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Mount Zion High School - Zionian Yearbook (Bucyrus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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I UI ca. or cl I presenting this edition of the Iioniann the Staff hopeq eanh one in the student body will find mugh of intexeet and en Joyment iq the pages imc tuined In ysixs to Lome may thie book bIlDg b1ck pleaeant memories to you book regall pleaeant experiences of your own school days that 1 feeling of kinship between ue and you may arise To all in our Qqhool mommunity may this book convey to you ome appxeciition fox your suppoxt oi public cdugition thlt oui own echool has continued thxough these miny yeixs bcnioxs of 1950 . , . ,N . n ' 'J X ' ' -'WJ ' , . j '5 ' 1 ' ' v ' 1-L 1 , 1' L- 1 J .'w - , n x' ' , Ag " f . '. 1 '25 . To those who have finished their work at Mt. Zion may this L 4 l ' - .,. 1 ' ku ' , L Q u s 2 ' :'z ' ' 5 ' ' ', K 1 ' 1 ' ' rr : t ' 1 " u'- . ' '. wx Mt Z1on School HZION Zion Alma This Zion Alma ALMA IATER' Mater, to thee we sing, Mater, Memories ever bringg Thoughts of Z1on's fame, We so long did shareg Zion Alma Mater, Praises now we bring. igfywfffb 91511016311 WWA! C4 ,J fi me em X xx fy f A V Q X? ff P as X ZX do K ii 9 gf 1916 and 1918 and 1924 1930 1932 1934 1936 1938 1942 1946 1948 and and and and and and Dedzcatzon We, the Sen1or Class of 1950 and our advlsor, s1ncerely dedlcate th1s 1ssue of the NZion1anH to those men of our communlty who have served as members of the BOARD OF EDUCA TION dur1ng the past 35 years It 1S w1th deep appreciatlon that we respectfully direct the attention of all who read th1s book the cause 1917 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1927 1931 1933 1935 1937 1941 1944 1945 1947 1949 1950 Leo Leo to th1s HRol1 Call of Honorn of those who served of pub11c educatlon 1D our communlty SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Hoover, S R Harman, A A Stuckman, W F Schlfer and W E Krauter Hoover, S R Harman, A A Stuckman, W E Krauter and C C Lahr Hoover, W M McHenry, A A Stuckman, W E Krauter, and C C Lahr Hoover, W M McHenry, A A Stuckman, W E Krauter and C C Shroll Harvey, L H Assenhelmer, and W M McHenry Harvey, L H Assenhelmer, and M J McNeal Harvey, L H Assenheimer, and Charles Rife Leitzy, Krauter Le1tzy, McHenr LB1tZy, McHenry, L S Heinlen Cllme, J G Carmean, L H and L S Helnlen Sharrock, L H Assenhelmer, E H Stevenson and M E Crall Sharrock, E H Stevenson, A D Denzer, W J Beall D Denzer, H E Rob1nson, E L Kent, Beall D Denzer, H E Robinson, F D Fr1tz Kerr D Fr1tz, H E Roblnson, Harold George, Denzer Fr1tz, Harold George, H E Robxnson, A D Denzer and George W Schlfer Assenhe1mer, Crall W L Cl1me, Ker and W Kerr, and W Kent, and W Kent, and A Harold George, George W Schifer, H E Rob1nson, C D Hoover and James B Krauter Hoover, George W Schifer, Harold George, J H Purvis and James B Krauter Hoover, George W Schlfer, J H Purvis James B Krauter and Warren F Guinther 4 C.F. . . . . . . ' , C.F. ' '. . ' . . . . , C.F. ' ' . .' . . . . , D.N. ' ' . . ' ' c.c. w.E. , D.N. ' ' . . ' ' c.c. ' w.u. y, to D.N. ' ' . . ' c.c. ' w.u. 1928 and 1929 D.N. Harvey, L.H. Assenheimer, C.C. Leitzy, J.G. Carmean, and w.L. 0 . . ' M.E. , A u . ' . . , . . . . . . . . . r, .R. . W.J. A. . . . ' . . .R. . to E.L. A. . . . . . ' , .J. . to E.L. F. . ' . . ' .D. . F.D. ' . . ' . . , . - . . . - , C.D. i . . . . , C.D. A ' . " . . , . iiQiQifQ5D Q x ca LJ MHWHSZWNMFHWW X 41 X X YL' I7 X , XX XX NM ff? mf , 4 X " 0 ' , x QX ,Q Board of Educatlon Janes B Krauter, Warren Guinther, Janes Purvis, Clifford Hoover, President, Albert Stetzer, Clerk Treasurer and George V Schifer, Vice President LOUISE ASSENHEIMER Offlce Girl MILTON HARMAN S K SOLLARS Superintendent County Superintendent Senior Advisor Crawford County Bowling Green State University Education Ohio Wesle an University Cornell University I A Ohio State University Chicago Unxversity ln Education Ohio Northern Univer tty M A Ohio State University Biological Science Political Science 6 1 x P D I B.S. S CURTIS KUENZLI B. S. in Education Ohio Northern University Columbia University Wittenberg College lathematics Science BETTY WEAVLR Ohxo State Unlverslty B S xn Home Economics Physical Educatxon THOMAS LONWAY B S ln Education Ohio State Unxversxty Physical Education Geography Science Civics HOWARD JORDAN B S in Agriculture Ohio State University Vocational Agr1culture A MARGARhT H NEFF Ohxo wtslcyan Unxversity Oh1o State Unxversxty Wlttenbexg College Seventh and Exghth English and Spelling JEAN WYKER SAMUEL GILBERT MABEL SHAFFSTALL B A Otterbexn College Instrumental Music B S in Education American History Engllsh Bowling Green State Unxversxty Dramatics Director Commefclal 7 . 0-' , . W I I B . , . . 5: ' K . A p a B C r. jul' L A., Ye H J 1F" V we VIVIAN BOEHM KATHRYN OPPENLANDER Mt Unzon College Bowling Green State Unlversxty Heidelberg College Second Grade First Grade ELIZABETH SCHRADER Bowling Green State UDIVETSIIQ Third Grade a 8'6- 4- VELMA GARY Ohio Northern UDIVGFQIXY Ohxo State Un1verQ1ty Flfth Gride R. A' 'D' HELEN CHARTER Bowlxng Green State Unlverslty Marshall College Fourth Grade lo- VERLETTA PIHNSTIIL Bow11ng Green State Unxv Ohxo UDIVQISIYV Vonal Muexc 8 ,enr- LlS1fy NELLIF WEAVER Ohio Northern lnlversxty Sxxth IH uh Q if 9. X N .Vx-X xg., ,H egg X I 5 59 Rfk EWEQ. H 'TWW , - ggggv' f v K if ,.. , 5 , A Q - YL V 4' Q LQ ES E 9 if Kb XFN ' I A 3 .. XXX Rx 47 mlb ZW MAXINE CLARK Noxth Robxnson Student Councxl Booster Club G A A Y Teen Cheerleader Mt Zxon Class News Rep School Paper Annual Staff Class Play Honor Society Glee Club Officer Mxxed Chorus G1r1s Ensemble Operetta F H A Offlcer 2 MILTON HARMAN MARTHA WINCH Glee Club Operetta Mixed Chorus Mixed Ensemble Girls Ensemble Play Honor Society Class Secretary F H A Offlcer Annual Staff Officer Librarman School Paper G A A 2 3 4 2, ELMER KOTTYAN Glee Club Chorus Quartet Operetta Mixed Ensemble Band Annual Staff Track Basketball Volleyball Baseball F F A Officer County Officer Superintendent Class Advisor 2 2 2 2 3 4 10 KENNETH SCHIFER Glee Club Mixed Chorus Operetta Play Class Officer Class St Council F F A Officer Annual Staff Basketball Baseball Volleyball Track Varsity Z Officer School Paper 4 H Band Jr. Fair Board DAVID RUSSELL F F A Glee Club Class Play Class Treasurer Band Mixed Chorus Basketball Manager Annual Staff Volleyball il' lRLhL ASSENHEIMER G A A Student Council Officer Llbrarxan F H A Officer School Paper Glee Club Chorus Operetta Girls Ensemble Glee Club Officer Play Annual Staff Honor Society Red Cross Rep "'+Z,,"' GLRALD LRISSINGLR F State Farmer Band Glee Club Quartet Mxxed Ensemble Mxxed Chorus Operetta Annual Staff 4 I Class Presldent Honor Society Varslty Z Basketball Baseball Manager HAROLD BROOKS Glee Club Mxxed Chorus Operetta Play F F A Annual staff Basketball Volleyball Varslty L '?? 