Mount Wachusett Community College - Yearbook (Gardner, MA)

 - Class of 1987

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av o s . QV 4' Q: , Q X ,a l Q fF'L'L6iH,'J' 8 Xa .A A 5 eg 3 if J 3 0 sk Ry, - is :Y 1 KX R R- X. s I mu' llll fi Jig x 1111111111111111111111111111f111111111111111111Q THE FLIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE GRASP IT SAIL WITH IT USE IT AS A GUIDE FOR NOT A LIFE GOES BY THROUGH THE PASSAGE OF TIME ,I Q ,E WITHOUT A THOUSAND QUESTIONS ASKING WHY ACTIVATE THE IMAGINATION ADD TO IT THE ADVANCES OF SCIENCE STIR IN THE DIMENSION OF TIME QUEST EOR GOD'S UNKNOWN FINAL DESIGN AND NEVER FAIL TO ASK ALL THE MORE QUESTIONS THAT WILL COME TO MIND H In TAKE THE LESSONS LEARNED IN LIFE THOUGH THEY MAY SEEM INSIGNIFICANT AND SMALL AGAINST THE UNKNOWN FRO NTIER THAT WILL FOREVER REMAIN SO VAST YOUR EXPERIENCES WILL COUNT OVER ALL FOR THE CURIOUS AND UNKNOWING WILL NEVER FAIL TO ASK SO WITH LOGIC REASON AND SOMETIMES RHYME GIVE THE BEST ANSWER THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO FIND FOR TRUE WISDOM IS ATTAINED ONLY WHEN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT IS GAINED IS PASSED AND IT IS ONLY OUR MIN DS THAT CAN LIFT THE WINGS OF KNOWLEDGE AND CARRY IT THROUGH THE PASSAGE OF TIME. Michael J. Brownell I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I I I I I -J 'i,,-gan-1-""""' J' L, F""'f-ff-W nf---W' -"- ...Q W-ng ,v,,,A Yi-fu W , 55,3 5 , , I .f -Quo db--1 B """-an X S P vt' I 1' xygg gs-.. in .Qx ' .,X' I, I lf' A gltlrf all Q' 45 z, i ' . . -+ J, fn-,L I X v I 5 4 R 'A V ' JI, ' NK i A . 1 ,7 7 1 'QL I- ' ' , I . . - .1 f, . K-Y:',, :Lyg 1 - -A - .-,T , - , ' , 'll N. '-QU., 1 . ,A- ff N1 ' ' -1'-1 A-ff' 1- , - r, ' ' 'sf 'f?':-'I-V1 : ,,, K fig, f' U Q A ' Flys.. 'i P' N V -fix' , -xvgigi 4 i Nt V r . -.- Q: A: ' ' I xox RA: agar , ,,'E'TxS V, b ,fl Mk A 5. I: 41 F Q , ff I V -, -Pm 4 n W9 " - ,I ,A . ' , ,, , I S f lx.. .f !"""1 .... Q , ,fungi President Haley straightening out his desk. its +- .L 4- F iv 4 fx-N AAN. i xi im I X , fix Ll ,, AAL' ,X if gui . ,4-il. 5, A S XXX e, .ive e Dean Hogan attempting to do the same. J' w lgvs, 40-"" ' W if .,... A, or ,A ssss 1 1 we 9 1 F 'Ihe Cfass of 1987 wishes to dedicate our Qearhook, Eghj, to two men without whom Mt. 'Wachusett Community Coffege would not have grown and ffourzshed into what governor Michaefj. Dukakis recognized as one cj the finest Community Cofleges in the Commonweafth. Both men, Tresident I-'lrthur f 9-Iafey and john 12 9-fogan, Dean of ,Student Services and Acting fPresident, have served this colfege since its inception in 1963, and in this year cyf retirement the Cfass of 198 7 woufd hhe to take this opportunity to express its gratitutdefor the 24 years of outstanding service and dedication rendered hy these two men. 'Z' heir Ioss wid he deephffeft, not onhg hy the students, hut hy the facufty and administration as wed We wish them many years of joy and happiness in their retirement, for they gave their hest to the coflege and deserve onhf the hest in their forthcoming years cyf Iezsure. hy Jim Altieri, presented to Tresident Hafey and Jflcting fPresident Hogan, on juhj 16, 1987 OFFICE OF THE PRES DE T , I .ZW M J..,..W..,..,.,.a A ally. gfiwadzaa 62449 TELEPHONE: 632-6600 July 23, 1987 Dear Graduates: I write to congratulate one and all on achieving the Associate degree in the class of 1987. I also write to say farewell, as I too will be leaving the Mount for a life of leisure and relaxation. I have many fond memories of each of the 22 classes and yearbooks since the first class left us in 1966, and special thoughts on you as the most recent. Your class distinguished itself in many ways and contributed much to the College during your brief stay with us. I hope you will continue to be supportive and active in our Alumni Association. I plan to volunteer some of my leisure time to help stimulate Alumni activities and possibly enhance the work of the Alumni officers you have elected for the coming year. A yearbook becomes more valuable with time. File it away as it will be useful to you in many ways. I trust your memories will be positive ones -- as mine are -- and that we will meet again in the years ahead. God Bless! Sincerely Joh A P. ogllq . I , .I 1,7 I "lqa, Sophomore Pioturosi jf, .7' fs 13 ff f',.. f. , , V ' 1 -4, 34' ff -ff' , 'U' Q . Yrf. E I- . AL. 'fl 'f Af for o ,' wah---, ., 15374 W, M., Q.: ' 'Q ' . JI' v " ' A if ' I' -I . l" :Rim ff' , Kathi J. Pullen Kathi was a student at Mount Wachusett Community College and would have graduated from the BAC Program in May 1987. During her battle with cancer, Kathi never tired in her quest for knowledge and education. She was a courageous woman and still is a continuing source ot inspiration for many of us at The Mount. is d ss., I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I 5 L Ck-'...'N NN .Ne f 'Q 4 , B A I f l QQ 1... Heather Abbott Broadlcasting 811 Telecommunications J Linda Pi. Amicion Business Management Career james Anaesg Broadcasting 8a 'Telecommunications s'S if Patricia 11. Jlnaerson DWYW L- AWWTUWS Executive Secretariat Business Administration Maureen T. Andrews auf!! W- AYUFWV Generali 3-iuman Services V , Automotive TZUh'WL0'J'J E? Dilfbm if Patricia A. Baldwin Human Services n james Dominic Bali Business Jldlmistration Career! Kathy J- Banou Data Processing GBYLZIGL Studies 1 J' 'Lv Clalre E. Beclarcl Business Adlmlnlstratlon Career un 34 2 Kris 1'lari,e Bell va i 1 f qw- 'XJ' 3-larnan Servlc es 06 'Sur Bob J. Bernler Liberal Arts Dlanne L. Blake Deneen Boaclreaa GCYIUFGL 5501525 Business Technology 6? Gu Q xA 'Iressa Lee Breen William A. Brisebois General Studies Broadcasting I 8a Telecommunications janet Brooks Business Administration Career Bridget "Kelly" Brown susan 5. Buch Lwefaf' Studies' Nufstng' General I-luman Services General Studies Danlel J. Buhhheggl Liberal Stuclles 'CSP Norma J. Calvl General lluman Services Ann 11. Callahan Liberal Studies J I r I gb 11. john Burt Business Technology 9?- ldagne D. Campbell General Human Services 1 1 1 4 3 if ' A Jtellg Pl. Carrier Paula j. Carrier Nursing h ' ' Business Administration Career Scott F. Casella 'P' . Broadcasting ' : X uv- Telecomanicatio ns Glenn 'L. Chapman Darlene 1. Clemente Business Administration General ilaman Services Q n 'L . ug f s 14 --1' Robyn' 1"Larie Cassette Anim J. chairsson Executive Secretarial! , , 3-lurnan Services ldorol Processing Linda J. CHIBSSOI1 Bac, Word Processing Certificate Tlarilgn V. Chamberlain hen, A. mark Human szfvwzs Executive Secretarial! Word. Processing Yfjb 1,1 1 Vtchl L. Clarkson Liberal Studies 'fx 1-lazel B. Comeau J-luman Services Uvonne j. Collette Business Admtntstratton Career UNCCD J- C005 Mike A. Cormter Bustness Aulmtnlstratton 15f,q,ggf0ni,c flngtneertng Car OM Tec Ftno logg Sheila Ann Costa Human Services JI 'fx . Q, Bertha A. Daupntnats Word Processing Certificate Ronald G. Cgr General. Studies UGYIKUI L- Davis Geralcltne A. Deon Business Admtntstratton ggngfqf, Human Services Career l5'f'f ' gl I All I - james R.. Dobbins Sr. Generali Human Services 3 A B X B' It 2: , K S . 4 , Rachel A. Duguag Business Administration Q -NWI, ' . SJ , I f 1 K n , if cf' Betsy L. Draper Business Administration 'Y f-sr' jagne fl- H900 Renee A. Duverger General I-iuman Services Unminql justice li 4? 1 r. s'5'Q',?N up 43" 'mf m Earl D. French 'l.'l'l Lynne Gallagher Electronlc Englnwfifml General Human Servlces Technology Evelyn Garcia General I-larnan Services ,C I 4 if 51-:AQ as ff 'lx JQQJJW l ' '. M.. l R.. illcharcl Gibbs Plary J. Glorgl-130010 Broadcasting Narslng 80 Telecommanlcatlo ns ' -- . gp--. 9' 1""'x' 49' Jackie L' Han Dawn L. Jieffeifinger T'WlfifC0L Ulbofatonj Business Administration Technician jennifer A. Hicks Business Administration - 'I Career Susan T. Hitchcock-Gale Thomas P. Siorgan jr. Business Administration General. Studies 41 Sanclg L. Hutchins Human Services ,. Y Susan A. Hosleg Human Services Q Clint. N.. Heilman Electronic Engineering Q6- 4.