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"-' .,.-1' S2913 f 5 ,f- v ' I zarpr-12'-1:-f X' -L "'fa-fw':',1'z1- ,y .y,':. ,,', f- " - 1 .tufl 4, '14 1,-'-V1 PJ .'- - I f-.f-at-f-I f'-ye.-'1?',--" 4 1 'J - . lf. 4":-23517152 V5- 7-'JW .' f ' r.:',".: ,:?,, ,Jr U ,.,1?4-l:j.,,g,,, ,. vp. ps LH: " ex .,A-::,..-aa-"" . v , p-yiQf.7f-h," H15 -, x-, fu gf ff L3 1 ,,-nggg,-':,.f :fi 'FH .- . - .41 ,.,,, ..,. ,. ,QV .fi-M K-1 1554! 4 ' , 4. A '.,, 'b .,. f, ,,:.i: -." gp-ffvfv ,. ' ..,, . fu ., f pf--11 'fa- ,. l'-11:--,-I., , V .., - A v' ' ' .C ' T ' 4 Q , . ,. 4? f .' .J 3 a il . I. . 1 . 1,- X J I' 'U' l ' in . . n Q 6 , ng Ekjl .rl L., . 5 ' 'A , 1 luv X x N.. .-,,:s.,'. 3 mf, ,'--1' -X145 '- 15, - . M., . '4 ,J .5 W .., ,1 '- .-,..1 . f , m5b"?r'1-QQ - i-.. T' 'H 1 .,. , Y. X , ,A ah H . . 1. "',v M, .,,.., 'I ,' .2 x,.l.g:L,-f.',.,, 1 I ' x Y-if i wlxuif-x:i.r-.n.e Q :Nm . vm .' fu PCfZQCfe.f of 9f'4f1s4T 1112 Eighlanhvr MEMORY BOOK E PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1968 AT MT. WACHUSETT COMMUNITY COLLEGE Co-Editors: Fred Zink Allen Forgues MEMORY BOOK STAFF: Betty Moore Diana Martin Kristen Lombard Donald Soucy Ernest Bettez Steve Williams Patricia Mann Margaret Powers Kathleen Palotta Tina Blasetti Mary Stoney John O'Dea Timothy Daukantas Sheila Waltos foanne Dunn W Donna Hudson Faculty Advisor: f Mr. Norman C, Mitchell A 1 6 ' C o 3 2 CE ,X 3 A 'Y G 44,0 49 QI, 365 MOUNT CQMMUN I-xF15CHU5E.l. T GHRDN T5 I an ' lm !X1' .0 ' s 9? Iwi A ' .M "S 'N' G' 'Ig ,a H6 f a -wr me .x s QL W 1: ,pig 89 i ffff , nu f' 5 m Q U 'gpg 3, g,f "'f 553 'Si ..-.--,,,.,...- A 1 1 1' CCQC -ff'--if :Big , - 4 A M , , Y,,,,.'-'13a'1p,f'7m"7l4 'I- "' S ns ' ne T-'ll U' I. -Egan TABLE OF CONTENTS Prologue Dedication Deans Message Presidents Message Faculty Organizations Activities Baby Pictures Cwraduaction Class Sophomore Personals Freshmen Personals Conclusion . Graduation Prologue A dilemma Faces the graduating student, a dilemma contained in Stephen Cranc's Poem, God Fashioned the Ship of the World. I have taken that poem and interjected gleanings from the student's text books, to illustrate, hopefully, the irony of that sit- uation called life, generally, and graduation, specifically. Donald L. Soucy Introduction THE STUDENT FASHIONED THE SHIP OF HIS WORLD CAREFULLY. the golden age of greece produced the finest thinkers of any. . . WITH THE INFINITE SKILL OF A MASTER we then proceed with its square root, hence the quadratic function. . . MADE HE THE HULL AND THE SAILS, beethoven, the symphonic form reached the pinnacle of perfection. . . HE LD HE THE RUDDER READY FOR ADJUSTMENT. but ask, what you can do for your country. . . ERECT STOOD HE, SCANNING HIS WORK PROUDLY. the organism attacks the red corpuscles of the blood. . . THEN - AT FATEFUL TIME - A WRONG CALLED, the rise of hitler in germany raises the question of versailles. . . AND THE STUDENT TURNED, HEEDING. a Freely competitive society, the propensity to consume is marginal if. . . LO, THE SHIP AT THIS OPPORTUNITY, SLIPPED SLYLY, We shall overcomeg We shall overcome some day. . . MAKING CUNNING NOISELESS TRAVEL DOWN THE WAYS. dialectical expresses the dynamic interconnections of things. . . SO THAT, FOR EVER RUDDERLESS, IT WENT UPON THE SEAS j' aime, tu aimes, il aime, nous aimons, vous aimez, ils airnent. . . GOING RIDICULOUS VOYAGES, MAKING QUAINT PROGRESS, rage, rage against the dying of the light. . . TURNING AS WITH SERIOUS PURPOSE pilate then asked what is truth, voicing man's most dire predicament. . . BEFORE STUPID WINDS. eli eli lama sabachthani AND THERE WERE MANY IN THE SKY WHO LAUGHED AT THIS THING DEDICATION John P. Hogan We the Class of 1968 wish to dedicate our memory book to Dean John P. Hogan. Without his help this book and our successful years at Mount Wachusett Community College would not have been possible. From our first encounter with him at Freshman orientation through the trials and tribulations of those first two semesters, Dean Hogan was always there, ready to guide us. I-low many times did he remind us to check the bulletin board? How many times did he come to our social affairs and sports activities to make sure all was well? More times than can be counted. I-Ie was truly an important member of everything we did, When we graduate from Mount Wachusett Community College we'll remember the professors and the friends who helped us here, but most of all we'll remember our closest friend, Dean Hogan, ' Dean Hogan, we will always remember the sincere interest you had in each one of us. Dear Graduates: The best of the fine group that matriculated at Mount Uachusett Community College with high hopes just a short time ago, now takes leave of us as the graduating class of l9o8. You have ample reason to be proud of the fact that you survived these two difficult years, which saw many of your classmates fall by the wayside. You are venturing into a world faced with national and inter- national problems of enormous gravity and complexity, at the same time the portion of your education just now completed, is a good deal better education than was generally available only a few years ago. With it, and with these challenges to stimulate your use of it, you face the new world with major promise. The same high hopes and the same