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tmont studio 214! NORTH 18th STREET IRMINGH MOUNTAIN BROOK HIGH SCHOOL MOUNTAIN BROOK, ALABAMA 1970 OLYMPIAN EDITOR DALE RUSSAKOFF BUSINESS MANAGER RALEIGH KENT ADVISORS CHARLOTTE E. S. HENLE ANNE McCRORY WHEN I THINK OF YESTER- DAY I REMEMBER THE FOUNDATIONS - WHAT MOUNTAIN BROOK WAS. I REMEMBER THE BUILDING, THE ROOMS, AND THE FIRST IDEAS - I REMEMBER THE BEGINNING. TODAY, I THINK OF PROGRESS, OF ENTHUSI- ASM - WHAT MOUNTAIN BROOK IS AND I REALIZE THAT THIS CREATION IS MORE THAN FOUNDA- TIONS AND IDEAS - (. . CREATION IS A PATIENT SEARCH. " Le Corbusier V SOMETIMES I STOP TO LOOK AROUND ME AT THE INVOLVED MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT BODY AND THE FACULTY. FOR IN SEARCHING TOGETHER, THEY HAVE TRANSFORMED FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL . . . INTO FOUR YEARS OF CHALLENGE . . . t »■• - ■l ? ' ' ' ' 10 . . AND FOUR YEARS OF RESPONSE. THUS, TO EACH OF THESE PEOPLE AND TO THEIR SEARCH, WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK. 13 I I i - 9 , % V c ' r CONTENTS ACADEMICS. ORGANIZATIONS " i ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS HONORS. ... CLASSES ..148 ADS - " . • ' ■ • ■ ACADEMICS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF The student body is very indebted to Dr. Harold Patterson, our hard- working and determined principal. Withstanding opposition from parents and teachers, he has instilled a school program in which the students accept a large part of the responsibility for their learning. The students owe much of their freedom and opportunities for self- government to this enthusiastic and dedicated leader. 19 BOARD OF EDUCATION The Mountain Brook Board of Education, appointed by the mayor, has legal responsibility for the management of the Mountain Brook School System. Dr. William N. Eddins, the Superintendent, and his assistant, Mr. Zollie Reed, are commissioned with the actual running of the system. The Board has discretionary powers in any matter not covered by state legislation. fl ■ % JL - " - ? m L Mr. Permutt, Miss Forman, Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Vann; NOT PICTURED: Mr. Hendrix. 20 JOHN FULTON LOWREY Samford, U. of A. , BS, MA Coach Fulton Lowrey shoulders the man-size job of assistant principal single-handedly this year. As a result of this pro- motion, Coach Lowrey was moved to a new, strategically located office - right in the middle of the mall, on dis- play for all passers-by. Always suave and debonair, Coach Lowrey is every student ' s ideal! JULIA HARPER Vanderbilt, Alabama College, BA, MA DEAN BYRD Troy State, U. of A. , BS, MA The guidance counselors at Mountain Brook are always ready to offer assistance in such matters as career and subject choices, visiting college representatives, special education program, and any other matter in which they feel they can give qualified advice. Also, they see that each college application is accompanied by a personal recommendation from one of the counseling staff. They show interest in all the students ' problems and are willing to help wherever they can. 2i Remember the night we had the bonfire in the library? OFFICE STAFF MRS. DARNELL, MRS. SCHREIBER LIBRARIANS JUDY MILLS U. of Ala. , BS, MA BARBARA McFERRIN B ' Ham Southern, BA, MA MARTHA WILLSON Samford, U. of Ala. , BA 22 KITCHEN STAFF MRS. RUFF, MRS. McKINNEY, MRS. RIVERS Come to where the flavor is: Mountain Brook ' s lunchroom ! SEATED: PEARL DAVIS, JANIE VVINSLETT, ANNA BRADBURY, CATHERINE BLOUNT. STANDING: DOROTHY MYLES, ANNIE WILSON, MAE REESE, MAMIE LEE. 23 FACULTY OFF-GUARD 24 ' " ,:■ ELIZABETH ATKINS U. of Ala. , BA, MA RUTH BEALE U. of Ky. , U. of Ala. , BA CHARLES BEARD U. of Ala. , BS ELIZABETH BULLOCK Ward- Belmont, U. of Ala. , BS SANDRA COLLIER Sam ford, BA FLOYD ECHOLS Sam ford, U. of Ala. , BS, MA OMARFAUCETT U. of Ala. BS, MA SALLY FAUCETT U. of Ala. , BS " Discuss in no less than 5, 000 words the configuration of Lincoln ' s stovepipe hat. ■■■■■I ■■■■ ■■ ■■? " Take it away, Shakespeare! ' The closer you get, the better he looks ! 25 ' Welcome to Freddie ' s Wonderful World of Molecules. " Two DISTINCT figures emerge over the horizon. GEORGE ANN GIBSON BTiam. Southern, BA CHA ROLETTE HAMBY Samford, BA ROBERT G. HAPNER Auburn, Samford, BS CHARLOTTE HENLE Judson, BS MARTHA HESTER Montevallo, BS GAIL HOLT Samford, BA BILLIE JAMES Colorado State, Auburn, BS BARBARA KIRK B ' ham Southern, Samford, BA " No, the Board has NOT made a decision! ' I 26 ARCH LONG Samford, BA DON LYTLE Samford, BA ANNE McCRORY Auburn, BS CISSIE McKINNON U. of Ala. BS, MA DELORESE MAY Ala. College, BA BILL NOLES Jacksonville State, U. of Ala. , BS, MA MARY PATTERSON U. of Ala. , BS LILLIAN REID Samford, BA, MA " Mmm, now where did I put the keys to the driver ' s ed car? " ' Yes, Miss McCrory! Anything you say, Miss McCrory! " " If you think this is good, just wait until you get to page 116! ' 27 She lost her Right Guard, and now we ' re all defenseless! DONNA ROBINETT U. of Ala. , BA I SHANNON ROGERS U. of Ala. , BA REBECCA SANDERSON Auburn, BS FRANCES SAWYER U. of Ala. , BA MARY SCARBOROUGH B ' ham. Southern, BA BARBARA SEIGEL U. of Ala. , BA, MA ANN STEPHENS Vanderbilt, BA fl m A ■ jf f J r " It does wonders for your figure! ' i 28 FREDDIE STEPHENS U. of Ala. , Samford, BS, MS NELL STUART Gulf Park, Auburn, BS NANCY TERREL U. of N. Mex. , B ' ham. Southern, BA MICHAEL THOMAS Auburn, BS SUE WILSON Samford, BA JAMES WYATT Vanderbilt, U. of Ala. , BA, MA ROBIN WYATT U. of Ala. , BA, MA fc Wy No, we do NOT have Portnoy ' s Complaint in this fine, upstanding library! V i " Funny how your mother ' s handwriting keeps changing from week to week. " ' That ' s our coach! That ' s our coach ! " 29 m m Wm ffi ■n i ORGANIZATIONS HONORARIES PUBLICATIONS STUDENT CLUBS STUDENT Communication was the theme for the 1969-1970 Student Council. They adopted open assemblies, a calendar of events, and many times went to the students for help and support on various projects. Homecoming was a tremendous success with the parade, the pep rally, the excitement, and the football game. An Honor System and a library system were set up, both for the purpose of better- ing our school. In the spring, Emphasis Week was a big project as well as Spartan Sweep. All plans undertaken by the Student Council were directed toward the student ' s interest and involve- ment. Improvement in these areas proved that their efforts were a great help. SPONSORS: Mrs. Wyatt, Mrs. Robinette, Mrs. Seigal KNEELING: Mary Elizabeth Palmer , Parliamentarian; Courtney Burge, Secretary. STANDING: Raleigh Kent, Treas. , Walter Wood, Pres. , Steve Daniels, Chaplain, John Hall, First Vice -Pres. , Will Ratliff , Second Vice-Pres. 32 COUNCIL SENIOR SEATED: Joan Coppinger, Pam Tilly, Kathy Davis, Susan Fuller. STANDING; ROW 1: Stan Faulkner, Dalton Forman, Mary Yeates, Beth Hammond, Barry Mazer. ROW 2: Benjie Smith, Billy Mills, Hugh Comer, Charlie Israel. JUNIOR SOPHOMORE ROW 1: Mathews Brown, Diane Stubbs, Tracy Friedman, Lynn Sherrill, Jan Wilson, Robbie Moore, Craig Weil. ROW 2: Bill Longshore, Craig Mallick, Billy Culp, Johnny Compton, Barbara Scott, Billy Casey. ROW 1: Ann Mason, Louise Tate, Louise Price, Wynne Wilson, Jill Fineberg. ROW 2: Dede Head, Gail Gun- ter, Debbie Rice. ROW 3: Walter Kennedy, Danny Drennen. 33 KEY CLUB ROW 1: T. Dixon, S. Faulkner, J. Porterfield, B. Culp, S. Bancroft, J. Young, J. Compton. ROW 2: T. Mayfield, G. Arello, S. Hahn, J. Coppinger, Sweetheart, B. Mazer, Treas. , H. Teel, D. Burnum. ROW 3: B. Longshore, D. Dillard, S. Brown, W. Hamilton, B. Mills, Sec.rS. Still, J. McClure, C. Israel, V. Pres. ; D. Owens, P. Pappas, Pres. , W. Wood, J. Mazer, B. Wood, J. Rupp, M. Brown, R. Brown. INTERACT CLUB ROW 1: G. Brummet, H. Theadcraft, S. Yeates, D. Mason, C. Johnson, B. Casey, J. Sneider. ROW 2: A. Picard, J. Englund, G. Price, B. Hirsch, C. Meyer, N. Parker, Sweetheart, W. Thomas, C. Weil, D. Lewis, J. Levine, Coach Wyatt, G. Litzinger. ROW 3: B. Smith, B. Hunter, B. Barnes, D. Ward, P. Smith, G. Brabston, C. Woody, C. Mallick, D. Anderson. 34 SPARTANETTES ROW 1: Lane McRae, Mary Elizabeth Palmer, Chaplain, K. Davis, J. Screiberman, M. Hall.Pres., ROW 2: L. Cobb, Sharon Nathan, Sec. , C. Plylar, C. Edwards, A. Kitchings. ROW 3: D. Blair, J, Wilson, L. Noble, P. McKewen, S. Randolph. ROW 1: T. Friedman, A. Kidd, L. Raffel, N. Brateman, Treas. , K. Harris, V. Pres. ROW 2: V. Wittichen, R. Rich, R. Forney, M. F. Tate, H. Hoffman. ROW 3: D. Russakoff, B. Barrett, M. Weil, S. Daniels, C. Fletcher, Mrs. Manley. 35 HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1: K. Harris, S. Randolph, V. Pres. , D. Russakoff, H. Hoffman, Treas., ROW 2: S. Nathan, E. Crabbe, M. Tate, K. Sutherland, N. Brateman, Pres., K. Turnham, Mrs. Reid. ROW 3: B. Smith, D. Lewis, Sec. , R. Kent, B. Mazer, C. Fletcher. BOOK CLUB ROW 1: K. Hardy, C. Bargeron, J. Gleissner, M. Goldstein, B, Miller, ROW 2: J. Manning, S. Ritchie, M. Tilson, K. Turnham, R. Forney, C. Cooper, J. Axelroth. 36 INTER-CLUB COUNCIL ROW 1: M. R. Cary, M. Hall, C. Meyer, L. McRae, S. Daniels, D. Rusakoff. ROW 2: C. Conway, R. Kent, J. Weldon, B. Culp, J. Hall, L. Beck, B. Phillippi, R. Whitley, M. Hamrick, K. Harris. MORNING- WATCH COUNCIL ROW 1: Dale Russakoff, Julie Hudson, Stevie Daniels, Livy Beck. ROW 2: Maureen Shultz, Marie Hall, Sharon Nathan, Jerri Cotton, Danny Drennen. 37 NAVY D. Anderson, B. Bailey, R. Bayliss, J. Brown, P. Brown, R. Cohen, J. Davis, G. Edens, M. Foster, K. Hall, W. Harrison, D. Hezlep, J. McRee, J. Rudolph, J. Scheinert, J. Schmarkey, S. Shaw, J. Speake, A. Watkins, N. Weaver, D. Wetzel, A. White A. Atlas, R. Blach, E. Burg, L. Burnette, D. Cox, D. Dubois, J. Easterling, B. Eastwood, M. Foster, J. Gates, M. Hyatt, D. Jackson, K. Mallick, R. Padawer, J. Sandner, N. Tyson, B. Wells, D. Williamson, D. Yarborough, L. Yielding. 38 JROTC OFFICERS: Chip Woody, John Manning, Harry Jackson, David Hezlip, Andrew Stumpf, Paul White. B. Barnes, A. Barton, J. Bernheim, C. Braune, H. Butterworth, F. Castro, D. Daniel, J. Dodds, P. Dupre, J. Fitts, B. Ford, F. Fowlkes, L. Friedman, B. Galtney, J. Hamilton, S. Hitchinson, R. Lovell, D. McMa- han, J. McWane, B. May, E. Moore, R. Slais, B. West, T. Whitley, P. Wilson, J. Wise, D. Word, M, Biggers, C. Brower, G. Brower, G. Browning, K. Bruno, J. Collins, D. Cook, L. Delapp, P. Heffler, T. Holder, E. Humphreys, J. Marks, G. Martin, K. Nellums, B. Pierson, R. Shine, K. Sillman, L. Woody. 39 BANK DIRECTORS ROW 1: D. Russakoff, N. Parker, M. Schultz, J. Epstein, T. Friedman, J. Schreibman, N. Brateman, K. Trafton, M. F. Tate, R. Forney. ROW 2: C. Weil, D. Blair, C. Black, J. Hall, B, Casey, J. Young, C. Meyer, R. Kent, A. Weaver, S. Randolph, M. Hamrick, S. Nathan, S. Hilley, C. Mallick. AFS CLUB ROW 1: C. Meyer, Pres. , N. Brateman, J. Schreibman, Treas. , K. Koch. ROW 2: J. Berry, T. Winkler, S. Gates, M. Schultz, L. Ritchie. 40 LETTER CLUB ROW 1: R. Whitley, H. Schonberger, B. Hartsfield, B. Major, K. Kirk, M. Chandler, J. Ryar, R. Dreher, G. Arello. ROW 2: G. Gray, M. Osborne, T. Heley, J. Lester, L. Stern, S. Bancroft, R. Mason, G. Litzinger. ROW 3: P. Pappas, O. Faucett, S. Roach, C. Conaway, J. Mazer, B. Mills, N. Meullen, D. Dillard. ROW 4: W. Wood, E. Miller, S. Faulkner, J. McClure, N. Davis, C. Christmas, Pres. , T. Dixon, C. Israel. JETS ROW 1: D. Thomas, D. Maupin, Mr. Thomas, B. Burgess, D. Mason. ROW 2: G. Salem, A. Stumph, D. Darnell, T. Mclntyre, R. McRae. ROW 3: A. Holder, J. Sander, C. Blach, M. Fite, C. Muse, J. Fins. ROW 4: D. Asbell, Y. Yielding, S. Hahn, B. Pierson, N. Davis. 41 DORIANS - ■ ■ .3r J ROW 1: J. Montgomery, C. Norman, T. Winkler, M. Cobb, D. Gibson, M. Raffel. pptffe. S. Beck. )W2: R. Bastar, M. Drennen, K. Trafton, C. Edwards, Captain, L. McRae, A. M aSfle ws, I. White. L.Turnbull. ROW 3: M. Maynard, J. A. Goldstein, C. Plylar, C. Meyer. ROW 4: A. Conway, B. Washington, B. Shackleford, T. Friedman, J. Limbaugh, M. Pfrimmer, L. Larspn, M. Fern. ROW 5: V. Wittichen, D. Harchelroad, S. Little, D. Ward. ■ 9 42 43 MBHS ROW 1: J. Spira, P. Trafton, D. Gillespey, A. Stein, D. White, M. Owens, G. Roberts, S. Jackson, S. Murray, T. Bledsoe, B. Fincannon. ROW 2: J. Dook, B. Pate, M. Gross, D. Dewitt, L. Peterson, G. Burnette, R. Rich, C. Simpson, J. Cooper, H. Roberts, B. Schoephle. ROW 3: C. Darling, T. Johnston, R. Griffith, T. Burns, G. Glasgow, J. Lester, S. Jones, S. Holt, C. Rhea, C. Mallick. 44 BAND l..i » W M»kM ' ,» " " ■ — U» — M «i |J W . ' lli » I H I M»IMH M i n i m MAJORETTE GWYN GOLDEN ROW 4: M. Green, P. Gordon, D. James, L. Fievet, L. Daniel. NOT PICTURED: L. Tieszen, G. Golden. 