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5, - ,, . ., . W..-. ww F H mum, A wg www ,wp :evbamn-we-my-9f141'?IM21-W!e1"+'!PrW'f wb54:'i'.:" gTf3f'Ei3f?2ZihfU?f"1'!,: "1'-"""' ' "AW " ' - .. f xii N' I lar I Q I , X N Avid! 5, f A xkffmx ,E i V, -4 .' if R4 , W I ,WF is 'XXX I ff L f . K. V il Ffa 'RJ " L ip" K Q ., W Q f' A .:'-,Q-VV. ,- --Vg,-,, -7- f- yy , 1 I ' .. , .- - ., , -- -.,g,-Q. -,,,:.:a Jn'-,"",'7 . ,. . 'W' f '-fiszgafg .oi-1: H,f'f,Q.'g,111 gf:-4 I .ffv is 1 ,., mg, 'J 1 . 'V Q i -is ',.L K, 11 ,L 'E 'THE 1949 OI MT. ZION lIOMMUNl'l'Y ,HIGH SCHOOL 5 , Ml. Zion, Illinois MT. ZIGN we smmcm AHEAD FOREWORD UR HIGH SCHOOL LIFE HAS LEFT MANY PLEASANT MEMORIES OF ACTIVITIES, STUDIES AND SOCIAL FUNCTIONS. THE ZIONOIZ HAS BEEN PUBLISHED AS A MEANS OF RECORDING AND PRESERVING THOSE MEMORIES SO THAT OUR HEARTS VVILI. EVER REMAIN ALIVE TO OUR ALMA MATER, TI-IE MT. ZION HIGH SCHOOL. ZIO OIZ TAFF Editors MARY JANET WHITE AND RAYMOND WELDY Assistant Editor ALBERT SEITZ Busines Managers BETTY BURRESS AND BART HENRY' Assistant Businqss Maimgor BILL RUBLE Class Editors JO TRLTLOCK AND PAT MONROE Activities Editor JENNTE FEATHERSTU N Sports Editor TERRY BOBBIT Photographic Editor JOAN LAMB Faculty Adviser MR. LEON DAI,TON TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword . Staff . . Dedication . . Board of Education Superintendent . Principal . . Faculty . . Student Council . Seniors . . juniors . Sophomores . Freshmen . Snaps . . Cheer Leaders Baseball . Basketball . Track . . Band .... Music Festival . Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Boys' Chorus Sa Mor . F. F. A. . F. H. A. . Drama Club . junior Play . G.A.A. . . "Z" Club . . Penny Carnival . Bus Drivers, Janitors Class Will . . Prophecy . Conclusion . Patrons . . Baby Pictures . 2, 32, 49, 51, 59, 63 . 36, 37, MRS. LULU SPITLER University of Illinois Illinois State Normal University James Millikiu University The 1949 Zionoi The 1949 Zionm DEDICATIO E, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1949, WISH TO DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF THE ZIUNOIZ TO MRS. LULU SPIT- LER. WE OVVE HER A GREATER DEBT THAN WE CAN EVER REPAY, BUT WE WANT TO EXPRESS HERE, AS BEST WE CAN IN WORDS, OUR APPRECIATION FOR ALL THAT SHE HAS DONE FOR US BOTH IN AND OUT OF THE CLASSROOM. MEMORIES OF SCHOOL DAYS SPENT WITH HER WILL BE PRECIOUS IN THE FUTURE. We owe so much to these men who have given so much of their time in order that our new Unit District might make this community a better place in which to receive an education. It is with a feeling of sincere appreciation that we say, "Thank Youf' BOARD OF EDUCATIO Seated, left 10 right-Mr. Broughton, Mr. Harris, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Traughber, Mr. Corn. Standing Mr. Berns, Mr. Wells, Mr. Fulk, Mr. Weidner. NN-fxr CLYDE C. CoRN, AB., MA. Oakland City College Ball State Teachers' College SUPERINTENDENT VVe wish to thank Mr. Corn for his untiring efforts of putting into operation our Community Unit District. The 1949 Zionoi PRINCIPAL Lizo H. BERNs, B.l2d., MA Eastern Illinois State College University of Illinois Also we wish to thank Mr. Berns for leading us through the past year. The 1949 Zionoi.: CULTY JOHN B. BINGAMAN, B.Ed. Eastern Illinois State College University of Chicago University of Illinois Mathematics, Physics, Audio-Visual Aids WAYNE BOHLEN, B.S. University of Illinois Agriculture RICHARD BO YLL, B.S. Indiana State Teachers' College English III and IV, Dramatics LEON DALTON, B.S. Central Normal College Canterbury College General Science, Biology The 1949 Ziouoi The 1949 Zionai: FACUL MISS VERNELE DIVILBISS, B.Ed. Illinois State Normal University Commerce JAMES FARRIS, A.B. Western Kentucky State College English II, Library MISS MARIE GANTZERT, A.B. North Central College University of Wisconsin Iowa State College University of Illinois Boys' Home Eronomics, Hnmc Economic JAMES HIGDON, B.S., M.A. Southeast Missouri State College Colorado State College flflllfllfllldfifi, Shop sl CULTY MISS LESAH JOUETT, B.Ed. Illinois State Normal University Iowa State College VV2lSlIllIgl.OII University Home Ecolzmizics MRS. DOROTHY KARL, B.Ed. Illinois State Normal University Girls' Physical Educafion MISS CHRISTINE P'SIMER, AB., Indiana University Columbia University G1llidt1lICC,.E11fjIISll I, Spanish CARL ROSS, B.Ed. Southern Illinois University University of Wiscoxlsill Social Studies M.A. The 1949 Zionoi Thr 1949 Zionois FACU JOHN P. SAMPSON, A.I3., MA. Mclicnclrcc College University of Illinois Cnuvh, linys' l'l1yxi1'ul lfclmlllinrr JOHN THOMPSON, B. Mus. lid. Murray State College University of Michigan james Millikin University lxzstriurzvnfal and lf'm'ul gllusir MRS. S'l'El.l.A DRAKE, AB. james Millikin Univcrsity Univcrsity of Illinois Mzlwstitrzfz' Ti'zn'1n'r LTY STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, official voice of the student body consists of three seniors, three juniors, three sophomores, and three freshmen. The president is Eldon Wicklineg vice-president, Bill Kruse, and secretary, Dave Britton. The Student Council had charge of the Freshman initiation which was held in September. After a busy day of "polishing shoes and crawling around on the ball held," the tired but happy Freshmen were treated to ice cream. This year the Student Council, advised by Mr. Berns, has had some serious discussion on bus schedules and how to better utilize Home Room periods. A plan was talked about whereby there would be only one Home Room period a week. Therefore, there would be more time for music. Smzlvd, lvft I0 right-Eldon VVickline, Ruth McDougal, Eulah Mae Hise, Shirley Harsbbargcr, Bob Stull, Bill Feisler. Stzmding--Dave Britton, Bud Tipsword, Harvey Goodwin, Dewey Gosnell, Bill Kruse, Gary Boyer, Mr. Berns. 16 Thr 1949 Zimmi: IOR Now that we, the seniors of 1949, are about to go upon the stage in this drama of life, those school day memories of work, rehearsing, and getting ready, are very dear to us. In spite of all we have done our teachers have succeeded in knocking off some of the rough corners and we appreciate very much their efforts and their patience in bearing with us as we struggled through our various courses. In four short years they have changed us from awkward, bashful freshmen into prospective young men and women. During this time we have grown to love our younger school-mates. We do regret leaving them and will remember them always. As we leave we do not wish to say goodbye, but just "so- long" and may we often meet again in the future. The 1949 Zionoi 'SENIOR OFFICERS JAMES TERRY BOBBIT-"Ty" President "If basketball were school work, what a blessing it would be." Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 "Z" Club l, 2, 3, 43 "Z" Club President 43 Class President 43 Stu- dent Council 33 Sa-M or Editor 23 Prom Committee 33 Camera Club 33 "Z" Club Vice-President 33 Zianoix: Staff 4. JOAN MARGARET LAMB-"Ma" V ice-President "Fun to know we would say, can be serious but usually gay." Vice-President Class 43 Zionoia Staff 43 "Are You Mr. Butter- worth?" 3g Corn Husking Queen Attendant 3, 43 Homecom- ing Queen Attendant 3, 43 Cheerleader 33 Penny Carnival Queen Attendant 33 Prom Committee 33 G. A. A. 3g F. H. A. 43 Drama Club 3, 43 "Springtime for Patsy" 4. BART HENRY-"Burt" Secretary "Men's actions are the best interpreters of their thoughts." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 13 Delegate to National F. F. A. Convention 43 Student Council 1, 33 Class Secretary 43 Zianoiz Staff 43 F. F. A. Treasurer 33 F. F. A. Secretary 43 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "Would-be-Gentleman" 23 Sa-Mor Staff 2. RAYMOND WELDY Treasurer "He has the will and makes the way." Student Council 23 Class President 33 Class Treasurer 43 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3g Chorus 3, 43 "Z" Club 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Camera Club 3g "Would-be-Gentleman" 23 "Are You Mr. But- terworth ?" 33 Basketball 3, 43 Zionaiz Co-Editor 4. The 1949 Zionoiz: SENIORS BARBARA GLYN ALDERSO N4"Bobby" 'tTwinkling eyes, a merry smile, knowing you makes life worthwhile." Girls' Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Flute Ensemble Z, 35 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Junior Carnival 35 Band Fes- tival 3, 45 Chorus Festival 45 Su-.llor Staff 2, 45 "Are You Mr. Butterworth?" 35 Drama Club 3, 45 Prom Committee 3. BETTY C. ALLEN-'AAilin' " l'True to her work and to her friends." F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 Clarinet Quartet 25 Mixed VVood- wind Trio Z5 Band Festival 3, 4. PHYLLIS JEAN ARTZIE-NP. A." "A shriek, a scream, a clatter. a crash." G.A.A. 35 F.l'I.