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SURVEYOR 1975 Mt. Vernon High School Alexandria, Virgina Volume 35 We Learn by the Teachings of Others Through the Knowledge of Others We Group Together With Common Interests 4 5 We Shape Our Lives for the Future by Learning Today ... A Career, a Lifestyle 7 We Approach the Limits of our Abilities . .. 8 .. . By Expressing Ourselves Competitively. 9 We Triumph Through Cooperation ... 10 and Individual Effort 11 To Fulfill Ourselves We Strive for Uniqueness 12 SCHOOL LIFE 14 15 The Roaring 20’s: Vampy, Romantic, Exciting Stepping into a room full of magic, A spellbound dream from childhood, Circles of friends snaking through tables Wrapped in red cloths; candles aflame Illuminating the romance; the faces .. . Young girls swirling and dancing Fast, slow, now they boogie .. . The music is alive; it is now— Laughter penetrates the mind Subduing the voices with his own; He says, “Prom Queen: Becky Hulshizer”. 17 Graduation Brings Anticipation to Seniors Graduation is a time for sadness, joy, and anticipation. Although tears were shed in remembrance of past times, past joys, past friends, and past experiences, we look for¬ ward to days ahead. Each person has a new future, a new life, ahead of him. Each per¬ son has mountains of dreams to climb, rivers made of aspi¬ rations to cross, and worlds within their minds to explore. 18 19 Contestants Find Glamour and Excitement The annual F.H.A. Beauty Con¬ test puts a spotlight on the beauties of Mt. Vernon High School. The girls are judged on their appear¬ ance and on their poise. Linda Spofford won the coveted title of Miss Mount Vernon for 1973-74. Last year, as an added attraction, the girls chose one of their own number as Miss Congeniality. Mt. Vernon’s first Miss Congeniality was Rhesa Olson. t Spring Frolics Wild, Unpredictable Entertainment Brain and Brawn, Not Beauty, Are Needed Whispered plans and strate¬ gies prevailed before the pow¬ der puff game between the juniors and the seniors. The game was won by the Seniors 13-12. Despite the aches and pains of grueling practices, there was mounting excite¬ ment as the day drew near. It was in good spirit and fun, mainly, that they prepared for the meeting. As the girls bat¬ tled it out between themselves, the guys cheered them on from the side lines. ■vT ' . ' vA ' t 22 Mt. Vernon Dramatics Provide Social and Cultural Activies § 23 Junior Float Wins First Place Keystoners, Munchkins, and Hot Air Ballons Floats were fashioned after old movies: The freshmen presented “Around the World in 80 Days”; the sophomores aired their imagina¬ tions in “Keystone Cops”; the juniors, the winning float, was “American Graffiti”, and the seniors presented “Wizard of Oz”. As the princesses paraded onto the field, the drums began the traditional roll, and after a suspense¬ ful moment, Mary Ann Danforth was crowned Homecoming Queen. The night took an even greater air of festivity as the Majors stomped Edison by a magnificent 38-0. To wind up the week the Homecoming Dance was the follow¬ ing night. With much laughter, dancing, and congratulations to the queen, everyone was in the best of moods. The entire week was a definite success. Missy Fischer, Janet Kutchmanich Lori May, Shannon Coleman Judy Leffler, Patty Goliash Pam Robertson, Missy Stallo, Mary Ann Danforth (Queen), Lavem Jackson, Michele Manning. Pep Rallies Help Build Teams’ Morale - illBr fr Spirit ... the essence of a football game, basketball game, wrestling match, and the many other activities that are cheered in Mt. Vernon’s fieldhouse. Spirit resounded through the halls this year at pep ral¬ lies as the classes complete for the “pep jug” each week. The Marching Majors a- long with the cheerleaders helped the crowds generate winning spirit. Atheletes’ Achievements Honored at Banquet The Sports’ Awards Banquet gave an opportunity to give special recognition to those athletes who have shown out¬ standing qualities, not only in their athletic ability, but also in their sportsmanship. The eve¬ ning was highlighted by the pre¬ sentation of game footballs to Matt Hanley and Steve Tyson since both had been expected to star on the varsity football team, but could not compete because of injuries. 28 “Good Morning, This Is Radio Mt. Vernon” Every morning this sentence came from the golden throats of “D.J.’s” Greg Coates and Eric Wilson, telling students that they could expect a “morning of music” to fill the halls of M.V. High. r r jp®s t ■ ■ ' y kmmm l mW ' JLr Mt Versatility . .. Talent lies in other places for M.V. John Sotos, Mike Gormley, and Chuck Lee, as well as their fellow teammates, worked together to make the It’s Academic team the best it could possibly be and it was. Mt. Vernon took a close second place in their competition against both Walter Johnson High School and Bishop McNamera. It has been said that all work and no play makes Mt. Vernon a dull school—so, Aldine Ham- maker, John Sotos, and Denis Borum used their ingenuity last November and added a light touch for those students whose day need¬ ed brightening. The three of them could be seen walking through the Media Center, in the cafeteria, loping down the hall smiling at the curious glances. They make up our school. . . and working together the talents of Mt. Vernon, no matter how big or small, add to our knowledge, a- musement, and ultimate growth. 30 , Drama Workshop Enhances Student Knowledge 31 “School” To some, school is merely a distraction. There is too much living to do to have to sit and listen. There are more ways to leam than from a book or a teacher. You can always leam from your surroundings if you pay attention. And if you must lis¬ ten to someone who doesn’t interest you, you can pay attention to what is going on elsewhere. Living is learning. These pages are dedicated to those who know how to live. 33 Mike Yuhas and Company Early this year, a graduate of Mt. Vernon returned for an evening of music. He was, of course, Mike Yuhas. With him was Faisia Baine, (a junior at M.V.), also on gui¬ tar, and our own Mr. Clark reading peotry. Opinions a- greed that the show was a success. Mike and Faisia played their own combina¬ tions and sounded much like the group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. With that com¬ bination, they could not lose. The 50’s A good size crowd milled into the cafeteria and sur¬ veyed the scene. Loafers and saddle shoes, white socks . . . peg-leg jeans and T-shirts for the guys, along with leather jackets, DA’s and “shades”, and for the girls—knee length skirts, and blouses topped with sweaters, along with ponytails and pigtails with ribbons and bows were seen. This nostalgic dance on January 18, 1975 and was a hugh success. Harvey Hubcap and the Do Run Runs lived up to the great expectations of the jitter- buggers and twisters. Faculties Show Spunk The Mt. Vemon-Fort Flunt faculty basketball game was a total success this year, not even dimmed by the victory of the Federals. Amidst the cheers and shouting of fans, Mr. Sparling proved to be the high scorer of the evening, astounding everyone with his 23 points. Red faced Mr. Moffat and Mr. Hyer demonstrated what two principals can really do, while Mr. Gauderout, Mr. Patrick and Mr. McFeature were also among the Majors’ top players. 36 It’s Christmas The Christmas spirit settled over Mt. Vernon this year and mellowed even the worst temper. Parties were unofficially given, carols were hummed absent-mindedly while going to class, and to top off the week before vacation, Mr. Kaz (or was it Mr. Kaz?) walked a- round impersonating Mr. Claus. To round off the old year, candy canes were sent to sweethearts and friends and finally Christmas ; i ■j 37 38 The Book Store, the Book Nook, and the Snack Bar are three ways that organizations have earned money this year. The Book Store is operated by the Vocational Department and sells school needs. The Book Nook is spons ored by the Senior Honor Society. Much of the planning organiza¬ tion was done by Terie Wadsworth, Vice-president of the Senior Honor Society. Old and New books can be bought for low prices, and can be traded when the reader has finished. Although the Snack Bar was much disputed, it has proved to be a success. Sponsored by the Student Government, profits can be earned by different clubs by the upkeep and care of the room. 39 Knowledge Can Be a Dangerous Thing But... 41 43 Even before the school year starts, the Student Government Association begins their work, work. This year’s S.G.A., under the “Debbie Hale Administration”, was quite active. Among some major accomplishments were the Student Handbook, the snack bar, the Greaser Dance and the magazine campaign. A newly formed section, the Activities Development Council, is made up of club representa¬ tives and is a vital decision¬ making unit in the student gov¬ ernment. Contrary to popular belief the S.G.A. is not just a ceremo¬ nial group of officers. All mem¬ bers cooperate among them¬ selves for the benefit of all. SGA Officers: Pat MacDougall; Chris Braun; Debbie Hale (President); Aldine Hammaker; Lori Brown. Senate: L. McGrath. 2nd ROW: N. Smith, Dixie Eng. 3rd ROW: D. Barnett, B. Nichols. The Hale Administration. 46 Pat MacDougall busily fills in the SGA calendar. Is Chris working on SGA—or her homework???! TOSioi Ssutttu? •w» U ’ Lely Uf ..i.iM-i -nur r AV y ( ' TWW 47 The Senior Honor Society tries to recognize all students who ex¬ hibit leadership ability, scholar¬ ship, willingness to serve others and good character. Each member of the Senior Honor Society should exhibit all of these traits. With Kevin Spence as President, the Society has moved to take a much more active role in day-to- day life in Mt. Vernon. Among their many projects were the paper¬ back Book Nook and tutoring stu¬ dents with academic difficulties. Officers: D. Barry, T. Wadsworth, K. Spence, A. Hamel, J. Batchelor, Mrs. Kilpatrick, sponsor. Kevin Spence initiates new S.H .S. members. 49 tst ROW: S. Patrick, S. Lovegren, I. Bafros, N. Conway, S, Funck, P. MacDoufcall, G. Dawson, S. Stumm, V. Brodie, M. Pershing, K. Hamel. 2nd ROW: M. Gormley, T. Crowley, M. Alexander, L. Jones, P. Gorwiltz, B. Klett, $. Klein, L. Stevens, P. Goliash, K. Barnes, S. Barnes 3rd ROW: C. Braun, R. Millson, D. Bicoy, E. Nelsorf, J. Cure, R. Curtis, J. Foltz, L. Mow, T. DunV J Sotos M Wails C Am 1 X ROWy fV. Lindsay, L. Betfhm, J. Akridge, B. Anderton, R. Peabody, C. Brown Kiisk, J. Fauk e. fnd ROW: S. Bizier, J. Rupp, P. Frailey, C. Schdetze, L. Orrik Ruple, C. Barnes, D. Deane, B. Kutche. 3rd ROW: R. Vest, E. Griffin, D Hale, Galvez, M. KinRella, M. Adinaro,_N. Bach, D. Terry. Jjl ‘ ! Rick Curtin rep] trying to kid 1 !?” aou SFIgL ] » tin a: ( (ills mrii !i» man it iiSSti u «g:j inft »»« m ‘!gi! iiwBn i ' BStf The Junior Honor Society, like its counterpart, is simply an or¬ ganization that recognizes excep¬ tional students. Under the guidance of Mrs. Bjorklund, the society gathers together to honor fresh¬ man and sophomores who have achieved at least a 3.2 average. The J.H.S. not only strives to help others, but also to provide enrich¬ ment and entertaining activities for its members. Mary Jo Shine and Karen Bizier expand their knowledge. 51 Where Stars Are Made .. . i The International Thespian Society with Wayne Oshima as President and Marianne Bess as Vice-President put together some very good performances. Early in the year, the Thes¬ pians put on “The Prisoner of Second Avenue”. A superb job was done by the actors, actress¬ es, and crew. Next on their agenda was “Anne of a Thou¬ sand Days”, the story of Anne Boleyn, one of the eight wives of Henry VIII of England. The Stage-Lighting Crew did an exceptional job this year. Led by Eric Wilson and Barry Sig¬ norelli, the crew worked the lights for all performances in the Little Theatre. 52 Thespians practice for opening night. Stage Lighting Crew: P. Unger, G. Lam, R. Landgrabe, B. Signorelli, Mr. Pauley, sponsor, E. Wilson. 53 This year’s Mt. Vernon Band was heavily awarded and highly esteemed by area experts. Starting with a sec¬ ond place finish in the Tobacco Festi¬ val in Norfolk, the Marching Majors were considered one of the top marching bands in Northern Vir¬ ginia. The Stage, Symphonic and Con¬ cert Bands also excelled. Many mem¬ bers of all three of these bands were honored individually by being named to All-Regional Band. Congratula¬ tions to Director of Bands James Dash and Band President Aldine Hammaker for these honors. Due to the extreme size of all of the bands (almost 400 participants), we have not been able to identify all of the members on the correct pages, however, all of the members have been identified in the index. 1974-5: Very Successful Year for All Bands 54 55 rr i --m [arching Majors Introducing: The Marching Majors! l i0%j 57 Bands Sparked by Great Individual Efforts 58 rass II 1 III II U— : .-. 1 I« 59 Pep Club This year’s Pep Club assumed a bigger role in school life than ever before. The club was active both in school-oriented activities and enthusiastic cheering at all sorts of sporting events. Much of the club’s energy was spent in the form of being locker pals for many of the winter sports participants. This was much appreciated by these little recog¬ nized but much deserving ath¬ letes. The Modem Music Masters is a group who practices the fine art of choral and instru¬ mental music. Their main objec¬ tive is to be able to perform sev¬ eral recitals a year. This is the first year for this club at Mount Vernon. The Mu¬ sic Masters is a nation-wide or¬ ganization, and Mount Vernon’s Modem Music Masters is proud to be a part of it. Newly Formed Honor Society ZZZZ- ! « » ' 1st ROW: D. Han rah an, M. Czaja, Miss Hop¬ kins, Mr. Dash (sponsor). 2nd ROW: C. Brown, B. Fitzpatrick, S. Hoglan, C. Sorrells, J. Foltz, L. Dunaway, R. Potter, J. Cox, J. Dawson, A. Hammaker, B. Anderton. 3rd ROW: G. Zim¬ mer, S. Spettek, J. Cure, L. Jones, M. Wales, K. Morrison. 61 Cheerleaders Are Essential for Spirit.. . The Cheerleaders were an es¬ sential element in the development of spirit during the various sports seasons. The Varsity Squad, led by Mary Ann Dan forth, urged the Majors on to victory at every game, showing us their talent and overwhelming versatility. Follow¬ ing the Varsity Squad’s lead, the Junior Varsity Squad performed outstandingly as they sparked many fans and led chants of “Go, team, Go!” As talented as these two squads were, the Freshman Squad was not to be left out. They showed great promise for the future and next year’s Varsity and Junior Var¬ sity Squads will be greatly en¬ hanced by the presence of these experienced and spirited girls. Varsity Cheerleaders: 1st ROW: L. Brown, C. Roberts (co-captain), S. Duckworth, V. Nehlig. 2nd ROW: L. Fullerton, M. Stallo, M.A. Danforth (captain), K. Anderson. 3rd ROW: B. Hamilton, M. Manning, S. Klein, B. Goliash, L. Foster. Anticipation sparkles in the cheerleader’s eyes. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: 1st ROW: P. Flattery, L. Tagg. 2nd ROW: S. Baughman, co-captain, T. Bradley. 3rd ROW: L. Hughes, K. Gatlin. 4th ROW: T. Hipsley, L. May. 5th ROW: M. Boster, C. Harrison, captain. Up, up, and away! 63 BOTTOM to TOP: A. Arkwright, K. Foster, M. Murphy, K. Foster, A. Goliash, C. Du- Vamey, K. Burke, G. Simpson, J. Jones. The cheerleaders’ hard work proves to be re¬ warding. 64 The Mount Vernon Choral De¬ partment under the leadership of Miss Louise Hopkins, performed in front of many packed audiences. The Madrigals performed at places aside from the school, par¬ ticularly during the holiday season. Performing equally as well was the Concert Choir. The Boys Barbershop Quartet was a comical sidelight which con¬ trasted with the rest of the more serious department. Other groups who performed well throughout the year included the Select Girls Chorus and the Beginning Girls Chorus. 1st ROW: A. Miller, L. Gillespie, M. Snyder, D. Fore, S. Klein, D. McElroy, P. tanning, T. Dorough, M. Rhode, J. Cure, T. Tobey, P. Pfan- zelter, S. Pick, D. King. 2nd ROW: S. Bach, C. Basham, L. Hoe, A. Rexrode, L. Dunaway, D. Butler, M. Wentzel, M. Evans, G. Zimmer, B. Signorelli, J. Whitmer, C. Watts, M. Czaja, D. Terry, H. Herndon. 2nd ROW: K. Marcy, J. Donnelly, S. Green, D. Brown, E. Wilson, G. Coates, D. Bowlin, A. Shingler, D. Temple, J. Ward, E. Behrems, P. Clark, C. Carpenter, C. Gibbens. 4th ROW: D. Hug, M. Foltz, M. Peterman, G. Simpson, J. Schulz, D. Tongue, J. Foltz, R. Zoll- ner, B. Palmer, B. Walter, C. Barnes, D. VanDyk, J. Batchelor. 65 HRST SOW. B. Rowland J Jones. C. Urban, P, Lanning, P. Boginis, S. Welzel, K. Gatlin, T. McCoy. K. Stevens, J. Bernard M Fisher L Sumler C. DuVarney. SECOND RO W: L. Fullerton, A. Drexler, K. Lundy, C. Chism, P, Burkard, R. Zehring, J. Childers, K. Foster A Goliash J Womach C D.1?L L ' Ha " ' P N ‘ h " ' M - P ° ' “ " d ' K - Gu " enb " 8 ' B - C “ P " - L - DeWispl ” r ' - N - S. King, s: 66 L to R: B. Signorelli, J. Foltz, S. Brigham, M. Rhode. Miss Hopkins can always be found directing a group in chorus. Unaware that they are being photographed, the Madrigals continue practicing. 67 1 ¥ « i - fl 1 1 f i 1 a! y 4i fit r | St i f Fii , £0k ' wj ftflr 0 V i , 1ft JM r iHk w . ■ - 1 1 V fl ■f ' -W 68 Service for both the school and society is the goal for the Mount Vernon Keyettes. Ser¬ vice for the school was shown by such projects as: the Faculty Pancake Breakfast, hosting the College Night Banquet, and act¬ ing as guides for many occa¬ sions. Service for society was shown by sponsoring a bloodmobile, helping to teach handicapped children to swim, holding a car¬ nival against Muscular Dys¬ trophy, and helping entertain the elderly at Oak Meadows Nursing Home. The Keyettes strive to help others as well as having the satisfaction of ac¬ complishing their goals. FIRST ROW: M. LaRocque, N. Pointon, J. Batchelor, L. Mow, S. Klein, J. Dawson. SEC¬ OND ROW: D. Rungren, M. Bess, C. Barnes, C. Berg, D. VanDyke, V. Kovaleski, V. Brodie, S. Hoglan. THIRD ROW: B. Blackman, P. Frailey, R. Vest, L. Kiisk, A. Hamel, P. Nours, C. Asbury. 69 70 £:• t . • I 4 " This year’s Key Club has been extremely active. Their initiation of a Major Mascot was a long standing joke during the football season. The Key Club continued its tradition of cleaning the sta¬ dium after games and parking cars during the game. The Major Outlook with Cam Kent as editor was a suc¬ cessful venture. The Key Club also sponsored the “Join A Club Week”, a week in which the vari¬ ous clubs presented themselves hopefully to increase club mem¬ bership. FIRST ROW: C. Rowland, J. Wickham, K. Marx, S. Bizier, J. VanDyke, M. Danielli, K. Barnes, J. Marx, S. Bracken, L. Jones, T. Mod- jeski. SECOND ROW: G. Pierides, J. Bona, J. Bena, M. Stoffel, D. Ackerson, C. Kent, G. Lovett, J. Turner, B. Schmitt, P.J. O’Neill. THIRD ROW: J. Daoulas, B. McKeon, S. Marx, B. Kelley, D. Barry, G. Minjack, T. Crowley, L. Kittel, S. Vail. FOURTH ROW. M. Manley, D. Dewispaelere, B. Phillips, E. Dewispaelere, J. Lowden, P. Jacobson, A. Hammaker, J. Foltz, E. Sandland, J. Stevenson. 71 “Sign on the dotted line, and we’ll make you a star!” The Spanish Club Officers: M. Kinkeiia (Sgt. at Armi, Histqr Treas.), R. Wynder ' (V.P.), I. Barros (Pres:); The Spanish Club has been act¬ ive in many cultural activities in¬ cluding participation in the Inter¬ national Dinner and the Christmas dinner for members’ par ents. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Vaughn, the club was open to those who share an interest in the lan¬ guage and customs of Spain. A trip to Spain in the Spring is another activity planned by the Spanish Club. ROW 1: V. Finley, B. Bruce, R Nichols, M. De la Roma, K. Sage, D. Flake, P. Shorten, B. Innis, C. Viols, J. Innis, P. Sturman. ROW 2: E. Nelson, L. Dunn, C. Anderws, D. Terry, D, Golden, C. Kimball, P. Biondelillo, D, Alfred, C. Heiney, C. Basham, M. Castillo, L. Prossen, N. Zaice. ROW 3; R. Collier, B. Harrick, A, Hedgepeth, S. Mary, j. Swanson, S. Murphy, R. Samuels, S. Green, P. Ward, B. Drake, N. Smith, J. Conway, K. Mary. 73 Mr. Vaughn listens intently, as a Spanish student attempts to speak the language. These two Spanish Club members seem to enjoy the language. 74 FIRST ROW: G. Wallace, M. Wallace, S. Manuel. SECOND ROW: C. Irby, T. Porter, C. Condray, B. McCormack. THIRD RO W: C. Hawthorne, R. Beldon, J. Miller, M. Mc¬ Cormack. FOURTH ROW: D. Davis, K. Marx, L. Reynolds, A. Carts. I Spanish Honor Society A real love and aptitude in Spanish are two of the many characteristics that make up a member of the Spanish Honor Society. A study of Spain, it’s culture and customs, is conducted by the Society’s members. Their planned trip to Spain during Easter break as well as their numerous outings to Span¬ ish restaurants should be quite successful. 1st ROW: L to R: J. DelaConcepcion (V. Pres.), B. McCormack (Pres.), M. Kinkella (Sec. Treas.). 2nd ROW: M. Castillo, B. Goliash, D. Galvez, R. Samuel, B. Bruce. 3rd ROW: V. Dunkum, L. Dunn, C. Heiney, P. Goliash. (NOT PICTURED: P. MacDougall, J. Swan¬ son). FRENCH CLUB Gathered together .. . To learn the cultures, The life styles, of the foreign peoples. Speaking: (Parlez-vous francaise?) Listening: (Ecoutez-vous?), Learning: (Apprenez-vous?), a language to further our minds. FIRST ROW: S. Whipps, S. Whipps, S. Klein, S. Patrick, S. Schrage, S. Murphree, D. Lally, K. King. SECOND RO W: C. Golding, S. Poppe, B. Burkard, N. Bach, A. Whiteford, C. Bligh, T. Lovelace, M. Schmitt, A. Spitler, J. Donnelly (Pres.), L. Goodchild, S. West, P. Kowalewski. 76 French Honor Society The members of the French Honor Society are chosen on the basis of their French aca¬ demic record. They are then in¬ ducted into the Society at a for¬ mal banguet in which the older members prepare French food. Among the activities of the members are tutoring, attending French films and having French festivals. FIRST ROW: M.F. Anderson, P. Laskow, L. Qrrik, N. Conway, S. Stumm. SECOND ROW: L. Marsh, L. Ruple, T. Wadsworth, L. Boddie, D. Van Dyk, A. Hamel. THIRD ROW: M. Gormley, D. Bicoy, I. Crowley (V. Pres.), T. Blizzard (Pres.), D. Deane (Sec. Treas.), K. Hamel, C. Lee, Mme Landgrabe. French Honor Society members do their imi¬ tation of Rodin’s “Five Headed Thinker.” 77 They Come, They Read, They Leam The Junior Classical League was engaged in many enriching exercises this year. They studied mythology and related topics and listened to many recordings of Latin Arts. The club also provided cultural background to better “educate” students. An interest in Latin and its importance was the pri¬ mary reason for the Junior Classical League, although membership was open to all. FIRST ROW: I. Barros (Treas.), V. Carroll (Pres.), D. Barry (V. Pres.), K. Robinson (Sec.). SECOND ROW: Mrs. Welch, sponsor, L. Brown, J. Speers, B. Baird, R. Potter. THIRD ROW: J. Ander¬ son, C. Braun, L. Bligh, T. Eaton, D. Ward. Julie Spears muses through a copy of Caesar’s Gallic Wars. 78 German Club With an interest in a common foreign language, these German students ai m to have fun doing German oriented activities. In order to obtain funds for visiting a German restaurant, the club had the usual money-making projects such as, bake sales, candy sales, and car washes. The club also plans to go ice-skating and have German festivals complete with German delicacies. 1st ROW: C. Schuetze, J. Thompson, C. Braun. 2nd ROW: S. Kiisk, B. Super, P. Brant, K. Mahaf- fey, E. McDonnell. 3rd ROW: C. Overdahl, B. Nason, L. Kiisk, I. Grabbi, G. Burman (not pic¬ tured). The smiling members of the German Club plan for the next meeting. . m- H ' M, J • ji jr ! . H m 9 1 4 79 Nuances Are Found in the Concepts of Government A new club on the MV scene this year is the Social Studies Forum. It is for those students who are interested in politics and government. In the fall they went on a three day excursion to Fairfax High School to participate in the forming of a model United Nations. Each person was a delegate from some country and they went through the actual steps of being in the U.N. The club is planning another excur¬ sion in the spring, which will be the North American Invitational Model United Nations. FIRST RO W: COND ROW: J. Griffin, M. Aitken, S. Bixier, Hoglan, J. Dawson. pponsol D. :k, J. stein ' 80 “Should the United States significantly change the method of selecting Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates?” This topic was debated all year by our “lions of the lectum Under the competent guidance of Mr. Garry Jones, the Debate Team gained valuable training while picking up several awards. With one returning champion, David Barnett, along with the rest of the excellent debaters, Mt. Vernon’s teams are a real Challenge for the State Crown. FIRST ROW: M. O’Neil, D. Bamett, B. Kutche. SECOND ROW: M. Smith, V. Lindsay, K. Morrison. THIRD ROW: M. Alexander, L. Philippo, R. Ely. “I think I see your reasoning”, concedes Mike O’Neil. A member undergoes a “critique session by the rest of the team. 81 Art and Forensics Show a Cultural View “He had paid too much for his whistle.” “Hear the sledges with the bells ...” These quotations are quite familiar to many people in for¬ ensics. Members compete with area high schools in events such as Boys and Girls extempor¬ aneous Speaking, Prose, and Poetry Readings, and Oral Interpretation. Speaking is an art. These members with the help of Ms. Ellie Rose, certainly worked their art to perfection. A. Seesholtz, B. Bagwill, J. Spears, L. Alex¬ ander, B. Kutche, M. Strobel, D. Barnett, M. Alexander, M. Smith, K. Morrison, L. Philiipo, H. Herndon, R. Ely, J. Ward. Having fun as well as pursuing the individual’s creative interests was the aim of the Art Club this year. Among the projects worked on were Christmas orna¬ ments, water colors, Peter Max designs, and jewelry. Having many diversified talents made the Art Club very productive. SITTING: G. Burman, J. Spears, S. Phelps, T. Abramson, L. Kiisk, A. Hodgeson, K. Heine, M. Bragg. STANDING: K. Akridge, Mrs. Bellonby, sponsor; J. Froelich, T. Wadsworth. 