Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH)

 - Class of 1959

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Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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' iff' :fp sin " 3'J'4z:vM : xv XT . iff U 5"- Q N gffxaif.-5f?fss5'1 'AS' ,U ,M .. .wx sfzgig Uwe5-Fw,rx5- L -."sr-wr:-2a':-S '7 1-A.:ig?s1-1911-2-sizkfr,'ri'v+E5l '-xf'iiBeif! Miz ,..-f:rf,?hfii,,:W1 ,J W? .2 1- ' " ' ss ' EN , M 5,55 v 154225 L,f-ffifiiiqzfwiki' f-L,' 'ffiaifif' , 1' " fs' ' flifgmifi SWL M -k -5: 59-. Hgh 1 ,ffm K H " J F 1?- 7 Ti .kL' gif-if .. Hrswwf - 5 .. ... .,., H f 2 . 'Wk+4fgjQ55ss1 '.'- fig .Q 5, V Af V, Q f vii wx " :nz s s ss If fm ,. , , , .K pas, fmw if-'--4: sww, N. ,W 1, , 55 ff , 1 ,Wagga wp, ,ga W ' iflgfisigzfiy ff fia- ,,,,M M, ,, ,,73q1g,:ii5B5 L2 . ,. yr' , --mu, - --Nwsnm ff M. A 5 LS v,., JM. Ab A, .,m.,M Q 1. nf A , D , 'ifl:eV.5iA msxmzs af 1 X539 'Hziv :" T 11, ' ' "" fa Lwwswwf ' f 1. R . ,f.L,,A, ,. A ,4 ' 'P H: 2I5'iwfe1.:5 k ,. :ix ,x-L 3 ,. .,V.X. ., if x . X I , ff, ygmrf f Xm i I. y iw X If 1 I ...B- SSL S 7- MN Q.,-,nba n'-'f9i:an!,:1ma1ya.vna.a :vnu 1 1 u...,'a4s--1q1-:-..-s.::'t""'n! -Y 31' 15 pg.. " " :mug gr- " gm "K-...,-.""" sn D ky .Q ,, 1 ,kj i . . . ? 5.1 JAN I ' ' in f Il. 1. , h. s i sq -, 1 W r ' . .Qi 1+-QF 5 ,ix A .. F. ff M et .1 R 1 i Q J- -- Q ' ' ' hi. : E f 3 ff D- v X f5u..,.4'lQ-,X , 4 'fix , ' J f ' ' ' ' ,-I-'Pd Q H1 ggpg-N ns.. n u ., NE: I ,,. ,. . Q gg , . 'ji x,V N .. , , ' - 1-7. -. n. Ji ,. . ,L V W .MQ-, '.. , '. 'w '53f.L:f ., -.Haj -I 1 r 1 ' ' V 4 L ,r-Y N2 V' J , ...K fl 11 353559 mx -,.. . .c L .,"..nQ13n 5 'Q fr nar- ..f .heQ,,R,f.Tk,mqL, +. 1: F- - '- sk-iw: " - 2, 471-- . rms. --,-.,.. .,, - , 41'., .,1, . N , . 4-,, 1' . . "- f'-312: kt-:G-a'-.' "'-. ' Q f- -'vf . . ' 5 . .4 Q -1Li:ff.,-"'-.w4'.1- -. A- " 4 " - , ' . I in L - , wi ' - ' 'W "T Qi 5 i-iff-5. - - --z J:-rf 4,4 1- -... , ,M .Vx.,.., K..- g5g 'QQ ' vlu 'f' il, Q, 1 k M. NJ l ' '.r'f W. Q 1 x ri, , , , 1. n 1" w mr. ,gg - - -,4. r L ' vw , 3 Q. w ,J VICTURY LIGHT Mount Victovjy Dudlqf Hzgb School Mount Victovjf, Ohio 1958-1959 llearken. . ........ . . . You Av you slefr along Step lo the left lfxlend' fl helping hand Step lo lhe right lfrlend a loving hand Slvfl backward Iftleml I1 guiding hand Klejv foruirznl Arcs-firing The Slfenglh of Those Ahead The Blessing of Those Ahoue This is :hc message of the True Ligbf. J. -. W. , ' . , is ,wa ' ' ' naw- A STEP BY STEP THE LADDER IS ASCENDED We seniors took our first steps into the halls of learn- ing twelve years agog and, since then, many feet have followed in our footsteps . Through our studies and our various activities, we step along together, Woking side by side. We take a step toward sincerity by serving our school through our activities and by helping in them in every way that we can. We take a step toward courage through the work we do. By applying ourselves to the best of our abilities, we not only help ourselves but also those around us. By being helpful to others, in under- standing their needs and problems, we take a big step toward unselfishness. Some step forward confidently to lead others, but we humbly follow those steps which have gone before us, knowing that we have much respons- ibility. H t yi.. 241: , N' , is , we -new - flfQl,i.21l1.r 1- wifi ft s an .JIS V Q ' " . ' ff .'51fL-'9Elfix'gAS . A.. . 3 .n A , l,ZLz A 3 is The longing look of a small child shows the awe he holds for the steps that lead upward. Year by year those steps are slowly ascended--only to find that there are many more ahead. During the past year many feet have tread the halls of learning. With pictures and story we shall try to retrace some of these steps. Our book begins with a picture of the band which symbolizes steps in unison. It ends with a picture of the seniors, who will soon be taking a big step forward . The road to success is a long, rough journey. Realizing this, we combine all our steps and efforts as we step into the future. We shall take our place in the world and, walk- ing along beside others, strive to make this world a bet- ter place in which to live. Table of Contents Faculty . . . . . Student Life . . . . . Activities . . . . . Sports . . . . . . Admini tration xxx Ir 5 Mr. Richard McGarvey Miss Helen Winder SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL BOARD OF EDUCATION Robert Thomas, Vice-Presidentg Lloyd Dickinsong George Sewellg Edward Elliott Presidentg Fannie Stough. Not present: Ray Kelly, Clerk. 4 Employee i F w Mrs. Mary Jane Fay--Secretary Mrs. Ed Endsley and Mrs. Charles Simpson--Cooks Mr. Karl Creamer--Janitor Bus Drivers: Mr. William Cavin, Mr. Gene Carey, Mr. Franklin Heilman, Mr. Ed Endsley. MACKEY FUNERAL HOME 5 MACKEY AND STOUGI-I Mt. Victory, Ohio ' Mt. Victory, Ohio Faculty MR. RICHARD MCGARVEY MISS HE-LEN WINDER Superintendent Pf1UC1D31 Cgach and Phys. Ed, Math and Commercial MR. JOSEPH VICARIO MRS. JAMES GODDARD MR. FRED RALSTON Social Studies and English Latin and English Science MR. JACK DEVITT MRS. GAGE MACKEY MR. DALE SMITH Voc utional Agriculture Home Economics Band .ind Drivers Education 6 MRS. DALE SMITH MR. RAY HOLLAND Vocal Music Seventh Grade MRS. FRED KENNEDY MISS MILDRED MARMON Fifth Grade Fourth Grade MISS CAROLYN WELLS MISS LOUISE BONHAM Second Grade First Grade 7 I MISS ETHEL TAPP Sixth Grade MISS DOROTHY HARVH Third Grade J gs if MISS EVANGELINE BEALER Exceptional Class Curricular nap Aol wil Mr. Ralston seems ro be contemplating his answer in his sophomore science class. y ,rfsflpvf Uk' 1 f s 0' ' A If 3 lg' The sophomore Home Ee. class is busy looking over dif- lurcnr Iypcs of fabrics. 