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Y WVWWM 'vi 4, u, .J 1 . 1 A ' A 15:33-9 W .f.1.-. . .1-I V' A ..'.,-. K '. - 1 .. .55 " 1. -'1' ' 1-F' 'Lua f ,M Fw'-' . y eu-- jj 111-ni 1' W M 4. , . , ..s... W, r vm '. -, 4 WS. AA ll 0 '44, ov' M30 'UN 1, , XM' 12511 f I lr ' 2: s ,, H E V' ,- 'I 'f 4, if C ' , :.L' ', x A, M ' - X' ' Vis if -I L QQ ' 7"'Ai, 35. av ' J W r , S Q ' I ' fcgqavv ' , 'a f. ' .U Ji A . , 4 - ' ' vw' 'M- u 4 ' ' .. J"?f'f' wx' 4 I 1414! Q A . K, al MOUNT VERNON SEIWHVHRY 2100 Foxhall Road PVashz'11gt011 7, D. C. IEE! C OLA 1961 Editor-z'zz-Chzlj' .4.,.......,.... JULIA MANN Lizffmry Editor .... ..... X vICTORIA Nr1wToN Art Editor ..,. ..... B ONNIE KNICKIQRHOCKER Plzotogmphy Fdimr ......., BIANCY XVILLARD Bzf,vz'nf,vf ,Tlfnzugfr .,... ..... x IAN COOPER .46Zi'Z'.Y0f ,,,.,,. ...SRTA. NI,-XRfA F. C-xRRo1.1. The events of the year are preserved for posterity Table of Contents Introduction.. . . . 3 Curriculum.. . . Faculty '-4-' ' ' - 5 Underclassmen. . . . Dedication.. . . . . ...., . . . . 6 . Seniors ..... . . Message from the Headmistress. . . . 8 U A U Activities. . . Student Government ....... ..... 1 3 Honor Code ..... ........................... 1 4 Athletics """A' ' ' Message from the Student Body President ..... 15 Advertisements- - - ' ' Alma Mater .... .............. .......... 1 7 Directory ..... . . Calendar SEPTEMBER FEBRUARY 20-Registlfation Day 11-Valentine Dance 33-gldAGgl'NeW Girl Paffy 16-18-Trip to Williamsburg - ' ' mme 27-Beginning of Posture Week OCTOBER 23-Mrs. Lloyd's breakfast for school MARCH gffmddaughters 18-College Board Examinations 27-Honor Assembly 29-Halloween Dance APRIL NQVEMBER 21-Fathers, Day-"Cradle Song 4iFounder's Day-School birthday party MAY ' 1 Q DECEMBER 12-junior-Senior Banquet 10-Christmas Dance 19-A A- Banquet 12-Optima Christmas Party 26iLast Chapel JANUARY 13-Hour Lady ofthe Market Place" JUNE 20-Inauguration Day 3 26-29-Winter Sports Weekend at Lake 4 Placid 5- Commencement Dance Baccalaureate Service Commencement 1 f. 'I X I P ul ,.a. .Lf .1 .. r. QL'f"Ll- 5 ----- W ' lin l i .- . l 1 gs - --7,.. - l l v qi' l .--H f ' L 1 3 'r-e"Y'- i NWN' I S 2 A ,i Vi il i 'Y I N l 1 - 'l y.4. l A . .,,. , i l ' 27, , gb - l XF. g Fira NN , ,EN ,. ,M fag-,LA 1, f .M -. .f J" ' Each of us is endowed with physical strength, the power to reason, a consciousness of spiritual values. Although the individual is strong, it is a sensitive, emotional thing which is easily influenced, especially during the first twenty years of its life. The individual has also a special inheritance upon which it must build its fate. On the foundation of these legacies, environment molds the character. When we contemplate the shocking confusion of human affairs which prevails in the world today and attempt to understand the situation, our minds are sure to be puzzled and uncertain. We have un- precedented conditions to deal with and novel adjustments to make. Scientific knowledge, un- known to our grandfathers, is ours to use. The possibilities are unlimited, but first we must create an open attitude of mind to cope with conditions never before faced. We must learn to see the world clearly for it is in the world that we make our home. At the same time, however, we need expert guid- ance so that we may learn to think along the right paths. This is why our school environment is of such importance. At Mount Vernon we are pre- pared to meet the life which lies ahead ofeach of us. Through the study of literature, history, science, language and mathematics, we are filled with work- ing knowledge. Through art and music, we learn to as ii 1 -xr i K xi K ,MA I .Q tk vf,1fO---- ' A4-"fren " appreciate beauty. Through our daily religious services and through the study of the Bible we are trained in ethical behavior. Through our associa- tions with our teachers and friends, we learn to understand better the people around us. In one sense our years at Mount Vernon lead us to the gateway oflife. As we enter the gates of the school, we enter a stage of preparation. Four years are spent within those gates-four years in which we grow and mature. We are led to understand responsibility, we recognize our talents. Daily we learn and grow. At times there are heartbreaks and disappointments, often we feel discouraged, yet even discouragement is an invaluable part of our growing. After four years within the gates of Mount Vernon, we leave the friends we have made, but we carry with us the knowledge of a wide world. We leave those gates prepared to face the future. From Mount Vernon we gain an education-an education which is a preparation for the world. For four years we have been led through various gateways-knowledge, understanding, appreciation of the beautiful, estimation of true value. Now we come to the final gate, the largest gate, the gateway of life. From this point we are able to walk forth into both the sunshine and shadows with confidence. fe 151 , -r. ,4 . ,. 14' .' f If x" f.. I LJ ' x 'w 9 , 0 f 3 1 -au h -,,- ,iv-'-Y . ,g..1. " L ,, .wf , f' f, ! X fwl 3 XM A1 v ' J 6 N -Sill F1 BA 5 .., . ,- g ii- -g 5 M , H 4 ' 4' , g ' - 5: ' . I f , 9 -, f 5 ' ,1-1' ' f - f - 511 -.-xx X Y- X1 X 51 , , , XY xi gf lb S x , -Q X . N XX5 4 'XB NX L ' ' Q5 3-,,,.. ..- wr- --- -fx .-.-.- .D-nwqf:-w2IG?'?5x?X 'i3'55W'Z'1 H , ,' . H-env' v"' '-'ff--" X X , ' . - x, K ' K' ou vi' 4 ' l S'i'f SEE-2' -X w -, NPS -mx s. W xx N415 "M, V, - - -::?? 'fi.1-f -r Q ' ' 'f if s-wg:-.vivw w uv-sz-gg aaiwgsvw 'ww fq M - A X A ' x ' I Q Q F Z, an , 4 A . 6 E A ,H I Z 1 vi ' ' 1 I , " 'fx 55 'Q X 4 f , :- - - ,P , 4 - EY E ',A"'A'3i M, X I 5 I I ," Q ' f A '1 5. , . , x wlldlllnda ,. P 3 5 fi.. .1ff1JSl',IK , ' In I x W X 9 X Q QS, ,x Q 4 M X , 'lx "0 1 ' - QSTQ95 -1- X- ' O- g s ? Qi A -S X - Q5 xx' 55 ,ff q,X,NgXXXxxxxx,, Qi ylfgf sf M ' F xg x 11 , , 4 x-'X-N 2:1 :E C x ' 'fr E" ' x..,,,,1 If 5 -,-H---- 2 1 W F4 H ' , f - A A 'N Q E Y ' 4 '-'fffw-. ' 'ff 5 J . -.A f, L nmxmlwfi 1 2, , , - 5 Q -.. .. 5 jf 1 I 5 - 9 Q ' 7 , YR, I X I Y Hrsfon! M B -4 g, .rm -K urs , , , V I I Llfiiwnmgtlv X 1 , ' ' 1 i p 1' LQ min it Wk ' ""-'- , it f .' ' ,I V L 1 V ' Y H1i!!?V 7 'JUST' d kg I V,11,.'i WXX 1 1 X fat 1 1 l :si ii -XX ..V- ,L 4 " ' ,.. , .. f . i 9 .i ga r A if , X: ar. 'exe f , f-7V - bt-., T-.:+T-wfrf-h?1iJff 'Q W.. - Z1 fe- M aj A --, -. Z-X KXQEBQ- , V .Vw E ' N X - , -XX :N Q. 3, 2ifi7q.,ngy,3.Eg. gQ Qlse-I- 5- 3 WN- Q Q.ssvss.t Q - is X ,-- :fl fSf'S4 ' 75-'ff iff YQ4f?F?Q12Yf'Pffmfffff2"fg J i i I f f'1 X 3 , ,,4 -W H , ...-.-img XX Here is something beyond efhciency, a higher point, a subtle and unmistakable touch oflove and pride beyond mere skillg here is our inspiration. FACULTY In admz3'atz'orz of thez? abzlity and hzgh ideals MRS. GEORGE W. LLoYD, Headmistress In 1928 the School stood on the outskirts of Washington, just off Ward Circle. Woods separated it from a busy, expanding city. It was in that year that Mrs. Lloyd came to Mount Vernon Seminary to teach mathematics. On the first day of the following school year a young man stood nervously smoking on campus. He was the first man to teach in this all girls' school. Suddenly an authoritative voice broke into his thoughts. A much older faculty member, wearing a boned, lace collar, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Young man, you are an experimentf, What a successful experiment! Thirty-two years later we know him as Dr. Lloyd, our beloved President. Soon the Lloyds became an integral part ofschool life and in 1937 Mr. Lloyd was the natural choice for President ofthe school. A year later Mrs. Lloyd became the Headmistress. On November 20, 1942, in the midst of the con- fusion caused by the Second World War, the Navy Department notified the School that they would have to take over the school property. To keep the School open seemed impossible, but Mr. and Mrs. Lloydls quiet determination to do so was contagious. Only one girl shipped her trunk home at Christmas. The Navy was to take possession in three weeks. Where could room for a boarding school be found in the hub of war activity? Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd did the impossible. Only six weeks after the Navy notice arrived the school moved into eleven new houses in Spring Valley. Classes were held on the second Hoor of Garfinckells Spring Valley store. Only cardboard walls could be procured to separate classrooms, a cow bell sounded to close each class, lunch was ten minutes away in the nearest house. But the girls enjoyed it. 6 In appreezntion of then' contribution to Mount Vernon DOCTOR GEORGE W. LLOYD, President During Mr. LlOyd,s absence in 1943, Mrs. Lloyd carried alone the burdens of a scattered school and a warringworld, brought so close to the heart by the arrival of two little nephews from England for the duration of the war. Mainly because ofthe work ofthe President and Headmistress did Mount Vernon survive the war. In 1946 the school on Foxhall Road was opened. The only buildings standing were the Academic Building, Somers House and three partially built college dormitories. There were no inside doors, no refectory, no roads, no trees. Throughout the years a refectory, a library, a gymnasium, science build- ing, dormitories, inflrmary, presidenfs house, and new gate house have been built. Mrs. Lloyd has personally supervised the landscaping, making the campus one ofthe most beautiful anywhere. 7 Under the leadership of Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd, Mount Vernon has maintained and improved its high standard of academic achievement. Three visits of accrediting committees have resulted in the unconditional accreditation ofthe school. Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd have lived in three locations ofthe school, including the attic of a Spring Valley house. They have watched the graduations of over thirty classes of Mount Vernon girls, for each one of whom they have always had time to understand her problems and to share her happiness. In admi- ration of their ability, high ideals, and untiring labor, in appreciation for keeping Mount Vernon alive for us, and in gratitude for their sympathetic interest in students, Cupola of 1961 is lovingly dedicated to Dr. and Mrs. George W. Lloyd. T lzzk wzkh wzll remam with zu always ffws-umm IDOCTOR AND MRS. kiEORGE VV. LLOYD TO THE CLASS OF 1961 As l write to you the snow lies deep and white outside my window and the world is hushed and expectant, waiting for the coming Of-Cl1I'lSfII111S. Expectancy must surely be a Senior word, for it is in all your hearts as you look forward to gradua- tion and your first exciting college year. l like the recent comment of a college president that Hall high performance takes place within a framework of expectancyu, with the exception perhaps ofthe word "framework,'. This has to nie a confining sound Whereas expectancy is an uncaged word, free as a bird to lift and to soar. It is a precious gift, akin to wonder. and one that I would make my graduation wish to each one of you, not for just this year but for all the years to he. Expectancy lends man's spirit wingsg it can turn the most humdrum of days into rare adventure, and the glance of a passing stranger into the warm smile of a friend. My love to you always, and every good wish. Christmas 1960 S T hese names and what they have meant to us will not be forgotten DOCTOR GEORGE W. LLOYD. . . MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. GEORGE W. LLOYD ..,.. MARJORIE GUTHEIM .... MARY SPENCE .,...... LEONARD MAURER. . . DOCTOR HAROLD LINDNER. . . MRS. MRS. MISS MISS MRS. MISS ...............PreJident . . . , .Headmi5treJ:, Cum Laude Society, Mathematicf, Chapel Guild, Form IV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . .Director of Studiex, Admixfionf, Optima, History, Bible Registrar . . . . . . .Alumnae Secretary ...............Coun.felor CHARLES LOWRY ........ .... I Iixtory, English, Bible, Student Council, Carousel WENTWORTH W. PEIRCE .... ............... E nglifh, Hixtory, Reading, Form I MURIEL CLARKE SEELYE. . . ..................................... Englixh ANN LIVINGSTON ....... ..... E nglixh, Cellophane MARTIN HEELIN ....... HOPE FRENCH ...... MLLE. JENNY BOUNOUS .... MME. MRS. SRTA MRS. MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MME JEANNE G. CURRY. .. JOHN V. LONG ....... MARIA F. CARROLL .... CHESTER LAMPERT. . . MARY LU HUDSON .... MARY ELLEN DOHS ..... W. BRUCE SILCOX .... DAVID C. WILLIAMS. . JOHN KENNEDY ..... LIDA BRODENOVA .... MR. HARLAN LAUFMAN ........ MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. ALEXANDER B. HAWES. . . MARCO CHASE ........ . JAMES M. EVANS ..,.. KIM C. CANNON ....... LYMAN H. LEGTERS ..... ......... ELIZABETH THOMAS .... KARL A. BAER ......... WILLIAN1 B. CLELAND. .. MAUDE BROWNE ....... SARA H. WOODBURY .... GRACE C. LEE ....... NELLE SNOW ......... JOHN B. HODGRIN ..... MR. EDGAR J. BEALE ...... MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. 9 JOHN J. DROESCHER .... STUART LITTLE ....... CHARLES MASSEY .... EMMA-LEE KINNEAR. . .. VERA MACKRILL. . . PHILIP PERRY .... E. P. TAYLOR ........ FLORENCE SCOTT ....... ....... THOMAS S. SCRIVENER. . WILLIAM BAUMGARDNER EDNA M. MILES ....... ELSIE KUNIS ..... ALMA GIBSON ..... HELEN PERRY .... . . .Speeeh, Prep Player: . . . . .Hi.vtory, Sightfeeing ..............French ..............French .................Latin .....Spani5h, CUPOLA ...........Mathematie5 . . . .Mathematic5, Form II ..............Seience,Formlll . . . .Home Economicf, Family Lining . .Painting, Hiftory of Art ...............Sculpture .......Voice. Glee Club .......Piano, Organ . . . .Remedial Reading . . . . . . . .Remedial Reading . . . . . . , .Phyfical Education .Phyfical Education, AJI. .Phyfical Education Librarian, Library Council . . . . . . . .ffffiftant Librarian ............Houfemother .Hou5ernother, Typewriting . . . .IIoufemother, Social League, Lend-a-Hand ............IIou5emother ..................Nur5e ..................Nur.fe Bufinefx Manager, Tenni: ...............Dietician . . . . . . .dffistant Dietician . . . .Boolcftore Manager, Day Student: Poyt Ojice, Traniportation . . . . .Secretary to Prefident . . . .Secretary, Ojice of Headmixtreff . .Seeretary, Bufinefx Ojiee Affixtant, Buyinefs Ojce .A55iftant, Alumnae Ojice . . . . . . . .Secretary, Library . . . . .Director of Houfehold . . . .Switchboard Operator . . . .Switchboard Operator . . . .Switchboard Operator They gifve zu working knowledge, we l'l.'XCUl,'l'Y Sl111zffz'f1g,feff fu 7'l'g!!f.' Nlrs. lllooclhury. Xlrs. Ululuncl, Nliss Livingston. Nlrs, Nlzissvy, Nlrs. Lt-te. Sitting: Nliss Vlll10l'l11lS. Nlrs. l'n-irfv. Nlrs. Spence. Nlrs. Nlzturer, Nliss Swlyv, Xlrs. Nllilliqinis. .llf,if11f: Mrs. Kciimwly, Xlrs, Silcox. Before our very eyes these tezicliers Lmezirtli the ancient worlnls of lfgypt :tml Rome, they reveal the intzmgihle magic of poetry. they explain the plie- iiomemm of whirling atoms. they present to us the lzmguzige of lilies :incl zmglt-s. :mal they mzilce clczir the puzzle ol' fureigii tongues. Nliss Nlzirjurir flutliuim, Director ol' SlllLllt'S mal mm' are prcpzxrccl TOCOI1flI1lIQLl0XX'I1 flu- rcmcl ol lifl-. VVirl1 sincerity we express our upprccizlrirnl to tlwsc wlw lwzxvc slmmxn Us Il lwrlglwt ncxx wurlcl :xml wlaispa-real to us lllllllf' of its Sc'CI'tl'S. They unfold cz vast new world lulfl l. IH -Sf1.f'f:.'rg. ffjff inf rsgflrg Xlxs. l,1trlu. Nm. Carroll. Xlxs. l311r1'. Xlrs. Lznnnon. NIV. l,1nulmgm. Nllss Dohs, 51ffIlIQ.fz'V7fff fghr: Xlrs. IDI'0L'SCl1k'I'. Klum, Qvll!'I'X. Xlllf. Hounuus. Xliss l"1'm1clm. Nlrs. Hcllin. Xliss clllfllkllll. Klum-. B1'oLlL'nm'11, Alfffmf: Nlrs l31'oxv11v. Hrs. lxxxms. Nllss Hunlsrm. Xlrs. l,nmpvrr. Xlrs. l.lmyll. Xlrs. Long. Nlls. l,oxx1'y. llwsc yeznrs pzzssccl. we have lczxmecl. Il1Ilflll'Cd. Nlrs. Llmrlvs l.0wry. llvzul ol rlu- ltngllslw DL-pzxrrrm-nur. 11 fff, Q X af " ' '- ,X x 'gil'- jv "' 't T , If Ci A MQSSW41 1 ix Nw - Gi f ,I A Q N Q 5 I I , .. . - i . V ' 5 X vs if wx ., ,f X w ' , ,K X fb .:f:1-mais i n X -3 1' F 5 9 17 . , Z 5 ff!! J GOA ff ,5 riff'-Wff' I ffm , QW K gg M' if wg, V21 w"ZW,,fy f . X ., my Her 145' R-,wif Xvfxwyqyi .9 Tx' 'QE Q V lf" X .uv XAW X 'Q ,R A ffl fy 43 5351. x li ,-J? 1 EQ wily H 4:55-1:' f -.-. . .. b Lckfffk J W v A .g.,A , A , by V J , fflczf ,ll ul E jf? T i. , Inf! 19 Z. 4 vi T - wa, I 3 x ' X O .1 ' A.: :gm ,A ' ',5H 4, A I H M. ,g:' , Iv A, , 45 ' ls- K vt - 9- , rf Q' - wt , QW' "E W f, fi 4-fiy 4'11u-QA!-5' W1 "- --x. X ' f 4 4 - 2 - ,ff .X Z? "Ss 1 1 ' . 'Yi , ,nz " K' U 1 ' --" T i g . -U 5 f:.,,:,5, J- V f if vlvf f , 4 W-5,,,, ... . .,., , v s, .. 1 'N , Vw IL. N yy f. X ,, X . y mu 12 xl ? 'L Wy' "'f.Lv:x'f't:T:, Z' '5 NN E :i K S- -fr.t,f?f X ', I, X, xx sxlx: ',' I f -x x, rf I- . As - sa 'LS 255' "git y i' '41, ff' N JI' if 4? . if' X Q is 5 , ,. f" ,f ei: .!!!N ' oy ,iff . ,993 ,, A 17' 'Vfoda es over our destinyg it is the laws of our today which lay down the pattern for our tomorrow. yn possesses iufluenc STUDENT GOVERNMENT Through loyalty to the honor code, S'l'UDliN'I' COUNCII. f Stzzmling, loft to rlglzrx Kzirhi lziylor. Kay l'rrrter'soii, Ginger Nucssle. Cziiicly Sliurwoocl. Sfzzfmlx li LN Davy. lfrzzn Guhlu, Nlrs. Lowry, xulvisor, Sue Caiuplwll, vl1ClIlIWL' Grunt. Carol Cousins. Dunn Frank. Sur lfzisrlziml. l.isu R in HONOR PLEDGE l j77'0'l7'I,7.,fK. on my fcorcl of honor, to do my hm! to zzpholcl lhf' high trz1zl'ltlo11.r of zllozzui l'fr1zo1z,' to hr hrnirfl liz all zzfmlfnzlf fvorhf to oh,r1'ri'f and romply with all the I'Fg1,!llIllO7I.V of Ihr Jrhool: to fujzporz' tho .frhool 0,511-L'K7',f and my lKl1771,' to ho l7'IlJ'lTL'Ol'lhlj' in rc'lmfff'fr I do: and to rcjflfft vrnllr on my ,rrhool hy my Jpofrh. clrffr and bKhZl1i'I'O7'. On entering Nlount Vernon. zi student accepts the Honor Code of the School and recognizes her personal responsibility to ohserve and uphold it. Sui: Czrniphell. Senior Class President Through the work of .ffllffwlf government a55ooz'aZz'om, Dear Student Body. 'lihe completion of another year leaves us. as always. with mixed feelings. 'lihere is sadness on the part of the Seniors at leaving the school which has been an important part oliour lives for the past I t t H years. lfach year and each experience has been a School 21 dlstmcrlve Clmmctel- Ol 'ts O stepping stone to a more mature and better in- formed life, livery day has brought growth in knowledge, sell'-reliance and maturity. So. in one sense, we are not the same people who entered Mount Vernon, but have been influenced and changed by our associations here. Wve can say with Vlihe Seniors will be moving into larger fields o F' endeavor. lfach ol' us will carry with her a bit ol Mount Vernon. but in exchange will leave so thing of her own influence behind. It is this bit all those who have passed before us which gives ui wn. We do not realize what a great place in our liy Mount Vernon occupies until the end ol the yt ii when we leave. Ir is at this time that we feel C est to each other and to the school. Friendsh ws formed here will long be a part ofour lives. l cam tell you how close l lveel to each and everyone ol pride that most of these changes and the greater you and how lost l will be without you next y part of our growth have been for the better. As we Klay happiness follow each ol you. have learned to know each other and understand ourselves we have attained a greater maturity. lfach of us is looking forward with anticipation to what another year will bring. 'lio those of us who Z ,Cl-7' are not quite satisfied with this yearls accomplish- ments. each new year brings new opportunities. 'lib tribute something of themselves to lilie on this e underclassmen have another chance to con- campus as well as to benefit to the fullest from the educational and character-building advantages ofliered by our school. lake this opportunity and try to strengthen our Student Council and Honor Code. Vlihe Student Council works to create a more lenjoyable atmosphere at school through the main- tenance of regulations and upholding of the Honor Code. The attitudes of all of you make the task either diflicult or easy. lr is now your responsi- bility to make our Honor Code and school atmos- phere something of which we can be proud. You must realize what a great challenge this is and re- solve to meet it with maturity and understanding. This is one way in which your presence here could have a lasting effect on the school. Sue liastland, Student liody President. 15 'lihank you all for being so wonderful this vear. As always The high Jfahdarffs of the sfhool are upheld 'llhe Housc Council provides stuclent government in rlw clorinirories. lhccziusc wc know that rules rnusr he wrirrcn :ind c-nlhoicecl if any orgzinixzirion is to function properly. the Housc Council h:1s hc- conic Z1 rcspccrccl part of clorinitory lillc. lfzich stuclcnt who has hrolqcn ll rule is lnouglit lwfore thc council. Aftei' 11 nliscussion. thc council nlccicles what shoulnl hc clone. 'lhhose working on thc council have he-en greatly lwiiclitecl. for this system of govcrnincnr is rhe szunc- :is rlmr on which our coun- try is hzisecl. NVQ hops ir has :also nt us for the rc- sponsihilitivs of ziclulr citizenship. Rankin. l,I'L'Slkll'I1f of thi- llousc Council. Z ,.,...qpww- --Qu H0l'Slf CUl'NC'll. - l.,yfrffr1'ghr.' Kzzrliy Wlooil. xlnini-5' Davy. Xnnc Nlorron, Nlrs. lg!'0NXllk'.1lLlXlSOI'.,lllilj' foirin. lfvclyn Nlcc-lc. I.isn Rankin. .ll'f,iris1: BOIlI1lk'.'XI'1llI't'IlL'. Xnn Bc-iiicckc. Suu Colm-n. Dean l'll'1lI1li.vlx0l'Ij KllI'X.Lxl1l'l55ll' Nlcfurclu-n, xlllfj' Nlillikcn, plnn Nlonrgoincry. Yiclii Niwxron. l.uci' Simpson. ll-Lin Tymlzill. liohhic XXI-lls. 16 The meamng of these words will not be forgotten ALMA MATER Our Alma Mater glorious, With loving hearts and proud, We crown thee all victorious And sing thy praise aloud. In loyalty we serve thee And strive to heed thy call, Mount Vernon, 0 Mount Vernon! Through seU' to conquer all. You give unfailing kindness If trouble meet us here,' You foster all our pleasures And make them seem more dear. Nor time, nor care, nor sorrow Can these fair days erase, But they, with each to-morrow Help us new tasks to face. Like breath of Spring's fresh morning That lifts the heart to song, When courage droops and wavers And paths seem gray and long, Will come thy dauntless spirit To help us on our way. Mount Vernon, 0 Mount Vernon! Hold fast thy tender sway. The changing years may bring us Some longedfor dream of bliss, Yet memory will cherish A sympathy we miss. In hours of joy or sadness, Whate'er our need may be, Mount Vernon, 0 Mount Vernon! Thy children turn to thee. ABDICA TION SONG O'er our place the shadows gather As the time draws near to part As we linger here this morning Face to face and heart to heart. CHORUS: Here's to thee oh Alma Mater May thy name be ever blessed On her name whose great heart planned thee May thy daughter's blessing rest. As you take these seats oh juniors May your tongues the chorus swell Till you reach your day of parting Till you also say farewell. CHORUS: IIere's to thee oh Alma Mater May thy name be ever blessed On her name whose great heart planned thee May thy daughter's blessing rest. As we leave this place forever To our hearts the sad truth tell With our thoughts of love and sorrow Now we bid them last farewell. 17 x N -sl f X , r' . 1"--" ,Ai fy ' r ' A . X KM, ,X X' gg 1 ,, , , - -. ' Q f f XL? is 'ff D V - fa 'XX ' g A A R - 'T Xi I 'A-J I H N4 1 5 2 LZ - 1' 1 x . Qfkf..-qc' 1 v P X-wh 47- x 5 1 N - I .. .Av I. E 'Q 5' .vegtif ' - 'i'lE'S :M x- 6 z":f!5?g- fix'-XL-A' N Y , W f2W "f3' Si 9351 v 1 L-A -i Zi- " , HA C , ' ' , ffl sv 2 ':'i4.L YQ 5 QRS, w ff f Ei' - - 'A LL. 'f Q3 F mg , fig?-gf-Q 11 P:-1f1,1 f..g lun fi ' 1:7-- 'f ' -- . " f'1b-1:- f?-5-1 f! " 1 AN F 7-: I . 'grief ff v 'H WRX A X '4iff4: i1:1.' - ' X'1X'111"1w ,+-751' K Q .f,A.:' ,- A' J i- fiitmegx N: J ml, - 3-mf-5 -W r .17 - 45.7,ff:::1 Q 2 ' 5'x"xfT' - m --fl---7 A'f3' 1 IW N ff? ' ' ' ' 1,1 .,,- ,mins-424-E-Fff' . r?T"iL1' 'ik' Y, """' .. -X , - 2- 97.4. EEE ., , --Q., 'LW V.---.. --fZl,g' -S -72?f'jg,g....-.--.Ll--g, Qf .:.,,,I '22 -Ywgii 'g"Ai:3:Tfl i'iiffiilf-If.Z' ,Jiwa C 1 " -- , ..-.f"g-Q ' ' f i "ff7Q.,fj:2EEf? .- f 'iff-ifQf??fi"2:f?. ' ' il., W ii - -.2:-LMLQQ H A fffE,j 1'rf.-f:--'E--W ,,...--.-w.Nq- - , 'LQ A717124 'xulhilui 1 fm f , ""1'j-h A V ff' , 'L ""ffji1... U. . X. 1 U mymma x-5 "Y iff E 3 E E 5' E Q 2 S A 5 E 2 E f E ZA M- f 4, i T 1 ,f f i to .s ' t fa-Q ' I i i I -LN , N - 1 1 A X N y i ' 1 B g r i i V mi s ith X i ilii' 1 w i 1 1 i wi! ' 49,6 i i f iii QW ii i' N ' 'I i i i i i i' i i , km b liiiiiii t n in fi W f' Nw fwflwlr 'i':f'f"1'.,, if i i' 'wi we-rvi.W1'ii r : ii i. EE ,VH xg ta ii' if W SE 3' ' 2 1' gf Lili 1 H E X ,I .E 'V 1 'Ili S w S Xt .I I Through physical exercise, meditation, and the study of arts and sciences, one begins to become a part of the World which lies ahead. CURRICULUM Q9 ,MW If ' ' Q ,A vu"- ,X X W X 'L Qi , 5 4 V is 4 1 n ,, 1 5 asm . sr , 'Mm Q X 4' gwixfs ,X I Wg, QE Q , , WMM an 'fi du 3 Axim ffiw? was ,annum sl Q 3 . Nm ...hw y WE' , 3 'T' m 'Bi L 2 v. md' f',r7Sf,, WJ' -GN 4 MQ ,Y vw' ks - M va Yvv Q 95 ' ? V H J 1 f N my l, i rp Lvgr v X1 v .K- -Q, "xp JF, w X Xu w K' 5,-X I If - QA "mn: X f CN x ff w l X . Xi 'B Q X fy M, m3331657 gg! I VCX' M X 7 I 8 NN I :2 ,f WM f X 1 xx, 5 .ox ll A MW i i fiiii' J FP sf if wks :wif E343 5 L-,Ll-wx il ri X li 1, Q3 A X x x -NI X it 5 ,Ng X x x NW! f i ll' f ' 1 at Ji Si i J 3551 r"2'i,5fWW, 5 , if Q 55232 Qi: J 1 X ,,.,,. .,M. --4' l - Q33 Qs? fiifisefs S533 is i Y' ave" if w is Q33 if' 'i,,3.v' i 2325, sf less ss Q Q3 iifgrlisfff E515 515 Ss.