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'31 -avi? , e 4 ' X ,, W' . Q . .U .. I ,. . ,. . un ni is V, gg L , . Y 'p'aw . 4' '. , K, .W ,T Mc, a Q V, .5 1 , ,wt .,.. n,- ,. w. ' I E - 1 -fe .,-.4. , , hf fffsiih, ibiffz., fk4f'l.' ,1 . X -v 1 -:2:5.' f , , aff 151+ ' 1 Y 1- f-4-.... .BH .' ,ff ., 'y , -. 19, J, . . 1 . " '1 A :Y '. ,. . .,,,.,h.Q,',k.. . 1,-ugafua ' ,- ,, -, , .,, ,, V , ,' :aj 8 , X .. fl. , if L4-L 755 W. i .1 L ,af . rn- V 1 v ,F f.5,,,.f 4 uf, Lx. f.1,,f1 v , , ,F --,-sum, . -,Q ,Q i .-L" . YV, ik! f M, , nk Aw v.' fm, ,, u ' lv. . ,iii mf- , , . Tn.. Q , ,ld . ,g .,,, pf ' fl. ' . ..-':, V kg., fg- ,,Mi,,.2K E . , ,. v, ,, r, 5 , .gkgfj . ,-11,3 - '1.,,g ,f , ?1vG',,vf3a4.:gr3A X. ' ,new . , ,. Q, ,,. , ,151 1.5 ., 1 ,1 . f 2 34. ",.A,,f 5. 14, us, 2: A E. .n x ,wr f4:.L,,Yw L 1 w .sr 1 I 591, ' ,im if 1 K ,Q 'J ,- L-LM .dm ,K in ' rwys. gi 5 .r 4' 2 M, 9 '-rf .4,.. 17. : 1, .1 v .- .,w . A ,-. ,vf 5. ,.,.. L. 1 .,.n.,.1, 'f ' .f -4. v Wk' ..' , ' SAIL ' yur' fi?,kjfff2 5,5-.ggi . .41 LU: PROP ER XS I xwz 4 WL if S, Z2 ff bg? n.,-71 Q, A . Si Q " 4 .xx 1 Ana- Hwy? mu , V.., L, U, , ,aussi 5 , .N 0l"2lfU0l" The 1951 Zionoiz Staff invites you to look back with us and recall these memories that may never be forgotten. ' Through the pages of our Zionoiz, the spirit, loyalty, and the traditions of the students and faculty have been portrayed, We have tried to bring you color- ful memories of Mt, Zion High, We have pictured the students, faculty, clubs, teams and the activities as they go on here at school, We have planned together to make this book enjoyable for you, 6 C'0,.f.,.f. Alma Mater - - ------- ----- - - Foreword - - Dedication - - Administrators, Faculty - - Calendar - - Seniors - - Class Will ' ' Class Prophecy Snaps ---- Classes - - Football - - Basketball - - Baseball -' - Track - - Zionoiz Staf' Sa-Mor Staff - Student Council Camera Club - G. A. A. - Z Club - - F, H. A. - - F. F. A. - - Drama Clubl' ' Junior Play - - Music ' ' " Advertising- - Autographs - - Bus drivers, and Janitors - - 7 4. 19. 23. 28. 36. - - 22, 24, 25 - 9, 11, 15- 37 26 30 -32 49- 52 - 5 6 8 ro ro 13 1 . zo 21 51 27 31 33 34 35 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 43 50 56 --57 RS, DOROTHY KARL fi, 'Q QQ: 'iff r . ' 1 4 -" mecbca fion We, the Class of 1951, wish to dedicate this edi- tion of the Zionoiz to our class advisors Mrs. Dorothy Karl, and Mr. J. C. Farris. In this way may we show our lasting gratitude and sincere appreciation to them for their help and guidance through our high school 3 CSIBCY. K Q. X I MR. I. C. FARRIS a .fgcfminidfrafion PRINCIPAL Leo H. Bems ,,5,!3'ww 9 SUPERINTENDENT Clyde C. Com Marc! of ilclucafion LEFT TO RIGHT: R, Harris, -- Pres., C. Wells -- Sect., M, B. Weidner, H. McDonald, H. Baker, I. Traughber, G, Ekiss, uri riuem ana! yaniforfi 4 LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Reedy, P, Daniels, R, Nihiser, L. Sutherland, L, Newberry, B, Larimore, R. Shelter, E, Harrison, V10 si g .rs.,s.w,. Q 'il GLCM LEO BERNS, B,E,, M,A, Eastern State Illinois University Plymouth State Teachers University of Illinois Social Studies, Guidance LEON DALTON, B,S, Central Normal College Canterbury College Butler University James Millikin University University of Illinois Science WAYNE BOHLEN, B,S,, M,S, University of Illinois Agriculture STELLA DRAKE, A,B, James Millikin University University of Illinois Substitute Teacher PAUL cAYwooD, B,A,, M,A Evansville College Radio Drama Workshop Northwestern University University of Illinois English, Speech nn,,,,,ennqL yy' L VERNELE DIVILBISS, B, Ed, it Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois Workshop Commerce G Ni N ' - E A A, H, CRUM, B,s,, M,A, ie, ' ,Greenville College up Wr yy A Butler University ' A I W ,Q up jf ' University of Illinois j Coach, Physical Education , sens s Q- A A Y . 5-use A N Western Kentucky State College N R English, Librarian 5 3 11 acu fy in KB il MARIE GANTZERT, A.B., Ai.M, '- 10? North Central College University of Wisconsin Iowa stare College University of Illinois Home Economics, Dean of Girls CARL L. ROSS, B.Ed. , M.S. Southem Illinois University University of Wisconsin Social Studies JAMES W. HIGDON, B.S. in Ed. , Southeast Missouri State College Colorado State College Industrial Arts ELDO ROY, A.B. Oakland City College Indiana University ' Mathematics DOROTHY KARL, B.S. Illinois State Normal University Physical Education Social Studies LULU SPITTLER Illinois State Normal University James Millikin University University of Illinois Commerce, Office Secretary ROBERT KRAMER Murray State Teachers Colleg James Millikin University Music CARL WAYNE BRUSH, B.S ' University of Illinois Agriculture 12 adn ar September 5 Start to school. 8 Ordered Iunlor Class rings and Senior Class cards and announcements. 29 Iunior all-school party box-social. 18 Football game -- Lakeview at Mt. Zion. 25 Football game -- Sullivan at Mt. Zion. October 2 Football game. Assumption at Assumption. 3 Freshmen initiation. 4 Individual pictures taken. 5,6 No school -- Teachers Institute. 7 Football game. Bement at Mt. Zion. I3 Football game. Moweaqua at Mt. Zion. End of Ist Six Weeks. 16 Football game. Assumption at Mt. Zion. 23 Football game. Shelbyville at Mt. Zion. 27 Last football game. Played Tuscola at Tuscola. November 3 Iunior's sponsor square dance. 6 Assembly program -- Dog show. 9,10 Junior play -- "A Case of Spring- time. " 15 Seniors and group pictures.taken for year book. I7 First basketball game. Tri-City at Mt. Zion. Homecoming. 21 F.H.A. all-school party. 2 3 , 24 Thanksgiving .vacation . December I End of 2nd Six Weeks. I, 2 Sophomore rummage sale. 5 Lakeview at Mt. Zion. 6 F.F.A. Potluck. 7 Sophomore all-school dance. 8 Bethany at Bethany. 9 F.H.A. Bakery Sale. 20 Christmas music program. Sophomore sponsor Christmas dance. 21 to January 3 - Christmas vacation. January 5 - I2 - 18, I9' - I9 - 24,25 ' 26. 30 ' February 2 - 6 - 9 - I5 - 16 - zo - 23 - 26,28 - March 2 .. 