1 3' "Hit the nail squarely," seems ro be what Mr. Devin is telling his sophomore Vo. All. class. "To be or not to be." This is a speech in senior English class. one tep More A hz!! is mr too bard m 65083, Wbyjd1iieS' Dillef Freemaii gtg, ,,2 ,, W. vi 'lu-1 aj: .qv ' 4, -- 'V View .,,1,f 41.-.2 Q! 4 39.15" ni 1 --L 'vw " 91' 3 ' J UM ly Q. , iz '5-51 f . , gel..-4,-f ?64:.,,- s 1,1 N51 .12 "gk ,S Q dm, Wear 'Y sz' .2 gp, ,, -uv -4 w 6.-. wi" :,s:.V,. u. 5 . -'h"- " 341:-F a is .W ,. ff, ,a 115' ,ff 53'-, N .3 ,' ' 3. f'15'gf , -.,., g.G:.,1- 43.-ffae. - h 2? OP:-' 1. 'fl iiv I!,!',"f11lf,, 4 -Af' 1... f Q 'J ' .Q ,JY , 'Q AV"s':ij ,Q Ld . - . 1' - " .. .., . " .V . xv , A ,,s'n V 4 J' 1 , . Q, . , ',, . 1 ' "'.3'n, x 6 nh r,!'n,: :Q , xg., Y-, uf X14 A i'fi'Qx'i ' AQ 1433! 1 4. ,wg Ffvg. . ' ,, g-- ,Xl,kl'f -' -:Nw-sv' ISS 5' . Q' '-'f"1'1-.rfff .. 'wi 1 - in 'wtxwaxgi Q :pis- . K , X-M, , -1' L, .4 Q, 1- " ',-'3jgw"'-at- Q, -, -wx 1470 "P -NYY.,-Mg":' 'fvf"t5 4: . , . Q 1. mf, J .- fx ' 1 f,'f'.+-ka"". x ..Q'.N fb 1-fe Ark' ' , V ' Es" fa- as 9 K, . , n F, J. W, 3. of., 1: if .5 -1. xx X wi 5 I ,Y . . " 1 5 Q. x -ll, .A . H .,.f5.q. V - J ' all 1 gw rr k " X, K K ' 1-'EV' i z f 1, ' ' f 'A PHT film, 6- xi- . N u ff :lvl 2 LPA. J Y STEPHEN LEE KELLER Bascball-l, 2, 3, 45 Volleybull-1, 2, 4g Basketball-1g Cross Country-lg Class Secretary-4g Student Coun- cil-lg Chorus-1,23 County Music Festival-l,2g FFA-1,29 Victory Lig1htStaff-4, Victorian Staff-3, -ig Junior Play-3, Senior Play-4. ROBERT SCOTT ELSASSER Basketball-2, Z'l,Aig Truck-3,45 Volleyball-3,45 Class Secretary-2, Class Treasurer-4, Junior Play- 3g FHA Escort-2, FFA-2, Victory Light Staff-4. enior LARRY DAVID BROWN Class President-1, 4, Victory Light Staff-45 Vic- torian Staff-3,4g Basketball-l,3,4g FFA-l,2g Junior Play-35 Senior Play-4. JOEL FRANKLIN HEADINGTON Basketball-1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball-l,2, 3, 4, Track-1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country-l,2, 3, 4g Volley Ball-2, 43 Class Vice-President-2,3, 43 Senior Play-4g Junior Play-3, Chorus-2, Victorian Staff-3, 4, Victory Light Staff-3, 4. CAROL ANN ELLIOTT Victory Light Staff-3,43 Victorian Staff-3,4g FHA 1,2, 3,4g FHA President-4g FFA Senior Attendant- 4g Chorus-1, 2,3, 49 Band-1, 2, 8,45 County Music Fcstival-1,2, 3,45 Pep Band-2,3g Junior Play-3, Senior Play-4g Honor Society-2,3, 4, Junior Fair Board-4, Librarian-4, Volleyball-3. WALTER LEROY BUROKER Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball-.l,2, 3, 4g Track-2, 3, 43 Volleyball-1, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country-1, 2, 3, 4g County All Stair Team-2,35 FFA-lg FFA Treasurer- lg Chorus-2, 45 Band-2,3, 4, County Music Festi- vnl-22,13, -Lg Victory Light Staff-4, Senior Play-4. . 9 I' '.f4's- 11 SANDRA LOU McKAY Victory Light Staff-3,45 Victorian Staff-3,4g Band- l,2, 3,4g Chorus-1,2, 3,4g County Music Festival- 1,2,3,4g Band Secretary-2g Band Treasurer-35 Class Secretary-1,35 Class Treasurer-2, Majorette- 2,3,4g Pep Band-2,3g Cheerleader-45 Librarian- 3g Junior Play-3: Senior Play-4g Honor Society- 2,3,4, Basketball-2,4. JERRY EUGENE CROSS Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball-l, 3, Volley Ball-1, 2, 3, 45 Track-1, 2, 3, Cross Country-l,2, 3, 4, FFA l,'2,3,4g FFA Reporter-25 FFA Secretary-3,45 FFA King-4, Chorus-l,3,4g County Music Festival-1, 3,4g Junior Play-3. liI,IZABliTH SUSAN STANLEY Chorus-2,3g County Music Festival-35 Cafeteria Crcw-lg Librarian-lg Basketball--lg Volleyball-4 St-n1orPlay--lg FHA -2, 3, 4. JOHN NOLEN BROWN Chorus-I,2,3,-ig Assistant Janitor-3,4g Librarian- -lg Victorian Staff-4. JOYCE ANN APPELFELLER llonorSociL-ty-3,45 FHA-l,2,3,4g FHA Secretary 3g County FHA Office-4, Chorus-l,2,3,4g Band- l,2, ll, -lg County Music F estival-1, 2, 3, 4g Pep litttid-2,-lg Band Secretary-35 Cheerleader-35 Class Trcztsurcr-lg Class President-35 Victorian Stall- l, 8, -lg Victory Light Staff-13, 4g Junior Play- 8, Senior Play-4. MABEL MAE FOUT Band-1, 2, 3,4g Pep Band-2, County Music Festival- i,2,3,4, FHA-1,2,3,4g FFA Attentitmt-2,35 FHA Reporter-lg FHA Vice-President-4g FHA Ouecn- 1,4g Junior Fair Board-4, Cheerleader-3,4g Vic- tory Light Staff-43 Junior Play-3, Senior Play-Al. STEVEN ROSS CREAMER Basketball-1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball-1, 3, -lg Cross Country- 2g County All-Star Team-35 FFA-lg Class Vice- President-ig Class President-2g FFA Student Ad- visor-lp Chorus-43 Senior Play-4. JOSEPH EARL THOMPSON Baseball-l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country-4, Volleyball-1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play-3, Senior Play-4, Chorus-l,2, Band-l,2,3,4g Pep Band-1, 2, 3, 4, County Music Festival-1, 2, 3, FFA-2. SHARMA GAY PENHORWOOD Victorian Stuff-4, Victory Light Staff-45 Fl-IA-43 Chorus-2,3,-ig County Music Festival-2, 3,45 Cafe- teria Crew-1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play-33 Senior Play-4. ..f""r .i-fi?F'7 Qsw WILLIAM LESLIE BLUM Basketball-lg FFA-1,2, 3, 45 FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team-lg FFA Vice-President-3, FFA Senior Attendant-43 Chorus-1,25 County Music Festival-lg Senior Play-4. ANN GERTRUDE MUSSON FHA-l,2,3,4g FHA Historian-4, Volleyball-3,45 Band-1, 2, 3,45 Chorus-1, 25 County Music Festival 2,35 Junior Play-33 Senior Play-4. JAMES FORREST BAILEY FFA-1, 2, 3, 45 FFA Parliamentary Procedure-3, 4, FFA Junior Escort-3: FFA Student Advisor-2,3, 4, Chorus-2,3,4g County Music Festival-2, Senior Play-4. Junior if W ' .3 I .3 -wr J j if m '15 vs' 1 Dwight Rarnuc Jerry McKinley Linda Mackey Prusidcin Vice-President Secretary ik I 2 Qs va: gi . Q L . 