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1' ' '?l ' L, i ,Q H 1 I v F w w l J K., n LF" ' g' Y' hi 4 X 3 W 2.55 ,,,, -2,5 ii, mm --A avg I g"'v?'W I- I 7 I. B. t 1, Y 'A'- fyflgrwskgxlgy X N. I tb .Q , gk '35 K xxx 1 L, , . , 1. K Q X - L . X' ' if S is Q' X ' 8 Y ' ' A f wg awe!" Q I Qs R , ff .. A .A .,':, if 2 Q3 fi. - -. K- . , ,XY-fl. r, 1,5 A K ,-. .I t , ., I N sf . x W 4 ' ' V ' A , V -'NV an ,Q wg A 'ig gs, 1 4 "- ,S . , ii F L Ns -4 ' E N, N VW,,,,A MW A A X gwsng-nil' x 3 - fi . .5 w'f ' 1 Q! I V, .. I 1 f R ,Q l A ,H '-!, A AQ . is E .. W, "" A , :Z.: -:-:g:V:, 1 my - ,aw aH?"'e' W 'Y ,..- 1 :.- f nvnz A my Q :Qi Ma. ffi f i mf Viv .: , I I -ci, "'?l1lv ,wgm 'Z-iw Wana rw 'fi e,ve Onl just Begun ix X XM X A N 1: .sm s Xi G x 1 Q. '?-sw.: X ,-. YQ' "" Hua 3.5, .-ff Q' 2 K M ,.L:: 'mm , . ' sm-umm ,Z X ,. 6 ,XM . Huh A A L um 'HW ,Z " in H """wm..,g 11 1 Weive only just begun to live, white lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we're on a way. Ancl yes Welve just begun. Sharing horizons that are new to us, watching the signs along the way, talking it over just the two of us, working together day to clay . . . Before the rising sun we fly so many roads to to choose. We start out walk- ing and learn to run. And yes weive just begun. M ww' sm , I 1' 1 f - 1 f ,-.X 3 'x ,Q iw if f i : ji mid' 1 4" .,.,, '5- X' a Working together towards a better tomorrow The faculty of Mount de Sales-a group of dedi- cated professionals, peo- ple whose hope is to give knowledge and in- spiration to young men and women. Their genu- ine concern and involve- ment With the life of every student has creat- ed an atmosphere of in- formality and unity that is the backbone of the school. Conflicts arise only to be conquered by the indomitable, under- standing spirit of those whom we call teachers. Mrs. Powell, warm, conscientious, and etticient-our school secretary. 42 M 'iv ...untill c..,-Q-a-W..-...Q-iii! Sister Lourdes, our friend and principal, conveys a feeling of caring while inspiring students to success. Sister Johanna, our assistant principal, a real professional whose quick wit is always appreciated. Mrs. Taylor, kind and courteous-our lunchrooin manager. 6 la. ,fl '54-'MJ .x...:1-Km, 'c!x"5 r-gm .f-,. Si.vlr'r Mary Agiiwx, R.S.M.-English Il, Latin ll Si,s'ir'r Mary Barllara, R.S.M.-Latin I, En- glish I, C1-nc-rail Music I'l!lllll'l' Baile' Ll,2lZfIIl'l'-Fl't'DCl'l, Giiiclunw, FI'4'I1L'l1 Club Sixfvr Mary Bf'rnarclinU, R.S.M.-Algebra I, II, Aclvuna-ccl Math, Red Cross, Sorvic-1' Club Dinah C, Bl'UlUl1-Xvk'Stt'l'Il Civilization, Aincric-ani History, Dl'2lllliltlCfS Club Mary L. Burzlzfttcf-Filmily Living, Political Scricmfc-, Economics, Chce1'lea1dvi's, Home-- rnuking Club Miki' Burclcftta-Biology, Key Club, He-acl Couch Basketball, Athletics Suzanm' F. Butler-Geometry, Alge-bra II, English, Diuiiluticrs Club Fallufr William Colwnan-Religion jalni F, C1wnsizlin1'-Non-VVestern Civiliza- tion, Sociology, Religion, Courtship und Murringc, Athlt-tics Sis-tar Mary Iilizalzctlz. R.S.M.-Spanish, Spanish Club Sister Mary Fidelis, R.S.M.-English IIIg Typing I,IIg Salesiang Inklings Mikz' Garvin-Algebra II, Geonwtry, Con- suinvr Math, Chl-ss Club, Head Couch Foot- bull, Athlvtics Sislvr Gran' Maria-Religion, Thr' Sault-s Shvvt, Social S1-rvivc Club Billy Ilanflrfrsan-Physical Education, Tennis Club, Cymnustin' Team, Hcucl Coau-h Bzisvbull, Athlvtit-5 johnny Iligzlan-Athletic Coach E if il. Sister jolzanna- Fatlzvrjaluz Chemistry, Earth Kannrfally-Hvligioii Science, Physics, Assistant Principal, Bookstore 8 Eff FQ ,ew-gf mf' 1 .fx 4i fi A gk EL F . , ,gt if K, 1.-.f-' f K, tl Si-Sifff M- Mifllflfl Fathar Riclzarrl Sistzfr Mary IOSU11l1, RSM- Minclz-Religion Veronica, R.S.M.- -English IV, Basic Algvbrzi Spevcrh-lim-uiliiig, Library J Q-. r 3 Moses Holmes, fiiend to all, il hard-working man whose thoughts are deep. Talk to him anytime-he'll listen. ex v, Delphine VVilliiuns, Ll person who is serve. around the school. .always prepared to Will Davis, one person always seen cheerfillly working it 'EL ,Emitting Consistent is the word for the lunchroom staff who are constantly ready with good hot food to give us. A 34" ai .------.-, X 1 1--M ' 1 -as Q ,A-Q. Munn W..-..-.MM l . . ,ng Qaid- , 1,92 ,J"A',, I V y WN xxx.. Seniors-a hiirried pace, a vibrating tempo to keep in step with the changing world around them. Ceasing only to hear and he heardg stopping to recognize the moment to stand alone yet united. Halting to confront the challenges that face the scholarly mind. Under their direction school growth, cherished ideals, and campus spirit reached new depths and vitality. Shallow minds gave way to knowledgeg a goal hccame an achieve- mcntg insecurity hecamc confidence to confront tomorrow. The steeper the heights achieved, the wider the view. And the desire to attain the highest summit grew strong. Still there is something to be found . . . contentment. Rejoice! Rejoice! XYe have no choice hut to carryoncarrvon- carryoncarryoncarryoncarryoncarryoncarryoncarryoncar- ryoncarryoncarryoncarryoncarryoncarryoncarryoncarryon- carryon . . . Terrvs enthiisiasrn exeinplilies that ot' the entire senior class. seniors facing lifeg reaching for contentment Thomas Edwarcl Bartield joseph Kenington Benedetto, jr. what George LUCUIS Blossom, III joseph Michael Boswell 14 A N 'rp f Leonard Lee Berg Raymond Clark Burns ...qs Wits, , . l . , Mary john Cac-avias Boarding tht- Nasa bus, Coach Consicliucfs sociology class continues its pursuit ofkuowlcclgc? Nam-y Kathryn Carvw Mary Patricia Cassidy L0ll1'Cl6S hlilliill Cawtvllauos i 1 -1 f " X 5. M4 3 l, Billy Nom-l Cathe-rwoocl UO Sistvr Mary Michael Joseph, thou hast clt-it my heart iu twaiufi I 4 Patrick Holwrt Connelly Rolx-rt Morgan Connor Lauuui Cathryn Cox ,pP4"""1!!n- ,ff Tliviw-su Nlurgurct Doylv jim, Bob, zlncl ,lov rap about the luscious chili scrvccl with tcmlcr loving cairc. Dunne Edmund Driggnrs David Michilcl Dwym- Kermit Arthm. Fulk Jerita Dianne Fitzhngh Melissa Dawn Fletcher Constance Ellyn Green visa : Nw if ,.a5l Vim 1 f,A,,.,.-f W ' fy , W if V 3? ii f 3 - 1 Q-Q ---- ,f ff', , U 'Wwe wavy' Senior Class Treasurer-Mike Boswell, Vice-President Mike Vullo, Secretary Harriotte and President Tom Bariielcl converse in the school parking lot between afternoon classes. H nrley, Mary Anne Griffith Linda Megan Harris 'I7 liii-l1.11'cl 'l'l1c1111.u lI.1tc'l1i-1' ll.11'1111tts- .'X1111i' llurlvx 943811 ' - 31 l'lDllL'llxlll'llil4'llIlll1l Seniors Terry Doyle, Muralice Kiernan, Melissa Fletcher,- jim Rocca, 'Noel Catherwood, Darrell Paulish, Kermit Falk, Kay Selby and Tina Viviuni discuss future plans for the senior lounge. ,le , clll2ll'll'8 llc1l1x'rt lI'l'lilllil B1ll'lJ1lI'1lAlllljilllllll Cx11th11 xlllll I 111mLo 114. P11111 AIltl1lJllf'KL'llk'l' Y John Putric-k Kit'l'llilIl N11ll'2lhCTt' Kii1l'l1Llll 1111111-s X'Vilb111' King UQ aiviulwlhf 'HX Q-...uw AIKHILKQILIII Curtin Kurtizrk LllWl'4'Ill'C 101111 Kllfllf Pi1fVil'i1lCl1l'l'YI 110447 ku K2ll'K'II F1'.u1uwLl1p.1 A11gLvl.n .lt'LlIlllt' NLIIINOII PQllNl'l1l,'XIlIH' NIL-,MU 20 lIliNll xtmls-nts xxorlx cliligvlltly umlvr Sim-1' l'lli7lllJl'tllvN gvlltlc-lm1ltf11'111 g111ul.u1u . YA. PlfIlLll1,XIlllfXlt'Bl't'1l .gyru- an Min-han-l Anthony fNlcNlillnn Martha Ellvn Nlvtts Ill-lcn c:ll2ll'l1'!Ik' Millw- 4722! vi Mary Evelyn Nc-ul Many Ann Nm-an Cliflon fXIor1'i50lll1xtCalcl In Ll fit Of'llIlL'0Illl'0ll1lbll' rargv, Dann-ll Pnnlish tCJtAl1lf'l'L'jl'l'tS Sistn-1' Bn-rn.mlim-. Elimbvtll Lylc Orr 45 ani ,JV ll Mnrk lbum-ll Pmllislm Frank Anthony Punaro Nlllfthll Anna- Rich-n 156' X -mar?" 11111108 Hiflllllll HOU'-l Evvlyn Kay Selby jam-t Kay Shnhcc-n 22 K2ltIl1'I'j'Ilt' LM' Silva Rock Thomas SDClM'i'l', jr. Cvorgx' SU'f1lll0, jr. Elimlwtlm Alt'NS2lIlClI4lilVlN'l1llll Michael jol1nVnllo Y ff Sociology stncll-nts enjoy Ll midnight tallk session during tha- N.'xS.'x'lJ1lf'tClIl1l Bm-.wlm fivlml trip. C1llVi'1 MUYU xV1lllU'1E .lil Alia-1' lJv11iwXVilliznnf Donald Pnnl VVilli4uns ,V X , K - 1 we Y Frolicking senior boys make clnnu- tlnonglm thc lJrm'zv wan' clnring thc pvc'-c'lnnnpionship awtivif tie-s. 23 24 P J 45 I K x Hu ix i vu 's Lynn An-1-y Lorraim- Arangno Gloria Assad Frank Bvllifia jack BOXYPIX St4'VK'Bl'1lj.fjl Donny Brantlvy Le-xliv Broan-h VVLl1'1'l'H Brown Dan Bllllarcl 26 fl 'L'.."' 11 5'- 'H 1 juniors-novices yesterdayg fw 4?rxW yn!-W""' W ,QW 'z fs y "'i 3 fx ,gy x fy.. ,' axypvixr 3 'J bnk NVhat on e-arth did you my that is so funny, joan? f7'r5 HobbicC1'amcr in all up in the air about somvthiug! followers toda 5 leaders tomorrow Juniors . . . leaders . . . students . . . ready. . . years of work and fun . . . just about on top . . . not quite . . . looking around . . . no longer wondering . . . its the real thing . . . Mount de Sales. . .moving fast. . .homework. . .again. . . plastics . . . winter. . . spring. . . preparation. . . enthusi- asm . . . junior-Senior . . . college boards . . . decorations . . . sock hops . . . chemistry . . . projects . . . varsity cheerleading . . . yearbook . . . dances , . . money . . . foot- ball . . . bustrips . . . baseball . . . hopes . . . friends . . . basketball . . . dreams . . . the beginning of realization . . . Juniors Fish gives ,em "the eyen as Sammy, Bud, Margaret, and Snake look on. Nina and Kathy take ll study break? The impossible dream! W' Bild Butler Mike Campean Neal Cason Tom Connelly Diane Cook Judy Cox Robbie Cramer Robert Dayton ,"',' i .. V - ' P4 Debbie Deeb Mike Deeb ',.55::.:i:Z. ' fs vff- QS' .iri i ' elif ".. i 27 m . ,Q Q.: ,s Doxft be mud, Tcrri. Sammy will LTkll'1'y those h4"k1Vj' books for you-eventuull Ldllllli Cordy Donna Crow' H2lI'I'C'll C-rillstuxd joey Harrison Carol Hen dvrson Paul Hoiuowski Berlme Holton Ben Home Riczhard Horner Mark Horseficld Warner Hlllillilflltt Tim Jackson Marie Iunmcs Andy Jones Kathy Kelley 28 my ,paw Fld' .Jw-'Li , K1 f. W 4 . Qi- 2 245-YN I ,"g AFT , ' : --.. 