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Camera Club 3, 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Zi Sci Club 35 "VVould Be Gentleman" Committee 25 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 'lSpringtime for Patsy" 4. JAY A. BALL-t'Altie" "Our all time, good time boy." Basketball 1, Z, 35 Baseball 1, Z: Chorus 1 25 Vice-President 25 Prom Committee 35 F.F.A. 1, 2. RUTH ROSEMARY BELCHER "Quiet is your first impression of her, but those quiet girls can make such a stir." PATRICIA ANN BENTO Ni"Pat" "Well worthy of a place in our remembrance." F.H.A. 1, Z, 3, 45 Camera Club 3, 45 Penny Carnival 35 Prom Committee 3. BEVERLY BOLIEK-"B" "Although tiny, her friendliness towers high." G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Drama Club Z, 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Hostess for College Day 45 Student Council 15 Homecoming Candidate 2, 35 Secretary Drama Club 45 Treasurer F.H.A. 35 Courtesy Queen Candidate 1. BETTY BU R RESS-"Salutatorian" "She's very thoughtful, very fair: more than willing to do her share." Band 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, Z, 3, 45 Treasurer of F.H.A. 45 Zi Sci Secretary 35 Drama Club 3, 45 Treasurer of Drama Club 45 Class Treasurer 35 "Are You Mr. Butterworth ?" 35 "Springtime for Patsy" 45 Sa-Mor Staff 45 Co-Business Manager of Zionois' 45 District, Sectional, and State Latin Contest 3. The 1949 Zionois film tm- 33 l'rnm 4 li2ll'!llV1Il 33 l'r1 SENI O R S , ll.fXKIQlli'l' l'Al.llHUN l'r:uiafs-rrcrl :luring ilu- scvmul suiiiutcr tu ilu- Nllilllllilll, lllmuim lngli svlmol. RIVIIAIQIJ lJl'.'XNlf CIAJXX' "Dick" "'. . lluitv nf pip, luis uf fun, lmy 1'vL'ryul1u," Dick is likuml lizmrl l, 2, 3, 43 Hoya' Vlmrus l, 2, 3, 43 Klixccl .v uv A rus l, 2, 3, 43 I llulx l, 1, 3, 43 lruck 13 llziskctlmll .23 llrnmzi lllulm 3, 43 l'l:1y L'cnnmi1- Cmnniittuc 33 llzllicv lizuul Z, 33 juninr Vzirnivznl 3. l'li'l'li U Jl,lC "JN littlv HHIISUIINL' pow :mel tlwll is rclislicrl lmy tlu- lin-at uf mon." . P, I llmkcilwull 3, 43 "Arc Yun Mr. l3llllk'I'XVUI'tll?n 3 luull 34 Qluinsl f C114 . H .-.-. 1 l'rnm fUllllllllll'l' 33 Nsllfllljllillll' fur lz1tsy" 4. 3 ' I, -3 C n-'ln -ll y ,: jlkl lPAVlSf-"l21lgs" "Nm'vcr !'t'l'1lSi'S tu talk in class ur nut." 'ZH Kllulw l, 2, 3, 43 llzuul 2, 3, 43 liuys' flmrus 1 1 l, -, 3, 43 Nlixcrl K llurus 1, .., 3, 43 lizmcl lwftl- vnl 3, 43 llmrm lwstivznl 43 'l'rzicl4 13 jimim' nn cfllllllllllll' 3. WM. Rl'SSlil.I. lfli.-X'l3lll"IQ jli. ulfczitlu-rs" "Mn-n uf fvw lYllI'flN :irc thc lwst lm-li." l3ilSl'll1lll 43 Spurts limlitm' un .Slrr-.llur 43 liuys' Ilcnm' ltr. 3. JICNNIIC j, l"liA'l'lIliRS'l'l'Nff-"lucky" "Now what was HIS ll2llIlL'?u l'r:nisfvr frnm lJl'K'1lllll'Q fi.A..fX. 3, 43 L'2lllll'!'Zl Ciluli 33 llrzmm fl-ul: 3, 43 fiirlsl flmrqus 43 3 Nllxccl Qlmrus Su-.llur 43 l'mm Lmnmittcc 3 43 Zimluirf Stull' 43 "Springtiim- fur Patsy" 4. A N NA lilil .LIC lflil .TICR "Anvil-" "Quin but full of fini, making frin-mls with cvcryulic " illmrus l, 2, 3, 43 l'rum Lllilllllllllll' 33 junior l zmnvzil 3. IEAIQIGAIQA IUANN INJNNICIQ fullulalmii-" --3 ' 4 fy l ull ul' vigor, puppy tam, girls likc livr :irc vcry few." llzmfl l, 2, 3, 41 llmrus 1.2. 3, 4 4fX'Xl'34 XYKN1 f f I.. .. . . ... ,U U ., , . wurtl1?" 33 l".ll..'X. l, Z, 3, 43 Cliorus ilmitcst nu t l 7 3 l'mrl llstiwil 3 4 .Z 33 llzuul Um 'N ' 12 ijlmrus lfvstivnl 43 l'rum f.1lllllllllll'k' 33 "Spring- lmw for Patsy" 4. 'flu' IWW Zirrllrrii' 4. ,. - . 1 -. , 3 Su-.llnr Staff ' nu Mr. lluttcr- SENIORS MARY E. FREELAND-"Giggles" "There's mischief in her eyes, and laughter in her heart." Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3. 45 G.A.A. 15 Flute Trio 1, 25 Mixed Woodwind Trio Z5 "Spring- time for Patsy" 4. WAYNE GOODWIN-"Cookie" "I'm short, but so was Napoleon." Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Cornet Trio 35 Brass Sextet 35 Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band Z, 35 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Watchclog 45 Band Festi- val 3, 45 Play Committee 35 Junior Carnival 3. DEWEY GOSNELI. "His character will stand the test." GEORGE ALBERT HAM M AN-"Hamrnan" "Happy go lucky, gay and free. A friend to you, a friend to me." Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Dance Band 2, 35 Play Com- mittee 35 Cornet Trio 25 Junior Carnival 35 Camera Club 35 Band Clinic 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Band Contest 1, 2, 3. BILLY LONNE HAMMERS "Life is just what we make it." BOBBY HEISERMAN-"VVimpy" "I am not hampered by diflicultiesf' Chorus 15 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 3. DOROTHY JUNE HElSERMAN4"Dodie" A'She's quiet, friendly, and very sweet, A combination hard to beat." G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 3. 45 Girls' Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 35 President of Drama Club 45' High Magazine Salesman 35 Play Committee 35 Camera Club 35 Chorus Contest 35 Junior Carn- ival 3. MAYNARD L, HOWEf"Dixie" "He liked whatever he looked on, and he looked on women most of the time." Transfer from Decatur5 Football 1, 25 Basket- ball 35 "Are You Mr. Butterworth?" 35 Boys' and Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Chorus Contest 35 .Sa-Mor Staff 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Camera Club 3, 45 Junior Carnival 35 "Springtime for Patsy" 4. The 1949 Zionois SENIORS Vllttil NIA l,l'IlC HUFl7tlRlJ4"tiinny" "Great virtues has she ot' her own, which lesser souls may never know." l".ll.A. President 4, ti.A.A. 1, 3, 41 tiirls' thorns l, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 4, "VVould lie Gentlemen" .23 Camera Club 3, 4: F.H,A. l. 2, 3. 41 Zi Sei Club 33 Prom Committee 33 Chorus lfestival 4: Usher for '48 Graduation 33 Drama Club 3, 43 "Springtime for Patsy" 4. DUIttJ'l'llY l.lCli KlMl.lilt--"Dot" "Dark and vivaeious with sparkling eyes, she sueeeeds in whatever she tries." Hand Z, 3. 43 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 ti.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 2, 3, 4, l7.H.A. l, 2, 3, 41 Zi Sei Treasurer 31 President of ti.A.A. 3, 43 "Are You Nlr. Butterworth?" 31 "VVould Be Gentle- man" 23 Speeeh Contest 3, 4: Cheerleader 4: lland and Chorus Clinic 3, 4, "Springtime for l'atsy" 4. l'l:XRtJl.D Kl.tJl'lfIiNS'I'l2lN-"Klop" ullis wants are few, his wishes eontinedg His hat on his head makes life sublime." Transfer from Toledo, Uhioq Su-.llor 43 Sound man and eleetrieian for class play 3, 4. JOHN Wll.l.lANl KRUSIC-"Bill" "l picked up life and looked at it curiously." R ICHARD ll. LAND--"Dirk" "'l'all in height, as tall in friends, quite a few, they have no end." Class seeretary and Treasurer li F.l7.A. l, 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 3: l'enuy Carnival 33 "NN'ould Pre Gentleman" Z3 "Are You Mr. Butterworth?" 33 "Springtime for Patsy" 4, l7.l7.A. Camping Trip 1, 2, 35 .Su-.llnr Staff 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. l.liMUlil. l.. l.liH M A N-t"'l.eni" "X'Vhat a sweet and friendly personality we find here." l7.l?.A. 1, 2. 3, 45 Driver Corn Husking Con- test 3, 4, Boys' Home lie. 3. ROliliR'I' MACKl,lNf!'I'ete" "Goodness in quality will tell," Transfer from Nlaeoug F.F.A. 4. l'A'l'RlClA j. MUNROIQ 4"Yaledietoriann "lu our least modest hoping. we never hoped as mueh as this." lland I, 2, 3, 45 Choruses l. 2, 3, 41 t..A.A. l. 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 1. 2. 3, 43 "VVould He Gen- tleman" Z3 "Are You Mr. Butterworth?" 33 "Springtime for l'atsy" 4, Su-.llor lfditor 4: Co-Class Editor of Ziouoi: 4: Student Couneil Z: Baud Vice-President .21 Zi Sei President 33 District, Sectional, State Speech Contest 2, 3. The 1949 Zifmni: SENIORS RUTH PROFFITT-"ProFfie" "A light heart makes for a long lifef' F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 1, 23 Drama Club 33 F.H.A. Vice-President 43 Prom Committee 33 Junior Carnival 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Ac- companist Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 "Are You Mr. Butterworth?" 33 Solo Contest 23 Band 1, Z3 Band Clinic 1. IDA MADGE RUCKER-"Cookie" "She says what she thinks when she thinks it." G.A.A. 1, 3g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Camera Club 33 Zi Sci Club 33 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 1, Z, 3, 43 "Would Be Gentleman" 23 Attendant for Homecoming Queen 33 Prom Committee 33 "Springtime for Patsy" 4. RONNIE RUTLEDGE-'tHeavy" "Him and Einstein." Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 43 Track 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 33 Band Clinic 2, 43 Boys' Home Ec. 33 HZ" Club 3, 43 Prom Com- mittee 33 Penny Carnival 33 Dance Band 3, 43 Band Contest Z, 4. SHIRLEY SCHOONOVER-"Blondie" "Not bold, nor shy, not short nor tall, but a nice mixture of them all." F.H.A. 1, Z3 Play Committee 33 Junior Carni- val 33 Sa-Mor Staff 43 Prom Committee 3. EMMETT SEFTON "He smiled and said, 'Don't rush me, girls'." Basketball 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 3, 43 Prom Committee 3g F.F.A. Shucking Contest 33 Band Contest 1, 2, 33 Band Festival 3, 43 Play Committee 33 F.F.A. Treasurer 43 State F.F.A. convention 3, 43 Junior Carnival 33 "Springtime for Patsy" 4. HENRY DEAN SILLS-"Hank" "Handsome, clever, popular too. an athlete, good in whatever l1e'll do." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Chorus 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3. 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus Contest 33 Band Festival 3, 43 Track 1, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 "Z" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Vice-President of UZ" Club 4. WILLIAM LAWRENCE SMITH-"Bill" "When he succeeds, the merit is all his own." Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 "Z" Club 3, 43 "Are You Mr. Butter- worth ?" 33 Band Ensemble Contest 2, 33 Band Contest 1, 2, 33 Band Festival 33 Drama Club 3. 