Mountain Brook High School - Olympian Yearbook (Mountain Brook, AL)

 - Class of 1968

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...ww ' "----x--- T, Q x --Lu,-Y . . , --fa- x X , . N f- xx , - X 'X WK, X A 'NFC-171D Y X., if-X '-- "XA x V. Q' XX A, X ,N ' ' ff., X '-six-fif-Xif .Q :il 'i - ' V: -- J -9 3215 " jx A gy -' XZFZU N., f- .,, .-',,--.- ,,5:-.1 5:25 - - gf.-ff: V - , ,y :Gia 1 -2251 , ar., " 1 3415.9 x rg, if 4. . 5515 . ' 'f-.9 X V- .wiv , 'K ' 'Tiff - 4 -,yi X : , : .'.1 ,Fifi 'A ' . 5 .'f.':. '--Ig'-S. ir Q-5.-,l-:,'-gn ' '.L Y, A 114' ' . gg- q.-,N J Lira .-g,,. 'eiyx V x 1X-, 'Y JA v H .191-112,-.-' SW' :Iwi ' !w2.f'r.Q-b.-1:-JN Qfl'-?..:4-i-'1-.wily - " X 43 1 if ' ' 15? 1 X H-' .git W: Q 4 I 'QL-.T-i ye ' ' :.f.:4f-4:1 ,- ' 0 N g:l225?,:',-1?,,,1::ltg,-,.,m:':bEI'MylAJ 1 gg' f A-,ffm-.,.x:?.:2:rLg ,I Q x1 , f +14 nys:-zsaigizf,,1-sgga - .-1-1-,mgf.g.,.f-.L - , V A L gr f-Q:.1w,L1f'q2i-,' , ffzi uafi ' ' 'P"""""" 'T vu A H..Tf:' -Q ff h, :iifg-YF' VLJ2 Vxi'U'f A 1 ':g3:f.i11F:j'1gP . 'gap X wwf: . X u,f',q'- "fEii??r?'fS 7TN.,ff f5'SQxQi 1 5.41 , X-1, ' 1-: W:-fluff ,- Z, . '. ' Y .-.itggix . x X 199 3fy'3:'5f1, .3 Y 1X , K +f11f,::fS,fQ I iv X f X, I K "- '4 Lf:-' 'EJQNF' 1 ?ii:fr'.3?3:15i'Z '71 f " . fxflv-f ' P aa-f'g1f5e::"' -- -22223 'ff' 'W-' 7 wg, .,.,f1.:54w,-gd.. :gf , - 2 ,,,. XX.:- ' ""h k Qian -"' . ff1'N7!""' , . fy , xx ' xfx 3., ff -SQQ49 V Q VX 'XTXF N MOUNTAIN BROOK HIGH SCHOOL MOUNTAIN BROOK, ALABAMA 196 OLYMPIAN M A1 N BROOK ,........,..' - -if if , - ' L -ff?13g"f .niwig 1' 1 A-4... , I , - ' " gn:-' .QL A-w'fUr'5ff91lfQfIf A 'N' '. T , ' '-' , " ' 'b2fg?"'il,fil: 'W ,..,- ,rp-If ' :sg f, - L, .. - -A I ' f.-g,jQg1ggJ' ,, - Y. - 4 .. L 4- 'r I ""' Y ,- :V 'I Q ""'y ' I - . "",1. - ' - y - ' 1 7i53?Q2:jSiA ?5',35 . ' A" T' WW I, ""' Q + I ..':v -F 'V H A "T, " 1 . N , i V , I f , ,- .J -Y ,mu W- . M. I, , , . mr, ,.,, W, - A..- , --L f WGFWM EDITOR ANN MCMILLON ASSISTANT EDITOR DAN HAUGHTON SPONSOR ANN ABERNETHY STUDENT IMPRESSIONS 1 K ' r fx Q, fe 'laik -in r X S ' I' 5' Aux.- : 'x',.V JMCYT A ' x g' 'Kris' -- fc- . . - ,N ' ,-ff-N '.ff.L ,H -1" Q? .3. , 1l., .. ' :Vi-1.,-.JA- ' H- 1 ,me-,, f A -, f .:'v-,ffw 2 'fu if - gg- ig' '-. xgrxj 14, I. '-14 TC? S . bt!" - 111 fl' A '.':'-: 1 1 ' WN' 1m af ,vw , . , gs 1:-iss! Bring v f A, , if Q31 52255 'ff YEA- ' "??"'a.L 'Lx"'-l:"'- ,Q 'BGL 1 f, in ,-.Y I. x,:S,t?v.q.:V: -E ' ' .1 . '. ' . ,' H1- . - -1 w Af-mf 1. 'f pf' 1-5 X 3 .lb , ,X X.. .Q ,, ,Vg . ,' - -1. 3. , i"?'bl -I1 V '- .Fx-" 5 1 P-,K .1 - 5- r- ,-is , ' 1 .' ' 357mg ,l,f"'vf.'f""L- -W 1' .ny I4 vw 'HVUX ' JXNQ- f' f ,,f 21,-if rxh.-,Uv V f. Qgug ', ' 'x.'fi5v'px"f"i1P ff' "- '-Y ' - 1 .,,'-,4',--xy.-.1 4" .-+'1t : ',' - -xx 3.1-'1.'51"e.-' ff" -y 17 ,., t I f.r..' F - Q fe. . , :.'.'-:g,.. 535, -,W-, A X ' 7:4 1' git.: '-Q'x'--, mhfkvul if A -42-'-I-Psa 'K-,mv 4. 1 f 2- ..A ,, , ., . 1 A N, . f 2 "1i'fF:,f9f-?"v ffgf-5 V ', if-lj'-' " fv'l"',I-Q "G:'l::Qa4 Z. Q - Wg! 'xy . - '.w.!D 1 - .3 ' V -N :N , ,, I 1.1. ,fy ' , U' 510 -.-PM .wb F ' 31- H fi, 'fl , lfrf ?'u-f"'Q" 'Q eg fb .P Q fi- 'fan-S1 1:1 11? ww. . 1-,x x + , . Y . -. 14? ' 'J' 1.5 5. L-kvig .W ' ' '. f".LC,, .,, ' 1. . . ..: Tl: :' ,.' N , A-5' fuvi , , N M., 2 .1 Lf. it if in 'ml H1 1 4 . . f, . ,it - I , , . ry ' A . v'-A l N L R... N , ,V .. A K . f. . Y ,,. - -x.- A K ' ' fp 3 ' ' WK 7 .l, f . ' - . -- 3- , A f ' 1, ,gfj ' V -av' , J'I1"":5?.f,.Q11" t . . f.. . ay - . ' .1-H2453 127 , 1 S TE. w 132. .rf f N, "' 'hr-5 my -44 N Q, 'BQ -K P as r e CN! :ijt 35 ,".Q-21 ' f 7' r' , - ' MFA, Av' Q 'V -:fif ".i '-",'a.m . ,' - 1 -:Q - ,- V .G'FN' .-. .cu ,Q , , ,.. 1 . VU, Q ,Q . ,E s D. , 4. -I V . . . 4- 1 -, ': 1 'pq v,,,-.,Q,?Ngv 7 A b 41 Y! 1 f . '., M, . 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A 3 -fy x, vz.l, . I f if XX V F A fx V f Nu 1 , M '19, . wx "" s xf 'N Y! QN gf . 1 .a LEARNING STUDENT IMPRESSIONS :E 0 nussfio-fa Q ll EARLY E , ,l ACTIVITIES piidxl' I . fx, wx -f--. ' 1 ,f . fy I . A 9. f o . I., is qfwo K, P ' 'VY f f, f" ' f ,I 1, .xg p 1 X, , STUDENT IMPRESSIONS U X uhh ,cwxwv 32 'Ml , , QE N'5Y,,,,.. rv Q est. RG Pfmmsu ' ' Q7,2wEaPXnn HAW Tum: f f i."7DHew-U-Kaus IL , HQME QQ ummm vim " ' . Q1 GABDENDALE h Tuma . FAmrxs1.o HOME ' SQ W uf ,,m,a,A,ui ,W 5, NWQ v X Am Q '19 -f 1' f Q Q f . 1 dx , N! V Ig , . V X f x f K QW ai xx 4 N fi X1 ii , xl 'fa' 3 viful , Y ' M-Y Q ga , b 21,32 1 . 'r'f22QQ"f"' V , A ' ,,p. ,d ,A ' ,fx , 6 ' 1 24:5 'wi fi , ,L L?,ff',9.,'f Hn . 4, .. n- f, t ', Y E , SERVICE sw STUDENT IMPRESSIONS fd-"'-eip , XL, W., g ff-I M JI I .1 gig In a .,,K K4 - PARTICIPATION I 'V ww, FT' - STUDENT IMPRESSIONS LEADERSHIP STUDENT IMPRESSIONS , ywa Ui MATURITY , STUDENT IMPRESSIONS . . . 7" st ,A A , fb E '-we lk... ,ff "'1 we CHANGE STUDENT IMPRESSIGNS Qr 2... -E - 1?-v 3 CHANGE ff Af TABLE CF ACADEMICS 24 Ka .. 8 , ,, 4 'A 4' , W. xxhmxsj 3, . ,L J" '- f M, ,, 'Q :Z was "QW ,,,, Q' , 533- a. , fray- Mx ' -I q , I .m 14 1 Sir,-,, xc, .,f,.'1LM,, fs' way., fr, . 'www .. aw - W' .Is f- o rf-auffing 'QM . 5 ..,..:, M -W1 V ., 3 wiv.- -' my 4 If' . . s A., ,W a,,,wM, . - I I 5,1 ., ,, 4 , 446, , L54 N,"-Lf, - .aw -I ', ff -" , N I f 'FK' ' 'v'W4, M5-5' ' "f S1 P 'Q Wtsggw- Q- , - A- Q , . 4 "V" f 1:-1' fs- 1 gggix -M105 ,Q I . Ig, x' .,,,, .. 1 ,V , 1 M , U, .f .U , . ,V vi,4!A Q V . . . ' ' A f ' 4. W " V , I ' I ,Ji ': 3' QL n5.4:""5,75s ORGANIZATIONS 40 ACTIVITIES 72 -:elif gin i ty ,A R xr' CONTENTS V v i ATHLETICS 88 HONORS 120 1 ? S, ' . f, FI f' L K CLASSES 142 Q Q Y. if ' S: 1 W- ACADEMICS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF For nine years the Mountain Brook Board of Education has been under the capable leader- ship of Dr. William N. Eddins, who has watched the Mountain Brook School System grow to five schools. He graduated from Hen- derson State Teacher's College in Arkansas, re- ceived his Master's degree from the University of Alabama, and his Doctor's degree from Co- lumbia University. Dr. Eddins is helped by his able assistant, Mr. Reid. ,,. -,,. . .af-J, ,M 1 . H+: .s, .Ts I . ff! x: Q, A in Q s .5 Mr. Permutt, Mr. Vann, Mr. Hendrix, Dr. Eddins, Miss Forman. Not pictured, Dr. Marzoni W PATTERSON, HAROLD D. Auburn University, Peabody College, BS, MA, Ph.D. g Principal The student body's "personal bias" is that Dr. Patterson has proved to be the finest principal in the area. Since his arrival at Mountain Brook from Evanston Township High School in Illinois, he has used his initiative to get this school on its feet and achieve its recognition across the country. A 4 i I FITTS, DARRELL University of Alabama, BS, MAg Assistant Principal lv, Jer., , 1, A Q,,,,,,,,.,..,.v---0-4 COACH FITTS BoosTs ADMINISTRATION We know Coach Fitts as our "Double Duty" man. He conditions our athletes on the green sod, and our tardy students from his little green file. Handling both lines so well gives everyone an opportunity to ad- X mire his ability and leadership. E lg! 14? K ,, X XA X.. L., -cf COUNSELORS MOLD OUR FUTURE "May I wait?" --is always the reply we give when we are told our counselors are busy. Our problems of subject choices, college applica- tions, career and personal matters receive their interest and attention. Their advice helps us to conquer the present and face the future. -1 BYRD, DEAN H., JR. , Troy State, Auburn Counselor University, BS, MA, DAVIDSON, JAMES S. III Notre Dame University, University of Alabama, BA, MA, Counselor HARPER, JULIA STUART Vanderbilt University, BA, MA, Counselor 29 MILLS, JUDY University of Alabama BS, MAg Librarian MCFERRIN, BARBARA W. Birmingham Soudiern, BA3 Librarian 'X i Q J , C, H? ' t A avi, bi' r"""f -.T 5, xiii G1 ,"w,w, - 4 wi: , .5 xs, ,i..M,1 .V 35333 f Q. .1i1sw:,,2g, , ,1. ' 'A +" 2.zzfiakf1w' 13149133 I 6 . if -' 4z1f'..m N LUNCHROOM STAFF if dl 14 i, 3 L,.., . A fgg 11 ABERNETHY, ANN Vanderbilt, BA, English, Latin ATKINS, ELIZABETH U. of Ala. BA, Alg. Il, Analysis BAILEY, GLORIA La Grange College, BA, Alg. I, Geometry BARGANIER, BECKY Harding College, BS, Home Ec., Ala. Hist. BASS, HELEN Samford, U. of Ga. BA, MAg Art BEALE, RUTH U. of Kentucky, BA, Analysis, .Trig., Alg. II As you notice the nervous breakdown rate among teachers How did you guess I was a model? BEARD, CHARLES U. of Ala. BAQ P. E. BLAKE, ELLEN Woman's College of Ga. L. S. U., BA, MA: Al.lI ff' g BULLOCK, ELIZABETH U. of Ala., BSg Alg., Geometry COLEY, IRENE Ala. College, BAQ Amer. Hist. COLLIER, SANDRA Ala. Hlst. COLLINS, RAY As Karl Schaffer used to say . . " Samford BS. P E Samford, BAg Amer. Hist. 1r-r 1... :ls n iz' y A - -l-r f fg r Lllrz ,V X ,fn-... as , -.. .Y vi .1 - A ':f'7 '-Q , , .fi ,. :gif 3 229: ......,.nm-avail!! jg, . - , A 1r's always like this on Monday." "Any fool can see . . 1 v 1 I f- , .. ,' it s P-" "1 .W eff I ,1 ?ii,"::-'G ' iz , I S?" W I' '-'vii r, 3g"'1r ,, 1- , k.,,,f,,.k,,,qpk?y.. . 4'-wqq,,,,,,t,. t ,,,...,.- gf, ..,..,, "Gee--It tastes like chocolate!" "I put the em -PHA -sis on the wrong syl-LA -ble. " COPE, OUIDA U. of Ala., BS, Alg. I, Geometry, Calculus CREAMER, VIRGINIA Troy State, Auburn, BS, MAgA1a. Hist., Civics DAVIS, IUDITH U. of Fla. , BA, English EDWARDS, SHIRLEY Eastern Kentucky U., BSgA1g. I, Geometry Frrrs, CHARLOTTE U. ofA1a., BA, Aig. 1 FITZGIBBON, FLORENCE U. of Nebraska, BA, Latin Cluck, Cluck! ,ex A .3 1 . ' snr , ., L fQ,':2,'X f ' u Z Tw 55 IE" ,, Q, N ' ,N 58 , ,, , K 1 .. yi wifi, A-if NEI v , i , ix 'Q 1 , 5 fa r . fn y ff' 'Q li 'ua f-:MMI "All I said to her was bf' - 'wg 0 P. . . v kg A W A w f-FK-'A ' Qwku' 1, l A f , , fd' 25 Q.- fa 5 HAPNER, ROBERT Auburn, BS, Chemistry KIRK, BARBARA Birmingham-Southern, BA, English, Creative Writing LYTLE, DONALD Samford, BA, Ancient and Medieval Hist. , Ala. 1-list., Civics MABRY, HELEN Birmingham-Southern, U. of Ala., BA, MA Candidate, English, Amer. I-list., Economics MANLEY, FRANCES U. of Ala., Samford, BS, MA, Choral, Music, English MAY, DELORIS Ala. College, BA, Speech, English ', ff, 3 Us ,W A Vi! gs.. I is 5. fe 9 Q A 1 "Someday l'm going to join the Metrecal for-lunch-bunch. " "I keep waiting for a letter from the Audu bon Society." We ought to have free period more often." Mc CLURE, CAROLYN Newcomb, Birmingham Southern, BA, P. E. Mc CRORY, ANNE Auburn, BS, German, English MEDLOCK, ,TERRY Samford, U. of Ala., BA, MA, P. E. MORRIS, MOZELLE Birmingham-Southern, U. of Ala., BA, MA, English NOLES, BILLY I. Jacksonville State U. , U. ofAla., Bs, MAg Physiology, Chemistry O'RORKE, MELANIE Emory, BA, Govt. and Economics, A. P. Amer l-list. yy, my l gf. li 4 i ii -s li' "Students will henceforth have lab 3 times a day "I never thought there was this much paper- work to Home Ec. xii. "Now for a little mood music." PHELAN, CAROLYN U. of Ala., BSg P. E. REID, LILLIAN Samford, BA, MA, English ROBINETTE, DONNA U. of Ala., BS, Spanish French ROBINSON, NANCY Huntingdon, U. of Ala., BA, MA, Alg., Geometry SAWYER, FRANCES U. of Ala.. BA, French SMITH, JAMES Samford, U. of Ala.. BS, MA, PhD. Candidate, English "Is it in grams or ounces?" 5 if W. 'V' . fy' Z if gl Elf! ' .--1. s, " ,'. fx' . ' 'N ' 'E 1, as 6 ll A ,se 5. R l ,Fu .,- fr its 1- X N., J .sf-s.,'5 l"Q"- , r K 1 . U '2' R- A XTC r , A 4 1 Qty. XLQQYF Ng . at " , K N-2 Yi 1. if M . H A 52.7. 'ii' W 4? f ff ,l K I rs Q if X 51: i w x "Who said I couldn't boogaloo down Broad- way!" SMITH, MIMI KAREN U. of Ala., BA, French 41:2 SMITH, RHODA ii U. ofA1a., BS, Bioiogy, Q' S Gen. Science 'D Q, r ij i, Al STEPHENS, FREDDIE U. of Ala., BS, Physics, Biology STUART, NELL Gulf Park College, Auburn BA, BSg P, E, SYDNOR, JANE ,' 'A Mary Baldwin College, BAg English f '13 "1 keep gaining weight anyway. " yy? .aan TERREL, NANCY GENA 5 gr ' U. of New Mexico, Birmingham-Southern, BA, ji i English . il. . xii .J W1 Q "There were this many F's. " "Will you please stop pushing my chair! H ' ' an .,,,-,x, A B A E -Y 'AQ , . 1 ' ,S ff,-, iw . f Q A fin. fl , 'X at i i ,N , .xL, ,B ig H113 I -vi. J 346 , S- 'x if fi., . V 7 ,- X ,, T, M K 5 C THOMAS, MICHAEL Auburn, BS, Ind. Arts, Mech. Drawing VAUGHN. JEAN U. of Mexico, U. of Miami, Mexico City College, Samford, BA, Spanish WOODROW, GAIL U. of Ala., BS, Typing, Shorthand, Record Keeping WYATT, JAMES Vanderbilt, U. of Ala.. BA, MA, Amer. Hist., Govt. and Economics WYATT, ROBIN U. of Ala. , BA, World l-list. TEACHERS NOT PICTURED DOSTER, LEILA Columbia College, BA, English ECHOLS, FLOYD Samford, U. of Ala. BS, MA, Biology GOLDEN, NORDEAN Eastern Kentucky State U. Peabody College, U. of Ala. BS, MA, Business Ed. HILES, JUDITH U. of Michigan, Northwestern U. BA, MA, French MAY, JERRELL California West- ern U. BA, Electronics McKELVY, I. A. U. of Ala. BS, Band ROBERTS, CARL Samford, Peabody College, BS, MA, Driver Education mi .I eg2ag,s,1f":s5,W Cf "Today's the eighth day of my Ponds beauty plan S Q ., S., j. LW , ,J-1-. :Sf .i .