Mount Zion High School - Dawn Yearbook (Mount Zion, GA)

 - Class of 1968

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Table Of Contents INTRODUCTION. . . ATHLETICS. . . SCHOOL LIFE. . . FACULTY. . . SENIORS . . . UNDERCLASSMEN. . . ADVERTISEMENTS. . . The Dawn-l968 Mt. Zion High School Mt. Zion, Georgia ' nxvlnu'uuuguull' Mt. Zion . . . Where We Spent Our Years As our high school years come to a close, we look back over the wonderful moments we have spent at Mt. Zion High School. Our actions have made impressions on many people. May we all strive to be and to do the things that are expected of us even in our future years. Would you believe? . . decorating the goal post an hour before time for the game . . having to walk on your hands and knees down the hall . . . grading papers when no one makes above 70 . . Would you believe? . . . we also have a boy's bath- room . . . being hot and sweaty and having to go back to class . . kXo o okooo oo oooo I oxwo o Loafing . . . Existing . . . have you ever gotten to the store at recess just as the last bell rang . . . wanted to get away from the world and go off some- where by yourself and read a book . . . sat on your front steps at night and wondered whether or not the world was real . . . . . . have you ever been starving and got to the lunchroom to find out it's pork and beans . . . slept in class and woke up to find out the teacher was asking you a question . . WK iv..- KC .. Hoping . . . Planning . at last: the decorations are all up . "I finally made above a 70 in Chem- istry" . . . the final pages of the annual were sent off . . . . . . at last: winning a ball game during the last minutes of the game . . . the class rings arrived before Christmas . . . . at last: a date this weekend . . nine weeks tests are over . . . graduation night is here . . . 10 11 Striving-Achieving- Dedication We the Senior Class of 1968 dedicate THE DAWN to Mrs. Ruth Gammon. She has been a first grade teacher at Mt. Zion for over twentyefive years, and still stands out in our minds as one who loves children and the one who started most of us on our way through school. Mrs. Gammon has not only been a teacher, but also a friend and advisor to many of us through our school ye ars. We are proud to dedicate the 1968 edition of THE DAWN to Mrs. Ruth Gammon. ATHLETICS v, ixwxrsi: V Eagle Coaching Staff FIRST ROW: Tommy Stuart, Lanette Horton, Harold McWhorter. SECOND ROW: Sam Horne, Duncan Cameron, John Verner--ath1etic director. Ann Ray. THIRD ROW: Wayne Noles, Kenneth Skinner. Football 67-68 COACHES Head coach--Tommy Stuart. Ass't. --Sam Horne CAPTAIN Donald C antrell CO-CAPTAIN Clyde West 18 Mt. Zion Football Squad-l967 Donald CantrelL-End Brad Cole--End Leland Styles- - Guard Steve Traylor--Back Clyde West--End David Akin--Guard 21 Cecil Harris--Back Steve Styles- -Back Cheerleaders Alts. "Dianne Hinesley, Patsy Adams, Gail Co-Capt. --Marianne Clark; Sponsor--Miss Walls; Hutcheson. Captain--Wendy Rosenbalm. Debbie A11en--Fr. Marianne C1ark--Jr. Susan Pike--Jr. , w. n v 3 V "FF"! 1 v; . ,;- E mg. m, it K I x 4 h Sylvia Windom--Sr. Gail Whitman--Sr. Nancy Lewis--Fr. Wendy Rosenbalm--Sr. Vickie Mincey--Jr. Homecoming Queen Joy Steed '5 u' .4 .' ,' "xI-ia-Iwmvk. A u: .1 . . ,'1 1 : ' WI . . ' X 1: A u W , I..a b t e k S a B Va .W G Judy Rooks--Forward g a ! Wendy Rosenbalm- - Guard Guards: Marian Williams, Wanda Monroe, Kathryn Miles, Connie Higgins, Anne Craven, Debbie Allen. 2nd Team Forwards--Denise Reneau, Wanda Crook, Brenda Walton, Gail Hutcheson, Patricia Rudy. Judy Prather--Guard Belinda Akin--Forward Nancy Lewis--Forward d ID t e k S a B ,5 V1 O B Guard Gerald Hendrix-- Coach: Harold McVVhorter; Forwards: William McClain, Brad Cole; Center: Tony Gentry; Guards: Gerald Hendrix, Clyde West. SECOND TEAM Claude Dobbs, For- ward; Cecil Harris, Guard; Donald Can- trell, Center; Tony Brown, Guard; David Gentry, Forward. William McClain- -Forward w. 1L 37 FRESHMEN TEAM Jerry Coalson, Larry Morris, Forest Turner, Wendell Perry, Jerry Morris. Brad Cole- 'FOrWard FIRST ROW: James Cato, Larry Thomas, Steve Stanford, Terry Thompson, Tony Brown, Willie Brown, David Akin, Crosby Holland, Milford Snow. SECOND ROW: Wendell Perry, William Jenkins, William McClain, Donald Cantrell, Brad Cole, Cecil Harris, Leland Styles, Jimmy Pitts, Steve Hudgins, Coach Stewart. Baseba" l968 Coach Tommy Stew art 38 Donald Cantrell Jimmy Pitts 39 BATTERY: Pitchers--Crosby Holland, Terry Thompson, Cecil Harris, Willie Brown. Catcher--Steve Hudgins. Brad Cole 40 Leland Styles Steve Hudgins 41 Midget Football FIRST ROW: T. Hudgins, T. Phillips, E. Griffin, B. Sewell, C. Thompson, E. Perry, and D. Ballentine. SECOND ROW: T. Harris, R. Perkins, K. Thompson, D. Walton, L. Foster, D. Griffin and K. Phillips. THIRD ROW: R. Cole, Coach Noles, M. Clark, S. Skinner, R. Lipham, D. Worthy, Coach Skinner and D. Samples. Midget Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: Sharon Huddleston, Janice Allen, Darline Crook, Kay Styles, SECOND ROW: Vanessa Samples, Dondra Crook, Laura Hawkins, Sherry Johnson. 