43 Prom Committee 33 Junior Carnival 33 "Springtime for Patsy" 4. RUTHE ST EELE-"Beulah" "These cute small blonds do get around, her let's go spirit is never downed." Drama Club 3. 43 G.A.A. 13 Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 43 Sa-Mor Staff Z, 43 Prom Committee 33 Camera Club 33 Zi Sci 33 Chorus Contest 23 Play Committee 33 "Springtime for Patsy" 4. The 1949 Zionois' SENIORS MARGARIQT -IO ANN S'l'lI.l.-"Maggie jo" "Small and cute. that's our jo Ann." I7.H.A. l, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus l, Z. 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Camera Club 43 G,A.A. 1, 3, 43 Chorus Con- test 1, 2, 33 Chorus Festival 43 "Are You Mr. llutterworth?" 33 Attendant for Penny Carni- val Queen 33 Usher for Graduation 33 Prom Connnittee 33 "Springtime for Patsy" 4. -IAMIQS DANIICI. STROHI.-"Jiin" "A friendly heart has many friends." 'l'ransi'er from Deeatur 33 Chorus 4. JU 'I' R U I .C JCKf"Josie" "A darling little girl with lovelight gleaming in her eyes." l'.H.A. 1.2, 3, 43 G.A.A. Z, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus l, Z, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 43 Treasurer of Class .23 Viee-President of Class 33 Homecom- ing Queen Z3 Homecoming Queen Attendant 43 Corn Queen Attendant 43 Hostess for "College Day" 43 Play Committee 33 Treasurer of G.A.A. 3. LURRAINIE VVELDY "The reason why I talk so much is because I have so much to say." Drama Club 3, 43 "lNould lie Gentleman" Z3 Class President .23 G.A.A. Secretary 23 G.A.A. Vive-President 33 Drama Club Vice-President 4: "Are You Mr. Butterworth?" 33 Girls' Chorus 1. 2. 3, 43 F.H.A. l, 2, 3. 4: Camera Club 33 Prom Committee 33 Penny Carnival 3. PAUL VVIEl.l.S-"Poode" "Deeds, not words, are needed." F.l'.A. l, Z, 3, 43 Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 Track 13 Delegate to National F.I7.A. Convention 4g Stu- dent Couneil 33 Class President 13 F.F.A. Pres- ident 43 F.F.A. Seeretary 33 Drama Club 2, 3, 43 "VVould Be Gentleman" Z3 Basketball 3. MARY JANET VVHITE "Hy the work, one knows the worker." F.lf.A. 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Camera Club 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Chorus Z, 3, 43 D.A.R. Award 43 Zionni: Co-lfditor 43 .Ya-.llor Staff Z3 Play Committee 33 'ASpring- time for Patsy" 4. . ELDON WICKLINIQ "He eonld smile his way out of anything." Band l, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Trombone Quartet l3 F.F.A. l, Z, 3, 43 Hand Festival 3. 43 "Are You Mr. Butterworth ?" 33 Manager of Ilasketball, Track, and Baseball 43 "Z" Club 43 Chorus Festival 43 Student Couneil 43 Cama era Club 4. OPAL ZIIQNTARA "ln this world there's too much worry, what's the use of fuss and hurry P" If.H.A. l, 2, 3, 43 junior Carnival 33 Su-.llor Stat? 4. The 1949 Zimlois' 26 JUNIORS Meeting on the second VVednesday of September, 1948, the Class of '50 orga- nized for the school year ahead. Recognizing a good president when they have one, they re-elected jim Clark president, a position he held the previous year. His vice-president was Mary Uverlin, with Roberta VVall as secretary, and Albert Seitz, treasurer. The class named to the Student Council the following people: Shirley llarshbarger, Dave Britton, and Bud Tipsword. Incidentally, Dave was elected secretary of the Student Council. The first major activity of the class was- the presentation of the junior play, "But Fair Tomorrow,'l on November llth and 12th. Direction was by Mr. Boyll who, with the enthusiastic cast, succeeded in catching the audience's attention with an amusing and fast-moving drama of family life. Then on December 3, the ,lunior candidates for llomecoming Queen, Anne Ruth Goodwin and Frances Grinestaff, took part in the coronation of the Home- coming Queen. On january lOth, the class began one of its really big johs4the Curtis Maga- zines Sales- Campaign. This effort saw a mixed response from the class, some working very hard, others doing a little, and a few helping not at all. Total sales reached was 383620, with Virginia Gordon being the high salesman and the recip- ient of the radio awarded for that accomplishment. frenz! row, loft to right-J. Bryant, L. VVendel, D. Hogan, S. Dyer. J. Hector, D. Britton, E. McKean B Txuble B. Davis. .SCEUJIKII fort'-Mr. Ross, R. Schuman, M. McLean, B. Tipsword, J. McRae, D. Myers, Clark, H Hull Ax Snitz TXITY. Boyll. Ylzzrd mtvvli. Traster, T. Mcfleehon, G. Lawrence, J. Vance, G. McLean. B. Fulte, VV. Underwood W frotjan J. Stratman, J. Boyer. The 1949 Zzonoz JUNIORS The 'lunior girls won new honors for the class by repeating as the Ci. A. A. llasketball Champions. l.ool4 through the pages of this annual to see the victorious tezun-Ji. .X. .X. fliamps of l9-19. .Xlter considerable discussion and planning, the juniors held a class party in the gyinnasiinn on March 16th. .X majority of the class came out to take part in the games and dancing planned for them. Mr. Boyll dismissed Senior play re- hearsal early and brought the cast down to join the hluniors. They also joined the juniors in complimenting the committees for one of the best class parties ever. The linal enterprise of the juniors was the 'Iunior-Senior Banquet and l'rom. This was planned and carried out by committees working with Miss llivilbiss. The time, May l-lthg the place, Scovill's Club llouse, Decatur: music by the Don lfredericlc Sextette. So, the Class of lU5O ends 1949-looking ahead to their Senior year, to new experiences and accrvmplishments. lt regrets that some of its members will be in school elsewhere next year, but hopes that they will carry with them a warm atlection lor Mt. Zion lligh School. lfruul 1-ure, lefl In rigflitf--S. Hardin, l.. Shetler, -I. Ekiss, M. VVarner, M. VVarner, R. NYall. A. XYarner. J lientz, ll. lilopfenstein, l7. lflynn, R. Coulter. Svcmzil ron' Miss Divilbiss, l'. Richey. li. Hanson, S. Harshbarger, V. Gordon, A. Hector, C. Bateman, I' firinestalif, Xl. llryant, V. Rhodes. Tlzirn' rim' M. Overlin, D. Kenney, A. Goodwin, N. Hector, L. York, I. Gosnell, M. Meny. G. Ames Y Y l The I9-I9 Zimzoil SOPHOMORES Well, our Sophomore year started off with a big bang! Fifty-two faces, some familiar and some new, were present during our first meeting. Our first thought was to get organized which was taken care of at our lirst meeting on September 8. We elected officers as follows: President ..,...,,,,, ..... ,,i..t.t.. N e il Damery Vice-President ......,. .. ..... Dick Dickson Secretary ............. ........... N ina Baldwin Treasurer .......................................w.....,.,.............,.,i.,...............,..,.......,,,,,,, is,.,,,,, , ...Don Hyland We made a mistake and only elected two students to represent our class i11 the Student Council. They were Eulah Mae Hise and Harvey Goodwin. This mistake was remedied at the next class meeting by selecting Gary Boyer to assist them in representing the class. Cornshucks were Hying and the Sopliomores were right in the middle. But we came out on top with Nina Baldwin queen and Ruth Harris, Eulah Mae llise, and Janis Stocks as attendants. These Sophs are just naturally hot this year! VVe also came out on top in the Homecoming with pert little Janis Stocks as our queen and Ruth Harris as an attendant. The Seniors came out iirst in the Penny Carnival King and Queen race but all the same we were still in there with Janis Stocks and Dick Dickson as our Sophomore queen and king, and Ruth Harris and Eulah Mae Hise as attendants. Front raw, left fu riyhtAC. Bulla, D. Conder, D. Hyland, N. Dantery, M. Kohr, B. Boudell, D. Dickson J. Scrivner. Second row-P. Hettinger, bl. Hobson, I. Cooley, D. Boyer, R. Luster, G. Burress, G. Boyer, Mr. Farris Third row-H. Goodwin, R. Zientara, J. Reinhardt, C. Disney, B. Camp, B. Lamb. J. McCauley, A. Price 28 The 1949 Zizmoi: SOPHOMORES The Sophomore boys played the Ill.Il teachers in a heated haskethall game and naturally the teachers won, hut then they've had lots more experience. Yes, we had quite a few in the lf. I". .-X. and lf. ll. AX. .-Xlso the Ci. AX. ,-X. The Sophomore girls Caine out second in the li. .'X. A. haskethall tournament. VX'hoal's not forget our haskethall hoys who made np a good lzart of the "li" squad. 