- MW-e , Let's see what we have for today Co i if . - if ui A ,si I 1 W 6 Q .5 I Q I h ,. V ,Q I is - 4, Q ' Q .QE , A s A , 5 4 Hugo GRGANIZATIONS HONORARIES PUBLICATIONS STUDENT CLUBS TUDE T COUNCIL In only two years, the Student Council has established a fine name for itself and brought a handful of honors to Mtn. Brook. During its first year, the Council was elect ed Vice President of the Jefferson County Association of Student Councils, and appointed Publicity Chairman of the Alabama Association of Student Councils. Some of thc Student Council's other activities include the initia- tion of "Truth or Consequences" assembly and the Stu- dent-Faculty basketball game. . r , f 1 . iffifl r ,555 if SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES BILL CHENOWETH JANE GOODNER DALE ADAMS RI-IEA I-IAUGSETH PAT GOODMAN SUELLEN NIXON ED ANDERSON I. IAY AARONS AMELIE RATLIFF IOE GREEN MORRY SILVERFIELD PRESIDENT 1ST VICE PRESIDENT 2ND VICE PRESIDENT 1 is PATSY DAVIS MARY BRITTON TWINKLE DANIEL GAIL NESBITT SECRETARY TREASURER PARLIAMENTARIAN CHAPLAIN JUNIOR SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES MARY ELIZABETH PALMER COURTNEY BURGE KATHY DAVIS JULIE MCKENZIE KITTY EDWARDS BETH HAMMOND RALEIGH KENT REPRESENTATIVES NELL BURR LIZ CUNNINGHAM ALLEN JONES WENDY W ILLIAMSON BETH HOUSEAL SMITTY SMITH HATTON SMITH DREW MCMILLON FRESHMAN REPRES ENTA TIVES Not Pictured JANICE STAFF LINDSAY LEVIN E SARA AKIN WILL RATLIFF 43 SEATED: Stratton, E. Corrg Burr, V. W. Coe, L. Pappas, P. Hazelrig, B. Herren, D. Haughton, W. Williamson, M. Phillips, E. Anderson, R. Abernethy. 44 T. Heath, J. Green, Pres., R. M. Fletcher, S. Leach, E. Tate, ,'. STANDING: R. Haugseth, N. Lilley, P. Goodman, B. Houseal, A. Noble, S. Johnson, D. Nathan, I TER-CL B COUNCIL .lc 2 'Q 4, T. it 2 'AJ x eg. ,'.Yl F- -1' 4 mn, Ar ,- K .-, ,i,-3 ., 3. 'W C U' KEY CLUB ROW 1: I. Sherrill, E. Royal, P. Childs, W. Coe, M. Silverfield, J. Green, ROW 2: E, Anderson, L Fleming, C. Bagwell, 1. Fowlkes, Pres., A. Nelson, Sweetheart, S. Smith, M. Gaines, Sec., S. El- liott, V. -Pres., Mr. Stephens, Sponsor, ROW 3: H. Smith, D. McKibbon, R. Kinsey, J. Craig, B. Houseal, B. Ringland, C. Allen, W. Hudson. SP RTANETTE ROW 1: M. Phillips, P. Davis, L. Dozier, S. Haney: ROW 2: A. Morton, J. Phil- lipi, P. Thuss, M. Perrineg ROW 3: I. Beddow, I. Jackson, D. Nathan: ROW 4: S. Hays, L. Bryan, M. Fletcher. The girls lucky enough to wear the green and gold have both brains and ability. Dedicated to service, the enthusiastic members have taken on such tasks as waiting on tables for our athletes and pushing programs and making change with gloved hands to boost our football spirit. ROW 1: S. Nixon, Pres., J. Weldon, C. Abroms, M. Britton, Chap.: ROW 2: W. Wil- liamson, C. Goldstein, E. Tate, Sec., A. McMillong ROW 3: D. Kimberling, D. Ray- mond, C. Berry, Treas., K. Kartus, ROW 4: S. Finch, E. Jones, M. Terry, B. I-Ierren, Vice-Pres. NATIONAL HO OR SUCIETY SEATED: Susan Stiles, Diana Nathan, Vice-President, Ellen McFerring STANDING: Mrs. Reid, Sponsor, Harriet Jenkins, Steve Dewitt, Kathy Sharp, Lynn Weaver, Mary Britton, Ellen Tate, Becky Herren, Mindy Zarovsky, I. Jay Aarons, Cecil Berry, Beth Wise, Carol Linder, Kathy Kartus, Debbie Ludwig, Elizabeth Perry, Nanci Starnes, Pat Hardy, President, Andy Noble. sl Nba , XM ' 4' ,. i i Members serve their school in many ways. Honor Society members receive recognition. FORE SIC CLUB 4 xtwwi if-L24 5 rf gag 'M ,vi ,., 't ,MQ rv 13153. 3 rv . Q., Y Diana Nathan, Secretary Carol Bullard Mark Litzinger Kathy Day Bruce London, Treasurer Miss Nancy Terrell, Sponsor David Soloman, President John Pfrimmer Andy Noble, Parliamentarian Lynn Silverstein Charles Bretz Butch Baker, Vice President Mimi Rolls Allen Barra The SWORD 84 SHIELD, the Mountain Brook High School newspaper, comes out every other week. A separate staff publishes each issue. Publishing a high school newspaper is not as easy as it would seem. The members of the SWORD 85 SHIELD are well acquainted with spending many hours of their own time at the Shades Valley Sun newspaper office rushing to meet the deadline. There is the hurried search for something to fill the extra half a column or the feature article that was due yesterday. There is the excitement of thinking up a clever article or catching headline. The work, preparation, and worrying result in the SWORD 85 SHIELD, a source of pride for both staff and students. SWORD R 'Nm 'L EDITOR: Tommy Heath, LAYOUT EDITOR: Caroline Shackelford EDITOR: Regina Stratton SPONSOR: Mr. Lytle 0. M BUSINESS STAFF: Niesa Brateman, Mgr. g Stanley Cohen, Twinkle Daniel, Asst. Editorsg Mrs. Kirk, Sponsor. AND HIELD 3' I STAFF: A. Falchook, L. Silverstein, S. Nathan, M. Hall, J. Daniel, M, Weil, C. Goldstein, E. Tate. STAFF: R. Forney, M. Jones, M. Litzinger, N. Burr, W. Shirkey, L. Patterson, R. Glick. ,,,.Q4M' .-f-""" nf' fn X S' Q 'vfslz I GJ Y. . .i.:.1-,M -,., .. ffm ART EDITORS: Keith Fineburgg Mark Litzinger, Photographer. 2, 39 9 WRITERS: E. Jones, P. Mclntosh, E. McFerrin, A. Yeildirig, D Nathan, K. Sharp. GLY PIAN After long hours of undiluted work, the MBI-IS annual staff now presents the OLYMPIAN. Leaving school in total darkness, sitting in a room with the same five people trying to find a fitting caption for a picture, and spending an entire weekend identifying 1300 mysterious faces are all necessities for members of the staff. Coupled with the ordeals was the excitement of being a part of the first high school talent-beauty contest of its kind, the Miss Olympian Pageant, and the satisfaction of sending to the publisher the final copy of the first MBHS OLYMPIAN. The OLYMPIAN staff truly enjoyed producing this annual for your enjoyment . . . NOW ENJOY! ASSISTANT EDITOR: Dan Haughton SPONSOR: Miss Abernethy EDITOR: Ann McM illon s. ' ' , 5 5 in A PHOTOGRAPHERS: M. Linzinger, S. Good- ,F iff , -I A.-M4 N I p ,-Vs 5 ..,. U VZ, I his h I stfi ' -'rv "-' 't - 55' fi'f i A I " J rw A f A . Q E BUSINESS: M. Perrine, M. Zarovsky, Mgr., D. Aarons, R. Kent. 968 ORGANIZATIONS: D. Russakoff, P. Goodman, V. Lilley, Ed., C. Rollins, M. Phillips, D. ford . 5? xg! ' Qewxx . I C.. 51. ,K ,gf ir . yi . , ffl? I it .--f5'v- ' Q is 234311 'FG or :Qi ., K Q ff. 'N ' F T' m ny I gs df . Cf 'Q 'I LL.. I Dendy, S. Jaffe, C. Gaf- 5 ACTIVITIES A. Matthews, M. Britton, C. Berry, Ed., C. Rollins. Y? T l I M I l ACADEMICS: 1' I SPORTS: D. Aarons, M. Litzinger, Ed., R. Kent, L. Stiles, B. Herren, I. Jack- SO1'1. B. Wise, Ed., M. Zarovsky, B. Herren, E. Wetzel, M. Kitchings, V. Boyce. HONORS: I. J. Aarons, C. Abroms, M. Perrine, M. Fletcher, Ed., D. Wright M. Britton. 5 Ei 2 T3 1 in A3 3 rg 3 I at LTI ROW 1: Miss Abernethy, Sponsor, K. Meyers, J. Dumas, M. Weil, ROW 2: I. Johnson, N. Robertson, Treas., B. Houseal, Sec., E. Jones, R. Kent, Pres., N. Brateman, Mrs. Fitzgibbon. Sponsor, M. Hall, L. Sil- verstein, ROW 3: J. Griffin, H. Hudson, Chap., C. Linder, B. Dick, M. Britton, R. Forney. CLUB LATIN Il, SEATEDg C. Clark, D. Simpson, M, Litzinger, S. Goodrich, C. Fletcher, M. E. Palmer, STANDING: R. Jones, D. Haugh ton, N. Starnes, B. Marx, M. Litzinger, T. Heath, M. Hamrick, R. Bolt, C. Bullard, P. Robinson, S. Randolph. LATIN 1, ROW 1: I. Hudson, J. Walley, E. Corr, P. Heath, K. White, J. Abernathy, ROW 2: B. Shine, B, Wells, S. Roach, A. Holder, H. Strickland, ROW 3: T. Keel, J. Young, C. Weil, I. Wel- don, J. Stewart, S. Jones, ROW 4: W. Ratliff, I. Compton, J. Snider, C. Mallick, T. McGough, K. Chaney. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS "Le Cercle Francais" is one of the most active clubs at Mountain Brook. Its members are students with a recognized interest in French and have good grades. The scope of the French Club was extended as its mem- bers completed a year of accomplishments such as the initiation of "Twid Week." ,,..-4 FRENCH III and IV, SEATED: F. Parnell, C. Lewis, C. Perry, Sgt. -at-Arms, A. Bullock, A. Noble, C. Meyer, P. Hazel- rig, Vice-Pres., K. Rollings, S. Eubanks, W. Shirkey, Pres., E. Corenblum, I. J. Aarons, K. Liedholt, R. Fink, Sec., N. Adams, STANDING: M. Fowler, S. Campbell, L. Jones, I. DeLapp, L. Wier, R. Abernethy, L. Cunningham, I. G. Bed- dow, D. Hagood, D. Kimerling, E. Odum, J. Meadows, P. Davis, D. Adams, A. Morton, D. Ludwig, E. Royal, D. Scott, S. Back, E. Wetzel, E. McFerrin, S. Stiles, A. Luria, C. Sharp, D. Haughton, S. Hoffman, L. Aland, K. Sharp, B. Esrig C. Caplan, C. Shackleford, R. Gouse, C. Mullins, S. Jaffe, M. Sinclair, Miss Smith, Sponsor, N. White, N. Burr, D. Strauss, Mrs. Sawyer, Sponsor. ' x S ,fi FRENCH I and ll, ROW 1: B. Wise, P. Morgan, G. Woolverton, L. Ritchie, I. Weinstein, J. Ep- stein, S. Goldstein, J. Staff, C. A. Warren, M. Heimang ROW 2: C. Allen, S. Padawer, A, Per- ry, J. Wilson, M. Perrine, D. Dendy, K. Bryant, S. Farrell, K. Davis, I. I-lowze, V. Knapp, K. Traffton, V. Boyce, ROW 3: P. Williamston, I. A. Goldstein, L. Cobb, S. Paul, B. Scottg ROW 4: M. Cox, S. Reiss, L. Stiles, F. Tomisek, E. McClees, J. McKenzie, C. Saunders, D. Forman, C. Burge, K. Edwards, C. Berry, D. Peerson, M. Ellis, K. Harris, M. I. Stringfellow, M. K. Wil- liams, S. Sokolg ROW 5: M. Parker, D. Dillard, L. Sevier, F. Parnell, C. Perr B Macke A. Lankford. M. Monsky, L. Posey, S. Matthews, P. Stevenson, T. Stanton. y, . y, IL! .al FRENCHI and ll, ROW 1: M. Yeates, D. Cross, B. Houseal, D. Russakoff, S. I-Iopeg ROW 2: C. Harkins, L. Unger, D McKewen, M. Schultz, C. Meyer, M. Britton, D. Blair, B. Reisi-nan, E. Kanter, N. Hudson, B. Hezlip, E. Jones, P, Mclntoshg ROW 3: S. Jaffe, V. Wittichen, R. Hogan, D. Gordon, K. Fineberg, J. Goldner, M. Weil, ROW 4: S. Na- than, I. Schreibman, L. Cole, N. Stephans, D. Brown, R. Glick, C. Mapes, I. Snow, ROW 5: D. Cox, B. Mazer, S. Siegler, B. Culp, G. Miles, I. Greene, J. O'Quinn, K. Jackson, G. Snow, S. Wilson, M. E, Palmer, K. Aland, C. Chandler, M. Ringland, ROW 6: M. F. Tate, I. Copinger, R. Friedman, P, Tilly. SPANISH 'sn ,,,, . we .Yi ROW l: E. McKinnon, J. Walker, L. Sanders, L. Beck. F. Patton, L. Wood, H. Brown, S. Welch: ROW 2: L. Levy, L. Kartus, L. Cox, B. Watkins, P. Stikes, D. Westbrook, C. Dodds, ROW 3: J. Doggett, T. Friedman, C. Jaffe, C. White, M. Wright, L. Stern, J. Johnson, L. Nichols, C. Cole- man, S. Graham, J. Specs, B. Casey, E. Raymond, E. Fisher, A, Luckie, Mrs. Vaughn, Sponsor: ROW 4: D. Mason, R. Posey, K. Hall, J. Williams, L. Weil, K. Mendelsohn, B. Longshore. ROW 1: D. Montgomery, M. Wilson, M. Yeates, M. Luks, B. Crook, L. Richards, Mrs. Davis, Sponsor: ROW 2: N. Warrick, J. Seagle, C. Gilliland, E. Cohen, A. Falchook, M. Levine, N. Long, P. Hagan, J. Hagan, ROW 3: L. Barra, L. Litvine, F. Siegal, M. Damsky, B. Brown, B. Abele, T: Winkler, J. Horne, M. W. Byrd, M. Branch, S. Frew, L. Harris, ROW 4: J. Mazer J. Phillips, R. Bolt, B. Meadows, P. Montgomery, A. Hardy, A. Calloway, D. McNabb, S. Leach, J. McLeod, D. Fisher, M. Pearson: ROW 5: R. Cox, K. Turnham, B. Jacobs, R. Rosen- baum, E. McGehee, J. Ward, R. Quinn, L. Head, B. Brock, S. Axelroth, C. Beard, A. Alder- man, B. Priest. 1 , V CLUB l.. 1' K Yi., '. . Q 4 AK" L ADVANCED SPANISH, ROW l: M. Friedman, Treas., R. Haugseth, Pres., D. Bragman, Sec.. J. So kol, Vice-Pres., D. Aarons, Parl., R. Boyd, Sgt.-at-Arms, ROW 2: J. Stewart, M. Weintraub, S. Staff, T. Daniel, R. Clark, ROW 3: J. Garza, S. Berk, R. Shapiro, L. Hope, L. Bostwick, M. New- man, S. Dobbins, ROW 4: S. Lichter, R. Jaffe, B. Agrow, N. Danneman, B. Levin, R. Johanson. B. Baker, J. Barnes, Mrs. Robinett, Sponsor. ROW 1: J. Mcl-Ienry, C. Goldstein, Treas., L. Sevier, W. Williamson, Vice- Pres.g ROW 2: L. Levine, L. Patterson, J. Daniel, M. Peerson, B. Houseal, M. Dubois, ROW 3: J. Butterworth, C. Gafford, Sec., N. Robertson, P. Fry, B. Davis, P. Estes, S. Stevenson, C. Clark, S. Smith, Pres., C. Perry. HI TORY CLUBS The History Club is an active and informative club in Mountain Brook High School. Divided into three groups--Freshman-Sophomore, Junior, and Senior-- each functions as a separate History Club with its own activities and projects. The programs range from pro- vocative debates and lectures to noisy discussions on current events. Last year the History Club established a slave auction as its traditional booth for Spartan Day. 1- ROW 1: P. Hazelrig, Sec., A. Noble, Vice-Pres., R. Rosenbaum, S. Cohen, S. Lichter, B. Baker, A. McMillong ROW 2: R. Stratton, Treas., H. Jenkins, D. Dencly, M. Litzinger, L. Buchanan, S. McLallan, A. Morton, A. Morton, D. Nathan. R. Haugseth, ROW 3: I. I. Aarons, Pres., L. Wilson, B. I-lutner, B. Tilly, L. Weaver, Sgt.-at-Arms, M. Zarovsky, R. Schultz, K. Sharp, J. Wilson, J. Goodner, B. Herren, P. Davis, C. Linder, ROW 5: J. Stewart, M. Alexander, K. Kartus, H. Curry, D. Dailey, K. Munger, A. Nelson, T. Taylor, K. Wilson, W. Shirkey, M. Perrineg ROW 5: P. Bennett, E. Per ry, D. Raymond, S. Finch, C. Huck, E. Jacobs, J. Cypress, D. Kimerling, S. Staff, ROW 6: S. Walker, B. Morton, D. Hagood, R. Abernethy, P. Farlow, E. Odum, J. McQueen, E. Gibson, D. Adams, V. Lilley, D. Haughtong ROW 7: G. Brengleman, B. Hudgins, P. Goodman, I. G. Beddow, R. Shapiro, L. Aland, A. Luria, D. Moore, ROW 8: C. Burton, T. Reid, M. Britton, P. Thuss, C. Berry, D. Bragman, C. Greenberg. UNIOR ROW 1: D, Westbrook, M. F. Thomas, I. Jackson, L. Cunningham, C. Beard, J. Howze, L. Thorn, M. Wilson, S. Dobbins, C. Dodds, P. Montgomeryg ROW 2: M. Weintraub, N. Adams S. Saunders, S. Matthews, C. Pittman, B. Abele, A. Lankford, A. Hardy, A. Johnson, C. Cap lan, M. Penick, J. Meadows, ROW 3: A. Cole, T. Curry, S. Hayes, K. Fineberg, M. Frank- stone, R. Hard, J. Mills, N. White, B. Mackey, D. Peerson, N. Burr, S. Jaffe, B. Lang, I. Weinstein, L. Wier, S. Back, C. Bullard, E. Corenblum, C. Ferguson, K. Leidholt, F. Siegal, T. Gustafson, D. Aarons, N. Long, B. Moor, S. Welch. FRESH N- OPHO ORE 1 LYING: D. Martin, D. Alexander, J. Rudolph, B. Miller, ROW 1: L. Stiles, M. Heiman, I. Staff, K. Held, M. Yeates, T. Stanton, M. Yeates, A. Parker, S. Kartus, T. Friedman, ROW 2: D. Schreiber, L. Kartus, M. Hall, S. Paul, G. Howze, J. Cotton, C. Jaffe, M. Le- vine, F. Baum, L. Silverstein, J. Epstein, M. Monsky, E. McKinnon, K. Burns, S. Barron, G. Clark, A. Cohn, ROW 3: A. Beck, P. Heath, C. Raleigh, P. Rogoff, L. Posey, S. Sokol, B. Cotton, C. Cotton, C. Aland, S. Goldstein, L. Levine, F. Becker, C. Perry, I. Fleming, L. Richards, B. Massey, M. Parker, K. Harris, L. Salmon, E. Burnett, H. Walthall, ROW 4: C. Phillips, T. Maggiore, J. Bellinger, G. Golden, L. Weil, L. Ritchie, A. Perry, H. Hawkins, B. Mazer, N. Logan, M. Drennen, L. Beck, M. E. Tiller, P. Stephenson. ' wi 3 I . . r ROW 1: B. Reisman, R. Andrews, C. Stewart, D. Schaffer, C. Weil, T. Wilson, I. Greene. M. Ring- land, G. Brummett, ROW 2: I. Specs, J. Thompson, B. Priest, ROW 3: E. Royal, B. Marks, P. Foran, C. Lewis, A. Yielding, I. Winnette, S. Jones, C. Cooper, R. Forney, D. Russakoff, L. Lark- in, ROW 4: B. Tilly, L. Weaver, M. Silverfield, C. Mullins, N. Brateman, L. Raffel, S. Ritchie, M. Chenoweth, J. Aland, ROW 5: L. Cobb, R. Waters, T. Brown ROW 6: B. Agrow, B. Hunter, R. McDonald, M. Pevear, A. Levin, S. Seigler, J. Schreibman, M. Schultz, S. Nathan. B. Scottg ROW 7: M. Weil, C. Meyer, B. London, C. Hasty. SEATED: P. Childs, Sec.