Asst. Coach . . , Special . ,I-listory, Civics First Grade Page Twenty Junior High School The junior high school is a very highly organized unit of our school system. Recently many new organizations have been added to the curriculum. An orchestra and a 'band composed entirely of junior high school pupils was organized this year by Mr. Radcliffe. They rehearsed once a week. All those who took advantage of this opportunity gained very valuable experience and excellent training. In the spring these two groups gave a splendid concert which the public appreciated very much. Another newly organized group this year was the 4-H Club which had thirty active members. They enrolled for various projects, such as bread making, canning, clothing, room furnishing, health, and dairy calf raising. Their motto was "To make the best betterf, On Friday, December 7, the club had a very enjoyable time at a Christmas party. Some of the members of the club made up a program con- sisting of a violin solo by Florence Cerlcvenilc and piano solos by Genevieve Barone and Lila Sampala. Eleanore Hoglund gave a demonstration on how to make child- ren,s morning slippers from old felt hats. The officers of the 4-H Club are the following: Mary Marincel, of the senior high school, president, Edwin Lahti treasurer, and Mary Marincel, of the junior high school, secretary. The junior high school is very active in declamatory work. This year two de- clamatory contests were held at which forty students competed in the first contest and fifteen in the second. The sub-district contest was held here on Friday night, April 7. The following readings were given: ORATORICAL "Held in Bondagei' ,.,,... .... ..,, ...,....,..,.......,,. .,...... D o n a Id Lundberg Page Twen ty-six !'RHm lllllll ll llllllllll , nun: n nun nun un unu DRAMATIC "The Show Must Go Oni' .A.. 4,..A........,..,..,.......,...,,.......,.... R ose Esther Whiteliead H U M ORO U S "The School Pro gram" .,....,........A......,....,oo......,.....,,.,.....,..,,....,..,.....,..,....... Ann Grivich The junior high school publishes a school paper called "The Silent Spectator" which is under the competent supervision of Miss Violet Lampe. It is an excellent school paper and measures up to the other school papers of a similar type. Another new organization of the junior high school was begun this year. Af- ter the regular schedule of the Girls' Swimming Team was complete, the girls in the sixth grade and the junior high school, under the guidance of Miss Bleecker, Marive Dylen, Mariette Charmoli and Harriet and Henrietta johnson, formed the Girls' Junior Swimming Team for the purpose of improving their swimming and diving technique. There were forty-seven members in the organization. The junior high Basketball Team played an exchange of games with Leonidas. They lost one game at Leonidas and won one at Mt. Iron. On March 25 at three o'clock, the freshmen played the seventh graders for the junior high championship. The seventh graders gave the freshmen a big scare when they held the lead 3-2 at the end of the first quarter When the whistle blew at the half the score was four all. The final score 8-13 was in favor of the freshmen. Fiola with a total of five points, was considered high point man for the freshmen while Kangas and Koivanen were high point men of the seventh grade team The opening game of the umor High Tournament was played between the freshmen and the eighth graders on Thursday March 24 at three oclock in the high school gymnasium The freshmen team held the edge over the eighth graders throughout the game Fiola was high for the freshmen team with a total of five points The junior high school made splendid progress this year because of the un tiring and ceaseless efforts of Mr ohn Duckstad principal of the junior high school We wish to commend him highly for his excellent work PIPPA PASSES The year s at the spring The days at the morn Mornings at seven The hillside s dew pearled The lark s on the wmg The snails on the thorn Alls right with the world' Robert Browning ' 9 , , . J 7 . , 5 , . , I , . , g , . . , . ' ' 9 , . 7 ' , 7 God's in his heaven- , . . Page Twenty-:even ' 5 4 E e 59 5 E Q Mother "f x I feel that, in the Heavens above 1 2? .' if QQ' ee : 'Ifhe angela, wluspermg, to one another ,I t O can figzilzong :heir burning, mms 9 qlgfgi' None a. 'nal as tha fM he A sag All P EQ'-2-'if' F 'Lf' ' fgivgff 5 ' . f1"'1 x.f- Q" 'QQ ,K 4'-.f f""', N' , Page Twenty-eight Senior Class Song 1933 Sung to the tune of "ln a Sbanty in Old Sbanty Town", Dear Mountain Iron High, We say with a sigh Farewell to the days gone byg We're going to miss Those clays filled with bliss, That we've spent with you, Mountain Iron High. Chorus With tears now we part, But there's cheer in our hearts, The race we have rung The goal we have wong We will never regret, We will never forget, All the friencls, all the lessons, the ideals you have set. We'll always love you, And to you we bring Our love and devotion In this song we sing, And wherever we go, Thru the years passing by, We will revere you, Dear Mountain Iron High. -A rd yce Anderson COLORS: Old rose and ivory. FLoWER: Sweet Pea. Morro: "Find a way or make one." Page Tzventyanine -.U Rain l Glistening wet are the streets of the town, When summer rains come silvering down, Covered o'er with shimmering sheen, We flower gardens with foliage green. Finally the rainbow, glowing with light, A gorgeous spectrum, a wondrous sight, Gold-red with beauty, now shines the sun To glorify nature till day is done. -Ferns Hansen To the "Man for the Ages" He is a man whom everyone loves, A man so strong, so good so kind, Whose heart's like the plumes of the snow-white doves, Another like him would be hard to find. With muscles of iron, he won o'er the bad, With his stories so ready, he cheered his friends, By che reading of books, much knowledge His humor was with him e' en to his end. A friend of all, both black and white, To free all men was his endeavor. He was to fight for all that was right, Abraham Lincoln shall live on forever. he had -Elizabeth Shimmick Page Thirty The V21 Mark So many, many poems one day For Miss Carter, our teacher, we read, That through the night when in my bed, They reappeared in a different way: It was the schooner I-Iesperus That sailed the wintry sea Breaking the record of the Robert E. Lee. This is a ship of pearl which poets feign Sails the dark unshadowed main Her deck once red with heroes blood By the rude bridge that arched the flood And burst the cannon s roar 0 Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is done The ship has weathered every rack the prize we sought is won- Awry and doubled are his gray bones And on the breeze his troubled phantom moans Under the spreading chestnut tree Chilling by beautiful Annabel Lee A frozen corpse is he Hats off Poineers' O Pioneers' The flag is passing by The old swimming hole! Where the creek so wide and deep Points out the soul s eternal sleep Speak' Speak! Thou fearful guest My love of you leaps foaming in my breast Announced by all the trumpets of the sky The ocean eagle soared. He s but a baby too said I The raven answered Nevermore But I go on forever -Vernon H errmeyer , 3 , 3 7 3 7 9 Y , 7 9 , . . , QQ , 77 9 1 "Ha, Ha!" the breakers roaredg lf 37 Y Page Thirty-one i un - I num- . - . tn. I. ...H I H. . I - - -H n 9 THE OR CLE VOLUME 1 MOUNTAIN IRON, MINNESOTA NUMBER 2 MUSIC CRITIC WINS RENOWN Mountaln Iron June 1 Ar dyce Anderson formerly of Vlountam Iron has flnally reached her place ln the llme llght Mlss Anderson was recent ly proclalmed the leadmg muslc cr1t1c of the day Up on bemg requested by Ehza beth Shlmmlck reporter of The Oracle staff Mlss Anderson told us how she had become successful ln the muslc fleld I owe much of my suc cess to M 1 s s Wmmfred Wherry, who gulded me to the path whxch has led to my success she sald Miss Anderson has also composed a number of songs mcludmg a class song whlch she wrote for her graduatlng class of 33 Notre Dame Has Champlon Team 1 Coach Menell1, coach at Notre Dame again brought forth a wmmng basketball team HIS record so far stands alone wlth a no loss schedule of fourteen game Coach Menell1 came here from Mt Iron Where he made an envlable record of bemg the star of both the basket ball and football teams Famous last words Well they look hke mushrooms t em BI. ALE DESTROYS KINROSS SCHOOI KIHTOSS Mmn June 1 The level headedness of two young women today, m all probablllty was responslble for the savlng of many chxld ren s hves Farly thls afternoon fire broke out ln the Klnross school and Mxss Allle Mar tlnson housekeeper for Pro fessor Vernon Herrmeyer put ln the alarm whlch brought the speedy Mountaln Iron fire truck to the scene Mlss Annle Grlvlch lnstruct or at