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y ,V s ' ,. .. 'K M 3. -Q -u Q , fxmf I -A 'wx ,x , .'3'iT5'f Q V ,N Law, -1 . fu 'L wa v , My . F2 'Q 'Yub- V We Q ww iw . , .V-,gp K ug -. , E ul W .t -L - Tir -qi " fi' A : wi: ' my, , A - si' W' 42" A 1 ,V -W Mgr 5:5474 3, 4 f - 7 X V 1 V! .ghsx K Q K WA Yr QL 3' J, .Q 1- V' 132, 231 3 v t ' qv Q , T. ' f ' ' f-sv 2. yur 2 ,W Q -N-1 fm W ,, ,M - , 1' , . W Y, N ,gsm X ,Q , ' 'Q ww! wwf My .. , W Q, . A 4'-U v ' , Ei , ,,5"f?':, r,. 13, wiv fif'2i'sg ' 5' "A .4 if 1. Wm'f'?ff -Q N 1 KW SM ' AT -KWf'5 3 Q 1 h K' W , . A HE. ' Q ' 'viii 4 wif, ' ' A A ' .iz ig ' X 1 K "' 1 1 ' ' WL ' l . ' ,msg -+ 1 an , f Q , ' 4 jf ,rf K N M52 ,fd JM 'V 24- K' . , . 1, ,wig P MOUNT VERNON SEMINARY 2100 Foxhall Road, N.W. Washington 7, D.C. 1962 5 VE Editor-in-Chief .......... DIAANE BIORTON QSYXXX RWO4, Art Editor .......... XIAHc:Au1-LT N ICHOLS i fp Bzlsizresg. Ma,1a,qe,- ,,...... LAVINIA 1Jmc1E E Literary Editor ........ DIANE DE'rw11,En 4- 9 Q Q Plzotogmphy Editor . . .CAHOLYN COWDEN 2 A 'S Assistant Editor ......... LAURIE PRATE11 JS wx? Advisor ....,... SNTA. NIARIA F. CAMQULL 1875 U :IL 2 , ! Q I TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION . . CALENDAR ........ IVE REMEMBER ........... FACULTY .................... Message to the Class of 1962 . . . Farewell ................... Faculty and Staff .......... STUDENT GOVERNMENT ...... . .. IIonor Pledge ............................ Message from the Student Body President . . . Student Council ......................... House Council . . . Alma Mater . . . . . Abdication Song .. . SENIORS ......... Class History ....... UNDERCLASSMEN . . Iunioi s .......... Sophoinores , Freshmen .. ACTIVITIES .. Optiina ....... Chapel Guild .... Carousel ...... CUPOLA .... Prep Players . . . Cvlee Club ..,.. Lend-a-Hand .... Library Council ..... Christmas Activities .. . Social League ....... ATHLETICS ......... Athletic Association . . . Cheerleaders ....., Hockey ....... Basketball . . . Softball ........... Tennis ............. ADVERTISEMENTS .... Mr. Lloyd B. YVilson, Ir., member, Board of Trustees and Mr. Frank Russell, Treasurer, the Fathers, Association. DEDICATIGN Mount Vernon Seminary is very proud to have as one of its organizations, the Fathers' Association. The father of each girl attending Mount Vernon is auto- matically a member of it. Although a relatively new club, the fathers have shown much interest and enthusiasm in it, and have been eager to better the school in any way possible. Only two years ago, a language laboratory was donated to our school to assist in learning foreign languages by ear. Mount Vernon students have profited greatly by its use, and are appreciative for the thoughtfulness shown by the Association. This interest has again been made evident by their great concern for our year- book, CUPOLA. Last year it was decided by the fathers to give further support than in past years in financing CUPOLA. This has made it possible for the com- mercial advertising to be excluded from the yearbook, relieving the pressure on the students of getting outside ads. It is with sincere gratitude that we proudly dedicate the 1962 edition of CU1'oi.,x to the Fathers' Association of Mount Vernon Seminary. 4, N I r ti ff , 1,41 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 14-Day Student Picnic 19-Registration Day 22-Old-Girl-New-Girl Party 23-Trip to Mount Vernon, Virginia 29-A.A. Picnic OCTOBER 7-Sightseeing at The NVhite House 12-15-Yearbook Conference, Columbia University 17-Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test 21-Sightseeing at the Capitol 26-Honor Assembly 30-Alumnae Council Arrives NOVEMBER 2-Founderis Day 1:00 p.m.-Mrs. Lloyd tells history of the school 4:00 p.m.-School Birthday Party 3-Alumnae Council leaves Junior-Senior Party ll-Fall Dance 21-26-Thanksgiving Vacation DECEMBER 2-College Board Examinations-S.A.T.,s 9-Christmas Dance ll-Optima Christmas Party 13-Christmas Fireside Program 14-Christmas Vacation begins JANUARY 3-Christmas Vacation ends 6-Sightseeing at Supreme Court 13-College Board Achievement Examina- tions l9-24-Mid-Semester Exams 24-28-XVeekend at Lake Placid 26-End of First Semester 29-Beginning of Second Semester FEBRUARY 10-Valentine Dance 16-18-Buck Hill Falls Religious Conference 26-Parade for Astronaut Jolm Glenn MARCH 3-Scholastic Aptitude Tests for the Juniors 6-National Merit Scholarship Examinations 8-10-International Relations Trip to New York 12-15-Posture VVeek 21-Spring Vacation begins APRIL 3-Spring Vacation ends 12-Pan-American Assembly 13-Valley Forge Concert Z0-Cood F riday-no classes 27-Fathers, Day 'cPeter Pani' Presented by Prep Players MAY 4-Elections 11-Junior-Senior Banquet 18-A.A. Banquet 19-College Board Achievements for Juniors 25-Last Chapel 25-30-Final Exams JUNE 2-Alumnae Luncheon Commencement Dance 3-Baccalaureate Service Class Night 4-Commencement 4 Beyond these Portals . . . friends, fzunilizn' faces, eagerness, excitement, good times, and knowledge to be found. x 2 if 5 'Wir , 'Vw' N,,, 4 W- Agni, Q..- W' an is 7 v Mail plays an important part in tlw life of each l7iJ21l'Clt?1'-kKDG2ll' Mom, Bill invited me up for the weekend of the 2Ttl1. Dmft tell Daddy, pleaselll' The place for food and collversation, vvcn if l'0llllClIlg. l W' ost:-L54 MW, 625 waist 'Q Books, books, magazines, and more books-any kind, fact or fiction, tragedy or comedy Vvh0-Vvhilt-vVhC1l-XVII61'6-HOWPAED gw.., , Q.-.iwwvm M b -i Eat, drink, and be - - - During the spring the Green Tlnnnlm Clnln helps to lneuntify the campus. The Sports Club anns to keep ns plrysically fit. 9 There is always il time when we need the peace and solitude of natureis outdoors-a time when we can relax and read, or just drezuii-d1'eam about things beyond the stars. Eli, it 5 F !,,m ' 134095 Future I'IO1HClH2lk61'S of AlN61'iCi1H af' Au opportunity to increase reading speed and comprcheusiou. Painting and sculpture-self vxprcs- sion throuffh C1'0'1tix'e work. O L Once ou Christmasv Itys those unused muscles that ache! -i. 5' sf M if if fi? , WWMQQMW , ,,., M " W. I A perfect ending to il perfect evening. 1535Olll'Xvillfxlltilll'fgllilijll I I'GINC'Illbl'I' the XVLITIII welcome of my friends to bc: the dc-cp amd warn friendships that grew out of this l'llCOIlllt6l'1 tlw good and happy times wr sluuredg tlw classes amd studyg thc games and purticsg all that wc lmw lvurned to p1'epa1'e us for life qllwucl-tlmis and morc I rcmc-mlmcr. ww ,sew QN- 'W . Q, Qs E, 2 H5 'Q' gl: ' I si M Wxfiis ig K as WMM ww 'V ww 25 ,Vx if Xl S 'uv- fxkaxww Q. NNW J 6? S N b 1 cf XX u S vxj N fe , IQ t V 1 7 X Mus. Gisonerg XV. Lrorn MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Once again it is June in January for me he- cause of your editoras request that I Write at Christmas time a message for CUPoLA. Outside my Window snow lies on the campus and a wintry Wind hrings sleet and freezing rain in its train. Yet in the warmth of my firelit room I seem to hear the rustle of long White dresses and to catch the fragrance of Com- mencement roses. How proud my husband and I are to he grad- uating With the Class of 1962! XVC hope you will admit us to honorary membership. True it is that it has taken us much longer than you to get through, hut We shall he sharing on Com- mencement morning the same joy that marks the happy accomplishment of one stage of our journey and the same excited anticipation of What lies ahead. XVords that you have often heard me read in morning Chapel come again to mind as I Watch you go your separate Ways to college: MI said to the man who stooa' at the Gate of the year: Give me a Light that I may tread safely into the unknown. And he replied: Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of GOD. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known wayf, Dear love to you always, and God bless you everyone. january 1962 18 Du. AND Bins. GEonGE NV. L1,oYn FAREWELL Mount Vernon is a closely knit school coin- posed of the student body, the faculty and staff, and the President and Headmistress. Under the devoted administration of Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd during the last quarter century the school has grown in strength and spirit. When Mount Vernon was forced to leave its Nebraska Avenue location during the war, it was moved into eleven new houses in Spring Valley. For a time it was rough sailing for all, but Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd never gave up the hope of building a new school. In 1946, through their determination and faith, the new Mount Vernon was opened on Foxhall Road. This year we are losing our beloved President 19 and Headinistress, who have guided us in learn- ing, and strengthened us in the development of character and sound reasoning. This guidance will enable us to face with greater maturity those problems which will undoubtedly arise for us in the future. Each member of the school has grown to love and cherish those years which have been spent with Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd at Mount Vernon. YVith a warm and understanding heart but a firm and directing hand, they have enriched our lives. XVith loyalty we will always try to live up to those goals which they have held be- fore us. There can never be a good-bye, for what they have left behind will live in our hearts forever. Seated, left to right: Miss French, Miss Osgood, Miss Saporito, Miss Cutheim, Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Peirce. Second row: Mrs. Hefhu, Mrs. Lowry, Mrs. Massey, Mrs. Lampert, Miss Livingston, Mrs. Heincmau. Absent: Mrs. Baer, Mlle. Bounous, Mr. Laufman, Mrs. Silcox, Miss Thomas. Mrs. Lloyd and Miss Gutheim. FACULTY Education is by no means restricted to the classroom, but that which is presented there has a great effect on the whole proc- ess of learning. At Mount Vernon, the members of the faculty strive to instill in their pupils the greatest possible enthusi- asm for knowledge. They realize the im- portance of their own interest and guid- ance, and in every department, the teachers are unfailingly willing to help their stu- dents to understand, and become proficient in unfamiliar subjects. There are five major academic depart- ments at Mount Vernon. The English de- partment oiiers a broad study of the lan- guage and literature from early English times to the present. The teachers must be as well versed in Shakespeare as in e.e. cummings, in rhetoric as well as in gram- mar. The history department also covers a broad area of study, both in place and time. The courses range from Bible to Interna- tional Relations, including Ancient, Mod- ern European, American, and English His- tory. How well the teachers open up the 20 c-ciiitiim-s to stnnnlalv tliv stnclcnts lw tlivn' at-tivo lIllt'l'ltStl 'llliv languagv clc'partinvnl oitvrs tliorongli instruction in FI'ttIK'lI. l,atin, anal Spanisll. ln vacli of tlwsc tlic- stnclc-nt is not only tanglit Qraniniar, lint also is given an op- portunity clnring tlic- niorv aclvanc-val yt-ars to rcacl sonic of tln- classics. Bccaiisn- inatlivinaticfs ancl scic'm'v arc' lwcoiniiig so important in our fast moving worltl. llwst' Slll7ll'L'tS arv grvatly strc-ssc'cl. Xot only aw two yours of algvlmra anal ont- of Qconn-trx ottvrvcl. lint also aclx'anL-ml niatli for tliost- ii1tc'1'vstc'cl in pursuing tlic' snldicct fnrtlwr. Biology' and Clivinistry arc tanglit witli tln- cxpvi'it-iic1- and c-apalmility cliaractoristic- oi all tlic- faculty. l No niattcr wliat ln-r livlcl, cacli tcaclivr at Nlonnt Vernon clvliglits in bringing tlit- liglit oi' nvw cliscovwy' to lwr students. Slick appc-ars Faitlifully witli a sniilc and a livlp- tnl word, and l'CflLl1'CllL'SS of licr pcrsonal prolilvnis, slie will continnv witli tlic sanit- frvsli intvrvst wliicli cannot fail to stiinn- latc tlu- students. Tliv prc-sont faculty ol' Hrs. Lowryancl Xliss Lix'ill25t0l'- Xlount, Ycrnon ccrtainly lvnd spirit ancl ac-aclviiiic clistinction to oin' st-liool. SITIIVKI, iff! to rigfll: Xlrs. Sliapiro. Xlrs, Long. Sm-norita Carroll. Xlrs. Ilrovst-In-r. Xlililllllll' l'zroqlt-iirwa. Xlaclann' Cilrrv, Sfu mg: Xlrs. l.1ttlv, Nlr. Built-. Xlrs. Clvlancl. Xlrs. Kuiiiit-fly. Xlrs. Spa-in-v. Xliss Brit-rlcy. Nliss Xlnzxey. Xlrs. 'l'owt-. Hrs.. Cain Xlrs. lfvans, .XII-S'!'llfI Xlrs. Brown:-. Xlrs, lm-, Nlrs, lllrcw. ION FACULTY AND STAFF, 1961-62 DOCTOR GEORGE W. LLOYD. . . MRS. GEORGE W. LLOYD ...... MISS IVIARJORIE GUTHEIB1 ,... MRS. NIARY SPENCE ........ MRS. LEONARD NIAURER .... DOCTOR HAROLD LINDNER .... MRS. EDITH C. LOWRY ....... MRS. WENTWORTH W. PEIRCE. MRS. PAUL HEINEMAN ....... MISS ANN LIVINGSTON ..... MISS LOUISE OSGOOD .... MRS. MARTIN HEFLIN .... MISS HOPE FRENCH ...... IVILLE. JENNY BOUNOUS ..... MME. JEANNE CURRY .... MRS. JOHN V. LONG ......... SENORITA MARIA CARROLL .... MRS. CHESTER LAMPERT ..... MRS. ANNE SAPORITO ........ MISS BARBARA BRIERLEY ..... MRS. W. BRUCE SILCOX .... MRS. IRVIN T. SHAPIRO ..... MRS. JOHN KENNEDY ..... MME. LIDA BRODENOVA .... MR. HARLAN LAUEMAN.J .... MRS. ALEXANDER B. HAWES. . . MISS MARGO CHASE ......... MRS. JAMES M. EVANS ..... MRS. MRS. KIM C. CANNON ..... LYMAN H. LEGTERS ..... MISS ELIZABETH THOMAS .... MRS. KARL A. BAER ......... MRS. WILLIAM B. CLELAND. . . MRS. MAUDE BROWNE ........ MRS. HELEN ULREY ........ MRS. GRACE C. LEE ......... MRS. AILEEN M. FELLOWES. . . MRS. MARY TOWE ........... MRS. MABLE SHENK ....... MRS. MARY BATTER ....... MRS. JOHN B. HODGKIN .... MRS. MRS MRS. JOHN B. DROESCHER .... STUART LITTLE ....... CHARLES MASSEY ..... MRS. EMMA-LEE KINNEAR .... MRS. VERA MACKRILL ..... MRS. PHILLIP PERRY .... MRS. E. P. TAYLOR ........ MRS. JOSEPH LAMBERT ....... MRS. THOMAS S. SCRIVENER. . . MRS. WILLIAM BAUMGARDNER ..... MRS. EDNA M. MILES ........ MRS. ELSIE KUNIS ........... MRS. ALMA GIBSON ........ MRS. ETHEL MAYHUGH ..... . . . . . . . . .H eadmistress, Cum Laude Society, Optima, Chapel Guild, Green Thumb Club, Mathematics Assistant H eadmistress, Admissions, Optima, Form IV, History, Bible Registrar Alumnae Secretary ...............................Counselor . . . .History, English, Bible, Student Council . . . . . English, History, Reading .................. English . . .English, Carousel ..............English . . . .Speech, Prep Players . . . . .History, Sightseeing ...............French .............French ............Latin, Form III ...........Spanish, CUPOLA . . . . .Mathematics, Cum Laude .........Mathematics, Form II ...........................Science .Home Economics, Family Living ........................Painting ...........Sculpture . . . .Voice, Glee Club . . . . . . .Piano, Organ . . . . .Remedial Reading . . . . . . . .Remedial Reading . . . . . . . . .Physical Education . . . . .Physical Education, A. A. ..................Physical Education . . . . . . . . . . . .Librarian, Library Council . . . .Assistant Librarian, Library Council . . . . . . . . .Housemother, House Council . . . .H ousemother, Typewriting .......,.........Housemother . . . . .H ousemother, Lend-a-Hand . . . ,Housemother, Social League . . .Nurse ............Nurse ........................Dietitian .................AssistantDietitian . . . .Bookstore Manager, Day Students . . . . . . . . .Post Ojice, Transportation . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary to President . . . . . . . .Office of Admissions . . . . .Secretary, Business Oyfce . . . .Assistant, Business Office . . . . .Assistant, Alumnae Oflce . . . . . . . .Secretary, Library . . . .Director of Household . . . .Switchboard Operator . . . .Switchboard Operator . . . . .Switchboard Operator 22 Daily 211111011114-cm Somcrs' bulletin M ld um Clllly M15 Spence, and Seiorita Carroll 191 IX lffll Ll lsses 1I'1 the kltnheu , , E ...I -x 5 f 5 AW? U cl 0 YZ 6 a v 6 A Gi That government which is E www x xg dz, ga 2' A ,F K x A fm, 5 , ..,... , I ...,, 4 1 x ,X fx , 9 53 ' . , ,R xx Wjaigmi, ,, N, ,, 's RW, fi W f sw5:asiaa:asasa:asa2a2aea:aaq' A Q X 55 " X 3 W QW, ...:1,. Q Ig Q 2 , Y if ii M. MSE , X f I, K f V Q 4' ,, W gm HONOR PLEDGE I promise on my word of honor, to do my best to uphold the high tradi- tions of Mount Vernon, to be honest in all academic work, to observe and comply with all the regulations of the school, to support the school oyficers and my team, to be trustworthy in whatever I do, and to reflect credit on my school by my speech, dress and behavior. When We become members of a community or group, We realize that the rules which govern us are needed in order to have the community run smoothly. For this reason We have an Honor Code at Mount Vernon. The Honor Code ap- plies equally to every student and challenges her to be honest with herself and others. Perhaps one of the most important parts of the Honor Code is that We promise "to do our bestv to up- hold it. In reality, the Code is the ultimate goal for an ideal community or school. If every member had equal strength or Was not tempted, then We would have an ideal com- munity Without a Code, but because a school is only as strong as its Weakest member, each of us has to assume responsibility to herself and to others. MESSAGE FROM THE STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Dear Student Body, The end of a year is a time for remembering. For many of us it is also a time for looking forward-to camp . . . the beach . . . college. It is also a sad time-for the Seniors who realize that never again Will conditions be exactly the same. Most of all, it is a time for remembering. The beginning of this year seems very distant now. It is hard to remember how strange it felt for the Seniors to be Wearing red blazers, or how heavy our school books felt after a summer of relaxation. This year, more than anything else, has brought us a feeling of closeness. We have learned that, by working together, we may strengthen our school as Well as ourselves. We have also, this year, become aware of the his- tory of our school. The Student Council elected to have the Honor Assembly in Post Hall to help us realize that, by living up to the Honor Code, We are carrying on the long tradition of academic honesty at Mount Vernon. Remember the Honor Code-for its ideals and spirit can guide us throughout our entire lives. When We heard Mrs. Lloydls talk on Found- erls Day, we realized how much each of us has to contribute to our school. Over the years, many people have dedicated themselves to Mount Vernon. Now it is up to us to see that their Work Was not in vain. I hope that the Student Council has been a help to you this year. We have tried to be lead- ers in the expression of school spirit, and only when necessary to act as a judicial body. The support you have given us has certainly helped to make our year a success. I have enjoyed being your Student Body President this year. As time goes by, I shall not remember who was "in uniformv or not, but rather your smiles, your friendship, and your spirit. Thank you for giving me a truly Wonder- ful year. Best wishes, 26 Front row sezltell. left to right: Candy Sherwood, Tempe Crant, Toni Kury. Secmid row: Linda Harley, Cindy Collins. Betsy Henderson. Judi Bollman. -loyee Diamond, Judy Fullerton, Carol Baker. secretary-treasurer. Slanflimu: Nlrs. Lowry. advisor, Kay Patterson, president. Alzsenf: Tina Boynton, Kathy XYood, vice-president. STUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council contains thirteen mem- bers: the Student Body President, Optima Presidentg Secretary-Treasurer, the Day-Stu- dent and House Council Presidents, the Presi- dents and Vice-Presidents of each form and the faculty advisor. The Student Council meets every Monday to discuss the events of each week, and to deal with prohlems which have arisen during the week. The purpose of the Council is to govern our school hy working closely with lmoth students and faculty. The closeness with the faculty is evident from the way that the Citizenship Honor Roll is decided. The two organizations compile it jointly at the end of each report period. This is an important task for the Stu- dent Council. 27 During Lent, the Student Council usually holds a charity drive. lt is gratifying to see that it is no longer necessary to make collections to comhat polio, as it was only a few years ago, hut there are still crippled children or other causes to which we can make a Lenten gift. The Student Council holds open meetings several times during the year, at which sugges- tions are made and ideas discussed. Through these meetings our school is made stronger. The most important function of the Student Council lies in upholding and enforcing Mount Vernon's llonor Code. At the heginning of the year, each girl pledges herself to the Code and the ideals it contains. For the rest of the year, the memhers of the Student Council help the rest of the school live up to its pledge. HOUSE CGUNCIL The House Council is the governing body in the dormitories. It is composed of the proctors chosen from each hall, an elected secretary, an advisor and a president. House meetings are held throughout the year. At these times all the resident students participate in discussing the general rules. At the House Council meetings, students are brought before the Council to be judged and dealt With, each one according to her oilense. On the lighter side, the House Council is responsible for planning parties such as the festive Christmas party complete with 'iSanta Clausn. This year the houses. Somers and Ames, have had a good year, thanks to the cooperation of the boarders, the housemothers and the House Council. Sitting, left to right: Cez Ebbert, Toni Kury, president, Mrs. Cleland, advisor, Sue Colen, Suzanne NValsh. Standing: Peggy Scarborough, Posty XVillis. Alzsent: Candy Sherwood, Gregory Peeler, Angeles Cabrer, Kathy Carson, Judy Corriu. 28 ALMA MATER Our Alma Mater glorious, With loving hearts and proud, We crown thee all victorious And sing thy praise aloud. In loyalty we serve thee And strive to heed thy call, Mount Vernon, O Mount Vernon! Through self to conquer all. You give unfailing kindness If trouble meet us here, You foster all our pleasures And make them seem more dear. Nor time, nor care, nor sorrow Can these fair days erase, But they, with each to-morrow Help us new tasks to face. Like breath of Springls fresh morning That lifts the heart to song, When courage droops and wavers And paths seem gray and long, XVill come thy dauntless spirit To help us on our way. Mount Vernon, O Mount Vernon! Hold fast thy tender sway. The changing years may bring us Some longed for dream of bliss, Yet memory will cherish A sympathy we miss. In hours of joy or sadness, Whateler our need may be, Mount Vernon, O Mount Vernon! Thy children turn to thee. ABDICATION SONG Oler our place the shadows gather As the time draws near to part As we linger here this morning Face to face and heart to heart. Chorus: H erels to thee oh Alma Mater May thy name be ever blessed On her name whose great heart planned thee May thy daughterls blessing rest. As you take these seats oh Juniors May your tongues the chorus swell 29 Till you reach your day of parting Till you also say farewell. Chorus: H erels to thee oh Alma Mater May thy name be ever blessed On her name whose great heart planned thee May thy daughterls blessing rest. As we leave this place forever T 0 our hearts the sad truth tell With our thoughts of love and sorrow Now we bid them last farewell. L?" ,,:: zzz , V 'Q ,,,, . as .,,I w. .. ,,:,- , . ' gal , 3 :In f - ','--,-:--:::,:::::::1. ., ,.c11,: ,.,.,.:..,,, ,.:,1,,,1, A , V .:..:,: 5 . ....,...' ,:,,, ,b. '-::: 5 A A . ........, 5 X Q . Q W E W 'W Q mx Q 'Q Q M ' ,X ,Qu , , . , X, fffz, 1 -4 Q X A " fg s 3 ' 1 v 2' 2 r Y sv? Q Q 1: ., Z 5 Q is Q Xa ? I f 2 km Q- Q Q, an If V ,.1.:.: .. if i , I Q - Q , ,..,.,. , , ......,,V I ,,,. "'v" I g A --" W M, , JJ must part. Yo 31 C RW FPL QQ .ess 1932412 X CLASS HISTORY FRESHMAN YEAR Prep school at last! Only twenty-four of us . . . all in blue blazers . . . mass confusion at first, then big sisters help straighten us out . . . our own mailboxes, but no mail . . . Mrs. Griffith our class advisor . . . Sophomores give us a party at Clareis house . . . Mr. Kis math classes have us in hysterics . . . we idolize the Seniors . . . slumber parties every weekend . . . Kay, Ann, Kris, and Judy our class oflicers . . . F F SS a suc- cess . . . short cuts to room B . . . our first exams . . . could it be a clepto?? . . . seances at Cheleis . . . Kris our Valentine princess . . . snow . . . i'So F inev . . . the zebra becomes our mascot . . . Joyce and Patti compete for the best tan . . . Kay our first Optima member . . . class party at Cathyis . . . splash! . . . the Seniors leave and we move up . . . only three years to go! SOPH OM ORE YEAR Our class triples . . . Ann our leader . . . Mr. Donohue teaches us the vicissitudes of life . . . Chaucer! . . . Julie becomes "Bloody Mary" for the Freshmen . . . we see "Othello', . . . madras . . . Mrs. May invites us to F ounder's Day party at Hillwood . . . we discover "Tweeds ,n' Thingsi' . . . Gretchen our princess, plus several feet of snow . . . McMullens . . . Gez our class athlete . . . Mr. Donohue takes a wife . . . "Accent On Springv is a success . . . Metrecal . . . "Every- thingis Coming Up Rosesv . . . scrambled eggs after lights in the Home Ee. room . . . Mrs. Parker is our advisor . . . first term papers . . . fuming in the phone booth . . . Col. Halverson teaches us to throw hand grenades . . . Johnny Mathis . . . susprise! . . . Sandy Point . . . Bip! . . . "What a blastli' . . . faculty basketball game . . . only two years to go!! JUN I OR YEAR HI don't believe itv . . . smoking privileges! . . . Weejuns . . . Kingston Trio in person . . . Linda C. our first married . . . Biology labs . . . who goes climbing in the kitchen window?? . . . "Woolly Wonderlandv . . . orgy on Ames . . . oh, those College Weekends! . . . we wave at in the snow . . . Inaugural Ball . . . snow, snow, and more snow . . . Marya elected Valen- tine princess, more snow and more! . . . spaz . . . crashed VVilliamsburg . . . Sandyis bakery . . . twisting . . . U.T .... MI Want To Co Homev . . . Poodleis party . . . culottes . . . flowered pens . . . "how uncouthv . . . "Wizard of Ozv and Senior rings . . . "Raindrops,' . . . fire engines . . . Beverly Beach with added attractions . . . Miss Dohs takes us through the year . . . Maryais after party . . . Kay makes it a successful year for us with only one to go. SENIOR YEAR Moved to the front of the Chapel line . . . from blue to red blazers . . . "Mr, Postmanv awaited by boarders . . . Oriental Old-girl-New- girl party. . . hulley gulley . . . get Jeannette . . . last College Boards . . . eleven o,clock lights . . . Westchester . . . jacks on Senior hall . . . Late Saturday night dates! . . . western party for Juniors . . . Seniors discover highlights of Wisconsin Ave- nue . . . limbo contest . . . pettipants . . . Judy Fullerton, our president, first to be accepted at College . . . Sandy is Santa . . . Funsy! . . . "O Little Town Of Bethlehemv . . . "I thinkn . . . T. ,ni T. rocks the gym for Valentine Dance while Kathy takes the throne . . . we wade through snow to Sherryis after party, B.Y.O.B. . . . taxi permissions . . . I.R. trip to New York . . . "Runaround Suev . . . no twist, yes twist! Matter of fact . . . feet off chair . . . we are all in College now . . . Juniors give us banquet . . . Last Chapel . . . swimming party after the dance . . . Baccalaureate . . . Class Night . . . Com- mencement . . . "May I Say!" Roses, diplomas . . . tears . . . 'KI WVant To Lingerv . . . WE MADE IT!!! 32 JUDITI-I ANNE FULLERTON IVIIAINII, OKLAHOINIA FOUR YEARS "Her scholarship is high and so is her conception of lifef' Through four years, we have seen our classmate from Oklahoma emerge from a shy but diligent Freshman to a very successful Senior Class Presi- dent. Indy is a person of many qualities, of which integrity is the highest. Her classmates will long remember her diversity of talent, for she is equally at home on the hockey field, in the realm of litera- ture, and in front of a class meeting. VVe are all grateful for the steadying influence she has exer- cised On us, making our Senior year a very mean- ingful one. Yellow Team, Optima II, III, IV, Class President IV, Class Secretary I, Class Treasurer II, III, Chapel Guild I, IV, CUPOLA III, Lend-a-Hand I, II, III, IV, Social League II, III, IV, Hockey IV, Sports Club III, IV. MARY CATHERINE PATTERSON IVASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "Bound for success she seemed, with grace to win, with hearts to holal, and shining gifts that took all eyes." A capable leader, an enthusiastic athlete, a loyal friend, this is Kay. She is the epitome of all those qualities which one admires and respects in a girl. Tactfulness and diplomacy are just two of her special abilities which have enabled her to execute effectively the many tasks which have confronted her while presiding as Student Body President. Along with these duties, Kay has found time for distinguished achievement, and for participation on the varsity teams. Every student will remember her with admiration and affection. White Team, Class President I, III, Class Vice-President II, Student Body President IV, Optima I, II, III, IV, Chapel Guild I, II, III, IV, Cellophane III, CUPOLA I, II, Library Council I, II, Basketball II, III, IV, Softball II, III, IV. KATHERINE ANNE WOOD PORTLAND, OREGON THREE YEARS "Loyal in leadership, sincere in frienclshipf' Kathy is the person of happy extremes in the Senior Class. Quick-thinking and intelligent, she always does well in her studies, but can be gay and light-hearted, amusing us all with her innocent "Oh yiallli' Kathy is an able leader. AS Optima President she has shown that she can take respon- sibility Well and, when called on, has often added a needed bit of enthusiasm. Our Valentine ueen has what it takes for success in every Held- ooks, poise, intelligence. NVhatever she does, we are sure she will do it well. NVhite Team, Student Council Vice-President IV, Optima II, III, President IV, Chapel Cuild III, IV, Celloplzane III, Clce Club II, French Club IV. ANN STEWART ADAMS MAPLE HILL, KANSAS Two YEARS c'There,s not some moment