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rfj ltlfr ' y b r n 4 LN lllllllllifl ' illll ' lll ' illllll ' lilliriiiflll ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ( 3 1833 01786 0971 D V GENEALOGY 975.802 M23MS 1974 l? " " ' )0)d; IKai ihtu Cft i Saskt-i ' bfill uou K.i£ J doiAi (i)W Wf) c o zv ' ■:-i " p K " X) ' . o V " C ' " - ■ ■fr.. Jy, , -.. v-JC... ' J 0L f x rsj f axil plac QT u •o ' ' ? ' V 5 . fi x m iiii l . i.! " W TA I uW. r- s ' -i ' ' •.1 » • • •»•, ' •- • . " .• ' .jw ' ,. ' .••• ••. fifel € [TDE SALE IGH SCHOOL 51 ORANGE STREET MACON, GEORGIA w CHANGING FACES Contents Activities 6 Sports 24 Faculty 44 Seniors 54 Underclass 76 Advertising 100 The 1973- ' 74 school year represents the dawn of a new era in the exis- tence of Mount de Sales. It has been a year characterized by change as shown by the addition of a modern library, a beautiful green lawn for the athletic field, as well as sixty bright Eighth Grade students . . . Consequently, the school has an air of freshness about it. We, the staff of the 1973 SciJesian, have made an attempt to capture the uniqueness of this year by creating a new and distinctive type of yearbook. -X-liit-, «v i o ■ DAY BY Patty and Jenny display surprising taifuits. Our campus has gradually under- gone a metamorphosis . . . not un- like that of a caterpillar changing to a beautiful butterfly. The addi- tion of De Sales Hall, which houses a fine library, is the most spectacular of our many improvements. With the renovation of Cavalier Hall, the soft grass covering the athletic playing field, and other such alterations, Mt. de Sales is taking on a fresh appearance Where we could only walk before, now we can fly. A fipoup of Seniors converse with new taee ol Mt. de Sales as a backdrop. DAY 4 it -l W-i JH M 1 1 Hi 1 i 1 h| ■ ii ii .i m -- lll t Jo and Steve break in the " new " victory bell. SPIRIT MAKERS Tina Shaheen, Captain Sharon Deeb From the time they first throw away their rattles and grab hold of a bull- horn, they make a unique crew. What other type of girl would slap some red marks on her legs simply because it sounds good? Which of you could still smile while you are losing by thirty points and your waistband is pinching? It ' s a special type of girl who will yell in 10 degree weather " We ' re hot, . . . We ' ve got the fever. " Cheerleaders .... What would we do without them? Sharon ZaengUnn Su.siin Zaenglein Cyndee Wallace B-team cheerleaders. Kneeling: Sissy Cramer. Delane Cramer, Chris Henderson Standing: Susan Farmer, }ean Conner, Jana Smith lllll iliiilHHBiii M Debbie Wilcher Sue McBrearty Susan Somerfield CAVALIER " Call in the hogs, Ma, we ' re goin ' to the fair! " Cavalier County Fair, that is. This year ' s Homecoming festivities were marked by all the trappings of a rural carnival. Even the bonfire took on a harvest time air as class skits re- minded one of corn and hams. COUNTY FAIR The Candidates: Patty Callen, Susan Zaenglein, Sharon Deeb. Debbie McMahon, Tina Shaheen, Cyndee Wallace (not pictured) Patty Callen, Miss Cavalier County. DREAM BUILDERS With Sheri around, who needs a Watergate shredder? Margaret, artist. The two are equal. Salesian staff editors Laurie Hughes, Marjo Marker, Jim Jordan, Margaret Katz, Jane Conner, Jo Michel, Sheri Lendrum. and Maggie O ' Shaughnessey pose for an unposed picture. Maggie, the epitome of efficiency. " One day I ' m going to clean out this cabinet " A yearbook is exactly that— a book which contains the collected events of a school year. The word is deceptively simple, whereas composing an annual of a ny quality is anything but simple . , . It entails long hours of developing and cropping pictures, writing captions, doing and redoing layout designs, and even a couple of minutes planning how to arrange them. The staff is ready, willing, and able to risk writer ' s cramp, insanity, and flashbulb blindness to present a masterpiece. So if you find a picture printed upside down or a caption that lapses into an unheard of foreign tongue, don ' t tell anybody and we won ' t either. Advisor Miss Alexantier strikes a pose. OUR FEARLESS LEADERS Student Council is often worthy of greater recogni- tion than it receives. Aided by class officers and other willing students, the Stu- dent Council officers shoul- der a sizeable burden. Each year the Group handles Homecoming, Get Ac- quainted Day, Student Di- rectory sale, and other ac- tivities too numerous to name. This school is fortu- nate to have those who as- sume responsibility without asking for rewards. " Did vou say 4.50 chicken dinners? " Homecoming ' s honored guest. Dedicated to preserving the quality of Mount de Sales ' new library-The Library Club. " Let ' s try ' Windy ' once more. " Band Club members think practice makes perfect. Members of the Letterman ' s Club know their team is better than the rest. • 1 PM I i I ' HI - KM sn am Deep in concentration, Chuck and Members of the Art Club help spread Christmas che Exodium staff organizes " In position now! " The Twirling Club poses. flood of student creativitv ' ■%vk . - VX k ifr f . A non action shot of tho Hiking and Cvcling Club. Spanish goes on as Steve Ricky conducts an experiment during Science Club. :u O ' c? OS Qn a French Club gathers for a r()usin_t; sin;.; alon;-;. What can you do with BLAN to avoid a word— Think Tank plays a game. sinks slowly into oblivion. The Red Cross Club works on one of their projects. -%. i ' I 1 1 K. .It M ' I HI Mll ' l " I ■.■o ii.ii ' W?l Mat s nibcjlizes grace in action. Rabbi Heim lectures on the Middle East crisis Laurre, Mark, Audrey and Ray display their happiness after being chosen National Merit Semifinalist. «« ' i«: : p :-« » x % 0 llhf : -S v.. - fe ' !? sIJ ' V- LEADERS BY EXAMPLE Hey diddle duddle, Garvin called a huddle Just two weeks after June Commerce laughed to see such sport Until we stomped all over the Moon! In 1864, Sherman burned a path from Atlanta to Savannah on his march to the sea. In 1973, the Mt. de Sales Cavaliers took a slightly different route, burning the MDS brand on teams from Seminole to Commerce in a football season un- paralled in the history of the school. Consider just a few of the milestones: A 14-0 record, 572 points, 6 shutouts, 8 play- ers on the bi-city team, 3 players making all state, sub- region champions, region champions, area champions, sec- tional champions, . . . State Champions. Vince Lombardi probably summed it up best when he said: " I firmly believe that any man ' s finest hour his greatest ful- fillment to all he holds dear— is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle— victorious. " For Mt. de Sales football, this is indeed the finest hour. V -£A . 26 DESCRIPTION: CHAMPIONS State Class " A " Champions: Front row: Kris Woody, Nancy Jean, Barbie Veal, Debbie Peden; Second row: Johnny Henderson, Greg Slocum, Way Duckworth, Mike Avant, Jimmy Mullaney, David Graves, Robert Slo- cum, Ricky Shurley: Third row: Coach Garvin, Joey Fortner, Sammy Deep, John Connelly, Ben Zambiasi, Ed- die Josey, Brian Saunders, Bill Harvey, Jon Horner, Coach McDaniel; Fourth row: Coach Pierce, Mike McMahon, Phil McGoldrick, Bert Wilcher, Wes Peavy, Johnny Walsh, Glynn Kelly, Danny McGoldrick, Matt McKcnna, Coach Davis: Fifth row: George Marinos, Steve Kruger, Eddie Brickie, Tom Dombrowski, David Taylor, Joey Hammonds. Pat Sheridan, Jim Jordan. Cavaliers display agressive tackling as Eddie Josey " flies " to their 27 John sits qLiictly .ind lislens inlenlly lo Couch Curvin. lohnny rips for j ood yardaj i: behind Rol)in-,t ' s bhickinj. Robert explodes through the line behind great blocking. Wilcher stops ballcarriiu- short of yardage needed. (Above) Ben shows his powerful running style. (Below) Team shows enthusiasm before state championship. Let the emotions flow! Golden Helmot winner Johnny Henderson shows form in a pass to Way. VICTORY! Opposition MDS Pacelli 60 Aquinas 9 35 GMC 60 East Laurens 6 14 Jones Co. 25 Wilcox Co. 7 67 Douglass 16 57 Hawkins -ille 28 Vienna 6 64 Monticello 14 62 Monticello 41 Seminole Co. 10 Irwin Co. 7 28 Commerce 8 21 Defense led by Eddie Josey and Ben Zambiasi stop the fabled " Runt " Moon in route to the state championship victory. SLOW START BUT FAST FINISH ' ' ' ix hi J Qi ' v ' , j blKl ' M; .. N BI H Jump ball . It seems to be a basketball tra- dition at Mt. de Sales to get started late in the season, and this year ' s team was no ex- ception. A string of early losses plagued the Cavalier ca- gers, spreading dark clouds over trophy hopes. But the sun broke through around midsea- son, and so did the team, who really got rolling. The sound of whishing nets and the smell of burning rub- ber pervaded the gymnasium as Coach McDaniel and the boys " got it together " in a late season scoring splurge. A new school record of 98 points in a single game was set in a win over Wilcox County. Overall, things evened up for the sea- son with a respectable per- centage of the games tallied in the " win " column. get it, get it. Zambiasi pops from the corner. Cavaliers take a breather from the action. Robert " eyes " the basket. " Now, for my next trick. The 1973-74 Varsity Basketball Team; (center) Coach Joe McDaniel, Left to right: David Hill. Ray Jaindl, Eddie Josey, Ben Zambiasi, Robert Slocum, Way Duck- worth, Carl Yockman, Tom Dombrowski, Greg Slocum, Johnny Henderson, John Andros, Erbin Troutman, Hal Clarke. Way