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r- ' p-y. ., " ■■■ ' ' . ' ;. ■i . V- ' : ' " .; i ,.,A ' :V 1 1 ■ 1 -.-;j SYRIA ' fRRANEAN SEA Beirut -i4 " Alexandria Cairo E G Y P xj " ' ' A ' Damascus . L ' r I -■ ' 1 e Irtv . iana oM . Jerusalem , ' 1 ' A ' Amman ISRAEL Sinai JORDAN Pen. V -- Baghdad p,- " IRAQ " - . ) ' -. kuwait SAUDI SUDa N vP -»- Riyadh ARABIA -7 l S " ff p.- San ' a ETHIOPIA r. II F DF AnPN ARABIAN SEA THE MIDDLE EAST USS MOUNT VERNON (LSD 39) Trained, Maintained, Ready Whether consciously or subconsciously, we see these three words every day at the top of MOUNT VERNON ' s Plan of the Day. Individually, each holds significant meaning. Together, they encompass a command philosophy which enabled the men of MOUNT VERNON to perform admirably on a deployment which thrust them into the world spotlight along with players like Jordan ' s King Hussein and Iraq ' s Saddam Hussein. WESTPAC 1995 Cruise Book Committee Funded By: MORALE, WELFARE, AND RECREATION Co-Editors: ENS RANDY ZAMORA IC2(SW) ALLEN SHAFFER LTJG DEREK RUDE BM2(SW) GREG SLEEPER CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: DCl(SW) JAY STENBERG, MS3 PAUL KIDD CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS TRAINED 6 MAINTAINED 10 READY 14 READY FOR LIBERTY 18 READY TO FIGHT 20 COMMANDING OFFICER 24 EXECUTIVE OFFICER 25 COMMAND MASTER CHIEF 26 DEPARTMENT HEADS 27 WARDROOM 28 CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS 30 COMMUNITY RELATIONS 32 VIP VISITS 33 DIVERSIONS 34 ESWS 38 DECK DEPARTMENT 40 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 51 NAVIGATION ADMINISTRATION MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 68 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT 76 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT 88 GLAD TO BE HOME 98 CHAUNCEY SMITH DEDICATION 102 USS MOUNT VERNON LSD 39 MOUNT VERNON and ACU 5 sailors and IITH MEU and MSSG 11 Marines navigated over 40,000 nautical miles of wa- ter and visited 8 foreign ports during WESTPAC 1995. As part of the USS New Orleans Amphibi ous Ready Group, we con- ducted amphibious exercises in Okinawa, Singapore, Jordan, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Off the coast of Okinawa, we flexed our amphibious muscle, launching AAV ' s and Gunfighter 30. After liberty in Hong Kong and Sin- gapore, MTV transited the Straits of Malacca en route to the Red Sea. The New Orleans ARG became the first such task force to visit the red sea port of Aqabah, Jordan. At the time. Middle East tensions were ignited by the defection to Jordan of prominent members of Saddam Hussein ' s family and Staff. Instantly, the MOUNT VERNON became a centerpiece for our Nation ' s strategy of " Forward ... From The Sea " . Exercise Infinite Moonlight ' 95, conducted 15-29 August was a ground breaking success for joint U.S.-Jordanian military training. Af- ter departing Aqabah, MTV navigated around the Arabian Peninsula and entered the Arabian Gulf to remain on station for the better part of three months. In Kuwait City, we partici- pated in exercise Eager Mace which demonstrated the United States ' continued commitment to the region. Burnt out build- ings and ever present military fortifications were sober re- minders of the reason MOUNT VERNON was on the " tip of the spear " and ready to respond at a moment ' s noHce. Follow- ing port calls in Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, MTV departed the Arabian Gulf and began our long journey home. Port calls in Bunbury, Australia and Pearl Har- bor, Hawaii rounded out our successful deployment which ended on 22 December 1995. MOUNT VERNON THROUGHOUT HISTORY USS MOUNT VERNON (LSD-39) is the fifth ship commis- sioned in the United States Navy to bear the proud name of MOUNT VERNON. Four predecessors served with distinction in times of conflict, beginning during the Civil War. The first MOUNT VERNON was a wooden screw merchant steamer purchased by the Navy and converted to a gunboat in 1861. Among her memorable exploits was participation in the attack of Fort Fisher, which severed the last Confederate sup- ply line and helped to bring about the end of the Civil War. Another ship, a side wheel river steamer fitted as a gunboat for the defense of Washington, D.C., was named MOUNT VERNON during the Civil War. The name was later changed to MOUNT WASHINGTON to avoid any confusion with the first MOUNT VERNON, Built by Norddeutcher Lloyd Lines and originally named KRONPRINZESSIN CECILLE, the third MOUNT VERNON started out as a first class luxury liner in 1907. The ship was in- terned in Boston Harbor prior to the United States ' entry into World War One. The German crew destroyed the ship ' s en- gines when the U.S. entered the war. After extensive repairs, the ship was transferred to the Navy for use as a troop trans- port. During the war, MOUNT VERNON transported 33,600 men to France, survived a torpedo hit from a German subma- rine, and returned 42,500 veterans home. A war correspon- dent commemorated the MOUNT VERNON ' s role in verse with a poem published in the June 18th, 1918 edition of the The Atlantic Shuttle, in which he affectionately refers to the ship as the mighty " Mickey V. " Another spacious liner also bore the name MOUNT VER- NON and saw duty as a troop transport. The fourth MOUNT VERNON was built in 1933 as a luxury liner named SS WASH- INGTON. During World War Two, the liner was refitted as a troop transport by the Navy. Continuing in the role of deliver- ing soldiers to battle, MOUNT VERNON transported thou- sands of troops across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. TRAINED: Srr " EP M L ' " i uHtw D fln H IP K l l ■m ... a word which summarizes the variety of paths which each person onboard MOUNT VERNON took prior to becoming a member of her crew. From Boot Camp to Plebe Summer, from A schools to Midshipman cruises, from simulators to on the job training, every man has accumulated a unique wealth of knowledge which makes him an asset to the crew. In a Navy of in- creasingly limited financial resources, MOUNT VER- NON ' s crew has managed to evolve from a group of highly trained individuals into something much great- er—a powerful team which is capable of conducting its own training to achieve constant self improvement. Ksn-Z iS B R 1. GMC(SW) Milner and SMl(SW) Ramos observe a drill as CSTT members. 2. BT3(SW) Davidson checks FN Lee ' s logs. 3. SK3{SW) Iran and SN Arabie shore an overhead during a DC drill. 4. EW2(SW) Weiland streams Nixie during an operational test. 5. MMC(SW) Rowe teaches proper use of a gas mask to Re- pair 5A personnel. 6. Repair 2 members suit up for a fire drill. FN Doto relaxes after a fire drill. QMC(SW) Baus and QMZ(SW) Lo- zano trained Capt. Blackmon in the use of the stadimeter. Mess Specialists " battle messing " during a GQ drill. Sailors exercising in a CBR envi- ronment. 