Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO)

 - Class of 1952

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Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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7 , 5 ,- .- . , ' ,il .Zia J., 1' , ' ' ' "1 1194 an 1 U - - , , JW-,-,-. , ,fn WW'-"'f ii K' QAEEM V0 W ' . .1 j ' If ' " I ' 1? f , ft I M xl V . . . ' , fx . 4 . L1 ' r A , Rx Q7 . ' Y - 4 , Q I I Q- A. , xx ' AQ f ' I' I 5 5 'pf 51 ' ' "1 ., 1 N 9' x f,L an f ' JW? , K . i i ggi' LLC fflf-ig fd KLQQZFJ A 1 -. 'Vx A- IX K 1 -X A Q Q' 1 v 1 A , .L X . 1 X s V , R 1 1 f w - V 4- X1 i -. Jovi, Y - I t . 'Ti' - ' . EQ N . P M , Yi 'V ' . ff , 1 if ' T X z ' '7 N' ' 'T ' -7 1 lf 5 ,r '- N , ,J Q W x . .Ji I L ' ' X - f .sw 5 , 'f 1 . '2 4 , " ' .4 mi li K 1 N U 'A Q.-4 , ,' g x .,: iw -A -QQ ,mx-.W-, -Q-. 'xvia X -Awa-,-ni.'.C.'.xx'., -'S'c'fwkfxixY'-I'II'k2, '11 'E -Pfiiist-JG-,,, 2,3 .1 5.35 tde Serziafz Cfafra -495.2 Jnaufzfaitz Qfoue fllgd Sc6o0f Judllllfairz g'ZGUC,sfili4d0!,l't pfzeaerzfa ' X 1 -Cf WZ if ' I A 6 . 1 Qf J" , 5 1 4 1 Sl Il ll ll SVU k - , .. m..a.,,,m 'W asaghn W sw, . H an-14 Ugg'-V sa., During the past few years the students of lbuntain Grove High School have seen remnant? IWW ilp to their school. The work of the Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Orus Wilson, have provided our education with new facilities that are unrivalled anywhere. The hxildings on pages 2 and 3 have been added to the buildings already established and provide the campus atmosphere to our school. To Hr. Wilson, we axpress our thanks for the progressive planning and execution of the total sdwol program, and hereby dedicate the Annual of 1952 in appreciation. The four years of our stay as students in H.G.H.S. we have occupied a new, lodern Cafeteria, Cllov. 19l+9l, Agriculture Bmilding, CFeb. 19501, Mxsic Bxilding, CSept1 19511, Industrial Rxilding, fSept. l951D, and the Home Economics Cottage, CSept. 19519. 'lhese new structures have afforded many new services and offerings for each student and we pledge our support and best wishes for the years that lie ahead . nv""" ,,,.a-A ,Ls Last year the Mountain Grove Public Schools were classified as a AM school. This has been the culmination of much effort and planning which began with the first acadew estab- lished in 1857. It was not until 1887, however, that the lbuntain Grove School District was famed. Today seven buildings and an athletic field comprise the educational plant of this community. Many thousands of graduates, and countless numbers of teachers, have gone from this institution to ocwpy places of leadership and responsibility in every walk of life. -v-""' 5 1 EV MWYMM llll l Ill I loWWMj44JMMa -a"aa'e ibm? P ffgmwww f'?fQffff-wg. f GRUB WILSON gdheafhhnzknf BOARD OF EDUCATION MOUNTAIN GROVE PUBLIC SCHOOLS suPemN1zNm:N1' MOUNTAIN GROVE MISSOURI Dear -enior Class of 195 "Our forefathers brought forth upon the cont nent a new nation, corcewed ate in liberty and dedicated to t e proposition th t all men were cre equal " "Nh th that nation or any other nation so conceived and o dedicated can e er long endure depends upon the 'eternal vigilance' of commg eenerations There were men who believed that after we survived the shock of two great wars, the Civil Var and World xar I, the world was safe for democracy The march of tme has proved otherwise Follo 'mg Vorld ' ar I a long 1 depre sion took its harrowinv toll from thc peoules o hxrope and Amer ca Within our own memory the blivht of World xar I wlthered toe hopes of d of Cqxmwfli-Stic countless people around the world Today the rxthle r e nations for power directly contributes to a get 1er1r F vloom in tae nrln s of men The lo mg shadow of a still more hideous war threatens the democratic way of t fe Once mo e 'it s for ts, the livirg, r ther to be dedmated here o the unfinished work that we hereby h rhly re olvc that the government of the people, by the people, for the people sh ll not , rish from the earth " "'I'o some generations much s ,,1V8O, of other generations much 15 expected ti has a rendezvous with destiny " Great danrer exists in the this genera on world of today Yet this generation probably faces tre sreatest op ortunity 1 ever offered to any generation of men on earth Olcer Generations ha e so ve neither the problems of war or of peace Is saj to you 'Thy feet have been set in a larn. place There is a job to do G0 do itl" L Qjf-VMAU I Q- .QL l C 'z. a ..- . I . ' ., E d N e ' :- .1 II ' . " ,I 0 v . 'v I w , .1 . . . I, . v.- . I. . e In .1 ,, .L . 9 .J - . a ., I . A . . - 555 E E3 . . V , I fx - e I 1.1 a 'F 1 ' , 51 '. econ 17: :3 aces - f: nn I. .a e . . . K 1 ,y . a I n 4, .