11 ff' fulfil' MARCLLLA CLARK G A A L1b1a11an Class Presldent School Paper H Glee Club Chorus Operetta Play Annual Staff GlflS Ensemb' Honox Soc1ety . ...... ..1,2 , gg .......2,3 - ' 4 .,....3,4 '4 ,...4 ' - A- ' .......l,2,3,4 H-5 '--11253-1 ' a -. .E .. .1,2.3,4 ...Slut Avi . .1.2,3.4 . ...... 3 - "3"' fm , F..A. .. ,.1.23.4 ' - . , , 3 11" . I .. .... 1.23.4 - A .. ..,. 34 ' ' ,- . . 3 3' ' .... 3,4 F .24 . . . ..4 -1 ..... .l,2.3,4 4 . ' .,.4 .. 4' .4 ' . .4 .. .2,4 --A ...4 4-11 ,. .... .1 , Q z" ' ...2,4 . .. .2 3 ' . . h 1 A 2 - -. D. .A. . . . ........ 1,2,3,4 ' , A ..A.'.K.1,2,3,4 f ' "" ' .,.,..2,3,4 , 'A , ...... 2,4 g ' 'C ' ,... 4 . . . 4 in . . . . . . . . 3,4 a' 4 M' . 4 4 . 4 A A X 5 4 I , yl f 4 , ,, s MILTON MILLER F F A Offxcer Glee Club Chorus Operetta Class Secretary Class Presxdent Annual Staff Class Play Basketball Manager GLENN HOFFMAN Student councxl Glee Club Annual Staff F F A Mlxed Chorus Class Play VBYSIIY NL Volleyball Basketball Track "X DAHYL MURPHY Glee Club Mlxed Choxus Opexetta Play Llass St Councll F F A Offxcel Annual Staff Basketball Baseball Volleyball Txack Varsxty vi an-nl RUTH NICKELSON Bucyrus G A A Mt L on F H A Annual Staff School Paper A QQ 5 Y I' . .1V- ,1i:,fx I "- . ,. x,Vi.i?13 ' ':c55uS',9i "1 SW . ...... 1,2,3.4 ' . . .... 2.4 D- , ' ' ' ' . , . . 2.3.4 , . ...... 3,4 n Q ' ' . . , . . . 2 A ' 7 ' . . . 1 ' h . . . Q 3 . , ... . . . 1 . . . . - . 4 """ . . C . . 3,4 ' ' ' - - - 2 . 1 1 1 3 1 . . . . 1 ' ....... 1 ' NZM .... , ., A ..... 1 ' N l , , . . . . .1,2,3,4 , , , , , . . . . . 4 , '1 , , , t ..... . . . 1 2 . . . , 1 Z 12 Class H :story As the 50' Senlors come to the end of the Hgood old daysn at Mt Zion they h ve many happy memories We see the memories float before us on a Npink cloudn as if in a dream As we entered our Freshman year we were eager to s We elected our Off1C9rS as follows Pres1dent V1ce President Secretary Treasurer News Reporter Student Council Rep Advisor ee what was ahead Patty Glasner Gerald Cr1ssinger Daryl Murphy Harold Taylor Kenneth Schifer Glenn Hoffman Mr Boruff We entered our Sophomore year with a feeling of be1ng a little bigger yet so small We elected the follow1ng students as our officers President Marcella Clark Vice Pres1dent Kenneth Schifer Secretary Martha w1nCh Treasurer Joan Taylor News Reporter James Ten Eyck Student Counc1l Rep Irene Assenhe1mer Advlsor Mr Bordanaro of us As Juniors we looked forward to the many activities in which we could part1C1p3t6 as upperclassmen We gave our play on December 21 It's title was Your Money or Your Wife H We also took on several proJects to make money, among which were selling ice cream once a week and pop at basketball games The proceeds earned from these went toward the Jun1or and Sen1or Banquet, held May 13 at the school Following the banquet we motored to Upper Sandusky to attend a mov1e Officers that year were Vice Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Student Counc1l Rep Advlsor As our last year approached we were sorry and yet last year We elected the following officers Pres1dent Vice Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Student Counc1l Rep News Reporter Advlsor We also looked back and discovered that out 1950 ten of them started in the flrst grade Max1ne Clark, Martha W1nch Irene Assenheimer, Daryl Murphy, Harold Brooks, Elmer Kottyan and Two of our former members Joan Taylor who started this there and Robert Steinhilber 13 Milton Miller Joan Taylor Kenneth Schifer Daryl Murphy Mr Harman glad that this was our Gerald Crissinger Elmer Kottyan Martha W1nch Davld Russell Kenneth Schifer Maxine Clark Mr Harman 01 the present 13 in our class They are, Marcella Clark, Kenneth Schlfer, Milton M1ller Gerald Crissinger who also started w1th us in the first grade are year at Sulphur Springs and will graduate from who moved into the Whetstone district last year n v ' a . ll l ' . 1 ' - President ...... ' ...... .. . . . Ronald White I in ' : ' . . , . . , Class Prophecy Mr Harman, the Superintendent of Mt Zion School is, 1n th1s year of our Lord 1960, looking back and recalling old memories of a decade ago The Class of 1950 Where have they been? Where have they gone? What are they dolng? Have their ambitions been fulfilled? This is what Mr Harman is going to find out He decided to take a tour and see if he can find what became of them While waiting in the outer off1ce to see the Governor of Ohio he sees a girl who looks famlliar to h1m Upon the door to his office he reads uGovernor' Secretary Why this is one of his Seniors of 1950 It is Irene Assenheimer On this trip he stops in Insurance Company Wh1le of one of the off1ces is Clark, private secretary New York He decldes to visit the Metropol1tan Life walking through the corridor he sees that the door open Whom did he see? Why none other than Maxine to the pres1dent of the company Wh1le still 1n the east Mr Harman decides to see West P01Dt He goes to the General's office and who else is behind the desk than Glenn Hoffman As he had been to New York and other pO1DtS in the east he declded to make a tr1p by air to MGXICO C1ty He sat down 1n the plane and walted to take off on the long tr1p to Mexlco City 'Fasten your l1fe belts ' Where had he heard that vo1ce before? Turn1ng around he recognlzed Marcella Clark, A1rl1nes Hostess Upon h1s return to our nat1on's