-v Uvonne M.. 'Lvanov Bonnie K.. Kelly General Stuclies Human Services Chris BJCinneg Business Administration l5, .nf 'if 17 555, ,,.- . wg J! 'E' Apriiieign L. Knapili. General Studies fwei Gloria Ti. LaBracI'e Criminai justice I .. 56 lr Q V --'i :Q 1 4' A I 'ff' ' W Richard K. Ladroga Claire Ti. Laaasse Eiectronics Engineering Business Administration Technology Kathleen Ti. Landry Loraine N. Lapiante Administration Business Administration Career james 1. LeBlanc Business Administration! Business Administration Career john P. Lavricellia Automotive Technology 'f Marc J . Levasseur Broadcasting 8a 'Ieiecommunications if Leonard IJ. Llzotte Computeer Aided Deslgn ! 'I hi' X Bonnle J. Tlachenzle General Jlurnan Services 54 xg-L F. Lavanh Loubhhom General Studies 75-m Anne Marte Lolselle Business Admlnlnlstratlonl Accounting QQ Robert E. Tlachle Urlmlnal justlce Darlene B. Tiagill ldorcl Processing E Charlene Ti. Pianca Criminal justice Kim Marie Mallard, Human Services !Psgchologg 961 Pat R. flafii Human Services 4 'Z L . . -, 'i 1. ,. 75 in 4" 0 X Kevin L. Marble Criminal justice 9 Laura D. Marble Margaret "Peggy" Piarcoux Libefaf' Studies Executive Secretarial Diane fi. Tiarini Business Administration Career , -vb .J Vanessa A. Tiarini Jopm pu nmfoni, Business Administration gnmhmg Justtcz Career ! TLT' ' 'Q-nav! ,V 1 if Ann-Marte T. Mags jo-Ann McCarthy cftmtnat Justice J Human Servtces aq!jf xx' 4Q52', NU" Betty fl. Nintg . Human Services A 71. Horse Martha 1. 0'Uonnor nne Human Services Bus Lness Admtntstratton CI3areerI Amy L. 0'LouyF1,lin Business Administration CCar eer J 9as s-- ,rv in ' Cassandra T1.. Paquin . N .sX Karen L. Paine Human Services 90 K- nuns 0 av .. Y' f jfytfj , - ' uf - '- f 'ii 'ff-'ff'?-'f'.,'f'f-' - S L---f ,sw-r".f'-.ef-. james 10. Pack Medical Laboratory Technology! GUWUYWTGL Studies Bonnie Patriquin General Studies Criminal justice 8a Cflementary Ed. J I-luman Services Stella ll. Pealtgo Word Processtng Sarah Marte Place Business Aulrnlnlstratton , www john J. Perry Electronic Englneerlng Technology ,-rms-. -'W' Nil' f , : '? ,fax 'ti ' ,. ' ' U '51 f I ' - -E '.,'1,,' - . it -w '. , ' "5!9ft. . ' U ' - -'f'. ' 'v . . 4-- ,V 4 hainllf. .,1, Lee B. Potter Michael C. Rlcharrlson Narstng General Stacltes IW 'Sw c ' 7 . g.g:.,' 1 x s 9 'Q rw Ltnda F. Rash Nursing 30- "-5? Cnrtsttne JI.. Roberts Broadcasting ,pf 8a I .X W Sasan L. Robertson Urtmtnal justtce Telecommunications ii!! is Ltnda K.. Robbtns Execattve Secretarial f. J U x. ', fxz Q -N. -Y ,- ,,., .-A .ni -' 'f- '.'1 , ,. Thomas IJ. Robtchaad, Brtmtnal justtce Dora Rogers Bxecutlve Secretarlal Worcl Processlng 'UQ ,xg Chuck 0. Sexton Liberal Stuclles jane A. Russell 1-luman Servlces Tlsh Roman Human Scrvlces 8a Llbcral Studles . Brenda L. Shape Worcl Processing 6. Ke.:- 412375 f David W- 30997 Nfarjorte L. Spano BTUMECWSWYWQ word Processtng 8' A Certificate Telecommunications Ronald E. Stevens General Studies William 8. Stefantali. Business Administration Noreen E. Sweeney Business Administration Sam. Thirafwo une Electronic Eng i.neer Lng Techno Eogg . I .- . V as .lg Q' L Donna N. Titus Business Jldmtntstratton Career Verontca 'Itetgens General Human Services l Paula 71. Tourlgng Lisa J- V050 Human Services Human Services ft vig... Maru A. Varvllle Sheri. L. Veasle Wind' PTUUUSSLW9 General J-larnan Certtftcate services ldendlg L. Weldon Criminal justice! l Human Services ' df-9 ,gay-5' Sanclra J. Weller Margaret A. ldtlltarns Broaclcastlng Bastness Aclmtntstratton an Career 'Ielecommantcatlons n n U 1 DQ .' I , A J rw X n9f'J B- Williams Kathleen V. Zelng Karen L. Zoldalw Business Administration Business Administration Business Technology Career "5g'4Ef1- 'E . -- , e'h9"+ , " NK... 'A -, ff? ' ' A-"""- 3 li 3 . . v yy 5 ' 1 if , R' r . . V ' 3 -r - if ,, , It ' B va?" . lu' I Agnes G. C'1'rudeJ Ilochstadt General Studies ----------------------------------------------------------1 I Qlass of 1987 Lisa A. Acerbi Corrine D. Acosta Cynthia M. Adams Kent M. Adams Charlene J. Aiesi Philip J. Aiesi Ann M. Allen Mark Amico Patricia M. Anderson Maureen T. Andrews Diana M. Arce Kathryn P. Arsenault Bethany A. Asel June E. Astramowicz Marianne Atkinson Janet R. Aylward Holly M. Babich Gerald P. Ballentine Cathleen A. Barkoskie Tena M. Bashaw Donna M. Bates Janet M. Battaglia Linda L. Bauman Anita M. Beach Rose M. Beamer Christine M. Beaudoin William M. Behan Karen M. Belliveau Stephen A. Benoit Donna L. Bemard Betty L. Bernhardt Jane M. Bettez Donna M. Bianchin Anne M. Binette Matthew C. Blast Annette Boucher Dasid E. Boucher Darlene A. Bourgeois Dorothy E. Bourgeois Steven L. Bourque Chris N. Boyle Michael R. Bragg Luz Emilia Brasor Anne M. Brisebois Barbara A. Brocksmith Jeffrey R. Brogan Kathleen B. Brown Kyle A. Brown Barbara A. Burdick Kathryn A. Calcagni Robert E. Cali Patrick S. Callan Rebecca L. Campbell Wayne D. Campbell Kimberly Carey Kevin J. Carpenter Robin A. Carr Linda M. Carroll Sharon M. Carson Mary Ellen Casey Barbara B. Cass Diane L. Caton Eileen T. Chaffee Edward A. Chambers Robert L. Chartrand Christoper D. Chase Helen J. Chester Gail F. Christianson David C. Churchill John C. Clarke Jr. Darlene J. Clemente Lottie J. Cloukey Yvonne J. Collete David J. Collie Sheri L. Collins Danielle J. Colvin Deborah J. Cunklin Mark S. Connors Christopher L. Coppus Michael J. Corliss Diana L. Cormier Sarah Jane Cormier Sherri L. Couillard William R. Coulter Gretchen A. Creighton Marion K. Cronin Thomas J. Cronin Patrick J. Curran Lisa D. Cyr Lori A. Daigle Jane L. Danio Daniel M. Darling Paula M. Davidson Cecile Y. Debettencourt Dale C. Dellechiaie Liana R. Delorge Linda M. Dernalowicz Kenneth P. Deslean Sandra J. DesMarais Todd A. Dexter James R. Doppins Sr. John P. Dorval John S. Dower Joseph H. Downing Jr. Elizabeth K. Doyle Amy L. Dubuque David A. Dufort Thuhon g D. Duong Drake W. Duplease Sharon A. Duquette Donna L. Duval Regina M. Duval Stephen Englebert Cecile J. Enwright Mary E. Fantozzi Susan M. Fleck Ruthmary Fleming Joseph R. Fleurant Jayne M. Flynn Linda D. Foisey John R. Ford Linda E. Fors Joseph L. Fortin Lawrence R. French Earl D. French III Wendy E. Gagnon Yvonne M. Gailliard Doreen S. Gallant David J. Gates Robert A. Gates William A. Gavin Joseph M. Gebo Lisa A. Gendron Terence C. Gibbons Robert R. Gibbs Ten'y E. Gilbert Linda E. Gladu Helen L. Godin Claudette M. Goguen Stephen M. Gould Christine E. Craham Emilie M. Granata Margaret M. Grierson Janet L. Griflin Linda S. Hache Norbert J. Hache Jr. Karen M. Haimila Lisa E. Hales Ted H. Haley Michael F. Harank Kenneth W. Harding Jr. Darlene L. Harmon Sheila A. Hastings Dean W. Hawke Dawn L. Heffelfinger Wade M. Heilman Elissa M. Henderson Deborah A. Heme Lawrence A. Hier Kelly J. Hill Lanny C. Holland Gloria J. Hughes Arlene Hunt Patricia M. Hunt William A. Hunter Pauline M. Hurley Yvonne M. Ivanov Rebecca A. Jacklin Diane M. Jeffrey Steven C. Kalafarski Tammy Jo Kallel Keith J. Keady Sharon L. Keaney Shawn H. Kelley I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I I' 5 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Judith M. Kendall John C. Kim Donna J. King Karl R. Knechtel Laura M. Knight Donna J. LaBrack Janis A. Lafferty William P. LaFord Marta E. Laise Jeffrey A. LaJoie Deborah E. LaLonde Judith M. Lambert Jean A. Landry Joey S. LaPointe Nancy J. LaRocque Sue K. Lawson Dianne M. LeBlanc Michael J. LeBlanc Patricia A. LeBlanc Kathy A. Ledford Todd M. LeFreniere Gary J. Leger Rodney F. Leger Paul J. Legere Amy M. Lemieux Doreen P. Lemieux Jo Ami M. Leonard Kevin P. Lilley William G. Linton Thomas R. Lomaglio H Eric M. Long Theresa M. MacGrath Sheree L. Maclnnis Robert E. MacKie Gail F. Maguire Marguerite J. Maguy Kimberly A. Mahoney Joanne M. Maillet