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1 1 4 i , , , . - A . 4. 1 ! .A i ! I 3 S 3 1 Qi is E I '1 4 Q 4 ? 4 2 1 I ,un 45 , -554 , 14. il' fi? 5,1 ! f W y, . i i 1 2 ? I 5 2 i E I 1 1 5 'Y-,Q , 7" , ,g, M, ,. W4 if a i I i 1 Q "TX "1 ' a , Q 'Wl, 1' f I . 4 H-, J CUPOLA I 969 W , Mount Vernon Seminary Time binds our lives into, unforgettable chapters .15 ,, . . S ,L 'I 3 v "w...1.wM.. new Kiwi Xl Di U1 JU Dmnmixm 5 G MPMK m Zmtmtw xl 27 WLMMXADYMM 25 Hamm we Einilefaw ea pnbzmuv 75 13? 1 1 ,- I gs ' f at 11 : - 'VTX , , , ,W i -':i1sef'.ffafsa-ff , ,---H--. ' V"' 'Y - -441 I N ' 1 Q 'ri i i a ,W-, E QE E vi .,1 - .' ' ' I I , ' i N ' ' X DEDICATIO Elizabeth Somers, with all her delightful personality and splendid accomplishments, proudly stands against the background of American pioneer life. It is she who founded Mount Vernon Semi- nary in 1875. Each successive year in the life of the school has been marked by some enlarg- ing and beautifying of its material conditions or broadening of its methods to keep it abreast of the advancing educational ideas of the day. Yet with all this outward progress there has been no change in the fundamental ideal of our school: i'She conquers all who conquers selff, This ideal, as Mrs. Somers realized many years ago, is the force needed to perpetuate a spirit of truth and courage throughout an aca- demic community. To this spirit as exemplified by Elizabeth Somers we proudly dedicate the final edition of the Cupola. HISTORY GF GU T VERNON SEMINARY "By this time, like one who had set out on his way by night, and travelled through a region of smooth or idle dreams, our history now arrives on the confines where daylight and truth meet us with a clear dawn, representing to our view, though at a far distance true colours and shapesf' Milton There are certain memories that each indi- vidual who has come to Mount Vernon will hold dear for the rest of her life. The history of our school is an adventurous tale of the people who have devoted much of their lives to the growth of the school. We owe our thanks to those whose undaunted dedication will remain immortal in the light of our memories and past experiences. In 1837 Elizabeth jane Eddy was born in Rush County, Indiana. She grew up under fairly difficult conditions and received most of her early education from her own mother. As she gradually developed a desire to become a teacher, her family sent her to Cincinnati Wes- leyan Female College to receive her training. On graduating, she was appointed to a position at Northwestern Female College and later at Pittsburgh Female Seminary. Then fate inter- vened in the person of James Somers, a hand- some young lawyer from Washington, D. C. who, after wooing her, won her and carried her off to the capital as his bride. From this time on, Washington was to be her home. Teaching, however, was still very much in her blood, so that even in the early years of marriage she taught in a neighborhood school. In 1868 Judge Dennis Cooley brought to Mrs. Somers his three little daughters Clara, Minnie and Mary and asked her to teach them and prepare them for Vassar. Similar requests followed in succeeding years and in 1875 a small school for girls was officially founded in Mrs. Somers' home at 204 F Street. This marked the birth of Mount Vernon Seminary. NVithin the period of a few years, the student body had grown rapidly. Before long, the increased enrollment of the school necessitated larger quarters and a new home was found in 1880 at 1100 M Street. There the school grew for thirty-seven years until it held 120 girls. In 1914 Mrs. Somers foresaw that the school would one day need to expand again, and pur- chased a beautiful tract of land on Nebraska Avenue, at that time out in the country. In that year the First World War broke out, but, undaunted, Mount Vernon Seminary started building and moved to its new quarters in 1917 under a new Headmistress, Adelia Cates Hensley. x. , 2141 ' vw, 6 l il ull: ill! ll" lwli ,ill ,. ll Hull . 7. mi H 1? i-..,l..gaf . lu -3. 111 ll I' H nl , ... 5,11 gg ' 1-ll 'IMI 1? , !1:1'1', N' 9.1.5 -,Q "T" :,,"ffg-1 ' ,111 .12 Iw i- 'j-In 'iii-1 ' M il' J J 5 ' " L- 7 ' ' . " WL, Y .I 1. 5 . --7 -,mg .f Y H gV,.fA' . . g 47 V' TT ' U '!rKY"1lii, .1 ull- I 'I . '. "'- I . Y f - .1 . 5 5 . .Nw wily 1.1.1 4., ,M mi QQ. MNIQMMA nv 5 Vigil - Y Xin I all . all W im I one it Lw:.'y-UI' -fb , iiii , 9 'i--2 ,jf itz- i ww, an as M il ,V ,.,GC.,E,. .. - -. .. I , . L! , -.f.' in I A 1 W1-r' .1 li.. 0 l I I I 'Ili ilwlwlvx W Q4 Im Mill, N M1 N! W U wil!! Emil' 'I ll I ll 'Q xl U4 I ' il l by i 'lil ff , , ,,r.,, , ,,, . .,.e, . ,, . s. il lligil Lllill .i..i,..i ,V ,gz- Mi., W. .1 ,Q ,. . 3..,1Wf.. Y. , , , WMI n t! ,. .. .'.,' A ill lil al, 4 43" -- , 1,3411 ':.! ' 'Vw-14. W ' 1.3 Pg,-1 1 Q.,-'Z' -12 l1ll,M'.i +43ff?eg-,- " il llllll llllwli Ml 1 ,M It , 1w1-.a- ',j"'- .'l1?C'.,2 - flirt., , ' :-fi-. by it " JH? H i:f',,Y TQ' H if 1 " .flill l-ff. "1 llili llli' ll 111' i will 1 J My ' Q fl it 'M s'if?' ,le-'Tm'u1'nnl lyllliih p pg p ,M A ,if H M A A -y ill ga-allllml N111 of... I ' alfa "Wll" vl' T I 5 Ka Page V if 5-':"gtmE"' aa ll lfilfil 1 ' '- is gf! f' Q. --'W' . v.f,E,:i1 Q-IEETU, gg!! " 1 I .image Ii - sw- ,.Q.. - - If 1 YL -4 lvl. H? 'V-M .-. 5 5 2 sasig- :Ev -A -S X . , 'Q Ill C, i as , I ef. .- ff . . , X . , V -J . .,-ff' ., --.Q - 1- , .., ',-- ..- ,,w-- . ..:j,g.1 .- - -' K", - -- 'ff-f-1"-m""'.'f'.-le'2,1'E. f 1 51.1 1 , Mount Vernon Seminary at 204 F Street Q . Transportation in the 1890,s. If w ill la., fllkllqlxll lla li. .. .,,i,t.i.4 -, .,,,!.,,ilux.l,l-.P 1 ,ry . .V -1.1.1,- .f - . vi F.-fl-Mi ax -- I g ' ' - Q1 111 ' f Il ., li Ur, I if-:is ltr'-lil' in asv: -'--:afar-' 1 i l 1 illllllm l'fa? 