rugged determination you brought here two years ago, now tempered with knowledge, skills, and judgment garnered in these years of study, will serve you well. I bid you God-speed with great pride, best wishes, and every confidence that you will make all of us at Mount Wachusett Community College most proud. Come back often. John P. Hogan, Dean of Students f .mmf Y ' .ff af-440 TELEPHONE: 632-1280 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Dear Alumnus: My congratulations to the Class of 1968! Your academic achievement and social maturation augurs well for success in the next step, senior college or career employment. This yearbook, as you page through it, will recall your associations with teachers, administrators and fellow students. The years of these associations have somehow changed you as they have changed us. You are not the same person that you were when you entered Mount Wachusett. We hope that the association was good for you, and l know that it was good for me and my colleagues. Qualities of leadership, compassion, desire to achieve and concern for the amenity were stimulated and nurtured. Because of this we are most pleased to have you represent us as sons and daughters of Alma Mater. You will do us proud! Your life ahead will have pitfalls. You will need friends for counsel. Remember we are eager to continue our association and assistance. Please visit often and perhaps we may help. Sincerely , Arthur F. l President AFHfbb nr- .2915-'31-' ,4-.APHHW a : PW 1- - Y Dean of Administration 4 2' -4 Richard P. Jeffrey ,,,, 46' .fl Dean of Faculty John H, Bassett Dean of Students John P. Hogan Registrar Richard T. Connolly i Director of Admissions Robert H, Eaves Xgv Coordinator of Guidance and Placement Charlotte A. Rahaim 1 W gf: 4159 wb ' . ,W John Leamy Asst. Prof. Division of Humanities Chairman, Dr. Samuel J. O'Nei1 Professor it 0--4-ff www Kenneth Cv. Marisseau Asst. Prof. We-vb W 4 ,,,,..,..-4"Fi""", ,, fdf .' 'i 'I,T+" Q- - n if 'feri as 'iiii H ,NL ul YQ? .Y'. . David L. Ebling Cynthia Clarkson Instr. Instr. AV., ,,.,,.7 Sylvia T, Miner Estelle O. Belilse Instr. Instr., This tape will destroy itself "And what are YOU dfiing 5 seconds." here?" f"" I" ,J" Norman C, Mitchell Instr. N. LL 'Q Marie B. Bent Leah N. Knowlton Instr. Asst. Prof. 1' L+.-v-'L j Guy E, Tufcotte ' PAT and ALLAN Instr. Flu.. G' KS Cl II soda? Right! fight! Right!" Gaf fhaa fo 21 mmnefy Division of Social Sciences Chairman, John O, McLaughlin Asst. Prof.. pin Pun fig- F .., I R' .17 Norman E, Tandy Raymond V. Coleman Asst. Prof. Instr. Frank C. Pizziferri Philip A. Leasure Asst. Prof. Instr, 49' '27 Marie D. Strazar Instr. Division of Business Administration Chairman, Joseph B. Ruth, Jr. Prof. WF 3. if John T. Avvclycki Lydia T. Carse Instr. Assoc. Prof. ,di Vincent O. Paliotti Prof, James B. O'Donnel1 Asst. Prof, ,Q ul' ...f A-P"" Carl F, Tammi Asst. Prof. f:2-497 5: .fl George F. Murphy Asst. Prof. ---92 -va-40 Frances A. Pronski Assoc. Prof. gg . A ,X . I, ,Z 'Fad .--ek, ,M fl' Qs M li ,, W Division of Science and Technology Chairman, Leon S. Bedard Professor -I ,',..t, :Jg!h.1-72,7 2:33jaf,V:f.-,gg 5, :.Nrplf,','4" ' "' P -zwmgfff, my-: 1 Q M' ,,gf:1a'uF'i-'ifft t t .W 't 1905 Ellen E. Casey - Paul E. Drowne Asst. prof. Assoc. Prof. Edward H. Stevens Ottmar W. Eckardt Instr. Asst. Prof. Theodore D, Pilteau Instr. of Herman Gelbwasser Asst. Prof. , 1 DOING WHAT COMES NATURALLY " Joseph W. Andelman Asst. Prof. Cl f What d ya expect, Bob Hope P" 5 "THF IRON N1.Xj0R" 2 34-5 i 'F x L. ,f , L' + -, Library Staff Seated: Mr. Mason Parker Standing: L to R: Mrs. Mary Starkey, Miss Holly Oakland Z 0 tiki ix P Office Staff Seated, L to R: Mrs. Margaret Davenport, Miss Nancy Hudson, Mrs. Edith Sbrega and Mrs. Helen Reynolds. Standing, L to R: Mrs. Jeannette Burnyshafski, Miss Barbara Butler and Mrs. Ruth Dahir Custodians fi Q 5 Cafeteria Staff Seated: Mrs. Mildred LeFebre Standing, L to R: Mrs. Jeannette Comee, Mrs. Malfissa Noponen and Mrs. Florence Tourigny Bookstore Lawrence Chapman ORGANIZATIONS I S ? . ' 1 ' WWE ' 5 1 f :'-N Ek J-., 2 "Hn .QQT 'RTW , , 4-I ,. 1 f ' gg . 1 N , nmfmmw x as-X ,xx A Yi fi 1 -4 ' S ix X fc-f' A ? X , V Y- f-- - - Y 42, , QW 7 -- .--N il - K!!! 2" ' ,J--F' ' If G. X PRESIDENTS I-IOUR COMMITTEE 'S-ar Y 7 Seated: Mr. Paliotti, Bonnie Guertin, Miss Rahaim, Mrs, Miner Standing: Paul Spadafore, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Hall, Richard Hurley STUDENT COUNCIL , , 4 U M- is f Seated: Loretta Moen, Paul Spadafore, Treas. Margaret Powers, Pres. Anthony Rodriquenz, Vice-Pres. Annabelle Blanchette, Sheila Waltos, Sec. Standing: Paul Pierce, john Rourke, john Gardner, David Legendre, 'Paul Sequin, Gary LeMay, Richard Hurley, james Cuddy, Allen Forgues. im l WI-IO'S WHO IN JUNIOR COLLEGES i, la 9 'Y-. fd ,-nv Seated: Kristin Lombard, Betty Moore, Kathleen Pallotta, Diana Martin Standing: Paul Spadafore, Donald Soucy, Thomas Bradley, Paul Pierce, Allen Foroues MASSACHUSETTS STUDENT ASSOCIATION DE LEGATES Seated: Loretta Moen, Paul Pierce, Pres., Sheila Waltos Standing: Allen Forgues STH Bowling League Seated, L to R: Walter Gionet, Timothy Cusick, Linda Parviainen Ernest Murphy, Denise Cote and William Lavoie Standing, L to R: Richard Suomola, james Burson, Robert Voisine, Richard