Mount Vernon Township High School - Vernois Yearbook (Mount Vernon, IL)

 - Class of 1936

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Mount Vernon Township High School - Vernois Yearbook (Mount Vernon, IL) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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Too much stress. however, should not be placed upon build- ings, for splendid buildings and good equipment alone do not make Z1 good school. Educators, skilled as teachers and builders of character, are more impor- tant. lYith this in mind. the staff of the Vernois dediv Cates the 1936 edition to Mr. E. I.. llrock, head of the science department, and one of the best high school instructors fn the state. Mr. llrocl: has taught in this school since 1912 llis sl- ill as a teacher, his conscientious devotion to his duty, and his never failing fund Ofl1L11l101'l18.YC won for lzim the affection and respect of the hundreds of students who have attended his classes. .-W . 4 f' , A Word For the Qld '1'111111g'11 z111e111i1111 is 111111' cc111c1'c11 11111111 11111 11cw 1111i111i11gs being 1'1'1-1'1c1 11111111 111c L'Il1111DllS, f111' 21 11111g 1111111 111 1'11111c 11111 11111 1111i111i11gs will 110 1-i1'111-1' i11 1111-111111'i1-s. 1X11111111i wi11 c11111i111111 111:1ss11ci:111- 11ZLlPIPj' 1111-111111'ics 111. SC11f,lJ1 4121.13 wi111 111011111 H1's1 1111i111i11g's, :11111 11111 11111C1'S will 111121111 wi111 111'i111' 1110 112111511-11 111g'si11 l1'1Cnf1111 1iy111" :11111 111c "11111 .X1111i1111'i11111." '1'11cs111110111s11111111 111'csc111 111111: f111'w:11'1i CIlQ'C1'1j' 111 1111- 111'1'1111:1111'y 111 t111 11w1111i1s. 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A if 5 l TOP ROXV: THlRD ROXY: John Maulding Maxine lYi1fong Bob Pemberton Irene Spurlock Alfred Throgmorton Helen Scrivner .lohn Sanimons Frankie Virginia Lanham George Grissom Betty Penilberton Dick Smith .lennie lYilson Sli COND ROXV: Betty Cox Mary Ellen Martin Allan llowell Leah Mae Talhert Samuel Phillips Mary Ann Gwen Harry Culli Evelyn Ratcliff llilly XYebb. Irene Hartmen Anna D. Cochren Fred Justice XYalter Glass Mabel Davis Floyd XYilder1n:1n llede Piercy Donald Harshbarger Lillian Thornton Lester Talbott lfvelyn llenjamin Alfred O. Leffler Ferne Shelton XYillia1n Allen Frances Connziway l'!0T'l'OM ROXY: llernadine liigham Kenneth Flanagan llelen XYhisenhunt Allan Craig' K lary Louise Alexander Louise Young Gladys O'Dell Ralph Clark. ,lessamine Dyer Rob Burke Doris Faulkner Harry Geer 2-alps? SOPHOMORES CCONTU Alvin Adams Mary Kathryn Armer Raymond Bain 'l'erry lleecherer llill Campbell .Xrtice Cates Gordon Chapman Charles Compton lloyd Crum Doris Davis Chesterllillliott Allan Farlow Karl Fulford Pauline Garrison Northern Groom Stanley Garren r .luanita Hawkins Otis Henson Leonard Hertenstein Vickle Hicks Milo Hindman .Xlma Hogue Alma Ruth Hopper Paul Hutchison Louray Isaac lYilliam Johnson Frances Jones William Lee W45' 0812" Klee Liebengood Max Link Morris Lively Homer Marvel Ivan Mayo ' Victor Metje Bernard Moore Charles Morgan Herbert Morgan Anthony Newcomb Paul O'Bryant Harry Olin Francis Pate Virgil Pigg H Kenneth Pressley Mobert Puntney Allan Reece Noel Reeker llerwyn Gayle Ridgway llnddy Robinson Carey Singleton Helen Smith Ernest Shreck Cyrus Thomas Thurston Thomas XVilford Thompson Chalman Vanatta Dorrance Vaughn Howard XVebb Elwood XN'icks Bill VVood Lena Esther Vliright Betty Yost PRES!-IMAN CLASS 'linux 'l'lllRlJ 1141111 Russ Flll1l'llI1g' l'1'z111c'1s l'111'cl kll'll'lCi I'1"ff 1 - mr. , . . lxulh 5Illll'l'lll'ltl Ruse Marie 'lillI'lll'l' Huh XYar1l hlllllllllk' York lit-tty llillbert llztrrly Liews Louise Wuucl llmrrml XX'illi:1111s Xlzmluel Sledge l'il'IUlli llZll'I'lSUl1 lierrell l'uckett Mary .kllllil Scholz Merle llutel1iso11 llarriette Ayers XYZIITCII l"airel1ilcl lletty Kellu Ralph Sager L'la ,lleuuy Floyd .-Xclaius livelyu Meyers Uleuu Nurtl1e11tt Doris Price Lee Farrow Nl LKJXIJ RUXY: UCJTTOM ROXY: ll:1rolcl l lillllllllbll lllllllllli' 5111110115 hlzuues XlclJe1'111utt iieorgtia xYO1l11lCli Hugh .Xmlersuii Xxilllllil XYi11cler .Xlherta Austin llillie Klux Manley lillllllil Reece Klelriu llasselmruek Nlureella liyre lilxvllllfllll Clem 'loc lioyle rt Max Reed Maxine Franck Charles Reed Betty Lynn XYhite junior Buskoole Bernice Richter David Northcutt Doris Lowery Leslie Bullock Rosetta Price l.eu11arcl Franklin Doris liC1'11Z1l'Cl Allan XVaters 1 l Q 'h QR- 'rx H431 V . 'I ag TOP ROW: THIRD ROXV: Mary Gaunt Everett Dale Atkinson Betty Thompson Orvy Southerd Ruby Moore Everett Parsons Betty A. Menzer NYoodie NYood Beulah Fern Shell Maurice Davis lEarlene Herbert Jack Coleman Elizabeth Ann Campbell SECOND ROXY: Marcelle Kelley George Jay Helen Glenn Marie Hawkins Burrell Patterson Alberta Holabeck Bob Dale Irene Morlan Tommy Lambert Cleo Hicks Virginia Bennett Donald Moreland johnetta Perry Margaret Lee Jack Davis Virginia Gregory Elmer Butler jr. Mildred Wehunt l.e Roy Del.aney Opal Davis Everett l.eMay Dorothy Donelson Lester l'otts Margaret NYarren Everett Dalby Evalo Deck BOTTOM ROM' : Margaret Allen Melvin Patterson 'lean Edwards Charles Robison Mary Bledsoe Billy Mc.AXtee Helen Moore Verner Mays Mary Jane Kessinger Nylan Smith Katherine Zicos Jack A. Grigg Barbara Trammell PRES!-IMAN CLASS oi' now: 'rnnao ROW: Karina Lee tioinbs David Hanes Rachel XYarren lfclwarcl 'lilclwarcls 'lewel liissel Daniel lleeker l'au1 Smith Maxine Moclert Pauline llarva Yernon Mcliuire Nellie Chesney XYiIliam Rogers Virginia Bullock Sl Lil BND ROXY: Hugh Wade Geraldine llaclgett Howard Flota Melva Masters Kenneth Livesay Katheryn Peterson Merritt Mcllonalcl Rose Lee Hayes Frank Carey Ruth Hester Gilbert Campbell Lois Harlow Vlialter Kimble x KO' ,W x janice Trout Alice Ulllell Lee Kail XVanda ,liaclgett james Armer Helen Plasters Virginia Black XYarren Thompson Marie Little Louise Ellis Harriet Ayers Juanita Manley Doris Long TTOM ROXY : Yvonne Maurer Virginia Byars Mary Louise Carlton Betty Lockhart Marguerite XYallace Alice Robinson Richard Minor lfva Crowder Mable Raney Eileen Morrow Bob Hutchison Norma XYilliamson Anna Mary Highsmith W of TOP ROXY: TIIIRD ROW: Mary Elizabeth Moble-.' Elaine Cornick Lois llurden Mona Scott livaline Payne Maxine lllorlan Martha Pemberton Albert XYhitsell Anna Rightnowar Martha Frances Russell Ethel Gill Harold Hertenstein Mary Ann Lambert SECOND ROXY: Shirley 'l'lirog'morton jerry Pigg llyron Logan Mary Borah Marie Mays Dorothy McClure Ruby Lyle Edgar Kirsch Maudie Moore Bud Crews Geraldine Garrison XVayue Reynolds l.eroy johnson john Sesney Gerald Isaac Mildred Ring Virginia lllack jack Thoinpson Alice llayes Rosella XYinn Roy Spurlock Despo llassakis Elwood Latta Ray Russell Frederick Bell jr. llO'l"l'OM ROXY: Odie Lee Cieraldyne Meliill Helen johnson George Mitchell Margaret liinison joan Brewer jimmie Roberts Mary jane Kello junior Mayberry Marian llean Lulu Mae Russell Ilelen XYe'blJ Vivian Hammer .