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I A w f 'fm v V. , 4 f A, V: . . K, , w. ,V A B IQ, 1 Q ., - 11' A f' :A F. LET 5. 'QQ:1f.:Si.1ef'f 1 Af Q? , .N :Hr 'WSE i'Ay5f"1:, . " , fl ' ' ' I ,.:hg3'i3 :,...E.kq. ' " 'V'-gi, ' 14" 'iikihtex 4. ., , . ..x. , Al , ,W - . 27:11 Q','Q,'f""fJ.: - .ffu WJ' Q ' ' , fy' ,,,'Qw .' .551 1 g "' ' F '5'.if:-' , 1 .., " , K -1" ET'-L 4 Wi, , ' 'i'.- in 'M Lys- 1ff3z.z,- :ff xp. ,551 si W W HX --Cf l I ' W X W EX LIBBIS X THE 1950 ZIONDIZ I f' ,If rll' in I, 1' I X ' Wien - 5 Gaim W1 Hr' -'. f if' 'iff lam 1 'Q Iru-auf-xx J ..-,r 'Sl-I-Tw Q- -":,i?5ggg3M -. 'iii-'W Rf: f-' 2fv35i2Q'i:iifr-' 1 5,15 ,, ,. f -- .E,f,.y swf- A 'vp Q, Tw .I',A4,.ff-Q!!-:fit "Q fa ',:,,,,-,.' ,hv ilr v.:-i:,',ru.:1Pt.sE:k5f,'.- Y ? ggi MJ, I f:':,r--.,-NH-'L' ff' , L34 .+ 779' ' 'M IJ' ,lr 1' ,ff gf ig: t. W I . MT. ZION COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Mt. Zion, Illinois FDREWORD ITHIN THESE PAGES LIE PRIZED MEMORIES OF THE GOOD TIMES OF THE PAST. WE HOPE THESE MEMORIES VVILI, ALVVAYS LAST. THROUGHOUT THE DAYS AND YEARS TO COME, WE IIOPE WE WILL REMEMBER OUR HIGH SCHOOL AND OUR FRIENDS TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD . DEDICATION. . ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY . BUS DRIVERS AND JANITORS . . SENIORS . . . SNAPS. . CLASS WILL . . CLASS PROPIIECY JUNIORS . . . SOPIIOMORES FRESHMEN . BASEBALL TRACK . . BASKETBALL ZIONOIZ STAFF . STUDENT COUNCIL F.F.A. . . . F.H.A. . . CAMERA CLUB . ZCLUB . . G. A. A. . . DRAMA CLUB JUNIOR PLAY SENIOR PLAY SA-MOR . . BOYS' CHORUS . GIRLS' CHORUS . BAND .... MIXED CHORUS . PATRONS . . AUTOGRAPHS 17,26,3I,32 Page 4 6 7,8,9 10 12-16 47-49 18 19 20-21 22-23 24-25 28 29 30 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 45 46 46 50-51 52 Carl L. Ross iff E, THE CLASS OF 1950, WISH TO DEDICATE THIS 1950 ZIONOIZ TO MR. CARL ROSS, ONE OF OUR CLASS SPONSORS. HE HAS CONTRIBUTED ADVICE AND MUCH WORK TO OUR CLASS AND HAS HELPED TO MAKE IT A SUCCESS. WE HOPE THIS WILL SHOW SOME OF THE APPRECIATION THAT WE FEEL TOWARD MR. ROSS FOR HIS ENCOURAGEMENT. The 1950 Zionoiz l"runI rrnr, lwfl lo l'fjlllf7RllSSl'H liroughton, Ralph llurris, prcsidvntg John 'l'r:u1gl1lv0r, F. C. Corn. Nwmmfl mn- I.:-n H1-l'ns, 1'!u-sh-r We-lls, svn-roturyg Jay Fulk, M. B. Wciduvr. BOARD OF EDUCATION 1 Superintendent Pl'inf'iPal 1'l,YIlI41 1' PORN, A.Il., M.A, LEO Il. BERNS, Bild., BLA. f3,,k1:m,1 fwfy q',,1h.m. Eastern State T0:1c'hm's Collogs- Iiznll Htntv 'l'1-:nr-hx-l's Vollngo Unworsny of mmms Plymouth Teachers Uollvgo Ihr' 1,050 Zillllllif' 7 WAYNE BOHLEN, B.s. University of Illinois Agriculture PAUL CAYWOOD, B.A., M.A. Evansville College Radio Drama Workshop Northwestern University University of Illinois English, Speech A. HALL-UM CRUM, B.S., A.M. Greenville College Butler University University of Illinois Coach, Physical Education, Social Studies LEON DALTON, B.S. Central Normal College Canterbury College University of Illinois Science VERNELE DIVILBIS, B.l'ld. Illinois State Normal University C'ommerce JAMES CORBETT FARRIS, A.B. Western Kentucky State Teachers College Western Kentucky State Normal English, Librarian MARIE GANTZERT, A.B., A.M. No1'th Central College University of Wisconsin Iowa State College University of Illinois Home Economics, Dean of Girls JAMES HIGDON, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Southeast Missouri State College Colorado State College of Education Industrial Arts The 1950 Zionoiz lv sy DOROTHY KARL, B.S. in Ed. Illinois State Normal University Physical Education, Social Studies CARL L. ROSS, Ed.B., M.S. Southern Illinois University University of Wisconsin Social Studies ELDO ROY, A.B. Oakland City College Indiana University Mathematics LULU SPITTLER University of Illinois James Millikin University Illinois State Normal University Commerce, Office Secretary JOHN THOMPSON, B. Mus. Ed. Murray State College University of Michigan James Millikin University Music STELLA DRAKE, A.B. James Millikin University University of Illinois Substitute Teacher The 1950 Zizrnoiz BUS DRIVERS AND JANITORS Top row, left to right-Frank Davis, Roscoe Shetler, Louis Sutherland, Sr., Bill Larimore. At left-Cleo Davis. At right-Donald Grabb. B6low4Wayne Britton, Blaine Roady Lyle Newberry. The 1950 Zionoiz R Z' E941 Q X1 f S j ' CLASSES ORS GLORIA PAULINE AMES-' ' Glory ' ' ' ' Hindustan " F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Carnival Committee 35 Bacca- laureate Usher 35 Commencement Usher 3. HELEN CATHERINE BATEMA N-"Katy" Hllcar Hearts and Gentle People" Band 1, 25 Girls' Chorus 1, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 45 But Fair Tomorrow 35 Sa-Mor Staff 45 Zionoiz Committee 45 Mixed Chorus 4. JAMES EDWARD BRYANT--"Jim" "Dear Jol1n, I Sent Your Saddle Home" Band 15 Junior Play Committee 35 Drama Club 35 Sa-Mor Staff 4. MAMIE LOUISE BRYANT-A'tMay" "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" Penny Carnival Committee 35 Senior Play Com- mittee 45 Sa-Mor Staff 45 Zionoiz Committee 4. HELEN JEANETTE EKISS-J ' Ekiss ' ' ' ' Always ' ' Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Contest 1, 25 Chorus Contest 25 Si Sci 25 F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Camera Club 35 G.A.A. 3, 45 G.A.A. Softball Champs 35 G.A.A. Basketball Champs 3, 45 Sa-Mor Stai 45 Good Night Ladies 4. BOBBY DEAN FULTE-"Lukie" "Johnson Rag" F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 3, 45 Track Team 3. ANNA RUTH GOODWIN-' ' Annie ' ' "You Do" F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Secretary 2, 45 G.A.A. Softball Champs 35 G.A.A. Basketball Champs 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Camp 2, 45 Attendant at Homecoming 35 Cheerleader 35 Prom Committee 35 Sa-Mor Stai 4. VIRGINIA MAE GORDON-' ' Ginny ' ' Klyours Y Y Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Basketball Champs 2, 3, 45 Student Council 15 Camera Club 2, 45 But Fair Tomorrow 35 Drama Club 3, 45 Speech Contest 4'5 Class Sec- retary 45 Sa-Mor Editor 45 Good Night, Ladies 4. The 1950 Zionoiz SENIO Ili PIN E HOSN l'll,llf" Rell " "Di-ar llc-arts and Gentle People" l".ll.A. l, 2, 3, 45 G.A,A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. Soft- ball Pluamps 35 ll.A.A. Basketball Champs 2, 3, 45 Play Unnlnittve 3, 45 Student Pouncil 45 Drama Club 3. l"RANl'l'lS .lOI5I'l"I'A GRlNl'lSTAl"F4"Fran" "Maybe It's Because" l".ll.A. l, 2, 3, 45 S1-4'relal'y of F.ll.A. 45 Chorus l5 Junior Varnival l'0lllllllllPl' 35 Play Uonimittee 35 Prom 1'onnnitt4-0 35 Usher for Baccalaureate 35 Uslwr for Junior Play 35 Play l'0II1lIlltt00 45 Cam- vra Club 45 Zinnoiz' Staff 45 Honievoming Queen Attendant 3. S'l'l'll.liA ALINIG lll'lf"l'UR -"'l'00ti0" "Damldy's Little Girl" l".lI.