82 The students who enjoy photog¬ raphy have combined together to share their interest. They are in¬ volved in making video tape record¬ ings, movies, and still pictures. Members can often be identified by their camera and be seen at many school activities such as concerts, plays and athletic events. The results of the club’s better efforts can be seen in their showcase. L to R: T. Dunn, R. Jaussi, M. Okstulsky, J. Hoffman, D. Fetterman, D. Ball, T. Perkins, J. Brodie, L. Kittle, M. Veils, Mr. McConnell, sponsor; R. Potter, L. Passman, B. Rodde, R. Modjeski, M. Conn, J. Vincent, PJ. O’Neill, P.Hallsy. President Rick Potter, winner of the Fairfax County Photography Contest, in action. Mike Voils “rolls on the footage” for the A.V. section. Photography Club 83 Chess Club “Checkmate!” This is the gleeful cry which resounds in Mr. Price’s room as one of Mt. Vernon’s future Boris Spasskys is downed by a future Bobby Fisher, “King” Tony Carts, “Queen” Renee Landgrabe, and “Bishop” Larry Gusman pro¬ vided the inspirational leader¬ ship which helped maintain the high enthusiasm of their club’s members. This enthusiasm was manifested in the fact that chess club members were seldom seen without their chessboards or a game in progress or in the offing. FIRST ROW: L. Gusman (Sec. Treas.), T. Carts (Pres.), R. Landgrabe (V. Pres.). SEC¬ OND ROW: B. Nichols, R. Borg, T. Blizzard, P. Embrey, R. P ointon. Math Team The mighty mathematicians of Mt. Vernon High School swept on undaunted by the many crises in their path. When the energy crisis threatened to put a stop to all math meets, a com¬ promise allowed them to com¬ pete without leaving the environs of Mt. Vernon. An added attrac¬ tion this year was easy access to the school’s computer termi¬ nals. Almost any day after school, one or more of the team’s members can be found diligently working on some problem’s solu¬ tion. FIRST ROW: J. Miller, T. Masterson, M. Alexander. SECOND ROW: B. Roberts, B. Newton, J. Sotos. OH TH- Hi 84 Bible Club: Assuming a More Active Role In the Day to Day Lives of the Students The Bible Club has had sev¬ eral interesting experiences this year. These included a couple who crusade from campus to campus trying to convert more “brethen” to the cause of Christ and daily prayer sessions in E105. Other activities include picnics, roller skating, bike trips, and the “Remnant”, a song group which visited many local churches to share in song and testimony. LEFT to RIGHT: FIRST FOW: J. Cox, M. Todd, B. Stevens, H. Hollowed, P. Brant, L. Boddie, K. Furrow, J. Ward, SECOND ROW: L. Goodchild, D. Tongue, N. Horton, K. Brown, M. Kinkella, K. Robinson, K. Dickerson, A, Carpenter, A, D’Agostino, K. Akridge, K. Morrison, M. Wilso, L. Beahm (Sec.Treas.), L. Dunaway (Pres.), J. Akridge, J. Russell, M. Palmer, D. Verzagt, R. Potter, M. Adinaro, K. Zimmer, L. Miller, A. Stevens, S. Fick, M. Lowry, D. Terry, T. Carts (Not Pictured). 85 Work-Study Programs Enable Students to Gain “On-the-Job” Experience During School 86 ROW 1: K. Walters (2nd V-Pres), T. Mulcahy (Parliamentarian), D. Fee (Treasurer), J. Hudson (Pres.), G. Barker (Recorder), M. Settle (Histo¬ rian), J. Koch (Secretary), B. Weston (Ass. Sec¬ retary), M. Schaefer. ROW 3: D. Deavers, D. King, J. McThing, R. Jones, R. Wheeler, M. Powell, S. Frank, C. Batton, B. Garrett, P. Kersey, J. Bart¬ lett. ROW 5: J. Potter, M. Morris, B. Fabro, M. Millard, G. Williams, T. Hudson, K. Davis. ROW 6: C. Bolton, J. Martin, R. Roberts, M. Hurwitz, T. Bodson, L. Flae, D. Shiflette. ROW 7: G. Pratt, B. Grover, L. Webster, D. Morrison, S. Smith, P. Miller, B. Bamsey, M. McKinney. ROW 8: C. Thayo, H. Gegengeimer, D. VanSlyke, C. Steller, E. Keller, Mrs. Carothers, Mrs. Pullen. The Vocational Industrial Club of America prepares students for the business world and supple¬ ments the regular vocational and industrial courses offered here at Mt. Vernon. Business activities are organ¬ ized to give the club members experience in their vocation and to prepare them for jobs of the future. JLaJjP w -IfS j ml nf : iwim BS BPS ' i. j Im w ' 1 ■ 4 y - ||Bp mBT M ■ . 7i Pi 1 ' i i Imm Work-Study Programs Enable Students to Earn and Learn i L| ftiB i j, mk In ■■ Wim iti J pEJI | J Wn Iv-t Mi 1 1 Wm ' pBHfeJ Mr yjBK ! Jl 1st ROW: Miss Hutchings, L. Jackson, President; L. Ornk, Vice-President; C. Wynder, Secretary. 2nd ROW: M. Stallo, M. Faust, G. Burman, S. Sullivan. 3rd ROW: C. Whitaker, L. Fullerton, D. Pennington, M. Lee, J. Bernard. 4th ROW: L. Estrada, K. Kiefer, J. VanHook, L. Bednar, T. Detelich, V. Brodie. 5 th ROW: J. Froelich, K. Van Dyke, K. Poydasheff, J. Peverall, L. Ruple, R. Lenderman. 6th ROW: B. Nye, S. Andrews, K. Botts, C. Nowak, K. Dona¬ hue, D. May. 7th ROW: M. Gerow, V. Brown, K. Minnie, D. Moore, M. Batton, F. Hilsabeck. 8th ROW: Mrs. Del- rahim, L. Cleveland, R. Wynder, L. Wynder, P. Mullins, P. Miller. 9th R O W: K. Alexander, N. Newcamp. 1st ROW: N. Newcamp (Pari.), D. Glasby (V.- Pres.), R. McBride (Pres.), T. Cheney (Coord.), Mr. Snell, B. Rodde, B. Eppert, H. Cook. 2nd ROW: K. Alexander, B. Keller, P. Morrison, K. Marrinacci, P. Ostrago, R. Stone, K. O ' Roarke, M. Morris, D. Cacho, N. Novak. 3rd ROW: J. Clemmer, T. Abramson, J. Smolins, P. Edenton, J. Parrish, W. Scruggs, J. Shafer, W. Kelly, D. Stacy, G. Dechants. Learning the fine art of today’s businesses is the main goal of the distri¬ butive Education Club of America. The DECA club at Mt. Vernon is a member of the national DECA organization which is partly responsible for the training of thousands of high school students for fruitful and productive careers in the American job market. DECA also encourages students to schedule work study programs which enable students to earn and learn at the same time. 87 Business Motto: Practice Makes Perfect! In today’s society, succeding in the business world is not easy. The Future Business Leaders of America has given students the opportunity to “get a head start”. They not only learn their trade through books, but also through practice. President Christie Davis helped the club along in their goal for a busi¬ ness career. Due to the FBLA, these stu¬ dents can now move one step farther down the road to success. Officers: L. Latos, Treasurer; R. San Farraro, Secretary; C. Paap, Vice-President; C. Davis, President; C. Comstock, Reporter; G. DiNunzio, Parliamentarin; P. Robertson, Historian. FIRST ROW: K. Sage, M. Gaskill, D. Cajigas, V. Casdorph. M. Summers, M. Thornton, S. Nichols, C. Thorpe, K. Carruthers, S. Sutton, S. Bradley. SECOND ROW: T. Withrow, J. Peverall, C. Clark, S. Funck, K. Mahaffey, K. Donahue. THIRD ROW: K. Miner, L. Ruffner, T. Abramson, R. Barksdale, L. Powell. FOURTH ROW: B. Stevens, D. Slater, C. Golding, B. Canaday, R. Alexander, A. Mulford, P. Pfanzelter, M. Danforth, M. Kinkella, B. Isaksen. FIFTH ROW: L. Selkregg, C. Gibbens, M. Douglas, C. Couie, V. Dunkum, R. Palumbo, L. Cleveland, D. Sampson, G. Jackson. 88 “Girls’ Sports Count Too!” The goal and purpose of Third World Athletics is to provide girls with the equal opportunity to participate in sports. This new club was started and sponsored by the Girls’ Physical Education Staff. These girls have partici¬ pated in competetive sports such as Basketball and Tennis. Their main action thus far has been to form a service group whose function is to raise money for Girls’ Sports. Their famous motto for this year was “Girl’s Sports Count Too.” FIRST ROW: N. Greco; E. Griffin; J. dela- Concepcion; L. Gillespie; L. Beahm; T. Rymis- zewski; S. Shafer; M. DeBiase; A. Rice; S. Downing. SECOND ROW: T. Dimarino; P. Denzer; M. Adinaro; P. O’Neill; L. Beaty; L. Sumler; J. Drake; D. Poland; M. Ruberton; J. Anderson; H. Hollowell; L. Adams; V. Wain- wright; B. Foster; J. Midkiff. THIRD ROW: Miss J. Plaugher; S. Mitchell; L. Linden; K. Robinson; E. Donahue; L. Dunaway; K. Hips- ley; P. Shorten; K. Imhoff; P. MacDougall; S. Lovegren; V. Willaims; S. Sowers; D. Las¬ siter; S. Stoffel; T. Arbaugh; L. Meaney; S. Coleman; M. Siegrist; M. Schmitt; B. Super; Miss D. Harlan; S. Tilmans (not pictured). HHI1 X ' V m, X ■ % mu s: • ft ■? 89 “As I put on my skis to race down the slopes of this lofty moun- tioan. I wonder of I’ll make it.” Such is a passing thought in the minds of ski-clubbers. This year, the Club has been ac¬ tive on the high school racing cir¬ cuit. Making a trip to Vermont, they were pleasantly greeted with fourteen inches of snow. They are planning another trip, this time to Pennsylvania, where the slopes will again see the skiing students of M.V. Hi. With even more trips in the planning, it is hoped that the energy crisis does not reappear to spoil them. FIRST ROW: R. Carnahan; I. Barros; M. Wilson; R. Waldrop; B. Presley; R. Potter; W. Williams; A. Schmitt; L. Adams; S. Barnes; S. Kolzak; M. Boster; K. Gatlin; S. Fenstermaker; C. Slinger- land; P. Forman; B. Andrews; M. Gerow; S. Love- gren, C. Collie; A. Beasley; D. Galvez; C. Brown (Tres.); S. Vail (pres); L. Brown (v. Pres.); Ms. Landbloom (Sponsor). SECOND ROW: E. Nelson; P. Merrisick; J. Rupp; B. Osborn; B. Howland; C. Narmi; P. Jocobson; M. Harwood; T. Shana¬ han; M. Skearski; F. Morgan; K. Barnes; B. Bement; T. Detelich. The Ski Club Travels . .. 90 Stuart Pendleton questions his ability to ski! The be¬ ginning of the end .. . aff-%ic k -i BBl Njjl wa jq a gggSW 2 I ' - ttdN i -Jf f R SI.: There are no broken bones in this happy group! 91 Preparing For Tomorrow’s Society .. . In today’s society there are few things more difficult than being a modem homemaker. To help prepare girls for the tasks of being both a mother and a wife in today’s changing world, the future homemakers dis¬ cussed at their meetings such di¬ verse topics as childcare, food preparation, interior decorating and budget planning. SEATED: S. Whipps; C. Bena; R. Samuel; D. Horton; S. Latimer; D. Carwin; C. O’hem; S. Stone; C. Dinunzio; K. Hart; M. Roy; S. Murphree; P. Kowalewski; K. Phelps; P. Ver- zagt; R. Kenney; S. Hart. SEA TED: B. Nye; D. Darden; K. Porter. STAN DIN G: C. Bligh; P. Hours; D. Cajiga; V. Brodie; D. Rungren; C. Schuetze; D. Gouldin. 92 Future Teachers of America Teaching methods have changed over the years. As a re¬ sult, there is a new breed of teachers coming along. It is a goal of the Future Teachers of America to anticipate these changes and to prepare future teachers for them. This year’s club was a success as many left the school confident in their abilities to instruct others. Teaching is a learning process as well, and it is hoped that these meetings will further pre¬ pare the participants to become “Future Teachers of America.” L TO R: C. Poydasheff (Pres.); A. Byrne (V. Pres.); K. Wardinski (Sec. Treas.); J. Donnelly; S. Whipps; K. Knight; G. Peverall. A major part of teaching is learning to write on the board. 93 Science Club This year’s science club was marked by a well-organized at¬ tempt to help students both in and out of the organization with in-school projects. The only stipulation was that the student was interested and willing to work. This year’s president, John Sotos, was an experienced officer who helped the club reach its desired role as an extension of programs offered at Mt. Vernon. 1st ROW: A. Secsholtz; R. Landgrabe; D. Harrison. 2nd ROW: A. Hammaker; J. Spears; L. Goodchild; L. Guzman. 3rd ROW: T. Masterson; B. Roberts; T. Carts; A. Byme. 4th RO W: J. Sotos; J. Foltz; T. Blizzard. “... so that’s where babies come from!” 94 ■rr Literary Magazine Staff: L. Fullerton, B. Innis, K. Mittelman, P. — Ward, C. Burk, Mr. Clark, sponsor; J. Driscoll, E. Weinstock, S. y Hall, B. Wester, T. Loda, S. Green, M. Crawford, T. Cotner, K. t Robinson (not pictured). f A The Young, Gifted, and Black Club is designed to enable stu¬ dents to better understand themselves and one another by gaining knowledge of the Black Culture. To achieve their purpose, the group endeavors to provide a basis for activities of interest for black students. In the past year the club has been on cultur¬ al field trips, movies, and has raised funds through various activities. Young Gifted and Black: TOP: J. Bagely, J. Meredith, P. Dancy, N. Royster, G. Jackson, B. Andrews, J. Mahoney, L. Cleveland, S. Holmes, K. Dixon, B. Jackson, A. Tinnin, B. Sampson, R. Preston, D. Lassiter, S. Downing, K. Dancy, Y. Wainwright, T. Lyght, Treasurer; L. Webster, Secretary; Y. Ashford, Vice President; D. Samp¬ son, President. School Paper Changes Face With several experienced jour¬ nalists and Mrs. Meredith Finn at the controls, the Em Vee Hi Staff, picked up steam early in the year. The “meaty” issues of school life were seldom missed by these industrious staff members. They reported on the many events which occured at Mt. Vernon quite expertly. The greatest part of this experience was that these stu¬ dents took an active part in the publication of journalistic talent. Staff Members: 1st ROW: D. Richardson; S. Scanlon; S. Kunkle; S. Jurasits. 2nd ROW: R. Tagg, T. Wadsworth; B. Kuett; A. Kuett; P. Frailey; J. Rupp; C. Kent; T. Olgilvie. 3rd ROW: Mrs. Finn, sponsor; C. Andrews; T. Dunn; G. Flensley. am . ; ejriu t t tsswu w . .- -c- 96 Organization and teamwork are the keys to newspaper’s success. The wheels of progress grind on. a,: 97 The feeling of fullfillment Surrounds us As we glance back into The past year At our triumphs and failures. We have finished the task That we set out to perform, And the end brings sadness As well as relief. For, while completing the Memory book We also completed a segment Of our lives ... A year of deadlines and layouts ... And during this year we have Worked together, as well as separately, To acheive a mutual goal— The preservation of this year On the pages between two covers— Our yearbook ... Yearbook Staff 74-75 Faculty Sharry Stumm, editor Mary Lowry Karen Dickerson Fresh man-Sophomore Kris Berg Sara Ruple Susan Tilman Junior Class Barb Wood, editor Senior Class Lorri Ruple, editor Laveme Jackson Sports Steve Hopkins, editor Rick Curtis Valerie Kowalewski School Life jane Thompson, editor Organizations Mary Susan Strobel, editor James Ward Mike Ary, staff member Craig Oakley, artwork editor Rick Potter, photography editor Greg Coates, photographer James Vincent, photographer Charles Lee, editor-in-chief Mr. Thomason, sponsor m _ « 1 98 99 100 101 SPRING 74 pia pup s 102 Trying Times Are Times For Trying Despite last season’s moderate record, the Mt. Vernon “dia¬ mond” boys displayed a lot of determination and strength on the mound. The pitching staff was led by Atley Hammaker, who will be returning along with four others in the upcoming sea¬ son. The offensive attack was led by Dale Richter with a .300 bat¬ ting average. The Major’s record, 4-15, by no means tells the whole story. Most of the team’s losses were one point decision provid¬ ing tough competition. Varsity Baseball—T. Hayden, B. Midkiff, J. Hill, B. Clubb, D. DeBerry, C. Hall, D. Cook, C. Thomas, T. Frye, S. Darden, R. Donaldson, K. McNaughton, S. Tyson, A. Hammaker, D. Richter, D. Hubbell, R. Kimble, Coach Yednock. No second chance for this opponent. Don DeBerry burned many batters. Ken McNaughton swung hard all season. 103 Junior Majors Have Successful Season The baseball season last year marked an outstanding pitcher, Bob Rock, who with a 4-0 record helped save two important games of the season. Two of the prominent hitters were Alan Hobbs, with a .419 batting aver¬ age, Rob Ciccone .310. During the middle of the season the team hit upon a four game losing streak, but made a fantastic comeback winning their last three and finishing with a 9-5 record. Last year saw Mount Ver¬ non’s first organized Freshman baseball team. Coach Sparling commented on the cooperation among the players, making the results of the season an overall team effort. After many hours of hard work and diligent prac¬ tice, the season ended in a tight 4.4 record. J.V. Baseball —FIRST ROW: K. Hartman, P. Hammock, B. Donaldson, D. Freaney, R. Roger, J. Griffith, D. Walters. SECOND ROW: Coach Foglio, P. Thompson, M. Cassasa, C. Clubb, A. Hobbs, B. Rock, J. Williams. ■ r ij F ; ror 104 Freshman Baseball—F7 ?.ST ROW: G. Gillison, S. Hammock, M. Crytzer, R. Butler. SECOND ROW: J. Daniels, B. Phillips, J. McGuire, D. DeWispelaere. THIRD ROW: J. Heath, R. Slack, T. Hamden, M. Thomas, E. Seibert. Varsity Softball: KNEELING: L. Beahm, J. Fortney, A. Rice, P. Shorten, C. Taylor, J Drake, L. Collins, L. Gillespie, J. DelaConcep- Midkiff, E. Griffin, tion, E. Vaughn, D. Raines. STANDING: D. Diamond Girls Shine Cocaptains Ethel Vaughn and Cathy Taylor led the Girls’ Varsity Softball team to a very successful season. Their only pitcher and Most Valuable Play¬ er, Paula Shorten, also helped Mount Vernon finish the year with a fine 7-3 season. Their strength in “offense” was only surpassed by that of their “de¬ fensive” unit. With many of the team returning, they are looking forward to another winning season. J.V. Softball: KNEELING: S. Mitchell, J Smolins, J. Lefler, K. Kimble, M. Ruberton, L. Lindon. STAN DING: K. Poydasheff, M. Segriest, K. Imhoff, M. Shine, C. Dunn, C. Duggon, L. McGrath, Coach Plaugher. Toeman Build for Future The Mt. Vernon soccer team only in its second season, was held back largely by inexperi¬ ence. The experience the team had was Gary Etherington, Most Valuable Player. The toemans’ only two victories were against tough team Fairfax, 4-3, and Lee, 2-0. All four goals scored against Fairfax were attributed to Etherington. The Lee Lancers later went on to become District Champs. The team consisted largely of young players whose lack of experience proved to be fatal, but they will be back next season with higher hopes. J. V. Soccer —FIRST ROW: M. Wickam, S. Babcock, A. Gregorie, S. Murane, J. Boyce, D. Christianson, C. Curtis. SECOND ROW: B. Kutche, F. Payne, P. Sylvester, J. Young, S. Robinson, W. Christner. THIRD ROW: D. Schulz, N. Willis, J. Boyce, K. Rapkin, J. Daoulos, B. Carts, C. Boyle. Track Teams Continue Winning Ways It takes a lot of endurance and determination to run four miles and to run the 100 in less than ten seconds. With practice it can be done. Although Mt. Vernon had a young team, they control¬ led opposing teams very well and dominated the field events. Their skill could be seen in the out¬ come of Regionals, when Jack Bass, the Most Valuable Per¬ former, placed First in the long jump, Rick Mathis placed Sec¬ ond in that event, and Brett Eppert placed First in the high jump. Last year’s Girls’ track team, only in their second year, never quite got out of the blocks. In individual sports such as track, scores never quite tell the tale, because in this sport, it is the individual standouts that make¬ up a team. One of these stars is Micky Hamden, who, for the second year in a row represented Mt. Vernon at State, coming up with a First place finish in the 50 yard hurdles. All-in-all the final standings placed the Girl’s team Third in District. Varsity Track —FIRST ROW: T. Weaver, C. Deitzel, B. Eckert, G. Lovett, K. Dilallo, S. Ryan, D. Bruner, D. Harrison, J. Bass. SECOND ROW: J. Louden, R. Philips, R. Davey, E. Hodgeson, Z. Blanding, K. Spence, G. Lewis, R. Higgins, R. Samples. Girl’s Track —FIRST ROW: J. Shaw, C. Braun, M. Adinaro, D. Arnold, M. Carr, T. Demino, J. Moffitt. SECOND ROW: Coach Maddrey, S. Bradley, T. Packard, K. McNaughton, B. Super, E. Donahue, S. Tilmans, W. Cormier, B. Goliash. THIRD ROW: N. Greco, N. Lauter- back, S. Sullivan, K. Braun, P. Clarke, J. Boat- ner, L. Byrd, D. Slater, B Harrick, D. Fieffer, L. Meaney. 107 Racketeers Strong in Individual Talent The tennis team, with only two seniors, was young but there was a lot of individual talent. Although the team did not have a good overall record, several individuals had outstanding ones. The number Two Single player and number One Doubles team made it to the quarterfinals in the District Tournament, and proved to be tough competition. J. V. Tennis—J. Vincent, K.Westrich, M. Cas- sedy, E. Taylor, D. Aikin. BELOW: Varsity Tennis—D. Atkins, P. O’Neill, B. Aikin, R. Pot¬ ter, J. MacDougall, E. Taylor. Muscle, Strength Led by the talents of Mark Hanley, Joe Conover, Dave Looft, and Bret Graham, the gymnastics team was composed of good individual talent. The team made a fine showing, with Mark Hanley and Joe Conover gaining high honors in state. Under the able coaching of Mr. Faulk, the team is once again looking forward to a bright season. Ted Creekmore executes a perfect Gut-leveller on the mat. Bret Graham starts his routine with a Muscle-up. Gymnastics— KNEELING: L. Eckert, M. Danielli, B. Graham, B. Blanding, R. Hul- shizer. STANDING: T. Creekmore, M. Payne, D. Morrison, M. Hanley, D. Wunderley, D. Bicoy. Not Pictured: J. Conover, D. Looft, J. Fox. and Stamina 109 Golfers Chip a 5-2 Record The dedicated golfers finished the season with a 5-2 record, and a third place finish in the Gun- ston District last year. But far surpassing their record was a First Place finish in the Quantico Invitational Tournament, a pres¬ tigious event involving teams from all over the state. Experi¬ ence is attributed to the Golfers’ winning season last year. They can look forward to an outstand¬ ing future with eight returning letterman, led by their Most Valuable, Vic Esola. rtrw J ' l f f fpd I, i mms v« mhb m upgiv 1 mg$ m liSSf 9 B I raixar ■ i IW [fill ML ■ W Golf Team— FIRST ROW: G. Minjack, C. Kent, C. Bombard, R, Zollner. SECOND ROW: J. Marx, MISSING: V. Esola, B. Watts. 110 VARSITY BASEBALL VARSITY SOFTBALL GYMNASTICS Mt. V. 5 Springfield 3 Mt. V. 9 Edison 0 Mt. V. 5 Hayfield 4 Mt. V. 3 Fort Hunt 6 Mt. V. 2 Lee 1 Mt. V. 7 Springfield 5 Mt. V. IS Edison 5 Mt. V. 6 Hayfield 5 Mt. V. 10 Groveton 9 Mt. V. 9 Lee 7 Mt. V. 5 Fort Hunt I Mt. V. 7 Oakton 4 Mt. V. 5 Groveton 8 Mt. V. 7 Marshal] 1 Mt. V. 2 Springfield I Mt. V. 5 Edison 2 Mt. V. 5 Hayfield 4 Mt. V. 4 Lee 2 Mt. V. 2 Fort Hunt 5 Mt. V. 3 Goveton 5 i.V. BASEBALL Mt. V. 2 Edison 0 Mt. V. 3 Hayfield 2 Mi 6 Lee ■ 2 Mt. V. 2 Springfield 4 Mt. V, 14 Fort Hunt. 9 Mt. V. 4 L. B rad dock 2 1 3 Mt. V. 4 Groveton : Mt. V. 4 Springfield 8 Mt. V 6 Edison 8 Mt. V. 3 Hayfield 9 j Mt. V. 5 Lee Jr 7 Mt. V. 4 Fort Hunt 1 3 Mt. V. 7 L. Braddock fH 3 Mt. V. 11 Groveton 10 Spring Sports’ Score Board 1974 J.V. SOFTBALL Mt V. 12 Marshal! 10 Mt. V. 11 Groveton 2 Mt. V. 20 Stuart IP 13 Mt. V. ' 27 Herndon 1 | 6 Mt. V. 5 L. Braddock 9 Mt. V. 20 Edison 14 Mt. V. 7 Springfield 4 Mt. V. 21 Fort Hunt 4 Mt. V. 6 Lee 2 Mt. V. 15 Hayfield 6 VARSITY SOCCER Mt V. 1 Edison 1 Mt. V. 0 Groveton 5 Mt. V. 1 Robinson 5 Mt. V. 0 Fort Hunt 3 Mt. V. 1 Woodson 4 Mt. V. 0 Springfield 3 Mt. V. 1 Jefferson 2 Mt. V. 3 Lee 2 Mt. V. 4 Fairfax 3 J.V. SOCCER Mt. V. 0 Edison 5 Mt. V. 1 Groveton 2 Mt. V. 2 L. Braddock 12 Mt. V. 2 Chantilly 2 Mt. V. 0 T.C. Williams 5 Mt. V. 0 Fort Hunt 5 Mt. V. 89.75 W. L. 89.76 Mt. V. 94 Herndon 74 Mt. V. 137 Woodson 124 Mt. V. 67 Robinson 50 Mt. V. 127 Hayfield 96 Mt. V. 92 Yorktown 98 Mt. V. 97 Stuart 78 Mt. V. 112 Annandale 81 Mt. V. 99 Garfield 82 Mt. V. 114 Marshall 64 VARSITY TENNIS GIRLS TRACK 4 |. FRESHMAN BASEBALL Mt. V. 4 Springfield 15 Mt. V. 5 Edison 1 Mt. V. 15 B.I. 0 Mt. V. 8 Hayfield 2 Mt. V. 3 L. Braddock 9 Mt. V. 9 Edison 7 Mt. V. 5 Fort Hunt 6 Mt. V. 3 L. Braddock 9 FALL 74 Determination Sparks Effort 112 There once was a football team, strong, skilled, and spirit¬ ed. The season of 1974 was a season of hopes and dreams for the forty young men making up the Majors’ Varsity squad. Al¬ though the Majors fought through a season filled with injuries, bad luck, and mistakes, they finished the season with a 2-8 record. Tarnished by a series of injuries, the team soon found what it was like to stick together, to try, to accept loss and to try again. 113 Varsity Football: FIRST ROW: (co-captains) R. Curtis, M. Hanley. SECOND ROW: C. Thomas, J. Bartanen, D. Barry, W. Loy, E. Hodgson, J. VanDyke, B. Mitchell, G. Keeler! W. Thornton, J. Lowden, J. Bass. THIRD ROW: D. Richter, J. Kazlausky, J. Freaney, T. Ogilvie, B. Dunmire, J. Perry, J. Narmi, P. Noble, T. Foster, R. Raeger. FOURTH ROW: D. Spann, J. Doyle, S. Holmes, D. Hubbell, D. Morrison, M. Brown, J. Momingstar, P. Weathers, G. Etherington, M. Ary, M. Du- Vamey. FIFTH ROW: J. Prevost, R. Gulledge, S. Thayer, C. Hall, J. Barron, S. Bracken, Z. Blanding, C. Clubb, B. Childers, D. Reynolds. 114 Frustrating Season Yorktown, the season opener, proved to be a tough competitor, which handed Mount Vernon its first loss. The Majors came right back defeating an outstanding Marshall team, 13-12. The Homecoming Game gave the Majors a long awaited victory, which was a 38-0 shutout against Edison. The final two games of the season were heart-breaking losses to rivals Groveton and Fort Hunt, either of which could have been victories. The Major’s offense had a good showing against Groveton, scoring 19, but the Tigers came out ahead to win, 19-20. In the season finale, the Major’s defense held Fort Hunt to Six points, but the offense could only manage to score three points. Brad Dunmire leads the way for Jack Bass through the Groveton line. John Barron squeezes between two would-be Groveton tacklers. Chip Hall looks long down-field to complete another pass. Rick Curtis, captian and defensive tackle, looks on as the offensive unit takes charge. Randy Raeger turns the comer and breaks away for a touchdown. 115 Experience Experience was the only tro¬ phy gained by Mount Vernons’ J.V. football team during their 1974 season. Repeated losses marked the teams’ record, and their many aspirations for vic¬ tory fell short. Yet, through a season of hard work and prac¬ tice the team gained. Prepared for the rigor of Varsity football, the boys’ have achieved an im¬ portant goal! J.V. Football: FIRST ROW: Coaches B. Taylor, A. Kincel. SECOND ROW: P. Turner, R. Higgins, M. Kinkella. THIRD ROW: D. Bruner, J. Schwar, C. Dietzel, B. Conlin. FOURTH ROW: J. Daoulas, D. DeWispeleare, G. Lewis, M. Danieli. FIFTH ROW: M. Thomas, R. Pietrovito, R. Key, J. Williams. SIXTH ROW: R. Slack, T. Scandling, G. Pattakos, J. Griffin. SEVENTH ROW: D. Bowlin, R. Butler, E. Sheflett, F. Walton. ■ i W rw w f i ft , in ( • V rvw George Lewis finds some running room against West Springfield. Chuck Dietzel falls across the Majors goalline for a touchdown. 116 Frosh Show Promise J. Sable gets ample running room as M. Mathes leads the blocking. Freshman Football: FIRST ROW: (co-cap¬ tains) M. Mathes, T. Eller. SECOND ROW: S. Rowland, B. Hieney, W. McCormack, C. Karmi, S. Doyle, P. Grayson, S. Van Dyke, D. Bracken, J. Rager, D. Richter, R. Far- well. THIRD ROW: S. Garrett, B. Keeler, J. Carlton, C. Daolus, J. Sable, M. Peter¬ man, C. Lee, E. Berryman, B. Baird, J. Per¬ shing, P. Kenney. FOURTH ROW: Coach Patrick, A. Shingler, R. Newcamp, E. Ryan, B. Kolle, C. Carpenter, B. Lynch, W. Hoff¬ man, W. Bumette, N. Delinger, R. Rice, S. Townsend, J. Faucette, Coach Gaudreault. 01 ® IPip- 117 Endurance, Talent, and Desire Field Hockey is a rugged, yet skilled game requiring en¬ durance, talent and a desire to win. The Mt. Vernon Girl’s hoc¬ key team definitely displayed these characteristics in their 1974 season. Successfully ending with a 4-3-1 record, the girls ranked Third in the Gunston District. The season began with a win over T.C. Williams, 7-0, and remained untarnished until a defeat of 2-3 by Lake Brad- dock. Determination and team¬ work continued to make the Varsity Girl’s hockey team a winning team, and a challenge for the Number One spot in Gunston District next year. Varsity Hockey: SITTING: C. Hipsley, J. delaConcepcion. KNEELING: J. Taylor, B. Super, M. Carr, L. Gillespie. STANDING: N. Greco, A. Rositzke, A. Miller, L. Mc¬ Grath, J. O’Hem, M. Shine. NOT PICTURED: S. Carr, C. Braun. ' ._s: ’£ v, . ' X ' lPA ' gig® 118 Although hampered by lack of experience and a dismal season of 0-2-6, the Girl’s J.V. hockey team came out smiling. Spirit, hardwork, and a desire to win gave the girls basis for a great defense. They could never quite get their offense motivated and ended the season with six ties. Some fancy stick work is demonstrated by Sue Carr as she scoopes the ball downfield. J.V. Hockey: FIRST ROW: J. Leffler, C. Ander- ton. SECOND ROW: L. Beaty, J. Anderson, N. Mow, T. Poor, M. Shine, K. Robinson. THRID ROW: Coach Madrey, K. Imhoff, D. Pennington, S. Stoffel, B. Carpenter, G. Dun mi re, S. Coleman. nii.m. - mmmi 119 Cross Country: KNEELING: J. Miller, F. Gerow, S. Kidder, T. Weaver, P. McGrath, E. Gerow. STANDING: R. Gulledge, G. Lovett, C. Bricker, R. Samples, D. Graham, B. Phillips, S. Barnes, B. Schmitt, K. Barnes, Coach Privette. m t % Y] V? | t ) if Hi JP " J [ i J j 4 ) V J § — $ rf j 120 Endurance, Strength and Stamina The 1974 Cross Country team, led by Greg Lovett, w ho placed Fourth in the State Finals, boasted a winning season. Prac¬ ticing early in the morning and later in the afternoon, the team ran, on an average, twelve miles every other day and practiced 880 relays for the rest of the week. Their efforts, however proved to be rewarding, as Greg Lovett, Drew Graham and Brett Samples, some of the outstand¬ ing runners, led M.V. to an 8-4 record. The average three mile meets were generally competitive and close, although on several occasions M.V.’s team had over¬ powering wins. The Cross Coun¬ try team found that a good philosophy to follow was “En¬ durance is our strength.” Brett Samples and Greg Lovett work out along the parkway. Greg Lovett shows his Fourth in state winning form. 121 Girl’s Tennis If you mix talent with spirit, sprinkle it with laughter and hard work, frost with a desire to win, you will have created the 1974-75 Mt. Vernon Girl’s Ten¬ nis team. The season proved to be somewhat successful. The girls accomplished a 5-4 record and placed Fifth in the district. Gunston District remained in awe as freshman Vicky Williams took No. one Singles Player in the district. Kris Berg and Karen Botts combined to take Fourth Place in Doubles competition. All in all, the team showed much improvement and has great promise for next year. The road of success has been cleared and the girls are on their way. Girls Tennis: FIRST ROW: C. Poydasheff P Denzer, P. O’Neill, K. Botts, J. Drake, S. Den- zer, M. Daniel, K. Hamel, D. VanDyk. SEC¬ OND ROW: J. McNeil, L. Beahm, L. Dunaway, V. Williams, S. Lovegren, P. MacDougal, L. Linden, M. Schmitt, A. Rice, K. Berg, A. Hamel, S. Lovegren. 