'lihey are Diek Diekson, llarvey Goodwin, Neil Daniery, Ronnie l.nsler, Gary llurress and Don Boyer. Participants in hasehall were Harvey Goodwin, Ronnie Luster, and Diek Dickson. Holly! VVe almost forgot Rand and Chorus. lndeed we had our share in the sour notes tand a few sweet onesj. f Jin' two elass parties were a Masquerade and a llayride. lint wait, we lllllStlllt forget to tell you who was behind us, guiding and advis- ing us when we needed it. They were our class sponsors, Mrs. Karl, Mr. Bohlen, and Mr. Farris. lfronl row, lvfl In fliflllf' -l.. Langley, D. Grahe, Stocks, R. Harris, li. Hise, A. Kleklillan, l'. Harsh burger, N. Haldwin. .hll'l'l7ll!f rom'--ll. XYidiek, l.. Clerk, C. Nihiser, B. Benton, D. Trent, R. Melntosh, Rl. Kester, Rl. Xlfiekline Mrs. Karl. Third rmufll. Hull, N. Phipps, P. Brown, j. Reason, M. Britton, J. Kiinler, li. Hake. Tha' 1949 Zfollnffi FRESHMEN If you want a tip on a sure thing, pick the class of '52, Theylve got thing-beauty, brains, and brawn! every- I saw them first standing ankle deep in a tub of cold and slightly spoiled- slightly that is-tomatoes! The upperclassmen were bored with school days and felt they needed to show the Freshmen the ropes. The class of '52 rolled eggs with their noses, but never hit the ropes. They were grade HA" for sportsmanship on initiation day ! I saw them later in fall baseball: Grotjan, F. Smith, Cuttill, Jackson, Snyder, and Hardin, with Larry Fonner out in front. I heard them chanting, 'fCasey at the Bat," while they elected Norma Truloek as president, Stanley Grotjan as Vice-President, Helen Myers as Secretary, and Diane Heinz as Treasurer. The Freshmen girls poured tea for their mothers at the F. H. A. Mother and Daughter Tea and acted as Homecoming and Corn Husking queen attendants. They were: Carol Barnett, Diane Heinz, Helen Myers, and .Iacqueline VVoolums, respectively. VVhen social events were over they changed from formals to shorts and threatened the Seniors in an exciting softball game. The Freshmen boys were in there shooting with Ames, Anderson, Sills, Clark, Jackson, Grotjan, and Fonner all out for basketball. llenry, Front row, lvft fo right-F. Maloney, C. Gibbons, G. Smith, G. Kester, S. Grotjan, R. Hodge, J. Strohl D. Clark, R. Dunn, C. Schoonover, I. Rutherford, D. Roderick, M. Goad, C. Smith, E. Brownlee. Second row-R. Munson, L. Heinzman, V. Lane, C. McRae, B. Land, B. Oaks, B. Feisler, D. York, A Feather, D. Reed, L. Fonner, C. Sills, A. Bentz, B. Stull, P. Kite, Mr. Higdon. Third row-T. Gillespie, D. Markwell, H. Overlin, G. Tilton, E. Anderson, J. Jackson, J. L. Beck, R. Ames, D. Henry, B. McArdle, D. Forbes, L. Hardin. Snyder, K. Seitz 30 Thr 1949 Zionoi FRESHMEN 'lihey stimd out in writing essays when 'llipsword and .l. Rutl'1erford won limimws in the Macon Cirmnty lfire l'reVention lfssay Contest. .Xnd l saw them next with linnner, llenry, llndge, lNlnirhead, Tilton, 'l'rnluek and Snyder in the lltmm' Roll uf liame. I saw them learn to write cheeks and letters with Miss Divilhiss: travel to Chi- cago with Mr. llrnhleng learn to knit with Miss liantzertg choose interesting hing- raphies with Mr. liarris. Mrs. Karl and Mr. Sampson kept them clean and healthy and Mr. Dalton taught them science terminology. I heard them heat the hand and sing like birds with Mr. Tlimnpsmi, while .lane Muirhead accompanied on the piano. Mr. llingaman taught them percentage and Miss l"Simer introduced them to eneyelopedias. li. A. A. gave them limiurs-li. F. A. and F. ll, A. gave them good timesq classes gave them knowledge, and Miss liantzert and Miss ,lunett and Mr. lligdon gave them guard advice in llume Romn. Mr, llerns complimented them for their March edition of the Sa Mor and had more patience with them than they deserved. But all in all, take a tip, if you want to put something on a sure thing-pick the class of '52, As I said, I saw them! 'l'hey've get beauty, brains, and hrawn! They should he in first place, right after the turn of the century-l952vthat is! lirnul row, left In riylil li. XYendel, H. Myers, L. Britton, Hutchinson, C. llarnett, R. lintlierfurd. I Cornell, l.. 'l'ipsword. .hil't'UlIlf rnwff--Xliss Cianlzert, M. Veeeh, M. McDaniel, N. Buyer, li. Huss, N. Hull, l'. Schultz, l. MCCU Miss jmiett. Third rim' --N. Trnluek. l.. Westhruuk, D. Heinz, l'. firinestaff, li. Dennis, J. Muirheid. The 19,19 Zimmi.S i 31 I N irixxw M wg In I f X Q 2 xi ' x 9' QSQ Q -4 32 Tin' 1919 Zimml ,ff -J-?: I y QI g WV f '90 I in 47:4 fu fa ATHLETICS CHE ERLEADERS Anne Ruth liooclxrin. Dorothy liimler, Eulah Mae Hise, and Nina Baldwin. SCHOOL SONG Un Mt. Zion, on Mt. Zion, flash right clown the Hoor, Toss the hall right through the huslcet Now we're sure to score, rzlh, rnh, rzih, Un hlt. Zion, on Mt. Zion, iight on for your lameg Fight fellows light, and we will win this game. Yeah Raul, Yeah XYhiteg Come ou, Mt. Zion,'s light! l.UC4ll1lUllVC, l.UCOIll0flVC, Steam, Stezun, Steam. l'ull together, pull together, Tezun, Tezun, Tezun. YELLS Yeah Tezun, Say Tezun, Were for you, So . . . hght,f1ght,tight. Your pep, your pep, You got it. now keep it. lDon't lose it, you'll neefl Q Repeat three timesj it. Tin' 1949 Zimmi ll BASEBALL The Braves started the season off right by whipping Niantic ll to 2. ln their next game they were beaten by VVarrensburg but quickly recovered to win their next two games before bowing to Blue Mound. VVe finished by nosing out Macon to end the season with a record of 4 wins against 2 losses. Seniors on the team were: Bill Smith, Lemuel Lehman, Bill Feather, and 'l'erry Bobbit. The players winning letters were: Bill Smith, '1'erryxBobbit, David Britton, 'lim Clark, lloward llull, Don Boyer, and l.arry Fonner. Our Record Mt. Zion ll-Niantic 2 Mt. Zion 4-:Xrgenta 3 VVarrensburg SAML Zion 4 Blue Mound 7-Mt. Zion 2 Mt. Zion l-l-Stonington 5 Mt. Zion 4fMacon l lfronl row, lvfl to riglzl-H. Hull, B. Smith. -I. Clark, T. Bobbitt, D. Britton, J. Mcliae, D. Boyer, D. Clark .blt't'Ull!1 ron'--j. Snider, VV. Cirotjan, H. Goodwin, B. Feather, Coach Sampson, R, Luster. C. Sills, l.. Fon- ncr, l.. l.ehman, N. Damery. 14' 10,10 Z1'm1ui.1 BASKETBALL "A" SQUAD The Mt. Zion Braves had an average team during the 1948-49 season, winning 14 games and losing ll. They won a trophy in the Macon County Tournament, taking third place. This was the only trophy they won this season. The scoring of this season was divided between Terry Bohhit with 247 points, and .lim Clark with 241 points. Letter winners for the year were: Bohhit, Sills, Sefton, Smith, Cole, VVeldy, Clark, llogan, Fonner, and Hull. Games Played During the Year ,Xrgenta 36-Mt. Zion 23 Mt. Zion 34fMaroa 19 Mt. Zion 31-Sullivan 29 Mt. Zion 49fMaCon 30 St. Teresa 37fMt. Zion 27 Mt. Zion 45-Bethany 26 VVZlI'1'CllSl7l1l'g 51-Mt. Zion 36 Mt. Zion 42AShelhyville 32 Brownstown 6l-Mt. Zion 26 Niantic 34fMt. Zion 27 Mt. Zion 50fllliopolis 44 Mt. Zion 47wLovington 45 Mt. Zion 58fBlne Mound 29 Mt. Zion 48-Bethany 37 Macon County Tourney Mt. Zion 53-Niantic 30 Argenta 49-Mt. Zion 3l Mt. Zion 39-Maroa 29 Mt. Zion 47fStonington 46 Maroa 29-Mt. Zion 28 VVarrensburg 47-Mt. Zion 3l Mt. Zion 56-Lovington 48 Macon 46-Mt. Zion 33 Mt. Zion 54-Argenta 38 St. Teresa 31-Mt. Zion 30 XVarrenslmnrg 48fMt. Zion 39 mf v. iff! to riglzl-D. Hogan, E. Sefton, H. Sills, T. Bohbit, J. Clark, D. Britton, B. Smith. SUCOIIIT kline, P. Cole, XY. Cirotjan, R. XN'eldy, H. Hull, A. Seitz, Coach Sampson. T114' 1949 Zionoz TERRY BOBB IT Q DAN HCXRAN HULL YETE C0 HANK SILIS utils: RAIMOHD WELD! -1- ' Xfnmz 37 0 BASKETBALL "B" SQUAD The 'ABU squad, playing only Freshmen and Sophomores in Conference com- petition and in most non-conference games, ended their season with 9 victories and 11 defeats. The Freshmen split a two-game series with Moweaqua. Despite their deficit in the win column, the "B,s,' outscored their opponents, 712 to 688. Their inability to win the close ones is responsible for their failure to show a better win record. Seven games were lost by three points or less. The "B's" chalked up five victories against a single defeat Ca two-point deci- sion at Nianticj to lead the Cenois Conference Freshmen-Sophomores. Transfers, sickness and graduation to the varsity weakened the squad so that they ended the season with several successive losses. Games for the Season Mt. Zion 39-Argenta 36 Mt. Zion 48-Lovington 35 Mt. Zion 45-Maroa 27 Blue Mound 24-Mt. Zion 21 Moweaqua Frosh 36-Mt. Zion 21 Bethany 34-Mt. Zion 31 Sullivan 39-Mt. Zion 36 Mt. Zion 37-Moweaqua Frosh 26 Mt. Zion 27-Macon 23 Stonington 33-Mt. Zion 32 St. Teres-a 36-Mt. Zion 35 Mt. Zion 36-Maroa 21 Mt. Zion 33-Bethany 23 Warrenslmiirg 30h-Mt. Zion 26 Mt. Zion 36-VVarrensburg 28 Lovington 34-Mt. Zion 21 Shelbyville 35-Mt. Zion 32 Macon 36-Mt. Zion 26 Mt. Zion 42-Illiopolis 28 Argenta 48-Mt. Zion 15 Niantic 38-Mt. Zion 36 Mt. Zion 36-St. Teresa 28 1'il"UlIfl'U7L',IL'fffI?7'l'gflZfYD. Clark, S.Grotja11, D. Hyland, D. Boyer, G. Boyer, C. Sills, D. Henry, I. ,Tack- son, 1-1. Goodwin. Second row-L. Fonner, G. Burress, J. Cooley, D. York, R. Luster, R. Ames, R. Munson, D. Dickson Coach Ross. Tlzird row-D. Roderick, N. Damery, F. Maloney, J. Snyder, G. Smith, E. Anderson, T. Gillespie. 38 The 1949 Ziouoia TRACK Mt. Zion ended a fair track season in 1948. We finished third in a quad- rangular meet with Warrensburg, Argenta, and Maroa. VVarrensburg won with 70 273 points, Argenta was second with 37 1f3 points, followed by Mt. Zion with 32 points, and Maroa 'was last with 21 points. A dual meet was held with Macon who won 62 to 37. Mt. Zion entered the Macon County meet where they finished fifth. In the Cenois Conference meet the Braves again finished fifth. The Freshmen relay team came through to win the only .track trophy of the season. The Macon County and the Cenois Conference meets were both won by Warrensbiirg. Letter winners were: Eddie Wilking, Dick Blankenburg, Ronnie Rut- ledge, johnny Stull, Terry Bobbit, David Britton, Gary Boyer, Don Boyer, Don Hyland, Neal Damery. The Freshman Relay team consisted of Gary Boyer, Don Boyer, Don Hyland, and Neal Damery. ' . I rant row, loft to right--J. Snider, A. Bentz, D. Hyland, N. Damery. D. Britton, F. Traster, B. Stull .Shuid my D Dickson, L. Fonncr, G. Boyer, T. Bobbit, H. Sills, P. Wells, H. Hull, D. Boyer, Coach Sampson lhc 1949 Zianoi' ATH LETIC CALEN DAR 1948-49 Baseball September 10 .........A... .................................... ....,.................A... N i antic-Here September 14 ,.............. VV'arrensburg-There September 20 . ............... Stonington-There September 24 ........,.....,,.... Argenta-Here September 28 ............. ..... ..........,.......... ..,.......,. B 1 1 re Mound-There October 1 .....,...,,....... .........,,..........r..........w,....,.., ..,........,............ M a con-Here Basketball November 19 ..,.......... ,..,....................................... ...... ...,.. A r g enta.-There November 23 ............. ..,.,,..... M aroa-There November 30 ..r,,........ ............... S ullivan-Here December 3 .............. .,................. M acon-Here December 7 .r.....,..... ........,.,. S t. Teresa-There December 10 .......,...... ..........,,..,...,. B ethany-Here December 14 ...,.......... ............ W arrensburg-Here December 17 .... ........... S helbyville-There December 28 .....,........ ............ N iantic Tourney January 7 ...,.......... ............... N iantic-There January 11 .............. ....... ...... I 1 liopolis-Here january 14 .......,v..... ...,......... L ovington-There January 18 ............. . ,......... Blue Mound-There January 21 .............r......,........ ............................ B ethany-There january 25, 26, 27 ..,............ .,..vv....... M acon County Tourney February 1 .......................... ,...,,.r,.....,.,,... S tonington-There February 4 ................ ,............rr............... M aroa-Here February 8 ............... .,,....,....... W arrensburg-There February 11 .....,.... ...,. ............... L o vington-Here February 15 .,.......,.,... ..., ,........... M a con-There February 18 .............,. ............... A rgenta-Here February 22 ................,.... ,.............. S t. Teresa-Here March 1, 2, 3, 4 .........r... .,.,,............,,....,........ . .,,...... , Regional-Decatur Baseball V May 2 ........... ..,,,..............,............ ........r.....................,.........,... B e thany-There May 11 ................. .......................,....,...........w.....,..,.. S ullivan-Here May 16, 17 ............. .......................................,. D istrict Tournament at Decatur Track April S ...,.,......,.. ............,...............,.. ....., ........,,r.... ...... S u 1 1 ivan-There April 28 ........,...,.. ......,,..,........,..,.....................,,..,..... M acon County-Decatur May 6 .............. 0 ........,.....Cenois Conference T ournament-Decatur The 1949 Zionoi X X BAND The band members and Mr. Thompson are very grateful to the Parent- Teachers Association for helping them buy band uniforms. The uniforms con- sist of red caps with gold bands and white visors, red jackets with white but- tons and belts with white skirts or trousers. They were worn for the first time on Thursday, February 24, when the band presented a winter concert. The band gave a special concert in April for the P. T. A. so that they could see the new uniforms, The 52-piece high school band also went on a "tour" to other high schools in the county. They gave a varied program to the student body of each school on a school day. Approximately 30 members attended the Macon County Band Festival at the Blue Mound High School. Seven or eight schools participated in this festival. After a very busy year a spring concert was given in the high school gymnasium. Iirmit row, Ivff to riglzt4Allen, Phipps, M. Britton, A. Goodwin, Freeland, Alderson, Monroe. Srmnd row- Baldwin, St. Pierre, Nihiser, M. VVickline, L. VVendel, McLean, L. Britton, J. Davis, Feisler, D. Britton, Clow Third row-Bulla, Grabe, K. VVendel, H. Myers, Hettinger, Fonner, Smith, Overlin, Kite, J. Clark, Ekiss, E VVickline, B. Smith. Fourth row-Hainman, Cole, VV. Goodwin, Boudell, D. Myers, V. Lane, D. Clark, Munson Heinznian, Dyer, H. Sills, Kohr, Burress. Standing-Veech, Kimler, Sefton, H. Goodwin, Dennis. Mr. Thomp- son, director. 4.2 The 1949 Zionoz MACON COUNTY CHORUS FESTIVAL l.ast year the high schools of Macon County had a band festival which was enjoyed by everyone who attended. This year it was decided to have a Chorus Festival, too. The choruses of Argenta, Maroa, Blue Mound, War- rensburg, Macon, Niantic, and Mt. Zion participated. This festival was held in the :Xrgenta high school building on December 16, 1948. There were thirty- one students attending from Mt. Zion. Approximately one lumdred and thirty students attended from all the schools. In the afternoon, after practicing all morning, .Xrgenta gave a dance for all the schools. A boys' chorus, a girls' chorus, and a mixed chorus presented a concert that evening. Saunders Devine, a Millikin student, was guest soloist for the group. Students attending from Mt. Zion were: R. Coulter, H. Myers, Muir- heid, M. Veech, D. Kimler, I. Rucker, A. McMillan, N. Baldwin, R. Harris, I.. Langley, ll. Goodwin, R. St. Pierre, D. Myers, lf. VVickline, DI. Davis, M. Kohr, Stocks, E. lflise, P. Monroe, R. Wall, L. VVendell, R. Wleldy, Y. Gordon, Still, D. Dickson, ll. Klopfenstein, D. Clow, B. Fonner, H. .Xlderson, I.. XVeldy, Y. llufford. Tlzr IWV Ziwmi.: MIXED CHORUS This group of the Music Department is composed of approximately eighty students. The voices consist of soprano, second soprano, alto, second alto, tenor, lirst bass, and second bass. , ,Xt the annual Christmas party on December Zl, l94S, the chorus pre- sented Christmas Carols. Patricia Monroe, acting as narrator, told the Christ- mas Story which the audience enjoyed very much. Sometime during the latter part of April or the early part of May the chorus department will give its annual spring concert. All three choruses are planning to do their best to make this concert a success. A new group has heen formed this year from the Mixed Chorus. They are called the "Modernaires." It is composed of twelve girls and six boys. They have lots of new music which is mostly popular. The Modernaires plan to entertain at P. T, A. meetings and whenever they may be asked. Front mtv, left to 1'iyht4Featherstun, Harshbarger, Freeland, Dennis. McMillan, Harris. Goodwin, Kimler Allen, Kimler, Veech, Baldwyn, Heinz, Klopfenstein, Hake, VVendell, Barnett, Myers, Langley. ,Svrmzd rfrztf-Anderson, Phipps, Steele, Ekiss, Trulock, Still. Bolick, Coulter, Harslxharger, Hufford, Fon- ner, Hise, Gordon, W'all, Monroe, VVeldy, Wliite, Rucker, Britton, Stocks, Reason, Bentz, Flynn, VVarncr, Alder- son, Hutchinson, VYarner, Muirheid. Mr. Thompson. Third Wm'-Kollr, VVendell, Klopfenstein, Strohl, Myers, Howe, lfVcldy. Clow, Gosnell, Dyer. Kruse, Land Sills. Henry, VVells, Feisler, Goodwin, Land, Dickson, Danmery. Highland, McCauley, Henry, Rutherford, Davis 44, The 1949 Zionoi: GIRLS' CHORUS line tn the 1lltCl'CSlI Ill 11111s1e :tt Mt. Zinn tllCl'C 2ll'C nearly sixty girls Ill this g1'UlllJ. Mr. 'lllltlllllJSUll very llltlllglllfllllly nrclerecl Slgllt-1'CZlCllllg lmonlqs and tl1e girls have worlcecl very l1z1rcl on then1 to lllll'Jl'0VC tl1eir rezuling of inter- vztls Zllltl steps ztncl llilll-SKEIIS. 'lihey also have new ehnrns hnnlqs. Alter using nhl hmnks fur ll lung ti111e, these IICW Chorus lmnolcs lnnkecl very good tn tl1Clll. The liirls' LlllU1'llS is lllillllllllg tn give several I1llllllJCl'S ut the Zllllllllll Spring L'1111eert. A new grntip has heen aclclecl this year CUIlSlStlIlg nl twelve interestecl girls who have l-Hl'lllL'4l :111 e11se111hle. 'l'he ensenllmle specializes i11 lbtllltlllll' z111cl se111i- lltlllllllll' 11111sie exclusively. 'l'l1ey sung for tl1e District XY111111-11's Clnh nn Nlztreli 22, l9-49. 'lane Muirheicl is the aCcc1111pa11ist for the chorus. lfnntl ww, lvfl In right -j. l'.C2llllCI'hlllll, li. liutlierlnrcl, l'. Harslilmarger, K. Cutilter, l. Dennis, A. Concl- J win, IJ. Kiniler, A. Artze, M. Yeeeli, N. 'l'rnluek, Il. ljentz, li. KltllJfk'llSlCllI, D. Flynn, H. Hake. S. Hzirslihzxrger ll. Trent, j. ll11tel1i11sf111. .Slt't'Ullll rim' Mr. 'llll1IllllJStlll, j. Klnirheiml, I. lfkiss, R. Steele, A. Meklillzni, li. lfniiner. J. liiniler. R. Harris ll. Vticliek, l.. llrittnn, ll. Myers, l. llneker, J. lQez1s1111, Nl. Ntarner, C. liztrnett, D. Heinz, N. liztlchvyil, l.. Tip- sxvt 1r1l. A. XX':1r11er. 'liliirtl raft' li. XYL'llflL'll, l.. l.11l1gley, N. l,llllJlJS, rllflllwfli, Still, A. l7elte1', ll. llulieli, lf. Hise, Y. flur- mlun, R. XY:1ll, l'. Nln11r11e, l.. XY1-ltly, li. Allen, Nl. lfreelaml, D. lAlCl5Cl'lllllll, Y. Htillurcl, Rl. XYhite, ll. .'Xl4lCI'StlIl j. Slneks, l'. tiri11estz1lif. 'l'l11' I0-I0 Z1'n1101'.t 4.5 BOYS' CHORUS VVith everything going on around Mt. Zion, the boys' chorus gets quite a shoving around. ln spite of this fact the boys seein to he improving by the day. Those new sight-reading books have really helped everyone. The boys worked up a couple of nuinhers for the Spring Concert. The Spring Concert is planned and worked out by our industrious Mr. Tlioinpson, who wants the parents and friends of our niusie students to know how well or how bad the niusic department really is. .lane lyluirheid is the new accompanist this year. She has been taking piano lessons for seven years and is very good. jane is patient with us when we can't hit the right note and she has to give us the correct tone more than once. Ifrmzf raw, Irff tu right-Rl. Kohr, D. Myers, B. Henry, P. VVells, H. Sills, B. Kruse, D. l.and, N. Dam- ery, E. Anderson, D. Clark. .Sirrmzrf row-l-. VYendell, I. Strohl, M. Howe, R. NVeldy, D. Gosnell, D. Clow, S. Dyer, J. Xluirhcad, Mr Thompson. Third ron'-J. Rutherford, Davis, J. McCauley, B. l.and, H. Klopfenstein, B. Feisler, H. Goodwin, D Dickson, D. l-lighland, D. Henry. 