the school, and Mlss Martmson succeeded 1n get tlng all the chlldren safely out of the bulldlng before help arrlved The blaze was extlngulshed by the Flre De partment Chemlst Recelves Great Honor ln Chemlstry Fleld New York June 1 The Nobel Chem1stry Prlze for 1940 was awarded to M at an lmpresslve ceremonv held last mght at Madlsom Square Garden Thousand of p e o p l e wxtnessed the event Mr Johnson has recently become famous for hIS amaz mg sc1ent1f1c achlevement of spllttlng the atom whlch wlll revolutlonlze the sclen ufxc world He IS a gradu ate of the Mt Iron Hlgh School Jack T h 1 s llnement makes my arm smart ' Joan Why not rub some on your head FIRST WOMAN SECRETARY OF STATE APPOINTED Washmgton D C June 1 MISS Murle Ellertson f mer stenograher now has the honor and prestlge that comes from holdlng the posl tlon of the flrst woman Secretary of State She has been outstandmg ly actlve ln government af falrs for the past few years partlcularly those dealmg w1th forelgn countrles that she IS well fitted for the posltlon She was ap pomted to t h e posltlon by the Presldent last nlght and wxll begun her dutles at once She was graduated from the Mountam Iron High School ln 1933 Reforestratlon Commxsslon Appomted Washlngton, D C June 1 A commxsslon has been form ed ln Washmgton called the Board of Conservatlon of Natural Resources It s Lame whose knowledge of forestry IS very broad M Lame headed the reforestra tlon movement ln 1940 and has served on varlous boards and comm1ss1ons sxnce then Shouldnt lt be spelled TECHNOCRAZY9 We favor not the proposed flve day week but a five day week end The newest form of 1nv1ta tlon card now ln Vogue ln Hollywood reads bearer and one Wlfe V .A - - - l , ' ., 1' il-. 9 . . ' 1 '- '1 '-' L , . . . ' , oy.. ' ' a . . - 7 l u 7 ' . 1 - 1 ' D , n - ' ' - . 1 ' . . - 7 ' ' ' KS ,D ' I . l . . , Q 1 , . . . ' I ,' , S0 as . - ' . Z J ' . , as - ' . - . ! ' n - . , ,.,... , . . . ' l D . ., 1 9 l . 1' . W' I.. - . i South Bend, Indiana, June, Oscar Johnson, local chemist, headed by Mr- Theodore l t 1 , - , - ' ' 1 . T. l ' - ' S . . - ' n o 1 v - I ' . l . s ' h , ' w ' ' - 1 " ' . ,, . . . . - ' 1 ' , . . . l -1 1 cc . , xxA,1..,1+ lcf'3 cat h . ." 'i ," Page Thirty-two ........................-. . n ... . . ... .. June 2, 1940 M I THE ORACLE Page SOCIETY Arne Carlson graduate of the Mt. Iron High School has been elected to the posi- tion of physics instructor Minneapolis. This is a high- ly coveted position and Mr. Carlson wa indeed fortun- ate in securing it. Miss Marive D len fam Ora Merrit has just re- turned to Mountain Iron from the cities where she has been attending the Min- neapolis School of Beauty Culture. She is now plan- ning to open a local shop. has named Walter Koski, as chairman of the Forestry Commission. Mr. Koski has been a member of this com- mission for several years. Michael Grivich suddenly I at West High School in Governor Audre Forsland y - ous Olympic swimmer, is re- ported resting nicely after a serious appenaicitis opera- tion. Mr. Helmer Kauppila not- ed chemist has just returned from a business trip to New York. On March 5 Rev. Rudolph Dimberio was ordained into the priesthood the ceremonv taking place at the St. John s Cathedral in Chicago. Raymond Muller, machm ist of the Oliver Iron Mmm, Company has been promot ed to foreman of the shops He IS a former graduate of the class of 33 of Mt Iron High School The government has been rebuilding Muscle Shoals fhe chief engineer in charge of the revision was Alfred Rxsku, former graduate of the Mt Iron High School Governor Audre Forsland has appointed Miss Tlaml Markhus graduate of Kah ler Hospltal as Superlnten dent of Nurses at the State Hospital She will begin her dutles the first of June blazed into the world s avia- tion limelight by the unusual bravery he displayed in ca-- rying supplies to snowbound scientists in the treacher- ous Artic wastes. Miss Julia Viitala Home Economics teacher of Suomi College, will give demonstra- tions of the preparations of foods and simplified methods of housekeeping. Miss Lillian Nenonen who has worked for Nichols and Smith two prominent law- yers has been promoted to the position of secretary of the firm. Rayno Makela a promm ent engineer has been em ployed by the French gov ernment to oversee the irri gatlon of the Sahara Desert The Genelal Electric Com pany has been revising an electric steel plant The work has been in charge of Robert PeJav1ch the chief electrical engineer Miss Elame Olson promin ent Social Welfare worker of Chicago, spent the week end here wlth her parents Miss Evelyn Wick secret ary f o r Superintendent Ferne Hansen the public speaking teacher of Hibbmg, spent the week end with their parents Joe Grivich, noted pilot, and his mechanic, George L a i n e, narrowly escaped death by resorting to their parachutes when their mail plane USM-101, crashed near Hjalmer Anderson's poultry farm in Parkville. Miss Mary Grivich, pro- fessor of English literature at the University of Minne- sota, is making an extended lecture tour of the United States. She is accompanied by her secretary Miss Violet Wilson. Miss Orvokki Harju, a nurse was bequeathed the entire fortune of a wealthy man who had formerly been her patient. Classified Advertisements IE OLDE ART SHOPPEB Announcing the grand open- ing on Tuesday. Everything in the line of art. Come in and let us serve you. Proprietors: Gene Nordberg and Mona Vanhala. Latest Modes of Coiffure POWDER PUFF SHOP Operated by Melody Gagnon Special prices on finger waving with shampoo-75c For expert advice on all elec trical matters call Calumet 790 the Secola Electric Shop LADIESVV Do you want to regain that school girl complexion and also hold your husbands waning affections? If so Just V1Slt the Larthler Beau ty Shoppe at 215 5th Avenue owned and operated by Mis ses Larson and Therrlen FOR SALE Speed boats made by Mr Roy Nordeen 100'Z: perfect and cleverly designed Phone 2008W 7 7 v ' lr , Y l 9 , H . . . Y 1 . ! 5, Y 9 1 I 9 I - . . . rr . , ' , - 7 - .. i . n . h ' '- . . . , U . . . 7 I . . . . . , . , . . , . . 1 , . . . - 7 Q S 3 . , N - . , -W Y a 5 1 n . I C I - , - . . . ' . , Richardson of HlbblHg, and l-1 ! ' ' 1 , . 5 . . .. ....... ... .. . .... .... . ... .....m... -m..m...... , . . .. . . . n..f.. n--mu-m.m.n num n. u. Q Page Thirty-three mnummmm. num-mmm' .. I .ni --... . - n -. f -n .---......---... .. . ,..........- ...... .mu-. . . - -- . -... . u ... . ... ... ... . ,... . Class Will We, the class of 1933, who after this date will no longer be a part of this institution as students, but as interested alumni, realizing that the best that is in us should remain a part of this high school, do hereby bequeath to whomever we think worthy, the following of our best gifts and well-known traits: To Mr. Whitehead, the School Board and Mr. Harbo our sincere thanks in appreciation for all their interest in our welfare, co operation, and kindness Miss Ekberg, our admiratxon for her ardent devotion to "Herman' throughout the past years Miss Carter we leave a funnel to aid her in pouring the knowledge from the Higher Levels into the heads of the juniors the faculty members a new name for their er Club e faculty women matrlmorually inclined, e sophomores a grmdstone to grind out t e Junior class, stri suits to finish out club, The Night Before Club, or the Bib and Tu a common garden variety of husband more work but they will have to turn it themselves the last year t e Junior girls flaming red frocks to make things look brighter Donald Van Pelt, a perfumed handkerchief the after school classes movies typing students a set of new typewriters incapable of making errors each student, a pair of roller skates, so that he gets to class on time those who cheat Jig saw puzzles the l-ugh school sheiks, silk hats that the depression has blown off so tentious heads the haughty, a little misfortune is the best the physics class, a compact in which to all students, open minds, not vacant minds those who yell and scream a muffler so of us many proud and pre thing we can will you put their lecture notes that they won t be a perpetual headache to the rest brunettes who prefer to be blondes we ueath wx the school, a Sweet Adeline Horn to replace the the future senior class president oe Grivich leaves "Twin Lizzie horn we now ave his trusty little gavel Dagmar Lukkari, the privilege of being a member of the after school class the jokers, a new joke Those old reprints haven t much snap left in them those on the failure list some midnight oil to burn anyone our favorite dislike if you can guess what it is any four capable boys the ability to sing like no one but the 'Imperial Quartet an Harold Berquxxt Vernon Herrmeyer leaves his frayed and well wom dictionary Ruth Erickson Robert Pejavichs quiet soothing voice everybody that old fashioned opportunity that does not knock with something to sell everybody the spirit of Do it now the world in general, peace and prosperity Sworn to and signed by the pamcky seniors of that great fraternity of the Mystic Knights of the ea dred and thirty three in the year of Bank Holidays, earthquakes the depression and what not, June third, nineteen hun Signed, THE SENIOR CLASS To . . . . , l To . , . . . H . ,, To ' ' ' ck- To th ' ' ' ' ' . To ch , ' ' , ' ' '. To h . . . . . . To h . . . , . . . ' To ' . To , ' . To . , . . . ' To ' ' . To , " . -To . . . - . u To . . . . . i To . . . . l To ' ' . To , , ' To , beq 'gs. To " ' i' ' ' ' " h . To . . , J . . . . . To . . . . 