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 - Class of 1941

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r-ff 'Y Ti Fi 'ii 9,9 , LQ In-3 r E iff ii 1 123 .SQ A25 :J .1 J gi if .1-A f J QV fa .51 ,ea 'ia Hi ff! ::e ,-, , A.-, .-A-22, M.-.. . -- ..-......- x-.,.2'.. LA W' . ' - , ,V-H-.2 ., '-Y M . , -1 a- -w ax' r',.,,v 2.4 -2 ' W--.-,.-2., .-. , uf- LV,-1 - f. ' -22. ,A :ec-,'c-2,- : f. "H, -L -2 -1,-f mv -2,-1 qv-nf hwy- mv -2 -1,- rv ! W-431: Q- , .,l3'3msr Q- 5 ,4215 -I dn , Q-L, .. w- ,., -f 4 L5 Q , ei fi N ,J 1: ll .n H4 nl el 42 H 4 rv! . f 1. V 19 51 Zh M1 'EZ ia. Q 13 K1 'Q Q 'fl si. ,ZW .5 -3 '02 Z1 wi .3 , an ,Y If 3? ,Ii '5 5-P ' " ' H ' N- " T ff'-1l" " Y ' -f '- 'HM' 2 ' 'T -"fu - , -f '- 'L 1-' "' , W" ' ,,-, . 1 -2 V- M-' 1- 2 - . 2 ---" ' - ALL, ,- 1' Y 'L 2 ---i.i: - ALL, ,- -.' Y 'L 2 ---" - ALL, ,- 2' Y 'L 2 ---" - ALL, ,- ..' Y 'L 2 -- Ami THE 1941 ZIONOIZ VOLUME III . Nos PUBLISHED BY MT. ZICN CQMMUNITY HIGH SCHCOL MT ZION, ILLI I R WO ln publlslwlng ffus l94l Znonomz we ore presenflng our enfnre yeor of sclwool work We fmope you will lrke If becouse flms book as you your flwougfmfs osprro ffons sfruggles ond vrcfornes ln ffws book you will frnd mony rnnovofrons new ffnngs ond new people Wfwen ffwe yeor lwos possed ond you ore fared ond weory from flue swuffly moving doys spenf fmere ID seorcfm of elusive knowl edge we hope ffwof flwus book wnll olwoys be oble fo brung you book af only n flwougfuf fo your wonderful scfwool doys DED CATI To Miss Gusfofson ond Mr Dedrnon our closs sponsors flwe sensor closs ded: cofes ffmls book l-lod If nof been for fbear fureless efforfs ond helpful sugges fuons we would nof lfove been oble fo publaslw flwas book for flue flwlrd yeor 1 1 1 F O E R D . ' . . ll i- excifemenf of lfoving finislw-edqonoflwer I O N ,. HQ . 'Rafe 9 A I " K SCHOOL BOARD The sensors of Mr Zion I-hgh School wlsh 'ro express +heur oppreclohon ond grohrude To fhe Boord of Educohon for fheur ochve nnferesf In us ond our work Their progressive ofhfude hos mode our school one of whnch we con 'rruly be proud F 4 1 . W W DEDMAN Prlnclpcl We wlsh +o fhonlc Mr Dedmon our prmcvpol ond co sponsor for his consfonlr wofch ond supervusnon over us sensors smce we were soph omores We have Indeed been msplred by has emcourogemenf ond mferesf In us W Wayne Dedman BEC! A M Wmous Sfofe Normol Umversvy I937 Umver My of Chucogo I94O Umvers or M H sfory md Eno! sh . y ' v . . V . 1 . ., . . My r Woolf. H Q 'P . . , Six FA C U l. T Y Elwyn K Graham BEd Weslern lllunons Slale Teachers College l933 Un: versnly of llllnons Scrence Physucal Educaluon Coachnng Ru+h M Gusfafson BS In Ecl lversafy l II nous Ilnnons Slafe Unnverslly Unnverslly of Colorado Enqlush and Lalun Loss P Pa'H'erson BEd lllnnous Slafe Normal Un versnly l937 Smnlh Hughes Home Economlcs Rufh V Bane BEC! llllnons Slale Normal Umverslly l938 Commerce Physncal Education Max H Kusfer BS Unnversnly Smrlh Hughes Agrlcullure ThomasW Sfubblefield BS ln Ed Normal Unnverslly ol Mnssouru l94O Public School of Music Malhemafncs Musuc Evelyn Muller BEd Soulhern lllnnous Sfafe Normal Umversufy l936 Unlversuly of lllnnoas Cavucs Economncs Poluhcal Scnence Englnsh Drarnalncs Seven FIRST ROW Elwyn K Graham Ruth M Guslaf son SECOND ROW Lows P Pollerson Rufh V one THIRD ROW Max H Kusfer Thomas W Slubble hed FOURTH ROW Evelyn Muller Un' ' o li l938g l' ' Universily of Illinois I94Og llllnois Sfale Normal f : ' . , . B : . . I . . . SENIORS RughT Thus way folks Tor The greaTesT TwenTy Tlve cenT value un The husTory of lvl ZC H S Only TwenTy Tuve cenTs Tor Thus unTeresTung enTerTaunung personally con ducTed Tour ol The besT hugh school un Illunous See how The TuTure graduaTe spends has Tume whule changuna Tram a green Treshman To an educaTed senuor Keep close TogeTher and we ll pounT ouT The unTeresTung personalu es and sughTs aT Thus wonderTul unsTuTuTon Yes Thus us The gym where dur ng The baskeTball season Ben ShaTTer capTaun oT The Tecm and anoTher are player Kenny STockwell played some real games Speakung oT b keTball LaVerne SwugarT was one swell player on The gurls Team Thus way To The Home Ec Dep'xrTmenT There s Marge Duckson a gur' anTeresTed un home makung We now approach The ag deparTmenT and Tund such TuTure Tarmers as WalT Burgess Bull Hogan or Don Hogan They ll be good TuTure Tarmers lTaThers aT Ameruca some day On To The second Tloor ladues and genTlemen On The rughT IS The Englush room Here durung every spare munuTe youll Tund lvlully STrunae or Peg Duckson hard aT work on The Zlonouz AroJnd The corner us The pruncupal s oTTuce where Auleen Taylor Types Mr Dedman s exams hard ones Too Candy cande e ee Tor sale' Oh yes Talks ThaTs The senuors superb candy saleswoman Emerald Evans poeTry and James Sanner successTully solves hu physucs problems Brauns' DonT we all wush we had some7 And over There us Helen Scrlbner sTudyung undusfrlously She s doung someThung ThaT mosT sTudenTs have TorgoTTen how To do anymore Thal' Toll and lanky Tellow us Ray Shuelds He s probably Thunkung up ome wlTTy saying Tor The Sa Mor calendar And There s Don WhuTe sTudylng Tor some lesson ThaT luTTle room over There as The lubrory vvhere Lvdua Seay can be Tound che-:kung ouT books Now Tor The Thurd Tloor ThaT TursT door IS The musuc room where Jean Duckey can be heard pracTuclng Those meloduous buT rnTrucaTe noTes or perhaps you ll hear Nuna Sensenbaugh Trlllung hugh C on her claruneT On To The Commercual room Here Grace STull and Charles SmelTzer edlT and publush The Sa lvlor And on Thursday morn ngs DoroThy Duckson Takes down The munuTes OT The Commercual Club lnTo The recreaTuon room now and well meeT Jack Cooper our pung pong champuon Hes a whuz aT ThaT game JusT look ouT ThaT wundowl Down There us Doc Lane Tryung To crank hrs old car BuT Them clay us gone Ter ever arenT They Doc7 Now Tor The lasT sTop on our Tour down To The prunclpal s oTTuce Tor a chaT wuTh Muss GusTaTson and Mr Dedman Mass GusTaTson was really one Trlendly gracuous and coooeraTuve sponsor lvlr Dedman was clo s sponsor Tor Three years an envuable record The class us co TudenT Tnal They have areaTly proTuTecl by workung wuTh These Two advusers Eghr ' . 