122 VARSITY FOOTBALL J.V. FOOTBALL Mt.V. 6 Yorktown 41 Mt.V. 13 Marshall 12 Mt.V. 21 Annandale 33 Mt.V. 6 Springfield 21 Mt.V. 8 Lee 21 Mt.V. 38 Edison 0 Mt.V. 14 Hayfield 28 Mt.V. 0 Fairfax 47 Mt.V. 19 Groveton 20 Mt. V. 3 Fort Hunt 6 Mt.V. 13 Lee 18 Mt. V. 6 L. Braddock 25 Mt.V. 0 Edison 14 Mt.V. 0 Hayfield 18 Mt.V. 12 Springfield 16 Mt.V. 0 Groveton 26 Mt.V. 6 Fort Hunt 21 Mt.V. 6 L. Braddock 12 VARSITY HOCKEY J.V. HOCKEY Mt.V. 1 Williams 1 Mt.V. 11 L. Braddock 1 Mt.V. 0 Edison 1 Mt.V. 0 Springfield 0 Mt.V. 1 Groveton 2 Mt.V. 0 Fort Hunt 0 Mt.V. 0 Lee 0 Mt.V. 0 Hayfield | 0 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Fall Sports’ Score Board Mt.V. 7 Williams 0 Mt.V. 2 L. Braddock 3 Mt.V. 3 ' Edison 1 Mt.V. 1 Springfield 1 Mt.V. 1 Groveton 0 Mt.V. 0 Fort Hunt 3 Mt.V. 0 Lee 2 Mt.V. 2 Hayfield 0 GIRL’S TENNIS 1974 Mt.V. 7 Lee 1 Mt.V. 3 L. Braddock 6 Mt.V. 0 Edison 8 Mt.V. 9 Wakefield 0 Mt.V. 6 Hayfield 6 Mt.V. 4 Springfield 5 Mt.V. 14 Springfield 18 Mt. V. 8 Hayfield l Mt.V. 14 Groveton 8 Mt.V. 1 Fort Hunt 8 Mt.V. 6 Fort Hunt 7 Mt.V. 8 Groveton 1 Mt.V. 12 L. Braddock 33 Mt.V. 7 Edison 2 Mt.V. 0 Langley 9 J.V. CROSS COUNTRY Mt.V. 16 Groveton 39 Mt.V. 41 Fort Hunt 20 Mt.V. 32 Lee 23 Mt.V. 21 Springfeld 35 Mt.V. 18 Hayfield 39 Mt.V. 22 Edison 34 Mt.V. 15 BI 45 Mt.V. 15 L. Braddock 45 Mt.V. 18 Springfield 37 Mt.V. 16 Groveton 41 Mt.V. 17 Hayfield 39 Mt.V. 19 Lee 37 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Mt.V. 15 Groveton 50 Mt.V. 37 Fort Hunt 22 Mt.V. 35 Lee 22 Mt.V. 28 Springfield 27 Mt.V. 23 Hayfield 34 Mt.V. 32 Edison 23 Mt.V. 25 BI 30 Mt.V. 19 L. Braddock 42 Mt.V. 25 Springfield 31 Mt.V. 15 Groveton 48 Mt.V. 21 Hayfield 35 Mt.V. 15 Lee 4i WINTER 75 Cagers Place Fourth in District 124 The Varsity Basketball Team, whose foundation was mostly juniors, achieved the most suc¬ cessful season a Mt. Vernon High School Team has had in many years. The season started slowly and saw the team suffer some narrow defeats; some lop¬ sided defeats as well, compli¬ mented by only a handful of victories. As the season wore on, however, and experience was gained, the team performed much better and began to win those close ones that they would have lost earlier. The team played particularly well in front of the home crowd, and had a streak of three one point victories in a row. One of these was their victory in the First Annual Mt. Vernon Invi¬ tational Christmas Basketball Tournament, in which they de¬ feated Herndon and Garfield before a roaring holiday crowd. Atlee Hammaker, a standout all year, was named the Most Valuable Player in the tourna¬ ment and Allen Hobbs joined him on the All-Tournament team. Hobbs and Hammaker had been the standouts up to that point, but right after the tourn¬ ament senior Marty Quinn got rolling, turning in consistent double-figure games. Most of the offensive categories were owned by one of these three. High points for the team came in the tournament when they defeated Hayfield, and when they were televised playing Lee. That was a big night even though Majors lost. Marty Quinn gets in a good defensive stance. Atlee Hammaker, in the clear, tries for two. Senior Rick Curtis gives a good hand point. Jim McGuire crashes the boards and pulls a rebound. 125 Winning Season Comes to Mount Vernon Varsity Basketball: R. Curtis, S. Shafer, J. McGuire, T. Ball, A. Hobbs, A. Hammaker, B. Reiley, T. Crowley, B. Pope, E. Quinn. FRONT: M. Quinn (Captain). Coach Hill gives Bill Pope some on-the-court instructions. Bill Pope watches as Marty Quinn attempts a free throw. Alan Hobbs smiles as he knows it’s going in. 126 127 Mt. Vernon’s Junior Varsity basketball team is destined to enhance next year’s varsity team with their talents. Bruce Patrick, the J.V, coach, claims this a good year but a better one next year. Rob Ciccone and Carlos Gilbert stood out as two out¬ standing players, but that is not to exclude the other team mem¬ bers. The J.V. team worked together for their goal, and in doing so improved the team. They had many close games such as the one between Lake Brad- dock and Hayfield. They were heartbreaking losses. Watch next year for the upcoming varsity players; it should be an impressive display. Roy Manuel drives in for a lay up. Carlos Gilbert blocks Groveton’s full court pass. J.V. Basketball: 1st ROW: M. Stoffel, B. Foster, B. Sampson, R. Manuel, S. Marx. 2nd ROW: Coach Patrick, J. Delaconcepcion, R. Needham, I. Grabbi, B. Arbaugh, R. Ciccone, C. Gilbert, T. Harden. 128 Bill Foster throws the ball inbounds. Indrick Grabbi shoots his sky hook. Tom Rieder brings the ball up the court. Steve Rowland looks to pass the ball inside. Freshman Basketball: 1st ROW: S. Rowland, B. Barnes, ML Johnson, T. Rieder, A. Taylor, S. Thompson. 2nd ROW: Coach Sparling, J. Dela- Concepcion, R. Botts, K. Grabbi, R. Rice, M. Harris, K. Zepka, B. Williams, D. Bannister. gt ■ y. Mi a J " al I l ; ' Mm ' r 1 an — The Mt. Vernon Girl’s Varsity basketball team, combining indi¬ vidual talents and team effort, had a fine 1975 season. The varsity squad proved themselves by a major victory over the dis- tinquished West Springfield team, who had remained un¬ beaten for three years. This victory led to wide recognition and the girls were soon regarded as a highly talented team. Hard work and long practices, inspired by Coach Deb Harlan, contri¬ buted to the fact that Mt. Vernon has a winning team. Although hindered by a slow start, the J.V. Girl’s basketball team has enjoyed a successful season. Coached by Miss Allen, the girls have worked with diligence and enthusiasum, and are to be congratulated for their efforts. Varsity Basketball: KNEELING: E. Griffin, J. DelaConception. STANDING: L. Sumler, M. Siegrist, J. Drake, N. Greco, P. Shorten, K. Imhoff, A. Rice, M. Steelman, B. Foster, J. Midkiff, L. Beatty, M. Shine, T. DiMarino. v ... L - - - • - A 130 J.V. Basketball: KNEELING: Y. Wainwright, S. Shafer. STANDING: T. Rymiszewski, M. DeBiase, D. Poland, K. Raines, L. Adams, D. Lassiter, K. Garvey, T. Arbaugh, S. Sowers, C. Christianson, J. Anderson, M. Ruberton. 131 MV Displays Strength in District Tl n m . n Individual achievements and team unity was the formula for this years successful Mt. Vernon Winter track team. Ranking second in district, the teams 2-2 record does not show ade¬ quately the Majors individual talents. Three Gunston District records were established by the Majors at the District Winter track meet held at Mt. Vernon and seven team members rep¬ resented Mt. Vernon at region- als. Outstanding team members are many, field events include Doug Barry, Gary Keeler, Jack Bass, Bret Eppert and Jack Lowden, running events include Kevin Spence, Greg Lovett, Mike Brown, Bret Samples and Drew Graham. 132 Bret Eppert clears 6’4” in the high jump. John Miller makes his move on the inside against Edison. Doug Barry heaves the shot during the Gunston District meet. Jack Bass stretches for every inch in the long jump. Drew Graham, lead¬ ing the field, gives his all. Winter Track; 1st ROW: C. Kent, J. Miller, S. Doyle , K. Dilallo, T. Weaver, D. Bruner, S. Kidder, C. Dietzel, M. Brown, E. Gerow, K. Barnes. 2nd ROW: B. Schmidtt, J. Bass, D. Barry, K. Spence, M. Ary, G. Lewis, G. Keeler, M. Danielli, S. Barnes, 3rd ROW: B. Eppert, J. Mahoney, M. McDougall, P. McGrath, B. Phillips, J. Lowden, D. Galvez, D. Graham, R. Higgins. 133 Outstanding Individuals Highlight Season Despite injuries and inexperi¬ ence, the Majors pulled through another successful season this year. Co-captains John Barron and Steve Gransback led the team, receiving strong support from the spirited fans. Outstand¬ ing team members included all captains: Mark Godfrey, Mike Crytzer, Robbie Kimble, and Shawn Flattery. Coach Kendall is looking forward to another promising season with the return of the experienced sophomores and juniors. 134 IL lllnilimi firriiiini Varsity Wrestling: FIRST ROW: Coach Taylor, B, Percel, R. Murray, C. Roller, J. Barron, S. Gransback, M. Crytzer, M. Godfrey, D. Richardson. SECOND ROW: B. Mitchel, S. Bracken, M. Wentzel, C. Clubb, M. Price, S. Flattery, R. Kimble, Coach Kendall. After successfully scoring a take-down, John Barron struggles for a pin. The referee keeps the points coming in for Captain John Barron. Mickey Wentzel picks his man up to better manuever a take-down. Robbie Kimble moves into a controling position on his unfortunate competitor. 135 J.v. Wrestling: FIRST ROW: B. Paxton, Coach Taylor, B. Allgood, T. Scandling. SECOND ROW: J. Chastain, P. Fisher, R. Hulshizer. THIRD ROW. D. Hulshizer. . T ' Vi’ 11 1 ■ 1 m k - ” -—. _ 136 After the starting whistle, Blake Purcel moves in for the takedown. Expert varsity wrestler Steve Gransback accumulates riding points as he exhaust his opponent. Freshman, Wrestling: KNEELING: J. Kor- manik. STANDING: T. Eller, C. Lee, B. Baird, L. Taylor, W. Blanding. 137 The Girl’s Gymnastics team has enjoyed the rewards of hard practices during their summer and after school hours. Under the excellent and competent direction of Coach Faulk, the girls chalked up a winning season. The Varsity squad at¬ tended the Stafford and Wood- bridge invitational meets and beat many area schools. Each girl gymnist must radiate self- assurance and confidence in order to execute a good per¬ formance, and they must have a strong will and dedication for gymnastics. The girls felt that much of their success was owed to Coach Faulk whose well disciplined coaching was often demanding but necessary. “Thanks Coach!” Varsity Girl’s Gymnastics: FIRST ROW: L. Orrick, M. Manning, K. Anderson. SECOND ROW: K. Burke, M. Boster, L. May, J. Leffler, J. Vollmer, K. Gatlin, G. Simpson. THIRD ROW: S. Kiisk, N. White, P. Unger, S. Vollmer, S. Miller, D. Eng, A. Hodgson. L. Nichols, L. Kiisk. 138 Kim Gatlin flies over the vaulting horse. Michele Manning performs on the uneven parallel bars. Karen Anderson shows her balance on the balance beam. J.V. Girl’s Gymnastics: FIRST ROW: P. Carpenter, C. Harrison, G. Thornton. SECOND ROW: P. Neher, J. Leffler, P. Clarke, H. Johnson, A. Goliash, J. Woodworth, J. Snapp. THIRD ROW: L. Foster, B. Howland, D. Yoder, N. Rosse, K. Foster, P. Farrell, C. Newton, K. Foster, T. Foster, T. Ary. 139 Bright Future Foreseen Greatly improved from last year, it appears that the Mt. Vernon Swim team has a bright future in store for them. Enjoy¬ ing a successful season of 5-2, the team is largely composed of freshman and soph mo res. Al¬ though young, the swim team has demonstrated that it is definitely not inexperienced, but enthusiastic and talented. Coach Gaudreault, along with captains Lee Jones and Karen Botts, have instilled confidence and strong determination in each individual, and spirit has been present throughout the season. Jeb Boyce and Judy Bradley are among those representing Mt. Vernon in the diving compe¬ tition . Swimming: FIRST ROW: E. Moore, K. Quinn, K. Botts, L. Hale. SECOND ROW: J. Griffin, B. Croom, C. Allyson, J. Majka, P. Denzer, A. Hedgepath, S. Hedgepath, J. Watts, P. Robin¬ son, G. Jones. THIRD ROW: Coach Gaud¬ reault, D. Atkins, D. McElheaney, S. Carr, P.J. O’Neil, D. Wells, C. Meyer. THIRD ROW: P. Laskowski, M. Argo, P. Majka, L. Jones. FIFTH ROW: M. Winslow, J. Foltz, L. Fullerton. GIRLS’J.V. BASKETBALL SWIMMING 58 L. Braddock 62 Fort Huai 76 Mayfield 67 Springfield 102 Lee ] 20 Edison 106 Groveton 41 Springfield 28 Groveton 28 Edison 35 Lee 22’ L. Braddock 41 Hay field 1° Fort Hunt 42 Springfield 30 Mayfield 22 Edison 35 Fort Hunt 36 L. BraddoCk 32 Lee 37 Groveton ML ' Y% -i; 1 - ; Fort Hunt » Edison Mi. V- 68 l Braddock Mt.V. 50.5 ■ " Springfield Mt. V. 2nd Gonston District Mt.V. 2nd Regional, VARSITY WRESTLING 55-, L. Braddock 73 Springfield Slllr. ' rHavfield m Groveton G ktiikti.oii 72 Fort Hum ■X- Edison ■ 32 Lee 34 5»nuMoet 0 Robifflgfe .35 HuvGeld : 36 Ami an date ASKETBALL |F6 Lee ?44 Edison i 49 Fairfjfcf 53 Springfield 69 Foujiuftt - 47 Huy field H 62 L.. Braddock 60 Falls Church 62 EdU| 52 L« 55 GrovctMB LING Edison ' L. Braddock H.m a HG Marshall Groveton Yorfctown F .«rt Hunt Robinson Annandak Springfield I RI m MAN mm » ball ■■ 45 Hay field M WH. Lee Sdison i.. Braddock Fort Hunt Groveton Mayfield Soringfield Lee 3 Edison ■ L Braddock Groveton Hayfield Fort Hunt Springfield GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL GYMNASTICS 46 Springfield 43 Groveton 39 Edison 45 L. Braddock 38 Fort Hunt 5n Hayfield 27 Lee 36 Springfield 33 Hayfield 41 Edison 29 Fort Hunt 32 L. Braddock 47 Lee 45 Groveton Edison Fort Hunt t. Braddock Groveton Lee I Edison Hayfield Edison Springfield 142 Freshman Class wm 143 Different Amusements for Different People Linda Abromavich Lucy Adams Cynthia Akagi Brian Allgood Craig Allison Gordon Anderson Kathy Anderson Roy Anderson James Anderton Terri Arbaugh Margaret Argo Anne Arkwright Teresa Ary Tammy Asbury David Atkins Nancy Atkins Brian Avery Dennis Ayo Stephen Bache William Baird Dennis Bannister Regina Barker Dorthia Bamer Walter Barnes Martie Batistas Chris Bauer Margaret Bauer Cynthia Baxter Bradley Beahm Teri Beahm Lynda Beaty Richard Belden Wayne Bement Daniel Bergen Jayne Bernard Edward Berry Edward Berryman Michael Bicoy Harry Biehl Wayne Blanding Donald Blatcher Dianna Blizzard Patricia Boginis 144 David Bracken states, “You may kiss me if you want!!!” Brad Butterfield skillfully does his impression of Mark Mosley. Joseph Bolton David Bona Ronald Botts Kenneth Boucher Mitchell Bowen Adlai Boyd David Bracken Matthew Braman Brenda Brandenburg Margaret Breuel Benita Broughton Alison Brown Cynthia Brown Stanley Bukalski Marguerite Burkard Kyra Burke Wayland Burnette Susan Butler Karen Campbell Scot Canfield Joseph Carleton Robert Carnahan Brenda Carpenter Carl Carpenter Charles Carpenter David Carr Dawn Carwin Evan Caulfield Mark Cavell Anthony Cecci Kim Chang Son Kathleen Chamey Claudia Chesneau Charlotte Chester Jean Childers Cynthia Chism Kathy Christiansen Jeanne Cioffi Christine Coates Martha Golden Brian Cole Hampton Coleman Catherine Condray Joan Conway Betty Copper Donald Cooper James Cornwell Patricia Cox A feather for your thoughts! 145 We Keep Our Eyes on M.V. Spirit... Kelly Craddock Mark Cracchiolo Rebecca Creek mo re William Croom Sandra Crowley Elizabeth Crytzer Beverly Cupp Allen Curtis Rene Cutter Douglas Cypher Katrina Dancy Steven Danielson Christos Daoulas Robin Darden Deborah Daugherty Anthony Davidson Charles Davis Gary Davis Wallace Dawson Margaret Debiase Joseph Delaconcepcion Nicholas Dellinger Christopher Denny Patricia Denny Patti Denzer Douglas Derr Leeanne Dewispelaere Monit Dickerson James Dickinson Linda Dings Kim Dixon Charles Doan Thomas Do rough Shirley Downing Steven Doyle Marshal Drake Virgina Duff Darlene Dunkley Maxine Dunkley Cynthia Dunkum One of Mt. Vemon’s brighter pupils. Ann Goliash displays spirit worthy of Mt. Vemon High. 146 Gail Dunmire Susan Duvall Cindy Duvamey James Easton Rhonda Edwards Scot Ehmer Mary Elliott Robert Elliott Susan Ely Nancy Engelhard! Timothy Esola Tony Evans Dana Evenson Randall Farwell Jeffrey Faucette Warren Fay We Are All Individuals .. Sharing Cheryl Fetterman Gayle Fialkowski Cynthia Finley Melissa Fisher Brett Flanagan Ellen Forrest Sandra Forsythe Elizabeth Foster Karen Foster Kimberly Foster Tracy Foster Michael Fountaine Dallas Fraley Donald Frazier Jeffrey Freund Carol Fuller Linda Fullerton Cathy Furrow Ronald Gabbert John Gallagher Stephen Garrett Karlene Garvey Barry Gates Karen Gatlin Janice George Edward Gerow Dereck Gillespie Lefa Gideon Peter Godfrey Becky Golding Anne Goliash John Goodwin “Two of us? I don’t know what you mean.” 147 Robert Goodwyn Cathy Gorrell Lynn Gosnell Kristjan Grabbi Dorothy Gray Proctor Grayson Elaine Green Janet Greenhalgh David Groover Frederick Grossman Shari Grover Gina Grubb Karen Guttenberg John Hagan Ellen Hagerup Lydia Hale Harold Hall Bradley Hamilton Patrick Hallesy Elizabeth Hallel Dreams are the realities of tomorrow Christopher Hanis Jung Yal Han Diana Hasberger Robert Harley Donald Harris Mike Harris Christine Harrison Kimberly Hart Tamara Hartman Mark Hartung Patrick Harwood Steven Hauptman Carolyn Hawthorne William Hayden Sara Hedgepeth Kathleen Hedges Joseph Heflin Brian Heiney John Helton Jane Hickey Frank Hicks Shiri Hiland Margaret Hildreth Michael Hoffman Steve Hoglan William Hogue Allison Hopkins Beth Hopkins Cheryl Home Rebecca Howland William Howland Charles Hoye George Hubler Randy Huggins Kevin Hutchings Jeanne Innis Jill Isaacson Ken Jakes Alan Johnson Denise Johnson Heather Johnson Stephen Johnson Jill Jones Victoria Jones Kimberly Judy Kim Kaufman Brian Keeler Paul Kennedy Paul Kenny Rhonda Kenny Donna Kerker Lisa Kiefer James Kinder John Kinder Sallie King Mary Klett Curtis Knight William Kolb Theresa Kolodziej Ilona Kolpack Joseph Kormanik Pamela Kowalewski John Kromer Janet Kutchmanich Suzanne Lally Guy Langton Patricia Canning Thomas Laskowski Deloris Lassiter Janice Latimer Richard Latos Thomas Lauterbach Sally Lavinus Jeffery Ledbetter Kirk Ledbetter Jill Leffler Carol Leggett Michael Lewis Katherine Lingan Kathleen Link Contributing; Learning ... The Classroom Is as One • • • Susan Link Christopher Loda Theresa Long Marty Lord Joan Lovegreen Teri Lovelace John Lucas Philip Luccarelli Kathryn Lundy Paul Lusker Cheryl Lyght William Lynch James Majka Douglas March Joan Marks Curtis Martin Theresa Martin Brian Matheny Matthew Mathes Sue Matthews Karla May Eunice Mayo Leslie McBride Thomas McBride Sean McCarthy Allan McCauley Margaret McCormack William McCormack Theresa McCoy Marie McDaniel Megan McDougall Dean NcElhaney Patrick McGrath Lisa McKnight Richard McNeil Regina Mercer Christopher Meyer Lori Michaelson Patricia Mickle Elizabeth Miles John Miller Mark Miller Johnny Mills Thomas Miner Shawn Moe Laurie Montavon Christopher Moore 150 Susan Murphree Monica Murphy Theresa Murphy Grant Myers Mary Myers Carolyn Nalls Christopher Narmi Pamela Neher ' Karla Nelson Richard Nelson James Newborn Roger Newcamp Sheryl Newton Leila Nichols Shelly Nicholetta Terri Niemiec John Norris Judith Oberg Maryanne Obrien Donna Odonnell Cynthia Ohem Lynne Olson Mary Oneil Cynthia Oneill Paige Oneill Brian Osbom Shelly Overton Barry Palmer Robert Palmer Dominic Palumbo Sibyl Pannell Kwang Park Alison Parker Amelia Parr David Pauly Guy Pearson James Pershing Michael Peterman 151 Rosemary Pettersen Elizabeth Peverall Kimberly Phelps Diana Poland Mari Poland Richard Poling Barbara Pomeroy Susan Poppe Teresa Porter Mark Porterfield Mary Powell Dawn Pridmore Cathleen Pufko Jeffrey Rager Kathryn Raines Kathryn Rappuchi Shirley Rawson Margaret Rehme Paul Reinsel Richard Rice Michelle Richards David Richter Thomas Rieder Lydia Riffe Cynthia Riley Patricia Robbins Kathryn Roberts Steven Roberts Chris Roberts Joseph Robey Stephen Rock Alicia Rohweder Richard Roller David Rooford Stephen Rowland Jill Rupp Jim Russell Ed Ryan Tony Rymiszewski George Saavedra John Sable 152 “Just pretend I’m your average, run of the mill fire extinguisher! Ronald Sanders Patricia Sanllehi Jacqueline Schee Amy Schmitt Sabine Schuetze James Schultz Kevin Schwar Glen Scott Karen Scott Robert Scott Jacqueline Scribner Merle Scruggs Laughter is the Best Medicine ... Bradley Scully Garry Scutt Joyce Seay Denise See James Seymour Sara Shafer Edward Shanahan John Shanahan Michael Sharitz Kimberly Shaw Joe Shelby Moira Beth Shine Alan Shingler Linda Siegrist Germaine Simpson Mark Skwarski Annamaria Smith Mark Smith Michael Smith Natalie Smith Nicole Smith Jinger Snapp Lynda Snyder Steven Somers Susan Sowers Martha Spettel Donna Spivey Richard Sponaugle Michael Starcher Keith Step hens Michael Stephney Ann Stevens Ann Stevenson Jerilyn Stocks Edgar Stoops Andrew Strobel Keum Hwa Suk Lydia Sumler Stephen Summers Eric Sweede 153 Archie Taylor Leland Taylor David Temple Matthew Thielke Steven Thompson Wayne Thompson James Throop Virginia Thornton Edward Timberlake Avis Tinnin Raymond Todd Stephen Townsend David Tribble Sharon Turner Connie Urban Katherine Vance Steven Vandyke Susan Vamey Deborah Verzagt Craig Vest William Vickers Jill Vollmer Regina Vuolo Yvette Wainwright Anne Wallace Melissa Wallace Paul Walton Diana Ward Bruce Wardinski Anthony Wassell James Watson Mary Watson 154 Christopher Watts William Wells Sherry Ann Welzel Douglas West Sandra Whipps Teresa White Anne Whiteford Duane Whitener Kelli Williams William Williams Craig Wilson Lisa Wilson Pamela Wilson Beth Withers Robert Wolfe Jamie Wamack Darryl Woodhurst Jill Woodworth Randall Wyszpolski Debra Yates Catherine Yeardley Jacqueline Yost Lance Young Rose Young Teresa Young Nancy Zaice Rhonda Zehring Kevin Zepka Sally Zeppenfeld Michael Zollner Kevin Zuckerman 155 158 SOPHOMORE CLASS 159 A Step Ahead for Sophomores ... Tammy Abramson Linda Adams Claire Adinaro John Adkins Young Ran Ahn David Aikin Mark Aitken Deborah Akers Leona Alexander Debra Alford David Allen Becky Allgood John Allison Janice Anderson Tammy Anderson Catherine Anderton Raymond Andrae Brenda Andrews Susan Anstey Carol Arrington Shelvin Ashford Steven Babcock Joy Bagley William Bailey Alice Baker Dean Ray Bail Thomas Ball Alison Barfoot Gary Barnes Robert Barrowclough Pamela Barry Paige Bartholf Susan Baumann Alen Beasley Bonnie Beckler Deborah Behm John Bena James Beville Pat Biondolillo Samuel Bixler Karen Bizier Deborah Blizzard Barbara Boinest Roger Borg Dennis Bo rum The road always seems endless, when we, as stu¬ dents, must leam to tell the difference from right and wrong. Many times decisions seem so hard to make, so confusing and frustrating. “Shall I follow the crowd, or shall I stick to my own beliefs? “Will I be accepted by my friends, or turned away and laughed at?” We always seem to be so afraid to do what we know is right, and yet ashamed to do what is wrong. Groups must be picked, popularity is as¬ sumed. Shall we be in¬ dividuals or conformists? Decisions, decisions ... 160 Melissa Boster James Boyce Jeffrey Bradberry Kathy Bradley Mary Bragg Pamela Brant Nadede Bray Michael Breen Rebecca Brittain John Brodie Patricia Brookman Catherine Brown Dalton Brown George Brown Gordon Brown Karen Brown Leslie Brown Lynda Brown Marva Brown David Bruner Leslie Bulloss Jackie Butler Richard Butler Cynthia Byrd Gary Carpenter Larry Carpenter Pilar Carpenter Robert Carts Gilbert Castillo Richard Catchpole Susan Chikalla Scott Chriss Douglas Christensen Wallace Christner Diana Cianto Robert Ciccone Petra Clark Clint Cleveland Binette Cogswell Shannon Coleman Bobbi Coligure 161 Teresa Colley Lela Collins Richard Colyer Barbara Combs Brian Conlin Susan Constant Beverly Cooper Wanda Cormier Julie Crawford Bruce Crytzer Linette Culver Tina Cunningham Charles Curtis Rosemary Cutting Diana Czerwinski Joseph Daniel Mark Danieli Richard Davenport Debra Davis Edward Davis Mark Davis Purvis Dawson Jeff Delaconcepcion Laura Delarama We Learn to Respect Other’s Individuality John Demaar David Denton Theresa Deramo Jeff Detelich Dan Dewispelaere John Dickinson Charles Dietzel Kevin Dilallo Theresa Dimarino Leslie Doerty Erin Donahue Amy Douvlas I told those guys that pick-up was on Teusdays and not on Fridays! Does anyone ever READ all these books? wonders Eric Sutch. 