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• , • ' • • .. PHILIPPINES SINGAPORE THAILAND PERSIAN EXCURSION 87-88 I nliin Of ©»lct VHblltl Rrpuhllit taovuifl ftr r tVrnr q St a 0 8 i MARSHALL NODS Golden Sht wiKjrr ' iSLVDS NORTH PACIFIC United States 9 TKOPK Of CArKCR PACIFIC OCEAN Christmas Islam) rm in ISLANDS tWCr. tSLANDS SAMOA ts siDS V» lakttonu SOCIfTY ISLANDS SOUTH PACIFIC W Chronology 1 . 28 AUG 87 Underway for the Gulf 2. 18-24 SEP 87 Subic Bay . Philippines 3. 26 SEP 87 Crossed the Equator I03E 4. 27-30 SEP 87 Singapore 5. 1 2 OCT 87 Manama. Bahrain 6. 9-13 FEB 88 Phuket. Thailand 7. 17-24 FEB 88 Subic Bay. Philippines 8. 1 2 MAR 88 Return to Long Beach USS MOUNT VERNON (LSD 39) PERSIAN EXCURSION August 28, 1987-March 12, 1988 IN MEMORY OF MSI BAYANI ALIX DIED JANUARY 7, 1988 WHILE IN SERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY CONTENTS 1. THE SHIP 2. THE LEADERS Commanding Officers 6 Executive Officers 9 Officers 11 Chiefs 15 3. THE MEN Deck Department 19 Engineering Department 25 Operations Department 37 Supply Department 47 4. THE DEPARTURE 55 5. THE MISSION 59 6. RECREATION 77 7. LIBERTY CALL 85 8. HOMECOMING 93 USS MOUNT VERNON (LSD 39) 1 MOUNT VERNON (LSD 39) is the fifth ship commissioned in the United States Navy to hear the proud name of MOUNT VERNON. Four predecessors served with distinction in times of conflict dating back to the Civil War. The first Mount Vernon was a wooden screw merchant steamer purchased by the Navy and converted to a gunboat in 1861. Among her memorable exploits was participation in the attack on Fort Fisher which severed the last Confederate supply line and helped to bring about the end of the war. The second Mount Vernon was a sidewheel river steamer fitted as a gunboat for the defense of Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. The name of the ship was later changed to Mount Washington to avoid any confusion with the first Mount Vernon. The third Mount Vernon was originally named Crown Princess Cecille and was built by North German Lloyd Lines as a first-class luxury liner in 1907. The ship was interned in Boston Harbor prior to the entry of the United States into World War I. The German crew destroyed the engines when the U.S. entered the war. After extensive repairs, the ship was transferred to the Navy for use as a troop transport. During the war. Mount Vernon transported 33,600 men to France, survived a submarine attack, and returned 42,500 veterans home. The fourth Mount Vernon was built in 1933 as the spacious liner SS Washington. During World War II. the liner was refitted as a troop transport by the Navy. Mount Vernon transported thousands of troops across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39) was built by Quincy Shipbuilding Division, General Dynamics Corporation at Quincy. Massachusetts. The keel was laid in January 1970 and construction was completed in April 1971. Following commissioning ceremonies on May 13. 1972 at Boston Naval Shipyard, the ship sailed for its designated homeport of San Diego. Mount Vernon ' s homeport was changed to Long Beach, California on July 22, 1985. USS Mount Vernon is 562 feet in length and has a beam of 84 feet at the widest point. Fully loaded, the ship displaces 13,7 tons with a mean draft of 19 feet measured from the keel to the waterline. The ship ' s main armaments con ist of 3 " 50 twin gun mounts and a Vulcan Phalanx anti-ship missle defense system. Installed electronic equipi -nt includes air and surface search radars, a navigational radar, a complete communications suite and an Electronic Emitter Detection System to support the ship ' s amphibious mission. Mount Vernon ' s helicopter landing platform ca be used in support of helicopter assault and logistics operations. Refueling, limited repairs and minor maintenance o; aircraft can also be provided. The ship was designed to transport and operate heavy landing craft from a large well deck. USS Mount Vernon was the first West Coast ship to he modified for operations with the new Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC). Wet-well evolutions are facilitated through the use of a complex, electro-hydraulically controlled ballasting and deballasting system. The ship ' s habiability features provide for the berthing, messing and cargo transport of approximately 330 fully-equipped combat troops of the landing force. Since reporting for duty with the Pacific Fleet, Mount Vernon has completed several operational deployments with the Seventh Fleet in the Far East. The Ship completed a deployment with Middle Fast Force for operations in the Persian Gulf in March 1988. Mount Vernon has been awarded the Navy Unit Commendation, The National Defense Service Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and the Humanitarian Service Medal. OPPOSITE PAGE: The Mount Vernon on Persian Gulf Deployment. the white decks are to reduce heat absorption. UPPER LEFT: WW I Mount Vernon. LEFT: WWII Mount Vernon. BELOW: LCAC entering Mount Vernon ' s well deck. CAPTAIN BRIAN F. BOYCE COMMANDING OFFICER Oct. 5, 1985-Dec. 19, 1987 ■ mi Brian K Boyi ■ «,i- born In Nan N • r k i Ity, Ni» Sort, tad Pennsylvania He ettended tht ' nivereit) ol Dam on mi NROTC icholarahip and fradualad in i •■ dmini l ' v 1 1 • r it . .1 ' . in, in i ommi to the USS HORNET (CVS 12) as thi Navigation Divmion Officei I to the i SS NOXI BEE ■ | " . ' I where In- Mrvad Executive Officer and ' iyor School in Newport, Rhodf laland, Captain Boyca wai aaaignad ea tin- Weapona OfTicai aboard I SS M ' M l ESS |F1 1084) In I 178, ha reported for dul Pint Lieutenant on the I SS INDEPENDENI B ( 82) Pol lowing thai tour, he earved I Officer and Navigator on i SS OWENS (DD pon decommiaaioniiia, " i tin- OWENS in I 18 h reported t " r dut) ■ and Navigator ol the I SS Ft IRT1 m I 1 1 SI I 37) Captain Boyce aaaumed command of the I 3S MOl NT VERNON (LSD 8) ..n October •- His ihor assignments have included duties as Scientifii Liaison Officer nl the Naval Raoaexch Labi Waahington, D.C in 1970 and .i- j »r.i! Director for the rnnm ' ",- svstems with the Operational Test and tion Force Norfolk, Virginia when in- waa i project officer for the Arrow mid Hi h energ) laaei project! While iii Norfolk, he Commended studs for In- Muster ol Business Administration degree ;it Old Dominion University He completed in- Maatera in June 1980. Kn m June pril 1966, Captain Boyca was an instructor in the Prospective Commanding Officer Course, Surface Warfare School Staff. His personal awards include the Navy Commendation Medal, Viw , ihievemenl Medal (two awards, one with combat V), Meritorioua Unil Citation, Combat Action Ribbon, National Defence Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon with seven (tan, Vietnam Service Ribbon. Sea Service Ribbon and Expert Piatol Ribbon. Captain Boyce is married to the former Pamela A. Stofko. Thev have three children: Suzanne. John and Thomas. LEFT: CAPT Boyce observing transfer from USS OKINAWA. ABOVE: Checking out FC3 Jacquin during command inspection. CENTER: Captain s Call. CHANGE OF COMMAND -a-. A " Kur ;ill