Mountain Home High School - Bomber Yearbook (Mountain Home, AR)

 - Class of 1948

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Mountain Home High School - Bomber Yearbook (Mountain Home, AR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1948 volume:

-pr-frFw-,,?-gf-?5.,v..-1-.v1-r- - -'.-- 1 'pg me Q0LggcfUf?-548 IVIQQWVQIH Hams High Schocl WMM fmk Wame, Qffeufas fmfgiiecf Q THE'- SE-NIOR, CLASS If 6 6 x 0 5 N00 Q6 Y SC' wk ea O O X O R05 of XO e N, K9 QQ 5 X0 Ox Yedxixe eoxeefxxoxl 05 X X 560 5 Q 400 6 am X9 Q6 xfxax X9 CQ io? lacg ex OCX ML X a XNXQG xl g Tommy Bruce Joan Haley Business Manager Assocsale Busnness Manager Joyce Srnrllm Mary l-lawlcuns Fealure Eclufor Sporls Eclulor Jane Boclenlwamer Eclulor Gene Mooney Arl Eclllor Jewell Nelson Advxsor all K so Q -lo -, QQ o 'X ll X Olaf li. VOX l o - ' 'D Q . l We N SJXXOQ V lx 5 is 6 6 NNXX I J, yy xx ' UL Q KAR X , I ,,. X Ziff .4 M if , I . W MS Nefgcp DEDICATION To Clarnce Wnlks our fnrsf grade Jreacher and fo Jewel! Neison our semor sponsor who have so suc cessfully comb ned Hwe qualmes o fruend qusde andl counselior Hws volume of Hue Reflecfor as affeduon afely deducafed ' ' l-- f w - QE? I o u f .pf'9", 1, X X ITT' N 4 Q I5 it-h Tre A GEORGE M. HICKEY Superinlendenl T I O N BOARD OF EDUCATION Rex Bodenlmamer, Mrs. Lee Roberlson, V. E. Hulcheson, Pres.: Dorollwy Alley, Sec.: Hugh Heckler Eglm mam Aim' Hwy! 11 V' FACULTY 1! X P 14119 as gr, , , f gi' Pfa -I W I f' Mrs, Ira Whorfon Home Economics Jaclc Jones Coach FACULTY Physical Educalion I Q i i f Mrs. Gen Music lf' W, C. Hofer Assislanf Coach Science W-I e Mooney Y Mrs. Floyd Bruce Mafh Junior High Mrs. Berlha Smilh English , Junior High -5 GENA MOONEY Presidenl Versalile 3, 45 Person- alily 47 arf ed. of year- boolc 45 class presiclenf 3, 4, orclweslra I, 2, 35 glee club 2: Social Cusloms Club I3 fool- ball 4, baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4: soilball 2, 3: class vice presidenl I. SENIORS vi, , j O'NOLDA DYER Secrelary Glee Club I, 4: dramalic club 2: soil'- ball I, 2: class play 4, floor show Ig class secrelary 43 class favorile 47 class queen 2, 4: librarian 4: Ireasurer Teen Age Club 33 Lafin Club 3: D. A. R. Page Sfale Convenfion 3, personalily 4. JOAN I-IALEY Treasurer Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Social Cusfoms Club I: opereffa 2: 'Floor show I: minsfrel 3: Arr Club 2: class play 3, 4: Assisfanf Business Manager of yearbook 4: class 'rreasurer 4. LYNN HARRIS Vice Presidenl Dramalic Club 2: dra- rnalic play 2: class play 37 class vice presiclenf 45 librarian 4: wi+'ries 4. JAY BAKER Baskefball I. 2, 3, 4: loolball I, 2, 4 band I, 2: +rack 21 glee club 2: boys sexler 27 soffball 3: besf dancer, besl dressed 3: class play 3, 41 class king 4: class favorile 4: minsfrel 2: handsome, besl dressed, physique 4. IMOGENE BETTS gy JANE BODENI-IAMER Dramalic Club I, 27 dramalic play I, 2: Sec. Dramalic Club 2: class sec. 3: glee club 3, 43 girls' Irio 3, 43 floor show Ig minslrel 31 librarian 41 class play 3, 43 edilor yearbook 41 paper slall 37 mosf polife, versalile 41 orcheslra Ig girls sexlel 4. 