1 . . .LI . . A as , ' 4 . . T 1 T , - I I ' I . . . . . ,Q . . . I Heres The renowned STudy Hall where "Lucy" Turner composes her Tamous . . I 4 . Il ll l ' 4 ' . ll S ' ' II I ' . . s - A ' . . , . . . . . n s CLASS PROPHECY IT us The year l95O As we seek To peer Thru e gaThernq gloom we see loomung up ahead The palaTual home aT Carl Lane paeT laureaTe oT lllunous We draw nearer Ah' There he us now comTorTably unung n hus rackung chaur smokung hus soecua umporTed bruar pupe He reaches To swuTch on hus 250 OOO Televusuon raduo receuvung sendung seT and well leTs creep unsude and look over The shoulder aT o man made uuch by sellung hus laTesT poem Dance oT The Doodle Bug and ThaT sully symphony Busy Beavers Dr Lane pushes om of The rows aT concea ed buTTons operaTed by remDTe car1Trol Tram The arm OT hus chaur and The romblung rooms are magucally Tulled by The sweeT songs aT DaroThy and MargareT Dickson Those Televusuon Twuns accornpanued by Theur wungung SWOIDS They sTarred un ThaT comuc huT Wluen Theres o Bull Theres a Way Too dudnT They7 WhaTs Thus7 They are growung dum on The screen' Oh Theres The commenTaTor commenTung We TerrupT Thus program To brung you an umporTanT ad dress by The honorable Bennef ShaTTer Thurd Term Republucan governor oT lllunos He wull speak Tram The Execuhve mansuon There he us on The Televusuon screen now BuT whos ThaT over un The corner wuTh Bennne Jr7 Why uT musT be LaVerne SwlgarT hus governess Some 'ob LaVerne buT remember Papa knows esT' Carl us pressung anoTher buTTon so leTs push n A such soTT sTrauns aT vuolun musuc' ThaTs ack Cooper aluas Cooperuanu who us now a Tamous lTaluan vuolunusT and conducTor Tourung AlcaTraz They Tunally puT hum away because he became such a proTucuenT pousoner wuTh hus Cooperuon CackTaul a selT sTarTung muxTure so sTrong ThaT uT served uTseIT ay whaTs The docTor doung now7 Why es Tunung aT random all over The dal LeTs waTch and see whaT he geTs shall we7 Well Well' Theres WalTer Burgess un New York He us The heavyweughT boxung champuon aT The world now havung deTeaTed Joe l wush I was young agaun Louus lasT year ThaT musT be ThaT puqnacuous per sonaluTy Ray Shuelds The pruze TughT manager wuTh hum Rays promoTed several bug maTches un Maduson Square Garden buT lasT monTh he decuded To Take ng un e run hnmse Hs TursT and only ponenT was Bug Boy Burgess Ray us now back un The TughT promohng busuness Fund your TuTure TorTunes Talks by Thus new secreT oaTenTed process Smelovusuon known only To Muss Evans When Madame Emerald sTarTs To shune youll be surprused whaT shell Tund' Know who ThaT was Talkung7 Why donT you remember Don Hogan7 He became barker and bouncer Tor Barnum and Bauleys Tlea curcus TeaTurung a Troupe oT Trauned TermuTes Lasf monTh he quuT because They goT un hus haur Bu wauT Madame Emeralds goung To Tell a TorTune LusTen' Ah KenneTl'u SToclrweIl lusTen and learn' You my dear Truend are desTuned To be a psychuaTrusT People maunly Temales wll Tlock To you for advuce abauT Theur luves and loves BuT you wull reach your greaTesT heughTs as a muss munded proTessor aT deah old Cow Creek Academy where you wull warn The young and unnocenT oT The ways and wules of women wusdom you have won Thru experuence STep down' Say look aT The screen now' ThaT musT be Nana Sensenbaugh un ThaT style parade She us a model Tor Madame Comulles UlTra UlTra Shoppe aT Paras and Park Avenue BuT we musT be geTTung back closer To home ThaT s The STaley OTTuce Buuldung and ThaT scrub woman up There on The TuTTeenTh Tloor musT be Gracue Stull She Nuns s rey rked her way up u a hurry dudnT s e consuderung ThaT she has To sTarT aT The boTTom every day Hows your house maud s knee Gracue7 Look aT ThaT race Track would you and Those horses7 Why Theres Bull Hogan a bookue Tor The PosT and Paddock Club BeTTrng seems To be good buT donT geT Taken Tor a rude B ll especuolly un The wrong kund of sTaTuon wagon As Carl sTarTs on The second row oT buTTons The scenes change rapuuly eTs look and lusTen To well oT all people Muldred STrmger maTron of Madame Muldreds Mussuon Tor Mauderus Mussed She us goung To guve some wuse counsel To you wunsome wenches so lusfenl Men may came and men may go buT caTch o ue beTore They do' Oh' Over There un The corner aT The mussuon suTs a lonely lassue Why uTs Lydua Seay auThor oT a sequel To l-low a Luve Alone and Luke IT enTuTled Loves BUT rughT now she seems To be wruTunq o dufTy Thar goes sameThung luke Thus Lal? ur s LasT Lufrle Bow Peep she losT her Technrque And dudnT know where To Tund :T She IeTT uT alone uT never came home So she luved alone a d luked T Whys Theres ThaT dance Team aT Russe and RockeTTe' Maybe you used To know Them as Luculle Turner and Helen Scrubner Lucy us a lead g rl un The BalleT Russe and Helen us one oT The RockeTTes aT Raduo CuTy Musuc Hall New York Each us probably The besT There us un her own sTyle aT dancung buT when They geT TogeTher well you ve never seen any Thung luke ThaT beTore' WhuTe one oT Those deparTed beTore he was deporTed Cu uze H musT have leTT Devu s lson where he was warden aTTer he goT caughT Teedung hus guesTs caT meaT unsTead aT rabbuTs Hes runnung cu TourusT camp down There un AnTarcTuca now TeaTur ung shorT penguunburgers Speakung oT Toad look aT ThaT snappy luTTle hash slunger un MaTTs STop and Chop Well whaT do you know7 ThaTs Peggy Dickson dressung up Those ham burgers BuT whos ThaT she us Talkung To The la y7 wuTh all The pamT Now l know her lTs Auleen Taylor gun moll Tor Moes mob BeT she can Take care oT herself l wouldnT have known her Tho srnce she had her haur dyed Say I remember ThaT fellow runnung around There un TronT aT The Congress HoTel Hes James Sanner a bellhop There The belles really keep hum hoppung donT They BuT more umporTanT how are The Tups comung Jum7 LusTen To ThaT woman Talk would you ThaTs Jean Dickey a mad mussuonary who wenT To DeaTh Valley To converT DeaTh Valley ScaTTy Shes sTII aT T buT Takes Tame ouT every week now To preach To The resT aT us heaThens Ah now Carl grows weary but Take courage D Lane Theres only one more buTTon leTT P h uT T aTs uT Hmm' IT you need a docTor There he s Dr Charles Smelher us on The sTaTT of The Mayo Clunuc un RochesTer He was luTTle heard aT unTrl lasT June when he announced The duscovery oT a new cure Tor ThaT cerTaun Torm aT hearT dusease Hus praducT us known naTuonally as Broma SmelTzer and cosTs only SIO a barrel BuT whaTs Thus7 Dr Lane musT be geTTlng groggy Tor he sTarTed To nod uusT Then He reaches over To swuTch oTT hus 5250000 Televusuan raduo receuvung seT and well as he wearuly wends hus wav Towards hus suuTe of sleepung rooms leTs lusT sneak back ouT The TronT door and say Good NlghT ' u , Th u I wa 'rl . l ' "1 . .-eau" u " " 3 ' " H 'uuy . . ' ' It . I' .' ei ' ' I ' " 'I .U L I g 4- . ' ' 5 I . , .'