45 THESPIANS APPRENTICES: D. Miller, S. Haberstroh, L. Brickman, S. Green, S. Holt, G. Golden. MEMBERS: ROW 1: M. Pfrimmer, M. E. Palmer, L. Cobb, C. Price, K. Turnham, M. Wright, K. Koch, M. Lart, K. Sutherland, A. Conway, W. Holley. ROW 2: Miss May, Mr. and Mrs. J. McClure, J. Hall, S. Faulkner, M. McClure, B. Marks, C. Miller, D. Simpson, M, Dawkins, L. Burch, S. Dawkins, S. Daniels, M. P. Patton, L. Beck, B. Dalrymple. ON LADDER: M. Drennen, L. Yeilding, J. Young, D. Craig, J. Compton, S. Beck, K. Trafon, V.P., S. Hilley, Carol Edwards, President. HONOR COUNCIL ON FLOOR: Billy Pritchard, B. Longshore. IN CHAIRS: Craig Mallick, D. Drennen, Diane Stubbs, Henry Hudson, Vice Chairman, Debbie Rice, Eddie Miller, Pete Pappas, Dalton Forman, Chairman. NOT PICTURED: Joan Coppinger, Secretary, Steve D aniels, Steve Still. 46 FBLA K. Cox, S. Pilkerton, S. Meadows, B. Davis, K. Taylor, B. Penfield. ROW 3: K. White, M. Pffrimmer, B. Sher- rill, D. Still, N. Spencer, K. Bums, J. Abernathy, J. Longshore, D. Brown, F. Clark, K. Vaughn, P. Hays, B. Singleton, L. McClure. ROW 4: G. Mendel, B. Kirkland, S, Holt, B. Young, C. Chandler, V. Howard, M. Rey- nolds, R. Harvill, L. Hunter, G. Ritchie, J. Brown, D. Drennen, C. Poellnitz. ROW 1: S. Holt. J. Dorn, F, Tom- isek, L. Stern, L. Nagrodski, V. Horton, D. Moss, M. Ludwig, M. R. Cary, W. Brown, J. Gra- ham, T. Major- ie. ROW 2: M. Holt, B. Cowan, S. Haberstrob, K. Bowers. M. Clark, J. Broda, P. Taylor, L. Ritchie, J. Free- man, C. Mullins, G, Tenninbaum, PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB ROW 1: Benjie Schoephle, Sec. , Dan Darnell, V. P., Dan Duffe, Treas. , Craig Weil, Pres. ROW 2: Francis Harsh, Sam Pfaffman, John Cox, Lane Friedman, Ken Bruno, Jim Abernathy, Dave Bauman, Jamie McWane, Mr. Thomas. 47 HISTORY CLUBS ROW 1: J. Stewart, S. Randleman, D. Epstein, G. Gunter, D. Rice, J. Fineberg, J. Rast, M. Sherrill, M. Miller, M. Somerville. ROW 2: S. Dawkins, N. Jacobson, F. Becker, N. Goldberg, C. Cohen, J. Eubanks, C. Weintraub, S. Cohen, M. Raffel, T. Brown, R. Bastar, L. Robinson, A, Hilley. ROW 3: C. Perkins, K. Fail, B. Winfree, P. McDavid, S. Tilson, L. Schulhafer, P. Spielburger, M. Cotten, B. Buchanan, A. Rochester, D. Renneker, A. Lemmon, S. Wood. ROW 1: J. Floyd, M. Yeates, L. Burke, B. Davies, T. Plylar, J. Gundersen, C. Stein, M. Yeates, M. Schulz, J. Epstein, N. Parker, N. Hudson, M. Drennen, G, Norment. ROW 2: S. Brown, T. Healey, M. Ringland, K. Koch, S. Holt, P. Tilly, A. Wyrough, L. Larson, R. Dreher, D. Blythe, J. Limbaugh, M. Hamrick, G. Till. 48 GLEE CLUB CONCERT CHOIR: ROW 1: S. Beck, M. Dawkins, M. E. Palmer, D. Brown, A. Con- way, M. Jones, D. Simpson, C. Edwards, D. Smith, R. Ross, ROW 2: C. Robinson, B. Engel, G. Golden, A. Hilley, V. Snow, J. E. White, B. Henley, K. Koch, F. Mitchell, M. Black, B. Massey. ROW 3: B. Sch- neider, M. McClure, L. Beck, B. Casey, G. Brummett, A. Patterson, P. Pappas, S. Faulk- ner, J. Cowley, K. Frost, E. Cryar. ROW 4: J. McClure, E. Miller, J. Hall, D. Ward, H. Teele, W. Wood, W. Scott, W. Holley, L. Yielding, D. Lewis, S. Hilley. GLEE CLUB: ROW 1: M. Drennen, J. A. Goldstein, B. Washington, K. Burns, K. Trafton, T. Wilson, S. Reznik, C. Frew, J. Abernathy, K. White, ROW 2: G. Woolverton, M. Pfrimmer, S. Konstant, B. Hezlip, L. Brickman, M. Meeks, S, Meadows, T. Winkler, L. Thomason, D. Rice, D. Winkler, L. Mc- David, ROW 3: D. Forman, J. Knight, J. White, L. Ragsdale, M. Hall, K. Williamson, N. Johnson, M. P. Patton, T. Plylar, M. Cox, B. Dick, P. Faulkinberry . ROW 4: J. Carey, D. Craig, D. Warwick. G. Ritchie, L. LeGrand, L. Burch, S. Agnew, B. Streisand, L. Ritchie, A. Plylar, A. Weaver, ROW 5: D. Ward, C Caughey, N. Brown, K. Turnham, R. Harrington, J. Wilson, A. Haughton, S. Gates, M. F. Tate, K. Herrington, D. Bondurant. 49 MTN. BROOK ' S FRENCH I; ROW 1: J. Hicks, G. Gunter, J. Fineberg, C. Cohen, P. Brown, P. Pevear, Act. Chm. , J. Zeanah, D. Duffee. ROW 2: M. Darnell, Pari., G. Ritchie, Chaplain, D. Smith, F. McRae, C. Perkins, H. Teel, V. Pres. , L. Stephenson, Treas. , S. Weaver, L. Bartlett, P. Pinkerton. Mrs. Sawyer, M. Hall, L. Tate, B. Finch, L. McRae, V. Pres., C. Weil, Pres., C. Johnson, D. Maupin, Act. Chm, , M. McClure, Sec. , M. Hamrick, Treas., C. Waddy, L. Coleman, L. Turnbull, D. Drennen. ROW 2: D. Adams, D. Brown, A. Haughton, W. Wilson, K. Franklin, J. Hagan, A. Lawrence, K. Herren, L. Sherrill, S. Coleman, S. Hazelrig. ROW 3: B. Wood, T. Jenkins, D. Still, S. Cohen, C. Silberman, E. Warwick, L. Nagrodski, L. Gaskin, V. Ladd, E. Mears. ROW 4: B. Pritchard, A. Parker, C. Wingate, S. Backburn, S. Corenblum, T. Jaffe, I. Laufman, S. Siegal, E. Spira, B. Winfree, G. Pilliteri. ROW 5: M. Williams, D. Miller, A. Leslie, R. Harvill, L. Hunter, B. Dick, A. Seigler, A. Cherner, N. Carey, M. Lyle, M. McClure. ROW 6: L. Coleman, C. Norman, M. Ludwig, R. Farrel, D. Fowler, B. Goldstein, M. Eyruad, D. Garrison, R. Kirkland, B. Singleton, V. Howard. ROW 7: B. Ward, D. Daniels, S. Barron, M. Williams, P. Robinson, J. Pearson, D. Bennet, T. Plylar, A. Terry, A. Williams, D. Winkler. ROW 8: M. P. Patton, J. Crieghton, S. Stevens, B. McCary, C. Fletcher, L. Wittichen, M. Maynard. ROW 9: P. Dupre, J. Levine, K. Stone, N. Logan, B. Cotten, D. Stubbs, A. Monti, D. Bondurant, J. Kinney, J. Gravely. 50 FRENCH CLUBS ROW 1: J. Berry, S. Nathan, V. Wittechen, L. Posey, D. Blair, K. Harris, B. Culp, K. Held, P. Roguff, C. Warden, M. Heiman, J. Staff, F. Bec- ker. ROW 2: Mrs. Olson, M. Yeates, S. Fuller, B. Hezlep, D. Gibson, P. Morgan, L. Foust, B. Scott, S. Sokol, J. Floyd, B. Cowin, M. Parker, S. Randolph. ROW 3: D. Smith, L. Raffel, R. Rich, N. Brown, B. Codding, N. Jones, C. Lewis, P. Williamson, L. Cobb, H. Hoffman, K. Sutherland, F. Mitchell. ROW 4: P. Wasley, C. Aland, S. Goldstein, G. Woolverton, M. Pfrimmer, M. Eliz. Palmer, C. Chandler, C. Etheredge, M. Dawkins, K. Hays, G. Cary, K. Forst, E. Crabbe. ROW 5: M. Ring- land, M. Drennen, K. Davis, P. Tilly, M. Parker, L. Levine, M. Monsky, V. Grayson, M. Shapiro, K. Aland, N. Hogan, C. Perry. ROW 6: J. McCary, L. Stiles, A. Plylar, V. Snow.D. Brown, M. Tiller, L. Larson, H. Monaghan, N. Bloom, N. Spencer. ROW 7: P. Lewis, C. Hart, L. Burke, J. Gundersen, S. Paul, G. Howze, M. Meeks, S. Meadows, D. Forman, L. Noble, C. Plylar. ROW 8: P. Plokta, K. Trafton, J. O ' Quinn, K. Bryant, M. Chenoweth, N. Hudson, A. Kidd, T. Stanton, C. Rayfield. ROW 9: R. Green, M. Britton, M. Black, V. Cox, L. Ragsdale, R. Mason, P. Blatt, T. Sears, C. Meyer, G. Miles. FRENCH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1: H. Hoffman, D. Rusakoff, C. Burge, N. Parker, J. Goldstein, M. Heiman, C. Meyer, V. Pres. , K. Harris, Pres. ROW 2: R. Thim, C. Meyer, R. Rich, S. Randolph, K. Sutherland, C. Caughey, M. Schoephle, L. Ragsdale, Mrs. Olson. 51 SPANISH CLUBS ROW 1: A. Taylor, S. Stein, B. Massey, S. Saunders, Miss Sanderson, B. Phillippi. J. Weldon, M. R. Cary, P. Cone, J. A. Longshore, K. Vaughn. ROW 2: S. Haberstroh, S. Hamre, VV. Brown, J. Lloyd, D. Stewart, D. Head, A. Stewart, J. Rast. J. Montgomery, P. Hays, T. Wilson. ROW 3: A.Orell, C. Poellnitz, B. Forney, M. Mayfield, J. Haworth, R. Byrne, B. Bashinsky, R. Phillips, D. Smith, T. Newman, C. Golden, B. L. Snow. ROW 4: B. Wells, B. Kahn, B. Pierce, K. Burns, M. Clarke, B. Washington, S. Ray, F. Baum, E. McClees, B. Schneider, C. Robinson. ROW 5: M. Sutherland, H. Bums, R. Warrington, J. Bingham, B. Owens, S. Jones, R. Padawer, T. Keel, S. Perlman, T. Mitchell, H. Wilson, M. Tatom. ROW 1: A. Cohn, M. Wright, B. Henley, M. Yeates, Mrs. Robinette, L. Head, B. Brock, L. Beck, D. Zasa, K. Fisher, J. Phillips, S. Konstance, A. Falchook. ROW 2: E. Raymond, K. Mendlesohn, T. Friedman, A. Conway, J. Wilson, B. Davis, L. Willey, C. Gaines, A. Luckie, L. Richards. L. Sanders, C. White, ROW 3: K. Larson, K. Montgomery, M. Pearson, D. Naftel.L. Burch, K. Coz, S. Reznick, T. Winkler, A. Montgomery, B. Roseman, G. Carey, S. Barnett. ROW 4: K. Zinder, K. Hall, J. Binzel, C. Mullins, D. Harchelroad, E. Schneider, C. Hamilton, B. Watkins, M. Levine. ROW 5: D. Pittman, I. Porterfield, B. Longshore, M. Owens, J. Wheatley, D. Anderson, B. Casey, P. Stikes, D. Asbell, D. Mason. 52 LATIN CLUB ROW 1: M. Weil, Chaplain, Y. Cox, S. Moss, N. Johnson, A. Stephens. ROW 2: P. Malphus, M. Phillips, C. Grant, K. Bowers, B. Kesmodel, F. Baum, C. Stein. ROW 3: P. Faulkinberry, J. Spencer, Treas. , B. Hale, Sec., G. Mendel, A. Lemmon, C. Price, D. Simpson, L. Legrand. ROW 4: D. Lewis, V. Pres. , R. Kent, S. Echols, V. Tucker, T. James, M. Brown, J. Young. GERMAN CLUB ROW 1: J. Englund, B. Ford, B. Heslip, M. Fite, C. Ludwig, R. Poole, J. Rudolph, S. Still, S. Hahn. ROW 2: S. Brown, R. Lloyd, C. Ramsey, E. McKinnon, R. Tomisek, L. Brown, F. Thim, R. Burnett, A. Kitchings , S. Pedota, L. Anderton, K. Kirk, R. Tomisek, G. Gray. 53 DEBATE CLUB ROW 1: G. Golden, T. Winkler, N. Spencer, M. Dillon, S. Ray, C. White, S. Pierson, B. Snow, S. Siegal, L. Weil, S. Holt. ROW 2: C. Mullins, K. Frost, L. Moggee, T. Fowler, J. Gleissner, H. Comer, B. Miller, B. Kirkland, P. Robinson, S. Pilkerton, G. Carey, M. Terrell. ROW 3: A. Watkins, K. Hardy, M. Sutherland, H. Schonberger, B. Bailey, G. Salem, A. Brengelman. ART CLUB ROW 1: M. Bass, L. Larson, B. Hammond, R. Lovell, C. Norman, A. Monohan, T. Reid, S. Teacher, J. Lloyd. ROW 2: L. Dupree, M. Meeks, L. Dickson, D. Blair, B. Davis, K. Sutherland, N. Hudson, A. Kidd, A. Luckie, H. Hawkins, A. Stewart, M. Jones, S. Jones, M. Lyle. ROW 3: K. Zinder, C. Ramsey, B. Sullivan, M. King, B. Bashinsky, L. Nagrodski, V. Moon, A. Plylar, A. Perry, M. Ringland, C. Ludwig, C. Phillips. 54 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ROW 1: M. Dawkins, G. Wolverton, B. Hezlep, L. Dickson, S. Barnett, M. Phillips, P. Heath, B. Schneider, J. White, S. Beck. ROW 2: J. Johnson, L. Kartus, D. Craig, Pres. , Mrs. Hester, L. Levy, N. Johnson, M. Cox, M. Pierson, J. Creighton. ROW 3: D. Caldwell, C. Robinson, B. Sherrill, M. Black, E. McClees, J. Walker, M, Wright, A. Falchook, F. Baum, S. Shelburne, T. Newman, K. Bryant, B. Dick, D. Mehaffey. ROW 4: V. Snow, F. McRae, K. Williamson, S. E. Pierson, B. Watkins, A. Monti, P. Fowler, M. Kelly, A. Luckie, K. Sutherland, B. Wilcox, R. Mathews, S. Pardue, P. Mills, M. Simpson, M. P. Patton, P. Robinson, J. Phillips. SCIENCE CLUB ROW 1: S. Pedota, J. White, H. Nalley, M. Shapiro, J. Cotton, S. Holt, S. Randleman, R. Rich, R. Friedman, B. Hirsch, D. Schaffer, M. Biggers. ROW 2: P. Faulkinberry, A. Watson, H. Threadcraft, T. Glass, M. Schultz, S. Bancroft, B. Hunter, E. Kanter, V. Cox. ROW 3: M. Cox, L. Ritchie, J. Englund, A. Taylor, S. Faulkner, R. Forney, C. Cooper, M. Fite, C. Robinson. ROW 4: B. West, Mr. Noles, G. Meyer, T. McGough, H. Tomlinson, B. Collier, S. Yeates, D. Maupin, D. Asbell, H. Adams, J. Stewart, H. Farliss, B. Wells, R. Bagliss, S. Jones, Mason, P. Stikes, B. Shine, Mr. Hapner. ROW 5: D. Anderson, R. Studin, C. Black, S. Siegler, G. Brabston, M. Magnus, D. Ward, N. Davis, B. Reisman, C. Stewart, G. Gray, C. Harvill, J. Gravely, C. Bargeron, T. Pippen. 55 SWORD AND Under the effective leadership of editors Margie Weil and Linda Raffel, the Sword And Shield has become a " household word " in the land of the Spartans. Each newspaper comes packed with features, activities, sports, fashion previews, and student debates to rival Vidal and Buckley. Once again, Lovable Lytle and Conscientious Kirk have sponsored a spectacular Sword And Shield Staff. EDITORS: M. Weil, L. Raffel ASST. EDITORS: S. Daniels, S. Nathan WRITERS: L. Legrand, S. Randleman, M. McClure, K. Sutherland, K. Koch, E. Spira, C. Meyer, J. Berry 56 SHIELD STAFF STAFF EDITORS: L. Ritchie, Fashion; B. Mazer, Sports; M. Tate, Features; R. Rich, Activities BUSINESS STAFF: M. McClure, M McKinstry, Mgr. ; F. Mitchell, B. Brock SPONSORS: Mrs. Kirk, Mr. Lytle TYPISTS: T. Brickman, M. Schultz, J. Wheatley, C. Wingate, M. Raffel 57 O LYMPIAN On these pages, one has the rare privilege of viewing the elite group of students who began with 224 blank lay- out sheets, no pictures, and no copy, and somehow ended up with the 1970 Olympian. For those who devoted their efforts to this book, there have been many unique experiences, such as that " day-before-the-deadline " panic, making up our own name for an unidentified boy on the fourth row, groping around in a dark parking lot for our cars after long hours of sweat and toil, or even counting the 8000 votes for the Who ' s Who contest. After many such rewarding experiences, we present the 1970 Ol ympian , completely equipped with pictures, captions and advertisements. All you have to do is read! NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Henle, Miss McCrory, sponsors EDITOR: Dale Russakoff, BUSINESS MGR. Raliegh Kent ORGANIZATIONS: C. White, L. McRae, Ed. , D. Stubbs, J. Fine berg HONORS: J. Spenc er, P. Faulkinberry , J. Schreibman, M. Hall, Ed. 58 STAFF 1970 CLASSES: H. Hoffman, Ed.;C. Fletcher, J. Carey, J. Young SPORTS: N. Parker, Ed.,C. Meyer, L. Beck, J. Compton, C. Mallick, B. Kahn ACTIVITIES: S. Gates, Ed., K. Herren, B. Casey, M. Phrimmer PHOTOGRAPHERS: M. Williams, S. Randolph, B. Schoepfle. NOT PICTURED: C. Weil, D. Darnell BUSINESS STAFF: N. Brateman, Book- keeper, C. Cooper, B. Shackleford, K. Trafton, R. Forney, E. Cryar, D. Schreiber 59 • " ; ACTIVITIES REFLECTIONS: LOOKING i THICH SCHOOl- Free Time Issues Assemblies 62 BACK, REMEMBERING . . . 