'Q' BARBARA BROWN Sec. Social Cusloms Club 2, class play 45 Val. ol class I. TOMMY BRUCE Scholarship Award lg glee club I, 2, class vice pres. 2, 3: Orcheslra I, 2, 3: Dramalic Club Ig Ioolball 4: class play 3, 4, minslrrel 3: yearbook bus. mgr. 4: A operefla 23 polile, inlelleclual, succeed 'Q 4 I-5' ESTALENA DEARMORE Ar'r Club 2: glee club 3. 4: Crafl' Club I. KENNETH GREENWELL Eoolball I, 4. FLOYD I-IAWKINS Glee Club I, 2: baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4 operella 2. K3 HELEN DUTTON Arl Club I: mosl sludious 3: soflball 3. BETTY FOSTER Dramalic Club I, 2: dramalic play I: class play 3, 4: glee club 3, 4: sexlel 3, 4: paper slall 3: floor show I: librarian 4: Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4: presiclenl' I-Iome Economics Club 3, 4: Home Economics Dislricl Presldenl 3, 4: Home Economics Slale Hislorian 4: baskefball 2, 3: minsfrel 3. 1. MARY I-IAWKINS Secrefary Arf Club 2: baslcefball 3, 4: glee club I, 2, 3, 4: class play 3, 4: soffball 3: minslrel 3: floor show I. BARBARA HEINY Class play 4: cheerleader 4: glee club 3, 4: chorus I, 2: dramalic club 3: speech 3. 44: AGNES I-IENDERBLJN Crafl Club I, 2: Social Cusfoms Club I. NADINE HENDERSON Crafl Club Ig glee club , I 2, 3, 4 Home Economics Club I, 3, 4. BQ JIMMY I-IUEY Glee Club 27 floor show lg baslcelball I, 2, 3, 47 soflball 2, 35 operella 2. MARY NELL I-IICKMAN Glee Club DI, 2, 3, 4: floor show I7 baslcelball 2, 3, 45 figure 3, 43 minslrel 2, 33 operella 2: class play 3, 45 Ieafure edilor school paper 3, Irio 3, 43 sollball 3: F. H. A. 4: Social Cusloms Club I: cheerleader 4. f H I 1. I ROBERTA I-I U RST Glee Club I, 3, 45 class play 35 baslcel- ball 2, 3, 41 solfball 35 besl' dressed 3, 45 floor show I7 Ari Club 2: dramafic club 27 Home Economics Club 3. DICK JENNINGS Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Ioolball 45 soll- ball I, 2, 3: class play 33 minslrel 3. Glee Club lg Iraclc 27 class play 32 Tool- ball 4. Eoolball 45 floor slwow Ig operella 27 minslrel 3. WANDA JENNINGS Class play 33 glee club I, 2, 37 Home Economics Club 41 soflrball baslcef- ball Ig operelfa I, 3. LAVERN JONES Secrelary Treasurer E. I-I. A. 23 Secre- Iary Social Cusforns Club I1 soffball 2, 3g Craff Club I. LORIN JONES STANLEY JONES ELIZABETH KINDLE Class play I. J. FLOYD LONON Class Icing 3: baslcefball 2, 3: Dramafic Club I: class presidem' 2. 5? LLOYD MAULDIN Treasurer E. E. A. I. FAYE IVICCLELLAND Secrelary Home Economics class 21 glee club I, 2, Home Economics Club I, 2, Arl Club I, 21 soflball I, 2, 3. 'J' 5:1 QUINBY PARKS Ar? Club I: Vice presiclenf Arl Club 23 Crafl' Club 2. AL RAWLINGS Band I, 2, 33 Dramalic Club I, 2, 3 class play I, 2, 3, 4: glee club I, 2, 3 oolball I 4 baslcefbell I, 2, 3, 4, I , 'Iraclc I, 2, 3: baseball Ig class vice presidenf 2, senalor 3. CHARLES MOORE Orclmeslra I, 2, 31 foolball 4. BOBBY DEAN MORRIS Floor show Ig minslrel 3, Dramalic Club I, 23 Ar'I Club I: class play 3, 4. JGYCE SMITI-I Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, 4 q club 2, 3, 43 Crall Club Ig Home c 3 riomics Club secrelary 41 I-Iome E ' nomics Club 2nd Qice presiderfl 3 erella 2: class play 3, lealure edilor or yearbook 4. GLEN NA TIPPETT Glee Club 2, 3. BARBARA WICKER Arr Club 2: soflball 2. 