James T. Mailloux Leslie R. Maki Kathleen A. Makinen Karen L. Mallet Charlene M. Manca Bernadette Maney William Maranto Laura D. Marble Daniel P. Marien Tracy J. Marien Thomas H. Marrone Deborah A. Martin Janet H. Massalski Ann Marie Mathews Katherine L. May Janis A. Mazraferro Matthew J. McDermott Phaedra McDonough Brenda J. McGinnis Kelly A. McNamara Christine M. Meyer Judith M. Mikels Keith T. Miller William H. Miller Phylis Mills Ann E. Minns Judith A. CBarnesJ Morrill Kevin M. Mott Richard D. M1n'phy Frances D. Murray Susan E. Musante Claytun J. Mutch Martin E. Muzzey Glenn D. Nelson Vicki L. Newell James K. Nicholson Priscilla A. Neimi 'h-acy A. Nobrega William J. Nolan J r. Julia M. Noonan Patricia L. Nutting Margaret A. O'Brien Patricia E. O'Leary Julie A. Olivari Mary L. O'Neil James J. Palano Susan M. Palmieri Ann T. Paradis Joanne M. Paradise Susan M. Paradise Jeffrey S. Peck Stella U. Pedigo Joan F. Pellerin Mary E. Pepin Charlie R. Perkins John J. Pen'y Raymond G. Pfeifle III Debra A. Phillips Michelle V. Podurgiel Annette L. Primeau Cindy A. Progin Jeffery L. Prosek Joseph A. Quinn Lissette Quinones Christa Rainha Marita C. Ramey Robert S. Reilly Barbara L. Reynolds Alme M. Richard Denise L. Richard Lorraine M. Richard Fabia E. Richardson Sohie F. Richardson Scott M. Rieder Gregg E. Ristuben Genevieve E. Rix Angela M. Rizzo Linda K. Robbins Christine A. Roberts Elsie M. Robichaud Thomas D. Robichaud George L. Robles Anne L. Rocca Elizabeth A. Roman Donna T. Rose Henry D. Ruuska Penelope A. Sabourin Lucia Salmone Jayne P. Sambito Cynthia J. Sandstrom Karen L. Salmders Madhu H. Shah Lori B. Shea Brenda L. Shope Scott M. Sibley William R. Simms Jr. John S. Siphanh Nancy C. Skowronski Richard W. Slavik Coroline E. Slinn Leni L. Smart Kolleen M. Smith Paul R. Smith Paula A. Smith Diane Soucy Jean A. Soucy Marilyn J. Souter Stephen O. Spielvogel Cheryl M. St. Jean James C. Stevens Ronald E. Stevens Lori V. Stevenson Tamson J. Stouter Paula T. Stratton Peter R. Stromberg Noreen E. Sweeney Richard H. Swift Jr. Timothy J. Tarr AnneMarie Thebeau Frances J. Therrien Beth A. Thompson Serina K. Thorp Michael J. Ussrey Anna M. Vail Paul J. Vaillancourt Rebecca M. Valcourt Daniel J. Valliere Michael H. Valois Yvon J. Vautour Sheri L. Veasie Martha J. Vincent JoAnne M. Vowles Linda L. Waterman Adam S. Weare Bernice A. Weaver Joseph B. Westerlind L I I I I ""' A . l 'LP ' , I . I I A : A I ' -f I ' "J'f! f- I . - I I f ll -I up I ' A I ' ' - 'tx ll- .- I f I Ii ,' -f ' ' 'r 374. ' gr I 1 " 1 L , 4 -FULL '10 I :,' . 1. f .1 I ff.-'fa 'I' X I V ,. I ! 4' "1 . I v-f f I U tf, "4 I If f ,- A fr, :QV 'A It ,f ff' 0 -1 to-gf If ' 1 .-ra, If ',,.1 '51 1'1- .J ' L .A--' P L JoAnne P. Whitney Margaret L. Whitney Robin A. Whitney David S. Wieher Carol A. Willard Mary B. Williams Petra J. Williams Dawn M Woffenden Diane M. Woodard Susan L. Woodcome Dorothy A. Yablonski Margaret A. Yu Lisa M. Zani Lynnette S. Zeman Carol J. Zoldak -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I NN C5 'O I oo, 'Buss ' x I xv -:1-1,111 yt' J . 0 '. ' 1 I .' ' , A QI f r 53C Adminis tr ation Few ultg m'wf,Stuf ""fg sl Dr. Paul A. Susen Dean Of Academic Affairs , . .L is ff K 'bt - I. 1 1 ,,f N 'w ,Q il: f A 'jf Q' .4 I" ia ' ll ' is I '11 an i an., 4-W .A H::f', 9 I 1, ' FIQHISL4 52 ij... uz,n::ins-: 'lu ':z:.:. I 'Ia hui J pi: I 1" I 'l?llnr 'Ze i: lift. I . - -... Pnl . ni... ' ll' ' :.,,-- . A ,. Ill' tl- --' '. K . '2 "Emi in " "3 S , A. 22 "ga:- 1 in 'I ghzgs v '. i " " .alll 5 , ig, 1 IIE!" l.f4 I ' V, . N Qin, . i 4 ,',Ni , iQ5.x.,,u, , W JA- A . 1 I , V , V N254 A David Halvorsen Dean Of Student Services Stanley T. Moak Dean Of Administrative Services t' 'S 'x N-.-I gl. Jane Anderson Dean Of Student Services luaiiillll l.i::ll... f,::E!Iill :fllll llllll 'iplll 'llll ff- 4 Yma ,. Dr. Richard Fox Dean Cf Contiuing Education E .W A 1-Q f l aQTi, K' 'fa Elizabeth Klemer Asst. To The President x Micheal Edwards Asst. Dean Ot Administrative Affairs Executive Secretaries Library Staff Athletics Division Q I Science and Technology Division Humanities Division 3 Business Division Social Science Division Security Dept. Mailroom Maintenance BO0kStOI'9 Admissions, Financial Aid and Business Offices Student Services Data Processing .Pg Nursing Division ,-v' 'li V fv' X I Cafeteria Staff i - 'fi' ll-4 -A g ' X Q, I 'Q' I X A ' n KX ' ' -1. A X ...A -1 Media Services YC i --+- Pr s,, P give' ' L Personnel Office s 1 - Print Shop K . 6 1 , ,Q i A . N 1 WX l 5 m ,. r. 'P 1 Business Office Learning Center fvi r 3 I in ,ks I ,,..,' il S'? K f Co-Operative Educatuon UP- " 1 Q Hg 32 Y asw- Y z as 3 if f Q: Ly, L., , s ,A 'rex 6 W .fr 'Fx fv- QQ' ' s'f'w,, S '23 4 . I r., ' 1 lzfff F 93" Jf'! min in iff ' 2 ,S 7 .bi I QF' L+ I X Q xxx t 5 , x N ' .fbi-.Qi A X :mv jg 'T xf-. N J ff' 'fr p.-f .2 , A I x u ' sf:- rv S: , , A . -, " ,x , Sn? ' ' ' f J- wg.-A- i .i M . , ii 11 Lhk x sv- ,M Si A .. ,.r.1-ff . .M A-U ' fi . , 4 ' -t :Sq-s:-4: 5 -5.-ff I . A..-A 'L' .- 1 I tiff . ri' 1 -l"'3 Tm' xx 'G iii -'11 if-A113 ' I1 Ubffrl 1 l '.i5,, Club F . mil.: E., Y, A N S 5.5 x - ,.-qqqg-qr 2, Q., F" U- 1" 1 ,vu " + gy. , A , 44,35 U .ily ' t ' ,-. .. - f S . 1., . L 451 :- 1. ' F , Li. l ' . H9 ,Q iii pw- 1 ': fi V-1' is - .A .K .1 JPG. if 'Hn' ,JJ ,. A , 1 t, 's 1 ig 'g-fx.. . tlgn ?l'f v 455' sf' ,win if M 4' . C em Newman Association Advisor: Fr. joseph Adarno President: Diana Andrews Dice-Pres.: Mary williams Secretary: Ann Vi. Norse Treasurer: Sean R. Walsh Members: Stella Pediyo Tiarylou Collins Ciinette Vautour Cathy LeBlanc Paula Carrier Elizabeth Roman Margaret Williams Linda Robbins Gloria LaBrach Roberta Landry Annie 'Textdor Susan L. 0'Neill Linda Ci. LeBlanc Kathleen Ti. Kruger Donald Parayis, jr. Bonnie Kelley Elizabeth JC. Doyle Josephine A. Drishell Terry Andrews Gerry Dech joAnne T'lcCarthy N. john Burt Diane Blake Wayne Campbell 'Terry Ciendron Steven Ciendron Theresa Kuhns Claire Lagasse' Pam Tiartioshi june Desorbo 9'H ,ik..,- ff- X f- IX. 1 gb , . -sg, Darwinian Society Advisor: Theodore D. Filteau Peter J. 'Trinchero Walter F. Ballou President: Dianne Blahe Vice-Pres.: Robert Bernier Sec.!Treas.: Raymond Rixzhard Members : james Altieri Diana Andrews Terry Andrews janet Brooh Dianne Cloutier Geraldine Dech Christine Dubuque 3-lolly T-'ilteau Andre Goguen Kay Landry Chuck, Sexton Laura Smith Eric Snell wendy Weldon ,Ju 'Nt lp---A l .g. fl' N.. ,jf 'Y ...nel I sin 'f v Z I N V' ' if "" 'ga' Fl- 'dz' , Ai mfr!! ....-1 'TV 1.-YW? 1 . , 1.3491 fflgsifci W1- as 5 -L w I llllliilllimj J" NT ll mf? It W. V 1 g,g UMUC-Radio Advisor: john Koiller G M 5 Christine Roberts Program Director- Rich Gibbs Production Manager- Michael 0'DonneLL ywmbzrs' Gloria LaBrach Charles Caii john Bessette Ciarh Sullivan Kenciis Baj nihi Gene Oallette Tiarh Rathbarn Doug Ferguson Ken Basque john Kennedy Robert Berrg jeanie Saiger jim mmf Mark, Hlarciing Torn I-iorgan Scott Casseiia Steve Caisse Keith jeciiiha Dan Vaiiiancoart jason 1'IcSweeneg Bill Hanlon Kgie Brown Tom Fianciers 'lain Perrg Diogenes A. Santafiaria l ,750 K 0 'U- ". 