162 V Judith Drake Raymond Duff John Dunaway Tracy Eaton Brian Eddy Faye Edenton Karem Elam Thomas Elliott OUie Ellison Patrick Embrey Dixie Eng Laura Epperson Robert Esola Lulu Estrada Pana Farrell Patricia Feeney Susan Fenstermaker Deborah Fieffer Elizabeth Fischer John Flanagan Patricia Flattery Kenneth Fleek Mary Foltz Patricia Forman Beverly Foster Kay Foster William Foster William Frailey Susan Frank Debra Frantsen William Friedman Elaine Fuller Susan Funderburk Harold Futrell Michelle Galloway Johnny Garland Chris Garrett Elizabeth Garrett Timothy Gaskill Kimberly Gatlin Brian Gaupp Harry Gegenheimer Kenneth George Francis Gerow Carlos Gilbert Gary Gillison Debra Glasby William Glossner 163 We Make New Discoveries Lera Goddard Christina Golf Mark Gormley Greg Gransback Barbara Greene Alan Gregorie Charles Griffen Edwin Griffith Robert Grover Thomas Guy Evelyn Hale Lauri Hall Ricky Hall Debra Hamilton Doreen Hamilton Steven Hammock Min Soo Han Eric Hansen Granville Hampton Jennifer Hansell Susan Harley Timothy Hamden Barbara Harrick Jennifer Harris David Harrison Georgette Harrison Matthew Harwood Stephen Heard Joseph Heath Ann Hedgepeth Tony Heflin Karen Heine Douglas Heiney Mark Heinle Margaret Higgins Terry Hipsley Thomas Hix Anne Hodgson James Hoffman Helen Hollowell 164 Terry Hoover Jerry Horton Deann Horton Lynette Howard Margaret Howland Darrin Hubbell Daniel Huffman Debra Hug Leigh Hughes Daniel Hulshizer Keven lllidge Janet Jackson Paul Jacobson Roger Jaussi Kelvin Jennings Jonathan Jewett Daniel Johnson Paul Johnson Randolph Johnson Dale Jones Neil Karalus Randall Karalus Dennis Raster Kurt Keene Lisa Keller Kerry Kelly Debra Kerker Joyce Kems Margaret Kersey Robert Key Michael Kidd Silvi Kiisk Glen Kiltz Deborah Kimble Katherine Kimble Donald King William King Mark Kinkella Phyllis Kiser Lindsay Kittel 165 Daniel Knapp Wiley Knicely Sophie Kolodziej Susan Kolzak Barry Kruse Teresa Krutosik Janice Kuett Susan Kunkle Tina Kutchmanich Debra Lacy Gina Lam Phillip Lanning Patricia Laskowski Dwight Latta Linda Lee Karen Leuppert Carla Lewis Detlev Lewis Fredrick Lewis George Lewis Lisa Linden Regan Linke Robert Lloyd Harold Loder Donna Lore Doreen Lore Jeffrey Loughridge John Lowden Mary Lusker Trent Lyght Shelia Mahoney Paul Majka Bridgette Maness Howard Mann Roy Manuel Kristina Marcy Jennifer Marinacci Deborah Marshall Francis Martin Steven Marx Seita Master Thomas Masterson Duane Maxwell Larraine May Paul Mazurek Jennifer McClellan Margaret McConnell John McDaniel Eileen McDonnell P.J. O’Neil, 100% Major, cheers team on. 166 About ourselves, and our abilities Sophomores: P. Unger, T. Abramson, S. Ruple, D. Feiffer, P. Carpenter, and G. Lam pose before their homecoming debut as flapper. Bruce McElhaney Kevin McGann Tina McGinty James McGuire Brian McKeon Karen McKinney John McTheny Gary Meaney Lynn Meaney Linda Meeks James Michaelson Ronald Miles Alexandra Miller Ann Miller Susan Miller Nadine Mitrovich Karen Mittelman Thomas Modjeski Rebecca Mooney Eileen Moore Pamela Moore Pamela Moranville Ross Morres Mark Morris Teresa Morrison Nancy Mow James Mueller Elizabeth Muster Wayne Myers Brenda Nason Maryann Nedorolik Richard Needham Paul Nelson Robert Nette Robert Nichols Christy Norris Debra Norton Nancy Oberg George Ocain Janet Ohem 167 We become involved in school activities Katharine Olson Paul ONeill Susan Otten Kwang Park Leigh Passman Gregory Pattakos John Paulsen John Paxton Anthony Perkins Bryan Perry Vicrotia Peterson Susanne Phelps Susan Phillipo Brent Phillips Elaine Petrovito Roy Peitrovito Norma Jean Poe Mark Pointon Larry Pollard Robert Pollock Jill Pooley Charles Poynter Gary Pratt Daryl Presley Carol Prosser Rebecca Puckett Blake Purcell Karen Quinn Laura Raines Leigh Rapkin Rebecca Rardin “I don’t believe this girl,” sighs senior Marie La Rocque of sophomore Karen Rickard. Charles Curtis makes himself comfortable while studying in the Media Center. Susan Recore Veronica Redd James Reep Michael Rhode Karen Rickard Barry Rinaldue Kathryn Robinson Martin Robinson Jacqueline Roller Anne Rositzke Christina Rosse Christian Rowland Richard Royce Mary Ruberton Lynn Rundgren Sara Ruple Kim Sage Bradley Sampson Lucretia Samuels Valerie Samuel Charles Sanfilippo Patricia Sanford Timothy Scandling Mary Schmitt Bonita Schoessel Suzanne Schrage Joseph Schrock Joseph Schwar Cynthia Scott Amy Seesholtz Daniel Seesholtz Edgar Seibert 169 And above all we come to respect ourselves ... James Seibert Mark Seria Deborah Seymour Susan Sharon Eric Sheflett Scott Sherburne Mary Jo Shine Anne Shlesinger Jean Shlesinger Sylvia Showalter Pradeep Simlote Mark Simmons Robert Simpson Randy Slack Lori Smith David Spann Julie Speers Amanda Spitler James Spofford William Stevens James Stewart James Stocks Mark Stoffel Richard Stone Edward Stoops Debra Stuckey Chang Ho Suk Jo Anne Sulik Shirley Sullivan Stephan Summa Barbara Super Eric Sutch Mark Swanson Carolyn Sweatt Robert Syfret Paul Sylvestre Elizabeth Tagg Tammy, C. Mark Taylor Susan Temple Karen Thomas Mark Thomas David Thompson James Thompson Chris Thurman Susanne Tilmans Sarah Todd Jeffrey T rilling Cheryl Tronolone 170 i Peter Turner Pamela Unger Donald Vanslyke Naomi Vest Cheryl Voils Sandra Vollmer Ronald Wadsworth Timothy Wales Catherine Walters Brian Walton Pamera Wampler Frank Ward James Ward Jamie Watts David Wells t ancy Wells Pamela Wentzel Stephanie West David Whitaker Nancy White Thomas Whitner Kathleen Why man Mathew Wickham Drew Williams James Williams Victoria Williams Mark Wilson Mark Winslow TuLann Wisniewski Tina Withrow Alison Wood Sharon Woods Clifford Wright Cynthia Wynder Jeffrey Young James Zelloe Katheryn Zimmer Daniel Zuckerman Christopher Zwart Brad Allgood and older sister Becky enjoy lunching together. Who’s been sitting on my John? the phantom camera strikes at the least expected, and most embarrassing moments, testifies Susanne Tilmans. 171 172 173 Assistance is Sometimes Needed Doug Ackerson Natale Addamiano Cheryl Adem Marianne Adinaro Harold Akridge Kathy Alexander Marc Alexander Patricia Almeida Julie Anderson Paul Anderson Susan Andrews Anthony Antonioli Barry Arbaugh Denise Arnold Bill Babbington Nancy Bach Jeff Bache Lisa Bainum Cindy Bames Ken Bames Jeff Bartlett Cara Basham Chris Batistas Bill Bauer Faisia Bayne Linda Beahm 174 Earl Bears Larry Beaver Eddie Behrens Janine Bernard Michael Berry Chris Bibb Bill Blackledge Walter Blanding Connie Boardman David Boarts Charles Bombard John Borror Glynda Bowen David Bowlin Linda Boyd Bill Boyne Stephen Bracken Royce Brademan Susan Bradley Betty Brane Chris Braun Gary Breeden Mary Brickenstein James Bricker Debbie Brigham Scott Brigham Gregory Brown Lori Brown Vanessa Brown Margaret Browning Brenda Bruce Ann Byrne Dawn Cajigas John Campbell Betty Canaday Maureen Carr Susan Carr Johann Carroll Valerie Carroll Virginia Casdorph Melissa Castillo Barbara Caudill Kelly Chapman John Chastain Gregory Childers John Clark Winston Clevenger Chris Clubb Jerry Cogley Dianne Colden Richard Collins Patty Colombo Susan Colyer Debra Comer Deloris Compton Susan Copas Jacqueline Corbin Yvonne Creekmore Anthony Crowley Cathy Cummings “Heaven help me, I forgot to study for my test next period!”, says Leslie Goodchild. “Well, you see it went like this . . 76 Expressions Come Alive Anne D’Agostino Marian Daniel John Daoulas Daniel Davenport Debra Davis Vickie Davis Cheryl Dean Deanna Deane Linda DeCantis Rick Denison Sue Denzer Darrell Dezulovich Ellen Dickson Sandra Dingle Gina Dinunzio Gary Dolinger Virginia Donnelly Don Do novan John Doyle Jamie Driscoll Susan Driscoll Sharon Duckworth Cindy Dunn Corrine Dumont Mark DuVamey Mable Dunkley David Easum Mark Eliott Richard Ely Victor Esola Liz Estrada Gary Etherington Diane Fee Linda Fields 177 Rainy Days Won’t Stop Us David Flake Victoria Finley Sean Flattery Brenda Foglio Leslie Foster Craig Fowler David Freaney Timothy Fredrick Jamie Froelich Tom Frye Laura Fullerton Leslie Fullerton Robert Fulton James Furgerson Richard Gainer David Garrett Sean Geary Michelle Gerow Daniel Gilbert Mark Godfrey Cindy Golding Patty Goliash Lesley Goodchild Stewart Gordon Mike Gormley Michael Gorrell Patty Gorwitz 178 Darlene Goultrey Indrek Grabbi David Grant Wayne Gratz Burce Gray Sandra Green Susan Greenhalgh James Griffin Jeff Griffith Roger Gulledge Larry Gusman Rebecca Guyer Cork Hale Scott Hall Kathy Hamel Barbara Hamilton Clinton Hamilton Mary Hamilton Atlee Hammaker Phillip Hammock Lisa Hansell Christine Harris Sherry Hart Kevin Hartman David Haslen Deloris Hauther Theresa Hayden 179 Can You See What I See? Chris Heine Holly Herndon Joseph Herndon Bryan Hoath Allen Hobbs Arthur Holmes Deborah Home Dan Horton Linda Horton Nancy Horton Michelle Howe James Hudson John Hughes Ronald Hulshizer Heidi Huntington Beth Innis Brenda Isaksen Mark I pock Gwen Jackson Kevin Jackson Debra Jacobs Richard James Tim Jewett Greg Jones Susan Jurasits Barbara Keller Carl Keller Paul Kelley Matthew Kelly William Kelly Victoria Key Stephen Kidder Lyndon Kidwell Kathy Kiefer 180 Robert Kimble Suzanne Klein Barbara Klett Barbara Kroll Steven Kunkle Brian Kutche Gregory Lacy Dawn Lally Renee Landgrabe Brenda Landis Barbara Latham Nora Lauterbach Maria Lee Judy Leffler Stephen Leisner Gloria Leps Fred Leuppert David Lindsay Ann Lindsay Bill Lloyd Terri Loda Sally Lovegren Susan Lovegren Michael Lynch Patricia MacDougall Steven Magel Annette Maglione Susan Mahoney Liz Mandel Cindy Manion 181 What Would We do With No School Lunches? Bon Appetite Phil, you’ll need it. What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Lucille Marasco John Marr Lois Marsh Gary Martelli Joseph Marx Sandra Marvel Joanne Martin Bill Mason Deborah May Clark Mayo Tom McArtor Jim McGlone Lisa McGrath Kim McNaughton Janie McNeil Teresa Melton Dana Mercer Bruce Merritt Jeff Messenger Peter Millson Ann Mione Jill Moffitt Della Moore Lisa Moore Rudolph Moore Tamara Moore Jeff Momingstar Brian Mrozer Tim Mulcahy June Murphy 182 Margaret Murphy Chris Myers Gina Myers JefTNarmi Vicky Nehlig Kris Nelson Joe Nevin Brian Newton Susan Nichols Peter Noble Patricia Nourse Craig Oakley Tim Ogilvie Patty O’Hara Mike O’Neil Bradley Osborn Paul Osbome Elise Otten Carl Overdahl Patricia Ostraco Cathy Pace Renee Palumbo Howard Parker Doreen Porschalk Sarah Patr ick Rebecca Peabody Rodney Pease Stuart Pendleton Clara Perry Marianne Pershing “Hey! This stuff is really good!!”, explains David Flake. “Are you satisfied ' .’”, says Sherri Duckworth as she does a cheer. Debbie Phillips Kim Poland Bill Pope David Post Cathy Poydasheff Robert Presley Jim Pugh Edward Quinn Randy Rager Debbie Raines Cynthia Raznick Jeff Reamy Mathew Reedy Bernard Reiley Frances Rewis Adonica Rexrode Sabrina Reyes David Reynolds David Richardson Bruce Roberts Richard Robinson Robert Robinson Steve Robinson Robert Rock Lisa Rollins Marie Roy 184 Reality of Satisfaction? V ' Myla Steelman Cynthia Steller Robert Stenerson Elizabeth Stevens Rebecca Stevens Stephen Stieneker Luke Thayer ■■ Susan Seminare Michelle Shachnow Scott Shafer Rodger Shaner Paula Shorten Mark Smith Deborah Terry James Thompson Nathan Royster Eric Sandlund Cynthia San Filippo Laura Schwartz Julie Scully Susan Secord Jody Stone Melinda Summers Sherri Sutton William Sweede Frederick Tagg Eric Taylor 185 Patrick Thompson Paul Thompson Joy Thornton Mary Thornton Cathy Thorpe Grace Tinney Gary T racy Thomas Triplett John Turner Kathy Van Dyke Ronnie Woldrop Amanda Walker Brian Walsh Rebecca Walter Forrest Walton Penny Ward Kathy Wardinski Julie Warrick “Suzie, stop laughting and pick up that book! Here comes Mr. Propps!” warns Shiela Wyatt. Steve Robinson relaxes after a late night. Oh dam! I forgot my English book. 186 Juniors Prove to Be Rising Intellectuals Robert Wheeler Susan Whipps John Wickham Christian Wiess Debbie Wilde Diana Williams Scot Williams Roscoe Williamson Nigel Willis Barb Wood Richard Wood Sheila Wyatt Rea Wynder David Young James Young Margaret Zaice Joe Zelloe Richard Zollner 187 SENIOR CLASS Tim Blizzard Joel Cure Anne Hamel Marla Kinkella Tom Dunn Chuck Lee John Sotos TOP 10 Kevin apence Sharon Stumm Joyce Batchelor Lynn Orrik Brenda Abbott Laura Akagi Joye Akridge Henry Aikin James Albert Kathy Alexander Jeffrey Anderson Karen Anderson BRENDA LA JOY ABBOTT. “Rabbit” Activities: Latin Club 1,2; Ski Club 2,4; Medical Club 2; Class Council 1,2; Science Club 1. LAURA ANNE AKAGI. JOYE MELANNIE AKRIDGE. Activities: French Club 1,2,3; Keyettes 2; Bible Club 3; Youth For Christ 3; Girls Athletic Association 1,2; Sports: Volleyball 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Softball 1; Track 1. HENRY BOBBITT AIKIN. ' “Bobbott” Activities: Class Council 3: Sports: JV Tennis 1; Varsity Tennis 2,3,4; Lettered Tennis 2,3,4. JAMES ALBERT. KATHY ANN ALEXANDER. Activities: Fashion Associates 4; DECA 4. JEFFREY B. ANDERSON. “Jeff’ Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1; Spanish Club 3; Sports: JV Track 1. KAREN L. ANDERSON. MARY FRANCES ANDERSON. Activities: French Club 2,3,4; Ski Club 3; EM VEE Hi 3; International Thespian Society 3,4; French Honor Society 3,4; Class Council 2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 2,3. WALTER MICHAEL ANDERSON. “Walt.” ELIZABETH ELLEN ANDERTON. “Beth” Activities: Junior Honor Society 2; Senior Honor Society 2,3,4; French Honor Society 2,3; Modem Music Masters 4; Awards: National Merit Semi-Finalist. 190 i Mary Frances Anderson Walter Anderson Elizabeth Anderton Carolyn Andrews Kevin Apsitis Clifford Am James Ary Cindy Asbury Seniors Show Creative Drive Follow the Yellow Brick Road to our Homecoming Float. CAROLYN Q. ANDREWS. KEVIN CRAIG APSITIS. CLIFFORD CURTIS ARN. “Clif” Activities: Senior Honor Society 2,3,4. JAMES MICHAEL ARY. “Mike” Activities SURVEYOR 4; EM VEE HI 3; Sports: JV Spring Track 1,2; Varsity Spring Track 3,4; Varsity Winter Track 4; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Awards: Steven A. Klick Award. CINDY LYNN ASBURY. Activities: Ski Club 1; German Club 2; Keyettes 4; Drill Team 4; Junior Honor Society 1. 191 EDWARD LEON ASHFORD. “Eddie” Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Ebony Club 1; Young, Gifted, and Black Club 3; Band Vice President 3; Drum Major 2,3; Sports: Track 2,4. YVONNE ASHFORD. DAVID M. ATKINS. SUSAN JEAN BACH. Activities: French Club 1,2,3, (President, 2); Junior Honor Society 2; Begin¬ ning Girls Chorus 1; Select Girls Chorus 2; Madrigals 3,4; All-Reginal Chorus 2,3,4; Swing Choir 3. ROBERT L. BADEN. ROBERT H. BAGWILL. ANNEW. BAIRD. SUZANNE BALLIF. “Suzie”. PAMELA MARIE BANDISH. “Pam” Activities: Home Ec. Club 4. RHONDA LORRAINE BARKSDALE. Activities: Future Business Leaders of America 3,4; Young, Gifted, and Black 4. STEVE ROBERT BARNES. Activities: Key Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Language Club 2; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Sports: JV Cross Country 3; Varsity Cross Country 4; Winter Track 3,4; Spring Track 3,4. DAVID EUGENE BARNETT. Activities: Debate 2,3,4; SGA Senator 4; Forensics 2,3,4 (President 4); Awards: Virginia State Champion 3; Octafinals, Georgetown University 4; First Place Speaker V.H.S.L. Debate 3; Semi-Finalist W.S.H.S. Invitational 4; Guston District Champion 3; Northern Regional Champion 3. MICHAEL ANTHONY BARR. “Mike” Activities: Freshman Honor Society 1; Sports: JV Football 2 . JOHN VINCENT BARRON. Sports: Varsity football 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4, (Captain 4). Marie LaRocque models her fashion¬ able ensemble. Edward Ashford Yvonne Ashford David Atkins Susan Bach Robert Baden Robert Bagwill Anne Baird Suzanne Ballif Pamela Bandish Rhonda Barksdale Steve Barnes David Barnett 192 ISABEL MEARA BARROS. Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 (President 4); Latin Club 1,2,3,4 (President 3, Treasurer 4); Science 2,3: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4 (Vice President 3); Senior Honor Society 2,3,4; Ski Club 4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Sports: Softball 1,2. DOUGLAS ANDREW BARRY. “Dougie Boo Boo” Activities: Fairfax Annual Model United Nations 4; National Annual Model United Nations 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4 (Secretary); Latin Club 1,2,3,4 (Vice President, Editor of Latin Newspaper); Social Studies Club Vice President 4; Key Club 1,2,3,4 (Historian); Class Council 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 4; Choruses 1,2,3,4; Powder Puff Coach 3,4; National Safety Council (Junior and Senior) 3,4; Awards: Who’s Who in American High Schools: Boy’s State (Mayor, Chairman of City’s Party); Boy’s State Citizenship Medal; Sports: Football (Freshman 1, JV 2, Varsity 3,4); Basketball (Freshman 1, JV 2); Spring Track 1; Varsity Track 2,3.4; JV Wrestling 3; Varsity Winter Track (Captain) 4. JOHN ANDREW BARTANEN. Sports: JV Football 2; Varsity Football 4; Freshman Basketball 1; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3. JACK B. BASS. JOYCE LYNN BATCHELOR. Activities: Keyettes 4; Senior Honor Society 3,4, (Historian); Junior Honor Society 1,2; Class Council 1,2,3,4; FT A 1; French Honor Society 2,3; French Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Awards: Girl’s State. RAYMOND RICHARD BAUMANN. “Ray” Activities: Rocky Mt. Climbing Club 2,3,4; Explorers Club 1,2,3,4; Sports: Varsity Soccer 3,4. CARA DIANE BEASLEY. “JB” Activities: Drill Team 3,4; Majorettes 1,2; Class Council 1,2,3,4; FBLA (Vice-President); Teacher Assistant Elementary School; Awards: State Champion Majorette Team 1; Sports: Varsity Girl’s Gymnastic Team 1,2. SUSAN E. BEASLEY. BEVERLY ANN BEMENT. “Beaver” Activities: Ski Club 2,3,4; Drill Team 3,4; Explorers Club (Vice-President 3, President 4). CLARE ELIZABETH BENA. Activities: FHA 1,2,4; French Club 1; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Drill Team 2,3; Fashion Merchandising Club 4. Michael Barr John Barron Isabel Barros Douglas Barry John Bartanen Jack Bass Joyce Batchelor Raymond Baumann Cara Beasley Susan Beasley Beverly Bement Clare Ben a Dear Santa ...” Melannie Akridge begins Optimism and Teamwork Produce Results Kristine Berg Marianne Bess Jennifer Bicoy John Bigler Steven Bizier Barbara Blackman Robert Blake Debra Blesso Carol Bligh Timothy Blizzard Sandra Blunt Laurie Boddie 194 KRISTINE MARGARET BERG. “Kris” Activities: Keyettes 4; Fashion Assoc 4; SURVEYOR 4; EM Vee Hi 4; Third World Athletic Club 4; Varsity Tennis 3,4. MARIANNE BESS. Activities: Keyettes 3,4; Thespian Society 2,3,4 (President, 4); Best Actress Award 3. JENNIFER JOY BICOY. “Jenny” Activities: DECA. JOHN DENNIS BIGLER. STEVEN PAUL BIZIER. Activities: Senior Honor Society 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Intemation Relations Club 2,3; Social Studies Forum 4 (President, 4); Senior Senator, 4; Chess Club, 2,3; Debate 2,3; 1st Place FAMUN 3. BARBARA ANN BLACKMAN. Activities: Cheerleading 1,2; Drill Team 3; FBLA 3,4; Ski Club 4; Keyettes 4; Teen Dems 3,4; Medical Explorers 4. ROBERT RUSSELL BLAKE. “Bob” Activities: Spanish Club 4; History Forum 4; SURVEYOR 1; Football 1. DEBRA ANN BLESSO. CAROL ISABEL BLIGH. “Tutee” Activities: French Club 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 3; F.H.A. 3.4; Class Council 3,4; Select Girls Chorus 4. TIMOTHY A BLIZZARD. “Tim” Activities: Chess Club 3,4; Science Club 3,4; French Honor Society 2,3,4, (Presi¬ dent 4); Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4. SANDRA BLUNT LAURIE SUE MARY BODDIE. Activities: French Club 1,2; French Honor Society 2,3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; FHA 1,2; Class Council 2,3,4; Keyettes 3,4; Bible Club 3,4. WILLIAM STERNE BOLTE. “Bill” Activities: FBLA 4; Spanish Club 2; Photo Arts Club 4; Football 1; Base¬ ball 2; Basketball 2. THOMAS A. BOOTHE KAREN LOUISE BOTTS. Activities: Spanich Club 4; Ski Club 4; Pep Club 1,2; Varsity Gymnastics 2; Varsity Track 2; Varsity Softball 2; Varsity Tennis 3,4; Swimm Team 1,2,3,4; Powderpuff Football 4. ROBERT LAWRENCE BOWEN. Activities: Football 1; Track 2. TON IA NICOLE BRA MAN. VALERIE ANNE BRODIE Activities: Senior Honor Society 3,4; Junior Honor Society 2; FHA 3,4; Keyettes 4; Fashion Associates 4; Powderpuff Football 3,4. EARTLE BROOKS BRENDA L. BROWN CONNIE LEE BROWN. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Modem Music Masters 4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4. PAMELA LYNN BROWN. Activities: Ski Club 2,3,4; Drill Team 3; Keyettes 2,3,4 (Junior Rep 3, Vice-Pres. 4,); Forensics 2; Awards: 1st Place Girls Poetry; Gunston District. William Bolte Thomas Boothe Karen Botts Robert Bowen Tonia Braman Valerie Brodie Eartle Brooks Brenda Brown Connie Brown Pamela Brown 195 Deborah Browning Theresa Bumgardner Gretchen Burman Vera Burris Dennis Butler Diane Butler Douglas Butler Susan Callahar Kimberly Canfield Wilson Carnes DEBORAH ANN BROWNING. “Debbie’ THERESA A. BUMGARDNER. GRETCHEN GAYE BURMAN. Future Teachers of America 3; Future Homemakers of America 4; Art Club 4; Deca-Fashion Club 4; German Club 4; Tennis Team 3. VERA M. BURRIS. DENNIS WAYNE BUTLER. Football 2; Wrestling 2,3. DIANE LOUISE BUTLER. Glee Club 1; Pep Club 1. DOUGLAS JAMES BUTLER. “Doug” Concert Choir 2,3,4; Choral Council 4 (Chairman 4); Mens Chorus 1; Awards: Three Year Chorus Award; Four Year Chorus Award; All Regional Chorus 4. SUSAN E. CALLAHAN. KIMBERLY ANN CANFIELD. “Kim” Future Homemakers of America 1,2 (Federation Representa¬ tive 2); Junior Honor Society 1,2 (Secretary 2); Medical Club 1; Ski Club 1,3; Science Club 1; National Honor Society 3,4; Keyettes 3,4 (Chaplain 4); Fashion Associ¬ ates 4 (T reasurer 4). WILSON WOODROW CARNES. “Cleo” Spanish Club 1; Track 2. MARY CHRISTINE CARPENTER. “Chrissi” Keyettes 3,4 (Historian 4); Class Council 3,4; Select Girls 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Madrigals 4; Swing Choir 4; Modem Music Masters Honor Society 3,4; Chora! Council 4; Awards: All Regional Chorus 3,4. 196 Mary Carpenter James Carr JAMES ANTHONY CARR KARREN IRENE CARRUTHERS, Activities: FBLA 3,4; Drama 1,2; Spring Track 4. KURD I JOHN CARRUTHERS. DAVID ANTONIO CARTS. Activities: Science Club 1,2,3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; Ski Club 3; Bible Club 3,4; Band 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; International Relations Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1; Rugby 3,4. MARY R. CASSEDY. Activities: Ski Club 2,3,4; J.V. Tennis 3; DECA 4 (President 4). PATRICIA EVELYN CHIKALLA. Activities: Drum Majorette 3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; FHA 3; Modem Music Masters 4; Band 1,2,3,4. INGRID ANN CHRISTNER. Activities: FHA 2; Drill Team 3; Powderpuff Football 4. CAROLE LYNN CIANTO. Activities: Class Council 1,2; French Club 1,2; International Thespian Society 2,3,4; Powderpuff Football 3,4. ALBERT WILSON CLEVELAND “Willie” Karren Carruthers Kurdt Carruthers David Carts Mark Cassedy Patricia Chikalla Ingrid Christner Carole Cianto Albert Cleveland 197 Lovenia Cleveland Gregory Coates Cynthia Collie Richard Collier Candee Comstock Michael Conn Nancy Conway James Cook Cindy Cornwell Donald Cox John Cox Cathy Craft From his parking lot crow’s nest, John Cox cries “Ship Ahoy?” 198 Mark Crawford Theresa Crawford Deborah Crytzer Joel Cure Deborah Curtis Richard Curtis Dean Cyr Marie Czaja Mary Ann Dan forth Danni Darden Richard Darr Philip Davenport LOVENIA F. CLEVELAND. GREGORY ALAN COATES. “Gregor” Activities: Radio Mount Vernon 4; Madrigal Singers 4; Cinema Club 1,2; Surveyor Staff (Photographer) 4; Senior Class Secretary-Treas¬ urer 4; Awards: All-Regional Chorus 4; Sports: Spring T rack 1(2. CYNTHIA LUCILLE COLLIE. Activities: Ski Club 3,4; Future Business Leaders of Amer¬ ica 4; Sports: Girls Track 2,3. RICHARD M. COLLIER. CANDEE JANE COMSTOCK. “Com” Activities: FBLA 3,4 (Reporter 4); Sports: Powder Puff 3,4. MICHAEL JAMES CONN. “Mike” Activities: Rifle Club 3; Photographic Arts Club 4; Sports: Golf 1,2,3. NANCY JEAN CONWAY. Activities: Drill Team 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Junior Honor Society 1,2; French Honor Society 2; Class Council 1,2,3,4. JAMES HERBERT COOK. CINDY LEE CORNWELL. Activities: Sun¬ shine Society 2 (Corresponding Secretary 2); Bible Club 1; Honor Society 2. DONALD F. COX. JOHN THOMAS COX. Activities: Bible Club 1,2,3,4 (Vice President 4); International Thes¬ pian Society 3,4; Modem Music Masters 4; Stage Band 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic Band 3,4; Sports: Gymnasistics 1. CATHY RENE CRAFT. MARK HERBERT CRAWFORD. THERESA M. CRAWFORD. DEBORAH ANN CRYTZER. “Debbie” Activities: FBLA 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Karate Club 2. JOEL K. CURE. DEBORAH J. CURTIS. RICHARD EARL CURTIS. “Rick” Activities: Junior Honor Society 2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Key Club 2,3,4 (Vice-pres., 4); Surveyor 4; Varsity Football 2,3,4 (Captain 4); JV Basket¬ ball 1; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4 (Captain 3); Awards: Most Outstanding Basketball Player; Boy’s State Representative. DEAN J. CYR. Activities: DECA. MARIE JANINE CZAJA. Activities: Madri¬ gals 3,4; Choral Council 4; Modem Music Mas¬ ters 4. Awards: Regional Chorus 2,3. MARY ANN DANFORTH. Activities: FBLA 3,4; Class Council 4; JV Cheerleader 2 (Co¬ captain); Varsity Cheerleader 3,4 (Captain 4). DANNI LEIGH DARDEN. Activities: FHA 1,2,3,4 (Vice-pres., 4); Keyettes 3,4 (Senior Representative 4); Spanish Honor Society 2,3 (Vice-pres., 3); Spanish Club 1,2,3. RICHARD DARR. PHILIP DAVENPORT. 199 Charles Davis Christie Davis Katherine Davis Donald Deberry Mark DeBiase Glenn DeChants Rosemary DeCicco Janet Delaconcepcion William Davis Cathaleen Dawson Jenine Dawson Mary Delarama Raymond Dellinger Susan Demaar Teresa Detelich Mark DeVille CHARLES STERLING DAVIS. “Charlie” Activities: Spanish Club 1,2 (Vice-President I); Pan American Student Forum 1,2; Biology Club 2,3; National Forensic League 3,4; Awards: Outstanding English 1; Outstand¬ ing Math 1. CHRISTIE MARIE DAVIS. “Chris” Activities: Ski Club 3; FBLA 3,4 (Vice-President 3, President 4). KATHERINE M. DAVIS. WILLIAM F. DAVIS. CATHALEEN ANN DAWSON. Activities: Inter¬ national Thespian 3,4; Student Council Association 2,3 (Representative 2,3); Explorer Scouts 2,3,4; Volun¬ teer Red Cross 1,2,3; Literature Magazine 2; YMCA Scuba Diver 2,3,4; Ski Club 4; Awards: Student Council Association Award-1974 3. JENINE LOUISE DAWSON. Activities: Pep Club 1,2; Student Council Association 3 (Tres. 3); Keyettes 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Jr. National Honor Society 2; Modem Music Masters 4; Social Studies Forum 4; Select Concert Choir 2,3; Jr. Class Council 3; Prom Chairwoman 3. As we celebrate when we win, we must accept our losses. John Foltz is caught “checking out” the cheerleaders. 200 John Foltz: Honored Scientist DONALD A. DEBERRY. MARK R. DEBIASE. GLENN ANTHONY DECHANTS. Activities: D.E. 1,2; JV Wrestling 1. ROSEMARY DECICCO. Activities: Mixed Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Madrigals 4. JANET DELACONCEPCION. Activities: Class Council 1; Spanish Honor Society 3,4 (Vice Pres. 4); Spanish Club 4; SCA Representa¬ tive 1; Sports: Third World Athletics President 4; JV Hockey Co-Capt. 2; JV Basketball 2 (Co- Capt 2); JV Softball 2; Varsity Hockey 3,4; (Co-Capt. 4); Varsity Basketball 3,4 (Tri-Capt. 3); Powder Puff Football. MARY L. DELARAMA. RAYMOND EVERTT DELLINGER. “Diily” Activities: VICA 4. SUSAN JEAN DEMAAR. “Sue” Activities: FBAL 3,4; Mixed Ensemble 2; Sports: Tennis Team 2. TERESA LAUREEN DETELICH. “Terry” Activities: Ski Club 3,4; Fashion Club 4; Drill Team 2; Pep Club 1; Sports: Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 4. MARKDEVILLE. 201 Earl Dewispelaere Karen Dickerson Scott Dickson Glenn Dill Andrea Dingle Kelly Donahue Louis Dorfman Patricia Dougherty From Juniors to Seniors—Memories Last EARL LEE DEWISPELAERE. “Skip” Ac¬ tivities: Key Club 3,4; Spring Track 3,4. KAREN LYNN DICKERSON. Activities: Medical Club 2; Bible Club 3,4; LIFELINE Staff 4 (Co-Editor and Typist); Yearbook 4; German Club 2. SCOTT F. DICKSON GLENN ALTON DILL. Activities: VICA 4. ANDREA VICTORIA DINGLE. Activities: Ski Club 2,3; National Thespian Society 4. KELLY COLLEEN DONAHUE. Activities: FBLA 4 (Treasurer); French Club 1,2; Class Council 1,2; fashion Merchandising 4. LOUIS EDWARD DORFMAN. Actitivites: VICA 3,4; Class Council 4; Concert Band 1,2; Awards: First Place Air Conditioning Contest (VICA). PATRICIA JEAN DOUGHERTY. “Pat” Activities: For Girl’s Only 2; Pep Club 1,2; Drill Team 2; FBLA 3,4; Girl’s Athletic Association 1,2; Class Council 2 (Class Representative). MELODY S. DOUGLAS. VANESSA DOWNING. JOY LYNN DRAKE. Activities: Spanish Club 1; Medical Club 1; Third World Athletics 4; Intramural Bowling 1,2; JV Softball 1,2; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Softball 3,4; Varsity Bas¬ ketball 3,4; Varsity Tennis 4; Hockey Manager 3; Powder Puff Football 3,4;. SUSAN GAIL DUCKWORTH. Activities: Ski Club 2,3; Home Ec Club 1; Drill Team 4; FT a Awards: Journalism Award 1. CAROLE LESLIE DUNAWAY. “Leslie” Activities: Bible Club (Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4); Chorus 2,3,4; Modem Music Masters 4; Sports: Lacrosse Club 2; Third World Athletics 4; Varsity Tennis Team 4; Awards: National Letter of Recommendation 4; Rhode Island All State Chorus 3; Regional Chorus (Virgin a) 4. VICKIE LEE DUNKUM. “Trick” Activities: FHA 1; FBLA 3,4 (Class Reporter 3); Drill Team 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Powder Puff Football 3,4. LISA ANN DUNN. Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3; FBLA 3; Ski Club 3,4; Class Council 4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Sports: JV Softball 1 , 2 . THOMAS WOODROW DUNN. “Tom” Ac¬ tivities: Em Vee Hi 4 (Photographer); Photo¬ graphic Arts Club 4; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Awards: Math Team Award 1,3; FBLA Spelling Certificate; History Award 1. PEGGY L. EASTON. PHILLIP T.EDENTON. VIVIAN EDMUNDS. WILLIAM EGGER. THOMAS ROCK EISENHART, “Tom” Activities: Swimming and Diving 2,3; Awards: Swimming. GEORGE T. ELLIOTT. HUGH F. ELLIOTT. “Frog” Sports: Varsity Surfing 2; Awards: Surf Masters Va. Beach, Fla. ROBERTA COLLEEN EMBREY. “Colleen” Activities: FT A 2,3 (Historian 2, President 3); Sports: JV Hockey 2. JONATHAN STONE EPSTEIN. “Jon” Activities: JV Tennis 2; Varsity Soccer 3. EILLEEN M. ERTEL. THOMAS D. ERTEL. RANDAL ESTERBROOK. “Randy”. 