Gardner and Neil Corey Engineering Society Q ww 1.4 f ggi: I T 2 Seated, L to R: Albert Lemire, David Duval, james Lord and Gordan Flemin-ii. Standinfz Lto R: David Lizzotte, Paul Seguin and Mr. Stevens, Faculty Advisor rff CHESS CLUB Drama Club Seated: Lynn Warner Standini, L to R: Steven Cammon, Ernest Bettez and Elizabeth Bosk Seated: Don Soucy, Mr. Leasure, Robert Zibkowski Standing: Ernest Murphy Future Economists Club v YY Seated, L to R: Kevin Neary, Robert Egan, Mr. Paliotti, David Maloney and james Legere Standing, L to R: Walter Gionet, joseph Streater, Martin Severens john Lupien, Leonard DiSalvo and joseph Reposa Secretarial Club Vw- Seated, L to R: Kathleen Pallotta, Sheila Waltos, Mary Stoney and june Hardy Standing, L to R: Tina Blasetti, Diane Fletcher, Mary Ann Wisniewski, Melinda Hawkins, Donna Brown and Loretta Moen HUMANHHESCLUB Seated: Mr. Turcotte, Faculty Adviser: Linda Na ieau, Ruth Webber, Dianna Martin. Standing: Walter Gionet, john Gardiner, Bruce Homoleski, Steven Williams, Rostron Kershaw, james Lepere. SKIKLUB fl'-Ti Sh-mf? Seated lst Row: Seated 2nd Row: Standing: Kip Pallotta, Loretta Moen, jane Bourque Pat Mann, jessica Morris Mary Donohue, Lynda Brown, Dave Ingemie Paul Gionet, Joanne Dunn Earl johnson, Mr. Stevens, Don Bernier, Don Bingham 1 : X ,- H 1 IW i . - I J W W-. F' ?Xa'?3.u.'t',l' k.,g1,k, '1' -Q I 5' 'R "fx - 1.1. Q .- ,.,.X,,,,4w Q Q-ax. N 1 W - E 45 ,Rh r '! 1. .1-, i L1 ai:-"',. Nh!! V H SOCIAL CGMMITTEE I1 L to R: Allen Forgues, Pat Mann, Paul Spadafore Si guest joyce Koczan Peggy Powers Si guest Tom Christopher, Sheila Waltos Si guest Bud Powers, Fred Zink 8: guest Margaret Maynard. TI-IE CLAYMORE 'gl 1- Seated: Rostron Kershaw, Editor Kris Lombard, Ernest Bettez, Ernest Murphy Standing: Donald Soucy, Edward Worthley, Richard Hurley, Kevin Neary CI-IORALE CLUB 6:95, N N, ,V-in 1 N 13. VY SOCCER TEAM V ,W jf" vv L i 1 . ,ss .- Seated left to right: john Marshall, Donald Sotiry, Bill Holt, Randy Florence, Chester Boutwell, jack Giauere, Dennis Koczon. Stand- ing left to right: joseph Raposa, John Gardiner, Roger Martin, Steve Magnusson, Steve Williams, Kevin Neary, Foach john McLaughlin. BOYS BASKETBALL T7 i Zi X .. K t. Seated: jim Hurley, Dave Clancy, Captain Ken Starret, Allen Forgues, George Motta Standing: Wally Hedlund, Doby Gillis, Dick Ward, Mike Dembeck, john Podgorni, Torn Bradley, Torn Raby Uno- SKI TEAM '17 2 i 3 ii 1 4 " I li ii 5 1 2 4 1 . I l I 1 f 1 1 li nl .- Standing: Frank McCabe, Earl johnson, Gary Sheehan Seated: Captain Tom Bradley, Bill Harley, Dave lngemie GIRLS BASKETBALL K7 Seatedg Pat Mann, Captain jessica Mortis, Tina Blasetti, Miss Rahaim, Advisor Standing: Peggy Powers, Donna Cali, Pat Murphy, Betsy Williams MT... THE CHEERLEADERS Y? Kneeling: Norma Solivan, Captain Pat Mann, Kip Pallotta, Sheila Waltos Standing: Betty Moore, Carole Patenaude, Joanne Dunn, Mary Donohue, Lynda Brown 11 -fi-P1- 5 ME MOR YBOOK STAFF Seated: Pat Mann, Mary Stoney, Norma Solivan, Kris Lombard, Jane LeGacy, jessica Mortis, Kip Pallotta, Tina Blasetti Standing lst Row: Ernie Murphy, Lynda Brown, Mr. Mitchell, Advisor, Mary Donohue, Sheila Waltos, Allen Porgues, Co-Editor Standing 2nd Row: Paul LeBlanc, Don Soucy, Ernie Bettez, Steve Williams Fred Zink, Co-Editor l ill I ' r S if A31 ' 1, l- 3' Ks twg ' TP' if wi Q- ACTIVITIE ,.f""4.,i- V ,1 1 .x X -K- ' ,If If I :if , ,,f--:ilLZ'.-"ffm M 4f,,,-"" 'Y H, " -- -, , "K 'B i I ,J i' Diff ' 7 -,- ,ala AX,--MELQ1 Zif- I 'f -SF' -vqxfzf-u X ,I ,..- T-1q----- S V4, Lf! I l ! - 3 -1 Q' 'WV MWC' 'fFfIf' I 'V .i.,.n., ffffhhf ff' ff ...-S' v-C ,,-,, ,,l,- - -l-A-L ,-,,,.- - 'f-K" 'iii' , ,- IRG MISS HIGHLAND LASS OF 1968 JANE LEGACY BEFORE F, First Homecoming Weekend at Mount Wachusett Community College AFTER Q - N IA' , Ay' 5 M , ki ,f,,E A f ,-11 -,.. , ' - ' - .. ' -4.57, 'i-'zi'ff2f- .rA"" .'9" ' , 'B 'x -A, .ff- -ff 1. '9'fl,,,,f+9f'1 .J Ji" '11 1 Yfavfg 'AJ . 1.4 4- ' P. "fi " 1 It ' fm' gi" N 'Un 'XA ' ' 'rf' ' .- 53" 7 , L: I .ff pf' . L, Q ' lk y ' - ddr 'Q ,V It 5- l -'I V 5.1, I v V- , ' .-,Hof-Q .,-if "rf, ff", , 1 is Q5 Q., '- -'Q ., , , ,. ., 04. Jj , - . -"' Jrf1, .6 . 4' , ,ff , , 1,-'lf-Q P-1-1 .. f I ' , "' - fm si 7' ax 'MQW' ' . .r--'fl . . W - 'M A , , . . ,Aa rf , H143 'J' N nfffvh ,ff , :if W g E -' " " 1 1 Qg'5f.'fU -W-" " kill. ff ' ft. F51 5' 'W "r - "' " "-' ' -4. "u 44 , F 1 'm x 1 1, :I Y , I. X4 "" 'eff 'S if r'M-" "H+ ""-199' wlfihb-. 'Q xi 5 W gi-if . . , +15 ,Q asm., WINTER P1 -,au-1 ,f A QUEEN AND HER COURT Donna Zouzas Diana Martin Joanne Dunn I-Oren Queen f' Nl: 1 ' . I 1 wma I -.,Ls,x,,-N,f.,H A ',,1":....aanv':'M inf 8 ----vuuu-nu-sun-uuvwuu-su ,giakwi ,jf Q . if 5 X , L w v , ' 4 --4 ,q 4 .ka X- ws' 3 . a K EN-f GV IF' 11 " z 5 , 4 .1 ' 4. ,g 3 Q , X ms . Q' N ' 1 "--. 7 "A, rf 5 ' f 1 4- i ' . I, . , Zi Q u v 5 ' , 397, 1 , 7 .. V A I - V - , ,jt fl H , . Q- L ' -mx ,Q ,, f f 1 . lx xx .rf ,f'.!I. JS' N V fs ' W. , -. N-' 'fig 5 XX g E' -. " Q ,, 9.. U his b , Syst!-Qu, - ' ,I 1. 'l X' 5. V., pr- ., 1 7 ., A, --- . ' 5 l'. 1 uP' . I, w 'lm 1 , 'xx .4 I My iv q Q ff I ' ' I Q -1---.-.....i Q - ' 'I , ,-gfw, V Y 1 . - 'L Y.-Qi. ...--iQ., ,,, Y Q ,W-i-E--YAY --QW 'Q A, 'S' - A I ' is N x , U xx . , I , ' ' s K X W E 1zsg,1.-..,.. .1495 L 5 jK 'rwrakb 'QW "'?fff"':""":" 3 'An in.. , v M? 1 "5 Q . Q i X 5 v 10 ,..s ? 