you have done foi me, and the ship, and the Navy, I simply say: Thanks. " With this heartfelt sentiment, Captain Brian K Bo relinquished his command of the USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39) to ' ommander .lohn • ' onrad on Decemher Hi, l!tH7, The Change .,1 Command was held on the flight dei k of the Mininl Vernon while afloat in the Persian Cull. Rear Admiral Harold .J. Berensen, Commander Middle Kast Force, was present as Immediate Superior in Command and Guest Speaker. RADM Berensen, CPT Boyce and CDR Conrad gave their remarks to Mount Vernon ' s assemhled crew and guests from the minesweepers and other ships in the Gulf. RADM Berensen spoke on the role of US forces in the Gulf, some of the Mount Vernon ' s accomplishments and her invaluable assistance to MIDRASTFOR. " Our forces ' role in the Gulf is to protect U.S. ships, freedom of the seas, and to maintain presence, " he noted. " That presence plays a large part in containing the war (between Iran and Iraq). " He commented with great favor on Mount Vernon ' s performance in MIDRASTFOR. " During your stay here in the Persian Gulf, the Mount . Vernon has established an enviable record as a safe, clean, efficient and happy ship. In support of -T J MIDRASTFOR ' s MSO and 7 ' JWm minesweeping operations, your df performance has been absolutely A outstanding. Innovative, creative, ■ you ' ve been developing new tactics and ways of doing business as you go along. Captain Boyce ' s leadership, attention to detail and tactical abilities have set the standard. Skipper, well done. " ' aptain Bo ce ' s remarks were primarily addressed to the crew of the Mount Vernon. " It ' s been a great two years on the Mount Vernon, " he said. " I took command in drydock. At that point I could only comment on the potential of the Mount Vernon. We can all say with pride we ' ve lived up to that potential. " To mention just a few of Mount Vernon ' s accomplishments under CAPT Boyce ' s command: in 1986, the Mount Vernon took on the first Landing Craft-Air Cusion ship alteration; in November of 1986 transited the Panama Canal, going to Florida to pick up LCACs on one week ' s notice and returned with them to California; completed Refresher Training in May of 1987 and Amphibious Refresher Training in July of 1987 with no score lower than Excellent and Outstanding scores for Dei fa Department; and deployed in August of 1987 to the Persian Gulf with just three week ' s notice. " I only have to tell you what needs to be done, and you do it, " he said with pride. " For all that you have done for me, and the ship, and the Navy, I simply say: Thanks " " I am very honored because Mount Vernon is a great ship with an outstanding crew, " CDR Conrad said, after assuming command. " Watching the crew function as a superb team tin- past week has affirmed every comment I ' ve heard concerning this ship. I ' m impressed. I want to thank Captain Boyce tor turning over to me such a fine ship. " CDR Conrad also made a promise to the crew. ,i a beginning for his command " I promise to give von mj very best. Give me your beet in return " TOP: Assembly on the flight deck for the Change of Command. CENTER RADM Berensen observes as ISIC while the command passes to CDR Conrad AHOVK Captain ' s on the bridge. CDR JOHN W. CONRAD COMMANDING OFFICER J WrVlrf» St.. Commander John W. Conrad was born in Buffalo. New York on May 30, 1947 . He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1969 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Commander Conrad ' s first afloat assignment was aboard USS MANITOWAC (LST 1180) where he served as Combat Information Center Electronic Material Officer. Assistant First Lieutenant and Operations Officer. Subsequent sea tours have included dutv as Engineering Officer aboard USS JOSEPH STRAUSS (DDG 16). Material Officer for COMDESRON TWO FIVE. Executive Officer of USS RACINE (LST 1191) and Material Officer for COMCRUDESGRU ONE. Commander Conrad ' s first shore assignment was at U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California where he earned a Masters Degree in Physical Oceanography. A subsequent tour was as Tactical Development Officer for Commander Area ASW Forces. Sixth Fleet. Commander Conrad is a Surface Warfare Officer and holds sub- special-ties in Naval Engineering. Anti-Submarine Warfare and Operational Oceanography. His decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal. Navy Commendation Medal (Second Award) and various campaign awards. Commander Conrad is married to the former Kris Kirkland, a successful business woman in Long Beach. California. They have two daughters. Lynette and Nicole. TOP: " Good afternoon. Gents. " CENTER: Talking to MM1 iSWi Becker at the command inspection. RIGHT: CDR Conrad letting the crew know what to expect from him and what he expects from them. LCDR CECIL A. TROSCLAIR EXECUTIVE OFFICER Departed Oct. 23, 1987 ABOVE RIGHT: LCDR Trosclair welcomes Davy lones and his crew aboard as the Mount Vernon entered the realm of King Neptune. RIGHT: XOon patrol. LCDR EDWARD FRITZ EXECUTIVE OFFICER UPPER RIGHT: LCDR Fritz observes from the bridge wing as the frigate Rentz comes alongside. RIGHT: Pointing out the Queen Mary as we return to Long Beach. " Officer ' s Call. " " CIC, GLO, OOD, CDO, SWO. " " Boards and more boards. " » 9 9 THE WARDROOM J DEPARTMENT HEADS OKI K MM I i M; Norm i OKI K MM M DR Dm i KKINfl DKP1 OPKR I I " -.- DEP1 I PI ' . DKP1 I [)H Ronald f Small Mr ... I I i ,,,i : m o wp ' ABOVE LEFT: CHOP-ping away. ABOVE RIGHT: From his vantage point on the 03 level, LCDR Laws has a clear view of the proceedings. LEFT: LCDR Small prefers a closer involvement. ABOVE: CAPT Boyce and LT McXees bringing a ship alongside. DIVISION OFFICERS m w i s K I I I imol h . I Hohmann igatoi LT Jost ph P Ca anaugh E Divi LT Ricardo F Miranda Ship ' s Material Offii ei ! I Clinton A. I !l(l I I li : I ( leorge 1 1 l.ange B I ii ision LT i jg) Lamond R. Vidinhar M Division LT ijt;i I ean J. Mi Cowan OK I tiviaion LT (jg) Anthony J. P. Yim ( )( ' Division i IENTER LEFTS LT Hohmann and the Nav u-am keeping im on course CENTER RIGHT ENS (Martin and ll Cavanaugfa njoying the o.okout ABOVK LKFT: LT (jg Md ' owan relaying order for INKKI ' ABOVE RICH ] I I I Vidinhar getting few tips from the CO during I ' NRKI ' DIVISION OFFICERS hard i Mill ! in Division OX D ENS 1 h Id Diviiion l Diviiion ENS Mi. Ii ii I 1 I i r r. 1 i ision ENS Daniel Patterson Disbursing Offii ei i WOS David R Sigler in v i WOS Manfred I Wilson MPA CENTER LEFT: LT Miranda gets in the action as the LaSalle comes alongside. CENTER RIGHT: ENS Miller has the Conn for UNREP. ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: ENS Eves as Helm Safety Officer: ENS Tonan the Barbarian rather deftly wields a paint roller; LT(jg) Jon Strausbaugh. Ship " s Bos ' n. RIGHT: CW02 Sigler conspicuously " not helping " the JO team during the DC Olympics. 