1, J , ,wb I ww, z v i I his ly n Jerry Wagner Gerry Roush Jerry Boyd Ny A . V in , Q , f' 6 I I Q be 1 4 ' - A L. KS Douu lflgirder ll S" ' X' '.' Ii P Ioan 'lhompson FAIR - LICHTY Kenton, X Linda Madison .J ,ow-,. ,-4. ' Larry Ferguson Jack Wolf -su.. S ha ron Rapp , A . w Cary Headinuron Treasurer Paul Parthemore Pauline Wallace John Culp i-:ar ' um Faye Bailey Ross Baird I i an .1 I Bob Shepard Vouna Bodine -RESCH INC. C-L CARRYOUT FRANK ROBINSON, GENERAL INS.. Ohio Kenton, Ohio Mt. Victory, Ohio 14 Q. ophomore Wig, :Q 2 f , L 1 l Q R it -on , QW Q, .,, 5' "' t .,,: H Jerry Burrey Jan Sorgenfrei Sherry Dickinson Bill Goddard Harold Miller President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer an-m ' N' 1 if 12 1'- xa ik. A 'k 5 Q x"-T" A T' S fp ' Y X 57 "" ,' A al - Y Karen Keller Chuck Buroker Joan Elliott Kenneth Cannode Joan Strahm I , 5: t 3 . is 'N' - x . ' A . ' in ' Ir, -N " ' - 'e ff A ""'H' 'fr' ,ff 1' A fl Pat Zachariah Sarah Brown Bobby White Janet Black Cletus Gamble yr l W QS ' A , my S - A ,.'D"1g 'Q ' 4:2 .M ' A . I lfim, t Arnold Bailey Beverly Stanley Norman Smiley Patsy Zachariah DAVE WAX F RED KENNEDY Kenton, ohio WYKES AND WILSON Ford Sales Service HARDWARE AND SUPPLY Mt. Victory, Ohio Mr, Victory, Ohio 15 A-oxx r. Q Uv 7 ,. il' 41" A ' Tommy Smith President ,QS ' gs.. Qui xy ,M XJ!! ll Charles C arruthers 3, x 22" ' ff vi 4'9" S 3 rand Freshmen 0 lb, Kenneth Johnston Vice-President -'Mba Jeanie White ' V bf 0- ' S. .gh-4" f Joyce Gillen Carlton Musselman 22' Qs 'bfi' Jack Stanley Qs f'f'b Wav if Kathleen WEST MANSFIELD LUMBER CO 'HK Gi- 5 f West Mansfield, Ohio ., Carol Harder Secretary Km ' t lived i J I x K J Kenny A nsley 5 Kay Clem ent ful Alice Elsasser Treasurer Judy Boyd Ja sc err: A Bernard Brow n rt W- viz' Fields Judy Cannode K' 7 - 6 X 7 Janet Smith A '9 9- Sup' xl- Br S tev e H arvey ,Ffh Becky Culp Li Q 9 ' 1 Ili. Sheridan Hughes OSBORN'S FURNITURE Sz APPLIANCES B St M AUTO PARTS Kenton, Ohio 16 Kenton, Ohio Eighth Grade fa 1: "' T ' K 5, f A ss' ..,-Q.. X' r"',:"" ,M 'lf' X' w R T as Ju' ' L A N Chuck Stuck Allita Berry Douglas Scott Cheryl Ann Kelsey President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer so C 3,1 1 Q-as Kathleen Gray James Newman I' v'.'s'i .. if Robert Amweg Jo Ann Born xi ' 17: , X w. I I I Bonita Osborn MT. VICTORY STATE BANK Don E. King, Cashier Ruthanna Tobey, Ass't. Cashier Civ Della Bailey Russel Brown : i X if if Robert Connolly Sharon McKinley Larry Acton Milo C. Berry, President W.C.Mowery, Vice-President 'Q -. s. r' 6" Danny McKay Ds, iff' it f, Judy Temple nb 5' I Ch u. .1 Rodney B rinen n w.. Q 1-- :Tl nf Earl Carruthers ,el , , lx ' Louisa Roush Linda Lee G 'Y Mae Clement 'aft 4. 5 Dick Phelps 15. KE- 'v Betty Gillen W Su. ,J wr ig' ,K Dale RJPP ,glu- Ronnie Flesher t if Q. JJ sn., W AV f , My ff x, ff , Francis Musson eventh Grade . fs. As WT 9 'I' NP' x - , ue- V A ,.. i . 1 A Danny Richard Dorothy James Stuck Burrey Goddard Berry QQ t 9, K , 6' , ir 'J ,ti " . L, L V' as di 2- ff' E . Ann Mirle Steven Penny Culp Thompson Craig Sewell . Q .QL E Bl ,l vat ,JI at L v ,, A A4 Martin Larry Sherry Edward Penhorwood McBride Phelps Elliott 'st ' 13 Q Q M, W -- J 49"-.a Q. , 5 , . will at ,Q Lynn Eileen John Barbara Ptouts Smith Oates Carpenter 'FAQ S I mi .,, . b y ., I 'F , 1 r I nv? I Stephen Ivlarena Bernard Rish Lingrell Acton .4 1 'fi tv V ' if Vt Greg Linda MT. VICTORY MILLING co. SECOY Avpelfellef Mt. Victory, Ohio 18 igmlin Larry Rogers '11 .I J Y Sue Mackey H.. x L ' J . -Q, Carol E lsasser a v' x., hh E! Lloyd Moore I' 'Qtr W up , 2 ' i Carroll Parthcmore ixth 5 Grade ,. .,, J ve- . " :L K A Q . Q, A c gan a r J ,M -A., ., Q A, ' Judith Jeffery Kathleen Michael LYUU4 Wren Farrington Carey Britton 15111011 L E ' .X .. ' iv ' km 5 , N SA B l X it J PL 7 Q! if sg l J' 2 if . all J, ff la James Carol Gene Sharon John Farthing Strahm McClain Sherman Martino Q an R 'B J. aka M . y .. .M lf' Joe Janet James Jane Ewing Roby Black Battles if gy ci QW vi 3 . I' Q K ,L - 1 ,. at .J A Suzann Douglas Sandra Donald Reece Williams Rapp Barton - " , gf I J 'fn K, ' . y-for Linda B everly Charlene Strahm Madison File 19 V Fi M l Ricky Ferguson ..i 411- , S 3 Wham? Pamela Gamble ac' 4.1.2 f W 1 Gary Buroker 5 ,. ull, f Nancy Jolliff if Y lv. X A Richard Johnson Q 4 5- I 1 Ricky Noblet 1.1 f' san Michael Wagner 's X .. it 'r Myron Fout A' .