5' iggiiaf S 5 f xg I it ,f A1 'E H5 lqo, ., xg iw X hh MM ,f iw 2 is 52 5 EY , L 1 M sf 'JL 'Qs SS 4, 1. :ff in 5 in gif' ' Q 'J ,rg fu "" af' F 40' igl w 'mf R xr 5 ., . wi K 1 f X , Us 5 1' Q3 A X, 1- F21 Z X 41 K Q A 5 h S fi f' P Ben Kersey jackie Kitchens Steve Knight Gerry Kosater Caroline LaBordt Roberta Lapinslii Mari Lendruni Cathy M arks Peggy M crAlee Mae MeFarling Mike MeFarling Naomi McMillan Cathy MeMnllan john Meadows joanna Misha john Michel Cathy Milliean Jeanne Morgan Pat Morgan Mike Neal Charlie Onzts 29 jim Paniiim-w Bomiic Patti-rsoii Connie Pi-rvlulix AnitzlPl1illips Put Powvll Curtis ROQll'l'lL'li Giiil Rmiglitmi Framlc Hmm Riu Hyun' V1lliJlill'Sl'l1llllllll Carol Shvritlzui Philip Sl'll'l'lClQlll Arthur Smith Anno Stvwiirt Bzlrllzlill Swiilt june Taylor Kit Thomas Bill Thoriitoii lYl2l1'gk!I'0f Viviimi Kathy VVilli:im5 'EW Boys ulwaiyx gtft tthiill out of liimhtimi But who s us th it the x 1 at llllllhp 30 xl sophomores-second time aroundg not so bad Sophomores . . . second time around . . . wonderment . . . pleasure. . . discovering. . . study hall . . . growing confidence . . . back to earth . . . hard work . . . frogs . . . football games . . . sock hops. . . dates. . . leaders e1ne1'ging. . . teachers. . . biology. . . cheerleading. . . lunch . . . parking lot. . . basket- ball . . . happiness . . . enthusiasm . . . disappointment. . . goals . . . baseball . . . friendship . . . report cards . . . study halls . . work . . . enjoyment . . . P.E .... growth . . . geometry . . respect. . . fun . . . the beginning of hope and excitement . . .Sophomores Dennis Adams Pamela Arangno Edward Berg Dave Alexander Sam Beaty Carolyn Briekle Mark Allen Barbara Bell Chllifk Blllilly james Andros john Benedetto jill! Bllll A typical interesting sophomore biology class? Ellie Caeavias Lynne Carew Randy Callen Gail Cason N1ll1'ii'l Calthm-1'xx'oo1l clt'I'LllLl Cl2ll'lx clt'I'il1'f1Clitl'lx -l.ll'k Crmsiclimx SilllC1yc:0l'U'5 Chris C1'LlIIll'I' Niikc C1'llt4' Patti Dm-tu I1'v11c1 Dt'I'IT1.lfLlx NI.11'y ,Iamw Ilit-My Kim Dominy Caryl lJllI'h.llll 32 'tzrf' 0- ur'-ff' pf' In 5 'rr ,L Biology stud:-nts study tht-1-mmillmtkt tbrnwx' tc'z1c'llv1'? Spirited soplmoxnows get in ll quick gains' bctwt-en L-lusstw -3.5373 gf A ... ,Q :Qs f , ,S 2 fi An Toni English Aninarie Falk Marianna Cebara Cindy Cirdner Terri Hall K4 if Tom Harriwii Cal Hayes janet Hivlu julia Hill Carl llollstacltvi ,af- 9 junnie Howard Pat Hurley Lucy Impink Chris jaindl Tom 'lari-inlio Sophomorcs are always out in liont at the pep rallies thee-ring thc Cavaliers to victory. ,qs Elaine jenkins Cecilia jones Jan jones w, , ii'i544'iQii5z 1 x I , ,xii ' f , - 'gzfsiifsggggifgf ,X ig 5 S fi --, ' 'rf 41,21 by ' i R x .- Q . Ronnie Kutay Bryan Leskoslcy Debbie Lewis Jeanne Loebker Tom Maki Hart Mallary Sandy Niarinos Kr-IlyNli-A1ifi- Hunter McComb Teresa McCoy Dennis Mc-Ciumiff Nancy Mc'Coldrick Joe Moran jerrie Morgan William Nealon M ary O,Lear Kathy Olmstead Sharon Paeker Greg Pill'6'I'lt-LUXV Janice Patterson Doreen Paiilish Mark Pierre Debbie Poinpvi 34 KT' yxi 'Z 'wr-M' The sophomore elass skips hoineroorn fbi' one of its iznpfwmnt class rneetings. Wh :mf V if 5 ?wm'2m:-ex E Sophomore girls are always hungry! But they talk 1no1'e than they eat. r" . Q. sf. l ,, 53 2 'l ik 5 Kathi Powell Elizabeth Proctor Paula Redmond Qi gh, yi Jane Searle Derrell Self Carolyn Shakespeare Scott Sherrill Prudence Simmons Gene Summerlin Bill Trench Bob Tullis jimmyViviur1i Carl VValler Dennix Nllmrgo Steve VVelton Beth XVilliznns Mullury VVillinghaun Karen Young 35 adjustment. . .aWareness. . .growth the beginning of a new Way oftlife Several new students get together to find out what MDS is all about. W5 ' tiff Hungry new students get a bite to eat at Freshman Orientation. 36 Kathy Alexander Stephen Alston john Andros Debbie Arangno Steve Arnold jenny Bass Susan Bell Peter Benedetto joan Benefield Margaret Benso l S Freshmen . . . newness . . confusion . . . excitement . responsibility . . . atmosphere. . . friendship. . . cheerlead- ing. . . football . . . teachers . . . happiness . . . awareness . . . competition . . . basketball . . . hope . . . pep rallies . growth . . . contentment . . . learning . . . baseball . . . grades . . . spirit. . . lunchtime . . . tests . . . study halls. . . anxiety report cards . . . solitude . . . faith . . . mods . . . uniforms . . . dates . . . games . . . fun . . . sock hops. . . homework . . . exams. . . adjustment. . . creativity. . . leadership. effort . . . willingness . . . change . . . fulfillment . . . the beginning of a new way oflife . . . Freshmen Bettv Bickett Mark Bikus Helen Blossom Linda Brantley Eddie Brit-kle Patty Brittian Robert Bunch james Cac-avias Patty Callen Sabrina Cason , , r w Eta" X529 f ', 4 f, tgirl .-if Q Q. I V was Hey, Mike. What's the answer to number three? Number three? It's wa if RX , , ' f . VJ it if ' , ' W "" f G fc' Q z ' W7 ', Patty Callen just loves' ice-cream sandwiches! Doesnlt everybody? 37 Mark Cassidy john Connelly jane Conner Peggy Considine jo Davidson Ray Davidson Sharon Deeh Sammy Deep Ricky Doherty Michele Falduti Charlotte Cehara Katie Greenway Johnny Henderson Melody Hill Laurie Hughes Susan Hughes Ray jaindl Rita jones Phillip Kelley Steve Kruger Everybody wants to get into the picture! Come on boys . . . donit crowd. ,I-1 ami , ,., va, fb.. .gr-H' Eddie josey Katherine Lamb Barbara Lapinski Sheri Lendruin wi ,zu fw- lf s. mb . -. ' gi f + , 'A " A Q 1 V ' if N U fy, 1114, ,. johnny and Susan-the cutest campus couple? ..,,, . , , ul-W ,N 'Cs' Ricky Loebker Cindy Nlalcom Nlarjo Nlarkvi' Mike Mc-Afbe Fran fxIcBrviu'ty Fic-sluuaui boys tulu-11 study lm-ilk? 01' am- the-y L-uttiug class? 10" ur" Nan lXlL'B1't'1ll'Q' Phil BlcColdi'ic4lc Andy Kln'Kux' Bryan Merc-li Jo Nlicliel john Nlillium jimmy Nlullamey Patti Neal Donald Neulou Murli Neely 39 Carol Osborne Maggie O'Shaughne-ssey Mark Rogers Richard Rogers Bevky Sc-hlundt Tina Shaheen Betsey Shea Charles Sheridan Pat Sheridan Ricky Shurley Robert Slocum Cindy Steiner David Taylor jimmy Thomas Erbin Troutman Rickey Vickers Steven Wach john Wall Pattv Welton Madge Wetherington Cary White Amos Williams Carl Yockman Ben Zambiasi Susan Zaenglein ,, . fd Debbie and Susan do some last minute cramming on the way to glass 40 class officers-responsibility, dedication, leadership Sophomore officers ml. Moran, pres., T, English, vice pres., J. Viviami, sec., J. Andros, treas., are crazy about turtles. Freshmen officers M. Cassidy, pres.g Kruger, vice pres., S. Deep, sec., M. O,Shaughnessey, tres.g review future class projects. An honor, but what a job! Being a class officer isnlt easy. lt takes a dedicated, hard-working, and capable person to handle the responsibility. The twelve students chosen to lead the classes of '72, T73 and '74 had their work set out for them. The freshmen officers had to start from scratch. XVith their new jobs, they acquired the task of molding 86 confused students into a united group of individu- als. The new leaders succeeded-the class of T74 became a vital part ofB1DS. Sophomore officers found themselves in the middle. They werenlt faced with a new problem, and they didnlt have an old one. Instead of taking it easy, the of- ficers led their class into active partici- pation. Under their leadership, the soph- omores coordinated the bonfire for Homecoming, and played an active part in Student Council activities. Junior officers met the challenge-the Junior-Senior Prom. After three years of scrimping, saving, hard work, and frus- tration the junior class, under the direc- tion of its officers, presented the seniors with a going-away present that will never be forgotten. -..i,,,,g1 -,,,,.... ,a ,...,....f- ,- ---- r - 2 .1 ,Q . .. ' i' W .a....H .ur ,,' 1 'ff junior officers 1. Micha, sec., Morgan, treas.g L. Acey, vice pres., and T. Jackson, pres., compare ideas for the junior-Senior. 41 'F gg 'Wi' ? my... ,,. . 1 1.- w,. 'Q .Nw W, ,LQ ,., i- fibf "-' - 'mu ,. ' T 1 32 " J gp j 'v , 1 , 'Wgi' - A , I Suf i- ' , if . 3451, ,, A-5' - '.,9,,.Ar. W ' - . .e-1-'ly-fm -V V-Q. v-. A, AP ,., . . . A. 1 " A ' -' Q . A L - , . -... , .R-,., X A in ,V -5 . 5, Q-Q .-3 , ,L ' ' . WL' .' ' N ' ' -' F . -- 3 'Wi' kffqgnlf' - jig, A " ' . 'A V ' . fr-4,5 ,Q S- 4.-Q ,. " ' - " 'vt -V I, . I X , VR - -. , -1.51 . qs - ' . X ulugb. .-A.,1:y.. Q , Q, . x 1 . XV. I -.Quwvi -'Th "IZ -1 '4' ,fx A 'al .' x it-4 I,',1. , . .-V.. -J- 4- - .--- J ', .-.V , 'N I ,Ni L H N School L1fe -,J F ws' A' wltllwlxw X X .. ms' 1' . AAU? 1 'Q Q 1 LE K, ,fi ' - S fy ,I ffl? W JL ,-1 J- - 5? di JV A I if w W R ! J JK OW. A X J T a ff ' . Q 'fr if .A S1-Va if 5 ' I . F15 ep: 'iv "Q 5 l Ai 6 1' 'z A' xfwlix L X9 A second-so quick, so unreal, yet so meaningful. A single moment swells to include a minute, a year, a lifetime, even a Century. A person-alone and without anyone- living apart from all people and from all thought is totally meaningless, truly in- significant. Only when all the forces within a person or within a group are united, are coalesced, are shaped and formed, only then will something of val- ue emerge. A piece of rock . . . a piece of marble- something so simple, so plain. The sculp- tor lovingly and caringly works with it, chips at it, polishes and finishes it-final- ly producing an exquisite work of art. This is the yearbook-the rock, the staff is the sculptor. A group of students work together selecting the moments to be remembered, writing words describing occasions that were happiness and hope. The Salesian is hard work by a creative, able, persistent, and united group. It is the result of brains straining to produce order out of confusion and chaos. And in the end the reward is the knowledge that they have created something worth while out of their energy, their enthu- siasm, and their love. "Listen Bobby Ireland! That cover is more original than any picture you could ever take-and we don't care what you thinkli' declare the enraged artists Kay Selby and Lee Berg. and in the end-the yearbook-created out of their energy, their enthusiasm, and their love The serious-minded 1971 Salesian staffwhoops it up at one of their important meetings. f as Q L ws- axsg, s-mil' "' r YM? .av-in "Hey yafll-I really like Mike's idea of having a yearbook sit-ing now we have only one problem-we have to get down to business-yearbook business." From left to right are Linda Harris and Mike Bos- well, faculty editors, Mary Cacavias, layout editorg Lourdes Castellanos, copy editorg Tina Viviani, underclassmen editor, Pam McAfee and David Dwyer, activities editors, Mike Vullo and Darrell Paulish Knot picturedj, sports editors. "Tish McBreartyl This layout is gorgeousln Mary and Tina agree on the senior editor's work. ,fZS3'E:fg,??s: Metts. I n t . yi HIV? Q a Denise Williams, business manager, Sister Mary Fidelis, advisor, and Angela Manson, editor-in-chief, discuss current changes in plans. . 