. . ' . . . A Y ' V H V . I I- Il +' , I ug . uu r I , A , 1 ,, my If 4 . . . I - . - it - ' i 4 I F V I b . ' , . . ' , A' , . ' ' , ' o . , , , . A I - - - - l wuuoue This, urue souuru Pole? And Theres Don S ' ' ' l U V h ' U. S.I 'T' ns. e l - 'I' I .d. 4 I I A , ' .y . I ' I. 6 U I A U I d 'A Q flu A uuu " 9 ' ur. T ' Op. ,' - , , I ' . . - . .A E ' ' ' T in r- . - . I U x I , r. '- I I ' - - Y ' I , - . Us j. - , u - uu ' '. . A . u. SENIORS WALTER JAMES BURGESS Drama Club I 4 Commlflee for plays Treasurer of Class 2 3 Commlffee Jr Sr Banquel Chrrslma a I ess eversal 3 orus an A 2 3 4 Sa Mor 2 Pres of FFA 4 Mana er Baseball I 2 Manager of Baskefball 2 3 Manager O Track I 2 BaskeIball3 4 Baseballfl 4 Zuonoz Slalzl Z Club 3 4 Commercual Club 3 Judging Team 2 JOHN EARL COOPER Sa Mor I 2 FFA 3 Commercial Club 3 4 MARGARET JEAN DICKEY Chorus 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Campus uaranhne J 4 Drama Cu I-lorne c Cu Counly Chorus 3 4 Commercual Club 3 4 Typung Team 2 DOROTHY JEAN DICKSON Glee Club 4 All Caunly Chorus 4 Commercnal Club 4 Horne EC Club 4 Secrefary of Commercnal Club 4 MARGARET JUNE DICKSON Glee Club 4 I-lame Ec Club 4 All Counfy Chorus 4 Comme clal Club 4 Vace Pres of Home Ec 4 Vice Pres of Commerclal Club 4 CONSTANCE PAULINE DICKSON Lubrarman 2 3 4 Pres of Sophomore Class Sec of Freshman Class Chrusfmas Parly Commuffee I 2 3 4 Sec of Home Ec Club 2 Pres of Home c Club 3 Reporfer for Home Ec Club 4 Sa Mor 2 a Cub 3 4 Comm I+ I J Banque? and Prom New Flres 3 Campus uaran hne 3 Commnllee for Plays B nd I 2 3 4 MIX d Chorus I 3 4 Glee Club I 2 3 4 Jusl Whal hey Wonfed 4 Delegofe Io Home Ec Club Convenllon Chucago 3 Popularuly been 3 Sec and Treas I Glee Club 4 EMERALD LEONA EVANS Cornmercnal Club 3 Lubrarnan 3 Home Ec Club DONALD FRANCIS HOGAN A 3 4 Track 3 Treasur o FFA Baseball 2 3 Commercial Club 3 4 WILLIAM WALTER HOGAN seball I 2 Sargeanf af Arms of FFA 4 Z Club 3 4 C mercual Club 3 4 Commuffee Jr Sr Banquel F FA Baskefball Team 4 I-luskung Conlesl 4 CARL ELBERT LANE Damalucs 4 Chorus I 2 3 JAMES OUINTUS SANNER n I 2 3 4 Pres of C or 4 Znonolz Sfallf Sa Mor I Commerclal Club 3 4 Track 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Baskelball 4 Presndenl I :ce pres 2 All Caunly Chorus I 4 Trum uareffe 4 Brass Sexlelle I 2 Commercial Confesl Team 2 Z Club 4 HELEN ELIZABETH SCRIBNER Commercial Club 3 Lubrarnan 4 FIRST ROW Waller Burqess Jack Cooper Jean Dnckey Dorolhy Dnckson Marqarel Dickson Pauline Dlclcsan SECOND ROW Emerald Evans Donald I-logon Wlllxam I-logon Carl Lane James Sanner Helen Scrnbner Ten ' " 1 ' 1 G . . . 1 'G . - . , , 3 . . . 1 " T Plyg"DrlR 'qbh' n:B'dn,2,3l ' 1 'Q' ' - -O F.F. . I, , . 1 - 5 . . . . 1 g - 'I I. I: , 1 I .I 1 ' I ' 3, 4. I I I F I I I. I I I - F.F. . I, 2, , g 1 er I .. .41 . 1 : . . 1 " O ' " 31 I' oyu 1 I b 41 I E. I b 41 All ' I ' I I Ba , , 3, 41 Baskelball 3, 41 Sa-Mor I, 41 ' Presidenl 31 F.F.A. 3. 4: Viceepres. OI "Z" Club 4: - v . . .. 1 " I' . I Om- r ' 1 , . . I - ' F bl - " ' I Ba d -I, 2, 3,41 Chorus I, , , 1 - . h us . . I I V4 - I. I 1 I I 1 2, . pel ' ' :' . ' . ' I Q H gl' , 1 ' . 1 . . 1 . E. I ' I, 41 Dlram I I, 2, , 1 I i ee or- r. Srl FIRST ROW Iyd a Seay Nnna Sensenbauqh Ben Shaffer Ray Shlelds Charles Smelrzer Grace SIIII SECOND ROW Kennelh Slockwell Mildred Sfrlnqer l.aVerne Swuqarl Auleen Taylor Lucnlle Turner LYDIA CATHERINE SEAY mmerclal Club 2 4 I-I e E Club 2 3 Commnllee for Jr Sr Banquel Cornmullee lor plays NINA ELIZABETH SENSEN BAUGH n I 3 4 I-Iome Cub 4 All Counly Chorus 4 MARSDEN BENNETT SHAFTER rama Club 3 4 Sprm ever 2 J seboll 2 3 4 Ba kelball 2 Pres ol Z 3 Toaslmasler Jr Sr Bonquel Busmess Mgr of Zlononz Co Edllor of Sa Mor 4 Commlllees for Plays and Jr Sr Banquel Secrefary of Class 4 Chorus 2 3 Band 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Speaker al Alhlell Banquel 4 SHERMAN RAY SHIELDS orus I 2 Ba elbaII3 Ba eboll 2 3 Salvl r 2 3 4 Commerca C CHARLES WILLIAM SM ELTZER srslanl Ed lor of Zlonouz Treasurer of Class 4 GRACE LA VADAH STILL ee Club I 2 3 4 Pres ol Glee Clu Band 4 Mlxe 3 Drama u I-Iome Ec Club 2 3 4 Pres ol Home Ec 4 ew ares roman 4 Commercna u Sa Mor 2 3 4 Co Edulor of Sa Mor 4 Vuce es of Class 4 Commullees lor plays and Jr Sr Banquel Conlesl Play 3 Ednlor of Zuononz Znonouz ueen 4 Joy 4 DA R award 4 Delegale Io Home EC Club Convenhon Sprnngheld 4 Trumpel uarlelle 4 Secrelary of Class 2 KENNETH BERN EIL STOCKWELL s efball I 2 3 ball T 3 4 Chorus 3 FFA 3 4 All Counly C o Eleven Donald Whale 4 Z Club 3 4 Sa Mor 4 Treasurer of Drama Club 4 Secrelary and Treasurer of Class I Speaker af Alhlelxc Banquel 4 MILDRED MARIE STRINGER ee Club I 2 D ub 3 4 mercual Club 3 4 I-lame EC Club 2 3 4 Vice p S of Drama Club 4 Treas of Home E Club 4 Ln braruan 2 3 4 All Counly Chorus 2 3 Plano Ac companlsl 2 3 4 New Fares 3 Joy 4 Cleane and Pressed 4 Co dnreclar of Chrnslmas play 3 Dnreclor of Chruslrnas play 4 Bond I 2 3 4 Corn mrflees lor r Sr Banque? and plays Zlonouz Slall Sa Mor 2 4 Home Ec Club Delegale lo Sprung held 4 LA VERNE DOLORIS SWIGART Glee Club 4 Drama Club 4 Cornmercnal Club 4 Home EC Club 4 Lubrarlan 4 Joy 4 Co drreclor of Chrnslmas Play 4 Cleaned and Pressed 4 Znon onz Slalrl AILEEN ELEANOR TAYLOR Vice pres of Freshman Class D ama Club I 2 3 Chruslmas Play I LII e Women Enler r Pa rncna I I-I me EC Club 2 3 4 Campus uar anhne 3 Vnce pres ol I-Iome Ec 2 Sec of I-Iome Sa Mor S all 2 3 4 Assocnale Edllor alvlor 3 Remember The Day 2 Vice pres New Fares 3 Conlesl Play 3 Pres of class 4 Com mercual Club 3 4 I-lame Ec Club Delegale Io Chucaqo A Counly Chorus 2 3 4 Chorus I 2 3 4 p s ol Chorus 4 Band I 3 Lubrarnan 2 3 Dra a Board 2 3 Prom Cornmnlee 3 LUCILLE TURNER Treas of I-Iome EC Club 3 Sec of Class 3 or I orus M DONALD WHITE Crlee Club I 2 3 4 All Counly Chorus 4 FFA 3 SENIORS 3. : " " . 1 - 1 Co ' , 1 om c. , , 41 I . I Ba d , 2, 3, 41 Chorus I, 2, , 1 Ec, I GI, ' 'I3' 47 'Gmc CI I' 2' I' ,I gig' I ' I I1 . I c. I 1 '- D . 1 " ' 9 F " : " Oy" 41 I ' In . I H In ll' Ba , , 1 s , 3, 41 . " "Club 1 ,7 ' I I ' Ch , , 1 sk , 41 s , 1 Track . ' I I-,. I I H H I ,,' It . 2, 31 A o I. . . I I I lub 3, 4. . ' ' ' Baseball 41 "Joy" 41 Baskelball 41 Sa-Mor 41 As- - I I I I I ' 41 I 1 'I I Il " I1 " NI . ' +4 ' " 1 O . . 1 1 " Q - GI - ' - 7 - P 47 EC. 31 L AI I I, , , 1 I I ' I ' of I, 2, 3, 1 ' d Chorus I, 1 CI b I, 2, 3, 41 S , I " " I ' , I 3I . , , 1 . . 1 "N " ' " . . . - F' " 31 Lib ' 3, 1 ' I CI b 3. 41 1 . I I I '- ' - 2, - 1 I '-Pf- 31 II ,,1 ,,,1v15e. II II ' I . . , I , 1. 'Q re. I I 1 I. 1 I . 1 rn ' I I ' I Q I 1 ' . . 1 . : Sa- M , 21 Ch I, 2, 3, 41 lxed Chorus I, 2, 3. Bak , , , 41 Base I, 2, 3, 41 rack I, 2, , 1 I, 2, 1 . . . 1 1 h rus , , , 1 1 , , H , T ROW M Sloclc ell se e n e Ovl so Ka Brnllon Cram Wllk ng Woollen SECOND ROW lvl S rbn E Sl' Carroll G Korl Shafer Dennls Cook Ifng Sheels Thompson TI-IIRD ROW Mlss Palle F Taylor I-Iooper Rob nson Morrs Lawson I-I Evans Alberl Juluus O Sleele J Wampler M Kusler FO RTI-I ROW O S I I- Whlle D arleld Lne Boolcer Ivla cle Marlin Hoc er R D clcson FIRS 1 . w , Nern, Jones, I..Kru , Or e li ld, D 'd n, P, rl. ' , ' , ri' I Rlfilf Ill, I da I I , A ," U 1 . 