'I - an 1100 M Street 119001 In 1925 Mount Vernon was to celebrate its Goldenjubilee. Under the enthusiastic direc- tion of Miss Anne Seymour Ames, alumna ofthe class of 1881 and librarian for forty,years, a chapel in memory of Mrs. Somers was under- taken. The third headmistress, Miss Jean Dean Cole, dedicated this exquisite chapel which to most of us is known as the Navy Chapel. The bell for the chapel was dedicated in honor of Miss Ames and now stands outside Ames Hall with her inscription: 'SF or Trinity-For Liberty -For Truth, and Beauty, Ring ever, O bellf, Miss Cole founded the Alumnae Council, which draws back to campus every year alumnae from all parts of the world. Under her leadership, also, the newly formed Junior Col- lege and the Preparatory School began devel- oping separately. Until then unless a student Finished six years of study at Mount Vernon she did not receive a diploma. New trends in edu- cation dictated the separation into four and two year sections. In the late twenties, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Lloyd arrived to teach at Mount Vernon. In 1937 Mr. Lloyd became president of the school and the following year Mrs. Lloyd became fourth headmistress. The school was flourishing, new buildings had been added. The shadows of war seemed very distant when s Cheney-a Mount Vernon girl of the 1890's. Mollie Bennet-a Mount Vernon girl of the Marcia Gibson Felicia Battista Fofie Lehmann va.. ' L View of the greater Mount Vernon Seminary Main Building and Chapel on Nebraska Avenue Campus. suddenly in December 1941 XVashington be- came a wartime capital. Air-raid drills, Red Cross Work, nurses, aid training all became part of the school routine. In September 1942 the school reopened with the largest enroll- ment in its history. On October 12th, however, two men representing the United States Navy announced that the Navy planned to take over the school. It seemed inevitable that Mount Vernon would have to close down, but Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd refused to accept this because the school was not theirs. It represented the im- mortality of those who had gone before, the undannted spirit of Mrs. Somers. The students vowed that they would return, even if they had to live in tents. The search for a new school began and, Hnally, twelve unoccupied houses were found in Spring Valley. Also, it Was dis- covered that the new branch of Iulius Garfinck- el's department store in Spring Valley could i it 33's . . - . X ,ai . Qu ! fs f . 5 , 1 lirss ,AV f 4fs2: ,str vb-'sa ' ' 1 f' Wea 'X-,X . A 563, t, L . K. -. 2 . N A A A .1 View of the Elizabeth Somers, Chapel on Nebraska Avenue Campus. T1 isis 4 V ff ' Diff K ' I f 'ff . I Q 5 2 V A' 2 2 5 , ' I Q Qfvizfl ' g- .9 , LW , A ', 'V' Q-1" ' 1 V 1 ,-W ,lf V ,VV- - f ' i , 1 JVi,,J..fTWCkV I V L K L,,v.:gLiF,W, , , K ' QW! Q 'Pj H' ,W ,fl L, i.-,fgjgqj g.- f , 1 ' , 1 21-L-V - , 4.V'g,V .V .,..A-k,Vf,,.-' s V 717-VW" W if-fi. VV 'Ti V' ' ' f 4 .3ii,fVgfz4f .' L L V' ,IV ,j,,-V ' 'X A :mmf W .,, 4' ifzxf V r L ' ,fw :,- " X ' - .fi "1 -' - -1 3:1 1 pf' ,- 5' H.,wM' - , My f X h , ,,-V' X . .fbi ,X V. AX, A 6' x . V, 2 .mi L 1 VW -V ij ,gh ,, V ' . 5 1 - 2- '1 k 5 k 2 . 1 5 . ,V , , k gn ,M HX 1 Wi ,qv - -,,,,,?M H ,V U , 15513 fr' x - 5 K .V fm ' ' -wwfxf i X Z j ,,,. , VL r VV-QQjjn?,,,. W .K A , if V' w ff' M, .. . A V'H'z,,, Af My-qff 1 f . , Q , VVY1 , ' X x LW U I ,, I ,M v lv b X pr ' K- ,,., i X 'A 13 X ff ,fgffg VV A f ' . , M, , , W S ' 7 -M' "'?371: N2 '1 , V V . M VV VV ' Q cw 1 wp: V ' m m L , f. xx" , .:,A+f"'- .' S 2 -- L K " 1 .L -'mVfw'L M V" . A M., 4 , N, 3 ,,.vff3jqg4,11'iq ig, ' in , Q11-,Wx V A TQQ35 fflfffi if 5 91- 2 , W,Lk,2A.3.g i 5 1' ,--ff-ff MT ' K" 4 ,I 1 , V f ' ' ' ,JV 'v3gQ-5i,f, "Tf,,A. .M A My ' M ' 1 Q 'Z E 1 ef! 1 VV '17 :Tix ,ggi Nfl, q 1 2 51,---.L .W M ul xl rw- .I I LVL, -W ",x ,1...n.., M V 1 A..,W.M....,-V ,,,1,Af.,! , W, A,,. - Annu AWJMM ag " , ffkflilif , LVV-- 'Lv-'Aw M" V V H f f -Vwxwqf - -V u 'E 1 1 , -51 , ,W A U11 x,.....,:. I V 'L ' "W I . A Y, ww -J ., - VV ' - f A - 3 i N .T I ,,,, QW, ,, ..., , . r V N , gf? i S mil, L., Li I V J ' ACL f "' W . 4.4 Lf 'E 5VV ,ffrfzf ,ATX Q,ZLIgJ,5 1 A ' ? -MM 1 ,Q L f g 3 L , . W V V, lv V k Ayr V ,..,..W..,,,,, Q N A , .. , K 'I 1 -..-. -su. -:--ilsf . V ,..,,,A, A -s. 1 9 -.,, V l ! W ' in-ww Q r ,x .UL 'W ' , VM,W?s4 A , - B h L I li ' Ji Art Studio on Foxhall Road. Art Studio in Spring Valle Carol Ziegler Gigi Urow Library on Nebraska Ave Peri Lyle ar ss, in Theo de Mers Chemistry lab in Spring Valley . N. R in . X, V Susan Roberts Ingrid Haug Beth Howell Yevonne Yen fs. .. 7 'wap-q .fr W' Academic Building at 2100 Foxhall Road in 1946. stock only the first tloor. Remembering that Mrs. Somers had lent his father the money with which to open the first Carlinckel store Mr. Julius Garfinckel, Ir. allowed Mount Vernon to rent that second floor in the Valley. It was turned into classrooms, a library and an assem- bly hall with the help of cardboard and ply- wood. Wlhat experiences the girls had attend- ing school therel Because the arrangement in Spring Valley was only for the duration of the war, search began immediately for a new homesite. The land on Foxhall Road was found in 1944, and in 1945 the ground was dedicated "to the service of Cod through the education of llis children." ln the fall of 1946, Mount Vernon made one Hnal move to this new campus. An academic building, four dormitories and a dining room were built, then gradually were added the gymnasium, science building, Post Hall with Academic Building in 1968. Cate House on Foxhall Road Campus. expanded library, the gate house and the new Held house. In 1962, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd retired and Mr. Peter D. Pelham became the new President of the school. Mount Vernon had once more shown both its strength and its adaptability. It would continue to develop as a well-established educational institution. However, on Novem- ber l, l965, Mount Vernon received its most crushing blow: the announcement was made Laura Kirby-Smith by the Board of Trustees that the Seminary would be closed and that Mount Vernon would continue to live on only as the Junior College. Although the year 1969 marks the closing of a beloved institution, it is our belief as stated by Mrs. Somers that 'Kwhatever has been most noble in the spiritual and intellectual culture of the school will be sacredly conserved. 