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Prom Ponnnittvu 35 Penny Pan nival llilllllllltlti' 35 AS!4llSlZlllf Director of B111 Fair 'I'o'mnrrouw 35 Sa-.llnr Staff 45 Zionoiz Staff 45 floor! Nighf, l.rulif'.w 4. JAUK In-:RO Y ll l4ll"l'0RA-' ' Tiny ' ' " I Love You Bl'l'1lllS0 ' ' l".l".A. 1, 25 Drama Vlub 3, 45 f'ann-ra Club 45 Prom Umnniittev 35 District Speech Uontest 35 Penny Varnival King Attendant 35 Penny Parnival 35 Trask 45 Assistant lCditor, Ziofnoiz 45 But Fair Tomorrou' 35 Good Night, Ladies 4. NURMA 1.11111 lll'll'TOR "Waltz of the Alamo" l".ll.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Sa-.llor Staff 45 Play f'0ll1l11ltt0C 35 Prom Vounuiltev 35 Play f'onnnitteu 45 Zionoiz Committee 4. MAR1lARl'l'l' MA Y ll 1 N EH--' ' Margie " "Quick Silver ' ' Sa-Mor Staff 45 Zionofiz Cmunniittee 45 Penny Par- nival Pommittev 35 Senior Play f'omuiittee 4. DANIEL BERNARD IIOGANA-"Dan" "Galway Bay" F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Z Club 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 45 Drama Plub 3, 4, President 45 Baseball 1, 25 Basf km-tball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 But Fair To- morrow 35 Student Council 25 President Z Club 45 Su-Mor Staff 4. DORIS ANN KENNEY-"Smiley" l "Old Man River" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 35 Drama Club 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Camera Club 3, 45 D.A.R. Winner 45 Sa-Mor Staff 45 Zionoiz Staff 45 But Fair Tomorrow 35 Coni- mencement Attendant 35 High Stationery Sales- man 3, 45 Prom and Penny Carnival Committee 35 G.A.A. Play Day 25 Good Night, Ladies 4. The 1950 Zionoiz SENIORS BETTY JOAN KLOPPENSTEIN-''Kloppien "Cry of the Wild Goose" F.H.A. 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Sa-Mor Staff 45 Zionoiz Committee 45 Junior Play Committee 35 Usher Senior Play 4. TEDDY DEAN MCGEEHON--"Ted" "Blue Skirt Waltz" F.F.A. 1, 25 Basketball 15 Track 3, 45 Camera Club 3, 45 P1'on1 Committee 35 Penny Carnival 35 Zionoiz Staff 45 Play Committee 3, 4. CECIL EDWARD MUKEAN-"Eddie" "Chime Bells" Baseball 3, 45 Track 45 Manager Basketball 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. GENE MULEAN-' ' Gene ' ' ' ' Mule Train ' ' Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Track 3, 45 Swing Band 25 Camera Club 4. MARVIN DUANE MGLEAN ' ' Mule Train ' ' JOHN IIOWARD INICRA E --' ' llilae " ' ' Quick Silver ' ' Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Student Council 45 Good Nighf, Ladies 45 Z Club 4. MARY EDITH MENY-"Edie" "We-'ll Build a Bungalow" F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 G.A.A. Softball Champs 35 G.A.A. Basketball Champs 35 Prom Committee 35 Drama Club 3, 45 Commencement Attendant 35 Student Council 4, Secretary-Trease urer. DALE LYNN MYERS "I Got Tears In My Eyes, from Lying On My Back, While Crying Over You" F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Class President 15 King of Corn-Husking Contest 3. The 1950 Zionoiz SENIOR MARY l'Il.lZAlil'I'l'll 0Vl'Illl.lN f"M4-rt" "l'll Kiss Your Fillgm-1'tips, Madaun-" l".Il.A. l, 2, 3, 4, llistorian 3, 45 Dfillllll Club 3, 45 f'anu-ra Vlull 4, l'I't'SlllK'll'l 45 Studs-nt Council 35 Class Vim--l'1'm'si1lv1lt 3, 45 Zinnui: Staff 45 Attend- ant l'l-nny 1'arnival 35 lful Fair 7'nnmrrmv 35 Prom Hnnnnittm- 35 C'ancli4latc for llmllvmlllillg I5 Howl Niylal, l.n1lir.v 4. l'llYl.l.lS MAY lil1'lll'IY-W"l'lnil" Hl"ar Away l'lam-s" l".ll.A. 2, 3, 4, 'l'rm-ae-nlrer 45 Vanu-ra Club 45 Teen- agvr Vlulm l5 Hum! Niylll, 1.1uliw.w 4. WILLIAM LEWIS lilllilllfl--Uli11ll" H Ill-rwrt Song" l".l".A. l, 2, 3, 45 l".l".A. l'ul1li4- Speaking Contest 35 l".l".A. l,1ll'llJlllll'llf1ll'j' l'l'ouvrlul'v Vontvst 2, 45 Niall- F1ll'lllt'I' 35 Zinnni: Staff 3, 4. RONALD HAY SVIIUMAX---"Runllit"' H lf I Km-xv You Won- Vmning l'fl Bakv A Fake" 'l'l'1l1'k 25 I'anu-ra Vlulm l, ZZ, 35 Band 15 Cll0l'llH 15 llrama Ulub 3. Al,lil'IR'l' l.l'Il'l SICITZ-"Al" "'l'ln- Fry of tlu' Wild Goose" f'Ia:-as l'l'l'!4lfl4'llt 45 H0lll0l'0llllllg' King 45 Ziunniz' Staff 3, 45 F.l".A. l, 215 Baskvtlrall 2, 3, 45 Class 'l'l'v:n-uu'm'r 35 Vann-ra Vlulr 45 Play f'0llllIllftl'i' 35 Hum! Xiyhl, Larliws 45 l'l'Ulll Vonnnittvo 35 Punny Varnival 35 'l'rac-k 3. l.0Vl'l'l'lA LOUISI-I Slll'I'l'l.l'IRA"Rod" "Snnn- l'1m'l1zlntwl Eva-ning" f'll0I'llN l, 25 Band l, L25 ll.A.A. l, 25 f'1llll1'l'Rl Vlulr 35 llrama Vluln 35 Soil-law Vlulr 25 Penny f'Zll'lllV2ll C'ununith-0 35 Uslwr for lS:1cv:ll:1111'a-atv 25 Bu! Fair Tumnrrnu' 35 Prmn fiilfllllllttiw 3. l.Alllil'lNi'l'I l"Rl+IllERIi'K 'FIPSWORD H Bud " "Su 'Firm-cl" Plus:-1 'l'r4-asuror 45 F.l".A. l'l'1-sidont 4, Vi4-v-I'1'vsi- flvnt 3, Rm-porter 25 Bu! Fair T'omorro11' 35 Gow! Nighl, l.a4li:'s 45 Zionniz' Staff 45 Student i'onncil 35 'l'l'1ll'k 3, 45 llralna Vlulr 3, 45 Baslwtlrall 45 llam-luall 4. ll PIURUIC WAYNE UNIJHRWOOIJ -J' Popeye" "Mule Train" The 19511 Zionodz ORS R-OBERTA MAE WALL-"Bert" "Night and Day" But Fair Tomorrow 3, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Speech Contest 4, Good Night, Ladies 4, Class Secretary 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Queen Attendant at Carnival 2, Sa-Mor Staff 4, Camera Club Vice President 4, G.A.A. Delegate to Summer Camp 2. ALICE GENE WARNER-"Shortie" "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" F.H.A. 1, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Zionoiz Committee 4, Usher Senior Play 4. IDA MARY WARNER ' ' Sentimental Reasons ' ' F.H.A. 1, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 4, Drama Club 3, Prom Committee 3, Play Committee 3, Play Usher 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Sa-Mor Staif 4. LIDA MARIE WARNER-"Marie" "Yours Is My Heart Alone" Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Sa-Mor Staff 4, Junior Play Usher 3, Baccalaureate Usher 3, Commencement Usher 3, Assistant Director of Good Night, Ladies 4. LEE WENDEL "Sitting By the Window" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, Band Festival 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Band Contest 1, 2. LYNNIE JANE YORK-"Tiny" "I Love You Because" G.A.A. 2, F.H.A. 2, 3, Play Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Ziortoiz Committee 4, Sa-Mor Staff 4. The 1950 Zionoiz ll if V CnThcvinQ Bnimnn wrsfnil dqwlon N , x, - ggi: I, -v.., -x .. wk, 3 Q ii L .. ye. 