Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO)

 - Class of 1951

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Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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s x 4 Qezhmbfz TO THE SENIORS AND OTHERS OF MOUNTAIN GROVE HIGH SCHOOL OF THE YEAR 1950-1951, WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY AND SACRIFICE IT WILL ,ymnef fzqftt as 'ro uPHoLn 'nm AnE1ucAN PHILOSOPHY or 44',,,,4mtt :gfffi DEMOCRATIC oovzmmmrr mn IDEALS, wx H fgftzzt vi DEDICATE THIS - 79 7 Zadhan lfe fvyaagzgf 5, -' We 5mm has MDUNTAIN manova mc-:H sc:-soul. MUUNTAINGRUVE MISSOURI rsvp' WW? f Q57 ' 'll 11 A, ' f E f . , . I in ,.,. , X I -'wif V J fi is , 38 1 I .K r.Aj,,.x , " ' O, f ,A , A, ,N -..-.-iq. A 'UI-I " - '- , gg! r,-as In 511 mfkwfzakzf THE UNFINISHED TASK "Our forefathers brought forth upon the continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men were created equal." 'Whether that nation or any other nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure' depends Hr. om! Wilson upon the "eternal vigilance" of coming generations. There were men who believed that after we survived the shock of two great wars, the Civil War and world war I , the world was safe for democracy. The march of time has proved otherwise. Following world War I a long depression took its harrowing toll from the peoples of Europe and America. Within our own memory the blight of World War I withered the hopes of countless people around the world. Today the ruthless greed of comnunistio nations for power directly contributes to a gathering gloom in the minds of men. The long shadow of a still more hideous war threatens the democratic way of life. Once more "it is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work . . . that we hereby highly resolve . . . that the government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth." "To some generations much is giveng of other generations much is expectedg this generation has a rendezvous with destiny." Great danger exists in the world ' of today. Yet this generation probably faces the greatest opportunity ever offered to any generation of men on earth. Older generations have solved neither the problems of war or of peace. We say to you "Try feet have been set in a large place. There is a job to do. Go do it!" .,. lzhcgwz COMPETENT FOR LIFE decisions to make Decisions are always difficult , they are necessary' You will find that the same prob- and the same difficulties you encountered in high 1 are present in adult life. Each one will need to be Mr. Joseph I-lodgin uated as to what is RIGHT, and what is WRONG. This is lr difficult if you are competent for life. Your train- in high school has been directed toward the development his social cmpetence. In the days that lie ahead, each of you will have impor- I I o in life No matter what your vocation or your station e, continue your search for knowledge and the better e of living Self satisfaction is the easy pathway an easy decision, but it leads to a very uninteresting . You have only begun to scratch the surface of knowl- . I would challenge you to clean, healthful living, to teresting vocationg to a consistent spiritual life, and ervice for others. our school has instructed and challenged you toward the it O 8 I ' n lany of you are at the gate to pr mising careers. All that you need to do is open gate and the way will be cleared for you. You have passed through the formation perluu. of school. For some it will be home-making. This is a noble career-make it the best home possible. For some it will be further years of school work--apply your- self and you will reap unimagined rewards. For others it will be a job in a factory or shop-justify your employers' faith in you. For others it will be military service- soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen answer a definite call for distinguished service Whatever the gate you choose to open, your heritage will be dependant solely on you. The democratic tradition was built o young people who visioned a great land with a job to do. They tackled careers as no other people had been known to do. Factories and farms, churches and schools, inventions and art, were all a part of the life they left you and me. In these you will find a most happy and challenging life, but you are ready to take your place. There is nothing to fear. Develop a faith and a will within yourself that will demand success. Your home, your church, and your school have made you c mpetent for life. l ,rf 955' eff Anna Barker Carroll Childs Mu sic Kletzing College gnu-y John Brown UUiVG!'Si'f-Y Northwestem University Bachelor of Music it sn... Woodrow Claxton Mathematic s Iberia Junior College Southwest Missouri State College B S in Educafirm will-gon C,-Dunn Everett Draper Elva Dunn Gene,-3,1 Science Physical Education Teachers Training High School Counselor Athletic COBCYI Southwest Missouri Central Missouri Missouri Valley C011-686 State College State College B 5 in Edllcif-1011 B S in Education B S in Education 19 John 8 Junior High Art d S :L S an oc al tudies Southwest Missouri State College State College Texas State College B S for Women in Education B S in Education Sout hwe st Mis souri