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,at ,.. X ew ,, l,"'..Q X -f"h',2,u 3' ,rf 1. an ' l, H. , , 'gk ..1. 1f,.e.,: fs'-1? .1 t ,P iw , ram K ,M ,X , ' 'K Q' I 559453 952 Zioniz W. Zgzftlf 4533 UL V 1 Kmfgit fl - f aj 1 if x, Q ag gf ll Fix 4 ji 'J xii-DQQQQSK Mt. Zion Community High School Mt. Zion, Illinois Q, qi Q52 W Q Q K M gg- Q x Q 513.3 ,Z itil 35 vs 52 'fe 5 3 S1 SS 3 Q Q if if qs ,x 2 A i Q B S f ,Wm My V A .X ,H - Q X ' 2 Q 8 . L x x L ,N ,gas . X ,Q aww A , ,M k , 3 D X ' Q Q X Q ,,:, A , t e I , .E Ni x L , W M v g' ml Q , f' 5: Ti 4,5 3, W an 1 X x Q ' . 1, L gkqwv q :. N X Y ni, DEDICATED TO YOU VVe. the Senior Class of 1952, wish to dedicate this annual to Miss Gantzert and Mr. Higdon, our advisors during our four years at Mount Zion High School. Their guidance and understanding have helped us to better prepare ourselves for whatever the future holds for us. sg E -5 -11 Q Q ..f..! in Z5 5:1 5 -U k'.Y5 .2 ,, 1 :ef X gg ,I Q1 .2 ,few Kg fb QM My ,fgETL2:fT if Z I' 54 5' 47 If ag! fiif ig 2 X E hi xv sn.. if , .x.. X xxx . N x. . fN f,x,,..f- gfx 3 ,--- 5- Z 1. , f -5 F' C J Y ...f 1-x Y' hi, 1 ' '+L ..,, ---- A L i - 7.17 ...:- Top row, left to right: Jay Fulk, Harold McDonald, Secretary, Ted Tilton. Bottom row, Judd Traugrliher, Ralph Harris, Hubert Baker, George lflkiss. Prc-sid:-nt. 66You're just ' 99 rlght for me Every student ill our school wishes to extend host wishes and thanks to the 1952 Unit District School lloard lm-nllmers for their help and guidance. lVe feel they lmve had our hr-st interests at heart and we appreciate their efforts in making our school :1 better center of education. 66My dear captain" Clyde C. Corn r Mr. Corn. our lfnit llistriet Super' inte-ndent. togethm-r with thc School Board has done much to hctter our school. Svuh-rl, loft to riglll Standing: Patsy : Mrs. Spitllf-r. Mr. Bvrns. Schultz, .loam Form-ll. Hrs. Spittlvr. tlu- offiw- St't'I'l'tilY'f'. rem-1-ive-cl lu-lp from tlll? nn-mln-rs ol' tln- Sm-nior Svc-rct:1ri:1l l'r:u-tice Class. Tlu-sc girls ob- MTG tnim-xl 4-xpvrim-m'v in tlu- offim- :ns Ill't'lHIl'1ltl0Il for thir futurc in g lmsim-ss. 66For he's a jolly good fellow" Leo H. Berns Nlr. llvrns. our prim-ipul, has shown n nu-In p:nti1-law :nml llllllt'l'Stillllllllg lllrouglmut our sl-lmol mluys. llis guid- 'ul -- ' . u hlllllllll lu-lp us for :1 ln-ttcr foot- lmlcl in tlu- future-. 6tThere's something nice about everyo rl Xvilylll' Brush l3.S. Paul lzxywooxl BMX. IVLA University of Illinois I'lVilIlSYiIIk' Follegv AgIl'It'llIIllI'0 Rzxclio Drznnzn Worksliip Nortlnvestc-rn l'nivcrsity L'niv0rsity ot' Illinois l4ln,2'lish Spcccll I F. Farris A.I5. NLS. in Maria- Gantm-rt LLB. A.M IHS. North Central College X,VWtm,n Kentuvkv State I'niversity of Vi'is4'onsin f0Il0g.0 ' Iowan State College Ewrljsh l'niversity of Wisvonsin Lil:Q.m.i.m lowzl Stzltv Collvefl' University of Illinois Vocational Hlllllkllllilklllg Dean of Girls IA-on Dalton IIS. CQIIIIWII Nornml Collegv Canterbury Collcgre Millikin L'nivvrsity llutlcr University Fniversity of Illinois Svic-neo WIIIIIZIIII Gross l3.A. Illinois lfolle-gre Boys' l'hysic:ll Iflrluvzntion f'06ll'Il 911-llzi Drzlko I-LR. Nlillikin I'niv0rsity l'niw1 ' ' ' ' 'siti of Illinois Suhstitntv tozwlucr .Iznws W. Iliprmlon ISS MA. Sontln-:lst Missouri Stlti Color: t'olle,L:L' lrlo Qtwtc f'ollx"'L . . ,. Inclnstrinl Arts IIC. but there's ever thing nice about ou" XVI- wish to gin- our thanks to thi- Ii .- drivi- rs for Lu-tting us to sclmnl safely I-vm-ry fi-lv no muiti-r thc kind of wciitlle-r. Their 1 Q inum' kimhim-ssl-s wi-rc :approx-iutcd. I . Nihism-r who also ke-4-ps our huiid- 'I'o Xlr ing 1- lHlIil'Il4'q' :uni I-vm-r--wiliingm-ss to hm-Ip. h-:in wi- wish to say Utlmnk youu for his I .1- D1 vruiliy Iiurl IIS. Illinuis Shih- Xurmsil l'nivI-rsity Girls' I'hysiI-:ll illaliu-uiimi Sm-ini Studia-s Him-ry J. Nagy ILM. HM . li. Imlisilm l'nivn-rsily Musin- Mury .IL-:ui Ski-limi .X.Il. Imlinnzn I'nix'orsity Ik-I':i1m l'nivi-rsiiy Foiiiim-l'4-0 ICIILIIINII i,uIu Spiiih-r ISS. I'nivi-i'si'i' nl' Illinois illinois Shih- XOFIIIJII I'nivn-rsiiy Nlillikin ivIlIYk'l'sIIl' l'uinim-rvo Office Si-on-Iairy l'zll'i Russ I'lci.Il, MS. Suuilu-rll Illinuis I'nivl-rsiiv I'niu-I-sity of Wisvnnsin Sm-ini Stuilics hiiciu R my .-LIS. Oiikluml Fifi' Cmxlln-5:0 Nlillikin I'nivol-sity Imiisum I'niv1-rsily Nlzitlu-liizitics fi in righi: P. Ilzuiim-ls. Ii. Nihisi-r, iflun, I.. Nz-win-rry. ll. Sllflu-rinml li. ll1lI'IlllUI'l'. VN7. 12 6 sitting on QI? Ill A D orus of seventy-four "greenies" sang out in 19418 by electing Norma Trulock, Stanley Grotjan, Helen Myers, Diane Heinz, Ruth Mc- Dougal and Bill Feisler as its officers. A summer flew by and we were soon happy Sophomores. Larry Fonner, Raymond Ames, Don Henry, Gerald Tilton, and Ronnie Hodge were elected as officers. This year one of our girls, Helen Myers, was a cheerleader for ba k How time does Lois ' jollv ch s etball. fly! VVe, Britton R P re Juniors now with , aymond Ames, Helen Myers, and eggy Grinestaff as our leaders. C' .irol .lean msd ..--wi top of 'the World" Barnett and Marilvn V for football b eech helped lead cheers and basketball. YVe had a cause to sing this year, as one of our members, Peggy Grinestaff, was chosen homecoming queen. It's a long, long time, but 1952 finally came along. Helen Myers, Don Henry, Carol Barnett, Raymond Ames, and Larry Fonner were our leadf ers. Lorene Tipsword lent her voice this year in cheering for basketball and football. David Roderick took honors by being homevo ' lt's been a lon ' ve - ming kin g time, b V ars have 0' g. 4 ut oh such a happy four gone by l SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: D. Henry, Vice- Pres., H. Myers, Pres., C. Barnett, Sec., R. Ames, Treas. -...ff llilyllllilifl clll1ll'lt'S ,Kim-s "Givo Nh- Swim- Sugar. Sugrau' Ruby" ,Xrillur l'lug'e-m- Amlvrsun 0v0l'lu0k0Ll All Ul'L'lli1l" While l.ouking: for A Rose xvlllllllll li. .-Xivliismi 'I l.ux's- 'l'o XVliiwil0" Furul .lean llurnclt "li llml To lla' You" llrcnt Ringer "'l'lw l.ittlo Girl ln My llomc Town" Dali' llurvvy Clark "Gum' l"islling:" 66I'm sittin on top of the world" llm-'cn-i'ly .loan l'm'm-ll 'Ask Nic Nu Qin-stiniis' lirnm .le-nnninv Dennis "l':xk0 Nic Out To 'I'lw llull William M4-ridclli Fin-slcr "r-ic':itiurl1r:1ii1" Larry Marion Fonnvr 'Nha 'l'mu'lulmvn" l'4-yrgry Suv fll'llN'9l1ll'll "Dark Eyes" lic-ily loan llzlll 'Short hut Sweet XIIIIIICU 5'5- Nbr' Donald Gene Henry 'She ls Just My Kind' Ronald XV. Hodge "So Tired" Imogenc Ellen Howard Green I-Dyes" Betty Delores Huss "I Only Have Eyes For Iohn Jackson 'Slow-Poke" Paul Lavcrnc Kite "Do I WVorry?" 44I'm sitting v on top of the world Bobby .Toe Land 'Wzmrlerin" Helen Marie Myers "Because of You" Howard Ovcrlin "Busy Doing Nothing' Sharon Lec Parks "I Didn't Know What Time It VV:1s' Roy David Roderick "Ain't Nob0dy'S Business But My Own" Patsy Schultz "I Guess I Learn A Lot Everyday" Tarol Smith "VIII .Inst VYil1l About Hurry" Allen Eugene Smith "VYllzll'll I Do?" Jerry Snyder "Old Rneking: Chair" Naney Lorene Tipswurd "l'll Get By" Norma Jenn C'l'rnloelcj Bnlsen "Young Folks Should Get M:u'ried" Robert 'Frusner Qlinzy Bones" 6fI'm sitting on top of the world" Marilyn Joyse Veech "l Slay Be VVr0ngz nlll I Think Ynn're VVon1lerful" liznthryn Louise VVQ-nclel "lk-ll-Buthnn Trousers" Douglas York 'Hillbilly Fever" IN MHMORIAM Gerald Tilhmn who was a member of our elass until his untimely death on September 3, 1950. 15 llcvcrly King: Prcsiclenf A Glenn Nihiser 'mu Vice Pres. Norma Uverlin Sccreta ry .:,:.::- - 'iz' A -ig!! 'Z Q 1 W I ,lyod McCoy 'l reasurer Q fs' A Nm tin E 6' place in the sunshinew The .lunior Class has had a busy year. They sponsored many activities, among which were the play "Riddle Me Riches", a square dance, a paper drive, a magazine sale and homecoming. lVe had several boys on thc basketball and foot- ball teams. Our homecoming candidates were Shirley Wveid ner, Shirley Bilhrey, Dwane lvarner. and Glen Nihiser. The highlight of the year was the Junior-Senior banquet at which we entertained the Seniors and Faculty on May 17. Our class advisors were lllrs. Spittlcr. Nlr. Roy, and Mr. Dalton. Charlene Ambuehl Q, 'v'i in W "" Li M, fl Carol Artze ppqn' ra .lim Bean AQ. ll J' H M A Sliirl0Y Bilhrey V :" Johnny Britton Robert Bolscn ,P Shirley Butler X' li Gloria Clark Doris Ann Creek Louise Cuttill Roberta Ellis H. I K 1 .-55:5 I -. f--2 -2 ' ..., , ' ,. V - ,g -, , L .1 W H M :.,:,-:za R .N x r 4 - IQ . V 2 2 3 f-Q 'Q Q ? S f a g ? 