202 Melody Douglas Vanessa Downing Joy Drake Susan Duckworth Carole Dunaway Vickie Dunkum Lisa Dunn Thomas Dunn Peggy Easton Phillip Edenton Vivian Edmunds William Egger Thomas Eisenhart George Elliott Hugh Elliott Roberta Embrey Jonathan Epstein Eileen Ertel Thomas Ertel Randal Esterbrook 203 Barry Eucker Susan Fadely Tana Farrell Michael Fauntleroy Marianne Faust Donald Fetterrnan Sharon Fick Maurice Finley Barry Fitzpatrick Stephen Fletcher BARRY JAMES EUCKER. Activities: Auto Body 1,2; Bowling 1,2,3. SUSAN MARIE FADELY. Activities: Drill Team 3,4 (Sgt at Arms 4); FBLA 4; JV Hockey Team 1,2; JV Soft- ball I. TANA FARRELL. MICHAEL LAWRENCE FAUNTLEROY. “Lary” Activities: DE2; Mixed Chorus 1. MARIANNE PATRICIA FAUST. Activities: Drill Team 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Freshman Class Council 1; Class Council 2; Powder Puff Football 3,4. DONALD L. FETTERMAN. SHARON KAY FICK. “Shar” Activities: Drill Team 2,3; Madrigals 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Bible Club 4; Class Council 1,2; Fashion Club Co-Chairman 3; Awards: Regional Girls Chorus 2; All Regional Chorus 3; Sports: Powder Puff Football 3,4. MAURICE P. FINLEY. BARRY DAVID FITZPATRICK. Activities: Ski Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; (Vice Pres. 4, Section Leader 4); Modem Music Masters 4. STEPHEN WAYNE FLETCHER. “Steve”. JOHN CLARK FOLTZ. Activities: Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; SGA 3 (Assembly Co- Chairman 3); Modem Music Masters Vice Pres. 4; German Club 2,3; Marching Band 1,2; Mixed Chorus 3; Concert Choir 4; Madrigals 4; Barbershop Quartet 3,4; Science Club 2,3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Awards: All Regional Chorus 3,4; Alternate Grand Prize, Northern Virginia Science and Engineering Fair 1,2; Grand Prize NVSEF 3; Biology Student of the Year 2; Sports: Swim Team 1,2,3,4; JV Cross Country 2,4; Varsity Cross Country 3; JV Spring Track 1,2. TOM FORSYTHE. DEBRA FOSTER. THOMAS JOHN FOSTER. “Tom” Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Sports: Freshman Football 1; Basketball 1; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. JOAN LYNN FOWKE. “Joanie” Activities: Spanish Club 1,2; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Sports: Powder Puff Football 3,4. 204 JEFF A. FOX. Activities: Varsity Gymnastics 4. PAMELA FRAILEY. “Pam” Activities: Spanish Club 1; SC A Representative 1; SGA Elections Committee 3; Ski Club 3; Class Council 3,4; Keyettes 3,4; SGA Senator 4; Senior Honor Society 3,4; EM VEE HI (News Editor 3; Editorial Editor 4); National Merit Commendation 2; Who’s Who in American High Schools 3. STEVEN FRANK. “Steve”. DOUG FRAZELLE WALTER FRAZIER. JAMES FREANEY. SALLY JO FUNCK. Activities: Class Council 1,2,3,4; Drill Team 2,3,4 (Tres. 4); FBLA 3,4; Sports: Powder Puff Football 3,4. Seniors’ Achievments Honored John Foltz Tom Forsythe Debra Foster Thomas Foster Joan Fowke Jeff Fox Pamela Frailey Steven Frank Doug Frazelle Walter Frazier James Freaney Sally Funck 205 David Galvez Gregory Gaskill Melody Gaskill Seniors Achieve New Heights DAVID PATRICK GALVEZ. Activities: Spanish Club 3; Ski Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4 (Secretary 4); Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Junior Honor Society 2; Sports: JV Football 2; Winter Track 4; Spring Track 4. GREGORY SCOTT GASKILL. “Greg”. MELODY JOYCE GASKILL. Activities: FBLA 3,4; Class President 3; COE 4; Spanish Club 1. CAROLYN I.GIBBENS. LIANA LYNN GILLESPIE. Activities: FT A 1,2,3; Third World Athletics 4; Awards: All Regional Chorus 3,4; Most Improved Hockey Player 1974; Sports: JV Softball 2; JV Hockey 3 (Co-Captain); Varsity Softball 3,4; Varsity Hockey 4; Powder Puff Football 3,4. MARK ALAN GODBY. BARBARA IRENE GOLIASH. Activities: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4 (President 4); Class Council 2,3,4; International Thespian Society 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Sports: Varsity Girl’s Track 2,3; Powder Puff Football 3,4. SHARON DALE GOULDIN. Activities: Junior Honor Society 1,2; Ski Club 2; FTA 2,3,4; Federation Secretary 3; Federation Par¬ liamentarian 4; FBLA 3; Class President 3; Keyettes 4 (Treasurer); Drill Team 3,4. BRET EUGENE GRAHAM. “Bret” Activities: Key Club 2,3,4 (Vice President 3,4); Ski Club 2; Sports: Varsity Swimming 1; Varsity Gymnas¬ tics 1,2,3,4. DREW W. GRAHAM. STEPHEN J. GRANSBACK. “Steve” Activi¬ ties: Newspaper 3 (Sports Editor); Sports: Varsity Wrestling 3,4; Varsity Tennis 3,4. DEBRA J. GRAVES. NANCY L. GRECO. HEIDI R. GREEN. “Ho Ho”. ELEANOR RUTH GRIFFIN. Activities: Third World Athletics 4 (Sec.-Tres.); Sports: JV Swimming 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Varsity Softball 3. SUSAN LYNN GROVER. GLENDA KAY GUFFEY. Activities: Inter¬ national Thespian Society 2,3,4; Mixed-Select Chorus 3,4; FTA 3; FBLA 3; Spanish Club 3. DEBORAH ANN HALE. “Debbie” Activities: Class Council 1,2,4; International Thespian Society (Zone Representative) 3,4; Mime Troupe 4; Student Government (Secretary 3, President 4); Student Advisory Council 4; Awards: Best Supporting Actress 1973-1974. FRANCIS C. HALL. KENNETHS. HALL. ANNE MARIE HAMEL. Activities: Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Keyettes 3,4; Band 1,2; Sports: Varsity Tennis 3,4; Powder Puff 4. BARBARA ANN HAMILTON. Activities: French Club 2: Art Club 2. SUSAN O. HAMILTON. “Susie” Activities: Ski Club 2,3,4 (Secretary 3); FBLA 3,4; Drill Team 3,4; Sports: Powder Puff Football 4. Reach for the sky Andre! 206 Carolyn Gibbens Liana Gillespie Mark Godby Barbara Goliash Sharon Gouldin Bret Graham Drew Graham Stephen Gransback Debra Graves Nancy Greco Heidi Green Eleanor Griffin Susan Grover Glenda Guffey Deborah Hale Francis Hall Kenneth Hall Anne Hamel Barbara Hamilton Susan Hamilton 207 CHARLES ALDINE HAMMAKER. “Big Al” Activities: SGA 1,4 (1st Vice-President 4); Chess Club 2,3,4 (Team Captain 4); Key Club 4; Spanish Club 3; Modem Music Masters 4; Congressional Seminar 3; Band 1.2,3,4 (President 4); Concert Band Representative-3 (Lettered 3,4); Stage Band 3,4. MATTHEW WARREN HANLEY. “Matt” Activities: Class Council 1,2,3; Key Club 3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Sports: Football 1,2,3,4 (Captain 1,4); Freshman Basketball (Captain); Varsity Basketball 2,3. DAVID LOWELL HANRAHAN. Activities: Concert Band 1,2; March¬ ing Band 1,2,3,4; Symphonic band 3,4; Modem Music Masters 4. STEPHEN HAYWOOD HANSELL. “Steve” Sports: JV Football 2. RAYMOND F. HARLEY. “Ray”, GAYLE M. HARRISON. MARYT. HARWOOD. Surefooted Seniors 208 BRUCE HAUPTMAN. DARLENE SIMMS HEFLIN. Activities: D.E. II i; Drama I 1; Drama II 2; Awards: Most Improved Hockey Player 3; Sports: JV and Varsity Hockey 3; JV Softball 1. JEANNA MARIE HEFLIN. CYNTHIA SUE HEINEY. “Cindy” Activities: National Honor Society 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4. CHUCK HELMICK. LLOYD BRYANT HELTON. Activities: French Club 2,3; Awards; Spirit King of Woods- field High School 3; Sports: JV- Football 2,3; Varsity Football 4; JV Baseball 2. VIRGINIA P. HENDERSON. Activities: Em Vee Hi Newspaper Staff. GREG HENSLEY. Activities: Offence and Defence 2; All regional Defence Tackle; 2nd team All State 2; All District Defence Tackle 3; 2nd place State in Indoor Track Shotput; Sports: Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Varsity Indoor Track 2,3,4; JV Wrestling 1; JV Track 1. VIOLET L. HEWITT. EVERETTEJ. HIGGINS. WILLIAM R HILDRETH. CATHY LANE HIPSLEY. “Hips” Activities: Future Business Leaders of America 3; Third World Athletics 4; Awards: Varsity Track-Most Valuable Player Award 3; Sports: JV Softball I; JV Hockey 1; Varisty Hockey 2,3,4; (Captain 4); Varsity Track 2,3,4 (Captain 2,3); Powder- puff Football 3,4 (Captain-Offence 3). DUNCAN B. HODGE. ERIC HODGSON. Activities: Ski Club 2; Awards: Most Valuable Track 3; Football- Gunston District. LINDA ROBINSON HOE. “Lynn” Activities: FBLA 3; VIC A 4; Beginning Girls Chorus 1; Select Chorus 2; Mixed Chorus 3; Concert Choir 4. SONJA LYNNE HOGLAN. Activities: Ecol¬ ogy Club 2,3; Drill Team 3; Pep Club 1; Keyettes 4; Social Studies Forum 4; Student Council 2,3; Modem Music Masters 4; Modem Dance 1; Powder Puff 3,4. STEVEN C. HOPKINS. “Steve” Activities: Foreign Language 1,2,3; Junior Honor Society 2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook (Sports Editor 4, Business Manager 3); Awards: Who’s Who in American High Schools 3; Sports: Base¬ ball 1,2,3; Swimming 3. Charles Hammaker Matthew Hanley David Han rah an Steve Hansell Raymond Harley Violet Hewitt Everette Higgins William Hildreth Gayle Harrison Mary Harwood Bruce Hauptman Darlene Heflin Jeanna Heflin Cathy Hipsley Duncan Hodge Eric Hodgson Cynthia Heiney Chuck Helmick Lloyd Helton Virginia Henderson Greg Hensley Linda Hoe Sonja Hoglan Steven Hopkins 209 Life Has Its Bad Breaks • • • ELIZABETH A. HUDSON. JAMES ILLIDGE. LISA IMHOFF. RONNE JOSEPH IRVINE. Activities: Wrestling 1,3. LAVERN JACKSON. Activities: Drill Team 2,3; Keyettes 3,4; FBLA 3; Class Council 2,3,4; SUR¬ VEYOR 4; DECA-Fashion Associates 4 (President 4); Futuristics 1,2; Prom Committee 4; Powderpuff Football 3,4; Awards: Miss Mount Vernon Beauty Contest 1st Place 2; Homecoming Princess 4; Wash¬ ington Star News Internship 3. TIMOTHY RICARDO JETER. “Tim” Activities; Young Gifted and Black 3,4; Football 1,2; Wrestling 1; Varsity Track 1,2,4. THERESA JUANITA JOINES. Activities: FBLA 3,4; COE 4; J.V. Hockey 1; Varsity Hockey 2. DAVID LEE JONES. Activities: Junior Honor Society 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Awards: National Merit Letter. JERRY JURASITS. JAMES DANIEL KAZLAUSKY. “Kaz-Banchi” Activities: Class Council 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3. GARY LEE KEELER. Activities: Class Council 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; WinterTrack 1,2,3,4; Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Awards: Most Valuable Player (Denfensive Football). DAVID E. KELLEY. 210 I WALTER HAROLD KELLY. “Pat” Activities: DECA 2. JENNIE MAUREEN KENNEDY. Activities: Spanish Club 1; Spanish Honor Society I. GLENN CAMERON KENT. “Cam” Activities: Key Club 3,4; French Club 1,2; Press Club 3; Ski Club 3,4; Em Vee Hi 3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; French Honor Society 4; Varsity Golf 1,2,3,4; Winter Track 4; Wrestling 2. NANCY E. KESSEL. SHEILA KEY. LINDA MAE KIISK. Activities: Art Club 4; FHA 1; German Club 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Keyettes 4; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Honor Society 2,3; Senior Honor Society 3,4; It’s Academic Team 2; Sports: Gymnastics 3,4. JOHN R. KIMBLE. DEBRA LYNN KING. “Debbie” Activities: Spanish Club 3; Mixed Chorus 2; March¬ ing Band 2; Concert Band 2; Madrigals 3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; Modem Music Masters 4 (Secretary); Class Council 1; Awards: All Regional Chorus 2,4; Swing Choir 3; Music Camp 3. KATHLEEN ANNE KING. MARLA ANN KIN KELL A. Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 (sec-Treas. 2, Sgt-at- Arms 4); Class Council 1,2,3,4; FBLA 3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 2,3,4; (Secretary-Tres. 4); Awards: National Merit Commendation 4. KURT PHILLIP KLEINSTEUBER, Sports: Varsity Golf 2,3,4. WILLIAM J. KNAPP. Do you mean that you’re really breaking our date Friday, asks Sue Pruett. And I guess this mean’s 1 can ' t play rugby, sighs Cam Kent. Elizabeth Hudson James Illidge Lisa Imhoff Ronne Irvine Lavem Jackson Nancy Kessel Sheila Key Linda Kiisk Timothy Jeter Theresa Joines David Jones Jerry Jurasits James Kazlausky John Kimble Debra King Kathleen King Gary Keeler David Kelley Walter Kelly Jennie Kennedy Cameron Kent Marla Kinkella Kurt Kleinsteuber William Knapp 211 Kathy Knight Anne Knutson Jennifer Koch Valerie Kowalewski Patrick Krear George Krolak Allison Kuett Beth Kuett Mark Kutche Karen Lam Marie LaRocque Linda Latos Charles Lee Robert Lehrman Rhonda Lenderman Lisa Levine Kathy Lewis Joseph Link Gregory Lovett John Lowden 212 Mt. Vernon’s Largest Senior Class Mary Lowry Roy Loy William MacSorley Kathy Mahaffey James Mahoney Steven Majka Michele Manning Karen Marinacci KATHY LYNN KNIGHT. Activities: FTA 2 . ANNE MARIE KNUTSON. JENNIFER LOUISE KOCH. “Jenny” Activ¬ ities: VICA 4 (Secretary); FBLA 3; Spanish Club 1; JV Hockey 1,2. VALERIE ANN KOWALEWSKI. Activities: Keyettes 3,4; Junior Honor Soceity 1,2; French Honor Society 4; Class Council 2,4; Student Advisory Council 4; French Club l; Drill Team 3; Sports: Powder Puff Football 3,4. PATRICK KREAR. GEORGE CHRISTOPHER KROLAK. “Chris” Activities: Key Club 2,3 (Historian 3); Science Club 2. ALLISON SUE KUETT. Activities: Junior Civitans 1 (Treasurer); Em Vee Hi 1 (Editorial Assistant); SGA Supervisor 3. BETH ANNE KUETT. Activities: Student Advisory Council 2; Em Vee Hi 1 (Editorial Assistant); SGA Supervisor !. MARKD. KUTCHE. KAREN K. LAM. “Kay” Activities: Drama 1,2,3. MARIE ELIZABETH LARQCQUE. “Cock¬ roach” Activities: Drill Team 3,4; Keyettes 3,4; National Thespian Society 3,4; Class Coun¬ cil 2; FT A 1,2; FBLA 4 (Class Secretary); Sports: Girl’s Field Hockey 1; Powder Puff Football 3,4. LINDA M. LATOS. CHARLES BOPES LEE. “Chuck” Activities: Yearbook 3,4 (Business Manager 3, Editor-in- Chief 4); Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 2,3,4 (Captain 4); Awards: Who ' s Who in American High Schools 4; National Merit Semifinalist 4. ROBERT LEHRMAN. RHONDA M. LENDERMAN. LISA ANN LEVINE. Activities: Spanish Club 1,2, Japanese Club 1; Ski Club 4; Class Council 1; Powderpuff Football 1. KATHY LEWIS JOSEPH LINK GREGORY LOVETT. Activities: Young Gifted and Black Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4. JOHN RICHARD LOWDEN. “Jack” Activi¬ ties: Key Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Freshman Football; JV Football 2,3 (Captain 3); Varsity Football 4; Winter Track 3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4. MARY JOANNA LOWRY. Activities: Year¬ book 3,4; Drill Team 3,4; Spanish Club 3,2; Class Council 1,2,3,4; FHA I; Bible Club 3,4. ROY WAYNE LOY. Activities: Freshman Football; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4. WILLIAM CARLETON MACSORLEY. “Bill” Activities: Spanish Club 1,2; Junior Honor Society 1,2. KATHY LYNN MAHAFFEY. Activities: FBLA 4; German Club 4; History Honors Club 1; Medical Explorers 4; Drill Team 1,2; Awards: Spanish Award 1. JAMES HENRY MAHONEY. Activities: Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling; JV Track 1; Varsity Track 2,3,4. STEVEN ANDREW MAJKA. Activities: Debate 1,2; Awards Novice First Place Negative; Novice First Place Affirmative 1; JV Third Place 2; JV Second Place 2; Varsity 3rd Place 2; Varsity Finals 2. MICHELE MARIE MANNING. Activities: Junior Honor Society 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Class Council 3,4; Cheerleading 3,2,3,4 (Co-Captain 1); Chorus 1,3; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4) ; Powder Puff Football 3,4. KAREN MARINACCI. 213 Keith Markham Patricia Martin Kurt Marx Mark Mathews Richard Mathis Linda Mauck Alexander Mazurek Randy McBride A Taste of Involvement... KEITH FRANCIS MARKHAM. Activities: DE4. PATRICIA L. MARTIN. KURT MARX. MARK JEFFERY MATHEWS. “Mark” Activities: JV Wrestling 3. RICHARD STEVEN MATHIS. “Rick” Activities: Freshman Football 1; JV Winter and Spring Track 1; Varsity Winter and Spring Track 2,3; Awards: Most Important Trackman 3. LINDA J. MAUCK. ALEXANDER JOSEPH MAZUREK JR. “Alex” Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Modem Music Masters 4. RANDY A. MCBRIDE. mm 214 John McCarthy Sean McCarthy James McClellan Barbara McCormack Harold McCoy Michael McDougall Linda McElroy Trisha McFarland JOHN D. MCCARTHY. SEAN L MCCARTHY. JAMES GREGORY MCCLELLAN BARBARA CLARE MCCORMACK. Activities: Spanish Club 2; Spanish Honor Society 2 , 3,4 (President 4); Keyettes 3. HAROLD RICHARD MCCOY. “Rick”. MICHAEL A. MCDOUGALL. LINDA JEAN MCELROY. “Mac” Activities: French Club 1; Christian Fellowship of Students 2; JV Gym¬ nastics Team 1. TRISHA MCFARLAND. Skip Vail finds that filling out college applications can be confusing and frustrating. Ed enjoys himself as he hits the high notes. 215 CAROLE ANNE MCGUIRE. “Ample” Activi¬ ties: EH A 1,2; Class Council 1,2; Drill Team 2.3.4 (Co-Captain 4); Powder Puff Football 4. TIMOTHY B. MCKNIGHT. JANICE ALENE MIDKIFF. Activities: FBLA 4; TWA 4; Sports: JV Hockey 1; Varsity Hockey 2,3; JV Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; JV Softball 1; Varsity Softball 2,3,4; Powder Puff Football 4. BARBARA RUTH MILLER. “Barb” Activi¬ ties: Drama Club 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Select Chorus 2,3; Sports: JV Basketball 1; Track 1. BRIAN K. MILLER. MICHELE M. MILLER. “Mike”. KAREN LOUISE MINER. Activities: FBLA 3.4 (Reporter4); CDE 4; Mixed Chorus 3,4. GREGORY ANSON MINJACK. “Gregg” Activities: Key Club 3,4; Sports: Varsity Golf 1,2,3,4. KAREN LEIGH MINNEY. Activities: FHA 1,2,3 (Representative 3); Awards: Sewing 2. BRIAN GILMORE MITCHELL. LAURA COOPER MITCHELL. Activities: Chorus 1; Gymnastics 2. LINDA LEE MOORE. Activities: FHA 1,2,3 (Secretary 2); FBLA 4; Bowling League 3. STEVEN PAUL MOORE. Activities: Chorus I; Mountaineering Club 2; Rugby Club 3,4; JV Football 2. MICHAELS. MORRIS. DAVID FORSYTHE MORRISON. Activities: Key Club 2,3,4; District Lt. Governor 4; Awards: All Regional Chorus 3,4; All State Chorus 4; Sports: Varsity Football 4; Varsity Gymnastics 2,3,4; JV Basketball 2. KIRK MORRISON. Activities: Latin Club 2,3,4; Debate Team 3,4; Forensics 4; Class Coun¬ cil 4; Bible Club 3,4; Modem Music Masters 4. PAMELA G. MORRISON. LAURA C. MOW. REBECCA V. MUELLER. ALEXANDRA SUZANNE MULFORD. “Alex” Activities: German Club 4; FBLA 4 (Class Secretary). ROYAL CUSHMAN MURRAY. “Micro¬ meat” Activities: Class Council 1,4; JV Football 2; Freshman Wrestling; JV Wrestling 1,2,3; Varsity Wrestling 2,4; JV Tennis 1; Varsity Tennis 2. MARY THERESA MUSTER. Activities: German Club 3. ERIN KATE NEEDHAM. Activities: Pep Club 1,2; Drill Team 2; Drama Club; Girl’s Athletic Association; JV Basketball 1,2; JV Soft- ball 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2; Gymnastics 2; Golf; Awards: International Forensics Contest 1st and 2nd Place 1,2. ERIK NELSON. Carole McGuire Timothy McKnight Janice Midkiff Brian Mitchell Laura Mitchell Linda Moore Steven Moore Michael Morris Barbara Miller Brian Miller Michele Miller David Morrison Kirk Morrison Pam Morrison Laura Mow Rebecca Mueller Karen Miner Gregory Minjack Karen Minney Alexandra Mulford Royal Murray Mary Muster Erin Needham Erik Nelson 216 Class Leaders Plan Ahead 217 NADINE ANN NEWCAMP. HELEN M. NORMAN. CAROL MARY NOWAK. Activities: Class VP 1,2,4; SGA Elections Chairman 3,4; SGA Rep. 1; SGA District Supervisor 2; Jr. Class Council 3; FBLA 3,4; FT A 1,2,4; Spanish Club 1; EM VEE HI (Business Manager 3); Beginning Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Select Girls Chorus 3,4; Pep Club 3; Sports: Powder Puff 4. BONNIE MARIE NYE. Activities: FHA (Sec.) 1,2; FHA (Vice Pres. 3) (President 4). JANE ANNE O’BRIEN. “Plain Jane”. MICHAEL STEVEN OKSTULSKI “Mike” Activities: Photographic Arts4; Vidio Club 3. LYNN ELIZABETH ORRIK. Activities: Jr. Honor Society 1,2 (Sgt. at Arms 2); Keyettes; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Fashion Associates VP 4; Drill Team 3; French Honor Society 3,4; Class Council 4; Awards: Mt, Vernon Most Outstanding Girls Gymnast 3; Nat. Merit Com¬ mendation 4; Sports: Girls Gymnastics 1,2, 3.4 (Co-Captain 4). WAYNE OSHIMA. Activities: Thespians 2.3.4 (President 4). ROBERT ALAN OTTEN. “Bob” Activities: Ski Club 1,2,3,4. CHERYL LYNN PAAP. Activities: Band 1,2; Ski Club 3; FBLA 3,4 (VP); Sports: JV Basketball; Concert Choir 3,4; Principal’s Advis. Council 4; Awards: Music Certificate 2,3,4; Sports: Fresh. Basketball 1; Soccer 1,2,3,4 (Varsity Captain 3,4); Powder Puff. MARK C. PALMER. Activities: Jr. Honor Society 1; Senior Honor Society 2; Bible Club (Publicity Chair.) 2; Awards: Jr. Honor Society Award for Superior Member. PERRY D. PARCHINSK1. KATHERINE MARY PARISH. “Kathy” Activities: Spanish Club 1,2; AEX 4; Fashion Quiz 4; Hospitality Club 2. KWANGJA PARK. JAN DENISE PARRISH. FREDRICK FRANCIS PAYNE. “Fred” Sports: Swim Team Manager 2; Soccer 3; Bowl¬ ing 1,2,3,4. DIANA LYNN PENNINGTON. “Di” Activi¬ ties: Pep Club 1; FHA 1; Jr. Class 3; Ski Club 3,4; Third World Athletics 4; Art Club 4; Sports: JV Hockey; Varsity Volley Ball; Powder Puff. JAY C. PERSHING. ELLEN SCOTT PETERSON. EDWARD WALTER PETTERSEN. Activities: Ski Club 1; Sports: Football 1; Tennis 3. PAULA MARIE PETTIT. MARGARET ANNE PFANZELTER. “Pfanny” Activities: FBLA 4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Beginning Girls Chorus 1; Select Girls Choir 2. GEORGE PIERIDES CYNTHIA PITTS. NANETTE HELEN POINTON. Activities: JV Cheerleading 2; Chorus 2; Select Girls Chorus 3; Drama 1; Class Council 2,3,4; Keyettes 4; Sports: JV Hockey 1. RICHARD HENRY POINTON. Activities: Chess 2. TIMOTHY POLAND. KATHERINE ANN PORTER. “Kathy” Ac¬ tivities: FBLA 3,4; FT A Sec. 3,4; Select Chorus 3. Nadine Newcamp Helen Norman Carol Nowak Bonnie Nye Jane O’Brian Michael Okstulski Lynn Orrik Wayne Oshima 218 Robert Otten Cheryl Paap Mark Palmer Perry Parchinski Katherine Parish Kwang Park Jan Parrish Fredrick Payne Diana Pennington Jay Pershing Ellen Peterson Edward Pettersen Paula Pettit Margaret Pfanzelter George Pierides Cynthia Pitts Nanette Pointon Richard Pointon Timothy Poland Katherine Porter 219 220 RICHARD LEE POTTER. “Rick” Activities: Ski club 1,2,3,4; YAF Vice Chairman 4; Regional Band 1,2,3,4; Photographic Arts Club (Pres) 3,4; Latin Club 4; Symphonic Band 3,4; Wind Ensemble 2; Concert Band 1; Yearbook Photographer 3,4; Bible Club 4; Modem Music Masters 4; Awards: Math Team Award; Photography Fairfax County First Place High School Division; Virginia State Water Ski Jumping and Trick Skiing Champion 1974; Men’s Division Mid-Atlantic Water Ski Jumping Champion 1974; Men’s Division Mount Snow Expert Snow Skier Award 1973; Sports: Tennis 2,3,4; JV Tennis 1; Swim Team 2,3. JAMES MICHAEL PREVOST. “Jim” Activities: Key Club 1,2,3; Emergency Crew Sargent at Arms 2,3; Weight Trainers 2,3; Vice-President Sophomore Class 2; President Freshman Class 1; Class Repre¬ sentative Junior Class 3; Awards: Who’s Who In American High Schools; Cramer’s Athletic Trainers Award; Sports: Freshman Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3; Varsity Trainer 4; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Wrestling 2; Varsity Wrestling Trainer 4. MATTHEW B. PRICE. CHERYL ANN PRINCE. Activities: FBLA 3; Drill Team 2. SUSAN LOWE PRUETT. “Pru” Activities: FBLA Class Secretary 3,4; Senior Class Council 4. LEONARD MARTIN QUINN. “Marty” Activities: Class Council 1,2,3,4; Sports: Freshman Football I; JV Football 1; Freshman Basketball 1; JV Basketball Captain 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4 (Captain 4). KEITFI IVES RAPKIN. Activities: Ski Club 2,3; Sports: Soccer 3,4; Wrestling 3,4. THOMAS H. REAMY. MICHAEL A. RECORE. LINDA MARIA REYNOLDS. Activities: Yearbook 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Class Council 2,3. THOMAS W. REYNOLDS. ANN MARIE RICE. Activities: Third World Athletics 4; French Honor Society 4; Sports: Varsity Tennis 3,4; JV Tennis 2; JV Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varsity Softball 1,3,4. STEVEN G. RICHARDSON. DALE MARTIN RICHTER. “Wantee” Awards; All Gunston District Shortstop 3; Most Outstanding Baseball Player 3; Sports: Freshman Football 1; JV Football 1; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 3,4 (Captain 4). KATHERINE BARTON RIPLEY. “Kathy” Activities: Beginning Girls Chorus 1; Select Girls Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3. CYNTHIA JEAN ROBERTS. “Cindi” Activities: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain 1,4); Girls Chorus 1, Student Government Class Council 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics Club 1; Sports: JV softball 1. We Even Find Time to Smile Richard Potter James Prevost Matthew Price Cheryl Prince Susan Pruett Thomas Reynolds Ann Rice Steve Richardson Leonard Quinn Keith Rapkin Thomas Reamy Michael Recore Linda Reynolds Dale Richter Kathy Ripley Cindy Roberts 221 Elizabeth Roberts Pamela Robertson Steven Robertson David Robey Patricia Robey Donald Robinson Kathi Robinson Eric Rowland Lori Ruffner Deborah Rundgren Lorena Ruple Jay Rupp Jeff Rupp John Russell Julie Rynott Robert Samples Debra Sampson Renee Samuel Rita Sanferraro Laura Scandling 222 ELIZABETH ANNE ROBERTS, “Liz” Activi¬ ties: Class Council 1,2,3,4; Class Representative 1; Drama Club 2 (Vice President); Chorus 4; Junior Honor Society 2; Sports: Powder Puff Football 3,4. PAMELA ANN ROBERTSON. “Pure” Activi¬ ties; Spanish Club 1; Marching Band 1,2; Drill Team 3,4; FBLA 3,4 (Historian 4); Awards: Homecoming Princess 3,4; Sports: Powder Puff Football 3,4. STEVEN MARK ROBERTSON. “Steve”. DAVID B. ROBEY. “Dave” Activities: Band. PATRICIA THERESA ROBEY. “Terri” Activities: Beginning Girl’s Chorus 1; Select Girl’s Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3,4. DONALD E. ROBINSON. “Don” Activities: VICA Reporter 3,4; VICA Senator 3,4. KATHI M. ROBINSON. ERIC JONATHON ROWLAND. Sports: Soccer 2,3. LORI CHRISTINA RUFFNER. “Flo” Activi¬ ties: Medical Club 2; FHA 3; FBLA 3,4. DEBORAH ANN RUNDGREN. “Deb” Ac¬ tivities: Keyettes 3,4; International Thespian Society 3,4; Spanish Club 3; FHA 2,3,4 (Secre¬ tary 3, Historian 4). LORENA ANNE RUPLE. “Lorri” Activities: Jr. Honor Society 1,2; Future Teachers of America 1; Literary Magazine 1; Drama 1,2; Freshman Class Council 1; Sophomore Class Council 2; Yearbook 1,2,3,4 (Junior Class Editor 3, Senior Class Editor 4, Assistant Editor In Chief 4); Ski Club 3,4; Senior Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 3,4; Drill Team 3,4; Fashion Merchandizing Club 4; Awards; “Most Musical” Award; Sports: Basketball 1. JAY EDWARD RUPP. Activities: Student Council Representative 2; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Sports: Baseball 1; JV Swim Team 1,2. JEFF DOUGLAS RUPP. Actitivies: President Freshman Class 1; Student Council 1; Youth-In -Government 1; Ski Club 1,3,4; Key Club 3,4 (President 4); SAC County Representative 4; Senior Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 3,4; It’s Academic 4; EM VEE HI 4; Sports: Varsity Basketball Manager 3. JOHN ANDREW RUSSELL. Activities: Bible Club 3,4; Editor of Lifeline 3,4. JULIE KATHLEEN RYNOTT. Activities; FHA 1; International Thespian Society 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Mime Troupe Club 4; Sports; Field Hockey 1. Class of ’75 Looks Toward the Future ROBERT B. SAMPLES. DEBRA ELAINE SAMPSON. “Debbie” Activities: Ebony Club 1,2; Young, Gifted and Black Club 3,4 (President 4); FBLA 4. RENEE MARLENE SAMUEL. “Sam” Activi¬ ties: FHA 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Business Club 2,3; Cheer¬ leader 1,2,3 (Captain 2); Sports: Powder Puff Football 3,4. RITA MARIA SAN FERRARO. “Ritz” Activ¬ ities: FT A 2,3 (Secretary-Treasurer 3); FBLA 3,4 (Secretary 4); VOT 4. ' LAURA SCANDLING. SHEILA MAREE SCANLAN. Activities: Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Bible Club 2; EM VEE HI 2,3,4 (Feature Edi tor 3,4); International Thespian Society 2,3,4; Awards: Jr. Honor Society Superior Mem¬ ber Award 1973; Governor’s School for the Gifted. JAMES MICHAEL SCHAEFER. CORNELIA HELENE SCHUETZE. Activi¬ ties: FHA Secretary-Tres. 2; German Club Secretary-Treasurer 2; Senior Honor Society 3,4. CARLA RUTH SCHWAB. MARLA ANN SCHWAB. Activities: Drill Team 3,4; Girl’s Track Team 2. WARREN BURKS SCRUGGS. “Burks” Activities: DE4; Sports: JV Football 2. Sheila Scanlan James Schaefer Cornelia Schuetze Carla Schwab Marla Schwab Warren Scruggs 223 LYNETTE BETH SELKREGG. “Lynette” Activities: Mixed Chorus 3; FBLA 3. SHEREEN BERNADETTE SHACHNOW. “Sheree” Activities: German Club 4; CYO President 3; FTA Historian 4; Yearbook 4; Ski Club 3; Sports: Swim Team 1,2,3; Powder Puff Football 3,4; Varsity Equatition Club 1,2,3. SHERRY GRACE SHELTON. Activities: Drill Team 3,4; FBLA 3,4; Fashion Merchandising Club 4; Sports: Girls Track Team 2. DEBORAH JEAN SHIFFLETTE, “Debbie” Activities: UICA 2,3,4; FBLA 3. STEVE SIMPSON. JAMES LEWIS SLAVEY. “Jim” Activities: Aviation Club 2; Sports Bowl¬ ing 1,2; Tennis 1. NANCY LEE SMITH. Activities: Sophomore Class Secretary-Tres. 2; Junior Class President 3; Senior Class President 4; Class Council 1; Awards: Who’s Who in American High Schools; First Nominee Girls State. EDWARD SMOLINS. MARGARET ELIZABETH SNYDER. “Megrit” Activities: Class Council 1,2,3,4; Beginning Girls Chorus 1; Select Girls Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Madrigals 4; Awards: Chorus 2,3,4; All Regional Chorus 4. CYNTHIA ANN SORRELS. “Cindi” Activities: Latin Club 2,3,4; Choral Council 4; Modem Music Masters 4; Sports: Wrestling Manager 2,3,4. Seniors Defy Stereotyping Lynette Selkregg Sheree Shachnow Sherry Shelton Deborah Shifflette JOHN GEORGE SOTOS. Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Science Club (President 4) 1,2,3,4; It’s Academic Team 3,4; Math Team 2,3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4 (Vice Pres, 3); Spanish Honor Society 2,3; Videotape Crew 1,2,3; Awards: Skylab Student Project Regional Winner 1; National Merit Commended Scholar 4. KEVIN WADSWORTH SPENCE. Activities: Spanish Club 1; French Club Tres. 1; Chess Club and Team 2,3; Nat. Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4 (President 4); Forthians 1; Thespians 2,3,4; Awards: Who’s Who Among American High School Students; National Merit Semi- Finalist; Boys State President Pro Temp of Senate; Honor Forthian. Sports: Track 1,2,3,4 (Capt.4). STEWART M. SPETTEL. DAVE R. STAFFORD. MAUREEN GAIL STALLO. “Missy” Activities: Modem Dance 1,2; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; (Co-Capt. 3, Sec-Tres. 4). ALICE DIANNA STEVENS. Activities: Bible Club 3,4; Pep Club 3; FBLA 4. As the bell rings, Marie Czaja gets ready to leave class. Maybe he won’t see me over here, Gary. 224 Steve Simpson James Slavey Nancy Smith Edward Smolins Margaret Snyder Cynthia Sorrels John Sotos Kevin Spence Some Help is Often Welcome Bonnie Nye wonders if this is really going to earn her a living. JOHN ROBERT STEVENSON. “Jack” Activities: German Club 1,2; Ski Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4 (Historian). ROBERT B. STOCKS. JACK W. STONE. MARY SUSAN STROBEL. Activities: Yearbook 3,4 (Organizations Editor4); Forensics Vice-President 4; Social Studies Forum 4; Delegate to North American Invitational Model United Nations 4; Drill Team 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Class Council 2,3,4. SHARON MARIE STUMM. “Sharry” Activities: French Club 2 (Secretary-Tres.); Class Council 3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Senior Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 2,3,4; Keyettes 3,4 (Secretary 4); Yearbook Staff 4; FTA 2; Awards: Girl’s State Representative 3. PATRICIA L. STURMAN. “Patty” Activities: Drill Team 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Class Council 2,3,4. SUZANNE BETH SULLIVAN. Activities: Ski Club 4; Class President 1; Cheerleader 1; Fashion Mer¬ chandising Club 4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Sports: JV Softball 1,2; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Spring Track 3,4; Powder Puff Football 4; Cross Country Manager 4; Winter Track Mananger 4. TERESA ANN SULLIVAN. JOHN ROBERT SWANSON. Activities: Band 1; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 4. JODY LYNN TAYLOR. Activities: Third World Athletics 4; Sports: JV Hockey 2,3; Varsity Hockey 4. CHRISTOPHER GAINOR THOMAS. “Chris” Sports: Freshman Football; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Freshman Wrestling; JV Wrestling 1,2; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 4. THOMAS JAMES THOMAS. “Tom” Activities: Junior Honor Society 1,2; Key Club 3,4; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Sports: Freshman Wrestling; JV Wrestling 1. JANIS THOMPSON. MARGARET JANE THOMPSON. “Jane” Activities: German Club 2,3,4 (President 4); Class Council 2; Sports: Pwoder Puff Football 3,4. MARIA REECE THOMPSON. “Reece” Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 (Vice-President, Secretary); Girl’s Athletis Assosiation 2; YWA 4; Pep Club 2; Class Council 2; Spanish Honor Society 3; South Eastern Asia Club 1; Art Club 2; Awards: Third Place Medal in volleyball Conference of Thai and Ameri¬ can League; Sports: JV Soccer 2; JV Volleyball 2; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Volleyball 2. John Stevenson Robert Stocks Jack Stone Mary Strobel Sharon Stumm Patricia Sturman Suzanne Sullivan Teresa Sullivan 226 John Swanson Jody Taylor Christopher Thomas Thomas Thomas Janis Thompson Margaret Thompson Maria Thompson William Thornton Janice Throop Stanley Tibbs Brian Tissot Phyllis Tomlin WILLIAM ALEXANDER THORNTON. “Willie” Sports: Freshman Football; JV Foot¬ ball 2; Varsity Football 3,4; JV Baseball 1,2; Varsity Baseball 3,4; Freshman Basketball 1; JV Basketball 2. JANICE A. THROOP. STANLEY E. TIBBS. “Stan” Activities: Auto Mechanics 1,2. BRIAN NELSON TISSOT. “Snake”. PHYLLIS T. TOMLIN. I really shouldn’t help you with this, but... Seniors Mature -- BRIAN LEE TRIBBLE. " Terry” Activities: DECA 4; Sports: JV Football 2; Freshman Football 1. JOSEPH WILLIAM TRINDAL. “Joe” Activities: Bible Club 1: Science Club 1;SCA Representative 1. KAREN LEETLIBBS. Activities: FHA 1. ANTIONETTED. TURNER. STEVE TYSON. JANE KAREN TZUDIKER. " Janie”. IRA GARDINER VAIL. “Skip” Activities: Key Club 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Ski Club 2,3,4 (President 4). DIANNE MARIE VANDYK. “Dede” Activities: French Club Vice President 2; French Honor Society 2,3,4; Keyettes 3,4; Beginning Girls Chorus 1; Select Girls Chorus 2,3; Concert Choir4; Drill Team 2,3; Sports: Varsity Tennis Team 4. JOHN EDWIN VAN DYKE. “Father John” Activities: Key Club 3,4; Sophomore Class President 2; SGA Senator 3; Class Council 1,3; Award: National Merit Commendation 4; Sports: Freshman Football 1; JV Football Captain 2; Winter Track 1,2; Spring Track 1; Varsity Football 3,4; Coach Powder Puff Football Team 3,4. DAVID MARTIN VERMILLION. “Dave” Activities: Concert Band 1,2; Symphonic Marching Band 3. RAMONA VEST. Activities: Keyettes 3,4; DECA 4; Science Club 2,3; Senior Honor Society 3,4; Junior Honor Society 1,2; German Club 1; A- wards: Outstanding Scholar 1; Most Valuable Citizen 1. JIM A. VINCENT. “Groovy” Activities: Photographic Arts Club 1; Sports: Varsity Tennis 1; JV Winter Track 1. MICHAEL D. VOILS. “Mike” Activities: KasierT.V. Station Manager 1; Industrial Arts Club 1; Mount Vemon Photographies Arts Club Vice Presi¬ dent 1. TERESA MARIE WADSWORTH. “Terie” “Wad” Activities: Junior Honor Society 2; French Club 1; French Honor Society 3,4; Senior Honor Society 3,4 (Secretary-Tres. 4); Art Club 4; EM VEE HI Staff 3,4 (Staff Cartoonist). JACKIE M. WALDROP. MARK WILLIAM WALES. Acitivities: French Honor Society 2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Modem Music Masters; Honor Society Treasurer 4; Senior Honor Society 4. RHONDA JOYCE WALKER. Activities: Spanish Club 1; Chorus 1,2,3,4. DAVID THOMAS WALTER. Brian Tribble Joseph Trindal Karen Tubbs David Vermillion Ramona Vest Jim Vincent Antoinette Turner Steve Tyson Jane Tzudiker Michael Voils Teresa Wadsworth Jackie Waldrop Ira Vail Dianne Van Dyke John Van Dyke Mark Wales Rhonda Walker David Walter “And they say high school pressures don ' t age a guy,” says Kevin Spence. Surrounded by class¬ mates all day, Kim Canfield enjoys a moment alone. 229 Cynthia Walton James Ward Peter Watters Michael Wentzel Carolyn Whitaker Charles Whittington Jeffrey Wilde Eric Wilson Kathy Woirol Pamela Wood David Wunderly Carl Wynn CYNTHIA ANNE WALTON. “Cindy” Activities: Drill Team 2,3,4; FBLA 3,4. JAMES H. WARD. “Herby” Activities: Bible Club 3,4 (Sec. 3, FRO 4); Medi¬ cal Club 2; Ski Club 3; SGA Cabinet Officer 3; Human Relations Council 2,3; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Concert Choir 4; Forensics 4; Awards: Chorus 2,3,4; Sports: JV Tennis 1; Winter and Spring Track 4; Tennis 4. PETER K. WATTERS. MICHAEL NORMAN WENTZEL. “Mickey” Sports: JV Wrestling 3; Varsity Wrestling 4. CAROLYN DENISE WHITAKER. Activities: Mixed and Select Chorus 2,3; Fashion Associates 4; Awards: Select Girls Chorus Award. CHARLES W. WHITTINGTON. “Chuck” Activities: Latin Club 1; Key Club 3,4 (Sgt. at Arms 4); Spanish Club 2,3; Sports: Cross Country 1; Wrestling JEFFREY C. WILDE. ERIC CADE WILSON. Activities: International Thespian Society 3,4; Concert Choir 4; Stage Lighting Crew 1,2,3,4 (Chief 4); Senior Class Council 4; Vidio Tape Crew 1,2,3,4; Disc Jockey Mt. Vernon Radio 4; Dramatics Arts 1,2,3,4; Awards: Dramatic Arts 4; Sports: Varsity Symnastics 1,4; Marine Corps Physi¬ cal Team 1. We Indulge in Good Food and Good Sport KATHY L.WOIROL. PAMELA N. WOOD. “Pam” Activities: Freshman Basketball 1. DAVID CRAIG WUNDERLEY. “Dave” Activities: Ski Club 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Sports: Varsity Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. CARL E. WYNN. LAURIE ANN WYNDER. “Coffee” Activities: Young, Gifted and Black Club 4. JOHN BENJAMIN WYSOCKI. Activities: Chess Club 2,3; Awards: Rusty Tate Bowling Tournament Plaque. STANLEY E. YEDLOWSKI. DAVID ALLEN YOST. “Dave” Activities: German Club 2,3; Junior Honor Society 2; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Sports: Freshman Basketball 1; JV Basketball 2; JV Football 2. MARY SUE ZEPPENFELD. Activities: Class Council 2,3,4; FHA 3; Color Guard 3; Flag Corps Captain 4. GARY LEE ZIMMER. Activities; Concert Band 1; ' Symphonic Band 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3; Madrigals 3,4; Boys Barbershop 1,3; Modem Music Masters 4; Awards: Superior Rating Band Festival 1,2; All Regional Chorus 2,3,4; All State Chorus 3. KATHRYN M. ZUCKERMAN. NORA J. ZUCKERMAN. Trying to escape cafeteria blues, Jack Lowden enjoys a meal in the Home Ec. room. One for all and all for one yells James Mahoney. Laurie Wynder John Wysocki Stanley Yedlowski David Yost Mary Zeppenfeld Gary Zimmer Kathryn Zuckerman Nora Zuckerman 231 AW. ' .V. :¥x 232 -s 233 Administration - ' i ' ■■ ■■■ x -r " ‘v v ' ' f i , ' y vf x ' ... ' t • ■ % -. ' - r ■• • ' - ryyk iWm ' ;., ' t , MR. FRANK BERNARD Assistant Principal. MR. JOHN S. DAVIS Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools. If Administration is the spool that holds the thread together. This year the school was divided into four sub schools, one for each grade. Although it was the sub school that had direct contact with the students, it was the administration that kept the school run¬ ning smoothly and competently. Sub School IV MRS. MARGARET BARRY Guidance Counselor. MR. VICTOR KAZLAUSKY Sub School IV Principal. mrs. rita McCarthy Secretary. MISS POLLY WAID Guidance Counselor. The Seniors were busy preparing for the future in Sub School IV. College applications were forever being turned in to Mrs. Barry or Miss Waid, while Mr. Victor Kazlausky kept a careful eye on the be¬ havior of the seniors. Mr. Hyer addresses parents on Back to School Night. Mr. Kaz is staring at that blank wall again. Mrs. Barry tries to convince the students that SAT’s can be tun. “One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy”, as Mrs. McCarthy waits for the answer. 235 Sub School III MRS. SHIRLEY DEWISPELEARE Secretary. MRS. AUDREY MORRISON Instructional Aide. MR. THOMAS PROPPS Sub School III Principal. MR. DON WEINHEIMER Guidance Counselor. The most important step in high school is the step up to be a senior. If there wasn’t Mr. Propps and his fearless troops the class of ’76 might not have made it. The juniors pulled through the year because of the Sub School III gallant staff. • $ ■ ■ •if ♦ »»» f • s Jf , - V ♦♦ St f’ » ♦ • 9 ¥ 236 Sub School II MISS DOROTHY PLYLER Guidance Counselor. MRS. MARGARET REED Guidance Counselor, MR. MICHAEL SKINNER Sub-School li Principal. MRS. MARY JANE THORNTON Secretary. Without the great Sub School II staff the sophomores might not have been able to leap over the half way mark in high school. Lead by Mr. Michael Skinner, the students learned the reality of discipline and that the nickle he gives out for each tray isn’t a bribe to be good. “Ah, these kids are great,” chuckles Mrs. Morrison. Mr. Propps seems to be admiring something pretty?! “I hope I can help this one!” wonders Mr. Weinheimer. Can you believe it? Mr. Skinner hands out nickels! “Eck, more work!” expresses Mrs. Thorton. 237 Sub School I MR. GARY JONES Guidance Counselor, Public Speaking II, National Forensics League Sponsor. MRS. NELLIE KOOMEN Secretary. MR. JOHN MOFFATT Sub School I Principal. MR. MANSON TILLMAN Guidance Counselor. The Freshmen were taken un¬ der wing by Mr. John Moffatt, the new administrator to Mt. Vernon. Sub School I worked well as a team and taught the “ropes” of high school life to the Freshmen. 238 Along with Mrs. Koomen’s help, Mr. Moffatt takes care of Frosh problems. Main Office MRS. IRIS CHAMBERS Guidance Secretary. MRS. SHIRLEY FLAUGH Secretary. MRS. BILLIE GATES Admisistrative Secretary. MISS MILDRED LAPSLEY Director of Pupil Services. MRS. HELEN MACHONIS Guidance Secretary. MRS, JOAN O’BRIEN Finance Officer. “When will I ever get off the phone?” ponders Mrs. Gates. “Wow! I’ve never seen this much money before”, says Mrs. O’Brien. “What can I do?” asks Miss Lapsley. MRS. MIEOSHIMA ADP Operator. MRS. HELEN TIPA Librarian, Secretary. 239 English MRS. NANCY BROWN Reading. MR. DAVID CLARKE English I, Literary Magazine. MRS. CATHERINE COOLEY English II, Senior Class Sponsor. MRS. DOROTHY FELDMAN English I. MRS. MERIDITH FINN English I, Journalism I, II, EM Vee Hi. MRS. JOYCE JONES English I, Cheerleaders. MISS ANITA JOSEPH English I. MISS LINDA LAMANTIA English I. : I ... MRS. MARGARET LUNTER English I, Cheerleaders. MISS JEANNE MORSE English II, FTA. We caught Mrs. Wilson daydreaming again! “At last a moment to relax,” thinks Mrs. Cooley “Your going to be late to class Mrs. Finn,” ex¬ claims Ricky Tagg. Looks like Mrs. Rufty is using new methods to teach American Literature. 240 A Return to Basic Skills is Stressed MISS SHERYL OWENS English II. (Not pictured) MISS DONNELLE OXLEY English I. MRS. ELEANOR ROSE English L MRS. CYNTHIA RUFTY English IL MS. STEELE Speech Therapist MR. RICHARD THOMAS English IL Head Coach Soccer Team, Key Club. MR. HERMAN THOMASON English II, Surveyor Sponsor, Dept. Chairman. MRS. JULIE WILSON English IL Sophomore Class Sponsor. MR MIKE ZURALOW English L Public Speaking, Mr. Hill grades papers in a relaxed manner. The U.S. History team is lectured by Mr. Ker- lin. Mr. Michaelson is caught in a moment of solitude. Team Teaching is the Social Studies MR. PATRICK FREEMAN U.S. History, Assistant Varsity Football Coach. MRS. PAMELA HANNAH World History, World Geography, Freshman Class Sponsor MR. GORDON HILL U.S. Government, Varsity Basketball Coach. MR. TIMOTHY KERLIN U.S. History, Freshman J.V. Wrestling Coach. MRS. JOAN KILPATRICK U.S. Government, Social Studies Forum Sponsor, National Studies Fourm Sponsor. MISS ROBERTA LERG U.S. History, Modem History, Junior Class Sponsor, Social Studies, Forum Sponsor. MR. GEORGE LYONS U.S. Government, Sociology. MR. OSCAR MATCH (not pictured) U.S. Government, Psychology I, II. m§0mSm I I § Present Way to Learn the Past MR. RICHARD MICHAELSON World History, American History ' . MR. BURCE PATRICK World Studies, Freshman Foot¬ ball J.V, Basketball Coach. . ■ MR. DAVID POWELL U.S. Government, Department Chairman. MISS NANCY RICHARDSON World History. MR. JAMES SPARLING U.S. History, Freshman Bas¬ ketball Baseball Coach. MR. GEORGE WHITE World Geography, Intramural Bowling. HI 243 Math A Whole New Language MR. OVID BUTLER Probability Statistics, Trigo¬ nometry, Functions, Computer Science, Department Chairman. MISS SANDRA FREEDMAN Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra I Parti. MRS. CYNTHIA HAULER Math II, Algebra I Part I, MISS CONNI E JOHNSON Geometry, Algebra I Part L MR. STEPHEN KENDALL Algebra I, Geometry. MR. ALBERT KINCEL Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra I Part II, Trigonometry, J.V. Football Coach. Mr. Stratton checks the work of a student. Anne Hamel receives the help of Mr. Butler. Mrs. Yearick relaxes in her favorite chair. Don’t give up Mr. Misner. Mr. Miller says, “Don’t ask me what that equation means.” - : : MRS. SANDRA MAIGAULT Algebra I, Geometry, Math. MR. JOHN MILLER Algebra I, Algebra I Part I. MR. WILL xMISNER Trigonometry, Math II, Algebra II, Math Club Sponsor, Tennis Coach. MR. WILLIAM NESBIT Math, Algebra I, Geometry. MR. HENRY STERLE Math II, III, English I, II, World History, MR. DAVID STOVER Algebra II, Trigonometry. MR. WILLARD STRATTON Math II, Algebra I, Geometry. MRS. LOUIS YEARICK Calculus, Algebra 11 Trig. Algbra II. 245 Science ■ Wm MRS. ETHYLFRIDA AVERY Molecular Biology, Ecological Biology, Biology II. MRS. PHYLLIS BAKER Chemistry, Biology I. m Mr. Maskalenko keeps watch over the pencil sharpener. No, Mrs. Avery hasn’t reverted back to childhood—she’s actually teaching with balls and sticks. As SGA advisor, Mr.Givens watches an assembly. Mr. Suhre finds the slide rule fascinating. 246 The Secrets of the World are Discovered and Understood MRS. ANNE DOTSON Earth Science, Ecological Biology, MR. DAVID GIVENS Ecological Biology, Department Chairman, SGA Advisor. MRS ANNA HARDER Earth Science, Earth Science Projects. MR. PAUL MASKALENKO Chemistry. MRS. PATTY MEADE (Not pictured) Earth Science MR, JOHN PRICE Geometry, Physics. MR. DAVID SUHRE Chemistry, Earth Science. MR. HAROLD SWAIN Ecological Biology, Science Club Sponsor, Bible Club Sponsor. MR. GEORGE DIRNER Ecological biology, Photography Club Sponsor. 247 Foreign Language Communication is the MRS. MARILYN AVOLI French I, II, German III, IV, French Club Sponsor. MRS. SONJA BJORKLAND German I, II, German Club Sponsor, Junior Honor Society. MISS MARTA CASTILLO Spanish I, II. (not pictured) MRS. SONJA DEHOSTOS Spanish II, III, Spanish Honor Society. 248 Key to Understanding Throughout the World MS. CATHERINE FOX Spanish I,II,III. MRS . ELEANOR LANDGRABE French III,IV,V, French Honor Society, It’s Acedemic Team Coach. MR. WADE PRIVETTE French II ,111, Track Coach, Cross Country Coach. MR. JOHN SETTER Spanish 1,11,111. MR. LEONARD VAUGHN Spanish I,II,IV,V, Spanish Club Sponsor, Dept. Chairman. MRS. MARILYN WELCH Latin LH,IIL1V. Mrs. Avoli listens attentively to Mr. Privette Miss Fox daydreams while running the slide pro¬ jector. “That’s why you got a C”, explains Mrs Landgrabe. Isn’t that magazine any good Mr Vaughn? Mr. Setter is busy returning papers. 249 Fine Arts ... the Finer Things in Life MR. JAMES DASH Department Chairman, Band EH rector. Marching Majors’ Sponsor. MRS. JER1S FRENCH Advanced Orchestra,(not pictured). ' MISS LOUISE HOPKINS Choral Director. . MR. A. LEE PAULEY ■ Drama I, II, III, IV, Stage Light¬ ing Crew Sponsor, Thespian So- ciety Sponsor. • SHI 4m « 11 t « i %y ■ m mrnk «? • i iVi : ' » m ' g g n % 1 » m m m mm mi Home Economics and Art Whether singing like Miss Hopkins or whistling like Mr. Dash, time off is needed, right Mr. Pauley? The upcoming art projects is the subject of converstion for Miss Landbloom. How a table should be set is deter¬ mined by Miss Endahl. I MRS. CAROL BELLONBY Senior Art, Drawing, Art I, Art Club Sponsor. MRS. GLORIA DELRAHIM Sculpture, Fashion II, Art I. MRS. VRONNA ENDAHL Home Economics I, II. MISS LINDA LANDBLOOM Art I, Graphics, Ski Club Sponsor. MRS. JANE MEACHAM Home Economics I, Science 9, Food Service. MRS. LOUIS PE1PER Senior Home Economics, Home Economics I, Tailor Foods, Future Homemakers of America Sponsor. 251 rML$ Physical Education Healthy Bodies Promote MISS MARTHA ALLEN P.E. 9, J.V. Basketball Coach, Varsity Softball Coach, Girl’s Athletic Director. MRS. ROSE MADREY P.E. 9, 10, J.V. Hockey Coach, Girl’s Track Coach. MR.OLAN FAULK P.E. 10, Asst. Varsity Football coach. Girl’s Gym Coach, Boy’s Gym Coach. MR. MIKE FOGLIO Driver’s Education, J.V. Base¬ ball Coach. MR. KEN GAUDREAULT P.E. 9(not pictured). MR. DAVID GROVE P.E. 10, 11, 12, Head Football Coach. MISS DEB HARLAN P.E. 10, 11, 12, Girl’s Varsity Tennis Basketball Coach. 252 Healthy Minds “Don’t look down” yells Miss Plaugher, a little too late. All packed up and ready too leave is Mr. Yednock. Two points for Miss Madrey! Mr. Gaudreault explains a gymnastics point. Giving a signal to the majors is Coach Faulk. MISS JOYCE PLAUGHER P.E. 10, Varsity Hockey Coach, J.V. Softball Coach MR. EARNEST SNYDER P.E. 11,12. MR. JOHN YEDNOCK P.E. 9, Varsity Baseball Coach. 253 Business Useful Skills are Learned MRS. DOROTHY BROWN Typing I, Accounting, FBLA Sponsor, Survey of Data Proc¬ essing (EDPC). MRS. ELIZABETH GALIE Typing I, Introduction to Business. MRS. ANNE JACOBSON Steno I, Typing I. MRS. BRENDA LAM Typing I, Steno I, Clerk Typing I. Mrs. Lowman takes time out to read a good book. Once again Mrs. Galie tries to explain that one should not look at one ' s fingers while typing. Mrs. Brown grades the work of a student during class. In the quiet Mrs. Plett practices her own typing. 254 and Mastered MRS. LUCY LOWMAN Steno II, Clerk Typing II, FBLA Sponsor, Dept. Chairman. MRS. MARY O’NEIL Steno 1, II, Typing 1. : . ■ ' ■ MRS. FLORENCE PLETT Typing I, Bookkeeping. ; . ; V 255 Vocational Education .. . Preparing for the Future by Developing Our Interests MR. JAMES BATES Industrial Cooperative Training I, II. MRS. DELARACAROTHERS Cosmetology, I, II, VICA Co-sponsor. MR. TIMOTHY CHANEY D.E. I, II, DECA Sponsor. MR. LESTER CROOM General Shop I, II. MR. LOUIS DECAMP General Shop I, II. R. LEROY GILES Auto Mechanics I, II. ■ §mm 256 MR. JOHN MCFEATURE Vocational Co-ordinator, VICA Advisor. MR. WILLIAM NURSE Mechanics I, II, III., Dept. Chairman. MRS. SUSANNE PULLEN Cosmetology I, II, VICA Co-sponsor. MR. BOYD SHAFFER Maintenance Repair I, II, III. MR. CHUCK SNELL Distributive Education II, III, D.E. Club Sponsor. MR. ALFRED TUDOR Electronics I, World Geography. Mrs. Carothers is caught in the midst of transfering the curlers. Mr. Decamp watches over one of the machines in General Shop. Any interesting mail Mr. McFeature? Ms. Hutchins writes important notices on the calendar for her students. 257 Media Center A Versatile Place MRS. BARKER Assistant Librarian. MRS. BARBARA LOWDEN Library Aide, A.V. Aide. MR. JOHN MC CONNELL Media Specialist, Librarian, Photography Club Sponsor. MRS. LINDA WILSON Media Co-ordinator, Keyette Sponsor. I ' ■ ■ j ■ S ' ■ A place for studying, finding new careers, getting Audio Visual equipment, buying paper back books, checking out library books, and doing many more things is the Media Center. It is indeed the center of school life and it merits the name “Jack of all Trades”. “Hush, I’m trying to read”, thinks Mrs. Barker. Mr. McConnell shows Mrs. Lowden how a pro¬ jector is run. Can I help you find something Mrs. Wilson? Cafeteria Staff gets the Job Done L to R: Helen Lewis, Colleen Robertson, Agnes Pauly, Katherine Parry, Rose Shuman, Mary Felipovich, Olivia Keane, Ethel Lam, Etta Parsons. ROW 2: Nola Roop, Grace Robinette, Rachel Thomas. Row3: Marie Strobel, Mamie Harrison, Irene Keller, Mary Frazier, Joan Brandt Cleanliness is an important factor in the running of the cafeteria, as attested by Mrs. Ethyl Lam and Mrs. Mary Frazier. 259 Nurse, Aides and Bus Drivers Are Loyal Clinic: 1st RO W: M. McConnell, T. Martin, L. Latos. 2nd ROW: M. Rhodes, L. Collins, K. Dickerson. 3rd ROW: Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Schee, Mrs. Jones. Bus Drivers: 1st RO W: P Eller, G. Sacco, N. Kells, P. Pratt. 2nd ROW: M. Brown, A. Griffith. 3rd ROW: S. Friedman, P. Borror, S. Mills, B. Bender. 4th ROW: D. Euell, N. Bullfield. 