2 - 23 - 26 - April I3 - 26,27 - May 4 - 28,29 - 27 - 30 ' June I - Niantic at Mt. Zion. Magazine sales begin. Lovington at -Mt. Zion. Semester Exams . Bethany at Mt. Zion. County Basketball Tournament. Assumption at Assumption. Maroa at Maroa. Warrensburg at Mt. Zion. Lovington at Lovington. Assembly program -- Melody Four Argenta at Argenta. Lakeview at Lakeview. Last regular basketball game. Assumption at Mt. Zion. Regional basketball tournament. End of 4th Six Weeks. Macon County Institute. Junior Square dance. No school -- Good Friday. No school -P Easter vacation. End of 5th Six Weeks. Senior Play. Junior-Senior Prom. Semester Exams. Baccalaureate . Memorial Day -- No school. Commencement. SE IQRS I ' A"L X L' A N3 ,. ,.v - .N , X -A Wwhnmau-wmv enior Cfcwzi icem JOHN WESLEY COOLEY "Pearl" "Early to Bed--Early to Rise" 3g Basketball 3.4: Z Club 3,4, .President 4, Baseball 3, 4, Track 3,4g Drama Club 3, 4g Camera Club 3,4, President 4g Student Council 4g President of Senior Class 4: F,F,A. I,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4. GARY JAMES BOYER .. speedy.. Track I, 2,35 V Z Club I,2.,3,4: Camera Club 3, 4g Sa-Mor Staff 45 Student Council l,2,3g Vice- President of Class 3, 4, DONALD KEITH HYLA ND " Squint" l-',l-,A, I,2,3,4, Treasurer 3,4g Z Club I,2,3,4: Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4: "Early to Bed--Early to Rise" 3, Track 1,2,3g Zionoiz 4: Camera Club 3,45 Drama Club 3,44 Cheerleader 4, RUTH ANN HARRIS "Harris" Class President Ig G,A,A, l,2,3, President 3,4g F, H, A, I, 2, 3, Vice-President 3, President 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Ensemble 4g Girls' Sextette 2, "Early to Bed--Early to Rise" 3g Homecoming Queen Attendant 1,2g Homecoming Queen 3: Asst, Bus, Manager of Zionoiz 3, Business Manager of Zionoiz 4, Sa-Mor Staff 4: Drama Club 3,4, Camera Club 3,4, Class Secretary 3,4, President Student Council 4, 15 N eniora BILLY GENE BOUDELL Band I, 2, 3, Football 4, Basketball 4, CORWIN LEE BULLA vw n Band I, 2, 35 Chorus 1, JOHN DEAN BENTON "Jackie" Basketball I,2,3,45 Football 45 Baseball l,2,3, 45 Track 3, 45 F. F. A, 1, 35 Camera Club 4'i Vice-President5 Z Club 45 Zionoiz 45 W, Club 3. GARY LEE BURRESS "Burgess" Athletic Manager 1,25 Z Club I,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 1,25 Track 3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Camera Club 3,45 Sa-Mor Staff 45 to Bed--Early to Rise" 3, " Ear ly PATTY ELOISE BROWN Nl ,,s. .,, .LQ 4.5. X 4' x A A N Q- bf 5 N xi -. , ,,,. upatn F, H, A, I, 2,3,45 "Early to Bed--Early to Rise" 35 Zionoiz 45 Sa-Mor Staff 4, ROBERT DALE CAMP nBobn F.F,A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 3, 4, MARY ELLEN BRITTON N n G, A, A, I, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 35 Drama Club 35 "Early to Bed--Early to Rise" 3, DICK LEE DICKSON "Duke" 'WS x In we ff' Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 F, F. A. 1, 25 'E Student Council 35 Zionoiz 3, 45 Editor 45 Camera Club 3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Z Club 2,35 Class Vice-President 2. 16 .5 7 r v X C fx in eniord HARVEY LEE GOODWIN "Ozzie" Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball I,2,3,4g Football 4g Track 1,3,4g Chorus l,2,3,43 Ensemble 4, Student Council 2,4g Zionoiz 4, Z Club 2,3,4 Vice-President 45 Camera Club 3, 4, BERT WILLIAM LAMB, JR. "Bill" BEVERLY JEAN HAKE uBevn Chorus I,2g Pianist 3,45 F, H, A, 1,2,3,4g Drama Club 3,49 Zionoiz 4: Sa-Mor Staff 4, LOIS WANITA LANGLEY rIFatn Chorus I, 2,3,4g Ensemble 4: "Early to Bed--Early to Rise" 3, Student Council 3, Sa-Mor Staff 4g Zionoiz 4, Drama Club 3,4, JOHN LEROY HALL "Cloudy" F, F,A, 1, 2, 3g Band lg Baseball 1, RONALD LEE LUSTER " Lus" Basketball r, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4g F. F. A. I, 2. 3: Z Club 3, 4, Zionoiz 4, Camera 'Club 4, Track 49 Homecoming Candidate 3,45 Homecoming King 4. MERLE JACOB KOHR, IR. "Mink" Camera Club 3.4: Baseball 3,4g Basketball 2,31 Z Club 3, 4, Band I, 2. 3. 4: Chorus I. 2. 3.4: Sa-Mor Staff 3, ROSELLA MARIE Mc INTOSH "Rosa" Sa- Mor Staff 4. 17 'EIN I CORALEI ROBERTA NIHISER 4, Football 4, eniorri "Cora" Band I,2,3,4, Clarinet Quartet 2, Band Festival 2, G,A,A, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, Zionoiz 4, Sa-Mor Staff 4, JANIS STOCKS nlanrv F, H, A, 1, 2, 3,4, G, A,A, I, 2, 3, 4, "Early to Bed--Early to Rise" 3, Sa-Mor Staff 4, Zionoiz 4, Student Council 3, Chorus l,2,3,4, Ensemble 4, Camera Club 3,4, Drama Club 3,4, Homecoming Queen 2. NANCY PHIPPS mg n Nana Homecoming Attendant I, 3, G, A, A, I, 2, HQJQ F, H, A. I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, Chorus I, 2, 3, Wood- wind Quartet 2, 3, "Early to Bed--Early to Rise" 3, RUPERT ADAIR ST, PIERRE ll lv Band I,2,3,4, F,F,A, I,2,3,4g Secretary of F,F,A, 3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, Sa-Mor Staff 3, Zionoiz 4, Basketball J, Track Ig State Speech Play 3, State Farmer 3, Judging Contest 3, 4, ALBERT DEAN PRICE QNot Picturedj JEANETTE REASON lv ann G.A.A. 1.3: F.H.A, Ig Asst, Play Director 3, Chorus I, 2, Sa-Mor staff 4. DORIS DARLENE 'TRENT "D. D. T4 " Chorus I, 2,3,4, Sa-Mor Staff 4, Drama Club 4, ,S JAMES SCRIBNER lv ' n ' an K! Jimmy ,A , if Drama Club 3.4: F.F.A. l,2,3.43 Sa-Mor Staff MARIAN LOUISE WICKLINE Shorty Chorus I, Band I,2,3, Band Festival 2, Drama Club 3 4- Sa-Mor Staff4 18 Ps . run - 6 R' v-- A 4 If 1 6 . ' Z. 4 1 " ' , 'iq 5. 