Cap1tal Washington D C h vis1ts the famed Mellon Art Institute As he stood looking at a portra1t of 'Beautlful Lady he glanced at the name of the art1st It was another 1950 student, Ruth N1Ck01SOH whose amb1t1on had been to become an artist Dec1ding to motor home on the turnplke, he stopped at a pretty farm home where they kept tourists overnight The farmer's Wlfe answered h1s r1ng and to his aston1shment the door was opened by none other than the former Martha W1nch After arriving home Mr Harman found that his automob1le was not working r1ght so he took it to the Mt Zion Garage now owned by Harold Brooks While waxting on his car, another member of the Class of 1950 comes 1D with a repair Job He is Kenneth Schifer, who states that he and his son are operat1ng a 500 acre farm near Bucyrus Kenneth also states that Daryl Murphy is operating a cattle ranch near Monnette and has a worldwide business Kenneth also informs him that Milton Miller is now the owner of a large hog farm near Wyandot That evening at home Mr Harman picked up the Mt Zion Star ' The headline read Wins at Stock Show H Further read1ng reveals that Gerald Cr1ssinger had Just won a Grand Champ1on prize on h1s cattle and another on h1s hogs at the State Fair Turning the paper over he read the comic page of current jokes and cartoons The Scoop Shovel He looked to see who had wr1tten it and to his surprxse it was Elmer Kottyan, the quiet boy of our class Scattered far and wide, as most classes, he sighed and dropped off to sleep Dreaming brought thoughts of his income tax and David Russell, who would help him with the report as he was now the most prominent Lawyer in Bucyrus 14 . . . . . . . . S n , . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . , . . . . . . Q . , . . .. ' v ' n . . , . . . . . . . . . . n 1 . . . ll ' ' . . u . ,, . . . . If ll . . Last W1II and Testament We, the Class of 1950 of Mt Zion High School about to leave these halls learning, hereby publish this, our last will and testament To our Alma Mater we leave proud memories of our happy days at school To our teachers we leave the responsibility of teaching the underclass men as well as you have succeeded in teaching us To the Juniors we leave the headache of putting out next year s annual Martha W1DCh bequeaths her abllxty to have a good time to James Gulnther Glenn Hoffman w11ls his helpfulness to George Fritz Irene Assenhelmer leaves her good behavior to Joyce Turney Elmer Kottyan leaves his height to Paul Dunn Maxine Clark wills her friendly disposition to Wilma Houk Milton Mlller leaves his quiet disposition to Howard Stuckman Marcella Clark bequeaths her streamlined figure to Eleanor Rostash Kenneth Schlfer leaves his farming ability to Herbert Young Ruth Nlckelson wills her artistic abllxty to Donna Snyder David Russell leaves his conceit to Dick Brookes Harold Brooks bequeaths his bashfulness to Marjorie Houk Gerald Crissinger wills his musical ability to Arnulf Beck Daryl being June, Murphy leaves his graceful walk to Robert Jeffrey hereby declare the rest of properties to the MT ZION SCHOOL, this our Last Will and Testament, signed our names on the First day of 1950 THE SENIORS 5 x 'fl 1? 50 1 the third grade Haven't we changed? C33 Why Q13 Mart and lac C23 Class of 1 U so happy Porky? C43 Us, in the fifth grade C53 Class Of 50 in the seventhagggde i6b Maxine, Marcella and Irene, shopping after getting their Senior P C Efeiorsy C77 Martha Irene and Joan KB! Maxine, Joan and Irene CWhen we were UD 15 . . . , of . . We . . I K ,, , 2 5 ,Q 2 , Q A n ig , 1, if - -2' 9 V W - . .6 'A . .U v . , - . 2 .ef ,A ., 1 l . H ' A F li , . - ' ' - m, sp AMA , Q 2 9 H H , . ' ' I ' s I n vv y I I , . . y ' ' A llnuul Staff SEATED Marcella Clark Kenneth Schifer Martha Winch Gerald Crrssrnger Irene Assenhexmer Elmer Kottynn STANDING Mxlton Mxller Daryl Murphy Glenn Hoffman Harold Brooks Ruth Nrckclson and Mr Harman Advisor ANNUAL STAFF Martha Winch Gerald Crissinger Irene Assenhexmer Davrd Russell Kennnth Schafer D1v1d Russell Maxxne Clark and Martha hlnch Davrd Russell Daryl Murphy and Harold Brooks Art Editor Ruth Nlckleson Editor Asst Edltor Business Manager Assistant Busxness Manager Advertlslng Manager ASSISYHDI Advertlsxng Manager feature Editor Assistant Feature Editor Layout Manager Kenneth Schxfer Assistant Layout Manager Glenn Hoffman Mxlton Miller Marcella Clark Sports Edxtor Elmer Kottyan Asslstant Sports Edxtor Harold Brooks Senlor Class News Marcella Clark and Gerald Crlssrnger Calender Fdxtor Maxxne Clark Typists Maxlne Clark Marcella Clark Irene Assenhexmer Ruth Nxckleson Martha Winch Photograph Manager Glenn Hoffman Assxstant Photograph Manager Daryl Murphy M1lton M1ller Ruth Nxckelson rnd Irene Assenhelmer 16 gwywfyg CWZWZEAQ EASKMEAJ me Q am 15 5 V V KX Q J 9 Jumor Class FIRST ROW Betty Hart Velma Wilson Evelyn Lutz Margorle Houk Lauretta Edgxngton Marilyn Parcher Jacqeulxne Fairchlld and Esther Hord bECON"D ROW Max K1 slxng Ja es G xnther Laverne Muchow Howard Stuckman Eddxe Schxfer and Mr Kuenzli Advlsor ABS:-.NT Paul Dunn JUNIOR ACTIVITIES Presldent Howard Stuckman V1ce Pres1dent Jacqueline Fairchild Secretary Evelyn Lutz Treasurer Eddie Schlfer Student Council Max K1SS11Hg News Reporter Velma Jean Wilson Adv1sor Mr Kuenzll We have a very active class th1S year, we sold Klondlkes and DrUmSt1CkS at school and Ice Cream, Candy Jello 1D the communlty a play Aunt Cathle s play was a success and We are proud of our squad A member of our and Potato Chips at basketball games We also sold means of mak1ng money As another way we presented with MISS Wyker and Mr Kuenzl1 directing This lots of fun as a Cat also boys class who part1cipated in activitles was Velma Jean th1s year as we have three on the varsity basketball WIISOH, a cheerleader and also our H0meC0m1ng Queen of 1949 50 An event durlng our Junlor year wh1ch we w1ll never forget was the D106 Banquet we gave the Senlors on May 19 1950 18 . 'I C 5 Q 1 ' A Z ' Z , 1 , ' . : 's ' 3 m u' 5 5 g ' 3 . , ' . . . . ..... . . . . 1 0 n 1 n n 1 . ...... . . . . . . II ' I H ' ' ! 