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SAY IT WITH MUSIC" THE 1958 ZIONOIZ the Scmor Class of bool Mt Zxon Hxgh Sc Published by it A,,AJ ,W M-:W E nw- , -v -pv'1, in Q ,, Q U! an ' - -r 'll' 'up "' 'N .M -A Q. .LN fr A V fin. ,v if ' ' 'Sf' ,Wv,gK, My , H, if-v f JK 'ffkgi ' Q if M, F ., W 4 . 7 A 4 .L 4 My 5 gp wt fi r 72 A K Q JS a N ' Ms N ' jr Flaw, , , if A-ww'4W' 4' ,lr a . + ff FF' vyq '? V, . 0 , I wa lf ,A at , ,, . rv ff . 4' sn 1' 1 ,ON ., , ' I rf' . ' 'ff I I' a n . ' ,C . ga' ' 'Ap ' ,p 1 , I.: D11 , A 5 1, 1. 4 : C I 1 my ' , A I1 "f ,QM ' .1 . 4 - , ' o ' :ht 6.'i ' ' Ln 'Q' nl .1 1 , , I . el ,I I .A .- if .in ,tp , , 1 I Q' fwi. , " - Q., - l sf , O' is . g U' wif, . ' , Q ' .,.f'f1a' ff 'si , " . 'Qvfn I' I A , I y ' 1 ., .4 .I ' V I 'iv' ' ' 9 ' - J ' .. ,g A' ' QD., .A 0,4 In 0 .. J A 9 A , 1 'J' k -xy 5. , , ,W ' ,, 4 f . If n' ' O 's .sv ,R Wgwfh 'ia 1 I 5 ' Q , ' , u' " f' 1 .V L A. '- '. "A" s .' Q- , .fn lv - iiigig, ' , -- g , A ALL yr Y f a gpm, 5 155.1 Q . ,1 WA. V' 9 4 ' ' K' ' '. J . 4 A, ' r, ,k..,'., I Wav , 4, , ts: .if .cm .-'L ' f . ww. ,1 if ' - , ,J 4 Q4 , A . K Q PN, .K 14 y, ax 2-A iw M fy ,thx ,Y V Fi .iw W, w?'zw ff A ' wiht ,.,, ,gm J., ., I 5, , 'Zi 4 wee M ' ly I P AFTER YOU VE GONE DAY IN DAY OUT the Z n z d d1 at th s Z o those ho hav sha ed o t Iumph and HEART ACHES d r ng th1s school y a o f culty ce ly hop that o fo t to SAY IT WITH MUSIC ll br ng y u e and AFTER YOU VE GONE h you t ONCE IN A WHILE ll thos GOLDEN DAYS NG AGO AND FAR LO THA NKS A MILLION IV7-I TAL JOURNEY gg 9 as 39 gl V I Pr We, io oi Staff, e 'c e i i noiz to A w e r ur ," ui ' e r, ur a and classmates. We sin- re e ur ef- r s " " wi i o pl asure, , " ' "will elp O ., " reca e D! .1 Y I 1 " CARAVAN ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS T OP R5 THE MOU ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS RE MADE OF T SENIORS YJE5 A IS MEMO Q A 1 EB GAA! 1 JUST A MEMORY " I I f"" 'i-.. 'SCHOOL DAYS" ' I "BACK TO SCHOOL AGAIN" "DAY IN "FIVE MINUTES MORE" "I'M IN FAVOR OF FUN" 9 DAY OUT" E. W. ARTZE General Construction Builder Commercial and Residential Exclusive Plastic Glass Tint Applicators Mt. Zion 3896 R.R. 7 Decatur 'A "YOU'RE THE TOP" 'A gwm 4 55 J V ' X . ,Y TAN A "A FRIEJV A C. 1 GEORGE EKISS ED VEST WAYN E BRITTON "THAN KS A MILLION " HAROLD MCDONALD LOUIS CORMAN CARL Yes, our thanks to you, members of our school board and represent- ative of the people in our unit. Without your devotion to the tasks of providing a suitable building and staffing it with adequate personnel and equipment, we would not have gained the knowledge necessary to become more useful citizens. For this devotion we hope to repay you by becoming better representatives of you, our school, and our com- munity. But for now, we say, "THA NKS A MILLION" DICK WHEELER PRESIDENT ALEXANDER "MY TIME IS YOUR TIME" "A FRIEND OF YOURS" The man behind the scenes, without whom our school could not function - this describes our superintendent. But just performing his innumerable duties is not the only reason we are happy he is our superintendent. For despite his busy schedule, he is always willing to help those who seek his advice and assistance, irrespective of the type of help they seek. "DEAR HEARTS AND GENTLE PEOPLE" Always cheerful, always helpful, always willing, quietly and ef- ficiently aiding any who might need her assistance. This is our su- perintendent 's secretary, who devotes much of her time to being secre- tary to the entire school. Her patience and gentle manner has en- deared her to us all. f "I'M ALWAYS CHASING RAINBOWSH His day begins early and ends late. Besides the formal office rou- tine which he maintains, he can be found patrolling the halls, super- vising noon activities, conducting assemblies, watching those on I-YI-E NEWBERRY detention, planning and attending the school functionsg the list seems to be endless, so varied are his duties. But perhaps we will remember him most for providing an atmosphere at once conducive to learning MT- ZION CAFE and still free enough to be pleasant. Although he seems always on the go, he is ever willing to give of his limited time to solve a prob- lem, extend a word of greeting, or act as arbitrator. Water Hauling Mt. Zion, Ill. Route 121 Mt. Zion, Ill. 9 "CAN ANYONE EXPLAI " Deep, indeed, is our gratitude to you. In the various classrooms, you have always been more than willing to explain again and again, and to urge us to apply logic in solving problems. As our advisors, you have guided our extra curricular efforts to pro- mote their success. As our friends, you have coun- seled us whenever our problems became too great. Mr. BRENT MILNOR English Senior Sponsor "I'11 See You Again" U. of Calif., B.A. Santa Barbara Branchg M.A. Lincoln University K-N SUPERWAY Groceries - Meat - Paint Phone 4541 Mt. Zion, 111. -v-- Miss LUCILLE PURCELL History Senior Sponsor Senior Play Director Zionoiz Sponsor "Far Away P1aces" B.S.U. of Illinoisg M.A. Northwestem U.3 Eastem Illinois U. Mr. WALTER PYLE Science Science Club Sponsor Zionoiz Photographer "How Deep Is the Ocean B.S. Eastern Ill. U. 10 Mr. WILLIAM BUCY Agriculture Junior Sponsor FFA Sponsor "Down On The Farm" B.S., B.A. Murray College U. of 111.5 U. of Ky.5 U of Ark. 75 0 Mrs. LOIS CRUNDLER Commerce Sophomore Sponsor "It's A Great Day" B.S. Western 111. U. ll pwnu Jumor Sponsor Q I Mrs. LULA SPITTLER Commerce Sa-Mor Sponsor "Typewriter Song" B.S. U. of 111.5 Milliken U. U Mr. KENNETH PARK Physical Educ ation Coach "Buckle Down, Winsockie B.S. Milliken U. Compliments of MT. ZION HARDWARE Compliments of COACH CAFE Mt. Zion, Illinois Compliments of HIGH SCHOOL PTA Mt. Zion, Ill. Mrs. SHIRLEY JOHNSON Home Economics FHA Sponsor it " . . . We're Happy in is if:- o f fr E 2 A, lp-5 "H-.. Mr. ALBERT JOHNSON Science Science Club Sponsor "Just Shirley and me, andKevin makes three. . ." B.S. Indiana State Collegeg Oakland City College ,,,..---N - Mrs. MARGARET GALBREATH Englishg Library "The Last Time I Saw Paris" B.A., M.A. U. of Ill. 12 our Blue Heaven" B.S. Indiana State College Mr. GEORGE GRUENDEL Englishg Social Science Assistant Coach "Rise and Shine" B.S. Quincy College Mrs. CAROL TAGG Vocal Music I Hear America Singing" B .M . Ill. Weslyen SULL1'VAN'S GARAGE Phone 8281 'Uv RAI.PH'S SHELL SERVICE Phone 8281 Mr. JOHN HUNT Band "Music Goes Round and Round" Ill. Weslyeng B.M. Milliken U.g M.S. U. of Ill. Miss JEAN WATTS Physical Educ ation Cheerleader Sponsor "Bluebird of Happiness" B.S. Ill. State Normal U. NOBODY KN OWS THE TROUBLE I'VE SEE " "HOME COOKING" Large , indeed, is the family you ladies feed every day, and yet, you have managed to insert a personal touch in your planning. A hot meal is always appreciated at lunch, but much more so when prepared with this in mind. "A FULL TIME JOB" Mr. Nihiser is a friend as well as the one who sees that our campus is clean, bright and well kept. Although he is usually to be found with broom in hand, he also has served us through his timely advice, his friendly manner and his willingness to put in extra hours for our benefit. "OVER HILL, OVER DALE, AS WE HIT THE DUSTY TRAIL" Be it a dusty trail, a wet trail or one covered with ice and snow, we have learned to place our confidence in you. Whether the day by day ride to and from school, or the more joyous ride to a game, we know that you will see us safely there and back again. In ' 'N 45? 