0 To . . l . , . g To . . , . . . ' To , . . . . . .. To , .. . . , . ,, C i Tn , , , . . . To . , . . , . , . . . To 3 . . . . A To , ' ' " ' ". To ' ' . S . I . , . . . . 4, ........................................... .. f .. . ,. .. . . ..... ... . .. . . . .. . Q Page Thirty-four ORGANIZATIONS ,I I'."""""""".fiQ.,., .... 7T'..""""....,..:vII51Ir1mpII7Egr.:gIu5ntIuIxxgI.J3mnLH I.. g .,- "J 3:'.."""....I,z1'.xi.7.I""'4III1'I1:L.L'7J::5.1::1 Mountaineer Staff Editor-in-Chief ..... , , MURLE EILERTSON Business Manager .s..s,s.....,.... I, I ROBERT PEJAVICI-I Assistant Business Manager .. ,V.,..,.,..,.s,.....,..,...., . , .... .. .... . CARL GULLEKSON Sales Managers ...... .s...,s ..,,.,s.... I . .JOE GRIVICH, MARIETTE CI-IARMOLI, FERDINAND SECOLA, ORA MERRITT, RAYMOND MULLER, MELODY GAGNON, ROY NORDEEN, ARNE CARLSON, SISTIE MENELLI, LAURENCE CARMEN. Advertising .... ..,V. . . JULIA VIITALA, IDA PESOLA, ELAINE OLSON, FERNE HANSEN Literary Editors ,... s,..,, G ERTRUDE OTAVA, EVELYN LUND, MONA VANI-IALA, ELIZABETH SHIMMICK, EVELYN WICK, LUCILLE LARSON, MAXINE TI-IERRIEN, ARDYCE ANDERSON Humor . .. ....,..r...,...I..... .,.., H JALMER ANDERSON, JAMES CROTI-IERS, RUDOLPI-I DIMBERIO, OSCAR JOHNSON, QRVOKKI I-IARJU, ANNE GRIVICI-I, VERNON HERRMEYER, RAYNO MAKELA, HELMER KAUPPILA Snapshots . ,. . .....,..,.. .I.. ..... . . , ...,.,... AUDRE FORSLAND, GENE NORDBERG Typisls .,,. .,..s I.,.. .s..s M A RIVE DYLEN, LILLIAN NENONEN, MELBA DORIS, TAIMI MARKUS, VIOLET WILSON Faculty Adviser ,ss. .,..... M ISS ANNA E. DAI-ILSTROM I I 5+ 'Tl "7" ,iI55I:1:II..,.f.IIg:I'..'z::1LI..s....,.Z,::f'.1..'L:mI......mEg:11III7r.:'...........img' Page Thirty-six , , . . . . .X .'L.,f:...A,, ..,. m,Lm:,::T..2,7 v,,,.'...,,1:, . , ,,, .T-.., , li ..-. ., .-,., , ,..-.., ..,L..,L,...... i um., .. ..........,........L...........1.L....,.....,.-......,. ,. . .. -. ,V , . .. -,,-......,- Tell-Tale Staff Editor-in-chief . . MARY MARINCEL Associate Editor . M T, .. ELEANORE HOGLAND Reporters . ,..,.., . .. ,JANE CROTHERS, FERNE HANSEN, CATHERINE GR1vIcH, RUTH TNTORDBERG, MILDRED HARWOOD, HARRY COMEAU, JOHN GR1v1cH Artist , ,i,, ... .. . ,. .T , , .. ,, Us HELEN Foss Mimeograpfv Operators HEWITT MITCHELL, ARNE CARLSON Typist . , . T . , ,. , , STEVEN GIDOS Adviser.. . , ,, ..,. . . ..., Miss MILDRED MCEWEN Our school has kept up its literary talent by the publication of the Tell Tale. All those who were interested in publishing a school paper because of the journal- istic and literary opportunities offered were entitled to join the journalism class last fall. The class is now composed of nine members. The journalistic course is studied along with the editing of the paper, for it is very essential that students should know the technique of journalism before they proceed to prepare a respectable issue for its readers. The staff has studied thor- oughly the qualifications of a good journalist and has also obtained reliable in- formation on journalistic work from the series of journalism books which were purchased this year. The Tell-Tale has been greatly appreciated by the student body and by the faculty. Ir has also been given an excellent rating by the National Press Associa- tion of which it is a member. We owe the staff and its adviser a great many thanks for rendering their ser- vices in promoting the high ideals of the school. We hope that the Tell-Tale may be as successful and even more so in the future as it has been in the past. Page Thirty-sever! Student Council The Student Council is composed of thirteen members. Five of them are elected from the Senior Class, four from the Junior Class, and two from the Sopho- more Class. The Council elects a president, a vice-president, and a secretary and treasurer. Mr. I-Iarbo, the principal, and an elected member, Mr. Mullett are the advisors. The Student Council is the governing body of our school. With so large a number of students attending the high school, it would be impossible for each student to express his opinions individually, when there is a real need for such ex- pression. It is here that the Student Council plays an important part by repre- senting the student interest and -by acting as a medium for communication between the student body and the school authorities. The Student Council is also entrusted with the power to refer matters, requiring a definite expression of student sentiment, to the student body as a whole for decision, to be a unit for self government of the students, to superintend elections of general interest, to sponsor Social Hours, to supervise the halls, and to preserve the good traditions and customs of the school. Although these services are typical instances of the way in which the Student Council functions, the council is not limited to them. Whenever a new situation or problem arises, it is the policy of the council to consider it carefully and to for- mulate new plans of procedure. President .. .. . . ,... . MELBA Doizis Vice-President ..... . , LEoNARD NoRc1A Secretary-Treasurer .,....., ..... D ANIEL Losrizoivi Advisor ..,,... ,...,,,.,.. , ....MR. ERLING HARBO Advisor ..,.,.. MR. VICTOR MULLETT Page Thirty-eight Pepmens' Club The Pepmen's Club, organized by the boys of the Mt. Iron High School in 1930, has certainly done all in its power to arouse the school spirit of the students. In the course of the year, it has performed various stunts, which have spurred our football, basketball, and swimming teams on to victory. One of the most hilariously funny stunts was the play, "Romance of Mr. Iron" in which Mrs. Hope Victory Iron sued Mr. M. T. Iron because of his at- tention to Miss Ima Little Defeat. It is evident that this little court scene had much to do with the hard fighting of our boys at the football game with Nashwaulc. It is customary for the Pepmen's Club to have a party each year. In October, the club entertained the Football Team with a dancing party. This event was one that the members of the club looked forward to with great pleasure. There are twenty members in all. The new members are chosen by the old members. Those elected this year are Arnold Nenonen, Alfred Charmoli, Elmer Lahti, Joe Zeppi, Harry Comeau, Nick Pejavich, Nick Grivich, Carl Carlson. The old members of the club are Audre Forsland, Mike Grivich, Rayno Makela, Robert Pejavich, Raymond Muller, Carl Gullekson, James Crothers, Victor Bianchi, Rudolph Dimberio, Arne Carlson, Hjalmer Anderson, and Vernon Herrmeyer. President ,. ,. . . . RUDOLPH DIMBERIO Vice-President .. . ,.., MIKE GRIVICH Secretary , . VERNoN HERRMEYER Treasurer . ..,.., RAYMOND MULLER Advixer, .. , . Miss ANN REGNER Page Thirty-flint .. . I-, , .,,,.,,.. -rw.-.4--nt .- .- ,W Football Team Tower 0, Mountain Iron 12. Mountain Iron won the first game of the season against Tower on September 17 with a score of 12 to 0. The game was scoreless until Menelli carried the ball half the length of the field for a touchdown. Joe Grivich scored second by a beautiful end run. Aurora 0, Mountain Iron 7. Mountain Iron defeated Aurora 7-0 on the Aurora field. The game was exciting because of the equality of the two teams. The first quarter ended 0-0. During the second quarter, Menelli caught a pass and crossed the goal line for a touchdown. Menelli drop kicked for the extra point. Keewatin 0, Mountain Iron 6. On October 1, Mountain Iron defeated Kee- watin 6-0. During the second quarter, Carmen made a line plunge across the goal line. The score at the end of the quarter was 6-0 in Mountain Iron's favor. The Mountain Iron team played their best to the last minute. Nashwaulc 6, Mountain Iron 0. Mountain Iron lost the game 6-0. Our boys fought a hard game. It toolc all that Nashwauk had to break through the "old stone wall", but they did it. This was the first team to score against us this season. Biwabilc 15, Mountain Iron 0. Mountain Iron was defeated by Biwabilc 15-0 on Saturday, October 15 on the local field. Our boys put up a hard fight. Several of the second team showed up well. Menelli starred for Mountain Iron. Buhl 22, Mountain Iron 7. In the last game of the season which was played in Buhl, the Mountain Iron eleven suffered the worst defeat of the year with a score of 22-7. Mounain Iron eleven played well in the first quarter by making the first touchdown of the game, but soon after the strong Buhl eleven began piling up the score in their favor and lcept Mt. Iron from scoring throughout the rest of the game. M3331-Zlmmlmnn ' :EL QllHuT...v...x:.m:.:.1 ...vim.:...:Y,..m....,..Z..,......,.......................v.....min .13 A3 It .TW-v-raxb' .mwwmv-. .L Page Forty . 