'There shall never be one lost good! Wliat was shall live as before' D Cindy Garner CHAPTER l Airy, delightful as an arabesque Our lives appear to dance like those of elves Lightfoot about the void, Eneompassing our present being with our future selves . . . m:nMAN Hr-'ssp 32 5 i 1' fx an lv of is SXNX We .N lfaai nf' Fl ,684 ,Ki CHAPTER II H igh-purposed we must travel realm-on-realm Cleaving to none as to a home The world of spirit wishes not to fetter us but raise up higher step by step . . . HERMAN HESSE TI-IE PRESIDENTS MESSAGE TO Tl-IE CLASS OF 1969 Some of you are charter members of the Class of 1969 while others are completing their iirst year at Mount Vernon. Whether you have been here for four years or one, you and your class will always occupy a special place in the history of the Seminary. Only two classes may claim that distinction: Yours and that which entered in 1875, the year in which Mrs. Somers' School oflicially became Mount Vernon Seminary. The uniqueness which is corporately yours shall forever serve to remind generations of alumnae and students of the F ounder's wisdom and insight. Your collective role and individual performances are significant testimony to the importance of excellence in womenis educa- tion. During the days you have spent at Mount Vernon your clocks have seldom been silent but you have sewn well the intricate binding that unifies the chapters of your lives. May the outward cover of your book always express accurately the inner values which you have developed here. The past four years have included periods of happiness mixed with moments of doubt, con- cern and sadness. You have had to learn how to live with disappointment and you have done so gallantly. Never once has your class per- mitted its academic or personal expectations to falter nor have you allowed your esprit dicorps to ebb from its natural and full course. I salute you for both the courage of your convictions and the magnanimity of your spirit which you have consistently displayed. As members of the Class of 1969 and as alumnae you will continue to play an impor- tant and vital role in Mount Vernonis historical context. ln successive years, your insights into all avenues of learning and the opinions you express of your alma materis continuing efforts in education shall assist in establishing new and innovative directions for future genera- tions of students. Puff lm... Mr. Peter D. Pelham 6 'aff My f if iw W M, VT J? ,W MM! 4,Ny,v!1f!7M Wifi ,LW LM! W ,iff ,, WWIXQZWL My M Aff VW! ' if 2 by' y 10 f M ,V 5 My diufytffj I ff' Wi ,ff 'JZ ,0 fy fy! Aff IWW AVA, 'L 44, V Qafiw is DIANA LEVO ZEIC-ER WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "To strive, to seek, to ind and not to yield., ALFRED LORD TENNYSON Yellow, Optima I, II, III, President IV, Stu- dent Council, Vice President IV, Cupola IV, Lend-A-Hand I, Library Council I, II, III, IV. ,WW ,LD rf 2 if tfflitff IW Wsfwtmy ji ,W W FLORENCE ANN LEHMANN LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS THREE YEARS "Happy the man, and happy he alone, He who can call today his own: He who, secure within: can say: Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived todayf, Yellow, Senior Class and Student Body President IV, junior Class President III, Student Council III, IV, Chapel Guild III, IV, Lend-A-Hand II, III, IV, Library Coun- cil II, Mount Vernon Singers IV, Cheer- leading III, Basketball IV, Hockey II, III. 24 LQ 1 SZZIUM JANET BROCKETT PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA TWO YEARS "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled lay, and that made all the difference. ROBERT FROST Yellow, Chapel Guild IV, Lend-A-Hand IV, r Council III' Mount Vernon Singers Libra y - , IIIg Social League IV. 7j -f,7zZ5ff,fff ay ,fd fffefyg LK I 1 I , 1274! A77 pffyfff V fp ,pg 01.6 Jaws! FELICIA CLELIA BATTISTA WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "Always hoppyv LATIN PHRASE 'l IV Dav Student Yellow, Student COunc1 5 , President IV, Library Council I, II, IV, President III, Carousel Ig Cupola II, III, IV, Chapel Guild IV, Social League II, III, IV. Q 25 if Wild? Aff! fffffj Kid, ,, aiyff- ff 929,-ff? '?f97ff Mina , q X LQSQNCQNQN UIQ? wx' UGJLOQ CLD CUVGX- CYXOUPK fyts, C5 OVQDQVNOVQQT GSW' gficsbk DEBORAH ANN BUTTON SADDLE RIVER, NEW JERSEY ONE YEAR "M y life is made of patterns that can scarcely be controlled? PAUL SIMON Whiteg Mount Vernon Singers IVg Prep Players IVg Social League IVg Basketball IV. 5333 5 'SO 4525? at LILLIAN ELIZABETH CLARKE CLARKESVILLE, MARYLAND TWO YEARS "No woman is an absolute fool- No woman is ever completely deceivedv AUTHOR UNKNOWN Whiteg Cupola IVg Mount Vernon Singers III, IVg Prep Players IVg Social League III, IVg Athletic Assoc. III, IVg White Team Captain IV5 Cheerleading III, IVg Basket- ball IV. 26 -0-U I ff? ffiq .4 417552-fc' Q2-zffAf774? 4141, fyfzf,-41,1 ji ' fizxf f Pfgijf 4 7,-71.2 . I my Y an Q'f,a-if--51 X W,-"Z:"C.71 ,767 J N" " Cz JANE IRENE COAKLEY WASHINGTON, D. C. THREE YEARS 4'The best way to secure future happiness is to be as happy as is riglztfully possible todayf, Yellowg Class Treasurer IVg Chapel Guild IVg Cupola II, III, IVg Mount Vernon Sing- ers IVg Social League II, III, IV. SALLY ANNE COLLIN WASHINGTON, D. C. TWO YEARS "Laugh and be fatf, J OHN TAYLOR 4? Yellowg Chapel Cuild H15 Cupola IVg Lend- l A-Hand IVg Library Council IHg Prep Play- ers IIIg Yellow Team Captain IVg Basket- l ball IV. 27 C12-Cwfz jg 47600 A541-eg 50 44001 .fm mem Mem QL ,QCJLU3 Geokid 57 Slfooa cody, 3. A :Joe 702 cle. MARGARET ANN CONRAD WASHINGTON, D. C. THREE YEARS "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than to be crouched on a velvet cushionfl HENRY D. THOREAU Yellowg Social League Ilg Prep Players III, IV. Yellowg Mount Vernon Singers Illg Library Council IV. TI-IEODORA deMERS WASHINGTON, D. C. Two YEARS "Gone with the windf, MARGARET IXIITCHELL you .,jJU.i3Am+ YVNOCLS-L LA' wi-l'?A0RJY 'IQTI be + Zhi WQQAQLQEWWZ 'Q151 vm., we Q-,Lg C, N.. whim 'lvaencg' gug.3ULl2fvxQ,, ll GQWCBQTLN LVXj 28 R325 A A A Q-,D-Affffl C LQJLX ,IENNIE FAY FARRELL ABERDEEN, NORTH CAROLINA TWO YEARS "To meet, to know, to love-and then to part is the safl fate of many a human heartf, AUTHOR UNKNOWN VVhiteg Class Vice-President IVg Student Council lV5 House Council Hlg Chapel Guild IVg Mount Vernon Singers IV5 Lend- A-Hand III, IVg Social League III, IVg Basketball IV. i Yellowg Cupola IVg Lend-A-Hand IVg Social League IV. f7cQ!f7 M155 GefYfPe.fhz6 wglwo I 61524, to Q f' 0 M4015 pgpng W 04,6 , 1 1 ' ' 1 W, accused we 5150464 gfeazpfe wwf' ff LGU fe feeuega not 7262500 - I ggffvggf UZLLQA 50001. I ,gfewiv ?f,7Z,L,Sf XCXQCLIQJ 1 wfff beneslli NLQMZZWWQ MARY DOUGLAS DRYSDALE. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA ONE YEAR If U , "Have faith in yourself because if L0U 5 you dorft, no one else will? QQULP Q26 AUTHOR UNKNOWN XLQZQ . gf, mafyy than Ls wr mf wafer 0610 51004, Awe, flteuy -f E it f,, yu. f vt!!! cflflv ,CQ V lv K5 7' f K "J I H I'V' 'X , ,.-A , H29 Willa 'I ' m51MsU5f LXUSJZ If ffm' Vi ,V ,auf-2-fic' ' ' if -fi ' ly cwltaffff 'A' ,eluate -Qytzazvf I H spat.- IL 0 aw at , A 5- da, f X, eee CYNTHIA HENRY GARNER FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA ONE YEAR "I donit apologize for being hard to know-I am what I am? Ron MCKUEN Whiteg Chapel Guild IVg Cupola IVg Mount Vernon Singers IVg Prep Players IVg Social League IV. X 019, . Uootlwuod mm Q0 ,QUCQLLQQQHL ' LJLCLLLQ. kfkldi 'ot MARCIA JAN o1BsoN HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Two YEARS "Looe has a tidef, HELEN HUNT Yellowg House Council IIIg Chapel Guild III, President IVg Lend-A-Hand III, IVg Mount Vernon Singers IVQ Social League Iv. KUML . So I owl, VWLOULQLRD 30 if M if WWMAWfi.VyiMV- ,MR IWZWENJWWVMV ijivfy WW W INGRID ELAISIE HAUG POTOMAC, MARYLAND FOUR YEARS "I did what I couldv SENECA White, Lend-A-Hand I, II, III, IV, Library Council I, II, III, IV, Social League II, III, IV. ,gy fa Wiaiifik my of in W' JJV0 LW Wpvlmiyai' W W I i P LfU0jyjQC,jK9!j!L, A Aw MQ VD L Q W if UI iw 5 - fl 'CWM bkjbjgj' IWJQW , WV Wifmijfwjjiiifi ij f aP3,,,,wU ,Q ELIZABETH MYERS HOWELL W1NsToN-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA ONE YEAR "I dare a man to say Fm too young, F or I am going to try for the sun? DONOVAN White, House Council Secretary-Treasurer IV, Lend-A-Hand IV. 31 LAURA POLK KIRBY-SMITH WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "Tomorrow will I live, the fool does say, today itselfs too late, the wise lived yesterday? INIARTIAL White, Cupola II, Art Editor IV, Lend-A- Hand Ig Library Council I, II, III, Prep Players III, Stage Manager IV. MAUREEN LATI-IROP KRAKES WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "Tis true the simpletons who nothing dare The harvest of our doubts will never reapf' HERMAN HEssE VVhite, Cupola Editor IV, Lend-A-Hand II, Library Council II, III, Prep Players III, Social League I. I dx Sbupuiiiligtog if , ,L ,XX xlxoe A WV' N W 351 wi Q5 EW wifi N. fi C 0 sf? ff we ALISON LAIRD WASHINGTON, D. C. THREE YEARS "So many gods, so many weeds S0 many paths that wind and wind IVl1ile just the act of being kind Is all the world needsf' ELLA WHEELER WILCOX Yellowg Chapel Guild III, IVg Cupola IV5 Lend-A-Hand IVg Library Council IIIg Prep Players IIIQ Social League II, III, President IVg Cheerleading III, Captain IV. XFN., MMM' M s 4 wrwfwriayfigy Wear? W M WMM 'PHNMIQARINA ROSA LION . MT. KISCO, NEW YORK THREE YEARS "I carry of the chief share for I am called the Lionf, PHAEDRUS Whiteg Cupola, Literary Editor IVg Library Council IIg Social League II, IIIg Cheer- leading III, IV. gawk Szbfgtiig' Ni up of ggi! t S5355 ag? 427, XX Rf fi ffigi, ff WASIIINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "It,s nice to be important but more important to be nioef, AUTHOR UNKNOWN Yellow, Cupola IV, Lend-A-Hand I, II, IIIg Library Council I, II, III, Prep Players III, IV, Social League II, III, IV, Basketball I, I Hockey II. 4 , , fx-' U - I 1tJ'fQ.w WK' 'St ' V, L, f v S, jug - CJJVKVL fd' Qj fl fs MARI BROOKS MANNING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA ONE YEAR "The more we love, the better we are, the closer our friendship, the nearer we are to Godf, AUTIIOR UNKNOWN White, Chapel Guild IVg Mount Vernon Singers IV, Lend-A-Hand IVg Social League IV. A I w ffx f lLjJJ5"2 VCU O.-ytiiecfa VLCP Efft,,fg,,C yt U ,jeg 3+-Aft by JCLQQJLLU ff f V 077 QQ Q35 'X If g CQ f t"" We ,Ii CJ! 70 atom QU fig M Seth fe, mt, , at If -f I gf , ,oL,fjf Qfftc ff Q to L ELIZABETH LINCOLN MARSHALL CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND FOUR YEARS "When you call me that, srnilelv White, Class President II, Class Secretary I, Student Council II, Secretary-Treasurer III, Chapel Guild III, IV, Crescendos IV, Mount Vernon Singers I, II, IV, Library Council II, Prep Players III, President IV, Social League III, Softball II, Basketball IV. 35 X W-cf MELINDA MARY POOLE MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY FOUR YEARS "H e preferred to be, rather than to seem, hence the less he sought fame, the more it pursued him? sALLUsT White, Student Council IV, House Council III, President IV, Chapel Guild I, II, IV, Crescendos IV, Lend-A-Hand I, III, IV, Mount Vernon Singers I, II, IV, Library Council II, III, IV, Sports Manager III. I L! I Ap af, jf X' U Q Q, L ,fy M' ape! ,Vg ' 7, ln YH Dl!!JM?2f7tj5i77o2 f "WMff Lp? J 1 - 6 VV ,wx ,f O! A Lfglxlf Nj QUIW ya .fb 5,6 K if , I , . f Uobffbzi Jfjyyflsfrf V ffiiljprigjrll a 1 - A' iff! ' WU' ALICE OSBURN REYNOLDS WASHINGTON, D. C. ONE YEAR "Gold and Rose, the colour of the dream I had Not too long ago. Misty Blue and Lilac too, Never to grow oldf, JIIVIINIY HENDRIX VVhiteg Crescendos IVQ Prep Players IVg Riding IV. SHARON ANNE RAILINC PENNSGROVE, NEW JERSEY FOUR YEARS "Sentiment is the poetry of the imaginationf' ALPHONSE LAMARTINE Yellowg Class Secretary III, lVg Cupola, Photography Editor IVg Chapel Guild IVg Library Council H, III, IVg Mount Vemon Singers I, IVg Prep Players II, Stage Man- ager III, Secretary-Treasurer IV g Social League III, IV. 36 4,a,w-17 gap. QA. vga Z - J JL f '-140L'44L . Qfdfulf SUSAN CLARKE ROBERTS WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA ONE YEAR "One may smile and smile, and still be a oillainf, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Yellowg Chapel Guild IVg Lend-A-Hand IVg Mount Vernon Singers IV5 Basketball IV. W I fe ELLEN SABEL A MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA ONE YEAR "I was seldom able to see an oppor- tunity until it had ceased to be one? MARKTWAIN Yellowg Cupola IV5 Lend-A-Hand IV- Mount Vernon Singers IVg Social League IVQ Basketball IV. 37 cMoC0"JLcwT KATHLEEN LILLIAN SI-IAFFER ARMOND, NEW YORK ONE YEAR "Try ever to be governed by your loves, and not by your hates, and find goodness and beauty where you can." AUTHOR UNKNOWN White, Cupola IVg Chapel Cuild IV, Lend- A-Hand IV, Mount Vernon Singers IV, Prep Players IV. ' X IKVU fYiuSS OKGMJ1 Dxbdb PENELOPE GRISWOLD SMITH GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA THREE