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5 e ml S 13 7 ? 5 A 4 1 A 4 4 S: M x W E? A A '5 1 2 5 5 -: Q ri li 35 3 :J 2 Pl 2 f 5 3 51 'fi 3 fe E V, ? 3 f 43- ,u . 3 :A 1 1 Q If -:Y Q F' 2 3 1 5 :E e s f 3-I W Li E2 5 rs 5 if P it E 9 I i X ,GX Q52 .5 ZW 455 0 N5 1 4 sv i" ffx TF: llI+IlILAIIO To the Mount Vernon Graduate, the synthesis of all this CUPOLA represents, the product of the Mount Vernon way and purpose of life- To this girl who through the training received here, and out of the intimate relations with her fellow students, goes forth frorn our communal activities to her place in society, eager to cope with the vital probf lems of our life and our times!- To Her this book is dedicated. B imf' fe.-5-L ,N' X ci 5,77 c0o4'r'? N- 'N KID Q Q 'ff AAIIHIHIYY Q bcgf QUBUR 5 'E Y l0T Q UST 3 SUD gl - 7 X wh -n 1 - 4 X '? s ET . ENO A STUNNING BIG MIXING BOWL OT TOO MANY COOKS UGH FLOUR AND A DASH OF SPICE RIBBLE OF FLAVORING g Q Lb -F' , 'ff P PLENTY OF ICING Hi Ho for the mixing howl, for it's here the hatter is heaten up and the various ingredients mixed thoroughly. This is the very spot where our good chefs knead the dough, put it in the oven, and watch it hrown. Ivlay all who taste the finished product find it hearty and sweet, and exceeding well done. -x ,. 1 ,J "xiii o"r if v C In 7,7 .SHUI Ill UIK5 UIH lIl"l H 11,70 y W if .. qw., eta QQ All problems affecting the whole concoction of life at Mount Vernon are Hrst reviewed before the junior College Council. These college girls learn to cope With everything from "talking in chapel linefupu to ironing out the gravest of difficulties. They are the repref sentatives of student leadership in the exercise of student selffgovern, ment. This student democracy is one of the most jealouslyfguarded privileges of the school. The College Council protects this privilege and sees that the student body preserves it. Their efforts are fostered, their actions counseled by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd, President and Head Mistress of Mount Vernong Miss Helen Hastings, Academic Deang Miss Catherine Blakeslee, Dean of Admissionsg and Miss jean Pear' son, Social Dean. With all good will, with increasing wisdom, and with purposeful energy, this business of student leadership emerges as perhaps the most significant and productive of school activities. s Q!-xr limi li frm iff A, - Q Maxx Delaxnu. Mr. and Mrx. Lloyd. Mlle. Dufmx and Mv.x. laiidxay' M15555 Cmm- BlUiiU-fll'f- HUNUVIEN- Cllffff FWCSSF ffl' fl Km! Weigh the Eimimirc UI' GOO!! Those who mould the minds ofthe M.V.S. stuf dents, show amazing optimism and heart' rending patience, inspiring in us awe if not knowledge. To Miss Agnes DeLano, Mrs. Currier, and Miss Crum we owe our fluent Englishg To Mrs. Moore, our scholarly Latin and to Mme. Canton and Mlle. Dupres, that fetch' ing French accent, To Miss Nourse and Prof. Kayser, our historical approach 1 To Miss Reed, our most successful experiments and to Miss Byrd, our charming domesticityg mmm Nfillxzttc, Nlniarsr. Nfmm, fiwxvii, Nlmm. Canton and I.Ilwggcn Pun' jnr Cupola tbl! S ra, I lf i Misses Wesseler. Reed. Byrd. Shelley and Mrs. Currier Swing the Show To Mrs. Lloyd and Miss Crum, our mathematical exactitudeg To Dr. Britt, our interesting psychological complexesg To Dr. Merriman and Dr. Garnett, our good citizenshipg To Miss Munn and Miss Thomas, our artistic expressiveness, and to Miss Mack our stagefcraftg To Miss Milliette, Mrs. Wright, and Mme. Elhogen, our musical appreciationg To Miss Urner and Miss Skelley, our good sportsmanship, To Miss Moore, our husiness trainingg To Mrs. Hayghe, our familiarity with the sources of all our learningg To Mrs. Steinem and Miss Strawsbaugh, our rapid recovery from all early morning headaches, To Mrs. Nuelson and Miss Duehring, those prompt reminders from the Heads. Student home life is made happy and comfortable by Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. Walker, Miss Brown, Miss Carter, Miss Moses, Mrs. Baylis, and Miss Wesseler. Day students are generally kept in order hy Miss Myers. Misxex Pcarxmi. Duehring, Stmwshaughg Mrs, Moore and Mrs. Wright Meet the President vv GD - . Q .xji ff! X, 'J X lf' " 2 X! . Q Missex Thmmix, Umar. mid Mvcrx Talk it over Sugdfanfiafii ggngrecbenfri 2,3 f' s',, 9 F4 I 4 s5"!. I ,JU A 53" U Some Technique The stuff we are made of takes coherent form in other bowls than just classrooms. The National Theater and Constitution Hall are avenues through which our minds and skills experience and grow. Trips to the Folger and Congressional Libraries open to us fascinating and thrilling Helds in literature, book collect' ing, and historic incidents. The Washington Art Galleries, most especially the Phillips Memorial Gallery, give impetus to our interest in art, deepen our understanding, and round out our faculties of appreciation. When Congress is in session, our classes in American Government frequently go to the House or the Senate. By witnessing the legislature in action, we are better able to comprehend the procedure we learn in our textbooks. We can be more intelligently aware of the functioning of the ma' chinery of our government. Trips are taken to other public buildings, to the Zoo, to news' paper offices, and to places of scientific interest. Through these excursions the learning comes to life and becomes important to us. By blending an understanding of that which has gone before 14 with that which is going on, we grow more conscious of our own place in history, and in the life of our own time. Another method of kee ' nesd' ' ping us inform d ay assemblies F e is our Wed' . ilins of farfolf places, past peoples, and current events are projected for o Lectures on all sorts ofa ' C l ' ur henelit. ihsorhing prohl utural and pol' ' ems are given. itical trends are discussed. Profesf sional artists perform for us. Thus is the knowledge of the classroom and tht laboratory related to life, and thc academic tra carried over into action. Test Tuhc Vinum lllllllg Qofima cgnfrochlced M. mi jim Struther Autogmphs Uel' Mount Vernon was introduced to Miss jan Struther this year, hy Optima, our academic honor society. The gracif ous authoress was guest of honor at the annual Decemher hook fair and tea. She autographed all our own copies of "Mrs. lviiniverf' and many more gift copies for our Christmas list. Parents