1 A . Q' l l l . V , H5 Hellolv from the 71 Salesian staff: John Michel, Leslie Broach, jon Kurtiak, Mike Boswell, Roberta Lapinski, Judy Zaenglein, Melissa Fletcher, Linda Harris, Kit Thomas, Laura Cox, Martha Riden, Maralice Kiernan, Joan Dombrowski, Janet Shaheen, Nancy Carew, and Martha Q v.. 5 1 2 . 47 ZX if QNX "Watch thisf, says sports editor, Tina Viviani business manager, Mary Cacavias looks on, press club-chang Our newspaper, The Sales Sheet, is a summary in words of the activities and the emotions of Mount de Sales. Under the leadership of the editor it endeavors to depict all aspects of school life and thought, sports, honors, reviews, complaints of students, trips, and special events. Striving to improve the paper this year, the staff has adopted some in- novations. These include a down style for headlines, the addition of two new pages in some issues, etc. The newspaper has also helped to instigate new trends at the Mount: pantsuits for senior girls on out-of-uniform days, solid-colored shirts for all, and the newest addition to the school, the se- nior lounge. To us, the graduating class of '71, The Sales Sheet has symbolized our efforts to improve the quality of our educa- tion and to engender a spirit of unity among ourselves and among those who have always been close to us. Perhaps there are those who do not agree with us, to those individuals we can only say that they are not aware of the time, effort, and dedication neces- sary to make the publication of the paper a successful and meaningful achievement. as Feature editor, Mike ueep breaks through the Editorial editor, L2lll1AilG01'dY and HQWS edl wall to talk to media editor, Barbara Swint. tor, Pam Mc-Afee are '-jailed, by the editor. es, innovations , success NNNMMNWNMMW A i Q-sum... S-wi-tau, mm rp tra ' 'E SALESSHH7 Cflvczxlrfau , . may no Ivan Cwfm Emu WW Ga lv 55" . S I 5 s 5 if-' t 'Q ., Gather ,round as assistant editors, Toni English and Kathy Kelley talk newspaper lingo. CNOt pic tured is assistant editor Mary jane Dickeyxl e A 4 S f i Pill: ...i -,xxx in V Tfssrssi' -.iivv x.N-SQ lil ' .izxigr C EQ., X, 1- Q, ..-if-""' Prvss Club int-inl'wrs waiting patiently fbi- the t-clitoi' to vxplain nt-ws writing arc Ricky Dohvrty, Aliininy Mullani-y, Sheri Lcnclrnm, Mike- Mc'Alk-v, Mario Marlwr, Mark Cassicly, P1ltfj'CilllL'll, Bt-tty Civkctt, Linda Brantlvy, Pl'f.ffly'COIlSlClll1t', 'IR-i'ri Knight, Be-riiav Holton, and Lisa English. """"" N-,J si' , x , t it if si fm l A' 5 Q 1w., W 'E ' M is ., Q fp Q iii? I 5 6 ' sir gay! f A f i'D0n't got uptight Mila-," Qroons Sistcr Crave' Marita "So what il' thv front pagv is printed upside- down!" tors Mary, Lolirclvs, Nh-lissa, Angi-la, and Pain review tht- mlafs gossip 49 t,- Sl Tish, vditor Mai-aliu-, and Tina luvvoini- walltlowvrs as Iriklirigs' mrucli to grow, learn, aet-the drama club achieves Starting oll' xlowly, tlu' clmngillg group lwgan to grow, to lc-am. aml to act. Not simply portraty but act. llw players touml tlu-irrolvs amcl tl1vst1tgc'wasflllvcl with lift. Strugggling to pvltl-ct. Llfillllllllg sllccws. but l'iItUXK'lIlgl lllhllll' tlmt up plume woulcl follow. Satidivcl. thu' Imm- clxultml Ll lm-xx' lllllllllL'5 tree from problems and from reality for our l'I'll'Il4lS. l,0QlNlIL'N L'OUI'lllll.llOl Xlllw lioxwvll .utolll IJl't'Nlilt'Ill B.t1'lJ.t1'.l klttllllll, XNllll1'Nt't'l'l'llll'Y Xlvlix Nt l'lvtn'l1n-1'l1.t11ffl1t1lx look aloxx II on tht-111. l.4UllI'Lll'N f:llNtk'llllIlOS .tttvmptx to .wt out .L role llvlorv .1 .yvry Nlwpticall alllclivllu-, inclucling suvh llOtl'fl tllc-xpiam au P.lfl'lL'l.l NIc'B1'1'.l1'ty, Nlttry' Arm Crillitlx, .llllly Ztlixllglixlll, H1ll'I4llJltK' lllIl'lf'y, Co1l11ivCrm'n,john Hom-mln-tto,'l'r'1'sw.1Xlvffoy,Nom-lff.ltl11-rxxooml,xmlSc'ottShx'1'1'ill, Outaiclvol'S5lint,lowpl1 Hall, Scott Sl1e'rx'illamcl Milu- Bonn-ll sl1allwlml1Lls during am impromptu 1'f'l'wal1's11l of Lobe' lx' Conlr1,Qiou.s. Sllpportillg Lll'2lIllilllNlN iucluclv Noel Calthc-rwoocl, -Indy Zan-nglm-in, N11-lissaFle-tm-hm-1-, 'l'v1'1-m Nlvfloy, Connie C111-s-11, amcl David Dwyer. , admin. , l'lf1'f',.g 4 ef' P Axxnlitillg lIlSDlI'ltltlOIl, lllllIIlillll'N Q-lub 1m'u1lJc'1's? Lv V , Scott Slwlrill, Hzwriottv l'lllI'll'f', P.1t1'in'ial NlL'BI'l'.lI'lf', 'I'n'1'1-M1 McCoy, Xlzlggim' U Sh.1l1gl'll1vsscy, Nam Mr.-B1'c'.1rty, -lam' Conner, Lourclvs Cais- tvllxmow, -Indy Ztwnglm-in, K.lll1l'fIl Ale-x.mclv1'. Conuiv CL1'vm'11, ,lo Mir-ht-I, Dm-lmlmiv IJn-elm, Nlikt- Boswell, Xll'llNS1lI"wll'll'l'l1'I', Put Nlorgam, junnieHow- .11-cl,andNlaclgvWt-tht-1-ingtott. ft, gpg. L L5 tt to right: john Bvm-zletto, ,lou-ph Coglmill, B1lI'l72ll'Ll jnimll, David Dwver, Noel Ciltl'If'l'VV00d, H .f "',m,iw-1 K-1 x ' " V 'M 2 t W Ww , ,t va li 50 clubs project interests in student activities Languages . . . French . . . Spanish . . . learning more and more . . . na- tive foods . . . parties . . . inn . . . puzzles . . . laughing . . . field trips . . . St. Augustine . . . bus . . . exhausted . . . sleepy . . . worth it . . . Key Club . . . service . . . W , 1,psL ..,i..,... A friendship . . . convention . . . oil Q gn ficers . . . sharing solid ideas . . . ,.,-,M-f,s""" meetings . . . out of school . . . Homemaking . . . girls . . . togeth- erness . . . future plans . . . dishes . . .cookies. . .cakes. . .ovens. . soap . . . sewing. . . ouch . . . lots of fun . . . lots of work . . . ouch again . . . Tennis . . . serve . . . ruiming . . bounce . . . bounce. . . bounce . . . thirty . . . love . . . Social Ser- vice. . .helping. . .caring. . .serv- ing . . . old people . . . young people . . . talking . . . laughing . . . nice . . . really nice . . . cars . . . every kind of people . . . the right kind of people . . . tiiture people . . . Chess . . . i1'1t61'CStiDg . . . kings . . . Will- "MonpereBede,ouest-il?"-theunaskedquestionoitheFreneh Ch ners. . .losers. . .ti1ne. may CZ Key Club President, Bob Conner, gathers with other members Neil Cason, Kermit Falk, Kelly Mt-A11-il, Tom Harrison, joe Moran, and David Alexander to assemble food baskets whieh will be delivered to the poor during the Christmas holidays. 51 iwi it ,.. j::f 5i: 9 I liium-li,"Ithiiil11mtvi1i1lnii'." 'if' 'Mtv' gggesigtslifsi Ki M-all ,,.,.f-'-N :Xu Eiiglixh On-niiig? A TOUIX i11.its- x':u'iantioii':' Scott Sha-will i'1'th'c'ts to 2 1 4, 1 Q15 Cmistructing wrt-uths amd crimdivd Christmas tr:-as may not bc The-rcsu Practicing to make the tennis team, junior Peggy MCAfbe and fresh Morgan :md Sandy Cortes hobby, but thi-y L-mtiiiiily vii-joy the- sm-tuoiiiil man, Patty Callgn vigorously Struggle to OVC1'CO1'nQ2ldfg'llCC score, paistims-. 52 I l A E is gy xi F .. ,xg Q 3 l 3 M EJ? , .4 S uw .un-nw El Club es an6l sueia de su Vi'l'6 '1 Sin Augustin. . , ' I , 1 , . p KJ I K Heil Cross mvmbcrs and br. Bc1'ua11'd1m- Ill l'l'VLlflllQ' C,h1'1st1uns f1lV01 .ff QE? Si .. 4- u -f ,f-n u uf- , ,Q iuy: I ,, Ez ' ' " ' -- V I V U ' z ff inlf f , :" : ?5F. ' ' ' l,'k,h W 1, , 1 5 1, 1: 3 ,1 za ,Af V. , 597 ,V , ,, ,L X, , 53 4- I 3 4 ll J V w ! V' f eighteen active girls launch the eavalieris Victor Coach Garvin gives the students a pep talk as cheerleaders Harriotte Hurley, Teriy Doyle, Kathy Silva, Lynn Acey, Connie Perekslis, Diane Cook, janet Shaheen and Gloria Assad await the continuation of the pep ra ly. johnny Higdon tlmnlxs the stnclvnt hotly lin' tln- liirtlnlay cake and pn-st-nts as Varsity t'lll'0l'lUkltll'l' 'Fish lNlQ'Bl'l'Lll'ly. i-nsln-s to ln-lp Vnlloriv l'lN'l'l'll'1llll'l'5slilllbl, -Indy, Lynn, Connie, 'l'1'i'ry and KathyviiCii'c'lc'lii1il. Svhlllllllll lnnlliv llvi' new innlorin lwfors- thc ling gainc Priclay' nigit. 54 NTWO bits, 117l1l'1J1tS, six 11115, ll 1111111111 A11 11111111 5111115 sta11111 11p11111111o111-1'1" t111'1111gs t111'oug11 t111' c1'11w11 11s thc varsity 111111 S1113-Vill'S1fy c11c111'11w111111's COIlC1l1C1C a1110t111'1' 1'i11t1111s, 11111-1'i11Q11, 11111111-11111wi11g, 1'1101l1if1i11g 111-11 I'il11y. T1111s1- 1-ig11t1'1-11 gi1'1s-1-11t1111si11stic, uctivv, 1-111111g-111151-111511ly gin- 111' t11c111s1'1v1-5, 11ft111'i1' 11111111 111111 511111 too Illillly ti1111-s ll yCill'. P1111-tici11g 11111111 ly 1-v1-ry day, C111-1-1'i11g 11111111 1111111 1111c1- 11 w1'1-kg il1XV2lj'S 1111 t111' go, il1XK'ilf'S somctliing to 110. 