1; B p. a - ' ' ' K ' Preparation Night Life Reflecting Spirit Teachers 63 ACTIVITIES WORK ALONG " Look, there ' s a crown on my head! A record figure for the Math Department 64 ASSEMBLY LINES How to succeed in business without really trying. Tiptoe through the tulips. The day the Seniors " I haven ' t got anything socked it to ' em. prepared but ... " 65 FREEDOM RINGING EIGHT Senior Slump rfm € mr ' Take Sominex tonight and sleep Higher Education 66 TIMES A DAY " Nell, you could kill me for this ... " 67 SOMETIMES TAKING TIME Don ' t tell me I have FIRST period free . . . Lunch at 10:15? - You ' ve gotta be kidding - Good Morning, class, I am your teacher . . DISSECTION! YECCH ! ! . . . Latin is alive and living in room 234 ... I have either given or received help on this test . . . THREE term papers?? . . . Flunk now, avoid the June rush . . . Now boys, BROAD jump does not mean . . . Another day, another headache! ! ! . . . ' Pick a hand! ' Heil Atkins! " Tickle my nose, and I ' ll follow you anywhere. " 68 OUT TO GO TO CLASS " What party where? " Mother of Invention, Terrell Trio + 2. GO GET ME A BOTTLE ... of aspirin. 69 LIVING IN HARMONY . . . BUT " Now class, this is the way not to do it! ' ' Well, you see, the reason I didn ' t do my homework is because . . . ' ' Don ' t just stand there, HELP ME! ' As the plot thickens . . Another day, another zero. 70 LEARNING IN DISCORD ' O.K. class, who ' s the wise guy that wrote me the cute note? " ' That ' s right down my alley. " " Of course I have the Christmas Spirit! " The Mod Squad 71 PREPARATION YIELDS £ J t fr| NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Is there a winner in the crowd? " Going once, going twice " You ' d be surprised at some of the things I find. 72 POSITIVE RESULTS Step together, step, kick J i k 1 IB •i -. f ► ■■■. WBQfkm " - ■ " What this Student Council needs is a good 50 cup of coffee! " To Build a Fire Seniors take one small step .toward the 1970 Space Oddity. 73 ACTIVITIES MIRROR THE " Are you sure Bear Bryant started out like this? " SHHH! 74 MOOD OF HOMECOMING WEEK 75 A PARADE, A GAME, ' And it gets 27 miles to the gallon. Good job ... but better luck next year. 76 HOMECOMING REACHES ITS CLIMAX Go-pher a WHAT? . . . Mums the word . . . Interact vs. Key . . . thrilling . . . What do you mean, no green and gold crepe paper? . . . Should I work on the club float or the class float? . . . Debbie! Jan! ! Joan! ! ! SUSAN! ! ! ! . „ . Spartans love a parade . . . Gopher Soup . . . Seniors had better idea, but . . . 35-14 . . . DANCE TO THE MUSIC. " Is it time to say cheese yet? " " Our Gang " Spartans go " pher " guts. Crowning of the 1970 Homecoming Queen, Susan Fuller 77 SPIRIT ECHOES WITH SPARTAN POWER You ' re in good hands with Henle Spartan Spot Check And the winner of class competition is . . . TWO BITS . . . now A word from our weekly team captains . . . " DUH! " . . . FOUR BITS . . . Sure did like that spirit band ... SIX BITS . . . Hey, y ' all, here ' s (another) cheer we learned at clinic ... A DOLLAR . . . green and gold armbands . . .ALL FOR MOUNTAIN BROOK STAND UP AND HOLLER!!! 79 MOUNTAIN BROOK TURNS ON ' Now, here ' s another old Beatle song. " " I ' m the greatest star! ' Sfe ' 1 Ff ( t. p -S Bv ' - 1 jji? » , ' M " . bV ' V fl ■! 3 « iV fc r w " " TN H fes3 B V-J ta ' -LfM Vll ' is) W r- If •7 " fif " f " ' V M w i Jf ) : 1 Im ■ 1 - " Eeek, my deodorant ' s frozen! ' 80 AFTER DARK Would you believe one is a 36 year old housewife? Here comes da ' judge. 81 A YEAR OF ACTION Issues, but no answers? Our NJROTC is better than yours . . . What ' s a moratorium? Skirts ... UP, UP, and AWAY . . . Work for peace Oct. 15. I pledge allegiance . . . There will be a meeting of the concerned students for the lunchroom . . . This place is going to POT . . . TODAY THE MOON, TOMORROW THE EARTH . . . " Our side had 23% fewer cavities 82 AND REACTION A separate peace A shattered reality AND THE SUBSTANCE OF IT ALL, ' It ' s finger -lickin ' good! ' " Will the following 200 students please come to the office. " FACES IN THE CROWD. ' Eat your heart out Captain Kangaroo! " ' Doc, how long have I got? " 85 «3« Ol :-: „ V £» J ATHLETICS VARSITY FRONT ROW: Susan Fuller, Nell Stuart Fincher, Sponsor, Mary Yeates. MIDDLE ROW: Courtney Burge, Margaret Yeates, Nancy Parker, Charlotte Waddy, Barbara Scott. BACK ROW: Merry Monsky, Joan Coppinger, Livy Beck, Martha Hamrick, Diane Stubbs, 88 CHEERLEADERS 89 i97a s IRSTROW: Ken Kirk, Stan Faulkner, Richard Whitley, Howard Schonberger, Billy Hartsfield, Eddie Burg, Gene Gray, John McClure, Lester Stern, Mac Chandler, George Cochran. SECOND ROW: Guy Arello, Chuck Hillis. Trey Smith, David Blount, Billy Wood, Dickie Simmons, Tommy Dixon, Steve Hahn, Steve Still, John McCary, David Williamson, Mgr. , Don Fincannon, Mgr . THIRD ROW: Billy Blair, Mark Osborn, Pete Pappas, Eddie Miller, JacT FOOTBALL rterfield, Tomm. Max field, Steve ftjjtw, Jim -Paw kins, Rich poagy Kerns. M Mike GralUiri, Elliott Sj - - .1 Li, J naway, Jimm Rupp, Rusty. M , Jim Lester, David Cox urne ' tt, Frank Kre- . i 11 i !l R ' W : Bentley Owens, Wes Hamil , Bob Wright, Neil Davis, I Whorter " , Randy hr v.n, Dave Ward, FredOwen , Jim Brown, Larry Kallman, Not picturec OUTSTANDING SPARTANS LEAD US TOWARD VICTORY SPARTAN FOOTBALL Four hands are better than two. tth ' KG — " WFTfOT Find Charlotte Waddy, the cheerleaders never could. ■■ ■ 7 irl 94 HAS MANY ASPECTS Under the spirited leadership of new coaches Ray Williams and Jackie Clayton, the Spartans of Mountain Brook came on strong at the end of the season after a slow start. Winning five out of their last seven games, the Spartans displayed extreme pride and courage despite numerous crippling injuries to compile a 5-5 record. We can all be proud of this fine display of Spartan Spirit. Ecstasy Teamwork Coming through Shoney(78) looks tired Voted Most Valuable 95 COACHES Guided by an able-bodied coaching staff, the Spartans of Mountain Brook once again enjoyed fruitful sports seasons. A newcomer to Mountain Brook, Ray Williams quickly earned the respect and admiration of both players and students. His leadership, along with Coach Long ' s innocence, Coach Faucett ' s joviality, Coach Clayton ' s charisma. Coach Beard ' s fast brake foot, and Coach Wyatt ' s wife, has provided the impetus for a fine-spirited year. 96 CORNER iWM A - % 1 m Best All Around Archie Who? 97 70 VARSIT 1 l K — i A 11 LEFT TO RIGHT: Walter Wood, Billy Mills, Eddie Miller, Non Magill, Charlie Christmas, Eric Stein, Neil Davis, Mgr. ; Billy • ■ SPARTANS SHOOT 100 FOR VICTORY SCHEDULE MOUNTAIN BROOK ' S Experience and age for the seven returning squad members, coupled with three prom- ising juniors set the stage for a successful Spartan basketball season. The results were not disappointing. Well- coached and sporting a winning attitude, Mountain Brook showed extreme confidence and poise in compiling an impressive list of victories, among which was a convincing win over Tuscaloosa. Led by high scoring forward, Charlie Christmas, key supporting roles were played by starters Charlie Israel, Randy Brown, Billy Mills, and Eddie Miller. A strong bench keyed tremendous spirit in each Spartan game as MBHS found them- selves well- represented throughout the year. 102 OPPOSITION DRIBBLES OUT Two Trumpets, two saxophones, one flute, one trombone, and a set of drums liven up any atmosphere, especially when the Mountain Brook spirit band is behind them. The " Pelo- ponnesian League " belts out Spartan spirit songs at every home game to build up enthusiasm and spark the team to victory. SPIRIT, EXCITEMENT, 104 CHEERS, AND VICTORY B-TEAM Coach Faucett, Frank Kreis, Jim Rehyer, Kim Ratliff, Billy Wood, Dickie Simmons, Tommy Dixon, Lee Bartlett, Mark Jaffe, Billy Culp, Steve Davis, Tommy Mayfield, Billy Blair. 106 BASKETBALL B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS ROW 1: Babs Buchannan, Pat Hays, Dotty Still, Mama Williams, Sue Cohen. ROW 2: Debby Epsman, head; Kathy Vaughan, Dede Head, Lynn Anderton, Penny Taylor, Anne Hilley, Debby Rice, head. 107 WRESTLERS FINISH WITH ROW 1: Gary Litzinger, John Levine, Craig Funderburg, Greg Price, Ross Mason, Matthews Brown, Hal Threadcraft, Pete Pappas, John McClure, Richard Whitley. ROW 2: P. Holt, Don Fine annon, K. Larson, S. Still, Mike Roach, S. Shaw, S. Roach, W. Thomas, B. Lalor, J. Fitts, David Williamson. ROW 3: C. Stewart, L. Mullins, John McCary, P. Brown, A. Wrestler, D. Cook, H. Kerns, E. Speake, A. Grapler, Kenny Kirk. 108 AN OUTSTANDING RECORD 5 C J c £ tI il x . . " • |V 4 J F y gtd • 109 SPARTANS SLING OPPONENTS With a state champion and seven returning starters, Mt. Brook ' s wrestlers finished with an outstanding season. Placing fourth in the country tournament, Gary Litzinger won first place in his class and was voted Most Valuable Player in the tournament. Along with him, Craig Funderburg also placed first, John McClure and Ross Mason placed second, John Levine placed third, and Richard Whitley placed fourth. Since there are only four graduating starters, the future of the team should be very promising. You always feel good when you win. Funderburg prepares for the kill. 110 TO THE MATS in THE UPS AND DOWNS OF 112 A WRESTLING SEASON 113 CROSS COUNTRY Under the spirited leadership of Coach Long and number one runner, Gary Litzinger, the Cross Coun- try team finished the season with a fourth place standing in the county. Having all six lettermen re- turning next year should prove to be a valuable asset in the future. G. Meyers, D. Smith, E. Gentle, S. Perlman, J. Dodds, K. Hall, G. Litzinger 114 HAS A BEGINNING | 1 GIRLS ' VOLLEYBALL A. Dube, P. McKewen, S. Randolph, B. Davies, D. McKewen, K. Sutherland, D. Craig, M. Dawkins, G. Pilleteri S. Hamre, J. Schreibman (15 BASEBALL After having a mediocre baseball season last year, Mountain Brook looks forward to remedy- ing the situation with a promising group of players for the 1970 season. Fired by several returning lettermen, the baseball team should have a grand-slam season. Robby Drehrer ' s fast pitching, Eddie Miller ' s quick catching, and Jim Rehyer ' s and Steve Bancroft ' s fleet feet, along with the talents of the new group of play- ers, will be valuable assets to the 1970 efforts. •. V ' - S. Camp, S. Bancroft, R. Kent, S. Jones, C. Parker, R. Dreher, K. Zinder, J. Lester, D. Owens, E. Stein, E. Miller, M. Peterson, G. Brabston, N. MueLten, S. Yates, S. Hahn. 16 SWIMMING Sparked by a team of returning starters, the little- known Mountain Brook swimming team once again, showed its excel- lence. Participating in the SEIS high school meet in Atlanta, Walter Fletcher placed fourth in the 100 butterfly, Susan Hamre placed second in the 100 butterfly, and Neil Elliot placed eighth in the diving competition. The girls ' team placed second and the boys ' team placed third last year in the state meet, but this year promises to be even better, and with the help of Neil ' s diving ability, the swim team should place high in the state. Sheralee Echols, Cathy Fletcher. Susan Hamre, Danny Schaffer, Walter Fletcher 117 SPARTAN GOLF TEAM The golf team from Mountain Brook, having placed second in the state for the last two years, is looking forward to gaining the number one spot this year. Led by veterans Bubba Major and Walter W. Wood, the team compiled an impressive 14-1 mark last year, and with the aid of Tommy Dixon, Bo Phillips, Tommy Luckie, and the other starters, the team should come up with another winning season this year. ■VI I r 118 IS UP TO PAR Peter Klyce, Mike Tatom, Tommy Dixon, Bo Phillips, Bubba Major, Barney Lanier, Tommy Luckie, Jim Green Not Pictured: Walter Wood. 19 SPARTANS SPRINT DISTANCE RUNNERS: ROW 1: B. Forsythe, P. Pinkerton, S. Perlman, B. Phillippi, J. Shanks, K. Hall. ROW 2: B. Longshore, J. Stewart, J. Dodds, R. Ford, C. Blach, D. Smith, G. Cochran. SPRINTERS: ROW 1; T. Mayfield, S. Still, B. Culp, C. Conaway, S. Brown. ROW 2; H. Terrell, E. Miller, B. Marx, S. Dickson, C. Johnson. 