and friends came to the party and it was altogether a delightful event. We shared the financial success of it with the Committee for British Wiir Relief. Optima also manages a lending lif brary of current hooks, tempting us with attractive copies of all the best sellers. Optima Entertams 16 I .tfifijz -,f' ! K V6 5' 2 1 .14 LZDCLJA ofgaice Group Activities add snap to the mixture of our days by giving vent to our individual talents and interests. Clee Club and Choir provide expression for the musical among us, and furnish delight for the rest of us. The Choir enhances the beauty and serenity of Chapel service. Their black and white robed figures lend a feeling of reverence to Sunday evening hour. Their high performance of the year is their interpretation of the Christmas story at LendfAf Hand's annual party. Glee Club specializes in the singing of lovely madrigals, coming out every now and then with a fine program for us and our friends. They are a high spot of the annual Commencement. 17 l . ,Z C r. f 'Q 41 That Aesthetic Swing ., Aff CM Avtists' Model In Art Club the girls play around with all sorts of plastic substances, and every now and then something lovely emerges. The Marionette show has become an annual affair, for this, a group of Art Club girls artistically interpret some favorite old story, embellishing it with their own ideas of scenery, costume, and music. Modern Dance recreates and interprets life, emotion, and idea through the medium of the dance. This year the Group is working on folk dances. In groups of two or more they develop their own choreograph to char' acterize the music they have chosen. They develop grace and a creative sense of rhythm. More important, they discover the artistic resources and values of the dance. WOJQIW all ce :Lui f7lwafef Little Theater members practice all sorts of stage craft, play direction, and acting. They produce plays, experiment with new techniques and old, stimulated by many trips to the professional performances at the National. Their own shows are lively and vigorous. They seem to like to entertain us and we certainly look forward to their dates on our school calendar. Through LendfAfHand Society we all contribute to the Washiirgtoir Community Chest and to several closer, more individual interests of our own. At Christ' mas time this group plans the parties for the children at Hillcrest and for the children of our M. V. S. servants. At the first of these the Christmas pageant is performed in Chapel. At the second Santa comes in person to the play in the Indoor Gymnasium and to distribute the good things on the Christmas tree. An annual card 4 'N X riff S-s Little 'Theater Produces olzn J'd 'yuan Lend-A-Hand For a Good Cause Field Hoirw FYUllL'S ln Publications Viforkshop Cuifota is born, raised 'ind prepared for her debut eich spring 2841 ,NOLLJQ party in Field House brings together our donaf tion to the Blood Bank, The aim of the Field House company is to provide a recreation center for afternoons and special eveningsg a place where we may eat, play, gossip, and relax. The proceeds from the Gift shop and the sweets bar go toward pay' ment on the debt taken on by the charter mem- bers who built the house. These Lassies learn a lot about managing money and about all sorts of buying, They acquire early that sales personality that gets us all down. She is the main purpose and the big outcome of pu Workshop effort. ln gathering maf terial and soliciting and pursuing advertisements, the members are Cupola Sweets trained in journalism, in business 1- management, and in the if's and and's of publishing. This year the Workslioiv has been represented on the Editorial Board ofthe Alumnae Association, contributing to the several issues of the Roll Call. off' I 20 gfuaiue gfauor All tasty mixtures must have flavor. We find ours in Sports. In the afternoons we meet, forget the class' room, and go after the game. We aim to cooperateg and do we coordinate! We develop the good old M. V. S. teamwork and speed. Our senses grow keener, our minds more wary. Instead of being taught we teach one another on the field, and the lesson of the day is always good sportsmanship. We play sometimes together and somef times against one another. We learn fair play and to give and take. The White and the Yellow teams provide all necesf sary rivalry, but we do now and then meet other schools at hockey or basketball. Games are exciting and our Athletic Board furnishes plenty of variety. And so, a dash of flavoring of one sort or another always gets into the day. Q -lf 45 p il f 2 i li Forms Parry .Samaria Fall sports are snappy and vigorous. Hockey, tennis, archery, volleyfhall, and riding make our cheeks glow and appetites rampant. Tryouts for the squad, inter' scholastic hockey games,and tennis tournaf ments measure our endurance and skill. In winter, the zealous energy of hasketf hall, the aesthetic grace of creative dancf ing, the alert, quick lieauty of fencing, the sparkling liveliness of the square dance, and the lyric strength of swimming prof vide essence diverse and tempting. Basketf hall with other schools, fencing l'outs, dance recitals, and the swimming pageant round out the indoor season. Spring turns us again to the fresh fragrance of the outfoffdoors. Tennis, archery, haselaall, riding again, till the lengthening afternoons. This time the earth is awakening, not going to sleep. Summer and vacation lie hefore us. Vwle are Urarin' to go." Tournaments, team competitions, and Gymkhana finish off' the year in grand style. .nr""' 'QW 1 wi 3 c 1k-: ii, 3 Q N an v f: in K, .5 ' . :I . ' 0 :W Y 'N ,. 