14 " CPO Initiation " " Chief of the watch " " CPO Boards " CHIEF ' S MESS r m.n i h. I »r r EM( S(SW I C Christopher Stowell ■ L : - rifi MMCS(SW) Ro r Allies RMI S(SVt i Gary F Ufa I BTCS Edward V. Wilson ENC Steven L. Kirkpatrick QMC Douglas T. Hamilton EMC(SW) Alejo S. Cayanan . OI ' I ' OSITK I ' OI ' Command Master Chief Cuatodia presents a ship ' s flag and momento case to I l ' i Boycc it thi Change of Command. CENTERLEFT EMCS(SW) Stowell presents CAF1 Boyce with a plaque at the Chief Mi i farewell lunch CENTER RIGH1 BMC(SW) Ogden and HMI Pick enjoy the sunshine n the ii ht deck Bottom umcsiSWi Fr.-.l.-v .lire, ts the anchor detail BELOW I. KM MAC(SW) Sabol Stands JOOD on the hridge BKI.OU UK ' .HI HTC Saiketl relates the mission and a. compltsh merits .1! rli vision to SEC DEF Prank Carlve.-i .,- the DC A watches BOTTOM l.KKT: BTC Siddle on watch 111 the lireroom BOTTOM KKiHT: Maverick and Viper on the Conn UNREP. MAC(SW) Robert I) Sabol • nee V. Leake ETC Timothy T Kellner CMC Kminth R Lovejoy --— HMC Prank G Pick SKC Laureano ' lorpui BTC -limms I. Siddle H |i i U 1 Mark A. Ogden •NW -1 MMl ' . Vernon Mi I rVIII „.i.. I i i I .,« r. ii, . 1 1 S ibia Kiv ii,..,,,.,-. D Mabalol SK low i,t.. R r. namora i i,sU , 1,,l,.„l ,lli-i,M,isir ABOVE: MMC Leake sweats it out as Know ABOVE RIGHT: MSC Tutol and MMC Todd kick back in the CPO mess. RIGHT: GMC Lovejoy tries to hide behind his work. " Sea and Anchor Detail " " Well Deck Ops " " Ships alongside " DECK- 1 1ST DIVISION liM Hill) w Hukill BM Nc .1 D Hard) MM ! Mi h i William Hiti km loMph Babineaui BM kndn i l Ortu TOP: BM2 Leiberg calls the mark. ABOVE LEFT: BM:) Ortiz at sea and anchor detail. ABOVE: BM2 Hardy signals and SN T. Taylor relays on the phones. LEFT: BM.l Hites directs SN Bissel and SN Petrie on line handling detail. SA Wclh. mi ( ' Atmore sa William l Bissel s Robert L Brown SA Jack Iheniei SN Scott A (Jreen SA Chuan Hao SN Hunh K Miyashiro SR Samuel I. Murray SA John M. Oneill SN Thomas Ortiz SN Norman K. Petrie SK Craig C. Proctor SN Thomas E. Skonecki SK Patrick K Stowe SN Tony R. Taylor SR Richard J. Youngbloom l.Kl I SN Green, SN Perido, and SN Skonecki brush up the anchor • hain. ABOVE s Price on the helm RICH I SN Al more on the lee helm. 2ND DIVISION UMi David w Hull BMl l«i M i n.ii BM Kenneth I H n l tnth H 1 l it, U 1 I ..IIIIIT BM Allan B CoufaJ n l I hin i i i . a indowaki H I I Bdgai McWhorUi H 1 ; Bdwin l Nelaon BM Kenneth J Ogle BM Miguel D Roche BM Edward D Spalding fNAVV 40 f ] itlv Kp jH L - m m J- , ,p£ ABOVE L FT: BM3 Levrandowski takes a bearing. ABOVE: SN Gentry on the block team with the Desert Due. m deck. RIGHT: SN Thomas doing what seems to be the full time job of painting. ABOVE RIG. ' T: ENS Tonan and BM2 Headlev checking progress from the 02 level. OPPOSITE LEFT: SN Aus, on the RT. OPPOSITE RIGHT: BM3 Coufal doing his thing in the canvas shop. rtt (ft A 4 v v v : v SN Richard D. Forbes SN Robert A. Gentry SA Darryl A. Hopkins SN Mark Lester SA Steven E. Levno SN Danny Macias SR David G. Miller SR Thomas V. Potter SN Darryl L. Reece SA Jose F. Roldan SA Jeffrey K. Ropell SR Allen I). Smith SN Michael K Si. . SN Robert J. Taylor SN Aaron P. Thorn. i- 23 3RD DIVISION I i . . , • w GMG I urti I PaUra GMG Paul ' GMG 1 h i Byron GMG Kirk Prohaaka i ' David H w i- 1 1. quia ! ■ rnndaUl GMG I Calvin L Read GMG Willard Lighl GMGSN Dary] G Vdamaoo LEFT: GMG3 Patrick PMSing Mount 34. FAR LEFT: FCl Mortin, GMG2 Etheridge, GMG2 Bvron. GMG2 Patera. GMG3 Patrick. GMG3 Losey, GMG3 Prohaska. GMG3 Reed, GMGSN Adamson, FC3 Woods, FC3 Jacquin. r I Ferrendelli. FC2 Jordan, GMG3 Light. CMC Lovejov, and LT(jg) Grimes. ABOVE: GMG2 Chuck Rood ' s good side. TOP: The long and short of it. GMG2 Byron and GMG3 Prohaska ready the shot line. " 178 days lit-off ' " 24 and Carry-on " " Independent Steaming " ENGINEERING - 1 M DIVISION 1 li K..i«ti t Smith 1 li Bobb) I Bi MMI hnmn I " l ii w ,ii... I Diion l l |SW I Errol w Dlttrich i i Roberto l U«on l i i un I Morrell l i M lurilio i Bibian i l Bri in G ' 1 i , .in Curr MM ( ieorgf Hum MM Brian D KrauM mm rerrj l Letter MM I 1 ins Lop« MM Robert w Man MMI C.ary D Matthews MMil Marin Rodriguez MM: V Man al Sanders MM.t Incl H Singletary itI) l " ower MM:i Anthony M. Zajac am w i 0PP0S1 1 E BOI TOM LEF I MM an unguarded moment OPPOSITE BOI I I M Kit. HI mmi Drapiza on Top Watch LOWER LEI l MM I on . Throttle man LOWER CENTER MM2 Ligon rebuilding a BELOW MM 3 Krauae makes Hire the handwheel fits PAR LEI I I N nth..nv fills out the tagoul log. I.KFI MM : Marr in the thick ..f it. MMFN John W. Craig MMFA Brian L. Easterling MMFN William L Fisk ' MMFN Ronald B. Gates MMFN Lazaro Gonzales FN i Sarvarn • ' Jamea F ' N Michael I. Martin MMFN William R. Rodda FN Jeffrey 1 1 Rnamnn FA Brian I) Smith B DIVISION in HI i Blandino B ■ . t Ill I ll.nrs I III i Ronald W I HI ' hi Steven J Pickarl R Ball HI I Kaieten Bath HI Robarl I. BubliU B l ; Pranti • tuarriai Hi | Wandall A Hopkini B 1 I in i E l ooa B I Edward I Mi Donougfa B I Stephen J Owen HIM Panic! ■!. Pakkala mas C. Paquette B I Ryan K Richardson BT Richard J. Tafova BT3 Haul W. line WPPP ABOVE LEFT: B. Pakkala and BT1 Hanson chec burner room. ABOVE RIGHT: BTC Siddle. MM3 Matthews, and BTFN McCaig in the aftt UPPER LEFT: BT3 Ball makes OUl the lop in the Oil Lab. UPPER RIGHT; BT2 Hofbauer conducts training on station with FN Beltran. FAR LEFT: BT:i Stewart doing salinitv tests on feedwater. LEFT: BT3 , s I ' tne. I Look, and Richardson on watch. FA Mark Anthony FN Abraham M. Beltran FA Cesar !ortez BTFN hum I) Guiga FA Troy Jenkins FN K Douglas Krug BTFN Andrew G M FA Oary I Moore r A Pryoi FN Patii ■ FN Paul A Smith FA Stephen R Toitm k F l-r.i. I Tub A DIVISION vrl S I undtwrj 1 1 i. ..i. i l Ki IN I I horn i I Hi MM Michael J K«nn«d IN IcMtph I Uh.t.,11 to LEFT: EN3 Henderson and EN3 Whelsell on helo refueling team. ABOVE LEFT: ENS Carre and LT Miranda observe as FA Valencia hooks up the fuel transfer hose. ABOVE: EN3 Henderson and EN3 Crispelle using the LCAC refueling hose to transfer fuel to a frigate. TOP: MM3 Wilson taking water samples to the oil lab. I Rolando G Manlutai i i N Ulan n Morrii MMFN Ronald D I wa teff ; IT IKK I FA W alters on hand i- BM I K,., he operates the r.m.- ABOVE I.KKI MM2 Kranhouaeand MM1 Beckei ample the J P . it if pumped ovei the tanker ABOVE EN Henderson ■ rgi di . r. pain on the RT during VERTREP 1 1 (P l l Kranh pelle and ENS Henderson transferring fuel to the LaSalle E DIVISION i m i M [)«m II Mc i m R ..i. .11,. II II. i i Willi hi. K Km| EM Martin i r uica BM3 I i,n. P. Lai EMFN Cri I Sal tdoi M BarnantM I iuiir I V V Y ABOVE LEFT; EM2 McCottrell seems to be waiting tor the Smurfs to come on. VBOVE CENTER: [Cl Clark repairs a IMC speaker in the main space. ABOVE RIGHT KM. Amoguis gets the juice flowing. RldHT: [C2 Mike Weber assumes the position. FAR LEFT: Testing the circuit. KM2 Ubaj Uhav. I.KFT KM ; I ■[. ■ in the hatters -hop CENTER LEFT: Manning th ihon powei stations. BELOW: KM 3 I hum,, (Vooli i bis nt. BOTTOM LEFT EM2 Ocampo and FN Harrientos (jet up close and personal with a tech manual. BOTTOM RIGHT EM3 Greg Casaus runs down the wiring. R DIVISION DC2( ■ ■ ■• I Ptckatl 1U Phillip W Rhodat hi Parry I II I Richard I ' • [ PncyA Davia ii i | rodd i Graj II 1 I ,rr. 1! I HmTOO DC3 Robert P Hudaon MR : n,ir.