5. BM3{SW) Hicks listens attentively to a drill debrief. MAINTAINED: ... A word which implies a certain standard which is to be up- held. It is no secret that the USS MOUNT VERNON is older than many of the sailors and officers who walk her decks each day. Nor is it a secret that in recent years, MOUNT VERNON was considered incapable of getting underway safely. It is with a special sense of pride, then, that her crew works to preserve MOUNT VERNON ' s now reliable main propulsion machinery, her decks, her electronic equipment, and her damage control equipment, to name only a few. All of the ships in the NEW ORLEANS Amphibious Ready Group were constantly put to the test during WESTPAC ' 95. Be- cause her crew took pride in their ship and in keeping with her high standards, MOUNT VERNON always proved to be up to the challenge. READY: ... a word which describes a confidence in one ' s ability to face the unknown. Through their training and high standards, the crew of MOUNT VERNON developed a sense of readiness which took them to the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf during a time of po- litical uncertainty. Always ready to do what was ex- pected of them, the MOUNT VERNON team quickly earned the respect of their leaders and peers through- out the ARC. MOUNT VERNON leaves the San Diego Harbor en route WEST- PAC 1995. Deck Department " Mans the Rail " . NCI Wood, CMC Milner, and YNl(SW) Reynolds show their ex- citement for WESTPAC. SK3 Aquino and SHSN Gosnell goof off while manning the sound powered phones. READY FOR LIBERTY LEFT: SMC(SW) CREAMER, BMCM(SW) SUMMERDAY, LTJG GIBBONS, BOS ' N BEANE, BMC(SW) RIVERA, AND OSC(SW) APPEL TAKE IN THE NIGHT LIFE IN JEBEL ALI BELOW, LEFT: FN LARA SHOOTS POOL IN BUNBURY, AUSTRALLA WITH HIS FELLOW ENGINEERS LOOKING ON CENTER: BEING ANCHORED OFF THE COAST OF HONG KONG MEANT THAT LIBERTY CALL WAS MORE THAN JUST A FEW STEPS DOWN THE BROW BELOW: KUWAIT CITY ' S SKY- LINE TOWERS WELCOMED MOUNT VERNON THROUGH THE HAZE BOTTOM, LEFT: BUNBURY ' S BURLINGTON HOTEL EPITO- MIZED AUSTRALIAN HOSPI- TALITY FOR SAILOR ' S LIKE ET2(SW) BOGGAN BOTTOM, RIGHT: LTJG GIB- BONS ISN ' T TOO PROUD TO SERVE HIMSELF A BEER, ESPE- CIALLY WHEN IT MEANS STEPPING BEHIND THE BAR WITH BARTENDERS LIKE THESE TOP: GMG3 KIEFER, FN DIETS, AND GMG3 NOBLE POUND THE STREETS OF BUNBURY LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO SPEND THEIR MONEY ON ABOVE: LT BLOSZINSKY SHOWS HIS PEARLY WHITES IN FRONT OF A FOUN- TAIN IN SINGAPORE RIGHT: A SUPPLY DEPARTMENT TOAST IN JEBEL ALI ...MORE LIBERTY BeV ; ujyi i. JiflH Bt J siiM I H ■ ' ( —J IbC ' ' jij H KtJ TOP, LEFT: FCC{SW) BOARDMAN, CW02 GORDON, MSCS(SW) LESUEUR, AND BOS ' N BEANE STAND BEFORE THE ANCIENT RUINS OF THE CITY OF PETRA IN JORDAN TOP, RIGHT: SAILORS ENJOYED SEE- ING AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE, LIKE THIS KOALA, CLOSE UP CENTER LEFT, CENTER RIGHT: SOME OF THE MEMORABLE LANDMARKS OF BUNBURY, AUSTRALIA RIGHT: LCDR SOUTHERLAND IS EA- GER TO GO ON LIBERTY IN HONG KONG FAR RIGHT: MSl(SW) QUARLES AND MSl(SW) MCCABE WERE AMONG THE MANY SAILORS AND MARINES WHO POSED WITH PANCHO VILLA HIMSELF IN JEBEL ALI, U.A.E. TOP, LEFT: THE TERROR CLUB WAS A RELATIVELY INEXPENSIVE PLACE TO SOCIALIZE IN SINGAPORE AND WAS OFTEN CROWDED WITH SAILORS AND NMRINES TOP, RIGHT: MM2(SW) CHAMBERLAIN BLENDS IN WITH THE LOCALS AS HE RIDES A CAMEL THROUGH PETRA FAR LEFT: DOES THIS LOOK FAMIL- L«.R? MANY SCENES FROM INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE WERE FILMED AT PETRA IN JORDAN ABOVE: LTJG GRAHAM, LCDR SOUTH- ERLAND, LT BAKER, AND ENS ZAMORA POSE NEAR " FANTASY IS- LAND " IN SINGAPORE LEFT: MARSUPIALS MADE THE WILD ANIMAL PARKS A FAVORITE TOURIST SPOT FOR AMERICAN SAILORS AND MARINES IN BUNBURY, AUSTRALIA READY... ACU 5-The Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) provides MTV with over-the-horizon strike capabilities. Carrying a 25 ton payload at speeds of up to 50 knots, " Gunfighter 30 " provides a " NO BEACH OUT OF REACH " concept. The addition of the Personnel Troop Module (PTM) capable of embarking 180 combat loaded troops provides MTV with an additional asset in the ground force attack. LCACs have been utilized during humanitarian relief, delivering food and supplies to disaster- stricken areas. ■f:Mfi MARINES-The Marines of the Eleventh MEU, MSSG Eleven, and BLT 2 1 were the " main battery " of MOUNT VERNON. Although onboard it may have seemed that they did nothing but eat, sleep, and workout, the Marines played a vital role in the field. From Jordan to Kuwait, MTV Marines endured desert heat and fatigue to con- duct joint exercises. Whether by AAV, LCAC, or helicopter, MTV Marines were always ready to fight. . . .TO FIGHT! HOMECOMING ,, W pC:i M WESTPAC BABIES KATELYN FITZGERALD ELI GIBBONS COMMANDING OFFICER CDR EJ. MARQUEZ ' GUNFIGHTER 1 " Commander Edward J. Marquez was born in Pueblo, Colo- rado and reared in Aztec, New Mexico. He graduated from Aztec High School in 1970 and from New Mexico State Uni- versity in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in History. He was commissioned via Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island in December 1975 Previous shore tours include Minority Affairs Counselor at the United States Naval Academy; Special Assistant to His- panic Affairs, Naval Recruiting Command Washington, D.C. and Exchange Student at the Chilean Naval War College, Val- paraiso, Chile Past sea duty tours include Deck Officer, USS RANGER (CV-61); Anti-submarine Officer, USS OLIVER HAZARD PERRY (FFG-7); Navigator Ship Control Officer, USS VANDE- GRIFT (FFG -48); Operations Officer; USS VANCOUVER, (LPD-2); ExecuHve Officer, USS ALAMO (LSD-33); and Oper- ations Officer-N3 on the staff of Commander Amphibious Squadron THREE. Commander Marquez ' s personal military decorations are the Navy Commendation Medal (four awards) and various campaign unit citations and foreign awards. EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR D.K. ULRICH " am not the Mustering Petty Officer! " Lieutenant Commander Donald Keith Ulrich was born in 1954 and raised in San Diego, California. After graduation from California State University Long Beach he was selected for Officer Candidate School and commissioned an Ensign in February 1982. Following Commissioning, Lieutenant Commander Ulrich served as Auxiliaries Officer and Damage Control Assistant aboard USS NEWPORT {LST-1179). NEWPORT served prima- rily in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea in support of Second and Sixth Fleet operations. From February 1985 to December 1986, Lieutenant Com- mander Ulrich served as Missiles Officer aboard USS JOSE- PHUS DANIELS (CG-27). During this tour, DANIELS partici- pated in Operation SNAPLOCK, operating in the Barents Sea off the coast of the former Soviet Union. Upon detaching from DANIELS, Lieutenant Commander Ulrich served as a Combat Systems and Shiphandling instructor at Surface Warfare Offic- ers School, Coronado, California from January 1987 to Febru- ary 1988. Lieutenant Commander Ulrich then reported to San Diego State University NROTC and graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Education, Training and Management m De- cember 1988. Returning to sea duty in February 1990 as a department head. Lieutenant Commander Ulrich served as Engineer Of- ficer aboard USS WHIDBEY ISLAND (LSD-41) until August 1991. During this tour, WHIDBEY ISLAND participated in Operation SHARP EDGE off the coast of Liberia, Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea during Operation DESERT SHIELD DESERT STORM. From October 1991 to November 1994, Lieu- tenant C ommander Ulrich served as a Diesel Examiner at CINCPACFLT Propulsion Examining Board. Lieutenant Commander Ulrich ' s personal military decora- tions are the Navy Commendation Medal and the Navy Achievement Medal. Lieutenant Commander Ulrich is married to the former Bar- bara Louise Downing of Torrance, California. They and their two daughters, Arlynda and Trisha, reside in San Diego, Cali- fornia. COMMAND MASTER CHIEF EMCM(SW DV) J.P. LEHNHERR John Phillip Lehnherr, Jr. graduated from Mediapolis High School, Mediapolis, Iowa on 31 May 1972. The next day, he re- ported to Recruit Training Center, San Diego, CA to com- mence a Basic Training curriculum that included Recruit Training, Basic Electricity Electronics School, and Interior Communications " A " School before reporting to the USS NASHVILLE (LPD-13), homeported in Norfolk, VA in March 1973. In the next three years the ship completed two normal east coast rotations through the Caribbean. IC2 Lehnherr was released from active duty in June 1976 and returned to his home of record. He reenlisted in the Navy as a Fireman NAVET in October 1976 and received orders to the USS POINT LOMA (AGDS-2), San Diego, CA, working as an IC Repairman and eventually as the IC Workcenter Super- visor. In August 1979 ICl Lehnherr received orders to 1C " A " School where he served one year as an instructor before being selected as school Company Commander. In September 1983 ICC Lehnherr received orders to the USS ORION (AS-18), homeported in La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy, and over the next two years served as R-3 Assistant Division Officer, Ship ' s Superintendent, Repair Department Safety Of- ficer, and SHIPALT A l Coordinator until October 1985. He transferred to the Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center in Panama City, Florida for training, with follow on orders to the USS DIXON (AS-37), after graduating as a deep sea Sec- ond Class Salvage Diver in April 1986. After spending one year as Waterfront supervisor, ICCS(SW) Lehnherr attended First Class Dive School from May to September 1987. Upon returning to the USS DIXON in October, he was as- signed to R-7 Planning and Estimating Division to fill a gaped billet as the Repair Department Contracts Officer and re- mained in this billet until October 1988. In November, ht transferred to SIMA, San Diego, CA, and was assigned ae SIMA Night Repair Department Administrative Officer with a myriad of collateral duty assignments which included Repair department Master Chief, Senior Ship ' s Superintendent, and JQR Program Director. EMCM(SW) Lehnherr transferred to the USS LEAHY (CG-16) in November 1991 and served as the 3M Coordinator and Flight Deck Officer until August 1993. Master Chief Leh- nherr reported to the USS MOUNT VERNON (LSD-39) as Command Master Chief in September 1993. DEPARTMENT HEADS 1. LT Kinross, LCDR Suther- land, and LTJG Gibbons show off their coveted Vic- tory trophy. 2. The " expert conning of- ficer " awaits his next vic- tim. .. ' LT Yost OPERATIONS OFFICER LT Kinross NAVIGATOR LT Greenlee NAVIGATOR WARDROOM EN ' S Pelekai enjoying his surprise birthday party- LCDR Sutheriand and LT Bloszinsky drive the ship. LTJG Lowery kicking back during GQ. LTJG Rude asleep at the wheel. CW03 Byrd, CW03 Henderson, and CW02 Gordon congratulate SN Esquivel on his beard growing ability. ENS Jarque conns during leap trog maneuvers. . ENS Zamora brings MTV alongside the USNS Pecos. . Bos ' n Beane participates in his favorite hobbv. I 1. BTC(SW) WALZ PROVIDES POSITIVE FEEDBACK TO THE SHIP ' S PHOTOGRAPHER. 2. ENC(SW) URBIZTONDO SHOWING HIS NEWLY FOUND " BOOT CHIEF " CONFIDENCE. 3. MMCM(SW) DERUNTZ IS CROWNED THE NEW " PRINCE OF DARKNESS " . 4. GMC(SW) MILNER INSPECTS DIVISIONAL WEATHERDECKS. 5. EMC(SW) ENCARNACION PLANS E DIVISION ' S WORKLOAD. 1. BTC(SW) INGRAM EXAMINES ENGINEERING LOGS. 2. MMC(SW) ROWE LECTURES DURING A CBR DRILL. 3. MMCM(SW) DERUNTZ TALKS TO WATCHSTANDERS. 4. HTCS(SW) CARDENAS PUSHING PAPER. 5. EMCM(SW DV) LEHNHERR MEETS RADM SAFFEL, COMPHIBGRU THREE. COMMUNITY RELATIONS 1. MTV Marines help trim bushes at a home for the elderly in the United Arab Emirates. 2. BM2(SW) Sleeper bagging trash. 3. Marines shoveling weeds. 4. Sailors and Marines raking up brush. 5. MM3(SW) Wong pushing a wheelbarrel hill of trash. 6. MMl(SW) Davis sweeps a sidewalk. ' . ' ' 7. FN Diaz helps rake up leaves. t iiir VIP VISITS UPPER LEFT CORNER: RADM GUNN, COMPHIB- GRU THREE; RADM SAFFEL, COMPHIB- GRU THREE; RADM SAFFEL, COMPHIB- GRU THREE; ADM ZLATOPER, CINCPAC- FLT rHE HONORABLE lOHN H. DAITON, SECNAV DIVERSIONS 1. MRl(SW) Williams clowns around. 2. FN Lee stands a sharp look- out watching for the mail buoy. The Navy Marine Corps team serves up Halloween treats. MTV Sailors enjoying swim call in the well deck. 5. The crew eats ice cream fol- lowing the Halloween costume party. 6. Dressed as an old man, SN Mckean shops at the ship ' s store. The Captain drives a golf ball off the flight deck. SN McMurry enjoys floating in the well deck. The crew lines up for refreshments following the Halloween costume judging. CDR Marquez and LTJG Graham perfect their golf swings. Participants and observers laugh during the costume judging. HTl(SW) Proefrock fires up the grill for a steel beach picnic. DCl(SW) Stenberg gives the sideboys a test run. MORE DIVERSIONS 1. Hong Kong lights up after dark. 2. MSCS(SW) Leseuer meets Bart Simpson. 3. MTV celebrates the Navy ' s 220th Birthday. 4. The Warrants joke around on the flight deck. 1. RADM Saffel presents ET2 Watson with his ESWS pin. 2. The MPA pins BT3 Pari er. 3. The DCA gives DCC Evans his pin. 4. OSC Appel proudly accepts his pin from CMC. 5. MMl Tucker receives his pin from MMCM(SW) Deruntz. 6. EW2{SW) Weiland gives EW2 Rainey his ESWS pin. RADM Saffel pins OS2 Long. MSI Quarles receives his pin from COMPHIBGRU THREE. HT2 Moore and his beard are proud to be ESWS qualified. EN2 Dagang is pinned by RADM Saffel. EMl(SW) Rocheau pins EM2 Young. DKSN Bailey is awarded his ESWS pin by his father. DECK DEPARTMENT MOUNT VERNON ' S Deck Department is com- posed of Boatswain ' s Mates, Gunner ' s Mates, Fire Controlmen, and Enginemen. Day to day, the men of Deck Department perform the much appreciated job of preserving and maintaining the ship ' s boats, weather decks, and weapons. They are also respon- sible for shipboard security and the manning of bridge watchstations. But it is MOUNT VERNON ' s special evolutions which are more commonly asso- ciated with the Deck Department. Wet well opera- tions, flight operations, replenishments at sea, CIWS PACFIREs, and anchoring evolutions were among the many challenges of WESTPAC 95 met with the same pride and professionalism that have made MOUNT VERNON ' s Deck Department " the best on the waterfront. " DECK DIVISION OFFICERS AND CHIEFS LTJG Gibbons BOATS AND CRANES CW02 Beane SHIP ' S BOS ' N NOT PICTURED FCC(SW) BOARDMAN ENS Zamora 1ST DIVISION ENS Jarque 2ND DIVISION BMCM(SW) Summerday DECK DEPT. LCPO GMC(SW) Miiner 3RD DIVISION CW03 Byrd SHIP ' S BOS ' N ENC(SW) Felizardo