reaches for a goal. Coach McDaniel thinks up strategy, then points it out to the team. MDS OPPONENTS 30 Twiggs Co. 53 60 Hawkinsville 61 58 Wilcox Co. 61 46 Twiggs Co. 66 75 Douglass 67 67 Wilkinson Co. 102 70 Putnam Co. 74 63 Bibb Tech 72 69 Jones Co. 83 70 Taylor Co. 68 94 Vienna 96 63 CMC 54 75 Wilkinson Co. 66 68 Douglass n 66 Taylor Co. 74 98 Wilcox Co. 67 70 Hawkinsville 67 76 Vienna 71 76 Wilkinson Co. CMC Jones Co. 65 Eddie Josey drives the lane and soars past the big man. HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Remember boys, the game is basketball. Wow, that ' s hot! MDS 34 41 37 25 29 44 45 43 46 50 40 38 45 43 43 40 OPPONENTS Twiggs Co. Central 9th Central 8th Hawkinsville Twiggs Co. Douglass Bibb Tech Jones Co. Taylor Co. MDS Juniors Wilkinson Co. Taylor Co. Boddie Jr. Hawkinsville Boddie Jr. Wilkinson Co. MDS Seniors Jones Co. The " B " Team, made up of a group of hard working and en- thusiastic boys, has learned during the course of this year what it means to be a team. Their diligence has laid the groundwork for future Varsity teams at Mount de Sales, The 1973-74 " B " team. Top row, left to right: M. Story, B. Saunders, L. Lawrence, J. Swain, R, Davis, R. Google; Middle row: C. Hudson, P. Henneberry, M. Benton, M. McMahon, J. Smith, S. Cramer: Bottom row: M. Viviani, H. Clarke, D. Daniel, Coach Chester Pierce, T. Pierce, M. Horner. GIRLS PUT HARD WORK INTO SEASON fm 1973-74 Girls Basketball Team: Center: Coach Garvin. Left to right: Sally Thomas, Mary Cole, Anita Lott, Kathy McAfee, Jody Davidson, Patti Neal, Linda Brantley, Lisa McLemore, Tara Thomason, Jane Conner, Su- san Zaenglein, Donna Hill, Sheri McAfee. Concentration. Susan applies the brakes to avoid a defender. Tough coaching, tough playing and a Httle tough luck combined to make the Lady Cavaliers games some of the most interesting to watch this past season. Security was not a common feeling for Coach Garvin and his girls be- cause an astonishing number of games were decided by a margin on only a couple of points. Most games went right down to the wire, with the ball on the edge of the rim, the fans on the edges of their seats, and the referees on the edge of their patience. There was some crying and some rejoicing; these are the products of a close game. The most important thing here was not which emotion was more displayed. The important thing is that the Lady Cavaliers have proved once again that they can stay on the court with any- body. And maybe even stay a little longer. Linda and Anita scrap for a loose ball. Susan listens intently as Coach Garvin spats out instructions. " Watch this. Coach! " Look. Mom, no hands! Patti sets her sights on the ball. MDS 45 29 27 37 44 34 36 35 49 37 47 33 47 34 40 40 39 53 OPPONENTS Twiggs Co. Hawkinsville Wilcox Co. Twiggs Co. Douglass Bibb Tech. Jones Co. Taylor Co. Vienna G.M.C. Wilkinson Co. Douglass St. Vincent ' s Taylor Co. Wilcox Co. Hawkinsville Vienna Wilkinson Co. G.M.C. Jones Co. Let ' s get it together. THEIR GOAL: STATE CHAMPS Baseball team (1 to r) First row: Tim Pienr, Hill Harvey. Malt McKenna. krily lowlrs. Iim Deep, ion Horntr. Mike Viviani; Second row: Gary White, Mark Bikus, Ricky Vickers, Charles Grace, Eddie Josey. Joey Ham- monds, David Hill; Third Row: Pam Pyles, Debbie Peden, Carl Yockman, Johnny Henderson, and Sue Jackson. Coaches Pierce and McDaniel shake on what should develop into a great baseball season. In his first year as head coach. Coach Pierce is expected to follow in the footsteps of Coach McDaniel: producing winners. TENNIS: THE INDIVIDUAL ' S SPORT w fh Front row (1 to r): Tobias Volker, Julio Melchiore, Richard Rogers, Mark Rogers, Steve Wach, Jimmy Thomas (not pictured). Second row: Katheryn Knott, Maggie O ' Shaughnessey, Mary O ' Shaughnessey, Lisa McLemore, Jenny Bass. It ' s not easy to hold a pose like this. Mark rockets back a serve. Lisa shows off her forehand. Richard Rogers gets in a little practice before season. 5CH( GOLF TEAM (1 to r): Farnsworth, Mclntyre, and Walsh. Sophomore Kevin Mclntyre picturesque golf swing. shows his PHYSICAL ED. They swing with the greatest of ease. Joe " Cool " McDaniel, mild mannered reporter for the Daily Grind, strides down the hall. Then, checking for pos- sible onlookers, he dives into a nearby locker room and becomes . . . Super Coach! Emerging into the crowded gym he is recognized immediately by his dazzling trademark uniform: the spe- cial design lightweight flying goggles, those nifty pants with the deep pock- ets, and, of course, the immaculately white super-coaching shoes. A hush falls over the throng of students as Super Coach calls the role. They know that he has something exciting planned. Will it be ping-pong? War Ball? Ice hockey? Deep sea fishing? It matters not. Whatever it is, they are confident that Super Coach would not fail them. What goes up, must come down. Sharon shows her style. Hard work really shows. Andy demonstrates his technique on the rings. What ' s Coach McDaniel up in the air about? What is Jimmy doing? Matt shows intense concentration as he works a routine. Faculty Dedication " Dedication " is a word which should be used sparingly. It implies serious com- mitment to something; a commitment which most people never make. Dedication is a word which describes the faculty of Mount de Sales. The faculty is a group of people who have accepted the responsibility of educating and motivating the leaders and workers of to- morrow—us. Judging from what a challeng- ing group we are, it is no small undertaking. Our teachers are prepared to provide any- thing necessary to speed our academic progress— from a pat on the back to a rap on the head. Although as the year progresses, patience may wear thin and nerves may tighten, our teachers will continue to work with us on that problem we can ' t seem to solve. Aside from regular classes, the teachers at M.D.S. are involved in most of our activities, and spend many hours after school helping with clubs, dances, and student presenta- tions. In the midst of the homework, the tests, the projects, and even the punishment, we ' re all on the same side. Along with an interested Board of Trustees led by Dr. John O ' Shaughnessey, and an equally dedicated staff, the faculty guides us in our preparation for life. Father Bede Sister Fidelis Mrs. Smith Coach Pierce i Ut Ml ' l ' Sister Kathleen , Mr. McLachlan Mrs. Patterson Mrs. Butler Father Bede Sister Bcrnardint Miss Alexander Miss Hawkins Coach Garvin Sister Elizabeth Sister Veronica Mrs. Galya Mrs. Knott Coach Davis Sister Barbara Faculty Directory Miss Cecilia Alexander English I and III; Yearbook Advisor Sister Mary Barbara, R. S. M. English I, Latin I, Music Appreciation; Study Hall Moderator Father Bede Lightner French III and IV, Assistant Principal, Director of Gui- dance, Financial Manager Sister Mary Bernardine Algebra I, H, III, Trigo- nometry, Calculus I; Red Cross Service Club Mrs. Dinah Brown American History, Georgia History; Student Council Advisor, National Honor Society Coordinator Mrs. Suzanne Butler Algebra I, English 8 and III; Literary Magazine Club Mr. David Davis Chemistry. Physical Science Coach of B-team Football, B-team Basketball; Ecology Club Mrs. Kathleen Deutsch Art I, 11, 111, Advanced Art; Art Club, Coordinator of Special Functions Sister Mary Helen, R. S. M. Personal Awareness, New Testament, Social Concerns Sister Kathleen Marie, R. S. M French I and II, Old Testa- ment. World History; French Club, Cheerleaders Mrs. Madge Knott Librarian; Library Club Mr. Joe McDani(!l Physical Education; Coach of Varsity Football, Var- sity Boys ' Basketball: Gym- nastics Club Sister Mary Elizabeth, R. S. M. Typing; Principal Mrs. Catherine Galya Math IV, Algebra 11, Plane Geometry; Tennis Club Mr. Mike Garvin Geometry, Algebra I, Consumer Math; Coach of Varsity Football, Girls ' Basketball, Tennis; Chess Club, Rand Miss Glenda Hawkins Biology, Advanced Biology; Hiking and Cycling Club, Band Mr. Ronald McLachlan Physics, English II; Science Club, Dope Stop Program Mrs. Patricia Patterson Spanish I Mr. Chester Pierce American History, Sociology; Coach of B-team Football, Varsity and B-team Basket- ball Mrs. Carol Smith Secretary; Chorus Moderator Mrs. Jeanne Taylor Cafeteria Manager, Assistant Bookkeeper Sister Mary Veronica, R. S. M. Study Classes Mr. Carl Williams English 8 and IV, Physical Education Assistant; Think- Tank Club ji f ' • Miss Deloise Tukes Mrs. Taylor Mrs. Delphene Williams Mrs. Eula Richards .