without furif' Her sparkling sense of humor is Annis most out- standing characteristic. She can easily move any audience to uproarious laughter with her clever re- marks. Whenever the Senior boarders are gathered in the Bee room after dinner, Ann is always at the piano playing anything from Chopin to Kern. Her good taste in clothes has given her the nickname, atweedyn. Because of her agreeable, happy disposi- tion and her enjoyment of whatever she is doing, Ann is well liked and often in demand. White Team, CUPOLA IV, Clee Club III, Lend-a-Hand IV. BRETTA MARIE BARRS TAMPA, FLORIDA ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS 'cSweet, small and loved hy all." Handle Barrs or Candy Barrs, no matter how you look at it, we have a Barrs of our own. She is petite, but every inch packed with energy and per- sonality. Although she sometimes seems to be walk- ing around in a '4Forestv, she is always ready for fun and excitement. She has never been known to refuse help to anyone who needed it, and she her- self is a constant, steady worker. Not only is she an asset to our school but she is also a true friend to everyone. White Team, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Prep Play- ers IV, Cheerleader IV, Sports Club III. ELIZABETH NELSON BASTABLE SUMNER, MARYLAND T wo YEARS "So bright thy laughter, so charming thy waysf' Here we see a pretty, intelligent face, the out- ward clue to a kind spirit and fun-loving nature. Her love of a good time has made her one of our most ardent cheerleaders, however, we can only bow before the competition if the Landon football team has more attraction for her. What does the future hold for Betsy? Perhaps a permanent place at the head of the lunch line, perhaps a new French textbook for the next twenty birthdays, but cer- tainly a carton of Winstons and a bigger pocket to hold them. Yellow Team, Carousel IV, Social League III, Cheerleader III, IV, French Club Vice-President IV, Green Thumb Club IV. CATHERINE KASS BERGER XVASHIXGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "She lzolrls ll lol of mischief for suclz a little personf, YVhat is this sudden red flash seen streaking across the campus? A second glance would tell one that it is Cathy in her red Corvair. As she steps out, we see a petite brunette hurrying to get into her riding clothes. This seems natural because Cathy won the Reserve Championship at Pegasus Stables last year. One can always find her in the library, diligently reading numerous books, yet she always finds a moment to engage in conversation with anyone, and will be found to be gay and interesting. XVhite Team, Clee Club II, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Library Council I, Il, Prep Players I, IV. .1193 QW ,IUDITI-I ANNE BOLLMAN SIIILLINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA THREE YEARS Sometimes serious, Sometimes smiling, but always friemllyf, A true Pennsylvania Dutchman, that's 'cBollsv. Sincere and popular, she has a charming manner that has brightened many when skies seemed grey. As you walk past her room, you will see her either helping someone work out a problem, or making plans for another visit to the Lehigh Valley. Itls no wonder that everyone likes this tall, good- looking girl, for she is friendly with everyone. Xllith Judfs high ideals, she will succeed in doing what- ever she wishes and will do it to the best of her ability. Yellow Team, Class Secretary III, Class Vice-President IV, Basketball IV, Chapel Guild IV, CURo1.A III, IV, Clee Club II, Lend-a-Hand II. ANGELES CABRER HUMACAO, PUERTO Rico Two YEARS KG00cl as Goltlf, Puerto Rico could not have given Mount Vernon a cuter girl than Angie. She is forever bursting with gaiety and mischief. In athletics, she,s Ktopsvl Tiny, yet constantly eating, Angie always manages to feed company in her room, despite the fact she seems unable to learn to cook. So if you hear laughter and a murmur of Spanish echoing, or see a dark-haired girl rush to the phone to talk to a certain party at Maryland University, you can be sure it's Angie. Yellow Team, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Hockey III, IV, A.A. Representative IV, Creen Thumb Club IV, Sports Club IV. SUSAN DUNBAR CHAPMAN VVASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "The milclest manners and the gentlest waysf' Sue is always completely herself and has a talent for warm, lasting friendship. Although a bit timid, she is a pleasant person with whom to make an acquaintance. Having been a conscientious and determined student during her four years, Sue also believes in the happy, playful life. Susan is a good person in whom to confide, for it is this asset which is most outstanding in her. Gay and genuine to all, her sunny ways would stand out even on the dreariest days. Yellow Team, CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a-Hand I, II, III, IV, Library Council II, III, IV, Social League II. SUSAN DAVIS COLEN GLADWYNE, PENNSYLVANIA Two YEARS "For if she will-she will-you may depend on't. And if she won't-she w0n,t-and there's an end onitf' Sue is a girl, who commands the respect of every- one here at M.V.S. Although somewhat quiet, she never fails to say what she believes to be right, and she acts likewise. Sue's high ideals have won her much admiration. Anyone would be envious of her steady supply of male mail, and many boarders arel She is one of the few girls who possess true femi- nine independence, while her pleasant manner is highlighted by a touch of sophistication. No one need worry about Sueis future, for she will accom- plish her highest aspirations. White Team, Chapel Guild IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Social League III, Sports Club III. CAROLYN GEORGE COWDEN NIIDLAND, TEXAS FOUR YEARS "A sweet soul shines through mischievious eyes." In the past four years this loyal Texanis ever present laugh and amusing remarks have won her many friends. "Rabbit" had a great responsibility as Photography Editor of C UPOLA, and, as all can see, she did her task well. Rarely seen without a camera in hand, Carolyn often takes pictures when all are unprepared. She is a girl both cheerful and vivacious, and fun to have around. Her spritely appearance can be attributed to her good taste in clothes and to her constantly smiling countenance which lends Carolyn an air of lightheartedness. Yellow Team, CUPOLA I, II, III, Photography Editor IV, Lend-a-Hand I, II, Hockey IV. MARY ,IUDITI-I CUNNINGHAM BIILWAUKEE, VVISCONSIN Two YEARS "High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy? Judy is a thoughtful girl who is willing to go out of her way to please others. While Judy takes an unusual interest in folk music, she has applied her knowledge to her academic curriculum by writing two papers on this subject. It is not rare to see Judy giving directions to a bewildered girl for find- ing a certain book. Being President of the Library Council, this young lady has proved her ability for organization. Yellow Teaing Lend-a-Hand IVg Library Council III, Presi- dent IV. DIANE DETWILER XVASHINGTON, D. C. THREE YEARS "One night, as old Saint Peter slept, he left the floor of heaven afar, when through a little angel crept, and came clown with a falling starf, Diane, pretty, perky, and petite, explains the fact that a tiny package holds more than meets the eye. Her never dying spirit for the Yellow Team and enthusiasm in varsity sports show her strong school loyalty. As Literary Editor of C UPOLA, Diane proved herself to be a successful worker. Showing a definite partiality to Southern gentlemen, she is frequently confronted with the question, 'iIs it true that blondes have more fun?', In this case, it isl Yellow Team, CUPOLA III, Literary Editor IV, Clee Club IIg Lend-a-Hand IIIg Social League II, III, IV, Cheerleader IVg Hockey IVg French Club IV, Green Thumb Club IV. JOYCE LEE DIAMOND XVASHINGTON, D. C. F oUR YEARS "She started to sing as she taclclerl the thing that coulrlnft be clone, ancl she clirl itf' For the past four years Joyce has been an active and reliable member of the class of ,62. As Day Student President, She uses all her imagination to think up such things as "The Vanilla Projectv and iiMount Vernon Downsf, It is a familiar Sight to see Joyce driving around campus in her 'iXVhite YVhecls,'. She is seen anywhere and everywhere especially in the Florida sun, and is forever enter- taining people with her steady flow of wit. Next year's classes and parties will seem incomplete without Joyce. Yellow Team, Carousel III, IV, Cellophane III, Prep Play- ers Ig Social League Ig Day Student President IVg French Club IVg Green Thumb Club IV. ANNE. BYRD DUNLOP BETIIESDA, MARYLAND TWO YEARS "Eyes too expressive to be blue, too lovely to be greyf, When thinking of Anne, one pictures a fiery red convertible, an enormous supply of rings and pins, summers at Cape May and the secret she conceals within her Bed Blazer. It is rare that Anne Byrd can be found in D. C. on weekends. Whether it be Georgia, Penn., or the Saint Elmo House, you can be assured she is always having a fabulous time. History interests her, especially the Adamson Act, not of 1916, but today. Her unaffected ways make Anne an indispensable part of the Senior Class. Yellow Team, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-Hand III, Social League III, IV, Basketball III, IV, Softball IV. JULIE. RODGERS DURAND WASHINGTON, D. C. THREE YEARS "Looe life and live it daily." Characterized by her good-natured disposition and bubbling enthusiasm, julie proves herself to be a thoughtful and cheerful friend. Realizing that there is a time for work and a time for play, Iulie is the first girl out of school on Friday afternoons as she heads for her Virginia hang-out. After another exciting weekend in Lynnsville, she returns home to keep herself busy with schoolwork and neighbor- hood gatherings until the next weekend rolls around. Iulie's wholesome good looks and sense of humor add to her popularity. Yellow Team, Cellophane III, Chapel Guild II, III, IV, Cheerleader III, IV, CUPOLA IV, Clee Club II, Social League II, III, Iv. GENEVIEVE MIEVILLE. EBBERT PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA THREE YEARS "Those who bring sunsliine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves? The A.A. could not help having a successful year with Cez as its leader. Because of her great love of and natural ability for sports, she has enticed others to these interests. Enthusiastic best describes her, for her spirit never dies. Her immeasurable energy is visible not only on the hockey field, but also on the basketball and tennis courts. If you ever hear a loud voice down the hall or the sound of giant footsteps, it's probably Gez. Future success for Gez is obvious because of her outstanding leadership, loyalty, and dependability. White Team, Chapel Guild III, IV, A.A. Secretary-Treasurer II, Vice-President III, President IV, CUPOLA II, III, Lend- a-Hand IV, Hockey II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Tennis II, III, IV, Softball IV, Sports Club IV, Vice- President III. TRACY ANN ESTABROOK YVASHINGTON, D. C. Two YEARS "The most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendshipf, If you see a pixie-like girl walking across campus with a pile of books under one arm, and a cake pan clutched beneath the other, you will know it is Tracy. Every morning Trace putts around the corner in her little "green beetlev. Even though it is early she has a warm smile for everyone. In her casual way, she enters into every known adventure at school, whether it be a class trip or working on C UPOLA. Good luck to you always Tracy. Yellow Team, Chapel Guild IV, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-Hand IV, Social League III. EDA DEAN FRANK GADSDEN, ALABAINIA THREE YEARS "A perfect woman, nohly planned, to warm, to comfort and commandfi Deanis warm Southern charm, and gracious hos- pitality have earned the admiration of all her class- mates. She has made a great contribution to our class, as Secretary. We all know Dean to be kind, sincere, and eager to help whenever she can. "Dean-zov still hasnit decided whether she lives in Pennsylvania or Alabama. Both are Kfunsyvl VVith Dean's intelligence and personality we know that Hollins will be fortunate in having her as a student next year. Yellow Team, Student Council Secretary-Treasurer III, Class Secretary IV, Optima Secretary-Treasurer IV, Chapel Guild IV, Secretary-Treasurer III, CUPOLA III, IV, Glee Club II, Social League II, French Club IV. JULIA ELAINE FRANKLIN CHEVY CHASE, IVIARYLAND Two YEARS "Beauty is more than skin deep, beauty lies in the heart? Four years of achievements in two, this is Elaine. Always joining this or volunteering for that, she has become a leader in many ways here at M.V.S. It would not be unusual to see her running into class, singing, waving a pompom in one hand, carrying crepe paper for a dance in the other hand, and doing the "Pony',. Yet, beneath this vivacious exterior lies an overwhelming drive which never stops. XVelcomed everywhere, she,ll always leave a ripple of laughter and warmth wherever she goes. Yellow Team, Cheerleader III, Captain IV, French Club IV, Glee Club III, IV, Lend-a-Hand III, Social League III, President IV, Tennis III, IV. KATHLEEN PHILLIPS CARSON NEW YORK, NEW YORK Two YEARS "Wisdom of many-wit of onef, Beneath those blond curls, there is a level head and a sharp sense of humor. Car is never without a witty remark. She may seem quiet to those who do not know her but to those who do, she is one who can make an unhappy situation into a comedy. Under this screen of wit there is a warm, sensible girl who is always ready to share the burdens of others. Carls countenance is perpetually lighted by a beaming smile and rosy cheeks! Yellow Teamg House Council, Secretary IVg CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a-Hand IV, Tennis IV. IRENE DANA GIBSON GREENWOOD, VIRGINIA THREE YEARS "The kind of girl you look at twice, very cute and very nicef, Been-Teen, one of U. Va.'s greatest enthusiasts, is one of the many attractive girls in the senior class. She is never without male attention and has blazed a steady trail between Washington and Charlottesville. Love those jacks! Be prepared at 7:00 p.m. when Renee and the gang grab the Marl- boros and head for the Rec. Room. This good twister and tweedy dresser has made many friends during her past three years at Mount Vernon, and her smile and interest in others have contributed greatly to the class. White Team, CUPOLA III, Glee Club IIg Lend-a-Hand II, III, IV. SUSAN STARK GILLESPIE. ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA THREE YEARS "Careful to do the right thing, reafly to clo the helpful thing? When thinking of Sue, one pictures a friendly smile, a sincere manner, and a concerned interest in those around her. Having been at Mount Vernon for three years she has become known for her abil- ity to help lighten the problems of her fellow class- mates. Because she is an ardent fan of the Army, a great deal of her attention is also focussed upon the state of Oregon. Her undying spirit for the White Team and her good work as Secretary- Treasurer of it, will always deserve our special thanks. White Team, Secretary-Treasurer IV, Chapel Guild IVg CUPOLA III, IV, Cleo Club II, Lend-a-Hand II, III, IV. GRETCHEN ANN GREEN MIDLAND, TEXAS THREE YEARS "She is little in stature but big of heart." This mighty lass, the pride of the Lone Star state, has graced Mount Vernon with her charm and bubbling personality. Although tiny, she has a mighty heart of gold, always ready to Lend-a-Hand to those in need. Gretch is quiet and reserved but almost always the life of every party. A truly gen- uine person, we like her soft Texas accent and her warm desire to do things for others. White Team, CUPOLA II, III, IV, Lend-a-Hand II, III, President IV, Sports Club IV. MARGARET I-IANKINS UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Two YEARS "The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars as daylight doth a lampf' For a good laugh, a sympathetic ear, and a swinging twist, the girl to seek is Peggy. A unique personality, Peg hit Mount Vernon with a storm from which it has never recovered. She instigated the 'KHocker talkv and the "Granny languagef, and it would be difficult to imagine Peggy without at least two boys on the string. Her easy manner and never-ending energy have made her a familiar White cheerleader. For all of her love of fun, how- ever, Peggy is thoughtful and equally as Sensible. White Team, Clee Club III, Lend-a-Hand IV, Cheerleader III, Captain IV. JANET TELFER I-IAVERKAMPF WINNETKA, ILLINOIS Two YEARS KA silent nature concealing a warmth of true frienclshipf, Upon first meeting Janet, most people agree that she is shy and reserved, but after getting to know her they find numerous other qualities. Ever ready to laugh, Haversv has a sense of humor which few people see at first. XVith her many humorous ways, she can easily turn a gab session into a housemotheris nightmare. She is also popular for her Straight-forward, honest opinions. Janet'S fond- ness for Texas and S.M.U. will not be forgotten by her friends at Mount Vernon. White Team, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Prep Play- ers IV, Tennis III. ROBERTA BEVERLEY I-IEASTY lh4CLEAN, VIRGINIA ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS 'elf any of us have no enemies, then it is shef' Ever since Robin joined the class in the middle of our junior year, her perpetual smile and happy dis- position have made her well-liked from the start. Robin is willing to help others and enjoys doing hospital work as an outside interest. When she is not doing this, she chugs up to Annapolis where she keeps up her sailing and interest in water sports. After graduation, Robin plans to become a nurse, she will surely be successful because of her interest in others, and because of her good nature. Yellow Team, Cellophane III, Glee Club IV, Social League IV, Green Thumb Club IV, Sports Club III. ANNE GRAYSON HENRY GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA THREE YEARS " ,Twas her thinking of others that made you think of herf, With her graciousness, Anne is the Southern Belle in everything she does. As Chapel Guild Chairman, she worked hard to make our school life happy and rewarding. One could never imagine Anne without an Episcopal elephant and a stretched-out "WhaaatPv. Her imaginative mind is always busy, sometimes itis school work, sometimes itys thinking up new cheers for the Whites, or de- ciding how to help decorate for a dance. We all like Anne for her pleasant easygoing manner and unseliish willingness to help others. White Team, Chapel Guild, President IV, CUPOLA III, IV, Glee Club II, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Social League II, III, IV, Cheerleader IV, French Club IV. EMILY CHARLES I-IEWITT LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA Two YEARS "A source of innocent merrimentf' Trudie is tiny, full of fun and friendliness. She has a subtle sense of humor which erupts into amusing remarks and an immediate How of laugh- ter. Trudie has that certain air about her that in- stinctively tends to put you in a gay mood. When thinking of Trudie, one pictures food, blue jeans, and a variety of hair colors which range from blond to brunette to red. She has a gleam in her eye that tells you to beware of her next move. White Team, CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV. JOAN CAROL I-IOCK VVASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "Her ways are true and loyalf, Joan is a member of the four year clan. Those blue eyes of hers are always betraying some mis- chievous plan. Besides being a wonderful artist, one can also say she is skilled in the art of being happy. Her theme song is "Little Sisterv, "Ever heard of Dickinson", or 'SVVho has connections at Annapolis? Any one is typical coming from Ioan. She likes modern dance and creative writing. She would like to be a biologist. Iudging from her achievements in the past, you can be sure her future will be successful. Yellow Team, Cellophane III, Chapel Guild I, Clee Club IV, Library Council II, Prep Players Ig Social League IV. ,IUDITI-I IRENE. ICERSHEIMER WESTON, MASSACHUSETTS FOUR YEARS "Nothing is so popular as kinflnessf, "Spider', is the four-year girl who turned boarder for her Senior year. Her love of music and skillful mastery of the piano have come in handy many a time. Patience is Iudy,s outstanding quality, for she is never unwilling to try something new and work to achieve perfection. Perseverance in science has helped Indy toward her goal which is a career as a neurologist. A warm, friendly girl, she has been a wonderful addition to the boarding depart- ment, and a pillar of the Class of '62. White Team, Chapel Guild III, IV, Cellophane III, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-Hand II, III, IV, Class Representative Ig Library Council II, IV, President III, Prep Players Ig French Club IV. AGNES SHERIDAN KING SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA FOUR YEARS "What sweet delight a quiet life affords? Four years ago, a loyal Californian entered the freshman class of Mount Vernon. This was Sherry, a person of great determination, who tackles any problem that arises, whether it be Julius Caesar, algebra, or a blind date for a friend. As an accom- plished rider, she has won many ribbons on her Arabian horse, Tahab. Sherry can also be found painting, sculpturing, or writing. Sherryis friends have come to know her as a person with a capacity for hard work, and the ability to be a loyal friend. White Teamg Carousel IVg Cellophane I, II, III, CUPOLA II, Social League II, III, Representative I. ANTONIA MAE KURY LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA Two YEARS "Life is what she makes it, for joy and friendship glow in her heart and shine upon her facef' A true leader, Toni is recognized not only as a capable House President, but also as one of the most considerate girls in school. Toniis marvelous sense of humor combined with her naturally friendly nature draw people to her like a magnet. When you canit find her at Mount Vemon, the chances are she is at U. Va. Toni's love of life and its love for her make her a truly desirable person. Yellow Team, CUPOLA III, IV, House Council III, Presi- JESSIE KENNEDY LACKEY RICHMOND, KENTUCKY Two YEARS "IVtth malice toward none, with charity for allf, Jessie is one of the most individual members of our red-coated Senior Class. By her cheerful nature and constant willingness to help others, she has in- fluenced the entire Student Body. One does not often See Jessie when she is not studying or work- ing diligently on some sort of class or team project. Jessie has been a big help to many of us this year, and we all will certainly be thinking of her in the future. As the years go by, we wish increasing happiness to be hers. White Team, Optima IV, Chapel Guild IV, CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a-Hand IV. dent IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV. MARYA HARRIS LEBENSOI-IN NVASHINGTON, D. C. THREE YEARS "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her, and in every gesture-looef, Always kind and willing to help, Marya is one of the pleasantest girls in the class. Her serene beauty and natural warmth made her the logical choice for our Junior Class Princess. Marya has an un- failing sense of loyalty to those she loves, and through it she has made many friends. WVhether shels conducting the meetings of "Le Club Frangaisv, canoeing on the Canal, or working hard at her Studies, her delight in living attracts people even on the dreariest of days. Yellow Team, CUPOLA III, IV, Clee Club II, IV, Social League II, III, French Club, President IV. ANN Cl-IISWELL LEITH CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND FOUR YEARS "A quiet young lacly, dependable and reliable? Although Ann appears to be a demure person, those who get to know her will End that her vibrant personality shines as brightly as her red hair. She is known for that ebullition of laughter always ringing out at some inopportune time. Her serious side is self-evident as she maintains a high scholas- tic average and has been a responsible member of the Student Government in her four years at Mount Vernon. VVe need not worry about Ann's success for she has built solidly for the future. White Team, Class Vice-President I, Class President II, Chapel Guild I, II, III, IV, CUPOLA I, II, III, IV, Lend-a- Hand III, Social League II, III, IV, French Club IV. Times. tative IV. BARBARA ELLWOOD LOWEN DENVER, COLORADO ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS "Full of fun-and a smile for allf, Coming to us half-way through our junior year, Bebe immediately had everyone in stitches. Tall and casual, she is easy to get to know, and just as easy to like. She possesses a considerate and patient nature not ordinarily found, and is mis- chievous beyond any doubt. Some will think of her Capability at handling the Senior Class funds, others will think of her fondness for Colorado, but all will remember her bright, eager actions and her lively presence, a welcome relief from boredom and depression. Yellow Team, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-Hand IV, Basketball IV, Class Treasurer IV. LUCY CRAWFGRD LINDSAY DECATUR, ILLINOIS THREE YEARS "There is a candle of unclerstanclmg m thy heart which shall not be put out Lucy, better known as Luce IS a well adjusted girl. Her laughter and ability to understand others are her greatest assets She pirticipates in many school activities, her work on C UPOLA has been invaluable, and her generosity on Lend a Hand will be remembered by all VVhen there is a need for someone at the Neighborhood House Lucy can be easily found. Because she is skilled at writing her aim is to be a journalist Miybe someday this amazing girl will be the editor of the New York Yellow Team, CUPOLA IV Lend '1 Hind II III Represen DIAN NE SUSAN MACINTOSI-I ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Two YEARS "An endearing personality echoing Highland laughterf, Last year with an "aye', and a mist of brogue and thistle, M.V.S. gained a bit of Scotland. Our Scotti greets everyone with a twinkle in her eye and a soft word. One of her charms is her unique smile which starts within and slowly spreads across her face and then is caught by her companions. As an established U. Va. addict, she has a special fond- ness for weekends, Fort Lauderdale, and Sigma Chi. Scotti meets success by quiet and unassuming IHCEIHS. Representative IV. RANA EUGENIA MCMURRAY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS THREE YEARS "To know is nothing at all-to imagine is eoerythingf, This bubbly Chicagoan has left an indelible mark in the hearts of all Mount Vernon girls. Her spunk and courage are an inspiration to her classmates as well as to all who know her. Unfailingly gay and witty, this redhead with a creative mind has con- stantly used her acting ability in both school and class projects. YVhen we are parted, Rana will stand out in the minds of all as a person of truly great strength. Yellow Team, Carousel IV g Lend-a-Hand II, Prep Players II, Secretary III, President IV. Yellow Team, CU1-OLA IV Clee Club III Social League MARY MILLIKEN ROBESONIA, PENNSYLVANIA THREE YEARS "We haoe been friends together in sun and shaclef, All who know Mary find her a quiet, attractive girl. She possesses a warmth of heart and a special loyalty to her friends. Eager to do her share of the work, Mary usually does far more, whether it be as Manager or player on a team, helping on a class project, or typing for the yearbook. Her poise and thoughtfulness towards others and her natural and friendly way can quickly brighten the darkest day. We will think of Mary for her sunny disposition, honesty, and helpful nature. White Teamg Chapel Guild III, Secretary-Treasurer IVg CUPOLA III, IVg Clee Club II, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Repre- sentative II, Library Council II, Tennis, Hockey, Softball Manager II, III, IV. DIANE ELIZABETH IVIORTON WASHINGTON, D. C. FoUR YEARS K'You are well favored, anzl your looks fair show you have a gentle heartf, Little Miss Sophisticate, a firm believer in fate, is one of the most colorful members of the Senior Class. Diane engages in many activities, the most significant being Yearbook Editor. In this capacity, she has earned the respect of all, and it is no acci- dent that we look to Diane when a job needs to be done. This stunning combo of brown hair and green eyes has captured the hearts of many boys from the hills of Pennsylvania to the shores of Florida. Distinctive, individual and a lady through and through, thatls our "Poodlelv Yellow Team, Chapel Guild Representative II, CUPOLA III, Editor IV, Clee Club II, Lend-a-Hand I, II, Prep Players I, Social League III. MELINDA ANN MURPHY WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "I have a heart with room for every joyf, Linda is a girl with a delicious sense of humor and a quick and imaginative wit. She is always ready with some unique saying or action to create much merriment among her friends. Like a bal- anced equation, she has a serious outlook on her studies, but is rarely to be found at home on a week-end. A way of talking that makes familiar dialogue seem new, a many-sided personality, and a roguish look in the eyes are all descriptions of Linda! Yellow Team, Chapel Guild IV, CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a- Hand I, II, III, IV, Prep Players I, Social League IV: Sports Club IV. LUCINDA BLACKISTONE NICHOLS XVASHINGTON, D. C. FOUR YEARS "Frienclliness finals its own roaclf' A ready laugh and a friendly smile are two of Cindyis well-known characteristics. Because of her jovial manner and her understanding ways, she has become a friend to all. Whether it be from South- boro, Salem, or Panama, Cobin certainly has kept the mailman busy this year. No matter if she be at the Field House after school, or just running from one place to another, you can be sure that Cindy has lightened the hearts of many by her merry ways. White Team, Cellophane