Neva House Social Studies Southwest Missouri State College B S in Education Mary Collier Social Studies Drury Harold Edgnr Industrial Arts Southwest Missouri State College B 8 in Education Jean Kin80l'Y Commerce ,Southwe st Mis D0l11'i State Colle89 B S in Education ff' Duane Kingery English and Spanish School Publications Southwest Missouri State College B S :Ln Education Kenneth McGuire English and Speech Advisor of Ozarkian Lester Maddox Doro thy Miller Vocational Agriculture Comm rc, University of Missouri Kmu, State Southwest Missouri B 3 in ASH-'m1tu1'e Teachers Co1.lege sate College A H in Education University or wyoming B S in Education B S in Education Goldie Newman Gold. Newton Remedial Reading main William Jewell University of Kansas City soutmnt xissouri A md A State College not shaun Charles 0. Tr-aylor Junior High University of Colorado Southwest Missouri State College B. S. M. E. University of Missouri B S in Education Dan Snider Diversified Occupations Industrial Education Central Missouri State College B. S. in Education 8.8. in Industrial Educatim Murl Orr Physical Education Cams rce Southws st Missouri State College B S in Education Ge rald Rode ri ck Chemistry and Biology Junior High Science University of Missouri A. B. and B. S. Sars Richardson Home Economics Southwest Missouri State College B 8 in Education not shown Jane Napier Instrumental Music Southwest Missouri State College J wqqqw ,nm .of 'S 4 J' ,S K2 ,Avo- hc 2 X JN L, Nm N Y' .fix CLQSSES Q 654010:-SQ I-X 9, 00708 0170 DD jzgsrlv In an im . ,cv Q3 Q' K 7' ' .f J J 1' rs CEL U ls? me all M' 'I Norman Allen 'I am a lovelorn cree- ur and everything goes contrary with me J me Alsup "A beehml girl with a host ef friends " 'Sometin es I work Hubert Altis P147 but usually I pn? IB- Eleise Beyer H9100 30111011 Alice Breckner 'ENJOY YOUPBO 1 'S "Red Soldfm CU-T151 5 bit "That which ie ever'ybody'e later than vou think Peetnn kind Of 5hY business is nobody s an very sweet " business " llu'yAnnlu'ker "'l'hsre's e little bit ef bed in every geed little mel ll lgyue Brixny "What's the hustle, bustle, hurry? Be like me and never worry " James Brown Duaine Cantrell Basil Carter Edvin Ca,-ter 'Better be Q witty fool 'You 'IWC' miss Water' 'A handsome lad' but 'A :ibn devoted no his than f . until the well go'-28 rather shy eau but ,Q-mtv, a cough wit n dry." Than to flirt, he'd hissgguso-pu rather die , ' i l f e e E 1 t ' . ' ' J L .6 . ' Q ,- 1 ,A-' ' , ! Heal ' K? Ax 8 N3 fx f , l e ' lf it ' . 'n all " , d , , . 4 'v,' 1 J S?" .,,1 T001 Ca-ff-el' Charles Chaney El!-nd! Cline Helen Ceble 'What you are is God's an B little knowledge 'Office work is down her "We demand that big gift to YOU: is dangerous, then I line, business give people e What. you make of your- have nothing to fear In this work she's sure gqmr, deal n self is your :Lft to to shine " Him " ughe girl we always ect 'Hy days are swifter 'Horse sense is what 'Character is what I to see in Jeans ., Than A weever's shuttle " keeps horses from am, after dark " betting on what people do " Betty Cline Laura Dake Dick Dennis Harvey Dishman ex-P Dale D1-yer Billie Eastin Mary Ann Esa Darrell Freeland know H1 have 3 Lgngue but fruit d t "Cute and sweet and quite "Don't say all YOU o am not wearing it out I nl-ler favorite , a. es petite N But know all you say n I . I XX gf fu . xx I I - 1 ,. l r ff 'Qi an . I 1' Lois Freeman Ruth Gaddis Nancy Gamer Paul Gasperson "She smiled and the world "In athletics she took er eye and 'manner 'Speech is ffreat- smiled with her " much joy and heed " bespeak ambition but eilenee is great' er' 521' Gene Gourley 'It isn't how much you know that counts , but what you do with what you know " wwf' Warren Green "Al1's fa.:Lr in love and warf' Lola Gourley 3055! Gravel! Mary Lou Green "Greater women have lived 'They are never alone "She is active, stirring in this world, but that an accmvanfked all fire, does not rest, doubt it W noble though does not tire " 'For folks to lie about us is nasty and uncouth- Yet it might be worse if they should tell the Lrutahon 'In Hclne Ee. her rating is oh se high, You can tell by the wa she makes a pie!" Sophia Hartley Y Glen Hickey 'I like girls from the Ozarks. I 8111 all Ozarkian HU891-f." janv Mlfil-YH H"PP"' Hubert. Horton "You'l.1 never find her to be very coy, Especially when you msn tion A certain boy 'Every step you take toward God-He will take two toward you 54 tr' 1 In Hutchslon Jlnice Kimball "Ins with the raven black nan' hu' is M8 md 'h h d so red olgiznm ggeagxigon And with,those eyes .ng she'll knock you dead " 'iw Wu-r Lin Inman Egrl Luth:-ol Harvey Klingensmith Nidine L00 III1-1 5, mm-ry, Ivu ambition, 'Oppressed by two " he is never out 'til be freeg 'mgrrdxuggslgut hapw 'I evils, classes and late at night-1 IV11 be ,ad for ng- work, but never over- '1'ha.t's Why bel' Smile 15 1? 