1 V ' X 1 4 ,' U- - J Y Y V - bf fr ,Ai 3 ,.. f M we f ' 'X , w rim gf gfxfig X2 5 fr Ji 'Sauk X .3 1C3 staff anim all W We, the remaining 29 members of the class of 1951 of Mt, Zion Community High School, having served our four-year term at hard mental labor with as much interruption as possible, being of sound mind and little memory, do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, in manner and form as follows: We, the Seniors, do will and bequeath to the Juniors our American Problems class, We, the Seniors, do will and bequeath to the faculty our misdemeanors and hope they will be forgiven. l, Jackie Benton, my Bookkeeping assignments to anyone who wants them. I, Patty Brown, my neatness to Barbara Massey, I, Mary Britton, my ability to graduate in 3 years to Wilbur Kite, l, Bill Boudell, my brains to Mr, Ross, I, Gary Burress, my ability to make my car backfire to Mr, Berns in his Plymouth, I, Robert Camp, my good grades in Ag to George Davidson, I, John Cooley, my car to Raymond Ames. I, Dick Dickson, my burr hair-cut to Mr, Ross, I, Harvey Goodwin, my ability to flirt with all the girls to Jack bel-Iew, I, Beverly Hake, my smallness to my sister Marilyn, I, John Hall, my ability to be on time to classes to Terry Gillaspie, I, Ruth Harris, my ability to go steady for three and one -half years to Miss Divilbiss, I, Don Hyland, my dark-rimmed glasses to Charlie Akers, I, Merle Kohr, a few credits to Bill Boudell so he can graduate, I, Bill Lamb, my height to James Rucker, , I, Lois Langley, my laugh to Lou Harris, fBe sure to use it.J I, Ronnie Luster, my bubble-gum to Mr, Ross, I, Rosella Mclntosh, my ability to cook to those who can't. I, Coralei Nihiser, my grades to Shirley Bilbrey, fMake good use of them, Shirley,j I, Nancy Phipps, my little feet to Carol Artze, I, Albert Price, my ability to get good grades in Bookkeeping to Harry Snyder, l, Jeanette Reason, all the A's I didn't get to Pat Kohr, I, James Scribner, my ability to get along with Mr, Ross to Bill Fiesler, I, Janis Stocks, my short hair to Lois Jean Britton, I, Rupert St, Pierre, Secretary to F, F,A, to anyone who wants it,' I, Darlene Trent, my height to Kathy Wendel, I, Marian Wickline, my shortness to Carol Artze, In witness whereof, we have hereto subscribed our names, this thirty-first day of May, in the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty-One. QSEALJ WITNESSES: CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-ONE SUSIE SAPAPPLE FREDDIE FIDDLESTICKS PATSY POLYWOG 20 CMU I"0l0 QC? As we gaze over the unending stream of future periods, one date seems to shine up more brightly than any of the others, It is the year 1976, the great silver anniversary reunion of the 1951 graduating class from good old M,Z,C,H,S, The gathering is to be held in the beautiful and gigantic central park of the metropolis of Mt, Zion, Strolling through the park arm in arm we see two couples, The first is one we all know and remember: BILL BOUDELL and his wife, the former LOIS LANGLEY, They own a chain of grocery stores and restaurants. The other well-to-do looking couple is a doctor and nurse team, RUTH HARRIS and her husband, ,Ronnie R. . Next we see the beautiful movie and television actress PATTY BROWN, With her is her ardent lover, JOHN BENTON, who is followed by DARI.ENE TRENT and her boy friend, RONNIE LUSTER, Myl Who is that? 1 Why it is NANCY PHIPPS and part of her brood, She has the children's nurse-maid, MARY BRITTON, with her, Nancy is a large ranch owner in Colorado, and her twelve children help her run it, What is that terrible noise? Oh, it is "OZZIE" GOODWIN on his famous trick horse, "Midge, " and he is being chased by the "Plain" clothes detective, DON HYLAND, who is in his '41 Ford, Step on it, Don, As the clatter subsides, we hear the gentle throbbing of a hugh Skymaster airliner as it settles on the nearby landing field. The head stewardess, JANIS STOCKS, opens the door as the steps are rolled up, and we see the pilot, GARY BOYER, walk majestically down them, He is followed by the passengers as ROBERT CAMP gathers up the luggage, There is a great cheer as the famous wrestler flady, that isj JOHN COOLEY comes out, He is succeeded by JEANETTE REASON and her husband, ALBERT PRICE, Jeanette is an opera vocalist, and Albert fills the shoes of a truant officer, BILL LAMB rushes up to the plane with gasoline and oil to refuel it as MERLE KOI-IR starts cleaning it up for the next flight, They are helping another passenger out. It is that superb professor of "World Geography," DICK DICKSON, Due to his intensive research and work, Dick is getting very feeble, ROSELLA McINTOSH, ably assisted by her husband, GARY BURRESS, is his private secretary and attendant, MARIAN WICKLINE and CORALEI NIHISER, the two inseparable companions are now coming down the steps, The next passenger to dismount is the renowned and celebrated lecturer, JOHN HALL. John has recently been touring the country lecturing on "Why Pigs Become Hogs, " BEVERLY HAKE has just won a husband-calling contest and is taking her prize, JAMES SCRIBNER, to her farm in Iowa, We greet the noted professors in Agriculture and Art respectively, RUPERT ST, PIERRE and CORWIN BULLA, as they dismount. The greetings are over, and everyone is gathering for the super-atomic meal which is to be served, We must now leave the class of '51 to their festivities and tear our minds from the glorious days of the future back to the grim reality of the present. We can build and hope for these precious moments in the future as we remember those similar ones behind us, 21 - L. Ks ..-. FRONT ROW, left to right: C. Wendel, I. Howard, H. Myers, L. Britton, R. Ames, Miss Gantzert, Mr. Crum,,Mr, Higdon, SECOND ROW: C. Bamett, P, Grinestaff, D, Clark, E, Anderson, R, Hodge, N, Trulock. S, Parks, B, Hall, THIRD ROW: D. Heinz, J, Hutchinson, L. Tipsword, M. Veech, B. l-Iuss, E. Dennis, J, Comell, P. Schultz. EOURTH ROW: E. Smith, D. Roderick B ltchison, I. Jackson, B, Land, D. Henry, B. Stull, C. Smith. FIFTH ROW: R, Trusner, P, Kite, C. McRae, D, York, B. Fiesler, J, Dunn L. Fonner, M. Goad, H. Overlin. uniorri Our Student Council Members were our President, Sec, and Treas. plus Peggy Grinestaff, Class officers were: President-Lois Jean Britton Vice Pres. -Raymond Ames Sec, and Tres, -Helen Myers The Junior Class has sponsored many activities this year. Among these were jr, play, a box social, a square dance, a paper drive, homecoming, the prom and numerous other activities. All ,of these activities the junior class as a whole were behind pushing to make it a