'L Harbinger Advisor: Paula Pithievvicz Board Of Editors: Editor-in-Chief : Chuck Sexton Associate Editor: :Iarnes Alltieri Managing Editor: Robert Bernier Asst. Managing Editor: Ragrnond Richard Business!Advertising Editor: Kag Landrg Feature Editor: Marg Wiiiiams Top Writer: Cierrg Dech Arts8eEntertainment Editor: james Sweatt Co-Photo Editor: Rich Gibbs Co-Photo Editor: Sandra Weller Paste-Llp Editor: ldendg Weidon Members: Pat Anderson Lisa Ashford Sharon Bernard Roberta Branca janet Broohs jack, Carson Emile Granata Lesieg Gireenough Cora Gustafson 'Tammy Jardine Laura Marble juanita Hager john Currier Sarah Place Vihhi Daieg Linda Robbins Kevin Dech Andre Eiougen Sheila Dugas Bernadette Nanieg juiiette Fioria Steven Ngberg A .Br ll az Secretarial Club Advisors: Neg Gillis Grace Costanzo Roberta Neuchatz Barbara Cotoia Co-President: Patricia Anderson Co-President: Linda Robbins Dice-Pres.: Cheryl Naillet Secretary: Lesley Greenouyh Treasurer: Kathy Zelney Nernbers: Denise Boucher Cari Bradshaw J-lelen Chester 'Lrene Clarh Linda Cook Sybille Danfze Cecile DeBettenquit Betsy Draper Amy Dubuhe Pam forgues Lizbeth Garcia Lori Goodrich Karla Gordon Ernilie Granata Michelle Hood Claire Layassex Kay Landry Darlene Tlacyill Pey flarcoux Debby Maxwell Susan Nelson Stella Pediyo Sophie Richardson Leni Lee Smart Marjorie Spano jolillen Stone Terri-Ann Tenney Giselle Thibodeau Robin Cossette Christine Maguire '-'-'H Fr F H Q fn -Y .. x she Phi Theta Kagpa President: Sue ilitchcocfa,-Gale Vice-Pres.: Geraldine A. Deon Recording Secretary: Laura Tlarble Public Relations Sec.: Tiargaret S. Narcoux Treasurer: Charles Q. Sexton Terry Andrews Kathy Ballou Donna L Bernard Robert J Bernier Dianne L Blake janet Brooks B idget K. Brown Barbara Ann Burdick. john C Burton Sharon T1. Carson Tlazel B Comeau Liana DeLorge Lynn Gallagher Mary Giorgi-Doore Qvonne Tl. 'Lvanov Dianne fl. jeffrey Bonnie Kelly Kay Landry Patricia LeBlanc Patricia Mahi Juanita Mayer Ann-Marie Nays jo-Anne McCarthy Anne N.. Norse john j. Perry Susan L. Robertson Elizabeth Roman Linda R. Rush Anita T1. Sterbinsliy Paula 71. Tourigny Wendy Weldon T1,argaret A. Williams Claire N. Lafiasse -l'.'.'i Aff' '12 H fi F We Are The world Club Advisor: Nancy Adams Tiarisseau Assistant Advisor: Sue Pieharshi President: Ti. Marcela Ciaitan Vice-President: 3-ienrg Ferero Treasurer: Denice Rivera Secretary: Diogenes Santarnaris Tiembers : Carios Roidan Ciernentina Santos Ana 0. Sanchez Christian Guerra Carlos E. Aispurua Hans Bae Chon Choe Brenda Cruz Sonia Dones Tiiquell Flores Koo gang johnny Escobar Sornsanouh 'Thirafwune Ann Jensen Maura Zagas H lsr- x af Pirc CPeer Information Advisor: Barbara Landry Bonnie Toothaher President: Anne Tl. Morse Members: Donald Tlckag Bonnie Vlaclwnzie Norma QI. Calvi Tlarilgn V. Chamberlain Kevin R. Deen Lynne Gallagher Referral Center I Q B 'X w . f f' i.fW 5. V 'f fi T 4- o 'N 1 -if B I. 1 Criminal justice Cllub Advisor: Bonnie Toothaher President: 'Timothy Tarr Vice-Pres.: Thomas Doaust Secretary: Ann-Marie Nags Treasurer: Robert johnson Members : Beth Clark, Deborah Surovich Todld, Blain Robert 1'iachie Christine Lacava Bonnie Patriquin .s--B bf' 9 I Drama Cllab Advisor: Gail Steele President: Cfint Hielman Vine-Pres.: Aprilleigh Knapth Secretary: Cassancita N. Paqatn Treasurer: Deborah ALEai,n Members: Kenneth Basque Rifch Gibbs ,Q-fx K' i If os. li gl .nkiif , , ,H . ..,. ,Q , ,, Shi Club Advisors: Ken 'Tahvorian Peter Kaufinann President: Rich Ladroya Vice-Pres . : Michael McDonald Secretary: Marcela Gaitan Treasurer: Earl French Members : Larry Butler Kathy Glebaucis jeanne Reifenheiser Rich Pihe Kim Kemp Larry :Iupin julie Winfrey Lisa Ashford Dean Miller Mary Camancho Math Vasquez Barbara Boardman Dawn 1-leffelfinger Kim Drury Sarah Salter Dave Hlardiny Lorrie Leasure Robin Noschetti Donna Gardner Barbara Burdich Wendy Straitiff Geoff Rollins Tom johnson Gary Gray Tim Belleza Heidi Busch Bob Gates 'Tim Loche Sean Lee Rahen Secino Paul Bonnalie Mark 'Testa 'Tina Ramsey Dan Buhluhegyi Chris Salaf ia Marcella Pirner Laura Mele 'Tom Karpowitz Rich Gibbs mfs samfm NLT Soctetg Advisors: Dr. Allen P. Russell Gary Starzgtnshi. Herman Cielbwasser Members : Nichaell Corliss Sharon Carson jacqueltne L. Hart Regina N.. Duval, Stewart D. Hlallbourg Cartos j. Rodriguez Dorothy P. lduorto Kathteen A. Deerg Lisa 'L Geisetman Dawn N.. T1,acDonaLd, Sandlra A. Degon Dianne judhtns Stephen Graves Carrie Levierge Susan C. Clarh I've been watching a nest of birds outside my window. I've watched as both parents guard the nest. I've watched as five babies came to life. I've watched as one parent protects the children while the other gathers food. I've seen both parents feed the babies. I've heard the beautiful sound of screaming babies at feeding time. I've seen the young ones flap their wings, getting ready for flight. I've seen them leave the nest hoping they will come back, knowing they must go out and live freely. My mother bought a bird and I went to see her pet. He lives in a small cage, and although he is cared for and protected from the dangers of the outside world, I still can't help but feel sorry for him. Thinking of the lives of these birds and relating them to man, I wrote the following poem. Dianne L. Blake LIKE A BIRD BY DIANNE L. BLAKE He sings beautifully, seemingly content with his life In his caged world. He is fed, watered, and bathed, thus has no need for wants In his caged world. He sees a companion in his metal mirror. He talks to him, gives him kisses, and enduringly waits for a response In his caged world. He flaps his wings and tries desperately to fly, but is surrounded by barred walls that safely keep him within In his caged world. At night he is covered with darkness . He closes his eyes and sleeps alone, not caring about tomorrow, for all he has is contained In his caged world. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I J I I. Qearbooh Stafj 1987 Executive Director - Chuch Sexton Co-Director!Chief - Sandra Weller, Rayrnond Richard, Gerry Dech Prornotional Director - Terry Andrews copy Director - Rayrnond Richard Co-Director of Layout - Marilyn Chaniberlain Co-Photo Director - Rich Gibbs Co-Photo Director - Sandra Weller Business Director - Kay Landry Executive Director - Chuck, Sexton Acadernic Director - jo-Ann McCarthy Minutes - Darlene Clernente Advusar - Paula Pithiewicz Mernbers: Wendy Weldon Kris Bell Darlene Clirnente Mary Williarns janet Broohs jim Altieri Marcela Gaitan Dianne L. Blake Q E Class of 1987 Advisor: Lee Lizotte President: james LeBlanc Vice-Pres.: Dawn Tleffelfinyer '87 Vice-Pres.: james Sweatt '86 Secretary: Susan El-litchcoch-Gale Treasurer: Kay Landry Senators: Gerry Dech Claire Layasse Chuck. Sexton r' Gloria LaBrach CSenate President? Marcella Pirner fSenate Treasurer? Rich Gibs Dianne Blake Ti. john Burt Dianne Cloutier Michael Richardson il... E 'SY if il Class of 1988 President: Annelises Place Vice-Pres.: john Paul Currier, jr. Secretary: Mary Roache Treasurer: Elizabeth Doyle Senators: Patricia 3-luyhey Peter 0'J'ialley Cathy LeBlanc CSenate Secretary? 'Iuan Nyuyan CSenate Vice-Pres.J Clark, Sullivan Kathleen Glebaucis Lorrie Leasure U E 4, . , . . fn bl? ,fx ... , . ,,, '..-..1 , ' ,3-6735 ., 4 , , ,,:--la .wowu ' W ' N1 -Q 'H - ,.:..a " , I ' ,fs 1 Q . ' 'fx -1. W,-11,-'g.,a -I 4 H . '- -,F, -rf . r -' 2.'2Q"7 u I 1 3 X it A ,yay aff! gl, f ..--' 1' 'IQ I .1 -.lava X. . an ", ' .. NP-1 Tu .fy..l' 'W'-2, I 8f9 ,'r" :sri 1 ff- 42 , ' ' wk -'.l.-0 ' r-N-- ,Q '- rl , 1"g:s5,:6-' 2334 .A ..+f .f ,.',f.,g ,4-fz'.,.'.-" ,flgp 2 A-: 'V 'fig .Li Y. r ' .IL he'-t , -1: gnk' ,- , '5qH'H'1En..'7, 4 I cf' ' lr Q. iq' 5,g,-57IQg,-5-Q, - .rr . .wx-FN, N, j Ffa, , ...fa -I -- -. . .55-rzf.-.N.,,-I gf . 'kqv fi 4 'fiig' "vig, ,: gcbnf. 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Eaton Artie Graustain Chris Eiagrw Duma Beiair james 0'Cormor Stephen Tomino james Moore Ernie Dube Allzx McDonald, William Cola Victor Ldirfduiia 'Timothy Beiieza Tiichufei Trudaf, Raymond, Brooks K,eith Regmonlcf, 111 5 e is S.Qf.Lb.aLL Coach: Nola Saptenzu Christirm Kuhns Sue Robertson :lame Russell Mtcheile Bfnnchard, N,LcFLeIlLe Bernard, Dawn 3-Leffelfinger Renee Lumurtne Arm T1,ari,e Lakose Li,ru:f,a, Ratmon Donna Eringi, Charlene Ncmca, 'ff' J' Q os tv 'YV' 1 f Y -1-g--gl!-'I--R ?Sl?' " f 12 5, 5011.5 me-2 RQ..-A A wg, 5- ,Jns,, T ,, , - ,. ,W r Y-W4 K , fr , 1llF"f -7 gy,-V "Jew if --"' f 1 1, i fi f 1...- 5 ,Q 5- f 4 1 . I, 1 ig rl I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 1 4?