- ' 1 1: .' . - Q v d . e J 1 ' ' If e o ff f' f MDUNTAIN GRDVE HIGH SCHOOL MUUNTAIN GRUVE, MISSUURI . JO-9El1HNi Hfbfl N ky 16' 1952 To: Each Member of the Senior Class, 1952. You are worthy of the weeks. The Completl worthy of re the congratulations you "-LL1 receive in the next few on of the work for a high sdzeol diplwzm is en schievemen comltion. For 'Dany of you it has been a difficult struggle, but goal is well Worth the test. iny-thing lvorthlvhile is difficult to obtain, but the results will off-set the problems you encounter on the ro-Hd to sue I an proud to congratulate you for your 'venv achievements. I see y ch ,es that have taken place in hijfh schcfifl daygan lheaxggprpose of education 1 ful chenres in themselves. hhen vou intelligence to learn to bead You 'U-ide 'U-any useful .roars in high .Your ab cess. each s to h , start and w ChQ!g1'6S school illtlc ther t of during r elp ifldiv-15:11:13 'Deke 'fl ed in grade school, you had the rite, but you had to develop that ability. M in those early years. Tedey, at the end of four you show definite improvement in your personality Ind in s. .Vven now, your education is not complete. You will need fum rain-inf, either in the school of experience or in college, or both, be- fore you will be accented br the world of workers and the world of citizens es one of them. It ls the desire oi' eve person to live a life that lvl-ll be happy prosperous for self and for oxtlhers. We need to continually evaluate Ourojlies. .iefmlerly develop the habit of selrrevaluatlon. Ihe wholesome personality ls the Whole pcrsonalityg that is the one in which the various elements ind traits are related and integrated about a central purpose or g0sl. I would challenge each of you to be e interested in others. A f s poet when asked the secret of his Compelling- influence On others Bald, 371011 had a friend." This man held learned that to be interesting to other-9 he had to be interested in others. If you will think of the individuel you know personally who has the Rst interesting personslity, the probabilities are that this individual is interested in you. To become interesting to others, you nu-st become interested in then. In school .You have learned to do s lot of different things. Keep idGa with you as a regular habit. A person that Can do s numbe a vocation and in recreational pursuits will be a lnost You can use a hobby to brighten life, and Nhat 1 Day enrich life's darkest nonents. Lhsv Ihnv young people today are conf mountable. Set your ro ually tho goal wi become int ev this r of things as successful person. s a corrmon place experience, , people in life have the most fun honted by problems that seen alrngst un , -11, dew-lon patience, find the will to win, and went ll be yours. If you Wish success, take a look at yourself, . erestcd in others, and devote yourself to the task at hand, What- er it may be. This sCh0ol will always belcnff to its students 'ferlernber that each teacher and fellow studen experiences and to serve .You in the best of ever?-thing for you dn , both pest Qnd present. t will always bc earer to snare .Years that lie ahead. fly desire d .YDUPSQ is the T' Juanlta Anderson Nancy Buckner Hglen M B ckner O HGV Hall Soeech Correctlon Southeast Mo State College University of Iowa Unlverslty of bdssouri B S 1h Education General Mathematics Hivh School Counselor Lindenwood College George Peabody College B S M S in Education Southwest Mo State College '23 een! .,..-h Woodrow Claxton Mary Collier . Mathematics ,.. Social Studies Librarian , A . ,ff 5 J m X- J .f Drury ' Iberia Junior College Southwest lb State College Northwest Mo State College Southwest Mo. State College 3, 3 in Education B S in Education Q Carroll Chllds MUS1C Drury Northwestern University Bachelor of Music gene Cravens Vocational Agriculture University of Missou B S, in Agriculture li' 9 .U 5 Eli? Harold Edgar Nellie Gatchell Darrell cow, Industrial Arts S hwe M 5 ate C latin Mathematics Speech English Language Arts Dramatics Neva House Social Studies Outgu gf ig'Ed5catiOglleg6 Southwest Mo. State College Southwest Mo. State College Southwest MO. State College T S ' exas tate College B. S. in Education E. S. in Education .YN HIFI Duane Kingery Jean Kingery Robert Kula Lester Maddox English and Spanish Commerce Health and Phvsical Education Vocabloml Agrioulturo School Publications General Sclence Southwest Missouri State Unlversitj o' ldnnesota UniVor51tJ of bhssoufi Southwest Mo State College College Southwest Mo State College B o in Agrlculture B S inEducation B S in Educatlon B S in Mucatlon A M in Education Earl Maffett General Science, 7 8: 8 Biology Physics Fort Scott Junior College Kansas State Teachers Coll B S in Educatlon, A I' Murl Orr Health 8: Physical Bducatlon Southwest Mo State College B S lh Educatlea bhirley Taylor Dorothy Mlller G01-da Newton Vocal Music Comerce H4115 Kansas State Teachers Southwest MO State College College of Pittsburg, KansSouthwest Mo State College B 5 in Education Unlversity of Wyoming University of Missouri B s in Education ln Education ful 'YH 'M-"' Sara Richardson Herbert Smith Dan Snider Voc Home Economics Social Studies Diversified Occupations Geography Industrial Education Southwest Mo State College Central Mo State College University of Missouri University of Missouri University of Missouri B 5 ln Education B S in Education B S in Education . Y A J . Y . s . n is . 0 1 ' o I 0 9 ' ' 0 , -1 as KH 1 ' 0 o , ' s o s lo , 5 . , , B. S. . K 'ky I 1 'N A jf ' X 9 ' -.-. 35 7 11: ff- X ' ,- S3335 Umar' . I 0 ' . . . . I . . , u o Q 0 UW h ff f VIAM "FI W ' J-: A 1' MNAL' L' Q' 'magna Anna Margaret Thomas General Elexricity Art University of I-Lissouri Trenton Junior College University of' I-lissouri 3. J. in Education, AJ-1. ,af 'ZX ' fdug ' 1- fi: ' Qou lgn " J'-. .. lar V :, Confqli,-'SOP 'lifts ters lv? Stat lg 9 A O Our Duane -Igh scitpjagvlsoh - - 7, . O 001. Aeachei Iadust s A A A On Ohgfal QUIiT! .UIETL rLEAS:.l Students at work'?7'? A scene from our newly remodeled Of Library on the third floor of the high school building. Always plenty going on here!! MM' i VG' M fs a' '- Y -,m--aw X X if ? Xa fi K . 