- SENIORS. . . THE END OF AN ERA Stephen Maurice Alston ' 1 ' " S " is for somber, " E " is for energetic, " N " is for nervous, " I " is for interesting, " O " is for optimistic, " R " is for remembering, " S " is for sometfiing which ties these varied quahties together to make Seniors what they are. In most cases, it is easy to spot a Se- nior in a crowd. He ' s the one with a pocket crammed full of col- lege pamphlets, who may only pretend to be interested in the con- versation. Seniors tend to feel a little superior, but come down to earth at the prospect of starting over at the bottom next year. The pressure of the future looms ahead and they can feel it. Were it not for the medicinal qualities of the " sacred privileges " , the strain might become too great. But a quick trip to the shrine of the " Pig " or the Krystal can make them new people. Through it all, the Seniors draw on each other for encouragement and friend- ship. They become a close knit group bound together against a common foe: fear of the unknown. Another factor draws them to- gether: four years of striving toward a goal only now coming into sight. They ' ve had many laughs along the way and many happy moments but now it is time to move on. There are things which must be done. John Harry Andros Elizabeth Ellen Bickott Mark Daniel Bikus Debora Catherine Mary Arangno Jennifer Ann Bass Stephen Michael Bradigan Linda Anne Brantlev Eddie Thurman Brickie, Tr. James Gus Cacavias I % Michael Joseph Cafiso Sabrina Ann Cason John Christopher Connelly Patrician Ann Callon Mark McCreary Cassidy Jane Elizabeth Conner Margaret Joan Considine Constance Wood Cunningham ]o Ellen Davidson George Winfield Raymond Davidson III Samuel John Deep Richiird Dennis Dohcirtv Everrnt Way Duckworth Michele Dolores Falduti Mary Kathleen Faulkner Rebecca Holly Fluker Charlotte Jeannette Gebara Michael Stephen Hardy Mellena Runea Hill Sue Ellen Jackson Ralph Norman Hibble. ]r. Cindy Adair Jackson Rita Wolff lones Edwin Grover Josey Barbara King Cynthia Elizabeth Lane Margaret Susan Katz Steven Lawrence Kruocr Sheri Margaret Lendrum Phillip Glynn Kelley Katherine Mae Lamb James Benton Lindsay Michael Colbert McAfee Phillip Michael McGoldrick Deborah Rose McMahon Josephine Logan Michel lohn Richard Millican Mary Susan Mitchell Margaret Ellen O ' Shaughnessey Hold on, Ralph. Lunch is only 10 minutes away! Mildred Patricia Louise Neal Ralph Mark Rogers Tina Marie Shaheen Richard David Shurley Sharon, De Sales ' champion hog caller. " 5 Richard Patrick Sheridan Robert Slocum, jr. Charles Harrold Snider, Jr. Cindy SuAnne Steiner .1 »• David Hunt Taylor Barbie Lynn Veal Timothy James Story lames Patrick Thomas Richard Eugene Vickers wr Lawrence I. Sultenfuss Erbin LaBean Troutman Steven Thaddeus Wach Senior Officers: Patty, Pres., Charles, Treas., Jo, Sec. Mark, Vice Pres. Elbert Talmadoe Wilcher III Connie Diane Walden Cynthia June Wallace Amos Cecil Williams Carl Allen Yockman Susan Marie Zaenglein Benjamin Ray Zambiasi SENIOR DIRECTORY Stephen Maurice Alston " Steve " Dope Stop 12: Yearbook 12; Science Club 11 John Harry Andros " Moon " Basketball 10.11,12: Golf 11,12: Year- book 11,12: Who ' s Who 12 Debora Catherine Mary Aranono " Debbie " NEDT Certificate 9.10.11: Latin Cer- tificate 10; Red Cross 11; Science Club 11 Jennifer Ann Bass " Jenny " Spanish Club 11,12; Vice President 12: Basketball 10; Tennis 9,10,12; Who ' s Who 12: Glee Club 10,11,12 Elizabeth Ellen Bickett " Betty " Spanish Club 9,10: Sales Sheef 11; Assistant Editor 11; Glee Club 11.12: Exodium 12: Editor 12 Patricia Susan Brittian " Patty " Key Club Sweetheart 9: Gymnastics 9,10.11,12; Twirling Club 11.12: Home Economics 9 Robert Bryant Bunch " Kimo " Tennis 10.11,12: National Merit Commended Student 12; Chess Club; NEDT Certificate 9.10; Who ' s Who 12 James Gus Cacavias " Jimmy " Journalism: Science Club; Library Club; Cycling and Hiking Michael Joseph Cafiso " Dago " Football 10; Basketball 11; Class President 11; National Society of Outstanding Teenagers of America 11 Mark Daniel Bikus " Mark " Baseball 9.10,11.12: Football 9; Chess Club 9,10.11.12. Think Tank 12; Science Club 11 Stephen Michael Bradigan " Steve " Entered; 10 Spanish Club 11.12; President 12; Tennis 11; Glee Club 12: Treasurer 12 Linda Anne Brantley " Linda " Basketball; MVP 11; Let- terman ' s Club 11.12; Press Club 9.10; Spanish Club 9.10; Yearbook 11 Eddie Thurman Brickie Jr. " Eddie " Football 9,10,11,12; Baseball 9; Let- terman ' s Club 10.12; President 12: Chess Club 10.11; Gymnastics 9.10.12; Patricia Ann Callen " Patty " Girls Basketball 9.10.12: Class Presi- dent 12, Glee Club 11,12; Lettermen ' s Club 10: Homecoming Queen 12 Sabrina Ann Cason " Butter Bean " Spanish Club 9,10; Glee Club 11; Think Tank 12: Mark McCreary Cassidy " Mark " Class President 9: Class Vice Presi- dent 12; Editor Safes Sheet 11; Busi- ness Manager Salesian 12: National Merit Semifinalist 12 John Christopher Connelly " J.C. " Football 9.10.11,12; Cycling and Hik- ing Club President 12; Science Club 11,12; Spanish Club 9,10; NEDT Cer- tificate 9,10 Jane Elizabeth Conner " Jane " Basketball 9.12 Mgr.ll; Tennis 10,11,12; Glee Club 11,12; Treasurer Student Council 11; National Honor Society 12 Margaret Joan Considine " Peggy " Journalism 9; Basketball 9,10,11; Lit- urgy Club 11 Constance Wood Cunningham " Connie " Entered: 11 Spanish Club 11 Jo Ellen Davidson " Jody " Varsity Basketball 9,10,11,12; Span- ish Club 11; Lettermen ' s Club 12 George Winfield Raymond Davidson III " Ray Dave " Football Mgr. 9; National Merit Sem- ifinalist 12; Gymnastics 11,12; NEDT Certificate 9,10; Marine Physical Fit- ness test Certificate 9,10 Mary Alice Deeb " Mouse " Entered: 10; Gymnastics Club 11 Sharon Marie Deeb " Sharon " Cheerleader 9,10,11,12; Homecoming Court 12; Twirling Club 11,12; Gym- nastics Club 9,10,11 Samuel John Deep " Sammy " Football 9,10,11,12; Class Secretary 9; Class President 10; Class Vice President 11; Lettermen ' s Club 11,12; Basketball 9,10; French Club 9,10 Richard D, Doherty " Tricky Dick " Football 9,10; French Club 9,10; Ten- nis 11; Baseball 9,10: Golf 12 Everret Way Duckworth " Way " Basketball 9,10,11,12; Football 9,10,11,12; Lettermen ' s Club 12 Chess Club 10; Spanish Club 11 Michele Dolores Falduti " Michele " Gymnastics 9,10,11; Music Club 9 Mary Kathleen Faulkner " Kathy " Entered; 11 Gymnastics 11,12; Twirl- ing Club 11,12 Rebecca Holly Fluker " Becky " Gymnastics 9,10; Red Cross 12; Spanish Club 10.11; Twirling 12 Charlotte Jeannefte Gebara " Charotte " Spanish Club 9,10; Glee Club 11,12; Drama Club 11; Red Cross 12 Michael Stephen Hardy " Tick Bird " Entered: 10 Football 11,12; Gymnas- tics 11 John Holden Henderson " Hotdog " Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Most Valuable Player Football 11; Let- termen ' s Club 10,11,12 Ralph Norman Hibble " Ralph " Entered 10; Spanish 10; Library Club 11; Cycling and Hiking Club 12 Mellena Runea Hill " Melody " Spanish Club 9,10; Sales Sheet 10,11; Glee 11; Cycling and Hiking 12 Laurie LuAnn Hughes " Laurie " Governor ' s Honors Program 10; Na- tional Honor Society 11,12 Glee Club 11,12; National Merit Semi-fi- nalist; Univerisity of Georgia Certifi- cate of Merit Cindy Adair Jackson " Cindy " Entered: 11 Glee Club 11,12; Sales Sheet 11; Red Cross 12: Sue Ellen Jackson " Sue " Entered: 11 Baseball Manager 11; Football manager 11; French Club 12; Gymnastics 11 Raymond Gerard Jaindl " Ray " Basketball 9,10,11,12; Spanish Club Treasurer 11: Hiking and Cycling Club 12, President 12: NEDT Certifi- cate 9,10 Rita Wolff Jones " Rita " Glee Club 11,12: Dramatics Club 11; Red Cross 12. President; NEDT Cer- tificate 9 Edwin Grover Josey " Big Ed " Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Baseball 9,10,11,12: Gym- nastics 9,10,11,12 Margaret Susan Katz " Margaret " Entered: 10 Spanish Club 10; Sales- ian 11,12 Sales sheet 10,11; Exodium 12 Phillip Glynn Kelley " Smelly " Football 9,10.11,12; Spanish Club 10,11; Letterman Club 12 Steven Lawrence Kruger " Kosher " Football 9,10,11,12; Class Vice Presi- dent 9; Student Council Secretary 10; Saiesian 11,12; Sports Editor 12; Lettermen ' s Club 10,11,12 Katherine Mae Lamb " Punkin " Gymnastics 9,10; Glee Club 11,12; Cynthia Elizabeth Lane " Cyndie " Entered: 11 Spanish Club 11: Cy- cling and Hiking Club 12 Sheri Margaret Lendrum " Sheri " Sales Sheet 9,10; E.xodium 12, Sec- tion Editor 12; Saiesian 11,12, Assis- tant Section Editor 11, Activities Editor 12; Spanish Club 9.10; Cheer- leader 10 James Benton Lindsay " Benton " Football 9: Baseball 10: Latin Club 9 Frederick Albert Joseph Loebker, Jr. " Rik " Spanish Club 9,10; Cycling and Hik- ing Club 12, Secretary 12; Science Club 11,12: Marine Physical Fitness Award 9; Rocket Club 11 Marjo Marker " Marjo " Quill and Scroll Society 10: Salesian 12. Underclassmen Editor 12: Sales Sheet 10,11, assistant page editor 10,11: Glee Club 11,12: Drama Club 11 Michael C. McAfee " Mike " Spanish Club 9,10.11: Cycling and Hiking Club 12: Sales Sheet 9: Ten- nis 10 Frances Marie McBrearty " Fran " Cheerleader 9,11: Lettermen ' s Club 11: Ecology Club 12: Gymnastics 9,10,11: Music Club 9 Nancy Jean McBrearty " Nan " Spanish Club 9,10: Glee Club 11,12: Salesian 12: Drama Club 9,10: Ten- nis 11 Phillip Michael McGoldrick " Phil- Football 9,10,11,12: Baseball 11: Let- terman ' s Club 12: Ecology Club 12: Best Hustler Football Award 11 Nancy Ellen McMichael " Nancy " Entered: 10 Drama Club 10: French Club 11; Think Tank 12 Bryan Erwin Merck " Bryan " Golf 10,11,12 Josephine Logan Michel " Jo " Saiesian 12, Senior Editor 12: Class Secretary 10,12: Glee Club 11,12: Who ' s Who 12: Tennis 9 John Richard Millican " Rick " Chess Club Football 9: Science Club 11 Mary Susan Mitchell " Susan " Entered: 11; Spanish Club 11 James Frank Mullaney " Shalaley " Press Club 9,10: Football 11,12; NEDT Certificate 10: Science Club 11: Tennis 12 Mildred Patricia Louise Neal " Patty " Basketball 9,10,11,12; Liturgy Club 11; Gymnastics 9,10; Lettermen ' s Club 12: Glee Club 11 Margaret Ellen O ' Shaughnessey " Maggie " Class Treasurer 9,11: Student Coun- cil Vice President 12; Tennis 9.10.11,12: Salesian 11,12, Editor-in- Chief 12. Photographer 11.12; Na- tional Honor Society 11 Deborah Lee Peden " Debbie " Entered: 11 Gymnastics 11: Baseball Manager 11,12; Football Manager 12: Lettermen ' s Club 12 Ralph Mark Rogers " Turtle " Tennis 10,11,12: Journalism 9, 10; Salesian 12: Basketball 9,10; Chess 9,10,11 Richard Daniel Rogers " Bird " Tennis 10,11,12; Basketball 9.10 Tina Marie Shaheen " Tina " Cheerleader 9.10,11,12, Co-Captain 10. Captain 12: Homecoming Court 12; Lettermen ' s Club 11.12: Gymnas- tics 9.10 Richard Patrick Sheridan " Pat " Basketball 9,10: Baseball 9.10; Foot- ball 9,10,11,12; Golf 10.11.12; Let- termen ' s Club 12 Audrey West Shields " Audrey " Entered: 11 Sales Sheet 11: Chorus 11,12; Student Council President 12: Salesian 12, Faculty Editor 12: Na- tional Merit Scholar 12 •i m Richard David Shurley " Rick " Basketball 9,10; Baseball 9,10.11.12: Football 9,10,12; Lettermen ' s Club 11,12; Gymnastics 11 Robert Slocum " Dolemite " Football 9,10,11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Baseball 9,10; Lettermen ' s Club 11,12, Secretary 12; Chess Club 9,10,11 Charles Harrold Snider, Jr. " King Chuck " Entered: 10 Glee Club 11,12, Vice President 11, President 12; Spanish Club 9,10, President 11; NEDT Cer- tificate 10; Class Treasurer 12; Saies- ian 12 Cindy SuAnne Steiner " Cindy " Spanish 11 Timothy James Story " Tim " Chess Club 11,12 Larry J. Sultenfuss " Larry " David Hunt Taylor " Mr. T. " Football 9,10,11,12; Lettermen ' s Club 10,11,12; Basketball 9,10 James Patrick Thomas " Vidalia " Tennis 10.11,12; Science Club 11,12; Glee Club 12; Dope Stop 12; Sales Sheet 9,10 Erbin LaBean Troutman " Ace of Spade " Football 9,10; Basketball 9.10.11,12; Baseball 10; Lettermen ' s Club 12; Spanish Club 9,10 Barbie Lynn Veal " Barbie " Entered: 11 Football manager 12: Glee Club 11,12; Gymnastics Club 12 Richard Eugene Vickers " Donut " Baseball 11,12: Basketball 9.10; Chess 9,11,12; Lettermen ' s Club 12 Steven Thaddeus Wach " Steve " Tennis 10,11.12; Chess Club 11, Treasurer 11; Saiesian 12; Glee Club 12, Science Club 11,12 Connie Diane Walden " Connie " Entered: 11 Spanish Club 11,12 Gary Claude White " Gary " Baseball 9,10,11,12, Most Improved Player 11; Chess Club 11: Let- termen ' s Club 12 Elbert Talmadge Wilcher III " Bert " Entered: 10 Football 11.12; Let- termen ' s Club 12; Chess Club 10.11 Amos Cecil Williams " Cecil " Basketball 9,10; Chess Club 10,12; Carl Allen Yockman " Carl " Basketball 9,10,11,12; Baseball 11,12; Chess Club 11,12; Lettermen ' s Club 12; Spanish Club 11.12 Susan Marie Zaenglein " Susan " Basketball 9.10,11,12; Cheerleading 9.10,11,12; Lettermen ' s Club 11,12, Secretary 11. Co-President 12; Ten- nis 10; Homecoming Court 12 Benjamin Ray Zambiasi " Ben " Football Basketball 10,11,12; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Spanish Club 10; Lettermen ' s Club 9,10.11.12 ' ' ' rf 4 The Juniors . . . The Potential Leaders At last! The time has come for those who have struggled through the lowliness of being freshmen and sophomores to be rewarded. The junior year is the year in which the stu- dent works just as hard, but in which he can finally see a profitable end. Graduation and college seem a tangible thing instead of a hazy eventuality. The awarding of senior rings culminates the junior year and shows the way to the responsibilities of the upper classman. Among some of the attributes of the junior class are its enthusiasm and its po- tential for leadership. They are ready for a new tomorrow. ■iis: Ricky Boyd Ricky Butler Matt Cafiso [immy Cassidy Brian Ciierer Jim Crenshaw Tim Deep Fernando deRojas Carol Dixon Tom Dombrowski - Gale Edwards Judy Elder Bobby Farnsworth Joey Fortner Lynn Gordy Charles Grace Veronica Grant Andy Greenway Joey Hammonds Wayne Hardy Joan King Anita Lott George Marines Marguerite Marshall Mary Sue McBrearty Don McCunniff Danny McGoldrick Greg McKelvey Matt McKenna Mike McMahon Karen McMillan Genie Miller Linda Miller Susan Molleson Marie Mullis Meg Ness Robbie Nichols David Paine Steve Parent-lew Wes Peavy Trudy Punaro Melinda Quiambao Don Rosen Susan Russo Michael Sharp Darlene Strawser Susan Taylor Tina Walker Johnny Walsh Debbie Wilcher Kris Woody Cindy Wooley Sharon Zaenglein The Sophomores ... In the Middle of the Road The Sophomore year is a middle year. The typical sophomore student is two years away from graduation and the privileges of a Se- nior, but he is miles away from the novice eighth graders and freshmen. He has strug- gled with basic subjects and is now ready for complex math, biology, and American his- tory. His role in student government has in- creased and the eventuality of off-campus privileges is becoming obvious to him. He helps his class in projects to earn money and he knows that the Jr.-Sr. is only one year away from him. Sophomore year is the year of decision . . . will the students maintain the carefree airs of their previous two years or will they begin to grow and assume the re- sponsibilities that their age and rank place upon them? Look at their activities— perhaps the choice is already made. Bill Carswell Maureen Carter Patricia Chatman Michael Chopo Hal Clarke ill Berry Detra Brox Mary Cole Bob Coney Randy Coogle Tim Cook Delane Cramer Susan Cramer Derek Daniel Mark Daniel Jimmy Dominy Chris Ennis Susan Farmer Bob Gamble David Graves Shannon Flynn Luann Greenway Susan Darity Johnny Deeb David Deep Doug Dunwoody Debbie Falduti Rocky Ferrara Jay Fulcher Kathy Hammonds Marilyn Harper Lucius Harris Renee Hubby Joe Hudek Cherrie Hudson Darcel Hughley Tommy Hurley Pam Jackson Valerie Jackson Greg Jarres Bob Jiles Martha Keoughan Bill Kersey Bill King Patrick Kitchens Katherine Knott Sharon Heim Mary Henderson Pat Henneberry Phyllis Large Larry Lawrence Tony Leskosky Freddy Leslie Chip Malcom Kathy Markwalter Kathy McAfee Kevin Mclntyre Kevin McKelvey Lisa McLemore Leisa McMillan Julio Melchiore Don Miller Bill Miller Mark Moulton Larry Ness Camille Odom Mary O ' Shaughnessey Tim Pierce Pam Pyles John Raynor Donna Reise Diana Rose Allen Rowell Brian Saunders Anthony Smith Mark Story Cleon Thombley John Vizzini Cecelia Williams Greg Slocum Jana Smith Chuck Strawser Kelly Towles Tobias Volker Linda Williams Jay Smith Sally Thomas Mike Viviani Robin White Walter Wolfe The Freshman Class . Enthusiastic Beginners The freshman class is ready to take over Mt. de Sales. Armed with enthusiasm, spirit, and an ea- gerness to move our school forward, the freshmen are trying their best to make themselves the bes class that this school has ever seen. Confronted with the election of class officers, the students united and produced a slate of officers who zeal- ously strive to make the freshmen leaders in areas of spirit and student government. The freshmen, unstaggered by an academic load consisting of such horrenduous courses as English, algebra, for- eign languages, and physical science still have time to attend football games and sock hops. The life of a freshman is full— full of both work and fun. Blaise Adams Mike Avant Paula Billinglea Glenn Brickie Harold Brickie lulie Brooks John Callen Tony Campbell Pamela Cardell Lucia Carswell Both Carter Michael Ciowers Maria deRojas Alec Ennis Clint Fowler Charles Harris Donna Hill Teresa deRojas Deani Ferraro Patti Genone Mark Hamilton Tony Hively Catherine Starks Patti Fluker Stanley Green Cathie Hatton Marshall Horner Ralph Elrod Sheila Fordham Lisa Hadarits Chris Henderson Joe Hyder Ricky Jackson Storine Jackson Veronica Jones Steve Knott Nancy Large Bernadette Lee Doug Jordon Rusty Kennington Joeie Kitchens Lynn Markwalter Sheri McAfee Tommy McBrearty Bruce McCallie Kate McCunniff Mark McMahon Cathy Millikan Lee Moss Robert Noble Pam McCarty Jimmy McKenzie John McPherson Larry Morris Devon Mueller Valerie Napier Myrne Nolla Mike Otto Richard Panerese Richard Parent-Lew Liz Pinkerton James Raynor Joey Roell % Rebecca Rogers m W Karen Rowely jy n } Gratia Ryne Donald Sibley Michael Sisk Patrick Sisk Kathe Turner Keith Walker Sara Stone Tara Wayne Walker Jarvis Swain Thomason Edward Walsh Rebecca Carol Toole Jeanene Tomblyn Glenda Tukes Warren r i« H ' l The Eighth Grade .... A Whole New Thing A new and integral part of Mt. de Sales in 1974 is the eighth grade. This small group has made itself familiar with the traditions and customs that are such a great part of our school and is now ready to take its place as a responsible body. These youngest students have taken part in spirit-raising They are one of the most enthusiastic groups at football games and pep rallies. They have come from a world of rulers, scissors, and crayons into an- other of algebraic equations, gerunds and clauses, and forward rolls. They must make themselves accustomed to the famous blue and white schedule card and remember that your locker opens when you dial it right-left-right (or should that be left-right-left?) At any rate, these students have done a fantastic job of getting the feel of Mt. de Sales. They have taken a big jump and they are still on their feet. Gene Glance Stanley Golston t Charlene Corlev Joseph Barroso John Barton Greg Beecher Arnold Blum Ken Bowers Kerry Branch James Brimer Bonnie Etheridge Chuck Lee Alice Fussell Steve Home Ronald Jiles Timothy Joyner Laurie Land Joe Lee Tamme Groce Hugh Jennings Elizabeth Johnson Kathy Judd Laurie Lanier Tim Leskosky Dan Harris Markus Heinrich Sally Henderson David Mahoney Cathy Malcom Russell McCardel Laura Millikan Scott Mischo Allicia Mitchell Susan Mullins Donnie Ouzts Greg Panter Freda Jo Patton Rush Peace Mary Phillips Christopher Prescott Ken Rivers Michael Rogers Amy Rose Leslie Rowell Allison Shaw Lowell •Sheftall Ricky Shelton Susan Stelling Mark Stewart Manina Vickers Vicki Walden Beverly Walker Andy Webb David Wilcher Karen Woody iBimii[w (iyflii «M THIS iOrC IS LEGAL TCNOeR rOA ALL DCtrS, RliUC AND PRIVATE bin t4iJL THIS iOTB IS LEGAL TENDER FOR AU DERTS. PURUC AND PRIVATE aiR. qqriTiiJi Dr. and Mrs. Don B. Bcinlon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burman Mr. and Mrs. A. Bullnr Mrs. C(!cilc! M. Cassidy Dr. and Mrs. James L. Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Chopo Mrs. Herbert Clark Jake Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Castex P. Conner Mr. and Mrs. Jammell Corley, Sr. Mrs. Joyce Cowarl Robert J. Cramer and family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Deep Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Dixon Dombrowski Family Olen Dominy Dr. Richard S. Duffell Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Elder Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Faldut i A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Gamble H.R. Haldeman Mrs. Ruth R. Hardeman Mike Hardy Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hendersc Dr. and Mrs. R.S. McMichael Mr. and Mrs. Marion McMillan Si- Bryan Merck Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miller Mr. and Mrs. B. James Mitchell Mrs. Alice C. Molleson Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Mullanev Mr. and Mrs. George J.L. Napi Mrs. Doris W. O ' Shaughnesse) Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Paine Mr. and Mrs. Felton Powers Paul 1. Prescolt Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Quisenbf Arthur J. Raynor and Family Bobby Riggs O.K. Rivers Dr. and Mrs. CM. Rovi ley Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Shaw ' Jack Shields Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slocum Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Snidi r and Gerlr Jack and Tommy Somerfield Mrs. Godfrey Sleiner Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Story Hamp Swain Mrs. Zenola Swain Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson J.W. Toole Jr. Mrs. E.R, Troutman Mr. and Mrs. Inman Veal Mr, and Mrs. Paul E. Vickers Mr. and Mrs. Bob Walker Dr. D.T. Walton Mr. and Mrs. George A, Watso Mr. and Mrs. J.S. While Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wiggs Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Wooley :s Alexander i. Mary Anthony and Mrs. Ed Assad and Mrs. Charles W. Baldv and Mrs. W.C. Barker. Sr. and Mrs. Larry G. Bass is Be.M:her irand B(!lliflower ) Benlly Family and Mrs. P.A. Berrella n Berry Mr. and Mrs Tho nas L. B( Betty, Brian. Bonn ie BickiM Albr rt Billingslea Mr. and Mrs Alb( rt Billing 4is.s Margar M Bil ingsl(!a Kirs Mallye W. BillingsliM Mr. ohn ind Mrs J. Brady T.A. Bradigan Mrs M.E. Br anch Mr. md Mrs Robi rt Brann Mr. md Mrs L.R. Brantlev Mr. and Mrs. Ceci H. Brickl Mr. and Mrs. Eddi ■ T. Brick Mr. and Mrs. Wm N. Brim(} Detra L. Brox Donnie L. Brox Mrs. Lucy S. Brox Mr. and Mrs. Jami s Bruce Dr. F.J. Bruss VIr. and Mrs. John Cacavias Matthew M. Cafisi ( " m sgl Aranda R. Galli ' n an. Mr. and Mrs. N.). Camcrio. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Carter T.R. Gary Hclnn F. Cason Mark Cassidy Marie H. Chalman Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Clarke Fannie Mae Coleman Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Colslon Compliments of a friend Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Google Aaron Cook Mr. and Mrs. H. Jammeli Corley, Roy N. Cowart Delane Cramer Susan Cramer William T. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Dacklin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Davis Mr. F. Davies Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Davis, Sr. Mrs. E. DiVenuto Mr. and Mrs. James Dominy The Donnelly Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Dorholl Marvin Dyson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edvifards Mr. and Mrs. G.W. English Erbin and Linda " Always and Fo Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Etheridge Mrs. John Etheridge Mrs. J.W. Eversole H.F. Faile Mr. Freddy Floyd Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Fordham A Friend Mrs. Mollie Frye, Sr. Gale and David Galya Family Clndualdo G. Garcia, Jr. Mike Garvin Joe Geist Ernest Genone Mrs. Bill Gillis Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Gordy Greg and Gail Mr. and Mrs. Forrest D. Hale Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Hammonds Bob Hartley Mrs. F.E. Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Harvey Jeff Harville Mark Harville Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Henderson. Jr. James M. Henneberry Mr. and Mrs. John Henneberry Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Henning Hermie Dorothy Hoffman Richard L. Horner U.S.A.F. Mr. Robert O. House Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Howard Nita Howell Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hughes. Sr. Richard Hughes Cindy Jackson Mrs. Frances C. Jackson —r;.. Pam Jackson j Ricky Jackson ■] Mr. Stokey Jackson Jr. Otto J. Jaindl Jenny and Sam Dr. and Mrs. G.A. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Pete Johnson Mrs. Ralph A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Johnson Jon and Kathy Curtis and Elizabeth Jones Mr. and Mrs. Margaret Jonoo Rita Jones Veronica Jones Eddie Josey Glynn Kelly Robert Keoughan Mr. James S. Kilgore Carol King Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Knott and Family Mrs. George Landry Mr. and Mrs. John Lane Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Lanier Ms. Dorothy S. Lathbury S. Lathbury Mr. and Mrs. Malaski Lawrence Ben J. Leo Mrs. L.J. Leskosky Mr. L.J. Leskosky Mr. and Mrs. James G. Leslie " Liberation is at hand " Mr. and Mrs. Moses Lightfoot Benton Lindsay Fred A. Loebker Mrs. Fred A. Loebker Rik Loebker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Long and Family Debbie M. Mr. .and Mrs. E. P. Madden. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Marker Marjo Marker Mr. and Mrs. Edward Markwalter Mrs. Wesley Marshall E.D. McAfee Mr. and Mrs. J.F. McBrearly Mr. Michael McBrearty Col. and Mrs. T.G. McCunniff Mrs. J.B. McEachin Mr. and Mrs. J. Tom McGoldrick Dr. and Mrs. T.H. McKelvy Mr. and Mrs. Albert McLellan Mike McMahon Mitzi and Leisa McMillan Mr. and Mrs. L.J, Michel Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. George Miller Mary Miller Penny S. Miller T.C. Mils Moon (Fegari) Charles F. and Irma Moore Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. Moss Ms. 259-92-2537 Huel J. Mueller Mr. Lynn N. MuUis Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Nable Mr. and Mrs. David Nackashi Dr. and Mrs. Jule Cody Neal and Family Dr. Charlotte Neuberg Miss Helen M. O ' Shaughnossey R.T. Otto " Owl " Lt. Col, and Mrs. E.R. Panai W.C. Panter Richard Parent-Low Mr. and Mrs. Leeland Paul Mrs. R. Earl Pea roe George W. Peavy Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Peden Mr. and Mrs. M. Penland Mrs. Willie J. Pills J. Taylor Phillips Dr. and Mrs. C.J. Pompei and Family Mrs. G.W. Pierce Presentation Sisters Mrs. Alhena Register Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Riley Joey Roell Jack A. Rogers Diane Rose Joe L. Rowell Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russo Miss Phyllis Ruijso Joseph W. and Maria I. Pyne Mr. and Mrs. B.G. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Anthony N. Soils Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Shahcen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Shaheen Mr. Thomas Shaheen Mr. and Mrs. Barney Shipman The Sibleys Mr. and Mrs. Smelly Mr. and Mrs. Buck Smith Mrs. Carol Smith Harry P. Smith Mr. J.W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Stambolitis W.R. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. James Stubbs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spinks Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Spencer Mrs. Conrad Stalling Mary Stone Mr. and Mrs. Herman Strawser Mrs. Margai Al Swygert Mr. and Mrs. W.V. Tanner Joseph D. Thomason Joe Tirello and Family Mrs. Mae Eula Tukes Mr. Paul E. Vikers The Wachs Mr. and Mrs. CM. Walker Ms. Dorothy G. Wallace Mr. ar id Mrs. E.E. Warren Mr. ar id Mrs. F.M. White Mr. ar id Mrs. Waller D. Whiting Mr. ar id Mrs. R.L. Williams Ray G . Williams Herm; in and Ann Wills Dr. an d Mrs. Lawrence E. Wilsn Ray Wilson Mr. ar James id Mrs. Wright Philip D. Woody 1 Mr. ar id Mrs. Yockman Sue Y Mr. ar ockmai 1 Raymond F. Youn id Mrs. Willia: m C. Zaenglein DEAN ' S FOOD MARKET MID-STATE OIL COMPANY ' Performance That Counts " 4488 Marion Ave. Macon. Georgia 31206 Phone: 788-6666 [ if ' Compliments of THE CLOTH WORLD Compliments of C6xievis icians ' Dispensers to Eye Physicians ' 688 First Street TELEPHONE: 742-8743 439 Cotton Avenue Southern Trust Bldg. TELEPHONE: 746-6248 Ladies; Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear Stantom Plaza Warner Robins, Georgia P.O. Box 883 Phone: 923-4223 TFLEPHONE 746-0264 Sydney Pyles Plumbing Heating Co. CONTRACTS AND REPAIRS SYDNEY PYLES 525 TWELFTH STREET MACON. GEORGIA Compliments of 940 Hillcrest Boulevard Phone: 743-8124 Macon, Georgia DOHN AUTO PARTS T 4 i 4141 Houston Ave. Macon, Georgia Best Wishes to the Class of ' 74 from the Class of ' 78 