8 4 w Y Q Q, js- I-fa: , is jf I -fy f . 4 4 ' : 4 in .K- ,'S., '- M - ,QI Xa, KX-404 N u 69 Q , -0, :vw 41 1- ,Y Q 41 I :--gf l-1.1 V " H 'lik X U L, .gi-v W2 ...W V - . , in---' 1 N' ff"" .W 'io' 1 W -U .. A MJF, 'U fx k 4. v 2 5, .' " ' N N f l ,Ss 'I -x., r 4 H -- Q uv, Qx I 1 1 - -e ' x I I! Y - , 'B- 5 M' A. 's I gr Q v-fi, A 6.4 ff xwf 4 A Kathy Powers Sue Ruberti Mr. Paliotti Bruce I-Iomoleski Norma Guertin Tina Blasetti Diana Martin Hugh McQuade Weasel Spaclafore Donna Zousas Sue Jahn Donna Brown Jessica Mortis BABIES '68 Bob Corby Diane Fletcher Beverly Tata Betty Moore Jack Rourke Janet Scherer Al Forgues Pat Mann Juliette Boisvert Jim Cuddy Joan Chiasson Margaret Hatstat Donald Soucy TTHE CLJA ESOP 1968 SOPI-IOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Allen Forgues, President, Frederick Zink, Vice Pres Diana Martin, Secretary Seated: Betty Moore, Treasurer 1 N f-'fp yi Ronald Aldrich Dennis Arsenaulc Paul Arsenault Dorothy Axon Norman Belliveau Donald Bernier Ernest Bettez Ernestine Blasett JOSCph Bank Q. ilxfj' , , 7 Donna Brown Frederick Brown Brenda Buid 'lb William Burns Calvin Cole : -hw A Joan Chaisson Robert Corby W 'VITY Nun-W' E dwarcl Christian Stephen Cormier .1 - Q N 4 f, jd ' -rw '27 Denise Cote' James Cuddy Leonette Daigle 49 457' Timothy Daukantas Leonard DiSa1vo Mary Donohue David Duval Robert Fagen Thomas Fagen 3 Mgr' Ni! if-'rv if I , ,, fi, Diane Fletcher H ii' KSI' 1--7 Allen Forgues William Fournier Roland Frick Alfred Frost Claire Gallant Michael Gallotto Paul Gionet Dennis Gonynor f '3 , o-F' :"'f- . T7 W June Hardy Stephen Hastings Margaret Hatstat ""'M. Robert Hebb Susan Hicks JOhI'1 HOg-an Susan Jahn James Kearns Rostron Kershaw 1, ' 15 g N A an 'P I oe-4'-A Nd' N Marcia Lanza ---9' Michael L'Ecuyer Catherine Leonard ft R: M ' 'Z S. Susan LaQuire Philip Learned di' jg Jane Legacy LCITIITIO Constance Letters David Lizotte W 'QTS7' mf? James Lord Patricia Mann Eileen Marsh William Marsh Dianna Martin Roger Martin Hugh McQuade Susan Millette LO1'Ctt21 M0611 1' K 4' T' Betty Moore Jessica Mortis George Motta aw'-'W I" fi?- Anclrea Moulton Carol Nacke John NCISOH John 0'Dea Daniel O'Neil Kathleen Pallotta Antonio Parisi 5551! 4 , . Gail Peterson Rene Richard R""'q ' digg . 41. ,142 I 1 . S A Linda Parviainen X..- . 's' an fag Q . x Q' Sharon Pensk .gi 115 J 'fl Qty w' X snuff ,Eg Paul Pierce Margaret Powers Rodney Robaccio Yoko Sakota L:-i .1 gy' Janet Scherer Ronald Sciabarrasi Martin Severens 'vii' Mabella Shepherd Linda Smith Frederick Smock George Spinny Mary Stoney Robert Stuart 'Z2"kG1" ff JN., .4-ug. W W , ,,,. 'Q -215: T.-147 j X? Thomas Sullivan Joan Sufela Wafd SYINOHS 36 I-.Ji Joseph Szulborski Beverly Tata Pamela Thornton Thomas Viitanen Robert Voisine Ann Williams F135-sg' N-.P 'iv 11.-'r 'Nur I ...f N Frederick Zink xi' Donna Zouzas Sophomore Personals Paul Arsenault Leominster Bus. Adm. Calvin R. Ballou Athol Eng. Tech Engineering Club Richard S. Bedard "Dick" Athol Eng. Tech. Sharyn A. Bell "Num Num" Tyngsboro Exec. Sec. Paul Bellemore Forge Village Bus. Adm. Norman Belliveau "Norm" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Stephen Bernard "Steve" Fitchburg Lib. Arts Arthur Bilodeau "Arty" Leominster Eng. Tech. Baseball: Touch Football Ernestine S. Blasetti "Tina" Shirley Exec. Sec. Secretarial Clubg Ski Klubg Basketball Juliette H. Boisvert "Julie" Gardner Cven. Stud. Kenneth R. Boisvert "Ken Fitchburg Lib. Arts Joseph Bonk "Joe" Gardner Bus. Tech. Economics Club Donna L. Brown "Charlie' East Templeton Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club James Burson "Jim" Shirley Lib. Arts Bowling Club Robert G. Carter HJ. C." Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Economics Club Joan Chiasson "Joanie" Athol Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Edward Christian Westminster Lib. Arts Calvin B. Cole "Cal" Athol Lib. Arts Robert Columbus "Bob" Otter River Gen, Stud. Robert B. Corby "Bob" Leominster Bus. Adm. Neil Corey Gardner Lib. Arts Bowling League Steven V. Cormier "Wings" Gardner Bus. Tech. Denise Cote "Denny" Graniteville Lib. Arts Bowling Clubg Kenneth R, Craigue "Ken" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. James Curran "Flash" Chelmsford Lib. Arts Ski Klub Timothy J. Kusick "Napoleon" Groton L ib. Art s Bowling David J, Darrah Westford Lib. Arts Ski Klub Timothy Daukantas HTimbo" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Orientation Committeeg Yearbook Committeeg Ski Klub John N. DeLisle Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Arthur Deschaine "Skip" Chelmsford Lib. Arts Dino DiBattista Leominster Bu s. Tech. Leonard DiSalvo Leominster Bus. Tech. Mary E, Donohue "Mame" Lowell Lib. Arts Ski Klubg Cheerleaderg Yearbook Committeeg Social Committee Richard Drake "Dick" Pepperell Lib. Arts Kevin Dumont Dunstable Lib. Arts Ski Klub Marlin R. Dunshee "Bunny" Athol Bus. Tech. Daniel Dupuis "Dups" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. David Duval "Dave" Fitchburg Eng. Tech. Engineering Club Glenn T. Edwards "Ed" Medford Bus. Tech. Chess Clubg Basketball Thomas Fagan "Butch" Lowell Bus. Tech. Gordon I-I. Fleming, Jr. "Hey, You Chelmsford Eng. Tech. Engineering Society Diane M, Fletcher "Fletch" Templeton Exec, Sec. Treasurer