II, CUPOLA III, IV, Clee Club II, Prep Players I, Social League I, IV. MARGARET ANN NICHOLS BETHESDA, MARYLAND FOUR YEARS "H er spirit is golden like the color of her hair." Our little "Goldie Locks" has included more than just bears in her circle of friends during her four year stay. Margaret's blithe personality is infec- tious Wherever she goes, whether it be a party or the Naval Academy. She is virtually always caught up on the most recent vogue. One will often hear the familiar phrase "tell me all about it,', said with great exuberance. Being endowed with artistic talents, Margaret has been responsible for the art work throughout the Yearbook, a most lasting contribu- tion to M.V.S. Yellow Team, Chapel Guild III, CUPOLA III, Art Editor IV, Lend-a-Hand II, III, Prep Players I, Social League I, II, III, French Club IV. LAVINIA DAHLGREN PRICE WV1NsToN-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA Two YEARS "H er voice was ever soft, gentle, and low-an excellent thing in a wornanf, Vinnie has contributed greatly to Mount Vernon during her two years. Optima, as well as the Cum Laude Society have honored her with membership. C UPOLA could not have been published this year without its efficient Business Manager, Vinnie. She possesses a quiet, gentle way about her which iden- tifies her with the Southerners. Vinnie has two centers for social activity, the Naval Academy and Indiana U. Although she indulges whole-heartedly in work and play, she always has time for everyone and everything. White Team, Optima IV, Chapel Guild IV, CUPOLA Treas- urer III, Business Manager IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Social League III. ,IEANNETTE I-IAZEL-ROSE REI-IBOCK VVASHINGTON, D. C. ONE YEAR "A kind heart is the fountain of glaclness, making everything in its vicinity to freshen into smiles." Jeannette is the newest addition to the Senior Class. Although a new student, she immediately became well-liked by everyone. She is known to be something of a scholar, with special interests in both Latin and science. In addition to her academic abilities, she is also a talented artist. lust an old- fashioned girl at heart, she loves lace and flowers. Nobody will ever forget her long brown hair, which is her most prized possession. It is these qualities, plus many more, which add up to our gracious, talented Jeannette. VVhite Team, Chapel Guild IV, C-lee Club IV, Social League IV, Green Thumb Club IV. GALE RUSSELL CHEVY CHASE, IVIARYLAND Two YEARs "She puts trouble in the bottom of the trunk, then sits on the lid and smilesf' Cale is just what the doctor would order for those who feel "down in the dumpsv. Her vivacious personality is enough to lift one's mind from any unpleasant situation and add a glimmer of joy to the dullest day. As her expressions follow her through the halls, groups of students separate to see what stunt this student is about to perform. "Skunk', is more than just a carefree girl, she is friendly and sincere. An overwhelming spirit for the White Team is shown by her support of all school sports. Vsllzite Team, Captain IV, Clee Club IIIQ Social League Representative III, Cheerleader III, Softball III, IV. LUCY CAROLINE BOWDEN SIMPSON GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Two YEARS 'cl am a good olcl rebel, yes, tbat's just what I arnfi Lucy possesses that particular charm found only in that special Southern girl. Her big blue eyes are radiant, but have a certain mischievous twinkle which manages to capture the hearts of all. jolly and hard-working, Lucy is a valuable member of Lend-a-Hand, of which she is secretary. Game to try anything, C. B., a devoted rebel, is full of fun and friendliness. She seems to be the bubbling brook which ilows into a sea of laughter. Yellow Team, Chapel Guild Representative III, CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a-Hand III, Secretary-Treasurer IV. SUZANNE MICHELE SPITZ ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Two YEARS "F or knowledge, too, is itself a powerf, Suzanne can always be seen hurrying to a class, singing lesson, or Clee Club meeting. She is the dedicated president of the latter and thoroughly enjoys her responsibility. To anyone who has heard her beautiful voice, her love of singing is very evident. She has high ideals of school life and school traditions. English and Chemistry are her outstanding subjects, but Suzanne's achievement of Cum Laude is evidence of her keen inquisitive mind in many areas. Everyone at Mount Vernon will miss Suzanneis enthusiasm and vibrant per- sonality next year. Yellow Team, Clee Club III, President IV, Social League III, IV, French Club IV. VICTORIA LOUISE TALMAN GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Two YEARS "The cultivated mind is one to which the fountain of knowledge has been openedf, Behind Vickie,s intelligence and sophistication lie an agreeable nature and an ardent character which exemplify the qualities of a New Englander. VVhenever she has the opportunity, she will be found profoundly absorbed in a favorite book, "XVinnie the Poohf' Vick is always scurrying after classes to the front gate for riding, as she is known for getting Kdibsv on the front seat. With many, Vickie will leave the thought of her fond allegiance to the Tiger. But no matter what, she is a quick thinking, creative girl who engages in penetrating conversation. Yellow Team, Cellophane III, CUPOLA IV, Glee Club III, IV, Social League III, French Club Secretary IV. .IACQUELINE ANN VAN NATTA BATTLE GROUND, INDIANA THREE YEARS "The smile that bubbles from a heart that loves its fellow manf, jackie is a bundle of fun with a ready smile and a big "Hi, Boo-Boolv for everyone. Her vivacious and warm personality endears her to all who have met her. But do not let her playfulness fool you, she is a hard and competent worker, as all the members of the Yellow Team know. Jackie excels in writing letters to students at I.U., and shows her loyalty to the school by wearing the S.A.E. sweatshirt. Brown hair, green eyes, and enthusiasm -that's our jackie. Yellow Team, Captain IV, Glee Club II, Lend-a-Hand II, III, Social League II, Hockey II, III, IV, Basketball IV, Softball II, III, IV, A.A. Representative II, III, Sports Club III, IV. CYNTHIA ELIZABETH WELLER WASHINGTON, D. C. THREE YEARS "How happy the life unembarrassefl by the care of businessf' WV hen one hears "Forget it, cat, it doesn't rockv or 'KHang that idea upv, there is no need to wonder who it is, for everyone knows it could be no other than Cynthia. She is always carefree-ready for a party at any hour. Her interests range from madras, convertibles, and the U.T. to music, clothes, and New York. Because she has a language all her own, Cynthia is known as the originator of many unique sayings. Next year will seem darker without Cynthiais ringing laughter. Yellow Team, CUPOLA II, Lend-a-Hand II, III, IV, Prep Players IV, Social League II, III, IV, French Club IV. SANDRA JEAN WHITNEY SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY Two YEARS "She counts her friends by the score, and yet there is always room for moref, It is not often that one finds a person with a more sparkling personality than Sandy,s. Happiness is always present on Sans, face, remedying anyone,s problem at any hour. As jolly ole St. Nick at the boarders, Christmas party, "Sanzolazationola-olew with her ease and dashing wit, made it a memorable occasion for all. jollity, however, is not her only characteristic, for Sandy is a sincere and serious student. We were not surprised that she was the first accepted at Centenary and we have high hopes of Sandyis future accomplishments. White Team, Lend-a-Hand III, IV, Library Council IV. DEBORAH WILSON WASHINGTON, D. C. FouR YEARS 'cHappy am I, from care I am free! Why arenit they all contented like rneP', A flash of lightning and a bolt of laughter and one knows Dede is not far from reach. She is endowed with that great sense of concern for others, this is the chief ingredient in her warm companionship. Although Dede is an eager par- ticipant in the daily ritual of school life, her special interests lie in the field of drama, where the faculty and student body will never forget her spectacular roles in "Alice in Wonderland" and "Peter Panv. White Team, Carousel IV, Lend-a-Hand IV, Prep Players I, II, III, Vice-President IV, French Club IV. NANCY HAYES YOUNG WVASHINGTON, D. C. FoUR YEARS "Kind of heart, joyful of spirit, her laugh is gay, and oft you hear itf, WVhenever you hear a bubbly laugh, look for Nancy! She's always vivacious and completely herself, those ahorrendousv days are never hers. For those of us who have followed the call of 'iOkay, kids, let's hit the blue bombvl, it has been an unforgettable experience to arrive at the launch- ing pad to find no supersonic demon but a '49 Ford, gallantly sporting a Colgate sticker. Wherever that blond head goes, you can be sure that you are seeing Nancy. Yellow Teamg Cheerleader I, II, French Club IV, Glee Club II, III, Secretary-Treasurer IV, Prep Players I, Social League I, II, III, IV. 'U 77 cl 2. lv iw? fi, 7 P uw! X 4 W ,, 4 4 77 Q22 w beautiful is Youth! How 52 1 k S 5 5 S 9, 4 f , , j N fs A sy s , J f -' 'Q n A53-gz,Jf?"w,q 1 ,V s Y 442 i,.,yw? ,V X M xi 3, . X uzz: , W gygfg W . k wi W at 5 3 5:.5:zggfg,,e W , , X Q H W Ms gff,w,fwQH ' ,f 4 . ' fffswfws W .s.Q,2 X Q , 4 Y, Q4 1 aw was fswmlf sf av 'f s1.g5ff " .WMWW ' M95--N. righl if gleams with its illusions, aspirafions, dreamsfu 353 llflllf 1'1Jll', lwfl 111 riglzf: N1IIlL'j' P11111-S, Kathi 'l'11ylo1', AIIIIL' Nllllltill, Hilary Hohh. St'I'1PI1ll r1111': Alvxis Nt'lll'IlIlil5. klllilf' S11111l- 11111, llolly lliclgwuy, Slllllllllk' Nllilsh, BCYL'1'lj' XYl1itt1-11. Vlllllil 'l'yt11s, ,l11li1f St11111't. 'l'l1i1'1l r1111': Nlnry XYitlw1's, Cluil Sterling, 111111 P1'l'SlUll. Bohlxic NY11lln. xli'l1'Qi1I't't XVily, A1111 hl1lI1U.f0Il11'I'j'. -I1-1111 R1111ki11, ilingvr N111'ssl1-, Ffiurtll r1111': vlillllljl' Smith, Poxt 1l 1 111111 l'11t11 t . 3' NY' lie, 11 '1 .-XlJ.s'1'111: Applcluy Up 1111. XL 1 JU IOR Take t111'ty-s1-V011 girls, 11 class ziclvisor, Clltllll- siasm, intclligc-111-1-, 11111l unity, 11111l you have the Iunioi' Class! Soon to hoc-01110 1111D111ho1's of the 'cllccl Blazer Classy, these girls l111v1- clovcllopccl i11 111z1t111'ity hoth LIS i111lix'i1l1111ls 11111l 11s Ll group. LllKl4'l' H111 s111'1- g11i1l1111c0 ot their lIClYlSOl', Mrs. Long, 111111 tl11-11' l'1'1vsi1lc11t, Ci111ly Collins, 111111 with the l111lpl711l11css of each class 111e111l1e1', -xAl'0llIKl Tho XVo1'l1l I11 Eighty F11sl1io11s,H their 54 - 'ffl is jd' 'Q7f2Q My P Frmit l'UlL', Ivff fn right: Li111l11 King, Lise clfilllt, Diilllil Clc-1111111111s, Kris Breitliut, Pixie 11111111-s. Cylltlliil H is 1 Sltlllll 11111 Ey1111gcli111- Iloimvr, B2ITl7i11'Ll F11ltc111, Vikki NIcC11rley, Jill Katz, jucly Fry, P11111 Butt-1111111, s111'1'1't111'y, B1-llc Brooks 1111111 11111 Mrs. Long, 111lyis11r, XIi111i Fislicr, Carol linker, Lillfly' K11111111, tim-z1s111'c1', Betsy B11r11cs, 511111111111 Boicc, Tllll Bc1x11o11 1111 p1'1-sicl1111t, D1-11 L111111. Ftlllffll l'f7lL'I Clllilj' Collins, prcsicleiit, l,l'llC Bzixtcr, Judy C11rri11. Al1.s'1'11f: Lilwts H1r11s CLASS class p1'11ject, was 11 great success f1'11111 l1otl1 tlie e11tert11i11111c11t and tl1e 111o110tz1ry aspect. Some of the newly LlCqlli1'6Ll funds gained from this slimy w111'c1 put to 21 good use by l1ClPiI1g to pro- duce il 11111111111'11l1le Illllllll'-SCIllOl' l5z111q11et. The -llllliOl'S ll2lV6 now c11111pl11te1l tlrrcc- ii0lll'tllS of their Pl'6P21l'21tl0I1 llllll tliey lll1ClOl'-- stand the 1'esp1111sil1ility they are 11l1o11t to ac- quire. YY1- C2111 safely say that this class is well prepurccl for their final year ut BI.V.S. ,... DD 9 1-if ifafigfx Q, SOPHGMORE r 'I 1 The Sophomore Class has undergone many Q X changes since its Freshman days. The first, and perhaps the most noticeahle, is the change in f size, from seventeen to forty-two students. Mrs. l Q0 Saporito, the new class aclyisor, greatly helped ' non out such piolmltins as .uosc vslnle preparing 1 I for the yearly project. This year the project l was titled "XVagon XVhoo-Upv, and it followed ra L PL N -xx much the same pattern as last year's, hoth in 1 I " Front row, left fo right: Gregory Peeler, Linda Melton. Second row: Mary Lynn Peterson, Nan Thompson, Rhea Klein, Tony Myers, treasurer. Third row: Lynn Sehennn, Derelyn Schoenfelcl, Valerie XValton, Nancy W'eis. Fourth row: -lo Simp- son, Patricia Nelligan, Candy Sherwood, vice-president, Peggy Scarborough, Laura YVoocl, Tally Knowlton. Fifth row: Stephanie Lucas, Liz YVillianis. Sixth row: lane Renfro, Marina Storper, Mary Sue Varner. CLASS theme and in success. It was for the first time that Form H sampled the Preliminary Scholas- tic Aptitude Tests, and each one wished it had heen the last. However, some aspects of the class have not changed. For example, the Sopho niores again have the ahle leadership ot Tenipe Giant as President and Cindy Sherwood as than tlns, is then' school spirit that is still grow inff stcadily day hy d iv Vice-President. But perhaps niore important X N' ' .- it ' 1 - Y f 2 . r C7 f . 1 . x V V c Frou! row, left to right: ,lane Brady, Teinpe Clrant, president. SFIIUIIII row: Sally King, Shelley Forte, Mary Linda Dcliutts, Mary Haflner. Tlzirrl row: Betty Ayers, Diana Gibson, Dcni Duncan, Rlarilynn Coleman. Fourth row: Cail Gildar, Susie Hays, Nan Healy, Dehhe Garrett. Fifth row: ,Ioan Cousins, Anne Havens, Flo Ann Brown. Sixth l'UllIi Molly Day, secretary, Kathy Hale, Margarita Clavier. Frou! l'UllL, lcfl to riglzf: liarhara -lacohs, Liz Sniith, Lynn lloely, secretary. Susie l.exinc, liarhara Piclttorcl, llcelyy liancrsfelcl llznncy lwnr. Seconrl roic: lxathy l'ily. Karol lleeyes. Clahy Sniper, Xlanra Greeley, lflyira lialier, .-Xnn Hutchinson, Ioan Coali- lcy. lfnrrl HJILT Nlargaret Ilazcn, :Xnnc llaggin, plan l,r-nney. treasnrcr. Betsy llenclerson. prcsiclent, l.inrla llarlcy. yicc- presiclcnt. Virginia Bairnl. -lill Pmohcrtson. Sallie Txyyinan. Xlrs. Peirce. aclyisor. Al1sr'nI: Donna Sininions. FRESHMAN CLASS lt was slightly conlinsing anal perhaps a trifle clilficnlt at first for the twenty-three excitctl. ncrvons Freslnnen, lint soon they proved their eagerness ancl Willingness to learn. They qnicltly hecaine acquainted with the faculty and with fellow classmates, and joined yarious extra- cnrricnlar activities. The rnles and regulations came almost automatically to them. and hy the encl ol? Octoher, the entire class felt more a part of the school when they elected Betsy Hender- son as their l'rcsitlcnt. Right away the Fresh- nien clecitlecl to rallle oh' a tape recortler and a hair appointment lor their class project. This original iclea was well supported hy all, ancl then aclxisoi, Nlis, Peirce. helped greatly to nialie it snccessinl. The Freshmen now are earnestly awaiting their sophomore year, and each girl is hoping it will he half as enjoyahle and rewarding as her first year has heen. 58 Do you think we'll make the Ed Sullivan Show? Quiet-genius at work. ya 4. 3 3 3 A .: E, as Drezuning of Hawaii? 