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• jgiliggj iwgijg Surveyor Mount Vernon High School Alexandria, Virginia Seeking Realization Through Association We demand truth — That illusive abstract which is, in reality life itself. But, in this our time of seeking, we discover only too much to experience becoming so fixed in tangled truth, we lose ourselves entirely. Our ideas are challenged, and our beliefs totter. Where can this truth be found, this which we feel is our right to have? Since realization can come through people, association is our solution. CONTENTS Foreword 2 School Life 14 Classes 40 Sports 122 Organizations 150 Faculty 196 Advertisements 222 Index 238 Epilogue 252 2 — Foreword Foreword — 3 We Sing, Dance And Laugh Together, Yet We Dream In participating, we associate with those around us. We relate them to ourselves — their values, their reactions, and their feelings. Some we come to cherish — Our memories of them more meaningful than calendar events. We must each reflect on these relationships — good, bad, or indifferent — to find the truth we seek. 4 — Foreword Alone Foreword — 5 6 — Foreword By Learning Together We Discover Life We laugh. We argue. We listen. We discuss. We cry. We think. We try. By involving ourselves with other people, we learn. Foreword — 7 In sports, we are one, whether alone or as part of a team. . . . the quiet conflict of striving alone, the nakedness of being entirely reliant on oneself. ... or together as a team straining, unconquerable, proud. In both, we extended beyond ourselves in the spirit of competition. 8 — Foreword We Have Come To Realize The Ecstacy Of Success As Well As The Torment Of Defeat. Foreword — 9 We Associate, And Our Thoughts And Plans Materialize We stay when we could go home. We stay because there is work to be done. We stay because we care. We work together; our contrasting ideas develop, clash, and converge to become realizations. Foreword — 11 12 — Foreword Association Is The Beginning Of Understanding Learning should be an experience, not a memorization exercise. Teachers, as people like ourselves, also learn while they guide us through this our time of seeking. Foreword — 13 School Life Some of those we meet we come to cherish. Through them, we open our hearts to love and hurt. We open our minds to deep thought and learning. We open our eyes to the joy and sunshine of friendship. We open ourselves to truth. 14 — School Life p ' i f pm Iwt ' j Li , ' jWjj ' Sk 1 ■ ' n ' ViM ' • j® ‘j {- ' 2Jr jH ' Kw School Life — 15 .- 4 - To Be Pretty . . . To Be Active . . . To Be A Part Of School Life SPRING ACTIVITIES The flower of spring harbored under her petals a variety of old and new ideas. For the first time in several years a powderpuff football game occurred between the juniors and seniors. After much practice the class of 70 shut-out the Seniors with a score of 6-0. The splendor of spring was also marked by the annual beauty pageant with Miss Debbie Fick becoming Miss Mount Vernon. Her court in¬ cluded: Ava Christianson, Cindy Lawson, Deb¬ bie Eldridge, and Olive Scott. School life begins — it happens and then it must end. This is a happy yet sad time for Seniors — graduation! 16 — School Life Touchdown! Pat Sullivan scores to enable the Class of ’70 to win the Powder Puff football game. Jubilance shines on the face of Debbie Pick as she is announced as Miss Mount Vernon. Majorettes participated in the Winchester Apple Blossom Parade along with the band, color guard, and drill team. Graduation, the highlight in a Senior’s life, the culmination of a twelve year dream and prospect of bigger and better things. Elections of new officers begins a trend of new ideas followed by action. School Life — 17 A couple pauses to pick up a program. Former queen Cheryl Beckler smiles after relinquishing her crown. The court, with smiling faces and lighted candles, takes time out to pose for a formal picture. 18 — School Life The Prom: A Junior’s Beginning; A Senior’s End PROM The 1969 Prom truly followed its theme, “The Sunshine of Our Life”, by being held on the last day of school. On June 12 exalted Juniors and Seniors converged onto the dance floor with completely free spirits to music provided by the Magic Reign. The persimmon and white carnation arrange¬ ments added to the atmosphere of the Persian Room at the Marriott Twin Bridges Motel. The long-stemmed roses that adorned the queen’s throne helped make the coronation of Chris Crann especially beautiful. It was an unforgettable evening for Juniors, and a final parting memory for Seniors. FA jyp - ™ it „ H A. f Chris Crann, on the arm of Steve Randolph, walks to her coronation. Liddell Avery prolongs the suspense before announcing the court. Pat Sullivan and Gary Deck proceed to the stage area after the announcement of junior princesses. School Life — 19 MUSIC MAN The Music Man, presented with much enthu¬ siasm by its capable cast, won great recogni¬ tion from its audiences. Lead parts, the proper Miss Marion Paroo and the rascally Professor Harold Hill, were played by Debby Fick and Ron Reinsel. Beautiful songs like “My White Knight " and “Till There Was You " sent chills up the spine while crazy songs like “Shipoopi " and “Pick-a-little, Talk-a-little " kept the audiences laughing. Bright scenery and melodious voices blended together to make the Music Man one of Mount Vernon’s finest and most entertain¬ ing productions. V- m I k 1 I w ■ ft ' JB jf y k isskJmk Professor Hill excites Winthrop with news of the boys’ band he is form ing. Harmonizing, the River City School Board take time out from their constant bickering. The townspeople catch up to Professor Hill after he swindled money from them! 20 — School Life With A Capital “T” And That Rhymes With “P” And That Stands For Pool! Salesmen talk bitterly about the lull in business. Marion, the Librarian, shakes off her serious air for a song with the distinguished ladies of River City. Graduation: An Individual Interpretation GRADUATION The last activity a high school student partici¬ pates in is graduation. What does graduation mean? Freedom? Diploma? College? Accom¬ plishment? Beach? Hallelujah? Each individual has his own interpretation. It is a time to reminisce, to rejoice, to forgive, and to specu¬ late. Graduation compels the acceptance of independence and responsibility. The June commencement means a final summer with high school friends before the inevitable part¬ ing. Valedictorian, Devin Cornish, accepts his diploma from Mr. Landes as Len Andyshak, Senior Class Vice-President, looks on. Senior girls, Liddell Avery, Susan Cancilla, Valerie Lodewick, leave Baccalaureate services held at the Washington Cathedral. 22 — School Life Listening attentively, Seniors sit through Baccalaureate cere¬ monies. With a smile of approval, Senior Class President, Tim Koogle, glances at fellow classmates. A total look at commence¬ ment ceremonies. School Life — 23 Singing their hearts out, the Barbershop group consist¬ ing of Chris O’Brien, Jim Dalton, Carl Lindberg, John Long, and Phil Coker serenade the audience. Sentiment abounding, Brenda Gonzales accepts the Most Valuable Player Award from Coach Wingard. Caught catnapping, Debbie Eldredge doesn’t seem to be able to get used to early school risings after lazy summer ones. 24 — School Life Competition For Titles And Awards Is Stiff. -r KL ■ ■ I L FALL ACTIVITIES Spirit is alive! Football is rampant, and stu¬ dents flock to the pep rallies to compete for the Pep Jug. At an afternoon pep rally the Key Club and Keyettes unveiled their contraption devised to “smash Atoms”. The fall athletic season ended with an awards assembly at which trophies were presented to the most outstanding and the most improved partici¬ pants of their respective fields. Musically, Mount Vernon outdid itself this fall. The choral department presented its annual Fall Concert, and the S.C.A. sponsored a divi¬ sion of “Up With People” called “Sing-Out South”. At the same time these were occur¬ ring, Debbie Eldridge and Pat Sullivan partici¬ pated in the Northern Virginia Junior Miss Pageant sponsored by the Fairfax Jaycees. Trio of patriotic young singers bring “Up with People” spirit via” Sing Out South” to Mount Vernon. Huddled together, Keyette “grannies”, gleefully watch the Atom Smasher invented by the Key Club to demolish the op¬ position — the Atoms. School Life — 25 1969 — A Space Odyssey HOMECOMING Homecoming 1969 was old fashioned with its traditional preparations and excitement, yet very modern with its universal theme, a Space Odyssey. After a long week of preparations and Homecoming spirit everyone settled back to enjoy the game and wait in suspense for the half-time activities. Even without a fancy parade of moon men and astronauts Mount Vernon enjoyed a realistic setting for the Space Odyssey theme amid the natural parade of stars. With the announcement of the queen the suspense ended, but the excitement re¬ mained throughout the night. As the evening came to a close the Mighty Majors found themselves with a 32-2 victory over Groveton as well as an overwhelming anticipation to¬ ward additional Homecoming activities. Former queen, Liddell Avery, sympathizes with the Sen¬ ior Princesses as she reminisces her anxious feelings of the year before. Juniors, Sue Roscher, escorted by Gordon liams, and Tad Leverenz, escorted by Randy Hensen, think toward Homecoming 1970 and what the future holds for them. 26 — School Life John Scandling congratulates the queen with a Home¬ coming kiss. Pedaling along, Kevin Gaylor displays the Queen to the Homecoming audience. What has ten shapely legs and five pretty smiles and something spe¬ cial in the middle? . . . The Senior Homecoming Court: Barbara Williams, Lisa Bircher, Cindy Simpkins, Char lotte Riser, and Cathy Sweatt. Sophomores, Ginna Ghent escorted by John Rice, and Nessa Van Dyken escorted by Tom Marfing, participate in their second Homecoming. Two traditional messages, “Majors are Rising’’ and “Welcome Home Alumni,” are viewed from the stands as Lisa Gunderson and Patty Rice race against the clock to untie the drill team’s bal¬ loons. Senior Princess, Cathy Sweatt, accompanied by Jim Barron, converses during a break at the dance. 28 — School Life Mount Vernonites “Rock Out’’On The Moon Surface HOMECOMING Many will never forget this Homecoming Dance. They experienced the feeling of enter¬ ing through an air lock to be faced with a bar¬ ren space landscape. In every direction were free-flowing psychedelic-colored space scenes glowing under black lights. The decorations were designed and constructed by dance chair¬ man, Vicki Hayes, and her committee. All the makings of a good dance were there: a great crowd and lots of dancing to the soulful music of Bobby Sax and the Housekeepers. The Queen and her court again were honored, and the last song marked the end of Homecoming ' 69 — A Space Odyssey. Amid the psychedelic space colors and scenery, Bobby Sax provided a variation in mood with soul music. Freshman couples, Vicki Kazlausky, escorted by Rick Reeves, and Barbara Sullivan, escorted by Mark Nov k, make the most of their first Homecoming. School Life — 29 VARIETY SHOW The activities of the Thespian Society are not limited to the production of plays. This fall they sponsored the annual Variety Show which provided an opportunity for students with hid¬ den talents to express themselves and for those with proven talents to “ham it up”. The prize money amounted to $100, and the re¬ maining ticket money was added to the Thes¬ pian treasury. Because of the large response, auditions were held, and over ten acts were selected to participate in the show. Phil Coker won first place, while Ted Keppel and Bill Lan¬ dry finished second and third respectively. A rousing performance by the Key Club’s Ka- zookey Band ended the 1969 Variety Show, another successful Thespian production. L i I 1 mm 1 | lil j 1 “Melvin B.” Keppel declares, “I’m not a-gonna beat the devil around the stump.’’ Last year’s winner, Ken New- deck, returns to give another superb performance. With guitar in hand, Phil Coker performs the “Love Theme to Romeo Juliet”. 30 — School Life Talent: A Variety Show And A Play RHINOCEROS Psychedelic paint on a cellophane background produced an eerie atmosphere for the first drama production of the school year, Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros. This thought-provoking, funny, and certainly eye-catching play pro¬ ceeded under the excellent direction of Mr. Lee Pauley and Mrs. E. Landgrabe. The lead parts were played by Ron Reinsel, Kris Long, and Bob Tzudiker. Never having produced a play of the avante- garde theater, the cast plunged in, after a few preliminary hesitations, with lots of enthu¬ siasm. Audience response varied, as with any drama, but nevertheless, it was an intellectual experience for many. ‘‘It’s logical? If a cat has four legs . . . and a dog has four legs . . . then a cat is a dog?” Of course — or so says John King. Sobbing pitifully Marion Coffee mourns her “poor kitty” who was trampled by the Rhinoceros. Kris Long and Denise Dovlos try to comfort her. Snow on the ground means a talk by Mr. Landes on the dangers of “snowballing”. Mr. Skinner “takes two” while practicing for the Varsity-Faculty game. Wrapped like a mummy, Keyette Karen Paradise awaits her turn in the Pie Throwing Booth. 32 — School Life Snow Raises Hopes Of Unscheduled Holidays WINTER ACTIVITIES Dodging well-aimed snowballs, laboring on a Christmas bazaar, or maybe even studying for mid-terms . . . al! are part of winter activities. The bazaar was a new project thought up by Mount Vernon’s ever-creative Keyettes. Not only profit able, it taught members new skills: sewing, knitting, and even candle-making. The heavily-laden calender shows that winter does not mean a letup in schedule. Surely winter 1969-1970 will be remembered for its numer¬ ous events. Before the start of the competition, MV ' s “It’s Academic” team, George Stapleton, Richard Bauer, Don Fullerton, and sponsor Mrs. Gail Trutt pose for a picture. As the calendar falls, December slips by. School Life — 33 Captain Boyer of the United States Navy presents the flag from the combat ship, USS Sterett, to Mark Shiro for Mount Vernon. With horns ready the Commodores of the U.S. Navy band perform at a Senior Class Assem¬ bly. The Goodtimers from the U.S. Air Force band dis¬ play their professional talents to become a favorite of the Junior and Senior Classes. Unique Musical Happenings Come To MV Mark Greenhouse, organizer of the concert, performs with his group, The Gallery. Watching performances at the Folk Concert, the audience becomes absorbed in the music. Seated before the mike, Steve Griney captures the audience with his own compositions. FOLK CONCERT AND SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES Several new events were added to the school’s schedule this year. At the SCA-sponsored Folk Concert, the performance included both pro¬ fessionals and amateurs. Those from MV were Steve Griney, Phil Coker, and The Gallery. In spite of many doubts and organizational difficulties, the Folk Concert evolved as a suc¬ cess. Mr. Landes treated juniors and seniors to spe¬ cial educational assemblies. The first featured the Goodtimers from the Air Force Band who produced an exceptionally dynamic show. At the second assembly, an American combat flag was presented from the U.S. Navy. The seniors were entertained by the Navy’s jazz orchestra, The Commodores. These additional activities helped to generate a spirited school life. School Life — 35 “Male Massacre” Featured For Twirp Week TWIRP WEEK “To Twirp or not to Twirp,” was the question most frequently pondered during the week of February 9-14. This is the one week during the school term when Mount Vernon’s girls venture forth to adopt the aggressive role of the male. The feminine sector gains the opportunity to finally ask out that secret or favorite love. The week’s activities included a Lollipop Day, a Battle-of-the-Bands and the big Twirp Dance, all centered around the theme, “A Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.” The announcement of the Twirp King and Queen took place at the dance. The couple, Tad Leverenz and Doug Jones, were selected because the Junior Class put up the most ransom. The week ended with the males’ egos boosted and the females hoping never to have to take the initiative again. A locked heart from the Senior Hall helped to make them second place winner. Twirp King and Queen, Tad Leverenz and Doug Jones, pause for a moment at the dance. 36 — School Life Little Orphan Annie decorated the first place hall belonging to the Sophomores. Lollipop eater, Julie Early, enjoys the privilege of eating in class. The Blue Flask came out on top as the best liked at the Battle-of-the- Bands. School Life 37 Another Year Passed YEAR ACTIVITIES The year ends. Walking out of the doors ot Mount Vernon, seniors take a final glance at the events of their high school years. It does not seem like so long ago when they were be¬ wildered Freshmen, blundering through the halls searching for that famous, but non¬ existent, elevator or a sophisticated Sopho¬ more realizing that they were no longer the babies of the school. Then came the Junior year with the pride of beating out the senior class in the number of Pep Jug wins. But nothing was as great as being a Senior and being able to cut in the lunch line or going out¬ side while the underclassmen suffered in the classrooms. Could all of this have happened in four short years? The vision vanishes, and the doors shut, only to reopen in the fall with 71 as the dominant number and a new one ap¬ pearing, 74. Chuck Bell presents Coach Miller with a plaque from the football team at the Fall Awards Assembly. Left — Right — Left, the boys drill team for the Powderpuff game create chaos. 38 — School Life Sitting in Silence, one of M.V.’s busses waits through the summer for the next school year. It’s Friday! Where are you going? Smile! Is there a better way to end the school year. School Life — 39 Classes People are life. Life is change. Change brings realizations. Without these realizations, we are ignorant. With them, we can be honest with ourselves and with one another. This truth can hurt, and that is perhaps the hardest part of all. But it must be accepted if we want to learn. 40 — Classes Classes — 41 nP " ill! 1 I 1 t m ■ si 1 If l M ■ |j 1 ’ H ■mm? Freshman Class Officers: FRESHMAN CLASS President- Joe Pfanzelter Vice President- Cindy Henson Secretary- Vickie Kazlausky Class Sponsor- Miss Roberta A. Lerg We, the class of 1973, were the beginners. But, we gained lawn privileges for a week in spring by outselling the other classes in the Magazine Campaign. We outyelled all the others too, winning the most Friday morning pep jugs. Our football team had the largest turnout in the school’s history. Another first was the election of our class officers. A willingness to learn was the outstanding trait of the class of ’73. 42 Freshmen Class Freshmen Adapt To New Responsibilities At MV Sheri Abbott George Alexander Kathy Allen Korby Allen Jerry Alverson Danny Anderson Shelley Andyshak Glen Aspinwall Barbara Baker Carl Baker Roger Barker Mike Barron Marsha Barton Stan Batton Freshman Class Council — Bottom to top and left to right: S. Bred benner, P. Sebreny, S. Andyshak, T. Mazzelle, L. Lisella, S. Reinsel, C. Kirkwood, L. Robinson, J. Prichard, G. Beatie, C. Nesbit. Wayne Batzer Jeanne Bauman Dianna Baumann Robert Beahm Virginia Beatie Terri Beaver Angela Berger Donald Bernhard Delaina Bivins Judy Boddie Sylvia Boffman John Bolton Candice Booth Cheryl Bowers David Brady Elaine Braswell Thomas Brezarich Sandra Brock Freshman Class — 43 The Class Of ’73 Shows Unmatched Spirit Patty Sebreny shows her great enthusiasm at a football game with a traditional Little-Boy Jump. Randy Bullock Kevin Bryson Pam Bukalski Ellen Cancilla Coady Carl Pat Carl Alice Carnes Michael Casassa Don Cason Cathy Carpenter Vicki Castro Shannon Chapman Marc Chenevert Elizabeth Chester Janet Childers Marianne Chis Kimberly Christoph Gale Clements Terri Coates Carol Collard Debbie Collins Sheila Collins Kathy Conlin Kathy Cothran William Covington Mark Crabbe Peter Crawford Cherie Cunningham Lee Curril John Davey Charles Davis Pam Davis Sue Davis Mary DeCicco Debra DeForest 44 — Freshman Class Kim DeHaven Joan DelaConception Barbara Dewitt Renata Dinunzio Robin Dobbs Terry Dodd Donna Dolan David Donahoo Helen Doughetty Tom Douglas Karen Doyle Pam Doyle Pam Duke Mike Dunigan Carrots Efthemes Bruce Elder Jeff El dredge Lisa Elke Dean Elliott Floyd Elliott Wanda Elliott Debbie Faulkner Mel Ferraro Geoffery Fleming James Fletcher Elizabeth Franklin Ray Frehr Nancy Frese Shawn Fretz Jane Foltz Autumn Fowler Roy Galliher Tom Garber Tracy Gast Kevin Gerlach Kim Gibbens Bill Gielarousci Eugenia Gojsza David Gorwitz Denise Greco James Green David Greene Debbie Gribben Bruce Grisham Steven Grover Charles Guffey Jamie Gurley Rick Gysei Mark Hodges Virginia Hibbs Susan Hacker Albert Hahn Lisa Ha ll Linda Handberg Dale Hanson Joline Harlow Stephen Harnden Robbie Harris Becky Hart Robert Hartman Freshmen Class — 45 Laurie Hayes David Hedgepeth Hal Hedges Cindy Hensley Cindy Henson Susan Hill Judy Hinton Anna Hitchcock Wayne Hitchcock Brian Hodgson Michael Hoe Patty Hofer Steve Holloman Patty Hughes David Hunter Chris Hutcheson Debbie Hutchinson Kathy Jeffries Eleanor Johnson Renee Johnson Greg Jones James Jordan Paul Kailing Vickie Kazlausky Harold Keller Lori Keller Michael Kelley Nita Kelley Tom Kelley Kim Kent Wayne Kerns Cathy Kersey Christine Kirkwood Rebecca Kline Gretchen Koenig Kenneth Koos Rita Krear Bob Laliberte Vicki Lanning Cindy Lawrence John Lavinus Pat Leia Terri Mazzello and Linda Robinson slip around the corner in the library to talk. 46 — Fre shmen Class Frosh Take Advantage Of MV Facilities Sometimes Upperclassmen don’t mind help from Freshmen; in this case, Susie Hacker is helping Junior, Lee Spann. Roxanne Leps Michael Lewis Anthony Lieto Betty Ligon Mike Lilley Steve Lionberger Linda Lisella John Livsey Melissa Locke Robert Lorenzo Roy Luepnitz Miranda Maher Philip Manning Pam Marinacci Kevin Markham Debbie Marsh Larry Massie Terri Mazzello Barbara McCauley Shirley McCarthy Margaret McClellan Barbara McClintock James McDaniel Les Mense Adam Mikilia Betty Miller Diane Miller Karen Miller Randy Miller Richard Miller Bradford Mitchell Barry Moffitt Joe Moore Lou Moore Patricia Moore Freshman Class — 47 Freshmen Look Up To A Bright Future Peter Moore Wanda Moser John Moye Cindy Murane Vicky Myers Cathy Nehlig Carol Nelson Charles Nesbit Anne North Mark Novak Jean Nowak Greg Nye Mark Oliver Barbara Olson James Ostraco Jossie Owens Cathy Paradise Richard Pauley Lloyd Peterman Stephen Peters Joe Pfanzelter Claire Pierdes Jerry Pippins Linda Pitts Rick Polhamus Lisa Poole Jan Pooley Steve Poppe Evelyn Porter James Porterfield Susan Powell Phyllis Preston Jill Prichard Mark Primm Jim Ratkus Mike Ratten Clara Razee Harriett Razee Eleanor Reamy Rick Reeves Jane Rehme Katherine Reichert Sandy Reinsel Rose Ann Rezzardy Theresa Rezzardy Mary Rice Donna Richburg Charles Robbins Linda Robinson Susan Robinson Pam Roller Pam Rosser Debbie Rowland Alan Ruffner Mark Samples Tom Saputo 48 — Freshmen Class Girls in Miss Allen’s gym class are growing physically, as well as mentally. Mark Scandling Mike Schaefer Steve Scheets Susan Scott Patty Sebreny Jeannette Seibert Tom Shaner Marianne Shields Debbie Shorit Norea Simmons Karen Skwarski Susan Smith Clifford Snyder Connie Springer Donald Staver Shelley Steinke Steven Stern beck Jeffrey Stevens Barbara Sullivan Alan Swack Ingrid Sweede Douglas Talbot Lori Taylor Mary Teague Charlan Thomas David Thompson Vivian Thompson Pat Toomey Lisa Van Dyken David Vechik George Vial Pamela Vollmer Scott Wagner Kirt Waifs Karen Waldron Jeff Walkowski Walt Walkup Bob Wallace Stanley Wallace Susan Wallace Debby Wells Jennifer Wilkins Fran Winebrenner Kathy Wirth James Wolfe John Wolfe Jayme Wright Michael Young Freshman Class — 49 Sophomore Class Officers: SOPHOMORE CLASS President — Renee Frizzell Vice President — Gayle Shelton Secretary-Treasurer — Mary Sweatt Class Sponsor — Miss Roberta A. Lerg We, the class of 1972, abolished the election of our class council representatives in an effort to obtain more spirit and unity. The representatives were chosen on the basis of attendance at class meetings. For Halloween, we sold pumpkins for a profit of $93.00. Our “Sophomore Scoreboard” generated interest in JV football, and Bits and Pieces, the class bulletin board, informed us of sophomore activities. In this our second year at Mount Vernon, we showed the strength of the class of ’72 to be unique and growing. 50 — Sophomore Class Sophomore Creativity Leads To New Ideas Pat Abbott Roxanne Ackermann John Allison Gail Ames Dewey Anderson Lucy Annis Susan Atkinson Nicky Babington Debbie Bach Sharon Balwin Thomas Ballou William Bannister Brad Barber Carla Barbour Gwen Bard Martha Barnes Nick Barnet Cindi Barr Peggy Barron Maria Barros Diane Barry Donna Barry Beth Barry Diane Bauer Rosemarie Beckwith Loni Beers Becky Bell George Bernard Leroy Berryman Alicia Bibber Robin Bickell Jeff Bigler Sophomore Class — 51 Manuel Borrero Bruce Brady Ben Braswell David Braswell Rhonda Breeden Melissa Brevard Doug Brittain Ronnie Ballock Michael Callahan James Camp Cindy Cambell Rodney Campbell Linda Canaday Jan Carpenter Joe Carpenter Michael Carson Robert Casassa Peter Casey Duane Castro Gary Chenevert Barbara Chis Leslie Cipolla Nancy Coffee Richard Colei la Jeff Colley Danny Compton Evelyn Congiglere Suzanne Conway Cherie Coonrod John Corkery Sue Corney Roy Cornwell David Covington Peter Cruttenden Steve Curtis Frances D’Amico Nancy Danforth Mike Davis Mike Dawson Ellen Day Ducy Dee Jody DeJonghe Sandi Denzer Debbie Dezulovich Judi Diamond Jim Dirmeyer Dinah Ditton Vickie Donnelly Kent Donevan Jeanne Dresser William Driscoll Mary Dundas Ralph Duran Beth Eadie Debbie Earley Cathy Edwards 52 — Sophomore Class Sophomore Enthusiasm Sparks Spirit A little bit of Sophomore spirit is displayed by Vannessa VanDyken and Todd Thurman. Barbara Egger Lydia Elliott Terry Evans Tyler Fadely Janice Fee Vicki Ferguson Mike Ferrala Ken Fitzgerald Betsy Fitzgerel Richard Florence Sandee Flores Brenda Ford Judy Fortney David Franklin George Freeman Renee Frizzell Sandy Funk Steve Gabriel Claire Garrett Ginna Ghent Kim Gillispie Roy Glisson Betty Gooch Donna Gordon Margo Gordon Beth Grant Beth Greene Shirley Gremar Jackie Griffin Mitzi Grover Pat Guyer Kathie Haaser Ray Hager Clifford Hahn Suzanne Hajdu Steve Hall Starr Hambleton John Hanley Dana Hanson Sophomore Class — 53 Sophomores Take Time For Intellectual Breaks Mary Jo Harlan Anne Hartigan Ruth Haseman Mark Hasty Linda Hawkins Sharon Hebert Paul Hernandez Pat Hess Ken Henderson Leigh Henry Mark Henry Tim Henry Bill Hobbs Debbie Hofmann Amanda Hooglanc Jerry Hurwitz Sandra Jacobs Richard Jannell Mo Jonah Eric Johnson Charles Johnston Gary Jones James Jones Larry Jones Robert Jones Mia Kelley Richard Kelly Sherry Kernam Kenny Kerns James Kershaw Lois Kimble George King Robert King Frank Kisterner Ward Kline Kennv Knight Dee Dee Lacey Joan Lake Sally Laliberte 54 — Sophomore Class Gary Lee Pat Lee Janet Leffler Lyn Leggett Susan Leschmk Bill Lieto Joyce Lockwood Janet Loelkes Alexis Long Bill Luepnitz Pam Mallon Gary Mann Philip Manor Richard Maple Tom Marfing Harold Martin Penny Martin Reba Masters Cindy McDonald David McFadden Elaine McLendon Alan McLurdy Carl Macsorley John Mehaffey Roy Miles Robert Miller Shyla Miller Stephanie Miller Cathy Morningstar Sandra Moon Lisa Morrison Peter Morton Cathy Murphy Mike Murphy Joan Neher Patty Nevin David Nermyr Den Newdeck Ken Nider Debbie Nixon Greg O’Connor John Okstulski Kurt Oliver Rynn Olsen Alan O’Neal Brian Osterndorf Terry Oxendine Kim Oxley Richard Pannell Kathy Paulger Judi Peacock Karen Peabody Nick Barnet demonstrates a newly acquired talent. Taking a break during Freshman orientation is Katie Scott. Sophomore Class — 55 Cheryl Peters Mary Petty Kristi Peoples Terry Phelps Bill Pinkepank Michelle Pointon Eva Pompeo Donna Post Pam Price Skip Reams Pattie Reeves Liz Reiley John Rice Cindy Rixon Susan Rollinger Joyce Roberts Richard Robertson Robin Robertson Cindy Robey Cliff Roop Nancy Rosendale Mike Rowland Kathy Roy Mark Ruthe Robert Sauers Alan Scarce Mark Schipono Kathy Schmidt Ernie Schultz Katie Scott Mike Scott Sheila Sexton David Shanahan Rodney Shaner Mark Shannon Lynn Shaughnessy Gayle Shelton Diane Simms Bonnie Shifflett Martin Shifilla Cathy Shorten Mark Signorelli Cathy Simpkins Linda Skwarski Jeff Smith Sandy Snyder Fred Sommerfields Steve Sorrel Steve Hall discovers a dirty lens. A helpful group of sophomores help in cleanup. 