-Xline llenoist john lglerry Florence Bertsch Frankie Bond Oral Browder Robert Campbell Floyd Carnes Leland Clark Gene Coffey Florence Coffin Charles Compton Frank Crews VVayne Cumming Byford Dale Opal Davis ' Cloydeine Deck Alma Dulaney Allan Dulany Lawrence Dulany Lucille Ellermeyer Edward Ellis Guy Ellis ,Toe Ellis Lee Farris Ray Faulkner Charles Ford Bob Fulford Lloyd Gregory Burnerd Hampton Ruth Hoell Georgia Mae jackson Melberta ,lamerson Donald julian FIQESHMEN Lowell Keiger Glenroy Kissel Jack Laird Paul Lewis Olive Lively Robert Lyle Virginia Mannen Carl Martin John MdClure Bob Merrit Ruby Moore Frank Oliger Leonard Pasley Lester Potts Doris Price Eileen Reece Guy Ridgway Ray Rogers Lula Mae Russel Roy Smith Thomas Stevenson Lester Talbott Nolan Taylor XYilma Vlfagner Olen XYeatherford Edward VVeston Eva Mae VX'illiams Francis VVillianis Harry VVilliamson Thelma VVilliamson Delmar York Roy York ,W 'e l k U-m9TTcf FOOTBALL REVIEW The l935 grid team under the leadership of Coach John C. Hall, assisted by Coaches Gragg, Myers, and Ross, came through with a successful season. Although they lost three games and tied one, they won six games, and five of these were taken by very decisive margins. They won third place in the North Egypt conference, and five Mt. Vernon men were chosen on the con- ference All-Star squad-XYendell Porter, end, and 'Elugene VVillian1s, guard, were both placed on the first All Star group, Porter for the second consecutive year. Herbert Mcliitrick, Alvin Adams, and Clifton Flanagan were given second team berths. XVarren Kirk received honorable mention. This season's team was disrupted by graduation, however, for twelve of the fourteen letter men are seniors. The season opened on Vernois Field with Granite City for opposition. The game was a typical season opener. Both teams threatened on several occasions, but the drives were usually stopped by a fumble. The game was a seesaw affair, and finally resulted in a scoreless tie. Coach jack's Herrin Tigers were the next to invade the local gridiron, and they were defeated by a 6-0 score. The lone touchdown was accomplished when Dedman made a short pass over the line to Adams, who ran sixteen yards to score. The Blackshirts showed great improvement over their first performance, but were greatly handicapped by the slippery field. The conference opener was also played on the local field. This contest featured the appearance of VVendell Porter, veteran end, who received a pre- season leg injury. "Big Boy" XYilliams, one hundred ninety pound guard, was moved to half-back position in this game, and gave an excellent account of himself, by making two touchdowns. The final score was 12-0. 'M The Hallmen met their 'Wfaterloo when they visited the Fairfield Mules. The score was 12-6. "Mutty" Musgrave, Fairfield quarterback, was the star of the game. He accounted for both of the Mules' touchdowns. The Black- shirts' touchdown was carried across by Adams after he had snagged Ded- man's pass. Back on their own grounds, the Blackshirts whipped the Flora XVolves. 33-6. The line-up was juggled up. Adams, playing his first game at fullback, raced around the line on two occasions. Other touchdowns were made for the locals by Porter, Lovin, and Dedman. Hammock carried the ball over for Flora. Porter kicked two placements for Mt. Vernon, and XVilliams kicked one. The score of the Benton-Mt. Vernon game was 33-0 in the Blackshirts' favor. Adams made three touchdowns. McKitrick made two, and Porter and XVilliams made conversions. Marion was the next victim and fell by a 34-0 score. The Blackshirts were all at their best, and Strum, iVildcat back, did well for the visitors. One hundred points were scored in three straight games, against 6 for the oppon- ents, all of whom were strong teams. Salem was beaten on its home grounds 26-6. McGehee put on a stellar performance for the Blackshirts, and Adams carried the ball 73 yards on one occasion. The Tllackshirts then went to University City, Missouri, and were beaten 26-7. Grigg made the lone touchdown and Porter converted. The Turkey Day game played at Mt. Vernon ended the season. The Tilackshirts were routed 20-0. iVarren Kirk starred for the Hallmen: and Frost, Hails, and Reed, all state guard, stood out for the Redbirds. 1 '7 'I 1,24 5 1 '-gain-. m XA! Vernon ....,.,. Ycrnon ........ X'c1'11u11 ,...,.., X'CI'1l0Il .....,.. Yc1'111m11 ..,..... YL-1'11o11 ...,.... X'CTll0Il ,,,,.... Yc1'11o11 ,,,,,... Yc1'11m1 Y,Y.,,,. YCYIIUII ..,,.... FOOTBALL O 6 1,1 1 1.,Y.,3.a .1...,33 ...MS-1 ,....,2fm 7 O SCOIQES C11':111it1- L'ity ,,,,,, ,A,,,,, I lC1'1'i1l ...,.... Mt. Czwmcl. l"z1i1'ticl1l .,.. Flora .Y..,.A 130111011 ...... Xlilfifbll .1..., S1111-111 . ,,1...1, , LvlliX'CI'SilX' Vitx 101111.11111 111..,1,, A,,,,, 2 0 here llcrc l1c1'1' there lwrv In-1'1- l1c1'c' lIll'I'l' Ihcrc 111-rc 1 Z f,1Q111zR'1' K1c1x1'1 1111, lx 1Yi1h ll 1119 1111111011 101' 111111111'f 11.1111 1111 11111'a1111y PN . k11111v1c11g'c 111 111111 l11Q,'g1l1g', "Duc" was Il grn-111 11ss1-1. 1'l2Lj'1l'lg' his 111s1 11-111' 1-111' 1111- 111111'14s1111'1w, hc was 1l11111'1c1'h111-1: 111111 c1111111111 111 1111- 11-11111. XY1-IX1J1i1,1. PORTER 1'111'11-1' W111 go 1l11w11 1111 1111' 1N1l11iS 11s 11110 111 1111- 111-51 1-1111s Xlt. 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XY1111llIl1S 111s11 QI'1'll1llI11L'5. w.x11111cx lillili ' Www 'XML !X1111o11g11 51112111 i11 size, Kirk w11s 1111- 111-s1 11l1'1i- 1c1' 011 1110 11'Zll1'l. This 111110 1111014 w11s 111-li11i1111y Il c1m11c11cs 111Ilj'L'l'. 110 is ll sc11i1m1'. .XLYIX 1XlD1XN1S 'fy I11 lX'1llll1l1g111S sc-1111111 111111111111 1c11c1',111is supliu- immre lmcli 1bk'1'lll1lC ll s1111'. llis 111-11111-111 1111111 l'1lllS 111:1111- 111111 ll l11x'u1'i1c with 11111 121115. 1 - 1 r Nr ix I.-X11 lub Kl1'lJ1glQXl1 ill This l'1'cs111111111 11611111-11'1-iglit 1100111110 Zl l'C111l1Ill' l1x1111'c 111 1111- linc. XX-1111 11111-c 111111'c j'01l1'S 111 111115: 111' 5111111111 1100111110 Il 111111111110 11ssc1. , . I 1' .NNN 1151 N101 1l'.lll'.1L "Rig Klan" 11elc1 111mw11 Il 111151111111 111 11101110 wi111 g'l'L'1ll 1'1111sis1c111'y. llis 1111100 wi11 hc 1lZll'I1 111 1111 ncxt f'CZl1'. ' . Yli'l'll ILXRROXX' 6 ' 1111 111111111 11111 1 Z '- ' ll1C1',i 1L'Zll'llL'11 11111 Q111111- 111111 1 IIlg'11lS121S1 j'L'2lI',Il1111 pc1'l1m1'1111'c1 111 s111'11 1lL'l'1'11I1- 111w11' 111111111111' 111111 111' s11w il QFCZII 110111 111' 111111111 111 thc h11c11l1c1C1. liNl1 IIQY lQl"l'1 1 lililfi H1113 1'1ll1UI'f' 111-111 11p1111- 1.Zllll11j' 11111111- 1-1Jl'1b1'111g'1l gmul 111-l'1'11six'1'.1111111. llis 1llI11i5' 11ll11i 11'11s c1111s1111111y ill 11111 way 111' 1110flI1l1l151til111. lXll.l. 111111111 111'igg' w11s Il 111111 luling 01111. llc w11s ll C11-xx-1' l'lll1l1l'I', 111111 1112l511L'1'Cl1 1110 1.0211 ul I'CL'L'1X'1llQ' Il 1111ss 1111 1111-111-1111 1'1111. 5 C, , XTX 'fir Q11 BASKETBALL IQEVEIW The 1935-36 Blaekshirt quintet had better than average success. Coach F. Howard Ross brought the boys through the season with seventeen wins and only six setbacks. They won the Regional Tournament held here, and took second place for the third straight year in the Sectional Tournament. which was held at Mt. Carmel this year. The Blackshirts are in reality not always lllackshirts, for they have almost discarded the traditional black uni- forms with orange trimmings in favor of new white uniforms with orange let- ters edged in black. The first game of the season was played at Salem, and the Rossmen lost to the Wildcats 32-25. In their first home game, Mt. Vernon beat Fairfield 45-25. Their good luck continued and they trounced XYest Frankfort 35-22 in the Homecoming game. Flora was hot handed 50-30: Salem was beaten 37-27g and Mt. Carmel took a 40-30 drubbing. A lull was experienced when Vandalia conquered the Rossmen by a 34-45 score. They experienced a short rejuvena- tion when they defeated L'niversity City, Missouri 29-26: but they lost on the following night to l-lenton 35-15. Following this defeat they lost to Fairfield 23-21 in their only overtime game. Then the Rossmen came back to win from Centralia 21-25. They again defeated Mt. Carmel, this time with a score of 35-23. Then XYest Frankfort bowed 29-24. Vandalia defeated the Vernois the second time in the year, with a score of 47-36. Lawrenceville was defeated 46-23. In the Regional Tournament they took liluford 42-34. Ashley 65-24, and XYaltonville 42-17. At the Sectional Tournament, they defeated Fairfield 39-35, Renton 29-24, and lost in the finals to Zeigler 40-32. VM J 1 1" L 7 1 Y01'111111 X.L'I'll11I1 xvL'1'llU1l X'c1'11m1 YL'1'l141l1 XVCVIIUII N101-111711 YL-1'111111 X'k'l'l1Ul1 101111111 X'01'111111 Y01111111 XvCI'I1111I XvL'I'1l0Il Ya-1'11u11 X,CI'll11l1 X'01'111111 Yk'l'llUl1 X.L'l'I10Il YL-1'111111 XYCVIIUII xvC1'llHI1 MW I "111w11 Ik-111111111, L':111!:1111 X11-li , . , . 