59 .JM Smile though your aching . . . h eart Some0ne's girls! giving you the Cy? l know we-'re in ll girlis school hut . . How was dinner, Posty? 5 Luke Placid Snow Queens. Been to Malggies lutelyP? 5. 1' fx 4 1 X if Z u U WC! W ll gil Z 2? I A it Z' vw I Q1 J 'a"iluv'm -mum A 1 Viz' . " U . .1 .- s,.::::...s:. - -. . A Q.. f u.--- M -..,,, ....,...,, M., .. U 3- xg! i . . ..,.,. ., , ,,,,, , k . E441 Q if' if Q. as gym Mp. X war 41011-Wnnuzqn-M PA 'V -5 Slfllllil, left To l'IQllf.' Dean l'ranl4. Nlrs. Lloyd, Candy Lolhns, Yinnie Price. ,Iessie Lackey. Secnnzf rout ,lurly lfullerlon. Kai Patterson. Xliss Clutlu-ini. adxisor. Kathy Uhod. president. .'llJS'l'llf.' Lindy Knapp. Stephanie Lucas. liaura XX'oorl. OPTIMA Optima is Nlount Yernouls honor society. It is hest descrihed lay its emhlem, the Creek letter Omega circumscriluing a lighted torch. The Omega symlxolizes attaimnent through ellortg the torch is a symhol of the devotion each memher ol' the cluh should feel for the school. To hecome a memhcr ol' Optima a girl must he placed on three out ol' four Academic and Citizenship Honor ltolls. She must have the uuanimous xote ot the memhers for admission. Optima girls should not only he good students. hut helpful and devoted members ot the stu dent liody. They should try at all times to up hold the standards of Blount Vernon and eu courage others to do the same. The clulrs activities include a Christmas party for the children of the schools employee and the distrihution of Nlay haslxets on Blay Day. Optima girls are also availalmlc to serx e as hostesscs when there are x isitors on campus. Optima is a tradition at Nlount Vernon, not only lor its memhers. hut also for the school as a whole. 62 Chapel Guild is the school organization which directs our religious life here at Mount Vernon. In this organization we are ahle to help others through church work. To begin every school day a student or a memher of the faculty is asked to lead us in chapel. This small service seems to start our day with a hetter outlook toward life. Chapel Guild also has several projects which are carried on throughout the school year. First of all, at Thanksgiving, the altar in chapel is decorated with fruit and vege- tahles, which are taken later to the Home for lncurahles. Another project is collecting Sitting, left to right: Judy Sandstrom, Judi Bollman, Dean , , . , . , Y , i J. ,- , Frank, Jessie Lackey, Sflllltlillgf Mary Milliken, Anne Henry, Clothes fol thc' Chulch Odd Scllllce and president, Mrs. Lloyd, advisor. Ann Hutchinson. gguding theln t0 flffgilyf Qhildfgu 3131-Qad. F P Still another is raising money for Care. Chapel Guild is also responsible for taking care of the Little Chapel, the small room in the Academic huilding used for silent medi- tation. It has heen a rewarding experience to see the religious aspects of our life growing steadily, largely through the work of the CHAPEL GUILD Chapel Guild. font I'UlL', left to right: Tally Knowlton, Dean Frank, Judi Bolhnan, Mary Milliken, Anne Henry, president, Betsy Henderson, rue Baxter, leannette Hehlioek. Secorici row: Linda Murphy. Ginger Xuessle, Carol Baker, Laurie Prater, Sue Gillespie, Julie Durand, Sue' Colen, Ann Montgomery. Cel lilmhert, Kay Patterson. Third row: Vinnie Price, Joan Cousins. Janice Smith, 1 Dei J 1 idy Sandstrom, Ann Leith, Indy Igersheimer, Lynn Hock, Traey Estahrook, Hilary ltolxli, Belle Brooks, Ann Hutchinson, ii Duncan. A hs-ent: JudyAlfnllerton, Jessie Lackey, Lucy Lindsay, Applehy Upton, Kathy NYood. CAROUSEL Cclrousel, Blount Vernoifs literary magazine. is Written by the students. lt is a tri-annual publication which includes not only articles of literary value, but also news items about cam- pus life. Last years newspaper, uCellophanev, is included in the format of the magazine. The highlight in the program this year was a literary contest which promoted a great deal ol interest in the magazine. Students entered poems, essays, descriptive themes, editorials, and short stories. Although the stall is small the interest is great and the challenge each member has had in helping to edit the magazine has been exact- ing and rewarding. Front row, left to right: -Iill Katz, Miss Livingston, advisor, Nancy Pnrves, Sherry King, joan Cousins, Belle Brooks. Secoml row: Libets Harris, editor, Kathi Taylor. Alnserzt: Betsy Bastable, ,loyce Diamond. qw Frfml 11110, lvff fu right: '11l'2l1.'f' 1Cst1111r111111, 11l'L'1121 B111'1s. .-X11g1-111s Cil1ll'L'l'. ixlllll' 1'11'IlI'f', 81111111111 1111111 -111111 1Q1'l'S1ll'1lHl'l', A1111 D111111111, L1111111 x1llI'111lf'. x121l'j1l l,11111111s111111. 1.11111 S111111s1111. K111111' c11ll4SOIl. c11'U1C'11L'Il c1l'K'L'I1. Tf1i1'1l 11115: Y1111111 '112l1lIlilI1. 11111111 112lX'1'l'112lI1lD1:. X1ilI'j' X11111111111. S1111 Cl11111N11111. 1D1LlIlll1' X1111'111111x11, 1111111 D111111111. 1302111 l"1111111. I"11111'lf1 11110: Allll l,111t11. K111111 'l'11y1111', X1kll'y 1111111 1'11t111'S1111. 1111111 S111111111111, -111111 C1Jl'I'1II. 1I'1'klSllfC'I'. 112llll'1i' P1'Ll1k'l', 11v1St1111t 1111111111 ixllll XI1111tQ11111111y, D11 1,2llll', 5111111 B11111111111. Al21s1'11f: :xllll ,-X1111111x, 11111s1' B111'1111s, f11IlC15' Cll111ll5, X1LlI'f' 111111111 1111B11tts, x11Ill1 1715111111 1111111111 c1ill'I'111 C1VIl11l12l H1111s111, 'l'11111i11 111111'1tl, 7110111 KllI'y, D1111 1.111111, 5115111 L11111111, Lucy L11111s11y, 15111111 1,1111'1111, c11llQL'l' N1111ms111, C1111 P111ss1111, ,I111111 St11111t. S11z11111111 xvll1N1I. CUPOLA 11' 111111 11111111 111111 p11ss1111 1111 5011011111c1ill'l'0111S 11111111 1111 il Tlll'S11Zlf' 11ft111'11111111, 11111 11111111 1111111- 111111' 511011 11111 S11111111' girls 11e11'1111s11' 1111011115 t1111 11111113 T1111s11 girls 1-11111p11se '11111 131111111 111 C1111111.111 A111111 21 YCHI' 111 1111111111g 1111 11111 1111'- 1111t, 1111111p11s111g s11111111 1111111-ups, 111111 t1111111g p111t111'11s, t11111' 11ll1l11y 11111111511 X1111111t 1111111111115 y1111111111111. NV11111i11g 1111 C111111LA is ll 1111111 j1111 11111 it is ll 1'1111'111'11111g 11xp111ie111111, 111111 111111 11111111 11111'111g. 11 1s 111111 111 1116 f1111' 1111111111115 111 1111111111 111111 111111 see 11111 111111115 11111t111'11111Z11. TI111 C111111111 151111111 1111111111 11116 111 11xp111ss its 11pp1'1111111t11111 to S11111111t11 C11ll'l'011, N111 13111101111 131111111s, 111111 311. C11111111 1111tt1111 1111' t111111' g1111111111111 111111 111111pe111t11111 111 1111111111g this 111111111111111 p11ss111111. 65 SL'lIf!'Il, lwfl to riglzf: 1J12lIl1' D11111'i1111', 1.1111111111 E111t111 C111'111v11 111111111111 I'1111t11Q111p111' 1'1111t111'g x1Lll'Lfill'l'1 N11'11111x 1111 1'11111t111'g 131211111 X1111111111, E1111111'-111-C11111f: Sl1I.l0I'111l C11111111 3 Y1N11I'1 Y11111111 1111-11, 131151111155 X1111111Q111'. PREP PLAYERS This your Prop Plziycrs vritvivcl more into thc' hroad fic-ld of uc-ting than c'x'c'i'hcfo1'e. Connnit- tccs wciv sci up to cxpcrirnvnt with inzlkvnp, stzigc clvsign, lighting, and thcutriciil proclncf- tion. As thciir part of thai Clnistinas Program, thc Piuycrs and thc Cicc Clnh presented pomns and songs during 21 incinoruhlc Firesidv Pro- grzun in Post Ilziii. Tho nnnninions choicv for thc Spring play was 'iljvtc-r Pain", and nnich tiinv and practice wont into presenting this play. It was ii rather long play to proclncc hut the Pluyvrs gave an outstanding perforniuncc for ull. Through thc- c-iiiorts of their stcuidfust advisor, Nlrs. Hetlin, thv Players lmvc hvc-n guided Wvli hc-yond that tiindziineiituls of acting. Each and everyone who has Worked with hor in Prop 1'lz1ycrs sahitc hcr-with iovv in thc-ir hvurts. lfront mic, lf' I to right: Xlnnrii cil'L'l'll'f'. Dc-ni Duncan, Bohhic- Wells, Pixie Conti-Q. Gaby Sznpur. Sworicl row: Virginian Biiircl, l5zi1'hi1l'z1 Alan-o mx, l'rnr- liamtvr, Pvggy S4-zirhorongfh. Dc-dv XYilson, Rana xIl'NlllIT2lj'. prcsicir-nt, Bvtsy Ilviimlcrsoir, ,Iain l.c'l1l1i'Y. Tlzird row: Carol lim'x'1's, Alonn Co11klc'y,.Iiil Rohvrtnoii, Annr' Hzlvciis, EiViI'2l Biikviy Susie- Iliiyvw, Ciinciy Sluwwrmcl, Ilizinzx Civnnnons, liznirzi XYooci, Diainn Clihson, Hrs. He-ilin, zicivisor, Fllllffll I'UIl.'J l.inchi Hari:-y. Kathy lslly. ,lo Simpson, xlllfillll Storpc-r, PLlU'iL'i2l Nviliuiin, Slllkllllll' I'zoivm'. Cathy lit-1111-l'. .'xl1SI'IIfI pliillll Boynton. Front row, left to right: Stephanie Lucas, Nancy WR-is, Tafliy Knowlton, Rainey Fair, Kathy Hale, Lynn Hoc-lc, Hilary Robb. Serouzl row: Mary Hailner, Mary Sue Varncr, Robin Heasty, Nancy Young, Margaret Hazen, Ieannette liehbock, Elaine Franklin, Suzanne Spitz, president, Madame Brodt-nova, advisor. Tlzirrl row: joan Cousins, joan Hook, Ann Hutchinson, Barbara Fulton, Sallie Twynian, Donna Sinunons, Liz Smith, Becky Bauersfcld, -lauc Renfro. AI1vYl.'lltI Marya Lebensohu, Barbara Pickford. GLEE CLUB New songs, new girls and new ideas have been the tune of the Glee Club this year. Activi- ties ranged from eokes after meetings to singing at inonthly Vespers and at Baccalaureate in Tune. The Christmas Program combined reli- gious and popular songs with a glowing fire- place and a fairlylike tree, to make a homey Fireside celebration. Spring brought the tradi- tional Valley Forge Concert as Mount Vernon 67 visited the aeadeiny this year. The concert, and the dinner-dance proved to be an exciting ex- perience enjoyed by all, and permanently in- scribed ainong our M.V.S. ineniories. The Glee Club sang at Baccalaureate in Tune, and thus came the end of a busy year. Any troubles of the past seemed now far away as all renieinber this year as one full of fun, one spiced with challenge. if 17111111 Fflllk. lwfl in 1'i,uf1f: X111115' Daly, Ck114K71 1311111111 Xlairy XY111ll'l4N. 111111' 17133 1J1llIl2l 11I'1'N1I71l, 1.11 XYi11i11111s. 811171111 I'UlL'S S111- C1111-s11i11, 511111111111 11111L'l', 11llL'y Si111ps1111. Clr1't1-111111 f1I'l'l'lI. 1111-si111'111. x12ll'j Slll' x1All'lI1'l'. Xlairy XI111ik1'11. 'l'f1ir11 r111L': 13111'11111'11 A11lQ'lJ1J5, 111-111-1' Cli11s1111. 1'11111y 11i11LIw11y. .1111 Katz. XLl1lQ'f' XY1-is, l5111111i1- X11-11s. l'11s1y' NX'i11is, x1ilI'1lll'l'1 XYi1y. A1111 :Xf1L1ll1S, N11's. 1.1-1', 1111xis111'. 1'11IHl'fl1 l'fIlL'i V141'LlL'j' 1fst11111'111111, B1'1't111 B111'1's, 1.1llL'j' 1,i1111s11y. A1121-11's C1il1Jl'1'I', KLl11ly Cl111's1111, 'l11111i K1lI'y, Pvggy' 11111111i11s, SLlIll1f' 1111111111151 .'11I1S'l'l1lL.' P11'ttyAy1-1's, Yi1'L1i11i11 1311ir11, 1'11xi1'a1 B2l1iL'l', '1'i1111 1311y11t1111, 111111' 11l'2l11j', 11111111 111'11111is, F111 .-X1111 1'11'r11x11. S1111 C1111111111111, x1Ll1'11B'I1l1 C1111-1111111, S1111 C1111'11, A111411 c1llIlll1IlQ1lllll1, C21-Z 1211111-rt, 112lllll'j' 1'1ll1l', X1i111i 17is111'1', X1i11111111' l"111'111-. ,1l1i1j' 1511111-1't1111. 131211111 Cli11s1111, A111111 H11gQi11, K1l11lf' 111110. 1,i111111 11klI'1L'f', JXIIIIL' 1111x'1111s, ,I11111't 1111X'1'1'11a1111pf. Alllll' HC'!ll'f', 'I'1'1111i1' 111'wit1. 1151111 11111'14. 1-X1111 1111t1'11i11s1111, .1l1C1f' 1Q1'1's111-i1111'r. 1.i1111.1 King, S11113' Ki11L1, 1,i1111y K11111111, 411'ssi1' 1,111'141'y. D111- 1.z1111', Susiv 1,1-11111-, 131-111' 1,11w1-11. Vikki N1L'Ci1l'1t,'j, 11111111 x1L'x1lll'l'2l3', Li111111 X1lll'D1lj'. '1'1111y Xlyvrs. Cl1'1'g111'y 111'l'1i'1', B1lI'1JilI'Ll 1'i1-111'111'11. 11Lll1l'11' 1,l'll1K'I', X11llII1l' 1,!'1l'1'. F11-1111 R111111i1'1, A1llC1j' S111111st1'11111. P11111 Si'lll'1P1Jl4fJlIl1l, 1Jl7lI1I1l Si1111111111s. -111 Si111ps1111, -1illl1L'l' S111i111, 1.17 S111i111. Cl.1i1 S11-1'1i11Q. 51111111 '11XVj'11liUl. S1171111111- xX1l1N11. X Ll1l'I'1tt X1ll11KHI. LEND-A-HA D 1Cxt111111i11g Ll 11011311142 11111111 t11 11t11e1's is t111- 11111111 p111'p11s1- 111 11111111-11-H111111. It is g11x'e1'111'11 11y 1'1-p1'11s1v11t111ix'11s 111 1111111 F111'111, 13111 t1111 W1111111 st11111'11t 1111111' 1-1111stit11t11s t1111 111e11111c1's11ip. 11111111- 11-11111111 11118 t11111111 il sp11ci111 interest in c11i1111'1111 t11is y11111'. lt 1111s W111111111 wit11 t11e Foster 13111311118 1111111 for 111111151 y1-111's 1111w, 111111 is, 11t t11e p1'0s1111t, s1111p111'ti11g L1 1itt11f Vict N11111 gi1'1 11y se1111i11g 11111' 1-111tl11's 111111 1111111t111x' checks. LQ1111-11-H111111, 111111111g 11111111 111-tivitivs, 1111s 11111111 C111'ist11111s st111-11i11gs f111' t1111 S111v11ti1111 Army 111111 1111s g1Y6l'l ll C11lI'1S1ll121S party 1111' C11111'g11t11w11 N1'ig1111111'- 11111111 111111s1-, w11111'1' 11111 gi1'1s 1111- kcpt 17llSy 1'x'111'y T1111s1111y 11ft111'11111111 t1111i11g 1-11111 111 thc 1-11i1111'1111. All t1111 W111'11111's W1111 1111v11 c1111t1'i1111te11 t1111i1' ti11111 111111' 1'11j11y1111 1111i11g t11ci1' s1111111 part 1111' 1111- 111-111151, ZIIIC1 11111111 t1111t 11111111-11-11111111 will 1'1111ti11111' its w111't11w11i111 work i11 t111' 1Cll1lll'Q. 68 LIBRARY COUNCIL T110 Li111'111'y C1OllllC11, 1'11111p11s1111 111' tw111v1' lllClll1JC1'S, 01111111115 t1111 81111101118 t1111111s111x'11s 111 s1111 211 first 11111111 just 1111w 21 111J1'i1l'y' is 111'g1111ix1-11. 1521011 student 1111vot11s 0111- free p121'i1111 il week to w111'1ii11g i11 1111- 1i1n'111'y. During t11is time t111' 8111119111 1111s t111- opp111'tu11ity to 11111111 111111ut s111-1x'ing 111111ks, filing in t111' 1-11111 1'11t11111gue, 111111 p111'1'1n'111i11g t111v 111211137 s1111111c1' fuiictirnis of 21 sc1111111 1i111'111'y. As part 111' the 1'cw111'11 for Work- ing i11 t111- 1i111'111'y, t111- girls 1111x'1- two p111'ti1-s. This yCLl1', just llitltl' C111'1stn111s V111-11t11111, 1111 t111' 11111111111-rs w111'1- inx'it1111 115' t1111 1i111'111'i1111s, Xliss T111J11111s 111111 Xlrs. 13111113 111 C11l1l1Cl' 11t L1 C11in1-sc' 1'12st11l11'1111t. During t1111 spring te1'111 11111112 VVLIS 21 pi1-ni1- 11t G11-11t 1"1111s. S1111-1' 1111o11s p111y ll n111j111' 111111 in 1111 11111' lives, it is in1p111't1111t t1111t wc s111111111 1111 1il1OXN' 1111w to find 111111 1'111'1- for t111-sc 11111114s. XVO1'1i1llg on t111' 1.i111'111'y c1Oll11C11 1111s givvn 1111011 111111 1W1'1'y IllCll11JCl' t11is v1'1'y H801-111 111111w11111g11. l'1l'IJlIfl'fJlU, l1'fI fn right: A1llK1f' c1llllIl1IlQ11LlI11. 11111-si111'11t. Nliss '1'111111111s, Hrs. 13111113 1111x'is1n's. S111'm11l rmv: 1111111 112l1l'l1l21l1, A111113' 1Ql'l'51lt'llI10l', Alu11y 1'ry. Posty N1'i11is, Ann Xlf111tg11111111'y. 1311111111 5111111111112 S1111 c11li1l7lllill1. Al1s1'n!: X11ll'1.f1ll'K'1 1111x1-11, :XIIIILE X111111111, Si1Ill1j' Nv1111lll'f'. 1 " --W., M N WW-M. W" fn. . "W-fs-..,,,h ii " ff-S N, .MMM f-M-mm., 1.. W""""""-vs..,,, M 1..,. ,,, k"""Nhv-v1w.,,,, 'nr-1-,-,FM M-iivwmau-.,,, if Sw 'NE img M 4"w,Q'? A sv, At Front row, lffff In riullf: Rlll'1l Klcin, l,isc Clrzuit. Susic l.4-ville. Elllllli' l"l'1llllilllI, pri-siflt-ut. Dr. l.lo5'cl. Nlrs, lfcllowcs. illlNlNll Xlrs, l,lo5Ll. :llM'l'lIf.' Diuinw Xlziclintoslu, OCIAL LEAGUE livcry StllClCllf is ll mcmluci' of thc Social Lcuguc which sponsors thrcc cltuices during thc school yC21l'. Thcrc is an illtlixlllllzll committcc composccl of Ll Prcsiclcnt, ll i'cpi'csciitutivc from catch class, zuicl any stuclciits who wish to Iiclp. Thi- first clzuicc was hclcl in thc Zllltlllllll against 11 l31lCligl'OllIKl of falling leuxcs, soft lights, zmcl il golclcii crcsccnt moon as clutcs twistecl to thc music of thc ul3yIlilt0HGSN. Ncxt was thc iiSuo- llullh hclcl in curly Dcccmlmcr. Pcrllups thc Tl mcnt clamcc, which was hclcl alt the XvLlSlllllQ mciit of thc ciicl of thc yczu' mul last min p1'cpz1r11tioiis, this final clauicc crcatccl illl ciii lltllllt' instigatccl tht- snow that fcll thc clay ol thc clzmcc, if not, it certainly llllltlf' Christo sc-cm right 1U'0llIlCl thc corncr. 