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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1984 volume:

. ,Q . ' T'-'w . Q r I '0 6 14 . - YQJ. r"' 1'-' A .' J d 4 , My .f- W w'N Y Q, Q' ., ' I 1" l , 4 0 S is 4 U 'Y 6 ,P 4 x , o 5 Qedicatiom .Lib xl' Those who bring Sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves Sir james Barrie We dedicate this yearbook to Marie Cunningham in appreciation ofeverything she has done for everyone Thank you, Marie! K is A -uv r 4 J x. J l -E 17 ld Ulysses CTennysonD I am become a nameg For always roaming with a hungry heart Much I have seen and known-cities of men And manners, climates, councils, governments Myself not least, but honored of them all- And drunk delight of battle with my peers, Far on the ringing plains of windy Troy. I am a part of all that I have met, Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move. How dull it is to pause, to make an end, To rust unburnished, not to shine in use! As though to breathe were life! Life piled on life Were all too little, and of one to me Little remainsg but every hour is saved From that eternal silence, something more, A bringer of new things, and vile it were For some three suns to store and hoard myself, And this grey spirit yearning in desire To follow knowledge like a sinking star, Beyond the utmost bound of human thought. CITIES OF MEN AND MANNERS, CLIMAX, COUNCILS, GOVERNMENTS . . . MYSELF NOT LEAST, BUT HONORED OF THEM ALL KKSQKFWYWS 8 - -afr7......-.f"" Q rgfh' .,..-v -,...Zrvf .-.a--1 ............,S TEET :Nw ,ww THERE? wwmmwwmxaa-:qv :J T1 s WEL. .L LJ P'S4.'' ir . AND DRUNK DELIGHT OF BATTLE WITH MY PEERS Aff' ' .x 'f 54' .Mx THAT UNTRAVELED WORLD WHOSE MARGIN FADES FOREVER AND FOREVER WHEN I MOVE. if TO FOLLOW KNOWLEDGE LIKE A SINKING STAR BEYOND THE UTMOST BOUND OF HUMAN THOUGHT 4' , ,: ,. ADMINISTRATION pi g e fe! 3 E5 L y,,.A..,g av-fa An unknown Chinese poet in 500 BC wrote: "If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed. If you are thinking ten years ahead. plant a tree. If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people." Ne at the Mount have tried our best to do that. I think it important that you leave here with an understanding of the investment many people have made in you and in Mount Ivlachusett Conlnunity College: your professors, counselors, administrators and staff -- all have made a contribution to your arriving at This juncture. You will soon pass fran the relatively protected corridors of Mount Nachusett Cofmiunity College to other less protected worlds, and to new responsibilities. I want you to achieve good and hard and difficult and impossible things -- for your own good and personal satisfaction -- but also because you are graduates of Mount Hachusett Conmunity College. Robert Frost once defined education as something like being able to hang on until you have caught on, Each of you has hung on long enough to catch on. and catch your Associate degree in the process. Please accept my congratulations upon your success. Arthur F. Haley President Pres. Haley w.4 Dean Pennington Dean Moak Dean FOX 75? M Mafia! 