-fig? 5593355533 lisiii 5-5 515549 i ifsaijs I Q51 E524 .33 as iii - ff 552' ev S ZH 13255 "M 'gif ' 39 is 1.55, xt?' Q7 These have Completed different stages of their edueationg they have adjusted to high school lifeg they have made lasting friendsg they are looking toward the end of their preparation. UNDERCLASSMEN Wz'th a feelzhg of curioyify and eagerness, these are begz'mzz'ng' l4lRS'l' l"UliNl fl-7',i'f rms. ,iffllltlll-HAS. lrjr M rrgfif: Sue l"inley'. Klart llalliner. l.auia Wood. IU-get Scarluoroueli. Srfffziil' rffie: Nan llealy. lilo 'Xnn Brown. Nan Vlihoinpson. Nlarilynn Coleman. Nlrs, l'ei1'ee. advisor, Rhea Klein, 'lioni Nlvers. Nlarx' l,ind:i deliutts. liernpe Grant, Tfzfril' rff:u'g Ueni Duncan. Candy Slierwood. Gail llildar. .lffffr.'f.' Sally l.0ntA. liarharzi Xlelieen As lfreshnien. these girls have just hegun their flour years ol' preparation at Mount Vernon. 'lihey have easily lveeoine adjusted to high school life and have made lasting friends. The academic suhjeets at first were diflieult. hut soon hetter study halmits were developed and the work heeanie much easier. 'lihe lfreslunen found that they had extra time in which they could participate in sports. elulws. and elass projects. such as the harheeue they gave in the spring. 'lihrough their success as students and friends. these girls have clearly shown their coop- erative spirit. responsilvility. and ereative talent. Xlve are proud ol' these new students at Nlount Vernon. for they have indicated that they are ea pa- lwle and ha ve the will to aeeomplish. Great achieve- II1eI1fS are expected of the Freshnien. and we know that we will not he disappointed. lernpe C-rant. l'lI'Sf l'orrn President. 28 Armed with aequzred knowledge, they go to learn still more 'llhe Sophomore class has not only shown us their ahility. hut they have displayed spirit and sportsmanship without which this year could not have been so great a success. liagerly these girls added to the knowledge they had attained as l'i1'6Sl1I11Cll and enthusiastically launched new projects such as their "lVho's lYlio" contest set in the Roaring Twenties. With one-half o their preparation hehind them, the Sophoniores realize that they cannot rest. and they will continue their education with renewed zeal. 'llhey will strive to achieve their goals. and. armed with such thorough haclqground. plus the fervor they have shown. Ginwl. Nuusslu Second 1.-mm they cannot fail. 'llo the Sophoniores goes a challenge a chal- l'rt,gitlenf4 lenge which we are sure will he niet. garb t W, F. SICCOND FOR M - Bezel' row. leff fo riglzii -lanc Holt, Miss ll udson, advisor, :lnnc Morton. Nlinii lfislicr. Beverly Whittcn, .-Xpplchy Upton. Prue liaxter. Dec l,anc. liohhic YU-lls. ,Indy Corrin. Pain llatcnian, Nancy llurvis. l.inda King. lflisi- Grant. .Xnn Nlont- goniery. .l1z'Jz1fr'mCL',' Post lllillis. ,lulic Stuart. sludy Sandstroni. Nlary lllitht-rs, Sharon Smith, lliina lytus. 'liina Boynton, Ginger Nucssle. Judy lfry. 1lfl7'!'gVUIl7II!.' Vlill Katz. l.ihcts Harris. Kathi Vllaylor. Cindy Collins. Courtcnay Graham. 'liina Clemnions. Diana Preston. Suzanne Vllalsh. .Nnn Bicncckc. Gail Sterling. Z9 t. Wz'th ez unite ana' ez small feeling of contentment, flllflf mtv, left to fllgllff Gale Russell. l,uey l.inclsay. l,uCy Simpson, Kathy Vlvootl. nlessit- Lackey. Ser'n11zz'row: Nancy Young, Rana McNlurray, Xlary Milliken, Suzanne Spitz, Diane Xlclntosh, Vicki 'l'alman. Yinnit- Price. Tf11'r'flro:z'.' -lackii' Yun Natta. 'lioni Kury, 'llrutlie Hewitt, Kay Patterson. Dulu Wilson, l,intla Nlurphy. Cynthia Yveller. Cindy Xichols. Sfam1'i'rig: Penny Xlvhitloclc, Nlarya l,eht-nsohn. Diane Xlorton, Xnn Lt-ith. Nlargarct Nichols. Slit-i'i'y King. -lutly lgei'slit-iiiier. Kay Patterson, ilihirtl lform l'resitIt-nt. The ,liiniors have completed fl1I'CC-l'0llI'fl1SOl: their preparation. Having proved themselves capable of responsibility anal true friendship. anal having shown oiitstancling academic and athletic ahility. these girls look foi'xyard to their final year. Infectious enthiisiasin was really clemonstrzitecl in giving the -lunioi'-Senior Banquet. This year the -luniors have learned the valuable lesson of working together. Ir is evident that they will have a tri- umphant and rewarcling senior year. and will complete their preparatory schooling glowing with achievements worthy of the Class of 1962. 30 have look toward the em! of thez? pre'pamz'z'on 'l'HlRD FORM Let! In rfyfit, ,'f!1lILfI.Hg.' Linda Cotton. Janet Haverkampl. .Xnn ,-Xdams. Peggy Hankins. Dean lfrank, Gretchen Green. Kathy Garson. xlucly liollman. Renee Gihson. Anne Henry. Tf11'rifrnfc'.' lfran Gahle, slucly Fullerton. Gel lfhlserr, Kitt5 Cone. ,lucly Cunningham. Angie Cahrcr. Sue Colen. Carolyn LxOXYLlt'I1,Vlllllt' lluraml, Sammi rufc: Nliss Dohs. advisor. Suv Gillespie iam' Di-rwiler. Anne Dunlop. Sue Chapman, 'lizicy lfstahrook. Cathy llerger. fir,-'t rfffcz' vloycr Diamond. lflainc lfranklin ctsy llasrahlc. Pixie Coates. .llxifrifx Brerta llarrs. Rohin Heasty. .loan llock. Hehe l.owen. Sandra Wwliirney. December 2 marked an important clay on the calendar of the -lunior class, for on that day they presentecl a spectacular fashion show. 'Wvoolly Xvonclerlaml l" Lloyd Hall was rlecoratecl in a gay Christmas theme' the highlight heing a hanclsome- seven foot halsam qi' tree set on the stage. The hostesses passed 'yuleticle cookies anal candies among the ffuesrs. while the attractive models showed Che lovely clothes. 'Wlvoolly XVonclerlaml" was thoroughly enjoyed hy the faculty. parents, ancl students. 31 HUOLL Y P!l'ONDERLAND Betsy llastahle and lflaini- lfranklin model for the lfashion Show. Ri ' N V 6 ' x I, .XXX Nev N NX! Xyjwgfixixi is QX xy! if 'Ny X N , X g xx f A 1 1 , x 1 4 , 49 s .040 X I' , X H Y X x 1 4 1 sy , x W , Q W V 13 X M . V' G! I 5 JW I XX K :f X N MA? ilfr ' X N N 5 W In I . 1' lf' H Q lxi I ,J 'a t N 'Ir' X AM 5 f' 'X X XY if? r 1 T4 fhfyf fi fx f X? W fp '1 Ili ,Q fl WW' Z M Q 7 uf X , XXL If X v f + X W , W ff? ffl QT ff W1 ' J ' Nix ..-v-it-1-ri 2 , i X ' MH x-fm .NMR I X xg! 'Av "XX N' ' . Q W 'W Q., ffjf w, 'A Xfffffhgx R jul X-I---x W 1 , X Km, ans. Z, , . N . Q'-Q' 05.93 ,sl-R 5, 'sf iii 'Ay 4:6 ' U . A in .-- : I , -1, - - f '- V: 'YQJFWII ,Ii h l-.' 4-- Y i fi Lg j 'ff ' ' 4 "' 'W , ru i n .1f1n111fQ1'1l mf .W,.1. .cfnfvfwzhfffwfhw I V . X . ' i f I ,I ' , I ix 1, Iii, X4 il V . I 1 K i 1 Va N iii ' f f- z--if-'f1'.3.,...,4:!:S-ij 'iff V ' "Tl " M Q , - 4 -2- ff - f - f f - ,M -Wm, -F-J-be s 1 ' Af- - e "e s A i" ,ii QW: ii. t Wm, if iwiim 1-iwiiiiiii ,,,!1fw,+HJyy t 1, K 1 ' ' I These have completed this phase of their education, but more important, they have learned that future responsibilities are to be faced and can be faced without fear. SENIORS Here we meet the Senior Class, Susan Diana Eastland DODDSVILLE, MISSISSIPPI FOUR YEARS "A winning personality, touehed with hunzor, capable of laughter yet jirnz and decided." Loved by all, a gentle leader, radiant and warm as the Missis- sippi sunshine. Her activities include: White Teamg Classy President ll, III, Student Body President IV, Optima II, III,l IV, Hockey IIQCUPOLA l, II, III, Lend-a-Hand ll, III, Repre-N sentative lg Library Council II. Susan Myers Campbell i YoRK, PENNSYLVANIA THREE YEARS "She is a burning and a shining lightf' ., 1 A tall and stately lady, a successful leader through a strong sense of loyalty. Her activities include: White Team, Class President IVg Class Vice President II, Illg Basketball III, IVg ClUPOLA III, Glee Club II, Lend-a-Hand ll, III, IV. Daryl Aeheson GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT THREE YEARS "Looe is the essence of Life." A dramatic gesture, a burst oflaughter, unbounded generosity, golden hair. Her activities include: Yellow Teamg Chapel Guild IV, Prep Players II, III, President IV. Sarah Butler Anclreae PORT HURoN, M1cH1oAN THREE YEARS '10ne of those happy soulsf' Humor, Sympathy, frequent laughter, kindness, and good Sportsmanship. Her activities include: Yellow Team, Baseball ll, lll, IV, Chapel Guild lVg CUPoLA ll, Ill, IV, Lend-a-Hand IV. 34 lalwarf 1.7l!lII.7Jl.!fll6Zf5 in cz 61056 knit llllff 'wa . x V . "YI" gf ff fx -. 'V 'if-X2 3 1,4 'J, "?'if :',L'.,',' W ' I -Wffa ' if WAN -lu ,- 55 , .,,-1 36 TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA TWO YEARS Dorothy Lee Bayer "Good humor and generofity carry the dayf, Loyalty, eagerness, enterprise, lighthearted laughter, a cheerful disposition every minute of the day. Her activities include: White Team, Baseball III, IV, Basketball IV, CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a-Hand IV. Sandra Gayle Beasley SAVANNAH, GEQJRGIA TWO YEARS "Al genuine zoorle of artf' Beautifully clear eyes, a delicate face, kindness, understanding sincere interest in others. Her activities include: White Team, Lend-a-Hand Ill, IV. Elizabeth Clare Butler COLUMBUS, GEORGIA ONE YEAR "A conxtantfriend if a thing both rare and hard to ind." A bubbling personality, a laugh that lives, a happy atmosphere created by her presence. Her activities include: White Team: Caro1uelIVg Chapel Guild IV, Lend-a-Hand IV. Helen Deborah Connell NORTHFIELD, ILLINOIS 'IQHREE YEARS "Fond offnn af fond can he." A bundle of playfulness, never-tiring Inerriment, Iargeness of heart. Her activities include: White Team, Riding Team II, III, IV, Cellophane III, Chapel Guild III, IV, Glee Club II, Lend-a- Hand II, III, Secretary-Treasurer IV. 37 Janet Susan Cooper ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Two YEARS "Lovely, bloominghfrerh, and gay." A delicate feminine prettiness, a pleasant and agreeable nature, a serene and lovely smile. Her activities include: White Team: CUPOLA III, Business Manager IV, Lend-a-Hand IV: Social League III. Carol Ruth Cousins ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA THREE YEARS "With my whole heart and my whole Joni." Always sparkling blue eyes, a practical intelligence, a warm friendliness. I'Ier activities include: Yellow Team: Day Student President IV, Cellophane Editor III: CUPOLA II: Glee Club IV: Social League III, IV, Representative II. Judith Harvey Dafvis WASHINGTCJN, D. C. ONE YEAR "Her eieacity rhowf in the icoinkling of her eyesfi A sparkling countenance, an exhilarating liveliness, an un- dying will to serve. Her activities include: White Team, Caronrel IV, CUPoLA IV: Social League IV. Karen Jane Dafvy CORPUS CHRISTI, 'IIEXAS THREE YEARS "She that haf patienre can conzpaff anythingf' Loyal to Texas, amicable, genuine, gifted with understanding. Her activities include: White Team: Class Vice President IV, Student Council Secretary-Treasurer III: Cheerleader II, III: Cellophane III, Lend-a-Hand II, III, IV. 38 ll Ill ll ll IIN Isl ll Ill! Q Q ll Ili! si 2 gl A Y 40 Diana Dee Defuers ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA FoUR YEARS "It ii ez friendly heart that has f7"lE1l6l.Y.,, Slender, graceful, fair, considerate, Warm-hearted, generous, likable. I-Ier activities include: White Team, CUPOLA I, II, III, Iv, Lend-a-I-land IV, Library Council I, II, Social League Il. III. IV, Representative I. Helen Estabroolz OLD WESTBURY, NEW YORK THREE YEARS "A little nonfenfe now and then if relifheez' by the bert of men." Gladsome playfulness, flashing Wit, earnest thoughtfulness, unclouded optimism. Her activities include: White Team, Cellophane II, III, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-I-land II, III, IV. Helen Ann Gardner ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA THREE YEARS "To love the game beyond the prize." A luminous smile, gentle leadership, a natural ability for sports. Her activities include: Yellow Team, A. A. President IV, A. A. Secretary-Treasurer III: Baseball II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Hockey II, III. IV, CUPOLA II, IV, Treasurer III, Lend-a-I-Iand Il, IV. Courtney Stillfwell Hagner' WASHINGTON. D. C. FOUR YEARS ".f4nzidJt eternal mirth." Excitable, spirited, constantly Inoving, jubilant, sunny, light hearted. Her activities include: Yellow Team, Secretary- Treasurer IV, A. A. Representative I, II, III, Hockey I, II, III, IV, Tennis II, III, IV, Cellophane