1I1'101c. l-:11'1'uw, 1'111'11, Xl1.lY11S. 11111 lngg 15111111-1', N11111'1N1111. 1..1x'i11 1"1 l-1.11-11 lin-44. XYill': N BASKETBALL SCOIQES M25 ,,,.,45 ,- .wh .. 50 ,- JI ,,,,,4U 34 ZW N15 .,..,,2l ,. Z1 ,- .nh 111 47 M145 411 .. ,, 42 113 43 V1 V V xp .HW32 52110111 .A.,, 111111410111 ,A,A,,,,,,,, XXI-st 1:l'Ill11i1-1Pl'l 15111111 ,,YY,,,,,,,, .,,. S2l1Cl11 ,,A,.,,, KI1. 14z11'11101. . 121114121113 , .. .. 1wl11X'l'1'S115' L'i1y 1101111111 ,, ,, l"z111'11c-111 .. 1 L'111,I'2l1lZl ,,,, , K11. 14111-11101 .... 114-S1 1"1':1111Q1'u1'1 X 1LI111.l1l.l ,,.A. ,,,,,,,, . 1101111111 ,, ,,,,. . . ,. 1.z1w1'01100x'1110 , 11111111111 . ..,,. , .Xs1110y ,.. NN':1.11l111X'111l' l"z1i1'110111 1101111111 V Z01g'1L'l' . ,,,. . 111. .M-1-1.1111 14111011 4 1llllI'Il' 11111r11: 111111111 111111'11 111111111 l11l'l'l' 170111 1101'0 1lC1'L' 1lK'l'L' 111l'1'Q 11l'1'L' 11011- l1lC1'l' 111011- 11011- 1IL'l'1' 1111-1'0 11101-0 11011- 111011- 11110111 11110111 11110111 :11110111 11110111 11111I'11ll11ICl11 2111 14755 M OI IQICX X li'l'l I HAR RC JXY .X sensation with Ilonnie for three years, liar- row worked hard to he a starter here and made the grade. He was a fast drilmlmler. a good guard, and found the hoop with amazing accu- racy from anywhere on the floor. llarrow was given a post as all-conference guard. l I ICR ll ICRT KlcKl'l'R ltfli "Captain according to many fans, is the hest center Nlt. Yernon has had for years. .Xlthough he is not unusually tall. his ability as a point maker and a floor man cinched him a place on the team for four years. He was captain this year. Ile won a place at the center position on the conference .Xll-Ftar team. A I fff,aQQf41Zf-Q14 .lil 17' Vw-ff ffd, - . . fayfd' Cf' fr ' ff 'f X. K'li.XlQl.lf.' KIXISON -ff"Q, Aye,-'ski No player worked harder than "t'harlie." lle was always on the go trying to keep in the open. and was constantly getting there as the score lmuli shows. Iflilill lJlilJM.XN "Flick" specialized in working under the basket. and a peep in the score hooks will give some idea of his efficiency. Ile was also a clever Iloorman. SICTH FORIJ "Sonny" is a fast player with one more year to play. lle is good at long shots and as a floor man. Fans are expecting even greater things from him next year. Xl.X'lX ,XILXMS A-Xlx'i11 is il SU1lllUlll0I'C who got to play :IG of hall. lle is a clever guard, Zlllfl has a goorl Cll1lllCl' to llllllil' a name for himself in the next two years. ,- 'I IIll.l.tiRliiti "1 1,-2 , . . . . . lull thtl most ot h1s work at lorwartl. lt was his thirrl year on the team, cl111'i11g which time he showetl that he had a good eve for the basket. ,1t,,'.11+t, fff Www ltlli liliNXYlI.I,l1XMS 'l'his small forward who played with llix three seasons was so fast a tl1'ihbler,a11cl Sllfll a good passer. that he lamlecl a herth as an alte1'11ate forwarml. J ez 1z11iii?li1i1'12l4'i!6' lA'QfV""'4i l'1llll1l'l' played at every position O11 the floor cluring' the season, aml showecl a streak of ability that shoultl he a help during the next two years. . Qod2Vi l'R.XNli l.tDYl'X Playing his last year of hall, l.ovi11 provecl him- sell to he an effective guard :tml a good lloor man. Quite fl'C'KlllClllly. he aclclecl to the scoring' Ctillllllll. llltlll GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 'I'Iu- Ilirl! ,XIIIII-lic AXssm'f:1lim1 I1 ilu- xc-zu: II1cm'q1111Ix:1I1Im IIIIIICI' llln Nll ILIXISIUII II NI :ls Iwlml mzmy slwccssflll IIIUUIIIIQS cluri 'S 1 " A I . iss IIL'2lL'Il, IIISlI'llL'lI ul pl1ys1c:1l vcl11cz11lu11. Ima spmmsulx-rl vlzlssw In Ilrsl zlinl zlml 11z11'lici11:1lL-Il in III III-X 'Alu-1' xx'u1'Il1-wllilc zlvtlvilics. 'I'In-H151 Inca-li11g was Iwlcl Fl-.III-111Iu-1' If. :mel thc' In ' If -- IIUXXIIIX ullnuu umm nllvtcfli I.wu1wc Xlnlmry, mx-sxcll-111: Flullzl IA-c L'rcxx'f. Vic- 1'-Q - 1 '- L 111 ulcnl Iull IH HIIIL-rlmm, 5L'L'I'k'l2ll'Y1 Klzlrlmic Ilulmlmzml. hike l'I12lII2lgC'I'. llc .Xwnrllg :lml 1'm-ccivcs ilu' FL-cu anml pmnls. Ilu- gurls lI1lX'C Iuul I1'c-11110111 lmilics :mil 11:L1'licQ lml I ml Stale Xwzlrcl wllcu sllc ulmtzlins ..I 11 pl 151-Il vullf-5' ImII,zm1I zltlvmlccl ilu' play-clay III QCIIIVZIIIIL. Ilu- plzlv-flux' wi .I I- Ili 'I'l11m- wlm 1'n-uciwcl IIIIIIIUVZIIS. tlus ycur :Incl lust. nw: Iiuris l':u'1'I IN 's. I lvgmm' Llnrli, .xllllll IJ, Lfwlwzm, Xxlllllil Iqlllll Ilzxvls, Ilmwmtllzl Illltvllisml I'mllx' I'cmIw1'1m1. Iuxlmlu Ixlllwlt, Ilclvu 'I'2l5'Iu1',:1ml I.uuIsc Klzllmry. I Imw wlm rccc-1x'c-cl ilu- I'lI'SI flilll'.XXYl1l'iI2lI'C1l.S Iulluwst 4111160 I':1Isl0x I 411111 Illsll, XI:11'-Im'1m- l mums, AIZIVIIIII Ncllv Ik-XX'itt. :mcl Xlzxlvzlrn-t IQIIIJ4-1'tS. - 5 0 ng ll In-11 :1 glrl Hlwlzuns SIXIVCII lmnclrccl puinls. slw is vlmlillcml tu lllc Ifirxl txxw uc Iulfl in XII, XlCI'lIl1II Inst yczlr, :mal was 11111-nrlccl by lIC1ll'If' um- Immlrccl girls 1111111 x umnx xglmulx ol Sm1Llu111 I n III 71 c TTvTTTJgf I-II - TRI LEAGUE Officers 1935-36 I7c2tn oi' Iiirls , ,,....,..,,...........,,..,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, S , fornelizi I'iet'ce I'rt-sulent ,,...,,, ,,,,, I Sohlnie Crosnoc Yicc-tfrcsiclcut, ..., ..... ,,.,...., Q X lice Smith SLfCl'ClLl1'j'. , .....,,,....,.... .......w, ..,............,. ,.,...,,,,,,,, K I ary llowarcl arthzi Xelle lJeXX'itt I"in:uiciztI Fecretztry ..Y.....,.....,,A..,,A,..,....,,,,A,,,,,.. KI Officers 1934-35 Vrcsiclcnt ..,,....,.....A.,.,,.,..A,.,.................,,,,.,....,. ....,. L ierztltline tiztrrison Ilrcsimlcnt Ito complete the ter1nI ...., ...,...A. I iilecn Ilernztrcl Nice-presirlcnt. ......,...,.,,, ..........,....... , .,.. l florence Ilnlloclc Secretary ........,,...,...,..... A ., .....A...... ....w,... .......,.. I I elen Cotton I"in:tnciztI f4t-cretztry, ,..,.., .,,..,....w,, ..Y.,A.......,,....,.... K l ilclrecl l.eonartl With the close of the school year. 1935-1050, the Ili-'l'ri League com- pletes its eleventh yczu' in the Blount Yernon Township High School. Since its orgztnizzttion here, it hats gone into other high schools, so that there :ire non' tliirty-two cliztj.ters, IIlllllk'lf'I Blount Vernon, Marion, lJuQuoin, Carter- ville, Sztleni. Ilenton, I'inel4neyx'iIle, Ilurrislwtirg, .iXnna, St. Iilmo. Bletropolis. k'In'istopIicr, Ilixon, Xorinztl, .Iohnston City. BlCl.Clll1Sl7UI'U, lilcloruclo. XYcst- ville, i'IlI'lllJlIIlIllC. Xolconiis. Iiilnian, Georgetown, Pontiac, Cartni, liclxrztrrls- xillc. Nlxtron. I'rinct-ton, Iitniztlity, Donovan, llepue. XYest Salem :incl l'ittslmu1'g. .Xlter Iirc years in the Ii 'rl rirlefl which inclnflerl :I large discussion room and office, it lounge, at kitchen. an ll ture :incl coloniztl clrztpcs. The IHi-Tri Alumnae Association In the veztr I'I3-I-35 zt lfli-'lfri .Xluinnae .Xssociation was fortnecl. lt in-- is Ili-Tri Ilouse. Z1 new Ili-Tri House was pro- ssistnnts' room, :incl at reception room furnished in early American furni- clufles :ill foriner IIi-'l'ri girls :mtl its council consists of the past executive officers The .Xltnnnzte executive oificers for 193-I-1935 were: President, Kliss Ruse Nlztrion IIrou'n: vice-presiclent. Rliss Lucille XVielt: secretary. Hrs. Ilorotliy Finithgretcrs liztnilwlez Iinztncial secretary, Klrs. Milclrecl Pearl Smith ,Xllen. HI-TRI ASSISTANTS - lli-'l'ri nssisluiits cuiitrilmu- :1 iiuisi rziliizilwlv sviwicc ln llu- wurlc ul' l lu tlu' lli-'l'ri l.0llQ'l1L'. 