success, We were very proud to have had the "bulk of the line" of the football squad come from the junior class. We also have four junior boys on the basketball team, Our homecoming candidates this year were Peggy Grinestaff, Carol Barnett, Raymond Ames, and Don Henry. On Homecoming Nov. 17th the Basketball boys got us off to a fine start by beating Tri-City. We were all thrilled to have Peggy crowned queen. What a pretty queen she made, tool We would also like to thank our class advisors, Miss Gantzert, Mr. Higdon, and Mr. Crum for their patience and guideance through the past year. P 22 Y 3 LUVY: QKRAND 23 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Spittler, L. Spelbring, D. McKean, D. Creek, S, Butler, B. Tilton. SECOND ROW: B. Sloan, B. King, M. Mayberry, S. Schuman, L. Cuttill, M. Larus, S. Bilbrey. THIRD ROW: N, Overlin, D, Davidson, D. Steffen, C. Artze, B. Cottrell, S. Keck, I. Boyer, FOURTH ROW: S. Weidner, D. Gosnell, R. Ellis, I. Roberts, S, Scribner, L. Harris, R. Watkins, C. Ambruehl. 0l'l'l0l"eff Pres, -Louis Sutherland Sec. -Roberta Ellis. Vice Pres. -Bernice Sloan Tres. -Glenn Nihiser Our student council representatives this year are our class president and secretary plus Bever- ly King. We were honored when one of our group, Shirley Weidner, was chosen cheerleader. Jordan York, Keith Kohr, and Glenn Nihiser won letters in Football. Glenn and Shirley were put out of action with broken bones. Glenn sustained a broken nose in the Bement game. Shirley broke her arm in Physical Education class. 24 :W ol is ..-'XXX I FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Dalton, B. Kelm, K. Gillaspie, W. Akers, R. Bolsen, Mr. Roy. SECOND ROW: D. Burress, H, Snyder, R. Kite, J, Britton, V. Elam. THIRD ROW: D, Warner, J. Kruse, K. Rapp, K. Kohr, J. York. FOURTH ROW: J. Bean, D. McGeehon, J. Zollars, L. McCoy, G. Nihiser, L. Sutherland ,Shia 0l'l'l 01025 Sophomore homecoming candidates were Shirley Weidner and Shirley Butler, Louis Sutherland and Glenn Nihiser. Shirley Weidner and Louis Sutherland survived first elimination in homecoming king and queen race. We had several of our members in band and chorus. The class sponsored a rummage sale held in Decatur early in December. We held a half and half dance in Mt, Zion Gym on December 7. Also sponsored the Christmas dance held December 20 after the P. T. A. program. We're looking forward to next year since we'11 be upper classmen then. Our advisors this year were Mr. Roy, Mr. Dalton, and Mrs. Spittler. 25 FIRST ROW, left to right: D, Underwood Z.. Spelbring, D. White, B, Massey, M, Gibson, Miss Divilbiss. SECOND ROW: I. Fathauef, J. Floyd, B, Stull, P. Kohr, J. Walmsley, R, Rhoades, V. Bean. THIRD ROW: D. Morey, M. Underwood R. Howard, B. Hunter, G. Price, D, Sullivan, M. Hake. FOURTH ROW: V. Bingaman, J. Kruse, L. Usinger, E, Evans, N. Wright, S. Koshinski, H. Rapp. QPQJAIQQQIQ The good ship Freshie got off to a big start this year, The class of 1954 embarked on its maiden voyage in a big wayl With flags flying, champagne streaming from its prow, and thous- ands of people yelling 'til their throats were sore, the vessel was launched on September 5,IQ5O, At its first roll call, the crew chose its officers: Bill Sullivan. . . . . . . .President Tony Bobbit. . . . . . . . Vice-President Virginia Bean. . . . . . . Secretary Dixie Sullivan...,,.,,....,,.,,...,Treasurer Sponsors are: Mr. Caywood, Mr. Ross, and Miss Divilbiss. Now these latter titles may sound strange: actually they are only for land-lubbers. On the Freshie they are known as Captain, First Mate, Keeper of the Log, and Purser, Represent- ides to the Grand Strategy Board qStudent Councilj were Bill Stocks, Bill Sullivan, and Virginia Bean. '26 O FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. Caywood, I. Rucker, F. Smith, H. Benton, Cs. Akers, J, Boone, B. Maple. -D. Cooprider, Mr, Ross, SECOND ROW: M, Brownlee, B, Stocks, D. Boliek, T. Brazell, D. St. Pierre, D. Hodge, G. Springman. H, Underwood, L. Steffen. THIRD ROW: C, Lake, J, Wehrle, R. jackson. D, Henry. W. Cuttill, D. Robinson, E. Scribner, R. Curtsinger. FOURTH ROW: R, Tucker, B. Friesner, M, Britton, W. Powell, T, Bobbit,B, Wells, I, Walmsley, R, Marsh, G. Davidson, FIFTH ROW: D. Brown, R, Zollars, B. Sullivan. M. Napierski, J. York, P, Reed. I. LeHew, L. Hooper. gl"86Al'l'l2l'L Having crossed the equator for the first time, all crew members went through a grue- some iniriation. To explain in the words of one member: "It wasn't what we expected at all, We really looked funny. The girls had to dress as Li'l Abner and the boys as Daisy Mae. We drank water, ate onions, stepped in hor and cold water, and crawled onourhands and knees." At the Captain's Ball qHomecoming, that isp our candidate for Queen was Dixie Sullivan. And, of course, many of our crew "men" took part in the athletics on board, prov- ided for the amusement of the passengers. These were: Tony Bobbit, Bill Stocks, Francis Smith, Bill Sullivan, Richard Jackson, David Robinson, Lawrence Hooper, Harry Underwood, Everett Scribner, and Bill Powell, By the end of the year, all of the sailors were feeling like seasoned voyagers, and ready for 'another tour around the Cape of Good HopefMount Zion High Schoolj during the following whaling season. 