42 Eighth Grade Boys Basketball FIRST ROW: Keith Robinson, Randy Lipham, Rick Perkins, Steve Skinner, Mark Clark, Lyndle Foster. SEC- OND ROW: Coach Tommy Stewart, Randy Robinson, Tony Ellison, Mike Ballentine, Coach Duncan Cameron. Eighth Grade Girls Basketball FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Swint, Laura Hawkins, Sharon Huddleston, Rhonda Brock, Vanessa Samples. SECOND ROW: Peggy Huddleston, Kay Styles, Dondra Crook, Bernice McClendon, Linda Wiggins, Pam Huddleston, Diane Smith, Coach Ann Ray. 43 SCHOOL LIF E :me mm m Kathryn Miles 3i i eh: . 1;? a9 ' ' '7 u? ; :0 1'. J": "M'Hw i" o u; Wu: J .37" 2 - $31.. tnk , :1';I,:. Vi " 5 .. ' I ' ,' . wwv4V " ' I 1! Ut- Wiltnnawt'xg'.$;? I H V , . re... -, 'Wmmv'V" , " . '3 n .' V wm.:;:t',w I ,. I '. WagM m m k , x5 v , 3: mm, ,u w m w W1 :. m ' Marianne Clark Patricia Crews Karan M Adams Mr. And Miss Mt. Zion High School WENDY ROSENBALM and DONALD CANTRELL 53 Prettiest And Most Handsome GAIL FARMER and WILLIAM JENKINS 54 r h u P o P t s o M R m A R T E w W d m M L A B m S O R Y D W W Most Ambitious BONNIE COLE and CLYDE WEST 56 Best Dressed GAIL WHITMAN und GERALD HENDRIX 57 Most Intellectual CONNIE HIGGINS and CLYDE WEST 58 Most Courteous KATHY HUGHES and TONY GENTRY 59 Most Talented SYLVIA WlNDOM and RANDY JILES 60 Wittiest BEVERLY HENDRIX and FRANKIE HINSLEY 61 Most Athletic SYLVIA WINDOM and STEVE HUDGINS 62 Star Teacher And Star Student DORA WALLS and CLYDE WEST 63 Beta Club Wendy Rosen- Secretary, Duncan Cameron; President, Clyde West; Vice-President, Sylvia Windom; balm; Treasurer, Tony Gentry. Sponsor , , Wendy Rosen- Iackie Sue Bagw e11 Medra Sue Akers, Kathryn Miles, Dianne Hinesley, Tony Gentry, Sylvia Windom. Clyde West, Vicki Lea, Vickie Mincey, balm , 64 ..: huh... IIII.II. . "4. us 5. 65 E g 2 :5 Officers: Steve Hudgins--Sergeant at arms; Sylvia Windom--Secretary; Leland Styles--Treasurer; Wendy Rosenbalm--V. President; Donald Cantrell--President; Tommy Stewart--Sponsor. 66 SENIOR MEMBERS: FIRST ROW--Stevc Traylor, Wendy Rosenbalm, Judy Rooks, Sylvia Windom, Gail Whit- man, Kathryn Miles, Gerald Hendrix SECOND ROW-"Brad Cole, Clyde West, William Jenkins, Leland Styles, Steve Hudgins, Donald Cantrell. NEW MEMBERS: FIRST ROW--Milford Snow, Mike Traylor, Gerald Hendrix, Crosby Holland, Cecil Harris. SECOND ROW -Debbie Allen, Nancy Lcwis, Gail Hutcheson, Susan Pike, Kathryn Miles, Patsy Adams, William Jenkins, Dianne Hinesley, Steve Styles, Anne Craven, Terry Thompson, Patricia Rhudy, Claude Dobbs, Belinda Akin. 67 Le Cerle Frangais :3. :52:- :22... u"...-. 35532:: :3 5E E:::E::::. mg-::n:::.: gaazziz 2...:- ga:::.: .55.. i F FEE gag: BE: . u a , Cecil Harris; Secretary, Gail Whitman; Treasurer, Brad C lark. Officers: President, Leland Styles; Vichresident Cole; Program Chairman, Marianne ,i I a; , I ll": . l i i I I ' 9 3 i ! E i mumm Elli! HM!!! - - - f u . H. -- q $ ; - l.x v W9 7.- Q FIRST ROW: N. Daugherty, L. Bradley, B. Daniel, J. Steed, Miss Dyer sponsor, A. Kidd, R. Doggett, J. Brown. SECOND ROW: K. Thomas, G. Williams, D. Williams, K. McAdams, P. Denney, J. Chandler, C. Hawkins, V. Lea, J. Gresham, S. Sheets. 70 WM Officers: President, Joy Steed; Vice-Presu'dcm. Carylon Hawkins; Sponsor, Miss Dyer; Secretary- Treasurer, Martha Lands. 71 Aviation Club .55. 5554-55:- :55: ... , .fu. .. 1.5;.J J t . . . R. Shelton, J. .55: ::::E y . :2: w w G. Wallis, :5: 52-: 5:: 5:: a.. z E... 5...: :::s . .- Inna , L. Norton, T. Thompson, Sponsor. :7 Neill ::::::: J Gerald Griffies-- THIRD ROW: E. Ol D. Dukes, r....:.::::z 15:33-25.- J J .5: J E J. E. : M . Huddleston, M. Clark, R. Perkins, L. Webb. SECOND ROW: A. Craven, P. Rhudy, G. Hutcheson, B. Wal- P. Adams. FIRST ROW: M. Williams, C. Hendrix, Lon, Jiles, 72 : ! ies. iff N avigatov -Gai1 Hutcheson; Accountant- -Anne Sportsmanship Trophy Winner--Tony Brown. 5 1n Brenda Walton; Sponsor--Gerald Gr Pistoltoter- - : E- T erry Thompson- -C apta Cleve Iilendrix- 2:: E EH Controller- - S George Wallis--Co-Captain Craven E: 2::- : 73 Senior Y FIRST ROW: A. Johnson, W. McClain, D. Cantrell, D. Weathington, S. Traylor, J. Pitts, J. Lambert, D. Madgelia, A. Vaughn, T. Brown. SECOND ROW: B. Hendrix, C. Hawkins, B. Cole, Mr. Vernerm-Sponsor, J. Steed, M. Lands, K. Hughes, J. Cole. t m Ham u I , u m H u Officers: Jimmy PittSHPresident; Jerrell Lambert--V. President; John Verner-Sponsor; Joy Steed--Secretary; Bonnie Cole--Chaplain; Steve Traylor--Treasurer. 75 Junior Y 76 Officers: Pam Huddleston--Rep0rter; Cathy McAdzlms--Treasurer; Kenneth Skinner--Sponsor; Patricia Crews- Secretary; Fay Reed--V. President; Tony Ellison President. Science Club . .m:::-: u::::- i::-::. E 6..... . 