91 ', . I .1 '1s'Q 'aa Q, ,,n' 9 f'ts,' ,si 'I :qw f.."' ' 0. .vu 24 i Cin? Saturday night, October iifth, the out' door gym was transformed into a real country barn. Much hay, many corn stalks, signs that might be found on counf try roads, cotton dresses, pigtails, overalls, were all there, and straw hats bobbed to the strains of "Oh! Susanna" and "The Beer Barrel Polka." Next door in the Field House were apples, cider and ginger' snaps for all. Much excitement arose over the invitaf tions sent out for the March first tea dance and formal prom. On the day, hand' some young men gathered from far and near at the Field House where a gay after' noon ended with a buffet supper for the guests. In the evening, in the main dining' room all dressed up like South America, more or less the same young men, in white' tiefandftails, danced more or less the same charming girls around the floor in a whirl of laughter and fun. There is still a big Spring prom to come. L W I Camera ,jfliqllliglzfa yunior Cfadfi unior 64455 IO oem To THE CLASS OF '41 FROM THE CLASS OF '42 We're the bottom layer of the cakeg We bear the weight, no admiration, But tell us, Seniors, for goodness' sake, How could you stand with "no foundation? You are the top, the frosted layer, The upper half, the group in pow'rg But if we rabble turned betrayer, Tour sugar coating soon might sour. Tou'll graduate, we'll miss you allg 'You each will a pink candle light, And, burning brightly, guide our way: We know that you will do all right. We'll save our cake for '42g 'You eat yours now and you are through. To you, dear Seniors, bows we'll make 'Til we are candles on the cake! SECOND FORM OFFICERS President .IOAN Fu NK Secretaryfreasurer MADLIE EIWINI: LEFT T0 RIGHT: Funk, Weller, Rismg, Wellbrwrrz, Emerv, NIIII'e. Road, ErI'1rIg, THIRD FORM OFFICERS President ISABELLE WcmcvLIfcIRD VIce'President ELIZABETH EISINGER Secretary VIRKSINIA LINK Treasurer JEAN THOMPSON I STANDING Cleft to rzghtl: Brown, Hall, Gzulbert, Kaufman. Stmmm, Eddy, Clmpmfzrl, :F-EIOYYISIJTI, Hey' wood, Greenlaw, Ieese, Dulqe, Nance. SITTING fleft to rxglnll' Powers, Rollow, Ensmger, Peck, Gore, Amlemm. Henlxv, Toullm, Slmul. 32 971.25 .NCl,5Lef! jfatkel' PRESIDENT FOURTH FORM She has poise and savoif faire And much intelligence, too. Most of all she has the knack Of nursing the Fourth Form through. Foua YEAEs AT M.V.S.g FOURTH Foam PRESIDENT '41gDAY STUDENT PRESIDENT '4Og OPTIMA '40, '4lg FRENCH CLUB '39, '40, '4lg ART CLUB '38, '39, '40g LEADERSHIP ACTIVITY '41. june.f4c!eL pamder San ollouirie auf Career in Art is fune's intent, Of all the members in our Form, May she many honors reap. Vocational tests do say, Though quiet observance is her bent, Sally's the only one who'll be "Still waters run most deep." Housewife by choice, some day. ii SQ Two YEARS AT M.V.S,g SECRETARYXFREASURER GNE YEAR AT M.V.S.g VICE-PRESIDENT or os FOURTH Foam '41g LENll'A'HAND Revue' FOURTH FORM '4lg DRESS COMMITTEEQ FIELD SENTATIVE '4Og CHOIR '41, Houma ACTIK'ITY. ouiae .Qrawn irginia .iborofhy graua Now Steve has a precious possession: I think that I shall never see The gift of artistic expressiong So many letters waved at me And while she creates, As when, with deep, triumphant sigh, Each of us awaits Our beaming Ginny bounces by. The time when she'll grace our collection. V S12 SI! ONE YEAR AT M.V.S.g ART CLUB '41. Two YEARS AT M.V.S.g Am' CLUB '40, '41g FRENCH CLUB '40 '41. T- .,,'. jkmlom cflhon Chlfwlif She's anchored to the Navy In thoughts and sympathiesg So think of her in future time A'sai1ing on the seas. I gk THREE YEARS AT M.V.S.g THIRD FORM PRESI' DENT '40, OPTIMA '39, '40, '41, VICEPRESIDENT '41, FRENCH CLUB '39, '40, '41, PRESIDENT '41, ART CLUB '39g PUBLICATIONS '41, HOCKEY. ,L .1 ggzagefh golfing 5644 Her gazety both ebbs and flows In sudden and impulsive way. Her future's constant, though, I'rn told: It blazes forth in golden Ray. Q FOUR YEARS AT M.V.S., DAY STUDENT PREsIf DENT '41, OPTIMA '39, '40, '41, TREASURER '40, FRENCH CLUB '40, '41, TREASURER '40g ART CLUB '38, '39, LEADERSHIP ACTIVITY '4l. WF ,,, , ,H ,. -W 7, .ai-nn,-.1--v-n,.,n. Y 6AZl1AetA Eager, curious little girl With wide eyes and naive air. There is intellect 'neath those curls, Though it's hidden with great care. SQ ONE YEAR AT M.V.S.g VlCE'PRESlDBNT OF DAY STUDENTS '41g HOCKEY '41g FIELD HOUSE '41, Gafherine arrin fort cleave 9 3 Lackadaisical Leavey, Her guise is nonchalant, But search deep and underneath 'Tou'll jnd a brimming font. S2 ONE YEAR AT M.V.S.g DAY STUDENT LENDfAf HAND REPRESENTATIVE '41g LITTLE THEATER '41. 77ec!enia .Huffon O Muses Nine! Help us to praise Her figure, wit, and winning waysg Her dignity and keen insight Make all our phrases seem too trite. 552 OPTIMA '40, '41, THIRD FORM VICE'PRE5IDENT '40g FRENCH CLUB '40, '41, PRESIDENT '40g CHOIR '37, '38, '39, LITTLE THEATER '39, '40, PRESIDENT '41, HOCKEY '39, '40, '41, gnanor irginia Wei! Now there's a cute blonde at Mount Vernon, Who sighs and just sighs about learnin', But she has a laugh, And a look, that is half What keeps all her men so concernin'. Sl Two YE.-sas AT M.V.S.g GLEE CLUB '4lg HOCKEY '40g BASKETBALL '40g THIRD FORM SOCIAL LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE '40, DAY STU' IQENT SOCIAL LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE '41. Q -1 I l 38 pafriciai ouioe o5e5 Patty is our glamour girlg She dresses to delight! Let it be known that teacher says She's also very bright. S12 THREE YEARS AT M.V.S.g OPTIMA '40, '41, ART CLUII '39, FIELI1 HOUSE '41, gargara gather' 5 What bubbling, what emotion, What zest for life and stuff, What fervour, what pulsation- Oh, words are not enough! SQ Two YEARS AT M.V.S.g WHITE TEAM CAPTAIN '40, '41, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION '40, '41g TENNIS, BASKETBALL '4Og SOCIAL LEAGUE '41, DRESS COMMITTEE '41g LITTLE TIIEATER '40, '41. africia Mjafface guiderf .fdnne johnafon aring Pat is the youngest in our formg She likes to play, read, vide, and write, And if she could not type so well, Sad would have been this good bookls plight. SQ ONE YEAR AT M.V.S.g PUBLICATIONS '41, She has a love of pretty clothes, A passion for smart shoesg She wants to play, keep house, and sail Which will our "Fuzzy" choose? ,L SQ Two YEARS AT M.V.S.g DRESS COMMITTEE '40 STUDY HALL PROCTOII '41g ART CLUB '41. 