II, III, Lend-a-Hand III, Prep Players I, IV. 41 Adele Lee Hall TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY THREE YEARS " True to herfelf, her work, her friendly." Serious about study, loyal to all she loves, completely herself. p I-Ier activities include: White Team, Tennis IV, Carousel IV, l CUPOLA IV, Glee Club II, III, Lend-a-I-land II, III, IV, Social , League IV. l .lean Hancock l CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND FoUR YEARS I "Nothing if df eontagiouf a.f enthufiaxmf, A sparkling ray of sun, a laughter-loving girl, an understand- ing friend, a Yellow forever. I-Ier activities include: Yellow Team, Secretary-Treasurer III, Captain IV, Baseball I, II, III, IV, Basketball IV, Hockey II, III, IV, Cellophane II, CUPOLA I, III, IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV. i Cynthia Scott Harley WASHINGTON, D. C. ONE YEAR "Quietne5J if a zoomanb' beauty." Horsemanship, a creative mind, eyes which sparkle with excitement. I-Ier activities include: Yellow Team, CUPOLA IV, Lend-a-I-land IV. Heath er Honeyfnan NEW YORK, NEW YORK Two YEARS "The gentle mind by gentle aleedf if knownf, An interest in foreign lands stirred by travel, a genuine concern for others. Her activities include: Yellow Team, CUPOLA III, Lend-a-Hand IV. 42 5 F n 44 Susan Ellen Huber ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA 'IA fmile that w0u't come ojffl Two YEARS 'llhrives on pep and merriment, delights in making others gay. Her activities include: Yellow Tearng CUPOLA III, IVg Lend-a- Hand IVg Social League III, IV. Louise Bonnie Kniclzerlloelzer CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA IIIHREE YEARS "An eternal light lief in her bonnie blue eyeff' An artistic talent, a refreshing buoyancy, unbelievably radiant blue eyes. Her activities include: White Teanig CUPOLA III Art Editor IVg Glee Club IIg Lend-a-Hand IV. Ma1'z'anne Dunay Lenislz BINGHAMTON, NEW YQJRK IJNE YEAR "Little friendr nzay prove great frieual.f.H Dainty features, starlit eyes. an airy gaiety, a pixie at heart. Her activities include: White Team, Glee Club lVg Lend-a- Hand Representative IV. Ma1'y Kifnbrouglz Illges COLUMBUS, GPIKJRGIA Two YEARS "To lice ana' die in Dixie." a love of a Soft drawl, Southern charm, loyalty to Georgia, good time. Her activities include: Yellow 'lleamg Chapel Guild III, IVg Lend-a-I-land III, IV. 45 Anne Garfvey Lzlbpitt SPRINGFIELD, MARYLAND Two YEARS "The way Z0 have happineff if Z0 make othery fo." An overliowing heart, a willing hand, proven dependability, an uplifting sunniness. I-Ier activities include: Yellow Team, CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV. Malz'n fean Loomis ARLINGTIJN, VIRGINIA Two YEARS "A merry heart for each new dayf' A vivacious personality, an undying diligence, a never ending stream of energy. Her activities include: Yellow Team, Optima IV, Cheerleader III, IV, Cellophane III, Glee Club III, President IV, Lend-a-Hand IV, Social League III. Margaret Elizabeth Mack HOMER CITY, PENNSYLVANIA THREE YEARS "Laughter 1.5 sunfhinef' Invariably in high spirits, artistically inclined, forthright and honest. Her activities include: White Team, Chapel Guild IV, CUPOLA II, III, IV, Glee Club II,Lend-11-Hand II, III, IV. Caroline Ruth Mac'Mz'llan IDARII-IN, CONNECTICUT Two YEARS HFK77Zi7l1.IlZifj' if made of poife and graeef' A charming laugh, a delightful attractiveness, a lovable stubbornness. Her activities include: White Team, Chapel Guild IV, CUPOLA III, IV, Lend-a-I-land III, IV, Prep Players IV 46 ,A-.W 1 ,sl ig A ,,:x my fgff, f 7,4 ,..,:5555555E5gQ.5a5 1 f 5 Q 5 ----' if f W 5 Ai ia R Julia Nell Mann HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS Two YEARS "A will thaff Jtrong andfreef' Out-going, friendly, imaginative, ambitious, hardworking, never discouraged. I-Ier activities include: White Team, Cello- phfme III, CUPOLA, Editor IV. Cl1risti11e Floy McCutchen DALTON, GEORGIA Two YEARs "She praifef Cod by hfr beauty and gracef' Rich, warm beauty, a dazzling aliveness, a tender heart, the loveliness ofa true Southern lady. I-Ier activities include: White Team, Optima IV, Cheerleader III, IV, Chapel Guild III, President IV, Lend-a-I-Iand III, IV, Prep Players IV. Anne Mebane McDonald CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Two YEARS "How for thi! little candle' throwf hfr bfamff, Vivacity, generosity, a clear, organized mind, a cloudless, radiant spirit. Her activities include: White Team, Student Council Vice President IV, Optima III, President IV, Cheer- leader III, Captain IV, Chapel Guild IV, Representative III, Lend-a-Hand III, IV. Jean Massey Mclntosh FLORENcE, ALABAMA Two XIEARS "Good humor if goodnzfr and wlrdom L'O7lZbll1Ed.,, 49 Talent, thoroughness, perceptivity, imagination, intelligence, liveliness, a light heart. Her activities include: White Team, Class Secretary III, IV, Optima III, IV, Chapel Guild IV, CUPOLA IV, Glee Club III, Lend-a-I-Iand IV, Social League III. fllargaret Efvelyn Meek HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Two YEARS "110n01'ZieI in honeft toil." Proficient at sports, thoughtful at study, gay at a party, dependable always. Her activities include: White Team, Secre- tary-Treasurer IV, Baseball III, IV: Basketball IV, Hockey IV, CUPOLA IVgLend-11-Hand III, IV. Lee Francis Mz'ddfeton SUMNER, MARYLAND ONE YEAR "Friend.rhip gained through friendfhipf' A lucid complexion, a mature logic, artistic ability, a charming sense of humor. Her activities include: Yellow Team: Lend-a- Hand IV, Prep Players IV. Susan Mz'tehell CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND Two YEARS "Kind intelligence, what a virtue art than." Accomplishes much through determination and skill, enjoys music, especially Bach. Her activities include: Yellow Team: Cellophane III, Editor IV. Mamie Eisenhower Moore WASHINGTON, D. C. Two YEARS "She Jmilef and the .fhadowf depart." Blessed with an affectionate smile, thoughtful, unassuming. Her activities include: Yellow Team, Caroufelg Cellophane IV, Glee Club III: Lend-a-Hand IV. 50 X N 1 7 Virginia Catherine Moyers ARLINGTON. VIRGINIA ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS "A combination of dreams and gaietyf' Petite, adventurous, fun-loving, imaginative, gay as a lark. Her activities include: Yellow Team: Carousel IVg Cellophane III: Glee Club lVg Social League IV. Victoria Trammell Newton CIRIFFIN, CJEORGIA Two Yvli.-XRS "Newer underestimate the power of a woman." Feminine independence, graciousness, creativity, pride in her work. Her activities include: Yellow Team: Optima III, IVQ l-louse Council Secretary IIIg Carousel IVg Chapel Guild III, IVg CUI'oLA. Literary Editor IV: Glee Cluh Illg Lend-a-Hand lV. Elisabeth Jane 0 Leary CIREENVILLE. Sourn CAROLINA 'LHREE YEARS "All goodness and a tender heart." Lustrous dark hair, generous consideration, complete unselfish- ness, cheerful contentment. I-Ier activities include: Yellow 'lleamg Cellophane Illg Chapel Guild III, IVg Glee Cluh IIg Lend-a- Hand, III, Representative II. President IV: Library Council II, Ill IV . . Susan Jane Parker SUMNER, NIARYLAND Two XVI-IARS " The sweet expression of herfacejorezier changing. yet the samef, The serene and cool loveliness of a cameo, yet endless energy. enthusiasm, and warmth. Her activities include: Yellow 'll6Z1I'l1Q Cheerleader III, Captain IV: Cellophane IIIg Glee Clulv IV: Lend-a-I-land IV: Social League III, Representative IV Louise Guruer Price CIREENSBORO, NCDRTH CAROLINA THREE YIISARS "Laugh and the world luughf with youf, Pencil slimness, easy manner, honest concern for others, exceptional friendliness. Her activities include: White Team, Class Treasurer IV, Cellophuue III, CUPOLA Ilg Lend-a-Hand II IV , . Susan Norris Pye ATLANTA, CIEORGIA ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS "Mi5ehief, thou ctrt ufootf' One hundred per cent Southern, clear-headed, quick-thinking, yet never too busy for fun. Her activities include: White Team, Cheerleader IV, Curoufel IV, Chapel Guild IV, Lend-a-Hand III, IV. Donna Sterling Quiuu ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA THREE YEARS UA Jourre of innocent merri'meizt." Creative, imaginative, enthusiastically loyal, bursting with merriment. I-Ier activities include: Yellow Team, Baseball III, IV, CUI'oLA II, Prep Players lll, Vice President IV, Socia League II. III, IV. Louise Arthur Ruuhiu TIIAMPA, FLORIDA Two YEARS Hfrieizdfhip if more tioluoble than goldf, Poised, popular, naturally friendly, capable of overcoming diihculties effortlessly. Her activities include: White Team' House Council President IV, Cheerleader IV, Tennis III, IV? CUPOLA III, Lend-a-Hand III, IY. 54 'hw- ,urns E? GW' 56 Mary Kip Robinson WICHITA, KANSAS THREE YEARS "Gay of heart and high of hope." Gay, carefree, lighthearted, still thoughtful, kind, considerate, congenial with everyone. Her activities include: Yellow Team, CUPOLA II, III, IV, Lend-a-I-Iand II, IV. Margaret Alice Sehoenfelder MoHIcAN HILLS, MARYLAND Two YEARS "To be fineere if to be a true friend." Achieves her aims by resoluteness of purpose and firmness of mind, is deeply interested in others. Her activities include: Yellow Team, Prep Players III, Treasurer IV, Social League III, IV. Ana Matz'lde Silena CARACAS, VENEZUELA Two YEARS "So joyoufly, .fo nzaidenly, fo wornanlyf' Latin beauty, sensitivity, a delightful freshness, dark eyes which shimmer with mystery. Her activities include: White Team, Glee Club III, Lend-a-Hand IV. Marz'el Elizabeth Thompson CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND FOUR YEARS "Lice, love, laugh, and be happyf, Forever frolics, loves people, travel, and parties, lives for happiness. Her activities include: White Team, Cellophane II, III, Glee Club IV, Prep Players I, Social League II, III, Presi- dent IV. 57 Dean DaSilfva Tyndall LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK FOUR YEARS 6'Gaiety and wit went running 50 freef, Naturally adept in athletics, attractive, laughter-loving, loyal to the Whites. Her activities include: White Team, Captain IV, Class Secretary I, II, A. A. Vice President III, Basketball IV, Hockey I, II, IV, Captain III, Tennis I, II, III, IV, Cellophane II, III, Glee Club I, Lend-a-Hand IV. Barbara Ellen Pfaslzington ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND ONE YEAR "Diligence if the foundation of fueeerff' A quick smile, a Hashing Wit, intellectual curiosity, easily a success in all she attempts. Her activities include: White Team, Cellophane IV, Chapel Guild Representative IV, Social League IV. Pamela Morton Whz'te SHREWSBURY, NEW JERSEY Two YEARS "Where rrtirchief lurk: in gay difguifef' Striking looks, blond hair, an easy-going manner, a glowing personality. Her activities include: Yellow Team, A. A. Repre- sentative IV, Baseball III, Basketball III, IV, CUPOLA IV, Glee Club III, Lend-a-Hand IV. Nancy Randolph Wz'llard CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Two YEARS 'ilfnthusiafrn if the genefir of .vineerity." Graciousness, charm, sparkling humor, natural ability for making others feel at ease. Her activities includei White Team, Class Treasurer III, Optima III, IV, Cheerleader, Captain III, Chapel Guild III, IV, CUPOLA, Photography Editor IV. 'UT' 3' if my mf 'WW' , - 155: mx Maw HE Wz'th four years of study and pleasure behzhe! them, CLASS HISTOR Y FRESHMAN YEAR Four scared little boarders away at school for the first time . . . fourteen equally scared day students . . . Mrs. Griffith our advisor. . . Kangaroo be- comes our mascot ...the struggle with Ancient History. . .we experiment with smoking. . . Mar- ty, Clare, Julie K. and Dean our class officers . . . we are divided: Yellows and Whites. . . Shirley is our Valentine Princess . . . Capitol Pages . . . Straw hats with "MadrasH bands . . . Calypso Rock . . . nebishes-what? . . . class picnic at Sallye's-swim- ming in cow pond-raw egg fight . . . how did we ever live through it? SOPHOMORE YEAR More than half of us are new. . . someone lower than we . . . Mrs. Barnett becomes our class ad- visor with Sue E. our leader...Clare's slumber party. . . Mr. Kleindorfer auctions us off as slaves . . . Marty married, our first . . .who are the Kings- ton something-or-others? . . . weejuns and Mac- Mullan collars . . . baseball after lunch with Mr. K. . . . Saturday movie and The Blue Mirror . . . we all go to Mr. Donohue's Wedding . . . class picnic at the Devers'-some of us, fully clothed, are forced to take a plunge in Diana's pool. . .first real cry for seniors . . . next year the Junior-Senior Banquet. JUNIOR YEAR A mass of Confederates, one Venezuelan, and a very light sprinkle of Yankees join us . . . "Every- thingls Coming Up Roses" . . . blind dates, blind dates. . . successful kitchen raids . . . our carnival- the greatest show on earth. . . Buck Hill Falls-over too quickly. . .our first meetings with S.A.T.'s, we wish it had been our last . . . Junior-Senior Banquet is fun in spite of disasters-burned tulips, omission of Alma Mater, clean-up at the crack of dawn . . . swimming at the Marriott . . . Man-Tan . . . Last Chapel, we take the places of the Seniors. SENIOR YEAR Red coats at last . . . Mrs. Lloyd, our advisor. . . 