56 — Sophomore Class Sophomores Gain Experience Through New Skills Maurice Spencer Robert Stalzer Debbie Stein Kathy Stoner Mike Strack Ron Strickland Paul Stuckey Elaine Sublett Steve Sullivan Eric Swanson Mary Sweatt David Sweede Susan Symmes Rob Taft Perry Talley Donna Tausch David Taylor Kim Tennison Pat Tester Paula Thomas Mike Thompson Bill Thompson Jean Thrasher Tim Thurman Todd Thurman HeleneTipa Ricky Townsend Carol Turner Jane Vallandingham Roy Vaughan Mary Vermillion Ken Vestal Michele Walker Paula Wampler Kevin Welch Russ Wells Jackei Werner Warren Wesley Jim West Larry Wildman Sharon Wilkins David Williams Hugh Williamson Richard Williamson Joan Withrow Don Woods Debbie Woodworth Robin Yale Claudia Zak Junior Class Officers JUNIOR CLASS President — Jeff Allen Vice President — Joanne Scandling Secretary-Treasurer — Pat Wallace Class Sponsor — Mrs. Elizabeth M. Walsh We, the class of 1971, finally became upperclassmen. We took on the jobs of selling programs at football games and cleaning the stadium the next morning. By trick-or-treating for UNICEF and winning the Pep Jug, we demonstrated our spirit. We helped plan the prom and awaited the next step — our senior year during which we shall continue to work. 58 Junior Class Junior Class is Pep Jug Champions Danny Adkins David Alien Jeff Allen Cheryl Allison George Allison Gwen Anderson Joan Anderson Robert Andrews Nickie Athanason Susan Aud Diane Baker Sara Baker n 1 I W ' : 1 1 iij§ § 1 J wMxr Junior Class Council: P. Brett, K. DeBiase, S. VanOver, S. Roodbary, R. Henson, R. Rodriquez, D. Norris, D. Smith, S. Roscher, T. Pick, C. Brown, K. Paradise. Kerry Bannister Lisa Barbour John Barnet Christy Bartanen Craig Baumann Bill Baxley Rick Bearden Nancie Beatie Junior Class — 59 Sally Stein is another example of Junior versatility. Juniors benefit from group discussions. Debbie Beckler Nick Beschen Tanya Bibber Richard Bigler Jimmy Blackstock Patricia Blunk Nancy Brogden Beth Brooks Cecilia Brown Fred Burks Roger Burt Nancie Byrd John Cain Diann Cajigas John Callahan Karen Callahan 60 — Junior Class Juniors Work Alone As Well As In Groups Junior girls sing out in harmony as they develop cooperative attitude. Sheri Camp Brian Campbell Beth Carnes Edward Cave Chip Chase Bill Christie Karen Christoph Patricia Clark Steven Clements Patsy Conant Tad Cooper Bill Crabbe Valerie Crisp Todd Crowley Debbie Dasch Althea Davis £) £• Don Davis Richard Davis Kathy DeBiase Mike Dellinger Greg Derman Mike Deville Kathleen DeWitt Al Divine Cheryl Dodson Ron Doeppner Sherry Donahoo Tom Donaldson Junior Class — Another asset to the Juniors’ “never ending’’ spirit is the fact that half of the Varsity cheerleading squad are Juniors! Denise Douvlos Kathy Dumas Debbie Dwyer Linda Elliot Sharlene Evans Gary Ferguson Cherliyn Fetty Terry Fick Barbara Fitzpatrick Don Flattery Bruce Ford Larry Foust Linda Frederick Gordon Freeman Jennifer Frye Barbara Fuller Michael Gabriel Nancy Gates Nina Gates Megan Garvey John Gaunt Wayne German Dan Ghent Meredith Greene Mark Hall James Hambleton 62 — Junior Class Juniors Participate In Halloween UNICEF Drive George Stapleton proves his individuality by being tne only Junior to make the 1969 “It’s Academic” team. Juniors gained satisfaction and pride by collecting for UNICEF on Halloween. Nancy Hanks Rick Hartigan Grant Hasty Cheryl Haze Jane Hedgepeth Richard Hedgepeth Randy Henson Robert Hereford Ronald Hicks Randy Hinson John Hitchcock Neil Hitchcock Danny Hodgson Barbara Hofer Dale Hoffman Brooke Hughes Stephen Ice Phyllis Jackson Junior Class — 63 Executive Board Advises Junior Officers Fred Johnson Phyllis Johnson Louis Jolicoeur Doug Jones Betty Keelin Judy Kellison Tony Kennedy John King Eric Kirkwood Chris Kirstein Jeff Kiser Barbara Kline Nancy Kuhn Steve Lambert Annette Ledford John Leffler Steve Leschnik Tad Leverenz Mary Ligon Rice Lilley David Livsey William Livsey Executive Board members, Jeff Allen, Joanne Scandling, Pat Wallace, Tim Hart, and Janet Stevenson, take a rest from their exhausting job of planning Junior activities. Members of the Class of ' 71 make the decisive votes for the SCA elections. ■ c xi ft 1 64 — Junior Class Chris Looft Jeff Lovingood Gina Lusker Joseph Lysett Kevin Manning Lou Marinacci Kathy Martin Anne Mason John Mayer Odile McCarthy Carol McCauley Tom Michaels Carol Miller Mitch Miller Javier Molinaires Connie Moore Sharon Moore Melody Morningstar Brian Morrison Dennis Morrison Dennis W. Morrison Debbie Moss Michael Moyer Julie Murphy Junior Class — 65 UK Locker Pals Spur Junior Players into Action Junior Tim Quinn can’t be stopped as he rips across the gridiron to gain yardage for MV. Must’ve been that lunch his locker pal fixed for him! Mary Porterfield Jerry Pooley Cass Pittman Bruce Plich Ricklin Pierce Mike Pickwick Betsy Pfanzelter Lynn Peterson Sallie Peters Bruce Pederson Mike Pearce Debbie Pauley Karen Paradise Robert Pate Joe Paap Marsha Owens Tim O ' Rourke Joyce Olson Karen Norris David Norris Susan Nielson Ralph Newman Donna Newman David Needham Darlene Murray Mary Murphy 1 66 — Junior Class Junior Kim Romney shows that the duties of Drill Team Locker Pals are tedious and difficult but it’s worth the time to see the look on their faces! Cliff Prosser Janme Purcell Tim Quinn Ruth Rathbone Christie Ratten Richard Reel Phyllis Reynolds Kathy Rezzarday Jackie Rice Pat Rice Nancy Schmitt George Scheets Joanne Scandling David Sable Leslie Rynoh Sue Roscher Shirley Roodbary Kim Romney Rod Rodriquez Marian Robbins Douglas Robbins Robert Rice Junior Class — 67 Tim Hart utilizes his artistic ability by drawing the cover of the Major Outlook during the football season. Junior Navy fans pay their debt for Army win. Vickie Swor James Swain Robert Summa Dee Stoehr Janet Stevenson Suzi Sternbeck Sally Stein George Stapleton Laurie Springer David Speed Lee Spann Vann Smith Donna Smith Cathy Slye Mary Sivak Karen Sims Dianne Simms Gaye Siegrist Dave Shuman Dawn Shepherd Robert Schurtz Preston Schreiner 68 — Junior Class You Never Know What Juniors Will Do Next Joanne Scandling tries to pass herself off as a senior boy. Randy Tate Pam Taylor Pat Taylor Bonnie Tester Summers Thomas Sandra Tomlin Robert Tzudiker Sharon VanOver Janice Venus Joe Vermes Shirley Wales Glenn Wallace Pat Wallace Mark Walsh Margie Wentzel Jackie Whittington Kristen Wilkins Shirley Willingham Mark Woirol Frances Wolfe Lisa Wood Susan Woods Debbie Wright Michelle Yary Junior Class — 69 Senior Class Officers: SENIOR CLASS President — Larry Paxton Vice President — Jim Gibson Secretary-Treasurer — Elaine Tesko Class Sponsor — Mrs. Catherine P. Cooley We, the class of 1970, counted the days until our night at Constitution Hall. We initiated an egg sale and sponsored a November dance. The Tysons Corner Mall became the site of our prom. We will carry into the future a spirit and enthusiasm gained from being the class of ' 70 making decisions, mistakes and improve¬ ments. 70 — Senior Class The Class Of 1970 Learns To Lead Rebecca Darlene Alexander ( A i Frances Eleanor Allen John William Anderson Sharon Elaine Arrington KATHLEEN DIANE ABBOTT, “Kat.” Activities; Industrial Arts Club, 1, 2; Spiriters, 3; FSA, 4; Class Officer, 1; VOT, 4; Newspaper, 1. Sports; Powder Puff Football, 3. PATRICIA ANN ABEL “Patti.” Activities: SCA Representative, 1, 2; Spiriters, 3; Sophomore Class Council, 2; Homecoming Committee, 2, 3. REBECCA DARLENE ALEXANDER. “Becki.” Activities: FSA, 4. FRANCES ELEANOR ALLEN. " Fran.” Activities: ICT, 2; VICA, 2. Awards: PTA Spelling Award, 1. JOHN WILLIAM ANDERSON. “Billy.” Sports: JV Basketball, 2; JV Baseball, 2; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4. SHARON ELAINE ARRINGTON. Activities: FSA, 3. Senior Class — 71 MICHAEL PAUL ASBURY. “Mike.” ALLISON GRACE BAEZ. Activities: Glee Club, 2; Spir¬ ited, 3, 4; German Club, 3; FHA, 4. Sports: Tennis, 2; Volleyball, 2. RICHARD ALLEN BAKER. TIMOTHY JAMES BAKER. “Tim.” Activities: Debate Team, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 3); SCA Representative, 1; Senior Class Alternate, 4. Awards: Debate Letter, 2, 3, 4. TIMOTHY DAVID BALLOU. “Tim.” Activities: Letter- man’s Club, 1, 2, 3. Sports: Wrestling, 1, 2 (Manager, 2); Football, 2, 3 (Manager, 2, 3); Track, 1, 3. MARY ANN BARNETT. “Mem.” Activities: Social Re¬ lations Club, 1; IRC, 2; French Club, 2; EM VEE HI, 3, 4; FTA, 3, 4. JAMES THOMAS BARRON. STEVEN RAY BARRY. Activities: Spiriters, 4. Awards: Math, 1. RICHARD FRANK BAUER. Activities: German Club, 2; Math Club, 3, 4; Key Club, 3, 4 (Chaplain, 4); Junior Honor Society, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, Awards: Varsity Wrestling Letter. Sports: JV Wrestling, 2; Var¬ sity Wrestling, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 4. SHIRLEY MAE BAYNE. Activities: ICT, 4. KATHLEEN ANN BECKER. “Kathy.” Activities: Ger¬ man Club, 2, 4; International Club, 2; Drill Team, 3; Spotlighters, 3; Jefferson “JOTTINGS” Literary Maga¬ zine Staff, 3; SCA Representative Alternate, 2, 3; FHA, 4; URC, 4; Junior Class Prom Committee, 3. Sports: Intramural Sports, 2. DEBRA ELAINE BELL. “Debbie.” Activities: D.E., 2. MARTIN JEROME BELL. “Chuck.” Activities: SCA Representative, 1; Class President, 2. Awards: Most Outstanding Player Award in Football, 4. Sports: Var¬ sity Football, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); Varsity Basketball, 2, 4 (Captain, 4); Varsity Baseball, 2. MELISSA RUTH BELOW. Activities: SURVEYOR Staff, 4; Keyettes, 4; Senior Class Council, 4; FHA, 1; Drama Club, 2. LOIS FRANCIS BERLIN. Activities: Freshman Class Council Representative, 1; Sophomore Class Council Alternate, 2; Drill Team, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Ger¬ man Club, 2; Keyettes, 4; Chorus, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH PATRICIA BERNARD. “Bo.” Activities: French Club, 2. Allison Grace Baez Richard Allen Baker Timothy James Baker Michael Paul Asbury Mary Ann Barnett James Thomas Barron Steven Ray Barry Timothy David Ballou 72 — Senior Class Seniors Continue To Look Forward Senior Class Council: Front Row: M. Stalzer, B. DeBiase, J. Smith. Second Row: P. Olson, M. Below, M. Weaver, D. Moore, B. Gonzales, C. Farmer. Third Row: K. Polhamus, B. Leach, M. Carpenter, B. Stagg, D. Pomerening, C. Gorwitz. Richard Frank Bauer Shirley Mae Bayne Kathleen Ann Becker Debra Elaine Bell Martin Jerome Bell Melissa Ruth Below Lois Francis Berlin Elizabeth Patricia Bernard Senior Class — 73 Latin has its lighter side as Jim Manor and Jim Ogle enjoy the Latin Banquet. DONALD WILLIAM BESS. CATHERINE LOISE BILLINGS. Activities: ICT, 1; VICA, 1 . LISA LORRAINE BIRCHER. Activities: SCA Representa¬ tive, 1, 2; Sophomore Class Council, 2; JV Cheer¬ leader, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 4. Awards: Cheerlead¬ ing Letter, 4; Senior Homecoming Princess, 4. ROBERT JOSEPH BIXLER. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4. Sports: JV Football, 2. JAMES ALLEN BLACKWELL. “Jim.” Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Council Representative, 3; Vice President, 4; Section Leader, 2, 3, 4); Debate Team, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); Junior Classical League, 3. Awards: All-Regional Band, 3; Band Letter, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Debate, 3, 4; Debate Letter, 3, 4. TRACY ELLEN BOAZ. Activities: Beginning Girls Cho¬ rus, 2; Select Girls Chorus, 3; VOT, 4. JUDITH ELLEN BOERGER. “Judi.” Activities: GAA, 1; FHA, 3, 4 (Reporter, 4); Spiriters, 3; SURVEYOR Staff, 4 (Senior Class Co-Editor, 4); Drill Team, 4. Awards: Football Princess, 1. Sports: Intramural Vol¬ leyball, 2. ANITA LOUISE BOND. Activities: German Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3); FHA, 1, 2, 4; Art Club, 1; GAA, 1; Drill Team, 3, 4. BEVERLY ANN BOOTH. Activities: Girl’s Teen Club, 1 (President, 1); French Club, 2. LINDA SUSAN BOWERS. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 3; FSA, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 4); VOT, 4. KATHY LYNN BOWMAN. Activities: EM VEE HI Staff, 3, 4 (Page One Editor, 4). JAMES LEE BRADY. Activities: DE Club, 4. VICKI LYNN BREAULT. FRANCIS FAYE BRELAND. MICHEL JOHN BRETT. “Mike.” Activities: IRC, 4; Latin Club, 4: Awards: Modern European History Award, 2. Sports: Cross Country, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. 74 — Senior Class James Allen Blackwell Tracy Ellen Boaz Ancient Cultures Give Us Insight Into Today’s World Judith Ellen Boerger Anita Louise Bond Beverly Ann Booth Linda Susan Bowers Kathy Lynn Bowman James Lee Brady Francis Faye Breland Michel John Brett Vicki Lynn Breault Senior Class — 75 Imaginative And Creative, We Make The Most Of The Facilities At MV Bill Moye showed typical Senior inquisitiveness by making the most of a newly-arrived computer. Michael Alan Broadwater Bonnie Booth Brown Nina Bryson Thomas Kenneth Buglia Paul Robert Byers Mary Anne Byrd William Revel Callahan Stephen Loius Caporaletti 76 — Senior Class MICHAEL ALAN BROADWATER. BONNIE BOOTH BROWN. Activities: Freshman Cheerleading, 1; JV Cheerleading, 2; Drill Team, 3; Varsity Cheerleading, 4: SCA Cabinet (Unity), 4. NINA BRYSON. Activities: FHA, 1, 2, 3, 4; GAA, 2; FTA, 3; French Club, 1; Spiriters, 3, 4: Keyettes, 4; National Honor Society, 4: SCA Representative, 4. THOMAS KENNETH BUGLIA. PAUL ROBERT BYERS. Activities: International Thes¬ pian Society, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); Concert Choir, 1, 4. Awards: Best Supporting Actor of the Year 1968, 3. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; Swimming, 2. MARY ANNE BYRD. Activities: French Club, 2, 3, 4 (President, 3); Science Club, 2 (Treasurer, 2); FTA, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 3); French Honor Society, 4. WILLIAM REVEL CALLAHAN. “Deacon.” Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2; JV Wrestling, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2. STEPHEN LOUIS CAPORALETTI. JAMES PATRICK CARLSON. “Jim.” Awards: Football Letter, 1, 2; Baseball Letter, 2, 3: Basketball Letter, 1; Track Letter, 1. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3; JV Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 3; Freshman Basketball, 1; Freshman Track, 1. LOUISE NANET CARPENTER. “Missie.” Activities: SCA Representative, 1, 3; SCA Alternate, 2; Sopho¬ more Class Council Alternate, 2; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; French Club, 1: Junior Honor So¬ ciety, 1, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4 (President, 4); French Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3; President, 4); Keyettes, 3, 4; SURVEYOR Staff, 3, 4 (Freshman Editor, 3; Organizations Editor, 4); Senior Class Council Representative, 4. Awards: 1969 Virgin¬ ia Girls’ State, 3; Outstanding Teenager, 4; National Honor Society Scholarship Semi-Finalist, 4. Sports: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 (JV, Co-Captain, 1; Varsity, 2, 3, 4); JV Softball, 1, 2 (Co-Captain, 1; Captain, 2); Powderpuff Football, 3. BILLY CARTER. RANDAL RICHARD CASTRO. “Randy.” Activities: Science Club, 1; Audio-visual, 1. NANCY GREENOUGH CHANDLER. JANET DEWELL CHASE. Activities: SCA Alternate, 1; Freshman Cheerleading Representative to ICC, 1; Freshman Cheerleader, 1; JV Cheerleader, 2 (Co-Captain); Drill Team, 3, 4; Junior Class Council Alternate, 3; SCA Cabinet (Unity), 4; Chorus, 3, 4. Sports: Powderpuff Football, 3; Gymnastic Show, 2. ANNE ELISE CHESTER. “Nini.” Activities: German Club, 2; SCA Alternate, 2; Sophomore Class Council Alternate, 2; Drill Team, 3, 4; Chorus, 3, 4; SCA Cabi¬ net (Unity), 4. BEVERLY ANN CHILDERS. “Bev.” Activities: FTA, 1, 4; National Honor Society, 3, 4; French National Honor Society, 3, 4; French Club, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Bookaneers, 3; Freshman Representative, 1; Key¬ ettes, 4. Awards: Outstanding Junior Band Student, 3. Nancy Greenough Chandler Janet Dewell Chase Anne Elise Chester Beverly Ann Childers Senior Class — 77 Members of the Top Twelve, Kerry Pierce, James Manor, Nina Bryson, and Marty Weaver get to the root of the matter in the biology lab. J Sharon Lee Chumley Felicia Helen Clevenger Patricia Clyburn Marian Ruth Coffee Philip Douglas Coker Cynthia Lynn Colyer Donna Yvonne Cogar Robin Jean Cohn 78 — Senior Class Academics Take Us Into All Fields Robert Edward Connor, Richard Phillip Coorsh Jr. Iden Fredrick Cornwell. Jr. David Wayne Cothran SHARON LEE CHUMLEY. FELICIA HELEN CLEVENGER. “Fiz.” Activities: Marching and Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3, 4); SCA Representative, 3; SCA Alternate, 4; Orientation Chairman, 4; SURVEY¬ OR Staff, 3, 4 (Index, 3, Faculty Editor, 4); Spiriters, 1, 2; Spanish Club, 1, 2 ; ADC, 4 (Executive Secretary, 4); URC, 4. Awards: Outstanding Band Member ’69, 3; Drama Letter, 3; Band Letter, 2. Sports: JV Bas¬ ketball, 2, 3 (Captain, 3); Varsity Basketball, 4; Gym¬ nastics, 2. PATRICIA CLYBURN. “Peanuts.” MARIAN RUTH COFFEE. “Shorty.” Activities: Chorus, 1, 4; Drama, 3, 4. DONNA YVONNE COGAR. ROBIN JEAN COHN. Activities: Public Relations, 1; American Field Service, 2; Spiriters, 3, 4; French Club, 3; IRC, 3; SCA, 4; SCA Chairman of Special Ac¬ tivities, 4; Junior Class Council Alternate, 3; IRC, 4; Keyettes, 4. Awards: Fairfax County Humanities Sem¬ inar. PHILIP DOUGLAS COKER. “Phil.” Activities: Key Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1, 2; International Thespian Society, 3, 4; Madrigals, 4; Boys Quartet, 4. Sports: Track, 1. Awards: 1969 Variety Show First Place Win¬ ner. CYNTHIA LYNN COLYER. “Cindi,” Activities: Drill Team, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 2, 3, 4; FTA, 2; Sopho¬ more Class Council Representative, 2; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Select Girls ' Chorus, 2, 3, 4; Beginning Mixed Chorus, 1. Awards: Twirp Queen, 3. ROBERT EDWARD CONNOR, JR. “Robb.” RICHARD PHILLIP COORSH. “Rich.” Activities: Cho¬ rus, 3; Drama, 3, 4. IDEN FREDRICK CORNWELL, JR. “Fred.” DAVID WAYNE COTHRAN. Senior Class — 79 ROBIN GALE COTTERMAN. LISA JENNIFER COX. Activities: Biology Club, 2; French Club, 2; Drill Team, 3, 4; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Select Girls’ Chorus, 2, 3; Concert Choir, 4. Awards: Choral Letter, 2; Choral Bar, 3. KENNETH DECARR CRUM. “Ken.” JERE ANTHONY CUNNINGHAM. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letter, 2; Band Bar, 3; Band Star, 4. JAMES RUSSELL DALTON. “Jim.” Activities: Interna¬ tional Thespian Society, 4; Madrigals, 2, 3, 4; Barber Shop Group, 3, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter, Bar, and Pin. TERESA LEE D ' AMATO. “Terrie.” Activities: Spiriters. GUY CALDWELL DARBY. Activities: Key Club, 4; Sen¬ ior Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: Letters for Cross Country and Track, 3, 4; Twirp King, 3. Sports: JV Football, 2; Varsity Cross Country, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Winter Track, 4. WILLIAM EDWARD DASCH, JR. “Bill.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4; Key Club, 4; Concert Choir, 4; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4; SCA Committee Member, 4. Sports: Track, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Soccer, 2; Intramural Weight-Lifting, 3. DONNA MARIE DAVIS. Activities: Drill Team, 2, 4; Spanish Club, 1, 2; Keyettes, 4. Awards: Chorus Pin. GLORIA EVELYN DAVIS. NANCY SUZANNE DAY. Activities: SCA Representa¬ tive, 1; SCA Cabinet, 4; Fairfax County Youth Council 3, 4; Keyettes, 2, 3, 4 (President, 4); SURVEYOR Staff, 3, 4 (Activities, 3; Co-Editor, 4); Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; IRC, 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club, 3, 4 (Secretary, 3); FHA, 2; Prom Committee 3, 4 (Chairman, 4); Spiriters, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1; Freshman Class Council, 1; Sophomore Class Coun¬ cil, 2; Junior Class Council Alternate, 3. Awards: Bas¬ ketball Letter, 2, 3, 4; Virginia Girls’ State Represent¬ ative, 3; High Rebounder Award in Basketball, 3; National Honor Society Scholarship Semi-Finalist, 4; Outstanding Teenager of America, 4, Soroptimist Youth Citizenship Candidate, 4. Sports: Girls Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Team, 3 (Co-Captain). SUSAN ELIZABETH DAY. “Sue.” Activities: French Club, 1; Student Council Representative, 1, 2; Stu¬ dent Senate, 2; FHA, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Spiriters, 3; Drill Team, 4; SURVEYOR Staff, 4 (Senior Class Co-Editor, 4). MARY ELIZABETH DEBIASE. “Betsy.” JACQUELINE FLOYD DE CHANTS. RICHARD KIRK DEJONCKHEERE. “Rich.” Activities: National Honor Society, 3, 4. Sports: JV Football, 2; Golf, 4. WALTER MARK DICK Robin Gale Cotterman Lisa Jennifer Cox Kenneth Decarr Crum Jere Anthony James Russell Dalton Teresa Lee D’Amato Cunningham 80 — Senior Class William Edward Dasch, Jr. Donna Marie Davis Gloria Evelyn Davis Nancy Suzanne Day Susan Elizabeth Day Seniors Display Talent Under the direction of Jeff Woods, the MV Pep Band Helps show our school spirit. Mary Elizabeth DeBiase Jacqueline Floyd De Chants Richard Kirk DeJonckheere Walter Mark Dick Senior Class — 81 Ronald Wayne Dodd Patricia Sue Dunn Originality Is A Part Of Senior Holiday Celebrations Clark James Eadie Julie Arlene Earley RONALD WAYNE DODD. PATRICIA SUE DUNN. CLARK JAMES EADIE. JULIE ARLENE EARLEY. Activities: Spiriters, 2, 3; SCA Representative, 2; FTA, 4; Keyettes, 4; Mixed Chorus, 3; Homecoming Committee, 3, 4; FHA, 4. Sports: JV Softball, 1, 2. MICHAEL REID EARP. 4 CAROL ANN EASTON. LYNN YVONNE EDDY. Activities: Beginning Mixed Chorus, 1; Select Girls, 2, 3, 4; Junior Classical League, 3, 4; IRC, 4. Awards: UN Scholarship Test Area Winner, 3; Heart Association Certificate of Partic¬ ipation, 2; Chorus Letter, 2; Chorus Bar, 3; Chorus Pin, 4. Sports: JV Hockey, 1; JV and Varsity Hockey Manager, 3. LINDA CHERYL EDWARDS. Activities: FNA, 1; Latin Club, 1; Junior Classical League, 2; Spiriters, 3, 4. Awards: Heart Association Commendation Award, 2, 3. SHERRY JEAN EDWARDS. BRUCE DAVID EGAN. Activities: Senior Honor Socie¬ ty, 3, 4. DEBORAH BRADBURY ELDREDGE. “Debbie.” BARBARA MILES ELY. MICHAEL ANTHONY ENDERS. CAROLYN ANN FARMER. MARILYN CAROLE FEE. Activities: GAA, 1; French Club, 2. DEBORAH LYNN FICK. “Debby.” Activities: Spiriters, 1; Biology Club, 2; French Club, 2; Thespians, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Keyettes, 4; SCA Representative, 2; Homecoming Chairman, 3; SCA Social Secretary, 4; Student Council to County Board of Supervisors, 2, 3, 4; Madrigals, 4; Freshman Class Co-Chairman, 1; Junior Class Council, 3; Choraleers, 3, 4. Awards: Choral Letter, 2; Drama Letter, 3; Miss Mount Ver¬ non, 3; All County Chorus, 3, 4; Regional and State Drama Festival, 3. Sports: Gymnastics, 2. 82 — Senior Class Michael Reid Earp Lynn Yvonne Eddy Sherry jean Edwards Michael Anthony Enders Carol Ann Easton Linda Cheryl Edwards Thanksgiving 1969 — if our forefathers could only see us now, what would they think? Lht ■ XT MLL W ft A M f. S Bruce David Egan Deborah Bradbury Barbara Miles Ely Eldredge Carolyn Ann Farmer Marilyn Carole Fee Deborah Lynn Fick Senior Class — 83 Seniors Leave No Task Undone Carolyn Rose Finney Patricia Lynn Fishbeck Clark Sherwood Daniel Earl Foglio Fitzgerald Mary Frank Pamela Rae Frese Linda Margaret Frye Donald Ftartwell Fullerton Lawrence Rae Fullerton Janice Ann Gainer Greatly amused, Brian Gaquin discovers what it is like to teach his peers. 84 — Senior Class CAROLYN ROSE FINNEY. PATRICIA LYNN FISHBECK. CLARK SHERWOOD FITZGERALD. DANIEL EARL FOGLIO. MARY FRANK. Activities: SCA Alternate, 1; SCA Representative, 2; Spiriters, 3; IRC, 3, 4. Sports: Powderpuff Team, 3. PAMELA RAE FRESE. LINDA MARGARET FRYE. Activities: VOT, 4. DONALD HARTWELL FULLERTON. “Don.” Activities: Junior Honor Society, 1; Key Club, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; French Honor Society, 3, 4; “It’s Aca¬ demic’’ Team, 4. Awards: Track Letter, 3. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; Freshman Basketball, 1; Var¬ sity Track, 1, 3, 4; JV Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4; Winter Track, 4. LAWRENCE RAE FULLERTON. “Larry.” Activities: Key Club, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); Senior Honor So¬ ciety, 3, 4; French Honor Society, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 4). Awards: US and Virginia History PTA Award, 3; Functions-Statistics PTA Award, 3; West Point Football Award, 3; Virginia Boys’ State Delegate, 3; Varsity Letters in Football, Wrestling, and Track. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Track, 1; Varsity Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 4); Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 4). JANICE ANN GAINER. Activities: FHA, 3; SCA Repre¬ sentative, 3; FSA, 3 (Historian, 3). JANE GRIFFITH GANDY. “Candy Jane.” Activities: FHA, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 3; President, 4); Spiriters, 2, 3; SURVEYOR Staff, 4; Chorus, 3; Homecoming Committee, 4; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4; SCA Alternate, 4; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; French Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: Institute in the Humanities, 3. BRIAN JOHN GAQUIN. PATTI RAE GARRITY. Activities: French Club, 1; Tri Hi Y, 1, 2; Freshman Homecoming Committee Chair¬ man, 1. Sports: Tennis, 1. MARGARET EMERY GAUNT. “Fred.” Activities: FHA, 3, 4; IRC, 3, 4; Latin Club 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3; Vice President, 4); Senior Honor Society, 4. Jane Griffith Gandy Brian John Gaquin Caring for our flags are Boy’s State Representatives, Warren Scott, Bill Stagg, Gordon liams and Larry Fullerton. Patti Rae Garrity Margaret Emery Gaunt Senior Class — 85 Seniors Accept Civic Responsibilities James Harold Gibson Kevin Wayne Gaylor John Hennessy Ghent John Michael Gibbs Janet Lillian Gibson Steven John Gielarowski Bruce Joseph Brenda Jean Gonzales Gillingham MV’s Mascot, Movern, watches the Girls’ State Representatives, Missie Carpenter, Cathy Sweatt, Nancy Day and Cindy Simpkins. 86 — Senior Class Croft Grantham William Edward Grigsby Cynthia Ann Gorwitz Mark Peter Greenhouse Work is nothing new to the Top Twelve’s Ken Williams, Richard Bauer, and John Scandling. KEVIN WAYNE GAYLOR. Activities: Freshman Class Council Alternate, 1; Sophomore Class Council 2; SCA Alternate, 1; Junior Classical League, 1, 2 (Treasurer, 1, 2); SURVEYOR Staff, 2, 3, 4 (Sophomore Class Co-Editor, 2; Junior Class Co-Editor, 3; Co-Editor, 4); Key Club, 2, 3, 4; SCA Executive Council, 3; SCA Spirit Committee, 3; SCA Homecoming Committee, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3, 4 (Sergeant-at-Arms, 3; Vice President, 4); Prom Invita¬ tion Committee, 3; Prom Decoration Committee, 3; Prom Band Committee, 3; IRC, 4; SCA Alternate, 4; Fairfax County Youth Council, 3, 4; Powderpuff Cheerleader, 3, 4; Northern Virginia Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association Representative 3; Junior Class President, 3; School Calendar Chairman, 3; SCA General Publicity Chairman, 4. Awards: Virgin¬ ia Boys’ State Alternate, 3; Best Powderpuff Cheer¬ leader, 3. Sports: Freshman Wrestling, 1. JOHN HENNESSY GHENT. Activities: IRC, 1, 2, 4; SCA, 1, 4. Sports: JV Baseball, 2. JOHN MICHAEL GIBBS. “Mike.” Activities: Varsity Letterman Club, 3; Student Council Representative, 1. Sports: Basketball, 1, 2; Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Golf, 3; JV Football, 1, 2. JAMES HAROLD GIBSON. “Jim.” Activities: Key Club, 3, 4; Senior Class Vice President, 4; SCA Representa¬ tive, 3; German Club, 3; SCA Alternate, 2. Awards: Boys State Alternate, 3; Football Letter, 4; Track Let¬ ter, 3, 4. Sports: Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 4; Wrestling, 3. JANET LILLIAN GIBSON. Activities: Freshman Class Council, 1; Sophomore Class Secretary, 2; JV Cheer¬ leader, 2; Drill Team, 3, 4; French Club, 1: Select Girls Choir, 4. Awards: Freshman Homecoming Prin¬ cess, 1. STEVEN JOHN GIELAROWSKI. Awards: Cross Coun¬ try Letter. Sports: Cross Country, 2, 3; Track, 2. BRENDA JEAN GONZALES. Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4; Senior Class Representative, 4; Keyettes, 4. Awards: Hockey Stick and 2 Bars; Basketball Pin; Softball and Bar; 6 Certificates of Participation; Most Outstanding Hockey Player, 4. Sports: Varsity Hockey Manager, 2; Varsity Hockey, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4 (JV, 1, 2; Varsity, 3, 4); Basketball Manager, 2, 3. CYNTHIA ANN GORWITZ. “Cyndy.” Activities: French Club, 1; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Color Guard, 4; Keyettes, 4; SCA Representative, 3; URC, 4; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4. Awards: Summer Institute of the Humanities, 3; National Council of Teachers of English Nominee, 3. CROFT GRANTHAM. MARK PETER GREENHOUSE. Activities: IRC, 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club, 3, 4. Sports: Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4; Wres¬ tling, 3, 4. WILLIAM EDWARD GRIGSBY. Senior Class — 87 SUSAN BERNADETTE GRINEY. “Sue.” Activities: Spiriters, 3, 4. Sports: Track, 2. BYRON GRISHAM III. BRENDA KAREN GROSS. Activities: French Club, 3, 4; Band Council, 4 (Librarian, 4). Awards: Solo and Ensemble Medals; Virginia Regional Band, 2, 3, 4 (First Chair, 3, 4); Virginia State Band, 3 (First Alter¬ nate, 3). NAN MARIE GROVER. Activities: Color Guard, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 3; Captain, 4). Sports: JV Field Hockey, 1, 3; Varsity Field Hockey, 2; JV Softball, 1, 2 (Manager, 2). MARY PATRICIA GUENTHNER. Activities: FHA, 1; French Club, 2. LISA GUNDERSON. JOSEPH KELLY HALEY III. SUSAN KATHRYN HARLAN. “Sue.” Activities: Fresh¬ man Class President, 1; Newspaper, 1, 2 (Managing Editor, 1; Layout Editor, 2): Student Council, 2 (Secre¬ tary, 2); Drama Club, 2 (Vice President, 2); Pep Club, 1; Ensemble Chorus, 1, 2; International Relations Club 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary, 3); Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook, 1, 2 (Sales Editor, 2). Awards: Lion of the Month, 2. GLORIA JEAN HARLOW. JOAN BALLANCE HASEMAN. Activities: Keyettes, 3, 4 (Junior Representative, 3); SCA Representative, 3; Junior Class Representative, 3; Varsity Cheerleader, 4. EUGENE FRANK HASTINGS. “Gene.” Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Music Department Audio Engineer, 1, 2, 3, 4); SURVEYOR Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Photographer, 1; Photography Editor, 2, 3, 4); EM VEE HI Staff, 1, 2, 3 (Photographer, 1, 2, 3); Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Math Team, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letter, Bar and Star, 3; Band Service Award, 3; National Merit Semi-Finalist, 4. JILL MARGUERITE HAYES. VICTORIA LYNN HAYES. “Vicki.” Activities: Varsity Cheerleader, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2 (Class Representa¬ tive, 2); Freshman Class Secretary, 1; Drill Team, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; French Honor Society, 4; SURVEYOR Staff, 4 (Associate Editor, 4); SCA Cabi¬ net, 4 (Homecoming Dance Chairman, 4); Spiriters, 3: Yearbook, 1. Awards: General Proficiency Award, 1, 2; Class Spirit Trophy, 1, 2; PTA Junior English Award, 3; Curling Bonspiel Trophy, 1, 2; National Merit Commendation, 4. Sports: Varsity Basketball, 1, 2; Curling Team, 1, 2; Varsity Gymnastics, 3, 4. SUSANNE BRUUN HEISE. Activities: Drill Team, 2, 3, 4 (Sergeant-at-Arms, 4); SCA Representative, 1. Susan Bernadette Griney Nan Marie Grover Byron Grishan III Mary Patricia Guenthner Brenda Karen Gross Lisa Gunderson 88 — Senior Class Joseph Kelly Haley Gloria Jean Harlow Eugene Frank Hastings Victoria Lynn Hayes Susan Kathryn Harlan Joan Ballance Haseman Jill Marguerite Hayes We Expand Beyond The High School Curriculum Susanne Bruun Heise Drama provides numerous means of stimulating and expressing one’s creativity. Senior Class — 89 Seniors Yell For Majors John Joseph Hermann Mayra [_ysie Hernandez James Michael Herring Michael Joseph Hess Paula Heston Constance Crowley Hicks JOHN JOSEPH HERMANN. Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3. MAYRA LYSIE HERNANDEZ. JAMES MICHAEL HERRING. MICHAEL JOSEPH HESS. “Mike.” Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4. Sports: JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 4; Varsity Track, 3, 4. PAULA HESTON. Activities: Drill Team, 4; FHA, 4; German Club, 2. CONSTANCE CROWLEY HICKS. “Connie.” Activities: FHA, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Reporter, 1; Historian, 3); Spanish Club, 2, 3. FRANCIS LORRAINE HICKS. “Frannie.” Activities: Science Club, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4. Awards: Junior Academy of Science Award; Department of Agriculture Award. Sports: JV Softball, 1, 2. WILLIAM MARTIN HIGGINS. “Bill.” MARK WILLIAM HILL. Activities: Science Club, 3; French Honor Society, 3, 4. Sports: Cross Country, 4; Track, 3, 4. MARTHA ELAINE HILL. Activities: Spanish Honor Society, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, 3, 4. NANCY INGRAM HILL. Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); SCA Representative, 1; Sophomore Class Council, 2; International Relations Club, 3; Spiriters, 3. Awards: Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; French Honor Society, 3, 4; Math Honor Society, 1. Sports: JV Basketball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 2; Tennis, 1, 2. PAUL ROBERT HOLLAND. Activities: Hi-Y, 1, 2 (President); Beta Club, 1, 2; Newspaper, 1, 2 (Business Manager, 2); Key Club, 3, 4. Awards: Certificate of Merit for Scholastic Achievement. Sports: JV Wrestling, 3; Varsity Football, 4. CHERYL ELAINE HORTON. THOMAS ERNEST HUDDLESTON. LORRAINE MARGARET HUGGARD. Activities: FHA, 1. JAMES MATLACK HUGHES. “Jim.” 90 — Senior Class Francis Lorraine Hicks William Martin Higgins Mark William Hill Martha Elaine Hill Seniors’ spirited support was spurred on by their “MAJOR” banner at a morning pep rally. Nancy Ingram Hill Paul Robert Holland Cheryl Elaine Horton Thomas Ernest Huddleston Lorraine Margaret Huggard James Matlack Hughes Senior Class — 91 Seniors Assume A Major Role In Maintaining School Activities “Space Odyssey” and ‘‘Homecoming’’ were seen everywhere thanks to the efforts of Vicki Hayes, Phil Coker, and Paul Byers. Barry Franklin Iddins Gordon John liams Barbara Ann Jackson Thomas Murray Jackson Ursula Elizabeth David Kenneth Jonah Jennings Douglas Houston Jones 92 — Senior Class BARRY FRANKLIN IDDINS. GORDON JOHN HAMS. Activities: Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2 (Vice President, 2); Sen¬ ior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 2, 3; Key Club, 2, 3, 4; SCA First Vice President, 4. Awards: PTA Biology I Award, 2; PTA Advanced Spanish Award, 3. Sports: JV Cross Country, 1, 2; JV Wrestling, 1; Varsity Wrestling, 2, 3, 4 (Tri-Captain, 4). BARBARA ANN JACKSON. Activities: Art Club, 1; Surveyor Staff, 4. Awards: PTA Art Award. THOMAS MURRAY JACKSON. Activities: Science Club, 1, 2; Spiriters, 1, 2. Sports: JV Track, 1, 3; JV Baseball, Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2. URSULA ELIZABETH JENNINGS. Activities: FTA, 2 (Secretary, 2); SCA Representative, 1. Awards: Choral Letter and Bar; Letter of Merit-Chorus. DAVID KENNETH JONAH. Activities: Chorus, 1; Hei¬ delberg, 1. Awards: JV Football Letter, 2. Sports: JV Football, 2. DOUGLAS HOUSTON JONES. “Doug.” JOHN WILLIAM JOURDAN. “Bill.” Activities: SCA Representative, 1; Concert Choir, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Most Improved Baseball Player, 2. Sports: JV Base¬ ball, 1; Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Basket¬ ball, 1; JV Basketball, 2; Freshman Football, 1; Var sity Football, 2, 3, 4. EUGENE KELLEY III. “Gene.” Activities: Key Club, 4; Junior Class Councilman, 3; Spnaish Club, 2. Sports: JV Wrestling, 2, 3; JV Cross Country, 1. DAVID MICHAEL KELLY. Activities: Spanish Club, 4; Freshman Class Council, 1. Awards: Varsity Letter in Wrestling, 3. Sports: Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, 4; JV Football, 2. PAULA DEAN KELLY. TIMOTHY JOHN KENNEDY. GREGORY NEIL KEPLINGER. THEODORIC BLAND KEPPEL. “Ted.” Activities: Art Club, 1; DE Club, 3, 4 (Historian, 3; President, 4). Awards: DE District Advertising Contest First Place Winner; 1967 Variety Show Second Place Winner; 1969 Variety Show Second Place Winner. Paula Dean Kelly John William Jourdan Eugene Kelley III David Michael Kelly Timothy John Kennedy Gregory Neil Keplinger Theodoric Bland Keppel Senior Class — 93 We Must Learn To Accept Many Things Steven Alan Klick 1952-1969 Patricia Allyne Kershaw Patricia Ann King Larry Earl Kirby Janet Marie Koch Ann Mae Kroll George Franklin Kistner, Jr. Katherine Ann Koenig Susan Kay Kuykendall 94 — Senior Class Ernest Randall Kye Jill Mae Lahendro Drew Alan Laughlin Emory Junior Layton Jane Brooke Leach Thomas Edward Cynthia Eleanor Lawson Lawrence PATRICIA ALLYNE KERSHAW. “Patti.” Activities: French Club, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2; Senior Honor Society, 4; Chorus, 3, 4. Awards: NEDT Award, 1; French Award, 2; English Award, 2. PATRICIA ANN KING. “Pat.” Activities: FTA, 3, 4 (Historian, 4); Keyettes, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 4; German Club, 4. LARRY EARL KIRBY. GEORGE FRANKLIN KISTNER, JR. JANET MARIE KOCH. Activities: FTA, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Freshman Class Council, 1. KATHERINE ANN KOENIG. Activities: Freshman Class Representative, 1; Sophomore Class Represen¬ tative, 2; Spiriters, 1. ANN MAE KROLL. Activities: ICT, 2. SUSAN KAY KUYKENDALL Activities: French Club, 2; Pep Club, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Spiriters, 4; French Club, 4. ERNEST RANDALL KYE. JILL MAE LAHENDRO. Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4; Science Club, 2; Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4. DREW ALAN LAUGHLIN. Activities: Teenage Assem¬ bly, 1; Latin Club, 1; Math Club, 2, 3; Math Team, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 4) Newspaper, 2; Key Club, 4. Awards: National Merit Commendation, 4. THOMAS EDWARD LAWRENCE. “Eddie.” CYNTHIA ELEANOR LAWSON. “Cindy.” Activities: Spiriters, 1; Majorettes, 2, 3 (Co-Captain, 3); Madri¬ gals, 4; Choraleers, 4; FSA, 4 (President, 4). Awards: Majorettes Letter and Bar; Chorus Letter, Bar and Pin. EMORY JUNIOR LAYTON. JANE BROOKE LEACH. “Brooke.” Activities: Pep Club, 1; SCA Representative, 1; DE, 2 (Historian, 2); Mixed Chorus, 3; Drill Team, 3, 4; Senior Class Coun¬ cil, 4. Senior Class — 95 WENDY LEE LECKEY. Activities: DE, 1; DE, 2. ROBERT DALE LEDFORD. “Bob.” Activities: DE Club, 1 (Second Vice President) LAURA MARIE LEE. Activities: Spanish Club, 2, SCA Alternate, 2; FHA, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); SCA Represen¬ tative, 3; Homecoming Committee, 3; Drill Team, 4 (Manager, 4). TED LOUIS LEVERENZ. Activities: Honor Society, 1, 2, 3. Sports: Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basket¬ ball, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4. CARL MARTIN LINDBERG. LINDA LEE LINVILLE. MIRA PAVA LLOYD. Activities: GAA, 1, 2; Art Club, 2; History Club, 2. Awards: GAA Award for Most Out¬ standing Player, 2; Art Award, 1, 2; P.E. Award, 1, 2. Sports: JV Softball, 1; Varsity Softball, 2; JV Basket¬ ball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 2; JV Hockey, 1, 2; Tennis, 1 . MARGARET TAINE LOCKWOOD. “Meg. " Activities: Science Club, 1, 2, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Keyettes, 4. Awards: Most Valuable Softball Player, 3. Sports: JV Softball, 1; Varsity Softball, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 3); Basketball, 4. BARBARA IRENE LODER. ROSEMARY LEE LOELKES. LAURA KRISTI LONG. “Kris.” Activities: Senior Class Council Alternate, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4; Major¬ ettes, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 4); Spiriters, 2, 4; SCA Alter¬ nate, 2, 3; SCA Representative, 4; Junior Class Coun¬ cil Representative, 3; Keyettes, 3, 4. Awards: Drama Award, 3; Majorette Award, 3. Sports: Gymnastics, 3, 4. JOHN RICHMOND LONG. Activities: Sophomore Class Representative, 2; Freshman Class Representative, 1; Madrigals, 2, 3; Barber Shop Quartet, 3, 4; Concert Choir, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Gunston District Wrestling Champion, 3; Northern Virginia Runner-Up, 3; Most Improved Wrestler, 3. Sports: Freshman Wrestling, 1; JV Wrestling, 2 (Co-Captain, 2); Varsity Wrestling, 2, 3, 4 (Tri-Captain, 4); Varsity Golf, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); JV Cross Country, 2. CHARLES OTTO LUEPNITZ. Awards: Baseball Letter; Track Letter. Sports: JV Football, 1; JV Basketball, 1; Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Track, 2. RICHARD MICHAEL LUTKENHOUSE. JAMES PETER MANOR. MARK VAUGHAN MANUEL. Activities: Art Club, 1; Science Club, 1; Sports: JV Football, 1. Wendy Lee Leckey Carl Martin Lindberg Robert Dale Ledford Linda Lee Linville Laura Marie Lee Mira Pava Lloyd Ted Louis Leverenz Margaret Taine Lockwood 96 — Senior Class Versatility Is A Keyword In Our Senior Vocabulary Creativity is not limited to writing in Mrs. Nettles class, as Debbie Eldredge quickly finds out. Barbara Irene Loder Rosemary Lee Loelkes Laura Kristi Long John Richmond Long Charles Otto Luepnitz Richard Michael James Peter Manor Lutkenhouse Mark Vaughan Manuel Senior Class — 97 John Delmar Maple Christopher George Marciniec William George Mather Robert Tony McCall Robert William Matthews Nancy Marie McCormack Gloria Ann Maxwell Arletha Schon Mayo JOHN DELMAR MAPLE. TIMOTHY CHARLES McCLAIN. “Tim.” CHRISTOPHER GEORGE MARCINIEC. WILLIAM GEORGE MATHER. “Bill.” Activities: Key Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1, 2; Debate Club, 3, 4. Awards: Most Valuable Golfer, 3; Varsity Letter, 3. Sports: Varsity Golf, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT WILLIAM MATTHEWS. “Bob.” GLORIA ANN MAXWELL. ARLETHA SCHON MAYO. Activities: French Club; Sci¬ ence Club. ROBERT TONY McCALL. “Tony.” Activities: FFA; VICA. EDWARD CLYDE McDANIEL. “Eddie.” Sports: JV Baseball, 1, 2. PATRICIA LYNN MEADS. “Petey.” Activities: Spir- iters; 2, 3; International Relations Club, 3, 4 (President, 4); German Club, 2, 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate, 2; SCA Alternate, 2, 3; Junior Clas¬ sical League, 3, 4; Debate Team, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 2, 3, 4); Keyettes, 3, 4 (Historian, 4). Awards: (Degree of Merit; Degree of Honor; National Forensic League; Varsity Debate Letter. JOHN LOUIS MEEKER. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 3; Concert Choir, 4; Homecoming Committee, 3; SCA Representative, 1. NANCY MARIE McCORMACK. david lee McConnell. Patricia marie megee. 98 — Senior Class A Senior’s Day Is Filled With Numerous Events Underclassmen purchase refreshments from the Senior Class at a pep rally. David Lee McConnell Patricia Lynn Meads Timothy Charles McClain John Louis Meeker Edward Clyde McDaniel Patricia Marie Megee Senior Class — 99 Extracurricular Activities Round Out The Senior Petey Meads, Keyette Historian, searches for the perfect corsage to pin a new Keyette. 100 — Senior Class CARL JOHN MESSMER. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; SCA Alternate, 3; Sophomore Class Council, 2; Senior Class Council, 4. Sports: JV Track, 1; JV Wrestling, 2. SUSAN ELAINE MILLER. Activities: French Club, 1, 3, 4; Spiriters, 4; Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Band Council — Co-Band Manager, 4. Awards: Band Letter, Bar and Star; All Regional Band, 3, 4; Solo-Ensemble Medals. JOHN FELIX MOLINA. MAROLYN ELLEN MONROE. Activities: VOT. RACHEL JEAN MOON. Activities: Junior Honor Soci¬ ety, 1; Spanish Honor Society, 3; FSA, 4, (Vice Presi¬ dent, 4). BONNIE CECILE MOORE. Activities: FT A; Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4. DEBORAH RENEE MOORE. “Debby.” Activities: FHA, 3, 4: SCA Representative, 3; Spanish Club, 2; Sopho¬ more Representative Alternate, 2; Senior Representa¬ tive, 4. DOROTHY ELIZABETH MOORE. “Dottie.” ROBERT EMMETT MOORE III. EMILY PAGE MORAN. Activities: FHA, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Parliamentarian, 2; Vice President, 4) GAA, 1; French Club, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3, 4. Sports: Powder Puff Football, 3. DONALD WILLIAM MOREAU. “Bill.” Activities: Ger¬ man Club, 3; Key Club, 3, 4 (Senior Director, 4; Inter¬ national Convention Delegate, 4); Book Club, 3 (President, 3) SCA Representative, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 1) Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Drill Master, 4; Senior Representative, 4); Honor Guard (ROTC), 2, 3; News¬ paper Staff, 2; Yearbook Staff, 1. Awards: Outstand¬ ing Band Student, 1; School Service, 1; Leadership Progress (ROTC), 2; Categories Television Show Team, 3; Band Letter, Bar and Star. Sports: Varsity Football, 1. Marolyn Ellen Monroe Dorothy Elizabeth Moore ! Rachel Jean Moon Robert Emmett Moore III Bonnie Cecile Moore Emily Page Moran Deborah Renee Moore Donald William Moreau Senior Class — 101 Seniors Support Majors At Athletic Events Sue Day and Judi Boerger were two of the many Senior Drill Team members that witnessed the Major victory over TC Williams. Phyllis Anne Morrison Edward Paul Murphy Richard Charles Nagler Patrice Ann Morrison William Cannon Moye Elizabeth Ann Murray George Shizuu Nakamura Judy Carol Morris 102 — Senior Class Jerry Lee Nissley Barbara Ann Novak William Rodney Nolton Kent Edward Nowak William Dennis Norris Christopher Michael O ' Brien JUDY CAROL MORRIS. Activities: DE Club, 3. PATRICE ANN MORRISON. “Patti.” Activities: Latin Club, 1, 2, 3; International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); SCA Representative, 4; Band, 1; Cho¬ rus, 1, 2; FHA, 4; Science Club, 2, 3. PHYLLIS ANNE MORRISON. Activities: FHA 1, 2. WILLIAM CANNON MOYE. “Bill.” Activities: Science Club; Arlington and Fairfax County Science Co-Chairman; SCA Ways and Means Committee, 4. EDWARD PAUL MURPHY. ELIZABETH ANN MURRAY. “Liz.” Activities: Junior Honor Society, 2; Keyettes, 4; German Honor Society, 2; German Club, 3: FHA, 4; Select Girls, 3, 4; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4. RICHARD CHARLES NAGLER. “Rick.” Activities: Sci¬ ence Club, 2, 3; Lab Assistant, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Na¬ tional Academy of Sciences Writing Award, 3. GEORGE SHIZUU NAKAMURA. JERRY LEE NISSLEY. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3. WILLIAM RODNEY NOLTON. Sports: JV Football, 1, 2; JV Wrestling, 1. WILLIAM DENNIS NORRIS. “Bill.” Activities: French Club, 2; Junior Civitan, 2; Y-Club, 1, 2 (Vice Presi¬ dent); Drama Club, 1, 2. Awards: National Educa¬ tional Development Award, 1. Sports: JV Track, 1; Varsity Basketball, 3; JV Football, 1, 2. BARBARA ANN NOVAK. Activities: SCA Representa¬ tive, 1, 2; Sophomore Class Vice President, 2; Span¬ ish Club, 3; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Keyettes, 3, 4; Freshman Cheerleader, 1; JV Cheerleader, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 4); Gymnastics, 2. KENT EDWARD NOWAK. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; SCA Representative. 3. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; Wrestling, 2, 3, 4. CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL O’BRIEN. “Chris.” Senior Class — 103 PATRICK JOSEPH O’CONNOR. “Pat.” JAMES ELROD OGLE. “Jim.” Activities: Latin Club, 2, 3, 4 (President, 4); Spiriters, 4. Awards: Science. PATRICIA LOUISE OLSON. Activities: Welcoming Committee, 3; FTA, 2, 3; Prom Committee, 3; News¬ paper, 2; Drama Club, 3; Yearbook Staff, 1, 2; GAA, 3; Pep Club, 3. RONALD KEICHI OSHIMA. MILDRED FRANCES OSWALT. “Mimi.” Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Drill Team, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 4); Spiriters, 3. RUBY LAURETTA OTIS. Activities: FHA; FSA. WILLIAM BERNOLT PALAS. Sports: Freshman Foot¬ ball, 1; JV Football, 2; Freshman Wrestling, 1; JV Wrestling, 3; JV Baseball, 3. THERESE MARY PARRISH. “Terry.” Awards: JV Field Hockey Certificate, 2; Varsity Field Hockey Certificate, 3, 4; Varsity Field Hockey Letter; Varsity Hockey Sec¬ ond Year Pin, 4. Sports: JV Field Hockey, 2; Varsity Field Hockey, 3, 4. DALE MARIE PARTON. Activities: Spanish Club; VOT. MARK DAVID PATTON. LAURENCE FREDERICK PAXTON. “Larry. " Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4; SCA Alternate, 1; Sophomore Class Council, 2; Junior Class Vice President, 3; Senior Class President, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 2, 3, 4; SURVEYOR Staff, 2, 3 (Sports Editor, 3). Awards: West Point Academic Leadership Award, 3. Sports: Varsity Wrestling, 2; JV Wrestling, 3 (Captain, 3) BRENDA LEIGH PEARSON. Activities: Freshman Class Council Representative, 1; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Cheerleader, 1, 2; Spiriters, 1, 2, 3; SCA Representative, 2. ROBERT WAYNE PENNINGTON. LYNN DELBERT PENDLEY. Activities: ICT, 4; Fresh¬ man Class Council Representative, 1. Sports: Fresh¬ man Football, 1; JV Football, 2. DEBRA ANNE PERRIN. “Debby.” Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4; Spiriters, 1, 4; Select Girls, 3, 4. MICHAEL FRANCIS PETERS. “Mike.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3; International Relations Club, 4. Awards: Drama Letter. James Elrod Ogle Patricia Louise Olson Ronald Keichi Oshima Patrick Joseph O’Connor Mildred Frances Oswalt Ruby Lauretta Otis William Bernolt Palas Therese Mary Parrish 104 — Senior Class Dale Marie Partori Lynn Delbert Pendley Robert Wayne Pennington Debra Anne Perrin k Mark David Patton Seniors Represent MV In Community Activities Brenda Leigh Pearson Laurence Frederick Paxton Mount Vernon’s standing in the high school competition Michael Francis Peters for traffic safety is kept up to date by Ann Wood. Senior Class — 105 The Class of ’70 makes an impressive addition to the Senior list by gathering in the balcony for morning pep rallies. vm We Convince All Of Senior Greatness Allen Clyde Phelps Robert Stephen Phillips ALLEN CLYDE PHELPS. Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4; Spiriters, 4. ROBERT STEPHEN PHILLIPS. “Robbie.” Activities: French Club, 1; Latin Club, 1, 2. VIVIAN BARBARA PICHURKO. “Vicki.” KERRY KIRWIN PIERCE. “Kare.” Activities: Key Club 3, 4; Marching Band, 2, 3, 4, (Assistant Drill Master); Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council Represen¬ tative, 1; ROTC Drum and Bugle Corp, 2; Junior Book Club, 3; Spanish Club, 2. Awards: Varsity Letter in Basketball; Americanism Essay Award, 1; American Legion School Award, 1; First Place County Science Fair, I. Sports: JV Basketball, 2, 3; Varsity Basketball, 4. KATHERINE ANNE POLHAMUS. “Kathy.” Activities: Senior Honor Society, 3, 4, (Secretary-Treasurer, 4); Keyettes, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); Senior Class Council, 4; SCA Alternate, 3; GAA, 2; Spanish Club, 2; EM VEE HI, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3; FTA, 3. Awards: Basketball Let¬ ter. Sports: JV Hockey, 1; JV Softball, 1; JV Basket¬ ball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL JAMES POMERENING. “Dan. " Activities: Math Team, 4; German Club, 1, 2; Math Club, 2, 3; Science Club, 2; Key Club, 2, 3, 4; Junior Honor So¬ ciety, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); SCA, 3; Senior Class Council, 4. Awards: Outstanding Earth Science Student; “It’s Academic” Alternate, 4. Sports: JV Cross-Country, 3; Varsity Cross Country, 4; JV Track, 2. EVERETT LLOYD POST, JR. LINDA GAIL PRICE. Activities: FHA. JOHN PAUL RATHBONE. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; SCA, 2, 3, 4, (Human Relations Board Chairman); SURVEYOR Staff, 4. Sports: Track, 1; JV Wrestling, 2, 3; JV Football, 2. JAMES DEWITT REEVES. “Jim.” RONALD EUGENE REINSEL. “Ron.” Activities: Inter¬ national Thespian Society, 1, 2, 3, 4 (President, 3, 4); SCA Representative, 2, 3. Awards: Best Supporting Actor, 2; Best Actor, 3; Honor Thespian, 3; Drama Letter, 3. OMAR REYES. JOAN ELLEN REZZARDAY. Activities: Science Club, 3, 4 (Vice President); French Club, 3, 4; FHA, 3. Awards: Hockey Letter, 4. Sports: Varsity Hockey, 4. RICHARD LEE RHODES. “Rick.” Senior Class — 106 Katherine Anne Polhamus Everett Lloyd Post, Jr. Ronald Eugene Reinsel Daniel James Pomerening Linda Gail Price Omar Reyes John Paul Rathbone Joan Ellen Rezzarday Richard Lee Rhodes Senior Class — 107 We’ll Return As Alumni For Next Year’s Homecoming Margaret Ann Rice Theresa Ann Rice Charlotte Eileen Richmond Charlotte Riser Judith Marie Robbins James David Roberts r - t i Jr r ||p M 1 1 tM The gaiety of Homecoming could easily be read on the faces of Senior Class princesses, Barbara Williams and Charlotte Riser. 108 — Senior Class MARGARET ANN RICE. “Peggy. " Activities: Junior Classical League, 1; Band, 1, 2; Concert Choir, 4; Drill Team, 4; International Relations Club, 3. Sports: JV Hockey, 2; JV Basketball, 2. TERESA ANN RICE. “Terry. " Activities: Majorettes, 2, 3, 4. CHARLOTTE EILEEN RICHMOND. Activities: German Club, 1. Sports: Gymnastics, 1. CHARLOTTE RISER. Activities: Spanish Club, 1, 2; FHA, 1, 2, 3, 4. (Treasurer, 2; Vice President, 3) Drill Team, 3, 4; EM VEE HI, 3; State Vice President Virgin¬ ia Association FHA; FHA Federation Vice President, 4. Awards: Outstanding Chapter Girl, FHA, 3; Home¬ coming Princess, 3, 4; Prom Princess, 3. JUDITH MARIE ROBBINS. “Judy. " JAMES DAVID ROBERTS. “Jim.” Activities: Spanish Club, 4. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2. GARY CLAYTON ROBINETTE. GAYE LYNN ROLAND. Activities: Spiriters, 3; Junior Class Council, 3; FSA, 4 (Secretary); Drill Team, 4. KATHY LYNN ROLLINGER. Activities: History Club, 1; Pep Club, 1, 2. SANDRA LEE ROSENDALE. “Sandi.” JUDITH LYNN ROSCHER. “Judy.” Activities: Key- ettes, 3, 4; Drill Team, 3, 4 (Historian, 4); SCA, 1, 4; Select Girls Chorus, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Council, 4. BARRY MICKAEL ROSE. MICHAEL PAUL SABLE. CARL LEO SALISBURY, JR. Activities: French Club, 1, 2, 4; Science Club, 2, 3; VICA, 4; Spiriters, 4. Judith Lynn Roscher Barry Mickael Rose Michael Paul Sable Carl Leo Salisbury, Jr. Seniors Class — 109 Judith Anne Salzberg Daniel Michael Saverline Debra Ann Schaefer Patricia Anne Schaefer Paul Ernest Schultz Bette Lee Schurtz Warren Willard Scott Dorothy Madiline Sebreny 110 — Senior Class The Class Of ’70 Triumphs In All Girls of the Class of ' 70 make a fine showing at the spring powder puff game, defeating their ' 69 opponents, 6 - 0 . Fred William Schaeffer Elaine Odrean Shaffer JUDITH ANNE SALZBERG. “Judy.” Activities: French Club, 2; International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4. Sports: Tennis Club, 3, 4. JOANNE SARGENT. “Jo.” Activities: Spiriters, 1. DANIEL MICHAEL SAVERLINE. “Dan.” Activities: Key Club, 4; EM VEE HI, 4. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2; JV Cross Country, 3; JV Track, 3; Var¬ sity Football, 4. JOHN DAVID SCANDLING, JR. Activities: Junior Clas¬ sical League, 1, 2; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2 (President, 2); Key Club, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; SCA, (Parliamentarian, 4). Awards: National Merit Commendation; Latin One and Two PTA Awards; Trig-Functions PTA Award. Sports: Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, 4. DEBRA ANN SCHAEFER. “Debby.” Activities: FHA, 3, 4; Spiriters, 4; IRC, 4; FHA Federation Representa¬ tive, 4. PATRICIA ANNE SCHAEFER. “Scottie.” Activities: Freshman Class Secretary, 1; Spiriters, 3; SCA Alter¬ nate, 3; Drill Team, 4. WILLIAM EUGENE SCHALOW. DONALD STEPHEN SCHNEIDERS. PAUL ERNEST SCHULTZ. Activities: Sophomore Class President, 2. Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; JV Basketball, 2 (Captain, 2); Varsity Basketball, 3; JV Baseball, 2 (Captain, 2); Varsity Football, 4. BETTE LEE SCHURTZ. Activities: GAA, 1; French Club, 3, 4 (Secretary, 3; President, 4); Spiriters, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 4); Select Girls Chorus, 2, 3, 4; FTA, 4; Keyettes, 4. Awards: Choral Letter, 2. WARREN WILLARD SCOTT. “Scooter.” Activities: Debate Club, 2, 3 (Vice President, 3); Spiriters, 2, 3, 4 (President, 3); International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4; Key Club, 3, 4; Youth Council Representative, 4; SCA Representative, 2; SCA Cabinet, 3; SCA President, 4. Awards: Virginia Boys’ State, 3. Sports: JV Cross Country, 1; JV Track Team, 1; Debate Team, 1, 2. DOROTHY MADILINE SEBRENY. Activities: GAA, 1; Drill Team, 4; Science Club, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3; Senior Honor Society, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 3, 4); Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4; SCA Alternate, 3; Senior Class Alternate, 4; Concert Choir, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter. FRED WILLIAM SCHAEFFER. “Snake.” Sports: JV Football, 2; JV Wrestling, 1; Varsity Wrestling, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 3, 4 (Captain, 4). ELAINE ODREAN SHAFFER. Activities: VOT. Senior Class — 111 PATRICIA ANN SHAW. “Pat.” Activities: FHA, 1, 2; Spanish Club, 1, 2; JV Cheerleader, 1; VOT, 4. GARY EDWIN SHELTON. Sports: JV Football, 2; Var¬ sity Football, 3, 4. GREGORY ALLEN SHIFFLET. “Greg.” Activities: Sci¬ ence Club, 4; Art Club, 4. MARC LAWRENCE SHIRO. JOSEPH THOMAS SIMONS, III ' . CYNTHIA VIRGINIA SIMPKINS. “Cindy.” Activities: JV Cheerleader, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); Keyettes, 3, 4 (Parliamentarian-Sergeant -at-Arms, 4). Awards: Girls’ State Delegate, 3; Home¬ coming Princess, 2; Homecoming Queen, 4; Prom Princess, 3. PETER STEPHEN SITNIK, JR. Sports: JV Football, 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling, 4; Varsity Track, 4. FREDDIE LEE SMITH. Activities: Math Club, 1, 2; DE, 4. Sports: Cross Country, 2. JENNIFER HOLLAND SMITH. Activities: International Relations Club, 3, 4; German Club, 3, 4; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2 (President, 1); Senior Honor So¬ ciety, 3, 4; Drill Team, 4; Junior Class Council Repre¬ sentative, 3; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. Awards: Outstanding Student Award, 1. KAREN SUZANNE SMITH. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Spiriters, 1, 3, 4; Drill Team, 3 , 4; SCA Alternate, 3; Choraleers, 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Choral Letter, 2, 3 . ROBERT ALLEN SNELLING. “Bobby.” Activities: DE, 3, 4. GARRETT CARL SNYDER. Activities: Spanish Club; EM VEE HI Staff. Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4. JOHN THOMAS SPENCE. Activities: VICA, 4; SCA Representative, 3. Sports: Football, 1. WILLIAM FLOYD STAGG, JR. “Bill.” Activities: Debate Club, 3, 4 (President, 3, 4); Spiriters, 3, 4; German Club, 3; Key Club, 3, 4; SCA Representative, 1, 2, 4; SCA Alternate, 3; Senior Class Representative, 4; Sophomore Class Representative, 2; Awards: Boys’ State Delegate, 3; Letter in Debate, 3, 4; Most Out¬ standing Debater Award, 3; First Place Catonsville Debate Tournament; Member of National Forensic League with Degrees of Merit and Honor. Sports: JV Baseball, 1; Varsity Debate, 3, 4. NANCY GAIL STALLINGS. Activities: International Thespian Society, 3, 4; Color Guard, 3; Spiriters, 3; Mixed Chorus, 3, 4; Awards: Drama Letter; Color Guard Letter. Gary Edwin Shelton Academic Top Twelve is another place to see Missie Carpenter and Larry Fullerton together. Gregory Allen Shifflet Marc Lawrence Shiro Patricia Ann Shaw 112 — Senior Class I Joseph Thomas Simons, III Cynthia Virginia Simpkins Friendships Make Our Life More Meaningful Jennifer Holland Smith Nancy Gail Stallings John Thomas Spence William Floyd Stagg, Jr. Senior Class — 113 Mary Patricia Stalzer Dan Russel Stevenson Pamela Lee Staver William Perry Stedman Thomas Wayne Still Mary Ann Stenerson t Patricia Ann Sullivan Catherine Elizabeth Sweatt MARY PATRICIA STALZER. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Senior Class Representative, 4. Cheerleader, 2, 3. Awards: Homecoming Court, 2, 3. PAMELA LEE STAVER. “Pam.” Activities: FTA, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); Color Guard, 3; Concert Choir, 4; Se¬ lect Girls Chorus, 2, 3; SCA Alternate, 4. WILLIAM PERRY STEDMAN. “Perry.” Activities: Key Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4. Sports: Wrestling, 1; Track, 3, 4; Cross Country, 4. MARY ANN STENERSON. Activities: VOT. DAN RUSSEL STEVENSON. THOMAS WAYNE STILL “Tom.” Activities: EM VEE HI; 3, 4 (Editor-In-Chief); Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letter. Sports: JV Football, 2. PATRICIA ANN SULLIVAN. “Pat.” Activities: GAA, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Sophomore Class Council, 2; SCA Representative, 3; International Relations Club, 3, 4; Majorettes, 3, 4. Awards: PTA Shorthand Award, 3; ' Mount Vernon Outstanding Gymnast, 3; Prom Prin¬ cess, 3; Sports: Gymnastic Team, 2, 3, 4 (Varsity Captain). CATHERINE ELIZABETH SWEATT. “Cathy.” Activi¬ ties: SCA Representative, 1; SCA Secretary, 4; Drill Team, 2, 3; Junior Class Council, 3; Keyettes, 4. Awards: Virginia Girls’ State Delegate, 3; Homecom¬ ing Princess, 3. JANE SWENSON. Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 4; Spir- iters, 4; FTA, 4; SCA Alternate, 4; FHA, 4. LOIS ELIZABETH SWOBODA. “Betty.” Activities: French Club, 2; International Thespian Society, 3, 4; Science Club, 3, 4. Awards: Drama Letter; Third Place in Botany, (Science Fair). BERT HAINES SWOR. Activities; VICA, (Vice Presi¬ dent). DEBRA EILEEN TATE. “Debbie.” Activities: Keyettes, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Drill Team, 3, 4; Choraleers, 3, 4; Junior Honor Society, 1. Sports: Varsity Gymnastics, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 3, 4). PAUL KENNETH TAYLOR. Activities: Spanish Club, 3. WILLIAM JOSEPH TAYLOR. “Bill.” Activities: DE, 2, 3. ELAINE ELIZABETH TESKO. Activities: Freshman Class Council, 1; Junior Class Council, Alternate, 3; Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Yearbook, 2, 3, 4; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Chairman of Magazine Campaign, 4; Keyettes, 3, 4. Awards; PTA World Geography, Algebra I, Ger¬ man I and II, and Algebra 11-Trig, 3. Sports: JV Cheer¬ leader 2; Powder-Puff Team, (Co-captain, 3). GLENDA MAYE THAYER. 114 — Senior Class Mount Vernon’s Curriculum Expands Jane Swenson Lois Elizabeth Swoboda Bert Haines Swor Debra Eileen Tate Mr. Thomasson helps to keep the Seniors informed by providing Mount Vernon’s first Black Studies class. Senior Class — 115 Dancing with joy, Vicki Hayes exhibited the Senior reac¬ tion to the thought of Christmas vacation. Some Are Happy With The Thought Of Graduation Nancy Louise Joseph Harold Thorpe Thomasson Karen Ann Tice Ann Emilia Toria Linda Lee Trevean Peter Clayton Tucker Wanda Gail Tyler Michael Lindberg Tyree 116 — Senior Class NANCY LOUISE THOMASSON. JOSEPH HAROLD THORPE. “Joe. " Activities: VICA, 3, 4. KAREN ANN TICE. Activities: Pep Club, 2; FTA, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); Spiriters, 3, 4; French Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 3, 4 (President, 4); Spanish Honor So¬ ciety, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 4; Keyettes, 4. ANN EMILIA TORIA. Activities: FHA, 1; Les Reins, 2; FSA, 4. LINDA LEE TREVEAN. Activities: GAA, 2, 3; Russian Club, 3; Literary Club, 1; Chorus, 2, 3; National Honor Society. PETER CLAYTON TUCKER. “Pete. " Activities: VICA. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football (Manager). WANDA GAIL TYLER. Activities: French Honor Soci¬ ety, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club, 2; FTA, 4; SCA Representative, 3; Keyettes, 4; Senior Class Representative, 4; Majorettes, 3, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter. MICHAEL LINDBERG TYREE. RONALD JAMES URSANO. ELLEN MARIE VALLANDINGHAM. Activities: FHA, 2, 3; FSA, 4. Awards: Presidential Award in Physical Fit¬ ness, 1. Sports: Hockey, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3; Soft- ball, 2, 3. KATHLEEN COVERT VANDYK. “Kathi. " Activities: Drama Club, 3; Pep Club, 3, 4; Prom Committee, 3; Chorus, 4. VIJAY KUMAR VATSIA. Activities: Biology Club, 1; International Relations Club, 3, 4; Math Team, 2, 3, 4; Science Club, 4; EM VEE HI Photogr apher, 2; SCA Treasurer, 4. Awards: Band Letter. Sports: Varsity Soccer, 1 (Co-captain); Varsity Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE HENERY VAUGHAN.JR. KENNETH WILLIAMS VECHIK. Activities: Biology Club, 2; Spanish Club, 3, 4; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: Most Improved Runner (Track), 3. Sports: Cross County, 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. PAUL DAVID VOLLMER. DAVID LESLIE VOSBERG. “Dave. " Activities: Varsity Club, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Section Leader, 3, 4). Awards: Physical Fitness; Band Letter. Sports: Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2; JV Wrestling, 3. Ronald James Ursano George Henery Vaughan, Jr. Ellen Marie Vallandingham Kenneth Williams Vechik Kathleen Covert Vandyk Paul David Vollmer Vijay Kumar Vatsia David Leslie Vosberg Senior Class — 117 Senior Girls Are Members Of Area Teen Boards Seniors go all out to be active, participating in programs outside of school as well as those at school. Dianne Sung Hi Wade Jewell Delai Ward Martha Marie Weaver Heather Ann Webb Roy Garland Wedding Alice Carolyn Wales Michael Shane Waters Victoria Anne Wells 118 — Senior Class DIANNE SUNG HI WADE. Activities: JCL, 1; French Club. 1; IRC, 2. ALICE CAROLYN WALES. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Science Club, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); Junior Honor Soci¬ ety, 1, 2 (Secretary-Treasurer, 2); Senior Honor Soci¬ ety, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3). Award: Spanish Award JEWELL DELAI WARD. “DeeDee. " Activities: Spir¬ ited, 2; Mixed Chorus, 3, 4. MICHAEL SHANE WATERS. MARTHA MARIE WEAVER. “Marty.” Activities: French Club, 2; Band, 1, 2; Sophomore Class Council, 2; SCA Alternate, 2; Drill Team, 3, 4; Keyettes, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Senior Class Council, 4; French Honor Society, 2, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letter; Junior Prom Princess. HEATHER ANN WEBB. Activities: Spanish Club, 1, 3, 4; FHA, 4. Awards: Outstanding Spanish Award, 1. Sports: Tennis, 3, 4. ROY GARLAND WEDDING. VICTORIA ANNE WELLS. “Vicki.” Activities: French Club, 2; Science Club, 2 (Secretary of Correspon dence); Spiriters, 2, 3 (Secretary-Treasurer, 2, 3); Debate, 3, 4; SCA Representative, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Letter in Debate; Second Place Speaker Award of Gunston District; Second Place Award in Impromptu Speaking. BEVERLY JEAN WESLEY. DAVID JAMES WHITE. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3. Awards: Band Letter. Sports: JV Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Intramurals, 3, 4. BARBARA ANNE WHITTINGTON. Activities: spir¬ iters, 3; Spanish Club, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); French Club, 4; FHA, 4; Modern Dance Club, 1. Sports: Intra¬ mural Softball, 2. MARILYN LIN WILBOURNE. “Lin.” Activities: Spanish Club, 4. PATRICK RALPH WILKINS. “Pat.” Activities: French Club, 1, 2. BARBARA ANNE WILLIAMS. Activities: SCA Repre¬ sentative, 2; Chorus, 2, 3, 4; Drill Team, 3, 4 (Captain, 4). Awards: Junior Prom Princess, 3; Senior Homecoming Princess. David James White Barbara Anne Whittington Beverly Jean Wesley Senior Class — 119 Academic Achievements Are Gail Elizabeth Williams Kenneth Norval Williams Fern Jeanette Williams Linda Kaye Wilson Darlene Elizabeth Withrow Marcene K. Wolff Kim Andrew Woodworth Stephen Michael Wunderly Sally Ann Wood Impressive Margaret Ann Williams Andrew Jeffrey Woods John Jenkins Wyatt 120 — Senior Class Victoria Lea Wyrick Brenda Gail Young Mrs. Cooley keeps Don Fullerton, Gordon hams, and Elaine Tesko working hard to maintain their spots in the Academic Top Twelve. Gary Wayne Yowell Barbara Lee Zeppenfeld FERN JEANETTE WILLIAMS. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 1 . GAIL ELIZABETH WILLIAMS. Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3; SCA Representative, 1; Mixed Chorus, 4. KENNETH NORVAL WILLIAMS. “Ken.” Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4. Sports: Varsity Golf, 2. MARGARET ANN WILLIAMS. “Margie.” Activities: German Club, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3; Chairman of UNICEF Campaign, 3. Awards: Band Letter; Service Lyres. Sports: JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3. LINDA KAYE WILSON. Activities: Color Guard, 4. DARLENE ELIZABETH WITHROW. Activities: FHA, 1; VOT, 4. MARCENE K. WOLFF. ANDREW JEFFREY WOODS. “Jeff.” Activities: Latin Club, 1; Science Club, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 3); International Relations Club, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4; Key Club, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 (President, 4); SCA Representative, 1, 2; SCA Vice President, 4. Sports: Varsity Gymnastics, 3, 4 (Captain, 4). SALLY ANN WOOD. “Ann.” Activities: FTA, 2; Key- ettes, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); Drill Team, 4; SCA Cabinet, 3, 4 (Secretary of Finance, 4); Concert Choir, 2, 3, 4; Madrigals, 2, 3, 4; Choraleers, 3, 4; Junior Honor Society, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Interna¬ tional Relations Club, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter and Pin; Girls ' State Alternate, 3. KIM ANDREW WOODWORTH. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letter. Sports: Intramural Wres¬ tling. STEPHEN MICHAEL WUNDERLY. “Steve.” JOHN JENKINS WYATT, JR. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Awards: Band Letter, Bar and Star. VICTORIA LEA WYRICK. “Vicki.” Activities: DECA, 1. Sports: Basketball, 2; Softball, 2. BRENDA GAIL YOUNG. Activities: FSA, 4; VOT, 4; Spiriters, 1. GARY WAYNE YOWELL. BARBARA LEE ZEPPENFELD. “Barb.” Activities: French Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3. Awards: Jaycee Achievement Award. SeniorClass — 121 Sports We are confident, determined, and ready to satisfy the desires we have built up in all our straining, excruciating practice. That one chance which we are allowed brings either victory or defeat, joy or humility. But whatever comes, it brings wisdom. 122 - Sports Sports - 123 Barely making it, Lou Berry skims over the high jump. Up, Up, and away, Mike Hackett clears the bar. Breaking the tape, Cliff Goldthwaite scores 5 for the Major victory over Lee. VARSITY TRACK Mount Vernon 88 Mount Vernon 83 Mount Vernon 124 Mount Vernon 76 Mount Vernon 81 Fort Hunt 43 Edison 48 Groveton 7 West Springfield 55 Lee 50 124 — Sports An Undefeated Track Team Wins District Honors TRACK Track. Many keel over and almost die at the mere mention of this grueling sport. To go out to that track day after day, and to run around and around requires desire and stamina which even trackmen never before thought they had. Through two months of exhausting practice, Coach Grove used the trackmen’s ardent de¬ sire, endurance, and skill to develop a cham¬ pionship team. The final and most rewarding victory of the season was the capture of the district title. A most surprising team, the track¬ men deserve much credit in the development of the MV sports machine of 1968-1969. Track Team - Front Row; Coach D. Grove, Coach W. Privette. Second Row: D, Fullerton, J. Gibson, L. Fullerton, B. Young, R. Bearden, M. Winston, W. Kling, D, Hodgson. Third Row: G. Vechik, B. Gillingham, R. Young, J. Perry, F. Burks, D. Knight, T. Darrah, T. Quinn, M. Hackett. Fourth Row: L. Spann, D. McKeon, K. Vechik, D. Donmsse, L. Berry, K. Haley, L. Bartlett, A. Snyder. Fifth Row: M. Weaver, R. Doeppner, W. German, L. Marinacci, C. Goldthwaite, L. Snipe, G. Darby, T. Donaldson. Sixth Row: J. Shadburn, D. Taylor, R. Tate, G Stapleton, G. Mann, J. King, M. Anxeny, R. Taylor. Seventh Row: S Clements, J. Allen, B. Dasch, M. Carpenter, R. Henson, D. Reese, R Townsend, R. Elliott. Eighth Row: E. Swanson, R. Dietzel, P. Siders, M Brett, P. Stedman, D. Saverline, M. Hess, N. Beschen, R. Casassa Ninth Row: R. Knight, R. Berg. Sports — 125 Diamondmen Take District Two Years Consecutively BASEBALL Baseball runs cold and hot, the season begins in the freezing cold of February and ends in the blistering heat of May. It begins with hands frozen so stiff and so numb that pain strikes with every contact of bat and ball; it ends with perspiration dripping and running down your face. It begins with sore arms and the never-ending struggle to get in shape with the end reward being the thrill and pride of victory or the agony and disappointment of defeat. These hard practices in February coupled with competitive drive and a tremendous amount of natural ability, enabled our Majors to go beyond their second consecutive Gunston District Championship, to the Regional Play-Off against Madison. Although defeated we had gonefurther than any baseball team in Mount Vernon’s twenty-nine year history. Rather than just one or two individuals, Coach John Yednock had a team of which to be proud. Varsity Baseball Team — Front Row: M. Carson, D. Fowler, B. Bayne, Yednock, C. Prosse, J. Carlson, T. Oxendine, R, Cunnighan, S. Klick, L. Hartman, B. Anderson, B. Hil l, B. Jourdan. Second Row: Coach J. R. Lamb, S. Herl, S. Yurchick, M. Shirille. Dodging a bad pitch, Bill Jourdan prefers to hit the ball rather than walk. 126 — Sports y e Ready for the throw, Richard Lamb prepares to make a force out. Waiting at home with the ball, Larry Hartman is ready to tag the runner out. Watching for signals from the catcher, Bob Hill contemplates his next pitch. VARSITY BASEBALL Mount Vernon 8 Groveton 7 Mount Vernon 2 Edison 6 Mount Vernon 8 Fort Hunt 6 Mount Vernon 4 West Springfield 3 Mount Vernon 3 Lee 5 Mount Vernon 9 Groveton 1 Mount Vernon 2 Edison 1 Mount Vernon 4 Fort Hunt 3 Mount Vernon 10 West Springfield 2 Mount Vernon 7 Lee 3 Mount Vernon 7 Groveton 4 Mount Vernon 2 Edison 3 Mount Vernon 3 Fort Hunt 6 Mount Vernon 4 West Springfield 1 Mount Vernon 5 Lee 0 Sports — 127 JV BASEBALL Mount Vernon 6 Groveton 2 Mount Vernon 14 Groveton 4 Mount Vernon 4 Edison 5 Mount Vernon 10 Fort Hunt 4 Mount Vernon 0 Hayfield 10 Mount Vernon 2 Lee 1 Mount Vernon 4 Edison 11 Mount Vernon 5 Fort Hunt 3 Mount Vernon 9 Springfield 2 Mount Vernon 4 Lee 5 Spring Is Marked By A Variety Of Sports GOLF AND TENNIS Complementing M.V.s championship Baseball and Track teams are the Golf and Tennis teams. These little known and poorly sup¬ ported teams are also quite successful. Coached by Mr. Pat Freeman, our golfers stroked their way into third place in the district with a 3-2 record. The racketeers, plagued by a lack of experience and tough competition, managed to reach the .500 plateau under the excellent coaching of Mr. Stewart Christiano. Preparing for the putt, Dave Duffy lines up his golf ball. JV Baseball Team — Front Row: R. Dietzel, T. Fadely, D. Castro, R. Camp, R. Burt, J. Miller, G. O’Connor, B. Campbell, J. Rice, D. Dun- Hinson, M. Miller, G. Lee, B. Anderson, C. Roop, D. Ghent. Second gan. Row: Coach B. Menefee, R. Campbell, G. Bolton, A. Danforth, J. 128 — Sports Tennis Team — T. O ' Rourke, M. Bircher, C. Broe, T. Hart, M. Achee, J. Dexter, J. Barnet, V. Vatsia, N. Barnet, M. Dexter, T. Michaels, Coach S. Christiano. TENNIS Mount Vernon 6 Lee 3 Mount Vernon 9 George Washington 0 Mount Vernon 0 Groveton 9 Mount Vernon 6 Edison 3 Mount Vernon 2 Fort Hunt 7 Mount Vernon 8 Hammond 1 Mount Vernon 4 West Springfield 5 Mount Vernon 2 Annandale 7 Golf Team — A. Devine, J. Long, D. Duffy, H. Long, C. Breed, S. Sebr- ing, B. Mather, Coach P. Freeman. GOLF Mount Vernon 3Vi Fort Hunt 5V2 Mount Vernon 8 Edison 1 Mount Vernon 6 Groveton 3 Mount Vernon 1 West Springfield 8 Mount Vernon 6 Lee 3 Sports — 129 Girl’s Among The Victors GIRL’S VARSITY SOFTBALL With hard work and determination, our girl’s softball team turned in another successful season. Led by co-captains Meg Lockwood and Chris Clark, they improved on last year’s mediocre season by compiling a 7-3 record. This is Mount Vernon’s first Girl’s Softball championship team and it helped enable our sports program to wrap up its sixth District Championship of 1969. Practicing her curve, Meg Lockwood warms up before a game. Awaiting the throw to plate, Mary Hahn prepares to catch the ball. y ' Wm JQNgfm ' v Jk A? Varsity Softball — Front Row: L. Moore, C. Clark, M. Lockwood, S. Stein, Second Row: P. Guyer, B. Gonzales, R. Randall, E. Ratkus. Third Row: M. Hahn, N. Fitzgerald. 130 — Sports With her foot on the bag, Nancy Fitzgerald makes a play at first. JV Softball — Front Row: M. Barros, K. Rezzardy, L. Lofton, N. Ridenour, Second Row: K. Smith, P. Reeves, C. Dobson, S. Jacobs, J. Kelison, M. Borowski. Third Row: S. Legget, K. Christoff VARSITY SOFTBALL Mount Vernon 15 Lee 8 Mount Vernon 23 Groveton 6 Mount Vernon 10 Edison 9 Mount Vernon 23 Fort Hunt 10 Mount Vernon 19 West Springfield 13 Mount Vernon 11 Lee 6 Mount Vernon 10 Groveton 11 Mount Vernon 6 Edison 16 Mount Vernon 16 Fort Hunt 4 Mount Vernon 14 West Springfield 28 JV SOFTBALL Mount Vernon 16 Lee 13 Mount Vernon 15 Groveton 11 Mount Vernon 17 Edison 5 Mount Vernon 15 Fort Hunt 16 Mount Vernon 3 Lee 15 Mount Vernon 8 Groveton 13 Mount Vernon 10 Edison 11 Mount Vernon 4 Fort Hunt 7 Mount Vernon 1 Hayfield 24 Sports - 131 FOOTBALL Finishing with another winning season for head coach, Jack Miller our 1969 team termi¬ nated the year as they began it with a come¬ back victory, but this time over arch-rival, Fort Hunt. It was a very difficult season in which Coach Miller completely changed his offense. This transition was an inconvenience, but along with our stubborn defense we compiled a six game winning streak which our returning ironmen will carry into their first match. Even more important, they will display the pride and confidence that they inherited from this year’s team. A small Titan halfback crumbles under the Majors’ tenacious defense. Srifc iff Raw jin Varsity Football Defense — Front Row: R. Hicks, R. Parton, R. Lilley, F. Reeves, F. Sommerfield, J. Paap, M. Carpenter, B. Campell, T. Shaeffer, F. Burks, D. Foglio, J. Gibson, L. Fullerton. Second Row: M. Donaldson, D. Jones, L. Spann, W. German, D. Fullerton Hess, R. Kline, C. Shelton, E. Swanson, R. Beardon, S. Klick, J. 132 — Sports Fort Hunt Defeated For Third Consecutive Year Varsity Football Offense — Front Row: L. Kirby, P. Schultz, B. Anderson, J. Miller, R. Burt, M. Letcher, P. Sitnik, R. Young, R. Bauer, R. Hinson, T. Quinn. Second Row: T. Leverenz, M. Lindberg, D. Saverline, R. Doeppner, D. Vosburg, B. Gillingham, T. Cooper, D. Hodgson, B. Jourdan, T. Fadely, C. Bell, P. Holland, G. Derman, D. Ghent, A. Devine. Sweeping around the left end, converted quarterback Ted LeVerenz proves to be an elusive runner. VARSITY FOOTBALL Mount Vernon 19 T. C. Williams 14 Mount Vernon 6 Annandale 18 Mount Vernon 0 Hammond 8 Mount Vernon 6 W est Springfield 7 Mount Vernon 12 George Washington 0 Mount Vernon 24 Lee 6 Mount Vernon 32 Groveton 2 Mount Vernon 34 Oakton 22 Mount Vernon 14 Edison 7 Mount Vernon 18 Fort Hunt 8 Sports — 133 Majors Change Offense In Mid-Season Alone, Billy Anderson starts out after a pass reception. Executing the triple option, Steve Klick hands the ball to Chuck Bell. Diving off tackle, a Spartan fullback meets his match, Jim Reeves. Being brought down, Chuck Bell still manages to stay on top. 134 — Sports Freshman Football - Front Row: B. Beahm, C. Thompson, K. Coos, P. Prince, K. Heath, M. Scandling, S, Lionberger, M. Barron, M. Novak, M. Kelley, S. Sheets. Second Row: S. Grover, D. Gorwitz, K. Markam, K. Gibson, R. Pauly, R. Curry, M. How, B. Moffitt, J. Eldridge, M. Lorenzo, R. Washington, T. Hugt. Third Row: Manager, R. Miller, B. Hartman, P. Kailing, P. Moore, B. Mitchell, R. Reeves, J. Pfanzelter, B. Childers, R. Luepmtz, P. Manning, J. Ratkus, T. Shaner, S. Wagner Fourth Row: T. Cole, K. Polhamus, J. Leisner, R. Gallaher, T. Klick, K. Dehaven, D. Anderson, M. Primm, M. Schaefer, R. Suggs, A. Han, B. Waits. Roop. Third Row: M. Roland, R. Townsend, T. Marfmg, B. Thompson, K. Knight, R. Knight, S. Curtis, G. Bolten, T. Oxendine, j. Cook, S. Mackin, D. Franklin, B. Luepnitz. JV FOOTBALL Mount Vernon 0 Fort Hunt 30 Mount Vernon 0 Lee 6 Mount Vernon 20 George Washington 6 Mount Vernon 28 Hayfield 36 Mount Vernon 6 West Springfield 8 Mount Vernon 6 Fort Hunt 30 Mount Vernon 6 Edison 0 J.V. Football - Front Row: M. Signorelli, C. Nedorolik, D. Swede, P. Morton, M. Carson, R. Jones, W. Wesley, T. Henry, M. Henry, R. Cassasa. Second Row: R. Dietzel, J. Hanley, M. Myers, J. Jones, L. Berryman, B. Houston, W. Hobbs, K. Kearns, M. Shirilla, G. Jones, C. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Mount Vernon 12 Lee 0 Mount Vernon 18 Edison 8 Mount Vernon 8 Hayfield 12 Mount Vernon 8 West Springfield 0 Mount Vernon 20 Groveton 8 Mount Vernon 6 Fort Hunt 8 Sports 135 Season Struggle Rewarded With Upset Victory FIELD HOCKEY This group of MV female athletes have demon¬ strated a tremendous amount of determination, courage, and desire. Facing a very tough District, and the perennial lack of school support, our girls never gave up. Although it is very question¬ able whether or not they were guilty of salivating, tripping, and playingdirty, it isobviousthatthese Majorettes represented MV to the best of their abilities. This hard work and desire was finally rewarded with an upset victory over the powerful Jefferson in a close, hard-fought game of defensive playing. Bullying for the ball, Majors ready to execute another play towards victory. Girl’s Varsity Hockey - Front Row: K. Rezzardy, S. Stein, M. N. Schmitt, P. Guyer, K. Christoph, D. Pauly, B. Gonzoles, T. Leverenz, Borowsky, T. Parrish, C. Wilkins, D. Simms. Second Row: J. Rezzardy, J. Scandling, Coach D. Wingard 136 — Sports Passing ahead to another team-mate, Major, Kathy Rezzerday advances up the field. Girls ' J.V. Hockey — Front Row: E. Ottero, R. Rezzarday, T. Phelps, K. Peabody, K. Peoples, L. Eike, T. Rezzarday, G. Shelton, L. Lofton, Second Row: J. Carpenter, P. Reeves, B. Egger, D. Gribben, K. Christople, D. Doucette, S. Smith, A. Bibber. GIRLS’ VARSITY HOCKEY Mount Vernon 0 Mount Vernon 1 Mount Vernon 0 Mount Vernon 0 Mount Vernon 0 Mount Vernon 0 Mount Vernon 1 Mount Vernon 0 GIRLS’ JV HOCKEY Mount Vernon 1 Mount Vernon 0 Mount Vernon 0 Mount Vernon 0 Mount Vernon 1 Mount Vernon 2 Mount Vernon 1 Mount Vernon 0 West Springfield 4 Edison 1 Marshall 2 Groveton 1 Falls Church 1 Fort Hunt Madison Hayfield West Springfield Edison Marshall Groveton 1 Falls Church 2 Fort Hunt 1 Madison 1 Hayfield 4 Sports — 137 CM —i O O O Cross Country — Front Row: B. Johnson, Second Row: Coach Privette, P. Stedman, D. Pomerenmg, D. Staver, G. Darby, K. Vechik, P. Manor, Third Row: M. DeVille, D. Kelly, R. Tate, R. Hartigan. CROSS COUNTRY One would think of a walk through the woods as rather refreshing. But the cross country man, who associates woods with the cross country course, can only think of endless running and its result — exhaustion. Our cross country team felt the exhilaration of victory only occasionally this year as they defeated few of their adversaries. Natural ability may have been the most lacking attribute, for these runners do possess endurance as they are driven on through the woods by Coach Privette. Out in front, Guy Darby and Ken Vechik prepare for last-minute kick. 138 — Sports Boy’s Gymnastics — Front Row: D. Brady, G. Stapleton, S. Lambert. Second Row: M. Shannon, T. Donaldson, V. Smith, J. Woods, D. Hodgeson. Gymnastics Team Rated Second In County GYMNASTICS While other new sports are introduced into the programs of area schools, Gymnastics still expands at a slow pace. Due to the lack of proper facilities the boys are forced to practice at Walt Whitman, while the girls must perform late at night. Nevertheless, the team continues to grow under the direction of coaches Richard Myler and Gail Wingard, as shown by its ability to compete with perennial powers Wakefield and Yorktown, and by the institution of the girls team. Girl’s Gymnastics — Front Row: E. Cancilla, C. Murane, C. Thomas, Thomas, C. Peters, G. Bard, Co-Captain, P. Sullivan, Captain. P. Thomas. Second Row: P. Preston, C. Kersey, D. Hofmann, S. Sports - 139 Girl’s Varsity Basketball — M. Lockwood, M. Carpenter, P. Rice, K. Christoph, N. Day, T. Leverenze, P. Sullivan, F. Clevenger, K. Polhamus, D. Pauly, L. Barbour, K. Rezzarday. GIRL’S BASKETBALL Our Girl ' s Varsity Basketball Team has en¬ countered a season of ultimate frustration this year. The defending District Champions looked forward to a promising year, but a season full of tough losses has ruined their dreams. Coach Susan Vail has spent the whole year switching personnel in an attempt to obtain a successful winning combination, but her efforts have seemingly gone in vain and our girls will have to relinquish their Champion¬ ship Title. Coach Susan Vail discusses pre-game strategy with co-captains Nancy Day and Kathy Polhamus. GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL Mount Vernon 21 Groveton 22 Mount Vernon 21 Fort Hunt 28 Mount Vernon 30 Lee 38 Mount Vernon 16 West Springfield 50 Mount Vernon 28 Hayfield 41 Mount Vernon 16 Edison 67 Mount Vernon 40 Groveton 19 Mount Vernon 42 Fort Hunt 39 Mount Vernon 32 Lee 36 Mount Vernon 27 West Springfield 47 Mount Vernon 16 Edison 56 Mount Vernon 39 Hayfield 26 140 — Sports Girls Unsuccessfully Defend Title Driving along the baseline, Marian Jonah goes in for a lay-up. Ready and waiting for the rebound, Nancy Day boxes out her opposition. Girl’s JV Basketball — J. Ato, K. Christoph, D. Bauer, S. Snyder, S. Denzer, D. Doucette, L. Reiley, Co-Captain, P. Guyer, S. Scott, D. Miller, R. Masters, Co-Captain, L. Skwarski, D. Hansen, L. Lofton. jKpLJ jap ' J ik 10 H k zXjL ■R 23 tm GIRLS’ JV BASKETBALL Mount Vernon 18 Groveton 12 Mount Vernon 11 Fort Hunt 16 Mount Vernon 23 Lee 10 Mount Vernon 16 West Springfield 15 Mount Vernon 28 Hayfield 9 Mount Vernon 23 Edison 24 Mount Vernon 24 Groveton 14 Mount Vernon 31 Fort Hunt 29 Mount Vernon 19 Lee 17 Mount Vernon 20 West Springfield 30 Mount Vernon 32 Hayfield 3 Mount Vernon 16 Edison 56 Sports — 141 VARSITY BASKETBALL Mount Vernon 57 McLean 61 Mount Vernon 46 Marshall 59 Mount Vernon 82 Fairfax 66 Mount Vernon 47 Groveton 65 Mount Vernon 45 Edison 61 Mount Vernon 54 Stuart 56 Mount Vernon 59 Fort Hunt 53 Mount Vernon 54 Falls Church 81 Mount Vernon 56 West Springfield 67 Mount Vernon 60 Woodson 79 Mount Vernon 67 Lee 55 Mount Vernon 42 Williams 60 Mount Vernon 58 Jefferson 46 Mount Vernon 57 Groveton 66 Mount Vernon 47 Edison 45 Mount Vernon 68 Fort Hunt 59 Mount Vernon 45 West Springfield 66 Mount Vernon 54 Lee 39 VERHON ou z VERN 01 VERHOHi VERNOd YERNOK Varsity Basketball — Kneeling: R. Hinson, C. Bell Co-Captain, Standing: D. Ghent, G. Snyder, D. Norris, T. Leverenz, Co-Captain, R. Davis, B, Campbell, M. Lindberg, J. Rice, K. Pierce. VtWHO Roundballers Triumph Over Area Rivals BASKETBALL Although the 1969-70 basketball team did not have a winning record, the Majors did develop a winning attitude. Throughout the season the cagers seldom failed to bounce back from mounting deficits. As a result almost every game was decided in the final minutes, and, frequently, seconds. During these games, the Majors displayed the potential to play with the best in Northern Virginia. However, they were extremely inconsistent, and this, along with a critical lack of experience, attributes to the cause of their losses. Undoubtedly the climax of the season was the Majors’ 47-45 overtime victory over Edison, last year’s District champs and ranked third in Northern Virginia at the time. This game, following victories over Fort Hunt and Lee, could have been the turning point to bring basketball at Mount Vernon on the upswing under Coach Kenny Legins. Closing in on Fort Hunt’s Dave Demeter Randy Hinson goes for the steal. Hanging in mid-air, Ted Leverenz shoots over a taller opponent. Penetrating the Edison zone, Randy Hinson prepares to shoot. Sports — 143 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Mount Vernon 41 West Springfield 64 - Mount Vernon 30 Lee 48 Mount Vernon 29 Fort Hunt 49 Mount Vernon 40 Edison 35 Mount Vernon 40 Hayfield 23 Mount Vernon 12 Groveton 34 Marked Improvement Mount Vernon Mount Vernon 40 41 Lee Edison 54 17 Characterizes Season Mount Vernon Mount Vernon 22 31 Groveton Hayfield 46 23 Releasing his free throw, Brian Cambell contributes to the cause. Reaching over an opponent ' s outstretched hands, Garrett Snyder helps the Majors break the press. Taking advantage of a free opportunity to score, Mark Lindberg converts a one-on-one. 144 — Sports Freshman Basketball — Kneeling: D. Donahoo. Standing: I. Kelly, G. Alexandria, G. Nye, J. Ptanzezter, D. Anderson, K, DeHaven, R. Pol hamus, C. Robbins, R. Washington, S. Scheets, B. Beahm VERNOl, 12 i ytra I VERHBI VCRHOK J.V. Basketball — Kneeling: D. Castro, K. Henderson, T. Oxendine, B. Jordan. Standing: K. Fitzgerald, G. O’Connor, M. Bannister, T. Crowley, S. Curtis, G. Freeman, T. Ballou. JV BASKETBALL Mount Vernon 48 McLean 67 Mount Vernon 45 Marshall 63 Mount Vernon 54 Hayfield 63 Mount Vernon 50 Fairfax 42 Mount Vernon 53 Groveton 79 Mount Vernon 56 Stuart 73 Mount Vernon 45 Fort Hunt 51 Mount Vernon 38 Falls Church 71 Mount Vernon 47 West Springfall 73 Mount Vernon 43 Woodson 74 Mount Vernon 49 Lee 46 Mount Vernon 43 Williams 62 Mount Vernon 22 Jefferson 58 Mount Vernon 63 Groveton 47 Mount Vernon 46 Hayfield 35 Mount Vernon 64 Edison 37 Mount Vernon 86 West Springfield 48 Mount Vernon 58 Lee 49 Sports — 145 MV Sends Seven Wrestlers To State WRESTLING To wrestle is to worry about weight, opponents, coaches, officials, and moves. It is not an un¬ common sight to see a wrestler before a match looking like he is in another world. The pressure is enormous; an individual sport requires it. So often does one see a wrestler freeze and come off the mat a disgusted loser. Yet, again, the next week that wrestler may bounce back and look like a champion. One must admit that it is a psychologically overpowering sport. A championship team was developed amidst the stairs, pools of sweat, and tired starved bodies. Conditioning and a wealth of moves were the ways to victory under Mr. Steve Kendall, the new wrestling coach. Experience was afforded to the team by assistant coach Tim Kerlin. The wrestling team went to the district tournament and came out with the title and seven individual champions. Dedication can be the only factor behind an excellent team — in any sport. Breaking a hold, Alan Danforth attempts to escape. Muscles straining, Richard Bauer strives for a reversal. 