1.1. I ... .EL i.ZlI'.l.I'.l .11 ' 2111, I Z,1.L...."'.11'J T211 I11l1L1lI1ll1IL11'.I1'li IL..."',."IXIlEI. 4.' "" '1 H111 Y1".I!L'fI'. .21 111.3 " ' "',.i ' "" ' '!.lll1.'T!l1 'LI.'lI11LZ1lll'.1ll,.' '.'.".' .X 'l1.'.."..",.L" 'Ili ".1l." "LEX .LZILIIZLIXL WA Y' 'I Basketball Team The Mountain Iron Basketball team brought to a close a successful season, winning six out of eleven games. In the opening game, the local boys, with the odds against them received a de- feat at the hands of Biwabik, 31-13. The team made up for their first defeat by retaliating with a run of three victories which were wrested from International Falls, 23-19, Buhl, 29-23, and the third 23-21 from Gilbert. The Gilbert game was one of the fastest games ever played on the Mountain Iron floor. The large attending crowd was constantly kept on its toes by the continued closeness of the scores. The game ended with the home team leading with a small margin of two points. The following games resulted in three defeats, the Mountain Iron men being triumphed over by Tower, 15-13, Eveleth, 29-17, and Buhl, 26-21. The Internation- al Falls game, which followed, chalked up another victory for the locals with a score of 27-12. The last two victories, preceeded by a defeat received from Biwabik, 33-27, were gained by hard play from Tower, 27-23, and from the Ely visitors, 27-23. The first team line-up included Sistie Menelli, captain, and Frank Cerkvenik, forwards, Roy Nordeen and Joe Grivich, guards, and Frederick Simonich, center. The home team played their best and most outstanding game of the year when they met the Virginia cagers at the District Basketball Tournament. The fourth period of the game was the real thriller of the evening with the score reaching 23 all and slowly creeping to 26-23, when Virginia went into a successful stalling game which resulted in a loss for Mountain Iron. The outstanding player for the villagers was Menelli who scored 12 out of Mountain Iron's 23 points. ......."1:.',1. ' . ' . ' 1 ' .."...'.".."r.."........1...1 .. .1.. .. itmmmlm-...iv--':-"1"?L'1'g.'- - ' -Y" '- ,,..1.,.....111TI1i ..'---TZ1I1za.:I1'i,'1n1.....'.'.-. ....i....I..1,.ZZTL'-.....-"',.-,,....1i......ZT.T' Page Forty-one A w l Girls' Swimming Team The Girls' Swimming Team is one of our high school's greatest assets. Under the expert leadership of Miss Bleecker and because of four nights of good hard practice every week, the girls have completed a very successful year by winning five out of seven meets. Thirty-four girls, including two managers, Murle Eilertson and Geraldine Doris, have worked hard and faithfully under the captaincy of Marive Dylen to make the season a success and to promote a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship. Of the nineteen entrees in the State Meet held in Virginia on February 17 and 18, five of our girls, Mary Grivich, Katherine Grivich, Annie Marincel, and Katherine Muench, composing the relay team and Marive Dylen, who swam in the hundred yard breast stroke, qualified for the finals, but Marive was the only one who succeeded in placing in the final events. The swimming team will sorely feel the loss of the following through graduation: Marive Dylen, Melba Doris, Mary Grivich, Jene Nordberg, Evelyn Wick, and Mariette Charmoli, our diver, but next yearis team has some fine material coming up from the junior high school, namely, Viola McMahon, Esther Anderson, Esther Giru, I-lelvi Yoki, and Joyce Anderson, all of whom swam in some of the meets this year. SEASON'S RECORD December 3 Iron '50 ,.....,...........,.... ....... , Keewatin 25 December 10 Iron ......,, Aurora 30 January 7 ,. Iron ..,........., Gilbert 37 January 21 Iron Nashwauk 36 January 28 Iron ........ Biwabik 29 February 4 ,. Iron .,.........,., Buhl 47 February 11 Iron , .,... Virginia 47'1LQ'L:LmjfiL1i.gJLi1IFY Page Forty-two Img' ff-Vim' 'ff' v-vivlvyi yg"ws..35i-I -evev f -' ' 1- I- fi fT.i1.ImifHEi5 irgYg" ' ' ',,.::,wFFJ,-FIw:.:x ' . ...............,,.. u. . :z':1t1'1"'u:L711gr'.5gQ 1' 1 I. FHLH z7U7L H-N77 UWA! ' ' 5, . D . Y 4 N GAME OF ERHJGE Tflf HNUYICBN HULL HGHT uf! Af i X I 4 .. I - " K A 'J F A," fffw DEFEHT S' Q. : X ' V ,li J 1 AF ' K I A . K ' . I V Q- , M - -Q '-' are "5NOH'BOUND' sornomxs TRIPLKTS WHY S0 G'-VH ? WST? WHERKY 49 JERRY 'a ,gg ::L1L:': .. 1:1 " ..,.. . 2 L1':':3:g :f:z.15E.Ef.""""' Page Forty-three Boys, Glee Club ' The Boys' Glee Club concluded a successful and profitable year. The club included eleven seniors, seven juniors, and nine sophomores. As a whole, the group progressed very well because of the cooperation on the part of its members. The boys were very fortunate in securing Miss Elsie Perala as their accompanist. We all expected much from the club, and we were not disappointed since the club was under the skillful and able direction of Miss Winifred Wherry. The glee club was expressly formed to study music and to develop musical cul- ture and appreciation in the school. The Music Department is trying to malce music a refining influence which will cast its spell not only on the student but on every one with whom he may come in contact. The club had a very active year with the boys appearing on the following pro- grams: Armistice Day Program Christmas Program Operetta-'Q-lerry of Jericho Road" Parlcville P. T. A. Festival Concert The following are members of the Boys' Clee Club: Hjalmer Anderson, Lau- rence Carmen, Harry Comeau, James Crothers, Rudolph Dimberio, Audre Fors- land, Joe Grivich, Carl Gullelcson, Vernon l-lerrmeyer, Steven Menelli, Raymond Muller, Ludwig Bianchi, Clifford Johnson, Russell Johnson, Daniel Lostrom, Hewitt Mitchell, Frederick Simonich, Donald VanPelt, Edmond Anderson, Robert Fox, Francis Gagnon, Armas Laine, Eino Lehtinen, Emil Marincel, John Nelson, Stanley Nyberg, and Harold Wick. Page Forty-four Senior Girls' Glee Club There's music in the sighing reed There's music in the rushing of a rill There's music in all things if men had ears Their earth is but an echo of the spheres. -Lord Byron The Senior Girls' Glee Club consists of about forty-eight members. The girls meet on Monday and Wednesday of every week. The club was formed for the purpose of helping those interested in vocal music. The glee club has made many appearances during the year. ln the fall they gave a short program. The following selections were given: "Thank God for a Gardenw "Green Catfvedralv "Good-bye, Summer" The club also appeared on the Thanksgiving and Christmas programs. The biggest event of the year was the operetta, "Jerry of Jericho Roadv, given by both the boys' and girls' glee clubs. After weeks of hard and diligent work, it proved to be of great interest to the public. The quality of the voices and the manner of presentation made it one of the outstanding events of the year. Miss Wherry is to be commended for this splendid operetta. The final production given this year was a Music Festival in which the Buhl and Mountain Iron glee clubs participated. lt was an excellent concert that every- one enjoyed immensely. Prige Forty-five The Treble Clef The Treble Clef is an organization made up of sophomore girls. This organi- zation was 'begun by Miss Winifred Wherry as a carry over from the junior High Glee Club and is now directed by Miss Helen Carter. It has proved a valuable addition to our Music Department. There are twenty-one members who meet each weelc on Tuesday and Thursday. They are as follows: Charlene Brozich, Dorothy Buchanan, Ruby Burley, Margaret Dimberio, Isadora Dodge, Geraldine Doris, Mildred Harwood, Sylvia Keto, Laila Koslcela, Jeanette Lambert, Carolyn Larson, Dagmar Lulclcari, Laila Martinson, Katherine Muench, Sadie Nelson, Mary Norcia, Agnes Pejavich, Saimi Perala, Edna Stauty, and Anne Vidmar. The Treble Clef has given several splendid programs one of which was on October 25 when the girls sang the following songs: "Dancing in the Snow" "Prince and the Fairy Talew "De Sandman Songv "Ola Singing Landi' "Play Make Believe" "Day is Donev "The Home Roadv On Lincoln's Birthday, they sang "The Flag Songv. One wintry night in March, having braved a storm, they sang "The Japanese Love Song." and "Play Malce Believe". The Treble Clef has done very creditable worlc, and it is to be hoped that they will continue in the future to gladden the hearts of all who hear them. Page Folly-six 'SHILING THROUGH" ' Jusr wi Two PATIEME on A Monuncrn xl' 1 x wwf A df IF' Q! TE MI FISH STORY .1 I New i I LETS BE FRIENDLY sf 1 seo gi X Y 5 g'-we , hm V gl .. , ,A P - . Q, ,V 'iim1l'l'N. . N Q I 'I Y' I PMS FOREVER 'N EVER HUUDINI AND H15 PARTNER 5 THE THREE INSEPARABLES x DECEMBER 7 -COLD?? ........ . Page Fmty-seven Orchestra The orchestra made very rapid progress this year. Its success was due to the efforts and splendid training given by the director, Mr. A. P. Radcliffe. The mem- bers were very enthusiastic in its support and worked hard to perfect their technique of playing. The orchestra played at several programs this year, such as the Christmas pro- gram and at other activities. It made its first public appearance this year the even- ing of the junior class play when it played the following compositions: "Hungarian Dances" Johannes Brahams "La Traviata" C. Verdi "On the Volga" Russian Overture, Ivan Akimenko 'ipetite Suite de Ballet" Gluck, Motel, Roberts PERSONNEL Director, Mr. A. P. Radcliffe First Violins ,.,..,..,.,,....,..,........ Minerva Komulainen, Mona Vanhala, Daniel Lostrom, Katherine Golden, Ingeborg Olson, Isadora Dodge, Ardyce Anderson. Second Violins .....,..,,..,.....,......,...... Ruth Erickson, Irene Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Betty Perkio. Clarinets ...... .....,.......... R ose Esther Whitehead, Kathyrn Muench Tuba . ,.......... , ,................. .,...........,.,......,.... R eino Nelson Bass Viol ,...... ...,... V era Mae Severson Trombone ...,... ,,........., L eonard Norcia Baritone .,,.,, ,..... H arold Wick Cello . ...... ..,.,., E nid Vanhala Cornet ..... ,.,.,.. W illiam Voss Drums ,..,, .. ........,...,..,...,...,..,,................,..,.... Charles Walker Alto .,.. . .....,...,......,.........,.,..... .......,............ H oward Severson Pianist: ...... .......... E velyn Wick, Ruby Burley, Eva Wickstrom ... av .....,,., .,,..-..... -Y. ..,,.-,.m-v,-,,-,-..--.....--.- Y -,, -...uw , ,-M--. W-rv-vw , ,,,,, , ,qw-3:5535 .,-.,.. ...... L. . i. Yyrr "Y1T'3lTIYJ'j- . .,..yT ..,.:q""ff""""j"'i"' 7.3.7, Page Fo rty-eiglwl """"'f"",-ug'-'f':T7:iu:w:::z rr: ,rr ,J .,... X , ,. .. . is--7-1 mmrrrin. ....::n. 1:1zzrwizxnmitrmzrrfimmxvitrzmmwiz-mimi: i 'mm ir-rm. . . High School Band When music sounds, gone is the earth I know, And all her lovely things even lovelier grow, Her flowers in 'vision flame, her forest trees Lift burdened branches, stilled With ecstasies. When music sounds, all that I was I am, Ere to this haven of brooding dust I come, And from times' woods break into distant song The swift-winged hours, as I hasten along. The high school band, a very active organization of our school, meets every Monday morning to study the fundamentals of music under the capable direction of Mr. A. P. Radcliffe. The band is considered one of the most popular organi- zations of our school. This group has taken an active part in many high school programs and has furnished very entertaining music for class plays and the inter- class basketball tournaments. It should be commended for its faithful, enthusiastic services. The personnel of the band is as follows: William Voss, Ruth Nordberg, Ralph Emerson, cornetg Leonard Norcia, trombone, Harold Wick, Fred Koslci, baritone, Daniel Lostrom, bass drum, Charles Walker, snare drumg Rayno Kauppila, Kather- ine Muench, Rose Esther Whitehead, Everett Viicala, Patsy Charmoli, clarinet, Vera Mae Severson, bass violin, Reino Nelson, bass horn, Howard Severson, Alvin Saari, Edwin Anderson, alto. A unique distinction of the band this year is the fact that there is not a single member of the class of '33 in its ranks. And so, because it will not lose any mem- bers through graduation, the band is expected to continue it good work next year and to live up to its excellent reputation so richly merited. QU- M ..,...,,.... ..s,...s,, ,,,, ,,,, , ,.,. , , . -,.,.e--,,.W..W...m. ,,,, ., ,,... .,,,,,, ,,..a,,,-... ,.,, I , .r ..i.. . ....... .......................... ..... ... ..... ...ia ......,...,.. ...........,. .. ,.... . ..,.,.. ...H ,... .,.. .,.,. ....... .,.,. ..i Page Forty-nine , .........n.........n-im..-. ..................... .... ..... .... . ,-w..,,,,9 ... a.........5!'.!1'J.., . ia.. ...- un., ,. .-:..n,. - ,, - ' One by one, like leaves from a tree, 1 A11 my faiths have forsaken meg 1 But the stars above my head e li f Burn in white and delicate red, And beneath my feet the earth Brings the sturdy grass to birth. fe I who was content to be But a silken-singing tree, ' V if But a rustle of delight In the wistful heart of night- I have lost the leaves that knew , Touch of rain and weight of dew. :Q Blinded by a leafy crown I I .. iii 2: I looked neither up nor down- 'rl -4 IPI But the leaves that fall and die Have left me room to see the skyg gg ' Now for the first time I know Stars above and earth below. 1 I fr z L' -Sara Teasdale 1 Shall Arrive I go to prove my soul! i7 I see my way as birds their trackless way E I shall arrive! what time, what circuit first, li I ask notg but unless God send his hail I2 Or blinding fireballs, sleet of stifling snow, In some time, his good time, I shall arriveg Q He guides me and the bird. In his good time. n . 7 -Robert Browning .r .5 al I 'r J l Vw. , L Page Fifty ACTIVITIES Operetta MARCH 23, 1933 NJERICI-IO ROAD" CHARACTERS fln the order of appearance, Winona, Spirit of an Indian Girl ..r.... ..,. , I I ARDYCE ANDERSON Uncle Pete, an old time westerner II I I II II HAROLD WICK Alan O,Day, Young owner of Feudal Rock Ranch II II II I ,I I I ,I I-IEWITT MITCHELL Geraldine Bank, known as jerry .r,.,,.. i......,. ,... M U RLE EILERTSON john Brandon, Alanis cousin .....,.,. ,..,.,.. I VERNON HERRMEYER Mimi, extremely modern ..,, I II I II I II I FERNE HANSEN Dora, Mimi,s cousin .,..,..,, I II .... I ,ORA MERRITT Cornelius Bean, from Boston ,.,. I .,.,... EINO LEI-ITINEN Amos, an easterner ,.....,.,.. .,,, I I, DANIEL LOSTROM l Lettice Bank, his wife .I I ,,,,. ....,,...,.... ELAINE OLSON Sandy Bank, their daughter, ,,.,.. I GERTRUDE CONAWAY Hunter, a detective I ..I.. II I ..,.., ,... I II IIIIII IIIIIIIII J ox-IN NELSON Directors Director IIII IIIII I I IIIIIIIIIIII ,I IIIIIII MISS WINIFRED WHERRY Director I IIIIIIII,IIIII.I,IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII M ISS PHOEBE BLEECKER The operetta presented this year was typically modern, involving the entangling romances of two loving couples with splashes of humor introduced here and there by the jolly Bostonian Corn Bean. The plot centers around valuable ore land owned by Jerry Bank, who attempts to sell it but finds herself thrown into a be- wildering maze of events from which she emerges plus a lover and minus her land which she finally succeeds in selling. Page Fifty-two V I Junior Class Play NOVEMBER 22, 1932 "IT WON'T BE LONC NOW" CAST Thomas, Preston,s man LUDOVICO BIANCI-II W. Meek, a clerk in the factory. , , , .. I , EVA WECKSTROM Beansy Blake, an office boy . . RAYNO KAUPPILA Rohert Preston, business man. ..,, ,. ..DoNALD VAN PELT Miss Wilkes, Stenographer, . , ..... .MRUTH CROTHERS Charles Dobson, politician . ,. , LEONARD NORCIA Dr. Walter Talley, physician .. .. .. .HEWETT MITCHELL Ann Winston, the girl .. . .. .. ,. , MINERVA KOMULAINEN Vivian Darrell, lisping flapper t,,,, . . KATHERINE GOLDEN Olga, the Swedish cook.. ,. . A ,.. .. ..t.t ,,t,..INA MARKUS Frances, a maid, ,.,,. ,. ,. .. ,. ,. I I ELEANORE HOGLUND Rev. Dr. Loring .... ,.,,, . DANIEL LOSTROM A Policeman. ...,,,, ,,,, . ,. .. ..,.. .. .. .. ... .... .. ,., Louis MEGLEN F. Cullen, of the People's Party .... .. ..... H . ,. HENID VANI-IALA Two Photographers GERTRUDE CONAWAY, RUTI-I ERICKSON Director, . . .. ,.,,MISS CECILIA M. GALLIK Bob Preston is a young business man who believes in being harsh and cold in business. To reform him his friends and Ann, the girl he loves, persuade him he has taken a poison and has but twenty-four hours to live. Because of remorse for his past, Bob gives away all his money, and marries lisping Vivian, whom he loathes. When he fails to die, he finds himself penniless, but he has learned how to live hap- pily, and his troubles are all solved eventually. Page Fifty-three K .:::.:r:-rr. ,.r..i.,.,r r- 151c'ifrxrrnvzr!n1:,i:i:g,.i,Y..r.i5gx':r."1:fu..agfn:7':..c.,u:1'.':Wr:'r:.rurmmilllrxtmmm rzznwiiimzrrz R:11..,:t.,, .