- Treas., W. Coe, Vice-Pres., B. Chenoweth, Pres., M. Litzingerg KNEELING: M. Brown, J. Williams, C. Davis S. Stiles, R. I-Iaugseth, R. Shapiro, B. Herren, J. Ram- say, H. Brown, BACK: D. McCarn, T. Conoway, Mr. Noles, Sponsor, G. Grayson, B. Levin, P. Devore, B. Morgan, B. Barclift, E. Tate, G. Gordon, I. Pfrimmer, I. Lanier, T. Daniel, D. Solo- man, S. Cohen, R. Johan- son, J. Washington, B. Es- rig, Mr. Stephens, Sponsor, T. Reid, K. Rollings, D. Ludwig, J. Garza, S. Berk, Mr. Hapner, Sponsor, T. Taylor, J. Mills, I. Good- ner, B. Morton. I -1 ' Y .5 is. ,i , 4, -- f - 1' 1' l.Qf A f s z "It's not that I mind cleaning up some- one's ink washg it's what it does to their character . . M, .,.., .,.,. ,, ,V iii , xo .. . RT CLU The Art Club attracts the most outstanding, unusual, and entertaining group of people imaginable. What other club could boast of having The Department, Miss Olympian '68, Phyllis Diller, Carol "Miss Krispy Kreme" Huck, Carlota, Mari Juana, Ronald McDonald and his flying hamburger, and that unquestionably terrific pain--the Old Man and The Donkey. And what other club endorses flower power Cpaper, that isj, and The Mothers of the Confederacy? None but us! X. ,+R i f ,f .4 may 4 ' 'ff -i , ROW l: L. McCary, G. Pugh, D. Wright, M. Phillips, 2nd Vice- Pres., L. A. Schulerg ROW 2: L. Bryan, L. Powers, L. A. Russell, C. Huck, Treas., L. Thompson, P. Goodman, Sec., J. Cosper, M. Branch, K. Munger, S. McLallan, PSFL: ROW 3: P. Fry, G. Gold- berg, D. Norris, M. Brewer, Miss Bass, Sponsor, A. Monahan, P. Morgang ROW 4: J. Butterworth, C. Gafford, Pres., V. Lilley, lst Vice-Pres., R. McDonald. 6I GLEE CLUB ROW l: M. Mason, D. Hagood, E. McFerrin, P. Hazelrigg ROW 2: Mrs. Manley, K. Day, M. Rolls, B. Massey, C. Fie- vet, H. Silsbee, N. Starnes, D. Crow, C. Lewis, B. Shackelfordg ROW 3: M. Jones, K. Frost, L, Harris, R, Gouse, M, Litzinger, M. Riley, C. Shackelford, C. Ferguson, J. Stewart, H. Hightower, A. Bagby, P. Farlow, J. Butterworth, C. Robinsong ROW 4: D. Dencly, H. Jenkins, M. Fletcher, G. Snow, R. Jones, D. Scott, W. Holley, J. McClure, R. Peter- son, C. Gilliland, N. Warrick, D. Brown, E. Tate, M. E. Palmer. K ,g., x M , f 'nh Wg THE PIANS 5 . 'iii STANDING: D. Scott, Pres., W. Shirkey, R. Goldsby, D. Simpson, K. Trafton, A. Monaghan, L. Allen, L. Thompson, E. McFerrin, Sec., N. Starnes, M. Fletcher, C. Sharp, Miss May, Sponsor, ON LADDER: M. Branch V. Lilley, V. Pres., D. Haughton, Treas., D. Thompson. APPRENTICE Tl-IESPIANS: ROW lg C. Edwards, J, Good- ner, L. Barra, L. Nagrodzki, L. McCary, S. Hilleyg ROW 2: S. Beck, K. Turnham, A. Calloway, I. Spenser, L. Cox, E. Wetzelg ROW 3: L. Stern, P. Bull, I. Phillips, M. Byrd, R. Mendelsohn. 63 FUT RE BUSI SS LE DER OF AMERICA IF? i 455' ROW l: H. Silsbee, C. Fievet, P. Dick, L. McFarland, A. Bullock, L. Cook, S. Leach: ROW 2: E. Odum, A. Alderman, J. Dick, L. Robinson, C. Faulknerg ROW 3: K. Watkins, D. McQueen, N. Rast, H. Curry, D. Dailey, C. Strange, S. Fitts, M. Sinclair, R. Gouse, S. Whatley, D. Anderson, A. Stephanson, C. Garner, T. Wood, Mrs. Woodrow, Sponsor, ROW 4: R. Waters, T. Kappel, S. Wilson, M. Weaver, P. Mills, M. Coggin, N. Brungart, L. Thompson, C. Foster, A. Crooks, F. Pager, R. Russell, C. Cox, R. Bradshaw, D. Withers. I STRIAL RTS CL BOTTOM: L. DeMarco, B. Burgess, C. Allen, S. Bos- well, P. Chism, I. Gaskin, S. Cain, V. Chaplin, C. Beck, S. Kontos, B. Mack- ey, Mr. Thomas, Sponsor, H. Jackson, J. Gordon, L. Barasch, B. Chenoweth, M. Smith, G. Brabston, R. Poole, J. Lanier, L. Levine, C. Eddins, M. Brown, C. Eddins, G. Brengleman, I. Wallace, B. Cone, B. Smith B. Poole, B. Wingog SCAF- FOLD: P. Cox, S. Dewitt, J. Mills, J. Starnes, B. East, D. Lawson, J. Sandefer, H. Adams, C. Harvell, R. Hard N. Davis, I. Dawkins, I. Goodner, J. McGowan, S. Walker. J. Kirkland. LETTER CLU v i J i f . . M .Q , swf?.-gm 1 :al , is ,Q . fy-V J' ., fm! ,.,., 1 ....,-.Qu.w..., vi L, wmv. Q 2. ROW 1: C. Hasty, L. Cobb, H. Brown D. McKibbon, J. Sherrill, Sec. -Treas. P. Hardy, Pres., D. McMi1lon, Vice- Pres., B. McClure, P. Childs, B. Cole man, ROW 2: C. Bagwell. I. Fowlkes B. Yielding, R. Jaffe, B. Mackey, S. Elliot, R. Hard, S. Walker, T. Cono- way, I. Pfrimmer, B. Tipper, F. Dor- rahg STANDING: Coach Fitts, Spon- sor, F. Patton, F. Parnell, E. Miller, H. Smith, L. Benton, B. Nelson, L. Wood, M. Stein, C. Howard, R. Kin- sey, J. Washington, L. Pappas, C. Howard, T. Curry, T. Tucker, B. Houseal, B. Moore, P. Bennett, I. Davis, C. Tayloe, C, Allen, GOAL POSTS: J. McCullogh, 1. Craig, M. Gaines, P. Pappas. SPARTAN is , 5 V- - aff 1+ Vg, 6, if 1 x .1 . if w . ,. ' .Qf , I ' ,V-A Y , I , 1 L 1 2' ,- Q X Af. Y 1 L F 66 CHEERLE DERS Liz Cunningham, Allison Lankford, Susan Fuller, Lynn Buchanan, Hurley Silsbee, Rhea Haugseth, Captain, Ann Nelson, Hill Curry, Dale Adams, Diane Dailey, Debbie Crow, Miss Stuart, Sponsor. ,f,xi.i.ia.Q-- Q .......,-,. W I ...,.l:!!l THE DORIA - MT . , ,-, 6 ROW 1: S. Goldstein, B. Washington, B. Shackieford, J. A. Goldstein, M. Drennen, S. Nixon, Captain, L. Mc Cary, V. Means, A. Morton, D. Hagood, D. Phillipsg ROW 2: S. Berk, M. Penrick, D. Harrington. I-I. Jenkins L. Moore, J. Wilson, C. Plylar, M. W. Byrd, L. A. Russell, R. Goldsby, S. Frew, M. Hamrick, G. Pugh, D, Stubbs, A. Johnson, C. Jaffe. BRGOICS DRILL TEAM I .K MOU TAIN BROOK BAN The Mountain Brook High School Band has been EIC' mendously successful since its formation in 1966. Not only did the band play at all home games, but they also journeyed to Selma and Tuscaloosa for games. The band played for pep rallies and other school pro- grams and participated in the Birmingham Christmas Parade. MO A-iN B-1'-icwclk HIGH SCHOOL gg ROW l: Candy Hamilton, Richard Jones, June Garza, Elizabeth Schneider, ROW 2, Robert Scott, Debbie Ludwig, David Lewis, Kathy Johnson, Marilyn Owens, ROW 3: Quarter Eye, John England, Mary Elizabeth Palmer, Sheralee Echols, Carol Jane Ott, ROW 4, Alex Nuckols, Saunders Jones, Jim Lester, Roy Kesmodel, Pam Bull, ROW 5: Dan Lowe, Craig Mallick, Donald Dillard, Robert Andrews, Art Patterson, ROW 6, Wayne Dewitt, Byram Poole, Steve Dewitt, David Nelson, Steve Johnson, ROW 7, Joe Sandner, Bill Green, John McClure, Charles White, Randy Hunter, ROW 8: Mike Fowler, Tom Chiles, Robert Peterson. 1' V l.'K fa- Km DRUM MAJOR RICK JONES MAJORETTES CANDY HAMILTON JUNE GARZA ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER ga illlllli SEMI!! ,ilillli ,, 4 as ll l 1 1 1 7 - ' i , V V ff:-f'. V , -mir-EM Y 4f ' Q .1-,R ,xy ki ACTIVITIES DAILY LIFE I FULL ni: 5 . Y "Yes, I took that charm course." VHN MIN BROOK 'uv "2 + 2 I what?" WEVQ Grace unlimited "1 hear a TWAIN coming!" His group has 23070 fewer cavities .J --:kv K. -. uma. OLYMPIAN STAFF PRESENTS Scott stars as Dr. P. Redneck Bretz crowns Congolia. wil' Two new cheerleaders make their appearance. Backstage at the Olympian Skit. "And it holds you in like firm young muscles." ASSEMBLIES A D AWARD K?Wr"5 . s 'Q 1 JV' i ' fi . Sig aw' +"'!Qlasg3 Seniors' Most Athletic receives his award "Yes I am." i "We Be1ieves!" X The Raiders ride again Enthusiasm ran high at the "Who's Who" dance E ERYO EH RTI 4 hnhn f X A tt N ' 4: if . ,n V' 2 'Q . ,ih 4 ., 3 ,..'- .5 'j '- 5 ii. ,fi L- 1 - - gr ' V cw- says-gee: Big turnout for the Spartans' first home game. Practice makes perfect. if Successful catch . . . but "Hey . . . what happened?" watch out, Jeff. Davis is downed as Hardy looks on. K 5 p -fav 1,5 L'-. A Keep those knees straight, point those toes. f :ff 7 41 Cllr- ---- F- --W - Allen and her efficient escorts. FOOTB LL EAS NA M N. BROOK if , ' - N., , . is Hardy carries as Oak Grove makes a final attempt. Go, Spartans, go! ! ! 3 Wx V3 S "Now where did my date go?" what Another successful Spartan block. fn r e 'ffl Jaffee's up for a better view. Fairfield downed by Mtn. Brook Spartans. ST DE TS FACE CONSEQ NCES I F, , Beulah looks on with interest. Joe gets his pie . . . H f2C'6 full- "StraWb6rYy'S my faV0FilC- H "How would you like to hold hands with a porcupine?" "We could build a nice little nest together. " Peanut-butter lovers unite! ASSEMBLIE A D DAILY ACTI ITIES 1, 7, MT' . . 'LV' "' f' V L V :P Q e ' 5 . , .. , ,. F , ' v I, it t v J i . N , , "I will not chew gum, I will not chew . . . " Al10thef PCP muy? "Footbal1's such a thrilling game. " M vw 7 r "You've got a date with who?" si m I Ili I , f ing... "Well, the pain starts here . . . " PAGEANT AND ASE A 'I f"w 1 2' x f f VV S4 , ijfv 1 ffl, m N f ' " F f, ' Y fx A- 7 F-45: , . A 3 I 1 DANCE ANNO UNCE BEAUTIES I ' 7 A A YEAR OF 1 , ix V ' 1 ' - r N X 'Y " , wwf ' 1 C iff! X -Q Fa N SFQQQ3 f x kk" Fgnqip, ! lf? And a Happy Metaphysical New Year. fm' 5' ,pa nut -..-eu a ' ..,.K-v"""" Bouncing "Bear" Bullock botches the ball - as usual. SPIRITED CONTESTS 1 k N--V., . ffm w K.,,,,.,,:w f"'w.Ad-JJ rg- W.-f' 31 ? ' , K if 3 Q f A U. r 'f N, mf'-'f'f1 ful? . . 1 . fa' Vary: . A 1 M , I ,, f ,, 111-Aw 31008 "N, ,W 51 K -.NW- The Eager Eight "What's after 9,999, 999 UQ?" fn. ,,.v - ,.-: ig? K my , ., M A W h -,Mh- N am ff ' my ,k4AV 2 M. L,? WNQ, 5',pggQy- . . A,, i I 4A ,,.,,, ,. A, A: .., Y 'f"Q ff ' A"?"' i ,L .,b.VA M 'T ,.', , I: A sf 1 j, f ,,,,. 4 ., K .ritz Q r sg, ,A , .N Q . z K t. . Wd Q I-, . ,,!, Wg Q A la. 1 A.A. ,J ' 51 'ff - ' ,- "A1right Mills . . . Spike it!" PARTANYNORLD iHAShLNNY FACES "A still of my very own." ln.- 1 f f "Sure he's got a headache " ,v 91 wx "The thrill of it all. " "No, Iwon't have my picture in there 28 times. " 'NRG l Q Q N 2 4-iii.-has l 'Q :I Jw Q , 6 q '4 5 5 -. ' -' , 1 s- : :- t 3 , :L 1 'Ei - W- . i i . if S 4 " 'f 5. 3 Wi Iii gl I X, ,JA X LQ 4 ' . . " .ef - ., 2,255 ' gy fm ,Q ,- g..:, w i 4 ' j , ' 1. ix! 1 'f .W iff 5 5 K1 Mary had a little what?" I "Mamma Mia" I 5 ...I -h ' l "Who me?" '53, 41, il F4 hh.h , 3 'wx X ww xl , 7 r "Catch it before it multiplies. " Bw .Ii i il "Look at that creep taking pictures. Wy., ww Q M vw- 25 -.,....M,.. ,H , W' ff - ,,..-aw.-wf.1W,.g -... . W' -...MN ,. .. ,V,, .,,,, K, A M.-ww Wy. W-M M, , ,..,,..,.,,.,..,,...,fM ,L...,A, "" ' -4 -uw ,, ,:,wm1 .5 k,,. es: vp Av-' mwpcaonpwe. ,.-. .,k.4.4-.-...qcwqn QW Wnwww. .., '-b 3 1 3 . ,,,,. A, W in ,w 1' wx, W7-u,w,fw?4v-28 , H R - A W f, , , W -S, Q ' ff , iff., 'lr - '-TWQN3 ,'m.,,fQ .S - V ' j . , -, rivflwvfs' K f ,, W , 1 Y , F Jw, Muff' W7'?M ' J ff? 2'W55i'a4P ' ..'L Q, y , ,le31'4f?, ' aw,wgAJ" ,Ly J ? . ' 1, ' 'Wz2Sf49P,x1- x " ' .. z q f xv kb t 1, ,fy 5 ' b , ' -1 ,1 fp. wh,-,, - K ,, ,wi .4 . 14-fu ,vga " , ' R Y M 5 , .f,w,,, ,. , L V , .A 4, I F 'A f ,f ' f A A A fE1is1Cl' X g3,3i.' A L . , 4 "M 'V MVJQM, ' " fi gfm Q . f.. wy ff f ffi 4 Q Nm Vaffgw 53544, M R, . my an ' .-I .:' My MN 32,15 4 4 ' f W M QQ A fxyfifva i 1 ,I . 1 . ATHLETICS SPARTANS E D SECOND vylfv Q! .A ,- r'i:,f3"5.s,?i4'ffQ,.ff?ff M- 4. ,L e-. is rf, 1 fzrivit. 2 .M ,i ...Q '1f'i1J'fT.. VCV? ' 1 X' f,ff'.:,-s,1'Q.Af1:,,, :Q - ".:alw,- 5 M. - y-., 'U'-'sf fl. .sfgyniw-is , .. S 4 1. Q ,s ,fu 2 f?fwf,i ,J 4 H 5.-'Ang shxpyufgg.. Y r ' " f -Q'-.9 -M., i B-, ma - P-J 1134524 'Wg A-'qw' rr ag,- ' .f ' .W .w,,--in af ' 1 ' we ll -i.',,",Q"'s swf 4 ..,,.,,., Q aixw . . . . si fi" ' ?"9x4." Qu-1 . . P ,gifsf . Q9 fy .. , ,fwpw f.Tfgf,,,,3m ,5 , Q, .wi , -,si .f. - g , , f, . ,,, Q .l , , r . 'x - . V .., . .,,,' ,V ,U , Kip.. xg N, , A . r !"fl -- ,JLQV , vu A .yr-42-gs.:-12' , - . ,- ww 1.--1, s'q.," ., -.rf wx fa - N - . w . 'f rx + , -e ,A 3 Rx V a - . . , , Q! . f ' 'R K 'H ,if W ,vi 1.-'L' N, 1. ff . ',,,vs'.,.1,.. we .,. .- ,re '1:,gy:1-'S4:wM,,f . ' slim? 