1952 ' 355- A 3' w. , 'Wt W V' Q5 W coFF11,xN, GETE FFA Electricity CRLWSE, LEONARD LEA. FFA-UD Key Club, Pres.l95l-52 Orchestra-K3DMtn.M.C. Glee Club-Mixed Cno. Annual Staff Student Council-13? Teen Age Book Club DAKE, DONALD JAMES D. O. Club FFA DAKE, CLARA NADINE COFFMAN FHA Swuvisn Club DENNIS, CAROL RAE Office Mixed Chorus-C141 Glee Club-CLD Pep Club-C2D Tlnnbhhg Team. DEWITT, NORMA JANE D. O. Club Art M.M, EAST, YLENE FHA-C35 Pep Club-Q21 Mtn. Music Club Art Club EMEHY, EUGENE D. O. Club FFA-C35 Teen Age Book Club Art Club ESTES, HURLEY JAMES Football-C21 Mtn. Music Club Art Club Teen Age Book Club "M" Club FFA FLETCHER, FRANK LOWELL Mtn. Music Club OD Track FOGLRSON, DORIS LEONA Mtn. Music Club-Q21 Pep Club GADDIS, VIRGINIA FAYE FHA AYP Club Science HARRISON, LYLL 'I'UiLN1sR Test Tube Twirlers FFA Teen Age Book Club-C25 HLARD, CLYDL DONALD Science Club HIGHTOJILR, CAXOLE LOU Student Council PHA FBLA Teen Axe Book Club-C32 Art Club HOLLAND, PAUL DEAN Football-C 3 DCapt-19 51 Track-KZJ HOLLAND, ROBERT C1-IARILS Art Club Mtn. Music Club Basketball-CD HUNSAKILR, DAILLLNL JEAN Drum C0TP5'fkD Drum Corps Major-C2D Band-Chl Glee Club-C31 Orchestra-CLD FHA - Mixed Choef3P Pep Club Tumbling Team Glee C1ub,pia.nist ki Alfa' -IV' GARTIN , DORIS EVALYN FHA GORDON, Lou NAN FHA - FBLA Debate Pep Club 131 Office Dramatics f2D Spanish GOURLEY, CAROL LEE Student Council-C37 Band-CLD Dramatica FBLA Spanish Club Glel Club Mixed Chorus-Q21 Mtn. Music Club HALLIBURQDN, LESTA RUTH D. O, Club FBLA Teen Age Book Club HALLIBUHTON, VINETA EILEEN FHA-l2D Office HARRIS, JACK CALVIN FFA-C22 FBLA Art. Club Electricity Teen Age Book Club f'7a li .. 1 1 2 Q. J, .4 45 'Y wi '3' 3' nhq if x I 'r Y If Q0 95.5, -an if 4 .no- QJ , 'gg' ' if fi .N , vg vu wir f ,,f -f N'-3 :Z 0, 1 T A 1 43-0 t . , 5 if O H' Nu. in SEARS, ALFRED RAY FFA U5 Glie Club Football l'w,Cb1S Annual Staff SHELBY, JAHLS EONNSEND PEACH Glee Club Key Club-Mixed Cho. Band UQ Orchestrafhl Spanish Club - FBLA Dramatics Club Student Counci1f3J Teen Age Book Club SNELLEY, FREDA BELLE D. O. Club Mtn. Music Club Office SIMPSON, OPAL EERNIECE Dramatics FBLA - FHA SMITH, MAHALLA IEE Office FBLA - Pep Club SMITH, RUTH NADENE FHA UQ Pres. l95l-52 Tumblers - Dramatics Art Club - Mtn. M. C. Office STEEIMAN, JAMES ARTHUR FFA Q35 Track Htn. Music Club C22 Teen Age Book Club TAPP, VERLE MARIE D. O. Club TETEICK HARVEY JUNIOR FPAUJ Art Club THOMAS, ALAN GENE FFA - f2J Electricity moms, CHARLL5 FRED Football - 423 Library Club "H" Club TRACK TURNER, HAROLD DEAN FFA C25 Track Mtn. Music Club PTA 123 I lash ' ' T. A . Lg Af . 1, gs. 3 ' C' 1375 5292 an ' .w 9 if 'fi f .,v,,. 'Sn TURNER, MARX HDBERTA FHA - Spanish Tumblers - Pep Club Dramatics Mtn. Music Club 'FZ 8.L. A- C21 UP,SHA'.-J, HJBBY JOY FFAf2D ELS:-rnicirv VANDIVORT, NOLAN TED FFA QI Library Club Elec-rmca"r1 wumz, Noam JUNE Teen Age Book Club WILSON, DONAID ELMLR FFA UP Mtn. Music Club Teen Ago Book Club WILSON, JOHN DOYLE FFA Art Club WORSHAH, MARIETHA FERN Drum Corps UQ FBLA Q21 Pep Club CZJ Dramatica Mtn. hxsic Club C21 Glee Club UQ H. Glo. U0 Modern Music Club YATES, ESTBER LORRAINE Dramatics - Pep Club Spanish Club - FBLA Modern Music - Office 6- 4359 Hn x. I Q W Nfl ln M LL 'N-' ifiun -Q' -xii 41- 1 Y:-95: .- Achilles , Kenneth Alsup, Graco Austin, louella Barnes, Deanie Bartimus, Wanda Borden, Dorothy Boring. Dark Brown, Jerry !-," .' A 'QS' 3 ww s.,,,,gr , mf I Q., T15 Cowden, Bob Crisp, Bob Dednon, Clarlene Dishman, Floyd Dishman, Lloyd Dobson, Christine Duke, Vivian Lastin, Beverly , 4 pd' J3- 'J 1 ' - , J fs' 'll +1 543 uni' , , 'T 362 s.,,9q- c , 34-7 if v'. if N , I V W 1 Q . f op- er" I O 4 Q. 2 Edwards, Thamld Embrey, Bessie Lou , Freels, Earnest Freeman, Phyllis Forbes , Bob Fry, Nora. Jane Gourley, Herbert '2 L23 Graven, Willis lui 'Y Green, John Harris, Joan Hopper, Hum Key, Carl 3 nh Kaiser, Jimq Lsthrom, Bonnio Lister, Eddie Halliburton, Nation Lungvell, Richard Marshall, Nanqy , -3 Q Hcbaris, Marvin .TJ i mmm, .mek fi Bears, Wanda Hicham, Harold lbore, Daisy Morgan, Somq 'H' B .1, 'fvfs gg df! ,f'f Q-9 '23 ,Vw Q59 T X L AQ. P5 Rance, Fred Nettleton, hxesell Pamperien, Joan Pamenter, Bonnie Penner, Ha.: Proctor, Billy Regain, Vere Reed, Alice l :J , .4 -q-7' uf ,,-MZ' 's P ,ily u rw- Q--7 - DOI OqO'A , . TZ' ,f . Q 14' Si' S4 ave, ,,ac, uf ' I 8 65' Reese, Lois Robertson, Billy Bushing, Dolly Ryan, Karl Sanders, Gayle Schenck, B111 Slelley, B111 Sherrell, Clears fx 'ri-6: Stanley, Pansy 'tb' -:rf Steelman, Warren Sumnere, Irvin Thomas, Gary 43 IIA Blacksher, Roberta Hxrch, Rosetta Huntoon, Elaine McGowan, Mary Ellen walker, Billie Washburn, Clarence wilson, Don D. Hoods, Van Yeager, Edsel Snider, Barbara Tate, Forrest 1-Jall, Pauline - 0 4' O0 Y '-0 -nuqv an , 4 1" -10' "O- IIT? 16 1,07 Thorras, louise Todd, Tonmy Tool, Mildred Turner, Barbara C .ef 'EP 'I .-I 33' az, I 59? 1 i 4 v Y Q n , s X , J .L w'. , g,w,A - , W 0 goifwm W Altis, Nolan Axmndaon, Jack Baney, Jewellene Austin, hstallene Calton , Arthur Chandler , Dona Ann Chasteen, Sue Curtis, Vern Duey, Don Eastin, Sherry Farrar Jackie Fry, Marjorie Freeland , Donna Freels , Lottie Forbes , Clyde Gattin, Jeanie George, June Gourley, Jane Harris, Billy Rae Hem, Lloyd Hicks, Nadine Higby, Georgia Higby, Joe Hodges , Darrell I 751' ,xv 52 all , , . rg, 1 ' m 971 .,..