'L4""'W- , 9 gm i x "RIDI ' HIGH" In the fall of 1954, about 85 frightened freshmen made our half dreaded, half welcomed entrance as Freshmen at Mt. Zion High. After our initiation by the eager upperclassmen, we definitely were full- Hedged members of the school. Our class officers, including the student council member, were Sherill Nihiser, Francis Sanders, Shirley Henry, George Sadomytschenko, and Ethel Morey. We were proud to have Sam Fonner and Sherill Nihiser represent our class on the varsity football squad. The boys on the track team deserve credit for their good work. The year and summer sped by and we entered our Sophomore year. We elected Percy Zimmerman, Jerry Gulledge, Wayne Williams and Carol Sue Klaska as officers and Sam Fonner as student council member. For an activity we sponsored a Halloween Dance. Leading the band was our majorette, Janet Artze. When we came back as Juniors, George Sadomytschenko, Wayne Williams, Barbara Barnett and Carol Sue Klaska were our leaders. To cheer our football boys, Percy Zimmerman, Sam Fonner, W. G. Graven George Sadomytschenko, Roger Gadberry, and Wayne Williams, we had Bobbi Jo McCoy and Janie Good- paster as our cheerleaders. Our main events were the Homecoming, class play, and Junior-Senior Prom. Janet Artze was majorette, At last we have reached our long-awaited Senior year, with George Sadomytschenko as our President, Wayne Williams as our Vice-President, Sharon Eaton as our Secretary-Treasurer, and Dean Grant as our Student Council member. We have given our Senior Play, which was a success, and are sponsoring the yearbook. We are proud to have as our cheerleaders, Phyllis Buoy, Janice Weigand and Mardelle Sid- well. Our sponsors are Miss Lucille Purcell, Mr. Brent Milnor, and Mr. Walter Pyle. At Mt. Zion High we have spent only a few years, but they are ones that will always be remembered as we, the Class of '58 look toward the future. FORREST VIEW MARKET Fresh Meats - Vegetables Groceries 2 Miles South of 36 on 121 Phone Mt. Zion 3361 LEE'S BARBER and BEAUTY SALON Permanent Waving - Tinting Hair Styling Phone 3871 Mt. Zion, Ill. LARRY GENE ARTHUR llArtll "Any Time" Play 45 Zionoiz 4. JANET SUE ARTZE llJanll "So Rare" FHA 1 2 3 4' GAA I I 2 7 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Majorette 2,35 Cho- rus 15 Office 45 Zionoiz 45 Home- maker of Tomorrow Contest Winner 4. JERRY BOWLES Hklerryll "Beautiful Brown Eyes" SHARON LEE BROWN "Sharon" "Smile A While" Sa-Mor 4. BA RBA RA ANN BA RNETT "Barb" "A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way" Class Treasurer 35 FHA 1,2,3,45Par1. 2, Pres. 4, Camp 25 CAA 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 15 Secretary 15 Chorus 15 Office 45 Sa-Mor 45 Statistician 45 Zionoiz 3,4. JOYCE ANN BILYEU IlJacell "Sweet and Lovel " v FHA 1,2, chow 1,2. MARILYN JUNE BENTON June Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries FHA 1,2,3,4, GAA 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,3 Chorus l,2,3 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Sa Mor 4 ZIOHOIZ 4 Play 3 DON'S HARDWARE Electrical Supplies Pump Repairs Appliances Skelgas v. F. kurt IMPLEMENT COMPANY Phone Dalton Ciw 9 Dalton City, Ill. Dalton City, Ill. DAVIS PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE Jack and A.B., Prop. Lee Tires Junction 121-36 Phone Mt. Zion 4511 SHARON ANN CASTLEMAN "Sharon" "Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella" FHA l,2,3,4, GAA 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Chorus 2, Pep Club 3, Office 4, Sa-Mor 4, Zionoiz 4, Student Council 1, Honor Society 4, Librarian 4, Science Club 3. SHARON JEAN EATON "Sherry" "Good, Good, Good, That's You, That's You" Class Secretary 1,4, Treasurer 1,4, FHA 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 4, Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 1, Student Council 4, RICHARD BURCHAM "Burch" "Young Man with A Horn" Band1,2,3,4, Cho- rus 1. Honor Society 3,4, -X Sa-Mor 4, Zionoiz 4, Play 3, NOMA Spell- ing Contest Winner 3, Valedictorian 4. PHYLLIS JOANNE BUOY llPheell "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby" FHA 1,2,Z,4, GAA 1,2,3,4, Cheerleader 4, Office 4, Sa-Mor 4, Zioniz 4. KENNETH CURRY "Zeke" "You'd Be Surprised" Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2, Z Club, Student Council 3, Zionoiz 4. PI-IILLIP BULLA llBu11ll "Take It Easy" Bam-1 1,2,3,4. CAROL ANN cooLEY "calvin" "Happiness Street" FHA 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,25 Chorus 1, Sa-Mor 4. lim DALE LEROY FORD Ilpudll "Friendship" Band 1,25 FFA 1,2, 3 45 Sec. 3, Vice- Pres. 45 Play 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Football 1,45 Track 3,45 Z Club 3,45 Zionoiz 4. MARY JANE GOODPASTER "Janie" "I Feel A Song Coming On" FHA 1,2,3,4, Song Leader 3, Parl. 4, Camp 45 GAA 15 Girls Chorus l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Music Contest 1,3, State Contest 35 Sa- Mor 45 Zionoiz 45 Of fice 45 Pep Club 35 Cheerleader 35 Sta- tistician 4. JAMES ELLIS lllrvll "Love Is The Sweetest Thing" Football 1,25 Basket- ball 1-45 Track 1-45 Z Club 3,4. SAM FONNER Hsamll "How Many Hearts Have You Broken" Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Track l,2,3,45 Student Cotmcil 1,25 Play 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Z Club 1,2,3,45 Zionoiz 4. Mt. ZION CAFE Route 121 Mt. Zion, Ill. ROGER GADBERRY GLEN DEAN GRANT, JR. "Dean" "Prove It By The Things You Do" FFA 1,2,35 Play 3,45 Student Council 45 Football 45 Science Club 45 Zionoiz 4. T W. C. GRAVD1 "W. G." "That's The Way It Goes" FFA l,2,3,45 Z Club lg Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball5 Track Manager 15 Track 1 llROgll "Mr. Wonderful" Football 2,3,45 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Track 35 Z Club 3,4, Sec. 45 Play 3,4. ,yawn with ,,..45 uae LYLE NEWBERRY Water Hauling Mt. Zion, Ill. MARJORIE CA ROL HECTOR "Marg" "My Little Margie" JERRY L. GULLEDGE "Mousie" "Sweet Sue" Z Club 43 Football 1,2,45 Student Coun- cil 23 Class Secre- tary 2. HOWARD HITE "Horse" "I Think You're Wonderful" FHA 1,25 GAA 1,2,3,43 Treas. 45 Pep Club 1,2. DICK'S SHELL SERVICE Five Miles West of Mt. Zion Phone 2411 - Elwin MIKE HECTOR "Johnny The Hat" "Lazy Bones" Football 2,35 FFA 1,2,45 Baseball 2,35 Chorus 25 Track 3. BETTY JEAN HICKENBOTTOM "Bet" "Baby Face" FHA 1,2,3,45 Chorus Football 1,2,3,4g Class Play 33 Zionoiz 4. PAUL HUSS "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" Laing 'Q ROGER HUFFORD "O1lie" "Dream 'J Band 1,2,3g Chorus lg Football l,2,3,45 Base- Y ball 1,2,3,45 Basket- , ball 43 Manager 2,35 X Q X z Club 3,43 Zionoiz 4. . to 5 'N MACON UNITED PROPANE Q 3 V "Our Greatest Asset Is Your Good Wi1l" 1 Y , 5, 20 Phone Elwin 2311 - Eiwin, 111. ROBERT LEO MANDRELL llkb H "Get Happy" Dancing Club 15 Zio- noiz 4. CAROL SUE KLASKA "Caro1 Sue" "Lovely To Look At" Class Treasurer 25 Secretary 35 FHA 1,25 3,45 Secretary 25 President 3, GAA 152, 3,45 Treasurer 25 Sec- retary 35 Pep Club 15 Statistician 45 Cho- rus 1,2,35 Mixed Cho- rus 1,25 Play 35 Stu- dent Council 35 Presi- dent 35 Honor Society 3,45 Sa-Mor 45 Zio- noiz 45 Office 45 DAR Award5 Librarian 254. PEGGY JANE HYLAND "Poots" "Pretty Baby" FHA 1,2,3,4, GAA 1, 2,3,4, Pep Club 1,35 Statistician 45 Play 3,45 Chorus 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Sa-Mor 45 Zionoiz 45 Office 4. LINDA LOURASH "Blondie" "Everywhere You Go, Sunshine Follows You" FHA l,2,3,4, Re- porter 45 GAA 45 Girls Chorus 152,35 Mixed Chorus 25 Sa- Mor 45 Zionoiz 4. SANDRA MCQUEEN Iilfoofll "The Best Things In Life Are Free" FHA 1,2,3,45 Project Chairman 45 Pep Club 1,35 Zionoiz 45 Librarian 4. BARBARA JOANNE McCOY "Bobbi" "Three Coins In A Fountain" FHA 1,2,3,45 GAA 152,3,45 Pep Club 35 Cheerleader 35 Statis - tician 45 Chorus 1,253 Mixed Chorus 15 Play 45 Sa-Mor 45 Zionoiz 4. ETHEL M. MOREY "Blondie " "A Prety Girl Is Like A Melody" FHA 1,2,3,45 GAA 1, 2,3,4 Pep Club 35 Sa -Mor 4. SEBENS CONCRETE PRODUCTS Plant Phone - Mt. Zion 3260 Res. Phone - Decatur 3-5653 Plant on Route 36 at Long Creek GEORGE IVAN SADOMYTSCHENKO "George" Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1, Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Student Council 1, 3,45 Z C1ub5 Zionoiz 4. SHARON KAY PHELPS "Phelpsie" "Makin' Whoopee" Y-Teens 15 Dance Club 15 Pep Club 3- FHA 2.,3,45 GAA 2,3,4, Pres. 45 Sa- Mor 45 Zionoiz 45 Statistician 4. PFILE'S CAMERA SHOP 100 E. Prarie - Decatur, Ill. JAMES BLAINE REEDY flJimll "Little Things Mean A Lot" Band 1,25 Play 35 Manager 45 Zionoiz 45 Library 3,4. NELDA A. NIHISER llRedII "Someone To Watch Over Me" FHA 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Sa-Mor 45 Pep Club 3. SHARON EDWINA MORRIS Hmdie ll "The Oldest, Yet The Newest Thing" FHA 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1 25 Pep Club 1. '37 7 Hour Film Developing and Printing RONALD Bring your films in at 9:30, ready at 4:30 P.M. SCHNEIDERJAN All your films will be placed "Sl1id" in a ermanent album "Blue Skies" PATRICK SHIELDS "I Got Rhythm" Football 1,25 Man- ager 3,45 Z Club 45 Band 1,2,3,4. P at no extra cost 22 Baseball 2,3,4. FRANCIS B. SANDERS "Shorty" "In The Middle of An Is1and" Class Treasurer lg Chorus 15 Science Club 3. DAVID I.. YODER "Stitches" "Give Me The Simple Life" FFA l,2,3,4, Reporter 45 Chorus l,2. sf, JULIA ANN WALTERS llJudyll "Little cm" Fl-IA 1,z,a,4, chorus 1,25 sa-Mor 4. JANICE MARIE WHGAND "Wiggle" FI-IA l,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Cheerleader 45 Sa- Mor 45 Zionoiz 4. GREIDERS CAFE and CAFETERIA Main and Water Main and William MARDELLE I-I. SIDWELL lfsidill "Ain't She Sweet" FHA z,a,4, GAA 4, Gleerleader 45 Zionoiz 4. Decatur, Illinois PATRICIA STARBODY llpatll "On The Sunny Side of the Street" Band l,Z,3,45 FI-IA 1,2,45 Sa-Mor 45 Zionoiz 45 Honor Society 45 Salutato- rian 4. DONNA LEE WEST "Donna" "Enjoy Yourself" FHA l,2,3,4, Treas- urer 35GAA1,2,3,45 Secretary 2,3, Camp 45 Sa-Mor 45 Play 3,45 Zionoiz 45 Of- fice 4. C and F CAFE ELAM'S CARD and GIFT SI-IOP "Real Good Food" Route 128 Dalton City, Illinois Dalton City, Illinois WAYNE E. WILLLAMS "Weiner" "Walking and Whistl- ingll Class Vice President 2,3,43 FFA 1,2,3,43 Vice President 35 President 45 Z Club 2,3,43 President 43 Football 1 2 3 4' 1 2 1 ' "Time On My Hands" Basketball 45 Track 2,35 Class Play 3,43 Zionoia 4. EILEEN WICKLINE "Eileen" "Five Minutes More FHA 1,2,3,45 Histo- rian 4, GAA 1,2,3,4 Band 1,25 Sa-Mor 4. HMV Friend.. "Creen Years" .11...,e. ..,....,..........r nh P "1" ' TILETOWN CABINET AND TILE CO. , INC. Floors - Wall Tile Formica - Linoleum Kitchen Cabinets 1285 N. Oakland - Decatur, Ill. Phone 5213 "Ivory Tower" "Keep It Gay. " "Use Your Imagination" '-vi., , . 