3: infellecfual succeed 4. MARY ANN WILLETT Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Irio 3, 4: sexfef 3, 43 Home Economics Club 4: oper- efla 21 floor show Ig minsfrel 3. FAU LA WYATT Pep Club 21 cufesl 2: Commercial Club 2, Co-Exchange edifor or school paper 27 vice presiclenl Pep Club 3: librarian of music 33 3rd vice presidenf Home Economics Club 3: glee club 3, 4g class play 3: personalify, profile 3. OSXO 9 X 'BQ Wax: ea Woe Q es dev 0 CY o Se Xa: Qxc, X5 ce Q 5 'UA xv ex .SUNXCDRS 4 rf' .mfg Hekan Hon XX e r A Bekkxf Gag X a a XXxXa Fred QxXe5 e L RRVYYN eeGvx f' 2 4 1 fix Ni' .4 Edwa d WWW Duane Wevm Cas QX NN die rw so bea x CXQ F mkxvo Y ades 'D am "fi" pq and a Lea He e Edward Hawfrfns e y Hia OFSUS H oflan arhn Hudson ra 1 ne Jonnso N760 "'x 1 X ri 4!! """' -'Q pf 12 'ig JUN! ORS 'S-q Tl' , ,H yqvf 'lg N . f Darlene E rnesf oreffa nes fy Kn e gen Langs fon Lufz Verfon MCG Ulfe Lance JUNXGRS 'f V' K fa4 A I-if Q x I Rex YAGCSXGQ Bob XXA'xXcX'xeXX CX'warXes M'xXcX'xeXX Pxfeakk Doroixny rek Vxakkon Marge 'Y omrfw Vxoane I Vwa Roxoevkson Nancy Nm SkeeXe Wanda Webber '57 f "U 1 I6 1 I., f Iv? lv .r- .' 1' . c'xXXe M'xkdrxeXX Gscaf Morr'x5 Juarfxfa ?'xnXey '31, .1 AC' JUNIQRS NOT PICTURED '3 di Bull BryanT Wulluam Lumond Jehe F Ralph J nhn cn 1' RoberT Wucker Mary RuTl" WyaTT SENIQR WILL We The enuors beung TarTlung genuuse aong unTelle Tual lunes and abouT To To ouT oT Thus sphere oT educaTuon un Tull possessuon oT crammed munds well Trauned mcmorues and uperhurnan under Tandung requesT The uunuors To lend Theur ear open he r eye and Take noTe oT Thus lasT wull and TesT menT hereby revokung all Tormer I oer hance carelessly poken one To anoTher as The ThoughTle s wuh oT an udle hour To all we bequeaTh our model deporTmenT To be used only when nece ar Barbara Wucker leaves her abuluTy To make A s To Tom Roane Charlue and Clenna wull Th ur seaT un The sTudy hall To Darlene and Duner KenneTh leaves all he doe n T know abouT chemusTry To Mu s PuTchTord Joyce wulls her goung Teady To JuanuTa Punley Jay guves hu way wuTh The women To Bob MuTchell Duck wulls humselT To PaTT body and soul uunby leaves hus arT oT umpersonahng Mr Huckey To Edward Hawkuns Imogene bequeaThs To Nancy STeeIe her recupe Tor curly haur Lloyd w lls a oaur of No To The Tur grade To how The o subuluTy oT The Old Woman lNho Luved un The Shoe Barbara Heuny guves her Venus luke TwusT To Mary Huckman Jummy Huey wul a ooTTle oT No Tobac To Rex Medley Tom Bruce leaves Two molecules oT hydrogen gas To Carolyn Nelson To be used n bubbles To ouuld a r casTles RoberTa wulls her love Tor baskeTball To Geraldune Johrson STanley wulls a TooToall unuTorm To Bull BryanT A would gve hus long eyela lne To Mable DuT on buT he uusT canT parT wuTh Them Paua leaves her good naTure To Lucule MITcheul Bobby Dean leave The d TuncTuon oT berrug MounTaun Home s grcaTesT woman haTer To Duck Bryson Lynn besTows hus Treckle To Lee un ca e he wanT To oo e as Van Johnson Buc wulls hus Troubles as senuor presude-nT To nexT years presudenT Janue guves her aou uTy To be The peTuTe Judy oT The enuo olay To uva Mary Ann wulls her posuTuon as alTo un glee club Tro and sexTcT To some oTher naTuraI born alTo Barbara Brown wulls her black haur To MargareT RalsTon O nolda leaves her calm aTTuTude on The oall courT To Mary RuTh Mary Hawkurs would luke To leave her Fnglush book To Fred G llespue buT he canT Tnd T J Floyd wulls hus abuluTy o ge-T To school on Tume To Jack MuTchell Fay leave