« s Pun III | lonathon M 1 " . -lit H l : Gordon D Strain H I FN Phillip .G I i Iraig Paraona ABOVE: HT ' 2 Selders welds the rails back up that were taken down to allow the machine guns a wider effective coverage. RIGHT: HT3 Jim Lawson all dressed up for helo crash and rescue team. l COME J Y ' " ' IPPER LEFT: MRJ Rho.i. a valve stem. ABOVE HTFN Spahl, HT3 Polit. MR3 Perez, HT3 Cieoielski, and DC2 Pickett on crash and rescue team. LEFT The Carpenters shop welcomes the i SS Baiboui County to the Gulf. BELOW LEFT: MR2 Andrew Repkn gets a " Well dune " from Secretary of Defense F ' rank Carlucci. BELOW: DC3 Davis says " You should have been here a minute ago. " FAREWELL SHIPMATE 1.1 Vernon Martinez LT(jg) Clifford Pish LTl jg) Brian Sherwood BMCS(SW) Michael Freiley BM1 Jerry D. Cadd SHi Bduard Franco III Julio Maldnnado RMl Michael J. Stuchell OS2 Robert K. Bethmann ET2 Jerry W. Burkhalter MS2 Romeo R. Caberto 1 »S Kenneth W. I toss IC2 .lames R. Gosa BM2(SW) David H. Headley MM2 William D. Hunnicutt MM_ ' iSWi Timothy Isaac BM2 [ssacca I). Johnson HT2 James J. Lawson BT2(SW) William N ' icol EM2 Alex A. Ocampo MS2 Felicri Paras BM2 lames Penn MR2 Joseph Pollard Sk2 Ralph Repuvan BT2 Gregory 0. Roberts GMG2 Charles A. Rood RM2 Marvin Ringer [C2 Michael Weber RM2 John K. Wells RMS Chozan Behn EM3 Gregory Casaus BM3 Anthony Costello EN 1 Ricarte A. Cruz QMS Darrell B. Clark MS:i Vincent W. Daniels BT3 Paul D. Darang ET3 Ricky A. Classman 0S3 Edward Harris KM.! Lester Hickey GMG3 James R. Losey BM3 John M. Lowe MM 3 Walter R. Morev EN3 Benjamin Mvise MS3 Eduardo B. Oliverio PC3 Stanley Peaslee MM3 Percival C. Posis MM3 Calvin J. Washington RM3 Keith Whitehead KM:! Thomas D. Woolery BMSN Keith Ali [CFN Guy R. Castillo SN Ramil M. Empleo S Emmanuel R. Savage SN Michael Sullivan BTFN Troy R. Wilson SX Richard L. Zavetz " If it moves, track it. " : " Persian Gulf Comm Center " " Gulf Hospital and Post Office " OPERATIONS J ELECTRONICS! I- i i Bill) i MmI i i i M David R Allan I I K( vin I E i " f inn. in i i Erii Himmi E I Poraal l Whit. ' E rSN rhomai M Burka ABOVE: ETJ Gooch discusses diagrams with ETSN Burke. ABOVE RIGHT: ET3 White repairs equipment in Radio Centra RIGHT: ET3 Eherenman is not amused. FAR RIGHT: ET2 Goddard in the throes of creativity. TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: The Signalmen ' s salute to Iran; SM2 Roblea runs up India to signal ship coming alongside; SMSN ' s Hopl and Blair stand by to hoist; SM3 Bergren Hashes another ship. FAR LEFT: SMl Acuna practices his homemaking skills on the ship ' s flags. LEFT: SM2 Fischer uses hand signals to communicate with a friend on the Mispillmn SM 1 I. con D. Acuna SM2 James K Pi» hei SM2 Honorato Roblea liel H Slanchik SMSN arl E Blair s h Sean K Hopl SMSN Donald R Johnson YW SIGNAL COMBAT INFORMATION CENTER 081 Phillip H Kini i I Ifr» itrii k Bn m r D Mom OSSN Gragorj i I OSSN lohn I OSSA fern Volkman FTO ABOVE: 0S2 Staten tracks contacts on the radar repeater. SPREAD: 0S2 Jeffery Torre helps EW2 Donald Miller with some PQS. RIGHT: 0S1 King checks the course. w Doane l-.u Donald l Miller k ; rhomai I burchville K I . I r Ponteoberg TOP KU ' JlSW) Doane monitor-, th.- ... ' ABOVE: EW2 Millet and EW3 Churchville do maintenance on the chaf launchers LEFT I (S Pinky Harris i always alerl NAVIGATION W l RofH I M. • K- QM i.i lom l| MI M C g 1s San l M QMSN i uni R Met h g 1s Reginald I. Soniei TOP LEFT: QM3 Darrell Clark gets in some M60 prac- tice. TOP RIGHT: QMl D.R. Koklich in ranks for the command inspection. ABOVE QMSR Corbin shoots a fix with the sextant. ABOVE RIGHT: QM2 Jones watches as MMFN Twa plots a course. RIGHT: QM2 BeeLe on the .50 cal. I ' • R I I l i I ■ :■■ LEI I RM i 01 king " ii one " i ' he BELOW li i Harr) hite .11 work on the equipment, -i computet driven i • ij ■• i tape i utter BEL4 k ls i IX V V RM2 I).. n H Bishop RM2 Andrew C. Long RM3 Ruben I RM.! Tony S. Johnson RM3 Darrell G. Miller RM Michael E Murray RM3 Timmj R Weatherepo RM3 Sylvester Wrighl RMS Carj J Brown RMS Mark A Bui hanon RMS rimoth) J I tandridge RMSA Edward A Smith RADIO ADMIN MEDICAL ■ Pachtco mm N I Bryan K rhurmond PNSN r rri ! NSN Ruben Martinet PNSN Mil li...-i I Sew r PNSN Raul R rorwa I r 4 _ TOP LEFT: YNSN Martinez with his sound powered phones after 1A. TOP CENTER: PNSN Seven- mans the status board for UNREP. TOP RIGHT: YN1 Paul Draemer does familiarization firing on the .50 cal. ABOVE: YN2 Craig at the keyboard. LEFT: VN. ' i Pacheco working at warp speed as his wife looks on from her pictures on the wall behind him. TOP LEFT: HM3 Paragas on station few UNREP TOP RIGHT: Flight Quarters in the Gulf with HMl Gerritj ABOVE IFF I Y I Thurmond ..n mount 52. ABOVE: I ' M Carlos Balgos watches tin- Bob Hope ' SO -h..w LEFT: YN KSW I Hanks restows the gear ; p.irt ..t the hose team during the DC M mpics. « CAMERA SHY LT(jg) -Jon E. Strausbaugh PNl(SW) Carlos R. Balgos MMi Voyle E. Coleman QMl Daniel R. Koklicfa RM1 Samuel A. Reddix 0S1 Michael R. Sasz RMl Harrv S. White EW2 Donald D. Miller BT2 Matthew J. Purkiss HT2 Walter F. Rodriguez HT3 Rodnev D. Applegate ET3 Alan H. Bihhv EN3 Michael W. Gilbert HM3 Manuel J. Gumataotao [C3 Cory R. Lawson IC3 Timothy D. McCartney SA Eldon E. Buckett FA Troy V. Jenkins MMFN Maurice R. Kendall SN Kevin J. Martinear FN Christopher Mendoza BTFN Ronald A. Rose FA Dale W. Thomas BTFA Keith A. Wilson HTC Ronald A. Sackett MMHSW) Steven G. Becker YNl Paul M. Draemer FCl Rodnev L. Morton HT1 Larry C. Rucker BM1 Donald T. Smalling BT2 John B. Hofbauer HT2 Raymond R. Price MR2 Andrew W. Repko 052 Jeffery R. Torre SM3 Randy C. Bergren IC3 Fletcher K. Burklev MM3 Daniel A. Goldburne BT3 Hans P. Heppe 053 Eric J. Mazzola SA William A. Atmore FN Daniel J. Farley OSSR Kevin L. Johnson SA John A. Matthew FA Robert E. McCartv HTFN John A. Miller HTFN Douglas H. Spahl FN George Wills " A floating K-Mart " " Over 500 line items " " Barber Shop and Laundry for MSO ' s " SUPPLY - 1 ' S1 S4 DIVISION W- ia . Ft . Quintin l r erido vKs Pat! Gl N Daniel A Worth V V iV ABOVE: SKSN Worth watches the festivities on the night deck ABOVE KK ' .HT: DKl Fernandez counts checks for payday. RIGHT 1 (K Karst hard at work LEFT: SKSN Ferido on watch on mounl 31 in the Gull BELOW LEFT: SK2 Arnone processes chits iti tin- Supply Office. BELOW SK3 ( ;;ir i id clucks in make sure ih - figures add up right. S2 DIVISION I J. Craft .... in i u i. l Vnthonj I lr.i i: r •.,1.. i Garvadc l- i i; i in MS I yrone Williami i s Robert P Buenc l Bryanl Mapp M Ricardo F Roblea MSSA I laniel 1 Smoody MSS .. raid L Steelfox MSSA William H Wright V W V V ABOVE: MS3 Ragan whips up something good for the wardroom RIGHT: The divisional chain of command hoard seems to have a somnolent effect on MSI Abell. TOP LEFT: MSSA Smoodv . I, .,„- the rteam kettles. CENTER: MS Tagle tallies the supplies used. ABOVE: MSSN Buerm checks to be sure SA Roldan is getting all the corners. LEFT: MSI Quesnel and MS2 Craft discuss the day ' s menu. 51 S3 DIVISION sill I Ml s|i Michael I Ihapdelaine Ml Ki niu th I lohnaon SH Lincoln 5H Patrii k Pi rrx Ml Garrcn I ' Hornina ABOVE: Three chairs, no waiting. The Barber S hop was in high gear in the Gulf. SH:! Perry, SHl Vasquez and SHSA Horning man the clippers ABOVE RIGHT: SH3 Chapdelaine takes a break in the Sales Office RIGHT: SHS Atkinson readies the officer ' s and chiefs khakis in the ship ' s laundry. LEFT: SH3 Johnson rolls the change from the soda n ,. Inn. CENTER SH2 Wilson has thi ship ' s store open for businesi Thi weepers and other ships did quite ., bit ol shopping here. B01 TOM SH I Lincoln tak a short break on the machines BELOW: SH2 DelRosario fill the oap bins in thi ship ' s laundrj I he laundrj also did quite a bit ol business for the minesweepers 53 ADVANCEMENTS To Petty Officer First Class l li vW ■ Sti •■■ n f! Beckt To Petty Officer Second Class GMG2 I nomas Byroi tu ■ lohn Hofbauei MR loaeph Pollard KM ! Man in Ringer •-II !