146 — Sports Varsity Wrestling — Kneeling: D. Flattery, J. Long, T. O ' Rourke, G. liams, J. Scandling, F. Recore. Standing: L. Fullerton, D. Foglio, R. Bauer, R. Young, A. Danforth, Coach Steve Kendall. M.V.’s captains, Larry Fullerton, Gordon liams and John Long, meet in the traditional pre-match handshake with the Spartans. VARSITY WRESTLING Mount Vernon 46 Mount Vernon 26 Mount Vernon 25 Mount Vernon 19 Mount Vernon 25 Mount Vernon 22 Mount Vernon 36 Mount Vernon 29 Mount Vernon 30 Mount Vernon 23 Mount Vernon 18 Mount Vernon 21 Hayfield 7 Woodson 14 Stuart 17 Falls Church 25 Lee 17 Madison 20 Fort Hunt 5 West Springfield 17 Edison 13 Groveton 17 Annandale 18 Washington Lee 23 Sports — 147 i kll w l i 11 1 mL m — Eyeing his opponent, Fred Burks prepares for a take-down. Moving into position, Don Flattery breaks down his competitor. Deadlocked, Fran Recore looks to the ref for some kind of help. Following the match, fellow wrestlers discuss future competition. 148 — Sports JV Team Maintains Excellent Record JV WRESTLING Mount Vernon 42 Hayfield 10 Mount Vernon 18 Woodson 29 Mount Vernon 39 Stuart 11 Mount Vernon 16 Falls Church 28 Mount Vernon 31 Lee 27 Mount Vernon 16 Madison 33 Mount Vernon 31 Fort Flunt 16 Mount Vernon 28 West Springfield 20 Mount Vernon 30 Edison 18 Mount Vernon 44 Groveton 6 Mount Vernon 25 Annandale 19 Mount Vernon 25 Washington Lee 15 Pat Taylor gains experience for next year’s Varsity. J.V. Wrestling — Kneeling: D. Speed, M. Barron, S. Gabriel, L. Massie, R. Kelly, M. Carpenter, B. Miller. D. Sable, L. Leupnitz. Standing: R. Henson, T. Fadely, P. Taylor, Index — 149 Organizations As a group, we have the strength needed to realize our ideas. As individuals, in a group, we give of ourselves and gain the confidence needed for self-expression. We learn by association — 150 — Organizations Organizations — 151 STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION With the advent of a new administration many changes were made by the new president. The Cabinet system was reorganized and expanded by the executive council. With these added forces and the aid of an involved sponsor, President Scooter Scott pitted the SCA against the forces of drugs, apathy, smoking, com¬ munications and other related problems. The student government strived to involve the students, to let them feel that it is their SCA. A few battles were lost, but the SCA never retreated. They regrouped and marched on, still fighting, and at the same time rebuilding to make a firm foundation for the student government. Student Government Works To Combat School Problems Officers: V. Vatsia, Treasurer; C. Sweatt, Secretary. ' 3 ' 1 ' aL. . § ■ c TBBjjSgr JK m srWBUik rib J ML F4 SCA Representatives — Front Row: D. Sebreny, S. Woods, T. Fick, D. Stoehr, K. Dumas, C. Gorwitz, P. Morrison, C. Duncan. Second Row: J. Boddie, P. Rice, S. Evans, B. Booth, M. Barros, S. Corney, J. Leffler, R. Haseman, S. Snyder, G. Koenig, P. Schafer. Third Row: B. Moye, S. Hili, L. Robinson, T. Mazzello, R. Olsen, B. Kline, N. Bryson, P. Sullivan, K. Rowan, C. Lawson, D. Woodworth, J. Griffin. Fourth Row M. Herring, G. Bernard, D. Laughlin, J. Ghent, B. Stagg, S. Jonah, P. Coker R. Reinsel, J. Blackwell, J. Manor, R. Baker. Organizati ons — 153 Idealism Brings Necessary Change To SCA Executive Board — M. Greenhouse, V. Hayes, K. Long, N. Day, E. Tesko, G. Mann, S. Griney. Sitting down for a while, Scooter Scott takes a rest from his presidential duties. Marking her ballot, Michelle Yary pensively studies the candidates. 154 — Organizations Executive Board — Front Row: R. Ursano, Second Row: V. Wells, J Scandling, J. Rathbone. Third Row: J. Chase, D. Eldredge, M Wentzel. SCA cabinet — D. Fick, N. Bryson, A. Wood, L. Wood, B. Moreau, F, Clevenger, F. Elliot. Speaking after school, a John Hopkins University student talks about Viet Nam during the November Moratorium. Organizations — 155 Key Clubbers Make Repairs For Coffeehouse KEY CLUB Every Tuesday night a group of dedicated, industrious, creative young men meet in room 108. They come together with a common goal — service to school, community, and nation — and call themselves the Key Club. Key Clubbing never stops. Starting after graduation they umpired Little League baseball games and helped their female counterparts (the Keyettes) clear out a wooded lot for a future Y.W.C.A. They became involved with the U.C.M. coffeehouse, The King’s Way Theater, which will provide a place for the youths of the Mount Vernon-Groveton area to gather. Hand on mike, Bill Stagg offers his services as announcer at basketball games while Kevin Gaylor keeps score. Key Club — Front Row: R. Hinson, G. Darby, T. Marfing, T. Hart, P. Steelman, D. Laughlin, G. Mann, K. Gaylor, D. Brittain. Second Row: T. Quinn, D. Jones, J. Rice, T. Cooper, D. Saverline, P. Holland. Third Row: B. Campbell, B. Stagg, J. Gibson, K. Pierce, P. Coker, G. Kelly, B. Tzudiker, B. Mathers, G. Imiams, G. Hastings. Fourth Row: J. Manor, B. Gillingham, T. Donaldson, R. Doeppnner, J. Woods, B. Dasch, D. Kelley, J. Krolak, J. Barnet, M. Straac. 156 — Organizations Perched precariously, Key Clubbers Bruce Gillingham and Jim Hughes work industriously on repairs at proposed coffeehouse in Groveton. Surprise mingled with embarrassment hits Marty Weaver as she is announced the 1970 Key Club Sweetheart. Officers — Front Row: D. Pomerening, District Officer; J. Scandling, Treasurer; D. Fullerton, Sergeant-at-Arms; George Stapleton, Junior Representative; Mr. Thomason, Sponsor. Second Row: R. Bauer, Chaplain; L. Fullerton, Vice President; J. Hughes, President; B. Moreau, Senior Representative; J. Allen, Secretary. Organizations — 157 Kevin Gaylor accepts his sweet reward as he is crowned Keyette Sweetheart. Smiling broadly, newly inducted Keyette Kathy Rollingei accepts congratulations. Officers — Front Row: M. Weaver, Secretary; B. Novak, Sergeant-at-Arms; W. Tyler, Senior Representative; D. Stoehr, Junior Representative. Second Row: K. Polhamus, Treasurer; N. Day, President; A. Wood, Vice President; P. Meads, Historian; Miss Scott, Sponsor. 158 — Organizations Seated at her booth, “Keyette Krafted " , Nina Bryson awaits the opening of the first Keyette Christmas Bazaar. Keyettes Show Flair For Ingenuity “A good Keyette works ’til she is tired, a great Keyette works ’til she is exhausted.” Keyettes means fun — parties with the Key Club, slum¬ ber parties, talk sessions at meetings — but it also means hard work that requires enthu¬ siasm and determination. To support this year’s international project, American Indians, they adopted a ten year old Cherokee Indian girl. Other undertakings in¬ cluded the Keyette Bazaar, which employed all possible Keyette talents and for the second year Beautify Mount Vernon Week was spon¬ sored. Keyettes — Front Row: P. Brett, C. Gorwitz, M. Lockwood, R. Cohn, K. Rollinger, L. Berlin, P. King, N. Athanason. Second Row: B. Gonzalas, B. Childers, K. Paradise, D. Eldredge, D. Tate, K. Long, S. Roscher, M. Below, J. Stevenson, M. Carpenter. Third Row: K. DeBiase, L. Murray, E. Tesko, D. Cajigas, J. Scandling, B. Fitzpatrick, D. Baker, J. Haseman, L. Schultz, N. Bryson. Fourth Row: T. Leverenz, J. Roscher, D. Davis, P. Wallace, B. Schurtz, K. Tice, K. Smith, C. Fetty, N. Beatie, K. Dumas, A. Mason. Organizations — 159 Officers — D. Pomerening, Vice President; K. Polhamous, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Carr, Sponsor; M. Carpenter, President. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY To most people honor society brings to mind eggheads, bookworms, geniuses, and the like. However, the Senior Honor Society prides itself in the varied backgrounds and abilities of its members. Sportsmen (and women), cheerlead¬ ers, intellects, and general fun-lovers are all represented in the club. The honor society tried to take a few steps forward this year so that it might stand out a little in the eyes of the student body as a respected part of the school. Senior Honor Society — Front Row: B. Novak, J. Gandy, A. Wales, D. Tate, S. Wales, P. King, V. Hayes, M. Gaunt, K. Williams. Second Row: R. Hinson, P. Kershaw, K. Heise, D. Sebreny, N. Bryson, D. Baker, K. Wilkins, B. Childers, M. Weaver. Third Row: D. Fullerton, R. Lilley, J. Scandling, C. Fetty, K. Tice, A. Wood, E. Tesko, G. Thayer, E. Hastings. Fourth Row: G. liams, L. Fullerton, J. Barnet, R. Bauer, B. Campbell, B. Egan, K. Vechik, N. Day, J. Smith, R. DeJonckheere, J. Manor. 160 — Organizations Honor Societies Introduce Computer Dance To MV Ijp i Tmmi EL H n MM H ■ fl pPI m K Srfi M ail ■V A — f gtgflMI JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY To be inducted into the Junior Honor Society a student must, in addition to having high grades, possess qualities of leadership and a willingness to serve. Under the direction of President Nick Barnet and Vice President Judy Fortney, the Junior Honor Society successfully carried out several new projects and activity ideas. The big event of 1969 was a Christmas party featuring ice skating and a turkey din¬ ner. Members had additional fun and recrea¬ tion at two picnics which they organized in the Spring. These underclass whizzes also chan¬ neled their superior academic abilities into tutoring less fortunate students. Junior Honor Society — Front Row: M. Barros, R. Ackermann, Secretary; N. Barnet, President; J. Fortney, Vice President; Miss Swoboda, Sponsor. Second Row: K. Stumm, C. Robey, S. Sexton, K. Tennison, L. Leggett, J. Lockwood, M. Lilly. Third Row: R. Casassa, S. Wilkins, J. DeJonghe, S. Conway, T. Marfing. Organizations — 161 Their Purpose Is To Honor Outstanding Students LANGUAGE HONOR SOCIETIES Membership in the French and Spanish Honor Societies is offered to third- and fourth-year students with a superior grade average in their language and a recommendation from their language teacher. The societies serve to culti¬ vate interest in the languages and cultures of foreign countries by such means as taking trips to foreign-language movies in Washing¬ ton and going to restaurants. Members served their school by volunteering to participate in a system of tutoring during study halls for those having trouble in a language. Annual induction banquets, at which native foods are served and where the induction ceremony is carried out exclusively in the mother tongue, are other important events on the Honor Societies’ cal¬ endars. French Honor Society — Front Row: L. Fullerton, Secretary-Treasurer; M. Carpenter, President. Second Row: V. Hayes, M. Weaver, W. Tyler, J. Gandy, N. Athanason. Third Row: S. Roscher, J. Barnet, M. Hill, D. Fullerton, N. Hill. Spanish Honor Society — Front Row: Mr. Vaughn, Sponsor; A. Wales, D. Sebreny, Vice President; B. Brooks, President; M. Oswalt, Secretary-Treasurer; V. Furguson, S. Wales. Second Row: M. Barros, S. Hacker, M. Hill, K. Wilkins, C. Fetty, G. Thayer, D. Eldredge, J. Woods, D. Woods. Third Row: K. Vechik, L. Paxton, D. Jones, K. Tise, S. Wilkins, S. Atkinson, 0. Reyes, G. Stapleton, B. Schurtz. 162 — Organizations Thespians — Seated: K. Long, R. Coorsh, M, Robbins, E. Hastings, M. Coffee, S. Hall. Second Row: B. Ford, B. Swaboda, D. Duvlos, N. Stallings, B. Landry. Third Row: A. Wood, S. Schaefer, P. Coker, J. Hedgepath, D. Morrison. Fourth Row: J. Dalton, T. Garber, R. Reinsel, P. Byers, D. Fick. INTERNATIONAL THESPIANS Thespian is the name, not “Thesbian” or “This bein’ ” or any other contortion, but T-h-e-s-p-i-a-n, a word meaning “of or pertain¬ ing to drama”. The International Thes pian Society is a group of people with the theater, in all its aspects, as a common bond. This year the qualifications for membership were changed to require a more varied partici¬ pation in the dramatic arts, so that members would come from many different areas of production and give the club versatility. Officers — C. Chase, Treasurer; D. Fick, Secretary; R. Reinsel, President; P. Byers, Vice President. Organizations — 163 FRENCH CLUB French Club Joins Students Interested In France And Her Culture The lure of France — its culture, its language, and its people — is what draws people to the French Club. These interested students meet often to plan their activities schedule. Already they have held their perennial restaurant visit, and co-sponsored an international dinner. French Club — Front Row: Mrs. Avoli, Sponsor; J. Stevenson, Secretary; B. Schurtz, President; P. Brett, Vice President; P. Wallace, Treasurer. Second Row: K. Tice, V. Myers, K. Ray, C. Edwards, F. D ' Amico, S. Steinke, J. Lake, C. Springer. Third Row: S. Miller, K. Banyas, K. DeBiase, J. Rezzarday, P. Martin, M. Barros, K. Tennison, M. Locke, J. Loelkes, B. Zeppenfeld, B. Gross. Fourth Row: D. Pauley, L. Elliott, B. Childers, W. Tyler, L. Springer, D. Bach, K. Stumm, C. Hall. Fifth Row: C. Salisbury, M. Pickwick, M. Byrd, C. Johnston, M. Porterfield, D. Brittain, 0. McCarthey, E. Moran, N. Barnet. 164 — Organizations German Club — Front Row: A Bond, B. Pfanzelter, Vice President: K. Dumas, President: F. Wolfe, Secretary-Treasurer: A. Davis. Second Row: D. Nermyr, G. Lusker, G. Beatie, V. Smith, K. Gillispie, P. Meads, J. Smith. German Sponsors Club - j «i«» • A«L ' - --K » 1 ■ V I: n n fHJ j r . 1 J GERMAN CLUB Determined to be an active club, the German Club began their plan of action by holding weekly meetings and sponsoring group activi¬ ties such as restaurant trips, ice skating excur¬ sions, filmstrip viewing, and other varied events. With the aid of their new sponsor, a na¬ tive German, Miss Swoboda, the club managed to keep its members involved as well as to en¬ tice other interested students to its frequent functions. Sponsor — Miss Swoboda Organizations — 165 Spanish Club — Front Row: P. Vollmer, M. McClellan, M. Robbins, K. Long, T. Phelps, K. Peabody, M. Petty, G. Koenig, M. Chis, B. Baker, J. Nowak, D. Wells, P. Tester. Second Row: B. Grant, C. Brown, S. Lambert, P. Sebreny, J. Rehme, J. Lusker, P. Doyle, C. Pierides, V. Castro, L. Keller, L. Lisella, M. Pointon. Third Row: N. Beatie, B. Kline, D. Robbins, J. Callahan, D. Jones, M. Gibbs, K. Bannister, K. Christoph, P. Preston, S. Corney, D. Barry, K. Scott, D. Sweede, P. Stallings. Fourth Row: K. Oliver, T. Kennedy, J. Rathbone, G. Aspinwall, M. Herring, V. Smith, S. Curtis, M. Bannister, M. Graves, M. Casassa, L. Foust, M. Andrews, N. Pendleton. 1 m " j. ns . ii»i [•»«! ifiphu 1 nu I ft SPANISH CLUB A blindfolded boy staggers madly across the cafeteria, wildly swinging a broomstick at an elusive paper sack. Sound like a mental case? Or, would you believe ... a 400-pound bull being manhandled by a 100-pound bully? How about hearing Mr. Vaughn sing? These “im¬ probable events” are just some of the routine occurrences at annual Spanish Club functions. Besides sponsoring several parties and fiestas, the Spanish Club stressed foreign culture by having slides, a panel discussion, an Interna¬ tional Dinner, and several restaurant trips. Drenched, Mike Callahan successfully hits the surprise pinata that the Spanish Club officers planted. 166 — Organizations Strange Things Come Out Of Spanish Club Pinatas Officers — Front Row: G. Thayer, Vice President; K. Tice, President; M. Oswalt, Secretary; B. Whittington, Treasurer. Second Row: Mr. Vaughn, Sponsor; K. Vechik, M. Ruthe, L. Paxton, G. Stapleton. Spanish Club — Front Row: B. Beahm, T. Kelley, B. Brooks, S. Wales, M. Scandling, S. Poppe. Second Row: D. DeForest, S. Hacker, P. Zaice L. Handberh, L. Leggett, J. Swenson, H. Webb. Third Row: G. Jones, F. Hicks, D. Sebreny, B. Gonzales, J. Owens, P. Holland, S. Kernan, S. Pgle. Fourth Row: J. Woods, B. Dash, K. Miller, R. Roller, S. Conway, R. Pale, P. Herford. Fifth Row: G. Stapleton, R. Schurtz, M. Ruthe, D. Barry, 0. Reyes. Organizations — 167 Latin Club — Front Row: Mrs. Garhart, Sponsor; M. Gaunt, Vice President; J. Ogle, President; S. Hajdu - Secretary; C. McCauley, Treasurer. Second Row: M. Bircher, S. Nielson, C. Short, V. Donnell, J. Manor, J. Krolak, B. Loephnitz. Third Row: M. Brett, G. Siegrist, C. Zak, C. Rynah, D. Baker, D. Dwyer, L. Eddy. a ®: ' - gr ' ; ;i| ifc.. ' M. p 1 If LATIN CLUB The fact that the language and culture of the ancient Romans has great influence on our world today is evident everywhere. The Latin Club, under the guidance of new sponsor, Mrs. Gearhart, helped to develop interest in classi¬ cal Latin and Roman history and to increase understanding of the important part it has played. During Latin Week, March 6-13, mem¬ bers held their annual pizza dinner. Another original club project was The Latin Free Press, a newspaper written in Latin and edited by Junior Diane Baker. In Classical tradition, the Latin Club’s Saturnalia is held wearing togas as the style of dress and laurels to adorn their heads. 168 — Organizations Looking Both To The Past And To The Future INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The IRC, devoted to developing understanding between nations, has (literally) added a new dimension. With the moon landing, the club was no longer concerned with only Interna¬ tional Relations (however remote they may seem!). The club is seeking a charter with the American Field Service. This would allow them to have foreign exchange students in our school. Other plans are for guest speakers and discussions of politics and current events. Spon¬ sor Mrs. DeHostos helped the club with her knowledge of Latin America. Officers — G. Gorwitz, Treasurer; P. Morrison, Secretary; P. Meads, President; K. Dumas, Vice President. International Relations Club — Seated: R. Cohn, V. Vatsia, N. Day, J. Woods, J. Wilkins, K. Gaylor, N. Athanason. Standing: D. Robbins, M. Peters, S. Wunderly. Organizations — 169 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS The members of the Future Homemakers of America have worked hard to make their club active. They have carried out such activities as visiting an old folk’s home, writing to soldiers in Viet Nam, having speakers on social work and drugs, as well as planning activities for families to help unify them. Officers — Front Row: D. Schaefer, Federation Representative: A. Bond, Parliamentarian; L. Trevean, Historian; J. DeJonghe, Corresponding Secretary. Second Row: L. Lee, Treasurer; E. Moran, Vice President: J. Gandy, President; S. Day, Secretary; J. Boerger, Reporter. Seated in the Home Ec. Cottage is Charlotte Riser, FHA State Vice president. i Future Homemakers — Seated: P. Olson, S. Laliberte, R. Loelkes, C. Riser, P. Friese, C. Moore, N. McCormack. Second Row: M. Gordon, J. Swenson, L. Annis, S. Schaefer, K. Abbot, J. Sargent, C. Hicks, H. Dougherty, H. Webb, R. DiNunzio, B. Whittington. Third Row: M. Gaunt, M. Brevard, J. Rezzardy, P. Conant, K. Becker, F. Wolfe, L. Murray, P. Howe, A. Baez. 170 — Organizations Girls Follow Path Of Experience For Future Lives Future Secretaries — Front Row: G. Roland, R. Moon, Vice President; L. Bowers, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Mrs. Provance, Sponsor; E. Vallandingham, A. Toria, L. Price, R. Otis, C. Easton, Reporter; B. Alexander, C. Lawson, President. Third Row: A. Wales, P. Dunn, B. Young, K. Abbott. FUTURE SECRETARIES Within the school there is a group of girls with an interest in the business world, the Future Secretaries of America. Mainly made up of vocational students, the club serves as an out¬ let for these girls to get together and share ideas. Being combined into an organization enables the girls to expand upon their com¬ mon interest and to plan such activities as vis¬ iting an old folks’ home, taking underprivi¬ leged children on a field trip, as well as co-sponsoring the annual Miss Mount Vernon Beauty Contest. Standing by her locker, FSA’er Kat Abbott’s face reflects disgust at the state of her locker. Organizations — 171 MATH TEAM Being able to work rapidly and accurately un¬ der pressure is only one of the qualities that a good Math Team member should possess. These upperclassmen must also be able to apply extensive mathematical knowledge to the solving of problems. Starting in October, team members competed against other Fairfax County High School Math Teams every other Thursday. Although the teams outwardly op¬ posed each other, they were at the same time unified in their common desire to be victorious over each problem. Math Team — Seated: G. Stapleton, D. Laughlin, Captain; D. Dommisse. Standing: K. Williams, D. Pomerening, E. Hastings, J. Manor. Future Teachers - Front Row: K. Smith, K. Tice, Vice President; Mrs. Barry, Sponsor; J. Murphy, President; L. Cox. Second Row: P. King, Historian; P. Staver, Treasurer; J. Koch, Secretary. Third Row: M. Barnett, J. Brevard, B. Schurtz, J. Early, P. Wampler, B. Wesley, M. Byrd, N. McCormack, M. Barros. 172 Organizations Student Scientists Seek Satisfactory Solutions SCIENCE CLUB For the indefatigable student scientist, who cannot be fazed by the tedious memorizing of rocks, minerals, and star charts in Earth Sci¬ ence, the trauma of dissecting frogs or pigs in Biology, the complex equations and suf¬ focating odors of Chemistry class, or those impossible standardized tests in Physics, the Science Club offers an additional opportunity to explore the mysteries of nature and tech¬ nology. This year the club selected a different branch of science for study each month. Some of the different topics ' covered were biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, and oceanogra¬ phy. Typically, these studies would encompass either a field trip, a lecture, or both, each month. Science Club — Seated: C. Hagerup, L. Foust, F. Hicks, S. Wales, S. Swoboda, C. Snyder. Standing: J. Woods, S. Wunderly, W. Lorenzo, A. Phelps, T. Lieto. Officers — A. Wales, Treasurer, J. Rezzarday, Vice-President, V. Vatsia, President, K. Sims, Secretary. Organizations — 173 Hanging proudly in room 211 is the DE banner, uniting our club with all Distributive Education Clubs in America. WORK PROGRAMS That certain group of people who attend Mount Vernon part-time is an elite corps of students who get to drive to school, but more impor¬ tantly they are a group of students who are in¬ volved in preparing for the business world. The departments of Distributive Education, Voca¬ tional Office Training, and Industrial Co-opera¬ tive Training have three parts to their program: the regular classroom period, the on-the-job ex¬ perience, and the clubs themselves which enable all the members to apply their training and prepare for their careers. 1 L -• • . , y r " Officers: A. Price, Corresponding Secretary; M. Weaver, Vice President; K. Wilson, Treasurer; T. Keppel, President; L. Takach, Vice President; F. Shaeffer, Historian; D. Shoemaker, Parliamentarian; C. Sly, Secre¬ tary. 174 — Organizations Distributive Education — Front Row: M Owens, M. Whyman, C. Callan, S. Edwards, M. Swak, P. Fishbeck, W. Leckey. Second Row: T. McClain, M. Miller, B. Taylor. T. Kennedy, 0. Reyes, E. Schalow, L. Pendley, G. Freeman Third Row: Mr. Binko, Student Teacher; B. Matthews, B. Grigsby, B. Ledford, J. Perry, B. Stickles, F. Smith, Mr. Sneel, Sponsor. On The Job Training Is A Valuable Learning Process Organizations 175 Industrial Co-operative Training — Front Row: B. Edwards, S. Bayne, J. DeChants, V. Crisp, F. ' Breland, A. Kroll. Second Row: D. Barnhill, P. Jackson, D. Robbins, D. Vollmer, R. Early, T. Thomas, C. Smith, S. Logan, P. Tucker. Third Row: W. Hunt, K. Newdeck, T. Stout, R. Mc¬ Call, J. Lysett, J. Thorpe. Fourth Row: N. Fitzgerel, W. Nolton, A. Pa- palzarus, N. Waters, S. Caporalletti, R. Cline. Fifth Row: G. Jefferson, B. Henderson, M. Tomlin, L. Deevers, I. Cornwell. Sixth Row: T. Bug- lia, M. Tyree, F. Bobyak, B. Carter, J. Spence, Mr. Bates, Sponsor. Vocational Off ice Training — Front Row: D. Parton, T. Boaz, C. Lawson, L. Bowers, D. Withrow, M. Stenerson, J. Hayes, M. Monroe, S. Chum- ley, D. Taylor, Second Row: B. Young, Miss Lowman, Sponsor, S. Arrington, A. Toria, D. Moore, T. Huddleston, R. Moon, E. Vallanding- ham, C. Easton, L. Frye. 176 — Organization Debate Team Wins First Place J.V. Debate: K. Sims, R. Pierce, N. Athanason, Mr. Jones, Sponsor; C. Johnston, B. Mather. DEBATE TEAMS There are trophies everywhere. Our Debate team has distinguished itself, with more acco¬ lades than any previous team. Tim Baker and Vicki Wells, both juniors at the time, won hon¬ ors and speaker awards while our team brought home Second Place last year in the Gunston District. Bill Stagg won Fourth Place in Na¬ tional Competition at Columbia University. In the Cantonville Tournament where thirty-five teams from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia competed, our team won First Place in all divisions. Through both earned and borrowed funds, the Debate Team has furnished its own materials and transporta¬ tion. Their dedication has not gone unre¬ warded. rl I a a a I Bl ' Jill Varsity Debate: L. Foust, P. Meads, Secretary; T. Baker, V. Wells, J. Blackwell, Vice President; B. Stagg, President. Organizations — 177 “Monster” Threatens Yearbook Staff Classes — Front Row: J. Murphy, Freshman Class; B. Brooks, Fresh¬ man Class; K. Oxley, Sophomore Class; S. Day, Senior Class. Second Row: P. Barron, Sophomore Class; C. Looft, Junior Class; K. DeBiase, Junior Class; E. Tesko, Senior Class; J. Boerger, Senior Class. Staff — Front Row: R. Flinson, Sports; Second Row: S. Wales, Organi¬ zations; M. Carpenter, Organizations Editor; B. Carnes, Organizations. Third Row: M. Below, Organizations; K. Long, School Life; R. Lilley, Sports. Photographers — B. King, M. Deville, G. Wallace, E. Hastings, Editor. 