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3iwfH9 ,....15......., MT. ZION COMMUNITY I-IIGI-I SCHOOL IVIt. Zion, IIIinois o FOREWORD Xvifllill thc vovors of this book :irc flllllld thc- 1111111111191-s of b0111111- less VUIUIIIBS of joys that iw lmw slmi-cd in work and in leisure- bouudless, lm-ziiisv no hawk mu Uirllfilill :ill tlw 1119111121408 :uid idiu' SyIll'l'llSi0S of UIll'1llllli'il loss uf :ill uf us. Hut lic-1-Q is l'l'lll9lIlIJ1'2lUCC' enuugli to hvlp us ullivv 1-uiiiitless plvaisiires at 1-fmlltless times, and To kevin glowing within your suul and mind that whit-li has lunuld us tuyfeflwi' fm' 2ll'llit'VCUleUt - the Spirit of tho Mt. Zion i'm11111u11i'fy High School. Two And smnv of us worked 0VPI'filllG fu plwxclllm-v H10 1948 ZIUNOIZ "'.lmI :re 110 mmn up to our 110c"l.'s in u'0rl.'.""' ELOISE WEST, Business Manager Three DAVID FATHA UE R, Editor Editor .............A.....,.........,. Assistant Editor ....,,....., Hiisiut-ss BIZIIIZIQQI' Class Editor ,,,,.,,,,,,,, As-tivities Editor... Sports Editor ........, FP2lfIU'l' Editor ....., I'liotog1-zlplly ....,,,tr ZIONOIZ STAFF Four ..........Da1vid Fzitlmucr' eau Syfert ,..,,....,,,.ICloise XYest ....,t.....Estl1e1' fiillbilfff ,,V.....HlJick lii2lYlii0l1bllI'Q .......,.....,..,I3ob Davis W..,,,.Y,,,,,m,,w,,w,,.Doi-1rthy Dennis. Eddie Sheets, Don Craft Fun-wui-ll ..... Stuff ,,.... Ut'llil'2lfl0I1 A..... I3u:11'd of Elil1C?i1tllbI1 ...... 1,1'lllCllJ2ll ,,vw. . Faq-ultlv ...........A.A.......,A Student Umimfil ..., SPIIIIIPS ....... Snaps ,A,,A... Jlll1lIl1'S ...... . Sui zllolmsres ....,., F1'PSi1lll9Il ,..A, Ifizlsvlmll .... Iflasliefbzill ...... Ti'-:wk ,,,,,, fiilliil' Lezulers ...... Swing Ilaml ......,. I" . H. A. 1111111121 Vluli ,,,,.,, Junior Play ....... TABLE OF CONTENTS P11 go 'J li 9 0 1 15 T 5 .1 .- ............Z0, -L 4, lil fp QS ,......!31l 'S 'S . ....,, Q n ...Milli 3 S '3 9 . ..... .vm 42 43 Five l'2llIl9l'il Club ...... V ' 1 - A1 NCI ..,Tw,.. 1 fl. A. A. .... .. Sal Bllll' ..... fIUlll6i'IlllllUg 1947 F. F. A. l.ili1'z11'iuus .... NZM' Vlub Mixed Churus ...... Iiuys' f'l1i1l'US ...... Girls' f'i1U1'llS ...... Y Lund ....... ........ .... llus lfrivers, Juuitr Flaws Will ,,..,.. Sweetliearts ........ 1'1'uplie1'y fi1lI1l!lllSlllIl .... 1'2lt1"1lIlS ......... Jokes .... Page 46 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 D K, 583 59 60 61' G2 65 66 68 J DEDICATION YV0, rhv Soniur- C'lz1ss of 1948, wish 111 dedim-:1te This 1111111116 of the Zinnmiz to Miss Ilivilhiss 211111 Mix Tl111111ps1111. Two tvz11'11P1's in our s1-1111111 wlmin we have 1iI1UWI1 during 1111 of our four y0:11's :lt Mi. Zinn. Miss Ilivilhiss has 1101-11 11111- 1-l:1ss SPUIISUI' soverzil Times 211111 has dune ll!1l1'1l tn 911111119 11s to 1111 wlwro wh are 101121.12 Mr. T110lll11S1l11 has clvvel- 0111111 11111' l1111si0 41PIlill'fll1Gl11, 11211141 and 1'1llDI'1lSi1S, in the high lovel 'that Hwy are today. W0 21l'1' 111111111 to say that we have 11411111 privileged to sei-Ve 11ll110I' these twu 16110114-'l'S. Six .HTH X A. THUM PS4 PX Xll1l'l'ilj' Stzltv Uullvge I I1lVP1'SlfV uf 3Ill'lll""1ll . rf Millikiu l'11iVv1-sity ml, I1lSf1'lllIl0llfH1, Musim- Tlwm-y Seven K ICHNl'II.E IJIYILIZISS, ll. 141 Gmwlwll Business Illinois Stzml Nm-uml IvlliVL+1'S 4.l1m'fl1au1d II, HlDU1ikPC1liI1gA 1 -A 4 EE X If IW fx ill ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION YYe wish at this time to tlmnk The 1llE'lllbf'l'S of the Iloard of Edu- cation for their loyalty :md devotio11 to duty. They have done nxuch to lllllkl' our sa-lxool what if is Today. Seated Left to Right-Mr. Russell Broughton, Mr, John Trauglxber, Mr. Harold McDonald, Mr Pete Stocks. Standing-Mr. M. C. Weidner, Mr. Clyde C. Corn. Nine PRINCIPAL VLYIDE U. FORK, A. 13., A. M. f:211i12ll1d Pity Vullegv 112111 Stllfl' Teiivllers Uollegu Latin, Prim-ipal To M1-. f'0rn, mu' Prim-ipzll, wv wish to give our most sincere tlmnks and uppreci:1tiu11 for a job well duno. 1 Ten FACULTY MHS. MARGARET IIAIIKLEY, ll. S. .Izunes Millikin I'nivei'siTy Home Iivuimiiiivs Il, Ilnys' Ilunie limiiuixiins JUIIN Il. UINGAMAN, ll. Ed. Eastern Illinois Stalin Vaillcgv Ifniversify of Uliim-algo University of Illinois Pliysivs, Biology, -'1lIV2IIli'l'il Mzillxeniaitiz-L4 MRS, NILA ULCTILE IIINGAMAN, IE. Exl. Eastern Illinois Stale Usmllogv English I, I.iln':1i'y WAYNE IZOHLEN, ll. S. University uf Illinnis l Agrivnltlire I, II and III Eleven FACULTY IHJIIUTHY IEONYIJEX, ll. Ed. Illinois State N111-111:11 I'11iV01'si1y Girls' Hvz1l'1l1 Zlllll I'l1ysic:1l I'AI'I, VAYNVUOID, A. IS, I+lva111s1'ille Follvgo Ilzulio Ilfillllil XV0l'lCSll01J Nlll'fllW6Sf6l'I1 Ivl1lVPl'Nlfj' I'11i1'e1'sity of Illinois English II I'A'l'IIlCIiIXE J. IYIIVM, A. Knox Uollvgv I'11iVv1'sity of Mi1111esot:1 l'l:111e flQIill1QI1'j', AlQL'lJ1'2I, LEON DALTON, IZ. S. fl0l1fl'2lI N0l'lllill Vmillogv l'z111te1'l1111'y Vollegc- fllllltlfill Scien Twelve li. Edm-z1'fio11, Social Studie si I and IV PPEICIICQII Mz1tl1e111aticS Ce, Biology FACULTY ILSAH JUl'E'I'T, ll. Ed. Illinois Shilo NUl'lllfll l'i1ivei'sity Iowa State Viiivvrsity Washington Viliwrsity Home IQCIIIIIJIIIIVS I :ind III, Dean of Girls II VIIILE K. PLESIC, A. ll. I'niVe1'sily of Illinois English II, Spanish II LI' IIUGEIIS l'nive1'sit,v of Illinois Illinois State Xoi-nizll I'niVe1'sity ,lzunos Millikin I'i1iVe1'sity Typing l and Il, Sliortlizind I, Uffia-v Sex-retzii IAHL Il. RUSS, Il. lid. SUIIIIIPTII Illinois I'11iVei-sity IvIllV61'Sll,Y of Wisconsin If S. History, XVOPILI flvogrzlpliy Thirteen ,ff ulfzf in film' fn If FACULTY JOHN P. SABIPSUN, A. ll., A. ll. McKoll4ll'vv Vrml ANNIE l.Al'llllC " lvlliml Vily Vol lege l'uiVc11'sit,v of Illinois Umm-ln. Slwizll Studies llfl!NlC1I, A. ll. lwfe XYl'Sll'l'll Kvllllltlij' Slzltv Vullege linglisll I, Lllbliillf l. l'lEH KIIIIXY, A. Ii., A. M. W York l'11ive1'sitV ' l 1 llllllllllil I'11iVe1'sitv liuwl P ish I. l4llj1'2lI'f' ll 1' l'lI'I' I'!'I'lj SfIl'l'!f 111111 .ll1'. lx'irb.1f Jiri IIUIL join 0111 flu' lzix '- '. pn flllC ffppmr lzffrv. F'ou1'tee11 STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row Left to Right-Nina Baldwyn, Mary Overlin, Mr. Corn, Jerry Haynes, Esther Choate Dave Britton. Standing--Darrel Larson, Dick Blankenburg, Terry Bobbit, Bart Henry, Dan Hogan, Paul Wells Gary Boyer. The Mt. Zion Student Founeil is an orgimization in which there are three nienibei-s from each class. It is the duty of the Student Noun- cil to make any suggestions for the iniprovenient and welfare of school, and carry on any worthwhile projects. This organization is voir-e of the students and it is also the link between students and niinistrution. The officers for 1947-48 ure:-llick Blzlnkenburg, President Esther Choate, Seeretzlry-Trezisurer. Mr, Porn is the adviser of group. Fifteen the The zu d- fl nd the .1 3:41-' Q' fax .. , ..,. EEE:-1'::i2:i2iii?ff'.. X1 '.-.- 1. .... , . 1 -' ,Nu- -.a..:.n- -Nun...-...i ff11222211aaiiiiE?22QQ2QiEiEE2E2ii25ga:g-g :1.A , .Vv..VV...:A:., A"Z' Z SS S SS S y 2 - - A". "i' Aklb ,- .,.. A,v. V CLASSES SENIORS XYQ, the Seniors of 1948, who are now approaching the time when we will no longer be Students of the Mt. Zion High School, but Aliunni, wish to revall the happy days We have spent in the MZCHS, the grand old school which we all love. As we look hack we See that we have developed from a group of bashful freshmen into young men and women. During these four long' years which have Seenied so short, we have niet with many situations and problems which either will aid us or hinder us in our chant-e to Sl1t"t'9Gtl. All of us have appreciated the fr-iendsliips we have made with fat-ulty and students alike. Our love for Mt, Zion is strong. It is with a feeling of sincere loyalty that we, the Senior Class of 1948, say "So long," to our friends, until we Can get hack for a visit. Seventeen SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Edward Earl Wilking- hddie' HA Felluvv Needs a Girl" llasketball l, 2, 3, 4, Trac-k 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Pest Contest Captain 3, llrania Club 2, 3, 4, Iloys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A, Ilepnrter 3, Student Cauneil 1 , President of Class 2, 3, 4, Penny Carnival King Attendant 3, 4, fftlliost Wanted" 3, Play Cninmittee 3, Prom Conlinittee 3, Toast Master -T1-.'Sr. I'1'Ull'1 3, Delegate ta the State F. F. A. Convention 3, President of HZ" Club 3, 4, HZ" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F, F. A. Ilaslzetball 1 , Camera Club 4, F. F. A. Camp- ing Trip 2, 3, District Mixed Chorus Contest 3, 4, See- tinnal Mixed Chorus Contest 3, 4, Vice-President of Ilnvs' Clilu-us 3, County Chorus Festival 4, Sa Mor Staff 2, f'Watc-I1 Out far Spouksv 4. 46' VICE-PRESIDENT Edwin Lean Sheets-"Eddie" "How Many Hearts Have Yau Broken" Iiaseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Ilasketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Ilays' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Cliarus 3, Class Treasurer 3, Class Yiee- President 4, Proni Conlniittee 3, Track 3, Sa Mor Staff 2, Play Clllllllllftffl-' 3, "Z" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Penny Carnival Cnnuuittee 3, Captain of Magazine Sales s1se1:ET.41:v V ,l, :I , ... David Fultan Fatliauer-f'IPave" ' lii .. ,.,..,: ' ii ern Walk Alonew .... Ilaud I, 2, 3, 4, Vive-Prefident uf Hand 2, President of k,,.,, ' Iland 3, Ilovs' Clmrus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ilasketball 1, F. F. A. Basketball 2, President of Boys' , 1,:E .,,,.. P Clnru-us 3, President of Camera Club 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Pest Contest Captain 3, Sex-Petarv of F. F. A. 3, Dele- gate for State F. F. A. Convention, F. F. A. Camping Trin 3, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, Class Treasurer 2, Student Conn- fr eil 3, Class Seeretarv 4, Sa Mer Staff 2, 4, Ziunniz Staff 2537- '."5 ff 4, Dance Iland 3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, llarber Shop Quar- tet 3, Mixed Oetet 3, Clarinet Quartet 2, 3, lland Clinie l, 2, 4, County Clmrus Festival 4, Hxviltvll Out For Spoalcs' 4. TIIFASI'lIEIl lirma Louise lilntlierford "Three Little Fisl1ies" , Girls' Cimriis l, F. H. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sa Mor Staff 2, 4, -Iuniar Play Cmnniittee 3, Pl'Ill1l Uoiiiinittee 3, G. A, A. 2, 3, 4, Ilrania Club 3, 4, Librarian 3, 4. Eighteen SENIORS PATSY ANN ALDERSON-"Pat" 2 "Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, How You Can Love" , Band 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 "Ghost XVanted" 33 Prom Com- mittee 3: G. A, A. 23 Play Committee 33 Drama Club 3, 43 Band Clinic 33 Cheer Leader 43 Sa Mor Staff 2. CAROLENE JUNE ANDERSON-t'Sl1orty" . "Apple Blossom XVedding" Prom Committee 33 Usher for Baccalaureate 33 Transfer from DeLand High School, 3. DORIS JEAN BEAN "How Soon" Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 33 Prom Committee 33 Penny Carnival Queen Attendant 43 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Sa Mor Staff 2, 43 Usher for Connnencement 33 "Would Be Gentleman" 33 Play Committee 33 Camera Club 43 G. A. A, 2, 3, 43 Penny Carnival Committee 3. RICHARD MOORE BLANKENBURG-'KDick" "She's To Fat for Me" Transfer from Decatur3 Basketball 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Track 3, 43 "Z" Club 3, 43 Secretary of "Z" Club 43 Camera Club 43 Student l Council 3. 