27 1J il VT if? lg. kwiv-1 rx id +mfff'?5K ff' and f xx 'T"""' FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Crum, R, Stull, F. Smith, H. Underwood. E. Scribner, B. Stocks, Mr. Higdon, Mr. Bems. SECOND ROW: J. York, J, Benton, R. Ames, H. Goodwin, D. lbbinson, W. Powell, R. Jackson, THIRD ROW: L, Sutherland. L. Hunter, D. York. K. Kohr, L. Fonner, G, Smith, FOURTH ROW: B. Boudell, G. Nihiser, J, Dunn, I. Cooley. T. Bobbit, B, Sullivan D. Henry. joofgaf The Mt. Zion High School started football again for the first time in 22 years, We had a very successful season, winning four and loosing four, Our boys were inexperienced, but gained knowledge as the season proceeded. There were seventeen boys that received football letters. They are: Seniors: I. Benton. B, Boudell, J. Cooley, and H. Goodwin. Juniors: R, Ames, J, Dunn, L. Fonner, D. Henry, G, Smith, T. Gillaspie, and J. York, Sophomores: K. Kohr, G. Nihiser, and D. York. Freshmen: B, Sullivan, T. Bobbit, and D. Robinson. Lakeview 1213 Zion Q03 Sullivan Q 273 Zion Q I 33 Assumption Q63 Z ion Q 253 Bement U33 Z ion 1323 Moweaqua 1313 Z ion Q63 Assumption Q63 Z ion 1 183 Shelbyville 4 133 Zion Q 183 Tuscola C473 Zion Q03 A ll' SMITH BENTON , GOODWIN , COOLEY A .mumnl A I AMES ' BOUDEL1, N HENRY FONNER 1, YORK NIHISER K- KOHR KUHR K STULL BOBBIT SULLIVAN D. YORK 31 DUNN CCJACH 51' GEORGE l Q - FIRST ROW -- Cogch Crum, B. Wells, R. Zollars, M. Napierski, J. LeHew, W. Stocks, M. Kohr, . SECOND ROW -- I. Benton, G. Smith, L, Sutherland, G. Nihiser, W, Boudell, I. Tucker, D.fClark, THIRD ROW -- R. Ames, J, Bean, L. Bobbit, J. Cooley, J. Dunn, L. Fonner, H. Goodwin, .gaagefgaf So far the team has not had a very successful season, They have won only 4 games, They were Tri-City, Lovington, Maroa, and Assumption. They have played some close ones like those with Bethany at home and there, Argenta, Lakeview, Niantic, and Stonington. But close as they were they do not count as wins in the book. The team now stands seventh out of eight in the Cenois Conference. In the Macon County Toumament we faced Niantic the first game. The team couldn't seem to get going and Niantic won 53 to 42. Lettermen from last year are Goodwin and Fonner. Additional on the "A" squad are: Dunn, Ames, Boudell, Benton, Cooley, and Smith, ,The J-V team has won eight of the first thirteen games. It has averaged 33,7 points per game, Rules of the Cenois Conference permit juniors to play on the I-V roster. There are seven freshmen: Bobbit, Lei-Iue, Napierski, Stocks, Tucker, Wells, and Z.ol1ars. Three sophomores: Bean, Nihiser, and Sutherland. These ten men are supplemented by the lesser members of the juniors on the varsity in their J -V games, 32 M ' fmfgw 45 n ii? A HA Q m 'if Q . X 3 M nl F X , - JACK Nh gg MQW ,,+,., ,, 1' ,, J X" 4 gy ki Jr SMU YY -5' J- eri an W 6 W 1 ,, LARRY " l,1lllN FIRST ROW -- left to right -- Mr. Crum, D. Clark, J. Benton, R. Luster, J. Cooley, H. Goodwin, L. Fonner, R. Hodge. SECOND ROW -- D. Roderick, B. Stocks, J. Lehew, B. Sullivan, L. Sutherland, G. Nihiser, G. Smith, C. Smith. THIRD ROW -- F. Smith, W. Powell, B. Marsh, R. Tucker, B. Land, D. St. Pierre, H. Underwood . HCLJQLCLK This spring the Mt. Zion Braves will play six baseball games with neighboring schools. Included in these are Stonington, gin while track is still in session, Macon County Track Meets. The Fonner, H. Goodwin, I. Cooley, L. Sutherland. The Freshmen and others Sullivan, I. Lehew, B. Stocks, Tucker, B. Marsh, W. Powell, F. Lovington, Lakeview, and Maroa. Baseball tryouts will be- but the schedule does not begin until after the Cenois and lettermen we will have back for baseball this spring are: L. R. Luster, I. Benton, D. Clark, G. Smith, G. Nihiser, and who will tryout for the team are: R. Hodge, C. Smith, B. D. Roderick, H. Underwood, D. St. Pierre, B. Land, R. D. Smith. 34 FIRST ROW --left to right -- D. Boliek, B. Stocks, H. Underwood, M. Brownlee, D. Cooprider, I. Boone, H. Benton, F. D. Smith, Mr. Crum. SECOND ROW -- J. Benton, R. Jackson, D. Henry, B. Marsh, D. St. Pierre, R. Hodge, D. Clark, D. Hodge. THIRD ROW -- B. Sullivan, W. Powell, L. Sutherland, B. Wells, L. Hooper, R. Tucker, G. Smith, D. Roderick, W. Cuttill, D. Hyland. FOURTHIROW -- T. Bobbit, J. Dunn, L. Fonner, R. Luster, G. Nihiser, B. Land, M. 'Napierski, R. Ames, R. Zollars, J. Lehew. jp... The Mt. Zion Track team will be present at the Macon County and the Cenois Track Meets this Spring. These meets are held at the I . M. U. Stadium each year. We hope that our track team is stronger this spring than it has been in previous years. The lettermen back for track are: L. Sutherland, D. Hyland, L. Fonner, G. Nihiser. The members who did not get letters last year and who will be in track are: D. Boliek, B. Stocks, H. Underwood, M. Brownlee, D. Cooprider, I. Boone, H. Benton, F. Smith, I. Benton, R. Jackson, D. Henry, B. Marsh, D. St. Pierre, R. Hodge, D. Clark, D. Hodge, B. Sullivan, W. Powell, B. Wells, L. Hooper, G. Smith, D. Roderick, W. Cuttill, T. Bobbit, J. Dunn, R. Luster, G. Nihiser, B. Land, M. Napierski, R. Ames, R. Zollars, J. Lehew. 35 4 1 Q . A f .. - 4 al W W , .gf 4. rf'- . a ' . ff ' 4212? if f x 'V 2 I z . E J f. 65. A. Wynn .rm 9 32521.-, ,LJ ,x ' X 7.5 Ag ., -- Maggy V. ! lk? 3' '31 A 'F gl H, al3f , pall, ' U M' ' af 'C . .H N .Q x Q"- g'l 1 :MRL mqy Af 1 3 3 X :a,'4nx in 5 , 6. x 47 A,. ,N . 'ex 1,358 4 v.. aff ' 'B 4 '- Irv Q-' ,- Kyg S .EA K C' ..,. ': '4 . N,-Q 7x 4' 1 , Q. 6 ai nf? "ll ?' 4 " f 5' it i Ji? 7 V Q' 9 is ? -YL, - it X ,:394'vs-...fx Q .N- 1' Q2 5 ....--.., .Q 'if .' x. A .I Q Www if ,.-. as -. . 1 v ,I . ,,,,,,,- fx. . imykqfw f Q wp. g..w4m,5,!qy,J .. M26-'ifrf-:x,7 K -'f -21214 .,. , . . -Y 4.1: L ' Le ' 'wjff f my Q. , 5 wzygfvmwmx wvfg A .. W .. wp,,,,,4 ,w 'fsrx 1 i R , if nf" k f w 1.,f R K . ,, R X - .A ,L E S K ' "DI QL 'Kiwi ' .. 35: 95... W , X sw: . G X Qs is FIRST ROW' left to fight: L- Langley. R. Luster, D. Dickson, C. Nihiser, Mrs. Karl, SECOLID ROW: B. Hake, P. Brown, D, Hyland, N. Trulock, J, Stocks, 1-1, Goodwin P. Grinestaff, R. St. Pierre, R. Harris, J, Benton. ' Editor Assistant Editors . . . . Business Manager . . . Assistant Business Copy Editor .... Sports Editor ,.,, Class Editor .... Activities Editor Feature Editor , , Typists .... Advisor ..... ionoiz Say a-.nun--Q---0.-a Dick Dickson . . . Coralei Nihiser, Norma Trulock -.--nn.-..