051162 flll 01250 Riding, lipsticks, canoe trips, crazy hats, Mankind, smoking, and 'Lbooks just jammed with facts," These she nurtures with her one pet passion: To snare a husband in a rapid fashion. SQ Two YEARS AT M.V.S.g HEALTH COMMITTEE '40g LXTTLE THEATER '40g CHOIR '41. arjorie pdimpa gardiacd Perfume bottles fill the room, Cosmetics and compactsg In their midst stands Marjorie, Engrossed in what she acts. SQ Two YEARS AT M.V.S.g CHOIR '39 CLUB '41g LITTLE THEATER '39. , '41, GLEE arg cibufhefcl Sagine 6'fAe! olziceafer warren Mary, child of quiet insistence, Lives with her thoughts, lost in distance. Once her hungry mind is stirred, Will to know can't be deterred. SQ FOUR YEARS AT M.V.S., OPTIMA '40, '41, FOURTH FORM LEND'A'HAND REPRESENTATIVE, HOCKEY '39, '40, '41, BASKETBALL '39, '40, ART CLUB '38, '39, '40, '41, TREASURER '41. Serious you say, But have you ever seen her play? Career, oh yes, But what's that feminine helplessness? SQ FOUR YEARS AT M.V.S., OPTIMA '40, '41, SEC- RETARY '41, SECRETARYfTREAsURER or THIRD FORM '40, FRENCH CLUB '41, PUBLICATIONS '38, '41, ART CLUB '39, '40, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION '41, .fgncl xitlereji lAe C1440 SENl0R CLASS IDFFICERS President BETTY RINEHART VicefPresident BARBARA GALLOUP Secretary MARGO SPARGO Treasurer ELIZABETH VOSE B' n.A.,w i orraine .xdnolerrion Dignity and fun, presence and laughter, these are Lorraine. From Boston she came with a broad A and rosy cheeksg to Boston she will return, leaving a host of friends. A capable leader in her offices of junior Class President and Senior Student Body President, she injects her vitality and character into all she touches. She has worked hard for Mount Vernon and her reward is the admiration and' love of her school and schoolmates. f-Q bf, f Xl President of Student Body, ,4Ij Student Council K LJK5 Pvesident, '4og Choir, 540. k ,Y Liv .Q I yi President, '41, Optima, Leadership, ,411 junior Class ellie? at inf ,, kiwi? Cecega Warfka Mggerf Although she hails from Pittsburgh, Cece has her heart set on becoming a Texan, -or a Southerner of some description. Gay, vicacious, and full of laughter, she goes a long way in cheering others with less sunny dispositions. Head of Riding in her junior year, she has spent much of her time on this activity. At a piano, Cece is truly "the life of the party!" Perhaps her next two years at P.C.W. will bring forth a career. 1- 4 fi f tx 7w' 'lf Modem Dance, '40, 541. -1, 5 i ,fi 0 -?..y-Nywqnv ---v ,V -Y--....-Y--YY-w . . , Waflka Hailing from the deep south, Martha has that true Southern drawl. Atlanta is her hometown and how she loves it! During both years in college she has been class proctor, and a good one! She is an ardent Smoke House fan and may be found there playing bridge at almost any hour of the day. Back to Atlanta goes Martha next year. There she will make her debut before claiming her place in the world of magnolias and soft voices. f Q Leadership, l4Ij College Council Secretary, 141: C 'K . Proctor, ,4O, l4Ij Dress Committee, ,4Ij Modern X T: D Dance, 140. Q fC , ip gdzfifcla gown St. Louis is the most southern northern city and Clo certainly lives on the most friendly southern side of it. At Mount Vernon she has been an ardent and active member of the Art Club. Next year she plans to study occupational therapy at Washington University in St. Louis. Other interests center in a certain training camp. All in all, Clo should have a busy, happy year ahead. fi ai '-J 47 L meg, afgafet gown Whenever a shout for Peoria is heard, one may be sure Miggie is around. A loyal supporter of her home town, she has made it plain here that Illinois is "Gocl's Country". This attractive little blonde is much of the sugar in our Cake. A most popular member of the class, she is also an important one. She has carried her responsibilities as LendfAfHand President with much foresight and interest. Three cheers for Miggie in whatever career she may choose. K 7 K 1' r Leadership, ,4Ij LendfAfHand President, ,4Ij Art A5 ffl Club, ,401 Secretafyffreaswrer of Student Body, 140. Gr' M px W gay 48 YJ! 2 f l .!6afLerine ary Texas is the home state of Kay Cary from Dallas. Kay's bright smile goes along with her personality and we often wonder how she comes through with the "A's"-when her interests are so varied. One is always likely to hear the strains of a Cugat Rhumba coming from Cary's vic. Dramatically inclined, Kay has ap' pearecl in many of our Little Theater productions. Her main interest, however, seems to be art, which she plans to major in at Scripps College next year. Optirnag President French Club, ,4Ij Little Theatre, '41 5 Art Club, '4O. Q MMC? i 1 1 1 LDAZCLLQM gjllefgll Cornebud Betty hails from Chicago at the present, but before many months have elapsed Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will be her home address. She is one of the blushing brides' tofbe in our class. Besides thinking of Peter, her leisure time here has been spent in horseback riding and the Little Theater. In both she is an energetic participant. Having seen the ring she proudly brought back after Christmas, we know it's superfluous to wish her good luck and happiness in the coming years. '-X XX ff -w K, .. sw ff 'L Ki 3 X Little Theatre, ,4O, s4I. xl f ,gjjs ,...-.v,.,,,, . , . Y, , ,,, ary Curfiod Another "Giawgia" peach, who is really a swell gal-cute, too. Mary is so sweet and loveable that it's no wonder everyone likes her-especially that person in Atlanta. Besides being so sweet, Mary has a makesfyoufwantftoflaugh'too kind of giggle that is irresistible. Last year Mary was Junior Class Treasurer. This year she is doing all sorts of nice things, such as cooking and shorthand. Will she be a career woman, or what? We wonder. Little Theatre, ,4O, '4Ijf1L11iOT College Council, .4Oj junior Class Treasurer, 140. C5125 mil" Wx N l i v :X f C I X cg cf L S flfgye 1 I - WWW ...nv -- . ie jranzLeim Popularity, glamour, perfume and clothes-all these and many more go to make up our inimitable Lillie Wier. Besides being a rabid rooter for Texas U., Lil has a certain interest in anything Latin. Stacks of Cugat's records, with a new Conga step to go with them, take up much of her time. But she manages to find still more time to cheer us all up with that contagious giggle of hers. She has also made a ' name for herself in the Academic. French Club 40 Secretary Treasurer, '41g Dance af-9 . Lg K K 3 N J? Club, ,4Ij CllOiT1l,Hd Glee gllub, '4o. 3' Q 'L se, J gym , , , I . ,I-ul-. ,p-uuu,,,,A ary Jgafkarine jrec! We are greatly indebted to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for this tall, beautiful member of the Senior Class. Soft, brown eyes and a mist of dark brown hair only serve to enhance her sweet, gentle manner. Through her quiet reserve shines a genuine love and interest in her companions. But Freddie stayed only a fall year at M.V.S. At Christmas, with a ring on her fmger, she rushed home to stay. She is to be married in March, our class bride. gl, ILL ef ,M-X "U Art Club, ,4O, President, .4I. f""w, .roi Clk" KCLPACLPCL l'll'l, The most essential ingredient of a cake is