'nee fr-r'v.D. I' ,B I I a ,I A II , ' , lc , .I U N I O R C L A S S Dear Susie, . Do we have alhlelesl Say. Susie, Il our I I ' ' ls I . q - I ' I: lo A, '.l+elI ' N 4. . V 5 y 4 Ive Well Susle I guess you lhoughl you d never hear lrom me again aller you dropped oul lasl year bul I Iusl golla lell all aboul lhe gang nn our Iunuor class I wanlcha lo hear aboul some ol lhecn They re an alrnghl bunch believe me Our class ollncers are presvdenl Charlie Davidson vice pressdenl Paul Karl secrelary lreosurer Donna Green lneld and our lacully advisers are Mnss Pal lerson and Ivlr Kusler They re really lwo grand persons we lunuor boys gel any bugger and beller well have every leom IH lhese par' on lhe run Boy you sure oughl lo see Red Marlin and Dean Whnle go lo lownl And we really have some lough compel: I n here Susre especially IH rnusnc you ll you could hear Louise Kruse or Belly Jones bounce huah cs all lhe cenllng youd lake all your hal And have you heard aboul some ol lhe members ol our drama club7 Jack IvIcAlee Charlle Davrdson and Jean Neln made lheur dayboos IU bug lrme and were lhey good7 And Susle ul you ever wan your pvclure drawn lusl call on Bob I-Ienry I"Ie s really an ARTIST I hope I havenl overlooked anylhmg Id like lo lell you aboul a lol ol Illlle lhungs lor fnslance our swell cheerleaders Ivlarge Sloclcwell and Belly Ann Wullclng They sure can lruclc down lhal loor And I almosl lorgol lo menllon our banquel and prom lhey were really laps Bul you probably reaa a'I aboul em In lhe socoely column I mu l gel baclc lo w lc Susie so uve my regard lo everyone and III say so long +II we meel agaun Your old pal PI-IYL SOPHOMORE CLASS Up In fhe Afhc Loolc Eldue here s a slack of old Sa Mars I9404I our sophomore year Togelher Gee whal a class Thar was' Fronl' page sfurl here John Gorman gels leading sophomore office Vac I-'Iogan snolches vnce presndenls 'ob Marlowe Voll mer successful candldale Tor secrelary Irea urer They had Iheur momenls Those OIT: cers rn The Torm of The Advlsory Board' Yes and Mr Slubbleheld was a prelly good guy You remember hum donl you'7 I-Ie was our class sponsor I-Iere s some more class news Sam San ner caplures The honor roll every hme and runners up are Jaclc Taylor John Gorman An Ioolc Eldne Thus Tells aboul nc: Wheeler one of our slar baslcelball player Boy do you remember Ihe nnghl he saved The game by making Thar Iasl basIceI7 II surely was a Thrilling game Bull Gordon Champron Corn huslcer n M Z I-I S I-Ieadlnner Georgia Smellzer who play ed In Cleaned and Pressed will some day be anolher Deanna Durban And you remember loo Thar she was runner up IN The popularnly conlesl Thar year They conlaun so many Hrems aboul our o'd sophomore class We mu I come up Info The alhc again somehme Eldue FIRST ROW Shmmel G Smellzer A Belcher Vollmer Carman V I-logon Wheeler N Bonds Duggan SFCOND ROW Mr Shbblefeld C Taylor L Rutherford R Lane E Londacre Cellon Allen G Warner fron nd THIRD ROW Logon S Sanner L Whule Bufler Noll J Belch r T I'-Ioaon Woolums I3 Gordon I-Iedenberg FOURTH ROW Bollelc Lourosh B S Igor? McDonnell N Landacre R Barheld J Taylor Ihlrfeen Z. . ' ,, , , T. . . and Georgia Smellzerf I "Gee, I guess IIII Iceep These Sa-Mars since " d . ' . ' D' lc ' ' FRESHMEN OF '40-'41 lT was SepTember 2, I94l. Freshies Tram miles around gaThered in The STudy l-lall Tor Their TirsT gllmpse oT high school liTe. All were a biT uncomTorTable many TrighTened and who lcnows perhaps a llTTle dumb BLT They weren T going To be ThaT way Tor long no slree' 'They unTended To worlc Th mselves up as oTl'ers have done So aTTer The ballofs were casT and The gudges had reached Thelr decfsuon TT a Tound ThaT They had DoroThy Kruse Tor pres: denT Carl Muller Tor vvce presndenT and Delmar Lourash Tor secreTary and Treasurer These oTTlcers rea ly dld Thevr besT In gundunj The class along wnTh The ard aT Themr clas sponsor Mr Oraham The class has produced some very promus Ing sTuaenTs DoroThv Kruse has made a very good cheer leader and There IS much promise oT musical TalenT Carl Muller and Wrlhelmnna FaThauer have become good clarlneT players Beverly Bonds has done excepTIonally well on The corneT and Arnve Jones has cerTaunly become aware oT whaT The barITone ns all abouT Yes and who lcnow some day perhaps our TuTure Tarmer William WhlTe wall wan TlrsT place wrTh has corn sn The Nahonal Champlonshlp ConTesT And so wnTh all This TalenT by Th1sTlme nexT year They wall be able To dazzle The uncorr :ng Trosh wnTh no end oT sophusTlcaTfon be ause They wll no longer be The green Freshnes T ROW Lehman SOTT TlTon D ST ll Lour D lfruse Muller FaThauer l-l Oor on B Band RuTher o d OND ROW B Boley Cao b B ll LT NVnl E S er yer an Bwers a N Warfpler RD ROW Mr Oraham M Vfarnor A lon or y C n P Warner Sece L Bo e R ble F RTT-l ROW M Kc B ck F B Seay Ja cbs W Whlre Flnh Fo Ten . ' . ' e . . .. 1 . W S . I . . I . . . A . . 7 , .l . . . , R-l.l l c , V I - C I T. .T l - .-. - , .... FIRS : , , c . T , . u , D. ash, . X' , A , , , d , . s,J. , T r . SEC : . E , m e, a , iz, 'liams, . crlbn , D , E. L e, o , l. L ne, Tl-ll : . , . v ,, ,. es, M 'e , J. Cal, BuTTs, , , T Al , . il y, OU : c wn, e , cffner, . c , . ' , ' c . ur e ACTIVITIES School doys school doys good old golden rule doys Reodln ond wr'Tnn ond rrThmeTsc ToughT To The Tune oT o hlclcory sTuclc Oh Tlddle dee dee Them ore The old doys ond we wonT someThung newer We donT wonT Joclc To be o dull boy oll hrs llTe so leTs Tolce hnm To vlslT The Dromo Club wnTh all :Ts Romeos ond JuheTs or we mlghT sTro'l up To The music deporTmenT ond llsTen IH os The boys ond gurls TooT on Their TooTers or else we could heor Them reoch hugh c by lusT opening Theur mouThs o luTTle Soy I olmosT TorgoT lsnT Thus The losT Frudoy oT The rnonTh7 Yuppee we geT our So Mors T-loT Doos would you look whoT :T soys here The Home Ec Club IS serving hoT lunches now Three cheers Tor The Home Ec Club Well would you look oT Thus' The Comrnercrol Club ond FFA o e omong The Top roTers Too lsnT ThoT swell elegonT7 No slree school IusT wouldnT be co'npleTe These doys wnThouT :Ts exTro currlculor ocTrvlTres Se e Tee ., .., . I I .. . . . . . V ' T - 1--4 - 'T T . . , . .f . . . , . - T . , . . ., . . . y , A Q T4 ' Q QT . . . I . . , I . , T T , . - . . . , , . . , I e ., ' 'vn n SEATED Drclrson C Smelfzer Shaffer S1 Il L S ug + STANDING Burgess Mus Gusfofson J Scanner Sfrxngev Mr Declmon ZIONOIZ STAFF CRACE STILL CHARLES SMELT7EF2 BEN SHAFTER