(SV ■ Mil Ii.hI Chapdelainc BM Ki nni lb H SH l: dph Repuyan i IS2 Jefferv Ton BM M.irk I iIhtk MK.: Phillip Rl To Petty Officer Third Class BM l I h ra HI RM BM I OS SH h ra RM I s.ii adoi Barrientos Robert Crispelle [ " odd Graj Roberl Hudson Tonj Johnson 1 h..m.i- 1 ewandowski Moss Patrii K Perrj i tordon Strain Keith Whitehead OS3 P itrii k Brewer l l in i lurry BT3 Frani luerriei MM3 I leorge Hunt E M W illiam Kang GMG I Willard Light RM. ' l Michael Murm H 1 lonathon Polit YN3 Bryan Thurmond RM Sylvester Wright BM Ulen I oufal SK PaU Canon H I Darrell Herron SH.; Kenneth Johnson MM I • rr . I ■ HI Jason Miller I ' , I Daniel Pakkala inald Rom EN3 Joseph Whetitell MM. ' i Anthony Zajac ESWS QUALIFICATION PNCM(SW) H Raj Custodia SH2(SW i Michael Chapdelaine BMCS(SW) Michael Freilev YN3(SW) Timothy Hanks EMC(SW) Alejo Cayanan SH (SW I Patrick Perry PERSIAN EXCURSION BABIES MMI ' Law rence Sabia MSI lohn Quesnel EM2 Gilberto Amoguis OS3 Patrick Brewer ET3 Eric Himmelsbach DK3 Daniel Karst BM:t Edgar McWhorter BTA Daryll Stewart MS li rone Williams FC:} David Woods FN Abraham Beltran SN Gerald Price Hoyi Thomas) Boy(John) Cirliliaylenegishal Cirli Brittany! Boyi Anthony) BoyiJoshua) GirliEdgaria) Cirli Kelly) CirliCandace) Bovi Junathon) Cirli Holly i Cirli Nzinga) " It ' s only a rumor. " " We ' re a contingency plan. " " We might be going. " P i H 3 i WE ' RE GONE! J ALL TOO SOON IT ' S TIME TO GO We bad two weeks from the time we knew fot Bure we were going until I,. ,- ii a i a busj ! • • " weeks ia an extreme understatement Supplies had to be brought on to carrj us foi an unknown period, the in Weapons Systems had to be installed, sand bags bad to I " - filled and broughl onboard, and a lol ol maintenance and repair work had to be completed to prepare us for a cruise ol an undetermined length. Everyone put m long hours, and the Engineers were on a 24 and carry on work day rhe " rk was completed in the nick ol time, with the workers leaving just before the brow came up. Everyone Bavored those Ias1 few days, not knowing whal lay ahead. After ., final exchange ol hugs and kisses, on August 28 the brow was lifted and we were Haze ir.i and Underwaj for the Persian Gulf. BELOW LEFT BM3 Ogle and BM3 Nelson tie up thi for the gun mounti BELOW C1WS waiting on the pier to be craned aboard BOTTOM H li Hull and BM2 Johnson an for anything RIGH1 UlTOO-DETOO in place, read) to prote ABOVE; BM3 Spalding and GMG3 Patrick with their families. tBOVE CENTER BM3 Babineaui doeen ' 1 trual the camera- man. TOP: MM:) Sanders and PNSN Cooper lhare i laugh with a friend. UPPER UK ill I n RIGHT CENTER MMi Bradford and CENTER SM! Pi •cfaei get in a final hug. LOWER RIGHT ENC Kirkpatrick and son. -. GOOD-BYE I PPER LEFT: The lines are cast off. UPPER RIGHT: The tugs take a s train. CENTER: A final wave. RIGHT: COMPHIBRON SEVEN came along for the first leg of the trip " ft " Thanks for bringing the boats, but ' " What are you doing here? " " We wanted an LPD. " THE MISSION J SAN DIEGO-SUBIC BAY P.I. ur hrsl i l dow M i he I OUl in S.m e pii kid up luiir patrol im.iis tnr delivery to Poinl i i W • ii o itarted iillin the nine deck with cargo and portable iheltan I in- ni i ii-; ol the jourm i right -ii " i to Subi« Bay, Philippines, which took 19 l i the «.in. we did an I NREP (1 nderwaj Replenishment) with I SNS Mispillion We took on fueJ while traveling al L2 knota in L2 to L6 fool • I I in- Mispillion spenl most " i the time imitating -i Bubmarine, with her forecastle completely submerged al I imes. W -prni .i bus) five days in Subic Bay. Subic i- .i working port, and we definitely worked. Two ni tin- patrol boats were dropped off, the causeway was swapped for a new one, and tons t supplies wen- broughl mi. The " hurt availability also gave u nun ' in get a linlr more maintenance and upkeep dune. UPPER FUGH I ' Puking up the patrol boats in San Diego. LOWER LEFT Cargo for boat operations support LOWER Mil M I] E With the patrol boats tucked safe]) in the ell dei k, we left for Subi RIGHT UNREP in the Sea ol Japan with the Mispillion LOWER RIGHT: Mispillion doing her sub imitation. FAR LEFT: We dropped off two patrol h Subic LEFT TOP: A very useful addition to our load, the causeway. 1 HI We had company .it the pier; AFS Niagra Falls and the carrier Constellation. BELOW LEFT Even more cargo. BELOW: After Subic and Singapore, we caught a few sunrises over the Indian Ocean. GETTING READY - we tailed on toward the Gulf, preparation! ware made t " r entarii hostile 1 1 r« ■ tone We teatad Artoo Detoo with the aid ol plane towing ■ iMDi k miaaile Phe Gunnar ' a Mates gave claaaea on i h - waaponi thai many n! us would be Standing cnn mounl watches with We I mined, mid Imined, and I lien trained BOme mure. After leaving Singapore, the wtmie ship went to Condition Three steaming, with a third of the crew on watch at all tunes. We started thia over a week before we reached the Gulf in order to work ut the buga in the syatem and insure an orderly transition from one condition of readiness i " in. her For instance, from Condition Three watches to General Quarters Stations. BELOW AND BOH TOM I EFT toting the Phalana with ■ towed mlsale I l ' l ' KK RIGHT GMG2 Patera lecture MSSN William QM Clark, MM. ' Kranhouaa and Nl Draemer on the 60 Cal machine gune. BELOW RIGH1 GMGSN Vdamaon conducta 60 Cal training on the meei decks for PNSN lorree, Martinez, l)K:t Karst and BM3 rlsi.n I.OW I ' l; RICH I C.M02 Patera supervises the hands on portion Of M60 training for SN T. Taylor. ,r A -If •£ ' . a- TOP LEFT: BM3 Gentry on a live fire exercise. LEFT: GMG2 Patera and GMGSN Lijjht demonstrate the .50 Cal for SN Martinear, PC2 Peasley, SN Macias and BM2 Hooper. BOTTOM: SMSN Johnson lets it rip. BELOW: GMG2 Etheridge as safety observer while ET2 Goddard familiarizes with the .45 pistol. , ' » : — r DAWN IN THE PERSIAN GULF riw Mount Vernon cruised into the Gull ol Oman right on time and mustered with ' SS Missouri (BB 6 I I Bunker Hill (CG 12) I SS Rang r (( A 61 1, and the tl i SS M iwi (FFG 18), I SS Klakring (FFG I and ii«r l ss a (FFG 21 rhe I 9 fla| tank i Si i Uic City, Ocean City, Gas King, and ias Princeaa lined up, and the convoj beaded for the