BOATS AND CRANES LCPO The braintrust of Deck Department discusses LCAC operations. BOATS AND CRANES t 3 1 FIRST ROW: SN ESQUIVEL, SN FOX, SN MCMURRY SECOND ROW: SN GIANNINI, SN EDNIE, SN HERNANDEZ, SN KUTERKA, SN ARABIE THIRD ROW: LTJG GIB- BONS, BM2(SW) GUSSY, BM2(SW) VINCENT, SN BOSQUE, BM2(SW) HENRY, EN3 KIRKHAM, ENC(SW) FELIZARDO The Boatswain ' s Mates and En- ginemen of Boats and Cranes Divi- sion are a crucial part of MOUNT VERNON ' S Deck force. Performing maintenance on the port and star- board cranes they are an integral part of crane operations. They maintain and preserve the ship ' s boats, ensuring MTV is alv fays equipped with a ready lifeboat. Additionally, Boats and Cranes keeps the port and starboard boat decks looking their finest. Like other deck divisions. Boats and Cranes provides essential person- nel for special evolutions, includ- ing replenishments at sea, flight operations, and well deck opera- tions. r f SN Bosque SN Campos SN Esquivel SNFox SN Giannini No Photo Available BMSN Ednie SA Kozlovsky 2. BM3 Mastin passes the word. 3. SN Hernandez carries trash off the ship. 4. SN Kozlovsky painting and preserving the ship. 5. SN Sage and the gunfighter three zero crew enjoy a steel beach picnic. 6. SN Esquivel standing a very squared away watch 7. The UNREP crew headed by BM2 Vincent. 1ST DIVISION The responsibilities of the men of 1ST Division are many. When they are not manning and preserv- ing the port wing wall or one of the many troop spaces which they own, they can be found standing watch on the bridge or quarter- deck. 1ST Division provides key personnel for special evolutions, including replenishments at sea, well deck operations, flight quar- ters, and the manning of the ready lifeboat. Unique to 1ST Division is the challenge of preserving and maintaining MOUNT VERNON ' s forecastle. This, along with anchor- ing evolutions, keeps them in MOUNT VERNON ' s spotlight, un- der the watchful eye of anyone and everyone who ventures onto the bridge. FIRST ROW; BM2(SW) HUGGINS, BM3(SW) HAWK, SN FOSTER, SN LOVELADY, BM3 FINN, SN FREEMAN, SN MCCLUER, SN SMITH, BM3 SEAWOOD SECOND ROW: ENS ZAMORA, SN SEPANAK, SN BRUMBAUGH, SN MCKEEN, SN COLLINS, SN SILEM, BMCM(SW) SUMMERDAY BM1{SW) Boyd BM2(SW) Gussy BM2(SW) Huggins BM3 Finn BM3(SW) Hawk BM3 Hughes BM3{SW) Stovall SN Brinker SN Brumbaugh SN Collins SN Foster SN Freeman SNHoy SNKing SN Loveladv r No Photo Available V J SN Smuckatelly 7. BM3 Finn busy resurfacing deck. 8. SN Loveiady, SN Johnson, are looking over the requirements for third class. 9. 1st division lead by BM2(SW) Muggins construct the mine watch awning. 10. SN Freeman and SN Silem discussing preservation tactics. 11. SN Hoy and Mr. Blozinsky plan the next HOY FOO show. 12. SN Loveiady and SN Slivka. " Don ' t let it hurt me. " BACK ROW: LtJG Gibbons, BM2(SW) Gussy, BM2{SW) Vincent, SN Bosquez, BM2(SW) Henry, EN3 Kirkham. SA McCluer SN McKean SN Sepanak SR Silem SN Smith 2NDDIVISION FIRST ROW: SN STIGLITZ, BM2(SW) HOLLINGSHEAD, SN HAFER, SN LUBERTAZZI, SN APPLEGATE. SN LESNIAK, SN GANTALA, BM3 HICKS SECOND ROW: SN JOHNSON, SN LAWRENCE, SN BEAUPRE, BMSN WILHITE, BM3 MASTIN, SN BURGER, BM3 DEBISH, BMl(SW) CARNEY BMl(SW) Carney BM2(SW) Hollingshead BM2(SW) Sleeper BM3 Beaupre BM3 Debish 2ND Division is the backbone of all deck evolutions onboard. With responsibilities spanning from the flight deck to the well deck, they successfully landed over 200 heli- copters, day and night. Performing numerous LCAC, crane, and AAV operations in support of Eager Mace and Infinite Moonlight ' 95, 2ND Division was outstanding in every respect. During replenish- ments at sea, they ensured a green deck for vertical replenishments and smooth fueling operations. All members of 2ND Division contrib- uted to the success and safe opera- tions day in and day out during Westpac ' 95. SN Burger SN Gantala SN Lawrence SN Lesniak SN Lvtle 4. BMl Carney and Master Chief 7 Summerday supervise well deck operations. SN Walck stands watch as aft lookout. BM3 Henry tells SN Geegbae " it ' s my turn now. " SN Lesniak can ' t find out were all the rust keeps coming from. LT. Baker explains to BM3 Hicks the art of passing words over the 1 MC. BM3 Hicks helps a newly frock BM3 Beaupre with his ribbon. 3RD DIVISION 4 4 FIRST ROW: FC3 GAGNE, FC3 TROXEL, GMG3(SW) KIEFER, FC2(SW) DICKINSON, GMG3 LONG, GMG3 KOTTE, SECOND ROW: GMC{SW) MILNER, GMGl(SW) BEEBE, GMG3 NOBLE, GMG2(SW) WILLL MS, FCl(SW) SULLIVAN, FCC(SW) BOARDMAN GMGl(SW) Beebe FCl(SW) Sullivan FC2(SW) Coats FC2(SW) Dickinson GMG2(SW) Williams GMG3(SW) Kiefer GMG3 Kotte GMG3 Long GMG3 Noble FC3 Gagne 3RD Division is composed of Firecontrolmen and Gunner ' s Mates. They are responsible for the defense of MOUNT VER- NON against anti-ship missiles and small boat attacks. Firecon- trolmen are responsible for the maintenance and operation of two MK 15 MOD 2 Close-in Weapons Systems while the Gun- ner ' s Mates maintain and operate two 25 MM chain guns, eight .50 caliber machine guns, and vari- ous small arms. In addition to other duties 3RD Division is re- sponsible for shipboard security. FC3 Troxel FC3 Welch GMSN Stiglitz 1. GMG3 Kotte stands ready at 25mm chain gun during gun quarters. 2. CIWS mount during a PAC fire. 3. FCl Sullivan gives praise to FC2 Dickenson, while FC3 Gagne looks on. 4. MRl Williams asks FC2 coats ' Vere does the bullet come out from. " 5. GMG3 Kiefer, and GMG3 noble supervise FAMFIRE. TOP LEFT hard hats. " TOP RIGHT: " Is it cold in here, or is it just me? " ABOVE: Deck Department eagerly awaiting liberty call in Bunbury, Australia. CENTER, RIGHT: Chock Chain- mens and LSEs, standing by for another hit on their deck. FAR RIGHT: BM3 Debish and SN Slivka enjoy the view. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT The engineering department met the challenge of WESTPAC 95 head on. Over 140 men strong, the engi- neers provided propulsion, electrical power, water, fuel, air conditioning, phone service, ballasting, and repair services to over 600 personnel. During the course of the deployment, the three section main propulsion watch teams kept the lights lighted and MTV moving through the precarious waters of the Arabian Gulf and back to the welcome shores of the United States. Despite the arid climate and temperate months of the Arabian Gulf, ser- vice divisions maintained air conditioning systems, pro- vided fueling support on the flight deck, supported chal- lenging ballasting operations, and performed a myriad of repairs. Engineers were the mainstay that made it happen. ENGINEERING DIVISION OFFICERS AND CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS CW02 Gordon MAIN PROPULSION ASSISTANT MMCM{SW) Deruntz BTCS(SW) Benns P-1 DIVISION HTCS(SW) Cardenas R DIVISION BTC(SW) Walz P-1 DIVISION MMC(SW) Maness P-1 DIVISION MMC(SW) Rowe P-1 DIVISION BTC(SW) Ingram P-2 DIVISION EMC Encarnacion E DIVISION LEFT: EMC(SW) ENCARNA- CION OPENS A MAIN CONDENSATE VALVE BELOW: DID YOU EVER WONDER WHAT A SNIPE REALLY IS? YOU ' RE LOOK- ING AT IT. DCC(SW) Evans R DIVISION ABOVE: ' TT WASN ' T ME! IT WASN ' T ME! " A GANG 0lt m Si Jm} ■J % S ' W. - FIRST ROW- MM2(SW) CHAMBERLAIN, MM2{SW) DELACRUZ, ENC(SW) MACKENZIE, MM1{SW) CUNANAN, EN2(SW) DAGANG SECOND ROW: MM3 CARITATIVO, MM3 RHODES, EMFN SALAS, MM3 HIGHTOWER, FN LEDBETTER THIRD ROW: FN DIETS, EN3 ULMER, MM3 FiART, ENFN TOM- LINSON, EN3 DANIEL, EN3 GLOVER MM1{SW) Cunanan MM2(SW) Chamberlain EN2(SW) Dagang MM2(SW) Delacruz MM3 Hightower EN3 Daniel MM3 Glover EN3 Salas EN3 Ulmer MMFN Caritativo ENFN Tomlinson MMFN Cole FN Diets MM3 Hart FN Ledbetter The Machinist ' s Mates and Enginemen of A-Gang share a variety of critical respon- sibilities and maintain a multitude of equipment in support of amphibious and flight deck operations. An A-Ganger at sea finds himself busy keeping a watchful eye on such machinery as aviation fuel pumps, ballast hydraulics, and air conditioning plants. " A " Division personnel spend much of their day working alongside th eir propulsion counterparts in the main spaces, augmenting the watch team. Whether it be dropping the anchor or pro- viding emergency power, rest assured there ' s an A-Ganger making it happen. 