7 Ld! I Bonnie Lawson ll vcmncner is the srvf- Gif: ' 'fn 'nd 'h"' lp. lim 'f 'ducuion " Then rua hu-'Q volleyball And she's right entop N some 1, ghgml always so bright lx rd 4-f' N Darrell L3-V505 Geneva Hahurin 'I IUIOV what I k!10V Own-lex-els only one man if I could only my nf, I stay awake to tell it " ikrgy Glen Melton 'There's mischief in this manl' Claude Mears 'All great men are 3111 M0DtE0mBf7 Pat Moseley 'If he h88 Hothing 'Silence seldum doth harm ' d 1HQ Off, and I am else to do nights, feelin ill m self ' he studies N Clara Init Joy Murrell Leta Hccallister Howard McCa11ister nBlest with temper, Wnork and the will to Wwhen dating and study believes in Jinx, 'Your faults look as sucoeed is her greatest clagh, let the Study so Thinks what she says bi! t0'the other ambltion W .to smash--Use imagination and says what she feI10v'aa hi8 do to Ralph Aettleton H1 toil not, neither do I spin, yet I get by.' thinks " you " Zelma Owens nThere are two tragedies in life' One is not to get your heart's desire, The other is to get it. Mary Ann Pfliegier Clara Proctor HThe prince of darkness nI'm not so bashful as I is a gent1emsn.n 1ook.n .2415 If 1 HB d Donald Rh d Jewell Pippin .umv Quinn can 6 er O ea 'Hating people 18 like "A gal that'e perk md BDF: 'He seems nice and RI nk' ml-v thou min' burning down your UWB A good housewife she'1l quiet, but you never 'hid' ure' 'ith m' ' house to get rid of B mme some day " can tell " rat " 1'-A 'O Joe Rogers Fluvnce Butt Barker Shanna, Charmaine Shannon -o, how bitter 8 thing "W lm" h" by h" dum' 'What the mmm-y 1-ea1 'Conruscius says that it is to look into H ali' d ly needs is a good Chase and Sanborn dated happiness through an er 'WJ-7 'yu an 1'v'17 f1vg.cenf, cigar n coffee :Lsn't the only other ma.n'a eyes! mil fresh thins dated " 38 'K Avis Sheppard Elaine Shorter Jerry Sigk pat gnider "A gal who makes a clatter "It's nice to be natural 'I had an idea nl! talk 'em wind with her happy nonsense if you're naturally nice " But it got away n ,held be a tomadg n chatter " I he A ' ' 1 ' . 1 o l Y N K - 'Q P" ' s . ' . AP? y n ,, r , d ' ff 1 1 ' 0 1 ' X r s . ' ' l Paul Spencer 'He was vreatly in- jured, as you will find, by tr 1ns thou ht runnln h1s lf 'QIEY' lea bpufeeon Ji-mf? Stephens Jorman stephens H ever trust a wo an H ntere's to women! NA rahl rah! boy with lhat we could fall a technique all his :Lnto then' 1r"s in own n tend of thelr hands W Barbara Thompson Mayvis Sulllvant iill Suthefldnd Julia Ann Sutton find no sweeter fat nwhen she 13 good, she is . 9 wind of an ls ,An 1 e ressiblo gi le she lS bad ' U VCX' at rest and an irresistible girl bones I9 41" X, Maxine T001 or F1 1 t ,ally ner Pattl Worthington HI pk all d y and din e H mald whom all could H 1an is h lf cornlete W0 NI can resist aqything call a friend " until he errles then all night' exce t tem tation ll he i finished ' Qhl, ny aching feet and P P back ' 11: ' I b , jr X. ' l , ' -r , I n I, ' -N a' of M . ff ' 3 ' ' J - . K ' r'.d.H 5 f' ' ' if , 1 ie. r .P 2 ' 'Ph H 7, . z MI very very good- but when. 3 .H rr P gg N than sticks to my own ' 2 ' n ' . u W"' Yl1:? li .'J 5 'y et 5 xx? ' Y A ' A 5 . Q L : P 1 , I S .ll J . 'C' Ninn White James Yates Gwendolyn Williams Ja-nette YOURS " e answers to the sweet 'Other men live to eat, 'Society says, safety first, "Kn0W1edEe is the baCkb0l10 name ef Nina, While I eat to live ' last, and always ' And in all Missouri there is no one finah W fwhi Q ffq ' yV6r' x f JN x 1, E23 La Sl .5 fi Harold Friend 'Give me a fiddle and taps on my shoes, and I'1l dence away m blues ,X ,fe N 'ESS X 7 SX ii W of the nation ' X 'la V 6 gals' e wr 3 N'! 4 3 sV,.-' y af if sf 1, y Sh X Q K 1 'ZX W In Q ,fr ' I ' - .: ' ff -www W X 1 1 I - I A Q ff lf'f'i'2'JfQ .- .024 7 x4?YvJf':.q Ns? i" . ibm N '1 !. " 'V 1 5 if ' . t. x -X -u X y 4 e sa - v 1 eg -ff. T gf: Tx I , - we Q25 - My .X xnxx N 1 , Q' X s 'l M Jackie Adams Charlene Attebery Joe Austin Clotis Barker James Blackwell Thomas Bock Juanita Bowler Nancy Bruce Mary Lou Butcher Eloise Cantrell Harvey Carder Clara Chaney Orben Clark Nadine Coffman Gean Coffman Dean Coffman Leonard Crewse Donald Dake John Doss Carol Rae Dennis Ylene last Eugene Emery Hurley Lstes Frank Fletcher Doris Fogerson Virginia Gaddis Doris Gartin Lou Nan Gordon Carol Lao Gourley Ruth Halliburton Vi-DB?-A Halliburton Jack Harris Lyle Harrison Dan Heard Carole Lou Hightower Paul Holland Robert Holland Darlene Hunsaker Valera Hutsell Harold Hutsell Bob Johnson Mary Kay Knotts Jerry Largent Jimmy Lawson Exa Long Eddie Luellen Clara Mabe Phillip Maddox 135 ,P 2. . QB X 5 'Qi 1 N . fm 32 , . '37 . N ai? A K 1, rdf ,Ag'Xfq Q e-Q kxihxk Eg' , 1 1 1 tm ' .. I dt- . 51.11-Q 1:1 f -1, "T-V ! N 'Nr 1 P m W, J, iff? 'r 3 I 5, 2 V a 2 .Vw Es. yi! li S551 QIGQQJQS E-f . Y l , Q pai. M5 QW H-05 'Vx ff' r, fl N a 'Mg ,f x , I xx Y pr-x 4? nr Q41 is , 'rs- 7 .vs Marilyn Manchester Bob Moore Jerry Moseley Mary Ann Morris Maxine Moseley 5 3 Helen were I , Jeanette Moore I YI of 1 ' gl y Robert osbom Zfipl gk! 3 ' T r i ' and , .4 1 21 Y"'f 375 ff' B Mary Frances Poe Norma Rader Bob Raemer Wilma Haney Harold Reed Ivalee Richmond Glenn Riggs Dulcie Rippee Robert Rippee Glennette Robertson Ax-lie Rogers Katie Rogers Vola. Sze Rogers Basil Rushing Norma khan Kay Schallo Ray Sears Townsend Shelby Mahalla Sith Ruth Sith Charlene Spurgeon Marie Sparks Jimq St8Q1l8.h Pegg Stockstell Harvey Tetrick Pauline Thornhill Harold Turner Roberta 'Pu-ner Harieths Horsham Bobby Upehsv Robert Virtue Roms White Dorm Willey Darrell Woods Esther Yates Jean Hoare Ted Vandivort Don Wil son Doyle Wilson Charles Thomas Q30 O I 4 I ..