2:55:22: .. . .z, :7 i ., w 75:: prawn::::;::: 0. w3:2: .E:E:::::: , 25.5: 2.3:: : :53 I n; 5 tn 911$ unw' hguh; J n'. , ' l' : L ! m I-h-m Mrs. Ann Ray, Wayne Noles--Sponsors; Tony Brown--Secretary; David Gentry--V. President; Joyce Cole-- President; Walter ThrowerrA-Treasurer; Darrell Hannah--Reporter i xyamx$mmw ' I .13 I '7 . '1' 4w. 9 Becky Harper, Nancy Entrekin, Ann Kidd, Sharon Sheets, Janice Gibbs, Vicky Williams, Wanda Monroe Nancy Daugherty, Kathy Rose, Nancy Meeks. , u ;;: , .m a Lib tin ' - 1 Nancy Meeks--Vice Pres. , Becky Harper--Sec. , Janice Cibbs-wTres , Vickie WilliaDIS-"PFCS. , Nancy DaugherLy-uProgram Chairman. 81 Business Club Senior 4-H Junior 4-H . V .K . A ' .-. "'m'," . 5-;pr - - , , .a kn$u .38M'4- Jimmy Pitts--Boys' V. Pres. , Jerrell Lambert--Parl. , Marianne Clark--Secretary-Treasurer, Susan Pike-- Girls' V. Pres. , Steve Styles--Song Leader, Vickie Mincey--Song Leader, Joy Steed--Reporter. R, Perkins--Rep., K. Thompson--Boys' V. Pres., D. Walton--Par1., Henry Windom, Beatrice Dye--Spon- sors, J. Allen--Girls' V. Pres. , C. Attuway--Sec., M. Cole--Pres. 85 int, FACULTY hr Principal: SPENCER TEAL Dear Students: The future of our country and the world will soon be resting on your shoulders. What this future will be will depend upon how you apply your knowledge and abilities as they have been developed by your experiences in school. Integrity in the physical, mental, and spiritual life of a person is a most sought after attribute. May you have the good fortune to grasp this attribute, keeping in mindlyour debt to your home, school, community, and your God, the source of all 88 Harold McWhorter- - Counselor Mrs. Eunice Johnson--Secretary 89 MISS DORA WALLS English MRS. LANETTE HORTON English MRS. LO HAR EICH- HAMMER Commercial MR. KENNETH SKINNER Social Studies a CW n MISS WINNIE DYER Home Economics MR. JOHN VERNER Mathematics 90 MR. WAYN E NOLES Science MR. DUNCAN CAMERON Social Studies MRS. ANN RAY Science and Math MR. TOMMY STEWART Physical Education MR. GERALD GRIFFIES Social Studies and English MRS . JULIA PRINCE Librarian minim Mrs. Bessie Pitts m Gary Turner Mrs. Beatrice Dye Mrs. Edna Huey 92 l a . 1 o Mrs. Gladys Eddleman 93 Mrs. Ruth Gammon SENIORS 2 : : .: .. . . : :. z . ; Senior Class President LELAND STYLES 96 OFFICERS--President, Leland Styles; Vice President, William Jenkins; Secretary, Bonnie Cole; Treasurer, Sylvia Windom and Tony Gentry. BOBBY BELL JAN ET B RADLEY 97 JOYCE BRADLEY DONALD CANTRELL BONN IE COLE BRAD COLE 7mm JOYCE COLE BRENDA CROOK SANDRA ENTREKIN GAIL FA RMER 7W MW ESW . TONY GENTRY CONN IE HIGGINS BEVERLY HENDRIX GERALD HENDRIX FRANKIE I-IJNESLEY MA RVIS HOLMES STEVE HUDGJNS KATHY HUGHES WILLIAM JENKINS RANDY JILES JAN ICE JILES JERRY JOHNSON KATHRYN MILES JHVIMY PITTS BECKY RAGLAND CHARLES REED 101 JUDY ROOKS WENDY RO SENBALM DAVID SHEETS JOY STEED LELAND ST YLES JEAN THOMAS 102 STEVE TRAYLOR MARY FRANCES TURNER JUNE WEBB CLYDE WEST GAIL WHITMAN SYLVIA WJNDOM 103 UNDERCLASSMEN W t. Hog, OFFICERS--Danny Weathington, President; jackie Sue Bagwell, Secretary; Vicki Lea, Treasurer; Not PictureQ George Wallis, Vice-President. Juniors Toney Brown Medra Akers Jackie Sue Bagwell ,-$?5 -m w w- Reba Cammons Marianne Clark Dan Craven James Crews Wanda Crook Thomas Farmer Danny Gable Becky Harper Joyce Hindman 107 Diane Hinesley Michael Huddleston 4 Larry Hutcheson Mary Ann Ivey Steve King Jerrell Lambert Vickie Lea 108 t Dennis Madaglia Dennis Maxwell Bobby McKenzie William McLain Patty O'Dell Jo Perkins Patsy Phillips Susan Pike 109 mHm g Denise Reneau jimmy Shelton Alan Vaughn George Wallis Danny Weathington SUPERLATIVES Mr. and Miss Jr. Class-- Cleve Hendrix, Marianne Clark Best Dressed--Danny Weathington, Vickie Mincey Prettiest--Wanda Crook Most Handsome--George Wallis Most AthletiCF-William McLain, Wanda Crook Most Intellectual-- Crosby Holland, Jackie Sue Bagwell Wittiest--Judy Prather, Danny Gable Most Courteous--Susan Pike, James Crews Dale Webb Brenda Wyatt 110 gasz; ! r .. . J ;: !W"' , ; 3.x OFFICERS-uPresident, David Gentry; Vice-President, Milford Snow; Secretary, Claude Dobbs; Treasurer, Marlin Whitman Sophomores Patsy Adams Belinda Akin Rosa BrOWn 111 Hubert Brown Judy Chandler Patricia Crews Nancy Daugherty Bobo Davis Patty Denny Claude Dobbs Donna Dollar David Gentry n w :m Janice Gibbs Kathy Gilley Jane Gresham Dennis Grizzard Darrell Hannah Ronnie Harper Carolyn Hawkins Brenda Holcombe Ronald Hudgins Ann Kidd Jerry Lands Martha Lands Carol Lewis Jerry Madden Cathy McAdams m w Nancy Meeks Wanda Monroe Yvonne Moreland Chulk Mulky David Pariso June Phillips Rodney Prince Fay Reed Kathy Rose Gary Samples Sharon Sheets Milford Snow CeleLa Stephens Patsy Thomas Walter Thrower Wilma Parham Terry Pruitt Dianne Tweed Brenda Walton Rudene West Marlin Whitman Marian Williams Vickie Williams Dianne Worthy 115 OFFICERS--Ceci1 Harris, President; Terry Thompson, Vice-President; Gail Hutcheson, Secretary; Steve Styles, Treasurer David Akin Debbie Allen Keith Attaway Anthony Bass Louise Bradley 116 Julene Brown Anne Craven Barbara Daniel Linda Daniell David Duke Beth DuPree Nancy