YEARS "Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on thee, and I'Il forgive thy great big one on mefv ROBERT FROST Yellow, House Council IV, Chapel Guild IV, Lend-A-Hand II, III, President IVg Library Council IV, Prep Players IV, Social League IV, Basketball IV. warm cQ erouwv LM OVU Jap , xplwc lumps fx? WM WW go V'VNkl.kC,Q!X mass Cvwrbfvm 'lm owl umuiloz dmoz wma we 'VH ' , k- ,xUoUxr,Xkfgd,ab.1fL0, . VQM flaw O 38 'Q . If f KN f 1 ,off Q Xxqx. fxilvfxxw Tree Iv DOROTHY MARIE STEADIVIAN WASHINGTON, D. C. Two YEARS "I heard a mouse I Bitterly complainin In a crack of moonlight Aslant on the floor-" ELIZABETH COATSWORTH Yellowg Social League III, IV. I AAA' PM N A Qual L' CYVJO LAASIL? CUNLQQI Vkgcjwoiaall-QJJQ, I , Eklxodr I vs, an mx fu S3 . clfwu Wfwv 'mCT'I6i1'Q,U3 Q, 0 Jfwcrqwd Aurel -Jwwwfwb fxiffu x A,eUQfQz . L QA JWQAJWQ .ew Yvkkf .K K X N gJJbf7yk.a ,Qeoeuee Jwjgiffgcij Ei3:Lg.g elweflgia,-K Y, 525 , , , 3 SUSAN IVIcDOUGL.E. STERRETT 533 WD WASHINGTON, D. C. THREE YEARS :'As for Doing-good . . . I have tried it fairly . . . and am satisfed that it does not agree with my constitution." HENRY D. THOREAU White. Cupola IV, Treasurer IIIg Prep Play- ers III, IVg Soclal League II, IIIg Athletic Assoc. IV. 39 Q- ,. ' ' 1. ,-L.. 1 .451 Mqf., r f . 1, - - ,., S 1 f ,Q L1 .Y , J gf' ' f , f ,,., . f ,,,,,,,f.,f f If N VJ' aw ,f r,g,,w1': '74 A C'-'AL .,. fa' ffyyflf-1'-'f' .1 "h'ill'2'kl LM X . gk 'fffus .l'uK,,,11-,- - 'nl ylylvl L h 4. 1' i 2,7 0? sf -17747 C.ll'r,a.4 ,IACQUELINE DELL UROW WASHINGTON, D. C. TWO YEARS "Hope is in itself a species of happiness, and perhaps it is the chief happiness which this world afordsf, SAMUEL JOHNSON White, Cupola IV, Lend-A-Hand III, Library Council III, President IV, Social League III, IV. -Doane , Q Co., EM QGNM My-V , z4t-an - K ' ' gyu-9 K N SWA ?l'L1?id1x71BERLY BAUCKITIM WATSON law DAINGERFIELD, TEXAS FOUR YEARS "They held opinion that the sweet- ness of music did recreate the spirits, and the heart did undertake to love." ANTONIO DE GUEVARA Yellow, Cupola II, Crescendos III, President IV, Library Council II, III, Mount Vernon Singers I, II, III, President IV, Prep Players IV. 40 ,W i MVK C fe , wlllffpw Xl 26 We Kibfpe ' fjlwwf ggwwwfm Wmwfplw by WW gmcui "Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be neecledf' sToRM JAMESON White, Class Vice-President III, Student Council III, Cupola, Business Manager IV, Library Council I, II, III, Mount Vernon Singers II, III, IV, Prep Players IV, Social League I, II, III, IV, Athletic Assoc. I, II, President IV, Sports Club I, Basketball IV, Hockey II, III, Softball II. TRACEY JOAN WILLIAMSON BETHESDA, MARYLAND ONE Y1-:AR "To love is not to look at each other, but to look together in the same direetionf, ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY Yellow, Crescendos IV, Cupola IV, Mount Vernon Singers IV, Prep Players IV, Ath- letic Assoc., Secretary-Treasurer IV, Basket- ball IV. , I W rfjifliwi fr if rrwilryflfirlrl eil 41 My 4lIlWrff9l15WW7 x K V. orflrj X -I w IVJXL E Qff R VNQVZV4 X WJ! il l N4 H A X' 7 l XX jx. 1, 591 K 1 A U I bf X kj' I ,AJC LV A M cf gf xt X! P lt A bm fr' , ,J lf Lf' 'J KAREN MARIE WISE BETHESDA, NIARYLAND ONE YEAR aflliSCl1 ief comes by the pound and goes by the ouncef, THOINIAS FULLER XVhiteg Cupola IVg Crcsccndos IV5 Prep Players lVg Athletic Assoc., Vice-President IVg Basketball IV. YVONNE LILY YEN HONG KONG ONE YEAR "It is better to be faithful than famozlsf, THEODORE ROOSEVELT Yellowg Cupola lVg Lilmlry Council IV. CAROL ZEIGLER OLNEY, MARYLAND THREE YEARS "Picture and book remain, An acre of grass For air and exercise, Now strength of body goesg M y temptation is quiet." WILLIAM YEATS VVhiteg Prep Players II, III, IVg Social League II, IV. Dzeue, VYNLQ3. it , QJM. mam 3 bg'-D c , XLQHJLQF1 - CBQWUJJ Www, 50,05 WLM Odrwfwf gm,0,p -fYYL,Q,. gud. it E Wk U3 ,w ywwaemrm -6-TL ww Wi ' A T50 Qgyi, LSU!- MUS Ever drifting down the stream- Lingering in the golden gleam- Life, what is it but a dream? LEWIS CARROLL 43 STUDENT COUNCIL-Felicia Battista, Day Student President, Miss Gutheim, Advisor, Mindy Poole, House Presi- dent, Jennie Farrell, Class Vice President, Diana Zeiger, Optima President, Fofie Lehmann, Class and Student Council President. STUDENT COUNCIL Democracy is a small hard core of common agreement, surrounded by a rich variety of individual diyjferences. JAMES CONANT 44 HOUSE COUNCIL OPTIMA A flame with zeal an ardent student plies This pen, with debt to better minds, devising, And writes a young manls book which testifies To months of genial philosophising . . . Out of the M aya-foam of worlds, all three Old man, young boy and undergraduate Their unsubstantial magic dreams create Wherein, all wreathed in smile, they seem to see The light eternal beelcon joyously. HERMAN HESSE 45 HOUSE COUNCIL-Mindy Poole, president, Beth Howell, Penny Smith, Cindy Garner, victim, Mrs. Fellowes, House Resident OPTIMA-Diana Zeiger, president, Mr. Pelham, advisor, Gigi Urow, Miss Gutheim, advisor. PREP PLAYERS-First row: Kim Watson, Tracey Williamson, Laura Kirby-Smith, Susan Wild, Lilibet Clarke, Alley Reynolds, Dee Conrad. Second Row: Kathi Shaffer, Karen Wise, Cindy Garner, Sue Sterrett, Debbi Button, Carol Ziegler. Third row: Bitsy Marshall, president, Peri Lyle, Sharon Railing, Mrs, Hoflin, advisor, Mr. Parady, director. PREP PLAYERS r I have mummy truths to tell Wlhereat the living mock, Though not for sober ear, For maybe all that hear Should laugh and weep an hour upon the clock. W. B. YEATS MOUNT VERNON SINGERS T w 3 i i i fi M.,-- 4 if 9? i MOUNT VERNON SINCERS-First row: Susan Roluvrts, Kiln XXHITSOH, president, jcnnic Farrell. Second row: Mari Manning, Trnccy Yvilliznnson, Bitsy Mnrslnill, Susan Wild, Tlzirrl row: Mme, Broclvnovn, director, Mindy Poole, Sliziron Railing, Lililvct Clarke, June Coaklc-y, Kutlii Sliuffcr, Ellen Subcl, F060 Lvlnnunn, Dclulni Button. CRESCEN DOS CRESCENDOS-First row: Fofic Lvlinninn, Karon XVisc-, Kiln XVatson, president, Bitsy Murslnill, Mindy Poolv. Scrconcl row: Tracey XVllllilIllSOH, jr-nniv Fnrrull, Blurcin Cilvson. Alzscnt: Alley Reynolds. LIBRARY COUNCIL-Diana Zeiger, Mrs. Pyke, advisor, Yevonne Yen, Sharon Railing, Mrs. Kasper, advisor, Gigi Urow, president, Felicia Battista, Peri Lyle. IJBRARX'COUNCH. CUPOLA CUPOLA-First row: Sharon Railing, Kathi Shaffer, Felicia Battista, Diana Zeiger, Yevonne Yen. Second row: Mary Drysdale, Ellen Sahel, Karen WVise, Cindy Garner, Tracey XVilliarnson, Peri Lyle, Gigi Urow. Third row: Karina Lion, Sue Sterrett, Ali Laird, Sally Collin, lane Coakley, Lilibet Clarke, Laura Kirby-Smith, Susan Wild. Fourth row: Senorita Carroll, advisor, Maureen Kralces, editor-in-chief. LEND-A-HAND LEND-A-HAND-First F0155 Mrs. Hunter, advisor, Kathi Shaffer, Penny Smith, president, Susan Roherts. Second row: Mindy Poole, Mari Manning, jaunes Lewis, chauffeur, Fofie Lehmann, Marcia Gibson, Jennie Farrell, Beth Howell, Janet Brockett, Ellen Sabel. CHAPEL GUILD r . 