178 — Organizations Staff — J. Fortney, School Life; D. Stoehr, Index; D. Flattery, Advertisements; J. Scandling, Sports Editor. Editors — N. Day, K. Gaylor, Editors-in-Chief; V. Hayes, Copy Editor. Staff — C. Bauman, Index Editor: J. Gan dy, Copy Writer; J. Defonghe, Index; J. Rathbone, Advertisement Editor; P. Johnson, Finance; 0. McCarthy, Finance; F. Clevenger, Faculty Editor; S. Nielson, Faculty. SURVEYOR STAFF The light streams into the long, narrow room from one lonely window. The room is alive with laughing, talking, screaming, crying, and typing, but underneath it all is a strong under¬ current of tension. The staff is constantly aware of the impending conflict with The Mon¬ ster. As time passes The Monster comes nearer and nearer, bringing the tension to a breaking point. Finally, they meet The Monster face to face, having realized all the time it was . . . THE DEADLINE! Organizations — 179 Newspaper Sponsors Twirp Week “Massacre” EM VEE HI STAFF Assignments are posted, people disperse, and the mad rush to meet the monthly deadline is on. Pictures to be taken, layouts to be made, and errors to be corrected: all this and more goes into producing the Em Vee Hi. Expansion hit the newspaper this year when it went from the conventional four pages to a more modern six-page spread. This enabled the staff to ex¬ pand its coverage to include more features and sports activities as well as to play a greater role in informing the student body of existing activities and attitudes. Editors — T. Sill, Editor-in Chief; B. Wesley, Managing Editor. Reporters — Seated: S. Wilkins, B. DeBiase. Standing: M. Williams, F. D ' Amico, S. Peters, J. Loelkes, B. Fitzgerel. 180 — Organizations Reporters —Seated: M. Barnett, D. Brittain, D. Adkins, B. Kline. Sec¬ ond Row: B. Gillingham, K. Wilkins, J. Lake. Third Row: M. Lilly, D. Shepard, G. Snyder. Sponsor — Mrs. McCollum. Page Editors: D. Saverline, M. Wolff, J. Woods, K. Bowman. Organizations — 181 Barbershop Quartet — J. Long, C. O’Brien, C. Lindberg, J. Dalton, P. Coker. Golden-Throated Youths Unite In Song CHORAL DEPARTMENT Consisting of seven different groups, the Choral Department presents a variety of music ranging from sacred and classical songs to popular and barbershop numbers. Especially active during the Christmas season, the de¬ partment held its annual Christmas Concert with the band, and performed at Tysons Corner, the Office of the Federal Reserve Board, and at Fort Belvoir for the U.S.M.A. Prep School. Under the expert direction of Miss Hopkins, students gain both valuable musical experi¬ ence and genuine enjoyment from their in¬ volvement in choral activities. Beginning Girls’ Chorus — Front Row: M. Locke, P. Zaice, L. Poole, C. Pierides, D. Baumann, W. Elliott, P. Vollmer, D. Bivens, L. Keller, V. Lanning, A. North. Second Row: S. Andyshak, S. Robinson, L. Hand- Derg, L. Mense, A. Hitchcock, S. Hacker, J. Wilkins, T. Coates, P. Dav¬ is, J. Wright. Third Row: P. Leja, D. Richberg, B. Olson, J. Perry, S. Reinsel, J. Prichard, P. Rosser, P. Johnson, J. Hinten, K. Allen, S. Col¬ lins. Fourth Row: J. Peacock, W. Moser, M. Schneiders, C. Bowers, B. McClintock, B. Kline, L. Hayes, E. Reamy, V. Donnelley, T. Cast, C. Paradise, D. Marsh. 182 — Organizations 5S4i Concert Choir - Front Row: D. Tate, C. Lawson, P. Rice, J, Dalton, J Meeker, J. Long, R. Burt, L. Peterson, D. Fick, D. Bach. Second Row: P. Staver, L. Barbour, S. Kuykendall, P. Coker, P. Byers, P. Schreiner, B. Dasch, A. Wood, K. Smith, S. Snyder, L. Shaughnessy Third Row: Lisa Cox, D. Sebreny, G. Thayer, P. Wallace, G. Kelley, B. Palas, C. Linberg, M, Linberg, C. Hall, L. Elliott, D. Smith, L. Gunderson. V - ' SW Ifcfl Ifflul Madrigals — L. Peterson, P. Wallace, M. Lindberg, R. Burt, G. Thayer, D. Tate, J. Dalton, P. Schreiner, C. Brown, A. Wood, C. Lindberg, P. Coker, D. Fick, C. Lawson. Motioning with her hands, Choral Director Miss Hopkins works to get the utmost from her choir. Organizations — 183 Mixed Chorus — Front Row: M. Wentzel, N. Stallings, C. Hudson, A. Kroll, S. Wallace, D. Morrison, F. Elliott, P. Carl, S. Sternbeck, P. Rey¬ nolds, D. Boulton, J. Chase. Second Row: D. Wright, M. Coffee, C. Alli¬ son, R. Bullock, R. Pauly, R. Bennett, D. Gaylor, E. Coward, B. Brady, B. Fuller, K. Callahan, G. Williams. Third Row: D. Hoffman, T. Garber, L. Schultz, D. Beckler, G. Allison, J. Moore, B. Grisham, M. Green¬ house, F. Williams, D. Dasch, B. Pfanzelter. Fourth Row: M. Yary, C. Coonrod, J. Vallandingham, L. Jolicoeur, B. Bixler, D. Anderson, M. Shaefer, R. Polhamus, N. Beatie, K. Romney, J. Lahendro, S. Bracken, K. DeBiase. Choraleers — Seated: L. Shaughnessy, L. Barbour, D. Bach. Stand¬ ing: C. Lawson, A. Wood, D. Tate, P. Wallace, D. Smith, K. Smith, D. Fick. 184 — Organizations Choral Department Sponsors Seasonal Songfests Accompanists — Seated: D. Bach, M. Wentzel, Standing: B. Schurtz, Miss Hopkins (director), L. Cox. Select Girls Chorus — Front Row: D. Wade, K. Long, S. Gaylor, L. Cox, L. Leggett, H. Tipa, J. Rice, T. Fick, S. Corney, P. Martin, K. Haaser, B. Moore, C. Dodson, S. Laliberte, M. Hili, N. Thomasson. Second Row: D. Cogar, L. Frederick, K. Schmidt, W. Tyler, L. Eddy, N. Chester, D. Eldridge, N. Byrd, P. Johnson, C. Duncan, D. Woodworth, B. Grant, B. Eadie, D. Stoehr, B. Schurtz, S. Griney, S. Harlan. Third Row: P. Ker¬ shaw, M. Kelley, D. Perrin, S. Woods, C. Rickson, L. Murray, J. Rosch- er, T. Leverenz, D. Davis, L. Elliott, K. VanDyk, M. Porterfield, C. Co- Iyer, G. Roland, S. Camp, D. Pauly, P. Blunk. Organizations — 185 Ingenuity Breeds Excellence In Performance MAJORETTES During fourth period, a lively group of girls can be seen in the hall by the choral room, marching, conversing, listening to a special record, inventing new routines, or intently practicing. These girls, better known as the Majorettes, put on an admirable show during our fall sports program. Their talent allows them to try many new tricks as well as as¬ tound their audiences with their agile move¬ ments and twirling abilities. Poised, Pat Sullivan awaits the signal to begin the Majorette’s Homecoming routine. Majorettes — kneeling: J. Nowak, D. Wells, G. Thayer, Captain; K. Long, Co-Captain; C. Edwards, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: P. Sullivan, T. Rice, M. Wolff, W. Tyler. 186 — Organizations Retreating with the Colors, the Color Guard marches off the field after the national anthem. Color Guard: C. Gorwitz, K. Martin, P. Johnson, Co-Captain; 0. Mc¬ Carthy, J. Brevard, C. Farmer, D. D ' Amato, Treasurer; L. Wilson, N. G rover, Captain. COLOR GUARD One of the looked-over attractions on the foot¬ ball field during pre-game and half-time activi¬ ties is an essential group of spirited girls. Sporting attractive uniforms, carrying guns, banner, and flags, the Color Guard faithfully fulfills the duty of leading our national an¬ them. Considered officially a part of the band, the Color Guard did some branching out. They made new uniforms, had summer car washes, numerous bake sales, and displayed their tal¬ ents by making “arty” Christmas decorations for a bazaar. Organizations — 187 Brass — Front Row: D. Vosburg, M. Pickwick, K. Woodworth, D. Woods, S. Williamson, R. Maple, S. Poppe. Second Row: J. Blackwell, J. Swain, J. Wolfe, T. Cole, W. Phillips, H. Keller. Third Row: B. Gross, C. Hage- rup, D. Cason, B. Moreau, G. Hastings, T. Porterfield. Council — S. Miller, Assistant Librarian; S. Poppe, Freshman Repre¬ sentative; K. Sims, Drum Major; B. Moreau, Drill Master; J. Kellison, Band Manager; D. Dwyer, Junior Representative; D. Woods, Sopho¬ more Representative. 188 — Organizations Band Council Gives “Marching Majors” New Look BAND The band had a totally new look this year. The officers organized evening practices during the summer at Walt Whitman Intermediate to help whip the band into shape for its half-time per¬ formances at football games. This entertain¬ ment was completely planned and executed by its members. This change to smart-stepping marching and a new social outlook of parties and picnics was overdue and well-received by the students. Band Officers — B. Gross, Librarian; J. Woods, President; J. Blackwell, Vice President; F. Clevenger, Secretary-Treasurer. Woodwinds — Front Row: S. Miller, S. Atkinson, D. Baker, J. McDaniel, S. Flores, J. Paap, J. Wolfe, J. Pooley, S. Rollinger. Second Row: D. Dwyer, R. Masters, B. Childers, V. Ferguson, D. Deforest, S. Gremar, J. Bauman, D. Rowland, L. Hall, B. Egger. Third Row: N. Hitchcock, B. Fowke, B. Pederson, j. Wyatt, R. Robertson, K. Sims, D. Greco, M. Vermillion, K. Oxley, T. Ballou, J. Cunningham, M. Barron. Fourth Row: A. Ruffner, M. Shannon, T. Still, M. Williams, D. Brittain, S. Lionber- ger, D. Donahoo, J. Childers, L. Moore, R. Oshima, S. Clements, J. Kel- lison, F. Clevenger, F. Wolfe. Organizations — 189 September Heat Conquered With New Uniforms Officers — Front Row: B. Williams, Captain; L. Gunderson, President. Second Row: L. Lee, Manager; S. Heise, Sergeant-at-Arms; J. Roscher, Historian. Third Row: L. Berlin, Secretary; N. Hill, Treasurer, surer. Drill Team - Front Row: S. Roodbary, D. Smith. Second Row: T. Garber, P. Heston, C. Allison. Third Row: C. Moore, M. Morningstar, M. Schlosser. Fourth Row: C. Robey, J. Lake, B. Keelin. Fifth Row: C. Garrett, R. Yale, S. Bader. Sixth Row: K. Stumm, G. Lusker, K. Romney. 190 — Organizations Drill Team — Front Row: D. Beckler, B. Leach, J. Chase, K. Callahan, Second Row: G. Williams, M. Yary, D. Perrin, N. Thomasson, N. Ches¬ ter, S. Sternbeck. Third Row: J. Lahendro, P, Frese, J. Gibson, M. Oswalt, J. DeJonghe, S. Symmes. Drill Team — Front Row: G. Roland, P. Rice, L. Cox. Second Row: B. DeBiase, J. Boerger, S. Day. Third Row: V. Wells, D. Sebreny, V. Hayes. Fourth Row: J. Smith, D. Tate, C. Riser. Fifth Row: D. Davis, C. Colyer, M. Weaver. Sixth Row : K. Smith, A. Bond, A. Wood. DRILL TEAM As well as marching in all types of weather and performing at all home football games, the Drill Team made up a large part of the audience at sporting events throughout the year. The girls kept up with their customary jinx dolls, locker pals, and the Winchester and George Wahington Parades. They broke with tradition by marching several times at the Fort Belvoir U.S.M.A. Prep School and fought the September heat by making new summer uniforms. The magical transformation of a bunch of giggly, gossipy girls into quiet, disci- lined ranks never ceases to surprise, and please, their audiences. Organizations — 191 SPIRITERS ,n ' M Spiriters And Cheerleaders Unite To Promote Strong School Spirit Stepping forward, Joanne Scandling awards the Pep Jug after a morning pep rally. The symbol of the Spiriters — the jug. Not a moonshine jug, but the Pep Jug, awarded to the class each week which displays the most spirit. Although not as large a club as in pre¬ vious years, the Spiriters made up for their small number with their enthusiasm, organiz¬ ing uninterested students into an enthusiastic, spirited student body. Spiriters — Front Row: K. Gaylor, Vice President; J. Scandling, Presi¬ dent; B. Schurtz, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: N. Bryson, D. Newman, D. Needham, J. King. Third Row: D. Ditton, S. Spencer, B. Shifflett. Fourth Row: R. Glisson, P. Zaice, M. Locke, P. Brett. Fifth Row: J. Stevenson, P. Wallace, L. Springer. Sixth Row: P. Meads, A. Phelps, J. Ogle, S. Barry. Seventh Row: K. Oxley, B. Stagg, K. Tice. Front row: P. Barron, H. Tipa, G. Ghent (captain), M. Kelley, P. Thomas. Second row: K. Scott, C. Perry, V. Vandyken Practice after school helps the J.V. cheerleaders attain their peak of perfection. s — wf- 1 L §1 P- tJ Front row: P. Sebreny, S. Hill (captain), J. Boddie. Second row: A. Hitchcock, E. Cancilla. Third row: D. Collins, J. Seibert, G. Koenig. Organizations — 193 CHEERLEADERS l i Cheerleading requires an enormous amount of vivacity and creativity. These qualities were shown this summer by members of our Varsity and J.V. squads who attended cheerleading camp. Not only did the Mount Vernon girls win a “spirit stick” representing the best spirit, ap¬ pearance, and attitude, they also captured the camp trophy. For the first time this year, our masters of spirit competed in a cheering con¬ test against cheerleaders from other area high schools. They also experimented with new but¬ tons, new cheers, and weekly hall and locker room decorations, while continuing the tradi¬ tions of selling victory tags, lollipops, and spirit chain links. 194 _ Organizations Cheerleaders’ Creativity Brings Innovations ft Top: Barbara Novak (co-captain), Lisa Wood, Bonnie Brown. Center: Karen Heise. Bottom: Lisa Bircher, Mrs. Lunter (sponsor), Debbie Moss. Organizations — 195 Faculty Teachers learn with us. We are all human. We seek the answers to questions which can be answered only through experience . . . the experience of living. Together we feel the tingle which accompanies understanding . . . we grasp it, touch it, and turn it over like a blind person feeling a new face. Will it ever come clear? perhaps — if we search . . . search beyond the point at which we become weary of searching. 196 — Faculty Faculty — 197 Mr. Landes Enters His 25th Year As Principal ADMINISTRATION Only one could meet the qualifications of Mount Vernon’s man of a thousand places . . . our principal, Mr. Landes. His unmatched ability for being everywhere at once astounds, and sometimes frustrates, the student body. To a few he is only a voice heard over the public address system, but to the majority he is the adhering force of the school, ready to remedy any problem. The assistant principals, Mr. Christiano, Mr. Kazlausky, and Mr. White, have also earned their share of respect. Whether preparing cur¬ riculum, issuing driving permits, or doling out discipline, these men are Mr. Landes’ liaisons with the school. Mr. Melvin B. Landes, Principal, and Mr. G. C. Cox, Mount Vernon’s first principal, discuss changes that have taken place around the “plant”. Mr. Landes shown at his desk, and at commencement, has many duties as principal. 198 - Faculty MR. STEWART CHRISTIANO Assistant Principal MR. VICTOR KAZLAUSKY Assistant Principal MR. GEORGE W. WHITE Administrative Aid Always working, Mr. White is piled high in papers. Mr. " Kaz”, working in his office, is smiling as usual. Mr. Christiano is caught stealing into his library hideaway. Faculty — 199 Counselors Guide Us In Making Decisions GUIDANCE College catalogs and free advice are readily available in the Guidance Offices. Counselors are on duty at all times to lend an ear to our crises and conflicts, to offer consolation, and to suggest solutions acceptable to parent, stu¬ dent, and teacher. Counselors assist us in making decisions that will aid in determining our success or failure in later years. They help us to balance our work load and to choose subjects which should make our academic school life an interesting and enjoyable challenge. The guidance we receive here often helps us to finalize our future. The rapport between Mrs. Barry and her students reflects itself as a paragon for her conferees. Julie Mur¬ phy is only one of the many students who is associated with Mrs. Barry, who not only is a counselor but also F.T.A. sponsor. Mr. Shelton’s efforts in keeping his “College Information Library” current proves its validity by the number of students who use it. 200 — Faculty Miss Lapsley ponders a solution to a student’s problem. Mrs. Reed gazes upon a counselee’s file with a proud smile. MRS. MARGARET D. BARRY Guidance Counselor MISS MILDRED J. LAPSLEY, Department Chairman Guidance Counselor, MRS. FLORENCE L. PRICE Guidance Counselor MRS. BARBARA A. PRUET (not pictured) Guidance Counselor MRS. MARGARET B. REED Guidance Counselor MR. BAKER 0. SHELTON Guidance Counselor MRS. WANDA D. SHOEMAKER Reading MISS POLLY WAID Guidance Counselor Faculty — 201 “Some Books Are To Be Tasted, Others To Be Swallowed, And A Few Are To Be Chewed And Digested” Francis Bacon LIBRARIANS The library holds all of the varieties, or flavors, of books one may want. Mrs. Ginsburgh, who left Mount Vernon to further her studies at the University of Califor¬ nia at Berkley, bequeathed the library and all its wealth to Miss Vicks, her successor. Our new librarian, with the aid of Mrs. Trutt, keeps the library in top condition and ready to suit the needs of the student body. Mrs. Ginsburgh and Mrs. Trutt give some student they caught talking, the evil eye. With a smile, Miss Vicks, the new librarian greets her job. MRS. SYDELLE F. GINBURGH Librarian MRS. GAYLE K. TRUTT Librarian MISS MARY VICKS Librarian 202 - Faculty SECRETARIES The secretaries of Mount Vernon are always ready to lend a helping hand when we oversleep and need a little push in getting to school, when we have a dental appointment, and even when we want to check back into school. They have the task of keeping tabs on 1,600 students plus writing reports, sending out forms, and making phone calls, all of which they perform efficiently and cheerfully. Making phone calls to the houses ot the ill students is one ot Mrs. Rafert ' s daily duties. While selling football tickets, Mrs. Johnson sneaks a peek to see what’s going on outside her booth. MRS. JEAN S. ADKINS Secretary MRS. IRIS M. CHAMBERS Secretary MRS. BILLIE L. GATES Secretary MRS. HAZEL JOHNSON Finance Officer MRS. HELEN T. MACHONIS Secretary MRS. JOAN A. O’BRIEN Finance MRS. MIE A. OSHIMA Secretary MRS. DOROTHY RAFERT Secretary MRS. HELEN TIPA Secretary Faculty — 203 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Foreign languages not only teach us to communicate in a foreign tongue, but also give us a chance to learn about other cultures. The fact that “gesundheit” is not located in northern Poland was one shock felt by the first-year language students. Second-year and third-year language students read and converse in their chosen language. Mrs. Avoli and Mrs. DeHostos chat in a language common to both. “Et un” points Mr. Privette as his class learns to count in French. Mr. Vaughn expresses surprise as a student replies in fluent Spanish. MRS. MARILYN AVOLI German I, French I, French Club Sponsor MRS. ELENOR LANGRABE French III, IV, V, French Honor Society Sponsor MR. WADE H. PRIVETTE, JR. French II MR. JOHN D. SETTER Spanish I MISS SONJA SWOBODA German I, II, German Club Sponsor MR. LEONARD E. VAUGHN Spanish II, III, IV, Spanish Club Sponsor 204 — Faculty Students Learn Through Practical Application Miss Lowman lectures from her podium. Mrs. Provance grades one of the many papers produced by business students such as the one below. BUSINESS Soon after students enroll in Business classes they find that GWAM is not only an island in the Pacific Ocean but also a business tabula¬ tion achieved by dividing one’s typing speed by one’s errors. “ABCDEF” becomes a com¬ mon sound in the perfection of filing skills. Students find that curlicues and squiggles have meaning, that books can actually bal¬ ance, and that the art of becoming a polished receptionist is as easy as smiling through the Bell System. Familiarity with these skills will gain for many of these students better em¬ ployment in future years. MRS. DOROTHY J. BROWN Bookkeeping and Typing I MRS. ELIZABETH P. GALIE General Business, Business Economics MISS LUCY LOWMAN, Department Chairman Vocational Office Training, Typing I, VOT Sponsor MRS. MARY RUTH O’NEIL Stenography I, Typing I, Shorthand I MRS. FLORENCE PROVANCE Shorthand II, Typing I, Bookkeeping Faculty — 205 Black Literature Expands Students’ Horizons ) ENGLISH According to the statistics, English is the most popular course at Mount Vernon — all enrolled students take it! Despite the fact that it is re¬ quired, English receives its popularity through the enthusiasm shown by its departmental members. This enthusiasm made it possible for one class to visit a Trappist Monastery and the replica of a medieval church during their study of Can¬ terbury Tales. Another teacher exposed stu¬ dents to the world of Black, “tell it like it is”, Literature which included a brief history sup¬ plemented by an independent study of chosen novels by black authors. Through the use of vocabulary Mr. Vahey enlarges his students’ word knowledge. Mrs. Cooley attentively watches the distribution of honors at the P.T.A. awards assembly. 4 MRS. HELEN L. BLALOCK English IV MRS. CATHERINE P. COOLEY English IV, Senior Club Sponsor MRS. NANCY L. DAVENPORT English II, III MRS. MARGARET H. GEARHART English I, Latin, Latin Club Sponsor MR. GARY J. JONES English II, Public Speaking, Debate Team MRS. MARGARET H. LUNTER English III, Cheerleading Sponsor 206 — Faculty MRS. SUSAN I. McCOLLUM English I, Journalism, EM VEE HI Sponsor MRS. GAIL NETTLES, Department Chairman English III, Creative Writing MRS. IONE C. SCUDDER English I MR. HENRY R. STERLE (not pictured) English I, II MRS. JOAN STROKES English I, II MR. HERMAN V. THOMASON English IV, Key Club and SURVEYOR Sponsor MR. E. THOMAS VAHEY English III, French I MRS. ELIZABETH M. WALSH English III, Grammar Composition MRS. MARGARET UPSHAW English II, III Mrs. Davenport explains how she wants the composition papers to be labeled. Amused by the creativity of her students, Mrs. Nettles smiles. Going over his note cards Mr. “I” prepares a lecture for his Black Studies course. Faculty — 207 Fine Arts Produced As Students Combine Talents MISS LOUISE L. HOPKINS Choral Director MRS. RHEA G. LOCKE, Department Chairman Art II, III, IV, Art History MR. A. LEE PAULEY, Department Chairman Drama Voice and hands combine as Miss Hopkins directs choral classes. Picking up the tempo at a football game Mr. Steinbach leads the Pep Band. 208 — Faculty In preparing an Art History test Mrs. Locke goes research¬ ing. Coaching off stage Mr. Pauley readies for up coming play. FINE ARTS Throughout the year students in the Fine Arts Department learn new skills and cultivate and appreciation for the Arts. In the production of the Music Man, they learn to respect one an¬ other’s talents. Drama students sing, choral students act, art students build sets, and band students, along with a sprinkling of individuals from the rest of the student body, paint sets and tie the production together. Fine Arts highlights include a fall choral con¬ cert, the drama department ' s presentation of Rhinoceros, and the annual combined band and choral Christmas concert. Through these efforts, the students of Mount Vernon become better acquainted with the fine arts. MRS. BETTY A. SIVETS Art I MR. GENE A. STEINBACH Band Director Faculty — 209 MR. OVID M. BUTLER Trig. — Functions, Probability, Statistics MR. E. DICK CORSEPIUS Algebra I, Algebra I — Part I MISS CONNIE M. JOHNSON Algebra I, Geometry, Math I, Drill Team Sponsor MR. STEPHEN A. KENDALL Algebra I, Geometry, Math II MR. JOHN E. MILLER Algebra I, Algebra I — Part I MRS. JANE O’BRIEN Algebra II, Geometry, Functions, Analytical Geometry Happy with her math solution Mrs. O’Brien smiles. Mr. Butler cuts the ribbon to the new computer room as Mr. Landes and Mrs. Kendall look on. With his book for assistance Mr. Stratton explains a problem. 210 — Faculty Mr. Miller’s football interest seems never to hinder his academic pursuits in mathematics. Listening, Mrs. Yearick contemplates a student’s question. No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teachers? MATH From the basic principles taught in General Math we progress to the advanced mathematic courses of Analytical Geometry and Calculus. As we go through the year, our Math teachers help us learn about some of the gyrations that numbers and symbols are capable of perform¬ ing. Many of the students come to the conclu¬ sion that a higher math course does not nec¬ essarily mean harder problems, just longer, more complicated ones. In addition to our textbooks and basic tools, we have a computer this year to work ad¬ vanced problems. This computer reportedly comes up with such gems as “!”, “You’ve got the tape in backwards”, and “I am the genie of the disc; insert command in slot A for proper results”. This advanced machinery may relieve the need for books, pencils, and paper, but we still need an instructor to teach us how to operate the computer! MRS. PORTER Geometry, Math I MR. JOHN PRICE (not pictured) Geometry, Science MR. HENRY R. STERLE (not pictured) Math I, II MR. WILLARD STRATTON Math I, Algebra I MRS. LOIS M. YEARICK Calculus, Algebra 11-Trig., Algebra II Faculty — 211 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Whether playing touch football in the cold or sweating in the corrective gym while wrestling, P.E. provides a break in the day’s routine. It is a time of physical, not mental, exercise, of re¬ laxation, and of letting yourself go. However, too often we get carried away with such free¬ dom and are punished by the “wooden disci¬ plinarian”, well-known by many freshmen boys as well as experienced upperclassmen. MISS MARTHA JEAN ALLEN Physical Education 9 MR. DAVID L. GROVE Physical Education 10 MR. ERNEST M. SNYDER (not pictured) Physical Education 11, 12 MR. EDWIN G. TAYLOR, Department Chairman Physical Education MISS SUSAN D. VAIL Physical Education 9, 10, 11, 12 MRS. DEBORAH A. WINGARD Physical Education 9, 10 MR. JOHN D. YEDNOCK Physical Education 9 SB 5P Athletes, Mr. Menefee and Mr. Taylor indulge in the lighter side of life. Snickering Mr. Yednock. Approvingly Miss Allen views students. 212 - Faculty 101 Ways To Disguise Yellow Cake? CLINIC, COOKS, AND CUSTODIANS To be capable of strenuous daily exercise, our bodies must be healthy. The clinic is quite handy when one feels sick or has a major test the next period. Mrs. Peachey listens sympath¬ etically to our aches and pains, then sends us back to class. Our cooks have devised over 101 ways to dis¬ guise yellow cake, all of which were enjoyed during the year. The custodians pick up the wads of paper that missed the “circular file” in our moments of being a great basketball star. They open jammed lockers, capture snakes which have escaped from the biology room, and generally help make life easier for us at “M.V.” Mrs. Strobel and our Cafeteria Staff plan and prepare nutritious meals. Mrs. Peachey is ou r school nurse. Faculty — 213 You Mean I’m Putting C 6 H 12 0 6 On My Cereal? The difference between bases and acids are explained many times by patient Mr. Givens. A student asks Mrs. Avery a puzzling question. To solve problems Mr. Mas- kalenko uses observation, experiment, and a lot of guessing. 214 — Faculty SCIENCE The scientific method: a system of logic and analysis. Teaching a student to think in a scientific manner is the purpose of a science course. Whether observing a chemical reaction or studying the growth of plants, the object is learning to observe. Students are amazed to find that many sub¬ stances often taken for granted, such as sugar, water, and even the air we breathe, can be represented by a scientific formula. Offering courses ranging from Earth Science and Biology to Chemistry and Physics, the Sci¬ ence Department provides stimulus to many to continue their studies and finally to choose a profession related to the scientific field. By globular measurement Mrs. Harder shows her earth science students the angle of the sun. MRS. ETHELFRIDA G. AVERY Biology, I, II MR. DAVID S. GIVENS Biology, Chemistry, S.C.A. Sponsor MRS. AMMA H. HARDER Earth Science MR. SPENCER D. MARCUS Biology, Chemistry MR. PAUL MASKALENKO, Department Chairman Chemistry MR. JOHN PRICE Physics MR. JOHN R. SAWYER Science 9, Biology MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN Biology, Science Club Sponsor Fatuity — 215 World Conflicts Become A Reality Through Our Studies SOCIAL STUDIES In today’s ever-changing world no field of en¬ deavor is more complex and diverse than the realm of Social Studies. This tremendous vari¬ ety is evident in Mount Vernon’s Social Studies Department whose instructors range from Mr. Skinner, the “Sunshine Man” of M.V. to the more provocative Mr. Match whose personal philosophy is “Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick” In keeping pace with the changing complexion of the Social Studies curricula, a new dimen¬ sion has been added. In view of college de¬ mands, certain government classes are con¬ ducting independent studies programs which allow students to do more co-ordinated re¬ search in the library Increased independence is only one example of the Social Studies program’s effort to intro¬ duce the students to the responsibilities of the changing world through participation. MISS JOAN H. CARR U.S. Government, English II MRS. SONJA L., deHOSTOS U.S. Government, Spanish II, III MR. PATRICK J. FREEMAN U.S. History MR. TIMOTHY A. KERLIN World Geography MR. KENNETH E. LEGINS World History, Modern European History MISS ROBERTA A. LERG World History, U.S. Government, Sophomore Class Sponsor For protection, Mr. Match keeps his stick Handy. Mr. Powell lectures to his students on the new draft lottery. 