1 ' ' " ' Il H " - , . XI4' ---Lflg C11 and 127 Freshmen CXVICS class on field trip to Columbus C37 inxtxatxon xn 1947 Q47 Initiatlon 1n 1949 157 MISS Wyker recexvxng her glft at the Chrxstmae party L63 Howard and Jackxe at the Chrxstmas party C73 Workxng hard, Santa? C87 The Jun1ors have changed a lot sxnce the 2nd grade haven't they? C05 Jackxe and Esther 19 '13 ,f--as 5 g 'fZ'7'Q" . ', ' I j'l X A , 'r . ' " ' A X 4 .. A m :J 1 5' ff, ' 4 ' , "QQ L -314 1 - ir' ff ,- . ' Z n XA K i he ', s W I I7' . - Y M I iff- ' . al i ' ' 8 ' Y ' Aigdlhl , Q - , y -, -F 1 f . gt ' L T, Y I E zgh th Grade FIRST ROW Roger Russell Mary Lou Shroll Patty H111 Ruth Brooks Grace Hxlson Jimmie Dickey and Mr Conway Advisor SECOND ROY Charles Neiklrk James Kuhn Donald Hord David McCa11ister Dale Shroll Gilbert Peterman and Glenn Murphy A3 Se. en th Gr ada Plksl Jw Kay Jones Ardene Stuckman Mary Jo Guinther Joyce Dalber Ramona KlCS11hg Janlce Muchow Marlene Turney Janet H111 Joanne Yuxm Ruth Ruebell Edna Wall Carrle Walker Barbara Pickett Mre Shafisiall AGVICOI xJND X Teddy Leuthold Gerald Ruffener Lowell Aesenhexmer Darxel Green Donovan Hassen Buddy George Gerald Lohx Prank11n Leuthold Charles Aesnnhelmer Chaxles Denzer James Nxckcleon Kenneth Purvxi Larry Faxrchlld Z0 Sophomore C FIRST ROW Pauline Bucher Eleanor Rostash Shirley Jeffxcy Llllian Bxlllngs Joyce Turney, Shirley Neiklrk Jeanne Sharrock Jane Stuckman Dorothy Edgington Judith Kissling and Mrs Weave: Advisor SECOND ROW Dick Leuthold Roger Neff Bob Jeffrey Dick Brookes Herbert Young Arnalf Beck, Gerald Hoover Tom Louis Donald Assenhelmer Richard Dickey and Dick Weaver Ulm 1 Irvslmmn Class FIRST ROY x G IH fr Jcwnlne Leu hold Saxum Rusenl Donna Srxcox Vaxl o uxd Tenlxgk V e f xxf QfC0FU RUV Xxx P x QQ rx U 4 H r K HF TIIPJ on 1 , U , Q, 1 ,L ,ml ro HIH mu sm T ,,. Dll 2 Hmu 1 Z1 .Snrth Grade FIRST ROW Mrs Weaver Robert Eubank Dorothy Blaser Judy Dickey Ruby Crlssinger Julla Guinther Neva Mlller and Richard Held SLCOND ROW Ralph Green Larry Sands Sylvla Edgxngton Helen Edgington Judy Lust Mary Stevens Roger Murphy and Ronnxe Grau THIRD ROW Charles TenEyck Ronald Cover Sallxe Stuckman Thomas Bucher Eldon ABSLNT Mary Foust I zfth Gr adc' FIRST ROW Patsy Snyder Ethel Muchow PauI1ne Baum Claudxa Foust Joan Vaughn Sharon Lawrence Vxrglnxa Russell M Gary SECOND ROW Luana MCCB111Qt6Y Eugene Kurm John Cooper Guy Hord Mxllxam Gardner Jelry Baum THIRD ROW James Assenhelmer John Brookes John Mxllex Donald Snyder Charles Smxth Cazl TenEyck Lloyd Walker ZZ u McNutt: Ruby McCa111ster: Alloe Stevens: and Richard Hart. . . V E H b . 5 l rs . I . , FIRST ROW SECOND ROB THIRD ROM ABSENT FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW ABSENT Fourth Grade Dxxxe Fox Lonna Rxce Donna Brooks Julia Heid Mary Ann Brookes and Mrs Chartex Mxcheal Hough Maxy Jo Greenxck Janc Murphy Baxbaxa Neff Beverly H111 V1rg1n1a Leuthold and Freddxe Dxcks Ronnxe hall Kaxl Grau Davxd Moore Kenneth Edgington Jxmmy Hough James Foust and Jimmy Neubacher Larry Graves Third Grade Tommy Stetzer Shelby Vaughn Bonnie Cover, Kathleen Purvis, Bobb Pickett, Kay Hough Glorla Norton, Donna Miller, Larry Heid Mrs Schrader Roger Hord Eddie Muchow Richard Francxs Priscilla Rostash, Joyce Sours Barbara Young Rxchard Grau Jimmie Kalb Jimmxe Wise Jessxe Held Judith Christman Steven Gibb Harxlyn Assenheimer Darlene Beck Keith Krauter, Sue Lohr Joan Kissling Peggy Shroll Judy Stuckman Z3 2 ' ' : ' 3 ' -z 1 1 ' . 'v. . ' I , ' . . ' ' ' n 'Z ' ' 2 ' : ' 1 ' : ' ' 1 Q ' " K' I ZH. ' , 1 , ' Wk, -V 1 II' ' I kv . w 'V ' X Ll I' t' . vt W . , 1 f , S. Q 'gk , 9 . ' 5 L ff , " " . ffl , " A I I " K I.. f u ' . 5 1 , .2 X " 1. . . f : . Q . , I 'I ' 1 yi? . .mg V . . I . y Y , , 1 . , ' i , , . , - 3 1 v 1 , , , - 'wan--1' x wvfL FIRST ROW SECOWD ROW THIRD ROW Second Grade John Wise Joseph Fox Edith Hexd Linda Lust Sandra Hart James Hill Wilma Cravens Shirley TenEyck and Mrs Oppenlander Charles Vaughn Ralph Moore, Thomas Harman Douglas Hoover, Dianne Swisher Ctarles Hough Sy1v1a Lust Marjorxe Greenick, and Nancy Gardner Ann Wert Ralph Foust, Richard Neff David Blaser, Herbert Bucher, Barbara Kuhn Sue Cooper and Jean Gibb FIRST ROW SECOND ROI THIRD ROW 'N-A' zrst Grade David Fox Betty Foust, Jerry Held Sandra Gould, Ernest Rice, Dianne Norton, Donald Moore Alva Young Gary Turney, Kenneth Leuthold Dwight Blaser, Norma Rostash, Gary Emo Patricia Francis Lary Carmean, Bobby Brookes, Daniel Beck Linda Foust, Jerry Kent, Shlrley Schrader, James McCal11ster, Sharon Willett William Parcher, Julia Cooper, Clarence Lauthers Mrs Boehm Z4 I' C Kw mmfzagzfffcfs F22 Q 55 Q aw 5 A Ll Q wx Q db L 'T' W Vans ity FIRST ROM Kenneth Schifer Howard Stuckman Dlck Brookes Max Kissling Elmer Kottyan and Harold Brooks SLCOVD ROR Gerald Hoover Daryl Murphy Gerald Crxssinger, Glenn Hoffman Eddxe Schxfer and Mr Conway Coach R escr c cs lust Bllly Kuhn and Roger Sands DFCOND ROW George Fritz Manager Raymond Hoffman Paul Bucher John Cook Tom Louis Dick Weaver Herbert Young and Arnulf Beck 26 FIRST ROW: Mr. Conway, Coachg Donald Absenheimerg Roger Neff: Dick Leuthold: Philip mum Va rsztx 1' II sr Str mg Howard Stuckmun Dick Bxookes Max Kissling Harold Bxookn Llmer Kottyan, and Kenneth Schiffer ,-, '55 4' X 'x IX Resene Inst Stung Mr Conway Coach Daryl Murphy Gerald Crxsslngex Glenn Hoffman Gerald Hoover and Eddxe Schxfer 2.7 Uaseval I FIRST ROW Donald Aesenheimer Eddie Schifer Daryl Murphy Max Kxcsllng Harold Brooks D1ck Brookes and Paul Bucher SECOND ROW Dxck Leuthold Glenn Hoffman Howard Stuckman Elmer Kottyan Roger Sands Gerald Hoover and Kenneth Schxfer George Parcher Bxlly Kuhn Arnulf Beck and Tom Louis Manager Bu ffl 1 x Donald AsQcnh0xm1l Rogan Snnde Gol11d Hoovfx 1ni Elmer Kottyun Z8 THIRD now: Gerald crxssxnger, Mdnager: Mr. Conway, coach: Bill Hougng Philip Lust l ' I x I 1 I I1f101l1 Howard Stuckman Elmer Kottyan Eddie Schifer, Max Kissling Dick Brookes fJlIfflUlll Glenn Hoffman Daxyl Murphy Harold Blocks Paul Bucher 9 d Cheerleaders Jacqueline Fairchild Student Coach Roger Neff Marilyn Parcher Carol Stuckman Colleen Puzlls Gerry Clugston and Velma Jean lxlson FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROR V ISIII I fLetters Avuaxded In The Followlng Sports J Max K1ssl1ng iSecretaryD Basketball Baseball Elmer Kottyan IPFCSIUCHII Basketball Baseball and Kenneth Schlfer 1TreasurerJ Txack Glenn Hoffman Baseball, Track Harold Brooks Baseball Basketball Eddle Schxfer, Baseball Daryl Murphy Baseball Track Bob Jeffrey Track and Gerald Hoover Baseball Mr Conway Coach Roger Neff Cheerleader Paul Bucher Baseball Howard Stuckman Baseoall Basketball Gerald Crlssxnger Basketball Dxck Brookes Baseball Donald Assenhelmer Baseball and Dxck Leuthold Baseball 30 ' v 1 I 1 - , 5 U ..' . N' H ll. , . - 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 , . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 SQUAD Homecoming I 950 Carol Ann St ckma Attenda t Velma Jea Wil on Q ee and Colleen P rvis Att d en Lyle St tz r wn Bearer a d M y Ellen ar a Fl we Gir VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Zion Zion Zion Zion Zion Z1on Zion Zion Zion Zion Zion Zion Holmes Liberty Whetstone Iberia Tiro North Robinson Chatfield Nevada Holmes Liberty New Washington Leesville Sulphur Spring Lykens Tournament Record Zion Lykens Ha old Ho a d t c man g G1 n H ff an Ge ald C 1ss1n 1 ha d L t Rxc ard B ooke K n th Sch Ge ald H 0 e Rage s ds and Eddie Schl 31 u u y n, ant- n , n s , u e er, C 0 Q n ar H m n, Mt. . . . . . 26 Mt. . . . 32 . . Mt. .. . .42 . . . Mt. . . . .40 . . . . . Mt. . . .33 Mt. ' . . 37 . . Mt. . . 64 . . . . Mt. . . 33 Mt. . . 50 ' Mt. Zion . . .43 Iberia . . . . Mt. . . 34 . . Mt. . . 34 Mt. . . . 39 . . . . Ut. . . . . . 38 . . . 1 r Brooks, W r S u k , Max Kisslin , e o m Rocv Q eu :Olga ' h r S, ggryl Murphy, e ne RESERVE BASKETBALL RECORD Jr H :gh Basketball CHEERLEADERS Ramona Kissling Mary Jo Guinther Ardene Stuckmnn Janice Muchow Kay Jones and Teddy Leuthold FIRST ROW Franklin Leuthold Dale Shroll James Kuhn David McCall1ster Donald Hord Charles Assenhelmer and Gilbert Peterman SECOND ROW Mr Conway Coach Donovan Hassen Gerald Lohr Glenn Murphy Charles Neikirk Lowell Assenheimer and Charles Denzer The Junior High had a little more luck than the Varsity this year They won three and lost eight games The first five players are as follows Forwards, Peterman and Shroll, Guards, McCa1lister and Kuhn, Center, Hord, Substitutes, Charles Assenheimer and Franklin Leuthold Shroll was the high point man during the year The Tournament was held March 6 8 13 15 first game was with North Robinson Zlon Zxon Zxon Zxon Zxon Z10n Zion Zion Zion Zxon Zion Zion Holmes Liberty Whetstone Iberla Tlro Chatfield Nevada Holmes Lxberty New Washlngton Iberxa Leesvxlle Sulphur Springs Lykens 32 at Sulphur Springs Our - V , , , . , , V , ' ' V l Y Y I - 1 1 1 1 ' Mt. ' ....... 2l .... 16 Mt. ' ....... 23 ...... 24 Mt. ' ....... 20 ' ........ 32 Mt. ' ....... 16 ' ..,...,.. 15 Mt. Zion ..... . 13 North Robinson .... 20 Mt. ' ....... 31 ...... 15 Mt. ' ....... 28 ........ 23 Mt. ....... 30 ' .... 31 Mt. ....... 34 ' .... 40 Mt. ....... 28 ' ........ 35 Mt. ' .,..... 30 ' ...,... 32 Mt. ....... ? ' .... .? lt. , ...... ? ....... . ? Er 5 AUGWIWZXWXES di, K XXX Ss fi cm N KN E 5 XX, xx if db 42 S wav M Student Council SLATLD lax Kissllng Phylli Lust Dick Brookes Eddie Schifer and Irene h 1 Assen e mer STANDING Buddy George Kenneth Schifer Daryl Murphy Gilbert Peterman and Mr The Student Council consists of elected students from each class and re cognized student club or organization, whose duty is to manage the control of student activities The aim of this is to improve the student conduct and morale while giving the members actual experience in governing themselves and others Other members of the student body have a right to express their views either through their representatives or in Council meetings where they may appear themselves The Council can be a great factor for good in the school if the members are interested in having a good school and are good representative students It is a high honor to be chosen president of the Student Council This year the Council approved plans for many school parties, assemblies, chapels, and other extra curricular activities These were scheduled through the year as follows Sophomore initiation of Freshmen October 10 Seniors' party for Juniors October 21 Chapel program November 23 Christmas party for entire high school December 23, Chapel program by Mt Zion Youth Fellowship February 3, Patriotic assembly program February 21 Chapel program March 3 Assembly program by Freshmen class March 17, Chapel program Good Friday, Conservation Day program by Biology class April 14 Chapel program lay 10, Recognition Day for awards May 26 34 W W y "1 , S: 2 Q ' 2 L 9 1 1 . Harman, Advisor. . . . . . ' a . . 1 ' 1 g 1 ' 1 ' un 1 9 I - - . - . 1 1 up . un ' 1 1 FUTURE H0 442. A Af FIRST ROW Shxrley Jeffrey Maxxne Clark Joyce Tuxney Evelyn Lutz Jane Stuckman larquclxne Fa1rLh1ld Martha u1HCh Judxth KlSNl1Hg and Ixnng Assenhelm SECOND ROW Shxrley elklrk Wxlma Houk nx lmutho Shxrley Gulnther Gerry Clugston Lu lxfn Purvls Carol Stuckman Phyllxs lust rx Murphy and Mrs heavgr AdVlSOX THIRD ROW Donna S yder Ruth NICKICSOD 140111 L 1 Velma WIIQOH and Betty Hart FOURTH ROW Jeanne Sharrock L1111an B1ll1HLS Mamlf Dunn Marjorxe Houk Dorothy hdg1Hg on Pxulxnc Bucher and Esther Hnvd 4 'avr-'HL FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW F F A Club Max Kisslxng Elmer Kottyan Gerald Crxsslnger Milton Mlller Kenneth Schifer George Frxtz and Mr Jordan, Advisor Benton Wall B111y Kuhn, Donald Assenhexmer Roger Sands Roger Neff George Parcher, Dlck Leuthold, and Billy Hough James Nxckleson John Cook, Jack George Herbert Young Gerald Hoover Eddie Schifer Rlchard Dickey, and James Gulnther Howard Stuckman Raymond Hoffman Paul Dunn Daryl Murphy Dick Brookes Philip Lust and Paul Bucher 35 , r".4"'. f s 'Ps V or I . - L 4 if A . 3 . '1 5 1 6 - I . I X j . 2 I". H '. fluh , ' er. I ' N ' ' i ' ' I Jvu 'rv ,- ld: ' ' 1 1 1 v, 1 ' 1 T. 'FQ 2 . ., :Mn'1yn 5 ' - , I Q . 'I n Q ' .' :Mn-' 1 'lzrki Eleanor Rostash: Lauretta Edginglong Graco Buumg ' ' 1 R ' 't IL' A V' I 15 3 5 v ' x K .,rV ,. W X XX V if 'V X 1 ,V X W . 