120 TOWARD SUCCESS FIELD EVENTS: ROW 1; R. Poole, S. Jones, K. Chancey, Wright, B. Wood. B. Blair. ROW 2; P. White, R. Whitley, K. Kirk, Bob RETURNING LETTERMEN: Pete Pappas, Ken Kirk. Not Pictured: Tim Healey, Mark Osborn. 121 GIRLS ' TENNIS The promising outlook for the 1970 tennis teams results from several factors. On the girls ' team, the experience and skill of the top four returning players will prove to be a valuable asset. The boys ' team, with a state championship behind them and a re- turning state champion, Patrick DuPre, has excellent prospects for the coming season. Louisa Stiles, Cathy Fletcher, Serena Randolph, Vivian Lokey. vv. 1 • 4 v £ • " • ••• • ••-. sji»» fc B — 1 I 122 BOYS ' TENNIS k ' k ■ ' ■■• " J. V HONORS HOMECOMING QUEEN 1969 SUSAN FULLER Vivacious Susan Fuller added another honor to her list of awards as the student body voted her to represent Mountain Brook as their Homecoming Queen. Susan, a charming girl who actively participates in every phase of student life, has earned admiration from friends and teachers alike, and is obviously a perfect choice as Homecoming Queen. 126 wK ' %ju BOYS ' AND GIRLS ' STATE REPRESENTATIVES Walter Wood and Dale Russakoff received the nod as Mountain Brook ' s delegates to Alabama Girls ' and Boys ' State. As our representatives, Walter and Dale spent a week working toward the establishment of a mock government on the city, county, and state levels. Their efforts were rewarded when each of them gained seats in their " states " congressional delegations. Through their interest and participation in the programs, these students exhibited the leadership and personal qualities for which they were selected. HARVARD BOOK AWARD David Lewis won a landside victory in the faculty ' s election of Harvard ' s 1969 Book Award Winner. Active in many school programs, David has been named a National Merit Semi-finalist and serves in the National Honor Society as an officer. His combination of an outstanding character and high scholastic achievement have won him the student body ' s admiration and, of course, the Harvard Book Award. 130 YALE BOOK AWARD Pete Pappas, Mountain Brook ' s dashing, daring, man-of-the- world received the 1969 Yale Book Award. This honor joins Pete ' s lengthy (or linthy) list of noteworthy achievements, among which is the presidency of the Key Club. A future Ail-American in football, wrestling, track and Calculus, Peter is an all-time favorite of both the students and the faculty. SEWANEE AWARD Raleigh Kent was chosen by a special committee of faculty members and Sewanee representative to receive the Sewanee Outstanding Student Award. As a tireless worker in school activities, he has demonstrated the service, leadership, and scholastic abilities which qualify him for such an honor. A new award this year, the Sewanee award quickly achieved the status it deserves by naming this fine leader as its first recipient. 131 MARCH OF DIMES QUEEN NHS SCHOLARSHIP FINALISTS DEBBIE EPSMAN DALE RUSSAKOFF, DOTTIE SIMPSON CITIZENSHIP CONFERENCE DELEGATES STEVE STILL, JAN WILSON 132 NATIONAL MERIT SEMIFINALISTS After withstanding the tortures of the rigor- ous National Merit qualifying test, ten Mountain Brook seniors received special recog- nition. Patty Faulkinberry, David Lewis, Rutledge Forney, Shannon Ritchie, Dale Russakoff, Dottie Simpson, and Kim Suther- land gained the semi- finalist rank, while Norman Muellen, Benj Schoephle, and Margie Weil received honorable mention. HONORABLE MENTION 133 CENTENNIAL QUEEN CHRISTMAS SEAL PRINCESS ANNE TAYLOR JOAN COPPINGER DAR CITIZENSHIP AWARD Dale Russakoff ' s award-winning personality has credited another achievement to her name. Responsible for the senior class ' s bank account as well as the industrious editor of the annual, Dale has adequately proven her outstanding ability and qualifications as Mountain Brook ' s DAR repre- sentative. 134 WHO ' S WHO 1970 BEST ALL AROUND . ■ » ' JS if ' MOST POPULAR JOAN COPPINGER, PETE PAPPAS 135 MOST ATHLETIC MOST CREATIVE EDDIE MILLER, SERENA RANDOLPH NANCY PARKER, SCOTT HILLEY 136 FRIENDLIEST LIVY BECK, CHARLIE CHRISTMAS MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT MARY YEATES, JOHN HALL 137 WITTIEST JOHN MANNING, DALTON FORMAN 138 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED DALE RUSSAKOFF, RALEIGH KENT BEST DRESSED DREW MICKLE, TRICIA STANTON 139 ■WP " -»-—- " « -r «u MU M vm » ■ » « «] mm a 2 -cf t«i ►! " STJSAN FULLER STEVE STILL DEBBIE RICE .. % n f+ - fl t I DANNY DRENNEN JAN WILSO ASi- MISS OLYMPIAN MARY YEATES Pert and pretty Mary Yeates, competing with fourteen other lovely semi-finalists for the title of Miss Olympian 1969-70, dazzled the judges and the audience with her medley of Petula Clark songs, and received the crown amidst loud applause. The Contestants were judged on the basis of their talent, beauty, and poise, and Mary displayed these three characteristics of a Miss Olympian to perfection throughout the pageant. 143 MISS OLYMPIAN ALTERNATES 144 a» r JHWR .f . -n I I ?% fee ,. i .» W 1 " - ' - ' - FOURTH CAROL EDWARDS J? SHflR LYNN ISRRILL THI MICHAE WRIGHT MARGARET BLACK, BEVERLY MASSEY, DOTTIE SIMPON, SERENA RANDOLPH, not pictured: LEAH COBB. SEMIFINALISTS KATHLEEN BURNS, BETH HENLEY, LIVY BECK, ARDEN CONWAY, not pictured: LANE McRAE H B ■M . , V ■ ' ■ " ■HI ' ■■■ ' « ■ ■ ' sm CLASSES m CLASS OF 1972 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Billy Wood, V. P. ; Danny Drennen, Pres. ; Debbie Epsman, Sec. ; Burke Forney, Act. Chi. ; Debbie Rice, Treas. 150 SOPHOMORES Jim Abernathy Dara Adams Judy Adams Robbie Anderson Lynne Anderton Elaine Arbuckle David Asbell Alvin Atlas Bobby Bailey Joel Barasch Lee Bartlett Alan Barton Ruth Bastar David Bauman Mark Beatty Billy Belden Jane Belden Debbie Bennett Laurie Bensberg Gary Berger Mac Bethea Debbie Betten Mark Biggers Billy Blair David Blount Barbara Bornstein Ted Bostwick Cathy Bower Alison Brockman Chester Braune Steve Breckenridge Marcia Brewer Laura Brickman Dell Briggs Dona Brown Jim Brown Patricia Brown Ken Bruno Babs Buchanan John Buchanan Lucy Burch Lawrence Burnette 151 CLASS OF " A Craig Butterworth Angela Butts Robin Byrne Bill Caldwell Douglas Call Anne Cherner David Christian David Clark William Clark Margaret Cobb Greg Coe Celia Cohen Sue Cohen Lee Coleman Stuart Coleman Betsy Cooper Susan Corenblum Marcia Cotton John Cox Janet Creighton Cassie Crow Debbie Daniels Dan Darnell Debbie Darnell Sally Dawkins Larry DeLapp Sessions Dickson Anne Dillon David Dixon Jim Dodds The thrill of censoring the lockers! 152 1972 Danny Drennen Anne Dube Dwight Dubois John Scheinert Billy Eastwood Karen Edwards Pat Egan Barbara Engel Debbie Epsman Judi Eubanks Marian Eyraud Kathy Fail Rosemary Farrell Marlene Fern Don Fincannon Barbara Finch Jill Fineberg Mickey Fite Walter Fletcher Burke Forney Carolyne Foster Marshall Foster Joanie Foust Elaine Fowler Frank Fowlkes Kydie Franklin Robin Frese Carol Frew Lane Friedman Sandy Friedman Juggling Jan and her famous balancing Bics. 153 CLASS OF David Furman Lee Gaskin Jim Gates Lisa Gholson Nancy Goldberg Cassandra Golden Bari Goldstein Michael Goldstein Joy Goodwin Mike Graham Melvyn Grant Joe Gravlee Dana Greene Paul Green Sara Green Gail Gunter Sue Haberstroh Jimmy Hahn Anne Hairston Barbara Hale Wes Hamilton Will Harrison Rosa Harvill Annell Haughton Jeanie Haworth Pat Hays Dede Head Bob Hendrix Judy Hicks Anne Hilley ' And what do you think about that, Boyd? Boyd? BOYD!! 154 1972 Tarrant Hoke Philip Holt Eddie Humphreys Leslie Hunter Marshall Hyatt Terry Izen Dick Jackson Nancy Jacobson Cindy Jaffe J ane J af fe Mark Jaffe Patricia Jaffe Patricia Jenkins Nancy Johnson Susan Jones Brandie Jordan Steve Kailman Walter Kennedy Beth Kesmodel Martha King Mark Kirkland Dot Kitchings Jane Knight Sue Koehn Michael Koslin Frank Kreis Julian Lackey Virginia Ladd Ilene Laufman Steve Lazarus Fourth period calculus sleep- in 155 -v; .■- - V -■, Lissa LeGrand Ann Lemmon John Levine Robin Lewis Murray Lichter Susan Little Vivian Lokey Joann Longshore Gary Love Tommy Luckie Marcia Ludwig Charles Lurie Mary Lyle Fara Maggiore Keith Mallick Georgia Mapes Bill Martin Phillip Mash Ann Mason Joni Mayer Tommy Mayfield Isabel Maynard Susan Mazer Becky McCary Melanie McCoy Marian McClure Phyllis McDaniel Liz Mc David Tom Mclntyre Frances McRae CLASS OF ' Psst . . . Willpower. Pass the good word. " 156 1972 Jackie McSwain Jamie McWane Ellen Mears Debbi Miller Marie Miller Tommy Mitchell Angela Montgomery Jan Montgomery Ed Moore Sparks Morgan Elizabeth Morrow Deryl Moss Gordon Mowry Mitzi Munger Charles Muse Maury Musgrove Jane Nail Kenny Nellums Langdon Nelson Wayne Nelson Lamar Newton Maureen O ' Rourke Davis Osgood Carol Owen Fred Owen Bent Owens Randy Padawer Janet Pearson Bill Peerson Beverly Penfield " There ' s that cute little red-haired girl! " 157 IS Carol Perkins Stewart Perlman Scott Pfaffman Randy Phillips Bo Phillips Michele Phillips Pam Pierce Grace Pilleteri Paul Pinkerton Louise Price Nancy Price Billy Pritchard Michele Raffel Sandra Randleman Jane Rast Kim Ratliff Carol Ray Mike Reis Dorothy Renneker Claude Rhea Debbie Rice Jim Riser Glenda Ritchie Rosalyn Ritchie Debbie Roberts Hal Roberts Mary Robinson Andre Rochester Candy Rollings Lester Romine CLASS OF The northeast bench 158 1972 Sharon Rucker Jim Rupp Gail Ryan Eleanor Salmon Rob Saunders Patrick DuPre Henry Schley John Schmarkey Roy Scholl Laurie Schulhafer Robin Segal Jerry Seligman Sudan Sexton Jimmy Shanks Steve Shaw Cathy Shepherd Mary Sherrill Sallie Sherrod Susan Siegal Annette Siegler Cathy Silberman Keith Silliman Dickie Simmons David Smith Debbie Smith Dianne Smith Trey Smith Sheldon Sokol Martha Somerville Dolly Sparrow n » »iA " I only dread one day at a time. " 159 CLASS OF Elliotte Speake Peggy Spielberger Evelyn Spira Cynthia Stein Sharon Stein Leigh Stephenson Sally Stevens Judy Stewart Dotty Still Ken Stone Jan Strother Louise Tate Kathie Tayllor Penny Taylor Henry Teel Anne Terry Katherine A. Terry Ellen Thim Robert Thim Angela Thomas Julie Thomas Kari Thornbury Tracy Tiller Susan Tilson Tommy Tucker Vicki Tucker Lynn Turnbull Neil Tyson Jan Urquhart Cathy Vaughan Betsy Venable Beth Ward Mike Ward Pat Ward Mark Warden Ashby Watkins Annette Watson I will not write on the calendar, I will not write on the cal- endar, I . . . 160 Nelson Weaver Susan Weaver Cathy Weintraub David Wetzel Mark Whidden Janet White Karen White Paul White June Whitlaw Tommy Whitley Elaine Whitmire Alabama Williams Claire Williams Marna Williams Tutt Williams David Willi -son Karen Williamson Stuart Wilson Wynne Wilson Cornelia Wingate Betsy Winfree Dawn Winkler Bay Witt Linda Wittichen Carol Wolf Debbie Wolf Billy Wood June Wood Susan Wood Dan Word Paul Yacko John Yeilding Vivian Yeilding Shelley Zarovsky Janis Zeanah Carter Gant Debbie Ward Sure I don ' t sit on desks - neither does Barry Mazer! 