--. . , . Ruth Harris Managers , , , . , , Ronnie Luster, Peggy Grinestaff Rupert St. Pierre . . . John Benton Har :y Goodwin . . . .Don Hyland IanisSt0cks . Lois Langley, Beverly Hake, Patty Brown 39 Mrs. Karl FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Spittler, L. Britton, G. Boyer, I. Stocks, I. Cooley, D. Trent. SECOND ROW: J. Dunn, R. Harris, C. Nihiser, G. Burress, R. McIntosh, P. Brown, Mr. C aywood. THIRD ROW: M. Wickline, J. Reason, J. Benton, J., Hall, C. Bulla, B. Hake, L. Langley. Editor ....... . . I anis Stocks Business Manager. . . . . Gary Boyer Local Editor. . . . . Darlene Trent Copy Editor . . . . .Lois Jean Britton Sports Editor .......... I ohn Cooley . Reporters are Jack Benton, Pat Brown, Corwin Bulla, Gary Burress, I im Dunn,Bever- ly Hake, John Hal1,Rose11a McIntosh and A1- bert Price. CL- Ol' Typists are Lois Langley, Marian Wick- line, Ruth Harris, and Cora1eiNihiser. Sponsors are Mrs. Spittler and Mr. Cay- wood. The paper is a member of the Illinois State High School Press Association and the Eastem Illinois High School Association. 40 .qi SITTING, left to right: Mr. Bems, L. Britton, R. Harris, J, Cooley, SECOND ROW: B.'Stocks. R, Ellis, P. Grinestaff, H, Myers, B, King, V, Bean, THIRD ROW: L. Sutherland, B, Sullivan, H, Goodwin, ,giuclenf Counci President-Ruth Harris Vice Pres. 'John Cooley Secretary-Treasurer Lois Britton 'Advisor- Mr, Berns The Student Council, this year consisted of three members of each class one representative plus the President and Secretary of each class, Many problems arose during the year, which we tried to settle, One of them being the freshman initiation, which was held the first week in October, We sponsored a few dances and parties which helped in raising our treasury, We sincerely tried and did our best to answer the "kids" questions and settle their problems so that the school was benefitted as well as the students. 41 FIRST ROW --left to right -- D. Heinz, S. Keck, J. Stocks, M. Kohr, H. Underwood, B. Stocks, F. Smith, H. Benton, Mr. Ross. SECOND ROW -- D. Henry, D. Hyland, C. Bulla, S. Scribner, R. Harris, L. Britton, E. Dennis, L. Tipsword, H. Myers, P. Grinestaff. THIRD ROW -- R. Jackson, M. Britton, R. Camp, D. Dickson, I. Lehew, H. Goodwin, D. Henry, G. Smith, I. Benton. FOURTH ROW: R. Ames, R. Luster, G. Burress, G. Boyer, B. Fiesler, J. Cooley, I. Dunn, L. Fonner, M. Goad. 6U'l'lel"6t Click! Click! Flash! Flash! There went the camera and the negative shows us that Iohn Cooley came out as President. Another Flash! We see our Vice President, Jackie Benton. Helen Myers tumed out to be a Secretary, with Don Hyland posing as Treasurer. Some energetic members got out and sold some Christmas cards and stationery. fThanks are flashing to these photographersj. The "Big Four Flashes" got together and chose a membership committee. Erma Dennis, Helen Myers and Peggy Grinestaff were elected for this. We would like to thank the G.A.A.' for giving their time to us shutterbugs. 42 pg' ,g W 5 . safe f ' t. - Q SEZ ., 'ff r if MVS, -' - fi. ' . -' K : - of 'V' FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Barnett, R. Harris, E. Dennis. secouo ROW: R. Rhoades, D. Gosnell, R. suis, c. Ame. J. Roberts. M- Veech. L. Hams. D. Creek, S. Bilbrey. THIRD ROW: S, Parks, B. King, M. GibSOl'l, V- Bean. L- TiP5W0fd- S- Butler: B- Han. B- S1035 Mrs. Karl. U FOURTH ROW: M. Larus, N, Overlin. I. Stocks, S. Weidner, H. MyerS. C. Nihiser. D. D3V1d50l'1 I, Boyer, M. Hake. President-Ruth Harris Vice-Pres. -Carol Barnett Secretary-Treasurer -Erma Dennis Club Sponsor-Mrs. Karl The club this year consisted of three seniors, seven juniors, fifteen sophomores, and four freshmen. A new requirement, a B in gym, also everyone must sell 35.00 worth of stationery was added to our list along with our physicals and dues. Janis Stocks and Ruth Harris attended G, A, A, Camp last summer at East Bay Camp. We made 8s65. 00 in our stationery drive. Bernice Sloan was high salesman. We held our usual tournaments and sports throughout the year. They were soccer, volley- ball, basketball, and softball. We spent 365.00 on new shinguards for Soccer. Some of our group had fun attending play days at Bethany, Monticello, and Decatur. 43 FIRST Row, left to right: D. Robinson, D. Hyland, D. Clark, H. Goodwin- I- COOICY' G. Boyer, L, Fonner, Mr. Crum. SECOND ROW: B. Boudell, G. Nihiser. R, Luster, D. York, L. Bobbin. J. Dunn. G. Burress, L, Sutherland, R. Ames. THIRD ROW: M. Kohr J, York, J. Benton, B, Sullivan, R. Stull, K. Kohr, D. Henry. President-John Cooley Vice Pres. -Harvey Goodwin G , Smith. Secretary -Treasurer -Larry Fonner Sargent-at -arms-Gary Boyer Zowiel the "Z" clubl And zing goes the girls' hearts when they lay eyes on some bulging chest wrapped up in good old Z.ion's red and white insignia, And say, the stalwarts do no little sweating to earn their letters, By cracky, it's no white collar job, No, sirl "Just ask the man who owns one, " The Z club is an honorary organization of those who have succeeded in earning a letter in one or more sports. Coach Crum is the sponsor. New members initiated into the club this year were: Leon Bobbit, Bill Sullivan, Jordan York, Douglas York, lim Dunn, Bi11Boudel1, Terry Gillaspie, and John Benton, ' 44 'I ,git HUMEMAKERS FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Grinestaff, C. Barnett, R, Harris, L. Harris, Miss Gantzert. SECOND ROW: D, White, S. Butler, B, Tilton, N. Trulock, D. Heinz, H. Myers, L. Britton, K. Wendel, D. Creek, L. Spelbring. THIRD ROW: B. King, S. Parks, L. Cuttill, D. Morey, B. Boyer, M. Underwood, S. Bilbrey, M. Larus, M. Hake, B. Sloan, J. Fathauer. FOURTH ROW: N, Overlin, B, Hunter, C, Ambruehl, B, Hake, S, Weidner, J, Cornell, J, Stocks, P. Brown, J. Kruse, B. Stull. Fifth Row: L. Usinger, D. Gosnell, M.'Veech, B. Huss, S, Scribner, C. Artze. I. Roberts R. Ellis, E, Dennis, L. Tipsword, S. Keck. . A President-Ruth Harris Vice-Pres. -Lou Harris Secretary-Carol Barnett Treasurer-Peggy Grinestaff Chorister-Helen Myers Historian-Norma Trulock Club Sponsor-Miss Gantzert Parliamentarian-Diane Heinz Club Mother-Mrs. Heinz Flower -Red Rose Colors-Red and White Motto-Toward New Horizons Slogan-Stepping Stones to Happiness I The Mt. Zion Chapter of F.H. A. tried hard to place our publicity book in the section 21 finals. The officers