4 E hx I i 5 - 5 ,.:,, 1 f . , ..,.,. El m!-' 'l" x r .A i M .,,,. I gil 1. M ff , mmm, vw' WEE Xfsv, place in the sunshine" , QIQI A N Y .... yi ' "'- . Q x Ni f a Q 5 Q-S , , Nl 6 I , A jj-.: R QIQ: f f? F :- . Q., K K. wi. ,P "f1""' ks qt ,, - K S? wks! ,XY ,Q ' r I, Q ' 'W iffy? 1 -11, I l 'I' 5 .If if -. X-gp . 4' f Fl - K l K : , K M 'uqz A in 'W In M . .. Y K ge W ,HWS 5 -ur' X K X I 3 . 'FT 5 x Q H "J ig gf- ' 1 Q s my 4 K fr Eff . .. " A wig .,,.,,, ' M x Dolores Gosnvll I.uu Harris Huh Kc-lm Keith Kuhr Wilhcr Kite .lim Kruso Murilyn Lurus Mary Ju Mayberry Ilunnlml :nt'f:!'t'hUll .Ivan Rulwrfs Shirlvy Sl'l'ihll0l' Hurry Snymlvr lmrs-itz: Spvlhring Dorothy Sfvfffll Louie Sutherland Burlmru 'l'ilion Duzuu- Wzlrncr Ruth xYiltKillS Jurllzul York Jack Zullzlrs Tony Bobbitt, President J. R. Tucker, Vice-President Janet WValmsley, Secretary Delores Morey, Treasurer 6' ophisticated swing" With our first year past we feel we are well on our way. The class of '55 sponsored a square dance and chili supper. Mark Britton was cheer- leader. Bill Stocks and Virginia Bean were home- coming candidates. Boys who received letters in football were: Jack LeHew, Tony Bobbitt, Bill Sullivan, Donald Hodge, David Cooprider, F. D. Smith, J. B. Tuc- ker. Bill Stocks was football manager. Boys who played basketball were: Jack I.eHew, Tony Bobbitt, Max Napierski, and J. R. Tucker. The sponsors were Mrs. Skelton., Mr. Ross, and Mr. Caywood. Charles Akers Virginia Bean Verna Bingaman Danny Boliek Herbert Benton John Boone Jackie Borst Tommy Brazell Mark Britton Donald Brown David Cooprider Rex Curtsinger Wayne Cuttill Eileen Evans Janet Fathauer Joan Floyd Bill Friesner Marilyn Hake David Henry Donald Hodge if f , ww Us as Q 1 .,'. sq P' 443 Q 11.2. lx 'V X W A f J Z "' 4. V Ay! , x' is ' Q Y 5 I ajmigi ,N y if K gy. f rf .M 2. 'A 2 Q' .0 x 'f 78, an-rw .g ,!, A v IQ, Q, Az' H. Q-li 1 'Wh l's Qu x L 'Z is r-W. . f -wb- mlr , Mew' 3 x R' M V W, Wi. ,-3 A 'Z j - 73? 6 7 46S0phisticated swing" i Ri i F 1 +4 49 f-Q it iii i i msg :l: f.,.g K+ 4 i ' TQ G? Y agp K fy ,uw yi , ti X. x if dunk S A my , 4, fi-iff? if i, ,i I MW ,RH - K., 6. qiiiri , "" s '93 1 1,1 f ,.,: ,m- Q .fd 7 ,Y ww i , 'Wi H. L zz- ' L in F. 1 if '0"l.3 12 ' ' , 4 'Q S i m 1' , '. 'x 12,4 Fifi W , ,f if i . :Z i N4 Ml 1 ' 6 5 xi X xi 4 '. x 53 Pg v, h. ,X s vw has '-'ff .5 XS Q H ,, g f y Q Ruth Howard Bi-tty Hunter Richard J2lCkSOIl Patty Kuhr Janet Kruse Vlmrlcs Luke .lzlvk I.:-lie-w Huh Marsh Gladys Price Manx Nupivrski H1-Ion Rupp Buddy Reed Ruth Rlmmlcs Jzunes Rucker lflvvrctt Scrihnvr F. D. Smith lc-Ima Spelhring' Ge-urge Springmzun Ilavicl St. Pierre Bill Stocks lieu-rly Stull Bill Sullivan Dixie Sullivan Ralph Tucker Doris l'nrlvrwuod Hurry l'nch-rwoud Mary l'nd1-rwood Loretta Usingor Jzunvs YVnhnsh-y Bruce NVQ-lls Doris XVhitv Nillllj' VVright Jim York Ruger' Znllurs Huh Sh-ffcn it little bit Although green Freshies, we made a mark for ourselves in High School. We were represented in sports by Bill Harris, Robert Larus, Floyd Boudell, Bernard Kohlbecker, James Mayberry, Bob Brewer, Clark Parks and Jerry Overlin, Gary Lucille Fulte, President Bill Harris, Vice President Patty Warner, Secretary Jimmy Mayberry, Treasurer independent" Akers was one of the managers for both football and basketball. Patty Warner and Lucille Fulte were cheer- leaders. We planned several danc-es to make money for our class. Our class sponsors were Mrs. Karl, Mr. Brush and Mr. Gross. Alice Akers Gary Akers ' Janet Allen Carroll Ambuehl Eileen Anderson Ronnie Atchison Phyllis Auten Tommy Auten Floyd Boudell Bob Brewer Mick Cooprider Lewis Cook Margie Coslow Larry Cornthwaite Amy Disney Anna Disney Sally Elam Margery Ellis Ronald Ellis Yvonne Evans 6' little bit independent" ,,'. A ' ' 'J' A fi ' ' ' A gn A, v t. , AMW- . -9 I '25 -at W ' ,Q 9 3 e ,.,..'f.fe? y ' 'do-. x F Q df , M A s gn. . 74' ,wr ., 522 5-4 2 -. 134 A l re C914 " w ""-"""' i Aa ... Q We 4 I I I Z 5 1 i 1 JG 4 7 Mfr -. fu. ' 1 ix s X U' l F , 5 Y ,, 'Q' . WE Allan Ford Della Grant Bill Hendrickson Herbert Henry Lawrence Huss Barbara Jesse Bernard Kohlbecker Velva King Robert Larus Maxine Lowe Marie Roddy Jerry Overlin Clark Parks Bill Polzin Kay Reedy Helen McRae Roberta Roarick Ruth Schultz Bill Shaw Dick Sh.ields Niceta Stevens Peggy Trulock Glenda West Jaunita Wright Dora York .K MUG ,.,,--f ,AZ iv ,f', I ' ,"L' ff U ., 0 f IUTXO' bdboul Z'lX0i0L.A',i'0k utttlf 1-uufflu 1.-f J0Wl,Alo'j'f',u lx '.' -. U, H f flaw qw y f S IDM, 5? g,gi,w0,3ffq,5?5J,,y2b lv ff- ' Cf' ,, af 0,0 P110 L'i1,'AelXf0D I .Q 1-bu' U V 'PM luxo 0100 fo Jpnfuligffv k - Z " 02105170009 X-of .pm 0 ll ffffjjy sX',3,ff1,B0.5u ' P: ? O 0 00000600 War-im MTV, 1 Zz 2, 4? xii? f , cf 1 WMS 1 If Af .Lf!.l.-I-,V f Ei 4gQ?t 2' 25 XE 5 E ,Mx .,,?"" fr L X 4625. .' ,., ,,. I i f,. lf, 4. , 444 ,ff V, A N , fy MQ 3g,.?4,,,,g5. bf .A ft' , . ' 'j,.,,:1s fy .: , P - , f . . mf, - 2. ms, Af ff. 5 .I ,W . . R ' ,,, .1 .ww :fr ,:gj,Q5f'f3",'z'3'?x' 397 - , 4 .- E . - ' ai. ,Q X Q E . 'Q'-'H '11 YW", " 'Z' W .525 ' 'A' "-if .Vwjl f ' 'QI' X ' "if" ff.. . . f ,, N Q, M., ,, ,. , 1 5. .. .. g L N, . . , D L. b 9-X yw. R ,A Q 1 ' va .9 H ' 1 ', ' A . , . . . .. ., .A X .rf ' 'H . 9' , ,.' , ji' ,ln Y f W Zi -x x WY -Z! KX Q,-4-'I' i. XX T -1. A .ff NK -. 4 X , I fx ,,..... -R N N - " ,X A 3- -- MK, if xN...-..-.- N N ! V '--xx rx Y-,il v-,JF 1 Q.,-f X A w K First Row. left to right: J. Mayberry, F. D. Smith, D. Cooprider, D. Hodge, VV. Akers, B. Kohlheeker, D. Henry. Second Row: IS. Stoeks, fManagerl, G. Smith, F. Bourlell, W. Atchison. K. Kohr, J. I.eHew, J. It. Tucker, li. Harris. G. Akers flvlanagerl. Third Itow: I.. Sutherland, B. Sullivan, G. Nihiser, R. Ames, I,. Former, D. Henry, I.. McCoy, T. Auten, T. Bohhitt, Coach Gross. ttfiugged but ' 79 right l.e1t In right: I.. I Football is a comparatively new sport at Mt. Zion. This was tht- seeond year that football was played at Mt. Zion, and the first year as a varsity sport, thus, the season was emled with two vie- tories. The Braves were coat-lied hy Bill Gross, and Co-ealltaineil hy Larry ltonner and Don Henry. I.eft to right: IS. Harris. G. Nihiser, Il. Ames, G "miner, l'oaell Gross, IS. Sullivan. Smith, I". IJ. Smith, I.. fVIel'oy. swf md ME iilzlugged but right" NH. Zion Mt. Zinn Nlt. Zion Mt. Zi 1vl1 Mt. Zi mmnn Nlt. Zi ciii Mt. Zi iiii Mt. Zi cnii I,:1k0via'w St. 'l'crc's:1 I,ovin,Q:t0n Assumption Nlovvcziqlm Sllclbyvillv Bethany I lliopolis Q sg: ME, - ,N va.-if N v I R. ,Xinrs D. Ha-nry Ii. lfminvr G. Smith li. Mmfoy G. Niliiwr "'w.,+5 an Wm. K. Kohr E. Boudell D. Hodge T. Bobbitt B. Sullivan 13. Harris Rugged but right" Footlmll for the nm-xt few yours should present 11 somewhat brighter picture :it Mt. Zion High School. lmccziusc only five of the squad are graduating. four were Juniors, seven were Sopliomorcs and six were Freshmen, and several big fast boys who have not played bcforg- :irc going to be out for football next your. Naturally wc will miss suvh stzzlwurts as Smith, lfonncr, Ames, Atchison und Henry. Coach Gross was dcfinitcly looking to- ward the future as he used his FI't5?illlIlCll and S0lJll0I1l0l'CS to 21 great extcnt and this cxpcrience should enable the-sc boys to be ready for first string duty next year. Left to right: G. Akers, B. Stocks. Spurkml by 6'1" ciillltillll .. I :md sllurpslmrmtillg Gm-110 Smith :md llclpcd ' ' Max Nupivrski, MGO, go, go" ' I 'xrrvlfmlllcr :along by 'Olly Hohlritt. Gln-n Nihisn-r. J. R. 'l'lll'kt'l', Raymond IXIIIUH, lsluycl Bmlclvll and .luck I,cH0w, tlu- l5r:nw-s won thc- Macon County Tour- nt 'l'ln-v lllt't thu I,l'C5ltllI' Rc-ds on mum- . thm- first ganna- of the R1'g'i0ll1ll Tourna- mvnt. Marc-ll PP. Lvff to right: Putty XVllTlN'l', Mary Ju Maylwrr Mark lirittun, l,urs-llc 'l'ipswnrml, l,ucillu Fulh First Huw, I1-ft tu right: G. Smith, G. Nihiss-r, 'l'. liohbitt, l,. Fonm-r, ll. Fin-slvr, M. Napicrski, li. Aim-s, U VVMIQ B Stocks, G. Akvrs. iiruss. ' D Roderick, J. I.vIh-w, R. Zullurs, . ., . . Sm-1-mul Huw: J. Britton, P. liuudm-ll, . 98 WG0, go, go" COIICIICII by Bill Gross for tIle first tillll' the Braves won 13 of 20 QIIIIICS played during the regular season. The Braves started out with a hang. then t'eII before Lakeview. onIy to 001116 back and XVIII over Iiethanv. The Braves then Iost two. won one and Iost another before CIlT'IStIIlEitl vacation. After vacation the Iiraves 1-:lnle hack to will three straight. followed hy winning the Macon County 'II0llI'll2lIllCIlt. Bethany then won over the Braves. Init the Braves Ctilllt' hack to win five ont of their seven Ftilllilillillg QJIIIICS. 