'U61 Graduates Soon" . . .snacks in the kitchen produce extra pounds and extra trouble. . . Dog- patch, U.S.A., our own Daisy May. . . tea dances at Annapolis . . . SNOW . . . Washington's emer- gency snow plans keep patriotic day students at home . . . Inaugural Parade-M.V.S. elects itself ollicial cheering section for armed forces. . . West Point brings more "snow" . . . skiing, a sprained ankle, and a memorable weekend at Lake Placid . . . T.N.T. breaks formal tradition at M.V.S. dances . . . a Latin-American beauty easily captures crown and becomes our Valentine . . . Oh, those Thomp- son afterparties . . .college boards, term papers, exams. . . red roses and a diploma at last . . .the end ofa wonderful year . . . tearfully we say good- bye . . . 60 96 Ci xx ,Niki ff ,K -N X fi-5 x my f ii? 7f ,,f , ! ,, Q V ,M , , ,A Q 54+ ,f ff S :Y K, wx hh If ,Q :- .- 1' -x x nfl!-EMI 0 x P . fc x qtfg " W e vmcrr ff ,. ff y b .V , . xg f' if NS? 1 ff W X ' ' 'X ,211 'f'f:i.x x X ff W WM lfffi ' " ',X M5 N -, '14 Q 5 ,XL ii. Tj ,Q nu W Inq . . 4'-gi -f. A ll, Vg 'il ' -, - xxxxfi' v- 1 fff , X XXX , fffffff 1 UN. X X '-E? ' ,ffffflfu XX 'wx Q , ! Ju , W If X f X x yi X f7fffff1,,xXNX' x N X w.Sl"' 1125 if llsf P95 fm ,li .pl ,' .f ,7 ,X 'X V ,gb .Q-if Xl' lla ll 1 'N I H lm l 'l I ' I XX l my I Q34 I Wlml' I' 'ff ef N, l +,ll,ll l 21- E flxmullllllllllll llfilllmw I. I I llllul 'fqlllllffmelmlmllllllllmlllmu 5 l Q When one learns to use the talents she has been given, whether the talent is of the hands, ofthe mind, or of the heart, she truly begins to grow. ACTIVITIES A .fpzritual baszk or school lzfe Iif born and fostered f LI . A , ,Q A CH.'Xl'liI. GUILD Sfatfil: Nlrs Lloyd. m1':'z'.-wr. fhrissie Nlc Curchen. Firfi wiv. fwfr to rfglir: Nlary Xlilliken. Kathy lliood. Gt- lfhhert. .-Xnn Nlontgomery. Sfr'fn1zlro::'.' Xlargarct Nlack. 7'111'rzlro:z'.' Nlehane Xlcllonald. llehhie Connell. Dean Franlc. 171 int I . row: Carrie Nlacfllillan, Daryl .-Xcheson. Mary Ill res. ulie Durand, hlargaret Nichols, inn l,eith. l"1'f'Ilz mtv: -lean Mclntos . , 1. ,l . l Ann lieineckc. xludy lgersheimer. Betsy Butler. Betsy U'l,eary. l'rue Baxter. xlpplehy Upton. .l1IJ.'Hf.' Bonnie Andreae. Yic Newton. Nancy Willard. 'lihe Chapel Guild is of basic importance to the life of Mount Vernon. for it is responsihle for daily religious services. lfach morning a student or faculty ineniher is invited to lead a chapel service and present a short devotional reading. :lt 'lihanl-:s- giving the Guild places fresh vegetables and fruits on the altar in Lloyd llall. and. for vesper services. Flowers are placed on the altar. 'lihe Guild is also responsihle for maintaining the little chapel in the klcadeniic Building. 'lihe Chapel Guild is continu- ously at work, and the services planned hy it form Tlit' Spiflflliil lW1lSlS l'U!' Olll' SCl'lO0l Chrissie Nlcfutchen, Chairman of Chapel Guild 6 H onor atfazhed fhrouglz fforf cJl7f1Ill1l. K1111111t X'L'l'I1OI1'S 111111111' 5111111115: is 111-S s1'1'1111:11 111' its e1111111r111, 1111: Greek 11ftte1' KDINCQZI 11111 SL'I'11W1I1gL Il 11111111211 r111'1'11. 1111: c1I'L'C1i 11-rrcr 1'11p1'cse1 t11c 111-v11t11111 111' cz11'11 1111311111111 111' r111- 1'11111 111 t111r 51-111 11111 111-1'11111e ll 111c11111111' 111' 011111111 II Y'1I'1'S 11z11111f 111115 1 15 p1:1c1-11 1111 t111'1-1- 11111 111 10llIA ACQ111111111' 111111 QYIYIZCIIS 1'10I1Ul' 111115. A st11111-11t 1111151 111s11 111111 r11c 1111:111111111 vote ll1!1'11C 1111:11111c1s 111' f111' 111111. 1111111 r111' 111111111' 1' 1L'l'l'Ci1 111' Upt1111:1 51111-s 1111- 111111g:1r11111 111 111:11111:1111 21 X11-1111111' N11'1D1111:1111. 1'1'1's1111'11t1110111111111 St1'c111lt11C11 tht' St31111511'dS 111' the 511110111- 'V . . ' 12,1 1'1, 1111111 VI-Qflff N1111111' Xy1111ll'L1. S1111 1f:1sr1:11111.xl1A1111 N11'1nt11s11. Kay 1':1 1' 's1111. 19111111111-11:1-.' X11's. 1.111 UI.'IlXIX 11111111 F1l1ffV A V 111 1 N V ' N11ss c1llI11k'1Il1. 111lv1s111's. 'l'1'11'1'11' 1'f1:-f'.' g1ll11.X 1511111-1'r1111. L'111'1Qs11- N11'L'11rc111'11. 1'i21l'11j' W111111. x1L'151lIlk' X111D1111z1111. XIC1-ll N1-xx X1 111111 111111111s L 111111 11111s 65 L 1 V Co .. t 111 1111 ITS i1ff1i1I1l1l1'I1f f11l'0l1jl11 11111111 W11111- r11c 1111111 sy111111111ms 1111 t 111 11111 1111 1111 1011 hy the stutlcnts :mtl eclltecl hy the mcmhers of the crczntivc writing class. This OllfST21lNllI1,Lf collection ol' short stories, poems. :mtl essays proviclcs zx clmllcllgc for those who have literary zxhility, :mtl rczuling enjoy- ment for everyone. literzlrily im-lined or not. Ks the school year nears its encl. cvcryonu looks fo1'wz11'cl with Ozffytandzhg' efforts of Zalenfezl 5fll!IlE'7?f5 an' rollffffm' ,,,, tts tsl F5535 I1 , nf it L'-Xli0USlfl, I-'rffzzt rms-5 Xlrs. l,owry. gulvisor, S,'fmwJ'1-ff:4',h'Vl'1!f,f 1-,V,gf'!: llounit- liIllL'lik'I'lbUCl'iL'I', lfzthy Nloyurs. Susu l'yu. lim-tsx llutlvr. TfJ1'mff'ff:4'.' Xtltlt- llnll. Ylrlci Xt-xxtou. wlutly lluvls. .Hftrfffi Nlgamit' NlUUlL'. f,'f1m11,n'!. Mount xlCl'I1UlllS litc1':11'Ax' I11liQ,flIZllK', is written zmticipzltion to rho tlistrihution of f,lKl7'fllIj'l'!. Il hclovecl , , . , . Susu l vc' :mtl Mltlt- Hull. ulltor. on tht! stall ol rrzuliritm :mtl ll vital pllff of life :lt Xlouut Vernon. g'l,'U,l,,Q.l, 66 ZWZM 0 5l'1I00f fzfk llf l'FUl.f'ZUf'II' . . t . . , , , vc-:xrofwull-11-pm'tccl news :nude interesting luv tlu Susan Nlltrln-ll. hllllfll' of I,mffff1f,'m:f'. ' , , , ' xxurk of tlmv stuff :mtl 1-dltuts. l'lfl,l,Ol'll.XNl'. l"fryz ffm. fwrl In rlgfzf: Sha-1'x'x Kina. lfllcn NYIISIIUIUYOII. Nun Htczalv. loan llock, Nliss I,iYillZSIUI1,Slll' Nlitclu Sz'HmJzfr'ffi!'.',I1Jy'Cn' IMLIINf1!1Ll.,lillil' llllfllllll. kilwkvls H1II'I'iS. Kny IJIlI'Il'I'5OIL .N"z12zJff,"g,- XIZIHUA' Nlurrrr. Kzarlmx Wvnml. .lffmrfff Xviflxll l4fimpm,I11tIx Nunlswnm. .lulw Nuztxt. Xppltlxx I prom. .lutlx lgvs'slw1x11l'r'. Rolun H:-mrx. 67 The purpose of Cwflrfplzfzmg Nfount Yernmfs newspzlpet, is two-folcl. lfirst, it must live up to its motto "it wraps up thc news", und. secondly. If iI1fl'UlllICCS thu mcmlwers uf' its st11H" to mzmy im portant phases of nt-wspznpcr work. lfrfloplzfzfzf' has fllltillm-cl lmtlx thcst- aims. for its Stuff lmuslc-:11'11ecl nmzmy things :mcl Mount XvCl'llUl1'S stuclents Imm- lveen kept wt-ll i11fo1'lncnl :ns to the IIPXVS of tht school. Uur ccn1gl':1tl1lz1ti1ms go to Cfffrffwfzzzm' for 1 .Iuliu Munn. lfclim1-in- The Cupola Haj lzopfy you will enjoy H113 Ymrbook Chief. l,l'l'lfR,-XRY S'I'.XlH'l" fSm114f1'11g, fail? llUSlNl'lSSSvl1.'Xl'1l'1 F1'r,ll f-mv. Mt In iff Wllgflff Linda King. COllI'ft'I11lj' flI'Illl1iI1'l. Nlgzryu l,L-lwnsolm. ,Indy Davis, Dizmc Xlorton, ,lualy lfullurmn. Sflfllugf .-Xzlulu llzlll, Yivki Nvwlon, llfl'l'IlI'j' ulirm. 1'I-gllff Diunxl Dcwrs, Susan lllIllk'l': -lam c'OOl7l'I'. luusinuss llllll11!QL'I'. Sfwmlff rffrzz' Sllsgm flmgipnlzm. lyllllll' Uutwilvr'. l,llL'X Simpson. Yinnir l1IlL'L'. I.iml11 Nlurplmv, Cindy Nichols, . . ' rf! mil: 3AxlLx ll xx P' .ah X ff!! in rigid: Nlury Milliken. Slmron Smith, cvilI'I'lL' Xl:1cNlillz1n, Anno lippitt Yun 'l1l'l0IIll7SOI1, Nancy NWI- lzzral. pl1otog1'11pl1y' ucliror. Sffffm' 1-n:4'.' Nlurgurcr Huck. lfvclyn NIL-vk. lionnic .lmlrn-uc-. Kiw Robinson. Nlimi l'1lSl1k'I', k'fllllt'S1,', ' 'f1'f'z11'fffz'.' Donlic lg2lj'L'I', llurulwnlmilln-L-11 luclx' lifvllnvm Rn-nec TW Uzmlwlc. .lfflflfff QwUlIl'II1K'j' IILIQIILI RIN-11 Klm-in, I':1m XX'I1irr. Xlil 5l.Xl'l'--5f'11lz'l1. ffjr If, flgllff -IVSSIL' l,LlCki'X, lxurlmy ilurson. Nllll""lI'L'T Nichols. :Xnn lmirlm. Sm-Um! rrfic: Q'x'nrl1ig1 ll:11'l1-v. lionnic K11ic'kn-rlvrmckn-1'. :art 1-alimr. JXIIIN' Hcm'x'. lllluliv Ill-wirr. liolwluiv xyt'llS, ll'2ll1 Nlclnmsh. 68 Gzfffd YJUICFX 5z'11g'f0r our plmmrf A 'lihe Glce Cluh. consisting of lllllllj' enthusiastic girls who find pleasure in singing, is :nn essential part oflifc at Mount Vernon. This club has proved invziluzihlc to the school, for if pcrfornis :it Yespers :incl :lt the lgzicczilzuirexirc service :it the close of rhi- school ye-zir. The highlights of this yeznjs scznson incluclenl the Christnizns progrznn given jointly with Prep Players, :incl the concert with Yzillcy Forge Military Aczuleniy. The Glee Cluh has lieen cn-ioyecl luorli hy its nienihers :incl hy rhe stnclents. liziculry, :incl friends of . . I . , Nlgilmzi l,ooni1s. l rvsnli-nr ol rhi- Mount Ye-rnon. qgiu-C1u1,, , ,. , , l . . . . . .. . v , . Cil.l'.l'. QLL ll- lmfl' rff::'. ffjff iff rigfufx Xnn Xilginis. ltlznnc lrzinklin. Ciingm-r Xursslu. Xziiivy llLlI'YlS. l'lo lun lironn. lin-rs lhonipson. Cialis Russell. Susy l'4nrkur. llcrsy lizzstuhln-. Carol Cousins. Srrwnl' mtv. frf1!rn': Xlziry l,lI1tl1l cle-liiirrs. l.lliLl1l QYOITUII Cathy Nloyurs. l'L'ggx' llzinkins. Ifm-rg,-rf1n1il.'Silxzxliiicliiiitz. Nlurx' ll1il'lnrr. N1 nn-. lirocli-novzi. l7irc'c'ror, Nlzilingi l,o0inis. prvsnlviir Diginm' Nlgirlnrosli. Nanci Xoung. Nifzinm- Walsh. Xlzirixinnv lmnish. ,llfimflg Nun llixilx. 60 Care amz' ajferzffozf are ghxen to lLfI05F X655 forfzmrzif I.IiNIJ--X-HXNIJ -Hail' r'ffJ4'fiur1cfi'2Ig.' Nlary lllgus, Suv Caniphcll. Gail Giltlar. Susan liinlcy. Nlary Nlilliki-n. Xpplt-hy lfptnn ,lanct llavcrliamply, Margaret Hack. Vicki Ncwton. ,luan Xlclntosh, -lunly lfulla-rton, Suv Chapnian. ,lanv llolt. Sfuinlfngx Nlari- lynn Colt-man, l,incla Cotton, 'lloni Kury, 'llruclic Hvwitt. Anna' Henry. Nan 'l'h01npson. Rlwa Klctin, l'am lgllfklllllll, .Xnnr lylorton. Xlariannr la-nish. Sandy liuaslcy. Nln-bans NlcDonalcl. Lisa Rankin. l,lS2ifil'2ll1f. Diana- Uvtwilcr. Alulir Stuart. Puggy Scarborough. Xlargarct Nichols, .-Xnn la-ith. Sirt1'r1,q bz1rl'1'w:c'.' ,lucli liollrnan. l.incla Nlurphy. Diana lDk'Vl'I'S. l.ucy Simpson. .-Xnnu l,ippitt. Klrs. Wooclhury. advisor, Nlalina l.oon1is. S1'!!ingfourtf1 ruff: Rvm-is Clihson. Hcathi-r Hone-yinan. Xtltli- llall. Kip Rohinson. Dmlin liayrr. Susie lluhm-r, Dm- l,anc. Silfing ffrinf row: 'llina lytus, .ludy lg1t'I'Slll'lHll'l', klanuy Davy, Post Willis. Bonnie- .'XI1Lll'l'11k', liohhiu Wm-lls, l,c-c Nliclullvton. Uynthia llarlcy. :Xnn Montgoinn-ry. ,lucly Corrin. Sitting. ,vfwfrnl tri-rv: lfran Ciahlc. Dulibiu fonnn-ll. llvtsy Burl:-r. -Xngir Calarur. llrtsy Olcary. lfvclyn Nlwk. Sue llillcspic. Sandi Xyhitni-y. l"rfmi zwic: Di-an lynilall. Pan: XYhitc. Snsu Pyr. Sally l.0ntl, .luily Sanclstroin, ,lucly lfry. Gail Sterling. ,llf.vf1it: ,lan Cooper. lla-lon lfastalnxuoli. :Xnn Ciarclnvr. Courtnvy llagnur. 'lean llancock. Bonnie Kriiclci-i'lwoclcci', Carric NlacNlillan, Chrissii' iXll'QiLlI'Clll'I1. Nlaniiv Xloorv. Susit- Parkcr. Louise- Ilriri-. :Xna Silc-n. Cathy licrgcr. Sue Colvn. sloycc Diainoncl. Anna- llunlop, Uri-tclicn Qil'l'k'Il, lflainc lfranlclin. ,loan llock. l,ui'y lannlsay. lxay l,1lIfC'I'SOI1.XlIlI'llk'l,l'lCL'. N ickic lalnian. laclzic- X an lN1lTf2l.QYI1TlHZlxxl'llk'I'.l,l'llI'lYxxl1lTl0ClC. l'ruc' llaxtrr. lill lxatz cilI1QL'lA-XllL'S,Sll'. lliana l'rn'ston. Sui- Xyalsh. Nlary Wit-lirrs. Y V V Q implies--to Hlcncl a hannlw to pwple yyho are in lin-rsx ll'l.k'1lI'X.l,I'l'Sltll'I1I0lql,t'I11l'Jl'll1II1il, lifflllllliifl' l'll'l'lllTl5f1llWC'9- 70 'llhe purpose ofthis Cluh is exactly what the nainc- ncecl of hulp. Ainung thc- many projects of LenLl-a- llancl are weekly visits to the Gcmgetowii Neigh- lmrlioocl House, volunteer work at the llvasliington lluspital Center, the ccillcctiiigg ul' clothes for St. Patriclcls Cliurcli. the filling of Christinas stockings for the Salvation flriny. anal thc support of' ll Greek orphan. The nn-inhers livcl a rich sensc of accmn- plishinent. for they havm- Iuflpt-il otlwrs in la-ss A7 tk!!! arm' rfspect for books Ill' acqzzfred 'llhe Lilwmry Council is extremely ilnportzznt to rl1elifeut'Mmmr Vernon. llorlt is pzn'tlyth1'011gl1 its eltllmts that the lll3l'2ll'y is kept in p1'opel'm'dex'. Not only has the Council heen helpful in Sl1ClVlllj12lI1Ll processing hunks, filing anal zilphzlhetlzing cznrcls in tht- Qzlrcl catalog, zxncl hclplng the llhrzzrlznn IIT lllIII1CI'0lIS tasks. hut ITS IHCllll1Cl'S lmvt- lczirnt-cl to respect hooks zxncl huncllc them propt-fly. 