-9 Rader, Frank Rebmann, Delmar Rippee, Rex Robertson, Joe Robertson, Ralph Rogers, Judy Upshaw, Betty Ryan, Kay Sanders, Frances Turner, Terry Rogers , Verla Smith, Phyllis Switzer, Janette Stubbs, Ronald Scherer, Rita Thomas, Jane Thornhill, Glenda Sanders, Richard Terpstra, David Virtue, Ruthene Yiade, Jeannine Zialker, Joretta Ziat son, Darrell Archer, Effie Jean Coffman, Faris Crisp, Dixie Davidson, Duane Holland, Larry Graven, Kattie Hyde, Billy Walker, Billy Harris, Mary Jo Peacock, Lois Proe, Charles Wooldridge , Homer AQ if 5 J ,JW ,ff:,, Aff ,, W V ,Y - dig, l ,..ff""' ,,,lf , N kqrryq N4-,A vgkx 5 X X 5i2f52i.X 'fe ,X T4fQ, 'k N X - Xx . X .. X XXQXX X- Q EQ-X' fx w 1 9? X510 ies Xk fxx X A XX X XX X XL X ,X XXX X X X x .XXX XX X XX . KXXXQXN 'X X xl X X - , X -X XX . X 1 .-X x X X X X XX X , x X - x X X, X X XX XVX .K X XX XX. X x X Y Y XXX AX X .K .X . K .X . .v xx xlfx X X X A. K X X. X ky XXX X XX X X XX X Xxx XX A XX X . X X A . -. Xxx - XX XX K N LXX XX , xx XX N5 X, 'F' Q 2' K 'J 'FY '3' f "Q ..- 1 4. , - u 5 Q ""x'7'f? gl 'E 'mx 'Tri' 3 I -A Q. . 5 , '7 . X Q K xl -0 -,Z ' C! fih'!i LL Ns rm, Q , 1 'H 1 dm, fi' 3 QQ N- f - H ' A ,Y wi A X X I JA I -Q 3-s '- fo 'VI N, .I 'S ,guy lf- 1.31.1 3 43' f 9 :F 'G' ij" V 5 'X .5 fire A ' ' V In in Q, 1. K' J -V HJ :V I. , D W f .lb K, A 6' ' 'H A -.. Q , -nj fer , 'jg W 4-sv ' - A v A - H A V if' Q V I 4 if ' V , , 1 ' Q 'Y -A 'C' I.. Q' Altia, Imogene Amos, Oleta Amos, Cleta Atkinson, Joy Atkiason, L. L. Ault, George Barker, Ernie Bamhart, Edwin Baty, Barbara Bayless, Doris Bethel, Bob Bramlet., wnbur Brown, Levi! Blrney, Mary Elisabeth Butcher, Doris Byorley, Elm Cain, Harold Caldwell, Rex Carder, Fern Carter, Betty Qlaney, Bula. Hao Clark, Elpha. Sue Collins, Dean Donnor, Margaret Cooper, Mary Ann Crelse, Jack Crisp, Denney Curtin, Irene Daublin, Marilyn Davidson, Dorothy Lfyf, GLW V C'a.a,," Zu, Dcloour, Donald Dennis, Jerry Bowden, Fhxth East, Joan Elliott, Clifton Farr, Jerry Francis, Shirley Franklin, Francis Freeln, Garner Friend, Duane Gaddis, Irene Gaddis, Jack Gatchell, Ann Gourley, Bobby Clary, Fhxgene Green, Wanda Halliburton , Ienora Harker, Leroy Harris, Billy Roe Dean, Patsy Hilt, Edna Hilt, Joe Hoffarth, Rudy Hopper , Horton, Horton , Hunter , Hurley, Inez Joe Ann Patricia Mary Jane Imogene Jarrett, Jeanie Johnson, Don AJ!! I A dal ,dfkullh 15' an-4 -ev . -Q 6-o 4 L4 if-4' ' li , Q H I fri, I Y . A I WUI? if at -of '35 ,ook ,,,f if Y . 2 N4 "SPG Z ,ge H J ,Q- -I .gf l ATS. 44. all ' '3M'ff !'fJix'ff 'H iw -ifo- 41 'S -...-R' QQ' Ivy 'Qt X 0 , i -4 'W3 41' var' QQ. M. ia ,. 4 'Y 0 M' .X ,uv W .Q , v ,V -A , wg N. f 1 is 6' Q rv: I 5 v ,N-X. JK: ,' viii- f ff 541 ' -rv 1:1 if 4 0 ,v rf' ,' Q' Ur ' J!- ', "J X-ff ,. ss: gli, 1 px -Q f .9 -U 'flwff ' 'Z C2 va. ,,,, ,,. 9 ,Q -rf K A QS ' i? Wu . 9: :re :Y ...Z 1 -4' atv? -0 'T 'O lui? Kemper, Glenn Kincheloe, Vonnie Lathrom, Bonnie Iabhrom, Dixie Latimon, Ivalee lathrom, Linda Liska, Pete Long, Ihrshall Mackey, Carolyn I-IASOH, Doris I-icCallister, Arlene McGowan, Leonard I-ic!-Xurtrey, Dinde Helton, Gene I-iiddleton, Charles Middleton, .Janda Mitchell, Dean Moore, Floria Ibore, Gloria Moore, Shirley Morris, Fred Murr, Carolyn Ifusser, Loeta Powell, Betty Iewton, Larsha Iewton, horma Neher, Jane O'de1.l, Ralph Ov.-ens, Velda Parson, Lero N Gzeedidpg ,aff-auf'-f w-La 4440 'Q'-3' 26'-4f.I' Tipton, Robert Peterson, Bob Phelps, Sue Pippin, Evelyn Pointer, Donna Fay Powell, Betty Young, Billy Prow, Alice Nell Rader, Billy Haney, Ronald Reberry, Billy Reed , Betty Rhodes, Melvin , .. Rippee, Darlene Richards , Barbara Robertson, Billie Robertson, Nonnan Roby, Ethmer Rogers, Charles Saladin, Jarrel Sanders, Wilma Shannon, Geneva Shelley, Geraldine Sheppard, Russell Smart, Lucille Steelman, Barbara Stanley, Thetta Smith, Joyce Strube, Curtis Terpstra, Bmce 'D 'nil K f 'tsl' 1:4 as J Al? ,QQ 45 ,f -Ol? 'ie 4,1 J' 9 ti -Ofc-1 '...,. gg , -,A 4 B 1'-1 K 4 Q . - , - x f -as . V . . Q f . I ' V Q . ?.', 7' I F, x '+ I 13415 -if-gifs, 4 .J 4-ga... fa ,E -' 1, 5--H' 2 ' f , f.Z.'l 1 .ai b ff . Q l K : 01 I . ,ML Y f L. 1 3 6?-,W i 2 ef if if -0 'Y 31 X 5' C' . ir . X bf' 'W Q f 1 I-., K 'T .ni "' I' A., '?? ei -'Z' ,955 f f 564 9, -if .---r -v ra 62" '1 'nd 'T' 3' N 1 . -a 'I'homhil1, Coral Le "7 Trumbo, Betty Turner, Teddy Vail, Dick Vandivort. , Gene Virtue, Norman 'T' 35 L-Jade, Peggy K Jagner, Jerry , I 4 ,I Jall, Donald Nat son , Nellie n -1111, Liilbur s v'i1.1.'Lams, Richard ,i . . . 3 " 1 Wilson, Dalpha. F v F Hoods, Sue Fm , Young, .Jayne nZ'04.df4! QA'-L A Ap 0-xo. 9 A lil 1 ey- - Sig Q gl ? ggi ' f 2 19 S-a Qin' X fad an SM X Q91 acfew X O X N if 9-Mk' ' B25 I K g s , Q TR . . .af I' A -45s .is-f .3 Connor, Tillie -ayka Day, Shirley W 4, 6' Dewitt, June xf435fo Duncan, Jimq ,V I , Emott, Van 4 Ax ,.,- L.. Halliburton, Elsie Hampton, Dixie 'R 'J 48' 'S' ' -15 fa: ' A 'R ' v 1, ,D ,Jn 1 Tv Aldrich, Eddie Altie, Juanita Alunbengh, Lois Anxold, Janet Barnhart, Nadine Bartholow, B Ex-nestine Baxter, Larry Blackwell , Donald Branson , Harold Briroy, Kenneth Brown, Martha Jane M- I D Campbell, L- T- -- H 1 f ' Clark, David QU ' h x Cline, Harold 'B AK ' ' Coday, Joe fi in .1 y , ,Q 6-N' ,W '33 Q.. 