'l'luw' :irccl1:u'z1ctcrizL-nl lw llu-ir williiigiu'ss. clicL'i'f1iliu'ss, spirit ul' gxuul will,z11ul Llu'ir iiitcrcst iii llic success ul vvcry 1lcpzu'Tnu'iit ul tlu- lli-'l'1 'i work. CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES lliiriiigi ilu- L'lirislm:1s sczismi. lli-'l'ri girls iilzui iiiiiiu-rmis zu'ls in guucl will. 'l'lu- cliilclu-ii's Ll1l'l51lllIlSl1ll'ij' wus gin-ii lu tlu- girls wlui :ilu-iulwl ilu- wlflvr girls' umil'ci'ciivc. lizu-li grmiji sn-ul ll lilll'lSll1l1lS luwx iii' imul to suiiu' iiuvmly lizuuily. .X part, was givcii fur llic sviiiur girls with gift cxcliuiigc :mil i'cli'c'slmu-iits. THE MOTHERS PARTY lmr ilu' V135 Nlutluws' l'zLrly. Il scrics ul Living Pictures wus iurcsciilcml sluiwiiig' tlu- lilo ul :i girl ziiul llL'1'1l1IllllL'1'llH'lJl1Q'll flilu-rciit ngcs. ,'Xppi'i1pi'z:1lc uuisic zuwmiiiiziiiiccl czlcli picliirc. lii llhili tlul lli 'l'ri girls ciiuwtziiiuwl ilufir iiumlluirs willl :ui iiiu-rcstiiig Im-gAi'ziiii ul I'L'Zl1.lll!S zuul iiilzsu' umlliiwcfl lu' ai ten. 'l'li HOBBIES AND PROJECTS iiicliulcil luuul.xAm'lq. iivcmllcwurlq, surzim luuilss, luu'lI'y lwulcs, iiuilrluigs, czlrv- - -' ' v rl, 1 iul utlxcr rlis :lays wliivli 1-Xjwiwssa-rl IluA iiitvwsts ul stlulciils ings. iiilluiu ii 1 1 BANQUETS 'l'lui lli-'l'ri lwziiuuu-1 ui V135 wris liclil iii tlu' lfirst Klvtluulist killllffll Nliss Klilmlrcnl XX'ui'rcii, scluml lilmrzrrizui. gave tlu- zulllruss using llu- llu-mv Stars. l'lu- 11330 lizuuiiuki wus lu-lcl :it tlu' llolcl liniiiu'i'sim with Nliss flbl'IICli1I l'icrcc, l 301111 uf kiirls, us the spculccr. llcr tlicuu- wus A Song in Her Heart 0 lircsliiiiziii lli-Tri mul lli llclzl Vlli g'ruii'is iirc vurcrl :iii L-xliilwit wliirli v CEREM ONIALS The Initiation Ceremonial, the Loyalty Day Ceremonial, and the Installa- tion of New Officers are given each year. This year, a Senior Girls' Orchestra added to the effectiveness and beauty of the Initiation Ceremony. At this same ceremony, Mount Vernon had the honor of receiving as honorary mem- bers of the Ili-Tri League, Mrs. Grace Sloan Overton, l'nternational Youth VVorkerg Mrs. Mary G. Dickson, member of the Mount Vernon Township High School lloard of Education: and Mrs. Silas Echols, wife of our own principal, and friend of high school girls. DISCUSSION BOOKLETS During the past two years the Sophomore Discussion booklets, Else Wherefore Born, and the junior Discussion booklets, The Art of Gracious Living have been completed. STATE. MEETINGS In 1935 the animal State Hi-Tri meeting was held in Marion celebrating U ' 5 the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Hi-Tri League. Une special feature was the reception of Miss Maria Leonard, Dean of XYomen of the lfniversity of Illinois, and Miss Irene Pierson, Assistant Dean of XYomen of the same university, as honorary members of the Hi-Tri League. The cere- monial was presented by the Mount Vernon girls, and Miss Leonard gave the address, Two Bags of Gold. The Hi-Tri League presented an exhibit at the Deans' Section of the State Iligh School Conference at Urbana in the fall of 1934. This exhibit consisted of interesting contributions from many of the I-Ii-Tri Leagues of the state, and included scrap books, posters, pictures, maps, tokens of office, tapestries, replica of initiation ceremony, costumes, charters, discussion book- lets, camp scarfs and insignia, and many other articles. The invitation to send an exhibit was also extended by the Illinois State Deans' Association for their fall meeting which was held at Springfield in 1935. OLDER GIRLS' CONFERENCE The Older Girls' Conference is one of the state projects which continues to grow with increasing' importance. In the fall of 1934 this conference was held at Pinckneyville, with Miss Irene Pierson, Assistant Dean of XYomen of the I'niversity of Illinois, as the speaker. The theme, The Drama of Life, was used. In 1935 this conference was held in Mount Vernon. Mrs. Grace Sloan Overton. International Youth XYorker and Honorary Member of the Hi-Tri League, was the speaker. The theme was, The Woman of Tomorrow. HI-TRI SUMMER CAMP In 193-I the lirst state Ili-Tri summer camp was held at Camp Seymour near Decatur, with Mrs. Ruth Blakey as director. There were one hundred people in camp. Many outdoor and recreational activities were enjoyed, in- cluding tennis, held golf, ping pong, folk dancing, archery, quoits, rowing, and swimming. Inspirational addresses were special features of the morning pro- grams. lfach evening brought some surprise such as a birthday party, calen- dar dance, feast of the lanterns, troubadour supper, gypsy pattern, or pirate party. Other features of interest are the friendship fire, devotions, and cere- monial. 'W Af.. I-II BETA CI-II Hi Beta Chi is the all-Iioys' orgunizzttion of the Kit, Yernon Township lligh School. lt was organized in the school the year 1950-1931. The executive officers for 193-I-1935 were: l'reSident ,,...,....... Yice President ...... Secretary .........,...,..,... ,,,...I,ucius Spnrloclc ...mliinnterson Ward ..,,.,......le:1n Klodert Financial Secretary ,,.....,......................Y,,w ..c,, I iztylord Whitloclc The executive officers for 1935-1936 are: President ..,.,...............,,..i,.,......,.......,..,..,.. ...... L 'hztrles liinison Vice I'resident ...., Secretary .......... ,...Yw ...... .,ec ,...,.,ll'endeII I'orter Iingene ll'iIIi:nns lfinancial becretztry .... .......... ....... .,.c,,..,.......,,,.....,........, D I z nnes Stzthles The Ili Ileta L'hi group s are orgztnized with three officers each : chztirinzin ,MM vice chztirman. Secretary. The Ifreslnnen use the lli Ileta Chi booklet us zt basis for their discus- sions. These discussions are hztsed on the ztinls of Ili liela L'hi, nznnelv, scholarship, fellowship, SlJOl'lSlIlZ'l11Sl1ll1, citizenship. chztrztcter, :ind Ioyztlty l'nder the direction of the chzurmztn the business session is conducted: then one of the menihers ztcts as leader for the discussion of the day. Iiztch Ili Ileta L'hi group takes at Lhristinzts dinner to some needx' Iznnilv. The exhihit of hohhies and projects carried out each spring' presents :tn interesting' display of collections, scraplioolts, moldings. carvings, carpentry work, telegraph sets, airplanes, and other pieces ot hztnelwork. BAND 1 1111l'I' 1111- 111111111 111 l111'1'1'1lJ1' li. 11. 1101111111 1111 1111111 111111 111111 '35-'311 s1'21s1111 111 11111 l'1J1'l11. .Xt 1111' 11e1f11111111g111's1'1111111 11111 11111111 11'21s 11l'g'Z1.Ill! 111 two 11i1'1si1111s, 1l1e l1rs1 211111 5CCl1llCl 11z11111s. '1'111- 11211111 e1eet1-11 1111111-rs 11 1 worked 11111 ll Illllllilfj' type 111 self g111'e1'111111-111. 131-111eri1s were given 1111 111 fenses, 111111 1111-rits 1111-re Q'lX'L'l1 1111' 1'x1r21 111111.11- 1J111'i11g 11111 11-:11', 1111- 11111111 111211111 1111' :111 111 111e 111111111 111111112111 111111 111s 1.21111 Q.1'Zl1l1C5. 'l'111-1' z1ls11 I1lZlf'L'11 1-111' 1111- 1J1s11'i1'1 '1'1111r11211111-111 11'111e11 11':1s 111111 111 N11. Y1-r111111. 1l101'1l1'l'1.111'2l1'I1 11111111-1' 111g111111111'C11111eS1 111e11211111:1111111r1 s 2 " 'ue 11s 111 111111111111 1111111 11211111 211111 11r1'111-s111 1111 tra 5121111 ll series 111 t11ree 1'11111'1-' ' : ' ' s11l11is1s 11'1111 11'1-re C111.C1'111g 1111: L1l1111L'51 lllZ1yCCl. '1'11e 11111111 11'e111 111 11ig11l21111l 1111 NlZ11'Cl1 lf, 11'11e1'e 1111-1' 11'1111 Il 51111 lJi1'is11111 l1211i11e' 111 1111? 