3 ' ' U R ' il J . ' - ,' ' I 'f M 'Os AX.. ' -' M " " -. D - ev I I ' Q Z ' ' S ' Q 9 ' 9 - Z I ' ' ' C Q C : ' 1 ' 1 S I 5 . . , I 1 5 5 5 Q .0 ,p 941.9 .Ln rv' F. H A. 113. Installation of new officers. 123. Working hard girls? 137. Getting b0X ready to send to foreign Home Economics Class. 147. Initiation of new members. 153. F. H. A, and F. F. A. on hay ride. 163 Taken after the F.H.A. convention. 177. Juniors having fun. 187. What you got your mouth open for, Betty? 197. Working hard girls? 1103. Table de- corated for Installation and Initiation. 1115. I-la11owe'en party at Irene-'s. 36 C lzenm try Class lax Kisslxng Jxmmy Guinther Mr Kuenzli teacher Daryl Murphy Glenn Hoffman Kenneth Schiffer Mxlton Mxller Davxd Russell Elmer Kottyan and Gerald Crissxnger vvw Tgprng C lass VIRST ROW Eddie Schifer Howard Stuckman Maxine Clark and Martha winch SECOND ROW Luuretta Edgington Betty Hart Evelyn Lutz and Dick Weaver THIRD ROY Mrs Shaffstall teacher Marcella Clark Ruth hickelson Esther Hord ind Xclm1 hileon 37 5 , .. I . O . , . X .4 . - ' 4 4 ' ' . . I .O ' x O .2 ' I 2 - , : z c . - : 9 ' . s,,."fW"' 'wr K, , i , 'V I L . W Y ' 1 xx I L ' : 1 ' . 2 1 9 1 ' E g. , 9 2 ' C ' Boys Glee Club ACCOMPANIST Jane Stuckman QUARTET Elmer Kottyan Max Kissling Gerald Crisslnger Eddie Schlfer FIRST ROW Billy Kuhn Donald Assenheimer Roger Sands Roger Neff George Parcher Dick Leuthold Bill Hough SECOND ROW James Nickelson John Cook Jack George Gerald Hoover Rxchard Dxckey Milton Mxller Kenneth Schifer THIRD ROW Raymond Hoffman George Fritz Glenn Hoffman D1ck Brookes Ph1l1p L st James Guinther Dick Weaver FOURTH ROW Howard Stuckman Daryl Murphy Herbert Young Paul Bucher Dlck Jeffrey Tom Louis Benton Wall ACTIVITIES OF THE MUSIC CLUBS An operetta, HWords and Musicn by Horswell and Lee was presented in April Action took place on a college campus with the students assisting the Deans of Music in writing an operetta which took a modern turn when the students decided they wanted no Shakespearean atmosphere The cast appeared as follows Fernando Fussbutton Samanthia Highnote Mary Allen Anastasius Longword John Warren Jean Jane Joyce June Jerry Jack Jim The operetta was well rece1ved, thanks to Mrs to Miss Wyker, dramat1cs director 38 Philip Lust Esther Hord Martha Winch Roger Neff Gerald Crissinger Irene Assenheimer Marilyn Parcher Shirley Guinther Jane Stuckman Gerald Hoover Eddie Schifer Max K1SS1iDg P1rnst111, music dlrector, and Washington ------------------ Dick Leuthold Gzrls Glee Club FIRST ROW Evelyn Lutz CAccompan1stD Joyce Turney Jeanne Sharrock Shirley Ne1k1rk Donna Snyder Margie Wilson Martha Winch Jacqueline Fairchild L1ll1an Blllxngs SECOND ROW Marcella Clark Irene Assenheimer Maxlne Clark Geraldlne Clugston Colleen Purvxs Wxlma Houk Jeanice Leuthold Shlrley Gulnther Phyllis L t US THIRD ROW Cora Lou TenEyck Carol Stuckman Judlth Kxssling Dorothy Edgx gton Velma Jean Wxlson Betty Hart Esther Hord Edgington Grace Baum Marilyn Murphy ACTIVITIES OF THE MUSIC CLUBS Boys and g1rls meet separately in thelr Glee Clubs, each group tw1ce a week then Join for one per1od for Mixed Chorus, each week Desirdng to be of servlce to the community the group motored to Gallon in the school bus to Slng a twenty mlnute program of Christmas carols, 1D the out door shell constructed in front of the Ch11dren's Home The second Chr1stmas progect was the caroling at varlous homes of shut lns and the aged 1D the lmmedlate school v1cinity The P T A at Norton School in Bucyrus was entertalned by the Chorus in April Mlxed ensemble and lnstrumental numbers made up the program Speclal numbers for Chapel programs, the Easter servlce at Mt Z1on Church and for baccalaureate are a part of the year's program for the Chorus The soclal h1ghl1ght of the year was the party sponsored by the Chorus 1n April Varlous games, dancing and refreshments were planned and executed by members with the officers of the G1rl's Glee Club serv1ng as a comm1ttee These g1rls are Max1ne Clark, Pres1dent, Irene Assenhe1mer, v1Ce Pres1dent, Evelyn Lutz, Secretary An ensemble of Junior and Sen1or g1rls and a boy's quartet appeared during the year, furn1sh1ng music for class plays and special meetlngs 39 w W N 7 7 777777 N I 9 I I v I 1 1 V J I n r A 1 ' v ': h , , ' ' . H v FOURTH ROW: Jane Stuckman, Shirley Jeffrey, Mamie Dunn, Marjorie Houk, Lauretta 1 3 , Wt fum School Bum! Paulxne Bucher Joyce Turney Ardene Sluckman Janlce Muchow Janet H111 Dxrk Weaver Davxd Russell Dlck Leuthold Gerald Crxssinger Ruby Lxxs xngcr Shaxon Laurence Roger Neff Bob Jeffrey Ramon Kxsslxng Buxbara Neff Gerald Ruffenex Teddy Leuthold Jlmmy Dxckey FIRST ROW bkLOhD ROI Lvelyn Lutz Donald Hord Patty H111 Mamxe Dunn Shlrley Jeffrey Dlck Brookes Cora Lou Tenhyck Jane Stuckman Jeanne Sharrock Lxllxan Bllllngs Mr Gilbert director THIRD ROW The Band has been very actlve again this year They have made the following appearances Memorial Day Servlces at Nevada, Brush Rldge, and Bucyrus, Summer festivals at several dlfferent schools 0h1o State Fa1r in the band shell V F W Parade 1D Bucyrus, County Fair 1n contest for all county bands, Mard1 Gras at Bucyrus, Gallon, and Bucyrus Gerald Cr1SS1Dg6r and Roger Neff went to Delaware 1D January to play ln Central Ohio Band Fest1val They were among 130 students chosen rut of 200 aud1t1oned for the event There are only two Seniors 1D the Band th1s year, Gerald Cf1SS1DgBr and David Russell They wall no doubt miss the weekly Tuesday pract1ce and the appearances the Band makes during a year of work 40 the who many A u 4- Aw. -1 v .' - I . ' , 3' John Cook Sarah Russell, Dale Shroll, Gerald Hoover, Judith Kisslingz .1 'i , V , ' . YY 4. y , Y - . - , . . ' s S I I 0 . 