Entrekin Jo Anne Farmer Joan Griffis Tommy Harper Cecil Harris Jerry Hite , x - 37 1L w Mike Le ak . , r' M , r ' ' , I ,, x ; h k; I Terry Marlow Donnie Matthews Karan McAdams Linda McCormick IE1: a ? - I JIM ff, gkbs n. 53m m m? Johnny Moses Jerry Morris Lamar Norton Eddie O'Neill 118 Wendell Perry Donna Prather ii Ax $3. Larry Puckett Kathy Thomas Larry Thomas Terry Thompson Randy Tillman Larry Tuggle Forest Turner Larry Webb Wynell Woods 119 Donna Sue Williams Gayle Williams Eighth Grade Mike Ballentinc Sections Angelmss I And II Gladys Bonner Gerald Bradley Rhonda Brock Charles Brown Roger Brown M artha Ann Calhoun Mark Clark Thomas Collins Dondra Crook Connie Crutchfield Sally Duffey John Dumas M Ma Allen DuPree Hilda Edwards Dale Eidson Tony Ellison Merle Farmer Selma Farmer Cyndle Foster Nancy Freeman Nancy Garrison James Gibson Ricky Harper Laura Hawkins Linda Henderson Janice Hite Pam Huddleston Peggy Huddleston Sharon Huddleston Carolyn Ivey Charles Johnson Randy Lipham L 'QQQQQQO Wofb?. Bernice McClendon Donnie McLeroy Cynthia Monroe Douglas Parrish Rick Perkins Rita Perkins Steve Pritchett Randy Robinson Keith Robinson Felix Robinson Mary Ann Swint Kay Styles Wm Dianne Smith Steve Skinner Vanessa Samples Jean Turner Steve Vaughn Lee Wallis Ricky Ward Rickey Webb Charles Wheeler Linda Wiggins Toney Wright Jean Wyatt Mrs. Pitts Seventh Grade David Ballenger Danny Ballentine Roger Blair Ollis Cammons Randy Cole Brenda Daniel Danny Entrekin Lula Mae Farris Walter Gammon Betty Garrison Donna Gresham Danny Henderson Carol Hughes Sherry Johnson Jeannette Jordon Okie Marlow mm M NH WM Tommy Moreland Sue Morris Steve Mulkey Priscilla Phillips Jackie Shelton Joe Smith Laverne Swint Danny Walton Dene West Nolen Wood David Worthy Windggds Seventh Grade 124 Delores Akin judy Bagwell David Blair Amos Brown Melody Cole Barry Danial Tracey Davis Debbie Ellison Larry Foster Johnny Harper Eddie Hinesley Steve Holmes Karen Lee Gary McAdams Annie McClendon Gayle Moses Marvis Norton Steve Norton Donna Poe Johnny Powell Billy Rose Bill Sewell Ray Stapler Richard Swint Tommy Thomas Ricky Williams Mack Wyatte Mr. Turnefs Sixth Grade Nelda Akers Janice Allen Cheryl Attaway Deborah Ballenger Bonnie Blair Patricia Brown Darlene Crook Brenda Daniell Melba Edwards Cheryl Faulkner Denice Freeman Delores Gentry Gwendolyn Green Gary Hilton Kitty Huddleston Randy Hudgins Angela Kenerly Richard Kidd Garry Kilgore Phil King Willie McCormick Eldred Perry Timothy Phillips Theresa Sheets Stanley Stanford Terry Stone Gary Thompson Kerry Thompson Mrs. Johnsonk Sixth Grade Bobbie Barker Danny Blair Garry Bradley Betty Brown Earnest Brown Kenneth Brown Hulett Chambers Steve Chandler Barry Coalson Roxanne Doggett Randy Entrekin Gloria Farmer J. B. Farris, Jr. Wallace Freeman Melvin Holcombe Linda Holland Charlotte Horton Anthony Hudgins Stanley Kendrix Burnice McClendon Keith Norton Jimmy Lee Pinkard Kathelen Pinkard Douglas Rooks David Samples Virginia Swint Ronald Turner Mrs. Dyek Fifth Grade 127 Bonnie Arthur Deborah Ballentine Michele Cammons Bobby Cantrell Edward Carter Gary Collins Ricky Daniels Shelia Daniels Gloria Emory Steven Farmer Elaine Garrett Danny Gentry Eddie Griffin Jim Grizzard Wanda Grizzard Michael Holland Gary Horton Michael Johnson Barbara Jordan David Lewis Danny Matthews Kenneth McClendon Dennis Norton Denice O'Neal Mike Pitts Tony Pruitt Rickey Robinson Barney Rush Debbie Sewell Julie Shelton Jimmy Smith Sheila Teague Calvin Thomas Darlene Thomas Terry Thomas Debbie Walton Chuck Wheeler Mrs. Huey s Fifth 128 And Fourth Grade Mike Ashmore Cherry Doggett Pamela Hindman Treasa Hinesley Molly Ivey Donnie O'Neal Randy Perkins Patsy Rigsby Kenny Robinson Johnny Smith Randy Webb Bobby Ashley Cathy Bagwell Ronnie Bearden Christi Bradley Gene Chambers Wayne Cosper Susan Crews Jan Eidson Terry Entrekin Ronald Gray Tony Harris Glenda Hayes Judy Lewis Wilbum McCullough Bobbie Meeks Elaine Morrow Cindy O 'dell Shelia Perry Joy Smith Gary Stone Birch Thompson Phil Williams Quintus Williams Mrs. Robinsonk Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Charlie Ackey, Joe Barker, Dennis Brown, Darlene Cantrell, Timmy Cantrell, Phillip Chandler, Keith Cole, Manuel Daniel. SECOND ROW: Ray Farmer, Linda Farris, Troy Farris, " Carolyn Hartley, Larry Huddleston, Milton Huddleston, Wesley Huddleston, Teresa Huey. THIRD ROW: Walter Jordan, Nancy Lands, Joel Leak, Curtis McCormick, David McCormick, Beverly Moses, June Pinkard, Robbie Pitts. FOURTH ROW: Dale Reed, Steven Reid7 Stan Rencuu, Mack Robinson, Stanley Robinson, Randall Rooks, Debra Rose, Marty Shelton. FIFTH ROW: Anthony Stapler, Donnie Sullivan, Randy Thomas, Helen West, Linda Williams. Mrs. Ridleys Third Grade FIRST ROW: Debbie Williams, Donnie Walker, Gregory Thomas, Gail Sullivan, Stanley Pinkard, Kenneth Phillips, Terry Norton, Wayne McGuire. , , A V y. 1,1? 