-xx .Avy r T A si,?6 2 LQ-0-Q l 322-2+ i !'N n-In -1' 19 t"'7 Row Row w Row Row QD Q gx 3 fb 3 W, '03 xxxxxx x 1 Kenneth Achilles , Katy Addington, Grace Alsup, Marjorie Ballard, Wanda Bartimus, Deanie Barnes, Roberta Bllcksher 2 Dorothy Borden, David Boring, Jerry Brown, Rosetta Burch, John Byerly, Howard Carder, Gloria Belle Carter 3 Loritta Carter, Roland Cawthron, Wanda Chaney, Pat Clark, Jackie Collins, Evelyn Crisp, Bobby Crisp 1+ Noel Dofwden, Virl Deaton, Clarlene Dedmon, Lloyd Dishman, Christine Dobson, Vivian Duke, Hoes Durney 5 Beverly Eastin, Therald Edwards, Bessie Lou habrey, Robert Forbes, Earnest Freels, Phyllis Freeman, Nora ana fha 'vs l X R 'Is X1 v 33,4 0 'S' I A if .vi uifew 1 vi up N. 'L'-Q-ff L Boll Row2 Row3 Bowls Rav 1' U3 JW X ,ff X W v QW' 29423 S' m if :idle sf :+- f 'SS-1 Camie George, Willis Greven, John Green, Marian Halliburton, Wayne Hopper, Elaine Huntoon, Karl Key Jil liner, Bonnie Lathron, Eddie Lister, Richard Longwoll, lancy Hnrshall, Marvin Hcbaris, Cozette McGowan Jackie lcGovnd, Mary Ellen llcGound, Wanda Mears, Harold Hicham, Arville Kitchell, J D Kitchell, Sloan Xorgan Hazel Hoes, Fred lance, Bobby Pamperien, Joan Pamperlen, Bonnie Parmenter, Max Fenner, Dams Pritchard Billy Proctor, Vera Regain, Alice Reed, Lois Reese, Billie Robertson, Dolly Rushing Karl Ryan in 50f1fzamw1 es J - -f-2. S Q Y' fl A... W I ' , U I A i X, v, , kirby .-'L A A I f ,Q 1 f K 2 :V I I . -i wk 95,3 W I LQ: ,. Lt' x .tg so 'Li mit K V , J 4: W - in ,V I - we M J A x : ' z ,re J. . g ' 5 4 1 o J c 2 J o U "hr, 1 Q ' .. J - 5 -- lx .fs Q K X R V ' fi K V K , , 1? 'VMS :- A 'K Y A I K A -Y X . c I5 . if W - ' V A - ' , A , " ,Q t f Q 2 f " ,K ' A I an A ' U ' . fx! XA ly' 5 ,:., " Q , R , M V, e e e ' Q' J ' P -A - .A . 1- ' f if eel., 44. . . he , ' pf-. , ' ' , A , 4 J 1 - H in P 1' V --" f- f r,,, ' .,1: 12 A , J rv. z no P e, . 1 ' X - J J' ' ,,,. f Jmye , ' A H 1 ' - ' U ig?-22 Q I5 if ','LL L, 'ii":2i5 if "'L i ' S , :lg M ' Vg V 2 2 - we 5-: I ' . J J .J ..e, I . 1 ,V V, ,QL , P f - - oe , Yoee 5 4 4 g 7 J W' ' 4 xg J 1: V ' ' 1 , J on , I- Y ' Ultfflw ' 'X J. 1 J ' 5 ' V-K1-2: - V A 55 1 G K 5 , I . JNX ,Q 4 ' 9 41" j x v- f '5 X 359 56 4, ' 50,6 Aemeffes H-gy .im 'df ,455-' ' 1 J 3Y! if J., J Row 1 Gayle Sanders, Joyce Scherer, Alice Scott, Daisy Shannon, Hattie Smith, Cleora Sherell, Barbara Snider Row 2 Pansy Stanley, Warren Steelman, Irvin Summers, Forrest Tate, Etta Thmas, Gary Thmas, Tammy Todd Row 3 Mildred Tool, Barbara Turner, Freeda Ussery, Billie Walker, Pauline Wall, Clarence Washburn, Wilbur Wiyrick Row L, Melvin Wood, Van Wood, Edsel Yeager, Wanda Bartimus, Floyd Dishman Herbert Gourley, Joan Harris Row 5, Russell Nettleton, Jack Rader, Bill Schenck, Warren Lee Wall be if 4? 'T' N Y'-3 I 115' 3. sf U' M1 Dottie Elliott Vera Elnery Jackie Farrar Clyde Forbes Donna Freeland Lottie F1-eels Marjorie Fry Jeanie Gartin Bobby George June George Jane Geourley Claude Graham Kattie Graven Billy Harris Mary Jo Harris Lloyd Hem Nadine Hicks Georgia riigby Joe Higby Darrell Hodges Nolan Altis Jack Almndaon Effie Jean Archer Jewellene Baney Lee Calton Dona Chandler Sue Chasteen Dotty Clark Joan Cline Faris Cofhnnn Dixie Crisp Vera Curtis Duane Davidson Don Duery Sherry hastin -.47 ,J 1 Ph-. 1141 I 1:' Rona Lee Laurence Janes Lieka Hilda Luellen Ken eth Luellen Bud Lynn Hilbert McCallister Willard McCarty Bob McCulley June McGowan ff Bennie Moseley 'L Charlene Neuland Lowell Owens Lois Peacock Lois Fenner Donald Perkins Gene Postlewaite Dean Postlewaite Charles Proe 1 Frank Rader is Larry Holland " Nadine Hurley Mildred Huteell 51.1.11 Hyde Ricky Ipock Ramona Julian Billy Key June Key Lloyd Kimball Shirley Kimball Richard Lawler Tcl Lariat rl 4 ,- f ggi? Ffa 5... v L Y fa- A ig " E X wif E 4: LX B g 2 z Q 3 as ,I xi!! 514' x 1 Naomi Ratteree ggifei - 3 K E . -r QQEQEQL ' If N E 0 frifl' ff' :A A y 'VI -me - S 'gt . 4 I ' 2 LFJ . ' 'XQ.v L N L Q E Vky, ,Q 4,-- yy Muggnig L, 5 'fl hm W 2 WN xg aiffi J' X 4, LL L, 4 V I . N .5 My L i' 'G ig? , it f "fl J' Q l mx f . , , V, 'igi sikx X ' L? -Lx .rv ,val " 'N y - . X ' 3 ' ' L . L ai X e 'l f Na mhmen S gl lie. E fifis 5, xr Dellsr Relnsnn Donald Rippee H' Joe Robertson Ralph Robertson We Judy Rogers Verla. Rogers K-SIRIU1 Ivan Sanders Frances Sanders Richard Sanders Rita Scherer Phyllis Sith Verml Stegiumgqn Ronald Stubbs Janette Switzer Jane Thomas K James Thompson Glenda 'Thornhill Terry Turner 3 U Q. Betty pshaw Ruthene Virtue Alice Wade Buly Walker Joretta Walker Kenneth Ward Darrell Watson f Homer Wooldridge ' 3? L ,, -wh 150 5: 1111- ins 5, ,rs " fm- K' 5 1 , -1 v,,, . A In ellllt d ellesl . ,r..f H A ' if 'dttt ' N ' ' . f W .K ef-,,:. in ? , 1 f , o V 1 ,. 