flour. The only difference between the flour and Galloup is that Barb is attractive as well as indispensable. Short, perky, forceful, she knows what she wants and goes after it. She has done a little of everything in these two years, such as fortifying our class as it swayed during the absence of our president. Thanks for your service, Barbara, and best wishes whether you specialize in child psychology or the Ward as your career. , Leadership, ,4Ij VicefP'reside'nt Senior Class, 141, Q: X Publications, '4O. K, I ,ggi argaref Mrginia gamgd Sioux Falls, South Dakota's contribution to M.V.S., is Margaret Virginia Gamble, Gin for short. She simply adores camelshair coats and goodflooking tweeds. Fearless is her middle name, if you ever want anything silly or daring done, just dare Gin to do it. Dependability could well be another addition to her name, for as SecretaryfTreasurer of LendfAfHand, she has done a marvelous job of keeping all the finances straight. Gin's plans for next year are indehnite. If XX is M A x f 29 Leadership, ,4Ij LendfAfHand Secretaryffveasuver, '4Ij Field House, 140. V V C , L . ff-I f tbl? if , 561' QL Alix fl Al MM Jouiae .yergdf Ruie, the "little one" with the effervescent personality, is claimed by Highland Park, Illinois-not Chicago. As Proctor in her Junior year, she held an enviable position on the Junior College Council. This year ashtrays are always QD emptied, due to Ruie's efliciency as Chairman of the College Lounge Committee. A joy to be with, Ruie spreads gaiety and laughter in her wake. Is she developing that cuisine art just for fung or could it be for the Navy? President of Smoking Room, '4Ij Field House, '40, ,411 junior Proctor, ,4O. lllfl a60l'l xyefdkff She's been here five years, is one of the outstanding members of the Senior Class, and one of the most versatile in our midst. She is especially gifted with a lovely voice. Who else could answer to this description but our own Ann Hersloff? Hailing from "the shore", from Easton, Maryland, Annie's quite a sailor. From her mail, it would seem that the Navy thinks so, too. Her teasing, brown eyes and turnedfup nose are the envy of us all, but they just belong with that jovial personality. Glce Club, l4O, 541. L: tl A .nf 3 ,X 25,-.V arrief .Hoffman Elmira, New York, has given M.V.S. one of her most highly prized girls. Hattie has been three years at Mount Vernon. This year she has handled the difficult job of Head Proctor with a necessarily firm Hand, but with so much grace that she has kept the love and respect of everyone. We have heard the report that she has the best luck on blind dates-maybe her charming personality and beautiful, hazel eyes have something to do with that. X f ff A MI -as Head Proctor, 141, College Council President, ,4Ij X , it R Leadership, ,4Ij VicefPresident junior Class, '40, ' N jx Little Theatre, ,3Q, ,4O. 'C 58 ij 3 -JN' argaref .lzlgndon "Who's going over for midfmorning?'l is the daily question of one of our most popular day students. It's a familiar sight, Margaret waiting in the dayfstudent room for someone to bring her an apple. It must be that winning smile and friendly nature. Margaret declares her heart is right here in the District, but how about that college down in Virginia? In answer to what her future plans are, Margaret says, "Maybe business school-but then, who knows?" , KWH? Little Theatre, ,4O, '41. 2? Q3 'M W" Wx K ,r.. 5 ,X ? lc ff Q K gs if-ginia .jcefnefgack Montclair, New jersey, sent us this dynamic character. Ginger has so many talents that she jumps continuously from one to another, attempting to decide on her career. She is a iirstfrate hockey player, besides being an exceptional artist, musician, and dramatist. She still has time for numerous little favors for anyone Cthat asks her nicelyj. With all this to her credit, how could she help but 'rind happiness-if she will only keep looking. f -Q il jf:-9 K af' K LJKS Little Theatre, '40, l4I. K. 1 QQ -, . . -v---Yv--www-wvr-qv77pvww?5,,y,1,',r,p,,U,vq:,T3.,,a1W,y7,5Wmi.vz,- -.-mvwf fm.-.v,.,, VW. W... . . . .' , ,, .. - ' .1:,,,w-f .Ada olze JQHGF6! Ada Lee comes from Kansas City. She is always vivacious and happy, and makes everyone else likewise. Ada Lee Cshe spells it separately now. Sophisticated?J is head of Optima this year. She is also in the French Club, and is on the Citizenship Council. That's quite a big order, but then, she's very capable. What's more, she does everything well. She is a great asset to Mount Vernon. Next year "Adie" is migrating, with her charm and her brains, to Stanford. 1'-1 xl 7 W X - Optima President, '41g Optima, '4OjL6t1dCTSl11fp, '41, -fg- Dance Activity, ,4O. .K gifs ' K ? ' Qi-, X-,1 K., i l orifi Jczauer Say, would you like to catch up on the latest dance steps hot off the press? Are you up to date on what's new in rhythm and rhyme? We recommend Dr. Knauer, a sure cure for the blues. Doris hails from Jacksonville, Florida, and has as much sparkle, pep, and personality as the native state has sunshine. With her ever' present sense of humor and funfloving disposition, M.V.S.'s loss in june will be Florida's gain next year. I Leadership, 1411 Social League President, ,4Ij Field CD House, 140. li J Qifsf nn ol-'aircl Mike is known to us all for her funfloving disposition and readyftofgofspirit. She has that certain something that gets us when she starts those Rhumbas and LaCongas. Watch those eyes, Mike. She has been very much interested in draf matics during her two years at Mount Vernon, an active member in the Little Theater. She has shown her talent in a number of plays. Lots of luck to you next year in New York, Mike. We hope to see your name in lights! fit as . . . , nc l L1ttleTheat1e, 40, Treasurer, 41, Soczal League. y, 3 I -1 l Q 63 .5 .- . fi x. ff- r A gf . EEN fbi 50.1 f li QL Aix 559' fel Olin e6l5llI'e When Joan walked into Mount Vernon, with that head of spun gold, we all looked twice. Her tall figure commands attention as she passes through the building, with either a book or a dance costume beneath her arm. One of our day students, she has been in on all our midnight gatherings and early risings. She is our outstanding member so far as creative talent goes. The Ballet is her special love. , Modem Dance, ,4Oj Publications, l4I. A 1' 64 'I .Hegre me Candy Is it Virginia or North Carolina, Helen? We know her home is in Richmond, but from her conversation We gather there's a strong interest down in the old Tarheel state. At least there are a lot of U.N.C. magazines Cand picturesj lying about her room. An industrious hockey player, Helen has spent most of her spare time on the hockey Held, swinging that little stick. We wonder how she's planning to use her Field House experience as a doctor's wife! tkrfhj Field House, ,4O, Secretavyffreaswrev, '41. 