Secretarial Club Robert E. Fletcher "Fletch" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Leonard Fontaine "Lenny" Leominster Bus. Tech. Allen B. Forgues "Al" Fitchburg Bus. Adm. Sophomore Presidentg Ski Klubg Student Councilg Social Committee Orientation Committeeg M. S. A. Delegateg Who's Whog Co-Editor Highlanderg Basketball Alfred Frost "Al" Lunenburg Bus. Tech. Humanities Club Kevin R. Fuhs Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Economics Club Charles Gallagher "Chicky' ' Lowell Lib. Arts Claire Gallant Gardner Bus. Tech. Michael A. Gallotto "Bullets" Leominster Bus. Tech. Burt Gendron "G" Westminster Lib. Arts Ski Teamg Golf Team Robert R. George Ill "Bob" Lancaster Bus. Adm. Walter R. Gionet "Wally" Shirley Bus. Adm. Bowlingg Alpin Clubg Biology Club Dennis Gonynor "Hands" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Economics Club Richard Gosselin "Red" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Economics Club John C. Guthrie Ill "John" Ayer Eng. Tech. Engineering Club June Hardy "Hardy" Ashby Exec, Sec. Secretarial Club William Harley "Harls" Fitchburg Bus. Adm. Ski Team Stephen Hastings "Steve" Athol Bus. Tech. Ski Klub Ski Team David John Hawkins "Dave Athol Lib. Arts David Heaney "Dave" Baldwinville Gen. Studies Susan Hicks Westminister Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Bruce A. Homoleski East Pepperell Bus. Adm. President Chorale Club Orientation Committee Susan Jahn "Mini Moose" Michael L'Ecuyer "Louis" Ayer Gardner Lib. Arts Bus. Tech. Ski Klub Jane M. LeGacy "Leg'sy" Joseph Jette "Jet" Nabnassett Shirley Bus. Tech. Gen, Studies Drama Clubg Basketball Sheila Kaddy James D. Legere "Jim" Fitchburg Leominster Exec, Sec. Eng. Tech. Secretarial Club Constance A. Letters "Connie" John Kazinskas "Kizzy" Leominster Gardner Exec. Sec. Eng. Tech. Secretarial Club Alpin-Klub H . H David P. Lizottee "Lizzard" James F. Kearn, Jr. Jungle Jim Fitchburg LOWS11 Eng. Tech. BUS- Tech- Engineering Society--Vice President 85 S . Jim Kemp "Kempy" ec Lfmenburg Kristen Lombard "Kris" Llb- Arts Long Island, New York Lib. Arts Iliflulhgl' Lapofwne Mouse Claymore-Editor and Chief itc urg Bus' Tech- James Lord "Jimmy" Economics Club Fitchburg Eng. Tech. Ronald E' Lamb President Engineering Club Lowell N Lib. Arts Edward Mahonen "Ed" Leominster Marcia A. Lanza Lib. Arts Leominster Exec- SCC- Eila A, Maki Fitchburg Susan LaQuire "Sue" Exec. S600 Fitchburg Exec, Sec. Patricia C. Mann "Pat" Lowell Philip T. Learned "Learned" Lib. ANS Gardner- ' Ski Klubg Orientation Committeeg Bug. Tech. Girls Basketballg Humanities Clubg Social Committeeg Softballg Ronald LeBlanc "Let" Yearbook Staffg Captain of Cheerleaders Leominster Bus. Tech. Dianna Martin "Diane" Winchendon Bus. Adm. Orientation Committeeg Sophomore Class Secretaryg Choral Clubg Humanities Clubg Memory Book Staff Roger Martin "Socks" Lowell Bus. Tech. Hugh R. McQuade "Hughie" Ayer Bus, Tech. Orientation Committee Stephen F. McWilliams "Cat" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. William R. March "Bill" Winchendon Lib. Arts Humanities Club Susan Millette "Sue" Leominster Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Loretto G. Moen "Lou" Groton Exec. Sec. Student Councilg Social Committeeg Disciplinary Committeeg Ski Klubg M. S, A. Delegate Betty G, Moore Leominster Lib. Arts Sophomore Treasurerg Cheerleader Dance Committeeg Yearbook Staff Roberta J. Moore "Robbie" East Pepperell Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Jessica Mortis "Mustang Sally" Lunenburg Lib. Arts Basketballg Softballg Ski Klubg Economics Club George W, Motta Fitchburg Bus, Tech. Basketball Andrea C. Moulton "Andie" North Chelmsford Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Carol Nacke Fitchburg Exec, Sec. President Secretarial Club Kevin P, Neary Leominster Bus. Tech. Sports Editor, "Claymore" Staffg Economics Clubg Soccerg Ski Klub John O'Dea "Big O" Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Ski Klubg Yearbook Staffg Orientation Committee Louis Olivet "Lou" Lunenburg Eng. Tech. Baseball Patrick J. O'Malley "P, J." Leominster Bus, Tech. Brian Orr Sterling Lib. Arts Kathleen I, Pallotta "Kippy" Fitchburg Exec. Sec. Ski Klubg "Claymore" Staff-g Secretarial Clubg Cheerleader Antonio L. Parisi "Dad" Paulette Sf. Onge Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Jo-Ann M. Pawelski "J Leominster Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Sharon Penski "Ski" Gardner Bus. Tech. Future Economics Club William Plant "Planter" We stford Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Yoko Sakota "Yoki" Tokyo, Japan Lib. Arts Humanities Clubg Chorale Club Janet Scherer "2 Can Jan" Leominster Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Leominster Ronald Sciabarrasi "Shib" Sus. Adm. Fitchburg Bus. Tech. Kathleen Powers "Clancy" Paul Sequin Leominster Fitchburg Lib. Arts En Tech Basketballg Softballg Humanities g' ' Clubg Chorale Club Wayne Powers Student Council Martin R. Severens "Mart" 0 R' , tter iver Leominster Bus. Tech. Joanne Regan "Jo" Westminster Bus. Tech. Rene P. Richard "Pete" Gardner Bus. Tech. Imelda H. Riley "Mel" Westford Bus. Tech. Economics Clubg Campus Policeman Gary Sheehan "Shed" Nabnasset Lib. Arts Ski Klubg Ski Team Mabelle Shepherd Ashby Exec. Sec. Linda