1135's fudw. aaa Dun ol'Shld:nl Selviu: L. "' TELEPHONE' E32-6600 may io, 1984 Dear Graduates: Once again I say farewell to a fine group of young men and women who just two years ago enrolled at the "Mount." I congratulate one and all and have fond memories of the past few years. You have ample reason to be proud of the fact that you survived and persevered on this step in life's plan, You are the nineteenth graduating class in the rather short twenty years of the history of the college. I frequently lament the fact that we are a two year institu- tion because one hardly gets to know you before you move along. In addition, so many of you are labeled "non-traditional" in our current jargon because you did not come to us directly from high school as was the case years ago. Now we have grandmothers, grandfathers, and numerous family members who have gone on to our Alumni ranks. I bid you Godspeed, with much pride, best wishes, and every confidence that you will make us all extremely proud of your achieve- ments and contributions to society. I hope that all will become active members of the Alumni Association and that our paths will cross frequently in the future. Come back often to see us. JPH:m on . o n ilc e y ours, Al F! ean of S ent Services Dean Hogan 1371.1 if iE?7i7 sr we 1 Www 2- - f gg ' ., . ei lg 255 55 f U . 5 'Z " , Q , ' ' 'f ' H 'i 5' 'ififfl ' . ff' to i,"ie ' i K 5 :7 +' -f-7 . ,, ,,,,, .J . ,g . ' QQ-72i5f,f. ii , f?'zi,f Mvf I - 43 . 'mg '+ , ' --sway ..,. I f' "..ze214':' gr -11.972 A-V, C Dean Halvorsen Dr. Llbby Klemer Dean lane Dean Charmaine Anderson Sperling 7 , ', E . 4 N I x " I A FACULTY AND STAFF Business Division Security and Maintenance Social Science Division Learning Center Athletic Department Science 84 Technology Division msg Registrar's Office 1' Cafeteria . fa Library E .A '. 5. N x.,..xaaa.n4.J...-L. Print Shop Data Processing Media Services Business Office fffhsxw Q Student Services .6 Personnel Student Services EE M JL yf KW Book Store Administrative Secretaries Li. . Co-Op Division of Continuing Education ' Aff! fgimlffx fi Mailroom A message to the famnlnes and friends of todagfs graduates . . The teaching faculty, librarians, and counselors who are members of the Massachusetts Community College Council share your pride and happiness, as your sons and daughters, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, neighbors, friends, and relatives graduate today. They richly deserve our praise, because they have worked hard for their degrees. As their teachers and guides, we have also dedicated a great deal of time and expertise to their education. Unfortunately, we are not receiving commensurate support for our efforts from the college administration. We have just finished an entire academic year working without a collective bargaining contract. We have not received a raise in two years, while maintaining the dubious honor of being among the lowest-paid community college faculty in the nation. The primary reason for this situation is the intransigence of the state Board of Regents of Higher Education, and the college presidents who, during 18 months of negotiations, have insisted upon unreasonable increases in our workload Cwhich would be detrimental to quality educationi, painfully small pay increases, and patronage-style pay raises for a few people selected by the college administration Cwhich, if implemented, would only serve to pit faculty members against each otherl. A recent study revealed that the average community college teacher spends more than S0 hours a week teaching, planning, and attending meetings. Most of us either continue our own education or teach Hcontinuing educationn courses between semesters in order to improve the quality of education we provide our students, and to supplement our incomes. The pay for the average Massachusetts community college teacher is less than the starting-pay for postal employees. We urge you to tell your college president, state representative, state senator, and Gov. Dukakis that we deserve better treatment, and that they should instruct the Board of Regents to sign a fair contract with us. Please: Help us to maintain one of the Com onwealth's most valuable resources -- its system of community colleges. -- Your Faculty and Professional Staff EA: -.