111citi11g st11111-nts to 1111011 t111-ir tkxillll, 1'11isi11g 11111111113 1au11c11i11g t1111 C11va11ic1's to victory-t11is is f1ll'il'jO1J w1111 1111111-. A , ' ' 115.111 1113111111 cjklY.l11K'l'., " wt tw 1' ' ' wgagfb, Y, - A, , g 1 , X V9 3' , 1 ' I 51111111-11B-111111111'111'1'1'11-11111-1'spow111.11151111111111111'111.1t11111 W '1 ' V' ' 1,111 111 1'ig.111t: 5111111111 1Dl'1'1l, 51111111 ZQ11-11q11'111. K.11111'11111 ', v" 1. -wr3xfi4Q, Y ' jf5"lLf' M ,A L1111111, B1't11 XYi11111111s, 71,111.1 51111111-1'11, c:.lI71.l.1Il 1JUI'1'L'1 1 'F' Q, ly, -dv.,f 1 Pz1111is11, Fl'ilIl N1L'Bl'1'-ll'1f .11111 C11-C.1pt.1i11 fN.1111'y X11- , , ' ' C11111111-11. i'B1J11t B11111111gs1" 1111101-11 t111'1111g11 tha- gym an f1l1'VllI'511f' C1111-1'11'1111i11g 511111111 1111111-11 t111- c:klVil114'IiS to il g1o1'io11f 1'i1't111'y. L1'11 to right: f110l'1il As sud, H:11'1'i0tt11 Hlll'1K'y', -1kll1l'1 81111111-1-11, A11111y Z111-11g11'i11, Kathy Silva, Lynn Awy, Tl'lil'f' D11y111 411111 1N1ill'y CLlSS141j'. 55 , 1 1pt1111 1 , 311 11111 C 1111 Ill '11 t S11 111111 ffl? seniors of , 1-high moments in their memories The year rushes by. Graduation comes and the seniors wonder where the past four years have gone. A few momen- tous events stand out vividly in their memories. Daytona 170 saw our seniors rambling along the beach, gliding around in dune buggies and lounging in the mo- tel halls listening to rnusie drumming softly. Tired, but happy, the motley group toured Cape Kennedy and completed their trip. Back at school, the senior girls can be found hopping around in gay pant- suits. And, if one listens closely to WNEX on Monday nights he can hear the voices of Don and Mike broad- casting the spirit of Mt. de Sales. The 1971 senior rings beside a 1945 senior ring typify the inevitable evolution to which all things must sueeumb. NMSCQIT semi-finalist David Dwyer rejoices when e learns of his achievement. 56 "Going downfr' Bob Conner prepares to give the ash tray a ride on the elevatorg an act intended to bewilder and terrify the Daytonians below. NThe new Miss Publications 1970 is . . Announcer Mike "johnny Carsonu Vullo keeps his cool as Miss Grease QMary Caeaviasl, Miss Sweden fMelissa Fleteherj, Miss Hungry fPaun MCTAfl't'D, Miss Ethiopia QMike MeMillanj, and Miss japan fPat Connelly? wait expectantly. l 1 "Thank goodness we're leaving tomorrowiv dreams bus driver Mike as he keeps a 3:00 mm. Vigil over the Dayton! Owlg Janet Shaheen, Laura Cox, Terry Doyle, and MaryAnne Ness welcome Sister Jeremy to MdS before she begins explaining the Mr. St. Agnes-Loyola merger. "Daytona Beach or Bustlv sing the traveling members of Mr. Considine's sociology class as they courageously strive to overcome the hardships caused by a six-hour bus ride. ' K, f 5? f ,v "What does it d0?', wonders Mike Boswell as he and Don Williams get ready to make their week- Kathy Silva and janet Shaheen exemplify the ly broadcast to radio land on the WNEX uteen topics" show. pantsuits revolution. 57 Student Council representatives Angela Manson, Mark Cassidy, Tom Barfieldi, Kit Thomas, ,lov Moran, Mike Boswell, Bob Count-r, Don VVilliams, janet Shaheen, Tim jackson, Lee Berg, and Pam McAfee take time out from one of their busy meetings to stage a sitein. steps toward progress-students speak out and make it Work Once a week the thoughts of the students solidify as views and opinions are exchanged. Every studentis voice is heard by the administration through the student council. Meetings consist of order in confusion. The representatives wonder how it can possibly work! Blah . . . blah . . . blah . . . Words fly back and forth the result-action. Yes, the student council is constructive action based on and for the students of Mount de Sales. ,, ? 1 I f E i' 1 s fr 5 ,wg ti ' .2 1 f Student Council officers treasurer Spyros Dermatos, vice-president Tina Viviani, and secretary Ed Berg enjoy Tom Barfield's oft-screen hula dance. Student Council President, Bob Conner takes S. C. members Spyros Dermatos, Tom Barfield, Tim jackson, joe Moran, Mike Boswell, Mary advantage of a lull in meeting procedures to Cacavias, and Kit Thomas discuss a pressing issue-the lowering ofthe drinking age. snatch forty winkes. 58 ,yu - ,4 .2 xi! Don't let things go to gour head Bob," pleucl ontstincling teens Bwr 'uri Iiincll and janet Football Bests: Deftlmive Back Raymond Burns, Offensive Back jimmy King, MVP Bob Conner, 4' 'J .t 4 ' I ' -f. L f ,, Lineman Ricky Hatcher, Defensive Linemun Steve Knight, and Hustler jim Rocca. Shdhf en' Take mam I5 In hand' if 'Qi "Daring" Bob Conner does his thing for good citizens Terry Doyle, Tish McBrearty und "Dare Youl' NVlIll1Cl'P2ll'l'l McAfee. 'I "Who's Who?v wonder jim Rocca, Teriy Doyle, Mike Vullo, Harriotte Hurley, Bob Conner, Tina Viviuni, Pam McAfee, and Angela Munson. 59 o , 1"" , U- f ,, f .f . v,v,'61.1.,L, , ,, -. , - ' , fH4, n I ,V ,f r I I 1 54,5 1 '- . 1 ' ' ', 'Q' ' ' V " f. , .'-. l,., f 1. rfvf ,, 1' x IA '70 . 'f. , . W 4,-pf, -' fp . v ' v 1- I" f - ., I . , V ,,, ,gm ,- ,I 4 'J 1 1 f f, ' 4, . 71 1 4 ,U V v I +:f,..,,,.f Y. lg, - ,.N.- V!! ,,,-UV Q, .. I 5, I I ,Vw - 4, " , -.4 'q-1 7. ' 1" 5, , 1 lf- 'f' 'ffl-Wk li "3 f f V., if i , - I .,,- l gy., 'f' 4 , ,., , , I 1 in "' W W 4 ' 'P I 1 I QI? lf' M' ' F " ur , M 'Ju VJ ,f-2"'.2""4 1 '4- 1 ' ff?-425-ca , , ',f,',1, ' , . - ,ffvfof ,97:'x,, 'f -ff,ggfM ' ' 1 ' "1"4.J , C i, 4, '1, . n rr-1 3 A dream has become a reality this year at Mt. de Sales. For the first time in de Sales history, we have been named State Class MC, Cham- pions, and for the second consecue tive year, have captured the Region 2C trophy. The Cavaliers have realized their ambition of becoming champions under the expert guidance ot' Ath- letic Director, Mike Garvin, and the coaching staff of Mike Burdette, John Considine, and Billy Hender- son. The vivacious enthusiasm of the cheerleaders, the undying ell forts of the team members, and the unfailing support of the entire student body have helped de Sales to realize that they really are number one. Mt. de Sales Coaching Stall: Billy Hen- derson, Athletic Director Mike Garvin, john Considine, and Mike Burdette. Cavaliers capture first stateucv crown, Oremus. In the locker room, Coach Garvin leads the team in a prayer during Adairsville hall'-time before returning to the gridiron to defeat the Tigers. 62 Stite Cl hs C Ch 1m mins First Ron be 11101 Riekx H 1tehe1 joe Xiorm Kellw NIeAiee Semoi R ix memd Burns S IUIITIX DiNard0, Charlie Ouzts Ben Limbi 1s1 XI ll Pie ree johnm He11ele1s011 Dixid T11l01 Second Row Semen Jimmx King Se 11101 joe Be11eele'tto, Steve Krugea Phillip She r1d111 Senior Bob Conner Jimrm VlNllIll Tom C01111e llx Se mor P1111 Keller Senior Keimit Fllk Phillip XIeC0lel1'ie-lc, Randy Callen Pe tel Benedetto Co1ch johnm Higdon Third Row Semoi jim Roee 1 Eddie Buckle Steve Knight Robbie C1 1me1 Tim jackson, Bryan Lesleoslex 1970 Football Sehe elule XIDS c,DDOIlf:'I1f Pacellli GMC East Coweta Twiggs County East Fannin Boggfs Aerade'1115 Dawson County GCBl'LlIJIl Military Loganvillei Sparta Aelairsville B we1e'11 plays, Coaeli CII V111 e-xplains strate-gy to hllll llI1lT1y'VlVlklIll. i Svnior Captains -lim Rocca "SW'99fn ,li1HUW Kill!! Siflgllk and Bob Connor iinxionsly huiidvdly holds hack ii tn- cvc the i'et'ci'vs-'s 1-oin toss innltnons wiivv ot galloping bl-fb,-Q thy PM-plli gimp, ziggressors during un impor- tiint pliiy, Lincmiin rind Burk ofthe XXI-ok Pzltwlli Linemiin ......,,,.. Robby Cr.nnt-r Brick ..... ,,.... R iiyinond Bnrns GMC Lint-man ..,...,,.,.. Rin-ky Hzitcha-r Brick ......,,,........ jimmy King East Cowcftn Linemiin ..,.....,.... Steve Knight Buck .......,..... S.nnmy Diniirclo 'l'wii.ggs County Liiivmiin ........,.. Curtis Roch-rivk Bin-k . .,........,.... Tim jackson Haut Fannin Linciniin .....,...,,.... jim Hoot-ii Brick ..,,,......,... Chznlic' Ullzts Boggfs Acziclciny Linvmiin ....,.,..,., joe- Beiicdvtto Brick ..,.,,..,.,.. Rnyinond Burns Dawson County Lint-ninn .......,..,,. Steve Knight Brick .,.....,.,... Siinnny DiI1il1'ilil Gordon fxlilitiiry Liiit-iniin ...,........ jimmy Vivizini Brick ......,.....,,.. Tim jackson Logiinville Lincmiin .,.. Bob Conner and Steve- Knight Brick . . .,......... jimmy King Linvmiin Brick . , 64 Sp.1rt.i Edcliv Brit-klv . .Ks-rmit Fiilk A V ' A V7 , K. K wai N A It M.,1mIwwfn,., A , .. W v x 5 Mxwkawk 7 A-fffi .., ,L f Senior 7I1lVl'1'jO6 Bt'lli'lll'ft0 .mgrily ,I l111iU1' Ch.l.I'IfQ' Ollxtx grabs fxorithe- fkzotbnll .mx hix op- L-luiches ll fm'w1u'cl paw pomhuttrimtoe-vudvhim. buiorv hia oppcmvut um l'lHlL'h hlm. Junior Tim Jackson strug- gles over the Twiggs County line as tackled Ricky Hatcher and Bob Con- ner clear a path. 65 Senior jimmy King vliinlmw his lain-klm' to C'OllfiIllll' his iorw.u'c1 m1u'c'l1. Raymond Bums goes out for ii pass. We 1' 9 A 'A if ,iff H ,ax ia., --f- A Alimior Saumny DiN.u'clo xlips thmugli junior Tim .jackson the'Boggs:Xa-.lclwxiiylim-, limgcs :she-acl of thc on, L-oiniiig tzac-kin-. Girls basketball team makes its debut. Joanna Misha grabs the ball. Mean Nina Benedetto struggles during an iinportiint play. Girls Basketball Tcain: Bottoin: .Ioiic-s, Hync, Ziienglein, XVilliiinis, Bass. Middle: Xll'Bl't'i1l'tf', I ' Benedetto, Conner, Piuilish, Phillips. Top: Coavli IHll71'l'S5lVB Teh Garvin, Anrvy, Davidson, Cullen, Bniiitln-y. MCBW1U'tY hustlm cliiring GMC ganie. P.ittyCiiIlvii L'llltL'hl'Sll'1L'l7illl .is Liiiclai Biniitlcy iincl Lynn .-XL-sky but-k livi' up, i i i ' K 5 'Y 1 F mf fbi: W, , ' . 11752 2 ' n Rn?" fgi . K M -ri. ' Q9 v Q Q 3 .A -SA 3? if ,yi sf,- QGY Slay M.-gi D X M f as 1' ,vi-714 282' ,,,- Q f baseball blooms 111 the springtime for oavahers H I , .Z rf' Mt. de Sales Baseball Letterman, Top Row: Bob Cormvr, Tim ,lac-kson, Bud Butler. Bottom How: jimmy Viviami, Ricky Hatcher, Mark Pieu-4-. A A , junior Tim jackson warms up. Senior Ciltlfhkl' Ricky Haltchcr junior Bud Butler at the plate. 71 Capt. and M Mr. and Mrs. PATRONS D.K. Acey Rev. Milton Adams Mr. L.D. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. William H. Allen Mr. Leon An Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs drews . E.J. Assad . Holst C. Beall, Sr. . Don W. Beaty . George Blossom, Jr. . Cecil Brickle Mr. and Mrs. Eddie T. Brickle Mr. and Mrs . R.L. Brickle Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Brody Mr. and Mrs Mr. Irbin E. . Mike Burdette Burnett Dr. F.M. Butler, Jr. Mrs. Leneva Butts Cm. Sgt. and Mrs. Aranda R. Callen and Family SMS R.G. Campeau Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah J. Carew Mrs. Cecile M. Cassidy The Louis C ohen Family Mr. Harve Cole Father William V. Coleman Compliment Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs s ofa Friend . William V. Cook . Robert J. Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cummings, Jr. Mrs. W.B. Davidson Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Elizabe . Eddie Deeb . Nick Dermatas . Richard Doherty . J. Dombrowski . Danny Doyle . Harry Durham, Sr. th G. Dwyer Mrs. Malcolm C. Everett Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Falk Miss Jerita Dianne Fitzhugh A Friend Dr. George Fuller, D.D.S. Mr . M.B. Fy Mr. Garber Mr. Charles ke S. Gebara Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Greenway Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Harper Mrs. Mary L. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Harris Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Harris Dr. J.J. Haw Mr key . James C. Hays Mr. and Mrs. David T. Hill Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Hortman The Jim Howard Family Mr. Richard Michael Hughes Mr. Leroy H urst Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Iannicelli Mr. Irvin F. Impink Dr. Charles R. Ireland Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jaindl Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. James Jeter Mrs. H.M. Johnson Mr. Wiley M. Jordan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kelly Mr. Ben Ker sey, Jr. Mr. Robert Ketchu J, Jr. Miss Lucy K irklancl Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kosater Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Charles Hasell T. LaBorde Lamis Mr. and Mrs. G.K. Landry Mr. James W. Lary Miss Gladys Mrs. K. Case Lasky rio and Mrs. M. Leib Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Lendrum Mr. and Mrs. C. Lewis Mr. David L ipson Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Loebker Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Lott Mr. and Mrs. R. Lucante Col. and Mrs. H.J. Lupa Chaplain Robert Maher Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Marker Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Marks Miss Brenda Massey Mr. and Mrs. J.F. McBrearty rs. Robert McCaw Mr. and Mrs. I.E. McCloud Mr. and Mrs. W.H. McComb Mr. and Mrs. F.G. McCoy 72 Col. and Mrs. McCunniff Mr. and Mrs. James McDaniel Miss Margaret A. McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Albert McLellan Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Michel Mrs. Manie Millican Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Mills and Daughter Mr. Louis Mona Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Moran Mr. Calvin Morgan Mrs. Lillian Moseley Mr. J. Frank Mosely Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Mullaney Mr. Jake Myers, Jr. Major and Mrs. William L. Nealon Mr. Randy Neil' Miss Helen O'Shaughnessey Mr. and Mrs. Gus Parker Lt. Col. and Mrs. Leon Perekslis Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Perkins Vincent I. Peters and Ellen O,Neal Peters Miss Eleanore Pittman Mr. and Mrs. George Powell Mr. and Mrs. George Proctor Mrs. Wilda Richardson Saint Jose h School Major andpMrs. R. Saucier Mr. Michael Searcy Mr. and Mrs. James Shaheen Miss Louise Shakespeare Mr. and Mrs. Postell Shakespeare Mr. A.H. Shoup Professor and Mrs. George Simitses Mrs. Agnes Simmons Mr. Ray Simon Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Smith Mr. C.A. Spitz Mr. E.F. Stam s Mrs. Luke Steflano Mr. Harold Stewart Lt. Col. and Mrs. Herman C. Strawser Mrs. Margaret Sullivan Mrs. Harriet Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Earl Joseph Thornton Mr. Harold C. Ussery Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Viviani Mr. and Mrs. Sam Vullo, Jr. Miss Frances Weisz Mr. Willie Benjamin West, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. K.W. Wey, Jr. Mr. Arthur White Mrs. Whiting Mr. and Mrs. Lane Williams Mr. Roy G. Williams Dr. an Mrs. W.A. Williams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marion D. Wood Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wright Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Zaenglein Mr. Earl Zimmerman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Zurek SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Bass Mr. George D. Bell M.Sgt. and Mrs. John W. Brittian Mr. Charles A. Bundy Dr. Dan Callahan, M.D. Mr. Peyton Carswell Mrs. Sam S. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Clark Mr. Frank P. Clowers Compliments of a Friend Mr. Robert E. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Castex P. Conner Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Crute, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Dombrowski Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ficklin Dr. E.L. Hofstadter Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Hurley Mr. Joseph Jaremko and Family Mrs. Frank D. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kurtiak Mr. and Mrs. C. Lewis Father Bede Lightner Mrs. Leonora Maloney Mrs. Mattie Benns Manson Mr. Albert W. McKa Dr. and Mrs. Jule C. Neal Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Neely Lt. Col. and Mrs. George S. Osborne Mr. W. . O,Shau hnessey Dr. an Mrs. W. . O'Shaughnessey Father Michael J. O,Sullivan Miss Alice M. Owen Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Patterson Dr. C.J. Pom ei Mrs. S.L. Riclliiardson Mr. and Mrs. James Rocca Ken and Jimmy Rozier Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Searle Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spencer Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Union, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Wargo Mr. John L. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Amos C. Williams Mrs. J.M. Winn -1 -4.-me V1 1- 1 V I I .- , .5 V .. .. 5 . .-.',...:.-xa...,.,..f,.......,...Q.....,-a--.4 Mr. . ..,v..,.-x..3 . .57..,:,,.-.,. T: 1 . 1 A HL,-"V, I ,fjil 1 ,. A 1I"s.,', - I : 1 V ' 1 . , , - .. 1,415 V. 4 2 . , -N I .If 'Q A, , . -4,3 . L . , f 4 . .,. '..f, 1 4- f .P-,1 ,gf '-4 '- ' 1 , N' "tl,-" ' - . fy, , . V 1" " gt , E 1 L,-ij , .,?....-.,.:-1 ........Y " 1 'fvf """"-" .- '..'f,,,.fvr, N ff I . ,, .,4-"" ,..f "1 ,fd WISHINC YOU THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL YEAR EVER "GEORGIA'S FASTEST GROWING CITY" CITY OF WARNER ROBIN S MAYOR HOMER J. WALKER COUNCILMEN ROBERT F. BECKMANN ARCHIE L. CAMPBELL HERMAN D. COFFEY JACK M. HUMPHREY THOMAS D. HUNT N.F. SADDLER THERE IS MORE TO SEE ON MACON TV CABLE COMPLIMENTS OF Realtors-Insurors CREENEBS PROPANE GAS GRIFFITH REALTY INC. 145 FIRST STREET MACON, GEORGIA PERRY, GA. - COODYEAR SERVICE STORES Phone: 105 North Davis Dr. WH 3-4292 Warner Robins, Ga. 31093 A DIVISION OF THE GOODYEAR TIRE AND RUBBER COMPANY COKETS CAMERAS PHoTocRAPHIc SUPPLIES FILM DEVELOPING SERVICE 735 CHERRY ST. 748-8288 White Cr Lavender Pest Control, Inc. -:I Dial 746-5134 ,ff-f.4 Nagms, Holidays Dial 746-0887 3984 NAPIER AVE. C vgfll'-r,?i5fgT' of 745-2067 IAVENIIE QR LORD IAM' X me Compliments of C3r1HaySJeWe1er LIGHTING FIXTURES. INC. 406 Cherrysti 1343 GEORGIA AVENUE ' MACON. GEORGIA 31201 "Free Customer Parking In Our Buildingv - AREA CODE 9121743-3761 75 rest awn FUNERAL HOME CRANDALL COLLEGE ACCREDITED BY ACCREDITING COMMISSION FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS T.L. IVEY mzcn-of wmfrzcc 35253552 ZHOQCACTZIU ab zm emrfornfmmn Epiagng H-QKVOZ QD,gC'DZmC'J mznew Um'-me owen nm fjgJc5,?'gz2 mi' UNE H552 ZZ Um I 'TJ pun OO FZ Z'-W I mm E cn W5 U3 H ,.,. rn W 2 C5 rn H A 99 F C5 "' 5 W mg W FU E af m "' U3 855 E' 25 5395 UJZUDZ -1 wg :mmm N: Ia' CD K1 P7 2550, U, fps 532525 Qimbf . Oo' C hmmm 552 'U EE OO" wi L-4 U3 'H 'Fl 3 E v-I- U1 CD 'U m P11 F31 G QUE O 9 QE X. mg n--4 gi' E 5 QT' P7111 P F5 55 W' '-QL-1-j'T' gg Eggrzsg ZWZWMO U12 3,2255 ..+-1 F' c SOSEQ r-11 OOZWCUP-4 S2583 20225 E T T s For Exciting New Junior Fashions Ios. N. Neal Co. Compliments ofthe ,70-'71 Officers Mt. de Sales Athletic Junior Fashions 2nd Floor Sherrill Smith Ben F ranklir Realty Company 'iYour Friendly Variety PH-743-2271 W .bww 1001 American Federal Shuflmgtfm P112 1 Building Macon, Ccorgi 1 DODGE AUTHORIZED Congratulations to the SALES and SERVICE Class of' 1971 john Smith Motors . , N 301 warm Blvd. 1011161 S aplel Warner Robins, Ga. Pharmacy Phone 922-8566 13145 N1lI31l'1'AVQl u X1llCflIi,CL'l71g,1l 531204 Best Wishes Barney from A - mith Randall Memorial iflotors Mortuary 950 C 'L H' h 1 850 Forsyth Street Ma C1021 Cingly 743-4822 Phone 746-5621 or 746-3777 .M ' cz BUILD Qcowfom., jaw. ER 1027 Graph d-IMT fbzwg fpllong 785-7612 acon, Qsozgia 31206 mn , ' i swlllllfmxwe Gflfzxxmlllhff Junior and senior high school students o , ' 2 ily V 0.0 2 Get Student Power , 5 X 3- .f now Z if X S for better grades with less work K ' lf X .Q K Student Power is the pcower to learn the most with the least wor . Youlve got it if you're efficient at listening in class, taking notes, organizing reports, writing clearly, using reference materials and reading fast M O N with good comprehension. If you've got Student Power, ou get your best possible grades with the least possible study time. If you don,t have it, you can get it during Learning Founda- As 7 : S 81 tions' LEARN-IN. Our LEARN-IN gives you individual programmed instruction in eight basic LO stu y skills. The tricks of the learning trade. No classes. Co whenever it's con- AS SOCIATIO mem' Learning Foundations Main Ofc. 337 3rd 743-6727 We make it easier to learn. Pio Nono Branch 900 Pio Nono Ave. 743-6727 Rocky Creek Branch 3411 Pio N ono Ave. 743-6727 Riverside Branch 2540 Riverside Dr. 743-6727 78 Compliments of STUDE T COUNCIL 'The voice ofthe studentsn 1970-71 OFFICERS BOB CONNER-PRESIDENT TINA VIVIANI-VICE PRESIDENT SPYROS DERMATOS-TREASURER EDWARD BERC-SECRETARY AM-FM-TV S89 ": 8 , -W :1'gf'U h' , wi 43-..a1,.g ui + lm: Qw- h ff if WGN acc X Owcrao, "' 6602619 745 1578 gmqm F A NEA! ffw 0 -VX H'-'Ns-"X 535,291-. Cofvfkncrons QEAA ff' R., mmmmmmwfmd 251 E 1 MNILE1 NFIA- X I r lim fn, C- , , 0 I, X K' 1-1r h xy V X T f ., . ik 1..