- , l?'1i':::-:i:: 1142 Senior Class Play 'ATI-IE MILLIONAIRI-3" April 28, 1933 CAST Blanchett Heath ,,.V.. ., ,. . . EVELYN WICK johnny Heath , i, CARL GULLEKSON Blanche Heath .. ,. .,..,,. FERNE I-IANSEN Ronald Heath ,e., .... ., ee..... LAURENCE CARMEN Aunt Adeline Heath . . .,MURLE EILERTSON Dorcas ......t, , .t,., .,... ..,.......t M o NA VANHALA Fred Lawlor ,.,..,... . ,... ....t J OSEPH GRIVICH Gideon Heath ,..,.., ,.a,,,,,,.. ..t..,. R o BERT PEJAVICH Lottie Pringle , i i , .. . , . , , ,,t,..,..... MARGARET CARLSON Director .. . .t,..c,,t,. . .,... Miss CECILIA M. GALLIK The Heath family of Brewster hears that Gideon Heath-who is half Lawlor and who ran away from home fifteen years ago when his sweetheart married his cousin-is coming home with a million dollars which he acquired through selling a gold mine he had discovered in Australia. While Ronald, in love with Blanche, and Aunt Adeline, who had reared Gideon, plan his welcome at the depot, Fred Lawlor and Dorcas interrupt family affairs. And when the committee goes out to welcome him, Giddy comes in the hack way and finds Dorcas. Then it is dis- covered that the gold-mine was sold for eight thousand dollars and that Gideon is penniless. The Heaths withdraw and demand Gideon's exile, while they read the riot act, a cable tells Giddy his partner has given him a million dollars and half a ranch in Australia. But it is Dorcas, not Blanche, who sails away with the Million- aire. v:1::'t'!I:I11.,: zfliiriliixulnl ' ., ,,!".1I111!:11:Z: 'Z ""' 7 "" -W.N!Y'1!uJ!1ux1JLL1:1:!I:1fT!. ,!. .........."""'llLL11Z.V1....iVL...."""..........."""""L1LL1' '4"t"""1!'f Page Fifty-four ti. miiiumfii u " " " " " . . . .H . "" -'- , , , , ,, Junior-Senior Prom On May 20, under the competent direction of Miss Regner, the Junior Class of '33 after weeks of diligent labor, put the finislifng touches on the decorations for the Junior-Senior Prom, the climaxing social event of the school year. Approximately one hundred fifty couples were ushered into the gymnasium now transformed into the mysterious depth of a deep blue incredibly beautiful and fantastic sea Here schools of tiny fishes swam mischxevously away into the duslcy oblivion Sharks and sea horses sw1mm1ng lazily along gazed curlously at the beautlfully gowned young ma1dens swaymg rhythmically over the glassy floor of the ocean on the arms of their gallant young escorts Here also was a miniature fairy castle etched in coral w1th moats and bastloned towers inhabited by gay little fish gorgeous with all the colors of the spectrum They peered at the beautiful maidens with motionless hallow looking eyes and then darted off as if by signal among the grasses growing in lovely gracefully swaying luxuriance From above colored lights cast weird shadows resembling waves over the as sembled guests In the pond overhead long slender stems of lilies swayed gently in the breeze Brightly colored fish frlslced merrily along side a sunlcen vessel an chored securely among the moss covered rocks Aboard the ship Jolly pirates in the form of T1ny Specht s orchestra played popular hits of me day in their own 1n1m1t able manner Near a coral reef mermaids served the guests punch and dainty wafers Tuclced among the shadows were many luxurlous chairs where happy couples retired between dances The time flew by on light wings and almost too soon the orchestra swung into the final strams of Home Sweet Home reminding the dancers that all good things have an ending even the most delightful of all Proms 9 9 ' 9 1 9 , . - 9 ' 9 . , . , . . . . . - - ee as - - , . Y. . V , 1 -. .........., -.....,..... 4,.. .L ry.-. I an , .. - . .. ,M .. ............ .... V ............... . . . ........ . . , ...... ....... .... ............ ................................... . ............ ..................... Page Fifty-five s E E E : E i B nm..m..m-m-mm s.. -.mmm-mu .4 Declamatory Contest At a public declarnatory contest held in the Senior High School Auditorium on January 20, 1933, the following members of the senior high school placed' first and second: s ORATORICAL 1. LEONARD Noncn 4.,..,.,....,.,,.....r..,....,.. "Sinister Sbadowsv 2. ElNo LEHTINEN ..,.., ..,...., ' 'Here Stood an Oak" HUMOROUS 1. CARL GULLEKSON ,.......,.,,.......,.......... "China Blue Eyes" 2. MURLE EILERTSON ................ "Gerda and the Maycrobesv DRAMATIC 1. AGNES PEJAVICH ,..,....,.,,,.......,.,.......,. "Crimson Rambler" 2. KATHRYN MUENC1-1 A,..,,....,..........,........,. "Frozen Assets" Coach ..,.....,.........,....r..............., Miss CECILIA M. GALLIK In the sub-district declamatory contest held on Wednesday, February 15 in Mt. Iron, Carl Gullelcson took first place in the humorous division and Agnes Pejavich took second place in the dramatic division. In the district contest held in Biwabilc on February 23, Carl Gullekson received third place in the humorous division. -...n.I-i1I..-....n...mnn....t-........ Page Fifty-:ix Senior Cass Night Presented by the Class of 1933 MOUNTAIN IRON HIGH SCHOOL May 29, 1933 SCENE: Court Room. judge ..,.A.,A.,..AA.,,..,......,...., ,..,.,.....A.A..4.,..,A........,....,...... A udre Forsland Policemen ,.... ........ F erdinand Secola and Theodore Laine Clerk ........ ...,...,.,,....,....4,.....,..,,..........,..,,...., M elba Doris Lawyers ..,,. ,....,,. H elmer Kauppila and Carl Gullekson Jury- P Ida Pesola Roy Nordeen Mary Grivich Elizabeth Shimmick Raymond Muller Ora Merritt Maxine Therrien Arne Carlson jean Nordberg Joe Grivich Oscar johnson Rayno Makela Witnesses- - Jalmer Anderson ' Alvar Salo Orvokki Harju Tiami Markus Lillian Nenonen Evelyn Lund Annie Grivich Prisoners' Dance and Song Gertrude Otava Laurence Carmen ames Crothers 0 Sistie Menelli and Rudolph Dimberio Reading r.,......,.. Vocal Solo ..,.... Robert Pejavich .. .. Ardyce Anderson Reading ,......,.... ..,. ......., ......,,.,.. s..,.... , .....,....... V e r non Herrmeyer Piano Solo .....,..,....,...... ,......,..,..,................. ..........4....r..r.....r....,..,........ E v elyn Wick Ballet Dance Pierrot and Pierrette ..,................. Marive Dylen and Mona Vanhala Vocal Solo .....,.s......,.....4.....................,,.........,...............,.......,..,........,....., Lucille Larson Whistling Solo ,.....4.... .,.,,.., ....rr.........,.............,..........,....,.................., E l aine Olson Novelty Dance .... ,.,..... M argaret Carlson and Mariette Charmoli Duet .,........,..,....,....,.,....... ........... M urle Eilertson and Ferne Hansen A uclience- Aili Martinson Walter Koski Ellen Viitala George Laine Violet Wilson Alfred Risku One Act Play ...,.........y..,...., Cast Melody Gagnon ulia Viitala and Mike Grivich Appreciation ..........,..............,........................,..,..,........,...,...,........,............... oe Grivich Class Song Written by Ardyce Anderson Director ..r..r................ Miss Helen Carter Miss Phoebe Ble ,cker Miss Cecilia Gallik mmm ..- . ,J , 5 l l - 2 ,J , X J Page F ifty-s i E 1 : 2 3 E S i i .X.."'...'.'1...............,-........................,..,..... .L .................,...I., num , uuuwumommum Bums Day Program To be Announced Novelty Dance 4,,... 4.A........A....,....... T IAMI MARKUS, IDA PESOLA MONA VANHALA, MARGARET CARLSON Impersonation ...,,..V. ,. .... JOE GRIVICH, THEODORE LAINE, WALTER KOSKI Sizzling Syncopators ..,.......,....A.,...,.. LAURENCE CARMEN, AMES CROTHERS ARNE CARLSON, AUDRE FORSLAND, CARL GULLEKSON, VERNON HERRMEYER Dialogue- Tommys First Appearance MIKE GRIVICI-I, SISTIE MENELLI Trio- Dreaming Melody ELAINE OLSON, LUCILLE LARSON, MURLE EILERTSON Selection-' School Days FERNE HANSEN, LUCILLE LARSON Accompanied by class orchestra directed by Joe Grzwcla Announcer ,. ......,...AA,...,.,,...4,.o..,....,,..4....,....,,.,.......,.....,.,.....,.,..... ROBERT PE JAVICH Directors .... ,..,. E VELYN WICK, MARIETTE CHARMOLI, MARIVE DYLEN, AUDRE FORSLAND, LAURENCE CARMFN LUCILLE LARSON, MIKE GRIVICH, ROBERT PE JAVICI-I , rr 13 J J rr 1 as rr as SPECCIJ ......,..,..,........,....,...... .. .............,.......,....,,.,,,..... .............. V ERNON HERRMEYER 4- as J - I ifrrnzrrn. . ff' 7 A ' ' W W mL 11 V, A C ,A A fu di- Page Fifty-eight .. .. . .. ......".1:'.T . .. .. ,.:-...::.z4 -5 ' an - rf, jokes I f a joke on you, you fear, Read no more, it may be Bere! Arne Carlson: " "Perfect expression." Then shoot quick. It hurts my face." Have I the pleasant expression you desire?" Photographer: Arne Carlson: " Fortune Teller: "You are going to marry a tall, dark man." Ferne Hansen: "Can't you be more specific? All four of them are tall and dark." Roy Nordeen: "James, do you know a fellow in physics class with one leg named Cheat?" James Crothers: "Dunno, Roy, what's the name of his other leg?" Joe Grivich fat the telephone, : "What time should I come?" Elizabeth Shimmick: "After supper." Joe Grivich: "That is what I'm coming after." Rayno Makelaz- "Have you a small rubber band you can let me have?" Violet Wilson: "What do you want it for?" Rayno Makela: "One of the tires on my Chevrolet has given out." Alfred Risku' "Vernon why do you wear glasses when you sleep?" Vernon Herrmeyer So I can recognize Ardyce when I sleep Walter Koski Alvar what are you thinking about? Alvar Salo How did you know I was thinking? Walter Koski Oh' I saw an unusual expression on your face Miss Carter arriving in class before students have all arrived Where is everybody? can Nordberg Here I am Wasn t the depression terrible? PSALM OF LIFE fCon'versat1onal Vernon Liza Grape men allry mmdus Weaken make Liza Blune Andy Partmg Lee B Hindus Footprints ohnny Sands a time Lettuce Denby up endumg Widow Hartford N E Fate Still I-I E Ving stilper Sue Wing Learn to label Aunty Waite ' 3 . te - n . . -, tt - - as . , . , tt - - - v . . -, ct - sv . . . . 