E. Smith S... Efgdfgjjgglle Secretarial Club ' Rodney R. Robuccio "Robuch" 113132232 LN Slcilucy "The Soussen Fitchburg Libo Arfts ' ' Bus. Tech. Susan Ruberti "Ruby" F' hb Claymore Staffg Literary Magazineg Soccerg Chorale Clubg Chess Clubg Purchasing Secretaryg Drama Clubg HC urg Baseballg Humanities Club Lib. Arts Basketballg Ski Klub Paul A, Spadafore Fitchburg Bus, Adm. Ski Klubg Social Committeeg Treasurer Student Councilg Orientation Committee George Spinney "Four Speed's" Lowell Bus, Tech. Economics Club Robert C, Stewart "Booby" Dracut Lib. Arts Baseball James H, Stone "Stoney" Gardner Bus. Tech. Mary B, Stoney "Irish" Ayer Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Brian Sullivan "Sully" Lowell Bus. Adm. Thomas J, Sullivan Lowell Bus. Tech. Joan C. Sutela Westminster Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Jane Therrien Gardner Lib. Arts Ward Symons Fitchburg Bus, Techg Chess Club Ski Teamg Winter Carnival Committee Pamela J, Thornton "Clydella" Andover Lib. Arts Alpin Clubg Student Volunteerg Gardner State Hospital David Vincent "Dave" Westminster Eng. Tech. Robert N. Voisine "Bob" Gardner Bus. Tech. Bowling Club Robert Earl Peter Webb, Jr. "Webby Arlington Special Student Glee Club Robert Wegenka, Jr. "Jingles" Leominster Bus. Tech. Alpin-Klub James Wilkins "Jim" Shirley Eng. Tech. Engineering Club Ann L. Williams Westminster Exec. Sec. Secretarial Club Robert L. Zbikowski "Zibby" Gardner Bus. Tech. President Highlander Chess Club Student Policemang Alpin Club Richard R. Zimmerman "Rick" Fort Devens Bus. Tech. Margaret L, Powers "Peg" Leominster Lib. Arts President Student Council Chairman Social Committee Basketballg Softball Frederick M. Zink "Twiggy" Fitchburg Bus. Adm, Sophomore Class Vice President Chairman of Orientation Winter Carnival Committee Co-editor Highlander im! FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Sitting: Kathy Henry, Secretary: Richard Hurley, President: Susan Campbell, Treasurer. Standing: Edward Worthely, Vice-President I I I t 1 FEEEHMEN Kenneth Adams Robert Ahola Stephen Aldrich Roy Allen Delores Amedio James Amistadi Van Andaellos Steven Arenius Francis Arsenault Richard Auger Dianne Babineau Linda Babineau Susan Baker Dominic Bariloni Judith Barnes Kathaleen Barottie Kathryn Barry James Beaulieo Kenneth Bedard Claude Benoit Ernest Bettez Henry Bilodeau Michael Bizzoto William Blais Annabelle Blanchette Peter Borrows Elizabeth Bosk Lana Bosworth Robert Boucher Louis Bowolick Robert Brennan William Brennan Jeffrey Bridgman Sandra Brockelbank Joel Brooks Calvin Brown Mathew Brown Richard Brown Brenda Buia Jane Burke David Bushnoe Armand Buteau Donna Cali Paul Camire lldage Campbell xg L elif' all in-1, ,-.. r I 1 U . "f ff: 4, 1, , Q? 4 I 1 'Q 1-as 13 " fi ,, fs , if 13 U . -of , .if 2 , ': ' We 0 I' ,f 12322 -' 1 Q - '- , 45650: A v X P f' 9 'ai' i U O :fa 0 , , 4, j . .' fl D 'Sli 4' S 7:01 6 V '7 l 9 x. I Y . Y .4 af? d u ge 5 5 F'- ,, E. 2- 'J' x . Susan Campbell John Campell Joseph Cannata Suzanne Canu Roy Capot David Carroll Paul Cary Michael Cebollero Joyce Charbonneau Reed Chesbrough David Clancy Aldege Cormier Michelle Cormier Norman Cormier Ann Cote Richard Cote Ronald Cote Denise Cournoyer Gregory Cravedi Barry Cringan Richard Cummings James Curry Steven Darling John Day John DeGroot Dennis Demar Michael Dembek Douglas Deneen John Desilets James Desjeans James Dobson Kevin Downs James Duffy Daniel Dufour John Duke Roger Dumont Joanne Dunn Cheryl Dupee James Darling Glenn Edwards Robert Egan Kenith Elmer Peter Earrand Brian Farrell John Earrell Craig Ferrell George Fiffy John Fillebrown Michael Fiorentino Karen Fitzgerald Thomas Flanagan Francis Fleming Cheryl Florence Peter Foley Paul Fontaine Robert Foss Glenn Foster John Fraizer Bruce Freeman Michael Ganny Francis Farley Ismael Garcia Richard Gardner Christine Garrepy Vito Gerante David Gerry John Giguere Gary Girard Donna Granata Douglas Grow Donald Hagelherg Alan Harding Judith Harrington Edwin Hawke Melinda Hawkins Judith Hayes Thomas Hazzard Walter Hedlund Kathryn Henry James Hillis Patricia Hines Diane Holland Linda Holm Phyllis Hondras Donna Hudson Susan Hunt James Hurley Richard Hurley Judith Hyatt John lhinitch F 4, 7.1351 Z1 '4 J YL ff- RF5 4 '11 . I izici 5,1 Q5 AN - g .-. .Qf -O' i 1 'X 3. 1A af' 3 1? X 1 1 H f -ol' al .1 J .3 Qt ef 71 A 'S' 71f9f Z'-I -1 43' afar' K: T My X. It ,Q .- I 0 A ,fb 0 ,, ,-Q. Q ' , A fi K, ft? 4 -' J -GJ .1 npr " :Q , C' Y rf as kfv '-S 4-91 7+ Q r arf ' v a ' -" if " 1 N 4 f .I .L Donald Irvin Robert Jodka Linda Johnson Susan Joki Dennis Kacian Anthony Kaczmarczyk Karan Kallio Judith Keane Rosemary Keaveny Edmond King Paul Kinsella Robert Kirouac Joyce Koczan Ann Kraskouskas Marc LaBlanc Ronald LaBlanc Thomas Laird James LaLiberte Pamela Lambert Sandra Lammi Patrick Lapointe Thomas LaRoche Eugene Larson William Lavery Donald Lawson Daniel LeBlanc David Legendre Joseph Legere William LeLacheur Gary Lemay Albert Lemire Spencer Lucies Michael Lundquist John Lupien Robert Lovell Kevin Lynch Martha MacDough Steven Magnusson Alveta Maillet David Maloney Thomas Mammone Barbara Mancuso Richard Marr David Marshall Deborah Marshall Stephen Mason Brian Masse Peter Matusewsec David Maxwell Brenda May Thomas McAuliffe Edward McCae Daniel McCarthy Morgan McCarthy Jo McCune Dennis McDonald Jane McDonald Doris McGrath Emily Mclntosh Gordon McKellick Banton McLean Brian Meade Jacques Michaud Mary Milbury Yvette Miller Marshall Mills Jean Miskell Dale Monett Anthony Montagna Linda Moody Diane Morand Kenneth Morand Kathryn Moreau Susan Moretto Patricia Murningham Walter Murray Linda Nateau William Nangle Patricia Nelson Patricia Novick Gregory Nyman John O'Brien Paul D'Connor John Oinonen Marilyn Dlson Stephen O'Niel Suzanne Page Suzanne Palmatier Kenneth Parkhurst Carole Patnaude 9 'SP Q , 'Y -6 -ac mfavx thf? ,. - 'J L 'IQ' I 7 . .