'R' Compliments of GATES AND JOHNSON CO. The Home of Better Value In Lumber - Millwork Paint - Hardware Phone 3-7715 LQN G AGC A D FAR AWAY KN wiv 606616 eww 'fx yhaibexxe' Jim R ' vc! YM J en-y G. YXNXY6 5 . Yefefzu if ,f Ummm YK. Zff O SXSW -aww aQfg,X ., qu 5 , 'AO Q5XNeX Yam 'oat 2.-M gf. Ban GX. Bern 95. Nkaxgxe oqce 810 gn Gay Yspe 'l---I uunulnl- Num ALL FOR YOU We the Senrors belng of sound bodv and m1nd do bequeath to all our classmates and faculty as deslgnated rn the followrng passages all our most valuable possessrons In Ih1S year one thousand nrne hundred and flfty e1ght Anno Dommr to wrt I Sam Fonner bestow upon Charles Ruble my unusual talent for pesterrng all the pretty glrls Pat Starbody w1ll my good drsposmon to John Hood Mlke Hector leave many happy years to Mr Mllnor Paul Huss leave my backward ways to R1chard Terry Betty Hrckenbottom w1ll my pretty blonde halr to Margaret DeVore Carol Cooley leave my drmples to Margaret Morgan Dean Grant leave and won t be back Sandy McQueen leave lf the teachers w1ll let me Roger Hufford leave my sloppy shots 1n basketball to Larry Karl Judy Walters leave my ab111ty to graduate 1n four years to Barbara Atchtson Sharon Castleman bequeath my blush to Ted Hector Sharon Phelps w1ll my grft for gab to Fred Hector Sharon Eaton w1ll my art1st1c ab1l1ty to my s1ster Donna Robert Mandrell w1ll my crew harr cut to Fred Btlbrey Howard Htte leave the town cop and Justtce of the peace to B111 Ekrss Elleen Wrcklrne w1ll my ab111ty to talk ID phystcal educatron study hall to Pat Kelly I George Sadomytschenko leave my brother John to carry on alone I Ethel Morey w1ll my small stature to Sally Merrrs I Wayne Wtllrams leave my chatr haultng dUI1CS to George Warner I 11m Reedy leave my pos1t1on as busrness manager of the Z1ono1z to anyone who wants ll Phyllts Buoy w1ll my ttdy hab1ts toJacqu1l1ne Parks Davtd Yoder w1ll my rnterest 1n farmrng to Hamer Trpsword Jerry Bowles w1ll my good looks to Paul Bllyeu Margle Hector wrll my w1nn1ng smrle to Steve Allrson Roger Gadberry w1ll my place as flrst 1n the lunch room llne to B11ly Benton Pat Shrelds w1ll my vlgorous ambrtron to Dave Henderson Ron Schnlederjan leave my backward ways around the glrls to Larry Henry W G Graven bequeath my posmon on the football bench to J1m Frsher Nelda N1h1ser leave to start housekeep1ng Kenny Curry w1ll my p1tch1ng arm to Gary Trulock We Edwlna Morrrs and J1m Ellls wrll our last warnlng to Jerry Underwood and Pat Kelly 28 Q! 79 l, ' , . ' . I, , ' . I, ' , ' ' . I, , ' . I, , -- ' . I, , --' ' . I, , ' . I, , . I, , ' ' . 1, , ' ' ' ' ' ' , . I, I . . . h I, Jane Goodpaster, will my love for chorus to Margie Cooley. I' . . ..., . ' I, , ' ' . I, ' ' , ' . L . . , . n I' ' . . , I . SOMEDAY Here rs that Old Gang Of Mme ten years hence When Sandy and I were tourlng the country we decxded to stop rn New York Crty to Vl.S1I Lmda Lourash who IS executxve secretary to Rodney Txlman Stnce her boss IS the head of the Amerrcan Televrston Corporatron she was able to 1nform us that several other of our former classmates were now makrng the1r headquarters 1n the c1ty Luck1ly wetwere able to catch June Benton her steller performance as Luddy Spears ln that Broadway smash Here IS Luddy and to admxre the scenery palnted by that well known set des1gner Mardelle Sldwell before our plane took off for Chrcago Enroute a sudden storm necessrtated a forced landtng but when we cllmbed out to frnd our selves rn the mxddle of a corn fleld we were surprrsed to see the owner Dale Ford commg toward us So srncerely d1d he welcome us that we d1dn t mtnd the sudden change 1n our plans Before leavrng the next day we learned that Barbara Barnett was l1v1ng rn the nearby c1ty where she was teachxng the klndergarten We also ran 1nto Donna West the teletype operator at the alr port and Francls Sanders wa1t1ng camera tn hand for the next fl1ght to ar r1ve so hrs prctures could make the next ed1t1on Boardtng our plane we were surpnsed to meet our stewardess for th1s fl1ght Jamce Wlegand and to d1scover that one of our fellow passengers was Bobbt McCoy who was return1ng to De catur to resume her teachrng dut1es after a short week end V1S1I w1th Peggy Hyland Peggy was a very successful career grrl employed as executrve pr1 vate secretary IH the Murdock Company From Bobbl we learned that Jerry Gulledge was now the manager of the Tolly store 1n Decatur Arnvrng frnally rn Chrcago who should we see getttng off another fl1ght but Janet Artze She had come to the clty 1n her capaclty as buyer for Block and Kuhl Company but also to v1s1t Carol Sue Klaska execuuve accountant to John Bldwell of the Bldwell Company At d1nner that evemng served under the personal d1rect1on of Joyce Brlyeu owner of the Seven Oaks Restaurant we rel1ved old memorles whtle enjoymg the mustc of D1ck Burcham whose orchestra 1ncluded another old frtend Phrllrp Bulla Early the next mormng we phoned the a1rport to 1nqu1re about our next fl1ght and recogmzed the vo1ce of Sharon Brown who as reservattontst gave us our ltrnerary Before leavrng Chrcago our path crossed that of Larry Arthur the used car dealer who we saw demonstrat mg one of hrs cars As we were ready to contmue our fl1ght the next day Sandy was suddenly called home So our tour had to be postponed However we had thoroughly enjoyed the expenence of meetlng some of our former Mt Zton classmates 29 Q! 9? . . . l . in "soo H This year was a busy one for the Junior Class. We sponsored the Homecoming Dance, at which Larry Henry reigned as King. Our class contributed quite a number of boys to football, basketball, and track: Darrell Schuman, Bill Ekiss, Larry Henry, Ralph Coate, Jim Engle, Ted Hector, Jerry Howard, Gary Mahannah, Dickie Tilton, Richard Terry, Chuck Morris, and Bob Howell. Judy Kondritz and Sharon Sunderland as cheer- leaders cheered our boys on. l-lead majorette from our class was Virginia Thompson. We sponsored a chili supper preceding a football game, and a sock hop after a basketball game. In December, our class sold magazines. The class was divided into two groups headed by captains Lana Heathcock and Richard Tilton. The winning team was Lana's. The Junior Play was held in the spring. At the end of the school year we honored the Seniors by giving the Junior-Senior Prom. We have en- joyed this year very much, and are looking forward to a busy year as Seniors. Our class sponsors were Miss Moran, Mrs. Berner, and Mr. Bucy. Class officers were: Larry Henry, president Ralph Coate, vice-president Glenda Sheets, secretary Lana Heathcock, treasurer CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK of Decatur Complete Banking Service Decatur, Ill. ,f . if , A QP' 'Q .1 Y , ,uf if fl 2 a O 'il , 2 1.f57f' WiFi? 9 M, l5 'ali 'fi W-ai' 3 ffiwrfw-P ' ' 4 J. Sims N. Spalding E. Springman G. Still N L. Sullivan S. Sunderland R. Terry A. Thompson V. Thompson R. Tilton E. Underwood J. Underwood M. Vest E. Voyles G. Warner L. West D. Williams T. Woodall C. Wright S. York WAGNI-R MEMORIAL COMPANY Designers and Builders of MAINWOOD STANDARD SERVICE Fine Wagner Memorials Lubrication - Washing - Tuneup 1555 E. Pershing Rd. - Decatur, Illinois 105 E. Wood Decatur, Illinois Phone 8-9322 We Give S 8:1-l Green Stamps 33 We have just completed our second year at Mt. Zion l-ligh School. This year we had many boys participating in the sports program. They were, John Sadomytschenko, Leland Williams, Lynn Davis, Paul Bilyeu, Richard Lee, Danny Benton, and Gary Trulock. Our class has contributed two cheerleaders, Sharon Hood and Dale Workman, and two majorettes, Deanna Karch and Judy Myers, who have greatly helped in promoting our school spirit. Mary York reigned as Queen of the Homecoming Dance. We presented a Variety Show which seemed to be enjoyed by all. The various acts were introduced by Leland Williams. The band played two selections, "The Happy Whistler," and "Singing The Blues." Ronnie Patterson and Gary Trulock presented a comedy skit. John Sadomytschenko played several songs on his accordion and also on the piano. Karen Steele, Joyce Good- paster, and Sharon Hardy sang three songs. There were other entertaining features. Mrs. DeVine and Mrs. Grundler were our sponsors. H. Akers S. Allison S. Amman M. Anderson D. Baldwin USCATTERBRAI " 5 rifle Hood Hood Hooper Julius Karch Karl Kelley Kupic Lathrop Lee Le e Mc Coy McCoy McCoy Meixner Myers Ossowski Ove rli n Padgett Patterson Penny Perry Ramsey Reedy Rider " HERE OR WHE " Our first year in high school, the year we have long awaited, has finally come and very quickly gone. Our class, consisting of eighty-one members, is the largest of the four in high school. Two majorettes, Francis Thompson and Kay Underwood, were chosen from our class. Carol Sue Britton and Diana Sphar as cheerleaders rallied our boys. Those boys who participated in sports were Sherman Jones, Nelson Cow- gill, Bobby Kondritz, Corky Schribner, Errol Lee Bowman and Kenny Benskin. We have done much this year, and its memories will always be with us. Our class sponsor was Mr. l-ligdon. B. Atchison C. Ambuhel V. Autm K Benskin J Benskin ,. A ,VQ I gm HIQI ' .K AM Q ' , as if Ii, 11. ik'-' .1 Z! Ki' '5 1' .4 I 5 X -ff ,, ,M . ,s vii P of if s..