'Hn Shg-Ller --Q... 1 .X 'Hola erin lqjlll 'Ten-mite. Ekiss .A P1 0 gy O ver l 1' T1 5 a , 1 k ' slum HTH, N. . Qlme Hgetof Norma Hntomfbcrf fait!- mlfy Men! Lymwie Yo-r Zimmi: F-'f'HnCfS Gr-:hes'Taf'f' I Marie and May Unrnev' Lee UenJgf ,Bud 'npswow-J if -Tick Hneter 17 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of 1950, being sound in mind and body, do hereby will and be- queath the following materials and talents to our beneficiaries: Gloria Ames-My brother to all the girls. CAfter all he'll be here two more years anyway.j Catherine Bateman-My blue eyes to Coralei Nihiser. James Bryant'-My ability to get along with Miss Divilbiss to Carol Smith. Mamie Bryant-My shorthand grades to Bev- erly Hake. Jeanette Ekiss-My ability to type to Merle Kohr. Bob Fulte-My ability to work with plastics to Mr. Higdon. Ann Goodwin-My ability to get along with anybody to my little brother, Ozzie. Ginny Gordon-My ability to get along with the teachers to Morris Goad. Irene Gosnell-My ability to play basketball to Patty Brown. Frances Grinestaif-My ability to get along with Mr. Ross to Dick Dickson. Aline Hector-My few A's in U. S. History to anyone who would like to have them. Jack Hector-My ability to grow to Ronald Hodge. Norma Hector-My ability to get an A in P. E. to Lois Langley. Margaret Hines-My ability to make forty- five words a minute in second year typing to Ruth Harris. Dan Hogan-My basketball ability to "Skel- gas." Doris Ann Kenney-My ability to have perfect attendance for four years to all students who skip. Betty Klopfenstein-My sports ability to Ruth Harris. Ted McGeehon-My ability to get an A on a U. S. History test to all newcomers to history. Edward McKean-My managing ability to Donald McGeehon. Gene McLean-My ability at woodworking to Mr. Higdon. 18 Marvin McLean-My hair to Mr. Crum. John McRae-My ability to catch to Carol Smith. Mary Meny-My privilege of staying out late to Betty Boyer. CDon't abuse it, Raymondj Dale Myers-My ability to sing to Wilbur Kite. Mary Overlin-My Mquietnessi' to my "talk- ative" friend, Phyllis Richey. CHa.j Bill Ruble-My dairy-judging abilities to Mr. Higdon. Ronald Schuman-My "Junk-heap" to Carl McRae. Al Seitz-My haircuts to Mr. Ross. Lovetia Shelter-My senior grades to Norma Overlin. fGood luck, Norma.j Bud Tipsword-My many nicknames to Don Henry. Wayne Underwood-My name and picture to the school. Roberta Wall-My little blue Chevy to Ozzie Goodwin. QMake good use of it, Harvey.j Lee VVendell-My ability to go steady to John Cooley. Alice Warner-My quiet ways to Shirley Bilbrey. Marie Warner-My ability to enjoy myself at all times to Lois Langley. Mary Warner-My ability to be without a steady for four years to Marilyn Veech. Lynnie York-My ability to ride a junk pile to school for four years to all the kids who ride Mr. Sutherland's bus. In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto sub- scribed our name and affixed our seal, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty. SENIOR CLASS OF 1950. QSealJ Witnesses: SALLY SADSACK TIMOTHY TICKLEBRITCHES CEDRIC CEMETERY The 1950 Zionoiz The 1950 Ziunoiz C LAASS P RO P H ECY The members of the Senior Class of 1950 have been invited to attend the llollywood premiere of BERT WALL'S last picture. She has made enough to retire. FRANCES GRINESTAFF, just back from Paris, France, will start from New York by plane. At a stop in Toledo, Ohio, BETTY KLOPFENSTEIN boards the plane. llere they also learn that the pilot of the plane is one of our class, BOB Fl lLTE. Next stop is the airport at Decatur, 11ow a suburb of Mt. Zion. TED Mc- GEEHON, in his taxi, takes us i11 town to pick up more of the class. MARIE WARNER is now Mrs. M., of course. We pick up MARY OVERLIN and PIIYLLIS RICHEY, who are ofiice workers at the Tiny Paper Box Company, owned by JACK IIECTOR. Mt. Zion has really changed. It has a large police force with the great Chief of Police, AL SEITZ. Farm owners, BUD TIPSWORD, JOHN MCRAE, and DORIS KENNEY also met us there. Great farmers, with Doris 011 top, of course. Oh! here comes DALE MYERS. He says he is also a farmer. He has about te11 acres. On the way to the train we see a large sign which reads: GOSN ELL, MEN Y, and GORDON Service Station. With their three partners, of course. While getting tickets at the station we suddenly realize that the girl selling them is MARGARET IHNES. As we board the train LEE WENDELL, the porter, takes our suitcases. lle tells us that the engineer is WAYNE UNDERWOOD. GLORIA AMES is taking her oldest daughter with her but she is leaving the twins at home. LOVETIA SHETLER, the worldls fastest typist, is also taking her two children. St. Louis is the next stop. At the ball game MAMIE BRYANT sells us the tickets and MARVIN MCLEAN is on hand to take them. Today tl1e Killers are playing with the first girl player. Hey, look, it 's ANN GOODWIN pitch- ing. "Peanuts! Popcorn! Candy!" yells RONALD SCHUMAN. CATllERlNE BATEMAN, who is now a nurse, tells us that she is here to treat all spectators who are hit by wild pitches. Next we stop in Tucson, Arizona, at the HS" RANCH, which is owned by NORMA IIECTOR. A studio from Hollywood was making a motion picture, with Texas JIM BRYANT. The scropt girl was LYNNIE YORK. The hair stylist for the picture was also from our class, JEANETTE EKISS. When we asked who owned the adjoining ranch Norma said, ALINE HECTOR, of course. EDWARD MCKEAN wanted to get a tooth pulled so some of the fellows went with him to the dentist and receptionist ALICE VVARNER showed them around. Professors DAN HOGAN and BILL RUBLE, of agriculture and mathe- matics, respectively, met us at the theatre. GENE MCLEAN, just home from the Navy and MARY WARNER, who works in an office just across the street from the theatre, also met us there. It has been lots of fun to have the Senior Class of 1950 together again, and we hope we can do it again in the near future. 