17is1r11'1 11211111 LlU111L'51. '1'11ey1'11111111'1e11 11'it11 f11lI1'Ul Ulass .X 11ig'l1 5e111111l 112111 triet 511111 L'11111es1. 1'111'11e1i11s .'XllC1l l.2l111j'l'111' l3z1r11ett 11111111 Xlzmley l"z1rre11 1'11e11e1t Russell 51111111 .Xli11e 15e1111i5t Nlarie 111111111115 N1111ie l1l1ll1Cl'1Ol'C1 13:11'11211':1 '11l'l11lll11Cll 11111-111-1 1511111611 111-11e lflurlc l'lI'Z1I1li Dewey 11l'UI'Q'l' 111-tler Klee 1.ie11e11g'111111 Neal 11. K1111lert 1111111 Powell 11.111110 R1-111111115 111513 5l1e11orn 111111111111 117111115 1i1e211111r Cllarlc l'11lX1'l112l XY1lli21111s1111 11s. N11. X1-1'111111 211s11 11111111 11 1011 s111111s1s111 1111 131s BAND MEMBERS .l:11'11 11111-1111111 C2e11r1g'1' l.Zl1lCC XXIZIXIIC li. AlO111'C 1ll12ll'1L'S Reed 1.1-ster 'll21l1D0t 1111111121 1111111 1,7211'is NlZll'gZ1.l'C1 Ki11iso11 11C2l11'lL'C Sli1ll1lCl' 5111111111 .'X1'l10lC1 liveret L':1r1t1111 1Q1111ert L'1e111e111s ,xllilll 1'11ll'10XY .X11:111 111111'ell 111111 N1211111li11g' Russell xlU111'C 71111111 1'11ek1-11 1Q1r111' Riley 1 111111 12111111- 111'I'11r1l 1Y1l11l'C1' xlilfj' lf. 1l2111g11e1'11' lQ11175' 1Yilli21111s1'111 '12ll11L'S XY. 15111111 1'111ll'lL'5 Lulllllllllll Xxllllllll' NlCXll1I' 12111111 lingers 111111 XYielt l1C1t1' 1iil11er1 Klllfj' .1Zll1L' 1ie1111 l'11'll1lC15 'l'11i111111ig .'Xl1JL'l't 11e11111st L'liff11r11 L'211'11e1111' Noel lJ211'is 1YZ111CI' 1511 l'11'C11 -111s111'e .1 r. Xvlftill' Xletje 111111 fX11'.X1ee RlZl1'X'1ll 111111121111 121-1111 5011111111111 11'e1111c1 111111111011 N1z1ri1111 11111111 Kl:1xi111' l'1l'Z11lCli 11' ORCHESTRA 1'hc enrollment has iiicrcztscml :mtl tlicrt- is :1 much n1m't-cmnimlctc 1l1SU'lll'1'ICIl1.l tion with which to work. . The m'c1icst1':1 Q11-t'tc't1 u1'l'it'c1's :mtl ztdtmiztctl EL i1K'I1lUCl'Ill1C 1UI'lll ui sth Q'1lX'L'1'IlI1lCl1l. 1'cn:l1tics wvrc iiliimsctl upon thust- who cmmnittctl u1'ft'11st's. This yt-:xr thc tbl'C11CSll'Zl houglit ll Ql'L'11.1 clcztl tif new music im' its lihrz mtl, :ts it rcsult, was 111110 to gin' scvcrzll cmiccrls tluriiig thc your. x1L'l1l1H' Qzlvc t'um'c1'ts in czlch ui' thc grzulc Qcliutvls zuicl unc cuiict-1't 1w1m'C thc hig wlwul stmlc-nt hmly. ln cu-opcrzltitm with tht- hzmrl, thug' gave thrcc cvcnin, t'miQc1'ts tu Cllfll lllOllCj' fm' thc hzmcl contvst :tml for trips mzlclc hy tht n'c11cst1'z1. ORCHESTRA MEMBERS Ilill .Xcks Iilwuml 1.:xtt:1 XX'i11i:1m .X11L'l1 15i11y 1.00 llugjh .Xmlcrstm Ht-1'11zxi't1 Xluuiw' Huh llurkc Ray Russt-11 '1'1,11l'll'I' llutlcr -111 Rogcr XYch1m .'X11ZlI1 11l'Z11g' 1. 17. Fimmtms Nlztlculm 130111111110 1'11'CC1L'I'1L'1i Stitch t'hzu'10s llulzmcy N1zu'gzti't-t lit-110 .Xllcn liryzui lfppt-1'so11 1':2ll'11llC 1Xrmm1c1 Klux 1:1l'01JZll1g'1l Klziritm 1161111 lflmcr 1'1l'l1CllK1 1"1m'cm'c 11L'1'1SL'11 Rtvhwt tlarristm Nlztry 1.tll1iSl'li2lI'1lllll 1'1l'Zlll1i 11:1i'1'istm 11c1c'1i C1111-1111 XX'c1:1ml Kern lfvclyn tloin lfrlgzu' liirch Hope llzlmiltmi 1Jt1mt11y 1 1utt'1iistm Nlnric lizttliryn Lynch lczmcttc X1l11l'1' 11u1'c1l11y N1Cf1ll1'l' 1Cm1ith 1X1L'1l11j'1'C 1.i11izm 0131-11 Hairy ,Xmi Owen Mary .Xlicc 1'Z1l'1iL'l' lit-tt .' 11CIll1H'l'lUl1 K1Zll'1L' Rt-ml N1ZlI't112l SlJZ1llg'1Cl' 1'11uiSC 510116 .'X1lQ'C11l1Zl X11StlI12l 1Vil1XX'1l12l XYi11iz1i11stm Roscllzi Xyillll. The tJ1'C11t'Sll'll. 111ir1t'i't11cr1ii't't'tm11 ul' N111 li. R. llchmi, is much iniprtwctl IIN Tl-IE QUAIQTETS llzmmlrl fll'C"-SCCOllfl tc-11111' lilll1l'lCS ljll1lC2lll-ll1'St tenor lX'ill1111' NIcXz1i1'Wli1'st lxzlss l.COlllll'fl Ilc1'tc11stci11-sccmul bass Kl:11'g:11'0t .X11clCrs011-f11'st 80131111111 l'll'lCllIl ll1'4lCli-SCC0llCl sop1'a111'1 l.n-111111 King'-lirst altu Louise Nl2llN'y"SL'C4lllCl alto Kliss l'll0l'CllCC l,yo11-1li1'cctur Xfvlfgllllil lD111v11cy-:11'c11111pa11ist l'1'x11111s xvc1'1- ll0ltl 111 1l1c Iirst of the sclwul vezu' for thc lmvs' :incl girls' 1 1 cts. l111lq'1-s wa-1'v Kliss XY:11'1'c11 :xml Miss l.x'o11. llllc flllZll'lL'lS l1z1x'1' z11111c:11'c-rl lllilllj' time-s cl111'i11g' the year. The girls' 1 1 1 1-1 has s1111-1 111 lllc 'l'c:1cl11-1's l'11s1it11tc, twice 'lt the l:6KlC1'2lf6fl XY0111Q11's 5 4 L lllll lllk'k'llllQ'S, 111 llll' ll. .X. ll. 111cc1i11g', lli 'l'1'i Klotl1c1's' l':11'ty, twice at the L l111N1i:111 l'l1111'cl1, lwicn' :Lt 1l1c l'1'csl1ytc1'i:111, :incl at the l'rcsl1ytc1'iz111 XYo111a11's l'l11- liuys' llllfll-tel l1:1s IJl'CS0lllCCl lll1lIll10l'S at the l'1'csl1ytc1'ia11 Cl111rCl1. lllltk 1i111cs:1t tlw First Nlctlimlist l'l1111'1'l1, :1t tlw lillcs C'l11l1,:1111l:1t:1 Xlc-Qtillg 111 X1-11-1':111s wt' l"111'cig11 XX'z11's. Tl-IE ADVANCED Cl-IOIQUS I The .Xclyuneecl thorns ineets two periods clz1ily,tl1e lifth IlL'l'iOflClZlSSlJCil1g lor .Iuinors :incl the sixth tor Seniors. The meeting plnee is at the chorus Tl0llSC.1llltl instruetion is given lay Miss Lyon. Two features stzlncl out in this j'C1ll'lS ehorus: it is the largest ellorus the sehool has ever hzul, :intl for the first time :1 whole ererlit is given for the work. lnsteznl of the :innual liuster Llllllllllil. the .XilX'IlllCCil Chorus gave Il Spring Foneert of vuriecl llllll'll3Cl'S, on Sunclny afternoon, May Srcl. the lirst clzly ol National Music Week. The chorus also sung' :xt The liirst Tl1'CSl1"ylCl'l1lll tiliureh, The First Ilzlptist filllll'L'll, l'zn'l4 .Xrenue lizlptist tliureli, The lfirst tihristizui lilllll'Cll, :ind will sing at L-0111llll'l1L'C1llClll., :intl li2lCCZll1lllI'C1lfC. Cl-IOIQUS MEMBEIQS .Mlrizln llztize, Kenneth llztrrow, llellmert llunipus. Clmrles llewey, Lelzuul lfclxyzlrcls, L'lil' lflllllilgilll. .lack llenry, llowurcl llogue. l':1ul Lyneh, llzlrley Melcloo, lX'il'liur Nlfxillf, linynionrl Miller, Russell Miller. tilenn Moreton, tleorge Morrison, llzirolcl Ure, llillie l'liilli1ms, llzlyirl Riley, Harold Sxuulers. Tlnirston Thoinzls, .l2lt'li Tuttle, liugene XXI-st, .Xrnolcl York, lilnier York. Louise Xnclerson, Mziry L. Iloclin, lfreicla llroek, llelen llurnett. lfvelyn Lizirnes, Yirginizi llowney, litlith Gisli, Ruth Hutchison, llelen -lennings. Miltlrecl Meliuire, Mury TXlZlll'lllS, Yelnia Morlert, Lill2ll'lCj' l'oole, XX'iln1:1 Rainey, lfremlerine Riley, lilnine Royal, -lllilllllll Smith, Mztrgziret Strong. Milflrerl Nl'l1ite. Vornelius .-Xllen, lltxlllllll' lirown, llzlrrell Clement, lfrefl ll0Ill'llZlll. Lester Derry, LillZll'll'S llnnezin, XX'ill1urn lfllis, liyerett lireer. llltyne llzlrris, Fliner llopper, tlizlrles Kinison, l'il'Zlllli Lovin, llerlmert MeKitrieli, hlinnnie Miteliell. Xrtlnu' tlrrielq, L'hzu'les Stewart, llillllllll' Thoinas, Lowell Xlliitloelc. Yirgil York, tiny Meltloo. llzlrnet .-Xtlcinson, Mary li, liIllllllQ'1ll'lllCl'. Iizirlenzt lleaty, llorothy Lee l'reu's. Klilflllll l?eXYitt, Ruth lfrost. lilzulys lfry, Ruth flaunt. Xolzl lligh- sniitlx, Ilzizel llorton, Yergene hlenlqins, llernzuline liern, Mellm Kern, Leona King, l'iX'2llj'Il Lzuillzun. Kntlierine Lzlnliznn, Katherine Louis, Kline Meflure, Louise Mulmry, Milclrecl M2lXe5'. Nl2lXllll' Mooney, llorothy l'riee. lithelee Rector, Mzlrie Reerl, XYilcl:i Ring, Lola Mae Shelton, XYilmzL Sleflge, .Xliee Smith, Thelnm Sneetl, Yelnizi Sunnners, Xxllllllll Tlioinpson, llelen Z0l'li1'lClZlS, Thelma Munnen, Xxilllllil lJzu'1s. ALL-STATE CHORUS MEMBEIQS X'l'1'gL'llL' -lCllliillSff lst Fupivliiu llurrcll iflclnviits-lst Tc-iioi' llvc Siuvcrf flml Ilzlss ,Xll I:u'gci'1iig'Ii sclmnls in llliimis sc-mlc1itl':mtslolhczill-sialic'chm'11s.h11l milx' lXYlli1Ullii1'l'fi stiimh-nts crm ivQl1SCli. This is quite :ui hmmur, im' Imih iha 4101115111111 thc Schiml lu take- :ui zlctivc part in such am l11ICil'I'l2liii11Q'. 'lihv tlircc Klt. XiL'l'1'lUll iiiciiihvrs sci out fm' l'i'h:uizi. XX'ccliiL-smlziy murniii, xx-iiihci' 20. iiCQi11I1i1lg' that day :mal for " days they we-i'c thc-rc. thu n lcticccl ircmi tum Lu live hours :i clziy. 