-, T' 1 l-I? Michael Martino Q N , ? mins Gary Wren 'ZW I I Wilmer Bodine Fifth Grade - -v 'Sh' g. if " 9 in -. , ' gn, I fl it f i ' ' 's 1 A' - Connie Lloyd Cathy Bruce Clement Carruthers Sewell Smiley S 'fn' 5 vs ,:-1- A E 1, ' V ,v ' s-V ,' ' . jc xi: ALK hifi' Jeanne ROY Jeanne Dean Scott Mentzer Keller McCullough ' as 2, V, K " .. Y F59 ill' fi' 'fr N V , 1 1 Sue Paul Melinda Jerry Smith Sieg Rish Johnston , 5 S J 1 h 'if wif Q i 5 :C .J N, g V . ,, 5 'lil an -Y I Carolyn Andy Leona Steven Johnson Appelfeller Barton Farrington I Judy Linda Brenda Ervin Everhart Acton VanAtta Brown MT. VICTORY ELEVATOR CO. All . . en Mt. Victory, Ohio Foreman 20 "Q- 1 Q f Ronald Johnson a Q 1 1,3 ' il Q- fr. Burke Ramsev -Q I 6- vu' "x --.J Danny James I B Y 'l fn , all J M ab, Ronald Phillips s- -B, Q- -Q Q Mark Johnson I., -W X il i Ken McCullough -sv-A 93" 141 David Mentzer ,.. , David Reece ei QQ jf '21, ' L arry Tillman '98, u Xb., u Alan Furer in 5 ... jk ff Floyd Madison Fourth Grade Q, Q- L vu A j' KQW 3 :Q ' " 'Lys A J' X X 1 J -, ' Anna Elaine Alan David White Shepard Struble Roby I ,nh if .Pj V' l Q", Q sl f vu., A F" "," k 5' I yr ,435 . f ,A Tammy Bonnie Michael Michael Tallman White McBride Stuck ,. K, rr.. f- -.hp .FI K lv N -1- it l Q ' tn ii" 7.1 i Y' . I I r f .lyme ff' Z' ' Pamela Starlene Dale Bruce Messenger Amweg Ferguson Carpenter 9 5 Lx, il 16653: V 'rio R sein J ge W' 7 L!-j f f . fbi Billie Cindee Stephen Gary File Wagner McCullough AHS16y s Q 1 6. l,, . v D if ' IN y , Q., I 'B B "' Q.. 1 Deloris Judy Danny Raymond Rish Jones Carey Elsasser HARRIS 81 JOLLIFF LUMBER CO. 1 Byhalia, Ohio Eugene Warner 21 Clarice 5 1 s-, 1 I I.-1 Billy Strahm Q .51 Vicki Battles Q5 Slcphcn Nobler Qu , jf Jackson . -an 5 x 5 l V l Danny Carpenter QP M Andy Mcliridc K . X 5 ,Q I, ll H Mary Gail Born if .,. A 5-sl' ,NX Bobby P atton AZ 'n saw Janet Penhorw ood or yr fn N A Michael Layman Third Grade M, 4 aL.t1."N Tommy Martino A Ellen White rn, Gary McClain Alice Stine Susan Burrey Q ' BL Row e Buroker A Shauna Dickinson U w.. .. S r Larry Golden I Y, A in . Kintm Tallman ' 3' J - ,. . ...- 'W Tommy Mcntzer 'O at . fi' Russel Marsha Williams Sewell x Mt E in 'gf ' Q' si Connie Tommy Britton Elsasser . -f sf ., I joel Nancy K 315 ey S U' ahlll is v S Q 7 I 'N ,kk K Kathleen Bobby Barnhart Lee wirfii P 4 V A fi V V X , Dorothy Donna Newland Warner C.K. ELLIOTT COMPANY Mt. Victory Service Plaza Mt. Victory, Ohio 22 Q T Gary Terry Clement Rogers . - Qtxx A 4 , s 1 A 7 I - ' vw:-y R MMM .' Laffy PLlll1 Crappy Sherman is Stk, Rebecca James , . 1 7 J wmv' Brent Johnson .- X? Terri Butler P'cr " tl Herbert Coy vu, .fs Milli Wilt Donald Madison econd Grade C. v 'Q-'J - J ' . "-4-fu - kt: K f J J if ip r r i ?!!:x:'ir " ' D fi L 711 F A J Danny Janet Peter Karen Parthemore Scott Mollett Layman ' L. up-.sf , g guy' A ' if d A Connie Tommy Martha David Elliott Jolliff Penhorwood Thomas Vu 9 fur! Q 1, KL 9 5 .. , J , . J tp W 3 ' :Q fe Q L K li ' K J W. x .ini Q. ' f , "Xt 1 I tt. Q- ...J 'ir 4 Tommy Marian Donald Beverly Foreman Foreman Amweg Barnhart g, Q F W 9. 0 vm .f " - J' x Brenda Jack Sharon Eddie James Acton Messenger Foreman Ji' Pm I ' 1 U Q Jackie DOH Engle Struble HOPEWELL DAIRY CO. Bellefontaine, Ohio s, , he-:K if Danny Connelly -A , A Sonja Smith Dean Martino .1 lul l Beverly Carruthers Jimmy Rainsburg, HILL DRUG CO . Kenton, Ohio J 49-' LI hris Johnson I Marilyn Shernmn x .- . .ul Sannny Appelfeller 0 D anny Robinson Russell Shepard Fir t Grade 0 Q Becky Radcliff IR r .- 3 Yr I Russel Four 1 X51 Janet Harder Paul N ewland 4r" " tix, -A Randy Phillips HARDIN COUNTY OIL CO. Kenton, Ohio i f Dennis McBride Carol Martino .j,.x- L Bobby Stuck .L A 'ww Q Jljlgigabx Ierrie Miller We x Ol, Patty Forem an DR. C. E. STUCK Veterinarian Phone 64 Mt. Victory, Ohio 24 1' 1 . ,4r D Diana Swavel Denny Rogers -dv it ' U Dana Battles gi' T e 5" ,inks CCAC Jerry New m an x I Q 1 5 wav' 5' ' W aldo Buroker .avn. ' J 11 Steve lilcsher '-1' 5 ' - Karen Coy -s if Tommy Rainsburg, Keith Elsasser IJ . Q37 X Paul Jones BAILEY'S HARDWARE LaRue, Ohio Exceptional Class I if fzsgfvwl 'mi Margie Snyder Billy Howe BUSY Mackey Bobby 110220 Y . A y Clayton Brown Phyllis Adams Ronnie Adams Janice Schutte Q si , , O NH' l,,-h , my . xv ,O l ll A A . A L A fi'y A' 11? A . .X Clyde Acton John Steven Berry Donnie Adams 4- Jimniy Rvby David McKinley F. H. BAILEY gl SONS ROOT LUMBER COMPANY F, H, LAUBIS AND SONS Kenton and Ada, Ohio Kenton Ohio , Hepburn and LaRue, Ohio 25 Curricular nap v ,I I Al, r r n ,p I, Q, 4'-V Cl , I we E .r :H Q fb ,upflnglbf Q33 b D 8 I Q-l:,5fH.i':'P X' ,ul ,hah A D 'Bn 4. 'Yfd'.G , t ff" if-' 'v F h ll . f i 'F A W A r A by K . 6 . Y? 5' A' x I ,' rg in t. 1 ' ' Q t "5 ., h - a ff' - ' A 1, JJ' 'V' V ' . 5 N : L . .aft , X 'I ' W pi I: Ii . ' D Q 4, . '59 gf A .A 1 ,'.,. ' v' . . Y Q' -mr' ' I 3 4 s ' ' .N W l ki. F J' X Due to the amount of light, some of the faces are not clear. But it is the activity that is em- Dhasized . As we entered the Special Educa- tion class, they were busy ing, ceramics. paint- T he third graders were busy writ- ing when we peeked in on them. in-gi. The fourth graders took time from their geography class to pose for our camera. History is an interesting subject, ' but the fifth graders seemed to r find our photographer more so at this moment. 26 mu .,wZ fps up ,..,,1,.- V 7, . '.-4'..,.jl'N,, W1 f ,pw -. - V , , .,,,1,,,,, ,. - .A ,-wily in ,nw ,W - 1 7 ' r :qw ff! rg: , ,N f - M2',ix'..g.' X , Y 'W' , EI" N Yflilzf wi 1,fW'l A , A ff' ' 'W LAJ.m.-J..............-,..4:3,p, .L.,.,,u. .- .,, ,,.. ,Q Onehyisnottoo 0"' f'?f "y' W WMM s In w,- .lcik la Jw.. 3' .fvrlf d'5"f15EZ'eT!gYf Q j ' Q' 31.52-M ,.,, . ' '4 . l..N .xlm ,- . fi- 'E WH4' .'