'UT ,, L, . M 1 w"'4l"Q ." - T J'-' 4 ,Q 'f 1' , 'ix " sf Y 'in , If, 'ryflf 'fn' ' 1'f,fA ' V eg .Q'?vN'YW,mf14V,541XaXx.f.i3 35' LB- -s ROW 1: V. Chaplin, J. Davis, P. Childs, T. Riley, I. Hall, L. Wood, M. Chandler, M. Brown, J. McMahan, D. Mc- Millon, ROW 2: I. McClure, M. Stein, F. Patton, R. Kenzie, C. Bagwell, J. Craig, B. Yielding, M. Gaines, S. El- liott, P. Pappas, E. Miller, J. Washington, ROW 3: J. Fitts, R. Beatty, C. Eddins, M. Hurst, L. Benton, C. Hasty, B McClure, B. Hartsfield, D. McKibbon, J. Pfrimmer, I. Lacefield, S, Faulkner, Coach Pitts, ROW 4: F. Parnell, C. Tayloe, I. Sherrill, R. Brown, C. Moore, P. Hardy, A. Jones, B. Houseal, J. McCullough, T. Conway, R. McDaniels, L. Cobb. L. Stern. SEASGN 7-3 SYLACAUGA It was a long ride to Sylacauga, but well worth it. This first season's game was highlighted by the two touchdown passes by Hardy to Moore. The Spartans clinched this victory from Sylacauga by a score of fourteen to nothing, and with the score in our favor, the ride home didn't seem quite so long. TUSCALOOSA COUNTY Defying the accusation of beginner's luck, we kept our winning streak alive with a 20-7 victory over Tuscaloosa County. The Spartans controlled the game in the first half with Tayloe making the only first half score. El- liott and -Davis followed through in the second half with a touchdown each. McCullough kicked the PAT's and closed out the scoring. Davis carries against Sylacauga Davis, Bagwell and Craig defending against Tuscaloosa County. -'-sf' KHHJCARROLL The Spartans chalked up victory number three as they rolled past John Carroll 26-19. The ground attack with Elliott and Davis took its toll on the Cavalier defense. After Elliott, blasting across for the first score, Moore followed suit with a second touchdown, putting Mtn. Brook ahead l4-l3 at the half. In the second half Hardy limbered up his arm to connect with Houseal. This combination netted two more touchdowns, giving the Spartans a deciding edge over Carroll, The final seconds ticked away as the stout defense, led by Mc- Cullough, McKibbon, and Yeilding, held the Cavs. BERRY An enthusiastic team, backed by spirited fans, made the trip to Berry with hopes of victory over our neighbor ing rival. The Bucs, however, were not ready to be overcome by our persistent Spartan line. Berry scored four times, making the final score 28-0. Disappointed in our defeat, we looked forward to overwhelming vic- tories in the games to come. Offensive team against John Carroll. Cliff Moore runs through against Berry. Hardy throws to Patton, Tayloe blocks against Berry. '?3f-Jfasvf --ga, t'-1' "' ' 1 ' A . - 1 K W if BRADSHAW Au exciting game of football made the long trip to Florence worth it for all Spartan fans. Bradshaw scored in the first quarter, taking a 6-0 lead. An interception by Moore began our '76-yard drive, end- ing with Davis blasting across to score. Late in the third quarter McCullough slipped through and stole the ball from the Bruins. setting up another Spartan score by Tayloe. After another interception by Wood, who ran for the touchdown, and an extra point by Davis, the score put Mtn. Brook ahead 20-6. The Bruins crept it up to 20-20, but Elliott caine back to make the final score 27-20. i A. G. PARRISH Although the victory went to A. G. Parrish High School of Selma, the Mountain Brook Spartans made a valiant showing in the fifth game of the season. The skill of the Spartans was especially seen in a sixty yard punt return by Moore, a typical display of Spartan strength. The final score, however. was 7-0 in favor of Parrish. , , , .. ,, If -,' -ao. N , Childs carries against Oak Grove as Cobb, Pappas, Sherrill, and Hasty block. Houseal makes a successful catch against Cliff Moore makes it all alone against Oak Hewitt-Trussvillc. GFOVS. X ,wi 7 za:-f Sew QV! la f ,L i fff ic' HEWITT-TRUSSVILLE Watched by over 3, OOO, Mtn. Brook dedicated its new stadium with a smashing 28-7 victory over Hewitt-Trussvi11e's Huskies. Fuliback El-liott, the ganie's leading rnsher, made the first and last scorcs. The Spartans' other two scores came in a span of 36 seconds on Hardy's passes to Moore and Craig. The PAT's were scored by Craig, on passes from Yeilding, and by McCullough and Davis with kicks. OAK GROVE Things looked good for the Spartans in onr second home game, against Oak Grove. After five niinntes of play, with the score 14-0, it was ohvions that we were ahead for good. Every player got his night to shine, and the team made seven touchdowns before the game was over. The tired hut happy Spartans trinniphantiy retired to the locker room with a 5-2 season so far. Davis carried against Hewitt-Trussvilie. Sophomores and Juniors play against Oak Grove. GARDENDALE In the dying seconds of a wet and numb cold game, Mtn. Brook showed its r'eal Spartan spunk. It gal- loped '75 yards behind Hardy to clip Gardendale 19-14. In the second period Tayloe raced 52 yards for a touchdown. In the fourth, Moore plunged one yard, and Hardy, in 8 plays, scrambled 67 yards for the winning touchdown with 30 seconds to go. The evening ended warmly for the Spartan fans. FAIRFIELD Fairfield, with a fumble-hungry defense, eeked out a victory over Mtn. Brook, 13-7, in the last game of the season. Ball control and a very stingy defense caused the loss, even with key interceptions by Moore, Yeilding, and Sherrill. The lone score evolved after Moore's interception. This set up I-lardy's 43 yard toss to Moore, after which Hardy sneaked over from 4 yards out. This final game left Mtn. Brook with a 7-3 record. I y I Moore pulled down by Fairfield as Bagwell blocks. Davis carries while McKibbon and Beatty block. he- ag--.S -, ' ' I a I ' ' F frifir . Q .. ' 121 ' , A ' Q W. .1 , un, , , . 3, ' ' .. P! K I. " . 'I' 5 ' at ' W, -t 'Y' est ' - ' W -. wf .NK W ...J . .sf --I I - . t k Ikifgbvk 2, QLr-.f?- r I 'wa - xx rw, tw,-rx sf -if -.X g, f v Q are ff fn..- --tc - f , ' , ,A I- f 'M ax"- T? 1 it--....'f""'t - . -a.,s- M '?"X.-..1l"g- ' ,giffawftfwfifl -..f. X 7'f"uf New fx 32" deg .t.fx,.as we ,aawe-I Tayloe carries against Fairfield. Tayloe in trouble against Fairfield. iff .- .. um K ROW 1: R. Mason, E. Burg, J. Rudolph, J. Porrerfield, C. Johnson, B. Shine, ROW 2: J. Green, S. Davis, K. Kirk, D. Cox, D. Lawson, G. Arello, J. Bernheimg ROW 3: S. Brown, R. Lloyd, C. Stuart, T. Dixon, I. Marks, C. Weil, R. Poole, ROW 4: I. Lester, S. Hahn, S. Still, G. Gray, D. Pitrmann, I. McCary, C. Conaway. o 'iffglsf 7 A my-i .. SYLAOAUGA o TUSCALOOSA 7 JOHN CARROLL 19 BERRY 28 A G RARRISH 7 BRADSHAW 20 HEWITT- TRUSSVILLE 7 5 S'lli OAK GROVE 12 GARDENDALE 14 N... FAIRFIELD 13 in.. x2 MTN BROOK 14 20 26 0 O 27 28 48 19 '7 97 xi K .m1R3N,,k: :mr 5. K' f??W1'ii,,. bu, a tv :1 za ml 15:4 , ...fa if fx E z. e W, .N-. ,-f'1 52,2 8 1. .. L, .KJ Y fa? 41' i i ES Q ,gg Mg . ,., ,,,, 2W"'W I1 W A ,,1:t1,e! , H ' 1 -f-: 1--fi ' ifjrzw LA-- 21512. 1 . A-1, f X , Q53 f , Eff?-'f " " v,., . Q M NQ'Q f- fdw f wmni fa John " l i - , :umm 11:1i:.aM i . . 'I li..-I A . NM? ,C-J A K' 'A Q , FJ, :N Vrigwwlpgif ff? E 2 f JW' L i 9. .,., . ,WH ., f.N-,.N,.. -:gm - wi fQgwQc,gg.q, :LN is W Q-.T Q K. 'S-35 , ' , RQ, xx -' 4, .q., A HJ , loo 12111 , 1: I w V 'GL 2. .WE K P im QS,,.,. . .,.. -W W Wim 5' Md.,, l0l How could any team with four returning starters and an ace sophomore forward named Christmas be expected to do anything but great? The Spartans held a winning first season behind them and looked forward to placing Mountain Brook as one of the best teams in the state. Senior forward, Pat Hardy, continued his high scoring record joined by sophomore Charlie Christ- mas. This combination made the season all the more promising and strengthened an already power- ful team. Center, John Dumas, advanced the Spartan iefense with rebounding power and added his share of points to the scores. Team captain, Cliff Bagwell, led the Spartans, and his skillfull ball control combined with Hatton Smith's talent for stealing the ball to carry Mountain Brook to early victories. Jeff Fowlkes, Bill Mackey, Ronnie Little and John Mci-lenry provided the Spartans alert assistance as an alive second team. The guidance and coach- ing skill of Coach Carl Roberts led the team on throughout the season. The "off and on" factor of the game, the strong competition found in our opponents, and the abilities of our team intensified the enthusiasm of the Mtn. Brook fans as the 1968 season continued and ended in victory for the Spartans. B. B. COMER BERRY ERWIN GARDENDALE JOHN CARROLL 1968 SEASON MINOR RAMSAY SHADES VALLEY WEST END WO ODLAWN lf ' LL O,A O ,Q -2553 A SSLO , ,. I "BAT f',- ' P -' ' 1 vt an-...,.:7QL., V ,. wwf . 1 . nfl ' ,N-K4wQ,.,W .A W7 , .,,. . -21. , xy. 31 , E KYR- Vw w, .-xnmfkk - 1 ,.,:1 f. , .,,..z.. COACH ROBERTS B-TEAM A D FRE HMA TEAM B-TEAM ROW 1: Pat Smith, Norman Meullen, Dickie Owens, Jay Mazer, ROW 2: Walter Wood, Eddie Miller, Charlie Israel, Randy Brown, Billy Mills. FRESHMEN ROW 1: Bri Robertson, Tim Heely, Roger Lloyd, Charlie Conaway, Billy Culp, ROW 2: Steve Davis, John Carter, Chuck Magill, Ben Hahn, Gene Gray, Billy Longshore. WRESTL . , . 'RQ lfliii? 'Q-i:.e5,g,. r nl 4 - 4 x . . ROW 1: G. Price, T. Gustafson, B. Moore, E. Gibson, J. Gaskin, M. Haiworth, T. Tucker, H. Brown, J. Ander- son, R. Posey, ROW 2: P. Pappas, L. Pappas, D. Thornbury, H. Threadcrafr, M. Brown, G. Litzinger, C. Funder- berg, J. McQueen, H. Kerns, S. Elliot, B. McClure, STANDING: Coach Wellingham. 'P' -"""'! ,,-.... - ,,., A any-on L I if ' t I-A' msn-, W-or we .- .'d6s,' ,Z W V, , 1 an ,,,,.,, , , 'X i i "9 'r 'sv ' F7 is l , .. ., , I,,y.3,w,: i,WY 1? V b oi Q , V .,.,, ,, , Y ,QA in i'sr ' as fl.. - 53,2 , ,wrt T N r f ,- 1 . - fm-. f ' K far: TEAM l it t ' 5, .',. aa... ,.... ,,,,,,,.,:r Anclerson'sGui11otir1e Moore downso onent PP 2? ft Battle of the Bears A little more boys, I can still see daylight. "Hey Coach . . . Now what?" "So what if the Drill Team's practicing , in the gym!" Leapfrog? If Qty ,y ups! It takes the worry out of being close. V Three heads are better than one. man Hey, Ref, this is no time for push- The joliy white giant I Z' The angry Greek attacks again! 'ar Rf? SSS, .- h h 4 1968 SEASON BESSEMER GADSDEN BANKS SYDNEY LANIER TARRANT SHADES VALLEY MACADORY E. B. ERWIN BERRY FAIRFIELD BENJAMIN RUSSELL HEWITT-TRUSSVILLE - "' T T... M- , ,R R ,I .-F fs-'Q N ,f-- 7 ' 1 5.-- 53 L , saw, ' F' hr 53" ' ffgfig R, S' - The sweet smell of victory. 5 4. . . . and .he crawls on his belly like a rep TRACK .l ROW 1: R. McKay, C. Johnson, D. Word, J. Ward, J. Hap per, M. Chandler, H. Terrell, C. Weil, ROW 2: R. Greer, S. Still, R. Poole, J. Ramsey, G. Brummett, L. Wood, J. Lacefield, M. Stuart, B. Chenoweth, M. Stein, B. Bowrong ROW 3: S. Brown, M. McDavid, M. McCullough, J. Porter field, J. Skinner, C. Allen, C. Tayloe, J. Davis, T. Curry P. Childs: TOP ROW: Coach Collins, R. Foster, G. Thomp son, C. Daniels, T. Paul, M. Brewer, J. Sherrill, P. Hardy C. Moore, J. McCullough, J. Craig, D. McCarn. BOTTGM: J. Laceficld, F. Patton, S. Smith, G. Grayson, T. Miller, F. Parnellg TOP: S. Lichter, B. Yeilding, P. Bennett, C. Moore, R. Kinsey, M. Hurst, Coach Beard. GOLF Y.3,f,.w , Bill Moore, Rusty Boyd, Jeff Fowlkes, Felix Drermen Tyler Taylor, Nim Long M sf: W ,w- , . J,.wf+r nf r , 3. 1 'E' ' 'T ,53Q1!Y?' W-4-'AQ ' ' fggkll, Mountain Brook finished its first season with a winning team and a state champion, 2 Chuck Wilson. l V A1-Q. Alex Yeilding, Chuck Wilson, Richard Abernethy Joe Wallace, Hugh Comer, Tad Sears QW I, TRACK 1967 Debby McKewen, Lee Crockett Janet Greene, Mary Peerson, Allen Jones, Rhea Haugseth, L n Buchanan, Lynn Silverstein, Y Susan Hamre, Nancy Adams, Marcia Litzinger BASKETBALL 1967 S. Stiles, L. Crockett, L. Thompson, L. Wilson, D. Thompson, D. McKewen, A. Jones, N. Adams, R. Haugseth, L. Cunningham, J. Brittain GYMNASTICS . 1' 1 3,11 e fi ? it 4 VOLLEYBALL 1968 Stiles, R. Haugseth, B. Davies, N. White, Adams, N. Adams, L. Crockett, D. McKewen, Randolph, J. Brittain Liz Cunningham, Tricia Reid, Allison Langford, Betty Johnson, Rhea Haugseth was ' Elizabeth Schneider, Jean Thompson, Carol Edwards, Judy Johnson, Mimi Dillon GYMNASTICS Linda Posey, Lyn Buchanan, Debbie Blythe. Kitty Edwards, Ginny Lovell, Marsha Meeks Kathy Munger, Diane Dailey, Debby Crow, Jane Grey Beddow, Hill Curry, Ann Nelson GIRLS' TENNI The girls' tennis team saw a glimpse of victory by taking the 1967 State Championship. Although merited, the victory was short-lived since an un- accredited high school could not be eligible for the title. WVU e E E i AMELIE RATLIFF State Doubles Champions SUSAN STILES Becky Herren, Wendy Williamson, Twinkle Daniel Amelie Ratliff, Susan Stiles, Sissy Wilson s -. s -Wm--w ' ' "W" -an.-..... ng 1 'if i if WJ7. N ,x :Q 4.x 0' f L 5 ,.--+--' T 1 5 'IK if!! fi " ' ,uw XIX "WRT ,f idfb... , ff V, , 7 A ' ' A 'k -in-, W , ' K V vp., 4 .M QS, A K . x . A ? . -,gf 5' 'M' L? '41, fs. -' .iff .I K h xVnk , . , , E4 , 1,-,-if-..:,. X w , . M . A QQ' -me , ' 'A ' -' 'If A "N---W-we-f-'- V .- t 1 Qjffg.-b' f - , -A '5 H "' ,, ', . 'zzmysnr 'A .. V X ... 4 f.-2,3 .,. . . .b .,'KW x . 