46 'Hn' I9-IU ZHIIIULC WE GO TO PRESS 'lihe Su-Jllor, official organ of the lVlt. Zion Community lligh School student body, was taken over lock, stock, and barrel by a new crop of budding journal- ists under the guidance of Mr. Hoyll, the new sponsor. Sweeping changes were immediately noticeable in the 1J2l.17Cl'lS make-up. L'ntil this time the S11-M0,r had been without an editorial policy: one was adopted. Lfnder the able editorship of Miss l'atricia Monroe, strides were taken to establish a uniform copy from one edition to the next. l'l1ysical changes in the Sa-Mor included a new weight of paper for the covers, making it easier to mail, and carry: and a definite place and space in the paper for each of the established columns. The Sn-Mor cannot rightly be called a newspaper, nor does it tit the magazine categoryg it strikes somewhere between, being much in content like the famous Sfwcfnfm' of eighteenth century lCngland's Addison and Steele. llowever, newspaper techniques have been employed in the gathering, writing and editing of the material found between Sa-M0r'.v covers. lfach reporter was given a dehnite beat to cover each month. Society was covered by .leunie lieatherstun, who doubled as the staff artist: special events were assigned to lietty liurressg sports were handled by Hill Feather. The reporting staff consisted of Barbara Fonner, Opal Zientara, Maynard llowe, and Shirley Schoonover. llarold Klopfenstein was business manager. S md left In riylzl---Jennie Featherstun, Jo Trulock, Beverly Roliek, Pat Monroe. Sftllllffllll Barbara l onntr Httty liurress, Hiirold Klopfenstein. Barbara Alderson, Bill Feather, Mr. Boyll, Ruthe Steele. Mary Whitt Slnrlcy Sthoonover, lietty jo X'N'illiams, Opal Zientara. Ihr 1010 fimmi: F. F. A. The officers for the year are: P. Wells, president, B. Tipsword, vice-president, E. Sefton, treasurer, B. Henry, secretary, and B. Kruse, reporter. The F. F. A. has been again one of the most active organizations in the school. During September, the boys attended a Tree Planting Demonstration, and took part in an ofhcers' leadership training school at Mahomet. In October they went on project tours and made colored slides for the Father and Son Banquet. The annual Cornhusking Contest was held at the farm of Hank Sills. The winners of this contest were Paul Wells and Dale Myers. The Corn- husking Party was held that night with Paul and Dale reigning as co-kings, and Nina Baldwyn as the queen. The party was a great success. Bart Henry and Paul Wells went to Kansas City to attend the National Conven- tion as the delegates of the Chapter. Also the chapter picked up corn to raise funds. The latter part of November a group of the fellows went to Chicago to attend the International Livestock Exposition. The F. F. A. Banquet was held December 7, with all the boys attending. During the basketball season the boys sold pop at the games. This not only quenched the spectators' thirst but also removed the red Figures from the treasurer's book. The Grain and Poultry Teams took part in a contest at Arthur. The Poultry Team won Hrst place and the Grain Team took sixth. This summer the boys plan to spend a few days at Osage, Missouri, as the end of a highly successful year. Iiirsi row, sifting, Irft to Tff,'I1ffHClSCTUl2.Il, Goade, Anderson, Hardin, Goodwin, Schoonover. Second row sifting-Ruble, Conder, Cooley, Fulte, McArdle, Sefton, Kester, Jackson. First row, s!andz'ngwGillespie, Mc- Cauley, Hodge, Maloney, Tilton, Seitz, Tipsword, Weldy, Wells, B. Henry, Kruse, Sills, Campf Roderick, Gib- bons, Brownlee, Mr. Bohlen. Second row, standing-Dyer, B. Land, Macklin, Lehman, D. Land, Damery McKean, D. Henry, Dickson, Hyland, Scribner, Rutherford, Feisler, Reed, Myers, York, Hogan, Bentz, Stull 4.8 The 1949 Zionois L 1 I 'R' U Z1'u1lwlt. F. H. A. President . . . . . . Virginia Hufford Vice-President . . Ruth Proffit Secretary . . Doris Kenney Treasurer Betty Burress Historian Mary Overlin Chorister .......... Annie Goodwin Our hrst meeting was held September 7, with fifty-eight members present. The advisor for this group is Miss jouett, and Club Mother is Mrs. john Huford. Fourteen Freshmen were initiated September 10, and a potluck supper followed the initiating ceremony. Major activities for the year were a .leans Jamboree which was held October 1. Dorothy Kimler was chairman and everyone had a swell time. October 19 the annual Mother and Daughter Tea was held and a program was given by several F. H. A. members. On December 22, F. H. A. members were very busy making cookies for the Christmas Party. February 9, a Sweetheart Dance was held in the high school gym. On April 2, an F. l-1. A. Rally was held at lilkhart. This year the girls are working for their junior degree. Chocolate milk and orange drinks were sold during the noon hour all year long. Installation of new officers was held May 10. Officers for the next year are Janis Stocks, Ruth Harris, Frances Grinestaif, Shirley Harshbarger, Mary Over- lin, and Rosemary Coulter. The new Club Mother is Mrs. L. Stocks. During the summer we expect to send our President to summer camp at Bloomington. The Club and Miss .Iouett wish to thank Miss Gantzert for her assistance during the year. From' row, Irff fn right-P. Benton, Calhoun, J. Trulock, Boliek, White, Steele, Ekiss, Burress, Kenny Hufford, Overlin, Rucker, Hake, S. Harshbarger, P. Harshbarger, Coulter, F. Grinestaff, York. Second row-Miss Gantzert, VVendel, Phipps, Still, A. Hector. N. Hector, Ames, Tipsword, Vecch, Cornell Britton, Myers, VVall, Artze, D. Kimler, Weldy, Harris, Lamb, Hisc, Boyer, B. Benton, Schultz, Huss, McCoy Miss Jouett. Third row-Parks, Allen, Freeland, Richey, Gosnell, Meny, Reason, Heinz, Barnett, McDaniel, Kimler Gordon, Goodwin, Hull, N. Trulock, Dennis, Hardin, P. Grinestaff, Muirheid, Rutherford, lNarner, Westbrook Stocks, Heiserman. . - 4 50 The 1949 Ziouoi: .::'.5g- szadlfdmvkr f lf: fflffllll DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club is an honorary society. Only those Juniors and Seniors who have taken an active part in the school's major dramatic productions, are admitted to membership. To gain membership into the club the student wish- ing to join must have his name submitted to the club in a regular meeting, the club looks over the aspirant's qualifications, and if he meets with the stand- ards of the group he is voted in. Plans were laid to put on some skits and one-act plays at assemblies, but due to the heavy schedule of classes taken by most of the members and the lack of rehearsal time the idea had to be shelved until a way can be found to overcome these "theatrical road blocksf, The retiring officials of the group are: Dorothy Heiserman, president, Lorraine VVeldy, vice-president, Betty Burress, treasurer, and Beverly Boliek, secretary. These offices will be vacated as of May Sl, 1949. Next fall the club will elect a new staff at the first regular meeting. I out row, lcff to rigflzf--Artzc, Lamb, Still, Trulock, Bolick, Burrcss, D. lrleiscrman, l.. XXX-ldy Hufford Stcclc lxutkcr, Kimlcr. .S'cro11drim'-X'N'liitc,XVicklinc, Hamman, Smith, Sefton, Rutledge, Land Llow I XX cldy Walls, Sills. Cole, Monroe. Thr' 1019 7101101 JUNIOR PLAY BUT FAIR TOMORROW If-v IJol:ul.As l'AakHl,JksT llirvrlvd by R. A. Bovu, The action of this play took place in the living room of the llowards' home in a small town which might be located anywhere in the United States. The Cast tiethsemrme . .... . Mary Uverliu Barbara lloward . l.ovetia Shetler Violet llattield . . . l.ynnie York Muriel Morrison . . Shirley llarshlmarger Randy Howard . . . . Floyd Traster Mrs. llarriet lloward . . . Roberta VVall Louise lloward . . Virginia Gordon Ralph Mason . . . Dan Hogan Uncle VValter . . 'lack llector l'hilip Warcl . . Sam Dyer Cathy . . Rosemary Coulter .Xlice . . . Doris Kenney llotty Catherine Bateman David .............. Bud Tipsword The play was given in the high school gym on November ll and lZ. The assist- ant director was Aline llector, and .lim Clark was stage and properties manager. Make-up and wardrobe was directed hy Shirley Hardin, and the sale of tickets and publicity was handled by ,Ieauette Ekiss. There were seven ushers selected from the girls in the junior Class. lfrnul row, lvff ru riyhl-S. Dyer, B. Vyall, D. Hogan, L. Shetler, L. York, J. Hector. Svrand rare-R Coulter, C. liatemau, D. Kenney, B. Tipsword, Mr. Beyll, A. Hector, F. Traster, M. Uverlin, S. Harshharger V. Gordon. ,. ....,,.