'Q -1" -4 .4 A Z' I 9 J H age. ill 'few' , Hodges, Donald 4' X Holland, Jerry ' L C, ii, i Q P X, 94, , Jaw Hoover, Ray mf lm . rl, . EI., .Earl-R! Hutchison, Billy Hutsell, Bobby Ja as Immekus , Kenneth E., Jarrett , Bobby Koontz , Bonnie if Q .f 1' , Inwis, Fred JM lewis, Jimmy X? 2 J. W 2 Q Lucas, Anna '-v, 'asf -Tl, 'N 4-Q 7 Maddox, Marian , S 1 R s 1' Phnchester, Jeanette O A I I S S S ,rw 4 f fr TK , R X4 V . Murin, Shirley Nickle, Ted Palmer, Par. -:r Poatlewait, Marjorie Proctor, Barbara Robinett , Dale Rnok, Louise .D Su' 4 Sanders , Betty J Sanders , Dale J? n 'Vi ' 4 '-5-'52 X Q r,,f -4 "3 2' V smm-5, nom Xi! jxffi ' 242' 'FQ gtr J '14 9 x x ,', ,..,f'LfX Lf-.', 7 efuffvi -3 Q fee vvf wg ffrf I 1 , ,Z -gr "any 1 4' 5 5 7 Schenck, Kenneth Sehenck, Margaret Shelby, William Simmons, Sherrell Sisk, Byron Sutton, Shirley Thomas, Eddie Virtue, Jackie Hard, Nancy Wynn, Nancy Power, Shirley Zieber, Ray Wood, KU G1 F-Q-I A T' 1, l 1 , tdgfi r is A S n Hampton, Linda Holland, Patty Butsell, Barbara Ipock, Mary Ann Jackson, Lillian Knight. Phill-1-S Levis, Frankie HcC11me, David McClure, Joyce Moody, Robert Newsom, Judy Odle, Smax-on Plunk, John Roderick, Arlene Rogers, Badqy 1 f-'sv .. N9 U ' --' ' Adxutt, Joan Akers, John Btllard, muy Barker, Riehud Bram, Junior Brulley, Joan Byirley, Freddie Caldwell, Patsy Catlett, Susan Goble, Barham Decker, Hilm Edwards, Ih Hn Freqm, larry Hall, Ronnie aulnm-mon, mmm Q It zo- : 1 ' ' U I 4. ' 'O , ' ' MQ ' .f A 'J r 3 in a.-f -ya: . :'r .: f., ,,, f .' .rs ' 1 Sanders, Richard Stanley, Billy Stephenson, Evolyn Sxtton, Horn Sutherland, Willa Tool, Roy Tumor, Beverly ,. Q Walker, lhnno uoomrmge, Carolyn, Hooley, Sue .g Workman, mgeno Young, Diclqr Hawkins, Mario X S515 X Q. I 3,9 ai of 59 sri AL 3 -A v- I f N4 S91 V im? 'fish st0DpeI,S!!! carl and ene Gmcfzfiillker V p,,' fue, aliutsell I .v Lib-il -5711 """?" ,,- z3f1Cl1OStor J 165,18 CKLI6 , EDIT ORIA fwif fx ...FY '.L'-FJ Albert had been a good boy for a whole week, and it looked as though he was a changed lad until last Monday. Between second and third period Albert was waltzing his wav to physical education whistling his little' lungs out. He opened the gym door and re- ceived the shock of his life. His jaw dropped two feea, and his face blossomed rn the color of a coca-cola machine. He stumbled backward tknocrked over two people and a case ui empty coke bottlesl. His feet made a quick jump and ian 20 feet before they touched the ground again. llis take-off was faster than u get Irgnterg and when last seen he was headed South, What has shocked Albert? You guessed it. Girls! Cfczarsezs IZ d U z'1'vz'z'zes 'Wiki 4 ,U ,,, ---- - """' W 'QE Ei x 'ff . X , i 3V t , '-,e N Q, X Wim? an -'A M ,N ,wk by itawlvl, UQ, u' f 1 . .xi If fi ' , FS fia- 4 iiff 4:'?v??-'ia' 4 ' Aw X, .1 V X ff-b' 1-.5 'Y ... 5 I ---, L' Qi' 4 S3 4 f zz fr Q EQ 1-, " 'wi ., Ln I w., , .. 'I S if . Q Eg.. F sx' A W, -aw qr. fi.. gm I ,QU 1, .- E iff! wi-n--Q In NVQ EU 2. Z Eiga E 2 , .ma . 'E -ef A, R 1 a 2 ai 51 W? 3 V E it 19 MA 5 6 t x K if f 3? X .a i M.-, 5 E an QM J X u Marian Maddox. N a Jane Fry, Ramona Julian, Ha Jo FRONT - Darlene Hunsaker, Mary F. Poe, First Row - Carol Gourley, Bessie Lou Bmbrey, Mary Ann Morris, or Kenneth Brixey, Eddie 'n'lOI!1B.S, Tom Larmer, Lillian Jackson, Sue Wooley, Clarlene Dedman, ry Harris, Phillip Maddox. Second Row - Margaret Connor, Marsha Newton, Fern Carder, Judy Newsom, Wilma Sutherland, Phyllis Knight, Paula Coday, Ronnie Nall, David Clark, Tillie Connor, Patsy Caldwell, Jerry Dennis, Joe Coday, Jimmy Duncan, Jack Crewse, Bob Bethel, Ray Hoover, Jack Adams , Irvin Summers, Billy Harris, Willard McCarty, Donald Hodges, Junior Brovm, Fred Lewis. Standing - Townsend Shelby, Charles Jackson, Lloyd Bern, Jack Farrar, Bob Osborn, Kennethluellen, Mr. Childs, Emgene Clary, Janet Arnold, Sue Chasteen, Rosa Lee Lawrence, Max-lun Manchester, Hutsell, Harold Cline. Valera NWwv..,.wwfvW,7Mf,wwWfZ 'Q-is V 2 5 A Q 9 sl me Ja-rea, time comorfik-ne Arm more Bob osborn, Dnbrey, Je Jack Farrar, 11.1.8-F1 F11-ef. now - Mary F- POS. Bessie 1011 Harsha Newton, William Shelby- H ni C Townsend Shelby L-1075 em: Roberta Tamer' mdgivzeimuip Maddox, N31-a Jane Fry. H1111 HBYF5-B: W summers, Mr. Childs. swam Row - Eddi Thomas Mar em Briny' en Helgn Myers, Patti Clark. gker, Charles Jackson, Irvfin Kenn Patsy Caldwe , 1 Darlene Buns Hcoaftly g Standing Nancy Marshal , ' l9zwFLef:1,-ga f 9'5i?-23, Lu. 'it Y Some of the most interesting clubs were the Arts as promoted by the senior and junior Art Clubs under the direction of Miss Thomas, Art Instructor. The purpose of the clubs is to bring interest to regular class room activities. The Club had a party, sponsored an all-school Art Exhibit , and took two buses on a tour to the Springfield Art Museum, Southwest Missouri State College, ani Springfield Senior High School lst Row: Lorrita Carter, Esther Yates , Marilyn Manchester, Alice Reed, Helen Were, Ma.ry Frances Poe, Valera l-lutsell, Barbara Snider, Connie Chaney, Marietha Worsham bid Row: Lou Nan Gordon, Lois Reese, Wanda Chaney, Carol Gourley, Bonnie Pannenter, Jeanette Moore, Cleora Sherell, Mary Ann Morris, Dolly Rushing 3rd Row: Mrs. Kingery, Clarlene Dedmon, Carole lou Hightower, Jo Ann Pamperien, Nancy Marshall, Katie Rogers, Norma Rader, Mahalla Snith, Rosetta Burch, Mrs. Miller. fNot present for the picture: Pat Clark , Donna Aiken, Wanda Robinette, Maxine Moseleyl TWO MGHS CLUBS TAKE A DAY OFF Members oi the FBLA and Spanish Clubs combined resour- ces to spend last Friday and Saturday touring Saint Louis. The trip was for pleasure and education. Merimac Caverns, uptown Saint Louis, Forest Park, Shaw's Gardens, and the Jewel Box were the highlights of the trip. Merimac Caverns was the first place visited by the Clubs. A guide took the group on a tour and pointed our different places of interest in the Caverns. Friday evening the group at- tended the stage production ot "Paris 90", starring Comelia Otis Skinner, at the American Theater. Forest Park was the first plaee visited Saturday morn- ing. The group visited the dl!