1 AJ, 4 K, ., 1 . , , A .iii ' 42+ f , 'Q is ' , ,ii -., iw 'Y HONORS HARVARD BOOK AWARD A representative of the Birmingham Harvard Alumni Association presented I. Jay Aarons a col- lection of writings by men who attended Harvard. This award is presented to an outstanding junior boy chosen by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. -..LAL LIONS CLUB EXCHANGE STUDE T Lee Word became the first exchange student from Mountain Brook High School. Co-sponsored by the Mountain Brook and Vestavia Lions Clubs, she spent ten months in Werribee, Victoria, Australia. Lee lived with five families of Lions Club members and attended Werribee High School, where she served as an honorary prefect and house captain and belonged to the Students' Representative Council. I. JAY AARONS WILL HUDSON JOHN WASHINGTON ARNOLD LEVIN LYNN WEAVER DIANNA NATHAN not pictured: LOUIS PAPPAS KARL SCHAFF ER NATIO AL-MERIT FI ALISTS 5 , HONORABLE MENTION I Of.L - -' AMELIE RATLIFF DAWN MONTGOMERY I ALEX YEILDING 2 I LINDA JONES GIRLS' STATE REPRESENTATIVE One Junior girl from each high school in Alabama is selected by the faculty to participate in Girls' State, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Mountain Brook's representative, Ann McMillon, spent a week in Montgomery where the delegates organized and partici- pated in the process of state, county, and local government. I24 BOYS' STATE REPRESENTATIVE To promote a better understand- ing of democratic procedures, the American Legion sponsors Boys' State at Samford University in May of each year. Andy Noble repre- sented Mountain Brook in this week of establishing and participating in mock state and local government. CITIZENSHIP TOUR REPRESENTATIVE Amelie Ratliff represented Mountain Brook in the Jefferson County Citizenship Tour. Out- standing Juniors from around the county were chosen to tour historic- American cities such as Washing- ton D. C. and New York City. The tour successfully introduces high school students to the aspects of our American heritage and govern- mental policies. MARCH OF DIMES QUEEN Pam Thuss topped a field of 12 to become the 1968 March of Dimes Queen. The 12 beauties, nominated by the student body, collected pennies and canvassed the lunchroom for spare change. After a week of cheerful begging Pam's total of 3132. 27 qualified her as the Mountain Brook repre- sentative. Beth Wise and Dawn Montgomery were selected as outstanding Seniors to compete for scholarships in the Birmingham News sponsored "Youth ofthe Year" contest. Nominees were interviewed and scholarships were granted on the basis of ability and need. YOUTH OF THE YEAR NOMINEES 41 'Y -'g ,., '. fx -wg 5 nga if Y" 3 1 t Q V is i at 74 5 Ya , I 'x 'LQ J ' " zz"-:jk 1 , , ,ff if I. I ., ,, 'Ig' -I s Fw . :en 5 g b Q , I ,J F' 3 w , 1' SS OLY PIAN PAT GOODMAN On December 7 the annual staff initiated the Miss Olympian Pageant, a talent and beauty con- test. Emcee Andrew Gainey presented the 15 final- ists, selected from nearly 30 entrants. After a lively chorus line the girls presented their talent numbers and participated in evening gown competition. The number shrank to five, among whom was lovely Pat Goodman. Wide-eyed and sparkling, Pat wowed the judges with her answers and walked away with the crown. 112 'Q ,mw- .fs if so 1 " tau f , -,1 rfll T -'rn Q-2. ' .T t E , f...., , " l Z -v- f, , f Q 0 . t f . .4 .W if 'rw V- .le y Q o J v- A ,-'f' , 52' vo I i Q Q F 3 2 FIRST ALTERNATE SECOND ALTERNATE Hemmie Hightower Ellen McFerrin x ' X - I ? i ll Carolyn Fievet, Aileen Stevenson, Paula Hazlerig, Amanda Calloway, Nanci Starnes f H X THIRD ALTERNATE Vicki Boyce 3 Q ,- ,H ,f,- W' : rv-JIL, 'gf ' K4 igijqmgf- s' ' li if Q 5 1 FOURTH ALTERNATE Lisa Thompson . 1- NIV Peggy Farlow, Lyn Buchanan, Margaret Branch, Denise Dendy not pictured, Denise Thompson MISS OLYMPIAN PAGEANT 'Mr' 1968 FOOTBALL TEAM SPO SOR PEPPY ALLEN JONES, chosen by the football team, became the 1968 Team Sponsor. This junior cheerleader best exemplifies the spirit of our Spartan team. . -. Y X I". 4' A if if ' A gs.. X 'if 3 . Q , 5 . 1 J Q., I ,., K. veg 5-,Jaw L 1 QEV' CLASS FAVORITES JUNIOR LIZ CUNNINGHAM HATTON SMITH FRESHMAN J AN WILSON STEVE STILL SOPHOMORE SUSAN FULLER PETE PAPPAS Q- A451 - 519' xr i SME fi L X 3 in X J L y N' X " . .dp 1 . ,Q 5 g-., gi X - Q ,L , . " 'Y J 5 ... P59 vp ii QE' v"""' SS UNTAIN BROOK SUELLEN NIXON X The crowning of Suellen Nixon as the first Miss Mountain Brook highlighted the dance in her honor on January 27. Each of the four classes nominated six representa- tives. From these girls, one class beauty was chosen from each grade by popular vote, and Miss Mountain Brook was selected by the entire student body. The five girls, all exhibiting both beauty and personality, eagerly awaited the announcement of the class beauties at the dance. k I W 'XR 1 . ., 5 ., JANE GREY BEDDOW ANN HARDY ' . . 'X 1. X ,H X 1 Q x f 4. D LTO FORMAN , ., .Q 1 , .ak r' I . 'k.QQ'fgf,' Q Y gl 55. f , , X-mmxyn 'm 5' .122 if ,Jig me .".r ::..Bcrsiv ,1 f . VH , V x. 1"--nw, 9 xy , 4 5 K : A. is 0:7 ,..,h W. ' 1 , ,, :QU -Q 5 'F ,k?f5V-2 5, Q1 , ,, sk QQ 1.-gi K' iiis-igfvnazifff .Vg f grae gigs, ff fs: cxz, P J . , W ,A E , , 5 S ,X 'sh 4 sz 'S if A .Fl ANN BECK Ns bm, , M 9 fl fl lt .,4jQbA Bill' BEAUTY IS... gf A SPARTAN' CHRL HO HO r ,W tx, - z . N x .X ' 5 N, Q BEST ALL AROUND MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Amelie Ratliff and Pat Hardy Rhea Haugseth and Steve Elliott MOST ATHLETIC FRIENDLIEST Lyn Buchanan and Cliff Bagwell Pat Goodman and Cliff Moore MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Diana Nathan and 1. Jay Aarons .1 . YA .. rr :- 968 1 53, rv xx ,i ' 1: X.,,,. .11 - s K MOST POPULAR Hill Curry and Jeff Fowlkes BEST DRESSED Mike Mouron and Kathy Kartus BEST LOOKING Dale Raymond and Martin Gaines WITTIEST John McCullough and Debbie Hagood I4l - j + WM x Q 1.g,,.Qw MH g Us I 4 FTW?-7 M' 92" R QA np W H20 'Www NWI' ,f W' ., U pgs' in ,W .sv v v 1 9 mari' CLASSES iv CLASS UF 19 1 L.-fl! - QYIFEIJDJ WWW I44 X mmamwwvwnw FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Steve Hahn, Act, Chr. g Robbie Moore, Sec. 5 Diane Stubbs, V.P.g Steve Still, Pres. g Barbara Scott, Treas. 45 K aw 1 J Q- ' K A N ,A ' '75 , 3 'S?.4"' 'Q i '.. In .3 t I 0 uf'c!fU'fg':f0 ' 'lv F . an K ,"':W "'k I R in , 5 an ,jst A X A A A' 1 a M 1 ' I ,- -H 'QM 3165? 5 ms- 'V v., 1 - :F "X A ,Arun x 'Q37 , 'elf X ,, i. , . 1 A I I x : 35' 15 53, .V w e .I A, Q. W, 5 fr A ,.,.. . if -"fgn:fs+."f H 15 , , . ...g..'?'.E- . r ' . VF' -5.5 -' ' X 336 " I 3 75 R 3. as :L Se 1 4 8.2: .5 ,...- fe.-.A ff? 3 nc' , .. ,QQ A V . . I an I o K -L r 1 M x T Q .,., in 'PT sr ff, i , ." so .Q . ,W . r f fn- N .i , sp- V .. f as W: kr.k ..,,, . i -1.5 ,V 2 xiii 2 M gr: Q lx i E I 1 . Q-f' 1, 'in x ' N 499-A-f il - -s..., X 'K 4 0 gi r If ,ff-" 3 x f ,I X. Jill Abernathy Sara Akin Carlin Aland Dalton Alexander David Anderson Robbie Andrews Guy Arello Joy Axelroth Helen Barelare Sally Barron Betty Bashinsky Richard Bayliss Ann Beck Fran Becker Roderick Beddow Linda Belcher Jeanne Bellinger Jerry Bernheim Denson Burnham Johnny Bingham Paul Blatt Virginia Bolt Debbie Bondurant Bill Bowron Rebecca Bradshaw Cindy Brooks Elizabeth Brown Louise Brown Matthews Brown Paul Brown Summers Brown Wally Brown Eddie Burg Bubba Burgess Kathleen Burns Lea Burke Elizabeth Ann Burnett Elizabeth Burnett Gayle Burton Ann Buzby Debbie Byars Dawn Caldwell Carol Carpenter Dick Carpenter John Carter Bill Casey Jim Cezayirli Caroline Chandler Tom Chiles Fran Clark Martha Clark Gwen Clark George Cochran Richard Cohen Liz Cole Jimmy Collins Johnny Compton Charlie Conaway Patsy Cone Charles Conway Megan Conway Em Corr Bari Cotton Bunnie Cowen Janice Cowley David Cox Pete Cox Dee Cross Billy Culp Babs Davies Debbie Davis Neil Davis Steve Davis Kathleen Day Richard Dewberry Helen Dexter Jimmy Dick Dana Dillard Don Dillard Judy Doggett Eddie Dorn Merle Drennen Betty Darlrymple Billy East V F RESHME fs 1 . A 2-3 'I l, N' X A. X ,EJ ts, .Y 4 ,X 4- Q M 1 Ex m as i 1 4.9 W I Crit, A f , 'fx as 1 i .E , V X 1 5 X i i ii ' is ' be 'Ge N' -4 , P I wx.- .. E x, , Xii xg--4 5.1 fl Q. , A ,:- 11... X- v' Q 'ii . wl . c X XX Q x L. ,VN 'YN 'Q We x. A, Q, 1968 r "nf imflif F ix, F ii? . f kr gi ,gs L , ix , Q 'Ali Q 1 ,,. 0 V k ii vs ' 'K L '-'K iwxnr . xl 5 t x x, , 'R ' . ,' "Huw il" is .t ra' 1.6 'ff J is J , f . s X 1 lg. ggi Mi - , f - , ' X. Z1 ,, is ' ',w vw tg 1, wu- df 'tm 5 ir ' ww , F ,I 65 Six in Q. 4: 1 N. :iw fr 4 . 'i 'Wfwy is t"t',i.'.iiXX' X F 115 ,WAT 'Qi -it John Easterling Sheralee Echols Curt Eddens Greg Edens Neal Elliott Sherman Engle: Carson Etheridge Kate Faulkner Joanie Fleming Jane Floyd Bill Forsyth Rusty Foster Tracy Freidman Kathy Frost Bill Galtney Francis Givhan Terri Glass Shannon Goldsby Bernard Goldstein JoAnn Goldstein Sally Goldstein John Goodner Io Graham Jordan Gray Gene Gray Vicki Grayson Jim Green Woody Green Bill Green Richard Greer Nita Griffith Jeannie Gunderson Steve Hahn Ken Hall Debbie Harrington Francis Harsh Carol Harkins Anne I-latler Bill Haugseth Nancy Hausman Harriet Hawkins Vicky Hayes Beth Hazelrig Tim Healey Pat Heath Paul Hefler Karen Held Marsha Heiman Cathy Herren Becky Herrington Barbara Hezlep Franky Hicks Dave Hightower Bruce Hirsch Richard Hogan Allen Holder Terry Hood Susan Hope Ruthie Hosfield Ginny Howze Julie Hudson Jimmy Hutchinson Buddy Jackson Fran Jackson Carl Johnson Cathy Johnson Norma Johnson Saunders Jones Shep Jones Ben Kahn Sally Kartus Tison Keel Bill Kelly Hoagy Kerns Patty King Kenny Kirk Rebecca Kirkland Anne Kitchings Stephanie Konstant Barney Lanier Mary Larkin Kent Larson Ann Lawrence 'fx any we er A X 4' J 1 B 1 4 -suv- -Q 4 1 Q s 1. 1 .1 u J 'i 34. , f , , xiii J I .3 ' ,A , is .4- 1968 1 -f ,mf 1 45, , V W 5 Q i 1 , , -' i,-I yy , 1 f ,,, 1 E 'N ag xt 4 'rt jg -I-I. . fs. ' I ' 3: .2 KX we uf. .sr , A 3 .. 1 . C at. in - lr . N X , . .ef Q A .. . V5 I, .., :ar ,... K x G5 Vkk: . git? Wl3Aj.! ft :-- G fl ' i x C iiii M ' a Q . M -4- ' ' X . 5 - L' in 'fs-'L' if V A 1 4 wx I EW k k ,. , get N , AV . 5 'f K ky 5 f ' .Fl , r I W. If , 1 X? 1 ,t ' gy if 1 i 'L Q 4, he .. L IL, 1 f f i L, ,Y 1 ' . - qv f M "Wx, 'W , F5 Q x ' 4 if. .if W "' 1 L il' ng Y ..,,. I . .-x I if if Q" . Qc , K 1, A Q Aa I in ' ' fu' 1 L wa yi if M 'S 3 i ..,f A ' V 2 1. ' 4' - - "lm-, . A 't .- H y 3 5 ' 1 f fm i h 13 V 5 W .. ' . ,X zii gfg' jh N ,,-,f ,. ,. Xi, ich, 'V 1 iff no 'R rw ht. fx .. ..g. , "K vi. . .,.. . r K., Y .KN x I K, . n . - ,als- ifi, na 1 V ,. ga. e .. J Tn. " Q , ff, F3 7 , . sg' fn L 1 E is V 1 Jim Lester Lindsay Levine Gary Litzinger Roger Loyd Nancy Logan Billy Longshore Ricky Lovell Toinette Maggiore Chuck McGill Jay Marks Ross Mason Craig Mallick Bill May Margaret Ann Mayfield John McCary Lauren McClure Ellen McKinnon Patti McLallen Alice McFarland Tom McGough John McRee Gail Mendel Kenny Menclolsohn David McMahan George Miles Pam Mills Helen Rosa Monaghan Merry Monsky Allen Moore Robbie Moore Judy Morris Suzele Moss Chuck Myer Diane Naftel Louise Nagrodsky Hellen Nalley Scott Nelson Tracy Newman Neil Nicoll Greg Norment Jan O'Quinn April Orell Marilynn Owens Allene Parker Melody Parker Susie Paul Susan Pedota Suella Peerson Chollet Perry Melissa Pfrimer Bill Phillipi Billy Pierce David Pittman Phillip Plotka Norman Pless Patricia Plylar Carolyn Poelnitz Jack Porterfield Greg Price Lara Ragsdale Will Ratliff Claudia Raughley Susie Ray Evan Raymond Marsha Reynolds Sara Reznik Margaret Ringland Scott Roach Bri Robertson Carl Robinson Patti Rogoff Lester Romine Beverly Roseman Jimmy Rudulph Jan Russell George Salem lim Sandefer Lynn Sander Susan Saunders Danny Schaffer Debbie Schreiber Steve Schwarz Barbara Scott Owen Scott FRESHME 'P ,Q 'a ' ' ii W :VR , is I B Q. is l-.M-f A 1 In ,. , I ' ' A . , , . 'h -4211iii':Q11l1 ' 5 V' 'R- :-li ff K re ' y ,i.s ' , ,Q 'yy' I S ...U YJ 5-P . xx Zia, : N. YEL ki .thx - .-i i x t.:Qixx3fz . , fl' . f., VN. X xf V 1,"' ,L . R wi ,f 4 .E f gag... ' . qr-rx 'x ,f h, wi A, . , E .3 3 A-SL.. A vig. 3 'wa-55, We ,Q 1, , X '7 1, , " 9 ' Y ' . I ,,. , ,N s 3 YR ,ilu mf: , 1 f K' 1 xt- 'iii A ,K x -1 ef 4 Y. , T , -Q '. - ,ta , .1 2 J f X , ffifi 'vs AL 'QS K rg ..if, , ,S , X 1 'T S, ,faux '4 Aa P qwdv N' X L. ' - tgp ' - 5 - - A l968 it L , l L f L se t ,4 L A Y K ' ' I :L 515 k, ziggy A ,' 1 f s B isil H fd , B. ' ri fs U - .1 fs' , f alia N L. 4 Y ,...., A 1 B . V ' Q- V 5 dj Ji! lk txt L bfi v , Q 1 M , ,i ,W as iff Q 11 - . if 2 k ' I fvff, Y g5,rSQQi"is.yg:' ft?-2 :'q?kit,4f-a?',gcFLFr.i- at 315+ 2 5931 .55 f S ' f K L V. I w j g vt ' . X tias ..., if , ,., , f. '. Ili 'I' if to WZ,., are f .-millfN!?5!! 2,4-wx V 5, 7' i X . Robert Scott Betty Shackleford Patti Shields Lynn Sherrill Bob Shine Janet Shinzing Bonnie Singleton Jim Skinner Barry Smith Happy Smith Joyce Smith Joel Snider Beverly Snieder Sarah Sokol Janet Spear Martha Spear I anis Staff Bob Stephenson Angie Stewart Chuck Stewart Daphne Stew art John Stewart Phillip Stikes Louisa Stiles Steve Still Ed Stringfellow Carleton Stuart Diane Stubbs Barbara Sullivan Landis Thomason Glen Till Linda Tombrella Kathy Trafton Valerie Voigt Janet Walker Mary Ann Wallace Helen W althall Carol Ann Warren Pam W assley Becky Washington Cynthia W atkins Ann W eaver Millie Weaver Craig Weil Lynn Weil Lee Welch Joey Weldon Bill Wells Billy West Lucy Whalley Charles White Cynthia White Karen White Nancy White Jo Ellen White Peggy Whitehead Margaret Williams Penny Williamson Roger Wilmoth Jack Wilson 'Jan Wilson Judy Wilson Prissy Wilson Teague Wilson Brooks Wingo Joe Wise Laney Wolf Bob Wright Margaret Yeates Bill Young Jim Young David Blackwell Jim Dawkins Wayne Dewitt Mary Cannova David Cook Robert Ford Gordon Morrow King Luck Tommy Green James Kirsten John Inman Cynthia Lewis Charles Ludwig Fly ? x vw 1 .Ls M me . . QA KRT, . is QF. 'vvl ,PW K 1 , x 953,55 t :- mai Keys. li f 'J' " 1 A , g ,Ja .. 0 s ' , .N Qi J 'iii Y :wx J 3 . V i ,ht - Q - J tt J ' -W og., sp.. N i K . v , fa 5 Z' 6 g Q , gn Q , Ti L hz 1. x if ' 3 r- .Q -r Af Q .I I, f vs Q, ru. W Q 1' ff? I ' lah if -N Jill' as Y .,-. , k, l N . """ . is wa K ' LF E I. , 1 ,:'.jsl1s. ff ' 1 5 J , H- .., 5 'sl b J 1 , .,,,., z - 'Q -' V, .- I - . 'Ax' - f Will" gt I , JN ,his CLASS OF 1970 pas: H BRO 34: IGH ir' vS- I I D Q v ...ff ' SOPHO MORE CLASS OFFICERS Beth Hammond, Act. Chr. g Courtney Burge, Treas.g Pete Pappas, Pres. 9 Kathy Davis, Sec. g Julie McKenzie, V. P. 'K FML- '. Q" 'Pj A139 -A PT I53 Q ,--Q. Ks. .