- -rg X Faculty Candids it New Y an-W-:v .. V, R 46" A 'Y RIP: 9 G AMlDDlUTl'-MIM Mn S F Ch 1? llammn wvll We H Kimberly Abare Executive Secretary Richard Adams Business Administration Leslie Alsop Business Technology judy Andrews Data Processing QM? 'Kar David Ashe Electronic Engineer David Bailey Electronic Engineer jean Ball Business Administration Michael Beaudoin Public Communication David Bergman Public Communication Robert Blodgett Criminal justice Carlene Borey Business Administration Lee Boudreau Business Technology Kris Boulay Executive Secretary janine Bourgault Steve Briggs Business Technology Becky Brooker Business Technology Peter Brown Electronic Engineer Steve Brown Business Technology Robert Bruce Data Processing 81 Business Technology Donna Bustin Data Processing QM'- 'WDW David Butler Criminal justice Ora Cartwright Business Technology Pam Chapman Human Services Susan Chartrand Public Communication Susan Coates Executive Secretary Yvonne Collette Wayne Conrad Public Communication Chris Coolidge jeff Davis james Diakakis john Drummey General Studies Laura Dufault Business Technology Chris Duguay Electronic Engineer Marie Elbthal Sharon Elwell Data Processing Lee Eubanks joseph Fleurant Melissa French Data Processing Kristine Friberg Data Processing Sheryl F uce Executive Secretary Linda Gallant Business Technology David Cendron Data Processing Becky Gray General Studies Deborah Greenslit Nursing lack Greenstreet Public Communication Mark Hager Public Communication Mary Hanshaw Data Processing Heather Heilman Business Technology Lynn jones Public Communication Martha Keilig Art Erwin Klepner Mechanical Engineering joel Koykka Electrical Engineering Deborah Kulkkula General Studies Cindy LaBoffa Human Services Cathy Lanagan General Studies joe Landry Data Processing Phillis Landry Liberal Studies Christine Lawrence Public Communication Ken Leblanc Electronic Engineer David Leet Business Technology ,315 Celeste Leger Criminal justice Dianne Loew Business Administration 81 Business Technology Judy Mack Liberal Studies Ken McCullough Human Services james Murray Electronic Engineer janice O'Connor Data Processing Carol Pacetti Executive Secretary Beverly Patria Data Processing f ' X., ,.f' 1 1' jeff Peach General Studies Diane Peloquin Executive Secretary Shari Peters Business Technology Mary Peterson Executive Secretary Nancy Piermarini Executive Secretary Frances Pratt Art Robin Radvon Public Communication Roderick Raubeson Data Processing f' I "ffm-yu-4 fy! I A' iv Deborah Raymond General Studies Dave Rockwood Business Technology Rhonda Rogers Criminal justice Donny Rota Data Processing Ken Rouleau Data Processing Kenn Ruckey Business Technology Liesha Seseika General Studies Paula Shaw Human Services Shawn Smith Business Technology Evelyn Snell Liberal Studies ErinAnne Snyder Liberal Studies Dan St.Sauveur Data Processing Rena Swezey Business Technology David Swift Electronic