PEGGY DICKSON JAMES SANNER WALTER BURCESS 'A VERNE SWIGART Aller lwo yeors of smooH1 sorlrng and splendid publucohons by oH1er closses we lwove complelely revclullonlzed Hwe confenls of Hue +wo previous volumes of Hue Zlonolz Are we being foo smug al we soy we re Iusl o lu'rHe proud of ourselves7 The success of Hwe I94I Zlonouz us d fl nol only +0 Mlss Gusfofson ond Mr Dedmon who so sfeodfoslly s+ood by Hwe s'roH os 1+ fouled week ofler week buf To Hue whole Ednfor an Clwuef Asswsfonf Edlior Buslness Monoger Ac nvlhes Edllor Eeofure Edllor Allwlellc Edulor Plwofogroplmy s'ruden+ body for Hweur generoslry ond IH Jreresl an H115 onnuol Wallw one hundred ond lorry brullnonr browns luncllonlng os one our Zvonolz lwod +o be Hue besf ever And so we members of Hue s+oH suncerely hope Hwor everyone wnll engoy ond profil by our eHor+s +o please Moy Hns book be o pleosonl' remnnder of o lwoppy yeor spenl rn MT Zxon Hrgh Erghieen 1 ' . . , , i, , w' or. I MILDRED STPINGER... ......., .,...... .,...,.. C l oss Edifor , . . Uv' . SA MOR WuxTral WuxTral Read all oloou+ IT' Sa mor breaks all records as a successful school paper' Yep Thus was a record breaking year Tor The Sa Mor Every Issue excelled The one precedung :T and There were several new aT TracTrons added T grve The paper ThaT cerTaln oomph SeTTlng up as :Ts moTTo PrlnT and Please The sTaTT proceeded To peer around IU all The cracks and crevuces aT MT Znon l-hgh and aTTer much scooping and scouTmg suc ceeded each monTh an geTTung all The Top noTch Th uller dullers on school lnTe w rch usually rncluded sporTs carToons qokes class news and oTher sTuTT n Thrngs In general The sensors held The upper hand The TnrT semesTer buT The sophomores Took over The Task The second semesTer much To The sorrow OT The sensors OUT oT The shuTTle oT The sensors came one or Two wnTh lournalesh amblTlons AT This polnT we wanT IT em phahcally nmpressed on your minds ThaT al Though senuors are considered To have a wee blT hlgher knowledge caliber 77 Than sopho mores The sophomores dvd one swell eleganT o BoTh sTaTTs agree however ThaT much oT The credlT Tor The success oT The paper goes To Mnss GusTaTson and lvllss Bane who so klndly gave oT Thenr advice and coope-raTlon Tound Gracue STIII TlrTTlng huTher and ThnTher w1Th sTencsls Paul Boluek pushsng The crowds Tor The aThleTuc scoop Peggy Dickson scrubbl :ng on her column and Ted Ground Thinking up some wise crack All an all The year was a grand year noT only Tor The sTaTF buT To The readers OT The Sa Mor We hope hopa hope SEATED Dickson Shields STrxng r Mss Bane STlll STANDING Taylor B Hogan SmelTzer K STockwell Sharler Mass GusTaTson ShafTer M Sfockwell Nlnefeen Greenfneld, Jones Y- . ' - - . .I K. .J F . ' O . ' I 5, ,r , Q ' ' As The end oT The year rolled around, we I F' , ' ' I H . . . . MUSIC IT makes no dlTTerence when Mr STubble Tneld gnves The down beaT wheTher :T be Brahms BeeThoven or Bach ThaT TorTy TIVL pnece band gnves Ivlornrng noon and nlghT They work Takvng The kinks ouT oT pieces and polushrng noTes Trl The music They make goes round and round BUT noT all The Time oT These masTer musr clans was concenTraTed on sTudyvng music They applned IT Where-7 AT The CounTy Chorus aT baskelrball garnes aT surrounding rural school aTTalrs aT church and numerous oTher places MosT ouTsTand1ng were The Two concerTs The laTTer TeaTured noT only The band buT The combined glee clubs and a The proceeds oT Thrs concerT were 1nvesTed In new music Tor The deparTmenT Thus having played and sung everyThung Trorn Deep River To STar DusT The Bond wagon came To a sTop Tor a whale aT leasT BuT nTll Take To The road again nexT year so when you wanT music IusT rung 79 coll Tor T W STubbleTleld and your worries are FIRST ROW I. Kruse Wheeler Vlfllklng Woolcms Sensenoaugln E Taylor Neln Dckson SE OND ROW R blnson C Karl B1TTon Wllllarn B Seay P Narne ground S Sanner TnlTon FaThauer B Jones Allen Muller TI-IIRD ROW STeele D Kruse G Warner Denns I-looper I-leny B Bonds STeele J Sarner STIII McATee Davrdson FOURTH ROW ForTner P Karl C Taylor STANDING STrlnger Morrls Mr STulJbleT'leld C Lourash Twe Ty special added aTTracTIon, 'lThe Dizzy BaTon". over. AT your service, Sir. I . , , ' ' , I , I ' ,, . , ' , T . C 2 o ' ., '. ' , 'I , ' ' s . , , I r, fx s, . , VI JOY NDING LEFT TO RIGHT G Slll B Shaffer L S q f J N ID D reenfeld E Sfu Wheeler J Dlclfey M Slrlnger J McAfee STTING C Smelfzer G Smellzer DRAMA CLUB Lsghls' Curlannl Achonl The Drama Club swirled lnlo acllon and lnlo lhe llmellghl fhr year wulh a bang up hrlarnous comedy Joy And loyous I+ was Judgrng from lhe ca paclly of lhe crowd and 'rhe overwhelming applause whuch was glven lo Miss Muller and her slars rl was a very successful produchon Miss Mnllers nexl hal was Cleaned and Pressed our one acl conlesl play which was glven IH lhe Decalur Hugh School audlforuum Roberl Henry In brughl red slrnped shorfs was qulle a speclacle Georgaa Smellz r made a darlnng lrllle slslrer even lho she was ralher expensrve lo have around Every year a new crop of would be Hamleis appears on 'rhe scenes Thus year some of The ac'rors and aclresses proved Themselves To be capable dlreclors loo No one can deny 'rhar The Hummrng Bard l-lrccups and Who Gels 'rhe Car Tomgh'r'7 were a real heal Then In The sprung a splendid cas? came forlh w1'rh 'rhe lumor ploy whuch was Umph phahcally good T e fy one And so wulh people rolling rn aisles lhe Drama Club rolling rn success aller succe Llllle Thealer STA 3 I il , , , wlxar, . e', .G l . . ll D I . ' l . A H . .... . .S . . SSI ' - , ' ' lhe curfain came down on lhe Ml. Zion - - 1 wn ' FIRST ROW Greer-leld Sensenbaugh Dclcey N un Slrunger S I M Duclfson Taylor Turner P Duclcson Vollmer CND ROW lvlss Pallerar Allen Slull D nnus olc D Dc on Sl cl e Muze Shees Woollen S oy Seffon Brull VVulIn ng Thompson' RD ROW Wlluom K I Sh Her Sl rnmel Rulherlord L K Kuse LIZ T OU S OH D Slull Du ney FOURTH POW Ba Icy S uqaul lfung Caornb Evans Boll Go don Falhauor Warner B Bonds N Bonds Warrupler HOME EC CLUB Sugar and spuce and evcryfhung nuce lhal s vvhal Home Ec Club gurls are made of Thal s no uolcung They re really grand gurls ll was Ihree years ago fhal a group ol smarl grrls gol loaelher Io organuze lhus cook and sew club They have consudered such worlhy aums as lhe developmenl of good Iellowshup among uls members and 'Ihe Iormung ol a closer relahonshup belween home communuly and school To guude us un Iulucullung These aums lhus year we chose Grace Slll lvlargarel Duclcson Jeone Neun and lvluldred Slrunger In Oclober Ihree ol lhese mauds wulh lvluss Pallerson slcupped oll lo lhe Slale Convenluon I' Sprunglueld The gurs Iully aware ol lhe ballle ol Ihe sexes duscussed al lheur Iwuce monlhly meel n s such lume y lop cs a Manners Sly es and Dalung Bul lhere were sl'uIl olher lhungs ol umporlance so lhe gurls added Io lheur program a buf of a slyle show a playlel here and lhere along wulh some Iulor ung on 'rhe nucelues ol Iule such as how lo s p soup soflly and soundlessly As usual delucuous hal lunches were served And wlh lorly gurls pullung Iheur curly heads 'rogelher you can umagune lhe dush lhey could s Acluvulues however were varued Whal lun Ihey had al Ihe wuener roasl al Spufler Woods a+ lhe polluclc and al' lhe slumbe parfy Whal a sugh+ They were sleepung 777 un 'rhe gym wulh lheur nughl caps and curlers' A+ Ihe end of lhe year lhe gurls sal baclc and revuewed lhe pasl club year wulh salus Iacluon Ieelung lhal ul had been more suc cesslul Ihan any olher Tclyl : -I I A 1 I u I e'I ' I 'III I I I I I - SEC ': u I s I, . I e ', Co I . ilfs u O -W II. l I II , ..e . , '.orI 'I . 