- t xwf I 15,5 'efw ii' - . " I R luv? 1- f f X X Q , ' 'SB i W2 4 dlf1fl:.kf-, .ff .Q-iii Y, 1:1 'if Q 1 Q .f Q, 9. Q . "1 ' ' . 4. , is , Qi 4 " i Lg. , ix ' wx X X . - 1 7 , ,1 . Eff 1" zwfigia 1 f , NX ,gill ? 1, ,a s., , gl .t 4 , '?f5,, 11,.,,,,- Q? .1 ,s ' T 5.37 l 4 W iq , Q.. ix A YZ 'x 'Q-fi' , vviw f- ' ' I " fia- wx., I -.ig ,M C- ,L-- QL., 4:5-B5 I54 Hilbun Adams Karen Aland Jane Andrews Douglas Asbell Danny Bailey Steve Bancroft Clay Bargeron Lorrie Barra Billy Burrett Flossie Baum Randy Beatty Livy Beck Sara Beck Jane Benzel Chip Black Margaret Black Diane Blair Debby Blythe Gene Brabston Lee Branch David Brashier Niesa Brateman Alvin Brengleman Houston Brice Meg Britton Barrett Brock Janis Broda Debbie Brown George Brown Randy Brown Lillian Browning Grant Brummett Kathy Bryant Pam Bull Brenda Burch Laura Burch Courtney Burge Mary Ruth Cary Mac Chandler Margaret Chenoweth Paul Chism Charles Christmas SOPHO ORES by ' L , 'K 'fra -pl. , Y, Q.. +3 'L E'-.wx 1" ' , f. A-.v '. N ve Q., . A...-f 'ffl 43,4 ow :Sl 4532,- ,Will 1' A F .If If fi. 1 'Vi fm vw ' '1' '-N W 'A 5' "EB, t 34 , .7 fi. f 'A , -is ., ,, su ..., -, . , an use . a, X .- fits. law If y 'il Aki 1968 x z .Yr J 7' ,P J -gr 1 J xii KX H. " l gym, ff'- H 1,-J.: :' s ,f . hi 5, Nada 1' 5 .1 J r , Q 1 fu A , qqi' ,ki"',', y il .ff I 'Y 4 -N-W 1.1 gsfkhfgii at p x x 'Gb- 'etg J ., s fe' ' 15, Betsy Codding Elaine Cohen Alice Cohn Bob Coleman Billy Collier Hugh Comer Arden Conway Carla Cooper David Copeland Joan Coppinger Dean Cosper Jeri Cotton Kitty Cox Marilyn Cox Martha Cox Yorke Cox Elizabeth Crabbe Marcia Cypress Michael Damsky Stevie Daniels Betsy Davis Kathy Davis Mary Dawkins Nelson Debardelaben Becky Dick Jeff Donovan Judy Dorn Janet Dorsky Cal Eddens Bill Eddins Garol Edwards Kitty Edwards Janice Epstein Hank Etling Stella Farrell Meg Faulder Patty Faulkinberry , Stan Faulkner Kathy Fisher Jimmy Fitts Kathy Fletcher Rutledge Forney -Q J ii S, f' of .v I, m i? W f r I ,X Q .. 1" K , -" 'QT JJ' , :J . gig " K ' F is , . x X N. X ,, Q 'f . , x , QF ' fd - ' .git A 1'-tvs Q, F pppp p if fr 5 A 1 -Gi. tl-. ' A fi- J A lg. W F. ' -N, J .. W L f V, ,V agp, V :-51.4. ff , 'f X- S r.r -Q - 91' fat Jia Q I Xfire. -f"tff'f:-M F N szaig t 'ff ' . W 1 I55 YK rv A. gi-1 ' J G an Y J vi J' J' r fr' , 1 J U i f , if J ' ,A ,fx Q ' J A N we f g... ,Q . J, ja", it 'I Ei2Q,w1J,E.J-2 5' gi , J' ' 'X X ,aj-J J 2 W,f Y .' fun , . K , , A 'Q a- J . G 'mr J W -H' 5 gl V A 2 1, 4 i 1.1537 ' 5433? 22 w " S 'si , , . ya- - G G 1 P W , is J' . if as 0 'E' f J -V F W is rw, G , My , ,. . . , . . '--.-- F X f- - , ,sv 1 ' ' f, . ,v U U K 5 h :Sak W 1 is A . lf, 1' YT bf .J .4,Y ft , -1' 2 J j -1 an 0 5-flr 4 '55 J? 1 Zn V 1 J ' f 5 M l 2 f ,, x""'F'J : L 4 'X ,mi 3 ' if- 533' . s , I ix Linn Foust Pat Fowler Trudi Fowler Julie Freeman Susan Fuller Craig Funderburg Carla Gaines James Gaskin Dorian Gibson John Gleissner Gwyn Golden Jan Goldner Sydney Goodrich Debbie Gordoy Robert Gray Kirby Green John Hall Marie Hall Candy Hamilton Beth Hammond Susan Hamre Martha Hamrick Richard Hanson David Hardwick Kirk Hardy Kim Harris Patty Harris Woody Harrison Billy Hartsfield Billy Harvill Leslie Head Beth Henley David Hezlip Scott Hilley Nelle Hogan Cliff Holcomb Warren Holley Vicki Horton Henry Hudson Nancy Hudson Mike Hunt Brad Hunter OPHOMORE iw .Mtg 1 y . 5 'Wa' 'JAMQJ , -, - V, 'sb - . . ..: ' X" '5 . - v ' 1 V J glifffv, QA ,il 1-I . . - X ai il .L J ' . N . ' 'J 7 E '. ff ' ii94"J,ia 4 L . in Q ' . D rk J : EV E' Q W V, rg , jg J if W X A X , ij WI, J , J is ,-fr ix E . x 3 will J . 968 4 -.,,,..T . ' ' .J W4 'J ii WF' E it-r j '- -' V 111 u a. . , J AX' ' JF ' Miz: N '- - 1 1 ' i 'ti t is . . N t'fi"'J , K L ' ,f ,V ' , xx , rx' s I " 3 V U, P Y , x, ,' 1- . 2 , - ,A 442 ,, .ww 'H 5 , , 'Q 'f WX i ' X ,Zi . " Q' at K, Q. ,sl 3 X . it .V .59 qi' vit Q -A., A . 7 x J xt i t , nu. . -nf Q K Charlie lsrael Cathy Jackson Harry Jackson Bruce Jacobs Richard Jacobson Carol Jaffe Sandy Jaffe Julie Johnson Debbie Jones Kay Jones Marilyn Jones Martha Jones Nancy Jones Ellen Kanter Raleigh Kent Roy Kesmodel Anita Kidd Terri King Beth Kirkland Diane Koerner Loree Larson Peyton Lee Larry Levine Mickey Levine Liz Levy David Lewis Martin Lide Jane Limbaugh Lee Litvine Jan Lloyd Jennie Lovell Susie Lowe Ann Luckie Carol Madonia Milton Magnus Tommy Magruder Beverly Massey Ann Matthews David Martin Bill Marx David Mason Dick Maupin , A Q vw-3 ,Q - 5 ' Six, Q 4' . 5 ,, ,-s ' 'S ag- f a J v 'Q fi wg J W Y at 4, ll 5, 5 'fb . K .1 1, J -s ,133 it sa is X K 1 X a- 1 wi ts , ' ,rw ' ' ,f .,.,- Q- 1 . , im. Wfi aa. X Q 1, ,P x ii., 'K iii Q vs , . .ral + if QS oi X f Q. X fa X i x -i ' . I57 ' 51? I J 935234 in-f L ua.- hx. 4 Y' X .f A .iq V g , it Q, , A' Q i X s ri v Q 5-:.y,s.... .V 'wi M, in rig. K r I i . Q 1 4? ' 'X ,, an ,fr I 5 an y 4 W. Qt:-ev P mme 'Q ' ay '..f. n4'4 'ffl 4 ws. Q 5 .x Rf Barry Mazer .Tay Mazer Ellen McClees Jane McClure John McClure Catherine McConnell Richard McDaniel Mike McDavid Julie McKenzie Debby McKewen Peggy McKewen Sara Meadows Marsha Meeks Richard Mendelsohn Steve Metz Norman Meullen Ceci Meyer Drew Mickle Eddie Miller Scott Miller Billy Mills Lynn Mogge Ann Monaghan Vicky Moon Pat Morgan Carolyn Mullins Debra Murphee Sharon Nathan Liz Noble Tish Oden Dickie Owens Mary Elizabeth Palmer Pete Pappas Susan Pardue Margaret Parker Art Patterson Mary Pat Patton Mary Peerson Allen Perry Chuck Phillips Judy Phillips George Pihakis soPHoMoREs L A 1:77 swf-Q, M, galil' , XS ' r . X il Q. ' 'kv-v 51'-4 so 7? we 1968 5' ff x L f , G . ,- ef L s ilk li ? it . E 5 J, " g x . . it 1, 4555" ' wi J.. -,ff , . QV" y iirifvggytriirutit 4 X1-sE5'i'.i, A fx Q 'T N, . fy' fs' t Tommy Pippen Ann Plylar Carolyn Plylar Linda Posey Billy Priest Lillian Privett Linda Raffel Clark Ramsey Serena Randolph Toby Reid Bart Reisrnan Sharon Reiss Robin Rich Lynn Richards Lee Ritchie Shannon Ritchie Micheal Roach Patti Robinson Mimi Rolls Dale Russakoff Louise Salmon Joe Sanders Cynthia Saunders Janet Schreibman Maureen Schultz Bobby Selman Kerry Shapiro Myra Shapiro Bobby Shaw Stephanie Shelburne Ann Sherrill Bea Sherrill Marsha Simpson Russell Slaid Linda Slaughter Benjie Smith Pat Smith Betty Lea Snow Ginny Snow Kelly South Jane Spencer Nancy Spencer V if fs QQ .sa My pf 3'-if f 5. exft 6 44' W, i f!t.1iVi if W x w -. x i at iys, x . 'I 'if - Q, prev' af 1' . sr 541 Y- ! XXI iii A .,,,fQQ QI .4 ii 4- A . YJ I tx ' is , ffl 5 i W' ri :wi .Sr A is 1 LAST d sa l , ' R' 1 , 465' Q Ti' xo, X s X 4. .1- , .. u A S 1 ft 'E .rg l pi ,tg ,. Q , if l riff "QQ ' " 4,325 'K K i - , TQ J .1 . 'W 75 'T r QQ. - : ff. " Z TX: Wayne Standifer Patricia Stanton James Starnes Carol Stein Nancy Stephens Lester Stern Phillip Stratton Robert Studin David Tanner Mary Fern Tate Gayle Teninbaum Danny Thomas Hilton Thomlinson Hal Threadcraft Mary Elizabeth Tiller Lucy Tillman Marty Tilson Randy Tomisek Kathy Turnham Charlotte W addy Joe Wallace David Ward Barbara W atkins Philip Waters Joe Weed Margie Weil Jane Ann Wheatley Carmel Williams Richard Whitley Hal Wilson Sissy Wilson Vicki Wittichen W alter W ood Virginia W oolverton Rebecca Worn ack John Word Chip Woody Michaeine Wright Mary Yeates Steve Yeates Keith Zinder Robert Zweig s at P, n ,ah , ,. X X? in M at 0 A 'J 1 g li as ,f 1 'fm 91 1 il 4 p i 7? 1 - 2 "' lx X .K z .1 Y ' .t,. ff it T i vii " f fi ' 'fill' . wi 4. ,Q - - ?T, ' 'six ' ' . if ' - limo rw N ' fiffat-:-7 4 TVN' ip '21 fa ggffihayfgiqfx J ,'i:'51V? 'L s 1 riff 1 'T K -N V p is K an .5 f' bl K .., ,.,. . - 1 r.. 'D I ll-Mis 1 '96, ,rift CLASS OF 1969 V , I ? "N N'-'Z SS-1 I .N l ,Q 1 4? 1 M 11635, IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Paul Childs, V.P.g Hatton Smith, Pres.g Beverly Nesbitt, Act. Chr.g John Dumas, Treas.g Wendy Williamson, Sec. J , , I6l David Aarons Betsy Abele i Nancy Adams -'W ' f Ann Alderman a .14 5 N. -.. John Anderson A Robert Andrews Carol Allen be xr, Lori Allen Billy Angel Sandy Axelroth Jan Bachelor Susan Back Jeffrey Barnes Katherine Bauman Dan Beatty Cindy Beard Tommy Bennett W V , Lee Benton I "1 Mark Brewer ,I Ray Bolt E 3,5 Linda Bostwick A Y , x 5 . 3 A-, .fa v-S Li? gk li 2' xl! f it , . , Je " 'ifjg,lW5 I ,V'7Vri X 'rrl r BA 4 JU IOR . 1. . 4- ' C -Q 'x A xxx, K 2 X it I, A I62 Wit L-, . Ex T C.. M1 -F on . " v -1 '- ' Q 5. B ta , mg Z., r , 'i -asf fl Steve Boswell Vicki Boyce Rusty Boyd Larry Brashier Jan Brittain Hunter Brown Lynn Bryan in Carol Bullard - Nell Burr Mary Wallace Byr Amanda Callowa Carol Caplin Kathy Carmichal Van Chaplin Paul Childs Lauri Chism Colleen Clark Katherine Cleage Len Cobb Owen Cochran Ann Cole C. A. W . fs, 113' Qiiifir-71" izzzxlm. David East Martha Ellis Paul Engler Bonnie Esrig Peggy Estes Robert Etheridge Susan Eubanks John Evins Mac Fairley Hank Faulder Calder Ferguson Keith Fineberg Randy Fink Donna Fisher Sharon Fleming Charlotte Foster Mike Fowler Sharon Frew Permelia Fry Kathy Geisking Carol Gilliland us'-5 b 'TQ "" 4. r vc X f X 43 s I I ai . ., 4 if-11' J of hi X 5' 1 Vi 5 r , 5 , - ' x. X 3 1 was ,rm- ? k .'S 968 X 'V' 5 -. ,I Na fi. sh, J, far is W I ,1 SMX ,.. fv- N 'Q- . 7, Walter Coe Connie Coleman Lindsay Cook Kathy Cooper Ellen Corenblum Lis Cox Jay Craig Lee Crockett Bobby Crook Barbara Crow Liz Cunningham Tim Curry Jim Daniel Beverly Davies Carolyn Davis Johnny Davis Pearson Dick Chris Dodds Leigh Dozier Felix Drennen Marjean Dubois ima ,LK is - . ,. 6 . X X 1 I63 Susan Givhan Roseanne Glick Jack Hagan Pat Hagan Joe Happer Mike Harding John Harsh 1' A is 2 fx-H ' J ,,1mg2,.f .:, Q-" fi M, X S xg' f , V ' WV? V QQ. N, Lil Htl Q 5,1 1, L 1? :pw 3 F Q3 X ,QQ ,zu ff ., Am u MEG", K , 'Bw X i Mary Jo Hamre 1 , Q ,fs-sf fa Q ' if QQ Sally Hays Q J' QQ ' " Q ' 5 "l' Q ' ' Q A ..-,.wvQ EQ Q l'.' f " Q Tommy Heath as 'F -"1 "' J '- , -. .. v- , iw: fs .Q '64 9 ' 5 . , as . ' W J , , N .L Cindy Henry 5' 'A ., si 'C--Q I fs-Q Q Qe,,iQjQ ,L - Q 5 1 1. Judy H01-ge . ' X 2' Q rk QQ, Q Q N- g af, . Q .xl ,V . Q Q, , Q, A, r Q ,IQQ 'wg Beth Houseal 4 J QQKQ ,QK Q Q Q Q Q QQQQ QQQQ YVV, Q I ed. , Carl Howard Q J . C, Q . QQQQQ Q i - . 3, Q X X of i it Q 'ff' 1 w ttbai a J Charles Howard QA-H J Q Skippy Hoffammann QQ ' ' W W Laura Hope P Q W 15? ,I " Jane Howze ' A QQQ1 QQQ.. George Hudson Q QQQQ Q , fit ' 'fi " rf - if Sue Hughes J J ' J J if x ' ,, x N ,' Q Reid Goldsby Q ' X Q A N ' , Q Q QQ n Q Corinne Goldstein - ,uf QQ M I Rena Gouse "1 A If 1 A Janet Green 'u - 3 ' i '- "' X 'CC EQ QQ J 'mf " ' - Q I Q0 MQ Q Myron Greenfield Q '-J' ' -Q - 1 , . - ' 1 -, A Q ,W Steve Graham f s, A , fats, is Aw , Z, D ' , J Joel Gray QQ , Xi, Q Gary Grayson x - J t X as I X X A sg Jim Greer J if Q Tommy Gustafson it , ,, rg - A Mike Hurst I64 , ev 'Wi fix V as, -wil" kgs ' Q J' ,s Q r x A f... 0- I 7 ,, X i. . ,LQ QMQ ,',.f'ff Q. FY Cx' .- xy Qfikif- -1 - 3 X N X H if K s ,fr . 'af J X , Fix 1 M A I" Q x f ' Q? 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"WL ' ' gi 4 ak ... v A .pm . as I M: AN N Virginia Knapp George Konstance Betsy Lang Allison Langford Lynn Larkin Karen Leidholt Bruce Lerner Laurie Levine Paul Levy Cecile Lewis Marcia Litzinger Nim Long Cindy Love Bill Mackey Clair Mapes Sarah Maring Bobby Marks Sisty Matthews Bill McClure Bill McFerrin Edward McGehee A . 'if fn' 73 K ft ig i C B Y- va. I 4:i'gfW' 'qv A. rf, 2 I. f X . Q- 21' 75 ,Aki ,rw . -A x 1 u C X i Q E' , .. L v, 1 .fi ., l65 Craig Mullins Buddy Nelson Beverly Nesbitt Gail Nesbitt Marsha Newman Len Nichols Alex Nuckols Mary O 'Sullivan Carol Jane Ott lim Owens Sue Padawer Foots Parnell Dee Peerson Mikie Penick Mike Pevear Lynn Phillips Charlie Perry Sandy Picard Robert Posey Linda Powers Ginny Pugh ,Q C ,tv ' f .x S .. S . kai' . tii s IQ N y a , .VA K ,yr -5,9 K' V' r 5 , ' - f rp --,", L5-ii' ' JU ICR ,. , W 'S ,N 'gin A- of' - - 'x I If Q. -1 I66 !l"'lA iz Y1?.":'i . ffifl 'Q i' '- , V. gf, S, - K f sc.rS72.,5y V 1 r . , Nyggrt-,,.-4,-1. 5 sf Q- , "s 4 'i ufw to ff. x zf Y ' 55.31 ix X if 1 V ,X Q- L. -. r W fx :tabs-A - 'f 7 John Raggio Joe Ramsey Margaret Riley Tim Riley Tommy Riser Nan Robertson Pam Robertson Linda Rosenbaum Sara Saunders Julie Scott Julie Seagle Frank Seagle Lilla Sevier Cindy Sharp Martin Sher Lee Ann Shuler Peggy Skelton Joe Sherrill Diane Smith Hatton Smith Montgomery Sm ith '.r"o X :Qf:'::' W , x M . . f is 1 , ' '-. W Q, Q t ff s 5. f H 5 31' '43 S l' " 3 ' , ' X c M .f J n-f 1 .-ff: ' J' ' T w 7555 ,Q flu' - as 'fl I A I ig ' , A . .' 'wif'-G. --J J: ' -V 493, , a V ,,.- ,f V . S." w J 751, 'fix 1" 1 "' , . ,, . P Q, 1 .4-'Y r' .-we lx LA Jim W ard Richard W asley Judy Weinstein Louise Weir Paul W eir Stuart Welch Jan Weldon ' Andrea Wells Cathy Wells Sara W est DeDe Westbrook Elaine Wetzel Janet White Nancy White Peyton Smith Smitty Smith Joe Sokol Steve Stevenson John Stillman Charlotte Strange Diane Strauss Merrill Smith Mary Joyce Stringfellow Bill Tankersley Terry Tant Carl Tayloe Mary Eleanor Terry Mary Foy Thomas Dale Thomason George Thompson Jean Thompson Linda Thorn Mike Trucks Tuck Tucker M Lee Unger .QE K y L ff' , J T, , , ix ge' ' " 3, f. , . AJ . A , it L X' 1 S . fn, - iU,,...'n pg bk .W r we , in 5 K A we-'F ' - . 7 ', T" .. , - ,T , 1 'CW ' ' V' . - s T4 W. ,ff l 1 is J J f V n. ' ' 'f " i i A J Q- . if. ' Q . . ' A ' . 59551. a t - I 3,11-3 . t r ,. lax ' 51' it A 1 Tl ici K A Marty Weintrob Jean Williams Wendy Williamson Donna Wilmoth Beth Wilson Chuck Wilson M Helen Wise .ff lim fn 'Q . is J , , 1 x Q gi ' ,s 'X ,wg ' ' . :gf I67 ,4 -. Judy Wirrichen ng i A fx. .E 1 f 4, A., -' LeeWood Beetle Ylelding is ,Q an A 5, ' L ' i7 Q T qx ,xl .. gn fifty gg: i 1. A Phi1Yacko 1-.. 