19 I"ir.wI rmr, lrft fo ll!jllffii0l'2lll'l Nihiser, Lois Langley, Nzxney Phipps, Janis Stocks, Ruth Ilznrris, Dorothy Auten, Marion VViekline. Sreonfl I'lIIl'-f.Al'lt'll0 llowzlrd, Beverly Hake, Mary Britton, Rosella Melntosh, Darlene Trent, Jeanette Reu- sou, l':1tty Brown, Mrs. Karl. JUNIORS VVlmt's all that raeket? Oh, don 't be alarmed, it's just the junior boys in their automobiles! Vile were happy to begin our school year by choosing the leaders of our class: President-Neil Darnery Vive-President-Gary Boyer Secretary-Ruth Harris Treasurer-Don Hyland To help give our class a little 'tsay-so" in the sehool aiifairs, we elected for Student Council: Janis Stocks Lois Laufrlev, and Dick Dickson- and 7 P 1 7 to lead us when we 'fo astrav, we had Mrs. Karl, Mr. Bohleu, and Mr. Farris T1 . , for our sponsors. The 'uuiors wereu't reallv oouceited ou November 16, thev were 'list . . . J proud of their flashy new elass rings. 20 The 1950 Zionoiz 'Y N.,A.e- ss gl Ifirsl may lrff In riyhl-Vorwin Bulla, Rupert St.IliC1'l't', Neil Damery, Ozzie Goodwin, lliek Dickson, Don llyland. Srvnnfl mfr- 'Mun liohlen, Hill llamh, lion Luster, John Vooley, Gary Hurress, Gary Boyer, Rlr. Farris. Thirrl mtl"-vf.lin11 Serihner, liohert Camp, John Hall, Charles Disney, Merle Kohr. JUNIORS We deeided our budget was quite low so we started making plans for the ,junior play. Early fo 15011-Early fo lfixe, which was presented on November lil and ll. Next we started working! on the llomeeoming Danee. The juniors eame out quite well in the danee, because, not only did they reeeive the divi- dends, but also Ruth llarris was erowned llonieeomingr Queen with Nancy Phipps as attendant and Ronnie Luster and John Vooley were two of the liingfs attendants. Fame January and we all turned out to sell magazines. Home of the kids reeeived niee gifts for selling large amounts. Neil Damery was high salesman and reeeived a wrist wateh. Well, add it all together and you get a lot of fun and enough money for our Junior-Senior Prom, whieh was held at the Hotel Orlando Ballroom on May 27. Our theme was 'tliloonligrht and Roses" and Bill 0etzel's Orchestra played. Now our junior year is over and vaeation is here! Although some of the t'lass of '51 may drop out before we graduate, we will always remember the good times we had in M.Z.Il.S. The 1950 Zionoii' First row, left to right-Joy Hutchinson, Carol Barnett, Marilyn Veech, Lois Britton, Peggy Grinestaff, Helen Myers, Lorene Tipsword. Szwnul ron'--Miss ll:nntze1't, Diane Heinz, Imogene McCoy, Patsy Schultze, Norma Truloek, Joan Cornell, Erinzi Dennis, Betty lluss. Third row-Kutliryn Wendel, Betty Rutherford, Jackie Woolums, Imogene Howard, Sharon Parks, Betty llall. SOPHOMORES President-Larry Fonner Vice-President-Raymond Ames Secretary-Don Henry Treasurer-Gerald Tilton At the bt-giiiniiig of the year the above officers were elected with Ronald llodgre and Francis Maloney as Student Council members. With the guid- aiwe of Mr. flflllll, Miss Gantzert, and Mr. Higdon, the Sophomore Class had a few parties. The sophomore G.A.A. girls placed second in the G.A.A. basketball tournanient, losing' to the seniors in the final grame. 22 The 1950 Zionoiz First row, left 10 right-Don Forbes, Ronald Hodge, Gene Smith, Don Henry, Bill Fiesler, Bob Trusner Raymond Ames, 'Ferry Gillaspie. Serum? rou:-Mr. Vrnm, Carl McRae, Larry Fonner, Paul Kite, Douglas York, Morris Goad, John Jackson James lintln-rford, David Roderick, Mr. lligdon. Tlairzl row-llale Clark, Gerry Tilton, Bill Ateheson, Howard Overlin, Bobby Joe Land, Robert Stull, Eugene Anderson, Vlyde Sehoonover, Jerry Snyder, Carol Smith. SOPHOMORES In basketball, Gene Smith, Larry Fonner, Dale Clark, Don Henry, Ray- mond Ames. Bill Fiesler, Dave Roderick, Bill Atcheson, Morris Goad, Bob Trnsner, and Terry Gillaspie, the sophomore contributions to the squads. Larry Fonner, Terry Gillaspie, Raymond Ames, Bill Fiesler, Bob Trus- ner, Gerald Tilton, Dale Clark, and Don Forbes were 011 the track team and Dave Roderiek, Gene Smith, Dale Clark, Bob Trusner, Bill Fiesler, Larry Fonner, Gerald Tilton, Ronald Hodge, alld Carol Smith were baseball members. llelen Myers, Peggy Grinestaff, Larry Fonner, and Raymond Ames were Ilomeeoming candidates. Altogether the sophomores have had a lot of fun this year and are looking: forward to an even better o11e next. The 1950 Zionoiz 23 1 v First Voir, left to right-Normzi Ovcrlin, Shirley Weidner, Dorotha McKean, Mary Jo Muylnc1'ry, Doris Ureek, Beverly King, Vzirol Artze, Lou llzirris, Louise Futtill. Sfenrul run'-Sllirley Butler, l,Ul'l'ii!l SjN.'lllI'lllg', Marilyn lirlris, l,0l'0ill,V Steffen, illlfIl'll'llt' Alvlllllltjlll, Shirley Serilrner, Jenn Roberts, Mrs. Spittler. Thirrl I'UlI,'--I'i0l'llll'C Sloan B1ll'll2ll'2l Tilton Roberta Ellis SHZHIHIO Keek Ruth xVilflilllS lk-lures llosuell , y , Y , , Betty Jo Boyer, Shirley Bilbroy, Shirley Si'lllll1lilll. FRESHMEN Finally, after an eight-year grind in grade school, fifty-five stucleits 0 l1tQI'9ll HS f1'0Sl1II1P11. With the help of the c-lass sponsors-Mrs. Spittler, Mr. Roy, and Hr. Dal- ton-the class held its first nieeting on September 2. The following oflivers Vl'P1'P PlPCl'0fl Z 1,1'l'SlllPllifB0bbj' Kelln Vice-Presiclent-Lou llairris Secretary-Shirley Bilbrey T1'PElSlll't'I'+lJXYHIIK' W'arner Marilvn Larus and llarrv Snviler were chosen to re irc-sent the class as . . . l Student Council ineiubers. 