'llhc l,ilw1'z11'x'Col1rn'll l1ZiSt'IljlJf'tALlAll'S xxutli llllll has htrnc- -Indy luL,l.S1N,i,,m.- llwsilluu of llumm, html Qllilfly lruln this CXlN'I'I0l1CC. Coungil, LIISRXRY C0l7Nl'll, limi' wwf' ftfzznllafg. hifi IH fllglllff ,lutly CllI'll1llU1l1IIlI1. Suv Cltzuprnun, ,Indy lgcrslwclrm-r, pu-sltlcnt, ,Indy 1 Nlonrgomt-ry, I",-mf! rfffcx' Klinucr Nut-sslv. Xmlulwy ll vton. Cindy Collins, llctsy U'l.cury'. Mrs, lhtlr. Mrs. 'llll0HlllS, C OITIII, 'XIII ll 1 nlvisors. T1 Talent! Ill' molded Z0 proffzzre 6'77f6ffdI.l27WF77Z' l'lilfl' l'l.,XYl'.liS Smfmfl tlffi fo Vlllffvflf Q'Ulll'I'I1L'X llugm-r. fztmly Slu-rwootl. Sffllltfl-IIAQI Dzn-yl .Xclu-son. pn-sitla-lmr, lliunu flun- rnons, Donna Quinn. I,t-tw Nlllltllvlilll. Sl'1ll1'cl,UI! ,wlugwx Dt-nl Duncan, l'n-ggy Sc:u'lwol'ougl1. lg1lI'lTllI'II Nlclit-tf. llmn Boynton. l,J-llII'2l Xlootl. l'rua- Iiglxrtr. Sl'1m1'1'f-3 nfs ,tfwrx l,lYlC Court-5, Xhcv Selma-nlvltlt-1'. Dt-mln llxlson, Swim! on ,vfwpu Nlts. llvlhn. zulvlsor. lf'fAm,',' flnisxiv XlcL'ntcl1un.l'.1rrit- XlgwNlill4m. lizzngt NlCNllIl'I'2lj'. The lIlClNl1L'l'S of Prcp l,llIyL'l'S. the clrznnzntic cluh ol Xlonnt Vernon. not only lmvc lczxtnccl thczltriczll rech- niqucs. hut they lmvt- also put this lqnowlctlgc into ptzxcticv hy prcscnting two plays during thc year. 'llhc two protlnctions given this SL'1lSOI1 wctc "Ont Lnnly ol rlw hlznrlcet l'lz1ce". ll Mexican Lll1l'lSfI111lS play given with the Glu- Clluh. zxncl "l'l'11clle Song". zz comccly in two nuts. Xlith tht- cxperit-1106 of lNt'IIlUl'lllllQ lincs. in liw I7l1l'l:Ul'lIlIll1CCS. thc lllCllllHCl'S of Prep l,lZlj'6l'S have Dqnyl Xuln-son. I'f-tsitlt-nr of Imp I'l1ot-15. hcgnn to feel :lt horny- in tht- tlu-:1tl'ic:1l Held. 72 cxpcrilncnting with lll1ll'iL'lIl7. lsuiltling sets, and acting Through their cyforty we are g'1'w11 zzfzforgfffable ewnzhgs. No one will liorgct rlie rlm-Q flzmccs gin-ii lwy rlw S rziclen. slioxwcl tlic clulfs mzisrcry ol' plzmning :iiiorlicr triumpli. 'lilic QYOIHINCIICCIUCIII' Dance ciihioyccl by ull. lvut especially by the Seniors. for it rlie crowning glory of :in exrrcniely full 5'C1Il'.f,llI'fl'l :irc given to rlme Social Ln-zigue for provicliiig us lirtsy lliompson. Social l,L'llgLlk' fliziirmzin. fl1l'CC l1lclI10l'2llHlC CYCIIIIIQIS, ocizil l,CZlg1lICfl1lS ya-ur. 'lil1LfHZIlllJXNCCl1 llzmcc, "Spooky Spec- :xml ilccorzxtiiig. :xml :it Cliristmzis tlic Social l,f32lgI,llC scorccl was was an ks wifli SUCIAI, I,Ii Xfllllf Lfjfl ff, 1-f'gM.' llL'lSX''lll1UIHllSOIl.l1IL'SlLll'IlI,SLlSf l,2ll'liCI'.fi2llL'Rl1SSL'll. l,ilu-is lliiiris. Nlrs. Wooilluiiry. zu ,lff,if2if: Rllcxl Klcin. 75 lVlSOl' I Ry X X"N x, 'i-X Wy' 5: XE wi, H 2: .1 X . 3 xx 4 g R Q? -:J f- - - 42 ' -' - ., iw 1,2 Tm R A X .,. I' f Q 'Q saws fs Q O ' Q 9,0 3.g.g,,,Q N N lim N' f , J' T: 1:"'qe60 x 5552 A X 4 gli Q 'P W 7 if 'ai' x 1 ' 'X .Q Q I bi' mmm. f X13 W 9 cl NJ! X s , 3 Ne-A l! ff. , 'IQ A! ' Y X i 'S i I: y Y H ,will V J 0 1' - - Y ' ' N" --K 5 --.lgxnkjgvf XX V 1 r ' ,:, i':aQ Ii X X . x ,, , X i ll ll , 3. il 1 ru V' : eff llf X ' SF ' nlflg 0 lil, llliir fr x, l I if - :i i s cs-N as-X 152317522 " x . X X if li X ' - .kebifflf ' 4 F? M f' .f.u11H5bl!r-,I .v" r ' I ' " faili ng If lr ,GY r , "1 :N-.SQF HTH? 4' N :F 'VW' , I 4 . xx 4-.,' ' ,Q , VKX. J. ' "Hamm-mil, : 7 I i Xml A Y f if I l ku- if H If , i 'z N N. Athletic activity I1Ot only increases the strength of the body and the sharpness of the mind, hut, more important, it teaches the lesson of sportsmanship. ATHLETICS T heir spzrif and efzthuszkzym lead our teams to vjcfory WHITE 'l'lfAlVl CHICICIQLIQADICRS' "l,t'vfAl to I'l4gllf.' Gale Russell, Lisa Rankin, Nlclmllu McDonald, lmczld Cl1CUl'lLf2lil0l', Susu Clxrissic McCutchcn, Puggy Hunkins, Penny Whitlock, Rhea Klein. YELLOW' llf,-XM CHlflflU,1f.-XDIQRS--1,5-ff In rfgfff: lliinza Boynton. -lulic Durand, Pixiu Conte-s. l"1':1n Guhlc. lflnine Fran Betsy B2lSl'1ll5lC, Marlins: Loomis, Susy Parker, lu-url cllcerlczulcr. To these we owe our atlzlefzc' program xulvisor, .XI1I1filll'tlI1L'I'. lla-1 lfhhert. yl!l1'l'l!I'llfC.' .Xnn Nlonteonierj, , -1 THE A TH LE TIC ASSOC!!! TION llie purpose of the Athletic Association is to encourage the cliflierent zxthletie :netivities of Mount Vernon. to promote friencllv Competition. 2lSl'I'0l1g1CI' sense ol' loyalty. zlntl. most of ull. goocl sportsmzin- ship. 'lihe projects of the A. A. inelucle the A. A. l'ienie. l' usture Wkfelc. :intl the Spring lI1fl'2Il11lIl'lllS. Near the Conclusion of the school vezu' Comes :tn event never to he forgotten. the A. A. lgzinquet. 'lihis hzinquet is given to relive Zlllil 0Y1llllllT6 the vezujs triumphs :intl illS2lpI50ll1flNCI1fS. 'lihrough rlie Athletic :Xssoeintion our sense of lovzilty to the sehool hzis heen tleepenenl Zlllll the athletic progrzun hzis heen nizule interesting :incl exciting. X. X. l30,Xlill l"n-,iz1-me-.!ff'f1f,1-MM: l'ost Willis, l:1el4ieY1in Nzittai, l'zini White. Nlgzrilvnn Volt-ingin. Sfififn1'm:c'.' Xlis Q llil x It in llgineoelc Detn lvntlull, P wig ' Q X .N vm ,... wwe- 4 If lix "-" ':': Qs-Q x X ' 2 Dt-Qin 'lixntlzll Xlvhite 'liezini C'1mpr:iin3 .Xnn ilu l1l'k'SlLlL'IlI' lt-'in llincoeli. Yellow lliklllll Captain. Q 'Q Q55 W P '50 A NC L 1 N 5 V- lf-dj :C ' , G Nix I L Q p, W ff' Q W 0 x WZ 29 IX fm: ? FMT Thanks To J sf I om P axons F iw' Ez W X D I QW I' L Q22 6552 S595 Q99 J x O P . 1 p672'?1'i'X5'ii., 1 19' G K5 J X Q5 Q K L ill WAX ,-. , fi - . 'Qi A! if x X X p 5 Q x ,Q N i -. Ill' J 0 1' - - i ' is -. .. it '-- ' 5 .BA i i Q " ll , N Q, Q i it l ll 1, , l :, i l Y i I lvl v i- 'Q kj I SF ' lla ff r 'li iii. , Qiufmy N- I l 1 'ai Y lfgnjf in V' -s x 'X Afglwlf S ' X h ,w9f.,1':-, J': - V ,,n11TDL1!,:,. ,,. vyi " ' 1 I 5 '31 :vis ', If X gt' fgX:..jQf4 .ii , 5, . ' .'q- xvsipv, F2 ' - UI, 1, lg" L, K i 'v i i 'l fy- W Q94 X' X , Athletic activity not only increases the strength of the body and the sharpness of the mind, but, more important, it teaches the lesson of sportsmanship. ATHLETICS We learn the power 0 swift, sure legx HOCKFY YLXRQITY-left row front tn bezel" Iuckic Van Nalttu, lllvcfyn Meek! 'l'inZ1,'l1ytus, Dean L'i',i,Qtull. If Jean Hancock, Gez Ebbert. Rigid row: Angie Culwrer. Courtney Hugner. Candy Sherwood, .-Xnn Montgoxnt-ry. NIaryN1illiken. manager. Stoneridgc 1. U I ' A V D Mount Vernon 3, I X I I --goal? Imlnz1cul:1tu0 ..., . . . Madelrzz 1. ..... . . . Holton Arms 1. .. . . . Yellow 0. . . . . . Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon ..,..,..XN7hlI'6 Tina Tytus, Ann Montgornt-ry, Angie Czihrer. lfvt-Iyn Met ,- We learn the zmportance ofa single mow of the wrzkz' TENNIS VARSITY'-left to right: Courtney Hagner, Dean Tyndall, Courtenay Graham, Adele Hall, Lisa Rankin, Gez Ebberr, Elaine Franklin, Candy Sherwood. TENNIS MATCHES Holton-Arms ............ April 17 Nl1'.Wightman Cup Team. .April 26 Georgetown Visitation .... April ZS Sidwell Friends ...,.,.... May 10 Courtenay Graliam and Candy Slier- wood volluy against the ldzlclclmoaul. T heh spzhft and mthuszkzfm lead our teams Z0 'victory WHITE TEAM CHICERLIEAIJICRS 'Left to rigflt: Uzzlc Russell, Lisa Rzinkin, Nlclmunc McDonald, licunl clicwlcziclcr, Susu l D F Clirissie lVlcCutclicn, lcggy Hunkins. Icnny Whitlock, Rlicu Klein. YELLOW' 'l'lCAN'l CHlCERI,liAlJliRS lm-fr to rigfzf: 'llinzx Boynton. -luliu Ijllfllllll, Pixie Courus, lfrzin Gable, lflziinc lfrzin Betsy Bzisrulxlv, Nlulinu Loomis, Susy Parker, licud cliu:1'lc:ulu1'. fx ,K T3 W X f'3 7f F547 A K 9 zQ 'Q Q25 ERN if W R5 ,ki A Q 0 ' Q ... Q19 PFTRGM W M :QM L59 f' Q X f Q Q R X J Q22 QQ -I Q 7 fm' ff ' W M? 4 Q M WD O fx N X 'K ffixm CL fx 1 life learn fha! 'victory eomef rom workwg together B:XSKlf'I'H-XLI, Y.-X RSI'I1X""'SFrIfI'r1, left In rfgfitx .-Xnn Mont nrx u lx I rtrals lhzeefiug: Ann ilzxrclmw, Pam Nwritu, Docliv B2lj'k'I'. Suv LYJIIIDIM rss ll Ji In Dmrxxilu Ixulxn Xin Sflllltfl-Hgf Xlury' NliHikl'l1.H1IlI1IlgLK'l'. I :ur - ' ' 2 4 ll 1 1 x BASKE TBALL SCORES Inlmuculzitzx 36. .. Holton-Arms 21 ,...,., . . Sidwell Friends 51 ,,.... .. . National Czzrhedrzxl 26. . , . . . Yellow 21 ....,...., . Mount .Mount Mount Mount Vernon Vernon Vernon Yernon , .Vvlnte ,Xnn Dunlop, Diana Un-twilvr, Pam Xwmitv, :und :Xnn C un rucovcr that hull! 77 We lmrn that the 1'mp0rz'am'6 lie! in how you played the game SOFTBALL GAMES Holton-Arms .,..,..,,....,..,,...,.... A ml If Georgetown Visitation, , . ..,. April 2b Sidwell Friends ...,., ..,. M my 10 Yellow-NVl1irc ..., .... N Tzu' 15 XXX H.-X512 I5 'XI,l, X.-Xlibl l '1-f lrffnf lf, Xuzrkx Donna Quinn. ,luun Hancock, lfvvlyxx N14-ck. 'Ikxnpc Clrzlnr, Kay Pzxttcrsolw. jackie Yun Nunn, .-Xnn Gurdmfr, Gingvr Nuvsslv, Dorliu Hllf'k'I'. Bonnic IXI1Cll'L'2ll', .-Xnn Monrgonn-ry. L.. xx'ZlI'IIliI12 up lN'fxUI't' thu uunng mv Hflllllik' Xndrz-zxv, Donna Quinn. und Dodic Buyer. To these we owe our eztlzletze program X. X.. Iiflllillfflnzfz1-H54-.fiyzfffripgffr: l'ost XXllllS,VlliCliILtX1iI1 Xzittzi. l'11m ll liirc. Nlzirih nn Colcmgin. Sf'ifff1fl'wil Nlis inn znlvisor,qXn11G1n'tlnc1'.lit-A lilwhcrt. Y'Mf'4f 1'w:1': .Xnn Nlontgonit-i'y'. Alczin llgincock. Dc-if n lymlgill. THE A TH LE TIC ASSO CIA T1 ON Ilme purpose of the Athlctic Association is to encourage the dil'l'xel'ent zithlctic activities of lWount Ycrnon, to promote liriciiclly competition. Il stronger sense of loyalty, zincl, most of gill. good sportsman- ship. The projects of the A. A. inclnclc the A. A. Picnic. l' vsturc VN eck. :incl thc Spring lntrznnurzzls. Nc-:ir the Conclusion of thc school YCZII' comes :in cvcnt never to hc forgotten, the A. A. lgzmquct. This hzinquet is given to rclivc :incl evziluzxte the f't'Ill'.S triumphs :intl cliszippointmcnts. Through rlw Athletic Association om' scnsc of loyalty to the school has heen tleepcnccl :incl thc zithlctic program - i.. Q.. x we an e E lit-gin lxntlill Xlhirc 'llcnin fziprziing Xnn 3 hzis heen miiclc intctt-sting :incl cxciting. . - I itsnltnl lt-'in llwncock. X clloxx lcgini Q gipt nn w 1, f .lv g!!x'! 4,9 Q 4, 5 C-7 6? 0 ff h I IJ Q a Q29 5 mf " oua I W HDS CQ fc A 5,1 If Q' ax x ' x 4 D fx 1 .Q wiv K A Sf Q FACULTY DIRECTORY Baer, Mrs. Karl A. ........ . . . Bounous, Mlle. Jenny .... Brodenova, Mme. Lida. . . Browne, Mrs. Maude .... Cannon, Mrs. Kim C.. . .. Carroll, Srta. Maria F.. . . Cleland, Mrs. William. . Curry, Mme. G... . . . Dohs, Miss Mary Ellen .... Droescher, Mrs. John . , . Evans, Mrs. James M.. . . French, Miss Hope ......... Gutheim, Miss Marjorie F.. . . Heflin, Mrs. Martin ....... Hudson, Miss Mary Lo .... Kennedy, Mrs. John H... . . Lampert, Mrs. Chester G.. . . Laufman, Mr. Harlan ...... Lee, Mrs. Grace C. ..... . Legters, Mrs. Lyman ,.... Little, Mrs. Stuart ........... Livingston, Miss Ann .......,. Lloyd, Dr. and Mrs. George W.. . . . Long, Mrs. John V. ......... . Lowry, Mrs. Charles ......... Massey, Mrs. Charles ...... Maurer, Mrs. Leonard ..... Seelye, Miss Muriel. . . . ., Silcox, Mrs. W. Bruce. , . Snow, Miss Nelle ......... Spence, Mrs. Mary ...... ,... Thomas, Miss Elizabeth N.. . . , Williams, Mrs. David C. ..,. . Woodbury, Mrs. Sara H.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5111 Saratoga Avenue, Washington 16, D. C- 4866 MacArthur Blvd., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . . . . .4529 Grant Rd., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . .2100 Foxhall Rd., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . . . . . . . . .6600 Greeley Blvd., Springfield, Virginia . . .4828 Reservoir Rd., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . . . . . . . . .3338 N. St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . . . . .3304 Moline Rd., Silver Spring, Maryland . . . . . . . . . , . . .420 Maple Lane, Danville, Virginia . . . . . .6002 Madawaslca Rd., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . . . . . . .1424 N. 14th St., Arlington, Virginia 4870 MacArthur Blvd., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . . . . . . . . . . . .612 Huron Ave., Cambridge 38, Mass. . . . . .1727 19th St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .634 McCoy Drive, Carroll, Iowa . . .2832 New Mexico Ave., Washington 16, D. C. . . . .8500 Hempstead Ave., Bethesda, Maryland . . . . . .4318 North 9th St., Arlington, Virginia , . . . . .18 Norton Ave., Dallas, Pennsylvania . . . . . .118 4th St., N.W., Washington 2, D. C. . . . . .2100 Foxhall Road, Washington 7, D. C. . . .4008 Everett St., Kensington, Maryland ... . . . . .2100 Foxhall Rd., Washington 7, D. C. . . . .5804 Wiltshire Drive, Washington 16, D. C. . . . .3121 38th Street N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . .4536 Lowell Street N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . .5011 Garfield Street N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . .1901 19th Street N.W., Washington 9, D. C. . . . .2110 North Pierce Street, Arlington, Virginia .. . . . . .1225 Christine Avenue, Anniston, Alabama .2280 California Street N.W., Washington 8, D. C. .. . . .2315 40th Place N.W., Washington 7, D. C. .. . . . . . . .4305 Elm Street, Chevy Chase, Maryland . .3232 Woodley Road, N.W., Washington 8, D. C. STUDENT DIRECTORY Acheson, Daryl ..,.. ,...............,,............,..... 