'llhc Commcmc 1 Chili, was il surprisc zmcl clclight to all hut cspccially to thc Sciiiors. With thc cxcitc almlc, mcmorulilc zltmosphcrc lor cx'c1'yoi1c. uta ox ZS 3 My Q A ix if I x Y ' X if f 5 4 U3 fx 9' " -x 1 X p Q. f X X fx , , .- 51 -a , Y ,635 S . e ,Ny ' . n C fy!! " iw Y 1.x,,.. N A J., ' ,O .N ' Q " Vx 1 Ns NA ', AW fa X6 5 Aw , ' sv 5 ' ' . . 3' 1 'r w 'ii 41 x ful' W Kms'- f A . '7 if-5 ,, M M ,PR ' Wi 26? . V H5 4 A , , , -K T A , -Q lx Kos ' 'ffm' Z ww, ,,-wj. ,Q lv, J 'af ' ww -my, , ' K -' 'Z4t?f5?s? 'Ti m fy, ff' w K ' fi fvffggzfgf W. ffmiiw , . ,, ,M , ,Q V .12-,JK-,K ,il A 1 . if is , 5? , .1553 .hw- gt rig-'l',fM, ' ' " f .. K H -my ,A may Nm, h ,.?:,2',.g. -,739 1 ' .NF Q K A5 2 . xg V43 . U ,fi ' 'A , X- ' x ,f N 'w H 1 'a x , 'fiiiz ,' , ,Q V. gm. M. . MJXAQVA .sh ai 32 E fig it ,.,.:.,:. uqlu W, x ' 31 ,':' ,IVI EE ,s . 'E-,gpg -.-' i gg vga A. ik nl lfronl I'Ull'. fwff to right: liolmlnc NYellS. Hilary llohlm, Ang:-les Calmrer, Anne Haggin. 501111111 Hill!! Ann NlUlli,LfUIIli'l'y, Nlrs. Cfannon, atlxisor. Cel l'll1l1ert, 1111-sirlellt. ,laclcic Yan Xatta, Cale Russell. Ginger Xncssle. ATHLETIC A liach lIN'INl7C1' of tl1e student hody, hy partici- pation in the Athletic prograin, is also a 1HClNllCl' oi' the Athletic Association. l11 order that tl1e A.A. may rnn SlN0Otl1ly, there is a Board consist- ing ol' a President, Yellow a11d XVhite Tcain Captains, a Vice-President, SCCl'Cftll'Y-VITTCLISIIl'Cl', and a representative fro111 each class. It is tht- responsihility of tl1is Board to ineet and discuss the various atl1letic events tl1at are planned thronghont the year. Coinpctition hetween thc two teams continually IllUllIllS during the school year hcginning with the A.A. picnic. This picnic includes choosing the new girls to he o11 either SOCIATIO teani, participating i11 various relays, Zlllll tug- gi11g i11 the traditional tug of war. Posture Week, next o11 tl1e A.A. calendar, is a tiine when much hard work and inany teain points are i11- volved. Finally, i11 May, comes the climax of the athletic year for all, the A.A. Banquet. That 11igl1t awards are given to individual girls, illld each student relives the great victories or the disappointing losses of the year. No matter what the case, the A.A. Board trics hard to pro- inote good spo1'ts1na11ship-their 111otto heing "Sports1na11sl1ip is onr highest goalu. 74 I 75 S 5 s ,W Xl I LONY 'l'lC.-XXI fflIlflflil,l'1.-XDEHSfl5ntImn fu 11111: Pixim' Czmfm, Eluim- l'!I'1lIlklilL lu-acl L-he-s'1'ln':1clv1'. Nam YIQIIUIIIDNUII, 1.1',V! In 11,Ql:l: Ijilllll' Dviwilm-1', lix-by Hzlstulmlv, .Iuliv lllllllllil, BilI'll1lI'll Alaluxlns, ,fU1.w':11: Vlqillil Bflylllllll. -Iam' liralcly. CHEERLEADERS l'l'lC TIC.-XXI CIIICICHI,lC.fXlD1iRS4l"mr1t frlllf, loft In rigflzl: lin-ttzx Buffs, Xlzxry XYitlu-rs. Smiv lluys, Scfrmzzl mux' Jxlllll Hr my Pvigy Ilzmkim. In-and chvurlczulz-1', cll'l'QUI'j' Pm-lcr. 'l'l1irrl l'UlL'S 1illl'2l Rh-in, Yak-rim NYultm1. Wm Stumling, left to rigfzt: Bobbie- XVclls, Clcz Elulwrt, Nlary Nlillilcen. Kneeling: Hilary Robb, Candy Sbcrwoocl, Tina Tytns. jackie Van Natta, Ann Nlontgomnc-ry. Ginger Xnvsslv, Flw6'll1DC Grant, ,Incly Fullerton, Angeles Cabrvr, Diane Dc-twiler. Alzsvnt: Carolyn Cowclen. HOCKEY SCORES Immaculate. 0. . . . . .Mt Vernon 3 Nladeira 3 .... .... B lt. Vernon 0 Friends 3 ...... . . .NIL Vernon 0 St. Agnes O. . . . . .ML Vernon 8 Maret 0. . . . . .NIL Vernon 3 Yellows 1. . . ..... YVl1ites 4 Mt. Vernon players rush for a goal as the opposing team approaches. 1,352 '66 I1mm1cl1Iz1tu3l. Holton Arms 333 NIz1cIv1'iz1 38 .... Friends 25 .... Nutimml CIZIIIIICK SCORES Irul 24, . . Ycllow Tvum 26 ....... . .NIt. NYCYIIUIII6 .NIL Vcrnon 535 .NIt, N'c'rno11 -IU .NIt. N'c'1'no11 27 .NIt. Vernon 29 NVI1itc Tc-:un 30 'N . . And H10 scorn' govs up unothvr notch BASKETBALL mn! rrmi, lwfl In right: Kzly I,2lIIL'I'SOIl, Alllll' Dunlop, Calc lillssvll. Candy SI1m'xx'uml, ,loycv IJIRIIIIOIIII, Amr Nlrm om rrwmfl muf: Posty NViIIis, -lm-kin' Yun Nnttu. Cox lCI1lu'1't, Clingcr Nlwsslv. 'l'4'mpc- Cirzml. Ifrmzt FUHR. lvff In riglzf: TL-111pc Clrzuit, Kay Patti-rs1111, Pnsty XVillis, lluyu- ljllllllllllil, Vlaxclxic- Yam Naitlu. Swrnizl IAHILT A1111 XlUlllQIJllli'l'y, xxlllli' D1111l0p. Clzllv liuswll, Ginger Nlivsslu. SOFTBALL CANIES April ll Kit. Ycriioii vs. Blau'-et Xluv 2 Xlt. Vc1'11o11 vs. Siclcwcll Frieiicls April 18 Mt. Vernon vs. Holton Arms Xluv 4 Xlt. Ycrnoii vs. Stoiic Ridge April 25 Nlt. Vernoii National Catlieclral May 14 xvllltl' vs. Yellow It looks lilxv il l1c11114- run for Tc-111pL-l 78 The warmup rally before the big game TENNIS MATCHES April 16 Mt. Vernon vs. lN12ll'Ct April 25 Mt. Vernon vs. National Catliedral April 18 Mt. Vernon vs. Holton Anns April 30 Kit. Vernon vs. Sidewell Friends Front row, left to riglllz Appleby Upton, Elaine Ifrzurklin, Bobbin- NVQ-lls, Cuncly Slit-rwoocl, Cla-Z Elmliert. l 79 Light is the task SU 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 i f f E f 1 S when many share the toil 81 OUR SPONSORS R. E. ADAMS RANCH Maple Hill, Kansas COMMITTEE OF AMERICAN STEAMSHIP LINES DR. WVI Washington, D.C. CARRINGTON BARRS Tampa, Florida PAUL VV. BOLLMAN Shillington, Pennsylvania AGUSTIN CABRER Humacao, Puerto Rico JOSEPH E. COLEN Gladwyne, Pennsylvania G. L. CORNELL COMPANY Washington, D.C. YVRIGHT E. COVVDEN Midland, Texas LLIAM SHAMBOUGH DETWILER Wfashington, D.C. GEORGE S. EBBERT, IR. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania EMBASSY DAIRY Washington, D.C. DR. HERMAN W. FRANK Gadsden, Alabama RICHARD F.. FRANKLIN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ARTHUR GARSON New York, New York LANGHORNE GIBSON Greenwood, Virginia HAROLD P. GILLESPIE Allentown, Pennsylvania CHARLES C. GREEN, IR. Midland, Texas GORDON HAVERKAMPF Winnetka, Illinois R. CARTER HENRY Greenville, South Carolina JOHN E. HEWITT Lebanon, Pennsylvania COLONEL MILO IGERSHEIMER USA fret Q Weston, Massachusetts F. MERRILL LINDSAY Decatur, Illinois OUR SPONSORS XVILLIAM T. LEITH Chevy Chase, Maryland DONALD F. MACARRELL Denver, Colorado FRANK A. MCMURRAY Chicago, Illinois LEROY C. MILLIKEN Robesonia, Pennsylvania JACK MORTON PRODUCTIONS lVashington, D.C. WVILLIAM C. MURPHY VVashington, D.C. ARTHUR Cf. NICHOLS, IR, WVashington, D.C. JACK NICHOLS Bethesda, Maryland RALPH PATTERSON VVashington, D.C. RICHARD PISTELL YVashington, D.C. CAPTAIN F. M. PRICE USN Qretj Winston-Salem, North Carolina FRANK M. RUSSELL Chevy Chase, Maryland MILTON SHAPP VVashington, D.C. WM. H. B. SIMPSON Greenville, South Carolina FRANK SMITH YVashington, D.C. MILTON FRANZ SPITZ Arlington, Virginia ROBERT SULLIVAN Lebanon, Pennsylvania E. LEE TALMAN Creenwich, Connecticut NILES TRAMMELL VVaShington, D.C. VAN NATTA HEREFORDS-Since 1880 Battle Ground, Indiana LLOYD B. XVILSON, JR. VVashington, D.C. YVILLIAM MAXXVELL WVOOD Portland, Oregon Mrs. Karl A. Baer 5111 Saratoga Ave. Glenwood Park Washington 16, D. C. Mlle. jenny Bounous 4866 MacArthur Blvd., N.VV. VVashington 7, D. C. Miss Barbara Brierley 268 London Road Brockhurst Hill North Wich, Cheshire England Mme. Lida Brodenova 4529 Grant Road, NAV. Washington 16, D. C. Mrs. Maude Browne 2100 Foxhall Rd., NAV. Washington 7, D. C. Mrs. Kim C. Cannon 3251 S. Stafford St., Apt. B2 Arlington, Va. Senorita Maria Carroll 4828 Reservoir Rd., N.VV. Washington 7, D. C. Mrs. William B. Cleland 3338 N Street, N.W. Washington 7, D. C. Mme. Ieanne Curry 3304 Moline Road Silver Spring, Md. Mrs. Iames M. Evans 1424 North 12th St. Arlington, Va. Miss Hope French 4870 MacArthur Blvd., NAV. VV ashington, D. C. Adams, Ann Stewart Maple Hill, Kansas Ayers, Betty Adams Sedgefield High Point, North Carolina Baird, Mary Virginia 213 South Centre Street Philipsburg, Pennsylvania Baker, Carol Ann efo Pan American YVorld Airways 53 Ataturk Bulvari Ankara, Turkey FACULTYINRECTORY Miss Marjorie Gutheim Bay State Apts. 1701 Mass. Ave., N.W. Washington, D. C. Mrs. Martin Hellin 1727 19th St., NNV. Wfashington, D. C. Mrs. Paul Heinemann 1514 Bolton Street Baltimore 17, Maryland Mrs. John H. Kennedy 2932 New Mexico Ave. Washington, D. C. Mrs. Chester Lampert 8500 Hempstead Ave. Bethesda, Md. Mr. Harlan Laufman 4318 North 9th Street Arlington, Va. Mrs. Grace C. Lee Irem Temple Country Club Dallas, Pennsylvania Mrs. Lyman H. Legters 211 3rd St., S.E. Washington 3, D. C. Miss Ann Livingston 4008 Everett Street Kensington, Md. Dr. and Mrs. George W. Lloyd 2100 Foxhall Rd., N.VV. Washington 7, D. C. Mrs. John V. Long 5804 Wiltshire Dr. Washington 16, D. C. Mrs. Edith C. Lowry 3121 38th Street, N.W. Washington 16, D. C. Mrs. Charles Massey 4536 Lowell Street, NAV. VVashington 16, D. C. Miss jane Muzzey 1400 S. Joyce St. Arlington 2, Va. Miss Louise Osgood 2118 Key Blvd. Arlington, Va. Mrs. Wentworth VV. Peirce 57 Observatory Circle, N.VV. VVashington 8, D. C. Mrs. Anne Saporito 2416 Chain Bridge Rd. Washington 16, D. C. Mrs. Irvin T. Shapiro 316 Marthais Road Alexandria, Va. Mrs. Bruce Silcox 2110 North Pierce St. Arlington, Va. Mrs. Mary Spence 3031 Sedgwick St., N.VV. Ant. 403 E. Washington 8, D. C. Miss Elizabeth Thomas 2315 40th Place, N.W. VVashington, D. C. Mrs. Helen Ulrey The Hannah Harrison School 4470 MacArthur Blvd. Washington, D. C. STUDENTINRECTGRY Baker, Elvira jane efo Pan American Wforld Airways 53 Ataturk Bulvari Ankara, Turkey Barnes, Elisabeth Louise 2620 East-West Highway Chevy Chase, Maryland Barrs, Bretta Marie 3403 Morrison Avenue Tampa, Florida Bastable, Elizabeth N. 4833 Fort Sumner Drive Washington 16, D. C. Bateman, Pamela 525 Merrioaks Road Barrington, Illinois Bauersfeld, Elizabeth Ann R. 3113, River Road, Bethesda Potomac, Maryland Baxter, Prudence Welborn 4211 43rd Street. NW . lVashington 16, D. C. Berger, Catherine Kass 2941 Massachusetts Avenue Washington 8, D. C. Best Wishes From THE STUDENT COUNCIL 1961-1962 KAY PATTERSON KATHERINE WOOD CAROL BAKER .IUDY FULLERTON TINA ROYNTON .IUDI BOLLIVIAN TEMPE GRANT TONI KURY CANDIE SHERWOOD JOYCE DIAMOND BETSY HENDERSON CINDY COLLINS LINDA HARLEY The 'W Q 5 I po! bfi fx wa ld T S 0 In MCIIIOPY of Chrissie IVIcCutchen Boice, Suzanne W. 294 Holden Avenue Orlando, Florida Bollman, Judith Anne 301 Chestnut Street Shillington, Pennsylvania Boynton, Bettina B. 5110 Dalecarlia Drive XVashington 16, D. C. Brady, Jane Harris 11 North Road Salisbury, North Carolina Breithut, Kristina Strand American Embassy, APO 254 New York, New York Brooks, Belle 4424 Volta Place, NKV. Washington 7, D. C. Brown, Flo Ann 2900 45th Street, NNV. Washington 16, D. C. Cabrer, Angeles Minerva Street Humacao, Puerto Rico Chapman, Susan Dunbar 4919 Palisade Lane, N.W. Washington 16, D. C. Clavier, Margarita Avenida Arismendi, Quinta "Virginian, El Paraiso Caracas, Venezuela Clemmons, Diana Edminson 4639 Chain Bridge Road McLean, Virginia Coakley, Joan Elise 5175 Watson Street, N.VV. VVashington 16, D. C. Coates, Pixie 2600 Fort Scott Drive Arlington, Virginia Coleman, Marilynn Elaine 3850 Macomb Street, NNV. Washington 16, D. C. Colen, Susan Davis 617 Conshohocken State Rd. Cladwyne, Pennsylvania Collins, Cynthia H. 5025 Macomb Street, N.W. Washington 16, D. C. Corrin, Judith Ann 308 East Main Street Clarksburg, West Virginia Cousins, Joan Hubbard 2707 N. WakeHeld Street Arlington 7, Virginia Cowden, Carolyn 1700 Cuthbert Street Midland, Texas Cunningham, Mary Judith 7740 N. Fairchild Road Milwaukee 17, XVisconsin Day, Mary Louise 5804 Brookside Drive Chevy Chase 15, Maryland DeButts, Mary Linda 2220 46th Street, N.W. WVashington, D. C. Detwiler, Diane 4737 Fulton Street, NNV. YVashington 7, D. C. Diamond, Joyce Lee 1817 Parkside Drive, N.VV. Washington 12, D. C. Duncan, Denis Anne 2220 King Place, N.W. Washington 6, D. C. Dunlop, Anne Byrd 5309 Edgemoor Lane Bethesda 14, Maryland Durand, Julie Rodgers 5910 Harwick Road Washington 16, D. C. Ebbert, Genevieve 6630 Kinsman Road Pittsburgh 17, Pennsylvania Estabrook, Tracy Ann 5609 Springfield Drive WVashington 16, D. C. Fair, Rainey Elizabeth The Towers, 4201 Cathedral Ave. YVashington 16, D. C. Fay, Katherine Finn 4314 Litton Lane McLean, Virginia Fisher, Margaret Matilda VVye Town Farm, Route 11:1 Easton, Maryland Forte, Michele C. 362 Crestview Drive, Mt. Manors Anniston, Alabama Frank, Edna Dean 208 Argyle Circle Gadsden, Alabama Franklin, Julia Elaine 6215 Garnett Drive Chevy Chase 15, Maryland Fry, Judith Ann 706 South Park Hinsdale, Illinois Fullerton, Judith Sunbeam Farms, Box 955 Miami, Oklahoma Fulton, Barbara 1933 47th St., N.W. Washington 7, D. C. Garrett, Margaret Debbe 3 East Kirke Street Chevy Chase 15, Maryland Carson, Kathleen 941 Park Avenue New York 28, New York Gibson, Diana "Ran'1say', Greenwood, Virginia Gibson, Irene "Rarnsay', Greenwood, Virginia Gildar, Gail Diana 1755 North Portal Drive, N.W. Washington 12, D. C. Gillespie, Susan Stark 2322 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pennsylvania Grant, Elise 29 Prirnrose Street Chevy Chase 15, Maryland Grant, Tempe Dana 29 Primrose Street Chevy Chase 15, Maryland Greeley, Maura Anne 7015 Beechwood Dr. Chevy Chase 15, Md. Green, Gretchen Ann 3111 Gulf Street Midland, Texas Haifner, Mary Rutledge 2800 Woodley Road, N.XV. XVashington, D. C. Haggin, Anne Lester Sycamore Farm Versailles, Kentucky Hale, Kathryn 4913 Fort Sumner Drive Washington 16, D. C. Hankins, Margaret 150 Brownfield Lane Uniontown, Pennsylvania Harley, Linda V. 4915 Van Ness Street Washington 16, D. C. Harris, Elizabeth Byrne 5409 Blackistone Road Washington 16, D. C. GQ 0 TEWNW F517 Q., SPO RTSVYWXN SM X9 1 EP 6' Q 0 x C-,2 Hauser, Cynthia Louise 917 East Union Avenue Litchfield, Illinois Havens, Leckie Ann "Hillhaven,', Park Hills Huntington, West Virginia Haverkampf, Janet T. 1035 Starr Road Winnetka, Illinois Hays, Suzy 1315 N. Lake Elbert Drive Winter Haven, Florida Hazen, Margaret "Decision,, St. Michaels, Maryland Healy, Nancy 4030 51st Street, N.W. Washington 16, D. C. Heasty, Roberta 2403 Wemberly Way McLean, Virginia Henderson, Elizabeth 4720 Woodway Lane, NNV. Washington 16, D. C. Henry, Anne 7 Woodland Way Circle Greenville, South Carolina Hewitt, Trudie 3 East High Street Lebanon, Pennsylvania Hock, Carol Lynn 2232 49th Street, N.W. Washington 7, D. C. Hock, Joan Carol 2232 48th Street, N.W. Washington 7, D. C. Houser, Evangeline 410 South Elm Street Cherryville, North Carolina Hutchinson, Ann 5401 Albemarle Street Washington 16, D. C. Igersheimer, Judith 58 Sherburn Circle Weston, Massachusetts Jacobs, Barbara 7301 Lynnhurst Drive Chevy Chase 15, Maryland Katz, Jill 941 Park Avenue New York 28, New York King, Agnes CSherryj 4105 Woodbine Street Chevy Chase, Maryland King, Linda 2214 Wyoming Avenue, N.W. Washington 8, D. C. King, Sarah Alice CSallyj 3 Diana Hills Road