4: President of Student Council 43 Prom Committee 33 I E l Play Committee 33 "Ghost Wanted" 33 "Would Be Gentleman" 3 Drama Club 3, 4, I JEVVEL ANNE BRITTON "A Gentleman is a Dope" F. H. A. 1, 2 ,3, 43 G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Ensemble 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Sa Mor Staff 2, 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 43 G. A, A. Secretary 43 F. H. A. President 43 Girls' Clarinet Quartet 2, 33 Drama Club Vice President 43 Camera Club Treasurer 4. A THOMAS A. BURCHAM-'Bullet" "My Heart is a Hobo" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 ,Trombone Quartet 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 "Z" Club 4, ORVILLA GENE CALHOUN-"Genie" "When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again" . H. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Senior Play Committee 33 Prom Committee 33 Baccalaureate Usher 33 Christmas Play 43 Junior Play Committee 3, ESTHER IRENE CHOATE "Temptation" F. H. A. Program Chairman 13 Corn Queen Attendant 13 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Class Vice- President 23 Homecoming Queen Attendant 2, 33 Sa Mor Staff 2, 43 Penny Carnival Queen Attendant 3, 43 Class Vice-President 33 Stu- dent Council 43 Zionoiz Staff 43 Drama Club 3, 4: Camera Club 43 Student Council Secretary and Treasurer 43 Initiation Committee 43 Vice-President of Camera Club 43 D. A, R. Candidate 43 Corn Queen 33 Drama Club President 43 G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Usher for Commence- ment 3: Usher for Senior Play 33 Prom Committee 3: "Ghost Wanted" 33 Play Committee 33 District Mixed Chorus Contest 2, 3, 43 Secticnal Mixed Chorus Contest 33 Penny Carnival Committee 33 County Chorus Festival 43 "Watch Out for Spooksu 4. Nineteen I SENIORS DOROTHY JANE DENNIS-"Doppay', 4'Children's Prayer" Band 1. 2, 3, 45 Zionoiz Staff 45 F. H, A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Camera Club 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Play Committee 3. ANNA PAULINE DENTON-"Ann" "lt Takes Time" Chorus 1, 25 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Sa-Mor Staff 2, 45 Play Committee 3. BARBARA RUTH GOOD-"Barb" "Near You" F. H. A. 35 Librarian 3, 45 Junior-Senior Prom Sa-Mor Staff 25 Senior Play Usher 35 Baccalaureate Usher 35 Camera Club 3, 45 Corn Queen Attendant 45 Christmas Program 45 "VVatCli Out for Spooksu 4. ELIZABETH GERTRUDE GORDON-"Trudy" "There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made" Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus Contest 2, 35 Secretary and Treas- urer of Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 F. H. A. 1, 2. 3. 4' G. A. A. 2. 3, 45 Point Secretary of G. A. A. 25 Student Council Treas- urer 2: Sa-Mor Staff 25 Drama Club 3, 45 Treasurer of Drama Club 45 Camera Club 45 Librarian 45 Play Committee 35 Junior Carnival Committee 35 Program Chairman Junior Play 35 Usher for ment 3: Student Secretary of Ag, Teacher 45 Prom High Magazine Salesman 35 Homecoming Queen 4. .ROBERT JOHN ALLEN CLARK-"Johnny" "All the Things You Are" Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Brass Quartet 35 Baseball 1, 25 Track 1, 25 Courtesy King 3: Athletic Manager 45 Cornet Trio 2. DONALD ETQGEN C'RAFT-HDon" Ml XYonder Who's Kissing Her NOW" Camera Club 4: Play Committee 3: Baseball 45 Zionoiz Staff 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Zi Sci Club 45 Speech Contest 4: Baseball 45 "The Would Be Gentleman" 35 'iwatch Out for Spooksn 4. KATHERINE DALLUGEf"Cathy" '4The Night is Young" F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Zi Sci Club 45 Prom Committee 35 Play Com- mittee 35 Drama,Club 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Carnival Committee 3. E. DAVIS-'iBob" "How Lucky You Are" Basketball 1, 2, 35 Zionoiz Staff 45 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 45 Boys' Quartet 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Sa-Mor Staff 2. G. A. A. 2, 45 Committee 3 5 Committee 35 Twenty PATRICIA HINDERLITER-"Patrick" "Just Give Me the Moon Over Brooklyn" Girls' Chorus 1: Prom Committee 33 Camera Club 4 I .VVAYNE H. HULL "It's Not That I'm Such a Wolf- It'S Just That Y0u're Such a Lamb" F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. Basketball 43 Prom Com- mittee 3: Play Committee 3. LOVVELL RAY HICKENBOTTOM t'Slap Her Down Again Pa." F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 13 Corn King Attend- ant 4: Sa-Mor Staff 3, 43 President of F. F. A, 43 Penny Carnival Committee 33 Play Committee 3. IXYLDRED JUNE HUSS "Fm Always Chasing Rainbows." F. H. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Chorus l: Sa-Mor Staff 2. SENIORS ROSEMARY ELLEN-JULIUS-"R0si Junior Play Committee 33 Drama H Program 4: Camera Club 43 Home Sa1Mer Staff ' ROY DALE KITE-"Kitten" Band 1, 2, 3, lg Penny Carnival C Sa-Mor Staff 2. ROBERT GENE LAMB--'tl3ob" Transfer from. Decatur. "Two Loves Have Usher for Baccalaureate 33 Sa-Mor S Twenty-one Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4: v en "Rosie the Riveter" Club 3, 43 Christmasl Economics Club 1, 29. t'Signed, Sealed and Delivered" ommittee 33 Track 43 "That's My Desire." HELEN FAYE LANGLEYw"Sh0rty" 1, I. Prom Committee 3: taff 2. .FANNIE BEATRICE MINTUN "The Old Gray Mare." Chorus 15 Prom Committee 35 Play Committee 3. 'LOUISE NASH "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows." Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 35 G. A. A. 2 3. 45 Drama Club 3, 45 "Ghost Wanted" 35 Usher for Senior Play 35 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 'Ca.1ne1'a Club 45 Sa-Mor Staff 2, 45 Zi Sci Club 45 D, A, ll. Cannidate 45 "VVatch Out for Spooks" 4. MARGARET LUCILLE NEVVBERRY-"lVlaggie Lou" "My Bill." Prrsident of Girls' Chorus 25 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 'Mixed Chorus 1. 2. 3, 45 Swing Band 35 Band 1, 2. 3, 4, G. A. A. 2. 3: F. H. A. 1, 2. 3, 45 F. H. A. Treasurer 35 Prom Cominittee 3: Drama Club 1. 2, 3, 45 Play Committee 35 "1Voulrl Be Gentleman" 35 Tlsher for Senior Play 35 Carnival Oueen Attendant 4: Speech Contest 45 Band Clinic 4: Camera Club 45 7i Sci Club 45 Sa-Mor Staff 12 4' Girls' Trim 3. 45 Girls' Octet 35 Girls' Quartet 2, 3, 45 Band Contest 2, 3. 4: Chorus Contest 2, 3, 4: Girls' Octet 25 "Watch Out for Spooks" 45 Mixed Octet 3. YVILLIAM A. NEVVKIRK-"Bill" "Shy Guy." F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 4: F. F. A. Camping Trip 15 Camera sClub 45 Prom Committee 3. SENIORS DARRELL LARSON - "l'll Be Seeing You." Student Council 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Basket- ball 2, 3. 45 Junior Play Ccmmittee 35 '4Would Be Gentle- man" 35 Christmas Play 4: Prom Committee 35 Sa-Mor Staff 25 Drama Club 3, 45 "Watch Out for Spooks" 4. CLARENCE MARSHALL4"Tuffy" "On the Sunny Side of the Street." Track 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Play Committee 3. NANCY M QDONELL-"Nancy Mac" "What's the Use of Dreaming." Girls' Chorus 1, 2,,3. 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Octet 25 Mixed Octet 35 Girls' Quartet 3, 45 F. H, A. 1. 2, 3. 4: H. H. A. Choruster 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Drama Club, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 45 Vice President of Zi Sci Club 45 Librarian 35 "Ghost Wanted" 35 "VVould Be Gentleman" 35 Prom Committee 35 S010 Contest 1, 2, 3, 45 Peoria State Clinic 45 Vocal Clinic 45 Swing Band 4. VIDA JOANNE MCRAE-"Vi" "I'l1 Get By." F. H. A. 1, 4: Play Committee 35 Prom Committee 35 Camera Club 45 Sa Mor Staff 2. l Twenty-two SENIORS MAJORIA LEE 'SHETLER-"Major" "The Blue Danube" V I F. H, A, 15 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Li Sci Club 45 Prom Committee 3. EDXVIN EUGENE SNYDER-"Echo" "That Old Mountain Dew" - F. F. A. 15 Prom Committee 35 Carnival Committee 3. P!.TRlClA COLLEEN STOCKS-"Pat" "Stardust" G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. President 35 G. A. A. Camp Delegate 35 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. Historian .43 Camera Club 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus Vice Pres.dent 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Vocal Octet 2, 3, 45 Girls' Vocal Quartette 2, 3, 45 Chorus Contest 2, 3, 45 Lrama Club 3, 45 Speech Contest 3, 45 Senior Play Usher 3: Prem Committee 35 Cheerleader 35 "Ghost Wanted" 35 Carnival Queen Attendant 35 Corn Queen Attendant 35 homecoming Queen Attendant 35 Sa-Mor Staff 2, 45 'tudent Council 35 Band Vice President 33 Band C011' test 1, 2, 3, 45 Zi Sci Club 45 Brass Quartette 35 Brass SDXTQHQ 1, 25 .Carnival Committee 35 "Watch Out for Spooks" 4. JOHN FRANKLIN STULL-"Speedy" "Fm a Lonely Onion in a Petunia Patch" Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3 ,45 Chorus 1, 2, 35 F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 Prom Committee 3. Twent JZATJ LOUISE SYFERT "The Man I Love" Student Council 15 F'. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2. 3, 45' G.A.A. Vice-President 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Mixed Chorrs 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus Contest 2, 3, 45 Speech Contest. 3, 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Secretary Drama Club 45 Play Com-- mittee 155 Usher for Commencement 35 Usher for Senior' Play 3: Cheerleader 45 "Ghost VVanted" 35 Carnival Queen. Attendant 1, 45 Carnival Queen 35 Homecoming Queen Attendant 3, 45 Corn Queen 45 Sa-Mor Staff 2, 45 Zionoiz. 'Staff "5 Camera Club 45 Senior Play Committee 35 Prom Committee 35 Carnival Committee 35 "Watch Out fou- Spool:s" 4. JACQUELINE ANNE TRAUGHBER-"Jackie" "Gal in Calico" Vice President Girls' Chorus 15 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45' Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 25 F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2. 3, 45 Camera Club 45 Drama Club 3, 45 Class Sec- retary 35 Prom Committee 35 "Ghost VVanted" 35 Senior Play Committee 35 Sa-Mor Staff 2, 45 Chorus Contest 2, 3. 