0 J . . Z I 'H The School Cafeteria Mrs Elsxe Brooks Mrs Emma Strohm QManagerJ This year the cafeterxa began operatlons on November 7 It w1ll close ln Aprll We cannot operate durxng the entlre school term because of US1ng the Home ECOHONICS kxtchen for preparlng the school meals Our requxred course of study for the students ln Home ECONOMICS lncludes a certaxn amount of t1me ln the foods laboratory Ad d1t1onal space for the cafeter1a and the classes IH Home Economxcs IS urgently needed Mrs Strohm has two addltlonal part tlme helpers who come on alternate days Mrs Beatrlce Muchow and Mrs Velma Dxckey Over 200 meals are served daxly makxng total of 13 709 up to the fourth week ln February Louxse ASSOhh91mGT handles the records and money reports as a part of her work as school secxetary All lncome 1S deposxted at the bank to the credxt of the board of education as all f1nances are handled by the clerk of the board Total recexpts from the students and teachers were S2 648 71 and c1a1ms to the State Department of Educatlon were S902 84 E pendltures for operatxng expenses amounted to S3 461 73 ln addltxon to whlch the board expended S319 72 for equ1pment such as plates SIIVCFWHIC and other items Food expenses account for most of the operatlnb expenses costing S2 185 84 add1t1on to that purchased much food 1S recelved by the school from the U S d1StF1bUt1OH of surplus food commodltles These xtems slnce November were 2 cases of drxed eggs 2 cases of drled m11k 4 cases of prunes 4 cases of raxslns cases of cheese 6 cases of butter 1 case of orange JUICE 15 cases of canned peaches 2 cases of honey 3 cases of tomato paste 2 cases of peanut butter 2000 pounds of whxte potatoes and 45 boxes of apples A few chlldren are served meals free 1n accordance wxth the avreement made wlth the state Welfare depaxtment ln recelvlng these above food xtems These are cextxfled to the school by the county welfare department Daily lunches are prepared to conform to nutr1t1on requlrements set up by the state 41 .,-4. .JU v ...ff '1- M s W' 113. Did you find what you were looking for Betty?'? 123, Memorial day at Bucyrus. 133. Colleen Purvis and George Fritz. 1Pals3 143, Biology class on field trip, 153 How far did you have to carry her, Shirley? 163. Freshmen Initiation. 173. Biology class studying forestry. 42 Y ln io. 'N-.1- if U'lns ill Don t eat too much kxds 123 George Frxtz and Rxchard Dxckey CID Damage the stage by fire C41 what corn 1n the school? L55 Bus dzxvers Mr R Denzu c ifer M Brooks Mr Cover M Ru enex an Mr J Eubank 169 Rxcha Leuthold making Carol Ann Stuckman bow to the Sophomoxe Supeu 101 xty i77 Shxrley on a Blology Fleld Trxp LBJ Hustle Our bathxng beauty Oh Jane KQJ Vlaxjo and Harold Brooks at the Track Meet at Gallon 43 1 2. Q 5, .. donu u 1 Nnxklxk 11L Houk .4 'aff . 1: V . y 1 - ,I A - '. fn . Y.1, -- - 9 . R ' naw h . . 5-'Ms-, - A I A ,r P , . I . A . .6 C n lf . " n ' n fu' . ,' ' A S 'HZ' Q. 'gy f A' H A " f,'. A -pe feA ' ' Q... ' ' ' ,-,..,, I1 -' F " O I , ' ' 0- . .,, ,A ., lZV':',' ' ' r' . Y ' ' ' 4 . Xu . . ' L ' . " , . . ", Mr G sn ,.r. , .A ,rA. ff as . . .' -d ,f The Faculty 413. High School Faculty after year's work is done. 123. Mrs. Pirnstill takes time out between classes for a picture. i33. Mrs. Schrader, Shirley Schrader and Mrs. Boehm, after school. 143 Miss Wykox' waiting for Senior English class. 653. Sun's awfully bright, isn't iv. Betty? 163. Mr. Kuenzli in one of his lighter moods. 173. Mr. Harman reading his mail. 183. Is bookkeeping fun Mrs. Shaffstallf 44 i i 3133 17-fj X If .sf MM MM x X XX Q ff X X X Xi. X ff L 3 ob 'UN A 'N fx 'S ?: rx! X , ,J -X SEPTEMBER First day of school Just th1nk nine months of school ahead of us We have two new high school teachers Miss Wyker and Mrs Shaffstall There are 13 unlucky Sen1ors Ag class and Blology class goes on conservation fleld day trip First Baseball game Played Whetstone Charles Ramsden here for school assembly Grange gives reception for teachers We see the boys must have learned someth1ng in Chemlstry Class there was qu1te a smell from Chemlstry room What an uproar Jun1ors ass1gned parts 1D the play F F A sponsored a hay r1de County teachers meetlng Get out of school at 2 00 OCTOBER More exc1tement Varsity Z chose the Cheerleaders Freshman Ag Students' parents have conference with Mr Jordan Finally Wyandot Kids don' have to walk any more Formal Installation and Initiation of F H A Elzie Bown here for School Assembley He was a memory w1zard Sophomores In1t1ation of the Freshmen More fun Freshman Civics class field trip to Columbus Juniors selected the1r class r1ngs F H A had a work shop at President's home Dr Ide, Dr Solt and county nurses give physical exam1nation County F H A Rally at Holmes Liberty District teachers meeting No School' Band Plays in Madri Gras at Bucyrus 46 NOVEMBER Great Day ' Sen1ors had pictures taken F H A girls were over r3d10 Stat10n W M R N Junior class play Nice g01D' Jun1ors Oh Boy We can sleep later now No packlng lunches any more Cafeterla opens First basketball game Zion played Eden We Won " Armistice day Vacation F F A meeting 1n Ag Bu1lding, 4 H Junior Leadersh1p group meet ing, Grange women s Drill Team practlce H1gh School Faculty meet ing, Is our school a busy p1ace??? Choose Annual Staff Mrs Weaver from the Red Cross spoke to F H A 25 Thanksg1v1ng vacation Oh, Goodien at High School Party Elementary Operetta, Black Magic H Congratulation Mrs Prinst1ll and grade teachers N1ce going" DECEMBER F1rst county league game Zion played Whetstone Duke Montague and wlfe were here for school assembly Choru sang at Galion Childrens Home County nurse and Doctor here for Hearing tests Seventh and Eighth Grade Christmas party High School went Chr1stmas Carol1ng Freshmen and Sen1ors had heads exam1nation Clntelligence Tests! High School Christmas Party Did you find out who had your name?? Begin Christmas vacatlon . ' 1... :. ' . 3... ' In n - 4... I .... D l ' . 8... v ' . 0 14.. ' '.' . . 14.. ' U. ' - g ' l5.. ' . 'L i . 22.. . ' 'f i. 24- . -1" for F.H.A. i 28...Freshmen entertained Sophomores . :D 30... p.m. .u ' . ' :: ' t ' 6... ' ' . 12... S H ' 15... ' ' . ' M 19... B . 1: 20... - ' ' . v A 22... I ' ' ' . 