1- TI-Il 3 i' gl GI. G, X 5 I , I , rI:se,Jones, D, r , I, ull , c I . I 'S . - . : u u, w'N ', , e, , . V I I I - I . . . I I I , ' . ' pull. . . IS Y' I I A I . V . . v O I 'u II ' I ' ' -lu II- u g l I s , I. I .I I. I I. I , I V . . . . . ,,. . - u - .I I . 5 . . . W I" '- WU Theres nofhlng green abouf Greenhands No slree Greenhands us lusf a name given fo pledges of fhe FFA Club Affer flnc unrfuafuon fhey became full fledged Fufure Farmers of America forfy of fhem Wrfh fhe and of fhe new four year program fhese boys are becomang scnenfvfuc farmers There s nofhuna haphazard abouf fhem Walfer Bu ge-ss was elecfed oresldenf of fhe farmers fhfs ,fear l-lns cabunef Included such nofables as John Carman Paul Karl Don l'loaan and Jaclc Taylor Wxlllam l-logan was fhe faffh ful Farm Wafch Dog Good ole Pal Abouf fhe flrsf fhung on fhe calendar was fhe annual Pesf confesf Chlef headhunfer John Carman scalped fhe mosf pesfs ln fhe Corn Fluslcmg Confesf held af Boyd Wheel ers Bull Gordon wallced off wnfh fhe honors shuclcung elghfeen bushels nn slxfy mlnufes And fhafs nof chlcken feed exacfly ln November fhe fellows hopped off fo fhe lnfernafnonal Luvesfoclr Fxposlfron IH Chlcago They found a more specual affracfnon fhan llvesfoclc Whaf affracfuon7 Well lsn f Evelyn Asay and her champxon Sargo enough7 They gof many prolecf lnspurafuons on fhus Iaunf Nof only fhe boys buf fhelr fafhers showed a greaf deal of unferesf un proe f worlc fhls year Acfnvufy followed acflvufy for fhe fellows They played fwo baslcefball games nuff sandl walked home wufh snxfeen dollars from gram enfrnes af fhe Farmers lnsfufufe nof fo men fron fhaf grand banquef gnven for fhe boys and fhevr parenfs For exfra cash for fhelr annual summer fup fhey sold garden seeds and Snmonuzed cars l-low fhey dld shine fhe boys because of pride and fhe cars because of fhelr new Slmonnze Mr Kusfer fheur masfer hay baller w one super adviser And now fhey relucfanfly closed up shop and began fo loolc forward fo fhe r summer frlp Where will lf be fhls fume boys7 FIRST RCW Fo fner Carman P Karl J Taylor Burqcs D l-loqan B Hogan l-lenry D Barflcl SECOND ROW Mr Kusfer Mcli rf Jullus Finch Boolfer Woolu s Mar s l-loclcer Marfln Soclc well Davldson THlRD ROW B Cain McDonnell Roblnson Wh eler D Wh fe B Gordo V l-logan B Sealy G Warner A Jones FOURTH ROW R be T l-logon M Warne Morey L Baley l-l Evans Lawson l-ledenberq Wm Wh fe Jacobs T fyf ec, F. F. A. r . , . . ,. r. r . - y , . . it . . I, . . , . 1. I Q lf l - . , . . ' I . r- . ' ' - o I s . , V . . . ' - ' , as . - . , . .r .r , . , 1 . ', '3w, ,, rn, ri, , ',f 2. I , ' . ef ,. i,. rm. ,. I ul.. P. . r, ,. I , . r , . i. . wer-hrf Zowue' The Z club' And zrng goes Th gurls hearTs when They lay eyes on some bulglng chesT wrapped up ID good old Zuon s red and whnTe lnslgnla And say The sTal warTs do no llTTle sweaTlng To earn Their leTTers By craclcy :Ts no whrTe collar lob No slr' JusT ask The man who owns one LasT year There were Txve who earned leTTers In Traclc baslceTball baseball and whaT have you7 Thereby malang Themselves elrguble Tor membershlp IU The club So on one aT These perTecT Tor a murder nlTes when :T was ralnlng p:TchTorlcs and nigger babie The regulars held Their Tormal perhaps we should say unTormal nnuTvaTuon rn SToclcwels barn ATTor They had been scared sTlTF bx weird goings on The pledges repeaTed Tho oaTh which IS given To all new members and laTer savagely swallowed mlllcshakes and C hamburgers aT Huggins Nlce oT The regulars To TreaT Them wasnT IT7 The Z club Topped oTf Thelr season wuTh sweeT syncopahon soTT soled shoes and shadowed lughTs The Tellows TnrsT Annual Homecomung Baslcelrball game and dance wenT over wuTh a bang Everyone had such a grand good Tlme ThaT The club plans To make Thus an annual aTTaur Rug cuTTnn may be pleasure Tor some bu :ce cuTT1n IS Tasclnahng Too IT was IH March ThaT They plclced up a Tew alums and slcaTed oTT Champaugn way To The Ice SlcaTung Rink There And olnd They cuT :cel More Than lusT an advnser was Coach Graham and wxTh Ben ShaTTer Bull l-logan Wayne lvlarhn and KenneTh STocl4well lead ang The aThleTes Thus year :Ts llTTle wonaer The boys say This has been a swell year FIRST ROW Bu gess SToclc ell ShaTT r Wm l-logan MarTn Davldso SECOND ROW Mr Graham l-loclcer V l-logon J Sorner Robrnson Hooper Ty Tour YYZII .h ,, ,, I . G . . ' . I l a o V 4- . . . , H H . I . . . l .A ' I - 1 J 4 b . . '. A' If ' ' I ' I L' -- Al Y . l . ., . ,- V ' V 'l yll A I Il. : rx . w , e, . . T, ' n. ATHLETICS OUT on The aThleTlc Tleld you Tund ThaT elemenT mosT dear To The Talrer sex Those sTalwarT specnmens oT physucal perTecTuon and Apollo luke appearance BUT These heroes prove Themselves To be worThy OT The admlrahon given Them They concenTr'aTe on Teamwork and prove ThaT :T Takes cooperaTlon To brmg In ThoT lasT home run or To puT The wnnnnnq ball Through The baskeT In Those Thriller dlller games IT ns on The aThleTuc Tneld ThaT They brsnq Thelr noses agamsT ThaT obsTacle compeTlTron And we ask you whaT s The value oT a blue ribbon wlThouT compeTlTxon7 Now The MT Zion Braves have whaT IT Takes Yes slreel They re Top noTch aThleTes They have knowledge abnllTy spuruT and They work TogeTher So whaT could come oT such ouTsTandung qualnhes buT prohcuency and success? Well you Tell us T eniy seven , v, s 2 .. , ' . . .. u '-'l . , . . . , . . , - ' ' 1 I I T' - . W . BASKETBALL As The band breaks 4nTo The sTnrrnng sTralns oT On MT Zion The crowd rrses To :Ts TeeT and The Braves led by CapTa1n ShaTTer come dashmg onTo The Tloor Tor a brueT warm up The Tons eagerly waTch The players as rhey Toss The ball Through The neT The boys are gwng good TonnTe