all rnaT umonual Trouoles To DoroThy PyeaTT Agnes leaves chool aT lasT Floyd Hawkuns leaves hu e puTaTuon un Fnglush IV class To Charlue Clunkungbeard Wanda wulls a seT of books To The school enTuTled Modern MeThods oT HE VAMPING Mary Nell wulls her energy To Imogene Lance Jo Haley wull her paTuen e To Bul ClemenTs EsTalena keeps all her secreTs Nadune Hende son lls her abuluTy To sTay ouT oT Trouble To Elmer Blaur Helen wulls her weaklung oody To DoreTTa Jones Lavern wulls her ,ob oT helpung Mr Huckey To some ore else ThaT ha sevenTh peruod sTudy hall Lorun Jones guves hus amouTuon To be an underTaker To any one ThaT would luke To be shovel ng oTT I BeTTy FosTer leave my ambuTuon Tor work To any one who hasnT any . fx . . , , ' . JacfMufr -d 'u' ' fc, ,....- , cd Aa' C 3, 'Nw- X fx, , . I ' Q 1.- 3 .. , S , s u ' s I ' c ' , ass ' ' Q ' , -' A . 5 . S, l. . . Q . ll 15. ,u G , , w7Is,V c s , . s 's I ' S- , r s s s ' ' 's ' ' E. ' ,IIs 'sT ' s A ps- - us . ,. . . u u . . , , . ,. ,s u . u , sus , 'T l 4' A ,L s lsr' ' ' ' I, - ' l , ' s ' s s s k' u ,.l. . , ,, 1 .T V. . .. . I 4 . , . . ', l ' s I ' T ' ' s u r' ' ' s l ' 'sr- . u As fc l ' u' WI N , I . l. L S- . . . . ,.. SOPHOMORES ,Qf W 1? Sue Proliva Billy Bob Snow Presidenl Viceepresldem' Y' Wilma Thomas Reber? l-laclcler Evelyn Baer Joan Barnes Regina Brown Secrerary Treasurer l at 1 3 , r 4 . Pafricia Bruce Jeane++e Bryniarslci Be+ry Byrd Vonlla Cooper Lola Douglas SGPHOMORES AX IP 3 ' 4 l 'MN' Pj ' i H if I x X! , r: - . Y , ' Rufus Gibson David Gladney Roberl Gooderl Bill Fenfon Cl ,' nf of' . ,4 JF' -A .49 I Annis Lee Fouls Wanda Douglas J. C. Duggins Billie Dyer . A ' 1 ' YB A xi ' 7' SX LaRue Hawkins T. J. Henderson Imogene Hensley Anna Herbecl: Bobby J fllf ly l 1 SCDPHOMORES an Pauline Hucldleslon Bob Jennnngs Wave Jenmngs Dale Johnson Mildred Johnson Naoml Lance Belly Layfneld Ben Love Phyllns McGuire Viva Medley Mary I .,- Cairdenia Minge X58 Dwighl Pa rlee Tillie Mae Randall SOPHOMCDRES .f Belly Murphy Wilma Osborn ,, A .41 cw, -'Z . frm., gl ,i ,f Billy Face ff ,J ,J fl- f' W' 'X ' r., . Lila Jean Pills 'J Alice Painler Louise Poweni Wilma Powers Richard Pyeall Doris Roberlson Lavern Rogers .iii Ei 'Q 1' I 'Iii Bernarcl Schulze ii! wi Olila Slaler .I SOPHOMCDRES Howard Souflward Je n S mera Joanne Summers l Sbvrf .L vo G5 .3 - !" 5 's .., 4 K H Glen Swearingen Florence Talberl Frances Thorn .l J Bill Treal Belly Turrenline Lavon Young Soplwomores Nol Piclurecl Erceil l-laugl-mn Jesse Lee Powell Norvell Gralwem Jolene Suflon Palricla Tidball .Q :O- -Q N Charles Brown FRESHMEN 11 f 'xy Wf glffufn Clwarlle Lovelady lvlarulynn Mooney Jeanne Prolxva Jean Acer Jeanelfe Baker Preslclenl Se-crefary Trea urer Cl- 1. Palsy Barnes Donald Clayfon Mary Claylon Wayne Clrnlcungbeard Clara Cox -13' v rx 1131 Clore++a Dea+l'werage Delberl Dover Eva Dover Wanda Dover Elrzabefh Fmley ' jgikzf 4 1 V, ,f-90 5 5 ' al 1,-' 5 ' 2 a - ' - var .r ' .- - D ,- - ,' M f! 5 in 7 ., .V I . E i w J mr, A A I. V ' s v l h y, m 4 0 ' C 1 7 - .4 'X 9- D 0 3 i .a ' ,. ' . , , ,-. ' ' U 4 - . mu: . .' ' fl ' . ' .' 5 I 7 ui' " ' 1 I . 4137 4 F' U QP' E, A I t ...f u 3. PRES!