23... ' . ' .. JANUARY Back to school again School Board members visited school Every one on their best behavior Seniors order commencement announcements and name cards Pictures taken for School annual A sllcked up crowd in school today Mr Harman and School Board members went to Galion to see new school bullding We wonder 1f we are going to have a new building??? F H A skating partv How many times d1d you fall down??? Annual Staff meeting Senlors got some work done Civ1cs Class had roller Skatlng party Grade Cards come out Are you golng to make honor soc1ety??? An unexpected vacat1on Wirlng 1n the footlights on the stage caused a fire Chapel Program glven by Youth Fellowshlp Vote for HOmeCOm1Dg Queen Velma Jean W11SOn, Queen Attendants, Carol Ann Stuckman and Colleen Purvls Senlors took snap shots A bulb exploded What a noise"' F F A Publlc Speak1ng Contest How did you come out fellows??? Homecomlng game Crowning the Queen, Velma Jean Wllson Dance after the game Played Tournament game w1th Lykens JUDIOT History Class gives program for school assembly Wash1ngton's Blrthday CVacat F F A entertalned F H A IOH, MARCH Chapel program given by Seventh Grade Freshman have Assembly Program Glee Club practices for Operetta County Teachers' meeting APRIL MA JUNE Student Council gives Chapel Program Good Friday CVacat1onJ Harry Wh1te here for School Assembly Everyone was excited I wonder why??? Could it have been High School Operetta Biology Class has a Lonservatlon Day assembly program F F A and F H A Banquet for parents County honor soclety banquet Somethlng we w1ll never forget Juniors"' Seniors give play Baccalaureate Last day of school P1CD1C dlnner CCommencementJ We wonder 1f you w1ll miss us next year??? Tennyson Guyer Speaker Thlrteen Senlors 1D th1S 30th class of graduates 2... . 3... . 17... ' . . 20... . 3... 31... . 5... ' 9... . ' 6... ' 11... ' 11.. .... ,. 14... ' . 18... . ' 17... ' ' ' 18... ' ' 21... . .. ... ' 27... ' . ' 4 .X 6... ' . FEBRUARY l9...Junior and Senior banquet. ' ' 23... . . 28... . 3... ' 31... . ' ' ' 3... 3 . 8... ' . ' . ' 10... . . 1" ' ' ' 10... ' . 16... 6 ' 21... ' ' 22... ' . " . 24.. .... ' 47 I 4 C13 Jane Stuckman and Joyce Turney Q23 Attentive Class Betty 133 A11 dressed up and no place to go C43 Nhat s golng on here'P'?? C53 Good frxends 163 Track Meet 1949 Q73 Pals Q83 Match your step Carol 193 Studyxng hard i103 Showing off mus1ca11y 1113 Last day of school 1949 K 23 Jane s F A Meetxng 4133 Why such a frown Joyce? 48 Q J f . A , J A 'ii 5.5 ' A . W? ,x ' -X, ir , Q 2 H n f A fs' J . D V e I X , y 'X Q , "7 'D L H I N fd- , I 1 f,. ,- 3 in , . f W 1' 6 W ui pi Q . T, B, My L L 721 .. ' , 1 . V' H- ,fl l .U ' - 5 MMFWQRMPWS Q K, we as Q am , X xx 42 db m f Q , QQ K WALSUORTM WAl.swfvvv ll :THQ lr S :O 3 .-.Iv --l 1.--W-.,f.1ArK..f., In--n.r-1 I, l' A '6ZLLfUfj'ZLLfllZ lyf'k3?5 5 fy S M MQ zfwzfzucfs XS! 0 V xx 4? db x v? I X , E Q MCDNNETT GRAIN C0 Crowford Nursery Krbler Motor Soles, Inc BUICK CHEVROLET O 219-233 W. RENSSELAER BUCYRUS, OHIO J E Huggins, Inc FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Oakwood Greenhouse CORNER EUCLID 8a KALER AVENUE BUCYRUS OHIO 0 0 0 0 BUCYRUS, OHIO - 1 ' Compliments of Zeigler Mill P Bucyrus Oh1o Dally Hog Market Auct1on Every Thursday Producers Livestock Cooperative Assn Phone 5137 Bucvrus Oh1o CRAWFORD Farm Bureau Cooperative Assn Everythmg for the Farm Owned and Controlled By Crawford County Farmers Plymouth Road Bucyrus Oh1o Route3 Sycamore Oh1o Duenquat 0h1O Petroleum Products Farm Supplies The Ulmer Electrlc Co WGSt1HghOUS9 Electrlc Ranges Refrxgerators Washers Easy Washers Lamps Flxtures 8z Apphances Complete Lme of G1ftS Bucvrus Oh1O Lutz Funerol Home Ambulance Servlce Phone 5925 Bugyrus Oh1o Bucyrus Ice Co Complete Meat Processmg Curmg Smokmg Slaughterhouse Food Lockers Phone 5404 Bucyrus, Ohlo 206 S. Sandusky Phone 5573 Walther Hardware S1gn of the B1g Saw Glass Tools Pamt Bucvrus Ohlo Bucyrus Farmers Exchange Phone 5969 633 E Oakwood Ave F1 ed W Dlerkshelde Owner Ezra P Heldman Ass t Mgr Purma Chows Bucyrus Ohlo A J Blttlkofer Fast on Route 30N Phone 5670 Internatlonal Harvester McCorm1ck Deermg Farmall Tractors Sales 8z SCFVICC , 7 . . 5 . , . , . 7 O I I I r 4 1 I w LOREN I' SPIECI' TYPIIWRITER C0 Typeu rlters Addmg Mach nes Off ce Equxpment Bucvrus Ohlo Shoes for the Entlre Famxly LONGS SHOE STORE Un the Square Buoy rus Oh1o Monarch Ranges Dewiter VN ashers Benjarnm Moore Paxnts FAWCETT Hardware Supply 119 N Sandusky Phone 5258 Botany 500 Sults Arrow Sh1rts JAY S TOGGERY If Your Clothes Are Not Becomlng to 'iou You Should Be Comlng to Us" Crosby Square Sz Jarman Shoes Stetson Hats L. t, ' 'A ' . , ' ' . C 'Q ' ' A ' 1 ,V , 1 7 . 7 7 4 , El 37 ' ' s za - 7 7 Tops n Style Quillty Value GROSII S MEN S WEAR Bucyrus Oh1o Good Health to All from Rexall GR XETZ Sz FOULK XORK LAFF Good Food Steaks Sz Chops 240 South Sanduskx Phone L1010 Buq rus Oh1O OLMORS MARKET Quallty Meits Z36S Sandusky Bucyrus Oh1o i - C ' - n l lx l 1 l J 1 4 Prescriptions Since 1854 Bucyrus, Ohio 7 '1 r L 7 ' is . C S . 7 7 ' BUCYRUS RESTAURANT The Best - - Air Conditioned George H, Davis, Prop. Bucyrus, Ohio STAN SHELLEY CLOTHING Bucyrus Store for Men and Boys Hart Schaffner 8a Marx Clothes Where the Gang Meets RICE BOWL Drive Inn Fine Food DAVIS JEWELRY The Diamond Store of Bucyrus Keepsake Diamonds Bulova Watches 213 S. Sandusky Bucyrus, Ohio WM WISE Sz QONQ Funeral Servlce Wlth Best Wlshes to the Class ot 1930 QU ALITY PRINTING C0 Prmtmg of All Kmds I hom 1251 Bunvrus Ohlo N ORTONS For ATtlStTy m Flowers J C PENNEY C0 Clothmg Shoes and Dry Goods for the Entlre Famlly Bucyrus Oh1o 1 l I . ss x 4 'w . . 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Suggestions in the Mount Zion High School - Zionian Yearbook (Bucyrus, OH) collection:

Mount Zion High School - Zionian Yearbook (Bucyrus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount Zion High School - Zionian Yearbook (Bucyrus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount Zion High School - Zionian Yearbook (Bucyrus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 21

1950, pg 21

Mount Zion High School - Zionian Yearbook (Bucyrus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 59

1950, pg 59

Mount Zion High School - Zionian Yearbook (Bucyrus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 15

1950, pg 15

Mount Zion High School - Zionian Yearbook (Bucyrus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 57

1950, pg 57

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