1 I.. Fonner G. Smith Ii. AIIIFH G. Xihiser Mt. Zioll 70 ...... ......., ' xl'f.ft'IlIZl 55 Mt. Zioll 03 ....... ..,.... A Ia:-on 49 Mt. Zioll -I9 ....... ....... I ,akeview 70 Mt. Zioll 59 ....... ....... I It-tllally 50 Mt. Zioll 58 ....., ....,.. W 'Hl'I't'llSITllI',2 715 Mt. Zioll 50 ....... ....... I i0I1lK'llt 53 Mt. Zioll 59 ....... ....... N Iaroa 41 Mt. Zion 02 ......, .,..... S Ilelbyville 07 Mt. Zion 50 ....... ....... N iantie 38 Mt. Zioll 97 ....... ....... I IOVIIIQIIOII 50 Mt. Zion 53 ....... ....... S toningrton 50 Mt. Zion 4-7 ....... ....... I Sethany 53 Mt. Zioll 72 ....... .......l 7 XSSUIIIDIIUII 5,1- Mt. Zion 77 ....... ....... IN Iaroa -18 Mt. Zioll 48 ....., ....... Vt 'arrellshllrg 5l Mt. Zioll 62 ....... ....... I ,ovington 37 Mt. Zion 56 ..... .. ....... Mal-on I3 Mt. Zion 449 ....... ......., X Y'gll'lltii 4-0 Mt. Zioll 40 ....... ....... I ,akeviexv 50 Mt. Zion 67 ..... .. ....... IXSSLIIIIITHOII 511 IVIAVOIN COUNTY 'I'0I'RNAMI'IN'I' Mt. Zion 419 ...................... ....... I -Xrgenta -I-3 . Zioll 35 ,...... ...... I Shu- Mound 31 Mt. Zioll 52 ....... ....... I Vzrrellslnlrg' 51 NI Nnlniixlil I IIUIIIIIII .I. li Invlwr I IM Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn ZIHII Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn ZIUII Zinn Zinn Zinn Zinn .X VQIVIIIJI NI:u'nn I.:nIu-Yin-xx' Iii-I Iiuny xvJll'I'l'IlNIDlII'f,Jf IIl'llll'IlI Xin rnn Sln-Iln villa- NIJIIIIH' I4HYIIlQl'I0Il Sinningrinn IM-ilmny Xssnniplinn xIllI'1Hl xvill'!'4'llNIllll'QI TEH Imviligrinil 51:14-nn X I'f,l'1'IlI n I,:uIwx'i4'xx' .Xwnnipiinn wnclvll ggG 99 0, 0, 0 C'n:n'Il Gross is ch-l'i11itm'Iy looking to w:n'mI tlni i'ntnrv in mlvvclnping Imskm-tI1:ilI :is In- IISVII Iris I"I'1'SIIIII1'lI :ind S17llIllllIl0l'l"s in tln- "II" te-:nn Quinn-s. 'l'In- "Ii" sqnm plays-1I IIN- wnni' NL'Ill'lIllIl' :ls thi- 'XX' sqn:nI IIIIII IIIUII' 5t'flH0lI rm-nril was li? win-. :HMI 'I' Inseam. ll'l'IIIlg1'. Ivfl In rigrlilz II. SIm'I4s. II. Wi-IIN. II. ZIYIIZIIK, l'n:u'Ii llrnss. II. I':nI4'i'xx'nmI. Il. IIiIl'l'IN, .I. Znllnrs. nn1linx::.I. Iii-sin. I.. fNIi'i'ny. II, I,ill'llh, I". IJ, SIIIIIIL CX si row, lvft to right: .l. lirittou. li. Stocks, G. Smith, G. Nilliser, I,. FUIIIIVT, 'l'. Bolmbitt, IS. Fix-sic-r, M. Nzipin-rski, IJ. Rude-ric'k. R. .Min-s, J. IA-H4-w. li. We-lls, F. lioudcll, G. Aki-rs, Coacli Gross. uml ruw: H. l'ndc-rwuocl, .l. Uvvrlin, R. ZUll1ll'S. IS. Lurus, IS. Bra-wer. IS. Harris, C. Parks, B. Sulli vnu, D. Henry. D. liulivk, V. Imkv, J. R. 'l'11ckn-r, 'l'. Bram-ll, D. Cbolmrirlvr, H. Iicutuu. 6'Run! run! run!" VVI11-11 tlu- c-:ill we-ut out for track. twcllty-six County. also in the Ca-uois Cl0llft'I't'llCl' 'l'r:1c eagcr :xml cle-tcrulimfd boys t'lltllllSltlStlC2llly report! MCM- i t Cinch C1088 At this time our track tezuu is sclu-clulcal to pn ec 0 : f 1' tic-imtc in tlll't't' dual meets. tllc Cn-unix Conf:-r . l Fin- of tlu-sc were re-turning lt'lItt'I'lllCll. :ill of tn ' cu Rivet, the Macon County 'l'r:1L'k Mort. Smut whom wi-rc :ilrlc to place iu lust yczlrs 51110011 other dual Illt'l'tS1lI'6 expvc-teal to ln'sclu'cll1lvcl. First Row. lc-ft to right: G. Smith, H. Snych-r. F. llnuch-ll, ll. llurris. li. Stocks, F. D. Smith, D. limlgt l.. l'l0lllll'l'. Svvmul ltuw: l'o:u'Ii Gross, G. Alu-rs, l,. Slllllt'!'liIIHl, J. l.1-llvw. J. Jzlckson, D. ltoclcrick. J. R. Tuvltur lt. llucigv. li. Amvs, J. Britton. 66Baseball polka" 'l'In- husn-hull tl-:un will play :1 tc-li gaumf scl10rl11lx'. playing mainly i'0llfl'I't'lll't' gzxrllcs. This yczn"s tc-:nm is math- up of returning h-ttc-rms-n also sunn- lmpcful l'll't'Slllll4'll :mtl Sopllmnorc-s. lim-turning lvt- tt'l'lllt'll :Irv G. Smith. li. IXIIICS. l,. l'l0ll!lt'I', I.. Sutlu-rluml :mtl ll. Roch-rick. The' Z Cluh is an llolmrary cluh of thu sm-hool. having its mumhcrship rcstrictcd to thosm' boys who llavm- 1'2lY'll0Il thcir lcttcrs in thc ficld of sports. "Hail, hail the gang's all here" First row, lift tu right: D. York. ll Sullivan, D. Henry, G. Smith, lt Aim-s. Sc-voml Row: l'mu'l1 Gross, D. Clark D. Couprich-r. J. lt. 'l'm'k4'r, l, Sutlu-riami, G. Nihiscr, D. Mm' G4-1-lmlm. 'l'. Buhhitt. Third Row: M. llrittmm. K. Kohr. l, Fmmvr, M. Nzlpivrski, R. Juvksmm 'l'. Bram-ll. lop ln-tt to right: X. lim-sul, D. Cn-elf. liutfoms I.. 'I'ipswurcl, ll. Hum fll'lIN'hI'ilff. 46Tumbling I 97 Tumblewpeds gnlilllljl, I4-ff To rigrlil: S. VV1-iclm'r. li. Dennis. IS. King. Kneeling: Mrs. Karl, Y. King, I.. Fuliv. imling: M. I.ows', D. Crock, M. lillis. .l. linlwrfs, J. YVrigrl1t, S. liillvrvy, li. Hull, U. .'XIIllTllt'lll, M. Vw-vii, Y. UN-rlili, li. Ellis, I.. II2ll'l'lh, If .Xrtmx C. llzlrlwff. Nl. Iiakv. S. lluflm-r, I.. Vsiligvr, IVI. I.Ell'llS, I.. 'l'ipsv'm'4l. II. Nlyc-rs, M, Mzlylwrry. Q' . " ' R.. . fa W X Q an .. 5, W N' il- P 2 + ew? 5. .5 ' "2' .. , - Q R it I X if 5 is F- up Q:-,Ii .... - Ez . 1 , , N I mf in V s .- f v 1 . lln- f:..'X..VX. is l'UIIllHlal'Kl of Hmm- girls llltl'l'1'Nt1'lI in spurts. In ormlvr to rm-m-ivv :wards tlnv girls Imvn- tn lu' uhh' tu pvr' arm twvnty ul' tIlil'ty'fiYl' tlllllblillg NtlllltN, IIIIYK' :1 "li" grmlr in l'.l"... pass :1 plrvsu-:nl t'X7IllllllZlti0ll tlllll :ntlvml Uv.A..-X. llll'l'tiIl'1,fS rvgulnrl-x l'.rm:n I,l'lIlll5 .nlnl f':1rol BJl1'llt'tt :lt- in-mlvml fl.gX..-X. frnmp lust hllllllllfl' :nt Ins! linv. .X llllllllH'l' ol Hu- glrlw 4-llymyn-al play mlwvs :ut smug- of ilu- llt'iQflllNH'illg sc-lmnls. v 1 . . Iln- glrls ln G..'X.A. wllilm- not com- as pm-ting in m'm1lp:-titivv sports :lo marry on 1 in-1' lnlrmmxrrnl pruH'r:un ol sports lll' P' clmlingg 'iUl'1'l'l'. suf'tlu:1H. kicklmll, vnlla-yn lm Ill. :mal lmslwtlw all f v luurlunm-lat t1 mluww-. :xml tillll' 'nuns :lrv s1'l4'm'tv4l by mum-nts lll'l' pl:1vc4l Ill sulllmll. volln'x'l1:lll :lllrl lmsk1'llw:1H. ,R Activities .a Q ff S1 ga? il X -'D i iii' Ihr' JV A-'Lf-g... fx..-, f5-'Nifs V-,-,AQ ,I P Z4 :+ ijgifig ij X '-V If 4' A' ! fff in ,. , 0, A Q ,N nf Hl ' A K,-W. ,., W- , ' ' Z , . '75 49532 . 1 , V 1-qvrg ' M A , 1 Ja' 1 0 nf nw 5, f 1' M mf R if X ? fs 'ew 2 A awp-Ly h 4 .HX CA ,K 1, ' b N N Q 3' J W gg fe is 9 zqmbfiw m 1 3-Q-N 4 ,...v ,,,.. S' 4.1-nr" N v 'N ' -:gs x 2 52, ax M S S . i:x.-..x N ,. Q ..- 4 hw xxx. X x 3v?!i.wX ' N.-A . . Kr! M r. Nagy, Director '6The bane Our High School Band, thirty four strong, gave their first public performance of this school term two weeks after school began. They played in the fall festival parade seated on Mr. Dennis' truck. They followed the color guard and pulled out of formation at the reviewing stand and played for the rest of the parade. Intensive work began immediately on a thanks- giving concert. The concert, a choral and band performance, was given on Nov. 22 after having been postponed because of the "big snow storm." The concert was a success lllld Mr. Nagy was proud of the performance. First Row, left to right: R. Zollars, B. Atchison, J. Snyder, C. Artze. Second Row: M. Britton, K. Wendel, B. King, J. Kruse, D. Bo iek, P. Kohr, H. Snyder. Third Row: M. Hake, B. Stull, M. Mayberry. Standing: J. Boone, R. Roarick, E. Dennis, K. Kohr, B. Polzin. layed on" 'l'ln'r1- wus only il inontll l1'l't lwliorv tln- Jlllllllili i'lnristni:is 4-oiwvrt. Hy popular rvqtivst tilt- pro- jlfffllll ol' ISHS! was rvpm-:ita'1l. Hr. tlivwooci scorvd Night l5e'l'or1- f'ill'iStIllfl5,N 'l'ln' Hiill0llt'ttt'S wvrv fiona' lllJI?,,flliiiit't'llti.Y :incl tilt' :ilniin-ncv l'll'i0y1'ti tln-ir l':n'oritv i'ln'istni:m 4-:irols in "'l'ln- Christ- IIIFIS Story" :i joint lmnml :inrl t'iIIll'ili llllllli!l'Y'. . .. . it . spring com-i-rt. :nut :in Il5Nt'llli3ly prog.5r:inl. Nlr. N:igggy is. we-ll plwnwrl with tln- progrt-ss tin- lmnml luis lnnmlv tllis yvur iltlli is looking forward to tl . 0' at fi? I fl Q Q if.. dis .Ny-in luiggvr :intl ln-ttvr Hnvxt y4'Jll'.H 'l'ln- linnal will t-lm-t Ui'iIit'l'l'h sliortly :ittxr tlns got-s to pr:-ss. 'l'In-y :nw also nmkingj plans for ICH to riwht. R Bnlwn B Fwmwr D Umm U I , ,. . , . . . . . , tln- vontt--its :intl rn trip lor nvxt Vvnr. J' l'lrv-t row. Ivlt to right: H. xx1'llilll'I'..l. ltoln-rts, J. Lollurs. Hvvolul Now: XY. Kitt-. li. Stun-kx, IJ. iit'llt'j', NI. l'mlvrwoo1l, I". D. Slnitli, 411-rwooml, IS. l"r1'im4-r, li. Wa-lls, ll. lilll'l'L'ss. 'I'Iiir4l Row: U. Niliiwr, P. Kitt-. 'l'. Ilohlnitt. J. Kruw. 1' . Z 00000 Firwf row, lm-ft fo right: J. VVrigrl1f, V. Blllgkllllilll ll m V. King, li xV'ltlx. ' , . Hmwarcl, G. Price, A. llisncy, M. Halen-, M. Vw-cn. F. Harm-it . . 