1.. " , YQ, . f tm, iw A 3 A. 8 Q X 5' 1 j I John Young Q " Jerry Ericson 1 - N - Q2 L nu K,p'?K4l' ' 7 w'wzfT??"' 'CTF' CLASS OF 196 Being the first senior class of Mountain Brook High School has been a very rewarding experience. We have helped organize many activities such as the first Spartan Week, clubs the Student Council, athletic teams, the news- paper, and a senior prom. Because we have worked hard to make this school what it is, we take pride in it and hope that the traditions we have begun will serve as a frame - for future improvements. in SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jeff Fowlkes, Pres. 5 Peggy Farlow, Act. Chr.g Cliff Bagwell V P Pat Goodman, Sec. 5 Tyler Taylor, Treas. I. JAY AARONS RICHARD ABERNETHY DALE ADAMS BART AGROW LINDA ALAND MORLEY ALEXANDER CHIP ALLEN DUDLEY ANDERSON ED ANDERSON IRIS BACK CLIFF BAGWELL BARBARA BAILEY BUTCH BAKER ALAN BARASCH BILL BARCLIFT CARY BECK J? Q. 153' us- ""'?"- - A--X Q27 i"I'T"' UP" RQ qpu... 3:-nf ,www 'S 49 IANE GREY BEDDOW PEGGY BEHNKE BETTY BLACKBURN HOWARD BLATT CHARLES BRETZ. GEORGE BRENGELMAN MART HA BROWN MERRILL BROWN SUSIE BERK DONNA BRAGMAN MARY BRITTON NELSON BRUNGART ii 'Q- X., zw?"""' 'Bn CECIL BERRY MARGARET BRANCH BRUCE BROOKS KATHY BUCHANAN LYN BUCHANAN CLAY BURTON JANE BUTTERWORTH SUSAN CAMPBELL BILL CHENOWETI-I ROD CLARK STANLEY COHEN BART COLEMAN TOMMY CONAWAY BILL CONE JUDY COSPER TED CROCKETT ANN CROOKS DEBBIE CROW DANNY CROWSON HILL CURRY .QL-D, Bw- 'fc-'H '+I 4-s 08" ...K 'IMT' "U2'1'!U f FT' W1-1 Q1-. --'V QD' 13' N TI' H7 Gag , -vs.-5 '-.., ua., 'lk JANET CYPRESS NEIL DANNEMAN DENISE DENDY STEVE ELLIOTT DIANE DAILEY LILY DANIEL CHARLES DANIELS JEFF DAVIS PATSY DAVIS JAMES DE LAPP PI-IILLIP DE VORE STEVE DEW ITT PETER EDWARDS JOHN ELMORE PEGGY FARLOW CAROLYN FIEVET SUSAN FINCH JEFF FOWLKES CAROL GARNER PAT GOODMAN LEE FLEMING MARGARET FLETCHER PETER FORAN MARK FRIEDMAN CHARLOTTE GAFFORD MARTIN GAINES JUNE GARZA EARL GIBSON GARY GOLDBERG JANE GOODNER GARY GORDON JACK GORDON 'US ,fr AQ!- '5 7' fffr lf! 3 18 'wiv 'ov-,f mg if .5 Ayn.-...A if ixx .rx 'swf if 'ilk JOE GREEN ROBERT HAIGH DEBBIE HAGOOD SUSAN HANEY PAT HARDY LINDA HARRIS NEAL HARRIS RHEA HAUGSETH DAN HAUGHTON GEORGE HAWKINS PAUI-A HAZEI-RIG BECKY HERREN HIMMIE HIGHTOWER LOLITA IIODGES BILL HOUSEAL CAROL HUGR I75 BOBBY HUDGINS WILL HUDSON LARRY HUGHES BARRY HUTNER JERRY JACKSON ELLEN JACOBS RICHARD JAFFE HARRIET JENKINS ANDREA JOINER RICK JOHANSON LINDA JONES RICHARD JONES TOM KAPPEL KATHY KARTUS DEBBY KIMBERLING JOHN KIRKLAND 9' sv W... VU YL.,-r K 12-.M-o Nha-f JOE LACEFIELD VICKI LILLEY GAYLE LOGAN AMANDA LURIA ARNOLD LEVIN STEVE LICHTER CAROL LINDER RONNIE LITTLE BRUCE LONDON DAN LOWE DAN MCCARN LYNN MCCARY "'11"- BARRY LEVIN MARK LITZINGER DEBBY LUDWIG ROBIN MCDONALD LYNN MCFARLAND ELLEN MCFERRIN SUSAN MCLALLEN ANN MCMILLON DALE MCNABB MIKE MASON LYNN MENDELSOI-IN JOHN MILLS CONNIE MITCHELL DAWN MONTGOMERY CLIFF MOORE DIANE MOORE LINDA MOORE ANN MORTON MIKE MOURON KATHY MUNGER A-1 WN 'QS 41. TP K. ,. 'QW vw ,A ,g- vw A.. umm! 4?-I-T? x., 'rl'-L-v 12- - mx fvvv, -wig Nh fr-N ,.,,- J Mix QL l 7 DIANA NATHAN ANN NELSON SUELLEN NIXON DOTTIE NORRIS ELAINE ODUM LOUIS PAPPAS ELIZABETH PERRY JOHN PFRIMMER JAN PHILLIPPI DELL PHILLIPS AMELIE RATLIFF NAN RAST ANDY NOBLE MARTHA PERRINE MURRAY PHILLIPS DALE RAYMOND TRICIA REID ROBBIE ROSENBAUM DAVID SCOTT MORRY SILVERFIELD DAVID REZNIC BILL RINGLAND KATHY ROLLINGS EDDIE ROYAL CAROLINE SHACKELFORD WILL SMITH LEE ANN RUSSEL RHONDA SCHULTZ. KATHY SHARP RHONDA SI-IAPIRO ALDEN SNOW DAVID SOLOMON 43-5 0 Tr'-pr' ff f F"'N 5-sf ojxx Q., 'Tx 'UN BILL SPRAGUE AILEEN STEPHENSON REGINA STRATTON LISA THOMPSON ' V"x' "Y '57, -' SUSAN STAFF NANCI STARNES MIKE STEIN JEAN STEWART SUSAN STILES SPENCER STONE ELLEN TATE TYLER TAYLOR DENISE THOMPSON PAM THUSS BILL TILLY BILL TIPPER NANCY WARWICK IOHN WASHINGTON RICHARD WATERS EMILY WATKINS TOM WEAR LYNN WEAVER SUSAN WHATLEY DAN WHITE JILL WILSON KATHY WILSON LANIER WILSON LAURIE WILSON JIM WINNETT BETH WISE TERRIE WOOD BILL WOOLVERTON ygw. wx 'T ff' ,JQPQK TL'- JUS 1'7" QS I"f1 l82 W ALEX YEILDING MINDY ZAROVSKY POLLY DICK L rf n , rb 'Y' 'QW ,,,,, i my mal? ffm? x Wy E IORI I. JAY AARONS History Club Pres. '68g Student Councilg French Clubg Science Clubg SWORD 84 SHIELD Staffg OLYM- PIAN Staffg Harvard Book Awardg Nat. Merit Semi- finalistg Honor Societyg "Most Likely to Succeed" DALE ADAMS Student Councilg French Clubg History Club: Cheer- leader BART AGROW Spanish Clubg Science Clubg Spanish Honor Societyg Honor Society LINDA ALAND French Clubg History Club MORLEY ALEXANDER History Clubg Stock,Clubg Latin Club DUDLEY ANDERSON Thespian Clubg F. B. L. A. g French Club ED ANDERSON Key Clubg Interclub Councilg Student Council CLIFF BAGWELL Key Clubg Latin Clubg Letter Clubg Basketballg Sen- ior Class V. Pres. 5 "Most Athletic"g Football: Base- ball BARBARA BAILEY Latin Club BUTCH BAKER Spanish Clubg History Clubg Forensic Club, V. Pres. '68g lnterclub Councilg Spanish Honor Society ALLEN BARRA Forensic Clubg Thespian Club JANE GREY BEDDOW Spartanettesg History Clubg French Club PEGGY BEl-INKE Thespians Club SUSIE BERK Doriansg Spanish Clubg Science Club CECIL BERRY History Clubg French Clubg Spartanettes Treas. g Honor Societyg OLYMPIAN staff BETTY BLACKBURN French Clubs History Club HOWARD BLATT Stamp and Coin Clubg Latin Clubg Stock Club DONNA BRAGMAN Spanish Club Sec. '685 History Club DEX MARGARET BRANCH Latin Clubg Art Clubg Thespian Club: Spanish Club CHARLES BRETZ Thespian Clubg Forensic Club MARY BRITTON Latin Clubg History Clubg-Spartanettes Chap. 5 ,Honor Society: OLYMPIAN Staffg Student Council Treas. BUNNY BROWN Spanish Club MERRILL BROWN Latin Clubg Science Clubg History Clubg Industrial Arts Clubg Footballg Wrestling KATHY BUCHANAN Stock Clubg Home Economics Club LYNN BUCHANAN History Clubg French Clubg Cheerleaderg F. B. L. A. 5 Gymnastics Teamg "Most Athletic" CLAY BURTON French Clubg History Clubg Stock Club JANE BUTTERWORTH Art Club: Book Club Bll.L CHENOWET H Science Club Pres. '68g Student Councilg Latin Club Industrial Arts Club ROD CLARK Spanish Club STANLEY COHEN SWORD SL SHIELD Staffg French Clubg Science Clubg History Club BART COLEMAN Letter Club BILL CONE Morning Watch Councilg Industrial Arts Club JUDY COSPER Art Club TED CROCKETT Basketball ANNE CROOKS French Clubg F. B. L. A. HILL CURRY History Club: F. B. L. A.g Cheerleaderg Pep Squadg "Most Popular" JANET CYPRESS Spanish Clubg History Club DIANE DAILEY F. B. L. A. : History Club: French Club: Pep Club: Cheerleader TWINKLE DANIEL SWORD SL SHIELD Editor '6'I: Student Council, Treas. '67, Parliamentarian '68: Science Club: Spanish Club: Tennis Team: Thespian Club Pres. '66, Sec. '68 PATSY DAVIS Spartanettes: History Club: Pep Club: French Club: Student Council Sec. '67, '68: "Senior Class Favor- ite" DENISE DENDY French Club: History Club: Thespian Club: OLYM- PIAN Staff PHILLIP DeVORE Science Club STEVE DeWITT Honor Society POLLY DICK Spanish Club: F. B. L. A. Pres. STEVE ELLIOTT Student Council Pres. '67s Key Club V. Pres. : Football: Wrestling: "Most School Spirit" PEGGY FARLOW French Club: History Club: Thespian Club: Activity Chairman of Senior Class CAROLYN FIEVET Thespian Club SUSAN FINCH Spartanettes: History Club: Latin Club MARGARET FLETCHER Spartanettes: History Club: HOH0r Society Sec. 9 OLYMPIAN Staff: French Club: Interclub Council PETER FORAN Science Club JEFF FOWLKES Senior Class Pres. 3 Junior Class Pres. : Senior Class Favorite: Basketball: Golf: Key Club Pres. : Letter Club: "Most Popular" MARK FRIEDMAN Spanish Club: Science Club: Honor Society: Spanish Honor Society CHARLOTTE GAFFORD Art Club Pres. '6'7: Book Club: Latin Club: SWORD 8b SHIELD Staff: OLYMPIAN Staff: Art Club Pres. '68 MARTIN GAINES Letter Club: Key Club: Football CAROL GARNER F. B. L. A. JUNE GARZA Science Club: Spanish Club: Head Majorette EARL GIBSON Letter Club: History Club: Wrestling GARY GOLDBERG Art Club: F. B. L. A.: Forensic Club PAT GOODMAN Senior Class Sec. 5 Art Club Sec. : History Club: OLYMPIAN Staff: Student Council: Interclub Coun- cil: "Friendliest": "Miss Olympian" JANE GOODNER Student Council: French Club: Thespian Club: Sci- ence Clubs History Club: SWORD 8a SHIELD Staff JACK GORDON Spanish Club: Science Club: Industrial Arts Club .TOE GREEN Student Council: Key Club: Interclub Council Pres - Honor Society: Student Council V. Pres. DEBBIE HAGOOD French Club: History Club: Thespian Club: "Wittiest Dorians: Glee Club ROBERT HAIGH Spanish Club: Book Club SUSAN HANEY Spartanettes PAT HARDY Honor Society Pres. : Football: Basketball: Track: Letter Club Pres. g "Best All-around" LINDA HARRIS Spanish Club: Glee Club NEAL HARRIS Forensic Club DAN HAUGHTON French Club: Latin Club: Thespian Club, Treas. : SWORD 84 SHIELD Staff: Interclub Council: OLYM- PIAN Asst. Editor RHEA HAUGSETH Spanish Club Pres. : Student Council: Science Club: History Club: Cheerleader: Spanish Honor Society: Tumbling Team MICHAEL HAWORTH Track: Wrestling: Gymnastics PAULA HAZELRIG Library Staff: History Club Sec. '68: French Club V. Pres. '68: lnterclub Council: "Miss Olympian" Semi-Finalist: Glee Club Librarian: Teacher Assis- I3 III BECKY HERREN Honor Society: Spartanettes: History Club: Science Club: French Club: OLYMPIAN Staff: Interclub Council: Tennis Team BILL HOUSEAL Key Club: Letter Club: Football CAROL HUCK Art Club Treas. 3 History Club: Pep Squad WILL HUDSON Key Club: National Merit Semi-finalist LARRY HUGHES Thespian Club BARRY HUTNER Art Club: History Club: Spanish Club: SWORD Sc SHIELD Staff ELLEN JACOBS French Club: History Club RICHARD IAFFE Spanish Club: Science Club: Letter Club: Forensic Club: Basketball HARRIET JENKINS Honor Society: History Club: French Club: Dorians: Library Asst. RICK IOHANSON Spanish Club: Science Club ANDREA IOINER Thespian Club: French Club: Book Club: SWORD 84 SHIELD Asst. Editor LINDA JONES French Club: Thespian Club: Science Club RICK IONES Latin Club: Drum Major of M. B. H. S. : All State Band KATHY KARTUS Honor Society: Spartanettes: OLYMPIAN Staff: History Club: Office Asst. DEBBIE KIMERLING French Club: History Club: Spartanettesg Science Club: Student Council RICK KINSEY Key Club: LCIIGI Club: Football: Basketball SUSAN LEACH Spanish Club: Thespian Club: F. B. L.A, V. Pres, ARNOLD LEVIN Science Club: Forensic Club: National Merit Semi finalist BARRY LEVIN Science Club: Spanish Club: History Club STEVE LICHTER Spanish Club: History Club: Stock Club: Baseball VICKI LILLEY Thespian Club V. Pres. '68s Art Club V. Pres. '67 '68: History Club: OLYMPIAN Staff CAROL LINDER Honor Society: History Club: Latin Club: Dorians RONNIE LITTLE Basketball MARK LITZINGER History Club: Science Club: Latin Club: Forensic Club: SWORD gl SHIELD Staff: OLYMPIAN Staff GAYLE LOGAN French Club DEBBIE LUDWIG Science Club: French Club: Honor Society AMANDA LURIA French Club: History Club MIKE MASON Glee Club Pres. : Basketball DAN Mc CARN Science Club LYNN Mc CARY Art Club: Dorians: Thespian Club IOHN MC CULLOUGH Football: Wrestling: Track: Letter Club: Spanish Club ROBIN Mc DONALD Art Club: Science Club LYNN MC FARLAND F. B. L. A. Sec. '68: Library Asst. : Thespian Club: History Club ELLEN Mc FERRIN French Clubg History Clubg Thespian Clubg Honor Societyg SWORD 85 SHIELD Staffg "Miss Olympian" Second Alternate SUSAN Mc LALLEN History Clubg French Clubg Thespian Clubg Art Club ANN Mc MILLON History Clubg Spartanettesg OLYMPIAN Editorg Junior Class V. Pres. g Art Clubg Student Council DALE Mc NABB Spanish Clubg Stock Clubg Thespian Club LYNN MENDELSOHN Spanish Clubg History Clubg Spanish Honor Societyg OLYMPIAN Staff DAWN MONTGOMERY Spanish Clubg History Clubg Interclub Councilg "Youth of the Year" Nominee From M. B. H. S. 9 National Merit Commended Student BROOKS MOORE Spanish Clubg Letter Clubg Wrestling DIANE MOORE Spanish Clubg History Club LINDA MOORE Doriansg Science Club ANN MORTON Spartanettesg French Clubg History Clubg Dorians BENJIE MORTON History Clubg Science Clubg French Clubg Wrestling MIKE MOURON French Club Pres. '67: History Club KATHY MUNGER History Clubg French Clubg Art Clubg Gymnastics DIANA NATHAN Honor Society V. Pres. Q Spartanettesg History Clubg Interclub Councilg Forensic Clubg SWORD St SHIELD Staffg Office Asst. g Library Asst. 5 National Merit Semi-finalistg "Most Likely to Succeed"g Rep. to Ala. Council on Citizenship ANN NELSON Cheerleaderg History Clubg Key Club Sweetheart SUELLEN NDCON French Clubg Spartanettes Pres. 5 Junior Class Treas. Q Dorians Captaing Student Councilg "Miss Mountain Brook" ANDY NOBLE Boy's State Representativeg History Club V. Pres. 5 Interclub Councilg French Clubg Forensic Club Parl- iamentariang National Honor Society DOTTIE NORRIS Thespian Clubg Art Club ELAINE ODUM History Club: F. B. L. A.: Stock Club Sec. MARTHA PERRINE History Clubg French Clubg Spartanettesg OLYM- PIAN Staff ELIZABETH PERRY History Clubs Spanish Club Treasg Honor Society JOHN PFRIMMER Footballg Letter Clubg Science Club: Forensic Club JAN PHILLIPPI Spartanettesg History Clubg Pep Club DELL PHILLIPS Spanish Clubg Dorians MURRAY PHILLIPS Hisfofy Club? Aff Club V- PICS: Spartanettesg OLYM pian Staff BYRAM POOLE Industrial Arts Clubg Band NAN RAST F. B. L. A. Q French Club: History Club AMELIE RATLIFF Student Council V. Pres. '67, Pres. '68g Spanish Honor Societyg