Engineer Amy Tenney Susan Tousignant Art W loann Tunnessen Business Technology Patricia Wheeler Electronic Engineer Kevin White Data Processing 8 Business Technology Wilson Wilder Business Administration Steven Wiley Electronic Engineer Melanie Winter I , General J .. Q ' E iudms ,f.'J " .Q f fg 5, -err 5, X., l ' 'Qt-A Abare, Kimberly Ackerman, Sandra Adams, Richard Alsop, Leslie Alvis, Danny Amato, Theodore Ambrose, David Amenta, Darlene Amidon, Nancy Anderholm, Gary Anders, Christina Anderson, Karen Anderson, Kim Andressen, Josephine Adnrews, Judith l984 GRADUATES Archibald, Cheryl Ares, Glenn Arseneau, Conrad Ashe, David Ashton, Mark Bacigalupo, Michael Bailey, David Bailey, Janet Baker, Richard Ball, Jean Ballou, Nancy Banfield, James Barbieri, Joyce Bardsley, Jeanne Barnes, Charles Elaine Woessner Executive Secretary Peter Woodward Pubhc Communication Barnes, David Barnhart, Wendy Barrett , Donna Barrett, Matthew Barrieau, Diane Barrieau, Mark Barton, Faron Bastarache, Robert Beaudoin, Michael Beaulac, Kelly Begin, Michael Behan, William Beike, Charles Bergman, David Berndt, Elizabeth Bevan, Joy Binnall, Robert Biron, Catherine Bisson, Joyce Blair, Alyce Blanchard, Stephen Blodgett, Robert Boisse, Lynn Boisseau, Jeffrey Boissoneau, Donald Boivin, Sandra Bolduc, Nancy Bonk, Kimberly Borey, Charlene Boucher, Kenneth Boudreau, Joan Boudreau, John Boudreau, Lena Boudreau, Susan Boulay, Kristine Boutwell, Marcy Boyd, John Boyden, David Braneff, Kris Brideau, Ellen Briggs, Stephen Brissette, Maryann Brooker, Becky Brooks, Robert Brosseau, Brian Brousseau, Maryellen Brown, Beth Brown, Mark Brown, Peter Brown, Stephen Bruce, Robert Brunelle, Sandra Buck, Joanne Buckley, Gerald Bujnicki, Patricia Bullman, Kathleen Bumpus, Karen Burnham, Susan Bustin, Donna Butler, David Cameron, Denise Cantrell, Willie Cappuccitti, Gabriella Caramello, Anthony Cardwell, Steven Carter, Dennis Cartwright, Ora Casacca, Marcia Caserma, Lea Chapman, Pamela Charlebois, Maureen Chartrand, Susan Chicoine, Simone Chrisholm, Todd Christenson, Donald Clark, Scott Coates, Susan Coe, Joy Coe, Ulla-Britt Cole, Teresa Collette, Jeffrey Collette, Susan Collette, Yvonne Collings, Maria Conant, Wendy Conrad, Wayne Contaxes, Linda Cook, Jean Cormier, Judith Cormier, Lisa Cormier, Marguerite Cormier, Theresa Courtemanche, Jeffrey Cribben, Patricia Crury, Mary Crizier, Richard Cutler, Christine Cyganiewicz, Linda Damm, Therese Damon, Carolyn Daniels, Alva Day, Lorraine Day, Patricia Delrio, Jose Deluca, Michael Demar, John Demartino, Barbara Desmond, William Diaz, Marino Donahue, Theresa Dora, Theresa Dower, Debra Dower, Francis Drummey, John Ducharme, Brian Dufault, Laura Duguay, Christophe Duguay, Rita Dumas, Gary Dwinells, Allyn Earnest, Diane Eaton, Beatrice Eaton, Glenn Eddy, Pamela Elwell, Sharon Erickson, John Erickson, Mary Ellen Euvrard, Lynne Eacteau, Gregory Fazio, Michael Fiore, Richard Fisher, Charlene Fitzgerald, Michael Flanagan, Julia Flanagan, Michael Flannagan, Thomas Flavell, Lisa Marie Flight, David Flynn, Richard Foley, Louis Foley, Michael Ford, Francis Forest, Laurie Fors, Lynn Foster, Diane Foster, Joel Fountain, James Fox ll, Robert Foy, Patrick Frechette, Kathleen French, Kathleen French, Melissa Friberg, Kristina Frigoletto, Nancy Fuce, Sheryl Fuller, James Gabrenas, Michael Galanos, Michael Gale, Linda Gallant, Karen Gallant, Linda Garcia, Abraham Gebo, Jane Gendron, David Getster, Michael Gibby, John Girouard, Cynthia