.vs'.u ' R - Y,-I A 'nl- ,g"Jzw'.!-ivlustn -. Hwy, 6:.,??.'Qq1q 4 I "R-2:i"3 :.'Z"f:S3'! Wifi- iiviipiifgf 'qgfftfi-'f :Q : 1 f' W nilq ,E gf: in -v:'21,' .mm A . r g,,. . . , , 5 Victory light taii FIRST ROW: Sandra McKay, editor, Steve Keller, typistg Sharma Penhorwood, typist. SECOND ROW: Mr. McGarvey, advisor, Gerry Roush, Junior assistant editor: Linda Mackey, Junior editor: Walt Buroker, Larry Brown, Scotty Elsasser, Joel I-leadington, business staff, Carol Elliott, assistant editor, Joyce Appelfeller, business managerg Miss Winder, advisor. The Victory Light is published by the Victory Light Staff, which is largely composed of Seniors . Although this project requires much time, patience, and glue, the staff en- joys putting the yearbook together. There is always the challenge of originality and this challenge always seems to be met. Victorian taii FIRST ROW: Joyce Appelfeller- -business manager, Bob Shepherd. SECOND ROW: Steve Farrington, Carol Elsasser, Joe Ewing, Sharma Penhorwood, Sandra McKay--assistant editor, Carol Elliott--editor, Linda Mackey--Junior assistant editor, Gerry Roush--Junior editor, Sherry Phelps, Sharon Rapp, Brenda Van Atta, Melinda Rish, Cindee Wagner. THIRD ROW: Ann Musson, Joan Elliott, Kathleen Gray, Joe Thompson, Joel Headington, Nolen Brown, Larry Brown, Steve Keller, Cary Headington, Ross Baird, Kayleen Fields, Pauline Wallace. Miss Winder--advisor. Working together, the Victorian staff turns out the school paper every six weeks. The mounting number of subscriptions taken shows the staff that there is another busy year ahead. Editorials are turned in and the work begins . Typewriters hum and mimeograph ink is put to work. After the finished product is distributed, you can hear sighs of relief and see wet brows being wiped, as the staff realizes it is another job well done. THE SMALL SI-IOP MT. VICTORY LOC KER SERVICE Mt. Victory, Ohio 28 Mt. Victory, Ohio Honor ociety FIRST ROW: Cary Headington, Gerry Roush, Sharon Rapp, Linda Mackey. SECOND ROW: Miss Winder, Joyce Appelfeller, Carol Elliott, Sandra McKay. The probationary members of the National Honor Society are chosen at the beginning of the second semester of their Sophomore year. The number of probationary members depends upon the size of the class 1102, of the class J. After the first semester of their Junior year, these students fnow 152, of the class J become permanent members, provid- ing they have maintained their high standards, grades, and leadership Members of the National Honor Society are chosen by the teachers on the basis of character, leadership, service and scholarship. g gg Pep Band FIRST ROW: Joyce Appelfeller, Rodney Britton, Jimmy Black, Dwight Ramge, Jimmy Newman, Gary Gillen, Gary Buroker, Kenny Johnston, Walt Buroker, Joe Thompson. SECOND ROW: Judy Boyd, Sharon McKinley, Kathleen Gray, Karen Keller, Joan Ell- iott, Linda Madison, Gerry Roush, Barbara Carpenter, Dorothy Goddard, Sherry Phelps. THIRD ROW: Steven Craig, Steve Harvey, Patsy Zachariah, Sharon Rapp, Ann Musson Jeff Farrington, Sue Mackey, Jane Battles, Della Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Dale Smith, Robert Connolly, Arnold Bailey, Pamela Gamble, Cheryl Kelsey. This group of band members help to keep things lively at the pep rallies Whe th . n e swing forth with their renditions of "Mother Goose Jumps" or "Saints Come Marchin' In?" hands start clapping and feet start tapping. But the biggest response we get is when the band blares the familiar strains of the "Mt, Victory Fight Song." The pep band deserves a bigger hand than they get. OSCAR BIRD SHELL STATION BELLEFONTAINE COCA COLA BOTTLING CO Kenton. Ohio 29 Bellefontaine, Ohio Band - Front End heel FIRST ROW: Karen Keller, Linda Madison, Gerry Roush, Jane Battles, Penny Sewell, Cheryl Kelsey, Pamela Gamble, Bob Connolly, Carol Elliott. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Gray, Sharon McKinley, Judy Boyd, Della Bailey. THIRD ROW: Barbara Carpenter, Steve Craig, Dorothy Goddard, Sherry Phelps, Mabel Fout, Joyce Appelfeller, Joe Thomp- son, Ann Musson, Sharon Rapp, Sherry Dickinson, Patsy Zachariah, Steve Harvey, Sue Mackey, Rodney Britton, Jimmy Black, Gary Buroker, Kenny Johnston, Walt Buroker, Chuck Buroker, Cletus Gamble. FOURTH ROW: Joan Elliott, Janet Black, Arnold Bailey, Jimmy Newman, Jan Sorgenfrei, Dwight Ramsey, Paul Parthemore, Jerry McKinley, John Culp, Faye Bailey, Linda Mackey. Not Pictured: Gary Gillen, Bill Goddard, Norman Smiley, Tommy Smith. Mixed Choru FIRST ROW: Carol Elliott, Sherry Dickinson, Karen Keller, Faye Bailey, Beverly Stanley, Sharon Rapp, Becky Culp, Janet Smith, Sarah Brown. SECOND ROW: Joan Elliott, Joan Strahm, Patsy Zachariah, Kay Clement, Joyce Appelfeller, Linda Mack6Y. Janet Black, Carol Harder, Jeanie White, Pauline Wallace, Kayleen Fields, Vonna Bodine, Sharma Penhorwood, Sandra McKay, Judy Boyd, Mr. Smith. THIRD ROW: Steve Creamer, Kenny Cannode, Chuck Buroker, Pat Zachariah, Jan Sorgemrei, Walt Buroker, Nolen Brown, Cletus Gamble, Jim Bailey, Arnold Bailey, Bernard Brown, Norman Smiley. BA ND A CTIVITIES CA LENDA R County Fair September 16 Christmas Program December 18 Basketball Games Home games Community Institute February 4 Spring Concert April 30 County Music Festival May 6 BARR Sr CO. F. H. JOLLIFF 81 SONS KRAUS JEWELRY STORE Sc-51.00 Byhalia, Ohio Kenton, Ohio