45 Band Contest 25 Speech Contest 45 G. A. A. Camp Delegate 35 Team Captain Magazine Sales 35 "Watch Out for Spooks" 4. ELOISE WlEST+"JeSs" "Micky" F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 45 Drama Club 3, 4: Zionoiz Staff 45 Play Committee35 Prom Committee 355 Sa-Mor Staff 25 Librarian 45 "Watch Out for Spooks" 4., MARGARET ALICE NVHITE-"Maggie" "Till the End of Time" F H- A- 1, 2, 3 43 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Girls' Chorus 15 Lbrarian 45 Sa-Mor Staff 2. y-three SENIORS JACK H. WICKLINE "I'1n My Own Grandpa" Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Clar- inet Quartet 2, 3,g Band Clinic 1, 2, 4, Swing Band 3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, "Z" Club 2, 3, 4. EVELYN RUTH WILLIAMS "Your Broken Heart is Showing" Girls' Chorus lg Prom Committee 33 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD E. BATEMAN-"Don" "The Stars Will Remember" Track 2, 3, 4, "Z" Club 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 33 Swing Band 3, 45 Drama Club 33 Band Clinic 2, 43 Brass Quartet 2, 3, Brass Sextet 2, 3, 4-H Clubg Corn Husking Contest 1, 2, 3: F. F. A. Camping Trip 1, 25 "The Would Be Gentleman," 3. V RICHARD GENE ELLIS-"Fog" "Coming Through the Rye" Class President 15 Student Council 2, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4-H 1, 2, 3: "Z" Club 1, 2, 3, State Delegate F. F. A. 3: Baseball Manager 1, 2, 3, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 33 "Ghost VVanted" 39 "The Would Be Gentleman" 33 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Corn Husking Contest 1, 2, 33 Boys Chorus 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 33 District Speech Contest 3, Sec- tional Chorus Contest 3. CLASS MOTTO: Forward Ever: Backward Never. CLASS FLOWER: American Beauty Rose. CLASS COLORS: Opal Blue and Gold. CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. Bingaman, Mr. Dalton and Mrs. Barkley. Twenty-four v r f 1 X f JUNIORS Front Row, Left to Right-B. Feather, B, Boli ek, B. Alderson, B. Burress, V. Hufford, P. Artze, B. Allen, M. Freeland, S. Adams, D. Heiserman, P. Bruns. Second Row-Mr. Caywood ,B. Hammers, B. Cordtz. T. Bobbit, T. Choate, B. Fonner, A. Bentz, J. Featherston, R. Belcher, P. Harmon, P. Benton, B. Smith, D. Clow, Miss Divilbiss. Third RowfT. Haynes. B, Heiserman, J. Bali, R. Rutledge, W. Goodwin, E. Barr, P. Cole, M. Howe, D. Jones, G. Hamman, D. Gosnell, J. Carder. The Junior Class organized 011 the se:-ond Wednesday of September, 1947. The following officers were elected by the ela1ss:l,tz1y111oi1d XVeldy, presidentg Jo Truloek, vit-e presidentg Elmer Iiurr, secretarvg andlietty Ilurress, treasurer. Terry Bobbit, Ii2ll'f Henry and Ilettv Anne Mudd were elea-ted to represent tl1e junior class on the studentk-inuneil. Later P21111 XVe1ls was ele'ted to take the plat-e of Betty Mudd who vithdrew from sc-bool. Ilill Kruse teniporurily replzleed Hart Henry while Hurt was in the hospital. The first :uftivity of the year was the junior play 111111613 the direction of Mr. Uzsvwood. It was 21 three net play entitled "Are You Mr. Ilutterworth". Work start- ed on the play during the last week of September and was given quite successfully on November Gth and Tth. In J2lHl12ll'y, after returning from Clll'iStl11ZlS vacation, the class started their 21111111111 nmgzizine sale. Mr. Vnywood also sponsored this activity with Betty Bur- ress us business lll2lH2lQQP1'. The drive was quite siu-eessful and the class was present- ed with il plaque by the Furtiss Publishing 1'o1npz111v because of subscription sales Elllltlllllfillg to more than 251,000 Dorothy Heisernian wus high in sales with Eldon Wit-kline as runner up. Both sold over S5200 in inaguzine subscriptions. They were both given watches by tl1e class in z1ppreei11tion. Twenty-six jUN1oRs satire Front Row, Left to Right-B. Sorrel, A. Larirnore, J. Lamb, D. Kiinler, P. Monroe, J. Still, B. Mudd, li. Proffitt, J. Trulock, M. J. White, R Steele, I. Rucker, A. Felter. , Second Row-G. Wendell, E. Sefton, L. VVel fly, S. Schoonover, B. Williams, A. Luka, N. Epperf Son, ll. Calhoun, M. J. McCauley, B, Kruse, Bill Karcher. Th'r'l Row-J. Suttles, Bruce Karcher, L. Le Yiman, H. Sills, R. Weldy, D. Land, P. Wells, J. Davis, E. Vfickline, Mr. Ross. Un January 30 the annual penny carnival was held. The sponsor of this occa- sion was Mr. Ross. Joan Lamb represent ed the junior class as queen candidate with Pete Cole as king candidate. Lorraine Wfeldy and Jo Anne Still were queen attend- ants. However, the freshmen candidates wen out and reigned over the carnival. The highlight ofthe evening was the eornnation of the king and queen. Last years king and queen, Don XVells and Jean Syfert, re turned to crown the new king and queen. Susan Alderson and Nancy Bair were flower girls. Money obtained was used for the junior-senior prom, A ci-lass party was held in Mart-h in the form of a skating party at Daneeland. The prom was held May 7, at St-ovill's Club House, lleratur, and was spon- sored by Miss Divilbiss. The i'Sweetheart" theme was used. A banquet preceded the festivities. An evening of dancing was enjoyed by all with the music furnished by Larry Lonney and his orc-liestra. And so, the juniors are no longer juniors, but seniors. With lots of problems left for the new junior class. The seniors of 1949 look forward to their last year at Mt, Zion. Twenty-seven SOPI-IOMORES ' Front Row, Left to Right-Miss Crum, D. Ca mic, V. Gordon, F. Grinstaff, J. Bentz, D. Flynn, M. Hines. M. Bryant, A. Goodwin, M. Heddins, G. Ames, E. Hanson. Second Row-L. Greenfield, H. Hull, I. Gosn ell, B. Johnson, A. Hector, N. Hector, J. Ekiss, S. Harshbarger, M. Hedenberg, J. Bryant, B. Davis. Third Row-Mr. Sampson, M. Grinstaff, D. Cornthwait, J. Hector, W. Grotjan, D. Hogan, S. Dyer, D. Britton, J. Boyer, J. Clark, B. Fulte. And so it's true-we're sophoniores already! My but we must be smart. All through this year we'Ve been busy as wood chucks trying to make the most of the year -and we did it too! Just listen I- , Our class was led by that most cap able Cand handsomej young man, Jim Clark. Jim has mastered his presidential duties Very well, but, of course, he knew he can always rely on his vice-president, NV. Grotjan, if he were needed. Taking' notes of our meetings was R. Wall and P.I.uka was entrusted with all the funds. Stating the problems of the class at student council meetings were M. Overlin, D. Hogan and D. Britton. Good representation, don't you think? llut wait-that's not half ot it! Many of our girls were members of the F. II. A, and the boys were well represented in F. F. A. In fact, we're proud to report to you that Tipsword has been reported for the F. F. A. for the past school term. Speak- ing of F. F, A. brings up the corn husking contest--our participants-Fulte and Dy- er shocked their fingers to the cob. XYell-they may not have placed high in the contest, but watt-li the corn fly next year! Twenty-eight SOPHOIVIORES Front Pow. Left to Right-R. Jones, Mary Warner, Marie Warner, A. Warner, L. Wendellj D. Myers, LC. Sutton, D. Denney, C. Nash, L. Shetler, M. Overlin, P. Parks. Sec3nd Row-V. Rhoades, R. Wall, B. Tips word, J. nicnae, M. Maxwell, Miss Plese, D. Sny- der, F Traster, E. Walters, V. Shafer, M. Meney. Third Row-E. McKean. J. Vance. T. Hobson, G. McLean, W. Underwood, A. Seitz, G. Lawrence, T. McGeehon, J. Watkins, P. Luka, R. Schuman, B. Ruble. But, let us tell you more. Athletics and its organizations, G. A. A. and "Z" club, included lilillly sophoniores too. Cla rk and llritton gave fine exhibitions of ball playing with the first team this year, while we practically had a second team within the class with Seitz, Hull, Grotjan, McRae and Hogan ttsuiting up". In the spring and fall of the year, we found Hull, lirittn, Clark, Grotjan, Snyder and Hogan. 'tshowin' 'em how" on the diamond. We did nt fail when it came to track either ,Q Illll sure Mr. Thompson would say, "I couldn't have done without them", if' you asked him it the sophs contributed to band and chorus. Last among activities, but not least, we must tell you that the sophomores sup-- ported some very lovely queen candidates fwr two very important events. Since thee sophs don't lark pulehritude, we 1-hose three pretty lassies as our homecoming queen' eandidates-l'. Nash, D. Camic and S. Harshharger. In selem-ting their candidates for the penny carnival, the sophs used good ta ste and Chose popular R. YVall as queen candidate and J. Clark as the king Candidate. They placed second when the final votes were counted. In the way of entertainment, twe've had a hayride and weiner roast, a sm-hool party, and an April Fool's day party, l All this activity has been sponsored by three capable faeulty members: 'Miss Crum, Miss Plese and Mr. Sampson. Now do you understand why the sophomores had a successful year? Twenty-nine FRESI-IIVIEN . 1 Front Row, Left to Right-B. Hake, B. Benton, R. Harris, E. M. 'Hise. P. Harshbarger, M. Brit- ton, D. Grabe, N. Baldwyn, D. Hull. Second RowfC. Bulla, G. Burress, P. Brown, W. Gessaman, L. Gerk, Miss Bowden, R. Epper- son, D. Davidson, R. Boken, J. Haynes, J. Hobson. Third Row-B. Dunn, J. Cooley, H. Goodwin, C. Disney, P. Hettinger, G, Boyer, D. Conder, R. Boken, G. Hall, J. Hite, B. Camp. On September 3, 1947, sixty frighte ned freshmen entered MZUHS with Miss Bowden, Miss Turner and Mr. liohlen as our class advisors and we elected the foie lowine' class offieersz H President .............. ....,.... R nth Harrie Vive President ...... ...,............... - Tanis Stocks Secretary H.. ,,,,,.,, Patty Harshbarger Treasurer .... ...,...........,......... J esse Hite Nina Baldwyn, Jerry Haynes and Gary Boyer were elected for the Student Count-il representatives of our Class. Our first step was into the finaneial field. We dem-ided to pay fifty Cents a seni- 'ester for dues. Feeling we had a little baekground we then had a skating party which ended up witl1 everyone worn out and sore b ut, however, it was a success. Freshmen slow? Not on your life! For Homecoming Nant-y Phipps and Ruth Harris were crowned 1ueen's attendants. The rave was a very elose one between all tour elasses. However, at the time of the Penny Carnival the freshmen elass came tout on top with Nina lialdwyn queen of the earnival and Harvey Goodwin as king. Eulah Mae Hise and Janis Stoeks were attendants. To raise money to support our 'king and queen, we held a basketball gain e between the faeulty women and the fresh- men girls. The fat-ulty women won a11d added hilarity to the event with their fancy at-c-essories. I Thirty FRESHMAN Front Row, Left to Right-Miss Turner, M. Wickline, M. Wheeler, M. Kester, J. Kimler, J. Stocks, A. McMillan, M. Rueff, J. Reason, I. Langley. Second Row-S Rueff, J. McCauley, C. Nihiser, N. Phipps, D. Trent, B. Widick, R. McIntosh, L. Jones, J. Scribner. Third Row-Mr. Bohlen, D. Pritts, R. Zientara, A. Price, D. Hyland, B. Taylor, R. St. Pierre, B.. Boudell, R. Luster, M. Kohr, D. Theobald Quite a few of the freshmen boys turned out for basketball and baseball this year. NVith another year added, they should he pretty good athletes for MZVHS. The freshmen girls in GAA were in there fight ng the seniors for third place in the tour- nament too. Although we lost to the sen :ors we have great hopes for next year. ln the spring plans were made for our last class party. These plans included having a combined weiner roast and hay ride with all the tI'lIlllIlll1gS. NVe are all looking forward to our sophomore year and although some have dropped out during the Year, others have taken their places. Those ff us who remain look forward and hnpe to graduate leaving a good record for the Zionoiz of the Mt. Zion High School- Thirty-one I' . 