2 0 Church St., Greenwich, Conn. Adams, Ann ..... Andreae, Bonnie. . . Barrs, Bretta ...... . . Bastable, Elizabeth ...., Bateman, Pamela ..... Baxter, Prudence. . . Bayer, Dodie ...... Beasley, Sandy ...,. Beinecke, Ann .... Berger, Catherine. Bollman, Judy ..,.. Boynton, Tina. . . Brown, Flo Ann. , Butler, Betsy .... . Cabrer, Angeles ..... ,........XlT Ranch, Maple Hill, Kansas ... , . . .3201 Conger St., Port Huron, Mich. . , . . . . .3403 Morrison Ave., Tampa 9, Florida . . . .4833 Ft. Sumner Dr., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . .525 Merrioaks Rd., Barrington, Illinois . . . .4221 43rd St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hillcrest Tyrone, Pa. . . . . . . . . . , . . . . .4910 Bull St., Savannah, Ga. . . . . . . . . . .245 Bartshow Dr., Short Hills, N. . . . .2941 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, D. C. ........... . .301 Chestnut St., Shillington Pa. . . . . .5110 Dalecarlia Dr., Washington 16, D. C. . . . .2900 48th St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . . . . .3217 Cathryn Dr., Columbus, Ga. ...................I-lumacao,PuertoRico SPONSORS Dr. and Mrs. Paul Calabrisi Mr. and Mrs. H. McIntosh Mr. and Mrs. James M. Estabrook Mr. and Mrs. John T. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bailey Hall Captain and Mrs. Richard W Parker Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Harley Mr. John A. Perry Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Knickerbocker Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thompson Jr Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. McCutchen Mr. and Mrs. T. Graydon 1 pton BUSINESS SPONSORS American Linen Co. 2306 Georgia Avenue Washington, D. C. Asam Wallpapers Inc. 3312 Wisconsin Avenue Washington, D, C. Binsted's Service Station 4812 MacArthur Boulevard Washington 7, D. C. Blackistone Florist, Inc. 1407 H Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Capitol Cadillac-Oldsmobile Co. 1222 22nd Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. C. L. Cornell Co. - Lawn Mowers 4715 Miller Avenue Bethesda, Maryland Encyclopedia Americana Warner Building Washington, D. C. C. Engel's Sons, Inc. 4Vegetahles 350 D Street, S. W. Washington, D. C. Francis Scott Key Book Shop 1400 28th Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Franklin Uniform Co. 900 11th Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Creeneis Service Center 4515 MacArthur Boulevard Washington, D. C. Cuilbo Coiffure D'Art 1645 Connecticut Avenue Washington, D. C. Mr. Raymond Page Josten's Class Rings Washington 5, D. C. Everything In Music KITT'S 1330 G Street, N. W. ll. W. Lay and Co. - Fritos 4860 Bethesda Avenue Bethesda, Maryland Jack Morton Productions, 11 2000 K Street, N. W. Washington 6, D. C. Artist Supplies Ceo. F. Muth Co., lnc. 1332 N. Y. Ave. Wash., Jack's Roofing Co. 5529 Sherrier Place, N. W. Washington. D. C. Sealtest Foods 2535 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D. C. Small's Flower Shop Washington's First Dupont 7-7000 IC D Campbell, Sue. . Chapman, Susan Clemmons, Diana. Coates, Pixie .... Colen, Susan .,.. Collins, Cindy ...... Coleman, Marilynn. Cone, Kitty ....... Connell, Debbie.. . Cooper, Jan .... . . . Corrin, Judy .... Cotton, Linda .... Cousins, Carol .... Cowden, Carolyn. . Cunningham, Judy.. . Davis, Judy .... ...... Davy, Janey ..,..... De Butts, Mary Lil ida .... Detwiler, Diane ...... Devers, Diana .... Diamond, Joyce. . . Duncan, Deni ..,. Dunlop, Anne.. . Durand, Julie.. . Eastland, Sue. . . Ebbert, Gez ...,., Estabrook, Helen.. . Estabrook, Tracy ..... Finley, Susan ,... . . . Fisher, Mimi ....., Frank, Dean .... Franklin, Elaine. Fry, Judy .,,...,, Fullerton, Judy ...., Gable, Fran ...... Gardner, Ann.. . Garson, Kathy .,,. Gibson, Renee .,., Gildar, Gail ........ Gillespie, Sue ..... Graham, Courtenay... Grant, Elise ...... .... Grant, Tempe ..,. Green, Gretchen. . Haffiner, Mary ...,.. Hagner, Courtney. Hall, Adele .......... Hancock, Jean .... . . . . . . . . . . 155 W. Springettsbury, York, Pa. . . . .4919 Palisade Lane, Washington 16, D. C. . . . . .4639 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, Virginia . ..,... 2600 Fort Scott Dr., Arlington 2, Virginia . , . . . .617 Conshohocken State Rd., Gladwyne, Pa. .5025 Macomb St. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . .3830 Macomb St. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . .900 W. Park Ave., Champaign, Illinois . . . . . . . .115 Dickens Rd., Northheld, Ill. , . . . . . .596 Ockley Dr., Shreveport, La. . . . .508 E. Main St., Clarksburg, W. Va. . . . . . . . . . . . .Montour Falls, New York . . . . . . .2707 N. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va. .. . . . . . . . . . . .1700 Cuthbert St., Midland, Texas . .... 7740 Fairchild Rd., Milwaukee 17, Wisconsin . . . . .2242 46th St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . . . . .315 Peerman Pl., Corpus Christi, Texas . . . . .2220 46th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. . . . . .4734 Fulton St. N.W., Washington, D.C. . . . . . . . .600 S. Carlyn Springs Rd., Arlington, Va. . . . .1817 Parkside Dr. N.W., Washington 12, D. C. . . . . . . .2220 King Pl. N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . .5309 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda 14, Maryland .. . . .5910 Harwick Rd., Washington 16, D. C. .........,......,........Doddsville,Miss. . . . . .6630 Kinsman Rd., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. . . . . . . . . . .Old Westbury, Long Island, N. Y. . . . .5609 Springfield Dr., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . .305 Greenwood Rd., Towson 4, Maryland . . . .. ...Wye Town Farm, Easton, Maryland . . . . .208 Argyle Circle, Gadsden, Alabama . , . . .6215 Garnett Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Md. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .706 S. Park, Hinsdale, Illinois ...........Sunbeam Farms, Miami, Oklahoma . . . .500 South Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, Florida . . . . 1201, Arlington Towers, Arlington, Va. ..........941 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y. ..................."Ramsay,', Greenwood, Va. . . . .1755 N. Portal Dr. N.W., Washington, D. C. .. . . . . . . . .2322 Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa. ..... ... ...Edge Hill Farm, Shadwell, Va. . . . .29 Primrose St., Chevy Chase, Maryland . . . .29 Primrose St., Chevy Chase, Maryland .. . . . . . . . . . .2000 Princeton Ave., Midland, Texas . .......... 2800 Woodley Rd., Washington 8, D. C. . . . .3530 Springland Lane, N.W., Washington 8, D. C. .........................37KenwoodRd.,TenaHy,N.Y. .............................3413LynwoodPlace,ChevyChase15,Md. Hankins, Peggy ..... Meadow Lane Farm, Country Club Rd., Box 22, RD 42, Uniontown, Pa. H arley, Cynthia ........................... Harris, Elizabeth. . Haverkampf, Janet ..... Healy, Nan ....... Heasty, Robin ...... Hen ry, Anne ..... Hewitt, Trudie .... 2806 Cathedral Ave. N.W., Washington 8, D. C. ........ , . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5409 Blackistone Rd., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1035 Starr Rd., Winnetka, Ill. . . . . .4030 51st St. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . . .2403 Wemberly Way, McLean, Va. . . . .7 Woodland Way, Greenville, S. C. . . . . . . .3 East High St., Lebanon, Pa. The Christmas Daiwa niarkvci the bvgzinning of a Cala Holiday Season 'fi W if ii f M ' me 'ak West Point ci3Ci6tSl'F1'f11't51VS Girls to the' Inaugural Ball. Hock, Joan ......, Holt, Jane ....... . . . Honeyman, Heather... Huber, Susan ......, lgersheimer, Judy ..... lllges, Mary ......... Katz, Jill ......... King, Linda ..... King, Sherry .... Klein, Rhea ..,..,. Knickerbocker, Bonnie Kury, Toni ...... Lackey, Jessie. . . Lane, Dee .....,.... Lebensohn, Marya. . . Leith, Ann ,.....,. Lenish, Marianne. . Lindsay, Lucy ..... Lippitt, Anne .... Lontz, Sally ..... Loomis, Malina .... Lowen, Bebe ..... MacIntosh, Diane... Mack, Margaret ..., MacMillan, Caroline. . Mann, Julia ......... McCutchen, Christine. McDonald, Mebane.. Mclntosh, Jean ....... McKee, Barbara ..... McMurray, Rana.. ......,...,........,.... .. Meek, Evelyn. . . Middleton, Lee. . Milliken, Mary .... Mitchell, Sue .... Moore, Mamie. .. Morton, Anne. . . Morton, Diane ..... Montgomery, Ann. . . Moyers, Cathy .... Murphy, Linda. . . Myers, Toni ..... Newton, Victoria. . Nichols Nichols Nuessle, Ginger. . . , Cindy. . . , Margaret O,Leary, Betsy. . . . Parker, Susan .... Patterson, Kay .... Preston, Diana. . Price, Louise ..... Price, Vinnie .... Purves, Nancy .... Pye, Susan ...... Quinn, Donna. Rankin, Lisa .... . . . . . . . .2232 49th St., Washington 7, D. C. . . . .4225 49th St. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . .710 Park Ave., New York 21, N. Y. . . . . . . . . . . . .2762 S. Ives St., Arlington 2, Va. .. . . .922 Timber Branch Pkwy., Alexandria, Va. . . . . . . . . . .2740 Sue Mack Dr., Columbus, Georgia ParkAve.,NewYork,N.Y. .. . . .2214 Wyoming Ave., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. 4?'1,Box56,0jai,Calif. . . . . . . .5916 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, Maryland . . ."Windsor Hill" Rt. 3, Charlottesville, Va. .. . . . . . . .128 East Locust St., Lebanon, Pa. . . . .536 Lancaster Ave., Richmond, Kentucky . . . . . .5040 Loughboro Rd., Washington 16, D. C. . . .4840 Hutchins Pl. N.W., Washington 7, D.C. ...... .5320 Sunset Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. . . . .3 Annatte Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. . . . . . . . . . .1810 W. Wood St., Decatur, Ill. . . . . .5605 Lamar Rd., Washington 16, D. C. . . . .Henley Rd. South, Richmond, Indiana . . . . . .2785 N. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va. . . . .2630 East Cedar Ave., Denver 9, Colorado . . . . . . . . . .1417 Key Blvd., Arlington, Va. . . . . . . . . . .1137 Summit St., McKeesport, Pa. . ................ 15 Allwood Rd., Darien, Conn. . . .6216 Garnett, Kenwood, Chevy Chase 15, Md. . . . . . . . . . .404 South Thornton St., Dalton, Ga. . . . . ......... ......... 1 830 Queen's Rd., West Charlotte, N. C. .............................834RiverViewDr.,Florence,Alahama .cfo Henry H. McKee, American Embassy, Tegucigalpa, Honduras C. A. .. .230 East Delaware Pl., Chicago 11, Ill. . . . . . . .1115 12th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. . . . .5009 Randall Lane, Washington 16, D. C. .....................RobesoniaRDii1,Pa. .. . . . . .4114 Blackthorn St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. . . . . .3030 Klingle Rd. N.W., Washington 8, D. C. ...................Presqu'ile, Easton, Maryland . . . .5021 Loughboro Rd. N.W., Washington 7, D. C. ...................................Warrenton,Va. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4906 28th St. North, Arlington 7, Va. . . . .3069 University Terrace, N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . .15 West Lenox St., Chevy Chase 15, Maryland ..................1076MapleDr.,GriHin,Ga. . . . .3109 Cathedral Ave., Washington 8, D. C. . . .2000 Congressional Pkwy., Bethesda 14, Md. . . . . . . . . . .5801 Kirkside Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. . . . . . . . . . .101 Country Club Dr., Greenville, S. C. . . . . .5622 Woodway, Sumner, Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . . .318 2nd St., S.E., Washington 3, D. C. . . .8283 La Jolla Shores Dr., La Jolla, Calif. . . . . . . . .1801 Carlisle Rd., Greensboro, N.C. . . . .832 Camelot Court, Winston-Salem, N. C. . . . . . .4555 W. St. N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . . . .1664 West Wesley Rd. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. ...........27-B Fort Mayer, Arlington, Va. . . . .5324 Inter Bay Blvd., Tampa, Florida BRANCIIES Te RIGG N AT I O N A L B A of WASHINGTON, D.c. LARGEST BANK IN THE NATION'S CAPITAL COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE RESOURCES OVER s5o0,0oo,o00 f NLF" INK loNAl B My G5 N amnnlbf f Imnnwmnfd ,, f,CO. I .. ' ORTORIGOS L. ' If UMSIIIIWFEEI 'Em ' A RI 1 'll acc lg 3 I I g1,,ff3'-f 9 ,E 4 3 11,5 '21 , aw Eil- , ,Z A 1 - E A. MAIN OFFICE 1503 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, N.W. fopposite U. S. Treasury, FARMERS 6' BIECI-IANICS Wvisconsin Ave. and III Sl., N.W. SEVENTII 6? EYE STREET 7lh and Eye Sta., N.W. DUPONT CIRCLE 1913 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. NORTHEAST BRANCH 1348 4111 Sn., N.E. PARK ROAD 14th St. and Park Rd., N.W. SEVENTH fd D STREET 313 'Ilh Street, N.W. NORTIIXVEST ERIENDSIIII, 1779 Columbia Rd., N.W. Wisconsin Ave. and Warren Sl., N.W. CHEVY CHASE LINCOLN IIRANCH Conn. Ave. and Morrison Sl.. N.W. 170.11 and H Sls., N.W. WASI'IINGTON LOAN 17tI1 6' G STREET AND TRUST BRANCH BRANCII F Sl.. at 9th, N.W. 17th and G Sls., N.W. O FACILITY TRUST DEPARTDIENT OFFICE WALTER REED ARINIY IYIEDICAL CENTER 1503 H Slfeelv N0l'lhW9!l I'IemImer FecIeraI Deposit Insurance Corporation ' Member EecIeraI Reserve System Robinson, Kip... . . Russell, Gale ...... Sandstrom, Judy. .. Scarborough, Peggy .... Schoenfelder, Alice. Sherwood, Candy. . Sil6n, Ana ,...,... Simpson, Lucy .... Smith, Sharon .... Spitz, Suzanne. . . Sterling, Gail .... Stuart, Julie. . . Talman, Vickie. . Taylor, Kathi ..... Thompson, Betsy. . Thompson, Nan. . . Tyndall, Dean. . . Tytus, Tina ..... Upton, Appleby. . . Van Natta, Jackie. Walsh, Suzanne .... Washington, Ellen. Weller, Cynthia. . Wells, Bobbie .... White, Pam ....... Whitlock, Penny. . . Whitney, Sandy... Whitten Beverly. . Willard, Nancy .... Willis, Post ..... Wilson, Dede .... Withers, Mary .... Wood, Kathy .... Wood, Laura ..... Young, Nancy ...., . . . .3343 Country Club Place, Wichita, Kansas . . . . . . .6401 Garnett Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. ..............Windcrest Rd., Rye, New York . . . . . . . . . . . .457 Morendo Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. . . . . . . .6437 Dahlonega Rd., Washington 16, D. C. ...,.....................Gibsonlsland,Maryland . .... Qta. Borinquen, Ave. Veracruz, Caracas, Venezuela . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 West Hillcrest Dr., Greenville, S. C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3150 N. Monroe St., Arlington, Va. ...................3529N.Utah St.,Arlington,Va. 4301 Massachusetts Ave. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . . . . . . . . . .6204 Brookside Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. ..............Pecksland Rd., Greenwich, Conn. . . .5800 Bent Branch Rd., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . .4605 Langdram Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. . . . . . .4936 Rodman St. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . .129 Ocean Ave., Woodmere, Long Island, N. Y. . . . . . . . . . . .5320 Carvel Rd., Washington 16, D. C. . . . . .3515 Albemarle St., Washington 16, D. C. ......................BattleGround,Ind. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .220 El Bravo Way, Palm Beach, Fla. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Crystal Spring Farm, Annapolis, Md. . .4848 Rockwood Pkwy. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. . . , . . . . . . . . . . . .Spring Valley Rd., Morristown, N. .....................CoinLane,Shrewsbury,N.J. ....14E.75thSt.,NewYork,N.Y. ..................5BlackburnPl.,Summ1t,N.J. DC . . . .5804 Nebraska Ave. N.W., Washington 15, . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2101 Roswell Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C. . . .Chicken Valley Rd., Locust Valley, L. I., N. Y. . . . .4655 Kenmore Dr., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. . . . . .2020 St. Andrews Rd., Greensboro, N. C. . . . . .11950 Breyman Ave., Portland 17, Oregon . . . . . .11950 Breyman Ave., Portland 17, Oregon . . . .5187 Watson St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. VAN NATTA HEREFORDS QUALITY REGISTERED HEREFORD CATTLE SINCE 1880 Battle Ground, Indiana HIS I5 NU A iyjLL Ox N1 TEXH5 'Q EREHYTST Photographers Since 1898 BROOKS Official Photographers for the 1960 6'CUP0LA', 7200 WIscoNs1N AVENUE BETHESDA, MD. OLIVER 4-1078 C A. fllarilima Falcon Telefonos: Cables : 717178 - 714556 MAFALCA Apartado 3507 Eclif. Vensu 3ex. Piso - Plaza Diego Ibarra Calle Beethoven Colinas de Bello Monte Capital: Bs. 1.250.000 Caracas, Venezuela BOARD OF DIRECTORS : MR. FELIPE SILEN ,,,,,,,,,,e,7,,,e,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,e, P resident DR. J, A. ZARRACA TELLERIA ,,,7,e,.,,v ,,,,,,,,,,, V ice-President DR. VICTOR BRITO ,,,,,,,,,A,,.,,,,,v,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,e 2 O Vice-President MR. VICTOR RUBIO DD,l..,l . .Vl,ll,ll,ll,l Secretary PEOPLES HARDWARE ift Ju ' newly ren dvllem .I Ire g l' terjvthin best in I aint f 4-877 NIQARTHUR BOULEVARD W'1.I1inCt0n DL. FE. " 64 IV QI 1 I X nr I Q 1 I j I 0' J D Ha1'dwan'e - Lawn 84 Carden, etc. lc S U 7 T ' 3 41 I NATIONAL HOTEL SUPPLY CO., INC. Weats and Provisions I320 FIFTH STREET, NE. WASHINGTON 2, D.C. l,lnc0In 6 3040 vm .,., 1 THE FIELD f HOUSE Q"s Q A . , Q, JACK IVIORTON PRODUCTIONS Creators of lzleas and Proflztcers of Fine Entertainment 111111 Dramatic Pwsentatiorzs NEW YORK CHICAGO WYXSHIINGTUN MIAMI D.fXI,I,AS HUIIYWIOOD I l l ' 19 !!f'if'5!'i1"TiiFi17 -Q w UI -9 I, 1 1 104 1 A -ug WR?-If 5 Compliments I WALKER 81 DUNLOP INC., Realtors 905 - 15TH STREET WASHINGTON, D.C. Herbert T. Bayer Clover Farm Stores Franz Richey Shoes Corrective and Normal Footwear For Children, Growing Girls and Boys Also for Women, Tyrone, , 80l 5 Wisconsin Avenue-OL. 6-5366 Pennsylvanla Bethesda, Md. Free Parking Henry Alt Florist gHasta La Vista! Georgetown l5l0 Wisconsin Avenue FE 8-ll26 1 P FRIE D CHARTERED BY CONGRESS 1867 1? I ul' III M 4 3? We invite your use of our Complete Banking and Trust Facilities NATIONAL SAVINGS ,W TRUST COMPANY Main Office: 15th STREET and NEW YORK AVENUE, N.W. Capitol Plaza Office: ONE INDIANA AVENUE, N.W. Cathedral Office: IDAHO AVENUE ai NEWARK STREET, N.W. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORA o Xmwvw O. V9-gy 4- .Diale- S C, I Q-'UC-E' CD10-vu, D. J Oyiho. 11.7 Wanna 4443! PMN '5e4sb7 fg'f'7r'7c.1'CU. Trwcbc, H. 6 Jslwtchuu ffm: F,,,47,7K fkOf5 QHJ4 771,471 away ,eu QE17 .zipvia cz- X741 xv. GJN'-9..N+. W Nw wb' my q..,,f,,w. QJL cfJM4,,vz.dfv,4wJ72L ,uwlzywwd fkiwiflf W W Gola WM70' Phone: FE 8-1322 ROSE RAYNOR Befzuty' Salon 1510 - 31st St., N.W. fJC0l'g6tOWl1 WYiiSllillglOll, D.C. SOPHIE HAIR STYLISTS Complete Beauty' Care D llArlington Forest Shopping Centerj 4817 N. lst Street Arlington, Virginia J A 8-2266 COMPLIMENTS OF J 81 C CARPET CO. ELLIJAY, GEORGIA mf . 3 sf? V If if fb I l f W f J! 'xx X I ' W ', J XX " IE , 1 1 fx LHS XX xx ! Z 'VN X x W w M ' I I 'X X XX , If I 5 J 3 ' 5 1 ff ' f s K ff f kf J NM V f I W KJ, X I CATCQQM Li Compliments of MARIE M. CANNON SCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITTER COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND The continued growth of Perpetual is largelv Clue to its thousands of loyal fI'1CIlClS who tell theu' frlendsl PERPETUAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION Mam Ofhte. IITH 84 E STS., N.W. WAsH1NcT0N, D.C. MAH, INSURED Savings Institut Dedicated to Thrifln Hillside Farm Guilford College Branch GREENSBORO, N.C. But ef Mx? F 'LTI 'I E , " 51-La m m 5 9 Dwsiummu WHEN YOU RIDE RIDE THE RAILROAD ff. 'Sv ,, if-3 51339 ' 4' r Q than ,ful W E112 If W .. A lgagyf-1 X 1 xx ' "QT 04 ,Q , Q 'll-' I" Nx , f "'f'n' v fifwfm UM N 4' ,ring I JV, .l ' 5 J rw Y f 4' ' ef xr ,XX x Q3 al fx H x fy V S , W Q J x AA y N! , , M ff f J f X X 1 X x F40 I QD,- M, .22 '6T0GETHERNESS" ' fhkffl Beam LISA FRGN Complfmem of FOXHALL VILLAGE MORGAN PHARMACY PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS 1611 FOXHALL ROAD Called For and Delivered AD 23800 WASHINGTON 7, D.C. Residential and Commercial REAL ESTATE SALES - MORTCAGES - MANAGEMENT RENTALS - INSURANCE RANDALL H. HAGNER 8I COMPANY INCORPORATED REAL ESTATE Founfled 19041 1321 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Telephone: DE. 2-3600 Hue S Compliments To THE FOXES OF FOXHALL From "East of the Pecosv ' I A Pwnsf L END ff "f""D ' CARRY ME BACK TO OLD VIRGINNY TWEEDS 'n' THINGS 29 Wisconsin Circle Chevy Chase, Maryland Best Wishes from Jerrold Electronics Corporation LEWIS H. POTTER, FLORIST Phone NO1'th 7-7800 Sheraton Park Hotel Washingtoll, D. C. O K PT H Y P0'+'0-nd C. 1 Lmuerlw OREGON C Fl L. N F O Vx N DIANE lg Laiollo.. facques 5' Pdlfl.C1U HA I RSTY I ,ISTS 1806 XViSI,'0llSill Avenue, FEdCl'i'l1 7-89-10 Washington T. D.C. HESSICK INC. NEW YORK AVENUE, N.E. WASHINGTON, D.C. DI. 7-0744 FRIGIDAIRE and YORK Room Air Conditioners Oil Burners COAL FUEL OIL Best Wishes from- The New WEAM Your Music Station 5000 Watts ' 24 Hours a Day Greater Washtington's Number One Station! STERLING LAUNDRY OF MARYLAND 4419 BALTIMORE AVENUE Bladenslnlrg, Maryland Custom Dry Cleaning and Laundry W e wash everything in Lux Rug Cleaning -- Cold Stora WYA 7-2600 Congratulations and Best lVishes to the Class of '61 G. C. MURPHY COMPANY The Complete Variety Stores 14 Big Friendly Stores in the VVashington Area to Serve You HAYES CONCERT BUREAU 1103 G. Street, N.W. Wasllirlgton, D.C. "KP1l5THNPf:n+AJr5" H CEWHWF KI ' I was I -5 L k ig GEORGIA 'REBELSQ When You're ln The Mood For VVONDERFICL FOOD Head For The Nearest HOT SHOPPES AIIl8l'l'Cll,S FinestDriz1e-In Restaurants Crown Supply, Incorporated 310 Sixth Street. South ARLINGTON 2. VIRGINIA Orlxis 4-7115 Paper Products, fanilor Supplies and Reslflllllllll Supplies. Compliments of Packett's Lake Pharmacy 8551 CONNECTICUT AVE. Chevy Chase Maryland Tel. OL. 4-3377 Frances Elizabeth Dress Shop I635 WISCONSIN AVE. Compliments of the National Broadcasting Company "Our Lady of thx- Xlilflxtxl PI2'll,'K'NIDI'K'Sl'lllt'1ll3f Prvp I,lllfl'l'SdIIflill4"l'fiIlIl1. Xlarya l.4-In-nsullnl. RIN-11 lxle-in. .lill lxulx. mul Mm Silvxl l'l'llI'1'S4'I1l ilu-ir vlusse-s ul our Valle-l1lilw l,ilIli'C'. W M YMHQHS I You're invited. . . The Fashionable WE STCHE STER dining room Finest Cuisine - served graciously in quiet luxury SUPERB WINE CELLAR For Reservations Call JEAN PIERRE FE. 8-7700 Cocktails in wfhe Louugew or Dining Room THE HOLIDAY ROOM Exquisite private accommodations for ten to Hfty guests 4000 Cathedral Avenue Free Przrlfing in filllilli Garage for Dinner Guests ff' ff' A if ref I E to I, 4 ITF' E 4i'f E T EEL Q- E ,?fffiQfQj:f F 'E ff 0 -1 th 2 Q ct uhm 5 ' 0065 Q21 IIIAIIIQ IQIEGISWFW. ann- E53 ., .io ---.-T-. f, ' :. f 5'IIq15IINILgIWI5gI 'ggxxwxwxxgkwwxswwm 5 3 . 5 :E Jlimliff, ,,,, ,I2f.,iL.fffffffftfifff-MW i'lf12Wi'i l 'QL' 11'-if-'E----12:11---L-f.: ji f f. 'E graduating 3 5 M class ' W tttwwwwww N I C Dm" V Q aomso UNDER AUTHORITY or THE COCA-COLA COMPANY av I ,I E WASHINGTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, I . is E' nc 255151555535iimttwiitiitiibhiiiwmwwb CAMPBELL CHAIN COMPANY WELDED CHAIN 0 WELDLESS CHAIN TIRE CHAINS Factories York, Penna. ' West Burlington, Iowa Union City, Calif. HEATING SPECIALISTS for HALF A CENTURY Coal - Fuel Oil- Oil Burners For Every Purpose :GWe Make Your Home COIHIOYIHIJIC77 Griffith-Consumers 14-13 NEW YORK AVENUE, N.W. MEtropoIitan 8-44840 COIVGFPHTUZHTION5 I THE NEW YORKERS J,6N!OR'5- V I H 11:44, ,bong Dean fynmlall ,l1llKutz ' ya, 2 V ' Q J V213 'E Pam Wlnte Helen Estalmrook 1 , Q 5 Q 4 a' v- 9 gi' I Penny Whitlock Judy Sundstrom L5':jf,j9, l 5' -:www 'Q --.-J lx lthy Carson Postie Willis 4 ,I 12 .7 Weil! QQ! fuel-5 eye? 143, 7 CZIQJJ' of Bell Laundry and Compliments of the Dry Cleaners Four Year Girls 44706 LELAND STREET Dianna D. Courtney H. Dean T. .lean H. Chevy Clmse l5, Marylaml Betsy T. Sue E. N E od :I f, R s e 3' A cg Night of 5 deld A .,.., Good Pop Ei Penny Sandi Drinkin' is Bobby 1 QL worth a year's Pom , , 4 susan Thlnkln' lldl Yogi, B00-Boo, Lou-Lou l Snoopy UPTIMA B09 TH E GRRDE. N STATE Squeekie 32 Q ff 3 if mf Nj Nj! Xjfx S--I N' MX bv- ' Ny Co forth, and rf it be o,er stony way, Old joy ean lend what newer grief rnust borrowg And it was sweet, and that was yesterday, And sweet is sweet, though purchased with sorrow. Co, songs, and eorne not hack frorn your far way, And rf rnen ash you why ye smile and sorrow, Tel! thern ye grieve, for your hearts know To-day, Tell thern ye smile, for your eyes know To-rnorrow. --FRANCIS THOMPSON. PRIDEMARK PRESS 'IHOMSEN-ELLIS-HUTTUN CO. Mons c? MARYLAND

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Mount Vernon Seminary - Cupola Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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