attended several section meetings throughout the year, and gained agood deal of information from them for our club. Diane Heinz attended F.H. A. Camp at East Bay Camp last summer. She brought back good ideas for making money and having a good time which we used during the year. We had several outside speakers, as well as programs planned by various committees. Our programs were built around our eight purposes and our slogan for the year. 45 FRONT TABLE: Mr. Brush, L. Sutherland, J. Cooley, R. St.. Pierre, D. Henry. LEFT TABLE, left to right: D. St. Pierre, B. Stocks, J. Rucker, T. Brazell, B. Wells, D. Henry, B. Acres, B. Trusner, R. Hodge, J. Zollars, D. Hodge, D. McGeehon, I. York, D. York. BACK TABLE: M. Britton, L. Hooper, B. Marsh, J. Britton, G. Springman, W. Powell, C. Lake. RIGHT TABLE: R. Camp, D. Warner, L. McCoy, C. Akers, J. Kruse, G. Nihiser, J. Lei-lew, E. Scribner, J. Bean, B. Atchison, R. Tucker, J. Walmsley, I. Walmsley. o o o President - John Cooley Vice President - Louis Sutherland Secretary - Rupert St. Pierre Treasurer - Don HY13nd Reporter - Don Henry Club sponsors - Mr. Bohlen Mr. Brush In April we had a contour plowing contest with five entries, our entry, Neil Damery got third. The boy from Mansfield won the contest. On June 4, twelve F. F. A. boys, Mr. Bohlen, two cooks, and ine bus driver left for Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. We visited the Monarch Stove Company, and the cheese factory in Beaver Dam. Good fishing was enjoyed by most boys. We returned June II. Mt. Zion had eight boys showing at the county fair, but only three showed rat the state fair. Sept. 25 Mt. Zion F.F.A. held opening ceremonies for the officers training camp at Camp Seymour. Mt. Zion had an "A" rating for poultry, grain and fat stock teams at the state judging contest. There will be several entries in the grain and poultry show at Blue Mound. It was decided that it would be best to have a potluck again this year instead of a banquet. It was held on December 13. 46 FIRST ROW -- left to right -- M. Wickline, B. Hall, S. Parks, L. Langley, D. Clark, B. Hake, N. Trulock, Mr. Caywood. SECOND ROW -- C. Bamett, D. Heinz, I Cornell, I. Stocks, C. Nihiser, P. Grinestaff, H. Myers, L. Tipsword, E. Dennis. THIRD ROW -- L. Britton, D. Trent,'B. Huss, D. Roderick, D. Henry, G. Smith, D. Hyland, R. Harris, M. Veech. FOURTH ROW -- D. Dickson, R. St. Pierre, R. Ames, G. Burress, J. Dunn, I, Cooley, C. McRae, L. Fonner, M. Goad. I"6U'l'l6L After a somewhat belated start, the Drama Club swung into action by choosing these officers: president, Rupert St. Pierreg vice-president, Marilyn Veechg secretary, Carol Bamett, treasurer, Don Henry. Some of the activities in dramatics which were planned for the 1950-1951 school year included participation in the state speech contest, presenting a One-act play for a school as- sembly program, and attending the Shakespearean production of Romeo and Juliet at the Uni- versity of Illinois. Members are chosen for the Drama Club on the basis of having successfully worked in some phase of dramatics Qcast or production crewsj for a major play. After A Case of Spring- lrf, the junior play, the following students were accepted as members: Don Henry, Raymond Ames, Lois Britton, Bill Atchison, Carol Bamett, Dale Clark, Lorene Tipsword, Betty Hall, Norma Trulock, Erma Dennis, Morris Goad, Helen Myers, Larry Fonner, Marilyn Veech, Diane Heinz, Peggy Grinestaff, James Dunn, Gene Smith, Carl McRae, Sharon Parks, Ioan Cornell, David Roderick, Jerry Snyder, Betty Huss, 47 THE CLASS OF 1952 presents A CASE OF SPRINGTIME November 9 and lo, 1950 CAST Eight O'Clock Bob Parker , , Betty Parker , , Dickie Parker , Mr, Parker, , Mrs, Parker, , Louella ,,,, GWeH..... . Eddie Abernaker , , Don Henry , Carol Barnett , , Dale Clark ,Bill Atchison , , Lois Britton , , Betty Hall , Diane Heinz Raymond Ames Joan Abernaker Mr, Abernaker Mrs, Brunswick Mrs, james, , Mrs, Hill, , , Marilyn Veech , . , , Larry Fonner Norma Trulock Lorene Tipsword , ,Erma Dennis Plainclothes Man, , , ,Morris Goad Miss Bright, , , , , , Helen Myers Director, Mr, Caywood Assistant Director, Peggy Grinestaff Y, V, rx A S' thhrf N lr K Eu KX , sf s '13 0 an 9 T mgng glt i 48 am if L n4..ra..,., .s FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D, Underwood, K, Wendel, S. Parks, 1, Floyd, B, King, 1, Fathauer, S Butler, D. White, Mr, Kramer, SECOND ROW: R. Rhoades, B, Hake, L. Cuttill, N. Trulock, R, Howard, M. Larus, M. Hake, P, Kohr, L. Langley, THIRD ROW: J. Boyer, N, Overlin, B, Hunter, S, Koshinski, C. Ambuehl, V, Bingaman, S. Keck, M, Underwood, S, Bilbrey, FOURTH ROW: J. Cornell, I, Stocks, H, Myers, D, Gosnell, L, Harris, L. Tipsword, P, Grinestaff, D, Heinz, 'S, Weidner, FIFTH ROW: E. Dennis, M, Veech, D, Trent. J. Hutchison, C, Artze, B. Huss, R, Harris, R, Ellis, L. Britton, 0 MAEC AS. FIRST ROW: H. Benton, R, St, Pierre, B. Fiesler, D, Hyland, H, Goodwin, B. Freisner, SECOND ROW: J. Stocks, E, Dennis, M, Veech, R, Harris, Mr, Kramer, L, Britton, H, Myers, P, Grinestaff, D. Heinz, THIRD ROW: M. Kohr, M. Hake, B. Hake, B, Boyer, S, Bilbrey, L, Langley, D, Boliek, 49 FIRST ROW -- R, St, Pierre, B, Atchison, C. Nihiser, M. Wickline, C. Artze, S. Weidner, SECOND ROW -- R. Zollars, J, Snyder, C, Wendel, B, King, M, Kohr, D. Boliek, P, Kohr, W, Kite, H, Snyder, B, Wells, D, Burress, J, Zollars, R. Bolsen, THIRD ROW -- M, Britton, J, Kruse, M, Hake, I, Kruse, L, Bobbit, P. Kite, M.Mayberry, G, Nihiser, M, Underwood, F, Smith, H. Underwood, D. Henry, B, Freisner, FOURTH ROW -- Mr, Kramer, E, Dennis, H, Goodwin, K, Kohr, J, Boone, udic KNEELING, Left to Right: R. Bolsen, M. Kohr, STANDING, Left to Right: M, Mayberry, R, St, Pierre, J, Zollars, B, Atchison, I, Kruse, R, Zollars, J, Snyder, G. Nihiser. 