'HIS N. Trnlock, J. Corin-ll, li. Ex'ai1s,D.Steff0l1, li. lluss. Svcoml row: J. Allen, M, l.arns, M. l'ml1-rwoofl, N. Ovvrlin, J. Krusc, P. Griffin, li. .le-sw, X. llisnvy. li. Dcnnis, C' .Xrfm-, D. Home-ll, l.. 'l'ipsword, I.. Harris, K. Ellis, P. Trulock, S. VV4-icliwr, J. Horst, C. .-Xmluuvlil. l.. Ikingrcr M r. Nagy. 'l'liircl row: M. lioclcly, S. Parks. ll. VVl1ih-, S. Butler, G. Clark, S. Bilbrcy, M. lillis, l. Howarrl, li. Hall. V. PM-an li. liliodvs, J. F2lllHl.lIl'Y', I.. Fnllv, P. Kolir, J. Floyd, D. Morev D. Sullivan, P. VVarnc-r li V' l Grilwstziff. 46There's a song in the air" . , .em 1-l, H. BIVL-iw l' t , , . The Vocal l,t'lJ!lI'tIllt'llt consisted of tln- lmoys and girls Cll0l"llSCH. inixccl cn! seuiblc anzl triplc trio. Tlicsv groups pvr- fornied for tln- P.'l'.A. and pwsviltm-cl two oflnfr programs. The annual Spring lfvs- tival vonccrt W' ' " ' ' as gn cn in April. As our new mlirvctor tliis y'ar wc llilil Mr. l4lIIl4.'I'y Nagy. Dixie- Sullivan anal Fult' ' First row, lm-ft to right' l"i neti m ucrc ac'c'olnpanists. rol liar Se-Ooncl row' ' , M. Hakv, P. Grim-staff. I Pull . .. v, li. Hall. li. Dennis, H. Mya-rs, D. Sullivan. Mr. Nagy. Kin 'rd row: l'. Griffin, M. Vvucll, V. 66There's a song in the air" I IINI I' ' ' mx, I1-II In 1'1g:I1I: IL II:lII. S. IiiIIvrn'x', 1, ': 'Q ' " ' ' 1 I KIIII, NI. II.zIu, NI. Nm-1-4'I1. K. liurm-II. Y. Iiingr. X Hu-rlm. N. 'l'ruIm-IX. l'. UrimwI:zI'I'. -I-mul rmv: I.. I"uII4-. I'. KiriI'I'iu. .X. Ilisllvy. IC. IM-unix. NIV. Nagy. I.. 'l'ipm'm'zI. Ii. Iillis. l'. .Xmlum-In II, NIfl'l'N. IJ. Sullixun. I II'NI row: I1'I'I In l'i3:IlI: Nr. Nu "' ' ' ' 'I 5.5. NN. Q UIIIII. I. Iirzlzcll, .I. Iimnm-, IJ. l'uup1'icIm'r II l'll1Inlxx I5l'iIInll. , , " 'muI. NI vuml row: .I. IIIll'Ix4'l'. .I. ISVIIIHH. if l.:nIu-. IS. SIIIIIY' " ' .m. I.. Inmu-r. IS. .xIi'IllslPll. IJ. Iiruwn. II. 'IIllK'Iil'I IIm'rI 1-mx: II. Sifwkx. .I. l.4'II1-w, II. NIJIIWII. .I. KVIIN1' I7 XY'xrm'r Il Ilql ' ' , . . . , 'll'y, Il. I'rn-sm'r. II. Iiulivlx. 'ff' X "' 1' , Q- F5513 I u N-if '1 5 I x xv X Q 5 'I rs I .J I 66 obody knows the trouble l've seen" Oncc wich ycui' from Mt. Zion High ,mm lmluck llnlslln fhllltorl School them- COIIICH :1 hook "'l'lic Zionoizf' Through words :ind picturcs wc try to givi- you :1 View of wlmt's going on around thc school. Thcsc things wc hope- you will look hack upon with thoughts of joy. also of surl- nuss, hccziusc you :irc no longcr ll incmhcr of the school. Sc-atc-cl, loft to right: H. Myers, K. Wm-ndel, P. Schultz. Stzinclingxz C. lizirnctt, D. Henry, li. Alncs, J. Corin-ll, I.. Fonncr. P. Grim-stuff, Mr. Nwgry. N. Trulock, Miss Gantzcrt, Mr Higclon li. Tiiisworcl, C. Smith, G. Nihiscr, M. Vccch, N. Ovcrlin Y v IUIIIIUI' ..........,......... ..... N orm:1 I ruIm-k Xssixtnnt I'I4Iiturw .,.............. Ilnynmmi Arnvs I'-vpists .......... C':1roI IIIll'lll'II. IIm-In-n Nlycrs. s 66 V obody knows the trouble 've seen" . . v , . NUTIIIII IIVCYIIII liminum-em NI:1n:1gvr IN-ggy Suv Grim-stafi' Xwsistunt IIIISIIIFNS NI:ul:ng1'rs .... C':1roI Smith GI.-n Nillisvr Illllly lhlitnr .... .Ioan CIOTIICII QIIUYIS I'I1Ii!nr .... ...... I lon II1-nry A m . Flush l".mIilor .,....... ......,. I ,arry Ifonm-r K A Xvlixilivs I'I1IIIlll' ..... ...... I .m'm'm' 'I'ipsworrI H ', M I'I1'JlIlll'l' Ifmlitur ......... ........., N Inrilyn Ve-va-In i Xmiviaurs ..,................................. Nlr. IIigmI0n Q . X' N , X 'N 1 Miss tI!llltZl'l't. Mr. Nagy A Kathy YV4-IMI:-I. I':ltr4y Svllultz IVIl'lllIN'Y'S of ilu- Zimmiz Stuff :li work 'W 'se' X Seated, left to right: P. Grinestaff, N. Trulock, M. Yeevh. Standings: C. Barnett, Mrs. Spittlvr, J. Cornell, P. Schultz, li. Atchison, I.. Tipsword, N. Us erlin, H Myers. Editor ..........,............ . ..... Norma Trulock Business Manager ..... ................ IN Iurilyn Veech Local Editor ........... ...... P eggy Sue Grincstaff Copy Editor .... ..... C arol .lean Barnett Sports ........... ............ B ill Atchison Artist .... .... N 0l'Il121 Overlin Reporters and typists were: Peggy Sue Grinestaff, Lorene Tips- word, Helen Myers. Carol Barnett, Marilyn Veeeh, Norma Tru- lock, Joan Cornell and Patsy Schultz. The sponsor was Mrs. Lulu Spittler. The paper is a member of the Illinois State High School Press Association and the Eastern Illinois High School Association. HT pewriter Serenade" 46The uiding light" Prcsidvnt .. ........ .... T ,urry Fonm-r Vim- PY'l'Sidt'Ilt ........... .... ' Pony Bobbitt Sl'C'1'Ct2lfy-'1'l'L'IlSllI'L'I' .... .... N orum Ovcrliu TIN- Student Council is thm- govcrning body of the school. It consists of thrcc lIlt'IllbCl"S from ouch class. The counc-il sponsorcd :1 party for thc winning' basketball boys :md had charge of frcsllmcn illitiiltillll. An idea box in study hull providvd supggcstions for school improvclncnt. Mr. Bvrus is thc sponsor of this 0I'g1llliZ21ti0ll. I Irs! liow.l1-ff to right: l'. xV?l!'Ill'l', I.. Fulh-. C. lsZlI'IlQ'tt, H. Myc-rs. li. King, N. Ov:-rlin, J. NVz1Ilnslm-3 cond Row: Mr. llvrns, R. Zollalrs, T. Bohbitt, I.. Fonnvr, D. BICQIUCIIUII, R. I.z1rus. First row. left to right: K. Wendel. M. Roddy. D. White. I.. Myers. R. Roarick. M. Coslow. L. Cuttill. K. Reerly. Second Row: Miss Gantzert. S. Parks. I.. Harris. M. Veerh. B. Huss. L. Tipsworrl. H. Myers. B. King. N. Overlin. P. Grinestaff. Third Row: I.. Spelbring. M. Underwood. R. Rhodes. J. Fathauer. S. Butler. D. Creek. L. Fulte, M. Hake. B. Tilton. N. Wright. J. Kruse. C. Artze. S. Bilbrey. G. Ulark. C. Ambuehl. C. Barnett. J. Cornell. R. Ellis. P. Schultz. A. Dis- ney. B Jesse. B. Hall. Z. Spelbring. Fourth Row: J. Allen. L. Usinger. D. Sullivan. V. Bean. D. Morey. P. Auten. P. VVnrner. N. Trulock. D. Gosnell. J. Borst. M. Larus. S. VVeiflner. li. Watkins. G. VVest. M. Ellis. It. Schultz. S. Elani. J. Roberts. S. Scribxier. E. Dennis. gg ' 9 9 ' 999 Hey good lookln whatcha got eookm President ........ Lorene Tipsword Chorister ........ Peggy Grinestaff Vice Pres. .. ......... Betty Huss Historian ............ Norma Overlin Secretary ...... .... I Iarilyn Veech Parliamentarian .... Helen Myers Treasurer .............. Beverly King Club Sponsor ...... Miss Gantzert Club Mother .................................................................... Mrs. Creek Flower .......... ..... R ed Rose Colors .................... Red and lVhite lNIotto ..... .................. ............ ' ' Toward New Horizonsn The officers of the Mt. Zion Chapter of F.H.A. attended the Fall Rally at Mt. Pulaski, September 27 and a group of members attended the Spring Rally at Blue Mound. Lorene Tipsword represented our chapter at F.H.A. Camp at East Bay last summer. During the year the Chapter sponsored Chuptc., Mother several parties including a "Sweetheart Dance" on Valentineis Day Mrs. Creek VVe entertained our mothers at a tea in lVIay. 5 64Bessie the heifer" President ................ Don Henry Treasurer .... Glen Nihiser Vice-Pres. ...... Louie Sutherland Reporter .... Bill Atchison Secretary ..... ......... J ordan York Sentinel .... .... B ill Stocks Advisor .. ......................... ................ . . Mr. Brush The F.F.A. is an organization of students taking vocational agriculture. They had teams entered in the 1950-51 State judging contest, winning a first place and blue ribbon, and two other first place ratings. Two teams placed in the 1951-52 Sectionalg the Grain Team placing fifth and the Poultry Team receiving the booby prize. Bob Trusner had junior reserve Grand Champion ram at Ohio State Fair. Fifteen boys entered in various other Fairs. The Senior Ag Class boys attended Farm and Home VVeek in Champaign. First row. left to right: T. Brazell. .I. Mayberry. C. Alllbllelll. R. Atchison, l.. Cook. 4-5 Serunrl row: J. Britton. li. Brewer. Mr. Brush. B. Atchison. ll. Warner. L. Sutherland. D. Henry. G. Nihiser. B- Stovks. B. Kohlhecker. C. Akers. 'I'hir4I row: l.. Cornthwaite. J. Rucker, .l. Wallnsley. .l. Walmsley. R. J. ,lm-kgml, C. Lake. E. Scrhiner. M. Britton. B. Shaw. B. Wells. R. Hodge. ll. Akers. Fourth row: D. M1-Geehon. J. Bean. B. Marsh. .l. Le-Hew, J. Kruse. J. .lm-kgqm, B. Lund, 11. York. l.. Mcfov 'l'- Auten. D. Henry. li. Tucker. D. Hodge. rg fn s 3 . -1 A R X Q .s s . .ss . ,sg .55 4-6 First Row. left to right: D. McGee-hon. H. Underwood. D. Warner. Second Row: R. Ellis. C. Artze. F. D. Smith. B. Fiesler. S. Bilbrey. R. Ames. C. Barnett. E. Dennis. T. Bobbitt D. Henry. J. Cornell. C. Alnbuehl. Third Row: A. Akers. S. Weidner. B. Hunter. J. Borst, B. Gosnell. B. Huss. P. Grinestaff. M. Veech. H. Myers. L Fonner. B. Atchison. R. Zollars. N. Overlin, M. Mayberry. B. Hall, N. Trulock. V. King. S. Scribner. Mr. Ross Fourth Row: K. Wendel. G. Clark. M. Larus. L. Sutherland. J. Britton. C. Lake. R. Jaokson. J. Kruse. J. LeHew D. Henry. M. Britton. B. Stocks. L. Harris. S. Parks. S. Butler. J. Floyd. President .... .... E rma Dennis Vice-Pres. Raymond Ames Secretary .... .... C arol Barnett Treasurer Shirley Bilbrey Sponsor .... ......... M r. Ross Several Camera Club members sold Christmas Cards while others learned to develop and print pictures in the school dark room. The club also sponsored an all-school party. 