-I' 'M' Robert johnson 'Tim Leduc ' Ciint Hieirnan Christina Moore Coach: jach 1'LcNaLig Cgncii Sneii jerry Capone Mike Gilbert Tim Loche Sam Thiraliwane Nike Pender Ciint Hieiman K I1 9 ev K ' f ri f n Ja ' V- I I V ' f 4 ' 1, 4 4 f ' 'I gall ' X 'X f 5, f ,ff o X I I Q V i ' 1 . I ' ff' i , 3 0 Coach: jack, T'icNaiig Stephanie Cacchiara jane Russell, Rene Larnarine Dawn 3-ieffeifinger Q 'rs . ' i 'P ly I , n I - 1 o A givin ' . Q .I D '. I Q' . . ia ' 'mf 1' 'Z f In 'aff r':'.' was J.. x - ' ' I I Q lv is l I , -fuk.: v .mf ata' 'D' 5 ' 5 . 1' "gl O ina' ', y , s S :if i'-x 6 'C s t 'ut' 4 . A A 5 Q n if 'ai ' a 1' s-. A I' Dr. Warren Schumaker -vt. .gc .-7--sl. 8 qv,Qnntvn9-avlbvll Emily Mobley Spencer 'X , VNV Look Alikes Micheal Jackson 5 li, .wx sr' f Cyndi Lauper -2,3 INK ' EKU? Murph, The Physical Comedian is-rn-...' 31" 'Q- ., , H 4' ,, A I-5. hm PM I 'sq' 'x.-.. P. Q ,P 'A Wd" ff" . :K Q S. , X - e . N ' L, it , . with 1 I , 3 4. Q 1 xxx Af - ,..:-H " '-J ' . - x 9 N - -- Raggedy Ann and Andy "George M" H ---r ......... ............... ............................ - - J Pv 4 "WOrk To Rule" Work To Rule, was implemented October 1, 1986 as a protest over stalled contract talks between the Board Of Regents Of Higher Education and The Massachusetts Council of Community Colleges. It limited the work performed by faculty members, mainly those which came Under the heading "volunteer Work--, fwhich was forbiddenl. Student involvement showing Opposition to Wong To Rule included a silent moratorium of the wearing of black arm bands, which eventually helped to influence the union's decision to put an end to Work To Rule, finally, early in May of 87. Ti jx'-W bf, L.. slnlilumz' Dag 37 M I 5 60l vn , BEN GQIZZRRYS 51 'H 'vi is , Ss , A ,, A! ct1,v mtg Aw at dis Banquet it A f 'T 451.1 i G f 3 "la x ,X P Blll Academic Award, Banquet "QU 1. i 3? 2' 1 rg. V, 'sul Jqdiw ,il 1 15 I I if fd " I I '- , ,J 'k,,,,,Lf.'-- XXf6:5' General Studies Curriculum Award Dianne Blake . v Q -I . A x 1 4 'VF ' T -av' warm' G . twfy'-L L wr' ' ' . 4. -.4 il Q .MV"N- .' l 1 : fix - 4 0 .Gln '1 . ' , 9 ' 1 . .. ,Z 2 " 'iw V - A , . A ' .. , -K-1 l '1'::':f'N -4 - . L 1 " .- . JM 4. Criminal Justice Club Scholarship Award Ann-Marte T. Mags Who's Who In American Junior Colleges 'l Broadcasting 8t Telecommunications Curriculum Award -Iii! A lil ffl: 5 2 f l i - it ix L .ii ig l x tx th ii Chfis Roberts Regents'-Student --- Senate Scholarship Lynne Gallagher 'ui FN-.. U as 134 I Phi Theta Kappa 'QI--HQ-iii--I--n - --1iillilni-I-I-21111-S511 - 1 lill- -ll" F I 5 U LOWNIUNITY COLLEGE O 62 Ji 'ye i965 Q-,V 00 F 05 g f' I P" S ell Q A E I I I 'e Qllzxss nf 1987 v- , . Fi Qittrrirtxlunt Qxinnrhs I Ar! ..................... ..... Donna Bernard - Business ,-IU'HllIII'SII'0lI.OI1 .... ...... L iana Delforge Business Career ...,...... . . . 1 C ornpuier .4ssis1ea' Design . . . . I Dala Proeessing .....,.... . . . l Eleelronic' Engineering . . . Erecuiive S6'C'f6'IUl'I'0l .... Q General S iuclies ........... Margaret Williams . . . .James Nlailloux Patricia A LeBlanc ........John Perry ,... Diane Soucy ...., Dianne Blake General Human SeI'i'z'tes . . . ..... Geraldine Dech Liberal Aris ............... .... R icltard Murphy Liberal Siuclies ...... ...... lX largaret Yu I Medical Lab Yeelz. .... ...... N Iichael Corliss I Nursing .................... .... M ary Giorgi-Doore Qffiee Skills Manageineni .... ...... J oanne Maillet Public COIHI71llI'llC'0lI'0I15 .... .... C hristine Roberts Word Processing Cerl. .... ..... . . ..... Marjorie Spano F, ,L LLL., I a,,.----, f., -e I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I P ' , 4 , tri 'wif 59-0 L-J fo Q-ff U wk Nc ,d All ryfif, , Please Qlye Qlood 9 0 K Y ix- - 1 Q' ,,4 at x K 3 I, 4,4-'O' 'xv I rf" ' 0153- A.. in E 9' 1 "3'..- Q' .- -r gf - ,- - U - f Luiru yn .X W .4. "'-.L L. A H r.q E-df." ' ,f' 2 LTC 0 utin 9 J g - 1, a .' qu, a 'v 'kqif r' , Aga, 4: 3,11 i'z'v'.?"7 -.Q I -3 ' -.'l - ...J 'fr at XS! v. v-' -4 ' . , ,E 2 ,-,,...-- ,,,,..w ,Lu ..-U M .K ......-.,.1,, ..-,.-1 XV g I4lT':i f if--If ? S1-.J .JG 4 , 'Q ,108 ., 4 I 1 4 I I 1 l I si!" X .hz QQ , ,f Ji '41 .Xl X .J 3 I Q? is 'Ci .kl I ll 11' f XP Yr Nr 1 , if iQ 0,0 ll Ill: 5 00. Avwyg., +5 144 lr 11 s 2 i i E, mg, f for n 'L A ,. s' T- :gf '!"-'- ALLBANKG 7 'I 'Z 9554 'I O' W2- , Gr aduatvon I I 1? v X if ws X..g. fr! -X-A X, 'S' 1' i ' TCI' UfCIfI3IfDfI' I ' I I - ,I 4 'Q l I my I ! EIIAIIIIIIILLLILII' I I : 'ml' 'V' I I I I ' I The President, Faculty and the I I 3 Grr1dIIatirIgCIf1ss QI' I I Mount Wachusett Community College I I I request the honor of your presence I I I at thc' ComrIIc'Iu'1'IIIc'IIt ICxc'rc'ises ' I I ofthe College I I Thursday evening, May 28, 1987 I I at seven o'clock I I Ga rdnen Mr1ssm'lIIIsvtts I I I I I I I I I I -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I INIIIP I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I L I 1111. 1-lliliiill 1-1liiillll--.!--'-i1--im-.--- GA. avr. ' K A I li'l 'll' V . 'uw , -. D Q. , -. ,f '25 if x M' 'S.!EI'l'3ig"'? -S :fi 7h 1 U 'Qi :ff fc 4 0 N5 i f , Q .4 .J P1 I J JH W 1 , A,f , rv, ,O 4, . ,h ,Q , ,Wi 5 Ne -Quai-Y marina GZUIIIIIIPIIEPIILPIU fiinzxrhs M WCC 7?'LlSI?0.S' ' Awards . . . .,.. Susan Hitchcock-Gale Deans Kei' .... Charles Q. Sexton Presidenl 3 lieu' ............... ..... D iane Soucy 1-N, 1::::i Susan Hitchoocl-Gayle Charles Q Sexton i ' -H Student Tralee, Marcella Gaitan wit Gov. Micheal Dukakis and Acting MWCC President John Hogan. 9- I Heather Abbott Kathy J. Baia:--------------I I Groton, MA I I Petersham, MA I I Broadcasting and Telecommunications General Studies I I Activities: A. E. Rho, International Television Award: Phi Theta Kappa I I Association, Anny National Guard 'fl finalhf made it!" I I Award: Dean's List I I "Stop beating on yourself it's counter Claire Bedard I productive" - Tony Cherubini Ashby, MA I I . I Business Administration Career I I JHITIGS A- AI'l39Sy "l was here, but now l'm gone: I've left my I I Worcester, MA name to carry on: those who knew me, knew I I Broadcasting Telecommunications me well: and those who didn't can go to I I I HELL!! lt's been fun!!! BYE!" I I Linda M. Amidon I I - I I South Royalston, MA Krls Marie Bell I Business Mgt. Careers Gardner, MA I I "Thanks to my husband who's help made H. S. going into Zoology I I this possible." Activities: YEARBOOK none l'm Boreing. I Award: -Best Procrastinator- I I Patricia M. Anderson "Life is too short to procrastinate away. " I I Executive Secretarial B b J B I I I Activities: Secretary Club 0 . ernler I I I Gardner, MA I Diana L. Andrews Liberal Arts I Baldwmville, MA Activities: Harbinger News + Managing H Business Administratign ECIIIOT, D3I'WiI1iaI1 SOCIGIY VIOG-PI'6SId9I'II, : I Activities: Newman Association 1984-86, Phi Theta Kappa, Qrientation and Summer I I Newman Association President 1986-87, COUUNUIIY C0mmlUee. I I Darwinian Sgciety 1986-1987 "Its never over until lt's over." I Award: Dean's List 1984-85 I I I Dianne L. Blake I Maureen T. Andrews Gardner, MA I General Human Services Geflefal Studies I I Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Darwinian Activities: '85-'86 Treasurer ot Darwinian I I Society, Newman Association, promotional '50Ci9iY, Member Of Newman ASS0Ci-HUGH I I Director YEARBOQK '37 '85-87, President of Darwinian Soceity '86- I '87, Phi Theta Kappa and Student Senator I I Gary W. Archer '85"87 I Groton, MA Awards: Phi Theta Kappa, Who's Who, I Automotive Tech. Faculty Scholarship Award, Alumni I I Activities: Auto Club Presidentisophomoret ASSOCHIQH Seheierehip- Ph' Theta Keppe I I Bugged Cars for Plymouth I-mume Scholarship, D.C.E. Award, General Studies I Shooting Contest CYfmcu""m Award .. ,, I I You never lose your ability to learn. I Patricia A. Baldwin I Orange IIA Deneen Boudreau I I H 3 - Athol, MA I I AITITQIT D r:?Sliim Business Technology I I I James Dominic Ball E353 :Dae Breen I I Ft hb , MA a ner, I Biiceinele?AdministrationlData Processing Geeerei Studies , I I