50 Qaiiigsr, KEITH KOHR SHIRLEY BILBREY av 6- JO BOYER JANET WALMSLEY lf J K MARILYN HAKE I IRMA DENNIS BOB MARSH f I jg XS? MARK BRITTON BEVERLY HAKE -6 gg Lx g4 'cv Vp ,. JOHN BRIT TON Ri I 4' DONNA DAVIDSON it in J cARoL Anrze DIANE HEINZ .sig I ,,,, LOIS BRITTON SUZANNE KECK X N I IO ANN FLOYD DALE CLARK si-Q9-, X I QZL X 5 HARRY UNDERWOOD A x 5 EILEEN EVANS NORMA OVERLIN 'uwvu 'xvu 'u'u'u'u'u C. A. COX General Merchandise Mt. Zion Phone 50 STANLEY'S STANDARD SERVICE Greasing --Washing -- Simonizing Batteries 8. Tires Phone P.O. No. 2 Route No. 121 Mt. Zion, III. H. W. FRIESNER Tank Truck Dist. Standard Oil Products Phone 41 R2 Mt. Zion PAUL'S CONFECTIONERY Decatur, Ill . 444444444444444444444444 G44 C! C! G44 Ci CI444 G44 444444444 C! G G4 G G 84444 G44 G G4 G4 G CI44 G4 G44 G4 SPORTS CENTER INC. Sports Equipment for Every Purpose 242 North Park St Decatur, Illinois Phone 6772 HERFF JONES COMPANY Class Rings, Commencements Announcements John J Shiel Representative Decatur JIMMIE DALE Auto Body and Paint Shop Convertible Tops and Seat Covers Bear Wheel Alignment 155 E Green St Decatur, III. DDD-D'D'D-D'D-DD-RvD-I'D-D-9-D'D'D'D'D'D-D-D-D-D-D-XPUD'D'D'D'DD-IPD-D-DD'D'D'D'D'D-U9-D-D-D-IPD-D-D'D-D-D'D'D-D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D-D'D'D-8-D-IJ UD D6 44444444444444440444444444444444444444444644444G64444444644G440444446444444664444446 JI -fl-CI 9 6 E E A 2 IQ HlGHT STATE BANK E S A Q Established an 1892 E V 2 2 Dalton City 2 E is Q, 2 2 iv WILKINSON LUMBER YARD .5 Z A Z Building Materials E .,. Q 6 3 Dalton City as Q .S Z as EL- - -- - 2 Zi 2 Z FARMER'S GRAIN COMPANY E Q 1 ' -'R E Grain, Coal, Feed, Implements, Fertilizers 8. Limestone 9 Q E Dalton City Phone: I5 or 21 A 3 2 " 2 E 4444440404404444'fl'G'G'G'G'C'CI'C'fl'G'C'C'G'G'G'0'C'G'Q C4 C G40 G C414 0404040400404'lI'a'G'G'3'fl'G'll'fl'G'fl'fl'C'G'Q'Q Q C444 ll 2 Q 6 Q 6 E LANGLEY5 MARKET DECATUR MOTOR SALES "' 11 J: Y ff Groceries - Hardware - Lumber 792 Easrwood Street E Mi. Zion Phone 25Fl3 Dewfuff 'llfnois fi E e5 Q l - - - Q E' "' G. w. DAVIS HATCHERIES . Z RAWLINGS HARDWARE "Decatur's Finest Chicks" ' Z Wayne Feeds - Remedies - 6 E Electrical Appliances Poultry Supplies A " H30 E. Eldorado Street A Dalton City Phone 5031 Decatur, Illinois je REEDY BROS. GARAGE Compliments of fine is i E General Repairing cocA-coLA BOTTLING co. 9 Dalton can Phone 54 Decatur, ul. Phone 23262 'E : .s 9 6 3 53 2 QD'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'l'vD'D'D' xnnnn-nunnun-mh- -44444444444444 4444444 4444444444444444444444442 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 444444444444 444444444444 44 4 4444 4 -fl-fl 4 'G44 -4 GAS 8. ELECTRIC SALES CO., INC. BULK 8. BOTTLE GAS TO BURN Complete Line of APPLIANCES, FURNACES 8. FINE FURNITURE 2 Miles East 8. I Mile South of Elwin, Ill. ERWIN FIESLER General Manager Phone--231 I LAMBDIN'S Groceries and Meats "Good food -- Home cooked" Duhon City DALTON CITY CAFE 444444444444444444444G444444444444444444 444444444444444444444444444464464444G46 TRACTORS H-I MACHINERY J O N E S I M P L E M E N T C O . Sales -- McCormick -- Deering -- Service The Dealer Who Does Things For You I Complete Line of Parts In Charge is Mr. Ike Allen. FREEZE RS REF Rl GE RATORS DECATUR, ILL. 54 U PUDUVUDUDDUDUUD UU 9909909 VDUDUUVDDD V999 0999900 U D' UD' F D U DD D-:rfb-IIQIMDQD-B-Dsh DfD0D'D-DvDvD-Dv D DJJ D06 446 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 J lla'-Il-tl.0.ll.II JI-fl -Grill!-fl ffl-flofl-fl AJ! -G4-Cl-G-fl -'I 444444444444444444444444444444464444d44 4444444444444444 4 D 6 6 ' 6 6 SHELLABARGER Mu.Ls, mc. 2 6 Fully Equipped for E Custom Grinding 8. Mixing A Complete Feeds Master Mix Concentrates J' Elwin, Illinois Pl'I0I'Ie 2291 BRITTON BROS. " Grain - Coal - Feed Z Limestone -Crushed Rock 5 Phone 76R3 Mt. Zion A EARL F. JOHNSON THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK 6 Insurance Broker DBCGTUF, lllil'10iS Mt. Zion Phone 25F13 Every Banking Service 2 4 PG44WC44WC444WG44 DC444WG4 bG44 DG444WG444TG44 DC64 DG44 D044 DG444bG44TG44lMG4G4DG444PG44 IGGGJPGG E 6 MT. ZION STATE BANK A Capital Account S100,000.00 2 6 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HOOD'S STANDARD SERVICE A We like to see and serve you .5 Junction 121 8. 36 -- 4 Miles E. of Decatur 5 6 ROBERT'S BARBER SHOP . BOWMAN'S HARDWARE Halrcuts the way you want them -Lora Creek Open 1-?:30p Sat. 12:00 Plumbing Heating Fruits Veg. Electric Appliances TONY'S MARKET Open Every Day 7 till 9 Mt. Zion Phone 18 as Groc Route 36 Meats A 55 if 6 QDDDDDDDUDPDUDUUUDDDDDDP9DDU9DD090DDDVDDDDVDVUDDDDVDUDDDVVDDDUDVVDDDUDDVDDDDVDDDDDD6 444444460'G'G'G'G-G-G'G-Cl'Cl'Cl'G-CI'G-G'G'G-G-G-G'G'G'4!'G G'G'G'G-Gffl G'G'Cl'Cl'G'G'G'G'Cb4l'Cl'G G CPC!-6 C!-G'CH!'G-G G Cbilfil G41 ll G G G Gfll G G G'C!'G G G-G-Cbdb A KENBERG PHOTOGRAPHERS KANKAKEE ILL. 2-4I I7 or 3-40I2 -ca-a-a-ca-c-an-a-a-a-an-ca-a-a-an-a-a-a a-cr-cz-a-a-cm-a-Q-ex-a-a-a-a cm-a-a a-cm-a-cc-a-cm-a-a-cz-cz-cz-cz-cr-a-cm-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-cz-cm-cr-cr-a-a-cc-cm cz cm cz -MAC'S 66 SERVICE STATION Dalfon City Phone 32 DOC COLE Macon Co. Service Co. Gas and Oil Phone 36R2 "" FOREST VIEW TRADING CENTER Groceries -- Meais -- Notions R. R. 6 Decatur, III. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS PU'D'U'l3'9'D'D'D'D'D'D'9'D'U'D'D'D'l5'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'U'D'P'T"D'D'T"D'D'lr' D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D'D-D-D-D'D'D-D-b fa. N x VI ' :P I Vg! 4' ,,' - x,, I, xy, . ww Jw ry' I if .V J ER xfb 1 4 Y 2 29.1 . 11. , '. 1 , F a 'ff A 1 52 JL .. 1 'I 14, 1 K . 1 .1551- ff , ,,3ff,:f:,, . ' 'Wir I 1,1:f'Tk . . , . 1 Lim- 1: Is ' 7 1159 P, 4- 5 12 ggnp: 1 ff, Ay Z' 1,7 ,' 1 . H + ' um, 4 - ,,,gw,. .V I, , L Myv.. - .:t,.f,,, .' 3, -x ww. ,o z Q1 , 'f'f,.h 4 fn ' ,wg gag, 1" SP .Lgfg.a'g7,.1g. ' .gw-'?K1'iLef ,, E ze:-rv - .- YI ,...:-115 PLY, L 1 ' ' gf' 1 WJ L."-N A .Vg ,, P ,X , .. xr , 1 i,v FW2'i5 ' vt? :M X 1.wNi7' - - x U L ' Wifi. ' - ie , ' J' vaQwfv ll wvQQwf ' fWmw V- -u Aff TI :V A :W-+ '1':6AT,' v, 1 ,w"?.'Is' -SW 4? fi Lf: U 1 , km, Y, .ba 3 3 A 1 if 1 w M, J , 1 4 2 'Tr 5 'I 2 ' 4' 'T' 4 . 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