1 I- Ifiif '.,,.1 A H :lz ' '4" ' v1:':::..:-, ,. I .,4tt 1 .QL - ,Z:2:,::::EE5:5.- , .... 'I' X fr:1:5:1:3:?:f:i:1:I:IgIgIg.f,f.f.f.f.f:f 15:75:11 . l ..f.Q.Q.Q.5:5:f:3:1:3:1 -11:g.5.1,5,1...,. ., -.-.'.'.-.-.-.-.- ,-.-., : -:-:-: ,.-.--.---- - --.'.4.4.-.-.-.- rf:-z.:-:-:-:-:-:,:-:-:-:-:-: , RX ....:1i1 ., .... ...., ..,.,. ,., .,.....,,...., 4.. . , . . . .,.,.. .......,.,... - ""5:5'54:5:3:f:3:1:3:2gI2ISI2221fif2fZfZf:1:5:?:?:i:2:5:1:1ehir1:3:5f5f7fff2fffif?ff53fifIfififf?:I7IfIf5':'5'7' Thirty-two 12Hl1k0lllbl11'Q UIHJIIIIIPS illl UDDUIIUIIJY Thirty-three ft0ill'Il Russ givvs his "IT, squad buys smne lust minute illSf1'lll'f inns. CALENDAR OF ATHLETIC EVENTS l947-48 Baseball Septemiiei- 12-Argeniu, There. Septvimiher ffl-AVill'l'QllSblll'Q, There September 16-Blue Mound, Here. Sepieinher :iii--Sflllllllgtllll, Here. September 19-Stonington, There. October 3-Nlilllfif, There. September 23-Hmninond, Here. Ui-tolier 7-Mau-on, Here. Basketball Xoveinlmer 11--Macon ,There -Ti1l1llil1'j' 26, 27, 128-Macon County November 21-Argenta, Here. Tourney. November 25-Maron, Here. F0ll1'llil1'j' 3-Hzunnioncl, Here. lleeenilier 2-Xiantie, There. February 6-Mairozi, There. December 9-ST. Teresa, There. F0llPllil1'j' 10-Aluinui, Here. ljec-einber 12-Betlmny, Here. February 13-Lovington, There. llueinber 16-XViT1'1'Q11Sllll1'g, Here. lfeliifiiziry 1fi1xVEl1'I'811Sbll1'g, There. Jzinuziry 1, 2, 3-Cenois Conference February 17-Macon, Here. Tourney. F0ll1'lli'lPj 20-Argenta, There. -Iilllllillj' 9-Xinntie, Here. l"0lD1'll2l1'5' 214-St. Teresa, Here. Jilllllillzl' 123-Hammonml, There. Mzireh 2, 3, 4, 5-Regional Tourney, .l':1l1uz11-y 16-Loviiigton, Here. .DQCEITIIIZ Jzmuziry 113-Beilizlny, There. Baseball April. Sl-Niailtie, There. May 6-Ialetlmiiy, Here. April 19-Ninntie, Here, May 7-'l'aiylorville, There. April 23-I'I2lIll1110ll1l, Here. Many 10-XVII1'l'0llSllll1'Q', Here. April 27-Tayloi-ville, Here. May 17-Hmmnond, There. Track April 13-Track Meet, Manton. April 21-Mau-on Vounfy Meet, April lil-Qiuicli angular, Here. Millikin. Mal-oa, XYzu-rensburg, Loving- April 1343-T1-zu-k Meet, llethony. ton, Mt. Zion. April 29-flenois Conferenee, Millikln May 8-District Meet. Thirty-four Baseball F1'0Df ROW, Left to Right-E Baff, D.J011eS, D. Pritts, Coach Sampson, T. Burcham, E. Sheets, J. Clark. f S6COI1d ROW-B. Slllith, R- Rutledge, D- Britt on, E. Wilking, T. Bobbit, D. Craft, H. Goodwin. Tnird Row-Manager Burress, D. Blankenbur g, W, Grotjan, T. Haynes, D. Theobald, D. Snyder, H. Hull. 1 ' Mt. Zion emerged without a defeat to mar their rerord this year to win the Macon County Championship and first place trophy. Eddie lVilking was the win- ning pitcher on all 8 occasions. Mt. Zion tallied 110 ijms on 91 hits while limiting opponents to 17 runs on 31 hits. Seniors on the squad this year consisted of Eddie lVilking3, pitcher, Ronnie Rutledge, catcher, Tom Bureham, right field, and Eddie Sheets, short-stop. NYith many lettermen returning Mt. Zion can look forward to another good team i11 1948. Letter winners of the 1947 season are: Eddie Wlilking, Ronnie Rut- ledge, Eddie Sheets and Toni llureham, sen iorsg Terry Hobbit, Elmer Barr and Bill Smith, juniors, Jim Clark, Dave Britton and Danny Snyder, sophomores. There were no freshmen letter winners. Gary B11l'9SS wo nhis letter as manager of the team. O UR RECORD Mt. Zion 4, Argenta 1. Mt. Zion 5, lVarrenshurg 1. Mt, Zion 12, Blue Mound 6. Mt. Zion 19, Stonington 2. Mt. Zion 18, Stonington 4. Mt. Zion 2-lg Niantic: 4. Mt. Zion 16, Hammond 1. Mt. Zion 12, Maron 3. Thirty-five Basketball :MJ Front Row, Left to Right-G. Burress, E. Sheets, J. Clark, D. Blankenburg, T. Bobbit, king, B. Smith. Second Row-D. Hogan, J. Ball, D. Britton, Coach Sampson, B. Davis, H. Sills, H, Goodwin. Third Row-A. Seitz, P. Cole, B. Heiserman, D. Clow, H. Hull, W. Grotjan, R. Weldy. E. Wil- Mt. Zion ended the 1947-4S season quite siivcessfiilly, winning first place in the Venois tournament, second place in the Macon Vonnty tournainent, and a tie for se.-tiul plave in the Uenois CU11l'0l'6ill'6 race. ln the tfenois tournanient Mt. Zion defeated hV2l1TQllSl1lll'g, Xiantic and Lov- ington for the first plave tropliy. In the Macon County l'Oll1illilll1G1lf Mt. Zion niet and defeated lllne Mound and Xiantie, but lost the chanipionsliip tilt to Argenta by a score of 236 to In the Cenois eonfereinre mee the Braves pulled through with a 7 and 3 l'l't'0l'4l. This was good for a tie With Lovington for Second place behind YVa1'- i-onshnrg. Only three nien will be lost due to graduation. They are Eddie Wilking: lllaiiikenburg and Eddie Sheets. Olflf Mt. Zion 465 litlfllillly 26. Mt. Zion 405 Warrensburg Mt. Zion 443 Xiantie Mt. Zion 433 Hzinnnond 29. Mt. Zion 349 Lovington 38. Seven of the first ten will return next year. UOXFIQ' IYIJXCE RE CO RD Mt. Zion 483 Bethany 29. Mt. Zion 49g Hannnond 39. Mt. Zion 45, Mai-oa 36. Mt. Zion 231g Lovington 39. Mt. Zion 42g Argenta 40. Thi rty-Six , Dick Basketball 5' f Wx? we XL Eu., i. ' 113 M, - 1 A l ' 1 r l , , . MM, ' Top Row, Left to Right-Dan Hogan, Emmett Sefton, Eddie Yvilking. Middle Row-Ronnie Rutledge, Jim Clark, Di ek Blankenburg, Terry Bobbit Bottom Row-Raymond Weldy, Dave Britton, Hank Sills. Thirty-seven Track Front Row, Left to Right-Gary Burress, Ed lVilking, Danny Snyder, Dave Britton, Terry Bob- bit, Hank Sills. Second Row-Gene Hall, Bob Taylor, Floyd Traster, Coach Sampson, Jim Clark, Dick Blanken- burg, Harvey Goodwin, Third Row'-Rupert St. Pierre, Clarence Marshall, Howard Hull. Mt. Zion ended a fair but not brilliant track season in 1947. lYe won a quad- rangular meet with Bethany, Hammond an d Argenta. Mt. Zion scored 46 l-G points while second place Bethany scored 44 5-6 points. A dual meet was held with Macon but Macon wen easily Tl to 42. Tl1e llraves also entered the Macon Fizunty where the squad was fifth. The meet was won by Macon. The freshmen relay showed promise however, winning with a time of 51.1 for the course. In the Cenois conference meet Mt. Zion again finished fifth. llhrrenshurg won first place. The freshmen relay placed second in this meet. ' Letter winners were: Don NYells, Ed die lYilking, Bob Bilbrey, Terry Bobhit, Jim Flark, lVayne Cutler, Floyd Traster, Johnny Stull, Dick Blankenburg and Dan- ny Snyder. There were but three seniors o n the squad. They were Bill Land, llfayne Futler and Don VVel1s. The freshmen relay team consisted of Jim Clark, Floyd Traster, Danny Snyder and Bilbrey. Thirty eight Cl-IEER LEADERS Our Cheer Leaders: Pat Alderson, Joan Lamb and Jean Syfert Yea, Red! Yea, White! Come on lit. Zion. Let's fight! 'I Li tybnine 5 ff mf ,, RN if fy W YJ I qu f M ff 'f ., WM! 1 ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES is not work at tlw Mt. Zinn High Sc-1101 Forfy-Que. SWING BAND 1 1 1 Front Row, Left to Right-Gene McLean, Dick Clow, David Fathauer, Jack Wickline, Nancy Mc- Donnel. Second Row-Eldon Wickline. Ronnie Rutledge, Floyd Traster, George Hamman. Third Row-Lee VVende11, Bob Cordtz, Bob Seitz. Most e1'e1'y1111e will zigree 111211 it is 111 1ll'1l 11ette1- t11 112111111 to 21 1'e11l 11111111 1112111 to I'0i'l11'11lI1Q'S. This is tl1e 111111111-t1111t 11111't 11' 1111-11 tl1e swing 11111111 11l11ye11 111 S1'11llI11 this yPi1l'. 111111111111 flllllll, 1'e1-111'11s 111111111 11ZlVe t11 11e 11se1l :lt the st-1111111 11111fties 111111 1111111'es. The 1l11111"e 11111111 11111111te11 their 11111si1' 1111111 of the ti111e. They ll121j'611 Sl'Y0l'2l1 1l11111'es ilff1'I' l111111e 1111sket11:11l games 211111 1-11111111111 21 Slllilll 111l111issio11. XVit11 this 111o11ey the ing 11211109 11511111 music stands. boys 11o11g'l1t new 11111sie 211111 some good look The 11111111 0111151318 of twelve pieves 111111 21 singer, 111111 with the help of Mr. T1l!'lll1lS!31l. they 1li11 il fine j11l1 i11'11V111lllQ' 111111-111' f111' 1l2lll1"GS. The 1l1!yS 111111 the 11111111 1111 1111 their own. It is 11111 21 regular s1-1111111 111'g1111iz11ti1111, 111111 l'lDllS9ll11Gl11'1Y they 111111 to 111'111fti1'e 1111 their own time after s1'h1111l. M12 T1l11lll11Sl'1ll 11ls11 11111111te1l l1is ti111e to help tl1e boys 11111-ing 1'ehe111-s11ls every 111911 1lPS1121Y after school. -111111111 M1'l1111111l1l ,1111 2111111111118 who 11111ye11 with the 11111111 l11st ye:111, 1'1111111tee1'- e11 111 119113 the 11111111 out this .1'e111- 111' 1112111112 111111111 for fllelll. A1111 X111113' h11'11l1I11101, 11111- 1'111'111ist, sang tl1e 111test l1it 11111914 111111 S91l111ll1'1l1'ill 1111ll1111s. Despite their 1111-11 of 1ll'i11'f1l'P time, the 11111111 11111 il fine jwh 111111 wus 1-11j11ye11 111' 1111. Forty-two F. H. A. Front Row, Left to Right-D. Kenney, C. Nas h, R. Proffitt E. Choate N. Epperson, I. Rucker B Aldfrson, A. Larimore, P. Artze, A. Luka, M. White, F, Langleyy, E. VVest,'V. McRae, E. Rutherfordf D. Dennis. Second Row-D. Camic, V. Gordon, J. Syfefrt, L. Weldy, R. Wall, R. Steele, M. J. White, E. Wil- liams, M. Huss, B. Burress, B. Boliek, J. Still, rd. O f 'n. P. Parks, H. Calhoun, B. Williams. Third Rowe-l. Gosnell, D. Heiserman, V. I-lufford, D. Kimler, N. McDonne1, L. Nash, D. Bean, J. Traughber, G. Calhoun, S. Harshbarger, B. Mudd, l. . .1r4-.on, DBCIOT, P. Benton, M. J. McCauley. Fourth Row-J. Britton, L. Newberry, P. Sto clzs B. Johnson, K. Dalluge, B. Allen, M. Freeland, M. Meney, F. Grinstaff, J. Trulock, T. Choate, M. H eclenherg, M. Heddins, A. Hector, T. Gordon. The emblem of the Future Huue Mui-'ers of America is octagonal in shape und bears the name of tl1e organization around the 'top of the plane while around the low- er sides is the motto, 4'Toward New Horiz ons". In the Center there is it house sup- ported by two hands, The colors are red and white and the flower is il red rose. The purpose of the club is to promote satisfaction for the home and to emphasize the im- portance of it. The sponsors of the club are Miss Jouett and Mrs. Barkley. Early in the fall the annual slunib fr pvrty was held. lt was preveded by al picnic supper und :1 breakfast Cooked by th 4- s iplrunore girls the following morning. A "Jeans J:unlvoree" was held and the proveods used to lrny gifts for the Illinois Sirl- diers' and Sailors' Home. f'il"lCili2lfP milk und orange juice wus sold during the noon hour eau-h day during the year. lfreslunen were initiated intl the cl uh during mid-lvezir. Mrs, Hoy NVeld,v was olet-ted 1-lub niotlior und was invited to the pivnitf supper the night of the freslnnen in- itiation. At the annual mother and dough ter tea, Mrs. Weldy was presented with ai l'Iil'S2l2.IP. Also at trip was taken to Spring field and during the suninier il girl will he sent to sununer czunp. ' Forty-three DRAMA CLUB Front Row, Left to Right-D. Larson, E. YVilking, E. Choate, P. Wells, J. Syfert, B. Kruse, P. Monroe, D. Craft, B. Good, L. Hickenbottoin, P. Ald hrs n. J. Stull. Second Row-Mr. Caywood, T. Gordon, J. Britton, L. Weldy, D. Kiniler, V. Hufford, N. Mc- Donnel, E. West, M. Shetler, K. Dalluge, E. Rutherford, D. Fathauer. Third ROWWD. Land, R. Weldy, G. Calhoun, D. Stocks. L jNewiberry, L. Nash, D. Bean, J. Traughber, B. Boliek, R. Julius, D. Dennis, J. Wie kline, D. Blankenburg. President ........... ...,..,........................... E sther Cllonte Vice-Presialent ...... ........ 