161 CLASS OF 1971 JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE Guy Arello; Jan Wilson; Will Ratliff; Steve Still; Johnny Compton, Chr. ; Billy Longshore; Steve Hahn; Margaret Yeates; Barbara Scott; Billy Culp 162 JUNIORS f . A « ' • r 44 M V • Jill Abernathy Sara Akin Carlin Aland David Anderson Robert Andrews Guy Arello Joy Axelroth Jeff Bagwell Helen Barelare Page Barnes Susan Barnett Sally Barron Bet Bashinsky Elizabeth Bashinsky Richard Bayliss Ann Beck Fran Becker Roderick Beddow Jeanne Bellenger Jerry Bernheim Terry Bernstein Johnny Bingham Susan Blackburn Ann Blair Paul Blatt Noel Bloom Virginia Bol t Debbie Bondurant Patti Booker David Brashier Houston Brice Cindy Brooks Elizabeth Brown Louise Brown Matthews Brown Paul Brown Summers Brown Wally Brown Eddie Burg Bubba Burgess Lea Burke Elizabeth Burnett 163 CLASS OF 1971 " Well, I ' m just showing off my " burns " to the party across the table. " , A ' ■ ' ' ■ m Carol Carpenter John Carter Bill Casey Frank Castro Jim Cezayirli Keith Chancy Caroline Chandler Tom Chiles Fran Clark Martha Clark Leah Cobb George Cochran Jimmy Collins Richard Cohen Johnny Compton Charlie Conaway Patsy Cone Charles Conway Megan Conway David Cook Em Corr Bari Cotton Elizabeth Cowan Janace Cowley Betty Burnette Kathleen Burns Denson Burnum Gayle Burton Ann Busbee Dawn Caldwell Steve Camp Mary Cannova Nada Carey 1 164 JUNIORS f i I i k 1 ' David Cox Virginia Cox Susan Cramer Dee Cross Emily Cryar Billy Culp Bill Daniel Mike Darnell Babs Davies John Davis Neil Davis Steve Davis Jim Dawkins Charles DeWitt Helen Dexter Jimmy Dick Don Dillard Tommy Dixon Neel Elliott Carson Eueredge Jane Floyd Rob Ford Bill Forsyth Rusty Foster Richard Friedman Tracy Friedman Denise Garrison Eddie Dorn Merle Drennen Billy East John Easterling Sheralee Echols Greg Edens " I told you I ' d get my picture in the annual! " 165 CLASS OF 1971 Edgar Gentle Joe George Terri Glass Jo Anne Goldstein Sally Goldstein John Goodner Joan Graham Gene Gray Jordan Gray Jim Green Tommy Green Bill Greene Richard Greer Neta Griffith Steve Gross Jeanie Gundersen Jane Hagan Steve Hahn Ken Hall Carol Harkins Richard Harrison Frances Harsh Anne Hauler Harriet Hawkins Now THIS is my better side! " These outdoor pep rallies are just like getting a new lease on life! ' 166 JUNIORS Paul Heffler Marsha Heiman Karen Held Cathy Herri n Becky Herrington Bill Heslip Barbara Hezlep Chuck Hillis Sue Hilton Bruce Hirsch Allen Holder Susan House Nancy Housman Vicky Howard Ginny Howze Bobby Humphreys Jimmy Hutchinson Fran Jackson Harry Jackson Terry James Kathy Jeffers Jim Johnston Carl Johnson Norma Johnson I The click, click, click of happy fingers! Welcome to the sign language course for the deaf and dumb. 167 CLASS OF 1971 1 Sallie Kartus Tison Keel Patty King Hoagy Kerns John Kinney Anne Kitchings Ken Kirk Rebecca Kirkland Stephanie Konstant ' I ' m practicing up for my role on the Lawrence Welk Show. " Jay Kreis Bill Lalor Barney Lanier Kent Larson Ann Lawrence Peyton Lee Jim Lester Lindsay Levine Cynthia Lewis Gary Litzinger Nancy Logan Billy Longshore Ginny Lovell Keith Lovell Ricky Lovell King Luck Charles Ludwig Cindy Lutenbacher Chuck Magill Toinette Maggiore Craig Mallick Jay Marks Hugo Marx Ross Mason 168 JUNIORS Bill May Margaret Mayfield John McCary Lauren McClure Alice McFarland Tom McGough Ellen McKinnon Patti McLallen David McMahan Rusty McRae John McRee Bill McWhorter Gayle Mendel Kenny Mendelsohn George Miles Kathy Miller Midge Miller David Millhouse Deb M inter Helen Rosa Monaghan Merry Monsky Kirby Montgomery Robbie Moore Gordon Morrow Lee Mullins Chuck Myer Dianne Naftel Louise Nagrodski Helen Nalley Jerome Newman Tracy Newman Carol Norman Greg Norment ;. . 1 rt . -» ■ ' I know the definition but I can ' t think of the word. " 169 CLASS OF 1971 Therese Nunn Jan O ' Quinn April Orrell Mark Osborn Marilyn Owens Tommy Owens Allene Parker Charles Parker Melody Parker Susan Paul Susan Pedota Suella Peerson Chollet Perry Peggy Pevear Melisie Pfrimmer Bill Phillippi Alan Picard Billy Pierce No more razor stubbles! SECURITY! 170 JUNIORS Debbie Schrieber Barbara Scott Robert Scott Betty Shack- elford Laurie Ragsdale Will Ratliff Claudia Raughley Billy Ray Suzie Ray Evan Raymond Jim Reyher Marsha Reynolds Sara Reznik Margaret Ringland Scott Roach Bri Robertson Carol Robinson Patti Rogoff Beverly Roseman Tim Royale Jimmy Rudolph George Salem Jim Sandefer Lynne Sandner Danny Schaffer Janet Schinzing Beverly Schneider Marta Schoepfle " Did somebody mention MISTER Walter Good? " " One does NOT abbreviate deoxyribose nucleic acid! ! " 17! CLASS OF 1971 To listen or not to listen, that is the question. Janet Spear lv4artha Spear Tricia Spencer Janis Staff Eric Stein Bob Stephenson Angie Stewart Chuck Stewart Daphne Stewart John Stewart Phillip Stikes Louisa Stiles Steve Still Diane Stubbs Barbara Sullivan Anne Taylor Whit Thomas Landis Thomason Glenn Till Peggy Titus Linda Tombrella Kathy Trafton Peter Vakakes Janet Walker Lynn Sherrill Bob Shine Lora Siegel Ronnie Singleton Jim Skinner Barry Smith Joyce Smith Joel Snider Shara Sokol f; ( 1 f% 172 JUNIORS Bob Wright Lee Wright Ann Wyrough Lindsay Ward Carol Warren Becky Washington Pam Wasley Ann Weaver Millie Weaver Craig Weil Lynn Weil Joe Welden Bill Wells Billy West Cynthia White Jo Ellen White Nancy White Peggy Whitehead Jeff Williams Margaret Williams Penny Williamson Teague Willson Jack Wilston Jan Wilson Judy Wilson Tara Winkler Joe Wise fj f£ £ f.. 1 ' p 1 Dave Yarborough K4argaret Yeates Pam Yeatman Bill Young Jim Young Legs Hunt loses the race again! 173 CLASS OF 1970 WSM •• B SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Beth Hammond, sec. ; Charlie Christmas, V. P. ; Dale Russakoff, treas. ; Billy Mills, Pres. ; Kathy Davis, Act. Chr. 174 SENIORS HILBUN ADAMS DOUG ASBELL SUZANNE BASHINSKY WALTER BENNETT KAREN ALAND STEVE BANCROFT FLOSSIE BAUM JANE BINZEL HARRY ANDRESS LEONARD BARASH LIVY BECK JANE BERRY DEBBIE APPLEBAUM CLAY BARGERON SARAH BECK MARGARET BLACK 175 CLASS OF 1970 RALPH BLACK NIESA BRATEMAN BARRETT BROCK RANDY BROWN DEBBIE BLYTHE ALVIN BRENGLEMAN JANICE BRODA LILLIAN BROWNING DIANE BLAIR TOMMY BRICKMAN CHRIS BROWN GRANT BRUMMETT GENE BRABSTON MEG BRITTON DEBBIE BROWN KATHY BRYANT 176 LAURA BURCH COURTNEY BURGE BILLY BURRETT CATHY CALDWELL JENNA CAREY MARY RUTH CAREY MAC CHANDLER MARGARET CHENOWETH CHARLIE CHRISTMAS BETSY CODDING ELAINE COHEN ALICE COHN BILLY COLLIER HUGH COMER ARDEN CONWAY CARLA COOPER SENIORS 177 CLASS OF 1970 JOAN COPPINGER MARTHA COX MARY CRAWFORD BETSY DAVIS JERI COTTON YORKE COX MARCIA CYPRESS KATHY DAVIS KITTY COX ELIZABETH CRABBE MIKE DAMSKY MARY DAWKINS MARILYN COX DEBBIE CRAIG STEVJX DANIELS NELSON DEBARDELEBEN 178 BECKY DICK LYNN DICKSON MEMY DILLON JEFF DONOVAN J UDY DORN JANET DORSKY ROBBY DREHER LYNN DUPRE BILL EDDINS CAROL EDWARDS KENNY EPSMAN JANICE EPSTEIN JOHN ENGLUND ANDRE FALCHOOK PATTY FAULKINBERRY STANFORD FAULKNER SENIORS 179 CLASS OF 1970 KATHY FISHER JIMMY FITTS CATHY FLETCHER DALTON FORMAN RUTLEDGE FORNEY LINN FOUST PAT FOWLER TRUDIE FOWLER JULIE FREEMAN KATHY FROST SUSAN FULLER CRAIG FUNDERBURG CAROLYN CAUGHEY CARLA GAINES SUSAN GATES DORIAN GIBSON m 180 JOHN GLEISSNER GWEN GOLDEN JAN GOLDNER DEBBIE GORDON DEBRA GRODSKY KAREN GRODSKY JOHN HALL MARIE HALL BETH HAMMOND SUSAN HAM RE DEBBIE HARCHELROAD KIRK HARDY DAVID HARDWICK KIM HARRIS PATTI HARRIS CHARLES HARV1LL SENIORS 181 CLASS OF 1970 LESLIE HEAE BETH HE nelie hc san cliff holcc A I . ' " - — " - : HOLT 5USA : . HUDSON : HUNT 3IARLIE ISRAEL E-v:i . : 182 CAROLE J AFFE SANDY JAFFE JERRY JOHNSON JULIE JOHNSON DEBBIE JONES MARILYN JONES MARTHA JONES NANCY JONES ELLEN KANTER LISA KARTUS RALEIGH KENT KIM KIMERLING TERRY KING BETH KIRK LAND PETER KLYCE KAREN KOCH SENIORS 183 CLASS OF 1970 LOREE LARSON LIZ LEVY SUSIE LOWE MILTON MAGNUS DOUG LAWSON DAVID LEWIS JAN LLOYD DONNA MEHAFFEY LARRY LEVINE JANE LIMBAUGH ANNE LUCKIE JOHN MANNING MICKEY LEVINE LEE LITVINE CAROLE MADONIA DAVY MARTIN 184 BILL MARX LINDA MARX DAVID MASON BEVERLY MASSE Y ANN MATTHEWS DICK MAU PIN BARRY MAZER JAY MAZER ELLEN McCLEES JOHN McCLURE RICHARD McDANIEL MIKE McDAVID MIKE McDAVID DEBBIE McKEWEN PEGGY McKEWEN MARGARET McKINSTRY SENIORS 185 CLASS OF 1970 JACK McMAHAN RICHARD MENDELSOHN BOYD MILLER LYNN MOGGE LANE McRAE CECI MEYER EDDIE MILLER ANN MONAGHAN SARAH MEADOWS GREG MEYERS BILLY MILLS ALICE MONTI MARSHA MEEKS DREW MICKLE FRAN MITCHELL VICKI MOON 186 MARY PEERSON PAT MORGAN NED MUDD NORMAN MEULLEN CAROLYN MULLINS SHARON NATHAN LESLIE NEWELL LIZ NOBLE BILL URQUHART RICHARD OWENS MARY ELIZABETH PALMER PETE PAPPAS MARGARET PARKER NANCY PARKER ART PATTERSON MARY PAT PATTON SENIORS 187 CLASS OF 1970 ALLEN PERRY MARK PETERSON CHUCK PHILLIPS JUDY PHILLIPS TOM PIPPEN ANN PLYLAR CAROLYN PLYLAR BILLY PRIEST LILLIAN PRIVETT LINDA POSEY LINDA RAFFEL CLARK RAMSEY SERENA RANDOLPH JO ELLEN RECTOR ROBIN RICH LYNN RICHARDS 188 BART REISMAN LEE RITCHIE SHANNON RITCHIE PATTI ROBINSON MIMI ROLLS RICHARD ROSS DALE RUSSAKOFF LOUISE SALMON JOE SANDNER ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER BENJ SCHOEPHLE HOWARD SCHONBERGER JANET SCHREIBMAN MAUREEN SCHULTZ TAD SEARS STEVE SEIGLER SENIORS 189 CLASS OF 1970 BOBBY SELMAN ANN SHERRILL JANE SPENCER BENJI SMITH MYRA SHAPIRO BEA SHERRILL PAT SMITH LINDA SLAUGHTER BOBBY SHAW CINDY SILBERMAN VIRGINIA SNOW RUSSEL SLAID STEPHANIE SHELBURNE DOTTIE SIMPSON BETTY LEE SNOW MARSHA SIMPSON 190 WAYNE STANDIFER TRICIA STANTON CAROLE STEIN LESTER STERN NANCY STEPHENS ROBERT STUDIN ANDY STUMPF KIM SUTHERLAND MARK SUTHERLAND MARY FERN TATE MIKE TATOM HEYGOOD TERRELL DANNY THOMAS HAL THREADCRAFT MARY ELIZABETH TILLER LUCILLE TILLMAN SENIORS 191 CLASS OF 1970 PAM TILLY MARTIN TILSON FERN TOMISEK HILTON TOMLINSON KATHY TURNHAM CHARLOTTE WADDY JOE WALLACE DAVE WARD PHILIP WATERS BARBARA WATKINS MARTHA WEAVER JOE WEED JANE ANN WHEATLEY RICHARD WHITLEY BETH WILCOX LINDA WILLEY 192 BILLY WILSON WALTER WOOD MICHAELINE WRIGHT LEMONE YIELDING HAL WILSON CHIP WOODY STEVE YATES KEITH ZINDER VICKY WITTICHEN GINA WOOLVERTON MARY YEATES SENIORS 193 SENIOR INDEX HILBUN ADAMS Latin Club; Ind. Arts Club; Science Club; Stock Club, Pres. 69; Debate Club; History Club; Spanish Club KAREN ALAND French Club; History Club; Gov ' t and Economics Club; Science Club DOUG ASBELL Spanish Club; Science Club; Jets Club STEVE BANCROFT Letter Club; Science Club; Key Club; Baseball DIANNE BLAIR Science Club; French Club, Treas. Board; Art Club ' 70; Spartanettes; Bank GENE BRABSTON Latin Club; Ind. Arts Club; Baseball ' 67, ' 70; Letter Club; Interact Club; Science Club; Book Club NIESA BRATEMAN Latin Club, Treas. ' 69; SWORD AND SHIELD staff bus. mgr. ' 67, ' 68; OLYMPIAN staff ' 69, asst. bus. mgr. ' 70; Science Club; AFS Club; Eta Sigma Phi Award ' 67, ' 69; Conference on Am. Gov ' t. ' 69; Spartanettes; Treas. ' 70; Honor Society, Pres. ' 70; Bank Board; Math Team CLAY BARGERON Spanish Club; Ind. Arts Club; Stock Club, Sec. ' 69; Gov ' t. and Economics Club; Book Club ALVIN BRENGELMAN Science Club; Chess Club, Treas. and Economics Club; Gun Club ' 69; Debate Club; Gov ' t. SUZANNE BASHINSKY Debate Club; F.B.L.A. FLOSSIE BAUM Latin Club; Thespian Apprentice; Spanish Club; Spanish Honor Society; History Club; Home Ec. Club LIVY BECK History Club; Spanish Club, Sec. ' 68, V.P. ' 70; Gymnas- tics; Cheerl eader ' 69, ' 70; Thespians; OLYMPIAN staff; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Glee Club; Concert Choir; " Miss Olympian " Semi- finalist ' 70; Morning Watch Council; Interclub Council, Sec. ' 70; " Friendliest " SARAH BECK Dorians; " Miss Olympian " Semi-finalist ' 69; Thespians, Sec. ' 70; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Morning Watch Council; French Club; Home Ec. Club; Glee Club; Concert Choir JANE BERRY Thespians; Debate Club; AFS Club; SWORD AND SHIELD staff; French Club JANE BINZEL Glee Club; Spanish Club CHIP BLACK Science Club; Bank Board; Track ' 70; NJROTC; Skipper of the Calculus Fleet ' 70 MARGARET BLACK " Miss Olympian " Semi- finalist ' 69, ' 70; French Club; Home Ec. Club; Thespians; Concert Choir MEG BRITTON French Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; History Club BARRETT BROCK Student Council Rep. ' 68; Spanish Club, Treas. ' 69, ' 70; Spartanettes; SWORD AND SHIELD staff JANICE BRODA Spanish Club; AFS Club; Home Ec. Club; F.B.L.A. CHRIS BROWN Tennis ' 69, ' 70 DEBBY BROWN Glee Club; Ensemble; French Club; Home Ec. Club; Gov ' t. and Economics Club GRANT BRUMMETT Track ' 68, ' 69; Interact Club, V.P. ' 70; Science Club; Spanish Club, Treas. ' 70; Glee Club; Concert Choir; Spanish Honor Society; Latin Club KATHY BRYANT French Club; Home Ec. Club; History Club L AURA BURCH Spanish Club; Gov ' t and Economics Club; Bridge Club; Glee Club COURTNEY BURGE Latin Club; French Club, Act. Chm. ' 69; Soph. Class Treas.; Spartanettes; Student Council ' 68, ' 69, Sec. ' 70; French Honor Society; Cheerleader ' 70 194 BILLY BURRETT Ind. Arts Club; Gun Club CATHY CALDWELL French Club; Book Club; Art Club; Scholastic Art Award; Gold Key JENNA CAREY OLYMPIAN staff; Debate Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; French Club; Glee Club; Library Club; WISH YOU WERE HERE MARY RUTH CARY Spanish Club, Sec. ' 69, Pres. ' 70; F.B.L. A. , Pres. ' 70; Volleyball ' 70 CAROLINE CAUGHEY Glee Club; French Honor Society; French Club; Girls ' Golf; History Club MAC CHANDLER Football " 66- ' 70; Track ' 66- ' 70; Key Club, V.P.; Letter Club, Sec. MARGARET CHENOWETH French Club; Science Club; History Club; Volleyball; Track; Gov ' t, and Economics Club CHARLIE CHRISTMAS Basketball ' 68- ' 70; All State ' 68, ' 69; Class V. P. ' 69, ' 70; " Friendliest " BETSY CODDING French Club; History Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club ELAINE COHEN Spanish Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Spanish Honor Society ALICE COHN History Club; Spanish Club; Debate Club, Sec. HUGH COMER Latin Club; Tennis ' 67- ' 70; Debate Club, V.P. ' 69, Pres. ' 70; Student Council Rep. ' 70; Morning Watch Council ARDEN CONWAY Glee Club; History Club; Spanish Club; " Miss Olympian " Semi- finalist ' 68, ' 69; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Ensemble; Thespians; Dorians JOAN COPPINGER Homecoming Attendant ' 69, ' 70; Cheerleader, ' 69, ' 70; Student Council Rep. " 