They say The horn soon sounds and The boys Ierk oTT Their 'acke s To go 1nTo The huddle Tor lasT m1nuTe unsTrucT1o'1s The cheerleaders BeTTy Wrlkung Mar,orle oTockwell and DoroThy Kruse sewe Thus momen o lead The crfwd on The old TalThTul Yea Rea' Yeo Wh:Te' The Team comes ouT oT Th huddle The reTeree gives The swgnal and The game s ready To geT underway The ball goes up ShaTTer geTs The Tap over To JTockwell and MT Zion comes ouT wuTh poss ssnon oT The ball Tney work cauhously passing The ball Tram WhuTe To MarT1n To Woo ums Tryung To Tlnd a vulnerable spoT In The coponenTs deTense The opening comes The po g es Through The shoT :Ts good Two pounTs roll up on The H sxde oT The new scoreboard The game ns progressuna and we see new Taces enTernng The baTTle Wheeler l-logan and SmelTzer On The bench snT Bolnek Noll and Duckson ready Tor The call The halT breaks The exc1TemenT Tor a shor Tame buT The Team soon reTurns refreshed and :nsprred w1Th ThaT do or clue splrnT Bo h Teams really break nnTo acTuon durung The lasT halT The ball znps back and TorTh across The Tloor We see TasT breaks seT plays an dnvndual Tachcs and oTher Tormahons which make up Thus greaT game baskeTball Slowv buT surely we see The Braves buuldlnq up a lead which can mean only deTeaT Tcr Theur opponenTs ThaT occuroTe shooTung clever passing and ball handling based on a ound Then The aun Tures The game as over AnoTher vncTorv good old MT Znon Y ppeell We wall mlss The seniors SmelTzer STock well and ShaTTer nexT season buT we know we can d pend on The fellows who wall Take Theur places lTs been a greaT year and leres a prednchon ThaT The Team nexT yea wrll do as well or maybe even beTTer FIRST ROW Wheeler Woolums STock ell S"1oTTer D WhuTe MarTn SmelTzer V Hogan SECOND ROW Coach O chem R D ckson Bel ek YV l-l gar' J Sann M ll Rob nson Morrs THIRD RONV Taylor Davndson P Karl Noll Carman Burgess TwenTy eughT . , . , . . I L 3 I . . II ' I. . . 1 I . . J- I'. I l I . r . . I . . . W l ' : . Ip' ' I I . . . - . ' D 4 I 5 ' I I I - I I . ll . e , ' I I - 5 ' T ' , S E - Q v knowledge oT TundamenTals, always wins ouT. 1 1 3 . A I I I I " ' 1 . -- I . . , . . I . . I , . . . . . I , sl o .V e 'I ' ' . 1 ' I I I , r . . ul . - A G : , , w , T , . ' , i . , . . : r , , i , E . . . o T. . er, 1 er, I , l . MT. Zion.. MT. Zion MT. Zion, MT. Zion MT. Zion MT.Zion.. ,..Zion.. 'T. Zion .... N n 2fI.osT 6 MT. Zion, MT. Zion , , MT. Zion . MT. Zion. . MT. Zion, MT.Zion MT. Zion MT. Zion MT. Zion MT. Zion MT. Zion., MT. Zion, MT. Zion, MT. Zion. MT. Zion MT. Zion ,.,, MT. Zion. . MT. Zion. , . MT.Zion... ., Won 8-LOST I2 BASEBALL . .,,, 5 ..O .IO , I4 I3 .. 2 . 8 ,O SCORES NionTic . Hommond .. Mocon ,. ArgenTo . .. Mocon . . ArgenTo . . NionTic: , , . Hammond ., BASKETBALL SCORES 2I .22 , I7 25 46 29 .I7 , I8 .2I 46 M27 ...2I M32 ..I8 ...4I ...2I I9 . 29 ...25 NionTic . .. Moweoquo . Alumni . . Mocon , .. Blue Mound . . Worrensburg Cerro Gordo BeTTicny .,.. Mocon ...., Hommond . Cerro Gordo Vxforrensburg LovingTon . . Nior:Tic: ,... Hammond . Be-TI'iony , , , ArgenTo . . . I.ovingTon . Moroo . . MACON COUNTY TOURNAMENT MT.Zion.. ...3I Moroci MT. Zion ,...,.. ...I5 ArgenTo .., MT. Zion ..,.,..,...... 25 Worrensburg Won 2-LOST I DISTRICT TOURNAMENT MT.Zion ,... .,.,...., I 8 ATwood BASEBALL There ns a sharp reporT as The ball sTrnkes The baT and goes screamung oTT 1nTo The our The crowd goes wnld as a runner races around The base lnne and comes slldunq nnTo home In a cloud of dusT The umpnre yells SaTel l And as The dusT clears away CapTaln STockwell rnses Trom The ground wlTh anoTher homer To has creduT Davidson gnves The signal MarTnn nods his head sTeps onTo The rubber goes mTo his wmd up and pours The ball down The alley The baTTer swings and sends The ball boundung Toward Thnrd Blll Hogan holding down The hoT corner makes a mce scoop oT The ball and Tires :T To TnrsT The peg vs hugh and ShaTTer goes up mTo The our and spears TT wlTh has rlghT hand The umpnre yells BaTTer upl The baTTer sTeps mTo The box and sends The TcrsT plTch Tor a shorT Tly vnTo cenTer Tleld SmelTzer comes In TasT WhlTe and Vnc Hogan come over STockwell and Burgess go back Smelher Takes :T Tor The TnrsT ouT Any of These acTs mnghT recall To your mmd ThaT MT Zaon sTull has a ball Team ouT There on The dnamond donng Theur buT Tor MZHS WnTh Davldson behlnd The baT MarTvn In The box ShaTTer on TlrsT Burgess and STockwell as The keysTone comlmnahon Brll l-logon on Thlrd WhnTe SmelTzer and Vc Hogan nn The Tneld MT Zion puT up a STITF TronT To all opponenTs The relleT roles were ably filled by Wheeler Boluek Dlckson Mar STeele proved To be a good ball chaser NexT year we wall regreT The loss oT Cap Taln STockwell The on Tour year leTTerman ShaTTer Burgess Bull ogan SmelTzer and Sanner We saluTe you our seniors and hope ThaT we can carry on In your absence FIRST ROW Burgess W Hogan K Sfockwell Shaffer Marhn C SmelTzer Davudson SECOND ROW Coach Graham Balnek V Hogan D WhnTe D Barfeld R Dickson Wheeler THIRD ROW Marlcle Robinson J Sanner L Moms O Sfeele Thlrfy . . Q . a . T il ll T . l . T I -A I - ' ' ' ' u . . . I , . . I , ' ' l V 1 I ' I ' I T .' . .' ucle, Robinsom Sanner, iBarTield and Morrus. - nu un - - , . FEATURES A you glance lrrough 'rhe lcl lowung pages you wull fund a puc lorual record of whal aclualy fuoes on around lvl Z l'l S You wull see snap hols ol schoou lle and nouse n general closse Walre up Bull wulh lvlr Dedmon g yun hus huslory sluolenls e once over unslead ol whal us over s uunlcled n fo a be rosfe and such Jrhungs as prouefus d n Jr rnuss George Ruble s Zuonouz Parade Then lhere a e pucnuc parlues and lruos Talre a loolc al lhal snap of lhe Chruslnfuos Carly My how lhar Kusler man can clancel There some ol our rums loo you lcnow Tommy loves Susue la dee da Don? larger lo slap and laugh Well th y are lunn our alums quule a change sunce lhese rnosl honorable persons were haul ed as a galaxy ol graded and granduose graduales donl you 'rhunlc7 And say arenl Those The sweelesl mos+ anaeluc lullle cher uburns you ever saw7 Yes you guessed ul lhey re Jroday s classy senuors durecl lrorn lhe old rnuce ealen larnuly allaurn Theres a varuely ol Doses loo everylhun lrorru a dush oan +o a hugh chaur Glory bel You havenl seen our Zuonouz ue-en7 Grace Sh 7 Why shes lhe rnosr glamorous gloruous and genleel gurl un lhes oarls Yes rn Jusl you see Ana now lhal we ve called ro your allenluon lhee snaps e wanl you lo lean oaclc and uusl laugh l your sdes ache o ahead we donl mund Thuriy lhree s , ur . 5 l ,Ea u ' l : 3. l, . 