24 Th 1- 1 U50 Zionoiz I"ir.vI row, lrfl to right-Bob Wehrle, Kenneth Gillespie, Kenneth Shiriver, Roh Kehn, Denny Bnrress, Roh ert llolsen, .lannes Kruse, Glen Nihiser, .laek Zollars. Sreoual ron' Mr. Roy, Bob Jaekson, James Bean, Jordan York, Kenneth Rapp, Lloyd Mel'oy, llarry Snyder, Mr. llalton. Thirrl row' ,Billy Akers, Kenneth Gillaspie, Bob Kite, llwane Warner, Donald Mm-Geehon, Louie Sutherland Keith Kohr, Johnny Britton, Vernon Elani. FRESHMEN 'l'he initiation was held on September 29. Eaeh member getting his share of polishing upperelassnienis shoes, smelling onions, eating persim- mons, and walking in rotten tomatoes. However, it was all taken in good hnmor, with the thought of getting to help initiate the freshmen of some other year, of eonrse. On December 14, the class held a Vhristmas party. Everyone had fun daneing, playing games, and receiving a gift from Santa Claus, Jack lleetor, who made sure everyone received a gift. Refreshments were served by the Freshman Food Experts. Delores Gosnell was chosen as one of the eheer leaders, also other mem- bers of the elass were active in baseball and basketball. The Freshman Class also had several members in both the band and ehorns. Everyone is looking forward to next year, when they will return as sophomores. Thr' .7050 Zionoi: NA T'1w 19117 Yinnoi 3.1 f X k f E ff my X I THLETIC xx First row, left to right--Dave Roderick, Gene Smith, Glen Nihiser, John McRae, Bud Tipsword, Louie Sutherland, Dale Clark, Merle Kohr. Second row-Ronald Hodge, Gerald Tilton, Ozzie Goodwin, Larry Fonner, Bill Fiesler, Ron Luster, Bob Trusner, Terry Gillspie, Charles Disney. Third row-Coach Crum, Kenny Gillaspie, Carol Smith, Dwane VVarner, Neil Damery, Edward McKean, Harry Snyder. BASEBALL The Braves played six games in the fall and seven in the spring. They ended with an overall record of two wins and eleven losses. There were only four seniors on the squad, so the Braves are looking forward to a better season next year. Players earning letters were McRae, Tipsword, McLean, Cooley, Kohr, Burress, Luster, Fonner, Clark, Gene Smith, Nihiser, Sutherland, and Tilton. Games played this spring were as follows: April 11 Mt. Zion ...... ....... 7 Lakeview ............ ....... 1 6 14 Mt. Zion ...... ....... 0 Warrensburg ........ .... 6 18 Mt. Zion ...... ....... 8 Bethany .............. .... 7 21 Mt. Zion ...... ....... 2 Niantic ....... .... 8 25 Mt. Zion ...... ....... 2 Maroa ......... .... 8 27 Mt. Zion ...... ....... 2 Lakeview ...... ....... 1 0 May 2 Mt. Zion ...... ....... 5 Bethany ........ .....,. 1 5 28 The 1950 zimwiz Ifirsl row, left to righfv-Edward McKean, Terry Gillaspie, Larry Fonner, Bud Tipsword, Don Hyland, Gary lioyer, lionis Sutherland, Coach Crum. Srffmul mu'-Rzlymond Ames, Glen Nihiser, Gene McLean, Bob Fulte, Bill Fiesler, Bob Trusner, Don Forbes. Thirrl row--Bill Akers, Jordon York, Dwane Warner, Kenneth Shriver, Dick Dickson, Gerald Tilton, Dale Clark. TRACK Mt. Zion took part in the Macon County and Cenois Conference track meets held in Decatur. There was no other participation because of the i11- ahility to find time for practice. ln the Macon Vounty there were seven teams entered and Mt. Zion finished sixth. The llraves finished fourth in the Cenois C'onference meet, behind Warrenshnrg, Argenta, and Bethany. There were eight teams entered in this nn-et. Letter winners were Hyland, Forbes, Fonner, Hogan, Tipsword, Suther- land, Zollars, MeGeehon, and Nihiser. The 1950 Zionoi: 29 1 1 First row, left to right-Bud Tipsword, Dale Myers, Dan Hogan, Albert Seitz, Gene McLean, Lee Wendel. Second 7'01.l7fEdYV2ll'd McKean, Neil Damery, Dick Dickson, Ozzie Goodwin, Larry Fonner. Ron Luster, Merle KU11l'. BASKETBALL The Mt. Zion Braves won o111y three games while losing twenty during the 1949-50 season. Their poor showing was due mainly to the fact that there were only two returning letternien on the squad. One of their victories was an upset of St. Theresa in the Regional Tournament. The other two victories were over Lakeview and Tri-City. Those reeeivin letters were: Seniors-Dan Ho an, Bud Ti sword Albert Seitzg Juniors- ' . 7 Harvey Goodwin, Ron Lusterg and Sophomore-Larry Fonner. November 18 Argenta ...... ........ 3 8 22 Tri-City '...... .. ..... 21 29 Sullivan ......... ........ 4 5 Deeexnber 2 Maeon ......... ....,.. 3 6 3 6 Lakeview ....... ........ 3 1 li 0 Bethany ............,...... 59 13 1lVi11'l'E'I1SlJll1'g' ........... 40 +16 Shelbyville ............... 31 January 1 Niantie ...... . 10 Illiopolis ....... Macon C Macon ........ 30 36 Ollllty . ...... 45 1949-50 SCHEDULE Mt. Zion ...... Mt. Zion ...... Mt. Zion ...... Mt. Zion ...... Mt. Zion .... .. Mt. Zion ...... Mt. Zion ...... Mt. Zion ...... Mt. Zion ...... Mt. Zion ...... Tournament Mt. Zion ...... 29 34 36 33 34 36 30 27 33 37 35 .X . 13 LOV1I1gt0l'l ............... 17 Blue Mound ........... 1920 Bethany ........ ....... 31 Stonington ............. February 4 3 Maron ...................... 7 Warrensburg ...,. ..,.. 310 Lovington ............... 14 Macon ........... ....... 317 Argenta ........ 1421 Lakeview ....,............. " Conference gi11I19S. Regional Mt. Zion .,...................... Mt. Zion ........ ...... .40 Mt. Zion ........ ...... 3 5 .40 h'lt.Z10ll ......... ...... I 38 .46 Mt. Zion. ....... ...... I 58 .46 Mt. Zion. ....... . ..... 41 .42 Mt. Zion. ....... .... , .38 .51 Mt. Zion, ....... ...... 3 1 .41 Mt. Zion ......... ...... 3 1 .60 Mt. Zion. ....... ...... 3 3 .73 Mt. Zion .,...... ...... 5 5 .59 Mt. Zion. ....... ...... 4 9 Tournament 52 St. Theresa... .... ...... . 46 - . . 50 .4u Nlantie ........ ....... The 1950 Ziofnoiz We ,is im .-Q-,.....g.. 'W' ' Q , V' .,-Q. 