216 — Faculty (X A Co r In a joking way, Mr. Coverstone points out the ills of America’s foreign policy to his Government class. World History students speak to Mr. Legins concerning the due date of an assignment. MR. OSCAR MATCH Government, Economics, Sociology MR. ROBERT M. MENEFEE, JR. World Geography MR. DAVID L. POWELL, Department Chairman Government MR. MICHAEL M. SKINNER U.S. History MR. HENRY R. STERLE World History MR. JOHN W. WEDLOCK U.S. History, Government Faculty — 217 MR. JAMES BATES I.C.T. I, II, I.C.T. Club Sponsor MR. LESTER CROOM General Shop I, II, Metal Shop MR. HOMER C. CURRENCE Maintenance Shop I, II MR. JAMES W. JOHNSTON Industrial Arts I, II MR. WILLIAM W. NURSE Mechanical Drawing MRS. LOIS M. PIEPER Home Economics I, II, III, Food Service While his mechanical drawing classes are hard at work, Mr. Nurse catches 40 winks. Mr. Bates is a good example of student teacher relations. Assisting a student, Mr. Currence, measures to see if the wood sections have the same dimensions. 218 — Faculty Vocational Guidance Gives Essential Training After instructing in homemaking subjects, Mrs. Ro- berston faces the tedious job of grading. By lecture or by demonstration, one of Mr. Snell ' s main concerns is the student ' s proficiency in the business world. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE The Home Economics cottage is always open to us in our minor emergencies. Split seams, fallen hems, and torn shirts give students a chance to apply their skills. Students in the Metal, Wood, and Automobile Shop classes learn skills they will be able to use the rest of their lives, whether as odd-job man around the house or as producer of high-quality craftsmenship. Skills learned in these Vocational Guidance classes contribute to the growth of individuals, families, communities, and a better nation. MRS. PURCELL M. ROBERTSON Home Economics I, IV, F.H.A. Sponsor MR. H. P. SNELL, JR. Distributive Education II, III, D.E. Sponsor Faculty — 219 They Keep Smiling Through It All FACULTY Our teachers have their “grumpy” days, but so do we. They contend with crowded classrooms, ancient facilities, and “crazy” students 185 days of the year. They complain about in-service training days, doughnut shortages, and bad coffee. They cheer for our teams, chaperone our dances, and sponsor our clubs. And most of the time, they can be found smil¬ ing. Mr. Yednock always has a smile for the camera. Getting away from it all Mr. Price and Mr. Givens relax in the faculty lounge. Mrs. Gates . . . smiling? 220 — Faculty Speaking to English IV students, Mr. Fonteroy tells of Black Society and himself. Students enter the shop room to be greeted by Mr. Croom’s friendly goggled face. Mrs. Chambers is “our girl friday” in the guidance office. Faculty — 221 Advertisements We grow here. We seek that silent, imperceptible abstract that hides behind the actions which fill our lives. Yet, we will not find it all here. We see only glimpses . . . pieces . . . slivers. We will leave and continue to seek. Yet, we have learned from the people with whom we have associated We have taken a step toward realization. Ad vertisements — 223 PAXTON VAN LINES IS THE ONLY WAY TO MOVE Around the world or just around the corner, you can always rely on our experience and integrity for all your moving needs. As a member of Atlas Van Lines, Inc., we have agency representation throughout the world. PAXTON VAN LINES Member of Movers’ Warehousemen’s Assocation of America, Inc. 5300 Port Royal Road Phone: 321-7600 Springfield, Virginia Albert Lee Paxton, President 11 Graduates Of Today Dictate Future Business PEPSI Phone: 780-3283 gjsaw WOODLAWN TEXACO MUSIC CELLAR Ruth Rathbone, Bill Higgins, and John King look over the wide selection of albums at the Music Cellar. Located at 7960 Fort Hunt Road in the Hollin Hall Shopping Center the Music Cellar has in addition to albums; posters, black lights, and a wide array of musical instruments. Advertisements — 225 Variety Best Describes Local Businesses NOHEALANI If you are looking for the latest fashion crazes straight from the island of Hawaii, look no further than Nohealani’s of Alexandria. Located on Cameron Street, near Traven Square, No- healani has the fashion look you have wanted. PERKINS PANCAKE HOUSE OF VIRGINIA, INC. 6401 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22309 Compliments of: FORT BELVOIR CLEANERS BENDALL PONTIAC, INC. Virginia’s Largest Pontiac Dealer 1625 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia Overlook 3-1600 226 — Advertisements EUGENE THOMAS CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. 1321 Cameron Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Telephone 683-0292 A. Eugene Thomas; President Alumnus — Class of ’44 UNITED VIRGINIA 515 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Telephone 549-3000 Serving Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax County HYBLA VALLEY GULF SUBURBAN ESSO “Fast, Efficient Service. " " Mmerica s Leaaing tnergy Company” 7501 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22309 8420 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22309 Phone: 780-6800 A. M. Ruffner WOODLAWN ESSO SERVICENTER DUKE STREET MOBIL “Put a tiger in your tank.” “Complete Car Care” 8861 Richmond Highway | f Alexandria, Virginia 22309 2838 Duke Street Alexandria, Virginia Office: 780-3335 Home Office: 780-6554 Phone: 836-8131 Wm. M. Ledbetter Jr. Allen Bredbenner Through School We Come In Contact With Services Portraits By Kensington, Maryland Official Photographer for 1970 SURVEYOR Senior pictures may be ordered by calling 949-0777 Advertisements — 229 “Fashions For Gentlemen . . . And Their Ladies” STEVEN-WINDSOR With four big area stores to serve your clothing needs Steven-Windsor has the widest selection of attire for the well-dressed man and woman. Steven’s fine clothes and friendly service has made it the place to shop for many of Mount Vernon’s well-dressed students. ALCO ELECTRONICS 8516 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22309 780-5580 230 — Advertisements DEL-RAY FURNITURE COMPANY Del-Ray Furniture Company, 8228 Richmond Highway, has a huge showroom full of furni¬ ture for every taste. From Early American to Modern, Del-Ray caters to the needs of every customer. Bill Driscoll and Alexis Long find what they are looking for at reasonable prices and good quality. NEEDLE THREAD SHOP INC. 1520 BELLE VIEW BLVD. ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 22307 ■ Phone 768-8849 ■mtrm ISISlffe :W ' - r . HOLLIN HALL VARIETY STORE, INC. 7902 FORT HUNT ROAD ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 22308 Phone 765-4191 ALEXANDRIA GAZETTE The day after a football game, wrestling match or other sporting event the students of Mount Vernon turn first to the Alexandria Gazette for complete new coverage. Clippings from the Gazette are often seen complimenting the bulletin boards in the halls of MVHS. Advertisements — 231 Convenient Locations Make Area Stores Ideal For Catering To Student Needs WOODLAWN NATIONAL BANK When you are looking for a bank to accomo¬ date your needs, look first for a well- established firm, one that offers both check¬ ing and savings account and gives deposit box service. All these can be found at Woodlawn National Bank on Richmond Highway, adjacent to the Woodlawn Shopping Center. JEAN DAVIS FLOWERS 529 Oronoc Street Alexandria, Virginia 548 1010 EVERYTHING FOR THE WOMAN WHO SEWS " THE VERY LATEST IN FASHION FABRICS LARGE SELECTION BUTTONS, TRIMS, ZIPPERS, THREAD NOTIONS J4oa3e of annid FINE FABRICS HOME DECORATIONS CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY SLIPCOVERS DRAPERIES Woodlawn Shopping Center, Alexandria, Va. Marumsco Plaza Shopping Center, Woodbridge, Va. Manassas Shopping Center, Manassas, Va. Ravensworth Shopping Center, Springfield, Va. CARPETING 780-5445 494-4955 361-3177 321-7370 SIMPLICITY McCALLS All 4 Stores VOGUE BUTTERICK PATTERNS Open 9-9 Daily 232 — Advertisements DIXIE PIG ZAMSKY STUDIOS P.O. Box 45 Kensington, Maryland When you think of eating out, think first of the Dixie Pig Barbecue, the Dixie Pig has been serving this area with good food at reasonable prices for over a decade. One of Mount Vernon’s own students, Dave McConnell works at the Dixie Pig. CANNON SHOE Variety is the key word at Cannon Shoe Store as seen in the wide selection of casual and formal shoes. Cannon’s, conveniently located between Mount Vernon and Fort Belvoir in the Woodlawn Shopping Center, offers students and their families the latest in fashion and style. Advertisements — 233 Students Patronize And Work At Area Stores WOODLAWN GARDEN APARTMENTS Want to know how to get out of mowing the lawn this summer? Tell your parents to sell your house and move into Woodlawn Garden Apartments. There 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apart¬ ments, all at reasonable rates. Make the move to modern apartment living. Who knows, you might live next door to one of the many MVHS students who already live there. POWELL’S CITGO 7802 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22303 KELTH’S RESTAURANT 8786 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Reservations: 780-6070 ‘‘Specializing in steak lobster tail” VAL’S HAIR STYLIST 7728 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 360-5220 V. ' j ENGLESIDE BARBER SHOP ‘‘We need your head in our business " 8631 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22309 780-9750 234 Advertisements PHOTOCOM 8766 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 780-7300 SHADOW BROOK The Bradbury Organization Contemporary Homes of Mount Vernon 780-5548 FOSTER’S 1 HOUR CLEANERS Dry Cleaning Laundry Alterations 8524 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22309 Phone 780-5230 BEEDIE’S AT WOODLAWN Complete Beauty Service 8760 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 780-5012 MARTIN’S HARDWARE The convenient location of Martin’s Hardware has made it the ideal store for student needs. From lumber supplies to a ball point pen, Mar¬ tin’s has it. Their friendly atmosphere and quick service has made many patrons of Mount Vernon’s student body. A frequent cus¬ tomer, Ron Dueppner, makes a purchase and he is waited on by fellow Mount Vernoite Barry Farber. Advertisements — 235 SMITH’S LAMP SHOP Quality With Economy 1 Are your grades lower than your best performance? Maybe you’re not getting the most out of your studies because of poor light¬ ing. If so, pick up a new lamp at Smith’s Lamp Shop, located across the street from MVHS. Their styles range from Early American to Modern, and if you’re not sure whether a lamp is right for your room or not, take it home on the 24 hour trial basis. BELVOIR PHARMACY Being sick is a natural thing and the desire to become well again also is natural. Belvoir Pharmacy has all types of pharmaceuticals to keep you well. Belvoir Pharmacy also has a variety of brand name cosmetics and toiletries. Mrs. Thomasson decides whether or not a change in hair color would put some excite¬ ment into her life. FLEISHER JEWELERS “What would you like to see? We have watch¬ es, jewelry, and china.’’ This is a typical greet¬ ing from helpful salesman at Fleisher Jewelers Silversmiths. While deciding to buy a friend¬ ship ring for some lucky person, Vickie Hayes discovered that Fleisher also does repair work at economical prices. 236 — Advertisements ROSE’S ATLANTIC SERVICE 24 Hour Wrecker Service T. DEE’S BEAUTY SALON " Satisfaction Is Our Warranty” 8500 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, Va. WIG CENTER 8328 Richmond Highway Phone 780-5470 Phone 780-9702 SMART SET THE BEE’S KNEES SHOP Distinctive Gifts Ladies’ Apparel 7816 Richmond Highway Hybla Valley Shopping Center 780-5412 Cards — Candles — Crafts 215 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Phone 548-2699 WEDGEWOOD CARPET INC. BEN FRANKLIN Hybla Plaza Shopping Center 8756 Richmond Highway Phone 780-9364 7822 Richmond Highway Phone 780-8400 Bank Americard Central Charge WOODLAWN HARDWARE Compliments of: Woodlawn Shopping Center 8752 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, Va. 22309 KINNEY SHOE 7508 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Phone 780-6639 " Your Family Shoe Center " Patrons Phil Coker KEVIN NANCY Bob King 72 Vicki Hayes KEYETTES Nan Grover Mr. Kaz MARCY WOLFF Tim Sallie Lou Judi MRS. LEILA LYNCH Nina Bryson Kris Wilkins 71 WILSON W. CARNES FAMILY Janice Lea Brevard Robb and Sue MARK ’67 Mem Barnett Pat Wallace DR. MRS. BERNARD STIER Mr. Mrs. James Nettles Carl Salisbury SULGRAVE MANOR Susan Nielson Patti Kim JAMES J. LACAVA, D.D.S. Miss Sonja Swoboda Barbara Novak Ga yle MacDonald 71 Judy Robbins Diann Cajighas Terry Fick Kris Long Alice Carnes Wedgewood Carpet, Inc. Ted Keppel Compliments of: WOOD’S HESS STATION 9142 Richmond Highway Ft. Belvoir, Virginia Compliments of: Dr. R. A. McDonald D.D.S. Landmark Professional Bldg. 5249 Duke Street Alexandria, Virginia 22304 TIMBERMAN’S DRUG STORE 106 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia LIZA-MAY Hairstylists Belvoir Manor Shopping Center 9160 Richmond Highway Fort Belvoir, Virginia Phone 781-8383 238 — Advertisements Local Service Stations Maintain Students Cars COLYER’S SERVICE CENTER Have you ever wondered where the school car washes are located? Many of them take place at Coyler’s Esso. Car washes are just a part of their customer-courtesy. Coyler’s has state inspection, they perform major overhauls, and the attendants practice speedy service. Drive into Coyler’s the next time you need gas and let them handle your car with a light touch. Phone: 765-9200. HERBERT BRYANT, INC. There is a store located at 201 King Street, where you can find anything you might need to replant your lawn, start a rock garden, or to feed a herd of dairy cattle. (Dairy Cattle?) What is the name of this store that offers the total supplies for gardening and farming? It’s Herbert Bryant, Inc. which has been serving Northern Virginia for over fifty years. 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Cymbals poised awaiting his cue, Greg football field. Jones watches the Mighty Majors on the Berlin, Lois. 73, 158,190 Bernard, Elizabeth . . . . . 73 Aspinwall, Glen . . ... 43,166 Bernard, George . . . . . . 51 Athanason, Nickic . ... 59, 162,169,177 Bernhard, Donald . . . . . 43 Atkinson, Susan . . 51,162,189 Berry, Donna Aton, Jennifer . . . .141 Berryman, Leroy . . . .51,135 And, Susan. .59 Bcschen, Emil . . . . . 60,125 Avery, Mrs. Ethclfrida .... . . 214,215 Bess, Donald. . . . 74 Avoli, Mrs. Marilyn . . 164,204 Bibber, Alicia . . . . .51,137 Ayers, Michael Bibber, Tanya . . . . . . . 60 B Bickell, Robin . . . . . . . 51 Babington, Nicole . .51 Bigler, Jeffrey . . . . . . . 51 Bach, Debra . . . . 51,164, 183,184,185 Bigler, Richard . . . . . . 60 Bader, Susan . . . . .190 Billings, Catherine . . . . . 74 Baez, Allison .... ... 72,170 Bircher, Lisa. . 27 ,74,195 Bailey, James Bircher, Mark . . . . 129,168 Baker, Barbara . . . ... 43,166 Bivens, Delaina . . , . 43,182 Baker, Carl . . . . .43 Bixler, James Baker, Diane . . . . 59,158, 160,168,189 Bixler, Robert . . . . 74,184 Baker, Richard . . . .72 Blackstock, Jimmy . . . . 60 Baker, Roger . . . . .43 Blackwell, James. . . . . 75, 177, 188,189 . . .206 Baker, Sara . . . . .59 Blalock, Mrs. Helen Baker, Timothy . . ... 72,177 Blind-;, Patricia. . . . 60,185 Baldwin, Sharon . . .51 Boaz, Tracy .... . 75, 176 Ballou, Timothy . . .72 Bobyak, Francis . . . . .176 Ballou, Thomas . . ... 51,145 Bobyak, Michael Bannister, Kerry . . ... 59,166 Boddie, Judith . . . 43, 153, 193 Bannister, William . Banyas, Catherine 51,143,166 Boerger, Judi.... .75, 102, 170,178, 191 Boffman, Sylvia . . . . . 43 Banyas, Kenneth . . .164 Bolton, George . . . 128,135 Barber, Bradly . . . .51 Bolton, John .... . . . 43 Barbour, Carla . . . .51 Bond, Anita .... . . . 75, 165, 170,191 Barbour, Lisa . . . . ... 59, 140,183,184 Booher, Donna Bard, Gwen . . . . ... 51,139 Booth, Beverly . . . . . . 75 Barnes, Martha . . . .51 Booth, Candice . . . . . 43 Barnet, John . . . . 59,129, 156,160,162 Borowsky, Michele . 60, 131,136 A Abel, Patricia.71 Abbott, Kathleen.71,170,171 Abbott, Patrick.51 Abbott, Sheri.43 Ackermann, Roxanne.51,161 Acree, David Adkins, Daniel.59,181,188 Adkins, Mrs. Jean.203 Alexander, Emma Alexander, George.43, 145 Alexander, Rebecca.71, 171 Allen, David.59 Allen, Frances.71 Allen, Geraldine Allen, Jeffrey. 58,59,64,125,157 Allen, Kathryn.43, 182 Allen, Korby.43 Allen, Miss Martha Jean.49,212 Allen, Steve Allison, Cheryl. 59, 184, 190 Allison, George. 20,59,184 Allison, John.51 A Iverson, Jerry.43 Ames, Brenda.51 Anderson, Danny . . .43, 135, 145, 184, 188 Anderson, Dewey.51 Anderson, Gwen.59 Anderson, Joan.59 Anderson, John..8,71,126,133 Anderson, Robert.128 Andrews, Robert.59, 166 Andyshak, Shelley.43, 182 Annis, Lucile.51,170 Aranza, Dolores Arrington, Sharon.71, 176 Asbury, Michael.72 Barnet, Nicholas . . . 51,55,129,161,164 Barnett, Mary. 72, 172, 181 Barnhill, Debbie.176 Barr, Cynthia.51 Barron, James.28,72 Barron, Margaret.51, 193 Barron, Michael. 43, 135, 189 Barros, Maria. . 51,131,161,162,164,172 Barry, Diane.51, 166 Barry, Donna.51, 167 Barry, Elizabeth.51 Barry, Mrs. Margaret .... 172,200,201 Barry, Steven.72, 192 Bartanen, Christy.59 Barton, Marcus Barton, Marsha.43 Bates, Mr. James.176,218 Batton, Stanley.43 Batzer, Wayne.43 Bauer, Diane.51, 141 Bauer, Richard. . 33, 73, 87, 133, 157, 160 Baughn, John Bauman, Jeanne.43, 189 Baumann, Craig.59,179 Baumann, Dianna.43, 182 Baxley, William.59 Bayne, Shirley.73, 176 Beahm, Robert. 43,135,145,167 Bearden, Richard. 59, 125, 132 Beatie, Nancie. 59, 166, 184, 158 Beatie, Virginia.43, 165 Beaver, Teresa.43 Beck, Lynne Becker, Kathleen.73, 170 Beckler, Debra. 60, 184, 191 Beckwith, Rosemarie.51 Beers, Loni.51 Bell, Debra.73 Bell, Martin. .38,73,133,142 Bell, Rebecca.51 Bellon, Melvin Below, Melissa . 73, 158, 178 Benson, Ricki Berend, Linda Berger, Angela.43 Borrero, Arlene Borrero, Manuel.52 Bostick, Carmen Boulton, Diana.60,184 Bowers, Cheryl.43, 182 Bowers, Linda.75, 171, 176 Bowman, Kathy.75, 181 Bracken, Kathleen Bracken, Susan.184 Brackett, Charles.60 Bradshaw, Ronald Brady, Bruce.52,184 Brady, David.43, 139 Brady, James.75 Braswell, Bennie.52 Braswell, David.52 Braswell, Flossie.43 Breault, Vicki.75 Bredbenner, Donna Bredbenner, Sandra.43 Breeden, Rhonda.52 Breland, Frances . 75,176 Brett, Michel. 75, 125, 168 Brett, Patricia .... 59,60,158,164,192 Brevard, Janice. 60, 172, 187 Brevard, Melissa.52, 170 Brezarich, Thomas.43 Brigman, Nanci.60 Brittain, Charles. 52,164,181,189 Brittain, Karen Broadwater, Michael.76 Brogden, Nancy.60 Brooks, Elizabeth. 60, 162, 167, 178 Brown, Bonnie.76, 195 Brown, Carole Brown, Cecilia. . 10,59,60,158,166,183 Brown, Mrs. Dorothy.205 Brock, Sandra . 43 Bryson, Kevin.44 Bryson, Nina. 76,78, 158, 160, 192 Bugaj, Cynthia Buglia, Thomas.76, 176 Bukalski, Pamela.44 Bullock, Randy.44 Bullock, Ronnie.184 Index — 241 Burg an, John Burks, James . . . . Burns, Claire Burris, Louis Burris, Paul . 60,125,132 Burt, Roger . . . . ... 60,128,133, 182 Butler, Mr. Ovid . . .210 Byers, Paul . . . . Byrd, Betty . .20,76,92.163, 183 Byrd, Mary. . 76,164,172 Byrd, Nancy . . . . Byrd, Susan C Cain, John. Cajigas, Dianne . . . . 10,60,194 Callahan, John . . . Callahan, Karen . . . 60,191,184 Callahan, Michael. Callahan, Patrick . ... 52,166 Callahan, William . Callan, Cynthia . . Camp, James. . . . Camp, Sheriann . . . ... 61,185 Campbell, Brian . . . . 61, 128, 132,142, 156,160 Campbell, Cynthia .52 Campbell, Rodney. . ... 52,128 Canaday, Linda . . . . . . 57,52 Cancilla, Ellen. . . . 44,139,193 Caporaletti, Stephen . . . . 76, 176 Carl, Coady .... Carl, Patrick .... Carlson, James . . . . ... 77,126 Carnes, Alice . . . Carnes, Elizabeth . . ... 61,178 Carpenter, Cathy . .44 Carpenter, Louise 73, 77,86,158,160, 178,140 Carpenter, Janice . . ... 52,137 Carpenter, Joseph . . . . . 51,52 Carpenter, Michael . . . . , .125,132,162 Carr, Miss Joan . . . . . 160,216 Carson, Michael . . . 52,126,135 Carter, Billy .... Cartier, Belinda Casassa, Charles . . . . . 52 ,125,135,161 Casassa, Michael , ... 44,166 Casey, Peter .... .52 Cason, Donald . . . Cassilly, Mary Castro, Charles , ... 44,188 Castro, Duane . . . 52, 128.145 Castro, Randal . . . Castro, Vicki . . . Cave, Edward . . . Celejewski, Chester Cervantes, Carmen .61 Chambers, Mrs. Iris Chambers, Sara Chandler, Nancy . . . . 203,221 .77 Chapman, Shannon. Chase, Harold . . . . 20,61,163 Chase, Janet .... Chedester, Carroll 77, 184,191 Chenevert, Gary . . Chenevert, Marc . . Chester, Anne . . . Chester, Catherine 77,185, 191 Chester, Elizabeth . Childers, Beverly. . .77,158. ,160,164,189 Childers, Janet. . . Chilers, Robert . . Chis, Barbara . . . Chis, Marianne. . . Chistiano, Mr. Stewart . . . . . 199,129 Christoph, Karen . . .61,131 , 136,140,166 Christoph, Kimberly 44,137,141 Christie, William . Chumley, Sharon. . .61 ... 78,176 Cipolla, Leslie . . . Clark, Clayton . . . 51,52 Dorothy Sebreny, Janet Gibson, and Cindy Lawson represented Mount Vernon in area teen boards. Caught in mid-air, Ted Leverenz demonstrates how he consistantly out jumped his opponents although he was usually shorter. Clark, Patricia.61 Clark, Sandra Clements, Gale.44 Clements, Steven.61,125,189 Clevenger, Felicia 78, 179, 189, 140 Clinedinst, Christine Cline, Ronnie. 176 Clybum, Patricia.78 Coates, Theresa.44, 182 Coffee, Marian. 31,78,163,184 Coffee, Nancy.52 Cogar, Billie Cogar, Donna.78, 185 Cohn, Robin. 35,78,169 Coker, Phillip .... 4,78,21,24,30,92, 163,182,183,156 Cole, Jeffry.188 Collard, Carol.44 Cole, Thomas.135 Cole, Patricia Collella, Richard.52 Colley, Jeffrey.52 Collier, Nancy Collins, Debra.44, 193 Collins, Mike Collins, Sheila.44, 182 Colyer, Cynthia. 78, 185, 191 Compton, Danny.52 Comer, Gloria Conant, Patsy.61,170 Congiglere, Evelyn.52 Conlin, Kathryn.44 Connor, Robert.79 Conway, Suzanne.52,161, 167 Cook, Jeffrey.135 Cooley, Mrs. Catherine . . . 70,121,206 Coonrod, Cherie.52, 184 Cooper, Byrum.61,133,156 Coorsh, Richard.79, 163 Cornwell, Iden.79, 176 Corkery, John.52 Corney, Suzanne. 52, 166, 185 Corsepius, Mr. Everett.210 Cothran, David.79 Cothran, Kathy.44 Cotterman, Robin.80 Coverstone, Mr. James.217 Covington, David.52 Covington, William.44 Cowart, James Coward, Earl.184 Cox, Lisa.80,172,183,185,191 Crabbe, William.61 Crabbe, Mark.44 Crawford, Peter.44 Crisp, Valerie.61, 176 Croom, Mr. Lester.221,218 Crowley, Todd.61,145 Crum, Glenn Crum, Kenneth.77 Crutteeden, Peter.52 Culton, Richard Cumming, Rose Cunningham, Jerome.80, 189 Cunnigham, Cherryl.44 Currence, Mr. Homer.218 Currie, Roger.44, 135 Curtis, Steven. 52, 166, 135, 145 D Dalton, James .... 24,80,163,182,183 Damato, Deborah.187 Damato, Teresa.80 Damico, Frances. 52, 164, 180 Danforth, Nancy.52 Danforth, Paul.128 Danko, Michael Darby, Guy. 8,80,125,138,156 Dasch, Deborah.61, 184 Dasch, William . . .81,125,167,183,156 Davenport, Mrs. Nancy. 206,207 242 - Index Davis, Althea.61,165 Davis, Charles.44 Davis, Donald.61 Davis, Donna.81,185,191 Davis, Gloria.81 Davis, Michael.52 Davis, Pamelas.44, 182 Davis, Richard.61, 142 Davis, Susan.44 Dawson, Dan Dawson, Michael.52 Day, Margaret.52 Day, Nancy . . .3,81,160,169,179,140, 141,154,158,252 Day, Sue.81, 102, 170, 178, 191 Deavers, Lenard.176 DeBiase, John DeBiase, Katherine. .61, 158, 164, 178, 184 DeBiase, Mary.73,81,180,191 DeChants, Michael DeCicco, Mary.44 Dee, Lucy.52 DeForest, Debra ....... 44, 167, 189 DeHaven, Kim. 45, 135, 145 De Hostos, Mrs. Sonja. 204,216 Dejonge, Jody . . . .52,161,170,179,191 Dejonckheere, Richard.81,160 DelaConccpcion, Joan Dellinger, Mike.61 DeMery, Joanne Denzer, Sandra.52, 141 Derm an, Gregory.61,133 Deville, Michael.61, 178, 138 Devol, Deborah DeWitt, Barbara DeWitt, Kathleen.61 DeZulovich, Deborah.51,52 Diamond, Judith.51,52 Dible, Leah Dick, Mark.81 Dietzel, Randall.128, 135 Dingle, Lawrence Dinunzio, Renata.170 Dirmeyer, James.52 Ditton, Dinah.52, 192 Divine, Alfred.61,133 Divacky, Dana Dixon, Ronald Dobbs, Robin Dodd, Ronald.82 Dodd, Terry.45 Dodge, John Dodson, Cherly.61, 131, 185 Doeppner, Ronald .... 61,125,133,156 Dolan, Donna.45 Dommisse, Don.125, 172 Donahoo, David.145, 189 Donahoo, Sheryll.66 Donaldson, Thomas .61,125,132,139,156 Donnelly, Victoria. 52, 168, 182 Donavan, Kent.52 Doucette, Diane.137, 141 Dougherty, Helen.170 Douglas, Thomas Douvlos, Denise.62,31,163 Dove, John Downs, Marvin Doyle, Karen.54 Doyle, Pam.166 Dresser, Jeanne.52 Driscoll, William.52, 188 Duke, Pamela.45 Dumas, Katherine .... 62, 165, 169, 153 Duncan, Cynthia .153, 185 Dundas, Mary.52 Dunigan, Michael Dunn, Patricia.82,171 Duran, Ralph.52 Duvall, Jeffrey Dwyer, Deborah. 62, 168, 188, 189 Dyer, Robert E Eadie, Beth.52, 185 Eadie, Clark.82 Earley, Deborah.52 Earley, Julia. 82, 158, 172 Earley, Randall.176 Earp, Michael.83 Easton, Carol.83, 171,176 Echols, Kurt Echols, Mark Eddy, Lynn. 83, 168, 185 Eddy, Walter Edwards, Cathy. 52, 164, 186 Edwards, Elizabeth.176 Edwards, Linda.83 Edwards, Sherry Jean.83, 175 Efthemes, Terry Egan, Bruce.83, 160 Egger, Barbara. 53,189,137 Eike, Lisa.45, 136 Elder, Bruce Eldredge, Deborah . .5,11,24,83,97,158, 162,185,224 Eldredge, Jeffrey.135 Elliott, Dean.45 Elliott, Floyd.184 Elliott, James Elliott, Linda. 62, 164, 183, 185 Elliott, Lydia.53 Elliott, Wanda.182 Ely, Barbara.83 Enders, Michael.83 Eppert, Robert Esposito, Pasquale Evans, Sharlene.62 Evans, Terry.53 F Fadely, Tyler.53, 128, 133 Farber, Barry Farber, Judith Farmer, Carolyn. 73,83,187 Farmer, Roger Faulconer, Frank Faulkner, Debra Feaganes, Jefferson Fee, Janice.53,83 Fee, Marilyn Ferguson, Gary.62 Ferguson, Vicki.53, 189 Ferraro, Melanie Ferraro, Mike.53 Fetty, Cherilyn. . 10,15,62,158,160,162 Fick, Deborah . . . .5,17,20,21,83,163, 183,184 Fick, Theresa. 15,59,62,185,153 Finney, Carolyn.84 Fishbeck, Patti.84, 175 Fitzgerald, Kenneth.53, 145 Fitzgerald, Nicki.176 Fitzgerel, Betsy.51,53,180 Fitzpatrick, Barbara . . . .10,62,158,194 Fitzsimmon, Sharon Flattery, Donald.62,179 Fleming, Geoffrey Fletcher, James.45 Florence, Richard.53 Flores, Sandra.53, 189 Floyd, Jackie . 81,176 Foglio, Daniel . ..84, 132 Foglio, Terisa Foltz, Jane Ford, Brenda.53 Ford, Bruce.62, 163 Fortney, Judy.53, 161, 179 Foust, Larry. 62,166,173,177 Fowke, Benjamin.189 Fowler, Autumn.126 Frank, Mary.84 Franklin, David.53, 135 Franklin, Elizabeth.45 Frear, Ray Fredrick, Linda.62,185 Freeman, Elizabeth Freeman, George.53,145 Freeman, Gordon.62, 175 Freeman, Kathleen Freeman, Mr. Patrick.216, 129 Frese, Nancy Frese, Pamela.84, 170, 191 Fretz, Dennis Frizzel, Renee.50,53 Frye, Jennifer.62 Frye, Linda.84, 176 Fuller, Barbara.62, 184 Fullerton, Donald . . 10,84,121,33,125, 160,162,132 Fullerton, Lawrence . . . 84,85,112,125, 160,132,162,15 7 Funk, Sandra.53 G Gabriel, Michael.62 Gabriel, Steven.53 Gainer, Janice.84 Galie, Mrs. Elizabeth.205 Galliher, Roy.45,135 Game, Elizabeth Gandy, Jane.85, 160, 162, 170, 179 Gaquin, Brian.84, 85 Index — 243 Garber, Terri. 163, 184, 190 Garber, Thomas.45 Garrett, Claire.53, 190 Garrity, Pattie.85 Garvey, Megan.62 Gast, Tracy.182 Gates, Mrs. Billie. 220,203 Gates, Nancy. 62 Gates, Nina.62 Gaunt, John.62 Gaunt, Margaret. 85, 160, 168, 170 Gaylor, David.184 Gaylor, Kevin . . 7,86,169,179,192,38, 156,252,158 Gaylor, Susan ..185 Gearhart, Mrs. Margaret. 206,168 Ginsburgh, Mrs. Sydelle.202 Gemmer, Paulette Gerlach, Kevin German, Wayne. 62,125,132 Ghent, Daniel. 62,128,133,142 Ghent, John.86 Ghent, Virginia .... 52,57,53,28,193 Gibbens, Kim Gibbs, Michael. ..86, 166 Gibbs, Vicky Gibson, James.70,86,132,156 Gibson, Janet . 86,191 Gibson, Kirk.135 Gielarowski, Steven.86 Gielarowski, William Gillingham, Bruce . .86, 125, 181, 133, 156 Gillispie, Andrea Gillispie, Kim.52, 165 Givens, Mr. David. . . 220,214,215,152 Glisson, Roy.53, 192 Goers, David Gojsza, Eugenia Goldsworthy, John Gonzales, Brenda. . . 73,86,167,130,136 Gooch, Betty.52 Gordon, Donna.51,53 Gordon, Margaret. 52,53,170 Gorwitz, David. ..45, 145 Gorwitz, Cynthia. 73,97,153,158, 169,187 Grant, Elizabeth. 53, 166, 185 Grantham, Croft.87 Graves, Michael.166 Greco, Denise.45, 189 Green, Carolyn Green, James Greene, David Greene, Meredith.62 Greenhouse, Mark. 87, 35, 185 Gremar, Shirley.53, 189 Gribben, Debra.137 Griffin, Jackie.53 Grigsby, William.87, 175 Grimes, Roger Griney, Stephen.35 Griney, Susan.3,88,185 Grisham, Bruce Grisham, Byron.88, 184 Gross, Brenda. 88, 164, 188, 189 Grove, Mr. David.212,125 Grover, Mitzi.53 Grover, Nancy.88, 187 Grover, Steven.135 Guard, Paul Guenthner, Mary.88 Guffey, Charles.45 Gulotta, Frank Gulotta, Tony Gunderson, Lisa.88,28,182,190 Gurley, Brenda Gurley, Jamie.45 Gurley, Linda Guyer, Patricia. 53, 130, 136, 141 Gysel, Richard H Haaser, Kathie . . . Hacker, Susan . . . Hager, Raymond . . Hager, Robin Hagerup, Charles Hahn, Albert Hahn, Cliff .... Hajdu, Suzanne. . . Haley, Joseph . . . Hall, Carla .... Hall, Lisa. Hall, Mark. Hall, Steven .... Hambleton, James . Hambleton, Starr Hanback, Donna Handberg, Linda . . Handwerk, N ancy Hanks, Nancy . . . Hanley, John . . . Hanson, Dana . . . Hanson, Quentin Harder, Mrs. Anna. Hopkins, Miss Louise Harlan, Mary . . . Harlan, Susan . . . Harlow, Gloria . . . Harlow, Johine Harnden, Stephen Harper, Richard Harris, Robbie Harris, Shelby Hart, Rebecca Hart, Timothy . . . Hart, William Hartigan, Anne . . Hartigan, Richard . Hartman, Robert. . Haseman, Joan . . . Haseman, Ruth . . Hastings, Eugene . . Hasty, Grant .... Hasty, Mark .... Haver, Robert Havrilak, Robert Hawkins, Linda . . Hayes, Jill. Hayes, Laurie . . . Hayes, Victoria . . Haze, Cheryl. . . . Heath, Kevin . . . Hebert, Sharon . . . Hedgepeth, David . Hedgepeth, Jane . . Hedgepeth, Richard Hedges, Harold . . Heise, Karen . . . Heise, Susanne . . . Henderson, Bruce. . Henderson, Kenneth Henry, Leigh .... Henry, Mark .... Henry, Timothy . . Hensley, Cynthia. . Henson, Cynthia . . Henson, Randall . . Hereford, Robert. . Herford, Barbara Hermann, John . . . Hermann, Luke Hernandez, Mayra . Hernandez, Paul . . Herring, James. . . Hertzog, Steven Hess, Michael . . . Hess, Patricia . . . Heston, Paula . . . . . . 