260 ✓ 54 -) Behind the Scene are the Custodians 261 Faculty Index MISS MARTHA JEAN ALLEN B.S. Radford College MRS. ETHELFRIDA G. AVERY B.A. Hunter College M.A. Emory University MRS. MARILYN AVOLI A. B. West Virginia University M.A. West Virginia University MRS. PHYLLIS BAKER B. S. Lamar University M.S. Southern University MRS. MARGARET D. BARRY B.A. University of Maryland M.A. George Washington University MR. JAMES F. BATES B.S. Cheyney State College MRS. CAROL C. BELLONBY A. B. Sweet Briar College M.A.T. Tulane University MR. FRANK BERNARD B. S. State University of New York M.A. New York University A. P.C. George Washington University MRS. SONJA S. BJORKLUND B. S. University of Tennessee MRS. DOROTHY J. BROWN B.S. Mary Washington MRS. NANCY BROWN B.S. American University MR. OVID M. BUTLER B.S. U.S. Naval Academy M.S. George Washington University MRS. DELORA J. CAROTHERS Vocational Cert. Austin Beauty College MISS MARTA S. CASTILLO B.A. American University M.A. American University MR. TIMOTHY CHANEY B.S. Viginia Polytechnic Institute MR. DAVID CLARKE B.A. Randolph-Macon College MRS. CATHERINE COOLEY B.A. Mary Washington MR. LESTER B. CROOM B.S. East Carolina University M.A. George Washington University MR. JAMES E. DASH B.M.E. Morehead State University M.M. Morehead State University MR. LOUIS DECAMP B.S. Frederick College MRS. SONJA L. DEHOSTOS B.A. Baylor University MRS. GLORIA DELRAHIM B.A. Marywood College MR. GEORGE DIRNER B.S. Miami University M.Ed. Miami University MRS. VRONNA ENDAHL B.S. South Dakota State University MR.OLAN FAULK, III A. A. Potomac State College B. A. West Liberty State College MRS. DOROTY I. FELDMAN B.A. Queens College of the City of N.Y. MRS. MEREDITH W. FINN B.A. The American University MR. MICHAEL FOGLIO A. B. Shepherd College MISS CATHERINE J. FOX B. A. State University of New York at Genesco MISS SANDRA FREEDMAN B.S. Longwood College MR. PATRICK J. FREEMAN B.A. St. Vincent College M.Ed. George Washington University MRS. JERIS FRENCH B.M. State University of New York MRS. ELIZABETH P. GALIE B.S. Mary Washington College MR. KENNETH A. GAUDREAULT B.S. Tennessee Technological Univ. MR. LEROY W. GILES, JR. Nashville Auto Diesel College MR. DAVIDS. GIVENS B.S. Lynchburg College MRS. CAROLYN M. GREEN B.A. Randolph-Macon Woman’s College MR. DAVID L. GROVE B.A. Shepherd College M.A. George Washington University MRS. PAMELA KAY HANNAH B.A. Madison College MRS. ANNA MARIE HARDER B.S. Immaculata College MISS DEBRA F. HARLAN A. A. Peace College B. S. East Carolina University MRS. CYNTHIA A. HAULER B.S. Bowling Green State Univ. MR. GORDON A. HILL B.A. Pfeiffer College M.A. University of Virginia MISS LOUISE HOPKINS A. B. Georgetown College M.A. University of Kentucky MISS KATHLEEN A. HUTCHINGS B. S. Sacred Heart MR. THOMAS HYER M.Ed. George Washington University MRS. ANN G. JACOBSON B.S. Concordia College MISS CONNIE M. JOHNSON B.S. Madison College MR. GARRY J. JONES B.S. University ofTennessee M.A. East Tennessee State Univ. MRS. JOYCE H. JONES B.A. Rutgers University MISS ANITA JOSEPH B.A. Pennsylvania State University MR. VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY B.S. Slippery Rock State for Tchrs. M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh MR. STEPHEN A. KENDALL B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute MR. TIMOTHY A. KERLIN B.S. Bowling Green State University MRS. JOAN H. KILPATRICK B.A. Davis and Elkins College MR. ALBERT KINCEL B.A. Newark State College MRS. BRENDA M. LAM B.S. Madison College MISS LINDA A. LAMANTIA A. B. Trinity college MISS LINDA LANDBLOOM B. S. Madison College MRS. ELEANOR LANDGRABE A.B. Georgetown University MISS MILDRED LAPSLEY A. B. Mary Baldwin College M.Ed. University of Virginia MISS ROBERTA A. LERG B. A. Michigan State University MISS LUCY J. LOWMAN B.S. Radford College MRS. MARGARET H. LUNTER A. B. Glenville State College M.A. Marshall University MR. GEORGE F. LYONS B. S. East Carolina University M.A. East Carolina University MRS. ROSE L. MADREY B.S. Elizabeth City State Univ. MRS. SANDRA MANIGAULT B.S. Long Island University M.A. Pennsylvania State University MR. PAUL MASKALENKO B.S. East Carolina University M.A. University of North Carolina MR. JOHN T. MCCONNELL B.A. DePauw University M.E. Temple University M.E. University of Virginia MR. JOHN MCFEATURE B.S. East Tennessee University MRS. JANE D. MEACHAM B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute MRS. PATTY G. MEADE B.S. University of Arkansas M.A. Marycrest College MR. E. RICHARD MICHAELSON B.S. State University of New York MR. MIKEM. MILLAN B.S. George Washington University M.A. George Washington University MR. JOHN E. MILLER B.A. Emory and Henry College M.A. George Peabody College for Tchrs. MR. WILLARD MISNER B.S. Ball State University M.A.T. Purdue University 262 MR. S. JOHN MOFFATT B.S. George Washington University M.A. George Washington University MRS. AUDREY M. MORRISON B.S. University of California MISS JEANNE MORSE B.S. East Carolina University MR. WILLIAM P. NESBIT B.S. Pennsylvania State University MR. WILLIAM W. NURSE B.S. State University of New York M.A. George Washington University MRS. MARY O’NEIL B.S. Radford College MS. SHERYL OWENS B.A. Mount Holyoke College M.A. Middlebury College MISS DONNELLE L. OXLEY B.A. Carson-Newman College M.A. University of Maryland MR. BRUCE M. PATRICK B.A. North Carolina Wesleyan MR, ANDREW LEE PAULEY B.F.A. Richmond Professional Institute M.Ed. University of Virginia MRS. LOIS M. PIEPER ' B.S. University of Minnesota MISS JOYCE M. PLAUGHER B.S. Madison College MRS. FLORENCE L. PLETT B.S. Boston University MRS. DOROTHY M. PLYLER B.S. Miami University M.S. Miami University MR. DAVID L. POWELL B.A. College of William and Mary M.Ed. University of Virginia MR. JOHN PRICE B.A. George Washington University M.A. George Washington University MR. WADE PRIVETTE B.S. Atlantic Christian College MR. THOMAS E. PROPPS B.A. West Virginia Tech. M.Ed. University of Virginia MRS. SUSANNE B. PULLEN Virginia Polytechnic Institute MRS. MARGARET REED A.B. Westhampton College M.A. University of Richmond MRS. NANCY H. RICHARDSON B.A. St. Lawrence University M.A. George Washington University MRS. VERDA J. RICHARDSON R.N. Ottawa Civic Hospital MS. ELEANOR K. ROSE A. B. Camegie-Mellon University MRS. CYNTHIA E. RUFTY B. A. William and Mary, The American Univ. MR. JOHN D. SETTER B.S. University of North Dakota MR. BOYD SHAFFER Virginia Polytechnic Institute MR. MICHAEL SKINNER B.S. Shepherd College M.Ed. George Washington University MR. H P. SNELL, JR. B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute MR EARNEST M. SNYDER B.A. Glenville State College M.A. George Washington University MR. JAMES M. SPARLING B.S. Madison College MR. HENRY R. STERLE B.S. West Virginia University MR. DAVID C. STOVER B.S. Clarion State College M S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute MR. WILLARD STRATTON B.S. Morehead State University M.A. University of Kentucky MR. DAVID T.SUHRE B.S. College of Idaho M.S.T. University of New Hampshire MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN B.S. Alabama State University M.S. Florida State University MR. RICHARD S. THOMAS B.A. Alfred University MR. HERMAN V. THOMASON B.A. Furman University M.R.E. Southern Seminary MR. MANSON TILLMAN B.S. Allen University M.A. Ball State University MR. ALFRED T. TUDOR B.A. Texas Western College M.A. University of Oklahoma MR. LEONARD E. VAUGHN B.A. McPherson College B.D. Bethany Biblical Seminary M.S. Cornell University MISS POLLY E.WAID ' B.S. Radford College M.A. George Washington University MR. DONALD WEINHEIMER, JR B.S. LeMoyne College M.S. Syracuse University MRS. MARILYN K. WELCH B.A. Mercyhurst College MR. GEORGE W. WHITE B.A. Marshall University M.Ed. American University MRS. JULIE C. WILSON B.A. Howard University MRS. LINDA A. WILSON B.A. Greenville College M.A. University of Maryland MRS. LOIS M. YEARICK B.A. Connecticut College for Women MR. JOHN J. YEDNOCK B.S. George Washington University M.A. George Washington University MR. MICHAEL G. ZURALOW B.A. George Washington University 263 General Index INTRODUCTION SCHOOL LIFE Prom 16 Graduation 18 Beauty Pagent 20 Spring Frolics 21 Powder Puff Football 22 Plays 23 Homecoming 24 Pep Rallies 27 Athletic Banquet 28 Radio Mount Vernon 29 Academics 30 Drama 31 Free Time 32 Concert 34 Dance 35 Games 36 Parties 37 Booknook and Snackbar 38 Free Time 39 ORGANIZATIONS SGA 46 Senior Honor Society 49 Junior Honor Society 51 International Thespians 52 Stage Lighting Crew 53 Band 54 Pep Club 60 Music Honor Society 61 Cheerleaders 62 Chorus 65 Keyettes 69 Key Club 71 Spanish Club 73 Spanish Honor Society 75 French Club 76 French Honor Society 77 Jr. Classical League 78 German Club 79 Social Studies Forum 80 Debate Team 81 Forensics 82 Art Club 82 Photographic Arts Club 83 Math Team 84 Chess Club 84 Bible Club 85 VICA 86 DECA 87 FBLA 88 Girl’s Sports 89 Ski Club 90 FT A 92 FHA 93 Science Club 94 Young, Gifted and Black Club 95 Literary Magizine 95 EM VEEHI 96 Yearbook 98 SPORTS Varsity Baseball 102 JV Baseball 104 Softball 105 Boy’s Gymnastics 109 Varsity and JV Track 107 Girl’s Track 107 Boy’s Tennis 108 Golf 110 Soccer 106 Varsity Football 112 JV Football 116 Freshman Football 117 Hockey 118 Cross Country 120 Girl’s Tennis 122 Varsity Basketball 124 JV Basketball 128 Freshman Basketball 129 Girl’s Basketball 130 Winter Track 132 Swimming 140 Freshman Wrestling 137 Varsity Wrestling 134 JV Wrestling 136 Girl’s Gymnastics 138 CLASSES Freshman Class 142 Sophomore Class 158 Junior Class 172 Senior Class 188 FACULTY Administration 232 Sub Schools 233 Secretaries and Librarians 237 English Department 238 Science Department 244 Math Department 242 Social Studies Department 240 Foreign Language 246 Home Economics Department 251 Art Department 251 Fine Arts Department 250 Business Department 254 Physical Education Department 252 Vocational Department 256 Service Personel 259 PATRONS 262 INDEX 266 EPILOGUE 278 264 Abbott, Brenda L. 190 Abramson, Tammy G. 160,82,87 Abromavich, Linda Ackerson, Douglas 174 Adams, Linda L. 160,90 Adams, Lucy R. 89,131 Addamiano, Natale J. 174 Adem, Cheryl M. 174 Adinaro Claire A. 160 Adinaro Marianne 85,89,107,174 Adkins, John David 160 Ahn, Young Ran 160 Aikin, Bobbitt H. Aikin, David M. 190,160,108 Aitken, Mark 8. 160,80,108 Akagi, Cynthia L. Akagi, Laura A. 190 Akers, Deborah R. 160 Akridge, Harold K. 82,85,174 Akridge, Melannie J. 190,194,85 Alexander, Kathrine M. 87,174 Alexander, Kathy A. 87 Alexander, Jaciene L. Alexander Leona R. 160,82 Alexander, Marc R. 82,84,174 Alford, Debra E. 160 Allen, Anita Mae Allen, David L. 160 Allgood, Becky Sue 160 AUgood, Brian D. 136 Allison, John C. 160 Almeida, Patricia 174 Anderson, Gordon E. Anderson, Janice G. 160,119 Anderson, Janis L. Anderson, Jeffrey B. 190 Anderson, Jonathan D. Anderson, Julie Lynn 89,131,174 Anderson, Karen L. 139,190,138 Anderson, Kathy S. Anderson, Mary France 191,220 Anderson, Paul S. 174 Anderson, Roy W. Anderson, Tammy L. 160 Anderson, Walter M. 191 Anderton, Catherine J. 160,119 Anderton, Elizabeth E. 191 Anderton, James F. Andrae, Raymond R. 160 Andrews, Brenda 160,90 Andrews, Carolyn Q 191,96 Andrews, Susan Lynn 87,174 Anstey, Susan J. 160 Antonioli, Anthony 174 Apsitis, Kevin C. 191 Arbaugh, Barry L. 128,174 Arbaugh, Terry L. 89,131 Argo, Margaret J. Arkwright, Anne M. Arkwright, Mary J. Arn, Clifford C. 191 Arnold, Denise Karen 107,174 Arrington, Carol S. 160 Ary, James M. 191,133 Ary, Teresa A. 139 Asbury, Cindy L. 191 Asbury, Tammy A. Ashford, Edward 192,215 Ashford, Shelvin A, 160 Ashford, Yvonne 192 Atkins, Carylon A. Atkins, David M. Atkins, David W. Atkins, Russell Allen Atwell, Thomas S. Avery, Bryan W. Ayo, Dennis J. Babbington, William P. 174 Babcock, Douglas A. Babcock, Steven L. 160,106 Bach, Nancy Louise 174 Bach, Susan J. 192,65 Bache, Jeffrey C. 174 Bache Stephen W. Baden, Robert L. 192 Bagley, Joy F. 160 Bagwill, Robert H. 192,82 Bailey, Sandra D. Bailey, William A. 160 Bainum, Lisa K. 174 Baird, Anne W. 192,42 Baird, William F. 137,117 Baker, Alice Marie 160 Ball, Dean Ray 160,83 Ball, Floyd C. Ball, Thomas C. 160,126 Ballif, Suzanne 192 Bamsey, Barbara A. 86 Bandish, Pamela M. 192 Bannister, Dennis S, 129 Barfels, Angela G. Barfoot, Alison L. 160 Barker, Mark A. Barker, Regina K. 86 Barksdale, Rhonda L. 192 Earner, Dorthia A. Bames, Cynthia K. 65,174 Barnes, Gary R. 160 Bames, Kenneth D. 90,133,174 Bames, Stephen R. 192,220,90,120,133 Bames, Walter L. 129 Barnett, David E. 192,220,82 Barr, Michael A. 193 Barrett, Karl A, Barron, John V. 193,205,135,113,1 14,115,35 Barron, Patrick F. Barros, Isabel M. 193,90 Barrowclough, Robert 160 Barry, Douglas A. 133,193,80,114 Barry, Pamela D. 160 Bartanen, John A. 193,114 Bartholf, Paige F. 160 Bartlett, Jeffrey J. 86,174 Basham, Cara L, 65,174 Bass, Jack B. 193,133,113,114,115,107 Batchelor, Brian E. Batchelor, Joyce L. 189,193,220,65 Batka, Elizabeth S. Batistas, Chris 174,43 Batistas, Marie Batton, Clyde L. 86 Batton, Margot S. 87 Baumann, Raymond R. 193 Baumann, Susan E. 160 Bauer, Chris T. Baxter, Cynthia J. Bayne, FaisiaT. 174,34 Bayne III, Mack C Beahm, Bradley S. Beahm, Linda S. 85,89,105,122,174 Beahm, Ten J. Bears, Earl Whitman 175 Beasley, Alen D. 160,90 Beasley, Cara D. 193 Beasley, James R. Beaver, Larry D. 175 Beaty, Lynda L. 89,103,119 Beckler, Bonnie S. 160 Bednar, Lorry M. 87 Behm, Deborah S. 160 Behrens, Edward C. 65,175 Belden, Richard A, Bement, Beverly A. 193,90 Bement, Wayne D. Bena, Clare E. 193,220 Bena, John M. 160 Bender, Bonnie K. Berg, Kris M. 194,122 Bergen, Daniel J. Bernard, Janine M. 175 Bernard, Jayne E. 87 Berry, Edward L. Berry, Michael W. 175 Berryman, Edward J. 117 Bess, Marianne 194 Beville, James B. 160 Bicoy, Don P. Bicoy, Jennifer J. 194 Bicoy, Michael 109 Biehl, Harry Bigler, Dennis John 194 Bion dolillo, Patricia 160 Bittorf, Richard E. Bixler, Samuel D. 160 Bizier, Karen 160 Bizier, Steven P. 194,80 Blackman, Barbara A. 194 Blake, Robert R. 194 Blackledge, William D. 175 Blanding, Walter Henr 137,114,107,175 Blanding, Wayne R. 109 Blatcher, Donald J. Blatcher, Gary F. Blesso, Debra Ann 194 Bligh, Carol Tutee 194,220 Bligh, Laura C. Blizzard, Deborah L. 160 Blizzard, Dianna L. Blizzard, Timothy A. 188,194,84,94 Blunt, Sandra 194,196 Boardman, Constance P, 175 Boarts, David C. 175 Boddie, Laurie S. 194,85 Bodson, Tracy E. 86 Boginis, Patricia A. Boinest, Barbara A. 160 Bolte, William 195,220 Bolton, Carol L. 86 Bolin, Jerry Wray Bolton, Joseph F. 145 Bolton, William F, Bombard, Charles E. 175 Bona, David J. 145 Bona, James L. Borg, Roger A. 160,84 Borror, John E. 175 Borum, Denis R, 160 Boster, Melissa E. 161,90,138 Botts, Karen L. 195,87,122 Bolts, Ronald M. 145,129 Boucher, Kenneth R. 145 Bowen, Glynda Michele 175 Bowen, Robert L. 195 Bowen, Mitchell R. 145 Bowie, Lindsay A. Bowlin, David J. 65 Bowlin, David W. 116,175 Bowlin, Paul Boyce, James E. 161,106 Boyd, Adlai 145 Boyd, Linda M. 175 Boyne, Bill James 175 Bracewell, Judith S. Bracken, David S. 145,117 Bracken, Stephen T. 135,114,175 Bradberry, Jeffrey W. 161 Brademan, Royce Atwel 175 Bradley, Kathy A. 161 Bradley, Susan M. 107,175 Bragg, Mary A. 161,82 Bragg, Roy C. Braman, Kenneth Josep Braman, Kevin F. Braman, Matthew W. 145 Braman, Tonia N. 195 Brandenburg, Brenda J. 145 Brane, Betty Ann 175 Brane, Brenda S. Brant, Pamela D. 161,79,85 Braun, Christina 1.79,107,175 Bray, Nadege B. 161 Breeden, Gary Wayne 175 Breen, Michael T. 161 Breuel, Margaret E. Brickenstein, Mary 175 Bricker, James C. 120,175 Brigham, Deborah 175 Brigham, Scott D. 175 Brittain, Rebecca G. 161 Brodie, John R. 161,83 Brodie, Valerie A. 195,87 Brookman, Patricia K. 161 Brooks, Eartle 195 Broughton, Benita 145 Brown, Alison L. 145 Brown, Catherine A. 161 Brown, Connie L. 195 Brown, Cynthia G. 90,145 Brown, Dalton T. 65,161 Brown, Elizabeth E. Brown, George A. 161 Brown, Gordon A. 161 Brown, Gregory W. 175 Brown, Karen S. 161,85 Brown, Leslie O 161 Brown, Lori D. 90,175 Brown, Lynda M. 161 Brown, Marva 161,114 Brown, Michael L. 133 Brown, Pamela L. Brown, Timothy L. 195 Brown, Vanessa L, 87,175 Browning, Deborah A. 196 Browning Margaret A. 175 Broyles, Claudia S. Bruce, Brenda Lee 176 Bruner, David L. 161,133,116,107 Bukalski, Stanley C. 145 Bulloss, Leslie K. 161 Bumgardner, Theresa A. 196 Burkard, Marguerite M. 145 Burke, Kyra A. 145,138 Burman, Gretchen G. 196,82,87,79 Burnette, Wayland E. 145,117 Bums, Michelle M. Butler, Dennis W. Butler, Diane L. 196,65 Butler, Douglas J. 196 Butler, Jackie Donald 161 Butler, Richard B. 161,104,116 Butler, Susan L. 145 Butterfield, Brad E. Byrd, Cynthia M. 161,107 Byrne, Ann Marie 94,176 Cacho, Carmel Cacho, Denis A. 87 Cady, James Cajigas, Dawn C. 176 Callahan, Susan E. 196 Campbell, John J. 176 Campbell, Karen J. 145 Canaday, Betty A. 176 Carey, Dana L. Carleton, Joseph M. 145,117 Carnahan, Robert 90,145 Cames, Wilson W. 196 Camey, Daniel F. Carpenter, Amy L. 85 Carpenter, Brenda R. 145,119 Carpenter, Carl D. 145 Carpenter, CharlesT. 145,117 Carpenter, Gary L. 161 Carpenter, Larry L. 161 Carpenter, Pilar M. 161,139 Carpenter, Mary Chris 197,220,65 Carr, David R. 145 Carr, James Anthony 197 Carr, Jennifer E. Carr, Maureen Therese 117,107,176 Carr, Rebecca S. Carr, Susan A. 119,176 Carroll, Valerie L. 176 Carruthers, John S. Carruthers, Karren I 197 Carruthers, Kurdt J. 197 Carts, Robert M. 106 Carts, David Antonio 197,80,84,94,43 Casassa, Mark A. 104 Casdorph, Virginia A. 176 Cassedy, Rory Mark 197,108 Castillo, Gilbert F. 161,176 Castillo, Melissa E. Castillo, Yvonne M. Carwin, Dawn S. Catchpole, Richard C. 161 Caudill, Barbara Ann 176 Caulfield, Evan D. 145 Cavell, Mark 145 Cecci, Anthony V. 145 Chaloux, Paul N. Jr, Chapman, Kelly G. 176 Chapman, Melissa Caro Chapman, Sally Ann Chamey, Kathleen J. 145 Chastain, John E. 136,176 Chemault, Elizabeth Chesneau, Claudia J. 145 Chester, Charlotte L. 145 Chikalla, Patricia E. 197 Childers, Gregory Jay 176 Childers, Jean M. 145 Childers, Thomas E. Chism, Cynthia 145 Chriss, Scott A. 161 Christensen, Douglas 161,106 Christiansen, Kathy E. 145,131 Christner, Ingrid A. 197 Christner, Wallace E. 161,106 Church, Wanda Darlene Cianto, Carol L. 197 Cianto, Diana M. 161 Ciccone, Robert J. 161,128 Cioffi, Jeanne M. 145 Clark, Cathy A. Clark, John M. 176 Clark, Petra C. 65,161,139,107 Clemmer, John R. Jr. 87 Cleveland, Albert W. 197 Cleveland, Clint M. 198,161 Cleveland, Lovenia F. 87 Cleveland, Michael R. Clevenger, Winston D. 176 Clidoniaris, Irene Clubb, Christopher W. 104,135,114,176 Coates, Christine L. 145 Coates, Gregory A. 198,210,217,65,29 Cogley, Jerry E. 176 Cogswell, BinetteT. 161 Colburn, Lee Edward Colden, Dianne S. 176 Colden, Martha L. 145 Cole, Brian M, 145 Coleman, Hampton W. 145 Coleman, Shannon H, 161,89,119,25 Coligure, Bobbi J. 161 Colley, Teresa L. 162 Collie, Cynthia L. 198,90 l Collier, Richard M. 198 Collins, Lela J. 162,105 Collins, Richard R. 176 Colombo, Patricia Ann 176 Colyer, Richard B. 162 Colyer, Susan G. 176 Combs, Barbara A. 162 Comer , Debra Sue 176 Compton, Deloris K. 176 Comstock, Candee J. 198 Condray, Catherine M. 145 Conlin, Brian K. 162,116 Conn, Michael James 198,83 Constant, Susan M. 162 Conway, Nancy J. 198,220 Conway, Joan M. 145 Cook, James Herbert 198,87 Cooper, Donald S. 145 Copas, Suzanne L. 176 Copper, Betty S. 145 Corbin, Jacqueline L. 176 Cornett, Larry Cornwell, Cindy L. 198 Cornwell, James N. 145 Cormier, Wanda K. 162,107 Cotner, Thomas V. Cox, Donald F. Cox, John T. 198,85 Cox, Patricia J. 145 Cracchiolo, Marc Cracknell, William H. Craddock, Kelly M. Cram, Patrick S. Crawford, Brian L. Crawford, Julie A. 162 Crawford, Mark H. 199 Crawford, Theresa M. 199 Creekmore, Rebecca A. Creekmore, Valrie Y. 176 Croom, William M. Crowley, Anthony Edwa 126,176 Crowley, Sandra L. Crytzer, Bruce M. 162,104,135 Crytzer, Deborah A. 199 Crytzer, Elizabeth H. Culver, Linette L. 162 Cummings, Catherine E. 176 Cunningham, Tina M. 162 Cupp, Beverly G. Cure, Joel K. 188,199,65 Currence, Neil L. Curtis, Charles D. Jr. 162,106 Curtis, Deborah Jean 199 Curtis, Richard E. 199,205,125,126,114,115 Cutter, Rene Catherin Cutter, Robert Q. Cutting, Rosemary A. 162 Cypher, Douglas D Czaja, Marie J. 199,224,65 Czerwinski, Diana M. 162 Dagostino, Anne Louis 85,177 Damico, Elizabeth A. Damico, Thomas A. Dancy, Katrina E. Dancy, Naomi Patricia Dan forth, Maryann 199,220,177,25 Daniel, Joseph G. 162,104 Daniel, Marian Rhea 122 Danieli, Mark J. 162,133,109,116 Danielson, Steven Daoulas, Christos J. 106,117 Daoulas, John C. 196,116,177 Darden, Danni L. 199 Darden, Robin A. Davenport, Daniel C. Davenport, Lynne B. Davenport, Philip A. 199 Davidson, Anthony Davis, Charlie Sterli 200 Davis, Charles S. Davis, Christie M. 200 Davis, Debra A. 162 Davis, Debra S. 177 Davis, Edward C. 162 Davis, Gary L. Davis, James E. Davis, Katherine M. 200,86 Davis, Mark S. 162 Davis, Vickie L. 177 Davis, William F. 200 Dawson, Cathaleen A. 200 Dawson, Jenine L. 80 Dawson, Wallace H. Dean, Cheryl Lynn 177 Deane, Deanna D. 177 Deavers, Diane Fee 86 Deavers, Wesley D. Deavers, William D. Deberry, Donald A. 201,103 Debiase, Margaret R. 89,131 Debiase, Mark R. 201 Decantis, Linda Ann 177 Dechants, Glenn A. 201,87 Decicco, Rosemary 201 Decker, Valerie Carol Delaconcepcion, Janet 201,89,130,105,117 Delaconcepcion, Jeff 162,129 Delaconcepcion, Josep 128 Delarama, Laura S. 162 Delarama, Marylou 201 Dellinger, Nicholas E. 117 Dellinger, Raymond E. 201 Demaar, John M. 162 Demaar, Susan J. 201 Denison, Richard D. 177 Denny, Christopher T. Denny, Patricia Denton, David D. 162 Denzer, Patti J. 89,122 Denzer, Sue Anne 122,177 Deramo, Theresa A. 162 Derr, Douglas N. Detelich, Teresa L. 191,201,227,87,90 Detelich, Jeffrey M. 162 Deville, Mark A. 201 Dewispelaere, Dan D. 162,116 Dewispelaere, Earl L. 202,43 Dewispelaere, Leeanne Dezulovich, Darrell J. 177 Dickerson, Karen L. 202,85 Dickerson, Monit R. Dickinson, James D. Dickinson, John C. 162 Dickson, Ellen M. 177 Dickson, Scott F. 202 Dietzel, Charles B. 162,133,116,107 Dilallo, Kevin S. 162,133,107 Dill, Glenn A. 202 Dimarino, Theresa A. 162,89,103 Dingle, Andrea V. Dingle, Sandra M. 202,177 Dinunzio, Gina Maria 177 Dixon, Kim N. Doan, Charles W. Doerty, Leslie L. 162,42 Dolinger, Gary A. 177 Donahue, Erin L. 162,89,107 Donahue, Kelly C. 202,87 Donnelly, Virginia Je 65,177 Donovan, Don R. 177 Dorfman, Louis E. 202,35 Dorough, Denise A. Dorough, Thomas A. 65 Doucette, Doreen M. Dougherty, Patricia J. 202 Douglas, Melody S. 203 Douglas, Molly Joe Douvlas, Amy Estelle 162 Downing, Shirley A. 89 Downing, Vanessa 203 Doyle, John Paul 133,114,177 Doyle, Steven M. 117 Drake, Joy L. 203,89,130 Drake, Judith L. 163,105,122 Drake, Marshall W. Dresser, David J. Drexler, Amy L. Drexler, Charles Haro Drexler, Jan C. Driscoll, Jamie Driscoll, Susan L. 177 Duckworth, Sharon A. 177 Duckworth, Susan G. 203,227 Duff, Raymond E. 163 Duff, Virginia A. Dumont, Corrine E. 177 Dunaway, Carole L. 203,65,85,89,122 Dunaway, John A. 163 Dunkley, Darlene Dunkley, Mable E. 177 Dunkley, Maxine Dunkum, Cynthia G. Dunkum, Vickie L. 203 Dunn, Cindy Louise 105,177 Dunn, Lisa 203 Dunn, Thomas W. 188,203,83,96 Dunmire, Bradley D. 114,115 Dunmire, Gail D. 199 Duvall, Susan M. Duvamey, Cindy L. Duvamey, Mark Willia 114,177 Easton, Edward Merril 104 Easton, James N. Easton, Peggy L. 203 Easum, David E. 177 Eddy, Brian S. 163 Edenton, Faye P. 163 Edenton, Phillip T. 203,87 Edmunds, Vivian 203 Edwards, Rhonda J. 267 Edwards William Dale Ehmer, John S. Eisenhart, Thomas R. 203 Elam, Karen Lorraine 163 Eller, Anthony L. 137,117 Elliott, George T. Jr. 203 Elliott, Hugh F. 203 Elliott, Mark S. 177 Elliott, Mary G. Elliott, Robert B. Elliott, Thomas B. 163 Elliott, William Bern Elliott, William R. Ely, Richard A. 82,177 Ely, Susan M. Embrey, Patrick T. 163,84 Embrey, Roberta C. 203 Emerson, Barbara Ann Emerson, Deborah Lynn Eng, Dixie Lee 163,138 Engelhardt, Nancy J. Epperson, Laura Ann 163 Eppert, Brett L. 87,133 Epstein, John 80,106 Ertel, Eileen M. 203 Ertel, Thomas D. 203 Ertel, Tracy H. Esola, Robert W. 163 Esola, Timothy P. Esola, Victor F. 177 Esterbrook, Randal L. 203 Estrada, Elizabeth A. 87,177 Estrada, Guadalupe 163 Etherington, Gary D. 104,112,114,106,177 Eucker, Barry J. 204 Evans, Michael Carl 65 Evans, Tony R. Evenson, Dana M. Fabro, Brian D. 86 Fadely, Susan M.204 Farrell, Pana 163,139 Farrell, Tana 204 Farwell, Randall G. 117 Faucette, Jeffrey L. 117 Faulconer, Mary Jane Fauntleroy, Michael L. 204 Faust, Marianne P. 204,89 Fay, Warren D. Feeney, Patricia Mari 163 Fenstermaker, Susan L. 163,90 Fetterman, Cheryl J. Fetterman, Donald L. 204,83 Fetterman, Sandra Fialkowski, Gayle E. Fick, Sharon K. 204,65,85 Fieffer, Deborah L. 163,107 Finley, Cynthia E. Fee 86,177 Finley, Maurice P. 204 Finley, Victoria Ann 178 Fisher, David K. 136 Fischer, Elizabeth Su 163 Fisher, Melissa K. 25 Fitzpatrick, Barry D. 204 Flake, David M. 178 Flanagan, Brett Flanagan, John Layton 163 Flattery, Patricia E. 163 Flattery, Sean P. 135,178 Fleek, Kenneth C. 163 Fletcher, Stephen W. 204 Foglio, Brenda Lee 178 Foltz, John C. 201,205,65,94 Foltz, Mary E. 65,163 Fore, Del Marie A. 65 Forman, Patricia B. 163,90 Forrest, Ellen M. Forsythe, Sandra Kay Forsythe, Thomas S. 205 Foster, Bettye K. 89 Foster, Beverly A. 163,103 Foster, Debra Jean 205 Foster, Elizabeth A. Foster, Karen P. 139 Foster, Kay Lynn 163 Foster, Kimberly A. 139 Foster, Leslie M. 178 Foster, Shelia Foster, Thomas Jo 196,205,114 Foster, Tracy L. 139 Foster, William Josep 163,128,129 Fountaine, Michael Fowke, Joan L. 205 Fowler, Craig W. 178 Fox, Jeffrey A. 205,109 Frailey, Pamela 205,220,96 Frailey, William Scot 163 Fraley, Dallas E. Frank, Steven L. 2205,86 Frank, Susan Carol 163 Frazier, Donald N. Frazier, Walter O. 205 Freaney, David T. 104,178 Freaney, James J. 205,114 Fredrick, Timothy Eri 178 Freund, Jeffrey I. Frias, Carol L. Friedman, Cordelia Friedman, William J. 163 Froelich, Jamie Sue 82,87,178 Frye, Thomas A. 103,178 Fuller, Carol L. Fuller, Elaine France 163 Fullerton, Laura 104,178 Fullerton, Leslie 87,178 Fullerton, Linda Fulton, Robert J. 178 Funck, Sally J. 205,220 Funderburk, Susan C. 163 Furgerson, James E. 178 Furrow, Cathy T. 85 Futrell, Harold E. 163 Gabbert Jr„ Ronald D. Gabriel, Joanne Marie Gainer, Richard L. 178 Gallagher, John R. Gallahan, David Galloway, Michelle Ly 163 Galvez, David P. 206,90,133,40 Ganley, Terry P. Garland, Johnny Scott 163 Garrett, Chris M. 163 Garrett, David M. 178 Garrett, Elizabeth J. 163,86 Garrett, Stephen S. 117 Garvey, Karlene P. 131 Garvey, Sean Anthony Gaskill, Gregory S. 206 Gaskill, Melody J. 206 Gaskill, Timothy B. 163 Gatlin, Karen L. 90,139 Gatlin, Kimberly A. 163,138 Gates, Barry S. Gates, Donald Dean Gaupp, Brian Eric 163 Gaupp, Wayne Robert Geary, Sean 178 Gegenheimer, Harry L. 163,86 George, Kenneth W. 163 George, Janice M. Gerow, Edward J. 120,133 Gerow, Francis W. 163,120 Gerow, Michelle A. 87,90,178 Gibbens, Carolyn I. 207,220,65 Gideon, Lefa M. Gilbert, Carlos A. 163,128 Gilbert, Daniel D. 178 Gillespie, Cynthia A. Gillespie, Dereck C. Gillespie, Liana L. 207,65,89,105,117 Gillison, Gary J. 163,104 Glasby, Debra J. 163,87 Glossner, William Eug 163 Godby, Mark Alan 207,178 Goddard, Vera L. 164 Godfrey, Mark B. 135 Godfrey, Peter T. Goff, Christina M. 164 Goliash, Anne H. 139 Goliash, Barbara I. 207,107 Goliash, Patricia Ann 178,25 Golding, Becky Golding, Cynthia Lu 178 Goodchild, Lesley C. 85,94,178,37 Goodwin, John L. Goodwyn, Robert T. Gormley, Mark Joseph 164 Gormley, Michael J. 178 Gordon, Stewart A. 178 Gorrell, Cathy M. Gorrell, Michael L. 178 Gorwitz, Patricia N. 178 Gosnell, Lynn M. Gott, Kenneth P. Gouldin, Sharon D. 207 Goultrey, Darlene J. Grabbi, Indrek 79,128,129 Grabbi, Kristjan 129 Graham, Bret E. 207,133,109 Graham, Drew W. 207,120 Grant, David Carl Gransback, Greg K. 164 Gransback, Stephen J. 207,137,135 Gratz, Wayne J. Graves, Debra J. 207 Gray, Bruce Gregory Gray, Dorothy S. Grayson, Proctor A. 117 Greco, Nancy L. 207,89,130,117,107 Green, David P. Green, Heidi R. 207 Green, Sandra S. 65 Green, William Robert Greene, Barbara Ann 164 Greek, Marion Kirk Greenhalgh, Janet M. Greenhalgh, Susan R. Gregorie Alan Ross 164,106 Griffin, Eleanor R. 207,89,130,105 Griffen, Charles E. 164 Griffin, James E. 116 Griffith, Edwin James 164,104 Griffith, Jeffery D. Grimes, Cleve A. Groover, David L. 268 Grossman, Frederick C. Grover, Robert Dean 164,86 Grover, Shari L. Grover, Susan Lynn 207 Grubb, Franklin Dale Grubb, Gina Guffey, Glenda K. 207 Gulledge, RogerS. 