5 Nou: the ears of my ears awake and . Now the eyes of my eyes are opened. 5 all CUBIINIINGS 9 y rr Q. . we ww, CHAPEL GUILD-Stanrling: Marcia Cilvson, president. First row: Felicia Battista, Fofie Leliinann, Jennie Farrell, Bitsy Marshall. Second row: Mari Manning, janet Brockett, lane Coakley, Ali Laird. Third row: Mindy Poole, Penny Sniitli, Susan Roberts, Cindy Garner, Fourth row: Sharon Railing, Miss Cutlieim, advisor. . , ' SOCIAL LEAGUE 3 . 1 Q, 4 l -'4 my I ' 7' ' 'il ' '- ...W is ,MQ . 'y sg,i,.,L - 1. 'if W!'i 5 ' ., J in SOCIAL LEAGUE-First row: Jennie Farrell, Lilibet Clarke, Jani' Coakley, Sliaron Railing, Ali Laircl, president. Second row: Susan XVild, Felicia Battista, Penny Smith, Susan Roberts, Ellen Salmel. Absent: Mrs. Fellowes, advisor. 51 is ' f 2' ,ii ,U ' ,jw ,. J , Af-f I '61, wah I 'Q 44 X ATHLETICS It is cz safe premise that there would not be tremendous interest and participation if sport did not correspond to some important elements -.something deeply inlzerent in the human spirit. This has been evident in almost every country and every society. HENRY K. LUCE YELLQW TEAM YELLOVV TEAM-Sully Collin, Yellow Team euptuin, Ali Laird, Jane Coakley, Mary Drysclule, Dec Conrad, Peri Lyle Felicia Buttistu, janet Broekett, Ellen Sahel, IDTEIIH1 Zeiger, Sharon Railing, Tracey XVilliz1mson, Yevonne Yen, Fofic Lehmann Kim NVutson, Susan Roberts, Marcia Gibson, Penny Smith. Absent: Theo deklers. BASKETBALL-Ellen Sahel, Penny Smith, Karen Wise, Jennie Farrell, Susan Wild, Lilibet Clarke, Folie Lehmann, Tracey Williamson. Absent: Debbi Button, Sally Collin, Bitsy Marshall, Susan Roberts. GYMNASTICS BASKETBALL GYMNASTICS-Sitting: Lilibet Clarke, Jennie Farrell. Standing: Tracey Williamson, Kathi Shaffer. Absent: Sharon Railing. vs w'e . 1 V 4, -:Ll x Q, Q ' jk' 'W 2' -if p ' Mx. 4 ff IQ AQV. ' We 9311? M, an .f!':H1AZQ. wJi':Y,'Nm wx ,v- ug wt +IM7HI"!ff. my ,.f.nL.r.5'F'K.l Jim vw V, ,...,,. f ,J .tw 1, .J - Dramatics in the 1890,s. Q.- I" Although faces change with time, the thoughts and actions of man and woman retain a continuity of puquoscz thc scarch for a destiny that lies beyond timc and space. Bitsy Marshall 1 Alley Reynolds t .K . 'ff J i -r ,LJ ' L ,f ' .Q i nf Y 4 . L i' 1. ,Ml Manga? il . -, - . ti i ,A img A it f 'M :,2sKV,f"'ik M ws-H ' Q sf R if ,-,LQ Lk fgfcigl if ' L av ' tt is me i. fu W -fi 1 if V A, ,L 'jg witty i 3 i if, giltmgt -J i, n v 'L 1 me it it it .i 'fflfn' Mgt 5 tiff? Mi' Hui .1 lux lrwwlt i - - -- i 1 'w 4' fe li lt A H lt- , 1 X f li " ' X ' 'Y J , an .A MA 1 Senior Basketball in 1916 YL? Diana Zeigcr, Maureen Krakes Susan Wild, Karen VVisc sk I., xxx Old Field House on Foxhall Road Campus New Field House on Foxhall Road Campus Z I Kim Watson QfXA!fb.,I5 RJVX-QjvXSgLfN'NX X D V3 f I ff- ,f Mug M5 ,f-YxQfL,NQgx, ,, 4Qfvx ci'v1'L,f' ffWflki.f1J f'Y1f6'GJCp'QIBdW X fuk' J J: L mg VK 15 Mg 6? ,,,UZI Q fnwmo, cw 'mfg JOJLAJQ df UJ4fCVX aimfmlfi QX0' 'q U" L' '7 V f, ' Judd 'A b w X' rf! fibfq Tjdvljcffjixkjgyx U Vx'fC A VJLJ4 ,fjqfkjjd CfLf'V'XC- , .Q Q ,, , 111' X-Q f , 1 ' fLcf4AfLzpJ f X ' A SVU is Ugg-J Ilya, -' j WL Q I . L' ' , ' I -'J , 'X v . fl ' 'Aw A 'Li f-i3ffWUfLfLJTN It ! I V CdVL,iL,Jjgj L, XXL, Lf f 'bfzfx J K-9'f-AJL' 'lf L J Q ', ,V W i , ,J f, f .,1Z,AJ " ,Q fbwi 4541 J fi, UL,ALCL!i I If bfi 6cJE.L,d-ft! kk. 5 ufi! Y X V' m y Gamer l W ljjq L- ' ' ' A 'J X A Juffgzjug nf 5 Z7 AQ? X 9 NS P I C IP Qe X ,, H ' SU N1 y Eli :QQ , 'X Q 1 f 5 FU 3 4 QQ Q Lilibet Clarke H- Q 4 Q1 60 , Y HJ MJ 9 Amvs and Refectory in 1969 Rcfcctoxy in 1949 Q aiu.: M9451 iq- f ,lnmiqg Hills: lwlihlhlii e L Ha Somers House in the 1950,s. Bedroom at 1100 M Street in 1890's THEN ,...-- ,,........- ..-1 ,..1 ...ns ..........- ,-...-v .1-n -ui Mindy Poole Susan Roberts N O W Karina Lion Jennie Farrell Girls at CARE. Student Council 1928-29 W' 'H ' --M36-.--. ., ,. A Daisy Chain Procession in the 19303-Miss Brouse and Mr. Lloyd. Girls at 1969 Inaugural Parade. in janet Brockett Tracey Williamson Sue Sterrett Kathi Shaffer Miss Guth vjjjh adO. dj-1 were UHJQ Only 1n a p1cture can we crystallize a moment of eternity Ellen Sabel EPILGGUE The entire object of true education is to make people not merely to do the right things but to enjoy them,' not merely industrious, but to love industryg not merely learned but to love lqnowledgeg not merely pure but to love purityg not merely just, but to hunger and thirst after justice. RUSKIN if ,W R , l -'ff if FACULTY-Bllle. Jenny Bounous: French, Bliss Marjorie F, Gutheim: Dean, U.S. History, International Relations, Bible, Optima, Cum Laude, Student Council, Chapel Guild, Class Advisor, Srta. Maria F. Carroll: Spanish, Cupola, Mrs. VVayne Hunter: Biology, Chemistry, Lencl-A-Hand, Mrs. NVentworth Peirce: English. ,?r i 1 B yi 19 F Mrs. Hilda Shapiro-Thorpe: Art, Art History. Q V P' Mr. Peter D. Pelham: President, Optima. Mme. Lida Brodcnova: Voice, Mount Vernon Singers. WOR Willow? STAFF-Mrs. Marvin Kasper: Librariang Mrs. Thomas Pyke, Jr.: Assistant Lihrariang Absent: Mrs. Meredith Malter Secretary. tt iii :- A K, Ax ey " w 1 Q 3, A .2""' i Mrs. Philip Perry: Secretary to Dean. Mrs. Frank Beam: Bookstoreg Mrs. Charles Massey: Bookstore Manager, Day Studentsg Mrs. William VVatcrs: Bookstore. Mrs. William Huntington: Athleticsg Mrs. Edmund Ryder Athletics, Athletic Associationg Absent: Mrs. Thomas Rihn Athletics. 