51,53, 185 47,162,167,182 .53 .... 173,188 .53 .53, 168 . 89,125 . . . . 164,183 . 45,189 .62 ... 53,57,163 .62 .53 . . 45,167,182 .63 .53, 135 . 53,141 .215 . . 183,185,208 .54 . 89,185 .89 64,68, 129, 156 . . 54 63,138 45,135 . 89,158,194 . 51,54 89,156,160,163,172, 178,188 .63 .54 .54 , . 89,176 . 46,182 .89,92,116,160, 162, 179,191 . 63,158 .135 .54 .46 .63, 163 .63 .46 . 160,195 . 89,190 .176 . 54,145 .54 . 54,135 . 54,135 .46 . . . 42,46 . . . . 59,63,26, 125 .63, 167 . ... 90 , .... 90 , .... 54 , . . 90,166 90,125,132 .54 , . . 90,190 Hicks, Constance Hicks, Francis . . . Hicks, Ronald . . . Higgins, William. . Hill, Mark ..... Hill, Martha .... Hill, Nancy .... Hill, Susan .... Hilsabeck, Ernest Hinson, Claude. . . Hinton, Judy .... Hitchcock, Anna . . Hitchcock, John . . Hitchcock, Neil . . Hitchcock, Wayne . Hobbs, Virginia Hobbs, William . . Hodges, Mark Hodgson, Brian. . . Hodgson, Daniel . . Hoe, Mary Hoe, Michael . . . Hofer, Barbara . . . Hofer, Patricia . . . Hoffmann, Dale . . Hofmann, Deborah . Holland, Dale Holland, Mark Holland, Paul . . . Holloman, Stephen Hoogland, Amanda Horton, Cheryl . . . Horton, Clifton Houston, William . Howe, Patricia . . . Huddleston, Thomas Hudson, Carolyn . . Hudson, Frank Hudson, Nancy Huff, Thomas Huffman, Charles Huggard, Lorraine . Hughes, Barbara . . Hughes, James . . . Hughes, Patricia . . Hunt, Walter .... Hunter, David . . . Hurwitz, Jerome . . Hutcheson, Christina Hutchinson, Debbie Hyatt, Robert ........ 90, 170 .91,167,173 . . ..63, 132 ..........91 . 91,162 .91,162,185 . . . . 3,91,162,190 .. 46,193 63, 128, 133,142,156, 160,178,222,223 ........ 46,182 . . . . . 46,182,193 .......... 63 .. . . 63,189 .......... 46 . ..54, 135 .......... 46 . . . 63,125,133,139 .46 .63 .46 63,139,184 .54 . . . 91,133,156,167 .46 .54 . ..... 91 . .135 . .170 91,176 . . 184 .91 .63 . . .91,157 .46 .......... 176 . .... 46 .54 .46 .46 I Ice, Stephen . Iddins, Barry . Iiams, Gordon Ireland, Kim . . . ..63 .92 26,85,92,121,152, 156,160 J Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Barbara..92 Jackson, Brenda Jackson, Phyllis .. 63, 176 Jackson, Thomas ..92 Jacobs, Sandra.54, 131 Jannell, Richard. . 54 Jeffries, Kathy.46 Jefferson, Gregory.276 Jennings, Debra Jennings, Ursula.92 Johnson, Ann Renee.46 Johnson, Miss Connie. . ..210 Johnson, Eleanor . 46 Johnson, Eric.54 Johnson, Frederick.64 Johnson, Mrs. Hazel.205 Johnson, Phyllis . . .64,179,182,185,187 Johnson, William.138 Johnston, Charles. 54, 164, 177 Johnston, Mr. James.218 244 — Index The majesty of the Washington National Cathedral inspired 1969 graduates and their families at the Baccalaureate Services. Jolcoeur, Louis. . . . 64, 184 Jonah, David . .92 Jonah, Marion. . . . 54,141 Jones, Douglas. . 64, 132,156,162 Jones, Douglas. ... 92,166 Jones, Mr. Garry .... . . 177,206 Jones, Gary. . 54, 135,167,188 Jones, Gregory. .46 Jones, James. . . . 54,135 Jones, Robert. ... 54,135 Jones, William. .54 Jordan, James. . . . 46,145 Jourdan, John . Joy, Michele 93, 126,133 Railing, Paul. Karkanen, Steve • • • 46,135 Kazlausky, Mr. Victor . . . . 12,199 Kazlausky, Victoria . . . . . 42,46 Keelin, Betty. Keelin, Robert ... 64,190 Keller, Harold. . . . 46,188 Keller, Lori. Kelley, Deborah 46, 166,182 Kelley, Eugene .... 93, 156,183 Kelley, Mia. 54, 184,193 Kelley, Thomas .... 46,145,167 Kellison, Judy. . 64, 131,188,189 Kelly, Anita. .46 Kelly, David. . . 138,156 Kelly, David. .93 Kelly, Mike. . . . 46, 135 Kelly, Paula. .93 Kendall, Mr. Stephen . . . . .210 Kennedy, Anthony . . . Kennedy, John . . . 64,166 Kennedy, Timothy. . . . . . 93, 175 Kent, Kimberly .... .46 Keplinger, Gregory. . . . . . .93 Keppel, Theodoric . . . . . . . 30,93, 174 Kerlin, Mr. Timothy . . . . .216 Kernan, Sheryl. . . . 54,167 Kerns, Kenneth .... .54 Kerns, Wayne. .46 Kersey, Cathy. Kersey, Leonard . . . 46, 139 Kershaw, lames .... .54 Kershaw, Patricia . . . Key, Friedrick Kicherer, Charles Kidd, Dana Kidd, Susan 94,160, 185 Kimble, Lois ...... .54 King, George. .54 King, John. . .64 , 31, 125,192 King, Patricia. King, Robert 94, 160,172 King, Robert. . . . 54,178 Kirby, Larry. . . . 94,133 Kirkwood, Cliristine . . . . . 43,46 Kirkwood, Eric. .64 Kirstein, Christopher . . .64 Kiser, Jeffrey. .64 Kistner, Frank. .54 Kistner, George .... .94 Klick, Steven. 94,126,132 Klick, Timothy . . . . .135 Kline, Barbara. 64,166, 181 Kline, Rebecca .... ... 46,182 Kline, Ward. . . . 54,132 Knight, Gary .. Knight, Herbert . . 125,135 Knight, Kenneth .... ... 54,135 Koch, Janet . ... 94,172 Koenig, Gretchen . . . 46,166,193 Koenig, Katherine . . . .94 Koos, Kenneth. . . .46,135 Krear, Rita. .46 Krolak, John . . . 156,168 Kroll, Ann. 94,176,184 Index — 245 Adjusting the ripple tank, Doug Jones experiments to see what effect water depth has on speed and propagation of waves. Kroll, Jane Kroll, Stanley Kuhn, Nanci.64 Kuykendall, Susan.94, 183 Kye, Ernest.95 L Lacey, Diane.54 Lahendro, Jill.95, 184, 191 Lake, Joan. 54,164,181,190 Laliberte, Robert.46 Laliberte, Sally. 54, 170, 185 Lamber, Steve. 64, 139, 166 Landes, Mr. Melvin. 32,198,210 Landgrabe, Mrs. Eleanor.204 Landry, William.163 Lanning, Vicki.46, 182 Lapsley, Miss Mildred.201 Lauder, Larry Laughlin, Drew. 95, 156, 172 Lavinus, John.46 Lawrence, Cynthia.46 Lawrence, Thomas.95 Lawson, Cynthia . . . 5,95,171,176,183, Layton, Emory . . . Leach, Jane .... Leckey, Robin Leckey, Rosemary Leckey, Wendy . . Ledford, Annette . . Ledford, Robert . . Lee, Gary. Lee, Laura . Lee, Patricia .... Leffler, Janet . . . Leffler, John .... Leggett, Jacquelynn Leggett, Susan . . . Legins, Mr. Kenneth Leisner, John .... Leisner, Michael Leja, Patricia . . . 184,224 . ... 95 73,95,191 . 96,175 .64 . 96,175 . 55,128 . 96,170,190 . 51,55 . 51,55 .64 ... 55 , 161,167,185 .131 . 216,217 .135 . 46,182 Leps, Roxanna.47 Lerg, Miss Roberta.42,216 Leschnik, Steven.64 Leschnik, Susan.55 Letcher, Marshall.133 Leverenz, Tad . .26,64,136,140,158,185 Leverenz, Ted. 96, 133, 142 Lewis, Michael.47 Lieto, Anthony.47, 173 Lieto, William.55 Ligon, Betty.47 Ligon, Mary.64 Lilley, Michael.47 Lilley, William. 64,132,160,178 Lilly, Marie.161,181 Lindberg, Carl . . . 10,20,24,96,182,183 Lindberg, Mark. 133,142,183 Linville, Linda.96 Lionberger, Steve. 47, 135,189 Lisella, Linda. 43,47,166 Little, Kenneth Livsey, David.64 Livsey, John.47 Livsey, William.64 Lloyd, Mira.96 Locke, Melissa. 47,164,182,192 Locke, Mrs. Rhea. 208,209 Lockwood, Joyce.51,55,161 Lockwood, Margaret. 96, 130, 140 Loder, Barbara.97 Loelkes, Janet.51,55,164,180 Loelkes, Rosemary.97, 170 Lofton, Linda.131,137,141 Lofton, Roy Logan, Sidney.176 Long, Alexis Long, Laura.31,97,158,163,166, 178,185,186 Long, John. 24,97,129,182,183 Looft, Christel.65, 178 Lorenzo, Maximo.135 Lorenzo, Robert.47 Lorenzo, Walter. Lovingood, Harold . . . . Lovingood, Steve Lowman, Miss Lucy . . . . . . . 176,205 Luepnitz, Charles . . . . Luepnitz, Roy. Luepnitz, William . . . . . . 55,135,168 Lunter, Mrs. Margaret . . . . . . 195,206 Lusker, Geraldine . . . . Lusker, Gina. . 65,165 Lusker, Joyce. Lutkenhouse, Richard . . .97 Lysett, Joseph. M Machonis, Mrs. Helen . . Mackin, Steven. MacSorley, Fred. Maher, Miranda. Mahoney, Nancy Mallon, Pamela. Maness, Eva Mann, Gary. Mann, Thomas . . 55,125,156 Manning, Kevin. Manning, Philip. . 47,135 Manor, James .... 74, 77,97,156,160, 168,172 Manor, Philip. . 55,138 Manuel, Mark. .97 Maple, John. .98 Maple, Richard. . 55,188 Marciniec, Christopher. . .98 Marcus, Mr. Spencer . . Marfing, Tho mas . . 28, . ..215 55,135,156,161 Marinacci, Louis. . 65,125 Marinacci, Pamela. . . . .47 Markham, Kevin. . 47,135 Marsh, Deborah. . 47,182 Martin, Alice. .65 Martin, Harold. Martin, Kittie .55 Martin, Penny. Martin, Randy Martin, Robert Martin, Robert Martin, Steven Martin, Steven . . 55,164,185 Maskalenko, Mr. Paul . . . . . . 214,215 Mason, Anne. Massey, Jan .65 Massie, Larry. .47 Masters, Reba. . . 55,141,189 Match, Mr. Oscar . . . . . . . . 216,217 Mather, William. 98,129,156,177 Mathews, Robert. . 98,175 Maxwell, Gloria. .98 Mayer, John. .65 Mayo, Arletha. .98 Mazzello, Terri. . . . .43,46,47 McCall, Robert. McCarthy, Odile . . . . . .98, 176 65,164,179,187 McCarty, Shirley . . . . .47 McCauley, Barbara . . . .47 McCauley, Carol . . . . . 65,168 McClain, Timothy . . . . 99,175 McClellan, Margaret. . . . 47,166 McClintock, Barbara. . . . 47,182 McCollum, Mrs. Susan. . .... 207,181 McConnell, David . . . . .99 McCormack, Nancy . . . . . 98,170,172 McCurdy, Alan. McDaniel, Edward . . . . .99 McDaniel, James . . . . . 189,47 McDonald, Cynthia . . . McDonald, Gayle McDonald, John .55 McFadden, David . . . . McKee, Ann McKee, Margaret McLendon, Louis. .55 246 — Index McNeil, Ashby McQueen, John Meads, Patricia .... 99, 100, 158, 165, Meeker, John. 169, 177,192 .99,1S3 Megee, Patricia .... . . . 99 Mehaffy, )ohn. . . . 55 Menefee, Mr. Robert . . . .128, 212,217 Mense, Lesa. . 47,182 Messmer, C arl. Michaels, Thomas . . . . 65,129 Mikilia, Adam. ... 47 Miles, Roy. ... 55 Miller, Betty. ... 47 Miller, Carol. ... 65 Miller, David Miller, Diane. . 47,141 Miller, ]oe. 128,133 Miller, John Miller, Mr. John. . . . . . . 38, 210,211 Miller, Karen. . 47, 167 Miller, Mitch. . . . 65, 128,175 Miller, Randy. . 47,135 Miller, Richard .... . . . 47 Miller, Robert. . . . 55 Miller, Shyla. . . . 55 Miller, Stephanie . . . . . . 55 Miller, Susan. Milligan, Dennis 100,164, 188,189 Milligan, Leonard Milligan, Timothy Mills, Danny Mitchell, Bradford.47, 135 Moffitt, Barry.47, 135 Molina, John .100 Molinaxes, Javier.65 Monan, Nancy Monroe, Marolyn.101,176 Moon, Rachel.101, 171, 176 Moon, Sandra.55 Moore, Andy Moore, Bonnie.101, 185 Moore, Connie. 65, 170, 189 Moore, Deborah.73, 101 Moore, Dorothy.101,176 Moore, Ellen Moore, Joseph.47, 184 Moore, Louella.47, 189 Moore, Patricia.47 Moore, Peter ..48, 135 Moore, Robert.101 Moore, Sharon.65 Moran, Emily.101, 164, 170 Moreau, Donald.101, 157, 188 Morningstar, Cathy.55 Morningstar, Melody.65, 190 Morris, Judy.102 Morrison, Brian.65 Morrison, Dennis.65 Morrison, Dennis. . . .15,31,65,163,184 Morrison, Lisa.55 Morrison, Patrice. 102, 153, 169 Morrison, Phyllis.102 Morton, Peter.55, 135 Moser, Karen Moser, Wanda.182 Moss, Debra. . 65,195 Moye, Elizabeth Moye, John Moye, William. . . . . 76,102 Moyer, Michael . . . .65 Mueller, David Mullins, Gary Mullins, Larry Mullins, Russell Murane, Cindy . . . .139 Murphy, Cathy. . . .55 Murphy, Edward . . .102 Murphy, Julie . . . . . . 65,172,178,200 Murphy, Mary . . . .66 Murphy, Michael.55 Murray, Darlene.66, 170 Murray, Elizabeth . 102,151,158,159,185 Myers, Jerry Myers, Michael.135 Myers, Victoria.164 N Nagler, Richard.102 Nakamura, George.102 Nedorolik, Charles.135 Needham, David.66, 192 Neher, Joan.55 Nehlig, Catherine Nelsen, Carol.48 Nermyr, David.55, 165 Nesbit, Charles.43,48 Nettles, Mrs. Gail.207 Nevin, Patricia.51,55 Newdeck, Kenneth. 30,55,176 Newman, Donna ..66, 192 Newman, Ralph.66 Nider, Kenneth.55 Nielson, Susan. 66, 168, 179 Nissley, Jerry.103 Nixon, Deborah ..55 Nolton, William.103, 176 Norris, David. 59,66,142 Norris, Karen.66 Norris, William.103 North, Anne.182 Novak, Barbara. 103, 159, 160, 195 Novak, Mark.29,135 Nowak, Jean.166, 186 Nowak, Kent.103 Nurse, Mr. William.218 Nye, Gregory.145 O O ' Brien, Christopher. 24,103,182 O ' Brien, Mrs. Jane.210 O ' Brien, Mrs. Joan.203 O ' Brien, Sean O ' Connor, Gregory.55,57,128,145 O ' Connor, Patrick.104 Ogle, James. 74, 104, 168, 192 Okstulski, John.55 Oliver, Kurt.55, 166 Oliver, Mark Olsen, Rynn.55 Olson, Barbara.48, 182 Olson, Joyce.66 Olson, Patricia.73, 104, 170 O ' Neal, Alan.55 O ' Neal, Charles O ' Neal, Spencer O ' Neil, Mrs. Mary.205 O ' Rourke, Timothy.66, 129 Oshima, Mrs. Mie.203 Oshama, Ronald.104, 189 Osterndorf, Brian.55 Ostraco, James.48 Osw alt, Mildred .... 104, 162, 167, 191 Otero, Emma.137 Otero, Juan Otis, Ruby.104, 171 Owens, Jocelyn.167 Owens, Marsha.66, 175 Oxendine, Terry. 55, 126, 135, 145 Oxley, Kim. 55,178,189,192 ' P Paap, Joseph. 66, 189, 132 Pafe, Robert.66 Palas, William.104, 183 Palmer, George Palmer, Jonathan Panned, Richard.55 Papalzarus, Alexander.176 Paradise, Catherine.182 Paradise, Karen. 32,59,66,158 Parker, James Parrish, Therese.104, 136 Par ton, Dale.105, 176 Parton, Richard.132 Parray, George Patton, Catherine Patton, Mark.105 Pauley, Mr. A. Lee. 208,209 Paulger, Ketherine.55 Paulger, Thomas Pauly, Deborah. . . .66, 136, 140, 164, 185 Pauly, Richard.13,184 Paxton, Laurence .... 70, 105, 162, 167 Payne, Betty Peabody, Karen.55, 136, 166 Peachey, Mrs. Margaret . ..213 Peacock, Judy . 55,182 Pearce, Micheal.66 Pearson, Brenda.105 Pederson, Bruce.66,189 Pendleton, Neal.166 Pendley, Lynn.105, 175 Pennington, Robert.105 Peoples , Kristi.56,136 Perilloux, Elisa Perrin, Debra. 105, 185, 191 Perry, Cathy.193 Perry, James.125, 175 Perry, Jo.182 Peterman, Lloyd Peters, Cheryl. 56, 139 Peters, Dennis Peters, Micheal.105, 169 Peters, Sallie.66, 180 Peters, Stephen Peterson, Martha.66, 183 Petty, Mary..56, 166 Pfanzelter, Elizabeth. 66, 165, 184 Pfanzelter, Joseph.42,48,135,145 Phelps, Allan. 106, 173, 192 Phelps, Terry. 56, 166, 136 Phillips, Robert.106 Phillips, William.188 Pichurko, Vivian.107 Pickwick, Micheal. 66, 164, 188 Pieper, Mrs. Lois.218 Pierce, Kerry.77,107,188,142,156 Pierce, Ricklin. 66, 177, 188 Pierides, Claire. 48, 166, 182 Pilch, Bruce.66 Pinkepank, William.56 Pippins, Jerry Pittman, Castel.66 Pitts, Linda Pointon, Michelle.51,56,166 Polhamus, Katherine. . . 32, 73, 107, 140, 158,160 Polhamus, Richard. 135, 145, 184 Pomerening, Daniel . . 73, 107, 138, 157, 160,172,223 Pompeo, Eva.56 Poole, Lisa.182 Pooley, Janice Polley, Jerry. 66, 189 Poppe, Stephen.48, 167, 188 Porter, Evelyn.48 Porter, Mrs. Mary Lou.211 Poterfield, James.188 Poterfield, Mary. 66, 164, 185 Post, Daniel Post, Donna.56 Post Everett.107 Powell, Mr. David.216,217 Powell, Herbert Powell, Susan Powell, Teresa Presley, Jerry Preston, Phyllis.139, 166 Price, Alice.174 Price, Mrs. Florence.201 Price, Mr. John.215,220 Price, Linda.107, 171 Index — 247 Price, Pamela.56 Prichard, Jill.43,182 Primm, Mark.135 Prince, Paul.135 Privette, Mr. Wade. 125,138,204 Prosser, Clifford.67, 126 Provance, Mrs. Florence.171,205 Pruet, Mrs. Barber Puffenbarger, James Purcell, Jannie.67 Q Quinn, Timothy . . . 66,67,125,133,156 R Rafert, Mrs. Dorothy.203 Ramsey, Gregory Raso, Andretta Rathbone, Daniel Rathbone, John. 107, 166, 179 Rathbone, Ruth.67 Ratkus, James.48,135 Ratten, Christie.48,67 Ratten, Michael Razee, Clara Razee, Flarriett Reams, Charles.56 Reamy, Eleanor.182 Recore, Francis Reed, Mrs. Margaret.201 Reel, Richard.67 Reep, Michael Reese, Dennis.125 Reeves, James.107, 132 Reeves, Patricia.56,131,137 Reeves, Richard.9,29,135 Rehme, Jane.166 Reichert, Katherine.48 Reichert, Kurt Reiley, Elizabeth.56, 141 Reinsel, Ronald .... 14,20,21,107,163 Reinsel, Sandra.48, 182 Reyes, Omar.107, 162, 167, 175 Reynolds, Elizabeth Reynolds, Phyllis.67, 184 Rezzarday, Joan . . 107,136,164,170,173 Rezzarday, Katherine . . 67, 131, 136, 140 Rezzarday, Lawrence Rezzarday, Rose.137 Rezzarday, Theresa.137 Rhodes, Richard.107 Rice, Jackie.67, 185 Rice, John . 28,56,128,142,156 Rice, Margaret . . . 3,108,183,191,140 Rice, Mary Rice, Patricia.67,28 Rice, Robert.67 Rice, Teresa.108, 186 Richburg, Donna.182 Richmond, Charlotte.108 Riser, Charlotte. 27, 108, 170, 191 Rixon, Cynthia.56, 185 Robbins, Charles.145 Robbins, Douglas. 67, 166, 169, 176 Robbins, Judith.108 Robbins, Marian. 67, 163, 166 Roberts, James.108 Roberts, Joyce.56 Robertson, Coretta Robertson, Mrs. Purcell.219 Robertson, Richard.56 Robertson, Robin.56,57 Robey, Cynthia.56,161,190 Robinette, Gary.109 Robinson, Linda.43,4 6,48 Robinson, Susan.48, 182 Rodriquez, Roderick.59,67 Roland, Gaye. 109,171,185,191 Roller, Pilcherria.167 Rollinger, Kathy.3,109,158 Rollinger, Susan.56,189 Romney, Kim. 67, 184, 190 Roodbary, Shirley. 59,67,190 Roop, Cliff . . . Roscher, Judith. . Roscher, Sue . . . Rose, Barry. . . . Rose, David Rosendale, Nancy Rosendale, Snadra Rosser, Pamela . Rowland, Deborah Rowland, George Rowland, James . Roy, Kathryn. . . Ruffner, Alan . . Ruthe, Mark . . . Rynott, Leslie . . ... 56,128,135 109, 158,185,190 26,59,67,158, 162 .109 .56 .109 .182 .189 . 56,135 . 56,164 .189 . 56,167 . 67,168 Sable, David . . . Sable, Micheal. . Sadler, George Sadler, Karl Sage, James Salisbury, Carl. . Salzberg, Judith . Samples, Mark Saputo, Tom . . Sargent, Joanne . Sauers, Robert . . Saverline, Daniel Sawyer, Mr. John Say, Douglas Scandling, Joanne Scandling, John . Scandling, Mark . Scarce, Robert. . Schaefer, Debra . Schaefer, Micheal Schaeffer, Patricia Schalow, William . Scheets, George . . Scheets, Stephen . . Schipono, Mark . . Schlosser, Mark . Schimidt, Mary . , Schmitt, Monti Schmitt, Nancy . Schneiders, Donald Schneiders, Mary Schreiner, Preston Schultz, Ernest . . Schultz, Linda . . Schultz, Paul . . Schurtz, Bette . . Schurtz, Robert . Scott, Catherine . Scott, Micheal. . Scott, Miss Sue. . Scott, Susan . . . Scott, Warren . . Scudder, Mrs. lone Sebreny, Dorothy Sebreny, Patricia Seibert, Jeannette Setter, Mr. John . Sexton, Sheila . . Shadburn, Jeffrey Shadburn, Mark Shaeffer, Fred . . Shaffer, Elaine . . Shanahan, David . Shaner, Rodney . Shaner, Thomas . Shannon, Mark . . Shaughnessy, Lynn Shaw, Patricia . . Shelton, Mr. Baker Shelton, Gary . . Shelton, Gayle . . 67 109 . 109,164 .110 .48 . 110,170 .56 . . . 110,125,133,156 . s . .215 . . .58,64,67,69,158, 136,192 . . 14,27,87,110,157, 160,179 . 49,135,167 .56 . 110,170 . 49,135,184 . 110,163 . 110,175 .67 . 49,135,145 .56 .190 . 56,185 .67, 136 .110 .182 . 68,183 . 46,110 . 158,184 .133 . . . 110,158,162, 164, 172,182,192 . 68,167 .55,56,166,193 . : ... 56 . 158,206 .49, 141 . 85,110,152 .207 . . . 110,153,160,162, 167,183,191 . . . 43,44,49, 166, 193 . 49,193 .204 . 56,161 .125 . Ill,132,174 .Ill .56 .56 .... 49,135 51,56,139,189 . 56,183,184 . 112 . . . 200,201 ... 112,132 . . 50,56,137 Shepherd, Dawn.68, 181 Shields, Marianne.49 Shifflett, Bonnie . ..56, 192 Shifflett, Gregory.112 Shirilla, Martin. 56, 126, 135 Shiro, Marc.34, 112 Shoemaker, Dennis. ..174 Shoemaker, Mrs. Wanda.201 Short, Douglas Shrten, Cathy.56, 168 Shortt, Deborah Showard, Cynthia Shuman, David.68 Shutt, Sarah Siegrist, Helen.68, 168 Signorelli, Mark.56, 135 Simmons, Norea.49 Simms, Cynthia Simms, Dianne. 56,68,136 Simons, Joesph.113 Simpkins, Cathy.56 Simpkins, Cynthia . . 14,15,86,19,86,27 Sims, Karen. 4,68,177,188,189 Sitnik, Peter.113, 133 Sivak, Mary.68, 175 Sivetts, Mrs. Betty.209 Skelton, Faye Skinner, Mr. Michael.32,217 Skwarski, Karen.49 Skwarski, Linda.56, 141 Skwarski, Paul Slye, Catherine.68,174 Smith, Carl. 176 Smith, Donna .... 59,68,183,184,190 Smith, Freddie. . . . . ' .‘113,175 248 — Index United in song, the Concert Choir rehearses for the Christmas Concert. Seated in a semi-circle, Mr. Powell’s government class discusses world problems. Smith, Jeffrey . . . . Smith, Jeffrey . . . . Smith, Jennifer. . . . Smith, Karen . . . . Smith, Steven Smith, Steven .... Smith, Susan. Snell, Mr. Hallock Snelling, Robert . . . Snyder, Clifford . . . Snyder, Mr. Earnest Snyder, Garrett. . . . Snyder, Sandra .... Somers, Monica Sommerfeld, Frederick Sorrell, Steven .... Spann, Lee . Speed, David .... Spence, John .... Spencer, Cynthia Spencer, Maurice . . Spencer, Sylvia . . . Spinks, Alton Springer, Constance . Springer, Laurie . . . Stacy, David Stacy, Donna Stagg, William. . . . Stallings, Nancy . . . Stalzer, Mary. Stalzer, Robert.... Stapleton, Beverly Stapleton, George . . Staver, Donald .... Staver, Pamela . . . Stedman, William . . Stein, Deborah .... Stein, Sally. Steinbach, Mr. Eugene Steinke, Shelley . . . .56 .165 35,73,113,160, 191 . 113, 131,158,172, 183,184,191,131 . . 68,139,164,166 . 49,137 . 175,219 .113 . 49,173 . ... 113,142, 181 . . . . 56,183,141 .... 56,57,132 .56 . 2,47,68,125,132 .68 . 113,176 .57 .192 . 49,164 . . . . 68,164,192 14,73,85,113, 177, 192,156 . 113,163,166,184 . 73,114 .57 33,63,68, 125,139, 157,162,167,172 . 49,138 . . . . 114,172,183 . 114,125,138,156 .57 . . .60,68,130,136 . 208,209 . 49,164 Stenerson, Mary.114, 176 Stephens, Viola Sterle, Mr. Henry.217 Sternbeck, Steven.49 Sternbeck, Susan. 68,184,191 Stevens, Jeffrey.49 Stevenson, Dan.114 Stevenson, Janet.64,68, 164, 192 Stickles, William.175 Still, Thomas. ' . 114, 180, 189 Stoehr, Delia . . . .68,158,179,185,153 Stone, Mary Stoner, Kathryn.57 Stoops, Elmer Stout, David.176 Strack, Michael.57, 156 Stratton, Mr. Willard.210,211 Strickland, Ronald.57 Strokes, Mrs. Joan.207 Stuckey, Paul.57 Stuhlberger, Frank Stumm, Kathryn.161, 164, 190 Sublett, Dorothy.57 Suggs, Richard.135 Sullivan, Barbara.49,29 Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan, Patricia . . . 3,17,114,18,19, 186, 139,140 Sullivan, Steven.57 Sullivan, Steven Summa, Robert.68 Summers, Lynne Swack, Alan.49 Swain, Mr. Harold.215 Swain, James.. . . . 68, 188 Swanson, Eric. 57, 125, 132 Swearingen, Margaret Sweatt, Catherine . . . 11,86,27,28,153 Sweatt, Mary.50, 57 Sweatt, Michael Sweede, David. 57,166,135 Sweede, Ingrid.49 Swenson, Jane.115, 167, 170 Swaboda, Lois. . 1 15,163,173 Swoboda, Miss Sonja. . . 161, 165,204 Swor, Bert. .115 Swor, Vickie. .68 Symmes, Susan. Symmes, Steven T . ... 57,191 Taft, Robert. .57 Takach, Leathy .... .174 Talbot, Douglas . . . . Talley, Perry. .49 .57 Tate, Debra. 115, 158,160,183, 184,191 Tate, Randall. . 69,125,138 Tausch, Donna. .57 Taylor, Delores . . . . .176 Taylor, Mr. Edwin. . . .212 Taylor, John. . ... 57, 125 Taylor, Laurel. .49 Taylor, Pamela .... .69 Taylor, Patrick . . . . .69 Taylor, Paul. .115 Taylor, William .... . . . . . 115,175 Teague, Mary. .49 Tennison, Kimberly . . . 57,161,164 Tesko, Elaine . . .3,70 , 115 1, 121, 160, 178 Tester, Bonnie. .69 Tester, Patricia .... Tharp, Gearge . ... 57,166 Thayer, Glenda .... 115, 160,162,167, 183, 186 Thomas, Charlan . . . . . . . 49,139 Thomas, Paula. . .57, 139,193 Thomas, Summers . . . . ... 69,139 Thomas, Thomas. . . . Thomason, David .176 Thomason, Mr. Herman . . . 115,207 Thomasson, Nancy . . Thompson, Acie • • . 116,185,191 Thompson, Mark .... . ... 49,135 Thompson, Michael . . Thompson, Thomas .57 Thompson, Wil liam . . . ... 57,135 Thompson, Vivian . . . .49 Thorpe, Joseph. Thorpe, Patricia . . . 116, 176 Thrasher, Jean. .57 Thurman, Timothy . . .57 Thurman, Todd .... . . . . 53,57 Tice, Karen . . . 116, Tighe, Joan Timmons, Reta 158, 160, 162, 164, 167,172,192 Tipa, Mrs. Helen . . . .203 Tipa, Helene. . 57,185,193 Tomlin, Martin .... .176 Tomlin, Sandra .... .69 Toomey, Patricia . . . ..49 Toria, Ann. 116, 171,176 Townsend, Richard . . Travis, Lester 57, 125, 135 Trevean, Linda .... . . 116,170 Trutt, Mrs. Gayle . . . Tucker, Alice Tucker, Gene ... 33,202 Tucker, Peter. . . 116,176 Turner, Carol. .57 Tyler, Wanda . . . 116. , 162 ,164,185,186 Tyree, Michael .... . . 116,176 Tzudiker, Robert. . . . U ... 69,156 Upshaw, Mrs. Margaret .207 Ursano, Ronald .... V .117 Vaccarella, Donald Vahey, Mr. Edgar . 206,207 Vail, Miss Susan.140,212 Vallandingham, Ellen .... 117,171,176 Vallandingham, Jane.57,184 Vance, Janet Vandyk, Kathleen.117,185 Index — 249 Vandyke, James Van Dyken, Vanessa. 53,28,193 Vanduken, Eliaabeth.49 Vanover, Sharon. 59,69 Vatsia, Vijay. . . . 117,129,169,173,152 Vaughan, George. .....117 Vaughan, Roy.57 Vaughn, Mr. Leonard .... 204, 162, 167 Vechik, David..49 Vechik, Kenneth. . . .117,125,160,162, 167,138 Venus, Janice ..69 Vermes, Joseph.69,188 Vermillion, Mary.57, 189 Vestal, Kenneth.57 Vial, George.. . 49 Vick, Miss Mary.202 Vollmer, Pamela. 49, 166, 182 Vollmer, Paul.. 117, 176 Vosburg, David.117,188,133 W Wade, Dianne.118,185 Wagner, Scott.49, 135 Waid, Miss Polly.201 Waits, Robert.49, 135 Waldron, Karen.49 Wales, Alice. . . . 118,160,162,171,173 Walker, Michele.57 Walkowski, Jeffery.49 Walkup, Walter.49 Wallace, Glenn.69, 178 Wallace, Patricia . . 58,64,69,164,183, 184,192 Wallace, Robert.49 Wallace, Stanley.69, 184 Wallace, Susan.49 Walsh, Mrs. Eliaabeth. 207,58 Walsh, Mark.69 Walsh, Maureen Wampler, Paula.57, 172 Ward, Dhristina Ward, Daniel Ward, Jewell.118 Warrick, Olen Washington, Randolph.135, 145 Waters, Michael.118, 176 Watts, Richard Weaver, Martha .... 3, 18, 73, 78, 118, 159,160,162,191 Weaver, Michael. . . . . . . . . 125,174 Webb, Heather ..... Webb, James Webb, Mathew . . .118,167,170 Wedding, Roy. ....... .118 Wedlock, Mr. John. . . Welander, Kurt ....... .217 Welch, Reed ...... ........ 57 Wells, Debra.. . . . 49. 166, 186 Wells, Russell ..... ........ 57 Wells, Victoria .... . . .118, 177,191 Wentzel, Margaret . . . ... 69,184,185 Werner, Jacqueline . . ...... 51,57 Wesley, Beverly . . . . . . .119, 172, 180 Wesley, Warren .... ...... 57,135 West, James. . 57,188 White, David. White, Mr. George . . . . .199 Whittington, Barbara . . . . .119,167,170 Whittington, Jaquelin . Whyman, John . ..69 Whyman, Margaret. . . .175 Wilbourne, Marilyn . . .119 Wildman, Larry . . . . Wilkins, Jennifer . . . . ... 49,169,182 Wilkins, Kathleen . . . .136 Wilkins, Kristen . . . . . 69,160,162, 181 Wilkins, Patrick . . . . .. . 119 Wilkins, Sharon . . . . . 57,161,162, 180 Williams, Barbara . . . . 27,108,119,190 Williams, David . . . . .57 Williams, Fern. . 120,184 Williams, Gail. Williams, John . . . 120,184,191 Williams, Kenneth . . . . 87, 120,160,172 Williams, Margaret . . . . . 120,180,189 Williamson, Hugh . . . . 57,188 Williamson, Richard . . Willingham, Richard .57 Willingham, Shirley . . Wilson, Linda. .69 . 120,187 Wilson, Kathryn . . . . Wilson, Susane .174 Winebrenner, Frances . .49 Wingard, Mrs. Deborah.212 Winston, Mark . . . Wirth, George Wirth, Kathleen . . Withrow, Darlene . Withrow, Joan . . . Woirol, Mark . . . Wold, Laura Wold, Roxanne Wolfe, Frances . . . Wolfe, James. . . . Wolfe, John . . . . Wolff, Angela Wolff, Marcene . . Wood, Jacqueline Wood, Lisa . . . . Wood, Sally . . . . . . .125 . . . 49 120,176 . . . 57 . . . 69 . . . 69, 165,170,189 ........ 69,188 ......... .189 . . . . . 120,181,186 ...... 10,69,195 10, 21, 105, 120, 159, 160,163,183,184,191 Woodhurst, Stephen Woods, Andrew. 81,120,167,169, 173, 181, 188,189,139,156 Woods, Donald..51,57,162,188 Woods, Susan ........ 69, 153, 185 Woodworth, Debra ......... 57, 185 Woodworth, Kim ......... 120,188 Wright, Debrah. .......... 69, 184 Wright, Jayme ........... 49, 182 Wunderly, Stephen ...... 120, 169, 173 Wyatt, John ... 120, 189 Wyrick, Victoria. ...121 Y Yale, Robin ...... Yary, Michelle .... . . 3,69,184,191 Yearick, Mrs. Lois . . . Yednock, Mr. John. . . . . .126,212,220 Young, Brenda ..... . . . 121,171,176 Young, Michael .... Young, Richard .... Yowell, Brett 125,133,222,223 Yowell, Gary. ..... Yurchik, Janice Z, Zaice, Patricia ..... . . . 167,182,192 Zak, Claudia ...... Zeppenfeld, Barbara . . .121,164 Snoopy-helmeted, Gordon liams, Performs a pinning move against his Spartan adversary from West Springfield. 250 Index A dedication of 22 years to Mount Vernon High School Florence R. Provance August 12,1906 February 20, 1970 The SURVEYOR editors wish to acknowledge the help and assistance of: American Yearbook Company and Mr. Neil Watson for their extreme understanding. MacIntyre and Dlemar Studios for the stu¬ dent body portraits. Howard and Ruth Marlar for their invaluable counseling and photographic aid. Kim Oxley and Peggy Barron who as staff members contributed beyond that required of them. Eugene Hastings for his four years as our yearbook photographer. Robert King, as photographer who served with great devotion on his first year on the staff. Vicki Hayes for her inspiring thoughts put to paper and her understanding. Mr. Herman Thomason for his many hours of devotion, prodding, and patience. Acknowledgement — 251 People are the school. We learn from our associations with one another, that the journey for truth is the goal itself. We can never find complete truth, never hold it in our hands and say our search has ended. We remember the adventures that have occurred. Whether they were traumatic or happy. But no matter the outcome of these experiences, they add to our total realization. In these pages we have tried to capture the essence of MVHS 1969-1970 Study them closely — it will never be the same again. Nancy Day, Kevin Gaylor Editors-in-Chief 1 1 .i- ' S ' s ' ■ M . • ' • v i... ... •- U MtgNR , - - .. , ■ • I . •• ■■ j- ■ ' , ' I ■, : . 9 ■ ■ . ■ ' • ’ " • . ' _ 1 , 1 1 r . . ; . - • ' : ' -- ;■ - ■ V " 1 • ) 1 •’! - lif ' ■ ' ■ ■, j - . . • ■. ' - ■ «

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