+-uf ngwnmww Tlu' I9-lf! Zillflflif G. A. A. President . . Dorothy Kimler Vice-President . Ruth llarris Secretary . . Roberta VVall Treasurer .......... liulah Mae l' lise Last year we said the G. A. A. planned a bigger and better year and they have done it. High points of the year were the lirst softball tournament held by the G. A. A., in which the juniors defeated the Freshmen for first place. Also the annual basketball tournament won by the juniors who received special awards in both events. The Sophoinores took second place. Another event was the selling of stationery held in October, which netted the organization 38500. They joined with the "ZH Club in holding the llome- coming Dance in which all G. A. A. girls were very active. The climax of the year occurred when the animal G. A. A. awards and letters were given. G. A. A. is very proud to announce that for the first time, Second State Awards, the highest award given, will be awarded four Seniors who are eligible for it. Some will receive the familiar "ZH for which they have been working. This has been one of the most active and successful years of the Girls' Athletic Association at Mt. Zion. May there be many more. Front mtv, left to rigIzt4Goodwin, Dennis, Grabe, Monroe. VVall, Harris, D. Kimlcr, Hise, Coulter, Boliek, Baldwyn, VVendel. .Second nm'--Ekiss. Hullord, Welcly, Heiserman, Gosnell, Vecch, Hanson, XVhite, Feather- stun, J. Kimler, Still, Mrs. Karl. Third rote-Barnett, Davidson, Kenney, Meny, Gordon, Tipsword, Stocks. Harshharger, Trulock. 54, The 1949 Ziunoirx IIZII XC B l'resident . Terry Hobbit Yiee- l 'resident . l lzlnlc Sills The Club was organized for that group of athletes who have sue- eeeded in earning ll letter in one or more sports. Cozleh john l'. Sznnpson is the sponsor. The "Z" Club and the ll. .X. .X. sponsored the llomeeoming llzlnee and eoronzttion of El queen. ilzinis Stocks was erowned queen at the dzlnee. The "Z" Club president escorted the queen :ind reeeived the first il?lllCC with her. The other Club inelnbers served as escorts to the Cl-llt'6Il'S eourt. The Clubs arranged for Hill 1 Jetzel and his orehestrzl to play for the dunee. The Club also works with the l'. T. .'X. in putting on the .Xthletie lillllfllltd, whieh is :in zrnnual affair. .Xt this banquet the trophies and letters are presented to the sehool and athletes. lfzleli yeztr the letternien have :L party to initiate the new inenibers. The initiation was held in the gylllIlZlSlllll'l. lfrmif mmf, left In right-Damery. XYeldy, Smith. Sefton, Hobbit. Rutledge. Britton, Sills, Clark, Hyland Sruunl rim' firotjan, lfulte, D, Boyer, Rurress, Fonner, Hull. Clow, Hogan, Ci. Boyer, Cole. XX'iekline. The I9-I9 Ziunui: 55 PENNY CARNIVAL :XlZLl'Cl125 . . . People . . . lfxciteinent . . . Confusion . . . Bingo . . . Callie VVz1llQ . . . l'enny l'itch . . . junior Carnival, of course. Connnittees of -lnniors nnrler the sponsorsliip of Mr. Ross presentecl the l9-L9 version of thc zinnnal .lnnior Carnivzll. Ks usual the hit of the evening was the style show with its lmcuntifnl 1 U nioclels. Cliinzix of the carnival was the crowning of the success- ful Senior cuncliclates, ,lennie Featlierstun :incl Xlliyne liooclwin, hy the retiring royalty, Nina lrlzilclwin and llztrvcy Goodwin. Thi' 1940 Zimmi BUS DRIVERS Klr. l.:1ri1111mr1-, Klr. iiI'ZllJl3L', Mr. Sllctlcr, Mr, Davis. Mr. lC1'1'1ly. W1- wifli 111llI11IllQ ll11- l111s1l1'i1'1'1's l-1lI'lllZlliiIlg it pussilnlc lm' 11s 111 :11t11111l sfluml CX'lll'j' lllly lil'l'IlllM' uf yfmi' lilllflIlL'S5l'S llllfl 1'l1cc1'l11l111'ss, wc wisli tu 1-xprcss 11111' tlizmles. JANITORS Nlr. l.:1ri111ur1- llllfl Klr. Davis. ffm' IU!" Zinzmii' XY1- wisli lu tlizmk tl1cj:111it1n'sf1n tllc 111':1t zmcl u1'clc1'l1' c4111cl1t11111 111 thc svliuul limlrling Zlllll cz1111p11s Il1'1':111sculyu111' gmncl wu1'l4 Mt. firm still lms mic ul tl1c must l11':111tif11l sclmuls i11 tl111 st: -nv D4 LAST WILL AND TETSTAMENT We, the Senior Class of 1949, being sound in mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath the following materials and talents to our beneficiaries: BARBARA ALDERSON-AftCY four years of this there's nothing to leave. BETTY ALLEN-My good times as a Senior to Sharon Parks. PHYLLIS ARTZE-My height to Sharon Parks. fComes in handy, especially in basketballj JAY BALL-1,111 not leaving anything. I'm taking it all with me. PATSY BENTON-My ability to go steady for a year to Diane Heinz. TERRY BOBBIT-My athletic ability and height to Stanley Grotjan. BEVERLY BOLIEKK-Ability to go steady three years to Rosie Coulter. fWith one boy, that is.J BETTY BURRESS-I leave my place on the Honor Roll to Dale Myers. DICK CLOW-Ability to impress the girls to Mr. Ross. PETE COLE-My extra weight to Bobby Dean Fulte. JIM DAvIs-My bur haircuts to Mr. Binga- man. BILL FEATHER-I'm taking it all with me. JENNIE FEATHERSTUN--I will my ability to get out of all the trouble I get into to Clifford Gibbons. ANNABELLE FELTER-My good time at Mt. Zion to all future seniors Cespecially in co-recreationj . BARBARA FONNER'-My pep and vitality to Nina Baldwin. MARY FREELAND-My good times in school and band to Anne Goodwin. WAYNE GOODWIN-My ability to play a trum- pet to Virgil Lane. GEORGE HAMINIAN-Iilli taking everything with me. DOROTHY HEISERMAN-I leave my long blonde hair to Ginny Gordon. BOBBY HEISERMAN-1,111 going to take every- thing with me. BART HENRY-My ability to smile to Mr. Bingaman. MAYNARD HOWE-I leave my ability to have a good time to everyone. VIRGINIA HUEEORD-My recipe of love to Miss Jouett. Be sure and use level measure- ments. DOROTHY KIMLER-I leave my jitterbugging ability to Shirley Harshbarger. HAROLD KLORFENSTEIN-My right to wear a hat when and where I please to Bill Lamb. JOAN LAMB-My good times at Zion to Shir- ley Harshbarger. DICK LAND-My' 6 feet M inches and 200 lbs. to Dale Clark. fTake good care of it, Pumpkin. J LEMUEL LEIIMAN-My success to Carol Smith to make the baseball team in four years. ROBERT MACKLIN-My ability to understand U. S. History to Wayne Underwood. PAT MONROE-My Illinois State Dairy Queen- Ship to the girl who can honest-to-goodness milk a cow! RUTH PROFFITT-I will my ability to graduate in SM years to Lorene Tipsword. IDA MADGE RUCKER'-My ability to argue to Frances Grinestaff. RONNIE RUTLEDGE-I, Ronnie Rutledge, leave . . . finally. SHIRLEY SCHOONOYER-My ability to play bas- ketball to Imogene McCoy. EMMETT SEFTON - My ability to play the drums to Ozzie Goodwin. HANK SILLS- Ability to make lay-ins to Wayne Grotjan. BILL SMITII-To Paul Kite my ability to play the trombone. RUTH STEELE-I leave all my good times to all future students. JO ANN STILL-My love for World History to Paul Hettinger. JIM STROHL-The ability to get along with the girls to John Strohl. Jo TRULOCK - My typing ability to Miss Divilbiss. LORRAINE WELDY-My ability to go steady for two years to Bert Wall. PAUL WELLS-My Ford to Cary Boyer. MARY WHITE-I leave my good citizenship to Someone who needs it. ELDON WICKLINEQMY ability with horses to Sam CTexj Dyer. OPAL ZIENTARA-My appreciation for liking all the teachers to Mr. Berns. In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seal, this 31st day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred Forty-Nine. SEAL 58 MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS Witnessed by XXX XXXXX X XXXXXXX XX XXXXXX The 1949 Zionoiz: Y flu' l"l" Xllffmig, CLASS PROPH ECY As I gazed into the crystal ball To behold the future's design, For the stalwart lads and the beautiful gals Of the class of '49. I found myself in the midst of the gang At the Silver Jubilee, It was Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-four, And, boy! were we having a spree! There was KIMLER all dressed in satins and silks, And wrapped in a gorgeous mink, Jewels glistened all over her hands and her neck And Chanel-mmmmmmm-what a stink! RUTLEDGE was handsomely dignified- In weskit and striped cravat, It was Doctor Rutledge, if you please, And an obstetrician at that! Jennie FEATHERSTUN had changed her name To something that rhymes with 'fWow," And borne live simply beautiful dolls- The daughters of Maynard HOWE. Maynard, as usual a BTO, Is a broker in feeds and grain, And as he smiled I was glad to see That the Don Juan touch was the same. The man from Mars was coming I knew, He was flying his rocket ship home, It was jason BALL, of widespread fame, And 'twas whispered he'd not be alone. The whisper was right, for there by his side And wearing a diamond tiara, 'Was a girl we all recognized at a glance- None other than Opal ZIENTARA. The hubbub and noise settled down to a whisper, As in walked Preacher STROHL, His fame had spread both far and wide For his writings on saving the soul, His helpmate and guide in this high calling Was our talented and musical MARY, Her flute and Jim's angels constituted a team, To make the devil wary. Dick LAND 'glided upg you could tell by his dress That he was sort of a planter, ,Tis said that when he buries you deep, It's strictly the end of the matter. 