4 . . . . D. R . . ,U ' . , Qc as J . . , . . . l , . . J . . . , . . , . . . .. ... .... .. . ...... ....... .. . ...... .......... ....... ................................ Page Fifty-nine Instructor to students rn back row Can you hear me back there? Students tn umson N Mr Txedeman Ferdmand why are you tardy? Ferdlnand Secola I judge the class began before I got here Audre Forsland dur1ng severe ram storm Regular deluge xsn t lt? Sophomore What s that? Audre Forsland You know what a deluge ts surely? All about Noah and the Ark and all that Sophomore No I haven t seen a newspaper for almost three days Oscar ohnson What causes the fllght of t1me'7 I-Ijalmer Anderson The spur of the moment Helmer Kaupptla Why dndn t you fmd out who he was when the teacher called the roll? Carl Gullekson I d1d try to but he answered for four different names THE LATEST EXCUSE You can t flunk me professor Im msane Steven Menellr What are you dolng now? Mrke Grwxch Im workmg 1n a barber shop Steven Menelll What do you do there? Mike Grlvxch I tell haxr ratsmg storles to bald headed men NEW BOOKS The Library The Teachers Hopel Pass I Graduate ulet Street Everlasting Harpers Great Desrre Xlt Ora Merrltt What IS the greatest water power known to man? Laurence Carmen Woman s tears AT DEAD SEA WHAT? Robert Pejavlch Traveled all over the world eh? Went up I suppose? Rudolph D1mbBf1O Clrmbed tt to the top Robert Pejav1ch Saw the Lxon of St Mark? Rudolph Drmberro Fed If Robert Pejavrch And vrsxted the Black Sea? Rudolph Drmbeno Frlled my fountam pen there the Rhme 1 ' ee 77 . . ' ' CQ 7, I 0. - , Qc - n . . , . - , ct - as . . ' ' 0 er - 1 ' as . . , ce 9 n . . , ee - . . n . , ec a as . , . , me . - as . . - , ec as . . N . , . . . as . . rc ' ' as ' a . I ee s a ' as 9 1 ' N -, ee - n . . . . . . Q, , . . ,, . . -, ze as . . . . . . U . . . . ,, ' 1 E . - , as - as . . , et s an . . , . . . ' H . . , . as . .- - , :Q - - sr . . - - , cr - as . . . - - , me - as . . - - , cc - - 19 . . - - , u - - sa . . Page Sixty ' RHETORIC It was during the English lesson. Said the teacher: "Always remember, students, that the word with is a very bad word to end a sentence with. I-ah-that is to say--ah unless you have nothing else to end it with." Q Q 9 , us . et Gertrude Otava Im going to New York." Elaine Olson: By way of Buffalo?" Gertrude Otava: "No, by way of train." Murle Eilertson: "What's the height of your ambition?" Audre Forsland: "Don' t know exactly, but she comes about to my shoulder." George Laine: "I' m going to take a tramp clown to the river." Theodore Laine: "Wouldn't you just as soon take me instead?" Mona Vanhala: "What's your name?" Gus: "Gu-Gu-Gu-Gus." Mona Vanhala: "All right, I'll call you Gus for short." THE BRAIN The human brain is a wonderful organ. It starts to work as soon as we wake and never stops till we get to school. Evelyn Wick: fPlaywright telling about first performancej . "The audience were glued to their seats." Miss Gallik: "My word! That's a novel way of holding them, certainly." Raymond Muller: "Sistie, your shirt is out." Sistie Menelli: "Out where?" Raymond Muller: "Out where the vest begins." Salesman: "Lived here all your life?" Maxine Therrien Don t know haven t died yet? Mr Oas Do you know why you flunked? Harry Comeau I ll bite Mr Oas Your work is like a mirror It gives you just what you put into it BOOKS AS ASKED FOR CORRECT TITLES Indecent Orders In Deacon s Orders Soap and Tables Aesop s Fables Dentist s Infirmary Dante s Inferno Holy Smoke Divine Fire Lame as a Roble Les Miserables Pair of Saucers Paracelsus Agent Care if I smoke? Mariette Charmoli No' I don t care if you burn Tiami Markus Th1s coffee is nothing but mud Lucille Larson Sure it was ground this morning , ee 9 y as . , . . :Q as . ce 1 - n . . i N . . . . . . . ,, 1 7 2 9 . 3 - Q - 9 . 4. 5. 1 6. , ee - as . . - -, re 9 - as ' ' , te - - - n . . . . Q, . . . ,, . , . I-1 'I I I I llllllllllll tllln Page Sixty-one ...num mm. m -fm m nm. ..- Compliments Of American Exchange National Bank Virginia, Minnesota Member of the Federal Reserve System FOUND-Roll of five dollar bills. Will the owner please form a line at the south entrance of the Post Office? Twenty-eight Years of Faithful Service R E ll U 9 S Department Store WE EXTEND TO THE CLASS OF '33 OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Virginia, Minnesota The First National Bank "THE OLD RELIABLE" Of Virginia, Minnesota Capital and Surplus 5500,000.00 Resources over Three Million, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ESTABLISHED 39 YEARS AGO A jolly young chemistry ruff, While mixing a compound of stuff, Dropped a match in the mix and after a while They found his front teeth and his cuff. J. KEToLA at Co. Virginia, Minnesota DEPARTMENT STORE FURNITURE STORE 324 Chestnut Street 302-10 N. 2nd Ave. Congratulations and our most sincere good Wishes to the class of 1933. Hervi Photo Studio Portrait and Commercial Photography Where Service Reigns 103 N. Second Ave. W. Phone 1189 Virginia, Minnesota A Man's Career in a Few Words. During courtship: he talkedg she listened. Just married: she tallied and he listened. Now: they both talk and the neighbors listen. Compliments Of The M. A. Hanna Coal 86 Dock Co. COAL OF REAL MERIT Minneapolis Duluth PRINTING "The C1411 Preservati"ve" -I' We Ao FISHER COMPANY VIRGINIA BUSINESS METHODS A couple of rival but friendly shopkeepers were talking things over. "When does your opening sale close?,' asked the first. "When our closing-out sale opens," the second replied. Compliments Of THE Mountain Iron First State Bank Mountain Iron, Minnesota Vernon Herrmeyer: "When I dance with you, I feel as if Iwere treading on clouds." Melba Doris: "Don't kid yourself. Those are my feet." 5 TR DY n iliiummam caimmllrglg 4 1 ..1.'zre. CLEANERS LAUNDERERS DYERS Let us renew your wardrobe. HER GRADUATION There must be a record of this important event- A Photograph for Friends and Classmates. B. O. Pederson Photographer "Pl1otograpl7,v live Forever" 416 Chestnut Street Virginia, Minnesota It is the song ye sing, And the smiles ye wear Thatls makin' the sun Shine everywhere. Virginia Daily Enterprise "The Virginia-Mountain Iron District Dailyv By week By year 15c 56.00 Associated Press N. E. A. Special ' News Service Features Mountain Iron Carrier Service Phone 81 Phone 82 "She is only a banlcer's daughter, but she can certainly draw the interest." SERVICE STATION 301 lst Street North Phone 1424 Virginia Work Peoples Trading Co. GENERAL MERCHANDISE AND SERVICE STATION 212-16 North Second Ave. W. 701-03 Twelfth St. N. Virginia, Minnesota United States Tires Phone 1500 Oscar W. Johnson 104 South Fifth Avenue Virginia, Minnesota "The thing for you to do," said the doctor to the man with frazzled nerves "is to stop thinking about yourself-to bury yourself in your work." "Gosh"' returned the patient "and me a concrete mixerl" . , . ART L. MATTSON Distributor of STUDEBAKER dc ROCKNE SIX AUTOMOBILES 103-105 Fifth Ave. So. Virginia, Phone 1849 Minnesota Gene Nordberg: "Hurray! Five dollars for my latest story, 'The Call of the Lure,l" Miss Dahlstrom: "From whom?" Gene Nordberg: "The express office-they lost itf' FRATERNITY COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY Commencement Announcements and Invitations Jeweler to the Senior Class of Mountain Iron High School L. G. Balfour Company Manufacturing Jewelers 66 Stationers Attleboro, Mass, A SAFE PLACE FOR YOUR SAVINGS State Bank of Virginia Virginia, Minnesota Affiliated with Northwest Bancorporation Nothing succeeds like looking successful. V-., ,,n, .. ..W, ,. ,,,. ., ,, , F. S. Kelly Furniture Company QLIALITY FURNITURE AT MODERATE PRICES 315 Chestnut Street Virginia, Minnesota "You'll do hetter at Kelly'sv Visit our Model Rooms War does not determine who is right-only who is left. To TI-IE CLASS OF 1933 We extend our congratulation Mountain Iron High School Sears, Roebuck 86 Company gtetail Store "We guarantee satisfaction or your money 'backf' Korn Smax The Genuine Caramel Coated Korn "Always Fresh" Korn Smax Shoppe Lydia Darrah Chocolates