-' 39 . Bingaman . Blankenship B. Bly J. Booker E. Bowman C. Britton D. Burcham . Cearlock R. Clayton N. Cowgill Condors . Cowgill . Cooley D. Cooper DeVorc Cornwaithc Ellis Denton Eaton Eub anks Fathauer Fisher Gomell Grabbe Hartel L. Hodge S. Hood M. Jones A. Jones S. Jones B. Kondritz J. Koshinski L. Lourash R. McCullough B. Morey P. Morris G. Nihiser B. Norman R. Perrey J. Parks L. Roberts J. Robinson C. Scribner G. Scribner E. Springman M. Sheets S. Sphar G. Steele D. Sutherland F. Thompson an wwf I 4' 4,1 , 5 :gf Y , 4, 951 If "An- a .M 'E' Y, " 1 'A HSCHOGL DAYS" 'A I g WMNIM , I WN ng? l V X f me 77 0 I JW I "5 . NG P5 I 1 1 P TRIKE UP THE BAND, 1 1 -QPLEASE 00? 1 MED "I'VE GOT YOU O MY MI D" "SIDE BY SIDE" Meeting every other month, the High School PTA's aim is closer harmony between the home and the school. By affording an opportunity for parents to meet with and converse with the teachers and each other, the PTA is ably furthering this aim. The theme for this year's work has been, getting acquainted. Each of the five meetings has stressed a special and high lights of the year. The average attendance this year had been thirty -five, although the paid membership is about two hundred. Officers for this year were Mrs. Stanford Gosnell, president, Mrs. Elvin Klaska, vice-president, Mrs. Vesta Huf- ford, secretaryg and Mrs. Clifford McCoy, treasurer. "THEY SAY" The Advisory Council is a lay body which works to improve our schools, through studying problems associated with our educational system. Devoted to the cause of better schools within our unit, the group has been active this year in promoting the campaign to pass the bond issue. From time to time during the year they have also acted to inform the public and the school board concerning the needs of our unit. Officers of the Council this year were: Mr. Robert Highley, president, Mrs. Clifford McCoy, vice -presidentg and Mrs. Harriet Napierski, secretary-treasurer. Meetings were held on the second Monday of every month. It has about twenty -five active members. Much credit goes to this group of conscientious persons, who give of their time and talent to improve our schools and therefore our community. aspect of this theme, to wit: get acquaintedg our school board at workg know our schoolsg future needs of our schools, NACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE" STANDING Coate, Trulock, Cowg111 Sadomytschenko, Henry SEATED Robmson, Eaton, Am man Kondntz, Grant, Trpsword Wllhams, Heathcock, Sheets The Mt Zron Student Councrl ts an orgamzanon composed of offrcers from each class The councrl acts as a governrng agent of the student body and Mr Brent Mrlnor acts as faculty sponsor Among the purposes of the Councrl are to welcome new students and to acquarnt them w1th the school to establrsh a code of conduct and to burld the school sprrrt Several proJects were undertaken and promotrng more co operatron between puprls and teachers The Councrl consrsts of thrrteen members who met once each month The actrng presrdent thrs year was Wayne W11l1ams Thrs Student Councrl deserves a vote of thanks from the ent1re student body for the progress rt has made and for the numerous advantages rt has afforded the students of Mt Zron OFFICERS Presrdent Wayne Wrllrams Vrce Presrdent -Glenda Sheets Secretary Treasurer Lrnda Robmson Sponsor Mr Brent Mrlnor SWARTZ RESTAURANT HARPER SHOE SERVICE 22nd and Prarne Decatur, Ill 8: ABC CLEANERS Plate Lunches Homemade Pres 1210 E Wood Decatur I Open 8 A M to 8 P M 45 Invlslble Half Solemg Closed Sundays Shoe Dyemg and Refmrshmg l Z. . 4- . , ' : . - Y I ' during the year: conducting an intramural programg putting on assembliesg helping out at school functionsg . l Y "NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT" The National Honor Society was organized for the first time last year. Election into this honor group is attained by outstanding achievement in four areas: scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The aims of the organization are to make our school a better one, to promote field trips and College Day trips, to help choose the students for the citizenship and Ameri- can Legion awards, and to advance high school loyalty. The National Honor Society is a nation-wide organization. Its members are recog- nized in all schools as those who have made the most of their talents and of the oppor- tunities their school had to offer them. This year we elected a committee from our members to assist in the final selection of a recipient of the DAR award. The candidates were presented to the faculty for a final choice and the representative of our school was Carol Sue Klaska. Officers President Judy Fulk Vice President Helen Jones Secretary Glenda Sheets Treasurer Jeannie King Sponsors Mrs DeV1ne, Mrs Grundler Mr Johnson STANDING Jones Steele Mr Johnson, Mrs DeVme Mrs Gruendler, Harris, Fulk Eaton, Klaska SEATED Lourash, B1ankensh1p,Tru1ock Nein, Wells King J Fulk Sheets Nes1er,l-hlton, Kondritz Compliments of UNITED PROPANE COMPANY VALLEY'S TAVERN NORTHTOWN BANK L P Gas Service 2650 N Woodford 333 E Pershing Rd Decatur, I11 Decatur, Ill - . . , . : , , . . , . , . : D ! I ' 7 7 "ALL OF MY LIFE" The Future l-lomemakers of America is open to those interested in the field of home economics. The year began with an officers meeting, followed by a dinner, to plan the year's program. On September 19, the first business meeting was held to plan a Slumber Party and a Hobo Day for October 16 and 17. On October 26, some members attended the Sectional FHA and Vocational Home Economics meeeing at Hartsburgh, Illinois. To help sponsor a Christmas Dance, a square dance was held on November 8 and a Bake Sale on December 7. The dance, entitled Winter Wonderland, was held on De- cember 13. February was the month for initiations and degrees, while March brought the Sadie Hawkins Party. On April 16, the FHA girls sponsored a Banquet in honor of their Mothers at the Colonial Restaurant. The annual Style Show and Tea was held on May 15, ending the 1957-1958 year for the Future Homemakers of America. Officers President-Barbara Barnett Vice-President-Sharon Eaton Secretary-Judy Kondritz Treasurer-Judy Fulk Parliamentarian-Janie Goodpaster Song Leader-June Benton Historian-Eileen Wickline Project Chairman-Sandy McQueen Reporter-Linda Laurash "WITH THESE HANDS" The Future Farmers of Amenca Chapter of Mt Zron had thrrty three members thrs year A nanonal Organrzatton the FFA s purpose IS to tram present and prospectrve farmers to effrcrency 1n farmtng Our chapter has been very actrve th1s year On October 8 a Leadershtp Trammg School at Wapella was attended by several of our members Followmg a drnner dtscusston groups were orgamzed where varrous toptcs perunent to FFA leadershrp and publtctty were drscussed On October 14 the Natronal Conventton of the FFA was held 111 Kansas Crty Our chapter was represented by s1x delegates Dunng December and January we sold seeds shoe shrne frre extrngutshers an freshner pamt rust solvent screw drrvers and cans of a1r deoderant In February we partrctpated tn a poultry and gram Judgmg contest at srxth mdtvrdually tn the poultry Judgmg rn a freld of srxty f1ve partxctpants Our annual Father Son Banquet was held on March 6 rn the Juntor I-hgh All Purpose Room There were 132 people present Ph11l1p Green sectron 16 FFA Vrce Presrdent gave a talk and a frlm Trm s Chorce was shown Thrs year we have purchased a new arr compresser for our shop and srgns whrch w1ll be put up next