64You ought to be in pictures" 66There's no business like show business" l'rc-sident ...... .. .... Glen Nilliser Vim' Pres. .... Clizirlene All1l1llClIl Svc-rutarv . ...... John Britton 'I'rq-usiircr ,, ....l.ouis Sutlierluncl 'l'lu- llraiuzi Clulm is :in lionorury orguniziitiou vomposed of Junior and Senior students who have been in class plays or on play 4-oininittm-es. Nlr. Paul Cziywood is tlle Advisor. First row. left to right: IK. Ilodgxc. IJ. Roderick. ID. xll'Kl00lIllll. G. Smith. R. Ilolsvn. I,. SlIilll'l'l1lllLl, I.. Funnel .Itm-hisou. Sw-oiul row: Mr. Oiywoorl. IS. Tilton. G. l'I:irk. M. Mayberry, S. Bilhloy. S. I':n'ks. II. Ilaill. II. King. IJ. I'i'eek 'I'lnir1I row: M. I.:irus. I.. I'uItiIl. R. Illllis. E. Ds-unis. C. AllllllI0lll. I.. Ilurris. Il. Gosncll. F. .-Xrtzc. II. XV:iIkius Iluss. I.. 'l'ipsworcI. M. V001-li. H. Myers. l'. Grincsluff. C. Ilzirncit. I"ourth row: J. Voriivll. J. Roberts. .l. Britton, II. Kelui. D. Hurress. D. Warner. .l. Kruse. II. Annes. Il. Ilvury ll Akers S. Svrihnvr. N. Ovvrlin. f 3 l 3 A L 4 l Our I'10IIlCC0lIlillg' W '1 . s :Ln exciting one. It start- ed off by Mt. Zion winning over Assumption in football. Following the game we had ai dance with music by Bill Oetzel and his orehestra. VVQ ull waited eagerly until later in the ' U Llllllg' to see Carol Burnett Peggy Sue Grinestaff who would be our king -ind Shirley Weicln 66 Sweet and lovely" l' I' and David Roderick . queen for 1951. YV1- were all thrilled to see Shirley NVQ-idner and David Roderick crowned by our 1950 queen. Peggy Sue Grinestaff and Co-c:1pt:1in Larry Fonner. Anna Disney -WWWHWA' Virginia Beau 66SWeet and lovely" 5I'l'IlQ'S lrum lluxlwm-011111151 ll1'lll4'iIllfI hlllllt' nt flu' 'l4'tlYltlK'N ut ilu- 1-vvlllllgr, Hn- psllwulv, :md 1-ruwning: of thc- 41114-1-xl which tlmw 1lftl'llIlillfI t'llj1lyL'KI. W ..u,....M . 'nmwm ' ' 1 4 V W X 1 ' 3 W W wx Q -MQW was M, 4 f iii!! V- , ffmvw MPFXRSN juan-an rnwwvfvv pew.-.zizf 1 ' 4 Mm, W 1. 1 wks ,X Xxx" s x , NN ,ff 'S Q v -wx XLLX - 1' Qv .-hx A " A S Xxfxfigwxhgrk kg . ,ww Highlights of the Junior Play Wliiddle me riches" CAST 'l'hon1as Taylor, ihc- faflu-i' ..... .......... . . Jhn Krum- Esh-r Taylor, his wife ....,.......,........... Sh rlcy Svrilnn-r Chuck Taylor, their youngrcr son .,...,.. llc-nny Burn-ss Patty Taylor, their daughter ...... Mary .lo Mayberry Danny Hudson, a neighbor hoy ..... ..... lkohhy K1-hn lqfllllllllll Davis, one of tha- "gang" .... Rohn-rt Bolscn Susic Bryant. Chuc'k's admin-r .............. . l,ou llarris Bob Ualloway, l'atty's lwau .....,...... Louis' Suflu-rland Oliva' K1-ndall, l'aiiy's lwst friend .,.. Dovis Ann Cr:-vk Rufus li. Hill, Nlr. 'l'aylor's lvoss ,....... John liriifon Adm-line Hill, the hoss's boss ..,..... ..... . la-an llolwrts Marla Kay, a lll0Vll" siai' .....,,...........,... lim-vi-rly King Sam VVilson, a radio puhlivity lnan ...,.. Glvn Nihisa-r Hilda Sorenson, the maid .........,...... Norma Uvvrlin 'l'ruck driver, dc-livm-re-r of "I,aughing Boy" Radio Anno11nL'vrs ........ ,... ......................., l J on H1-nry Donald Mclim-lion Dircvior ...... ....,...... 3 lr. Vaywood -and The Hoosier Schoolmaster The Hoosier Schoolmasier was chosen as the play to be presented by the Senior Class on April 24 and 25. This is a dramatization by Lee Norvelle of the famous novel by Edward Eggleston. This play tells the story of Ralph Hartsook, a young and inexperienced school- master, who comes into the "Flat Crick Deestrick of Southern Indianyf' The hard- ships and misunderstandings which surround him during his first year of teach- ing furnishes the plot for the play. Many of the other characters from the novel are introduced here: the Means familyg Hannah, the "bound" girl: Squire Hawkinsg Granny Sandersg Von Schroederg etc. The memorable scenes of the book-the spelling match and the trial-are depicted. Some of those taking leading parts were: Bill Atchison as Ralph Hartsookg Marilyn Veech as Hannah Thomsong Brent Binger, Old Jack Meansg Don Henry, Bud Meansg Lorene Tipsword, Mrs. Meansg Carol Barnett, Mirandy Meansg Larry Fenner, Squire Hawkinsg Helen Myers, Matha Hawkinsg and Ray Ames, Attorney Bronson. The play was directed by Mr. Caywood. A 2 5 5 ji' at ' H.. W , -ix I A 5 A . A g S A ' if . f 1 B . i ,L A ' if 'w ii , '4 I it fj...' Q a i3 1,F 'PE mv ' Lifxwf ,W nf. - -ei x . R " gf. f S-'Q' R+ K,fa Kia x' .3 val' yi? A. S' sf 'b 3 1 , 5 fc s fo? 1 V Q ,, A 3 . X 73's X x , . 5 3 1 1 fi - 'Q ,,.:.i ,Q 5, -SJ, M 4,5 MN x . f Af , -r 5 . 32 .Q ' 4 .r Q Q 1' it v x xg! 1 is X 9 . . vi' X X . S , 122' Q 5 ' 3 4 A W' . I 1' 3 4 5, , 1 if , rg . 6 xi f as fx- a, ,, . A ' . . Ln' v ' 3 1 sw fx 8' 'wa 11 !g,, 'sr 1- 1,1 15 A S A A ,,, ., 5 , X GMA P 5 W -Eg 1:5 " v 5 X. fir, 4. 5 f' i S i Q fl Y A A543 Q L! QM is E' X sl. f ek- QL , ' . 5 Q v. , T L , gf is ,L A R Ai 3 ,gl . 1 in , 2'1" fi' fyg . 'UVM T ,- ' 5353 , 5513, ' "f".fJ " fr 1 H a 1. was QTY. 'W . gf- 4 3, " 6' 33 4 , M - 15 g,45'TNr" Y Hi Q ' , N . F f'.f. , Q NN 1 1 A i x .gr J Q ' 2 , ,E if if . P ' f FW if D. 5, 4 v Lf.L - ,main 1 0. 'apr , , 2, + ' , 153 ix W -"wi, if , - A ' I Q 4 ' ' 3 Z. ,Q , is fl. . f fhlar f X V Q if, H -t ,g is fm, " K 1 M1 is M 1 3 Q , gp : , . ,Aff lp? E ' 1 I Ai . , 4 ,8 g , 4 Q ay Q' 'f 'gf' if x gi sf' 95 as if SN.. 5H,,',, - 'Jw S ' Ly .1 .Wh 'ifalf f , O A 4 1 nl' 4 W 1 4 V 'kamii W f ' 1 HE-132. VWRM. 2, 1 S V? 5 Y A Y , , W N f , f mf! ' 'HRM . ',',"V ,ff vmm, 1 f ,H ,gm Q, 1 M, f ,mf . VF? , Q, sw J '+L S V, E ww 154 Q Aix G www Msg, H W N-.. Jw Q02 I 5. an X r QQ 3 X S 3 R T45 :I :. Nw 'X X X5 .M v I WWWM A , :- Q " f1Wfff' 2 1 M 'ff-25, 'e'i'Z k , p , M ase? 1-f-1'-f '7 4 . f W ' s 1 TTT ,,,wf k ff 4i' w w Uk 541174 I - 714' ,... X Q ---- .... 2333 gpif fg gasm A-'W f i w gg kw ..,.... X . y If Yliggfjg. H , wgCgE.g,2 diff nn.- i ails u-1111. MS 37 .Q at at . Q xx ' .V ' A C W Q1 A? ku' NAME Ames, Raymond Anderson, Eugene Atchison, Bill Barnett, Carol Binger, Brent Clark, Dale Cornell, Joan Dennis, Erma Fonner, Larry Grinestaff, Peggy Hall, Betty Henry, Don Hodge, Ronald Howard, Imogene Huss, Betty Jackson, John Kite, Paul Land, Bobby Jo Myers, Helen Overlin, Howard Parks, Sharon Roderick, David Schultz, Patsy Smith, Carol Smith, Gene Snyder, Jerry Tipsword, Lorene Bolsen, CTrulockD Norma Trusner, Bob Veech, Marilyn YVendel, Kathryn York, Douglas LIKES Sports Basketball Football and basketball. Eating A certain blond. Women Music and typing. Music and sports. Sleeping and eating Music and sports. Skating, sports and chorus Mr. Ross' Social Study Class Everybody except some teachers Music Food Mr. Ross' World Geography class The new power glides Pretty women A boy named Donny Eating Music and dancing Everybody Music and reading Eating Sports Sports and eating Being Cheerlead- er for Gross' team Being married Women Dating and Dancing Making a home for Wayne Horses and pretty women TIME SPENT Study hall and gym. Eating Eating With Bud Loafing Fixing my car. At home and going out. Working on the farm. Loafing At home and with Dick. Having fun and loafing at home In study hall At Bart's Housework With Daryl On road be- tween home and Long Creek Farming Driving my pickup Dating Donny Loafing Roller skating At Bart's Reading Discussing politics In the office Reading when not going to Ham- mond . Writing letters With Chuck Doing nothing With Johnny With Wayne or thinking of him Sleeping PRIZED POSSESSION My class ring My Model-A Class ring Watch My little old .22 rifle 1939 Ford Can't tell Snare drum. Class ring My diamond My class ring My little black Chevvy. My little green Ford Class ring Diamond Straight pipe on my Plymouth A car Mrs. Drake His ring Confederate Class ring Guess? CMyselfD My piano Confederate cap Donations Knowledge I got in school Driver's license My rings Truck My Watchband My diamond My Mercury cap AMBITION To live to be a hundred To dodge the draft. To attend the U. of I. Work a