-. ',, get rf jj-I' -fr I ' 5 xff it ii K P' If if? 1' :'P I 3 5 is -if ' 2 'AFA 7 rd V nf: Q. af' v -. f I 3 'Q , D f 1" fs ' I .Z 4 . ov 'C . 'b,l....! 5 A v 1 GY? 2-9 Z sr, .L '49 T 'T' . W 1..i f -ff 9 O . ' 5" 1 N9 'Q 51. v SI' A x Si 4' ,P fd 1 ,fic I, C2 at 0 Q C Z' gf 4 C' al' ,. P .0 C' 1 ' 1 -:I X. 'Z' FD A T i Charles Patti Stuart Paul Linda Pawelski Bernard Pelletier Steven Perla Curtis Phelps Dennis Phillips Charles Pilotte Robert Pollock Patricia Porell Ann Powers Danja Przybylski Phyliss Purdie Joseph Quinn Regina Quinn Joseph Raposa Michael Regan Elaine Ricci Frederick Rice John Rice Timothy Rich Joseph Richard Jedd Richards Dennis Rieu David Riley Marcia Riley Kathrine Ritchotte Martha Robichaud Robert Rocha Anthony Rodriquenz Edward Rooney Brenda Royea Susan Russ Patricia Ryan John Sargent Rita Sargent Dennis Salwak Bruce Samuels Arthur Sawyer Raymond Scanlon Richard Schrader Stephen Schuster Jean Sciabarrasi Michael Shapiro Richard Shea Jean Shippee Becky Siebe Anthony Simkunas Mary Sisson Perry Sivet Peter Smith Norma Solivan James Sparks Neil Spofford Roger St Cyre Dennis St Jean Russel Stanley Michael Starr Paula Staskel Roger Stemp Dennis Stockwell Gerald Stone Richard Suomala Carl Swanson Catherine Sweet Charles Sylvestre Judith Taavitsainen Linda Taylor Steven Therrien Paul Thomas Deborah Thompson Joel Thompson Robert Tingdal Michael Toth Jon Towne Donna Tusia Sandra Upton Susan Urban Dennis Valera Peter Valera James Valeri Bruce Valley Delima Vautour Pauline Venturi Alan Vincent Richard Vitello Sheila Waltos Richard Ward Lynn Warner Marie Walkwick 'rf ii. V , 0 -fe 'R' ur 4 1 .M nf? of 'J' A xg 0 Y IQ. iii 1, X 1. , 1 r 'U Q -, .4 --1 I Q T 1 - 0 x- I 4,7 y 'Q 15 F5 . u '72, , f 1'1: 6 , , a i .4 . A F5 J A 5 1 C' 9, . ,- Av f.. pa .L 4 C'- 'bfvw 4 4 J '-i T 2, L fa" Y' it A 4 ' f B A19 ,, 3 ,, 9 Q4 ,. ff , .l ' A 1 --OH 4 if X ' E V ,Q .1 A I Arline Whalen Glen Wheeler .elaine Whitaker Jziymii Wilkins Valniore Willhite Betsy Williams Jane Williams Steven Williams Shirley Wirtiinen Mary Wisniowslai llllen Withington James Wood Jeffery Wood Edward Worthley Robert Ziegler He grasps the paper with his name on it, and makes a tentative step into the universe, wide-eyed with wonder, pale with wonder, with teeth and fist clenched, his eye at once bright with dew and promise. He looks back in anger, somewhat. It is the anger of contrition. Anger at this own carelessness. Anger at the wasted minutes, hours days. He fears, Not the fear of the unknown, the faintness of spirit that reins in enthusiasm, that holds youth in check. It is the childlike misgivings of inexperience, the hesitancy of the inno- cent as he reaches for what may ripple -and fade like a misty dream. But he looks about in awareness. He smells sweet promise. A lush summer beckons him. With a slow, sibilant step, he gropes ahead, The sea is gone, the mist, melted, He glances over his shoulder-- once--and very briefly. The sun smiles upon him, approvingly. THE THIRD Commencement Exercises OF MOUNT WACHUSETT COMMUNITY COLLEGE x ' C0 so Cin 1 5 2 3 I9 63 ,106 xgoq ow . 103 MOUNT WACHUSETT COMMUNITY COLLEGE GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS WEDNESDAY, THE TWELPTH OF JUNE Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Eight Class of 1968 President ALLAN B. FORGUES Vice-President FREDERICK M. ZINK Secretary Treasurer DIANNA MARTIN BETTY G. MOORE Faculty Adviser PROFESSOR JOHN H. LEAMY, JR. Hkikvkvkvkvklkilf Ushers CLASS OF 1969 ' Richard Hurley, President Annebelle Blanchette David Legenclre Susan Campbell Anthony Rodriquenz Kathryn M. Henry Sheila Waltos Edward Worrhley Commencement Exercises Prefiding JOHN H. BASSBTT Dean of Faculgf ORGAN PRELUDE - Overture Nocturne Scherzo Mendelfxolnn From A Midsummer Night's Dream PROCESSIONAL -Jeanne cl'Arc March Duboif Chief Marsha! JOHN P. HOGAN, Dean Of Students Faculty Marsha! PROFESSOR JOSEPH RUTH Student Marshal DIANNA MARTIN NATIONAL ANTHEM INVOCATION RABBI SAMUEL FREILICH Congregation Ohave - Sholom CHARGE TO THE PRESIDENT ROGER L. PUTNAM, SR. Massachusetts Board Of Regional Community Colleges ADDRESS OF WELCOME PRESIDENT ARTHUR F. HALEY, JR. PRESENTATION OF AWARDS RICHARD JEFFREY Dean of Administration PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT BETTY G. MOORE, Treafurer, Clam of 1968 ACCEPTANCE PRESIDENT ARTHUR F. HALEY, JR. CONFERRING OF DEGREES Presentation of Candidates JOHN H. BASSETT, Dean of Faculty Conferral of Degrees MR. ROGER L. PUTNAM, SR. PRESIDENT ARTHUR F. HALEY, JR. INDUCTION INTO ALUMNI ASSOCIATION WILLIAM SINGLETON President, Mount Wachusctt Alumni Association CI-IORAL SELECTION Choose Something Like a Star Cliroftianaj R. THOMPSON MOUNT WACHUSETT