1 ,lu ' - u g , lh cub, sprf 5 . r lrer i Ol l I ul u u y A -l S . u . sully shenanugans and cupud s Vui- al l ,n e A yl . . Q I .M- ' s , w ' ull E . G AU abc-ara' A masferpnec, W We 'vwalcma Why 'uw Cr' WPG? l'wapper1ed7 25 company a crowa Th Yafe Sarme s Hove w ooys Graham K sfef ana wza awe O agamsf one Form mwnde ar wq zone N rm 'oo Q 0 9 ev fy Tme Hur Sava w qpr rm own Q amp rf r WMM ' M 3's X '. e f. yan p'ck, ' , . , U ' 'L' J F uv A . ,' w , p kl ,A . 0 5003 -' -, aid, B-sy-' 9. B 5-W . ' 1 . AUQQNQC W1 Whaf dm! you 697 Homin, Zion! Roveos. FVIrfmg again, eh? J qx 5, Nw hps. M , FMF' dfzrcr. in XM H-rm 'i"'az" 7 r IN. W YH' -Q. Laubdwf-, V- l..........1.-..-....----- owmg no ns rw roffw f rw r pervwe ws Cves P ofossuorc v We-of o f y The W 'H 'w VPOVTT Cf 'WC Crop P x rw 9 mq r ' Q 'C mow Lrwrf o r cs' WVU FCXVOVTNC F CS SMG? O TVN FC Cf 'T V' nr 3 w 1 wo FS n t, S'r 0 P Cr I H101 ' G1 1 . SM I2 P , ce "wakes DC'f:Cf, pcf'.:re pe d, ,434 Sf " d plow, Tl , f - ' Wg. 'My' Y ' Be-N mgs o Dads," Jol ' J nicfs, '4 0 Q .' 3 C . , f' . Mxmism vfsefswmi 32. 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So k R, Pop. epp p :HQ -. 440 cr -sf Q L f dj, K X . 3 Bank ic beck. S'ow bn age. WHeeYb3frow Fog. M A TH" 1: P fears. Om 'A . Yee, . Tiusdoy JAQUARY FEBRUARY MARCH CALENDAR APRI MAY . ,x ' 'W bl ' rl . . L N - .,,w w, Q ., y. ,A-H A' V' 1' ' ' 'Q " : Xi' " ,, ' -1 'X V mf . ' -, 'k!'1V1 X- 'ff ,Vw 'I J' 1' :Y 1 Hu N' f,' 1 wx ' ' 'N "l'A A K, 7 ,. , A, w . ,A . ' ' ' VN . Xvkk' ' , , I K X VV 1 r iv A -., ., . ,A A E 1 , " A' X 1 11 1 V . 1, . .1 k I X A V ' 21, X ' lx . . , . E A, Pdch rf Cooch Whof physrq es' VJI'-ere We paddle 7 Hows Cruef Whure C'oud Ummm ee sfeoks Ouch' ToyNor mode Nnghf Owls Tnme o f Sh ck Bofde lme Chompuon Gordon Boo o George ond Luoworz Porod o Y H 5 sners Old fomuly Q srom Sheep harder Chuck Chuck Thrfe 'v1uske+eers7 Corwfenfed cow wce hom Jumor Poke ron+ Look of fhe nrdm Amfhmq Nong feHows7 Ch cogo bound Layers Iwnw FXHIBIT A Amy resemblance +0 reel persons lrvmg or deed IS oureYy comcvdenfol F fy 4 . , . . . . . w , East will emit Eeztamrnt We The Senuors of MounT Zuon CommunuTy Hugh School un The CounTy oT Macon and STaTe of lllunous beung oT sound mund and memory and consuderung The uncerTaunTy oT Thus Traul and TransuTory luTe do ThereTore make ordaun publush and declare Thus To be our lasT WILL AND TESTAMENT F'lRST We order and durecT ThaT our ExecuTors hereunaTTer named pay all our uusT debTs and commencemenT expenses as soon aTTer our graduaTuon as convenuenTly may be SECOND ATTer The paymenT oT such graduaTuon expenses and uusT debfs we guve de vuse and bequeaTh as Tollows I bJaI:k Cooper To Herman Evans hus pung pong proTucuency Pung Herman' Youll be hard o ea C JIean Duckey To DoroThy Craun her cowboy croonung DonT geT The guggles buT Croon roun Emerald Evans To Jean RuTherTord her physuque My Jean how you ve changed' Donald Hogan To Dean WhuTe hus TumuduTy un Amerucon husTory class Don T make Too many conTracTs wuTh The ProT and you II be O K Dean Helen Scrubner To Phyllus BruTTon her maThemaTucal obuluTy Now Phyl do you Thunk you can make Two plus Two equal Tuve7 Lyduo Seay To Janus Dusney her perpeTual smule JusT keep smulun Through Janus Ben ShaTTer To Maruorue STockwell hus Amerucan husTory book reporTs BeTTer dusguuse Them wuTh a Tew chun whuskers Marge Ray Shuelds To Bull Caun hus sux TeeT oT lanky lengTh WhaT a man uT wull make oT Bull Charles SmelTzer To Jack McATee hus TuT TuTTung TalenT Don T TorgeTl When some sorry senuor TorgeTs hus husTory TuT TuT' KenneTh STockwell To Wayne MarTun Three dollars wuTh whuch To buy a corsage Tor The gurl Truend when he oTTends The nexT governors ball PreTTy Tlowery Red La Verne SwugarT To Eugene Juluus her ungenuous obuluTy To spell words un new and novel ways Donald WhuTe To Loren Morrus hus well worn Physucs manual IT II come un handy buT don T leT Mr Graham caTch you' Carl Lane To Muss Bane hus guuTar Now l know you can play uT Muss Bane cause Muss Muller saud you could' Luculle Turner To Earl Taylor her poeTuc powers Use paTuence and wull along wuTh your skull Auleen Taylor To DoroThy Kruse her lady luke manner SnuTT saud' Muldred STrunger To MaTulda Scrubner her long eyelashes and Coy cml Grace STull To Jean Neun and Georguo SmelTzer The good shup EcluTor You II have To soul a sTroughT course 'To keep pace wuTh Grace' Nuno Sensenbaugh To Edna Dennus her shy way Wulluam Hogan To Jack Robunson hus beTTer naTure and sense oT humor They can be used To greaT advanTage Jack MargareT Duckson To Donna Greemfueld her sudden and ungenuous assocucuTuon oT udeos or words causung surpruse and merrumenT To wuT wuTl DoroThy Duckson To all Freshmen and any oTher person or persons Tundung Themselves un luke preducomenT her obuluTy To geT Englush grammar WalTer Burgess To John Corman hus pesTulenTual perTunacuousness Carry on Cormanl WalT has Thruved Tor Tour years on uT Peggy Duckson To Eugenua Kung her bug brown eyes Use Them carefully Eugenua They mughT be dangerous wuTh ThaT red hour James Sanner To Maruorue Vollmer hus obuluTy To geT exempTed Trom all semesTer exams DonT geT Too over loyed wuTh uT Marge LASTLY We make consTuTuTe and appounT Charles Davudson Donna Greenfield ouncl Paul Karl To be The ExecuTors oT Thus our lasT WILL AND TESTAM ENT hereby revokung all Tormer wulls by us made I HH f In h T bscrubed our names and aTFuxed our seal The To,3Te1gErtl:uolT1?1 oT lglpgiqn TlXeeyeZlfeoT EJlueTUEoCrdSlOne Thousand Nune Hundred ForTy one MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS Thus unsTrumenT was on The day oT The daTe ThereoT sugnecl publushed and declared by The saud TesTaTors The Senuors of MounT Zuon CommunuTy Hugh School To be Theur lasT wull and TesTa menT un The presence oT us who aT Theur requesT have subscrubed our names hereTo as wuTnesses un Theur presence and un The presence oT each oTher beluevung The saud Senuors of MounT Zuon CommunuTy Hugh School To be aT The Tume oT so subscrubung our names oT sound mund and memory GEORGE RUBLE WuTnessed By MAX H KUSTER DEAN S MCOAUOHEY 0 - . . . . u . . . . , , I I I u u . u . 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Suggestions in the Mount Zion High School - Zionoiz Yearbook (Mount Zion, IL) collection:

Mount Zion High School - Zionoiz Yearbook (Mount Zion, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Zion High School - Zionoiz Yearbook (Mount Zion, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount Zion High School - Zionoiz Yearbook (Mount Zion, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount Zion High School - Zionoiz Yearbook (Mount Zion, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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