55$: , :1? PK A X M , 1 gggmk A? AA FIRST ROW: Rayford Black, Deloris Brown, Joe Brown, Ann Collins, Patricia Collins, Toney Daniel, Bernice Farmer, Rita Farmer. SECOND ROW: Therse Farmer Ruthie Hutcheson Raud ennin s Shelb Ke W 11 Lipham, Ann Madden, Debbie Elaine Vaughn. , , VJ g i Y Y, a Y Mrs. CagleAs Third Grade FIRST ROW: Richard Bradley, Kay Cole, Lee Cole, Jimmy Couch, Roger Eidson, Gail Gammon, Tom Garrett, Danny Griffin. SECOND ROW: David Hilton, Pamela Hudson, Brenda Hutcheson, Lynne Kenerly, Debra Key, Nelson McCollough, Shelia McDaniel, Harold Miles. THIRD ROW: Gary Monroe, Michelangelo Moreland, Mark Mulkey, David Farmer, Tammy Perkins, Debra Prewett, Keith Robinson, Kristi Senft. FOURTH ROW: Calvin West, Carolyn W'hitley. Phillipk Second Grade FIRST ROW: Betw Jo Addason, Jimmy Akey, Mary Lynn Ashley, Tony Ashley, Richard Black, Douglas Brown, Melvin Cantrell, Larry Collins. SECOND ROW: Harry Danial, Lee Doggett, Steve Dunn, Larry Hughes, David Hurston, Lelon Hutchinson, Peggy Kilgore, Sheila Meeks. THIRD ROW: Sherry Mulkey, John O'Dell, Phyliss Phillips, Dwayne Porter, Mark Reid, Sharon Samples, Tony Shirey, Mike Stogner. FOURTH ROW: Luther Thomas, Chucky Thompson, Samuel Thompson, Andy Tuggle, Kevin Whitley, Barry Williams, Rod- ney Williams. Mrs. Harmonds Second Grade FIRST ROW: Gina Ashmore, Shelia Attaway, Kathy Ballenger, Jimmy Bearden, Lia Bradley, Bruce Carter, Lynn Chambers, Alan Clark. SECOND ROW: Roger Collins, Leah Connell, Diane Cosper, Linda Dabbs, Mickey Enterkin, Judy Gammon, Shirley Gibson, Debbie Grizzard. 131 FIRST ROW:.Debra Hawk, Lannette Hendrix, Dennis Johnson, Alan Lee, Debbie Miles, Janet Morrow, Philip Farmer, Demce Robinson. SECOND ROW: Rhonda Robinson, Alicia Senft, Andy Smith, Patricia Smith, Tlmmy Shirey, Dywayne Swanger, Jane Thomas, Bonita Wright. Mrs. Eddleman,s First Grade WR H Vb - 1E$ CLLJ FIRST ROW: Lewis Ackey, Brad Ashley, Myrtle Barker, Barry Collins, Tim Collins, Carole Cox, Sherry Daniell, Janice Gammon. SECOND ROW: Ricky Hartley, Rannette Hendrix, David Huddleston, Mickel Mar- low, Ann McCollough, Regina Monroe, Darnell Prewett, Nilsa Ragland. Mrs. Eddleman working with her first grade class. FIRST ROW: Kennie Robinson, Stanley Robinson, Mark Sailors, Tajuan Samples, Kenneth Smith, Renee Smith, Tami Thompson, Glenice Vaughn. SECOND ROW: Ann Walker, Myrice Walker, David Wilson, Dudley Windom, Angie Worthy. Mrs. First Grade ; r' . " w Jim: mg "ffn ihi529 ' L!- .1 .f -. 1': Ni! Ii lfmwmam FIRST ROW: Thomas Barker, Judy Bearden, James Brown, Wade Cosper, Nan Eidson, Jo Ann Emory, Patricia Farris, Mike Foster. SECOND ROW: Susan. Green, David Happen Patricia Holbrooks, Lisa Hutcheson, Dale Johnson, Jimmy Jordan, Ricky Key, Robert Lloyd. THIRD'ROW: Gloria McCormick, Katherine Meeks, Luauna Farmer, Damon Pike, Tony Pinkard, Vicky Robinson, Mark Rush, Jeffery Shelton. FOURTH ROW: Beth Shirey, Cynthia Smith, Donald Smith, Marvin Snow, Donna Stogner, Dawn Thompson, Andy Whitley, Debra Wilson. 133 JANET BRADLEY--French Club 1, 2, 3,4; Officer 1. JOYCE BRADLEY--4-H 1, 2 . DONALD CANTRELL--Footba11 2, 3,4; Cap't 4; Basketball 4; Base- ball 3,4; Cap't 3; Superlative 4; Yearbook staff 4; Boy's State 3; M-Club 2, 3,4; Officer 4; French Club 1,2; Sr. Y Club 3,4; Jr. Y Club 1,2; 4-H 1,2,3; Class Offi- cer 2. BONNIE COLE--Superlative 3, 4; Yearbook staff 4; Editor 4; French Club 1, 2, 3; Sr. Y Club 4; Officer 4; Jr. Y Club 1,2; 4-H 1; Class Officer 4. BRAD COLE--Footba11 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Superlative 3; Yearbook Staff 4; School Paper 3; Boy's State 3; M- Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2, 3, 4; Officer 3,4; 4-H 1, 2, 3. JOYCE COLE--Transfcr 3; Girl's State 3; Sr. Y Club 4; Science Club 4; Officer 4. BRENDA CROOK--Basketba11 2, 3; Manager 4; Science Club 4; 4-H 1, 2, 4. SANDRA ENTREKIN--Library Club 4; 4-H 1, 2. GAIL FARMER--Super1ative 3, 4; Miss Dawn Contestant 2; Science Club 4; 4-1-1 1, 2, 3,4; Officer 2, 3. TONY GENTRY--Basketba11 3, 4; Baseball 2; Superlative 3,4; Year- book Staff 4; School Paper 3; Beta Club 4; Officer 4; French Club 2, 3; Class Officer 3, 4. CONNIE HIGGINS--Basketball 4; Superlative 4; Business Club 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALD HENDRIX--Transfer 3; Football 3,4; Basketball 3, 4; Superlative 4; M-Club 4. FRANKIE HINESLEY- - Superlative 4. MARVIS HOIMES--4-H 1, 2. STEVE HUDGINS--Footba11 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Superlative 3, Senior Directory 4; School Paper 3; Honorable men- tion All State Football 2, 3; M- Club 1, 2, 3,4; Officer 2,4; French Club 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2; Class Officer 1, 2. KATHY HUGHES--Super1ative 4; Yearbook Staff 4; School Paper 3; French Club 1, 2, 3; Officer 2; Sr. Y Club 4; Jr. Y Club 1,2; 4-H 1. WILLIAM JENKINS--Footba11 4; Baseball 4; Superlative 3,4; School Paper 3; M-Club 4; 4-H 2; Class Officer 4. BEVERLY HENDRIX--Super1ative 3, 4; Homecoming Court 2; FHA 2; Officer 2; Sr. Y Club 3, 4; Science Club 2; Business Club 