BURKE ' S FURNITURE Compliments of a FRIEND r r r ■a FURNH i i ' ih im S |} ' l!i§? " )! •i:5« » Compliments of THE CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK Compliments of ST. PAUL APARTMENTS Macon 1330 Forsyth Street Macon. Georgia 31201 Phone 912-745-0829 POWERS GULF SERVICE Open 7 Days Specializing in motor tune-up Road service Wrecker Service Automobile Air Conditioning COMPLETE CAR SERVICE 3888 Vineville Avenue Phone 746-4581 wm Compliments of L. E. SCHWARTZ SON, INC. 279 Reid St. Macon, Georgia 31208 HAPPY PIG RESTAURANT 375 Raines Avenue Macon. Ga. Happy Says The Best BBQ In The South Jim and Ginny Cramer " Invite you out " Compliments of HUTCHINGS FUNERAL HOME 536 New St. Macon, Georgia MOTHER HUBBARD EARLY LEARNING CENTER 682 Lynmore Avenue Macon. Georgia 31206 J-limuunaimniuq Tuj 3Jnurc COLORS AND STYLES OF ■ JOYCE DEEB MONA SIGNS 745-6643 995 WASHINGTON AVE • MACON, GA. 31201 GEM Dry Cleaners ) U i0 Laundry 1 Hour Service R. S. THORPE (yV Skoe 3253 Vineville SONS Avenue Dial 742-7927 Headquarters of Men ' s and Boys ' Wear 435 Third St. 533 Cherry St. Macon, Ga Ph. 743-5112 Macon, Perry Plaza Georgia Perry, Ga. Ph. 987-2194 Stantom Plaza Warner Robins Compliments of Ph. 923-8851 Compli ments of POWELL ' S SMITH RIVERSIDE REALTY PHARMACY 2720 Riverside Dr. AUCTION Macon. Ga. 31204 American Ph. 743-4408 Federal Bldg. Macon, Georgia 109 Compliments of JOHNNY J- DEEP HOGAN AUTO PARTS Machine Shop 3046 Columbus Road Macon, Georgia Ph. 745-4406 HOWARD ' S GIFT AND JEWELRY For Everyone Come into Macon Federal. Yon ' ll come out ahead. MACOIM FEDERAL SAVIMCSS LOAlNJ AKSOCIATIOPJ Mam Office: Riverside Branch: Northeast Branch: 337 Third Street 2540 Riverside Drive 1302 Gray Highway Pio None Branch: Rocky Creek Branch: Forsyth Branch: 900 Pig Nono Avenue 3411 Pio Nono Avenue 101 North Lee Street Watch and Clock Repair From the JARRES and GIRA Families Best wishes to the Sophomore Class of 1974 in Macon there are three ® 425 CHERRY STREET 434 WALNUT STREET 2626 RIVERSIDE DRIVE Full Catering Banquet Services Available " Service with that Personal Touch " A Division of Smith and Sons Foods, Inc. HOUSE OF QUALITY FOOD HURLEY ELECTRIC COMPANY Another Satisfied Customer HEFNER ' S BAKERY WESTGATE 9 P.M. OPEN 10 A.M. SPECIALIZING WEDDING-BIRTHDAY-ANNIVERSARY CAKES PASTRIES CAKES PIES BREAD BIRTHDAY Cakes AS GOOD AS THE BEST AND BETTER THAN MOST " SPECIAL ORDERS A SPECIALTY ' W. D. (DON) SHURLEY Owner 781-4646 WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HOUSTON COUNTY Law and Finance Plaza Warner Robins, Georgia BLUE BIRD BODY COMPANY POST OFFICE BOX 937 FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA 31030 Congratulations to the CLASS OF ' 74 Mian WB r .•- from SJ 2 HOMEROOM RAY ' S FURNITURE APPLIANCES Where Good Funiture Is Not Expensive; Authorizeti G.E. Deah r 311 Watson Blvd. Warner Robins, Georgia IS COUNTRY CLUB LIVING Executive Office; 1 River North Blvd. Macon, Ga. 31201 Telephone (912] 743-1406 River North is a Robert J. Adams, Jr Land Development COMPLIMENTS OF BALLARD BROTHERS ELECTRIC COMPANY 2164 HOUSTON AVENUE MACON, GEORGIA BOTTLING CO. INSURANCE-LEASING MORTGAGE BROKERAGE ROBERT H. WALKER ASSOCIATES 2014 RIVERSIDE DR MACON. GEORGIA Compliments of GEORGIA TIMBERLANDS INC. P.O. Box G Macon, Georgia 31202 THE UNITED STATES NAVY RECRUITING OFFICES Federal Building 451 College Street 743-0381 Old Federal Building Mulberry Street 742-0756 ALBERT BILLINGSLEA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 2948 Malibu Dr. Macon, Georgia THE HOUSTON UTALL 40 STORES UNDER ONE ROOF Serving All the Needs of Middle Georgians Atlanta Wig Boutique Lamarick Beauty Salon Belk-Matthews Langley ' s Lock Key Bell Brothers Shoes Shop Bryant ' s Appliances T.V. Orange Julius Butlers Shoes Sam Neal ' s Shoes Ed Causey ' s LTD Sears Chick-fil-A Sewing Circle Fabrics Dipper Dan Shern ' s Card Gift Shop Elmore ' s Singer Evelyn ' s Sugrue ' s Friedman ' s Jewelry Southern Discount Gateway Books The Red Door W.T.Grant Co. Walgreen ' s Playland Yankee Peddler Hall of Music Radio Shack SHEFTALL ' S Barber Shop " Expert Service " SH6-8652 754 Walnut Street Macon, Georgia Next time your bank gets to you, maybe vou should get to know us. PAYROLL RECORDERS JOB COST RECORDERS TIME STAMPS WATCHMAN ' S CLOCKS FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS MASTER CLOCK SYSTEMS CENTRAL CONTROL SYSTEMS MONITORING SYSTEMS PRODUCTOGRAPHS CARD RACKS INDICATING CLOCKS TIME CARDS SERVICE MAINTENANCE V V h ONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS of 74 From Bob Rogers Simplex Representative of Macon GQCJD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 74 FROM THE CLASS OF ' 77 nil nil II ST. PETER CLAVER CHURCH Father Michael Delea. Pastor JOHN J. SHAHEEN, Pres J.W. STOKES, Vice-Pres Treas. SARA A. WALL. Sec t PHONE 742-4517 STOKES-SHAHEEN, Inc. WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES State Market MACON, GEORGIA 31208 P.O BOX 4302 477HAWTH0RNE ST CompHments of VARSITY DRIVE-IN 1510 Forsyth St. 74 1 c: Doesyoui hcMise haiebad breatn? Bad bivath happens to houses, too. Pockets of stale, sniellv air Boiie-Jrs aiul dralt in winter. Hot and sticky by summer. And clammy miistv , mddeuN ni between. With all sorts of indoor air pollution-air borne dust, pollen, cooking odors, tobacco smoke. Now that ' s BAE BRf-ATH! A mighty Luipleasant situation tor yourentire family. Give your house a breath of Springtime- allyearlong-vi ' iih Lennox Total Comfort You ' ll enio this freshness the year ' round. The ducted Total Com- loit System surrounds you with living air. warmed or cooled to theri ht comlort temperature. ConimuouslN circulated. Breathe the sweet soft- ness ol air squeezed dry of summer stickiness ... or gently moistened to case wmter ' s scratcliN dr ness. And eleclronicalK cleaned to remove U . or more ol air-borne dust. |H)llen. soot. dirt. e en tobacco smoke and cooking odors. Lennox Total Comfort comes in four easy-add-on packages: ( 1 ) heating. C) central air conditioning. (3) power humidifving. 4) air cleaning. Start nou.and sa ' goodbye to a houseful of bad breath! ' - ' all us i(iiUi LENNOX Ccrtincd Dealer HAMLIN AIR CONDITIONING AND SHEET METAL. INC. 3680 Fairmont Ave. Macon, Ga. 31204 Phone 742-8821 COKE ' S Cameras, Photographic SuppHes Film Developing Service 735 Cherry St. Macon, Georgia Williams Plaza Warner Robins, Ga. MUNFORD DO-IT-YOURSELF STORE 433 Walnut Street Macon. Georgia 31201 Carefree Living WARNERSON WARNER ARMS APARTMENTS GLENN HORNER a Manager 923-8264 WELLBORN RD Warner Robins, Georgia 31093 Congratulations to the Students of Mt. de Sales from BEGoodrich WALL TIRE SERVICE. INC, 1751 Watson Blvd. Warner Robins. Georgia 31093 Phone: 923-4218 COMPLIMENTS OF BIBB TRUSS COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF FINE ROOF TRUSSES 1852 FULLER STREET Dial: 746-4450 Wishes the Senior Class of 1974 luck, joy, happiness, and success for their future years. COMPLIMENTS FROM A CAVALIER FOLLOWER FRANK V. HALL COMPLIMENTS OF ACME GLASS 1680 BROADWAY MACON, GEORGIA i xie Plumbing Supply Company == 7 J tdc4 Heating Equipment Valves and Fittings Pipe 370 Pine Street Phone 746-4885 Macon, Ga. " The Best Friend Your Office Ever Had! " BILL JENNINGS MOBILE HOMES Personalized Quality Service Highway 247 Warner Robins. Georgia 31093 MERICAN OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 552 Mulberry St. Macon. Georgia Phone: 746-7373 Compliments of BRANAN TRACTOR SERVICE COMPANY William S. Branan. Owner 4560 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia 31206 Phone: 788-5729 B.C. HAMMOCK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY P.O. Box 577 Gray, Georgia m Congratulations and Best Wishes PACKAGING CORPORATION OF AMERICA A Tenneco Company 7670 Airport Drive, Lewis B. Wilson Field Macon, Georgia 31201 (912) 788-9505 We ' re Ecology Minded MOORE-HANDLEY, INC, 1641 Eisenhower Parkway Macon, Georgia The BIBB Company 237 Coliseum Drive Macon, Georgia 31208 HOYAL and DUNWOODY INSURANCE AGENCY 708 American Federal Building Phone: 745-8634 CHRIS R. SHERIDAN and COMPANY Chris R. Sheridan, contractor for the new DeSales Hall, and his company extend sincere congratulations and best wishes to each graduate of the class of 1974. Sportswear Suits Sportcoats Formal Rental Specialist Proctor ' ? Mtm Ijoppe NORTHEAST PLAZA 746-1032 Congratulations to the Class of ' 74 FASHION Compliments ORIGINATES of AT PROCTOR ' S THE IVY IS GOIHG TO BE BEAUTIFUL ' K K x Susan Cramer Alec Ennis Chris Ennis 666 Broadway X. Cherrie Hudson Macon Rick Loebker hone: 742-8751 THANK NO ] Courtesy of MRS. POWERS MACON NEW CAR TRUCK DEALERS ASSOCIATION Development Mortgage Banking Insurance Commercial Real Estate Industrial Real Estate Pickling and Walker 577 Mulberry Street, Macon, Georgia 31 201 , (91 2) 746-9421 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. F.H. CASON and FAMILY TINY TOT DAY CARE CENTERS Preschool Children Well Supervised Hot Meals Central Heat and Air Call 788-3052 Weekdays and Holidays Ca 788-2874 JOHNIE C. DOUCLAS Owner and Director " PROFESSION OF PHARMACY RULED BY THE HIGHEST IDEALS ' Norris Pharmacy Pickney Clinic Hayes Northgate Drug Pharmacy Davis Drive Pharmacy Manor Pharmacy Centerville Drug Boulevard Pharmacy Liggett Rexall Drug Hail to the Class of ■74 CAREER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of SOUTHERN CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CO. 430 Lower Broadway P.O. Box 205 Macon. Ga. 31205 m.