'I hc songs haul he-cn p1'c-vimls imiiiurixcrl :xml parts h-:11'iic'cl, iiiirhw' thc uhh- clircclimi of Kliss Lymi. lhilx iilwizi cliiwiiscs we-1'v iisn-cl. 'lihv tinzil L'HlIL'k'l'1S worn- given i'il'ifi2lf' night. NtlYL'1NiK'1' 22. :incl im fha . . . . .. . . . ..'..x Iiillwxx'i11gBzlllirrlrly inm'iiiiig'. XIV. Ilulimxs ul thi- l 1lIX'L'I'Sl1f' ut lllnimw mimi ul thc churiis. 'l'hc clmriis snug iii cuiijiiiictimi with thc :ill-slrllc cviwlic-511 1 I clwiiizi XX'illi:i11isii11 ul' this scliiml was :i ll1t'lllllL'1'UflilL'i1lll0l'UI'g'1llliZ2lIirl1I. 1936 VERNOIS STAFF 1111- X 1-1'11111s, e11111-11 every 1w11 years, 1'e11e1'1s 1110 1I11C1'L'S1S 111111 111'11x'1111-N 111 1C 51114101115 111 11111 s1'1111111. '1'11e S11111111' 11115 jCZl1' 11118 w111'111-11 11111'11 111 11111111111 1 e1'e111111111e11111111 111111 1111- 11111111111 111111111111 111 1111111e1' 111 111 l11i111liZl1, 111111 1 141 111111 1111 s1111scr111e1's 11111 111111 11111011 1J1CZ1S1.11'1' 111 1f1111f111g 1111'1111g'11 1111- 1111e1N 111 1111- 1111111c, 11111 111111 111111' 11111 211511111 1110 years 111 e11111e. Staff Members 121111111-111-1'111e1 '..., .. ,,,,1V,,,, ,,1,,, .. ,,,,,, 1111111 l'111s11-y .'XSS1S11l1l1 1111111111 ',,., ,.w,,. 11111-11111 11l'l' 11115111055 M111111g'er ,.1.... ,1,, ,.,,,,,1,, , , ,.1Z11'l'lCS S111111es 1'1l'L'll1Zl11U11 K1Z111ZlQ'l'1',, ..1,.. ,,,,,., 1 11110 1ii1111Tj'l1 8111111111115 .Xss'1. 1'11'e11111111111 N11ll1ZlQ'C1 ',,, ..., .,.. 1 11111121 1111111 1,1lX'15 1"llC1111j' .Xl1X'1Sll1' ..,...... ,,1,,. ,,..,. 1 . . ,-1 THE VEIQNOIS NEWS STAFF The Yernois News. lzrintecl weekly, serves as 21 reference and history of ezich llI1IDlJClllllQ'. l2lI'gJ,'C :incl small, associated with the life of the school. The gfnliliczuion has always been given high rating by the Southern Illinois and the lllfnois State High School Press Assoeiatioiis, and follows high stanrlarrls of jolirnalistie writing. The Staff liclitor-in-chief ,.,..e. ...... h leannette E. Miller .Xssistznn liclitoi '... .,...............w........ Ruth Paisley Assistant liflitor ..,...... .ee..... l Frances Ann Fearheiley linsiness Nlnnngere ee..e. ...............,...... I ames Stables C'i1'enl:1tion Klznizigeit. ,,e,,,,., Marie Reecl lfzienlty .Xclxisor ......... ..... l 1. R. UG Witt -I- VERNOIS NEWS ASSISTANT STAFF Doris Trout, Gaylord Conn, Leala Mclntire. lYayne Moore, Marjorie Hubbard, Mary Ellen Maynor, Olive Kathryn Simmons, Margaret Strong. lX'idney XYatson, llillie Phillips, XYilma Rnt Davis, Ilill Spillman, .lules Nathan, Arnold York, tirace Paisley, XYand ooks, Fred XN'augh, Sebnrn Arnold, XYilbnr McNair, lletty Leach, llc ',l'oole, lirancis Fearheiley. Dorothy lleishline, XX'alter Chesney, llelois retoist, llarold Ure. Thelma Reed, Harriet lleidler, Lillian O'l7ell, Mary Kathryn llaumgartner, and Iihna l.ou Beekman. Members of the Assistant Staff of the Yernois News were nearly all from the journalism Class. They contributed the greater part of the copy used in the Yernois News and in addition helped much in the production of the Yernois. The two publications worked together, a few members having positions on both staffs. llarold Ore. lYilbur McNair, Mayne Moore, and Fred XYaug'h wrote much of the copy for the hook. Several other members assisted in obtaining subscriptions, the two outstanding' solicitors being' Olive Kathryn Simmons and Xlanda llrooks. lluring the County and Regional iliOllI'llZl1NCl1t5 at Mt. Yernon, members sold ice cream bars for the henetit of the Yernois. Those helping in this were XYalter Chesney, Gaylord Conn. lYilbur McNair, llarold Ore. Arnold York, Dorothy Ileishline, Frances lfearheiley, Marjorie llnhhard, and Mary lillen Maynor. Typing' for the two publications was done by hleannette Miller, Marie Reed, Ruth Paisley, Lillian O'lDell, lXlary Kathryn llanmgartner, lflma Lou lleekman, Kathleen Riley, and Margaret llertenstein. n N s .Q x N X x 'Ny FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future lfarmers of America is an organization affiliatecl with voca- tional agriculture instruction. The purpose of the organization is to luring 1lQ'l'lCl1lllll'2ll methocls ancl living' to a higher level. The organization has chapters in forty-seven states aml in the lil1lllIJ1Dll1C lslanfls. ln Illinois alone there are llo chapters ancl a total Ol-l',57QlllCllllDC1'S. llarmon tiilhert, a memher of the local chapter, is secretary-treasurer of the state organization this year. This gave him an opportunity to attentl the Xational tionvention at Kansas City, Nlissouri, last Uctoher. The activities of the local members inclurlecl entries in livestock shows anwl in the proclnce fair at Salem. Several hoys got rihihons at these fairs. The chapter also enterecl the softhall tournament at Cientralia, ancl took part in livestock ancl seerl jticlgiiig' contests. They were representecl in the F. lf. A. speaking contest. Txvo years ago Noel lisman, then a member of the F. li. .X.. girl thircl place in the state contest. Theme writing contests were sponsorccl this year for the lirst time. This year the milk juclging team composecl of Rohcrt Skinner, llarmon tlillrert. anrl llonalcl XX'allier, macle an enviahle recorcl ot' second place at the state contest. llonalcl XYall4er placecl as seconcl incliviclnal in the state meet. Spring'ticltl's team. the state champion, xvon thirrl place in the national contest F. F. A. MEMBERS 1935 I llly L':l1'1'ull Kelly lll'L'Cll Xl lxcy Vasa- llzlrlcy llzlrlow loc XX'ill L'l:l1'lc' ll:u'ol1l llcrtcustvin lx llph L'l:11'k XX':u'rcu llCl'fk'llSlQCl1l 4 Luc L'wfI'cy llcrlwrl lliglmsmitlm Xllzm Qlfillg' Nlzllculm llimns ll wry Cnlli lllCl'll1 lluwzlrrl Xlvu liurc lin-nc lrviu Nl lllI'lL'C llnvis XYillizun AlOllIlSUll XX illizlm l'llL'lllIl1lll .Xugust liclly cstcr lflliut 'l'lnm1:1s Kelly lxglly l"i1'cl1:1ugl1 lfllis licip um-tl1 l'llilIl1lQ'Zll1 XYz1ltcr liimlnlc l mlwiu l'lI'Cl1Cl1 liulmurt l.Zl.I.l1' llcrmzln Gaston fXll'1'ccl Lclflcr ll lI'll'IUIl llillmcrl Xlcrrilt Klcllunzllcl zlltcr llluss X'c1'11m1 Nlcliuirc S '36 Willml' KlcX:1i1' L,ll1ll'lL'S Klmgzllx -lzum-s 1 J'Ncil lfrncst llzllslvy llmx':u'nl Paisley l.c-onzlrd Paisley L-llIll'll'S l'l1illips llll1ll'lCS Rulminsum Ralph Sager l'll'llCSl Sllrccli liulwrt Skinncr l'z1ul Smith l"1'cclc1'ick Stitch liL'llllCll1 Stoltz LllZllACllUL' XY:1lkc'1' limlzllll XXlillliCT l4llZll'lL'S XYvlls Tl-IE JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Hllnelqleberry lfinnu. the -lnnior t'lz1ss play, given November -l zlnfl H is :A tliree-:let eoniecly. bzlsetl on tlie well known story by Nlllfli 'liwain 1 :ulzipterl by Roy l.ewis. lluek, tlie son ol'.Iol1n lfinn, has been zicloplecl by .Xnnt l'olly XYIKSOII .inc lnfr sister lintli. 'l'lie bocly of -lolin Finn, or rzltlier, zi bocly iclentiliecl Zl luis been taken from the river. :incl buriecl ut the expense of tlie XYatso s lloniever. tlie real Klr. lfinn pnts in an ztppearznlee ut the enrl of tlie Hrs . :intl ezlnses llnek znnl Toni Sawyer eonsiclerzible trouble. lfrefl Rztyinoncl, Il young successful geologist, :incl Rntli XX':1tson piof ao:n's of lzingliter from the zinflienee in El love scene in uct two. Llztrzl XYopping'er is ZL very sareastie and prying' Spinster while Xnn l'olly XX'atson is lier opposite, lJClllQ'hSOl1Cl'YOllS.U lolin liinn reforms :incl lllZlI'1'lC'S .Xunt l'olly and Frecl :incl liutli Zllllltbllllkt their engngeinent. llnelclelmerry lfinn .,,., Rntli XYzitson ie,..... lfrecl lluynioncl i..,.. 