70; Honor Council; Bank Board; Key Club Sweetheart; Christmas Seal Princess ' 70; " Most Popular " JERI COTTON History Club; French Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Science Club; AFS Club; Morning Watch Council MARILYN COX Latin Club; Home Ec. Club, Treas. ' 69, ' 70; Science Club MARTHA COX French Club; Science Club; History Club; Ind. Arts Club YORKE COX Latin Club ' 67- ' 70, Pres. ' 69 ELIZABETH CRABBE French Club; History Club; Honor Society DEBBIE CRAIG Home Ec. Club, Pres. ' 70; Thespians; Volleyball; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Glee Club; Bank Teller MARY CRAWFORD Spanish Club; Thespians MARCIA CYPRESS Home Ec. Club; AFS Club; Spanish Club MIKE DAM SKY Swim Team; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Spanish Club; Science Club; History Club STEVIE DANIELS Student Council Chaplain ' 70; SWORD AND SHIELD, asst. ed. ' 70; Bank Board, asst. cashier ' 70; Thespians; Spartanettes; Latin Club; F.B.L. A.; Honor Council ' 70; BYE, BYE BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE BETSY DAVIS Thespians; History Club; Spanish Club; Art Club; F.B.L. A.; Gov ' t, and Economics Club KATHY DAVIS Latin Club; French Club; History Club, Pres. ' 69; Bridge Club; Spartanettes; Student Council Rep. ' 67- ' 70; Fr. Class V.P. ; Soph. Class Sec; Class Act. Chairman ' 69, ' 70 CARLA COOPER OLYMPIAN staff; SWORD AND SHIELD staff; Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club; Latin Club; History Club; Science Club MARY DAWKINS Volleyball ' 67- ' 69; Captain ' 70; Glee Club; Ensemble; History Club; Thespians; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; Home Ec. Club; WISH YOU WERE HERE; French Club 195 REBECCA DICK Latin Club; Home Ec. Club, Historian ' 69; French Club; Glee Club LYNNE DICKSON Latin Club; Home Ec. Club JEFF DONOVAN Ind. Arts Club JUDY DORN F.B.L.A. ROBBY DREHER Baseball ' 69, ' 70; Letter Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club CAROL EDWARDS " Miss Mt. Brook " finalist; Tumbling " 68, ' 69; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Thespians ' 68, ' 69, Pres. ' 70; Dorians ' 69, Captain, ' 70; Outstanding Dorian ' 70; " Miss Olympian " Semi- finalist ' 69, fourth alternate ' 70; French Club; History Club; Glee Club; Ensemble; Spartan- ettes; Morning Watch Council JOHN ENGLUND Latin Club; Band ' 67- ' 70; Science Club; German Club; In- teract Club; Math Team JANICE EPSTEIN Volleyball ' 67; History Club, V.P. ' 70; French Club; Bank Board ANDREA FALCHOOK Spanish Club; History Club; SWORD AND SHIELD staff ' 68; Spanish Honor Society, Treas. ' 69, ' 70; Home Ec. Club STELLA FARRELL French Club; History Club; Spartanettes PATTY FAULKINBERRY SWORD AND SHIELD staff ' 67, ' 68; Gymnastics; Latin Club; Debate Club; Glee Club; Science Club; OLYMPIAN staff; Nat. Merit Semi- finalist STANFORD FAULKNER Student Council Rep. ' 70; Concert Choir; Glee Club; Science Club; Key Club; Int. Convention Delegate; Thespians; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Football ' 67- ' 70; Letter Club KATHY FISHER Science Club; Spanish Club; Bank Teller JIMMY FITTS Football ' 67; Wrestling ' 70; Jets Club; Gun Club CATHY FLETCHER Spartanettes; Honor Society; French Club; Latin Club; Tennis Team ' 68- ' 70; Swimming ' 67- ' 70; OLYMPIAN staff ' 69, ' 70; S.V. Sun Reporter for MBHS ' 70 DALTON FORMAN French Club, V.P. ' 69; Soph. Class Beauty; Student Council Rep. ' 69, ' 70; Spartanettes; Honor Council, Pres.; P.T.A. Rep.; " Best Looking " RUTLEDGE FORNEY Spartanettes; Bank Board; OLYMPIAN staff ' 69, 70; SWORD AND SHIELD staff ' 68; Bank Teller; Nat. Merit Semi- finalist; Bridge Club; Book Club; Science Club; Latin Club LINN FOUST French Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Bank Teller; VoUeyball ' 67 PAT FOWLER Home Ec. Club; Spanish Club JULIE FREEMAN F.B.L.A. KATHY FROST Glee Club; Concert Choir; Debate Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; French Club SUSAN FULLER Thespians; March of Dimes Rep. ' 67, ' 68; Christmas Seal Princess ' 67; Class Favorite ' 68- ' 70; Cheerleader ' 68- ' 70; head ' 70; " Miss Olympian " ' 68; French Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Student Council Rep. ' 70; Homecoming Queen ' 70; Young Leaders Conference ' 69; " Best All Around " CRAIG FUNDERBURG Wrestling ' 68- ' 70; Football, manager ' 70 CARLA GAINES History Club; F.B.L.A.; Spanish Club; Book Club SUSAN GATES OLYMPIAN, Act. ed. ' 70; Glee Club; AFS Club DODIE GIBSON Dorians; French Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Bank Teller JOHN GLEISSNER- Science Club; History Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Book Club; Debate Club, V.P. ' 70 GWYN GOLDEN Majorette; Band; History Club; Debate Club; Concert Choir; Spanish Club; F.B.L.A.; App. Thespian 196 DEBBIE GORDON Spartanettes; French Club; History Club KAREN GRODSKY Spanish Club; Thespians; Science Club; Glee Club; AFS Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club JOHN HALL Student Council, IstV.P. ' 70; (Int. Club Council, Pres.) Football ' 68; Key Club; Int ' l Convention; Bank Board; Young Leaders ' Conference; Glee Club; Concert Choir; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Thespians; French Club; Science Club; " Most School Spirit " MARIE HALL Spartanettes, Pres. ' 70; OLYMPIAN staff, Honors ed. ' 70; Bridge Club; French Club; Morning Watch Council; SWORD AND SHIELD staff; Science Club; History Club; Latin Club; Bank Worker; Glee Club CANDY HAMILTON Head Majorette; Spanish Club; Spanish Honor Society; " Miss Olympian " Semi- finalist, ' 69 BETH HAMMOND Fr. Class Sec; Soph. Class Act. Chm.; Jr., Sr. Class Sec, ; Student Council Rep. ' 68, ' 70; Art Club, Treas.; French Club; Young Leaders ' Conference MARTHA HAMRICK Dorians ' 68; Latin Club; Cheerleader ' 69, ' 70; History Club, Treas. ' 69; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; French Club, Treas. ' 69, ' 70; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; Bank Board; Gymnastics, ' 68, ' 70; Archery ' 69; " Wittiest " DEBBIE HARCHELROAD Dorians; Thespians; Spanish Club KIRK HARDY Band; French Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Debate Club; Book Club; Gun Club; Chess Club KIM HARRIS Student Council Rep. ' 67- ' 70; Spartanettes, V.P. ' 70; French Club, V.P. ' 70; Honor Society, Historian ' 70; French Honor Society, Pres. ' 70 PATTI HARRIS Spanish Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Debate Club LESLIE HEAD Spanish Club, Parliamentarian ' 69, Sec. ' 70; Student Council Rep. ' 68; History Club, Act. Chm. ' 69; Golf ' 69 BETH HENLEY Thespians; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Gymnastics; Glee Club; " Miss Olympian " Semi-finalist ' 68, ' 69; Bank Teller; Span- ish Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Concert Choir DAVID HEZLEP Morning Watch Council; Spanish Club; History Club; NJROTC SCOTT HILLEY Thespians, V.P. ' 69, ' 70; Bank Board; Concert Choir; " Most Creative, " " Wittiest " HOLLY HOFFMAN Honor Society, Treas. ' 70; Science Club; French Club; Spartanettes; OLYMPIAN staff " 69; Classes and Faculty ed. ' 70; French Honor Society; Math Team NELLE HOGAN French Club; History Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club SUSAN HOLT Latin Club; Thespians; F.B.L.A.; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Debate Club; Science Club; History Club; Bank Teller VICKI HORTON F.B.L.A. HENRY HUDSON SWORD AND SHIELD staff ' 67; Latin Club, Chpln. ' 69; Key Club; Honor Council; 5th Year Language Club, Pres. ' 70; Bridge Club; Debate Club NANCY HUDSON French Club; Gymnastics ' 69; Glee Club; Gov ' t, and Eco- nomics Club; Art Club BRAD HUNTER German Club; Science Club, V.P. ' 69; Honor Society; Interact Club RANDY HUNTER German Club; Science Club; History Club; Ensemble; BYE, BYE BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Pep Band CHARLES HARVILL Spanish Club; Ind. Arts Club; History Club; Science Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club BRUCE JACOBS History Club; Spanish Club; Science Club; F.B. L. A. Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Book Club 197 CAROLE JAFFE Dorians; History Club; Spanish Club; French Club JULIE JOHNSON Latin Club; Spanish Club, V.P. ' 69; Home Ec. Club, Chap- lain ' 69, V.P. ' 70 DEBBIE JONES Home Ec. Club; Track - MARILYN JONES Glee Club; Concert Choir; Ensemble; Spanish Club JANE LIMBAUGH Dorians ' 69, ' 70; Latin Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club JAN LLOYD Spanish Club; F.B.L.A.; Art Club SUSIE LOWE Spanish Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club ANNE LUCKIE History Club; Science Club; Home Ec. Club; Spanish Club; F.B. L.A.; Art Club NANCY JONES French Club; History Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; SWORD AND SHIELD staff ' 69, ' 70 ELLEN KANTER French Club; History Club; Science Club LISA KARTUS Home Ec. Club, Sec. ' 70; History Club; Spanish Club RALEIGH KENT Latin Club, Pres. ' 68; Stamp Club, Pres. ' 67; Student Coun- cil Rep. ' 68, ' 69, Treas. ' 70; OLYMPIAN staff ' 68, ' 69, bus. mgr. ' 70; Key Club; 5th Year Language Club; Honor Society; Jr. Class Treas. ; Sewanee Award; Baseball ' 70; Bank Board; Conference on Am. Gov ' t. ; " Most Likely to Succeed " BETH KIRKLAND F.B.L.A.; Debate Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Spanish Club; History Club KAREN KOCH History Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Concert Choir; Glee Club; AFS Club; Thespians; SWORD AND SHIELD staff; Golf ' 69 LOREE LARSON Art Club, 2nd V.P. ' 70; History Club; Gov ' t and Economics Club; French Club; Dorians LIZ LEVY Spanish Club; AFS Club; Home Ec. Club, Program Chm. ' 70 DAVID LEWIS Latin Club, V.P. ' 70, State Mythology Contest Winner; Science Club; Band; Harvard Book Award; Interact Club; Honor Society, Sec. ' 70; SWORD AND SHIELD staff; Patriotic Comm.; Nat. Merit Semi- finalist JACK MACMAHAN Concert Choir; Book Club; Football ' 69 MILTON MAGNUS French Club; Science Club JOHN MANNING Book Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; " Best Looking " ANN MATTHEWS Latin Club ' 67, ' 68; OLYMPIAN staff ' 68; Dorians ' 69, ' 70; Track ' 69; Home Ec. Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club BILL MARX Latin Club; Bank Teller; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Thespian; History Club; Track ' 70 BEVERLY MASSEY Latin Club; Spanish Club, Pres. ' 69; History Club; Thespians; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; Concert Choir; " Miss Olympian " Semi- finalist ' 69 DICK MAUPIN Science Club; JETS, Treas. ' 69, Pres. ' 70; Gun Club; French Club, Act. Chm. ' 70 BARRY MAZER Honor Society; Patriotic Comm. , Vice Chm. ' 69, Chairman ' 70; French Club, Pres. ' 69; SWORD AND SHIELD, Sports ed. ' 70; Key Club, Treas. ' 70; History Club; Student Council Rep. ' 70 JAY MAZER Basketball ' 69, ' 70; Letter Club; Key Club; Spanish Club ELLEN McCLEES Home Ec. Club; Spanish Club JOHN McCLURE Football ' 67- ' 70; Wrestling ' 67- ' 70; Key Club; Letter Club; Thespians, Board Member; Band; Glee Club; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE, WISH YOU WERE HERE 198 DEBBY McKEWEN Latin Club; French Club; Volleyball ' 67- 70, Co-Capt. ' 70; Track ' 68; Basketball ' 68, Capt. ' 70; Intramural, ' 68 PEGGY McKEWEN Latin Club; Spartanettes; Track ' 67; Volleyball ' 70; Intra- murals ' 67 MARGARET McKINSTRY WISH YOU WERE HERE; Glee Club, French Club; Ensemble ' 70; Thespians, SWORD AND SHIELD, Business Manager LANE McRAE Dorians ' 69, ' 70; OLYMPIAN staff ' 69, Organizations Ed. ' 70; French Club V. P. ' 70; History Club, Act.Chm. ' 69; Apprentice Thespian ' 69; Spartanettes; " Miss Olympian " semi- finalist ' 70 SARAH MEADOWS History Club; French Club, Treas. ' 69; F.B.L.A., Treas. ' 70 Latin Club; Key Club, Sec. ' 70; Letter Club; Basketball ' 67- ' 70; Senior Class Pres.; Student Council Rep. ' 67, ' 70 FRAN MITCHELL Glee Club; French Club; Concert Choir; SWORD AND SHIELD, Publicity Mgr. , ' 70 LYNN MOGGE Art Club; Debate Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; NJROTC sponsor ANNE MONAGHAN Art Club ' 67- ' 70, Treas. ' 69, V.P. ' 70; Thespians; ' Scholastic Art Award; Gold Key ALICE MONTI Volleyball ' 67; French Club; Home Ec. Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club VICKI MOON Latin Club; History Club; Art Club MARSHA MEEKS Glee Club; Gymnastics team; French Club; Art Club PAT MORGAN French Club; Art Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club DONNA MEHAFFEY Home Ec. Club; Spanish Club CAROLYN MULLINS F.B.L.A.; Spanish Club; Debate Club RICHARD MENDELSOHN Spanish Club; Thespians; F.B.L.A. CECI MEYER Dorians ' 69, ' 70; SWORD AND SHIELD staff, art ed. ' 67; Bank Board; Fr. Honor Society, Act. Chrm.; AFS Club, Pres. ' 70; French Club; Science Club; Fifth Year Language Club GREG MEYERS Basketball ' 67; Cross Country ' 69; Track ' 70; Science Club; Gov ' t and Economics Club DREW MICKLE " Best E ressed " BOYD MILLER Book Club; Debate Club, Sgt. at arms ' 70; History Club, Sgt. at arms ' 69; Spanish Club EDDIE MILLER Football ' 68- ' 70, Co-capt. ' 70; Basketball ' 69, ' 70; Base- ball ' 67- ' 70; Track ' 70; MVP Football ' 70; Letter Club; Key Club, Sgt. at arms ' 70; Honor Council; Concert Choir; Bank Teller; Student Council Rep. ' 68; " Most Athletic " BILLY MILLS SHARON NATHAN French Club; Science Club; History Club; French Honor Society Sec. -Treas. ' 70; Honor Society; Bank Board; Morn- ing Watch Council; Spartanettes Sec. ' 70; SWORD AND SHIELD asst. ed. ' 70 ELIZABETH NOBLE Girls ' Basketball; French Club; History Club; Volleyball ' 68; Spartanettes DICKIE OWENS Key Club; Latin Club; Jets Club; Basketball ' 67, ' 68; Base- ball ' 70 MARY ELIZABETH PALMER Band ' 67 - ' 69, Pres. ' 68, ' 69; Latin Club; Glee Club ' 68; Ensemble ' 69, ' 70; French Club; Student Council Rep. ' 68, ' 69, Parliamentarian ' 70; " Miss Olympian " Semi-finalist ' 60; WISH YOU WERE HERE ' 69; Spartanettes, Chaplain ' 70; Thespians; Jefferson County Citizenship Tour Rep. ' 69 PETE PAPPAS Class Pres. ' 67, ' 68; Ala. Citizenship Conference ' 68, ' 69; Key Club, Int ' l. Convention Rep. ' 69, Pres. ' 70; Letter Club; Latin Club; Yale Book Award; Honor Council; Football ' 67- ' 70, Scholarship Award ' 70; Wrestling ' 67- ' 70; Track ' 67- ' 70; Glee Club; Concert Choir; Class Favorite ' 68 70; " Most Popular " 199 NANCY PARKER Cheerleader ' 70; Interact Sweetheart ' 70; Fifth- Year Lan- guage Club, Treas. ' 70; French Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club, Treas. ' 70; OLYMPIAN staff, Sports ed. ' 70; NJROTC Sponsor ' 70; Bridge Club; Bank Board; Bank Teller; French Honor Society; " Most Creative " MARY PAT PATTON Thespians; Home Ec. Club, V.P. ' 69; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE, Prop Director; Morning Watch Council; Bank Worker ART PATTERSON Latin Club; Band; Concert Choir MARY PEERSON Spanish Club; Book Club; Track ' 67- ' 69; Volleyball " 67; Home Ec. Club ' 69, Historian ' 70 ALLEN PERRY Latin Club; French Club; Art Club; SWORD AND SHIELD staff ' 68- ' 70; Science Club; History Club MARK PETERSON Interact Club; Baseball ' 69, ' 70 CHUCK PHILLIPS Art Club JUDY PHILLIPS Home Ec. Club; Spanish Club; Apprentice Thespian; Science Club; Am. History Club ANN PLYLAR History Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Art Club; French Club; Glee Club CAROLYN PLYLAR Science Club; French Club; Dorians; History Club; Spartan- ettes LINDA POSEY French Club; History Club; Gov ' t, nd Economics Club; Track ' 68; Gymnastics ' 69 BILLY PRIEST Football ' 66; Science Club; Spanish Club LILLIAN PRTVETT Latin Club; Science Club; History Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club LINDA RAFF EL SWORD AND SHIELD staff ' 68, ' 69, Editor ' 70; Spartanettes; French Club; History Club; Science Club CLARK RAMSEY German Club, Treas. ' 69, Pres. ' 70; Art Club; Interact Club SERENA RANDOLPH Honor Society, V.P.; French Honor Society; French Club; Latin Club; Science Club; History Club; Bank Board; OLYMPIAN staff; Spartanettes; " Miss Olympian " Semi-final- ist ' 69; Volleyball ' 67- ' 69; Track ' 69, ' 70; Tennis ' 69, ' 70, " Most Valuable Player " ' 69; " Most Athletic " TOBY REID Art Club BART REISMAN History Club; French Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Science Club ROBIN RICH Spartanettes; French Honor Society; Science Club; French Club; Art Club; History Club; SWORD AND SHIELD staff ' 69, Activities ed. ' 70 LYNN RICHARDS History Club, Parliamentarian ' 68; Spanish Club; Spanish Honor Society, Sec. ' 69 LEE RITCHIE History Club; French Club; Debate Club; Glee Club; SWORD AND SHIELD staff, Fashion ed. ' 69, ' 70; AFS Club; Science Club; F.B.L.A. SHANNON RITCHIE Gov ' t, and Economics Club, Pres. ' 70; Book Club, ' 70; National Merit Semi- finalist; Science Club Pres. PATTI ROBINSON Latin Club; Apprentice Thespian ' 68; French Club, Sec. ' 69; History Club; Book Club; Home Ec. Club; Debate Club; Betty Crocker Homemaker Award MIMI ROLLS Debate Club; Glee Club DALE RUSSAKOFF OLYMPIAN start ' 68, ' 69, Editor ' 70; French Club, Sec. ' 70 Bank Board V.P. ' 70; Honor Society; French Honor Society; Science Club; Ala. Conference on Citizenship ' 69; Girls ' State ' 69; National Merit Semi- finalist; DAR Good Citizen- ship award; Spartanettes; Morning Watch Council; Sr. Class Treas.; Math Team ' 69; NCTE Candidate; " Most Likely to Succeed " LOUISE SALMON French Club; F.B.L.A.; Bridge Club; Science Club; History Club JOE SANDNER Latin Club; JETS; Gun Club; NJROTC 200 ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER Band ' 67, ' 68, Majorette; Gymnastics; Spanish Club; Span- ish Honor Society, Pres. ' 70; Glee Club BENJ SCHOEPFLE Band, Drum Major ' 70; National Merit Commendation; OLYMPIAN staff; Camera Club, Sec. ' 70 HOWARD SCHONBERGER Football ' 68- ' 70, Outstanding Offensive Lineman ' 70; Basket- ball ' 69; Letter Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Debate Club JANET SCHREIBMAN Spartanettes; Bank Board; AFS, Sec. ' 70; OLYMPIAN staff ' 69; Bank Teller; Volleyball; Swimming; Science Club; History Club; French Club PAT SMITH Basketball ' 67- ' 69; Track ' 69, ' 70; Interact Club BETTY LEA SNOW History Club; Latin Club; Spanish Club; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Debate Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club GINNY SNOW French Club; Home Ec. Club; Glee Club; Concert Choir Accompanist ' 70; Gov ' t, and Economics Club JANE SPENCER Band, Majorette; Thespians; Glee Club; NCTE Candidate; Latin Club, Treas. ' 70; OLYMPIAN staff NANCY SPENCER F.B.L.A.; Debate Club; French Club MAUREEN SCHULTZ History Club, Sec. ' 69; French Club; Science Club, Treas. ' 70; Morning Watch Council; Bank Board; Bank Teller; SWORD AND SHIELD staff; AFS Club PATRICIA STANTON French Club; History Club, Treas. ' 67- ' 69; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; World History Club; " Best Dressed " TAD SEARS French Club; Latin Club; Tennis ' 67- ' 70 BOBBY SELMAN Ind. Arts Club CAROLE STEIN Spanish Club; An Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club NANCY STEPHENS French Club; History Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Apprentice Thespian; Glee Club STEPHANIE SHELBURNE Spanish Club; F.B.L. A.; Home Ec. Club BEA SHERRILL Home Ec. Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Book Club, Sec. ' 70; F.B.L. A. STEVE SIEGLER French Club; Science Club; History Club; Debate Club; Key Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club PATTI STEPHENSON History Club; Science Club; French Club; Home Ec. Club LESTER STERN Football ' 67- ' 70; F.B.L. A., V.P. ' 70; Spanish Club; " Ugliest Man on Campus " ; Thespians; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE ROBERT STUDIN Band; Spanish Club; History Club; Patriotic Committee; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Science Club DOTTIE SIMPSON Latin Club; Thespians ' 68- ' 70; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Glee Club; Ensemble; " Miss Olympian " Semi- finalist ' 70; National Merit Semi- finalist; Honor Society; Honor Society Scholarship Finalist MARSHA SIMPSON French Club; F.B.L. A.; Home Ec. Club, Pres. ' 69 ANDREW STUMPF Ind. Arts Club; JETS; NJROTC KIM SUTHERLAND Honor Society; French Honor Society; National Merit Semi- finalist; Thespians; Volleyball ' 70; SWORD AND SHIELD staff; Home Ec. Club; Art Club; French Club BENJIE SMITH Latin Club; Interact Club; Honor Society; Eta Sigma Phi Latin II Award; Student Council Rep. ' 70 MARK SUTHERLAND Ind. Arts Club; Stock Club V.P. ' 68; Spanish Club; History Club; Gov ' t and Economics Club; Debate Club 201 MARY FERN TATE French Club; French Honor Society; Debate Club, Sec. ' 69; SWORD AND SHIELD staff, Features ed. ' 70; Honor Society; Spartanettes; Bank Board; Glee Club DANNY THOMAS Ind. Arts Club; JETS, Sec. ' 69, V.P. ' 70; Gun Club ' 69, Pres. ' 70 HAL THREADCRAFT Wrestling ' 70; Interact, Pres. ' 70; German Club, Pres. ' 69; Science Club MARY ELIZABETH TILLER History Club; French Club; Spartanettes RANDY TOMISEK Chess Club; German Club HILTON TOMLINSON Spanish Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; History Club; Science Club HAL WILSON History Club; Book Club; Science Club; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; Spanish Club VICKY WITTICHEN French Club; Spartanettes; Dorians ' 70 WALTER WOOD Fr. Class Act. Chm; Basketball ' 67- ' 70; Golf ' 67- ' 70; Student Council Rep. ' 67, ' 69, President ' 70; Jr. Class Pres.; Latin Club; Letter Club; Glee Club; Jr. Class Favorite; Boys ' State; Key Club, Int ' l. Convention; Eddy Award, Science Fair ' 69; Morning Watch Council; Bank Board; P. T. A. Student Rep. ; Concert Choir; " Best All Around " LEONARD WOODY Swimming ' 68- ' 70; Interact Club; NJROTC, Commander MIKIE WRIGHT Art Club; Home Ec. Club, Program Chm. ' 69; Thespians; Spanish Club; " Miss Olympian " Third Alternate ' 70; Concert Choir; Bank Teller KATHY TURNHAM Thespians ' 67- ' 70; Honor Society; Spanish Club ' 67- ' 69; Spanish Honor Society; BYE, BYE, BIRDIE; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Bank Teller; Glee Club; Book Club; Gov ' t, and Eco- nomics Club; " Miss Olympian " First Alternate ' 69 CHARLOTTE WADDY Spanish Club; Track ' 67- ' 69; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; French Club; Cheerleader ' 70 JOE WALLACE Latin Club; Ind. Arts Club; Science Club; Gov ' t, and Eco- nomics Club; Tennis ' 67 DAVE WARD Football ' 69, ' 70; Interact Club, Sec. ' 70; Glee Club; En- semble; Science Club; Track ' 68- ' 70; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Spanish Club BARBARA WATKINS Spanish Club; Apprentice Thespian; Home Ec. Club STEVE YATES Baseball ' 68- ' 70; Interact Club; Science Club MARY YEATES Spanish Club, Sec. ' 68, ' 69; History Club, Parliamentarian ' 68, V.P. ' 69; Soph. March of Dimes Rep. ; Spanish Honor Society; Cheerleader ' 69, ' 70, Head ' 70, Most Outstanding Cheerleader ' 70; Student Council Rep. ' 69, ' 70; Glee Club; " Miss Olympian " 1969; Spanish Honor Society; Gov ' t, and Economics Club; " Most School Spirit " LEMONE YIELDING Track ' 69; Thespians, V.P. ' 70; JETS; WISH YOU WERE HERE; Ensemble DONNA ZASA Spanish Club Pres. ' 70 KEITH ZINDER Scholastic Art Award ' 67- ' 69; Spanish Honor Society; History Club; Spanish Club; Art Club MARGIE WEIL Latin Club ' 67- ' 70, V.P. ' 69, Chpln. ' 70; Bank Board, Cash- ier ' 70; Debate Team; SWORD AND SHIELD Editor ' 70; Spartanettes; National Merit Commendation JANE ANNE WHEATLEY F.B.L. A. ; Spanish Club; SWORD AND SHIELD staff RICHARD WHITLEY Football ' 67- ' 70; Wrestling ' 69, ' 70; Track ' 69, ' 70; Letter Club ' 69, ' 70; Best Defensive Lineman ' 70; Gov ' t, and Economics Club 202 K3 ■Jjjf i swe :iR!ST DRUG ADS BREAK GROUND, BUILD, AND BE PROUD OF YOUR LABOR WHETHER IT BE OF THE HAND OR THE MIND. WE PASS YOU THIS CHALLENGE, CONFIDENT THAT EACH OF YOU WILL ADD LIGHT TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE. THE MOUNTAIN BROOK HIGH SCHOOL PTA 204 Uncertain about your future? Call South Central Bell. 205 HOMEWOOD TRADING POST Compliments of Let Us Sell Your Merchandise Odds and Ends BRYANT On Consignment ELECTRIC CO. 2805 South 18th Street J. W. ESTES, Owner Phone 879-1412 Eastwood Mall PHDNE 871-0317 Crestline PHARMACY 60 CHURCH STREET MOUNTAIN BROOK, ALA 206 rtft ZiAtf Eastwood Mall 592-2222 Roebuck Shopping Center 833-5663 J ove is a day in the sun and a ' Diamond front Bromberg ' s BIRMINGHAM, • MT. BROOK • Hl%SVIU£ • MONIGOME 3c Htwrs " :j T (W$f CRESTLINE MILTON ' S SHOE Jr Petites 3 - 15 OF HOSPITAL Misses 8 18 Juniors 3 - 15 2724 Cahaba Road ( Mt Brook) CRESTLINE Shoes for Everyone Boys ' and Girls ' Wear 133 Oak Street Thru Teens Phone: 879-7893 DRESSES FOR ALL AGES 207 Shoe Repairing Service While You Wait SHADE VALLEY SHOE REPAIR LITTLE JACK, Owner Shoes Dyed Any- Color Invisible Half Soleing Phone 871-8668 2809 18th St. South Home-wood , Alabama Packard Poll Ljour nearest factory service center 2831 SO. 18th ST. BIRMINGHAM TELEPHONE NO 871-9648 •di . FACTORY OWNED AND OPERATED i »■ ' -iff! ' " PW- , • m Pierce Taber Benjamin Moore Paints Wallcovering Carpets Picture Frames C ompan y 1911 South 29th Avenue Homewood LITTLE HARDWARE Mountain Brook Shopping Center JOBE QQ ROSE Jewelers Since 1902 1918 Third Avenue North . Birmingham 2830 Culver Road . Mountain Brook HARRIS BAKERY Mountain Brook