- Eat. Drink, and be Merry at your DAIRY QUEEN 4553 Forsyth Road Call for Pick-up Orders 477-6424 MAi OS OA »vivAAX-«l GRAND ALL COLLEGE Accredited by Accrediting Commission for Business Schools Career Courses for Young Men and Women 655 Second St. Macon Totally Air- Conditioned Patricia Sheridan Barfield, Owner Compliments of GEORGIA BEER COMPANY 1968 WATERVILLE ROAD Macon, Ga. PHONE-743-9558 Ingleside ViJIage Macon, Georgia 31204 Montezumii 472-7515 Macon and Warner Robins GOFFEY GHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE ING. WILSON TYPEWRITER ' ADDING MACHINE COMPANY Royal Typewriters, Electrics, Manuals Portables VICTOR Adding Machines. Printing Calculators, Electrostatic Copying Machines REX-ROTARY Mimeograph Spirit Duplicators, Photo-Ofseft Machines Supplies, Service, Sales, and Rentals 130 College St. Macon, Ga. Phone: 746-2777 Johnson ' s Garden Genter 140 Hartley Ave. Macon, Ga. M " Wo Grow Through Service " CHEVROLET, OLDSMOBILE 1 1 SIGN Of LEADERSHIP | | " To be the perfect gardennr- Check with nature ' s partner ' Sxotic Jish Mouse SJl .l.r %A Pols Supplies 1714 WATSON BlVD WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA PHONE; 923-6943 4864 HARRISON ROAD MACON 3830 Pic Nono Avenue Macon, Ga. 31206 Compliments of DON ' S ORIENTAL GIFT SHOP Cherokee Shopping Center Macon Commerce National Bank of Warner Robins 1903 Watson Boulevard PO Box 2148 Warner Robins. Georgia 31093 Telephone (912) 922-2265 Open Monday Through Friday. 9 a.m. -6 p.m. " Going One Step Further " " REGISTER RUBBER EQUIPMENT CO. Children ' s Apparel Accessories Owners Julian W. Johnston Sanders W. Johnston 970 Fifth Street Macon, Ga. 31201 CITIZENS ™ BANK The Ready Bank» 1205 Watson 1764 Watson 1101 Watson Compliments of RALSTON PURINA CO. Macon, Georgia STAMPS EXXON SERVICE STATION Macon, Georgia 31201 1290 GRAY HIGHWAY A THE BANK Si TRUST COMPANY OF MACON LOYAL ORDER OF THE MOOSE LODGE 1455 Compliments of BILL H. LAVERY Compliments of ' G mpa : part ' s (iHortuar JamiL- of d ' enj %,tl, Sbur 1399 STREET - TELEPHONE 7A6-432 jfHncon, (Scargui 31201 Compliments of ews 466 Third St. Macon, Georgia 743-9321 Bibb Music Center 317 Cotton A enue Phone: 746-3232 Macon, Georgia BOARDING GROOMING SUPPLIES ALL BREEDS AKC PUPPIES PAUL ' S PET PALACE GROOMING SALON Phon( 781-9140 4405 Pio Nono Ave. Macon. Georgia 31206 Owners Groomers Paul Alice THE CARRIAGE HOUSE 3600 Riverside Dr., Macon, Ga. 31204 912— 746 -49 9f Ethan Allen CARPET CLEANING 20 Years Experience Completely Modern Concept in cleaning WE USE CHEMICALS-NOT SOAP AND WATER NO SHRINKING-READY FOR USE SAME DAY WALL TO WALL CLEANING A SPECIALTY PROMPT, COURTEOUS SERVICE 746-8142 KEE-WEE CARPET CLEANERS ru Installed While You Wait 24-Hour Plate Glass Replacement AUTO GLASS . Windshields . Plate Glass . Furniture Tops . Window Glass . Mirrors Any Size . Store Fronts . Plexiglas INSURANCE CLAIMS Pick-Up c$ Delivery " Give Us The Breaks " 3011 HOUSTON AVENUE MACON, GEORGIA 781-6768 Compliments of YAMAHA m INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION of Macon LTD. " It ' s A Better Machine " Macon ' s Finest Catalog Showroom r SONS, INC. Wholesale Distributors Fine Jewelry. Giftware, Appliances, Luggage, Silver, Cameras, Electronics 2490 RIVERSIDE DR. MACON. GEORGIA Showroom Hours Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. -6 p.m. Thurs. Fri. Nights till 9 Plenty of Free Storeside Parking Compliments of m ommm m m p. O. BOX 4023 MACON. GEORGIA 31208 REEN L CRgS ISCOUNT Now Two Locations To Serve You 515 N. Houston Rd. Warner Robins. Ga. 922-3033 Rt. 441 North Milledgeville. Ga. 452-3567 Store Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. -10 p.m. Sun. — 1 p.m. -6 p.m. COMPLIMENTS OF Sandy Run Golj Club P.O. Box 1001 Warner Robins, Georgia 31093 LITTLE CONFUSER ' S DAY-CARE CENTER Mrs. J.T. Sapp Phone: 746-8310 2412 Willis Cl. Macon, Georgia 31201 CONGRATULATIONS From ' 7B to ' 74 Compliments of FRIEND BARTON ' S MEN BOYS ' APPAREL Complete Furnishings for Men and Boys Clothes of Quality and Distinction Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barton. Jr. owners PHONE 987-002O grant plaza perry, GEORGIA Compliments MILAM ' S FABRIC CENTER 761 Poplar Street Macon, Georgia Compliments of BENEDETTO LAUNDRY 3061 Houston Ave. Macon, Georgia HOUSTON AVENUE PHARMACY 2654 Houston Avenue Phone: 743-5461 Y.M.C.A.-P.A.D.I. Steve Bragg 743-2552 CERTIFIED SCUBA DIVERS Experience— Work Guaranteed Moye Walker 743-7755 Salvage and Underwater Work 3ert Wilcher 746-7560 WARNER ROBINS SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Now Two Locations To Serve You Realtors Mortage Bankers Insurors Real Estate Appraisals 575 First St. Dial 743-2671 m South Sixth Street 922-8551 2756 Watson Blvd 953-4100 Warner Robins, Georgia 31093 MURPHEyWUOR ELUS,lNa .. Compliments of STEVE MARINOS and FAMILY COMPLIMENTS OF M N DISTRIBUTING CO. Tuborg Beer Sterling (Big Mouth) Colt 45 Black Label TERRELL ' S TEXACO SERVICE U-HAUL RENTALS 5560 Bloomfield Road Macon, Georgia 31206 Phone 781-2735 Firestone Tires ( 1600 fTATSD «; I y « " » » First Federal Savings and Loan Association 1570 Watson Blvd. Phone 923-7127 ROBINS TITLE CO. 608 Watson Blvd. Warner Robins, Georgia 31093 Congratulations to the class of 1974 WHITE TOP CAB CO. 24 Hour Service Prompt • Courteous • Safe We also rent automobiles 207 Commercial Circle Warner Robins. Georgia 31093 ED ROZIER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY P.O. Box 723 Macon, Georgia 31202 BOBBY POE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BIG QIRL FASHIONS Of Macon 648 Shurling Drive 746-2181 " Where Fashion is Queen Sized " Asphalt and Concrete Driveways and Parking Lots— Cleaning, Grading; Topsoil, Gravel. Fill Dirt Phone 477-3762 MANPOWER Offices and Industrial Service 314-lst National Bank Building Temporary Services Mrs. Helen Piers Browning Manager Macon, Georgia 31201 Phone: (912) 745-7943 Compliments of BUILDERS SERVICE CO. 241 Hartley Ave. Macon, Gc ' orgia 31204 NATIONAL FINAMCL CO. " Loans for any worthwhile purpose " J.B. Davis— Manager 485 Broadway Phone: 745-2426 Compliments of a Friend A - v? I 1 13 Watson Blvd • Warner Robins, Go FINE FURNITURE • CARPETS • DRAPERIES . APPLIANCES DECORATOR SERVICE Warner Robin ' s First Finest SHIP SHORE TRAVEL AGENCY " make Your School Travel Plans With Us " Macon Hilton Building Phone: 743-9553 657 Walnut Street Compliments of a Friend Compliments of CLAXTON-HILLS DRUGS Shurlington Plaza Macon, Georgia 31201 Complimi ' nts FRIEND Finance— Insure with GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES COMPANIES McKinley Agency 1220 Watson Blvd. Warner Robins, Ga. Ph: 923-5595 1280 on your DIAL J with Ihe MELLOW FEL .OWS FAMILY SHOES Shurlinuton Plaza Macon, Ga. 746-3828 10-9 Week Days 10-6 Saturday LE PERL ' S LrKJics Rcatly— tc)-W( Shurlini ton Plaza Maoon, Ga. 742-0980 10-9 Week Days 10-6 Saturday JACK AND JILL Children ' s (Clothing Shurlinj ton Plaza Macon, Ga. 745-1742 10-9 Week Days 10-(i Saturday Congratulations from HUCKABEE BUICK-CADILLAC SERVING MIDDLE GEORGIA SINCE 1918 BEST FOOD YET Open 24 Hours COMPLIMENTS OF Cagle ' s Poultry and Egg, Inc. 2525 Seventh Street P.O. Box 4324 31202 Macon. Ga. SAINT JOSEPH PARISH FATHER WILLIAM COLEMAN, PASTOR FATHER THOMAS HEALY, CO-PASTOR FATHER RICHARD MINCH, CO-PASTOR SACRED HEART CHURCH Warner Robins Compliments of EAST SIDE LUMBER COMPANY Go in peace, Graduates, and may the Lord be with you. [LUMBER DRUGS for " Better Living Since 1921 " CHI-CHES-TERS Pharmacies A CHI-CHES-TERS Registered Pharmacist Always on Duty College Hill 742-8787 Baconsfield 743-7325 Ingleside 742-7325 ROSS LEWIS General Contractor Macon, Georgia Tatnall Square 742-3661 Town Country 746-6294 Harrison ' s 745-4777 " IT PAYS TO PLAY " CHARLIE WOOD, INC. " The Bug House " McILRATH ' S BOULEVARD FINA 1130 Watson Blvd. 923-9169 ' Your Specialist in Sports " Macon, Ga. Sporting Goods and Toys 484 Second St. 743-5441 Boats Motors Walnut New Sts. 746-6231 Foreign Car Repair— Secializing in VW ' s— Diagnostic Tune-Up— Air Conditioning— Mufflers- Accessories— Tires- Batteries Compliments of Williams PIqzq Merchants Association P.O. Box 62 Warner Robins, Georgia 31093 ComplinKmts of OVATION • GRETSCH • FENDER • YAMAHA • GIBSON IDEAL MUSIC SHOP 1712 WATSON BLVD. STANTOM PLAZA WARNER ROBINS. GA.31093 PHONE 922-1980 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS DRUMS Tommy BLANCHETTE Manager MERCER UNIVERSITY " HOME OF THE BEARS " MERCER INVITES YOU TO THE CAMPUS AND TO INQUIRE ABOUT: Special Commuter Rates Offered to Bibb County Students The Alternate Freshman Program Wonderful Wednesday The Innovative Curriculum BARNEY A. SMITH MOTORS, INCORPORATED Wonderful World of VIVIANE WOODARD COSMETICS s WARNER ROBINS, GA. 950 Gray Highway Macon DEALERS FOR CAPRI- The SEXY EUROPEAN PEGGY DAVIS Director— Distributor PHONE: 912 922-5881 Compliments of BIRDSONG INTERNATIONAL Id Farm Industrial Tractors Equipment. Wheel Crawler Types, Gas, LP, or Diesel. Road-Building— Earthmoving Tractors Equipment. Also 6 H.P. to 12 H.P. Club Cadet Lawn Garden Tractors " Where To Buy Them " FARM INDUSTRIAL DEALER Birdsong International, Inc. 1820 Gray Hwy. 743-1296 Compliments Of CASSIDY ' S GARAGE 423 Mulberry St. Macon ▲ Compliments of BATEMAN J zaci ' uiLj and jLEaxnincj ( aiis-X FOOD STORE