fall to advertrse our chapter OFFICERS Presrdent Wayne Wrlhams V1ce Presrdent Dale Ford Sentmel Gary Trulock Treasurer Bob Julrus Secretary Larry Fathauer Sponsor Mr Bucy ILLINI BUILDING COMPANY Burlders Of Quahty Bu11t Custom Desrgned Homes BEATRICE FOODS CO 225 N 22nd Street Meadow Gold Mrlk and Ice Cream 48 Decatur, Ill Phone 5241 Decatur, I11 Phones 83488 83489 Atwood. The poultry team won fifth place and the grain team got ninth place. Darrell Schuman placed "YOUN G AT HEART" The Girl's Athletic Association has a program which is based on both social and sport activities and is open to all high school girls. Its primary activities are: baseball, volleyball, skating, miniature golf, basketball, bowling, swimming, and dancing. Individual points ard given to each girl for attending and participating in the activities of the club. A girl must earn seventy -five points a year in order to receive her four awards, which are a shield a letter, a block and a state shield. The first two of these are local awards, but the last two are state awards. These are given out by Miss Jean Watts, the club sponsor, in the spring. Some of the other activities of the year included a Thanksgiving Dance, several sock hops, a State Bowling Tournament, and a fall Play Day. GAA OFFICERS President - Sharon Phelps Vice-President - Glenda Sheets Secretary -Jeanie King Treasurer - Marge Hector Intramural Chairman - Pat Kelley Recording Secretary - Janice Cochran Sponsor - Miss Jean Watts HUI.l.'S CABINET SHOP BRI'I'I'ON BROS. Custom Built Cabinets Grain Co. Mt. Zion, Ill. Mt. Zion, Ill. REDMOND GROCERIES POPEY'S 66 SERVICE 6: MEATS Dalton City, Ill. Dalton City, Ill. Small But Friendly ARCI-IIE P. LOUCHNANE 8: CO, R.C.A. T.V. Tubes DALTON CITY CAFE We Also Sell Honey Wholesale and Retail PLEASE DG T T LK ABOUT ME WHE I M GCNE Edrtor Sharon Phelps and her staff along wrth the frnancral wrzardry of Bustness Manager Janre Good paster carrres on the tradrtron of top news for the student body throughout the year The co operatrve efforts of the complete staff produced a frne paper publrshed on the last Frrday of each month that was enjoyed by all 'lt Zron students The sports department under the leadershrp of Barbara McCoy and June Benton provrded many frne feature storres about Mt Zron athletes and carrred up to the mrnute coverage of all sports Socrety Peggy Hyland rn charge set a hrgh tn coverage for that department of the newspaper Many problems arose durrng the year whtch threatened the exrstence of the Sa Mor but all were successfully met and drsposed of by the staff and sponsor Wrthout the leadershrp of Mrs Sp1ttler the sponsor and the Transcrrptron class the Sa Mor could not have had the successful year whrch rt has enjoyed Mor Staff Edrtor Sharon Phelps Ass t Ildrtor Lrnda Lourash Busrness Manager ,Tame Goodpaster Local Edrtor Peggy Hyland Art Edrtors Sharon Eaton Phyllrs Buoy Copy Edrtor Janrce Wergand Sports Edrtors Bobbr McCoy June Benton Reporters and Typrsts Erleen Wrcklrne Carol Sue Klaska Sharon Castleman Pat Starbody Barbara Barnett Donna West Sharon Brown Nelda Boyer Ethel Morey Judy Walters and Carol Cooley Sponsor Mrs Sprttler C0mP11m9HtS Of HOURANS FLORISTS SESSEUS On The Corner Green House The Shop Drstmctrve 160 S Water Decatur, Ill 101 E Prarrre Decatur, Ill 50 Phone 5305 Q! 3 7 39 I V .v . I . .. Sa- --. . . , , ' ' l V 1 I 1 SENTIME TAL JOURNEY Deadlrnes deadhnes and more deadlrnes had to be met by the members of the Zronorz staff to publrsh the 1958 Zronorz Edrtor Carol Sue Klaska spent many a nrght worryrng about frnal deadlrnes and her staff worked drlrgently besrde her Wednesday meetrngs of the staff were always a trme of last mrnute rnstructron edrtrng double checkrng and fun Handlrng of detarls and management of the publrcatrons staff produced long ntghts of work for the Ass t edrtors Barbara Barnett and Janet Artze Bustness Managers ,hm Reedy and Howard Hrte balanced the budget Sharon Eaton lrterary edrtor and her assrstant Pat Starbody checked copy submrtted her by the staff We wrsh to thank Mr Walter Pyle and hrs assrstants for therr frne Job of photography Wrthout the capable Ieadershrp of the always patrent Mrss Lucrlle Purcell the Zronorz Sponsor the yearbook could not have been publrshed We the edrtors srncerely thank you who have helped to make our 1958 Zron o1z a realrty Zronorz Staff Edrtor Carol Sue Klaska Ass t Edrtors Barbara Barnett Janet Artze Busrness Edrtors 11m Reedy Howard Hrte Copy Edrtor Sharon Eaton Ass t Copy Edrtor Pat Starbody Sports Edrtors Wayne Wrllrams Sam Fonner Ass t Sports Edrtors -George Sadomytschenko Roger Gadberry Class Edrtor Donna West Feature Edrtor Kenny Curry Dean Grant Ass t Feature Edrtor Robert Mandrell Organrzatrons Edrtors Sharon Castleman June Benton Typrsts Bobbr McCoy Sharon Phelphs Peggy Hyland and Janre Goodpaster Jr Assrstants Helen Jones Jeanre Krng Sponsor Mrss Purcell Complrments of Complrments of ELDORADO BOWL 51 TI-IE COLONIAL CAFE Decatur, I11 QQ 77 , . . . . . . . Y . 1 J v - -- I ' -- --' I , i J 4 5 .K TRIKE UP THE BA D The Mt Zron Band drrected by Mr John Hunt gave our school spurt the lrft rt needed thrs year by playrng for all of the home football and basketball games In the football season the band drsplayed ex cellent sk111 rn formatron marchrng durrng the half trme Performrng w1th the band at every game thrs year were the maJorettes Our frve maJorettes were V1rg1n1a Thompson drum malorette Kay Underwood Frances Thompson Deanna Karch and Judy Myers Among the performances thrs year the band gave a concert February 13 tn the gym and also pro vtded entertamment for the Chrrstmas program B1ll Page featured artrst wtth the Lawrence Welk band was the guest solorst wrth the Macon County Honor Band 1n a concert February 6 rn the Ktntner Gym The band was made up of students represent mg hrgh schools rn Macon County Mt Zron students who took part were Karen Steele Jean Krng Lrnda Nesler and Bob Metxner Band Offtcers Presrdent Larry Henry Vrce Presldent Bob Jultus Treasurer Jeame Ktng Secretary Karen Steele Sponsor Mr John Hunt LINXWEILER Offtce Supply 259 S Park St Decatur, Ill Compltments Of RAINBOW CONFECTIONA RY Comphments Of PAUL'S BOWL QQ 77 LET S ALL SING LIKE THE BIRDIES SING The Mt Zron Grrls Chorus has been another busy year of outstandmg performances The full schedule rf the chorus has mcluded a concert at the Macon County Teachers Instrtute on March 7 at Lakevrew l-lrgh School a Chrrstmas program at Mt Zron and a sprrng concert rn May also at Mt Zron There were many superror performances by mdrvrdual members of the group rn the Drstrrct Hrgh School Musrc Contest Jane Goodpastor recerved a f1rst place rn gtrls medrum vorce Sharon Hardy chorus won a frrst rn the chorus event The grrls all competed rn the State Mustc Contest at Rock Island Under the capable drrectron of Mrs Tagg the Mt Z1on Chorus has completed another successful year of entertarnmg performances Compliments Of Comphments Of LYONS AUTO SUPPLY GNECKOW CROCERY 529 E Wxlham Decatur I11 1725 N Jasper 53 Everythmg Automotrve Decatur, I11 Power Mowers Q Q 3 9 ? Joyce Goodpastor, Judy Kondritz and Glenda Sheets won first in the girls single ensemble. The girls THESE WILL BE THE GOOD OLD DAYS TWENTY YEARS FROM The Z Club 15 the major athleuc organrzauon at Mt Zron Hrgh Members of thrs club are letter wlnners rn maJor sports One of the ch1ef arms of the Z Club 1S to foster good sportsmanshxp One of the projects proposed by the club thrs year was the erectron of a bulletrn board at the north end of the gymnas1um Here were to be hsted the 1nd1v1dual county track records of the Mt Zron ath letes Thrs proJect was started th1s year and wrll be contrnued next year To take care of the fmanclal consrderatrons mvolved decals were sold by the members The Z Club was headed by Wayne W11l1ams w1th Larry Henry as vrce presrdent Dale Ford and Sam Fonner as Sergeants at Arms Ralph Coate as Secretary Treasurer Under the capable gurdance of Coach Parks the club has made many advancements thrs year The members ofthe club represent outstandmg athletlc sk11l The club trres to stlmulate an lnterest rn sports and to acknowledge superror athletrc abrhty and good sportsmanslup MICHAEIJS PHARIVLACY MILLS HARDWARE J A Mrchael R Ph Irv1nSensenbaugh 224512 Wood Hardware Pamt Decatur Ill Glass P1peF1ttmgs Dru s Cosmetrcs 54 2220 E Wood 8 Fountam Scrvrce Phone 5863 ,' -. .. "TELL ME WHY" The Sc1ence Club m 1tS ftrst acttve year of orgamzatron has some twenty members Its purpose to promote rnterest tn scrence was reached by 1nd1v1dual selectton of projects rn math and sctence In some cases two or three members chose a project Jorntly to mvestrgate but no club projects