1' A light GHC? ' all Nancy, a typical Southern belle from Knoxville, has a gracious, thoughtful way about her. She has shown her dependability as head of this year's Field House. Nancy, majoring in Home Economics, is completely crazy about cooking. The fact that she has a secret passion for farms may have something to do with all this enthusiasm. Next year Nancy plans to stay home and catch up on these famous volunteer football games, but it's quite probable they may run second to some -XX lucky Tennessee farmer. ff -w is Q- S 5 l QQ hx! X J Field House, l4O, President, ,4I. 3 c gl 66 K ,Ji Jgafkerine Wcmynofdd Kitty has gone through M.V.S. trailing laughter and merriinent. She lives in Washington and her lovely home has been the scene of much fun and gaiety for the class. She has been a faithful member, pulling with the rest and making each pause for station identification a gay occasion. Her time has been divided between M.V.S. and Annapolis where her tall, good looks have set the Middies on their ears. It's a general opinion that she'll now be saving most of her chuckles for the Navy. Little Theatre, ,4O, '41. F iv WW! S ,:. v ?' X Kc cl Q K ul L .wy-91iq.w,,7 - f-s - K, ,, cflanof WMA "El" is a sweet, attractive person and we do mean attractive, with flashing, black hair and eyes. She is always bubbling over with fun and laughter-that certain spirit we all like. "El" really has an ear for good ole swing, and as for dancing, she has that certain grace and rhythm that are a whiz on a dance floor. We wonder what Baylor U. down in the ole home town of Waco, Texas, holds for N Watch those eyes, gal. W jf' 16" X f 'Q J, y , , LmleTheaf:1e, 40, s ecfeta fy, 41. kj ,JJ ra, J xii? ary Jane peffyfokn Spice is always a necessary item and here is a large portion of it. On first sight the observer is attracted by johnny's beauty and dignity, but her poise can only suggest the lovable, entertaining nature underneath. Cool and evenftempered, she always has a smile and a bright remark ready. She will probably be ordered back home next year by the male population of Lynchburg, Virginia. Her present ideas, however, are for blazing a northern trail to Boston, where hints of her red- gold beauty have already spread. Glee Club, '40, 141 5 Little Theatre, 140. W? ? K X49 -ff 5 is Zi aw? Cf' .klein price From the "oil capitol of the world" comes Helen Price, the Tulsa gal with the torchy voice. Friendly and sweet, she is always ready to try anything once, from raising a window garden in a goldffish bowl to toasting marshmallows on the radiator. Psychology comes easiest to Helen, but A's flock in from other courses as well and she is often on the Presidents' List. A little vague, she hasn't decided where she will be next year. 1 French Club, '40, Secvetmyg Glee Club and Choir, X: ,4O, 1esidenr,'41. X gy ffl P ,f Q F UQ? x 1 Cllle gnekdfl We are greatly indebted to the midfWest for the charming President of our Class. This lovely damsel originates in Michigan, Detroit, to be exact. She makes a poised, graceful leader and we thank her for her devoted service. Next year she plans to go to the University of Michigan and study Business Administration. We are truly proud to have such an ambitious member in our class. No matter how far you go in this World, Betty, we will always remember you here. 'XY Optimag Senior Class President, 141, Leadership, q4Ij fs N . 1 S Field House, 40. ,K L C3 f " 'Still K 5 3 'XLT MC? WO? San Antonio dealt out a real character in "Shad" Roe. For two years she has shown undeniable talent for getting in and out of trouble. Having frolicked gaily through her Junior year, she settled down slightly to graduate. With her amusing sense of humor, Shad has kept many groups of girls hilarious. She has even got us to knitting! Interested in children, she has shown her knack for winning their devotion with Peter and Colin. Shad heads for Connecticut next year. Field House, 140, Schedule Manager, 141. .,, , Q, -. 7 ,-gm-p13FP-,.:.,. , .- v Manila is quite a distance away from M. V. S., but we are glad Sally found her way here. She has shouldered already a lot of responsibility both as proctor and artist. Calm and collected, she has a soothing personality on the rest of us- sometimes. Even if it's painting to be done, we just call on Sally. She's ready and willing. We wish she were planning to stay in the U. S. awhile longer, but Manila must be a grand place, too. .kLf"3 5 3 Leadership, '41, Proctor, '40, '41, Art Club, '4O. ll. -l We XM., ,L :lei a .szarcy Leila hails from the "deep south," Griffin, Georgia. Pert, vivacious, and always ready for a laugh, Leila's main topics of chatter are marriage and home economics, although she takes a very special interest in her Current Events and American Government courses. She says she wants to travel next year-or continue her academic pursuits at the U. of Georgia. Leila is a glamourous class mannequin. She is, incidentally, the only Senior capable of seeing three movies in one afternoon. 15 X ff cw 'I -is SN K V 0' kr ' 7 1 A1cClu,b, '41gFfe1dH0use,'4O. iii? J CU"g0 l9CLl"g0 Margo, the Senior Class's only representative west of the Rockies, is one of the mainstays in our Little Theatre. Her dramatic talents have kept us well enter' tained at M. V. S. and we expect to see her name in lights before too long. We'll always remember this petite little blonde from Ogden, Utah, for her weekfends at Annapolis, for her uncanny luck at missing trains, for her ability to play basket' ball and for her smile that we hope she'll never lose. fwffzlb 1' W" Wx Optima, '4Ij Secretary of Senior Class, '41, Little Theatre, Treasurer, ,4O, VicefP'residenr, ,4I. Eli 75 ,-X Q 1 X q 1 Qgkf ff! I K SJ? Little Theatre, '40, '4Ij Swimming Head, '4O. K . 