4 Jewel llrittoll, Alum Luka SQf'1'Pf2ll'y .... .......,.... - lezln Syfert 'l'1'easu1'er .... ......... T rudy Gm-elxni It just 1loesn't Silllllll right! Mr. f'2lyXYlNJLl what does fhis big word llltiilll? These :ire seine of the things that were heard from some of the Drmna Club inenibers who took part in the speeeh contest. Jean Syfert dial verse reading, Pant Monroe serious reading, Ilorotliy Kiinler emnedy reading, and Put Stun-ks original orzitiini. A one act play, "Rosalie", by Maxx Jlzuirey, was given by Don Frzift :is Monsieur llol, Luc-ille Newberry :uf Maulznne Ilol, :ind -lm-kie Truugliber as Rosalie. Another work of the lirzunzi Vlub WSIS to sponsor the zu-Tor .luck Hank, on Huy The lTth. Mr. liunk mliml selel-tions fron: Sll2lk0Sl!0ill'0.S "The 5IPl'i'llilllf of Venue". This au-t was Spilll'l'il'PKl to purc-liaise El reeording 1llEli'lllll9. These and nmny more are the wazrks of the UH inenibers of the Ilrzunzi Vlub :it Mt. Zinn clzu-ing the sl-lmol Year of 1947 nncl HHS. 1 Forty-four JUNIOR PLAYS , I. ' lfl,f1Ii-Hllfmxf U'e1llfI':l" Scenes from the Junior Plays l!2.G7-",1:'e You Hr. .lfIlff!'I'7f'flI'lL.'l?'s 5 twriy five CAMERA CLUB "'l"?"'l Front Row, Left to Right-L. Newberry, I. Rucker, P. Benton, P. Harmon, P. Hinderliter, E. Choate, L. Nash, P. Monroe, E. West, V. McRae, P. Artze, V, Hufford, D. Dennis, B. Mudd, J. Feath- erston, P. Harshbarger, R. Belcher. Second Row-P. Stocks, J. Britton, D. Bean, R. Julius, J. Bentz, A. Bentz, D. Flynn, M. Heden berg, E. Hanson, I, Gosnell, V. Gordon, D. Heiserm an, N. Epperson, A. Luka, L. Weldy, J. Syfert, J Traughber. A . Third Row-D. Fathauer, D. Blankenburg, E. Wilking, F. Traster, B. Fulte, R. Schuman. J. Carder A. Goodwin, B. Fonner, D. Kimler, N. McDonell, S. Adams, B. Allen, K. Dalluge, R. Steele, M. J. White T. Gordon. Fourth Row-Mr. Ross, J. Suttles, P. Hettin ser, B. Newkirk, D. Britton, S. Dyer, G. Hamman, D. Craft, M. Howe, E. Sefton, B. Kruse, R. Weldy, P. Wells, T Bobbit, D Land, B. Seitz, E. Wickline. This year brought another neil' club to our midst, the 'fShutter Bugs" or cam era club with Mr. Carl Ross as sponsor. It was organized in September with 62 mein- bers and the following officers were elccted: David Fathauer, president, Esther Choate, vice-president, Bill Kruse, secretary, and Jewel Britton ,treasurer. The shutter bugs meet the first Friday in each month. The object of the club is to brine togetlier those who are interested in taking and developing pictures and to en- eonrage others in photography. A darkroom has been fixed for those who have advamfed that far. The equip- ment consists of an enlarger, chemicals, silutions and pans for developing. The elub is very grateful to Mr. Russell Broughton for his giving us ai sink to be used in the dark- room and to Mr. Scott Barkley for his use of a Contact printer. It is hoped that a program 1-an be 1-arried out of demonstrations and dist-ussions on the use of light and filters, eolor photog raphy, developing, enlarging, action shots, and anything else that the members are pzwtieularly interested in. Along with these hopes of the future go plans for buying a go od eamera to be used by the club and the school. The shutter bugs, in infancy, sh ow much enthusiasm and promise of much profit as well as pleasure. i Forty-six ei i v 1 ' i m Zl SCI l E Front Row, Left to Right-P. Stocks. D. Kiniler, N. McNonnel, P. Monroe, B. Burress, P. Artze M. Hedenberg. Second ROWAL. Shetler, V. Hufford, Mr. Dal ton, B. Fonner, M. Shetler, E. Hanson. Third Row--L. Newberry, J. Ekiss. D. Craft. A. McMillan. J. Stocks. I,l'QSllll'llf ..... ..,.... 1 'at Blilllldlt' Vice-President .,., .......... N :inc-y Mc-Donnel fSPl'l'Gf2ll'f' ,.....,... lletty llurress Trezisurei' ...... ,...,.,,, l Mn-otliy Kimler The Zi Sei or sl-ienre club was organ ized September 12, 1947. It is il nutionzil -01-gzuiization affiliated witl1 the St-ienm-e Clubs of Ameriva with national liendquzir- ters in XNY2'lSl1lIlgf0ll, D. U. There :ire over 700 elizipters in the sm-hools of Illinois. Membership is open to any high svhool student interested in sf-iem-e. The purpose of 'the c-lub is to promote interest in f-urrent reseurc-li and srientifiv events. At tl1e first meeting of the Club Koduelirome slides of England, France 'Western Vnited States were shown by Mr. Dalton, our sponsor. Plains for the include visits to factories of scientific- interests, guest speakers, scientific movies tof course some social events. Many new members have been add d during the year :ind at the present there are approxiinntely 40 members. Forty-eight und Wal. ai nd time G. A. A. i, 3. E , . , M4 Front Row, Left to Right-E, Rutherford, D, Dennis, R. Wall. D. Cainic, D. Kenney, C. Nash, L. Weldy, D. Kimler, J. Britton, J. Trulock, P. M0 IIFOG, M- Sheillef, T- Clwafe, E. HHHSOII. Seednd Row--N, Meljonnel, B, Mudd, V, G01-d on. M. White, A. McMillan, J. Lamb, I. Gosnell, Miss Bowden. P. Artze, I. Rucker, J. Reason, L. Shetler, A- G00dWil1, J- Still- Third P0w...'j, Hise, S, Harghbarger, J, Syf ert, E. Choate, T .Gordon, J. Kimler, L. Nash, D. Bean, B. Fonner, P. Stocks, J. Traughber, N. Phip DS. Foul-fh Rgw-D, Davison, M, Byittgni J, Fea therston, B. Boliek, P. Harshbarger, R. Harris, N. Baldwyn, V. Huftord, D. Heiserman, B Wilick, J. Stocks. The Girls Athletic Association has been very active this year and has partici- pated in many events. Tl1e Homecoming, described on another page of this book, weiner roast hike and initiation as the on enine get together, the stationery drive that netted 3350, the Play Day in Decatur, record dance for the carnival candidates, and the camping trip in May. Officers for the year have been D. Kimler, presidentg L. lYeldy, vicepresi- dentg Jo Trulock, treasurerg and J. Britt on, secretary. As J. Britton graduated in mid-year A. Goodwin took her place as sec retary. High point of the year was the inter class basketball tournament in March Won by the sophomores who received special awards. The juniors then led the way to sec- ond place, with the seniors third and freshmen fourth. The climax is reached at the end of the year with i4Awards" day. All efforts are so worthwhile when one is awarded a HZ" or some other equally important award. A select few will wear the state "I" for tl1e first time around Mt. Zion, - This has been an active and successf ul year with enthusiastic members. May there be many more. Forfyfnine "Z" CLUB Front Row, Left to Right-D. Britton, T. Bobbit S. Dyer, D. Blankenburg, J. Stull, R. Rutledge, D. Hogan. ' Second ROW-G. Burressg E. Wilking, John Clark, Jim Clark, D. Clow, C. Craft, J. Wickline. Third Row-J. Davis, T. Burcham, D. Batema n, H. Sills, P. VVells, D. Craft, E. Sefton, R. Weldy, B. Smith. , - l'resident .....,....,.. .,...... E ddie NVilking XYlt'l'-I,1'OSltiPHi' ,,.,,,,., ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. T erry Hobbit .Sex-retary-Treasurer .. ..,..... Dick Bl3llii0lliblll'g 'Even though tl1e "Z" club isn't very old it plays a prominent part in the school iaetivities. The organization originated in 1939. The letter "Zn means that every man in the club has earned a NZ" in soniemactivity.. Many boys have a letter for all gthree sports of basketball, baseball and tra ek. Coach Sampson is sponsor. The UZ" club and the G. A. A. sponsored fil9xHll1llGCOmiHg Danee and corona- 'tion of the queen. Trudy Gordon was crowned queen with 3,325 votes. The presi- ident of the HZ" club, Eddie lVilking, escorted the queen in the processional and re- ceived the first dance with her. The other NZ" club members served as escorts to the queens Court. The club arranged for Ben Bradley and his orchestra to play for the ffdance. The annual initiation was held in the gyin, New members who came into the club are Don Craft, Jim Clark, Carl Craft, David'iBritton, Gary Burress, Bill Shith, 'Thomas Burehan, Ronny Rutledge, Daniel Hogan, John Clark, Raymond Weldy, Ern- Qmett Sefton and Floyd Traster. Fifty-four MIXED CHORUS Front Row, Left Baldwyn, T. Ch oatef L , J. Lamb, A. Goodwin, J. Hassing- er, D. Dennis, R. Hai WB. Klopfenstein. I Second Row-fE. J: Trulock,-J. Syf ert, E. Choate, D. Trent, W. Gessaman, L. Shetler, ge IQICDOHHSI, R. Steele, A, D. Kimler, M.B1'ittof1, B. Vvidick, L. Gerk, M,QKester, L. Langley, . roffitt. " ' ' Third Row-C.,,Bul1a, B. Taylor, J. Ekiss, J. Still, V. Hufford, S. I-Iarshbarger, B. Boliek, M. Freeland, K. Dalluge, B.'A1len,- B. Fonner, L. Weldy, R. Wall, P. Monroe, D. Heiserman, E. Hise, P. Stocks, M. J. Vlfhite, B. Alderson, M Wheeler, J. S xsclfs, N. Phipps, M. VVickline, J. McCauley, B. Davis. Fourth Row-L. Wendell, J. Wiekline, J. Davis, T. Burchani, D. Myers, R. Weldy, D. Britton, M. Howe, John Claik. D. Bateman, D. Land, D. Fathau er, S. Dyer, J. Suttles, B. Kruse, E. Wilking, B. Henry, D. Clow, D. Gosnell, P. Wells, H. Goodwin, D. Hyland, R. St. Pierre, M. Kohr. f' ine introduce the fllunib-bell' seztion. Stand up so everyoiie coiiwsee you!" Yes, that is what can be livegird around contest 'tiinie when the niixed chorus members d-in't learn their niusic. with has DPUV611 to be ii good plain too. ' S The Chorus this year consists of zib rut TG boys :ind girls under the direction of Mr. TlllIlll1lS'l1l. At f"ll1'lSllll2lS time zi 1l1'UQ1'tllll xi'aisH1:1'ese1it'eil illO1lg7Wllfll the drziniu vlub and bsind. Mr. Vziyivoodwas!11zirrzitor,-tlie-'1l1-ziiiizi club silhouetted, while the bund and chorus supplied the niusic for the prograiiii "The l'lll'lSllllZ1S Story". Plains are under way for the chorus to pziifticripaite in the vzintest at Flinton ini the spring. Numbers to be sung :ire 'Lilo Not Fur Fi-oni Me" :ind 'Tull llzuiy A Songu.. Only till nienibers :ire allowed to attend the spring vontest and imtiirally the best will be sent. However, later in the spring ai vonrert is being planned so that ull the invin- bers may hzive ai 1-lizinc-e to