Spartanettes Treas. '6'7g SWORD 84 SHIELD Staff '67g Jefferson County Association of Student Councils V. Pres.: Ala. Association of Student Councils Publicity Chairmang Rep. of Herald Citizenship Tour DALE RAYMOND History Clubg Spartanettesg Spanish Club BILL RINGLAND Key Clubg Track TRICIA REID French Clubg Science Clubg History Clubg Intra- mural Sports KATHY ROLLINGS French Clubg Science Clubg OLYMPIAN Staff ROBBIE ROSENBAUM History Club: Spanish Club: Science Club EDDIE ROYAL Student Council, V. Pres. '67: Key Club: French Club: Stock Club: Science Club LEE ANN RUSSELL Dorians: Art Club: Stock Club RENE RUSSELL Spanish Club: F. B. L. A. : Pep Club RHONDA SCHULTZ French Club: History Club: Science Club DAVID SCOTT Thespian Pres. '68: French Club: Honor Society: Science Club CAROLINE SHACKELFORD French Club: History Club: SWORD 85 SHIELD Staff: Glee Club RHONDA SHAPIRO Spanish Club: History Club: F. B. L. A. 3 Pep Club KATHY SHARP Honor Society: SWORD Sc SHIELD Staff: French Club: History Club WADE Sl-IIRKEY French Club Pres. '68: Thespian Club Treas. '67: History Club: SWORD KL SHIELD Staff HURLEY SILSBEE Spanish Club: Pep Club: Cheerleader: Glee Club MORRY SILVERFIELD Student Council V. Pres. '68: Key Club: Science Club: History Club: Stock Club ALDEN SNOW Science Club DAVID SOLOMON Spanish Club: Thespian Club: Science Club: Forensic Club Pres. '68 SUSAN STAFF Spanish Club: History Club: Office Asst. NANCI STARNES History Club: Latin Club: Thespian Club, Pres. '67: Spartanettes: Honor Society: "Miss Olympian" finalist MICHAEL STEIN Letter Club: Football: Track AILEEN STEPHENSON French Club: Science Club: F. B. L. A.: "Miss Olym- pian" Finalist IEAN STEWART Thespian Club: History Club: Spanish Club: Glee Club SUSAN STILES Honor Society: French Club: Science Club: Intra- mural Sports SPENCER STONE Stock Club REGINA STRATTON History Club Treas. '6'7: '68: Interclub Council Sec. '685 SWORD SL SHIELD Editor '68 ELLEN TATE French Club: Glee Club: Science Club: Honor Society Spartanettes Sec.: SWORD SL SHIELD Staff: Inter- club Council DENISE THOMPSON Thespian Club: "Miss Olympian" Finalist: F. B. L. A. : Intramural Sports LISA THOMPSON Thespians: F.B. L. A. : Intramural Sports: "Miss Olym- pian" Finalist PAM THUSS Student Council: Spartanettes: SWORD 85 SHIELD Staff: History Club: French Club: Junior Class Sec. NANCY WARRICK Spanish Club EMILY WATKINS French Club: Thespian Club LYNN WEAVER Honor Society: Science Club: History Club DAN WHITE Science Club JILL WILSON History Club: French Club: Dorians: Pep Club KATHY WILSON Latin Club: History Club: Student Council LAURIE WILSON Spanish Club: History Club: Intramural Sports JIM WINNETTE Science Club: Wrestling BETH WISE Honor Society: French Club: Thespian Club: OLYM- PIAN Staff: Pep Club: "Youth of the Year" nominee from M. B. H. S. : History Club TERRIE WOOD F. B. L. A. BILL WOOLVERTON Science Clubg Football ALEX YEILDING Science Clubg SWORD SL SHIELD Staffg Tennisg National Merit Commended Studentg Mathematics Association of America Cmath teamj MINDY ZAROVSKY History Clubg French Clubg Honor Society, Spartan- ettesz OLYMPIAN Staff OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Darnell, Mrs. Sparrow, Mrs. Mecllock 1966- 1967 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Steve Elliott lst VICE PRESIDENT Amelie Ratliff 2nd VICE PRESIDENT Eddie Royal SECRETARY Patsy Davis TREASURER Lee Word Twinkle Daniel HQ QR Anne Vo gtle MISS MOUNTAIN BROOK REPRESENTATIVES Allene Parker Diane Stubbs Nancy Waite Jan Wilson Margaret Yeates Laura Burch Carol Edwards Susan Fuller Julie McKenzie Sarah Meadows Liz Cunningham Marjean Dubois Kathy Geisking Jenny Jackson Allen Jones Margaret Branch Kathy Kartus Dale Raymond Pam Thuss 1967 MARCH OF DIMES QUEEN - Patsy Davis 1967 CHRISTMAS SEAL PRINCESS - Susan Fuller 1968 CHRISTMAS SEAL PRINCESS - Allen Jones Karl Schaffer NATIONAL MATH AWARD STATE SCIENCE AWARD 1967 HONOR GRADUATE NATIONAL MERIT F INALIST 1967-1968 FIFTH PLACE WSGN HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT CONTEST MARCH OF DIMES CANDIDATES Betsy Abele Margaret Branch Liz Cunningham Dalton Forman Julie McKenzie Kathy Munger Barbara Scott Diane Stubbs Jan Wilson Mary Yeates Wendy Williamson I I 'KAY' 'A Tgx rg, 1 , ' 14 lf' ff Wx ...!x,f1.- .Xi- :,r".5ff f xy, Y , Another Monday morning joyfully begins. "Ah-chooooo! " l'rn the king ofthe swingers, yeah, the jungle VlP" "Do I smell Juicy Fruit?" f' Don t Foster any hope about getting heat. E? -- t ,,Q l t. ,., ,, , . . You'l1 wonder where the yellow went. "Psst, plug it in stupid!" "Oh, those onions!" ,ir ,, fe fi . 5 Please excuse Deborah . . . " 'Tm 3 little feaP0f - - - H QQ! . AMW H . . and among other honors, I was named Miss Hydrochloric Acid of my chemistry class. " Y I "1 rold you I'd go: Miss Mountain Brook." "Could you fell me where the lirf-le boy's room is please?" o ? r ' x A A ,.v . .LH . r., Another organized History Club Meeting Mark, your 24 hour protection is over." Q e or Q our Would you believe . . . ? Why cou1dn't we spend longer on the slinky chapter?" "Why do we get roped into everything? "Two of you ought to be able to count it. " Nw.. "What do you mean I can't eat free?" get Z 'A 3, . . N Jn .V bds. sf 1 it ,x .3 - "I'11 take the blonde!" "I thought semiformal meant Q L if 'i' ,Sa E if sxigy "Peas is my very FAVORITE food! " f h.."'e.f L - , -no .W gf' A T '2 gqi1xrf,.4g,, .i Q, WEN . ,V :ggi "Ya wanna get in your locker?" A11 quiet on Fang's front. And now a word from our Phi Beta Kappa finalist. any "Dear Ann Landers . . . ' '51 . f' I B if! iff sv ,div KN 'An iv "But Mom, school was out seven hours "Yipee! Library time!" ago. " "Look, it's alive! Us f-.ln-If "There's enough room to drive a truck between us. :Q u, Goldberg?" "I'm a model for Stilt magazine. " "Now where did I put my cigarettes 911 Enthusiasm rLms rampant on the bench ,M A ' ' , 54.,,,-ws. f'You hit me, and I'11 hit you back' r F f "I Y ru..- .. A ,A 1 dl I . , WQKVA :SL Q5"51 71 "1 L 5 I.. ' r - ' F' its nf ,V ?l 0 a YQ gh' E 3 ie, .. V I 4 'Q ,ggi I ,.. 3 ii: li 51 N A. Ein 'ig Y ,az M3 ,.r-f.r.1"':z"r:'F , mime, K I 'f A ge' Nine out of ten girls use Nair. "Gee, do you think we'l.l be able to get away with it?" There's more than one way to kill time. ,. W -, at Q . A -Q if .fbi ' , r n.. ' , If "Coach promised he'd send me in the last 15 "But Miss Terre1l's already engaged!" seconds. " pf 'FS A ff ., . 'ian 1' The real nitty - gritty "One more fingernail and I quit!" Oops, wrong one. " 1' , 5:25-,i ,, I " It's a boy. " "All this work and I'm not even a finalist." "In my humble opinion . . . " FK if .gf W 7 A I I must go, my fans are calling. " Simon Says, "Sweep the mall. " "Is it that sad?" 203 y J V m"A i F5 wk ff' f W' -.,'k ai-,.r, , ., 4,.' Q. f We Us . K M 3 . 1 V ww Q X ,, 'll-3' 1 rw "I'm cool, what's your problem?" "No, I don'r use hairspray. " 5 want my mommy!" "Drink to me only with "Everybody thinks thine eyes . . . " this is water. " r : yr E v 1 - Q 1 "If you take my picture, I'l1 cry. " . -.,,., "C1arice is my name, c1eaning's my game. " Nr . '-k""lnv'A J ,af " ,V ...wag- 3 ,I s meuk Qw- MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD MOUNTAIN BROOK HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION MRS. GEORGE BRENGELMAN-PRESIDENT JOHN P. ABERNETHY, JR. JEFF BAGWELL HUNTER BROWN WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM A. DANIEL JAMES A. DAVIS, JR. LARRY DUMAS CARL FARLOW F. A. FAULKINBERRY PEYTON FINCH WILLIAM GIVEN, JR. HENRY GRAHAM HENRY GRAHAM HYATT HAGAN GAYLE HAUGHTON W. B. HOUSEAL, JR. HOGAN JACKSON JACK W. KIDD CHARLES KIMERLING WILLIAM R. McHENRY MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS MRS. MRS. MRS. JACK L. McKEWEN JOHN MONTGOMERY A. J. NOBLE, JR. ROBERT E. PALMER CHARLES PHILLIPS TOM RAST W. T. RATLIFF, JR. PAUL RICH DOLPH SEARS LANDERS SEVIER, III E. H. SHACKELFORD HENRY A. SNOW WILLIAM E. SMITH HUBERT STILES HALL THOMPSON W. G. THUSS, JR. J. CLEWIS TRUCKS DEWEY WHITE, JR. JOHN WILLIAMSON WOODROW P. WILSON 7128 Madrid Avenue Phone Birming Howar Howar I E d d aslwoo HOWARD ELECTRIC COMPANY Certified Electrical Contractors COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE Construction - Remodeling - Repairs ham, Alabama 833-0136 We also distribute a complete line of . . . GENERAL ELECTRIC BUILT - IN APPLIANCES Klitchings Phone Electric Co. Birmingham - 833-0136 d Distributing C Huntsville - 539 4861 Compliments of ca FRIEND THINGS GO BETTER WITH CCKE Compliments of BURGESS AND HAUGHTON ENTERPRISES 99 NOOK TODD'S VESTAVIA MALL Junior and Misses Womcm's Apparel MISS OLYMPIAN PATRONS ADORABLE SHOP PENNY PALMER CARPENTER OAK FLOORING PIZITZ CENTRAL PRINTING COMPANY QUEEN FEATURE CITY NATIONAL BANK THE RECORD SHOP COLONY CASUAL UNITED SPECIALTY FRITZ HORST FLOWERS VESTAVIA COUNTRY CLUB 99 NOOK VILLAGE SPORTSWEAR BARBER'S DAIRIES Maybe if we drink Barber's Milk we'l1 grow big and strong COMPLIMENTS OF CITY NATIONAL BANK CHARLIE BOSWELL INSURANCE AGENCY CRESTLINE BEAUTY SHOP 69 Church St et Crestline, Alabama 871-3549 NOW is a good time to come to . . . Whether you've just graduated and are on your way to campus or career . . . or whether you're among the class of '70, we have the right clothes for this important time in your life., Now is a good time to come see! 2.416 Canterbury Road Mountain Brook Village V -Z X I: I-Il l:'3A, N ' 3 , . . ,. .. . . f -' ---- 4- -lvfq-ww -- 3--M--aff, -N --2:1 i .W of u - f - --r' Qvff:f9 if L' ww -ww-.,w.zv1mw f -- , WHAT'S NEXT? Congratulations on your graduation.You might find a job with a future waiting for you at Southern Bell. Why not give us a call? SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE 8: TELEGRAPH CO. ,fffj ffl X f , mlwionuliufe X xx QuuJg,gfuQov1, ul, ixxxxkx-jf 2832 Culver Road Mountain Brook Village Birmingham, Alabama HEENNYPALHER 5' TM Umuaq Fadaixruahlw Tfwoaiip 941011, 291014 SOUYN KIGNYEENTN SYFEEY l NOMKWUOD, ALABAMA 35259 PUGH REALTY INC. 202 Massey Building 3 af' ,QVA .A - ,.-.,,P , ' '4"., 1 3 A - f X K iQ M X FOR GOODNESS SAKE EAT GOLDEN FLAKE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND cnesnme Amenlcnu as cnuncn smear ,,,,,E,,,c,,,, MT. Bnook, ALA. 35213 YNY 9. Aung AAA SERVICE AMOCO MOTOR CLUB Phone 871-3791 2l5 COMPLIMENTS of LUMBERJACK MEATS, INC. LUMBERJACK IRON ART INC. CASUAL FURNITURE - GIFTS LAMPS - ANTIQUES 2.901 Cahaba Road COIVIPLIMENTS of A FRIEND SIKES SHOES HOMEWOOD "We specialize in fitting babies' and chiIdren's shoes. " ROBERTA'S Mountain Brook BEAUTYTIME BEAUTY SALON 40 Church Street 879-2464 3 ff! I, J -Q J' f ll X , K if ish 21' I X Eastwood Mall COIVIPLINIENTS OF VALLEY MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM LEVIN JEWELERS Nothing Says It Like Jewelry CRESTLINE MOWER 81 NO BRAG, JUST FACT APPLIANCE SERVICE Homewood, Ala. Small Appliance Service and Parts 879-3142 2822 So. 18th St Authorized Hoover Sales and Service 67 Church Street 871-9419 2l7 PHONE 879-9172 CRESTLINE 5 87 'IO 59 Church Street 879-4243 TOYS - GIFTS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES ALL SUPPLIES FOR PARTIES AND DECORATIONS Mffage asiaruice Lgafion PURE FIREBIRD GASOLINES 100 EUCLID AVENUE - MTN. BROOK 'SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY' RAY WATKINS JOE LESTER C-,WPAIE ibaomhw E? ' . 4 A 4 4 Call Any of the Following REPRESENTATIVES at John B. Rudulph 879 4358 - Charlotte G. Rudulph 871 8295 Y Enoch Morris, Sr. 871 3204 7 Y F Martha Benton 871 7258 f Mrs. Nell Musgrove 871 7984 Dean LeVinge 879 9005 Nancy Dillard 871 6444 nf' , 4 THE RUDULPH co., INC. REALTORS - INSURORS 11 Dexter Avenue - Mountain Brook P.O. Box 9037 - Telephone 879-4691 Birmingham, Alabama 35213 218 Edith Piper C. Floyd Echols .Tune Gibson Elizabeth Daniels Nancy Wilson 822 879 967 785 871 0992 8409 3545 2415 6670 ROBERTSON TRAVEL POST Let Robertson Travel Post show you the world. 24 l2 Canterbury Road 879-0461 COMPLIMENTS OF BROWDY'S DELICATESSEN Fine Foods, Restaurant 2807 Cahaba Road Mountain Brook Village COMPANIES 808 South 2lst Street SCOTT'S LTD. Cards, Gifts and Floral Arrangements 2406 Canterbury Road WALLS CRESTLINE SHOE HOSPITAL 133 Oak Street Phone 879-7893 CRESTLINE FLOWER SHOP 68 Church Street Mt. Brook Birmingham, Alabama 352.13 879-4694 OAK STREET BARBER SHOP 140 Oak Street W vmnos Corner Petticoat Lane and Montevallo Road Crestline Mountain Brook, Alabama ' UST WONDERFU OOD" CRESTLINE TEXACO ft? , u'i'fl'erq Rssr u a. sANnwlc H snov Mountain Brook Village CHAR-BROILED STEAK DINNER S1 50 Baked Potato 81 Salad ' Compare with any SZ, 53 or S4 steak in town! 0 Kosher Corned Beef 81 Pastrami 0 Delicious Pastry Specialties I Famous RUBEN Sandwich SPECIAL CHILDREN'S MENU Courteous, prompt waiter servl:e 2410 Canterbury Road B79-9841 220 Q W. T. SAVAGE, Mgr. Lubrication - Tires - Accessories 92 Euclid Ave. 871-4384 WALDRUP STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP Q N 1: 'QT Ykmxv la X ,Q X ,I 7: R LN ui HV X A x ,A .3 A N. -.J. E N.. .fy HL X., xx X Q Af E. 1 Xa X 5? ...uf r -'fm ' BX -as k , V' K -an . ' 'x N'-QM-1 WALDRUPS STUDIOS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY BELMONT STUDIOS THE COOPERATION OF THE MOUNTAIN BROOK HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY 223 The end of another year . . . The completion of an annual. But the days in which We hope you will enjoy and treasure this record of the year are only now beginning i 224

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