'X A A A A,.A Q: K , 1 1' f A A N ,AA. ' " ' ., ' f fy . .,'If11- AW ' . QA" 1.44. f V ,V,,A, v if M Q, If M1, E . Q. My - flu l'I,-QU fluuu ' 31 Thf 7:1511 Ziunoi 4444 i A ig 4-ggv FEATURES Seated, left to right-Albert Seitz, Jack Hector, Bill Ruble, Doris Kenney. Standing-Dick Diekson, Bud Tipsword, Don Hyland, Miss Divilbiss, Ted MeGeehon, Mary Overlin, Frances Grinestaif, Aline Hector, Ruth Harris. ZIONOIZ STAFF Editor . . . .... Albert Seitz Assistant Editors . Jack Hector, Dick Dickson Business Manager . . . ...... Bill Ruble Assistant Business Managers . Frances Grinestaff, Ruth Harris Copy Editor .... .... D oris Kenney Sports Editor . . . Bud Tipsword Photographic Editor Ted McGeehon Class Editor . . . Aline Hector Activities Editor . . . . Mary Overlin Sponsors . . Mr. Ross, Miss Divilbiss 34. The 1950 Zionoiz Sitting, left to right-Mary Meny, John McRae, Irene Gosnell, Harry Snyder. Standing-Ronald Hodge, Mr. Berns, Dick Dickson, Janis Stocks, Marilyn Larus, Lois Langley STUDENT COUNCIL President--John McRae Secretary-'l'1'easurer-Mary Meny Advisor-Leo Berns What a busy year with new rules for the school parties and our miniature race track problems! Since the Student Council is the voice of the student body, we did our best to settle the problems that arose. This year it consisted of three seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen. The 1950 Zionoiz First row, left 10 right-Gerald Tilton, Ronald Hodge, Kenneth Gillaspie, Bill Ake1's, Clyde Schoonover, Bob Jackson, David Roderick. Second row-John flooley, Bob Trusner, Rupert St. Pierre, Don Henry, Dick Dickson, Don Hyland, Neil Damery, Morris Gond, Bill Fieslcr, Bill Ruble, Bob Land, Jim Kruse, Third row--Mr. Bohlcn, Edward McKean, Jack Zollars, James Bean, John Hall, Douglas York, John Jack- son, Glen Nihiser, Lloyd McCoy, Carol Smith, Jordan York, Eugene Anderson. Fourth row-Donald McGeehon, Bill Atcheson, Ron Luster, Robert Camp, Dwane Warner, John Britton, James Scribner, Charles Disney, Terry Gillaspie, James Rutherford, Robert Stull, Louie Sutherland, Bud Tip- sword, Dale Myers. President-Bud Tipsword Vice-President-J oh11 Cooley Reporter-Rupert St. Pierre Treasurer-Don Hyland Watch Dog-Neil Damery Sponsor-lVayne Bohlen Here are some of the activities of the Future Farmers of America for the year 1949-50. The officers attended an officers' training camp at Camp Seymour, August 27-29. Because of financial conditions, it was decided to have a pot luck dinner, instead of the usual banquet. A plowing contest was held in the spring, replacing the former corn-husking contest. To help raise money to Hnance a summer camping trip, the boys sold garden seeds and at basketball games they were responsible for the pop stand. 36 The 1950 Zionoiz Front row, Irfr In right-Berniee Sloan, Kathryn Wendel, Sharon Parks, Doris Creek, Dorotha McKean, l.o- retta Hpellnring, Barbara Tilton, Shirley Butler, Beverly King, Suzanne Keek. Swemlfl ron' 'Betty lluss, Norma Overlin, Catherine Bateman, Betty Klopfeustein, Doris Kenney, Bert Wall .lauis Stoeks, Ruth llarris, Frauees Grinestaff, Phyllis Richey, Mary Overlin, Carol Artze, Peggy llrinestatf, Lois Britton, l.oreue Tipsword, llelen Myers. Third ron'-Miss Gantzert, Norma Truloek, Marilyn Larus, Joan Cornell, Jaekie Woolums, Betty Rutherford Varol liarnett, Marilyn Veeeh, Erma Dennis, Norma Hector, Aline lleetor, Diane lleinz, Jean Roberts, Patty lirowu, Alive Warner. lfunrllr ron'--fl.ou llarris, Vharleue Alllllllfllll, Louise C'uttill, Marie Warner, Shirley liillvrey, Betty lioyer llelores Hosnell, Mary Meny, lrene tlosnell, Virginia Gordon, Anna Goodwin, Gloria Ames, Roberta Ellis Jeanette likiss, Shirley Weidner, Beverly llake, Shirley Scribner, Ruth Watkins. President--lauis Stoeks Viee-President-Ruth Harris Seeretary-Frances Grinestatt '1'reasurer4l'hyllis Richey llistoriau-Mary Overlin llll0FlSf0I'7Nll1'll1d Overliu l'lub Sponsor-Miss Gantzert Club Mothervhlrs. E. li. Stocks The Future llomemakers of America got off to a good start this year with a, total of titty-eight members. The new members were initiated into the Mt. Zion ehapter ot' F.Il.A. at our seeond meeting. The distinguishing eolors of the F.lI.A. are red and white, they are symbolie of youth. The red rose, the elub flower, is emblematic of vibrant, glowing health. a ueeessary quality for happiness and efficiency. The motto of the Future Home- makers-Toward New Ilorizons-expresses the purposes of the organization. learning! to live better today in order that our lives a11d those of our families may be better tomorrow. l".ll.A. membership pins eould be bought, and those passing tests were allowed to send for them. Miss Ilantzert, our able sponsor, has contributed her fine ideas to make our elub more sueeessful. The 1950 Zinnoiz 37 v lin, Tips Ted First row, left To r'ight7f'arol Barnett, Janis Stocks, Doris Kenney, Roberta Wall, Don Hyland, Mary Overf liovetia Shetler, Phyllis Richey, llelen Myers, Frances Grinestaff. SU!'fIIlfl rou'-Mr. Ross, Dick Dickson, Ozzie Goodwin, Marilyn Veech, Ruth Harris, Virginia Gordon, Lorene word, Lois Britton, Peggy Grinestaff, lflrina Dennis, Diane Heinz, Gene McLean. Third rou'f.l:unes Bryant, Merle Kohr, Albert Seitz, Gary Boyer, Jack Hector, Dan Hogan, Gary Burress, Mclleehon, Bob Fulte. CAMERA CLUB l'resident-Mary Uverlin Vice-PresidentfRoberta VVaIl Secretary-Treasurerellon Hyland Sponsor4f'arl Ross The Camera Club, having been inactive for a year, was going again! The club was organized on September 28, with a membership of twenty- eight. The purpose of the club is to teach students how to take and develop better pictures. The group held four regular business meetings and one night session. at which the taking of flash and flood light pictures was flis- cussed and demonstrated. Members sold Christmas cards and sponsored an all-school party to raise funds. The major project for the year was dark- room improvement, built-in cabinets having been installed by the shop classes. 38 Tue 1950 Zionoiz Front row, left to right-Dick Dickson, Don Hyland, Neil Damery, Dan Hogan, John McRae, Raymond Ames Gerald Tilton. Second row-Larry Fonner, Harvey Goodwin, Coach Crum, Gary Boyer, Gary Burress, Don Forbes. Z CLUB Presiclent-Ilan Hogan Vice-President-Neil Damery Seeretary-Treasurer-Lar1'y Fonner Sergeant-at-Arms-John McRae The Z Vlub is an honorary organization for those who have suc- eeeclerl in earning a letter in one or more sports. Coach A. II. Crum is the sponsor. New members who were initiated into the club this year were: Glen Nihiser, Louis Sutherland, Jack Zollars, Don McGeehon, Dale Clark John Vooley, Merle Kohr, Gene Smith, Gene McLean, Dale Myers, Albert Seitz, and Bud Tipsword. 