-IMEN if 'U mi iii If' Q I 24 .. Jane Ann Hardcadie Edna Hensley Ruin Hensiey Norma Jean i-iith Biff, Higinfcwfvf Bobby Horn Ciayfon Jennings Pau! Jennings Virginia Jennings Margaref Kasinger -s aff' X' f i George Keefer Gene King J. W. Kirkland Verna Mae Lance Helen Landrum FRESHMEN r ' 'ii Jr- C x 0 . 5 ii -s A .f C r E 'f ' 1 - f w -0 , - L 1 1 or . -' v, - .xl , . 1 - - sh Q I If ' f f I J. C. Landrum Edna Mae Siles John Lewis Charles Mew Doris Mauldin , rx 9 M f ,- Robert Parlee 4:5 Karl Seiler is . ,. J if df-B Q -qu" Adella Piflaway . 'I l f I' Elvan Sandford f V Cr'- ,Wvi I x lr ' Carole Parris Evelyn Piflaway Delores Queen f' A r J -5 I 4, 4..' . 4 - , 3 ,J- ' .., .-Q, ns ,B Eula Simpson Jimmy Simpson Anabelle Smillw rl K a Sm Jimmy Shri .f . l Wiima Thompson if i lm qere Whsfp Nelfie Ivan Woffhen wi' Q 1 W,- 4 V 1 - EIGHTH .si Ah GRADE D- ., - Rf - me -M fr vi V f-1,3 14, ff' 4- ' ' 1 ' r .TN ., J Ll. D. Proliva Harrell Dean Siarlc Don Balcer Jirnnvy Spec Presidenf Vicefpresideni Secrefary Treasurer Mabel Bafes, Redi+h Boafman, Joy Ann Bradley. Carolyn Bruce, Amerie Bryniar- slci, Shirley Campbell. 2nd Row: Be++y Clayfon, J. W. Cody, Madeline Davidson, Howard Deaflwerage, Lavern Douglas, lda Marie Dyer. 3rd Row: Roland Ford, Bobbie Harris, Charles Haslcin, Billie Hawkins, Corinne Heenan, Jay Howard. 4fl1 Row: Wade Ingle, Darlene Jennings, Junior Lane, Keafon McCumber, Juanifa McGelwee, Dean Mc V f 6 .ku A, 1 .far A . -li Tr- "' Morrow W La Ne! on R C Paulefre Wayne 5 on Q e Qfwo ww Dean Rooed or Pafsy S Lwremer BeHy Simpson K emnefh Sm Wm e W rr Co L Weaver Dean We er NOT PICTURED Jay Howad S we? med Roberfs Elfon Casey Joe Chase Deores NH Na rw Br? Sy wa WONT EIGHT!-I GRADE HALLOWEEN ROYALTY ol s I - Q'-b' v .-. if-A -' " , I " rn 1 , . 1 'I li if is I A 5 ' ' 'if .rv ku , ' Q Q h i . , V J 1.3: , L i u , -6 , 1 Q ' 1 ,J .js A: A Y ,L . .7 Q if ' ' 'J , ' - A ,-' .X 4 In cw: 'Vfrgffd Ce-QI? , EJ m 5 , . . ' , Ralf , EL, 101 , A f 3 ' 5 ., C ' . ' . - f ,Jtyf - X fafi, L, er' , bb , 'OT .f A ,Q u A Y f f C L L TL . . . I B . in di e Y , V ' F. ' W fl L 2 . A f S 33 s' ,. A 1 f - : .f ff. f , 1 , i A E L.E' L- 5 ia- 5' V H I . f u 1, , 5, wvir...-43+ . g , 5 , ' I 5 J ' s If X A - E Y M V F Q V , 1 ? a 5 1 A ' L i J X . SEVENTH GRADE rift I 'figs . 2 ' l -s 1 1 .5 " ' I i L M I A Q A ' I . ve . ' V 1.-f' 4 4 AVE ,.,... -,,-L' ..!' Gail Hawkins, president Myrfle Dyer, vice presidenf: Peggy House, secretary: Palsy Alley, Virginia Barker, Eileen Bales, Gene Bradley, Don Chambers, Joan Clay- +on,Jol1n Copeland, Paul Deafherage, T. J. Dover, Jo Ann Duggins. Leon Easl, Pauline Feazell, Luna E, Gilberf, Gene Green, Jo Ellen Griffin, Francis Hale, Warren J. Haley, Neva June Hall, Anna Sue Hawkins, Gayle Johnson, Royce Jones, Carl Keys, Dean Lane, Junior'Lee, Wilma Lee. I Rx 1 "rn ,,. 'P Fil ix I E 1. L 7 ' NOT PICTURED A Melva Jo Suffon, Treasurer, Kennelli Doalc, Waller T ,I -0- K Wolf, Bobby Dean Dry, Eddie Carrier, Wanda Q , Q Roberfs, Mary Beilw Geary, Norma Schulz, Eliza- I' ' bella Dalfon, Lawrence Malllwews Dean McDaniel, Palsy Mooney, Shirley Morris, Mary Louise Newman, Dallas Pills, Glen Russell, Erances Simpson, Tommy Simpson, Norlan Siles, Eileen Sione, Doris Sullon, Olen Tama, Jean Thomas, Sue Tlwurman, Dean Treal, lvon Treal, Cora Webber, Jaclc Welclw, Wanda Wells, fknila Wriglwl, Duane Wrighf. SEVENTH GRADE as 1,.1 TRIO Mary Ann Willell, Jane Boden- hamer, Mary Nell Hiclsman. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mrs. Gene Mooney, direcfor a3'4wl 000 in-ml ii In GLEE CLUB SEXTET Jane Bodenhamer Belly Fosfer Mary Ann Willelf Mildred John son Dorella Jones Jeanne Pro iva Mrs Gene Mooney direclor Isl row Mrs Gene Mooney Direclor Pally Bruce Belly Murphy, Roberla l-lursf Mary Hawkins Pall Heiny Mary Nell Hickman Barbara Heiny Joan Haley, Wilma Thomas, Mildred Johnson. 2nd row: Dorelfa Jones, O'nolda Dyer, Nancy Proliva, Ann Hawkins, Mary Ann Wille++, Belly Fosfer, Jane Bodenhamer, Paula WYGH, Jeanne Proliva, Eslalena Dearmore, Nadine Henderson. Jovce Smilh, 2 LIBRARIANS Nancy S'reeTe, O noida Dyer, Jane Bodenharner, Mary Hkkman, Befiy Fosfer, Dore?+a Jones, Lynn Harris. LaRue Hawkins af window. K COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT 3rd period shorfhand and Jryping dass. T. N. HOCOH, lnsfrudor. . WW, "1 of gonna I 1 W0 3 T , 4 Xie' ' ffl' wb, ' 1-.f.-,o 1 - 1 ,, U,-.. k ,if faei-.N-1.9 . ' CHAPTER OFFICERS Kafie B. W? fiom, Gdvi3OV1 Befiy Foier, president Geraidine Johnson, i'1is'rorifi" Nilma Thomas, freasorer' Joyce Smifiw, becrewfyp Beffy Fosfer, presideniq Mildred l maori. I-,f vice ofesidenip Mary Hickman VEOOVWSVI Juaniha Pinley 2nd vice p e ' f B M Lfavieid 3rd vice presideni' A3 ,Q-F" M1 -C5 '7 In 'N , .F V'-ff ff Wf fafkwgf ffgmfw L4fC ffffffifzf ff ffff JJZQ J to ,A E 2- 1-Q! . ,mv- -.JV Edifor Biif Clemenfs THE BOMBERS RCAR f,W.?" ' fa 3 4, . Am ff-w WS, in no ff? W f of if Y nf 5,52 'Q fix V s AssiS+an+ Edifor D 1'-Q f Mary Wyaff D-1' L- - .4 531-1' ' ,'. ,4 J Li- n ' f '!fiv. I. f -J, , I Win , n 1 4. K inf: S x, Y' - 1' . 5 m -. I . n I - K. HI rgffr L-11 im V 1? C5 .1 '-sa Repgrferg Feafllfe Edifors Geraldine Johnson Juanita Pinley Cefdyn Nekon Nancy Sfeeie Carfoonisf . Sponsor Chadea Clinkingbeard Lois Poweil FCDOTBALI. .kg q I . 5 v - ' 'f .1 Jones Jennings, Dick Wicker Jennings, Bob Sfark Guard End Cenfer End Guard Snow End Gladney Griffin Soufiward Griiiifh Guard Back End Tackle X Clemenfg Morris Hopper air A Love Back Guard Back Back Gu ard FGOTBALL QUEEN Jay Balcer, caplain Georqe M. Hickey, superinlendenf Lois Douglas, queen Palsy Warren, crown bearer O'nolda Dyer, senior maid Marilynn Mooney, lreslwman maid 'i is W? fx Y . , Q X QX XJ Bah" '- CHEERLEADERS Pail' Heiny Mary Nell Hickman Barbara Heiny .Lf ACTICN SHOT Junior-Senior Game -K BASKETBALL 'MQ SENIOR BOYS ISI row Duane Bleyrns Bolo Jennings AI Rawlrngs Clark Howard Tommy Roane 2nd row Jlmmy Huey Gene Mooney BIII 'lreal Jay Balcer Clyde Howard SENIOR GIRLS Isl row Anabelle Smalln, Jeanne Proflva, Mary Clayfon, Pal Bruce, Nancy Proflva 2nd row Marilyn Mooney, Mary Nell Hlclcman, Carolyn Nelson. Mary Hawlcnns, Vfrgmua Jenmnqs, Roberla Hursf IIYWMV 0-1-1-A----e I 'T""' " N '.""" ,,M,,,, . ., ., WQV W--,F Q, ff! , , . . , 'E' V I 3, ..v,.,., A - , 1, 'TW ' , - ' R. S f ,.- .A 1 . K S I 5 ' , u Vf' , ., M . . 5 . I I . , . lb' l El -.r - S 'rf w i i .. f -,.s.. c, JUNIOR BOYS Isf row: J. D. Proriva, Karl Seller, Paul Jennings, William Nelson, Jimmy Spears. 2nd row: Jaclc Jones, coaclnq Charlie Lovelady, Gene Green, Don Baker, Tommy Grillin, Roberr Hacicler, manager. M A . JUNIOR BOYS DISTRICT CHAMPIONS-T947 lsr row: Clyde Howard, Bob Jennings, Bill Trear, Billy Bob Snow, Clark Howard. 