--1un:s- ll o o 4 I . , I cg!!! 0 U 'll ,.,............ z, U 1 ..... 5 L I .. f" fx 'IL A 2 . . T ' ,,f: ., Q v o 7: 4 Q L 1 :.?,,g.,"f'h':' -. ov " ' a 'z' g 9 una: its-ns uni 'fi' Fr!" z 4,1 Q. . '5," l, rf.: " P " sJv-":' 'Un H ' ' r -5'i':.,' 'QI fix f ' -,,.-- 1.3. K r -1 0 --f "" -, -' -i": ,H ,-D -EJ' Y A. 'Gautam A ., , Z, J -gh :1::: Q ur' U- .Ji 'L 5 'A " - ll :mln L. J - : , i I 'IQQEE .- un ,. , - - , 'IW QE: - X' 1,1222 15, 1 111: , 1 ' . I - v 4 :-1-4 v 'll ..l- L .-:-""' P' xrf 'X , , A ':. - A I , I I , 2. ! 3X tg fv. x 1 - , H " -- ff ,ll j' if "' iQ'!'n-,Z - c ik rn V f. ' ... . .:.. 1 J N! f d I ,H I 1 q'q- Al . ,guf hp: A-::lL:f",,,a,.1 '- 4 " 4 W ,:' " -" 4- ' ' 4, -- --f- 'ffi -A ' Best VVishes Compliments of from Frank F. Pernell Palmer Tire Consolidated CO. Distributing lt's the real thing. Coke. mae my-1 Q Macon Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Macon, Georgia Congratulations from Huckabee Buick-Cadillac KM Malibews Serving Middle Georgia Since 1918 Third at Pine Macon, Georgia 31201 745-8501 Compliments of Best Wishes f rom I. Deep Hoyal 8z Dunwody Insurance Agency Compliments of KATHRYN,S BRIDALS 81 FORMALS 2808 Napier Avenue "The Southis Leading Bridal and Formal Salonw Mrs. Kathryn Buckels-Owner and Manager Phone: 742-6573 Now Open LOUISIANA RELIGIOUS SUPPLY 511-3rd Street-Phone: 742-0491 All Kinds of Candles Large Selections ot'Finest Oils, Incenses, Herbs, and Books USED TIRES FRONT END-BRAKE SERVICE LOWE ELECTRIC . coMPANY me H2 Wholesale TIRES BATTERIES Electrical, Plumbing and Heating , Supplies BOBBITT S TIRE 1525 Forsyth Street Macon, Ca. COMPANY 2680 Montpelier Ave. Macon, Ca. Dial: 746-8587 ANDERSEN'S JEWELERS Official Railroad Watch Inspectors Diamonds-XVatches-Jewelry Expert NVatch Repairs on all Makes Phone: 743-3846 361 Second St. Macon, Ca. CHI-CHES-TERS PHARMACIES i'Whe1'e Your Drug Dollar Does its Full Dutyll Ingleside+3157 Vineville Ave. Baconsfield-656 Bacons Field Center College Hill-463 Arlington Place Tattnall Square-1305 Linden Ave. Town 81 Country-Cray Highway Harrisonls-2396 Ingleside Ave. M 61 C TILE COMPANY 'FWHM SERVICE 4 Ceramic Quarry yi saexasee Slate Marble Torginol . .1 V . 1 ,A C'll 'ab t rC ltured ll Kumi Robins, Cd' Nlclirlilz f01?3Olll?Bll511'OOITl Division of Appliance Service Center Phone: 923-3141 Phone: 746-2424 Nights, Sundays 61 llolidays-746-7440 Leonard LizekfOwner APPLIANCE 5 TELEVISION FURNITURE Phone: '45'144l CONGRATULATIONS i 120 Bl'Ok1dXV2lV 455 I'i1'stSt. ' 'UDTHEC1ASSOFIgH. lmmmww NI acou, Ca. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPos1T INSURANCE coaponmrom 'AXYIIERE FULKS FIND BANKING PLEASURE" Complimvnts of VOLKSWAGEN IORIE7S CENTRAL INC. 2340 Inglvside AVO. Macon, Cu. 755 Third Stn-ct Phono: 743349101 CONIPLINIENTS OF DRUGS MACGNCHCAR Shurliugton Plum TOBACCO CCPMPANY Macon, Cu. 31201 Phone: 7-16-53:2 19 83 Compliments of WASHBURN STORAGE COMPANY 83 Fifth St. Macon, Georgia 84 For Your Insurance Needs Call or See ALBERTA WILLIAMS or CALDER PAYNE at WILLINGHAM and PAYNE, INC. 350 Second Street Phone: 745-1604 WILSON TYPEWRITER and ADDING MACHINE COMPANY 130 College Street Macon, Georgia 31202 REALTY Phone 746-2777 TC OT Royal Typewriters, Electrics, Manuals or Portables Victor Adding Mchs., Printing Calculators and 1403 Watson Blvd Electronic Calculators, Electrostatic Copy Machines 923-3133 Rex-Rotary Mimeograph, Spirit Duplicators, Warner Robins, Ga. 31093 Compliments of Lee oz Sandy Wittstein Photo-Offset Machines or Supplies, Service, Sales Sz Rentals SAVE S A "KUs 3 Convenient 24 hour Locations 5th 251 Walnut Broadway or Houston Montpelier 61 Linden 5,000 WATTS The Soul Sound of of .H F 1' lend 1280 on our DIAL uWHAT,S HAPPEN IN G IN MACON', with the Mellow Fellows Wishin The Most Successful School Year Ever MID-GEORGIA SALES COMPANY Phil J. Sheridan-Owner SAM S. CHANDLER INS. AGENCY Ch dl Bldg. Ph 742 3641 154B d y M C g Compliments of A FRIEND Hail to the Class of ,71l from F ICKLIN C and WALKER DEVELOPMENT CO. B W h 2841 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia the C1 s of 11 from JEAN and HALL FLORISTS Compliments of Complimeng of BATEMAN FOOD STORE AMERSON "Purveyors of Fine Foods" 2780 R X1 d D G g 31204 3864 Lake Street RIVERSIDE PLAZA CHRISTIANS BARBER SHOP HAIRCUTS o STYLINC o RAZOR CUTS CHILDRENS HAIR CUTS Betmwatch Repair HJ. BRYANT . J.R.NlARCHN1ANI Nl-H-C1069 Kjoswd JOE NIASDON CRAWFORD A DIYOIN Ph ne: 745-5114 2720 RIX ERSIDE DR 04 S d S PHONE 746 8933 XI C g 31201 S H Fl H E E N Fi E RLTY CO, Compliments of STCKES-SHAHEEN, INC. ussrvice is our Businessv XVholesa1e Fruits und Vegetables MEMBER MLS SERVICE s xi k 645 First Street 477 H h St M C Ph 742 4 17 M.C. PI ROOFIggh!E?DN, GARRISON TENNECQ SERVICE 654 Plum Street SC"Vin2xjdCE,2g g 2580 Riverside D1-. Nl C g NX I we 'W g ' new .1 -A. 'ILS in ,,,, i HARVEY,S A 'T INSURANCE QUICK CAR WASH 1250 Broadway Al dbtt Congratulations to IERITA FITZHUCH from the F ITZHUCH FAMILY OLDHAM,S OPTICIAN S 685 First Street 743-4655 101 Oldham Bldg. 746-4866 Groceries Picnic Supplies Ice HANDI CHEK FOOD ST. 4477 Forsyth Road Beer Fishing Equipment Bait 88 Macon, Georgia FRIENDS of UNIONVILLE SCHOOL Compliments of a FRIEND Heating I-IAMLIN AIR CONDITIONING Sz SHEET METAL X Compliments of W HART,S MORTUARY Heating sr Air-Condi I g Residential-Indust l C 1 PLUMBING and 36803 G A HEATING CO. R b L D ily Ch l E F O General Contractor Ph 742 8821 1550 Maryland Dr. 742 1204 Phone: 745-1493 Compliments of POWELL,S Best Wishes from the PHARMACY LOYAL ORDER OF Three Locations to Serve You: 3717 Houston Ave. 781-1565 4839 Bloomfield Road 781-1213 Riverside Plaza 743-4408 THE MOOSE LODGE NO. 1455 Macon, Georgia 31201 HOME ROOFERS 61 BUILDERS, INC. Roofing-Remodeling-Aluminum Siding 2910 Napier Ave. Macon, Georgia 31203 Phone: 743-3785 INGLESIDE MEN AND BOYS SHOP MACON'S MOST CONVENIENT SHOP Selling the Finest in Mens and Boys, XVear 2328 lngleside Avenue BIBB MUSIC CENTER Band Instruments-Guitars 61 Amplifiers Musical Accessories 317 Cotton Avenue Phone: 746-3232 Macon, Georgia Compliments of FRANK IRBY PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. XVe Specialize in Repair Parts. BEARINGS SUPPLY COMPANY Bearings and Auto Parts Serving Middle Georgia Over Fifty Years 653 Third Street Macon, Georgia Phone: 742-3671 Frigidaire 0 Zenith 0 RCA 0 Tappan I3 FRIGIDAIRE MORRIS APPLIANCE CO., INC. 386-392 Broadway Macon, Georgia LAFAYETTE RADIO ELECTRONICS ASSOCIATE STORE Owned and Operated by Clark Electronics Dist. Go. John D. Clark, President GB Radio-Custom Stereo- Parts-Tubes 90 3222 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia 31206 Telephone: 788-0936 Phone 743-7458 312 xl! age . fr we 5, 7 6 Home FURNISI-IERST lll 1 - I I I3 Watson Boulevard Warner Robins, Ga JUNIOR RRICKLE BARBER sHoP 2812 Pio Nono Ave. Vacuum System BRICKLE-STEVENS-LOVINS TAXI-'To-TPM XVork is love made visible. G.G. HARDEMAN REAL ESTATE CO. 307 Cotton Avenue Phone: 743-8656 CTHE ONE THAT WORKSQ CHARLIE L. WILLIAMS INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE Sales and Rentals XVarner Robins, Georgia MURPHEYTQAEILORRELLIS REALTORS-INSURORS NIORTGAGE BANKERS-APPRAISE RS 575 First Street Phone: 743-2671 9228531 Macon, Georgia GRIFFITH MORTGAGE MUNFORD CORP. DO-IT-YOURSELF 145 First Street FHA, VA and Commercial Loans Macon, Georgia Phone: C9121 745-9202 STORE 433 VValnut Street M acon, Georgia 1718 VVatson Blvd XVarner Robins, Georgia El L51 H O LI DAY my Hifi. 9 Beauty Salon A I ' TimiPg we SSI' V9 fUl'1 I j gfjggf . . 43,0 o Shaping P K "J Expert Hair Cutting 'fit-' 4 I W 5? Beulah I. Roberts Owner SllVlCl MAIKS 0' SNAIITS, Y 401 Cherokee Dr. THREE CHEERS FOR THE CAVALIERS from BENDINCER BROS., INC. Your Uniform Suppliers Compcgments L. E. SCHWARTZ and SCN, INC. Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Compliments Of CH I-CHES-TERS CH1f3fxIffg-f2i?.RIVN,S INGLESIDE PHARMACY Route 2 Macon, Ga. 3157 Vineville Ave. CHAPMANS GARAGE CASSIDY AUTO PARTS 24 Hour Wrecker Service 'gcomplete Automotive 439 Mulber y S M h Sh p Finance-Insure With COVERNM ENT EMPLOYEES COMPANIES MCKINLEY AGENCY 142 Manor Court Phone: 923 5592 BEST Warner VVISHES f Robins, 1'OI'l'l G g CLASS OF 1974 HURLEY ELECTRIC c pl f COMPANY H d lb gB 645 Arch St. C l 45 M l Lq Black Label Beer Cook,s Beer M or N DIST. CO. H A Bunch W. L. Bunc C pl of W.A. BUNCH SONS LUMBER COMPANY NEW PERRY HOTEL and MOTEL Manufacturers of 800 Main St. Yellow P L b P Jackson, C g erry, Georg 31069 LJ GLEN DOMIN Y 1101 Southern Trust Building P.O. Box 4785 Macon, Ceorgia 31208 Phone: 19121 746-2495 Unit Manager Registered Atlanta Agency Representative THE BANKERS LIFE BLC EQUITY gf ' A ' 'll Des Moines? SERVICES CQRPORATION K Iowa 711 High st. fm- '---1 Des Moines, Iowa fw p ,Vp e'e if 11111 f BEST wlsHEs Fon A woNDERruL FUTURE! it I X 5 i any If SOUTHERN BELL STATE BAN K Used Cars Pl1Ol'lC 742-8327 EDWARD 1. MCNELIS -Expert- WVatch-Clock Jewelry Repairing 418 Second St. Macon Ca. Compliments of A FRIEND 94 as-iw. 2. L1 ofa HORNE,S USED CARS 693 Second Street Macon, Georgia Ben Home James Mullis Owner Representative Otis Material Handling Equip. RENTAL - LEASE - SALES - SERVICE for Baker, Moto-Truc and Baker-York lift trucks in capacities from 2,000 to 22,500 lbs. for inside and rough terrain applications. "For Information Call" 745-7911 Your Firm Name- BULLINCTON LIFT TRUCKS INC. 1841 XVaterville Rd. Macon, Ca. 1 OTIS 1 Material Handling 1 Best VVishes from MACON BEER COMPANY Phone: 743-8183 202 Second St. 745-9271 MODE WORLD For Fashionable Females Phone: 742-7897 1036 Cray Highway ED JONES Macon, Georgia SCALES, INC. -mm, - Th? R orznsm snvmas s. LOAN A5s6ETKnon Phone: 923-7127 P.O. Drawer 858-1570 VVatSon Blvd. XVarner Robins, Georgia 31093 Query CBM Q4 Qamquetl' .