Village SQUIRE ' S SHOP " Where Fashion is Spoken " 2808 18th Street South Homewood 208 Complete Decorating Otm ' i i (M 2M Trlrlrln iERJESP 1 FURNITURE GALLERIES 64 CHURCH STREET. CRESTLINE MOUNTAIN BROOK. ALABAMA CLARENCE C. WILEY. JR. PHONE 071-2032 Alterations Dressmaking CRESTLINE SEWING SHOPPE 13 Dexter Avenue Phone 879-8071 BETTY HARRELL (Owner) okte Mountain Brook Village MOUNTAIN BROOK PURE SERVICE STATION 2701 Cahaba Road Birmingham, Ala. 35223 PHONE 879-9110 Serving Crestline and Over the Mountain %j JJ4 ? Then Visit MYRTIE REYNOLDS BEAUTYTIME BEAUTY SALON Staff of Experienced Stylists Open 6 Days and Thursday Evenings 879-2464 40 Church St. (Crestline) Across From Post Office Nothing Says It Like Jewelry wAw? phonc IQIfrl B71-2151 DRUG COMPANY " You Are Always welcome " Crestline Hgts., BIRMINGHAM, ALA. 2822 So. 18th St. 879-3142 209 HONDA OF HOMEWOOD Sales, Service and Parts 1821 South 29 Avenue 879-6875 CRESTLINE BARBER SHOP 3 Dexter Avenue Closed Monday 210 ' JUST WONDERFUL FOOD " butteru RESTAURANT SANDWICH SHOP Mountain Brook Village CHAR-BROILED STEAK DINNER $1 50 Boked Potato 8. Salad T ■ •« " » Compare with any $2, $3 or $4 steak in town! • Kosher Corned Beef Pastrami • Delicious Pastry Specialties • Famous RUBEN Sandwich SPECIAL CHILDREN ' S MENU Courteous, prompt waiter service 2410 Canterbury Road 879-984] Comer Ptttlcoal Lara ft Montovollo Rood MOUNTAIN BtOOK. ALABAMA fhor 879-S74A Our Congratulations to the Class of ' 70 and best wishes for your success in college career. We appreciate your visiting our Campus Corner in the past . . . and hope that in the future, you 11 visit us to see what ' s afoot that ' s new and exciting! BOUTIQUE-. ooriKY ■ Shoes Covered with Material ■ ■ Polishes, Laces and Accessories • Heels Covered or Replaced ■ ■ Shoes and Bags Cleaned or Dyed Any Color ■ MT. BROOK SHOE HOSPITAL NATIONAL BLUE RIBBON AWARD WINNER Phone 879-9217 271S Cahaba Road MT. BROOK VILLAGE LILLIAN (LIL) LEVIN 2726 Cohobo Rood Mountain Brook, Alabama Phone 879-9334 Formerly THE RECORD SHOP 2841 Culver Road Mountain Brook Village STEREO RECORDS STEREO TAPES STEREO PHONOGRAPHS TOP 45 ' s STEREO ACCESSORIES AUDIO COMPONENTS 211 CRESTLINE 5 and 10 59 Church Street Phone: 879-4243 CRESTLINE BEAUTY SHOP 69 Church Street Crestline, Alabama 871-3549 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK o£ OuniwCf am. lac. OWNERS OPERATORS Of Barbers Cafeteria West and Barbers Cafeteria East — ONLY — w£ CATER TO THE INDIVIDUAL TASTE 595-1423 591-1147 ■ CUSTOM CAKES • BIRTHDAY • ANNIVERSARY • ANY OCCASION EASTWOOD MALL OUT ATL HWY J. P. ELMORE 28 30 S. 18th St. Homewood HAIRG00DS EXPERT STYLING LADIES APPAREL BOUTIQUE ITEMS THE 7644 EASTWOOD MALL BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 35210 PHONE (205) 592-2073 2419 Canterbury Road Mountain Brook Village 879-1158 212 BARBER ' S PURE MILK 213 Phone 879-0371 ROLLINS DRAPERY SERVICE Custom Made Drapes - Valances - Cornices and Bedspreads Anything to Make Your Home Beautiful Quality Workmaship 2939 South 18th Street Complete Installation Homewood, Alabama Compliments of RITCH ' S PHARMACY 2714 Cahaba Rd. Mtn. Brook Village r IN HOMEWOOD Fashion as you like it for campus and career at the crest of the hill (Restaurant and lounge 214 BROWDY ' S FINE FOODS FEINEFIELD GREEN, INC. Restaurant Delicatessen Catering Service Free Delivery Service 879-8585 For the Newest in Fashions 2402 Montevallo Road Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223 2807 Cahaba Road Phone 879-4062 Open 7 Days a Week 8:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M. UPHOLSTERING CUSTOM FURNITURE AUTRY-WILDER COMPANY PHONE 871-6840 DRAPERY RUGS 2817 - 18th Street South Birmingham, Alabama 35209 Phone 879-9172 CLUB VILLAGE SERVICE STATION Pure Firebird Gasolines 100 Euclid Avenue - Mtn. Brook " SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY " RAY WATKINS Compliments of CARY INSULATION Dresses Formals Coats Sportswear Many Received Every Day Selected Especially for High School and College Girls SHOPS Mt. Brook . Downtown Five Points West Haircuts Razorcuts OAK STREET BARBER SHOP 140 Oak Street Open 8:30 to 5:30 Closed Monday Hair straightening Coloring 215 NOW is a good time to come to Ccwtf t uM Shop Whether you ' ve just graduated and are on your way to campus or career . . . or whether you ' re among the class of ' 72 we have the right clothes for this important time in your life. Now is a good time to come see! 2416 Canterbury Road Mountain Brook Village Ccmfetowit Shop Crestwood Shopping Center 5502 Crestwood Blvd. Phone 592-0861 Mtn. Brook Village 2709 Culver Road Phone 871-9075 SMITH ' S Variety Toy and Gift Shoppe 871-0841 Mountain Brook Shopping Center WENDY ' S Eastwood Mall E-as »joocJ Ma 217 " Soonest on, £aten tyoun, ' pav ute Stone tt 218 CRESTLINE MOWER APPLIANCE SERVICE Small Appliance Service and Parts Authorized Hoover Sales and Service 67 Church Street 871-9419 NANCY BURNS KNIT SHOP 36 Church Street, Crestline Steeple Arts Center, St udio No. 1 Birmingham, Alabama 35Z13 Phone 879-8821 Compliments of CALHOUN ' S SHOES Homewood, Alabama Turn Cosmopolitan Join the Fifth Year Language Club CRESTLINE PASQUALES PIZZA 123 Oak Street CRESTLINE FLOWER SHOP 68 Church Street Mt. Brook Birmingham, Alabama 35213 879-4694 219 BELMONT STUDIO 214 1 2 N. 18 324-5026 It has been a pleasure being Mountain Brook High School ' s photographer this year. 220 INVEST IN THE OLYMPIAN FOR COMFORT IN YOUR OLD AGE EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY wrfS IN MOUNTAIN BROOK ' S LUNCHROOM SENIORS OF SEVENTY BID FAREWELL " THE And this is where " IT " got started. Senior Sock-it-to-em day 221 222 FOUR YEARS- A STRANGE COMBINATION OF EVENTS AND FEELINGS- CHALLENGING ENOUGH TO PROVIDE THE FOUNDATIONS FOR AN EVEN MORE PENETRATING SEARCH- FOUR YEARS - TIME ENOUGH FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING: AND, IN THE END, A TIME TO LEAVE, TO PAUSE 223 . AND YET TO BEGIN AGAIN. . a; m M is i wt lm 1 A %.■-■ S % " i ' - ' Sfe Hlf ®T- ' .S. ' r ?-i. " -:- : ' ■• ' . W BHi ■Vtf ' .v- 1970 OLYMPIAN SUPPLEMENT iW ywSj ' Wi SPRING . . . ' Nothing dirty! THE CLOSING " Well, how DO you do it? Les jeunes gens de Francais II. OF A YEAR BILL CASEY ' Come on, Cindy. The band stopped hours ago. " And to your left, we have Gertrude ' s Giggling Girdle. " EMPHASIS: ELECTIONS AND BIRMINGHAM i A. G. GASTON: RACIAL UNDERSTANDING REV. BILL MILES: POVERTY » ] 1 _ 5 ■ i mnK 1 ' J ppty I EARL MALLICK: POLLUTION Mr. Spartan, Charlie Christmas, and his mount, Pete Pappas, Alternate. SPARTAN WEEK Spartan Week; excitement - the two are synony- mous. The festivities began with the selection of Charlie Christmas as Mr. Spartan and culminated with a Street Dance and class skits, FINALLY won by the Class of ' 70. The student body turned on the " boob tube " with such games as " Nearly Newlywed Game " and " Truth or Consequences " , and added to the fun with the Club Fiesta, Shorts Day, and Teach- er Appreciation Day. One might say, " A little bit of Spartan Week goes a long, long way! " ' Yes, we got married this morning. " Good luck, and may the MOST DISTINCT figure win. 7 ' fsi3 ' Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh! " Eat it today, wear it tomorrow. ' You won ' t believe this, but . . . I ' m pregnant. " The last and final sweep- up. THESPIAN PRODUCTION 10 OF THE BOYFRIEND n 12 li TRACK 1970 Under the leadership of Team Captains Richard " Minor " Harrison and Tommy Mayfield, the Track Team compiled a noteworthy list of achievements for its members. In the Sectional Meet Bob Wright cleared an impressive height of 6 ' 4 " in the high jump to qualify for the State. There he gained fifth place, while teammates Ken Kirk, Most Valu- able Player for the season, and Billy Blair took the second and fourth spots in the shot put. Also deserving recognition for outstanding effort and performance was the 440 Relay Team composed of Tim Healey, Summers Brown, Tommy Mayfield, and Hagood Terrell. In addition to these events, Mountain Brook held its First Annual Invitational Track Meet in which the Spartans placed second out of 11 entries. 14 ROW 1: Ken Kirk, Randy Poole, Billy Culp, Billy Longshore, Jack Porterfield, Richard Whit- ley, Mark Osborn; ROW 2: Ken Hall, Bill Forsy- th, Sessions Dickson, Tim Healey, Summers Brown, Eddie Miller, Bob Wright; ROW 3: Chip Black, Steve Shaw, Jimmy Shanks, Carl John- son, John Stewart; ROW 4: Dave Smith, Greg Meyers, Eric Stein, Pete Pappas, Hagood Terrell, Paul Pinkerton, Richard Harrison, Tommy May- field. 15 1970 16 BASEBALL a. lr lli-, A ' •». ' If , f .4 V. ' „ yTfet- r ROW 1: Jim Rhyer, Raleigh Kent, George Salem, Steve Camp, Steve Bancroft, Jim Dodds, Rusty McRae, Lee Bartlett; ROW 2: Jim Lester, Robbie Dreher, Gene Brabston, Dickie Owens, Steve Yates, Mark Peter- son, Chuck Hillis, Keith Zinder, Tommy Scott, Coach Clayton. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER STEVE BANCROFT 17 GIRLS ' TENNIS KNEELING: Lynn Weil, Vivian Lokey, Cathy Fletcher, Dottie Simpson, Laurie Ragsdale; STANDING: Jenna Carey, Louisa Stiles, Nada Carey, Serena Randolph, Alleen Parker. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER SERENA RANDOLPH 18 BOYS ' TENNIS ! «; t ■ 1 The Spartan Racketmen of Mountain Brook net- ted their second consecutive State Championship after an undefeated season. State Champ, Patrick Dupre, captured the singles title while Don Dillard and David Dixon placed first in the doubles di- vision. With none of these boys graduating, the future of the team should be just as promising as its past. DAVID DIXON MOST VALUABLE PLAYER DON DILLARD Above: NEIL TYSON Left: PATRICK DUPRE 19 GYMNASTICS 1970 Performance at Spring Fair Marie Miller, Martha Hamrick, Marsha Meeks, Elizabeth Schneider, Margaret Yeates, Linda Posey, Dotty Still, Mrs. Hester. 20 GOLF 1970 The Golf Team ended its season victoriously with a record of seventeen wins and only one loss. In the sectional tournament, they easily won the title, making the lowest score in the history of this sec- tion. Led by Most Valuable Player, Bubba Major, they went on to the State to win the number two spot for the season. Walter Wood, Bubba Major, Barney Lanier, Jim Green SPORTS SCHOLARSHIPS FOOTBALL - EDDIE MILLER, SAMFORD UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL - HOWARD SCHONBERGER, MILLSAPS COLLEGE BASKETBALL - CHARLIE CHRISTMAS, AUBURN UNIVERSITY WRESTLING - JOHN McCLURE, SEWANEE GOLF - BUBBA MAJOR, CHIPOLA JR. COLLEGE GOLF - WALTER WOOD, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 21 THE REWARDS OF 1.1. I DARE YOU " AWARDS KEY CLUB SERVICE AWARD MlPL NIESA BRATEMAN STEV1E DANIELS, JOHN ENGLUND STATE MAA AWARDS DENSON BURNUM: FIRST PLACE JOHN ENGLUND: TOP TEN 22 RESPONDING TO A CHALLENGE WILLIAM N. EDDINS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE DALE RUSSAKOFF JERSEY NO. 20 RETIRED NJROTC CADET OF THE YEAR CHIP WOODY CHARLIE CHRISTMAS 23 EXCHANGE CLUB OUTSTANDING STUDENT EXCHANGE CLUB SCHOLARSHIP WINNER BILLY MILLS MARY YEATES 24 LIONS CLUB OUTSTANDING STUDENT SERTOMA CLUB OUTSTANDING STUDENT RALEIGH KENT TX ■Mi r » t ' ■ gj ■ J ■ m " ' c 1 H B " J ? • a 1 I 1 MARIE HALL STUDENT COUNCIL SERVICE AWARDS JIM YOUNG, NIESA BRATEMAN 25 SENIORS SPLASHDOWN ' I ' m Tarzan, he ' s Jane. Kolona the Ape strikes agai n. ' Gee, I never saw a SOFT drink spurt like THAT before! " 26 WITH A PICNIC r 27 SENIOR PROM 28 AND BREAKFAST 0 1 X W Jm 1 g m You can always tell a Halo girl. 29 GRADUATION: FULFILLMENT The Class of 1970 chose as its graduation theme, " 1970: Conflict and Resolution. " After Walter Wood, Student Body President, and Billy Mills, Senior Class President, delivered the invocation and formal welcome, the three student speakers divided the theme into the topics of involvement, response, and resolution. One hour and thirty minutes later, 309 diplomas had been awarded and the ceremony was completed. During the past year the illustrious members of the Class of 1970 have represented the only remnant of the first MBHS student body. Their graduation marks the end of four years. Presentation of Outstanding Boy and Girl Walter Wood delivers the invocation. OF FOUR YEARS DAVID LEWIS: INVOLVEMENT DALE RUSSAKOFF: RESPONSE KIM SUTHERLAND: RESOLUTION ' Hey! We made it! ' 31 TOP TEN ROW 1: Dale Russakoff, Ceci Meyer, Cathy Fletcher; ROW 2: Dotty Simpson, Holly Hoffman, Margie Weil, Serena Randolph. NOT PICTURED: Niesa Brateman, Mary Fern Tate. OUTSTANDING SENIOR BOY AND GIRL DALE RUSSAKOFF, WALTER WOOD 32 rf r: 1MB u m? I HI ffl I ■ m m m .- ,J v V 111 H X Vs rf$7 BSI M w . Ml IB M 4S « afr S 9s 00 t ■ rfi m

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