5 Q Q KJ ,1 a V !!l.,. - - wnuulllw., c JMC? Sewaff Stew loves skirts, sweaters, and suits and her ability to wear them is as pleasing as they themselves are. She is a topfflight swimmer, shown by all the medals she has acquired down in the Lone Star State. Unlike most Texan girls, she's going on to school in the East,-we believe Stew likes the glamour of the big city. She loves swing music and as for Rhumbas and La Congas, well, Stew "can't be beat." ,KL My VD A Qeff' Igaxx QQ N 76 Irv!!-p af? 6652 SPOUJQ "Lisy," adflibber supreme, shares honors with Joe Cook and other celebrities from Evansville, Indiana. As Assistant Head of Riding this year, she has done an admirable job. Little Theatre, too, owes a good deal to Lisy's efliciency as a mem' ber of this group. M. V. S. would not be the same place without her humor and everready comefbacks. Her willingness to help at any sort of task is a boon to all Chairmen. f XX 7 K K jg Little Theatre, '40, 141: Assistant Riding Head, '4I. l -ff 5 J .Z ,f O J f"'7 9 X., .SJCLPCLA Su tt0l'l Sutton has one of those luscious personalities that attract everyone. She hails from Raleigh, North Carolina, and brings with her all of the goodfnatured, funfloving characteristics of those Carolina Tarheel's. Sutton has a rare artistic ability that is certain to take her places in the Held of art. CUPOLA would have been lost with' out Sutton, an excellent Business Manager. Her plans for next year are indefinite. Mount Vernon will miss you, Sutton. Publications Business Manager, l4Ij LendfAfHand C J , at X Sec'reta'ryfT1'easu1e'r, ,4Oj Art Club, .4O. 78 l 5 x! Eff, fllduft "Tebbie" is a Yankee from Albany and one of the nicest persons in the world to know. She has charm and is always fun to be around, "Tehhie" is most con' servativeg she seldom gets really excited except when she's going home. Then she lets go. She really must like going back to New York. No one knows what she's going to do in the future, not even Betty herselfg but we know it will he good, providing she takes it easy. WW A x Field House, ,4Ij Art Club, '4O. f l 7 feng, L... ,,,.g.a-. . A - ggzagefk M52 In case of fire notify M. V. S.'s little brovvnfeyed Boston belle who'll be sure to come to your rescue in her blue Mercury convertible. Although Vosie is conf tinually teased about her Harvard accent, it, as well as her ready smile and happy disposition, has won our hearts. We offer Room 169 as proof that the Civil War is at last really over for when a Southerner from Nashville and a Yankee from Boston can live together for two years, vve're convinced! f su! 7 M A i l Treasurer of Senior Class, l4Ij Choir, '40, '4I. JF' 49 slid 4.1 so if 5 E7 Oglle aff' From the Deep South comes Boyce bringing sunshine and talent into our class She was a Fourth Former at M. V. S. and then she skipped a year, returning this fall to enlarge the Senior Class. Her interests and occupations are many, but her talent is for music. She plays the piano extremely well and is one of the "ace" harmony students. At every Washington Concert she may be spotted in the M. V. S. group. There is some talk of Sarah Lawrence next year. Little Theatre. ,- fx Jai., arg on 'lflfafa Think of Mary Lou and a dozen things rush to your head-Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Princeton, Mademoiselle, and so on, ad inhnitum. She's petiteg she's energeticg she's adorable. If ever there was a dancer, it's jacksong if ever there was an authority on swing, jack again. And how she can knit! Mary Lou savors everything funny, and delightedly springs it on unsuspecting persons. M. V. S. will certainly lose some color when it loses Mary Lou. '-X XX ff -x N, .., QD X 0 3 ki l' 7 jj . . , . , . 3 Publications Photographic Head, 4Ij Field House, 40. HX j 82 Ak l Cami a llfuegger A pair of enthusiastic, sparkling, green eyes, a true Southern drawl, and a super' disposition all got together one day down in Montgomery, Alabama, and made up a peach of a girl. Bill loves sports and her ability to do them might be the reason she has been an allfaround good leader as President of the Athletic Association Board this year. Vivacious and full of fun, it's no wonder Bill has all of Uncle Sam's boys right on their toes. Athletic Association President, '41, Leadership, '41, Field House, '4O. C805 S ,L 3 I P-E l X Qc f' Q Q f gs -i- lguggcafiond MPLJAOP is grateful to the Art Clubg to members of the Fourth Form and of the Senior Classg to Mr. Brooks and to Mr. Heffernang and to the adf vertisers for their generous cooperation in the publication of gupofa-7941 'i- 84 GEORGE C. SHAFFER SKYTOP CLUB ,Nu "High in the Poconos" FLORISTS of Pennsylvania 4' 900 14th Street, N. W. , NA. 0106 SUMMER AND WINTER SPORTS OAMALIER AND BUCKLEY FINE LEATHERWARE 9 Q WE CARRT SPECIAUSTS IN OSHKOSH LUGGAGE U N A N D S N O W S 1141 CONNECTICUT Ave. The Newer Jelleffs I2I4'I22O F. St Summer . . YOu'll be heading straight for jelleff's for all those gay young clothes that cost so little, yet mean so much to your summer success in every way! First stop . . .jellejfs YOUNG FOURTH FLOOR -where dresses begin at 57.951 85 Peter Rob Imp Colin Saunders, Saunders, Saunders, and Saunders Criminal Tracking NANCY 135 jitter hugging all day long, Get right in the mood. Our room's the sort of place, you see, Where people just can't brood. 135 PIHIIPPS Watchdog Service Excellent Escorting 134 Indian and Half Breed Extermination Now you may think your suite is neat, Apply to: Peter the Lone Ranger And better than the restg We're sorry we must disagree! L COIIPORAL COLIN OF THE ROYAL We KNOW ours is the best. CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE 136 Headquarters at Cvatesley WEASII: 143 172 Our room is oh, so popular, A room made to order With gals that stay up lateg Beds with 3 view, l FOI' fI'OlTl OUI' windows WC CBD SCE Fresh air and Sunghine: The departure of the Date. 143 NANCY WHERE? 172 Mayhap we are not wiseg Could be We are quite crazyg Our looks might cause surpriseg Perhaps we are too lazyg However it he 'Tis easy to see We're natural. 340 .SQMJBIIL5 86 THE HICKMAN COMPANY POULTRY Compliments 434 Twelfth Street, S. W. of National 4300 PARKWAY CLEANERS AND DYERS WASHINGTON LAUNDRY Main Office Es? Plant, 27th E99 K Sts., N. W. WASHINLITON, D. C. Woodley 3600 REP14bliC 1020 COAL FUEL OIL JAMES E. CULLIFLUWEH 8. EU., INC. O18 F STREET, N. W. Metropolitan 4277 OIL BURNERS PERMUTIT WATER CONDITIONING 87 110 120 We love you each and everyoneg One hundred ten, and thirtyfone. MARGIE n wok, I-m so how.. 131 .. . .. BARBIE How many calones? 