flenionstrute their voires. The group sight reads some and are siipposecl to -nieuiorize some niusir. The Chorus sings niostly zieaplielln but Ruth 1' rqitfitt is piano zu-1-oiiiliziiiist :ind dues ai Very nic-e job. Much eredit is due Mr. Thoinjison and the nieiubers :ire quite prziiid of the efforts he has put forth in their behailf, Fifty five F. F. A. Fran' Qefvlbeft to Pieht-W Hull, D. Larson, P. Luka, B. Tipsword, E. Sefton, L. Hickenbottom, B. Kruse, P. Wills, H. Sills, B. Fulte, D. Jones. v eeonu Row-B. Heiserman, T. Haynes, L. Lehman, S. Dyer, W. Goodwin, J. Carder, R. Weldy, D. Land..P. Bruns, J. Vance, E. McKeen. Third Row-D. Cornthwait, A. Seitz, J. Cooley, B. Taylor, H. Hull, B. Ruble, D. Conder, D. Snyfle1',NJ. Hector, T. McGeehon, R. St. Pierre. Fcurth Row-Mr. Bohlen, R. Warner, L. Greenfield, E. Wickline, D. Hyland, R, Boken, J, Haynes ,B. Camp, R. Boken, G. Lawrence, Bill Karcher. The offieers for the year are: li. Hickenbottoni, presidentg ll. Kruse, vice- yre-identg I'. Wells, sen-retaryg B. Henry, treasurer, B, Tipsvvord, reporter, and R. l'Veldy, sentinel. The F. I". A. has been very at-tive th is year with many vvorthxvhile projects. Ear- ly, several boys attended the eorn and suv bean day at the U. of I., and the leadership training sehool at Ferro Gordo, The waste paper drive in the fall netted nearly 370. The eorn husking eontest was won bv Paul lYells. An all sehool danee was held that sanxe evening with -lean Svfert as eorn husking queen. Later Kruse and Hiekenbot- toni attended the National F. I". A. eonven tion at Kansas City. Pit-king up eorn in Noveniber brought ill nearllv S150 Several attended the International Livestock shoxv in Fhieago in lleeeinber and also went through the Swift l'a"king Hfvuse. Fulte won the pest contest. A donkey, basketball game Was held in February. The boys defeated the G. A. A. girls 4 to 0, and the evening' st-hool defeated the business mein QS to ll. The boys also sold garden rt-:als to raise inonev. The annual parent-son banquet ivas- held Mareh 16. Max Kuster was the sneak- er. 7!'lLe following evening V-Roy, the niagieian, appeared in the gym, spons pred by l ze l". F. A. A sunnner 4-anlpinfi trip has been planned. All of these at-tivities have been carried on under our very able teacher and H-sponsor, Mr. NYayne Bohlen. Fifty-two CORN HUSKING CONTEST SNAPS ' e . STUDENT LIBRARIANS When in need of help in locating a book or magazine in our library the student librarians were always wlling to lend a helping hand. Seated, Left to Right-Barbara Good, Eloise West, Margaret Whitej Lovetia Shetler Standing4Trudy Gordon, Roberta Wall, Min. Bingarnan. FHM Kluw- S-MOR Seated. Left to Right--J. Traugli- bir J. zfyfert. P. Stocks. J. Davis. Caywood. Bl. Shetler. Standing-L. Newberry. L. Nash. E. Williams. D. Fathauer, Mr. E. Rutherford. This year the Sa-Mor was published by Caywoodis senior English class with the help of Miss Roger's typing class, The first semester, one staff published all the issues with L. Nash as Editorg D. Fathauer, Feature Editor, D. Bean, Local Editorg ll. Blankenburg, Sports Editorg J. Traughber, Busi -ness Managerg B. Cordtz, Cartoonistg and a staff of reporters and typists. During the second semester, 3, different staff published each issue. This method passed the jobs around and gave more students a chance to be C11 the staff. The editors during the second semes- ter were L. Newberry, D. Fathauer, J. Traughber and D. Blankenburg. The Sa-Mor is issued at the end of each mo nh and it contains sports news, editorials, feautres, jokes, school news, and other small columns. The I-lunzni Antics and the Inquiring Reporter were standard columns during. the first semester. Alum ni Antics, written by P. Stocks, kept readers in- formed on the alumni, and the Inquiring Reporter, written by J. Syfert was -a number of opinions or 'answers to a question by different students. Prob ably the biggest attraction to.the student body was the famous Knickerbocker, which revealed the latest romances. D. Blankenburg's sports page kept readers well informed as to Mt. Zion's sports participation, and gave exact box scores, tournament re- sults and standings. V ' ' i A Seated, Left to Rigfit-B. Cordtz, E. Choate, B. Good, D. Blanken- burg, A. Denton. Standing-P. Hindeliter, C. Craft, Miss Rogers, M. Huss, D. Bean, F. Mintun. Q ,. Fifty I-IOIVIECOIVIING I 947 Left to Right--Miss Bowden, Queen Trudy Gordon, King Eddie XYilliing, Dorothy Kimler, Couch Sainpson. Hcniecoming, an annual affair sponsored by the "Z"' club and G. A. A., was held December 12, 1947. On this night the varsity defeated Bethany 45 to 26 to start the evening. The Coronation processional preceded the dxnfe. Candidates were escorted by "Z" club incin- bers. Queen candidates and escorts Were: N. Phipps with C. Kraft, R. Harris with R. Rutledge, S. Harsh barger with E. Sheets, D. Calnic with J. Wiclcline, C. Nash with E. Barry, I. Rucker with D. Blanken- burg, J. Lamb with H. Sills, B. Boliek with J. Clark J, Svfert with P. Wells. High point of the corcnation was E Wilking fpresident of the HZ" clubl crowning Trudy Gordon as Honieeoniing Queen. All candidates received gardenias and the ...neil ieceived a corsage of gardenias and red ro ses. XVith the Queen leading the way, she and her court, and respective esorts, had the first lionor dance. Ben Bradley's orchestra played fonthe eve cf dancing. King Eddie Vifilking presents Queen Trudy Gordon with a cor- sage of gardenias and red roses. Fifty-one BOYS' CHORUS Front Row, left to Right-B Taylcr. L. WVen dell, E. Vvickline, T. Burcham, D. Bateman. .Kohn Clark, D. Myers, H. Goodwin, B. Davis, M. Kohr. Secnnd Row-D. Hyland, S. Dyer, J. Suttles, D. Fafhauer, D. Land, B. Kruse, D. Clow, B. Henry, P. XVells, E. VVilking, H. Sills. Third RowfJ. McCauley. J. Wickline. J. Dav Ls. D. Britton, R. Weldy. M. Howe, D. Gosnell, R. St. Pierre. C. Bulla. - . . v 'The lioys' Chorus 4-onsists of about 30 hfmys. They are under 'tho fllI'l+l'l'lllll oi MT. 'rlvl'lll,llllJSOT1. They are doing a fine job vonsideriiiq they have only 40 minute: :1 Week 'in 'which to p1'n4'ti1.-0. NVith the help of their :im-oiixpziiiist, ,David l'l2lfllfll19I', they can sing just about anything from Q-lz1sSiCS to popular music. All of the boys in this chorus also appear in the mixed chorus. The boys this y0:1rzil'o more eXpe1'iern'esl :ind the new one 4 :ire an zlssel, to the group. These boys also have to 11lQIIl0I'lZl-1 and sight read IllllS it-. However, they are :ill looking forwvsml :with pleasiire to the spring f.'IlI11'PPt. Fifty-Six GIRLS' CHORUS Front Row, Left to Right-L. Newberry, J. Sy fert, P. Choate, T. Choate, I. Lamb, A. Goodwin, J. Hassinger, D. Dennis, D. Kimler, P. Artze, M. Brit ton, B. Vifidick, A. Luka, B. Hake, M. Warner, A. Felter, R. Proffitt. Second Row-J. Trulock. L. Shetler, Warn er, N. Epperson, Li. Nash, N. McDonnel, W. Gessa- man, R. Belcher, M. Freeland, D. Trent, D. Bean, LY. Harris, J. Kiinler, M. Kester, P. I-Iarshbarger, A. McMillan, R. Steele, N. Baldwyn, L. Gerk, B, Klop fenstein, L. Langley. Third Row-J. Ekiss, J. Still, V. Hufford, S. Harshbarger, J. Traughber, B. Boliek, K. Dalluge, B. Allen, B. Fonner, L. Weldy, R. Wall, T. Gordon, P. Monroe, V. Gordon, D. Heiserman, E. Hise, P. Stocks, M. J. Wliite, B. Alderson, M. VVhee1er, R. Ep person, J, Stocks, N, Phipps, L. Jones, M. Wiekline. Tl1e chorus, co111posed of about G2 gi rls, is llIlCll'l'll19lll2lllZ1gElll6l1l' of Mr. Thinnp- son, the 111l1SlC director. He is soinetiines bewildered with then1 during their prac- tice time. It is C0llll11011 to find tl1e sopranos ttsrreet-l1ing" and the altos Hhellowing". Uut despite these facts, on tl1e average, the chorus does a fine job because, after all, they llilV6 to sigl1t read and 1l19lllU1QlZC piec es. But most of the ti111e Mr. Thompson is quite jovial. He has talked to the chorus about seeing operas. They plan to see at least one opera so111eti111e tl1is year. The reason for our chorus being so large this year is because there is no be- ginner's chorus. These girls practice only 40 minutes a Week. In order to uncover mistakes, Mr. Thompson has lIlild6 recordings of all the girls, voices. By playing tl1e111 back the girl may hear l1er own 1nistakes. Tl1e chorus is to sing HSalangadou'l and ULift Vp Thine Eyes" with Ruth Proffitt as piano ae- conipanist in the spring niusic contest. The girls l1ave great hopes of placing in the first division. Mr. Thompson has helped these girls iinniensely and the chorus is proud to have him as their director. Fifty-seven BAND Front Row, Left to Right-D. Fathauer, J. Wi ckline, B. Allen, A. Goodwin, M. Freeland, B. Alder- son, P. Monroe. T - Second Row-D. Kite, N. Phipps, M. Britton, N. Baldwyn, L. Wendell, G. McLean, B. Taylor, J. Davis, D. Britton, D. Clow. Third Row-R. St. Pierre. D. Grave, M. Wi ckllne, C. Nihiser, C. Bulla, A. McMillan, K. Dalluge, B. Fonner, L. Shetler, P. Hettinger, Jim Clark, J. Ekiss, T. Burcham, E. Wickline, B. Smith. 1 Fourth Row--R. Rutledge, P. Stocks, John Ciark, D. Dennis, W. Goodwin, G. Hamman, P. Cole, D. Myers.-C. Bateman, J. McCauley, M. Kohr, D. Bateman, B. Burress. Fifth Row-J. Hassinger, B. Cordtz, E. Sefton, L. Newberry, H. Goodwin, B. Seitz, H. Sills, S. Dyer, J. Suttles, D. Kirnler. The Mt. Zlilll High School Band has continued to improve and was better this year tliifn it l1ad been for many years. Mr. Thompson, during l1is four years of dir- ecting the band, has built it up to the biggest and most advanced band in Macon Coun- ty outside of Decatur. A Macon County lland Festival wasfield at Mt, Zion this year. Five other sclifsols-Mat-mi, Ai-genta, Warrensburg, M aria and lllue Mound participated along with Mt. Zion. 1521011 school sent itS 1110Sf advanced band members to Mt. Zio11 where they practiced all day and then gaye il C011 cert the same night in the high school gym- nasium. Because Mt. Zion had the most advanced band, abgut thirty of 13119 ninety pieces were from Mt. Zion. The band played for the Macon County Teachers' Institute at Millikin Univer- sity, furnished music for the Christmas program, and competed in the District Hand Contest where several members played instrumental solos also. The band also play- ed at same of the basketball games. They played music on the lighter side and marches which helped spirit and provided entertainment. Fifty-eight BUS DRIVERS Mr. Roscoe Shetler, Mr. Bill Larimore and Mr. Cleo Davis NVQ wish tu fllilIlk our luis 111-ivvlw fwr fI'flIlSD0l'fil1Q: us szxfo and sound twive 921111 clay during mu' sm-hml j'921I'. NVQ ilPDl'P1'i2l'f0 their pal- tieuce and fortitude. Also We wish tu thunk our jzmiturs fm- klwlbilllfl mu' sm-howl build- ing wzlrm, Clean and xlways :1tt1'zu -tive in appvzlrance. JANITORS Mr. Bill Larimore and Mr. Frank Davis Fifty-nine CLASS WILL We the Senior Class of 1948 ,being sound in mind and body, hereby will and bequeath the following materials and talents to our beneficiaries: Pat Alderson-My Personality and ability to get along with DGODIQ to my SiSt9I', B31'b3-Ta- June Anderson-My ability to make A's in shorthand II to Shirley Schoonover Don Bateman-My 6 feet and 170 pounds to Mr. Corn. tMake good use of it.J Doris Bean-My long dark hair to Lois Langley. Dick Blankenburg and Darrell Larson-Our friend ship to Jim Davis and Mr. Corn. Jewell B ' - ' ' ' ' ' ritton My basketball guarding ability to Jessie Kimler. CMake good use of it, Jessiej Thomas Burcham-My report car dto Mr. Bingaman. Gene Ca.houn-My love for shorthand ll to my sister Harriett. fBetter study because it takes more than love.J Esther Choate-I leave my editorials to Terry Bob bit. fCarry on Terry.7 John Clark-I wish to leave my class ring to Raymond Weldy. Don Craft-My curly hair to David Pritts. Bob Davis-My ability to sing to Ronald Schuman. Dorthy Dennis-My cooking ability to to Miss Plese. Anna Denton-My ability to have natural curls to Richard Gene Ellis-My basketball managership to David Fathauer-My voice to Jimmy Suttles. Barbara Good-My good times at Mt. Zion to Eulah Mae Hise. Trudy Gordon-My address to Bob Cordtz. Lowell Hickenbottom-My curly blonde hair to Jim Pat Hindeliter-My knowledge of geometry to all Mildred Huss-My blonde haid to Joanne Lamb. Rosemary Julius-Nothing to leave, it wasn't here Dale KitwMy HATE for U. S. History to Mr. Ross. Bob Lamb-My manly physique to Bill Ruble. Faye Langley-My ability to go steady to Anna Ru th Goodwin. Erma Rutherford-My quiet ways to Dorothy Kimler , Clarence Marshall-My quiet ways to Pat Monroe. QTOHQ it down, Patyp Nancy McDonell-My straight hair to Jo Lamb. fPoor J0.J Vida McRae-My ability to play basketball without falling to Phyllis Artze. Fanny Mintun-My wavy hair to Norma Shaeffer. Louise Nash-My sense of humor to Mr. Ross. CS tart using it now, Mr. Ross.J Lucille Newberry-My ability to play the drum to Ozzie Gogdwing fstay on the beat, Ozzie!! Eddie Sheets-My ability to play basketball to Ron aid Schuman, John Stull-My ability tg go steady with one of the Alderson girls to George Hamulonu Marporia Shetler-My height to Jo Trulock Pat Stocks-My dea rold red winter coat t m ' t seasons. CTake care of it, Janlj Eloise XVest-My ability to arrive at my classes on time to Jenny Featherston. fl'll bet you can't do itll Jean Syfert-My watchful eye over Paul VVells to B art Henry and Lorraine Weldy. Jackie Traughber-My bangs to Beverly Boliek. hey might even match in color, Bevll Margaret White-My small feet to Phyllis Artze. Jack Wickline-My ability to play a clarinet to Nina Daldwyn. Ed 'Wilking-My technique with blondes to Jim Clark. Mary Ann Hedenberg. fHa! Ha!J Gary Burress. my Carder. fGr0om it well, Jim.J those poor, unknowing unfortunates. in the beginning. o y sis er, Janis, It's sure to last at least one or two more Evelyn Williams-My gum chewing on the bus to llose McDougall. Lastly, we appoint KILROY as the Executorof this our last will an dtestament. ln witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our name and affixed our seal, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and forty-eight. SENIOR CLASS OF '48, CSEAL5 Witnesses: Gravy Stone Black Midnight Tomb Stone S'xty SWEETHEARTS Weldy-Henry Hassinger-Davis Stull-Alderson Bobbit-Choate Freeland-Fulte Cordtz-Gordon Wilking-Choate Q Syfert-XVe11s v fr Sixty-one CLASS PROPI-IECY Twilight is coming on and the lights of the view. This is election week and the loyal class of VWLKING. By the way, it seems he has done even of course when we get there we are a bit tired and served by the First Lady of the White House who is presidents mansion are' all lit up and we come into 'QS are all coming in to cast their votes for EDDIE better than Roosevelt, ths is his sixth term! and weary so we sit down to rest and have a bit of tea none other than the former ESTHER CHOATE of Decatur. We all take a dring our our so-called tea and everyone commences to make faces at each oth S l ' ' ' er. ure y we think that by this time Esther has tells us that it must have been a prank of Junior's. It grows a bit warm in the house so we all sit on the banks cf Smeltzeris Pond, which happens ious nois off in the distance. After a few inquiring forms us that it happens to 'be JEAN SYFERT dig 501119 Of US COLIN Zo Qver and help her we are inform whether that is "husband Pauli' or otherwise. It is also the week of the state tournament Stadium and watfh EPDIE SHEETS perform. MA news She pnhlishes "Nightlife" and has kept us in now, by Pony Express! FANNIE MINTUN is the Night is coming on and so we all start won start out to lfok for a hotel and right there on Main htrng out in front "No Drunks Allowed" so we know STULL, the former PAT ALDERSON. We all st comwy. JACKIE before we go to for the maid to come and make us Week for us. She tells us a story so sleepy we jrst can't remember. Sometime dur but we're told to never mind. the scrub woman w LYN WILLIAMS comes in with her mop and broo The next morning dignantly tells us that it was she singing us a lulla statements an dexglaim over the lovely song and still connected with the Swing Band and after mu DAVID FATI-IATIFR is un there now "threatening" waves from his magis wand while JACK WICKLIN we ask what all the noise We all take a whiff on the "Peace Pipe" and good story-teller to keep us happy so PAT HINDER garten now. She gives us her rendition of "A Gre leaves us with tears in our eyes and we hate the acted out so who do we call upon? Why none oth and her leading man DON CRAFT the talented ac W'e decide we need a little activity to help have a game of basketball. Captain DOROTHY DE TON and LOUISE NASH and DORIS BEAN play easy victory. When we ask her where her other ents a fair chance so she uses only four men. tBi After all that strenuous exercise weire all do will relax us at bit, Vve find ourselves right in front After taking inventory we find that everyone has secretary, JUNE ANDERSON, takes our names an us solemnly. Hey. look! It'5 GENE ELLIS, and vquntegrs to go first. He says he's getting tired SHALL'S circus. VVe ask him what his complaints pays him with cigarette butts. lCan you imagine?l learned to cook! But after much apologizing she go outside to cool off a bit and reminisce. As we to be the new site of the capital. we hear a cur- looks from us at the president, he casually in- ging Wells! What a profession! After asking if ed that she has some "small help". We don't ask so we all inake a date to go over to the Mt. Zion JORIA SHETLER has kept us informed on all the touch with all the class. Ooooops, here it cames iider on that route. derinq where we're going to spend the night. We St. we see a hotel. Coming little closer we see a sign right away who runs it. Mr. and Mrs. JOHNNY and around talking and then she claps her hands TUATIGHBER comes in and then again its old home bed, something about "The Three Bears". We're ing the night someone spilled their glass of water ill clean it up. Sure enough the next morning EVE m, and cheerful as ever. was during the night and NANCY MCDONNEL in- bye to help us sleep. Of course We all retract our ance new peace is restored. She tells us that she is ch coaxing she promises to get them to play for us. them with his stick, but what sweet music he E holds us entranced with his saxophone solo. settle down to enjoy ourselves. Nothing like a LITER is called upon, she is teaching in a kinder- at Catastrophe" which she does splendidly. It villian and love the heroine. W'e decide tn have it er than the star actress LUCILLE NEVVBERRY tor us keep our girlieh figures so we all pitch in and NNIS playing guard with Professor JEWELL BRIT4 ing forward. She leads her "flying tigers" to an two men are she says she wants to give her opponf g Hearted Dorothyb. ne in so we trv to think up something to do that cf a place called "Massage-Sure to Kill or Cure". life insurance and we're all game, so in we go. The d addresses "Just in case of an accident" she tells then we really begin to worry. EDVVIN SNYDER of being the Fat Man in CLARENCE MAR- are and we are shocked to learn that Clarence Sixty-two CLASS PROPI-IECY Whcw! Even after that stomach-twlster, so A13 of us can't seem to lose our appetites so off we go in search of a restaurant. We see a sign up -.-alll S..-cet tllal, reads 'Une .vleatoall Cafe", and we all made a mad dash. We are stopped at at the door by the proprietor who insists that we take off c..r shoes beforerwe come in. After another careful look at her, why, it's TRUDY GORDON! She tells the cook to brew up some of her special soup wr ue and W9 are very fldltefell- AIIQI' illtll a heavy meal we relax a bit and then go cut to call a taxi. None of us feel like walking any distance. A huge black and pink striped limousine pulls up at the curb. Hey, thats DARREL LARSON behind the wheel. Holding tight to our new Easter bonnets we streak away with the Reverend NVAYNE HULL leading us in a pray er. Someone tells us that LOWELL HICKENBO TTOM owns a snappy service station out toward Long Creek so we all agree to go out and see him. They forgot to tell lls his co-partner is BOB DAVIS. After much practice Bob is an expert at washing Windshields. The traffic is so heavy that we lose our way and have to ask a policeman to h e1D US- DALE KITE is standini Out ill the middle of Main Street fearlessly brandishing his billy club S0 We kI10W he'S the 0119 Who Will guide us to safety. Hey, something is wrong, we're stopping. It's cal trouble and that calls for a mechanic. BOB LAMB generously offers his assistance so we don't WOPIY HOW- We know he SJWHYS WHS seed with balking old cars. After much sweating and puffing he gravely breaks the sad news to us that the motor has fallen out. Looking across the street we see an electric shop with BILL NEWKIRK showing a motor to a fussy old woman. She does .lit take it and we want to help an old friend, so we take it. Someone in the crowd begins to complain about a pain they suddenly have acquired De decide that it's best not to fool around with such things so We PUSH I0 rind a doctor. We go in a brick building and just inside is a. door with M. D. written on it. XJOY this is OUI' lUCkY day, ther-e'S ERMA RUTHEH FORD sitting at a desk dressed in a Nurse's unif elm and Call- She tells US to be seated. and SOSS .n to let the doctor know we are waiting. Dr. JOHH CLARK comes out! We are so surprised that We forgot what we came in for. He takes us over to his hospital and We make a. tour of it. Off to one wing of it there seems to be a peculiar atmosphere- We ask the diefician in the kitchen what it is and as she turns we recognize her as being GEN E CALHOUN. She lowers her voice and tells us that this part is the insane asylum. This is no pla of the