70 REMAINING STAFF MRS. VERA RIACKRILL Secretary to the President MIIS. ARTHUR CRAWFORD Secretary to tlze President MRS. CHARLES SEILHEIMER... Alumnae Director MRS. ROBERT TRUDEL Secretary to Alumnae Director MR. ROBERT MURRAY ,eee,, Eee,eE B usiness Manager MISS MARY COPELAND.. ee,e .. . ,eee . Accountant MISS JEAN BURDETTE ee,e,eee .. Bookkeeper MRS. ROBERT DAVISON Teee, . . .. . Clerk MISS JANYCE NOTOPOULOS Assistant to the President in Development Offee MRS. RICHARD CADY Secretary in Development Ojiee MRS. THEODORE KNAP Secretary in Development Oyfice MRS. JABIES EYLES ..... .. E . ..... Head Nurse MRS. JABIES VVELSII .... E ...... Nurse MRS. IRENE WVRAY. . .. .... ......... ..... . .Nurse MISS IIELEN BOYDEN. Director of Household MR. FRANK HUBBARD . .. Plant Superintendent MRS. E. C. KINNEAR. ............ ............ P ostmistress MRS. EVELYN NASH .. .. Telephone Operator Bea Spottswood, Katie Blair jnmcs Lewis When Time has cast his shadow upon the bounded page, He lingers only long enough to cast a backward gaze. v A MNH, J.-, . ., --...,,A if mrmfwl Q if , wgglasq, Agni? 4. H33 W .4 4 ff 1 F E ' I -. P W Y ' , ' 'Y - K - : Q 1 ! I "W 9-up .,,,Nwl'w-N. A ,Q W We Lug: Q Q-......, .,.,,, ,, F ,.,, lk, www, nf ye -1, ,252 . ' Q' O 1' ,Q w5Y?52!.3'ff -i ffwf-wifi: 1-qw, .,..,,, . -ffm I W H , -wife ., , CLIIDOIE 5 VE xx R49 M4' Q 1875 Q9 4' 'P fp E W 2 S 3 as vs graduat The Mothers' Club 1 h ing Cl f 1969 SPONSORS Mr. Albert Battista Mr. E. D. Brockett Mr. john E. Button Dr. Charles Coakley Mr. Sidney Collin Mr. Robert Conrad Mr. Douglas Drysdale Mr. Francis Farrell Colonel Arthur L. Carner Mr. Manuel Ciberga Mr. Sloan Cibson, Jr. Mrs. Otto Haug Dr. Charles Howell, Ir. Dr. Iohn S. Kirby-Smith Mr. Paul Krakes Mr. Melvin Laird Mr. Robert O. Lehmann Mrs. Clyde Litton Mr. Kent S. Manning Mr. john Marshall Mr. H M Poole, jr. Mr. W. E. Railing Mr. T. H. Reynolds Mr. Harold Roberts Mr. Mark Sabel Mr. Wfilliam Shaffer, Ir. Mr. W. Griswold Smith Mr. Charles W. Steadman Mr. Frank Sterrett Mrs. Edythe C. Urow Mr. Marvin Watson Mr. Claude C. WVild, Ir. Mr. Craig F. Williamson Mr. William Wise Dr. Iohn Ziegler FACULTYINRECTCRY Bounous, Mlle. Jenny 4866 MacArthur Blvd. N.W. Washington, D. C. 20007 Brodenova, Mme. Lida 4529 Grant Road, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20016 Carroll, Srta. Maria 4820 Reservoir Road, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20007 Fellowes, Mrs. M. P. 3 Cobourg Street Coderich, Ont., Canada Cutheim, Miss Marjorie F. 612 Huron Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Hellin, Mrs. Martin 1727 19th Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20009 Hunter, Mrs. Wayne 3642 N. Piedmont Street Arlington, Virginia 22207 Kasper, Mrs. Marvin 11244 Evans Trail Beltsville, Maryland 20705 Massey, Mrs. Charles 4536 Lowell Street, N .W. Washington, D. C. 20016 STUDENTINRECTORY Battista, Felicia 4334 Reno Road, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20008 Brockett, Janet Apt. 25 H, Cateway Towers Cateway Center Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222 Button, Deborah Ann 'iApple End" 193 Chestnut Ridge Road Saddle River, New Jersey 07458 Clarke, Lillian Huntington Farm Clarksville, Maryland 21029 Coakley, Jane 5175 Watson Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20016 Collin, Sally 5501 Parkston Road Washington, D. C. 20016 Conrad, Margaret Anne 5341 Falmouth Road Washington, D. C. 20016 deMers, Theodora 5310 Edgcmoor Lane Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Drysdale, Mary 1921-24th Street, N.W. XVashington, D. C. 20008 Farrell, Jennie Forest Hills Aberdeen, North Carolina 28315 Carner, Cynthia 1600 South Eads Apt. 1004-S Arlington, Virginia 22202 Gibson, Marcia 601 Emerywood Drive High Point, North Carolina 27262 Haug, Ingrid 9111 Cherbourg Drive Potomac, Maryland 20854 Howell, Elizabeth 1100 Kent Road East Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106 Peirce, Mrs. Wentworth 57 Observatory Circle, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20008 Perry, Mrs. Philip 3807 N. 24th Street Arlington, Virginia 22207 Rihn, Mrs. Thomas 5105 Knickerbocker Drive Alexandria, Virginia Ryder, Mrs. Edmund 4636 West Frankfort Drive Rockville, Maryland 20853 Thorpe, Mrs. James 319 South Pitt Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Kirby-Smith, Laura 5307 Blackstone Road WVashington, D. C. 20016 Krakes, Maureen 5721 MacArthur Blvd., N.W. VVashington, D. C. 20016 Laird, Alison 5703 Kirkwood Drive WVashington, D. C. 20016 Lehmann, Florence 500 North Creen Bay Road Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 Lion, Karina 2216 Wyoming Avenue, N.W NVashington, D. C. 20008 Lyle, Peri 5311 Albemarle Street, N.W. YVashington, D. C. 20016 Manning, Mari 119 Springhouse Lane Pittsburgh, Pa. 15238 The D. C. Alumnae Chapter congratulates the Class of 1969. WQ1'!7L-:er fi Q S Q? 4 KV 53 9535 M 3955 STUDENT DIRECTORY Shaffer, Kathleen 9 Deer Trail Marshall, Elizabeth 2804 Daniel Road Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015 Poole, Melinda 1592 Deer Path Mountainside, New jersey 07092 Smith. Penelope 210 Irving Place Railing, Sharon Cedar Crest Manor Pennsgrove, New Jersey 08069 Steadman, Dorothy Armond, New York 10501 XVatergate East, Apt. 1-103 S 2500 Virginia Avenue, NAV. XVild. Susan 5716 Bent Branch Road XVashington, D. C. 20016 NVilliamson. Tracey 7917 Creentree Road Greensboro, North Carolina 27-108 Bethesda. Maryland 2003-1 'xVise, Karen 7920 Cindy Lane Bethesda, Maryland 20034 XVashington, D. C. 20016 Reynolds, Alice 1612-44th Street, N.W. WVashington, D. C. 20007 Sterrett, Susan 5008 Keokuk Street Roberts, Susan 620 Barnsdale Road Wfinston-Salem, North Carolina 27106 Sabel, Ellen 2465 East Cloverdale Park Montgomery, Alabama 36106 Urow, Iacqueline XVatson, Kimberly NVashington, D. C. 20016 2801 New Mexico Avenue, NAV. XVashington, D. C. 20007 2728 North Fillmore Street Arlington, Virginia 22207 Yen, Yevonnc 233, Macdonnell Road llill View Building Hong Kong Zeiger, Diana 2801-36th Street, N.VV. XVashington, D. C. 20007 Ziegler, Carol 202 Princess Anne Drive Olney, Maryland 20832 Southern California Alumnae Chapter If you have built castles in the air, Your work need not be lost, That is where they should be. Nou: put foundations under them. HENRY THOREAU MOUNT VERNON SEMINARY Milwaukee, Wisconsin - BOOKSTORE Alumnae Chapter 65. JN OEQSQ E? JNFSEQ mcsjx .22 .NEON Aw-A rg .EEEUQ A305 UEPOE SOEMQIO A35 Mm mm 6205 Um NMEWZQ OWUEWEUHM .22 82. Hmm .Hamm U3 ,332 65554 ta 'mam 5 NSN Uma, U H32 .QP .S r NSN nzazoumg? .SSN ESSEEU NEED Euegaw mo: -as 'U .NS HELD! -E2 ACESEED AQHZHUQHP Emma .SE 65 E820 iam gg Nzmwgi A ii '22 is 'gg OEOE4 gm A .Om gag 5 gg nm EUGENE 22 SSEQ gm .EE swam A' 'HQ mio Naam Ham Om ADEQ QAM Egwgmm .22 Isvgsm 'mms mu GQ nbwavgmm .NS-Z Hmmm ROHEQOQHWO .M HEQOE .22 ISNEQ 6055 E554 RE? SPE can AEQOOU grim gangs waz .SEEN AWEMF it :mm QSQMHMEU hmggmm QOQEOH FSL ADDED QOEQEE DUN? wj AVEENQE .rm V32 .22 6256220 U' EOMQU EHDOW ' NA- swgeti WZ: HNCUVNQM 550m Sm JH Atggw .. 