3. RANDY JILES--Basketba11 2, 3; Superlative 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Aviation Club 4; 4-H 1, 2,3,4; B- Team Football 3. JERRY JOHNSON- -Transfer 2. KATHRYN MILES--Transfer 4; Basketball 4; Miss Dawn Contestant 4; Miss Dawn 4; Beta Club 4; M- Club 4. JIMMY PITTS--Footba11 1; Base- ball 1,2, 3,4; Superlative 3; Year- book Staff 4; School Paper 3; M- Club 3; Sr. Y Club 4; Officer 4; Jr. Y Club 2; Officer 2; Science Club 4; 4-1-1 1, 2, 3,4; Officer 3,4; Class Officer 1, 2, 3. BECKY RACIAND--School Paper 3; Miss Dawn Contestant 3, 4; Class Beauty 3; Homecoming Court 3; French Club 3, 4; Business Club 3. CHARLES REED--Transfer 3; Bas- ketball 3; Yearbook Staff 4; 4-H 3, 4. JUDY ROOKS--Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cap't 4; Superlative 3; Year- book Staff 4; School Paper 3; M- Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 3; Jr. Y 1,2. WENDY RO SENBALM - -Basketball 1, 2, 3,4; Cap't 4; Superlative 3, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2,3,4; Co-Cap't 3; Cap't 4; Most Outstanding Cheer- leader 3; Yearbook staff 4; School Paper 3; Editor 3; Miss Dawn Con- testant 2, 3; Homecoming Court 2; 134 Team Sponsor 4; Girl's State 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Officer 4; M-Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Officer 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; Officer 1, 2; Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID SPEETS--Jr. Y Club 1, 2. JOY STEED--Transfer 2; Miss Dawn Contestant 4; Class Beauty 4; Homecoming Court 4; Queen 4; FHA 2, 4; Officer 4; Sr. Y 4; Offi- cer 4; 4-I-I 2, 3, 4; Officer 3,4. LELAND STYLES--Footba11 1, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; M-Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Officer 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Officer 4; Class Officer 4. JEAN THOMAS--French Club 1; 4-H 1 . STEVE TRAYLOR--Transfer 2; Football 3, 4; Baseball 3; Superla- tive 3, 4; Yearbook staff 4; Honor- able mention All State Football 3; M-Club 3,4; Sr. Y 4; Officer 4; Class Officer 3. MARY FRANCES TURNER--4-H 1, 2. JUNE WEBB- -4-H 4. CLYDE WEST--Footba11 2, 3, 4; Cap't 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Super- lative 3, 4; Yearbook staff 4; Edi- tor 4; Star student 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Officer 4; M-Club 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; Officer 2; Class Officer 2, 3; Outstanding Teenager of America 4. GAIL WHITMAN--Basketba11 1; Superlative 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Miss Dawn Con- testant 2, 4; Homecoming Court 3, 4; Girl's State 3; M-Club 1,3,4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Officer 4; Class Officer 1, 2. SYLVIA WINDOM--Super1ative 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Girl's State 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Officer 4; M-Club 3, 4; Offi- cer 4; French Club 1, 2; Officer 2; Class Officer 1, 3, 4; Outstanding Teenager of America 4. I ,g W3 WWM? i LUNCHROOM WORKERS--Mrs. Rhudy, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Poe, Mrs. Nixon, Mrs. Norton not pictured. BUS DRIVERS--C. Gammon, J. Gammon, Harper, JANITOR--Wofford Poe Davis, Thornton. Not pictured--Farris, Wyatt. 135 QUALITY CLOTHING MADE AT Ray Sewell Industries Mt. Zion and Bremen Georgia 136 Julnnm .0 xi yJQW'Q QEVK 1 Q Carrollton, Georgia Coca Cola Bottling Co. CARROLLTON GEOR GIA IF IT'S GOOD FOOD HOYT'S FOOD MART Bowdon, Georgia "The Best in Groceries, Meat, and ProduceH Phone 258 -2464 Adam son Squar e WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT The Peoples Bank C arrollton, Georgia The Commercial Bank Bowdon, Georgia Member FDIC Leven s, Inc. ' PURE 3 Firebird DIXIE STREET CARROLLTON, GEORGIA C49 i :zui .H 54 , You're maney WE WELCOME 1 Ahead! YOUR AC COUNT AT THE PEOPLES BANK Phone 832-6346 Adamson Square Carrollton, Georgia Royal Crown Bottling Company 7Et-rite " .Enla P?I-rng! -'- CUIa MELrite l 3c CARROLLTON, GEOR CIA C OMPLIMENTS OF Carrollton, Georgia, Area 404-832-6311 M "V; I h l x. . hD ' I a . I V ' . c ; V y x w u 'r . F ' 141 Cole2s Trailer Park 5 minutes from downtown Carrollton on Lovvorn Road West LARGE BEAUTIFULLY WOODED LOTS MOBILE HOME SALES PARKING LEASING RENTING Phones 832-2734 or 832-8706 Carroll Flying Service Inc. CARROLLTON, GEOR GIA Phone 832-91210r Res. 832-7075 142 JOHNNY'S ENCO STATION 804 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia BILLY TRAYLOR Bowdon, Georgia Class Trips, Etc. Phone 258-7189 WACO THRIFT SHOP Waco, Georgia BREMEN GROCER Y COMPANY Bremen, Georgia HOLLOWAY SUPPLY Feed and Seed Store Bowdon, Georgia Phone 258-7124 143 CARROLL FLORIST Phone 832-2868 Carrollton, Georgia Your Troubles Vanish at WEST GEORGIA AUTO PARTS Carrollton, Georgia DIXIESTEEL BUILDING, INC. A Complete Line of Pre-Engineered Buildings And Welded Tubing Tallapoosa, Georgia PRINTED FABRICS Carrollton, Georgia DARSEY MANUFACTURING CO. "Contract