Strait oi Hormuz. rhe convoj reached the strait on the evening ol October 10 rhe Might) Mo ' and Bunker Hill accompanied the convoj up to th e poinl on the Oman side ,.i the Strait of Hormuz, before turning back to rejoin the Ranger ' s battle group. The MY crew manned their (iciicr. il Quarters stations for the transit through the stnnt. The eight lu ur transit was uneventful, and the Bhip enjoyed a beautiful sunrise over the Persian (or is ii Arabian?) Gull the morning of the llth. TOP USS Missouri RIGHT USS Bunker Hill MIDDLE LEF1 Ducks all in a row MIDDLE RIGHT Our first dawn in the Gull BOTTOM Gun mounts were maimed and read] i we cruised the " swept channel. " J3 L ' zd - ABOVE: DK3 Karat w.,t, hes as the last of the patrol boats float out into Sitra An. boragt I PPER I.KKI The Barbour ( lount) LST 1 195) lor transfer ol minesweep support supplies. CENTER LEFT AND I .l- ' .K I I ' hi -t.irl it . ' . b It I become a regular routine unloading and offloading. HM:t Lewandowski and a helper ready the load on the barge, while BM3 ' s Spalding and Hooper bring it on deck. Bin TOM LEFT VND RIGHT: The children-Conquest (MS( I I - - Fearless iMSO 1221 and Esteem (MSI I I 18), a few nl the chicks that came to the Mount Vernon nest. € Once we cleared the Strait of Hormuz, we wenl to Sitra Anchorage, Bahrain. There we booked up with the Barbour County when she towed in two more minesweepers, to bring aboard tiic MSO support Bupplies. W offloaded the patrol boats and their equipment. The Boat and Aircraft cranes were fast becoming our main battery, moving tons of equipment and supplies nearly every day. We were introduced to the mineswet pera lor the beginning of our long mother — hip role We emulated a floating pier lor them to tie up to and rt • ivi hotel services from. THE GANG ' S ALL HERE Once the word got out that we were open i " r business, h seemed I ikt- every Bhip in the Gull stopped l tnr something We had .ill i t () ■ minesweepers in company, some almoal constantly Sometimes we had .is man) as five alongside at time Willi .i Frigate on the other side " t the ship al the same time, Deck department was stretched t " their limits. u c provided ■ variety " i support, from supplies and fuel i " repairing urgent!) needed equipment We even did underway replenishments to transfer fuel t " the frigat ' All oi these activities required creative thinking t come up with innovative methods oi using the equipment and materials on board t provide the needed Bupport The B . A cranes wire in constant moiioii. even duplicating the function " t I NREP equipment with a modified close in rig for the replenishments at Bee I he LCM-6 boal was used as a mule in move the causeway and served as a tu ' boal to bring ships alongside. RIGH1 rhe children at homi BELOW RIGH1 When not on patrol, the MSOs stayed pretty close I E I I Wi wen pier for ship- in numr in HO ' I I I MnngMrii md I - fuel, the hi| - n right on the quarto i ITI ' KR I.KK ' I: CMC : Patn.1 and »! ' the Gunner ' s Males had pi. chances to practice their aim with H ine. LCDR Laws observing. ABI I LCM 6 boat as a tugboat. LEFT: V, them all, big or small. The helo carrier Okinawa alongside for cargo and fuel transfer. BELOW LEFT: A barge made a handy platform to shuttle cargu. BELOW: Mount Vernon as the delivery ship for UNREP with the frigate Thach. BM.3 Costello on the gun mount. HANDLING IT We took on the role ol VOR l VLVLKA KS] in addition to pro iding medi al itive lupport, and the extremel) importanl poatal services We were the tranafer center for ..MM everything in the Gulf, including meaaage traffii taken on from tankers in transit, and stored in " ur l CAC fuel i. mks. to be later transferred to helicopters, frigates, and minesweepers Stores came .1 1 , .1 r 1 in 16 and 30 ton loads When 1 were on t h - working part) putting Btores away, you fell you could account for even p id ol it Enough mail came through t " earn us the monikei " FPI I Mounl Vernon " Klein 1 it all, courtesy of R Division. BELOW LEF1 MM ,nd BM3 Gentry man the crane. BELOW RIGH1 I Am. »nd DFM ■ . ■ , s- . , BOTTOM LET! Grab a box and pass it on. SN Fortx uid SHSN Perrj atthetopoftl BOTTOM SPREAD: Everybody gel to plaj I " ! Pickett and 1 1 1 ii«.ir pr.. iding the nut le YOU CALL. WE HAUL. NO JOB. TOD SMALL. NO BEACH OUT OF REACH NO .MUFF. TOO TOUCH mm I he mail comes in BELOW I EFT: The I IE! il i I in man] r quin made it necessary for BMCS Freilej and Bos ' n Strausbaugh t " develop more effii ienl fori communication (even to pan just two feet) BOTTOM BM3 Hib MK-i mule in iirr the causewaj lull ut . 1 1 1 1 1 ver to i In ( Ireal tiite W ball I omed . Foi pt COMIDEASTFOR ' a) flagBhip LaSalle. i w ?%» A.. - 7=T LMj FLIGHT QUARTERS, FLIGHT QUARTERS. All hands man your Flighl Quarters ' stations. Smoking lamp is out alter frame L19. All hands stand clear alter frame L19. All hands are reminded to remove covers while topside. GENERAL QUARTERS, GENERAL QUARTERS. All hands man your battle stations. In the Gulf, it ' s not a drill. The Flight Quarter ' s team got a real workout on this deployment. Army, Navy, and Marines, we landed them all. And at all hours of the day or night. Mail, supplies, and visitors kept coming in a steady flow. The whole crew hecame very good at setting material condition Zebra and manning General Quarter ' s stations. You tend to move a little faster when it ' t he- real thing. PPO SITE TOP Mount Vernon, chopper ' s-eye view OPPOSITE MIDDLE Die team. UTREME LEFT: Literally dropping " tt the mail LEFT Frequent viaitoia; Biai h H iwk .nd Desert Duck U ' .nYK Supplies b) VERTREP CENTER Emergencj repaid POP £fSN I orbin and QMSN Me. h on helm and lee helm during General Quartan RIGHT ENTER: The bridge team in action; t M 1 Koklich, QM2 Jones, and II Miranda. ,---r CONDITION III GUN MOUNT WATCH BELOW i i-i B II BOTTOM: Fl I ■ " • ndalli doing maintenance on 1 1 Phalam BELOW I I I I Dl BOTTOM LEF1 Workini oul ihi ihr We were prepared for anything. The Close- in Weapon System (CIWS or Sea Whi on the line. We mounted a full load of .50 I al and M60 machine guns. We added two 25 mm chain guns and two 40 mm grenade launchers as part of our Gulf deployment package, plus we had our three inch .50s. All of these weapons would have been useless without personnel to man them. Day and night, blistering heat or frigid wind and rain, the Condition III gun mount watch standers were on their mounts. On the lookout for skunks, bogeys, and anything floating in the water, these men did their best to insure the safety of the Mount Vernon and her crew. TOP: Sunset on the mount. CENTER: BM3 Connen the sunset. BOTTOM LEFT YN2 Craig going Rambo on Mount 51. BELOW GMG2 Etheridge contemplates another sunrise on Mount 23. VISITORS . were ill " - Middle i populai toui ittrai tion in the lull l he Mou nt ernon ■mi ,.| ..Id, Jala, clij:nil.iri. We made the new» when the new Secretary " i l vi. n ■•■ itopped bj to observe oui ind i apabil I briefed b the ' iaptain, CDR John w Conrad, on " ur runctioni and attributes w lulc taking .