5: Q 1 -E2 dwg- -NE AMZSSFWZZME A A .EN my EOMTZKWJQOM wyndam EN X mg in H am -Z EMO L2 ESEQN nzowmmo ' :U Q K-Civ-O :gm ini lvmgm gm 6:03 .m wah .22 'S -EASE D Q onlime .Sag Q .BOF dgm Sain gg it AO 66895 ONQI L wwm Siam AE: A .EDODQEO gow Ammgbwm 4 EOF -2 ' b X L , .EEN OHODEDEU QED 52:02 dwg Em N nam JUZOQHQE 'E Tam .22 -OSSSEU AQZHJOMQU EHMOZ .good View 252 Jwwbw MES Hmmm ma ADEEQ M9382 In .22 -fag Q52 hmmow amz .CEC Eggm ibm 93 CON nODwgm um M389 '22 IQZEUZM amz .ummm OHEBQOHL HHEOM QOONS Emi Im. O A. Q25 .2 .2 EEO .EZ S3 -Mm AEDOEE -awww wean BEOHH 22:6 U55 MODS EO WN J I. E35 EE .22 .EEG 25505 .EEN EO . QL I .54 GSE 'Em NSN :Eg EWEOEUEM divan DUEBEOU mag SEER v It AQZQWEMQE .386 83535 Ami n v Q A.-. amiga S2 635 .ZOE SEED? .22 SEED waz: A .msg Ewigm desi SEQ Ago? E52 nw I2 Q2 S335 E535 bong SEZ 635 EE '25 gow HEOEBENS .A H552 '22 'ESE REQEMU Iowan MES H353 QED Awami! N: dgam 'M H5302 .22 'QNEUTO F! I ENS U:QEO3Oi 65554 MEONQQ :ww AH: QSGOQ Siam -E2 -NRECSVEE Nmvmm :otwm doom Jwwbm each gm gigs I2 EEE .22 .SEE Som AQQEOE 'ENS WEEE ngewiix AN-mm -E4 635 gm 0:2 Enom O03 amiga EEE ,EZ 452360 mo SESS .ONNOMW Eggs A625 NEED mm: Jam .2 gain 1:2 'QSDSQ AOQQMHQHOU 'bong BQ ORM AHEOMH Osmabmgf :Q ANMMQ NEED 2:2 mmogm 0262 aww A052054 QEOQ U85 NB dagm no HEOM .22 daastvm Sum I .mag dmqgamna SOME ' F 6 OO gg '22 .SEE V3 A525555 . Own UEOQOQ EOL 635 NCUEOHGO2 Mi Qgwam lm magna W . A IQNNEOE -mann S2355 1 bgmim Nam gi mai .22 Sgwggm 42254 .MVUO-:MU TVCU XL?-DOU mm-Ut A-Do:mDo-It mn-J-Q P: WUC-U Co:UmUomm4 UUCED-4 COC-hm, E302 UF: ot: OEOU-U3 002- W0 35-U 2: 2 20:5--:UU-mp-Ou 'The Class of 1969 will occupy a very special place in the heart of Mt. Vernon. The Board of Trustees Wishes each of you every success and We sincerely hope that your future Will include visits to this campus Where you Will always be warmly remembered and Welcomedf, THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES MRS. OSCAR D. NOHOWEL, Chairman . . .... . . . .,.. Bethesda, Maryland Class of '46 I. BURKE KNAPP, Vice-Chairman ......., ..... C hevy Chase, Maryland MRS. SEYINIOUR S. PRESTON, IR., Secretary . , . . . ,ll.. Media, Pennsylvania Class of '28 J. HILLMAN ZAHN, Treasurer , . . .... Washington, D. C. PAUL LANDON BANFIELD , . . , , . . Bethesda, Maryland C. WALLER BARRETT 4.., .... C harlottesville, Virginia IRVING D. BERGER .......... ...,..,i. ,,,., . . ....i. . . ,Washington, D. C. MRS. EDWARD S. BLACKWELL, IR. .......,... .,....,... S hort Hills, New Iersey Class of '31-Alumnae Representative to the Board of Trustees DAVID P. CLOSE .................,............. ,..,...., W ashington, D. C. GEORGE M. FERRIS, JR. ............,.. .... C hevy Chase, Maryland REV. DR. SIDNEY W. GOLDSMITH, JR. .,.. .....,.. F airlee, Vermont MRS. RALPH F. COW ,.................,...... ,.., W orcester, Massachusetts Class of '26 GILBER1' M. GROSVENOR . , . .... Washington, D. C. DAVID LLOYD KREEGER . . ,.., Washington, D. C. MRS. THOMAS MANN ..., .,... N ew York, New York HERBERT A. MAY, IR. ..., ...,. O Wings Mills, Maryland CHARLES F. MILES ,.,..... .... ....., .,..,.., E l k hart, Indiana MRS. ROBERT S. MURPHY . . . , , , , .,,......, ,.... W ashington, D.C. Class of '60 PETER D. PELHAM ..,....f , ,.......,.... .... W ashington, D. C. MRS. MERBIWEATHER POST ,.... ...,......,... .... W a shington, D. C. Class of '04 MRS. AUCUSTUS RICCS, IV . . . .,..., . , , . ,.,, Woodbine, Maryland Class of '26 DOUGLAS R. SMITH .,... Warrenton, Virginia HENRY STRONG ........,....,,.,....,..,....... ......... W ashington, D. C. MRS. OTTO I. TEEGEN ......,.. ....,...,..,,......,... N ew York, New York Class of '21-President of the Alumnae Association MOUNT VERNON Yesterday Today and Tomorrow The New York Club Mount Vernon Alumnae Association PATRONS Battista Stone Co., Inc. Cabin John Shopping Center 365-7482 Brooks Photographers 7349 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda, Maryland Margaret Spencer of Georgetown Van Ness Centre 4301 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D. C. Mrs. Otto John Teegen 1220 Park Avenue New York, New York Tweeds 'n Things Wisconsin at Western Chevy Chase Center . Vincent et Vincent of Foxhall Road 1605 Foxhall Road, N.W., Washington, D. C. Phone 338-5200 Farr Jewelers Foxhall Cleaners and Launderers Morin and Captain Amoco Service Rhode Island Cleaners Mrs. Jean Chase Mrs. Edward S. Blackwell The Chicago Club of Mount Vernon Seminary Miss Marjorie Gutheim Mr. and Mrs. George W. Huguely, lll Mrs. Tipton Jennings Oklahoma Alumnae Club Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth Willis Peirce, Jr. Mr. Peter Pelham Mr. Douglas R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Seilheimer, Jr. Cissy Smith '65 Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Sterrett Mrs. W. Wallace Young Miss Elizabeth Zahn Prep 66 Senior Class of Mount Vernon Junior College '69 The Pelham children as well as their parents will miss the Class of 1969. Q 2' w maid l 2 We would like to thank Mr. Hutton, Q 1 W 3 our publisher, and Mr. Brooks, our 7 9 w 6 Q S photographer, for all their years of A A w a M X devoted service. . 4 N The Cupola Q S lb 3 Q C vw :Co SES ef' 5 Q .D 0 , . sc -if 56's 5 25' A . , 9, 5 F . '- .:: Q vu l GPIC 9 Q' CD cn PATRONS Class ol 1966 Lynn Simonds Hamilton Nora Jordan Margot Kelly Shelly Murphy Daisy Smith Class of 1967 Dorothy Brownell Vicki Case Deborah Davis Gabrielle Egger Mary Evins Elaine Fesenmyer Pamela Frey Sheryl Hehemann Caroline Kenworthy Julia Lucas Jane Page McCamy Carolyn Mercer Nadia Nightingale Stephanie Smiley Randol Stephens Candice Tooker Ann West Joan Westaway Beverly Wilkinson Lee Willis Class of I968 Pressie Asher Rebecca Bean Cynthia Beasley Allyn Billingsley Kathryn Horkan Gail Huguely Victoria Leiter Trudy McCormac Nancy Nachman Elizabeth Pfaff Martha Walker Kate Williams Class of I969-Almost Chia Rogers Sally Stephens

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