Glenzel, Kathryn Goguen, Jeffrey Gore, Steven Goyette, James Graves, Edward Gray, Rebecca Greenslit, Devorah Greenstreet, John Gregoire, William Grenier, Lee Griffis, Bobby Griffith, Debra Grimley, Joseph Groulx, Edith Guay, Joanne Guerra, Edward Guertin, Robert Guilmette, Kimberly Gurdak, Robin Gustafson, Carla Hall, Felecia Hanshaw, Mary Harms, Linda Harrison, Eric Haven, Rebecca Hebert, Michael Heilman, Heather Heldt, Christine Hembrow, Linda Henrie, Jacqueline Hett, Donna Hicks, Nathan Hier, Steven Hollister, Marcia Holmes, Debi Holt, Larissa Holzschuh, Dale Homans, Mary Hone, Adrian Howard, Joan Howe, Rachel Hudson, Edward Huff, Janice Jalbert, Anne-Marie Jean, Suzanne Johns, Heidi Johnson, John Johnson, Judith Johnson, Linda Johnson, Johnson, Peter Susan Jones, Lynn Jordan, Jordan, Joslin, Kangas, Keilig, Catherine Sharon David Cynthia Martha Kerswill, Randee Kilfoil, Kimball, Kinner, Frances Diane Blanche Klempner, Erwin Kopczynskie, Cynthia Kosinchuk, Diane Koykka, Krysil, Joel Steven Kulkkula, Deborah Laboffa, Lafontai Lanagan, Landry, Landry, Landry, Landry, Lapinska Lapointe Lapointe Laroche, Lavertue Lawn, Me Lawrence Cindy ne, Catherine Catherine Joseph Maureen Phyllis Steven Lanza, Anne s, Jennifer , Anthony , Catherine Michael , Robin lanie , Christine Lawrence, David LeBlanc, Karla LeBlanc, Kenneth LeBlanc, Marie LeBlanc, Roger LeClair, Sherry Ledford, Christina Ledgere, Patrick Leet, David Lefebre, Lori Leger, Celeste Lehman, Bradley Lemteux, Thomas Levasseur, Thomas Lillie, Malcolm Limehouse, Deborah Lindberg, Kristen Litzenberger, Lee Loew, Dianne Lounder, Timothy Lupien, April Lupien, Richard Lydon, Scott Machado, Carl Mack, Judy Mackenzie, Michael Maillet, Karen Maillet, Leonie Malnati, William Marceau, Kerry Markunas, John Martin, Carrie Martin, Cheryl Mason, Angela May, Paula Mayhew, Cindy Maynard, Michelle McCann, Thomthy McCullough, Kenneth McDonald, Melissa McCann, Jack McGrail, Mark McManus, Stephen McPherson, Lorna Meany, David Medlin, Douglas Melanson, Lisa Mentzer, Dorine Miller, Robert Mitchell, Laurie Moineau, John Morey, Charles Marin, Suzanne Morrill, Gene Morrison, Joan Morse, Darlene Moynihan, Dale Mungo, Paul Murphy, Sheila Murphy, William Murray, James Myles, William Myllykangas, Laurie Nikander, Wayne Niles, Stuart Nims, Gregory Noel, Charlene Norman, Jimmy Norman, Shannon Normandin, Eugene Nowak, Edwin Nyman, Jocelyn O'Connell, Carol O'Connor, Janice O'Laughlin, Patricia O'Loughlin, James O'Toole, Carole Olbert, Sonja Olivari, Matthew Ostman, John Otto, Wendy Ouellette, Gary Ouellette, Justin Pacetti, Carol Palmbach, Ronald Palojarvi, Patricia Parenteau, Lynn Paronto, Jerry Patria, Beverly Patterson, Harry Pazos, Deborah Peach, Jeffrey Peeler, Pamela Peloquin, Diane Peltokangas, Tuomo Peters, Shari ann Peterson, Mary Petrie, Cheryl Phelps, Gwen Phelps, Russell Pickard, Julianne Piermarini, Lisa Piermarini, Nancy Plante, Bernadette Pochini, Anne Powell. Sandra Pratt, Frances Provencher, Donald Purple, Monica Pushee, William Quinn, Laurie Radefeld, Carol Radvon, Robin Raposa, Marilou Rathier, Raymond Rau, Heidi Raubeson, Roderick Raymond, Deborah Raymond, Kevin Raynes, Peter Reid, Catherine Reilly, Robert Rheaume, David Richard, Gregory Richard, Lisa Richard, Raymond Rivard, Jane Rivera, Ronald Robinson, Ward Rockwood, David Rogers, Laura Rogers, Rhonda Rogers, George Bossetti, Joseph Rota, Donny Roth, Scott Rouleau, John Rouleau, Kathleen Rouleau, Kenneth