Kenton, Ohio 30 p Q Junior Band FIRST ROW: Jerry Johnston, Jimmy Roby, Gene McClain, John Martino, Andy Appelfeller, Danny Stuck, Steve Rish, David McKinley, Steve Berry, Steve Farrington. SECOND ROW: Dale Rupp, Carolyn Johnson, Doug Scott, Douglas Williams, Charlene Rile, Janet Roby, Nancy Jolliff, Dale Smith-director. THIRD ROW: Roy Mentzer, Brenda VanAtta, Melinda Rish, Earl Carruthers, Eddie Elliott, Jeanne Keller, Richard Johnson, Linda Appelfeller, Myron Fout, Gary Wren, Dean McCullough, Merle Thompson, Ricky Noblett, Ricky Ferguson, Carroll Parthemore. These young boys and girls are anxiously awaiting the day they will graduate to the Senior Band. By taking home their horns and practicing their scales, they hope to become better musicians. Each year we lose Senior Band members and need some of these mem bers to take their places. Take a good look at them now for I know they hope to be in the Senior band picture next year. llutgoing enior Band Member Joyce Appelfeller-8 years, Mabel Font-8 years, Joe Thompson-7 years, Walt Buroker-8 years, Carol Elliott-8 years, Sandra McKay-6 years, and Ann Mnsson--6 years. This year we are losing seven band members, four of whom have been in the band since it was organized eight years ago. From the trumpet section we lose joe, Mabel, Joyce and Anng from the saxophone saxophone section We lose Carolg from the trom- bone section, Walt: and from the French horn section, Sandra. The band will never re- cover, it is for sure! 31 Driver ' Education FIRST ROW: Paul Parthemore, John Culp, Doug Harder, Gary Gillen, Jerry McKinley, Bob Shepard, Ross Baird. SECOND ROW: Sharma Penhorwood, Pauline Wallace, Vonna Bodine, Faye Bailey, Sharon Rapp, Linda Madison, Gerry Roush, Mr. Vicario, Jack Wolf, Mr. Smith, Jerry Boyd, Larry Ferguson, Cary Headington. "Head for the ltills! " That's the cry you hear when the little green car comes around the corner. Yes, otir drivers' education teachers arc trying, their best to put safe drivers on the road. We are confident that they are succeeding in their campaign. We'll dive these teachers E for effort on their report cards. Librarian t 1 3 x Jerry llurrcy, Nolcn Brown, Carol Elliott, Kathleen Gray, Judy Boyd, Robert Amwegz, "A-B-C -D, now is that in alphabetical order?" is usually the question asked hy librarians. Don't send for thc psycholouist if you have heard one of them talking to themselves. They are only trying to straighten out the books. At least, this is their excuse. Compliments of AL PENNOCK, Mt. Victory, Ohio 32 ,Witte HUMEMAWS FIRST ROW: Linda Madison, Sharma Penhorwood, Patsy Zachariah, Faye Bailey, Beverly Stanley, Becky Culp, Sharon RaDD- Joan Thompson, Judy Cannode. SECOND ROW: Gerry Rouslt, Ann Musson, Sherry Dickinson, Mabel Fout, Carol Elliott, Linda Mackey, Joan Elliott, Joyce Appelfeller, Karen Keller. THIRD ROW: Vonna Bodine, Alice Elsasser, Sarah Brown, Susan Stanley, Pauline Wallace, Carol Harder, Jeanie White, Janet Black, Joan Strahm. Janet Smith, Mrs. Mackey. This year the FHA members have been busy working on FHA degrees, preparing banquets, and planning pro- grams. The FHA members and advisor were on three radio programs this year. The FHA chapter has been more aetive on the state level than in any previous year by attending, and participating in State FHA meetings and C8lllpS. Come freeze, fire, or flood, the FHA is sure to be there because the FHA is an organization that breaks the freeze of one's heart to fill it with the fire of ambition and a flood of laughter. F. F. A. FLRST ROW: Mr. Devitt, Jim Bailey, Ross Baird, Dwight Ramsey, Jerry McKinley, Bill Blum, Patil Partltemore, Jerry Gross. SECOND ROW: Steve Harvey, Charles Carruthers, llarold Miller, Cletus Gamble, Arnold Bailey, Sheridan Hughes, Jerry Wagner, Bernard Brown, Done Harder, John Culp, Kenneth Johnston, Robert White, Pat Zaehariah, Carl-- ton Musselnian, Norman Smiley, Totnmy Smith. Our FFA has been quite active this year. They have attended Farm and Home Week at Columbus, Livestock and Land Judging Contests, State FFA Convention, FFA Camp, and the National FFA Convention. They gave a Parliantentary Procedure demonstration at the Community Institute. Do any of yoti have atty pests yoti would like to get rid of? Just eontaet our local FFA. They seem to be experts at collecting. rats and rodents in pest liutits. 33 aiaty Patrol The duty of the town safety patrol- man is to direct the students and adults l across the streets and across intersec- tions. The bus patrolman must main- tain order on the buses and co-operate with the bus drivers in seeing that the student have a safe ride to and from the school. Danny McKay, Joe Ewing, Bobby Connolly, Chuck Stuck, Danny Stuck, and Larry McBride. Ab antae The following students were absent when the individual pic- tures were taken: FIRST ROW: David Howe, Bernard Decker, Danny Furer, Royce Decker, Rita Decker, Tony Harvey. SECOND ROW: Walter Miller, Gary Grllen, Ronnie Decker. Cafeteria Crew Come what may--rain or snow--the cafeteria crew is always on hand to aid the cooks in preparing and serving our school lunches . With a cheerful smile and dishpan hands they make it possible for us to fill our empty stomaches each day at noon. MT. VICTORY LUMBER CO. VICTORY LIQUID FERTILIZER CO Mt. Victory, Ohio Mt. Victory, Ohi0 MARTIN'S SUPERMARKET Mt. Victory, Ohio 34 T ,-KAN-. Tl,-ydggm uw .1 :gd 1-Wi: iv , 'ew -:sf ,., We 2 'A ,HI Mi gg-.3 ,. M3134 , ,-- 4, Hrs-fr 'Wy HA . N 1.