5 The 1950 Zionoiz 39 First row, .seated-Doris Kenney, Ruth Harris, Ann Goodwin. Svcoml 7'0'lU-'C2l1'0l Artze, Betty Boyer, Delores Gosnell, Nancy Phipps, Janis Stocks, Roberta Wall, Hrina Dennis, Jeanette Ekiss, Lou llarris, Peggy Grinestaff. Thirrl row-Dorotha McKean, Roberta Ellis, Mary Jo Mayberry, Diane Heinz, Helen Myers, Lorene Tip- sword, Shirley Weidner, Beverly King, Doris Ann Creek, Mrs. Karl. 1+'ourth row-Ruth Watkins, Carol Barnett, Marilyn Veech, Mary Meny, Virginia Gordon, Jean Roberts, Irene Gosnell, Jackie Woolums, Betty Rutherford, Shirley Bilbrey. Presidf-ntfRuth Harris Vice-President-Doris Kenney Secretary-Treasurer--Ann Goodwin Sponsor-Dorothy Karl The purposes of the G.A.A. is to stimulate interest in girls' athletics and gymnastics, and to standardize and promote ideals of health and sports- nianship. In order to attain letters, there were several activities in which the girls are permitted to participate-selling of stationery, the requirement of a physical examination, participation in the tournaments, and steady attend- ance at meetings. During basketball season all G.A.A. girls stayed after school to play basketball. The seniors won the tournament among the classes. The girls also took part i11 a play day at Sullivan on the sixth of May. 40 The 7950 Zionniz i First row, left to right-Lois Langley, Coralei Nihiser, Jeanette Reason, Virginia Gordon, Doris Kenney, Bert Wall, Marie Warner, Patty Brown, Darlene Trent, Mary Britton, Beverly Hake. Second mu'-Mr. Caywood, John Cooley, Nancy Phipps, Janis Stocks, Ruth Harris, Dan Hogan, Mary Meny, Irene Gosnell, Jeanette Hkiss, Marion Wiekline, Jack Hector, Rupert St. Pierre. 7'hir'fI rmv-t'liarles Disney, James Scribner, Dick Dickson, Bud Tipsword, Gary Bnrress, Don Hyland, Neil llama-ry, James Bryant. DRAMA 'CLUB The Drama Club is one of the successful clubs of Mt. Zion High School. At the September meeting the following people were chosen to guide the club: President-Dan Hogan Vice-President-Doris Kenney Secretary-Marie Warner Treasurer-Roberta Wall Sponsor-Paul Caywood A one-act play, "The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden," by Thornton VVilder, was presented in the sectional of the State Speech Con- test in March at Paris. Those taking part were: Bert Wall, Virginia Gordon, Rupert St. Pierre, Lois Langley, John Cooley, and Don Hyland. Mr. Cay- wood directed. sl The Christmas Story" was done ill pantomime scenes by Dan Hogan, Mary Overlin, Doris Kenney, Bud Tipsword, Albert Seitz, Phyllis Richey, and Patty Brown. The 1950 Zionoi: 41 THE CLASS OF 1951 presents EARLY TO BED- EARLY TO RISE November 10 and 11, 1949 Abbie Fuller . Everett Fuller . Marion Fuller . Bobby Fuller . Patsy Fuller . Spanky Minnti . Jim Griggs . . Otto Kirschmeier Mr. Coukle . Daisy Fairfax . Laura Montgomery Cast Director, PAUL CAYWOOD Assistant Director, J EANETTE REASON Eight 0'cl0ck . Mary Britton . Gary Burress . Ruth Harris Rupert St. Pierre . Lois Langley . Janis Stocks . John Cooley Don Hyland James Scribner Nancy Phipps . Patty Brown 42 Thr 1950 Zionoiz II1-I4-n Kzllviglll lznv linlvlgjll . S nn Rash-igrll . THE CLASS UF 1950 presents GOOD NIGHT, LADIES May 4 anal 5, l950 Eight 0'cl0ck Cast . . . livrf Xvilii . Vllyllis Hivllvy . . lincl 'l'ipswo1'd lug' lirmvn . . . Albvrt Sc-itz ilUi.1'SS0l' llvxfm- . . Junk IIN-fm' I -nn l'Igrgrlvhy . . Alinv Ilvcfm' Angm-ln Rimini Iizn'1'y llobson Lulu Giffvn . .Indy VVOsf . fi001'gl'l' XVvst . Bvffy London IIirr'r'fur. PAVI, VAYNVOOD ,l.w'sfunf I,l'I'I'I'f0I', INIARHQ XVARNEK . Man'y0v01'li11 lidwzlnl MvKvnn J02lll0fiP Ekiss . Doris Konln-y . John Mcliav Ginny Gordon 1: l.'I,GU fllllllll' l Sealed, left to right-Mary Warner, Roberta VV:1ll, Jeanette Ekiss, Merle Kollr, Ann Goodwin, Virginia: Gordon. Slanrling-lNl:ni'ie Warner, Doris Kenney, .lini Bryant, Ilan llogan, Rupert St. l'ierre, Betty Klopfelistvill, Vlizxrles Disney, Jim Scribner, Forwin Bnlla, Mr. Caywood. Editor .... Business Manager lloeal Editor . . . l'opy Editor . Sports Editor . SA-MOR Ginny Gordon . Bert NVall Marie Warner Doris Kenney Dan Hogan Reporters are Mary VVarner, Ann Goodwin, Betty Klopfenstein. Jeanette Ekiss, Corwin Bnlla, Rupert St. Pierre. James Bryant, James Seribner. Vliarles Disney, and Merle Kohr. Typists are Lovetia Slietler. Ginny Gordon. Norma lleutor, Mary Oyerlin, Gloria Anies, Frances Grinestatf, Phyllis Rim-ln-y. ll2ifll0l'lllll Bateman. llynnie York, Marnie l-Lryant, Mar- garet. llines, and Aline lleetor. Sponsors are M1's. Spittler and Mr. Fay- wood. Published monthly by the students of Mt. Zion ll0l111lllll1lfY High Sehool. Mt, Zion, lllinois. Member of the Illinois State lligh Sehool Press Assoeiation. First row, left to rigl1l4l.ynnie York, fl1ltll0l'llll' Bntenmn, Mamie Bryant. Seeonfl l'Ull.'fBl2lI'V Uverlin, l'llvllis Rieliev, Frances Grinestaff llovetin Shetler. . . . . Thirrl ron'-f-Gloria Annes, Virginia Gordon, Mrs. Spittler fxlunrlirzyj, Norma lleetor, Aline lleetor. X. 44 sy Thr 1950 Zionois v Whf'-4 1 1111111 l1ulu1u lu11lt1u11 lllgfllll X1u111x1111 Illll us 1 Xl s1 1 lls Xluuuulu lu1l !1ulluus lllll lC1uIlu1-u'l1u11l Nl11l1 lXfllll I31l1 Xl111s llllll ll1 1 1 1111 lull Xluux lx1-illu lXlDlll lllllltll Nt l11111 N11 ll 1 ll 1 llllflf l1u1'1'll1 N 11llu11 1 N 1 Plllll llllllll l1 Xl Ill' NN 111111 xlllll NN llllll lllllllll l11tl11ll l'r1111 ll 111- l1uisl u 1 ll N 1111111 fuuu l1l11 ll :ll ll1'x'1 1lx lxun 11l1 ll KN 111111 111 1 1 11111 lllllb 11 111 ll1uxxuu1l l1u1u l11ulu11lx lu1ulu1ul1 l'll1s l1u11 llIlllN 5llllllN B 1uu1l llu llll ll1uuuf ll4lllN xllll l'1'1 1 l1 ll1u111tl1u N11 lx1 1 111 11111-1 1 111 1111 um ll 1 Xllll, l-1llx lXl1l ul111sl1111 llllllllllt li1l1l11111 xlllt ll 1 N ll QX 1 Ns XIILIIIIJI llllllllll lllllll 1 111s ll S f 1 1111 llu1l1111 'lll'tlIl XIIIIX lllllll1S gllllllll l lllxsl lXlllllX!l xxlllilll l:lXlllX ll1l11 lllllxxlill lull l11xI11 lllll N1l1is1 ll 1 Band First row, lwff lo riglzt-Nancy l'hipps, Mary Britton, Rupert St. Pierre, Bill Atehinson, Vaiol Artze, .lean Roberts, Shirley Weidner, Anna Ruth Goodwin. Sreonrl V0ll'fllOl'2ll0l Nihiser, Marian Viliekline, Roger Zollars, f'orwin Bnlla, lice VW-ndel, Gene Mel.ean Boll Kite, llarry Snyder, Johnny