were un dertaken Club meetmgs were held twlce monthly at 7 00 o clock rn the eventng A Sc1ence Farr was held by the club on March 13 on the stage of the gymnastum Here each mem ber demonstrated or explamed hrs spec1al proJect On March 22 the club attended the Open House of the College of Engmeermg of the Umverstty of llltnors rn Champatgn The Distrrct Sc1ence Farr of the Ill1norsJun1or Academy of Sctence held on Apr1l 12 at Normal and the State Sc1ence Farr also sponsored by the Jumor Academy held on May 10 at Champatgn were also attended by the club The Jumor Academy IS composed of Jumor hrgh and hrgh school scrence students of Ill1no1s At present there are over 8000 members Therr state headquarters 15 at Southern Ill1no1s Umversrty 'l'h1s year the D1str1ct Sc1ence Fan exh1b1ted over 382 projects an rncrease of 30010 over last year Tlus 1n creased mterest rn scrence was also nouceable rn our hrgh school classes thrs year by an rncrease rn enrollment of 25 30010 over prevtous years Sc1ence Club Offtcers Prestdent Lyle Lathrop V1ce Presrdent Fred B1lbrey Secretary Treasurer Dtck Hooper Sponsors Mr Johnson Mr Pyle Comphments Of BLOCKS PUMP SALES and SERVICE HAINES and ESSECKS servlce and reparr all The One Best Place makes of Pumps The Blggest Selectlon 1 159 W Decatur Phone Orders Dlal 4374 55 Decatur, Ill Marl Orders Fzlled Phone 32061 "TREASURE UNTOLDU I Need You Now Thrs year several senror grrls of the transcrrpuon class were selected to work tn the offtce durtng one penod every day The1r tasks mcluded answenng the phone typmg letters takmg drctatron prckmg up the absent sllps and runntng errands Bes1des helprng the secretary Mrs Mull these grrls were gatmng valuable experxence rn offrce work and were puttrng rnto practtce techn1ques learned 1n the1r transcrrp tron class The g1r1s who devoted the1r trme each day for these rewards were Peggy Hyland Barbara Barnett Carol Sue Klaska Donna West and janet Artze It s In The Book Several students volunteered thts year to act as student hbrary assrstants Each pertod of the day would frnd one or more of these assrstants checkmg out books stamprng books srgnrng passes returmng books to the shelves and helptng students to drscover how or where to frnd drfferent books A Sprrng Conference of Student Lrbrary Assrstants held on Aprtl 12 at Clrnton was attended by several of our lrbrary assrstants Drscussron groups were questrons pertrnent to the tasks of the assrstants were stressed were a feature of the conference Those students who acted as Lrbrary Assrstants thrs year were Sharon Castleman Jane Goodpaster Jrm Reedy Sharon Hardy Sandra McQueen and Carol Sue Klaska LAMBERT'S 5 S1 00 STORE 148 S 22nd Decatur, 111 Comphments of Varrety Merchandrse YOUNG'S PACKING CO INC Toys Notrons 56 301 5 M2111 Open 9 30 9 00 Darly Phone 5353 11 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 I .- - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 11 1 ., 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 - . 7 . in "MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS" oh n 4 :g9f Ng MAKE BELIEV MOOD FAS LL SEE You AGAIN ETFND mf Y 0 TS A i ND SWEET MUSIC I Y I A .. Eh ' A Q EfSE?iE'15TlE'R-?EN "1'LL SEE YOU AGAI " OATl?52?55E?.'i1RSfflOP W. Dale Custin Decatur, Ill. The annual Mt. Zion Homecoming, sponsored by the Junior Class, followed the Lovington football game this year, on Friday, September 27. "Touchdown Time" was chosen by the class as this year's theme. The gym was decorated with red and white streamers, coming from the sides and ends to the center, thereby creating the false ceiling. A basket of colored balloons overhead at the center of the gym, was released during the dance. At the north end of the gym, goal posts signified victory, with the words, "Touchdown Time." For the stage, the juniors had created a backdrop depicting a football player, and had decorated the throne for the new queen and king - Mary York and Larry Henry. This ceremony came during the dance intermission, with last year's queen, Nancy Curry and king, Jerry Bundy, placing the crowns upon the heads of the new queen and king. The freshman attendants, Marla Sheets and Jim Partlow, led the procession, followed by Janice Cochran and Lyle Lathrop, and Janice Weigand and Jim Ellis. Crown bearers were Della dnd Cookie Comstock. Dancing to Bill Oetze1's orchestra was resumed after the crowning of the queen and king, and con- tinued until twelve o'clock, Coffee and cookies were served in the gym foyer during the dance. "SKIP TO MY LOU" Shortly after school began on September srxth to be exact the Junror Class sponsored the frrst square dance of the season Jack Rafferty s band furnrshed the musrc Followrng the Lakevrew football game on October srxteenth the Senror Class held a square dance rn the gym to whrch the publrc was rnvrted Jack Rafferty s band agarn played w1th B111 Rutherford as caller The PTA provrded entertarnment for the young and old people of the communrty by holdrng a square dance on Halloween and agarn on December srxth The busy holrday season precluded any square dances for the rest of the month And an unusually full calender 3CI1V1Iy wrse for January and February resulted rn rts betng March before another square seventh and the twenty frrst Here aga1ntheP T A and the Senror Class sponsored these events Roundrng out the scheduled square dances for the school year was the last one held on Aprrl eleventh wrth the senrors agarn actmg as hosts Although rn total number of dances held thrs year we may have fallen below prevrous years st1ll those who attended would be the frrst to enthusrasncally proclarm a rewardrng evenrng ensued from each dance KOCHTON PLYWOOD and VENEER CO VILMURES SUPERNUX RKET 3000 N 22nd Street Quallty Meats Produce Decatur, I11 219 E Wood Street Phone 39741 Decatur, Ill dance was scheduled. During the month though, two Friday nights were set aside for dancing - the g . ' . 59 . "MAKE BELIEVE" The Senior Class presented their play, "Take It Easy," at the High School Gymnasium on Friday, November fifteenth. The action in this three -act farce -comedy took place at Highgate House, the home of erratic Mrs. Highgate,who in her desire to maintain her social position desired to have her portrait painted. Continually forgetting names and mistaking identities, she soon has three painters working on this portrait--a true artist, Tom Laurence, a house painter, Lon Torence, and an uninvited guest, John Florenz, the last followed by Beagle Jones, the "human bloodhound" detective. Complications naturally arise from this situation which become more complex by a queer malady, pocketitis, from which the maid, Florence, suffers, by the timid love of Phillip, the butler, for herg by the whirlwind courtship of the cook by the ever -hungry, house painter, by the cook's dislike for the mischievous yard boy, Arthurg and by the attempts of Tom to obtain permission to win Nancy, the daughter of Mrs. Highgate. Outstanding performances were given by the entire cast--a cast which obviously has enjoyed their evening's work. 4,4 SOFT LIGHTS A D SWEET MUSIC Approprrately choosrng Autumn Leaves as therr theme the GAA sponsored a Thanksgrvrng Dance on Frrday November twenty second Although decoratrons were kept at a mrmmum the theme was everywhere evrdent The stage doors spelled out the words of the theme and a tree rn the center of the dance floor was covered wrth paper leaves rn autumn colors Musrc was furmshed by the D1x1elanders Band and dancrng was enjoyed from elght thlrty untrl eleven thrrty Refreshments for thrs semr form rl affa1r eonsrsted of eookres and cold drrnks or " coffee lil, Wmter Wonderland A Chrrstmas Dance was held rn the Hrgh School Gymnasrum on December thrrteenth Musrc was furnrshed by Paul Dalamas and hrs orchestra Decoratrons were planned rn accordance wrth the season A beauufully lrghted and decorated Chrrstmas tree graced the center of the dance floor whrle on the stage a snowman suggested the seasonal aspect of the theme Thls theme was furthur dramatlzed wrth the words Wrnter Wonderland spelled out across the stage curtarns Strands of crepe paper across the cerlrng added to the festrveness of the oeeasron wh1le tne wmdows depleted drfferent Chrlstmas scenes Co sponsors of th1s semx formal dance were the FHA and the FFA TOLLY'S SUPER MARKETS "Better Foods Prlced R1ght" Produce, Frurts Vegetables, Frne Meats 2280 E Wrllrams Decatur, Ill Q! 97 - V . .. .. . X v , Ft' ' ' ' V, lv, s I 1 1 2 ww . E? E' fs ' Q ., l - ,fn A. I... I X! , . I I ' 1 "IT'S A GREAT DAY FOR THE IRISH" To celebrate St Patrrck s Day the Senror Class sponsored a semr formal dance thrs year held rn the gymnasrum on Frrday March fourteenth from seven thlrty to ten thrrty Decoratrons were concerved wtth the day rn mrnd A false cellrng deprctrng a huge green shamrock of crepe paper agarnst a background of srlver forl was strung flat across the cerlrng The words of the theme spelled out rn whrte letters were attached to the stage doors surrounded by green shamrocks of varrous SIZCS At the oppostte end of the gymnasrum was a wrshmg well contatnrng the blarney stone Dance programs rn the shape of shamrocks were grven to each couple as a memento of the evenrng Refreshments of 11me punch and cookles were served at the tntermrssron after whrch danclng con trnued to the mus1c of the DIXICIHIICICIS SPECIALITY SHOPPE ARTHUR S FURNITURE Mt Zron Department Store 906 E Wood Grfts Of D1st1nct1on Decatur, Ill DOSTEPUS SERVICE STATIONS E Wrlham St Rd 1275 W 22nd St 1075 E Eldorado Wood and Broadway . , . .