-M JMPK. .,,',v,',. ,-fu,-My. '11,-fy f.1:v,,1',IvY.xQ, 4. 2- - .,ui3i,: , 'W' 42 11-x3skQ,.,, , nf ,da E35-Q'?+7a-"1 V1 . . We, M. mg g f , as :SJ W r 4 X, v ww'-H 'Q-,y,.'f. "ft"B2 :ff-rw -:naw 1 ,1 . 'vw ' 5951. .1,,..-g mx I V -A..-mls, W-:W ' . 1 ,Jr A3 ,h F, K W i fi .4 W0 ,1 W C , o ' ' ' 1 it 2 I N Q , 5 0 he . A 0 V M ,' 5 x -Q - 1 1' 4 'N , ' 1 v ' ' ' x- lg ' w ' . 1 ' "' s x 1 K ,' W - - Y . , -w nm. , f .1 v , J 4 , .4 1 " x K W , W Q . ,M . , . ' 7 N . .K -5 R 9 J .. ' if 1 , V. . x A 1, " . : , ,,, g -w 3171 ' s Q b W 4 , 'D W' ' -, s J' , 5 Q. V . Y . X a vt l A I 4 . 1 X m-5-,-xl?-Q-+ gmzy ws-:-,Q::qlSgi,+,' -. ..1- gfgwfgf .',,'. fx wi v . 'fy'--if" -'Svfx fi-831' 'lga: 5'i4W'f'Yiiw - PPV' L' V im. A K L- . N 'M -- ' N ' . .- , .. Q , 6' V ak A V Jfxf .1Q,A Q WW' 4 I -f "ft4.,wW. 1 ' W H 5 ' ' flaw... f 1" 'A 1 ,f ,X J X X ' 'vs . 1 H . hh N Q x 4 If I v W 'Q-i ,.-f fi 4 A ' y ,,, . B ' as - X S . if we 5 N 1 u n n 'Pep Five Scotty Elsasser, Jack Wolf, Jerry Cross, Walt Buroker, Steve Creamer, Mr. McGarvey, coach. Cheerleaders l I 1 K f V1 Sandra McKay, Mabel Fout, Linda Mackey, Sherry Dickinson 1-2-3--Let's Go! Gotta go by golly, gotta go--clap, clap, Gotta fight by golly, gotta fight--clap, clap, Gotta win by goliy, gotta win--clap, clap, Gotta go, gotta fight, gotta win tonight! RIDGEWAY LUMBER 81 SUPPLY RIDGEWAY ELEVATOR PERRY SINCLAIR STATION Ridgeway, Ohio Ridgeway, Ohio Ridgeway, Ohio 36 Var H. Scott Elsasser, Jack Wolf, Jan Sorgenfrei, Joel Headington, Jerry Cross, Gary Gillen, Walt Buroker, Jerry Burrey, Chuck Buroker, Joe Thompson, Steve Creamer, Bill Goddard, Man- ager, and Mr. McGarvey, Coach. Our Varsity team's fans have tollow ed them to 23 games and three tournaments. Our fine team has given Mt Victory a lot to talk about with its fine playing an coaching. This team finished the regular season with a 12-6 record and the whole season with a 16-'7 record. From there they moved on to win the county tournament. Not satisfied, they advanced further to win the sectional tournament, but an off night spelled defeat for the Victory High team at the district tourney. It was the first time in 31 years that M. H.S. has won the county tournament. Thcy brought home three trophies this year for us. Boys, you may be very, very proud of the record you have given us this year. We are! Re erve ' Ml Z 145595 -wil. - Nw .Zia ,fx 'Z-S , ' Jerry Boyd, Kenny Cannode, Larry Ferguson, Bobby White, Kenny Johnston, Larry Brow n, Doug Harder, John Culp, Jerry Wagner, Arnold Bailey, Bill Goddard, Manager, and Mr. lvicGarvcy, Coach. This year our Reserve team made M,H.S. very proud of them. T hey sported a 15-1 record for the season and proudly displayed a 6-0 lcagut- record. For thc first time in thc history of our school, our Reserve team bag- ged thc county Reserve league championship for Ivit. Victory. lt was ii job well done, Boys! DI Mt. Victory vs. Ridgeway Mt. Victory vs . McGuffey Tourney Mt. Victory vs. Alger Mt . Victory vs. MCGuffcV Mt. Vit-fOI'y vs. lVlcGt1ficy Mt. Victory VS n Ridgeway Tourney? 'ii Mt. Victory vs. McGuffey Walt Buroker, co- cttpttaing Mr. Mc- Gttrvcy, conchg and StcvcCrcamcr, co-captain are smiling ear to car because of our triumph in brisket- bztll. We wontlte Sectional and playcrl a game in thu District. The smiles you see on thuir faces look like the ones every one else tit M.V, ll,S, wears when- ever they sec these trophies or hear thc tournament mentioned. The trophies are the Holiday tourna- mcnt, County tournament, and Svctional tourna- ment trophies. Wc'rc proud of out team! J-i Junior High FIRST ROW: Joe Ewing, Managerg Eddie Elliott, Francis Musson, Jimmy Newman, Earl Carruthers, Bernard Acton, Dick Phelps, Rodney Britton, Ricky Ferguson, Manager. SECOND ROW: Danny Stuck, Danny McKay, Larry Acton, Dick Burrey, Larry McBride, Bobby Amweg. THIRD ROW: Mr. Devitt, Coachg Steve Rish, Bobby Connolly, Ronnie Decker, Mirle Thompson, Chuck Stuck, Doug Scott. In this picture you see the future basketball players of tomorrow . They may not always win but they're always in there trying. The Reserve team displays the better record with six wins and three losses . But the Varsity has played more games and dis- plays a 5-ll record. As we go to press, this little band is eagerly awaiting their first tourney game against Hardin Central. Go to it boys! Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: Dorothy Goddard, Mae Clement, Sharon McKinley, Kathy Gray. Beat 'Em Boys, Beat 'Em, Beat 'Em Fair Beat 'Em Boys, Beat 'Em, Beat 'Em Square Beat 'Em Boys, Beat 'Eml MT. VICTORY SERVICE STATION MARION PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOC Mt. Victory, Ohio Kenton, Ohio BAUGHMAN'S GREENHOUSE Kenton, Ohio 39 Baseball Team FIRST ROW: Joel I-leadington, Steve Creamer, Walt Buroker, Steve Keller, and Joe Thompson. SECOND ROW: Joseph Vicario, Coachg Chuck Buroker, Norman Smiley, Ian Sorgenfrei, Kenny Johnston, Cary Headington, Kenny Cannode, Jerry Burrey and Bill Goddard, Manager. This fall our baseball team drove in enough runs and bagged enough hits to walk away with second place in the county. If we manage to strike down Hardin Northern in a three game series this spring, we are on our way to the district for the second straight year. Good