Activities: Skiing, Archem, Drummer, Activities: Theatre: "Antigone", "Best of I I Cycling Broadway and Beyond', Summer Stock. I I IfEveWthing Changes Wim II-me. if "We are all angels with but one wing, and I I we can only fly by embracing one another." I I I ' I L3111i111111112111111111111111111111111111111d ll'-i11li111ll1iil1lli I I I William A. Brisebois Ann M. Callahan : Fitchburg, MA Wrawick, RI I Broadcasting 8t Telecommunications Liberal Studies t Activities: Programming Committee 1984- "Christianity taught men that love is worth I 85 1986-7, Master Carpenter MWCC more than intelligence. Maritain Happy I Theatre 1984-7 10th anniversary Michael! Love to our son I Award: Programming Committee Award Matthew! I 1985 a. 1987 I I "lf this school got it's financial aid act Norma J. Calvl I together, this would be one of the great Athol, MA I Community COUSQHS-" General Human Services I Activities: Men a. Women Everywhere, I Janet Brooks Human Senrice Internship - MWCC - P.l.R.C. I Gardner, MA Oitice I Business Awards: Men 8i Women Everywhere I Activities: Q86-871 YEARBOOK PHi Theta Certificate, P.l.Fi.C. Award I Kappa, Danfvinian: Q85-862 Senator, Women K H C t I Everywhere e y arrler I AW3I'dS2 Kathi J. PUIIGI1 MeI'I1OI'I3I WinChend0n,MA I Scholarship, Dean's List, National Collegiate Nursing BUSil'leSS Award "T hank God!" I 'Aim high the sky's the limit!" I D it t Paula J. Carrier I Bndget Brown Winchendon, I Le0ITlinSiel', MA Business Administration for Career I Liberal Studies, Nursing then finally General Acyitiyi Newman Agsgciatign I Studies "What a Bargain!" I Activities: Phi Theta Kappa member, I AGFODFC 625109 I Scott F. Casella I Aliilafdi Phl Theta Kappa HOTIOI' SOCIGIY AII-ICI, MA I Super teachmg faquffy at the mount' Broadcasting and Telecommunications I 9SP9C'-ally MCLaUQh"f'- Activities: wiviwc Radio Club I Susan E Buck Awards: Campbell, Soup Award '87 U I I AWOL MA , Glenn I. Chapman I General Human Services Gardner MA I Awards: Dean's List, Essay published ini Businesg Administration magazine, Recipient of Judge M. Alan . - - I , , Award. Dean S List I Moore Award for excellence in English I . . Darlene J. Clemente I Dame' J' Bukkehegy' General Human Services I ggfgq-gates Activity: YEARBOOK '87 I Actsitvities: ski Club, raquetbaii, motorcycles Anita J. Cnaisson I gvaids' ski club A'h0'f MA . I ' Human Services Activities: W.H.O. Club, Work Study I ':Aeb'rE:S':e?:'Vi'L Awards: vice President ot w.H.o. Club as, I Business Technology 84' 85- - "T k h b d I Activities: Student Senate, Guardd a 'ng t 'ngs day y ay I What you get out of school, is what you Stoddard NH I put 'mo 't' Human Services I Activities: Peer Counselor-Coordinator, Co- I Directorii.ayout YEARBOOK L11111111111111111111111111111111111111111 P11111ii-1-!ll22i2212---in I' l l I I I Linda J. Chiasson Robyn Marie Cossete I Orange, MA Gardner, MA I BAC, Word Processing Certificate Executive Secretarylword Processing I Activity: Gym Activitie: Secretarial Club I Awards: Dean's List, Graduating with honors Award: Secretarial Club I "Give her where to stand and she will move 'Never give up on a good thing: remember I the earth." what makes you happy: Good things come I to those who wait! Thanks Tee H." I Irene A. Clark I Fitchburg, MA Sheila Ann Costa I Executive Secretarylword Processing Athol, MA I Activitie: Secretarial Club Human Services I Award: Secretarial Club Activities: Criminal Justice Club 198485, I "Your desire is the confirmation, the 1983-1 984 I destination is there." Awards: Dean's List I '34 rose is but a seed without love and I Vicki L. Clarkson sunshine to make it grow. " I Fitchburg, lvlA I Liberal Studies Ronald CVT I "Big 77me" ll Gardner, MA I "This was a great school to come to for a I Yvonne J, Collette returning to school student." I Fitchburg, MA . n I Business Administration Career Bertha A. D8UPhIfl8IS I Activities: I worked at switchboard while Leominster, MA I attending classes. Word Processing Certificate I "lt took me a while but I finally made it. " Awards: Dean's List I Hazel B. Comeau Geraldine A. Dech I New Braintree, MA Gardner, MA I Human Services General Human Services I Activities: Phi Theta Kappa Fratemity, Activities: Newman '85 - Newman V.P. '86, I Newman Club, Women 8i Men Everywhere Newman Peer Counsellor '86, Newman '87, I Awards: Phi Theta Kappa, Newman, Women PIRC-'86 Peer Counsellor: Assistant I 8- Men Everywhere Coordinator, Orientation Tours '86 + '87, I "Love releases what fearimprisonsf' Harbinger '86-'87, YEARBOOK Director-in- I Chief '87, Dawinian Society '86-'87, I Linda J, Cook veteran's Outreach Center '86, Phi Theta I Orange, MA Kappa V.P. '87, Who's Who in American I Business Administration Career Junior COIIGQGS '95 I Agtivitiesg Secretary Club, Wgmen AW8l'dSZ Regents Talented Scholar AW2I'd- I Everywhere '86, Alumni Association Scholarship Award I Awards: Dear-rs List Fall 85, Fall 86, Spring '86, Who's Who in American Junior Colleges I 87 Faculty Scholarship Award '87, Anastas fy-ie, grarure fall." Award for Literary Excellence '87, Phl Theta I Kappa Scholarship Award '87, Curriculum I Kelly M, Cormier Awzgd fc:1rHltIma'r1dSg-prices '87, Student I - ea ers lp wa ' IIQQQHQQQQZQI MA u. G. D31 'The Little Human" "Gypsy" I "Shoebox" '23 Latent activist"- "T here is a I - - destiny that makes us brothers, none goes m:i3bClgl:m'er his way alone. What we send into the lives of I Electronic! Engineering others, comes back into our own." Edwin I :Hey Bud, let's party! Pitch Club iw' Mamham I I 1iZZl11TllZZ11l1lll1llT1ZlZiZl11llT1llZ11J Q11111 I I I I I I I i I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I Betsy L. Draper Sterling, MA Business Administration Activity: Secretarial Club Award: Being an active member in the Secretarial Club. "Go for it. " Rachel A. Duguay Gardner, MA Business Administration Awards Dean's List, Sophomore year Renee A. DuVerger Winchendon, MA Criminal Justice Activities: Student Senate '85 81 '86, Leadership training oouse lLTCl, Public Relations Committee, Activity Awards Committee 'There will never be another now-l'll make the most of today. There will never be another me-l'll make the most of myself. " Earl D. French Ill Electronic Engineering Technology Activity: Ski Club Susan T. Hitchcock-Gale Ashbumham, MA Business Administration Activities: Student Senate 85, 86, 87, Sophomore Class Secretary 86, 87. YEARBOOK Editor 86, Photo Editor 86, President Phl Theta Kappa 86, 87. Co-Chair Activity Awards Banquet, 87, member 86. Co-Chair Summer Continuity 87, Orientation Committee 86, 87. Child Care Committee 86,87. Chalr Public Relations Committee 87. Peer Tutor. Awards: Outstanding Leadership Award, Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges, Talent Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, Student Senate Regents Scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List "l am not afraid of tomorrow for l have seen yesterday and I have today." Lynne Gallagher Pepperell, MA Human Services Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Exec. Comm. Person, Newman Assoc., Work Study, HealthNVellness Ctr., Men 81 Women Everywhere Awards: Newman Award - Dean's List, Women Everywhere Award, StudentlRegent Scholarship Award, Phi Theta Kappa Award "One Day At a time." Evelyn Garcia Harvard, MA General Human Services R. Richard Gibbs Westminster, MA Broadcasting and Telecommunications Activities: Drama Club '86, '87, Ski Club '87, Radio Club '86,'87, WMWC Program Director '87, YEARBOOK '86, '87, Harbinger Co Photographer '87, Best of Broadway and Beyond '85, Babes in Toyland '86, Raggedy Ann 8- Andy '87 Awards: Best Male Disc Jockey 1986, Who's Who in American Junior Colleges "Its just Rich." Mary J. Giorgi-Doore Leominster, MA Nursing Activities: Vice President Nursing Class + Nursing Club, Member of Association for Advancement ot Associate Degree Nurses, Member ot