'l'oin S:1wyer,,.,, Xlelbn XYl1ite .,,,i Nlury june ,,e,,,ii.,...... t'l:1rzL XYopping'er,, ,, Cast of Characters .Xiny .,....,,....,i,.....,....,,,.,,... .Xnnt l'olly XYz1tson ,.,i., .. xlolin lfinn ,,,,,.,.... ...,,.e. I l ronipter ,.,,..,.... Slllgl'-Il12lllZlg't'l' llireetor .,...,,,..... ....,l,ee Nlellonzilml eiiwlletty l.e:1eli .,,..,Harolcl Ore .........-Xrnolcl York ..,.....,,,.l"riccl:1 llroelc .....,xX,lflllCf' XYZUSUII ..,,,,..e.liz1tlieri11e .Xin Q lfrzinccs lienrlieiley .,,.,,...,..,'l:1ek Powell ..i.,.ll:1rriet lleiclle ...,....llzu'rell Clemei ......Kliss Agnes Crinn Mzirgaret Strong T1-IE SENIO12 CLASS PLAY The 11111111111 senior class lJ12lj' was "'1'11c l11lI'l1Cll of 11111 K111u11", Z1 111111 ll c11111c11y 1v1'i11c11 115' .XI't1ll1l' .11ll'11l1C. 'l'11c C1151 was very s11cc1-ssf111 111 111111 1 L s111111x 1t111L11l11l1L1l 1111111 111111111111 N i11g111c 1J1lly,Zllll1 1111- 11111-1111111 slug- 3 '- 1 ' ' 1 " ' 111 111c pe1'1'111'1111111ce. Cast of Characters L18.l'U1 K11I11l' ........,.,,,,,.. ..,.,...... K 1c1v11 K12l1'1i 1'1'11fcss111' f111j'1Ul'11 .1,,,,...,,,...,... ,,,..,, .,1,, l 1 2l1'l'C11 L'1c1111-111 Katy 1l'1'ofcss111"s 11UllSC1il'C:JCl'1 ., . 1,,. 11L'I'IIZl411I1L' lin-1'11 .Xlicv 111 s111'u1'i1y girly ........,1,,, , ,,,..., ..,,..,..,. 1 fluisc 510110 ll111c1ys 111 sc11'111'11y g'i1'1,1 .,.,,,..1, , .XI'f1C10 l11'111+1s1 1.c11 SZll1l1CI'S 11.1101111111 11111111 ,,,,, ,XX'i1111c1' V1s11l1111f15 11l'CIIl L'1'11's1111 111 5111410111 1, ,,... ,..1,,. V 1111111 11'01'11c1' l'1'11f1-ssol' Maxi 1'l'CSIUll 11llllll., 11c1'11c1'1 l11'c1w11 Il ..,..,...1 ,..1 ,,,1,,.,,. A I 11111cs 511111105 ,..,..li1111c1'1 1101110111 ...,.....1101J R1111g'11 1115111-r 1QU1DE1I'K1 ,,,... ,.,....., 1 1111 1'1'iC0 3112 1i'111111c1' ....., L 111 " 1.11, ...,, H ,, Jenny ,,.,..,....,,..,. 1s:111c11f- 1'1l'C2ll'j' 1301111511 .,,1.,,,,,. 11hI'1l1lCT'1j' Mist 4 1,I'1JI1llJlC1'1 ,.,,... S11111'c Nl1111:1gc1' .... 1D1l'L'C1UI' ............ ,,....,.11i11y L'111'1'1111 W,1.c111isc 1X1Zl1l1'j' 11..,,NTa1'j111'ie 1102115 .,,..'l'11c'111111 K11l11llC'll c1gL'llCb1l'111x111S 1-C551 ,,,,,, .,,1,1. X 1lll'j' 1111w111'11 ,,..1,K2l1111L'Lxll R11115' ...,-1flL'1i 1'11w011 .. ,,K1iss .Xgucs L'1'11111 PATIQONS Mr. and Mrs. Silas Eclwols Dr. and Mrs. T. B. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lee W. N. McAtee, D. D. S. l-lawkins Million S l-len Mr. and Mrs. George W. l-lovvard, Jr Drs. l-lall, Hall, and Hall. Mr. V. E. Richardson Webb and l-larriss Insurance Agency Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Parker Dr. C. F. Anslinger Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce Dr. and Mrs. M. Nl. Lumbattis Dr. Jolwn J. Corlew ' Mr. James Ranmar Warren - Cox Auto Co. Rex Cafe September September September September September September September September September 4 ll October October October October October 18 25 31 November November November November November November November November November Novem'ber November December Decem'ber December December December CALENDAR September 3-Opening Day 9-Nomination of class executive committees. 9-Tryouts for junior Class Play. 11-Election of class executive committees. 13-Election of class officers. 14-Township approves bond issue for new buildings. 20-First football game with Granite City, 0-0 score. 24-First lyceum numberg Pets of Pamahasika. 27-Mt. Vernon wins from Herrin, 6-0. October Mt. Vernon Rlackshirts defeat Mt. Carmel, 12-0. Mt. Vernon loses to Fairfield, 6-12. -Vernois downs Flora, 33-6. Mt. Vernon defeats Benton, 33-0. G. A. A. has Halloween Party. November 1-Mt. Vernon Blackshirts win from Marion, 34-0. 1-End of first quarter. 2 Annual So. Ill. Press Conference, held at Carlyle. 2-Older Girls' Conference, held in Mt. Vernon. 5-Junior Class Play. 8-Hi-Tri Ceremonial. 11--Mt. Vernon defeats Salem, 26-6. 15-Sophomore party is held. 16-University City defeats locals, 26-7. 22-23-Members of All-State Chorus and orchestra give concert at Urbana. 28-1Centralia defeats Mt. Vernon, 20-0, in annual Turkey day game. December 6-Salem wins from Rossmen in first basketball game of season. 32-25. 13-Vernois wins from Fairlielcl, 45-25. 13-F. F. A. elect officers. 19-Hi Tri gives Christmas party for children 20-Rossmen win from XYest Frankfort, 35-22. December 20-School is closed for Christmas vacation. December 27-Flora bows to Mt. Vernon, 50-30. january January 6-Reopening after Christmas vacation. January 9 -Vernois quintet wins from Salem, 37-27. January 10-Mt. Carmel is defeated by locals, 40-30. Ianuary 15-16-17-Semester examinations. XVoe is me. Ianuary 17-Vernois lose to Vandalia. january l7-'End of second quarter and first semester. january 24-Mt. Vernon defeats University City, Z9-26. january 25-Blackshirts meet defeat at hands of Benton January 31-Rossmen lose to Fairheld Mules, 21-23. February February February February February February February February February February 1-G. A. A. goes on coasting party. 7-Rossmen down Centralia, 21-15. 10-Mario Capelli appears at assembly. 14-F. F. A. have annual speaking contest. 14-Mt. Carmel bows to Mt. Vernon, 35-23. 15-Blackshirts vanquish VVest Frankfort, 29-24. 20-Hanley Marionettes present lyceum number. 21-Vandalia again defeats locals, 35-46. 25-Rossmen win from Lawrenceville, 40-23. March March 2-Tryouts for senior class play. March 4-Mt. Vernon defeats Bluford, 42-34, in first night of l'I1Cl'lt. March 5-Hi-Tri Banquet is held. March 6-Vernois defeat Ashley, 51-30, in semi-finals, March 7-Mt. Vernon wins from NYaltonville in finals of ment. March 11-Blackshirts defeat Fairfield, 39-35. First game of ment. March 12-Hi Tri Mothers' Party. March 13-Mt. Vernon defeats Benton, 29-24, in semi-finals. March 14-Zeigler wins from Mt. Vernon, 40-32, in finals of ment. March 20-Freshman party. March 20-End of third quarter. March 27-Close for Spring vacation. April .Xpril 6-Reopening after Spring vacation. April 13-Preparation of study lists. .-Xpril 14-Nomination of Hi Tri and Hi Beta Chi executive committees. April 17-Election of Hi Tri and Hi Beta Chi officers. April 18-Track team wins Salem-Centralia-Mt. Vernon meet. .Xpril 24-Senior Class Play is presented. May May 15-Junior-Senior party. Nlav 22-May Fete is presented. May 27-Hi Tri loyalty ceremonial. june ,lnne 2-I lonors and Senior Class Day. Tune 2-Dinner for honor students. ilune 3. 4, 5-Semester Examinations. june 5-Commencement. 1 , 3315. regional tourna regional tourna sectional tourna sectional tourna Mt. Vernon Register - News FU LL LEASED WIRE Associated Press News Service Q23 MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION ltIere's a 'brave attempt by a girl in high school to answer a quiz in a science course. The question to be answered was: "Define a bolt and a. nut, and explain the difference, if any." The girl wrote: "A bolt is a thing like a stick of hard metal such as iron with a square bunch on one end and a lot of scratching wound around the other end. A nut is similar to a bolt only just the opposite. being a hole in a little chunk of iron sawed off short with wrinkles around the inside of the hole.'i The startled professor marked that one with a large ".X". Lady-"So you are on a submarine. XYl1at do you do F" Sailor-"I run forward and hold her nose when we want to take a dive." ,,m,,Se -111151112 is ONE BliST IN QYN liVliRYTlllNGf' QGWfMs ,Q Q - 'JXSEh1," -, 71g'rr,. 