luck boys! September 9, 1958 September 12, 1958 September 19,1958 September 22, 1958 October 1, 1958 October 3, 1958 October 10, 1958 October 14, 1958 BOSTON DEPARTMENT STORE Kenton, Ohio BASEBALL SCORES Ridgeway-4 Alger-0 Roundhead-3 McGuffey-5 Ridgeway-1 Alger-2 Roundhead-4 McGuffey-5 Mt. Mt. Victory-7 Victory-8 Mt . Victory-2 Mt . Victory-4 Mt. Victory-13 Mt. Victory-8 Mt. Victory-9 Mt . Victory-1 TEMPLE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Kenton, Ohio PHIL LIP'S S ERVIC E CENTER Mt . Victory, Ohio 40 Cross Country FIRST ROW: Jocl llcadingtou, Walt Burokcr, joe Thompson. SECOND ROW: Kennvth Cztnnodc, Bob White, Steve Creamer, Jerry Burrcy. Jcrry Cross. Self-dctcrmiucd und hare-footed, our faithful Cross Country team was second to thc finish line in the county. Thcy then purticiputcd in thc district meet and competed atgainst AA schools. They finished cight out of thirtt-un hy tczuii score. Kenny Caunodc finished first from our school on both levels. my Track Team FIRST ROW: JoclHeading1tou, Scotty Elsasser, Walt Buroker, Joe Thompson. SECOND ROW: Kcnncth Cannode, Bob White, Jerry Burrey, Gary Gillen, John Culp, Jan Soruen- frci, Arnold Bailey, Chuck Buroker. This sturdy group of athletes did much the sumc ns our Cross Country team. They finisht-d second in thc county hut did not no to u district truck meet. Kcuny Cannodc again finishcd first for our school :tt thc county trztvlt mcct BERRY 81 BUTLER IMPLEMENT STORE PARTHEMORE'S STORE Mt. Victory, Ohio REPPERT 8: SONS HARDWARE Mt. Victory, Ohio Kenton, Ohio Fre hman Team Cheerleader lfIRST ROW: Charles Carruthers, Steven Harvey. Judy Boyd, Judy Cannode, Alice Elsasser SECOND ROW: Jack Stanley, Carlton Musselman, Bernard Brown, Kenny Ansley, Tommy Smith, Mr. Ralston, coach. Something new has been added in the sports field at MHS. In the picture above you see our newly organized Freshman team. They play other Freshman teams throughout the county. Their record stands at 4-3. This gives Freshman boys Fight team fight, Fight team fight, You gotta win You gotta win You gotta win tonight So fight, fight-- who don't play Reserve ball to still keep Hey fight! in practice and condition. We hope we see this team again next year. BASKETBALL SCORES GA ME VARSITY OPPONENT RESERVE OPPONENT Byhalia 79 55 41 23 New Bloomington 88 54 23 Ridgeway 62 57 28 La Rue 94 40 41 Zanesfield 59 32 20 Alger' '70 8'7 26 McGuffey 60 '71 41 Ridgeway' 51 54 26 Wharton fHoliday Tourneyj 65 58 game New Bloomington fH.T.J 40 3'7 game Roundhead' 58 56 33 Hardin Northern' 50 39 18 Green Camp '72 63 33 Forest' 7'7 45 24 Byhalla 57 so 21 McGuffey' '70 80 44 West Mansfield 69 63 29 Roundhead '79 '17 45 COUNTY TOURNAMENT McGuffey 68 65 Ridgeway 81 51 Roundhead 74 59 SECT IONAL TOURNAMENT Mt. Blanchard 50 49 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Gibsonburg 44 54 League' Season Varsity Record 3-3 16-'7 Reserve Record 6-0 15-1 We'll take you all on. Comic page? Y 5 X, o I -3, " as ' . vmw danaumf,, .M - . ,W mi Take an break! Did it reach the moon? Did I ask you? Now what did I say'?! How's the weather down there? Put up your dukes! Duh! Shoot a mile yes!! if fi, Well, it says right here . . . Line up! 43 But I didn't mean to Boosters KENTON Sears Roebuck 81 Co. Clover Electric "Colonel" Ellis Conkle Florist Margaret Long Shop Uhlman's Dept. Store Carlos Faulkner, Atty. Carey's Market Vogue Shoppe Dee's Rubin's Sohio Kenton National Bank Rubins Sport Shop Bernard's Furniture Sealts Dry Cleaners Rexin's, Inc. Swanigan Tin Shop Champion Coal Company X Kenton Ornamental Sz Structural Iron Works Paul Nicely Kenton Surplus Gus Dick's Tastee Freeze Wilhoit's Hardware Home Restaurant Midway Restaurant Boyd's Kirkland's Bootery MT. VICTORY Gray's IGA Food Market Strahm's Paint 81 Paper Victory Cleaners Louise's Beauty Shop Parthemore's Store Black's Furs 81 Wools Charlie's Shoe Repair Levan's Garage McKim's Barber Shop Robert A . Thomas Martin's Hatchery LaRUE Lea jenkins Campbell National Bank BYHALIA Wiley's Sohio PF EIFF ER STATION Brown' s Market F . , , .1 rin 1 ' w ' . , 'Jn X, 75365 E'-, K., Q.. ing. at ', igz' ,, F. ,EE . -li er. ffrf r -.3 ,' .rf Er., .. haf f ,,V: ,ug Ffh? My-1 H":'l1 ,Q I ' va. J ,, , ,V 'f 1 ' ,n. My . , ,' ' f',f f.' 1- y, qv vw A F 1 f 4 , x ', W , :gn , J 1,1 ..,-w 1 , -nr-, ' ,rr , ' '.-N'v , 1 - 1 + , 1 . I ' .,,. ., lv., J . ., ' 1 A V , . mf . was-2--,,-. 5 g Q " 1 I . 1 -' ' 4'- r Jw Qffl V211 'E' 1. 'fra Nm H Eh 11' , u.-f' gf: M. nv, if if r. .hz .T 4, 53. . ' 6 4 ,14, ,I 'Qi 'Qi - . 1 , f -., X 1 V , 1. 1. w I ,. 4- :I.'W'f .- i, r. .:M.- 5 par- P .Q-Q , ' , Mp, f - U . 2 ' . ' '- N 1 5-A .f . '. f L " -lkf. , , , ,,j.I.'. 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Suggestions in the Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH) collection:

Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 47

1959, pg 47

Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 28

1959, pg 28

Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 53

1959, pg 53

Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 48

1959, pg 48

Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 21

1959, pg 21

Mount Victory Dudley High School - Victory Light Yearbook (Mount Victory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 46

1959, pg 46

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