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X Wg' 'B " ' gf , A 35' in ""-L' ,xc Row 1 Hr Roderick,Merloen Zonker ,Ralph Engla.nd,Marsha Newton,Betty Reed, Jerry Denn1s,Shir1ey Hennemeyor,Etta Pritchard,Rax Ca1dwe1.1,Dorothy Davidson,Jeannie Ja.rrett,Johnny Rat.t,eree,Mrs Gatche1.1,Row 2, Lola B.eynolds,Geno Va.ndivort,Genev'a Shannon,Do1J,y Ri1ey,Wi.1m Luttre1l,Dick,Sue Phe1ps,Fem Ca.:-der,Bob Bethe1, Neher,Jack Crewse,Robert Tipton,Patsy Doan,R.ov 3, Lenora Ha1liburtan,Shirlsy Moore,Bonby Ipock, Imogene Altis,Ann Gatchell, Betty Tx-1mbo,Wayne Young,Ya.ry Hunter ,Helen Wi1.1ials,Ala.n Goble ,Nellie Uatson,Freddie Morris ,Alice Proe,Rov L, Carolyn Mackey,Bob Pet.erson,'I'hett.a Sta.nley,Bi.1lie Harris,Joyce Slith,Edvin Barnha.rt,Bi1l:be Lncaa,Bobby Gourley, Barbara Richards ,Harold Cain,Marga.ret Connor,HilIa Sanders Hn l,.," yn,--F -,,,,, Row l,Joe Coday,-Jeannette Ma.nchester,Jerry Ho1la.nd,Barbara Proctor,Larry Ba.x't,er,Marjorie Postlewaite Kemeth Schenck El i Hallib X , s e urton,Lee Minex-,Betty Sa.nders,Dale Sa.nders,Evonne Ball Kenneth Brixey Marian Hada 1 1 0-XHIOY Gouz-ley,Cha.r1es Traylor,Row 2,Paul Pritchaz-d,Ja.mes Ri1ey,Kay Wood,Don Blackwe1l,Louise Rook,Dale Robinette, Arm Connor,Ji.mrrU Lewis,Bonnie Koontz,Byron Sisk,Nancy Wa.rd,Fred Iewin,June DeWitt,Bob Hutse1l,John Ewing,Row 3, Juanita Alt,is,Ernest.ine Bartholow,Pat Perkins,JimnU Duncan,Ma1'tha Brown,Hax-old Cl:Lne,Nadine Ba1'nhart,Bi1l Hutch inson,Doris Miner,Ha.r1en Warden ,Flora Sanders ,David C1ark,Sh:Lrle'y Murin Shirley Power Row L Charli K e ella: vm,Edd1e Tn01m,B1u T1-1p1em,xennef.h 1mmkus,R.q Hoover,Dcn HSdges,Bobby Ja.rret.t,lfIaro1d B1-mwnjmy Zieber 'WN n - nr - ' 2' . of 1 . 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Row l Willis Gr-even, Jack McGownd, Bob Gravene, Desnie Barnes, Tom Carter, James Blackwell, Tcm Bock, Bill Sutherland, Paul Holland, Harold Friend, Don Rhodes., Row 2 Ralph Robertson, Irvin Summers, Darrell Woods, Harold 'h1rner, Jimmie Steelman, Jimmie Lawson, Gene Gourley, Herbert Gourley, Richard Longwell, Jackie Collins, Dusine Cantrell. Row 3 Glen Hickey, Dean Poetlewaite, Wilbert, Warren Green, Earl Green, Glen Helton, J. D. Thompson, Warren Steelman, Darrell Watson, Row L Marvin HcDarie, Ray Sears, Jack Rader, Tharold Edwards, Gene Postlewnite, Lowell Owens, Jimmie Stephens. CLUBS AND URBAN IXATIUN3 WF? if f' 'aff .e ff Ziff? Q 'gr fff lj 12 f MMMXXQ f ff' Q- 1 5M 1 i2 Z! 'N is I 3 i 06 '1 ff Me-25 w 7 fs- Q N-.X ,,,,,,,.. Mx K 6, ff X! M ffxl X I' www fbsj eff- 2.936 icy 'jf Q fp -5 Qs K 4 X ZIV 'X' ' ff J I 1f-he fab, V959 M fu-cies. X 8 7' XL Amual Surf A 0 wp W QD XXX, 'Q ff 0 1 I ' ly I Azhar- 5 .5 V I , Q1 l , ,.. , , ,, . I - . Q' 1' al f ' vp 3 - E ! X S , I xl ll 3 N :Q 1 E of 2' -.VD J Q x g 'Q ,sq 6 ' ff, 5 Q I W bfi l gx v X451 -A ' x N Ll f X.. 7 f V ff' ' I X X - xg-5 : If ,, .agly J ? L K 1 X Y-X ,X Y -X - 4 Q' lx XY N wx Z2 -f 7 wo' C8 - - f - 4 -f , pg- XR 'V C, Q I, --A , f X K, 0 - L! "5 1 ,iff X + r - 3 ,, , ' X 3' li - X 2 A ... - 4 X X , ,' Q ,-3 99 -' 'i:'-. 7 - k. -3.x OK-'oqy A "J G' hge' wx o , 4 k cr , a 1 fa x A319 f keen, Q M K 9 :f f ATT'-:X , w ' v Ag ' X ' C21 Inf: sf W 8-if L 'B I I 1. 1 Lim A Je -,- - N ixyqk if , g 1 ' 10,1 , , Q, if' , ff , ", ,fi .Q J gi .5 ff 7 '77 . . 0 ' 4 1. -' , K All f , Qff I ' ' -0 A ' i , ' 1-:Z 1 ff Q ,Q , 'J ' fl' fy 0 ,f Sf - f 1 f " A " -"' K li" l ' f 40- 4 I R f f I, 1 1 'A --L -- Y, X,."' 1 vfwzi: 2 -- 1 ri ., V+ ag. 'P o GA I 59 :lf Bvio X Qi? Zip? Y, . 4 O U f E v I c- :I Ll 3531. 'L Q noe ,j ' . 1 Qi r v ,'?, " , N f' f 1 1 L + 1 I A -V 1 X "Ltr Q ,, Y ,fs QR ' N P J fg - , ' '- l 4-A ' ' .1 f7ff1l'Xl 1" 'Q 4 I I QQ' A , 5 ,,- " ' f - - Y Q ? P df' ' 04856 4 , 4 -if I I Z- Elf-w If eh , ,.- QQ 1, ga, if Xb X 1 6 EL ' , N ' I . ' I. A V 9 ., 1, 5 A . 5 A' ' Q 1- vs!- M X '14 ,.. 5 Q' 559 :I Y : X I I W - T1 , n ' 1 V X 1-45 Jack HcGownd Sophomore Rose Lee Lswrence Freshmen Don Duey Fre shmen President Harold Cain President Eighth Lgfzmtfzf . 2 Grace Alsup Carol Gourley Treas Sophomore Junior President fdllfldlf Glen Hickey "'.2'.7' Basil Rushing Junior Don Harris Carole Hightower Senior President Lola Gourley Senior Bobby Jo Gourley Eighth Imogene Altie Eighth 'Pom Carter President PVD f vi Nancy Marshall Sophomore President S007 Senior Junior Joy Hurrell Vice President Kenneth Brixey President Seventh Martha Jane Brown Seventh Billy Key Fre shmen David Clark Seventh .jg 5' d g gf ,, 'V ..:. 4 'i , ,i ., it if r , , . A .,- ,.,,,,,Q3.. A ,, , 950674 The Future Business Leaders of America was originally organized as the Commercial Club during the school year of l9L5-L6. The following year, the club became an affiliate of the Future Business Leaders of America. Officers 1950-51 First Semester Second Semester President Bob Raemer President Townsend Shelby Vice-President Darlene Hunsaker Vice-President Sophia Hartley Secretary Katie Ann Rogers Secretary Alice Reed Treasurer Norma Rader Treasurer Maxine Moseley Projects for 1950-51 Investment Club Business Education Day, Springfield, March 30, 1951 5 First Rav: Marietha Wcrrshal, Eloise Cantrell, Carol Iac Gourley, Cleora Sherrell, Boxmie Lathrom, Charlene Attebery, Wanda Chaney, Alice Reed, Lois Reese, Marilyn Manchester. Second Row: Mrs. Orr, Sophia Hartley, En Long, Mary Kay Knotts, Lola Gourley, Valera Hutsell, Lou Nan Gordon, Katy Rogers, Mary Frances Poe, Mrs. Hiller, Hrs. Kingery. Third Rolf: Tcllnsend Saelby, Bob Osborn, Bob Raeler, Norm Rader, Helen Were, Lois Img, Alice Breckner, Maxine kseley, Darlene Hunsaker. flfllld Front Row: Pat Snider, Nancy Marshall, Billie Eastin, Joy Mun-ell, Mary Ann Barker, Sally Jo Wagner Back Row: Clotis Barker, Dick Dennis, 'Dom Carter, Harold Friend, Glen Hickey, Bea Spurgeon, Mr. McGuire, Advisor rx jf mmzzbbs Lorrite Carter Gloriebell Carter Pat Snider Mary Ann Barker Iole Gourley Laura. Dake Nancy Gamer Cleore Sherrell Dolly Rushing RUH2 Clerlene Dedmon Grace Alsup Donn! Pritchud Gqle Sandere Lets. McCallieter Jewell Pippin Elandn Cline Zelma Owens Vere Ragmin Row 3 Patti Worthington Barker Shannon Wqne Brixey Joe Rogers Nancy Mu-shell T '10 a ' xg-, , v rv L 'f " X 5 . ff Q99 W film W5 ' aw!