1. MMl(SW) Cunanan stands watch in the after pit. MM2(SW) Delacruz takes AC R readings. ENFN Tomlinson, MM2(SW) Chamberlain, ENFN Kuterka, and EN3 Kirkham wait to rehjel a helicopter. MM3 Caritativo ponders the possibilities of early retirement. EN3 Ulmer makes his Sounding and Security rounds. 6. Repair 5A relaxes during a CBR drill. E DIVISION The Electrical Division consists of both the EM and IC rating. The Electrician ' s Mate works with the ship ' s electrical distribution system, i.e. ship ' s service turbine generators, switchboards, and the 400 Hz LCAC distribution system. EMs trouble-shoot electrical problems on motors, motor controllers, power distribuHon panels, gal- ley and laundry equipment. The Interior Communication Technicians specialize in shipboard communications, i.e. dial tele- phones, sound-powered phones, and phone circuits. The ICs are involved with maintenance of gyro compasses, the pitsword, dead reckoning tracer, DRAl, 400 Hz motor generator sets, dummy log and fluid level alarms and indicators, and various ship- board alarms. E Division has provided invaluable support for the successful completion of WESTPAC 95. FIRST ROW: EM3 SHEPHERD, EMFN PREUSS, EMFN REYES, EM3 ANGEL SECOND: ROW: EMl(SW) ROCHAU, EM3 ADAMS, EM2(SW) YOUNG, EM3 ANDERSON, EM2(SW) BUCHANAN, EM3 TEAS, EMC(SW) ENCARNACION EM2(SW) Young EM3 Adams EM3 Shepherd EM3 Teas EM3 Angel EM3 Anderson EMFN Preuss EMl(SW) Rochau plays with IC2(SW) Pope » — It i- FIRST ROW from left to right EMC(SW) Encarnacion, IC3 Glenzer, IC2(SW) Pope, IC1{SW) Brophy SECOND ROW from left to right IC3(SW) McQueen, IC3 Olivares IC2(SW) Shaffer 11. IC3 McQueen taking care of a trou- ble call. 12. IC3 Olivares makes phone connec- tions on the pier. 13. IC2 Shaffer helps with the rigging of friendship lights. R DIVISION 1. K l " ' ■ V H r , JuJ B P T R-Division ' s responsibilities are quite diverse as a service division. During the challenges of WESTPAC 95, the Hull Technicians, Machinery Repairmen, and Damage Controlmen met every task head on. Fabrication, welding, preventive maintenance of damage control equipment, trouble calls, and shipwide damage control training were just a few of the jobs which filled the daily routine. Whether on the flight deck as fire- fighting team members, roving the ship as Sounding and Security, or at the Ballast Control panel, R-Division maintained unrivaled support in pro- viding six months of intensive, yet in- cident-free operations. FIRST ROW: DCl(SW) STENBERG, FN CERNY, FN DOTO, DCS RICHARDSON, HTFN DONAHOE, DCFN MINARD, FN BENTON SECOND ROW: CW03 HENDER- SON, HT2 MARDEN, DC3 EDWARDS, DC3 ADAMSON, HTl(SW) PROEFROCK THIRD ROW: HTCS(SW) CARDENAS, HT3 HEAD, HT2(SW) MOORE, MRFN STEVENS, MRl(SW) WILLIAMS, DC3 MACK, DCC(SW) EVANS DCl(SW) Stenberg HTl(SW) Proeh-ock MRl(SW) Williams DC2{SW) Springer HT2 Inboden HT2 Marden HT3 Moore DC3 Adamson FN Benton DCS Edwards DC3 Herd DCS Mack DCS Richardson HT3 Dimmerling HT3 Greenway HT3 Head MRS Doto MRS Stevens HTFN Donahoe DCFN Minard FN Cerney HTS Karvwnaris P " l DIVISION The Boiler Technicians and Machinist ' s Mates of P-1 Division kept the fires lighted and the shaft turning in the forward propulsion space throughout six months of intensive operation. The rigors of operating in a challenging and oft times arduous work environment with temperatures in excess of 100 " F was a testament to the dedica- tion and resourcefulness of the P-1 watchstanders. Whether providing water, electricity, air, or main propulsion, this team of professionals stepped up and met the challenge of WESTPAC 95. t ff FIRST ROW: MMFR Calub, MMl(SW) Tucker, MM3 Hampton MIDDLE ROW: MM3 Rhodes, MM2 Ross, FN Witts, FN Hales, MMFA Cole, MM3 Martinez BACK ROW: MMCM{SW) Deruntz, MM3 Evans, MMl(SW) Sprute, MM2(SW) Stearns, MM2{SW) Ed- wards, MM3 Custer, MM3 Fisher, MM3 Carlos, MMC(SW) Maness, MMC(SW) Rowe BT3 Huntley gauges. checks reading on FIRST ROW: BTFN Alin, BT3 Peterson, FN Barr, BT3 Farnham MIDDLE ROW: BTFN Nuzzo, BT3 Turkington, BT3 Huntley, FN Scares BACK ROW: BTFN Allen, BT3 Mos- MM2(SW) Edwards takes readini;s ley M., FN Maggard, BT3 Parker, BTl(SW) Vanvalkenburg. on the evaporator. BTl(SW) Hannink MMl(SW)Kumbera BTl(SW) Parrott BTl(SW) Scheidler MMl(SW)Sprute MMl(SW) Tucker BT2(SW) Vanvalkenburg BT2(SW) Evans BT2(SW) Lackas BT2(SW) Marrs BT2(SW) Stearns MM2 Ross MM3 Custer MM3 Fisher MM3 Edwards BT3 Huntley MM3 Evans MM3 Carlos MM3 Davis BT3 Turkington MM3 Martinez MM3 Rhodes BT3 Tenney BT3 Mosley BTFN Cook BTFN Allen BTFN Moslem MM3 Hamptim BTFN Nuzzo FN Hales BTFN Boglin FN Barr FN Witts BTFN Alin BTFN Farnham MMFR Calub mM iii l B No Photo Available 1. MM2 Ross updates the status board. 2. MM3 Hampton and MMl(SW) Tucker take a little break from the 120 degree temperatures. BT3 Peterson advises MMl Tucker that he would like to take his 30 min. break, while FN Maggard watches on. I am just the cutest person alive. BTl Valvalkenberg holds training with BT2 Evans and BT3 Peterson. FN Mosley prepares the (fays oil and water report. P-2 DIVISION The after propulsion space composed of dedicated Boiler Techni- cians and Machinist ' s Mates provided superior support throughout six months of intensive operations. With a myriad of rotating and re- ciprocating equipment needing constant maintenance, the challenge was met head on. Main propulsion, water, electricity, and air were in constant demand and provided by these hard-charging engineers. In addition to all of the morale-enhancing ser- vices, mission support services such as water for the embarked LCAC was provided. Through the troubled waters of the Mid- dle east to the placid Pacific, the men and machines of P-2 were unwavering to the challenge. FIRST ROW: FN HERD, MM3 DAVIS, MM.l VILL ' RRE.