112 KIRSTEN . "Oh, Margie" They call us two the Northern Belles, DUCHESS . uDOTl't clCt like tl TCITIJQCCU One light, one dark, both ready To jingle all the livelong day: Kay Chapman and Beau Eddy. 122 171 Hairum Scarum 142 Sewum Mendum Dmgum Dopurll Batesie, Shumie, Hartz. and Toddie -lwum Sendum All stand together in a hody. There's nothing that this suite can't do If elfer you Slfcfuld meet a bore' so hobble in and You ll know it s not one of these four. Boomerang to you! But tasty! 144 Willie Dorrie Nannie Vosie Stoop 160 Hambone PREVUE OF We're in the midst of everythingg That needs no explanation. 1942 Our suite, you see, is often termed A new Grand Central Station. GRADUATES Nig 162 Sue 0 0 0 100 THIRD FORM Eeny, Meenie, Minie, Moe: Eeny's joan, 'cause she's so tinyg Margie's Meenie-Nancy's Moeg HOME STRETCH Millie is Minie, don't you know? 101 rancide, nc. 1919 Que Street Walshingtolm, D. C. For the School Individually Designed Dresses and Coats For the Team Hockey, Tennis, Basketball and Gym Outfits, Blazers and Insignias WESLEY HEIGHTS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AND DELIVERED PROMPT DELIVERY WO. mum GEO. E. MUTH CO. INC. f.21lLlllQ1 since 186-5 Artist's, Druftsm41u's, Paintefs supplies 710 f 13th St. N. W., Wa1sl1il1gt011, D. C. Telephone NA. 63256 HOMER L. KITT COMPANY PIANOS' -- Music RADIOS I P - RECORDS TUNING AND REI'AIRS 1330 G Street, N. W. NA- 4730 Over a so Tear Record of .Quality CHESTNUT Fl-IHM5 Chevy Chase Dairy Visit F I E L D H O U S E FUR THAT TIRED FEELING HALL PLAY Optima AND NO WORK . . 0 MUSIC FUN A REFRESHMENTS COMMISERATIONS COMPLIMENTS AND CONDOLENCES of the 0 LITTLE THEATRE UA of 2 .Ari MLUUNT VEIKNON SEMINARY 90 THE BACKBONE OF A goat! Cofdge MJQPJFOLG BY WOODWARD Es? LOTHROP COLLEGE OUTFITTING SERVICE f fconsult Miss Warren, our College Counselor-she can solve many of your problems and take a load of worries off your shoulders f--she will be glad to answer all your questions make suggestionsfwork out your 'ibudgetn for youfeven take you around the store and help you with your selections. COLLEGE OUTFITTING SERVICE, FOURTH FLOOR TO CHARTER A BUS just Call--MICHIGAN 6363 CAPITAL TRANSIT COMPANY Charter Bus Headquarters 1416 F Street, N, W. Finest Equipment Miwtleriitc Rates DIAMOND CABS IRON GATE AND fiffiie LZ32llifti'illil2J'fi.lYifilfl 1734 N Street, N, W, LIMOUSINES WILLIAM BALLANTYNE AND SONS B rirv ks and Stat 1'rJ nary 0 1421 F Street. N. W. NA. 0920 EMILE of Washington Special Discount Given Students DUPONT 67.00 Branches: Mayflower Hotel 1221 Connecticut Ave. Dodge Hotel District 3616 91 ALBAN TOWERS BROOKS STUDIO CANDID PHOTOGRAPHERS To CUPOLA IQ4I PHARMACY FOR SUPERIOR ORGAN SERVICE M. Organ Chumex Amphjied Chxmcs LEWIS E? HITCHCOCK, INC, Organ Avcfulerts and Bmlders P R E S C R I P T I O N S 228,32 K sf., s. W. Telephone A ANNA 6368 Wrlxhington. D. C, PEARSON AND WALKER Counsellors at Large 3 SSO Pcrmzssxonx Probated DELUDED DELANO CRITIC AND GUIDE We Can Show You Anything ROOM D THE VOICE OF THE ORGAN Tremoloz May I Play Your Wcdding March? CIaribeIIn: S W E L L I DICTIONARIES DESPERATELY DECODED ENGLISH AS SHE IS WROTE AND SPOKE. ROOM 4 PIIIQQCYS Edyusrcd Sec Your Future in Your Fact We'1'e Got 'T crxu r Number MADAME URNER and SAHIB SKELLEY jL6Ll'lL5 gU2l'gA06!g PUBLICATIONS WORKSHOP II PULII SPELLBI DEH5 WAGSHALS DELICATESSEN At the Foot ofthe Hill 0 4855 Mass. Ave., N. W. GO 'TO JACK MULLANE for that MASQUERADE OUTFIT 714 11th St., N. W. ME. 9395 Phone: National Z941f2942f2943 NATIONAL HOTEL SUPPLY Co., INC. Meats and Provisions DE LISO DEBS 412 TWELFTH STREET, W. 'Youthful Shoes for the 'Youthful Womavt designed by PALTER DE LISO Shoes that are ALIVE with that dash and verve the young woman of 1941 demands in her shoes. The Q newest in sparkling styles by this famous shoe de- signcr are yours . . . today . . . at Rich's. RICH'S F STREET AT iofh, WASH., n C. . . . Girls at Mount Vernon will End everything they need in the way of clothes and accessories in our fourth floor Greenbrier Sport Shop and in our Debutante Shop on the sixth floor. In record time we can plan a bright new wardrobe for a gay season in town, at the beach, in the mountains. Come in and see our exciting collection of new attractive clothes. JULIUS GARFINCKEL Gm CO. F Street at Fourteenth 93 107409 BABS and RAMSER STEVE and PAUL Answer quickly every call To work-or play BITTIE CECIE Mor l65fl67 RUIE LEESIE and FITTIE Recipe for 168470 153 Two Appendix Three Tennis Balls 147 A Hockey Stick 05109 of the editor SARAH M. J. RUTHIE HONEY Quiet Please MAC and JANET 155 Everything Happens to Us ANNIE MRs. MERTLAND HEDc:Es Ill JACK STEW The Bridal Suite . .. Mas. PETTIBONE SUDAN FANNY and SHIRLEY l Airfininded Consult for schedules and pilots PEG 113415 Home ofthe Spirit If you hear two merry songhirds 175 MELON With original notes 'n scale Or little Miss BELLOW With voice not so mellow It's only our Quizzer's GALE NOBODY WANTS ME ou I' ga Uorifv m'Cil7C'5 95 Y ,, M41 in yi atm 451 +1 4: 4: llllllim to the CUPULA Staff N A FII H-ST ANNU!-l THE MEMBERS of the BJH college organization would very much like to extend their sincere congratulations for a book of distinctive and distinguished merit. It has been a great pleasure to work with the 19-ll staff, to collaborate in the planning and creation of the book, and to go 011 record as appreciating the fine spirit and splendid co- 0IK'l'ilt,i0Il which was so manifest at all stages of the work. For more than forty years, many of America's most notable yearbooks have come from the BJH presses. It is a service to college yearbook staffs that has been augmented i11 many im- portant waysg an experience of constantly mounting value to those whose classmates entrust them with the challenge of making their book superior to all the fine books that have preceded it. And it is because we so keenly relish the opportunity to have a part in the acceptance of that challenge that we look forward to working with future yearbook staffs with the same fervor, the same right hand of assistance, that made the creation of this excellent annual such a mutually gratifying experience. BAKER 'JUNES ' HAUSAUEH ' INII. 0ItlGI.'VATORS 011' DISTINCTIYE YEARBO0KS SINCE 1898 101 PARK AVENUE - NewYorkCizy N 45 cARRoLI, STREET - Buffalo, N. Y. ,Xie J Nu 1

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