Phi Theta Kappa Awards: Nursing Qmicular Award, Howard Roundsville Scholarship, Who's Who in American Jr. Colleges Jackie Hart Leominster, MA Medical Lab Tech Activities: Member ofthe MLT Society Dawn L. Heffelfinger Business Administration Activities: Girls Softball, Women's Tennis, Vice President Class '87, Activity Awards Banquet Committee l' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Richard K. Ladroga Gardner, MA Electronics Engineering Activities: Ski Club Vice-President 1985-86, Ski Club President 1986-87, Spree Day Co- Chaimtan 1986, Orientation Day Guest Speaker 1986 Awards: State RegentlStudent Senate Scholarship recipient, Who's Who in American Junior Colleges 'Are we engineers yet? Hey tool, let's get lost in the bumps. Party at Earls'. Thanks, Vick. " Claire M. iRocheleaui Lagasse Gardner, MA Business Administration Career Activities: Student Senate, 3 yrs., Class Treasurer, Class of 86, Orinetation Committee, 2 112 yrs., Graduation Com., 86, Summer Continuity, 3 yrs., Nevwnan Club Member 3 yrs, 81 Treasurer in 85, Budget Com, 3 yrs., Yearbook Business Manager, 2 yrs., Secretarial Club, 85-87, Academic Affairs Com. tStudent Rep.i 85-86, College Telethon, 85 VFW Aux, Member, Grievance Com. 86-87 Awards: Regt. Talented Scholarship, 86, Who's who in Jr. College, 86, Phi Theta Kappa Member 87, Academic All-American, 87, Deans List, 85. Kathleen M. Landry Gardner, MA Business Administration Career Activities: Harbinger Advertising Manager 86-87, Sophomore Class Treasurer 86-87, Student Senate 86-87, Orientation Committee 86-87, Budget Committee 86- 87, Activity Awards Banquet Committee 87, Graduation Committee 87, Sholarship and Special Programs Committee 86-87, YEARBOOK Business Manager 87, Newman Club 86, Women Everywhere 86. Awards: Dean's List, Fall '86 - Nominated to Wh0'S Who in American Junior Colleges 87. "Fair words butter no parsnips. " John P. Lauricella Fitchburg, MA Automotive Technology Award: Certificate "lt's been great." Jal'I1eS J. L9BI3l1C Worcester, MA Business AdministrationlBusiness Administration Career Activities: President Class 1986-1987 Chaimtan Programming Committee 1986- 87, Fall Orientation 86, Summer Continuity, Orientation Committee 86, Programming Committee 1985-1986, Activity Awards Banquet Committee 1986, Master of Ceremonies Activities Award Banquet 1986, National Association College Activities QNACAQ Conference November 1986 "T he definafion of true love is when you give more than you have to give and receive more than you gave." Marc J. Levasseur Dracut, MA Broadcasting and Telecommunications Activity: Radio Club "T hank to all who helped me through this. Especially K. C." L6OI18I'd D. LIZOIIS Fitchburg, MA Computer Aided Design Anne Marie LOISGIIS Leominster, MA Business AdministrationlAccounting Bonnie J. MacKenzie Gardner, MA General Human Services Activities: Men and Women Everywhere, Peer information and Referral Office Awards: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Who's Who Amongst Students ln American Junior Colleges Darlene B. Magill Gardner, MA Word Processing Activities: Secretarial dinners, W. P. + Data Processing labs, Psychology functions, Secretary Club, Aerobics- A must. "Strawberries Forever." "Tressa is Mom." "Thanks for the coffees, guys." L F2--1122-111-Z-il-if-Hul--Q--1111111111-iii Clint M. Heilman Gardner, MA Electronic Engineering Activities: Student Senate 85-86: MCCAC Rep 86-87: Cross Country 86: Theatre 86- 87, ElectionlConstitution Committee 85-86 Chairperson 87: Activity Awards Committee 87: Drama Club Treasurer 85-86, Presidem 86-87: DPMA Club 85-86: Programming Committee 85-86: Pitch Club 86-87: GUARDD Committee 85-86 'hey babey!" Jennifer A. Hicks Winchendon Springs, MA Business Administration Career Activities: Co-Op at MWCC Hnancial Aid!Admissions Ofice from 6186 to Graduation Award: Dean's List Agnes G. tTrudej Hochstadt Gardner, MA General Studies Activities: Enjoying each day to its fullest. Awards: Wrinkles, gray hair, flab and memories. 'lllegitimi non carborundum. ' Thomas P. Horgan Jr. Ayer, MA General Studies Activites: Student Senate 1984-85, 86, ElectionlConstitution Committee 194, 85, 86, Chairman 1986, Chairman Candidate Forum Committee 1984,1986, YEARBOOK 1985, Harbinger 1986, WMWC Radio 1985, 1986, 1 987, LTC 1985, Guardd Committee 1986, Orientation Committee 1 984, 1 985, 1986, 1987 Awards: Who's Who in American Jr. Colleges, Most Reliable 1985, Most Argumentatlve 1985 'Don 't let the Bastards get you down." Anonymous Susan A. Hosley Fitchburg, MA Human Services 'The Stepping - Stone to My Future." Sandy Hutchins South Athol, MA Human Services Awards: On Dean's List three times. Yvonne M. Ivanov General Studies Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Women's Basketball Bonnie K. Kelly Vlhnchendon, MA Human Services Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Newman Association, Co-Op, Harbinger Newspaper Award: Dean's List 'Just when you think you cant do something, and you're ready to give up, just say "l can" and the world is yours." Chris E. Kinney Business Administration Activities: GUARDD Committee 1985, Cochairperson GUARDD 1986, Mass. Community college Athletic Rep. 1986, MWCC Youth Basketball Toumamem Asst. Director 1986 Awards: Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges, Dean's List 'Yeild. No. The Flame Machine. The time to party is anytime your awake. Blizzard 86. " Apriiieign L. Knapik Templeton, MA General Studies Activities: Harbinger, WMWC, Drama Club - Vice President tfitltobe, trsupiomef' Gloria M. LaBrack Vlhnchendon, MA C. N. Criminal Justice Activities: Studem Senate - President 2 years, Spree Day Committee, Activities Award Banquet, Presidential Search Committee, President Retirement Committee: C.N. Club, Newman Club, Radio Club, Drama Club, D.J. Radio Station Awards: Dean's Key, Dunton Lancaster Scholarship recipient, Talented Student Scholarship Recipient 'Age is just a number' i ! l l Pat R. Maki Fitchburg, MA Human Services Activities: Newman Club, Women 8. Men Everywhere, Phi Theta Kappa Awards: Newman Club, Women 8. Men everywhere, Phi Theta Kappa, Regents Scholarship "T rust yourself to love." Kim Marie Mallard Westminster, MA Human Services - Psychology Activities: 1986 YEARBOOK Committee + Student Senate "ld like to thank everyone who's made this moment possible for me." Laura D. Marble Liberal Studies Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Harbinger, index Director of YEARBOOK '87 Margaret "Peggy" Sheryl Marcoux Leominster, MA Executive Secretarial Activities: Phi Theta Kappa: Public Relations Secretary, Secretarial Club member, Veterans Affairs Ottice Awards: Who's Who ln American Jr. Colleges, Dean's Llst all semesters lHopes to graduate with special honors.i 'Maybe the more you do, the more you realize you can do." Diane M. Marini twoodardi Wemlnster, MA Business Administration Career "One goal accomplished yet many more to be achieved." Vanessa A. Marini Leominster, MA Business Administration Career 'Mom and Dad this ones for you. Thank you for all your support!" J0hI1 R. M8I'Ol1i Athol, MA Criminal Justice Ann-Marie T. Mays Leominster, MA Criminal Justice Activities: Criminal Justice Club Secretary 1985-1987, Phi Theta Kappa, Peer Tutor "What goes around comes around. So glad we made it. " Jo-Ann McCarthy Pepperell, MA Human Services Activities: Peer lnfonnation Referral Center CounsellCoordinator, Newman Association, Treasurer. YEARBOOK, Acedemic Director. Tutor, Instructional Aid for ESL program. Phi Theta Kappa Association Awards: Who's Who Among Students in American Junior colleges. Alumni Association Scholarship. Phi Theta KappalNational Junior College Honor Society 'You have come a long way baby!" Betty J. Minty Athol, MA Human Services Activitiy: Tutoring "Its a bitch to be old!" Anne M. Morse Gardner, MA Human Services Activities: Secretary- Newman Club, President- Women Everywhere, Volunteer- P.l.R.C. Awards: Regents!Student Senate Scholarship, Deans List, Newman Award, Women Everywhere Award, Phi Theta Kappa "Never lose sight of your DREAM. " Martha J. O'Connor Wlnchendon, MA Business Administration Career Activities: Troop Co-ordinator - Girl Scouts, Town Committee - Cub Scouts Amy L. O'Loughlin Clinton, MA Business Administration for Career 'Uust remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow, lies a seed that with the suns love in the spring becomes a rose". James W. Pack Fitchburg, MA Med. Lab. Tech.lGen. Stud. Activities: Active Anny Resenre member, MLT Society member, Member of 94th ARCOM Ritle 8. Pistol Team Award: DCE Veterans Award 1987 "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten." Karen L. Paine Gardner, MA Human Services '7 finally did it. " Bonnie Patriquin Phillipston, MA Criminal Justice 81 Human Services Activity: Criminal Justice Club - 2 yrs. Vice Pres. 