- L, MMFN GINORIO SECOND ROW: MM2(SW) GALLAGHER, MM2(SW) WONG, MMI(SW) DAVIS, MM2(SW) ZIMMERMAN, MM3 WIREMAN THIRD ROW: MM2 BRUTON, MMl(SW) SCHELIN, MMFN BRAMHAN, MMFN TATUM, MMFN TULANOWSKI, MM3 WINBLAD, MMl(SW) PARENTO Wait till they taste this coffee! MM3 look. Villareal shows his Elvis FIRST ROW: BTFN HOLMES, BT2(SW) VAUGHN, BT2(SW) WOLF, FN LARA, BT2 GA- ETOS SECOND ROW: BT3 JEFFERSON, BT3 DAVIDSON, BTFN BOLEY, BT2(SW) FITZGERALD, BT3 ORNELASOCHOA, BTl(SW) SANDLIN THIRD ROW: BTC(SW) YAP, FN MENDOZA, BTFN GONZALES, FN BOGLIN, FN PIMENTRL, FN LEE, BTC(SW) INGRAM BT1{SW) Sandlin MMl(SW)Schelin MMl Parento MMl(SW) Davis MM2(SW) Zimmerman MM2(SW) Gallagher MM2(SW) Wong BT2(SW) Fitzgerald BT2 Gaetos BT2(SW) Vaughn MM2(SW) Brunton BT2(SW) Wolf MM3(SW) Davis BT3 Boley BT3(SW) Davidson BT3 Jefferson MM3(SW) Villerreal MM3 Robar MM3 Scheldberg MM3 latum FN Lee MM3 Tuianowski BT3 Gonzales BT3 Ornelasochoa FN LaraAlvarado MMFN Ginorio ' N FN Pimentel NOT No Photo PICTURED: Available BTFN Bolev MMFN Bra ' mhan BT3 Jefferson BTl Sandlin • J MMFN Tatum FN Tulanowski 1. MM1{SW) Davis listens to headphones while doing paperworlc. 2. MM3 Villarreal and FN Gonzales joke around in the main space. 3. FN Tulanowski washes dishes in the scullery. 4. BT2(SW) Wolf sponges down his spaces. 5. MM3 VVinblad rakes during a COMREL project. 6. MM3 Davis wanders through the aft plant. TOP LEFT: " GOOD ON YA, PETTY OFFICER. " TOP RIGHT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ENS PELEKAI! MIDDLE LEFT: BT2 WOLF RECEIVES AN IMPORTANT LETTER FROM THE CAPTAIN MIDDLE RIGHT: THE CO CONGRATULATES PETTY OF- FICER WONG ON HIS ADVANCEMENT LEFT: BT2 WONG TAKES TIME OUT FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE NAV ADMIN DEPARTMENT Navigation Department blends to- gether a wide range of services vital to MOUNT VERNON ' S welfare. Future plans are made official as every liberty chit, request for orders and evaluation is shaped and perfected through the capa- ble and professional hands of the ship ' s Yeomen and Personnelmen. Supporting career enhancement, the ship ' s career counselor works to give career goals structure and support through Navy programs and policies. The ship ' s Mas- ter-at-Arms division keeps the peace be- tween over 600 Gunfighters living to- gether in the tight confines of the MOUNT VERNON. While Medical Ser- vice works to keep our bodies healthy. Navigation ensures the ship remains healthy by keeping her off the rocks, in the ditch (the channel) and pointed home and steaming ahead of PIM to conclude a long WESTPAC. NAVIGATION ADMIN CHIEFS EMCM(SW DV) Lehnherr COMMAND MASTER CHIEF EMCM(SW) Luedke 3MCM QMC(SW) Baus NAVIGATION LCPO YNC(SW) Reynolds ADMIN LCPO 5. Command Master Chief styles his choker whites. 6. 3MCM practices his swing. NAVIGATION FIRST ROW: QMSN MCDORMAN, QMSN HIMES, QM2(SW) LOZANO SECOND ROW: QMC(SW) BAUS, QM2 HUDGENS, QM3 DELANEY, QM1{SW SS) WAGER Navigation Department blends together a wide range of services vi- tal to MOUNT VERNON ' S welfare. Future plans are made official as every liberty chit, request for orders and evaluation is shaped and per- fected through the capable and professional hands of the ship ' s Yeo- men and Personnelmen. Supporting career enhancement, the ship ' s career counselor works to give career goals structure and support through Navy programs and policies. The ship ' s Master-at-Arms divi- sion keeps the peace between over 600 Gunfighters living together in the tight confines of the MOUNT VERNON. QMl(SW) Birmbaum QM1(SW SS) Wager QM2 Hudgens QM2(SW) Lozano QM3 Delaney QMSN Himes QMSN McDorman 1. 2. QMSNHimes shoots bearings to Navaids. 3. QMC(SW)Baus determines distance using a stadimeter. 4. QM2Hudgens takes a break 5. QM3Delaney shoots a bearing. ADMIN DIVISION FRONT ROW: PNSN ALLEN, YN2 STEWART, YN3 SLATER, YNl(SW) KLEIN SECOND ROW: PNSN ROSENWALD, YNC(SW) REYNOLDS, PNSN KEYLICH, NCl(SW) WOOD, PN2(SW) NAVAL, PNl(SW) TADLE YNl(SW) Klein YN2 Stewart YN3 Slater Admin Division is composed of Yeomen, Personnelmen and Master-at-Arms. Together, this division ensures MOUNT VER- NON ' s paperwork engine con- tinues to churn through the forms and requests necessary for smooth administration. Daily, Admin Division accom- plishes such tasks as generating and promulgating the Plan of the Day, processing official mail and revising directives. Admin finalizes and routes every award, enters PQS entries into service records and processes leave chits. Last but certainly not least. Admin maintains en- listed and officer service records. The Master-at-Arms branch inspects the ship daily for cleanliness, controls person- nel on restriction and enforces law and order between over 600 Gunfighters on MOUNT VER- NON. The Career Counselor provides daily career counseling to individuals and coordinates reenlistment and separation cer- emonies. Customer service is the backbone to the Admin Di- vision. Even as you read this page. Admin is probably help- ing another shipmate wade through a pile of paperwork- one step closer towards his ca- reer goals. YNSN Jordan 5. YN3 Slater mans the sound powered phones on the bridge. 7. YNC(SW) Reynolds thinks " 1 can ' t believe he wants me to do that. " 8. YN3 Slater adjusts his tvpewriter. PNl(SW) Tadle PN2(SW) Naval PNSN Rosenwald PNSN Allen PNSN KeyUch MEDICAL PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: HM2(SW) GALLARDO, HMl(SW) BEATTY, HM3(SW) WALKER ' J l 11 dA HMl(SW) Beatty HM2(SW) Gallardo HM3(SW) Walker Medical Division is responsible for preserving, protecting and enhancing the health and well-being of the sailors and Ma- rines. At a moment ' s notice, in ER fashion. Medical rushes to perform their own casualty control procedures on the human body. Aside from reacting calmly under pressure. Medical has supported and institutionalized a variety of support measures throughout the command— food service inspections, water testing, heat stress surveys, pest control and twice a day Sick Call. MASTER AT ARMS CAREER COUNSELOR OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT The Operations Department is com- prised of a variety of multi-talented men who ensure that MOUNT VERNON plans, schedules, communicates, and ex- ecutes all electronic warfare and opera- tional evolutions in a safe, timely and outstanding manner. Operations Spe- cialists stand vigilant Combat Informa- tion Center watches to provide the Of- ficer of the Deck with information to en- sure the safe operation of MOUNT VER- NON and its 600 Gunfighters. Whether underway steaming, piloting in re- stricted waters, performing critical LCAC AAV Amphibious Operations, or taking station for and UNREP rendez- vous, the Operations Specialists, Elec- tronic Technicians, Electronic Warfare Specialists, Radiomen and Signalmen " keep the pulse " of MOUNT VERNON. Always on watch, these men performed flawlessly throughout the workups and during WESTPAC 95. Operations De- partment personnel make it happen! OPERATIONS DIVISION OFFICERS AND CHIEFS LT]G Graham CIC OFFICER LTJG Rude COMM OFFICER ENS Pellerito ELECTRONIC MATERIALS OFFICER OSC(SW) Appel OI OVV DIVISION LCPO NOT PICTURED: SMC{SW) Creamer AU 1. LTJG Rude determines distance from an Unrep ship using a stadimeter. 