- . . - 1 1 l I ' , . , , 1 . , . 1 I I ' 1 u u - ' - - ll PRETE D The Juntor Class presented therr play The Barretts of Wrmpole Street by Rudolr Besrer at erght o clock on Aprrl 11 and Aprrl 12 at the Hrgh School Gymnastum The Play takes place rn London rn May of 1845 Elrzabeth Barrett 15 a frarl pale woman who has no desrre to lrve unt1l she meets Robert Brownrng and they fall rn love Henrletta and Arabel Elrzabcth s slsters both feel sorry for her Henrretta IS rn love w1th Captam Surtus Cook but Papa qurckly puts a stop to that Papa rs a very vrcrous and mean person l-le wants no one tn h1s famlly to go out or have frrends 1n He has hrs own chrldren hatlng hrm Eltzabeth and Robert Brownlng plan to get marrted secretly and then go to Italy Elrzabeth 1nv1tes Wllson her mard and companlon to accompany her to Italy and W1lson ts glad to get away from Edward Barrett Papa lashes out cruelly when he frnds that Elrzabeth has left htm KREKEL S CUSTARD 1237 E Eldorado CANFIELD LUCAS LUMBER CO Phone 91122 2500 N Woodford Cones Sundaes Shakes 63 DGCHIUI' 111 Quarts and Pmts Cash and Carry QQ ,, . . V y , . . , . . . . xi! 5 I l -.. -- , , FASCINATIC A serres of specral assembly programs were scheduled thrs year augmented by several pep assemblres On Frrday September srxth the erght cheerleaders for 1957 58 were selected by the student body The followrng week the frrst pep assembly for the Newman football game was conducted by these cheer leaders Three specral assembly programs were grven rn October On the fourth we were favored wrth a Varrety Show presented by the Sophomore Class Leland Wrllrams served as master of ceremonres for the program and capably presented therr frne array of talent Included were rnstrumental numbers solos comedy readrngs and pantomrmes The grand frnale was a style show deprctrng the latest attrre of a mrlk mard the outfrt of a well dressed scrub woman approprrate evenrng wear typrcal mornrng attrre and pajamas of the year The student body greatly apprecrated the efforts of the sophomores and all Jorned rn to say well done On October twentreth Jrm Lynch entertarned us wrth hrs feats of archery such as shootrng from be hrnd hrs back shootrng from on top of hrs head shootrng rollrng targets and shootrng two targets at once Then Mr Wrederman of the Bell Telephone Company gave us a demonstratron and talk on mrcro wave magrc on October twentreth We were shown by use of a sender and a recerver how radro beams are transmrtted through the arr and how these beams wrll not penetrate through a good conductor of electrrcrty formed as well as monkeys and a cub bear all of whrch were trarned by the Brlchers Our frrst pep assembly for the basketball season was held on November twentreth precedrng the Arcola game The coach rntroduced the team and explarned some changes rn the rules for thrs year The cheerleaders had prepared some new cheers for our benefrt These w1th the older yells plus the school song rounded out thrs krckoff for basketball In December we took trme out for two pep sessrons one precedrng the Warrensburg game and the other to create enthusrasm for the Maroa game Here agarn our cheerleaders generated thrs enthusrasm wrth the number and varrety of therr yells and by callrng on the coach for a few words January twenty nrnth saw another specral assembly program Thrs trme George Jason actor comed ran magrcran and musrcran entertarned the student body rn what they agreed to be a very emoyable hour A talented cartoonrst Jake Noble entertarned us on March twenty erghth Startrng w1th a letter or a number he qurckly created a frnrshed prcture rn thrs manner and even drew some prctures whrch could be vrewed equally well upsrde down Our specral assembly programs were rounded out for the year on Aprrl srxteenth wrth the appearan e of Mr Monkman who presented a lecture on alcoholrsm H A KUHLE CO M M Farm Implements Industrlal Equrpment GMC Trucks 925 1005 E Pershrng Rd Decatur, Ill REEDY BROS GARAGE Standard O11 and Gas Wrecker Servxce Phone 54 Dalton Crty, lll BROOK'S HEALTH SERVICE RR2 Bloommgton Rd Phone 6697 Decatur, Ill Q Q 9 9 The Bilcher Circus was our special assembly on November eighth. Several varieties of dogs per- "I THE MOOD" YQ' V I' 5,5201 dal' o.. ' A variety of activities were constantly in evidence during the noon period of every school day this year. Basketballs were always available and the boys usually monopolized these, at either end of the gymnasium. A juke box with current records encouraged many to practice their latest dance steps dur- ing this abbreviated period. The student council frequently changed these records so the very latest favorites were available for dancing. There were those who seemed to enjoy just visiting during the noon hour and every day saw groups of these students either lounging along the sides of the gymnasium or earnestly engaged in some pressing conversation. Compliments of SUDLOW STUDIO 127 N. Vermillion Danville , Illinois "I'LL REMEMBER TODAY" ' I Married An Angel' Love Me Tender" Idle Gossmp "Money In The Bank Frank" 'Your're My Everythmg' l 'Strange Paradxse ' "Just BSCHUSB' " very Llttle Movement ' Baby I Cold OUtS1d6" Wonderful , Wonderful "Treat Me COLONIAL LAUNDRY A Gal In Callco 1220 W Wood N1ce Decatur, I11 55 Comphments of Phone 3 2196 DECATUR BOTTLING COMPANY 1 u ' 1 In - u N ua 1 - 1 I ' - f 1 " I n - u u E . , ll , t.s Y ' u u - u un - u .15 "TAKE ME QUT TO THE BALLGAMEHJ5 A 521 OT TO BE A FOOT SY ROUND ST AN 7 RAIG D ROUND I HT HE BALL R D OUG 1' H THE BASKET " K - , B v -1 A on Y KS HERE,f "YOU'VE GOT TO BE A FOOTBALL HERO" On August twenty s1x flfty boys turned out to try for another cnampronshlp year of football Al though lnexperlenced they worked very hard wrth thrs thought 1n mlnd The flrst tragxc blow h1t when Wayne Wllllams had an emergency operat1on Thls left us wrth only one co captaln Small 1nJur1es all along were dealt to the club and then the second b1g blow came when George Sadomytschenko d1s located a knee and was out for the remarnder of the season The overall season record was two w1ns and s1x defeats Z1on Z.1on Z1on Z.1on Z.1on Z1on ZIOH Drmk Newman Maroa Lovrngton Mowequa Lakevrew ABL 1-hgh Bethany SUNSHINE DAIRY COOPER COOLEY CO , INC M1114 240 Wabash Avenue Its From Near By Farms Phone 3 9677 Mt. ' 0 Mt. ' 6 Mt, ' 39 ' Mt. Zion 6 Assumption Mt. ' 14 Mt. ' 0 ' Mt. ' 0 ' Mt. ' 0 Its Fresher 68 Decatur, I11 Ya? gall? k 19 M9 W if XWQN -f 'Q K , s,, , fX,, f 3, X, , X41 W fe .V'Zif' 534 f QW 1 , f , 73 535, mf' ,. si RS? . 0 ., A "4 'Q' ' Q ,..x 5 ' Lai ,-4,4 MAJ ,,M':,,".! . , .ef 4 . '44 if I 4. f F, 4' A v ' KN? 14, i J sl f .,-4 ,' 5, ..,. Q- A . Xxx 'X a' ' PUT THE BALL RIGHT THROUGH THE BASKET" On November 26, the Braves started off their twenty game schedule 1957-1958 basketball season, by edging Arcola, 48-45. Accurate shooting and excellent rebounding were the deciding factors in this game, but lack of height, evidenced here, plagued the team throughout the Season. In the Lakeview Holiday Tournament, the Braves turned in an upset by tying for first place. Although they found it difficult to get started, taking 20 shots before finally scoring against Maroa in the opener, during the second game they sank over 5070 of their shots. On the last night against Lakeview, the team went ahead in an overtime to tie for first place. A second place trophy was won by the team in the Macon County Tournament. The school also won the Sportsmanship Trophy. Although the Braves operated as a team, the leading scorer this year was Sam Fonner, a repeat from last year, with 400 points. Mt. Zion 59 Cerro Gordo 78 Macon County Tournament Mt. Zion Niantic Zion 70 Blue Mound Mt. Zion Sullivan Zi0I1 57 MBCOI1 Lakeview Tournament Z-iOf1 54 MHIOS Mt. Zion Maroa Regional Tournament Mt. Zion Tri City Zion 57 Eisenhower Mt. Zion Lakeview Zion 48 Arcola Zion 56 Lakeview Zion 39 Warrensburg Zion 47 MacArthur Zion 58 Maroa Zion 72 Tuscola Zion 35 Niantic Zion 56 Bethany Zion 55 Atwood Zion 77 Lovington Zion 53 Warrensburg Zion 68 Bethany Zion 60 Lovington Zion 53 Bement Zion 45 Argenta Zion 46 Maroa ' ,Bn 5 in -r-,.. F 1 f - if ' is 5.