- ferent parts of the zoo and en- joyed the antics of the various animals. After visiting the Jewel Box and Shaw's Gardens, where many beautiful flowers were seen, the group returned home. F.B.L.A. continued as the students in the comme on-'rcsas 1951-52 First Semester President Valera Hutsell Vice President Mary Frances Poe Secretary Alice Reed Treasurer Barbara Snider Party Chairman Finance Chairman Publicity Chairman Program Chairman Nancy Marshall Wanda Robinette Katie Rogers Maxine Moseley Second Semester President Alice Reed Vice President Helen Myers Secretary Marilyn Mancheste Treasurer Esther Yates Party Chairman Wanda Chaney Finance Chairman Nancy Marshall Publicity Chairman Jeanette Moore Program Chairman Mary Ann Morris I' FEM Party Eight little girls could be seen busily wrapping Christmas pre- sents in the Home Ec. Cottage last Monday night. This was the annual FBLA Christmas party. All attending members and sponsors of the club were dressed as little girls. Duc to icy roads many of the membezs were unable to attend this party. Each girl brought toys and wrapping paper. During the par- ty all the toys were wrapped. These toys, were given to under- privileged children for Christ- mas. Punch and Christmas cookies 'ere served as refreshments. The Commercial Club was organized during the school year of 1916-L6. The following year it became an affiliate of the national organization Future Business Leaders of America. Money-making projects sponsored by the Club for this year were: selling of football coin purses, Panther license tags, Panther eversharp pencils and selling at the concession stand at a football game. one of its projects 'I'he Investment Club, a systematic savings program for rcial department. The other project was the two-day trip to St.. Louis. 9ZfZCl seated nr Cravens Boo Forbes Leonazd Crewse Fred Nance, James Blackwell, Arlie Qogers, ownsend belbf Jacl Amundson, Mr Maddox i t 'D 4 Gene VE1!'1d1VOI"f'., Jerry agner, Donald Jall, Teddy Turner, L Atkisson, Jack freflse, Leroy Harker, Billy leberry, arren oteelman, Jerry Farr, Gene Melton, Clifton Elliott, thner Uoby, Dale i liams, Qussell hemard, Dex Caldwell, Charles Middleton, Norman Robertson Geor e fxult, eroj arsons econd Pow Rag ear , lofi mmball ef 15 Lawler, Richard sanders, Glen Kemper, Lewis Brown ar rostle alt, Cljde Forbes, Jac arrar, Gene Dostlewait, Ronald Stubbs, Harold Turner, Lowell Owens, Don Duej, Ioruan Virtue, Don ld Delcour, Billy Hyde, Charles Proe, Terry Turner, rnest rreels Th1rd Ron' Cnarles Rogers, olan 1s, Delmar Lehmann, :Llbert McCal.1ister, James Liska Joe Xdstln, JILSI, B ll, a.ler, llbur sranlett, ed Vandlvort, Karl Ryan, Frank Rader, harvey letr ck, 0.114215 trube, Jacx Gadd s Jar-rell baladin, Jerry Moseley, Max Penner, Pete Liska, Harold Caln I is .I YOC1 IO AL AGxlCULTU'L, CQASMIOOM F Q - . F X Y Q Q i L. ., . l 1 ' g , A , , A ,Q Q , , 1 L -.1 . J , . , . ,, . , - . .. 1' TS ...Of ' " I 0 Lo 1 ' ' f J 1 V -. .L at K ' -- V- . ,, y A., Y' .L Q. 4. A .L A, .. , N. 1 D. J 5, . ... ' A , . , V. , v , . 7 ,. U ., L - A f s , - A. A , A. .. . , " 'W - ' w ', -1 , JS A n :. F J A A W J - ' a - 1- -- 0 ' - A 4 .4 Ali. ' 1 .. ' , . ' - ' - : - - su, 1 T' M rn - . lx .L qv' bl g lv L vp ,., . , . . E. V V - 1 .1 1 , . Q f , ,..,,.L., V ,W - ., .. - ,viii , A 4 ' '. 1 W, V ja, j,......- .. N lf, 'N 1 ix M , , f-...JI R a X I 1 K A .H ,M 5 A K , as - . . - as -as 35 l as ll an -I f ' I .V f-.V I ,. If s 1 1 l 3 Y I Q , , 5 1 V .-1 W- s. .Y ., , x.. IJ 4 . " 'X MAKIQ OW Jw Q' 1 5 xi f ll gg Q X -n Q 414' ' 'NO O BO K . n w o NEW FH A Officers 1951 - 52 President - Vice Pres.- Secretary - Treasurer - Historian - Reporter - Ruth Smith Pansy Stanley June Eastin Ilene East Kay Schallo Valera Hutsell MOTDO: "Toward New Horizons" Valentine Tea Class Room N-'S-rs.fg,g,g, One of Four Urut Kitchens .l an-V I keg K tx f -4'Iec6anzcaf Dvawin, In this course, students complete work in machine drawing, sheet metal pattern draft- ing, and architectural drawing. A complete set of house plans, including details, elevations, and specification, are one of the requirements for Architectural Drawing. One credit is given for this course. A iv ff! to 3 kr A J .. Y iii 1 buf 41 ,Ai eize-za! Sh op Students begin their shop work in the 7th and 8th grade The first course is general shop, which includes drawing and planning metals, electricity and wood work. From general shop they go into unit courses of drawing, general metals, wood and elec- tricity. Above is our wood working Shop, at right, the Metals Shop. , BML Swfwe 2, Students in the seventh and eigmth grade classes in general science formed a most active club this year. Mr. Earl Haffett is the sponsor and instructor of the group. First Row - Carol Gourley, Townsend Shelby, Helen Myers. S nd - eco Row Valera Hutsell, Marilyn Manches- ter, Roberta Turner, Dorotlgv Borden, Mary F. Poe, Lou Nan Gordon, Esther Yates, Wilma Raney Mr. Kingery, Toxmw Todd. , C 155 Spaniofz 4,5 Tw - R gg -3 N sl r Q S 'Q B a 3 if as 5 , , 52 3 yi F 38 W g x Q-iw t' N11 -P 2 5 V L.xf if K Kneeling: Alice Reed, Wanda Chaney, Nancy Marshall, Barbara Snider, Mary Ann Morris, Maril Manchester. Standing: Grace Alsup, Valera Hutsell. 