Light Lunches 323 Chestnut St. Virginia, Minnesota Orvokki Harju: 'iIsn't it too bad that the depression had to come during these hard times?" WE EXTEND TO THE CLASS OF 1933 OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES. Peterson Clothing Co. Virginia, Minnesota Raymond Muller: "The more experience I have with lipstick, the more dis- tasteful I find it.', MIDWAY STORE CO. GROCERIES, HAY, FLOUR AND FEED Phone 1411-I Mountain Iron, Minnesota WRIGHT'S MEAT MARKET AND GROCERY To pay more is useless, to pay less is dangerous. And independent store owned and operated by a local man. Don't-Go-Away Virginia, Minnesota MATTSON COAL CO. Mountain Iron, Minn. We extend our congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 1933. FOR BETTER COAL C. Felgen Telephone 2065X DILEMMA Store Manager: "What do you mean by arguing with that customer? Don't you know our rule? The customer is always right." Floorwalker: "I know it. But he insisted that he was wrong." Kodalcery Candy Rexall Drug Store B B E X MORRIS 66 CO. X Virginia, Minnesota J. L. Beck, Prop. Mountain Iron, Minn. Frozen Desserts Notions Eastman Kodalcs Sheaffers Fountain Pens Helena Rubenstein Agency Radio Operator fTo Vernon Herrmeyer, radio croonerj: "Hey there! Don't sob into the microphone, you'll shrink the network." Compliments of THE MODEL PHARMACY Drugs and Sporting Goods D. I. McDonald 320 Chestnut St. Optometrist Virginia, Minn. VIRGINIA GREEN HOUSE 86 FLORAL CO. Alfred Johnson, Prop. Branch-331 Chestnut St. Phone 813 Greenhouses-912 5th Ave. W. and Ridgewood Phone 419W Virginia, Minnesota Expert Barbering By- VANHALA MERCANTILE CO. i Victor Vanhala EMIL RAHKO General Merchandise p Phone us your order. Mountain Iron, Minn. p Phone 338 i l l Mountain Iron, Minn l i Lawyer: "So your husband died intestate?" Aunt Sairey: "No incleecly. He died way down in old Kaintuckyf' l HOME BAKERY i MT. IRON STORE COMPANY A pleased Customer is Our Best Dealgrg In Adyemsement General Merchandise W. S. Risku 66 E. Marttila, Props. Phone 2039 Mountain Iron, Minn. Start with a new saving! Phone IZSOR 2 per cent discount for cash purchase. M M., ,. W H .ee ,, ,. e , I., M ,,E. . , She: "What do you do?" He: 'Tm a traveling man." Complete Automobile Service Phone 2078X 1 . VIDMAR SERVICE STATION Complmfs of Bdfnfddll Products Gas Oil Auto Repairing Mountain Iron, Minn. , - 1 Marmon Motor Company Congratulations To Class of 1933 G. I. WILLIAMS Lyrie-Stewart-Warner Radios Detrola Auto Radios Phone 437 Opposite Bus Station Virginia, Minnesota Compliments of DR. R. G. AYSTA Virginia, Minnesota "Well," drawled a towering mountaineer, "that fellow is a bigger man than I am in two ways: a bigger liar and a bigger fool." LARSON STUDIO 'YYWJOQNYMYJMQ L. E. Larson, Proprietor 108 5th Avenue So. J' i Smart Feminine Apparel Phone 1183'W Headquarters Virginia, ' Minnesota Virginia, Minnesota Sophomore: "I put my whole mind into this verse Ida Pesola: "Evidently, I see it is blank versef, Cgmplimgnts to Lady Attendant Telephone 46 The Graduates of 1933 C. A. GRAHAM SELMA 86 EDWARD ALA Moffifffm Cor. 1st St. N. BL Znd Ave. W. Virginia, Minnesota License 960 C. H. Sammann, Asst. 402 S. 5th Ave. Licensed Embalmer Virginia H. E. HALSETH jeweler Diamonds and Wedding Rings The Best in Watches and Jewelry State Theatre Bldg. 510 Ches. St. Virginia, Minnesota Compliments of JOHNSON SUPPLY COMPANY Carl R. Johnson, Mgr. 206 Fifth Ave. S. Virginia Melody Gagnon fwho has recently had phone installed:j "Ring me up when ever you like." Rudolph Dimberio: "Why, have you a phone?" Melody Gagnon: "Heavens, man! Don't you ever read the telephone directory?" Compliments of WILK CLOTHING COMPANY WM. R. WALKAMA I M15 Per cent off for graduates" nsurance We would like to introduce young men's Real ESYHYCJ-0395 Walk Over Shoes of the latest styles. Phone 445 . I . 220 Chestnut St. Virginia Virginia, Minnesota Laurence Carmen was an ardent lover but a poor speller. His note to the girls' father ran: "I want your daughter, Marive, the flour of the family." "Are you sure it isn't my dough you're after?" replied her father. Telephone 282 Virginia, Minn. JOHN NORLANDER REPAIR SHOP 114 Chestnut St. For quick, reliable repairs for your auto- mobile or truck, reboring, brake relining, or complete overhauling let us give you a free estimate. All Work guaranteed with prices that are right. THE GRANDE COMPANY Lumber and Building Materials, Paints, Hardware, and Glass Virginia, Minnesota Congratulations To the Class of 1933 l Gifts' of riclv simplicity that endear the memory of the giver as years hasten the J. KETOLA BL COMPANY lifeis Journey. E u ' H 1 avolainen ros., Virginia, Minnesota l 'Nl LEADING -vlwu ' Ili: - maamc-vunsng - M ,, A....., .. - , , Y ,Yi 7 , Friends of Julia Viitala regret the absence. of her presence Feminine Apparel Phoenix Hosiery Walk-Over Shoes Compliments of HOME BAKERY The House of Good Things to Eat THE MINNESOTA STORE Olaf M. Bye Virginia, Minn Virginia, Minnesota I r I I -.-Y v Wx IJ W Phone 1061 Walking to reduce or are you reduced to walking? "Let us help preserve and improve your lovelinessf, MARY ANN BEAUTY SHOPPE Virginia, Minnesota Phone 1449 MARMAS CAFE Virginia? Best We cater to your appetites and comforts. Weill Please You Fountain Service - wwf l Compliments of WILLIAM R. BYRNE BARBER SHOP 3282 Chestnut Street 1 i Virginia, Minnesota l l l "I t Pays to Look Well" THE SMART SHOP Exclusive Apparel for Women Virginia, Minnesota The only way of catching a train I have eve r discovered is to miss the train before. ima-.- . .- L l l . RANGE PAPER COMPANY F07 the Beff In Every Phase of Beauty Culture Wholesale Paper and Notions Quinn 66 Quinn MARINELLO GUILD SHOP Virginia, Minnesota l I 333 Ches. St. Phone 1156W Virginia, Minnesota "Try the Range First" l . as -- .. aaa tal l... James Crothers: "I thought your secretaryls hair used to be blondef, Carl Gullelcson: "It did, but she went off the gold standard." RANGE DRY CLEANERS Only exclusive dry cleaners on the range. Why not send your clothes to us? 113 3rd Ave. North Virginia Branches at Hihbing and Ely "To Look Your Best Always Reaps Profitf' Fortune says! FASHION BARBER 66 BEAUTY SHOP Phone 1668 Virginia, Minnesota if Compliments Of WEST'S FUR SHOP 102 2nd Avenue South West 86 Mitchell Virginia, Minnesota 1 THE MESABA STORE B. Soloslci, Prop. Dry Goods, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishings-Hats and Shoes Mountain Iron, Minn. Evelyn Lund: "The fall is my favorite season, the woods are so beautiful! I do enjoy reading the book of nature when autumn turns the leaves." Lillian Nenonen: "Goo-:lnessl How lazy you are!" Compliments Of VIRGINIA BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY STANDARD OIL COMPANY Arthur Burley, Attendant Lumber 86 Building Materials Phone 889 Mountain Iron, Minn. Virginia, Minnesota Advice to motorists: Just because passed. you see t raclcs is no sign that a train has just FUR STORAGE Remodeling and repairing QUEEN CITY FUR SI-IOPPE Bertha M. Klart, Furrier J. A. ANDERSON GARAGE Chevrolet Cars 86 Trucks Repairing, Storage Virginia, Minnesota Goodyear Tires My location saves you money Phone 62W Phone 605W 502 2nd Ave. So. Mountain Iron, Minnesota Congratulations "Cheerfulness is like money Well expended to the class of 1933 in charity- The more we dispense of it, the greater ' I, THE FINNISH HARDWARE Co. y Ou' P0ffm""'f' l Virginia, Minnesota Victor Hugo A thing of beauty is a joy forever Its loveliness increases, it will never Pass into nothingness. -John Keats Flower in the crannied wall I pluck you out of the crannies, I hold you here, root and all, in my hand, Little flower-hut if I could understand What you are, root and all, and all in all I should know what God and man is. -Alfred Tennyson AUTOGRAPHS "In Friendship City there is a tree. On which is written, 'Remember me , . ,s - wr- h fr -g,- Elly-1-wrqg.'Y, r-rw-,fug-5-Lsfy v Q, v "No matter bow heavy is the load l Sweet is the journey on frkndsbipfs' road." ri 552 F51 H V N I, g-u ug ,f ll il ' U H ' J U iw 1 . I1 . 571 E! lil ' ,ii ll? 'Ei Vi! , 2f2"G'ffKTi,-P'f.i'3.1Ff?f1'5Q,FIIEI-if-J--1'-V '-'-N - l W, W 5' -Az Remembrance wakes W1 lv all ber busy tram 4 N, . . . 4 I ff ' ' 7, 1:7 Lv , "' ..--'. ". - .. .f1!"l,,. - - ' . ".,m1f V lr , , --, ' -, 1, 4 1 .f .15- x v V Qnli? ,Wig A auf, 4.,f-,,,. ,

Suggestions in the Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN) collection:

Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 62

1933, pg 62

Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 60

1933, pg 60

Mountain Iron High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Mountain Iron, MN) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 24

1933, pg 24

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