day so We decide to go tg a dance. The floor We have to do something to pass the rest ce for us so we make a hurried departure. show is just beginning as we get there. Why there's BARBARA GOOD doing a famous dance. Hmm, good, very good indeed. All the boys want to stay for another hour or so but wefre ready to leave. A tug-of-war begins and we have to call a b ouncer to help us. DON BATEMAN comes to our assistance immediately. Boy, he certainly knows how to do the ju-jit-su doesn't he? Hey, we hear that there's a ball game scheduled for the afternoon. The Brooklyn Dodgers are playing and we know from all the newspapers that Tulvl BURCHAM is their catcher and DICK BLAN- KENBURG is their home-run king. Boy what a game! Xie remember their performances on the Mt. Lion ball diamond. Hey, speaking of diamonds we hear that ROS EMARY JULIUS is prospecting in Africa with her second husband. It seems we're all going a little craky with the heat so what could be better than a ducking in Smeltze'r's pond? What a pleasant sur pmse, a gin lite guard, and itis none other than FAYE LANGLEY. tLet's all drown, the boys shoutlj After all that nonesense, some of us begin to wonier. We hear that KATHERINE DALLUGE is a fortune teller so we all go over to Ulook into the future". Gee, What spooky Il1USiC- After 8 tel'- riffic jab in the ribs from one of the crowd, we rec gngze MILDRED HUSS playing an accordian, to accompany Katherine in her work. Looking into h .r crystal ball she tells us that ANNA DENTON is very happily married to an undertake-r. Tney have their establishment somewhere over around Whis: ,tleville and are doing a thriving business. Looking a little deeper in her cyystal ball she also informs us that she sees ELOISE W'EST happily married Somewhere in Kentucky. She is teaching her chil- dren to take shorthand before they start to school. After learning the fundamentals she sends them to prgfessobr PAT STOCKS who is president of Lame Brain College in Hades, North Carolina. We try to coax Katherine into telling us about more of our old classmates but we're about broke so we're off on our way. G ' We pass a beautifully sculptured mansion and stop to admire the architecture. MARGARET VVHITE comes out on the porch and invites us in. Once inside we find that she is running an "Old 'Maid's Home". No woman under 70 can live there. NVe're definitely ill-at-ease here, so 'very cordially we make preparations to be on our way. Margaret asks us if we have trouble with mice at anytime and if we have to go see VIDA McRAE. It seems Vida is the first woman to build a successful mouse trap. She is a millionaire now, and suggests to all. "if you want to be rich, Just build mouse traps." Well, we've got in touch with everyone lpf tlp dear old class of '48. lt has been a most success- G if we're not all rich we are appy. ful class and even I AMENI Sixty-three 0 i CONCLUSION Nuw that we come to the end of anoillel' Ziunoiz, Hltilllllgil we'Ve had a few diffic-ulties and mix ups, we'Ve had fl shzire of good times and are sorry that the end is so near. Confidentially though, it's a relief to ge? this hook dune. Now it's up to you to throw back The cnver :ind pei'- use to your il0HI'f'S 1-ontent. In fifty years-ultlmiigii the bunk is worn, the pages dirty anal lemse-you'1l Still enjny residing the lmuk-to yuui' gI'a11dcl1ildren. -Tlllf STA FI". Sixlyfiw PATRON S HOURAN FLORISTS Orlando Hotel - 160 South Water Decatur, 111. Phone 5305 EBER'S BUSINESS MACHINE COMPANY Adding Machines and Cash Registers 2245 E. Wood, Decatur Phone 9569 LANIBERT'S 5c to 51.00 Variety Merchandise 148 S. 22nd St. Decatur, Ul- CHARLESAPORTER Photographer for 1948 Zionoiz I Danville 111613113 EVANS Groceries and Meats Long Creek, I11, PhO1le Mt. ZiOI1 811714 DAVIS SERVICE STATION Phillips 66, Lee Tires, Willard Batteries Pctn. 121 and 36 Phone Mt. Zion GF2 MT. ZION CAFE FRANK BRITTON Mn Zion, Ill. Phone 11 Plate Lunches and Sandwiches Garage Mt. Zion, Ill. Phone 9 HO0D'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION Service and Satisfaction to Our Customers .Ictn.'I2 land 36 4 miles E. of Decatur K 6. N STORE The One Stop Store Mt. Zion, Ill. Phone 42 ER ARTZE-CONTRACTOR Masonry and General Repair R. R. 7, Decatur Phone Mt. Zion 17F12 BART'S STANDARD SERVICE Attend Bart's Soft Ball Park at Long Creek Long Creek, Ill. Phone Mt. Zion 35Fl1 ROBERT'S BARBER SHOP Haircuts the Way You Want Them Long Creek .... Illinois HOTEL HOOSIER Frank D1'aper, Manager Danville, Indiana Phone 403 C. A. COX GROCERY General Merchadise NIL ZiOIl, Ill. Phone 50 PRITTS BROTHERS Super Shell Service Station Corner of Main and Wood Decatur CARSON JEWELERS INC. - Famous for Fine Diamonds Decatuf' Illinois DAUT BROTHERS Florists 127 E. Prairie Decatur R. M. MARTIN 6. CO. g Jewelers and Optometrists Decatur Illinois PFILE'S CAMERA SHOP Decatur's Photographic Center Pfaifie Decatur MT. ZION STATE BANK ,V . 40 Years of Communit Service MT- ZIOD Illinois DRAKE MILLING CO. White Drake Feeds - Seed Cleaning Service R- R- 5. Decatur Phone Mt. Zion 6F12 FARMERS' GRAIN CO. G. A. Ekiss, Manager Dalton City, Illinois Phone 15 ROY PHILLIPS G Son General Merchandise Dalton City, Illinois Phone 36 Compliments of SHERER'S FLORAL GARDENS Bloomington Road Phone 2-4622 HANSEN'S HOME APPLIANCES Admiral Refrigerators - Raiges - Radios 449 N. Water Decatur, Ill. RAWLING'S HARDWARE 6. SKELGAS Hotpoint Electric Appliances Dalton City Illinois McILVAIN HOME APPLIANCES Skelgas and Crosley Appliances 706 E. Wood Decatur, Ill. Sixty-six PATRONS RAINBOW CONFECTIONERY LAKE CITY ELEVATOR Sandwiches and Fancy Drinks Q PhO119I lit. ZIOI1 12F4 U J' 2239 E. Wood, Decatur Phone 4949 Lake City Illinois BLOOMQUISTG, HARPER LaPLACE CO-OPERATIVE GRAIN co. Displays and Athletic Emblems G1'air1,- Coal - Merchandise t 325 N, Water, Decatur Phone 9916 La Place, Casner, Linter, Burrousvllle LaPlace, Illinois Phone 31 COWGlLL'S STANDARD SERVICE Gas, Oil and Accessories CLYDE C' CORN Mt, Zion Illinois I. E. A. Mutual Insurance Co. Mt. Zion Illinois KlNG'S GROCERY Groceries and Meats CASNER MOTOR COMPANY R. R. 6, Decatur Illinois Gas - Oil - Greasing General Repairing Casner, Illinois Phone Mt. Zion 6F21 TOLLY'S MARKET We Never Close oAwsoN a wlKoFF 2220 E. Wood Decatur, Illinois Funeral Home D ' t ,. ' ' Compliments of the eca ur mmols COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO Decatur Illinois RUSSELL BROUGHTON Compliments gf Registered Shorthorn Cattle R- R- 6, Decatur Phone Mt. Zion 19F3 SESSEL'S 354 N. Water Decatur BRITTON BROTHERS M . .Grain - Coal - Feed GAS and ELECTRIC SALES co I' Zum' mmm Hume 76142 GE - Norge - Kalamazoo Cooking'- Refrigeration - Heating TRULOCK GROCERY Ei-win Fiegler, Prgprietof Groceries and General Merchandise Elwin, Illinois Phone 24 Casner, Illinois Phone Mt. Zion 26F21 WALTER FLORA G SONS C0H1DIiD1911tS of 148 E. Main Decatur RlCH'S HAPPY HOUR STORE VVatcheS for the Graduates Lake CIIY, Illinois Phone Mt. Zion 12FZ POST'S JEWELRY H. L. NOECKER CO. Established 1872-76 Years of Service Messy Harris Farm Equipment 162 N, Merchant Decatur Bendix - Philco Home Appliances Dalton Citl, Illinois Phone 62 HEFLIN JEWELERS Nationally Advertised Watches and Gifts FIRESTONE STORES 116 E. Prairie Decatur Complete Auto Service 400 N. Main, Decatur, Illinois Phone 5227 FLEENER 8. TURNER ELECT. SALES AND SERVICE DOC COLE Philco Radios and Refrigerators MHCOD COUUIY Service 2176 E. William, Decatur Phone 2-3942 MI- 21011, Illinois Ph'one 36 HERFF-JONES COMPANY OSBORN VARIETY STORE Class Rings and Commencement Announcements DFY Goods - Underwear and Notions John Shiele E, H, H311 Main Street Dalton City, Ill. WEIDNER PRAIRIE FARM-Milking Shorthorns The Breed That Fills Every Need Dalton City Illinois Please Jlcntion the Zionioiz When Patti-onfizfifng Om' Patrons Sixty-seven j Outsider: "How does your cheering section make so much noise?" P. Alderson: "We wive them all a cheering drink." Outsider: "What?" P. Alderson "Root Beer." 11 It if if 1: Jessie Hite: "So you went on a whaling trip with your Dad?" Merle Kohr: "Yea, out to the woodshedf' ik 41 If 3 41 Mr .Cornz "What type radio have you there?" Blankenburg: "Railroad type-whistles at every station." if if if i 4: Miss Crum: "And so we find that X is equal to O." Lois Langley: 'tGosh, all that work for noth- ing." 41 if if 41 t Coach Sampson: "HOW did the fight start?" JB. Heiserman: "It started by Jack Hector kick- ing me back." bk Sk lk lk is lst Mosquito: "What's all the excitement about?" 2nd Mosquito: 'AI just passed my screen test." 3 if 8 Pk it Stranger: "Say, can you tell me where to find some-onel of importance around here?" E. Rutledge :"Yeah, what can I do for your" Ik 42 wk Sk as Mr. Caywood: Can you think of anything worse than raining cats and dagsf' Mr. Thompson: "Yeah, hailing taxis." ik S4 42 lk :ls , Miss Jouett: "This must be an incubator chick- en.' - Mrs. Barkley: "VVhy, Miss Jouett?" Miss Jouett: "A chicken with a mother couldn't be thiswtoughf' ' astra: Doctor :"You certainly have acute appendicitisf' Pat Monroe: "Oh, Doctor, you flatter me." 44 Ik UF Sk :F J. Cooley! "I spent 10 hours over my English book last night." Mr. Kirby: i'HoW did you happen to do that?" J. Cooley: "I left it under my bedff 8 if if Ik if Jokes Miss Plese: "This literature is over 2,000 years old." Ronald Schuman: "Oh, yeah? Don't hand me that Stuff. It'S only 1948 now!" - 19 if 41 S it J. Stull: "Ohio." Mr. Ross: "Who discovered America?" Mr. Ross: "No, Columbus did." J. Stull: "Well, that was his first name." if Ik 12 wk if Mother: "What's the meaning of this 60 on your report card?" T. Choate: "Oh, that was the temperature Of the room." S Sl if If 11 At the close of a. U. S. History class Louise Nash was heard to remark: "Five days of this would make one Weak." , . if if if 12 42 Miss Rogers asked for sentences using the word "bean". "My father grows beans", said Phyllis Artze. "My mother cooks beans", says Alma Luka. Then Ida Madge popped up: "We are all human beans." if if if it 41 Pat Stocks: "What are those things, Captain?" Captain: "Those are life savers, Miss." Pat Stocks: "Oh, you can't fool me! Imagine a person putting one of those in his mouth." if if 41 if if Miss Divilbiss: "Why do you keep looking down all the time?" Miss Bowden: "The doctor told me to watch my stomach." if Sk if 2 if Mr. Bingaman: "What does the jellyfish use in making jelly?" Floyd Traster: "Ocean Currents, I suppose." iv if if 42 44 ' Mr. Bohlen: "I understand they have a way of making wool out of milk." sort of sheepishf' L. Hickenbottom: "Must make the cows feel lk Ik ik if if Miss Crum: "Jim, define a circle." J. Bryant: "It's a straight line going around an empty space? ' 3 8 If S if Thomas Burcham: "Be it ever so fumbled there is no place like home." Sixty-eight

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