Manufacturers of quality men's boy's slacks and walking shorts. " Phone 574-2361 Tallapoosa, Ga. 144- AUTO BEAUTY SHOP Wrecker Service 24-Hour Phone 537-2449 Bremen, Georgia FARM IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Implements and Repair Phone 832-6973 Carrollton, Georgia MILFORD MORROW Bankhead Ave. Phone 832-9601 Carrollton, Georgia FULLER BRAID MILLS 502. Bradley Street Carrollton, Georgia CM YTUIII PHARMACY BREMEN SHOPPING CENTER BREMEN, GEORGIA PHONE 537-2321 145 CLAYTON MOTOR COMPANY For the Best in New or Used Cars Tallapoosa, Georgia KEY AND MCBURNETTE DODGE New and Used Cars, Body Work, Front and Alignment Tallapoosa, Georgia ADDISON SMITH Mechanical Contractor PLUMBING . HEATING . AIR CONDITIONING Sula - Service 15. O. Box 39 Cartollton, Georgia 30117 BREMEN HIGHWAY 832.9006 HART BODY SHOP Carrollton, Georgia WALKERSmMQQRE MQTGRS, INC. PHONES: 832-2437'8 EREMEN RDAD EARRDLLTDN. GEORGIA 146 TASTEE- FREEZ Brem en, Georgia CITY LUMBER C OMPANY Bremen, Georgia IN ACCOUNT WITH Bremen Motors, Inc. FORD SALES AND SERVICE 640 ALABAMA AVE. PHONE 537-2373 WAGON WHEEL CAFETERIA Wedowee Street Phone 258-9929 Bowdon, Georgia BOWDON FARMS AND HATCHERY, INC. Bowdon, Georgia 147 GAMMON BROS. GROCER Y Mt . Zion, Georgia WHITES AUTO AND HOME FURNISHINGS 209 Alabama Street Phone 832-8220 832-3544 Carrollton, Georgia SMITH BUILDERS SUPPLY Window or Door Units Bremen, Georgia WEST GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK Carrollton, Georgia CARR OLL R OAD PHARMAC Y Villa Rica, Georgia JITNEY JUNGLE VOUR comm: Bowdon, Georgia FOOD CENIER CARROLL REALTY AND COMPANY, INC. Woodfin Cole-John Lindgren Mortgage Loans General Insurance Phone 832-2461 Carrollton, Georgia THRIFTWAY SUPER MARKET Bremen, Georgia Compliments of PRUIT T MOTORS Phone 537-3791 Bremen, Georgia LOVVORN'S PHARMACY C .9 DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Bremen, Georgia 149 DUFFEY SAUSAGE CC. Home of Better Meats Carrollton, Georgia Compliments of T-BURGER Phone 832-8208 Carrollton, Georgia J. C. GRIFFIN INC. Quality - value - service Since 1911 Bowdon, Georgia MILES PHARMACY Ca ollto , Ga. Dixie Street rr n - vah 1 WESTSIDE L H 2- 5' v , PHARMACY 8? PHONE 832-2488 905 MAPLE ST. CARROLLTON, GA. 30117 150 PARRISH CABINET C0,, INC. Phone 562-3227 Temple, Georgia STEADHAMS CLOTHING STORE Temple, Georgia HARALSON COUNTY BANK Member of F.D.I.C. Buchanan, Georgia MAXWELLS DISCOUNT HOUSE INC. Furniture and Appliances Drive a Little, Save a Lot Phone 832-2201 Bowdon Junction, Georgia DOUGLAS 8: LOMASON COMPANY Manufacturers of automotive body and metal parts since 1902 Carrollton Plant Carrollton, Georgia 832-2473 151 YOUNG'S DRIVE IN Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia HALES AND HUNTER CO. Consumer Products Division Carrollton, Georgia GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Carrollton, Georgia MCCAR LEY CHEVROLET Phone 258-3351 Bowdon, Georgia WYNN FUNERAL HOME 5 Bowdon, Georgia 152 STANDARD OIL AGENT Heating Cooling Corking Car rollton, Georgia BURRELL'S FASHION SHOP Bremen, Georgia Anything for Ladies or Children SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. 415 Rome Street Carrollton, Georgia ALTMANG BAY STATION 310 Maple Street Carrollton, Georgia Phone 832-9167 BAGWELL'S Q GARAGE Mt. Zion Road Route 4 Carrollton, Georgia 832-6947 153 GAS, INC. Heating--Cooling--Corking 459 Alabama Street C arrollton, Georgia SOUTHERN CAFE Homecooked Meals, Sandwiches, Short Orders! 55 E. Atlanta Street Phone 574-9942 Tallapoosa, Georgia OWENS DISCOUNT CENTER Furniture, Norton-Ducati Motorcycles Bankhead Highway Phone 574-7791 Tallapoosa, Georgia HARALSON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Bremen, Georgia TRENT TUBE CO. A Division of Crucible Steel Co. of America Carrollton, Georgia STEWART DISCOUNT SALES COMPANY Your Party and Decoration Center Carrollton, Georgia ADAMS MASSEY COMPANY Wells and Pumps Sales and Service Phone 832-3132. Carrollton, Georgia GRIFFIN'S INC. "We Appreciate Your Business" Carrollton, Georgia RICHARDS $ ASSOCIATES, INC. Carrollton, Georgia Compliments of C. C. PERKINS Carrollton, Ga. 155 WEST GEORGIA BANK OF TALLAPOOSA Tallapoosa, Georgia COLE'S JEWELRY 113 Newnan Street Carrollton, Georgia THE GREENFRONT CAFE 430 Bradley Street Carrollton, Georgia YOUNG'S JEWELRY 411 Adamson Square Carrollton, Georgia ROBINSON DR UG COMPANY 618 Dixie Street Rm DRUGS Carrollton, Georgia Phone 832-3523 156 CARROLL ELEC TRIC MEMB ERSHIP COR PORATION Community Owned-Community Built-Community Builders C arrollton, Georgia AMERICAN THR EAD COMPANY Tallapoosa, Georgia THOMASSON Printing and Office Equipment Co., Inc. 214 Alabama St., Carrollton, Georgia Everything for .the Office SMITH'S STUDIO 213 Bradley Street Carrollton, Georgia MT. ZION HOME ECONOMICS HILDEBRANDS DRUG CO. Mt. Zion, Georgia Tallapoosa, Georgia STEPHENS INSURANCE AGENCY ROBERT'S PHARMACY Tallapoosa, Georgia Tallapoosa, Georgia 157 C OMPLIMENTS OF: KEENER