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VERNON Jeiiierson Motor Servlce , , , u Loan and Building linited Motor SCFVICC A - . ssociatlon It Pays to Have It Done H Right "Where Savings are Safe 318 South Tenth St. Phone 300 1883 1936 "Some of you pedestrians walk as if you owned the streets." "Yes, and some of you mo- torists drive around just as if you owned your cars." "He was considered the most expert parachute jumper in the country," remarked one of the friends at the services. "Yes," said the other, "he was good till the last drop." It Pays to Shop at Rackaway Drug Co. THE D J. N. Johnson Co. Smt?gif,,.y Iill-113 NORTiH 10TH STREET CO' SCHOOL BOOKS AND I"urnifurv Rugs Sf0'l'C-S SIT1!PIAIES Compliments and Best IDishes of the Jefferson Lumber Co. MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS XVEST lil!! DAINVAY PHONE 621 I- .... 1, ................................. 1 WEE.. ' .nu nun nu1lInunnuuuannunnuIununuInununnunllGuiinTo'uFuTiu1r " i A' in 'VY' - COMPLIMENTS OF INTERNATIONAL Sl-IOE COMPANY St. Louis, Mo. MAKERS Ol? ALL-HEATHER SHOES FOR ALI. THE FAMILY D. H. Wise Clothing webws Book store CO. 0 Headquarters "6l Years on the Square" -for- Czoon CLOTH las SCHOOL BOOKS FOR MEN .KNIT HUYS -and.. Nortlieast Corner Square SLYIIPLHZS THE FAR! is HINMAN Mf- L""""" J J o gl 15 E. FEARHEILEY. Prop. INSURANCE H Dry Cleaning, Rug Cleaning Pressing. Dyeing' can Family Laundry Service that Satisfies Jefferson State Bank Building 3' l,l'lOIl6 100 820-822 llroaclway "l' read in the papers where a lady lost 2.000 pounds in two weeks. "XYhat? XYhy that's impossible." "No. You see she invested her money in an English bank and it failed. My, wasn't she upset ?'y l'll say. She completely lost her balance." it llow dare you speak to me. XYhy I don't know you from .hflillllyl You should. I'm dressed differently." st ta You remind me of the ocean." Why? llecause l'm reckless and roving?" No. llecause you make me sick." it it "There's nothing' like sitting hour after hour talking to the one you love bestf' "I'd think you'cl get mighty tired talking' to yourself." Fran Fearheiley: XYell whats the matter with you? XYendell NYhitlock: I've just swallowed a half dollar. Do you see any change in me? il Qi ,, , ,. Greetings From Myers Funeral Service I Q King City Building and Loan Association All ISU IQANCE G03 17, North Tenth qt g lfltlfllb wfwsox, PI'0SlflL'lll fmlepiumc 004 dm' ,x, wofolv, so-wmi-y Mt. Vernon Wholesale Grocery Co. Sponsors FIADVEIK FARM STORES TIIRIFT--'T'LUS SATISFACTION MT. VERNON AREA Kirk li Vcnnblc, 701 South Zlst Rogers K Rogers, West Side Square Roy Puckett, Opposite Hotel Iimmerson lXlcI.eansboro. Ill, Fred Purcell, 424 East Ilarrison T. li. Fry. Ina, Ill, j. 17. Thompson. Waltonville. Ill. W, H. Allen, Dahlgren. Ill. ................ ... .......... ... ....... ................... .......... ...... , HOTEL EMMERSON COFFEE SHOP Southern Illinois' Finest can .Xppreeiatiug the patronage of the faculty and student body of the Klt. Vernon Township High School "Say lt lYith Flowers" BEAUTU SHOP 1fI.oR'E-xui u.-xsiqixs Johnson The F'Of'St :ya , - Uliverytliillg' to make beauty Hume 420-I more exquisite" il. F. S. Elmhirst, Superintendent The Prudential Insurance Company of America ICDNV.-XRD D. lJ'Ulfl7IEL.IJ, President llome Office, Newark N. J. i2lEE'1fS':,i,, Third National Bank lluildiug Blount Vernon Iii-fr' lHNIlI'llIH'f' for flu' ll'lml1' Funzily The squad of recruits had been out to rifle range for their first try at marksmanship. They knelt at 250 yards and fired. Not a hit. They moved up to 200 yards. Not a hit. They tried at 100 yards. Not a hit. " lTenshun l" the sergeant bawled. "Fix bayonetsl Charge. lt's your only chance." "Your wife has been delirious all day," said the nurse. in a worried tone. "calling for you and crying' tor money." "llal1!" snorted friend husband. "Delirious, hell Y" The Imprint or Signature onlyour PHOTOGRAPHS is ilu' TRADE MARK or IDEAL Irhif-II your plzotnymplrm' lifes up fo '23 Our IDEAL is to render the greatest possible service at a price which will be entirely satisfactory. '23 SIT - TO - US - FOR - YOUR - PORTRAITS - THE LEITZELL STUDIOS HMI. Vernnrfs Leading Studia" OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR VERNOIS SINCE 1928 IOIIM MAIN STR'E'Ii'I' PHONE 327-J --nunnnII.nuIun--.1U.----...--n.u..--n-- Lmuplimcuts of Rokh Dairy Company Paskeurized Dairy Producfs G03 N20 ILXHIIISUN S'1'l!I'1lC'l' PIIUXI-11.277 COlll1JiilllCI1iS of 35 Compliments of ' GU. Hardware Furnaces Automatic Butler Stolcors Vernois Heating and Cooking Equipment -FOR- Coal, Gas, Oil and Wood V E R N 0 I S Warm Air Furnaces f qupu Enameled Ranges Enameled Circulating Heaters U Water Heaters and Laundry .ga jail- If .r11A. 1 ,a,1 2 'li Stoves ' "W IIII ATTRA CTWE . DEPENDABLE Un w W bnummw-W'-'mdk ECONOMICAL MT. VERNON FURNACE AND MFG. CO. Mr. vEnNoN, lLuNols EPITAPHS llere heneath this stone we lie Hack to hack my wife and 1' .Xnd when the ang'el's trump shall trill If she gets up, then I'll lie still. Here lies Ann Mann She lived an old maid llut died an old Mann. llere lies the hody of Solomon Peas L'nder the daisies and under the trees Peas is not here-only the podg Peas shelled out: went home to God. lIERli LIES AN ATHEIST All dressed up and no place to go. Ilere lies the body of john Mound Lost at sea and never found. COMPLIMENTS OF Starr Bros. Creamery Co QUALITY PRODUCTS Since 1917 CO1lllllllIlClllS of DAVIDSON BISCUIT CO. TASTY FLAKE CRACKERS -and- MASTER BREAD PRODUCTS Poffeffi' Bond THE MAMMUTH Drug Co. i I Mt. XYl'1'll0ll'S I.emlinggg For your q0"me.t'U and llt'lltl1'lllll'lll Store Tozleterzes Mt Vernon Imnoig Southeast Corner Square 'f.li0llI' f"llfllf'l' 7'rurlz'd llc1't,"'l Mt. Vernon Illinois Eleetrzezly lil' the mort Dependable and Economical Servant I I I Illinois Power and Lmht Gnrpnratinn LII4 MAIN STIIEET PHONE 1085 Wlmt is your occupation?" asked the judge sternly. "I hz1yen't any," replied the mz1n,"l just circulate around." "Please notef, said the judge, turning' to the court clerk. "that this gentleman is retired from circulation for thirty days." "1 advertised that the poor would be welcome in this church," said the minister, "und after inspecting the collection, l sec that they have come." In--.1 --.ur-un-'1--In-u Groceries Meats ,V Compliments of Retailers of lligh Quality lfoods it THE BEAUTY Box HEIDLER'S FOOD CENTER Over l0c Store Broadway at lfifteenth Mt. Vernon, Illinois Complete Beauty Service Fruits Sz Vegetables, Dairy Products A kind-hearted linglish vicar one day observed an old woman lahoriously pushing a peramhulator up a steep hill. He volunteered his assistance, and when they reached the top ofthe hill said, in answer to her thanks: "Uh, it's nothing at all. I'm delighted to do it. lint as a little rewarcl, may I kiss the hahy?'l Hllahy, Loi" hless you, sir," she ret1n'ned,"it ain't no hahy, it's the old man's beer." Mrs. llall: john the gas is leaking. Coach liall: tsleepilyj XX'ell, can't you just put a pan under it? Compliments of Mt' on r Hamburger Inn Mfg' Co' Nearly 50 Years on the Joh "Buy 'em by the Sack" NVe Relieve in M M T. YE KNOX Phone 1268 North lllth Street and Its l'llltll1'Q Compliments or Sl-lElQlVlAN WASH WEAR INC. . ....i.......L . .......,..lE,.........- LINXWIILII PRINTING CO DICATUR. ILL. QQUJMQQQX AMONG the treasured things this book will have its place. From every page old friends smile, from every page throng memories, gra- cious and tender and glad. It is a Treasure Book. You want everything about it to be fine and true. fll With this thought in view these en- gravings have been wrought by they HARRISON - COMPANY - ENGRAVERS lNC -Quito PINE sneer - slum LOUIS Mo AUTOGRAPHS pqwxafgw... 6f im J,Q,W,,.y3,,4w,4zidM, 1 ' M MMM. KA X 52,-Urqvu ixifkw wwgfww MKKJVENJCKMLKSXT FM w QLJWJM H 3 J I i . I 1 5 rl 5 al I 5' S 2 I 5 F 5 E L' 5 I ? f f 5 H L5 r F: i A L S r- n. 1 i E r F 5 f

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