while, get married. To make money To be a millionaire. To be a good housewife. To go to California To be a good American Citizen. To be a farmer's wife. To be an airline stewardess or nurse. To be a wealthy farmer Farmer. Find a good paying job. Be a good housewife Live on Peckerwood Ranch, Mt. Vernon To be a store keeper in the Navy To get out of this school Housewife To be a draft dodger To be an Airline Stewardess SSS To get a good job To be a politician To be a big wheel Housewife To be a good farmer's wife To go to Wanatoh VVork a while and get married Having kids To live A REGRETS That I'm through with sports. Leaving 5th hr. study hall. Leaving 5th hr. study hall and Mr. Nagy. I didn't make better grades. Shortage of money Knowing Floyd Boudell. Not being smarter. That I lost my class ring. That I didn't study harder. None None My eighteenth birthday fdraft bait, I didn't take XVorld Geography last year. I didn't take chorus all 4 years This isn't July Joining the Navy Mrs. Drake wasn't a fulltime teacher The future That I'll have to work Leaving school No more of Mr. Ross' classes I didn't join chorus Miss Divilbiss wasn't here my Sr. year Leaving the girls Will miss Mr. Ross in World Geography None Chuck may be drafted That I took xkg. Not making good grades in some things That Wayne's in the Navy Leaving school so soon 6'After you've gone" We, the 1952 graduating class of the Mt. Zion Commu- nity High School, County of Macon, State of Illinois, being of a somewhat sound mind and practically no memory do bequeath to various members of the stu- dent body the following: I, Raymond Ames, will my ability to run the high hur- dles to Carol Ambuehl. I, Eugene Anderson, will my red hair to Mr. Caywood. I, Bill Atchison, will my grades in band and chorus to .Iohn Boone. I, Carol Barnett, will my D.A.R. award to Charlene Ambuehl. I, Brent Binger, will my seat in Bookkeeping to the next poor kid. I, Dale Clark, will my ability to go to school two hours a day to anyone else who can use it. I, Joan Cornell, will my quietness to Norma Overlin. I, Erma. Dennis, will my ability to play basketball to Gloria Clark, and my ability to play the drums to Roberta Roarlck. I, Bill Fiesler, will my World Geography book to Mr. Ross. I, Larry Fonner, will my ability in sports to Bill Stocks. I, Peggy Grinestaff, will my ability to guard Carol Artze, in basketball, to someone about a foot taller than I. I, Betty Hall, will my inability to chew gum to the Dis- ney twins and my shoe strings to Shirley Bilbrey for her gym shoes. I, Don Henry, will my football co-captainship to "Cuz,' Dave, Ckeep it in the family., I, Ronald Hodge, will my ability to get along with Mr. Higdon to George Springman. I, Imogene Howard, will my red hair to anyone who likes red hair. I, Betty Huss, will my height to Della Grant. I, John Jackson will my levi's to Lewis Cook. I, Paul Kite, will to anyone and everyone my ability to finish school instead of quitting. I, Bob Land, will my false teeth to anyone who needs them. I, Helen Myers, will my ability to go steady to those who want to. Ksure is fun.J I, Howard Overlin, will my sense of humor to Mick Cooprider. I, Sharon Parks, will my curly hair to anyone who likes curly hair. I, David Roderick, will my ability to get along with Mr. Higdon to John Boone. I, Patsy Schultz, will a warm place to wait for the school bus on cold mornings to my sister, Ruth. I, Carol Smith, will my ability to argue for the Demo- crats, to Bill Polzin. I, Gene Smith, will my ability to collect head and neck scarves to Gunk Boudell. I, Jerry Snyder, will my nickname "bugs" to Jack Zollars. I, Lorene Ti'-sword, will my ability to play basketball to "Bil" Bilbrey. I, Norma CTrulockj Bolsen, will my "love" for U. S. History to all future students. I, Bob Trusner, will my Ford to anyone that is dumb enough to have it. I, Marilyn Veech, will my height to Maxine Lowe. I, Kathryn Wendel, will my ability to go steady two years to Barb Tilton. for should I say two weeks??J I, Douglas York, will my size to Carroll Ambuehl. This will revokes and replaces any previous wills, or commitments made by us. In witness whereof, we have hereto subscribed our names this thirty-first day of May in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty-Two. MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS Witnessed by Sally Stick-in-the-Mud Gil Giggler's Mack Mudface 9 66Makes no difference now" Raymond Ames Football 3 4. Basketball 1 2 3 4. Track 1 2 3 4. Baseball 2. Z Club 3 4. Vice-president 3. Camera Club 3 4. Treasurer 4. Drama Club 3 4. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Senior Play 4. Gene Anderson F.F.A. 1 2. Basketball 1. Bill Atchison Boys Chorus 4. Band 1 2 3 4. Clarinet Sextet 4. German Band 3 4. Drama Club 3 4. Z Club 4. Camera Club 4. F.F.A. 2 3 4. Reporter 4. Sa-Mor Staff 4. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Football 4 Basketball 2. Carol Barnett G.A.A. 1 2 3 4. Secretary 3. F.H.A. 1 2 3 4. Secretary 3. Mixed chorus 1 4. Girls chorus 1 2 4. Triple Trio 4. Ensemble 4. Drama club 3 4. Camera Club 2 4. Cheerleader 3. Prom Queen Attendant 3. Class Secretary 4. Ideal girl 4. Home- coming Queen Candidate 1 4. Senior Play usher 3. Junior Play usher 4. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Senior Play 4. Sa-Mor staff 4. Zionoiz Staff 4. Prom Committee 3. D.A.R. 4. G.A.A. Camp 3. Brent Binger Transferred from Westinghouse High School. Pitsburgh. Pennsylvania 1951. Dale Clark Drama Club 3 4. Baseball 1 2 3 4. Basketball 1 2. Z Club 2 3 4. .Ioan Cornell F.H.A. 1 2 3 4. Girls Chorus 2 3 4. Drama Club 3 4. Camera Club 4. Sa-Mor Staff 4. Prom Committee 3. Play Committee 3. Graduation usher 3. Junior Play usher 4. Senior Play usher 3, Junior Red Cross 3. Zionoiz Staff 4. Senior Play 4. Erma Dennis F.H.A. l 2 3 4. G.A.A. 1 2 3 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4. Presi- dent 4. G.A.A. Camp 3. Drama Club 3 4. Camera Club 1 2 3 4. Girls Chorus 1 2 3 4. Mixer Chorus 1 2. Red Cross 3. Girls and Mixed Ensemble 3 4. Triple Trio 3 4. Prom Committee 3. Junior Play 3. Drum Quartette 3. Bill Fiesler F.F.A. 1 2. Chorus 1 2 3 4. Band 1 2. Basketball 2. Prom Committee. Camera Club 3. Larry Fonner Class President 2. Student Council President 4. Drama Club 3 4. Camera Club .1 4. Football 3 4. Basketball 1 2 3 4. Base- ball 1 2 3 4. Track 1 2 3 4. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Z Club 1 2 3 4. Secretary 3. President 4. Chorus 4. Homecoming King Candidate 2. Peggy Grinestaff F.H.A. 1 2 3 4. Treasurer 3. Chorister 4. G.A.A. 2. Camera Club 2 3 4. Drama 3 4. S':udent Council 3. Sa-Mor Staff 4. Zionoiz Assistant Business Manager 3. Zionoiz Business Manager 4. Girls Chorus 1 2 3 4. Girls Ensemble 3 4. Mixed Ensemble 3 4. Triple Trio 3 4. Homecoming Queen 3. Home- coming Queen Attendant 2 4. Penny Carnival Queen Attend- ant 1 3 4. Prom Queen Attendant 3. Corn Husking Queen At- tendant 1. Prom Committee 3. Junior Red Cross 4. Junior Play Assistant Director 3. Senior play 4. Graduation usher 3. Senior Play usher 3. Junior Play usher 4. D.A.R- Candi- date 4. Betty Hall Camera- Club 4. Drama Club 3 4. G.A.A. 3 4. Girls Chorus 2 4. Girls Ensemble 4. Triple Trio 4. Mixed Ensemble 4. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Junior Red Cross Chairman 3 4. Don Henry F.F.A. I 2 3 4. Camping Trip 1 2 3. Reporter 3. President 4. Drama Club 3 4. Camera Club 3 4. Class Secretary 2. Class Vice-President 4. Z Club 3 4. Vice-President 4. Basketball 1 2. Football 3 4. Co-cocaptain 3 4. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Ronald Hodge F.F.A. 1 2 8 4. Baseball 2. Student Council 2. Chorus 1. Drama Club 3 4. Imogene Howard Junior Red Cross 4. Girls Chorus 1 2 4. Prom Committee 3. 4 Betty Huss F.H.A. 1 2 3 4. Vice-President 4. Drama Cluh 3 4. Girls Cho- rus 2 3 4. Play Committee Prom Committee 3. Junior Red Cross 3. Junior Play usher 4. Program Committee Chairman in F.H.A. 4. John Jackson F.F.A. 1 2 3 4. Baseball 1. Basketball 1. Paul Kite Band 1 2 3 4. Baseball 2. Bobby Joe Land F.F.A. 1 2 3. Helen Myers G.A.A. 1 3 4. F.H.A. 1 2 3 4. Band 1 2. Corn Husking Queen Attendant 1. Chorus 1 2 3 4. Ensemble 3 4. Triple Trio 4. 