Filomena T. Mullis, Ed.S. Director " Purveyors of Fine Foods " 4590 Northside Dr. Macon, Ga. Phone 477-1960 2780 Riverside Dr. Macon, Georgia 31204 LAFAYET ' l ' E 1 PROGRESS LIGHTING RADIO I ELECTRONICS ■ ASSOCIATE STORE ■ mocon iqhtinq center HI-FI STEREO H Equipment Headquarters | Huge Selections ' H All Major Brands H Demonstration Studios H C.B. Radios M k- , mi ' • SHURE • GARRARD • DUAL • H • SONY • MARANTZ • KOSS • ■ • BASF • ACOUSTIC RESEARCH • ■ • DYNACO • REVOX • PANASONIC • ■ • TANDBERG • PIONEER M 788-0936 M 3222 PIO NONO AVE. M Free Catalog H 1035 RIVERSIDE 745-3581 DR. Member of Home Decorating Complex Compliments of H Men ' s Hairstyling Pieces MARYLAND 1 FRIED ■ ITttfj t ' if Qj n CHICKEN ■ 1080 Gray Highway | Macon, Ga. H 742-4423 M Razor Cuts Free Parking Manicures Availables Dempsey Hotel For Appointment Call 743-1672 " When It ' s Flowers, Sciv It With Ours " WARNER ROBINS FLORIST Miller Hill Shopping Center Warner Robins Georgia 31093 Phones: 922-5616 or 923-7021 Mrs. Ethel Seymour Owner Good Luck to the Class of ' 74 from " Best Wishes Cavaliers ' M G TILE COMPANY Cultured Marble Lavatory Tops Ceramic Tile Contractor Ceramic— Quarry— Slate Commercial 427 8th Street Phone: 746-2424 Warner Robins Department Of Leisure Service P.O. Box 960 Warner Robins. Georgia 31093 Area Code 912 922-3050-922-3059 Administrator-Claude M. Lewis Recreation Division. Librory. and Civic Center Compliments of BEARINGS AND DRIVES, INC. 607 LOWER POPLAR STR. Macon, Georgia 31201 TOMMY SMITH Merry Christmas from BILL MERIWETHER Meriwether Photographers 2720 Riverside Drive Macon, Georgia FORD TRUCKS Parts— Sak!S— Service »tJS s mercury! LINCOLN 1829 Seventh Str. Macon, Georgia 31206 Phone: (912) 742-7374 742-1880 - " - e? ,-- cj j X : Good Luck to the Class of ' 74 from the Faculty ! 2 ?.j , V f. x. ' y ' ri,y ir ' Aj r j4 ' i X ?uiAj 3a - ' X Ut -t- - --!— i : w,, .- .-s BEST OF LUCK from BIBB BEAUTY SUPPLY 222 Third Street Macon 31201 Compliments of CHI-CHES-TERS PHARMACIES " Six Locations to Serve You " For all your copying and duplicating needs and requirements see Curtis Lamb or Maurice Lamb 746-4376 A.B. DICK COMPANY 379 NEW STREET Macon DENNIS ' S PLACE of BEAUTY Specializing in All Hairdressing MEN and WOMEN Air Waving Cuts LAMAR E. CHRISTOPHER RABUN O. SMITH Cdvisiopdev-Smiifi 3unev3il Home HOUSTON ROAD A SHERIDAN WAY TELEPHONE 923-7141 WARNER ROBINS. GA. 31093 Keadle HEATING AIR 127 S. Commercial Circle MATHIS-AKINS CONCRETE BLOCK CO., INC. 191 ELM ST. MACON, GA. PHONE: 746-5154 FRESH DAILY Party Cakes— Pastries- Pies— Cookies sports vill post office box 4-e Warner robins, georgia Miller Hills Shopping Center MACON VEND ALL TYPES VEND p. O. BOX 43B1 • 153 STATE MACON. " Our Service i TUfqaohdl. PASTRY SHOP PH: 923-2502 PS CONDITIONING A arner Robins, Ga. Phone 923-3141 H0ME Federal Savings Loan Association Main Office Cherry at First St , Macon Branch Offices Westgate Shopping Center 2069 Riverside Drive age 2327 watson blvd. n093 security federal savings and loan association of middle georgia 703 North Houston Road Warner Robins, Ga. 31093 (912) 922-7771 Offices in Perry Fort Valley Hawkinsville Warner Robins Air Taxi • Instrumental Flight Training • Ground School Instruction • Link Training BELSON AERONAUTICAL ENTERPRISES Herbert Smart Airport Macon V.A. Approved Day: 788-0754 Night: 923-9554, 923-4743, 788-6646 P.O. Box 84 923-2400 NG SERVICE NG MACHINES iTREET • TELEPHONE 746-1366 GEORGIA 31208 ( vuw Ktn lEHtatfH nequalled " G S and M Company CENTRAL BEDDING CO. Forsyth Road Macon, Georgia 31204 ••Quulily Buddin 2. Since W23 ' COMPLIMENTS OF ATLANTIC COTTON MILLS MODERN GROCERY COMPANY 2193 Seventh Street Macon. Gbrgia 31206 CAPITOL CYCLE COMPANY Triumph Honda Motorcycles Accessories Schwinn Bicycles— Parts Repairs Phone: 745-1936 1090 Washington Avenue Macon. Georgia 31201 P.O. Box 4667 Macon. Georgia 31208 L.J. COX SERVICE STATION 3076 Napier Avenue Macon, Georgia 31204 H.A. BUNCH W.L. BUNCH W.A. BUNCH SONS LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of Yellow Pine Lumber Jackson, Georgia CREST LAWN FUNERAL HOME " In Sympathy Wo Serve " 3275 Pio Nono Avenue Macon. Georgia 31206 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND XZL - - cU, O iX J ' ' WRBN 1600 AM 101.7 FM " THE VOICE OF WARNER ROBINS- SEE AMERICAN FIRST . AME RICArFEDEHAL American h ?cieral Building Jus: 922-1721 RADIO Raymond Thomas, Jr. Sales Manager 136 Hospital Drive Warner Robins. Georgia Phone: 745-2391 Compliments of ARCHWAY HOME STYLE COOKIES 1380 Longacre Drive Macon, Georgia State Inspection Farm Bueau Tires and Batteries John Martin, Owner RIVERSIDE EXXON SERVICE E ON 2900 Riverside Drive Macon, Georgia " Friendliest Service in Town " BEVERLY SPORTING GOODS Compliments of Avis of Vinovillc 743-68 7 Avis of Hilton 74;j-oi;m for the best sporting goods in Warner Robins 1727 Watson Blvd. Warner Robins, Georgia 31093 Compliments of ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY Avis of Tow n Country 742-4906 Avis of Riverside 743-0658 Avis of North(!asl 742-244,5 Compliments of AAA YAMAHA 4520 Broadway Macon, Georgia 31206 164 North Davis Drive Warncir Robins, Georgia ) fp-fnA nen ( the TRADING POST 484 First Street Macon, Georgia Phone: 743-2678 or 746-8179 Furniture Sales Household Moving Services Storage of Household Goods Packing Services ■■■■■■■ gSAVIS BBHS S 2463 Vineville Avenue Macon. Georgia 31204 CWEINERS » hamburgers " 430 Cotton Ave. 2981 Houston Ave. Bloomfield Shopping Center Baconsfield Shopping Center Napier Square Shopping Center w: THE BIG X 24 Hour Radio HUDSON AND MARSHALL, INC. RCALTORS " The Soufh ' s Most Complete Real Estate Service " • COMMERCIAL •RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL • AUCTIONS • RECREATIONAL mwsm i?ffi i2 m mcmi JOHN R. SOMERFIELD NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY P.O. Dniwcr 1»90 107 Via Elcloiiulo Slnu-I WnrmT Robins, tJcoigia :]l()9:i PhoiK- 95:5-4039 Compliments of WIG TOWN 1138 Watson Blvd. m Warner Robins, Georgia BEST WISHES CAVALIERS from The Staff of Sheriff ' s Department Houston County and Cuiicit (Ealton i» li e r i f f , 33 n n 5 t n n (C o n n t u 1 7 n 1 -tn a t 9 n 11 11 hi ft - lH.irncr 1 o b i n s , ( Kl. 3 lU :- (Jdinplinii ' iits of CONAGRA- GEORGIA, INC, Lower Pojii. Macon, Geo unlimitFd Show You Really Care With- THOUGHTFUL GIFTS Fine Import Gift Items- Books • Candles -Bibles- Gretting Cards for All Occasions 3348 Vineville Ave. Phone: 746-0893 Luther U. Bloodworth Shirley B. Butler BURGER KING Home of the Whopper Where the Cavaliers are King 3025 Pio Nono A. 3267 Vineville Ave. FINE FASHION JEWELRY ■ Area Manager: Shirley Abney Ph: 923-2048 Branch Manager: Betty Smith Ph: 923-2324 U.D.: Henrietta Mclntyre Ph: 923-6058 AMOS HILL CONSTRUCTION CO. 2979 Malibu Drive Macon, Georgia Phone: 745-6091 " Insure Today for Tomorrow ' s Loss ' CHARLIE C . WINN Insurance of All Forms 286 Forest Ave. Macon. Georgia Phone: 743-9921 BEST WISHES from Georgia Theater (irant ' a Pafitrg hnij WILLIAMS PLAZA WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA Phone: 922-1136 500 Houston Road Warnor Robins Let ' s Boogie Is Our Name And High Fashions For Girls Is Our Game :s W iQ VQ( Q - MEMBER FfDERAl DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ent icU oAiicU {tniiae nteni P.O. BOX 4226 MACON, GEORGIA 31208 COMMERCIAL FINANCING VENTURE CAPITAL ABE COHEN-PRESIDENT 2014 RIVERSIDE DRIVE MACON, GEORGIA SALESIAN STAFF OF ' 74 Editor-in-chief MAGGIE G ' SHAUGHNESSEY Associate Editor LAURIE HUGHES Business Manager MARK CASSIDY Assistantsijohn Andros Charles Snider Copy Editor JIM JORDAN Activities Editor SHERI LENDRUM Sports Editor STEVE KRUGER Assistant: Greg McKelvey Faculty Editor AUDREY SHIELDS Assistant: Melinda Quambao Senior Editor JO MICHEL AssistantMichael Cafiso f c,, ' ' ' Jo Jane Conner c?.t,. U ' ' ■cg 7 NanMcBrearty -L. ' y , ; " A , , , ' 7, Underclass Editor MARJO MARKER Assistant: Tim Deep Photographers MARK ROGERS CHRISTY Typist STEVE ALSTON Artist MARGARET KATZ Advisor MISS CECELIA ALEXANDER Staff Veronica Grant, Steve Wach, Margaret Billingslea € y-V s. A ' j -r " , ry ;,y lo.nJ . -; i ,-. -i Xi£. ' , -=• -;■ - ' ' 0.. «. r ' - LA Q . ' •-■ V .•■ --6 ;r - rM " ) -ii: p . -0- — a:-- " ' ' : -. ' . ' ' • ■o ) ' o ■ ' % . ■J Lf ' ? , V J ■• r ' ' ■■J , I ' r v. sr o .1 V 4 V ol s 0 C X- 1 1 -t- tT) Co, 6o, o o 1 ' :t. fb :i W o 0) G " 1 P Ol (ti - Q l 0- p ' oo , v o rA £) V Dpe ujt can aiu oj be JaL de . y as hn ' cc as you - 1 ' ; v- ■ r fr c v .p L ■ V , r ( " V c ' " ' " ' D U -.V A V f V . y O ' jr ' C " .o vS p ' " h tf 1 - ' X ' W!?v ' f •C --) i h 0- : " v , . . -0 ■ ' ■ ' , Iv ii -V A- ■5 1 . :;- % I ' o •c 0 Vv cvr- . . ■fM - ' Vv . oy Q Vcu ' re Q. recLliy 4 you moLcj ge-i- WciAA - r 4K hel ScLoreJuocaj-ci , X) .a t o o 4 V e ' T-(jo (oy csvv Jf 6 - J rf . i:o y .,- " K. . vp iV ' ■J - f - : f i . vbi)S ' ' -1 C7l - K • o U U3 VO , Qiy ' ' ■ ss X i r P C ' ' k€.EP oA JDf fSbL Aj f I t I

Suggestions in the Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 63

1974, pg 63

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 170

1974, pg 170

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 124

1974, pg 124

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 106

1974, pg 106

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 12

1974, pg 12

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