GROCER Y Carrollton, Georgia BURSON FEED AND SEED STORE Carrollton, Georgia NEAL AUTO SALES, INC. Bremen, Georgia WEST GEORGIA PEST CONTROL Bremen, Georgia CANTRELL JEWELERS Bremen, Georgia WALTER W. ANDERSON Bremen, Georgia HARRIS HARDWARE Bremen, Georgia BREMEN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Bremen, Georgia FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO Bremen, Georgia FRANKLIN DISCOUNT COMPANY Bremen, Georgia NEWMAN CLEANERS Tallapoosa, Georgia THOMASON FLORIST Bremen, Georgia CASUAL SHOP Bremen, Georgia B. A. MARTIN Bowdon, Georgia GABLES BAKERY Bowdon, Georgia THE PIXIE SHOP Bowdon, Georgia BILL HARVELL GROCERY Bowdon, Georgia JELP H. ROBINSON AND SON Carrollton, Georgia HEATH MOTORS Car rollton, Georgia LILLY'S FLOWER SHOP Bowdon, Georgia TALLAPOOSA FLOWER SHOP Tallapoosa, Georgia RICHIE'S PHILLIPS 66 Bremen, Georgia JAYS GROCERY Tallapoosa, Georgia MITNICK CHE VR OLET Tallapoosa, Georgia 158 COMPLIMENTS OF: STEWART STREET GROCERY Carrollton, Georgia ECONOMY AUTO STORE Carrollton, Georgia TOM'S DRIVE-IN CLEANERS Bremen, Georgia OPAL'S BEAUTY SALON Bremen, Georgia MARYON MILL, INC. Carrollton, Georgia AMERICAN SERVICE STATION Carrollton, Georgia DR. J. W. YOE Bremen, Georgia COATS BUILDERS SUPPLY Bremen, Georgia THE HI- LO SHOP Bowdon, Georgia WESTERN AUTO Bowdon, Georgia BOWDON C LEANERS Bowdon, Georgia STANDARD OIL C ar rollton, Geor gia RICHARDSON HARDWARE AND SUPPLY Villa Rica, Georgia PERRYG AUTO SERVICE Mt. Zion Road POSEY AND MOBLEY TIRE COMPANY Buchanan, Georgia THOMAS HARDWARE AND FURNITURE CO. Temple, Georgia WEAVER BROS. Buchanan, Georgia BOWDON BUILDERS SUPPLY INC. Bowdon, Georgia WILSON CLOTHING COMPANY Bremen, Georgia WESTERN AUTO STORE Bremen, Georgia HOLMES SUPPLY CO. Carrollton, Georgia AYERS AND SMITH MOTOR CO. Carrollton, Georgia WALLIS AUTOMATION REP. Carrollton, Georgia FLOYD WALTON Carrollton, Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF: DUKE OIL COMPANY Bremen, Georgia BREMEN VETERINARY CLINIC Bremen, Georgia PITTS' GROCERY Carrollton, Georgia J 2;: J BARBER SHOP Carrollton, Georgia WEST GEORGIA CHAIN SAW AND WELDING SHOP Carrollton, Georgia BAILEY'S FURNITURE Bowdon, Georgia BLACKWELDER RECAPPING Bowdon, Georgia AGRI-SEARCH LAB. INC. Bowdon, Georgia AUTO SUPPLY CO. Bowdon, Georgia ALLENS 5 ZS: lO Bowdon, Georgia STEED'S SINCLAIR SERVICE Bowdon, Georgia A FRIEND GRAY'S BARBER SHOP Mt. Zion, Georgia B. iii J. FURNITURE Bremen, Georgia CURLEY MUNROE'S SHELL SERVICE STATION Bremen, Georgia COMMERCIAL AND EXCHANGE BANK Bremen, Georgia CARTER S GROCERY Carrollton, Georgia JR . 'S LADIES SHOP Bremen, Georgia ENTREKIN MEMORIAL Bowdon Junction, Georgia WEST GEORGIA LUNCHEONETTE Carrollton, Georgia JITNEY JUNGLE Carrollton, Georgia PHILLIPS GR OCERIES Carrollton, Georgia CAFE Carrollton, Georgia DUFFEY'S BARBER SHOP Carrollton, Georgia 160 COMPLIMENTS OF: COSPER'S JEWELRY Bowdon, Georgia ECONOMY DRY CLEANERS Bowdon, Georgia MATHER FURNITURE CO. Carrollton, Georgia E. G. AKIN TIME SHOP Carrollton, Georgia MILLEEUS GOOD FOOD Carrollton, Georgia FISHER'S HARDWARE STORE Carrollton, Georgia JACKSON$ Carrollton, Georgia CABLE SERVICE STATION Carrollton, Georgia ROBBING STORE Carrollton, Georgia MCGHEE TV SERVICE Carrollton, Georgia GAINES PLUMBING CO. Carrollton, Georgia SMITH BROS. SUPPLY COMPANY Carrollton, Georgia A FRIEND JOHNSON AUTO. ELEC. Carrollton, Georgia H. W. RICHARD'S LUMBER CO. Carrollton, Georgia WLBB AND WBTR Carrollton, Georgia FLO'S QUICK WASH Carrollton, Georgia MARTIN AND HIGHTOWER FUNERAL HOME Carrollton, Georgia TED'S AMERICAN Carrollton, Georgia POPE'S PURE OIL Buchanan, Georgia DR. DAVID S. WEXLER Carrollton, Georgia NEWMAN GARAGE Tallapoo 58., Georgia FIVE STAR MOBILE HOMES Bowdon, Ga. and Roanoke, Ala. O.K. TIRE STORE Bowdon, Georgia 161 3; 70 t m y , 1, tr m ' :1 f N U Up fig. 65 W E Y K N$?V g .- 3 .m5 W WK 4$ 9. Q5 WM R wgwm USN J4: K,kqx.k,04x9xd0u MW kagE: gag M7 g gp 07w , Mac a j? C 91264;?wa 4224212, wamng 7 Q32; Ex? . Q E 3 A has '31;,;NJ.!;iarz ZZWWZZ t0 . ' U gmmw, ; L;' C 80 Nbgd WW 0 09 05$ 4 3m . W xK V Y , , V f 3x,bK;L . RQx Axrk 1;; QM ' 21:9 , Cigu-M: 3p 9;.'$. rxwl'w uxigwsu beiu ii DWI: x 7 Ki: mbmbx XJJLxQRJ V973 x9 QM 9. ';853$ JV" K . -3. X V x . W 17-30.,ij x " mthuxg QC 3 A x xx x ., 'x DJ .;,J MR4; Nykgu HAPLJQ; V. x x Q; x - . 5k JP: r309 G3 CW ' 'k ,. 7; 353,4 ; x 50m jam MWCV KMMJ Q 7m WM7 ZOOM 9o de Wy w of zwg w KWAJg JO 05 MW? QEMLQQA $ W

Suggestions in the Mount Zion High School - Dawn Yearbook (Mount Zion, GA) collection:

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1968, pg 9

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Mount Zion High School - Dawn Yearbook (Mount Zion, GA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 168

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Mount Zion High School - Dawn Yearbook (Mount Zion, GA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 107

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