Roy, Darryl Ruckey, Kenneth Ruggiero, Robert Ryder, Sandra Ryder, Scott Sadoski, Leticia Salmi, Carol Savoie, Maurice Scarale, Michael Schlichter, Gary Schofield, Mark Schuster, Gary Shaw, Paula Shepardson, Judith Sheppard, Karla Shoup, Arthur Sideleau, Steven Simmons, Cheryl Sims, Dantel Smith, Leon Smith, Shawn Snell, Evelyn Snyder, Erinanne Spivey, David St. Sauveur, Daniel Stone, Georgiana Stover, Janet Sullivan, Mary Swezey, Rena Swift, David Tainer, Betsy Taintor, Pamela Tapply, Kimberly Taylor, Gwynn-ellen Tessier, Judith Thayer, Philip Thibeault, Deborah Thiem, Robert Thomson, Gregory Thornton, Harold Thorp, William Thorpe, Barbara Tilley, Bruce Tomer, Nancy Tousignant, Susan Tremblay, Diane Trifilo, Nancy Tunnessen, Joann Updyke, Paula Valcourt, Margaret Valera, Richard Varteur, Michelle Voutour, Blair Vincent, Martha Ward, Joseph Watkevich, Gregory Weinheimer, Kathryn Wheeler, Barbara Wheeler, Patricia Wheeler, Tammy Whepley, Jody White, Kevin White, Mary Whiting, Scott Wilder, John Wilder, Wilson Wiley, Steven Wilford, Gabriele Williams, Keith Williams, Larry Wilson, Jeffrey Wilson, Kenneth Winter, Melanie Wisler, Jeanne Woessner, Elaine Wood, Delma Woodward, Peter JJ? 45 42 M1 Q K v 221 nw 1.251- :af W 44? ,fri Q w"17:'353 , ga gl 'E ..., Q J. ' Q -Y, x CLUBS aw is 53? F 'w"Q Data Processing Club Women Everywhere I Auto Club MLT Society Cheerleaders Club Ski Club Paramount Club ll . Drama Club Electronics Club WMWC - Radio Student Senate Aqua Club Mount Singers Harbinger 973 N yr. ,YQ f t -,iq-xi w, My Q V ui? . . r. ,-: 1.5 1. sf ggi? x Third World Club W.H.O. lWachusett Handicap Organizationj i Newman Association 1-.' ' 4' PIRC QPeer Information Referral Center, ,,.,,...-i i QI f' SPORTS I M L X, Y , A ' 1 4 , '24 S, 'I nl, '.,..L-f""' x x v ,I .- , -,f QWMHAL EVENTS MIXER NM., " fglyal S ACTIVITY AWARDS BANQUET NT. is as X - X ,A . 4 'Y K, ax 'nw elf FM' fi Af f ' ' Q 1 2 I 3 ,,,..f..,.'- V ' 4 4 ,, . .. . . iisizfiwfzr 111. S S'- 187 Ss N , 1 R 5. Wg' x X ,+ i 1 F T' "7" 'e 1 . , Z F:oZ4Fq' 1 a PLAYS .X 1 u ,fy -A WWW fiffyg , I T1 jf NURSES PINNING CEREMONY V 9 ali" S 4-2.,.J5.. 5, .url ' h W ,, N ,. .. 1,-v U ' Y X E ,9- ,. NX.. " 1 X Y N... -XX 1 1 X .. Q " WILL V ' 've W ' ,qgiqexf E 3 'Q N Q X k 9 hx ,Nw , E .,.: Xxx : SQA! R x i , is F -P . , . 4 K 3 " 3 X w,f,..AfA ' 5. 'K' GRADUATION 1984 4 - 4 1 Q vw: jf: , 1 f cf 30,- fv " V'-E .1 'glffl-2 112 ig- e .1 AK 1, "Gwinn-u. Ni iifffs 2 ?'l li f5r isa Q H ,1 W 1 n 'l rggi eff 5 .AT X x M3 Robert Crons SPONSORS Dr. Robert H. Willhauck Paulette Dignard Charley Weitze Herman qilburassar R. Newschetz Nancy Hawkins Lorraine Brodeur Loreth LaCasse Blanche Woodcome Natalie Szoc Bernice Legere James Joslin Raymonde Leger Leona Rousseau Alice Johnson Ernest Rahaim Helen Laflamme Jrannine Lranbleurs L.J Richards Catering Mary Plummer Credits Advisors Dean Hogan 8 Alex Washington Co-coordinators Jean Ball 8 Dave Leet Editor Erinann Snyder Chief Student Photographer Travis Player Photography Staff Peter Coulton 8 Mike Franklin Secretary Claire Goguen Yearbook Staff- Frank Peterlin Holly Anderson Patti Faverau Robin Radvon Sally Plouffe Steve Holmes Tracy Blanchard A SPECIAL Marie Cunningham Frank Hirons Print Shop Registers Office Dean Halvorsen 8 THANKS TO The Humanities Division? Dawn Carter Leisha Sesieka Kim Abare Heather Heilman Evelyn Snell Judy Mack 1 I -.. 2 A Z w 'fx Q 1 1 x aj" , 4

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