120,114 Gusman, Larry J. 84,94 Guttenberg, Karen L. Guy, Thomas 164 Guyer, Rebecca L. Hagan, John M. Hagerup, Ellen S. Hale, Corie E. Hale, Deborah A. 207 Hale, Evelyn Patricia 164 Hale, Lydia A. Hall, Darla Gail Hall, Francis C. 207,103,112,115,114 Hall, Harold L. Hall, Kenneth S. 207 Hall, Lanet N. Hall, Lauri Ellen 164 Hall, Ricky D. 164 Hall, Scott W. Hallesy, Patrick L. 83 Hamel, Anne M. 188,207,122 Hamel, Kathryn E. 122 Hamilton, Barbara A. 207 Hamilton, Barbara A. Hamilton, Beatrice L. Hamilton, Bradley J. Hamilton, Clinton P. Hamilton, Debra Ann 164 Hamilton, Doreen Mari 164 Hamilton, Mary B. Hamilton, Susan O. 207 Hammaker, Charles Aid 208,94 Hammaker, C. Atlee 125,126,103 Hammel, Elizabeth A. Hampton, Granville E. 164 Hampton, John L. Han, Jung Yal Han, Min Soo 164 Hanley, Matthew W. 205,208,220,114,28 Hanrahan, David L. 208 Hansell, Jennifer T. 164 Hansell, Lisa O. Hansell,. Stephen H. 208 Hansen, Eric 164 Harberger, Diana L. Harley, Darrel! L. Harley, Raymond F. 208 Harley, Robert L. Harley, Susan L. 164 Hamden, Michelle A. Hamden, Timothy M. 164,128 Harrick, Barbara 164,107 Harrington, Pamela A. Harris, Carole J. Harris, Christine R. Harris, Donald M. Harris, Gwendolyn M. Harris, James F. Harris, Jennifer I. 164 Harris, Michael C. 129 Hammock, P. 104 Hammock, S. 104 Harris, Sean H, Harrison, Christine D. 139 Harrison, David Carl 164,94,107 Harrison, Gayle M. 208 Harrison, Georgette T. 164 Hartman, Kevin J. 104 Hart, Kimberly J. Plartung, Marie E. Hart, Sherry W. Hartman, Tamara L. Harwood, Mary T. 208 Harwood, Matthew D. 164,90 Harwood, Patrick J. Haseman, Charles B. Hauptman, Bruce 208 Hauptman, Steven D. Hauther, Deloris L. Havenner, James E. Hawthorne, Carolyn A. Hayden, Theresa A. Hayden, William T. 103 Heard, Stephen G. 164 Heath, Joseph F. 164 Hedgepeth, Ann N. 164 Hedgepeth, Sara Hedges, Kathleen J. Heflin, Darlene Simms 208 Heflin, Jeanna M. 208 Heflin, Joseph S. Heflin, Tony R. 164 Heine, Chris Heine, Karen J. 164,82 Heiney, Brian L. 117 Heiney, Cynthia S. 208 Heiney, Douglas A. 164 Heinle, Mark D. 164 Helmick, Charles W. 208 Helton, John R. Helton, Lloyd Bryant 208 Henderson, Virginia P. 208 Hensley, Gregory L. 208,96 Herl, John J. Herndon, Holly L. 65,82 Herndon, Joseph E. Hertzog, Clifford A. Hickey, Jane Hicks, Frank Hicks, Michael B. Hicks, William Higgins, Everette J. 209 Higgins, Margaret M. 164 Higgins, Ronald 133,116,107 Hiland, Shiri E. Hildreth, Margaret L. Hildreth, William R. Hilsabeck, Frances G. 87 Hinkle, Michael P. Hipsley, Cathy L. 191,209,89,117 Hipsley, Terry Lynn 164 Hix, Thomas P, 164 Hoath, Bryan D. 104 Hobbs, Allen W. 104,126 Hodge, Duncan B. 209 Hodgson, Eric 209,114,107 Hodgson, Anne C. 164,82,138 Hoe, Linda Robinson 209,65,86 Hoffman, Berkley Warr Hoffman, James D. 164,83 Hoffman, Michael W. 117 Hoglan, Sonja Lynne 209,80 Hoglan, Steve L. Hogue, William H. Holliman, Donna M. Holman, David W. Holmes, Arthur 0.114 Holland, Richard W. Hollowed, Helen H. 164,85,89 Hoover, Terry Lee 165 Hopkins, Allison A. Hopkins, Beth M. Hopkins, Lee A. Hopkins, Steven C. 209 Home, Deborah A. Home, Cheryl L. Horton, Dan G. Horton, Jerry L. 165 Horton, Linda Horton, M. Deann 165,85 Horton, Nancy A. Howard, Lynette V. 165 Howe, Michelle Kaye Howland, Margaret B. 165 Howland, Rebecca D. 90 Howland, William A. Hoye, Charles C. Hubbell, Damn L. 165,103,114 Hubler III, George E. Hudson, Elizabeth A. 210 Hudson, James T. 86 Hudson, Timothy James 86 Huffman, Daniel C. 165 Hug, Debra G. 165,165 Hughes, John M. Hughes, Leigh 165 Hulshizer, Daniel J. 165,136 Hulshizer, Ronald D. 136,109 Huntington, Heidi S, Hurwitz, Michael D. 86 Hutchings, Kevin Illidge, James 210 Illidge, Keven 165 Imhoff, Karen 89,130,105 Imhoff, Lisa M. 210,119 Innis, Beth A. Innis, Jeanne Ipock, Mark T. Irby, Charlotte V. Irby, Darrell G. Irby, Eric I. Irvine, Ronne J. 210 Isaksen, Brenda L. Jackson, Gwendolyn Y. Jackson, Janet L. 165 Jackson, Kevin Jackson, Lavem 208,210,220,87,25 Jackson, William L. Jacobs, Debra A. Jacobson, Paul T. 165,90 Jakes, Ken B. James, Richard Irving Jaussi, Roger C. 165,83 Jennings, Kelvin Tyro 165 Jennings, Sandra Loui Jeter, Timothy R. 210 Jewett, Jonathan E. 165 Jewett, Tim S. Johnson, Alan B. Johnson, Daniel R. 165 Johnson, Denise D. Johnson, Heather J. 139 Johnson, Michael A. 129 Johnson, Paul C. 165 Johnson, Randolph G. 165 Johnson, Rebecca L. Johnson, Stephen P. Joines, Gordon W. Joines, Theresa J. 210 Jones, Clinton E. Jones. Dalton Maurice Jones, Dale Franklin 165 Jones, David L. 210 Jones, Gregory A. Jones, Jill D. Jones, Marlene Blanch Jones, Larry R. Jones, Michael A. Jones, Ronald D. 86 Jones, Victoria L. Jordan, Shirley A. Judy, Kimberly Ann Judy, Michael S. Jurasits, Jerry A. 210 Jurasits, Susan C. 96 Kang, Sung Jung Karalus, Neil David 169 Karalus, Randall Scott 165 Kash, Timothy M. Kaufman, Kim A. Kazlausky, James D. 210,220,114 Keeler, Brian E. 117 Keeler, Gary L. 210,220,225,133,114 Keene, Kurt Michael 165 Keller, Barbara Ann 87 Keller, Carl E. Keller, Erin Dale 86 Keller, Lisa Janine 165 Kelley, David E. 210 Kelley, Paul W. Kelley, Kerry L. 165 Kelley, Matthew James Kelly, Walter H. 210,87 Kelly, William Patric Kempf, Laura G. Kendall, Michael A. Kennedy, Elizabeth L. Kennedy, Jennie M. 210 Kennedy, Paul C. Kenney, Paul H, 117 Kenney, Rhonda D. Kent, Glenn Cameron 210,211,96,133 Kerker, Debra K. 165 Kerker, Donna M. Kems, Joyce L. 165 Kersey, Margaret P. 165,86 Kessel, Fred Dee Kessel, Nancy E. 211 Key, Robert Clayton J. 165,116 Key, Victoria Frances Kidd, Michael R. 165 Kidder, Stephen J. 106,120,133 Kidwell, Lyndon A. Kiefer, Kathleen E. 87 Kiefer, Lisa D. Kiisk, Linda M. 211,79,82,138 Kiisk, Silvi A. 165,79,138 Kiltz, Glen A. 165 Kim, Chang Son Kimble, Deborah L. 165 Kimble, John R. 211 Kimble, Katherine L. 165,105 Kimble, Robert L. 135,103 Kinder, James Steven Kinder, John S. King, Debra L, 211,65,165 King, Donald Wayne 165,86 King, Ivy L. King, Kathleen Anne 211 King, William Robert 165 King, Sallie C. Kinkella, Mark Lee 165,116 Kinkella, Marla A. 188,211,220,85 Kiser, James Oliver Kiser, Phyllis Marie 165 Kit tel, Drew H. Kittel, Lindsay R. 165,83 Klein, Suzanne D. 65 Kleinsteuber, Kurt P. 211 Klett, Barbara A. Klett, Mary E. Knapp, Daniel F. 166 Knapp, William J. 211 Knicely, Wiley Jeff 166 Knight, Curtis D. Knight, Kathy L.212 Kobilka, David E. Koch, Jennifer L. 212,86 Kolb, William P. Kolodziej, Sophie A. 166 Kolodziej, Theresa L. Kolpack, Ilona K. Kolpack, Ronni L. Kolzak, Susan Patrici 166,90 Kormanik, Joseph D. 137 Kovak, Nancy L. 87 Kovak, Steven M. Kowalewski, Pamela K. Kowalewski, Valerie A. 212 Krolak, George C. 212 Kroll, Barbara S. Kromer, John S, Kruse, Barry T. 166 Krutosik, Teresa Ann 166 Kuett, Allison S. 212,220,96 Kuett, Beth A. 212,96 Kuett, Janice Carrie 166 Kunkle, Steven John 96 Kunkle, Susan Lynn 166 Kutche, Brian Stuart 82,106 Kutche, Mark D. 212 Kutchmanich, Janet 25 Kutchmanich, Tina E. 166 Lacava, Theresa Lacy, Debra G. 166 Lacy, Gregory D. Lally, Dawn A. Lally, Suzanne M. Lam, Gina Victoria 166 Lam, Karen K. 212 Lamb, Thomas C. Landgrabe, Renee E. 84,94 Landis, Brenda L. Langley, James W. Langton, Guy R. Lanning, Patricia G. 65 Lanning, Phillip T. 166 Larocue, Marie E. 192,212 Laskowski, Patricia M. 166 Laskowski, Thomas J. Lassiter, Deloris S. 89,131 Latham, Barbara E. Latimer, Janice A. Latos, Linda M. 212 Latos, Richard L. 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Lough ridge, Jeffrey P. 166 Lovegreen, Joan A. Lovegren, Susan Anne 90,122 Lovegren, Sally Anne 89,122 Lovelace, Teri S. Lovett, Gregory A. 196,212,120,107 Lowden, John R. 166,133,107 Lowden, John William 212,230,114 Lowry, Mary J. 213,220,85 Loy, Roy W. 213,114 Lucas, John V. Luccarelli, Philip Lundy, Kathryn D. Lusker, Mary M. 166 Lusker, Paul W. Lyght, Cheryl D. Lyght, Trent D. 166 Lynch, James P. Lynch, Michael E. Lynch, William S. 117 MacDougall, Patricia 89,122 MacSorley, William 212 Maggard, Brenda Lee Maglione, Annette P. Mahaffey, Kathy L. 213,79 Mahoney, James M. 213,230,133 Mahoney, Shelia A. 166 Mahoney, Susan H. Majka, James T. Majka, Paul Anthony 166 Majka, Steven A. 213 Mallet, Catherine M. Mandel, Elizabeth Ann Man ess, Bridgette L. 166 Manion, Cynthia F. Manning, Michele M. 208,213,139,138,25 Manuel, Mikio J. Manuel, Roy Edward 166,128 Manuel, Silas Julian Marasco, Lucille Mari Marasco, Robert J. March, Douglas A. Marcy, Kristina G. 65,166 Marinacci, Jennifer J. Marinacci, Karen 213,166,87 Markey, James A. Markham, Keith E. 214 Marks, Joan P. Marr, John M. Marsee, Linda D. Marshall, Deborah Ann 166 Martelli, Daniel Martin, Curtis R. Martin, Francis Lee 166 Martin, Joanne 86 Martin, Patricia L. 214 Martelli, Gary K. Marvel, Sandra L. Marx, Joseph Marx, Kurt 214 Marx, Steven P. 166,128 Mason, William Frankl Master, Seita E. 166 Masterson, Thomas M. 166,84,94 Matheny, Brian L. Mathes, Matthew A. 117 Mathews, Mark J. 214 Mathis, RichardS. 214 Matthews, Sue A. Mattingley, Cindie L. Mattingley, Sherrie L. Maxwell, Duane Stewar 166 May, Deborah L. 87 May, Karla M. May, Larraine F. 166,138,25 Mayo, Clark B. Mayo, Eunice S. Mazurek, Alexander J. 214 Mazurek, Paul A. 166 McArtor, Michael E. McArtor, Paul M. McArtor, Tom E. McBride, Leslie A. McBride, Randy A. 214,87 McCarthy, Daivd S. McCarthy, John D. 215 McCarthy, Sean Daniel McCarthy, Sean L. McCauley, Allan W. 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Merrick, Peter Dumont 90 Merritt, Bruce Perry Messenger, Jeffrey J.A. Meyer Christopher P. Michaelson, James K. 167 Michaelson, Lori A. Michalowski, Carl Mickle, Patricia L. Midkiff, Janice A. 216,89,130,105 Miles, Elizabeth L. Miles, Ronald L. 167 Millard, Michael J. 86 Miller, Alexandra G. 167 Miller, Ann L. 65,167,1 17 Miller, Brian K. 216 Miller, John M. 84,120,133 Miller, Mark C. Miller, Michele M.216 Miller, Myles W. Miller, Susan L. 167,85,138 Miller, Patricia A. 86,87 Mills, Johnny A. Millson, Peter K. Miner, Karen L. 216 Miner,Thomas E. Minjack, Gregory A. 216 Minney, Karen L. 216,87 Mione, Ann Elizabeth Mitchell, Brian 135,114 Mitchell, Laura C. 190,217 Mitchell, Susan Corol 89,105 Mitrovich, Nadine 167 Mittelman, Karen Sue 167 Modjeski, Leland W. Modjeski, Thomas S. 167,83 Moe, Shawn D. Moffitt, Kathy Jill 107 Mollenberg, Peter F. Mooney, Rebecca Sue 167 271 Montavon, Laurie D. Moore, Christopher J. 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Myers, Wayne E. 167 Nalls, Carolyn D. Narmi, Christopher 90,117 Narmi, Jeffrey J. 114 Nason, Brenda R. 167,79 Nedorolik, Mary Ann 167 Needham, Erin K. 217 Needham, Richard C. 167,128 Neher, Pamela S. 139 Nehlig, Victoria Ann Nelson, Erik S. 217,90 Nelson, Karla B. Nelson, Kris D. Nelson, Paul C. 167 Nelson, Richard A. Nette, Robert Curtis 167 Nevin, Joseph Patrick Newborn, James R. Newcamp, Nadine Ann 218,87 Newcamp, Roger F. 117 Newman, Cynthia Ann 134 Newton, Brian K. 84 Newton, Sheryl A. Nichols, Leila K. 138 Nichols, Robert Kenne 167,84 Nichols, Susan Anne 42 Nicoletta, Shelley E. Niemann, Michael J. Niemiec, Terri L. Noble, Peter Gordon 114 Norman, Helen M. 218 Norris, Christy E. 167 Norris, John M. Norton, Debra L. 167 Nourse, Patricia L. Nowak, Carol M. 191,217,87 Nunes, Matthew J. Nye, Bonnie M. 218,87 Oakley, Craig D. O’Brien,Jane A.218 O’Brien, Maryanne E. O’Cain, George B. 167 O’Donnell Cynthia L. O’Donnell, Donna V. Ogjlvie, Timothy J. 96,114 Oh, Dong H. O’Hara, Patricia Ann O’Hem,Cynthia M. O’Hem, Janet L. 167,117 Okstulski, Michael S. 218,83 Olney, Paul L. Olson, Katharine M. 168 Olson, Lynne K. O’Neil, Mary E. O’Neil, Michael J. 82 O’Neill, Cynthia E. O’Neill, Paige J. 89,122 O’Neill, Paul J. 168,83,108 O’Rourke, Kevin M. 87 Orrik, Lynn E. 189,218,220,87,138 Osborn, Bradley E. Osborn, Brian 90 Osborne, Paul Thomas Osgood, Robert Fellow Oshima, Wayne A. 218 Otten, Robert A. 219 Otten, Susan Jane 168 Overdahl, Carl P. 79 Overton, Kelly F. Overton, Shelly J. Paap, Cheryl L. 219 Pace, Catherine A. Palmer, Barry N. 65 Palmer, Mark C. 219,85 Palmer, Robert A. Palumbo, Dominic J. Palumbo, Renee Carla Panned, Sibyl M. Parchinski, Perry D. 219 Parish, Katherine M. 219 Park, Kwang 219,168 Park, Kwang Jun Parker, Alison P. Parker, Howard Kevin Parr, Amelia M. Parrish, Jan D. 219,87 Parschalk, Doreen L. Passman, Leigh J. 168,83 Patrick, Sarah E. Pattakos, Denise J. Pattakos, Gregory G. 168,116 Paulsen, John Chris 168 Pauly, David E. Paxton, John O. 168,136 Payne, Fredrick F. 219,106 Payton, Charles R. Peabody, Rebecca Susa Pearson, Guy S. Pease, Rodney D. Pendleton, Stuart Sut 43 Pennington, Diana Lyn 219,87,119 Penrod, Wayne E. Perkins, Anthony D. 168,83 Perry, Bryan A. 168 Perry, Clara M. Perry, Jeffrey Dyson 114 Pershing, James S. 117 Pershing, Jay C. 219 Pershing, Marianne Peterman, Maureen E. 65 Peterman, Michael B. 117 Peters, Donald Scott Peterson, Ellen S. 219 Peterson, Vicrotia L. 168 Petitt, Aubrey L. Pettersen, Edward W. 219 Pettersen, Romy E. Pettit, Paula Marie 219 Peverall, Elizabeth F. Peverall, Jill V. 87 Pfanzelter, Margaret 219,220,65 Phelps, Kimberly A. Phelps, Susanne J. 168,82 Phillipo, Lynda 82 Phillipo, Susan 168 Phillips, Brent W. 168,120,133 Phillips, Deborah C. Pierides, George C. 219,106 Pietrovito, Elaine 168 Pietrovito, RoyS. 168,116 Pitts, Cynthia 219 Poe, Norma Jean 168 Pointon, Mark Robert 168 Pointon, Nanette H. 219 Pointon, Richard H. 219,84 Poland, Diana L. 89,131 Poland, Kimberly J. Poland, Mari W. Pollard, Larry J. 168 Poling, Richard H. Pollock, Robert Darre 168 Pomeroy, Barbara L. Pooley, Jill Evonne 168 Poor, Terrianne 119 Pope, William Dale 126 Poppe, Susan L. Porter, Katherine Ann 219 Porter, Teresa L. Porterfield, Mark R. Post, David E. Potter, Richard L. 221,83,85,90,108 Powell, Leontyne L. Powell, Mary V. 86 272 Powell, Richard M. Poydasheff, Cathrine 87,105,122 Pratt, Gary Preston 168,86 Presley, Daryl C. 168 Presley, Robert W. 90 Preston, Rose Estelle Prevost, James Michae 221,114 Price, Christopher A. Price, Matthew B. 221,135 Price, Melissa Joan Pridmore, Dawn M. Prince, Cheryl A. 221 Prosser, Carol L. 168 Pruett, Susan L. 210,221 Puckett, Rebecca L. 168 Pufko, Cathleen M. Pugh, James W. Purcell, Blake E. 168,137 Quinn, Edward P. Quinn, Karen M, 168 Quinn, Leonard M. 220,221,125 Radford, Beth Anne Radford, David A. Rager, Jeffrey A. 117 Rager, Randy N, 114,115 Raines, Deborah S. Raines, Laura Jean 168 Raines, Kathryn D. 131,105 Rap kin, Keith I 221,106 Rapkin, Leigh 168 Rappuchi, Kathryn J. Rardin, Rebecca L. 168 Rathbone, Henry G, Rawson, Shirley E, Raznick, Cynthia L. Reamy, Jeffrey M. Reamy, Thomas H. 220 Recore, Michael A. 220 Recore, Susan C. 169 Redd, Veronica Susan 169 Reece, Shawn Elizabet Reedy, Mathew C. Reep, James W. 169 Rehme, Margaret A. Reiley, Bernard Camp B. 126 Reinsel, Paul F. Rewis, Frances L. Rexrode, Adonica R. 65 Reyes, Sabrina Reynolds, David Guy 114 Reynolds, Linda M. 220 Reynolds, Phyllis Rae Reynolds, Thomas W. 221 Rhode, Michael Dwayne 65,169 Rice, Ann M. 221,89,130,105,122 Rice, Richard R. 129,117 Richards, Michelle Richardson, David J. 96,135 Richardson, Steven G. Richardson, Virginia Rickard, Karen Benita 169 Richter, Dale M, 220,221,103,114 Richter, David A. 117 Rieder, Lawrence A. Rieder, Thomas C. 129 Riffe, Lydia C. Riley, Cynthia K. Ripley, Katherine Bar Ritchie, David N. Roberts, Bruce P. 84,94 Roberts, Cynthia J. 221 Roberts, Elizabeth A. 222 Roberts, Kathryn A. Roberts, Raymond C. 86 Roberts, Steven J. Roberts, Wilson J. Robertson, Pamela A. 222,25 Robertson, Steven M. 222 Robey, David B. 222 Robey, Joseph V. Robey, Patricia T. 222,65 Robbins, Patricia K. Robinson, Donald E. 222 Robinson, Kathi M.222 Robinson, Kathryn A. 85,89,169,119 Robinson, Mark P, Robinson, Martin Andr 169 Robinson, Richard Robinson, Robert Euge Robinson, William S. 106 Rock, Robert E. 104 Rock, Stephen A. Rockecharlie, John M. Rodde, Brian F. 83,87 Rohweder, Alicia V. Roller, Jacqueline S. 169 Roller, Richard L. 135 Rollinger, Steven S. Rollins, Lisa K. Rositzke, Anne Elise 169,117 Rosse, Christina 169 Rowland, Christian E. 169 Rowland, Eric J. 222,106 Rowland, Steven M, 129,117 Royce, Richard Sean 169 Royster, Nathan L. Ruberton, Mary L. 89,169,130,105 Ruffner, Lori C. 222 Runaldue, Barry Scott 169 Rundgren, Deborah 222 Rundgren, Lynn Ellen 169 Ruple, Lorena 222,87 Ruple, Sara Catherine 169 Rupp, Ja E. 222,90 Rupp, Jeff D. 220,222,96 Rupp, Jill A. Russell, James Louis 85 Russell, John A. 222 Ryan, Henry F. 117,107 Rymiszewski, Antoinet 89,131 Rynott, Julie K. 222 Saavedra, George O Sable, John P. Jr. 117 Sage, Kim E 169 Samples, Robert B. 222,120,121,107 Sampson, Bradley J. 169,128 Sampson, Debra E. 222 Samuel, Renee M. 220,222 Samuel, Valerie M. 169 Samuels, Lucretia M. 169 Sanderford, Alan L. Sanders. Ronald D. Sandlund, Eric R. Sanferraro, Rita M. 222 Sanfilippo, Charles L. 169 Sanfilippo, Cynthia L. Sanford, Patricia Ann 169 Scandling, Laura M. 190,222 Scandling, Timothy J. 169,136,116 Scanlan, Sheila M. 223,96 Schaefer, James Micha 223,86 Schaefer, Jeffrey L. Schee, Jacqueline M. Schmitt, Amy L. 90 Schmitt, Gary J. Schmitt, Mary K. 89,169,122 Schmitt, Robert W. 133 Schoessel, Bonita l.yn 169 Schoessel, Lorraine Schrage, Suzanne Ama 169 Schrock, Joseph F. 169 Schuetze, Cornelia H. 223,79 Schuetze, Sabine M. Schultz, James B. 65 Schwab, Carla R. 223 Schwab, Marla A. 223 Schwar, Joseph H. 169,116 Schwar, Kevin M. Schwartz, Laura S. Scott, Cynthia 169 Scott, Glen A. Scott, Karen F. Scott, Robert F. Scribner, Jacqueline Scruggs, Merle E. Scruggs, Warren B. 223,87 Scully, Bradley L. Scully, Julie C. Scutt, Garry A. Seanor, Jane Catherin Seay, Joyce C. See, Denise R. Seesholtz, Amy E. 82,94,169 Seesholtz, Daniel R. 169 Seibert, Edgar Joe 169 Seibert, James B. 170 Selkregg, James H. Selkregg, Lynette B.224 Selmanovitz, Sandra L. Seminare, Susan Eliza Seria, Mark S. 170 Settle, Mona Carol 86 Seymour, Deborah Ann 170 Seymour, James G. Shabe, Gerard Peter Shachnow, Michelle M. Shachnow, Shereen B. 224 Shafer, Joseph C. 87 Shafer, Philip G. Shafer, Sara E. 89,131 Shafer, Scott E. 126 Shanahan, Edward J. 90 Shanahan,John C. Shaner, Rodger Lewis Sharon, Susan C. 170 Sharitz, Michael H. Shaw, Kimberly L. 107 Sheflett, EricC. 170,116 Shelby, Joe W. Shelton, Sherry G. 220,224 Sherburne, Scott C. 170 Shifflette, Deborah J. 224,86 Shine, Mary Jo 170,105,130,117,119 Shine Moira Beth Shingler Alan L. 65 Shlesinger, Anne M. 170 Shlesinger, Jean M. 170 Shorten, Paula J. 89,130,105 Showalter, Sylvia Ann 170 Shutt, Arden Siegrist, Linda M. Siegrist, Mary R. 89,130 Signorelli, Barry M. 65 Simlote, Pradeep 170 Simmons, Mark W. 170 Simpson, Germaine L. 65,138 Simpson, Robert G. 170 Simpson, Steve 225 Sitnik, Gary R. Skinner, Michael Well Skwarski, Mark S. 90 Slack, Randy S. 170,116 Slater, Diana Boyette 107 Slaughter, Charles S. Slaughter, Sandra L. Slavey, James L. 225 Slingerland, Charlott 90 Slingerland, Lee A. 117 Smallwood, Paul Solo Smith, Annamaria Smith, Lester W. Smith, Lori F. 170 Smith, Mark Smith, Mark F. 82 Smith, Michael E. Smith, Nancy 217,225 Smith, Natalie K. Smith, Nicole A. Smith, Roy Smith, Susan Yvette 86 Smolins, Edward 225 Smolins, June 87,105 Snapp, Jinger J. 139 Snyder, Lynda J. Snyder, Margaret E. 220,225,65 Somers, Steven R. Sorrels, Cynthia A. 225 Sotos, John G. 189,225,84,94 Sowers, Susan R. 89,131 Spann, David Mouzon 170,114 Speers, Julie Kathrin 82,94,170 Spence, Kevin W. 189,225,228,133,107 Spettel, Martha S. Spettel, Stewart M. 225 Spitler, Amanda L. 170 Spivey, Donna K. Spofford, James F. 170 Sponaugle, Richard W. Squires, Kristian K. Stacy, Debbie Lynn 87 Stafford, David 225 Stallo, Maureen G. 225,87,25 Starcher, Michael D. Steelman, Myla A. 103 Steller, Cynthia Dale 86 Stenerson, Rovert S. Stephens, Keith R. Stevens, Alice D. 225,85 Stevens, Ann K. Stevens, Elizabeth H. 85 Stevens, Rebecca Elai Stevens, William Rich 170 Stevenson, Ann A. Stevenson, John R. Stewart, James M. 170 Stieneker, Stephen L. 106 Stinson, Robert E. Stocks, James L. 170 Stocks, Jerilyn K. Stocks, Robert B. 226 Stoffel, Mark A. 104,170,128 Stoffel, Sarah E. 89,119 Stone, Jack W. Stone, Jody Lynn Stone, Richard R. 87,170 Stoops, Edgar T. Stoops, Edward J. 170 Stora, Robert G. Strobel, Andrew T. Strobel, Mary S. 220,226,80,82 Stuckey, Debra Ann 170 Stumm, Sharon M. 189,226,38 Sturgeon, Darlene J. Sturgeon, Yolanda C. Sturman, Patricia L. 220,226 Suk, Chang Ho 170 Suk, Keum Hwa Sullivan, Barbara A. Sullivan, Shirley Lea 170 Sullivan, Suzanne B. 191,226,87,107 Sullivan, Teresa Ann 226 Sumler, Lydia M. 89,130 Summa, Stephen J. 170 Summers, Melinda Sue Summers, Stephen T. Super, Barbara L. 79,89,170,117,107 Sutch, Eric Scott 170 Sutton, Sherri K. Swanson, John R. 227 Swanson, Mark H. 170 Sweatt, Carolyn C. 170 Sweede, Eric G. Sweede, William A. Syfret, Robert Q. 170 Sylvestre, Paul Howar 106,170 Tagg, Elizabeth A. 170 Tagg, Frederick B. 96 Talford, David B. Taylor, Archie B. 154,129 Taylor, Jody L. 227,117 Taylor, Leland R. 154,137 Taylor, MarkC. 106,170 Taylor, Robert Eric 108 Tefft, Howard E. Temple, David F. 65,154 Temple, Susan M. 170 Terry, Deborah L. 65,85 Thayer, Luke L. 114 Thielke, Matthew D. 154 Thomas, Brandt Thomas, ChristopherG. 227,103,114 Thomas, Karen L. 170 Thomas, Kristen Lee Thomas, Mark A. 170,116 Thomas, Thomas J. Thompson, David C. 170 Thompson, David R. Thompson, Felicia O. Thompson, James H. 170 Thompson, Jerome Andr Thompson, Margaret J. 227,79 Thompson, Marie A. Thompson, Maria R. 191 Thompson, Patrick A. Thompson, Paul A. 104 Thompson, Steven S. 154,129 Thornton, Joy D. Thornton, Mary Elizab Thornton, Virginia E. 154,139 Thornton, William A. 227,114 Thorpe, Catherine I. Threatt, Sandra J. Throop, James R. 154 Throop, Janice A. 229 Thurman, Christopher 170 Tibbs, Charles F. Tibbs, Stanley E. 227 Tilmans, Susanne E. 89,170,107 Timberlake, Edward J. 154 Tinney, Grace Yvonne Tinnin, Avis P. 154 Tissot, Brian N. 227 Todd, Raymond C. 154 Todd, Sarah M. 85,170 Tomlin, Phyllis Y. 227 Tongue, Donald V. 65,85 Townsend, Stephen K. 154,117 Tracy, Gary Wayne Tribble, Brian L. 228 Tribble, David B. 154 Trilling, Jeffrey H. 170 Trindal, Joseph W. 228 Triplett, John Calver Triplett, Thomas Wayn Tronolone, Cheryl L. 170 Trout, Steven T. Tubbs, Karen Lee 228 Turner, Allison Joann Turner, Antionette D. 228 Turner, John Walter Turner, Peter R. 171,116 Turner, Sharon L. 154 Tydings, James E. Tyson, Steve M. 103 Tzudiker, Jane K. 228 Unger, Pamela A. 171,138 Urban, Connie D. 154 Vail, Ira G. 228,90 Vance, Katherine L. 154 Vance, Lynn Ann Vandyk, Dianne M. 228,65,122 Vandyke, John E. 220,80,114 Vandyke, Kathryn L. 87 Vandyke, Steven T. 154,117 Vanhook, Jacqueline S. 87 Vanhook, Susan Jean Vanslyke, Donald B. 86,171 Varney, Susan M. 154 Vaughn, Robert Mark Vermillion, David M. 229 Verzagt, Deborah A. 85,154 Vest, Craig 154 Vest, Naomi 171 Vest, Ramona 229 Vial, Marlys Blanch Vickers, William E. 154 Vigen, William Howard Vincent James A. 229,83,108 Vogel, Linda Mae Voils Cheryl K. 171 Voils, Michael D. 229,83 Vollmer, Jill D. 154,138 Vollmer, Sandra M. 171,138 Vuolo, Regina A. 154 Wadsworth, Ronald M. 171 Wadsworth, Teresa M. 229,82,96 Wainwright, Yvette D. 89,154,131 Waldrop, Jacquelyn M. 229 Waldron, Jimmy R. Waldrop, Ronnie W. 90 Wales, Mark W. 229 Wales, Timothy George 171 Walker, Amanda Michel Walker, Rhonda J. 229 Wallace, Anne C. 154 Wallace, Melissa J. 154 Walsh, Brian N. Walters, Keith Alan 86 Walter, Rebecca Sue 65 Walter, David T, 229,104 Walters, Catherine E. 86,171 Walton, Brian Scott 171 Walton, Cynthia A. 230 Walton, Forrest Lynn 116 Walton, Paul K. 154 274 Wampler, Pamela Sue 171 Ward, Diana L. 154 Ward, Frank Ross 171 Ward, James H. 230,165,82,85 Ward, James Michael 171 Ward, Penny Susan Ward, Robert K. Ward, Ronnie M. Wardinski, Bruce Davi 154 Wardinski, Kathleen A. Warner, Glenn A. Jr. Warner, Stephen S. Warrick, Julie Ann Wassell, Anthony J. 154 Waterholter, Steven S. Watson, James D. 154 Watson, Mary S. 154 Watters, Peter K. 230 Watts, Charles Philli Watts, Christopher J. 65,155 Watts, Jamie L. 171 Weathers, Phillip 114 Weaver, Timothy J. 120,133,107 Webb, Patricia L. Webster, Donald Lee 86 Weinstock, Ellen P. Welton, Deborah Takac Wells, David Gene 171 Wells, Nancy E. 171 Wells, William M. 155 Welzel, Sherry Ann 155 Wentzel Michael N. 230,65,135 Wentzel, Pamela K. 171 Wester, Bonnie M. West, Douglas R. 155 West, Stephanie Anne 171 Wheeler, Robert F. 86 Whipple, Colleen A. Whipps, Sandra E. 155 Whipps, Susan Jean Whitaker, Carolyn D. 230,87 Whitaker, David M. 171 White, Nancy L. 171,138 White, Teresa L. 155 Whiteford, Anne C. 155 Whitener, Duane C. 155 Whitlow, Alonzo S. Jr. Whitmer, John Edward 65 Whitner, Thomas C. 171 Whittington, Charles 230 Whyman, Kathleen T. 171 Wickham, John A. 106 Wickham, Mathew P. 171 Wiess, Christian J. Wilde, Debra Lynn Wilde, Jeffrey C. 230 Williams, Drew Robert 171 Williams, James G. 104,171,116 Williams, George G. 86 Williams, Kelli L. 155 Williams, Scott E. Williams, Victoria L. 89,171,122 Williams, Wendy A. Williams, William E. 90,155,129 Williamson, RoscoeT. Willis, Nigel Eric 106 Wilson, Craig E. 155 Wilson, Eric C. 230,65,29 Wilson, Gregory C. Wilson, Lisa J. 155 Wilson, Mark Allen 85,90,171 Wilson, Pamela j. 155 Wilson, Victor W. Winn, Robert H. 106 Winslow, Mark O. 171 Wirtb, Diane L. ■Wisniewski, Tu Lann 171 Withrow, Tina A. 171 Woirol, Kathy L. 230 Wolfe, Robert W. 155 Womack, Jamie L. 155 Wood, Alison M. 171 Wood, Barbara Jane 41 Wood, Pamela N. 230 Wood, Richard Woods, Sharon 171 Woodhurst, Darryl J, 155 Woodworth, Jill E. 155,139 Wright, Clifford 171 Wright, James Wiley Wunderley, David C. 230,109 Wyatt, Sheila M. Wynn, Carl E. 230 Wynder, Cynthia L. 87,171 Wynder, Laurie A. 231,87 Wynder, Rea A. 87 Wysocki, John B. 231 Wyszpolski, Randall T. 155 Yates, Debra D. 155 Yeardley, Catherine 155 Yedlowski, Stanley E. 231 Yoder, Darby G. Yost, David A. 231 Young, Connie E. Young, James Thomas 106 Young, Jeffrey A. 171 Young, Lance C. 155 Young, Rose A. 155 Young, Teresa R. 155 Yuvannidis, Aretula 1 Yuvannidis, George Zaice, Margaret Mary Zaice, Nancy L. 155 Zedalis, Paul Edward Zehring, Rhonda E. 155 Zelloe, James Thomas 171 Zelloe, Joseph John Zepka Kevin R. 155,129 Zeppenfeld, Mary S. 220,231 Zeppenfeld, Sally A. 155 Zimmer, Gary L. 231,65 Zimmer, Katheryn Ann 85,171 Zollner, Michael A. 155 Zollner, Richard E. Jr. 65 Zuckerman, Daniel F. 171 Zuckerman, Kathryn M. 231 Zuckerman, Kevin V. 155 Zuckerman, Nora J. 231 Zwart, Christopher 171 276 277 50 You’re the best!! Bill Pope Frick and Frack ‘JV Football’ ‘Clare 75’ David Ruple, yeh class of‘80” ‘Joe Rugby’ Deb and Lynn Rundgren and Pana Maine! Almost heaven, West Virginia Margaret Lunter Captain and Mrs. Crawford Marshmallows Valerie Brodie 75 Eat your heart out! Terry and Joyce Jones Liana loves Rickey To Ann, with all my love—Jay Kristin Brown Class of 83 UTOPIA FOR ALL Lori Delaroma and Chris Cooper ‘D’ is for the best A Little Learning is a Steve Curtis ' 12 Stevers‘77 Dangerous Thing The Tilmans Lisa Levine ’75 Kim and Wes Capt. and Mrs. Richard E. ‘Yeh McDonalds’ The Three Feffers Curtis Carol Nowak ‘75’ Orden-N-Bugie ‘74-75’... “Gater 77” Tom and Leslie WLBHFLU KOLSLAW Class of 75 Strikes Again Live to the Fullest in Christ I LOVE MARKS! J.C.W. The Shachnow Family Girls’ sports I LOVE YOU THIS YEAR TOO, Darrin Hubbell ' ll ' JV Hockey is great!!! MOM Oct. 9, 1958—yeh!! ‘Kink 77’ HOLLYHOCKS ARE FAVORITES West Point—Hurrah! ‘Good show O’l boy’ BUT ‘Big A1 75’ Nevada, Bet on it! REMEMBER WYOMING Beaver’75 Chuck Whittington THE KEYETTES—WECARE ‘Drinkin ‘3” ‘Low Down 75’ I’LL MISS MY BIG MOUTH FROG RM and LR, July 15 1974 Big ‘C’ THE MATH DEPARTMENT “Tutee” ’75 Jim Griffin We love Mr. B.—5th period Chuck Bombard ‘Super Bruce 76’ BRIDGETT ' ll Barney Reiley “76” Manhole cover ’76 Year of the Center “76” 278 MARTIN’S HARDWARE AND HOME IMPROVEMENTS Specializing in Quality Products For the Do-It-Yourselfer Plus COMPLETE REMODELING SERVICE Free Estimates 8351 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, Virginia 780-6750 Qvu } U - ' icsj COX DIRECTIONS: From Falls Church West on Lee Highway (Route 29-211) 2 miles, turn right on Old Lee Highway then right on Dorr Avenue to another Right on Merrifield Avenue to Northern Virginia Marine, Accessible from 495 from either Route 66 or Route 50. BEL VOIR PHARMACY 8516 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, Va. 22309 FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY 780-5650 279 Phone 780-3445 WOODLAWN PENN JERSEY Auto Supply Be Service Center 0853 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia JOHN THOMAS Compliments of King’s True Value Hardware 44 Flavors of Real Rich Ice Cream Candies Monster Cookies OLDETOWNE CONFECTIONER Y Olde Time Parlor 683-9637, Alexandria 210 KING STREET 280 28 i Mr. Neill Watson, our advisor, fo issi stance. portraits MacIntyre studios for their cc Howard and Ruth Marler for hard work to help us meet our Delmar Studios for the underclass pict exceptional problems. Mr. John Price and the rest of the faculty for their un« classes and interuptions by staff members. I I ii The 1975 SURVEYER Editors wish to e following people for their aid in co The American Yearbood corresponding advice. - -y IX x, |W| " W MBBBMByi M mgm Mrs. Oshima for her generous assistance from the A s . - ’• ' M. Hi; -!x4 fflUV iSSsl ssSBs The staff members for putting forth a great ai wi th so mb exeer J1 — — The parents of s taff for tolerating the confusi due to yearbook work. - . 11 W . _— r —_ _ Most of all we would likqto th an kMriJhb mason, our faculty advisor, who gave valuable assistance to the staff members and showed m redibje,. . . V . ■ • . ■ ,■ . ' i . VRARE 373.755 M 1975 V.37 Mount Vernon High School (Alexandria, Va.) The surveyor TgO O

Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) collection:

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