2nd row: Jack Jones, coacln: Ben Love, Howard Sourln- ard, David Gladney, Bernard Sclnulrz, Billy Pace. MQW 5 Z1 'Zan lf' GO GSW W N5 70 44 44 5,6150 C K , Of! Ox l E I x , R J l . ' ' ,. ff . ' 4' 1 gf U ' ..42 5 Ri, CLASS RYXES FAVO ol Q7 f" 5. 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I V 17' 165 A , I ' Q ...I : K WAITERS Billy Bryanl, Billy Bob Snow, Dlclc Bryson, Clarlc Howard, Clycle Howard, Tommy Reeve, Bob Milclwell, Jack Mitchell, head Waller. f 'eh IW Q 8 M 'F' af far' ffff' 'ev NM R213 fa if f X 5 U '5 if X was . f' wi' : my H... , sw'-1 ' F . ,532 if 'L '1'f-Fifi, -GM' 1114516 . , L--WQQAW nm f 5.,V'0 .1344 . 'Yay X 11, 2.2733 , ,mpg -' H... . M ffl .A S ' 'I ' AU- . ' ' -4'-1 fi . 'u . , . 1 ' '. yi 5 '-1--. - A gy, . 1' , Q., , -w ,Si 1 ,-Q 3 Qi 1 i- wg GUEILIP 5 X9 E A 4? om Q' M fwmoueq TI-IE PEOPLE S BANK M bl 0 'gas was mock co 5'- MM misenvnce STATION Mjmhimgfffw JM Qw,,,fg7 MOR-IFON 'HUTEL gym We eff Q5 LV Q , S ll - A A l 0 . d Famny Style Meals W 71 lfffwififf QWWM WWW TELEPHONE CO W 1' WMATWT LAW UTHS COFFEE SHOP E550 STATICN fll!Z'1l!l?g7v Me lk ffjflhafxffnuff D ax Banlfm Qlwfw DRC W QHAMQERS BBW l1lfaWze'cQr140efL 69 BN QALTZMAN M D ' ' ' co. cuaml Q, ' W C.O.TREA9. QW WWW gym SHE. :FF HDW. co. .2 S. I1 " ' - 'CO-SUP:!'. ' 1 . , , I -I 1 INSURANCE Of all k1nds For all OCCHSIOHS PROTECT YOUR 'Q MHQME Home s Autornob1 le s Buslne s s Bu1ld1ngs and Stock Farm Property aga1nst Fxre and other Hazards Wwe N- A Complete L1ne Of Worknfmen s Compensatxon Pubhc and Employer S L1b1l1ty Bonds and Acc1dent Insurance Dvep. lusurzmcs. Acpemv Uylef LWWL JEWELRY STORE 0 ZWZMZ 6' FUNERAL SERVICE. gfxtleffahfy Expert Watch Repalr 3 Phone 2.09 w 4 f f. 'Sa West Sxde of Square me Z? Mountam Home Ark u ll- 1 4 1 - - I ' if . , , I - U u b n ' I I Y x I I I 1, N 1 , 1 If . 1 1 5 ' 1 I ' f ' I 1 I 1' ," X W 1 - 1 f N x ,, 1 , ,I N 1 1 , e , , - 1 , Si 4 xx , ,--"' g , ,, f K' I , I P 2- 1244? w I, , - -cur X-A N- . , . IW' - 1 1 , Gaugzafpkkibvu. S E N IO RS SHOE DEPT b A y D thyA11y Pam-r su-soo Pblh B am MMVI, df Umfflw M541 KET Qui? acefrfaagrlmfs vou Ame. 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O A F ROM THE STORE OF H A D D N N -E S S -J 'e u ze A III!! fill H016 11545 XPYOU QS We HOME' E if X: lm LU M B' EIL Q0 Ufzfffdfmnfifmfizfrjdff Zffz' 15 ff X fmugfwg CW! Z af W THE. CAFE. ASSOCIATE STORE to the Sen1or Class And Its Employees OF I 948 from a graduate of '43 ...THE STUDENT- Now J untain Home, 'S 0 H 'I 1 9 aio IN A Q sings. 4 X ' 1 '5m -ML -4.2 274 - - so I 1 I , I Q QM M7 44 9 BABLT4-.EIL 0 ewws T +4 -E. -A 'I' RE. S Zag fn Wiffim fgcfzffe 65f2Qfzf4f1fnff1f We wusu THE Memsens or Mouumm Home men scHooL sermon nuns or me MUCH SUCCESS IN ANV AUD ALL FUTURE UNDERTAKINGS OMDANV Hghu k1 P t Hghizd dH kl P t T d d Sh M Mh Y M Mh Mh R P d Qffffiwffffuff- f if fee HE WWW Q OOL QW , I me -AFT u ac er - Owner Burl P1'0VinCe - EC aI1iC Tommy Greenback - ar s Mgr. A- J- Oung - eChaI1iC u war ac er - Howard Coventon - ec an Asst. ar 5 Mgr. Woodrow Roberts - ec a. Gladys Hackler - Bookeeper Dale Tucker ' B0dY and Fe Lorena Horn - Bookkeeper epair heo ore Ree - op Foreman Jay iI116Y - SHICSITIHH Redus Haley .. echanic Len all Neaffe " Salesman 0 h . 00' X! 7 T 'R - ! 'W ' ED! - Q ooo - P Qfmffkg-eng g QUALITV 6110. 