Britton, Bill Fiesler. Thirfl ro11'AKatl1ryn Wendel, llelen Myers, Jerry Snyder, Beverly King, Janet Kruse, Mark Britton, Varol Smith, Don MeGeehon, Danny Boliek, Patty Kohr, Paul Kite, JZIIIICS Kruse, Jeanette Ekiss, Fozlrlli I'0Il'f-lIli'li Zollars, Bill Bondell, Dale Myers, Denny Bnrress, Dale Ulark, David llenry, lirnee Wells Bill lfreisner, Gerald 'l'ilton, Glen Nihiser, Vernon Dzllluge, Kenneth Gillaspie, Merle Kohr. Sfnmliny-l.onie Sutherland, Erma Dennis, Keith Kohr, Harvey Goodwin, Marilyn Veeeh, Mr. Thonipson. MUSIC Mixed Chorus l"irsf row, left fo Vlflllfvlgiitlj' Boyer, Helen Myers, Lois Langley, Betty Klopfenstein, C'atherine liatolnan Norma 'l'rnloek Mary NVarner, Marie VVarner Marilvn Veeeh Plrlna Dennis Jackie NVoolnms Beverly' llake 1 . y . y , - . Ann Goodwin. NITIIIIII ron' lVendell, Johnny Britton, Rupert St. Pierre, Jeanette Hkiss, Mary Britton. Virginia Gor don, Roberta VVall, Ruth llarris, Janis Stocks, Don Henry, Jim Rutherford, Ozzie Goodwin. Tlfirfl I'Ull"" Dale Myers, Hill Fiesler, Neil Daniery, Diek Diekson, Don llyland, .lax-li Zollars, Merle Kohr. 46 The 10.50 Zionoi: 'in dk'-' Ill 1 HMV! Zinn, md: iii! 47 1 AMW ? mm if . 45 ' , xx: Thw 15150 Zionoi v ,fl ,-,,, Thr l,".iff Zlllllflll SHELL SERVICE E. C. Sullivan Service Station Rt. 121, Mt. Zion, Phone 74 George Fleetwood Tankwagon Man Phone 183 Macon Gas, Oil, and Accessories Complete Auto Service BOWMAN HARDWARE Plumbing-Heating--Kitchenware EARL F. JOHNSON Insurance Broker Phone 18 Mt. Zion Mt. Zion Phone 29R5 MT. ZION CAFE HO0D'S STANDARD SERVICE Plate Lunches-Sandwiches-Ice Cream We Like to See and Serve You Mt. Zion Phone 11 Junction 121 81 36-4 Miles E. of Decatur K-N STORE EVANS The One-Stop Store Groceries and Meats Mt. Zion Phone 42 Long Creek Phone Mt. Zion 81F14 JONES IMPLEMENT CO. Sales-McCormick-Deering-Service Decatur, Illinois CASNER MOTOR CO. General Auto Repairing Phone Mt. Zion 26F21 Casner, Ill. BLACK 81 COMPANY Sporting Goods Decatur, Illinois BART'S STANDARD SERVICE Attend Bart's Soft Ball Park at Long Creek Long Creek, Ill. Phone Mt. Zion 35F11 H. W. FRIESNER Standard Tank-Truck Service Mt. Zion Phone 41 ROBERTS BARBER SIIOP Haircuts the Way You Want Them Long Creek Open 1-7:30, Sat. 12-6 MILLS' CORNER Groceries-Shell Gas-Clean Cabins Elwin, Illinois Phone 33 G. W. DAVIS HATCHERIES '6Decatur's Finest Chicks" 1130 E. Eldorado St. Phone 5031 FOREST VIEW TRADING CENTER Groceries-Meats-Notions Compliments of the COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. R. R. 6 Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois H. A. KUHLE DAVIS' PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE Farm MM Machinery Lee Tires, Willard Batteries, Accessories 444 E. Main St. Phone 5033 junction 121 and 36 Phone Mt. Zion 6F2 T. A. BRINKOETT ERS 8 SONS, INC. Plumhing and Heating-Sales and Service 636 E. Wood St., Decatur Phone 2-3849 VAN PRAAG EQUIP. 8: MFG. CO. Butler Steel Farm Building Phone 3-3415 Decatur, Illinois GRABB GARAGE 81 WELDING SHOP We Specialize in Brake Servicea' R. R. No. 6 Decatur, Ill. 66 PFILE'S CAMERA SHOP Decatur's Photographic Center 100 E. Prairie, Decatur 50 The 1950 Zionoiz BOTTLE 8: BULK GAS TO BURN Complete Line of Appliances and Furnaces Gas 81 Electric Sales 8 Service Co., Inc. Automatic Heat Co. Inc. Decatur Phone 9032-9740, Night 39917 Elwin 24 Erwin Fiesler, General Manager TOLLY'S MARKET We Never Close 2220 E. Wood, Decatur OSBERN VARIETY STORE Dry Goods, Underwear, and Notions Main Street Dalton City STANDARD HATCHERIES Maffit at E. Wood Decatur WM. V. JACOBS Welding, Plumbing, and Heating M mi. E. of Junction 121 on 36, Decatur HIGHT STATE BANK Established in 1892 Dalton City CHARLES PORTER Photographer for 1950 Zionoiz Danville, Indiana LAMBDIN'S GROCERY Groceries and Meats Dalton City SESSEUS The Men's Best Store 354 N. Water, Decatur POST'S JEWELRY Established 1872 . . . 78 Years of Service 162 N. Merchant, Decatur MT. ZION STATE BANK 42 Years of Community Service Mt. Zion, Illinois C. A. COX General Merchandise Mt. Zion Phone 50 DAUT BROTHERS Florists 127 E. Prairie, Decatur R. M. MARTIN AND COMPANY Jewelers and Optometrists Decatur, Illinois DROBISCH-MUIRHEID 2nd Floor Citizens Bldg. Decatur, Illinois PRITTS BROTHERS Super Shell Service Station Corner of Main and Wood HERFF-JONES COMPANY Class Rings, Commencement Announcements John J. Shiel, Representative Decatur AIRWAY GROCERY AIRWAY GIFT SHOP Junction 36 and 121 Decatur REEDY BROS. GARAGE Mechanical Work Done Phone 54 Dalton City ED ARTZE, General Contractor Masonry and Repairing for "Better Homes" R. R. 7, Decatur Phone: Mt. Zion 17F12 You Too Can Be Thrifty in '50 THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 242 North Main St. Decatur Phone 4205 RAINBOW CONFECTIONERY Sandwiches and Fancy Drinks 2239 E. Wood, Decatur Phone 4949 BAULOS APPLIANCES General Electric 905 East Wood St. Decatur Flu' H1511 Zionoiz 51 65 Mwb jx f A --5. ' ' f a 1 4 ' - "7-xi ef CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK C pl te Banking Facilities - ' Decatur, Illinois Dec t Ill AUTOGRAPHS fx Gi WY ff, QE Cm l , .X K In Q V . ' Q52 yy, X W Aj W ogy ll A KL! -' -fi 5 N, X A A lux!!! , A ul. TW f60 l1!f., llzll, lllinoll. .A ws' 1. if- , x y - ' wwf - "Inj ' -, f . . , gf, Ep?-, .LL . . A - f X .-,.,f U. 4 . gan ,x Zhi: I 4-'tx 'I , 5 "' , 5 ,- ryb, ,Q N A F, EL X i ,A t x f ff mf.: L Q, W -. ' :ga ' h " f' AMW . D ' ,Lf f ,Q ' ff u 11 at , ' M, .wig 5 ,n .iFnfL'f'3'0h, !agMrxx 1 , V. Q 1! ' ' ' Q 3 X u X a 4 1 1 if 'Z F 2 NF , , f. Si' Je if .- 4 -' if K W Yi , -. 1 I ,X .4 YY' ,fm 6 4 4 f E Q Q p ik 1 J 4 fn- - A ki ,A . Msw V- 3,14 . 4 N Nfl' " NU nf N ' s 3 k X U' f. xi"x ' NN. A ' if '-4. -.1 .. - S V xx . Fi " xv x 1 K -V. 'X 'X K I 'Y ,V X er . Y.,-M N ix X . gs, 0 N , Q cl G V .Q - . M L4 'JB 1 If f' 'QF V .V 5:3 - f' s A 6 N 'O 1 11 A -x 42 - 41, a +- ' . 4 1 , 2? "If - A -1-bf , . 5 ww' Q ,rx, El 55:4 , , Q! me 22 . f,,, W , f. ' -- .3 . . 'Qi'?f:5f'? : ' f7:'f:M3'.fEI-f ' '5w Qif5Q'fw.,N'f,. ' 1' ,. fifmj' 5 - Rm" " Mntsljmy ISL, A ,gs-Jimi, V, 3 1, mn, I A uf .2 ffzafeaazsanw -wwf '

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