« t ur of thi hip 1 li ento im luded thi Pool, and ' able ' ■■ Network rhe halls oi Congress must have been prettj empty, considering the number ol Congressional visitors we had rhe House ol Representatives Bent Republicans Michael Oxlej and John Kasich oi Ohio, and Democrats Bob Torricelli ol ™ Jersej and Mel Levine oi California Congressman Levine repn part of the South Baj .ir.-.i oi I. . as far south ., ce Republican Senator Steve Symms oi Idaho stopped l i " give us his views as a member " i the Senate Armed Sen ii es lommittee All of the Congressional visitors made a stop on the mess decks to entertain comments from the crew. Among the topics discussed were measures t% control pollution in the Santa Monica Bay. the future of the Armed Services, the Continuing Resolution recently passed by Congress in place of the 1987 budget, and the reasoning behind two pay raises Congress received in a year when other areas of the budget were facing cuts. The last point caused some tap dancing that would have done Fred Astaire proud. RADM John McNamara. Navy Chief of Chaplains, and LT Terrv Robertson, COMDESRON 23 chaplain, dropped in unexpectedly to bring us holiday greetings from the Chief of Naval Operations. LT Robertson entertained the crew with stories of his Norwiegian American heritage. GET READY, GET SET, GO! Ml- TOP I I Robertson ■ hing. 0PPOS1 I 1 ' I ■ ' • I II- MM NC( (SW ' Wittei I h went • ili - uune hi h -I I i.. Ohio OPPOSITE CENTER REP« Mel Levine, John Kasich, and Bob Torrecelli answerii OPPOSJ I I- BOI TOM I DR i gave the Secretary of Defenm Franl tour ol the ship, recorded lis CNN III I SN Macias and BM3 CoufaJ happilj equipment I ENTER LEFT: BMl Hull BM2 Hooper and team crane " ti the Stingen BELOW Ready and wain.,; BOTTOM LEF1 With thi -mm comi I relief, tin- USS Portland. BOTTOM RIGHT: The Okinawa and a few ol frigates were hanging around to say goodbye WE ' VE GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE! w , ,, outu there, coloi ua gone I he Pei ian Gull (01 i- il Arabian Gulf?) is now historj foi ua 1 1 « Mount Vernon transited ,,i ol Hormui the evening oi Saturday, January made our own convoy, with the tanker Chestnut Hill ir Delaware and the Frigate John A Moore (FFG 19) ur sentiments were si. iii ' . 1 quite well in the operations Bummarj radioed to f :,. i ,,,, .in COMIDE l ii »R) med Eastward bound .mil beading borne, O ' er the deep blue Beas we ' ll main. e ' ve Bel our las! condition one, You uu -- can now bave all the fun Mom i- lea ing the kids behind, Hope ill ilif mines they will find. The Persian Gulf is now behind us. Soon California ' s where you ' ll find us. TOP We took the Iranian Boghammer home with us. RIGHT. YN3 Thurmond watches the tail of a tanker headed in the right direction — towards home. BELOW LEFT CDR Conrad did the honors for the iirsi sandbag after we left the hostile fire zone. BELOW RIGHT LCDR Frits, SN Tubens, GMG2 Etheridge. and SN Levno help send the rest of the sandbags to their watery grave. " Crossing the Line " " Operation Tropical Island " " Steel Beach " RECREATION J CROSSING THE LINE • entered the r.. .il domain " i Imperium Neptun i.i del iver ins orden He commanded .ill trusty Shellbacka to prepare and examine .ill those who would past through Ins realm i " see ii the} were i • t and worth) " t the honor He further ordered ml i " be held to Belect .1 Queen i " til .11 his tide while he ..l thi final judgemenl on .ill Polywogs petitioning for permission to . - domain fitting Queen «.i found, namely one Olongapo Ho ' , and in due course the Bcurvj Polywogs win- proven fil :m l initiated into the Royal Order ol Shellbacks 1 he Mount Vernon v%.i allowed the honor of through the realm ol Neptunus Rex, King " i the Raging Main POP Davj Jones ami his crew came up from his locker to deliver King Neptune ' s orders CENTER LEFT " Geraldine " Byron. CENTER RIGHT SN Reeee could make some money in Bahrain. RIGHT The contestants, [ " he nanus are omitted to protect the guilty. OPPOSITE CI OCKWISE PROM BOTTOM LEFT ENS Eves wonders if this is really a requirement for SWO PQS; It ' s almost too much for a submarEENer; KN:! Henderson and a friend in the stocks: Picking a cherry from the belly button of the Royal Bab] EMCS(SW) Stowell; YN3 Pacheco coming back from the belly of the sea monster; ENS Martin stops for an appointment with " DR " Koklich: Davy -lones and CAPT Boyce present those found worthy to King Neptune for his stamp of approval. USO SHOWS ! SOFT TOYS AND BOB HOPE iu E Soft l ' . ' - performed on ni Vernon ' s flight dei TOP EUGH1 Wl RIGH I Lead singers for the Soft roj b BOTTOM I El I YN l(S I Hanks wanna up the audience on the Okinawa with his onlj ioke BOTTOM RIGHT Bob Hope and Barbara Eden i " 1 little raft shoe. OPPOSITE TOP LEFT Bob with Connie Stevens. POP RIGHT: Connie ' s daughter, Tracy Fisher CENTER: rhe Super Howl Cheerleaders CENTER RIGHT: Bob with country music star Lee Greenwood. BOTTOM LEFT: QM2 Beebe, GMG2 Patera, and QMSN Corbin on the helo as Santa comes to town BOl 1 1 »M RIGH I Santa brought Miss I SA Michelle Boyer Christmas in the Gulf with Bob Hope and friends on board the USS Okinawa IN SEARCH OF RELAXATION We didn ' t el many holiday routines, hut we enjoyed the ones we did eel Kii.n I XO wat he aa BTFN McCaig ind BTFN Wilson tpalah out for iwim ;ill BELOW I III rhe deep end of the pool BELOW RIGH1 MSSN Steelfox and I Brewer jamming on the flight deck LOWER LEF 1 EM Hicki getting some aud " Tropical (aland. ' LOWER RIGH1 CAPT Boyce soaking up ■ tropical bud OPPOSITE TOP LEP1 MM Isaac and MSI Queanel waitin OPPOSITE [ " OP RICH I Christmas carols on the bridge 0PPOS1 I E CEN I ER I. KM i RIGH I I 1 Suckow and BTS Nicol use their spare time to keep in shape OPPOSITE BOI [X)M I I I I BM3 Hite passes while H l I Charles and SN Brown watch OPPOSITE BOI i " M RIGH1 SKSN Worth, SN Stevenson, PCS Ferrendelli, SN Youngbl i, and SN Oneil L .,.| some rays on the steal beach. - . " T » p -£_ PARTI HARDI l in time New i ■ Two Band: Parti I lardi, the Mount ernon ' i own in I nu i i i i • ink ii up HI I OM KM. II I HM PROJECT HANDCLASP When the Mount Vernon hits the beach, we do more than just party. On our way home, we delivered 20 pallets of books, medical supplies, toys, and baby care items to schools and hospitals in Phuket. Thailand and Subic Bay. PI, The offload at Phuket went down in several stages. For the tirM stage, the VP boat made its ' first beach landing in a long time on Patong Beach. The Lieutenant Governor and Director of Education of Phuket Province met the Captain, CDR John V. Conrad, on the beach to receive the books. Senior staff personnel from the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital picked up the medical supplies later that day at the beach landing site. The remainder of the toys and supplies were brought to the beach by liberty parties. One man, one box. The nine pallets for Subic were turned over to the Subic Bay- Project Handclasp representative upon our arrival in the Philippines. BELOW: The volunteers rolled up their pants and humped the boxes to the beach. RIC.HT: EW3 Pontenberg and SN Petrie stack books as the tourist.