-'nf I 'F fu , 5. vt 1 QQ, aff I J QWH : :dz I 5 WE , 51414 5 . 5 4 A X B 1 I I I fin? 2 IL, ,A .A fy Q: 3 4 1 ,. . Q Q M' , , fm 'Q wiv - :EFX 5,-4 xii! rff -Q ji, .-'Q X 5 2 ' 2 .. W I pls ww . W.. K ,ul ROUN D ROUN sux nzuv Sam Fonner J1m Ellts and Wayne Wll113mS led the Mt Z.1on team to therr th1rd stratght Macon County Track Champronshrp on Aprtl 28 and brought back four trophtes from the event held th1s year at Lakevtew Sam won the 100 and 220 yard dashes and the broad Jump whlle Jrm took both the low and hrgh hurdle races and tred for fourth 1n the htgh Jump and Wayne won the 880 for the thtrd t1me rn 2 07 3 mlnutes shavlng three tenths of a second off the former mark The three relays the 440 fresh man the 880 vars1ty and the m1le were all taken by the team Mt ZION captured tts flfth strarght Cenors Conference Track Champronshlp on Apr1l 30 at Mrlltken also wmnmg four trophtes Wayne W1l113mS Jrm Ellrs and B111 Eklss were double wmners Wayne tn the 880 and m1le hm 1n the hurdles and B111 tn the shot and dlscus Charles Moms won the pole vault The freshman quartet of Erroll Bowman Larry Lourash Nelson COWg111 and Emmett Gosnell ran the 440 relay rn 50 3 seconds to break the record We also won the 880 relay and the m1le relay H. POST gc SQNS WEIDENBACHER OLDS Jewelers Smce 1872 S3165 and SEYVICG Famous Name Watches 76 340 N Broadway Market at Praxrre St Phone 5423 Q Q , , E 1-1 wx , It Y I 041.11 V, 1' I b I, MT 3 kg' 1 11... Nl' Kg, V. Nr 'aff ' 8 ' V y 1 - If 1 , ,! yin I 1 r-Q 93" lilo 'J sg,.,,,i, I yf' ..,..!f"'L .4'5'R!q,. N111 ,ff-ul' mil PATRONS Mx and Mrs Lyle De W1tt Mr Jerry Ban1ck1 ' Q N I l I 1 i ! ' x L s O 1' v , , . . 1 . I ,. X -wa fl f ' , ,L ' .5 ,Y A S- K , .2 I J , , Q. -V :Q , 1 '1 , rg ' ' x , t - N -'V ,fx-.4Agh.faX,,,:'f L5:EY424QEe'l .g ,af Wfi' . N 'xy x V . , My fig 1 1 .47 H 1 4 - -. , I at ,' L Pg '-'ix' A - WASVK A VA' 5. A f , I ,M A-K P- ' f f' VU-w.l9' A f F15 V' ., A ' , ' , f, '34 ' ' , 'A A ,727 2 - ,I A V A- ,iff 3 "SPRING IS HERE" Seventeen players turned out for the baseball season thrs year SIHCS the state was unable to get the home dlamond ready at Sprttler Woods all games were scheduled away Bad weather and track practlce 1nh1b1ted baseball practlce trme thrs season Of the scheduled ten games the team won one Durrng therr flrst four games the team collected 31 runs while therr opponents were also collectmg 31 runs but we won only 3g31l'lSI Lakevtew where we made 12 h1ts The leadlng batters thls season were Jeff Davtson Ron Schnlederjan Ken Curry Sam Fonner and Roger Hufford Our prtcher Ken Curry was alded by Gary Trulock and Gary Splnner FAYES CASH MARKET Grocerres Vegetables Phone Mt Zron 3411 RR7 Longcreek SHAMROCK TAVER Short Orders and Meals Dalton Clty, Ill Catf1sh Every Fnday N IN C C HUBBARD MACH 986 E Eldorado Decatur Ill Zron Zlon Zton Z.1on Zron Zlon Zron Z.1on St Teresa Blue Mound Lakevlew St Teresa Clrnton Sullrvan 110 lnnlngsl Maroa Maroa JIM S CITIES SERVICE 1804 E Eldorado Decatur Ill Phone 30521 ERY SOUTH SIDE BARBER SHOP 78 1070 S Franklm Decatur, Ill Mt. ' 2 . 5 Mt. Zion 15 Lakeview 8 Mt. ' 2 3 Mt. ' 12 ' 15 ' Mt. ' 1 . 4 . Mt. ' 0 ' 10 ' Mr. ' 3 ' 4 Mt. ' 2 5 Mt. ' 6 7 . . , . - - CO. "STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE" For the fxrst t1me golf was added to the 11st of sprrng sports thxs year at Mt Z1on More schools the county are also 1nclud1ng thrs sport rn therr rosters Four nlghts each week the seven man team golfers practlced at the Nelson Park Golf Grounds These seven were Lyle Lathrop Darrell Baldwln Gary Cooper Drck Hooper Rrchard Lee and Ross McCullough Two matches were played thrs sprrng wrth the McArthur l-lrgh School team and the Eisenhower Hxgh School team both of whrch the Mt Z1on golfers lost Elghteen holes were played at each match and f1ve members made up the team The wmners were decrded by match play not by total strokes The seven players of the Mt Z1on team also held a seven way tournament of thelr own wrth each playrng each other two I1'l'lCS Medals were awarded to the w1nners here Partly th1s was to create more rncentrve and to fac1l1tate practlce for golf teams of the future J L JOHNSON E. SONS Decatur Foundry CEORGE'S REPAIR SHOP Akneelxng Castmgs George A Ekrss, Prop 1700N Calhoun Electncran Plumbxng Decatur, I11 General Repan' Phone 32921 Dalton Clty, Ill 79 ' ' , ' ' ' . ' . in . . . . . i . of . .A . . ' . , Inc. ' 1 View -Lv! 3375 xr Ni' 5, s Qi'.v+p5,5, , x ,' ' ' ll axl .,4,, nv- W N ,Q V Y 1 f 1 ng . , .4 , ., , ,.Qiw:fBaRJmQf'Vw2zwuP f . M154 I " 45 1. A Q 52- .15 "JUST A MEMQRYH .D MXH! Mg n IP 529 ! A EN A Aa , up 'S' .1 ., - 'T fgfaz-'g g12+5ww, f 5 '12 1 f" 1 xv' V W ,, -kg 5-4" " H '+ 1 1 , . 2 Sw QW A f 'E' 4 f J l z, L ' J, L um x ,S - Qikffu-'Cf . . . ix filggf. iahwlv , ' 1 . w'Mg.W,,'7 N 5 1 .wg 2 sf in I ' . . g+' I ,ngij-' 'V f . , .W A, ,jf 73139 Wh . an I if, A y I x x -.B W: f 'zfztQ L . A 1 k y I Aw , 2, sv, ,UL .I 'D 'V h 5.111 ,1 . 7 'Q ""' ig fl ? 5 , In X -Q 'lik ,lg I - fx 43 ,, -gl-x l , , 1 .iff ,X.mXAx 1 w, 1 , x. Fx aff-4.1 , V' N1 - xl K' 0 fn Q ' C 94 wx av! K, Q ,, . V 9' O FEUDIN ws EH' 1, 1 . E in ,Navi f' . is .A 4, rf. i'5 , M l -fi M322 5, . wv, "MOMENTS TO REMEMBER" 2 .Q RTY TIME On May 10 the Juniors entertained the Seniors Iaculty board members and their guests at the Nichols Hotel in Decatur at the annual Junior Senior Banquet and Prom Using as their theme to each guest as he entered These came in assorted colors and harmonized with every costume Pineapples surrounded by palm leaves and lets served as center pieces at each table The program also depicted an Hawaiian scene The meal was a smorgasbord and thus each particular taste could be catered to and each appetite satisfied Paul Dalamas and his orchestra played for the dance which followed the banquet TARRENTS SHORE is and G -6-'Z-'1 DRIVE INN " RESTAURANTS 815 s 22nd 2320 E Mm 'THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTIONS' Decatur, Ill J Q f D Q P in V. ' X Rs ' 1 v . . ,M ' Y :FX a , fs K 'IPA ll , ' ' ' , . ' . SI. "Aloha Lula," the Juniors created an Hawaiian atmosphere, enhanced by the traditional lei, presented . f 1 I E A A get y 1 ., t - Ai! Za? I g "THE NEARNESS OF YOU" M "I'VE GOT A DATE WITH AN ANGEL" Na+ J CARSON JEVWELRY Nationally Advertised Diamonds Watches Jewelry Famous For Fine Diamonds 300 N. Water Decatur, I11. "HEY THERE" 1 "CHEEK TO CI-IEEK" "FOR ME AND MY CAL" "ISN'T IT ROMANTIC" "SIDE BY SIDE" "N W IS THE HOUR" "AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU'RE YOU?" The annual Commencement of the Mt. Zion High School was held in the Gymnasium on Wednesday, May 28, 1958 at 8:30 P.M.. Fifty-one graduating seniors marched to the stage as the processional was rendered by Mary Lou Nein. After the invocation, offered by Reverend Raymond Bulla, Pat Starbody gave the salutatory ad- dress. This was followed by a selection from the Girls' Chorus, and the Valedictory address by Sharon Eaton. Mr. Ray Montgomery delivered the Commencement Address, entitled, "Five Peas in a Pod." The following special awards were presented: American Legion Awards .............. DAR Award .......... Bosch and Lomb Award . . . Typing Award ........ Commerce Award . . . Transcription Award ..... Yearbook Editor ......... Yearbook Business Manager . . . DeKalb Award .......... State Scholarship Winner ..,.... Scholarship to Valparaiso Univ ..... Betty Crocker Homemaking Award . . . . Barbara Barnett Sam Fonner Carol Sue Klaska . . . . Dean Grant . . Sharon Phelps Eileen Wickline Carol Sue Klaska Carol Sue Klaska . . . .Jim Reedy . . W. G. Graven . . . .Dean Grant Carol Sue Klaska . . . IanetArtze wk Q' 5 , 'H N4 l an , 5.3 1 ' eq., f qw 1,1 Q 'G . W A Q -,., ,fa 4. f f b -'J ' I A K -nfl.-2!!.'1'le'm 1 9 62,14 THE SO G IS E DED BUT THE MELODY LINGERS O " W A ,, 'Aki 'V MQ 'fygx kph? "THOU SWELL 4' OUR EDITOR" "WE BELONG TO A MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY" 'POOR BOY PLEASE THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN THROUGH THE YEARS' "THE SONG IS YOU" Ai? y "wr11Yeu Remember?" This journey down "Memory Lane" will become for us a i Vliy, bek, treasure chest from which we may go "Drifting and Dreaming" MO O' ofthe time "When We Were Young." And as this 1958 Zionoiz takes its place "Among Our Souvenirs," we hope that you too have recaptured your "Dream" of the "Good Old Days."

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