- 44 Q c ' '64 55 vii F Q' J . QQ 99 ami if 59 0 00 K W We 5 f J W 21 'wiclieiie 4, '11 0 wake wie 69 I ,We 4,5 age? 59 ,900 U 60 sk 0 aboobxqe og-6 0 as QQGGQG R309 55a-Q-vs 65 Qlvgobel Q rp 09 0 00 60 'i ,es work ,Q-9562, can 5 Qs 400600, 0 1 QQ!-vzyfwobaj X0 O e, S Q 4 0 as ' f P f . , 56,0 4ac.vOi'O30Q'b 49e3Qx1:b90No,69,Re' da 40 Q 00:6 oo 013, 1,150,645,800 uh C' , 0 A f E' 5 , aiiexx-Z Xe -Q, Q59 'Sig tic C001 ,535 9 1,009 bgiaogs -200316 cf'-64 786811 hob Q ' '50 Ot 0' BQ . 1' Q, ' Q 'U Q 7 vs- 'SOA 9 65 'da Q0 .oe '94 10 so 0,7 'b 600 Fed -if AGQOQQ 4809 xx? ,awgiow Nos. 0 Q5 he boo, 0 eeqol 1561: R96 4'5ixXLXb -Oi? .5192 X5 gxxoxs N30 13.01278 841- QIOI' 8 02 he 96 ci Nw: 540 udp Qcxvk X33 Q9906, X 'SR fb fo 6 11321001749 0495 1'15:O'75, Ur 99 WX 6' W9 ze wil wx' QW G". 41 ef Bb ff' '11 01 v 00 ,ep 09 29590 66,6585 hoe, 'bqifaxx ca Xpexx hvzzybldevtlrflo-b'9q' I6 O,,op 61,0 000043 '11 as ck 'QQ - .-00' e XY -X65 -X 1 f 0 '74 "e e e 'E ' ia ,au 9+ .9 Q53 Q30 Vx . Q- L QV, fb alll. 9 060, 0 Q. sh Q ,QQ wr x e , Q ,s ,C an aff' fp -ff - my iq -be Q, dy: ix X Qlfccxo OL cya Ax 36. .gb Q, G0 Q18 0,8 Ibis x P' sq? 65 XXQQAQ 969 ofa ohh me qvpoobi fob , cxffa 'XXYXCALCX X rc-10 Q' .ol 6' N Q04-6'-' xx'-5 6 XX 6- 69 QQ c- Cl: CWQGY wi Af' "QQ, -if be ow. 589 QF: Ov: Ac" Q 0 fo, :bo S G 0 ff Q V096 36610 0,0140 Cv S E i ur . , Row l Valera Hutsell, Marilyn Manchester, Helen Myers, Nancy Iiarshall, Darlene Hunsaker, Charmaine Snannon, Mary Frances Poe, I-Zary Ann Norris, Grace Alsup, Row 2 Florence Scott, Effie Jean Archer, Sherry Iastin, Jane Gourley, Jane Thomas, Alice Reed, .'1' anda Chaney, Billie E.1st:Ln, Sally Jo Wagner, Donna. Pritchard, Row 3 Joyce Scherer, Sue Chasteen, Barbara Snider, Etta Jane Pritchard, Pat Snider, Mary Ann Lsa., Eiarietha Horsham, Rosa Lee Lawrence, Carol Lee Gourley x ff Q if '15, ,FQ 7 if if ff-S. ' ?WK,m my 2 f 1 Q19 ff 'ff' m'fnM,fif5,, 11 A an N IIA ,g v -Fa, -li, ' 1 E . Y , lrirrv 1.w,., -f. -.,. 1. , - vy iv -X 7 i in fi U wg if ffl 'f gm X . a , . uf 'A s A -V' ' X wr' ff' ' E - mN ' :gf -Z, 'Q ,ii-N .. A 4 5 5 Q ,- S ,f 5 f , 3333132 332331334333 agliii wi .aa if as 2 wi1 A2 nl ' .fn Q ,rl Q F l F ' F' 5 I . I 1 ' Y sl' CO Club ln the D. 0. Program Junior and senior high school students attend school a regular students one half of each school day, and the other half day they work ss student-learners, regular employees :Ln a trade or a profession. The basic objective in the D. 0. Program is training for a life's work. D. 0. attempts to teach students occupational ccmpetency which involves these three different. yet closely related, types of learning. l. Mastery of the practical job skills and procedures perfonsed by the worker in the occupation. 2. Canprehension of the technical and related infomation basic to an ,intelligent understanding and practice of the occupation. 3. Development of those personal-social traits which are essential for the successful worker. The D. 0. Club is outstanding in its extra-,curricular activities. The out- standing club work is the sponsoring and presentation of a series of radio artists and talent contest shows called the "Ozark Jamboree". The money fran these shows is used for an extensive annual educational and pleasure bus tour. Az Z 5 F L Back Bow: Nancy Marshall, Hubert Altis, Jil hom, Tomy Bock, Zelns Owens Second Rowe Clara Mabe, Carol Reeder, Robert Virtue, Jing Quinn, Jerry Sink, Lets. HcCallister Front Row: Charlene Spurgeon, Billie Eastin, Pat Sxider, Mr. Dan adder, Advisor, Mary Ann Baa, Jeanette Young, Jane DeWitt ,H CW WN, Row l, P Woods, P Williams snsy Stanley, Kay Schnllo, Wands Hesrs, Vols Sue Rogers, Row 2, Darrell Lawson, Melvin st Snider, Lola Gourley, Mary Ann Barker, Barbers Snider, Pauline Thornhill, Gwendolyn , Row 3, Rolmd Curbhron, Irvin Sllsers, Jimy Lawson, Clarence Wsehbum If www ' ex P ww! ' c 'S .ZE- rm ., if I ' Siva' SI Row l Mr. Cx-ounse, Dotty Clark, Phyllis Snith, June George , Ralph Robertson, Loyd Kimball, Jewellene Baney, Judy Rogers, Jlne Thomas , Hr. Traylor Row 2 Knttie Craven, Joan Cline, Russell Lyon, Willard McCarty, Jack Farrar, Jeanie Gsrtin, Wanda Gourley, Billy Key, Jack Amundson, Donald Peridns. Row 3 Dunne Davidson, Billy Harris, Bennie Moseley, Darrell Hodges, Lewis Lawler, Harold Hichsm, Bobby McCu1ley, Lloyd Hem, Tas Lsrmer. ,Q -B wx' Back Row Front Row Mary Ann Barker, Pat Snider, Barker Shannon, Lola Gourley, Marilyn Manchester Joy Murrell, Captain, Grace Alsup, Valera Hutaoll Barbara Snider -5' 91500 'Y ' 1 ,,,,.:..f 5 K? w K, x'04i?e"fg h . .