- watch " Philippines " " Singapore " " Phuket, Thailand " LIBERTY CALL J PHILIPPINES Grande Island, Barrio Barreta, Subic, And Olongapo City ABOVE LEFT Kim c.n the beach at Grande [aland ABOVE RIGHT The tropical climate of the Philippines rosters lush green landscapes Kl IHT The isol iceful walks BK.I.oU 1 EF I I ike i scene from .1 fantasy, deserted islands lie waiting to be explored BELOW RIGH1 Waterskiing was one of the many sports available OPPOSn E TOP LEF1 At night, the bright Lights beckoned TOP RIGHT The clubs provided a place to relax after the working da} CEN I KK LEFT The - were always ready with a smile. CEN I KK RIGHT The obligatory leepney picture. As fast, cheap transposition. RTD could learn from them. LOWER LEFT SN K las lor enjoys a beer. LOWER RIGHT EW3 Churcheville enjoys the morning after. 6 fc: ! TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Street vendor elling costumes; Pyramid of people on a Hindu temple; Dragon adorning roof of Chinese temple; Chinese village; Bargains could be found with a little effort MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Scenic overview of Singapore harbor; The Mer-Lion, symbol of Singapore; Bas-relief dragon in Balm Gardens; Shopper ' s paradise, with malls as far as the eye can see. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: More sculpture at the Tiger Balm Garden; A monk attending to decorations in a Hindu temple; Vet another dragon, this one in gold leaf on a door; SN Green. SN Austin. (. |(. Prohaska, MMFA Twa, and SN Reece at the Tiger Balm Garden; A Hindu goddess in sculpture. PHUKET, THAILAND TOP LEFT: DC3 Davis tries his hand at the helm of the liberty boat. TOP RIGHT: BM3 Lewandowski. BM3 Gentry. OS3 Moss. BM3 Charles, and YNSN Martinez taking it easv and playing tourist at one of the many open oars. ABOVE: Patong Beach. OPPOSITE TOP LEFT: Everyone remembers the Gonzo Bar. TOP RIGHT: Ops on patrol, sunburnt but happy. OS2 Staten, EW2(SW) Doane. and EW3 Church ville. CENTER: Blue skies, blue sea. white sand and no mines. RIGHT: Snorkeling the reefs with exotic sea life. FAR RIGHT: MM3 Lester and MM3 Zajac on the beach. MANAMA, BAHRAIN pi L j i . - - • 1 1 i Li .]! ■ " l« I- I he libert) I LEFT: G Ihi Mi.; ■ • i nl BELOW n. a Moelern temple on the rood u th Soul BELOI mm die meandering alleyway of the Soul • BOTTOM LEF1 Then were man) imall •: " i in i kimii ( ii Lundberg doing what many did on liberty, hanging oui j i thi i a Sea Club «t i " Finally. " " We can see the Queen Mary! " " The pier is in sight. " HOMECOMING J PORT VISIT LONG BEACH Hi E VN2 Craig ' i famil) to) Uh ethei foi i coordinated welcome ABOVE RICH I I hi I Rama cheerleaders were on hand RIG HI Tin- s, rni ' on the piai m busj and happj BE! OW QMC and Mrs Hamilton BE] OW RICH I l li Bradford ii welcomed bj bia ■rife Hoi rOM MM I I opei with In- family FAR LEFT: EN3 Whetsell gets a hug from Mom. LEFT: A much- reduced YN2 and Mr exchange greetings. BELOW MB Perez and the Mr- BELOW LEFT BTC Siddle and family BOTTOM: SN Macias and family. 95 Cue violins, roll credits! PRODUCED BY: Mount Vernon Welfare and Recreation Fund and LJ(jg) Dean McCowan. HjIJI 1 Ulv Layout Artist, Photographer, Writer, etc Ad Nauseam: YN3(SW) Tim Hanks CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: LT(jg) McCowan, MAC(SW) Sabol, NCC(SW) Wittenmyer, EM3 Hickey, BT2 Hofbauer, MMFN TWA, SH3 Chapdelaine, and SN Savage. VZC7CGMVV r R 21 JAN R« PSN ?. ' R 7n?6 FM MEF MCMCPUOnri TO USS MOUNT VERNON 1 INFO COMPHIBGRU THPFE COMPHIPRON SFVFN FT UNaAS N . ' SUPJ: THANK YOU 1. AS WE BOTH PREPARE TO LEAVE THE ARAPIAN GULF, I WANT T EXTEND MY HEARTFELT THANKS TO THE OFFICERS AND CREW OF THE MT VERNOV F™ A JOP WELL DONE. WITHOUT MT VERNON, WE COULD HAVE DONE THE JOP BUT IT WOUL " HAVE PFEN MUCH HARDER. WHEN THE MSO ' S NEEDED SUPPORT, M T VFPNON WAS ALWAYS THERE. YOUR SUPPORT ENCOMPASSED ALL APEAS, FROM SMALL COMM SUPPORT SHIP AND MSO MOTHER SHIP. THE LIGHT WAS ALWAYS BURNING IN THE PORT HOLE WHEN THE SWEEPS NEEDED TO COME HOME. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER THAN MT VERNON. 2. MANLEY SENDS. BT i 73. 7 NNNN VZCZCGOVVC0351 P 06193TZ FEB 88 PSN 336349G28 FM COMTDEASTFOR TO USS MOUNT VERNON ««« INFO COMPHIBPON SEVEN BT SUBJ: FAREWELL ' . AS YOU CONTINUE ON YOUR LONG VOYAGE HOME HAVING COMPLETED THE MIDDLE EAST FORCE PORTION OF YOUR DEPLOYMENT, YOU SHOULD LOOK BACK WITH A SENSE OF PRIDE ON YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. THE ENTHUSIASM AND PROFESSIONALISM WITH WHICH YOU TACKLED YOUR TASKING WAS NOTEWORTHLY AND ADMIRED BY ALL OF US IN THE GULD. YOU SET THE STANDARDS AS A CARING AND EFECTIVE RESOURCE BASE AND YOU MSO ' S COULD NOT HAVE HAD A BETTER EMENTOR, Y UR EFFORT? MADE A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO OUR MINE CLEARING OPERATIONS AND TO THE OVERALL ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE MIDEASTFOR MISSION IN THE GULF. I. WE WISH YOU A SAFE, FAST, VOYAGE HOME AND A WELL DESERVED REUNION WITH FAMILY AND FPIEW)S. RADM BEPNSEN SENDS. BT 00351 NNNN RR 61425Z FEB 88 FM CJTFME TO USS MOUNT VERNON INFO CINCPACFLT PEARL HARBOR HI COMUSNAVCENT PEARL HARBOR HI COMNAVSURFPAC SAN DIEGO CA ZEN COMEDEASTFOR COMPHIPRON SEVEN BT UNCLAS N ' ■ . SUBJ: PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE 1. I SALUTE USS MOUNT VERNON-HER CAPTAIN, OFFICERS AND CREW-FOR SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE IN A MOST DEMANDING ASSIGNMENT. SUCCESSFUL MCM OPS IN THE ARABIAN GULF ARE DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTABLE TO YOUR MAGNIFICENT SUPPORT AND PERFORMANCE. 2. WELL DONE AND MY BEST WISHES FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS. (S) RADM LESS. BT .2073 NNNN VZCZCGMTT.-815 R 24 1-P-Z FEB 88 PSN 892818H36 FM COMSEVENTHFLT TO USS MOUNT VERNON « ♦ INFO COMPHIBRON SEVEN BT UNCLAS N01P00 SUBJ: FAREWELL 1. AS YOU RETURN HOME FORM A MOST DEMANDING AND HIGHLY VISIBLE DEPLOYMENT, OUR BEST FOR A SAFE VOYAGE AND WELL DESERVED REUNION WITH FAMILY A ND LOVED ONES. YOUR SUPERB PERFORMANCE IN THE ARABIAN GULF WAS DEY TO THE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL MINESWEEPING AND PROTECTION OF SHIPPING OPERATIONS IN THA REGION. CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB TRULY WELL DONE. KEEP CHARGING AND ALL THE BEST, VADM PAUL FILLER. BT . ' 36 15 NNNN VZCZCGMTT085. . ' R 26.35 Z FEB 88 PSN 546126G2A FM CTF SEVEN SIX TO CTG SEVEN SIX PT TWO ??? INFO COMPHIPGPU THREE BT UNCLAS H? ■ SUBJ: USS MT VERNON OUTCHOP 1. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF A HIGHLY VISIBLE AND DEMANDING DEPLOYMENT. MT VERNON ' S RAPID RESPONSE AND INNOVATION ONE AGAIN DEMONSTRATED THE FLEXIBILEYT AND READINESS F THE AMPHIBIOUS FORCES AND SPECIDICALLY MT VERNON, TO ROUTINELY A CCOMPLISH A VARIETY OF TASKINGS. AS YOU DEPART INROUTE A WELL DESERVED AND LONG AWAITED REUNION WITH LOVED ONES, BE PROUD ( F YOU A MANY SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS. PLEASE PASS MY PERSONAL CONGRATULATIONS AND JOB WELL DONE TO YOUR FINE CREW. 1. RADM SMITH SENDS. BT £85. . . NNNN

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