- A- A .V 1 f WEINERS ' HAMBURGERS . Y J .:...f',n 1 ' S- - J' . -Q I A X If Ng, W I -H. I NU-WAY WEINERS, Inc. 430 Cotton Avenue 2981 Houston Avenue Napier Square Shopping Center Bloomfield Shopping Center L. 1. Cox SERVICE STATION 3076 Napier Avenue Nlacon, Georgia Congratulations from "Your Cars Best Friend" ' 95 352 Poplar Street I.L. CHURCHWELL PLASTERING COMPANY Phone: 986-6200 C G g" JACK P. Cox Q0 pl C PLUMBING, of CONTRACTING and A FRIEND REPAIRING I Call Day or Night 743 5120 VVe,re a bank. And every student knows what a bank does. We just happen to think we do it better than other banks. THE CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FDIC -Q'-Us-al I -'MIDDLE GEOBGIAIS FINEST FASHION SHOE STORE, 5 "'-"" 2 Open All Day XVed. and Fri. Night 'til 7 i n lg DAVID'S SHOES 1 - .Qi 438 CHERRY ST. U llllll GZ.laZl2fZf1! 414 CHERRY ST. 414 CHEIZVWIRZZQCGEORGIA MACON, GEORGIA mo' 31201 Compliments of HOLY SPIRIT CHURCH 4937 Bloomfield Road Macon, Ca. Metropolitan Life INSURANCE COMPANY GEORGE M. DOLAN WE SELL LIFE INSURANCE BUT OUR BUSINESS IS LIFE. l 97 GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIORS IN THE FUTURE FROM THE CLASS OF '72 MA thinking fellow calls 21 Yellowf, YELLOW CABS MACON, INC. AIRLINE LIMOUSINE SERVICE 546 Second St. Dial 742-6464 BLALOCK Oz SON INC. Compigmems 3136 Houston Ave. BSA KAWASAKI HONDA BUTLER TOYOTA CO MIDDLE GEORGIA'S 725 THIRD ST. LARGEST SELECTION MACON, GA. 31201 746-7331 MOTORCYCLES PARTS 61 ACCESSORIES 781-6222 'KIT PAYS TO PLAYS' SPORTING GOODS BOATS 61 MOTORS AND TOYS CHARLIE WOOD, INC. WALNUT61 NEW STS. 484 SECQND ST. -'YOUR SPECIALIST IN SPORTSD PHONE 746-6231 PHONE 743-5441 MACON, GA. 31202 NVe Outfit the CIIvzI1ieI's. FATHER VX?IIi.LIAM CGLEMAN AND FATHER TOM HEALY .bw-W fw-3, A Fabricated Structural Steel BIBB U STEEL6zSUPPLYCKl, Qmgmm IN C. Rebel Truck Rentals, Inc 4105 Broadway Macon, Ca. 31205 RO. Box 3007 Phone 788-7373 M acon BOVVI Best VVishcs from Open 7 days Weekly Uniroyal Home 81 Auto For Family Sport Cefitef Shurlington Plaza 691-THIRD ST. SACREDIH2IUf Warner Robins DEEPEST SYMPATHY CHURCH ON YOUR GRADUATION BUT WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GENERATION GAP wo Mathis Food Mart and Hardware Pope ESI Lord Meats Dexter, Ga. 31019 Sausage, Countiy Hum dz Fresh Pork Phone: Day 875-3101 or 875-3102 Night 875-3292 Phone 923-9278 411 Belmont Drive Warner Robins Georgia 'The Best Friend Your Office Ever Had! MERICAN OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 552 MU LBERRY ST. Phone 746-7373 MACON, GEORGIA A S600 Scholarship Is Yours Compliments Of .IENNIFER'S FABRIC SHOP 3110 Vineville Avenue CAROLE and BOBBY HOLLIS Phone 745-3835 Mercer- Ask about Commuter Tuition P. O. Box 883 Phone 923-4223 I e LADIES', MENS' 8: BOYS' WEAR Stantom Plaza . , 101 Warner Rgbingl Ga, Macon I YOU don't have to wait until you embark on your career to begin your savings program. Many students take a portion of their wages from part-time jobs or their allowance and consistently place it in a Home Federal savings account, With high interest as an extra incentive, savings can become a habit! 2119 OLD HOLTON RD QAT INTERSECTION OF RIVERSIDE AND OLD HOLTONJ MACON, GEORGIA 31204 Macon Letter Service Compliments of HOME FEDERAL T t t SAVINGS a. LOAN ASSOCIATION MARY at Jon HULGAN 033 mas el 5 ,ff DOWNTOWN 'N ifaeifiizir . i N WE5TGQLEIf5'z0PP'NG 742-2662 Internatmnal, Inc "li "W : li l l llil lli ll 'M IME an .MES D1StF1Ct14, Georgia l l .nn .-E . ii-' 'W "" . ni - 'ff' For Better Listening y ---lt' ll. li I i' Thinking, and Speaking X J lp Congratulations From BEST WISHES MACON TOM'S MACON DODGE ll 'l 3068 RIVERSIDE DRIVE MORSE JE, SALES 51 SERVICE WESE5ggEj,j,?HAT BENEDETTO STEREOS-T.V. LAUNDRY SEWING MACHINES 743-4956 311 COTTON AVE. MACON, GEORGIA 102 Compliments of 21 Friend Best Wishes from VICTOR B. RIDEN FINCHEIYS BARBECUE 3947 Houston Avenue 788-1900 891 Cray Highway 743-5866 Hutchings Funeral Home 536 New Street BROWN CHIBOPRACTIC CLINIC Dr. Robert LI. Brown 2532 Hillcrest Avenue Phone 746-6203 Specializing in disorders of the spine and nerves. Compliments of Treadwell Ford Company next to the Holiday Inn, Forsyth, Ga, Phone 742-7077 or 755-3613 103 Vann'S Service Station SEE YOU AT THE STANDARD SERVICE ATLAS TIRES-BATTERIES- VARSITY ACCESSORIES WHERE EVERYBODY IN MACON 127 NORTH DAVIS DR. MEETS EVERYBODY THERE ARE WARNER ROBINS, ELSE TWO GEORGIA 1510 FORSYTH ST. S at S, Yamaha JAMES Sr HUGH MACON, CA. C3fCtGf13S Gf PROPS. 425 CHERRY ST. MaC0n LTD 434 WALNUT ST. DOWNTOW 3223 VINEVILLE AVE FULL CATERING asf BANQUET SERVICES AVAILABLE ,LC get "SERVICE WITH THAT PERSONAL TOUCHU 'TS ISN A DIVISION OF SMITH at Q, SONS FOODS, INC. HOUSE OF QUALITY FOOD Insurance-Leasing Mortgage Brokerage ROBERT H WALKER C0- SALES, ' LEASE and asf SERVICE ASSOCIATES REMINCTON 2014 Riverside Drive ADDING Macon, Ca. CALCULATORS -SERVICE- CELECTRONICSQ -TYPEWRITERS- USED Sf FACTORY REBUILT OFFICE MACHINES , - Trice Business Machines ' CO. TRADING POST 121 FIRST STREET 484 rmsr sr. DIAL 3'2678 104 IVFGWI , 5- ,. 5.515 Lf - T' XXX, gigaffe 11. , ff In .I L..r": F I 'I II 41. 0- 4 NS 9 WHEELER S ' I WALGREEN AGENCY dl! GP 4025 PIO NONO AVE. PHONE g 788-5841 I , F33 , 6,010 vx xix Q, MACON, GA. Nothing quite as enjoyable . . Member FDIC MULBERRY AT THIRD STREET PIO NONO PLAZA 2930 REVERSIDE DRIVE MA ON, GEORGIA . . O, ' ' 8095 P10 NONO AVENUE P f MACON, GA. 31206 PHONE 788-9705 WliS'I.'Bl' Dovw.t,8- 17 6351 .. . LET S - yfqug mm ' T if "5 . X T v ,' :W : W ..... 3 . 'Ji' 7 1- I ilIl llIl l I.I 11-.P R.S. THORPE 61 SONS HEADQUARTERS MEN,S Sz BOYS, WEAR ' qv' ' "' - ' ' ' ' - 4 , MORE AND MORE FAMILIES ARE HONORING US WITH THEIR TRUST MEMORIAL CHAPEL FUNERAL SERVICES EVERETT SAMMONS WILLIAM SNOW, JR. 25 746 CHERRY STREET MACON MAXWELL WEST . . . I , . qlnh ga ge, . 1 A A A 'U B L L. , . ME? ... fn A I X f fggg E -ff - i ' DIXIE w i -- 'I If I' ff--H' - I E: A 4 " W I I f CREAM DONUTS 3720 PIO NONO AVENUE 8021 Napier Avenue PHONE 781-2757 31204 HOME FURNISHINGS TO SUIT EVERY TASTE I -'F' its ,,,, - 'fl Home Furnishings TO Suit Every Taste G G" ' rle IS cians "MACON,S LEADING OPTICIANH 439 Cotton Ave. Southern Trust Bldg. 668 First Street Macon Macon 746-6248 742-8743 Besfwishemom T 81 T PACKING COMPANY GEORGIA BEER COMPANY RO. BOX 4388 DISTRIBUTORS OF PABST BLUE RIBBON MACON, GEORGIA 31208 BEER Good luck to the class Of'71 from C0mPffiEnm TOM GREEN'S BAKERY GLO OIL COMPANY 1611 SHURLINGTON DRIVE SHURLINGTON PLAZA 106 MACON, GA. Compliments of Edward M. Cranford, jr. and Family 'SUUTHERN PRESS N P.O.BOX 5084 MACON,GA.31208 Publications Catalogs Letterpress-Lithography Brochures Business Fonns f fl BILL HUNT BILL RAGA ' f K l rl plc' lrcal fllkazip lf! I " 'A We ' s K coo A he cusp, gon A ncn, fu mars a real Triple Traal' S10 -e Address , Vinevillf. GI Gray Hwy. QW 1- l ' I- .-.. ,nr .... mm 0 lung. . 1 In r HUNT RAIQAN 668 Poplar St. - Macon, Georgia Thank you for your patronage. Itis a real pleasure to serve you once, but doubly so to serve you twicel . 141 JE. ' 4 ,f Sr , , .. -,LA . W illis --f 1- - V5-rAi,,,l Qi N' 7 , fee Q - Compliments W X --- :Eg 5 ' of BEN ,S MACON RADIATOR 639 Broadway Macon, Ca. X . - n . .MI .411 5 X F CTORYpKH4Lss'l'l?rf Town 81 Country Shopping Center 1032 Cray Hwy. f912j 742-1179 Macon, Georgia 31201 FINEST QUALITY TAILORED MEN,S SUITS, SPORT COATS 61 SLACKS AT FACTORY PRICES for more than 22 years, Macon's oldest and most reliable JYQ Erma I mee! uQe1zfy for world-wide cruises, tours air reservations 652 Mulberry St. Phone 742-1292 john B. White, Owner Robert Rappaport, Cen. Mgr. Leila Boone, Manager ,ja .f!l.l-iw " fi TM .W HUCK'S "THE HORNET'S NESTY BUICK o AMERICAN MOTORS CADILLAC o OPEL KADETT 923-7171 1235 WATSON BLVD. COMPLETE BODY :Sz PAINT SHOP SALES-SERVICE 6: PARTS BURNS BRICK CO. MFRS. OF QUALITY FACE BRICK c'Sz CONCRETE BLOCK SALES AGENT FOR CONCRETE Photographer PORTRAITURE AND COMMERCIAL Phones SI-I Z-2055 Night SI-I 2-3446 737 Walnut St. Y U 786-8174 ' f- 7 FURNITURE yu .4 , AUTOMOBILE x ff REAL ESTATE ' ,A CO-MAKER X I SIGNATURE AWARD FINANCE CORP. 525 THIRD ST. 746-8174 G.P.HERRIN MACON, GEORGIA MANAGER Compliments of R and M BLOCK MFR. BY BEST BLOCK, INC. 711 10th St. BURNS BRICK BUILD BETTER BUILDINGS f Wishes the Senior Class of 1971 Luck, Joy, Happiness and Success for the future years ahead of them. FOOD STORES SAINT PETER CLAVER CHURCH MIDDLE GEORGIA,S FASTEST GROWING PARISH EXTENDS ITS SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ,71 Best wishes to the class of,7I from the class of'73 I Dx ,. 225 SECOND STREET MACON, GEORGIA PHONE 742-5771 h The Growning Place For the Growing T ingu Go FORD in 1971 RIVERSIDE WE MADE IT. HOW ABOUT YOU? THE SENIOR CLASS BEST WISHES FROM POLLOCK'S OF MACON WOMENS APPAREL 468 CHERRY ST. 745-2801 SENIOR CLASS PICTURES-DAVISONS UNDERCLASS PICTURES AND CANDID SHOTS- JOE DEGRANDIS ACTIVITIES-BILL MERIWETHER ACTIVITY PICTURES AND CAN DID SHOTS- BOB IRELAND The 1970-71 annual Staff is very grateful to the faculty and Student body for their co-operation during the making of this book. IH Elizabeth Alessandria V iviani ,,Tina,, V. Pres. 115 SC 125 lntra. Bask. 9,10,125 Intra. Volb. 9,10,l25 Home- coming Cand. 125 Tennis Club 11-V. Pres.5 Salesian 11,12-Undcl. Ed.5 Sales Sheet 11,12 Sports5 Inklings 11, 12 Asst. Ed.5 Creat. Writ. 115 SAA 9-125 Fr. Club 10-SeC.5 NHS 11,125 NEDT Cert. 95 Latin Cert. 9,105 Who,s Who Award 12 Thomas Edward Barfield "Teb,, Class Pres. 11,125 SC 11,125 SAA 9-125 Span. Club 10,11 Joseph Kenington Benedetto, Ir. "foe,, Ftball 9-125 Track 9,105 Intra. Bask. 9-115 Intra. Volb. 9-115 Salesian 125 SAA 9-115 Ofil Asst 125 Key Club 10-115 Chess Club 10-11 NEDT Cert. 9,10 Leonard Lee Berg 'cLee,, Entered: 11 Salesian 12-Art.5 Inklings 11,12-Art.5 Fr. Club 11,12 George Lucius Blossom ,,Bo,, Entered: 12 joseph Michael Boswell ,,Mike,, Entered: 10 Class Treas. 