85224 -B .Tap f Kneeling: Reed, Chaney, Marshall, Alsup, Hutsell, Snider, Ibrris, Manchester. lst. row standing: 'h1rner, Reese, Chaney, Chaney, Schallo, Jarrett, Moore, Mackey, Reed, Walker Eastin, Mrs. Orr. Znd. row - Myers, Rader, Gordon, Hunsaker, Parmenter, Rushing, Yates, Davidson Owens, Chandler, Halliburton, Lathrorn. ini row - Poe, Archer, Borden, Thomas, Hutsell, Huntoon Regain, Ttumbo, Butcher, Penner, and Harris. S N 1 if C 3 ,A 3 W ,i,. a 5 E i I fl 3 I .A 1 C 5 f fi wean- Jfe Cfu,6 Y Kenneth Luellen, Jack Axmndson, Lloyd Hem, Max Penner, Fred Nance, Jack Farrar, Eddie Lister, Eddie Luellen, Bob Forbes, Edsel Yeager, ' Don Wilson, Clyde Forbes, Irvin Summers, Robert. Rippee, James Blackwell, Arlie Rogers, Charles Jackson, Tom Bock, Mr. Gott, Townsend Shelby, and Leonard Crewse. First Row - Richard Longvell, Ray Sears, Jack Collins, Don D. Wilson, James Blackwell, Tom Bock, and Joe Austin. Second Row - Eddie Luellen, Bob lbore, Paul Holland, Hurley Estes, Clotis Barker, Deanie Barnes. Third Row - Mr. May, Varvin HcDaria, Herbert. Gourley, Clarence Washburn, Lloyd Hem, Jack Farrar, Jack l4eGoumd, Harold Mitcham, and Hr. Kula. Fourth Row - Roland Caxthron, Ralph Robertson, Willis Graven, Harold Thelma, Fred Nance, Bill Shelley, and Bob Osborn. '4 ll .ffl Club 3 ll tall Elfman, Marian Maddox, Sue Chasteen, Jane Gourley, Margaret Connor, Norma Newton, Edna Hdlt, Eula Mae Chaney, Dorothy Davidson, Sue Phelps, Joyce Smith, Billy Stanley, Eugene Workman. Second Row - Pansy Stanley, Mary Ellen McGowan, Jeanie Gartin, Judy Rogers, Jane Thane, Mary Lou Bmtcher, 'Ihetta Stanley, Arlene McCallister, Vola Sue Rogers, Nomn Ivan, Cleorl Shen-ell, Marjorie Fry, Georgia Higby, Jane Neher, Mary Hunter. Third Row - Joe Higby, Robert Rippee, Billy Hyde, Billy Walker, Ted Vandivort, Karl lban, Marianne Clemn, Imogene Hurley, June Key, Dixie Crisp, Geraldine Shelley, Jeannie Wade, Nellie Watson, Nelda Owens, Marsha Newton, Miss Cook. q First Row - Ila Mae Edwards, Donna Pointer, SS'.k1 N 5-0:2 329 , I seated - Ronnie Hall, Jerry Brown, Tovmsend Shelby, S President Eddie luellen, Don Wilson, Leonard Crewse, Carol Gourley, Nora Jane Fry. Standing - Linda Hampton, Cheryle Hopper, Fred Lewis, Jack Amundson, Ralph Robertson, Hr. Hodgin, Edwin Bamhart, Jack Crewse, Duane Walker, Nancy Wynn, Doris Butcher. i 'FT , A My., ,.,A,.,,pnoxQw fi Sitting - D. Postlelnit, Hiwuds, Barnhart, Barker, G. Postlslnit, Welker, B. Gourley, Davidson, Rader, Robertson. First Rol - Hr. Hey, lbore, Amndson, Sears, Austin, Holland, Bu-nes, Nance, Weshlnm, Hcberil, H. Gourley, Hr. Kula. ' - Seeolrl Row - Morgan, Goble, Bock, Blaelnvell, Collins, Inellsn, Wilson, Graven, Thema, Forbes, Inngvell. 'Baird Row - lbde, Bethel, Cnlthron, Peterson, K. Luellen, Harris, Gotfhn, Stubbs, Relnnn, 93cm First Rav - Peterson, D. Postlsweit, HcGownd, Robertson, Graven, Bames, Harris, Second Row - lb. Kula, Wilson, Shelley, l4::Daris, Bock, Gourley, Hr. Hq. i nezem-, Harris, Pu-um. f fi 'Q Y' We 'U .y ivx -v . WV 1 f 1' ' Difqgff GJLDEN GIDVH3 KJIERS Jack Collins, Hu-old Tamar, Richard Longimll BASKETBALL-"B" TEAM Yi:-lt Dov - Gan Postlo- lnit, Bnol Tsrpatn, Edwin Bu-nhart, Bobby Bethel, Hague Clary, Ex-nie B.:-leer, Billy Harris. Soeoni Rau - Hr. lah, Prod Morris, Bobtq Gourlcy, Hola' Wooldridge, Tm Lunar Billy Bader, Hr. lu F I 1'- FC fvyfk iq 1 X vi F 2 N I V W5 it-Il any I w INTRA-HURAL SPORTS Vo1le -Dorothy Borden , Louise Thomas, Valera Hutsell, Lois Reese, Alice Reed, Lou Nan Gonion. Basketball-Charles Thomas, James Blackwell, Wilbert McCal1ister, Robert Rippeo, Lloyd Hem, Irvin fhumners. ,g, 1 , inf'- X., .4 WU? 1 if Sm r 1 3-Q r, ,J, X , 8. Intra-Aural Vollev Ball - Carol Dennis, Ylene East, Helen Myers, Jeanette Moore wb .. 45 ff" fk 1' .4 f 4 XX 657' f-I E f i 0 9 . E eee 4 , MFE f b 2, Q ' ff X 4. I 2 OJ : by 144 X '-v' ,ff 7 . I 5 s ! i me 70M ff01?7'0M 4f7'f'W,Zjf Rfuvd duke! ' Zflafvvwgcg 194, My Zgwag, ' J 5441! Dlucl, lal4A,4,ufr,g. AZ-ilu QAHIZ4, gifveff-fi 0-U Zi, 5, LM, Zfixgijjff, W ,,, 9,6aJ.,4j !f4Jf ,241 QAFK. 5 5 i r x x f nr-1' QFNV YOUR. ..w....ICki ANIJJHL ...Arr Helen lbera, Valera llutsell, Kay Schallo, Leonard Crewse, Pay Sears, Charles .Jack on Congratulations Seniors Of 1951 ORR MOTOR Cr IMPLEMENT CO YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER and PONTIAC DEALER Faunall Tractors Internat1ona1 Trucks Pont1ac Cars Phone 11 Mtn Grove Mo MODERN FURNITURE MOVING Local Sz Long Dlstance hu... Congratulatxons Semors Class of 1950 51 BEN FRANKLIN STORE Carl Thomas Manager North S1de Square Mountaln Grove Mo pq A' CONGRATULATIONS M0tQl MCKIIIHIW CLASS 0F 1952 Headquarters for BETTER QUARTERS Telephone 538 E I I tl H t I Mounto n Gro e M ssour I0 0 Q Congrotulotlons to the Closs of I952 The Gay Mode M o"nh"" Gmve M'sso"" LADIES at GIRLS READY TO WEAR Phone 251 PHONE 136 Bonnobel ond Morutz Sutton The ecurlty Bank of MOUNTAIN GROVE MISSOURI MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION If You Bank Wlth Us You Con Bank on Us C H DUVALL P es dent CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS anders And McCarty Plumbmg Co MYERS PUMPS LENNOX HEATING SYSTEMS Phone 444 Hlwoy 60 8: N Mom . . , I v I I o I ll U ll . .. ,rl I O O . . . CONGRATULATIONS The task IS over and may we