2. OSC(SW) is congratulated by the CO. 3. LTJG Graham watches to see how far his drive went. OE DIVISION FIRST ROW; ET3(SVV) Perkins, ETl(SVV) Dickel, ET3{SW) Patat MIDDLE ROW: ET2(SW) Watson, ET3(SW) Walden BACK ROW: Ens. PeUerito, ET2(SW ) Boggan, ET2(SW) Bums, ET3 Soloman, ETC(SW) Fahrenwald ET1(S V) Dickel The Electronic Technicians (ETs) of OE Division are responsible for maintenance and repair of external communications equipment, air, and surface search radars, na iga- tional radar, satellite navigation systems, Identification Friend-or- Foe (IFF) system, INMARSAT ter- minal, and Xerox and Savin copi- ers. Additionallv, the ETs adminis- ter MOUNT VERNON ' S Electronic Safety Program, performing safety checks on all personal electronic equipment. ETs maintain and issue safety harnesses to personnel working aloft on the ship ' s mast or stacks and operate the Military Af- filiate Radio Station (MARS). ET2(SW) Boggan ET2(SW) Burns ET2(SW) Watson ET3 Nash ET3(SW) Patat ET3 Solomon ET3(SW) Walden ET3 West 11. (above) ET3 Walden receiving his ESWS pin. (below) ET3 Patat rests after an ex- tremely hectic day. OI DIVISION OI Division is composed of Operations Spe- cialists whose primary mission is to be the long range " eyes " of the ship. Utilizing the ship ' s radars to locate and track ships and air- craft, the OS motto is " If we don ' t see it, it ain ' t there. " Serving as members our surveil- lance and data collection team (Snoopy Team), OS ' s are either photographers or Intel- ligence Data Gatherers. Combat Information Center (CIC) maintains an accurate secondary navigation plot, assisting the Quartermasters in keeping the ship on track. During amphibi- ous assaults, MOUNT VERNON ' s AAV waves are always " Charlie on Time " . FIRST ROW: OS3 JAMES, OS3 MCKINNEY, OS2(SW) RADMER, OS3 WRIGHT SECOND ROW: OSC{SW) APPEL, OSSN ALLEN, OSSN THOMAS, OS2(SW) DEROBERTIS, OSSN SANDOVAL, OSSN POLK, OS2(SW) LONG, LTJG GRAHAM OSl(SW) Truesdale OS2(SW) Derobertis OS2(SW) Long OS2(SW) Radmer OS3 James OS3 McKinney OS3 Wright OSSN Allen OSSN Thomas OSSN Sandoval OSSN Polk TOP LEFT: OS3 JAMES SHOWS HIS SHY SIDE TOP RIGHT: OS3 WRIGHT JUGGLES THE RED PHONES- JUST ANOTHER DAY IN CIC. LEFT: OS3 MCKINNEY AND FRIENDS FLEX FOR THE CAMERA BELOW LEFT: OSSN POLK, OS2(SW) RADMER, AND OS2{SW) DEROBERTIS ENSURE THAT COMBAT IS ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH AS THE BRIDGE BELOW: OS2(SW) LONG ACTS AS WATCH SUPERVISOR AS OSS WRIGHT MAKES CONTACT REPORTS TO THE BRIDGE OW DIVISION PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: OSC(SW) APPEL, EW3(SW) MCDONALD, EW3 EDWARDS, EW2(SW) RAINEY, EW2(SW) WEILAND, LTJG GRAHAM. EW2(SW) Weiland EW2(SW) Rainey EW3(SW) McDonald EW3 Edwards OW Division is composed of the Electronic Warfare Techni- cians. Their primary mission isi early detection of radar emitters by utilizing the AN SLQ-32(v)L When faced with the threat of ' torpedo attack, they deploy the NIXIE torpedo decoy. In Com- bat Information Center, EW ' si are the primary source of refer- ence on threat capabilities for the TAO (Tactical Action Of-T ficer). They are the masters of PUB-EXs and the gurus of EW Jeopardy. The EWs serve members of the Snoopy Team by collecting intelligence data. The EW motto is " In God we trust—all others we monitor! " BELOW LEFT: EW2(SW) RAINEY ANDEW3 MCDONALD STREAMING NIXIE BELOW: EW2(SW) RAINEY I AND EW3 EDWARDS-JUST CHILLIN ' ABOVE LEFT: EW2(SW) WEILAND IS THE FIRST TO CONGRATULATE EW2(SW) RAINEY ON EARNING HIS ESWS PIN ABOVE AND BELOW: MR. GRAHAM AND THE EWS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE RARE OPPORTUNITY TO STREAM NIXIE LEFT: EW3 EDWARDS RECEIVES A HAND- SHAKE FROM THE CO ON HIS ADVANCE- MENT TO 3RD CLASS OS DIVISION ' " @ Signalmen transmit and receive visual messages vital to the opera- tion of the ship. To communicate, they use flashing light (Morse Code), semaphore (arm signals), flags, and pyrotechnic flares. Sig- nalmen are the expert eyes of the ship in identifying small craft, ships, and other objects on the sea or land. They assist in navigation, low visibility watch, mine watch, world merchant locators, and counter-intelligence. lOl ' ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: LTJG RUDE, SMl(SW) GROEN, SMl(SW) RAMOS, SMC(SW) CREAMER, BMl(SW) GAINES. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: SM3 BOOTH, SMSN DAVIDSON, SMSR RAMSEY, SM3(SW) DESQUITADO, SM3(SW) DAVIS SMl(SW) Ramos SM2(SW) Groen BMl(SW) Gaines SM3 Booth SM3 Davis SMS Desquitado SMSN Davidson SMSR Ramsey LEFT: SM3 DAVIS CAN SEE THINGS MUCH BETTER THROUGH ( THE BIG EYES ABOVE RIGHT: SM3 DESQUITADO ' S REENLIST- MENT WAS IN A PLACE HE KNOWS ALL TO WELL-THE SIG- NAL SHACK OC DIVISION OC Division processed over 18,000 in- coming and 2,000 outgoing messages with an overall error rate of less than one per- cent, four percent lower than the goal set by the Fleet Commander. The radiomen achieved an impressive score of 97.06 on their COMNAVSURFPAC Comprehensive Communications Assessment {CCC-27). Our Radio Shack ' s standout performance in communications resulted in recognition by COMPHIBRON SEVEN as the most re- liable communicators in the NEW OR- LEANS Amphibious Ready Group. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: RM2(SW) POHL, RM3 MAHALKO, RMS LAM- MERT, RMl(SW) RUIZ, RM3 WESLEY, RMC(SW) YBARRA, RM2(SW) MCPEEK, LTJG RUDE. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: RMSN GREGORI, RMSN STEVENSON, RMSN HENDERSON RM2(SW) Pohl RM3 Lammert RM3 Wesley RMSN Gregori RMSN Henderson RMSN Stevenson RMl(SW) Ruiz RM2(SW) McPeek RM3 Mahalko No Photo Available ' TS SOMEBODY THERE? " TOP LEFT: RMSN STEVENSON AND HIS FELLOW RADI- OMEN KEEP MTV IN COMMUNICATION WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD TOP RIGHT: " DON ' T MAKE ME HAVE TO HURT YOU. " ABOVE: " LET US OUT OF HERE!! " ABOVE RIGHT: RM3 MAHALKO PREPARES TO ROUTE AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE RIGHT: RMSN STEVENSON AND RM2(SW) MCPEEK GET A RARE GLIMPSE OF LIFE BEYOND THE RADIO SHACK SUPPLY DEPARTMENT No other department onboard keeps as low a profile as Supply yet supplies as much support to the crew. From haircuts to laundry, from the ship ' s store to repair parts support, from disbursing and mail to food services. Supply performed in outstanding fashion during WEST- PAC 95. A service oriented department, the men of Sup- ply kept the day to day operation of MTV smooth and efficient. SUPPLY DIVISION OFFICERS AND CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS LT Baker SKC(SW) Hoskins MSCS(SW) Lesueur SHC(SW) Martinez SING AND SALES S-1 DIVISION S-2 DIVISION S-3 DIVISION OFFICER I I. -. i mtj, lj itj Pf H-f % ■ t ABOVE, LEFT: SENIOR CHIEF LESUEUR PATIENTLY AWAITS AS REPAIRS ARE MADE ON THE MESS DECKS ABOVE, CENTER: SHC(SW) MAR- TINEZ SUPERVISES AS STORES ARE TRANSFERRED FROM THE HELICOPTER TO STORAGE ABOVE, RIGHT: THE SUPPLY OFFICER SPEAKS TO THE GUESTS ON THE DEPENDENT ' S DAY CRUISE LEFT: LT BAKER AND SKC(SW) HOSKINS MAN THE RAIL WITH SAILORS FROM THE SUPPLY DEPARTMENT S-1 DIVISION BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: SKC(SW) HOSKINS, SK2 WITTE, LT MCCAIN. CENTER ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: SK3 AQUINO, SK3 TRAN. FRONT ROW: SKI ALMOJUELA, SK3 ARBIOLA. The Storekeepers are busy from the time they get up in the morning until late in the evening. Main is- sue SKs process the daily tech edit listing of materials required, issue repair parts, and stow and inventory material in eight different storerooms holding over 11,000 line items. SKs in the Supply Offices post all is- sues, receipts, and order all the materials and services required for the ship. SK3 Tran kept track of the fi- nances ensuring the SUPPO and SKC stay out of hot water. All of the SKs get involved during an under- way replenishment of stores, moving the supplies to storerooms for later use. FAR LEFT: THE CAPTAIN CONGRATULATES SK3 ARBIOLA ON MAKING 3RD CLASS. LEFT: SKS AQUINO FIGHTS HIS WAY THROUGH A PASSAGE- WAY CROWDED WITH SAILORS TOP LEFT: " DOES THIS SMELL FUNNY TO YOU? " TOP RIGHT: SK3 AQUINO, SK2 WITTE, SK3 ARBI- OLA, AND SK3 TRAN ENJOYING THEIR TIME AWAY FROM THE SUPPLY OFFICE ABOVE; " WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU BET I CAN ' T LIFT THIS THING? " FAR LEFT: THE WORK NEVER ENDS FOR THE SKs, SEEN HERE IN THE SUPPLY OFFICE LEFT: SK3 ARBIOLA DISCOVERS A NEW MEANS OF TRANS- PORTATION 91 S " 2 DIVISION BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: LT MCCAIN, MS2 BRANNEN, MS3 CUNANAN, MS3 CAMERON, MSSN FACIO, MSSN GRANT, MSSN ESCOTO, MS2 CER- VANTES, MS3 QUARLES, MS3 DOMINGUEZ, MSSN DIMAGGIO, MS2 LEWIS, MSSN SMITH, MSCS(SW) LESUEUR. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: MSSN QUEEN, MSl(SW) QUARLES, MSl(SW) MCCABE, MSl(SW) CUARESMA, MS3 FERNANDEZ MSl(SW) Cuaresma MSl(SW) McCabe MSl(SW) Quarles MS2 Brannen MS2 Cervantes MS2 Dagsaan MS3Cameron MS3 Cunanan MS3 Dominguez MS3 Fernandez MS3 Kidd MS3 Quarles MSSN Dimaggio MSSN Escoto MSSN Facio When it comes to keeping morale up or brightening a bad day, think of none other than the Stewburners. From well before reveille to long after knock off, the Stew- burners are busy preparing approximately 1700 meals daily. S-2 Division exemplifies the phrase " WE CAN HANDLE IT " in ev- erything they do, from the preparation of meals to gut-busting, morale-lifting pizza nights, steel beach picnics, and cookie and chili cookoffs, not to mention our famous ice cream socials. The Mess Specialists have the most important job onboard the ship. When things get tough and morale gets low, it ' s the Stewburners to the rescue! 7. MSSN Facio, MSl(SW) Curaesma, MS3(SW) Kidd, MS3 Fernandez are relax- ing after a busy day of preparing food. 8. MSSN Facio fias his hands full, MS3 Quarles just laughs. 9. Serving line ready for business. 10. MSI Quarles receives his ESWS pin from Comphibgru Three. 11. MS3 Fernandez prepares the wardroom meals. S-3 DIVISION FIRST ROW: SH2(SW) NOVAK, SHSN GOSNELL, SH2(SW) URBANOWSKI SECOND ROW: LT BAKER, SH3 LAW, SH2 (SW) ASH, SH3 PAUL, SH3(SW) VEAL, SHC(SW) MARTINEZ SH2(SW) Ash SH2(SW) Novak SH2{SW) Urbanowski SH3 Law SH3 Paul S-3 Division is responsible for the opera- tion of MOUNT VERNON ' S Ship ' s Store, vending machines, ship ' s laundry, and bar- ber shop. Underway, the ship ' s laundry, each month, will process over 10,000 pounds of crew ' s laundry and give 300 to 400 haircuts. The Ship ' s Store provides MOUNT VERNON sailors and Marines with everything from electronic stereos and games to soap and shampoo, not to mention cookies and candies and crackers and chips, and of course, microwave pop- corn. MOUNT VERNON ' S 5 soda machies sell 600-700 cans of soda daily. Profits gen- erated by S-3 Division go to the ship ' s Mo- rale, Welfare, and Recreation. SH3(SW) Veal SHSN Gosnell SHSN Horsman SHSN HORSMAN RESTOCKS THE SNACKS IN SKEETER ' S FIVE AND DIME Ship ' s servicemen are responsi- ble for the ship ' s store, the soda machines, and the laundry. Here, they are shown hard at work. S-4 DIVISION FRONT ROW: PCSN Taitte, DK3 Parks BACK ROW: Lt. Baker, DKSN (SW) Bailey, PC2 (SW) Wil- son, DKl (SW) Clarke DKl(SW) Clarke PC2(SW) Wilson DK3 Parks DKSN(SW) Bailev PCSN Taitte DKSN Bailey stands as a side- boy for an Admiral ' s visit. DK3 Parks, PC2 Wilson, DKl Clark, SH2 Novak, and DKSN Bailey get ready to re- lax. S-4 Division, consisting of both DKs and PCs, is re- sponsible for the financial and postal needs of the MOUNT VERNON and her crew. Disbursing re- sponsibilities include the payment of ship ' s services received in foreign ports, maintenance of personal financial records, and pay- ment of pay and travel en- titlements. Postal responsi- bilities include selling money orders and stamps, as wel as sorting and rout- ing incoming outgoing mail and packages. On paydays and mail call, ev- eryone knows who the DKs and PCs are, but that ' s not all that they do. Between paydays and mail calls, they fade back into obscurity, performing rou- tine maintenance on pay accounts and packaging and preparing mail for the next deadline. — % s. TOP LEFT: " I REACH INTO MY BAG OF TRICKS, AND ... " TOP RIGHT: " OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT I ' M DOING. " ABOVE LEFT: PC2(SW) WILSON IS ALWAYS HAPPY TO SERVE HIS SHIPMATES ABOVE: DKSN BAILEY LOOKS OVER HIS NUMBERS CAREFULLY TO ENSURE THAT EVERYONE ' S PAY IS CORRECT LEFT: " THIS LOOKS LIKE AS GOOD A PLACE AS ANY " GLAD TO BE HOME 1. BTl Vanvalkenberg, BT3 Huntley, HM2 Gallardo, QMl Wager socialize while waiting for the ball to start. MM2 Chamberlin, BT2 Evans get ready to enjoy dinner with the women in their lives. 3. From the loolcs of it everyone is having a fine time. 4. MSI McCabe, FN Ginorio, MSSN Muniz cater at the gator ball. 5. Lt. Anderson and BTCS Benns discussing the daily events. ABOVE: ENS AND MRS. PELLERITO ENJOY A STORY AS ONLY ET2(SW) WATSON CAN TELL IT RIGHT: COMMANDER MARQUEZ SPOTS HIS FAVORITE TARGET, LTJG LOWERY BELOW: LCDR ULRICH AND MMl(SW) TUCKER ENJOY DINNER WITH THEIR WIVES BELOW, RIGHT: THE GATOR BALL ATTRACTED OFFICERS AND ENLISTED ALIKE. HERE, SN DIMAGGIO ON AN EVENING OUT. ABOVE RIGHT: PN3 AND MRS. ROSENWALD TAKE A BREAK FROM THE FESTIVITIES. CANDIDS TOP LEFT: " THE HELO ' S GONE. WHATCHA WANT US TO DO? " TOP RIGHT: " DO YOU LIKE SEE FOOD? " CENTER LEFT: " YEAH, I THINK I DO SEE SOMETHING OUT THERE, GEORGE. " CENTER: " HEY, CHIEF, I THINK SHE ' S TALKING TO YOU ... WELL, MAYBE NOT. " LEFT: " CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE I AM? " ABOVE LEFT: I ' M NOT REALLY WORKING. I ' M JUST POSING FOR THIS PICTURE. " ABOVE RIGHT: " THIS TASTES JUST LIKE CHICKEN! " IN MEMORY OF CHAUNCEY MELVIN SMITH 16 JUNE 1973-9 JANUARY 1996 Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow; I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain; I am the gentle autumn ' s rain. When birds in cir- cled flight. I am the soft star that shines at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. 1 am not there, I did not die! No words can express the deep sorrow that each of us feel at the loss of our friend and shipmate. Seaman Chauncey Smith. Chauncey, we will miss you, but we will never forget you! 6 f noBgollaB RepuMtc SaadI Arabia w " Bay of Bengal moFK or CAFHicoHn + INDIAN OCEAN ft rriaccMsirtf ■OOVtLZn fir OIlBUTISLIinilS WESTPAC ' 95 « tiuceuuwDs " i SAMOA BLANDS ml Sea V %, ' " ' socitTY isiAnos V new CJkikMiu SOUTH PACIFIC DEPART SAN DIEGO OKINAWA, JAPAN HONG KONG SINGAPORE AQABA, JORDAN JEBEL ALI, UA.E. KUWAIT CITY, KUWAIT BAHRAIN JEBEL ALI, UA.E. BANBURY, AUSTRALIA PEARL HARBOR, HAWAH ARRIVE SAN DIEGO 23 JUNE 13 JULY 17-22 JULY 26-31 JULY 15-20 AUGUST 24-30 AUGUST 07-19 SEPTEMBER 21-25 SEPTEMBER 04-10 OCTOBER 13-16 OCTOBER 28 OCTOBER - 05 NOVEMBER 20-25 NOVEMBER 14-15 DECEMBER 22 DECEMBER

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