-A ,ue A A 1 V1 ,. gr 15 'E . M, nnnnM r M X Barker M '72-. . XX 'A M do ' 5 J Q Pat . Q I L? 1 . ' M . ' 31? ,M ' 'rkr ef , fr if . ff M , 'Zh I I O ul? l W 5 Row I, Mr. Godsey, Ray Sears, Charles Proe, Billy Proctor, J. D. Thompson, Terry 'h1rner, Warren Steelman, Ronald Stubbs, James Liska, Billy Walker, Don Duey, Edwin Carter, Virl Deaton, John Green, Lowell Ovens, Noel Dowden Row 3 Joe Austin, Charles Thomas, Leonard Crewse, Bob Forbes, Nolan Altis, Don Wilson, Eugene Emery, Basil Carter, Jack Rader, Karl Ryan, John Doss, Wilbur Wiyrick, Jack Anmndson, Harold Reed, Arlie Rogers Hr. Karpiak Row 2 Kenneth Ward, Ted Vandivort, Basil Rushing, Warren Wall, Harvey Carder, Bill Sztherland, Lin Knauss Frank Rader, Don Dake, Harvey Tetrick, Bill Montgomery, Max Penner, Bobby Pomperien, Jimq Steelman, Delmar Rebman, Clyde Forbes Row 1 Jerry Moseley, Reporter, Townsend Shelby, Secretary, Bea Spurgeon, President, Hr. Maddox, Advisor, Fred Nance , Vice-President, James Blackwell, Treasurer, Warren Green, Sentinel Annual Future Fenner Barmrarming 1950 Qefzw 31" I v Y 3 s f' I 1 3 3 I Tmn Carter Mr, Mcguire Laura Dake Barker Shannon Clarlene Dedmon Kay Serrano Sophia Hartley Glen Hickey Wm -,iw if A aa! UM fig, A Row 1 Vivian Duke, Dottie Clark, June George , JoAnn Pamerien, Carole Lou Hightower, Smith Mrs Newton . . Row 2 Pat Clark, Loitie Freels, Melvin Woods, Robert Forbes, Irvin Sumnere, Marjorie Fry. Row 3 Loie Reese, Lois Peacock, Connie George, Barbara Snider. RQ Earl Lathrom Paul Spencer Bobby Grave!! Ro: 3 Nina White, aeneva Manu:-in: Helen Borden, Lou Nan 501405, Ha-17 5-ml Morris: Charlene Attebery Row 1 Julia Am Sutton, A715 igppgrd, Mary Ann Pfliegier, Mrs. Dunn, Advisor, Ruth Gaddie, Marilyn Hopper Panfhm News I Standing: Charmine Shannon, Charlene Attebery, Marilyn Manchester, Mr. Kingery, Leta McCalJister, Mary Ann Pfliegier, Barbara Thompson, Barker Shanna Seated: Joy Harrell, Valera Huteell, Mary Ann Morris, Sally Jo Wagner, Dozia Willey, Carol Reeder, Mary Am Barker. X , o 0 o W ' 1 -Slfnfn. ,. 4 ,' . -e V g f, ?' eel fx 1 ' xy' ,,- D officers 1950-51 5 " -gf: -ea, -gh 59 II, . A . L President Sophia Hartley 7, . ,Sa Q 'gil-il! -. ' vice-President Elaine sm-ur my Ogxk - - - Secretary Mary Lou Green 0 NEW A Treasurer Joyce Scherer P ' Historian Pansy Stanley Motto 'Toward New Horizons' i I f Q 1 First Row: Elaine Shorter, Joyce Scherer, Beverly Eaatin, Norma Rader, Kay Schallo, Glennette Robertson, Iois Freeman, Etta Louise Thomas, Katy Addington, Elanda Cline , Billie Eastin. Second Row: Ruth Sith, Gwendolyn Williams , Conette McGowan, Mary Ellen McGoMnd, Elaine Huntoon, Maxine Tool, Jewell Pinata, Ilene East, Dolly Rushing, Arvilla Mitchell, Miss Richardson. Third Row: :ophia H ley, Roberta 'h:.rner, Jeanette Slitzer, Marjorie Ballard, Ruthene Virtue, Pansy Stanley, Dottie Elliot. KEYCLUB The Mountain Grove Key Club is an international organization sponsored by Kiwanis It 1 e purpose s to devel op young men in scholarship, citizenship, end service. The "key" boys selected for membership have adopted the formula of "fellowship plus activity equal service." All members of the Kiwanis Club have visited the meetings of the Key Club. Hr. A. L. Wood is the advisor for the club. "Doc", as he is familiar to eve o h ry ne as been very concerned and active with the club. The projects of the club have been'of benefit to the school. The activities of the boys are interesting as well as worthwhile Es h b o c oy has ample opportunity to develop leadership through numerous working committees. Work in Key Club is an education in itself. 3 X 3 E, s 5 5 S 2 Y --ng. - -Vice President, Row l Bee Spurgeon-Senior Director, Townsend Shelby Treasurer, Jim Stephens Glen Hickey-President, Tm Carter-Secretary, Irwin Summers-Sophcmorev Director, James Blackwell-Junior Director. Row 2 Jerry Mak, Bob Porbes,,Mnx Fenner, Norman Stephens, Leonard Crewes, Fred Nance. Barker Shannon. now 3 rnimp nada, Eugene Gourley, Lrlie Rosen, Bob 02110111- 2i Row 1 Joy Hurre1l,Bil1 l4ontgomery,Lo1a Gou.r1ey,D-srrell Free1a.nd,Sal1y Wagxer,Bi11 Sxt.her1a.nd,Miss House, Harold Friend Row 2 Yleno Eaetuian-en Green,Dox1a W:ll1ey,Ar1ie R.ogers,Hary Green,Da1e Dryer,E1aine Shorter, Hurley Estes ,Laura Dake,Tom Carter,Ruth 3ith,Mr. Roderick Row 3 Roberta 'hu'ner,Jin1n1e St681ll8B,NO1'IlI8 Redor,Phil1ip Haddox,Kay Scha.11o,John Does,Ha.ry Mon-is,Eddie Luel1en,Pegg Stockste1l,Haro1d Turner Row I. Glen Hickery,Leta,Tom Bock ,Lou Gord.on,D:lck Dennis,Ma.ry Butcher,Frank F1etcher,Char1ene Attebery. a ,? iffgiw 6252 fzzqfd Row 1 Jane Thomas ,Wanda Chaney,Kat.y Add.ingt.on,Sherry Easti.u,Daisy Shannnn,Bonnie Lat,hrom,Jane Gourley ,Jeanie Gart,:Ln,Joyce Scherer,Bit,a Scherer Row 2 Nancy Ma.rsha.1l,John Byer1ey,Effie Archer,Melvi.n Woods,Sue Chasteen, Willard McCarty,Basa lawrence ,Fred Nance ,Ku Ryan,Jorott.a Walker, JoAnn Pamper-ien,Hr. Boderick,Gene Postlewaite Barbara Sa1der,Eddie Lua1.1en,Bever1y East.i.n,Harvi.n HcDa.x'is,R.oberta Blackaher,Tom I.a.rmer,Vera Ragain,John,Doss,Vo1a Rogtre,C1a.rence Washburn,Hies Hcnse,June HcGolnd,Jacde Farra.r,Pat C1ark,Wan-en Stee1mn,J.D. Th:lpeon,Katie Gravem,Jack A:mdeon,Ha.ry Jo Ha.rrie,RoLand Cawt,hron,1ois FLeese,Ioyd Hem. in Q .f Cs 6 Vx First. Row Harold Hutsell, Townsend Shelby, Joe Rogers Second How Patti Worthington, Joy H1u'z-ell, Marie Sparks, Vivian Duke, Carol Gourley Third Row Wilma Haney, Valera Hutsell, Helen hers, Barker Shannon, Hr Kingery, Mary Frances Poe, Marilyn Manchester, Nadine Coffman was 4- QQ, E 30' 1, blur livers, 'ran cm-ner, Jim Stephens nr nod 1-1 k 8 C Row 2, Home Ibm, Patti Worthington, Don Helm, Iqle Harrison, Claude Hou-s, Dolly Juno Rushing ' fb ., A Y 'L f f - of , 2 ez 5 P n X Q :Q . A E i ? -2 67 Kg ' 9 i Z 5 5 , A , K 6 .A Q ' ' 'E Q 5 1 ' 3 ' i 2 ' V Q . 