11,125 lntra. Bask. 105 Radio 125 Salesian 12-Fac. Ed.5 SAA 115 Drama. Club 10-125 Span. Club 115 Film Study 10-115 NEDT Cert. 10 Raymond Clark Burns "Raymond, Ftball 11,125 Track 95 Span. Club 10,115 Intra. Bask. 9-11 Mary John Cacavias "Mary,' Entered: 10 Intra. Bask. 10,125 Intra. Volb. 10,125 SAA10-125 Salesian 11,12-Lay. Ed.5 Sales Sheet 11-Sports, 12-Bus. Man.5 Tennis Club 115 Fr. Club 105 Inklings 11,12-Asst. Ed., Art.5 Drama. Club 105 NHS 11,125 Creat. Writ. 11 Nancy Kathryn Carew ',Nancy', Entered: 12 Salesian 125 SAA 125 Off Asst. 125 GAA 9-115 NEDT Cert. 9,105 Serv. Club 9-11 Mary Patricia Cassidy "Marys Intra. Volb. 9,105 Cheerl. 10,115 Homecoming Cand. 125 SAA 9- 115 Fr. Club 10 Lourdes Maria Castellanos ll2 "Lourrles,, Intra. Volb. 9,105 Salesian 12-Copy Ed.5 Sales Sheet 10,11-Fea- ture Ed.5 SAA 10,115 Glee Club 105 Drama. Club 10-125 NEDT Cert. 105 Latin Cert. 9,105 U of Ga. Cert. of Merit 11 Billy Noel Catherwood "Noel,, Entered: 12 Drama. Club 125 Chess Club 12 Patrick Robert Connelly ,'Pat,, Entered: 11 Intra. Bask. 115 SAA 11,125 Drama. Club 11,12 Robert Morgan Conner "Bob" Class Pres. 95 SC 10-Sec., 12-Pres.5 Ftball 9-12, Capt. 125 Bask. 9,10,l25 Base. 9-125 SAA 9-125 Fr. Club 95 Glee Club 95 Key Club 10-12, 11- Treas., 12-Pres.5 NEDT Cert. 95 Who,s Who Award 125 ',l Dare You,, 125 "Outstanding Teens,, 125 Ga YC 10-12 Laura Cathryn Cox "Dune, Entered: 11 SAA 11,125 Drama. Club 10 Theresa Margaret Doyle "Terry, Intra. Bask. 9,105 Intra. Volb. 9,105 Cheerl. 9-12 10,12-Co-Ca t.5 Homecoming Queen 125 Tennis Cllub 12, SAA 9-11, span. Club 10,11-Sec.5 Off Asst. 125 Who,s Who Award 125 Mary Hammond Award 12 Duane Edmund Driggars ,'Duane,' Entered: 12 David Michael Dwyer Intra. Bask. 105 Intra. Volb. 105 Salesian 12-Act. Ed. Sales Sheet 9-11 Editorial Ed.5 SAA 9,125 Fr. Club 105 Glee Club 9, 105 Drama. Club 11,125 NEDT Cert. 9,105 NMSQT Semi-Finalist 12 Kermit Arthur Falk "Kerm', Ftball 10-125 Intra. Bask. 9,105 Intra. Volb. 9-115 Sales Sheet 95 Creat. Writ. 115 SAA 9-115 Span. Club 10,11, Key Club 125 Chess Club 10,115 NEDT Cert. 9 Ierita Dianne F itzhugh ujeritav Intra. Bask. 9,105 Intra Volb. 9,105 Salesian 125 SAA 95 Glee Club 9,105 Homemaking Club 105 Soc. Sew. 10,115 Off. Asst. 125 Folk Singing 11 Melissa Dawn Fletcher ,," Intra. Volb. 105 Salesian 11,125 Inklings 12-Asst. Ed.5 Glee Club 9,105 Folk Singing 9,105 Drama. Club 12-Sec.5 NEDT Cert. 9,10 Constance Ellyn Green ,,Connie,, Entered: 12 Drama. Club 12 Mary Anne Griffith "Mary Anne, SAA 9,105 Glee Club 95 Homemaking Club 105 Folk Singing 105 Drama. Club 12 Linda Megan Harris "Lindam Entered: 11 Salesian 12-Fac. Ed. Richard Thomas Hatcher "Ricky, Ftball 9-12, 12-Capt.5 Bask. 9,105 Baseb. 9-125 Intra. Bask. 115 SAA 9-115 Span. Club 105 Key Club 10-12 Harriotte Anne Hurley ,'Sissy,, Class Treas. 9,105 Sec. 125 In- tra. Bask. 9-125 Intra. Volb. 9,105 Cheerl. 9-125 SAA 9,105 Glee Club 9- 115 Drama. Club 11,125 NHS 11,125 NEDT Cert. 9,105 Latin Cert. 9,105 U of Ga. Cert. of Merit 115 Who,s Who Award 12 Stephen Michael Impink "Miken Intra. Bask. 9-115 Intra. Volb. 105 Span. Club 10,115 Chess Club 10 Charles Robert Ireland "Bob,, Bask. 95 Track 105 Intra. Bask. 10,115 Salesian 12-Photo.5 Sales Sheet 10,115 SAA 10-125 Fr. Club 105 Math Club 115 Chess Club 10,11 Barbara Ann Iaindl "Barb,, Entered: 10 Intra. Bask. 105 Intra. Volb. 105 SAA 10-125 Glee Club 105 Drama. Club 10- 12, 12-Pres NHS 11,125 NEDT Cert. 105 'Outstanding Teens,, 12 Cynthia Maria Iaremko "Cindy, Entered: 12 Intra. Volb. 105 SC 115 Sodality V.P. 115 Music Club 9-115 Lit. Mag. 10 Paul Anthony Keller "Paul,, Ftball 125 Bask. 125 Intra. Bask. 95 Span. Club 11 Iohn Patrick Kiernan "john,' Track 95 Intra. Bask. 9-11- Creat. Writ. 105 Film Study 10 7 Maralice Kiernan "Maralice', Intra. Bask. 9,105 Intra. Volb. 9,105 Tennis Club 115 Inklings 11,12-Ed.5 Creat. Writ. 115 SAA 10,115 Fr. Club 105 Art Club 125 Salesian 12-Sen. Ed. james Wilbur King afimmyv Entered: 10 Ftball 10-125 Bask. 105 Baseb. 115 Chess Club 10 jonathan Curtis Kurtiak Intra. Bask. 10,115 Intra. Volb. 10,115 Salesian 125 Inklings 125 SAA 9,105 Folk Singing 9-115 Drama. Club 9 Lawrence john Kutay "Larryv Intra. Bask. 10,115 Inklings 115 Span. Club 10-125 Folk Singing 10,11 Patricia Cheryl Loebker "Patti, Sales Sheet 105 Clee Club 95 NEDT Cert. 9 Karen Frances Lupa K'Karenn Entered: 12 Fr. Club 125 Math Club 105 Red Cross 95 Folk Singing 105 Art Club 9,105 Drama. Club 9 Angela Ieanne Manson "Angela, Intra. Bask. 105 Intra. Volb. 105 Salesian 11,12-Ed.5 Inklings 11,12-Asst. Ed.5 Creat. Writ. 115 SAA 9-125 Clee Club 9,105 Drama. Club 9- 115 SC 125 NHS 11,125 Latirl Cert. 9,105 Who's Who Award 12 Pamela Anne McAfee "Pam" Entered: 11 Bask. 125 Tennis Team 125 Intra. Volb. 125 Salesian 12-Act. Ed.5 Sales Sheet 11,12 News Ed.5 SAA 125 Clee Club 115 Who's Who Award 125 "1 Dare Youv 125 NEDT Cert. 9 Patricia Lynn McBrearty "Tishn Bask. 125 Intra. Bask. 9,105 Intra. Volb. 9,10,125 Cheerl. 9-125 Salesian 11,12-Sen. Ed.5 Inklings 11, 12 Asst. Ed.5 Creat. Writ 115 SAA 9-125 Fr. Club 10,115 Off Asst. 105 Drama. Club 9-125 Mary Hammand Award 12 Michael Anthony McMillan "Miken Bask. 115 Intra. Bask. 9,10,125 SAA 105 Span. Club 10-12-V. Pres.5 Folk Singing 9-11-Coor.5 NASP semi finalist-12 Martha Ellen Metts "Martha,' Entered: 10 Soc. Serv. 10,115 Red Cross 10,115 Drama. Club 10 Helen Charlene Miller "Helenv Entered: 12 Mary Evelyn Neal "Lynn Intra. Bask. 105 Intra. Volb. 105 Span. Club 10,115 Drama Club 10 Mary Ann Ness "Mary Annw Entered: 11 Tennis Club 125 SAA 12 Clifton Morris Olmstead KCIQU Entered: 11 Bas .95 SAA 11 Elizabeth Lyle Orr "Bethv Intra. Volb. 9,105 Span. Club 10-Sec.5 Homecoming Cand. 125 Drama. Club 10 Mark Darrell Paulish "DarrellD Bask. 9,11,125 Track 9,105 In- tra. Volb. 9-115 Inklings 115 Creat. Writ. 115 SAA 9-125 Fr. Club 10,115 Chess Club 10,115 U of Ca. Cert. of Merit 11 Frank Anthony Punaro "Frankn Entered: 10 Folk Singing 11 Martha Anne Riden "Motu Entered: 11 sAA 12, Art Club 10,11 james Richard Rocca "Jima, sc 9, Ffball 10-12, 12-C0-Capt., Track 9,105 Intra. Bask. 9-115 Intra. Volb. 9-125 S an. Club 10,115 Chess Club 10-125 lN1JEDT Cert. 9,105 Who,s Who Award 12 Evelyn Kay Selby "Kay1' Entered: 11 Salesian 12 Art.5 Art Club 9-125 NEDT Cert. 95 Fr. Club 10 janet Kay Shaheen ufanetn Sec. 10,115 SC 125 Intra. Bask. 9,10,125 Intra. Volb. 9,105 Cheerl. 9-12, 10,12-Capt. Tennis Club 115 Salesian 125 SAA 9-115 Fr. Club 105 Homemak- ing Club 105 Sales Sheet 115 "Out- standing Teensu 12 Katheryne Lee Silva "Kathy, Intra. Volb. 9,105 Cheerl. 9- 115 Homecoming Cand. 125 Drama. Club 105 MDS Scrapbrook 11,12 Rock Thomas Spencer, jr. "Tomb Bask. 105 Intra. Bask. 115 SAA 125 Chess Club 115 NEDT Cert. 9,10 George Stefano, jr. "Ge0rge1' Entered: 11 Off Asst. 115 Drama. Club 10,115 Fr. Club 10 Michael john Vullo "Miken Pres. 105 V. Pres. 9,125 SC 10- Treas.5 Salesian 11,12-Sports Ed.5 Sales Sheet 9-12, 11,12 Ed.5 Inklings 11 Asst. Ed5 Creat. Writ. 115 SAA 9-125 Drama. Club 10-115 Chess Club 105 NHS 11,125 NEDT Cert. 95 Latin Cert. 9,105 U of Ga. Cert. of Merit 115 Whds Who Award 125 Quill and Scroll 11,12 Calvin Moye Walker, Ir. "Mayen Entered: 12 Intra. Bask. 10,115 Intra. Volb. 10,115 Span. Club 115 Off Asst. 9,10 Alice Denise Williams 'KDee,' Intra. Bask. 105 Intra. Volb. 105 Salesian 11,12-Bus. Man.5 Clee Club 9,105 Latin Cert. 9,105 NASP Semifina- list-12 Donald Paul Williams uDon" SAA 11,125 Span. Club 10,115 Radio 125 Drama. Club 105 Film Study 105 "Outstanding Teensi' 12 113 Editor ........,. Angola Manson Layout Editor ..., Mary Cacavias Copy Editor . Lonrdc-s Castvllanos Assistants ....... Mike Boswvll N1Q'liS52lFit'tCill'l' Faculty Editors .... Nlikc Boswvll Linda Harris St-nior Editor ,... 'fish xICBl'CLlI'ij' Assistant ,.... Nlaraiicv Kivrnan Uiideirliissvs Editor .'I'in.1Yivi.ini Assistants . . . -Ioan Doinbrowski -Indy l,zn'njli'in Activitim-s Editors , . . David Dwyn-r Pain Mt',Ail-1' Assistants . . . . ,. Donna Urvvr .Ion Knrtialx HolJi'1'tal,.ipii1sk Ni.ll'til.lN1s'tts .lkll1t'fSil2liN't'll Sports Editors . . . , Nanci' Carvxv Miko Ynilo Assistant .,..,.. .lov Boilvclm-tto Bnsinvss Managvr Di-nise' VVilliains Assistants ..... .Ii-rita Fitfhngli Paul Hoinowslxi Kathy' Nlarks john Blicht-I Photographt-r ..... Bobby Ire-land Assistant . . .... Kit Thornas . . . Loc Borg Kay Svllmy Artist .,.. 'Hx Q-L. J NIEHS! 1- .....,NA f 'if i Wi' K -auf' ff?-r"' :A v. ,Q,iiQ12M if :iff i ydpqim Wi, V, H4 pf? 4 K ff I JMUK!?ft af 335 -inf' J And when the evenin comes we smi e, So much of lifk- ahead XVe,ll find a place where the-1'e,s room to grow, And yes, XVQVQ JL1StBGgl11l. if ,X f I 4. xl, 'ff , xx Q , .- J if L, j 1 . a Ni I -1 .w 4 . k ' fgifwi,-11 - fffff V ' . ,., 2 -A-A f a fa Mfwwy f 5 , 55" k 4,a,,1 f W W H?,.M J I U I , I Y Y 'ww A . ,.,,,,,W Q.- fz,,Jff ww' H , , ,V ,f,.f,,' .' I , . " ' W ,,,,.,,.,,....,,-..,. , ,.- , Aw.,M ,, AW., A W ,W:ef'2z49m,m:wM A BRBGUN YEBREUUK S

Suggestions in the Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 118

1971, pg 118

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 22

1971, pg 22

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 53

1971, pg 53

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 77

1971, pg 77

Mount de Sales Academy - Salesian Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 122

1971, pg 122

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