60 His sideline is tombstones, and believe me, it pays, There isn't a doubt about it, The reason is that the ledgers and books Are kept by a girl named PROFFITT! The perennial question, "VVhich twin has the Toni P" Has been solved by Joan LAMB, Her beauty shop at Main and Grand Is known as the best in the land. Her husband, Bill FEATHER, Is very well known as a ranking politician, He twiddles his thumbs and wiggles his ears To keep himself in condition. BOBBIT dribbled up in a turtle-necked sweater With a Z that reached to his thigh. "No tux for me," said Terry to meg He's head coach at Boody Y! Betty ALLEN, now Mrs. Wayne GOODWIN, And still plays a neat clarinet. With Cooky's cornet, and four kins coming on, They'll soon organize a sextet. Barbara ALDERSON'S teaching at the old Alma Mater, Still trying to make up her mind Whether she and George HAMMAN should get the knot tied- Or put it off until some other time. Dick CLOW has amazed no one but himself, His sax he had sold long ago, And used the proceeds to go to Hollywood, They say he has made plenty of dough. Dewey GOSNELL'S firm reputation for parking- Snug up to a tree, Has carried him along for twenty-live years, For him life is just a breeze. Bill KRUSE, the master of the metaphor, Was quiet and very sedate, Having recently been elected Class number one Poet Laureate. Well, Hi! Pete COLE-what's this I hear About you and Ida Madge? HRUCKER and Cole"-team superb- Teaching all the latest dance fads." Why there's .lim DAVIS in Navy Blue, With stripes for all to see, The 1949 Zionoiz CLASS PROPHECY K Continued Q The Bulletin says he's an Admiral now- lf-lis Hagship the U.S.S. Teepee! Phyllis ARTZE and Dorothy HEISERMAN, Powers Models from good old New York. Arrived on the arms respectively Of Lem LEH MAN and Harold the KLOP. The latter, two lawyers, successful and rich, llad just won a big case in court. judge MACKLIN presiding-SILLS vs. STEELE, Ruth starred with her quick retorts. Bob I-IEISERMAN is now a Ph.D. conducting a survey, On the "Henning Instincts of a Flea." Patsy BENTON drove up in a long Cadillac That looked just like a frankfurter. She runs a chain of Hot Dog Stands-- From success you cannot divert her! Betty BURRESS arrived a trifle late, Smelling of ether and lysol, Straight from the maternity ward she had come, To be with us at this Jubilee Ball. She'd just delivered a set of twins To Gin HUFFORITS oldest daughter. Imagine it! Ginny's a grandmother now- What good things life has brought her! Rosie BELCHER-Queen of the Skaters, Was happy and covered with smiles, She had finally established a record- Ten million four hundred odd miles! The boss of King Ranch bent low o'er my hand, A master of horse Hesh was he, The Derby was right in the palm of his hand, WICKLINE'S nags placed one, two, three! Beverly BOLIEK came in with a dainty air, her record remained intact. She was still going steady-as Mrs. Bishop. No kidding-it's a fact. The firm of HENRY, that's Bart and LOR- RAINE, together With WELDY and WELLS Do a whale of a business in tractors and stuff, And anything else that sells. MARY JANET came in a new Ford car, She says her kids are all basketball stars! The 1949 Zionois She and Doc are as proud as can be, All five of their boys are wearing a "Z." Advice to the lovelorn is jo TRULOCK'S job: She writes while tending the Sheets, Her prize correspondent, Prospector Bill SMITH, Is in love with his pet parakeet. With a blare of trumpets, the door opened wide, And the class lined up in neat rows, As I raised my eyes someone announced Emmett SEFTON- The King of the Hoboes! We closed around him to welcome him home, And to do such royalty honor, A tin can crown was placed on his head, By our gracious Barbara FONNER. The time was at hand for the welcoming speech By a woman whose principles drove her, To the high estate of Senator- The Honorable Shirley SCHOONOVER. Her secretary, in this high post, Was our own little Annabelle FELTER, Whose job it was to keep Shirley's affairs From becoming helter skelter. The chairman of the local arrangements, Was diminutive jo Ann STILL, She announced refreshments were ready and served, Assisted by husband Bill. And so the roll of the class is called, And found to be complete. Who me? Oh, I'm just Pat MONROE, Your prophet quite discreet, My life has been both full and good With my loved one by my side, The oboe's plaint has vanished And the speeches that once were my pride- Are now delivered to young-uns, O Lord with us abide! Now the crystal ball becomes clouded, And the faces are growing dim- But before the vision disappears, Let's strike up the old school hymn, And revitalize the loyalty That's ours to a high degree, The love of the Class of '49 For Dear Old Mt. Zion High. 61 CONCLUSION Another year has passed and another Mt. Zion year- book is completed. We now put the cover back on the typewriter and start getting much needed rest and sleep again. We have made many friends, worked many hours, and learned many things, but in all we have enjoyed the work. N ow may we say that we are sorry it is so nearly over but yet we hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. TIIE STAFF. The 1949 Zionol I' .5 'fi 1-3 Alf, 'IU Zllflnfl 0 20 .X-5 X N Q' BOTTLE GAS T0 BURN All You Want-We Are Never Out of Gas G.E.-KALAMAZOO-NORGE . . . Complete Line of Most all Leading Makes of Appliances ERWIN FIESLER, Prop. We Lead 1 Others Try to Follow Mail Address-R. R. 6, Decatur Phonf+Elwin 24 WALLENDER-PENNINGTON COMPANY Printing : Office Furniture : Supplies 151 West Main, Decatur C. A. COX General Merchandise Mt. Zion Phone 50 DAUT BROTHERS Florists 127 E. Prairie, Decatur BRITTON BROTHERS Grain . . . Coal . . . Feed Mt. Zion Phone 76R2 SESSEL'S The Menis Best Store 354 N. Water, Decatur DOC COLE Macon County Service Mt. Zion Phone 36 HANSEN'S HOME APPLIANCES Admiral -- Refrig. -- Radios -- Television 440 N. Water, Decatur R. M. MARTIN AND COMPANY Jewelers aml Optometrists Decatur, Illinois CHARLES PORTER Photographer for 1949 Zionoiz Danville, Indiana PFILE'S CAMERA SHOP Decatur's Photographic Center 100 E. Prairie, Decatur OSBORN VARIETY STORE Dry Goods, Underwear, aml Notions Main Street Dalton City MOODY AIRPORT Private aml G. I. Flight Courses Dalton City Phone 251711 LAMBDIN,S GROCERY Groceries aml Meats Phone 30 Dalton City FOREST VIEW TRADING CENTER Groceries, llleats, and Notions R. R. 6 Decatur, Illinois RAWI.ING'S HARDWARE Skelgas-Cooking, Water Heating, Refrigeration Dalton City, Illinois CARSON JEWELERS, INC. Famous for Fine Diamonds Decatur, Illinois H. L. NOECKER CO. EVANS Massey-Harris Farm Equipment - Bendix and Groceries and Meats Philco Home Appliances-Dalton City, Tel. 62 Long Creek Phone: Mt. Zion 81F14 FARMERS GRAIN CO. G. A. Ekiss, Manager ROBERT,S BARBER SHOP Haircuts the Way You Want Them Dalton City Phone 15 Long Creek Open: I-8 P. M. K-N STORE DAVIS SERVICE STATION The One Stop Store Phillips 66 : Lee Tires : Willard Batteries Mt. Zion Phone 42 Junction 121 and 36 Phone: Mt. Zion 6F2 64 The 1949 Zionoz POST'S JEWELRY Established 1872 . . . 77 Years of Service I62 N. Merchant, Decatur ED ARTZE, General Contractor Masonry aml Repairing for "Better Homesv R. R. 7, Decatur Phone: Mt. Zion I7FI2 DAWSON AND WIKOFF Funeral Home Decatur, Illinois DRAKE MILLING CO. White Drake Feeds : Seed Cleaning Service R. R. 6, Decatur Phone: Mt. Zion 6Fl2 HO0D'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION We Like to See You and Serve You Junction l2I and 36 4 Miles East of Decatur HIGHT STATE BANK Established in 1892 Dalton City, Illinois TOLLY'S MARKET We Never Close 2220 E. Wood, Decatur PRITTS BROTHERS Super Shell Service Station Corner of Main and Wood Decatur RAINBOW CONFECTIONERY Sandwiches aml Farley Drinks HEFLIN ,IEWELERS Nationally Advertised llvatches, Diamonds 116 E. Prairie, Decatur MT. ZION STATE BANK 41 Years of Community Service Mt. Zion, Illinois LAKE CITY ELEVAT OR Phone: Mt. Zion I2F4 2239 E. Wood, Decatur Phone 4949 Lake Cily, Illinois TRULOCK GROCERY ROY WELDY Groceries aml General Merchandise AW0 Reflnishllfge BWI? Um' FPWIPT Rf'P0i"i"8 Casner, Illinois Phone: Mt. Zion 26FI2 R- R- 7- Decal'-ll' PIIOHUI Ml- Zion SIF42 WITTENAUER TYPEWRITERS Royal Typewriters aml Ditto Duplicators Phone 3-8321 2245 E. Wood St., Decatur COWGILL'S STANDARD SERVICE Gas, Oil aml Accessories Mt. Zion, Illinois SUNSHINE DAIRY, INC. Quality Products from a New Modern Plant 725 E. Prairie, Decatur Compliments of RICH'S HAPPY HOUR STORE Lake City Phone: Mt. Zion I2F2 T. A. BRINKOETTERS 81 SONS, INC. Plumbing aml Heating . . . Sales and Service 636 E. Wood St., Decatur Phone 2-3849 Learn to Fly . . . It's Fun BEADLESTON AIR SERVICE Box 121, Decatur Phone 3-1869 Compliments of the COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Decatur, Illinois GRABE'S CAFE Lunches aml Sandwiches R. R. 5, Decatur Phone 3-3573 IIERFF-JONES CO. Class Rings, Commencement Announcements john Shiel E. H. Hall FRIENDLY MARKET Groceries aml Meats E. Wood St. Road, Decatur - Phone 2-4321 VVEIDNER PRAIRIE FARM The Breed That Fills Every Need-- Milking Shorthorns Dalton City DECATUR AVIATION CO. Flight Training Box 630, Decatur Phone 2-7324 EARL F. JOHNSON Insurance Broker Mt. Zion Phone 29R5 FIRESTONE STORES Complete Auto Service 4-00 N. Main, Decatur Phone 5227 The IU-IU Zimmi: 65 Kam X? N N flu' IV-W Zitllllllbg fw Ry BOLLiT Pm' Mmm H4RofQ K AIU Vi-rjivvia HMff0rA Dov-.fry Kmlsa JQAN +906 LANL O L 'PA-'fB5N',7N np' ' " - . . llll! 67 Phy Ill'-9 ARTI- J EIHTQJERAPI-ls Sify Q, Mhfyhw f ff 0' 414 K1 'ig' by 1 YN , ' ' M 'V 51' K ' ff' ' if X p ' K 5 'bp I I cj? I S co V I :ri Q-A4r I A 9 Q U A LH My! PM WW J fawff-LW! 7"'! vw' Qwfffffffw 1 w 'C -.x Q ' 1 . r A... WVM . U .X ,L Y 1 M GYM Lf V Cb mix 3 1 f 6 XQNQXY X 3 ,ff U ,335 ,L Q Qnw X f ff' - cwfffw X www fwfwf gg W53m09Jf 3 MM fx ,git M ymxpwi fab? I . ev, Q., 'HK' . osbfff TM f1"ff'VW9Ml' n1 1m. X 4 ei- Y. R.-- I' 1 '-s- H , 9 1 5 4' A 'i "" Qu, Y 7' VI ln'- I . . --A , - .adn ,. a,- : T J'.,,r if W-Ev! A F 4' 13

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