congratulate you on a job well done Yours IS a yearbook pub Iushed wuth the skull and know how backed by years of experience nn the pub lncatlon of better school annuals SEMCO COLOR PRESS I2 NW ThdSt t Ok h Cty Ok h PAUL BENNETT Manager YEARBOOK DEPARTMENT ROY H NOEL Elhs Stores MEAT GROCERY DRY GOODS East Srde of Square Mountann Grove CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Sehellelds M'550U"' Phone 216 West Slde Congratulatnons C0mPl'me"lf5 Of l952 Sensors "Food You Will Like" POOL and SNOOKER Northeast Corner Square Antlgrg Cafe Recreation Center Cong otulofons . . . en'o s Mountaln Grovo IIIIIS CHIC! Florlst oPltL S k Chop Mounta n G ave M ssour Northeast Co ne of Squa e PHONE 3I6 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Mountaln Grove Journal PRINTING W K D PUBLISHING P bl sb E F ROCK AGENT M F I MUTUAL INSURANCE CU MOUNTAIN GROVE MO Low Rates Renewal Dlvldends No Assessments NO MEMBERSHIP FEES Cnty Vlow Cato Regula Meals Short Orders d P st y COMPLETE LINE SANDWICHES H y 60 W S AndG Muslo Company COIN OPERATED Phonographs and Amusement 5 8.146WM t G G G WI h Palmors Froozo Compl ments of Manufacturers of Good Ice Cream PHONE 303 HIWAY 60 I' I S I f 0 O I Homemade Pies H t a e uncbes . u . I r , I I tea s - s r r r Th . . . uncan- u i er Mountain Grove, Missouri Phone 50 I I , . ' I I I I PHONE 24-14 , . . . l' "- Homema e a r On iwa est C O O i 83 - oun ain rave ne raves iliam C. Sut erland The Trading Post Clrliord C Jackson INSURANCE 8. BONDS The Huh Cate hzark Glass And Radiator Service GLASS W 0 S Southwest Hardware Lumber Company E WLAC J aokson Supply C0 Trl County Feed Mills QUALITY FEEDS ONLY 9 Sinclair lteig Co , Compliments of C Sporting Goods ' M I men L L , M - - , ower anager Nick Pasco Ov Mounmin Grove Missouri I C Italian Sandwiches H LE ALE Novelties - Snortin Goods . I. Robertson Phone 5 tain Grov PASCO Congratulations Seniors L RE 1 D . E H, Manager BEST TODAY - """'e 429 - I TTER ToMoRR Grove Missouri un Congratulations to Class . . . 52 O I O I I I I . . D, Supplier East First Street Mountain Gr 1 Phone 1 Johnson Plumbing And Heating C0 Youngs ll St Comm' mg me Carps Department Early Auto Supply Mlrths Beauty Shep S S SS OS Barber Funeral Home O I ' Q WE ARE YOUR GENERAL ELECTRIC 8- SKELGAS DEALER ountain Grove Missou PHONE 186 Compliments of 0 "YOUR FRIENDLY STORE" MARIE BACKER COSMETICS C cLoTHlNG s. sr-los News Phone 106 North Side quar FQR 1-HE ENTIRE FA C . Seniors 1952 0 o 211 West First untain Grove, M PHONE 355 BE T WI HE EN! R CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1952 Brown hoo Co from M UNTAIN GROVE FACTORY WESTPORT Brown hoo Co LIFE STRIDE BUSTER BROWN Congrotulotrons SEN IORS Ellrots Grocery Dons Dow Drop lnn O SHORT ORDERS Fresh Frurts 8. Veqetables O SOFT DRINKS pHQNE 262 Phone 135 Mountc n Grove Mo Mounfa " G 0 9 M ssou' Dairy Quoon from SUNDAES ROOTBEER MALTS MILK SHAKES 0 R U m m Q Hugh Gourley H way 60 O O Quality Groceries 8. Meats i I . i r v i i CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 52 ee Landers Barker Lumber Co For Everythlng to Bulld Anythrng PHONE 30 MOUNTAIN GROVE MISSOURI Feese Chevrolet Co ff SALES SERVICE JOHN H HICKS Bear Wheel Ahgnment Fngldalre Appliances Feurgenson Tractors PHONE 138 Complrments of 0Id Town Grocery PHONE 231 I S . . - . I I FMA 4 : ,+,f:x'q.- fb 'Vi I V- ' 'rm Xa .jf Yflff-QA . and Youll Choose a JUHN UEEKE Producers Exchange PHONE 291 Wormon Prlntlng Co QUAL YP N NG GOO OM SE V CE Rainbow Cafe Ho onsHGF Wheeler ore Mountain Grove Livestock Anotlon W 0zzle 0s rn SALE EVE Y WEDNESD Y E OU CONOCO G N Compliments of the QQ PR PT R I POPULAR PRICES SOUTH SIDE IT RI. TI No Gold at the End-Just Good Food" w 9 P Compliments of And ust ' eol Estate - Insurance Mountain Grove Missouri ' . C . S . oo o oo R PHON 'IS Compliments of Comp' imenfs Of Macy Motor Co. YOUR STU DEBAKER DEALER MOUNTAIN GROVE Tri-County ews for all your HOME TOWN NEWS serving the MISSOURI TRI COU NTY AREA PHONE 'I32 QyC,T0q, vii i JOH N NY PETERSON Agent Morris Motor Co FORD 8. MERCURY Sales and Servnce PHONE 'I20 HEQ QANG COI'T1pIll'T1eI'1TS f XG!! Tho Bus Stotron fa American Bus Lanes Lunches V tt f b WHEN SHE LEARNED THAT ALL THE BOYS WERE EATING AT Tho Grill CHOICE FOODS SANDWICHES SOFT DRINKS 24 Hour Service Daly PHONE 111 The Students Headquarters trgalls Standard SERVICE Hlway 60 West BEST WISHES FROM Thorn And Brooks Furnlturo Always See Fu nture Bull FIRST TWO STORES- O Y 4 X . O VT7ivi . Nw . 2 f rAg,'xLg.Vi'1 E-- 5 X ' ' X 0 ' . - i ge - i 5 . ' . C , 7 , ' I '.q .Tax O O ri ' - " Horn And Son names oafa Haffwafe OOS M And G Motor Supply UOOVEU TSO Mountarn Grovo Hardwaro Company JO NSONQBANS WAE C C S Standard dll Company Proroo Motor Co Congrotulotrons Sensors HARDWARE APPLIANCES EEN KUTTER T L GOOD MEALS Phone 83 u North Side Souore A T M Tl S PPLIES AC N S O S VCE MO GR Ml I COMPLIMEN F Formerly H R E HARD R - ES ompliments of ongrotulotions . . . eniors Phone 322 Jos NICKLE, Agent A H 31. g 4.1, r- x f ,Z X5 N5 X.,-J 1 - I - 'fxu J 1 A.. . 2 2'i9ff1fff-'-?'4 1 ' ff' 1 I CX V.. X ,I 7 . . ! , I' . - m xx if , ' ' V ZW-' V . xl - 'fa -54-gig X , 7 ' 1 T V Q E2--15155 f-XTISN2"'fyRy1l.ib.:1:-V-H ' -' ' +12 l-I-ETEQJHP' 2 12, ' ' ,1-

Suggestions in the Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) collection:

Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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