CHORALE MARIE B. BENT, Conductor COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS MR. JAMES HAMMOND President, Fitchburg State College BENEDICTION RBVEREND MRS. RUTH E. THOMPSON First Baptist Church, Gardner RECESSIONAL - Pomp and Circumstance Marches Elgar - Schmid as 4 af ak 4: Organic! THEODORE C. PIERCE Director of Music Cushing Academy AWARDS Bufineff Technology To Bufinesf Adrniniftration To Executive Secretarial To Engineering Technology To General .Sltudief To Liberal Arty To Faculgf Award To Presented by Richard P. jeffrey, Dean'J Key To Rene P. Richard Bruce A. Homoleski Susan A. Millette james M. Lord Norma C. Guertin Calvin B. Cole Imelda H. Riley Dean of Adrniniftratio Margaret L. Powers Presented by john P. Hogan, Dean of Studentf 72 Pre.fident'.r Key To james M. Lord Presented by President Arthur F. Haley, jr. Advisory Board Award To Robert L. Zbikowski Alumni Award To Paul A. Spadafore Presented by William Singleton Candidates for Degrees Associate of Arts Ronald Louis Aldrich Roger Joseph Auger Richard Benjamin Stephen James Bernard Ernest Alphonse Bettez John Edward Bisbec Frederick Allen Brown, Jr. Brenda Joanne Buia Edward James Christian "Calvin Bruce Cole 'Neil Corey Denise P. Cote Timothy Joseph Cusick Arthur George Deschaine, Frederick Gagnon Burton Paul Gendron Margaret Mary Hatstat Dwight Francis Horan Susan Mary Jahn Dean Eliot Johnson Rostron John Kershaw 'Paul Anthony MacDonald David MacLaughlan 'William Rand Marsh Betty Gertrude Moore Leonard Olenchak Brian Harrington Orr 'Linda Jeanne Parviainen B. Kathleen Powers Margaret Linda Powers Joseph -Preziosi 'Robert Prosser Yoko Sakota Margaret Shaughnessy Linda Elizabeth Smith 'Donald Leonard Soucy Robert Charles Stewart "Shirley Wheelock Strazdas David Roland Therrien Jane M. Therrien Pamela Joan Thornton "'Ruth Ann Webber Donna Elaine Zouzas Associate of Science Helen Anderson John White Appleton Dennis Gene Arsenault Paul A. Arsenault Dorothy Bernice Axon George Babineau Beverly Barber Norman David Belliveau 'Donald A. Bernier "'Arthur L. Bilodeau Donald E. Bingham, Jr. 'Ernestine Shirley Blasetti 'Juliette Helene Boisvert Joseph Allen Bonk Chester Francis Boutwell, Jr. 'Thomas Kevin Bradley Carlton E. Brown Donna Louise Brown Frank Joseph Brown William Francis Burns Joan Chiasson Dennis Comee Robert B. Corby James Arthur Cuddy Leonette Mary Daigle Timothy James Daukantas Margaret Diconza Leonard DiSalvo Marlin Robert Dunshee David Joseph Duval Robert Egan Robert Joseph Fagan Thomas Michael Fagan Diane Marie Fletcher Robert Edward Fletcher William Fournier Gary Franciosi Roland A. Frick "Alfred Franklin Frost Frank T. Gagliardi "Claire I. Gallant Robert john Gillis 'Paul Richard Gionet Walter Roy Gionet Dennis Francis Gonynor john Tobias Gronroos 'Norma Carol Guertin june Mildred Hardy Stephen Kent Hastings Susan Elaine Hicks :ohn Wayne Hogan james M. Hoffman Bruce Alexander Homoleski Robert Andrew Hunt 'James Francis Kearns, jr. Loring Thomas Keene, jr. John Joseph Kiedaisch Paul Vincent LaFortune Robert Lahikainen Marcia Ann Lanza Susan Rae LaQuire john D. Laudon David Lauricella William Paul Lavoie Philip Thomas Learned Arthur Raymond LeBlanc Ronald joseph LeBlanc Peter LeCam Michael Peter L'Ecuyer jane Marlene LeGacy James John Leger james Dee Legere Philip Louis Lernmo Catherine Frances Leonard Constance Ann Letters 'David Paul Lizotte "'James Michael Lord Eila Annikki Maki 'Eileen R. Marsh Dianna Joyce Martin Roger Martin Marion Matilainen Hugh Thomas McQuade "Susan Ann Millette Loretto Grace Moen ' Honorx " High Honor: Lawrence Morris Roberta jean Moore 'Andrea Carol Moulton Ernest Harold Murphy Barry Musmon Carol Ann Nacke Kevin Paul Neary john Evans Nelson Louis A. Olivet Patrick james O'Malley Daniel E. O'Neill Harold Organ Kathleen Irene Pallotta "Antonio Lawrence Parisi Gail Peterson William joseph Plant, Jr. Wayne Paul Powers Keith F. Ready "'Rene Paul Richard 'Imelda Helene Riley Michael Robertson Rodney Ralph Robuccio john Rourke Dennis Anthony Rosa Paulette D. St. Onge Janet Louise Scherer Ronald Dominic Sciabarrasi Paul R. Seguin 'Martin Raymond Severens Mabelle Rosetta Shepherd Michael Small Frederick Albert Smock Paul A. Spadafore George Warren Spinney, jr. David Spriggs Kenneth Starratt Thomasjeremiah Sullivan,j joan Carol Sutela Ward L. Symons joseph Kenneth Szulborski,j Beverly M. Tata Thomas john Viitanen David Eugene Vincent Robert Walter Wegenka, Ann L. Williams Michael james Woods Robert L. Zbikowski "' Higher! Hanan jr. I' I' GRADUATION V. I. Pfs GRADUATION V. l, P,'S: fl-rl Imelda Riley, Norma Guertin, President Hammond of F. T. CL, President Haley, Mr. Roger Putnam, Sr., Mass. Board of Community Colleges. ' 4 u ' I x ,J 3 I ' x , I 1 1. ,Mfr us . .- .4 ' - 72.9-1Li,7-:nj . ,, ,M 6 .1 4' V . , . 1 - 12 A - "'Hv.'e. ,.1f. , .., ,.. ....,,, -r " f.,..v.-. ,, - . y .. .. .,.. ., ...,,. , .,,,., , , -. "1 - X ' ""' -0- -ily. -Af, , - A '- ya. J1' - , . pe- , .. . .. x N, Q -, , ,A '., , " 4 ' . '. 1 . '. . . Q-4. ,. .. - , Q1 I. 'l '.x, , . .. -x.' C-' 1 1 .KI 5.51 I ' I 7" .li .'4 - ,x - ,f . ,iq . .,4.,'.v I I 'I . 1 . 1 ,,.' .Q ily' J .. . 32. ,4. -- ,mu ,-rg-.--1,-,. . . ' 14 . L,-. A -3 . , ,ff 'fi I ' '-Yu-RLY'-V-a",1L.71iZTl1"li'J'51i"

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