Anniston, Alabama Klein, Rhea 5916 Bradley Boulevard Bethesda, Maryland Knapp, Rosalind 3701 Curtis Court Chevy Chase, Maryland Knowlton, Carolyn Bailey Road Holden, Massachusetts Kury, Antonia 128 East Locust Street Lebanon, Pennsylvania Lackey, Jessie 536 Lancaster Avenue Richmond, Kentucky Lane, Diana 5040 Loughboro Road, N.W. Washington 16, D. C. Lebensohn, Marya 4840 Hutchins Place, N.W. Washington 7, D. C. Leith, Ann 5320 Sunset Lane Chevy Chase 15, Maryland Lenney, Jan 1536 44th Street, N.W. Washington 7, D. C. Levine, Suzanne 4512 Edmunds Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. Lindsay, Lucy 1810 Westwood Street Decatur, Illinois Lowen, Barbara 2630 East Cedar Avenue Denver, Colorado Lucas, Stephanie Apartado 3169 Caracas, Venezuela McCarley, Victoria 25 Busbee Road Asheville, North Carolina McMurray, Rana 230 East Delaware Place Chicago 11, Illinois MacIntosh, Dianne 1301 S. Scott St. Arlington, Virginia Melton, Linda 8614 Garfield Street Bethesda 14, Maryland Milliken, Mary R. D. ai Robesonia, Pennsylvania Montgomery, Ann 163 Culpeper Street Warrenton, Virginia Morton, Anne Presquiille Easton, Maryland Morton, Diane 5021 Loughboro Road, N.W. Washington 16, D. C. Murphy, Melinda 3069 University Terrace, N.VV Washington 16, D. C. Myers, Antoinette 15 West Lenox Street Chevy Chase 15, Maryland Nehemkis, Alexis 2128 Wyoming Avenue, N.W. Washington 8, D. C. Nelligan, Patricia 560 Brierhill Road Deerfield, Illinois Nichols, Lucinda 3109 Cathedral Avenue, N.W. Washington 8, D. C. Nichols, Margaret 9000 Congressional Parkway Bethesda 14, Maryland Nuessle, Virginia 5801 Kirkside Drive Chevy Chase, Maryland Patterson, Mary Catherine 316 2nd Street, S.E. Washington, D. C. Peeler, Gregory 1 Dogwood Road Salisbury, North Carolina Peterson, Mary Lynn 45 Valley Ridge Road Fort Worth, Texas gl , UQ Pickford, Barbara 3348 North Valley Street Arlington, Viriginia Prater, Laurenn Ridgecrest Drive Morristown, Tennessee Preston, Diana 8283 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla, California Price, Vinnie 832 Camelot Court XVinston-Salem, North Carolina Purves, Nancy 4355 YV Street, N.VV. XVashington 7, D. C. Rankin, Jean 5324 Interbay Boulevard Tampa 11, Florida Reeves, Carol 2916 New Mexico Avenue, NXV. XVashington 16, D. C. Rehbock, Jeannette 2608 36th Pl., N.'NV. YVashington 7, D. C. Renfro, Jane 1300 North Greenbrier Arlington, Virginia Ridgway, Holly Box 1242 Rancho Santa Fe, California Robb, Hilary 3267 P Street, N.W. YVashington, D. C. Robertson, Joanne 5100 Manning Place, NNV. VVashington 16, D. C. Russell, Gale 6401 Garnett Drive Chevy Chase, Maryland Sandstrom, Judith Windcrest Road Rye, New York Saper, Gabrielle 3538 Porter Street, N.W. Washington 16, D. C. Scarborough, Margaret 437 Morendo Road Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Schemm, Lynn 94 Merriweather Road Grosse Pointe 36, Michigan Schoenfeld, Derelyn Dupont Company CUKJ Ltd. 76 Jermyn Street London SNV. 1, England Sherwood, Camilla Skywater Road Gibson Island, Maryland Simmons, Donna 10004 Vernon Huntington XVoods, Michigan Simpson, Josephine 1551 Tates Creek Rd. Lexington, Kentucky Simpson, Lucy 2 VV. Hillcrest Dr. Greenville, S. C. Smith, Elizabeth H. "Ridgelea,, VVarrenton, Virginia Smith, Janice P. O. Box 1402 VVinter Haven, Florida Spitz, Suzanne 3529 N. Utah St. Arlington, Virginia Sterling, Gail 4301 Massachusetts Avenue, N .W Wfashington 16, D. C. Storper, Marina 2508 Jennings Road Silver Spring, Maryland Stuart, Julie 6204 Brookside Drive Chevy Chase, Maryland Talman, Victoria Pecksland Road Greenwich, Connecticut Taylor, Katherine 5800 Bent Branch Road Washington 16, D. C. Thompson, Nan 4936 Rodman Street, N.W. Washington 16, D. C. Twyman, Sallie 1007 Rugby Road Charlottesville, Virginia Tytus, Bettina 5320 Carvel Road Washington 16, D. C. Upton, Ann Appleby Rt. 2, Box 437 McLean, Virginia 7 Van Natta, Jacqueline Battle Ground Indiana Varner, Mary Susan 5302 Duvall Drive Washington 16, D. C. Walsh, Suzanne 220 El Bravo VVay Palm Beach, Florida VValton, Valerie 7214 Maple Avenue Chevy Chase 15, Maryland WVeis, Nancy 720 Catawissa Avenue Sunbury, Pennsylvania WVeller, Cynthia 4848 Rockwood Parkway, NNV. VVashington, D. C. WVells, Barbara Spring Valley Road Morristown, New Jersey YVhitney, Sandra 5 Blackburn Place Summit, New Jersey XVhitten, Beverly 5804 Nebraska Avenue, NXV. WVashington 15, D. C. XVilliams, Elizabeth 4641 Rockwood Parkway, NNV. VVashington 16, D. C. Willis, Post Chicken Valley Road Locust Valley, New York Wilson, Deborah 4655 Kenmore Drive Washington 7, D. C. Wily Margaret 3426 Dover Road, Hope Valley Durham, North Carolina VVithers, Mary 2020 St. Andrews Rd. Greensboro, N. C. Wood, Katherine 11.950 S.W. Breyman Avenue Portland 19, Oregon Wood, Laura 11950 S.W. Breyman Avenue Portland 19, Oregon Young, Nancy 5187 Watson Street, N.W. VVashington 16, D. C. x A X X If-57 fi K' , ' fi 'X - + x ,Hf , ff xxx k K! 'xx .Vf W m ff m .ii 'w k if V fi V ' 1 x ' " 'ep 1 cg ,afffrsqfd XY-x X2 4, X Lhgkfi Q-Ji? KX f cabs' xw L--1 3 5 .l x f X ' f ' s., -2 "CARRY ME BACK T0 OLD 65 VIRGINIA 50003 Fi 1 L 'N Na 4 . l Ann Leith-Mirlzfleburg J Robin Heasty-McLean NX ,fl ,ff Sharon Smith-Arlington X,-, Appleby Upt0nwCreenway V Reene Gibson-uRamsayH . Diana GlhSOI1+Gf86IlW0fIIl OPTIMA Sallie Twymansf,harlollgsville Elizabeth Smith-Warrenlon Suzanne Spitz-Arlillgmzl Pixie Coates-For! Myer Ann lVIontgomery-Warrenmn, W. Va. Judy Corrin+Clarksl1u,r,2', W. Va. Ann HHVCHS-HlLIIlillg'l0II, W. Va. Tris N. 'Panm 54-Ld-Hg"-K ,ymuki v 5 1 4 l hm I-5 2 ' mi Troy Donohue snows me in uCall1'a est fiivisrz wr Ires Tlzis is our Halle. so 'Alzanrls off' HSlll'fSill6 6,, on TJ". l7fII'fl?5.H llllll fzuly S? HLer's get logelher. yea. yea. yeaf, Une of llze stars of the Tf1lr1'11g'a fear seconds off from funior l"ash1'0n Show. slurlying, Alexis? - mn! may 5? WW' if llilzifly' alone' foniglzrjf 11011111 Vernon al the Yafzrlmolf "fill, .w."' lf!! vlziefs. lf0nfe1'a11r'ei1l ,X 6114 York. 'N 6' JXNXX ,Q X N ff A if M A v'1-"J qefm X ,Poo pf Fmq , "'ADfW'LU,COLOQF'UL ,GH Bkffcl M TUNS7'l Q2 . - ' Cf Q0 'PQHJQ 1 :ff LATE SKurwK "W Q E Auf worm .958 Zakiuf Q51 Q 7224? ff 'JM 2 r : 42141 4 lbw " Q I Wim Q Gum W I962 GEL STUD! OF THE SC.c:'R.E5 HGWN POE-QS ANNE 'DEAN A X QZXYXX ljszgjrl cy . Z 5 ! ,ew3!b:H P 5 KW- VVV- -L W, ff ff+x xr lfffwlef ' ,JYQIQQK K r-uf H Y P0f+'w'-d Qi ef LFNLARQ OREGON f-7f'!! e ..q-,.Q,- A. 'aff' fix .. C , 'ex L. L. Please HOLLY OR Lend - a - Hand N mama RANCH .H Lnifolla., I to 1 x I x 1 fx , X , f Q W! I H , I' A r FK MINE WN EVE NU QHPWW WW. THE NUf LIVE HND 'DUE 4 -F Q +- if tk 'A' f I' 4 4 at i-,,,,.,f IN 731561514 I- ' 1 Twgg fwgqy C H9 R NBS Q W. EQ 452 6 05 9 :9i39"' Q'Di3E"Q ,ff N my 'W O F A D99 STUDENT W110 :ut lhe Te uila in 11141 S10ClK'1I1Q' u 1 or the week? Tllev IIlllS1 have HM0f1er.'1 1 U fl 1 K 1 Y M Hawazmn pu11c11.' Honmnces SOIlll?llilIl:'flf., 1,1213 go! fha! Iinrflof look, The new look for Vogue. Ullly Iwo IIIUIYT inches anfl we can gel 0111 of 50110011 Cf1.wy-- 'WI VS IIIIISCOL and i f you 1701171 hear ma. 1'11 .ffm 1,1036 ,1I'0ll,'lII-SS nzmff' yell a lifrle 10uf1e1'."' ou! of 1Ifll'1I't"f'llI? FLORIDA B '4Let all men know thee SAND, sum + hut let no man know thee SURF IE PETTX XXI XKEHN T thorough lyf' XS' d"'X f-'ILJP7 TAKE HILLJ MVR K fx MAE? 44 f'm,eQf1, M. f'-gf? '7' Czscazy P. '9 'MAE A VIMUIE A 67'7'V 19- vans 6. L 16 x A ' f 1- f X' on lb 45 7 ' 4 ' Xu W 5. 2 ' S f it A Y Q E x 'i A V Max l 3 K X XNIC S Z E Y S VANCE LIAJEI H. Colgate fIFl'A SAE Penn Maryland California Alabama Army W Sr L Wake Forest Lehigh Wm 8K Mary ZX Princeton EN SAFE KA Indiana Yale KE IYIKA N25 Carolina U. Va. Michigan Navy 115,59 Texas Pridernark Press DESIGNERS AND PLANNERS OE- l College Catalogs, Viewbooks and Development Brochures l Annual Reports I Private Editions l Public Relations Literature of all descriptions l Personnel Recruitment booklets 'smllkgg ielnrllllew 'PIJENS' by means of Offset-Lithography and Letterpress F R I :Nl T E R S I in one, two and full color for all printed material. KR! THOIVISEN-ELLIS-HUTTON CO. - 414 WATER STREET - BALTIMORE 2, IVlD. Printers of the 1962 CUPOLA NAME Ann' Adams I Y Bretta Barrs Elinnbeth Basmable Catherine Berger Judi Bollman Angeles Cabrer I SusaVrTChapman Cn'i-bmbowden Sue Colenw Judyipunningham Diane Detwiler Jffvceigmmdl Anne Dunlop NICKNAME H115 lm C or Bretta BQQBQBQ ' ewiaifil Fay" ,, , 4. FAVORITE SONG He Will Break Your Heart" ' Ei3' 'W' W H" Cathy "Lola" Bolls 3 ,W LE: on 7 C, U Shout" PM Nays me LLL Sue if -.Creiv Y WN Summertime" RM? or , ,ee Suz Monty D if, , , Juice Y Byrd i ,A QW, Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine" --A-walkin' HEi'A-TZ1iEfF""v To Know Him Is Loye Him" "When SunnyYGet's Blue"W U H California, Here I Come Julie Durand Anything but Julia "Satin Doll" M Tracy Estabrfiikijrj I 'llrace HF W YNY "Moon River" Gineyieve Ebbert X Gez "Togetherness" Dean Frank Dean-zo "Please Mr. Postman" Elaine Franklin 'laine "Second Time Around" Judith Fullerton Judy "Take Good Careif My Baby" Kathleen Garson Gar "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Ignee Gibson Reen-Teen "What'd I Sayi Susan Gillespie Sue "When I Fall in Love" Gretchen Green Screech "Shout" ' Peggy I-Iankiris Hock II "Shout" Janet Haverkampf J. Havers "You've Got To Be Sincere" Robin Heasty Tweety "Happy-Go-Lucky Me" Anne Henry Anne "Moon River" Trudy Hewittwnrr Trudles 'Can't Help Falling in Love" Joan Hock Joanie "Little Sister" Judy Igersheimer Spider "Moon River" Sherry King Tahab "Don't Fence Me In" Toni Kury T.K. - "Runaround Sue" Jessie Lack? Jess "A Summer Place" Marya Lebensohn Bucky "W, P. L. J." Ann Leith Y- Red "Sophisticated Swing"n Lucy Lindsay Luce 7 "Bo Diddley" Barbara Lowenrr Bebe "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" Dianne Maclntoshn Scotti "Scotland The Brave" Rana McMurray Bubbles "Chicago" Mary Milliken Mer "Greensleeves" Diane Morton Poodle "A Summer Place" Linda Murphy - Murph "Mr. Spaceman Will You Marry Me" Nichols Cobin "Shout" IVIargaret Nichols Nicky "Where The Boys gre" Kay Patterson Pitterpat "When You're Down and Out.." Vinnie Price Vinnie 'A Summer Place" Jeannette Rehbock Jeannetteski "Under Paris Skis" Gale Russell Gala: Skunk "Let's Twist Again" Lucy Simpson C.B. "Autumn Leaves" Sgganne Spitz A Su "Whiifenpoof Song" Vickie Talman Vicks bg "Teach Me, Tigeruii Jackie Van Natta Banana "Pomp and Circumstancen Cynthia Weller Cynth "Hot Nuts" Sandy WhitHeY San "Can't Help Falling In Love" Dede Wilson Deed, Heyrpobbie "Whee-oo" Kathy Wood, Woodola H Someone To Watch Over Me" Nancy Young Nance "Take A Lesson From Big Boy Pete" m K - - 1 1 - PET PEEVE HANGOUT AMBITION Gettinip - Where the party is . . Y To graduate 77777 I Having togowlorlkmes 77-Galt's Gulchl 77 TS drive in-the Grand Prix at to take a shower Sebring, Florida Tails and anchovy Blinking eyelashes To' learn to cheeliw N P DIZZB. V Q V i i V V Q Tuxgos W Vineyard Y To have the know-how tor know how Good-byes 4 Lehigh University To "MakeYSomeone Happy' Constzfiitinoochers UniversitygfVMaryl5d-1 To get B'sYiiiYChemistry V Apple pokhersm F Georgetown Library To catch a falling stari-Fir' VW i W Fakey people HWIIKSEEQ Doors Home To be happy Y To write something everyone under- stands Y V in Y Johnfwlatbis Dates coming early Washington Square Y Tolivedin New York WY' i Lexington, Virginia ToYgetYi Qege Y Y WY? 7 Hymcrites Y AW' Sanrdyfsrkhixuse Torgiogstanding citizenship YY W Y Uncouthians St. Elmo House at U. To twist with Burt Lancaster YY ollfennsylvania W Y W ki People who tell me S.M.A. To get two lunches at M.V.S. to cut my hair Y Y Y W V fi Moochers WjlscLn's Par and Grill Toilorwhat comes naturally' ii Smoking Field House To see the Olympicsrr i Studying 301 Chestnut Street, To marry a millionaire Shillington, Pa. Y- K V Vi C.K.R. "Parties Unlimited" To complete chemistry experiments without breaking eqlilpment N7 Girls' giggling Library To marry a millionaire 7 ,Local phone calls Phone booth To berxable to spell Y Closed windows U. of Virginia To catch a train Y Bells The Showboat To be an airline hostess Getting up in the morning Figi Lake House To graduate Non-rowdy parties The Vineyard 'royiive in Middleburg, ya. g Bad weather when going home Record City To master the English language Unhappy people Georgetown !Hospital To join the Merchant Marines Y The amount of' homework Rec Room from 7:00 until 7:30 To date a certain someone who "flew away" Late movies in the !Rec Room Mt. Gretna To be a matador Hully Gully Annapolis To YIQ a Bi0logistiatlVI.H. P Slamming doors I Telephone booth Y Y To be a Neurologist i People Tres Plumas Ranch, Texas To raise Arabian horses and Here- fords The constant Civil War 36 Prestige Run iyrarh IV M f Home Y Procrastinators C. Q O. Canal To succeed in .Y. hwithout really plying, .,,..,, , ,Wm , Toiviisillalrfaster Hong f To kill the theory of evolution be- cause it caused me to begin to think Social climbers and status symbols Y The Pinkliony To he a mermaid on Lover's Island Stereotyped people Maggie's To become less extravagant or to marry someone who can afford me- the latter preferably. An empty mailbox Ski slopes at Aspen To live Sigma Chi Y Sigma ChPHouse To be a Sigma Chi Y Pet peeves Bath tub To be organized gm Illo hot water Home Y To be a Biologibstr i Y Summer romances 5187 Watson Street To have a summer romance with a happy ending Pure foulness Where trouble is To open a nightclub and call it ' 1HEQf1me1'S.H'1mD" Snowy weekends BrickskQar T2 bSS9me MTE- "lf," Short boys Bancroft Hall To have Sortilege Y Fakey smiles and fakey people Mrs. Lloyd's office Tdbe truly happy Y Bossy people and Annapolis To have no homework moochers i K Communism Georgetown Coffee To be a famous goose girl i House 77 WW i Gym suits that fit In other people's To learn to do the Mash Potato and -A business! the Slop W V t Curfews The only bath house To do nothing but converse in Montrreat -um A Snobs M Annappg To 'gain wolves-W Red tape on permissions 212 1901 Hall To be reincarnated White Team I'll nevgell 1 To live, live, livel- Jack the Ripper St. Elmo House, U. of Virginia To get out of school Open windows Benny'sYY Tfdne areal sahfagclaus Peter Pan Never-Never Land To ily Closed doors The big city of Portlandi To be organized People who step on my cumquats That's a secret To overthrow the present regime in tl5'M.V.S. libraryv Like thee I once have stemm,d the sea of life, Like thee have languish,d after empty joys, Like thee have laborid in the stormy strife, Been grieved for tritles, and amused with toys. Forget my frailtiesg thou art also frail: Forgive my lapses, for thyself mayist fall: Nor read uumoved my artlcss tender tale- I was a friend, O man, to thee, to all. -JAMES BEATT11-3 K HF ,M ' Q3 1 - 4 mm 'saw I ' Q 95" gui . WG ' r M I 1S.:'2' ff ,gm 3, W V, lv I X 'S . W V .ff x Wu aw ,A ,XL Aa ' Q N...,.-qp- mn? af , ,Z Ex? 6, mx U X ' . ' mf 'ir 4 ,fx L p6W',',g!' -..., - , ff-0-V H V 1, ' f L 1 ,f Vffi M niflgagsf-f'f2 f Zfmps- 'ii W . W +A, rf? ' W Q V. , , 'ggiff +5 ,fr E lwmgigwi, at " 'A ' ww 1 -, . 5 wx. Ax 1-1 g

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