1 V ' 1 K , K .4 ,. Y. ' -S -V V 4 f. 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Wood, Secretaryg Mr. Carlyle Poo, Mr. Orus Wilson, Superintendentg Mr. Noel Alsup f lc..e.. Conffrfltulqtions Scrnioro Of 1951 ORR MOTOR 6' IMPLEM ENT CO YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER and PONTIAC DEALER Fumall Tractor Intemitlonfll Tluckb Ponu wc C us Phone II Mtn Grove Mo MODERN FURNITURE MOVING Local Sz Long Dlstance J M!!! N b L L . . E . . A 5 . C C . . . '2 e " - 9 V . .,-.o..f-I I.I,I V I .,-m.. ' im.-sf!-. . I Q ,,,,,:6f-ff ""' 1 ' .vrf , Q V 'TX ww. U x. JI, 5 K ,N W... A . Wiwfwfww N " , " 4 - , ' -. .. ' 1 ' . W-ff 5 . , A LL-- , I, . I , , Congratulatlons Semors Class of 1950 1 BEN FRANKLIN STORE Call Thomas Manager North S1de Square Mountam Grove Mo kr CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS OF 1951 THE HOME OF CAP SALL VITAMINS Phone 18 - Mtn. Grove Phnme 21 - Cabool THE SECURITY BANK NIOL1DT31I'1 G1 ox e M1sQou1 1 Mgmbex ot Pedelal Depcmt Ineulance Lolp If You B ink Wlth U You Can Bank on U C H Dux 111 Pluldent CQRNER DRUG STORE Con latulatlons ben1o1s. Yom Fuendlx Stole FEESE CHEVROLET CO Pxnsbuxns Candles Nxal Dxags Phone 138 Phone 106 Nolth Sxde of Square Mlmmflm Gfme M0 Con 71 1TLl1'311Ol'1 Chss of 1961 See LANDERS BARKER LUMBER CO me EX BRYIHIMN TO BUILD ANYTHING Phone 30 P01 Qulgk Suxlne Mountam GIOXG MISQOUTI of 1" ' ' ' . 'h .. W, , , . i , H- , Q , .. " Q ' s - . . 'L -' 1 xf. CT vu ' ff i I 1- h . . Marie Backer Cosmetics - ' z U- 1 '.. 1 ' 5.1 vi ' v .v K. g, 'L C ' fl. C . f Q f 1 r 7 I Y V r 1 1 D' f 31 7' . , - ,. Con 7I8tL111t1OI'1S SLHIOIS SHANNON 5 SHANNON Sule Insumnce South West COIIILI of Squne MANCHESTER S MOTEL MCKINNEY Headqufxrters for Better Quartel 5 Phone 538 West Hluhwly 60 Mountun Grove Mo STORE Rechck Marten Phone 216 West Sxde Phone 65 Con 1l1LI1"l'L1011S Clue of 1951 FIOIT1 Hnrx Epperbon Solpt of Mountz-nn GIOXL Factou VR FSTPORT 1 IFE STRIDE BUSTER BROWN A Product of BROWN SHOE CO 5' 2 ' .' . N ' - C H 1 A, ,C . " Aff z - xt' ' 1- L 'x Congratulations Seniors MARSHALL AUTO 7 gi cl za.: . Z. . ., Q , . f ' w V 1 1 j 1 Y 7 A J Y Con 1atuI1t1ons Semors EDDIE CAFE Good Muals N01 th Slde Squa1e HERN Cr SON HARDWARE H n du are Apphances Dlamond Ed e Tools Phone 83 South S1de of Square C1 G MOTOR SUPPLY Automoixxt Supphes Mlchme Shop Suxme Phone 509 W H1 hwdx MOUDIHID Gloxe Mo Conglz-1tu1at1ons SSHIOTS IACKSON SUPPLY Co Fnestone Beet Today St11I Better Tomorrow Phone 100 Mtn Grove Mo Con I'ltl1I2111OH Semol Q SANDERS 6 McCARTY PLUMBING CO Mx ere Pumps Lennox Heatm SX stems Phone 444 H1QhW1X 60 8, N Maln SOUTHWEST HARDWARE ComP11mGHtS Of 6' LUMBER COMPANY Ed W Leach Mgr Phone 429 THOMPSON S DAIRY Mountam Guxe Mo Phone 347 J cr' ' ' ' D C I , 2' 1 Z ' 0 3 ' ff t. L ' ' 1 ' . I . 'vx ' . I 1 um t 3 xvv.l L , ' V N . . gg 1.60 H' l 1 . , . cfs: . I 1 b. . . 7 . x 1 g.j.' . cu' 7 .. w . L , . '37, X. - n OZARK GLASS AND C0mP1imGHtS Of RADIATOR SERVICE IOHNSON cf BARNES HDWE Glass Wholesale I Hardware H. A. MCM111111 Phone 530 Appliances Mountain Grove, Mo. East Side Square I M. F. A. Congratulatlons, from PRODUCERS EXCHANGE M F A SERVICE STATION Phone 191 fO1 Pxck Up Servlce L. . .4 . .Aww V ' ' 4:G MA . . I S V . ,... ,aw IOHNSON PLUMBING co We are xoul Genelal Electuc Sz Skeleas Dealers Mount nn G1 oxe Phone 186 If Youl Clothes Arent Becommg To You Its Tune You Were Commg To Us WADE S BEST CLEANERS Phone 60 Jimes O Wade Owner TH E TRADING POST Spijlllll Goods Muslcll Instruments lub a e Hal old K1 eft Charhe Complunents of MTN GROVE FLORIST Potted Plants Udle West Hxghwax 60 Cornplunents of GRAVENS RECREATION CENTER Pool Sz Snooker Noltheqst Cox ner Square MOTEL MCKINNEY Headqualtels For Better Quarters Telephone 538 Congratulatmns to Class 1951 TRI COUNTY FEED MILLS Quahtx Feeds Only Mtn G1 Oxe MIS Ourl Eqst F11 st Mtn Grove MO I , 7 I 7 ,I C y. V J. 1 K . . , 2 ' ', Mo. C . , ' ' 11' ' ' 21 Corsages J 0538 . . . - I N , 7 . C. . ' r ' V TH FXNRS SEMCO COLOR PRESS Rox H Okl lhomi CHX Okl 1hom1 Publl has ot OL11 Noel M61 XIOlthG1N Sales Joplm NIIQSOUYI D11 151011 TO OZARKIAN MOR Phone 120 RIS MOTOR COMPANY FORD 85 MERCURY Sales 8x SGFVICS Comphments of TRI COUNTY NEWS For All Your Home Town News Serx mg The Tri-County Area WILLARD 0 4 4 Furmture B111 STELLA Our Stella MGHS 16 Everybody Knows These Furnlture People I I MGHS 18 Congratulfmons Class of 51 ELLIOT HOTEL Mountam GIOXS Phone .251 T Conffratu1f1t1or1b To the Chee of 1951 THE GAY MODE xdl s Pc ldx to Wear Phbne 156 pon 11301 md Multz Sutton ALTISCAFE Home M1de Ples Hot P11te Luncheb Steaks Chops N01 the wt Cmner of Squ ue GARRETT S STORE O 6 Glocerles Otto D P11Ce Mn Cured Meats, Fresh Vegetables, Phon B4 1 C ' D C I 1 Crip Je me 1 , X . , 1 ' ' ' , Mo. " E12 e z 1" I . Conffmtulaxticans Seniors 21 L 1 L 'JL' . E x V . kk - . ' 2 V, Y , V. 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Suggestions in the Mountain Grove High School - Ozarkian Yearbook (Mountain Grove, MO) collection:

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