'Are we ready yet??!l" Cassandra M. Paquin Gardner, MA General Studies lElementary Ed.l Activities: Drama Club, Art Club, Ski Club, Theatre at the Mount, Mount Players Theatre, Barre Players Guild, "Mandy' sierra U. Pedigo Word Processing Activities: Secretarial Club John J. Perry Gardner, MA Electronic Engineering Technology Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, Tutoring Awards: Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges "Love That Math" Sarah Marie Place Leominster, MA Business Administration Activities: Peer tutor - Math lab - Harbinger tThanks Chucklesll 'Mom - No way - lmade the Deans List and l'm graduating! --Thank You Dr. Bassett." Lee POttel' Fitzvvilliam, NH Nursing Michael C. Richardson Northampton, MA General Studies Activities: Student Senate, Phi Theta Kappa '94 wise man makes his own decisions: an ignorant man follows the public opinion. " Linda K. Robbins Executive Secretarial Activity: Secretary Club Christine A. Roberts Broadcasting 81 Telecommunications Activities: President Alpha Epsilon Rho, General Manageral WMWC Radio Awards: Curriculum Award- 87 SUSHI1 L. RODGYISOI1 Athol, MA Criminal Justice Activities: Softball 85-86: 86-87, Basketball 86-87 Awards: Phi Theta Kappa "lf you love something, set it free. lf it comes back to you, it is yours. If itdcesn't, hunt it down and kill itl. " Thomas D. Robichaud Criminal Justice Activity: Criminal Justice Club Dora Rogers Executive Secretarialiword Processing Leominster, MA lOriginally from Bogota, Colombial Activities: Secretarial Club, YEARBOOK Staff Awards: Secretarial Club participation, YEARBOOK Staff "Happiness is not liking what you do but doing what you like. " TiSl"l ROITIHI1 Rindge, NH Human ServicesiLiberal Studies Activities: Newman, PIRC, Phi Theta Kappa Award: Phi Theta Kappa "Life is meant to be lived and curiosity must be kept alife. One must never, for whatever reason turn his back on life" iEleanor Flooseveltl I' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I E. - I' I I I I I I i I I I Linda F. Rush Fitchburg, MA Nursing Activities: Treasurer of Soph. Nursing Club + Soph. Nursing Class Awards: Who's Who in American Colleges, Phi Theta Kappa Jane A. Russell Leominster, MA Human Service Activities: Tennis 1986-1987, Basketball 1987, Softball 1986-1987 Awards: Softball - Golden Glove t,948l 1 986-1987 Chuck Q. Sexton Orlando, Fla. Liberal Studies Activities: Freshman: Student Senator, Class Vice-President, Peer Tutor, President's Committee on AIDS Guidelines, Spree Day Committee. Sophomore: Editor- in-Chief Harbinger, Executive Director YEARBOOK, ElectioniConstitution Committee, Long Range Planning Committee Treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa, Danivinian Society, New England College Newspaper Assoc. Awards: Dean's List 3 sem., Doyle Award for Literary Excellence, Alumni Association Scholarship, Disney Employee Scholarship, National Fraternity ot Phi Theta Kappa, Who's Who American Junior Colleges, Dunton- Lancaster Scholarship, Outstanding Student Service, Student Leader Award. "To be afraid of Education is like turning your back on life." COS David W. Soper Hanson, MA Broadcasting and Telecommunications "lnch by Inch an ythings a Sinch. " Marjorie L. Spano Gardner, MA Word Processing Certificate Awards: Word Processing Academic Award Kenneth Fi. Stark Boylston, MA Electronic Engineering Technology William S. Stefaniak Leominster, MA Business Administration Activities: Waterskiing, Motorcycling Sam Thirakoune Athol, MA Electronic Engineering Activities: Tennis Team, We Are The World Veronica tSallyl Tietgens Human Services Activities: Ceramic - Roller Skating - Bowling 'Thanks to all my friends who have been supportive through school. " Donna M. Titus Fitchburg, MA Business Administration Career "Thank God its over!" Paula M. Tourigny Human Services Activities: Phi Theta Kappa Awards: Dean's List Llsa J. Vallee Leominster, MA Human Services Mary A. varvine Leominster, MA Word Processing Certificate Awards Dean's List r Sandra J. Weller Worcester, MA Broadcasting 8 Telecommunications Activities:Secretary-Treasurer 186-871 for Aero, Co-Photo Editor for Harbinger Spring 87, Co-Photo Editor tor YEARBOOK 87, I- MAGAZINE 87 Award: Dean's List "OnW that day dawns, to which we are awake." Thoreau Margaret A. williams Leominster, MA Business Administration Career Activities: Newman Association, Phi Theta Kappa, Senate- Childcare Committee "Thanks Will!' Wendy L. Weldon Gardner, MA Criminal Justice: Human Service l- Wendy L. Weldon Mary B- Williams I Gardner, MA Business AdfT'lll'llSIl'allCl'l I Criminal Justiceg Human Service ACUV'i'eS2 Feature Edlief of Hefblngefi Activities: pni1'neta Kappa Induction Women 81 Men everywhere, Vlce President: Committee, Fundraising Committeeg Lay-out Newman Aeseeleilen Editor of Harbinger g Co-Director of Lay-out I for YEARBOOK, Help in production of i I Magazine iLiteraly Magazinei, Danuinian Kathleen V. Zeiny Society Member. ,Wh ,PH Gardner, MA I et do YOU mean by the Wrong Veef- Business Administration Career I I Activities: Member Women Everywhere, I I 1985-86, Member Secretarial Club, 1985- I I A W-if ms 87, Business Manger, Harbinger- Fall- I 223:53 A I la 1986, Treasurer, Secretarial Club, 1986-87, I I Business Administration Career - OOK staff' Srpmg' 1987' I I Activities: Newman Association, Phi Theta b .'t .evefy endfffg fhef e eemee e ne W I I Kappa, Senate- Childcare Committee e9"m""9' I "Thanks IMIII' I Karen L. zoldak I Gardner, MA I Business Technology I "Thanks: Mom, Dad I Love You - Dale Too!" I I I I I O-up I I I I I I I I 'ix : ' I I I 'IN ' 5- I- I N I I 54-S, I -A., I I 8 were ee "5 .A 'ix I ig, j h I , Q Q Q a ., r, -1 1. 7 QA l 'L-QA, rw, 'x ,mag Af V ' - A-ri 1, , vw uennn ,. 5, .,, , A 4 my Gm: 'ff MQ A ,, f ,T wr 9 Iiwn' L-,az-uf J A -, 0 1 Q A . f,..,,, Q. I ft- -- , ---1 Q' fm " 'VJ ff 'Q ia? ' P' f- A .G f ' A ff 7 ' ' ' " wi H x- Ei .' ' -sr, 'f wg , . f ' f fm-iw " .4-A - lv ,I . ff I 2 A . , 9 .4419-. YW. 5, -W. ,Q ,. .,, 1 NL 'X N- - I f Q x if 1 . It -dm . rxpwx R' da' .X Fifi.. Z. 'tu-" 4 .' ... "-'--"N ' M - -1 ' -.. ' ' ' ' "' ,W .sr -,fa f,,- W... XJ- 5 X 4-7 "-5... W 4 , it ,' ' 'q,. I -2. Sophomdre Class Photos taken by Sandra Weller 1 Other photos by Sandra Weller, Rich Gibbs, Susan Hitchcock-Gayle, Steve Nyberg, Ben Martino, Mike Gilbert, and Billy Santora, Frank Hirons, and Fiay's Stockpile Photo file l E y 4 ffl? riggg 5 M It gl g, ml? v align ,E I in Q illyg l 4 FV ? , 1 , Special thanks to The Three Stooges: Joe, Dan and Jon, Marie. David, The Security Team, Tanya , Student Senate and Vinnie. , Ji QP' I , 4 J Ee- S RED BALLOON Hope is flying a red balloon against a grey sky 0 . . seeing it flap in the breeze and feeling your heart tug. oy is your willingness o let it go. 0 by Holly Young L u 'V vi! QW5? " f If -' ' n .' V 'ii ' t , 1 '4 K

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