'AA Case of Springtime" 3. Drama Club 3 4. Cheerleader 2. Courtesy Que-en 3. Camera Club 1 2 3 4. Secretary 3. Class Secretary 1 3. Homecoming Queen Attendant 2. Prom Queen Attendant 3. Sa-Mor Staff 4. Zionoiz Staff 4. Student Couns cil 3 4. Graduation usher 3. Senior Play usher 3. Class Presl- dent 4. Howard Overlin Band 1. Sharon Parks F.H.A. 1 2 3 4. Girls Chorus 1 2 3 4. Red Cross 3. Camera Club 4. Drama Club 3 4. G.A.A. 3. Junior Play usher 4. Sen- ior Play usher 3. David Roderick F.F.A. 1 2. Baseball 1 2. Basketball 2. Drama Cluh 3 4. Prom Committee 3. Homecoming King 4. Patsy Schultz F.H.A. 1 4. Sa-Mor Staff 4. Zionoiz Staff 4. Carol Smith Band 1 2. F.F.A. 1 2. Baseball 2. Zionoiz Staff 4. Gene Smith Baseball 1 2 3 4. Basketball 1 2 3 4. Track 3 4. Football 3 4. Z Club 2 3 4. Drama Club 3 4. Camera Cub. Jerry Snyder Baseball 1. Track 1. Band I 2 3 4. Drama Club 3 4. German band 3 4. Clarinet Sextet 4. Prom Colnmittee. Lorene Tipsword G.A.A. 1 2 3 4. F.H.A. 1 2 3 4. President 4. Drama Club 3 4. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Senior Play 4. Cheerleader 4. Prom Queen Attendant 3. Camera Club 2 3. Girls Chorus 1 2 3 4. Mixed Chorus 4. Girls Ensemble 3 4. Zionoiz Ac- tivities Editor 4. Sa-Mor Staff 4. Play usher 3 4. Prom Com- mittee- Norma. CTrulockj Bolsen F.H-A. I 2 3 4. F.H.A. Chorister 2. F.H.A. Historian 3. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Drama Club 3 4. Camera Club 4. G.A.A. 1. Junior Play usher 4. Senior Play usher 3. Gradu- ation usher 3. Girls Chorus 1 2 3 4. Mixed Chorus 2. Girls Ensemble 4. Class President 1. Junior Red Cross 3. Prom Committee. Robert Trusner F.F.A. 1 2 3 4. Basketball 2 4. Marilyn Veech Girls Chorus 1 2 3 4. Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 4. Girls Ensemble 3 4. Mixed Ensemble 3 4. Triple Trio 4. Band 1 2. Band and Chorus Festival 1. Band Contest 3. Drum Quartet 3. F.H-A- 1 2 3 4. Secretary 4. Program Committee Chairman 3. G.A.A. 1 2 8 4. Cheerleader 3. Graduation usher 3. Senior Play usher 3. Junior Play usher 4. "A Case of Springtime" 3. Senior Play 4. Drama Club 3 4. Vice-President 3. Camera Club 3 4. Prom Queen Attendant 3. Sa-Mor Staff 4. Zionoiz Staff 4. Kathryn Wendel Chorus 1 2 3 4. Band 1 2 8 4. Junior Play usher 4. Senior Play usher 3. Camera Club 4. Prom Queen Attendant 3. Prom Committee. Zionoiz Staff 4. Douglas York F.F.A. 1 2 3 4. Z Club 3 4. Football 3. 'I' Q DOCD02l72K5C55'R2il2KiR220'S2i5220R2202K?2ii22i?2i?2i?2i?2i?2i?2iF2il'2i?2i?2i?2i?2i?2i?2i?2i?2i?2 P211 2 2 I-2-1 2 2-i?2-11-24Qr Q Q Best Wishes to Our High School Q I5 I 3 MT. ZION STATE BANK J. 'I' 3 44 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS COMMUNITY SERVICE 3 U Deposits up to 310,000 insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 332722192432 ?2i2124!-2-IF2-Z?2i1-2'IP25'i2Kk21I!2!k21I?2i?2i?i5!?2i?2iPf2O2z!?2-ZP2-5241-2i?2ib22i?2iF2-I?2ik2i?2i 24 2 ?2'1!'2'1K gi 5 I Q AIRWAY CAFE 1 Q Fi Q PLATE LUNCHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE 5 T Q GOOD FooD PLEASANT SERVICE Q Q Junction 121 az 36 Q W Q 3202043022021721D20202P2'03020-2-U-2-0217-2-17-2-11-2-Iiii!-2-IF2-I!-2-I!-2-0-2-1?2iYD1?2i?2-W2-I 2 iK21I1K2'l?2i212f2K2fX ae Q 1 Q 0 MT. z1oN CAFE 5 U I 6 FOUNTAIN SANDWICI-IES PLATE LUNCH Q Q SHORT ORDERS Q 'I' I WATER HAULING PHONE 161 Q 2 LYLE 8: EDNA NEWBERRY 3 gli ii-il-Zi 2 Pf25!?2'1I'2 24 2 2i 2iPf25!F2'lF2'I?2'U'2'O'2021i?2'0f20Q250s22i ?f25!?K2ii2i20l2i?2 ?2 ?2i?2iI'2i?2 22i?2i?2ii22iP2'1?2-'IX 3 J, .l Q I I Q Q W Q DRAKE MU-LING COMPANY Q SUNSHINE DAIRY PRODUCTS T 3 Custom Grinding Seed Cleaning 2 Q Feed To Get the Best, Always Reguest Q fi Route 6 Decatur Q J, M , . . Q PHoNE Mt. zion 170122 Fr 725 E- Pfalfle Decatur Q gg?2'020'2'U'2'l?2'I?2'17-24320-210-21UK2iF2'll'2'l?2'I?2i?2 F2 ?CD!I'2i?24lK2i?2'l?2'I?2i?2i?2i?2i21324?2i1K2ii'2'l?2i?2i?2'Il'2'Il'2'll'2'I Q U - I H Q MEL MILLER FILLING STATION 5 Q 1, Major Quality Products for Less 0 Q VIRGIL F' HITE Rt. 36 2 miles E. of Decatur 6 Q '2i?2iI-2i?21iiK2i?2'l?2i?2'1?2i!'2i?2i1'2iI-2il'2'O'2'I?2'02i'2'U'2'I Q Q MASSEY HARRIS FARM IMPLEMENTS MILLS HARDWARE Q Q Q Irvin Sensenbaugh Prop. Q Q PHONE 62 Dalton City Complete Line of Hardware and Paints Q Q Q 2225 E. Wood, Decatur PHONE 5863 Q 6 72320202020202D202020'2'I7'2'1?2-I 21IlK21UK21lI'2'lIK2-Ii' Q 'l?2iI'2i!-2112-2421FK2!35221KD1X21I5'22il'2'l!'2lI'2'U'2'l!'2'l1'2'O2O2 Q J- I 5 i GRAHAM S CURTAIN LAUNDRY A Q Any Type Curtains Finished Q Q I I 1' E. F. JOHNSON Prompt Service Q 720 E. Wood St. Decatur Q Q 72152K?2'I?2i?2'I21215211I'2'I?2'!!'2'!?2i52K?2'i?2'1 2 2 2111-24 2 Q Insurance Broker H A . . KUHLE I Q I Y h FARM M 8z M MACHINERY if Mt- 21011 PHONE 29115 Q 444 E. Main sr. PHONE 5033 Q Q -. ,-.-.,-..Q.1-.-i,- -.-E - .Decatur 0 OD'2O'2i?2'Of2'KP2il'2 2 i2 ?2i?2i 2'l?2i?2 P2012!?f21!2!?K2!Ik2!!2!!2! K2!P2111-2lK!2i!2il'21U-21U'2'I?2'lF2'1P'2'020'2'll'2'I3S2i20'2i!CO Q Q 4 5 HOOD SERVICE STATION 5 Q WE LIKE TO SEE AND SERVE YOU g PHONE 123F5 4 Q Junction 121 SL 36 1 Miles E. of Decatur Q X5QT2i?Zi?Ii!K2iP'2OK3'l?Zi?1'5L50K1i7fD0i5!IKZi?Zi?Ii?Zi?Z'l' i20i5020203P2O2C721724P21i152173lZ1P24Pl024Di4P372172C Q Q BRITTON BROS. GRAIN CO. Q 0 5 COAL -- FEED - CRUSHED ROCK -- LIMESTONE 4'i ij PHONE 76 Mt. Zion if X?2i?fD!?34?3i?3i K?5x5is??3i?3i!'3i721PfD4iK3i5R5ix50'3'O-iiiiiii-l?Z1020C5i!'3'i?3-li-3-I i K 2 REMRRANT STUDIO Q Q 123 N. Jefferson Peoria, Illinois 'J Q ---E M- -1 X5202021D24720202iD3i4i4b24D20CP4524D2!521iC D24524D302021iXXTX52O2ORT2i?I-4?Zi?Zil20s.2sF-ir.-ORJRF-iIKva1'v! x 4 5 KILBORN IMPLEMENT co. 2 CLYDE A- DENNIS John Deere Farm Equipment Q CURTIS CIRCULATIQN CQ. S Sales Service Q Q 235 W. Wood Street PHONE 5197 2 SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVE Q Decatur Q 2374 W. Forrest Decatur 1 rO1KT2fh5iis7fbCKC24Kikihvieiieiieiiylkifxfdeiieiiei aoexvcwcxacxxvcxve:-ciwciwcirevofxrcxxcxec-ewcix:-xr:.xcxxi 2 3 Q Q DALTON CITY CAFE Q YORICS MARKET Q C. F. Earles, Proprietor Q Q PLATE LUNCI-IES-ICE CREAM-TOBACOO Q Groceries - Meats - Fresh Fruits Q PHONE 38 Dalton Clty Q AMERICAN GROCERY Q "YOUR FRIENDLY GROCERY1' Q 6 Q QUALITY MEATS 8: VEGETABLES A Route 36 Long Creek 1052 E. Wuiiom st. Decatur 'PO0O4PO4PO4PO4PO4PO4PO4PCP4PO4PO4fO4PO0CXPCXPOfPCP4X94X9' Q aocafece-cirocwc-rf:-1iciyc-13:-rwciicizfeeE:-rw:-ooo-:-eicifc-cz-9 3 2 FOSTER'S FURNITURE co. Q UTHE FRIENDLY STORE" Q MACON CO- SERVICE CO. Q 143 E. Main St. Decatur Q QVP203Q73Q724P3474D1D2172KP2031D21D20217C4D3f7203024D2l 2 GAS AND OIL 2 C. R. LAMBDIN Q PHONE 3632 Q GROCERY AND MEATS Q Q Dalton City, Illinois O O 3!Cb4J303l303030CDG30303030Cb030CD03lb3!D3 P31 I-34 X34 531 I-3-1 1131! 1131! 931 34 I-3 31-3-1 3301311 330301310-3-031 D3!KD030C30333030303034303'D303030303K 0 Di373030303030303030330'3'l!'3-il-3 ?3 . sv va vw Fv rv! !v! !v! !v! rv! I-v v v 34 D34 !'v'i I-v-1 2-v v v'LKv Fv! rv' 73? JONES IMPLEMENT CO. TRACTORS MACHINERY WCORHICK DEERING FARM MACHUCES SALES SERVICE The Dealer Who Does Things for You Complete Line of Parts. In Charge Is Mr. Ike Allen. FREEZERS REFRIGERATORS Decatur X D31 I-v! I-v! Fv! v 33 334 Fv! I-v! v! v Fv 331!Kv-1 I-v-1 33 I-3-11 731 Ai Ai iAi Ai iAi xA kAi g.Ai iAi kAi Q-1 -i a ---- ,454 :K D30-3-IZ-v.l-v..v. .v. v..v v v v 731 EVANS GROCERY MEATS AND PRODUCE Long Creek PHONE 93F11 5 Q Q 733 'ini' 'KA' 'ivan' 'KG thas' 'KJ' 'k.A3'D3K 734 l'v'l P31 J'v'1 l'v'l 3 234 I-v-I iv!! I-v YD! Fvi !v! FD! rv! rv! RAINBOW CONFECTIONERY 2239 E. Wood Decatur PHONE 29349 I l Q Q Q Q I Q ll ll I 1 it 15 Insulation Stops Heat Stops Cold J. E. BOBBITT FREE ESTIMATES CALL 58 Dalton City XD! 3-3i I-3i 513i k3i iK3i X3! 1131 DCD! 1-34 B131 lK3i 313i I-34 1-3-1 1134 113 SPORTS CENTER INC. SPORT EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY PURPOSE PHONE 6772 215 N. Main, Decatur 3-3-1 334 P31 !v1! P31 31 I-3-I I-3-I I-34 I-3-I I-3-I 1-3-1 113-I 1-3-1 I-3-1 113-I D31 I-3-1 I-v H. W. FRIESNER STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS TANK WAGON SERVICE PHONE 155 Mt. Zion 731 3 113-I 731 I-3-I X31 I-3-I 1-3-I 1-3-I 731 731 i'3i 731 1-3-4 2-34 F3i 1-3-I ?3i iv! I-vffv-! I-v-0CJ031rv-I I-v-lk vvvv rv rv Fvll 2-vii 1-v-U-v' I I Q I Q Q! Q Q Q Q li Q IA..- D34 'x.xA Ki' 73 I Q I I I Q Q I I I I I Q I I Q Q Q Q Q Q I Q Q :A l-,:-..A ,SCA 5-54304 I I P0347CXb202474DO3021ib24b24D2024C4b3b3ib2tii 524 b20247G0204D4bC4D24J2453024b20CbO24DCD4b24b24D2CDZ02024 ED. ARTZE, GENERAL CONTRACTOR BUILDER COMMERCIAL ........ ............,..................... .....,... R E SIDENTIAL R. R. No. 7 Decatur, Illinois PHONE Mt. Zion 95F12 YJQIKIQZG?310i5!!KZ'1?1i7C70fb!?Zi3C2iKTXZ'Zi?Q50fD!PCA5C10s50G2OCD02lXKTPQPSQYLY?f2!?fD!i5!?Zi5G2O-ZibQ5OK5i?3i?2'!ix5021?3'l?3 SULLIVAN'S GARAGE SHELL SERVICE Mt. Zion PHONE 74 xbcmocxocaocaooooooocacxaocaoemoeaoooooemooooooocxbeaocw,O4,O4,o4,O4 HIGHT STATE BANK Established in 1892 Dalton City P0203C4D202024PCD024724b24KDO24D24DZ4D21KD4D24 2 LAMBER'1"s 5 at 1.00 STORE 2 MAGON MUSIC INC. 148 22nd Street S "Your Musical Department Store" Decatur S PHONE 5820 227 North Main, Decatur Q ROGERS RADIO sz APPLIANCE CO. BART'S STANDARD SERVICE 2 RADIOS - TEg1g'g1ig:02AE APPLIANCES ' Q 708 E. Wood Decatur Attend free IIIOVIGS and soft ball QHIHGS Q:ocwocaocxeeafeofeocsoawiziwciP:-:weve-QE:-aw:-zscfcwcwwcaosvc at Barfs Soft Ball Park Q Hudson's New and Used Cars Long Creek 2 LONDER's az COMPANY Phone Mt' Zlon 95F11 Q 75'J E. Prairie Street Decatur 'Px2OR.20S.2173472914?1'l?l'lPR5OfD!i5!?Zi?3iikT2030fL5!Pf2!?f2OflQ ?fl5!i5!i5f720C71P217fb!5'3i?14?l'K5k72i5ST21iK1i7CD1PfL5!5kT1i58720-111Fl EARL AND MAYME SHANNON TOLLEY'S MARKET INC. 2 SHAMROCK TAVERN Q Q Dalton City On Route 48 and Grand 7 U1 12 Qaoerocwclo-:ixvocx:feeaocR:-:ag7cagfxa-:-e:oca:-4w:-zac2ca-:4:ocw: WE NEVER CLOSE 2 OscAR n1cKsON's BARBER SHOP On 22nd 8: East Wood 3 Mt. Zion Q Qbllfli-0217-Iii-2-Il-Z Z 293 if Zi Zi Ziil il Z'O20'2!kZ-iii-U12 lflikiiii ?li,3iKDO-Ziiiffil il F3 il 211 Z ?2'1!'1ilK2i Q Q Q K-N SUPER WAY Q Q Q Q Mt. Zion, Illinois Q gisiliiliillkii 2 ZiP20-2-Iil-3i!2O'3'03Fl-020K2'1!'3i?Z'IFZ'021P624kiiifliiikli?lil'2'0fD'K50K2'1!K2i7-3-0211134111 341-34' Q Q Q BOWMAN HARDWARE J. Q Q PHILCO APPLIANCES, PLUMBING AND HEATING Q 2 PHONE MT. ZION is Q xox:-:az-3 ciac :oo-:moo-:excel-: r:ir:ia:4xgS4sci:-:-1:-:iz-:-zz-:-zS:i,,:,K,:,:kgxyicikciitiiciyc F: ic ,,: ?: 3 ?90,:,Oo0, Q Q Q THE WILKINSON CO. Q Q BUILDING MATERIALS Q Q Dalton City - PHONE 16 Bethany - PHONE 112 3 321332120'3'U202KI'f'1I'I'II-3-IIK2-01210-2i7Z0'Ii?1'l?1 Z1I?2i!'3i1-li ii Zi ZiF24iii?ZiIKZi?2i9f2KI-Iiiiiiiitkii 2 l'l"i?3'03 u Q Q 'li I 3 BEATRICE FOODS Co. ROBERT s BARBER sHoP Q TRY THE REST 4 304 s th M ' THEN 5 Egcaturam COME GET THE BEST L C R 3 The Finest Sold Is Meadow Gold Q Open 12.30 , 7.30ong ree Saturdays 12 , 6 QifF2021?1iil?Flikliil-I7-34!i'O20K3'1!'1'I?3'II'Z'lI-2iIK3i?3'I5RT'Q:Qii-OCDQPVQQRTJCPIIIifli?3i?3'l?3ilfl1lK2i32iL5i?l'lP2KVl'lI'3'l!'3'l?Z'l Q Q CLARENCE RODERICK 2 ROBINSON'S PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE FLOOR SANDING, REFINISHING T FREE ESTIMATES Q LEE Tires, WILLARD Batteries QQZQEHCHIH AAAA ,M ,MA AA Pecam, Q QIv-IFv!I-vlii-'IF-ilk-1U'.'il'v'O'.-iF.!Pifrvwi-v-IZ-viii!!-viilfiil--I Q Accessones Q TEXACO SUPER SERVICE STATION Q . 6 22nd 8x Eldorado Q Junction 121 8' 36 U Decatur PHONE 3-9404 6 PHONE MT. ZION 124F2 5 Rex Cochran, Harold Carter, Prop. 1' :execs-ofeeafe-ooocx:-:-1 :-:-O-:-1 1-:-1 1-:-z 1-:-1 P:-1 1-:-1 1-:-z 1-:-z z-:-z 1-:-1 :-:- A QRS-I ?3'1?3i EC-1 EC-1 PC-IYD4 F:'11'3'f I-C-fKD000O0f90CP000CP0CX Q Q Q TONY'S MARKET n Q Q5 East Wood St. Road 6 Open Every Day - 7 Till 9 A FRUIT - VEGETABLES - MEATS - GROC. Q A d A B Q5-343341-241-Zi!-34?-ZiiiiP1517-3-Iii-Il-3-Iii-IFS-Iii-IFSIZFS-IFC-013-IG! 5 u . . 5 I Q PFILE'S CAMERA SHOP Q -Tuncflfm 36 'Sf 121 U DECATUR'S PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER Q 4 Miles East of Decatur Q 100 E. Prairie Decatur OSC!i30202O2020202b3ZCi7CXi02021FZ-Iii-1?Z4?:i?31l763111-Ziiliii-K!-Z-lil-Kiiil-3'Ii30ZCi03720Z1G1i03 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 'I' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q T it Q Q Q Q QI' Q Q Q Q Q H Q it Q Q Q Q Q O mr ll 2 9 U H Q DEEP ROCK PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 5 Q I Q RAY C. AMES - DISTRIBUTOR Q ill I 3 R.F.D. 7, Decatur Mt. Zion 150F5 gg 5K3ik3iPCXPiiD20-24711543-3-0fD4213101541-3i9i5!i5!PfD1?3iI-3-OKDKFZXFGGPSSbOG45CD45x545K55CXKTXb2021iRT2i5xT24E1bCK5sT2ik?aik57CDfJC' P Q I I E, MACON COUNTY GRAIN co. Q ., T GRAIN COAL CEDAR POSTS FIELD SEEDS as 1, ,IL fr? J. E. Shelton, Mgr. :E 3 This Is Your Business, Use It if Q PHONE MT. ZION 43F3 DECATUR PHONE 5164 2-Zi!-Ziii.kiikiiI-iikiil-Z-O-3-I?3i3s5O'sTX!'3'Ox5i?3i?3i?3i5f2i5C2i5274iC2iXkT20CD0KT20f2O-3'I?2-ORT2i?Z-Il-3iKTX?3-O'3i!'3iPlibsiiiiil-3-i?j iii I STANDLEY STANDARD SERVICE fi Rt. 121 PHONE P. O. 2 Mt. Zion Q - f 3? TRADE WHERE YOUR NEIGHBORS TRADE Q A 3 TRADE WITH DEAN . Q Q?Z'l!'Zi?Z'l?Z'i?Z.??.i?3, 39333.iiiiiiiliilibfbibfbfbifbtYLYY24-?L54!l5!Yl5!YlXX21PZQYLYYLYiliii-Iii-i?fL50C7O'3-012iiiiiliii-il-Z-I li 9 Q 2 2 DON'S HARDWARE 2 I Q A R T H U R S Q ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Q Q Q PUMP REPAIRS Q Q Fine Furniture and Rugs APPLIANCES Q 9:7 PHONE 5833 237 N. Maru, Decatur Q SKELGAS Cl 3 3 PHONE 9 Dalton City Q -Z-1?3i?3i?Zi?3-viiP3-Iii-l?Zi?3i?Zi?Zi?f20f2!Pfl5!YLXYLYDGKXLX -:i3:i?:i?3i?:,t?:i?:iy:,e? Q Quality - Service Established 1919 PH. 2-1582 Q Q Q Q Q Q A.B.C. HARDWARE 81 ELECTRIC P Q LANDHOLDT AUTO REFINISHING Q PHONE 21240 646 E. Wood Street, Decatur 2 Painting Body and Fender Repairing 3-:-zPcia-:-tx:-iw:-ti:-ziciic-:Pciicik:-ati:-:-xr:-0:5034xcxfciac-4El 1 Trimming Q Q Q REEDY BROS. GARAGE 5 1 745 E. Prairie Ave. Decatur, Illinois , C Q I Q Q Dalton City Q Q ?3i?3i?Zi5K3i5fL5921?f20CD1i5!PfL5!3202CP2020202f7Z1P2C52CQ I WHITE HIVE APIARIES Q FRED and JO CROSS + Q Q DALTON CITY TAVEEN Q BOWERS GOLDEN HONEY Q Dalton City I P24YD!kiibfbtl-Zi!-Zi!-Zi?3i?2i?2i?2i?Zi?:iJ-2i?Zi?Zi?3i?2i?3 3 IRA J BOWERS 3 Q ' Q PATRONIZE OUR ' PHONE MT. ZION l50F11 Q Route 7 Q ADVERTISERS Q Q Decatur Q , Q lik-Z-1334iiiiiiiiiX3iDCD030G2i52?3624?Z'I?3i?3'l?3il'2'03f?3'5?:'f5S5i?3'f?3ii5f?'20f2'f?'L'4?'39?'L55P'Df?f3f?fD9i54?'l594 O Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 75!A.1?D3JT ' '73 ik? KA- ' Q Q 'il PZOZOZOZOZKBCIGQTJK Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S 0 1 Q QE QQ Q Qw Q EQ Q Q5 E 9 QQ E E Q Q wQ5SgHEP HQ EWS 3 Q gi wmfqbi OQ Q'-5 m Q UmQ A HB2 MQ S 2 o Q QOQ IPZEU Q Q Q n- Q P12 , QZFUFUUJ HQ Cb " ., EQQ Ogowl MQ 2 F Q GMQ QSEEQ EQ 5 E Q SOQ Qgmgg FQ F Q mg Q-NQSEG IIIQ Q Q Ozmmm MQ 0 Q , Z F' Pj . 9 . Q 5 W m9 Q Q A SQ Q ,S O IJ. X QQ :U F1 Q Q 5 1 i 1 lCXD3KD03737CD173D2C7G02020202021JCXP20C74SC CALLAHAN 8 CALLAHAN BUILDING CONTRACTOR PHONE 4252 S 11 P20202021'3P3P24D217203JCX721DZiDCD03Cl2CD2OC7021D37C BOTTLE 81 BULK GAS FURNITURE and APPLIANCES GAS 8 ELECTRIC SALES CUE INC. 2 Mi. East, 1 Mi. South of E1 PHONE ELWIN 2311 KDOCD03i3D2K7CJO20217202iKD172OCXD20203030G1 Q Q Q I Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q -. C5iczooexcaacxxawicxxt-0-:iacxafeocxbcxxfxagweacfocwxc-ocxtxs-:-ex:-4' : .xc '3.5624:oocxwfees-:-ea-:ia-:naw-magic?-:-4:013241-:-treo-:-:O 2 , 3 Q FARMER S GRAIN CO. l 2 GRAIN - COAL - IMPLEMENTS - FEED LQ i Q FERTILIZER LIMESTONE ' 2 PHONE 15 OR 21 Dalton City Q Q l'2i5R50f2!5k55K2i5f20'li3K720f2!5iX7fD!3fli724?1i5RT20f2!Pl15Kli?li72C?1i70fl!5f21?fl5f7fL5!5f217fL555f217fl!?l'45K1'!?1ii'C5kT2i5k5f73f7K:3i7ST1i S 9 I 3 El I ll Q5 2 Q 6 ACKNOWLEDGMENT gg : 1 2 I Q We wish to thank our Sponsors, the Board of Education, the Ad- 6 ministrators, our Advertisers, Engravers and Printers for making il this 1951-52 yearbook a reality. S THE ZIONOIZ STAFF 1 2 il li g CJ72020l030CP0205030lOl!P30l5CDCPlCP30l7C7020l5l02CPZ17203iP303C7lP2173030lP3Ki4P31iDZOT031 2 '6Thei song is ended but the melody lingers on" 0 .5 ,Y. Nw. ,N , V-V-Vw w- A-. UUA ..1'--, . 1..- vm,-.,V, . -..Q,. ,wk - 3,-: ' ,f my - V 1- V . - - -, V nw., . , .Q ,,,,q L ,mx ,Q Q . + .V '..VV,5 14.-.2?,f5n4g'v' :V ,, we MQ.-qu' f . ,. ff... V. . , .. .nm 4-' 'um aff- -' M-xV'i - V+ f., f N. ns! 1- ' 4, 7 , V 17. 15 V. .uw 'V " ' f' vi f V . VVrf'fJiv-fw L gr, VV . . 1 A 1 ,ejykg ,V V mm ' :au ' fx-'Vi 1 'J A ,pwkfm 5-4 1.-fi? -L-V i 'TSA v, -1 fgfw 1 , ZW.. 9 ' Vik MV' 'ff' v"T'T'g . " 1' Jw vi h 1 'V'-.'rdV"f' 1. Q 1wL.vw'vf. ' -H? '.-wif V' ,QV-" H 'Wji'.J'1f1fX'7if ,.4- 515' ,H i' : "" 1 ' 'f f.'V ' -1' buff. ' 4 . V .Jf,,:1x-,,4,, N l, V . .1.y.Lg,, , , ef, . ,f f f 1 4 1 4 - " 'ix -'Fi J' X F4595 ,z, V . Mg. . . , L .Vp u vwgf4.,-.,. VV V f V .. rwx- W HJ? 7 I L J. 1. D.. 5. A 5115. Q 1 ,V ax. 1 ,,WV. aw V. wg 1 ,nf ,V e 211 ? .h ,i ...Vx V,. pf,-. ,. 541 VL., , 5155 V T, phi., V 4:41-V' sz.: Q ,fra V ,,.,, V , i ,5 0 , 1 if ', iff' , Q -5 F., FN V U sn Fl' 4 1 v A JI 1- . r D ' K s '.!! . . v - ,-- , ., .5 it ,.yw,.VV1P Vhgfg-.,a14, ff I 'H - v3.55 , A .3 - .:w,N,Q ,hi - fp-f D 5-,G Wim ,Q L-Q,.a'Qf V W. ,,a. ,4wAQ 'VfV4f,?g 'mfgsg-.ff V , 1 - if 2 .V x,' P n .V1 - a , u , 0 s ,m ,.., 1, 41 I , , , . U x - X. 4 1 1 I - x v 'P 5 . 4 ,- X s A VA .. m .V. ., . V .wg 1 5' ,,..1 f'. luVV'wV- ' J' V ' R7 in - V 7 WV P' -1 si' 4. . 9 1 "i 1' 'N-. -' . ,Y- gns . 3 '11, , I fm-' If - ,V - ' ' ' . , . f , . .. ,. , V V .fx ' ' 'i.'C-v4.'F'?'3'9f:'- fx " V ' ' f , , 1 . , . 1 :VJ ' -M-I "??. ' Y " f" i ..,V '-- fm' -1 ' " ,- V , V, ,f . , V ' 1 ' + - V' ' .s.4b3'H we L..-V:HSm.-um, Y' . '- ' 'V'-2 we

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