2. MKT, fam! 041105077 phfgbjmes WMUJW1 MW HA ILDVVARE 2fSUPpLY CO M PA NV Q fQQ,,ZDeL'246c!0y0z1fzz1!0fvyuzg COME IN AND SEE OUR BARGAINS , 'yn . f wi , exoem' REPAIR szavucg. 1, Bnmsv Moron Co W bones:-. - Pwmouvn -W uk . . - --I Q16 - 7'luck.s esffgfcceff AVTA SERVICE 6-SALES Wwwm 6 .Km VN Hdq Fh P N M NT TNRhH TT ,H Ocqarfwffr mufof T 1 ph C3m?eaZhQZQWZL- T S 1947 1948 LMMMPSJQWDWWG COMPANY HW dfmewffzi In H th f48 9010254 M WQIGI-IT INSURANCE AGENCY vmffmzeufd g WMMMN MT HoMeAuTo Sus to LODGE wwf UM- ......l M E TURK J B OLIVER ea uarters L 3 K For ' men Phone 804 - O- orth ountain Home T. omj Hocott . Mrs. . .Q ut D ocott he eI1iO1' Class - e e one 179 Ofkers a Complete Carl AQ Keys Norman Halb rt Business Educatiol Rex Paul Mrs. Burt Coplin if ' D le and a einy on "101" t e Senior Class o ' ,-1 -I 1 1- , C9 I QUM iid V ELM Comm' l W wgomumewr worms ww SONS CLEAN Wm SM. Qdlwufffl f f 5 QD Envnce C R ANGSTONS TATION 'TY A "'-'ANC Mme X25 C2 51 e ,Lu a 1:0 1 If You W Marble and Granite to the Graduates of See Mountain Home High School Phone 44WZ ' ,-an I 0 S Q- f J fm J AS NEAR AS YOUR PHONE AX .. ---180--- Our 10 Years of experience is your guarantee Ss 0 ll 0 f 65201727 0141244 .40 , X 2 ' Q 45 CFU! MYATCIZW, ' g2?l4f742PIZWZ'c2Z Wfumamya W gm gm ffwmlw wwf Azz A wuomws 551 Zemfwf VVELDINC9 SHOP Qovvvpqxmewdlb ogg Pinkas 08 KW Mita, FINE :ooo oe Luxe mums QUWQQWWVW Bm WISHE 176144 i W HTIEURANCE Aoamv ifgfgf Wmf 745111 Jia sas QsPAlnuNs tl D4-soma I74 D I n "We Weld Anything" WW 7 Pasteurized Milk U and Milk Products Mountain Home, Arkansas ,SN 1 A ., 'Q , , .5 ' North Side Square 1412, el 1- 11 Mountain Home, Arkansas WWW STAIWJMAQ U New A11 Modern Rock Cabms G1-ggel-les Meats Lake Norfork Frozen Foods Frults On H1 way 62 to and Vegetables 1 Mlle from Mountam Home Arkansas M0unta1n Home Arkansas Abstract of T1t1es BARBER SHOP For Experxenced Work 1 block South of -ABSTRACT QWWW7 Post Off1ce SENIURS dfwf' 'W For Your Gala Events Flowers from WAHM 55174 Huw WEL -QRICTZ Vfkafklf 512 E. 4th Street Phone 187 - 1 Q - n n I -1 P l 9 - ' ' U , O f7' aff? M MIQZRJBUSINESS gnwvyf mm MW M229 ,Qzzyi 0,,m1'l6,SURPL145 STORE Wqdffwcss 70 WE EEIXXWK if A048 ROOEIOSOO STOKES, INIC. x T.E-..R08E.RTSON KVBVMM7 741 F X- c N v rt 0 X 09km FOR GREATER VAQPUES Then ' NAI E Don't Miss A Single Chance-- 'Cast YourBinocu1ers This Way An Hurry To The --- UR . , - . 0885125 ' ' PH N IO Across from Post Office Mountain Home, Arkansas I I O BAXTER Coumv GA? 501' gn Butane and Propane E O "Modern As Tomorrow" , XE." I Magic Chef Ranges, Servel Refrigerators In Coleman Floor Furnaces ITHE anon on LATEST swuss' LADIES READY T0 WEAR WQWMMQQ AMA WW nf ln QHESNAVE Sfx HURXELVILLEMHASKINS . O l 0 I C mv I X W445' A.C. ASKINS P. O. Box 116 Farms -R anches-Resort Properties In The Ozarks Mountain Home, Arkans E QM' Mom co. PH o N E Youll FORD DEALER 2,4 smell. 1914 aT PAY5: fo 6? ALWAY5 Qflflfgf' Mews STORE 574 MM X19 M Www 1,4 is-zJ,,4,5W Ozzmuac Wane IUVER Comvmw me I O 1 Ill 1' fv IN NATIONALLY KNOWN LINES 4 , 1 7 Developers of the Resort Town of Bull Shoals and Adjacent Lands Mountain Home, Arkansas - -- .-Y -V -Q-Q-rQ-, fvn..v1-- -V....v v.,,..., VW-Y .-----. Y,,,-Y--.......- 1" 1

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